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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts - AusCharts Countdowns Calendar - EOY's 2016

Hey guys. So last year/earlier this year was a nightmare to try and keep track of all the EOY countdowns from Aus Charters here on the forum, so I thought it would be a good idea to make a calendar so each person who is holding a broadcast (or even just revealing their 2016 EOY in list form) can nominate a date and time to lock in that timeslot.

Just post in this thread when you plan on revealing your countdowns and I'll add it to the calendar.
And be aware of course, that it will all culminate in the grand Aus Charts Combined EOY list held and compiled by Hijinx (probably around February)!!!

I love this time of year!!!
Mine is by 1 Jan - Top 100 list in one. Currently counting down my top 25 on Facebook, but the final list will be done by 1 Jan.
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Also, let me know what format the countdown will be in (list or broadcast etc.) and if it's a Top 100 or Top 50 etc. Also include any other relevant information to best demonstrate your countdown... basically what you want ppl to know about your countdown
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DayDateHostTimeTypeWhere?100?Aus Charts Chat?
DayDateHostTimeTypeWhere?100?Aus Charts Chat?
Sunday 1stVillagesCompleted    
Monday 2nd      
Tuesday 3rd      
Sunday 8thEffluvium1Completed    
Monday 9th      
Tuesday 10thantonnalanCompleted    
Sunday 15thHijinxCompleted    
Monday 16thClintonCompleted    
Tuesday 17th      
Saturday21stpopmusicity4:15 pm AESTBroadcastMixlrTop 100Yes
Sunday 22ndharleyrules1704:15 pm AESTBroadcastMRSTop 100Yes
Monday 23rdZacco3337:30 pm AESTBroadcastSpotify100-51 (Part 1)Yes
Tuesday 24thZacco3337:30 pm AESTBroadcastSpotifyTop 50 (Part 2)Yes
Thursday26thTriple J Hottest 10012:00 pm AESTBroadcastTriple JTop 100Yes
Saturday28thirelander6:00 pm AESTBroadcastMRSTop 100Yes
Sunday29thirelander6:00 pm AESTBroadcastMRSTop 100Yes

HostBroadcast link:

Completed lists: 
ChartGuruhttp://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=48198 (Currently running)
D Manhttp://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=47797

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I'll be going for the 11th of January at this stage. Top 100 starting at 3:00pm AEST (that's 12-noon for our WA friends) and it will be a broadcast on MRS. Stay tuned!
I was going to do a top 100 on January 22, but if someone else wants that date for anything that's fine
It's first in best dressed Harley

Everybody... make sure you answer these questions:
What date?
What time?
What type of countdown?
If broadcast... where is your countdown?
How many songs in the countdown?
And will you be using Aus Charts Chat through your countdown?

Details for mine are here: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=47832

To summarise:

Thursday 5th savagegrant 4:00 pm AEST (3pm Lifter time ;P) Broadcast MRS Top 100 Yes

MRS is myradiostream.com for anyone wondering.

Mine will be on the 23rd and 24th January, the two days after harley's. It'll most likely be at 7:30pm and I'll most likely be in chat while doing the countdown. And it'll probably be a Spotify broadcast like usual. 100-51 will be on the first night and 50-1 on the next night.
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Cheers for reminding me savage grant, I probably should have done a legend on streaming stations lol... remember to let me know your broadcast link when you have it...

Also, anyone who is planning on a December or February listing, I will add those to the calendar once you've nominated a date
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okay PMC, well I'll put a tentative start time of 4:15PM, on MRS, and yes to chat
Sorry forgot to mention I WILL be using chat.
DayDateHostTimeTypeWhere?100?Aus Charts Chat?
Saturday 31/12NationOfZealots~6pmListA-C/YTTop 100No

Naturally I do the countdown here however what are my options for creating a YouTube playlist that doesn't reveal the whole list and/or where can I upload these songs to, so everyone can listen countdown-style? Thanks in advance
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i am compiling my year end top 100 so can I just post mine and let it count towards the grand combined one?
No one replied, but certainly K8!

I'm thinking these details for mine:

Sunday Jan 15th, 6pm AEDST, Broadcasted on http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s6&p=14748 Top 100 with a-c chat!
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I would like 6th and 7th please!
If anyone wishes to do a broadcast but is not sure how, I've written a guide on setting up and running an MRS broddy here:


I'm going to lock in Sat 28th January please!

Top 100, 6pm AEDST, broadcasted on MRS with a-c chat also
List fully updated!
I'm so excited for these countdowns. And conveniently this list means I will try and attend all of them!

Tis the season for EOY's!!!!

Plus cheers for the tutorial link savagegrant. Making a list for the first time is daunting so that makes things easier for first timers.
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Having some fun learning how to broadcast, so I hope to be ready by NYE!

My stream link:

Also I will be starting from 5pm (my Top 100 clocks in at ~6h30m) so people can get out and enjoy NYE festivities and not miss what was #1.
Heads up!

We officially (with the exception of a select few who have completed their lists already) kick off the season of EOY's tonight with NationOfZealots broadcasting his Top 100 of 2016 starting at 5 pm. The link is in the above post of his just above this one... there will be an Aus Charts Chat sesh going during the broadcast so make sure u fire up your EOY celebrations by joining NationOfZealots for his 2016 EOY Top 100!!! 'Tis the season for countdowns! Get pumped!
Just a heads up, I may not be able to do my broadcast on the dates that I originally put down anymore. I'm not sure yet though, hopefully I can work that out in the next few weeks. If I do change the dates I'll post in here again
Thanks popmusicity for bringing this all together diligently, it's good to be able to plan when we can digest each others lists without missing others'.

Also just to let you know I am starting 5:30pm AEST sharp (total playtime is 6h19m55s) give you 10 minutes to get your fireworks ready
Hey popmusicity, I'm going to pull mine out of 1 Jan and try for 14 Jan if that's allgood I'm going to try and do a broadcast and I'll be in chat. Just trying to figure out the broadcast thing and bring my charts up to date in my 'Personal' thread.
No worries guys. I'll update everything soon
Very successful countdown bar an actual live broadcast, topic containing the full list is at:


Looking forward to hearing other countdowns as they happen, first time in A-C chat was pretty nice too
@Alley: All good! I've switched your time to the 14th of January... will you be using MRS to broadcast?

@Zacco: I'll leave your details as is I guess Zacco. Just let us know when u have a confirmed time for airing

@NationOfZealots: It's my pleasure to bring this together because every year I get confused about who's broadcast is when etc. lol. I'm sorry I couldn't join you last night but the booze was calling unfortunately.

@antonnalan: Could you let me know the details of your EOY so I can update your timing etc. Cheers

And i feel like there were a heap more EOY's last time around... Seems to have died off a little... If you are planning an EOY list, make sure you let us know here so we can slot it in for maximum benefit for you and everyone else. We love sharing each other's music!

Happy New Year everybody!

Keen for savage's countdown, which is next
Hey, yes MRS - my URL is:


Hopefully I have mastered the tech before this date

Thank you!
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I think there are more out there, some people just need some prodding

Also I believe villages has indicated he'll be posting his list in chat tonight
Cheers Jinx. I've added villages to the list as best I can...
Also much thanks for linking the finished lists in the top post too popmusicity. Haven't started collecting them for the combined yet, but it'll help a lot
Hi Popmusic!

I'm doing the 6th and 7th, NOT the 7th and 8th! Sorry to be pedantic!

Time: Maybe starting around 6pm each day
Type: Music broadcast
Where: I'll be on plug.dj or whatever the equivalent is (will attach link soon)

1st day: 100-50
2nd day: 50-1

Aus Charts chat? Yes, although my broadcast will have its own chatroom
@Hijinx: No worries Jinx. Anything to make it easier for that all important combined chart
I feel like Aus Charts is at it's best when we are all helping each other out and sharing our music lives which is why it's a great little community and this thread does both those things!

@antonnalan: u are absolutely not being pedantic... it's actually kind of important to get the date right lol. Sorry I had them wrong in the first place... and cheers for the updated details


Due to work commitments, my broadcast will NOW be happening on Sunday the 8th of January.

Same time, same details, just different date.

I will update when I get home from work tonight.

I will also add links to Chart Guru's current EOY countdown list, GavinScott's completed list and there were a few others I've forgotten off the tip of my head...
Also a heads up that D Man has posted his list in the "Best Songs: Full Year 2016" thread.

Unfortunately I have had an event pop up on the 6th ad 7th (completely out of my control) so I would like to have the 9th and 10th please! Same details! I hope this doesn't bother anyone!

just shifting mine from 6pm to 4pm start so it's not stupidly late when it finishes ~
Thank you so much! I personally despise changing pre-arranged schedules so I really hope this isn't an issue for anyone else (and hopefully I won't have to change again).
Well, I can say that I'm on schedule for Thursdays' broadcast. My EOY list is done and tonight I've dusted the cobwebs off my MRS server and got it working just noicely.

My broadcast link: http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s28&p=24752
Very keen for the Coldplay savage
I forgot savage's EOY was happening tonight I might be able to be here for pretty much all of it surprisingly
Hey y'all. I'll be firing up my broadcast in half an hour's time. For an hour I'll be playing some of the singles that made my EOY list but not the Top 100 portion. When the countdown begins I'll be posting the entries in the chat room as well. Hope to see you there!
If I know how to do one of these dam livestreams smoothly I would do mine, ive started posting my Top 50 on facebook....
The correct link for mine is:


Thanks to savagegrant for helping me out with this!

I will be looking at starting 4:00 p.m. AEST as well (6pm my time). Was quite cool listening and being in chat simultaneously.
I would've liked to do one tomorrow, but its prob too soon for people to see it?
Updated with the info u provided Eff and alley!

@tomfoxxy: were you looking to do a broadcast tomorrow?
Dates and times have been decided.

Part 1 #100-51 on Wednesday 11th at 4pm AEST/5pm AEDT.
Part 2 #51-1 on Thursday 12th at the same time

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@timfoxxy: I'm assuming there will be an Aus Charts chat happening as well?
Just replying to the question posed by popmusicity in my personal thread.

I don't have a set time where I will be revealing my Best of for the year. I don't plan to broadcast it or anything, just plan to post it in its own little thread bit by bit, like I have in the past. Starting with the Best of the Reality Chart (which I hope to reveal before the end of Sunday tbh) and then followed by the reveal of my Top 50 albums and Top 100 singles, in sections.

I plan to have it all revealed by January 18 though.

Kicking off at 3:00 pm this afternoon is the third broadcast in the season of EOY's, Effluvium1 will be delivering his Top 100 songs of 2016! The link to the stream is in the post at the top of the page and there will be an Aus Charts chat happening as well.
SO make sure you tune in for all of the 2016 music that floated Eff's boat!
Yeah booiiiiiii
Can I please change the times of my broadcasts to an hour later on both days? Thanks
Hey everyone!!

My broadcast will be on Dubtrack, a site where you can broadcast and play a preset list of songs and videos. You can, as a result, broadcast accompanying music videos from Youtube and there is also an inbuilt chat function. So while I will be sitting in Aus Charts, it would be best for all if you made a quick account (you can make one with your Facebook/Twitter account if you have one and feel open to do so and there is email also) so we could all join the fun and frivolity together.

My broadcast will start at 5pm with an hour of songs that missed my EOY and then #100-#51 will commence from 6pm.

Hope to see you there! Just click this link: https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/antons-2016-end-of-year-broadcast

Also, my EOY will be live posted and updated on my 2016 Personal Charts thread: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45672&pages=2
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Anton beat me to it lol. Part 1 of his EOY is tonight, followed by Part 2 concluding tomorrow night. All the details are in the above post!! Bring on broadcast #4!!
My broadcast begin in 25-30 mins, once the pre-show concludes. See you all there who isnt already!!

Tune in for the conclusion of Timfoxxy's EOY 100 tonight from 6 pm AEST (5 pm Brisbane time :p). Peppered with an eclectic bunch of pop/dance/electronic music and a dash of alternative in the first half of the countdown, the final 50 songs are sure to get the pulses racing as we surge towards his #1 song of the year!
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Thanks pop, its only 10 mins away now! Wonder if anyone will be here for it to begin....
Thank you everyone for coming! The full Top 100 is now up on the other thread See you all next time
I'm going to stake my claim on next Monday, the 16th! I'll still be figuring out how I'm streaming it, but it will be a full top 100 stream, and we'll start at 4pm AESDT. It goes for 6hrs and 10mins, so the top 50 if you want join later will be from roughly 7pm.
Hey unfortunately I am without a computer and therefore without all my music to do my broadcast so I'm gonna need to postpone at this stage. Hopefully can still do it just need to wait for my computer to be fixed. Cheers.
@Clinton: Sweet Clinton! Question though: Will there be a chatroom sesh going as well?

@alley: Awwww... Hopefully you will be up and running soon!

@timfoxxy: I enjoyed your countdown... for the parts I was there for anyway
Calendar updated!
@pmc: will definitely depend on the streaming service i use... will update on Sunday
as Hijinx & 392 pointed out to me, there is a slight schedule clash with the weekend of the 28th/29th January for me. We don't know when the JJJ Lower 100 will be scheduled for, and based on recent form it will likely be for that weekend.

PMC - can you please add me as a tentative for the 29th as well as the 28th, and then I'll amend whichever date once the Lower 100 gets announced?
@pmc: we will be chatting here! I will be providing a Youtube stream from 4pm tomorrow, see you all there for it (or here in an hour for jinx's )

Here's the YT link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5QAMXKaUGqWHLG7kBsmyBg/live
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If you've seen my thread you'll know, but just so it's confirmed in here, I will in fact be broadcasting on the dates I originally provided. I hope to see a lot of you in chat for it
Hey guys... I've decided to do my countdown as an entire 100 rather than in two parts... so it's now just tomorrow night/arvo starting at 5:00 pm AEST with a pre show streaming from about 3... cheers!

Woooooooooo!!! Today is my EOY broadcast day... and I'm planning a massive day ahead. From 12:30 pm Midday AEST it all kicks off, with a steady stream of music from last year's countdown and some personal favourites of mine to get the mood started. Then at 1:45 pm AEST the pre-show begins with songs that I loved but couldn't quite fit into my Top 100 before leading into the main event at 4:15 pm AEST when the Top 100 countdown begins!!!
The Top 50 will begin at around 7:20 pm AEST where I will take over the mic and deliver my thoughts radio announcer style... I hope my voice isn't too irritating
There will be sound grabs from some artists throughout the Top 35 and of course the chat will light up with some music games in which I've incorporated into all my broadcasts that the participants seem to enjoy... just to keep the chat from going stale is all!
Then once the #1 is revealed, we will go straight onto the post show with some brand new music I'm digging at the moment, including some just released tracks from Arcade Fire, personal favourite Rationale, Tinie Tempah/Tinashe, The Chainsmokers, Snakehips and even Sam and the Womp! just to name a few... so join in whenever you like because it'll be nigh on 12 hours of constant streaming for you to tune into at your leisure!
Can't wait to chat to you all this afternoon! Get KEEEEN!
I had to make a new stream URL so here it is http://myradiostream.com/harleystreams170v2, and also http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s42&p=27270 (for browser, if it works)

Both links are working but it's only letting you download the .pls link at the moment, I'll see if I can rectify it before tomorrow
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We are a go now! Stream is up after some bloody pesky hiccups!


About to start!!!
I'll be around today for my EOY, and hopefully, unlike last year, I won't show up late to my own broadcast either link works as I said, but only downloading the playlist seems to function for me http://myradiostream.com/harleystreams170v2 http://myradiostream.com/station/flashplayer.php?s=s42&p=27270
Starting at 4:15 with the EOY countdown itself starting around 4:55 (very precise I know)
So sorry I couldn't make it to your EOY broadcast PMC, I had other things happening that night I hope you broadcast the rest of it on another date because there's a 95% chance I'll be there
Posted it in my EOY thread already but thought I'd post it in here too. My EOY broadcast link:

I posted mine. Sorry it took me ages to complete as I was travelling a bit and put it on the backburner.

My Top 200 is here - hopefully can do a broadcast next time around

I'm interested, but is there a date set for the Aus-Charts combined countdown? Just curious
Nope, haven't even started adding it up (might do so next week )
So, do you have a date for the countdown yet?
Maybe actually! I've just been waiting for a few more lists, and it's just now 392's to go and he's broadcasting this week, so maybe Sunday 7 days from now I'll have it running??

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