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Forum - Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA - Triple J Hottest 100 2017 - voting + predictions

We officially have a date so it's time to open this thread!


Or if you cannot open the link, here are the important dates:
Tues 12 Dec 2017: Voting opens
Mon 22 Jan 2018: Voting closes
Fri 26 Jan 2018: Australia Day
Sat 27 Jan 2018: Hottest 100
Sun 28 Jan 2018: Hottest 200

There were 60,000+ responses to triple j's survey earlier in the year and the majority supported moving the date.

To go back to the main point of this thread though, gooooo Gang Of Youths, Kendrick, Lorde!
Bring it on!!!

Still unsure about who will come out tops. Hopefully Gang Of Youths will come close.

Now to get my shortlist for the year sorted...
Woot woot etc.
Do we think the date change will have any impact on the makeup of the H100? Will a certain demographic boycott due to "pc meddling"? Will the once a year listeners not vote as much because it doesn't coincide with their Aus day BBQ, and will this have a significant impact on the songs and their possies.
It might drive away some casual listeners, or those who think it is political correctness gone mad . I'd be surprised if the vote is over the 2mil mark this year but it may go close.

My first thought is that those songs that are on high rotation on other stations (Nova etc) might do worse off as they would normally be inflated by non Triple J listeners who are most likely to be put off.

Won't know until the 27th in any case
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It's funny because I've been of the view that triple j has already slid into its own niche in that regard. After all, this year we had a huge #6 finish for a Like A Version, beating out huge commercial hits from Flume, Illy & Peking Duk. The actual top 5 featured 3 songs that had largely been ignored (at that point) by commercial radio. The countdown also favours bands who have little to no presence in the pop charts, Violent Soho had 5 entries, none of which hit the singles chart before or after, and every single Sticky Fingers song on the poll made the top 200, only 1 of which barely cracked the top 100 charts. And either way this year, it looks like Gang Of Youths will do incredibly well, despite being a band that has never had a charting single. Mind you, some of this de-syncing with the charts could have something to do with the charts being pre-meditated by Spotify playlists, but that's another discussion that I can't really analyse until I see how Bliss N Eso & Vance Joy fair here
I was more thinking those huge commercial hits and also in particular from last year, Catch 22, One Love and Hold Up get an advantage from the casual listener that rocks up to a hottest 100 party that a mate is having and throws in votes for the songs they know (and not listening to Triple J these are the only ones). As these are the people that might not vote now, these type of songs might not do as well and the niche songs you mention might do better.

Impossible to know for sure but it is a theory
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I feel like my vote this year won't be as strong as the previous four years but I'm still looking forward to the countdown as always.

I do love that they've changed the date and listened to what many of their listeners want. It's a shame I won't be at home on that weekend so I may miss listening to the Hottest 100
Yeah I get what you mean (though I wouldn't put Beyonce's latest album with that, I don't think that song is any more commercially friendly than the Yeah Yeah Yeahs song it interpolates) but I do think it balances out as more fair nowadays. After all, that Drake song was near-inescapably huge, but it still got beaten out by Montaigne, Cub Sport, Smithies, Gretta Ray etc. It's hard for the hits not to poll decently since they turn up everywhere; you're considerably more likely to hear a Vance Joy song out at the shops than you are an Ecca Vandal song after all.

A worthwhile anecdote from this is that when "Thrift Shop" took the top spot, people bemoaned that it was just because of Nova listeners or something, but I feel they hadn't considered just how big the song was for triple j fans. As someone who was counting/examining social media votes that year, I noticed "Thrift Shop" had a surprisingly wide market reach. It wasn't just getting lumped in with the other hits, but it was sharing votes with alt-J, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Beach House, Grimes, Flume, everything really.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm just as eager to see how this might impact the countdown, and look forward to studying trends within it to see how the internal meta-game changes. Either way I reckon we're in for a good year, I can pretty safely say that The Rubens aren't gonna win again
Never rule anything out Hijinx

(although you're right)
I think what I'm looking forward to is who fills the gaps that are being left by a lot of the chart regulars having quiet years. Since I don't think we'll be seeing any Violent Soho, Sticky Fingers, Hilltop Hoods, Illy (), SAFIA and the like, I feel like it's a great time to shine for some lesser known Aus acts.
Good point.

Wouldn't Illy be 9 years in a row if he had a song this year? Maybe they throw Oh My onto the list to get him there.

I reckon Hilltop Hoods will boost 21 Grams by Thundamentals up the listing as well.

My hopes are that acts like Stella Donelly, Ocean Alley, Middle Kids, Ruby Fields, Heaps Good Friends, Hatchie and Confidence Man can fill the gaps this year but we'll see.
Yep, Illy's run from 2009-2016 is the 2nd longest ever, behind The Living End's 10 year run. I thought he might do something similar to Tightrope and release a new single version of something to get in, but he hasn't so the only eligible track he has is his feature on Kuren's new song.

You're right about that Thundamentals track, forgot about that one.
A few movers on the Sportsbet odds

Gang of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows 26/1 - 5/1
Gang of Youths - Let Me Down Easy 51/1 - 11/1
Angus and Julia Stone - Chateau 64/1 - 7/1
Peking Duk - Let You Down 51/1 - 11/1

And some new entries up the pointy end

Pnau - Go Bang 15/1
Alex the Astronaut - Not Worth Hiding 41/1

Not offering odds on What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out, which is odd as I'd say it is likely to be higher that Let Me Down Easy (and maybe even Deepest Sighs)
I plan on voting for WCIDITFGO but I think it'll be the lowest of the three, partly because it's so old and the other two have been consistently doing better on iTunes. I actually wonder if their Like A Version could beat it as well, that's harder to determine.
I (probably) will vote for it as well. Certainly it is a much better proposition to get #1 than Kasabian at 26/1.

I hope their LAV does well as also as it is a great cover of one of my favourite songs, probably won't vote for it as I tend to only vote for one song per band and not LAV (might break both rules this year)

Do we think Smith St's album will get many entries? It was one of my favourite albums this year but released quite early so not sure how it will poll.
I reckon Birthdays is a pretty good shout
I can see Shine getting in as well.
Bring it on!

Love the countdown and this will be the eighth year I've voted.

Although I would of preferred for it to stay on Australia Day I will be tuning in regardless! Moving it 24 hours back does seem to smack of tokenism though.

I've pretty sure who I'll vote for but who knows, it may change!

I do listen to Triple J a lot more nowadays though!
I'm down for the change, but I also remember being annoyed that they didn't keep in sync with the Big Day Out Sydney day; they were on the same day for around 5 years in the late 90s-00s!

Can't wait to vote. I can see it becoming a grudge match with HUMBLE. trying to avenge King Kunta's loss, but falling short against Lorde and Gang Of Youths. Which is mostly annoying since Lorde and GOY would be worthy winners, as opposed to who Kendrick lost to last time
Super bored so I thought I’d put a quick little top 20 together before voting opens, tear it to shreds if you think I’m off the mark, I’ve got a bet with a friend that I must win!

1.Humble – Kendrick Lamar
2.Green Light – Lorde
3.Fake Magic – Peking Duk
4.Let Me Down Easy – GOY
5.Homemade Dynamite – Lorde*
6.The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest of Shadows – GOY
7.Let You Down – Peking Duk
8.Lay It On Me – Vance Joy
9.Young Dumb & Broke – Khalid
10.Don’t Leave – Snakehips & MØ
11.Perfect Places – Lorde
12.Go Bang – PNAU
13.Maybe It’s My First Time – Meg Mac
14.What Can I Do If the Fire Goes Out? – GOY
15.Murder to the Mind – Tash Sultana
16.Slide – Calvin Harris
17.Weekends – Amy Shark
18.Passionfruit – Drake
19.Birthdays – Smith Street
20.Moments – Bliss N Eso
(You can raffle those 15-20 spots)

Also making waves:
Every Day’s the Weekend – Alex Lahey
Not Worth Hiding – Alex the Astronaut
In Motion – Allday & Japanese Wallpaper
In Cold Blood – Alt-J
Chateau – Angus & Julia Stone
Blood (LAV) – GOY
Want You Back – HAIM
DNA. – Kendrick Lamar
Feel the Way I Do – The Jungle Giants
Sally – Thundamentals
East – Vallis Alps
Mended – Vera Blue
Say something loving – The XX

*Heavily subject to REMIX voting (the REMIX version’s been played twice on jjj but only the original might appear on the voting list)
** Whole top 20 also subject to Post Malone (Rockstar) and Macklemore (Glorious) eligibility

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I can save you one spot for now because Fake Love was like #150 last year
Whoops meant to put that as passionfruit, thanks mate!
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Alright I'll do one of my characteristically premature predictions

1. Green Light - LORDE
3. Let Me Down Easy - GANG OF YOUTHS
4. Young, Dumb & Broke - KHALID
5. Fake Magic - PEKING DUK
7. Murder To The Mind - TASH SULTANA
8. Everyday's The Weekend - ALEX LAHEY
9. Homemade Dynamite - LORDE
10. Want You Back - HAIM
Hey I was the first voter and they called me and put me on air

Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
Gretta Ray - Towers
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
Kira Puru - Tension
Lil Uzi Vert - XO TOUR Llif3
Methyl Ethel - Ubu
Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam
Samsaruh - Golden To Thrive
Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
That happened to me back in 2013 too lol

My votes:

Circa Waves - Fire That Burns
Cut Copy - Standing In The Middle Of The Field
Gang of Youths - Blood {Like A Version}
In Hearts Wake - Passage
Lana Del Rey - Love
Meg Mac - Low Blows
Methyl Ethel - Ubu
Perfume Genius - Slip Away
Pond - Sweep Me Off My Feet
Xx, The - Say Something Loving
Macklemore made the voting list after all.
I voted!

Ali Barter - The Captain
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
alt-J - 3WW
Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
Lorde - Green Light
Marika Hackman - Boyfriend
Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
Wolf Alice - Don't Delete The Kisses
The xx - Say Something Loving
my votes:

Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back
Foo Fighters - Run
Jamiroquai - Automaton
Logic - 1-800-273-8255 {Ft. Alessia Cara/Khalid}
London Grammar - Big Picture
London Grammar - Rooting For You
Miguel - Told You So
ODESZA - Line Of Sight {Ft. WYNNE/Mansionair}
Peking Duk - Let You Down {Ft. Icona Pop}
PNAU - Go Bang
My votes

Calvin Harris - Slide {Ft. Frank Ocean/Migos}
Charli XCX - Boys
Drake - Passionfruit
Future - Mask Off
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
Lil Uzi Vert - XO TOUR Llif3
Lorde - Liability
Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam
SZA - Love Galore {Ft. Travis Scott}
The XX- I Dare You
I'll do what I did last year and wait a few weeks until I vote. Might need it since I have a 20 song shortlist!

My shortlist:
Alison Wonderland - Happy Place
Asgeir - Stardust
Banoffee - Ripe
Confidence Man - Better Sit Down Boy
Fluir - Only One
George Maple - Kryptonite
Jamiroquai - Automaton
KLP - Changes
Lorde - Green Light
Lorde - Writer In The Dark
Maggie Rogers - Split Stones
Meg Mac - Low Blows
Peking Duk & AlunaGeorge - Fake Magic
Sofi Tukker - Best Friend
The Kite String Tangle - The Prize
Touch Sensitive - Lay Down
Touch Sensitive No Other High
Tove Lo - Disco Tits
Vera Blue - Lady Powers
Yumi Zouma - Depths (Pt. I)
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disappointing to see F### They by Sofi Tukker miss the list.

alt-J - 3WW
CyHi The Prynce - Dat Side {Ft. Kanye West}
Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE.
Kendrick Lamar - LUST.
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Sleep Drifter
King Krule - Dum Surfer
Little Dragon - Sweet
National, The - The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
Got my votes in:

Royal Blood - Hook, Line & Sinker
Kele Okereke - Streets Been Talkin'
Baker Boy - Marryuna {Ft. Yirrmal}
Rise Against - The Violence
Dan Sultan - Kingdom
Cub Sport - Chasin'
TAPZ - Run Don't Run
Vince Staples - BagBak
Vera Blue - Lady Powers
DZ Deathrays - Shred For Summer
Might be the first year where the majority of my votes weren't write-ins...

City Calm Down - In This Modern Land
Middle Kids - Never Start
DMA's - Dawning
Paul Dempsey - Edge Of Town {triple j Like A Version 2017}
Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam
Nothing But Thieves - Particles
Gary Numan - When The World Comes Apart
The Strypes - Behind Closed Doors
She Drew The Gun - No Hole In My Head

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