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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Irelander's Hot 100! - 2017

Another year of [s]f[/s]logging my favourite 100 songs each week, and as always, enjoy!

IPAC 2017: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=48207
EOY thread: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=47922
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IH100 2016: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45700

Number Ones: 2009-2016

18-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun
23-Nov-09White Rabbits - Percussion Gun (2)
30-Nov-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life
7-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (2)
14-Dec-09White Rabbits - The Lady Vanishes
21-Dec-09Pearl Jam - The End
28-Dec-09Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (3)
4-Jan-10Pearl Jam - The Fixer
11-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash
18-Jan-10Dizzee Rascal - Dirtee Cash (2)
25-Jan-10Vampire Weekend - Giving Up The Gun
1-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (4)
8-Feb-10Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life (5)
15-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk
22-Feb-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (2)
1-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (3)
8-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - I Can Talk (4)
15-Mar-10The Model School - It's Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire
22-Mar-10Lily Allen - Who'd Have Known
29-Mar-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know
5-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (2)
12-Apr-10Deep Sea Arcade - Lonely In Your Arms
19-Apr-10Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work
26-Apr-10MGMT - Flash Delirium
3-May-10MGMT - Flash Delirium (2)
10-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn
17-May-10Two Door Cinema Club - Undercover Martyn (2)
24-May-10Local Natives - Airplanes
31-May-10Passion Pit - The Reeling
7-Jun-10Passion Pit - The Reeling (2)
14-Jun-10Jay-Z - D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)
21-Jun-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Dance The Way I Feel
28-Jun-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday
5-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (2)
12-Jul-10Vampire Weekend - Holiday (3)
19-Jul-10Yves Klein Blue - Digital Love
26-Jul-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat
2-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (2)
9-Aug-10Sally Seltmann - Harmony To My Heartbeat (3)
16-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
23-Aug-10Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (2)
30-Aug-10Grizzly Bear - Dory
6-Sep-10Grizzly Bear - Dory (2)
13-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle
20-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (2)
27-Sep-10Children Collide - My Eagle (3)
4-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (4)
11-Oct-10Children Collide - My Eagle (5)
18-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand
25-Oct-10Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand (2)
1-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic
8-Nov-10Operator Please - Volcanic (2)
15-Nov-10Cloud Control - There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
22-Nov-10Gyroscope - What Do I Know About Pain?
29-Nov-10Deep Sea Arcade - Keep On Walking
6-Dec-10Washington - Underground
13-Dec-10Washington - Underground (2)
20-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass
27-Dec-10!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (2)
3-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (3)
10-Jan-11!!! - Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass (4)
17-Jan-11The Novocaines - Adhere To
24-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro
31-Jan-11Kings of Leon - Pyro (2)
7-Feb-11The Novocaines - Adhere To (2)
14-Feb-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
21-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo
28-Feb-11Foo Fighters - White Limo (2)
7-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (2)
14-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (3)
21-Mar-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (4)
28-Mar-11Lykke Li - Get Some
4-Apr-11Eddie Vedder - Longing To Belong
11-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (5)
18-Apr-11Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias (6)
25-Apr-11Quiet Child - Underage & Well Behaved
2-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight
9-May-11Friendly Fires - Live Those Days Tonight (2)
16-May-11Children Collide - Loveless
23-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (2)
30-May-11Children Collide - Loveless (3)
6-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep
13-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (2)
20-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (3)
27-Jun-11Adele - Rolling In The Deep (4)
4-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar
11-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (2)
18-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (3)
25-Jul-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (4)
1-Aug-11Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (5)
8-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look
15-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (2)
22-Aug-11Metronomy - The Look (3)
29-Aug-11Metronomy - The Bay
5-Sep-11Taking Back Sunday - Sad Savior
12-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis
19-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (2)
26-Sep-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (3)
3-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls
10-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (2)
17-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (4)
24-Oct-11Kanye West & Jay-Z ft. Otis Redding - Otis (5)
31-Oct-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (3)
7-Nov-11Deep Sea Arcade - Girls (4)
14-Nov-11Children Collide - Asleep On My Feet
21-Nov-11Woe & Flutter - Cities Of The Red Night
28-Nov-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You
5-Dec-11Geoffrey O'Connor - Whatever Leads Me To You (2)
12-Dec-11Gotye ft. Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know
19-Dec-11Boy - Waitress
26-Dec-11Boy - Waitress (2)
2-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (3)
9-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (4)
16-Jan-12Boy - Little Numbers
23-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (5)
30-Jan-12Boy - Waitress (6)
6-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (7)
13-Feb-12Boy - Waitress (8)
20-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam
27-Feb-12Deep Sea Arcade - Steam (2)
5-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down
12-Mar-12The Charge - Follow Me Down (2)
19-Mar-12Boy - Waitress (9)
26-Mar-12Boy - Drive Darling
2-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine?
9-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (2)
16-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (3)
23-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (4)
30-Apr-12Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? (5)
7-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On
14-May-12SBTRKT ft. Sampha - Hold On (2)
21-May-12Django Django - Default
28-May-12Django Django - Default (2)
4-Jun-12Django Django - Default (3)
11-Jun-12Django Django - Default (4)
18-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American
25-Jun-12Portugal. The Man - So American (2)
2-Jul-12Portugal. The Man - So American (3)
9-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone
16-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (2)
23-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (3)
30-Jul-12Firehorse - If You Don't Want To Be Alone (4)
6-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta
13-Aug-12Yeasayer - Henrietta (2)
20-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again
27-Aug-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (2)
3-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (3)
10-Sep-12Grizzly Bear - Yet Again (4)
17-Sep-12Loon Lake - Fantastica
24-Sep-12Redcoats - Raven
1-Oct-12Redcoats - Raven (2)
8-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby
15-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (2)
22-Oct-12Grinspoon - Passerby (3)
29-Oct-12Muse - Panic Station
5-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground
12-Nov-12Grinspoon - Battleground (2)
19-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick!
26-Nov-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (2)
3-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (3)
10-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (4)
17-Dec-12The Magnetic Fields - Quick! (5)
24-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness
31-Dec-12Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (2)
7-Jan-13Wave Machines - I Hold Loneliness (3)
14-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace
21-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (2)
28-Jan-13The Soft Pack - Captain Ace (3)
4-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound
11-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (2)
18-Feb-13Of Monsters and Men - Mountain Sound (3)
25-Feb-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You
4-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (2)
11-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (3)
18-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (4)
25-Mar-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (5)
1-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (6)
8-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (7)
15-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (8)
22-Apr-13Bear In Heaven - The Reflection Of You (9)
29-Apr-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine
6-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (2)
13-May-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (3)
20-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature
27-May-13I Know The Chief - Creature (2)
3-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (4)
10-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (5)
17-Jun-13Midnight Juggernauts - Ballad of the War Machine (6)
24-Jun-13Washed Out - It All Feels Right
1-Jul-13Arctic Monkeys - Do I Wanna Know?
8-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action
15-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (2)
22-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (3)
29-Jul-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (4)
5-Aug-13Franz Ferdinand - Right Action (5)
12-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street
19-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (2)
26-Aug-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (3)
2-Sep-13Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Jubilee Street (4)
9-Sep-13Franz Ferdinand - Love Illumination
16-Sep-13Davey Lane - You're The Cops, I'm The Crime
23-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor
30-Sep-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (2)
7-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (3)
14-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (4)
21-Oct-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (5)
28-Oct-13The Jungle Giants - Home
4-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (6)
11-Nov-13Arcade Fire - Reflektor (7)
18-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye
25-Nov-13Franz Ferdinand - Evil Eye (2)
2-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart
9-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (2)
16-Dec-13The Fratellis - Rock N Roll Will Break Your Heart (3)
23-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini
30-Dec-13Obits - Operation Bikini (2)
6-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (3)
13-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (4)
20-Jan-14Obits - Operation Bikini (5)
27-Jan-14Run The Jewels - A Christmas Fucking Miracle
3-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold)
10-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (2)
17-Feb-14A$AP Rocky - Hell (ft. Santigold) (3)
24-Feb-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You
3-Mar-14Holy Holy - Impossible Like You (2)
10-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters
17-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (2)
24-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (3)
31-Mar-14Metronomy - Love Letters (4)
7-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life
14-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (2)
21-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (3)
28-Apr-14Temples - Colours To Life (4)
5-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (5)
12-May-14Temples - Colours To Life (6)
19-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It
26-May-14Run The Jewels - Get It (2)
2-Jun-14Run The Jewels - Get It (3)
9-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures
16-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (2)
23-Jun-14Plague Vendor - Black Sap Scriptures (3)
30-Jun-14DZ Deathrays - Keep Myself On Edge
7-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year
14-Jul-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (2)
21-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash
28-Jul-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (2)
4-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (3)
11-Aug-14Pulled Apart By Horses - Hot Squash (4)
18-Aug-14ScHoolboy Q - Man of the Year (3)
25-Aug-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys
1-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (2)
8-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (3)
15-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (4)
22-Sep-14Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys (5)
29-Sep-14Vic Mensa - Down On My Luck
6-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace
13-Oct-14The Antlers - Palace (2)
20-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast
27-Oct-14The Love Junkies - In the Belly of My Beast (2)
3-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper
10-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (2)
17-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (3)
24-Nov-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (4)
1-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (5)
8-Dec-14Jonathan Boulet - Creeper (6)
15-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light
22-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (2)
29-Dec-14Dry the River - Everlasting Light (3)
5-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville
12-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (2)
19-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (3)
26-Jan-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (4)
2-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (5)
9-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (6)
16-Feb-15Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Shitsville (7)
23-Feb-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Ray Gun (ft. DOOM)
2-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown)
9-Mar-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Six Degrees (ft. Danny Brown) (2)
16-Mar-15Catfish and the Bottlemen - Pacifier
23-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen
30-Mar-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (2)
6-Apr-15Tame Impala - Let It Happen (3)
13-Apr-15Mew - Satellites
20-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (2)
27-Apr-15Mew - Satellites (3)
4-May-15Mew - Satellites (4)
11-May-15BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah - Food
18-May-15Foam - Oil Well
25-May-15Foam - Oil Well (2)
1-Jun-15Nick Hill - Know This
8-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers
15-Jun-15The Ocean Party - Charters Towers (2)
22-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here
29-Jun-15Boy - We Were Here (2)
6-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (3)
13-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (4)
20-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (5)
27-Jul-15Boy - We Were Here (6)
3-Aug-15Boy - We Were Here (7)
10-Aug-15Django Django - Found You
17-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (2)
24-Aug-15Django Django - Found You (3)
31-Aug-15FIDLAR - West Coast
7-Sep-15FIDLAR - West Coast (2)
14-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy
21-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (2)
28-Sep-15Wolf Alice - Fluffy (3)
5-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk
12-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (2)
19-Oct-15Wolf Alice - Silk (3)
26-Oct-15Boy - Fear
2-Nov-15Metric - The Shade
9-Nov-15Metric - The Shade (2)
16-Nov-15Drake - Hotline Bling
23-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine
30-Nov-15Beach Baby - Limousine (2)
7-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (3)
14-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (4)
21-Dec-15Olympia - Tourists
28-Dec-15Beach Baby - Limousine (5)
4-Jan-16Beach Baby - Limousine (6)
11-Jan-16Heron Oblivion - Oriar
18-Jan-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon
25-Jan-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon (2)
1-Feb-16Car Seat Headrest - Something Soon (3)
8-Feb-16Dumbo Gets Mad - Andromedian Girl
15-Feb-16Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher
22-Feb-16Sunflower Bean - Wall Watcher (2)
29-Feb-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner
7-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (2)
14-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (3)
21-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (4)
28-Mar-16The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner (5)
4-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man
11-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (2)
18-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (3)
25-Apr-16Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Astonished Man (4)
2-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner
9-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (2)
16-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (3)
23-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (4)
30-May-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (5)
6-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (6)
13-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (7)
20-Jun-16The Last Shadow Puppets - Miracle Aligner (8)
27-Jun-16The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
4-Jul-16Autolux - Change My Head
11-Jul-16The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM) (2)
18-Jul-16Teleman - Düsseldorf
25-Jul-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (2)
1-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (3)
8-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (4)
15-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (5)
22-Aug-16Teleman - Düsseldorf (6)
29-Aug-16Crystal Castles - Char
5-Sep-16Crystal Castles - Char (2)
12-Sep-16Crystal Castles - Char (3)
19-Sep-16Glass Animals - Life Itself
26-Sep-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times
3-Oct-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times (2)
10-Oct-16Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam - A 1000 Times (3)
17-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
24-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (2)
31-Oct-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (3)
7-Nov-16Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (4)
14-Nov-16Sleigh Bells - I Can Only Stare
21-Nov-16Temples - Certainty
28-Nov-16Temples - Certainty (2)
5-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (3)
12-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (4)
19-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (5)
26-Dec-16Temples - Certainty (6)

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Number Ones: 2017

2-Jan-17Temples - Certainty (7)
9-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good
16-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good (2)
23-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good (3)
30-Jan-17Warpaint - So Good (4)
6-Feb-17Peter Doherty - Down for the Outing
13-Feb-17Peter Doherty - Down for the Outing (2)
20-Feb-17Warpaint - So Good (5)
27-Feb-17The Jungle Giants - Feel the Way I Do
6-Mar-17The Jungle Giants - Feel the Way I Do (2)

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Chart Statistics

Most entries by country

6New Zealand30

Also tied in 9th: Norway

Most entries by Australian State

1New South Wales305
4Western Australia121
5South Australia25
8Northern Territory1

Most weeks at #1

 Bear In HeavenThe Reflection of You20139
3The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner20168
4Arcade FireReflektor20137
 Freddie Gibbs & MadlibShitsville20157
 BoyWe Were Here20157
8Those Dancing DaysFuckarias20116
 Midnight JuggernautsBallad of the War Machine20136
 TemplesColours To Life20146
 Jonathan BouletCreeper20146
 Beach BabyLimousine20156
14Friendly FiresKiss of Life20095
 Children CollideMy Eagle20105
 Aloe BlaccI Need A Dollar20115
 Kanye West & Jay-ZOtis (ft. Otis Redding)20115
 Arctic MonkeysR U Mine?20125
 The Magnetic FieldsQuick!20125
 Franz FerdinandRight Action20135

Also tied in 14th: Obits - Operation Bikini, Every Time I Die - Decayin' With The Boys, The Dead Weather - Impossible Winner, Warpaint - So Good

Most entries by artist (not including credits)

1Franz Ferdinand24
3The Love Junkies20
4Friendly Fires19
 Kings of Leon19
 Taking Back Sunday19
 Two Door Cinema Club19
8Vampire Weekend18
9Children Collide17
 Deep Sea Arcade17
 Django Django17
13Arctic Monkeys16
 British India16
 Pearl Jam16
17Darwin Deez15
 Tame Impala15

Also tied in 17th: The Vasco Era, White Rabbits

# of debuts per week:

Above stats up-to-date as at & including 20 February
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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 2/1/17
Edition No.373
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The new year has only brought a new #1 on two previous occasions, and although this year was close to becoming the third instance, it simply wasn't to be. Temples celebrate seven weeks on top with "Certainty".

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are continuing to build a loyal fanbase and as their ninth album is due for release this year, I was keen to hear the two tracks currently available from it. I'm pleased to report that I absolutely adore the epic "Rattlesnake", which debuts at #3. This is the band's third entry to date, following 2014's #31-peaker "Cellophane" and 2016's #68-peaker "Gamma Knife".

Perhaps if I had heard of them earlier PUP could have been my 2016 FIDLAR. It's not too late to give "DVP" some recognition, however, and it debuts at #44 as their first entry thus far.

This isn't Boots' first entry on the cha- oh wait I never charted "Early". Having said that he did contribute previously as the producer for Autolux's album "Pussy's Dead" which featured 2 chart entries last year. Run The Jewels, however, make this their 12th entry to date. If you haven't figured it out already, "2100" is the song and #50 is the position.

I turned down this song a while back in favour of "What If I Go?" and although this is still inferior imo, it has ended up charting in Australia and now I like it more Mura Masa now has two entries with "Love$ick" in at #61. Although I'm skeptical it's apparently A$AP Rocky's first ever chart entry as a featured artist, following 13 solo entries as the main artist.

Nine Inch Nails recently released an EP with some fanfare and while originally it was hard to pick a favourite at first, I've settled on "Dear World," which enters at #88 as their second entry to date.

And J. Cole comes in at #94 for his first solo entry and second overall with "Deja Vu". It has been a long time between drinks for the American rapper, whose previous entry came all the way back in 2010 as a credit on Jay-Z's "A Star Is Born".

2472 WarpaintSo Good
3NEW13 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4584 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
5262 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
6362 TanukichanRadiolove
72047 Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
8767 WarpaintDre
9868 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
10663 of MontrealLet's Relate
1111811 Methyl EthelNo. 28
12331512 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
1310610 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
1429414 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
1513613 Kings of LeonReverend
1618316 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
1791011Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
1812148 Kings of LeonWALLS
1917317 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
2014177 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
21151714Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
2224722 TOYI'm Still Believing
2316112 Cloud NothingsModern Act
2419167 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
2521717 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
2623162 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
27221215 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
2839628 HuskyLate Night Store
29251216 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
30271715 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
3126821 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
3228109 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
33343211Glass AnimalsLife Itself
3431631 Sleigh BellsLighting Turns Sawdust Gold
3530627 Vallis AlpsFading
363283 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
3737237 WarpaintDon't Let Go
38361513Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
3935824 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
4042632 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
4148241 Cloud NothingsInternal World
4241441 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
4340725 JawsRight in Front of Me
4538173 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
4645645 The xxOn Hold
4743132 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
4846538 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
4944188 Slow ClubIn Waves
50NEW150 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
5147182 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
5250137 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
5349649 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
54761427 WAAXThis Everything
5559255 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
56533818The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
5757653 WAAXSame Same
58511024 Charles BradleyGood To Be Back Home
59521318 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
6054929 clipping.Air 'Em Out
61NEW161 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
62551716 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
63562313Crystal CastlesChar
64631228 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
65612516 MitskiYour Best American Girl
6658549 FlumeHeater
67661137 The ChainsmokersAll We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
68651034 The PanicsWeatherman
6960658 Gretta RayDrive
7085270 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
71641115 Danny BrownAin't It Funny
72621619 PassengerAnywhere
7368238 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
7467748 LVL UPPain
7571193 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
7669299 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
77731022 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
7877926 The KillsBlack Tar
79787212FIDLARWest Coast
8070639 Cymbals Eat GuitarsBeam
81791542 SwansFinally, Peace
8280680 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
8375253 M. WardTemptation
8472272 A Tribe Called QuestSolid Wall Of Sound (ft. Jack White, Elton John & Busta Rhymes)
85821140 ANOHNIMarrow
86841155 FonoFeet On The Ground
88NEW188 Nine Inch NailsDear World,
8996389 Bruno Mars24K Magic
9081272 Middle KidsEdge of Town
91882227 Glass AnimalsYouth
9289676 Kid CudiSurfin' (ft. Pharrell Williams)
9392681 The Radio Dept.This Thing Was Bound To Happen
94NEW194 J. ColeDeja Vu
95831140 Massive AttackThe Spoils (ft. Hope Sandoval)
9687678 DoeSincere
97973112The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
9886267 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
99991153 Lady GagaPerfect Illusion
100951815 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover

90383 Childish GambinoRedbone
91569 LadyhawkeLet It Roll
93293 WarpaintAbove Control
94278 ThundamentalsThink About It (ft. Peta & The Wolves)
98586 TelemanDrop Out
100205 Alex LaheyIvy League
Was wondering how long until Love$ick debuted here, I thought it was only a matter of time Great to see it in! I also like seeing Noise Pollution move up, I didn't realise you were already charting it but that is understandable given I didn't know of it until just over a week ago
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 9/1/17
Edition No.374
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Temples' reign has ended, with Warpaint finally snatching top spot!

Danny Brown grabs the first debut of the week with a song that I still refuse to believe is him. "Tell Me What I Don't Know" enters at #9.

"American Band" is an interesting album but as it is a sound I rarely listen to I had to pick out a few favourites. Hence, Drive-By Truckers enter for the first time ever with "What It Means" at #13.

I'm not sure if the typo is intentional or not But for anyone who remembers "My Friend Dario" released nearly 12 years ago, the man behind it Vitalic is back with a new record and enters for the first time with "Use It or Loose It" at #23.

Also a first-timer, Joey Purp enters at #31 with "Girls @", featuring Chance the Rapper, who is definitely not a first-timer.

Two entries towards the bottom to round out the week. After seeing it trashed on TSJ, the penultimate entry is "Little Something" by UK band The Amazons at #74.

And lastly, I've been listening to plenty of albums I didn't get to in 2016, and was quite impressed by Car Seat Headrest's track "1937 State Park". It's his 3rd entry to date and comes in at #82.

12811WarpaintSo Good
3323 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4754 Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
5572 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
6494 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
7672 TanukichanRadiolove
81458 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
9NEW19 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
1016410 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
11877 WarpaintDre
1211911 Methyl EthelNo. 28
13NEW113 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
14121612 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
1515713 Kings of LeonReverend
16978 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
171073 of MontrealLet's Relate
1813710 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
19171111Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
2018158 Kings of LeonWALLS
2128721 HuskyLate Night Store
2220187 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
23NEW123 VitalicUse It or Loose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
2422822 TOYI'm Still Believing
25211814Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
2625817 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
27271315 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
2819417 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
2924177 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
3023122 Cloud NothingsModern Act
31NEW131 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3226172 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
33291316 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
3444234 PUPDVP
35301815 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
3632119 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
3735727 Vallis AlpsFading
3834731 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
3948638 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
4031921 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
41333311Glass AnimalsLife Itself
4237337 WarpaintDon't Let Go
4340732 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
443693 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
4550245 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
4670346 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
4761247 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
48381613Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
4941341 Cloud NothingsInternal World
5039924 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
5143825 JawsRight in Front of Me
5249198 Slow ClubIn Waves
5342541 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
5445183 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
5553749 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
56541527 WAAXThis Everything
5746745 The xxOn Hold
5847142 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
5955355 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
6052147 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
6151192 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
6269758 Gretta RayDrive
63591418 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
64601029 clipping.Air 'Em Out
6557753 WAAXSame Same
66563918The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
67641328 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
68671237 The ChainsmokersAll We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
69581124 Charles BradleyGood To Be Back Home
70652616 MitskiYour Best American Girl
71681134 The PanicsWeatherman
72621816 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
73797312FIDLARWest Coast
74NEW174 The AmazonsLittle Something
75632413Crystal CastlesChar
7666649 FlumeHeater
7773248 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
7882778 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
79781026 The KillsBlack Tar
80771122 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
8175203 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
82NEW182 Car Seat Headrest1937 State Park
83721719 PassengerAnywhere
8488284 Nine Inch NailsDear World,
85861255 FonoFeet On The Ground
8684372 A Tribe Called QuestSolid Wall Of Sound (ft. Jack White, Elton John & Busta Rhymes)
87811642 SwansFinally, Peace
88711215 Danny BrownAin't It Funny
8976309 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
90912327 Glass AnimalsYouth
9192776 Kid CudiSurfin' (ft. Pharrell Williams)
92851240 ANOHNIMarrow
94973212The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
95991253 Lady GagaPerfect Illusion
9683263 M. WardTemptation
9790282 Middle KidsEdge of Town
9889489 Bruno Mars24K Magic
99951240 Massive AttackThe Spoils (ft. Hope Sandoval)
10080739 Cymbals Eat GuitarsBeam

74748 LVL UPPain
93681 The Radio Dept.This Thing Was Bound To Happen
94194 J. ColeDeja Vu
96678 DoeSincere
98267 James Vincent McMorrowRising Water
1001815 The John Steel SingersWeekend Lover
Noise Pollution top 10! Great rises for I Feel It Coming and Love$ick too!
Great to see Mura Masa rising as well as Rae Sremmurd, Flume and Kid Cudi all in here too.
ok I'm silly

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 16/1/17
Edition No.375
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Of course right now it's all about EOY preparation for me, so it's a quiet week but still interesting things happening all the same. Warpaint retain their spot and King Gizzard move up to #2.

The first debut of the week comes from prolific Californian Cass McCombs. The warm guitar riffs help "Bum Bum Bum" debut at #14.

And being my usual self, I call upon the ARIA chart at this time of year to help me out with debuts Luckily Milky Chance were simmering for a while and "Cocoon" becomes their third entry to date, coming in at #38.

My final verdict on ATCQ's 2016 offering won't be revealed for a couple of weeks, however "Dis Generation" is clearly a highlight and I can't ignore it anymore. It enters as their fourth entry from the record at #47.

And lastly, an actual 2017 song because it's actually 2017. Surprisingly, an artist that has managed two big EOY placings but never a chart entry. Elbow finally take care of that anomaly by entering at #76 with "All Disco".

11912WarpaintSo Good
2332 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4464 Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
51325 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
6866 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
7927 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
8582 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
96104 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
101187 WarpaintDre
1110510 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
12782 TanukichanRadiolove
13121011 Methyl EthelNo. 28
14NEW114 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
15141712 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
1615813 Kings of LeonReverend
1731217 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
1834318 PUPDVP
1921819 HuskyLate Night Store
2039720 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
211688 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
2223222 VitalicUse It or Loose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
231783 of MontrealLet's Relate
2418810 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
2520168 Kings of LeonWALLS
2628517 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
27191211Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
2822197 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
29271415 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
3047330 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
3124922 TOYI'm Still Believing
3226917 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
33251914Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
3446434 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
35331416 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
3645336 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
3729187 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
38NEW138 Milky ChanceCocoon
3930132 Cloud NothingsModern Act
40351915 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
4132182 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
42401021 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
4338831 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
4436129 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
4555845 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
4637827 Vallis AlpsFading
47NEW147 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
48413411Glass AnimalsLife Itself
4942437 WarpaintDon't Let Go
50481713Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
5143832 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
5249441 Cloud NothingsInternal World
5351925 JawsRight in Front of Me
54501024 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
5552208 Slow ClubIn Waves
5644103 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
5754193 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
58702716 MitskiYour Best American Girl
5953641 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
60561627 WAAXThis Everything
6157845 The xxOn Hold
6277258 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
6358152 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
6459455 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
65671428 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
6660157 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
67737412FIDLARWest Coast
6861202 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
69631518 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
70664018The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
7162858 Gretta RayDrive
72641129 clipping.Air 'Em Out
7365853 WAAXSame Same
74681337 The ChainsmokersAll We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
7578875 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
76NEW176 ElbowAll Disco
77691224 Charles BradleyGood To Be Back Home
78801222 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
7982279 Car Seat Headrest1937 State Park
8076749 FlumeHeater
8174274 The AmazonsLittle Something
82711234 The PanicsWeatherman
8386472 A Tribe Called QuestSolid Wall Of Sound (ft. Jack White, Elton John & Busta Rhymes)
8489319 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
85721916 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
86752513Crystal CastlesChar
87791126 The KillsBlack Tar
8881213 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
89831819 PassengerAnywhere
9091876 Kid CudiSurfin' (ft. Pharrell Williams)
91871742 SwansFinally, Peace
92851355 FonoFeet On The Ground
94951353 Lady GagaPerfect Illusion
95943312The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)
9698589 Bruno Mars24K Magic
9796273 M. WardTemptation
98902427 Glass AnimalsYouth
99921340 ANOHNIMarrow
100881315 Danny BrownAin't It Funny

84284 Nine Inch NailsDear World,
97282 Middle KidsEdge of Town
991240 Massive AttackThe Spoils (ft. Hope Sandoval)
100739 Cymbals Eat GuitarsBeam

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 23/1/17
Edition No.376
Songs retire at 75 weeks

My excuse is still EOY work, yet another week of stability. Warpaint earn their spot once again with "So Good".

One of just 3 debuts this week, and the first week containing solely 2017 tracks. Temples hype is going to be too much to bear, with "Strange or Be Forgotten" with the latest taste of their upcoming record. It comes in at #19.

Another follow-up entry, although this time The xx have already released their record and I'm too busy/lazy/can't be assed to listen to it. "Say Something Loving" enters at #49.
Blocking what could have been an all-British week of debuts is Oklahoma band Horse Thief. It reminds me of a random Hungry Kids of Hungary song that I can't be bothered looking up "Little One" is the band's first ever entry and it enters at #84.

111013WarpaintSo Good
2242 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
3473 Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
4534 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
6676 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
7737 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
81428 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
91169 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
10892 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
111097 WarpaintDre
129114 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
1317313 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
141292 TanukichanRadiolove
1518415 PUPDVP
16131111 Methyl EthelNo. 28
17151812 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
1819918 HuskyLate Night Store
19NEW119 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
2016913 Kings of LeonReverend
2120820 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
222198 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
2322322 VitalicUse It or Loose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
242393 of MontrealLet's Relate
2530425 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
2626617 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
2724910 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
2828207 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
2925178 Kings of LeonWALLS
3034530 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
31271311Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
3238232 Milky ChanceCocoon
33291515 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
34311022 TOYI'm Still Believing
35321017 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
36332014Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
37351516 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
3837197 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
3936436 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
4043931 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
4139142 Cloud NothingsModern Act
4246927 Vallis AlpsFading
4347243 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
44402015 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
4541192 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
46421121 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
4752541 Cloud NothingsInternal World
4844139 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
49NEW149 The xxSay Something Loving
5045945 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
51501813Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
52483511Glass AnimalsLife Itself
5349537 WarpaintDon't Let Go
5451932 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
55541124 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
5655218 Slow ClubIn Waves
57531025 JawsRight in Front of Me
5856113 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
5964555 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
60582816 MitskiYour Best American Girl
6157203 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
6259741 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
6373953 WAAXSame Same
6461945 The xxOn Hold
6562268 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
6663162 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
67601727 WAAXThis Everything
68651528 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
6966167 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
7068212 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
7175971 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
72691618 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
73677512FIDLARWest Coast
74721229 clipping.Air 'Em Out
75781322 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
7671958 Gretta RayDrive
77704118The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
7881374 The AmazonsLittle Something
79741437 The ChainsmokersAll We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
8076276 ElbowAll Disco
8179379 Car Seat Headrest1937 State Park
8280849 FlumeHeater
83771324 Charles BradleyGood To Be Back Home
84NEW184 Horse ThiefLittle One
8583572 A Tribe Called QuestSolid Wall Of Sound (ft. Jack White, Elton John & Busta Rhymes)
86852016 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
87821334 The PanicsWeatherman
8890976 Kid CudiSurfin' (ft. Pharrell Williams)
8984329 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
90862613Crystal CastlesChar
91871226 The KillsBlack Tar
9288223 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
93911842 SwansFinally, Peace
94891919 PassengerAnywhere
96921455 FonoFeet On The Ground
97941453 Lady GagaPerfect Illusion
9896689 Bruno Mars24K Magic
99982527 Glass AnimalsYouth
100953412The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)

97273 M. WardTemptation
991340 ANOHNIMarrow
1001315 Danny BrownAin't It Funny

If you haven't already, have a check of my 2016 EOY http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=47922

I'm working all night tomorrow so getting this out now

IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 30/1/17
Edition No.377
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The top four stays steady this week, with Warpaint holding a fourth week at #1 with "So Good". Cass McCombs and Joey Purp make rises in the top 10 whilst Temples move up to #11 as the highest 2017 release with "Strange or Be Forgotten".

Even prior to Thursday's countdown I was fond of Sofi Tukker's "Drinkee" but I just had to chart it. It debuts at #35.

I couldn't recall if I've heard any of their songs prior but fair to say that they make a pretty big (read: loud) impression. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes debut at #54 with the title track to their new album "Modern Ruin".

And now for the only non-featured* debutant this week that has made the chart before! Pulled Apart By Horses come in with "The Haze", also the title track of their new but yet-to-be-released record, at #66.

I made an asterisk up above purely because Vera Blue has had a featured contribution to Illy's "Papercuts", but otherwise Slumberjack is new to the chart. "Fracture" enters at #84.

oh and wd West Coast!!

111114WarpaintSo Good
2252 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
3383 Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
4444 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
5835 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
7686 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
8747 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
91349 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
10979 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
1119211 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
1215512 PUPDVP
1310102 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
1411107 WarpaintDre
1512124 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
1614102 TanukichanRadiolove
17161211 Methyl EthelNo. 28
18171912 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
19181018 HuskyLate Night Store
2021920 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
21201013 Kings of LeonReverend
2225522 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
2322108 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
2423422 VitalicUse It or Loose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
2524103 of MontrealLet's Relate
2632326 Milky ChanceCocoon
2726717 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
28271010 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
2930629 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
3028217 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
3129188 Kings of LeonWALLS
32311411Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
33331615 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
34341122 TOYI'm Still Believing
35NEW135 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
36351117 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
37362114Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
3849238 The xxSay Something Loving
39371616 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
4038207 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
4139536 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
42401031 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
4347641 Cloud NothingsInternal World
4441152 Cloud NothingsModern Act
45421027 Vallis AlpsFading
4643343 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
4745202 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
48442115 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
49461221 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
5048149 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
51501045 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
52511913Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
53523611Glass AnimalsLife Itself
54NEW154 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
5553637 WarpaintDon't Let Go
56541032 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
57551224 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
5856228 Slow ClubIn Waves
59571125 JawsRight in Front of Me
6058123 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
61602916 MitskiYour Best American Girl
6259655 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
6361213 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
64631053 WAAXSame Same
6565278 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
66NEW166 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
67641045 The xxOn Hold
6866172 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
6962841 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
70671827 WAAXThis Everything
7170222 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
72711071 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
73681628 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
7469177 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
7580375 ElbowAll Disco
76721718 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
77774218The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
78741329 clipping.Air 'Em Out
79751422 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
80761058 Gretta RayDrive
8185672 A Tribe Called QuestSolid Wall Of Sound (ft. Jack White, Elton John & Busta Rhymes)
8282949 FlumeHeater
8381479 Car Seat Headrest1937 State Park
84NEW184 SlumberjackFracture (ft. Vera Blue)
85791537 The ChainsmokersAll We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
86831424 Charles BradleyGood To Be Back Home
87862116 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
88871434 The PanicsWeatherman
8989339 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
90881076 Kid CudiSurfin' (ft. Pharrell Williams)
91902713Crystal CastlesChar
92961555 FonoFeet On The Ground
93942019 PassengerAnywhere
94931942 SwansFinally, Peace
9584284 Horse ThiefLittle One
96911326 The KillsBlack Tar
9778474 The AmazonsLittle Something
99992627 Glass AnimalsYouth
10092233 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets

737512FIDLARWest Coast [RETIRED]
971453 Lady GagaPerfect Illusion
98689 Bruno Mars24K Magic
1003412The AvalanchesFrankie Sinatra (ft. Danny Brown & MF DOOM)

Last edited:
Great to see Love$ick rise and nice to see Kid Cudi, Flume and The Chainsmokers in there too.
Awww Noise Pollution missing the top 5 yay Cocoon, Drinkee and Fracture debuting. Good to see I Feel It Coming still riding high and Love$ick and Cocoon on the move up.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/2/17
Edition No.378
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Although it's a distinctly Aussie flavour on the debuts with 13/18, one of the most British sounding musicians out there Peter Doherty claims top spot with "Down for the Outing".

"Life Without Sound" is one of two 2017 albums I own and I may have a challenger to the throne of "Modern Act". Coming in at #6 is the rough banger that is "Realize My Fate".

A far softer return, with Father John Misty set to put out one of 2017's most hyped records. I quite clearly enjoy the title track "Pure Comedy" which enters at #10.

Although it's actually their third entry to date, it's the first time they've ever been anywhere near the top half, let alone in the top 20. I'm speaking of course about Gang Of Youths, who enter at #13 with "Strange Diseases".

I spent just as much as time debating whether to capitalise the name or not as I did working out where to place it. Although not Angus' first solo entry, DOPE LEMON is another H100 product and "Uptown Folks" enters at #18.

I'm not sure what possessed me to chart it this high but heck, "Chameleon" at #23.

I originally was kind of interested to hear "Flying Microtonal Banana" but now I'm so insanely hyped. "Sleep Drifter" by the legendary King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard enters at #30.

Last time they were in the chart it was also due to H100 Big Scary enter at #49 with "The Opposite of Us".

Although I wasn't totally sold on "All Disco" at first I do like it now, and I think this once has eclipsed it instantly. Elbow enter with their second entry "Gentle Storm" at #52.

A worthy H100 #100, Birds of Tokyo enter after a four year absence with "Brace" at #57.

It took me a few listens but I dig it. Big Sean comes in with his second solo entry, this time all on his own, with "Halfway Off The Balcony" at #65.

Methyl Ethel quickly add a third entry after some EOY success. "Ubu" at #72.

It's more of the same but I'm not complaining. ANOHNI with her fifth entry to date after last year's "Hopelessness" record. "Paradise" enters at #79.

F**k the amount of notes I have to type this week, homie. A.B. Original enter with "January 26". It's Dan Sultan's and Trials' first entries however Briggs has been in before with "Bad Apples".

Montaigne has quietly (how is that possible) established herself on the chart with three entries, now it's "Because I Love You" at #92.

Tkay Maidza now has her fourth entry, entirely due to the H100 again. "Simulation" at #94.

I did like "Far Away" more but this is still nice. Ali Barter comes in her second entry with "Girlie Bits" at #95.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand "Adore".

aaaaaaaaaand Empire of the Sun's first actual entry in 7 years

13911Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
211214WarpaintSo Good
3262 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4544 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
5454 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
6NEW16 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
81138 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
9796 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
10NEW110 Father John MistyPure Comedy
11959 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
12857 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
13NEW113 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
141089 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
1512612 PUPDVP
1614117 WarpaintDre
1713112 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
18NEW118 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
1915134 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
2016112 TanukichanRadiolove
2129721 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
22171311 Methyl EthelNo. 28
23NEW123 PNAUChameleon
24182012 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
25191118 HuskyLate Night Store
26201020 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
27211113 Kings of LeonReverend
2822622 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
2925113 of MontrealLet's Relate
30NEW130 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
3123118 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
3226426 Milky ChanceCocoon
3327817 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
34281110 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
3535235 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
3624522 VitalicUse It or Lose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
3730227 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
3831198 Kings of LeonWALLS
3938338 The xxSay Something Loving
40321511Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
41491321 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
42331715 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
43341222 TOYI'm Still Believing
4440217 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
45361217 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
46372214Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
47391716 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
48421131 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
49NEW149 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
5046443 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
5144162 Cloud NothingsModern Act
52NEW152 ElbowGentle Storm
53451127 Vallis AlpsFading
5441636 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
5543741 Cloud NothingsInternal World
5662755 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
57NEW157 Birds of TokyoBrace
5847212 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
59522013Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
6054254 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
61482215 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
6275462 ElbowAll Disco
63511145 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
6450159 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
65NEW165 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
66591225 JawsRight in Front of Me
6755737 WarpaintDon't Let Go
6860133 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
69533711Glass AnimalsLife Itself
70561132 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
71641153 WAAXSame Same
72NEW172 Methyl EthelUbu
7365288 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
7466266 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
75613016 MitskiYour Best American Girl
76571324 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
7758238 Slow ClubIn Waves
7863223 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
79NEW179 ANOHNIParadise
8069941 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
81701927 WAAXThis Everything
82671145 The xxOn Hold
83721171 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
8468182 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
85NEW185 A.B. OriginalJanuary 26 (ft. Dan Sultan)
8671232 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
8774187 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
8883579 Car Seat Headrest1937 State Park
89774318The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
90761818 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
91731728 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
92NEW192 MontaigneBecause I Love You
93781429 clipping.Air 'Em Out
94NEW194 Tkay MaidzaSimulation
95NEW195 Ali BarterGirlie Bits
96791522 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
97NEW197 Amy SharkAdore
98801158 Gretta RayDrive
99NEW199 Empire of the SunHigh and Low
10095384 Horse ThiefLittle One

81672 A Tribe Called QuestSolid Wall Of Sound (ft. Jack White, Elton John & Busta Rhymes)
82949 FlumeHeater
84184 SlumberjackFracture (ft. Vera Blue)
851537 The ChainsmokersAll We Know (ft. Phoebe Ryan)
861424 Charles BradleyGood To Be Back Home
872116 Ball Park MusicWhipping Boy
881434 The PanicsWeatherman
89339 Bec SandridgeYou're A Fucking Joke
901076 Kid CudiSurfin' (ft. Pharrell Williams)
912713Crystal CastlesChar
921555 FonoFeet On The Ground
932019 PassengerAnywhere
941942 SwansFinally, Peace
961326 The KillsBlack Tar
97474 The AmazonsLittle Something
992627 Glass AnimalsYouth
100233 Gypsy & The CatOdyssey of the Streets
Ooh so many debuts. Go Chameleon (only three spots away from its peak on my chart lmao), The Opposite Of Us, Brace, January 26, Because I Love You, Simulation, Girlie Bits, Adore and High And Low. I Feel It Coming, Love$ick, Cocoon, We The People...., Drinkee, Starboy, Say It, Give Me Up, What If I Go?, On Hold and Drive still doing their things is all rather nice to see also.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/2/17
Edition No.379
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Another week where I am immensely tired but shall still persist with producing a copious amount of commentary. Peter Doherty's "Outing" kicks on for another week, with Spoon and Cloud Nothings disrupting the top 5.

This week we see quite a number of well-known artists make their charting debut. Spoon are the first of this after I far too belatedly enjoyed "Do You". "Hot Thoughts" comes in at #4.

Although they've made the chart three times before ("Lost That Easy", "First" and "All This Could Be Yours"), it's fair to say that pre-chart Cold War Kids were better. "Love Is Mystical" is not exactly a throwback of any kind but it has become the highest peaker already, coming at #27.

So I should hear more of this band it seems. The rather popular Slowdive enter at #34 with "Star Roving", their first entry to date.

Eventually "Seasons (Waiting On You)" had a decent top 20 peak / 20-week run, but even then my estimations of it were in every way understated. Perhaps "Ran" could do what S(WOY) couldn't, but for now it enters at #40, their third entry thus far.

Japandroids are another well-known band that break through for the first time. Their previous era never clicked with me either due to timing or simply hearing the wrong single/s(?) too often, but this one is quite good straight off the bat. The Canadians debut with "No Known Drink or Drug" at #44.

While it is his first solo entry, Sampha is not totally brand new to the chart. He did in fact contribute to SBTRKT's 2012 #1 hit "Hold On" which makes this his second entry to date. "(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano" enters at #56.

More of those examples ^.^ Goldfrapp have many impressive songs and rather instantly I added "Anymore" to that frame. It enters at #59.

Less than two years ago, Danish rockers Mew smashed the charts with five entries, including #1 hit "Satellites" and #8-peaker "Witness". Their new record "Visuals" is out in a couple of months apparently and "Carry Me To Safety" comes in at #73.

Upon first hearing "Bounce Back" I knew that I will have to check out his album. Big Sean comes in with his third entry as a main artist - and fifth if you include his credited features on "Mercy" and "Clique". He proves that I'm not done with 2016 music that isn't from the H100, as it enters at #79.

An interesting Surfer Blood-style blend of Arctic Monkeys and "Knights of Cydonia"? "Snowdonia" throws up a number of surprises but none more out there than "Six Flags in F or G" which comes in at #83. It's their 11th entry to date, having first made the chart in 2013 with #2-peaker "Demon Dance" and more recently achieved five charters from their 2015 record "1000 Palms", which included EOY entrant "Feast - Famine".

To add to the mayhem, Frank Ocean comes in with his first proper solo entry to the chart. It may in fact be my favourite non-credited track of his in "Pink + White", entering at #88. I certainly feel it's better than anything from his previous album that I heard, and I like it more than his collaborative entry "Hero". However, it is his fourth entry to date when we include JayYe collab "No Church In The Wild" and Jay-Z's "Oceans".

And lastly, a UK band that did briefly chart in 2013 with #63-peaker "Fester". Dutch Uncles are back after a considerable absence with "Oh Yeah" at #97.

111012Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
221314WarpaintSo Good
3372 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4NEW14 SpoonHot Thoughts
5625 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
6846 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
7454 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
82328 PNAUChameleon
9564 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
1010210 Father John MistyPure Comedy
129106 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
1352213 ElbowGentle Storm
1415712 PUPDVP
151267 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
161169 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
1713213 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
181499 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
1918218 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
2016127 WarpaintDre
2117122 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
22242112 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
2330223 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
24261120 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
2565225 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
2619144 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
27NEW127 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
2820122 TanukichanRadiolove
29221411 Methyl EthelNo. 28
30251218 HuskyLate Night Store
3121821 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
32271213 Kings of LeonReverend
3328722 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
34NEW134 SlowdiveStar Roving
3531128 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
3629123 of MontrealLet's Relate
3732526 Milky ChanceCocoon
38411421 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
3935335 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
40NEW140 Future IslandsRan
41341210 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
4233917 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
4339438 The xxSay Something Loving
44NEW144 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
4537237 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
4638208 Kings of LeonWALLS
47401611Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
4855841 Cloud NothingsInternal World
49421815 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
5057250 Birds of TokyoBrace
51451317 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
5251172 Cloud NothingsModern Act
5344227 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
5449249 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
55431322 TOYI'm Still Believing
56NEW156 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
57462314Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
5850543 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
59NEW159 GoldfrappAnymore
6062560 ElbowAll Disco
61481231 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
6236622 VitalicUse It or Lose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
63471816 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
6472264 Methyl EthelUbu
65531227 Vallis AlpsFading
6656855 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
67592113Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
6860354 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
6954736 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
7079270 ANOHNIParadise
71612315 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
7258222 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
73NEW173 MewCarry Me To Safety
74631245 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
75693811Glass AnimalsLife Itself
7667837 WarpaintDon't Let Go
7774366 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
78661325 JawsRight in Front of Me
79NEW179 Big SeanBounce Back
8064169 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
81701232 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
82711253 WAAXSame Same
83NEW183 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
8473298 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
8568143 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
8684192 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
87753116 MitskiYour Best American Girl
88NEW188 Frank OceanPink + White
8985285 A.B. OriginalJanuary 26 (ft. Dan Sultan)
90894418The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
91821245 The xxOn Hold
9294292 Tkay MaidzaSimulation
93812027 WAAXThis Everything
9478233 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
95931529 clipping.Air 'Em Out
9677248 Slow ClubIn Waves
97NEW197 Dutch UnclesOh Yeah
98761424 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
99901918 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
100961622 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys

80941 The Trouble With TempletonBad Mistake
831171 Ty SegallOrange Color Queen
86232 Sleigh BellsHyper Dark
87187 Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsGirl In Amber
88579 Car Seat Headrest1937 State Park
911728 Bec SandridgeHigh Tide
92192 MontaigneBecause I Love You
95195 Ali BarterGirlie Bits
97197 Amy SharkAdore
981158 Gretta RayDrive
99199 Empire Of The SunHigh and Low
100384 Horse ThiefLittle One
Anymore! Bounce Back and Pink + White are good too. Great to see Chameleon in the top 10 along with I Feel It Coming moving back up.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/2/17
Edition No.380
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Although new 2017 material couldn't overtake Peter Doherty, it was instead the massive 2016 smash "So Good" by Warpaint that regains its #1 spot for a 5th week.

Among moves at the top of the chart is the return for The Jungle Giants. After the disappointing "Speakerzoid" record in 2015 which didn't capture the brilliance of 2013's "Learn To Exist", the Queenslanders return with the exciting "Feel the Way I Do". It's a combination of new and old for them in sound which is why it's great news that it debuts at #5. It's their 10th entry to date and already their second highest peaker behind "Home".

Up next is an artist that I've known little about besides an average lavvy that I've had in my collection for a number of years. Canadians Austra - who I only learnt today are actually a band - come in at #13 with "Utopia". Particularly fitting given that Goldfrapp debuted last week ~

Thanks to a certain new member on the site, I gave "Lush Looms" a go and enjoyed it rather instantly. Mister and Mississippi debut in the chart at #33 for the first time, and are the fourth main artist to do so behind electronic music specialists Laidback Luke, Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens.

Now we go over the channel as English producer Gemini debuts with "Time To Share" at #38, pretty much off the back of EOY season which I enjoyed very much.

And similarly I'm not done with 2016 stuff just yet. I've agreed to pretty much cease this once I know that I'm out of H100 things to chart, of which this should be the last week. Therefore without further ado, it has to be the Grammy-nominated "Broccoli" by the poodle-loving D.R.A.M. featuring Lil Yachty, which is both their first entries. It comes in at #54.

Father John Misty's new album is going to be something totally different and "Ballad of the Dying Man" is a really interesting direction. It debuts at #60, his 12th entry to date. Interesting to note that he has graced the chart every year since 2012 (inclusive).

I had a lot of hype heading into this and I guess I've come out the other end still trying to get into it. Nonetheless Little Dragon enter at #73 with "High", their fourth entry to date behind EOY entrants "Pretty Girls" and "Let Go", and KAYTRANADA-featured track "BULLETS".

And lastly, blink-182 in my chart in 2017 because it's catchy and idc

121415WarpaintSo Good
211112Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
3382 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4654 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
5NEW15 The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
61336 ElbowGentle Storm
7424 SpoonHot Thoughts
8535 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
9838 PNAUChameleon
1010310 Father John MistyPure Comedy
1140211 Future IslandsRan
12764 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
13NEW113 AustraUtopia
14974 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
1614812 PUPDVP
1734217 SlowdiveStar Roving
1812116 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
1925319 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
201679 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2117313 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
2219318 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
2323323 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
241577 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
25222212 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
2618109 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
27241220 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
2820137 WarpaintDre
2921132 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
3026154 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
3127227 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
3235138 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
33NEW133 Mister and MississippiLush Looms
3428132 TanukichanRadiolove
35291511 Methyl EthelNo. 28
36381521 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
37301318 HuskyLate Night Store
38NEW138 GeminiTime To Share
3931921 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
4033822 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
41321313 Kings of LeonReverend
4239435 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
4336133 of MontrealLet's Relate
4443538 The xxSay Something Loving
4544244 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
4679246 Big SeanBounce Back
4737626 Milky ChanceCocoon
48411310 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
4950349 Birds of TokyoBrace
50471711Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
5145247 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
52421017 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
5370353 ANOHNIParadise
54NEW154 D.R.A.M.Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty)
5546218 Kings of LeonWALLS
5648941 Cloud NothingsInternal World
5764357 Methyl EthelUbu
58511417 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
59491915 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
60NEW160 Father John MistyBallad of the Dying Man
6152182 Cloud NothingsModern Act
62572414Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
6356256 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
6460660 ElbowAll Disco
6554349 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
6659259 GoldfrappAnymore
6758643 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
68651327 Vallis AlpsFading
6968454 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
7053237 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
71611331 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
72551422 TOYI'm Still Believing
73NEW173 Little DragonHigh
7462722 VitalicUse It or Lose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
7573273 MewCarry Me To Safety
7677466 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
7766955 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
78672213Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
79712415 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
8069836 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
8172232 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
82741345 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
83631916 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
8483283 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
85904518The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
8676937 WarpaintDon't Let Go
87753911Glass AnimalsLife Itself
88NEW188 blink-182Bored to Death
8980179 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
9088288 Frank OceanPink + White
9192391 Tkay MaidzaSimulation
9289385 A.B. OriginalJanuary 26 (ft. Dan Sultan)
93781425 JawsRight in Front of Me
94821353 WAAXSame Same
9584308 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips
9694243 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
97951629 clipping.Air 'Em Out
9886202 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
99992018 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
100811332 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?

85143 Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
873116 MitskiYour Best American Girl
911245 The xxOn Hold
932027 WAAXThis Everything
96248 Slow ClubIn Waves
97197 Dutch UnclesOh Yeah
981424 Zeds DeadToo Young (ft. Rivers Cuomo & Pusha T)
1001622 Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
Time To Share is pretty alright and Broccoli is good stuff but lmao Bored To Death. Bounce Back getting a big rise is pleasing to see. Wow at GRMM still kicking around
Great #1 and debuts from Utopia and Lush Looms. That Jungle Giants song is growing on me aswell.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 27/2/17
Edition No.381
Songs retire at 75 weeks

The first chart week that has really felt like a 2017 chart, or at least that's the case in the top 5 with just one 2016 charter in there. The race for #1 was especially close, with the entire top 7 pretty much in contention all week. But ultimately, The Jungle Giants prevail and secure their second ever #1 with "Feel the Way I Do".

We start at #3 as Vince Staples all ready equals his previous best peak for "Norf Norf" with the track "BagBak". This is his fourth entry to date, which also includes Earl Sweatshirt's "Wool" in 2015 and Flume's "Smoke & Retribution" in 2016.

If you had told me that Cloud Nothings would achieve three top 5 hits before I were to properly acquaint myself with their new album, I would have laughed somewhat. I say this as I've only listened to the album twice in full and need more time with it. "Enter Entirely" smashes its way to #5, their sixth entry to date.

"Palace" and "Hotel" both still move me so much. Perhaps that's why The Antlers lead singer Peter Silberman was a shoe in for the chart as soon as "New York" made a decent first impression on me. It enters at #16.

A little further down finally and Thundercat has a really cool album cover, but thankfully it also comes across in his music. "Friend Zone" comes in at #47, his second entry to date after featuring on Kendrick Lamar's 2015 hit "These Walls".

Chart bucket list time! Part of the reason why I've not charted Imagine Dragons until this date is that as I've grown slightly fond of their older hits, their more recent outputs have not been as solid. But with all that said, I think "Believer" is their best yet! It comes in at #79.

And I'm rather thrilled to be charting Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains, and not just because whenever I try to properly pronounce the song title my tongue trips over itself. The word 'dérèglement' is apparently French for 'deregulation' but don't ask me to put the rest of the song into context because I haven't In any case "Grand Dérèglement" enters at #84.

15211The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
211515WarpaintSo Good
3NEW13 Vince StaplesBagBak
41734 SlowdiveStar Roving
5NEW15 Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
621212Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
71137 Future IslandsRan
8392 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
9464 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
10646 ElbowGentle Storm
11734 SpoonHot Thoughts
12948 PNAUChameleon
13845 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
1410410 Father John MistyPure Comedy
16NEW116 Peter SilbermanNew York
1723417 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
1833218 Mister and MississippiLush Looms
191274 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
201484 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
2116912 PUPDVP
2213213 AustraUtopia
2319419 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
2418126 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
252089 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
2621413 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
2738227 GeminiTime To Share
2822418 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
29271320 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
302487 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
31252312 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
3228147 WarpaintDre
3326119 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
3429142 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
3530164 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
3646336 Big SeanBounce Back
3731327 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
3832148 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
3934142 TanukichanRadiolove
40371418 HuskyLate Night Store
4149441 Birds of TokyoBrace
42351611 Methyl EthelNo. 28
4354243 D.R.A.M.Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty)
44361621 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
45391021 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
4640922 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
47NEW147 ThundercatFriend Zone
48411413 Kings of LeonReverend
4943143 of MontrealLet's Relate
5044638 The xxSay Something Loving
5142535 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
5245344 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
5347726 Milky ChanceCocoon
5467743 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
5551257 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
5653453 ANOHNIParadise
57481410 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
58592015 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
5973259 Little DragonHigh
60501811Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
6160260 Father John MistyBallad of the Dying Man
62521117 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
63561041 Cloud NothingsInternal World
6455228 Kings of LeonWALLS
6569554 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
6661192 Cloud NothingsModern Act
6757457 Methyl EthelUbu
68581517 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
6975369 MewCarry Me To Safety
7064760 ElbowAll Disco
7163356 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
72622514Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
7365449 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
7488274 blink-182Bored to Death
7566359 GoldfrappAnymore
76681427 Vallis AlpsFading
7770247 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
78771055 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
79NEW179 Imagine DragonsBeliever
80721522 TOYI'm Still Believing
8176566 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
82782313Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
8380936 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
84NEW184 Frànçois & the Atlas MountainsGrand Dérèglement
85711431 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
86941453 WAAXSame Same
87792515 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
8884383 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
89854618The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
9090388 Frank OceanPink + White
9181242 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
92832016 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
9389189 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
94821445 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
9592485 A.B. OriginalJanuary 26 (ft. Dan Sultan)
96861037 WarpaintDon't Let Go
9798212 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
9891491 Tkay MaidzaSimulation
99874011Glass AnimalsLife Itself
10095318 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips

74722 VitalicUse It or Lose It (ft. Mark Kerr)
931425 JawsRight in Front of Me
96243 Cymbals Eat Guitars4th of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
971629 clipping.Air 'Em Out
992018 Danny BrownWhen It Rain
1001332 Mura MasaWhat If I Go?
Oh yeah last week I had forgotten Feel The Way I Do has been in my Potential Future Charters playlist for about a month Great to see it at #1. I'm also feeling similar with the chart I'm about to post, no songs that were charting in 2016 are in my top 10 and I'm pretty sure 8/10 were released in 2017 This time last year I only had 3/10 of the top 10 having been released in 2016 That Vince song is pretty good too.
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 6/3/17
Edition No.382
Songs retire at 75 weeks

A rather competitive top three but it's The Jungle Giants who outlast their rivals for a second week at the top with "Feel the Way I Do".

A week ago I was still undecided on whether this would chart but it has climbed up in a massive way! Animal Collective score their second charter in "Kinda Bonkers" at #24. It's not far off their previous peak for "FloriDada" which ended up as high as #15.

The reaction on Lana Del Rey's new single has been less mixed than usual, and it's easy to see why. I'm a big fan of it already and "Love" enters at #28, her 9th entry to date.

After 2016 gave us a number of key comebacks, 17 years is a pretty big wait if you're an At the Drive-In fan. I'm more acquainted, of course, with The Mars Volta's work but I was not surprised to discover that I enjoyed their new single "Incurably Innocent". It's their first charter to date in at #41.

Flume has pumped up entry after entry and what better way to continue that with the lead singer of one of 2016's best albums? I do of course speak of his collaboration "Fantastic" with Dave Bayley from Glass Animals, which enters at #46.

Wacky comeback that I did not see coming. Jamiroquai at #53 with "Automaton".

And lastly because of some twisted Stockholm syndrome that has embodied me in the past few weeks, I give you "Capsize" at #88.

11312The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
2322 Vince StaplesBagBak
3523 Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
421615WarpaintSo Good
5444 SlowdiveStar Roving
61756 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
7747 Future IslandsRan
861312Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
98102 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
101144 SpoonHot Thoughts
11974 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
1216212 Peter SilbermanNew York
131056 ElbowGentle Storm
1418314 Mister and MississippiLush Looms
151258 PNAUChameleon
1614510 Father John MistyPure Comedy
181355 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
191984 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
202094 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
21211012 PUPDVP
2223519 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
2327323 GeminiTime To Share
24NEW124 Animal CollectiveKinda Bonkers
2522313 AustraUtopia
2624136 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
2726513 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
28NEW128 Lana Del ReyLove
292599 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3028518 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
3136431 Big SeanBounce Back
32291420 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
333097 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
34312412 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
3543335 D.R.A.M.Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty)
3632157 WarpaintDre
3733129 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
3835174 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
3938158 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
4037427 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
41NEW141 At the Drive-InIncurably Innocent
4234152 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
4347243 ThundercatFriend Zone
4439152 TanukichanRadiolove
4541541 Birds of TokyoBrace
46NEW146 FlumeFantastic (ft. Dave Bayley)
47401518 HuskyLate Night Store
48421711 Methyl EthelNo. 28
4952444 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
50461022 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
51451121 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
52441721 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
53NEW153 JamiroquaiAutomaton
5456553 ANOHNIParadise
55481513 Kings of LeonReverend
5649153 of MontrealLet's Relate
5753826 Milky ChanceCocoon
5851635 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
5950738 The xxSay Something Loving
6066202 Cloud NothingsModern Act
6154843 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
62582115 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
6379263 Imagine DragonsBeliever
6455267 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
65571510 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
6669466 MewCarry Me To Safety
6767557 Methyl EthelUbu
68621217 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
6961360 Father John MistyBallad of the Dying Man
70631141 Cloud NothingsInternal World
71601911Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
7259359 Little DragonHigh
7365654 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
7464238 Kings of LeonWALLS
75861553 WAAXSame Same
7670860 ElbowAll Disco
77681617 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
7875459 GoldfrappAnymore
7974374 blink-182Bored to Death
8084280 Frànçois & the Atlas MountainsGrand Dérèglement
8171456 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
8273549 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
83761527 Vallis AlpsFading
8477257 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
85822413Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
86722614Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
87801622 TOYI'm Still Believing
88NEW188 Frenship & Emily WarrenCapsize
89781155 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
9091252 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
91831036 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
9281666 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
93894718The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
9488483 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
95941545 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
9690488 Frank OceanPink + White
97872615 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
98994111Glass AnimalsLife Itself
9997222 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
10093199 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking

851431 Sleigh BellsLightning Turns Sawdust Gold
922016 Deep Sea ArcadeLearning To Fly
95485 A.B. OriginalJanuary 26 (ft. Dan Sultan)
961037 WarpaintDon't Let Go
98491 Tkay MaidzaSimulation
100318 The John Steel SingersLuke Perry's Lips

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IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 13/3/17
Edition No.383
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Plenty of pushing and shoving at the top of the chart, and The Jungle Giants come out of it victorious with a third week at #1 with "Feel the Way I Do". Cloud Nothings and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard make for a very tight top 3, pushing the unlucky Vince Staples down to #4. Spoon show signs of an unlikely comeback moving up four spots to #6 with "Hot Thoughts".

Very exciting news from Alt-J with a new album on its way in a few months. In the meantime we have the return single "3WW", which stands for "3 worn words".

I wasn't sure where to put this at first but this has been become a standout on "Flying Microtonal Banana" for me. Big fan of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard now which of course you know and "Nuclear Fusion" comes in at #15.

And because you can never have enough King Gizzard, "Melting" becomes six entries in total for them entering at #31.

A new album on the way following a big EOY placing last year. Portugal. The Man now have their ninth entry to date with "Feel It Still" at #49.

Up next is a song that I didn't realise was actually rather popular until I downloaded it. Future enters the chart (for the first ever time in any capacity if I'm not mistaken) with "Mask Off" at #73.

Another Father John Misty teaser for his upcoming record at #79 titled "Two Wildly Different Perspectives".

Following the top 5 smash "Hot Thoughts", Spoon get a second entry in "Can I Sit Next To You" at #89.

And lastly, the talk of the British rap scene if you exclude Ed Sheeran, coming in at #96 is Stormzy with "Big For Your Boots" - his first entry to date.

11413The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
2332 Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
3663 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
4232 Vince StaplesBagBak
541715WarpaintSo Good
61054 SpoonHot Thoughts
7554 SlowdiveStar Roving
81448 Mister and MississippiLush Looms
9757 Future IslandsRan
10NEW110 Alt-J3WW
1112311 Peter SilbermanNew York
1281412Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
1353213 JamiroquaiAutomaton
149112 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
15NEW115 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardNuclear Fusion
161184 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
1724217 Animal CollectiveKinda Bonkers
1828218 Lana Del ReyLove
191568 PNAUChameleon
201366 ElbowGentle Storm
2216610 Father John MistyPure Comedy
2320104 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
241865 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
2525413 AustraUtopia
26211112 PUPDVP
2735427 D.R.A.M.Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty)
281994 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
2923423 GeminiTime To Share
3022619 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
31NEW131 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardMelting
3226146 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
3327613 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
3431531 Big SeanBounce Back
3533107 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
3641236 At the Drive-InIncurably Innocent
3729109 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
3846238 FlumeFantastic (ft. Dave Bayley)
3943339 ThundercatFriend Zone
4030618 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
41342512 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
42321520 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
4336167 WarpaintDre
4439168 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
45751645 WAAXSame Same
4637139 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
4738184 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
4844162 TanukichanRadiolove
49NEW149 Portugal. The ManFeel It Still
5040527 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
5142162 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
5261943 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
5345641 Birds of TokyoBrace
54501122 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
55481811 Methyl EthelNo. 28
56471618 HuskyLate Night Store
5749544 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
5869458 Father John MistyBallad of the Dying Man
59511221 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
6063360 Imagine DragonsBeliever
6154653 ANOHNIParadise
62521821 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
6360212 Cloud NothingsModern Act
64551613 Kings of LeonReverend
6556163 of MontrealLet's Relate
6667657 Methyl EthelUbu
67622215 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
6858735 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
6957926 Milky ChanceCocoon
7066566 MewCarry Me To Safety
7164277 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
72681317 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
73NEW173 FutureMask Off
74651610 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
75701241 Cloud NothingsInternal World
7680376 Frànçois & the Atlas MountainsGrand Dérèglement
77712011Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
7874248 Kings of LeonWALLS
79NEW179 Father John MistyTwo Wildly Different Perspectives
8073754 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
81771717 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
8281556 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
83852513Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
8476960 ElbowAll Disco
8588285 Frenship & Emily WarrenCapsize
8672459 Little DragonHigh
8778559 GoldfrappAnymore
8879474 blink-182Bored to Death
89NEW189 SpoonCan I Sit Next To You
90831627 Vallis AlpsFading
91934818The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
9259838 The xxSay Something Loving
9394583 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
94911136 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
9592766 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
96NEW196 StormzyBig For Your Boots
9782649 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
9884267 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
99862714Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
10096588 Frank OceanPink + White

871622 TOYI'm Still Believing
891155 GRMMGive Me Up (ft. River)
90252 Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
951545 Glass AnimalsPork Soda
972615 Crystal CastlesTheir Kindness Is Charade
984111Glass AnimalsLife Itself
99222 Danny BrownReally Doe (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
100199 Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
Ooh new Animal Collective, giving that a listen now. It's pretty good. Pleased to see appearances for Love, Fantastic, Automaton and Capsize last week too. Also yas Feel It Still this week. Great to see Feel The Way I Do still at #1 and rises for Lush Looms, Automaton!!, Kinda Bonkers, Love, Broccoli and Fantastic. 11 weeks is quite a run that Give Me Up had, woo!
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 20/3/17
Edition No.384
Songs retire at 75 weeks

I'm really tired and King Gizzard have their first #1.

Three years after charting with #50-peaker "How Can You Really", Foxygen make a big statement upon their return to the chart with the retro "Avalon". It debuts at #4.

I'm still very much vokol about this record and "Born into the Sunset" may be one of the key reasons as to why. Temples are at again and debut at #19.

Unlike Frànçois & the Atlas Mountains, somehow Avec le soleil sortant de sa bouche aren't actually French but instead are from Montreal. Their second album "Pas pire pop, I Love You so Much" is very good as is the album opener "Trans-pop express I" which comes in at #37. Worth a try.

Part of this week's chart is slightly unfair given King Gizz was my first gig in 14 months, but in any case "Billabong Valley" enters at #42.

To keep up the French trend, the totally not French Methyl Ethel come in at #49 with "L'Heure des Sorcières".

With their second entry following on from 2014's #91-peaker "Get Away", the darker "Goodbye" by Circa Waves comes in at #64.

One half (or two quarters) of Rainy Day Women have formed the band The Money War who debut at #79 with "Stars". It's this band's first entry but following on from Rainy Day Women's two 2013 entries in #96-peaker "Friends" and #83-peaker "Ain't It Time".

And lastly, we've all got bloody division signs metaphorically imprinted on our foreheads so in order to get away from it all I've decided to chart this fresh new U2 track "Castle on the Hill" at #88. It's their second entry after 2009's #22-peaker "Magnificent".

13711King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
21513The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
3242 Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
4NEW14 FoxygenAvalon
5442 Vince StaplesBagBak
6664 SpoonHot Thoughts
71527 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardNuclear Fusion
851815WarpaintSo Good
91029 Alt-J3WW
1013310 JamiroquaiAutomaton
1111411 Peter SilbermanNew York
12764 SlowdiveStar Roving
13967 Future IslandsRan
1418314 Lana Del ReyLove
15858 Mister and MississippiLush Looms
1617316 Animal CollectiveKinda Bonkers
17121512Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
1814122 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
19NEW119 TemplesBorn into the Sunset
201694 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
211978 PNAUChameleon
2222710 Father John MistyPure Comedy
2325513 AustraUtopia
25451725 WAAXSame Same
2627526 D.R.A.M.Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty)
2758527 Father John MistyBallad of the Dying Man
2849228 Portugal. The ManFeel It Still
292076 ElbowGentle Storm
3034630 Big SeanBounce Back
3123114 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
3236332 At the Drive-InIncurably Innocent
33261212 PUPDVP
3431231 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardMelting
352475 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
3629523 GeminiTime To Share
37NEW137 Avec le soleil sortant de sa boucheTrans-pop express I
3828104 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
3939439 ThundercatFriend Zone
4030719 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
4132156 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
42NEW142 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardBillabong Valley
4340718 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
4433713 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
45541222 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
4638338 FlumeFantastic (ft. Dave Bayley)
4735117 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
48412612 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
49NEW149 Methyl EthelL'Heure des Sorcières
5037119 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
5143177 WarpaintDre
52421620 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
5344178 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
5460454 Imagine DragonsBeliever
55521043 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
5673256 FutureMask Off
5747194 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
5848172 TanukichanRadiolove
5946149 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
6053741 Birds of TokyoBrace
6150627 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
62551911 Methyl EthelNo. 28
6357644 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
64NEW164 Circa WavesGoodbye
6551172 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
66561718 HuskyLate Night Store
67591321 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
6861753 ANOHNIParadise
69621921 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
70672315 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
7163222 Cloud NothingsModern Act
7279272 Father John MistyTwo Wildly Different Perspectives
73641713 Kings of LeonReverend
7466757 Methyl EthelUbu
7568835 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
7665173 of MontrealLet's Relate
77691026 Milky ChanceCocoon
7871287 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
79NEW179 The Money WarStars
8085380 Frenship & Emily WarrenCapsize
81741710 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
82721417 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
8376476 Frànçois & the Atlas MountainsGrand Dérèglement
84811817 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
85914918The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
8670666 MewCarry Me To Safety
87751341 Cloud NothingsInternal World
88NEW188 Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
8978258 Kings of LeonWALLS
90772111Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
91832613Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
9282656 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
9380854 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
94841060 ElbowAll Disco
9588574 blink-182Bored to Death
9687659 GoldfrappAnymore
9792938 The xxSay Something Loving
9893683 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
99901727 Vallis AlpsFading
10089289 SpoonCan I Sit Next To You

86459 Little DragonHigh
941136 Run The Jewels2100 (ft. Boots)
95766 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Haze
96196 StormzyBig For Your Boots
97649 Big ScaryThe Opposite of Us
98267 Kings of LeonWaste a Moment
992714Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
100588 Frank OceanPink + White
Castle On The Hill has to be U2's best since Sweet Disposition
IRELANDER'S HOT 100 - Mon 27/3/17
Edition No.385
Songs retire at 75 weeks

Because it's technically Monday now. Who knows when I can get the IPAC out, maybe Tuesday if I'm lucky.

Happy days at the top for King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard but it all could tumble down soon with Alt-J, Foxygen and Spoon all reaching new peaks inside the top 4.

Up first is a band I've haven't heard from in a few years. WA outfit Crooked Colours achieved moderate notoriety with their well-produced 2014 #21-peaker "In Your Bones". For their second ever entry they enter with "Flow", one place below their highest ever position coming in at #22.

While I seemed to enjoy "Views" more than most last year, Drake's new so-called 'playlist' entitled "More Life" has already won a lot of people over. "Passionfruit" is an obvious winner and it enters at #42.

Took me too long but "Green Light" has clicked with me. Lorde enters at #55.

I'm being a bit frugal with commentary this week but I will make up for it later... Fleet Foxes with their long awaited return at #59.

And lastly Melbourne band Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever with the fun strumming of "French Press" at #83.

11812King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
2932 Alt-J3WW
3423 FoxygenAvalon
4674 SpoonHot Thoughts
5352 Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
62613The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
71047 JamiroquaiAutomaton
8552 Vince StaplesBagBak
9737 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardNuclear Fusion
1081915WarpaintSo Good
1114411 Lana Del ReyLove
1219212 TemplesBorn into the Sunset
1311511 Peter SilbermanNew York
1416414 Animal CollectiveKinda Bonkers
151274 SlowdiveStar Roving
161568 Mister and MississippiLush Looms
17171612Peter DohertyDown for the Outing
181377 Future IslandsRan
1937219 Avec le soleil sortant de sa boucheTrans-pop express I
2018132 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
2128321 Portugal. The ManFeel It Still
22NEW122 Crooked ColoursFlow
2320104 TemplesStrange or Be Forgotten
242188 PNAUChameleon
2530725 Big SeanBounce Back
2632426 At the Drive-InIncurably Innocent
2842228 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardBillabong Valley
2922810 Father John MistyPure Comedy
3023613 AustraUtopia
31251825 WAAXSame Same
3226626 D.R.A.M.Broccoli (ft. Lil Yachty)
3327627 Father John MistyBallad of the Dying Man
3431124 Drive-By TruckersWhat It Means
352986 ElbowGentle Storm
36331312 PUPDVP
3734331 King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardMelting
383585 Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
3936623 GeminiTime To Share
4038114 Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
4140819 Big SeanHalfway Off The Balcony
42NEW142 DrakePassionfruit
4343818 DOPE LEMONUptown Folks
4456344 FutureMask Off
4549245 Methyl EthelL'Heure des Sorcières
4639539 ThundercatFriend Zone
4741166 Portugal. The ManNoise Pollution (ft. Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Zoe Manville) (Version A, Vocal Up Mix 1.3)
4844813 Gang Of YouthsStrange Diseases
4946438 FlumeFantastic (ft. Dave Bayley)
50451322 Mura MasaLove$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)
5147127 Danny BrownTell Me What I Don't Know
52551143 A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation (ft. Busta Rhymes)
53482712 Soft HairLying Has To Stop
5450129 Joey PurpGirls @ (ft. Chance the Rapper)
55NEW155 LordeGreen Light
5653188 A Tribe Called QuestKids... (ft. André 3000)
5754554 Imagine DragonsBeliever
5851187 WarpaintDre
59NEW159 Fleet FoxesThird of May / Ōdaigahara
60521720 The WeekndI Feel It Coming (ft. Daft Punk)
6157204 Pulled Apart By HorsesThe Big What If
6258182 TanukichanRadiolove
6360841 Birds of TokyoBrace
6459159 Kid CudiBaptized in Fire (ft. Travis Scott)
6561727 Cold War KidsLove Is Mystical
66622011 Methyl EthelNo. 28
6764264 Circa WavesGoodbye
6863744 JapandroidsNo Known Drink or Drug
6968853 ANOHNIParadise
7065182 These New South WhalesMeat Hook
7171232 Cloud NothingsModern Act
72702415 The WeekndStarboy (ft. Daft Punk)
73671421 D.D DumboThe Day I First Found God
7479274 The Money WarStars
75661818 HuskyLate Night Store
76771126 Milky ChanceCocoon
7780477 Frenship & Emily WarrenCapsize
78692021 Rae SremmurdBlack Beatles (ft. Gucci Mane)
7972372 Father John MistyTwo Wildly Different Perspectives
8083576 Frànçois & the Atlas MountainsGrand Dérèglement
81811810 A Tribe Called QuestWe the People....
82731813 Kings of LeonReverend
83NEW183 Rolling Blackouts Coastal FeverFrench Press
8474857 Methyl EthelUbu
85855018The Last Shadow PuppetsMiracle Aligner
8676183 of MontrealLet's Relate
8775935 Sofi TukkerDrinkee
8878297 of MontrealIt's Different For Girls
8989268 Kings of LeonWALLS
9088288 Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
91821517 SkegssSpring Has Sprung
9296759 GoldfrappAnymore
93991827 Vallis AlpsFading
94841917 FlumeSay It (ft. Tove Lo)
95871441 Cloud NothingsInternal World
9692756 Sampha(No One Knows Me) Like the Piano
97912713Hamilton Leithauser & RostamA 1000 Times
9893954 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesModern Ruin
9995674 blink-182Bored to Death
100902211Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare

86666 MewCarry Me To Safety
941060 ElbowAll Disco
97938 The xxSay Something Loving
98683 Surfer BloodSix Flags in F or G
100289 SpoonCan I Sit Next To You
And here I thought I'd be okay not to comment on your chart until Monday afternoon, yet I still manage to miss a chart. Castle On The Hill has grown on me a lot so I'm pleased to see it make your chart last week, and I'm even more pleased to see Passionfruit and Green Light debut this week. So awesome to see Green Light finally charting for you! Shame that Feel The Way I Do is already losing steam for you, but very impressed with Automaton's high placing as well as rises for Feel It Still, Bounce Back, Mask Off and Capsize.

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