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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts - Bluezombie's Best Of All Time

I've been working on this for a little while now, but finally it's ready to go; my best of all time lists!

To start things off I'll be posting a countdown of my favourite albums, which will lead into the countdown of my favourite songs.

The major rule I've implemented in creating these lists is that I have to own a song or album for it to be included. I figure that if I don't own it, I can't like it that much. That said, there is definitely going to be stuff that is more worthy of a place than things I've included, a list like this can hardly be definitive, but it's stuff I don't own and, in the case of albums, may not even have heard in full. As far as the songs list goes, I have allowed non-singles to be included, although in including them, they are a bit easier to mark down for me than something which was a single.

A lot of this countdown will probably disagree with things I've said in my reviews; I'm aware of this, but a lot of my reviews are outdated and inaccurate.

Throughout the posting I will be asking ten questions, worth varied amounts of points. Basically you'll be trying to guess things that are coming up. Whoever scores the most points wins a $50 iTunes voucher, because why not?
Guessing game:

1. In order, what do you think the top five albums of the countdown will be? (25 points) Closed!
2. How many songs from The Killers will feature in the top 1000? (3 points) Closed!
3. Who of Five, NSync, Westlife and Backstreet Boys will have the most entries? And which song will be the highest placed for each group? (10 points) Closed!
4. Where will "Somebody That I Used To Know" place? (20 points) Closed!
5. Which song in each battle will appear higher on the countdown? (10 points) Closed!
6. Which song in each battle will appear higher on the countdown? (10 points) Closed!
7. What will be the highest placed pre-1990 song in the list? And where will it come in? (8 points) Closed!
8. What will be the highest placed female vocal song in the list? And where will it place? (8 points) Closed!
9. What will be the highest placed Australian song? And where will it land? (8 points) Closed!
10. In order, what do you think the top ten songs of the countdown will be? (50 points) Closed!

Chris A0001154000020

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And it begins. Here are albums 100-91:

100BelongThe Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
98Playground BattleThe Feelers
97New Manic ArtTrial Kennedy
96The All-American RejectsThe All-American Rejects
95Last Night On EarthNoah And The Whale
94American IdiotGreen Day
93Night Falls Over KortadelaJens Lekman
91The Golden YearOu Est Le Swimming Pool

The next portion will probably be posted tomorrow. I have no defined times when I'll update this, but I won't do more than one piece a day, sometimes it'll take more than a day.
Looking forward to this one bluey

Out of that lot i'm familiar and like only AAR & American Idiot, have heard 'some of' those albums but not in there entirity.
Well here my first thought is damn! Why did that Jens Lekman song have to come on the radio again that day?! You might have never took any notice of him at all I do like the Sparkadia & Green Day albums and have been meaning to check out TK's first.
Ooh! Really awesome! I know/like the Green Day and Ou Est albums and I like all of the other artists I know.
I've only heard and own #98, #96, #94 and #92 but great to see the Kiwis making the list (although I'm not a huge fan of Playground Battle at all, Silencer is definitely better!) Great to see American Idiot in there though, it's pretty much a classic
Looking very forward to this
Here are albums 90-81:

90Poison KissThe Last Goodnight
89Daniel PowterDaniel Powter
88Five Star LaundryMotor Ace
87All That You Can't Leave BehindU2
86Book Of LiesEnd Of Fashion
85Get BornJet
84Engineering The SoulSomething With Numbers
83The FameLady GaGa
82Three Cheers For Sweet RevengeMy Chemical Romance
81ApocalypsoThe Presets
Also, it's time for question one of the guessing game. Memo in your answers so that nobody else can copy what you come up with, remember, whoever has the most points after the ten questions wins a $50 iTunes voucher.

Question 1: In order, what do you think the top five albums of the countdown will be?

There are 25 points up for grabs with this question; 5 per album. If you correctly guess an album in the right position, you score the full five points, losing one point for every position you're off after that. However points only apply to albums that appear in the top five; if you guess an album at #5 and it's #6, you get zero.

I will take answers for this up until the time I begin posting the top 20; I will let you know closer to the time exactly when that will be, but for now you have at least until the end of the coming weekend.

Edit: Don't forget, I haven't included albums from the last 12 or so months. Also, I didn't mention it before but no compilations have been included either.
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The Fame!
U2 and GaGa
Ok there are some quality albums in this lot

87 All That You Can't Leave Behind U2
85 Get Born Jet
83 The Fame Lady GaGa
82 Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge My Chemical Romance
81 Apocalypso The Presets

Are all great listens and very different to each other
In this lot I've only heard/own #89, #87, #83 and #82. I love The Fame though and LOOOVE Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge so awesome to see them in there! I wish I didn't hear the Daniel Powter album though

Hmm I honestly have no idea for Question 1 but will see as we get closer to the Top 20
The Golden Year & Get Born are the best in the last 20, The Fame & Last Night On Earth are alright aswell.
Presets, Jet and U2 are all awesome
Now for albums 80-71:

80Room For SquaresJohn Mayer
79The FrayThe Fray
78Pretty OddPanic At The Disco
76Back To BedlamJames Blunt
75A Weekend In The CityBloc Party
74Mistaken IdentityDelta Goodrem
73See The SunPete Murray
72Yours Truly Angry MobKaiser Chiefs
71It's BlitzYeah Yeah Yeahs

You still have plenty of time to get in your guesses for question 1 of the guessing game. I've received a few entries already, with some interesting variations.
Hurry up and get to the BOAT songs! LOL
Great lot is this one, I love #80, #76, #75, #74 and #73. I don't have PATD, Ladyhawke or Yeah Yeah Yeah's though but they all look decent.
I especially love Apocalypso & It's Blitz here, the latter benefitting due to a lack of a baby being attacked by a mosquito I like the one song I know from that Motor Ace album, and even though I have that Kaisers album, I've never listened to it
Mistaken Identity!
The last three albums are the ones I own/love, yay Pete/Kaisers/YYY! No need to hurry and get to the BOAT songs tbh
And here are albums 70-61:

70Midnight RememberLittle Red
69Wolfgang Amadeus PhoenixPhoenix
68Big TalkBig Talk
67How To Save A LifeThe Fray
65DookieGreen Day
64Shoot ThisMotor Ace
63Stack Is The New BlackShort Stack
62The ResistanceMuse
61More Than You Think You AreMatchbox Twenty

Entries for question one will close at 11:59pm AEDST this Sunday. Still plenty of time left to work out what you think my top five albums are. Interestingly, there isn't a single album everyone that has guessed so far has named.
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Yay for Midnight Remember, Cohesion, Dookie & The Resistance.
Gyroscope and Muse are ones I own but I like most of those bands
See The Sun
Time for albums 60-51:

60Hands All OverMaroon 5
59A Guide To Love Loss And DesperationThe Wombats
58End Of FashionEnd Of Fashion
57NimrodGreen Day
56Off With Their HeadsKaiser Chiefs
55Oracular SpectacularMGMT
54Vices & VirtuesPanic At The Disco
53Passive Me Aggressive YouThe Naked And Famous
52Mine Is YoursCold War Kids
51Folie A DeuxFall Out Boy

Still three (and a little bit) days to get your responses in for question one. This is one of the questions worth the most points, so you'll need to do well to get off to a good start. Unless of course everybody does really poorly.....
Nice entries for Dookie, Oracular Spectacular and Passive Me, Aggressive You
I listened to MGMT's other one today Love Kaiser Chiefs and Green Day too but all good here.
Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Cohesion, End of Fashion & Oracular Spectacular have some great singles. With apologies to Muse, my favourite of the last lot is The Naked and Famous, although when All of This came on the radio a couple days ago, I could swear it was The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
Here are albums 50-41:

50Making MirrorsGotye
49Day OneBirds Of Tokyo
48United Paper PeopleKisschasy
47Thrills Kills And Sunday PillsGrinspoon
46Move AlongThe All-American Rejects
45This Modern GlitchThe Wombats
43FearlessTaylor Swift
42RestlessAmy Meredith
41TorchesFoster The People

Two (and a bit) days left to get in your guesses for the top five albums of the countdown. Entries close Sunday night at 11:59pm AEDST, so memo them in before then!
Now it's albums 40-31:

40Cruel GuardsThe Panics
39Black Holes And RevelationsMuse
38Mad SeasonMatchbox Twenty
37Science & FaithThe Script
36Savage GardenSavage Garden
35CradlesongRob Thomas
34This Little EmpireZed
33Memories & DustJosh Pyke
32Black Fingernails Red WineEskimo Joe
31It Won't Be Soon Before LongMaroon 5

It's only just over 24 hours until entries close for question one of the guessing game. Memo your entries in before 11:59pm tomorrow night.
Gotye, Grinspoon, Adele, Amy Meredith, Foster, Muse, Esky
Here are albums 30-21:

30FeelerPete Murray
29EmploymentKaiser Chiefs
28The ScriptThe Script
27American SlangThe Gaslight Anthem
26UniversesBirds Of Tokyo
25Only By The NightKings Of Leon
24Something To BeRob Thomas
23Eyes OpenSnow Patrol
22Good Morning RevivalGood Charlotte
21MagicBruce Springsteen

And that's it! That's all you'll be seeing before you have to have your guesses for the top five locked in to get points for question one. Memo them through to me by 11:59pm tonight AEDST.
Love Day One, 21, Torches, Black Holes, Black Fingernails & Universes. Probably American Slang but I haven't really listened to it much. Making Mirrors & Only By The Night are solid too. Cruel Guards, Savage Garden and Memories & Dust have quality singles too!
Haven't commented in a while! Great to see 21, Fearless and Torches in 50-41, Black Holes and Revelations and Savage Garden in 40-31 and Feeler, Something To Be, Eyes Open and Good Morning Revival (that's my third favourite GC album but the previous two albums were where I was massively obsessed with GC) in 30-21.
Nimrod, Vices & Virtues, Passive Me, Mine Is Yours, Making Mirrors, This Modern Glitch, 21, Fearless, Restless, Torches, Science & Faith, Savage Garden, Black Fingernails & Only By The Night are awesome.
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Now for the unlucky albums that just missed the top ten; here are 20-11:

20HabitsNeon Trees
19Tourist HistoryTwo Door Cinema Club
18Innocent EyesDelta Goodrem
17Day & AgeThe Killers
16The Trick To LifeThe Hoosiers
15+Ed Sheeran
14A Fever You Can't Sweat OutPanic At The Disco
13Yourself Or Someone Like YouMatchbox Twenty
12FlamingoBrandon Flowers
11Addicted RomanticFaker

Some people will notice that some of their predictions for top five didn't even make the top ten. The top secton here is very close and I would have liked to have more positions in the top ten, unfortunately ten is ten. You'll all find out how you did points-wise tomorrow, probably.
Only #18?
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So many albums I own and love! Pete Murray, Kaisers, BOT, KOL, TDCC, Killers, Faker
Yay for Habits, Tourist History, Innocent Eyes, Day & Age, + & Flamingo.
Innocent Eyes! Although I agree with 392 it should be higher.
Arrrgh there goes Innocent Eyes and Flamingo! Gutted!!

Yay for + and A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.
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It's quite a nice surprise to see a certain album still in the running, although I hope it doesn't mess up my prediction!

Day & Age is the one from here I'm most familiar with but all the other albums have their good points. And it's good that you concur re: D&A
Time to begin revealing the top ten albums:

10. Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane

I became exposed to them when I heard 'Harder To Breathe' on radio and sincerely thought it was a new Matchbox Twenty song at first. And since I loved them, I loved this song. I eventually discovered that it was a new band. They followed it up with 'This Love' which I also liked, but not quite as much as their first single. But it was when Courtney Murphy sang 'She Will Be Loved' on Australian Idol that I really took notice. I hadn't heard it yet (it had just been announced as the third single) and I loved the song. So the next day I went and bought the album and loved it. Up until around this point in time I'd always been much more of a singles person than an albums person, but I'd just recently got my license and playing albums in the car was a great way to get into them more, and it's really been the way forward for me with new albums. They go into my car and stay in the player for however long until I've heard it enough that I'm pretty familiar with every track. This album was one of the very first, if not the first, that got massive car airplay.

Top tracks: Harder To Breathe, She Will Be Loved, Tangled

9. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High

I'd discovered them about a year before this album came out and caught up on their back catalogue, so I was very excited when they had a new album coming out and this did not disappoint. It was released at a time when I travelled a LOT for work, and so car airplay became bigger than ever, and with a new album from one of my favourite bands, I was always going to hear this a lot.

Top tracks: G.I.N.A.S.F.S., I'm Like A Lawyer...., This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race

8. Birds Of Tokyo - Birds Of Tokyo

A fairly recent album to find itself this high, but I do love it. I'd never really known much about them prior to this album, but thanks to people's charts here, I noticed 'The Saddest Thing I Know' and then 'Plans' became an ARIA hit and I started to really like them. When 'Wild At Heart' became a single, I just had to get the album, and I didn't regret it. Later that year I got to see them live and to this day it's probably remained the favourite of all the live shows I've been to. Following the show I bought their other albums, which are also great, but this is their best work so far, for me.

Top tracks: Plans, The Gap, Wild At Heart

*The 'top tracks' are listed alphabetically by title, so there are no spoilers for the songs list.
7. John Mayer - Battle Studies

I'd liked a couple of John Mayer songs but never really been into him, so when a mate of mine got really excited upon the release of this album I didn't really care nearly as much. Until we listened to it and I loved it. With some absolutely amazing and beautiful songs, this album was so good that I went back and bought all his old albums and he became a core artist of mine; someone whose albums I automatically buy. Interestingly, none of them really fit in the same style, but to me that shows his talent as a musician. 'Battle Studies' is far and away my favourite.

Top tracks: Friends Lovers Or Nothing, Heartbreak Warfare, Who Says

6. The Killers - Sam's Town

After 'Hot Fuss' made The Killers a definite core artist of mine, I dutifully went out to buy this album on the day of its release. I wanted it that day because I was going on a road trip and wanted to hear it, and also because if I didn't get it that day I'd have to wait a week until I returned. Lovely country town that I'm in, only one shop had it out ready for sale, the overpriced Sanity. But it was worth the extra money I had to pay, so I grabbed it and didn't regret the choice. While I never felt it lived up to how much Brandon hyped it up pre-release, it was still amazing and consolidated The Killers as my favourite artist.

Top tracks: Bling (Confession Of A King), Read My Mind, When You Were Young
Take my 2nd prediction please?

But I love how this is turning out just on a basis of what I like. Great to see BOT make the top 10 which I admittedly didn't expect, and a very nice placement for Sam's Town which I still rate very closely to Hot Fuss. Also Harder to Breathe is my favourite Maroon 5 song, Heartbreak Warfare my favourite from John Mayer, and I really should give Fall Out Boy a proper chance.
5. Faker - Be The Twilight

I loved 'Addicted Romantic' but was underwhelmed when I first heard 'This Heart Attack'. I liked it okay, but it didn't make me want to buy the album. However, when it was released, one of my friends got the album and was continually telling me how great it was, so I relented and bought it. By that time I was getting into 'This Heart Attack' more anyway. It turned out my friend was right, the album was brilliant, far better than 'This Heart Attack' would suggest. I always find it hard to acknowledge when I've loved a band's work that something newer might be better than what made me love them in the first place, but over time, I've had to admit that this album is just a little bit better than 'Addicted Romantic'.

Top tracks: Are You Magnetic, Kid Please Try Harder, Voodoo Economcs

4. The National - High Violet

I love this album. I'd never heard of The National, or if so, only in passing; but a group of my friends played this a lot and without realising it, I suddenly knew and loved just about every track. And since I bought a copy for myself, I play it a lot, and I still just cannot get tired of it. It's so utterly beautiful, and still somewhat bizarre. Seriously, what is with some of those lyrics. But I can't get enough of this. I really wanted to rank it higher, but I haven't loved it as long as the top three, so here it sits. For now.

Top tracks: Bloodbuzz Ohio, Conversation 16, Lemonworld
3. Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree

They'd never had a hit in Australia, and I'd never heard of them, but in early 2006 I was in New Zealand, and caught "Sugar We're Goin Down" on a music show there and loved it. Once I got home I investigated them more and loved everything I heard. However, with the joys of a country town, I couldn't find the album anywhere to buy. So I eventually purchased it on iTunes, and to this day it remains the only album I've bought on there. I did burn a physical copy so it could be a car album, but I do wish I'd waited to buy a real physical copy since I came across it not too long after. In any case, this album was so amazing that I went back and purchased their older albums and eagerly awaited future releases.

Top tracks: A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch Me, Dance Dance, Sugar We're Goin Down

2. The Gaslight Anthem - The '59 Sound

I'd also never heard of these guys, but some friends got me on to them and I just loved them. Following my love for this album, I went back and purchased their first, and I also since purchased their later two, but this remains their finest. Every song is wonderful.

Top tracks: Great Expectations, The '59 Sound, The Patient Ferris Wheel

1. The Killers - Hot Fuss

I could drag it out, but there's no point. I think it's pretty obvious. I first came across them when 'Somebody Told Me' debuted in the top 50 and Rage played it that Saturday morning. I liked it and the song gradually grew on me more and more to the point where it was one of my favourites for a while. It eventually dropped out and I didn't really think I'd hear from them again. Until Mr Brightside entered and I loved it. It didn't take me long to decide that I wanted to buy their album, but I was unable to find it for four weeks! Gotta love the shops here. (Well, it's fine now, but back then it wasn't!) Meanwhile, I had a friend stay with me during those four weeks, and she also decided based on the first two singles to buy the album, and on a day trip to Melbourne, she got it. Didn't get me a copy, just one for herself. I would have paid her back! Anyway, we listened to it that night, and I loved it. And I've loved it ever since. This album pretty quickly cemented them as my favourite artist and they've been that ever since.

Top tracks: All These Things I've Done, Mr Brightside, Somebody Told Me
Here are the results for question one of the guessing game, along with what everyone predicted for fun:

Hot Fuss1X111111
The '59 Sound2XXXX4XX
From Under The Cork Tree3XXXXXX2
High Violet4X54X2XX
Be The Twilight5XXXX3XX
Sam's Town6X32XXX3
Battle Studies7XXXXX2X
Birds Of Tokyo8XXXXX5X
Infinity On High9XXXXXX5
Songs About Jane10XXX5XXX
Yourself Or Someone Like You13X4X25X4
Day & Age17XX5XXXX
Innocent Eyes181-52X3X4X
Only By The Night25XXX4XXX
The Script28XX3XXXX

The leaderboard is updated in the second post.
I haven't listened to most of these albums I've that noticed most of them are from the last 10 years.
Yeah, the list is dominated by albums from the last decade or so. It's probably partially an age thing, but a lot of it has to do with me getting my license about ten years ago, so from then, any new album I get goes into my car for a while and I get myself familiar with it all. Prior to that I really only bought albums that housed multiple singles I liked and even then I didn't really listen to them more than once or twice in full aside from the singles. I was much more of a singles person until about 2003, and I've gradually gotten into albums more and more. This list shows that.

Edit: Also, I own a lot of Greatest Hits compilations for older artists who were before my time, but I deemed compilations ineligible for the list.
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I'm kinda the opposite. I got into albums a bit in the '90s and then lost interest in them, for the most part. You know I'm biased but there's soooo many great albums in the '90s that I think you'd like, if you haven't heard them already. I posted my Top 50 albums of all time in the following thread...


It's the 4th post down. An old version of your Top 50 is below it. heh
Time to begin the countdown of my top 1000 songs now. Here are songs 1000-976:

1000She's LoveEnd Of Fashion
999Cotton Eye JoeRednex
998Doesn't Remind MeAudioslave
997I'll Be Missing YouPuff Daddy & Faith Evans
996Here's JohnnyHocus Pocus
995Make Me CrazyScandal'us
994Green Eyed WorldThe Blips featuring Amiel
993Hunting For WitchesBloc Party
992Gimme Little SignPeter Andre
991He Don't Love YouHuman Nature
990The Way I AreTimbaland featuring Keri Hilson
989Knocked UpKings Of Leon
988UndiscoveredJames Morrison
987Running On EmptyVaudeville
986Shiny Happy PeopleR.E.M.
985Good TimesTommy Lee
984Heaven KnowsRick Price
983Young At HeartAmy Meredith
982This Boys In LoveThe Presets
981CousinsVampire Weekend
980Like A Game Show HostRav Thomas
978Love SongSara Bareilles
977How BizarreOMC
976Life Is A RollercoasterRonan Keating
Also, I'm now opening up question two of the guessing game; this is a simpler one. Or maybe not.

Question 2: How many songs from The Killers will feature in the top 1000?

This question is worth three points if you happen to get the right number, however you can score two points if you're one off, or one point if you're two off. You should note that while I do love The Killers, I have also tried to not let the list be over-run by any one artist or a ridiculous amount of album tracks, so don't let your thinking get too huge.

Entries for this question will close on Saturday night, get your guesses memoed in to me before then.
997, 990, 979, 978, 977
I likey...

999Cotton Eye JoeRednex
997I'll Be Missing YouPuff Daddy & Faith Evans
996Here's JohnnyHocus Pocus
992Gimme Little SignPeter Andre
991He Don't Love YouHuman Nature
990The Way I AreTimbaland featuring Keri Hilson
986Shiny Happy PeopleR.E.M.
982This Boys In LoveThe Presets
978Love SongSara Bareilles
977How BizarreOMC
976Life Is A RollercoasterRonan Keating
I'm not really very good when it comes to albums, so I have been following in silence, but I love a BOAT song list!

A lot of great tracks in this lot already - 999, 997, 990. 988, 986, 979, 978, 977 - but there are a couple of surprises as well - 995 & 991. It pains me to say that I own the single of "Make Me Crazy", which I bought for $2 on holiday and was stoked that it had been signed by them. I can only assume that it has increased in value as a result of that and its near mint condition!

Looking forward to following this chart
Yep D Man. You might get 5 bucks for it now. ;P
Albums I like: Postcards, The All American Rejects, American Idiot, The Golden Year, Daniel Powter, All That You Can't Leave Behind, Book Of Lies, Get Born, The Fame, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Apocolypso, The Fray, Pretty Odd, Back To Bedlam, Mistaken Identity, See The Sun, Midnight Remeber, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, How To Save A Life, Cohesion, Dookie, The Resistance, More Than You Think You Are, End Of Fashion, Nimrod, Oracular Spectacular, Folie A Deux, Making Mirrors, Day One, Thrills Kills And Sunday Pills, The Wombats Proudly Present: This Modern Glitch, 212, Fearless, Torches, Black Holes And Revelations, Mad Season, Science & Faith, Savage Garden, Cradlesong, Black Fingernails Red Wine, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, Feeler, The Script, Universities, Only By The Night, Something To Be, Eyes Open Snow Patrol, Good Morning Revival, Tourist History, Innocent Eyes, Day & Age, +, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, Yourself Or Someone Like You, Flamingo, Songs About Jane, Infinity On High, Birds Of Tokyo, Battle Studies, Sam's Town, From Under A Cork Tree, and Hot Fuss.
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Hot Fuss is top! And I'm listening to The '59 Sound now and it's still great! High Violet of course is still awesome too, and I'm not gonna lie, I have Faker's album on my computer but I still haven't listened to it

Vaudeville! I don't even care anymore, I just like knowing I've made a tiny influence. Although I suppose I should : Here's Johnny lol, Hunting For Witches & Shiny Happy People are great. I'm also partial to She's Love, He Don't Love You, Amazed & Love Song. Knocked Up is an interesting choice, my mum really liked it but I (shockingly) thought it was too long
997 I'll Be Missing You Puff Daddy & Faith Evans
990 The Way I Are Timbaland featuring Keri Hilson
983 Young At Heart Amy Meredith
978 Love Song Sara Bareilles

Favourite of that lot is easily I'll Be Missing You, but a pretty good group.
#997, #990, #983, #979 & #976 are great.
Kings of Leon, R.E.M., Amy Meredith, The Presets, Vampire Weekend, OMC
I'll Be Missing You, He Don't Love You, The Way I Are, Heaven Knows, 978-976 are all good
And the best so far is This Boys In Love!
Great to see Doesn't Remind Me, I'll Be Missing You, Hunting For Witches, Young At Heart, Love Song and How Bizarre.
Here are songs 975-951:

975FallingCandice Alley
974Ever The SameRob Thomas
973Ava AdoreSmashing Pumpkins
972Stop It (I Like It)Rick Guard
971Tie Up My HandsBritish India
970Happy Birthday HelenThings Of Stone And Wood
9691 ThingAmerie featuring Eve
968Piano ManBilly Joel
967One For SorrowSteps
966FreestylerBomfunk MC's
965Andy You're A StarThe Killers
9641,2, StepCiara featuring Missy Elliott
963Closer To MeFive
962Lonely In Your ArmsDeep Sea Arcade
961Family PortraitPink
959NumbLinkin Park
958What's Going OnCasey Donovan
957Into The DarkBen Lee
956The Day You ComePowderfinger
955Savin MeNickelback
954Jumpin JumpinDestiny's Child
953The Ballad Of Mona LisaPanic At The Disco
952KokomoThe Beach Boys
951SometimesBritney Spears

So there's a song from The Killers already. But how many will there be in total? That's what you'll need to work out for question 2 of the guessing game, memo your answers in by 11:59pm AEDST Saturday.
Liking a lot here, but particularly 1 Thing, Piano Man, One For Sorrow, Family Portrait, Numb (wow thought this would be really high), Savin Me, Jumpin Jumpin and Somethimes.
DEEP SEA! YAY! Linkin Park, British India, Powderfinger, Panic and The Killers are also awesome. And lol I don't mind Ciara tbh
I should feel ashamed at how limited my knowledge of music is because I only knew 4 songs in that last lot, bringing the total songs I know so far up to 8.
Actually upon counting again I knew 6 in that last lot. What an improvement! And I do know most of the artists, just not famaliar with these songs.
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Wow strong group.

969 1 Thing Amerie featuring Eve
964 1,2, Step Ciara featuring Missy Elliott
961 Family Portrait Pink
954 Jumpin Jumpin Destiny's Child
953 The Ballad Of Mona Lisa Panic At The Disco
951 Sometimes Britney Spears

Favourite is easily 1, 2 Step. Up there on my all-time list too, but a lot higher than 964 lol.
I likey...

975FallingCandice Alley
9691 ThingAmerie featuring Eve
967One For SorrowSteps
966FreestylerBomfunk MC's
9641,2, StepCiara featuring Missy Elliott
959NumbLinkin Park
958What's Going OnCasey Donovan
955Savin MeNickelback
954Jumpin JumpinDestiny's Child
952KokomoThe Beach Boys
951SometimesBritney Spears
Freestyler, Numb, Family Portrait, Savin Me & The Ballad Of Mona Lisa are my favs in this lot.
Wahh this is going too fast!

Great to see Linkin Park, Panic!, Puff Daddy, Ronan, Sara and Amy Meredith.
Time now for songs 950-926:

950The Bold And The BeautifulThe Drugs
949The Magic PositionPatrick Wolf
948What I Go To School ForBusted
947You SuckThe Murmurs
946He Wasn't Man EnoughToni Braxton
944No More "I Love You's"Annie Lennox
943U.G.L.Y.Daphne & Celeste
942A Girl Like YouEdwyn Collins
941Hey Now NowSwirl 360
940I Kissed A GirlJill Sobule
939She Hates MePuddle Of Mudd
938I Will SurviveGloria Gaynor
937The River Of DreamsBilly Joel
936Summer GirlsLFO
935Freak MeSilk
934Stars Are BlindParis Hilton
933Eagle RockDaddy Cool
932Right In The NightJam And Spoon
931I Am I FeelAlisha's Attic
930PeachesPresidents Of The USA
928If You're Not The OneDaniel Bedingfield
927Right Here Right NowJesus Jones
926Am I Not SweetNatural Born Hippies

Just over 24 hours left to get your answers in for question 2 of the guessing game. I've already received a very interesting range of guesses, but who is the closest? Does anyone have it? Memo in your guess by 11:59pm AEDST tomorrow night if you haven't already.
This is going fast! I missed yesterday's list. The following numbers are quality tracks: 974, 970, 969, 968, 966, 964, 961, 959, 958, 954, 953, 952 & 951.

As are these from todays list: 948, 943, 940, 939, 938, 937, 930 & 928. Paris is a surprise inclusion. I hope Nothing In This World makes it, but a quick look at your reviews, I doubt it.
964, 961, 959, 954, 952, 951
946, 939, 938, 937, 935, 928
Presidents of the United States of America are awesome and Edwyn Collins is awesome.
Great to see: 997, 996, 995, 991, 990, 988, 985, 984, 983, 982, 981, 979, 978, 977, 976, 975, 974, 969, 968, 967, 966, 964, 961, 959, 957, 955, 954, 953, 952, 951, 938, 937, 934, 933, 930, 929, 928
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Great list so far, even though I don't know all the songs
It's great to see "Shiny Happy People", "Ever The Same", "Ava Adore", "Numb", "The Day You Come", "A Girl Like You" and "Right Here Right Now" in there!
I likey...

947You SuckThe Murmurs
946He Wasn't Man EnoughToni Braxton
943U.G.L.Y.Daphne & Celeste
942A Girl Like YouEdwyn Collins
939She Hates MePuddle Of Mudd
938I Will SurviveGloria Gaynor
935Freak MeSilk
934Stars Are BlindParis Hilton
933Eagle RockDaddy Cool
932Right In The NightJam And Spoon
931I Am I FeelAlisha's Attic
930PeachesPresidents Of The USA
928If You're Not The OneDaniel Bedingfield
927Right Here Right NowJesus Jones
Falling, Freestyler, Numb, Kokomo, No More "I Love You's", A Girl Like You, I Will Survive, Eagle Rock, Right In The Night, If You're Not The One
Many other good ones but I like the above ones best
oh Tie Up My Hands; great 2007 memories Happy Birthday Helen is such a fun song too, and 1 Thing is one of my favourite pop songs of that era. The Day You Come is one of my absolute favourite Powderfinger songs

U.G.L.Y. also brings back memories for better or worse I love A Girl Like You, lol 360 , I do like I Kissed a Girl having heard it a lot in the last fortnight, I Will Survive & Eagle Rock are great classics for their eras too.

I'll try not to skip one next time so I don't skimp on the comment
Now here are songs 925-901:

924I'm JealousThe Divinyls
923Gimme SympathyMetric
922Heart Of GlassBlondie
921Dear LieTLC
920The Cup Of LifeRicky Martin
919Big Yellow TaxiCounting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton
918Confide In MeKylie Minogue
917Heads Will RollYeah Yeah Yeahs
916The Winner Takes It AllAbba
915This Is How We Do ItMontell Jordan
914Heavy HeartYou Am I
913TrippingRobbie Williams
912I Finally Found SomeoneBryan Adams & Barbra Streisand
911CrushMandy Moore
910You Don't Treat Me No GoodSonia Dada
909If You Don't Mean ItDean Geyer
908Rhythm Of My HeartRod Stewart
906G.I.N.A.S.F.S.Fall Out Boy
905Would I Lie To YouCharles & Eddie
904StoleKelly Rowland
903My Culture1 Giant Leap featuring Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams
902God Only KnowsDavid Franj
901We Are The ChampionsQueen

Don't forget that entries close for question two of the guessing game at 11:59pm AEDST tonight, so memo your answer to me before then to have a chance at the points!
919, 918, 911, 905, 904, 901
Great to see: 922, 920, 919, 918, 916, 915, 913, 911, 910, 909, 908, 906, 905, 904, 902, 901
Cup of Life, Big Yellow Taxi, Sonia Dada, Bryan Adams!!
A Girl Like You, She Hates Me, The River Of Dreams, Eagle Rock, Peaches, Heart Of Glass, Big Yellow Taxi, You Don't Treat Me No Good & We Are The Champions.
922, 920, 919, 918, 917, 916, 915, 910, 904, 901
I feel obliged to cover the ones that everyone else has skipped over so far, so yay to Heavy Heart & Invincible, but especially to Gimmy Sympathy Heart of Glass & Heads Will Roll are particularly strong too.
I likey...

924I'm JealousThe Divinyls
922Heart Of GlassBlondie
920The Cup Of LifeRicky Martin
919Big Yellow TaxiCounting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton
918Confide In MeKylie Minogue
916The Winner Takes It AllAbba
915This Is How We Do ItMontell Jordan
913TrippingRobbie Williams
911CrushMandy Moore
910You Don't Treat Me No GoodSonia Dada
908Rhythm Of My HeartRod Stewart
905Would I Lie To YouCharles & Eddie
904StoleKelly Rowland
901We Are The ChampionsQueen

"You Don't Treat Me No Good" only if it's the dance mix though.
Here are songs 900-876:

900Glory DaysBruce Springsteen
899Dance The Way I FeelOu Est Le Swimming Pool
898The Sweetest ThingU2
897All I Have To GiveBackstreet Boys
896Under The BridgeRed Hot Chili Peppers
895ShineCollective Soul
893The Great EscapeBoys Like Girls
892She Moves In Her Own WayThe Kooks
891Miss MurderAFI
890Truly Madly DeeplySavage Garden
889DiseaseMatchbox Twenty
888Almost HereDelta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
887Let It BeThe Beatles
886Kung Fu FightingBus Stop
885SignsSnoop Dogg featuring Justin Timberlake
884MeteorsComplimets Of Gus
883The Girl Of My Dreams (Is Giving Me Nightmares)Machine Gun Fellatio
882Flaunt ItTV Rock featuring Seany B
881No ScrubsTLC
880OursThe Bravery
879Hey JulieFountains Of Wayne
878BreatheBlu Cantrell featuring Sean Paul
877Don't You Know Who I AmHappyland
876Burn So BrightThe Sundance Kids

Question 2 of the guessing game has closed and the answers are locked in. But I'm not going to give the correct answer now, you'll have to wait until the last Killers song comes up in the countdown to find out who gets the points. Because, someone did guess the number exactly! Below is what everyone guessed:

900, 899, 898, 897, 896, 891, 890, 889, 888, 887, 886, 885, 882, 881, 878
I likey...

900Glory DaysBruce Springsteen
899Dance The Way I FeelOu Est Le Swimming Pool
898The Sweetest ThingU2
897All I Have To GiveBackstreet Boys
896Under The BridgeRed Hot Chili Peppers
890Truly Madly DeeplySavage Garden
888Almost HereDelta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
886Kung Fu FightingBus Stop
885SignsSnoop Dogg featuring Justin Timberlake
882Flaunt ItTV Rock featuring Seany B
881No ScrubsTLC
878BreatheBlu Cantrell featuring Sean Paul
877Don't You Know Who I AmHappyland
Cool to see What I Go To School For, No More I Love You's, I Kissed A Girl, She Hates Me, I Will Survive, Stars Are Blind (hahaha!), I Am I Feel, If You're Not The One, Heart Of Glass, Dear Lie (awesome to see this often overlooked track in here), Big Yellow Taxi, Heads Will Roll, The Winner Takes It All, I Finally Found Someone, You Don't Treat Me No Good, Stole, My Culture, Glory Days, The Sweetest Thing, All I Have To Give, Under The Bridge, Truly Madly Deeply (shame to see this so low though!), Almost Here, Let It Be, Flaunt It and Breathe.
Now it's songs 875-851:

875Fill My Little WorldThe Feeling
874In The ShadowsThe Rasmus
873Don't You (Forget About Me)Simple Minds
872DownJay Sean
871Place Your HandsReef
870The DistanceCake
869Sway Sway BabyShort Stack
868Every You Every MePlacebo
866OthersideRed Hot Chili Peppers
865Gotta Tell YouSamantha Mumba
864DashboardModest Mouse
862Can't Get Enough Of You BabySmash Mouth
861Heaven For EveryoneQueen
860So YesterdayHilary Duff
859All Out Of LoveAir Supply
858Killing Me SoftlyThe Fugees
856I Love You Always ForeverDonna Lewis
855Love The FallMichael Paynter
854Love Is A BattlefieldPat Benatar
853When You Say You Love MeHuman Nature
852Hold MeSavage Garden
851Like We Used ToA Rocket To The Moon
lol at my guess being the lowest

899, 897, 896, 895, 893, 890, 888, 882, 881
872, 869, 865, 863, 858, 857, 856, 851

I've always been a bit into some boyband music, and the late '90s was a particularly strong time for them with such bands as Five, NSync, Westlife and of course Backstreet Boys. Which brings us to the next question in the guessing game.

Question 3: Of Five, NSync, Westlife and Backstreet Boys, which group will have the most entries in the list? What will be the highest placed song for each band?

You'll score two points if you correctly name which group will have the most entries, and two points for each song you correctly guess as the highest for a group. 10 points are up for grabs here.

Memo your answers to me by 11:59pm AEDST on Thursday.
I likey...

874In The ShadowsThe Rasmus
873Don't You (Forget About Me)Simple Minds
872DownJay Sean
865Gotta Tell YouSamantha Mumba
862Can't Get Enough Of You BabySmash Mouth
860So YesterdayHilary Duff
859All Out Of LoveAir Supply
858Killing Me SoftlyThe Fugees
856I Love You Always ForeverDonna Lewis
854Love Is A BattlefieldPat Benatar
853When You Say You Love MeHuman Nature
852Hold MeSavage Garden
Time for songs 850-826:

850Sky HighNewton
849Dog Days Are OverFlorence And The Machine
848FadedKate DeAraugo
847IncompleteBackstreet Boys
846Jar Of HeartsChristina Perri
845GoldSpandau Ballet
844IronicAlanis Morrisette
843Sometimes Love Just Ain't EnoughPatty Smyth & Don Henley
842Little Lion ManMumford And Sons
841Farewell RocketshipChildren Collide
840Chances AreInvertigo
839Love Love LoveAvalanche City
838WomanizerBritney Spears
837I Want You BackNSync
835Don't Wanna Let You GoFive
834You Know I'm No GoodAmy Winehouse
833I AmKilling Heidi
832Santa MonicaEverclear
831Girls And BoysGood Charlotte
830The GapBirds Of Tokyo
829CryFaith Hill
828Someone Like YouAdele
827Smile Like You Mean ItThe Killers
826Basket CaseGreen Day

So there's an entry for Five, NSync and Backstreet Boys in that group. Question three of the guessing game relates to those groups and is open now, memo your answers to me by Thursday night for your chance to nab some points.
I likey...

850Sky HighNewton
848FadedKate DeAraugo
847IncompleteBackstreet Boys
844IronicAlanis Morrisette
843Sometimes Love Just Ain't EnoughPatty Smyth & Don Henley
840Chances AreInvertigo
838WomanizerBritney Spears
837I Want You BackNSync
835Don't Wanna Let You GoFive
831Girls And BoysGood Charlotte
828Someone Like YouAdele
It is so hard to keep up! Anyway, I won't complain because when you slow it down I will want it to go faster

I quite enjoy: 900, 899, 898, 896, 893, 891, 890, 888, 887, 886, 885, 882, 881, 879, 878, 874, 873, 872, 868, 865, 863, 862, 859, 858, 857, 856, 854, 850, 849, 848, 846, 845, 844, 842, 840, 838, 835, 833, 831, 829, 828, 827

Great to see In The Shadoes, Don't You (Forget About Me), Every You Ever Me, Gotta Tell You, Umbrella, So Yesterday, Killing Me Softly, I Love You Always Forever, Love Is A Battlefield, Hold Me, Dog Days Are Over, Jar of Heartsd, Ironic, Little Lion Man, Womanizer, Don't Wanna Let You Go, I Am, Santa Monica, Girls and Boys, Cry, SOMEONE LIKE YOU!!!! and Smile Like You Mean It (I'm starting to think that my Killers guess is way way way too high!)
Killing Heidi & Kate DeArugo
Okay, here goes: Glasvegas, Metric, Counting Crows, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muse and Queen all great from this group. Invincible my favourite.

Dance The Way I Feel is amazing, poor Charlie also Under The Bridge is outstanding. U2, MB20, MGF and Happyland also good.

The Rasmus! RHCP! Simple Minds! Some other decent ones here, but those three stand out.

Jar of Hearts and Someone Like You both hold up well still but Little Lion Man and Farewell Rocketship are the standouts here. Basket Case is also awesome. Killing Heidi, Spandau Ballet and Florence also noteworthy.
Oh damn I did it again

Glory Days, Under The Bridge, Shine, 1901, Let It Be, Burn So Bright

In The Shadows, Don't You, The Distance, Every You Every Me, Otherside, Dashboard, Love Is A Battlefield

Dog Days Are Over, Gold, Ironic, Little Lion Man, Farewell Rocketship, Don't Wanna Let You Go, Santa Monica, Basket Case

I'll try not to let that happen again The list seemed to start off a bit random, but my observation now is that we're getting bigger players in now, interesting!
Here are songs 825-801:

825FidelityRegina Spektor
824Burning Down The HouseTom Jones & The Cardigans
823I'm Not OverCarolina Liar
822Not FairLily Allen
821If You Could Read My MindStars On 54
820Left Outside AloneAnastacia
819Say What You WantTexas
818Goodbye Mr AThe Hoosiers
817It's Like ThatRun DMC vs Jason Nevins
816Go Slow GirlStella One Eleven
815Picture FramesGeorgia Fair
814Can't Fight The MoonlightLeAnn Rimes
813Dancing In The MoonlightToploader
812CandyMandy Moore
811No Matter WhatBoyzone
810Counting The BeatSwingers
809Something Good Can WorkTwo Door Cinema Club
808Hate That I Love YouRihanna featuring Ne-Yo
807The Power Of LoveHuey Lewis & The News
806It Wasn't MeShaggy featuring RikRok
805Two HeartsRyan Adams
804GetawaysBig Talk
803Keep On Loving YouREO Speedwagon
802WeirKilling Heidi
801The Unguarded MomentThe Church

Entries for question three of the guessing game close tonight at 11:59pm AEDST. Memo your guesses in by then for who out of Five, NSync, Westlife and Backstreet Boys will have the most entries, and which song will be the highest placed for each group. Ten points are up for grabs!
I likey...

825FidelityRegina Spektor
824Burning Down The HouseTom Jones & The Cardigans
822Not FairLily Allen
821If You Could Read My MindStars On 54
820Left Outside AloneAnastacia
819Say What You WantTexas
817It's Like ThatRun DMC vs Jason Nevins
814Can't Fight The MoonlightLeAnn Rimes
812CandyMandy Moore
811No Matter WhatBoyzone
810Counting The BeatSwingers
808Hate That I Love YouRihanna featuring Ne-Yo
807The Power Of LoveHuey Lewis & The News
806It Wasn't MeShaggy featuring RikRok
802WeirKilling Heidi
I'm getting behind

COMPLIMENTS OF GUS! Sundance Kids! Short Stack, Jay Sean, Tubthumping, Donna Lewis, Michael Paynter, Savage Garden, Human Nature, Birds of Tokyo, Adele, Mumford And Sons, Avalanche City, Birds of Tokyo, Georgia Fair!, Lily Allen, LeAnn Rimes , Huey Lewis & The News, and REO Speedwagon
Gotta alot to catch up on

but yay for Dance The Way I Feel, The Sweetest Thing, Under The Bridge, The Great Escape, Truly Madly Deeply, Disease, Almost Here, Flaunt It, No Scrubs, In The Shadows, Down, Every You Every Me, Otherside, All Out Of Love, Killing Me Softly, Tubthumping, Love The Fall, Dog Days Are Over, Jar Of Hearts, Ironic, Little Lion Man, Girls And Boys, The Gap, SOMEONE LIKE YOU , Not Fair, It's Like That, Can't Fight The Moonlight, Dancing In The Moonlight (I can't help but think that ordering was on purpose ), Counting The Beat, The Power Of Love, It Wasn't Me & Weir.
874, 873, 872, 870, 869, 868, 866, 865, 863, 862, 860, 858, 857, 856, 855, 854, 853
849, 848, 847, 846, 845, 844, 840, 839, 838, 837, 836, 835, 834, 833, 828, 827
825, 824, 822, 821, 820, 819, 818, 817, 814, 813, 812, 811, 810, 809, 808, 807, 806, 803, 802
938 I Will Survive Gloria Gaynor
922 Heart Of Glass Blondie
921 Dear Lie TLC
919 Big Yellow Taxi Counting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton
904 Stole Kelly Rowland
901 We Are The Champions Queen
888 Almost Here Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
885 Signs Snoop Dogg featuring Justin Timberlake
882 Flaunt It TV Rock featuring Seany B
881 No Scrubs TLC
878 Breathe Blu Cantrell featuring Sean Paul
872 Down Jay Sean
869 Sway Sway Baby Short Stack
863 Umbrella Rihanna
860 So Yesterday Hilary Duff
858 Killing Me Softly The Fugees
855 Love The Fall Michael Paynter
854 Love Is A Battlefield Pat Benatar
849 Dog Days Are Over Florence And The Machine
848 Faded Kate DeAraugo
846 Jar Of Hearts Christina Perri
844 Ironic Alanis Morrisette
838 Womanizer Britney Spears
828 Someone Like You Adele
822 Not Fair Lily Allen
820 Left Outside Alone Anastacia
814 Can't Fight The Moonlight LeAnn Rimes
813 Dancing In The Moonlight Toploader
808 Hate That I Love You Rihanna featuring Ne-Yo
802 Weir Killing Heidi

Main highlights though in particular are No Scrubs, Hate That I Love You, Weir, Not Fair, Womanizer and Can't Fight The Moonlight

EDIT: hahaha my guess for The Killers' tracks.
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That Tom Jones song gives me nostalgia I guess, but more importantly, yay Lily, Georgia Fair, TDCC, The Swingers and The Church!
847, 946, 844, 842, 838, 837, 828, 823, 822, 821, 820, 814, 812, 808, 806
824, 822, 821, 820, 817, 814, 813, 812, 811, 810, 808, 806, 803 & 802
Pleasantly surprised to see Umbrella in there
You've ended strongly there with 803-801
Other great ones in the last hundred:
The Sweetest Thing, All I Have To Give, Shine, Truly Madly Deeply, Disease, Almost Here, Flaunt It, No Scrubs, Don't You (Forget About Me), Gotta Tell You, Can't Get Enough Of You Baby, All Out Of Love, Killing Me Softly, I Love You Always Forever, Love The Fall, Love Is A Battlefield, Sky High, Jar Of Hearts, Ironic, Womanizer, I Want You Back, I Am, Someone Like You, Not Fair, If You Could Read My Mind, Left Outside Alone, Say What You Want, It's Like That, No Matter What, The Power Of Love, It Wasn't Me
and these really good ones : Under The Bridge, Let It Be, Gold, Crazy
Still so much to take in, great to see Regina Spektor, Texas, the underhyped Hoosiers, Run-D.M.C., Moonlight, Swingers, TDCC & The Church

Top 800 next, getting higher up...
Here are songs 800-776:

800FearlessTaylor Swift
799What Is LoveHaddaway
798StuckStacie Orrico
797Leave Out All The RestLinkin Park
796Case Of The ExMya
794Look At UsSarina Paris
793The ResolutionJack's Mannequin
792All StarSmash Mouth
791Kiss With A FistFlorence And The Machine
790I Miss YouBlink 182
789Save TonightEagle Eye Cherry
788When You Walk In The RoomPaul Carrack
787Haven't Met You YetMichael Buble
786Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For YouGlenn Medeiros
785Spray On PantsKisschasy
784Brimful Of AshaCornershop
783A Victim SongMichael Paynter
782Jenny Don't Be HastyPaolo Nutini
781Gamble Everything For LoveBen Lee
780Whenever WhereverShakira
779LeverThe Mavis's
778My HumpsBlack Eyed Peas
777Better DaysPete Murray
776HeavenDJ Sammy

Question 3 of the guessing game has closed, but you'll have to wait to see what the answers are. In the meantime, here is what everyone guessed:

MemberMost entriesBSBFiveNsyncWestlife
alleyBackstreet BoysAs Long As You Love MeWhen The Lights Go OutGirlfriend (Remix)World Of Our Own
irishBackstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)When The Lights Go OutBye Bye ByeWorld Of Our Own
HijinxBackstreet BoysAs Long As You Love MeWhen The Lights Go OutGirlfriend (Remix)World Of Our Own
antonBackstreet BoysAs Long As You Love MeWhen The Lights Go OutBye Bye ByeUptown Gir
392Backstreet BoysAs Long As You Love MeWhen The Lights Go OutBye Bye ByeWorld Of Our Own
TravWestlifeJust Want You To Know I Want You BackWorld Of Our Own
DanielBackstreet BoysEverybody (Backstreet's Back)When The Lights Go OutIt's Gonna Be MeWorld Of Our Own
I likey...

799What Is LoveHaddaway
798StuckStacie Orrico
796Case Of The ExMya
794Look At UsSarina Paris
792All StarSmash Mouth
790I Miss YouBlink 182
789Save TonightEagle Eye Cherry
786Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For YouGlenn Medeiros
782Jenny Don't Be HastyPaolo Nutini
780Whenever WhereverShakira
778My HumpsBlack Eyed Peas
776HeavenDJ Sammy
799, 798, 797, 796, 792, 789, 787, 785, 780, 778, 776, 776, 776
Time for songs 775-751:

775The CaptainBiffy Clyro
773You Oughta KnowAlanis Morrisette
771Anyone Else But YouMichael Cera & Ellen Page
770Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)Eamon
769Polyester GirlRegurgitator
768Fuck YouCee-Lo Green
767ValerieThe Zutons
766I Don't Like ItPauline Pantsdown
765Murder On The DancefloorSophie Ellis Bextor
764If I Ain't Got YouAlicia Keys
763PopularNada Surf
762Don't Let Go (Love)En Vogue
761When It All Falls ApartThe Veronicas
760I'm Not In Love10CC
759Everybody HurtsR.E.M.
758Wish You WellBernard Fanning
757Gangsta's ParadiseCoolio
756Unbreak My HeartToni Braxton
755Every MorningSugar Ray
754Feeling A MomentFeeder
753Worried About RayThe Hoosiers
752I Can TalkTwo Door Cinema Club
751Hemorrhage (In My Hands)Fuel
"Somebody That I Used To Know" is easily my favourite song of the past couple of years, but how does that relate to an all-time countdown? Why don't you all have a guess.....

Question 4: Where will "Somebody That I Used To Know" place?

This question is worth twenty points if you happen to be dead on, and you lose a point for every place that you are off. Good luck!

Memo in your answers by Wednesday night. Hint: It won't have come up by then.
773, 768, 766, 764, 762, 759, 758, 756, 755
799, 798, 797, 796, 795, 792, 791, 790, 789, 786, 784, 780, 778, 777, 776
773, 770, 768, 767, 766, 765, 764, 762, 761, 759, 758, 757, 756, 755, 753, 752, 751
798, 796, 795, 792, 790, 789, 787, 784, 780, 778, 777 & 776

773, 772, 769, 768, 766, 765, 764, 762, 761, 759, 758, 757, 756 & 755

770 Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back) Eamon
768 Fuck You Cee-Lo Green
765 Murder On The Dancefloor Sophie Ellis Bextor
764 If I Ain't Got You Alicia Keys
762 Don't Let Go (Love) En Vogue
761 When It All Falls Apart The Veronicas
759 Everybody Hurts R.E.M.
756 Unbreak My Heart Toni Braxton
I likey...

773You Oughta KnowAlanis Morrisette
770Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)Eamon
769Polyester GirlRegurgitator
768Fuck YouCee-Lo Green
765Murder On The DancefloorSophie Ellis Bextor
763PopularNada Surf
762Don't Let Go (Love)En Vogue
760I'm Not In Love10CC
759Everybody HurtsR.E.M.
758Wish You WellBernard Fanning
757Gangsta's ParadiseCoolio
756Unbreak My HeartToni Braxton
755Every MorningSugar Ray
Here are songs 750-726:

750The Sweet EscapeGwen Stefani
749The Ballad Of Tom JonesSpace featuring Cerys
748Sometimes When We TouchNewton
747LumpPresidents Of The USA
746Run Baby RunDeadstar
745Come Get SomeRooster
744Fall For YouSecondhand Serenade
743Back To BlackAmy Winehouse
742Long Road To RuinFoo Fighters
741Out Of ReachGabrielle
740LingerThe Cranberries
739Talking Like I'm Falling Down StairsSparkadia
737Rock ItLittle Red
736Somewhere Out ThereOur Lady Peace
735Have You EverBrandy
734All You WantedMichelle Branch
733Underneath It AllNo Doubt
732Message To My GirlSplit Enz
731How Do You Talk To An AngelThe Heights
730Night Of My LifeDamien Leith
729I'm On A BoatThe Lonely Island featuring T-Pain
728Against All OddsPhil Collins
727I TryMacy Gray
726Ignition (Remix)R. Kelly

Also, question four of the guessing game is now up and running. I've received a few guesses for where "Somebody That I Used To Know" will land, and two people already have scored points! Twenty points are up for grabs, so get your guess in via memo by Wednesday night at 11:59pm AEDST.
750, 744, 741, 740, 737, 735, 734, 733, 731, 729 (lol), 727, 726
I likey...

750The Sweet EscapeGwen Stefani
748Sometimes When We TouchNewton
747LumpPresidents Of The USA
741Out Of ReachGabrielle
740LingerThe Cranberries
737Rock ItLittle Red
734All You WantedMichelle Branch
732Message To My GirlSplit Enz
728Against All OddsPhil Collins
727I TryMacy Gray
726Ignition (Remix)R. Kelly
I'm struggling to recall The Captain, I remember it being their 2nd most overplayed song on promos but it still escapes me. You Oughta Know I acquired myself recently, and it still holds up. I like that Cee-Lo is above Eamon. If I Ain't Got You, Popular, Don't Let Go (Love), I'm Not In Love, Everybody Hurts, Gangsta's Paradise, Unbreak My Heart, Worried About Ray, all quality

Lump is my favourite from that set with Message To My Girl a close 2nd (or maybe it is my favourite, I'm penalising it because I can't remember from title alone ). It's interesting to see Sparkadia & Little Red up here, I recall you charting the former very well, so it's interesting to see how it matches up on the greater scale. Also where will China be???!
Excellent entries for Fidelity, Left Outside Alone, Hate That I Love You, Keep On Loving You, The Unguarded Moment, Fearless (wow), Stuck, Leave Out All The Rest, Case Of The Ex, Kiss With a Fist, Haven't Met You Yet, Whenever Wherever, My Humps, Heaven, You Oughta Know!!, Wonderful, Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back), I Don't Like It haha, If I Ain't Got You, Don't Let Go, When It All Falls Apart, I'm Not In Love, Everybody Hurts, Unbreak My Heart, Hemmorhage, Fall For You, Back To Black, Out Of reach, Linger, Somewhere Out There, Underneath It All, Message To My Girl, Against All Odds, I Try and Ignition.
Here are songs 725-701:

725Chasing PavementsAdele
724Bad RomanceLady GaGa
7231983Neon Trees
722Cry Me A RiverJustin Timberlake
721Hey YaOutkast
720Please Forgive MeBryan Adams
719Car CrashMatt Nathanson
718Danger ZoneKenny Loggins
717It Had To Be YouMotion City Soundtrack
715On The Way DownRyan Cabrera
714Break Apart Her HeartGood Charlotte
713BentMatchbox Twenty
712Losing Friends Over LoveEskimo Joe
711No You GirlsFranz Ferdinand
710Love Me DoThe Beatles
709AnywhereAxle Whitehead
708Cruise ControlHeadless Chickens
707Heavyweight Champion Of The WorldReverend And The Makers
706Where I StoodMissy Higgins
705Weather With YouCrowded House
704Bed Of RosesBon Jovi
703All InLifehouse
702Come UndoneDuran Duran
701Hands CleanAlanis Morrisette

The entries are still rolling in for question four of the guessing game; if yours is not in yet, you still have just over 48 hours before it closes. Memo your answer before then. Go Ravens!
Linkin Park, Kisschasy, Ben Lee!

Biffy Clyro, Regurgitator, Sophie Ellis Bextor, R.E.M., Bernard, TDCC, Fuel!

Presidents of the USA, Fooeys, Sparkadia, Little Red!

Adele, Neon Trees, Outkast, Eskimo Joe, FRANZ!, Crowded House!
AWESOME to see Chasing Pavements, Bad Romance, Cry Me a river, Danger Zone, Love Me Do, Cruise Control and Bed of Roses in this lot.
750, 747, 745, 743, 742, 741, 740, 738, 737, 734, 733, 732, 727, 726
725, 724, 723, 722, 721, 720, 718, 713, 710, 706, 705, 703, 701
Very happy to see these songs in this 100: What Is Love, Leave Out All The Rest, Case Of The Ex, All Star, Save Tonight, Spray On Pants, Jenny Don't Be Hasty, Better Days, Heaven, You Oughta Know, Fuck It, Polyester Girl, Fuck You, Murder On The Dancefloor, Everybody Hurts, Wish You Well, Gangsta's Paradise, Unbreak My Heart, Every Morning, I Can Talk, Come Get Some, Fall For You, Long Road To Ruin, Linger, Rock It, Underneath It All, I'm On A Boat, I Try, Ignition, Chasing Pavements, Bad Romance, 1983, Cry Me A River, Hey Ya, Danger Zone, Bent, No You Girls, Weather With You, Bed Of Roses & All In.
724, 722, 721, 720, 715, 713, 710, 705, 704, 702
I likey...

724Bad RomanceLady GaGa
722Cry Me A RiverJustin Timberlake
721Hey YaOutkast
720Please Forgive MeBryan Adams
718Danger ZoneKenny Loggins
711No You GirlsFranz Ferdinand
708Cruise ControlHeadless Chickens
705Weather With YouCrowded House
704Bed Of RosesBon Jovi
702Come UndoneDuran Duran
701Hands CleanAlanis Morrisette
Car Crash! I remember the fabulous film clip Bent seems strangely low, but then I thought that of its album. Love Me Do is such a classic though, hope there's plenty more Beatles to come. Heavyweight... gives me bad memories of the summer of '07/'08 though Also, DANGER ZONE!
Time for songs 700-676:

700Sour GirlStone Temple Pilots
699I SwearAll 4 One
698ChainsTina Arena
697AmazingAlex Lloyd
696Crazy In LoveBeyonce
695Colour Day ToursTrial Kennedy
694The GamblerKenny Rogers
693LyingAmy Meredith
692Before He CheatsCarrie Underwood
691LukaSuzanne Vega
690Wild Wild WestThe Escape Club
689Bad DayR.E.M.
688Take My Breath AwayBerlin
687Wake Me Up Before You Go GoWham
686Soft NovemberAngela's Dish
685DreamloverMariah Carey
684BubblyColbie Caillat
683Billy Don't Be A HeroPaper Lace
682Four To The FloorStarsailor
681Must Have Done Something RightRelient K
680ParalyzerFinger Eleven
679Ocean AvenueYellowcard
678Hearts A MessGotye
677StillMacy Gray
676Nowhere Without YouBob Evans

The answers keep rolling in for Question 4 of the guessing game, which closes tomorrow night. Memo your answer in by 11:59pm AEDST tomorrow to have a chance at 20 points!
699, 698, 697, 696, 694, 693, 692, 690, 688, 687, 685, 684, 682, 680, 677
I likey...

699I SwearAll 4 One
698ChainsTina Arena
697AmazingAlex Lloyd
696Crazy In LoveBeyonce
691LukaSuzanne Vega
690Wild Wild WestThe Escape Club
688Take My Breath AwayBerlin
687Wake Me Up Before You Go GoWham
685DreamloverMariah Carey
684BubblyColbie Caillat
682Four To The FloorStarsailor
680ParalyzerFinger Eleven
677StillMacy Gray
Any '80s song you mention I'm probably gonna like.
Four On The Floor, Chains, I Swear, Come Undone, Bed Of Roses

Great entries for Chains, Amazing, Luka, The Gambler, Before He Cheats, Take My Breath Away, Dreamlover!!!!!, Bubbly, Four To The Floor, Ocean Avenue and Still.
Very cool to see I Swear, Amazing, The Gambler, Lying, Bad Day, Take My Breath Away, Four To The Floor, Paralyzer, Ocean Avenue & Hearts A Mess.
I need to get this out of the way: HEARTS A FREAKING MESS!!!!!! I can't say I expected to see it, so lovely surprise!

In fact Colour Day Tours deserves similar commendation I suppose. Ocean Avenue & Paralyzer are two personal favourite rock hits from the mid/late '00s. R.E.M., Kenny Rogers & Alex Lloyd's songs are quite strong too. I like that this set ends with a Bob Evans song, and starts with a song that reminds me of Jebediah
699, 692, 690, 688, 687, 685, 684, 680
Now for songs 675-651:

675Stop The MusicP-Money & Scribe
674The ShowLenka
673All That I've GotThe Used
672Compulsory Hero1927
671The PrayerBloc Party
670It's Gonna Be MeNsync
669All About UsTatu
668Who'd Have KnownLily Allen
667OpportunityPete Murray
666Wonderful LifeHurts
665Letters From The SkyCivil Twilight
664Always Be HereDane Rumble
663Happy EndingMika
662Rolling In The DeepAdele
661Hold On MeGrinspoon
659Broken LegBluejuice
658Uptown GirlWestlife
657Bling (Confessions Of A King)The Killers
655Breaking Up The GirlGarbage
654Ode To My FamilyThe Cranberries
653Not Ready To Make NiceDixie Chicks
652All RiseBlue
651If I Could Turn Back TimeCher

Question 4 of the guessing game closes tonight at 11:59pm AEDST. Memo your guesses in by then if you haven't already.
I likey...

675Stop The MusicP-Money & Scribe
672Compulsory Hero1927
670It's Gonna Be MeNsync
668Who'd Have KnownLily Allen
667OpportunityPete Murray
662Rolling In The DeepAdele
658Uptown GirlWestlife
654Ode To My FamilyThe Cranberries
652All RiseBlue
651If I Could Turn Back TimeCher
Oh dear, I have been quite slack...

750, 748, 747, 744, 743, 741, 740, 737, 735, 734, 733, 730, 729, 728, 727, 726

724, 722, 721, 720, 719, 718, 716, 711, 706, 701

699, 698, 697, 696, 694, 691, 689, 688, 687, 684, 683, 682, 680, 679, 677

675, 674, 673, 670, 669, 667, 663, 662, 660, 659, 658, 656, 654, 653, 652, 651

670, 666, 663, 662, 660
Stop The Music, Opportunity, Wonderful Life, Happy Ending, Rolling In The Deep, Joyride, Broken Leg, Fernando & Ode To My Family.
I usually think of other Trial Kennedy songs but CDT is good also Alex Lloyd, R.E.M., Starsailor, Gotye and Amy Meredith are all good.

This list has some favourites of mine, particularly Lily, Pete Murray, Adele and Grinspoon! Also like The Killers too among others there.

Btw it is Wednesday night
Here are songs 650-626:

650Never EverAll Saints
649I Want To Know What Love IsForeigner
648Break My StrideUnique II
647Fill Me InCraig David
646Follow You DownGin Blossoms
645Back HereBBMak
643Things Can Only Get BetterD:Ream
642You're Still The OneShania Twain
640Silent To The DarkElectric Soft Parade
639Undercover MartynTwo Door Cinema Club
638Push The ButtonSugababes
637When The Lights Go OutFive
636Hey Soul SisterTrain
635Sick Cycle CarouselLifehouse
634Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run)We The Kings
633Apple Of The Eye (Lay Me Down)Something With Numbers
632Jerk It OutCaesars
631Don't You Think It's TimeBob Evans
6302 Become 1Spice Girls
629Joker And The ThiefWolfmother
627In Too DeepSum 41

Now for other business. "When The Lights Go Out" marks the highest placed song for Five. Alley, Anton, Irish, Jinx, Daniel and 392 all score two points for correctly guessing this. Leaderboard is updated.

Also, question 4 of the guessing game has closed, below is what everyone guessed for where "Somebody That I Used To Know" will place. More than one person scores points, but you won't find out who or how many until it comes up!

670, 668, 667, 666, 664, 663, 662, 660, 658, 656, 654, 653, 652, 651
650, 649, 648, 647, 644, 643, 642, 641, 639, 638, 637, 635, 634, 632, 630, 629, 628, 627, 626
Never Ever, I Want To Know What Love Is, Break My Stride, Fill Me In, Burn, Hey Soul Sister, Check Yes Juliet, Jerk It Out, Joker And The Thief, Kids, In Too Deep & Lovesong
650, 649, 646, 645, 644, 642, 641, 638, 636, 630, 628, 626
I likey...

650Never EverAll Saints
649I Want To Know What Love IsForeigner
648Break My StrideUnique II
647Fill Me InCraig David
643Things Can Only Get BetterD:Ream
642You're Still The OneShania Twain
638Push The ButtonSugababes
637When The Lights Go OutFive
632Jerk It OutCaesars
6302 Become 1Spice Girls
Probably should listen to Burn, it's been a while. Certainly one of his best though. Anyway Two Door Cinema Club are brilliant Wolfmother, MGMT, Bob Evans, Gin Blossoms, Caesars and We The Kings are all good.
Well don't I look like a doofus again

Great for Bloc Party, that was the first song of theirs I knew. Civil Twilight are waaaaay too low though, I think I'd even have them higher! Always did like that Dane Rumble song, and of course Rolling in the Deep is class. Bling is one of the best on Sam's Town, Ode To My Family is forgettable And All Rise is awwwwwwwesome.

I still really like Never Ever. Break My Stride & Fill Me In hold up too. Follow You Down is one of those two Gin Blossoms songs I really like. Undercover Martyn and When The Lights Go Out are obviously great. It goes without saying though that Kids is my favourite of the batch.
650, 649, 648, 647, 644, 643, 642, 641, 638, 637, 636, 634, 631, 630, 629, 628, 627, 626

Now for songs 625-601:

625Hold The LineToto
624The Boys Of SummerDon Henley
623StayShakespear's Sister
622Forgiven Not ForgottenThe Corrs
621The RemedyJason Mraz
620Lights And SoundsYellowcard
619Stuck In AmericaSugarcult
618You Get What You GiveNew Radicals
617Karma ChameleonCulture Club
616This Is How A Heart BreaksRob Thomas
615PatienceTake That
614When We Were KidsThe Galvatrons
613The ReelingPassion Pit
611This Heart AttackFaker
610We Didn't Start The FireBilly Joel
609Crack The ShuttersSnow Patrol
608Lost Without YouDelta Goodrem
607Closing TimeSemisonic
606HurtChristina Aguilera
605Eleanor RigbyThe Beatles
604Poker FaceLady GaGa
603I Bet You Look Good On The DancefloorArctic Monkeys
602The Saddest Thing I KnowBirds Of Tokyo
601Fix YouColdplay
It's also time for question five of the guessing game. This one is easy to explain; I've paired off songs that appear relatively closely in the list (and have some link in my warped brain) and you simply have to guess which of the two places higher.

Question 5: Which song in each battle will appear higher on the countdown?

1. Augie March - One Crowded Hour vs. Gotye/Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
2. The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You vs. Sam Clark - Broken
3. Brandon Flowers - Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts vs. The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale
4. The Calling - Wherever You Will Go vs. Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)
5. Meat Loaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad vs. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
6. The Naked And Famous - Girls Like You vs. The National - Lemonworld
7. Snow Patrol - Signal Fire vs. Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
8. The Script - Before The Worst vs. The Script - Breakeven
9. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down vs. All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
10. Klaxons - Golden Skans vs. Maximo Park - Our Velocity

It's one point per correct guess, ten point up for grabs in total. This question will close on Tuesday night, memo your guesses in before 11:59pm AEDST.
Hold The Line, The Remedy, Lights And Sounds, You Get What You Give, We Didn't Start The Fire, Closing Time, Poker Face, I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, The Saddest Thing I Know & Fix You
Hold The Line! Love Isn't Always On Time! I've always liked The Boys of Summer, Stay & The Remedy. Lights and Sounds is very cool, Love love love The Reeling, Eleanor Rigby, ...Dancefloor, The Saddest Thing...!
I don't think this is my favourite group, but anyway, Passion Pit and Arctic Monkeys also like Birds of Tokyo, Beatles, Coldplay and Faker among others.
625, 624, 623, 622, 621, 618, 617, 616, 615, 612, 611, 610, 608, 607, 606, 604, 603, 601

750 The Sweet Escape Gwen Stefani
743 Back To Black Amy Winehouse
735 Have You Ever Brandy
729 I'm On A Boat The Lonely Island featuring T-Pain
727 I Try Macy Gray
726 Ignition (Remix) R. Kelly
725 Chasing Pavements Adele
724 Bad Romance Lady GaGa
722 Cry Me A River Justin Timberlake
721 Hey Ya Outkast
706 Where I Stood Missy Higgins
698 Chains Tina Arena
696 Crazy In Love Beyonce
693 Lying Amy Meredith
685 Dreamlover Mariah Carey
684 Bubbly Colbie Caillat
680 Paralyzer Finger Eleven
668 Who'd Have Known Lily Allen
662 Rolling In The Deep Adele
653 Not Ready To Make Nice Dixie Chicks
651 If I Could Turn Back Time Cher
644 Unpretty TLC
642 You're Still The One Shania Twain
641 Burn Usher
638 Push The Button Sugababes
634 Check Yes Juliet (Run Baby Run) We The Kings
616 This Is How A Heart Breaks Rob Thomas
608 Lost Without You Delta Goodrem
606 Hurt Christina Aguilera
604 Poker Face Lady GaGa
601 Fix You Coldplay

Here are songs 600-576:

600Sunny Came HomeShawn Colvin
599CruelHuman Nature
598Janie's Got A GunAerosmith
597I'll Be There For YouThe Rembrandts
596Beautiful SoulJesse McCartney
595Down AgainThe Superjesus
594Just A LittleLiberty X
593FirefliesOwl City
592Never Gonna Give You UpRick Astley
591Big Jet PlaneAngus & Julia Stone
590Too Much To DoSparkadia
589Cherry PieWarrant
588When I DieNo Mercy
587That Ain't BadRatcat
586Accidently Kelly StreetFrente
584My DeliriumLadyhawke
583I BelieveMarcella Detroit
582And Another ThingSneak
581Follow MeUncle Kracker
580As Long As You Love MeBackstreet Boys
579The Great BeyondR.E.M.
578Do Do's & Whoa OhsKisschasy
577(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With YouUB40
576RushBig Audio Dynamite

And for other business. Question 5 of the guessing game is currently open, it will close tomorrow night, get your guesses for which song will appear higher of the ten match-ups memoed in to me by 11:59pm AEDST tomorrow. Also, "As Long As You Love Me" marks the highest ranked Backstreet Boys song in the countdown, which was correctly guessed by alley, hijinx, anton and 392. They each get two points for that one, the leaderboard is updated.
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624, 623, 621, 618, 614, 611, 608, 606, 604, 600, 597, 596, 593, 592, 584, 581, 580, 577
Last edited:
625, 624, 622, 621, 620, 618, 617, 616, 612, 611, 610, 608, 607, 606, 605, 604, 602, 601
598, 597, 596, 594, 588, 587, 585, 584, 581, 580, 577, 576
The Boys Of Summer, Stay, Karma Chameleon, This Is How A Heart Breaks, Desensitized, We Didn't Start The Fire, Lost Without You, Hurt, Janie's Got A Gun, I'll Be There For You, Fireflies, (the rick roll theme), When I Die, That Ain't Bad, My Delirium, I Believe, As Long As You Love Me, (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You, Rush
Just reminded myself of Cruel, so long since I've heard that
Now for songs 575-551:

575Life Is A HighwayTom Cochrane
574When I Grow UpGarbage
573RiseDaryl Braithwaite
572Underneath Your ClothesShakira
571The Patient Ferris WheelThe Gaslight Anthem
570Rocket ManElton John
569Wild WorldCat Stevens
567Bring It All BackS Club 7
566TeardropMassive Attack
565Rough Landing HollyYellowcard
564RunawayThe Corrs
563The Impression That I GetThe Mighty Mighty Bosstones
561Lemon TreeFools Garden
560Say My NameDestiny's Child
559The SignAce Of Base
558What Would You DoCity High
557This Is For RealMotion City Soundtrack
556It's Only The BeginningDeborah Conway
555The Animal SongSavage Garden
554There IsBox Car Racer
553Set Fire To The RainAdele
552Stop And StareOne Republic
551Summer Of 69Bryan Adams

Don't forget to get your guesses in for question 5 of the guessing game by 11:59pm AEDST tonight. Memo in to me which song of each of the following match-ups you think will appear higher.

1. Augie March - One Crowded Hour vs. Gotye/Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
2. The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You vs. Sam Clark - Broken
3. Brandon Flowers - Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts vs. The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale
4. The Calling - Wherever You Will Go vs. Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)
5. Meat Loaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad vs. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
6. The Naked And Famous - Girls Like You vs. The National - Lemonworld
7. Snow Patrol - Signal Fire vs. Muse - Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)
8. The Script - Before The Worst vs. The Script - Breakeven
9. Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down vs. All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
10. Klaxons - Golden Skans vs. Maximo Park - Our Velocity
-Fearless, What Is Love, Leave Out All THe Rest, Haven't Met You Yet, Whenever Wherever, Better Days

-Cee-Lo Green, Everybody Hurts, Wish You Well

-Rock It!!

-Outkast, Bryan Adams!, Matt Nathanson, Matchbox Twenty, Franz, Weather With You, All In!

-I Swear, Amazing, Bubbly, Relient K

-Compulsory Hero, Opportunity, Hurts, Rolling In The Deep, Happy Ending, Broken Leg!!, Uptown Girl, If I Could Turn Back Time

-I Want To Know What Love Is, Push The Button, When The Lights Go Out, Hey Soul Sister, Check Yes Juliet, Joker And The Thief, Kids!!

-Boys Of Summer, This Is How A Heart Breaks, We Didn't Start The Fire, Crack The Shutters!!, Lost Without You, Hurt, The Saddest Thing I Know!, Fix You!

-I'll Be There For You, Fireflies!!!!!, Never Gonna Give You Up!!!, My Delirium, Waterloo, Follow Me, As Long As You Love Me

-Runaway, The Animal Song, Set Fire To The Rain, Stop And Stare, Summer of '69!
575, 572, 567, 564, 560, 559, 558, 553, 552, 551
600, 598, 597, 596, 594, 593, 592, 589, 586, 585, 584, 581, 580, 579, 577, 576

575, 574, 572, 570, 567, 566, 564, 563, 562, 560, 559, 558, 556, 555, 553, 552, 551

Janie's Got A Gun, Fireflies, Big Jet Plane, Cherry Pie, When I Die, My Delirium, Follow Me, Rush, Life Is A Highway, When I Grow Up, Underneath Your Clothes, Tomorrow, The Sign, What Would You Do, The Animal Song, Set Fire To The Rain, Stop And Stare & Summer Of 69.
574, 572, 570, 569, 567, 566, 564, 562, 560, 558, 555, 553, 552, 551
Ahh I've missed too much!
Great to see Stop The Music, All About Us, Who'd Have Known, Wonderful Life, Rolling In The deep, Fernando, Ode To My Family, Not Ready To Make Nice and if I Could Turn Back Time. From the next lot, it's good to see Never Ever, i Want To Know What Love Is, Break My Stride!!!, Unpretty, You're Still The One, Burn, Push The Button, 2 Become 1!!! and Lovesong. From the next lot, yus for stay, Lights and Sounds, Karma Chameleon, We Didn't Start the Fire, Lost Without You, Closing Time, Hurt, Eleanor Rigby, Poker Face and I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor. Then there's Janie's Got A Gun. Just A Little, When i Die, Waterloo and As Long as You Love Me and finally Underneath Your Clothes!!!, Rocket Man, Wild World, Rough Landing Holly, Say My Name, What Would You Do and Set Fire To The Rain. Good stuff.
Here are songs 550-526:

550Apple EyesSwoop
549DominosThe Big Pink
548BabylonDavid Gray
547RelapseLittle Birdy
546The Boy Is MineBrandy & Monica
545Just Like YouRobbie Nevil
544Cornflake GirlTori Amos
543Dare You To MoveSwitchfoot
542If I Could1927
541Can You Stand The HeatAnuj
540StopSam Brown
539Better Off AloneGrinspoon
538Right Here WaitingRichard Marx
537Teardrops On My GuitarTaylor Swift
536It's Not OverDaughtry
535Behind Blue EyesLimp Bizkit
534Like A PrayerMadonna
533Take Me BackNoiseworks
532End Of The RoadBoyz II Men
531Every Breath You TakeThe Police
530I Go To SleepSia
529Leave Right NowWill Young
528C'est La VieB*Witched
527FairgroundSimply Red
526When I'm Gone3 Doors Down

Also, question 5 of the guessing game has closed, here are the answers everyone gave. You'll find out who was right about what as they come up!

Pictures Of You vs. BrokenBPOYPOYPOYBBBPOY
Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts vs. A Dustland FairytaleADFJLABHJLABHADFJLABHADFJLABHADF
Wherever You Will Go vs. Superman (It's Not Easy)WYWGS(INE)S(INE)WYWGWYWGS(INE)WYWGWYWG
Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad vs. Bohemian RhapsodyBRBRBRBRBRBRTOOTABTOOTAB
Girls Like You vs. LemonworldGLYLGLYGLYLGLYGLYGLY
Signal Fire vs. Neutron Star CollisionSFSFNSCSFNSCNSCNSCNSC
Before The Worst vs. BreakevenBBBTWBTWBTWBTWBTWB
Face Down vs. Dirty Little SecretFDDLSDLSFDDLSDLSFDFD
Golden Skans vs. Our VelocityGSGSGSOVOVGSOVGS
Nice entries for Cornflake Girl, Stop, Better Off Alone, Teardrops On My Guitar (awesome to see this in), Behind Blue Eyes, Like A Prayer, End Of The Road, Every Breath You Take and Leave Right Now.
546, 543, 538, 537, 536, 535, 534, 32, 531
550, 546, 542, 540, 538, 536, 535, 534, 533, 532, 531, 530, 528
Babylon, Dare You To Move, Better Off Alone, Right Here Waiting, Teardrops On My Guitar, It's Not Over, Behind Blue Eyes, Like A Prayer, End Of The Road, Every Breath You Take, Fairground & When I'm Gone
I forgot how much you liked Too Much To Do, it was the first Sparkadia song I got into. It's great to see a great EP representation in the list, and The Great Beyond is a personal favourite from R.E.M.

The Impression That I Get! Very few greater '90s singalongs out there. I've only been recently exposed to Lemon Tree but that's up there too. I also enjoy seeing Phoenix & Adele represented.

Apple Eyes is still such a cool quirky Aussie pop song. Relapse used to be my absolute favourite from Little Birdy but now I find it tough to split next to Baby Blue. Better Off Alone is a strong effort and it's hard to look past Every Breath You Take. I'm also very glad that whatever show it was revived interest for me in I Go To Sleep, quality tune!
Songs 525-501 bring us to the halfway point of the list:

525The Bartender And The ThiefStereophonics
524L.A. Song (Out Of This Town)Beth Hart
523How Far We've ComeMatchbox Twenty
522It Must Have Been LoveRoxette
521Candle (Sick And Tired)White Tie Affair
520TRUESpandau Ballet
519Crazy For This GirlEvan & Jaron
518Flavor Of The WeakAmerican Hi-Fi
517Dream Catch MeNewton Faulkner
516Halfway GoneLifehouse
515Accidentally In LoveCounting Crows
514It's Been A WhileStaind
513Fall DownJebediah
512One WeekBarenaked Ladies
511Kid Please Try HarderFaker
510Never Be The Same AgainMelanie C featuring Lisa Left Eye Lopes
509MonstersSomething For Kate
508Shine OnJet
507Shimmy A Go GoShort Stack
506Can You Feel The Love TonightElton John
505Girls Like ThatCustard
504I Don't Do SurprisesAxle Whitehead
503Fall At Your FeetBoy & Bear
502There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey You Just Haven't Thought Of It YetPanic At The Disco
501Brand New LifeThe Androids
523, 522, 520, 518, 517, 516, 515, 512, 510, 508, 506, 503
With the halfway point of the list we also see the second half of the guessing game begin. This question is the same idea as the last one, I pair off two songs and you simply have to guess which one will appear higher. It's a little tougher however, as this time the songs will appear right next to each other.

Question 6: Which song in each battle will appear higher in the countdown?

1. Train - Drops Of Jupiter vs. Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
2. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around vs. NSync featuring Nelly - Girlfriend (Remix)
3. Athlete - Wires vs. O.A.R. - Shattered (Turn The Car Around)
4. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles vs. Alanis Morrisette - Head Over Feet
5. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights vs. Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle

Two points per correct guess, ten points total up for grabs. This question will remain open until 11:59pm AEDST Tuesday, memo your guesses in by then.
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Excellent to see LA Song, How Far We've Come, It Must Have Been Love, True, It's Been A While, NEver Be the Same Again and Can You Feel The Love Tonight.
550, 546, 544, 543, 542, 541, 540, 539, 538, 535, 534, 531, 530, 529, 528
523, 522, 520, 517, 516, 515, 512, 510, 509, 506, 503, 502
And here are songs 500-476:

500With Arms Wide OpenCreed
499Song 2Blur
497All These ThingsDarren Hanlon
496Black VelvetAlannah Myles
495I've Got FriendsManchester Orchestra
494Like I Love YouJustin Timberlake
493Never ForgetTake That
492Now I RunShannon Noll
491Boys Don't CryThe Cure
490Anyone Of Us (Stupid Mistake)Gareth Gates
489Keeping SecretsMotor Ace
488Love Is All AroundWet Wet Wet
487Creepin Up SlowlyTaxiride
486Don't Say A WordEmmanuel Carella
485Dirty GirlRob Mills
484Jack & DianeJohn Cougar Mellencamp
483Kiss The RainBillie Myers
482Misery BusinessParamore
481One Step CloserLinkin Park
480Let's Dance To Joy DivisionThe Wombats
479Cherry LipsGarbage
478Stay The NightJames Blunt
477Her DiamondsRob Thomas
476Over YouDaughtry

Also, question six of the guessing game is open and some responses are already in. If yours isn't, you still have until Tuesday night to memo it to me.
#1 of Question 6 is not fair
Time for songs 475-451:

475Gonna Miss YouPaulmac featuring Abby Dobson
474Terrible LoveThe National
473Ordinary AngelsFrente
472The '59 SoundThe Gaslight Anthem
471It's Too LateEvermore
470Hips Don't LieShakira featuring Wyclef Jean
469Steal My SunshineLen
468Big Girls Don't CryFergie
467ScarMissy Higgins
466You're All I HaveSnow Patrol
465All I HaveJennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J
464Keep Your Hands Off My GirlGood Charlotte
463Life's A MovieKid Corageous
461Unforgiveable SinnerLene Marlin
460CornerstoneArctic Monkeys
458DriveThe Cars
457My Kind Of ScenePowderfinger
456Where The City Meets The SeaThe Getaway Plan
455O YeahEnd Of Fashion
454Are You MagneticFaker
453About A GirlThe Academy Is
452NaiveThe Kooks
451This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms RaceFall Out Boy

Just over 24 hours left to get in your answers for question 6 of the guessing game. Memo them to me by 11:59pm AEDST tomorrow.
My long overdue comment on your B.O.A.T

1000 999 997 996 993 990 988 986 985 984 982 981 980 979 978 977 976 974 968 966 964 961 959 957 956 955 953 952 951 942 939 938 937 935 933 930 929 928 922 920 919 917 913 912 911 910 909 908 907 905 904 902 901 900 899 898 897 896 895 894 891 890 889 888 887 886 885 882 881 878 873 872 866 864 863 862 858 857 856 855 854 853 849 848 847 846 845 844 842 839 837 836 835 831 830 827 826 825 823 822 821 820 817 814 813 812 811 810 808 807 806 803 802 800 799 797 796 795 792 790 789 787 786 784 782 781 780 778 777 776 773 770 769 768 766 765 764 763 762 761 760 759 758 757 756 755 750 747 745 744 743 742 741 740 739 737 734 730 729 728 727 726 724 723 722 721 720 718 713 712 711 710 705 704 703 702 699 698 697 696 694 693 692 690 689 688 687 684 682 680 679 678 676 675 671 668 667 666 664 663 662 660 659 658 656 654 653 642 651 650 649 648 647 643 642 641 639 638 637 636 634 633 631 630 629 628 627 626 625 624 624 622 620 618 617 616 615 614 611 610 609 608 607 606 604 603 602 601 598 597 596 594 593 592 591 589 588 587 586 585 584 581 580 577 576 575 572 570 569 568 564 563 562 561 560 559 555 553 552 551 546 543 542 539 538 537 536 535 534 533 532 531 530 528 527 526 523 522 520 517 516 515 514 510 509 508 506 504 503 501

Will comment on 500- soon
521, 512, 510, 507, 504, 500, 498, 496, 477, 476, 470, 469, 468, 467, 465, 456
With Arms Wide Open, Song 2, Informer, Black Velvet, Now I Run, Love Is All Around, Creepin Up Slowly, Jack & Diane, Stay The Night
It's Too Late, Hips Don't Lie, Big Girls Don't Cry, Scar, Yellow, Drive, My Kinda Scene
If I'm not mistaken, that's the first BETHIE representation in the list <3 Shimmy A Go Go was a guilty pleasure of mine for a while, but now it's hard to listen to because of the vocals haha. Monsters, Girls Like That & Fall At Your Feet are all excellent. I need to listen to that Panic! song now because the title is useless for me working out what it is.

Plenty of big chart hits which I really enjoy here, namely With Arms Wide Open, Song 2, Informer, Black Velvet, Love Is All Around, One Step Closer, Cherry Lips & Her Diamonds. Absolute favourite there is I've Got Friends; still so good.

First representation of High Violet, and it wasn't even in your top 3, great! Nice placing for The '59 Sound too. Yellow I enjoy a lot more than I used to, and This Ain't A Scene is a lot better than I used to think it was. Just & My Kind Of Scene are excellence.
Here are songs 450-426:

450Scar TissueRed Hot Chili Peppers
449My ImmortalEvanescence
448Flame TreesCold Chisel
447Throw Your Arms Around MeHunters & Collectors
446Swing SwingThe All-American Rejects
445How Come How LongBabyface featuring Stevie Wonder
444Set You FreeN-Trance
443Charmless ManBlur
442Sex And CandyMarcy Playground
441Love StoryTaylor Swift
440All For LoveBryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting
439The Final CountdownEurope
438Don't Hold BackThe Potbelleez
437Great ExpectationsThe Gaslight Anthem
436Black & GoldSam Sparro
435You're BeautifulJames Blunt
434ComaMax Sharam
433OxygenDavid Franj
432I Have NothingWhitney Houston
431This Old LoveLior
430Just Like A PillPink
429Out Of Your MindTrue Steppers & Dane Bowers featuring Victoria Beckham
428I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With YouThe Black Kids
427Dani CaliforniaRed Hot Chili Peppers

Question six of the guessing game closes tonight at 11:59pm AEDST, memo your votes to me by then of what song you think will place higher in each battle of the following:

1. Train - Drops Of Jupiter vs. Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
2. Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around Comes Around vs. NSync featuring Nelly - Girlfriend (Remix)
3. Athlete - Wires vs. O.A.R. - Shattered (Turn The Car Around)
4. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles vs. Alanis Morrisette - Head Over Feet
5. Kate Bush - Wuthering Heights vs. Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle
450, 449, 442 441, 440, 439, 438, 436, 435, 432, 430
471, 470, 469, 468, 467, 466, 465, 464, 462, 458, 455, 451
450, 449, 448, 445, 442, 441, 438, 436, 432, 430, 429, 427
Cool entries for Boys Don't Cry, Love Is All ARound, Jack & Diane, Kiss The Rain, Misery Business, One Step Closer, Hips Don't Lie!!!, All I Have, Keep Your Hands Off My Girl, Unforgiveable Sinner, Drive, O Yeah, Naive, My Immortal!!!, Flame Trees, How Come How Long, Love Story, Black and Gold, You're Beautiful, I Have Nothing!!!, Just Like a Pill and I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You.
How Far We've Come, It Must Have Been Love, Dream Catch Me, Halfway Gone, Accidentally In Love, It's Been Awhile, One Week, Never Be The Same Again, Fall At Your Feet, With Arms Wide Open, Song 2, Black Velvet, Now I Run, Love Is All Around, Creepin' Up Slowly, Jack And Diane, Misery Business, One Step Closer, Let's Dance To Joy Division, Cherry Lips, Stay The Night, Her Diamonds, It's Too Late, Steal My Sunshine, Big Girls Don't Cry, Yellow, Where The City Meets The Sea, O Yeah, This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race, Scar Tissue, My Immortal, Throw Your Arms Around Me, Sex And Candy, Love Story, The Final Countdown, Don't Hold Back, Black & Gold, You're Beautiful, Just Like A Pill, Out Of Your Mind, Dani California, Great to see all these in

I missed question six
Now for songs 425-401:

425Love's Not A Competition (But I'm Winning)Kaiser Chiefs
424Down UnderMen At Work
423Techno FanThe Wombats
422Total Eclipse Of The HeartBonnie Tyler
421Me Myself And IScandal'us
420All Of ThisThe Naked & Famous
419I Touch MyselfThe Divinyls
418Love LostThe Temper Trap
417The Space BetweenDave Matthews Band
416She's So HighTal Bachman
415Lines On PalmsJosh Pyke
414What About MeMoving Pictures
412Every Rose Has Its ThornPoison
411Last Thing On My MindSteps
410PushMatchbox Twenty
409(I've Had) The Time Of My LifeBill Medley & Jennifer Warnes
408Because Of YouKelly Clarkson
407What Do I Know About PainGyroscope
406Belle Of The BoulevardDashboard Confessional
405Use SomebodyKings Of Leon
404Crazy Little Thing Called LoveQueen
403I'm Like A Lawyer With The Way I'm Always Trying To Get You OffFall Out Boy
402Heaven Is A Place On EarthBelinda Carlisle
401Who SaysJohn Mayer

Also, time is up for submitting entries for question six of the guessing game. Here is what people thought I liked better and stuff:

Drops Of Jupiter vs. Hanging By A MomentDOJDOJDOJDOJDOJDOJDOJHBAM
Wires vs. ShatteredWSWSSSSS
Wuthering Heights vs. Bizarre Love TriangleBLTBLTBLTBLTWHBLTWHWH
422, 416, 413, 412, 410, 408, 402, 401
Oops, I have missed most of this week. Anyway:

499, 498, 494, 492, 488, 487, 484, 482, 479, 478, 477

471, 470, 469, 468, 467, 466, 465, 464, 463, 456, 455, 451

449, 447, 442, 441, 440, 439, 438, 436, 435, 430, 429, 427

424, 422, 421, 419, 418, 416, 413, 412, 410, 409, 408, 405, 404, 402

Scar Tissue, My Immortal, Flame Trees, How Come How Long, Set You Free, All For Love, The Final Countdown, Don't Hold Back, Black & Gold, You're Beautiful, Dani California,
Down Under, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Love Lost, What About Me, Alone, Push, Because Of You, Use Somebody, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Heaven Is A Place On Earth
"It's Too Late", "Steal My Sunshine", "Scar", "Yellow", "My Kind Of Scene" and "O Yeah".
"Scar Tissue", "My Immortal", "Flame Trees", "Throw Your Arms Around Me", "Charmless Man", "Sex And Candy" and "Dani California".
"Down Under", "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", "I Touch Myself", "Love Lost", "She's So High", "Push", "(I've Had) Time Of My Life", "Because Of You" and "Use Somebody".

500 499 498 496 492 491 489 488 487 484 482 481 480 479 478 477 471 470 469 468 467 466 465 464 462 459 458 457 455 451 450 449 448 447 445 444 442 441 440 439 438 436 435 434 432 430 427 424 423 422 421 419 418 416 414 413 412 411 410 409 408 407 405 404 403 402 401.

I only ever hear My Immortal sparingly these days and I think it makes it hold up a lot of its charm. Flame Trees & Throw Your Arms Around Me are a good pair of Aussie classics too. Then Blur & Marcy Playground for a good pair of '90s alternarock. Coma was a recent H100 download for me so I'm much more familiar with how it goes now. A great Gaslight song is sandwiched between two cool late '00s Aussie hits, and that Lior song has always been delightful.

The Kaisers entry is much alike the Panic! one earlier; I remember the name, not the song. Down Under & Techno Fan are a lot of fun, I'm somewhat surprised they're this high up. Scandal'us just make me laugh when I hear it All Of This & Love Lost still hold up very well and I probably like them more than accompanying singles that are still to come. I didn't realise you even knew that Dave Matthews song; it comes up in Songpop so much! What Do I Know About Pain I still love as much as always, and like Scene..., I'm Like A Lawyer... has held up surprisingly well.
Nice entries for Total Eclipse of the Heart, i Touch Myself, Alone, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Because Of You, Crazy Little thing Called Love, Heaven Is A Place On Earth and Who Says.
Here are songs 400-376:

400No One's Gonna Love YouBand Of Horses
399Take Me OutFranz Ferdinand
398Rock & RollEric Hutchinson
397The A TeamEd Sheeran
396Romeo And JulietDire Straits
395Who's DavidBusted
394Smooth CriminalAlien Ant Farm
393Just Another DayJon Secada
392Oliver's ArmyElvis Costello
391CrushJennifer Paige
390These DaysPowderfinger
389Everywhere You GoTaxiride
388Girl All The Bad Guys WantBowling For Soup
387Nobody KnowsThe Tony Rich Project
386World Of Our OwnWestlife
385The LookRoxette
384ZeroYeah Yeah Yeahs
383Carry OnMotor Ace
382Addicted To BassJosh Abrahams & Amiel Daemion
381Here Without You3 Doors Down
380What You Waiting ForGwen Stefani
379Come UndoneRobbie Williams
378If You Don't Know Me By NowSimply Red
377The Kill (Bury Me)30 Seconds To Mars
376Light Surrounding YouEvermore
Since I was born in the mid '80s, this list is dominated by songs from the '90s and onwards. But some true classics from before this time have come through. But which will be the biggest? Have a guess?

Question 7: What will be the highest placed pre-1990 song in the list. And where will it come in?

There are eight points up for grabs here, three if you get the song correct, and five points for if you get the placement correct, with one less for every place you're off. The good news is that you can still score placement points even if you have the wrong song, so make sure to guess at both components. Answers are due in by Monday night at 11:59pm AEDST, memo them to me before then.
424, 423, 421, 419, 418, 416, 413, 411, 410, 408, 405, 404, 403, 402
399, 398, 397, 396, 392, 391, 390, 389, 387, 385, 383, 382, 381, 380, 379, 377
Now for songs 375-351:

375SteerMissy Higgins
374I Will Follow You Into The DarkDeath Cab For Cutie
373Lips Of An AngelHinder
372Open Your EyesSnow Patrol
371Jessie's GirlRick Springfield
369Lose YourselfEminem
368LullabyShawn Mullins
367Sex On FireKings Of Leon
366Mmm Mmm Mmm MmmCrash Test Dummies
365Just Feel BetterSantana & Steven Tyler
364HumanThe Killers
363Broken StringsJames Morrison & Nelly Furtado
361Flowers And Football TopsGlasvegas
360Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out OfU2
359I Want YouSavage Garden
358Born In The USABruce Springsteen
357Dream vs ScreamGyroscope
356Fluorescent AdolescentArctic Monkeys
355The Motown SongRod Stewart
353Handsome ManRobbie Williams
352The MiddleJimmy Eat World
351The Dolphins CryLive

Also, question 7 of the guessing game is still open, memo your guesses in to me by 11:59pm AEDST tomorrow night.
375, 372, 371, 369, 368, 367, 365, 364, 363, 360, 359, 354, 352
Here are songs 350-326:

350Breathe In NowGeorge
349Who KnewPink
348Sleeping SatelliteTasmin Archer
346The Clock Was TickinBrandon Flowers
345Black Hole SunSoundgarden
344Groovejet (If This Ain't Love)Spiller featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor
343Foolish GamesJewel
342She's So LovelyScouting For Girls
341Stay Another DayEast 17
340How I Got This WayTaxiride
339Heart In DangerSouthern Sons
338Careless WhisperGeorge Michael
337Closer To The Edge30 Seconds To Mars
336Never Gonna Leave This BedMaroon 5
335Beautiful In My EyesJoshua Kadison
334The FloodTake That
333Flagpole SittaHarvey Danger
332Disco 2000Pulp
331ShineShannon Noll
330Never Miss A BeatKaiser Chiefs
329AnimalNeon Trees
328I'm YoursJason Mraz
326Straight LinesSilverchair

Also, since I'm now slightly behind schedule (and because a few regulars haven't guessed yet), I have decided to leave question 7 of the guessing game open until 8pm tomorrow night AEDST. Memo your answer in to me before then of what you think will be the highest placed pre-1990 song and where it'll land.
Down Under, Total Eclipse Of The Heart, All Of This, Love Lost, She's So High, What About Me, Alone, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Push, (I've Had) The Time Of My Life, Because Of You, Use Somebody, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Heaven Is A Place On Earth, Take Me Out, The A Team, Smooth Criminal, Crush, These Days, Everywhere You Go, The Look, Here Without You, The Kill, Light Surrounding You, Lips Of An Angel, Open Your Eyes, Jessie's Girl, Lose Yourself, Sex On Fire, Human, China, I Want You, Born In The USA, The Middle, The Dolphins Cry, Dinosaur, Foolish Games, Closer To The Edge, Animal, Creep & Straight Lines
349, 347, 344, 343, 338, 334, 333, 331, 330, 329, 328
591 Big Jet Plane Angus & Julia Stone
585 Waterloo Abba
584 My Delirium Ladyhawke
560 Say My Name Destiny's Child
553 Set Fire To The Rain Adele
552 Stop And Stare One Republic
546 The Boy Is Mine Brandy & Monica
534 Like A Prayer Madonna
532 End Of The Road Boyz II Men
523 How Far We've Come Matchbox Twenty
510 Never Be The Same Again Melanie C featuring Lisa Left Eye Lopes
507 Shimmy A Go Go Short Stack
506 Can You Feel The Love Tonight Elton John
482 Misery Business Paramore
477 Her Diamonds Rob Thomas
470 Hips Don't Lie Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean
468 Big Girls Don't Cry Fergie
467 Scar Missy Higgins
465 All I Have Jennifer Lopez featuring LL Cool J
451 This Ain't A Scene It's An Arms Race Fall Out Boy
449 My Immortal Evanescence
441 Love Story Taylor Swift
438 Don't Hold Back The Potbelleez
436 Black & Gold Sam Sparro
432 I Have Nothing Whitney Houston
430 Just Like A Pill Pink
408 Because Of You Kelly Clarkson
405 Use Somebody Kings Of Leon
402 Heaven Is A Place On Earth Belinda Carlisle
398 Rock & Roll Eric Hutchinson
397 The A Team Ed Sheeran
391 Crush Jennifer Paige
381 Here Without You 3 Doors Down
380 What You Waiting For Gwen Stefani
375 Steer Missy Higgins
369 Lose Yourself Eminem
349 Who Knew Pink
337 Closer To The Edge 30 Seconds To Mars
336 Never Gonna Leave This Bed Maroon 5
331 Shine Shannon Noll
329 Animal Neon Trees
328 I'm Yours Jason Mraz
326 Straight Lines Silverchair

Highlights include: Say My Name, The Boy Is Mine, The End Of The Road, Misery Business, Scar, All I Have, I Have Nothing, Because Of You, Lose Yourself and Who Knew.
Great to see Rock & Roll, The A Team, Crush, Nobody Knows, The Look, Here Without You, Come Undone, If You Don't Know Me By Now, The Kill, Light Surrounding You, Jessie's Girl, Lose Yourself, Broken Strings, Born In The USA, Fluorescent Adolescent, The Middle, Who Knew!!!, Sleeping Satellite, Dinosaur, Groovejet, Foolish Games, Careless Whisper, I'm Yours, Creep and Straight Lines.
Ooh I love that Band of Horses song, and that Franz Ferdinand song! Rock & Roll/The A Team are curiously low... Also yes to Dire Straits, Motor Ace & Simply Red.

I know I like that Death Cab song but can never remember how it goes! And there's that Kings of Leon song. Also that Sparkadia song, dunno if I should've expected higher. I know I did for Gyroscope, I very much love that song.

Oh damn, that George song isn't even on my H100 list Sleeping Satellite is another excellent song that I often struggle to remember how it goes. Black Hole Sun I know well and it is great, and how can I discredit Jewel's ode to The Room?! I actually do love Creep in all honesty. But then there's also Flagpole Sitta, and Animal, and Disco 2000, and ugh, too many songs there I love!
A song called 'Who's David' ? Will have to check that out

Just Another Day, The Look, Here Without You, Come Undone, If You Don't Know Me By Now, Sex On Fire, Mmm mmm mmm mmm, Born In The USA, The Dolphins Cry, Groovejet, Foolish Games, Stay Another Day, Careless Whisper, Closer To The Edge, Straight Lines
Rock & Roll, Crush, These Days, Everywhere You Go, Nobody Knows, What You Waiting For, Light Surrounding You, Steer, Open Your Eyes, Jessie's Girl, Lose Yourself, Just Feel Better, I Want You, Who Knew, Sleeping Satellite, Black Hole Sun, Heart In Danger, Beautiful In My Eyes, Shine, Animal, I'm Yours, Creep
Here are songs 325-301:

325Take A PictureFilter
324Don't Look Back In AngerOasis
323Hey Bang BangStarky
322Bloodbuzz OhioThe National
320All For YouSister Hazel
319HelenaMy Chemical Romance
318Wild At HeartBirds Of Tokyo
317Here (In Your Arms)Hellogoodbye
316Whataya Want From MeAdam Lambert
315EpicFaith No More
314Run The Red LightBritish India
313Fake Tales Of San FranciscoArctic Monkeys
312GirlfriendNsync featuring Nelly
311What Goes Around Comes AroundJustin Timberlake
310Running AwayHoobastank
309When I See You SmileBad English
308Far AwayNickelback
307FallenSarah McLachlan
306A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch MeFall Out Boy
304The Motivation ProclamationGood Charlotte
303Ana's Song (Open Fire)Silverchair
302My HappinessPowderfinger
301UnwellMatchbox Twenty

Question 7 of the guessing game has now closed. Below is what everyone guessed would be the highest pre-1990 song and where it'd land:

HijinxWith Or Without You#22
TravHey Jude#10
IrishDon't Dream It's Over#16
antonEverybody Wants To Rule The World#7
alleyYou're The Voice#18

Also, Daniel, Hijinx, Trav, 392, anton and Chris all score two points for correctly placing What Goes Around Comes Around ahead of Girlfriend. Leaderboard is updated.
325, 324, 321, 318, 316, 315, 312, 311, 306, 303, 301
OMG one place different hahaha

Great to see Take A Picture, All For You, Helena, Whataya Want From Me, Epic, Far Away, Fallen, The Motivation Proclamation and Ana's Song (Open Fire)
I will try to participate in your last two questions seeing as I'm still in the running despite only answering one so far. Also, your countdown is at the point where I know most of the songs so that's good.
Really good. I like: "Don't Look Back In Anger", "Wild At Heart", "Epic", "Starlight", "Ana's Song (Open Fire)", "My Happiness" and "Unwell".
Time for songs 300-281:

300What's Left Of MeNick Lachey
298SilhouetticBirds Of Tokyo
297No Such ThingJohn Mayer
296Everybody Wants To Rule The WorldTears For Fears
295Voodoo EconomicsFaker
294Welcome To The Black ParadeMy Chemical Romance
293Kiss MeSixpence None The Richer
292Look What You've DoneJet
291Run To ParadiseChoirboys
290Always Where I Need To BeThe Kooks
288(Everything I Do) I Do It For YouBryan Adams
287From The SeaEskimo Joe
286All These Things That I've DoneThe Killers
285Easier To LieAqualung
284Never Be AmazingDavid Franj
283You Give Me SomethingJames Morrison
282The Day You Went AwayWendy Matthews
281Khe SanhCold Chisel

If you follow my weekly personal chart, you'll have noticed that it's generally dominated by male vocalists. And that's showing through in this list too. They'll be fiercely competing for the top spots, but we'll get to that. How will the ladies fare? Why don't you have a guess.....

Question 8: What will be the highest placed female vocal song in the list? And where will it place?

There are eight points up for grabs here. Three if you get the song correct, and five for the placement, losing one for every place you're off. One thing to note: I'm after a solely female vocal song, no duets or mixed groups. So, not Somebody That I Used To Know! Memo your answers to me by 11:59pm AEDST Monday night.
Last edited:
300, 299, 297, 296, 294, 293, 291, 288, 286, 283, 282, 281
I like: "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", "Kiss Me", "Look What You've Done", "Run To Paradise", "From The Sea", "All These Things That I've Done", "You Give Me Something" and "The Day You Went Away".
398, 397, 394, 393, 391, 387, 381, 380, 378, 376, 375, 373, 371, 369, 368, 367, 366, 364, 359, 354, 352, 349, 347, 343, 338, 329, 328, 326, 320, 316, 311, 302, 301, 300, 299, 294, 293, 288, 282 <3
Nice entries for Sukiyaki, Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Welcome To The Black Parade, Look What You've Done, All These Things That I've Done, You Give Me Something, The Day You Went Away and Khe Sanh... hmm ladies aye...
Here are songs 280-261:

280RunSnow Patrol
279CrossfireBrandon Flowers
2782 BeautifulEmmanuel Carella
277Born To RunBruce Springsteen
276Punk Ass BitchWheatus
275Father & SonBoyzone
274HeroEnrique Iglesias
273If I Know YouThe Presets
272When I Come AroundGreen Day
271One Sweet DayMariah Carey & Boyz II Men
270Shattered (Turn The Car Around)O.A.R.
268EverytimeBritney Spears
267Golden SkansKlaxons
266MissingEverything But The Girl
265Maggie MayRod Stewart
264LovefoolThe Cardigans
263SaltwaterJulian Lennon
262New PerspectivePanic At The Disco
261The HorsesDaryl Braithwaite

On to other business. Wires outplaces Shattered; so that's two points for alley and Trav correctly guessing that. And while Golden Skans appears, Our Velocity hasn't yet, so it wins that battle giving one point to Hijinx, Trav and 392. The leaderboard is updated.

Meanwhile, question 8 is still open, get your answers memoed in to me by Monday night.
274, 273, 272, 270, 268, 266, 264
Not the best part of the countdown, but not bad. I like: "Crossfire", "Born To Run", "Hero", "When I Come Around", "Missing", "Maggie May", "Lovefool" and "The Horses".
Here are songs 260-241:

260RevelryKings Of Leon
2593AMMatchbox Twenty
258Champagne SupernovaOasis
257More Than A FeelingBoston
256The King Of Wishful ThinkingGo West
255St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)John Parr
254When The Sun Goes DownArctic Monkeys
253All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To YouHeart
252Face DownThe Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
251The FlameCheap Trick
250Let Me InHot Hot Heat
249Steal Your HeartAugustana
248Why Does It Always Rain On MeTravis
247You Were Meant For MeJewel
246I Can't Break It To My HeartDelta Goodrem
245I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)Meat Loaf
243TranquilizeThe Killers
242CandyIggy Pop
241InsensitiveJann Arden

Question 8 of the guessing game is still open, get your answers memoed to me by 11:50pm AEDST tomorrow night. Meanwhile, some points from question 5 are decided in this lot, with Face Down appearing and Dirty Little Secret still to come, that's a point for Irish, crazy, Trav and anton for guessing that correctly.
Yikes, this is progressing fast! Anyway, catch up time:

399, 398, 397, 394, 393, 391, 390, 389, 388, 386, 385, 382, 381, 380, 379, 376

375, 372, 371, 369, 368, 367, 366, 365, 364, 363, 362, 360, 359, 358, 355, 354, 352, 351

350, 349, 347, 345, 344, 343, 338, 337, 336, 334, 331, 330, 329, 328, 327, 326

324, 318, 317, 316, 315, 312, 311, 309, 308, 303, 302, 301

297, 296, 294, 293, 292, 291, 288, 287, 286, 283, 282, 281

280, 277, 275, 272, 271, 268, 266, 265, 264, 263, 261

260, 259, 258, 257, 256, 255, 253, 251, 248, 247, 246, 245, 244, 242, 241

Last edited:
Great list today. I like: "Revelry", "3AM", "Champagne Supernova"!!!, "More Than A Feeling", "Why Does It Always Rain On Me", "You Were Meant For Me", "I'd Do Anything For Love(But I Wont Do That)" and "Dakota".
Great entries for Born To Run, Hero, When I Come Around, One Sweet Day!!!, Everytime, Lovefool, Revelry, Champagne Supernova, More Than a Feeling, All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You, Face Down, The Flame, You Were Meant For Me!!!, Dakota and Insensitive.
260, 259, 258, 255, 252, 251, 247, 246, 245(!!)
Time for songs 240-221:

240Here With MeDido
2391979Smashing Pumpkins
238Dancing In The DarkBruce Springsteen
237Bohemian Like YouDandy Warhols
236Mean To MeCrowded House
235Dirty Little SecretThe All-American Rejects
234How You Remind MeNickelback
233It's All Coming Back To Me NowCeline Dion
232Wasting My TimeDefault
231Celebrity SkinHole
230DilemmaNelly featuring Kelly Rowland
229How Can We Be LoversMichael Bolton
228Lonely No MoreRob Thomas
227Don't Fight ItThe Panics
226Father's DayWeddings Parties Anything
225To Be With YouMr Big
224Get SetTaxiride
223And We DancedThe Hooters
222Mr JonesCounting Crows
221UntouchedThe Veronicas

Question 8 of the guessing game closes tonight. Memo your answer in to me by 11:59pm AEDST if you haven't already.
I like: "Here With Me", "1979", "Bohemian Like You", "Mean To Me", "How You Remind Me", "Celebrity Skin", "Lonely No More", "Don't Fight It", "Get Set" and "Mr Jones".
234, 233!, 230, 228, 225!, 222!, 221!
Excellent entries for Here With Me, 1979, Dancing In The dark, Bohemian Like You, It's All Coming Back To Me Now!!!, Wasting My Time, Celebrity Skin!!!, Dilemma, Lonely No More and Untouched.
Filter! Oasis! Sister Hazel! So many nostalgia feels. Bloodbuzz should be the highest from High Violet! I remember noting at the time that Snakeskin was a very rare case of me liking a song on first listen (which possibly provides background to my reviewing methods ). Helena is my favourite pre-Black Parade track for MCR. Loving the Epic, Starlight, Run The Red Lights etc too.

Silhouettic & Welcome To The Black Parade I actually downloaded Look What You've Done last night There are actually quite a lot of songs there which I can't recall from title, but most of the ones I do know are great.

Run is too low! Rod Stewart looks out of place here And oh, Lovefool, Saltwater & The Horses; more '90s love.

Even without Delta there's a lot of fun pop here, Boston, Go West, John Parr! All squeezed between great Oasis & Arctic Monkeys tracks. I honestly can't remember what I think about that Hot Hot Heat song, even though I know it so well. Also yeah to Dakota & Tranquilize.

Worksafe! Smashing Pumpkins, Springsteen & Dandy Warhols songs all hold up strong today. Don't Fight It & Get Set are a great pair of Aus tracks, Untouched to an extent too, I actually quite like it tbh
Here are songs 220-201:

220The GameEnd Of Fashion
219Our VelocityMaximo Park
218When You Say Nothing At AllRonan Keating
217Walking In MemphisMarc Cohn
216November RainGuns And Roses
215A Thousand MilesVanessa Carlton
214Head Over FeetAlanis Morrisette
213I'm Not Okay (I Promise)My Chemical Romance
212Harder To BreatheMaroon 5
211I Predict A RiotKaiser Chiefs
210Kryptonite3 Doors Down
209Living YearsMike And The Mechanics
208BreakevenThe Script
207White FlagDido
206You Were ThereSouthern Sons
205Love For SaleFaker
204Already GoneKelly Clarkson
203Let Her CryHootie & The Blowfish
202More Than A Love SongAugustana
201Losing My ReligionR.E.M.

With this group we see one battle from each of questions 5 and 6 decided. Nobody selected Head Over Feet to outplace A Thousand Miles, but it does, so there are no points there. And we see Breakeven appear, but no Before The Worst yet, so the latter wins, giving one point to each of crazy, 392, anton, Trav and Jinx. Leaderboard is updated.

Also, question 8 of the game is now closed, below is what everyone thought would be the highest placing female song:

crazychrisI Will Always Love You#14
alleyAlready Gone#12
HijinxNot Me Not I#9
IrishUnbreak My Heart#29
antonNot Me Not I#25
TravNothing Compares 2 U#14
392414Not Me Not I#5
218, 216!, 215!, 214, 212, 210, 208, 207!
Ok, here goes:

Garbage, Phoenix, Massive Attack!, Silverchair, Adele;

Switchfoot, Grinspoon, Richard Marx, Limp Bizkit, The Police;

Spandau Ballet, Newton Faulkner, Lifehouse, Counting Crows, Faker, SFK, Jet, Boy & Bear, Panic;

Blur!, Manchester Orchestra, The Cure, Taxiride, Paramore, Linkin Park, The Wombats, Garbage;

Evermore!, Missy Higgins!, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, Powderfinger, Faker, Fall Out Boy I guess;

RHCP, Evanescence, Hunters & Collectors, Blur, RHCP!;

Kaisers, Men At Work, The Wombats, Tnaffy, Divinyls, Temper Trap, Tal Bachman, Josh Pyke, Kelly Clarkson, Gyro!, Kings of Leon, Queen, John Mayer;

MOTHERF**KING FRANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!, Ed Sheeran, Dire Straits, POWDERFINGER!!!!!!!, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Motor Ace, Gwen Stefani, 30 Seconds To Mars, Evermore;

Missy Higgins, Eminem, Shawn Mullins, Kings of Leon, Killers, Sparkadia, U2, Gyro, Arctic Monkeys, EMF, Jimmy Eat World;

Kisschasy, Soundgarden, Spiller, Maroon 5, Harvey Danger, Kaisers, Neon Trees, Radiohead!;

Oasis, Gyro, BOT, Adam Lambert, Faith No More, British India, Arctic Monkeys, Justin Timberlake, Muse!, Silverchair, Powderfinger;

BOT, Faker, Sixpence None The Richer, Jet, Kooks, Eskimo Joe, Killers;

Brandon Flowers, Presets, Green Day;

Kings of Leon, Matchbox Twenty, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Travis, Stereophonics, Killers;

Smashing Pumpkins, Dandy Warhols, Hole, The Panics;

MCR, Maroon 5, Kaisers, R.E.M.

And I'm up to date
I like: "The Game", "When You Say Nothing At All", "November Rain", "A Thousand Miles", "Head Over Feet", "Harder To Breathe", "Kryptonite", "White Flag", "Losing My Religion"
Awesome to see A Thousand Miles, Head Over Feet, I'm Not Okay, Kryptonite, White Flag, Already Gone (wow what a fail for me) and Let Her Cry.
Best from each set:
Whataya Want From Me, Epic, Far Away, Ana's Song (Open Fire), My Happiness
Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Kiss Me, Run To Paradise, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, The Day You Went Away
One Sweet Day, Everytime, Missing, Maggie May, Saltwater
King Of Wishful Thinking, The Flame, I'd Do Anything For Love, Candy, Insensitive
Here With Me, Dancing In The Dark, How You Remind Me, How Can We Be Lovers, To Be With You, Mr. Jones
When You Say Nothing At All, November Rain, A Thousand Miles, The Living Years, Already Gone, Let Her Cry
Time for songs 200-181:

200I Don't Want To Miss A ThingAerosmith
199Where Are You NowRoxus
198Blaze Of GloryJon Bon Jovi
197It's AlrightEast 17
196Before The WorstThe Script
195Runaway TrainSoul Asylum
194Grace KellyMika
193Swear It AgainWestlife
192TornNatalie Imbruglia
190I'll Stand By YouThe Pretenders
189Bye Bye ByeNsync
188Nothing Compares 2 USinead O'Connor
187Wasn't It GoodTina Arena
186DamageYou Am I
185PoisonAlice Cooper
184I Knew I Loved YouSavage Garden
183The ReasonHoobastank
182More Than WordsExtreme
181Eye Of The TigerSurvivor

And some points decided! Bye Bye Bye is the highest entry for NSync, which gives two points to each of anton, irish and 392 for correctly guessing that. Leaderboard is updated.
And now comes the penultimate question of the guessing game:

Question 9: What will be the highest placed Australian song? And where will it land?

There are eight points up for grabs here. Three if you get the song correct, and five for the placement, losing one for every place you're off. Memo your answer to me by 11:59pm AEDST Saturday night!
Here are songs 180-161:

180Never Tear Us ApartINXS
179PleasePete Murray
178The Special TwoMissy Higgins
177Promise MeThe Hot Lies
176Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana
175Last KissPearl Jam
174Somebody's CryingChris Isaak
173Holy GrailHunters & Collectors
172Nothing's Gonna Stop Us NowStarship
171Romeo And JulietThe Killers
170Conversation 16The National
169Dance DanceFall Out Boy
168It Ends TonightThe All-American Rejects
167Run To MeEmmanuel Carella
166I Don't Love YouMy Chemical Romance
165No SurpriseDaughtry
164Motor's Too FastJames Reyne
163Livin On A PrayerBon Jovi
162Death DefyMotor Ace
161Wicked GameChris Isaak

Also, question 9 of the guessing game has opened; memo your answers in to me by Saturday night.
200, 198, 195, 194, 192, 190, 189, 188, 184, 183, 182, 178, 176, 175, 172, 165, 163
I like: "I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing", "Blaze Of Glory", "Runaway Train", "Torn", "Sing".
"Never Tear Us Apart", "Smells Like Teen Spirit", "Last Kiss", "Somebody's Crying", "Holy Grail", "Livin' On A Prayer"
The Game! That super energetic song that's my favourite from them.
My Velocity! That super energetic song that's my favourite from then.
I'm Not Okay is really cool too, took ages to grow on me though. I also still love Harder To Breathe, Kryptonite & Let Her Cry. The Living Years & Losing My Religion are awesome of course.

Runaway Train is still so great; I need to listen to it now. Damage grew on me heaps after getting YAI's GH too

More '90s gold: Smells Like Teen Spirit, Last Kiss, Holy Grail, Wicked Game Conversation 16 I think I expected higher for some reason. Never Tear Us Apart, Dance Dance, I Don't Love You & Livin' On A Prayer are great too. And I do like Death Defy, but I don't love it yet
279, 277, 272, 271, 268, 266, 265, 264, 262, 261
260, 259, 257, 256, 251, 248, 244
240, 239, 238, 236, 234, 233, 231, 230, 225, 224, 222, 221
220, 218, 216, 215, 214, 212, 210, 209, 208, 207, 204, 201
200, 198, 197, 196, 194, 192, 191, 190, 189, 188, 187, 184, 183, 182, 181
180, 178, 176, 174, 173, 169, 165, 163, 161

Nice entries for Blaze Of Glory, Torn, Sing, Nothing Compares 2 U, Wasn't It Good, I Knew I Loved You, The Reason, More Than Words, Never Tear Us Apart, The Special Two, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Last Kiss, Holy Grail, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Dance Dance, I Don't Love You and Wicked game.
Now for songs 160-141:

160Don't SpeakNo Doubt
159Daydream BelieverThe Monkees
158Here It Goes AgainOK Go
157Flying Without WingsWestlife
156All The Things She SaidTatu
155Electric BlueIcehouse
154Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)Nine Days
153Blow Up The PokiesThe Whitlams
152Hard To Find HerZed
151NothingThe Script
150Say It OnceUltra
149CryThe Mavis's
148The WayFastball
147Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)Muse
146Sexed UpRobbie Williams
145Wind Of ChangeScorpions
144The Hardest Thing98 Degrees
143Heartbreak WarfareJohn Mayer
142Cat's In The CradleUgly Kid Joe
141Ordinary WorldDuran Duran

And for some points. This group ends the boyband question. "Flying Without Wings" is the highest entry for Westlife, not that anybody picked that. As for the most entries, Backstreet Boys and Five come in with three each, NSync have four, and Westlife take it out with five. Trav was the only one to guess that, so it's two more points for him, wrapping up question three!

And for question five, we see Neutron Star Collision appear here, but Signal Fire hasn't yet, meaning it takes that battle. Chris, irish and 392 correctly guessed that, so it's one more point for each of them. The leaderboard is updated.

Finally, on question nine, since I didn't update yesterday, I can extend the deadline for answering this one for another day. So you now have until 11:59pm AEDST Sunday to memo your answer to me of what Australian song you think will place highest and where it'll land.
160, 156, 154, 148, 147, 144, 143, 142, 141
Don't Speak & Daydream Believer are both classics for their eras. Here It Goes Again will always have a special place for me as a catalyst for rediscovering great music. Electric Blue I like more than Great Southern Land. Absolutely is so much nostalgia fun. The Whitlams need a modern remake "Blow Up The DZ" Nothing is still my favourite Script song. Cry is an excellent pop song. The Way is an excellent Fastball song. It still surprises me that Neutron Star Collision is your favourite Muse song (I think ), I think I like that Robbie Williams song more than I do the title. Wind Of Change is great and I still really enjoy Heartbreak Warfare.
I like. "Don't Speak", "Blow Up The Pokies", "The Way", "Wind Of Change", "Heartbreak Warfare", "Cat's In The Cradle".
240, 239, 238, 237, 235, 234, 233, 231, 230, 228, 225, 224, 223, 222, 221

218, 217, 216, 215, 214, 213, 212, 210, 209, 208, 207, 204, 203, 201

200, 198, 196, 195, 194, 193, 192, 191, 190, 189, 188, 187, 185, 184, 183, 182, 181

180, 178, 175, 174, 173, 172, 169, 168, 165, 164, 163

160, 159, 158, 156, 155, 154, 153, 150, 149, 148, 147, 146, 143, 142
Here are songs 140-121:

139Signal FireSnow Patrol
138Mad WorldGary Jules
1372's CompanyCharlton Hill
136Lightning CrashesLive
135Free FallingTom Petty
134EasyFaith No More
132PlansBirds Of Tokyo
131Ain't No DoubtJimmy Nail
130Chelsea DaggerThe Fratellis
129I BelieveBlessid Union Of Souls
128Behind These Hazel EyesKelly Clarkson
127Caught In The MiddleA1
126You're GorgeousBabybird
125Confessions Of A Broken HeartLindsay Lohan
124Wuthering HeightsKate Bush
123Bizarre Love TriangleFrente
122Dry Your EyesThe Streets
121Renegade FighterZed

Onto guessing game news. This lot sees the final battle of question six decided; Frente have placed higher than Kate Bush. Alley, Anton, Trav, Daniel and Hijinx all guessed that correctly and receive two points for their troubles. The leaderboard is updated.

And because I was busy yesterday and didn't post an update, Question 9 of the guessing game can remain open until 11:59pm AEDST tonight. There are still a few regular guessers who haven't submitted an answer, so get one in by then. There won't be any more extensions, because I've already posted for today.
I like: "Someday", "Mad World", "Lightning Crashes", "Free Falling", "Easy", "Wonderwall", "Behind These Hazel Eyes"
Some surprise high appearances here.
My faves:
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing, Blaze Of Glory, It's Alright, Bye Bye Bye, Nothing Compares 2 U, Wasn't It Good, Poison, More Than Words, Eye Of The Tiger
Never Tear Us Apart, Somebody's Crying, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, Motor's Too Fast, Livin' On A Prayer
Don't Speak, Daydream Believer, All The Things She Said, Electric Blue, Say It Once, Cry, Cat's In The Cradle, Ordinary World
Lightning Crashes, Easy, Wonderwall, Plans, Ain't No Doubt, I Believe, Caught In The Middle, Wuthering Heights
136, 133, 129, 128
Heaps of good entries here! Nice to see Don't Speak, Flying Without Wings, All The Things She Said, Absolutely, Hard To Find Her, Nothing, The Way, Neutron Star Collision, Wind Of Change, The Hardest Thing, Cat's In The Cradle and Ordinary World. From the next lot, great entries for Signal Fire, Mad World, Lightning Crashes!!!, Free Falling, Plans, Ain't No Doubt, Chelsea Dagger, Behind These Hazel Eyes, Confessions Of A Broken Heart (wow!), Wuthering Heights and Renegade Fighter.
Here are songs 120-101:

120Somewhere Only We KnowKeane
119The Morning AfterZinc
118Bring Me To LifeEvanescence
117Forever YoungYouth Group
116Sweet DispositionThe Temper Trap
115All The SameSick Puppies
114Pretty VegasINXS
113I Will Always Love YouWhitney Houston
112Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe Verve
111Breathe (2AM)Anna Nalick
110The Man Who Can't Be MovedThe Script
109Tucker's DaughterIan Moss
107Blister In The SunViolent Femmes
106SmoothSantana & Rob Thomas
105Girls Like YouThe Naked & Famous
104For You I Will (Confidence)Teddy Geiger
103When You Were YoungThe Killers
102Another NightMC Sar & The Real McCoy
101Hey There DelilahPlain White T's

Question 9 of the guessing game has closed; below is what everyone guessed:

zxcSweet Disposition#8
antonSomebody That I Used To Know#6
HijinxSomebody That I Used To Know#8
392Not Me Not I#5
irishSomebody That I Used To Know#3
DanielSomebody That I Used To Know#2
TravSomebody That I Used To Know#7
alleySomebody That I Used To Know#7
ChrisTo The Moon And Back#22

Also, in the last group we see Girls Like You appear. It was in a question five battle with Lemonworld; and has been beaten. Only irish and Trav correctly guessed this, and it's another point for them. Leaderboard is updated.
Awesome to see Somewhere Only We Know, Bring Me To Life!!!, Sweet Disposition, I Will Always Love You!!!, Breathe, The Man Who Can't Be Moved, Tucker's Daughter, Trigger, Girls Like You, For You I Will (Confidence) and When You Were Young.
I like: "Bring Me To Life", "Forever Young", "Sweet Disposition", "Pretty Vegas", "Bitter Sweet Symphony"!!!, "Blister In The Sun", "Smooth", "When You Were Young", "Hey There Delilah"
I've caught up! Some awesome tracks in there, a few amoung my favourite tracks of all time too!

399 398 397 396 394 393 391 390 386 385 382 381 380 379 378 377 376 375 373 372 371 369 368 367 366 365 364 363 362 360 359 358 354 352 351 349 347 345 344 343 341 338 337 336 335 334 331 330 329 328 327 326 324 322 321 319 318 315 313 312 311 309 308 307 306 305 302 301

300 299 298 296 294 293 292 291 289 288 287 286 283 282 281 279 275 274 273 272 271 268 267 265 264 263 261 260 259 258 257 256 255 254 251 249 248 247 245 244 242 240 239 238 237 235 234 233 231 230 229 228 227 225 223 222 221 220 218 217 216 215 212 210 209 208 207 204 201

200 198 197 196 195 194 192 191 190 189 188 185 184 183 182 181 180 178 176 175 174 173 172 171 169 165 163 161 160 158 156 155 151 148 147 146 145 143 142 141 140 139 138 136 135 134 133 132 129 128 125 124 123 122 121 118 117 116 114 113 112 110 109 106 104 103 102 101

118, 117, 113, 112, 110, 102, 101
I still don't recall how Signal Fire goes; Spiderman ST on hold Mad World & Lightning Crashes I love. Wonderwall still holds up, I'm sort of surprised Plans couldn't make the top 100. Chelsea Dagger is a lot of fun and I can thank The Voice for rekindling my interest in WH

Even if I wasn't fond of music at the time, I still really enjoyed Bring Me To Life back then and still do now. Sweet Dispo takes a while to get going but it's great. Sweet Sympho is too. I still love Smooth and feel sorry for those who don't Another Night is surprising up this high, but it's a very catchy track.
This is going to flop spectacularly at some point doing it this way, but here are songs 100-91:

100. Franz Ferdinand - The Fallen

I instantly liked "Take Me Out" as the first thing I'd heard from them, and it remained easily my favourite from Franz, until I heard this. If possible, it was even more instantly that I loved this, mostly due to the frenetic pace and loving what I could figure out of the lyrics. It wasn't until a few years later that I got around to looking up all the lyrics which actually renewed my interest in the song and made me love it even more. It should have made the ARIA top 50.

99. Faker - Hurricane

I'd never heard of Faker before I started hearing this song on the radio, and I was instantly charmed by its catchiness and the wonderful fun it just felt like hearing it. But my favourite thing about it (and many Faker tracks), is how little it matters that I'm a terrible singer when I sing along.

98. Linkin Park - In The End

I liked One Step Closer and Crawling was okay, but again, I found this song instantly amazing. I love the contrast between the rap verses and the dramatic belty nature of the chorus, it works so well and I always thought this song was something special. I stanned somewhat for Linkin Park for a bit because of this.

97. Paul Kelly - To Her Door

This one was always a childhood favourite of mine; one which I found going through my parents old cassette tapes. They had it on some compilation or other, and along with a few other songs, this was always a favourite of mine. I'm not really sure why I liked it as a kid of about seven or eight, but it holds up well due to the realism in the lyrics, and how well the picture is painted. A real Aussie classic.

96. Coldplay - The Scientist

For years I liked pretty much every Coldplay song, but never really had a favourite. If I got asked, I'd generally say "Yellow" because it was the first one I heard and loved from them, or sometimes "Clocks" because it was just a great song technically. This song went by without ever really entering into that equation; I liked it quite a bit, but I mostly just thought it was a decent song with a pretty entertaining video. Fast forward to the release of "Viva La Vida", and I suddenly realised how utterly gorgeous "The Scientist" truly is. Of course, "Viva La Vida" had become my favourite from them, but I was finally able to pick at least one track from before that which stood head and shoulders above the others.

95. Blink 182 - Dammit

Ah yes, thirteen year old me looooved this. I thought it and they were so cool, and I thought I was really cool for liking this, even though it charted. Even now, I can't not enjoy rocking out to it every time I hear it; it just makes me smile.

94. The National - Lemonworld

Their album grew on me progressively more and more over time, to the point where I utterly adore it now. And one of the reasons for that is just how many strong tracks there are on there which just keep getting better and better over time. "Bloodbuzz Ohio" probably started out as my favourite due to familiarity; then it became "Conversation 16" for the ridiculous lyrics that I love so much. But more and more I began to notice the gorgeous "Lemonworld". It has everything I could want in a National track, and since it never was a single I never overplayed it.

93. The Beatles - Hey Jude

There's not really much I can say here. This song is just beautiful and I've known it as long as I can remember and liked it all that time too.

92. Tyler Hilton - When It Comes

I don't even remeber what caused me to look up this track; probably someone on the internet recommended it to me. And wow, if BZ music is a real thing, this is possibly one of the pioneering tracks. An American guy with a guitar singing a laid-back chilled sounding kind of song; why wouldn't I adore this? Anyway, whatever the reason I looked it up, I'm glad for it. I just wish I knew it sooner.

91. Bon Iver - Skinny Love

Not Birdy!!!!!! This is just too high a number to even comprehend times better than her stinker cover. I heard the album plenty but never really noticed this song overly, until it placed in the Hottest 100 and made the album, and I heard THAT plenty and realised how gorgeous this song is. I reiterate: not Birdy!!! The original is far superior.
With the top 100 kicking off, it's time to see the last question of the guessing game:

Question 10: In order, what do you think the top ten songs will be?

There are fifty points up for grabs on this question; five per song. You lose one point for every place you are off with a song that appears in the top ten, down to a minimum score of 1. However if you guess a song that doesn't appear in the top ten, there are no points for it, no matter how close it gets. Answers are due in by 11:59 pm AEDST Tuesday night. Memo them to be sometime before then; with this question being worth the most points of all, it could win you the game!
160, 159, 158, 156, 155, 154, 151, 149, 148, 147, 146, 143
140, 138, 136, 135, 134, 133, 132, 129, 128, 127, 125, 124
120, 118, 116, 114, 113, 112, 110, 109, 107, 106, 104, 103, 102, 101

98, 97, 96, 95, 93
Getting down to the business end now. I like: "In The End", "To Her Door", "The Scientist", "Hey Jude"
I love The Fallen, such a fun melody. Hurricane is very catchy too. In The End I've always loved too. I'm not sure what my favourite Paul Kelly song would be but To Her Door would be up there. The Scientist I think I expected higher, it's lovely. I'm slowly coming around to Dammit. Lemonworld still seems like such a strange pick as a highlight, it isn't for me! Hey Jude is obviously a classic, possibly the highest pre-'80s song? TRASH!, TRASH!
Here are songs 90-81:

90. 4 Non Blondes - What's Up

I always loved this one, right back when it was charting and I used to get up and see it on Rage every week. Initially, I only paid attention to it because of the band name; somehow in my young mind "4 Non Blondes" implied that there were four people who weren't blonde and all had a different hair colour. No idea why I decided that. I figured there was someone with black hair, someone with brown hair, a redhead and then I couldn't think of a fourth colour that wasn't blonde. I used to watch the clip trying desperately to work it out, but I was young and somehow never got the answer. I was probably assuming anyone with the same hair colour was the same person.

89. Lo-Tel - Teenager Of The Year

An utterly gorgeous song; I remember a friend of mine heard it before I did and let me know to look out for it because she knew I'd like it. She was certainly right. I immediately enjoyed it, but I really started to love it when my English class in Year 9 or 10 or so had to go see the Looking For Alibrandi movie at the cinema. I wasn't enjoying the movie, but I perked up when this song came on and just sat there singing along.

88. James - Laid

So this charted. I followed the charts at the time, getting up for Rage every Saturday to watch it unfold, but I essentially didn't remember this song. And then one day I was in Melbourne with a friend, and it came on the radio. This was about 2005/6, more than a decade after it charted. If he'd asked, I wouldn't have been able to tell him the song title or artist (a game we often played), but somehow I remembered many of the lyrics and was able to sing along. I liked it so I went home and bought it from iTunes, but never realised it charted until a few years later when I saw that here. Anyway, it's ridiculously catchy and very enjoyable.

87. You Am I - Berlin Chair

For whatever reason, I never liked You Am I in the '90s. I have no idea why. I loved "Damage" when that came out in about 2001, but for some reason didn't like any of their older stuff. I probably never gave it a real chance. I actually didn't like this until it came up in the JJJ Hottest 100 Of All Time and I realised how excellent it was. I wish I'd given it a chance much sooner.

86. Seether featuring Amy Lee - Broken

I super-stanned "Bring Me To Life" when it came out and loved all the follow up releases from Evanescence, but it was this track which somehow ended up as the highlight from Amy Lee for me. "Bring Me To Life" also has the mix of male/female vocals which I generally love (unless you're my crappy-ass work radio station at the time which played a crusty edit!) but it's a better share and a better fit in this one.

85. Pulp - Common People

On the flipside to "Laid", I can't believe this never made the top fifty. I'd have sworn I remembered seeing this in the top 50 on Rage in the early '90s. Obviously my memory is wrong and I either caught it before the chart, or, more likely, I'm thinking of Disco 2000. Either way, somewhere along the way I knew this song, so that when I came across it on the radio I just had to download it. So very cool.

84. Maroon 5 - Won't Go Home Without You

The third single from their second album is Maroon 5 doing what they do best. A gorgeous ballad in the vein of "She Will Be Loved"; this works perfectly. It's a shame they've now ruined the pattern of their third singles being amazing ballads, because I was really loving that.

83. Blind Melon - No Rain

Bee girl! I always liked this song when seeing it on Rage too, but I was ashamed to admit it because my older siblings used to make fun of it because of Bee Girl. Granted, I used to make fun of Bee Girl too, but I still thought the song was really good, and I was just embarrassed to possibly be caught watching it or singing along to it because I knew they'd tease me about Bee Girl.

82. Timbaland & One Republic - Apologize

Instantly perfect, I feel like you probably couldn't tailor make a song to suit my tastes much more than this one. The original version is decent, but what Timbaland does here makes it truly special.

81. Five For Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy)

By the time this was released I valued sleep more and had also learned the ways of programming a VCR, so I no longer needed to get up for Rage. As a result I wound up with a tape of the top fifty every week and I could watch it at my own leisure. I used to just peruse the debuts first of all so that I could work on my chart (a re-ordering of the top 40 on ARIA), and then scan through for whatever I felt the need to listen to. However when this debuted, I was pretty much unable to move on to anything else. I listened to it 20 times in a row, only stopping after each one to rewind the tape. And I still think it's amazing.

On to guessing game business. Five For Fighting coming in here means they've lost their Question 5 battle to The Calling. Chris, 392, Hijinx, Trav and Alley all guessed that right and score one point. The leaderboard is updated.

Also, question ten is currently open for what you think the top ten will be. Memo your answers in by 11:59pm AEDST Tuesday.
Haha, I still like What's Up. Teenager Of The Year I got for my H100 collection but I'm still waiting for it to click. I haven't got Laid yet but I know I love it Berlin Chair is definitely a surprise, but a great one! Thanks to SongPop, Broken feels so overplayed to me Common People is overplayed by me due to its greatness. Won't Go Home Without You has certainly aged well. No Rain, Apologize I don't think I've heard Superman in full in many years.
The Fallen
In The End
To Her Door
The Scientist
Hey Jude
When It Comes
Skinny Love

What's Up
Teenager Of The Year
Berlin Chain
Common People
Won't Go Home Without You
No Rain
Superman (It's Not Easy)

Excited for the rest...
And again...

Natalie Imbruglia, Travis, Sinead O'Connor, You Am I, Hoobastank;

INXS!, Pete Murray, Missy Higgins!, Nirvana!, Pearl Jam!, Chris Isaak, Hunters & Collectors, Fall Out Boy, Chris Isaak;

No Doubt, OK Go, Icehouse, Fastball, Muse (yep it's surprising that it's probably your favourite of theirs );

Gary Jules, Charlton Hill, Live, Tom Petty, Faith No More, Oasis, BOT, The Fratellis!, Babybird;

Keane, Evanescence, Youth Group!, The Temper Trap!, Violent Femmes, Tnaffy, Killers.

Top 100:
The Fallen is simply amazing, Hurricane is one of their best, In The End was one of the first I heard of theirs and what a record Hybrid Theory is , To Her Door is pretty good but I'm not PK's biggest fan, The Scientist is still very nice, I can't remember that Blink 182 song but apparently I don't like it , I know I haven't heard whatever that is , Hey Jude is simply brilliant, whoa at him making it, Bonny - like really?

Not sure about that one, Teenager of the Year is awesome!, Laid is fine, my You Am I knowledge is extremely limiting so I don't know that one, Broken is vaguely cool, I don't know much about Pulp, I actually like that Maroon 5 one, I don't mind No Rain but I don't really like it much, I won't go there, I know this is something you love but it's not really for me
"In The End", "What's Up", "Broken", "Won't Go Home Without You", "No Rain", "Apologize", "Superman"
Now for songs 80-71:

80. U2 - With Or Without You

I heard this here and there growing up, but it wasn't until it was used over a scene in Friends that I really took notice of it and began to love it. A very gorgeous song, but not their best.

79. Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over

I've loved Crowded House since before I can remember apprently, and this has always been one of my absolute favourites from them. It doesn't rank as their highest, but it's pretty close.

78. Brandon Flowers - Jilted Lovers And Broken Hearts

With The Killers being my favourite band, I was very excited to hear that Brandon was releasing a solo album, and once I got it, this was my immediate standout. I loved it straight away and wanted it to be a single, which it never really was, at least not here. There are still some Killers songs to come, but this is his solo highest.

77. Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails Red Wine

2006 gets mocked a lot for low sales, but there were some really amazing songs charting then, and this is one of the best. I'd liked Eskimo Joe ever since "Who Sold Her Out" got released, and found their songs getting progressively better, until they reached the pinnacle with this amazingly cool song. Sadly, I'd heard about the "I don't understand the point of fingers" lyric mishear before I heard the song, so I never got to think that was the lyric, which would have been fun.

76. Seal - Kiss From A Rose

I really don't care about anything else Seal has done, but this is a brilliant song from a brilliant soundtrack to a brilliant movie. I loved this when it was charting, and was very happy it was able to be a #1 hit.

75. Smash Mouth - Walkin On The Sun

I found then song instantly engaging when I came across it on Rage, and bought the single of it pretty quickly. Crazily catchy and a lot of fun; this has held up very well.

74. Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want

A very cool rock track, I discovered this when a friend lent me a compilation CD she got from somewhere and it was on there. I thought it was great and really enjoyed it, but never expected to hear it again. It was only a couple of weeks later that it charted and I was very pleased.

73. Soul Decision - Faded

I only discovered this because it charted, but I am so glad it did! I immediately took to this, finding it very catchy and a lot of fun. The rap bridge is great too. I really hoped they could be the next big thing, but sadly the follow-up single wasn't very good.

72. Good Charlotte - Dance Floor Anthem

I'd always liked Good Charlotte okay, but once I heard this it took them to another level. Just wow. I could not get enough of this song for months! It was just perfect for the time it was released and is still very cool today.

71. White Town - Your Woman

The lyrics always confused me, the video always mesmerised me and I just always loved this. It was never my absolute favourite back in 1997 so I never wanted it to go to #1, but nowadays I wish it had. I've since found out what's actually going on lyrically, but I still can't see the video without becoming entranced at the woman running past all the signposts. It's a simple idea really, but it works so well.

In guessing game news, Jiltie appearing here means it loses its question 5 battle to A Dustland Fairytale. Chris, 392, anton and alley all guessed this correctly and score another point. Leaderboard is updated.

Also, question ten is still open, and remains so until Tuesday 11:59pm AEDST. Memo your answers in before then.
What's Up, Teenager of the Year, Broken, Apologize, Don't Dream It's Over, Black Fingernails Red Wine, Kiss from a Rose, Faded, Your Woman
With Or Without You was robbed! Don't Dream It's Over is excellent and the 'better' Crowded House song isn't coming to me atm. Jilty is still cool, Black Fingernails too. I've always loved Kiss From A Rose, and Walking On The Sun is still a lot of fun. I'm still surprised Everything You Want was a US #1 hit, but it's pretty cool song. I'm sure I've heard Faded somewhere. Dance Floor Anthem is also probably my favourite from GC, and Your Woman has always been awesome.
80, 76, 75, 74, 73, 72, 71
I wonder how many of my predicted top 10 will still be left by the time it gets there There's one gone already.
Bring Me To Life, Forever Young, Sweet Disposition, I Will Always Love You, Tucker's Daughter, Smooth, When You Were Young, Another Night, Hey There Delilah
The Scientist, Hey Jude, Apologize, Superman (It's Not Easy), With Or Without You, Don't Dream It's Over, Black Fingernails Red Wine, Kiss From A Rose, Walkin On The Sun, Dance Floor Anthem, Your Woman
Here are songs 70-61:

70. Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back

For a while there, I considered Savage Garden my favourite band ever, based on the strength of their debut album. I thought "I Want You" was very cool and this was good, and I adored "Truly Madly Deeply". However, over the years I have come to appreciate this one more and more, and now it stands out as easily their best work for me. I never liked the video though; I found the close-ups of that woman to be hideous!

69. MGMT - Time To Pretend

My god this song speaks to me. I really have no idea why, because looking at them I shouldn't relate to the lyrics at all, but for some reason I do. I heard their album a few times without knowing who they were or really paying much attention to it, but before long this song had just started drilling into my subconscious and I loved it. Just amazing. And so fitting.

68. Wilson Phillips - Hold On

I think this was out and about just before I started noticing the charts, but I bought a compilation of '90s hits late in the decade, and this was on there. That was really the first time I noticed it, and it was very cool and catchy. I remember going on a class trip in Year 11, and I took my discman on the bus, and only that CD. During lunchtime I snuck away from everyone and sat in a nearby park, and ate my lunch listening to this song (and a couple of others on the disc) over and over. So catchy and fun!

67. Rob Mills - Overrated

I kind of wanted this guy to win Idol. Or Shannon. Millsy or Nollsy. I acknowledged that Paulini and Cosima were probably the best singers, but I also realised that Shannon and Rob were the most likely to release music I liked. I was mildly disappointed with his first two singles, but late in 2004 when I saw Overrated on Rage I immediately loved it. I kept waiting and waiting for it to chart, but eventually I found out that it was only a promo single. Luckily I had taped Rage that day it was on, and I kept that tape for a good long while to hear this song whenever I liked. It's amazing.

66. The Cure - Friday I'm In Love

I love The Cure and this song is their highlight. I still struggle to believe what a minor hit it was, I feel like it should have been huge for how well known and loved it seems to be. I don't even remember anything about when I first heard it, it's just a song I've always known, and honestly, I thought it was much older than it is.

65. Green Day - Time Of Your Life

I loved this song as soon as I heard it too. I saw it on Rage when it debuted very lowly, and bought the single that week. Then later on I felt ripped off when it got re-released with "Redundant" and I didn't have that song. Then I bought "Nimrod" anyway so it was fine. But this song was instant for me, and took Green Day from a band I'd always liked, to one I loved and had to own every album from. That actually lasted much longer than it should have, but it's over now. Not even Rihanna would release three albums in four months......I hope!

64. Nirvana - About A Girl

This is here for the MTV Unplugged version which is just amazing. The other is fine, but the Unplugged one is just perfect, and their best work for me. I actually knew and liked this song for a long, long time without knowing what song it was. Throughout the '90s my local radio station played a few Nirvana songs constantly, and I liked them all but knew none of the titles. I eventually found out "Smells Like Teen Spirit" because it turned out to be my best friend's all time favourite song. And I eventually forgot about this one until it came on another friend's iPod in the car one day in the mid '00s and I remembered it and downloaded it.

63. The Killers - A Dustland Fairytale

Gorgeous! As soon as I got Day & Age this was my standout track from it and I never wavered from that. I really wanted it to be a single, and while it never was here, it did get to be the third single overseas, so that's something.

62. Meatloaf - Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad

My mum loved Meatloaf, so I heard a lot of his music growing up, and this was a favourite right from childhood. It's a lovely song, and just so very real. The lyrics are amazing, and while it's not one of his most dramatic sounding tracks, there's still a great atmosphere behind it.

61. Radiohead - Karma Police

This was another song I heard a bit on the radio without ever knowing what it was. Until I was watching Popstars Live in 2004 and some guy auditioned singing it. He had an incredible voice and reminded me about this song I always sort of liked, so I eventually was able to find out what it was called and bought it. And I loved it. Fantastic lyrics, and it's easily my favourite Radiohead song.

With Meatloaf appearing in this group, he's lost his question 5 battle to Queen. Chris, irish, crazy, Trav, 392 and anton all correctly guessed Bohemian Rhapsody to win there, and all get one more point. Leaderboard is updated.

Also, question 10 is still open, for about 24 more hours. You'll see one more lot of ten songs sometime tomorrow; feel free to wait until they're up if you like, but make sure you memo your answer in by 11:59pm AEDST Tuesday.
Now for songs 60-51:

60. Ben Folds Five - Brick

From the first time I heard this on Rage I thought it was both gorgeous and heartbreaking, even if I constantly hear different stories of what it's really about and keep forgetting what it truly is. But this was a big big favourite of mine back in the day; I even bought the CD single of it. Love it!

59. The Calling - Wherever You Will Go

By the time this had come out we had the internet on at home and I had started using it to listen to music that was charting overseas but not here. It just so happened that this was around the time that rock was doing really well, and as a result I was hearing my favourite songs a bit before they charted here, and ten finding myself waiting and waiting for them to get going here. But finally this one did!The love for this song even held up long enough that when it appeared on a Singstar disc I bought that disc pretty much for the one song and sang it over and over till I got a "Singstar" on it.

58. Leonardo's Bride - Even When I'm Sleeping

A gorgeous song; I always liked this when it was charting, but never really loved it. That came later. My sister had a Hit Machine compilation, and I really wanted it because of a particular song on there which is still to come. But she'd never give it to me of course. Eventually I won a Christina Aguilera CD from a radio competition and the trade was on! When I got the CD I mostly just played that one song at first, but then decided to give the rest of it a bit of a listen as the songs were older now. This one really stood out from the rest.

57. Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies

I was incredibly into this sound back in 2006, so when I heard that these guys were on the same label as Fall Out Boy I was very interested, and this song didn't disappoint. Very cool and with some great lyrics, I was hooked. One day I went across and bought their album during my break at work; when I got back everyone thought I'd bought a disco compilation because nobody had heard of them! Anyway, I loved the album, but this song remained the standout, and indeed, still stands as their best today.

56. The Killers - Somebody Told Me

Ah, the song that introduced me to my favourite band. I'd never heard of them until this debuted on ARIA and I saw it on my Rage tape one Saturday. I remember liking it quite a bit and being very intrigued by the lyrics of the chorus, which led to me listening to it more and more and really getting into it. I really dug it for quite a while, but then it dropped out and I honestly kind of forgot about it and them; thinking they'd probably just be the next one-hit wonder.....

55. Soft Cell - Tainted Love

I probably knew this song as a kid, but I only remember coming across it because my work radio station had it in regular rotation and I'd hear it a lot. It seemed instantly familiar, but I don't recall where or when I heard it before. It was actually the first song I remember singing along to at work, probably a combination of feeling comfortable enough to just sing away, and also with the song being too catchy to not sing along to. Of course someone caught me and mocked me, but who cares. It's great.

54. James Blunt - Goodbye My Lover

I liked "You're Beautiful" pretty much straight away, but I loved this song pretty much immediately. It comes across as so heartfelt and emotional and it's beautiful. I'd pretty much bought my first iPod just the week before I heard this, and so it was one of my very first purchases and additions. This is at a time when I was constantly travelling for work, and I remember one of those early weeks, I only had about 70 songs on the iPod. I wanted to play with my new toy, but I also wanted to sing along. However my workmates were in the motel room, so I ended up taking my iPod and going for a jog. The jog basically consisted of me running laps of the motel carpark, because I was in a strange town and it was night and I'm terrible with directions, so I figured I'd get lost if I tried to go anywhere else. So basically I was just running laps of this tiny carpark while belting out "Goodbye My Lover" and "Pretty Vegas" over and over again. I'm sure people thought I was mentally stable. Positive.

53. Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

My first memory of making a personal chart is in Grade 2 at school. My best friend and I both listed our top ten favourite songs. My number one was "Amigos Para Siempre", and his was "Bohemian Rhapsody". He put "Amigos Para Siempre" or as he called it "Olympic Song" at #10 on his chart, which I took as an insult (not considering the fact that he could have not included it at all) and decided I didn't like his #1, which I actually barely knew. I was seven. But then I was at his house one day and he played it and I started to really like it. I do admit now that his chart was better than mine; at least the #1, which is all I remember.

52. Lifehouse - You And Me

This song was actually released during my first time living out of home. I had no computer and terrible TV reception, so my Rage tape was only any good if the weather had been okay that Saturday morning. Basically, radio was my go to for music at this time. I'd heard this a few times on the radio and really really loved it. When it finally charted, my Rage tape was of course terrible. For every week that it was in the top 50 I had terrible luck and was unable to hear it properly. Eventually I was able to record it to a cassette from the radio one day when it came on, long after it had charted, and I was finally able to listen to it as much as I liked. Needless to say, when I got my iPod later in the year, this was one of the first songs I went to my parents house and downloaded!

51. Coldplay - Viva La Vida

When "Violet Hill" was released, Coldplay were pretty much one of those bands I liked, but who didn't have a song I saw as a standout. And with "Violet Hill" as the lead from a new album, I figured that was going to continue. However that changed pretty much as soon as I heard this song. I instantly took to this, loving the music, the lyrics, just everything about it. It easily became their highlight track for me. And while I now also adore "The Scientist", this still takes the cake as their best.

Okay, so that's all you'll be seeing before it's time to submit your entries for question ten of the guessing game. There are 50 songs to come; what do you think will be the top ten? Memo your answers in to me by 11:59pm AEDST tonight. It's the last question, and with 50 points up for grabs, could easily decide the winner!
I still love To The Moon And Back so much. Hearing Time To Pretend recently has helped me appreciate it a lot more. Hold On, nice. I still find it strange that I basically never heard it before 2011. Well TRASH! is obviously OVERATED, that's redundant! Yay The Cure. Oh no Good Riddance Not a Nirvana favourite for me but that's because there's too much to choose from. I remember your massive praising of Dustland back in 2009 which made me go back to it and realise how good it was I swear I know that Meat Loaf song but title alone doesn't help me! Karma Police, of course I rate it!

I used to be certain that Brick was my favourite Ben Folds Five song but now I'm not sure, still great though. Wherever You Will Go is not one of my favourite rock hits from that time but not one of my least favourite either. Even When I'm Sleeping is Gorjaz! I Write Sins Not Tragedies; so much fun. I still rate Somebody Told Me over Brightside. Dun dun! Tainted Love! I really cannot remember the last time I heard that James Blunt song in full, so my opinion on it isn't regulated Bohemian Rhapsody is obviously perfect. You And Me is probably my favourite Lifehouse song, in fact I'm disappointed that you've put Hanging By A Moment above it Viva La Vida is good but NBA 2K13 ruined it
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Ten more songs! Here are 50-41:

50. Silverchair - Miss You Love

I spoke earlier of "Looking For Alibrandi" making me love "Teenager Of The Year", but the impact of that movie was even stronger here. I didn't hate this one or anything, but following "Anthem For The Year 2000" and "Ana's Song (Open Fire)", I was a little disappointed. I adored those two songs and thought they were easily the best from Silverchair to date. And I was a little underwhelmed by "Miss You Love" at first. It was fine, but nothing special. However, when I saw the movie and wasn't really enjoying it, this song being played during it was a real highlight and made me realise what an utterly gorgeous song it truly is.

49. Concrete Blonde - Joey

I also spoke earlier of a certain '90s compilation CD I had late in that decade, and this song also featured on there. I'm not sure if I heard it when it was first around, but when I got that compilation this was probably the absolute standout song. This certainly got a few plays while I sat and ate lunch in the park.

48. Toto - Africa

This just feels like something I've always known; I certainly have known and loved it for as long as I can remember. It's definitely a song I would consider a true classic.

47. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris

I adored this song from the moment Rage played it after it entered the top fifty. It was also my mum's favourite song, so it got a lot of airplay at that time. I remember stanning for it very hard as it got closer and closer to the top, and once it reached the top ten I used to go to the milk bar down the road on Thursdays and sneak a look at the paper which contained the top ten for the upcoming Rage that weekend to see how "Iris" was doing.

46. The Killers - Read My Mind

This is the standout track of "Sam's Town" in my mind for sure. I felt that way from the day I bought the album and listened to it on repeat on my car trip, and I was desperately hoping it would become a single. It eventually did, but sadly didn't chart as well as I'd hoped it would. Still, I found it awesome and still do.

45. The Wallflowers - One Headlight

I remember following this song very closely on Rage, because I thought it was really cool that Bob Dylan's son was in a band that was charting, and also I thought the song was excellent. The lyrics are amazing.

44. Def Leppard - When Love And Hate Collide

I won both a Def Leppard single and album from a radio competition in the '90s and I was super excited because I knew they had a song that I really liked, and while it wasn't on the album I won, I somehow managed to convince myself that the single I'd won was the one I'd liked. Of course, I eventually realised that it wasn't when I came across this on the radio one day and remembered that THIS was the one I loved. Nowadays, I don't even remember which the single was that I won, but I still adore this.

43. Gin Blossoms - Hey Jealousy

This is another one of those songs that I would obviously have heard often on Rage when it charted, but one that I completely forgot existed. It certainly never stood out to the kid version of me. But one day the work radio station played it and I found it incredibly catchy and vaguely familiar. I wrote down some lyrics to search it when I got home, and was thrilled to find it quickly. I downloaded it immediately and have loved it since.

42. Crowded House - Better Be Home Soon

The highest placed Crowded House song, it's utterly gorgeous. This was a constant favourite of my local radio station, so I've known this song for pretty much as long as I can remember, and I've always loved it.

41. The Last Goodnight - Pictures Of You

There is absolutely no reason for me to do so, but I love this song to a ridiculous degree. I instantly liked it when I first heard it, with the great lyrics that spoke to me and the familiar kind of sound I'd been really enjoying recently, but it was when this started being used in the promos for "Brothers & Sisters" that I really started stanning it hardcore. I couldn't get enough of it. I eventually got very sick of it because I played it kind of a lot, but now I'm totally into it again and love it, and yet, I still don't really know why I love it so much.

Okay, with The Last Goodnight appearing here, they have lost their question 5 battle to Sam Clark. Chris, Trav, anton and Jinx correctly guessed this and each score a point. Leaderboard is updated.
Also, question ten of the guessing game has now closed. Below is the table of what was guessed.

Chasing Cars2X3X83
One Crowded Hour37XX4X
Dance Floor Anthem4XXXXX
Viva La Vida5XXXXX
She Will Be Loved62222X
Not Me Not I79XX10X
How To Save A Life8X7XXX
Talk You Down9XXX9X
Time To Pretend10XXXXX
Mr BrightsideX11111
Pictures Of YouX4XXXX
Drops Of JupiterX5X5XX
Hanging By A MomentX6X4XX
Somebody Told MeX8XXX5
Bohemian RhapsodyX10XXX6
Sugar We're Goin DownXX4X3X
Semi Charmed LifeXX5XXX
The FreshmenXX6XXX
Back For GoodXX8XXX
So BeautifulXX98XX
If You're GoneXXX106X
Read My MindXXXX5X
All These Things That I've DoneXXXXX4
In The EndXXXXX10
That's it for the guessing game. Now we just have to watch it unfold and see who takes out the win.
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Really glad you included "One Headlight"; I wasn't expecting that one I also love "Pictures Of You", "Iris", "Joey", the 51-57 section, "Wherever You Will Go", "Time Of Your Life" and "To The Moon And Back".
I like: "To The Moon And Back", "Friday I'm In Love", "Time To Pretend", "Time Of Your Life", "About A Girl", "Karma Police", "Brick", "Wherever You Will Go", "Somebody Told Me", "Tainted Love", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "You And Me", "Viva La Vida", "Miss You Love", "Africa", "Iris", "One Headlight", "Hey Jealousy", "Better Be Home Soon", Pictures Of You"
I'm enjoying the stories that go with each of these songs
Now for songs 40-31:

40. Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag

By this time I was checking the charts every Monday on the school internet rather than waiting for Rage, and I saw this song had debuted, but I'd never heard it. The name intrigued me though, and somehow my best friend who didn't really listen to much music had heard it plenty of times while I hadn't once. In any case, I had several days of hugely anticipating hearing the song, and it didn't disappoint! I quickly began to obsess over it and loved it madly. At this time I was also trying out a daily chart based on listens, and during one of the eleven weeks it topped that for, I notched up almost 100 plays of it, which seems crazy to me now.

39. Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's

I hate that this constantly comes up in worst song lists, because I've always loved it and always will. It's very catchy and enjoyable, and I remember watching Rage every week just waiting for it, and being thrilled as it was going higher and higher.

38. The Script - Talk You Down

I heard The Script's debut album a LOT, and this was pretty quickly my standout from it. While I loved it all, and especially the singles, I found this song to be a long way ahead of the rest. I was very happy when it did eventually become a single, even though it sadly didn't chart.

37. Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow

My memory tells me that around the time this charted, Rage stopped showing the top 50, at least for a while. I remember for a couple of weeks I got up to watch it but it was just random songs. Perhaps the time had changed or something, but I eventually gave up and stopped getting up for a while, instead listening to Take 40. So I came across this song a little late, and though I had no idea who Nick Cave was, and didn't like Kylie Minogue, I did like this song. I remember at the time my best friend and I were heavily into re-writing chart songs into parodies, and I prompted us each writing one of this song when I asked him if he'd heard the new Kylie Minogue song with Nick Cave, and he interpreted it that the title was "With Nick Cave"; and thus, two parodies were born.

36. Howie Day - Collide

My sister actually recommended this song to me. She heard it and thought I'd like it and she was most certainly correct. I don't know where she came across it, but I'm glad she did, because it's wonderful.

35. The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work

While ARROGANCE! will probably always be their best known song, I prefer this track. The lyrics are highly meaningful and the song it utterly gorgeous. My dad loved "Bitter Sweet Symphony", and I liked it too, so when this charted I played it for him and was very disappointed that he didn't like it at all.

34. Babylon Zoo - Spaceman

Just so cool! I was actually taking somewhat of a break from Rage altogether when this charted, and was only hearing music on the radio. For some reason my station didn't play it much, so I never really came across it until I rejoined Rage at the start of 1997 and caught it on the EOY list and loved it. Ever since then it's been one of my all-time favourites; I actuallly used to place it third behind two songs that are still to come.

33. The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car)

Total BZ music for sure. As soon as I heard this I loved it and wanted their album. I do wish it had charted higher, but I love the ridiculous longevity it had.

32. Pearl Jam - Better Man

Another one of those radio songs I'd always known but never really known. I'd noticed Pearl Jam charting. but never really liked any of their songs especially much, even though my older sister loved them, but when "Last Kiss" charted I adored it. Even then I never noticed that this song was them. It was about 2002 or so that I was mucking around on the computer with the radio on, and it came on and I thought to look it up. I was surprised to discover they had a song I liked more than "Last Kiss".

31. Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays

In high school drama class, one day we did a play about an outcast at school, and the teacher said something about hoping it doesn't turn into a Boomtown Rats moment. I had no idea what he meant, so I asked him and he told me to look up this song. And though I didn't like that teacher, he'd piqued my curiousity, so I did it, and I've been glad I did ever since. Initially I was drawn in by the lyrics and listened to it a few times just to get the full story, but it wasn't long before I was completely sucked in. I did admit to him the next class that I loved the song.

Also, "I Don't Like Mondays" is the highest pre-1990 song. Nobody guessed the song correctly, and nobody was within five places of #31 as the position, so there are no points for question seven. It duds out!
Listening to Miss You Love, not sure what my favourite NB single is now, they all make a strong case. Joey is great! Africa is even better. Iris kind of borders into the overplayed territory where I'm no longer sure what I think of it. I've always loved Read My Mind. One Headlight is excellent! I honestly don't think I know that Def Leppard song. Hey Jealousy I still like a lot. Better Be Home Soon is good but not one of their best by me. At least the Last Goodnight spamming in DZ is somewhat justified

Teenage Dirtbag will always be a classic to me Azarigo Athlete! That Script song I don't remember well. I've grown to love Where The Wild Roses Grow since getting it for my collection. lol Collide was the missing one in my list I was starting to wonder if The Drugs Don't Work could still make a place so I'm glad it has. Spaceman is so cool! I think Over My Head is one of my favourite Fray songs. Better Man is a great one but not a favourite from them for me. Dammit I was the closest on the '80s question!
Here are songs 30-21:

30. Daniel Powter - Bad Day

I loved this one as soon as it charted and I saw it on Rage. I was instantly drawn in and captivated by the film clip, which I still love, and I pretty quickly fell in love with the song. It's so good that I continue to check out his new music, even though he's never done anything remotely close to this.

29. Bon Jovi - Always

I loved this one as a kid, it was an absolute favourite of mine. I adored the gorgeous song, and was hooked on watching the video every time it came on with the massive drama it contained. I really thought it fit the song perfectly. It's a shame this was unable to get to #1, because it's really odd that they've never had a #1 single, and this one deserved it most of all.

28. Fuel - Shimmer

I was initially interested in this song because of the video too, but for a different reason. I thought the singer looked really weird, with very dark skin and then bleached hair. With the darkness of the clip, it created a strange contrast. But I quickly fell in love with the song, finding it amazingly cool and loving it more and more every time I heard it. Eventually I considered it my #1 song of the year back then, though perhaps it isn't anymore.....

27. The Cranberries - Zombie

I've always loved this song, mostly due to the amazing passion in the vocals. For a very long time I considered this my second favourite song ever, behind something still to come. Nowadays it's not quite at those heights, but it is still amazing.

26. Sam Clark - Broken

When I heard this guy from Neighbours had a song coming out, I was skeptical, but intrigued. So I gave it a listen, and was a little horrified and trying not to laugh after the exceedingly lame lyrics of the first couple of lines. But I kept listening, and by the time I'd got through the first chorus my opinion had completely shifted and I loved the song. It only grew from there and ended up becoming one of my absolute favourites of the past few years. I still cringe a little at the opening lines though.

25. Gotye featuring Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know

So it lands here. Really it could have come in anywhere in the top fifty, I still kind of find it too new to know exactly where it should sit. However, the songs that have placed above it are ones I have loved a lot for a very long time, so here is as good a place as any, and better than many. Anyway, I did like this song pretty much as soon as I heard it, and I think I made it to love the same night. I bought it pretty much immediately and just listened to it a ridiculous amount over the next 18 months. It's currently the most played song on my iTunes library, by a decent margin.

24. Richard Marx - Hazard

This has been a favourite of mine ever since I was a kid. It was on a compilation my parents had, and when I started getting into music I often listened to the stuff they had since I didn't have any of my own at first. This was always one of my definite favourite songs they had; Richard Marx has a great voice and this tells a great story.

23. Tonic - If You Could Only See

Always a favourite of mine from following the chart in the late '90s, I've loved this ever since. I remember the first time I ever went to do karaoke, I put my name down to do this song. However, one of my friends I was with dragged me up with him to sing some song I'd never heard, so my first time was a disaster. Then everyone else wanted to leave before Tonic even came up so I never got to sing it.

22. Lisa Loeb - Stay (I Missed You)

I always loved this one too, and the clip always kept me watching when I was young, but for different reasons. I liked that there was a cat in the video, but mostly I thought Lisa really looked a lot like my cousin. This is incredibly catchy and I've never stopped loving it.

21. Train - Drops Of Jupiter

This is something I discovered when I first got internet access at home. I was looking at the American charts, and came across plenty of songs I had never heard of; for some reason this one stood out to me as one I should listen to. I did, and I loved it straight away. The ridiculous lyrics mostly, but everything about it was fantastic. Fortunately I didn't have to wait too long for it to chart here. I was thrilled as it kept climbing the chart and eventually made the top five. At the end of 2001 I considered it my #1 song of the year, but it didn't remain that way.

Well, this takes care of a few guessing game questions. Lifehouse have beaten Train in their question six battle. Chris was the only one to guess that and gets two points. Also, Augie March have beaten the Goat in the last question five battle; crazy and alley correctly guessed that and score one point each.

The big news is question 4 though. With "Somebody That I Used To Know" appearing at #25, that question is answered. Nobody placed it correctly, however a few people score points for being close enough. 392 scores 16 points, anton gets 15, Chris gets 11, alley scores 10, crazy scores 6 and Trav gets 3.

With those scores, the lead has changed. Leaderboard is updated!
"Teenage Dirtbag", "Breakfast At Tiffany's", "Where The Wild Roses Grow", "Over My Head (Cable Car)", "Bad Day", "Always", "Zombie", "Somebody That I Used To Know", "Hazard", "If You Could Only See", "Stay (I Missed You)", "Drops Of Jupiter"

Wow I'm equal #1 on the leaderboard! :O
#1! - but I've screwed up question 10 so I'm not going to be on top for long
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To the Moon and Back, Time to Pretend, Hold On, Friday I'm in Love, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), About a Girl, Two Out of Three Ain't Bad, Brick, Even When I'm Sleeping, I Write Sins Not Tragedies, Somebody Told Me, Bohemian Rhapsody, You and Me, Miss You Love, Joey, Africa, Iris, One Headlight, Better Be Home Soon, Teenage Dirtbag, Where the Wild Roses Grow, The Drugs Don't Work, Spaceman, Over My Head (Cable Car), Better Man, I Don't Like Mondays, Bad Day, Always, Shimmer, Zombie, Broken, Hazard, If You Could Only See, Stay (I Missed You), Drops of Jupiter
20 pts with skipping a few questions, not bad
Bad Day always seems to cop flack but I quite like it. I love, Always, Shimmer & Zombie; '90s! I've forgotten how Broken goes again but I do like it. Gotye's ok. I really like Hazard, I seriously overplayed If You Could Only See but I love it. I also enjoy Stay (I Missed You) and Drops Of Jupiter.
I like: "Teenage Dirtbag", "Breakfast At Tiffanys", "The Drugs Dont Work", "Spaceman", "Better Man", "Bad Day", "Always", "Shimmer", "Zombie", "If You Could Only See", "Drops Of Jupiter"

To The Moon And Back, Hold On, Wherever You Will Go, Even When I'm Sleeping, Tainted Love, Goodbye My Lover, Bohemian Rhapsody
Miss You Love, Joey, Africa, Iris, One Headlight, Hey Jealousy, Better Be Home Soon, Pictures Of You
Teenage Dirtbag, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Spaceman, I Don't Like Mondays
Bad Day, Always, Shimmer, Zombie, Hazard, Stay (I Missed You), Drops Of Jupiter

Just checked out 'Talk You Down' and it's quite good
Wow, I am so far behind. To catch up:
140, 138, 137, 136, 135, 134, 133, 132, 129, 128, 126, 125, 124, 122, 121

120, 118, 117, 116, 115, 114, 113, 111, 110, 109, 107, 105, 104, 103, 102, 101

97, 96, 95, 93

90, 89, 86, 85, 84, 83, 82, 81

80, 79, 77, 76, 75, 74, 72, 71

70, 68, 66, 65, 62

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55, 54, 53, 52, 51 (10/10!)

50, 49, 48, 47, 45, 43, 42, 41

40, 39, 37, 34, 33, 32, 31

30, 29, 28, 27, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21

I will endeavour to be more vocal for the top twenty
Time now for songs 20-11:

20. Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment

Along with Train, I saw this one on the internet as charting in America and looked it up before I'd had any chance to hear it here, but unlike Train, I didn't instantly love it. I thought it was okay but I didn't love it. Once it started charting here I began to like it more and more and by the time it hit #1 I was loving it and thrilled it got there. In 2001 I called it my second favourite song of the year, but I now like it more than Drops Of Jupiter. Most of the time.

19. Pete Murray - So Beautiful

I saw on the ARIA site on a Monday that this had debuted, but I was yet to hear it on radio, however it came on the work radio station during the week, so I was able to hear it before Rage that weekend. And since we had a daily cycle of mostly the same stuff, I got to hear it several days in a row, and I quickly began to like it. I'd already heard his name because a friend of mine mentioned liking "Feeler" and "Lines", but I'd never heard either of them. I quickly thought this song was wonderful and really loved it. In 2006 I began to stan hardcore for Pete and actually claimed this as my favourite song of all-time for a brief period. I still think it's amazing, but not THAT amazing!

18. Bush - Glycerine

This charted mostly during a period where I wasn't watching Rage and was taking a little break from following the charts. And I never seemed to hear it on the radio then either. However, in the next couple of years when I got right back into music, I hard it constantly on the radio and was pleased to discover it had charted very well. Each time I heard it I just thought it was cooler and cooler.

17. Matchbox Twenty - If You're Gone

I loved them from the moment I first heard "Push" on Rage, and it just kept growing and growing from there. They were my favourite band until The Killers got going, and this gorgeous track is my favourite from them.

16. The Fray - How To Save A Life

Cable Car was total BZ music for sure, but somehow this managed to be even more so. A lovely ballad, but I was surprised it outcharted their debut quite as well as it did, but I couldn't be happier about it. Unless it had gone to #1.

15. Spin Doctors - Two Princes

They always confused me. I was following the charts when both this and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" charted, but I was young. In later years I remembered that I absolutely loved one of their songs, but I only remembered the title of "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and assumed that was their only chart hit and it was that I loved. One day a few years after they'd charted I was going on holiday with my parents, and we were driving. On the radio they said that coming up in the next few minutes was "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" and I was thrilled to finally hear this song I'd loved. But we were getting out of range of the station. I was just hoping my parents wouldn't get too frustrated and change the station before it came on. Eventually, it did come in, and I was shattered that it was not the song I loved, but something I barely even remembered and that wasn't nearly as cool. Reception dropped out about halfway through the song, but I didn't care at that point. It was about a year later that "Two Princes" came on the radio one day when I was listening and I was finally able to re-learn the title of the song I'd loved and I've adored it ever since.

14. Bic Runga - Sway

I liked this song reasonably at first, but at one point during its chart run I was visiting with my grandparents, and while watching my Rage tape my grandfather walked in. I'd simply been fast forwarding through every song and writing them down to get through the chart as quick as possible because I felt rude isolating myself away, but when he walked in I pressed play because it had been troublesome for them to learn how to program their VCR for me so I wanted to make it seem like I was watching it. This song just happened to be on, and my grandfather sat down. I was a bit annoyed because I just wanted to fast forward and I had no idea why he was staying. It turns out that he absolutely LOVED this song, and for the duration of my stay I had to put it on for him at least once a day. Even on subsequent visits, he'd ask about this song, and if Bic was still making music. How sad for him that she never charted here again. But his love for this song made it somewhat of a family legend, and has made me love it a lot more than I probably otherwise would have.

13. Take That - Back For Good

This was an instant favourite of mine when I came across it on Rage and I was thrilled that it had a decent stay at #1. I remember getting a compilation cassette that had this on it, and one day I decided to listen to this song a huge amount of times. For that day I listened to it ten times in total, which at the time seemed like a lot, and I was in disbelief that I'd listened to it that many times. Of course, that seems like nothing now, but at the time it meant that I really loved it. And I still do.

12. Delta Goodrem - Not Me Not I

I love Delta. I even liked "I Don't Care" okay when that was released, but with the "Innocent Eyes" album, I went into major standom. I even started watching Neighbours regularly because she was on it. And I was devastated when she was diagnosed with cancer. But I genuinely did love her music, and I still do. This beautiful song remains her career highlight though, and probably always will. I remember that one day at work I had a faulty DVD player I had to test, so I took in my Delta DVD to test it and picked this song to play as the test, and of course I had to make sure it genuinely worked, so I played the song several times in a row. That was a great work day.

11. U2 - Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me

I just thought this song was so cool when it debuted at #1, partially because I was crazily into Batman, but also because I really did like the song. We were actually visiting my grandparents the week it debuted at #1; I remember that I got up early to watch Rage, and I practically had to have it with no volume on as the lounge room was next to my grandparents bedroom and they kept their door open at night and I didn't want to wake them. I had no idea what song was left for #1, and didn't know what to expect when I saw this come on. But I quickly realised it was a Batman song, and got very excited. I may or may not have started playing Batman, jumping all over the lounge room and couches, resulting in falling off the back of a chair. I wasn't too old to act like an idiot, but I was old enough to be embarrassed by it, so when my grandmother woke up because of that and asked what I'd been doing, I had to lie. Anyway, for a very long time this ranked as my all time favourite song, and it's still very cool.

And this group sees the end of the line for female vocalists. Delta Goodrem has the highest female vocal entry, with Not Me Not I at #12, which is the answer to question 8 of the guessing game. Hijinx, anton and 392 guessed the correct song and each score 3 points for that. There was also up to 5 points available for position guessing. Alley hit #12 exactly, and scores 5 points. crazy and Trav were two places off, and get 3 points, and jinx was three places off so he scores two more points. The leaderboard is updated!
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"Hanging By A Moment", "If You're Gone", "How To Save A Life", "Two Princes", "Back For Good" and especially "Not Me, Not I"

Have I mentioned that I love your commentary? I don't think so. Well, I do.
I THINK I prefer Hanging By A Moment over Drops of Jupiter but hmm. So Beautiful would be my favourite of his. Glycerine & If You're Gone are hard to decide but they'd be up there (for their respective artists ). I think I still quite like How To Save A Life. I've been waiting to be disappointed that Two Princes is below Semi Charmed Life and I am Sway is excellent! I haven't heard Back For Good or Not Me Not I in some time but I think I like them. Seeing U2 stall out at #11 is paaaaaaainful but the song is excellent.
20. I have always hated this song, and could never understand how it was commercially successful, especially when I compare it to the far superior "You & Me", Having said that, I have warmed to it in the last few years, which has bumped it from hated to tolerable.
19. An enjoyable track, but I think he has had better.
18. I probably don't know it well enough - other than the chorus - to comment.
17. Similiar to "So Beautiful" in that it is a good song, but not their best.
16. Now we're talking. I love it and am also bummed that it missed at least one week on top.
15. I often forget this song, until someone pulls out Singstar. Solid track.
14. What a beautiful story. Sometimes it's the personal story that makes a song mean so much more. I have a heap of similar anecdotes myself. Also, this is a great track without the story.
13. It turns out that over time I really was a fan of Take That, and while I prefer the new stuff, this is a solid track.
12. I love Delta too. This wouldn't be my favourite track of hers, but it is hard to find a bad one from "Innocent Eyes".
11. A good, but not great U2 track for me. I am drawn moreso to their ballads.

Looking forward to the top ten!
Just had to comment that the comments made under each song are brilliant! A joy to read!
I actually love every song in that last 10, yay
The top ten beings! Here are 10-8:

10. Dashboard Confessional - Vindicated

I'd never heard of them until this song randomly appeared on Rage, but as soon as I heard it I loved it. The excellent lyrics and cool sound had me hooked, and for the three weeks it survived in the top fifty I was wishing it would just go higher and higher. Sadly it couldn't, but luckily for me my work radio station weirdly clung on to this as a "new hit" for quite a while after and kept playing it very often.

9. Augie March - One Crowded Hour

This song is utterly gorgeous and completely amazing. When "The Vineyard" charted, I gave it a listen and didn't like it at all; presumably I gave it little chance. But after that I decided I hated Augie March, and when this debuted, I had my customary "ewwwww" moment. I listened to it once because I felt I had to, but then I avoided it for a little while. However, while driving to our next work destination it came on the radio, and I thought I recognised the song and liked it, but couldn't place it until the end when the announcer said it was Augie March. I was pretty horrified, but I quickly had to accept that I liked the song when the work station started playing it and I was hearing it all the time. I pretty much had no idea about what most of the lyrics were, but I tried to sing along anyway. And I just continue to love it more every time I hear it. Amazing.

8. Screaming Jets - Better

This has been a big favourite of mine since childhood. It was on one of my parents compilations that I grew up listening to and always stood out, but as I got into charts more I gradually forgot about a lot of those songs and focused on newer stuff. This was one of the ones I completely forgot about, which resulted in an awesome moment when I was listening to a best of the '90s special my radio station did towards the end of the decade, and they played this. It was a wonderful "OMG, it's this song!" moment which I love and rarely get. That led me to seek out the old compilation and regularly play this song again and I've adored it ever since.

Well, as far as question ten of the guessing game goes, nobody picked Better or Vindicated to feature in the top ten. However, a few did select One Crowded Hour. alley gets 3 points for only being two places off, which Trav and zxc score 1 for picking it. Leaderboard is updated, with alley now in the lead!

More will come later today......
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Had to relisten to Vindicated just then but yes, still quite good! One Crowded Hour is especially excellent though and I'm surprised to see it this high! Better is great too.
The top ten that are apparently beings continue. Here are #7 and #6:

7. Ratcat - Don't Go Now

This has long been a staple of my radio station, and as such I've grown up knowing and liking it, but it never really pushed through to the front of my mind until one day my workmate and I were travelling to our next destination and I it came on. We often played the game where we'd quiz the other one on the song title or artist if we knew it and thought they wouldn't. I figured he might not know this one, so I quizzed him on the artist, to which he replied "One of your crappy newish pop-rock bands". I laughed , because by that time the song was about fifteen years old, but thinking on it later I realised that this really did fit all the criteria of something I loved and when I returned home at the end of the week I bought it and have loved it ever since.

6. Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Goin Down

This one came about when I was in New Zealand. I was just killing time in the hotel room on a day off, reading with the music channel on when suddenly there was a song that captured my attention. I looked up in time to see the name "Fall Out Boy" and was drawn in quickly by how cool the song sounded and what great lyrics I thought it had. I loved it immediately, and when the week was over I got back home and looked up some of their other songs and an obsession was quickly born. Within a couple of months I owned all the albums they'd released to that point, and had a band that rivalled The Killers as my #1 to be honest. But nothing they've done has been able to match this outstanding song.

In guessing game reults, nobody picked Don't Go Now as appearing in the top ten. Hijinx and Trav both picked Sugar We're Goin Down, Hijinx scores three points for being two places off, and Trav scores two.

Also, Don't Go Now is the highest placed Australian song at #7. Nobody selected the correct song, but there are plenty of people who score points for having the position close. Alley and Trav placed it exactly, scoring 5 points, zxc, Hijinx and anton all score 4, 392 scores 3 and irish scores 1. That's question 9 gone. Leaderboard is updated.

Stay tuned for more later today....
No, no! That Ain't Bad is clearly superior to Don't Go Now, and Dance, Dance is clearly superior to Sugar We're Goin Down! Now that I've gotten that out of the way, both the songs are good. It took me years to finally get the appeal of Sugar... but now in recent weeks it keeps getting stuck in my head, in a good way
Two more down! Here are #5 and #4:

5. The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen

It was really weird to me when this and "Bitter Sweet Symphony" charted pretty much together because of the similarity of the band names. Initially I actually thought they must be the same band, and then for quite a long time I kept getting confused about which band did which song. However I always loved this one just that bit better, it's a truly beautiful and sad song. I spoke earlier of trading for a Hit Machine CD my sister had, and this song was the major reason I wanted to get that CD off her. I remember one morning after it had just been on Rage, I was so frustrated with not knowing the correct lyrics, so I snuck into her room and looked in the booklet. Lucky she was a heavy sleeper. And of course it wasn't "For the life of me, I cannot believe we'd ever die for forty cents" like I'd been singing!

4. Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life

I thought this song was pretty cool as soon as it started charting and loved it more and more as it rose up the charts. Contrary to "The Freshmen", I was the one who had a compilation with this song on it, but it frustrated me for a different reason. Because the song was so fast-paced, I often had trouble making out the lyrics, however in the lyrics booklet it gave the lyrics for the full version, while the CD only contained the radio edit (which was also all I'd ever heard). For ages I thought there must have been some major error in printing and they'd just grabbed some lyrics from some other song, but eventually I realised that they just hadn't edited the lyrics. I ended up buying the full version and loving it even more!

Well, Hijinx was the only person to guess both of these songs as being in the top ten, and he was only one place off for each, so that's eight more points for him and he regains the lead. Leaderboard is updated!
Oh yay some neat predictions. I suppose it'd be cooler if they were swapped so then I could lay claim to correctly picking one of them instead of being 1 off for both

Anyway, I think it was you who introduced me to The Freshmen, because I don't remember it as vividly as other late '90s hits (like Semi Charmed Life!) but I do quite like it. My confusion though was that I could never remember which was the song title and which was the artist name

I actually haven't heard Semi Charmed Life in full in ages but it's very cool. Again I'm disappointed that it's above Two Princes (and it made the Hottest 100 where TP didn't )
#5 and #4 are amazing!!!!!
One Crowded Hour, Sugar We're Going Down, Semi-Charmed Life
Nextly it's #3:

3. Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

I'd really liked their first two singles quite a bit, but they did not compare to this one. I heard this first when Courtney Murphy sang it on Season 2 of Australian Idol. He was my favourite contestant that season and I thought he had a magnificent voice. I hadn't heard this song yet, but I loved his performance and wanted to listen to the original version as soon as the show had ended. I couldn't find it online to listen to so I simply went and bought their album during my break at work the next day, then put it on one of the display CD players, just playing this song over and over again. I was thrilled when it charted and amazed that it got to #1. It remains my favourite ARIA #1 single to date and I've never stopped loving it. A simply wonderful song.

In the guessing game, Hijinx, alley, Trav and Irish all placed this at #2, so they score 4 points each for being one off. zxc picked it at #6, so he scores two points for his guess. Leaderboard is updated!
Curses, that's another one that's one off!

I think you should be glad for your efforts as I no longer think 'aargh! this song', and instead appreciate the things I do like about it. Actually a similar thing could be said of another song...
Oh, so very very close.....

2. The Killers - Mr Brightside

So I really liked "Somebody Told Me" but after it left the charts I kind of thought I'd never hear from them again. So I was surprised when this appeared in the top fifty, but when I heard it on Rage I instantly loved it. I resolved to buy their album instantly and was pretty obsessed with this song for quite a while. Fortunately, it got played plenty on my work radio station, giving me many extra opportunities to hear it and love it and get ridiculously excited and write the lyrics all over things at work. It was not a busy store, I had little else to do! Anyway, it was this song that really got the ball rolling for them becoming my favourite band, and I long considered it my favourite song of all time. In some ways it quite possibly still is, however I've played it so much over the years that I don't get quite as into it as I used to.

Well alley, jinx, irish, anton and Trav all selected this to come in at #1 for the guessing game, and all score four points for being just one slot off.

Also, this is the last Killers song in the countdown bringing the final total for them to 12. Anton hit that number spot on for question 2 and scores three points, while 392 and Daniel each score two for being only one place off. Leaderboard is updated.
Love #3 and #2, though nowhere near as much as the two before
So very hard to predict when you throw a screw ball in like this! I mean I never totally put it out of the realm of possibility, but I really had no idea what would go there instead! Now I'm sad because I'll like the #1 a whole lot less than I was anticipating, mainly because this song is excellent.
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And here it is, finally the #1 song!


I first heard this when it was played during Grey's Anatomy, and I thought it was a nice enough song, but I didn't really expect to ever hear it again. Then a little later I was out in the backyard playing with my dog, and I could hear my neighbours were in their backyard and had the radio on. I stopped to listen because I liked the song that was on, but I didn't know it until it got to the chorus and I recognised it as the song from Grey's Anatomy. I stopped and stood by the fence like a total creeper to listen to it so I could remember some lyrics to look it up. My poor dog was getting annoyed with me because I'd started a game and gotten him excited and now I was refusing to play. Anyway, I got some lyrics, went inside to look it up, and was excited to quickly find it, and that it was by Snow Patrol who I already liked. I quickly downloaded it and gave it a few listens. And then I had to go outside and play with the dog for a good time since I felt so terrible. Anyway, I've loved this song since and it's just progressively gotten better and better for me until the point where I now consider it my all time favourite.

In the guessing game, zxc scores four points for this song, Hijinx and anton get three and Trav takes one. That ends the guessing game, the final results are:

Chris A0001154000020

So Hijinx is the winner of the guessing game and takes out the $50 iTunes voucher. Congratulations! Thanks to everyone for participating!

And lastly, thanks to everyone for reading this and commenting along with it. I hope you enjoyed it!
I like: "Hanging By A Moment", "So Beautiful", "Glycerine", "If You're Gone", "Two Princes", "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me", "One Crowded Hour", "Better", "Semi Charmed Life", "She Will Be Loved", "Mr. Brightside", "Chasing Cars"
It's hard for me to resist saying, yay

But in any case, much like that song I was expecting to be 1 place behind this, I've quite fortunately taken a belated liking to this; not boring and lifeless at all! However I must say that I'm VERY shocked to see it take out the top spot. In fact it was one of the predictions I felt very shaky about.

But overall, this turned out great and I really enjoyed seeing it roll out!
Well, I haven't got to comment during the top 100, I've been watching but thought I'd wait to the end. Congrats Hijinx for winning the predictions!
From the bottom, great to see In the End make it in, it's their best track imo. Also good to see The Scientist (I've begun to get into this one a lot recently - since it was featured on Glee, but I loved it before that and would definitely rate in my top three Coldplay tracks). Awesome entry for Hey Jude too.
In the next ten, great to see Broken make it in. It's a great track and their voices compliment each other so well, although I wouldn't usually like Seether music. I quite like Common People too and Won't Go Home Without You.
I like the next ten, particular WOWY and DDIO, but great to see Eskimo Joe and Good Charlotte make it into this lot! Also Your Woman is incredibly addictive.
Great entries for To The Moon and Back and Time To Pretend (yay!), Hold On, Time Of Your Life, About A Girl, Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad and Karma Police (this is my favourite bit of ten in the top 100)
Awesome entry for Brick, such a heartbreaking song, Wherever You will Go, Even When I'm Sleeping, Somebody Told Me, Bohemian Rhapsody and You and Me.
Nice and unexpected to see Joey right up there, and good to see Read My Mind, One Headlight and most of all Better Be Home Soon. It's my favourite track from them easily!
Really cool to see Where The Wild Roses Grow, Collide, The Drugs Don't Work, Better Man and I DOn't Like Mondays (how unexpected that this was your highest pre-90's song, I never would have guessed this!)
Into the top 30, nice to see Zombie, STIUTK, Hazard, If You Could Only See, Stay (awesome track and love the cat), and Drops of Jupiter.
Hanging By A Moment is mint, so is So Beautiful, If You're Gone, How To Save A Life, Sway, Not Me Not I, Better (only because of SongPop I like it now), Sugar We're Going Down and The Freshmen. But a very impressive top three, I really like all those songs!

Good stuff and this has been an interesting long read. Sorry for the mega long comment!
*Reserved for my long comment*
Thanks for sharing your stories. I was a little surprised by your #1, but was not really sure what would be at the summit in the end. STIUTK was the song I was expecting earlier on given its incredible chart run for you, but it hasn't been around for long, so it is hard to place those recent hits in lists like this.
These I really like from the Top 20: So Beautiful, Back For Good, Better, The Freshmen, Semi Charmed Life, She Will Be Loved
Ok, so I have taken a while to comment, even though I was following the top ten release as you did it. It probably isn't relevant any more but...

10. I was in the same boat as you for this track. I hadn't heard of them until I was at a friend's house and it came on. It is a very good track.
9. Their best track. A sleeper hit for me, I love how the song builds.
8. It took me a while to get the tune in my head, but once I did, I remembered that I like it.
7. I'm not a huge fan, but it's not terrible. Catchy.
6. Now this is a song I'm a fan of. I loved it when it first came out, and still love it now.
5. I can honestly say that this does not ring a bell.
4. Another enjoyable track.
3. This is probably my favourite M5 track. I feel that their ballads are more well written and I can appreciate the lyrics moreso than an uptempo track. Great song.
2. I will admit that I thought this would be the top track also. A solid track that I never really got into at the time, but love it now.
1. Excellent. I would also have this above Mr Brightside! This is another track that builds as the emotion does. A really good number one.

Similar to DaveNT, I have enjoyed reading your anecdotes. I've always said that when you know someone's story, it makes it so much easier to understand how they are or why they do things. This list is the same - for some of the songs I'm not a huge fan of, it's the story behind them that I can appreciate. Thank you for taking the time to share your songs with us. It has been a blast.

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