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Forum - Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA - Top iTunes Singles Denied by ARIA

It's getting increasingly harder to come up with good ideas for new lists to add to my site. I'm thinking that a list of singles which were iTunes hits but denied an ARIA Top 100 Singles chart entry would work - either as a ranked list (I imagine Katy Perry's Dark Horse would be #1) or just a chronological list.

I haven't been collecting any iTunes chart data so I don't know if it would be worthwhile-sized list. I see that itunescharts.net and kworb.net both have daily iTunes Top 100 charts going back to mid 2010 and late 2013 respectively, so the data is out there. I'm just wondering if anyone has collected it already and were willing to share it? As with previous lists, anyone who helps towards compiling this list would be credited on my site.

Any ideas for naming the list would be welcome too. All I can think of so far are...

Top iTunes Singles Denied by ARIA (duh!)
Every Unique iTunes Top 100 Single of 2010-2017 (would be in line with similar-themed lists on the site)
iTunes Top Non-ARIA Singles of All Time

I feel like at this stage, Spotify hits are just as noteworthy, if not more if you go by the increasing number of <G> singles that have been completely ignored.

I don't have a catchy name however but there is the obligatory mention that 'denial' is a misnomer, or at least I hope that's the case (who knows what goes on behind the scenes).
iTunes Hits that failed to launch officially list OR

The Unofficial hits of the 2010's

Hits of the 2010's the iTunes edition
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There's another list idea right there Jinxie. Thanks!
kworb has a list of everything that's ever charted on the weekly (or daily) charts which is handy for archival purposes http://kworb.net/spotify/country/au_weekly_totals.html
I found this thread from 2011 on a quick search which might be somewhat helpful: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=36407

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