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ARIA Chartifacts 22-September-2014 [Weekly ARIA Chartifacts]
Jinx's Hottest 100 Thing [Your Special Occasion Charts]
Top Singles of 2008 [Your Special Occasion Charts]
Points Tally 2013. [Music/Charts related]
X-Factor Australia [TV Shows related]
1970 chart [New Zealand]
AFL - Scores 2014 [Sport related]
iTunes / Download Charts, Pt. 21 [Australia - Non ARIA]
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ARIA Chartifacts 22-September-2014ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts1091511
Jinx's Hottest 100 ThingPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts1568319
Top Singles of 2008Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts201954
Aus-Charts Interactive 2014 (Voting Open!)Personal Charts: Combination Chart13913343
Points Tally 2013.General: Music/Charts related41042
X-Factor AustraliaGeneral: TV Shows related1318943
Massive 1001 countdown - Part 5General: Forum Games2203972
1970 chartOther Charts: New Zealand8494
AFL - Scores 2014General: Sport related221726
2013 Super Happy Forum Game!General: Forum Games2094753
Alleyt1989's Top 50 Songs (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1995365
Overseas Charts UK 2014Other Charts: Overseas794316
brosa0 Weekly Top 100 Charts - 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts743757
TravD Personal Charts (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts2167645
Mykl's Weekly Top 50 (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1164488
iTunes / Download Charts, Pt. 21Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA38418906
JayJ47's Music Charts (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts783720
Daniel's Weekly Top 50 (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1686069
D Man's Personal Top 25 - 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts2446306
Chris A's Weekly Top 50 (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts2235694
Anton's Hot Tunes - 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts2005980
ALBUMS Pre 1989 - Part 3ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts1907993
ARIA Full Accreditations List.General: Awards16710495
Bluezombie's Weekly Top 50 (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts2788858
Hijinx's Personal Chart (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts29710755
Timothy's Airplay 100 - 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts933964
BR's ARIA Personal (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts632959
Zacco333's Personal Chart (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts2306752
392414's ARIA Personal (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1646038
Hijinx's ARIA Personal (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1645873
392414's Personal Chart (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts5729477
Beanster's TOP 75 (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1114234
B-ZAP 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts1595167
Zacco333's ARIA Personal (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1434725
ARIA Streaming Chart (2014)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA863559
Irelander's Hot 100! - 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts2169411
Harls' Personal Chart (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1595433
New Releases - September 2014General: Latest Music News7294
Irelander's Personal ARIA Chart - 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts1576611
Overseas Charts US 2014Other Charts: Overseas913237
Chart Beat 2014Other Charts: New Zealand5560356
My weekly chart (2014)Personal Charts: Your Charts1094168
TaraElla's Entertainment Reports 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts673681
Martin's Official Top 50 Songs Chart 2014Personal Charts: Your Charts826217
BillyBrett's Reality Chart 2014 (Part 1)Personal Charts: Your Charts423866
BillyBrett's Personal Charts - 2014 (Part 1)Personal Charts: Your Charts816505
ARIA Chartifacts 15-September-2014ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts1231993
The Nekci Menij ShowGeneral: Artist News & Chat653923
Australian Radio Airplay Chart 2014Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA1195247
Australia Artists Charting Overseas - 2014Other Charts: Overseas506553

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