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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - What's happening with the Aussie top 40 CD comps?

Are record labels no longer putting out those top 40 CD Compilations?

Well, this would be really disappointing, because buying the So Freshes, 100% Hits, and Nows on CD is for me the only way to purchase music in a lossless format.

I've been checking JB Hi Fi and some websites for weeks now, and though So Fresh is still going, there hasn't been any new compilation releases from 100% Hits or the Now ranges for 2017.

In the event if this is true, and I'm highly considering it as these compilations release schedules are becoming highly UNRELIABLE, does anyone know of any paid subscription services that rounds up the music from Australia's Top 40 and presents them in a lossless form, as FLAC / WAV downloads, or as CD mail outs?

For example, I'm looking for something like this?



Through checking google, they are a number of places that offer new music subscriptions, but most of them are overseas (TM Century's Prime Cuts) where the selections are US centric. Other services kind of do top 40 music, but are mainly hip hop, dance, or whatever; are genre focused. On top of this, most of these services are mp3 based.

So with CD compilations disappearing, and CD singles long gone, it is starting to become impossible to get top 40 music losslessly, and ultimately utterly annoying. There is still a lot of great stuff out there, but if mp3 is my only option of getting it, then after almost 40 years of buying music, this for me is where it will end.
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I get all my music from zdigital for precisely the reason that nearly all their music is available as FLAC. Bandcamp also has this option, though you probably won't find top 40 tracks there.
Warner were set to release "100% Hits 2017 Vol.1" on the 31st of March, but pulled it at the last minute, with no further future release date for it at the moment.
@Chartguru, thanks for the https://www.zdigital.com.au/ suggestion. Upon first glimpses it looks promising, will have to dig further into the site to see if they have a top 40 section, or something like a monthly top 40 round up.

@bulion. interesting, warner have always been hit and miss on this front. Checking through my spare room now, and they have only released one 100% hits during 2016.

Back in the 70s and 80s, Warner were pretty much the last to the party to put out a compilation. As you may know back then EMI, Festival, CBS, StarCall (RCA), and PolyStar (Polygram) regularly released comps on a constant schedule.

Note the first official Top 40 comp to be released by Warner was All the hits' 86. This compilation contained tracks from the Cars; "Tonight she comes", Clarence Clemmons and Jackson Brown; "You're a friend of mine", Thomson Twins; "King for a day", and several other tracks from the Warner / CBS / RCA roster of that period. (December 1985 through to March 1986).

Again, thanks for the nudge, will let you know how I get on. In the meanwhile still welcome any further suggestions on this front.

I can also recommend zdigital. Although, they don't have everything available in FLAC and sometimes it can be 30-60c dearer than their 320kbps MP3/AAC counterparts, it's still consistently cheaper than iTunes with their 256kbps AAC. If you are willing to pay almost twice the price, you can sometimes get a 24-bit FLAC option. But with the sampling rate still being CD quality (44.1kHz) and not 96/192kHz, it's probably not worth it.
@savagegrant, zdigital kind of did look promising, but as you and ChartGuru noted, not everything is available in lossless, most probably about 65% to 70% of there catalogue is flac. Unfortunately I can't seem to find any section where they would have a top 40 round up.

I'm not really fussed on price, I'm willing to pay more for lossless material as I realise that it does take up more bandwidth - it's just annoying that there is no option for lossless top 40 section at all on any website.

Honestly, I'm not all that up to date with the latest music trends. Having said that, they are still many good tunes out there. I'm mainly needing a current top 40 music source to supplement some of the radio formats that I program from time to time, and scarrering different places for up and coming music is kind of tricky. Hit disc took care of all this stuff back in the 1990s. SBA briefly took over in the late 90s, but even their latest comps are rather kind of here and there.

Looks like I'm going to have to dig deeper with some old contacts to see what my other options are.

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