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Does anybody have any ARIA charts from before 1989? In particular looking for Top 50 singles and Top 50 albums from the last half of 1988. If anybody can help at all, PLEASE get back to me, I am desperate!
Thanks heaps :-)
Let's Add Pre-1989

I had ARIA charts from 1988. Not many do...

Contact me if you'd like to have a look-see...

I was informed by someone who worked in the industry that ARIA began around the beginning of 1989 (Hence the date here). The only reference I know of for charts prior to this date in the Australian Music Report.
His books are available online:
I think they are a very good reference, even if they are not completely accurate, but you will find that prior to ARIA charts these were the best Australia had.
ARIA began their printed (free) charts in record stores in January 1988. The National Library of Australia does have some records of these. Many have been stolen or not included in the listing.

RAGE - the music program on ABC TV in Australia started running the TOP 50 SINGLES section of the ARIA chart from September 1988. Come 1989, the free charts in stores were increased and that's why complete charts listed thru many website sources begin W/E 8 Jan 1989 as most of 1988 is incomplete...

I'd love to have the entire 50 singles and albums charts from 1988... currently I only have 36 on my personal databases.
The Australian Chart Book and it's subsequent Australian Music Report (which closed in 1998) is not accurate because it's music samples generally came from the Sydney area. Thus, ARIA is the way to go for accuracy in music chart reporting.

However, now with the addition of downloads and some songs (eg "Black Fingernails, Red Wine" and "Flaunt It") lasting years on the list with no physical single available in stores is a non-sense... But I 'spose, gone are the days of the CD and Cassingle...

Hey Everyone

Aria started compiling it's chart's in-house the week ending June 26th 1988. Before this was the Kent Chart which was from 1983 which ceased in 1999.

I don't believe songs like Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine & TV Rock & Seany B - Flaunt It lasting years in the Aria top 50 is non-sense. By combining physical singles with digital downloads that gives you the exact order of sales for any given week. The reason for their longetivity is due to low sales. Or little competition on the charts.

Also i know the official highest selling song from each year beginning in 1955 - Frank Sinatra - Learning The Blues till 2006 - Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)
Actually Rage started showing the top 50 well before September 1988... I remember the first time I saw it Madonna's "Causing A Commotion" was in it and that was late '87/early '88. I started writing it down religiously as of the week ending 8th May 1988, and I only remember that because I remember that Suedehead by Morrissey was No. 50!
ARIA used the Kent Music Report charts from mid 1983 and even when they started compiling their own chart in 1988 the record companies who financed the chart strangely still favoured the Kent chart over their own.
As for its samples mainly coming from the Sydney area I think you may be confusing this chart with "The Book" Top 40 Research.
Rage starting screening on April 17th 1987. Aria started collecting data in 1986 which was lost.

Hey my friends and I putting together a CD for a friends 21st birthday with 21 singles that were no. 1 on the arias on her birthday each year of her life. We need the pre 1989 singles still. She was born 19 May 1986 can anyone help?
1988 - Billy Ocean - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
1987 - Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)
1986 - Cliff Richard & The Young Ones - Living Doll
wow awesome topic! Yeah it would be good to find out the other info prior to Jan 1989! So many great songs.
These charts are fantastic!! I hope that there will be pre-1989 weekly charts on the net soon! The sooner, the better!
I remember seeing on an old ARIA Report that Midnight Oil's Species Deceases was the first #1 debut recorded on the ARIA chart in 1985, so there is definitely records about somewhere.
I've got a majority of the ARIA Top 50 handouts from 1984-1992 (some years I have less than others including 1986 when the went to poster sized charts rather than hand out sized). I can probably help out. I've been trying to source the 51-100 chart positions for the ARIA chart from June 88 (when they discontinued the Kent Chart data) and Dec 89 (just prior to them publishing the Top 100 each week in the ARIA report). This would fill the gap of having the TOP 100 from the 70's to today using Kent Charts until mid-88 and ARIA post mid-88. Anyone got access to ARIA chart database per chance????
I've tried on many occasions to find out from ARIA regarding their archive and it's been years since they've stated on their site "we will make our archive public soon", if you have the old Top 50 charts pre 8-1-89, i'd love to have a look at them!!!! ta
I stumbled across a L.P with a COUTDOWN/ARIA chart dated week ending 11th September 1983!
If this is of any help to anyone
Hi BeansterBarnes,

I'll pay you for that chart.. Contact me!!

TONy (041 207 3288)
I have a computer database of every ARIA singles chart from January 1993 onwards plus an incomplete number of other chartss dating back to pre-ARIA times (1986-1988). In addition, complete album charts dating back to 2000.
www.onmc.iinet.net.au, which has a list of all the Australian number one singles, has no record of U2 & Green Day- The Saints Are Coming ever being at number one. I'm certain that peaked at the top of the music charts in November.
Ive got the ARIA charts from sept 1988 that i got from a record store. i can upload them if you want the ones i have pre 89.
I have almost all the ARIA charts I picked up from record shops from late 1987 until about 1990 sitting in a box. I could scan them, although early on I highlighted the songs I liked and it could be a bit embarrassing. "Star trekkin'" anyone? Anyway, there's heaps so if anyone has any specific questions I can probably have a trawl through.

If you could share that would be so great and don't worry about your favourites I admit i've had a few cringe choices myself throughout the years hehe!

Does anyone know what source ARIA uses as reference in it's Chartifacts pre-85ish?
People - the self-compiled ARIA Charts were not running in 1985 nor 1987! Perhaps you've got them mixed around with the Kent Music Report, which later changed its name to the Australian Music Report in 1987? (1974-1999)?

The official ARIA Charts began being compiled in 1988, but they had started from 1983 using the Kent Music Report's information.

But I guess what you were saying sortof makes sense now... I don't know where they got their information of the Charifacts from pre-1985 from... I didn't even know Chartifacts was running then... but does I'm guessing, as they do nowadays, got their info from the Kent Report, found some info on singles and albums that had debuted that week, and published it? Surely there's not much more to it? I'm not entirely sure because I have not looked at them from this period. And, John, I've seen that onmc.iinet.net.au is not always 100% correct.. perhaps that's why it doesn't list U2 and Green Day's cover of "The Saints are Coming" going to #1? I'm 110% sure it did, because I even remember reading the charts that week... anyway, that's all from me.

I have a book titled "The Book" which is written by "Jimmy Barnes". He shows the Aussie charts going back to 1956.I'm just wondering where he got this data from.
So there was no official SALES chart before 1988? There must be, I don't know what anyone elses view on it is but radio airplay charts are very much obselete to me.
Beginnings of the ARIA Chart
In the early 1980s the major record companies in Australia, EMI, Festival, CBS (now known as Sony), RCA (now known as BMG), WEA (now known as Warner Music) and Polygram (now known as Universal), joined together, along with representation of some of the smaller record companies, to form an industry association under the name of ARIA (Australian Record Industry Association). ARIA was established as an industry body to manage music industry issues such as copyright and piracy. A secondary goal of ARIA's was to have an industry published chart.
Rather than re-invent the wheel and start from scratch ARIA recognised that the Kent Music Report was already conducting chart research and publishing the results. ARIA and the Kent Music Report entered into a business agreement where-by ARIA provided funding to the Kent Music Report to further establish its research base, making for an even more accurate chart. In return ARIA were allowed to publish the Kent Music Report charts, under license, under their own banner. This was the beginning of the ARIA chart that was published and distributed amongst record stores and is known to most music fans in this country to this day.

The licensing arrangement between Kent Music Report and ARIA lasted from 1983 until 1988 when ARIA, wanting to gain a higher level of control of the chart research and publication, ended its agreement with Kent Music Report, formed their own research and chart publishing group and started publishing their own give-away chart.

Two National Charts
Although the licensing agreement between ARIA and the Kent Music Report had ended, the Kent Music Report continued to conduct it's own research. In 1987 the Kent Music Report had actually changed its moniker to Australian Music Report (AMR) for the purposes of establishing a broader and more recognisable name. With ARIA promoting itself, some-what questionably, as 'the official' chart there arose the situation where two national charts were being published each week in competition to each other.
Both charts had similar research bases but the levels of agreement between the charts could differ. In most cases the top 10 between each chart would be very similar but often the data that made up the rest of the chart could differ quiet significantly. It is ironic to note that the record companies themselves, those whose money was being channeled to fund ARIA and it's own chart research, would continue to subscribe and use the Australian Music Report.

For a breakdown of who used the AMR versus ARIA click here:
I almost cry myself to sleep at night knowing that I had EVERY edition of the ARIA (Kent) charts from mid 1984 til when they stopped the original print run - then threw them out in a mad purge sometime in the 1990's.

I don't know how I face waking up each day.

But I've recently discovered The Kent Report online, where you can buy some pretty good chart collation books. When I get my first one I'll post a review.
I have a couple of questions:

On the online chart here for 08-01-1989 every song is a "new entry" but I'd like to know which songs on the printed chart were new entries that week and at what number?

Is there a chart for 01-01-1989? I don't think one would have been released that week, but I don't mind being wrong (heh-heh)

>>> Kat was here <<<
Hey Kat,

The new entries were:
2 NEW 1 2 ESPECIALLY FOR YOU - Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan (Mushroom/Festival) K717
21 NEW 1 21 IMAGINE/JEALOUS GUY/HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) - John Lennon (Parlophone/EMI) A2182
28 NEW 1 28 EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN - Poison (Liberation/CBS) LS2036
38 NEW 1 38 SMOOTH CRIMINAL - Michael Jackson (Epic/CBS) 653026.7
42 NEW 1 42 I'M GONNA BE (500 MILES) - The Proclaimers (Chrysalis/Festival) K644
43 NEW 1 43 TWO HEARTS - Phil Collins (WEA/Warner) 7-257750
48 NEW 1 48 A CUPPLA DAYS - Con The Fruiterer (CBS) 653148.7

The previous chart to this was dated 25-12-1988.
Thanks Liam

Wow, "Two Hearts" first charted in 1989? I could have sworn it was 1988, but I was only 10 years old back then and getting my chart info by watching "Rage" in the mornings. That's memories for ya!

>>> Kat was here <<<
Well it would probably have been in the Top 100 in 1988. According to AMROC, the single was released on the 12th December 1988 so would have had its first opportunity to chart w/e 25th December, the chart issued immediately before 8th January.
Hi, does anyone know where House of Fun by Madness charted? I've been told it was at #5, but I don't have any source.

Can anyone who knows please let me know, and state their source if possible.
Hey Sam,

It was indeed #5, according to the Kent Report.

It was also re-released in 1992, when it peaked at #73 (source: ARIA).

Hi Liam, i was wondering what the Kent report says about Belinda Carlisle's album Heaven on Earth.
Hi Kate,

According to the Kent Report, Heaven On Earth debuted at No. 36 on 29th February 1988, peaking at No. 13 on the 21st March. It spent 16 weeks in the Top 100 in total.

The week following its departure from the chart, ARIA began their own charts but Top 100 info for their 1988/89 charts is hard to come by, so it's impossible to tell if the album remained or re-entered after the 19th June 1988.

Liam have you got access to the other Top 100 singles charts from before #449?
David Kent is an extremely nice guy who still to this day compiles national charts.

As for ARIA, they have no record of a Top 100 prior to late 1989, when the first ARIA report was produced for purchase. Unfortunately, they also have no plans to produce a chart book (along the lines of David Kent's chart books), even though the idea has been mooted many times over the years.

Who else here really, really misses Rage showing the Top 50 each week??
Yes I have :-)
Hi Plang,

Just wondering if you could please help me with getting some Aria charts from the 1984-1988 period. I could send you blank discs to burn the scans on if possible. Thanks
Hey Every 1!
Hi Liam...
I agree with Scott! I miss Rage showing the Australian Top 50 countdown each week.
Also does Any 1 know what songs were at positions #43, #45, #47, #48, #49. On the Digital Track Chart for the 8th January 2007? Some Help Plz...
I need them for my own charts.

Hi Nate, here is the digital track chart you requested
#43 - "You Know My Name" (from Casino Royale) - Chris Cornell
#45 - "Over My Heard (Cable Car)" (album version) - The Fray
#47 - "Hurt" - Christina Aguilera
#48 - "Funky Tonight" - John Butler Trio
#49 - "Temperature" (album version) - Sean Paul

Source - http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/23790/20061220-0000/issue878.pdf
Thanks Ben, But the information you actually posted is week 2 of 2007. the 15th of january. which means they arn't the positions i am after.
Hi... Does anyone have or know someone who has Countdown Charts for the years 1984, 1985 and 1986 - maybe the first half on 1987 too. I have everything from 1988 onwards and some of 1983 (thanks to the National Library) but I can't find the rest anywhere. No one has ever hung on to them... Not even the ABC.
Get in touch and let's talk the ARIA Countdown Chart Top 50 singles and albums...
Hi everyone!
I'm trying to get a hold of the weekly top 10 from 1974 - 1988. If anyone has anything or knows anything please let me know. I've seen a cover of a Kent Music Report from 1976 so I know they exist....but where???
Summer - Top 10 from 74 to 88**
Summer, David Kent has just released a new book with the Top 20 singles from 1940 to 2006, so this is where you'll be able to find this info. Go to his website which is mentioned above top order a copy.
Gavin Ryan
Does anyone have the Rage year ends on tape?

I had a copy of all the year ends but local flooding destroyed my bottom level of my house where I had my tapes and unfortunetly I had to throw them out. =0(

I haven't been able to find a copy of them since, I even contacted ARIA but due to copyright they can't be of any help.

So if anyone can help please let me know.
Cheers Joe.
I have a heap of old mix VHS tapes of old RAGE episodes & other music specials that I am currently updating to DVD.
If anyone wants them get in contact with me & we'll work something out.
Contact me BeansterBarnes@hotmail.com
There are now Australian Charts available pre-1989 (top 20 only), these are the ones calculated by David Kent of the Australian Music Report.

THE AUSTRALIAN TOP 20 BOOK, which lists these all, has just been released, available here: http://www.austchartbook.com.au/
Does Anyone have the lisitings of the top 50 singles and the number 1 album for the 30th of september 1988?
No.1 single - Simply Irresistable - Robert Palmer
No.1 album - 88 The Winners on Aria, Age of Reason, John Farnham on AMR.
Top 10: 2 - Doctorin' the Tardis - Timelords
3 - Perfect - Fairground Attraction
4 - All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
5 - Don't Be Cruel - Cheap Trick
6 - That's When I Think of You - 1927
7 - Push it - Salt-N-Pepa
8 - Age of Reason - John Farnham
9 - Theme fromS-Express - S-Express
10 - Duke of Earl - Dukes of Earlwood

Gavin Ryan
Do you have some 1989 outside-the-top-50 ARIA chart info, bulion?
At the moment I am waiting for a person to get back to me about outside the Top 50 1988 & 1989 information, so I will let you know when I do.

Gavin Ryan
Joey, Somewhere buried in my shed, I have the end year charts recorded from rage, Im sure I have them all from 1988 to about 1997, if ya still looking for them, let me know and ill start digging...

Would anyone have tht ARIA chart report for September 12, 2005?

I am trying to identify Lee Kernaghan's chart position for his Album "BIG ONES GREATEST HITS" on the following three charts

Australian Top 100 Albums Chart

Australasian Artists Albums Chart

Country Albums Chart

Kind regards
Don Gough
Hi Don,

This is the only record of that album on that issue of the ARIA Report and here is the position below.

ARIA Country Albums - Week Commencing 12th September 2005
TW LW TI HP TITLE:Artist Co. Cat. No.
16 18 46 1 BIG ONES GREATEST HITS Lee Kernaghan <G> ABC/WAR 2558303045

For the full report it is available at the link below.

Thanks so much, very appreciated

btw the Pandora link you mention has a problem, it links to Issue 810 not 811
Hi Don,

That was strange but I'm pretty sure this link does link to the Report for 12th September 2005.


Just realised that on the latest Top 50 Albums chart (28th of Jan 2008) 3 of Bon Jovi's old albums including Slippery When Wet (1986) and New Jersy (1988) have re-entered the charts due to their Aus Tour.

But next to these albums, it has their Gold/Platnium status.

If these albums were pre 1988, where did they get the information from?
Hey guys,

I was just wondering if anyone knew what date INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart" hit #1, (and for how long it was there - I assume it topped the charts anyway). Just that I was born in '87 & I'm sure it was out that year (ie, wondering if it was #1 on my birthday lol).

As has already been posted - an awesome topic!

It didn't quite peak at No.1, but made it No.11 for two weeks at the end of September 1988 (not 87) (according to AMR). So if you wanna know what was No.1 on your birthday, just reply with your date of birth in either this thread-topic or the one about Birthday Songs.

Regards, Bulion.

The record company (in this case, Universal) applies for gold and platinum accreditations with ARIA based on their own sales data (ie. shipped TO stores, not scanned from stores). However, this information is not always accurate, as it may not have been updated for years, OR perhaps the albums in question have been available through different record companies and the newer company may not have access to the previous distributor's sales info (a good example of this is "Play" by Moby, which came out through Festival originally, then EMI when the Mute label was bought by them). In the case of Bon Jovi, however, Universal should have complete sales histories for those albums...

Basically, the moral of it all is not to take too much notice of the accreditations, they really are only a rough guide.
Oh k. Thanks for the reply Chartboi!
A further four Bon Jovi albums have re-entered the charts in the lower half of the Top 100. Cross Roads-The Best of (57), These Days (58), Bon Jovi (59) and 7800 Fahrenheit (66).
So they now have EIGHT albums on the chart.

Regards, Bulion.
Howdy guys
I need to know what was Bon Jovi's "Bad Medicine" peak position?
As the charts on this forum start in the first week of '89
I believe the single first charted in mid October '88.
BB, BJ's "Bad Meds" peaked at No.5 on the AMR Charts in it's second week on the charts, having debuted at N.10 on the 10-Oct-1988.
On the ARIA Chart, Bad Medicine peaked at #4.
Great website!! I have several old Aria/Countdown Top 50 charts from 1984 to 1988 (all of 1988) which I still have after all these years. Am interested to trade to get missing weeks from 1983 to 1987.
Hi There, i have just stumbled upon this forum and think it is awesome. I religiously taped rage and wrote down the top 60(up to 93) and the top 50 from the beginning of 1991 unitl about 2002. I have over 200 aria charts from music stores from 1991 until 1998 as well. I was wondering if there was any way in finding out what the top selling singles in Australia are in the 1990's? Is there a definitive accurate list of the top 100? Or can we just assume by their platnum rankings? Obviously candle in the wind/something about the way you look tonight would be number 1(14 times platinum?) I will always love you(4x platinum), doctor jones and barbie girl (3x platinum) just to name a few. Thanks!
Nathan the official aria site has the year end top 50 from 1988 - present.
Hi there Nate, thanks for that. I meant overall as in the ten years of the 90's combined. I wasn't clear sorry!
That would be interesting to find out. I think I remember hearing Whitney Houston was number one
Maybe Bulion has the answers.

BTW Drop me a e-mail reguarding your RAGE tapes Nathan.

Craig (BeansterBarnes@hotmail.com)
Last edited: 19/04/2008 16:42
Nathan I stumbled across thsis site, It may beof some use!

has anyone got a history of all the Depeche Mode songs that have charted?
much appreciated
Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough (1981) #4

Depeche Mode - Barrel Of A Gun 16/02/1997 #33

Depeche Mode - I Feel You 21/03/1993 #37

Depeche Mode - In Your Room 13/02/1994 #40

Depeche Mode - Only When I Lose Myself 04/10/1998 #34

thanks Craig
5 songs-that's a bit of a shock. I would have thought Depeche Mode's 'Personal Jesus' would have charted
08-Mar-82*HP-04*WI-17 - Just Can't Get Enough
11-Jun-84*HP-25*WI-20 - People are People
03-Dec-84*HP-89*WI-06 - Master & Servant
22-Apr-85*HP-87*WI-04 - Somebody
16-Nov-87*HP-82*HP-02 - Never Let Me Down Again
30-May-87*HP-98*WI-01 - Route 66
09-Apr-90*HP-71*WI-10 - Enjoy the Silence
14-Mar-93*HP-37*WI-14 - I Feel You
09-May-93*HP-74*HP-06 - Walking in My Shoes
03-Oct-93*HP-78*WI*06 - Condemnation
06-Feb-94*HP-40*WI-09 - In Your Room
16-Feb-97*HP-33*WI-07 - Barrel of a Gun
20-Apr-97*HP-52*WI-08 - It's No Good
27-Sep-98*HP-34*WI-07 - Only When I Lose Myself
27-Aug-01*HP-95*WI-01 - I Feel Loved

Regards, Bulion.

i've been recently getting into Van Halen, Peter Frampton and Billy Idol and just out of curiosity, i was wanting to know the chart positions for these three artists.
cheers guys.
The above Depeche Mode information from 1990 onwards is ARIA Chart information.
Van Halen:
27-Mar-78*HP-12*WI-18 - You Really Got Me
19-Apr-82*HP-59*WI-08 - Pretty Woman
13-Feb-84*HP-02*WI-20 - Jump
25-Jun-84*HP-74*WI-03 - Panama
17-Dec-84*HP-89*WI-06 - Hot for Teacher
31-Mar-86*HP-08*WI-24 - Why Can't This Be Love
11-Aug-86*HP-51*WI-19 - Dreams
18-July-88*HP-23*WI-09 - When it's Love
30-Jun-91*HP-55*WI-08 - Poundcake
28-Mar-93*HP-93*WI-02 - Jump (Live)
02-Mar-98*HP-56*WI-03 - Without You

Regards, Bulion.
Peter Frampton:
05-Apr-76*HP-25*WI-15 - Show Me the Way
26-July-76*HP-65*WI-06 - Baby, I Love Your Way
13-Dec-76*HP-64*WI-17 - Do You Feel Like We Do
20-Jun-77*HP-09*WI-19 - I'm in You
04-Dec-78*HP-68*WI-11 - The Long and Winding Road
16-July-79*HP-86*WI-07 - I Can't Stand it No More

Regards, Bulion.
Billy Idol:
18-Oct-82*HP-18*WI-21 - Hot in the City
31-Jan-83*HP-09*WI-23 - White Wedding
28-Nov-83*HP-42*WI-21 - Dancing With Myself
12-Mar-84*HP-07*WI-20 - Rebel Yell
18-Jun-84*HP-12*WI-17 - Eyes Without a Face
24-Sep-84*HP-28*WI-16 - Flesh for Fantasy
21-Jan-85*HP-61*WI-08 - Catch My Fall
10-Nov-86*HP-03*WI-27 - To Be a Lover
09-Mar-87*HP-22*WI-12 - Don't Need a Gun
15-Jun-87*HP-09*WI-19 - Sweet 16
14-Sep-87*HP-93*WI-02 - Soul Standing By
09-Nov-87*HP-08*WI*25 - Mony Mony (Live)
15-Feb-88*HP-58*WI-10 - Hot in the City (Remix)
13-May-90*HP-10*WI-20 - Cradle of Love
05-Aug-90*HP-34*WI-12 - L.A. Woman
25-July-93*HP-28*WI-10 - Shock to the System / Heroin
07-Aug-94*HP-33*WI-12 - Speed

Do you know what the song "Dancing With Myself" is about? If not, I'll let you know.

Regards, Bulion.
According to wikipedia, the song is reportedly about masturbation but is actually about pogo dancing.
I always heard it was about masturbation, just like "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors is also on that subject.
i am pretty disappointed that this site doesn't have any chart runs for one of my favourite bands 'Faith No More'! I do remember them being very popular with their albums in Oz, so does anyone have any of thier albums chart runs and certifications? thanx.
Tyson: Here are Faith No More's album positions in Australia, I don't have any certification information though...

02-July-90*HP-02*WI-30 - The Real Thing
27-Aug-90*HP-68*WI-08 - Introduce Yourself
13-July-92*HP-04*WI-37 - Angel Dust
10-Apr-95*HP-02*WI-32 - King for a Day, Fool for a Lifetime
30-Jun-97*HP-01*WI-37 - Album of the Year (1 week @ 1)
23-Nov-98*HP-03*WI-13 - Who Cares a Lot?- Greatest Hits

Regards, BUlion.
Thanks for the information bulion can I request chart positions for Belinda Carlisle and Tiffany their albums and singles peaks. Thanks.
30-Nov-87*HP-13*Wi-35 - I Think We're Alone Now
21-Mar-88*HP-08*WI-24 - Could've Been
06-Jun-88*HP-09*WI-14 - I Saw Him Standing There
23-Jan-89*HP-94*WI-04 - Radio Romance
15-Feb-88*HP-04*WI-37 - Tiffany
26-Dec-88*HP-45*WI-13 - Hold and Old Friend's Hand
Belinda Carlisle
18-Aug-86*HP-09*WI-19 - Mad About You
11-Jan-88*HP-02*WI-21 - Heaven is a Place on Earth
14-Mar-88*HP-34*WI-12 - I Get Weak
11-July-88*HP-75*WI-05 - Circle in the Sand
06-Nov-89*HP-05*WI-26 - Leave a Light On
25-Dec-89*HP-21*WI-19 - La Luna
01-Apr-90*HP-06*WI-22 - Summer Rain
10-Jun-90*HP-44*WI-10 - Runaway Horses
26-Aug-90*HP-84*WI-01 - Vision of You
13-Oct-91*HP-13*WI-23 - Live Your Life Be Free
02-Feb-92*HP-42*WI-13 - Do You Feel Like I Feel
31-Oct-93*HP-56*WI-12 - Big Scary Animal
01-Sep-96*HP-11*WI-25 - In Too Deep
26-Jan-97*HP-50*WI-12 - Always Breaking My Heart
How many top 40 singles has had Elton John in Australia? Which? Any info will be apreciated.
Lucas from Chile
See the Elton John thread Lucas!!!!
anyone got any singles chart info on Aerosmith, Motley Crue and Black Sabbath pre 1989?
Greatly Appreciated!
Aerosmith (pre 1989)

26-Apr-76*HP-72*WI-08 - Walk On
31-Jan-77*HP-85*WI-10 - Walk This Way
18-Jan-88*HP-95*WI-02 - Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
05-Sep-88*HP-73*WI-22 - Rag Doll
then came "Love in an Elevator".
Black Sabbath only ever charted with ONE single in Australia...

14-Dec-70*HP-26*WI-20 - Paranoid

Motley Crue:
16-Sep-85*HP-61*WI-09 - Smokin' in the Boys Room
06-July-87*HP-43*WI-09 - Girls, Girls, Girls
the came "Dr. Feelgood".
Anyone has got any information on Aretha Franklin, Rod Stewart, John Lennon or Neil Sedaka albums charts? Thanks in advance
Respect: Here are 'retha's albums...

18-May-70*HP-08*WI-10 - This Girls in Love With You
28-Dec-70*HP-25*WI-02 - Spirit in the Dark
24-July-72*HP-51*WI-01 - Young, Gifted and Black
17-Jun-74*HP-88*WI-03 - Let me into Your Life
16-Sep-85*HP-15*WI-26 - Who's Zoomin' Who?
08-Dec-86*HP-33*WI-21 - Aretha
03-July-89*HP-89*WI-03 - Through the Storm
16-Jan-95*HP-84*WI-03 - Greatest Hits (1980-1994)
26-Oct-98*HP-12*WI-21 - VH-1 Divas Live
05-May-03*HP-39*WI-02 - Respect: The Very Best of.
John Lennon:

16-Mar-70*HP-07*WI-06 - Live Peace in Toronto, 1969
26-Apr-71*HP-03*WI-16 - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
29-Nov-71*HP-01*WI-48 - Imagine (2 weeks at No.1)
18-Dec-72*HP-10*WI-16 - Sometime in New York City
17-Dec-73*HP-08*WI-20 - Mind Games
14-Oct-74*HP-04*WI-25 - Walls and Bridges
03-Mar-75*HP-05*WI-36 - Rock 'N' Roll
24-Nov-75*HP-08*WI-44 - Shaved Fish
24-Nov-80*HP-01*WI-45 - Double Fantasy (10 weeks at No.1)
29-Nov-82*HP-01*WI-41 - John Lennon Collection (5 wks at 1)
06-Feb-84*HP-04*WI-13 - Milk and Honey
14-Apr-86*HP-66*WI-09 - Live in New York City
18-Apr-88*HP-78*WI-04 - Rip it Up
21-Nov-88*HP-14*WI-20 - Imagine-The Movie Soundtrack
03-dec-90*HP-38*WI-10 - Lennon (4CD Box Set)
24-Nov-97*HP-15*WI-32 - Lennon Legend: The Very Best
23-Nov-98*HP-83*WI-02 - Wonsaponatime
17-Oct-05*HP-44*WI-01 - Working Class Hero: Definitive Lennon
Neil Sedaka:
23-Dec-74*HP-67*WI-13 - Laughter in the Rain
20-Oct-75*HP-42*WI-11 - 20 Golden Hits
10-Nov-75*HP-64*WI-12 - Overnight Success
21-Jun-76*HP-85*WI-06 - The Best of Neil Sedaka
05-dec-77*HP-61*WI-13 - 20 Great Hits
13-Dec-82*HP-74*WI-12 - Neil Sedaka & Gene Pitney Collections
27-Dec-82*HP-52*WI-08 - At His Very Best
Rod Stewart:

30-Nov-70*HP-31*WI-02 - An Old Raincoat Won't Let You Down
08-Mar-71*HP-24*WI-13 - Gasoline Alley
04-Oct-71*HP-01*WI-32 - Every Picture Tells a Story (5 weeks)
18-Sep-72*HP-03*WI-36 - Never a Dull Moment
20-Aug-73*HP-11*WI-29 - Sing it Again, Rod
11-Feb-74*HP-38*WI-11 - Rod Stewart & The Faces Live Coast
to Coast, Overtures and Beginners
04-Nov-74*HP-08*WI-28 - Smiler
01-Sep-75*HP-01*WI-84 - Atlantic Crossing (2 weeks at No.1)
28-Jun-76*HP-01*WI-61 - A Night on the Town (10 weeks at 1)
23-Aug-76*HP-13*WI-27 - The Best of Rod Stewart
07-Nov-77*HP-01*WI-28 - Foot Loose & Fancy Free (9 weeks)
04-Dec-78*HP-01*WI-30 - Blondes Have More Fun (6 weeks)
22-Oct-79*HP-01*WI-22 - Greatest Hits (5 weeks at No.1)
24-Nov-80*HP-09*WI-18 - Foolish Behaviour
01-Dec-80*HP-84*WI-04 - Rockin' Rod (early stuff)
23-Nov-81*HP-11*WI-29 - Tonight I'm Yours
13-Dec-82*HP-41*WI-15 - Absolutely Live
20-Jun-83*HP-14*WI-16 - Body Wishes
02-July-84*HP-34*WI-07 - Camouflage
14-July-86*WI-16*WI-28 - Every Beat of My Heart
27-Jun-88*HP-26*WI-17 - Out of Order
18-Dec-89*HP-07*WI-55 - The Best of Rod Stewart
06-May-91*HP-01*WI-57 - Vagabond Heart (1 week at No.1)
14-Jun-93*HP-04*WI-20 - Unplugged... and Seated
26-Jun-95*HP-31*WI-05 - A Spanner in the Works
25-Nov-96*HP-34*WI-16 - If We Fall in Love Tonight
04-Feb-02*HP-18*WI-12 - The Story So Far, Very Best of...
The rest of his albums, plus this last one you can look up on the search function above.
thank you bulion for your info!!!!
Was a chart-topping "That's what friends are for" by Dionne Warwick and friends, in 1985/86? How many weeks on top and on charts? Thanks
Dionne Warwick & Friends, That's What Friends are For was No.1 for a single week 3-March-1986.
thanx for the FNM info bulion.
looking at those impressive figures my guess would be that all albums would have easily gone 'Platinum'.
Looking for he chart positions answeek of the following albums... any help? Thanx

All this and world war II (Various LP) 1976
Friends (Dionne Warwick LP) 1985
Heart over mind (Jennifer Rush LP) 1987
Prince's trust (Various LP) 1987
The royal concert (Various LP) 1989
Nobody's child (Various LP) 1990
Knebworth album (Various LP) 1990
Expresso logic (Chris Rea LP) 1993
Very best of Kiki Dee (Greatests hits) 1994
The Very Best Of Chris Rea (Greatest 1994
The glory of Gershwin (Various LP) 1994
Jewel (Marcella Detroit LP) 1994
Earthrise - The rainforest Album (Various LP) 1995
Pavarotti & friends for War child (Various LP) 1996
Ladies & Gentlemen (George Michael Best of... LP) 1998
Divas live '99 (Various LP) 1999
Queen's Greatest hits III (Various LP) 1999
Blender (Collective Soul LP) 2000
The Platinum Collection (Queen) 2000
I need you (LeAnn Rimes LP) 2001
Earl Scruggs and Friends (Earl Scruggs LP) 2001
One love (Blue Album) 2002
The Best of LeAnn Rimes (LeAnn Rimes LP) 2004
Mona Lisa Smile (Various LP) 2004
Halcyon Days (Bruce Hornsby LP) 2004
Getting in over my head (Brian Wilson LP) 2004
Genius Love Company (Ray Charles Duets LP) 2004
Best of Blue (Blue Album) 2004
Loyal to the game (2PAC Album) 2005
Working Class Hero (John Lennon Album) 2005
Classic Moments (Patti Labelle Album) 2005
Too Far Gone (Catherine Britt Album) 2005
Elizabethtown (Soundtrack) 2005
B.B. King & Friends (B.B. King Duets Album) 2005
So amazing: An All Star Tribute (Luther Vandross Album) 2005
The Great American Songbook: Volume IV (Rod Stewart Album) 2005
Then & Now (Nik Kershaw Greatest Hits Album) 2005
Come Together Now (Katrina and Rita Hurricanes Relief Album) 2005
Curtain Call (Eminem Album) 2005
Duets: An American Classic (Tony Bennett Album) 2006
Two's Company - The Duets (Cliff Richard Album)
Twenty Five (George Michael Greatest Hits Album)
Goin' Home: A tribute to Fats Domino (Fats Domino Tribute Album) 2007

does anyone have the chart listing (singles) for the following: Led Zeppelin, Cream and Jimi Hendrix
Led Zeppelin:

19-Jan-70*HP-01*WI-28 - Whole Lotta Love (5 weeks at No.1)
18-Jan-71*HP-20*WI-18 - Immigrant Song
17-Jan-72*HP-10*WI-20 - Black Dog
08-May-72*HP-51*WI-08 - Rock and Roll
16-Jun-75*HP-60*WI-08 - Trampled Underfoot

15-Apr-67*HP-53*WI-18 - I Feel Free
22-July-67*HP-23*WI-11 - Strange Brew
24-Feb-68*HP-18*WI-13 - Sunshine of Your Love
22-Jun-68*HP-64*WI-07 - Anyone for Tennis
26-Oct-68*HP-01*WI-21 - White Room / Those Were the Days
(2 weeks at No.1)
01-Mar-69*HP-45*WI-13 - Crossroads
24-May-69*HP-43*WI-06 - Badge

Jimi Hendrix:
25-Mar-67*HP-34*WI-17 - Hey Joe
27-May-67*HP-53*WI-11 - Purple Haze
08-July-67*HP-18*WI-15 - The Wind Cries Mary
19-Aug-67*HP-35*WI-09 - Jimi Hendrix (EP)
02-Sep-67*HP-26*WI-19 - Stone Free
14-Oct-67*HP-21*WI-10 - Burning of the Midnight Lamp
20-Jan-68*HP-27*WI-15 - Fire / Foxy Lady
11-May-68*HP-82*WI-03 - Up From the Skies
02-Nov-68*HP-06*WI-18 - All Along the Watchtower
08-Feb-69*HP-37*WI-11 - Crosstown Traffic
06-Dec-69*HP-53*Wi-12 - Stone Free
15-Feb-71*HP-57*Wi-10 - Voodoo Chile
03-Sep-79*HP-92*WI-02 - Gloria

The Jimi Hendrix EP featured the his first three singles.

Regards, Bulion.
and me?
does anyone know if motorhead charted here and if so, how did it go. and what about the solo stuff from Eric Clapton, same deal, did he chart and how did he go.
and carlos santana pre 1989 if he had any charting singles
The above information will be fulfilled in the other Pre-1989 thread, as this one does not get used anymore a.x.
Does anyone have the chart listing (singles and albums) pre 1989 for the following: Nazareth, Dan McCafferty
@ Alex

The requested information will be posted in CHART POSITIONS Pre-1989 thread as this one doesn't get used anymore.


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