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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Hijinx's Personal Chart (2013)

2012 Thread: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=38187

Past #1's

17/03/08Birds of TokyoSilhouettic
24/03/08Birds of TokyoSilhouettic
31/03/08Birds of TokyoSilhouettic
07/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
14/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
21/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
28/04/08GyroscopeAll in on One
05/05/08GyroscopeAll in on One
12/05/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
19/05/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
26/05/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
02/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
09/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
16/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
23/06/08Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
30/06/08Tom Ugly (formerly [is])Cult Romance
07/07/08Tom Ugly (formerly [is])Cult Romance
14/07/08Tom Ugly (formerly [is])Cult Romance
21/07/08The Living EndWhite Noise
28/07/08The Living EndWhite Noise
04/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
11/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
18/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
25/08/08CogSay Your Last Goodbye
01/09/08Kings of LeonSex on Fire
08/09/08Kings of LeonSex on Fire
15/09/08GyroscopeThese Days
22/09/08GyroscopeThese Days
29/09/08GyroscopeThese Days
05/10/08GyroscopeThese Days
12/10/08GyroscopeThese Days
19/10/08MGMTWeekend Wars
26/10/08MGMTWeekend Wars
02/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
09/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
16/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
23/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
30/11/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
07/12/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
14/12/08Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
21/12/08Tom UglyRoll Again
28/12/08Tom UglyRoll Again
04/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
11/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
18/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
25/01/09Tom UglyRoll Again
01/02/09Tom UglyRoll Again
08/02/09Children CollideFarewell Rocketship
15/02/09Children CollideFarewell Rocketship
22/02/09Children CollideFarewell Rocketship
01/03/09The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
08/03/09The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
15/03/09The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
22/03/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
29/03/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
05/04/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
12/04/09The Temper TrapScience of Fear
19/04/09SiaSoon We'll Be Found
26/04/09Silversun PickupsPanic Switch
03/05/09Silversun PickupsPanic Switch
10/05/09VaudevilleRunning on Empty
17/05/09Tom UglyBad With Love
24/05/09Tom UglyBad With Love
31/05/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
07/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
14/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
21/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
28/06/09KarnivoolSet Fire to the Hive
05/07/09MetricSick Muse
12/07/09MetricSick Muse
19/07/09MetricSick Muse
26/07/09MetricSick Muse
20/09/09Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
27/09/09Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
04/10/09Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
11/10/09MuseUnnatural Selection
18/10/09MuseUnnatural Selection
25/10/09MuseUnnatural Selection
01/11/09MetricGimme Sympathy
08/11/09MetricGimme Sympathy
15/11/09Midnight JuggernautsThis New Technology
22/11/09Midnight JuggernautsThis New Technology
29/11/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
06/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
13/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
20/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
27/12/09Them Crooked VulturesNew Fang
03/01/10MuseMK Ultra
10/01/10MuseMK Ultra
17/01/10MuseMK Ultra
24/01/10GyroscopeLive Without You
31/01/10GyroscopeLive Without You
07/02/10GyroscopeLive Without You
14/02/10GyroscopeLive Without You
21/02/10White RabbitsPercussion Gun
28/02/10GyroscopeLive Without You
07/03/10British IndiaBeneath the Satellites
14/03/10MGMTFlash Delirium
21/03/10MGMTFlash Delirium
28/03/10MGMTFlash Delirium
18/04/10Birds of TokyoThe Saddest Thing I Know
25/04/10Birds of TokyoThe Saddest Thing I Know
02/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
09/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
16/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
23/05/10Two Door Cinema ClubUndercover Martyn
13/06/10Plan BShe Said
20/06/10Plan BShe Said
27/06/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
04/07/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
11/07/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
18/07/10Arcade FireThe Suburbs
25/07/10Brandon FlowersCrossfire
01/08/10Brandon FlowersCrossfire
08/08/10Brandon FlowersCrossfire
26/09/10Birds of TokyoIn the Veins of Death Valley
03/10/10Birds of TokyoIn the Veins of Death Valley
10/10/10My Chemical RomanceNa Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
17/10/10My Chemical RomanceNa Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
24/10/10My Chemical RomanceNa Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)
31/10/10GyroscopeWhat Do I Know About Pain?
07/11/10Band of HorsesCompliments
14/11/10Cee Lo GreenBright Lights Bigger City
21/11/10Cee Lo GreenBright Lights Bigger City
28/11/10Jimmy Eat WorldMy Best Theory
05/12/10Jimmy Eat WorldMy Best Theory
12/12/10Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
19/12/10Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
26/12/10Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
02/01/11Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
09/01/11Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way
23/01/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
30/01/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
06/02/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
13/02/11Boy & BearFall at Your Feet
20/02/11Young KnivesLove My Name
27/02/11Young KnivesLove My Name
06/03/11Young KnivesLove My Name
13/03/11Young KnivesLove My Name
17/04/11Foo FightersRope
24/04/11Rise AgainstArchitects
01/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
08/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
15/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
22/05/11Rise AgainstArchitects
29/05/11Friendly FiresLive Those Days Tonight
05/06/11Calling All CarsReptile
12/06/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
19/06/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
26/06/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
03/07/11Boy & BearFeeding Line
10/07/11The WombatsOur Perfect Disease
17/07/11The WombatsOur Perfect Disease
24/07/11Owl EyesRaiders
31/07/11Owl EyesRaiders
07/08/11Owl EyesRaiders
14/08/11Owl EyesRaiders
21/08/11GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know (feat Kimbra)
28/08/11GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know (feat Kimbra)
04/09/11Owl EyesFaces
11/09/11Owl EyesFaces
18/09/11Owl EyesFaces
25/09/11Owl EyesFaces
02/10/11Owl EyesFaces
09/10/11Owl EyesFaces
16/10/11Trial KennedyLiving Undesigned
23/10/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
30/10/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
06/11/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
13/11/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
20/11/11Young The GiantCough Syrup
27/11/11Young The GiantCough Syrup
04/12/11Lana Del ReyVideo Games
11/12/11Portugal. The ManSo American
18/12/11The JezabelsTrycolour
25/12/11Portugal. The ManSo American
01/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
08/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
15/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
22/01/12Portugal. The ManSo American
29/01/12HuskyThe Woods
05/02/12HuskyThe Woods
12/02/12HuskyThe Woods
19/02/12HuskyThe Woods
26/02/12HuskyThe Woods
04/03/12HuskyThe Woods
11/03/12HuskyThe Woods
18/03/12Sleigh BellsComeback Kid
25/03/12Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
01/04/12Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
08/04/12Father John MistyHollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
15/04/12The Temper TrapRabbit Hole
22/04/12The Temper TrapRabbit Hole
29/04/12The Temper TrapRabbit Hole
06/05/12Owl EyesCrystalised
13/05/12Owl EyesCrystalised
20/05/12Owl EyesCrystalised
27/05/12LadyhawkeSunday Drive
03/06/12LadyhawkeSunday Drive
10/06/12Beach HouseMyth
17/06/12Beach HouseMyth
24/06/12The Gaslight Anthem45
01/07/12Beach HouseMyth
08/07/12Beach HouseMyth
15/07/12Beach HouseMyth
22/07/12Beach HouseMyth
29/07/12Beach HouseLazuli
05/08/12MS MRHurricane
12/08/12MS MRHurricane
19/08/12MS MRHurricane
26/08/12MS MRHurricane
02/09/12MS MRHurricane
09/09/12Frank OceanSweet Life
16/09/12Owl EyesLove Run Dry
23/09/12Frank OceanSweet Life
30/09/12Frank OceanSweet Life
07/10/12Owl EyesLove Run Dry
14/10/12Owl EyesLove Run Dry
21/10/12MetricSpeed The Collapse
28/10/12MetricSpeed The Collapse
04/11/12MetricSpeed The Collapse
11/11/12Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
18/11/12Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound
25/11/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
02/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
09/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
16/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
23/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
30/12/12Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
#1's as of this thread

06/01/13Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
13/01/13Cloud NothingsWasted Days
20/01/13Cloud NothingsWasted Days
27/01/13Cloud NothingsWasted Days
03/02/13Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
10/02/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
17/02/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
24/02/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
03/03/13Winter PeopleTwo's Company
10/03/13British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
17/03/13James BlakeRetrograde
24/03/13James BlakeRetrograde
31/03/13James BlakeRetrograde
07/04/13James BlakeRetrograde
14/04/13James BlakeRetrograde
21/04/13Owl EyesClosure
28/04/13Owl EyesClosure
05/05/13Owl EyesClosure
12/05/13ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
19/05/13ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
26/05/13ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
02/06/13ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
09/06/13Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
16/06/13Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
23/06/13Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
04/08/13Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
18/08/13Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
25/08/13PhoenixOblique City
32/08/13PhoenixOblique City
08/09/13Kings of LeonSupersoaker
15/09/13Arcade FireReflektor
22/09/13Arcade FireReflektor
29/09/13Arcade FireReflektor
06/10/13Arcade FireReflektor
13/10/13Arcade FireReflektor
20/10/13Arcade FireReflektor
27/10/13London GrammarStrong
03/11/13London GrammarStrong
08/12/13The CairosObsession
15/12/13The CairosObsession
22/12/13The CairosObsession
29/12/13Big ScaryBelgian Blues

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#2's Since '09 (listed chronologically)
4Birds of TokyoWhite Witch
2Empire of the SunWe Are the People
3PlaceboBattle For the Sun
1Birds of TokyoAn Ode to Death
1Manchester OrchestraI've Got Friends
2Numbers RadioBoring
1Passion PitThe Reeling
2MuseUnited States of Eurasia
3Arctic MonkeysCrying Lightning
1Simian Mobile DiscoAudacity of Huge
3Tegan & SaraHell
2Them Crooked VulturesMind Eraser, No Chaser
1SiaYou've Changed
1The Temper TrapLove Lost
1The xxCrystalised
4Miike SnowBillie Holiday
2MuseNeutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)
2Calling All CarsRun Away
2Serj TankianLeft of Center
2The Naked and FamousYoung Blood
1Ed KowalczykGrace
1Mark Ronson & The Business IntlThe Bike Song (feat Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock)
1Papa vs. PrettyWrecking Ball
3The StrokesUnder Cover of Darkness
1The NovocainesSummer Waiting
4The Black KeysLonely Boy
4HowlerBack Of Your Neck
1Black LipsFamily Tree
3BattleshipsIn Retrospect
2Tame ImpalaApocalypse Dreams
4PoliçaDark Star
2Atoms For PeaceDefault
2MusePanic Station
2Father John MistyNancy From Now On
1Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
1Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth Chorale)
1Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life

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Most weeks at number one
1st8Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg)
2nd7Birds of TokyoBroken Bones
2nd7Harlequin LeagueAgain and Again
2nd7Tom UglyRoll Again
2nd7HuskyThe Woods
6th6Owl EyesFaces
6th6Portugal. The ManSo American
6th6Beach HouseMyth
6th6Arcade FireReflektor

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Highest Debuts (Since '09)
1st1MGMTFlash Delirium
1st1ChvrchesThe Mother We Share
1st1Arcade FireReflektor
5th2Owl EyesFaces
6th3Simian Mobile DiscoAudacity of Huge
7th4Owl EyesClosure
7th4Passion PitThe Reeling
7th4The StrokesUnder Cover of Darkness
10th5The Butterfly EffectIn These Hands
10th5PlaceboBattle For the Sun
10th5Manchester OrchestraI've Got Friends
10th5Silversun PickupsIt's Nice to Know You Work Alone
10th5Miike SnowBillie Holiday
10th5Art vs ScienceFinally See Our Way

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Most entries per artist
1stBirds of Tokyo144Silhouettic; Broken Bones; Wild Eyed Boy; White Witch; Head In My Hands; An Ode to Death; The Saddest Thing I Know; Plans; In the Veins of Death Valley; Wild at Heart; Circles; This Fire; Lanterns; When The Night Falls Quiet
2ndMuse123Map of the Problematique; United States of Eurasia; Uprising; Resistance; Unnatural Selection; MK Ultra; Undisclosed Desires; Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever); Survival; Madness; Follow Me; Panic Station
3rdMGMT92Kids; Electric Feel; Weekend Wars; The Youth; Of Moons, Birds & Monsters; Flash Delirium; It's Working; Siberian Breaks; Alien Days
3rdKings of Leon92Charmer; Sex on Fire; Crawl; Closer; Use Somebody; Radioactive; Pyro; Supersoaker; Wait For Me
5thGyroscope841981; All in on One; These Days; Live Without You; Some of the Places I Know; Fifty500; Baby, I'm Gettin' Better; What Do I Know About Pain?
6thBritish India82I Said I'm Sorry; God is Dead (Meet the Kids); Vanilla; Beneath the Satellites; Avalanche; March Into the Ocean; I Can Make You Love Me; Summer Forgive Me
7thOwl Eyes75Raiders; Faces; Crystalised; Love Run Dry; Closure; Nightswim; Find Out
8thMetric73Sick Muse; Gold Guns Girls; Gimme Sympathy; Eclipse (All Yours); Youth Without Youth; Synthetica; Speed The Collapse
9thThe Temper Trap72Science of Fear; Fader; Love Lost; Rabbit Hole; Need Your Love; Trembling Hands; Miracle
9thBoy & Bear72Rabbit Song; Fall At Your Feet; Feeding Line; Milk & Sticks; Part Time Believer; Southern Sun; Harlequin Dream

Not far behind
11thArctic Monkeys, Art vs. Science, Children Collide
14thArcade Fire, Midnight Juggernauts, Rise Against, Sia
18thThe Killers, Tame Impala
20thTom Ugly
21stCalling All Cars, Delphic, The Gaslight Anthem, The Living End, MS MR, Phoenix, Trial Kennedy

Titles which have charted twice

Broken BonesBirds of Tokyo/The Holidays
BrotherLittle Birdy/Matt Corby
CrystalisedThe xx/Owl Eyes
DefaultDjango Django/Atoms For Peace
DemonsFenech-Soler/The National
EmbracePnau/Oliver Tank
GraceEd Kowalczyk/The View
HalcyonDelphic/Glass Towers
HandsThe Ting Tings/Alpine
MonsterProfessor Green/Paramore
ParadiseColdplay/Cub Sport
RadioactiveKings of Leon/Imagine Dragons
ReptileCalling All Cars/Citizens!

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Most played on triple j 12/06/2006 -> 17/03/2013

1. Hilltop Hoods
2. Bloc Party
3. Muse
4. The Presets
5. Birds of Tokyo
6. British India
7. Arctic Monkeys
8. Tame Impala
9. Cut Copy
10. Children Collide
11. Kings of Leon
12. Hot Chip
13. Vampire Weekend
14. Arcade Fire
15. John Butler Trio
16. Sarah Blasko
17. Bliss N Eso
18. Radiohead
19. Florence + The Machine
20. The Grates
21. Kanye West
22. Kaiser Chiefs
23. Midnight Juggernauts
24. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
25. Josh Pyke
26. Architecture in Helsinki
27. The Chemical Brothers
28. Lupe Fiasco
29. The Wombats
30. Gotye
31. Pnau
32. Cold War Kids
33. LCD Soundsystem
34. Bluejuice
35. Gyroscope
36. Sparkadia
37. Dizzee Rascal
38. Lily Allen
39. Art vs. Science
40. Angus and Julia Stone
41. Phoenix
42. MGMT
43. Little Red
44. The Temper Trap
45. Kasabian
46. Drapht
47. Regina Spektor
48. Bertie Blackman
49. Oh Mercy
50. Urthboy
51. The White Stripes
52. Sia
53. The Black Keys
54. Lisa Mitchell
55. Simian Mobile Disco
56. The Living End
57. Jamie T
58. Silverchair
59. The Rapture
60. The Shins
61. Metric
62. Washington
63. Dappled Cities
64. M.I.A.
65. Mark Ronson
66. Ladyhawke
67. Grinspoon
68. The Strokes
69. Ball Park Music
70. Pendulum
71. Two Door Cinema Club
72. The Killers
73. The John Steel Singers
74. Hungry Kids of Hungary
75. Beck
76. Operator Please
77. Illy
78. The Panics
79. Passion Pit
80. Laura Marling
81. The Herd
82. Miami Horror
83. Friendly Fires
84. The Hives
85. Franz Ferdinand
86. Foo Fighters
87. Bag Raiders
88. The Jezabels
89. Justice
90. Wolfmother
91. The Cat Empire
92. Calvin Harris
93. Cloud Control
94. TZU
95. Spoon
96. TV On The Radio
97. Santigold
98. Klaxons
99. Muph & Plutonic
100. Interpol

101. Mumford & Sons
102. Queens of the Stone Age
103. Weezer
104. Yeasayer
105. Dead Letter Circus
106. Crystal Castles
107. Gossip
108. Phrase
109. Band of Horses
110. Clare Bowditch
111. Faker
112. Boy & Bear
113. Tegan and Sara
114. The Vines
115. The Beautiful Girls
116. You Am I
117. Gorillaz
118. The Bloody Beetroots
119. Eskimo Joe
120. Augie March
121. Katalyst
122. The Aston Shuffle
123. Silversun Pickups
124. Nick Cave
125. Blue King Brown
126. Calling All Cars
127. Basement Jaxx
128. Bob Evans
129. 360
130. Rise Against
131. Ben Kweller
132. Groove Armada
133. Foster the People
134. Muscles
135. Plan B
136. Philadelphia Grand Jury
137. Digitalism
138. Eddy Current Suppression Ring
139. Lykke Li
140. Fleet Foxes
141. Kimbra
142. Modest Mouse
143. Ben Folds
144. The Kooks
145. Miike Snow
146. Something For Kate
147. The Drums
148. Foals
149. Jonathan Boulet
150. Kisschasy
151. Trial Kennedy
152. Goldfrapp
153. Regurgitator
154. Little Birdy
155. Powderfinger
156. Death Cab For Cutie
157. Karnivool
158. Deadmau5
159. Bjork
160. Ash Grunwald
161. Grizzly Bear
162. Empire of the Sun
163. Howling Bells
164. Beastie Boys
165. Deep Sea Arcade
166. Placebo
167. San Cisco
168. Van She
169. The Vasco Era
170. Hot Hot Heat
171. Flight of the Conchords
172. Gypsy & The Cat
173. Alpine
174. Daft Punk
175. Seth Sentry
176. Peaches
177. The Roots
178. Bon Iver
179. Last Dinosaurs
180. The Butterfly Effect
181. Band of Skulls
182. Peter Bjorn & John
183. Grouplove
184. The Fratellis
185. Cog
186. Wolf and Cub
187. Ween
188. The Ting Tings
189. Girl Talk
190. Seabellies
191. La Roux
192. Gnarls Barkley
193. Delphic
194. The Middle East
195. Whitley
196. Maximo Park
197. Jebediah
198. M83
199. Xavier Rudd
200. Regular John

201. Bumblebeez
202. Horrorshow
203. Major Lazer
204. Dan Kelly
205. Hunting Grounds
206. The Holidays
207. Big Scary
208. Royksopp
209. Papa vs. Pretty
210. Feist
211. The Prodigy
212. The Go! Team
213. N.E.R.D.
214. Animal Collective
215. Wiley
216. The Gaslight Anthem
217. Hermitude
218. Yuksek
219. The Rubens
220. Sleigh Bells
221. Dialectrix
222. Cut Off Your Hands
223. Funkoars
224. Gold Fields
225. PJ Harvey
226. My Morning Jacket
227. The Flaming Lips
228. Darren Hanlon
229. Downsyde
230. The Saboteurs
231. Air
232. Red Riders
233. Jinja Safari
234. The Futureheads
235. Kate Nash
236. Chairlift
237. The Mess Hall
238. ShockOne
239. Kid Cudi
240. Custom Kings
241. Paul Dempsey
242. Abbe May
243. The xx
244. Old Man River
245. The Getaway Plan
246. Lana Del Rey
247. Expatriate
248. Nero
249. The National
250. The Vaccines
251. Eels
252. Mystery Jets
253. Flight Facilities
254. Stonefield
255. Does It Offend You, Yeah?
256. Little Dragon
257. Strange Talk
258. Missy Higgins
259. Numbers Radio
260. Astronomy Class
261. Eagles of Death Metal
262. Bat For Lashes
263. Loon Lake
264. The Drones
265. Cassius
266. Wavves
267. City and Colour
268. Violent Soho
269. Flume
270. Koolism
271. Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!
272. Tom Ugly
273. Youth Group
274. Owl Eyes
275. Nas
276. CSS
277. Diafrix
278. Robyn
279. Lady Sovereign
280. Yves Klein Blue
281. New Young Pony Club
282. My Chemical Romance
283. Grafton Primary
284. The Cops
285. Noah and the Whale
287. The Knife
288. Jack White
289. Supergrass
290. Beach House
291. Ben Folds Five
292. Datarock
293. Jay-Z
294. Talib Kweli
295. Jose Gonzalez
296. Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
297. Pez
298. Underworld
299. Glasvegas
300. Thundamentals
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If you haven't seen my EOY list, it's sitting at the bottom of last year's thread

Jan 5th

It's a new year! However this likely coincides with a not so rapid chart, and it definitely does in this case. Although the boringness actually makes it interesting because Flight Facilities have joined the growing list of 7 week #1s, which is still officially the record. I honestly don't know at this point whether or not they'll be able to hold it. Cloud Nothings could be the threat, they're up to #2 now. Dune via Spender & Delphic also join the top 5. The Killers get another top 10 hit with "Battle Born".


Well the problem is that at this time of the year, new music is often hard to come by. The only song I have heard from this year that I might consider charting isn't getting released until March and I can't find it anywhere, uuuuugh. Anyway I did find these songs.

The first is from Battleships who scored two entries last year, most notably "In Retrospect" which peaked at #2. Now they've got a 3rd and "Coming Back To You" enters at #30.
Really old song but I've just finally gotten into it this week, Disclosure debut with "Latch" at #34.
Probably even older but not so much to me, I can't quite pinpoint my addiction to it, but nonetheless Otto Knows is in at #38 with "Million Voices".

Fun fact: With a combined running length of 16:36, this is easily my longest running top 2 ever!

1191Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {7 Weeks @ #1}
2342Cloud NothingsWasted Days
3262MusePanic Station
4664Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
6575San CiscoBeach
74103Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
8887The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
99172Atoms For PeaceDefault
1015310The KillersBattle Born
1110132PoliçaDark Star
1213512Beach HouseWild
1311191Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
14171214Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
1512912Cub ScoutsTold You So
1614145Birds of TokyoThis Fire
1716211Owl EyesLove Run Dry {3 Weeks @ #1}
18181212Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
1922919Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
2019816The WeekndTwenty Eight
2121820Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)
2220161MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
2323158AlpineSeeing Red
2426524FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
25241023Hungry Kids of HungarySharp Shooter
2627326Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
2725241Frank OceanSweet Life {3 Weeks @ #1}
2833328Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
2928187MS MRBones
30NE130BattleshipsComing Back To You
3129254Frank OceanPyramids
3235232HaimDon't Save Me
3332261MS MRHurricane {5 Weeks @ #1}
34NE134DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
3631431Gold FieldsDark Again (Lights Out)
37341120KimbraWith My Hands
38NE138Otto KnowsMillion Voices
39361114RudimentalNot Giving In (feat John Newman & Alex Clare)
40381126Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat John Martin)

43371210MuseFollow Me
4139828Sticky FingersClouds & Cream
4740535Ball Park MusicComing Down

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I really like this chart Hijinx. Amazing to see battle born go top 10. Also extra points for disclosure getting a debut (they are very high on my twenty twelve end of year chart wink wink). Also loving San Cisco, ms mr, both macklemores, Haim and of monsters and men. I likey!
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You people on this site know so much music. I seriously only now 9 songs on this list. And I only seriously enjoy 3 songs of them 9! Them two songs are Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, Same Love & Thrift Shop. I would love for one of them to eventually go #1. Also Clair De Lune is too slow and long.
Excellent to see Dune via Spender hit top 5! Now that I know they're not one band, saying that sounds weird I am worried though, I hope CDL gets the record outright just so it can outlast Cloud Nothings. Either that or the ultimately superior Black Sand does it! I also like Atoms For Peace's longevity. Nice rises for Delphic and Beach House too. That Battleships newie is good too! Also go Tamey. But seriously wtf, three of the most average dance borefests occupying the three bottom spots where Follow Me, Clouds & Cream and Coming Down could have all been! WTF!
I have never noticed all the statistics at the top of your thread. Goes to show how observant I am! It made for an interesting read, though.

Shame to see Macklemore stalling and Birds Of Tokyo, Rudimental and SHM all down, but I am pleased to see The Killers and Macklemore up.
Nice to see Frank Ocean still moving up and breaking the top 20 and a big jump for Same Love. I like Clair De Lune but I'm tiring of it already although it looks like the same can't be said for you haha
Looks like your 'Most weeks at number one' list needs to be updated
Awesome to see Flight Facilities still at #1. Also, good to see Muse, San Cisco, The Killers, Beach House, Of Monsters And Men, Tame Impala, Birds Of Tokyo, Owl Eyes, Frank Ocean, Macklewis, Alpine, Flume, Haim, Disclosure (finally ), Adele, Kimbra, Otto Knows, Rudimental and Swedish House Mafia. Sad to see Muse leave though

Firstly, because I keep forgetting to mention it, I think you've missed So American on the most weeks at #1 list; secondly goooo Loony! I'm totAlly hoping it's got another week in it although I'm thinking this is the end of its run. I don't really want Wasted Days there, what are you going to do when it needs to be dethroned; wait for an even longer song!?

Nice to see Baiya in the top five now; since Muse may have given up the ghost, I'm hoping that will be the next number one; it's not without a chance. Awesome to see The Killers so quickly into the top ten, keep going! Also nice jumps for Tame Impala, Frank Ocean and Macklemore.

And 2013 starts with some TRASH! of course. However I'm expecting to like the Battleships song; I think I usually like them. I've also been meaning to listen to Latch for quite a while now so this is a good reason to finally do that. And I didn't like Million Voices much, not that I hated it but I didn't get into it. Perhaps I'll give it another chance sometime. Typing this much on my phone was not fun; feel special?
Great to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis still moving up, your #1 is still good but i hope it gets dethroned soon.
Jan 12th

Some may disagree with my decision, but I can't remember the last rock song that just grabbed my attention like this one, so Cloud Nothings have the new #1 with "Wasted Days". This was a tough call, and it's quite possible I could see Flight Facilities more deserving next week. Alternatively, there's Dune via Spender & Delphic which are still making their stride to the top spot. The Killers move up a couple more spots with "Battle Born", and Tame Impala finally hit the top 10 with "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards".


Well I assume everyone's seen my EOY. Father John Misty claimed the top spot on that, and I assumed I would never get into another song of his. Incidentally, I saw him perform on late night TV earlier in the week and it was to my disappointment that he wasn't singing "Hollywood...". However that disappointment was wavered when I realised that I really love the song that he did perform, and it gives me the perfect excuse to break his one hit wonder tag. So he's in at #12 with "Nancy From Now On".
Otherwise, here's the artist who would be least likely to be called a one hit wonder on my chart. Birds of Tokyo are in with their, err I'd have to look it up at this point, but they've charted a lot of times and now "Lanterns" is in at #34.

1251Cloud NothingsWasted Days {1 Week @ #1}
21101Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {7 Weeks @ #1}
3473Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
5372MusePanic Station
6685San CiscoBeach
7897The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
81048The KillersBattle Born
97113Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
10141310Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
1112611Beach HouseWild
12NE112Father John MistyNancy From Now On
139182Atoms For PeaceDefault
1411142PoliçaDark Star
1513201Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
16151012Cub ScoutsTold You So
17191017Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
18181312Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
1916155Birds of TokyoThis Fire
2017221Owl EyesLove Run Dry {3 Weeks @ #1}
2124621FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
2221920Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)
2320916The WeekndTwenty Eight
2428424Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
2522171MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
2630226BattleshipsComing Back To You
2732327HaimDon't Save Me
2823168AlpineSeeing Red
2926426Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
30251123Hungry Kids of HungarySharp Shooter
3127251Frank OceanSweet Life {3 Weeks @ #1}
3234232DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
3329197MS MRBones
34NE134Birds of TokyoLanterns
3531264Frank OceanPyramids
3633271MS MRHurricane {5 Weeks @ #1}
3738237Otto KnowsMillion Voices
3936531Gold FieldsDark Again (Lights Out)
40371220KimbraWith My Hands

41391114RudimentalNot Giving In (feat John Newman & Alex Clare)
44401126Swedish House MafiaDon't You Worry Child (feat John Martin)

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Nice to see Same Love still moving up! It would be awesome if that could overtake Thrift Shop very soon! Nice debut for Birds of Tokyo and cool to see Skyfall still in the chart, although I think it may be her last week
Your opinion is somehow important to me And your chart is awesome! I looove it!
I disagree with your decision, I mean, what do you think this is, a chart of your own personal favourite songs or something!? I do prefer Loony and hope that it gets back there for the record next week, but I'm not expecting it to, also I'd probably prefer Baiya hit #1 anyway.

Nice to see the aforementioned Baiya still rising, as well as Battle Born still climbing decently; go top five! You too Biloxi! Cool to see Tame Impala in the top ten now as well. Also good jumps for Frank Ocean, Same Love and Latch.

That's a very high debut for TRASH! and how out of place it looks. For some reason though I feel like I really like the title and will like the song based on that; perhaps it's stirring up some dormant memories somehow. Depending on how slow I am finishing this comment I may even de-TRASH! it before you see this, but that's unlikely. I don't think it will take me about half an hour to discuss one more debut. Even if said debut is BoT, which yay! I bet this ad that is avoiding me ridiculously is why you're charting it. Even so, I approve. It's a very good song, better than This Fire I think, but still no Plands.
Awesome to see Tame Impala reach the top ten and great to see Same Loving rising & Lanterns debut.
My current situation means it's best if I don't YT new songs, so we'll have to wait to see what I think of those two new entries. For now they are obviously TRASH! but quite frankly I didn't think Father Richard had much of a chance to rid its one-hit wonder status. There you go.

And wtf. It's no Captain Ace. And ftr I disagree with you wtf go away Otto! At least the other two are gone. Come on Duney! Yay for Delphic, Tamey and Macklemore rising.
Jan 20th

Slow times for the top of the chart, the top four are unchanged. Cloud Nothings hold off Flight Facilities, and Dune via Spender & Delphic can't quite catch up. San Cisco return to the top 5 with "Beach", The Killers score a new peak of #7 with "Battle Born", Tame Impala are up to #8 with "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards", and Father John Misty gets a 2nd top 10 hit with "Nancy From Now On". This keeps Beach House perched at #11, while a slow middle section keeps some oldies afloat. However, this is just for that section, because the lower half of the chart sees a big clean out of hits. Amidst this, Flume makes top 20 with "On Top", Haim rise to #23 with "Don't Save Me", and Birds of Tokyo move 5 places up into the top 30 with "Lanterns".


For the first time in half a year, there are 5 debuts on the chart, signifying a clean out of old 2012 hits. Well that would work if a lot of these songs still weren't from 2012. But oh well. Winter People see the best success with "Two's Company" becoming their debut to the chart at #13.
Cold War Kids haven't been much of a force on my chart because despite loving their debut, it predates my chart, so they've only picked up scraps of chart success. "Miracle Mile" is their first appearance in 2 years. It's their 3rd entry, and it's in at #22.
MS MR had a couple big hits last year. The more notable of them just dropping out this week. But it's still been a while since they've had new music in the chart, and now "Fantasy" becomes their 3rd entry and it's in at #28.
A 2012 dance hit that I've been loving but has only just hit my chart; Porter Robinson is in at #35 with "Language".
Well, I charted Beyonce once...

1161Cloud NothingsWasted Days {2 Weeks @ #1}
22111Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {7 Weeks @ #1}
3383Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
5695San CiscoBeach
6582MusePanic Station
7857The KillersBattle Born
810148Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
97107The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
1012210Father John MistyNancy From Now On
1111711Beach HouseWild
129123Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
13NE113Winter PeopleTwo's Company
1415211Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
15171115Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
16161112Cub ScoutsTold You So
17181412Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
1813192Atoms For PeaceDefault
1921719FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
2014152PoliçaDark Star
2124521Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
22NE122Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
2327423HaimDon't Save Me
24221020Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)
2526325BattleshipsComing Back To You
2625181MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
27231016The WeekndTwenty Eight
28NE128MS MRFantasy
2934229Birds of TokyoLanterns
3019165Birds of TokyoThis Fire
3120231Owl EyesLove Run Dry {3 Weeks @ #1}
3232332DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
3328178AlpineSeeing Red
3429526Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
35NE135Porter RobinsonLanguage
3637336Otto KnowsMillion Voices
37NE137SolangeLosing You
38301223Hungry Kids of HungarySharp Shooter
3931261Frank OceanSweet Life {3 Weeks @ #1}
4033207MS MRBones

4335264Frank OceanPyramids
4436271MS MRHurricane {5 Weeks @ #1}
5039531Gold FieldsDark Again (Lights Out)
48401220KimbraWith My Hands

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When I glanced at your chart and saw that there were a few debuts, I was hoping there would be a song that I know, but alas, there is not. I may have heard Solange's track the other day, but I'm not sure. Great to see Same Love and Lanterns rising. I hope they can both make charges toward the top in coming weeks.
Poor Loony is not gonna get back on top now I don't think, come on Baiya! It doesn't look like it has the momentum to get there for next week, but who knows. Apart from you, I mean.

Nice to see San Cisco, The Killers and Tame Impala all inching up in the top ten and Father Word Salad joining there. Good jumps also for Frank Ocean, Macklemore, Battleships and Lanterns!!! Go Lanterns!

Wow, five debuts seems an awful lot for you. And to think, 80% of them started out as TRASH! but it's already down to 40%; I'm so efficient this week. Naturally, the highest one would remain TRASH!y, but at least the bottom one does too, perhaps your username needs a change to solangeknowlesfan203? Dog Day Mile is very cool though and I'm glad to see it in, I hope it can make top ten. I didn't have any particular problems with Fantasy or Language either, but they didn't grab me. Which is probably good, I mean, I might press charges depending on the type of grab, and also if I thought I could get enough money out of it, perhaps if they're hits I could?
Cool rises for Birds Of Tokyo ,San Cisco ,Tame Impala and The Killers .
Nice to see Tame Impala, Flume, Macklemore & BOT rising.
Yay for Solange! It's definitely something different and not what I was expecting from her! Great rise for Same Love and Thinkin Bout You. With Same Love's rise (and Thrift Shop's drop) you must have a new number one on your ARIA Personal which is awesome. Great to see Million Voices up as well.
Yay for FLWOGB, Same Love, Thrift Shop & Losing You.

Disagree with Alleyt though it's a clone of Wynter Gordon's latest work. You probably haven't heard it though because she's releasing it independently now
Awesome top 11. Nice to see Cloud Nothings, Flight Facilities, San Cisco, Muse, The Killers, Tame Impala, Father John Misty, Beach House, Of Monsters And Men, Frank Ocean, Flume, Macklewis, Birds Of Tokyo, Owl Eyes, Disclosure, Porter Robinson (Language ), and Otto Knows.
Took me to #21 to find a song that I actually know, although clearly there are acts in the Top 20 i know of. Turns out I know a grand total of 2 songs and by know I mean would recognise if they were played in my presence,
Jan 27th

Cloud Nothings are atop for a 3rd week still waiting for new challengers to surface. The entire top 3 holds while San Cisco get a new peak of #4 with "Beach". Father John Misty rises in the top 10, now up to #7 with "Nancy From Now On". Winter People hit the top 10 for the first time too, "Two's Company" is up to #10. Biggest rise of the week goes to Cold War Kids with "Miracle Mile" up 8 places to #14.


A slow week as I wasn't concerned with new music too much this week, so just picking up more scraps from last year. The first being Jessie Ware who enters at #30 with "Wildest Moments". Next up is Kendrick Lamar at #36 with "Swimming Pools (Drank)", and finally The 1975 with "Sex" at #39.

1171Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
22121Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {7 Weeks @ #1}
3393Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
45104San CiscoBeach
6692MusePanic Station
71037Father John MistyNancy From Now On
8767The KillersBattle Born
98158Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
1013210Winter PeopleTwo's Company
119117The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
1211811Beach HouseWild
1314221Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
1422214Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
1512133Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
1619816FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
17151215Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
1823518HaimDon't Save Me
19171512Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
20161212Cub ScoutsTold You So
2121621Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
2218202Atoms For PeaceDefault
2328223MS MRFantasy
2429324Birds of TokyoLanterns
2525425BattleshipsComing Back To You
2620162PoliçaDark Star
27241120Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)
2835228Porter RobinsonLanguage
2926191MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
30NE130Jessie WareWildest Moments
3132431DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
32271116The WeekndTwenty Eight
3331241Owl EyesLove Run Dry {3 Weeks @ #1}
3437234SolangeLosing You
3530175Birds of TokyoThis Fire
36NE136Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
3736436Otto KnowsMillion Voices
3833188AlpineSeeing Red
39NE139The 1975Sex
4034626Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker

46381223Hungry Kids of HungarySharp Shooter
4139261Frank OceanSweet Life {3 Weeks @ #1}
4240207MS MRBones

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I finally got around to hearing Mountain Sound, I didn't enjoy it as much as Little Talks, but I am pleased to see it rebound slightly this week. Shame to see Same Love stall (hopefully temporarily), but I am pleased to see Lanterns rising again.
Jessie TRASH! is the only thing I'm yet to hear (oh and that Father John Misty one which I will get around to). How dare you make it the highest entry!!!!!!1111!1

But seriously can something take over Cloud Nothings soon Excellent to see Flume, MS MR and San Cisco rise.
Had no idea Delphic had a new song. Listening to it now. Loved their first album.
Time for a new number one I think, but it doesn't seem like anything will really have the momentum to take it, perhaps Daddy Word Salad is an outside chance within the next few weeks, I don't know. It's really hard to say what could get there. Come on Loony for the lols. Or Baiya, but that seems done, sadface.

Nice jumps for Winter People, Cold War Kids and Lanterns! Perhaps Lanterns could be number one next week? A meteoric rise to celebrate the fact that BoT have a top 5 hit on ARIA now, although it's also kind of sad, the originators of TRASH! are no longer a TRASH! band, who will spearhead TRASH! now?

Nobody this week, because there's none, wow! Not only that but I am charting two of the entries, so they must be okay. I'm not overly surprised to see either Jessie Ware or The 1975 enter, but then I am also a little stunned. But it's nice to see Wildest Moments in and it's awesome to see Sex debut as well, I really hope it can last a while. Even the other entry isn't as bad as I went in thinking it'd be, the chorus was quite good. Breezeblocks next week?
Great to see Clair de Lune enjoy a brilliant 7 week stint at #1. It's also great to see so many of us charting Baiya now This Fire, Otto Know, Lanterns, Franky, Thrift Shop, Porter Robinson, The Killers and Tame Impala are all pleasing to see. Sad to see Sweet Life out though.
Nice rise for Losing You and nice to see Jessie Ware debut. I sooo hope Same Love does not stall at #21 haha!!!
TW LW TI HP Artist Title
2 2 12 1 Flight Facilities Clair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {7 Weeks @ #1}
* Loving that film clip, only just grabbed me recently
5 4 8 4 Delphic Baiya
* Very cool track which debuts this week for me
6 6 9 2 Muse Panic Station
* Not really sure if i'm gonna chart this yet but still a great track.
8 7 6 7 The Killers Battle Born
* Cool album track which won't be seeing chart action for me, yet.
9 8 15 8 Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
* Find these guys really meh!
11 9 11 7 The Gaslight Anthem Biloxi Parish
* Has now become my fave from them which means more climbing on my personal, yay!
12 11 8 11 Beach House Wild
* Not feeling this, unfortunately.
13 14 22 1 Of Monsters and Men Mountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
* How good are these guys? Not as good as LT but close!
16 19 8 16 Flume On Top (feat T.Shirt)
* Not liking this much.
17 15 12 15 Frank Ocean Thinkin Bout You
* Liking this guys vocal but not keen on charting him.
18 23 5 18 Haim Don't Save Me
* It's ok but really weak imo.
21 21 6 21 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Same Love (feat Mary Lambert)
* I'm slowly converting but I don't find it overly exciting.
22 18 20 2 Atoms For Peace Default
* Cool trancy track, can't wait for the LP!
23 28 2 23 MS MR Fantasy
* Bones will debut for me soon but not diggin this atm.
24 29 3 24 Birds of Tokyo Lanterns
* Very disappointed with this and find it even more ZzZz than This Fire, hope the album offer something with balls!
26 20 16 2 Poliça Dark Star
* Cool track!
27 24 11 20 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Thrift Shop (feat Wanz)
* I still don't wanna chart it but feel as though i'm doing it for pride, it's getting catchier again.
29 26 19 1 Metric Speed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
* A future TOP 10 hit for me, love the sound and vibe it radiates.
31 32 4 31 Disclosure Latch (feat Sam Smith)
* It can stay as a ARIA chart hit as far as i'm concerned.
34 37 2 34 Solange Losing You
* This is just too cool to ignore!
35 30 17 5 Birds of Tokyo This Fire
* Read 'Lanterns'
36 NE 1 36 Kendrick Lamar Swimming Pools (Drank)
* I really do like this, maybe will debut soon.
37 36 4 36 Otto Knows Million Voices
* Tiring of this really quickly now, pity.

Nice to see Mountain Sound move up a little and Flume, BOT aswell, Good debut for Kendrick.
Feb 3rd

So there's a lovely countdown thingie that happens every year in January. It usually doesn't affect my chart much, but since I've acquired the whole lot of these songs (in record time!), I haven't listened to non-countdown songs very much this past week. Flight Facilities had one of these songs and have now incredibly returned to #1 for an 8th week. This is a new record! This pushes Cloud Nothings down to #2 and Dune via Spender are #3 for a 4th week in a row. Father John Misty gets a 2nd top 5 hit in "Nancy From Now On", and Winter People rise 3 places to #7. Cold War Kids are on the hunt for a 2nd top 10 hit with "Miracle Mile" up to #11. Flume & Haim otherwise are hunting for a first. MS MR & Birds of Tokyo rise 6 places together, while Kendrick Lamar has the biggest rise of the week with "Swimming Pools (Drank)" up 11 places to #25.


I am possibly the only person who doesn't find any of these 5 debuts to be irritating; enjoy!
An entry that ended up much higher than I initially expected, The Strokes are back again! This isn't the proper single but I couldn't wait, so they're in with "One Way Trigger" at #23, which is their 4th entry.
I used to not like this, but I slowly grew to like parts of it, and now I fully like it properly. Everything Everything debut at #27 with "Cough Cough".
Now I can say that Lost is the only top 10 H100 entry that I didn't chart
I have difficulty explaining this one, but I find this particular rap collaboration to be very catchy and everyone delivers with no weak link, so A$AP Rocky is in at #34 with "F**kin' Problems".
Before this debut, Atoms For Peace were statistically one of the biggest one hit wonders ever on my chart, they've made amends with "Judge, Jury & Executioner" in at #36, which is not a Myxomatosis cover

12131Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
2181Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
33103Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
4744Father John MistyNancy From Now On
54114San CiscoBeach
71037Winter PeopleTwo's Company
86102MusePanic Station
99168Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
10877The KillersBattle Born
1114311Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
1211127The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
1316913FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
1418614HaimDon't Save Me
1513231Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
1612911Beach HouseWild
1723317MS MRFantasy
1824418Birds of TokyoLanterns
1915143Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
2021720Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
21171315Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
2228322Porter RobinsonLanguage
23NE123The StrokesOne Way Trigger
24191612Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
2536225Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
26201312Cub ScoutsTold You So
27NE127Everything EverythingCough Cough
2834328SolangeLosing You
2930229Jessie WareWildest Moments
3031530DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
3225525BattleshipsComing Back To You
3322212Atoms For PeaceDefault
34NE134A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
35271220Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)
36NE136Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner
3729201MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
3826172PoliçaDark Star
3939239The 1975Sex
4033251Owl EyesLove Run Dry {3 Weeks @ #1}

41321116The WeekndTwenty Eight
4235175Birds of TokyoThis Fire
4337436Otto KnowsMillion Voices
4738188AlpineSeeing Red
4940626Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker

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I don't know why, but I had a feeling Flight Facilities would get back on top. Super pleased to see Birds Of Tokyo hitting the top 20. Mixed week for Macklemore, but good to see Same Love up.
I hope Birds Of Tokyo & Tame Impala can further progress on your chart!
Great to see Loony back on top, claiming the record outright, yay! It's certainly the better of the overlong songs, perhaps Wasted Days was the peak length for a #1 and now they'll get progressively shorter? I hope so.

Perhaps Nancy has a chancey at number one, it's certainly looking like the most likely contender for now. I wouldn't mind that, but I do prefer Loony, plus you need a really ridiculous run at #1 for something, so let it be Loony! Nice gains for Cold War Kids, Birds Of Tokyo and Same Love. An 11 place rise seems uncharacteristic of you also.

I also don't find any of the five debuts to be irritating, three are TRASH! yes, but not irritating. Until I clean things up, then I'm probably out. Still, I love that you've joined the crew of lateness this year and an added bonus is that it's the same song, yay Breezeblocks! Cough Cough is good too, but I've pretty much decided this week that it won't be making my chart. Watch now as I magically start to love it. Nah. Seriously gross that you made me hear the Rocky thing though, I was all set to never hear that.
Awesome to see Muse holding on in that top 10 and Mountain Sound doing well! Excellent to see Lanterns making a rise - I hope to see that in your top 10 soon - same with Same Love!

I don't really know much else in the chart but hopefully Thrift Shop can hang on a bit longer
Wow, I didn't expect Clair de lune to climb back to #1. Awesome . All you need now is Pyramids in the Top 3

Good to see Clair de lune, Wasted Days, Nancy From Now On, Beach, Panic Station, Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, On Top, Mountain Sound, Wild, Lanterns, Thinkin Bout You, Language, Swimming Pools (Drank), Told You So, Cough Cough, Latch, F**kin' Problems, Thrift Shop, and Speed The Collapse.

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Yus to Same Love breaking the top twenty!! Nice to see Solange and Disclosure moving up and cool entry for Breezeblocks.
Yes! Clair de Lune back to #1! More Yays to Language, Macklemore, Delphic and of course Lanterns!!!!!
Go Flume, BOT, Macklemore & Kendrick Lamar.
Feb 10th

Yes we have a new #1! It's not stupidly old either! Winter People ascend 6 places to claim #1 for "Two's Company". What can I say? I love a good mellow indie rock song. They're Australian too. It's the 82nd #1 in the chart's history. This pushes Flight Facilities to #2 and they'll have a tough time getting back. Also in the mix is Father John Misty who is up to #3 with "Nancy From Now On". Otherwise in the top 10, Delphic & Tame Impala hold their positions at #6 & #9, while Cold War Kids jump to #8 giving them their 2nd top 10 hit, and first in over 4 years.


It's a slow week for entries but I have a feeling next week could be bigger...
The highest entry comes from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, can you believe they currently have 3 songs in my chart?! I can't. In any case, the 3rd one incoming is "Can't Hold Us" at #35.
I sort of like Biffy Clyro but have never really been able to get into them. Nonetheless, they score their first chart entry ever with "Black Chandelier" at #40.

1741Winter PeopleTwo's Company {1 Week @ #1}
21141Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3453Father John MistyNancy From Now On
4291Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
53113Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
75124San CiscoBeach
81148Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
99178Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
108112MusePanic Station
111087The KillersBattle Born
12131012FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
1317413MS MRFantasy
1414714HaimDon't Save Me
1518515Birds of TokyoLanterns
1612137The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
17161011Beach HouseWild
1823218The StrokesOne Way Trigger
1922419Porter RobinsonLanguage
2015241Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
2125321Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
2220820Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
2327223Everything EverythingCough Cough
2428424SolangeLosing You
2519153Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
26211415Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
27261412Cub ScoutsTold You So
28241712Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
3034230A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
3129329Jessie WareWildest Moments
3230630DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
3336233Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner
3432625BattleshipsComing Back To You
35NE135Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
3639336The 1975Sex
3733222Atoms For PeaceDefault
3837211MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
39351320Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)
40NE140Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier

4438172PoliçaDark Star
4140251Owl EyesLove Run Dry {3 Weeks @ #1}

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nice to see you charting "Swimming Pools" and "F**kin' Problems"!
Your new #1 is alright but I just prefer CDL, Nice rises though for Flume, BOT & Kendrick Lamar.
I vaguely know the Biffy song, but I'll need to give it a proper go. Great to see H100 tracks in there, but A$AP Rocky is also awesome Great to see Strokes crack the top 20 also, I think they should go top 10 at least. Atoms For Peace also
Keep going, Birds Of Tokyo! Good to see Thrift Shop and Same Love hanging around.
I think I kind of liked the new #1 but I don't remember it really, I certainly didn't hate it anyway. I prefer Loony, but now that it got the record it's probably time for a newbie on top, sadly you were never likely to give it a ridiculously mammoth run on top, much as I would have liked that. I'm really not sure between Winter People and Nancy which I'd prefer on top, but I think probably Winter People. Clearly I'll have to remind myself of it.

Nice to see Cold War Kids make the top ten, even if it was at the expense of The Killers, they'd clearly peaked and CWK could keep going because they are in fact a band! Who knew? I also quite approve of the jumps for Lanterns, Cough Cough, Breezeblocks, Atoms For Peace and of course The 1975!

Thrilled about the debuts too, Biffy Clyro because it's Biffy and I like the song and am charting it myself, so having someone agree with me validates me, yay! And Macklewis because now you're charting three from them which is really something I'd never have seen coming but it's fun; also because though it's TRASH! I was meant to de-TRASH! it a loooooong time ago and now I'm forced to in the very near future so that's somewhat convenient.
A nice entry for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis .I'm liking the top 10 with Muse ,Tame Impala and San Cisco .
Feb 17th

Two weeks of Winter People. They didn't exactly have competition this week. Next week they possibly do, Father John Misty is up another spot to #2, going for his 2nd #1 which is as impressive as it is bizarre. Cold War Kids score a first top 5 hit with "Miracle Mile", and MS MR score their 3rd consecutive top 10 hit with "Fantasy" up to #10.


British India keep on delivering. This is my 6th calendar year making my chart, and they have made a debut in all 6 of them now, for a total of 8. "Summer Forgive Me" debuts all the way at #11, the highest debut of the year.
Well I've never had a real chance to chart them, so why pass this once in a lifetime opportunity? That is an apt cliche to use too, because My Bloody Valentine's last studio album was released before I was born. It also went on to be one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the '90s, so there was a lot of pressure surrounding this new album. For the moment I think they really pulled it off! So "New You" enters at #18.
I charted Flume's most popular song, and his 3rd most popular song. I suppose it's time to chart his 5th most popular song. "Insane" is in at #24.
And it's another Tame Impala single, "Mind Mischief" is the 4th entry from "Lonerism" and their 6th overall. It's in at #30.
And oh do I love when I can really get behind a hit on the charts. So catchy and all that. Youngblood Hawke are #37 with "We Come Running".

1151Winter PeopleTwo's Company {2 Weeks @ #1}
2362Father John MistyNancy From Now On
32151Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
44101Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
5855Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
65123Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
87134San CiscoBeach
99188Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
1013510MS MRFantasy
11NE111British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
1215612Birds of TokyoLanterns
1310122MusePanic Station
14121112FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
151197The KillersBattle Born
1618316The StrokesOne Way Trigger
1714814HaimDon't Save Me
18NE118My Bloody ValentineNew You
1919519Porter RobinsonLanguage
2021420Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
21171111Beach HouseWild
2216147The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
2323323Everything EverythingCough Cough
24NE124FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
2524524SolangeLosing You
2620251Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
2730327A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2822920Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
30NE130Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
3133331Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner
32261515Frank OceanThinkin Bout You
3340233Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
34281812Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
35271512Cub ScoutsTold You So
3635235Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
37NE137Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
3825163Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
3931429Jessie WareWildest Moments
4036436The 1975Sex

4332630DisclosureLatch (feat Sam Smith)
4134625BattleshipsComing Back To You
4737222Atoms For PeaceDefault
4638211MetricSpeed The Collapse {3 Weeks @ #1}
49391320Macklemore & Ryan LewisThrift Shop (feat Wanz)

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As long as Laterns keeps moving upwards, I'm happy. Shame to see Same Love down, but very pleased to see Youngblood Hawke debuting.
Looks like FJM might get a second #1 on your chart which means i'll have to listen it possibly , but nice to see Lanterns & Kendrick rise, yay Youngblood Hawke debut!
I still didn't listen to the Winter People song again, so probable yay for it staying on top, although we semi-TRASH!ed Nancy some more at work this week out of nowhere so I could go that too maybe. I really should pay more attention when semi-TRASH! happens. All up, I guess I'd like to see Miracle Mile take it, but I wouldn't be adverse to either of the top two being there next week and CWK after that.

Great to see Lanterns pushing for the top ten and Biffy making a big move. Sadly there's not much else for me in the way of gains. It's sad that Wildest Moments and Sex look gone, but I was surprised they ever even got in. You so need a new Maximo song to chart now too, as do I.

Awesome huge debut for British India! At least I'm guessing it's awesome, because they've never not been awesome, so why would they start now? And yes, My Bloody Valentine exist, and are a different band to Bullet For My Valentine, did they really need to both release new music around the same time? I've been seeing you refer to MBV and in my head thinking it was BFMV and finding it weird how much you were digging them. Your TRASH! estimate was wrong though, both Flume and Alt-J are semi-TRASH! and I think I like them, at least Alt-J for sure. And of course the only fully TRASH!less debut comes in last; I can always count on you. Nice to see Youngblood Hawke in, hope it can do well!
Cool #1. Also, good debuts for British India, My Bloody Valentine, Flume(!), Tame Imapala and Youngblood Hawke! Good Top 30 overall.
Go Lanterns! Great debut for We Come Running, it is quite the popular song here. Are Youngblood Hawke a 'JJJ artist'? (A poor arbitrary term really, but could not think of a better word). So awesome to see Loony still top 3 for you! Porter Robinson is nice too, looks like Delphic has peaked
I would have to agree my good friend bluey up there with the probable yay, it was good but I can't remember it. Besides the MBV one which I haven't heard, yay for all the debuts! And wow that's a lot of them! Go Misty, A$AP, Strokes and Kendrick for the rises. Essentially I don't mind losing all of those, even though the lower three I charted/really like Hoping to see British India top ten next week; but realistically if I don't get around to relistening to Winter People and/or I didn't like it as much as I thought I would second time round, I'm hoping for Misty even though I would consider that one nowhere near as amazzing as HFCS
Yay to Birds Of Tokyo and Same Love. Allowing us to have something in common on our charts. Although I fear with this commonality that your chart is becoming a tad too mainstream for my liking.
Well now I don't know what I'm trying to achieve Billy

Feb 24th

Winter People are still at it! I suppose they would appreciate the loneliness at the top, it is the best friend of theirs after all. The top three holds though. Cold War Kids inch up another spot with "Miracle Mile" to #4 though, and British India naturally leap into the top 10 at #6 with "Summer Forgive Me". Additionally, Birds of Tokyo see yet another top 10 hit with "Lanterns" creeping in at #10 this week. Outside of the top 10 we see strong gains from My Bloody Valentine, Flume, A$AP Rocky, Tame Impala, Biffy Clyro & Youngblood Hawke, but no one can move more than 5 places up this week!


I have never charted James Blake before! Mainly because none of his songs have ever really clicked with me, or if they have, it took way too long to happen. In any case, it happened and "Retrograde" bolts in at #16.
On the other hand, I've charted Ball Park Music quite a few times. With their latest album they've struggled to find proper success though. They're finally making up with it with (probably) new single "Fence Sitter" charting up at #25 this week. It's their 4th song to chart.
The Strokes are back! It's been nearly a month! In any case, to follow up on their current #14 hit "One Way Trigger" with their proper single "All The Time". It's definitely vintage Room on Fire Strokes, and it's in at #35 as their 5th charter to date.

1161Winter PeopleTwo's Company {3 Weeks @ #1}
2272Father John MistyNancy From Now On
33161Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
4564Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
54111Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
61126British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
76133Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
88144San CiscoBeach
1012710Birds of TokyoLanterns
1110610MS MRFantasy
129198Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
1318213My Bloody ValentineNew You
1416414The StrokesOne Way Trigger
1513132MusePanic Station
16NE116James BlakeRetrograde
1720517Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
18141212FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
1924219FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
2015107The KillersBattle Born
2119619Porter RobinsonLanguage
2227422A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2317914HaimDon't Save Me
2425624SolangeLosing You
25NE125Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
2630226Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
2723423Everything EverythingCough Cough
2833328Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
2922157The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
30211211Beach HouseWild
3126261Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
3237232Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
33281020Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
3436334Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
35NE135The StrokesAll The Time
3731431Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner
38351612Cub ScoutsTold You So
39341912Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
40321615Frank OceanThinkin Bout You

4938163Sugar ArmyWill You Follow
4539429Jessie WareWildest Moments
4640436The 1975Sex

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Happy to see "Swimming Pools" and "F**kin' Problems" up and "Retrograde" entering!
As much as I would love Lanterns to hit the top, I'm starting to think that it is going to be too hard, so I'm glad that it has at least made the top ten. I am also pleased to see Youngblood Hawke and Macklemore / Ryan Lewis rising.
I still didn't check out the Winter song, so I'm still presumably okay with it staying on top, however I did pay active attention yesterday to Nancy and even recognised it, so I must say that of the top two I am now firmly supporting it to take over. That said, Cold War Kids would be nice, but they don't look to have the momentum British India have, go go go!

It is awesome to see Lanterns hit the top ten. I didn't have the highest of hopes for it's performance on your chart, this is about the best I expected so anything from here on is a bonus I guess. That's not to say I want it to stop; go for the top! Also pleased to see Biffy, Youngblood Hawke and Macklewis rising.

I may not have reminded myself of the #1, but I did catch up on all that TRASH! you keep leaving strewn about the place, and I even conveniently have had a helping hand to start on the new lot you tossed last night, right after I cleaned up! And Retrograde was very cool, I like! I would predict that I'll like The Strokes song, but after hearing One Way Trigger I have no idea what to expect from them anymore so who knows. And I normally have the misconception about Ball Park Music but I'm realising that was wrong and that I generally like their songs, so perhaps I think I'll like this one too, TRASH!y though it is. I guess you could say I'm sitting on the fence, lololol!!!1!!!1!!!!one1!!1!!
Nice rises for British India, BOT, Kendrick, Flume, Youngblood Hawke & Macklemore / Ryan Lewis.
Yay for new music from The Strokes! Haven't heard it yet but still yay.
Nice to see Birds of Tokyo hit the top tens and Solange still moving up. Also cool rises for We Come running and Can't Hold Us.
Mar 3rd

4 weeks for Winter People now. Father John Misty was challenging but now has to step back a spot as British India rocket to #2 with "Summer Forgive Me". They've had a #1 hit in "Beneath The Satellites" 3 years ago, can they do it again? But there's more action in the top 10, Birds of Tokyo inch another spot up, but My Bloody Valentine and especially James Blake rocket into the top 10, both with their first ever chart entries. The Strokes may be losing momentum with "One Way Trigger", but they still manage the biggest move of the week with "All The Time" up 14 places to #21. Tame Impala also post an impressive 10 place jump to #16 with "Mind Mischief", while Flume gets a 2nd top 15 hit, and A$AP Rocky & Ball Park Music hit the top 20.


It's a generic indie-fest, my favourite
My chart is just under 5 years old, so there's little opportunity for any artist to see a big comeback (MBV don't count ), so incidentally, this sets a new record for the longest gap between charting songs. Phoenix last charted with "Lisztomania" in 2009, which barely limped into the top 20 at all, so perhaps they can do better with new song "Entertainment", which enters at #23.
Haim surprised me with a hit in "Don't Save Me" a few months back, and now they're in again with latest single "Falling", because how can I resist anything that channels '90s TV classic 'Round The Twist?! It's in at #28.
Foals got a #1 album! And it's their best album to date imo! I've been trying to push "Inhaler" in for months but I've just now been able to do it. It's their 1st chart entry and is #34.
More Foals! This time with their more recent (but still pretty old) single "My Number". It's in at #39.

1171Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
2632British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
3282Father John MistyNancy From Now On
4474Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
53171Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
65121Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
71627James BlakeRetrograde
87143Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
91089Birds of TokyoLanterns
1013310My Bloody ValentineNew You
128154San CiscoBeach
1314513The StrokesOne Way Trigger
1419314FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
1511710MS MRFantasy
1626316Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1717617Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
1812208Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
1922519A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2025220Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
2135221The StrokesAll The Time
2215142MusePanic Station
2424724SolangeLosing You
25181312FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
2628426Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
2721719Porter RobinsonLanguage
2920117The KillersBattle Born
3032330Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
31231014HaimDon't Save Me
3234432Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
3327523Everything EverythingCough Cough
3531271Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
36331120Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
37301311Beach HouseWild
3829167The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish
39NE139FoalsMy Number
4037531Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner

41381612Cub ScoutsTold You So
43391912Maxïmo ParkWrite This Down
44401615Frank OceanThinkin Bout You

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Good to see "F**kin' Problems" reach top 20!
Still pleased to see BOT continuing to inch closer. At least they are moving up! Great to see Can't Hold Us and We Come Running up again this week, as well as Same Love and Mountain Sound hanging around for another week.
Whoo Lanterns! Sad to see Clair de Lune's reign of the top 3 over though Awesome longevity for Mountain Sound! Go Youngblood Hawke, Can't Hold Us, Baiya (although that is also on the way down)!
I'm hoping possibly next week for British India to overtake Winter People for top spot .Also some cool jumps for British India ,Flume ,Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ,Birds Of Tokyo ,The Strokes and Tame Impala . Also good to see Frank Ocean's song "Thinkin Bout You" because i'm not really a fan of that song .Not being a troll or anything though.
Nancy is now no-chancey, goooo Brindia!!! The Winter song was fine and all, but I really much prefer Summer Forgive Me; nice jump that I hope as set it up well to be the new #1.

The two moves into the top ten I did kind of expect to happen, but I thought MBV would make the large one and Blakey would sneak in. MBV song seemed like something destined for #1 on your chart to be honest, instead Retrograde is coming in will all the momentum. I wouldn't mind terribly if it got there, but I do prefer Brindia.

I also like the jumps for Ball Park Music (single yet?), Biffy Clyro, Youngblood Hawke and Macklewton. And Lanterns of course; keep sneaking up. Battle Born is sadly fading fast; I hope there's a fourth charter to come.

So, four debuts. Despite the fact that the first is TRASH!, I must approve of it because I love Phoenix! And I'm just going to assume that I'll approve wholeheartedly of it when I do hear it. The next I disapprove of because it's TRASH! and that's yucky and also I assume when I do hear it that I won't curr much about it if at all. Also I am still annoyed at the annoying customer who was annoying asking for their non-existent album, and it's all Haim's fault! Inhaler is semi-TRASH! most assuredly, but some that I feel confident that I don't mind. My Number is possibly the best of the debuts, because it isn't even slightly TRASH! and I like it. Naturally, it comes in lowest; I hope it rises well.
7 16 2 7 James Blake Retrograde
9 10 8 9 Birds of Tokyo Lanterns
16 26 3 16 Tame Impala Mind Mischief
18 12 20 8 Tame Impala Feels Like We Only Go Backwards
24 24 7 24 Solange Losing You
25 18 13 12 Flume On Top (feat T.Shirt)
28 NE 1 28 Haim Falling
31 23 10 14 Haim Don't Save Me
35 31 27 1 Of Monsters and Men Mountain Sound

Go British India, Can a #1 happen that i've already heard? , anyway good rises aswell for BOT, Youngblood & Macklemore and nice debut for Haim.
Looks like it's the battle of Summer vs. Winter for #1 next week
I like Summer Forgive Me, Clair de lune, Wasted Days, Retrogade, Lanterns (please peak higher), Beach, Insane, Mind Mischief, Swimming Pools (Drank), Feel Like We Only Go Backwards, F**kin' Problems, Panic Station, On Top, Language, Falling, We Come Running, Can't Hold Us, Cough Cough, Mountain Sound, Same Love, and My Number!
I can't believe I missed that pun Trav

Mar 10th

British India have done it! "Summer Forgive Me" rises to the top spot to become their 2nd #1, after "Beneath The Satellites" in early 2010. "Two's Company" drops after 4 straight weeks at #1, which has not happened since "Raiders" in 2011. British India aren't the only ones making waves though, James Blake continues to zoom, now up to #3 with "Retrograde". My Bloody Valentine score the only other new peak in the top 10 as "New You" slides up to #8. Flume & Tame Impala are hoping to join too, as their latest efforts are now up to #11 & #12 respectively. Haim make the largest move of the week with "Falling" up 6 places.


It's a slow week this time, but I think next week should improve. Nonetheless, the only entry this week comes from Chvrches. They remind me of The Knife, who I like, and Purity Ring, who I don't like, but I like them! "Recover" enters at #25.

1241British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
2181Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
3733James BlakeRetrograde
4392Father John MistyNancy From Now On
5484Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
65181Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
76131Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
81048My Bloody ValentineNew You
9999Birds of TokyoLanterns
108153Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
1114411FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
1216412Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1413613The StrokesOne Way Trigger
1520315Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
1621316The StrokesAll The Time
1712164San CiscoBeach
1815810MS MRFantasy
2017717Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
2119619A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2318218Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
2426524Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
2622152MusePanic Station
2724824SolangeLosing You
2832528Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
2930429Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
30251412FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
3127819Porter RobinsonLanguage
3329127The KillersBattle Born
34311114HaimDon't Save Me
3535281Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
3639236FoalsMy Number
3733623Everything EverythingCough Cough
3840631Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner
39361220Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
40371411Beach HouseWild

4138167The Gaslight AnthemBiloxi Parish

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Pretty cool #1 I guess. I can't really get into Retrograde but I suppose it's alright, it's #3 on your chart. I know of My Bloody Valentine but I can't say I know that song. What is this Flume song? Great to see Ball Park Music in amongst things. I happen to be listening to Entertainment right now, I like this track right now. I still am not interested in listening to F**kin Problems. Good rise for Haim. Haim is good. Churches!!!!!1!!11! I would be great if Inhaler could rise more. Cough x2 deserves better.
Awesome to see British India take the top spot, I would like them to stay there, but Blakey is lurking hardcore, I guess that'd be decent too. Or there's something else which I probably wouldn't prefer, certainly not until I hear it.

I do like all of the top six at the moment though, which is good. Shame Lanterns couldn't move up, but after the all 9's, perhaps next week. Great to see jumps for Tame Impala, Ball Park Music, Haim, Biffy Clyro, Macklemore, Youngblood Hawke and Foals.

Shame to see Gaslight out; hopefully they have another entry to come. Especially sad as it was replaced by TRASH! and some with such a fugly, fugly name. I've come across the name before, but never listened, they'd wanna be good to make up for the name.
I'm yet to hear a Chvrches, or maybe I have and I just can't remember how they sound. Actually come to think of it it's probably the latter. Cool to see Brindia take top spot. Nice to see Tame Impala and Strokes make decent rises also. Yay for Atoms For Peace rebounding even though in the scheme of things it's quite insignificant!
Oh, I hope Lanterns hasn't stalled for good. Still, top ten is good enough for me! Good to see Can't Hold Us and We Come Running continuing to rise.
yay British India , Good rises aswell for Haim, Macklemore & Youngblood Hawke.
Cool to see British India as the new number one and awesome rises for Macklemore, Ball Park Music, The Strokes, Flume and Tame Impala. Hopefully Summer Forgive can stay there a little longer then last week's number one.
Mar 17th

Once again, a new #1! The 84th #1 in fact! This time it comes from James Blake and his lovely "Retrograde", which moves up two places and dislodges British India's "Summer Forgive Me". Assuming they don't get back to #1, this will be British India's 2nd one week #1. Winter People & Father John Misty also slide down a place to #3 and #5. My Bloody Valentine move up a couple more places to #6, and new to the top 10 is Tame Impala's "Mind Mischief" which moves 12-10, becoming their 5th top 10 hit. A debut heavy week means that the rises are light, with Chvrches' "Recover" having the largest rise of 4 places to #21.


The debut count is as big as the debuts are crazy and out there!
You'll never guess who has the top debut! Owl Eyes of course! New single "Closure" was just released and shoots straight in at #4, following ridiculous success which anyone who follows my chart would have noticed
The chart hiatuses keep ending, this time we have Midnight Juggernauts returning to the chart for the first time in nearly 3 years. "Ballad Of The War Machine" becomes their 5th entry and is impressively in at #12.
It's a crazily huge hit in the UK, but it's still finding its place over here. Nonetheless, Bastille are in at #28 with "Pompeii".
And the crazily huge hit that blocked that from #1 in the UK also finds its place into my chart. Justin Timberlake's 8 minute epic "Mirrors" is in at #31 and is his first appearance in my chart.
And because I'm on a 'lol wtf that's way too pop for jinx' run, let's throw in Olly Murs' "Army of Two" at #33, because it's so damn catchy.
Now back to cliche charting artists, Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back! They haven't been in my chart since "Zero" in 2009, which is a gap even longer than Phoenix's recent record. It took ages to grow on me, but "Sacrilege" is in at #35.

1341James BlakeRetrograde {1 Week @ #1}
2151British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
3291Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
4NE14Owl EyesClosure
54102Father John MistyNancy From Now On
6856My Bloody ValentineNew You
76191Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
8594Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
97141Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
1012510Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1111511FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
12NE112Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
139109Birds of TokyoLanterns
1415414Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
1516415The StrokesAll The Time
1610163Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
2014713The StrokesOne Way Trigger
2217174San CiscoBeach
2318910MS MRFantasy
2424624Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
2528625Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
2620817Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
2721719A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
2923228Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
3029529Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
31NE131Justin TimberlakeMirrors
33NE133Olly MursArmy Of Two
3427924SolangeLosing You
3526162MusePanic Station
36NE136Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
37301512FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)
3831919Porter RobinsonLanguage
3936336FoalsMy Number
40341214HaimDon't Save Me

4133127The KillersBattle Born
4235281Of Monsters and MenMountain Sound {2 Weeks @ #1}
4437623Everything EverythingCough Cough
4338631Atoms For PeaceJudge, Jury & Executioner
46391220Macklemore & Ryan LewisSame Love (feat Mary Lambert)
47401411Beach HouseWild

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There's Blakey! It both is and isn't a surprise to see him on top. I expected him to pass up Brindia for it this week, but I knew that top debut for Oldie was coming and thought she might take it. Still, it's nice to see James there, for however long he lasts, probably one week, but I'd still have preferred Brindia.

The shockingly large amount of debuts really do slow sown the rises, but it's nice to see Ball Park Music, Phoenix, Haim and Macklewton all creeping up.

Six debuts! Six! Wow! Oldie was expected and is probably fine with me but not great. Midnight Juggernauts will probably end up in the same boat. Bastille! I hoped you'd end up charting it, but I thought it might only maybe happen, and even then not do much; it's probably already higher than I thought it'd get. But that doesn't mean it can peak there. I do so love it. Mirrors is a true surprise. It's a decent song, but not one I thought I'd see you charting, I approve! Olly you forewarned me about, but without that it's also not one I'd have picked. Again I approve, it's very catchy. And YYY will probably be in the same boat as Oldie and Midnight Juggernauts; I'd have predicted better for it, but then you said what you just said about it.
Nice debut for Olly. Hopefullky will rise.
Nice new #1 and I love that "Pompeii", "Mirrors" and "Army Of Two" debuted
Shame to see British India off the top, not a fan of the new #1 or him , Nice rises though for Haim & Macklemore, Great to see Olly Murs debut.
Oh, a couple of debuts that I know! Great to see Olly and JT in your chart. However, those debuts and the rise for Macklemore doesn't hide the fact that BoT are on the way down, but I am pleased overall. Oh, I have also heard Pompeii too, so I'm glad to see it debut.
Nice to see Bastille, Justin Timberlake and Olly Murs debut, I hopet they can all rise. Nice rises also for Haim and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.
I get Blakey now. I refuse to chart Juggy until I can buy it I find it odd that Tamey have made top 10, it just doesn't resonate with me as well as Elephant, Apoco and Backwards. But hey, I charted it Sad to see OM&M gone, in fact naww for all of those (why couldn't it be Language? ). In any case, I find the bottom 4 entries sort of average, with the exception of possibly YYY and to an extent Bastille. Maybe I should see what this bloody valentine thing is all about...
Good to see Olly and Bastille. Will have to go check out Midnight Juggernauts - liked their previous stuff.

Wasn't grabbed by the new YYYs but will have to give it a second chance.
Nice to see Solange in and the debuts for Olly, JT and Bastille.

Just wondering if you've heard Miracle from Hurts? Or if you like it.

And LOL at Kendrick Lamar charting, always a good surprise in your charts.
I do know and like it, but I haven't taken to it the same way I did previous singles unfortunately.
Mar 24th

"Retrograde" reigns for a 2nd week. British India hold at #2. Owl Eyes overtakes Winter People for the #3 spot while Father John Misty holds at #5. I've had "Wasted Days" come up on shuffle a couple times this week and I can't stress how fun it is to rock out to it for 9 minutes, it's back up a bit. Tame Impala inch up to a new peak of #9, and Midnight Juggernauts score a 3rd top 10 hit with "Ballad Of The War Machine". "Mirrors" rises 7 places for the biggest rise this week.


You know that funny artist name I charted last year? I should hope so because I'm still charting it in my top 20. That of course would be Dune via Spender's "Black Sand". If not already obvious, it's actually a collaboration between two artists, and the former gets a solo appearance this week, as Dune enters at #20 with "Oh Innocence".
After charting for the first time near the end of last year, Hungry Kids of Hungary are back with their 2nd chart appearance, "When Yesterday's Gone" is at #29.
This lovely little tune from New Zealand is taking their charts by storm and will hopefully do similarly here, Lorde debuts to the chart with "Royals" at #37.

1151James BlakeRetrograde {2 Weeks @ #1}
2261British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
3423Owl EyesClosure
43101Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
55112Father John MistyNancy From Now On
69151Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
7666My Bloody ValentineNew You
87201Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
91069Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1012210Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
118104Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
1211611FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
1314513Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
1415514The StrokesAll The Time
1713119Birds of TokyoLanterns
1916173Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
20NE120DuneOh Innocence
2225723Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
2431224Justin TimberlakeMirrors
2520813The StrokesOne Way Trigger
2622184San CiscoBeach
2724724Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
28231010MS MRFantasy
29NE129Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
3033230Olly MursArmy Of Two
3126917Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
3227819A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
3436234Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
3530629Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
3629238Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards
38341024SolangeLosing You
3935172MusePanic Station
40371612FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)

4438919Porter RobinsonLanguage
4539336FoalsMy Number
42401214HaimDon't Save Me

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Nice debut for Dune
Yay Royals! Great jumps for Closure, Mind Mischief, Falling, Entertainment, Can't Hold Us , Pompeii, Mirrors, Army Of Two. Sad to lose Language and My Number.
Wow Retrograde .
Cool to see Clair de lune still going!
Come on British India or at least Owl Eyes!, Great to see Haim, Chrvrches, Macklemore & Olly moving up.
Yes for Lorde!! I hope she can be successful over there as well, it would be a nice surprise (as surprising as it was when she debuted at #1 here). Great rise for Mirrors, love that track, and nice to see Can't Hold Us and Pompeii score new peaks. Also yay for Falling.

Wow I know or like 15/40 songs on your chart. This is surely a new record for me!
You're charting Mirrors and Pompeii too?!?! I was just scrolling through the chart and thought all my favs (CdL, Lanterns, Delphic) were all falling until I saw those two! Great to see Army Of Two on the way up.

Coincidentally I am listening to Mirrors and Pompeii right now.
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Nice to see Blakey still on top, a bit of a surprise since I was expecting Oldie to take it by now, perhaps tonight. It's really quite a good top three, and I even like the next two a bit too.

It's a good jump for Haim, I'd like to see them get to the top ten, but it's even better jumps for Bastille and Justin Timberlake; keep going! I was expecting Mirrors to be only a minor hit on your chart, but at the rate of that rise perhaps it can do much better than I was expecting. Is top ten out of the question? Also a good gain for Olly.

TRASH! of course tops the debuts, I presume I won't coo much either way about that one. The next is absolute and utter semi-TRASH! but one I expect I like because all that semi-TRASH! is generally appealing to me. And the last used to be TRASH! up until about twenty minutes ago, now it is so no longer and I can say that it is indeed total jinx music, but also that I liked it.
Mar 31st

It's no shock to see "Retrograde" holding at #1 for 3 weeks. "Closure" provides the only movement in the top 5 for the 2nd week in a row, moving up to #2 now. The only other new peak in the top 10 come from Midnight Juggernauts, who are up 4 places to #6. Haim & The Strokes continue to approach the top 10, now sitting at #11 & #12 respectively. The biggest rise of the week comes from Lorde's "Royals" which is up 8 places to #29.


Rudimental had a top 10 hit last year with "Feel The Love", and followed it up with a top 20 hit in "Not Giving In". They've had a couple other songs come to my attention and I've mostly pretended that they don't exist. I'm surprised that they've found a 3rd entry on my chart. Even more shockingly, without the help of John Newman! "Waiting All Night" is in at #23.
Portugal. The Man made #1 on my chart just over a year ago with "So American" (which is still excellent), and now they're also back with a 3rd entry. "Evil Friends" is in at #26.
I blame Stockholm syndrome; I hear this on the radio nearly every day and it's finally grown on me. Asta gets a 2nd entry with "I Need Answers". This brings the cool fact that I'm charting artists from 5 different Australian states. SA, lift your game

1161James BlakeRetrograde {3 Weeks @ #1}
2332Owl EyesClosure
3271British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
44111Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
55122Father John MistyNancy From Now On
61036Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
76161Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
8776My Bloody ValentineNew You
9979Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
108211Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
1214612The StrokesAll The Time
1313613Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
1412711FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
1711114Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
1817129Birds of TokyoLanterns
1920219DuneOh Innocence
2019183Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
2224322Justin TimberlakeMirrors
23NE123RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
2422822Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
2529225Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
26NE126Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2730327Olly MursArmy Of Two
3027824Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
3125913The StrokesOne Way Trigger
3226194San CiscoBeach
3334333Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
34281110MS MRFantasy
3632919A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
37NE137AstaI Need Answers
38311017Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)
3935729Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
4036248Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards

41381024SolangeLosing You
4339172MusePanic Station
44401612FlumeOn Top (feat T.Shirt)

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Good to see Lanterns holding in the top 20. Shame to see Can't Hold Us and We Come Running down, but I am very pleased to see Pompeii, Mirrors and Army Of Two improving every week.
Wow, there's a lot of songs in here I don't know. I like 1, 10, 18, 21, 24, 27 & 39 though
First of all on a bad note, it's sad to see Flume (On Top) and Muse (Panic Station) both leaving . Hopefully Tame Impala's song "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" doesn't go more backwards (bad joke alert) .Cool jumps for Justin Timberlake, Owl Eyes and The Strokes .
Glad James Blake is still powering on at #1 and Bastille and JT are approaching top 20. I just noticed "F**kin' Problems" peaked at the same spot for both of us
Go Owl Eyes!, I hope Haim goes top ten next week, Great to see Chvrches, Bastille, JT & Olly Murs moving up.
Nice to see Blakey still on top, you clearly like it more than I somehow had the impression you did. I do hope it is able to hang on for another week, but I like Closure so I won't be hatring on it if it gets there instead.

Plenty of great jumps this week, such as Haim, Bastille, Justin Timberlake, Hungry Kids, Olly Murs and Lorde. It's a bit of a shame that Mirrors and Pompeii have slowed down, hopefully this doesn't mean they've about peaked now.

So three debuts that were TRASH! but then I washed them, but that was a while ago now so they might be semi-TRASH!y by now again. Why can't things stay clean? I feel like I enjoyed all three of them though, but enjoyed Rudimental and Asta more than I expected I would, and Portugal less than I thought. Why must you try to trick me so?
P.TM Haven't heard new Asta or Rudimental but I know/love Evil Friends. Would like to see Closure get #1 this week, I probably prefer it over Retrograde now. That being said, Juggy would be better. But so would TROY. Nevertheless, I do have some catching up to do with some of these songs at some point so maybe this long-winded sentence would remind me if I ever read this comment again Glad to see Lorde and Strokes up.
Apr 7th

"Retrograde" settles in for its 4th week at the top. Perhaps "Closure" got closer, but it remains at #2 this week. British India hold at #3, while Midnight Juggernauts move up two places to #4. This is their 3rd top 5 hit. The rest of the top 10 is down a spot, except for Haim, who ironically rise, and get their first top 10 hit with "Falling" at #7. Outside the top 10, Asta has the biggest rise with "I Need Answers" up 12 places to #25.


The Trouble With Templeton scored a minor hit on my chart last year with "Six Months In A Cast". Now they're back with their recent cafe smash hit "Like A Kid". Apparently it rips off the IT Crowd theme too Nonetheless, it's in at #33.
Tame Impala just dropped out of my chart, so it couldn't hurt to get another WA band in, and what better than one that basically is Tame Impala! Pond are in at #37 with "Giant Tortoise".

1171James BlakeRetrograde {4 Weeks @ #1}
2242Owl EyesClosure
3381British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
4644Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
54121Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
65132Father John MistyNancy From Now On
87171Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
9886My Bloody ValentineNew You
10989Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1112711The StrokesAll The Time
1310221Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
1514811FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
1619316DuneOh Innocence
1723217RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1813713Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
1922419Justin TimberlakeMirrors
2117124Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
2226222Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2318139Birds of TokyoLanterns
2537225AstaI Need Answers
2620193Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
2725325Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
2827427Olly MursArmy Of Two
2924922Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
3130924Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
3233432Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
33NE133The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
3532204San CiscoBeach
36311013The StrokesOne Way Trigger
37NE137PondGiant Tortoise
38341210MS MRFantasy
39361019A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
40381117Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)

4139729Youngblood HawkeWe Come Running
4240248Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards

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I love that Haim is in the top ten! Great track!
Also, nice rises for Rudimental, Justin timberlake, Bastille and Lorde.
Very nice top two, and nice rises for Rudimental and Lorde
I stumbled across that Chvrches track the other day on rage and didn't turn it off, so I guess I am pleased to see it rise I have also heard "Royals" and am pleased that it is rising as well. Shame to see BoT and Olly down, but nice to see JT and Bastille hit the top 20.
Cool to see JT & Bastille in the top 20 even if its on the edge. Really sad to see FLWOGB out though
Wow Retrograde. Great to see Closure (next #1?), Summer Forgive Me, Falling, Wasted Days, Mind Mischief, Clair de lune, Entertainment, Insane, Waiting All Night, Mirrors, Pompeii, Lanterns, Royals, Army Of Two, Can't Hold Us, Like A Kid, Inhaler, Beach, One Way Trigger, Giant Tortoise, F**kin' Problems, and Swimming Pools (Drank). Sad to see We Come Running and Feels Like We Only Go Backwards leave.

Great to see Haim into the top ten, Cool rises aswell for Chvrches, Justin Timberlake, Bastille & Lorde, Sad to see Youngblood Hawke drop out.
I really don't know which I prefer out of Retrograde and Closure, so for once I'm unsure about which I'd prefer on top but in a situation where I know and like them both! I guess I'll continue hoping for Blakey for now, because I like seeing long #1 runs on your chart and maybe he can get one going. Or Brindia can just get back there, I definitely prefer that one.

Nice to see Haim reach the top ten, even if it is at the expense of poor Loony which barely got any time in there at all! I'm also very happy to see both Mirrors and Pompeii sneak in to the top twenty this week and I'll continue to hope that they keep rising. Good jump for Lorde too, and wow, Asta!

And then the TRASH! Sigh. Every week I go through this, it's never ending. And this week it's worse because you've obviously been spending plenty of time in cafes to chart that Templeton thing, and yet you've snubbed completely the #1 cafe song in the ENTIRE COUNTRY! I just have no idea what you're thinking here, clearly all that coffee and cake has screwed up your head big time. On the other TRASH! hand I think both turtles and tortoises are really cool, so I am predisposed to liking (and perhaps licking, which I typed first) that kind of TRASH! right off the bat. I hope it can live up to the name. I also like ponds ftr.
Apr 14th

5 weeks for "Retrograde" now, becoming the outright longest run at #1 for 2013. Of course this means "Closure" is stuck at #2 for a 3rd week. Midnight Juggernauts close in though, with "Ballad Of The War Machine" up to #3, pushing British India down to #4. Winter People hold at #5 for a 10th straight week in the top 5. Haim move up a spot to #6, and Phoenix get their first top 10 hit with "Entertainment" bulleting from #14 to #9 in its 7th week. The biggest move of the week comes from The Trouble With Templeton who are up 7 places to #26 with "Like A Kid".


All of these artists are new to the chart, and all for different reasons.
The first one has been a long time waiting. Queens of the Stone Age last released new material in 2007, a year before my chart, but now they're finally back and in fine form. They're straight in at #8 with "My God Is The Sun".
I've never charted Unknown Mortal Orchestra because I haven't ever really gotten into them. This track really stood out to me though, so "So Good At Being In Trouble" is in at #31.
And finally, Austra have had a couple of songs I have liked, but never gotten into in time. So they make up for this with a debut at #40 with "Home".

1181James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
2252Owl EyesClosure
3453Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
4391British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
55131Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
76142Father John MistyNancy From Now On
8NE18Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
108181Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
111099Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
13996My Bloody ValentineNew You
1411811The StrokesAll The Time
1516415DuneOh Innocence
1613231Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
1717317RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1819518Justin TimberlakeMirrors
1915911FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
2025320AstaI Need Answers
2122321Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2418813Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
2523149Birds of TokyoLanterns
2633226The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
2721134Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
2827425Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
2928527Olly MursArmy Of Two
3026203Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
31NE131Unknown Mortal OrchestraSo Good At Being In Trouble
32291022Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
3337233PondGiant Tortoise
3632532Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
37311024Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier
3835214San CiscoBeach
39361113The StrokesOne Way Trigger

42381210MS MRFantasy
41391019A$AP RockyF**kin' Problems (feat Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar)
44401117Kendrick LamarSwimming Pools (Drank)

Also I was bored tonight so here's my chart in just under 10 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hfdbd-Am90
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Nice to see Haim, JT & Lorde moving up.
Wow, Retrograde, go, go, go! I think I've come to the decision that I prefer Closure, but it's only slightly, and the chance of a 6+ week run on top for Blakey is enticing too so all up I'm probably still hoping he'll be #1 tomorrow night actually. But either would be pleasant. I'll just hope they can hold off Midnight Juggernauts and the high debuting TRASH!

It's nice to see Haim continuing to creep up; this is the week I've finally mastered remembering even a portion of how it sounds when it's not actually on, so possibly that'll translate to a rise on my chart, but perhaps not. The Phoenix album being released today means I'm most likely going to start enjoying Entertainment more soon too, so I'mm glad that is in the top ten. I like that Mirrors and Lorde were also able to creep up a place each, but poor Bastille falling already! How am I gonna be an optimist about that!?

And then there's the debuts. QOTSA I'll probably like, but naturally it's currently TRASH! It's also probably too high in my future opinion, but I guess you never know. The other thing is like the superhero of the TRASH! world though; I've never heard anything from them, and though I know the name, I really don't know even what to expect when it washes. I've randomly decided it's probably screamo. The final debut was TRASH! until a few moments ago; I had some extra time during half time and decided to de-TRASH! and for some reason started at the bottom which I don't generally do. I liked it okay, but it didn't stand out especially. Still, that's better than it being TRASH!

I lost the race dismally; it's more than halfway through the third quarter now. This is unlikely to become a thing.
OMG big debut for QOTSA. Great to see Falling still moving up andalso Mirrors. Cool to see Royals still moving up as well.
Hmm I really need to get onto Retrograde. So awesome to see Mirrors in the top 20 though. Sad to see Pompeii on the way down already? I hope that can rebound, but rebounds are almost non-existent on your chart Yay Delphic might make 20 weeks, i hope Lanterns does and go Flight Facilities for 30, have you ever had song reach 30 weeks for you? Probably someone like Boy & Bear I can't remember or can be bothered looking up My apologies but I'm pretty sure the smileys will make this post more difficult to read
Nice peak for Dune
Yay Blakey. Solid top four really, Juggy would be pick for #1 though. Or were we calling them Juggers? Or Juggo? Hope to see QOTSA push up higher, that's a really great debut. Also, Evil Friends not high enough! Shame to lose Effin and Drank, and ouch MBV Somehow a lot of the rises this week are not my personal favourites, of which I of course have many

Apologies for lateness here (+ missing last week). I'm sure you'll understand.
Apr 21st

4 years ago, Karnivool held the top spot for 5 straight weeks with "Set Fire To The Hive". In this process, they held Metric at #2 for 3 of those weeks. Despite this blockade, Metric did manage #1 and stayed there for a full 4 weeks. I mention this because the first half of that has played out again now; after 5 weeks at #1, "Retrograde" surrenders to "Closure". This is the 85th #1 on my chart and makes the impressive feat of Owl Eyes scoring a 5th #1, which no other artist has done before, and she did it in under 2 years!

Otherwise, the rest of the top 4 stays put this week. Queens of the Stone Age continue from their impressive debut to move up to #5, and Phoenix are right behind them at #6. The biggest move of the week goes to Asta, who continues her stride with "I Need Answers", up 11 places to #9. After 18 weeks in the top 10, "Wasted Days" sees its first week out of the top 10.


Everyone else indulges in old debuts, so why can't I? Not that I haven't already with Cloud Nothings & Father John Misty, but more people are probably familiar with these songs so it's more obvious. In any case, the first debut comes from Zedd with his nearly year old track "Spectrum". I hate that no one forced me to listen to this last year and thus I only discovered how good it is a couple months ago. Anyhow, it's in at #19, and I've finally charted a Z artist
The next one I almost did chart last year, it just didn't make the grade for me. I've kept exposed to it and decided that I may as well chart it, so Imagine Dragons are in at #29 with "Radioactive".
To balance out the oldness, this last debut isn't even out yet to my knowledge. City and Colour scores a 2nd chart entry with "Thirst" at #37.

1261Owl EyesClosure {1 Week @ #1}
2191James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
3363Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
44101British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
5825Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
85141Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
92049AstaI Need Answers
107152Father John MistyNancy From Now On
1110191Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
1311109Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1415514DuneOh Innocence
1517415RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1613106My Bloody ValentineNew You
1718617Justin TimberlakeMirrors
19NE119ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
2021420Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2116241Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
2314911The StrokesAll The Time
24191011FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
2526325The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
2624913Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
2725159Birds of TokyoLanterns
2829627Olly MursArmy Of Two
29NE129Imagine DragonsRadioactive
3033330PondGiant Tortoise
3128525Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
3231231Unknown Mortal OrchestraSo Good At Being In Trouble
3327144Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
3430213Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
36321122Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)
37NE137City and ColourThirst
40371124Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier

4136532Yeah Yeah YeahsSacrilege
4238214San CiscoBeach
43391113The StrokesOne Way Trigger

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"Closure" #1, "Royals" top 20, "Spectrum" & "Radioactive" debuts = probably your most awesome chart ever
Good to see JT inching closer to the top ten. Good to see Lorde and Olly rising, as well as Bastille holding firm and a good debut for Imagine Dragons.
Nice enough to see Owl Eyes take the top spot, it's quite a good song and I probably prefer it to Retrograde, but both are very good. QOTSA is rising fast but I'm yet to hear it, but go Phoenix, that's growing on me now. And wow at how fast Asta is rising!

Good to see Rudimental, Justin Timberlake and Lorde all rising still, but I would like Mirrors to gain faster. It doesn't look like it has the steam to make the top ten at this point. Still, it's having more luck than Pompeii which needs a rebound!

Non-TRASH! among the debuts!!! Wow, who'd have thunk it! But seriously, it seems to happen much more rarely these days, I'm happy to see that it's a really cool choice too and I hope it can at least make the top ten. And drag It's Time into your chart too. I've been seeing that Zedd song around for ages but I'm pretty sure I never checked it out so I'm classing it as TRASH! And I definitely haven't heard the City & Colour song, but I hope to like it when I do.

I was racing my cooking dinner this week and again lost dismally, but I was always fighting a losing battle.
Nice to see Owl Eyes on top! Also good rises for Rudimental, JT and Lorde and great to see Zedd and Imagine Dragons debut.
Nice to see Haim, Tame Impala, Rudimental, JT, Lorde, Bastille & Flume. Guess thats it.
OMG! yay Owl Eyes!!!, Great rises aswell for Lorde & Olly, Cool debut for Imagine Dragons.
Good to see Retrograde, Waiting All Night, Mirrors, Royals, Clair De Lune, Pompeii, Lanterns, Army Of Two, Radioactive and Can't Hold Us.
Yay for City and Colour. I've heard it a couple of times and it's pretty good. Not sure about the other debuts though.

In any case, Owlies made it, surprising it took so long but yeah there's another reason why you shouldn't chart album tracks - surely if you did that her perfect record would not remain intact? I would love Juggers to get there, or QOTSA of course. Wow at Asta's jump, I've only heard like ten seconds of it so I should probably get to that Most importantly of all, great to see P.TM make the top 20! Yay for Lorde too.
Apr 28th

The song's still awesome, the album's still awesome, she's still awesome, I see no reason why "Closure" can't still be #1, and there it is for a 2nd week. "Retrograde" & "Ballad Of The War Machine" hold their positions too. There's some movement a little lower though, as Queens of the Stone Age & Phoenix both inch up another spot, and Asta continues her quick ascent, now #6 from #9. After a big debut last week, Zedd makes a charge with "Spectrum" up 8 places to #11, the biggest move of the week. Lorde also jumps into the top 15 with "Royals".


It was only a month and a half ago I had my first top 10 debut of the year, and now I'm up to 3. The latest one comes from James Blake and is my standout favourite from his album (barring "Retrograde" of course), and it's "Life Round Here" in at #9. This is his 2nd chart entry
Did you know Daft Punk are back?!!! They're awesomely smashing the charts with "Get Lucky" and are ready to try to do the same here with it in at #25. It's the first time I've charted them, though Pharrell had a hand in producing a #1 last year in "Sweet Life".
OK so I started charting a song by Dune via Spender late last year and last month I thought it was funny that I then ended up charting a Dune song at the same time. Both of those songs are still in my chart but are now joined by a new entry by, you guessed it, Spender! "Bed and Chair" is in at #33.

1171Owl EyesClosure {2 Weeks @ #1}
22101James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
3373Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
4534Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
6956AstaI Need Answers
74111British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
9NE19James BlakeLife Round Here
108151Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
1119211ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
1210162Father John MistyNancy From Now On
1311201Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
1515515RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1714614DuneOh Innocence
1813119Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
1917717Justin TimberlakeMirrors
2020520Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2116116My Bloody ValentineNew You
2321251Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
2425424The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
25NE125Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
26241111FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
2729227Imagine DragonsRadioactive
28231011The StrokesAll The Time
2930429PondGiant Tortoise
3028727Olly MursArmy Of Two
31261013Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
3227169Birds of TokyoLanterns
33NE133SpenderBed & Chair
3432331Unknown Mortal OrchestraSo Good At Being In Trouble
3537235City and ColourThirst
3631625Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
3834223Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
3933154Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
40361222Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)

43401124Biffy ClyroBlack Chandelier

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Awesome to see Lorde still on the way up! Hopefully it can make the top ten!
Nice rise for Imagine Dragons as well.
I think I've kind of changed my mind again and prefer Retrograde to Closure, but I clearly can't decide. They're both quite good. In any case Blakey had a good run and I'm not especially expecting Oldie to fall away in the next couple of weeks.

Nice to see Phoenix continuing to creep up, though it doesn't look like they'll have trhe momentum to get there. Only Asta is looking like she might, though perhaps there'll be a surprise #1, or that high debut will make it. Or Closure will just run on for a while yet. Good jumps also for Lorde and Imagine Dragons and good to see Pompeii not fall, though I'd still like it to rebound.

Another big debut, you're crazay! That one is semi-TRASH! and I presume to like it since the Blakey album has been good for me, but that title means nothing to me at all. I'm still yet to hear the Daft Punk song, but I'll have to very soon and from the previews it sounds decent. And the other thing is obvious TRASH! and it's pretty gross that you'd let such smelly TRASH! infect your chart. Then again, it's gross that I have TRASH! from three charts to catch up on now, my goal is to clean up after you completely by the end of the day.
Shame to see JT, Olly, Birds of Tokyo and Macklemore down, but it's not all bad news. Solid debut for Daft Punk as well as rises for Lorde and Imagine Dragons.
22101James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
74111British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
108151Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
1311201Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
1917717Justin TimberlakeMirrors
2321251Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
25NE125Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)

Love the climbs for Zedd and Lorde and the debut for Daft Punk
it's nice seeing falling in your top 10
Nice to see Owl Eyes still #1 and Lorde, Imagine Dragons moving up, Shame Can't Hold Us is nearly out.
Dune, Dune via Spender and Spender. Hilarious

Terrific top five I must say but Juggers really should get there. The Spender debut sounds good and of course Dafty is great. I'll get around to James Blake I guess, but one of his is enough for my chart now I think. Come on Porty, you can do better than that
May 5th

Of course "Closure" is #1 for a 3rd week. Can anything stop it at this point? Perhaps not, but then there's a lot creeping on up so perhaps so. At the top of this list is Midnight Juggernauts, who move up to #2, pushing James Blake to #3. They're going for their 2nd #1. Queens of the Stone age hold steady at #4 and Asta hits the top 5 with "I Need Answers". James Blake's latest entry "Life Round Here" is up a couple places to #7, and Zedd jumps into the top 10 at #8 with "Spectrum".

There's more waiting in the wings for top 10 too. Lorde continues to rise for a 6th week in a row with "Royals" up to #11 now. Daft Punk have the biggest rise of the week with "Get Lucky" moving up 13 places to #12, and then Rudimental continue their rocky climb with "Waiting All Night" up to #13. "Mirrors" also returns to its peak and "Bed & Chair" makes a 9 place jump to #24.


Hard to believe it's been about 3 years since their last album came out. Nonetheless, MGMT are back in action and "Alien Days" becomes their 9th song to chart. It's in at #21.
The National is another band whose last album came out in 2010, and they've had decent success from that on my chart too. "Demons" enters at #31 and is their 3rd chart entry.
AlunaGeorge have been abuzz lately, and while I couldn't quite get into "Your Drums, Your Love" or "White Noise" enough to chart them, I've been quite enjoying "Attracting Flies" lately, so it's in at #37.
Also Austra sneak back in.

1181Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
2382Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
32111James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
4444Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
5665AstaI Need Answers
7927James BlakeLife Round Here
81138ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
107121British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
1225212Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
1315613RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1410161Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
1513211Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
1612172Father John MistyNancy From Now On
1719817Justin TimberlakeMirrors
1820618Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2017714DuneOh Innocence
21NE121MGMTAlien Days
2318129Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
2433224SpenderBed & Chair
2527325Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2623261Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
2724524The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
2821126My Bloody ValentineNew You
2929529PondGiant Tortoise
30261211FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
31NE131The NationalDemons
32281111The StrokesAll The Time
3330827Olly MursArmy Of Two
34311113Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
3635335City and ColourThirst
37NE137AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
3834431Unknown Mortal OrchestraSo Good At Being In Trouble
3932179Birds of TokyoLanterns

4336625Hungry Kids of HungaryWhen Yesterday's Gone
4238223Dune via SpenderBlack Sand
4539154Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
47401222Macklemore & Ryan LewisCan't Hold Us (feat Ray Dalton)

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"Attracting Flies"!!!!!!!

And great to see "Closure" still #1, "Spectrum" entering top 10, "Get Lucky" climbing massively, and "Royals", "Waiting All Night", "Mirrors" and "Radioactive" climbing too.
Nice to see the Owl staying on top; perhaps she does so well on your chart because you always post it late at night and she just has much better vision that everyone else in the chart at night, so it's easier for her to make her way up? In any case I hope she's able to hold off Midnight Juggernauts.

Spectrum was good when I listened to it and I'm glad to see it move into the top ten. Also nice to see Lorde and Daft Punk jump close, hopefully they can both get in there soon. Good jumps also for Rudimental, Justin Timberlake and Spender.

MGMT with the highest debut; nice! I'm sad to say it, but it's a TRASH! song even if they're not a TRASH! band. I was intending to make the effort to listen to it soon anyway, but this is going to be a convenient way for me to remember. Not that they will ever top Time To Pretend for me. I'm very pleased to see Demons debut, it's really grown on me in leaps and bounds from that first listen, but again, not that they'll be able to top High Violet with this upcoming album. And the third debut is TRASH! in every way and has a silly title; flies are annoying and I have no desire to learn how to attract them, wtf!? Random re-entry, yay!
Great bullet for Daft Punk. If they did that jump again next week, I'd be happy! Good to see Rudimental up and JT rebounding.

Great to see Closure, Ballad Of The War Machine (I don't like the video tbh ), Retrograde, My God Is The Sun, Entertainment, Spectrum (so 2012 ), Falling, Summer Forgive Me, Royals (please reach the Top 10...), Get Lucky (same), Waiting All Night (same), Wasted Days, Mirrors, Alien Days, Pompeii, Mind Mischief, Radioactive, Clair de lune (wow, already half a year?!), Giant Tortosie, Insane (it might be m next charting Flume track), Army Of Two, Inhaler, Attracting Files, So Good At Being In Trouble and Lanterns. Sad to see Can't Hold Us leave.

Great to see Closure still #1, I expect Juggernauts to get it next , Cool rises aswell for Lorde, JT & Imagine Dragons.
Cool entry for MGMT, not sold on The National's newie though. Anyway, come on Juggers! We haven't shared a #1 in a while. Meanwhile cool to see P.TM up but Asta in the top 5? She has better naww Dune via Spender gone
May 12th

For some reason, "Closure" isn't #1 this week. From what I've heard, the recently released film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" doesn't give nearly enough attention to everyone's favourite character, Owl-Eyes. Or perhaps it's because I wanted a different song there. Hmm. It wasn't "Ballad of the War Machine" though, that's down to #2. "I Need Answers" keeps showing promise but is only #4 this week. "Retrograde" keeps slipping, now at #5. James Blake can have solace though, as "Life Round Here" is right behind it at #6. Zedd also moves up a spot to #7, and Daft Punk jump into the top 10 at #9, so they're not #1 either.

A strong top 10 this week means that Lorde is once again stuck at #11. Portugal. The Man climb into the top 15 with "Evil Friends", and MGMT are off to a good start with "Alien Days" now in the top 20. AlunaGeorge get the biggest rise of the week with "Attracting Flies" up 13 places to #24.


Now here's something I haven't done in three years, a #1 debut! The only other proper #1 debuts I've had are "Uprising" by Muse and "Flash Delirium" by MGMT. Subverting those cases, this new #1 wasn't just freshly released, and has been doing the rounds since last year. In fact, I've known about it for a lot of that time too. I kept hearing it and it kept growing on me, but the week I decided I might finally chart it, I charted a newer song by the artist instead. Now that that song has mostly done its thing, I thought it was about time to debut that other song I've been sitting on for months. And so the 86th #1 hit on my chart is "The Mother We Share" by Chvrches! (The fact that it is Mother's Day on the date of this chart is a mere ko-in-sa-dins).
Oh and there's other stuff in the lower part of the chart. The next highest being from Mr. Little Jeans who first enthralled me with a cover in 2011, then a neat track the year after, and now this, "Oh Sailor" which enters at #27.
Not much else to say about them at this point, Birds of Tokyo have racked up an extensive catalogue of hits on this chart since 2008. "When The Night Falls Quiet" is the latest, though it doesn't make an explosive splash just yet, it's at #36 and is their 14th chart entry to date.
Flight Facilities have racked up a lot less hits, but that's not to say they didn't come with notoriety, and indeed "Clair de lune" still sits on my chart half a year after debuting. They keep the songs rolling this week with "I Didn't Believe" coming in at #39 as their 3rd entry.

1NE11ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {1 Week @ #1}
2191Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
3292Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
4574AstaI Need Answers
53121James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
6736James BlakeLife Round Here
7847ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
8454Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
91239Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
1313713RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1410131British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
1518715Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1617916Justin TimberlakeMirrors
1721217MGMTAlien Days
1815221Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
1914171Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
2024320SpenderBed & Chair
2116182Father John MistyNancy From Now On
2225422Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2437224AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
2620814DuneOh Innocence
27NE127Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
2823139Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
2926271Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3031230The NationalDemons
3127624The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
3229629PondGiant Tortoise
3328136My Bloody ValentineNew You
34301311FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
36NE136Birds of TokyoWhen The Night Falls Quiet
37321211The StrokesAll The Time
3833927Olly MursArmy Of Two
39NE139Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)
4036435City and ColourThirst

41341113Ball Park MusicFence Sitter
4338431Unknown Mortal OrchestraSo Good At Being In Trouble
4739179Birds of TokyoLanterns

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yeah! woohoo! I recommended this song to you initially in case you forgot.
Oh come on Lorde!!!! Nice to see Imagine Dragons and AlunaGeorge moving up and cool to see Birds of Tokyo debut.
I am yet to hear the new BoT track, but I have seen it debuting on a few charts, so hopefully I'll hear it soon. Good to see Daft Punk hit the top ten, as well as small rises for JT and Imagine Dragons. I hope Lorde and Rudimental haven't stalled.
Nice to see Oll,y Murs inthere.
Wow, a #1 debut! First time there's been one of those since I've been a regular reader of your chart I think; can't remember whether that or Flash Delirium came first. In any case it's very rare to see. I hope it's a cool song, but atm it's of course TRASH!

Poor Old Man. I hope she can get back to the top; perhaps if you go and see the movie you'll appreciate her acting skillz more and that'll translate to a return to the top? Nice to see Asta, James Blake and Daft Punk all rising within the top ten. I also approve of the jumps for Spender, Imagine Dragons and The National.

Aside from the aforementioned #1 debut, three more. The most exciting moment from these is that one of them is not TRASH! and indeed is something I'm charting too! Clearly we riot as one. I hope the Mr. Little Jeans song is nice, surely it can't be worse than that featuring credit must be to write or type out, ewwww! I also have high hopes for the new Loony, but I'm hoping I take to it quicker than I did with the original Loony; then again, perhaps I won't take to it at all. Still, all three of the TRASH! debuts feel like they have some potential for me to like them, hopefully it goes well when I get to them.

I was racing my doctor on Monday while in the waiting room and I lost the race, but I finally got to you more than 72 hours later, huzzah!
Don't know your #1 but I will check it out cause I enjoyed Recover , Nice to see JT, Imagine Dragons moving up, BOT debut is awesome, Poor Lorde though.
Come on Spectrum! Ouch for Pompeii but fantastic to see Radioactive and Mirrors on the way up. Hopefully Lorde can get top 10 too. Not sure if i should check out new FliFac
May 19th

Wouldn't it be silly if I had a #1 debut and then proceeded to bump it off the following week? Maybe one day but not this time, so Chvrches stay on top for a 2nd week. "Closure" holds at #2 but the rest of the top 5 sees some action. Asta inches up one more place to #3 with "I Need Answers", Daft Punk leap up 5 places to #4 with "Get Lucky", and Zedd cracks the top 5 with "Spectrum". All these jumps are unhelpful to the rest of the top 10, but on the other hand, Lorde is finally able to make the ascent to #10 with "Royals". Songs to note for the rest of the chart are "Oh Sailor" which has the biggest rise of the week, up 8 places to #19, and "Thirst" which rebounds 7 places to a new peak of #33 because it finally made it to iTunes


Though technically a new name to my chart, Way of the Eagle has had quite a presence on my chart over the years, as the person behind the project whose name I can neither spell or pronounce has possibly produced more #1s on my chart than anyone else. But now on his own (with help from Dan Sultan), he impacts my chart at #24 with "Rattlesnake".
The Chemist have technically been one hit wonders on my chart with their only impact being a very minor hit in 2010. This is unfair to them as I like several of their songs, and even that minor hit probably should've faired better. Nonetheless, they've already hit a new high on my chart with their latest debut. "Silver & Gold" is in at #31.

1121ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {2 Weeks @ #1}
22101Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
3483AstaI Need Answers
4944Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
5755ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
63102Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
7646James BlakeLife Round Here
85131James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
9864Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
1215812Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1413813RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1517315MGMTAlien Days
1620416SpenderBed & Chair
17161016Justin TimberlakeMirrors
1814141British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
1927219Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
2024320AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
2122521Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2218231Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
2319181Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
24NE124Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
2621192Father John MistyNancy From Now On
2730327The NationalDemons
2926914DuneOh Innocence
3029281Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
31NE131The ChemistSilver & Gold
3228149Tame ImpalaMind Mischief
3340533City and ColourThirst
3432729PondGiant Tortoise
3536235Birds of TokyoWhen The Night Falls Quiet
3731724The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
3839238Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)
39341411FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
4033146My Bloody ValentineNew You

45371211The StrokesAll The Time
4638927Olly MursArmy Of Two

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Great to see Daft Punk bullet into the top five. I don't know why, but I don't think they'll be strong enough to make it to the top. I'm happy to be proved wrong! Good to see Lorde and Imagine Dragons still rising, as well as Bastille still hanging around.
As for last week's big debut, whoa! I'm liking both Chvrches songs but not as much as I'd like to.

Meh that Zedd rises again, at least Dafty leap ahead there. Great to see Spender rise, really enjoying that one now! I think I've heard The Chemist's newie but maybe I'll need to finally hear a Chemist song that you've heard Way of the Eagle doesn't excite me much sadly, but Dan Sultan does alright. Cool to see MGMT, City and Colour and Lorde rise too.
There we go Lorde hit top ten so I'm happy now
Nice rises for AlunaGeorge and Imagine Dragons as well.
Daft Punk and Zedd top 5 and Lorde top 10; nice!
Yay for Get Lucky, hope it can get to the top spot. Good to see Royals crack the top ten as well. Sad to see Army Of Two drop out
Yay, Lorde finally into the top ten!!, Nice to see Imagine Dragons & BOT move up aswell.
Very pleased to see The Mother We Share hold the top spot, I'm hoping it's set for a long run there; no contest between it and any coming challenger; it's easily my favourite thing in the top sixteen. That said nice jump for Daft Punk, I wouldn't mind if they made it all the way to #2.

Glad to see Lorde finally sneak into the top ten, I was wondering if she'd ever be able to get there. Nice jumps also for Spender, The National and Birds Of Tokyo.

Two debuts, which were TRASH! but now are technically not, even though it's been long enough that they may as well be again. Although I remember thinking Rattlesnake was pretty good and that The Chemist was okay but I wouldn't buy it for $1.19.

I kind of had a race going and I either won or lost depending on your viewpoint. I was racing my Now playlist and I'd have lost except that I added some new potentials to it so I technically won. On an unrelated note, I debut two things from your chart this week that I'd never have otherwise heard, so thanks.
May 26th

3 weeks of Chvrches at #1! Daft Punk are right behind them with "Get Lucky" now. This pushes "Closure" down to #3, and "I Need Answers" down to #5. The last spot in the top 5 goes to "Spectrum" which moves up to #4. James Blake's "Life Round Here" returns to its #6 peak, and Queens of the Stone Age climb back up two places to #7.


Highest new entry comes from a chart regular of the past year. MS MR score their 4th chart entry with "Head Is Not My Home" at #25.
Not quite chart regulars, but Phoenix keep their strength with their chart return, getting their 3rd entry at #35 in "Trying To Be Cool".
The Kelis songs that I end up liking are strange to me because they seem as though I should hate them. This is an exception because it doesn't give me that feeling, except for all the songs preceding it. "Jerk Ribs" is in at #39.

1131ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {3 Weeks @ #1}
2452Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
32111Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
4564ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
5393AstaI Need Answers
6756James BlakeLife Round Here
7974Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
88141James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
96112Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
1112911Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1215412MGMTAlien Days
1419314Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
1516515SpenderBed & Chair
1614913RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
1820418AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
1924219Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
20171116Justin TimberlakeMirrors
2121621Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2218151British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
2327423The NationalDemons
2422241Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
25NE125MS MRHead Is Not My Home
2623191Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
2831228The ChemistSilver & Gold
2933629City and ColourThirst
3026202Father John MistyNancy From Now On
3130291Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
3235332Birds of TokyoWhen The Night Falls Quiet
34291014DuneOh Innocence
35NE135PhoenixTrying To Be Cool
3638336Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)
3834829PondGiant Tortoise
39NE139KelisJerk Ribs
4032159Tame ImpalaMind Mischief

4537724The Trouble With TempletonLike A Kid
43391411FlumeInsane (feat Moon Holiday)
4740146My Bloody ValentineNew You

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Straight 10s for Lorde!! Wow! And Spectrum top 4, woohoo!! Looks like Pompeii and Mirrors are finally on the way down, now it's a case of how many weeks they can rack up. Come on Radioactive, top 20!

Ooh at CdL's most likely 30 weeks run, is that a record?

Quite interested in how When The Night Falls Quiet will fare because it is a serious flop for me and I just can't get into it.
Ooh, Daft Punk are getting closer. I'm not sure if they'll be strong enough, but I hope they can do it. Bummer to see JT down, but Lorde and Imagine Dragons holding steady is good.
Awesome to see The Mother We Share stay on top; what an awesome song! I hope they keep going as I have presumed they are a band! Get Lucky continues to grow on me more however it's not in the same league so I hope it doesn't take over, possibly because Pharrell is not a band. In any case this week The Mother We Share is my favourite song in the top nineteen; if only Mirrors had fallen a further place it could have had the top twenty; excepting of course the fact that the next three songs below it also all hit the top ten for me and so I'd need none of them to be the replacement for Mirrors.

Nice to see Spender, Way Of The Eagle, The National and Birds Of Tokyo all moving up too. Pleased to see Lorde hold in the top ten, I was thinking it may have just been a scrape in and she'd drop straight back out, at least the second week makes it look a little better if ten is the peak.

And then the debuts. I'll start with Phoenix because I've heard that album so that song has the best TRASH! rating but it most definitely qualifies as semi-TRASH! While I find the album fine, nothing has really become a standout to me yet and I don't love anything much about it. Even Entertainment as the one I went in knowing hasn't continued to grow on me the way things usually do and the way I expected. MS MR is TRASH! but probably nice TRASH! And when we were discussing your potential debuts last week I was hoping I'd approve of the more mainstream or however it was put one but I had a feeling when you said it was TRASH! that it'd be more likely to be something I'd dislike and when Kelis came up in chat I had a feeling it'd be that. In any case it is TRASH! and I'll of course go in with an open mind but my expectation is that I won't like it even if I don't loathe it.

I had no race this week unless you count me racing my hunger in which case I lost several comments ago. I'm having a sandwich now.
Excellent to see Closure in your top 3 and the rise for Oh Sailor
Eurgh I don't know this Chvrches track but I hope it can hold on! Nice to see Spectrum moving up and Lorde holding in the top ten. Also cool to see a new Kelis track, I haven't heard it yet but I've loved everything I heard from her last album so this looks promising.
Cool to see Way Of The Eagle & BOT rising.
I like AlunaGeorge.
Kelis? Doesn't sound that great to me. Nevertheless, I think I know your #1 but if I do it doesn't stand out for me. Daft Punk would be a safe #1 for me because I know I like it Love the straight 10s for Lorde, and that BOT one is a grower.
June 2nd

"Flash Delirium" was the last #1 debut and that lasted 3 weeks on top. Chvrches go one better and make it 4 this week. This keeps Daft Punk at bay at #2 again. Zedd pushes Owl Eyes down to #4 and picks up a new peak of #3 with "Spectrum", and James Blake scores a 2nd top 5 hit with "Life Round Here" at #5. Lower in the top 10, Queens of the Stone Age & Midnight Juggernauts have minor rebounds, but also Mr. Little Jeans rises to #10 to score her first top 10 hit with "Oh Sailor". Lower in the chart, MS MR have the biggest rise with "Head Is Not My Home" up 7 places to #18.

I kind of find it strange in differing ways that I'm debuting all of these artists this week, but nonetheless:
I have a weird obsession with making sure I've heard all the new #1 albums in Australia, and interestingly Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds scored their first one earlier this year. I finally got to hearing it and "Jubilee Street" was an easy stand out, and was even a single to boot! It debuts at #19 and is their first ever chart entry.
Up next, an artist I debuted not very long ago obviously with an older song of theirs, but now they've had the audacity to release something new and even more agonisingly, it's really good. Of course it's Chvrches who pick up a 3rd entry at #23 with "Gun". Their other two entries top and tail the chart this week.
I've never been a huge fan of Vampire Weekend so it was hard to go into their latest album with much optimism. Fortunately though, they pulled out a winner in "Unbelievers", which now becomes their 3rd chart entry at #27.
I was genuinely excited about Fall Out Boy's comeback, then I heard the lead single and was a bit disappointed. But then I heard this and was excited again! After some prodding, "The Phoenix" finds its way in at #30.
It's just a song title, I don't care at all But it's a song title for a song that I've surprised myself in finding quite good! Mariah Carey and Miguel both debut to the chart at #37 with "#Beautiful".

1141ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
2262Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams)
3473ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
43121Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
5665James BlakeLife Round Here
6784Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
75103AstaI Need Answers
89122Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
98151James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
1014410Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
11111011Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1315613SpenderBed & Chair
1412512MGMTAlien Days
1519315Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
1618516AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
1825218MS MRHead Is Not My Home
19NE119Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
20161013RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
2121721Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2223522The NationalDemons
24201216Justin TimberlakeMirrors
2629726City and ColourThirst
27NE127Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
2828328The ChemistSilver & Gold
2924251Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
30NE130Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
3122161British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
3326201Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
3436434Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)
3539235KelisJerk Ribs
3631301Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
37NE137Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
3835235PhoenixTrying To Be Cool
3932432Birds of TokyoWhen The Night Falls Quiet

4130202Father John MistyNancy From Now On
43341014DuneOh Innocence
4438829PondGiant Tortoise
4840159Tame ImpalaMind Mischief

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Well, I must say that Mariah debuting does look weird in your chart, but I am pleased to see her there. Good to see Daft Punk still challenging for the top, as well as JT, Bastille and Imagine Dragons still hanging around.
MARIAH!!!!!!!!! LOOOOOOOVE IT!!! Hope she can have a decent run but good to see her on here at all
Cool to see The Phoenix debut, and I swear most of the songs I like peak at #21 on your chart, case in point, Radioactive. Cool to see Attracting Flies up too.
Awesome to see The Mother We Share staying on top, I certainly hope the run keeps going, four weeks is not enough for how excellent the song is. This week it's my favourite in the whole top 21, so that number keeps getting larger each week which is cool. Daftie are a nice runner up though.

Great jumps for Spender, Way Of The Eagle, The National, MS MR and City And Colour. I'm hoping Demons is going to be able to crack the top twenty but it may not have enough steam.

Okay, five debuts this week. One TRASH!, two semi-TRASH! and two non-TRASH! which I already informed you about. Starting from the highest, Nick Cave was semi-TRASH! of the barely remembered variety because his time of me hearing the album has pretty much passed. However I yesterday caught up on all the old TRASH! and took the opportunity to clear up this lot also, so I know the song again now. It's not one I particularly liked or hated, but then I really felt that way about every song on the album anyway. It wasn't the one with the more colourful lyrics which was really the only one I remembered.

The Chvrches song was TRASH! but I had a listen and as expected I liked it. It's not as good as The Mother We Share, and probably not Recover either, but I liked it. Unbelievers is cool, but hasn't especially stood out to me from the album at this stage. So then we move to The Phoenix which I am pretty sure you know my thoughts on since it's rather high on my chart and I consistently harangued you to chart it once you expressed a passing possibility in considering doing so. Very pleased to see it come in. As for Mariah, it's incredibly strange to see her in your chart though the strangeness is fading a little lately, and also, from comments elsewhere on the site it was starting to look likely that you'd chart it so I'm not surprised by it. I had to give it another listen too, but I still can't get into it.

I had a race but I'm pretty sure I lost. I was doing my chart comments in the ads of House Rules, however that finished mid this comment and I also kept typing on and off during the show itself, so not only did I somewhat cheat and still lose, but I also missed some of the show which wasn't good.
C'mon Daft Punk, get lucky and reach #1 I really do hope Get Lucky can reach #1 so we can share the same #1's
Great also to see Spectrum, Closure (great longevity so far), My God Is The Sun, Ballad Of The War Machine, Oh Sailor, Royals (so happy it managed to reached the Top 10), (I hope Evil Friends is #11 next week, so it's 11 11 11 11 ), Alien Days, Attracting Flies, Jubilee Street (quite a dramatic song actually; the video is more dramatic though), Waiting All Night, Radioactive (hurry up and reach the Top 20 already! ), Gun, Mirrors, Falling, Thirst, The Phoenix, Summer Forgive Me, Pompeii, I Didn't Believe, Clair de lune (awesome longevity, though I fear this might be its last week), #Beautiful (Lord Jibijabijam The Sad Man Dam charting a track with a '#'?!?! ), and When The Night Falls Quiet (flop! )

Still haven't heard that #1 maybe you should just link it to me in chat to force me too [/lazy] , Good to see Way Of The Eagle still rising, yay for the FOB debut.
Mariah debut is amazing! Also yay for "Spectrum" climbing even higher, and also "Attracting Flies" climbing too. I'm glad "Royals" made the top 10 but I wish it had gone higher.
Nice rise for Aluna
At least Juggers are back up a little bit. Cool to see VW enter and nice to see Spender move up. A lot of the rises I approve of are too low Ouch Mind Mischief
June 9th

They've finally done it! Daft Punk have ascended to the top spot after two weeks at #2 with "Get Lucky". This is the 87th #1 on the chart and the first one by a French artist. It's also the first time in nearly two years that an ARIA #1 has hit the top spot, following "Somebody That I Used To Know" of course. Nonetheless, after 4 weeks at the top, Chvrches are down to #2. Zedd holds at #3, and James Blake swaps with Owl Eyes to move up a spot to #4 with "Life Round Here". It's not all bad news for Chvrches though, they have the biggest move of the week with "Gun" up 12 places to #11.


It's an all Australian affair for debuts this week. The first of which comes from Boy & Bear. They had 5 charting hits from 2010-2011 including two #1s, but have been missing from the chart for a year and a half. Now they're back in the chart with "Southern Sun" at #26.
A band I don't know a lot about, but I quite like this song. Glass Towers are in at #29 with "Halcyon".
Midnight Juggernauts finally released "Ballad Of The War Machine" on iTunes and there was much rejoicing. They have more good news too, as "Memorium" becomes their 6th charting hit, at #36.

1271Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {1 Week @ #1}
2151ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
3383ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
4574James BlakeLife Round Here
54131Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
6694Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
78132Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
81058Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
97113AstaI Need Answers
109161James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
12111111Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1313713SpenderBed & Chair
1519215Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
1615415Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
1718317MS MRHead Is Not My Home
1816616AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
1914612MGMTAlien Days
2127221Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
2221821Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2322622The NationalDemons
2430224Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
2526825City and ColourThirst
26NE126Boy & BearSouthern Sun
27201113RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
28241316Justin TimberlakeMirrors
29NE129Glass TowersHalcyon
3028428The ChemistSilver & Gold
3137231Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
3234532Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)
3335333KelisJerk Ribs
3429261Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
36NE136Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
3833211Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
3936311Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}
4038335PhoenixTrying To Be Cool

4131161British IndiaSummer Forgive Me {1 Week @ #1}
4439432Birds of TokyoWhen The Night Falls Quiet

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Yess, such an awesome #1! And a nice climb for Mariah too, though I was hoping for a bit better. Disappointed however to see all of my other favourites (apart from Zedd) fall
Hmm, I approve It doesn't help that Juggers have probably missed their chance, but at least they moved up. Great to see them also enter with Memorium, I really enjoy both their new sogns atm. Also satisfying to see the relatively decent Vampire Weekend move up .
Eurgh a shame to see that up at #1. Most of my favourites fall too but great to see Mariah moving up!! YUS! And slo FOB.
1271Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {1 Week @ #1}
6694Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
109161James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
2430224Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
28241316Justin TimberlakeMirrors
3429261Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
3833211Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
3936311Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}

It has taken six months, but you now have a number one that I actually know! So happy to see it there. Good to see Mariah jumping as well.
Good to see Mr Little Jeans & Fall Out Boy moving up, Awesome debut for Boy & Bear.
Good to see Midnight Juggernauts, Mr. Little Jeans and Mariah climb up
Oh, what a shame to see Chvrches knocked off the top, still a wonderful song and now my favourite in your top 22. Get Lucky is quite good and continues to grow on me but I don't find it #1 kind of special. Perhaps The Mother can get back but I'm not thinking it likely.

It's nice to see James Blake continue to creep up but I don't think he has the momentum to get a second chart-topper here. I'm also pleased about the strong gains for Vampire Weekend, Fall Out Boy and lol Mariah Carey.

Great to see Boy & Bear debut; non-TRASH! at all times and it's the higest of them! A good chance of debuting for me tomorrow as well which is always cool. As for the other two entries, they were TRASH! until a few minutes ago when I gave them a bath. I quite liked Halcyon and could see myself charting it if I hear it enough to like it properly. Memorium was okay but not especially my kind of thing.

Totes tried racing half-time again and totes failed again. The third quarter is more than halfway over.
Yay for Get Lucky on top . Good to see rises for The Phoenix, #Beautiful, I Didn't Believe. Unfortunately I don't know any of the debuts
Jun 16th

Yep, "Get Lucky" is still #1, and the top 4 stays still too. Chvrches have another big rise though, with "Gun" right into the top 5 from #11. MS MR and Boy & Bear also have strong gains.


It's not going to #1. Let's get that out of the way. But really, I think I needed to chart another one by now, and although the speculation has been there for months, I think it's definitely certain that "Nightswim" is a single now. So Owl Eyes has a 6th entry at #25.
I quite liked "Two Fingers" but never got to charting it. At the last minute I deemed "Seen It All" worthy of making the chart, so Jake Bugg debuts at #36.
Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire! also re-enter due to their clever strategy of not releasing the song for half a month and making me realise that I quite liked it and never gave it a proper chance because of not being able to buy it. "Codebreaker" is back at #31.

1181Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {2 Weeks @ #1}
2261ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
3393ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
4484James BlakeLife Round Here
65141Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
7867Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
86104Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
97142Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
109123AstaI Need Answers
1110171James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
1215312Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
1317413MS MRHead Is Not My Home
14121211Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1513813SpenderBed & Chair
1726217Boy & BearSouthern Sun
1821318Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
1916515Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
2022920Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2118716AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
2224322Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
2319712MGMTAlien Days
2423722The NationalDemons
25NE125Owl EyesNightswim
2625925City and ColourThirst
2729227Glass TowersHalcyon
2831328Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
30281416Justin TimberlakeMirrors
31RE726Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
32271213RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
3333433KelisJerk Ribs
3436234Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
3532632Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)
36NE136Jake BuggSeen It All
3730528The ChemistSilver & Gold
3834271Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}
3940435PhoenixTrying To Be Cool

4238211Winter PeopleTwo's Company {4 Weeks @ #1}
4339311Flight FacilitiesClair de lune (feat Christine Hoberg) {8 Weeks @ #1}

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Imagine Dragons top 20!! And "Nightswim" debut is cool too
I was happy with one week for Daft Punk, so this and any additional weeks will be a bonus! Great to see Imagine Dragons and Mariah still on the rise.
Great rise for Gun! I'm loving it too. Nice to see Daft Punk still on top as well
Yay for Daft Punk! I hope Zedd can somehow grab a higher peak though, even though it's already higher than the one I gave it. Great to see Southern Sun doing big things for you and go Radioactive!

Sad to see Pompeii and Clair de Lune gone! Glad to see it make 30+ weeks! (I originally read it as 39 weeks and was going to post disappointment at how it didn't make 40).
Still sad about no IKTC Come on next week!!!

Yeah nice to see GL hold off Chvrches again. Hopefully Nick Cave in the top 10 next week! Great to see Nightswim enter. Decent rise for VW too.
Nice jumps for Boy & Bear, Imagine Dragons & Fall Out Boy, Nice debuts for Owl Eyes & Jake Bugg (I should check them out again as I don't remember how they go)
Racing half time once again and I'm probably falling just short but I'm still in with a shot if I'm quick.

Still hoping Daftie are gonna let Mother back on top but I'm not thinking it likely. Forgetting what I said the other night about both Get Lucky and RAM; I think it's more dependent on my mood how I feel about them; today I rather enjoyed them. That said, Mother is better and is now my favourite song in your top 23.

Great jump for new Chvrches; perhaps Mother is done and instead that'll be what kicks off Daftie; I wouldn't mind that either but I need to hear it again. Cool gain also for Boy & Bear, nice to see Vampire Weekend and Imagine Dragons hit the top 20 and FOB still gaining.

No TRASH! I've heard Nightswim sing and album plenty and as the title track of the album it's not even semi-TRASH! and has stood out to me. I like it. I don't remember the re-entry at all so it's probably technically semi-TRASH! but I have no necessity to hear it again. And Jakey is awesome, even if that's not his best it's fantastic. Pink Rabbits or something else National for next week?

I don't think I've ever typed so fast but I lost by less than a minute!

Edit: How could I forget to about Pompeii being rudely kicked out!?
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June 23rd

"Get Lucky" reigns supreme for a 3rd week. It keeps Chvrches at bay with not one but two songs, as "The Mother We Share" holds at #2, and "Gun" is up to #3. Mr. Little Jeans smashes into the top 5 with "Oh Sailor" up 3 places to #4, and Zedd rounds out the top 5 with "Spectrum down two places. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds score the sole new song into the top 10 with "Jubilee Street" up 4 places to #8. MS MR are not far behind and are hoping to get a 4th top 10 hit with "Head Is Not My Home" currently #11.


In what I'm calling a wtf moment, at the time of writing, Arctic Monkeys are looking at not only a top 50 hit, but even possibly a top 40 hit with this. "Do I Wanna Know" is their 5th entry to date and it's in at #23.
Everyone knows him from two Rudimental hits (which both made the top 15 here), but now John Newman has a solo entry. "Love Me Again" is in at #30.
They've had three #1s in the charts but have had to settle for less extravagant peaks here. Nonetheless, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis pick up a 4th charting entry with "Wing$" at #37.

1191Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
2271ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
4774Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
53103ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
6494James BlakeLife Round Here
76151Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
81248Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
98114Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
109152Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
1113511MS MRHead Is Not My Home
1211181James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
1317313Boy & BearSouthern Sun
1410133AstaI Need Answers
15141311Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
1618416Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
18201018Imagine DragonsRadioactive
1915913SpenderBed & Chair
2025220Owl EyesNightswim
2122421Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
2219615Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
23NE123Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
2424822The NationalDemons
2528425Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
2621816AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
2727327Glass TowersHalcyon
2823812MGMTAlien Days
2931826Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
30NE130John NewmanLove Me Again
3134331Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
32261025City and ColourThirst
3336233Jake BuggSeen It All
34301516Justin TimberlakeMirrors
3633533KelisJerk Ribs
37NE137Macklemore & Ryan LewisWing$
38321313RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
3939535PhoenixTrying To Be Cool
4035732Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)

4237528The ChemistSilver & Gold
4138271Cloud NothingsWasted Days {3 Weeks @ #1}

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Aww, was hoping "Nightswim" and "Radioactive" would climb more, but good to see them up regardless! And "#Beautiful" too, of course, and the "Wing$" debut!
Nice to see Daft Punk on top again, as well as Lorde and Imagine dragins holding in the top 20. Solid debuts for Macklemore and John Newman and a decent jump for Mariah.
Wow Mariah is still rising! Great to see. Nice rise for Radioactive and The Phoenix and great to see Love Me Again and Wing$ debut.
Great new peak for Gun, and great debut for John Newman there. Poor Haim, though it had a pretty good run.
Go Chvrches, two songs of theirs in the top 3 is neat, Cool rises aswell for Boy & Bear, Imagine Dragons, Owl Eyes, FOB & Mariah Carey, Nice to see John Newman enter.
Great to see Get Lucky still at #1. Good to see Love Me Again and Wing$ debut. Nice small rise for The Phoenix. Sad to see I Didn't Believe almost out
I need to become more familiar with Chvrches, because the reality is I'm not. Arctic Monkeys anyway and what a jump for Nick Cave, just loving that track right now. Good to see Juggers, Owlies, VW, B&B and MS MR move up. Something tells me Cloud Nothings only slipping to #41 means that won't be the end of it
Daftie still of course, but I'm hopeful this may be the last week. I'd prefer The Mother We Share (fave in the top 23 still!) to get back there, but I'd take Gun at a pinch. Still, nice top two run going for Mother which I hope doesn't end here. Oh Sailor is also getting higher than I expected, obviously you're as big a stan of The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale as you are of Musicians of the Sydney Symphony.

Good jumps also for Boy & Bear, Vampire Weekend, Imagine Dragons, Owl Eyes, Fall Out Boy and Jake Bugg. I am surprised to see The Phoenix still moving up, hopefully it can crack the top 20.

Three debuts! Arctic Monkeys is still TRASH! but that wasn't going to last long anyway let alone with you being so forceful and stuff with the mop and dustpan; not that you even use those together! Anyway, I expect to like it very much so a pre-emptive yay there! John Newman could really go either way and I have no idea even what to expect from a non-Rudimental John so we will see. And Wings is okayish but I can't really get into it at all and almost certainly won't be charting it. I hope it doesn't get too high but I don't hate seeing it in there.

I had no race. Sadface.
And we have a new #1 this week! No strangers to the top spot, Chvrches get a 2nd #1 in "Gun", just a few weeks after "The Mother We Share" was knocked off the top spot. "Gun" is the 88th song to hit #1 and Chvrches are the 14th artist to have multiple #1s. Their former #1 helps make for a Daft Punk sandwich with Chvrches bread, sitting at #3 while "Get Lucky" is #3. Last week's #4 & #5, "Oh Sailor" & "Spectrum" respectively both hold. MS MR and Boy & Bear both score their 4th top 10 hits this week, and Arctic Monkeys have the biggest mover with "Do I Wanna Know?" up 11 places to #12.


"You & Me" by Disclosure has been trying to break through for 2 months now. It's chances slipped out recently but nonetheless it's in my chart this week. A recent remix of it by Flume gets it across the line to give Disclosure their 2nd charting entry, at #26.
Speaking of 2nd chart entries, here's Lorde following up her consistent "Royals" which has been in the top 20 for 11 weeks now. "Tennis Court" debuts at #35.

1351ChvrchesGun {1 Week @ #1}
21101Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
3281ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
4484Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
55113ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
6856Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
76104James BlakeLife Round Here
87161Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
91169MS MRHead Is Not My Home
1013410Boy & BearSouthern Sun
119124Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
1223212Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
1310162Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
1412191James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
1620316Owl EyesNightswim
1716516Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
1814143AstaI Need Answers
19181118Imagine DragonsRadioactive
20151411Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2125521Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
2221521Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
23191013SpenderBed & Chair
2430224John NewmanLove Me Again
2522715Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
2624922The NationalDemons
27NE127DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
2827427Glass TowersHalcyon
2929926Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
3033330Jake BuggSeen It All
3126916AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
3228912MGMTAlien Days
3331431Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
3437234Macklemore & Ryan LewisWing$
35NE135LordeTennis Court
36321125City and ColourThirst
37341616Justin TimberlakeMirrors
3839635PhoenixTrying To Be Cool
4036633KelisJerk Ribs

44381313RudimentalWaiting All Night (feat Ella Eyre)
4140732Flight FacilitiesI Didn't Believe (feat Elizabeth Rose)

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Awesmoe rise for Mariah and good to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and John Newman move up too. Good rebound for Lorde and I like both debuts but especially Tennis Court. Hope it can make top ten
Oh, it was inevitable, but I am pleased the Daft Punk had an ok run. Nice rebound for Lorde and great to see Mariah knocking on the door of the top 20.
Wow, CHVRCHES really are doing well on your chart. Thinking about going to see them live.
21101Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
1013410Boy & BearSouthern Sun
119124Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
1412191James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
2125521Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
2221521Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
2430224John NewmanLove Me Again
2624922The NationalDemons
36321125City and ColourThirst
37341616Justin TimberlakeMirrors

I'll be checking out some of your chart entries
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Yay Chvrches, cool new #1 , Nice rises aswell for Boy & Bear, Lorde, Owl Eyes, Mariah Carey & John Newman.
Half time is in trouble perhaps for once!!!

I've pretty much already forgotten how Gun sounds, but I remember thinking it was cool, and with the love Chvrches have from me atm for Mother as well as how up and down I am about Get Lucky and Daftie in general at present, I'm pleased about the #1 changeover. Meanwhile Mother is now my fave song in the top 25.

Great jump for Boy & Bear into the top ten and also an excellent jump for Arctic Monkeys. Also good moves for Owl Eyes, John Newman and Jake Bugg. It's also good to see Phoenix bouncing around near the bottom, I'm enjoying that song more now.

Two debuts but of course you get to sneak some TRASH! in. I'm not sure how that first one will fare with me, it really could go either way but I'll hope to like it more than I did Latch. And Tennis Court is good and growing on me marginally but I prefer Royals.

I have won, by mere seconds. They're back on the ground! But I won!!!!
Daft Punk having 3 weeks at #1 is an excellent effort. Now for the longevity! Fantastic to see Boy & Bear top 10. (I normally would say that it got there very quickly but Boy & Bear have had a #1 debut on your chart before, no? so it's not really fast for them) Great to see Spectrum doing very well, and nice to see Mirrors and Closure are having great runs I was hoping Radioactive could peak higher :/
Love "Gun" being number one!! And even happier about John Newman continuing to rise up the chart
Hopefully Chvrches are just warming the #1 spot for Nick Cave, come on Jubilee Street! I did hear some of that Flume remix and it sounded fine. Meanwhile, great to see Arctic Monkeys looking likely to get another top 10 hit - great jump this week. I still reckon Nightswim will make it to #1 eventually I certainly wouldn't object to that though.
Jul 7th

No new #1 this week, Chvrches stick there for a 2nd week with "Gun". Their next competitor is Mr. Little Jeans, who is now up to #2 with "Oh Sailor", pushing "Get Lucky" & "The Mother We Share" down to #3 and #4 respectively. New to the top 5 is "Do I Wanna Know?" by Arctic Monkeys up 7 places. It's their 2nd top 5 hit, nearly 4 years after "Crying Lightning". Boy & Bear creep closer to the top with "Southern Sun" up 2 places to #8.


It's probably never going to be a single but it's always been a favourite from the album, so Phoenix chart at #11 with "Oblique City". It's their 4th chart entry to date.
It's probably a single but then I was always going to chart it eventually as it's always been a favourite from the album, so Daft Punk chart at #14 with "Lose Yourself To Dance", their 2nd chart entry to date.
It's probably a single sort of and it's the one I prefer, so Franz Ferdinand are back after a 4 year absence with "Love Illumination" at #24. It's their 4th entry to date.
It's certainly a single and I'm glad it is because it's always been a favourite from the album, so Justin Timberlake enters at #28 with "Tunnel Vision", his 2nd entry to date.

1161ChvrchesGun {2 Weeks @ #1}
2492Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
32111Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
4391ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
51235Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
6666Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
75123ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
81058Boy & BearSouthern Sun
9979MS MRHead Is Not My Home
107114James BlakeLife Round Here
11NE111PhoenixOblique City
128171Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
1316413Owl EyesNightswim
14NE114Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
1511134Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
1614201James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
1813172Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
1924319John NewmanLove Me Again
2021620Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
21191218Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2218153AstaI Need Answers
2327223DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
24NE124Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
2517616Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
26201511Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2722621Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
28NE128Justin TimberlakeTunnel Vision
2925815Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
30261022The NationalDemons
3130430Jake BuggSeen It All
3235232LordeTennis Court
33231113SpenderBed & Chair
3434334Macklemore & Ryan LewisWing$
35291026Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker
3628527Glass TowersHalcyon
37321012MGMTAlien Days
38311016AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
3933531Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
4038735PhoenixTrying To Be Cool

41361125City and ColourThirst
44371616Justin TimberlakeMirrors
4840633KelisJerk Ribs

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Hmm, new JT and Daft Punk. I am going to have to give both of them a listen. Good to see 'old' Daft Punk still hanging about in the top three, and Mariah hitting the top 20.
Whew Mariah makes the top twenty is it her first top ten hit?
Great to see Disclosure move up and a debut for JT, and also the rise for Tennis Court.
It looks like Chvrches is shooting down their competition

Great to see Oh Sailor, Get Lucky (what an awesome chart run so far! ), Do I Wanna Know? (Awesome rise!), Jubilee Street , Spectrum, Southern Sun, Closure, Nightswim (Top 10 soon?), Lose Yourself To Dance (it is growing on me, though definitely not as good as Get Lucky), My God Is The Sun, Retrograde, Royals, Love Me Again , #Beautiful, Radioactive, You & Me [Flume Remix], Love Illumination (I think I prefer Right Action), The Phoenix, Rattlesnake, Demons, Tennis Court, Wing$, Alien Days, Attracting Flies, Memorium, and Trying To Be Cool!

Yay Chvrches hold off that song at #2 (which I have heard ), Good to see Boy & Bear, John Newman & Mariah Carey rising, Tunnel Vision so got a debut cause of the video or I'm just gonna choose to think that
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Your chart run for Get Lucky is amazing, even better than mine . Great to see rises for Do I Wanna Know?, Love Me Again and Tennis Court. Don't care for any of the debuts though.
Going to lose this week thanks to Ashes and shenanigans!

Great to see Chvrches still on top, sadly with the wrong song but I still approve. I will have to give it another listen in the coming weeks once Mother starts to wane for me since Gun is actually relevant and stuff! Oh Sailor wow, I totally forget it completely but I never thought it'd get this high.

Awesome jump for Arctics straight into the top five; while it's struggling to even make my chart it could challenge for the top of yours and even might finally dethrone Daftie on Hi-ZAP! Nice jumps also for Boy & Bear, Owl Eyes, John Newman and Lorde.

And four debuts. I appreciate the relevance status of each in the commentary but I'm not sure I'll ever chart any of them regardless, except maybe Franz. Phoenix is semi-TRASH! and one which is probably good but no more since that's the way I feel about the entire album. Daftie can't even class as any kind of TRASH!, despite me only ever hearing it at work, it's repetitive enough that I can tell you EXACTLY which song that is from the album. It's fine enough but I'm possibly already more tired of it than I am Get Lucky so I hope radio doesn't go nuts for it. Why can't Within be the next single!? Franz is TRASH! and when I listen to both the Franz tracks I expect to want to chart one but I'll have to make a choice or investigate which one is actually relevant. Still, I expect to like it. And I heard half of Tunnel Vision on the radio one night and was underwhelmed and then heard it in full the next day and remained underwhelmed. I hope it gorws on me but I don't expect to like it enough to chart. Still I am pleased you are.

Once my loss became inevitable I gave up trying for speed and got thrashed.
Of course there is that one debut that I love. I have no problem with the fact that it's not Right Action, I'm just glad Franz have entered so high. What an excellent jump for Arctics, hopefully it can get to the top! Straight 6s for Nick Cave is grouse and all that but I was hoping for top 5.
July 14th

Chvrches hold for a 3rd week but are they under threat? Arctic Monkeys continue their ascent with "Do I Wanna Know?" now up to #2. They previously reached #2 back in 2009 with "Crying Lightning" and are yet to hit the top spot. Perhaps this will be the song to do it? Boy & Bear and MS MR continue to inch up the top 10, while Phoenix rise to #9 from #11, giving them their 2nd top 10 hit, after "Entertainment".


Only one returning veteran this week, but they have the highest debut. Bloc Party have had limited success, but nonetheless are up to their 4th chart entry. "Ratchet" enters at #24.
I recently heard their debut album and lamented how much I enjoy "Twin Peaks" which I never charted. May as well chart them now; Surfer Blood debut at #27 with "Demon Dance".
For some reason this is #2 on the ARIA charts. For some reason I really like it.
For some reason this made #2 on the UK Charts. I've known it for a while but never got around to charting it. Chris Malinchak is in at #39 with "So Good To Me".

1171ChvrchesGun {3 Weeks @ #1}
2542Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
32102Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
43121Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
54101ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
6866Boy & BearSouthern Sun
7676Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
8988MS MRHead Is Not My Home
91129PhoenixOblique City
107133ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
1113511Owl EyesNightswim
1214212Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
1410124James BlakeLife Round Here
1412181Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
1519415John NewmanLove Me Again
1615144Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
1824218Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
1923319DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
2016211James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
2118182Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
2220720Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
2328223Justin TimberlakeTunnel Vision
24NE124Bloc PartyRatchet
25211318Imagine DragonsRadioactive
2622163AstaI Need Answers
27NE127Surfer BloodDemon Dance
28261611Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
2932329LordeTennis Court
3025716Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
3129915Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
3227721Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
33301122The NationalDemons
3434434Macklemore & Ryan LewisWing$
35NE135OneRepublicCounting Stars
3631530Jake BuggSeen It All
37331213SpenderBed & Chair
3836627Glass TowersHalcyon
39NE139Chris MalinchakSo Good To Me
40351126Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker

42371012MGMTAlien Days
46381016AlunaGeorgeAttracting Flies
4839531Midnight JuggernautsMemorium
4340735PhoenixTrying To Be Cool

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I was not expecting to see OneRepublic and Chris Malinchak chart, but no complaints there! Good to see Owl Eyes approaching top 10 and John Newman and Lorde up, and the other Lorde song having amazing longevity. I'm surprised JT is doing so well for you! Also go Arctic Monkeys
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Oh, great to see OneRepublic debut. That was a surprise. While it looks like Mariah's on her way down, I am pleased that she even made it to the top 20. Good to see John Newman rising this week.
Great to see OneRepublic and Chris Malinkchak debut. I was expecting Mariah to fall a few weeks back and knew it would be coming sooner or later. Top 20 is still a pretty good effort for her I reckon.
Great to see Chvrches still #1 (I hope that continues), Cool to see Boy & Bear & John Newman moving up, yay for the OneRepublic debut.
I have already lost the race, the combination of cricket and footy stuff on TV held me up, also I wasn't as well prepared as usual.

Nice to see Chvrches staying on top, not that I listened to it again yet. Arctics rise is also good, at this stage either of them being on top is good with me until I develop a real preference. Or maybe Boy & Bear could continue to sneak up and get there, but that's unlikely.

I am now a few weeks behind in cleaning your TRASH!/semi-TRASH! but I'll still say yay for Phoenix in the top ten despite knowing that I don't love whichever one that is. Good jumps also for Owl Eyes, John Newman and Lorde.

And this week adds to the TRASH! but I can deal with it because while the Bloc Party song is currently TRASH! I generally like them and expect to like it; at the very least it won't be a chore listening to it like TRASH! sometimes can feel. Fantastic to see Surfer Blood and One Republic debut; it's rare enough that you even have two non-TRASH! debuts in the same week, let alone two that I am currently charting! That last thing is TRASH! but I did hear the start of it (and maybe all of it but I've forgotten whether I just tuned it out or turned it off) on the radio last night and it didn't sound like the kind of thing I'd ever curr about.
Sad to see AlunaGeorge drop out.
July 21st

Surprised? Chvrches are at #1 for a 4th week, matching their tally from "The Mother We Share" a couple months ago. Arctic Monkeys continue to close in but make do with #2 again. Mr. Little Jeans & Daft Punk also hold at #3 & #4 respectively. Boy & Bear rise a spot to #5 with "Southern Sun" to grab their 4th top 5 hit. Phoenix eye off a second with "Oblique City" charging three spots to #6. Lastly Owl Eyes nudges up a spot to #10 to get a 6th top 10 hit with "Nightswim".


Very happy right now and enthusiasm for a new album is at an all time high, having been absent for two and a half years, Kings of Leon return in a big way with "Supersoaker" at #15. It's their 8th entry to date.
Having scored a big hit a few months prior with "My God Is The Sun", Queens of the Stone Age get a second entry, with "I Sat By The Ocean" in at #27.
After fighting to get in for a few weeks, Karnivool have finally done so with "We Are" at #33. It comes from their hopefully #1 3rd album, and is their 4th entry to date following 3 huge hits in 2009.
And finally a UK #1 hit that I swore I would never get into when I first heard it. I'm never right so here's Naughty Boy in at #39 with "La La La".

1181ChvrchesGun {4 Weeks @ #1}
2252Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
33112Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
44131Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
5675Boy & BearSouthern Sun
6936PhoenixOblique City
75111ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
8898MS MRHead Is Not My Home
9786Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
1011610Owl EyesNightswim
1112311Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
1215512John NewmanLove Me Again
1310143ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
1418314Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
15NE115Kings of LeonSupersoaker
1619416DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
1714134James BlakeLife Round Here
1814191Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
1924219Bloc PartyRatchet
2123321Justin TimberlakeTunnel Vision
2216154Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
2320221James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
2421192Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
2527225Surfer BloodDemon Dance
2622820Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
27NE127Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean
2829428LordeTennis Court
29251418Imagine DragonsRadioactive
3026173AstaI Need Answers
3135231OneRepublicCounting Stars
32281711Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
33NE133KarnivoolWe Are
3439234Chris MalinchakSo Good To Me
3530816Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
36331222The NationalDemons
37311015Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)
3832821Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
39NE139Naughty BoyLa La La (feat Sam Smith)
4034534Macklemore & Ryan LewisWing$

4636530Jake BuggSeen It All
43371213SpenderBed & Chair
4438627Glass TowersHalcyon
48401126Fire! Santa Rosa, Fire!Codebreaker

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Boy & Bear top 5, Owl Eyes top 10, John Newman and Disclosure up, Lorde still top 20, other Lorde song, OneRepublic and Chris Malinchak up, and most of all Naughty Boy debut!!
Solid debuts for KoL and Karnivool. Not too happy to see Naughty Boy debuting. I just can't get into it. Nice to see OneRepublic improving on last week's debut, as well as John Newman rising.

Boring anecdote time: I have started a new job that often has JJJ playing on the radio, so I am starting to recognise more artists on the chart. This may result in me commenting on the movement of more than four songs. Yay!
I haven't heard the new KOL track yet, I keep meaning to buy it on iTunes but then other things get in the way.
Nice rise for JT, OneRepublic and Chris Malinchak.

Lol D-Man at your bottom comment.
Great to see Mariah Carey and OneRepublic in there!
So we can expect a Chase & Status debut next week?

Nice entry for Naughty Boy. That OneRepublic song has been hovering outside my top 50 for weeks now - guess it's like a breaker in the old days!
Nice to see Chvrches continue to reign; I'm torn because if Gun remains on top it beats Mother's run but I think I'd prefer it on top so whatevs.

Good to see Phoenix continue to gain; it's a decent enough track. Pleased to see Old Man hit the top ten yet again and nice jumps for John Newman, Franz, Bloc Party, Surfer Blood and One Republic.

As for the debuts it's an interesting mix. Supersoaker certainly qualifies as TRASH!; I have previewed it and wasn't compelled to listen to it in full immediately. I think I will like but not love it. QOTSA is indeed semi-TRASH! and I find the album good without being all that great. I'm confident that I like that song okay but don't love it. Karnivool is TRASH! and TRASH! that I'd almost stopped expecting you to chart, I was thinking you'd debut it weeks ago. And lastly there's Naughty Boy which is of course not TRASH! in any way. I see what you meant about me potentially preferring the TRASH! to the non-TRASH! this week and I understand why you'd think it, but at this moment in time I'm placing my bets that I prefer La La La. I'm finding it increasingly enjoyable and might just chart it myself.

I was late beginning my usual race this week and thus only entered into it half-heartedly and then my regular Friday night phone call came earlier than usual and killed off any hope I had.
Keep slaying Chvrches! Great to see Boy & Bear top 5 and Owl Eyes top ten now, and good rises for John Newman & OneRepublic, Great debut for KOL.
I suppose it doesn't surprise that KOL did so well with the debut. It is cool. I can feel how close Arctics are, come on!!!!!!! Shame to see Nick Cave fall, that'd be it for him sadly. Surfer Blood!!11!! Keep rising!!!111!!!11!!!1!! I suppose go Franz too
@D Man, haha, the Karnivool comment already threw me off

July 28th

Perhaps this looked to be the week? Nope but it was again very close. Chvrches stick at #1 for a 5th week, keeping Arctic Monkeys at bay for a third. Phoenix jump up to #3 with "Oblique City" becoming their highest charter ever. This pushes Mr. Little Jeans down to #4 and Boy & Bear remain at #5 for a 2nd week. Kings of Leon get their first top 10 hit in nearly 5 years with "Supersoaker" up to #7, and John Newman gets his first top 10 hit sans Rudimental with "Love Me Again" at #9. Big moves this week for Queens of the Stone Age (#27->#18) & Karnivool (#33-#22)


I've known this song for quite a while and for some reason decided not to chart it. Hearing another song that is yet to debut as of this week randomly made me think of it, so Simone & Girlfunkle debut at #19 with "Summer Rain".
Arguably one of the longest hiatuses ever on my chart, Miles Kane debuts to the chart at #28 with "Don't Forget Who You Are", but as one half of The Last Shadow Puppets, scored a solitary chart entry over 5 years ago!
On the other end of the spectrum, MS MR have been very productive and are now up to their 5th chart entry in a little over a year. "Think Of You" is in at #34.
And Kanye West finally graces the chart, though he did get an entry last year with Jay-Z, "Black Skinhead" becomes his first solo appearance, at #38.

1191ChvrchesGun {5 Weeks @ #1}
2262Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
3643PhoenixOblique City
43122Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
5585Boy & BearSouthern Sun
64141Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
71527Kings of LeonSupersoaker
87121ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
91269John NewmanLove Me Again
1010710Owl EyesNightswim
1111411Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
128108MS MRHead Is Not My Home
1314413Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
14996Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
1516515DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
1619316Bloc PartyRatchet
1713153ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
1827218Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean
19NE119Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
2021420Justin TimberlakeTunnel Vision
2118201Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
2233222KarnivoolWe Are
2325323Surfer BloodDemon Dance
2417144James BlakeLife Round Here
2623231James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
2722164Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is The Sun
28NE128Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are
2928528LordeTennis Court
3024202Midnight JuggernautsBallad Of The War Machine
3126920Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)
3231331OneRepublicCounting Stars
3334333Chris MalinchakSo Good To Me
34NE134MS MRThink Of You
35291518Imagine DragonsRadioactive
3639236Naughty BoyLa La La (feat Sam Smith)
3730183AstaI Need Answers
38NE138Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
39321811Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
40371115Way of the EagleRattlesnake (feat Dan Sultan)

4535816Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
43361222The NationalDemons
4638821Fall Out BoyThe Phoenix
4740534Macklemore & Ryan LewisWing$

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Nice to see Tunnel Vision still moving up and Disclosure in the top 15. Most of my favourites are going down though
Nice to see John Newman and Kings Of Leon hit the top ten, as well as a decent rise for Karnivool. Shame to see Mariah, OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons down, but only a little, so it's not all bad
Good to see Love Me Again in the top ten but hoping Supersoaker doesn't get too much higher. Sad to see The Phoenix and Wing$ drop out.
Yay Chrvches keep slaying, nice to see KOL & John Newman moving up, Miles Kane debut is ok
Yay Chvrches! I still didn't listen to it again, no need yet since Mother is still strong in my chart, but I previewed it and liked it quite a bit. I may chart it sometime soonish. Nice to see KoL and John Newman rising into the top ten too, perhaps Supersoaker is a #1 contender.

Good jumps also for QOTSA, Karnivool and Surfer Blood. I'm hoping Demon Dance can find a way at least into the top 20.

Of the four debuts this week we originally had 2 TRASH! and one semi-TRASH! but I fixed that up last weekend. Starting at the top, the Simone & Girlfunkle song was good but not as great as the artist name! Miles Kane song is very cool and I'm glad to see you finally charting it. MS MR is good but not one of my faves from the album. And Kanye is Kanye and you should know how I feel about that.

I separated things into two races this week, and lost the quarter time AP race by under a minute, however I've won this one by a few minutes. Perhaps I'd have had a chance at winning the full race this week but that phone call could come any moment.....
MS MR is TRASH! although I swear I've heard it on the radio. I certainly can't remember how it goes if I did though. The three entries I do know are all good, with Miles Kane probably the best. I was surprised when I saw the Simone & Girlfunkle thing on your chart; I assumed when I saw it on your lastie during the week that it was some old H100 thing you recently acquired (it sounds like an obscure '90s band name tbh! ).

Little bit frustrated that Arctics have been held back by Chvrches, but I have no problem with Gun as a song so yeah. Nice rise for KOL actually; I'm sorta surprised that it's already in the top 10, idk why Elsewhere cool rises for FRANZAZIJDWSIU, SURFERBLOODSWIJEFDSI, Bloc Party, the Disclosure Flume remix thang which I really like now and I just remembered as I was typing this to buy it so yeah good for them, Chris Malinchak and John Newman. Naww slightly bland VW song
Week 282:

Main Chart:

1271Do I Wanna Know - Arctic Monkeys (1 week at #1)
21101Gun - Chvrches (5 weeks at #1)
3353Oblique City - Phoenix
4734Supersoaker - Kings Of Leon
54132Oh Sailor - Mr. Little Jeans featuring The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth Chorale)
6595Southern Sun - Boy & Bear
76151Get Lucky - Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams (3 weeks at #1)
8979Love Me Again - John Newman
98131The Mother We Share - Chvrches (4 weeks at #1)
1010810Nightswim - Owl Eyes
1113511Love Illumination - Franz Ferdinand
1211511Lose Yourself To Dance - Daft Punk featuring Pharrell Williams
1316413Ratchet - Bloc Party
1418314I Sat By The Ocean - Queens Of The Stone Age
1515615You & Me (Flume Remix) - Disclosure featuring Eliza Doolittle
1619216Summer Rain - Simone And Girlfunkle
1722317We Are - Karnivool
1812118Head Is Not My Home - MS MR
1914106Jubilee Street - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
2017163Spectrum - Zedd featuring Matthew Koma
21NEW121Mary Lou - Timothy Nelson & The Infidels
2228222Don't Forget Who You Are - Miles Kane
2323423Demon Dance - Surfer Blood
2420520Tunnel Vision - Justin Timberlake
2521211Closure - Owl Eyes (3 weeks at #1)
2629626Tennis Court - Lorde
27252010Royals - Lorde
28NEW128Hearts Like Ours - The Naked And Famous
2934229Think Of You - MS MR
3026241Retrograde - Jame Blake (5 weeks at #1)
3124154Life Round Here - James Blake
3227174My God Is The Sun - Queens Of The Stone Age
33NEW133Wasting My Young Years - London Grammar
3433433So Good To Me - Chris Malinchak
3538235Black Skinhead - Kanye West
36311020#Beautiful - Mariah Carey featuring Miguel
3736336La La La - Naughty Boy featuring Sam Smith
3832431Counting Stars - OneRepublic
3930212Ballad Of The War Machine - Midnight Juggernauts
40351618Radioactive - Imagine Dragons


37183I Need Answers - Asta
391811Evil Friends - Portugal. The Man
401115Rattlesnake - Way Of The Eagle featuring Dan Sultan

Retro Chart:

1NEW11One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces - Ben Folds Five
2NEW12For Tomorrow - Blur
3NEW13Rock 'N' Roll Is Where I Hide - Dave Graney 'N' The Coral Snakes
4NEW14Nothingness (Colour Mix) - Living Colour
5NEW15Human Behaviour - Bjork
6NEW16Fire In The Head - The Tea Party
7NEW17Animal Nitrate - Suede
8NEW18Female Of The Species - Space
9NEW19Queer - Garbage
10NEW110Dy-Na-Mi-Tee - Ms. Dynamite
11NEW111Protection - Massive Attack featuring Tracey Thorne
12NEW112Smokin' Johhny Cash - The Blackeyed Susans
13NEW113Everything Zen - Bush
14NEW114Sober - Tool
15NEW115Benedict - Jebediah
16NEW116Plush - Stone Temple Pilots
17NEW117Go With The Flow - Queens Of The Stone Age
18NEW118No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age
19NEW119Can You Forgive Her? - Pet Shop Boys
20NEW120Tingly - Pop! featuring Angie Hart
21NEW121Pulse - Front End Loader
22NEW122First It Giveth - Queens Of The Stone Age
23NEW123Hotel Yorba - The White Stripes
24NEW124Another Love Song - Queens Of The Stone Age
25NEW125Faces - Owl Eyes
26NEW126Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine
27NEW127Lemon - U2
28NEW128Special - Garbage
29NEW129Happy Birthday Helen - Things Of Stone And Wood
30NEW130Evidence - Faith No More
31NEW131The Honeymoon Is Over - The Cruel Sea
32NEW1326 Underground - Sneaker Pimps
33NEW133Insane In The Brain - Cypress Hill
34NEW134Pyramid Song - Radiohead
35NEW135Mr. Wendal - Arrested Development
36NEW136Linger - The Cranberries
37NEW137Cough Syrup - Young The Giant
38NEW138God Is In The Radio - Queens Of The Stone Age
39NEW139What It's Like - Everlast
40NEW140My Sister - The Juliana Hatfield Three

There are no leavers this week
"the impact of zacco's chart tho, only legand z" Love the new #1 and the London Grammar debut!! Good to see Lorde up more too, and 36-40 hanging on. I admittedly only know 6 of the songs on the retro chart, but those 6 are great!
Oh, it's August. I forgot

Kings of Leon are really making a charge for that top spot! Good to see John Newman and Karnivool up, plus Mariah and OneRepublic still hanging around.
Shame to see Chvrches lose #1 but Arctic Monkeys are ok I guess, Nice rises though for Kings Of Leon, John Newman and cool debut for The Naked And Famous!
Do I wanna know what your new #1 is? Great to see Arctic Monkeys hit the top spot! Great to also see Gun, Supersoaker, Oh Sailor, Southern Sun, Get Lucky (wow, great longevity!), Love Me Again, Nightswim (please peak higher than #10 ), Love Illumination, Lose Yourself To Dance, Ratchet (Top 10 soon? ), You & Me (Flume Remix) (come on, higher than #15 ), We Are (good to see you finally charted it ), Jubilee Street, Spectrum, Demon Dance, Closure, Tennis Court, Royals, Hearts Like Ours, Retrograde, My God Is The Sun, Wasting My Young Years, Black Skinhead, #Beautiful, La La La, Counting Starts, Ballad Of The War Machine, and Radioactve. Sad to see Rattlesnake leave though. I like Augusts (me au-gusta ).

In your Retro Chart, great to see One Angry Dwarf And 200 Solemn Faces . And also For Tomorrow, Protection, Everything Zen, Sober, Plush, Go With The Flow, No One Knows, Hotel Yorba, Faces, Killing In The Name, Lemon, Happy Birthday Helen, Evidence, Insane In Da Brain, Pyramid Song, Mr. Wendal, Linger, Cough Syrup, and God Is in The Radio!

Copying me with the retro chart tbh

Anyway, good to see Do I Wanna Know? at #1 and the rise for Tennis Court is great as well. The only song I know in your retro chart is Killing In The Name but I like it so yay
Well persistence has paid off; I guess it's nice to see Arctics take the top spot though I'd probably have preferred Gun stay there since it already beat Mother's run anyway; though perhaps with purchase looming maybe Mother can rebound there!? Although with that nice move Supersoaker looks a real chance for it too.

Nice jumps this week for Franz, Bloc Party, Karnivool, Miles Kane and Lorde. Shame to see Demon Dance stall but at least it didn't drop so top twenty is still a chance. La La La also should peak higher.

All three of those debuts were TRASH! but I've already fixed that up for you earlier in the week, with varying degrees of enjoyment. Yes, I shockingly didn't like them all exactly the same amount! Mary Lou was probably the one I expected to like the least but it easily ended up being the one I enjoyed most. I haven't given it another listen but I certainly will probably today and it could easily push for a place in my chart next week. Hearts Like Ours was TNAF so I expected to like it and I did, but not as much as I'd hoped. It doesn't compare to Girls Like You or All Of This but I'll also probably still chart that. And I did like the London Grammar song too, but not as much as the others and probably not enough to chart it.

Work interfered with my usual Friday night race so I wasn't going to have one this week, I was just going to pay an album while commenting, but I figured I'd so easily win that I wouldn't bother thinking of it as a race. Yet the next album in my library was possibly the shortest one in there; damn Sleigh Bells at just 32 minutes. That combined with a huge increase in comments owed and I suddenly had no chance of winning. I lost by well over ten minutes.
Good to see TNAF enter.

Was listening to the CHVRCHES album the other night - since you love all the singles, I expect you'll like it.
Of course I was glad! What a change at the top. Good to see also that KOL might soon take over. Hotel Yorba slays <3
@D Man, my favourite month!
@Chris, good news...
@Trav, lots of bad news...
@BZ, good news...
@Gavin, eagerly anticipating it!
@irish, bad news...

12111CHVRCHESGun6th Wk @ #1<P>4
2181ARCTIC MONKEYSDo I Wanna Know?1 Wk @ #1<P>2
3443KINGS OF LEONSupersoakerNew Peak<P>
4363PHOENIXOblique City <P>
56105BOY & BEARSouthern Sun <P>2
65142MR. LITTLE JEANSOh Sailor (ft The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth Chorale) <P>2
77171DAFT PUNKGet Lucky (ft Pharrell Williams)3 Wks @ #1<P>5
8888JOHN NEWMANLove Me Again <P>
99141CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share4 Wks @ #1<P>3
1011610FRANZ FERDINANDLove IlluminationNew Peak<G>
1113511BLOC PARTYRatchetNew Peak<G>
12101010OWL EYESNightswim <P>
1317813KARNIVOOLWe AreNew Peak<G>
1412611DAFT PUNKLose Yourself To Dance (ft Pharrell Williams) <G>
1516415SIMONE AND GIRLFUNKLESummer RainNew Peak 
1614414QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEI Sat By The Ocean  
1822318MILES KANEDon't Forget Who You AreNew Peak 
1915715DISCLOSUREYou & Me (ft Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix] <G>
2023620SURFER BLOODDemon DanceNew Peak 
2128321THE NAKED AND FAMOUSHearts Like OursNew Peak 
2219116NICK CAVE AND THE BAD SEEDSJubilee Street <P>
2318138MS MRHead Is Not My Home <P>
2420173ZEDDSpectrum (ft Matthew Koma) <P>3
25NWNW25HAIMThe WireHighest Debut 
2626926LORDETennis Court <G>
2729427MS MRThink Of YouNew Peak 
2825221OWL EYESClosure3 Wks @ #1<P>5
29272210LORDERoyals <P>3
3033430LONDON GRAMMARWasting My Young YearsNew Peak 
3124720JUSTIN TIMBERLAKETunnel Vision <G>
32NWNW32CUB SCOUTSParadiseDebut 
3330251JAMES BLAKERetrograde5 Wks @ #1<P>5
3435634KANYE WESTBlack SkinheadNew Peak 
3545335JUSTIN TIMBERLAKETake Back The NightDebut To Top 40 
3632184QUEENS OF THE STONE AGEMy God Is The Sun <P>2
3731164JAMES BLAKELife Round Here <P>2
3834733CHRIS MALINCHAKSo Good To Me  
3937636NAUGHTY BOYLa La La (ft Sam Smith)  
40361220MARIAH CAREY#Beautiful (ft Miguel) <G>

    Dropping Out This Week 
4138631ONEREPUBLICCounting Stars
4239222MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTSBallad Of The War Machine
45401818IMAGINE DRAGONSRadioactive

    Up and Coming? 
4647246STONEFIELDPut Your Curse On Me
4958349CHASE & STATUSLost & Not Found (ft Louis M^tters)

*Chvrches are back at #1 for a sixth week with 'Gun', I can't stop playing it! Arctic Monkeys slip down to #2. Kings of Leon have their 2nd biggest hit ever at #3 with 'Supersoaker'. Phoenix are down to #4 with 'Oblique City'. Boy & Bear are back up to #5 with 'Southern Sun'.
*Franz Ferdinand get their first top 10 hit in over 4 years with 'Love Illumination', while Karnivool continue to quickly rise up the chart
*Haim get the biggest debut of the week with 'The Wire' which is their 3rd hit on the chart.
How apt that Mariah holds on to make an appearance in this of all charts?!

Still enjoying the continual rise for Kings Of Leon, but I'm starting to question if they'll be strong enough to claim the top spot. Good to see Karnivool up and JT in the chart.
Wow this chart format is just absolutely beautiful and awesome!
Anyways...nice to see the Naked & Famous moving up and Haim debuting, and also JT holding on. Oh well a 12 week run for Mariah is decent, better than her performance in the States at least although it should really be <P> by now haha!!
Gun is cool but I would have preferred for DIWK to continue longer at #1. I hope one of those two or Southern Sun blocks Supersoaker Ouch for Night"slay" falling after only making #10, it's like your True Love Very nice to see London Grammar up to a new peak. I'm really surprised you like TBTN enough to chart it! Maybe it'll manage to crack my chart someday. Haven't heard the Haim track, but judging from Falling and Don't Save Me it's surely good. #Beautiful falls 36-40 after doing the same in the UK the other week, maybe you'll drop Black Skinhead to 40 next week plz? Even though it didn't fall 34-40, it's still something I would have thought OneRepublic would've remained in for longer, but it's still done crazy well. I like that the other two dropouts had great longevity. And ooh at L&NF, didn't realise you were liking it that much! Oh and yass Lorde slaying dat longevity despite her comparably low peak
It took me longer than it should to work out what format it was, duh! In a way I'm disappointed that Arctics could only manage one week on top, but also they only got one week for me so you're obviously not allowed to beat me because EVERYTHING on this site is clearly a competition. Meanwhile Franz into the top 10 is awesum. Great rises for Tnaffy, Kanye, Surfer Blood, Kings of Leon, Miles Kane and Timothy Nelson.
Chvrches!!! yay very cool #1 , Nice jumps aswell for Kings Of Leon & The Naked And Famous, Good debut aswell for Haim.
Yay I guess, although I still didn't listen to Gun in full again; surely that time is looming though. I'll now root for Supersoaker though since it has pushed into the top three and is growing on me quite rapidly. Good to see Boy & Bear in the top five too, I'd somehow not noticed it had crept that high.

Nice to see Franz move into the top ten and also the jumps for Karnivool, Timothy Nelson, Miles Kane, Surfer Blood and TNAF. I'm particularly glad to see Surfer Blood were able to reach the top twenty and I'll hope they can keep moving up. In honour of the chart you've imitated this week, perhaps Demon Dance should have shot up to #6 and then it could have fallen to #18 or something next week.

It took me far too long to find the third debut because I'm not used to looking for it in that format from you. Like, a ridiculously long time. In any case all three of those must qualify as TRASH! Haim and Cub Scouts because I haven't heard them at all, although I do expect and hope to like them and JT because I think it was maybe on the radio one morning while I was still half asleep and I was also in a different room so if it was even that I barely heard it, certainly not enough to even class it as semi-TRASH! I hope I can love it but I don't expect it's overly amazzing.

I hope you debut something else from Trouble Will Find Me soon. Pink Rabbits would be wonderful.

And I've lost the race by seconds. Like just as I started typing this paragraph they bounced the ball to restart.
Hopefully La La La can get back on the rise and Tennis Court can get a new peak. Hopefully Supersoaker doesn't go #1.
GO Supersoaker!! So sad to see Radioactive and OneRepublic drop out. Yay for JT, Best Spectrum, Boy & Bear, Lorde and Daft Punk
You my friend, have way too much time on your hands! I do have to admire your commitment!

So, it turns out that KoL aren't strong enough to topple the top two... yet. Great to see JT shoot up the chart and a solid debut for Bastille.
Poor Gun but at least The Mother We Share rises.

Good rises for TNAF & Haim.

I wonder if people think you haven't done a chart this week
Looking through your table I believe DIWK indeed is the first song to go #1 for both of us! Who'd have thought Arctic Monkeys would be the one to do that I think STIUTK and GL going #2 for me was the previous 'record'.

Obviously happy with the #1 switchover this week, and Supersoaker hopefully stalling Ouch for Oh Sailor down 6, even though it was in the top 10 for ages Woah at TBTN up 13 Feels even more strange having it on here than Mirrors and Tunnel Vision Great debut for other Arctics. I should have figured Laura Palmer from your AP but it's still a surprise to me! KOL flopping? RIP Mariah and Chris Malinchak, they did very well.
Really great effort, and I can appreciate that I've always felt that there's something a bit odd about that Cub Scouts picture, idk

Awesome DIWK! Good to see KOL and Bastille in, and of course Arctics. I'm not surprised that Karnivool are close to a top 10 hit again.
Is it September yet?

Ooh, revolving #1. I don't really mind between the two; I'm fully supporting Supersoaker now. Nice rebound for Mother though; being able to purchase it finally has clearly helped somewhat.

Nice to see Karnivool almost in the top ten now; hopefully they can get there as can Timothy Nelson who is also rising well. It's also good to see Miles Kane up and TNAF move into the top twenty.

Shame to see Demon Dance drop; I'd hope that it can rebound and get a better peak but you're not me so it's probably not overly likely. At least it made top twenty. The JT jump is weird; I still haven't listened to it properly but a girl had it on at her desk at work this week and I heard a little as I walked past; seemed okayish. The Arctics song is TRASH! atm and I hate the title but I expect to like the song.

Nice to see Laura Palmer debut; I wasn't expecting it until I saw your AP, when you said non-TRASH! that you knew I liked I figured I was charting it but I didn't pick that as what it would be, not that I really made a choice. The KOL song is TRASH! atm but I do expect to like it too.

And now I am very glad that work last night prevented my usual race because if I started at the start of half time I'd have to have raced against the end of the match rather than the end of half time; computer soooo slow atm. (Not helped by having to load four extra pages to see a chart!!!) I didn't have a race but I feel quite confident that I'd have lost any race I could have come up with.
24 August 2013

14PhoenixOblique City18
23Kings Of LeonSupersoaker26
31Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?110
58Bloc PartyRatchet57
66ChvrchesThe Mother We Share 2013116
75Boy & BearSouthern Sun512
811KarnivoolWe Are86
910Franz FerdinandLove Illumination98
107Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell WilliamsGet Lucky118
1114Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou114
1220HaimThe Wire123
1313Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain135
149John NewmanLove Me Again810
1518The Naked & FamousHearts Like Ours154
1623Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?162
1712Mr Little Jeans Ft. The Silverlake Conservatory Of Music Youth ChoraleOh Sailor216
1822Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night183
1917Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are175
2015Owl EyesNightswim1011
2116Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell WilliamsLose Yourself To Dance118
2219Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean146
2330Kanye WestBlack Skinhead235
2428Cub ScoutsParadise243
2521Surfer BloodDemon Dance207
2625MS MRThink Of You255
2731BastilleLaura Palmer272
2824Disclosure Ft. Eliza DoolittleYou & Me (Flume Remix)159
2927Zedd Ft. Matthew KomaSpectrum319
3026Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street613
3134Kings Of LeonWait For Me312
3232London GrammarWasting My Young Years304
3329LordeTennis Court269
3433Owl EyesClosure124
35NCage The ElephantCome A Little Closer351
3736Ms MrHead Is Not My Home814
3837James BlakeRetrograde127
3940Naughty Boy Feat. Sam SmithLa La La366
40REMiguel Ft. Mariah CareyBeautiful2012
Ooh, KoL are really trying for the top spot! Good to see Karnivol iin the top ten, JT in the top 20 and rises lower down for Bastille and Mariah.
Sorry your links wouldn't open for me so I couldn't comment on your chart last week.

On this weeks chart, I don't mind the new JT track so good to see it rising. Good to see the two Lorde tracks in there and the re-entry for Mariah Carey.
Well I really should get around to hearing whatever that #1 is It hurts to see Superboring above Do I Wanna Slay Still dead at "The Mother We Share 2013"! Awesome to see Haim climbing so fast and Arctic Monkeys into the top 20. Cool re-entry for Mariah too.
Cool to see KOL, Haim & Bastille moving up, Nice re-entry for Mariah Carey.
I don't even know what you're imitating here but I guess there's only one more to go! On that note I only just noticed you were using Saturday dates now as opposed to Sunday ones; unless of course that change is just so the upcoming chart falls in August allowing another imitation.

As for the chart, that new #1 is certainly unexpected, I didn't think Phoenix had a shot but I don't mind it getting there. I would of course prefer Supersoaker and I hope that can take over. Good move also for Bloc Party into the top five and Karnivool into the top ten.

I'm pleased to see Timothy Nelson almost into the top ten, hopefully he moves in there next week and keeps rising. A great jump for Haim too; I liked that when I listened to it and should listen again and consider charting it. Nice moves also for TNAF, Arctics, Bastille, KOL and Naughty Boy.

Only one entry but it's TRASH! naturally. I have a feeling I'll like it as I vaguely recall liking something of theirs before but I can't think what and in trying to remember it I keep confusing that band with all the other "something THE something" bands that had stuff released around the same time as their last material. So who knows. In any case I am not pleased to see Beautiful back in.

No race this week as once again there was no point trying. I'm pleased that I've finished before the end of 3/4 time though as opposed to racing the end of the game. I'm displeased however that they're currently playing Roar over a montage of highlights; now I've heard it one and a bit times today, ewwwwww.
The #1 is TRASH! of course. Solid run for Supersoaker though; great to see up at second spot. Nice to see Why'd You Only rise, also yay for Haim, Bloc Party, Franz, Kanye, Cub thing, Bastille and KOL.
Sep 1st

2nd week of "Oblique City" at #1, which means it's the first time since July that the #1 hasn't changed for a week. "Supersoaker" remains at bay at #2 but it's getting closer. Chvrches & Arctic Monkeys swap places while Bloc Party are still a way back at #5. Haim get their 2nd top 10 with "The Wire" up to #8, while Timothy Nelson & The Infidels get their first. Arctic Monkeys have another big mover up 5 places to #11, while Kanye West sees "Black Skinhead" up to #18, the highest he's ever been. Cage The Elephant have the biggest rise of the week with "Come A Little Closer" up 9 places to #26.


[s]Because I haven't had many strong debuts lately[/s], [s]because her other songs are falling out[/s], [s]because I don't like the actual single that much[/s], because I really quite like the song, Owl Eyes gets a 7th chart entry with "Find Out" at #20.
A song that conflicts me because it's half a style I'm not into and half very catchy, I leant more to the latter and let Major Leagues enter with "Endless Drain" at #29.
"F**kin' Problems" makes this feel slightly less weird, but yay, for the first time in ages, Drake isn't being frustrating and I can get into his new song. "Hold On, We're Going Home" debuts at #34.

1191PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
2272Kings of LeonSupersoaker
34141ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
43111Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
5585Bloc PartyRatchet
6876KarnivoolWe Are
76171ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
81248HaimThe Wire
91159Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
107135Boy & BearSouthern Sun
1116311Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
12999Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
1315513The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1413613Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
1510191Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
1618416Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
1714118John NewmanLove Me Again
1823618Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1917172Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
20NE120Owl EyesFind Out
2119617Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are
2224422Cub SportParadise
23201210Owl EyesNightswim
2421911Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
2527325BastilleLaura Palmer
2635226Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
2722714Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean
2831328Kings of LeonWait For Me
29NE129Major LeaguesEndless Drain
3026625MS MRThink Of You
3125820Surfer BloodDemon Dance
3232530London GrammarWasting My Young Years
3329203ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
34NE134DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
35281015DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
36331026LordeTennis Court
3730146Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
3834251Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
4039736Naughty BoyLa La La (feat Sam Smith)

4137148MS MRHead Is Not My Home
4238271James BlakeRetrograde {5 Weeks @ #1}
44401220Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat Miguel)

Last edited:
Wow The Mother we Share is having an awesome run, I'm really getting into that at the moment. Nice rise for Haim and JT and good to see Drake. Nice surprise to see #Beautiful re-enter last week. Yay! I think it should be 13 though?
Good to see Drake enter and Zedd and the Lorde double in there too.
Great effort with your August charts

C'mon Supersoaker for #1 next week.

Great to see Oblique City, Supersoaker, Gun, Do I Wanna Know?, Ratchet (hells yeah!), We Are, The Mother We Share, The Wire (great to see this in the Top 10!), Southern Sun, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?, Love Illumination, Get Lucky (still slaying), Love Me Again, Black Skinhead (it get's the people going), Oh Sailor, Find Out, Nightswim, Lose Yourself To Dance, Clive Palmer, Laura Palmer, I Sat By The Ocean, Wait For Me, Demon Dance, Wasting My Young Years, Spectrum, Hold On, We're Going Home, You & Me [Flume Remix] (make sure you vote for it in the upcoming ACI...(/nopromotionwhatsoever)), Tennis Court, Jubilee Street, Closure, Royals (good run!), and La La La!

This Drake debut intrigues me. A few members have charted him this week. I may have heard the track once, but I can't be too sure. Pleasing rises for Haim, Justin Timberlake and Bastille. I would have no issue with Naughty Boy leaving your chart next week
Gun rebound! , Come on KoL still aswell, Good to see Haim, TNAF & Bastille rising, ooh new Owl Eyes single? , Good debut for Drake aswell
Well I wasn't planning a race but Stan pretty much just started so I'll race it. I expect to lose.

Phoenix still on top is fine but I'm waiting for Supersoaker to get there, I hope it can. Nice to see Gun back up but a shame Mother falls again. Good jump for Karnivool also and fantastic to see Haim and Mary Lou make the top ten which I'm quite liking at the moment.

Good jumps for Arctics, TNAF, Bastille and Kings Of Leon outside the top ten this week. Also this Cub Sport band whoever they are; they sound appealing. I'm just guessing they're a band because I'd like to hope they keep going.

Three debuts this week and only one is TRASH! Old Man is kind of semi-TRASH! though because it's been a while since I eard the album and I don't remember which one that is. I believe I like it though. I know nothing of the Major Leagues TRASH! though, but hopefully it's good. And the Drake song was probably better than I was expecting but still not overly good.

Well, Stan just died and now is getting a letter in response. I won!
oooh come on Supersoaker!! Like, I've already given this Kings of Leon era a week at #1, surely you couldn't either?

Fantastic to still see Spectrum hanging around and cool rises for Wait For Me and Laura Palmer. I'm glad Southern Sun made top 5, now it's a matter of how long it will last! Same goes for Get Lucky.
Good to see Hold On, We're Going Home debut and a rise for Laura Palmer, sad to see #Beautiful out.
So if Arctics re-entered on ARIA they'd be above Haim perhaps... cool Cool to see Cub Screw Up My Lastie move up as well as Arctics, other Tim Nelson, Tnaffy, KOL, Kanye and Bastille.
@alley, actually 12 is correct. The reason for the different number the other week is because I was committing to my imitation by including weeks 'bubbling under' so to speak

Sep 8th

I've had the same top 4 for a ridiculous 6 weeks, so it's only fair that they all get a turn on the top, right? After waiting behind for a little while, "Supersoaker" finally does it. It's Kings of Leon's 2nd #1 hit after "Sex On Fire" back in 2008. It's also the 91st #1 in my chart's history. Phoenix are pushed back to #2, and of course Chvrches & Arctic Monkeys are next. After their previous hit peaked at #6, Haim have their first ever top 5 hit with "The Wire" moving up to #5. Arctic Monkeys have two simultaneous top 10 hits as "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" moves up to #7, and of course Chvrches still do too, but "The Mother We Share" is down to #10 this week. Cage The Elephant make another strong gain with "Come A Little Closer" up 8 places to #18.


I've clearly been listening to the UK charts too much and it's starting to show in my chart. The top debut at #33 comes from Le Youth and their reworking of a song I don't think a lot of. "C O O L" is the debut.
And next is a band that I've strangely never charted before. Sure, their opus "Wolf Like Me" is from 2006, but they've had plenty of quality releases since then. Nonetheless, I'm fixing my chart now by introducing TV On The Radio to it. "Mercy" is in at #36.

1281Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
21101PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
33151ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
44121Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
5855HaimThe Wire
6595Bloc PartyRatchet
71147Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
8686KarnivoolWe Are
9969Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
107181ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
1113611The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1210145Boy & BearSouthern Sun
1316513Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
1414713Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
1512109Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
1620216Owl EyesFind Out
1718717Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1826318Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1915201Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
2017128John NewmanLove Me Again
2125421BastilleLaura Palmer
2219182Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
2328423Kings of LeonWait For Me
2422522Cub SportParadise
2521717Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are
26231310Owl EyesNightswim
27241011Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
2829228Major LeaguesEndless Drain
2934229DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
3032630London GrammarWasting My Young Years
3127814Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean
3230725MS MRThink Of You
33NE133Le YouthC O O L
3431920Surfer BloodDemon Dance
3533213ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
36NE136TV On The RadioMercy
37361126LordeTennis Court
38351115DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
3938261Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
4037156Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street

4440736Naughty BoyLa La La (feat Sam Smith)

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the wire in the top 5

and chvrches
The KOL track has really grown on me since I started enjoying Wait For Me so yay for that being #1 over the other song which I don't know. Nice rises for TNAF, KOL and Drake. Sad to see Royals out but 24 weeks is nothing to scoff at.
Nice to see KoL and Haim bookending the top five. Rises for Bastille and Drake are also pleasing. Bye La La La
It would easier to list the songs I don't like on your chart

I'm cheering on The Mother We Share to get the better chart run than Gun!

Not my favourite Bastille song, but good it see it alongside John Newman and Daft Punk. Hoping Drake and Kanye somehow go top 10, and that the better AM song surpasses the first single.
Go The Wire, hope that is your next #1. Good rises for Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? and Laura Palmer. I haven't heard the two debuts but I doubt there anywhere near as good as the two dropouts unfortunately
yay KOL!! great to see them at #1, Cool rises aswell for Haim, TNAF, Bastille, Drake & London Grammar.
I didn't plan a race this week either but I have the footy on and I'll see if I can get done before Geelong take the lead (because I'm assuming that's inevitable. 30-47 atm ftr).

Great to see Supersoaker take the top spot. It seemed like it was destined to but I had been thinking that if it didn't nab it this week it might never get there after all. Now I'm hoping it can get a few weeks there, and with the rest of the top four having already been there, perhaps that's a chance. That said, Haim are delightfully rising quickly and may get there sooner rather than later; also there's that looming Let's Get Ridiculous debut which is a major threat barring any chart rigging. 31-47.

I'm glad to see the Arctics jump into the top ten; with the album release I've heard that one a few more times now and it's grown on me although In still prefer DIWK. I'm also happy about the jumps for TNAF, Bastille and KOL. 38-47 and dominating play.

Only two debuts this week and while they were initially TRASH! I did rectify that earlier in the week. I indeed preferred the two dropouts to the entries but they weren't bad. The actual Le Youth track was better than the irritating remix I first listened to and I barely remember Mercy actually but I think it was good. I should look up my review again.

Well as I type this it's 44-47 and this has only been about five minutes or so. I guess we can take out of this that I at least won, and also that Port are doomed.
I really did enjoy Nine Types of Light so I should check out Mercy. Maybe later tonight.

Cool change at #1. Nice rises for Owlies, Drake, Arctics, Haim, Tnaffy, more KOL and Major Slayeagues.
Sep 15th

Anyone who has friended me on last.fm probably knows that I'm a pretty big Arcade Fire fan. And anyone who has been tracking my progress over the past week probably isn't surprised by this, but their latest single "Reflektor" has pulled off a #1 debut. It's not their first #1, as "The Suburbs" also got to #1 in 2010. It wasn't immediate though and had to climb for several weeks to get there. However, "Reflektor" becomes the 3rd #1 debut of the decade, with the most recent being "The Mother We Share" which is down to #14 this week. "Reflektor" is the 92nd song to get to #1 and is the 6th song to chart for Arcade Fire. In other news, Haim & Arctic Monkeys contine to climb, The Naked and Famous continue to wait, and Tv On The Radio jump 7 places with "Mercy".


What looked like it would be the big debut of the week initially is brushed aside, though still impressive in its own right. Following on from their #30 hit "Wasting My Young Years", London Grammar improve their stakes significantly with "Strong" debuting right in the top 10 at #9.
A very busy duo who occasionally pick up chart entries for me, Disclosure, have another one. "F For You" is in at #37 and is their 3rd chart entry.

1NE11Arcade FireReflektor {1 Week @ #1}
2191Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
32111PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
4564HaimThe Wire
53161ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
6756Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
74131Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
8978Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
9NE19London GrammarStrong
10896KarnivoolWe Are
1111711The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
126105Bloc PartyRatchet
1316313Owl EyesFind Out
1410191ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
1518415Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1613613Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
1714813Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
1817817Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1912155Boy & BearSouthern Sun
2015119Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
2121521BastilleLaura Palmer
2219211Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
2323523Kings of LeonWait For Me
2420138John NewmanLove Me Again
2522192Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
2629326DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2724622Cub SportParadise
2825817Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are
2936229TV On The RadioMercy
3028328Major LeaguesEndless Drain
3130730London GrammarWasting My Young Years
3233232Le YouthC O O L
33271111Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
3431914Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean
35261410Owl EyesNightswim
3632825MS MRThink Of You
37NE137DisclosureF For You
3835223ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
39341020Surfer BloodDemon Dance
40371226LordeTennis Court

44381115DisclosureYou & Me (feat Eliza Doolittle) [Flume Remix]
4239261Owl EyesClosure {3 Weeks @ #1}
4640156Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street

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I always love a number one debut on charts where most songs have to take the long haul to get there. It makes me wonder if I would ever find a strong so enjoyable that it blows everything out of the water on week one! Any, enough rambling, nice to see Arcade Fire on top, as well as rises for Haim and Drake.
2191Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
4564HaimThe Wire
74131Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
10896KarnivoolWe Are
126105Bloc PartyRatchet
1613613Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
1817817Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1912155Boy & BearSouthern Sun
2015119Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
2121521BastilleLaura Palmer
2219211Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
2323523Kings of LeonWait For Me
2420138John NewmanLove Me Again
2629326DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
33271111Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
3431914Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean
3632825MS MRThink Of You
40371226LordeTennis Court

Well I'm kind of racing my lunch/break but its not a real race because I will win easily time wise however in typing I am not eating quickly at all.

I had a feeling the Kings wouldn't reign long but I didn't expect that debut. Well I expected it but not on top. Until I hear it I will now support Haim; nice rise still. Also good to see Mary Lou keep moving up; come on Tnaffy for top ten!

I'm enjoying the London Grammar album so I'm pleased for that strong debut, how few top ten debuts you have and now two in a week! The other entry is TRASH! naturally, how icky too!

Well I won with about eight minutes to spare but with no food to spare.

Sep 22nd

No need to be shocked, Arcade Fire are #1 for a 2nd week. Kings of Leon hold at #2 while Haim & Arctic Monkeys move up a spot to #3 & #5 respectively. Meanwhile London Grammar jump 5 places to #4 with "Strong", while their previous entry, "Wasting My Young Years" gets a new peak at #29 too. Also oddly even though you could hardly tell from looking, this is the first time that my entire top 5 have made the ARIA charts! Meanwhile Owl Eyes gets a 7th top 10 hit and Bastille get a 2nd top 20 hit. And this was a rough chart so lots of big drops ahoy!


My main computer wasn't working last week and as a result I had to use my netbook. I got Spotify on there but I didn't have my iTunes library at my disposal. It was awful. Nonetheless, I spent a lot of time on Spotify then and ran out of ideas of what to listen to, so I went through the RateYourMusic charts and discovered Still Corners and now they're in my chart! "Fireflies" at #15 to be exact.
The lead off single was a big hit for me but I'm not as excited for the 2nd single, instead I've plucked a different Boy & Bear track; "Harlequin Dream" debuts at #21. It's their 7th chart entry.
I think I pretty much only took notice of this because the artist landed a support slot for a popular artist on this chart. The Kite String Tangle is in at #26 with "Given The Chance".
Calling All Cars have been missing from the chart after a couple years of success prior. Now they're back with a 5th chart entry, "Werewolves", at #32.
Daft Punk are back! In fact they take up 3 of the bottom 10 spots. "Instant Crush" is in at #34 as their 3rd entry, and also Julian Casablancas' 2nd solo featured outing after "Little Girl" from Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse back in 2009. He also had a top 5 hit on his own with "11th Dimension".

1121Arcade FireReflektor {2 Weeks @ #1}
22101Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
3473HaimThe Wire
4924London GrammarStrong
5665Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
63121PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
75171ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
8888Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
97141Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
1013410Owl EyesFind Out
1111811The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1215512Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1310106KarnivoolWe Are
1412115Bloc PartyRatchet
15NE115Still CornersFireflies
1614201ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
1718917Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1817913Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
1921619BastilleLaura Palmer
2016713Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
21NE121Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
2226422DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2323623Kings of LeonWait For Me
2429324TV On The RadioMercy
2519165Boy & BearSouthern Sun
26NE126The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
2720129Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
2825202Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
2931829London GrammarWasting My Young Years
3032330Le YouthC O O L
3122221Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
32NE132Calling All CarsWerewolves
3328917Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are
34NE134Daft PunkInstant Crush (feat Julian Casablancas)
3527722Cub SportParadise
36331211Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
3730428Major LeaguesEndless Drain
3837237DisclosureF For You
39351510Owl EyesNightswim
40341014Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean

4124138John NewmanLove Me Again
4236825MS MRThink Of You
4338223ZeddSpectrum (feat Matthew Koma)
50391020Surfer BloodDemon Dance
46401226LordeTennis Court

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Come on Haim! Hoping that that is the next number one. Nice to see Bastille hit the top twenty, and the Daft Punk collection in the lower quarter of your chart is enjoyable too.
Great to see Haim, hopefully they move up 1 spot next week and then 1 more the following week , Decent rises aswell for Bastille & Drake, TNAF getting robbed!!
Not surprised at Reflektor being #1. Hopefully The Wire can get there soon. Pity that Love Me Again, Spectrum and Tennis Court are out
Excellent top three and if I could remember which one Strong is I might extend that to five. I'm happy to see Reflektor stay on top; expect a debut for that on my chart in the near future unless I forget which I would surely never do. I will have to support Haim to get there though so that all three of them have a go at being #1.

Not a surprise to see Old Man in the top ten; obviously celebrating the release of The Great Gatsby on DVD. I still haven't seen it but I'll assume she played her part marvelously. Nice to see Bastille make the top twenty and the jumps for London Grammar and Le Youth are good too.

Lookie at all those debuts! On the tallyboard we have three TRASH! and two semi-TRASH! I can only assume that the highest of them is an Owl City cover as I know that you're a huge fan of anything owl related. Boy & Bear is naturally semi-TRASH! and naturally semi that I expect to enjoy. The Kite String Tangle is of course TRASH! but it's one of those rather regular instances where your obscure TRASH!y artists have an extremely intriguing name. Hopefully their song is as cool. The next one is also TRASH! and not as interestingly named; I'd have found it much more appealing if it were about regular wolves rather than werewolves. As for the Daftie entry, I know I've heard it tonnes and reviewed it, and as soon as I hear a snippet of it I'll remember which song it is, but for the life of me I can't remember a thing of how it sounds so it has to be classed as semi-TRASH! I feel sure I liked it okay though.

No race this week and nothing I can even pretend may have been a race.

Edit: I forgot to say poor Love Me Again and Demon Dance. But particularly Love Me Again which suffers certainly the biggest dropout I can remember on your chart. Any bigger offhand?
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Straight 8s for Mary Lou! Great to see Flekky slaying. Cool entry for Kite String Tangle and it seems there's some new stuff I need to catch up on. Perhaps when I get back. Cool to see Owlies score another top 10 hit but I can't see it getting #1. Maybe. Actually I can't really say that
Sep 29th

Arcade Fire on top for 3 weeks. If they last next week, they'll match their previous #1, "The Suburbs". Potentially stopping this from happening is London Grammar, whose "Strong" rises from #4 to #2. This keeps Haim halted at #3 with "The Wire", and Kings of Leon down two to #4 with "Supersoaker". Arctic Monkeys hold at #5 with "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?". Cage The Elephant get their 2nd top 10 hit with "Come A Little Closer", while Still Corners are going for their 1st. Kanye West keeps creeping up with "Black Skinhead" now in its 10th week, while Drake & TV On The Radio see the top 20 for the first time with their hits.


We've been lacking Lorde for a week so she's picked up the slack and jumped in at #25 with "Team", her 3rd entry. It instantly outpeaks previous single "Tennis Court" (HP-26).
And now we have another UK hit to take me (and hopefully Australia!) by storm. Klangkarussell enter at #30 with "Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)".
Papa vs. Pretty had a big #2 hit in 2011 with "Wrecking Ball", and though I quite like them and many of their songs, they'd actually never charted outside of that. This has changed now as they pick up their long overdue second entry with the melancholic "My Life Is Yours" at #32.
The Killers release a new single, I chart it, tabloids go wild. Specific details is that "Shot At The Night" is their 6th charter at #36, which pushes them up to equal 16th in my most entries per artist table, not too shabby!

1131Arcade FireReflektor {3 Weeks @ #1}
2432London GrammarStrong
3383HaimThe Wire
42111Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
5575Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
67181ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
71057Owl EyesFind Out
86131PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
9898Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
1012610Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1115211Still CornersFireflies
129151Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
1311911The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1413116KarnivoolWe Are
15171015Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1614125Bloc PartyRatchet
1716211ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
18181013Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
1922519DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2024420TV On The RadioMercy
2119719BastilleLaura Palmer
2221221Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
2326223The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
2420813Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
2629926London GrammarWasting My Young Years
2723723Kings of LeonWait For Me
2832228Calling All CarsWerewolves
2934229Daft PunkInstant Crush (feat Julian Casablancas)
30NE130KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3125175Boy & BearSouthern Sun
32NE132Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
3330430Le YouthC O O L
3428212Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
3527139Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
36NE136The KillersShot At The Night
3738337DisclosureF For You
3831231Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
39361311Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
40331017Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are

4135722Cub SportParadise
4237428Major LeaguesEndless Drain
45391510Owl EyesNightswim
46401014Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By The Ocean

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#4/#5, it hurts Cool to have them down two anyhow, it's a start

Love the debuts for Lorde and Klangkarussell <3
Bummer that Haim have stalled this week. Good to see Lorde debuting, Drake up and Bastille and Daft Punk still hanging around.
Come on HAIM!!!! Awesome to see Lorde debut so high and nice to see Drake hit the top 20.

Awesome to see Reflektor on top!
Great to also see Strong, The Wire (maybe the next #1? I can see Reflektor staying for longer though), Supersoaker, Gun, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?, Find Out, Oblique City, Do I Wanna Know?, Hearts Like Ours, We Are, Black Skinhead, Ratchet, The Mother We Share, Hold On, We're Going Home, Mercy, Laura Palmer, Harlequin Dream, Given The Chance, Take Back The Night, Team, Wasting My Young Years, Wait For Me, Instant Crush, Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (great debut!), Southern Sun, My Life Is Yours, Oh Sailor, Love Illumination, Shot At The Night, F For You, Get Lucky (great chart run) and Lose Yourself To Dance!

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Great to see Team and Sonnentanz debut. I haven't heard Shot At The Night yet but I'd probably like it so good to see it debut as well. I like Reflektor but wouldn't mind seeing Strong or The Wire get to #1. Not much else to comment on
It's a great top five, for me to be charting three of them and the other two I'm charting a different song from that artist and do enjoy the one you have as well, so things are looking good. I'm pleased to see Arcade Fire stay on top though, and hope that they can hold off London Grammar. Haim have probably missed out I'd predict but I still wouldn't mind that getting there; The Wire continues to grow on me. I need to listen to the Cage The Elephant song again; I heard bits and pieces of their album and was really digging it.

There's little for me to mention in the 11-20 area. I did catch up today on all the previous TRASH! and I must say that Still Corners sounds exactly like the kind of thing you'd like. I think from now on I'll have to change what we discussed eons ago where if we saw an unknown artist in your chart it was a reasonable assumption that it was an Aussie indie rock group; now it's usually something of this ilk.

Or something of The Kite String Tangle ilk. I went into both Still Corners and Kitey expecting a rock song and didn't get it from either. Nice to see Team debut, that needs to be on my listen again list for top 50 stuff tomorrow too actually. Great to see Wasting My Young Years continue to rise and Werewolves was pretty good. As for the debut at #30, it was TRASH! but I wiped it up today, however no amount of cleaning can fix what is probably the worst title/artist combination in the history of ever; although it's so butt-fugly that it comes back around to being kind of enjoyable. Klangkarussell is kind of fun to say. Pity the song didn't live up to the name or what I hoped from it. Kind of like Kitey.

As for 31-40, nice to see Papa vs Pretty back in your chart. I liked the song and with a few more listens might chart it. Of course, being me, I might never listen again. And it's awesome to see The Killers debut, when you mentioned considering it I didn't really expect it to happen. I'll admit that I was underwhelmed at first but it's actually a really lovely song and is growing on me incredibly quickly. It was never TRASH!

No race this week; AFL season is over and I have no idea what to race now.
Oct 6th

4 weeks of "Reflektor" at #1, meaning that Arcade Fire match their last #1 hit "The Suburbs". London Grammar still hold "Strong" at #2, and Haim keep "The Wire" at #3 too. The biggest mover of the week, Still Corners, crash into the top 10 at #4 with "Fireflies", and Kings of Leon round out the top 5 with "Supersoaker". The Naked and Famous are still determined to get in the top 10, with "Hearts Like Ours" back up a spot to #12, Kanye West keeps rising with "Black Skinhead", and Lorde gets her 2nd top 20 hit with "Team".


Quite a few this week, the highest goes to the only one of the lot to never chart before. It's The Preatures, who after seeing no chart love with their major hit "Is This How You Feel?", debut impressively at #16 with "Manic Baby".
You have to go back 3 and a half years to find the solitary week that Goldfrapp impacted my chart, or at least you did, because now they have another one. They're in at #23 with "Drew".
Phoenix, Owl Eyes, Justin Timberlake, Lorde, Daft Punk, Disclosure and MS MR were all tied for the most entries this year, but now one artist has moved ahead of the pack. It's Chvrches of course who score their 4th entry with "Lies" at #28.
Though without a major hit, Cut Copy have been consistent performers on the chart and now they're back with their 5th chart entry "Free Your Mind" at #29.
And finally after a big hit at the start of last year, it's been mostly quiet for Gossling, who now scores a 2nd entry to date with "Never Expire" at #39.

1141Arcade FireReflektor {4 Weeks @ #1}
2242London GrammarStrong
3393HaimThe Wire
41134Still CornersFireflies
54121Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
6766Owl EyesFind Out
7585Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
86191ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
91079Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
108141PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
119108Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
12131011The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1312161Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
14151114Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1514126KarnivoolWe Are
16NE116The PreaturesManic Baby
1720517TV On The RadioMercy
1819618DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
1917221ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
21181113Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
2223322The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
2422321Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
2516135Bloc PartyRatchet
2621819BastilleLaura Palmer
2732227Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
29NE129Cut CopyFree Your Mind
3030230KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
31261026London GrammarWasting My Young Years
3236232The KillersShot At The Night
3329329Daft PunkInstant Crush (feat Julian Casablancas)
3428328Calling All CarsWerewolves
3524913Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
3627823Kings of LeonWait For Me
3737437DisclosureF For You
3833530Le YouthC O O L
39NE139GosslingNever Expire
4031185Boy & BearSouthern Sun

4134212Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor (feat The Silverlake Conservatory of Music Youth Chorale)
4435139Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
4638231Daft PunkGet Lucky (feat Pharrell Williams) {3 Weeks @ #1}
43391311Daft PunkLose Yourself To Dance (feat Pharrell Williams)
49401017Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are

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Shame to see Haim just sitting at #3 (A couple more spots would be nice ), Good to see TNAF, Drake & Lorde rising, haha flop Wait For Me
I can only echo Chris A's comments on Haim this week. I haven't heard it, but I enjoy Goldfrapp, so I'm pleased to see them on your chart. Nice to see Lorde in the top 20 and Drake rising.
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Great to see Drake and Lorde in there, and both rising too.
Easy comments week for me this week, so racing an album is even easier than expected; I still have six songs to go!

Great to see Arcade Fire remain on top, I would not mind if that run kept going for a while yet. Although I also wouldn't mind if The Wire got there; it's swell. London Grammar is nice too but I feel it's high enough. Fireflies looks the real danger and I must admit I really hope it doesn't get there, but immediately when I heard it I thought it would. I see Old Man is still sneaking up and go Cage The Elephant! You have a bit of a zoo happening just in the top ten atm.

Never give up hope Tnaffy! Get that top ten! Also nice to see Lorde jump into the top twenty. I see the first of five(!) debuts falls in this area too; we have 4.5/5 TRASH! this week. This one I should just listen to the EP for; I was thisclose to charting Is This How You Feel, hopefully Manic Baby is cool too.

Great jump for Papa vs Pretty; I seem to remember that that one was cool and I considered charting it, so I need to listen again sometime for sure. 21-30 is light on moves I curr about but heavy on the dbutes. Goldfrapp; interesting. Not sure I'd have expected that if I even knew there was a chance of it. Could really go either way for me, but most likely to fall in the 'it exists' basket. Chvrches is the half-TRASH! and as I'm enjoying the whole album I expect to like it when I nail down which one it is. And Cut Copy I'll probably like too, as long as it's not a cover of that old Free Your Mind song; if that song is even called that.

Only one riser in the bottom ten, but it's the one I care about; go The Killers! It's really growngi on me more than I initially expected it to, so I hope it continues to rise for you. And the final debut; another zoo entrant. I'm expecting to like and not love it.

Finished with just over two songs left, but I did grant myself the luxury of not typing while my album fave was on.
omg omg you DON'T have Haim at #1?!

(Odd, I thought I commented a few weeks ago because I recall asking about Harlequin Dream and I was wondering why there was no response.) Is Harlequin Dream just an album track you're charting or is it a single?

Great to see Supersoaker, I'm surprised but glad that they managed to notch a week at #1! Great to see Bastille, Drake, Wait For Me (sad to not see doing as well as SS though) and Klangkarussell!! Go Team as well!
Oct 13th

London Grammar thought they'd found a way to enter the top spot, but it was just "Reflektor" there for a 5th week in a row. Though 3 weeks for "Strong" at #2 is not a bad effort by any stretch. Next up, Still Corners find themselves up a spot to #3, pushing Haim down to #4. And possibly off the back of dominating Oz Artist 2013 thus far, Owl Eyes gets a 6th top 5 hit with "Find Out". Biggest move of the week is from Goldfrapp who take their #23 debut from last week and move all the way to #10, unprecedented for them. The Preatures take the honoured 'Highest Aussie that isn't her' commendation, with "Manic Baby" up to #11.


Shocking development, single choices I don't agree with! And thus Arctic Monkeys see chart action with "No. 1 Party Anthem" at #21, which is their 6th entry to date.
After previously having minor chart success alongside Flight Facilities, Elizabeth Rose trumps that with a solo entry, "The Good Life" is in at #27. George Maple & Christine Hoberg are still yet to pick up the slack.
If anyone was perhaps thinking that John Newman had permanently been exiled from my chart over an argument over Monopoly, fret not as it's not true, otherwise he wouldn't be back in action with "Cheating" at #33.
Chvrches took the honour for most entries this year just last week, but now they've been matched as Phoenix pick up their 4th entry for 2013, and 5th overall. "S.O.S. In Bel Air" is #37.
Turning out to be nicely timed with when I charted the previous single, Simone & Girlfunkle are in with a 2nd entry, "Secret" at #40.

1151Arcade FireReflektor {5 Weeks @ #1}
2252London GrammarStrong
3443Still CornersFireflies
43103HaimThe Wire
5675Owl EyesFind Out
65131Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
7987Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
8795Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
98201ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
1116211The PreaturesManic Baby
12121111The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1311118Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
1410151PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
15141214Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1617616TV On The RadioMercy
1713171Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
1918718DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2015136KarnivoolWe Are
21NE121Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
2227322Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
2329223Cut CopyFree Your Mind
2422422The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
2519231ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
27NE127Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
28211213Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
2930329KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3024421Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
3125145Bloc PartyRatchet
3232332The KillersShot At The Night
33NE133John NewmanCheating
3426919BastilleLaura Palmer
3533429Daft PunkInstant Crush (feat Julian Casablancas)
36311126London GrammarWasting My Young Years
37NE137PhoenixS.O.S In Bel Air
3837537DisclosureF For You
3934428Calling All CarsWerewolves
40NE140Simone & GirlfunkleSecret

4335913Justin TimberlakeTake Back The Night
4236823Kings of LeonWait For Me
4538530Le YouthC O O L
4139139GosslingNever Expire
4840185Boy & BearSouthern Sun

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Oh no. Haim look to have peaked. I am hoping for a second wind, straight to the top! I did hear Goldfrapp this week, and while I prefer their upbeat stuff, I did find it enjoyable, so I am stoked to see them bullet into the top ten. Good to see London Grammar, Drake and Lorde still hanging around.
A shame to see Haim going down but great rise for Lorde. Bye bye JT #flop
Tbf it's going to take something huge to overtake Flekky now. Great to see Owl Eyes in the top 5, maybe she could do it? Aside from that I'd be surprised if London Grammar or Still Corners could pull it off. I checked out that Preatures track that debuted last week and I do like it, but I suppose this week Arctics is way more awesome. I like the Klangkarussell thing too, good stuff!
Nice rise for Lorde and good to see Drake in there.
Totes forgot comments last night and now racing my lunch break. I've already lost, lucky we're not busy!

Great to see Arcade Fire remain on top; with Haim falling not with Falling I hope the Fries keep it. Don't want Still Corners. Wow Goldfrapp song I'm yet to hear!

Go Preatures song I'm yet to hear too. And go Team which is slowly growing on me!

Nice semi-TRASH! debut for Arctics and the Elizabeth is full TRASH! naturally. Nice jumps here for Chvrches and Papa vs Pretty.

Damn, Killers stalled. At least it didn't fall now rise next week! Tonight! John Newman and Phoenix debuts are semi-TRASH! I think I like. The artist with the delightful name is naturally TRASH! but hopefully of the delightful kind.
Good to see debuts fo The Good Life and Cheating. A shame The Wire couldn't get higher but a #3 peak is good enough I guess. Good riddance Wait For Me!
Oct 20th

There's no stopping Arcade Fire, they're up to 6 weeks at #1 now with "Reflektor". Poor London Grammar are now stuck at #2 for a 4th week in a row, and thus Still Corners are stuck at #3 for a 2nd week in a row. Supposedly Australia's 4th most popular artist, it's only fitting that Owl Eyes moves up another spot to #4 with "Find Out". Finishing up the top 5, Goldfrapp make another strong gain with "Drew" up 5 places. One of Australia's top 37 artists around at the moment, The Preatures continue their momentum, up 2 places to #9 with "Manic Baby", their first top 10 hit. Due to a lack of debuts for the first time in a while, the chart is less harsh lower down. Elizabeth Rose scores the biggest mover with "The Good Life" up 8 places to #19.


I had no idea when I'd ever be charting Sia again. The last time she'd been seen here was at the end of 2010/start of 2011, wrapping up a successful era. Since then she's bizarrely had huge hits with David Guetta & Flo Rida, and this chart has seen none of it! But now The Hunger Games is doing what Twilight once did, in bringing together lots of awesome artists to record quality soundtrack hits, so Sia's contribution to that with The Weeknd & Diplo, "Elastic Heart" is in at #26. This is Sia's 6th entry to date.
I may not have been kind to them earlier in the week which in hindsight probably wasn't fair, because Cloud Control have finally impacted the chart. "Scar" is in at #33.

1161Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
2262London GrammarStrong
3353Still CornersFireflies
4584Owl EyesFind Out
6796Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
74113HaimThe Wire
86141Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
91139The PreaturesManic Baby
108105Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
119211ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
1213128Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
13121211The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
1416714TV On The RadioMercy
16151314Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1721217Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
1814161PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
1927219Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
2017181Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
2123321Cut CopyFree Your Mind
2219818DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2322422Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
2520146KarnivoolWe Are
26NE126SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
2729427KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
2824522The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
2933229John NewmanCheating
3025241ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
3132431The KillersShot At The Night
3230521Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
33NE133Cloud ControlScar
34281313Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
3537235PhoenixS.O.S In Bel Air
3631155Bloc PartyRatchet
3740237Simone & GirlfunkleSecret
38361226London GrammarWasting My Young Years
3935529Daft PunkInstant Crush (feat Julian Casablancas)
40341019BastilleLaura Palmer

4138537DisclosureF For You
4439428Calling All CarsWerewolves

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Great to see Lorde moving up, Poor Haim though
2262London GrammarStrong
74113HaimThe Wire
86141Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
91139The PreaturesManic Baby
108105Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
13121211The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
16151314Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
1721217Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
2017181Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
2219818DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2520146KarnivoolWe Are
3132431The KillersShot At The Night
3230521Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
3631155Bloc PartyRatchet
40341019BastilleLaura Palmer

I don't mind the Sia track so I'm not bothered by its entry. Nice to see Lorde rise but not liking the Drake drop.
Ooh, new Sia. I hope to hear it soon. While I'm pleased to see Goldfrapp hitting the top five, I am saddened that it comes at the expense of Haim, who appear to be on the decline now. I hope Lorde can hit the top ten soon!
Great to see Reflektor remain on top for yet another week and I think I'll be hoping for ten at this rate. Haim have sadly dropped way out of contention and I don't feel like Fireflies or Drew should replace the Fries on top. Even Strong doesn't seem good enough but it's the best of the most likely options. I guess it's lucky you'll have purchased Katy's album today and will select your favourite track from it to debut on top next week. I really need to listen to Cage The Elephant again, and as I'm listening to random music on YT atm, perhaps I will next!

Nice small rebound for Mary Lou though I'm pretty much over the song now it's still good. Sadly it signals that Tnaffy's shot at the top ten is done; now I'll root for Arctics. No 1 Party Anthem is becoming a fave from the album and would make a good next single if it currently isn't. I should/shall check. Solid move for Team too.

Sia's debut was TRASH! even though I guess she's not a TRASH! artist anymore; enough top ten features can add up to at least one solo top ten I think. The rule is sadly undefined, perhaps we need to pose this question in the newest ARIA Awards thread? Anyway, it was TRASH! but now it's not, yay for efficiency! I liked it okay but it was nothing special. That's a nice rise for Cheating though, expect that to debut for me in the very near future.

Go Shot At The Night! Amazing new peak! I shan't bother hoping for it to peak top twenty anymore, that seems out of its reach, so I'll just hope to see it get top thirty at least and anything more can be a bonus. Nice jump for Phoenix. I also de-TRASH!ed Cloud Control already but it almost may as well be TRASH! again; I don't even remember my opinion on it without looking up my review.

No race this week because tomorrow is a big day and I want to go to bed early even though I probably won't now.
Great to see Kings of Leon still top 10 as well as Cheating and Klangkarussell top 10! I'm glad Bastille enjoyed 10 weeks on the chart, but TWLITF now pleeeeaase?! Would love to see Team top 10.
Great to see Sia debuting, and also London Grammar doing so well. Really hope they can go #1, would be your best #1 since Plan B's She Said back in June 2010!
@bz, legitimately have listened to it but can't decide my fave
@Mykl, holy crap it's been 3 years! Good timing...

Oct 27th

Arcade Fire have lead for 6 straight weeks which is great for them, but in the wake of that, they'd left poor London Grammar stuck at #2 for 4 of those weeks. However, change is afoot, and this week London Grammar finally manage to get to #1 with "Strong"! It's the 93rd #1 in the chart's history. Naturally this pushes "Reflektor" down a spot to #2, which means that for now it matches the 6 week run at #1 of another top spot debutant in Muse's "Uprising" from 2009. Right behind them, Goldfrapp are up two more spots to #5 with "Drew". In the process, they nudge Still Corners & Owl Eyes down a spot each to #4 & #5 respectively. The Preatures keep on climbing with "Manic Baby" up to #7. Lorde makes an attempt at a second top 10 hit with "Team" up to #12, while Elizabeth Rose is right behind with equal biggest mover of the week "The Good Life" up 6. The other biggest riser comes from Sia whose "Elastic Heart" is up to #20. Cut Copy move up to #17 with "Free Your Mind", giving them their first top 20 hit since 2010.


Perhaps caught my ear because it's just so different for him, the top debut goes to Jake Bugg with "What Doesn't Kill You" at #29. It's his second ever entry and instantly becomes his highest, as previous entry "Seen It All" peaked at #30.
Ever since coming to prominence in 2010, Stonefield have been regular performers on the chart, appearing every year since. They have been more prominent than chart history suggests as they have often had songs not quite able to crack the chart. Nonetheless, they officially get a 5th entry with "Love You Deserve" at #31.
And finally, one of my most listened to bands incidentally gets their first ever chart appearance. It's Pearl Jam who are in at #38 with "Sirens".

1271London GrammarStrong {1 Week @ #1}
2171Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
4363Still CornersFireflies
5494Owl EyesFind Out
66106Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
7947The PreaturesManic Baby
87123HaimThe Wire
910115Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
108151Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
1111221ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
1319313Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
1412138Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
1514814TV On The RadioMercy
1617316Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
1721417Cut CopyFree Your Mind
18161414Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
19131311The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
2026220SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
2218171PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
2323522Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
2420191Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
2522918DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
2627526KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
2729327John NewmanCheating
2833228Cloud ControlScar
29NE129Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
3025156KarnivoolWe Are
31NE131StonefieldLove You Deserve
3228622The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
3331531The KillersShot At The Night
3437334Simone & GirlfunkleSecret
3530251ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
3632621Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
3735335PhoenixS.O.S In Bel Air
38NE138Pearl JamSirens
39341413Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
40381326London GrammarWasting My Young Years

4136155Bloc PartyRatchet
4339529Daft PunkInstant Crush (feat Julian Casablancas)
47401019BastilleLaura Palmer

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Go London Grammar! Hoping to see Lorde hit the top ten next week. Shame to see Bastille out and Drake down, but the rise for John Newman is pleasing.
Awesome debut for Stonefield.
Nice to see Team move up and wow at Elastic Heart doing so well. I like it though! Great rise for Cheating too. Cool debut for Pearl Jam.
Good to see Strong at #1 although I prefer Reflektor. Hopefully Team goes top 10 next week. Good rises for The Good Life, Elastic Heart Sonnentanz and Cheating. Pity that Laura Palmer is out.
Turns out I really like the Jake Bugg song, not as much as Pearl Jam but yeah awesome. Nice rises for Preatures, Klangka, Lorde and Arctics. Interesting to see Arcade Fire off so soon though
Poor Reflektor

Great to see Reflektor, Come A Little Closer, Manic Baby, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?, The Wire, Supersoaker, Gun, Team (hope this can make the Top 10!), No. 1 Party Anthem (great to see more people are charting this! Let's get this onto the ACI this weekend ), Free Your Mind, Black Skinhead (surprised this is still charting ), Elastic Heart, Hold On, We're Going Home, Do I Wanna Know? (great to see this still in!), Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine), Cheating, We Are, Shot At The Night, The Mother We Share, Harlequin Dream, and Sirens!

Sad to see Ratcher and Instant Crush/Last Christmas (and Laura Palmer) exit this week.

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Oh, poop! You and irish both ditch the Fries in the same week. I guess at least it was Strong that took over and not one of the other options. Perhaps I'll hope that the album release can help Reflektor get back there. Aside from Reflektor, 7-10 are the best ones in the top ten and should all be higher, regardless of if they have been or not! I've heard most of the Katy album, but I've somehow managed to avoid Unconditionally and Dark Horse completely and hear only the chorus of Walking On Air once. I think I must have heard every other song though. None of this was by design. Perhaps by tomorrow night you'll have your fave decided. Or just chart all of them at =#1.

Nice to see Team closing in on the top ten, I do expect that to get there in the near future. I'm losing hope for No 1 Party Anthem getting there though as it moved too slowly this week. It deserves to though, make it happen!

Keep rising Cheating! It keeps growing on me and I'm really enjoying the album a lot too. Nearly as good as Love Me Again for me now. And I'm pleased to see Jakey debut too. I think I liked it when I listened but it was definitely different for him. I do really need to hear it again.

Nice entry for Stonefield. Somehow that one's risen out from the album to not even be semi-TRASH! since I can see the title and instantly recall the song and how it goes. It's one of my faves from the album I believe. Shame to see The Killers down though, but nice to see Secret up. That's another I need to listen to again since I think I quite liked it. And I somehow haven't mustered up the curr to hear any new Pearl Jam and I somehow haven't heard it the other way I'm usually forced to so I guess this was the only way I was going to hear it. I hope it's good but for some reason I'm not expecting to like it much.

I didn't have a race this week, but with the amount of times I found myself distracted and doing something else while writing comments, it's safe to say I'd have lost any I could have come up with.

Nov 3rd

London Grammar are too "Strong" once again, in what is a highly competitive top 3. Goldfrapp could challenge as they move up a spot to #2, which pushes Arcade Fire down to #3 with "Reflektor". Still Corners are in their own little area distant from competitors from both sides, so they hold at #4. The Preatures get a top 5 hit with "Manic Baby" moving up 2 places to #5, giving them the current highest Australian entry. Possible competition could come from Elizabeth Rose who hits the top 10 at #8 with "The Good Life". Lorde also scores her second top 10 hit this year with "Team" moving #12 to #10. Biggest move of the week goes to Cloud Control who rise 7 places with "Scar" to #21.


It has been a little while. Back in 2011, Young The Giant had three hits which were successively bigger than the previous ones, culminating in "Cough Syrup" going to #1. They haven't charted since then until now. "It's About Time" is their 4th entry and debuts at #28.
So Arcade Fire are still kind of this band I like. They also kind of released an album that I kind of enjoyed this week, and have bolstered their standing with another chart entry. "Afterlife" is in at #31 and is their 6th chart entry to date.
Disclosure & London Grammar have been busy on my chart this year, picking up 5 entries between them. So let's say they team up and the chart explodes. Well the first part has happened! "Help Me Lose My Mind" is in at #37 and is Disclosure's 4th entry to date. If "White Noise" had made the chart, they would be outright the most charted artist this year, despite only once making the top 25.
Which would also put them level with another collective, though not just for this year, and the whole collective is Aussie hip-hop in its entirety. It has now managed a 5th entry with Thundamentals in at #40 with "Smiles Don't Lie". It remains to be seen if it can do the impossible task of making the top 30.

1181London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
3281Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
4473Still CornersFireflies
5755The PreaturesManic Baby
65104Owl EyesFind Out
76116Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
81348Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
99125Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
118133HaimThe Wire
1210161Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
1317513Cut CopyFree Your Mind
1416414Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
1511231ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
1620316SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1715914TV On The RadioMercy
1814148Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
2023620Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
2128321Cloud ControlScar
22181514Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
2329223Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
2422181PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
2527425John NewmanCheating
2631226StonefieldLove You Deserve
2726626KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
28NE128Young The GiantIt's About Time
29191411The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
3024201Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
31NE131Arcade FireAfterlife
32251018DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
3334433Simone & GirlfunkleSecret
3430166KarnivoolWe Are
3538235Pearl JamSirens
3633631The KillersShot At The Night
37NE137DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
3832722The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
3935261ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}
40NE140ThundamentalsSmiles Don't Lie

4136621Boy & BearHarlequin Dream
4237335PhoenixS.O.S In Bel Air
46391413Simone & GirlfunkleSummer Rain
44401326London GrammarWasting My Young Years

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An enjoyable top two, but I'm more excited to see Lorde in the top ten. I hope she can continue to rise. Speaking of rises, good to see John Newman up and Haim not falling that fast.
Solid #1 even if I prefer that other song of theirs , Yay Lorde in the top ten!, PVP & CC moving up are probably OA related .
1181London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
5755The PreaturesManic Baby
99125Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
118133HaimThe Wire
1210161Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
22181514Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
29191411The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
3024201Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
32251018DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
3430166KarnivoolWe Are
3538235Pearl JamSirens
3633631The KillersShot At The Night

Good to see new peaks for The Good Life, Team and Cheating. Hopefully Sonnentanz can rebound
Nice to see John Newman and Sia up. Fantastic seeing London Grammar at #1 also, even if it missed out on #1 for me.
Not really racing this week, although I'm listening to my 'Current' playlist on iTunes and have just under five songs to go, so perhaps I'll say I was racing that and call it an easy win. Then again, they're conveniently the top five from my chart, so perhaps I'll get distracted and still lose. Also, I've decided for fun that I'm not going to correct any typos I make in this post from now on because I have been making a lot tonight in my coomments and even in this paragraph, so good luck with that!

Hmmm, well Refelktor seems done so I guess I'm glad that Strong remains on top althought it's not #1 worthy in my eyes. Then again, I'm probably due to listen to it again, and who knows, when I do maybe that'll be thetime I decide it's so much more amazzing than Wasting My Young Years and put in in my top ten. Or not. Probably that. I am also probably due to listen to Drew again but I'm pretty sure that I won't be hpoing to see it at #1, even though I kno0w a like a guy named Drew, his song isn'ty that flash. Lorde top ten is fine, but I don't need to see it any higher. (I did use backspace twice in this paragraph because I couldn't decide what to do when I began to type a word then changed my mind on what to say. Perhaps from here on in I shall leave those half-writen words there and then write my new word too.)

Shame to see The Wire and Supersoaker both drop out of the top ten in the same week, especially as I don't love their replacements anywhere near as much. Hopefully the #1 Party Anthem can keep its rise going and get there eventually, or better yet, not eventually but next week. I'm also pleased to see Chvrches and Papa vs Pretty make the top twenty.

Wow, great jump for Jakey! Keep going! I may yet chart it but probably not that high if I do. I'ma lso pleased to see Stonefield move up nicely and John Newman continue to move up. Since you now like Cheating better than Love Me Again you should reallly igve it a higher peak. than that got! Get on it! Nice to see Young the Giant dbut too; I'd been meaning to listen to that several times and kept forgetting a so I'm glad that you're going to force me to. Perhaps I'll do that after my playlst finishes. O hope it's close to as excellent as Cough Syour.

I don't know which piece of semi-TRASH! that Arcade Fire song is but I and I don't even really know the album well enough yet to say that I probably like it. It's actually probably not even semi but full. Glad to see SXecret sneak up a place though. I did add that to my potentials list earlier in the week but now that list has abllooned out to the largest it's been in quite a while and Secret's chances have been reduced somewhat. Never know tough. Shame that The Killers continue to fall. Disclosure and Thundamenalts are both TRASH! and not even the kind I e have a good feeling about.. I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

Well, it's the first chorus of The Wire, so that's a solid victory. It did take longer than usual, because it was hareder to type and not fix up my typos; I'm so used to fixing them automatically that I had to really concentrate on not fixing them. But it was fun, so I hope it's readable.
I certainly prefer Strong to Drew, but obviously Flekky over all. I do get the big fuss behind Strong though, it's quite atmospheric! I like the Preatures song but I'm not sold on the Elizabeth Rose thing if it's what I think it is. As for the entries, I only know Afterlife but I do like it of course! Great jumps for Jake Bugg, Arctics, Lorde and Pearl Bloody Jam!
Nov 10th

It feels like it's been in waiting for a while, so "Drew" from Goldfrapp ascends to the #1 spot this week. It's the 94th #1 in the chart's history. Not all bad for London Grammar, they're merely down one spot to #2. Arcade Fire, Still Corners & The Preatures all hold in the top 5 this week. Lorde notably gets her highest peaking hit ever with "Team" surpassing "Royals"'s #10 peak to make #9. Cloud Control make a big jump of 11 places to land at #10, keeping Cut Copy & Arctic Monkeys at bay for the time being. Jake Bugg scores his first top 20 hit, and Thundamentals have the equal 2nd highest peaking Aussie hip-hop song on my chart ever, with "Smiles Don't Lie" up to #37.


I probably should have gotten into this sooner but have not been listening to the radio much lately. Nonetheless, "White Lies" clicked with me in a big way this week, so Max Frost debuts to the chart at #19.
Also new to the chart is MØ, who very quickly made an impression and enters at #25 with "Never Wanna Know".
And finally after a break from the charts which saw The Shins have a very successful era, Broken Bells are back in here. "Holding On For Life" is their 4th entry to date and is #39.

1261GoldfrappDrew {1 Week @ #1}
2191London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
3391Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
4483Still CornersFireflies
5565The PreaturesManic Baby
6856Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
76114Owl EyesFind Out
87126Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1021410Cloud ControlScar
1113611Cut CopyFree Your Mind
1214512Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
139135Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
1416414SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1511143HaimThe Wire
1712171Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
1820718Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
19NE119Max FrostWhite Lies
2023320Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
2115241ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
22171014TV On The RadioMercy
2318158Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
2426324StonefieldLove You Deserve
25NE125Never Wanna Know
2628226Young The GiantIt's About Time
2731227Arcade FireAfterlife
2825525John NewmanCheating
2935329Pearl JamSirens
3027726KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
31221614Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
3224191PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
3337233DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
3430211Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
35291511The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
3633533Simone & GirlfunkleSecret
3740237ThundamentalsSmiles Don't Lie
38321118DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
39NE139Broken BellsHolding On For Life
4034176KarnivoolWe Are

4136631The KillersShot At The Night
4438722The Kite String TangleGiven The Chance
4239261ChvrchesThe Mother We Share {4 Weeks @ #1}

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Nice to see Goldfrapp hit the top spot, plus I am loving Lorde inching higher, one spot at a time! While Haim are on the way out, I am glad that they appear to be having a dignified descent.

PS: It would be totally rude for Haim to plummet next week after that final comment
List of songs I dunno getting longer, y u no end uni

New #1 is nice but probably my least favourite out of the top 5. I'd almost prefer Elizabeth Rose's thing if it's what I think it is. Cool jumps for Jake Bugg, Arcade Fire, Pearl Jam and Arctic Monkeys.
Yay for The Good Life and Team scoring new peaks. Not much else to comment on this week
Yay Goldfrapp! Awesome! And their album is for cheap on iTunes!! Even more yay!
Great to see Lorde move up as well as Sia, Jake Bugg, Young The Giant and Pearl Jam.
StonefieldLove You Deserve
This week I am on my lunch break at work and on my phone. Not only am I going to rush this so as to be not late back but I'm also not going to correct anything I mistype or my phone "corrects" to be bizarre! Good luck.

Meh top two, come on Reflektor! In fact Team's one place move is the most comment able thing in the top ten since I don't remember how Scar goes. Cool jump for it though. 21-10 is a nicer move than 21-1 no doubt about it.

Come on Arctis get that top ten ! It completely deserves it and also to because single. Good moves also for Chvrches and Papa gas Pretty. I hadn't heard White Lies but I really like it and will be charting it probably sometime soon.

Nice moves for Stonefoeld, young The Gisnt and Arcade Fire. The Moe TRADH! entry didn't interest me.

The Beoken Bells TRASH! Was okay but nothing great either. Nice move for Thundamdntals to pad out this last ten comment and also because it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Two minutes late back, that's acceptable.
Nov 17th

Goldfrapp stay at #1 for a second week. Also notably Arcade Fire move back up a spot to #2, pushing London Grammar down to #3. Still Corners are still stuck at #4, while Elizabeth Rose moves up to #5 wit "The Good Life". Broken Bells have the biggest move of the week with "Holding On For Life" up 12 places to #27.


This is a weird album so it's hard to find things from it to chart, but Karnivool did put out another single, so "Eidolon" makes it in at #34. It's their 5th charting entry.
And I don't know how this happened.

1171GoldfrappDrew {2 Weeks @ #1}
23101Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
32101London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
4493Still CornersFireflies
5665Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
6575The PreaturesManic Baby
71057Cloud ControlScar
97124Owl EyesFind Out
108136Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1114511SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1212612Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
1319213Max FrostWhite Lies
1411711Cut CopyFree Your Mind
1613145Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
1720417Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
1818818Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
1927319Arcade FireAfterlife
2015153HaimThe Wire
2125221Never Wanna Know
2224422StonefieldLove You Deserve
2317181Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
2429424Pearl JamSirens
2521251ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
2626326Young The GiantIt's About Time
2739227Broken BellsHolding On For Life
28221114TV On The RadioMercy
2923168Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
3030826KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3133331DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
3228625John NewmanCheating
3337333ThundamentalsSmiles Don't Lie
35311714Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
3634221Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
3732201PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
3836633Simone & GirlfunkleSecret
39NE139Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)
40351611The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours

41381118DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat Majid Jordan)
4240176KarnivoolWe Are

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Lorde moves up one spot again! It's better than her falling I guess Surprised, but pleased, to see Lady Gaga scrape into the chart. Hopefully the fall for Haim is as harsh as it gets.
I can catch up at some point! Although already judging that Karnivool song on the basis of forgetting how to spell it for the quiz the other day and I never got it; I wasted a whole minute on it! I know and like the Gaga song in the same vein as you it seems; it's hardly "indie" or anything like that but it seems we've both been drawn in I've noticed similarities to HOWGH actually. As the top of the chart goes, I didn't mind the Goldfrapp thing but I easily prefer Flekky and even then Strong. Nice to see Flekky move up a spot, although I feel like Strong had a better chance of dethroning Goldfrapp so I don't think that will happen. But then again what do I know? Surprised to see both Lorde and Cloud Control so high, and I like the rises for Arcade Fire, Jake Bugg and Pearl Jam. Just getting into Manic Baby and it leaves the top 5, shenanigans! Also fix the Stonefield peak

And to reiterate (mainly for my own benefit), I have some catching up to do!
I'm back at home this week and shall fix typos because it's easier and my commenting has already been stupid enough this week with a break for necessary sleep and then another break for unnecessary visits to work. And the next few weeks won't be any easier!

Come on Reflektor, get back to the top! I like the person named Drew who I see regularly MUCH more than the song Drew I've heard maybe twice. He's also cooler than Reflektor, but that's a cool song. Since Scar is the only other thing to mention in the top ten and I never did go back and listen again, and since I already have youtube up in another tab with nothing on because the cricket will start soon but hasn't yet, I'll put it on now. Oh, it's cool but I definitely won't chart it.

Nice to see Sia on the verge of the top ten. I've heard the soundtrack a few times now and Elastic Heart is growing on me. Still hoping Arctics can go top ten, but with that awesome Max Frost rise, I want that top ten too. You can find room for all three of those in the top ten next week! Nice rise for Jakey and a cool jump for Arcade Fire.

Good to see Stonefield still moving up, and wow at the Broken Bells jump.

Shame to see John Newman on the decline already, I'd have liked a better peak for it, but competition is indeed tough atm. I'm listening to the Metronomy song atm and then I shall check out the Karnivool thing; I really can't remember if I ever heard the album but I think not. At the start of the week I was debuting Secret but a couple of other things have knocked it down the line and now it probably won't get in this week. This was also probably its best chance so it may never happen. And Gaga, wow. Much weirder than when you charted Beyonce. I was kind of expecting it because of its Hi-ZAP progress over the last few weeks but at the same time I didn't know whether it would ever get in. I certainly didn't expect it six weeks ago!

No race this week but the Karnivool song is on now so I beat that, yeah!
Yay for Team edging up higher. Great to see Do What U Want debut
Nov 24th

It seems to have gone by quickly, but Goldfrapp have extended their stay at the top to three weeks now with "Drew". Arcade Fire still hold the runner up spot with "Reflektor", and London Grammar are right behind again with "Strong". Moving up again is Elizabeth Rose with "The Good Life" now at #4, which pushes Still Corners down to #5 after 4 straight weeks at #4. Max Frost is a big mover again, with "White Lies" up 5 places to #8, while Sia brings her top 10 tally up to 5 with "Elastic Heart" now at #10. Of her charting entries, only "Bring Night" missed the top 10, peaking at #13.


It seems like so long ago that Winter People were on top of this chart with "Two's Company". This is giving me minor flashbacks to that which is only a good thing, The Cairos debut to the chart at #17 with "Obsession".
Having charted her earlier this year, this should feel less weird, it doesn't. Mariah Carey is charting again, this time with "The Art Of Letting Go" at #27.
Back to scheduled programming, Flight Facilities are in with their 4th entry now, "Stand Still" is #29 this week.
And back to wtf programming, for some reason Little Mix are on this chart with "Move" at #38.
And before I try to be weird again, The Jezabels sort things out by sneaking in at #40 with "The End". It's their 3rd chart entry, and their first since smashing all the way to the top spot with "Trycolour" in 2011.

1181GoldfrappDrew {3 Weeks @ #1}
22111Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
33111London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
4574Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
54103Still CornersFireflies
6766Cloud ControlScar
7685The PreaturesManic Baby
81338Max FrostWhite Lies
1011611SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
119134Owl EyesFind Out
1212712Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
1410146Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
1519415Arcade FireAfterlife
1617516Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
17NE117The CairosObsession
1814811Cut CopyFree Your Mind
1921319Never Wanna Know
2016155Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
2118918Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
2224522Pearl JamSirens
2322522StonefieldLove You Deserve
2427324Broken BellsHolding On For Life
2520163HaimThe Wire
2626426Young The GiantIt's About Time
27NE127Mariah CareyThe Art Of Letting Go
2825261ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
29NE129Flight FacilitiesStand Still (feat Micky Green)
3031430DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
3123191Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
3230926KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3433433ThundamentalsSmiles Don't Lie
35281214TV On The RadioMercy
3639236Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)
3729178Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
38NE138Little MixMove
3932725John NewmanCheating
40NE140The JezabelsThe End

42351714Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
4136221Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know? {2 Weeks @ #1}
4537201PhoenixOblique City {2 Weeks @ #1}
4638633Simone & GirlfunkleSecret
-401611The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours

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Great to see Little Mix and Mariah enter (that was a sentence I never thought I'd say on your chart).

Nice rise for GaGa too.
While it looks like "Team" has hit it's high, I am surprised to see Mariah and Little Mix both debuting in the same week! Pleased to see Gaga up slightly too.
Shame to see London Grammar lose top spot, Couldn't get into Reflektor and I haven't heard Drew but i'm not a huge fan of Goldfrapp , Nice to see Little Mix & The Jezabels debut, is that the first LM song you have charted on your personal?
Yay for Mariah debuting. Also Little mix but yay for Mariah!!!!!! great to see Goldfrapp on top as well.
Good to see The Art Of Letting Go, Stand Still, Move and The End debut. Good rises for The Good Life and White Lies.
Ho hum #1, come on Reflektor or Strong. Don't get your hopes up or anything but I'm listening to Strong right now for no reason other than I realised that I wanted to. It could be happening, but probably not to your extent. Two out of three ain't bad as the Loaf would say, and it's nice to see Max Frost and Sia make the top ten.

I'll continue to hope the Arctics can get there, but Chvrches and even Arcade Fire look more likely now. Wouldn't mind those, but would prefer Arctics. Nice to see Jake Bugg moving up and not nice to see TRASH! debut so high, and with such a silly band name. As far as I'm aware, there's only one Cairo, unless maybe it has a split personality and has formed a band with the other personalities, but even then it should be focusing on fixing its mental health, not making music.

This 21-30 section has been the bane of my existence for a while now, again there's little to point out. Weird to see another Mariah debut from you, that's two now. You only need to chart her three more times and you're a fan on the douche scale of fandom! I haven't bothered to listen to this song yet as I haven't been enthused by her music in a long while and I haven't yet been forced to, but I guess now I am forced to. I also haven't listened to the FliFac debut, but I'm once again disappointed by the featuring artist using a surname, however I won't use it so mockingly this time as Hoberg was much more fun to use than Green.

I liked that Karnivool song and I'm glad to see it up. Hopefully it continues to rise next week, preferably to somewhere in the 21-30 section! I would love four evenish paragraphs without resorting to weird-ass rambling, not that these four paragraphs are probably close to even. Lol Gaga moved up, I was hoping it wouldn't be another Bukkie-esque one week wonder just for the sake of doing it. And lol Little Mix, wtf is going on!? To be fair though, I really should probably listen to that song for a second time rather than just the preview as I did this morning, but I really just find it impossible to care about them at all. And ooh, The Jizzo Balls are back. I haven't heard the song but that's fine because I presume they have a fugly person on the single cover and I've decided the title is stupid and that's all you need to know to judge their songs, so I don't need to hear it. Timesaver!

Edit: Actually the increasing length of the four paragraphs is appealing too, although I have now ruined it by adding this.
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StonefieldLove You Deserve
Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)
Little MixMove
@BZ, I can actually think of at least 3 other songs pre-dating my chart I like, totes a legit fan!

Dec 1st

Goldfrapp settle in nicely for a 4th week at #1. It's hard to know what will stop them. Their closest competitor now is Elizabeth Rose who takes "The Good Life" up two places to #2. This process pushes Arcade Fire & London Grammar down to #3 & #4 respectively, while Still Corners hold at #5 making a respectable 9 weeks in the top 5. Max Frost keeps moving with "White Lies" up to a new peak of #6, while The Cairos are one of the biggest movers of the week with "Obsession" charging up 9 places to #8. Arcade Fire also move up 5 places to #10, making "Afterlife" their 4th top 10 hit. The other big mover of the week comes from Broken Bells whose "Holding On For Life" is also up 9 places to #15, it's making an attempt to become their 2nd top 10 hit.


This comes from one of the more unexpected circumstances to find a new thing to chart, but then what I heard was quite unexpected too. Milky Chance debut to the chart at #18 with "Stolen Dance".
Australian music is killing it at the moment for me. A couple months ago I was worried that I would end up with none in the top 10, though right now I have 4! Perhaps this could join those ranks too, it's Big Scary with their first ever entry, "Belgian Blues" at #22.
More Aussies! Flume & Chet Faker teamed up to make an EP/single/thing and this was part of what came out of it. "Drop The Game" is Flume's 4th entry and Chet Faker's 1st, and it's #30 this week.
And finally a song that I'm comparing to OneRepublic's "Something I Need". Not because it sounds anything like it (which it doesn't) but because it surely never would have happened if not for the previous hit. It's in at #40.

1191GoldfrappDrew {4 Weeks @ #1}
2482Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
32121Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
43121London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
55113Still CornersFireflies
6846Max FrostWhite Lies
7676Cloud ControlScar
81728The CairosObsession
9795The PreaturesManic Baby
1015510Arcade FireAfterlife
1110711SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1311144Owl EyesFind Out
1416614Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
1524415Broken BellsHolding On For Life
1712812Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
18NE118Milky ChanceStolen Dance
1919419Never Wanna Know
2014156Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
2122621Pearl JamSirens
22NE122Big ScaryBelgian Blues
2318911Cut CopyFree Your Mind
2429224Flight FacilitiesStand Still (feat Micky Green)
2527225Mariah CareyThe Art Of Letting Go
2623622StonefieldLove You Deserve
2720165Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
28211018Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
2926526Young The GiantIt's About Time
30NE130Flume & Chet FakerDrop The Game
3130530DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
3225173HaimThe Wire
3428271ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
3538235Little MixMove
36321026KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3736336Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)
3831201Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
3934533ThundamentalsSmiles Don't Lie
40NE140Cloud ControlPromises

41351214TV On The RadioMercy
4537178Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
4839725John NewmanCheating
4340140The JezabelsThe End

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Shame to see Gaga, Haim and Lorde down, but I am pleased to see Little Mix and Mariah move up form their debuts last week.
All my faves fall , Haim being the saddest one, I should really check out everything in your top 31

Oh I missed that Little Mix moved up, yay that is good
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Awesome to see Reflektor, Strong, Lies, Manic Baby, Afterlife, Elastic Heart, Team, Find Out, What Doesn't Kill You, No. 1 Party Anthem (awesome that you're charting this!), Never Wanna Know (awesome that you're charting this too!), Free Your Mind, Stand Still, Mariah Carey The Art Of Letting Go, Love You, Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?, Drop The Game (great debut!), Disclosure Help Me Lose My Mind, Wire, Eidolon, Gun, Sonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine), Do What U Want, Supersoaker, and Smiles Don't Lie (starting to do well in my charts).
Good job on SongPop btw
Yay from Drop The Game's debut. Good to see Stand Still and Move up, hopefully Do What U Want can do the same next week.
Elizabeth Rose's song hasn't really grabbed me. Arcade Fire's has though, and I can't say it's top 10 for me but yay nevertheless! I remember many weeks ago before Goldfrapp or London Grammar had made it to #1 I thought that while I couldn't see either as a #1, I thought Strong would have a better run at the top if either of them could do it. So I'm wrong on both fronts, wahoo Rises for Jake Bugg and Pearl Jam in particular.
Elizabeth Rose hasn't grabbed me yet either, but then again, neither has Goldfrapp; why won't these artsist molest me!? Nice to see Max Frost on the rise still, I would not at all be against that somehow racing to the top. The Cairos, yeah, I'm probably eleven days from a chance at de-TRASH!ing anything, but then there may be a window of opportunity on Sunday, so we'll see. Nice jump for the Fries.

Only one week in the top ten for Sia is a shame, but it's better than the no weeks for No 1 Party Anthem which clearly isn't getting there now. Nice jump for Jakey, I'll have to hope he gets there now. And more TRASH! you're really piling it on at a most inopportune time. I kind of like that the artist name rhymes with the song title and they're all just random words strewn together.

Big Scary, nice! I believe that's semi-TRASH! but I'm more excited because I've recently been falling in love with one of their other songs, and hey, maybe I'll chart it since I don't have much else this week. FliFAc and Mariah are still TRASH! too, but nice FlumeChet debut. 21-30 remains difficult, perhaps next week I'll just ignore it and use that space to comment on 41-50 instead!

Karnivool should be doing better. Little Mix either should or shouldn't be, I still didn't listen again. I'm leaning towards shouldn't though, Gagger should at least be higher still. Haven't heard the Cloud Control song, as you would more than likely have expected.
Stonefield, Little Mix and GaGs
Dec 8th

In an odd distinction, I have been on a record long run without having an Australian #1. The last one was "Closure" a full 7 months ago, and that was even the last to appear in the top two until "The Good Life" just last week. This crazy run is finally over but what ends it? The Cairos actually. Having made their first appearance on the chart just two weeks ago, they've quickly rushed "Obsession" right to the top. It is the 95th #1 in the chart's history, and moving from #8 last week, one of the biggest jumps to the top spot. This ends Goldfrapp's 4 week run at the top as they're relegated to #2. "The Good Life" & "Reflektor" are both pushed down a spot to #3 & #4 respectively because of this too. Finally closing out the top 5 is Max Frost who scores a new peak up from #6 to #5 with "White Lies". There's more action lower in the top 10 too, Arcade Fire move up a couple spots to #8 with "Afterlife", but more impressively, Big Scary jump 13 places to #9 with "Belgian Blues", while Broken Bells move up 5 places to #10 with "Holding On For Life", which is their 2nd top 10 hit. Milky Chance are also hunting for the top 10 with "Stolen Dance up to #12 from #17.


Possibly due to a change in sound or a change in my musical tastes, Warpaint never did much for me when I first came across them years back. On the other hand, I heard "Love Is To Die" in the background on the radio and within 5 seconds knew I had to hear more. It's a success for them, they're in straight at #13 which is the highest debut in nearly 3 months.
Having just recently shed any sort of one hit wonder tag, Papa vs Pretty are back in action again. "Smother" is their 3rd entry and enters at #24 which is higher than last entry "My Life Is Yours" debuted, so perhaps it could chart higher? It remains to be seen.

1831The CairosObsession {1 Week @ #1}
21101GoldfrappDrew {4 Weeks @ #1}
3292Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
43131Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
5655Max FrostWhite Lies
65123Still CornersFireflies
74131London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
81068Arcade FireAfterlife
92229Big ScaryBelgian Blues
1015510Broken BellsHolding On For Life
11786Cloud ControlScar
1218212Milky ChanceStolen Dance
13NE113WarpaintLove Is To Die
149105The PreaturesManic Baby
1511811SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1614714Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
1813154Owl EyesFind Out
1919519Never Wanna Know
2124321Flight FacilitiesStand Still (feat Micky Green)
2217912Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
2325323Mariah CareyThe Art Of Letting Go
24NE124Papa vs. PrettySmother
2521721Pearl JamSirens
2620166Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
2730227Flume & Chet FakerDrop The Game
28231011Cut CopyFree Your Mind
2926722StonefieldLove You Deserve
30361126KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3129626Young The GiantIt's About Time
3227175Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
3335333Little MixMove
3431630DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
35281118Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
3640236Cloud ControlPromises
3832183HaimThe Wire
3934281ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
4037436Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)

4638201Kings of LeonSupersoaker {1 Week @ #1}
4439533ThundamentalsSmiles Don't Lie

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So umm...Max Frost yay, and oooh nice for Move and Klangkarussell. DWUW falling is nice too, but it's not nice for Team
Some ups (Mariah + Little Mix) and some downs (Haim, Lorde, Gaga) are becoming a common story on your chart for me! I have really gotten into the London Grammer track of late, so don't be surprised to see it hitting my chart.
Good to see Little Mix surprisingly still rising up.
Little Mix, Lorde, GaGa, Mariah.
There's a lot to like here! Obviously the awesome Flekky, but White Lies in your top 5 is awesome. As I said about a trillion times, I almost charted Strong, so I'm glad at the run it's getting here, even though it's on the wane now. Yay Milky! Top 10 next week I hope! I found Elastic Heart okay without being anything special, but again I'm happy to see it here. Also awesome to see FliFac once again having a hit for you. I hope Sonnentanz can continue its rebound. Possibly the final week for Gun though I hope one of it, Flekky or maybe even Get Lucky can finish as your EOY #1.

There is a lot here I think I should listen to, I'm sure I'd like plenty of it judging by what I do know on your chart
Reflektor, Manic Baby, What Doesn't Kill You, Team, Lies and Sirens
Good to see Stand Still, Drop The Game, Sonnentanz and Move all up. A shame to see Do What U Want almost out though.
Well I didn't count that as out of the realm of possibility following last week's jump, but I didn't really expect it. I think the song was pretty good, but not quite good enough for me to chart, still I'm happy enough to see it on top. Great to see Max Frost in the top five now, I do hope that keeps going even though I'm not sure if they/he/she are/is/is a band. Nice move for Arcade Fire too and an excellent jump for Big Scary into the top ten, although my charting Big Scary song is obviously the one I like better.

Congrats on changing things up because this week there is little to say about 11-20! I did listen to the Word Salad 2013 song and I think I did like it, however I don't recall it at all now so I don't know whether to root for it to make the top ten. In any case Warpaint will obviously get there, obvious both because of the high debut and because it just screamed "massive jinx song" when I listened to it. Also, Sia peaked top ten.

I really liked the Papa vs Pretty debut and when I have more time to actually listen to music and try to find things I could chart, that's one I think is high up on the list. I hope it goes well for you. Nice to see FlumeChet rise; I don't think I'll chart that, but I'll enjoy having it in the ARIA top fifty while it lasts because lolol Chet! And wtf Klangers, are you me now!?

31-40 is hard too. Move is still moving up, and having finally heard it for a second time it was quite catchy but also kind of messy. I don't think I'd ever like it enough to threaten my chart, unless I took it in a time machine with me back to the late '90s/early '00s. In any case I do hope it keeps rising because I love these bizarre things on your chart but I'm not expecting it to get too much higher.
Well I can make a more informed comment this week, which is good. Now that I look at the chart I totally missed the Papa vs Pretty debut, which is weird. Oh well.

Anyway the new #1 is cool and I'd go as far as to say I prefer it over Drew. Probably not Strong though. I probably didn't enjoy the Broken Bells song that much, but the rest were all good. Weird rebound for Klangers, but then I suppose Little Mix and Mariah both rising is weirder. Ouch Preatures and Arctics, but nice rises elsewhere for Flume & Chet, Cloud Control, FliFac and Max Frost. Not all that sold on the Big Scary song though. Anyway your chart has become a little less conventional recently imo
StonefieldLove You Deserve
Little MixMove
Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)
Dec 15th

The Cairos' "Obsession" spends its 2nd week at #1, but will it come to a premature end? Big Scary would like to think so as "Belgian Blues" continues its fast ascent, up 7 places to #2 this week. Goldfrapp drop a spot with "Drew" at #3, while Max Frost inches up 1 more place to #4 with "White Lies". As of this week, Elizabeth Rose has scored an entry in the ARIA top 10 singles chart and is therefore obviously awesome, but it can't stop "The Good Life" from dropping 2 places to #5. Or perhaps it was supposed to happen as Papa vs Pretty, whose lead singer also achieved that honour, bolts up the chart with "Smother" up #13 from #24, it's vying to become their 2nd top 10 hit. Back in the top 10, Broken Bells move up 3 places to #7 with "Holding On For Life", making it almost their highest charter to date. It's also a very strong top 10 at the moment, which means that Warpaint & Milky Chance aren't yet able to break through, and take #11 & #12 this week. Flight Facilities get their 3rd top 20 hit with "Stand Still" this week.


Big week for debuts and yet none of them go higher than #25 this week. That top one comes from London Grammar with their latest single "Nightcall". It's their 3rd entry to date.
Up next is fellow buzzed about new band with #2 peaking album, Haim, who enter at #30 with already their 4th entry, "If I Could Change Your Mind".
And it's probably quite weird that I'm charting a Fray song now, but it's probably weirder that it's probably because Ryan Tedder worked on it! "Love Don't Die" is probably #34.
Franz Ferdinand had a quick spell in the top 10 earlier this year, and now they're back at #37 with "Evil Eye", it's their 5th chart entry to date.
And it wouldn't be right to not have an Australian amongst all this, so Eleanor Dunlop debuts to the chart at #40 with "Disguise".

1141The CairosObsession {2 Weeks @ #1}
2932Big ScaryBelgian Blues
32111GoldfrappDrew {4 Weeks @ #1}
4564Max FrostWhite Lies
53102Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
64141Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
71067Broken BellsHolding On For Life
86133Still CornersFireflies
9878Arcade FireAfterlife
107141London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
1113211WarpaintLove Is To Die
1212312Milky ChanceStolen Dance
1324213Papa vs. PrettySmother
1414115The PreaturesManic Baby
151196Cloud ControlScar
1615910SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1716814Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
1821418Flight FacilitiesStand Still (feat Micky Green)
2019619Never Wanna Know
2118164Owl EyesFind Out
2227322Flume & Chet FakerDrop The Game
2323423Mariah CareyThe Art Of Letting Go
25NE125London GrammarNightcall
2626176Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
2725821Pearl JamSirens
28301226KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
29221012Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
30NE130HaimIf I Could Change Your Mind
3129822StonefieldLove You Deserve
3233432Little MixMove
33281111Cut CopyFree Your Mind
34NE134The FrayLove Don't Die
3531726Young The GiantIt's About Time
3636336Cloud ControlPromises
37NE137Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
3832185Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
3934730DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)
40NE140Eleanor DunlopDisguise

41351118Papa vs. PrettyMy Life Is Yours
4338183HaimThe Wire
4239281ChvrchesGun {6 Weeks @ #1}
4640436Lady GagaDo What U Want (feat R. Kelly)

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While it was going to happen sooner or later, I can't not acknowledge The Wire's exit from your chart.

But as I type, I notice that Haim are still in your chart! I still have to hear that track, though. I've only heard the new Fray track once and while it's not as instantly enjoyable as some of there previous offerings, it was ok. Good to see Little Mix move up and Lorde & London Grammar hanging about.
Poor Mariah, was hoping she could go top 20 but looks like she has peaked
Nice to see Drop The Game move up and Haim debut. Wow for The Fray debuting though, ewww
Nice Haim debut and good to see Little Mix still rising.
I probably need to hear the top two again, and since I have yt loaded with nothing on; that can be a race! Of course the first song will probably end and I'll just forget to put on the second, but let's see!

Well, yeah. All of a sudden there's all these big moves into the top few all the time! I'll talk about the top two later, but go Max Frost! Regardless of how I feel about the top two shortly, I would love for White Lies to go to the top. Of course what I'm really hoping for now is for Strong to miraculously rebound to the top because ohmygoditisamazingyouwererightandit'samazing! But seriously, I have been listening to it a lot this week which lastie won't come close to showing and it's still not gonna happen to your extent, but yeah. It's awesome! I previewed the terrible remix on iTunes too, and ewwwwww.

Great Smother jump! That looks set for top ten which is perfectly fine with me, and it looks set to debut for me this week too which I shall presume is perfectly fine with you. Of course I don't want it to knock out Strong because ohmygodthatsongisamazing!

Nice to see FlumeChet on the rise, hopefully next week they'll find themselves in the 11-20 area and I can mention that in there, of course it's looking like I can go into raptures about Strong in the 11-20 next week as well, so perhaps that'll be the largest paragraph next week rather than the possible smallest. Cool debut for Haim, that one stands out quite well on the album, and I'd possibly consider charting it in a few weeks if my chart gets less competitive. The London Grammar song is presumably good semi-TRASH! but nowhere near as good as Strong because ohmygodStrongisamazing! Klangers is going for a new peak!

And it's all about the debuts here. The Fray, wow! Not only was I not expecting that possibly not ever, it's just so quick! I can't get into it as much as their earlier songs but I hope it does well for you of course. The Franz song is good, but not one I remember especially easily, I need to hear it constantly despite the fact that I do hear it constantly. And Eleanor Dunlop is TRASH! which I have no expectation of.

I won the race except for writing this part. I think I prefer Obsession of the two, but they're both good. With moves like it has had though, it seems certain that Belgian Blues will get there at some point very soon, but I guess I never know. I'll hope for at least one more week for Obsession unless it's gonna be White Lies or Strong.
Well sadly The Cairos stand little chance next week. Nice move for Warpaint although I was expecting top 10 already. The entries!111!!!!! FRANZ FRANZ FRANZ. I was thinking their chance was over but yay! Hopefully a rise next week. Good to see Eleanor Dunlop enter as well, likewise I was expecting her to miss out. But yay!
Sad to see Gaga drop out, but yay for Little Mix's rise and Team in the top 20.
Nice rise into the top 4 for Frosty More London Grammar wow, I think I liked that Haim debut, I should listen to it again so I remember whether I did or not. Amazing debut for The Fray <3 A neat debut for Franz too. RIP Gun, but what an amazing run it had for you, so I am happy for it to go now
Dec 22nd

Big Scary came charging but the coveted Christmas #1 goes to The Cairos, whose "Obsession" holds strong for a 3rd week in a row. Big Scary thus hold at #2 with "Belgian Blues". Goldfrapp also hold at #3 with nothing to overtake them, but perhaps that'll change next week as Warpaint storm up 7 places to #4 with "Love Is To Die". Max Frost rounds out the top 5 with "White Lies down a spot to #5. Milky Chance finally crack the top 10 with "Stolen Dance" after a slight delay, while Papa vs Pretty try to do the same thing; "Smother" is #11 this week. London Grammar score a 2nd top 20 hit with "Nightcall" in the same week that "Strong" spends its first week out of the top 10.


I was going to say it's an all UK week, but upon looking up, this group is actually from the US. Chvrches have obviously done somewhat well this year, add some louder drums and I'll still like it! HAERTS debut with "Hemiplegia" at #16.
On the complete other end of the spectrum, we have UK veterans Suede. After a long hiatus, they reformed to make a new album earlier this year, and while I heard it a while back, I've just now decided to chart something from it, so "Barriers" is in at #25.
And finally Disclosure take control by getting their 5th entry of the year. Not really but close enough. Instead it's All About She, who enter at #35 with "Higher (Free)".

1151The CairosObsession {3 Weeks @ #1}
2242Big ScaryBelgian Blues
33121GoldfrappDrew {4 Weeks @ #1}
41134WarpaintLove Is To Die
5474Max FrostWhite Lies
6776Broken BellsHolding On For Life
76151Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
85112Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
91249Milky ChanceStolen Dance
10988Arcade FireAfterlife
1113311Papa vs. PrettySmother
128143Still CornersFireflies
1310151London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
1414125The PreaturesManic Baby
1518515Flight FacilitiesStand Still (feat Micky Green)
1715106Cloud ControlScar
18161010SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
1922419Flume & Chet FakerDrop The Game
2025220London GrammarNightcall
2117914Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
2220719Never Wanna Know
2323523Mariah CareyThe Art Of Letting Go
2621174Owl EyesFind Out
2730227HaimIf I Could Change Your Mind
2926186Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
3034230The FrayLove Don't Die
3127921Pearl JamSirens
32281326KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
3332532Little MixMove
34291112Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem
35NE135All About SheHigher (Free)
3631922StonefieldLove You Deserve
3740237Eleanor DunlopDisguise
38331211Cut CopyFree Your Mind
3937237Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
4035826Young The GiantIt's About Time

4136336Cloud ControlPromises
4438185Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
4239730DisclosureHelp Me Lose My Mind (feat London Grammar)

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Most of my faves drop this week - Little Mix, Lorde, London Grammar (Strong) - but I am pleased to see The Fray move up.
Great to see both Little Mix and Lorde are still in there, though unfortunately they drop.
I am so shocked The Art Of Letting Go is charting for you. One of Mariah's worst 'efforts' to date. It just goes nowhere.

Good to see London Grammar has done quite well. Dropped off for me quickly, but is stabilising now.
Well, I'm glad Obsession got that third week and I'll hope for a fourth because it's continuing to grow on me. I particularly love the moment where the vocals first kick in, definitely the coolest part. But yeah, Big Scary will most likely get there sometime, but I hope Obsession keeps holding them off for now. Oh, and there's Warpaint, I expected that jump weeks ago and had stopped expecting something of the kind. I'd prefer it didn't go to #1, but it's not horribly offensive. And there's the Milky Word Salad in the top ten too. I forget my opinion on that.

Go Smother for top ten next week! I hope it can rocket in there and maybe even get top five quite quickly, it's very very cool and reminds me a LOT of Muse every time I listen to it. Shame to see Strong out of the top ten, but it's had a decent run; you're not me after all! I listened to the Haerts thing and it was good but not overly great. Glad to see FlumeChet and London Grammar in the top ten. For some reason I wanted to put two 'g's in London just then; I get the first one as 'Long' is a common enough word to type, but I really don't type 'Dong' often so I'm not sure what was up with that.

Suede, I forgot they existed. The song was reasonably cool but I didn't love it or anything. Nice to see Haim moving up still and wow, The Fray are already higher than I thought they might get. Will be quite interesting to see how high they can go. 21-[s]30[/s]40 continues to be difficult to write about.

No new peak for Klangers. The All About She debut was fine, but none of them really thrilled me unfortunately. Neither did Eleanor Dunlop which I hadn't heard before. Shame to see Arctics out with one and on the way out with the other.
Good to see Drop The Game have a small rise and even better seeing it only 6 spots below Strong, hopefully it has a chance at #1 on your AP. Not much else to say tbh
Dec 29th

Last chart of the year and we have a new #1! Big Scary have been hot on The Cairos' tail for weeks now in a tightly contested battle, but this week they take the crown with "Belgian Blues". This now becomes the 96th #1 in the chart's history and just like The Cairos, it is to date Big Scary's only chart entry. Naturally, "Obsession" is at #2 this week. It's not necessarily safe there though, as more new hits are coming in fast. Warpaint continue their rise with "Love Is To Die" now at #3, while Broken Bells score their highest charting hit ever with "Holding On For Life" at #4. Meanwhile Goldfrapp's former #1 "Drew" is bumped down to #5. Arcade Fire lose a top 10 entrant but "Reflektor" is back up a spot anyway. Milky Chance entrench further within the top 10 with "Stolen Dance" up 2 places to #9. Papa vs Pretty get their 2nd top 10 hit with "Smother" at #9, following their #2 hit "Wrecking Ball" in 2011. HAERTS are looking for their first with "Hemiplegia" up 5 places to #11. While Flight Facilities are now veterans to the top of the chart almost, "Stand Still" is vying to be their 3rd top 10. Suede have the biggest mover of the week with "Barriers" up 10 places to #15.


December is catch up time and nobody told me that this was a single/had a video/whatever. Atoms For Peace get their 3rd entry (matching Radiohead in the process) with "Before Your Very Eyes...".
This kind of just breezed past me when it came out which they made up for with a bigger hit recently, but I thought it wouldn't be right if I just skipped over it completely. Belatedly, "Is This How You Feel?" by The Preatures is in at #33.
I always think, 'nah this will never grow on me', and every time I'm always eventually won over. It's more impressive for this considering it has not even hit the UK charts yet! Klingande enter at #34 with their mainland Europe smash "Jubel".
And then this one has also been a surprise. First that I liked it, and then that it so very nearly became a top 50 hit in Australia, but then it is a lot of fun. Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip (with Kanye West & Lil Wayne briefly popping into the recording studio) enter at #38 with "Thank You".

1251Big ScaryBelgian Blues {1 Week @ #1}
2161The CairosObsession {3 Weeks @ #1}
3443WarpaintLove Is To Die
4684Broken BellsHolding On For Life
53131GoldfrappDrew {4 Weeks @ #1}
67161Arcade FireReflektor {6 Weeks @ #1}
7957Milky ChanceStolen Dance
8584Max FrostWhite Lies
91149Papa vs. PrettySmother
108122Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
121098Arcade FireAfterlife
1315613Flight FacilitiesStand Still (feat Micky Green)
1413161London GrammarStrong {2 Weeks @ #1}
1612153Still CornersFireflies
1720317London GrammarNightcall
1819518Flume & Chet FakerDrop The Game
1914135The PreaturesManic Baby
20NE120Atoms For PeaceBefore Your Very Eyes…
2117116Cloud ControlScar
22181110SiaElastic Heart (feat The Weeknd & Diplo)
2327323HaimIf I Could Change Your Mind
2423623Mariah CareyThe Art Of Letting Go
2522819Never Wanna Know
26211014Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
2730327The FrayLove Don't Die
2835228All About SheHigher (Free)
3026184Owl EyesFind Out
3229196Cage the ElephantCome A Little Closer
33NE133The PreaturesIs This How You Feel?
3533632Little MixMove
36321426KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine) (feat Will Heard)
37311021Pearl JamSirens
38NE138Busta RhymesThank You (feat Q-Tip, Kanye West & Lil Wayne)
3937337Eleanor DunlopDisguise
40341212Arctic MonkeysNo. 1 Party Anthem

4136922StonefieldLove You Deserve
43381211Cut CopyFree Your Mind
4239237Franz FerdinandEvil Eye
4540826Young The GiantIt's About Time

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Interesting Busta debut. I hope he and his friends rise in the coming weeks. Good to see Little Mix, Lorde and London Grammar still hanging about.
Yay for Haim still rising (I do hope they can get higher), I see you've joined this Jubel bandwagon
Good to see Haim still rising and Mariah staying relatively stable.
Great to see Mariah, Little Mix and Lorde all in there.
Well, that was going to happen eventually, but I'd have preferred it waited a bit. Eh, could be worse though. 96 #1's now, people should start obsessing over what might be the 100th and then you can let them down by having it be some flash in the pan fad thing, that's always fun! I hope Obsession doesn't fall away too fast. Ooh, Reflektor back up is interesting, but at the expense of Mark Winterbottom I don't approve. Smother top ten, yay! Keep rising!

Haerts and Suede are looking threatening there, if only I liked them more when I listened. Strong is at least not falling away too fast and FlumeChet is not closing too fast which is nice because Strong needs and deserves a longer run at #1 on Hi-ZAP. At least the other London Grammar is moving up well. A TRASH!y top twenty debut again, hmmmm.

Go Haim! I should probably consider debuting that one, but their album has kind of reached the point where I've heard it enough that I generally don't listen to the songs separately anymore because I've heard them enough so if I do chart it it wouldn't go anywhere near as well as it deserves. Still, it might happen if I'm struggling for stuff to chart. Ooh, The Fray still moving up, top 20 bound?

So many gainers in 31-40! At least Arctics hang in barely, but they're doomed for next week presumably. Cool to see The Preatures debut, that song sat on my potential debuts list for aaaaages but just kept missing out until I gave up and accepted that it wasn't getting in. But I do enjoy it. I've seen the Klingers thing around but I've never listened to it. I approve of the debut, simply because now you have both Klingers and Klangers in your chart; please keep Klangers in for some time yet, perhaps another rebound is in order. And wtf Busta Rhymes!? I haven't heard it and certainly wasn't expecting to be forced to this way!
Jubel . Wtf Thank You . Nice rises for Stand Still, Drop The Game and Love Don't Die.
And after some delay, here's my EOY list!

1Arcade FireReflektor
2James BlakeRetrograde
4CHVRCHESThe Mother We Share
5Arctic MonkeysDo I Wanna Know?
6Daft PunkGet Lucky
7Owl EyesClosure
9The CairosObsession
10Big ScaryBelgian Blues
11London GrammarStrong
12Winter PeopleTwo's Company
13Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine
14Kings of LeonSupersoaker
15Mr. Little JeansOh Sailor
16PhoenixOblique City
17HaimThe Wire
18Elizabeth RoseThe Good Life
19Arctic MonkeysWhy'd You Only Call Me When You're High?
20WarpaintLove Is to Die
21Father John MistyNancy from Now On
22AstaI Need Answers
23Queens of the Stone AgeMy God Is the Sun
25Still CornersFireflies
26Arcade FireNormal Person
27Broken BellsHolding On for Life
28British IndiaSummer Forgive Me
29Boy & BearSouthern Sun
30Max FrostWhite Lies
31Milky ChanceStolen Dance
32Papa vs PrettySmother
34Cage the ElephantCome a Little Closer
35Owl EyesFind Out
36James BlakeLife Round Here
37Bloc PartyRatchet
38The PreaturesManic Baby
40Cloud ControlScar
41KarnivoolWe Are
43Timothy Nelson & The InfidelsMary Lou
45My Bloody ValentineOnly Tomorrow
46KarnivoolA.M. War
48Owl EyesSaltwater
49Arcade FireAfterlife
50Queens of the Stone AgeI Sat By the Ocean
51Birds of TokyoWhite Leaves
52Daft PunkLose Yourself to Dance
53Queens of the Stone AgeKalopsia
54Still CornersBeginning to Blue
55Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsJubilee Street
56Owl EyesIvory
58Cold War KidsMiracle Mile
59SiaElastic Heart
60Still CornersThe Trip
61Arcade FireHere Comes The Night Time
62James BlakeDigital Lion
63LordeBuzzcut Season
64MS MRHead Is Not My Home
65John NewmanLove Me Again
66Portugal. The ManEvil Friends
67My Bloody ValentineNew You
68Franz FerdinandLove Illumination
69Queens of the Stone AgeI Appear Missing
70Daft PunkGiorgio by Moroder
71Kanye WestBlack Skinhead
72Owl EyesNightswim
73MGMTAlien Days
74DisclosureYou & Me (Flume Remix)
75The Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours
76RudimentalWaiting All Night
77Atoms for PeaceBefore Your Very Eyes
78Cut CopyFree Your Mind
80Simone and GirlfunkleSummer Rain
81Flight FacilitiesStand Still
82Justin TimberlakeTake Back the Night
83DrakeHold On, We're Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan)
84TV On the RadioMercy
85Arcade FireYou Already Know
86Justin TimberlakeMirrors
87Birds of TokyoLanterns
88KarnivoolAlpha Omega
89Jake BuggWhat Doesn't Kill You
90Miles KaneDon't Forget Who You Are
91Vampire WeekendUnbelievers
92SpenderBed & Chair
93Never Wanna Know
94KlangkarussellSonnentanz (Sun Don't Shine)
96DuneOh Innocence
97London GrammarNightcall
98MS MRFantasy
99Mariah Carey#Beautiful (feat. Miguel)
100Papa vs PrettyMy Life Is Yours

and here's the link to the 2014 thread http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=42278

Thanks for commenting all year round everyone
Okay, I guessed somebody's #1 correctly! And I'm pleased about it too, it's quite a good song. I'm pleased to see Retrograde in at #2 as well; I'd kind of forgotten about that as a contender and it's been far too long since I heard it. Cool Chvrches double as well, but a shame Mother couldn't be the higher of them. Still, I wasn't expecting it to be top five, so yay! Also very nice to see the Arctics take a top five placement. Get Lucky is fine, but I'm pleased it wasn't any higher. Closure is good, and another I haven't heard in too long; it theoretically just missed my top 100. Goldfrapp, meh. Ooh, at the two newbies making the top ten, how very ARIA of you to have Christmas charts making such an impact. I'm pleased for Obsession, and I like Big Scary too, but ouch at what got booted from the top ten. I really did think Strong was a lock for top ten and pushing for top five certainly, lol if I end up liking it more than you (which is still unlikely). Great for Supersoaker, The Wire and Highy in the top twenty. Yay for Nancy, Brindia, Boy & Bear and Max Frost (!) filling the 21-30 space and giving me something to mention there. Smother #32 already, wow! I had to check, and it seems that FlumeChet is the only thing currently in your top twenty (well, as of the last chart for 2013) that missed, poor guys. Yays for Falling, We Are and Mary Lou, and wow, I expected Royals higher. Team, White Leaves, Miracle Mile, Love Me Again, Hearts Like Ours, Mirrors, Lanterns, What Doesn't Kill You, Don't Forget Who You Are and Bed & Chair all get yays! Go Klangers!!! I didn't expect The Killers to make it but still boo they didn't; I did think Pompeii might sneak in so a shame it couldn't.
Very happy to see double Chvrches in the top 5 and Closure in the top ten, Other awesome inclusions in your EOY for me are Strong, Supersoaker, The Wire, Summer Forgive Me, Southern Sun, Falling, Royals, Team, Nightswim, Hearts Like Ours, Hold On, We're Going Home, Mirrors, Lanterns, Recover, Nightcall, Fantasy & #Beautiful.
I swear I read your list the other day and saw #Beautiful and The Art Of Letting Go or maybe I just dreamed it, but so happy that #Beautiful made it onto the chart nonetheless! So good to see!
Great entries for Drew, Strong, The Wire, Spectrum, Falling, Royals, Team, Elastic Heart, Hearts Like Ours, Hold On, We're Going Home and Mirrors.
Chart: I was wondering when Big Scary would get there; inevitable I guess. I like all four debuts!

I wasn't sure if Flekky would do it, it just seemed too obvious and there so many other contenders. But yeah I'm happy about it. One thing that surprised me was Owlies; I thought she'd do a bit better. I didn't really dislike anything in the EOY but particular nods to Arctics, Cairos, Juggers, KOL, FJM, Arcade Fire, MBV, King Nick, Porty, Drake, Atoms for Peace and Jake Bugg.

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