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Top Singles of 1969 [Your Special Occasion Charts]
BillyBrett's Best of 2016 [Your Special Occasion Charts]
Triple J (2016) [Australia - Non ARIA]
Triple J (2017) [Australia - Non ARIA]
ARIA Chartifacts 16-January-2017 [Weekly ARIA Chartifacts]
Universal JJJ Hottest 100 [Music/Charts related]
Aus-Charts Interactive 2017 [Combination Chart]
Top 5,000 Biggest Singles (1975-2016) [Special Occasion Charts]
Clinton's EOY Top 100 2016 [Your Special Occasion Charts]
Hijinx's Top 300 of 2016 [Your Special Occasion Charts]
ARIA Report 1990 - 1995 [Music/Charts related]
The Nostalgia Thread. [Forum Games]
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Top Singles of 1969Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts10897
BillyBrett's Best of 2016Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts698
Triple J (2016)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA1165517
Triple J (2017)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA239
ARIA Chartifacts 16-January-2017ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts36906
Triple J Hottest 100 2016 - voting + predictionsOther Charts: Australia - Non ARIA1805235
Universal JJJ Hottest 100General: Music/Charts related7899377
Aus-Charts Interactive 2017Personal Charts: Combination Chart12639
Top 5,000 Biggest Singles (1975-2016)ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts44858
Clinton's EOY Top 100 2016Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts104534
Unofficial Catalogue Singles Chart Pt. 2Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA391238
Quick List Vote Game (2016 ARIA EOY)General: Forum Games261
Hijinx's Top 300 of 2016Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts1111192
Kent / Australian Music Report 1978 - 1992Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA398
Top 1000 Songs Of The 90's For New Zealand ChartsOther Charts: New Zealand819483
ARIA Report 1990 - 1995General: Music/Charts related180
BillyBrett's Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts572
brosa0 Weekly Top 100 Charts - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts396
The Nostalgia Thread.General: Forum Games3767560
savagegran's Weekly Top 1 Charts (2016/17)Personal Charts: Your Charts821982
This week in 1983...General: Music/Charts related301432
This week in 1984...General: Music/Charts related147
Top Singles of 2016Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts12552
Australian Artists ListGeneral: Music/Charts related1119481
AusCharts Countdowns Calendar - EOY's 2016Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts692008
Anton's Jovial Jams - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts6155
Best of 2016Other Charts: New Zealand284049
villages Personal Chart 2016/17Personal Charts: Your Charts18509
Hijinx's Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts15315
Harls' Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts1533926
Hijinx's ARIA Personal (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts7222
Zacco333's ARIA Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts4182
Longest chart runs in the Australian Top 10ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts934112
My weekly top 50 (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts124
Chart Beat 2017Other Charts: New Zealand71621
crazychris' Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts5123
Timfoxxy's Weekly Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts10296
Zacco333's Personal Chart (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts8169
Mykl's Weekly Top 50 (2017)Personal Charts: Your Charts8185
Irelander's Hot 100! - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts8183
BSB's 2017 Top 50 Weekly ChartPersonal Charts: Your Charts15608
Your YouTube Link of the DayGeneral: General Discussion11169
ARIA Chartifacts 9-January-2017ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts361151
iTunes / Download Charts, Pt. 25Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA38914309
Irelander's Personal ARIA Chart - 2017Personal Charts: Your Charts7156
Shazam Top 100 (2017)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA496
25 Years Ago... ARIA ChartGeneral: Music/Charts related51223141
Timfoxxy's 2016 End Of Year ChartPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts6606
Alleyt1989's Top 50 of 2016Personal Charts: Your Charts1512989
Fun Countdowns™: Re-BootedARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts14274

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