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Forum - General: General Discussion - Still Cruisin' After All These Years

You think The Rolling Stones are old? They say Madonna is too old to have another hit? Phil Collins should stay in retirement?

I was "inspired" - terrible word to use - by the recent deaths of many of our beloved artists. I'm not so sure we have been hit so hard like we have in January 2016, and it got me thinking of those charting artists who are still alive. What started as a curiosity, actually became quite interesting as I discover many artists I thought were decaesed. I was certain Doris Day had passed away, so what a surprise to find she is still kicking. Eventually I had a list, so (hopefully not in bad taste), here is what I have so far of the 100 oldest artists who have charted on the Singles and Albums charts.

NOTE: This is purely of artists who have charted off the top of my head, and only via Wikipedia's Births pages. It will no doubt be incomplete, with more obscure artists not being represented, but I might expand on this at a later date when more information is uncovered.

#ArtistBirth Date
1Vera Lynn20/03/1917
2Don Cherry11/01/1924
3Doris Day3/04/1924
4Charles Aznavour22/05/1924
5Christine McGuire (The McGuire Sisters)30/07/1926
6Tony Bennett3/08/1926
7Chuck Berry18/10/1926
8Ed Ames9/07/1927
9Mindy Carson16/07/1927
10Cleo Laine28/10/1927
11Fats Domino26/02/1928
12Burt Bacharach12/05/1928
13Vic Damone12/06/1928
14Tommy DeVito (The Four Seasons)19/06/1928
15Marni Nixon22/02/1930
16Chic Hetti (The Playmates)26/02/1930
17Donny Conn (The Playmates)29/03/1930
18Phyllis McGuire (The McGuire Sisters)14/02/1931
19Della Reese6/07/1931
20Tab Hunter11/07/1931
21Plas Johnson (B. Bumble & the Stingers)21/07/1931
22John Perkins (The Crew Cuts)28/08/1931
23John Williams8/02/1932
24Debbie Reynolds1/04/1932
25Loretta Lynn14/04/1932
26Francis Lai26/04/1932
27Maxine Brown (The Browns)27/04/1932
28Morey Carr (The Playmates)31/07/1932
29Ray Perkins (The Crew Cuts)24/11/1932
30Little Richard5/12/1932
31Bobby Lewis17/02/1933
32Yoko Ono18/02/1933
33Lloyd Price9/03/1933
34Quincy Jones14/03/1933
35Roy Clark15/03/1933
36Montserrat Caballe12/04/1933
37Willie Nelson29/04/1933
38Floyd Ashton15/08/1933
39Pat Barrett (The Crew Cuts)15/09/1933
40Jimmie Rodgers18/09/1933
41John Mayall29/11/1933
42Bob Shane (The Kingston Trio)1/02/1934
43John D. Loudermilk31/03/1934
44Richard Chamberlain31/03/1934
45Frankie Valli3/05/1934
46Pat Boone1/06/1934
47Leonard Cohen21/09/1934
48Billy Paul1/12/1934
49Herb Alpert31/03/1935
50Bobby Bare7/04/1935
51Bobby Vinton16/04/1935
52Nokie Edwards (The Ventures)9/05/1935
53Steve Lawrence8/07/1935
54Jim Dale15/08/1935
55Jerry Lee Lewis29/09/1935
56Johnny Mathis30/09/1935
57Sam Moore (Sam & Dave)12/10/1935
58Barry McGuire15/10/1935
59Abdul "Duke" Fakir (The Four Tops)26/12/1935
60Clarence Carter14/01/1936
61Jack Scott24/01/1936
62Fred Parris (The Five Satins)26/03/1936
63Glen Campbell22/04/1936
64April Stevens29/04/1936
65Engelbert Humperdinck2/05/1936
66Tom T. Hall25/05/1936
67James Darren8/06/1936
68Kris Kristofferson22/06/1936
69Buddy Guy30/07/1936
70Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones)24/10/1936
71Tommy Steele17/12/1936
72Shirley Bassey8/01/1937
73Don Everly (The Everly Brothers)1/02/1937
74Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook)1/02/1937
75Don Wilson (The Ventures)10/02/1937
76Nancy Wilson20/02/1937
77Clarence "Frogman" Henry19/03/1937
78Sonny Curtis (The Crickets)9/05/1937
79Trini Lopez15/05/1937
80Eddie Floyd25/06/1937
81Gene Chandler6/07/1937
82Chuck Jackson22/07/1937
83Bonnie Brown (The Browns)31/07/1937
84Eric Hudson (The Band)2/08/1937
85Clem Cattini (The Tornados)28/08/1937
86Santo Farina (Santo & Johnny)24/10/1937
87Bill Anderson1/11/1937
88Frank Ifield30/11/1937
89Art Neville (The Neville Brothers)17/12/1937
90Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)30/12/1937
91Jack Jones14/01/1938
92Bobby Hendricks (The Drifters)22/02/1938
93Charley Pride18/03/1938
94Duane Eddy26/04/1938
95Maurice Williams (Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs)26/04/1938
96Henry Fambrough (The Spinners)10/05/1938
97Bill Withers4/07/1938
98George Cummings (Dr. Hook)28/07/1938
99Dave "Baby" Cortez13/08/1938
100Jet Black (The Stranglers)26/08/1938
For some reason I thought Glen Campbell had passed away.

So Tony Bennett is the oldest person who is still managing to chart original or new material?
Yeah,Tony's doing another album with Lady Gaga. This is an interesting list. I'd no idea Vera Lynn was still alive. I don't think Doris Day has released any new material since 2011.
This is a pretty interesting list. Good work chri8!
Quite interesting as I always figured the likes of Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis & Chuck Berry were as far back as it goes, but I've been royally trumped!

This isn't music related, but I recently learnt the fascinating fact that John Tyler, the 10th US president (1841-1845, that's 20 years before Lincoln) has 2 living grandchildren to this day
With the recent passing of Chuck Berry, I thought this list needed an update. (I also realize I posted this list in January last year, and hope I wasn't responsible for so many deaths to follow throughout 2016.

Chuck Berry was #7 on the list above, and we also lost Debbie Reynolds, John D. Loudermilk, Leonard Cohen, Billy Paul and Bonnie Brown from the list. We even had someone climb the list, after a birthday correction from Wikipedia...ha ha!

But it's not all depressing as we say HAPPY 100TH BIRTHDAY today to our #1 singer, Vera Lynn, still alive and well.

Here's the updated list:

#ArtistBirth Date
1Vera Lynn20/03/1917
2Don Cherry11/01/1924
3Doris Day3/04/1924
4Charles Aznavour22/05/1924
5Christine McGuire (The McGuire Sisters)30/07/1926
6Tony Bennett3/08/1926
7Ed Ames9/07/1927
8Mindy Carson16/07/1927
9Cleo Laine28/10/1927
10Fats Domino26/02/1928
11Burt Bacharach12/05/1928
12Vic Damone12/06/1928
13Tommy DeVito (The Four Seasons)19/06/1928
14Chic Hetti (The Playmates)26/02/1930
15Donny Conn (The Playmates)29/03/1930
16Phyllis McGuire (The McGuire Sisters)14/02/1931
17Della Reese6/07/1931
18Tab Hunter11/07/1931
19Plas Johnson (B. Bumble & the Stingers)21/07/1931
20John Perkins (The Crew Cuts)28/08/1931
21John Williams8/02/1932
22Loretta Lynn14/04/1932
23Francis Lai26/04/1932
24Maxine Brown (The Browns)27/04/1932
25Morey Carr (The Playmates)31/07/1932
26Ray Perkins (The Crew Cuts)24/11/1932
27Little Richard5/12/1932
28Bobby Lewis17/02/1933
29Yoko Ono18/02/1933
30Lloyd Price9/03/1933
31Quincy Jones14/03/1933
32Roy Clark15/03/1933
33Montserrat Caballe12/04/1933
34Willie Nelson29/04/1933
35Floyd Ashton15/08/1933
36Pat Barrett (The Crew Cuts)15/09/1933
37Jimmie Rodgers18/09/1933
38John Mayall29/11/1933
39Bob Shane (The Kingston Trio)1/02/1934
40Charley Pride18/03/1934
41Richard Chamberlain31/03/1934
42Frankie Valli3/05/1934
43Pat Boone1/06/1934
44Herb Alpert31/03/1935
45Bobby Bare7/04/1935
46Bobby Vinton16/04/1935
47Nokie Edwards (The Ventures)9/05/1935
48Steve Lawrence8/07/1935
49Jim Dale15/08/1935
50Jerry Lee Lewis29/09/1935
51Johnny Mathis30/09/1935
52Sam Moore (Sam & Dave)12/10/1935
53Barry McGuire15/10/1935
54Abdul "Duke" Fakir (The Four Tops)26/12/1935
55Clarence Carter14/01/1936
56Jack Scott24/01/1936
57Fred Parris (The Five Satins)26/03/1936
58Glen Campbell22/04/1936
59April Stevens29/04/1936
60Engelbert Humperdinck2/05/1936
61Tom T. Hall25/05/1936
62James Darren8/06/1936
63Kris Kristofferson22/06/1936
64Buddy Guy30/07/1936
65Bill Wyman (The Rolling Stones)24/10/1936
66Tommy Steele17/12/1936
67Shirley Bassey8/01/1937
68Don Everly (The Everly Brothers)1/02/1937
69Ray Sawyer (Dr. Hook)1/02/1937
70Don Wilson (The Ventures)10/02/1937
71Nancy Wilson20/02/1937
72Clarence "Frogman" Henry19/03/1937
73Sonny Curtis (The Crickets)9/05/1937
74Trini Lopez15/05/1937
75Eddie Floyd25/06/1937
76Gene Chandler6/07/1937
77Chuck Jackson22/07/1937
78Garth Hudson (The Band)2/08/1937
79Clem Cattini (The Tornados)28/08/1937
80Santo Farina (Santo & Johnny)24/10/1937
81Bill Anderson1/11/1937
82Frank Ifield30/11/1937
83Art Neville (The Neville Brothers)17/12/1937
84Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)30/12/1937
85Jack Jones14/01/1938
86Bobby Hendricks (The Drifters)22/02/1938
87Duane Eddy26/04/1938
88Maurice Williams (Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs)26/04/1938
89Henry Fambrough (The Spinners)10/05/1938
90Bill Withers4/07/1938
91George Cummings (Dr. Hook)28/07/1938
92Dave "Baby" Cortez13/08/1938
93Jet Black (The Stranglers)26/08/1938
94Jay Black (Jay & the Americans)2/11/1938
95Harry Elston (The Friends Of Distinction)4/11/1938
96P.J. Proby6/11/1938
97Gordon Lightfoot17/11/1938
98Sandy Nelson1/12/1938
99Connie Francis12/12/1938
100Charles Neville (The Neville Brothers)28/12/1938

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That is so cool re: Vera Lynn
100 Years for Vera Lynn, not many can say they have lived for a century.
It's weird that I share a birthday with the oldest artist on this list.
So perhaps there's some truth to what fake Brandon said Lifter http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=32079&pages=3#129

(I don't know why I thought of this)

oh and happy birthday
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And thanks.

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