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Forum - General: TV Shows related - 1980s Top 100 on TV in 1990?

Way back in the beginning of 1990, I remember one of the tv stations counting down the AMR top singles of the 80's. Whether they played the whole 100, I'm not sure.
I used to have parts of it on a tape: Billie Jean, Lady In Red, Eye of the Tiger, Simply Irrisitable, Eternal Flame, Ghostbusters etc etc. Memory suggests they played a good chunk of it.
I am however wracking my brains trying to recall what program and tv station this was.
Rage would be the most obvious answer, though my recollection suggests it was one of the commercial networks.
Video Hits is a possibility.
I thought of Video Smash Hits on Ch 7... but actually I managed to see episode 1 of that recently, from the last weekend of Jan 1990 -it wasn't it.
Maybe one of the shows channel 7 was running before Video Smash Hits started?
Anyway, if anyone here has an extraordinary memory, or by brilliant luck fired up the VCR that morning twenty-six years ago, any knowledge would be much appreciated!
Countdown Revolution (ABC) did a "best of the eighties". I have no recording of it so I'm relying on my memory of 26 years ago too, but I recall it was in the usual half hour episodes, perhaps spread out over a week (the first week of 1990 possibly). I'm not sure it took the format of a top 100. Half an hour devoted to each year rings more of a bell.
They played most of the number ones you'd expect (Flashdance, Eye Of The Tiger, Total Eclipse Of The Heart spring to mind), plus California Girls by David Lee Roth for some reason.
It definitely wasn't rage, and I doubt it would have been Video Smash Hits (which never played a full chart).

I was an avid Countdown Revolution viewer, but for some reason don't recall seeing any of their 'best of the 80's episodes; but I know someone uploaded a screening of Mel & Kim's 'Respectable' from it to YouTube a few years ago. However, I doubt it would have been a top 100 of the 80's, as C.Rev used the ARIA chart, and no such ARIA chart exists that I'm aware of. Airing a selection of #1 singles from each year sounds more like something they could have done, though.
I actually remember something like this airing as well, now that you have mentioned it, but being only 9 at the time I might be making up false memories! It does ring a bell though.

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