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Forum - General: Forum Games - The Nostalgia Thread.

Welcome to The Nostalgia Thread. Ever since The 1001 Countdown ended this site has been missing something extra and after a couple months of trying to think of a new and original game idea I came up with this. The rules are simple.

1. In the 1st week vote for a decade (60s/70s/80s/90s/00s/10s).
2. In the 2nd week then vote for a year from the decade that gets the most votes.
3. In the 3rd week then choose up to 10 tracks from the year. (Links to Grants wonderful site will be posted to make things easier if your not familiar or have trouble remembering stuff from the year). If you want to play strategically or can’t list 10 tracks you like from that year then you can select anywhere between 1 and 9 tracks instead.
4. The track that gets the most votes is declared Aus-Charts.com’s favourite hit of that year. If any ties happen then there will be a 4th week of voting to break the ties.
5. Once a winner has been declared you cannot vote for the same decade 2 weeks in a row and you can't vote for that year again.
6. If all the years of a decade have winners then a battle between the 10 winners will decide the best of the decade.
7. Voting starts and closes on Sunday afternoons.

1960Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely8
1961Ben E. King - Stand By Me9
1966The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations5
1969Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary2/1/1
1970The Beatles - Let It Be4
1974Elton John - Candle In The Wind3/4
1977The Eagles - Hotel California4
1981Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight5
1984INXS - Original Sin2/2
1988The Chruch - Under The Milky Way3/3
1991Bryan Adams - (Everything I do) I do it for you3/3
1994Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm4
1996Babylon Zoo - Spaceman3/4
1997Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply3/2
2000Spiller Feat Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)2/2
2002Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles3
2003Evanescence - Bring Me To Life3
2008Lady Gaga - Poker Face4/4
2011Gotye Feat Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know3
2012Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe2/2
2014Zhu - Faded2/3

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Vote for 1 of the following decades, voting closes on the 13th of March.


My Vote: 2000s.
1960's Beyotches
lol let's go for 1960s then
2000s for me please. Love this idea too.
He did call it a 1001 Countdown void filler!
Indeed it will BZ which was the intention.
2000s please!
That's a hard one all decades have great music so i'll vote for 2000's
I'll go 1960s
I would vote for 1990 but as it looks like it won't win I will vote for 2000s.
You've left 2010s out of the table.

My vote goes to the 1990s
We can't vote 2010s until the decade is finished...speaking of if this game really does finish in 3 years, then we'll be a year off finishing the 2010s! So well played Lifter

Let's get 1960s over and done with
He hasn't Tennis. I checked just after i saw your post and i'm sure he hasn't
What Anton said Tennis.
It seems to be logical to start from the 1960s and work our way through to the 2010s. By then, we should have another couple of years more of the 2010s.
Bumping this up in case any late comers want to join in.
1960s: 6
2000s: 4
1970s: 2
1990s: 1
1980s: 0
2010s: 0

The 1960s wins! Now select one of the following years, voting closes on 20/3/2016.


My Vote: 1966.
I'll say 1963
I shall now contribute since this is an easier choice for me!

I'll go 1969
I'm with Bluezombie. Otherwise we'll be jumping back and forth between years.

Honestly don't know so I'm just gonna say 1969.
nineteen sixty-three
I don't really know the 60's , so I'm going to go with 1967.
G'day, I'll join in since where starting with the 60's

1960!!!!... for a thread this huge (eventually as this rolls out...), it would be really cool to scroll down from the top and with it each year & tracks(selected) in chronological order.
Come to think of it chronological order sounds like the sort of organised fun I'm up for, so I'm going to go ahead and change my mind and say 1960 now
1961 trolololol
1963. I don't know too many songs before then.
1960, I agree, let's start this from the start!
I will be away for 12 days. Seeing that 1960 seems to be pulling ahead here is my list.

1. Will you still love me tomorrow. The Shirelles
2. Shout Johnny O'Keefe
3. Only the Lonely Roy Orbison
4. The Twist Chubby Checker
5. Georgia on my Mind Ray Charles
6. Cathy's Clown The Everly Brothers
7. It's now or never Elvis Presley
8. Spanish Harlem Ben E. King
9. Apache The Shadows
10. She's My Baby Johnny O'Keefe
If 1960 does win I will include your list Keith.
ordering isn't important right?
Hahahaha.... hey jinx, just read my (now deleted) post and re-read yours and came to the conclusion that you were on about order in the sense of the tracks for each year... not my original post about chronological order... hahahah sorry bout that

I've got six of the same tracks on my list Keith for 1960
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Haha, maybe it's best I didn't see it then
You didn't miss much, I didn't have a dig at you in anyway, I just made a point from my own experiences with producing such large lists and about chronological order being easier in such a circumstances... pretty boring really...hahahaha....
1. Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison
2. Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini - Brian Hyland
3. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
4. The Twist - Chubby Checker
5. Mr. Custer - Larry Verne
6. Walk - Don't Run - The Ventures
7. Stay - Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs
8. Handy Man - Jimmy Jones
9. Alley-Oop - Hollywood Argyles
10. The Hippy Hippy Shake - Chan Romero
That is 1960 isn't Grant? If so then it will be included.

1960: 5
1961: 1
1962: 0
1963: 2
1964: 0
1965: 0
1966: 1
1967: 3
1968: 0
1969: 2

1967 got close but 1960 does win as expected. Now select up to 10 tracks from the year you like. You can also select anywhere between 1 and 9 if 10 is too much.

Here is an AMR list to make things easier.

My Votes.
ROLF HARRIS - Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport (The only one I know of from that year.
I didn't vote for decade or year. Can I still play?
Yes you can Rob.
Yeah Liftie, it is.

By the way, that link you provided is only the top selling singles of the year (which includes songs from 1959). For a full list of songs that entered the charts in 1960 go here:


All the tracks you choose will have the exact same value so no Bluezombie.
It doesn't matter if you rank them or not.
and that makes it easier for me I will leave some space in case I'm reminded of something else I should include

Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry
The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind
Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely
Sam Cooke - Chain Gang
Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
The Shadows - Apache
The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
1.Wonderful World-Sam Cooke
2.The Twist-Chubby Checker
3.She’s my Baby – Johnny O’Keefe
4.Everybody’s somebody’s fool – Connie Francis
5.Only the lonely-Roy Orbison
6.Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini-Bryan Hyland
7.My old man’s a dustman-Lonnie Donegan
8.Peter Gunn- Duanne Eddy
9.Stuck on you-Elvis Presley
10.Rockin’ around the Christmas tree-Brenda Lee
I'm gonna pass as there's nothing that i know of that really stands out.
I blame 2WS when I was a kid for my knowledge of them.
I'd have blamed my parents as all kids do except mine never listened to any of these
lucky you mate. I wish I had seen this post earlier, I would have voted 80s
you still can rob,down the track that is. Once this round is over we go back to voting decades and you'll have a chance then.
I just gotta remember to check next sunday I guess
The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
The Everly Brothers - Be Bop A-Lula
Elvis Presley - It's Now Or Never
Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind
Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn
The Drifters - Save The Last Dance For Me
Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight?
Starlight, Starbright - Lonnie Lee
Stuck on You - Elvis Presley
My Love - Nat 'King' Cole & Stan Kenton (my fave)
A Mess of Blues / The Girl of My Best Friend - Elvis Presley
Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley
Sway - Bobby Rydell
Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles

1. Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers
2. Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles
3. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison
4. Giant Steps - John Coltrane
5. When Will I Be Loved - The Everly Brothers
6. The Twist - Chubby Checker
7. Walk, Don't Run - The Ventures
8. It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley
9. I Got My Mojo Working - Muddy Waters
10. Apache - The Shadows
Damn missed it! Is voting still.open? 1960 you say?
Updated 22/3/16 - lock it in Eddie
1. Apache - The Shadows
2. Sway - Robby Rydell
3. She's My Baby - JOK
4. Peter Gunn - Duane Eddy
5. The Twist - Chubby Checker
6. Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley
7. Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison
8. Wonderful World - Sam Cooke
9. It's Now Or Never - Elvis Presley
10. Cathy's Clown - The Everly Brothers
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You can keep updating your vote until Sunday benji
okay, I'll have a go
Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini
Cliff Richard and The Shadows - Please Don't Tease
Rob E.G. - Whiplash
Lonnie Lee - Yes, Indeed I Do
Neil Sedaka - Run Samson Run
Johnny Horton - Sink The Bismarck
Wanda Jackson - Let's Have A Party
Johnny O'Keefe - She's My Baby
The Ventures - Walk - Don't Run
The Shadows - Apache
Thanks Jinxie - all done
Not sure if I'll get more of a chance to listen to more songs and all that, so posting my list here now. This post may be edited before Sunday

All I Could Do Was Cry - Etta James
Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Elvis Presley
Everybody's Somebody's Fool - Connie Francis
Howlin' For My Darlin' - Howlin' Wolf
Mood Indigo - Nina Simone
Only The Lonely - Roy Orbison
Sixteen Reasons - Connie Stevens
Tough Mary - Etta James
Will You Love Me Tomorrow - The Shirelles
Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

Looking forward to seeing what wins 1960!
I'm glad at least two members (three if you include lifts sole choice ) didn't pick an elvis presley song.
All I Could Do Was Cry - Etta James
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini - Brian Hyland
So yeah

Chubby Checker - The Twist
Ella Fitzgerald - Mack The Knife
Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight
Elvis Presley - Stuck on You
Jimmy Dean - Little Boy Lost
The Everly Brothers - Bye Bye Love
The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
The Everly Brothers - Lucille

I want to vote Etta James - At Last as it was released in 1960 but since I haven't seen it in anyone else's list, I presume it'll get its chance in 1961.
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Only stuff that got a least 2 votes gets mentioned.

Roy Orbison - Only the Lonely8
Brian Hyland - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini5
Sam Cooke - Wonderful World5
Chubby Checker - The Twist3
The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run 2
Chan Romero - The Hippy Hippy Shake2
The Shirelles - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow3
Ray Charles - Georgia on my Mind6
The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown6
Elvis Presley - It's Now Or Never4
Apache - The Shadows5
Johnny O'Keefe - She's My Baby2
Connie Francis - Everybody's Somebody's Fool2
Elvis Presley - Stuck On You3
Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight5
Johnny O'Keefe - She's My Baby3
Peter Gunn - Duane Eddy3
Bobby Rydell – Sway2
Etta James - All I Could Do Was Cry2

Roy Orbisons Only The Lonely is the winner for 1960, congratulations!

Now vote for any of these decades. Voting closes 3rd Of April.


My Vote: 2000s.
Last edited:

I'll just sit out of every 1960s year 70s should be okay though
1960's, order pls
2000's, yeah looks like I'll be having to sit years out too.
I'm gonna jump on the 2000's bandwagon, I really only wanted to start from the start. The order from here doesn't matter to me

You have a couple of mistakes in your table Lifter,

The Everly Brothers - Cathy's Clown
The Ventures - Walk, Don't Run

1960s Best to keep it in order
I say 1960s because my EOY work-in-progress makes me not to keen on doing the 2000s just yet
Fixed Joe.
Why'd ya have to go fix joe,lifts? He didn't appear to be broken
But I am still broken Jesse, Lifter still has The Everly Brothers track as "Cathy's Clown Brothers" rather than "Cathy's Clown"... repairs are required stat...hahahaha
What many people don't know is that's the actual name of the song and radio stations thought it sounded silly so they shortened it

And if you believe that you'll believe anythin
Fixed Joe (Again).
A reminder there is less then 24 hours left to vote for a decade.
80's because if we were to go in strict order it would get very boring,and you need change to make things fun and interesting. There's nothing bad about the 60's music,it's just a touch OCD to say we "have" to go in order
1960s: 5
2000s: 4
1980s: 4

It was much closer this time round but the 1960s still sneaks in a win. The other decades all got 0.

Now vote for any of the following years. Voting closes on 10/4/2015.


My Vote: 1969.
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1969, just to be different
1961 from me too. May as well work our way progressively through the years. It will save time.

Edit. If we decide to go in order we can have one week to select songs for a year rather than three.

We will be able to go 1961, 1962 etc with a week at the end of all the years for a decade to select our favourite songs for that decade.
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It'll take as much time as all the other years
1969 :3
1961 lol
I vote for 19dickity1, we had to say dickity because the kaiser stole our word 60
nineteen sixty-three, just to be really different
1961 please
Six a piece for 61' & 69'.... one day of voting left, this should be interesting...

Come on 61' Let's keep it chronological, for those who don't know many tunes from this era... what a great opportunity to listen too and discover new music and observe how contemporary music has unfolded and evolved over the past 56 years
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I may as well go 1961 too
1961. I'd like to get the years that I have no clue about gone quickly Chronologically seems the best way to do that
If I'm not mistaken, familiarity should pick up pretty quickly from around 1962/1963 as we start to see some big names emerge.

I love 1961 though
1969 for me please
may as well go for 1961
1961: 10
1963: 1
1969: 7

In a VERY competitive round 1961 inches it's way to victory. Now select anywhere between 1-10 tracks you like the most from the year.

Here is a list of 1961 Singles to make things easier.

My Votes.
The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight.
Last edited:
1. Crying - Roy Orbison
2. Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker
3. Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson
4. Stand By Me - Ben E. King
5. Runaway - Del Shannon
6. The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh) - The Tokens
7. Runaround Sue - Dion
8. Lullaby of the Leaves - The Ventures
9. Walkin' Back to Happiness - Helen Shapiro
10. Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka
Ben E. King - Stand By Me
Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again
Del Shannon - Runaway
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love
Etta James - At Last
Mr. Acker Bilk - Stranger On The Shore
Patsy Cline - Crazy
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack
Roy Orbison - Crying
Roy Orbison - Running Scared
My top ten tracks for 1961,

1.Runaway – Del Shannon
2.Stand by me – Ben E. King
3.Crazy – Patsy Cline
4.Crying – Roy Orbison
5.Runaround Sue – Dion
6.Moon River – Henry Mancini with Audrey Hepburn
7.The Lion Sleeps Tonight – The Tokens
8.My Favourite Things – John Coltrane
9.Hit the road, Jack – Ray Charles
10.Istanbul – the Joy Boys
Honourable mentions
I fall to pieces – Patsy Cline
Please Mr Postman – the Marvelettes
At Last - Etta James
The Wanderer – Dion
Duke of Earl – Gene Chandler
Can’t help falling in love – Elvis Presley
Blue Moon – The Marcels
Little Sister/(Marie’s the name) His latest flame – Elvis Presley
Hello Mary Lou – Ricky Nelson
The Red Rooster – Howlin’ Wolf
1. Runaway - Del Shannon
2. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles
3. Crying - Roy Orbison
4. Stand By Me - Ben E King
5. Runaround Sue - Dion
6. Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
7. Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker
8. Will You Love Me Tomorrow? - The Shirelles
9. The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens
10. Calendar Girl - Neil Sedaka
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1. At Last! - Etta James
2. Stand By Me - Ben E. King
3. Runaround Sue - Dion
4. Crazy - Patsy Cline
5. Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles
6. My Favourite Things - John Coltrane
7. Running Scared - Roy Orbison
8. I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline
9. Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
10. Let's Twist Again - Chubby Checker
A bump and a reminder there is still 4 days of voting left.
The Lion Sleeps Tonight - The Tokens
Was not aware that I new songs from the 60s

Ben E. King - Stand By Me
Etta James - At Last
The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
It's the one that deserves to win so it's the only one im going with
Ben E. King - Stand By Me
Bobby Vee - How Many Tears
Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again
Del Shannon - Hats Off To Larry
Del Shannon - Runaway
Dion - Runaround Sue
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love
Helen Shapiro - Walkin' Back To Happiness
Roy Orbison - Crying
The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Clarence "Frogman" Henry - But I Do
Del Shannon - Runaway
Dion - Runaround Sue
Etta James - At Last
Johnny Cash - The Rebel Johnny Yuma
Johnny Cash - Tennessee Flat-Top Box
I have developed quite a liking for Etta James as you can tell!

At Last - Etta James
Baby It's You - The Shirelles
Can't Help Falling In Love - Elvis Presley
Fool That I Am - Etta James
Hit The Road Jack - Ray Charles
Stand By Me - Ben E. King
Surrender - Elvis Presley
Trust In Me - Etta James
Walkin' Back To Happiness - Helen Shapiro
Work Song - Nina Simone
Etta James - At Last
Ben E. King - Stand By Me
Roy Orbison - Crying
The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight4
Roy Orbison – Crying7
Chubby Checker - Let's Twist Again6
Ben E. King - Stand By Me10
Del Shannon – Runaway6
Dion - Runaround Sue7
Helen Shapiro - Walkin' Back To Happiness3
Neil Sedaka - Calendar Girl3
Elvis Presley - Can't Help Falling In Love6
Elvis Presley – Surrender2
Patsy Cline – Crazy4
Patsy Cline - I Fall To Pieces2
Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack6
Etta James - At Last5
Roy Orbison - Running Scared2
John Coltrane - My Favourite Things2
The Shirelles - Will You Love Me Tomorrow2

Ben E Kings Stand By Me is the winner for 1961, congratulations!

I have officially introduced a new rule into this game, as of now you cannot vote for the same decade 2 times in a row. This is to avoid a potential scenario of having everything ending up in exact order and if that were to happen then voting for the decades would have ended up pointless plus it gives other decades and fans of those decades a chance to shine. The 1960s will be eligible again next time.

Now vote for any one of these decades. Voting closes 24th Of April.


My Vote: 2000s.
Last edited:

My vote: 2000s
Why? It's clear plenty of people have no problem music of the '60s, and it's clearly a far more logical process that shows both a gradually transforming musical landscape as well as the nature of voting. Also I don't want to have to do a recent year while I'm putting so much time into making my own lists for those years and keeping relatively tightlipped about my particular favourites. This seems like lousy sour grapes because the '60s are old
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Poor Lifter throwing the toys out of the pram just because he can't get his way

Honestly I don't even care that much for going in order but your petty attempts to change the outcome and then block other people's choice to vote in that way if they wish (by changing your vote midway through the week, voting under another account and now this) is childish. This may be your game but there are many who participate and enjoy it and the very least you should ASK before you implement such crazy rules. What a pity this game is turning into a joke, because it's a great idea and I for one have enjoyed participating in it otherwise.
tbh half the people voting 60's aren't doing it primarily because they like the music of the 60's, but because they can't stand seeing a 4 after a 2...
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It's called making things interesting by mixing it up and not being so pedantic by going in order is what it is

*puts 2 cents in meter and departs*
For the record there's nothing wrong with 60's music. Over the last 18 months i've expanded my knowledge of 60's music and have come to appreciate a lot more of it. There's as much good and crap in every decade. By mixing up the years you open it up to other people who may not have a great knowledge of older music but still wanna play and the random factor makes it more fun and as this is a game planned for a long time you wanna make it as fresh and fun as you can.
I think though the music provides the variety on its own. I've seen it through making my own lists; every year shapes a new environment, especially in the '60s considering that we're in clear 'oldies' territory with 1961, but by 1962, in come The Beatles & The Beach Boys (among many others) who are re-inventing themselves almost every year forcing everyone else to keep up. I won't pretend my knowledge is anymore than entry level, but there's SOOO much going on that makes it interesting by itself.

On an unrelated note, I count 10 votes for "Stand By Me" (thrilled it won btw), did you miss someone's vote possibly Lifter?
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There is variety yes,i will agree with you there,but the thing is it does take a while for that variety to change. You have the rock era from about 1957 to 1962 (it was still fairly dormant in 1957) and then as you say the beatles come in ,and things change again because they need to to keep things fresh. and then you get a different sound once again around 1965 to about 1969. This way you'll get more variety with eras (i feel anyway) in a much faster turnaround.
To think of it another way though, there's a rewarding thrill to seeing things advance gradually. Especially if you are more a fan of modern music (I don't like comparing decades but the truth is I know and love FAR more music in later years), you get the satisfaction of seeing your favourite eras/artists arrive in time. Jumping all over the place means no satisfaction or pay off at all until the very end, and even then it's stifled by the process.
Well I do think going in order has many merits, though I don't care too much if it doesn't end up happening. I do agree with above points for going in order. One thing that I've liked about starting with the early '60s is how big the turnout for those years have been. Pretty impressive, and shows that some are willing to improve their knowledge and vote for an era that's not necessarily their favourite. I know I've found those gems in the process

In any case I'm sad that this bickering is occurring, would be nice to move on and stop this one side vs. the other thing and get back into the game and voting for whatever decade/year people want to vote for and not just what decade/year Lifter is okay with
Well if we DO go like this, I smell boycotting in order, which would kill the thread or at least make for some meaningless results. Is it REALLY worth that just over this petty reaction to a majority opinion?
I’m only going to respond to this once because I have better things to do then to waste my time dealing with what is clearly an overreaction to one little rule change which last I checked isn’t against the rules of this site, it wouldn’t be the 1st time a game thread has had a rule change and it really isn’t a big deal or at least it shouldn’t be.

Your accusations against me Zacco are either false or exaggerated, for starters there isn’t a rule against editing your votes during the week and I settled that other account thing with Hijinx via memo recently, no foul play has had any impact on the results btw. I also did discuss this change in the chat before I posted so it isn’t like it’s completely out of no where.

Despite what some may think I have not done anything that benefits me in anyway whatsoever. With all that settled can all this crap please end now because all I did was add a rule that could have potential long term benefit’s for this thread by making it more engaging and fun for everyone but the reaction has been completely over the top. Does it really matter that much if you don't get to vote for a certain decade twice in a row, does it. But I get it, not everyone is going to agree and I’m not saying you have to but if anyone still has a problem with all this then please tell me so via memo.
Last edited:
Has it really been that much of an over-reaction though? It seems you've made a bigger reaction to the fact that plenty of people want to play a certain way. I haven't been in chat much lately to see everything, but the time I was last week, you seemed to imply that everyone voting for 1961 was a troll, and you were rather desperate to find any way to stop it.

I can note more personal opinions via memo (if I can think of anything) but I don't think we should be concealing the facts.
I am not happy about this but Lifter is doing the work so I guess he makes the rules.

I think that it is only logical to go in order and by having a lengthy process to select the year instead of going in a logical order will kill participation in the long term especially as many people aren't on the chat so weren't consulted.

I have used a random generator to come with a year 1988 which is in the 80s.

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Happy to join the go on chronological order bandwagon, if only because it will take 3 years to go through every year if we don't. From my POV it gets easier from 1964. If people discover the good music of years gone past (I have), then so much the better
However, if we're not staying in the 60s, I vote for the 80s. To expediate the process, perhaps we could name the preferred year when naming the decade? (1985 would be my nomination). Or Lifter can just make an executive decision and nominate the year, happy to go along with that.
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Well if we did just settle on a chronological order, we could triple the speed and anyone who takes issue with the '60s can be assured it'll all be over in June, rather than October.
I read this earlier, and thinking on it a good while, I can genuinely see both sides of the argument.
Given those thoughts, it would be thoughtless of me not to make my vote, so that shall be 1980s.
I'll vote for the 2000s. I see both sides of the argument though I don't get why either cares as much as they do. I don't see why it matters to Lifter so much but its his game and I don't see why everyone cares about this decision so much. It won't affect the end result so stop getting so worked up about it. After all this is just a music and charts forum. This is by no means a life or death matter so just let it go
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It kind of can affect the result I think Tennis. Going sequentially reveals slowly developing voting trends as we move from years where people are (generally) voting from the same pool of popular hits to the present where music is so widely available/familiar that everyone has their own niche, the sort of thing that isn't very compatible with this voting system. But if we ease into it, we'll get a better idea of how things work and likely get a more meaningful result.

The thing here is that I think Lifter is being a bit selfish due to his disinterest towards the '60s, and rather than be reasonable about things, he's taking it into his own to sabotage, first through piggy backing a vote of resistance, then voting with a 2nd account, and now just throwing a Deus ex machina in with no consultation, valuing only his own opinion and disregarding the majority's opinion. Heck, when this started I had no intention of doing it chronologically (I did vote for 1967 first after all), but those who were made a convincing argument for it.

Provided the rules aren't changed again, these earlier years have to be tackled eventually. May as well just get it out of the way.
If Lifter is voting twice through two separate accounts then this thread & game is fraudulent and a crock... I'm out!!!! I'm not playing a game where the person running it is manipulating the outcome or results to meet the ends they desire.
why the hell would you bring up something from over a week ago jinx that isn't even happening now? That just adds dissension on your part because you don't approve of what's being done,the same thing you're accusing lifter of. Seriously people,let's just make this a fun game and stop complaining. I'm going back to logging out,if anyone wants to reference me,memo me,otherwise leave me out of it as i have better things to do than debate all day.
My two cents:

I personally would prefer not to do it in order but that's just due to my personal taste and the fact that I haven't heard most 60's and even 70's music and I don't really have time at the present to go back and listen. In saying that though like Tennis I can see both sides.

I just think the best thing everyone can do now is finish the arguing and look past the rule change and just continue to enjoy playing the game. It's been fun up until now so lets not let all of this stop us from enjoying the rest of the game. I will say though that if Lifter is voting twice on two separate accounts he should stop, because it would ruin it for everyone else. The result isn't that big of a deal, I mean I know we all want our favourites too win, but it's not the end of the world if they don't.

My vote is for the 2000's.
Just one thing to clarify, Chris: He has stopped,and point well made.
Jesse you can't just make an accusation against me and say I have to reply by memo, that just leaves the thread without proper closure. In any case, my point was just a small part of my greater point, saying that Lifter did do that BEFORE, but when even that didn't work, took things further. My angle is not the same as his, as it's a case of disapproval due to people doing something that was not wrong/unjust/malicious vs someone stamping all over that because it's not what they want.

It's easy enough to want to move on, but that's clearly an opinion enforced largely by those unaffected (or even relieved) by this rule change. As someone who is affected, I'm going to express my disapproval.
2000s please
The 2000's would be the most difficult year for me to gather music from because that's when my love of music was going south,but i enjoy a challenge so 2000's from me please. Thank You!
Liftie: the new rule won't stop people from alternating between voting for the '60s and say the '70s or '80s.
It's going to be a long game and each decade and year will get its day in the sun.
1980s: 2
2000s: 5

The 2000s wins. Now vote for any of the following years. Voting closes on 1/5/2016.


My Vote: 2008.
Yeah I won't be playing any more
2 double oh 1 please
The randomiser says 2008.
two thousand even (2000)
Happy with 2008, a good year for music
I'll just pick my favourite and say 2009.
2000: 1
2001: 1
2005: 1
2008: 3
2009: 1

2008 is the winner by a clear margin. Now vote for anywhere between 1-10 tracks you like from the year. Voting closes on 8/5/2016.

My Votes.

LINKIN PARK - Shadow Of The Day
COLDPLAY - Viva La Vida
NICKELBACK - Gotta Be Somebody
DAUGHTRY - Feels Like Tonight
JAMES BLUNT - Same Mistake
ONE REPUBLIC - Stop And Stare
COLDPLAY - Violet Hill
I propose a new rule - only one Coldplay song per list...eeeeehehehe *runs away*

1. Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
2. Perfect - Vanessa Amorosi
3. Save the Lies - Gabriella Cilmi
4. Cry for You - September
5. Just Dance - Lady Gaga feat. Colby O'Donis
6. Wheel of Fortune 2009 - Ace of Base
7. Poker Face - Lady Gaga
8. You Found Me - The Fray
9. Closer - Ne-Yo
10. Lights & Music - Cut Copy

1. Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me
2. Lady Gaga - I Like It Rough
3. Jessica Mauboy - Running Back
4. Ladyhawke - My Delirium
5. Adele - Make You Feel My Love
6. Lady Gaga - Poker Face
7. Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine
8. The Veronicas - Take Me On The Floor
9. Metro Station - Shake It
10. The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
2008 votes
1.Sex on fire – Kings of Leon
2.Sweet about me – Gabriella Cilmi
3.Viva La Vida – Coldplay
4.Single Ladies (Put a ring on it) – Beyonce
5.White Winter Hymnal – The Fleet Foxes
6.So What – P!nk
7.I’m yours – Jason Mraz
8.Poker face – Lady Gaga
9.One day like this – Elbow
10.Walking on a dream – Empires of the Sun
Worthy of note
Electric Feel – MGMT
Estelle featuring Kanye West – American Boy
Use Somebody – the Kings of Leon
All Summer Long – Kid Rock
Mercy – Duffy
You Belong with me – Taylor Swift (a hit in the US in 2008)
I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
A Milli – Lil’ Wayne
Machine Gun – Portishead
Low – Flo Rida
1. Time To Pretend - MGMT
2. This Boy's In Love - The Presets
3. Embrace - P'Nau
4. That's Not My Name - The Ting Tings
5. Electric Feel - MGMT
6. Lights and Music - Cut Copy
7. Skinny Love - Bon Iver
8. Mercy - Duffy
9. Paris Is Burning - Ladyhawke
10. If I Know You - The Presets
Britney Spears - Womanizer
Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me
Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown - No Air
Kelly Rowland - Work
Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody
Leona Lewis - Better In Time
MGMT - Electric Feel
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music
The Presets - My People
The Presets - This Boy's In Love
Just 4 days left to get your votes in.
Quick question, and I don't know if this has been asked in the thread already, but are you allowed to vote for the same song in two different years? Like for example voting "No One", which was a crossover hit, in both 2007 and 2008?
I'd say (technically) you could vote for a song in any particular year/s, it's just that it won't win if others vote for it in a different year.
My list: (in order because OCD )

1. Keri Hilson - Energy
2. Amy Pearson - Ready to Fly
3. Rihanna - Take a Bow
4. Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown - No Air
5. Jessica Mauboy (feat. Flo Rida) - Running Back
6. Kat DeLuna (feat. Elephant Man) - Whine Up
7. Alicia Keys - No One
8. Beyonce - If I Were a Boy
9. Jordin Sparks - One Step at a Time
10. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)

Honorable mentions: (and yes these are in order too )

Jennifer Hudson – Spotlight (very unlucky 11th)
Maroon 5 (feat. Rihanna) – If I Never See Your Face Again
Colbie Caillat - Bubbly
Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music
The Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part
Leona Lewis – Forgive Me
Rihanna – Disturbia
Leona Lewis – Better In Time

Didn't realise how good of a year 2008 actually was for music, a few of my all-time favourites.
Exactly what Grant said Crazychris so yes you can.
Lady Gaga - Poker Face
Beyoncé - Single Ladies
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music
So What - Pink
Joining this game now.

For future reference, could someone tell me how to do one of those tables?

2008 (in order of release)
Kylie Minogue - Wow
Delta Goodrem - You Will Only Break My Heart
Alicia Keys - Like You'll Never See Me Again
Vanessa Amorosi - Perfect
Kylie Minogue - In My Arms
Cyndi Lauper - Into The Nightlife
The Killers - Human
Pink - Sober
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
Jessica Mauboy - Burn
You can either type "|" (the vertical bar character, Shift+\) between cells like this:

1|Kylie Minogue|Wow
2|Delta Goodrem|You Will Only Break My Heart

which becomes this:

1Kylie MinogueWow
2Delta GoodremYou Will Only Break My Heart

Or just copy-paste straight from Excel
Coldplay - Viva La Vida2
Vanessa Amorosi – Perfect3
Jordin Sparks Feat Chris Brown - No Air3
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream2
Lady Gaga - Poker Face4
Cut Copy - Lights and Music2
Gabriella Cilmi - Sweet About Me3
Jessica Mauboy - Running Back2
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name2
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)4
P!nk – So What2
MGMT - Electric Feel2
The Presets - This Boy's In Love2
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music2

For the 1st time in this game we have a tie with both Single Ladies and Poker Face getting 4 points each. Rather then have a whole other week of voting just for these 2 tracks I have decided to simply combine decade voting and the tie breaker round simultaneously.

Now vote for any of the following decades. The 2000s is not eligible this round. Voting closes 15th of May.

Also vote for either of these to break the tie.
Beyonce – Single Ladies
Lady Gaga – Poker Face

My Vote: 1990s.
No vote from me for the tie breaker.
P-P-P-P-Poker Face for me thanx.
Single Ladies please. Good to see both do well though.

1990s for me too please.
Single Ladies

1990s will do
Poker Face

no vote for the tie break
I had both Single Ladies and Poker Face in my top 10. However, Single Ladies was ranked higher so all the single ladies it is.

The randomiser came up with 1991 so the 90s it is.
1980s. Poker Face for the tie break
Only 24 hours left to vote, it still could go either way for the tie break.
What happens if it's a tie? Do we go by alphabetical order?
I would suggest that we list both songs as joint winners if they are tied after two weeks.
We once again have a tie between Poker Face and Single Ladies with 3 votes each or do we. Luckily I didn't vote for either at the start of the week so now I will to break the tie. It wasn't easy but I vote Poker Face making it the winner. Congratulations.

1970s: 1
1980s: 1
1990s: 4

The 90s win comfortably. Now vote for your favourite year from the decade.
My Vote: 1998.
The randomiser said 1991 so I will stick with that.
Only 4 days left to vote, will 1996 prevail!
1991: 1
1995: 1
1996: 2
1998: 1

1996 wins. Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 of your favorites from the year. Voting closes on 29/5.

My Votes.

GARBAGE - Stupid Girl
THE CORRS - Runaway
BUSH - Glycerine
MARK SNOW - X Files Theme
METALLICA - Until It Sleeps
SAVAGE GARDEN - To The Moon And Back.
1. To the Moon and Back - Savage Garden
2. Missing - Everything But the Girl
3. I Want You - Savage Garden
4. I Live for You - Chynna Phillips
5. Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison
6. Don't Speak - No Doubt
7. Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
8. Where Do You Go - No Mercy
9. Let's Make a Night to Remember - Bryan Adams
10. Fastlove - George Michael

Top songs of 1996

1.Firestarter – the Prodigy
2.Wannabe – the Spice Girls
3.Buy me a pony – Spiderbait
4.Killing me softly – the Fugees
5.Where it’s At – Beck
6.No Diggity – Blackstreet
7.Pick you up - Powderfinger
8.Un-break my heart – Toni Braxton
9.Setting Sun – The Chemical Brothers
10.Midnight in a Perfect World
Worth mentioning
The Macarena by Los del Rio was the biggest hit of 1996. Los del Mar also had a big hit. Both acts are confirmed one hit wonders.
Isn’t It Ironic that Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette was the biggest album of the year.
Savage Garden had their first big hit with I want you.
A Design for Life by Manic Street Peachers
Woo-ah Got you all in Check Busta Rhymes
Novocaine for the Soul by the Eels
Sunny came home by Shawn Colvin
Lovefool by the Cardigans
Underground by Ben Folds Five

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1. The Fugees - Killing Me Softly
2. Spice Girls - Wannabe
3. No Doubt - Don't Speak
4. Alanis Morisette - Ironic
5. Alanis Morisette - You Oughta Know
6. No Doubt - Just A Girl
7. OMC - How Bizarre
8. Los Del Rio - Macarena
9. Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffany's
10. Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us
1. Pick You Up - Powderfinger
2. Breathe - The Prodigy
3. Spaceman - Babylon Zoo
4. Buy Me A Pony - Spiderbait
5. Grooving - Hunting Party
6. Oh Yeah - Ash
7. Firestarter - The Prodigy
8. Born Slippy (NUXX) - Underworld
9. Ready To Go - Republica
10. Novocaine For The Soul - The Eels
4 days left to determine our favourite 1996 single.
1. Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart
2. Toni Braxton – You’re Makin Me High
3. Fugees – Killing Me Softly
4. Blackstreet (feat. Dr. Dre) – No Diggity
5. Mariah Carey – Open Arms
6. Alanis Morissette – Ironic
7. 2Pac (feat. Dr. Dre) – California Love
8. Shaggy – Boombastic
9. Fugees – Ready or Not
10. Fugees – Fu-Gee-La

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Babylon Zoo - Spaceman
Bon Jovi - Lie To Me
Celine Dion - Because You Loved Me
Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever
George Michael - Fastlove
George Michael - Jesus To A Child
No Mercy - Where Do You Go
Oasis - Wonderwall
Robert Miles - Children
Robert Miles - Fable

just missed: Missing (Remix)
Savage Garden – To The Moon And Back2
Robert Miles – Children2
Robert Miles – Fable2
Everything But the Girl - Missing2
No Doubt - Don't Speak2
Babylon Zoo – Spaceman3
No Mercy - Where Do You Go2
George Michael – Fastlove2
The Prodigy – Firestarter2
Spice Girls – Wannabe2
Spiderbait - Buy Me A Pony2
The Fugees – Killing Me Softly3
Blackstreet - No Diggity2
Powderfinger - Pick you up2
Toni Braxton – Un-Break My Heart2
Alanis Morisette – Ironic2

In what was a very close contest between all the tracks Babylon Zoo’s Spaceman and The Fugees Killing Me Softly both end up with 3 votes each, now they enter the tie breaker.

Also vote for any of the following decades, the 1990s is not eligible this round. Voting closes 5th of June.

My Votes.

BABYLON ZOO – Spaceman
"Killing me softly" by the Fugees

The randomiser said 1974 so 70s it is.
Spaceman pls
Spaceman for the tiebreaker.

Killing Me Softly

Killing Me Softly

Babylon Zoo - Spaceman: 4.
The Fugees - Killing Me Softly: 3.

Spaceman has been voted as our favourite 1996 Single, congratulations.

1970s: 3.
2000s: 3.

On the other hand both the 70s and the 00s are tied.
Rather then drag this out another week you guys will have just 24 hours to break this tie then you will get 6 days to vote for our favourite year from the decade instead. I won't vote until tomorrow in case there is another tie.
1970s is my preference then 1974 for the year.

If it is the 2000s, then 2003 will be my preferred year.
1970s my preference, 1978 my year

If the 2000s get up, I vote for 2004
The 1970s win, now vote for your fav year from the decade. Voting closes on the 12th.

My Vote: 1979.
Homer Simpson would like to say something on behalf of 1974.

1972 please
Only 4 days left to get your votes in, will the perfect year for rock win?
1972: 1
1974: 2
1978: 1
1979: 1

And indeed it does, Homer is a very happy man right now.
Now vote anywhere between 1 and 10 tunes from 1974. Voting closes on the 19th.

My Votes.
ELTON JOHN - Candle In The Wind.
1. The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
2. Waterloo - ABBA
3. Band on the Run - Paul McCartney & Wings
4. Candle in the Wind - Elton John
5. Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
6. Horror Movie - Skyhooks
7. Hooked on a Feeling - Blue Swede
8. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
9. Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
10. Evie - Stevie Wright


I am going to do something different and add a list of ten songs calculated by the Randomiser of 5 hits and 5 culturally acclaimed songs from 1974. The random songs were derived from a random number generator and they will not count towards the countdown but allow me to write blurbs about each of the songs (a la Hijinx) over the next couple of weeks.

My list of songs counting towards the totals are:

1.Living in the 70s – Skyhooks
2.No woman no cry – Bob Marley
3.Evie (parts 1, 2, and 3) – Stevie Wright
4.Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
5.Rebel, Rebel – David Bowie
6.Ballroom Blitz – The Sweet
7.Take me to the River – Al Green
8.I honestly love you – Olivia Newton John
9.Bennie and the Jets (Candle in the wind) – Elton John
10.Farewell Auntie Jack – Grahame Bond

Bennie and the Jets and Candle in the Wind were double A-sides. If forced to choose, I would vote for Bennie and the Jets so Sir Elton is polling well in early counting.

The randomiser has gone for these songs. (doesn't count)

1.Long live love – Olivia Newton -John (87)
2.Phaedra – Tangerine Dream
3.(You’re) having my baby – Paul Anka (15)
4.Killer Queen – Queen
5.Mama’s little girl – Linda George (54)
6.Loving you – Minnie Ripperton
7.Like sister and brother – The Drifters (41)
8.Late for the sky – Jackson Browne
9.Sorrow – David Bowie (16)
10.Waterloo - ABBA

Blurbs to come in next week and a bit.

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Farewell Aunty Jack by Grahame Bond
Number 10 on my list
Number 6 1974 End of Year peak at number 1
Source: http://top100singles.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/amr-top-singles-of-1974.html#show
Why did I vote for this song? Otherwise, Aunty Jack would have ripped my bloody arms off.

Aunty Jack was a pioneering comedy show on the ABC that ran 1972-73. It is seen as the Australian answer to Monty Python’s Flying Circus although it appeared on Australian TV before the Pythons. It grew out of Sydney University’s Architecture Reviews in the 1960s in which Bond was a star performer.

The ABC originally decided to commission Aunty Jack as a children’s program to replace the Argonauts, which had been an institution. However, someone decided that a children’s program featuring a transvestite with a moustache was a big call and it became a comedy. As well as Bond, it featured Rory O’Donoghue and the second season added Garry McDonald. The show generated plenty of complaints as Aunty Jack would often use the word “bloody”.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Aunty_Jack_Show
Australian screen http://aso.gov.au/titles/tv/aunty-jack-series-two/clip2/
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs9ma5oHVbE
We're voting for tracks, not singles Keith so you could have both of those Elton John A-sides.
I'll see what Lifter says.

“Waterloo” by ABBA
Number 10 on the Randomiser List (doesn’t count)
Chart positions: 36 Australia EOY 4 peak 1 UK peak 6 US peak

Waterloo marked the end for Napoleon but it marked the beginning of ABBA. It was the title track of their second album and they won Eurovision in 1974 with it. Waterloo was voted as the best Eurovision song of all time in the 50th anniversary of 2005.

Waterloo was the first song to win Eurovision that was not in the native tongue of the performers. It had previously been in the rules that the song had to be sung in the native tongue of the performers.

It also marked a turning point in the history of Swedish pop music. Before 1974, no Swedish act had ever charted in the US or UK. Together with “Hooked on a feeling” by Blue Swede (number 1 in the US in 1974), Waterloo was the first big hit by a Swedish act overseas. Since then, Swedish acts have consistently charted overseas.

ABBA would go on to sell over 300 million records around the world and Waterloo sold six million copies.
Wikipedia Waterloo https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterloo_(ABBA_song)
Wikipedia Swedish pop music https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_popular_music
Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sj_9CiNkkn4

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You can indeed include both Eltons and bump out Grahame Bond if you want to Keith.
Ah, my year of birth..

1. Emma - Hot Chocolate
2. Radar Love - Golden Earring
3. Horror Movie - Skyhooks
4. Candle In The Wind - Elton John
5. This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Two Of Us - Sparks
6. Daytona Demon - Suzi Quatro
7. i Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton
8. Rikki Don't Lose That Number - Steely Dan
9. Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
10. Amoreuse - Kiki Dee
I'll keep Grahame Bond and just vote for Benny and the Jets as my sole Elton entry. My reasons are outlined beneath. TLDR: Voting for Bennie and the Jets 1974, Candle in the Wind more appropriate for 1997.

Song 9 my list Bennie and the Jets (Candle in the Wind double A-side)

Chart positions Australia End of year 34 peak position 5
Overseas Benny and the Jets #1 US #US r and b 15 #1 Canada
Candle in the wind #11 UK (1974) live version #5 US #6 UK (1988)
Candle in the wind 97 #1 world wide
Album: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)
Live in Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (1987)

Elton John released Goodbye Yellow Brick Road in late 1973 and the title track was released as the first single reaching number 4 in Australia in early 1974.

Elton John then faced a decision on what to have as the next single from the album. His preference was Candle in the Wind which was released in the UK and was a moderate hit reaching 11 on the charts.

However, in the US and Canada, the decision was made for him . Radio DJs in Detroit, Michigan and Ontario starting playing Bennie and the Jets and it became popular with r&b fans. As a result, Bennie and the Jets was released in the US and Canada where it reached number 1 on the pop charts. In Australia, it was released as a double A-side.

There has also been confusion about the title with Benny and the Jets used on the single version instead of Bennie and the Jets.

Candle in the Wind would be released as a single in later years. In 1986, Elton John toured Australia with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. There was a concert played live on ABC TV. A live version of Candle in the Wind was recorded and released as a single in late 87 reaching the top 10 on both sides of the Atlantic in 1988.

Following the death of Princess Diana, the song was rewritten with no lyrics. It became a massive hit going to number one all over the world and becoming the second best selling song of all time worldwide. For that reason, I believe that it would be more appropriate to vote for Candle in the Wind in 1997,and Bennie and the Jets gets my vote for 1974.

Source: Wikipedia Benny and the Jets
Wikipedia Candle in the Wind
Top 100 singles 1974
Top 100 singles
Video: Bennie and the Jets
Candle in the wind live in Australia

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Only 4 more days to get your votes in.
David Bowie Sorrow (9 on the randomiser list)
Chart positions #16 Australian End of year #1 peak Australia and New Zealand #2 Ireland #3 UK
Album: Pin-Ups
B-side: Amsterdam
TLDR: David Bowie’s only solo number one Australian hit was a cover version.

Sorrow was first performed by American band the McCoys in 1965. The McCoys are best known for “Hang on Sloopy”. English band the Merseys had a top 5 hit in the UK with their version in 1966. David Bowie recorded it for his “Pin-Ups” album which was recorded in 1973. Bowie’s version was a hit in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the UK but failed to make an impact anywhere else.

Sources: Wikipedia Sorrow https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sorrow_(The_McCoys_song)
Top 100 singles 1974: http://top100singles.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/amr-top-singles-of-1974.html#show

Videos: Sorrow (David Bowie)
Sorrow (The McCoys)
Sorrow (The Merseys)

Song 8 I honestly love you
Chart positions: 10 End of year 1 peak 1 US 1 US adult contemporary 6 US country 1 Canada 1 Sweden
Albums: Long Live Love (UK), If you love me let me know (US) Continental American (Peter Allen version)
Awards: Grammy Award for Record of the Year, Grammy Award for Female Pop Vocal Performance
TLDR: Olivia Newton-John’s first US number 1, co-written by Peter Allen. It is the first work by an Australian artist to win the Grammy Award for Record of the Year

“I honestly love you” was written by Peter Allen and Jeff Barry. Peter Allen also recorded a version and the song is featured in the “Boy from Oz.”

However, it was Olivia Newton-John who had the hit record with it and it topped the charts in Australia, the US, Canada and Sweden. The song also received plenty of airplay on adult contemporary radio and country stations in the US. It was only a moderate hit in the UK reaching a top position of 22.

The song also won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year making Olivia Newton-John the first Australian to win this award as well as the Grammy for best pop vocal.

Sources: Wikipedia I honestly love you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Honestly_Love_You
Top 100 Singles: http://top100singles.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/amr-top-singles-of-1974.html#show
Video Olivia Newton-John: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOyUUCJY6kE
Peter Allen I honestly love you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvnlJrUY5AI

Elton John - Bennie And The Jets
Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme
Olivia Newton-John - I Honestly Love You
Steve Miller Band - The Joker
Stevie Wright - Evie
The Hollies - The Air That I Breathe
The Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat
The Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New
The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz

just missed: Rock Your Baby
From now, on I will post the longish blurbs about my choices ( and the randomiser's) in the Songs of My Life thread. My votes will still be posted here.
Elton John – Candle In The Wind3
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama2
Skyhooks - Horror Movie2
Elton John - Bennie And The Jets 3
Stevie Wright - Evie 3
David Bowie - Rebel, Rebel2
The Sweet - The Ballroom Blitz 2
Olivia Newton-John - I Honestly Love You 2

It’s a 3 way tie between 2 Eltons and Stevie Wright so they all go to the tie breaker. Also vote for any of these decades. The 1970s is not eligible this round. Voting closes on the 26th.


My Votes.

Won't vote for any track until next Sunday in case of another tie.
Stevie Wright - Evie
Candle in the Wind kthnxbai
My vote in the nostalgia thread is as folloiws:

1. Evie - Stevie Wright
2. Bennie and the Jets - Elton John
3. Candle in the wind - Elton John

All would be worthy winners

The randomiser came up with 1977 which is in the forbidden decade. It is closer to teh 80s so 80s it is.
Candle in the Wind, and 1980s. 1987 if the 1980s get up.
Candle in the Wind.. 1990's for me.
Congratulations to Elton John's Candle In The Wind which has been voted our favourite Single from 1974 with 4 votes in the tie breaker including mine.

1980s: 3
1990s: 1
2000s: 1

The 1980s win decisively. Now vote for any year from the decade. Voting closes on the 3rd of July.

My Vote.
1987 for me
The randomiser has come up with the following numbers in order of preference.

1. 1989
2. 1981
3. 1980
4. 1985
5. 1983
6. 1984

My preference at the moment is for 1989.
nineteen eighty-one
Only 4 days left to vote. So far it's all tied up.
I will be going away tomorrow. However, as 1981 is second on my preference list, I will switch my preference to that year if we still have a tie. Otherwise I will stick with 1989.
I will stick with 1987 too, but will nominate 1981 as my second choice in the event of a tie
1981: 1
1985: 1
1987: 1
1988: 1
1989: 1

We have a 5 way tie but luckily 1981 got 2 2nd preferences so it wins.

Choose anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks of your favs from 1981. Voting closes July 10th.

My Votes.
MEN AT WORK - Down Under
PHIL COLLINS - In The Air Tonight.
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Only one song Liftie? Oh, the shame! heheh

1. Tainted Love - Soft Cell
2. Super Freak - Rick James
3. In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
4. Waiting for a Girl Like You - Foreigner
5. Fade to Grey - Visage
6. Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
7. Down Under - Men at Work
8. Wired for Sound - Cliff Richard
9. Boys in Town - Divinyls
10. Love in Motion - Icehouse

Well 2 now actually, I missed/forgot about In The Air Tonight.
1. Fade To Grey - Visage
2. Counting The Beat - The Swingers
3. Tainted Love - Soft Cell
4. Vienna - Ultravox
5. You Weren't In Love With Me - Billy Field
6. In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
7. With The Kids In America - Kim Wilde
8. Jealous Guy - Roxy Music
9. Unguarded Moment - The Church
10. Boys In Town - Divinyls
Billy Field - You Weren't In Love With Me
Carly Simon - Jesse
Christopher Cross - Sailing
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes
Loverboy - Turn Me Loose
Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now?
Ph.D. - I Won't Let You Down
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight
Roxy Music - Jealous Guy
Visage - Fade To Grey
1981 top songs
1.Down Under – Men at Work
2.Ghost Town – The Specials
3.Bette Davis Eyes – The Specials
4.Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie
5.Whip It – Devo
6.Start me up – The Rolling Stones
7.Physical – Olivia Newton John
8.Super Freak – Rick James
9.Ant Music – Adam and the Ants
10.In the air tonight – Phil Collins
Men At Work – Down Under3
Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight5
Rick James – Super Freak2
Visage - Fade To Grey3
Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes 2
Divinyls – Boys In Town2
Soft Cell – Tainted Love2
Billy Field - You Weren't In Love With Me 2
Roxy Music - Jealous Guy 2

Phil Collins wins with his Gorilla drum playing classic In The Air Tonight, congratulations.

Now vote for any of these decades. The 1980s is not eligible this round.
Voting closes 17th July.


I will save my vote for next Sunday.
As we have not had the 2010s yet, I think it should be that decades turn this round.

My first preference is the 2010s with the 1960s as my second preference and 1990s as my third.
2010s for me, and 2011 as the year
Only 4 days left to vote, there is still time to make a big difference.
1960s: 1
2000s: 1 (My Vote)
2010s: 2

The 2010s win. Now every decade has been featured in this game.
Now vote for your fav year from the decade. You can't vote for 2016 or later though as they either haven't finished or haven't happened yet. (Unless your psychic )

I won't vote until next week.
My first choice is 2015 followed by 2013 as my second preference and 2012 as my third.
Oh I missed the last round. 2011.
4 days left to get your votes in.
I will be going away for the weekend. I will stick with 2015 for the time being but I will be happy to vote for 2011 if that keeps the game flowing smoothly.
A 3 way tie between 2011, 2015 and my pick 2010.
However Keiths 2nd preference is 2011 so it wins.

Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 of your fav tracks from the year.
Voting closes 2nd August.

My Votes.
LINKIN PARK - Iridescent
CHRISTINA PERRI - A Thousand Years
NICKELBACK - When We Stand Together
GOTYE - Somebody That I Used To Know
COLDPLAY - Paradise
1. Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera
2. More - Usher
3. Inescapable - Jessica Mauboy
4. Don't Hold Your Breath - Nicole Scherzinger
5. Give Me Everything - Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer
6. Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine
7. Hit the Lights - Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne
8. We Found Love - Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris
9. E.T. - Katy Perry
10. Without You - David Guetta feat. Usher

1. SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW Gotye feat. Kimbra
2. VIDEO GAMES Lana Del Ray
3. HANGING ON Active Child
4. WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME Florence and The Machine
5. TONGUE TIED Grouplove
6. PUMPED UP KICKS Foster the People
7. LONELY BOY Black Keys
9. FEEL SO CLOSE Calvin Harris
10. LEVELS Avicii
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1.Rolling in the Deep – Adele
2.Somebody that I used to know – Gotye featuring Kimbra
3.Midnight City – M83
4.Lonely Boy – The Black Keys
5.We Found Love – Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris
6.Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5
7.Video Games – Lana Del Rey
8.Boys like you – 360 featuring Gosling
9.Pumped up kicks – Foster the People
10.The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars
Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime
Black Eyed Peas - Don't Stop The Party
Black Eyed Peas - Just Can't Get Enough
David Guetta feat. Sia - Titanium
Freemasons feat. Wynter Gordon - Believer
LMFAO feat. Natalia Kills - Champagne Showers
Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer - Give Me Everything
Rihanna feat. Drake - What's My Name?
The Naked And Famous - Young Blood
Wynter Gordon - Til Death
Definitely the hardest year to calculate, my favourite year in music. Thought I'd just keep it to ARIA singles though as it would get quite irrelevant if I didn't.

1. Jessica Mauboy (feat. Jay Sean) – What Happened to Us (shock?!?)
2. Nicki Minaj – Super Bass
3. Kelly Clarkson – Mr. Know It All
4. Alexis Jordan – Happiness
5. Jessica Mauboy – Inescapable
6. Paramore - Monster
7. Jennifer Lopez (feat. Pitbull) – On the Floor
8. Jessica Mauboy (feat. Ludacris) – Saturday Night
9. Cher Lloyd (feat. Mike Posner) – With Ur Love
10. David Guetta (feat. Jennifer Hudson) – Night of Your Life

Unlucky 11: Jessie J - Who You Are
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Naked And Famous – Young Blood2
Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know3
Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger2
Jessica Mauboy – Inescapable2
Pitbull & Friends – Give Me Everything2
Rihanna Feat Calvin Harris – We Found Love2
Lana Del Rey – Video Games2
Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks2
The Black Keys – Lonely Boy2
Adele – Rolling In The Deep2

Impressively enough Gotye is the only one that got multiple votes to get more than 2. Congratulations.

Now vote for any of these decades. The 2010s is not eligible this round. Voting closes August 7th.


No vote from me until next week.
Based on a random sample, I will vote for the 1980s followed by the 1990s.
1980s, as it was the biggest gap I could see within completed years
In the interests of closing the largest gap in the list, I will go the 1980s. 1988 being my first choice, 1989 my second
1980s: 3
1990s: 2 (My Vote included)

The 1980s have no problem winning this round.
Now vote for the year you want to see most. Voting closes August 14th.

My Vote. 1988.
The randomizer has gone for 1980 followed by 1989. Taylor Swift would like 1989 as well and I don't want any Bad Blood between us.

However, it is my prerogative to change my mind.

nineteen eighty-two
In order to ensure a consistency, 1988 is now my second preference.

My preferences now are:

1: 1980
2: 1988
3: 1989
1980: 1
1982: 1
1988: 2

1988 wins. Now vote for your fav 10 (or less) tracks from the year. Voting closes 21st August.

My Votes.

THE CHURCH - Under The Milky Way
FLEETWOOD MAC - Everywhere
CROWDED HOUSE - Better Be Home Soon
JOHN FARNHAM - Age Of Reason
YELLO - Oh Yeah
POISON - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
THE PROCLAIMERS - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
LOUIS ARMSTRONG - What A Wonderful World
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1. Motor's Too Fast - James Reyne
2. Age of Reason - John Farnham
3. Endless Summer Nights - Richard Marx
4. The Flame - Cheap Trick
5. Underneath the Radar - Underworld
6. Simply Irresistible - Robert Palmer
7. Kokomo - The Beach Boys
8. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car - Billy Ocean
9. Blue Monday 1988 - New Order
10. Hazy Shade of Winter - Bangles

1.Under the Milky Way – the Church
2.There she goes – the Las
3.Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
4.Simply Irresistible – Robert Palmer
5.Better be home soon – Crowded House
6.Teen Age Riot – Sonic Youth
7.Sweet child o’ Mine – Guns n’ Roses
8.What a Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
9.F*** tha Police – NWA
10.Where is my Mind – The Pixies
1. Breakaway - Big Pig
2. Underneath The Radar - Underworld
3. Under The Milky Way - The Church
4. Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby
5. The Flame - Cheap Trick
6. Wonderful Life - Black
7. That's When I Think Of You - 1927
8. Back To The Wall - Divinyls
9. The Perfect Day - Fisher Z
10. Never Tear Us Apart - INXS
Bros - When Will I Be Famous?
George Michael - Faith
Icehouse - Man Of Colours
INXS - Never Tear Us Apart
John Farnham - Age Of Reason
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up
Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody
Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible
Terence Trent D'Arby - Sign Your Name
Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now
The Church – Under The Milky Way3
Cheap Trick – The Flame3
Crowded House – Better Be Home Soon2
John Farnham – Age Of Reason3
Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World2
Underworld – Underneath The Radar2
Robert Palmer - Simply Irresistible2
Terence Trent D’Arby - Sign Your Name2
INXS – Never Tear Us Apart2

We have ourselves a 3 way tie between The Church, Cheap Trick and John Farnham.
To keep things going also vote for any decade listed below, the 1980s is not eligible this round.
Voting closes 28th August.


I won’t vote for anything until next Sunday in case of another tie.
Farnsy pls

1. Under the Milky Way
2. Age of Reason
3. The Flame

1. 2000s
2. 1990s
3. 1970s
4th 1960s and 2010s
Age of Reason
& 1970s
1. Under The Milky Way
2. The Flame
3. Age Of Reason

1960s. 1968 first choice, 1967 second choice
With 2 votes for both The Church and Farnsy it looks like I will break the tie and vote for The Church making them the winner for 1988. Congratulations.

With 1 vote each for the 2000s, the 70s and the 60s I will also have to break the tie here. Without much knowledge of the 60s and 70s the 2000s win. Now vote for your fav year from the decade. 2008 is not eligible. Voting closes 4th September.

My Vote.
No vote from me until next week.
Ok, 2002 is my first choice, 2001 my second choice
I did a random number selection for the years resulting in

1. 2007 (4 times)
2. 2004 (3 times)
3. 2005, 2002 and 2006 (1 time each)

twenty zero three
If the situation remains tied tomorrow, I will switch my vote to 2002.

2002: 1
2003: 1
2007: 1

With 1 vote each Keiths 2nd preference 2002 gets the win plus I'll vote 2002 also.

Now choose anywhere between 1 and 10 of your fav tracks from the year. Voting closes on 9/11.

My Votes.
AVRIL LAVINGE - Complicated
DJ SAMMY - Boys Of Summer
KASEY CHAMBERS - Not Pretty Enough
PPK - Resurrection
VANESSA CARLTON - A Thousand Miles.
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1. Chemical Heart - Grinspoon
2. No One Knows - Queens Of The Stone Age
3. Hate To Say I Told You So - The Hives
4. Breathe In Now - george
5. Without Me - Eminem
6. All My Life - Foo Fighters
7. Electrical Storm - U2
8. Catch - Kosheen
9. Get Me Off - Basement Jaxx
10. Karma - 1200 Techniques
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1.Without me – Eminem
2.No one knows – Queens of the Stone Age
3.Chemical Heart – Grinspoon
4.Hurt – Johnny Cash
5.A thousand miles – Vanessa Carlton
6.Clocks – Coldplay
7.Work It – Missy Elliott
8.Cry me a river – Justin Timberlake
9.A little less conversation – Elvis Presley vs JXL
10.Not pretty enough – Kasey Chambers
1. Blurry - Puddle of Mudd
2. Crush (1980 Me) - Darren Hayes
3. No Relief - Hannah
4. Gotta Get Thru This - Daniel Bedingfield
5. Kiss Kiss - Holly Valance
6. A Sorta Fairytale - Tori Amos
7. Murder on the Dancefloor - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
8. Heaven - DJ Sammy & Yanou feat. Do
9. Stop Calling Me - Shakaya
10. Complicated - Avril Lavigne

Not a brilliant year to be honest. But these were some of the great ones.

A1 - Caught In The Middle
DJ Sammy & Yanou - Heaven
Holly Valance - Kiss Kiss
iiO - Rapture
Kylie Minogue - In Your Eyes
Kosheen - Catch
Natalie Imbruglia - Beauty On The Fire
No Doubt - Hella Good
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder On The Dancefloor
Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
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Avril Lavinge – Complicated2
Kasey Chambers – Not Pretty Enough2
Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles3
Eminem – Without Me2
Grinspoon – Chemical Heart2
Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows2
Kosheen - Catch2
Johnny Cash - Hurt2
Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss2
Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Murder On The Dancefloor2
DJ Sammy & Yanou – Heaven2

A lot of double votes but luckily only A Thousand Miles ended up with 3. Congratulations.

Now vote for your favourite decade below. The 2000s is not eligible this round. Voting closes on the 18th.


No vote from me until next week.
The randomiser says:

1980s 4
1990s and 1960s 2 each
1970s and 2010s 1 each

So it is 1980s followed by the 1990s and 1960s.
1960s for me, 1968 my first choice, 1967 my second

Second choice decade: the 1990s
Late today due to the site having problems, having to do this from the Hitparade site.

1960s: 2
1980s: 1

The 1960s win, I would have most likely gone 90s or 00s anyway had I voted.

Now vote for your favourite year from the decade. 1960 and 1961 are not eligible. Voting closes on the 25th (Unless the site still has problems by then of course).

No vote from me until next week.
The randomised sequencer has come with the following order.

1. 1966
2. 1964
3. 1967
4. 1963
5. 1962
6. 1969
7. 1965
8. 1965
nineteen sixty-six
1966: 3
1968: 1

1966 wins with (almost) no opposition at all.
Now vote for anywhere between 1-10 of your fav tunes from the year. Voting closes on 2nd October.

My Votes.

THE BEACH BOYS - Wouldn't It Be Nice
THE BEACH BOYS - Good Vibrations
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1. Friday on My Mind - The Easybeats
2. These Boots Are Made for Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra
3. No Milk Today - Herman's Hermits
4. Bus Stop - The Hollies
5. Reach Out I'll Be There - Four Tops
6. Black is Black - Los Bravos
7. You Can't Hurry Love - The Supremes
8. Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
9. Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra
10. The Sound of Silence - Simon & Garfunkel

Not quite no opposition, I voted for 1968. But 1966 it is...

My list:
1. Reach Out I'll Be There - Four Tops
2. California Dreaming - The Mamas and The Papas
3. I Want, Need, Love You - The Black Diamonds
4. Hold Tight! - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich
5. The Sounds Of Silence - Simon and Garfunkel
6. Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
7. Eight Miles High - The Byrds
8. Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
9. The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Walker Brothers
10. Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats
1.Friday on my mind – the Easybeats
2.Good Vibrations – the Beach boys
3.River deep, Mountain High – Ike and Tina Turner
4.Paint it Black – the Rolling Stones
5.Reach out, I’ll be there – The Four Tops
6.Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine – The Beatles
7.These boots are made for walking – Nancy Sinatra
8.Eight miles high – The Byrds
9.Hey Joe – Jimi Hendrix
10.Spicks and Specks – the Bee Gees
Bob Lind - Remember The Rain
Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today
The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann
The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
The Beatles - Nowhere Man
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black
The Spencer Davis Group - Keep On Running
The Who - My Generation
The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations5
The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind3
Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made for Walkin'2
Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today2
The Four Tops – Reach Out I’ll Be There3
Simon & Garfunkel – The Sound Of Silence2
The Byrds – Eight Miles High2
The Mamas & The Papas - California Dreamin'2
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black2

Good Vibrations gets votes from everyone, 1st time in this game it has happened. Congratulations.

Now vote for your favourite decade below. The 1960s is not eligble this round.
Voting closes 9th October.


No vote from me until next week.
The randomiser says

1990s - 4 years
1980s and 2000s - 2 each
2010s and 1970s - each,

So it is 90s for me this round
1990s for me too.

1991 first choice, 1992 second choice, 1993 third choice
1990s: 2
2000s: 1

I would have most likely voted the 2000s but to keep the game going I won't vote so the 1990s win.

Now choose your fav year from the decade. 1996 is not eligible. Voting closes 16th October.

My Vote.
My preferences are in order

1. 1993
2, 1992
3. 1994
4, 1998
5, 1997
6. 1990
7. 1991
8. 1995
9. 1999
nineteen ninety-seven
1993: 1
1997: 1
1998: 1

It's a 3 way tie. To keep this game moving I will switch my vote to 1997.

Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from 1997. Voting closes on the 23rd.

My Votes.
THE WHITLAMS – No Aphrodisiac
MATCHBOX 20 – Push
RADIOHEAD – Paranoid Android
ELTON JOHN – Something About The Way You Look Tonight
DARIO G – Sunchyme
ELTON JOHN – Candle In The Wind 1997
JEWEL – You Were Meant For Me
SAVAGE GARDEN – Truly Madly Deeply
1. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden
2. Jellyhead - Crush
3. My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion
4. Do What You Please - Unique II
5. Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys
6. I Wanna Come (With You) - Real McCoy
7. Barbie Girl - Aqua
8. Coco Jamboo - Mr. President
9. Say You'll Be There - Spice Girls
10. Your Woman - White Town

1. Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve
2. Everlong - The Verve
3. No Aphrodisiac - The Whitlams
4. Freak - Silverchair
5. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
6. Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
7. It's Like That - Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
8. Song 2 - Blur
9. Prisoner Of Society - The Living End
10. Into My Arms - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds
1.Puff Daddy & Faith Evans (feat. 112) – I’ll Be Missing You
2.Natalie Imbruglia – Torn
3.Aaliyah – One in a Million
4.Janet Jackson – Together Again
5.En Vogue – Don’t Let Go (Love)
6.Mariah Carey – Butterfly
7.The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize
8.The Notorious B.I.G. (feat. Puff Daddy & Mase) – Mo Money Mo Problems
9.Monica – For You I Will
10.Toni Braxton – I Don’t Want To
Backstreet Boys - Everybody (Backstreet's Back)
Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden
Dannii - All I Wanna Do
Foo Fighters - Everlong
Jewel - Foolish Games
No Doubt - Don't Speak
No Mercy - When I Die
Savage Garden - To The Moon And Back
Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply
The Prodigy - Breathe
1. Paranoid Android - Radiohead
2. Tubthumping - Chumbawumba
3. No Aphrodisiac - The Whitlams
4. Bittersweet Sympathy - The Verve
5. Barbie Girl - Aqua
6. Song 2 - Blur
7. The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly) - Missy Elliott
8. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
9. Candle in the wind 97/Something about the way you look tonight - Elton John
10 Dammit - Blink 182
The Whitlams – No Aphrodisiac3
Radiohead – Paranoid Android3
Elton John – Candle In The Wind 19972
Elton John – Something About The Way You Look Tonight2
Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply3
The Prodigy - Breathe2
Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreets Back)2
Aqua – Barbie Girl2
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony2
Chumbawumba - Tubthumping2
Blur – Song 22
Natalie Imbruglia - Torn2

We have a 3 way tie between The Whitlams, Radiohead and Savage Garden with 3 votes each, now they enter the tie breaker. Vote for the one you want to win the most. In case of another tie I won’t vote until next week.

To keep the game moving also vote for the decade you want to see most. Voting closes on the 30th.

I also won’t vote for a decade until next week.
I will keep with Radiohead.

As for decades 80s followrd by the 60s, the 70s and the 10s
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Tie Break:
1. The Whitlams - No Aphrodisiac
2. Radiohead - Paranoid Android
3. Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply

Decades: 1970s, followed by the 2010s
I'm gonna say Savage Garden, naturally.
Tie: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Looks like Savage Garden wins for 1997 with 2 votes and the 1970s will be next. Congratulations.

Now vote for any of the following years. 1974 is not eligible. Voting closes on the 7th of November.


No vote from me yet.
1978 first choice, 1970 second choice, 1977 third choice
My initial preferences are:

1. 1975
2. 1970
3, 1976
4. 1972
5, 1973
nineteen seventy-two
With 1972, 1975 and 1978 all getting 1 vote each we have ourselves a tie. However, thanks to 1970 getting 2 2nd preferences, it wins making this the 1st time in the game where a 2nd preference wins the round.

Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 of your favs from 1970.
Voting closes on the 13th of November.

I'm in the awkward spot of not having anything to vote for so it's entirely up to you guys to decide who wins.
1. Lay Down - Melanie
2. Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon and Garfunkel
3. Let It Be - The Beatles
4. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
5. (They Long To Be) Close To You - The Carpenters
6. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
7. The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
8. All Right Now - Free
9. Eleanor Rugby - Zoot
10. Lady D'Arbanville - Cat Stevens
1. Lookin' Out My Back Door - Creedence Clearwater Revival
2. Venus - Shocking Blue
3. All Right Now - Free
4. Who'll Stop the Rain - Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. All I Have to Do is Dream - Bobbie Gentry & Glen Campbell
6. Wild World - Cat Stevens
7. Well All Right - Blind Faith
8. The Pushbike Song - The Mixtures
9. Wild World - Jimmy Cliff
10. In the Summertime - The Mixtures

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Down On The Corner
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door
Shocking Blue - Venus
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Simon & Garfunkel - El Condor Pasa
The Beatles - Let It Be
The Beatles - The Long And Winding Road
The Carpenters - (They Long To Be) Close To You
The Carpenters - We've Only Just Begun
The Kinks - Lola
1. Let it Be - the Beatles
2. Layla - Derek & the Dominoes
3. Turn up your radio - The Masters Apprentices
4. ABC - The Jackson 5
5. Paranoid - Black Sabbath
6. Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival
7. Bridge over troubled water - Simon & Garfunkel
8. War - Edwin Starr
9. Get Up (I feel like being a) Sex Machine - James Brown
10. (They long to be) Close to You - The Carpenters
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01 Diana Ross - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
02 Free - All Right Now
03 The Band - Rag Mama Rag
04 The Supremes - Up The Ladder To The Roof
05 Black Sabbath - Paranoid
06 Chicago - 25 Or 6 To 4
07 Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop The Rain
08 The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
09 John Lennon & Yoko Ono & The Plastic Ono Band - Instant Karma
10 The Beatles - Let It Be
The Beatles - Let It Be4
Simon & Garfunkel - Bridge Over Troubled Water3
Black Sabbath - Paranoid3
The Carpenters - (They Long To Be) Close To You3
The Beatles - The Long And Winding Road2
Free – All Right Now3
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door2
Shocking Blue - Venus2
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Who'll Stop The Rain2

The Beatles win, congratulations. Now vote any of the deades below.
The 1970s is not eligible this round. Voting closes on the 20th.


No vote from me until next week.
My vote is as follows:

1: 2000s
2: 1980s
3. 1960s
4. 1990s
2010s, then 2000s
With the 1990s, 2000s and 2010s all getting a vote each benji2's 2nd preference gives 2000s the win.

Now vote for your fav year from the decade. 2002 and 2008 are not eligible.
Voting closes on the 27th.

No vote from me until next week.
My preferences are in order

1. 2006
2. 2000
3. 2003
4. 2005
5. 2007
6. 2004
7. 2009
8. 2001
2005 1st choice, 2000 2nd, 2004 3rd
twenty zero three
2003, 2005 and 2006 are tied with 1 vote each but with 2 2nd preferences 2000 is the winner.

Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year you like most.
Voting closes 4th December.

My Votes.
VERTICAL HORIZON - Everything You Want
DARUDE - Sandstorm
VITAMIN C - Graduation
SASH - Adalente
WILLIAM ORBIT - Barbers Agado For Strings
SAVAGE GARDEN - Affirmation
DARUDE - Feel The Beat
1. Stronger - Britney Spears
2. Move Your Body - Eiffel 65
3. Toca's Miracle - Fragma
4. Lady (Hear Me Tonight) - Modjo
5. Don't Give Up - Chicane feat. Bryan Adams
6. Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) - Spiller
7. Everything You Want - Vertical Horizon
8. All I Really Want - Kim Lukas
9. Sky - Sonique
10. Don't You Worry - Madasun

All Saints - Black Coffee
Billie Piper - Day & Night
Britney Spears - Born To Make You Happy
Britney Spears - Oops!... I Did It Again
Chicane feat. Bryan Adams - Don't Give Up
Live - The Dolphins Cry
M2M - Don't Say You Love Me
Tina Cousins - Live & Breathe
Tina Cousins - Pray
William Ørbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings

just missed: Bye Bye Bye
1GROOVEJET (IF THIS AIN'T LOVE) Spiller feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor
2SOUR GIRL Stone Temple Pilots
3UNSENT LETTER Machine Gun Fellatio
6BOHEMIAN LIKE YOU The Dandy Warhols
7MY HAPPINESS Powderfinger
10SLEEP NOW IN THE FIRE Rage Against The Machine
My list is:
1. My happiness - Powderfinger
2. U2 - Beautiful day
3. Say my name - Destiny's Child
4. One more time - Daft Punk
5. Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus
6. Music - Madonna
7. Frontier Psychiatrist - The Avalanches
8. Yellow - Coldplay
9. Bohemian like you - the Dandy Warhols
10. Stan - Eminem
Coldplay – Yellow2
Vertical Horizon – Everything You Want2
William Orbit – Barbers Agado For Strings2
Tina Cousins – Pray2
Spiller Feat Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)2
Chicane Feat Bryan Adams – Don’t Give Up2
The Avalanches – Frontier Psychiatrist2
The Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You2
Powderfinger – My Happiness2

For the 1st time we have a massive 9 way tie between all the tracks with multiple votes that make the tie breaker.

Also vote for any of the decades below. The 2000s is not eligble this round.
Voting closes on December 11th.


No votes from me until next week..
Groovejet for the tie-break

1980s first choice, 2010s second choice
Groovejet pls
I'll stick with Powderfinger with the Avalanches 2nd, Coldplay 3rd and Groovejet in fourth.

As for decades, 2010s 1st, 1960s 2nd, 1970s 3rd and 1990s 4th.
Chicane for the tie-breaker

Groovejet wins as our top track from 2000. Congratulations.

With 1 vote each for 1970s, 1980s and 2010s Benji's 2nd choice helps get the 2010s over the line for the 1st time in this game.

Now vote for your favourite year of the decade so far.
2016 is not eligible even though there are only a few weeks of it left. Voting closes on the 18th of December.

No vote from me until next week.
I'm sure we have done 2011 already.

With that in mind, my votes in order are:

1. 2010
2. 2015
3. 2014
4. 2012
5. 2013
Yay. I was worried that Yellow would win, thus I voted for Groovejet after Benji's vote for it. Given hindsight I would have voted for Don't Give Up.
2014 1st choice, 2013 2nd choice
2014 wins thanks to Keith's preference.

Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year. Voting closes on Xmas day.

My Votes.

COLDPLAY - A Sky Full Of Stars
360 - Spiral Down
COLDPLAY - Midnight
COLDPLAY - True Love
ZHU - Faded
1. High - Peking Duk
2. Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars
3. Chandelier - Sia
4. Talk is Cheap - Chet Faker
5. Geronimo - Sheppard
6. Thinking out loud - Ed Sheeran
7. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance
8. Shake it off - Taylor Swift
9. Stay with me - Sam Smith
10. Fancy - Iggy Azalea
1. Magic - Coldplay
2. Lovers on the Sun - David Guetta feat. Sam Martin
3. Do it Again - Royksopp & Robyn
4. Big Girls Cry - Sia
5. Superheroes - The Script
6. Dangerous - David Guetta feat. Sam Martin
7. It Was Always You - Maroon 5
8. This is How We Do - Katy Perry
9. You & I - One Direction
10. Never Be the Same - Jessica Mauboy

(I still feel weird about having a Coldplay single as my EOY #1. lol)

Hmm at this stage we have 30 songs with one vote each.
Calvin Harris - Summer
Charli XCX - Boom Clap
Clean Bandit feat. Jess Glynne - Rather Be
Dami Im - Gladiator
Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones - I Got U
Echosmith - Cool Kids
Peking Duk - High
Sheppard - Geronimo
Sigma - Nobody To Love
The Script - Superheroes
1. Chandelier - Sia
2. Cosby Sweater - Hilltop Hoods
3. Faded - Zhu
4. Tripping The Light Fantastic - Ball Park Music
5. Talk Is Cheap - Chet Faker
6. My Heart Is A Wheel - Megan Washington
7. My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit
8. Roll Up Your Sleeves - Meg Macby
9. Pickles From The Jar - Courtney Barnett
10. Ultraviolence- Lana Del Rey
Clean Bandit Feat Jess Glynne - Rather Be2
Chet Faker - Talk Is Cheap2
Peking Duk - High2
Sheppard - Geronimo2
The Script - Superheroes2
Sia - Chandelier2
Zhu - Faded2

The good news is that we didn't all vote for different things.
Bad news is we still have a massive 7 way tie. They all make the tie breaker.

Also vote for any of the following decades below.
2010s is not eligble this round. Voting closes at the start of 2017!


My Vote.

ZHU - Faded.
Last edited:
1980s, then 1970s.

Tie Break:
1. Chandelier - Sia
2. Faded - Zhu
3. Talk Is Cheap - Chet Faker
Superheroes pls
My tiebreaker vote is

1. High
2. Chandelier -
3. Geronimo
4. Faded
5. Superheroes
6. Rather Be

As for decades
1. 2000s
2. 1960s
3. 1980s
4. 1990s
5. 2000s
With Chandelier, Superheroes, High and my vote for Faded all getting a vote each it comes down to preferences. Faded wins since it also placed both 2nd and 4th on others lists. Congratulations.

The 1980s win thanks also to preferences. Now vote for the year from the 1980s you want to see most.
1981 and 1988 are not eligible. Voting closes on the 8th.

No vote from me yet.

Also Happy New Year everyone.
My votes in order of preference are:

1. 1983
2. 1984
3. 1982
4. 1985
5. 1980
6. 1989
7. 1987
8. 1986
nineteen eighty
1985 1st, 1984 2nd, 1986 3rd
1984 wins thanks entirely to preferences.
Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year you like most. Voting closes on the 15th.

My Votes.
ALPHAVILLE - Forever Young
My favourite tracks from 1984

1. When Doves Cry - Prince
2. Original sin - INXS
3. How soon is now - the Smiths
4. Dancing in the dark - Bruce Springsteen
5. Like a Virgin - Madonna
6. Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen
7. Pride (in the name of love) - U2
8. Two Tribes - Frankie goes to Hollywood
9. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr
10. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat

1. Message To My Girl - Split Enz
2. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins
3. Careless Whisper - George Michael
4. Self Control - Laura Branigan
5. Don't Believe Anymore - Icehouse
6. No Say In It - Machinations
7. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ultravox
8. Wouldn't It Be Good - Nik Kershaw
9. Pride (In The Name Of Love) - U2
10. What Is Love - Howard Jones
1. Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
2. I Want to Know What Love Is - Foreigner
3. Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run) - Billy Ocean
4. Missing You - John Waite
5. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
6. What's Love Got to Do With It - Tina Turner
7. Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry
8. The NeverEnding Story - Limahl
9. Like a Virgin - Madonna
10. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

George Michael - Careless Whisper
Icehouse - Don't Believe Anymore
INXS - Original Sin
Kenny Loggins - Footloose
Kids In The Kitchen - Change In Mood
Lionel Richie - Hello
Mondo Rock - Come Said The Boy
Phil Collins - Against All Odds
Stevie Wonder - I Just Called To Say I Love You
Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark2
INXS - Original Sin2
Madonna - Like A Virgin2
U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love)2
Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters2
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy2
Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now2
George Michael - Careless Whisper2
Icehouse - Don't Believe Anymore2

Once again we have ourselves a massive 9 way tie for the tiebreaker, all with 2 votes each!
I encourage preference ordering since there is so many but this is optional.

Also vote for any of the following decades. The 1980s is not eligible this round.
Voting closes on the 22nd.


No votes from me yet.
My votes are as follows:
1. Original Sin - INXS
2. Dancing in the dark - Bruce Springsteen
3. Like a Virgin - Madonna
4. Pride - U2
5. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
6. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker
7. Hold me now- Thompson Twins
8. Don't believe anymore - Icehouse
9. Careless Whisper - George Michael

My decade preferences are
1: 1990s
2: 1970s
3: 2000s
4. 1960s
Tie Break:
1. Hold Me Now
2. Careless Whisper
3. Don't Believe Anymore

1. 1990s
2. 1970s
3. 2000s
A 9-way tie is ridiculous. MOAR people need to VOAT!

My prefs...

1. Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
2. Like a Virgin - Madonna
3. Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
4. Original Sin - INXS
5. Careless Whisper - George Michael
6. Hold Me Now - Thompson Twins
7. Pride (In the Name of Love) - U2
8. Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
9. Don't Believe Anymore - Icehouse

1) INXS - Original Sin
2) Icehouse - Don't Believe Anymore
3) George Michael - Careless Whisper

With 2 1st preference votes INXS are the clear winners for 1984 and the 1990s beat the 1970s 2-1.
Now choose the year from the 1990s you like most. 1996 and 1997 are not eligible.
Voting closes on the 29th January.
My preferences for years are:

1. 1991
2. 1992
3. 1999
4. 1998
5. 1994
6. 1993
7. 1990
8. 1995
Damn I've missed so much of this! I'll go with the birth year, 1998.
1991 1st preference
1992 2nd
1993 3rd
nineteen ninety-one
1991 wins easily with 3 votes to 1 for 1998.

Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year you like most.
Voting closes the 6th of February.

My Votes.

JOHN FARNHAM - In Days To Come
R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People
BRYAN ADAMS - (Everything I Do) I Do it for You
SCORPIONS - Wind Of Change
NIRVANA - Smells Like Teen Spirit
My choices are:

1. Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
2. Losing my religion - REM
3. The Horses - Daryl Braithwaite
4. I touch myself - The Divinyls
5. Unfinished sympathy - Massive Attack
6. Rush - Big Audio Dynamite
7. Enter Sandman - Metallica
8. Wind of change - Scorpions
9. Give it away - Red Hot Chili Peppers
10. The Fly - U2
1. (Everything I Do) I Do it for You - Bryan Adams
2. I've Been Thinking About You - Londonbeat
3. 3 A.M. Eternal - The KLF
4. Now That We Found Love - Heavy D & The Boyz
5. Cream - Prince & The New Power Generation
6. Here I Am (Come and Take Me) - UB40
7. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - C + C Music Factory feat. Freedom Williams
8. Sadeness Part I - Enigma
9. Love Rears Its Ugly Head - Living Colour
10. Rush Rush - Paula Abdul

Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Enigma - Sadness Part 1
INXS - By My Side
Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You
M.C. Hammer - Pray
Martika - Love ... Thy Will Be Done
Ratcat - That Ain't Bad
Screaming Jets - Better
Seal - Crazy
Simple Minds - Let There Be Love
1WICKED GAME Chris Isaak
7GIVE IT AWAY Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Darryl Braithwaite - The Horses2
Bryan Adams - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You3
Scorpions - Wind Of Change2
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit2
Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy2
Metallica - Enter Sandman2
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Give It Away2
Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You2
The KLF - 3 A.M Eternal2
Enigma - Sadeness Part 13
INXS - By My Side2
Martika - Love ... Thy Will Be Done2
Seal - Crazy2

It was tight but this time we only have a 2 way tie thankfully between Bryan and Enigma. They make the tie breaker. Also vote for your favourite decade from the 1960s onwards. The 1990s isn't eligble this round. Voting closes on the 12th.

No votes from me until next week.
My votes are:

1. Bryan Adams - (Everything I do) I do it for you
2. Enigma - Sadeness Part I

As for decades, we have done three years for each decade except the 70s and 10s. I therefore vote for

1. 70s
2. 10s
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
Sadeness Part 1

1. 1970s
2. 2000s
3. 1960s
Bryan Adams pls
Bryan and the 1970s win. Now vote for the year from the decade you want to see most.
1970 and 1974 are not eligible. Voting closes on the 19th.

No vote from me (yet).
My years are in order of preference

1. 1975
2. 1977
3. 1973
4. 1979
5. 1976
6. 1972
7. 1978
8. 1971
1. 1978
2. 1977
3. 1979
nineteen seventy-two
1977 wins thanks to preferences.
Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year you like most. Voting closes on the 26th.

My Votes.

My picks from 1977 are:

1 God Save the Queen - the Sex Pistols
2. I'm stranded - The Saints
3. Heroes - David Bowie
4. Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac
5. Living Thing - ELO
6. I feel love - Donna Summer
7. Psycho Killer - The Talking Heads
8. We will rock you /We are the champions - Queen
9 . My mistake - Split Enz
10. Hotel California - the Eagles
My birth year.

1. Daddy Cool - Boney M.
2. Help is on Its Way - Little River Band
3. Ma Baker - Boney M.
4. Psycho Killer - Talking Heads
5. Knowing Me, Knowing You - ABBA
6. My Mistake - Split Enz
7. Hotel California - Eagles
8. Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac
9. No Woman No Cry - Boney M.
10. Living Next Door to Alice - Smokie

1. Heroes - David Bowie
2. I Feel Love - Donna Summer
3. Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel
4. Hotel California - Eagles
5. Cold As Ice - Foreigner
6. This Perfect Day - The Saints
7. Don't Fall In Love - The Ferrets
8. I'm In You - Peter Frampton
9. We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions - Queen
10. The Kids Are Out Tonite - Supernaut
Carole Bayer Sager - You're Moving Out Today
Donna Summer - I Feel Love
Dragon - April Sun In Cuba
Eagles - Hotel California
Eagles - New Kid In Town
Electric Light Orchestra - Livin' Thing
Elton John - Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Julie Covington - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Little River Band - Help Is On Its Way
Lou Rawls - You'll Never Find Another Love Like Mine
I don't really feel like typing the whole table today as there is no need to.

The Eagles - Hotel California4

The Eagles easily fly their way to victory for 1977.

Now vote for any of the following decades. The 1970s is not eligble. Voting closes on the 5th of March.


No vote from me yet.
2010s is the only decade that hasn't had three years so 2010s.

My full preference is:
1. 2010s
2. 1980s
3. 2000s
4. 1990s
5. 1960s
1. 2000s
2. 2010s
3. 1960s
2000s beat 2010s 2-1 plus my vote would have also gone to 2000s so 2000s win no probs.

Now vote for your favourite year from the decade.
2000, 2002 and 2008 are not eligble. Voting closes on the 12th.

No vote from me yet.
My picks are in order of preference:

1. 2005
2. 2003
3. 2001
4. 2009
5. 2006
6. 2004
7. 2007
1. 2006
2. 2007
3. 2004
twenty zero three
2003 wins thanks to preferences.
Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year you like the most. Voting closes on the 19th.

My votes.
COLDPLAY - The Scientist
EMINEM - Lose Yourself
COLDPLAY - God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
DIDO - White Flag
COUNTING CROWS - Big Yellow Taxi
1. Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem
2. Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
3. Angel - Amanda Perez
4. I Miss You - Darren Hayes
5. Not Me, Not I - Delta Goodrem
6. Rise & Fall - Craig David feat. Sting
7. Bring Me to Life - Evanescence
8. Dream the Day Away - Candice Alley
9. Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake
10. Hole in the Head - Sugababes

My top ten from 2003 is:

1. Seven nation army - the White Stripes
2. Hey Ya - Outkast
3. Are you going to be my girl - Jet
4. Lose yourself - Eminem
5. Clocks (Royksopp Remix) - Coldplay
6. Bring me to life - Evanescence
7. Cry me a River - Justin Timberlake
8. Crazy in love - Beyonce
9, On my mind - Powderfinger
10. Nosebleed section - Hiltop Hoods
Just eight from me in a surprisingly lacklustre year:

Coldplay - The Scientist
Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life
Jennifer Lopez (feat. LL Cool J) - All I Have
Justin Timberlake - Rock Your Body
Robbie Williams - Feel
Simply Red - Sunrise
t.A.T.u - All The Things She Said
1. Hurt - Johnny Cash
2. Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
3. The Nosebleed Section - The Hilltop Hoods
4. Numb - Linkin Park
5. Mixed Up World - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
6. Danger! High Voltage!- The Electric Six
7. Love Your Way - Powderfinger
8. We Used To Be Friends - The Dandy Warhols
9. The People - The Music
10. Relapse - Little Birdy
1. Damaged (Antillas Radio Edit) - Plummet
2. Rhythm Bandits - Junior Senior
3. Boys Of Summer - DJ Sammy
4. Mobscene – Marilyn Manson
5. Give Me Your Love - Reef
6. Strength Of A Woman (Graham Stack Remix) - Shaggy
7. Be Faithful - Fatman Scoop
8. Outtathaway - The Vines
9. Slow - Kylie Minogue
10. I Like Love (I Love Love) - Solitaire
Coldplay - The Scientist2
Johnny Cash - Hurt2
Eminem - Lose Yourself2
Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You2
Evanescence - Bring Me To Life3
Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River2
The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army2
The Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section2

Yay, no need for a tiebreaker as Bring Me To Life is voted the winner for 2003. Congratulations.

Now vote for any of the decades below.
The 2000s is not eligble this round. Voting closes on the 26th.

My picks are:

1. 2010s
2. 1970s
3. 1980s
4. 1990s
5. 1960s
1. 1960s
2. 2010s
3. 1980s
The 2010s win thanks to preferences. Now vote for any of the following years below.
2011 and 2014 are not eligible. Voting closes on the day after April Fools.


No vote from me yet.
My picks are:

1. 2015
2. 2012
3. 2016
4. 2010
5. 2013
twenty twelve
1. 2013
2. 2012
3. 2010
2012 wins thanks to preferences. Now vote for anywhere between
1 and 10 tracks from the year you like most. Voting closes on the 9th.

My Votes.
TRAIN - 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
MAROON 5 - Payphone
COLDPLAY - Paradise
LANA DEL REY - Summertime Sadness
CHRISTINA PERRI - A Thousand Years
FUN. - We Are Young
LINKIN PARK - Burn It Down
My top 10 of 2012

1. We are young - fun
2. Elephants - Tame Impala
3. Thrift Shop - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz
4. Summertime Sadness - Lana del Rey
5. Call me baby - Carly Rae Jepsen
6. Battle Scars - Guy Sebastian featuring Lupe Fiasco
7. Pyramids - Frank Ocean
8. Bad Girls - M.I.A.
9. Breezeblocks - Alt-J
10. Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
1. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
2. Dancing With a Broken Heart - Delta Goodrem
3. Hall of Fame - The Script feat. Will.i.am
4. Turn All the Lights On - T-Pain feat. Ne-Yo
5. Amnesia - Ian Carey & Rosette feat. Timbaland & Brasco
6. Live My Life - Far East Movement feat. Justin Bieber
7. Wish You Were Here - Delta Goodrem
8. Are You Ready - Marvin Priest
9. Troublemaker - Olly Murs feat. Flo Rida
10. Good Time - Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

Clokx - Oddity
Coldplay & Rihanna - Princess Of China
David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj - Turn Me On
Foster The People - Call It What You Want
Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay - In My Mind
Katy Perry - Part Of Me
Rihanna - Where Have You Been
Rudimental feat. John Newman - Feel The Love
Seapony - I Never Would
Teen Daze - The Future
2GET FREE Major Lazer feat. Amber Coffman
3LAURA Bat For Lashes
4CLAIR DE LUNE Flight Facilities feat. Christine Hoberg
5ANGELS The xx
6SPECTRUM (SAY MY NAME) Florence and The Machine
7BORN TO DIE Lana Del Ray
9LITTLE TALKS Of Monsters and Men
10ELEPHANT Tame Impala
Flight Facilities - Clair De Lune2
Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness2
Fun. - We Are Young2
Tame Impala - Elephant2
Of Monsters And Men2
Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe2

Yay, another tie. 6 acts make the tie breaker.
Also vote for any of the decades below. The 2010s is not eligible.
Voting closes on the 16th.


No votes from me, yet.
My votes are:

1. We are young
2. Elephants
3. Summertime Sadness
4. Call me baby
5. Little talks
6. Clair de Lune

As for decades
1. 1990s
2. 1980s
3. 1960s
4. 2000s
5. 1970s
1. Call Me Maybe
2. Summertime Sadness
3. We Are Young
4. Elephant
5. Clair De Lune
6. Shittle Talks

1) Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe
2) Fun. - We Are Young
3) Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

1. Clair De Lune
2. Little Talks
3. Elephant

1. 1960s
2. 1970s
3. 1980s
Call Me Maybe and the 1960s win. Congratulations.

Now choose any of the following years from the decade. Voting closes on the 23rd.

My picks are in order of preference:

1. 1967
2. 1968
3. 1969
4. 1965
5. 1964
6. 1962
7. 1963
1. 1969
2. 1964
3. 1968
nineteen sixty-three
1969 wins thanks to preferences.
Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks you like most from the year.
Voting closes on the 30th.
My picks for 1969

1. Come together - The Beatles
2. Honky Tonk Women - Rolling Stones
3. The Real Thing - Russell Morris
4. Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
5. Space Oddity - David Bowie
6. Suspicious Minds - Elvis Presley
7. Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival
8. Je t'aime moi non plus - Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
9. I want you back - The Jackson 5
10. Many Rivers to Cross - Jimmy Cliff
1. I Can Hear Music - The Beach Boys
2. Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival
3. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies
4. Down on the Corner - Creedence Clearwater Revival
5. Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival
6. Maxwell's Silver Hammer - The Good Ship Lollipop
7. Wonderful World, Beautiful People - Jimmy Cliff
8. Israelites - Desmond Dekker and The Aces
9. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles
10. I Heard it Through the Grapevine - Marvin Gaye

1. Reflections Of My Life - The Marmalade
2. Man Of The World - Fleetwood Mac
3. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother- The Hollies
4. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
5. Dear Prudence - Doug Parkinson In Focus
6. Smiley - Ronnie Burns
7. Race With The Devil - The Gun
8. Time Of The Season - The Zombies
9. Better By You, Better By Me - Spooky Tooth
10. Badge - Cream
Wow, what a great year. I had more culling to do than expected.

Bee Gees - First Of May
Elvis Presley - In The Ghetto
Peter Sarstedt - Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)
Robin Gibb - Saved By The Bell
Russell Morris - The Real Thing
Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer
Stevie Wonder - My Cherie Amour
The Beatles - Something
The 5th Dimension - Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In
The Foundations - Build Me Up Buttercup
Russell Morris - The Real Thing2
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary2
The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother2
Marvin Gaye - I Heard It Through The Grapevine2

We have ourselves a 4 way tie, they make the tie breaker.
Also vote for any of the following decades below. The 1960s is not eligible this round.
Voting closes on the 7th May.


No vote from me, yet.
1. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary
2. The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
3. Marvin Gaye - I Heard it Through the Grapevine
3. Russell Morris - The Real Thing
My votes are:

1 Russell Morris - The Real Thing
2. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Proud Mary
3. The Hollies - He Ain't Heavy, He's my brother
4. Marvin Gaye - I heard it through the Grapevine ( a great song but more a 1968 song IMO)


1. 1990s
2. 1980s
3. 2000s
4. 1970s
5. 2010s
Last edited:
1. He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - The Hollies
2. I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Marvin Gaye
3. The Real Thing - Russell Morris
4. Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival

1. 1990s
2. 1980s
3. 1970s
Even with preferences we are still tied, this time between Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Hollies. In that case I will break the tie myself by listening to the 2 tracks and see which is better. In the end I preferred Creedence Clearwater Revival so it wins.

The 1990s win the decade vote.
Now vote for the year you want most. 1991, 1996 and 1997 are not eligible. Voting closes on the 14th.
1. 1994
2. 1999
3. 1993
Years in order of preference:

1. 1999
2. 1998
3. 1994
4. 1993
5. 1990
6. 1995
7. 1992
1. 1993
2. 1998
3. 1995
4. 1992
5. 1999
6. 1994
7. 1990
nineteen ninety-four
1994 wins. Now vote for anywhere between 1 and 10 tracks from the year you like most.
Voting closes on the 21st.

My Votes.
ELTON JOHN - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
RICHARD MARX - Now And Forever
BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - Streets Of Philadelphia
WET WET WET - Love Is All Around
SOUNDGARDEN - Black Hole Sun
LIVE - Selling The Drama
NIRVANA - About A Girl (Unplugged)
1. 7 Seconds - Youssou N'Dour & Neneh Cherry
2. Absolutely Fabulous - Absolutely Fabulous (Pet Shop Boys)
3. Secret - Madonna
4. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm - Crash Test Dummies
5. Right in the Night (Fall in Love With Music) - Jam & Spoon feat. Plavka
6. Always - Bon Jovi
7. It's Alright - East 17
8. Anything - Culture Beat
9. Tomorrow - Silverchair
10. Zombie - The Cranberries

1. Zombie - The Cranberries
2. Live forever - Oasis
3. Sabotage - The Beastie Boys
4. MMM MMM MMM MMM - Crash Test Dummies
5. Girls and Boys - Blur
6. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
7. About a girl - Niirvana
8. Shoop - Salt n' Pepa
9. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
10. Glory Box - Portishead
1. Hallelujah - Jeff Buckley
2. Confide In Me - Kylie Minogue
3. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star
4. Closer - Nine Inch Nails
5. Sabotage - Beastie Boys
6. Stay - Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories
7. Better Man - Pearl Jam
8. Sweetness and Light - Itch-E and Scratch-E
9. Zombie - The Cranberries
10.The Dead Eyes Opened - Severed Heads
1. Warren G - Regulate
2. Smashing Pumpkins - Today
3. Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
4. Rollins Band - Liar
5. Dinosaur Jr. - Feel The Pain
6. James - Laid
7. Liz Phair - Supernova
8. Des'ree - You Gotta Be
9. Blind Melon - Tones Of Home
10. P.M. Dawn - You Got Me Floatin'
Bon Jovi - Always
Boyz II Men - I'll Make Love To You
Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia
Corona - The Rhythm Of The Night
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
D-Ream - U R The Best Thing
Jam & Spoon - Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music)
Mariah Carey - Without You
Michael Bolton - Said I Loved You ... But I Lied
Phil Collins - Both Sides Of The Story
Bruce Springsteen - Streets Of Philadelphia2
Nirvana - About A Girl (MTV)2
Crash Test Dummies - Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm4
Bon Jovi - Always2
The Cranberries - Zombie3
Beastie Boys - Sabotage2
Nine Inch Nails - Closer2
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah2
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You2

Crash Test Dummies win with 4 votes. Congratulations.
Now vote for your favourite decade. The 1990s is not eligible this round.
Voting closes on the 28th. No votes from me yet.
The decades are ranked as follows

1. 1980s
2. 2000s
3. 2010s
4. 1960s
5. 1970s
1. 1970s
2. 2000s
3. 1980s

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