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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Anton's Jovial Jams - 2017

Back after a horrid 2016

2016 Charts: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45672

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Demi-Decade Chart: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=43857

Anton Awards - Dedicated to recognising the best songs of the year:

Official Number Ones
2/01/2010FirefliesOwl CityUS
9/01/2010FirefliesOwl CityUS
16/01/2010FirefliesOwl CityUS
23/01/2010FirefliesOwl CityUS
30/01/2010FirefliesOwl CityUS
13/02/2010Do You RememberJay Sean (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)US
20/02/2010Do You RememberJay Sean (feat. Sean Paul & Lil Jon)US
27/02/2010Imma BeThe Black Eyed PeasUS
6/03/2010Healing BeginsTenth Avenue NorthUS
13/03/2010Healing BeginsTenth Avenue NorthUS
20/03/2010BrokenSam ClarkAU
27/03/2010BrokenSam ClarkAU
3/04/2010Hey Soul SisterTrainUS
10/04/2010Hey Soul SisterTrainUS
17/04/2010Love LostThe Temper TrapAU
24/04/2010Hey Soul SisterTrainUS
1/05/2010Before The MorningJosh WilsonUS
8/05/2010Before The MorningJosh WilsonUS
15/05/2010AirplanesB.o.B ft Hayley WilliamsUS
22/05/2010AirplanesB.o.B ft Hayley WilliamsUS
29/05/2010This Ain't A Love SongScouting For GirlsUK
5/06/2010Sail The Wildest StretchPowderfingerAU
12/06/2010AirplanesB.o.B ft Hayley WilliamsUS
19/06/2010Get Back UpTobyMacUS
26/06/2010Get Back UpTobyMacUS
3/07/2010Sail The Wildest StretchPowderfingerAU
10/07/2010No Matter WhatKerrie RobertsUS
17/07/2010No Matter WhatKerrie RobertsUS
24/07/2010Love The FallMichael Paynter ft The VeronicasAU
31/07/2010Love The FallMichael Paynter ft The VeronicasAU
7/08/2010Love The FallMichael Paynter ft The VeronicasAU
14/08/2010MagicB.o.B ft Rivers CuomoUS
21/08/2010For The First TimeThe ScriptIE
28/08/2010Lead MeSanctus RealUS
4/09/2010Light Up The SkyThe AftersUS
11/09/2010Light Up The SkyThe AftersUS
18/09/2010Light Up The SkyThe AftersUS
25/09/2010Light Up The SkyThe AftersUS
2/10/2010PlansBirds of TokyoAU
9/10/2010CrossfireBrandon FlowersUS
16/10/2010CrossfireBrandon FlowersUS
23/10/2010Waiting For The EndLinkin ParkUS
30/10/2010PlansBirds of TokyoAU
6/11/2010PlansBirds of TokyoAU
13/11/2010PlansBirds of TokyoAU
20/11/2010PyroKings of LeonUS
27/11/2010PyroKings of LeonUS
4/12/2010PyroKings of LeonUS
11/12/2010PyroKings of LeonUS
18/12/2010PyroKings of LeonUS
25/12/2010PyroKings of LeonUS
1/01/2011Lift Me UpThe AftersUS
8/01/2011Lift Me UpThe AftersUS
15/01/2011Burning In The SkiesLinkin ParkUS
22/01/2011Burning In The SkiesLinkin ParkUS
29/01/2011NothingThe ScriptIE
5/02/2011AnimalNeon TreesUS
12/02/2011AnimalNeon TreesUS
19/02/2011Your LoveBrandon HeathUS
26/02/2011Your LoveBrandon HeathUS
5/03/2011CirclesBirds of TokyoAU
12/03/2011CirclesBirds of TokyoAU
19/03/2011Your LoveBrandon HeathUS
26/03/2011Wild At HeartBirds of TokyoAU
2/04/2011My Own Little WorldMatthew WestUS
9/04/2011What It Means To Be LovedMark SchultzAU
16/04/2011CirclesBirds of TokyoAU
23/04/2011CirclesBirds of TokyoAU
30/04/2011CirclesBirds of TokyoAU
7/05/2011If You Ever Come BackThe ScriptIE
14/05/2011If You Ever Come BackThe ScriptIE
21/05/2011Throw It Away360 ft Josh PykeAU
28/05/2011Throw It Away360 ft Josh PykeAU
4/06/2011Throw It Away360 ft Josh PykeAU
11/06/2011Every Teardrop Is A WaterfallColdplayUK
18/06/2011Every Teardrop Is A WaterfallColdplayUK
25/06/2011The Light In MeBrandon HeathUS
2/07/2011The Light In MeBrandon HeathUS
9/07/2011Every Teardrop Is A WaterfallColdplayUK
16/07/2011Every Teardrop Is A WaterfallColdplayUK
23/07/2011Hold Me TogetherRoyal TailorUS
30/07/2011Open ArmsElbowUK
6/08/2011Ready To Go (Get Out Of My Mind)Panic! At The DiscoUS
13/08/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
20/08/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
27/08/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
3/09/2011Pumped Up KicksFoster The PeopleUS
10/09/2011Love Is The CompassNathan TaskerAU
17/09/2011Pumped Up KicksFoster The PeopleUS
24/09/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
1/10/2011Pumped Up KicksFoster The PeopleUS
8/10/2011Pumped Up KicksFoster The PeopleUS
15/10/2011The A TeamEd SheeranUK
22/10/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
29/10/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
5/11/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
12/11/2011GhostsNew EmpireAU
19/11/2011The A TeamEd SheeranUK
26/11/2011The A TeamEd SheeranUK
3/12/2011The A TeamEd SheeranUK
10/12/2011Remind Me Who I AmJason GrayUS
17/12/2011Call It What You WantFoster The PeopleUS
24/12/2011Feeding LineBoy & BearAU
31/12/2011Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
7/01/2012Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
14/01/2012I WonderLeelandUS
21/01/2012Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
28/01/2012Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
4/02/2012Feel It In Your HeartAbandonUS
11/02/2012Only To BeSix60NZ
18/02/2012Part Time BelieverBoy & BearAU
25/02/2012One ThingOne DirectionUK
3/03/2012One ThingOne DirectionUK
10/03/2012One ThingOne DirectionUK
17/03/2012Fade Into DarknessAviciiSE
24/03/2012Life Is BeautifulThe AftersUS
31/03/2012Fade Into DarknessAviciiSE
7/04/2012Life Is BeautifulThe AftersUS
14/04/2012Outta My MindAnthem LightsUS
21/04/2012Outta My MindAnthem LightsUS
28/04/2012Outta My MindAnthem LightsUS
5/05/2012Outta My MindAnthem LightsUS
12/05/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
19/05/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
26/05/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
2/06/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
9/06/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
16/06/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
23/06/201210,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)Matt RedmanUK
30/06/201210,000 Reasons (Bless The Lord)Matt RedmanUK
7/07/2012Good To Be AliveJason GrayUS
14/07/2012DefaultDjango DjangoUK
21/07/2012DefaultDjango DjangoUK
28/07/2012I Will Find YouJimmy Needham (feat. Lecrae)US
4/08/2012Some NightsFun.US
11/08/2012Some NightsFun.US
18/08/2012Some NightsFun.US
25/08/2012Some NightsFun.US
1/09/2012Some NightsFun.US
8/09/2012Some NightsFun.US
15/09/2012Follow The SunEvermoreAU
22/09/2012Follow The SunEvermoreAU
29/09/2012We'll Be Coming BackCalvin Harris (feat. Example)UK
6/10/2012Run Alone360AU
13/10/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
20/10/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
27/10/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
3/11/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
10/11/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
17/11/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
24/11/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
1/12/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
8/12/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
15/12/2012Don't You Worry ChildSwedish House Mafia (feat. John Martin)SE
22/12/2012WornTenth Avenue NorthUS
29/12/2012WornTenth Avenue NorthUS
5/01/2013WornTenth Avenue NorthUS
12/01/2013TrojansAtlas GeniusAU
19/01/2013TrojansAtlas GeniusAU
26/01/2013LanternsBirds of TokyoAU
2/02/2013LanternsBirds of TokyoAU
9/02/2013LanternsBirds of TokyoAU
16/02/2013Clair de LuneFlight Facilities (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
23/02/2013Clair de LuneFlight Facilities (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
2/03/2013Clair de LuneFlight Facilities (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
9/03/2013Clair de LuneFlight Facilities (feat. Christine Hoberg)AU
30/03/2013MirrorsJustin TimberlakeUS
6/04/2013MirrorsJustin TimberlakeUS
13/04/2013If I Lose MyselfOneRepublic with AlessoUS
20/04/2013If I Lose MyselfOneRepublic with AlessoUS
27/04/2013If I Lose MyselfOneRepublic with AlessoUS
4/05/2013Kiss YouOne DirectionUK
11/05/2013Kiss YouOne DirectionUK
18/05/2013Busted Heart (Hold On To Me)For King & CountryUK
25/05/2013YouRobin StjernbergSE
1/06/2013YouRobin StjernbergSE
8/06/2013YouRobin StjernbergSE
15/06/2013YouRobin StjernbergSE
22/06/2013WordsHawk Nelson (feat. Bart Millard)US
29/06/2013Wake Me UpAviciiSE
6/07/2013Wake Me UpAviciiSE
13/07/2013Wake Me UpAviciiSE
20/07/2013Wake Me UpAviciiSE
27/07/2013RiptideVance JoyAU
3/08/2013RiptideVance JoyAU
10/08/2013RadioactiveImagine DragonsUS
17/08/2013RadioactiveImagine DragonsUS
24/08/2013Wait For MeKings of LeonUS
31/08/2013RadioactiveImagine DragonsUS
7/09/2013RadioactiveImagine DragonsUS
14/09/2013RadioactiveImagine DragonsUS
21/09/2013Things We Lost In The FireBastilleUK
28/09/2013MonsterImagine DragonsUS
5/10/2013On Top of The WorldImagine DragonsUS
12/10/2013On Top of The WorldImagine DragonsUS
19/10/2013Things We Lost In The FireBastilleUK
26/10/2013Things We Lost In The FireBastilleUK
2/11/2013Under ControlCalvin Harris & Alesso (feat. Hurts)UK
9/11/2013Borrow My HeartTaylor HendersonAU
16/11/2013Borrow My HeartTaylor HendersonAU
23/11/2013Of The NightBastilleUK
30/11/2013BelieverAudio AdrenalineUS
7/12/2013Baby BoyFor King & CountryAU
14/12/2013FreeRudimental (feat. Emeli Sande)UK
21/12/2013Baby BoyFor King & CountryAU
28/12/2013Baby BoyFor King & CountryAU
4/01/2014FreeRudimental (feat. Emeli Sande)UK
11/01/2014FreeRudimental (feat. Emeli Sande)UK
18/01/2014Coming of AgeFoster The PeopleUS
25/01/2014Coming of AgeFoster The PeopleUS
1/02/2014Coming of AgeFoster The PeopleUS
8/02/2014Coming of AgeFoster The PeopleUS
15/02/2014Rather BeClean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
22/02/2014Rather BeClean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
1/03/2014Rather BeClean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
8/03/2014Rather BeClean Bandit (feat. Jess Glynne)UK
3/05/2014OceanAndreas MoeSW
10/05/2014OceanAndreas MoeSW
17/05/2014RainmakerEmmelie de ForestDK
21/06/2014Lay Me DownRush of FoolsUS
28/06/2014Already GoneTaylor HendersonAU
5/07/2014Already GoneTaylor HendersonAU
12/07/2014Mess Is MineVance JoyAU
19/07/2014Mess Is MineVance JoyAU
26/07/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
2/08/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
9/08/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
16/08/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
23/08/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
30/08/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
6/09/2014No Man Is An IslandTenth Avenue NorthUS
13/09/2014FireblazinCapital KingsUS
20/09/2014FireblazinCapital KingsUS
27/09/2014ArcadiaThe Kite String TangleAU
4/10/2014Let It GoJames BayUK
11/10/2014ArcadiaThe Kite String TangleAU
18/10/2014Take Me OverPeking Duk (feat. Safia)AU
25/10/2014Take Me OverPeking Duk (feat. Safia)AU
1/11/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
8/11/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
15/11/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
22/11/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
29/11/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
6/12/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
13/12/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
20/12/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
27/12/2014No Turning BackBrandon Heath (feat. All Sons & Daughters)US
3/01/2015Stone ColdThe Kite String Tangle (feat. Tiana Khasi)AU
10/01/2015Red EyesThe War on DrugsUS
17/01/2015Red EyesThe War on DrugsUS
24/01/2015King And CrossÁsgeirIC
31/01/2015Beware The DogThe GriswoldsAU
7/02/2015King And CrossÁsgeirIC
14/02/2015King And CrossÁsgeirIC
21/02/2015CoolAlesso (feat. Roy English)SE
28/02/2015KingYears & YearsUK
7/03/2015KingYears & YearsUK
14/03/2015KingYears & YearsUK
21/03/2015KingYears & YearsUK
28/03/2015KingYears & YearsUK
4/04/2015Shut Up And DanceWalk The MoonUS
11/04/2015Shut Up And DanceWalk The MoonUS
18/04/2015Shut Up And DanceWalk The MoonUS
25/04/2015StrongerClean BanditUK
2/05/2015StrongerClean BanditUK
9/05/2015StrongerClean BanditUK
16/05/2015ShineYears & YearsUK
23/05/2015ShineYears & YearsUK
30/05/2015SecretsTiesto & KSHMR (feat. Vassy)NL
6/06/2015HeroesMåns ZelmerlöwSE
13/06/2015Loud PlacesJamie xx (feat. Romy)UK
20/06/2015Different ColoursWalk The MoonUS
4/07/2015You Were RightRÜFÜSAU
11/07/2015You Were RightRÜFÜSAU
18/07/2015Rumour MillRudimental (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
25/07/2015Rumour MillRudimental (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
1/08/2015You Were RightRÜFÜSAU
8/08/2015Rumour MillRudimental (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
15/08/2015Rumour MillRudimental (feat. Will Heard & Anne-Marie)UK
22/08/2015Tongue Tied JulyMichael Brun (feat. Roy English)HT
29/08/2015Tongue Tied JulyMichael Brun (feat. Roy English)HT
5/09/2015Tongue Tied JulyMichael Brun (feat. Roy English)HT
12/09/2015Break of DayTenth Avenue NorthUS
19/09/2015Tongue Tied JulyMichael Brun (feat. Roy English)HT
26/09/2015Tongue Tied JulyMichael Brun (feat. Roy English)HT
3/10/2015WildTroye SivanAU
10/10/2015WildTroye SivanAU
17/10/2015Lay It All On MeRudimental (feat. Ed Sheeran)UK
24/10/2015Lay It All On MeRudimental (feat. Ed Sheeran)UK
31/10/2015You Were RightRÜFÜSAU
7/11/2015Adventure of a LifetimeColdplayUK
14/11/2015Dancing on GlassSt. LuciaZA
16/01/2016Out of TouchBetablock3rUS
23/01/2016Out of TouchBetablock3rUS
30/01/2016Say A Prayer For MeRÜFÜSAU
6/02/2016What You WantedBetablock3rUS
13/02/2016What You WantedBetablock3rUS
20/02/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
27/02/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
5/06/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
12/03/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
19/03/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
26/03/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
2/04/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
9/04/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
16/04/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
23/04/2016Somebody ElseThe 1975UK
30/04/2016Imperfect MeBoyce AvenueUS
7/05/2016Can't Stop The FeelingJustin TimberlakeUS
14/05/2016Can't Stop The FeelingJustin TimberlakeUS
21/05/2016What You WantTenth Avenue NorthUS
28/05/2016What You WantTenth Avenue NorthUS
4/06/2016Someone That Loves YouHonne & Izzy BizuUK
11/06/2016Someone That Loves YouHonne & Izzy BizuUK
18/06/2016A Change of HeartThe 1975UK
25/06/2016A Change of HeartThe 1975UK
2/07/2016Help Me Run AwaySt. LuciaUS
9/07/2016Help Me Run AwaySt. LuciaUS
16/07/2016Too GoodDrake (feat. Rihanna)US
23/07/2016Too GoodDrake (feat. Rihanna)US
30/07/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
6/08/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
13/08/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
20/08/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
27/08/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
3/09/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
10/09/2016This Must Be My DreamThe 1975UK
17/09/2016Treat You RightHonneUK
24/09/2016Treat You RightHonneUK
1/10/2016Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons)US
8/10/2016My WayCalvin HarrisUK
15/10/2016My WayCalvin HarrisUK
22/10/2016Treat You RightHonneUK
29/10/2016RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul)UK
5/11/2016Good TogetherHonneUK
12/11/2016FrozenPon Cho (feat. Paige IV)AU
19/11/2016FrozenPon Cho (feat. Paige IV)AU
26/11/2016I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk)CA
3/12/2016I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk)CA
10/12/2016Love On The WeekendJohn MayerUS
17/12/2016Dog YearsMaggie RogersUS
24/12/2016Dog YearsMaggie RogersUS
31/12/2016Dog YearsMaggie RogersUS

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2017 Number Ones

7/01/2017Dog YearsMaggie Rogers25US
14/01/2017Castle On A HillEd Sheeran27UK
21/01/2017Dog YearsMaggie Rogers15US
11/02/2017GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney)30AT
18/02/2017I Better Love YouWill Heard30UK
25/02/2017Beep MeWill Heard17UK
5/03/2017Beep MeWill Heard20UK
12/03/2017Beep MeWill Heard12UK

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Hey everyone, it's great to be back

As you may know, I suspended my charts halfway through 2016 originally thinking that my time with charts was done and dusted. 2016 was a very difficult year for me. Disregarding the saddening political and social events that occurred, it was a year where I took on too many obligations in my university and social life, where I ended up working the equivalent of a full time job in addition to full time university studies.
With terrible music constantly hitting our ARIA charts I thought chart music was done for me, when the real issue was that my own life was too overwhelming to the point that I was shedding committments left, right, and center without any clear thought processes at all.

That all said and done, I have caught up on my lost charts and I am very excited for a fresh new year. So without further ado, here is my first chart of 2017 for the week ending on the 7th of January. I am going away for a few days tomorrow so I thought I should may as well start my new thread and chart right away!

1151Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [4 Weeks at #1]
2NEW12Wild LifeClient Liaison 
3NEW13World of Our LoveClient Liaison 
4*1334Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix) 
5271I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
6444DriveGretta Ray 
7392CocoonMilky Chance 
8525Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
9671Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
10755I Am DrugsRoy English 
1111241This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲4
1210411Mind Made UpLenno vs. Cookin on 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) 
13878FadingVallis Alps 
149151Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
151264JupiterMichael Brun (feat. Roy English & Uni)
1615101Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
171672Don't Mind MeWalking on Cars 
1817517CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
19NEW119Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
201465Think About ItThundametals (feat. Peta & The Wolves) 
211892On HoldThe xx
2228422Make It UpShura 
2319610Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous) 
2420711Miss YouYoung Franco 
2521416Just Hold OnLouis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki 
2622101FrozenPON CHO (feat. Paige IV) [2 Weeks at #1]
2723503The SoundThe 1975▲3
2826428AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
2924171My WayCalvin Harris [2 Weeks at #1]
3025121RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) 
312782Falling Into YouHillsong Young & Free 
322994Find MeSigma (feat. Birdy) 
3331115StrangerPeking Duk (feat. Elliphant)
34NEW134Say Something LovingThe xx 
3532471Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3633171Treat You RightHonne [3 Weeks at #1]
3749536FaithSteve Wonder & Ariana Grande 
3830219ShelterPorter Robinson & Madeon 
3934431Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
4035434Cat Thursterdeadmau5 
4136149The FighterKeith Urban & Carrie Underwood 
4237118PapercutsIlly (feat. Vera Blue) 
4540814Let Me Love YouDJ Snake (feat. Justin Bieber) 
46NEW146Off White LimousineClient Liaison 
4741340Thinking About YouAndreas Moss 
4842242ElevatorHoly Holy 
4943441Never Say NeverThundamentals 
5044438All We GotChance the Rapper (feat. Kanye West & The Chicago Children's Choir) 

451532Jason's Song (Gave It Away)Ariana Grande 
46591InnerbloomRÜFÜS [8 Weeks at #1]▲2
47345Fountain of YouthLocal Natives 
48157OverflowTenth Avenue North 
50545We The People…A Tribe Called Quest 

Also (after a fun morning of finding and sorting archives) I have dug up, sorted and finalised all my #1s from 2010. These are my official #1s since I begun charts! Hope you enjoy!
Looks like you've found someone new to stan... Great to see Vallis Alps and Thundamentals among others in your top 20 and decent debut for The xx.
So I don't have to bump your 2016 thread, I'll just list all the songs I was pleased to see chart in this post:

yay WALLS, Touch , Dusseldorf, Fallin In Love, Rockabye, Body Moves, Stranger, Frozen, Static, On Hold, Miss You!!!, Stop Me (Stop You), Cocoon, Let Me Love You, I Feel It Coming, Miss You, Fading, Give Me Up (yay GRMM), Beat Me To The Punch (omg yay!), Starboy, Jupiter, Take Me Away, I Know A Place!!!, We The People...., Dog Years, Capsize (amazed this didn't chart earlier for you ), Drive, Mind Made Up, Never Ever!!!, Alaska yass, Make It Up!!!, Cat Thruster, Scars To Your Beautiful, Call On Me and Thinking About You. Of all the songs from The Knocks to debut though, why I Wish (My Taylor Swift) and Heat? You do know they did a song with Walk The Moon? Which is in fact very good Also gross Just Hold On Love that Too Good, My Way, Rockabye, Frozen (wow at that jump), I Feel It Coming and Dog Years were #1s too.

Now to 2017! Yay at your chart being back and I hope 2017 goes better for you when it comes to quality of music and keeping up to date with your charts I was a bit disappointed with the newies from London Grammar and The xx admittedly, but I do like me some Client Liaison. World Of Our Love is easily my favourite of the three debuts, but yay to the other two as well.
It's a week of doubles today! lol

1NEW11Castle On A HillEd Sheeran 
2222Wild LifeClient Liaison 
3161Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [4 Weeks at #1]
4323World of Our LoveClient Liaison
5NEW15Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
6*28528AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
7444Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix) 
8RE58Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
9581I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
10654DriveGretta Ray 
117102CocoonMilky Chance 
12835Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
13981Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
1411251This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲4
1512511Mind Made UpLenno vs. Cookin on 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) 
161388FadingVallis Alps 
171065I Am DrugsRoy English 
1814161Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
1916111Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
2019219Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
211782Don't Mind MeWalking on Cars 
221574JupiterMichael Brun (feat. Roy English & Uni)
2321102On HoldThe xx 
2422522Make It UpShura 
2530131RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) 
2623710Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous) 
2724811Miss YouYoung Franco 
2825516Just Hold OnLouis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki 
2939529Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
3018617CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
3127513The SoundThe 1975▲3
32NEW132Doing GoodMilky Chance 
3335481Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3426111FrozenPON CHO (feat. Paige IV) [2 Weeks at #1]
352075Think About ItThundametals (feat. Peta & The Wolves) 
3629181My WayCalvin Harris [2 Weeks at #1]
37NEW137DangerousThe xx 
3836181Treat You RightHonne [3 Weeks at #1]
3937636FaithSteve Wonder & Ariana Grande 
403192Falling Into YouHillsong Young & Free 
4132104Find MeSigma (feat. Birdy) 
4233125StrangerPeking Duk (feat. Elliphant)
4334234Say Something LovingThe xx 
4438229ShelterPorter Robinson & Madeon 
4540534Cat Thursterdeadmau5 
46NEW146Phase Me OutVerite 
4741159The FighterKeith Urban & Carrie Underwood 
4842128PapercutsIlly (feat. Vera Blue) 

45814Let Me Love YouDJ Snake (feat. Justin Bieber)
46146Off White LimousineClient Liaison
47340Thinking About YouAndreas Moss
48242ElevatorHoly Holy
49441Never Say NeverThundamentals
50438All We GotChance the Rapper (feat. Kanye West & The Chicago Children's Choir)

I'm gonna have to check out Castle On A Hill again because there's a few people I'm hearing like it more than Shape of You, great to see them both in your top 5! Sad to see Let Me Love You gone, especially while Stranger is still in the chart. Great chart though, nice to see the xx entry
Must admit I prefer Shape Of You to Castle On A Hill. Sad to see Let Me Love You dropout too, but great to see Rockabye back rising as well as appearances still for Capsize, Frozen, Faith and The Fighter.
Chart for 2 days ago!

1371Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
2862Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
3232Wild LifeClient Liaison 
4121Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1] 
5433World of Our LoveClient Liaison
6525Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
7667AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
8754Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix) 
9991I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
101064DriveGretta Ray 
11*32211Doing GoodMilky Chance 
1211112CocoonMilky Chance 
131245Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
141391Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
15NEW115Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
1618171Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
1719121Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
1814261This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
191698FadingVallis Alps 
2020319Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
21NEW121Never StartMiddle Kids 
222192Don't Mind MeWalking on Cars 
23NEW123Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer 
2429629Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
2530717CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
2625141RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) 
2715611Mind Made UpLenno vs. Cookin on 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) 
281775I Am DrugsRoy English 
29NEW129Girlfriendin Stereo 
3023112On HoldThe xx 
3124622Make It UpShura 
3233491Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
33NEW133Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
3426810Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous) 
352284JupiterMichael Brun (feat. Roy English & Uni)
36NEW136On + OffMaggie Rogers 
3727911Miss YouYoung Franco 
3828616Just Hold OnLouis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki 
3931523The SoundThe 1975▲3
4034121FrozenPON CHO (feat. Paige IV) [2 Weeks at #1]
4137237DangerousThe xx 
423585Think About ItThundametals (feat. Peta & The Wolves) 
4336191My WayCalvin Harris [2 Weeks at #1]
4438191Treat You RightHonne [3 Weeks at #1]
4539736FaithSteve Wonder & Ariana Grande 
4640102Falling Into YouHillsong Young & Free 
4741114Find MeSigma (feat. Birdy) 
4842135StrangerPeking Duk (feat. Elliphant)
4943334Say Something LovingThe xx 
5044239ShelterPorter Robinson & Madeon 

45534Cat Thursterdeadmau5 
46146Phase Me OutVerite 
47159The FighterKeith Urban & Carrie Underwood 
48128PapercutsIlly (feat. Vera Blue) 

Thanks Hottest 100 for the great new songs

2181Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
3272Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
4543World of Our LoveClient Liaison
5342Wild LifeClient Liaison
61355Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
7777AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
812122CocoonMilky Chance 
9431Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1] 
10635Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
111074DriveGretta Ray 
129101I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
13NEW113Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)RÜFÜS 
1411311Doing GoodMilky Chance 
15NEW115The Opposite of UsBig Scary 
16864Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
1715215Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
1829229Girlfriendin Stereo 
1914101Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
20NEW120Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
2118271This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1] 
2321221Never StartMiddle Kids▲5
2423223Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer 
2524729Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
2616181Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
2717131Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
2819108FadingVallis Alps 
29NEW129Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
30NEW130Love Me BetterJames Blunt 
3120419Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
32NEW132No ReasonBonobo (feat. Nick Murphy) 
3336236On + OffMaggie Rogers 
3430122On HoldThe xx 
3525817CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
3626151RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) 
3732501Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
4033233Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
4134910Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous) 
4231722Make It UpShura 
4322102Don't Mind MeWalking on Cars 
4427711Mind Made UpLenno vs. Cookin on 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) 
45NEW145SavagePaces (feat. Nyne) 
4639533The SoundThe 1975▲3
47NEW147OceansCazzette (feat. Leo Stannard) 
4841337DangerousThe xx 
4943201My WayCalvin Harris [2 Weeks at #1]
502885I Am DrugsRoy English 

3584JupiterMichael Brun (feat. Roy English & Uni)
37911Miss YouYoung Franco 
38616Just Hold OnLouis Tomlinson & Steve Aoki 
40121FrozenPON CHO (feat. Paige IV) [2 Weeks at #1]
4285Think About ItThundametals (feat. Peta & The Wolves) 
44191Treat You RightHonne [3 Weeks at #1]
45736FaithSteve Wonder & Ariana Grande 
46102Falling Into YouHillsong Young & Free 
47114Find MeSigma (feat. Birdy) 
48135StrangerPeking Duk (feat. Elliphant)
49334Say Something LovingThe xx 
50239ShelterPorter Robinson & Madeon 

Last edited:
Love the entries for Love$ick and Chameleon, especially when Frozen has to fall out. Good to see Now and Later, Capsize and Rockabye all doing well too.
1121UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1] 
2*4032Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
4NEW14For YouNortheast Party House 
5291Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
6382Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
7787AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
81184DriveGretta Ray 
9453World of Our LoveClient Liaison
10552Wild LifeClient Liaison
118132CocoonMilky Chance 
12*20212Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
13941Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
14665Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
1514411Doing GoodMilky Chance 
1612111I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
17*24317Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer 
18NEW118GoodbyeFilious (feat. Mat Kearney) 
19NEW1191000 NightsFRENSHIP 
201045Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
2117315Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
2218318Girlfriendin Stereo 
2321281This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
2431519Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
2523321Never StartMiddle Kids 
2715215The Opposite of UsBig Scary 
28NEW128Big PictureLondon Grammar 
2913213Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)RÜFÜS 
301674Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
32NEW132All NightChance The Rapper (feat. Knox Fortune) 
33NEW133January 26A.B. Original (feat. Dan Sultan) 
3419111Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
3525829Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
3626191Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
3727141Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
3828118FadingVallis Alps 
3929229Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
4035917CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
4130230Love Me BetterJames Blunt 
4232232No ReasonBonobo (feat. Nick Murphy) 
4333336On + OffMaggie Rogers 
4437511Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
4534132On HoldThe xx 
4636161RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) 
48411010Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous) 
4943112Don't Mind MeWalking on Cars 
5046543The SoundThe 1975▲3

42722Make It UpShura 
44711Mind Made UpLenno vs. Cookin on 3 Burners (feat. Kylie Auldist) 
45145SavagePaces (feat. Nyne) 
47147OceansCazzette (feat. Leo Stannard) 
48337DangerousThe xx 
49201My WayCalvin Harris [2 Weeks at #1]
5085I Am DrugsRoy English 

So many charts to comment on! But I have now caught up Good to see Shape Of You, Now And Later, Edge Of Town, On + Off, Unbound, The Opposite Of Us, Love$ick, Sunrise <3, Scared To Be Lonely, No Reason, Chameleon, Savage, Oceans, All Night (KAYTRANADA Extended Joint is much better though!!) and January 26. I charted an Aquilo song in late 2015 / early 2016 and keep seeing that name but nothing else has really clicked for me Awesome to see Edge Of Town, Sunrise <3 (I hope it can get to #1), Love$ick and Chameleon move up this week.
Hmmm I can't recall if that was the Northeast Party House song I heard on the radio the other day... I'm going to guess it's not. Great debuts for PUP, Chance and A.B. Original, wow! Top moves too for Middle Kids, Pnau, Mura Masa and Gretta Ray.
Filous are #1 and #50!

1*1821GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) 
2*19221000 NightsFRENSHIP 
3131UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1] 
4424For YouNortheast Party House 
5242Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
6*1746Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer 
7NEW17I Better Love YouWill Heard 
9692Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
105101Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
11797AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
1212312Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
13894DriveGretta Ray 
14963World of Our LoveClient Liaison
151062Wild LifeClient Liaison
1615511Doing GoodMilky Chance 
17*25417Never StartMiddle Kids 
18NEW118Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
1911142CocoonMilky Chance 
20*27315The Opposite of UsBig Scary 
221351Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
231475Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
242055Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
2516121I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
2621415Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
2722418Girlfriendin Stereo 
2823291This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
2924619Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
3028228Big PictureLondon Grammar 
3129313Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)RÜFÜS 
3242332No ReasonBonobo (feat. Nick Murphy) 
333084Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
3432232All NightChance The Rapper (feat. Knox Fortune) 
3539329Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
36401017CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
3744521Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3833233January 26A.B. Original (feat. Dan Sultan) 
3934121Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
4050553The SoundThe 1975▲3
4135929Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
4336201Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
4437151Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
4538128FadingVallis Alps 
4641330Love Me BetterJames Blunt 
4743436On + OffMaggie Rogers 
4845142On HoldThe xx 
4946171RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul) 
50481110Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous) 

49112Don't Mind MeWalking on Cars
The Will Heard song is good. Not so much a fan of the new #1 though sadly. But I like seeing Chameleon get a new peak. Pity about the drop for Sunrise but it's still awesome that you charted it so high, even higher than me lol
Ouch PUP Good to see Pnau, Big Scary, Bonobo and Middle Kids moving in the right direction though!
18th Feb chart!

1721I Better Love YouWill Heard 
2131GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) 
32321000 NightsFRENSHIP 
4654Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer 
5331UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1] 
6*1826Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
7552Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
8434For YouNortheast Party House 
99102Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
1010111Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
1111107AlaskaMaggie Rogers 
1212412Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
1313104DriveGretta Ray 
141473World of Our LoveClient Liaison 
151572Wild LifeClient Liaison 
1620415The Opposite of UsBig Scary 
1716611Doing GoodMilky Chance 
182261Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
192465Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
2125131I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
23NEW123Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
24NEW124EgoMilky Chance 
2519152CocoonMilky Chance 
2617517Never StartMiddle Kids 
2729719Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
2830328Big PictureLondon Grammar 
292385Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
3028301This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
3126515Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
3227518Girlfriendin Stereo 
3332432No ReasonBonobo (feat. Nick Murphy) 
3437531Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3540563The SoundThe 1975▲3
3635429Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
373394Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
3834332All NightChance The Rapper (feat. Knox Fortune) 
3931413Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)RÜFÜS 
40361117CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 
4138333January 26A.B. Original (feat. Dan Sultan) 
4239131Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
44411029Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
4643211Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
4744161Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
4845138FadingVallis Alps 
4946430Love Me BetterJames Blunt 
5047536On + OffMaggie Rogers 

48142On HoldThe xx
49171RockabyeClean Bandit (feat. Anne-Marie & Sean Paul)
501110Take Me AwayTigertown (feat. Filous)
Last week's chart!!!!

1NEW11Beep MeWill Heard 
2131I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
3241GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney)
4NEW14NakedWill Heard 
53421000 NightsFRENSHIP
6464Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
7NEW17In My HeadMaala 
8*2328Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
9NEW19TrustWill Heard 
10541UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1] 
11*24211EgoMilky Chance 
12636Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
13762Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
14NEW114SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
1510121Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
169112Fresh EyesAndy Grammer
17844For YouNortheast Party House 
18NEW118All On MeDevin Dawson 
1913114DriveGretta Ray 
2011117AlaskaMaggie Rogers
211871Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
22NEW122SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 
2312512Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
24NEW124BetterMaggie Rogers 
251975Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
261483World of Our LoveClient Liaison
271582Wild LifeClient Liaison
2828428Big PictureLondon Grammar 
29NEW129Still Feel Like yOur ManJohn Mayer 
3021141I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
3117711Doing GoodMilky Chance 
3316515The Opposite of UsBig Scary 
3425162CocoonMilky Chance 
3526617Never StartMiddle Kids 
3627819Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
3730311This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
3834541Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3935573The SoundThe 1975▲4
4050636On + OffMaggie Rogers 
4136529Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
4237104Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
432995Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
4531615Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
4632618Girlfriendin Stereo 
4733532No ReasonBonobo (feat. Nick Murphy) 
4838432All NightChance The Rapper (feat. Knox Fortune) 
4939513Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)RÜFÜS 
50401217CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren) 

41333January 26A.B. Original (feat. Dan Sultan) 
42131Love On The WeekendJohn Mayer [1 Week at #1]
441029Never EverRoyskopp (feat. Susanne Sundfør) 
46211Dark DaysLocal Natives (feat. Nina Perrsons) [1 Week at #1]
47161Good TogetherHonne [1 Week at #1]
48138FadingVallis Alps 
49430Love Me BetterJames Blunt 

I was hoping to know more of the debuts, damn aww at losing A.B., PUP and Vallis Alps but good to see Asgeir, Middle Kids, Big Scary, PNAU, Mura Masa and Chance making an impact.
1121Beep MeWill Heard [2 Weeks at #1] 
2*722In My HeadMAALA 
3423NakedWill Heard 
4241I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
5351GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
6836Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
7927TrustWill Heard 
8674Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
91051UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
1011310EgoMilky Chance 
115521000 NightsFRENSHIP
12*29212Still Feel Like yOur ManJohn Mayer 
1314214SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
141246Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
15*22215SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 
16*24216BetterMaggie Rogers 
172181Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
1815131Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
1918218All On MeDevin Dawson 
201372Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
2119124DriveGretta Ray 
2216122Fresh EyesAndy Grammer
2320127AlaskaMaggie Rogers
241754For YouNortheast Party House 
252585Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
2623612Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
272693World of Our LoveClient Liaison
282792Wild LifeClient Liaison
2928528Big PictureLondon Grammar 
30*40730On + OffMaggie Rogers 
3130151I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
3231811Doing GoodMilky Chance 
3334172CocoonMilky Chance
3433615The Opposite of UsBig Scary 
3538551Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3639583The SoundThe 1975▲4
3837321This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
3935717Never StartMiddle Kids 
4036919Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
4141629Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
4242114Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
43NEW143CruiseKygo (feat. Andrew Jackson) 
44NEW144PerfectEd Sheeran 
4543105Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
4645715Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
47NEW147Pass By YouAston Shuffle 
48NEW148Neon LightsDope Lemon 
5046718Girlfriendin Stereo 

47532No ReasonBonobo (feat. Nick Murphy)
48432All NightChance The Rapper (feat. Knox Fortune)
49513Innerbloom (What So Not Remix)RÜFÜS
501217CapsizeFrenship (feat. Emily Warren)

So many charts I've missed Great to see debuts for Chained To The Rhythm, Falling, In My Head, Slide, Selfish, Still Feel Like Your Man and Pass You By over the last few weeks. Beep Me is good but I'd prefer In My Head to be at #1. Poor Sunrise though
Hopefully I can return onto a normal posting schedule soon!

1131Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1] 
2232In My HeadMAALA 
3333NakedWill Heard 
4451I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
5737TrustWill Heard 
6*1236Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
7646Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
8561GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
9NEW19BlossomMilky Chance 
10884Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
11961UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
1213312SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
1316313BetterMaggie Rogers 
1410410EgoMilky Chance 
1511621000 NightsFRENSHIP 
161791Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
1715315SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 
181456Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
19NEW119Keep Me CrazySheppard 
2019318All On MeDevin Dawson 
21NEW121Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
2318141Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
242595Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
252082Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
2621134DriveGretta Ray 
2722132Fresh EyesAndy Grammer
2823137AlaskaMaggie Rogers
292464For YouNortheast Party House 
30NEW130Galway GirlEd Sheeran 
3126712Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
3227103World of Our LoveClient Liaison
3335561Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3428102Wild LifeClient Liaison
3536593The SoundThe 1975▲4
3629628Big PictureLondon Grammar 
3730830On + OffMaggie Rogers 
3831161I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
4038331This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
4133182CocoonMilky Chance 
4244242PerfectEd Sheeran 
44NEW144That's What I LikeBruno Mars 
4539817Never StartMiddle Kids 
46NEW146Always This WayLaura Marling 
4741729Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa) 
48401019Rooting For YouLondon Grammar 
50NEW1 Green LightLorde 

32811Doing GoodMilky Chance 
34615The Opposite of UsBig Scary
42114Call On MeStarley (Ryan Riback Remix)
43143CruiseKygo (feat. Andrew Jackson) 
45105Believe (Like A Version)DMA's 
46715Now And LaterSage The Gemini 
47147Pass By YouAston Shuffle 
48148Neon LightsDope Lemon 
50718Girlfriendin Stereo 

YESSSS Someone who is charting Galway Girl . Also really happy that you're charting both Lorde tracks (albeit maybe a bit too low) and that new Sheppard song!
Good luck with being able to do so! For now, I'm pleased to see Liability, That's What I Like and GREEN LIGHT charting. Good rises for Still Feel Like Your Man and Slide too.
2141Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1]
3242In My HeadMAALA 
4343NakedWill Heard 
5545TrustWill Heard 
6461I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
7646Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
8756Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
91929Keep Me CrazySheppard 
10871GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
111171UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
12929BlossomMilky Chance 
13NEW113Strawberry Kisses 2017Nikki Webster (feat. Sam Mac) 
141094Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
1512412SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
1613413BetterMaggie Rogers 
1716101Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
1814510EgoMilky Chance 
1921221Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
2020418All On MeDevin Dawson 
21NEW121ChanelFrank Ocean 
2215721000 NightsFRENSHIP 
2417415SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 
251866Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
2623151Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
2724105Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
2830228Galway GirlEd Sheeran 
2926144DriveGretta Ray 
3033571Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
312592Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
3246232Always This WayLaura Marling 
3327142Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
3428147AlaskaMaggie Rogers
3535603The SoundThe 1975▲4
36NEW136TowersGretta Ray 
3731812Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
382974For YouNortheast Party House 
4044244That's What I LikeBruno Mars 
4132113World of Our LoveClient Liaison
4234112Wild LifeClient Liaison
4336728Big PictureLondon Grammar 
4437930On + OffMaggie Rogers 
4538171I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
4840341This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
4941192CocoonMilky Chance 

42242PerfectEd Sheeran
45817Never StartMiddle Kids
47729Scared To Be LonelyMartin Garrx (feat. Dua Lipa)
481019Rooting For YouLondon Grammar
50150Green LightLorde

yÁsgeir ofc. Lol Strawberry Kisses but yas Flame. Good to see That's What I Like moving up too.
2251Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1]
3*933Keep Me CrazySheppard 
4352In My HeadMAALA 
5453NakedWill Heard
6555TrustWill Heard 
71237BlossomMilky Chance 
8671I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
9756Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
10866Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
111181UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
121081GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
1313213Strawberry Kisses 2017Nikki Webster (feat. Sam Mac) 
1414104Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
1515512SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos)
1617111Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1] 
18NEW118Back To The RhythmLuke Million (feat. Sam Sparro) 
1916513BetterMaggie Rogers 
2019319Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
21NEW121SymphonyClean Bandit (feat. Zara Larrson) 
2318610EgoMilky Chance 
2421221ChanelFrank Ocean 
25NEW125Still Got TimeZayn (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOROMGYAY) 
2620518All On MeDevin Dawson 
27NEW127AndromedaGorillaz (feat. D.R.A.M.) 
2822821000 NightsFRENSHIP 
2926161Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
30NEW130Are You HappyBipolar Sunshine 
31NEW131Truth Is A Beautiful ThingLondon Grammar 
3224515SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 
332576Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
34NEW134I Saw You Close Your EyesLocal Natives 
3532332Always This WayLaura Marling 
3727115Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
3828328Galway GirlEd Sheeran▲6
3930581Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1] 
4029154DriveGretta Ray 
4131102Edge of TownMiddle Kids▲4
4235613The SoundThe 1975 
4336236TowersGretta Ray 
4437912Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
45NEW145Wild FireLaura Marling 
4633152Fresh EyesAndy Grammer
4734157AlaskaMaggie Rogers
48NEW148AscensionGorillaz (feat. Vince Staples) 
5040344That's What I LikeBruno Mars 

3874For YouNortheast Party House 
41113World of Our LoveClient Liaison
42112Wild LifeClient Liaison
43728Big PictureLondon Grammar 
44930On + OffMaggie Rogers 
45171I Feel It ComingThe Weeknd (feat. Daft Punk) [2 Weeks at #1]
48341This Must Be My DreamThe 1975 [7 Weeks at #1]▲5
49192CocoonMilky Chance 

No competition for Ásgeir <3
Omg I'm liking this week's debuts! Back To The Rhythm is the best, but also yay for Passionfruit, Still Got Time, Andromeda and Are You Happy. Love that Flame has had a respectable climb in what is quite a busy week on your chart.
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1131StardustÁsgeir [3 Weeks at #1]
3*2523Still Got TimeZayn (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOROMGYAY) 
4261Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1]
5343Keep Me CrazySheppard 
6NEW16Hotel Pools 01101001Roy English 
7563NakedWill Heard
8462In My HeadMAALA
9NEW19HeatstrokeCalvin Harris (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) 
10*21210SymphonyClean Bandit (feat. Zara Larrson) 
11665TrustWill Heard
12747BlossomMilky Chance 
13966Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
1418214Back To The RhythmLuke Million (feat. Sam Sparro) 
15881I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
161191UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
17NEW117EastVallis Alps 
181291GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
191076Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
20NEW120RunVallis Alps 
2114114Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
2216121Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
2315612SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
2430224Are You HappyBipolar Sunshine 
2513313Strawberry Kisses 2017Nikki Webster (feat. Sam Mac) 
2627226AndromedaGorillaz (feat. D.R.A.M.) 
2731227Truth Is A Beautiful ThingLondon Grammar 
2834228I Saw You Close Your EyesLocal Natives 
29NEW129Low BlowsMeg Mac 
3020419Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
3119613BetterMaggie Rogers 
3324321ChanelFrank Ocean 
3435432Always This WayLaura Marling 
3623710EgoMilky Chance 
3728921000 NightsFRENSHIP 
3829171Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
3926618All On MeDevin Dawson 
4037125Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
4132615SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 
423386Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
4338428Galway GirlEd Sheeran 
4439591Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
4540164DriveGretta Ray 
4641112Edge of TownMiddle Kids 
4743336TowersGretta Ray 
48NEW148Do You Love MeJay Sean 
49NEW149HumbleKendrick Lamar 
50NEW150Be Who You AreThe Kooks 

42613The SoundThe 1975▲4
44912Love$ickMura Masa (feat. A$AP Rocky) 
45145Wild FireLaura Marling 
46152Fresh EyesAndy Grammer 
47157AlaskaMaggie Rogers
48148AscensionGorillaz (feat. Vince Staples) 
50344That's What I LikeBruno Mars 

Stardust still at #1 <3 lmao new Jay Sean but I like all of the other debuts that I've heard (which is all but The Kooks). In particular adore seeing Low Blows and Heatstroke debut. I'm surprised that Passionfruit is doing so well for you but it's a good song. Still Got Time even more so. Go Symphony, Back To The Rhythm, Are You Happy and Andromeda too.
1141StardustÁsgeir [4 Weeks at #1]
2622Hotel Pools 01101001Roy English 
4*1724EastVallis Alps 
5925HeatstrokeCalvin Harris (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) 
61036SymphonyClean Bandit (feat. Zara Larrson) 
7471Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1]
8553Keep Me CrazySheppard 
9333Still Got TimeZayn (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOROMGYAY) 
10773NakedWill Heard
1120211RunVallis Alps 
12872In My HeadMAALA
131376Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
14*29214Low BlowsMeg Mac 
1514314Back To The RhythmLuke Million (feat. Sam Sparro) 
161175TrustWill Heard
171257BlossomMilky Chance 
181591I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
1916101UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
2018101GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
211986Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
2226322AndromedaGorillaz (feat. D.R.A.M.) 
2321124Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
2422131Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
2523712SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
2624324Are You HappyBipolar Sunshine 
2727327Truth Is A Beautiful ThingLondon Grammar 
2828328I Saw You Close Your EyesLocal Natives 
2930519Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
31NEW131Fleet FoxesThird of May / Ōdaigahara 
32NEW132Say LessDillon Francis (feat. G-Eazy) 
3331713BetterMaggie Rogers 
34NEW134Don't Look DownPez (feat. Kota Banks) 
3525413Strawberry Kisses 2017Nikki Webster (feat. Sam Mac) 
3633421ChanelFrank Ocean 
3734532Always This WayLaura Marling 
3938181Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
40NEW140KryptoniteGeorge Maple 
4139718All On MeDevin Dawson 
4244601Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
4340135Shape of YouEd Sheeran 
4449244HUMBLE.Kendrick Lamar 
4536810EgoMilky Chance 
46371021000 NightsFRENSHIP 
4743528Galway GirlEd Sheeran 
48NEW148In Cold BloodΔ 
494296Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur) 
5041715SelfishThe Kite String Tangle 

45164DriveGretta Ray
46112Edge of TownMiddle Kids
47336TowersGretta Ray
48148Do You Love MeJay Sean
50150Be Who You AreThe Kooks

I'm not sure if Stardust can fend off the new Roy English track but at least it's still #1 for now. Say Less and Kryptonite are great debuts, while I love seeing Heatstroke, Symphony, Low Blows, Andromeda and HUMBLE. move up.
1151StardustÁsgeir [5 Weeks at #1]
2*232Hotel Pools 01101001Roy English 
3NEW13Oceans AwayA R I Z O N A 
4434EastVallis Alps 
6646SymphonyClean Bandit (feat. Zara Larrson) 
7NEW17Day 3: When You Want To LoveTom Misch (feat. Will Heard) 
811311RunVallis Alps 
9535HeatstrokeCalvin Harris (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) 
10NEW110Breakneck SpeedKim Churchill 
11781Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1]
12863Keep Me CrazySheppard 
13NEW113Emoji of A WaveJohn Mayer 
14NEW114Handful of GoldCazzette (feat. Jones) 
15NEW115Electric TouchA R I Z O N A 
1614314Low BlowsMeg Mac 
171083NakedWill Heard
181282In My HeadMAALA
19943Still Got TimeZayn (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOROMGYAY) 
201386Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
2115414Back To The RhythmLuke Million (feat. Sam Sparro) 
221685TrustWill Heard
2344324HUMBLE.Kendrick Lamar 
24*22422AndromedaGorillaz (feat. D.R.A.M.) 
252196Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
2618101I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1]
2732128Say LessDillon Francis (feat. G-Eazy) 
2819111UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
2920111GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
301767BlossomMilky Chance 
31NEW132Warm On A Cold NightHonne (feat. Amine) 
3223134Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
3334234Don't Look DownPez (feat. Kota Banks) 
3429619Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
3642611Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
3724141Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
3825812SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
3926424Are You HappyBipolar Sunshine 
4048241In Cold BloodΔ 
4127427Truth Is A Beautiful ThingLondon Grammar 
4228428I Saw You Close Your EyesLocal Natives 
4331231Fleet FoxesThird of May / Ōdaigahara 
4433813BetterMaggie Rogers 
4535513Strawberry Kisses 2017Nikki Webster (feat. Sam Mac) 
4636521ChanelFrank Ocean 
4737632Always This WayLaura Marling 
4939191Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]
5040140KryptoniteGeorge Maple 

41718All On MeDevin Dawson
43135Shape of YouEd Sheeran
45810EgoMilky Chance
461021000 NightsFRENSHIP
47528Galway GirlEd Sheeran
4996Love Like We Used ToCaptain Cuts (feat. Nateur)
50715SelfishThe Kite String Tangle

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Stardust <3 Good to see you're also liking Breakneck Speed.
Lovely to see both Alt-J singles in there in addition to In Cold Blood getting a new peak. Not the highest 01101101010101 though oh my HUMBLE. keep it coming!
Hey guys, meet my new antongenericcore band

1321Oceans AwayA R I Z O N A
2161StardustÁsgeir [5 Weeks at #1]
4242Hotel Pools 01101001Roy English 
51025Breakneck SpeedKim Churchill 
6726Day 3: When You Want To LoveTom Misch (feat. Will Heard) 
7444EastVallis Alps 
8*1328Emoji of A WaveJohn Mayer 
10848RunVallis Alps 
11656SymphonyClean Bandit (feat. Zara Larrson) 
1215212Electric TouchA R I Z O N A 
1323413HUMBLE.Kendrick Lamar 
14NEW114Best Part Of UsAmPm (feat. Michael Kaneko) 
1514214Handful of GoldCazzette (feat. Jones) 
1616414Low BlowsMeg Mac 
17945HeatstrokeCalvin Harris (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande) 
181191Beep MeWill Heard [3 Weeks at #1]
191273Keep Me CrazySheppard 
20NEW120Nothing Holding Me BackShawn Mendes 
211793NakedWill Heard
221892In My HeadMAALA
231953Still Got TimeZayn (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOROMGYAY) 
242096Still Feel Like Your ManJohn Mayer 
252295TrustWill Heard
2625106Chained To The RhythmKaty Perry 
2726111I Better Love YouWill Heard [1 Week at #1] 
2828121UnboundÁsgeir [2 Weeks at #1]
2929121GoodbyeFilous (feat. Mat Kearney) [1 Week at #1]
3024522AndromedaGorillaz (feat. D.R.A.M.) 
3121514Back To The RhythmLuke Million (feat. Sam Sparro) 
3234719Nancy MulliganEd Sheeran 
33NEW133Don't WaitLeisure Suite 
3427228Say LessDillon Francis (feat. G-Eazy) 
35NEW135Lost In Your LightDua Lipa (feat. Miguel) 
3632144Moving On And Getting OverJohn Mayer
373077BlossomMilky Chance 
38NEW138Murder To The MindTash Sultana 
4033334Don't Look DownPez (feat. Kota Banks) 
4138912SlideCalvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) 
4236621Somebody ElseThe 1975 [10 Weeks at #1]▲6
4337151Castle On A HillEd Sheeran [1 Week at #1]
4440340In Cold BloodΔ 
4531232Warm On A Cold NightHonne (feat. Amine) 
4641527Truth Is A Beautiful ThingLondon Grammar 
4742528I Saw You Close Your EyesLocal Natives 
4843331Fleet FoxesThird of May / Ōdaigahara 
4939524Are You HappyBipolar Sunshine 
5049201Dog YearsMaggie Rogers [5 Weeks at #1]

44813BetterMaggie Rogers
45513Strawberry Kisses 2017Nikki Webster (feat. Sam Mac)
46521ChanelFrank Ocean
47632Always This WayLaura Marling
50140KryptoniteGeorge Maple

5 weeks was a good run for Stardust at least. Anything but Shawn Mendes next week though. I like both Lost In Your Light and Murder To The Mind but more excited to see Breakneck Speed move into the top 5.
Nice to see Clean Bandit, Shawn Mendes, Katy Perry, Gorillaz, and even Ed Sheeran in your chart currently Anton

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