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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Timothy's ACW Personal 2017

After being on hiatus in 2016, I decided to go for another year in charts in 2017. However, instead of doing a regular chart, I wanted to do something different. Introducing the Aus-Charts Weekly Personal (aka the ACW Personal). I would've wanted to do a ARIA personal but my fear in that is that songs that I love may only be in the actual ARIAs for a single week. I also want to do some kind of chart like that.

Luckily, I found a solution. Each week in 2017, I'll rank the Top 50 on here: (http://australian-charts.com/aus-charts_weekly.asp) from best to least favourite.

How long can I keep this going
Week 1 - 04/01/2017
Yeah, I'm surprised too that I put Ed Sheeran's Shape of You so low. Didn't enjoy it as much as Castle on the Hill.

1NE11Alan WalkerAlone
2NE12Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
3NE13Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
4NE14Matoma & The VampsAll Night
5NE15The xxOn Hold
6NE16The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
7NE17HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
8NE18Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
9NE19A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 16
11NE111Alessia CaraSeventeen
12NE112Delta GoodremThe River
13NE113Delta GoodremHeavy
14NE114Tove LoTrue Disaster
15NE115SlotfaceEmpire Records
16NE116London GrammarRooting for You
17NE117The WeekndParty Monster
18NE118Childish GambinoRedbone
19NE119ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
20NE120The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
21NE121Alessia CaraScars to Your Beautiful
22NE122Emeli SandeHurts
23NE123Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
24NE124Tigertown feat. FilousTake Me Away
25NE125Kaytranada feat. AlunaGeorge & GoldLinkTogether
26NE126Green DayTroubled Times
27NE127Childish GambinoMe and Your Mama
28NE128Shawn MendesLights On
29NE129RihannaLove on the Brain
30NE130Tinpan OrangeSee You in the Water
31NE131Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
32NE132Amber RunFickle Game
33NE133Cherry GlazerrNurse Ratched
35NE135Run The Jewels feat. Boots2100
36NE136A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
37NE137PhantogramCruel World
38NE138Gretta RayDrive
39NE139SiaMove Your Body
40NE140Little MixF.U.
41NE141Kat GrahamAll Your Love
42NE142Camp CopeDone
43NE143Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
44NE144WAAXSame Same
45NE145Ed SheeranShape of You
46NE146Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
47NE147Maggie RogersDog Years
48NE148A Tribe Called QuestWe The People...
49NE149A Tribe Called QuestKids...
50NE150Danny BrownAin't It Funny

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This is gonna be a really interesting chart! It'd probably be counter productive this week to list off all I like, since it's just me and Hijinx this week. This seems like it'll be a great way over time to find new music as well, especially in those weeks where like 5 people contribute. Great chart!
Week 2 - 11/01/2017
While some songs hardly changed order, there were some that moved massively higher or lower. Ed Sheeran's Castle of the Hill makes a debut at #2, while Ed Sheeran's other song Shape of You has grown a little over me which has rose 12 spots into the Top 40. Another notable high debut is Troye Sivan's & Betty Who's Heaven at #4. Also, tropical pop song "Should've Been Me" also makes it high at #10. I feel like Should've Been Me might grow on me over the next week1

1121Alan WalkerAlone
2NE12Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
3623The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
4NE14Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
5525The xxOn Hold
6222Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
7323Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
8828Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
9929A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 16
10NE110Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
1121211Alessia CaraScars to Your Beautiful
1218212Childish GambinoRedbone
1313213Delta GoodremHeavy
1423214Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
15424Matoma & The VampsAll Night
1620216The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
17NE117Peking Duk feat. ElliphantStranger
18NE118Louisa JohnsonSo Good
19NE119The Chainsmokers feat. XYLOSetting Fires
20NE120Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
2219219ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
23727HalseyNot Afraid Anymore
24NE124M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
2514214Tove LoTrue Disaster
26NE126MUNAI Know A Place
27NE127Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
28NE128Cloud NothingsModern Act
2915215SlotfaceEmpire Records
3016216London GrammarRooting for You
3117217The WeekndParty Monster
3235232Run The Jewels feat. Boots2100
3345233Ed SheeranShape of You
3411211Alessia CaraSeventeen
3524224Tigertown feat. FilousTake Me Away
3626226Green DayTroubled Times
3725225Kaytranada feat. AlunaGeorge & GoldLinkTogether
3832232Amber RunFickle Game
39NE139Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
4131231Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
4336236A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
4443243Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
4546245Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
4647246Maggie RogersDog Years
4748247A Tribe Called QuestWe The People...
48NE148Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
49NE149Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
50NE150Cymbals Eat Guitars4th Of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
Interesting stuff. Good to see Stranger, So Good Setting Fires and I Know A Place debut pretty high. I Feel It Coming getting closer to the top spot is awesome. I hope that Shut Up Kiss Me, We The People...., Dog Years and Told You I'd Be With The Guys can all improve next week.
Week 3 - 18/01/2017
I Feel It Coming is a great track and I've been listening it a lot over the past week which is why it makes my #1. Not much new debuts interestingly enough compared to last week but all four debuts did manage to end up in a respectable position to say the least. Big movers for ZAYN and Green Day, making their way to my Top 20

1331The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
2222Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
3131Alan WalkerAlone
4834Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
5535The xxOn Hold
6632Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
7424Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
8733Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
91239Childish GambinoRedbone
1011310Alessia CaraScars to Your Beautiful
1114311Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
1210210Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
1316313The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
1422314ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
15939A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 26
1613313Delta GoodremHeavy
181534Matoma & The VampsAll Night
1917217Peking Duk feat. ElliphantStranger
2036320Green DayTroubled Times
2119219The Chainsmokers feat. XYLOSetting Fires
22NE122Kings of LeonWalls
2326223MUNAI Know A Place
2418218Louisa JohnsonSo Good
25NE125Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
26NE126Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
2720220Sleigh BellsI Can Only Stare
2824224M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
2925314Tove LoTrue Disaster
30NE130Pulled Apart by HorsesThe Big What If
3127227Sleigh BellsIt's Just Us Now
3228228Cloud NothingsModern Act
3339233Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
3443334A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
3529315SlotfaceEmpire Records
3630316London GrammarRooting for You
3731317The WeekndParty Monster
3832332Run The Jewels feat. Boots2100
3947339A Tribe Called QuestWe The People...
4033333Ed SheeranShape of You
4138332Amber RunFickle Game
4341331Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
4543343Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
4645345Cymbals Eat GuitarsMallwalking
4746346Maggie RogersDog Years
4850248Cymbals Eat Guitars4th Of July, Philadelphia (Sandy)
4948248Cymbals Eat GuitarsFinally
5049249Angel OlsenShut Up Kiss Me
I Feel It Coming <3 I suppose Places has done alright this week, while I like that Redbone, Slumber Party, Starboy, I Know A Place!, After The Afterparty and We The People.... have moved up.
Week 4 - 25/01/2017
Finally! My actual favourite song of the week is finally here and has reached the #1 position. It was close deciding if Starley or Little Mix take the top spot but they still have very high debuts.

1NE11Little MixTouch
2NE12StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
3642Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
4141The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
5444Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
61236Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
7341Alan WalkerAlone
8232Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
9843Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
1010410Alessia CaraScars to Your Beautiful
1114411ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
12545The xxOn Hold
1324313Louisa JohnsonSo Good
14NE114NEIKED feat. DyoSexual
15NE115Zara LarssonI Would Like
1616413Delta GoodremHeavy
17734Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
181549A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 26
1928319M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
2029414Tove LoTrue Disaster
2138421Run The Jewels feat. Boots2100
22949Childish GambinoRedbone
2321319The Chainsmokers feat. XYLOSetting Fires
24NE124The xxSay Something Loving
2526225Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
2625225Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
2713413The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
2811411Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
29NE129Marshmello feat. WrabelRitual
3019317Peking Duk feat. ElliphantStranger
311844Matoma & The VampsAll Night
32NE132NimmoDancing Makes Us Brave
3433333Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
3523323MUNAI Know A Place
36NE136Machine Gun Kelly x Camila CabelloBad Things
37NE137A.B. Original feat. Thelma PalmI C U
3935415SlotfaceEmpire Records
4036416London GrammarRooting for You
4139439A Tribe Called QuestWe The People...
4247442Maggie RogersDog Years
43NE143The Money WarRecall
4434434A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
45RE242Camp CopeDone
4645443Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
4743431Cherry GlazerrTold You I'd Be With The Guys
49NE149Methyl EthelUbu
50RE250Danny BrownAin't It Funny
Not as good as I Feel It Coming but nice for Touch at least. Good to see Call On Me, Sexual and I Would Like debut high and the moves upward for You Don't Know Me, So Good and True Disaster.

Oh and Dog Years moving up is nice too
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Week 5 - 01/02/2017
One thing I'm sad about for this week is On Hold no longer being in the Top 50 (and also that I was the only one who was charting it). However, we do have some new debuts but only a few manage to debut in the upper half. OneRepublic's new song Let's Hurt Tonight managed to scrape into the Top 20 while Run The Jewel's song Thursday In The Danger Room manages to make it just at #25.

1221StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
2121Little MixTouch
3352Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
4644Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
5451The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
61526Zara LarssonI Would Like
72537Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
81744Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
9842Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
1011510ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
11751Alan WalkerAlone
12554Alessia CaraHow Far I'll Go
1314213NEIKED feat. DyoSexual
1420514Tove LoTrue Disaster
15953Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
16NE116OneRepublicLet's Hurt Tonight
1723417The Chainsmokers feat. XYLOSetting Fires
1828511Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
1926319Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
2019419M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
211859A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 26
222259Childish GambinoRedbone
233154Matoma & The VampsAll Night
2413413Louisa JohnsonSo Good
25NE125Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
2610510Alessia CaraScars to Your Beautiful
27NE127Breaking BenjaminNever Again
28NE128Mister and MississippiLush Looms
29NE129Middle KidsNever Start
30RE430Ed SheeranShape of You
31RE417The WeekndParty Monster
3235423MUNAI Know A Place
33NE133WarpaintSo Good
34RE432Amber RunFickle Game
35NE135James ArthurSafe Inside
3724224The xxSay Something Loving
38NE138A R I Z O N AOceans Away
3927513The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
4021521Run The Jewels feat. Boots2100
4246542Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
4344534A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
4441539A Tribe Called QuestWe The People...
45NE145Of MontrealLet's Relate
4834433Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
4949249Methyl EthelUbu
5050350Danny BrownAin't It Funny
Week 6 - 08/02/2017
I'm honestly sad that both Alessia Cara singles are gone from the chart . On the bright side, I do now have two new songs I do enjoy, Chained to the Rhythm and Love Exists. I'll talk about the latter since everyone has heard of that new Katy Perry song.

Just an underrated as Maty Noye's "On My Mind", Amy Lee, lead singer of the band Evanescence new song is surprisingly a cover but she nails it so perfectly. Amongst the Tropical pop, this reminds me of Linkin's Park's Heavy in terms of tone but makes it more pop-rock like, while maintaining it as a ballad. I can see this song definitely grow on me, maybe even surpassing Chained to the Rhythm in terms of staying power. I can only hope.

1131StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
2231Little MixTouch
3561The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
4952Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
52055M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
61866Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
7854Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
83158The WeekndParty Monster
9362Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
101161Alan WalkerAlone
11454Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
12747Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
1324513Louisa JohnsonSo Good
14636Zara LarssonI Would Like
1510610ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
16NE116Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
17NE117Amy LeeLove Exists
1838218A R I Z O N AOceans Away
1914614Tove LoTrue Disaster
2027220Breaking BenjaminNever Again
21NE121Lady GagaJohn Wayne
2219419Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
2339613The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
242169A.B. Original feat. Dan SultanJanuary 26
2537324The xxSay Something Loving
2732523MUNAI Know A Place
2835228James ArthurSafe Inside
3017517The Chainsmokers feat. XYLOSetting Fires
311563Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
3234532Amber RunFickle Game
3316216OneRepublicLet's Hurt Tonight
3525225Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
3928228Mister and MississippiLush Looms
4033233WarpaintSo Good
4149341Methyl EthelUbu
4342642Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
4430530Ed SheeranShape of You
4544639A Tribe Called QuestWe The People...
4648533Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
4729229Middle KidsNever Start
48NE148These New South WhalesMeat Hook
50NE150Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
Week 7 - 15/02/2017
Saying farewell to Alan Walker this week and also saying hello to Frenship with the song Capsize! Ubu and Automation have also grown on me, which is why they rise massively for me

1141StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
2241Little MixTouch
31163Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
41257Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
5972Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
6NE16Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
7565M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
81628Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
9462Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
1013610Louisa JohnsonSo Good
1222512Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
13868The WeekndParty Monster
14371The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkI Feel It Coming
15676Britney Spears & TinasheSlumber Party
1617216Amy LeeLove Exists
17NE117SiaMove Your Body
1821218Lady GagaJohn Wayne
19764Troye Sivan feat. Betty WhoHeaven
2025420The xxSay Something Loving
21NE121Father John MistyPure Comedy
2241422Methyl EthelUbu
2340323WarpaintSo Good
243173Bruno MarsVersace on the Floor
25NE125TemplesStrange Or Be Forgotten
261446Zara LarssonI Would Like
2839328Mister and MississippiLush Looms
2915710ZAYN & Taylor SwiftI Don't Wanna Live Forever
3027623MUNAI Know A Place
31NE131King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
3247329Middle KidsNever Start
33NE133Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
34NE134Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
35NE135Peter DohertyDown For The Outing
3623713The Weeknd feat. Daft PunkStarboy
37NE137CryingWool In The Wash
3946633Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
4032632Amber RunFickle Game
41NE141Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
43RE634A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
4435325Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
45NE145SpoonHot Thoughts
47RE342Camp CopeDone
4843742Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
5050250Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
Go Automaton! Pleased to see Capsize up high and rises for Places, Chained To The Rhythm, So Good, Say Something Loving and Ubu as well.
Week 8 - 22/02/2017
Lots of indie tracks debuting and re-entering this week and I do have a new favourite. I never would've expected to like The Jungle Giants song 'Feel The Way I Do' although it will be highly unlikely to make the #1 spot considering it's competition. Also new peak for Dis Generation since it has grown on me so much now .

1621Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
2151StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
3251Little MixTouch
4582Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
5775M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
6373Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
81078Louisa JohnsonSo Good
9972Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
10838Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
11464Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
12NE112The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
1412612Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
1521215Father John MistyPure Comedy
1643716A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
1730717MUNAI Know A Place
1844418Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
19NE119Run the JewelsLegend Has It
20NE120Julia MichaelsIssues
2120520The xxSay Something Loving
2217217SiaMove Your Body
23NE123ElbowGentle Storm
24NE124Father John MistyBallad of a Dying Man
26NE126Future IslandsRan
2739727Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
28NE128Dirty ProjectorsLittle Bubble
30RE516London GrammarRooting for You
3122522Methyl EthelUbu
3248832Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
3325225TemplesStrange Or Be Forgotten
3528428Mister and MississippiLush Looms
37NE137SlowdiveStar Roving
3835235Peter DohertyDown For The Outing
3931231King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardRattlesnake
4047440Camp CopeDone
4134234Cass McCombsBum Bum Bum
42NE142Marika HackmanBoyfriend
4341241Cloud NothingsRealize My Fate
4437237CryingWool In The Wash
4545245SpoonHot Thoughts
4623423WarpaintSo Good
47RE542Maggie RogersDog Years
4832429Middle KidsNever Start
4950349Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
Week 9 - 01/03/2017
With a new month, comes new songs and two songs are worth noting due to them being the first to make it under a new genre. The first song (and the highest new entry) is "I Have This Hope" by christian band Tenth Avenue North. While I would've much preferred the better song "Love Broke Thru" by TobyMac, I do have a soft spot for this song and it may enter the Top 10 next week.

However, I can't say the same for "How Not To" from a country duo who call themselves Day + Shay. I honestly tried to not be biased but I honestly didn't like it as much as I anticipated. I don't know but maybe it'll grow with me.

Re-entries also enter with Bruno Mars 2nd entry into my ACW chart in a very good position. I wonder what holds next week

1581M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
2131Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
3261StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
41224The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
5RE25Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
6683Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
7982Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
8361Little MixTouch
92029Julia MichaelsIssues
111174Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
12492Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
13888Louisa JohnsonSo Good
14RE314Breaking BenjaminNever Again
15NE115Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
1622316SiaMove Your Body
1714712Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
18NE118Vince StaplesBagBak
201048Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
21NE121Relient KCandy Hearts
2221620The xxSay Something Loving
23RE316Amy LeeLove Exists
2431622Methyl EthelUbu
2517817MUNAI Know A Place
2615315Father John MistyPure Comedy
2727827Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
2824224Father John MistyBallad of a Dying Man
2916816A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
3130616London GrammarRooting for You
32NE132Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
3326226Future IslandsRan
34NE134Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
35NE135Lana Del ReyLove
3632932Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
3738335Peter DohertyDown For The Outing
3818518Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
3949439Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
4023223ElbowGentle Storm
4146523WarpaintSo Good
42NE142Dan + ShayHow Not To
4442242Marika HackmanBoyfriend
4533325TemplesStrange Or Be Forgotten
4637237SlowdiveStar Roving
4728228Dirty ProjectorsLittle Bubble
48NE148Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
5035528Mister and MississippiLush Looms
Week 10 - 08/03/2017
Green Light may be failing in the Billboard chart but here it's just getting started . The other notable new entry that I may grow to like is Empty by Olivia O'Brien from the infamous song "i hate u i love u" song. Also Capsize re-enters the #1 position.

1241Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
2871Little MixTouch
3191M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
4371StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
5434The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
612102Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
9NE19LordeGreen Light
10792Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
11535Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
1215212Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
132058Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
1417812Wilkinson feat. Karen HardingSweet Lies
15693Naughty Boy feat. Kyla & PopcaanShould've Been Me
1614414Breaking BenjaminNever Again
171398Louisa JohnsonSo Good
181184Martin Solveig feat. Ina WroldsenPlaces
19939Julia MichaelsIssues
2018218Vince StaplesBagBak
21NE121Olivia O'BrienEmpty
2233322Future IslandsRan
2450624Mister and MississippiLush Looms
2522720The xxSay Something Loving
2624722Methyl EthelUbu
2931716London GrammarRooting for You
3016416SiaMove Your Body
3148231Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
3229916A Tribe Called QuestDis Generation
3327927Charli XCX feat. Lil'YachtyAfter The Afterparty
3442234Dan + ShayHow Not To
3537435Peter DohertyDown For The Outing
3632232Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
3738618Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
3925917MUNAI Know A Place
40NE140King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardMelting
4128324Father John MistyBallad of a Dying Man
4221221Relient KCandy Hearts
4344342Marika HackmanBoyfriend
44361032Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
4539539Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
4646337SlowdiveStar Roving
4745425TemplesStrange Or Be Forgotten
4841623WarpaintSo Good
5026415Father John MistyPure Comedy

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Week 11 - 15/03/2017
This week is a tight Top 5 but You Don't Know Me finally nabs the top position after ten weeks of staying in the Top 15 all this time. Also, new entry from Calvin Harris and a re-entry right behind him. I can see some new peaks soon

16111Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
2281Little MixTouch
3481StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
43101M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
5151Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
610102Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
71145Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
8928LordeGreen Light
10NE110Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & MigosSlide
11RE311A R I Z O N AOceans Away
1312312Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
14544The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
1516514Breaking BenjaminNever Again
1642316Relient KCandy Hearts
17NE117Gretta WayTowers
18NE118Peter SilbermanNew York
1920318Vince StaplesBagBak
20NE120All Time LowDirty Laundry
2234322Dan + ShayHow Not To
24NE124Laura MarlingAlways This Way
25RE225Lana Del ReyLove
2722422Future IslandsRan
2829816London GrammarRooting for You
29NE129Vancouver Sleep ClinicSomeone to Stay
30NE130Fleet FoxesThird Of May / Ōdaigahara
31NE131SpoonCan I Sit Next to You
3226822Methyl EthelUbu
3324724Mister and MississippiLush Looms
34441132Car Seat HeadrestDrunk Drivers / Killer Whales
35NE135AirlingNot A Fighter
3645636Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
3840238King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardMelting
4037718Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
4231331Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
43NE143Methyl EthelL'Heure Des Sorcières
4436332Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
4535535Peter DohertyDown For The Outing
46RE345SpoonHot Thoughts
4746437SlowdiveStar Roving
4848723WarpaintSo Good
4943442Marika HackmanBoyfriend
5050515Father John MistyPure Comedy
Week 12 - 22/03/2017
Katy Perry and Olivia O'Brien re-enter the charts while a notable new entry by Lost Kings and Tinashe enters my Top 20. Funny thing, I had this in my Spotify playlist in February this year and it does sound a lot like Closer. Anyways, it will probably grow on me again like it did two months ago.

1291Little MixTouch
2561Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
31121Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
4391StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
5755Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
7837LordeGreen Light
96112Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
1011410A R I Z O N AOceans Away
1120211All Time LowDirty Laundry
124111M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
13RE68Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
1510210Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & MigosSlide
16RE216Olivia O'BrienEmpty
1713412Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
18NE118Lost Kings feat. TinasheQuit You
1922419Dan + ShayHow Not To
2015614Breaking BenjaminNever Again
2116416Relient KCandy Hearts
2219418Vince StaplesBagBak
231454The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
2431224SpoonCan I Sit Next to You
2525325Lana Del ReyLove
2643226Methyl EthelL'Heure Des Sorcières
27NE127SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
2932922Methyl EthelUbu
3029229Vancouver Sleep ClinicSomeone to Stay
3127522Future IslandsRan
3317217Gretta WayTowers
34NE134VagabonCold Apartment
3540818Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
3624224Laura MarlingAlways This Way
37NE137Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
3948823WarpaintSo Good
4044432Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
4133824Mister and MississippiLush Looms
4249542Marika HackmanBoyfriend
4342431Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
44NE144King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
4618218Peter SilbermanNew York
47NE147King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardNuclear Fusion
4830230Fleet FoxesThird Of May / Ōdaigahara
4936736Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
5046445SpoonHot Thoughts
Week 13 - 29/03/2017
A bit late to posting but here's week 13. Only two entries but they both debut high.

11101Little MixTouch
2271Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
34101StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
43131Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
59122Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
6565Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
71377Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
829108Methyl EthelUbu
9NE19Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
11747LordeGreen Light
1211311All Time LowDirty Laundry
1325413Lana Del ReyLove
1419514Dan + ShayHow Not To
1517512Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
16NE116Astrid SBreathe
1820714Breaking BenjaminNever Again
1918218Lost Kings feat. TinasheQuit You
2015310Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & MigosSlide
222364The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
2410510A R I Z O N AOceans Away
2521516Relient KCandy Hearts
2633317Gretta WayTowers
2722518Vince StaplesBagBak
2916316Olivia O'BrienEmpty
3024324SpoonCan I Sit Next to You
3137231Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
3230329Vancouver Sleep ClinicSomeone to Stay
3312121M.O. Feat. Kent JonesNot In Love
3527227SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
3748330Fleet FoxesThird Of May / Ōdaigahara
3850538SpoonHot Thoughts
3931622Future IslandsRan
4035918Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
4139923WarpaintSo Good
4243531Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
4341924Mister and MississippiLush Looms
4449836Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
4536324Laura MarlingAlways This Way
4634234VagabonCold Apartment
4740532Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
4844244King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
4926326Methyl EthelL'Heure Des Sorcières
5042642Marika HackmanBoyfriend
Nice to see Touch at #1, as well as Starley, Jax Jones, Katy Perry and Jamiroquai in the Top 10! Also nice debut for Astrid S too
Week 14 - 05/04/2017
Touch makes the #1 position again for the third week in a row! Also, The Chainsmokers make a Top 5 new entry with their song Paris which I'm surprised about since I generally hated their new album. Still, Paris holds a nice place in my heart. Drake makes the Top half of my chart as well!

11111Little MixTouch
2281Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
33111StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
4NE14The ChainsmokersParis
5785Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
6675Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
78117Methyl EthelUbu
81157LordeGreen Light
91249All Time LowDirty Laundry
1019310Lost Kings feat. TinasheQuit You
1135311SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
1215612Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
134141Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
145132Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
1520410Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & MigosSlide
1727617Vince StaplesBagBak
1929416Olivia O'BrienEmpty
2018814Breaking BenjaminNever Again
2214614Dan + ShayHow Not To
2324610A R I Z O N AOceans Away
2645424Laura MarlingAlways This Way
2726417Gretta WayTowers
2837428Fleet FoxesThird Of May / Ōdaigahara
2939722Future IslandsRan
3013513Lana Del ReyLove
3116216Astrid SBreathe
3246332VagabonCold Apartment
3432429Vancouver Sleep ClinicSomeone to Stay
35929Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
362274The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
3731331Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
3838638SpoonHot Thoughts
3942631Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
40NE140Maroon 5 feat. FutureCold
4250742Marika HackmanBoyfriend
4325616Relient KCandy Hearts
44NE144Crooked ColoursFlow
4548344King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
46401018Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
47NE147Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
4844936Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
4930424SpoonCan I Sit Next to You
5047632Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home

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Week 15 - 12/04/2017
Aka one of my favourite weeks so far. Clean Bandit's Symphony was my most played for the past few weeks and I'm happy that I can chart them!. Also, new songs from Charlie Puth & Lorde. It was my first time hearing Rhys but I loved the song on my first listen

1NE11Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
23121StarleyCall On Me (Ryan Riback Remix)
3423The ChainsmokersParis
41121Little MixTouch
5NE15Charlie PuthAttention
6291Frenship + Emily WarrenCapsize
7867LordeGreen Light
8NE18RhysLast Dance
1027510Gretta WayTowers
11595Katy PerryChained to the Rhythm
12959All Time LowDirty Laundry
13NE113Shawn MendesThere's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
15685Bruno MarsThat's What I Like
1614142Ed SheeranCastle on the Hill
1723710A R I Z O N AOceans Away
1813151Jax Jones feat. RAYEYou Don't Know Me
20NE120Louisa JohnsonBest Behaviour
2131316Astrid SBreathe
22NE122State ChampsSlow Burn
2311411SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
24NE124Harry StylesSign of the Times
257127Methyl EthelUbu
263539Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
27NE127Kendrick LamarLust.
28RE228Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
2915510Calvin Harris feat. Frank Ocean & MigosSlide
30NE130Computer GamesEvery Single Night
3234529Vancouver Sleep ClinicSomeone to Stay
3310410Lost Kings feat. TinasheQuit You
3422714Dan + ShayHow Not To
3526524Laura MarlingAlways This Way
3740237Maroon 5 feat. FutureCold
3920914Breaking BenjaminNever Again
4112712Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
4237431Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
4319516Olivia O'BrienEmpty
44RE416Amy LeeLove Exists
4530613Lana Del ReyLove
4647246Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
47461118Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
4843716Relient KCandy Hearts
4950732Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
50481036Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
Week 16 - 19/04/2017
Lots of new entries and lots of re-entries too. I'm a bit late but nonetheless, am still updating.

1121Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
21262All Time LowDirty Laundry
3NE13ParamoreHard Times
4NE14Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
5NE15DNCE feat. Nicki MinajKissing Strangers
61326Shawn MendesThere's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
7525Charlie PuthAttention
82228State ChampsSlow Burn
9777LordeGreen Light
10NE110Lady GagaThe Cure
1210610Gretta WayTowers
1334813Dan + ShayHow Not To
1444514Amy LeeLove Exists
1541812Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
1635616Laura MarlingAlways This Way
1745713Lana Del ReyLove
19NE119Laura MarlingSoothing
21NE121All Time LowLast Young Renegade
2228322Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
23NE123Lana Del Rey feat. The WeekndLust For Life
24NE124StormzyBig For Your Boots
2517810A R I Z O N AOceans Away
26NE126Real FriendsEmpty Picture Frames
2842528Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
30391014Breaking BenjaminNever Again
31NE131Cold War KidsCan We Hang On?
32RE84The Jungle GiantsFeel the Way I Do
34471218Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
352649Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
36RE731Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
3724224Harry StylesSign of the Times
38RE238Crooked ColoursFlow
3930230Computer GamesEvery Single Night
40NE140Billie EilishBellyache
4227227Kendrick LamarLust.
43RE443King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
44NE144Kendrick LamarDNA.
45NE145At The Drive InIncurably Innocent
46RE738SpoonHot Thoughts
4746346Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
4849832Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
49501136Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
5048816Relient KCandy Hearts
Week 17 - 26/04/2017
Symphony on the #1 spot again and a couple of high new entries as well as a couple of re-entries in the Top 20.

1131Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
2832State ChampsSlow Burn
3733Charlie PuthAttention
4634Shawn MendesThere's Nothing Holdin' Me Back
5525DNCE feat. Nicki MinajKissing Strangers
6986LordeGreen Light
7RE33The ChainsmokersParis
8424Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
9272All Time LowDirty Laundry
1010210Lady GagaThe Cure
11RE28RhysLast Dance
12NE112Anton Powers & Pixie LottBaby
13NE113VigilandFriday Night
1421214All Time LowLast Young Renegade
15RE215Louisa JohnsonBest Behaviour
1613913Dan + ShayHow Not To
17323ParamoreHard Times
1837318Harry StylesSign of the Times
19RE416Astrid SBreathe
2114614Amy LeeLove Exists
22301114Breaking BenjaminNever Again
2425910A R I Z O N AOceans Away
2515912Tenth Avenue NorthI Have This Hope
263559Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
2723223Lana Del Rey feat. The WeekndLust For Life
2831228Cold War KidsCan We Hang On?
2912710Gretta WayTowers
3022422Lea MicheleLove Is Alive
3116716Laura MarlingAlways This Way
3226226Real FriendsEmpty Picture Frames
33NE133Cashmere Cat feat. Ariana GrandeQuit
3417813Lana Del ReyLove
3544235Kendrick LamarDNA.
36RE511SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
3724224StormzyBig For Your Boots
3928628Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
40341318Run The Jewels feat. Kamasi WashingtonThursday In The Danger Room
4140240Billie EilishBellyache
44NE144George MapleKryptonite
4547445Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
4742327Kendrick LamarLust.
4850916Relient KCandy Hearts
49491236Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
5048932Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
Week 18 - 03/05/2017
Symphony is still at #1 but for me, it's slowly losing it's lead as Solo Dance and Slow Burn are hot in its heel!

1141Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
2NE12Martin JensenSolo Dance
3242State ChampsSlow Burn
4743The ChainsmokersParis
5982All Time LowDirty Laundry
61226Anton Powers & Pixie LottBaby
7834Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
81538Louisa JohnsonBest Behaviour
9696LordeGreen Light
101138RhysLast Dance
1119511Astrid SBreathe
1231812Laura MarlingAlways This Way
142669Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
15221214Breaking BenjaminNever Again
1628316Cold War KidsCan We Hang On?
17NE117Sum 41Goddamn I'm Dead Again
18NE118Dean LewisWaves
2018418Harry StylesSign of the Times
21NE121Imagine DragonsThunder
2229810Gretta WayTowers
2339723Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
24NE124Grace MitchellNow
2536611SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
2644226George MapleKryptonite
27NE127New Found GloryParty On Apocalypse
28NE128Oh WonderUltralife
29NE129The War On DrugsThinking Of A Place
30RE616Olivia O'BrienEmpty
3135331Kendrick LamarDNA.
34NE134DisciplesOn My Mind
3532326Real FriendsEmpty Picture Frames
36NE136Alt-JIn Cold Blood
37NE137Mac DeMarcoOn The Level
38491336Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
39501032Decian McKennaThe Kids Don't Wanna Come Home
4047427Kendrick LamarLUST.
4145545Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
4241340Billie EilishBellyache
43NE143Ali BarterThe Captain
45NE145LCD SoundsystemCall The Police
46RE831Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
47481016Relient KCandy Hearts
48RE432VagabonCold Apartment
49NE149Kendrick Lamar feat. U2XXX.
50RE528Fleet FoxesThird Of May / Ōdaigahara
Week 19 - 10/05/2017
While I desperately wait for someone to have Cut to the Feeling in their Top 10, I'm delighted to have Chasing Highs debut so very high! Also, just heard Beautiful Ones during my listen and I loved it

1221Martin JensenSolo Dance
2632Anton Powers & Pixie LottBaby
3592All Time LowDirty Laundry
4151Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
5352State ChampsSlow Burn
6846Louisa JohnsonBest Behaviour
7NE17ALMAChasing Highs
8453The ChainsmokersParis
91829Dean LewisWaves
10744Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
119106LordeGreen Light
12NE112HurtsBeautiful Ones
14151314Breaking BenjaminNever Again
1625711SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
1731417Kendrick LamarDNA.
1840518Kendrick LamarLUST.
1934219DisciplesOn My Mind
201048RhysLast Dance
2121221Imagine DragonsThunder
2230716Olivia O'BrienEmpty
2317217Sum 41Goddamn I'm Dead Again
2424224Grace MitchellNow
2511611Astrid SBreathe
2722910Gretta WayTowers
2827227New Found GloryParty On Apocalypse
2935426Real FriendsEmpty Picture Frames
3020518Harry StylesSign of the Times
3126326George MapleKryptonite
3212912Laura MarlingAlways This Way
3423823Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
351479Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
3616416Cold War KidsCan We Hang On?
3741637Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
3836236Alt-JIn Cold Blood
39NE139GoldfrappMoon In Your Mouth
4043240Ali BarterThe Captain
4129229The War On DrugsThinking Of A Place
4249242Kendrick Lamar feat. U2XXX.
4346931Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
4442440Billie EilishBellyache
4528228Oh WonderUltralife
46381436Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
4745245LCD SoundsystemCall The Police
48NE148WAAXWild & Weak
4948532VagabonCold Apartment
5037237Mac DeMarcoOn The Level
I like the following Symphony, Paris, It Ain't Me, Green Light, Thunder and HUMBLE. The rest I either don't know, getting used to or don't like but that is rare because I don't dislike any songs this year.
Week 20 - 17/05/2017
I think Charlie Puth made chart history with the highest re-entry...

1561State ChampsSlow Burn
2RE42Charlie PuthAttention
3242Anton Powers & Pixie LottBaby
4461Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
53102All Time LowDirty Laundry
611116LordeGreen Light
7863The ChainsmokersParis
81054Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
9131Martin JensenSolo Dance
10727ALMAChasing Highs
1122811Olivia O'BrienEmpty
1212212HurtsBeautiful Ones
1325711Astrid SBreathe
14656Louisa JohnsonBest Behaviour
15939Dean LewisWaves
162058RhysLast Dance
1719317DisciplesOn My Mind
18271010Gretta WayTowers
1916811SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
203589Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
2117517Kendrick LamarDNA.
23NE123Sampa the Great feat. EstelleEverybody's Hero
2530618Harry StylesSign of the Times
26RE226At The Drive InIncurably Innocent
2742327Kendrick Lamar feat. U2XXX.
2837728Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
3131426George MapleKryptonite
3249632VagabonCold Apartment
3324324Grace MitchellNow
34RE219Laura MarlingSoothing
36RE536King Gizzard And The Lizard WizardSleep Drifter
3734923Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
38461536Gang of YouthsWhat Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out?
3945328Oh WonderUltralife
40RE838SpoonHot Thoughts
4139239GoldfrappMoon In Your Mouth
42431031Cloud NothingsEnter Entirely
4350337Mac DeMarcoOn The Level
4448244WAAXWild & Weak
4518618Kendrick LamarLUST.
46RE338Crooked ColoursFlow
4747345LCD SoundsystemCall The Police
4840340Ali BarterThe Captain
4941329The War On DrugsThinking Of A Place
50NE150Lil Uxi VertXo Tour Llif3
Week 21 - 24/05/2017
I terribly misjudged Xo Tour Llif3.

1251Charlie PuthAttention
2941Martin JensenSolo Dance
35112All Time LowDirty Laundry
4773The ChainsmokersParis
51035ALMAChasing Highs
6NE16Katy Perry feat. MigosBon appétit
7171State ChampsSlow Burn
8352Anton Powers & Pixie LottBaby
9471Clean Bandit feat. Zara LarssonSymphony
1012310HurtsBeautiful Ones
111549Dean LewisWaves
1250212Lil Uxi VertXo Tour Llif3
131668RhysLast Dance
1413811Astrid SBreathe
151466Louisa JohnsonBest Behaviour
1617416DisciplesOn My Mind
176126LordeGreen Light
18864Kygo & Selena GomezIt Ain't Me
2011911Olivia O'BrienEmpty
2133421Grace MitchellNow
2219911SigridDon't Kill My Vibe
2325718Harry StylesSign of the Times
24371023Gorillaz feat. Vince StaplesAscension
2539425Oh WonderUltralife
26181110Gretta WayTowers
2721617Kendrick LamarDNA.
29NE129Kyla La GrangeLove Harder
3044330WAAXWild & Weak
3145718Kendrick LamarLUST.
32NE132Ainslie WillsRunning Second
332099Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.
3432732VagabonCold Apartment
3527427Kendrick Lamar feat. U2XXX.
3623223Sampa the Great feat. EstelleEverybody's Hero
3731526George MapleKryptonite
3828828Melody's Echo CenterCross My Heart
41NE131Grizzly BearMourning Sound
4241339GoldfrappMoon In Your Mouth
43NE143Grizzly BearThree Rings
4449429The War On DrugsThinking Of A Place
4648440Ali BarterThe Captain
4726326At The Drive InIncurably Innocent
4843437Mac DeMarcoOn The Level
49NE149Alt-JIn Cold Blood
5047445LCD SoundsystemCall The Police

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