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Forum - General: TV Shows related - Australia's Got Talent

It's on again, from 7:30pm Tue and Wed,
with our three judges Brian McFadden, Danni Minogue, and Kyle Sandilands...

Please feel free to comment on anything relevent to the show
Kyle is still a judge? I heard Scary Spice is now. Also, now I assume this is why Whitney has risen so dramatically (as opposed to her acting, where nothing happens dramatically).
Scary Spice is replacing Kyle on X Factor

I didn't watch it, but the young boy is getting a bit of attention on twitter...
Australia has BOTH X Factor and Got Talent, lol?!?!?

So, some boy sung a Whitney song... le sigh, it could have been worse. He could have sung S&M. *shrugs*
I wouldn't say sung, the bits I've hear it's more yell-y than the original.
I think no-one has talent and it's all a conspiracy [/troll]
Australia's 2nd Justin Bieber after Cody Simpson! Noooooo.
That guy who played the Piano has actual talent.
The guy who could cook the sausage using his nipples and electricity is REAL talent
AND... the Guy Pole Dance!!!
Finals Pt 2 on Thursday

(mostly) Great semi finals performances

(in no particular order)
ACT NAME"Talent"
BEN PRICEComedian/Impersonator
DAVID DEVITOOpera based Singer
LIAM BURROWSSwing based Singer
BENCHMARKSinging Group

Live performances from Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew, and Mysterious Guest (probably Brian McFadden)
Jess and Justice Crew were very good. And I think Jack Vidgen will win, but I was going for Timomatic.
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Dear Australia's Got Talent Voters,

The concept of the show is to discover talent. Now admittedly the easiest talent to share is a talent based around the art of music. It often helps you to instantly connect with people. But over the last decade, Australia has been subjected to Popstars, Australian Idol, The X Factor and So You Think You Can Dance. All worthy TV shows in their own way, which has allowed people who can use music to further their life and achieve 15 minutes of fame. Why then, do you insist on making the winner of AGT a musical winner.

A show that encourages people of any talent to audition and try their luck has ended up jsut being a music competition. You have chosen a little girl singer, a guitarist, a young opera singer and a dance troupe already. So why when a Justin Bieber clone who likes to sing Diva songs was presented to you did you have to choose him as the winner? Why not go crazy and give it to the old guy who tells some damn funny jokes. Or even the magician. Were you not aware the magician could have won as he did use music? Next year please think outside the box for a bit.

And as a side note, enjoy listening to Jack's rendition of And I'm Telling You next year after the testosterone finally kicks in.



P.S Oh and Judges you don't get off easy either, I hope you noticed that there was not ONE single act in the Grand Final that had a female in it. Back up dancers or magician's assistant does not count. Neither does Jack.
I think you spelt 'a female' wrong in that third last sentence, I think it's spelt 'talent'
3TIMOMATIC Singer/Dancer
4OLD FELLA Comedian
5LIAM BURROWS Swing based Singer
7BENCHMARK Old Quartet
8BEN PRICE Comedian/Impersonator
9DAVID DEVITO Opera based Singer
10INSTANT BUN Dance Crew

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Putting on my tinfoil hat, I think the end result was perhaps a bit rigged. All season they crap on about the prize being $250000. But little Jack wins and he gets the prize money and instantly signed to Sony. AND a single is released straight away and he has an album coning out in 2 weeks. It all smells a bit to suspicious for my liking. Even other previous singers have had to sit and wait a while to get a contract. Hell the first two seasons, the winner didn't even get a contract with Sony.
I too am tired of music talent winning all the time.
I was going for the Magician but knew the kid would win simply because he was overhyped from the start.
Back for its 6th season, AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT returns. Judges are the same from last year (Brian McFadden, Dannii Minogue, Kyle Sandilands). Do you think the show will be the same as last year and the previous (i.e same old), or will it be more interesting and more 'quality' talent...
Could we see the next Jack Vidgen (hope not ), or will there be a non-singing based winner this year?

Please feel free to comment on anything relevent to the show

This year, I am genuinely dissapointed in the acts. First of all, who the hell puts a bloody stripper into the Grand Final, what kind of talent does it have, none. Absolute bullshit, and the way everyone is enjoying it is disgusting. Some acts were better in previous performances and some were still the same, so there is no real standout. Then what way to end the show with Justin Bieber. Just No.

Anyway, who will win? My money is on either Soul Mystique or Andrew De Silva, two genuine contenders.

My choices for the winners are Soul Mystique, Odyssey and Dylan. Only because at the moment they are the only acts that don't seem capable of releasing music. and as I said from the start I want a non-music act to win. In fact I want someone who can't go on another reality contest show to win. And if you were forcing me to decide, I would say Soul Mystique cause for me that is an impressive talent.

And after seeing 2 routines by the Dance Crew I cannot stand them, firstly they just seem to have the same moves and secondly I'm sick of dance groups not being able to dance to one song. It's like Dance Crews has ADHD and can't concentrate for longer than 30 seconds. I have never seen Odyssey perform so I have no idea if they are the same, but even then its gymnastics so that's always impressive.
Well, if you didnt already know, ANDREW DE SILVA was crowned the winner of Australia's Got Talent 2012 (Season 6).


Yes, CDB member Andrew De Silva has taken the title of the winner of AGT 2012. Well deserved, although I think if he went, say, on The Voice or X-Factor, I don't think he would've won. Not bad for the Wolfe Brothers, I didn't think they would make it to 2nd place. Good band. I thought Soul Mystique had it in the bag or possibily second. Really hope to see them in the future around.

I'll be surprised if Channel 7 continue on Australia's Got Talent for another year (next year), and if so, I think they will have a change in judges. Australian Idol lasted for 7 seasons, so it'lll be interesting to see what happens to AGT from here on. Tbh I don't care anymore

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lol. Andrew de Silva? Talk about stale talent
I am john. i am very big fan of America got talent. Mostly i like to Watch American Reality TV shows. This Show give Equal chance to Every human to Show his/her talent to the country. That's Why i like reality shows the most.
"AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT" is now being moved to Channel 9.

Judging Panel:
-GERI HALLIWELL (was originally supposed to be MEL B)

Australia's Got Talent has returned for its Seventh Season, now on Ch.9 with the judges mentioned on the above post

Any thoughts/comments about the show so far?
Uncle Jed are the winners of Australia's Got Talent 2013.

1. Uncle Jed (Three-piece band) (Random Fact: Lead singer Laura Stitt was a backing singer for Jessica Mauboy)
2. Greg Gould and The Chase (Pop-soul band)
3. Academy of Brothers (Dance crew)


Did anyone watch this season? What does everyone think of 'Uncle Jed'?
I didn't watch this season cause I hated how Channel Nne changed when of the quickest reality shows into one of the longest dragged out shows. This show works best with multiple episodes a week of auditions followed by the semis and then the finale. All over within a month and half. Not this whole once a week.

And regarding the winners. Nothing personally against them but yawn to another music act bloody winning. This show has potential to let non music acts actually win but yet we the public seemed obsessed with only ever letting musicians win. Do we as a public forget about all those other damn reality shows that allow musicians their moment to shine?
Sophie Monk has been confirmed to host Love Island, coming to 9GO! in 2018.
“How awesome will it be to work in Spain in summer! Love Island is like nothing Australia has ever had, it’s right up my alley! I’m so excited, it’s ridiculous!” said Monk.
More : https://tvtonight.com.au/2017/12/sophie-monk-confirmed-for-love-island.html
Will the Sophie Monk PR train not die already!? Do something worthwhile but long term for crying out loud, having such interstitial TV appearances only adds to the ambiguity of her career discourse. She is a floater.

As for "Love Island", "like nothing Australia has ever had"? Be more aware of your industry Soph and do your research for once. The show will do just OK like every other almost-cancelled incarnation Australia has been subject to Temptation Island, Love Resort etc, until we see the totally uninteresting Monk PR train resurrect itself for the zillionth time for reasons I don't think she even knows why anymore. What do you want to do in life Sophie? Think about it and let Australian audiences know before those with power start saying no again to whatever it is you're trying to achieve.

Sophie Monk for Australian Idol 2018 judge? but also

Is "Love Island" AGT related?

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