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Forum - General: General Discussion - Why 500 Reviews to Add Songs and Albums?

Why do we need to add 500 reviews just to add songs and albums? What if some people just want to contribute without having to write reviews?
Because it's fun to watch people like me take eight years to get there.
I presume it's to prevent random accounts spamming the database with fake songs? At least if you have to do 500 reviews before adding songs and albums there's a more likely chance that the person adding them is adding things that are legitimate.

If you need someone to add songs or albums to the site's database, I'm happy to help out with that
I'm wondering how do people add album covers to songs that don't have one.
Only certain people have the ability to do so. I think of our Australian members Daniel09 has the ability to do it, however you could also memo the member sophieellisbextor as they have the ability to add covers to the site iirc.
I also have the ability to add covers so if you need anything done feel free to memo me.

It was put in because we were only a newer site and everybody was loading copyrighted images or the wrong covers and there was cases of self made covers and bootlegs.

As above i'm able to add aswell so feel free to PM me

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