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Welcome to the Question Thread, a new idea I have recently come up with. Every week on Wednesday afternoon I will post a question that doesn't have an official answer to it then you guys can debate & discuss what you think the answer could be and then a week later I will add my 2 cents and then I will post another Question. Hopefully this will become a mainstay on this site. Also you guys are free to send me Questions by memo if you want to as long as they are Questions that don't have an official answer to it and I may end up posting it in a future Question if it fits the criteria.

This weeks Question is. "How high do you think Avril Lavinge's Complicated would have gotten on the ARIA EOY had it not been deleted too early in it's Chart Run?"
I will say #5
Good idea,lifts! I'd have said at least top ten. Considering it's one of the less entertaining songs (my opinion only ) perhaps it being deleted early was a good thing I do wish 'I'm with you' had charted,but it was as i recall planned and then removed as a single release.
This might help Jesse: It was already #8 http://aria.com.au/pages/aria-charts-end-of-year-charts-top-100-singles-2002.htm

I will quickly add, yes I imagine it would be somewhat higher, but it's probably not too bad a casualty of the system to still land at #8. I'd not bat an eye at it naturally being #8. it probably helped sell way more albums too so overall it's a pretty successful result
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Hard to know how well it would've charted had it not been deleted, I feel certain it could've been #1 for an extra two weeks when The Logical Song was #1 but after that I dunno. I think it's safe to say it wouldn't have outsold the top 3 given they were a fair way ahead of it on the end of decade chart, hard to know if it would've outsold Dilemma and The Ketchup Song though. I'll go #6 since I think it at least would've been that high if not higher.
I think it would've been #1 in the weeks that The Logical Song was #1 and would've still gone down pretty quickly because of the impact that Sk8er Boi would've had on its sales. Gotta give it an extra 5-6 weeks in the top 10 still. Would've battled with Dilemma IMO and been either #4 or #5.

God 2002 makes me nostalgic
I'd like to think EOY #6 at best for Avril but that's just a rough guess. I recall not being unhappy about its fall from #1 but it was too rapid.
I think Complicated could have gone top 5.

I remember being surprised seeing Not Pretty Enough and A Thousand Miles as high as they were.

The Ketchup Song and Dilemma were late in the year releases so if Complicated was never deleted and had a few more months of sales it could have outsold these two songs also. If you also look at late in the year releases of recent years (Blank Space, Uptown Funk, The Monster, The Time) they don't fair too well on the end of year charts.

In saying that other songs like Hero, Hey Baby, Get The Party Started, Hot In Herre and even songs like In The End could have faired much better and possibly been top ten hits on the EOYC if they had a full years worth of sales.
This question is complicated.

In my personal opinion I think Complicated would have gotten #5 of the year because the Album would go on to achieve huge success and I think that a big reason for this was because of how popular Complicated was and had it not been deleted I think some of those album sales would have been transferred to Complicated instead. I agree with Zacco in that it would have spent and extra 2 weeks on top before Las Ketchup would started it's dominance. I'm even tempted to say it could have gotten as high as 4th or 3rd but I think Complicated would have also lost some additional sales to the album so 5th is where I think it would have placed.

The next Question will be up in a few minutes!
This weeks Question is about a Deleted Single that isn't very popular with a lot of Gen Y's which is "How many more weeks could Bryan Adam's Everything I Do have spent in the Top 5 or Top 10 or the whole Top 50 had it not been deleted only a week after losing #1?"

Remember that if you have a really good Question that can be discussed feel free to Memo it to me and it will be used in the future. Also next week I have a big Question that isn't about Deleted Singles so stay tuned for that.
haha, did Zacco make you do this?

I'll avoid the snark and say it could have lasted an additional 3 weeks in the top 10 (for a total of 16). There were a lot of big new singles charging into the top 10 by that point and I'm not sure it would have held on. Possibly would be a top 100 BOAT runner also.
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It probably would've had an extra one or two more weeks at #1 as well as an additional 3 weeks in the top 10 (which makes 17 all up). Probably about 22 weeks in the top 50 all up, I doubt it would've spent too long in the chart. I am happy we don't live in this alternate reality where such things happened
I think it would have gotten at least another 4 weeks.At least it only did 11 weeks at no.1 here unlike the 16 it managed in the uk.
I think it would have snuck in 1 more week at #1 and then spent 2 more weeks in the top 5 and then 3 more in the top 10 after that and about 25 in the top 50.
This weeks Question is 'How high do you think Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars would have peaked on the Official ARIA Chart if it was allowed to chart without a Physical Single back in late 2006 when it was topping the Download Chart for a long time?'
I actually don't know. Someone probably remembers the numbers better than me (or has a better idea of the figures), but my head is telling me that its download sales alone weren't quite enough to get to #1. If the conditions of the question were as to whether or not it had a physical copy, it would be different, but in saying that, I don't quite know how many people would be willing to buy both (for some reason) or how many people wouldn't under the circumstances, be able to buy a digital only song.

Something I've theorised before though is that a world where Chasing Cars is a top 50 hit, is a different world. It may well have had more sales & exposure than the already heaps that it had then, and by extension of that, it perhaps would not be *quite* the long running hit it is today. Or at least it would have a harder time re-entering the charts as it does, because I imagine it would have a bigger chart run.

tl;dr, I don't know
#1. I will never be convinced otherwise.
In the Top 10 for sure but without a physical single, I don't think it would've made #1. Not sure though.
Has anyone actually ever compiled a list of singles/EPs that probably would have made the ARIA Top 100 if the rule that a digital track couldn't chart unless it had an accompanying physical single/EP never existed? I know my site has a list for every song that entered the ARIA Top 50 Digital Tracks chart from 2006 to 2008 which didn't enter the ARIA Top 100 Singles chart in the same year (http://top100singles.blogspot.com/2011/11/every-unique-aria-top-50-digital-track.html ) but that's not the same thing.
I feel like it going #1 is unlikely unless it had a physical single to support its sales. Top 5 seems likely though, I'll go with a #4 peak and about 28 weeks in the top 50
I'll say a #5 peak and 29 weeks in the Top 50 (each just less than the NZ chart). A pure guess.
I'm not sure it would have done that well.I'd take a guess at #15,and probably about 25 weeks total.
I think #1
Bugger it I feel like saying something now.

I think Chasing Cars could have gotten as high as #2 in the week that Scissor Sisters spent their 1st week at #1 because Punk Rocker had been in the Top 3 for a long time by then and was STILL as high as #2 that week and was even ahead of U2 which debuted at #1 just the previous week. I think that week was its best chance. I also think it could have spent at least a month in the Top 5 and gotten at least 2 months in the Top 10, 3 months at most. I would say it could have gotten at least 35 weeks in the Top 50. But without a physical it couldn't have gone #1, if it did have a physical, a #1 peak was very very likely.

Also, that Link is very useful SG.
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This weeks Question is 'Despite being the 4TH Single released from her album Big Girls Don't Cry still ended up the biggest seller of 2007 so the Question is would it have still achieved similar success had it been released as the 1st Single instead of London Bridge and how high would have it ended up on the 2006 EOY if it was'. You can also try guessing where it might have placed on the 2007 EOY if you think it could have crossed over.

Next weeks Question will be one of the Questions I received by memo so stay tuned for that.
mmmm mem oh

I think it would have done about the same had it been the first single.Radio was all over it at the time of it's release so i can't see it being affected too much.
If it was released in 2006 as her first single I think it would be the 2nd biggest single of 2006 because of I wish i was a punk rocker. It will defiantly be in the top 40 for 2007 EOY.
I think if it was the 1st Single it would have had very similar success to what it had, not really more about the same. My guess is Top 5 of the year, I would say #5 since I think the Top 4 sellers of the year really stand out in chart performance. For 2007 I would say it could get around #35 - #40 on the EOY.
This weeks Question is 'On JJJ's Hottest 100 Muse Knights Of Cydonia was the #1 but never made the ARIA Chart due to not having a physical so if it were eligible to chart how high do you think it would have ended up on ARIA after the JJJ Countdown was broadcast?'

Also it seems I'm fresh out of original ideas for Questions so next weeks Question will be something that you memo to me between now and next Wednesday afternoon.
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Surely it was eligible to chart, since the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2007 was after the rule changed so that digital only songs weren't prevented from charting. I always thought it had just been denied by the record company? In any case, I shall say its peak would've been #28 but because I gave basically no attention to charts at the time I have no clue
There's actually a reasonably definitive answer to this, because it got to #43 on the digital chart which gives enough info to suggest that it would be likely #50 (or higher assuming other tracks were still left out), shout outs to Chartboi http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=20087&pages=20#23

And yeah, there was no rule in place that meant it couldn't chart, Rihanna got the first ever digital only #1 around that same month.
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On Downloads Alone I will Say #47 If there was a physical release #36
Crap, I was thinking early 2007, my bad.

On downloads alone I would say #49. If physicals were included I would say #40.

After much consideration I have decided to shut these questions down. One of the reasons was that I was running out of innovative questions to ask. The other reason was that although this thread got a solid start, over the past month it's quite obvious it's not connecting with the majority of Aus-Chartians. This Thread was an experiment after all so I'm not really that disappointed tbh. If anyone ends up reading this and would like to ask questions every week then your welcome to do so, in fact you can even change the entire direction of this thread if you really want to. It's your thread now, do whatever you like with it, have fun!
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to be fair, that's when it was released as a single lol
How far would have Usher's "Yeah" gotten if it wasn't deleted so early in its chart run? How many weeks would of it spent in the top 10, top 20 and top 50? How would of ranked on the year end for 2004?
A lot better. This is one of the reasons why including streaming data on the charts is a good idea to stop artists and record companies from playing silly buggers by deleting popular songs to promote album sales. Puts on flak jacket and bulletproof helmet.
This is what Usher's Yeah chart run would of looked like if it wasn't deleted so early in its chart run:


It would of defiantly spent 7 weeks at #2, 12 weeks in the top 10, 15 weeks in the top 20 due to many songs being popular at the time and 32 weeks in the top 50. It would of been No.2 on the year end for 2004 because it defiantly wouldn't outsell Shannon Noll "What About Me" due to idol being popular at the time.

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