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Danger Zone: 1990-1999 ARIA #1sGeneral: Forum Games194822
Aus-Charts Tournaments!General: Forum Games1672270
My weekly top 50 (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts481084
Danger Zone: Beyonce vs. RihannaGeneral: Forum Games2091489
Song of the day 2016-17General: Music/Charts related19256
iTunes / Download Charts, Pt. 25Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA2427285
ARIA Chartifacts 25-July-2016ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts43925
Unofficial Catalogue Singles ChartOther Charts: Australia - Non ARIA792387
1964 ChartOther Charts: New Zealand14431
The Nostalgia Thread.General: Forum Games2604824
Top of Your PopsGeneral: Music/Charts related2642467
Quick List Vote Game ('90s Top 10s)General: Forum Games2513601
Timfoxxy's Weekly Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts1142367
TaraElla Princess's Spirit Charts 2016Personal Charts: Your Charts10230
savagegran's Weekly Top 1 Charts (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts37644
M-Tunes 2016Personal Charts: Your Charts34720
JayJ47's Music Charts (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts19921
Irelander's Hot 100! - 2016Personal Charts: Your Charts1002403
Hijinx's Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts1372816
Harls' Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts1152398
BillyBrett's Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts641325
Anton's Harmonious Hits - 2016Personal Charts: Your Charts921795
392414's Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts802349
BEANSTERS ALTERNATIVE TOP 20Personal Charts: Your Charts40901
BEANSTERS A.R.I.A. TOP 20Personal Charts: Your Charts41947
Quick List Vote Game: Qualifying RoundsGeneral: Forum Games2483141
Compilation Chart ObituaryOther Charts: New Zealand17810
PMC's Novelty Countdowns (incl. Broadcasts)Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts28706
Best Songs: Mid-Year 2016Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts32795
Top 100 Singles site/list updatesGeneral: General Discussion371042
Free Music on Google PlayGeneral: Latest Music News20687
Aus-Charts Interactive 2016Personal Charts: Combination Chart1025533
This week in 1983...General: Music/Charts related5149
Danger Zone: 1990-1994 ARIA #1s (Pt. 5)General: Forum Games5932437
Hijinx's ARIA Personal (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts1082195
Dave's '90s RetroPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts411049
Chart Positions Pre 1989 Part 4ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts57441899
Zacco333's ARIA Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts872033
Zacco333's Personal Chart (2016)Personal Charts: Your Charts1022798
Overseas Charts UK 2016Other Charts: Overseas671629
Danger Zone: 1995-1999 ARIA #1s (Pt. 3)General: Forum Games227920
Chart Beat 2016Other Charts: New Zealand496215
AFL - Tipping 2016General: Sport related2052415
ARIA Chartifacts 18-July-2016ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts391069
ALBUMS Pre 1989 - Part 3ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts29514731
Irelander's Personal ARIA Chart - 2016Personal Charts: Your Charts901633
Triple J (2016)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA602448
Aus-Charts Interactive 2015Personal Charts: Combination Chart18111771
Australian Acts Charting overseas - 2016Other Charts: Overseas321289
Australian Radio Airplay Chart 2016Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA421718

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