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I'll use this thread to post my Top 103 songs of 2017.
No broadcast as such but I'll create a Spotify playlist in the correct order so you can follow along simultaneously or listen at a later date.
I'll start listening and posting here around 9am tomorrow (18th December). I'll be painting at the same time so hopefully I don't get paint on the keyboard.
Ok time to kick off. If you want to follow along or listen to it at a later time, search Spotify for a playlist named "thewitness' Top 103 of 2017"
#103The Jungle Giants - Feel The Way I Do
 To start of we go back to a track from much earlier in the year, with Brisbane band The Jungle Giants and Feel The Way I Do. A nice way to get the day started.
#102Baker Boy - Cloud 9
 Next we have Baker Boy, with his first big song of the year Cloud 9. Straight out of Arnhem Land via Triple J Unearthed, it's been a great year to discover this indigenous Hip-Hop artist who sings in a mix of English and his Indigenous language.
#101SACHI - Shelter (Feat. Nïka)
 NZ duo Sachi with a beautiful electro pop track featuring fellow Kiwi Nïka. Another Unearthed artist.
#100Mista Savona - Heart Of A Lion (Feat. Lutan Fyah, I-Maali, Brenda Navarete & France Nooks)
 Coming in at the #100 spot is Aussie producer Mista Savona with one of the tracks from his "Havana meets Kingston" Jamaican/Cuban fusion album.
#99Custard - In The Grand Scheme Of Things (None Of This Really Matters)
 Old timers Custard are back with a sweet little track packed full of orchestral flourishes and a great space themed film clip.
#98Bugs - Neighbourhood
 Another Brisbane band, also from Unearthed, with a crunchy guitar track that features the memorable line about a sex offender with his hand on his cock.
#97Spoon - Hot Thoughts
 Title track from Spoon's ninth study album.
#96Honey Harper - Secret
 William Fussell from Mood Rings is making country music under the name Honey Harper, via the renowned country music hotbed London?
#95King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake
 With the Giz soon to release a 5th album of 2017, this track comes off the 1st of the year. With that many songs released in one year, expect a few more to make there way onto this chart.
#94Alex Lahey - I Love You Like A Brother
 We might also expect multiple songs from Alex Lahey in this 2017 chart. Here is the first with the Title Track.
As I'm about to climb up a ladder for a while, I'll post a few songs ahead.
#93Glass Animals - Pork Soda
 When I first googled Pork Soda I didn't know what to expect from the results. Anyway it's not as bad as I thought it might be, a Pork Soda is supposedly a drink made from the spills of beer that collect in the drip tray underneath the taps. There's also an interesting dancing dog in the Video.
#92Only Shadows - Fight Milk
 British quartet Only Shadows trying to fill that void that seems to exist in British Rock right now.
#91Spinifex Gum - Yurala (Feat. Marliya)
 Spinifex Gum are Felix and Ollie from The Cat Empire, teaming up with the all-girl indigenous choir Marliya and other special guest, to make songs about various issues facing indigenous communities at the moment.
#90Ben Evolent - Next Time
 Folk/Country artist Ben Evolent from the NT has a nice ditty here also via Unearthed.
#89Harrison Kipner - The Year Of Rebecca
 I still no virtually nothing about Harrison Kipner but like this song that I stumbled upon.
#88ELKI - Beautiful Mess
 Another Unearthed artist ELKI with this great pop track.
#87Death From Above 1979 - Freeze Me
 A rather interesting film clip full of bodybuilders, a comeback single from these guys. Have they really dropped the "1979" part of their name.
#86Kasabian - You're In Love With A Psycho
 Another act who's best work may well be behind them, but a fun song here.
#85Spinifex Gum - Locked Up (Feat. Briggs & Marliya)
 Spinifex Gum become the first act to get 2 tracks into my EOY of 2017. This time featuring Briggs on this track about kids in custody.
#84Tusky - You Will Not Regret This (Please Hold Still)
 Unheared of, before this year, Dutch Rock band Tusky punch out this track getting in at #84
#83WAAX - Wild & Weak
 Another Brisbane band, another former Unearthed winner.
#82The Preatures - Yanada
 Beautiful track with a beautiful video, in a list that is probably a little light on female voices at least we have had 2 in a row.
#81Weezer - Happy Hour
 Weezer's Pacific Daydream album has been much better than their last few attempts, maybe less gimmicky and more of a return to their original ideas of simple and sincere.
#80Gang Of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
 We all know GOYs had a big year, with a very strong album, and here's the first track from it to appear in my countdown.
#79Mako Road - The Sun Comes Up
 Kiwi student band Mako Road have this chill vibe reggae influenced track in at #79
#78Polish Club - Where U Been?
 Sydney Garage Rock Duo Polish Club smash out this rockin track.
#77Alex Lahey - There's No Money
 Alex Lahey is back this time with the much softer and slower There's No Money
#76King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nuclear Fusion
 Also back for a 2nd time we have King Gizzard with another cut from the Flying Microtonal Banana Album
#75Lana Del Rey - Love
 Lana Del Rey doing what she does and doing it well.
#74British India - Take Me With You
 “What is dying? Isn’t it just the one thing we all do?”. This song really picked me up quickly, but also wore a bit thin quickly as well. Coming back to it after a while shows that it is a good track.
#73Stormzy - Big For Your Boots
 That chicken shop in the film clip looks too familiar for me. What was probably the biggest Grime single of the year, will it end up being the highest in my chart?
#72The Cactus Channel - Leech
 When I first saw The Cactus Channel they were basically a funk band, they are no longer that and Leech shows they can do more, while still doing the rounds of Melbourne's venues.
#71Skepta - Hypocrisy
 Straight back into the Grime scene here with Godfather Skepta.
#70Tigerilla - MerryGo (Feat. Dominique Young Unique)
 Melbourne producer Tigerilla release some of his own stuff with this bit of a banger. Nice animated video.
#69Weezer - Get Right
 Weezer back with a 2nd track. Get Right is a sweet, quiet, reserved track.

#68Alex The Astronaut - What Sydney Looks Like In June
 Did you know Alex The Astronaut is really good at football? This jaunty track shows she's good at more than football too.
#67The Belligerents - Flash
 While it probably isn't trying to this song gives me some Brit-pop vibes.
#65The Beths - Great No One
 More Kiwis here, back with the guitar-pop of the Beths. A certain 90's vibe to this one, plus one of the simplest but funniest clips of the year.
#64Lorde - Green Light
 Lorde big album, big song nothing else needs to be added. The video has almost been seen 100 million times.
#63Royal Blood - I Only Lie When I Love You
 I won't lie, this was may favourite album of the year so expect more Royal Blood to come.
#62Dillon Francis - Say Less (Feat. G-Eazy)
 Yes on Yes on Yes on Yes
#61Queens Of The Stone Age - The Evil Has Landed
 Another group in the veteran category. Villians is a great album and this song was the first of the tracks on it to be able to hold my attention.
#60Dan Sultan - Cul-de-sac
 A quiter swoonyer moment from Dan Sultan's Killer album. Killer in both name and quality.
#59Liam Gallagher - Wall Of Glass
 Liam Gallagher manages to write solo songs that sound just like Oasis tracks. Not that that's such a bad thing.
#58Chris Cornell - The Promise
 RIP Chris. His death was the first death of a musician that hurt me personally. This orchestral track from the movie of the same name may be different to a normal Chris Cornell song, but still features his amazing voice, and is a fitting goodbye from a hero of mine.
Heading back up the ladder for a 2nd coat.

#57Kid Simius - Semi (Feat. Kelvyn Colt)
 Weird film clip for a weird song from this Berlin-based Spainard. I'm not even sure what this track is about?
#56Ecca Vandal - End Of Time
 Ecca Vandal's debut album has many great tracks on it, and this one is the surprise of them all. It's a grower and may end up being my favourite by the End of Time.
#55Husky - Ghost
 Another track from early in the year, which disappeared off my radar for a while. Glad I came back to it.
#54Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
 While at time I find the lead dude from GOYs really annoying they do produce some great sounding tracks. Now only if he chose never to do another interview I would be happy.
#53Ecca Vandal - Future Heroine
 We're quickly back to Ecca Vandal and this crunching track hits hard and often.
#52sleepmakeswaves - Tundra
 A heavy instrumental track almost cracking the Top 50, I wouldn't have thought that at the start of the year.
#51Queens Of The Stone Age - Fortress
 The pace slows dramatically on this QOTSA song compared to most of the rest of the Villains album, but I think it has its merits.
#50Alex Lahey - Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder
 First artist to feature 3 tracks in my EOY. This interesting titled tale of heartbreak has some fun with the pain.
ok time for a short break
Back in for the final 49 songs.

#49Pierce Brothers - Take Me Out
 Melbourne twins Pierce Brothers released this Bluesy guitar track early in the year, before following it up with a couple of decent Eps.
#48Phoenix - Ti Amo
 The retro stylings of French stars Phoenix and "Ti Amo" come in at #48. I'm still saying "disaster scenario" with a French accent.
#47Tired Lion - Cinderella Dracula
 Despite saying earlier that there was a bit of a lack of female voices in my chart. Those that did get in certainly pack a punch, just like Tired Lion's Cinderella Dracula.
#46King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Vomit Coffin
 For King Gizzard's 3rd entry of the day we move forward to their 2nd album of the year, Murder of The Universe. Vomit Coffin isn't as unpleasant as experience to listen to as you may think from the title.
#45Briggs - Here (Feat. Caiti Baker)
 Briggs is back in his own right now (well with some help from Caiti Baker). Those of you from the Northern states may recognise this from Foxsports Rugby League coverage.
#44Alt-J - In Cold Blood
 3WW probably got more attention, but I much prefered In Cold Blood (spoiler alert 3WW isn't in my list)
#43The Presets - Do What You Want
 If this was released a month or more earlier it would have been a big chance for the Top 10, but because it's so new it hasn't had a chance to settle with me, so I'm unsure of it's longevity. The film clip is pretty manic as expected.
#42The Dead Love - Sugarcoat
 Sydney “grunge revivalist” trio put out this coming out track right in the middle of our postal survey. Piece of social commentary or personal story, not sure yet but certainly a different perspective from a rock genre.
#41Queens Of The Stone Age - Domesticated Animals
 Third QOTSA track into the countdown. And they tell us where they keep the gold. Hint: It's in the ground.
#40PNAU - Go Bang
 PNAU back to near their best with this track.
#39Flint Eastwood - Queen
 Knew nothing about Flint Eastwood prior to this song, but the Detroit native mix Hip-Hop, Pop and a big Brass section to good effect. And she wears a very big hat.
#38Joey Bada$$ - ROCKABYE BABY (Feat. ScHoolboy Q)
 This is how I prefer my American Hip-Hop, aggressive and meaningful.
#37Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
#36DMA's - Dawning
 DMA's are one of those band that I could really dislike but can't because they produce such good tracks.
#35Grayscale - Atlantic
 A huge track from pop/punk band Grayscale.
#34King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Lord Of Lightning
 Back with a 4th track for the list.
#33King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Digital Black
 A 5th and final song from King Gizzard. Digital Black is probably a surprising top song, but is the one out of the 50,000 released King Gizzard tracks this year that I preferred.
#32Ecca Vandal - Broke Days, Party Nights
 The super energetic BDPN was a great lead single from Ecca Vandal's debut.
#31Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Holy Mountain
 Noel wins the Gallagher brothers fight, with Holy Mountain being very far removed from the Oasis sound. It's just a stomping good time.
#30Sløtface - Galaxies
 I was initially put off so much by this Norwegian bands name I never gave them a chance. Not the potential offensiveness of the name just the use of the ø. Anyway I'm glad I got over that and finally gave them a listen.
#29The National - The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
 Quite disjointed, works quite well.
#28Haiku Hands - Not About You
 Super fun bit of a song. Is there anything more coming from them? Even my son likes singing about tortoises.
#27Portugal, The Man - Feel It Still
 I was really, really late getting onto this track. Almost so late that I would have missed it, purely because I would have considered it too old before giving it a first listen.
#26Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
 I would have no trouble if this ends up being the song of the year, it just isn't mine. One of the best videos as well.
#25Carmouflage Rose - Late Nights
 When I first heard this I thought there is no way that this track is coming out of Brisbane, how surprised I was.
#24Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam
 Nothing But Thieves continue their ascent to being a stadium rock band.
#23Dizzee Rascal - Wot U Gonna Do?
 This is Dizzee at his best. Is it a smackdown or a piece of self-reflection?
#22DZ Deathrays - Shred For Summer
 Crunchy, Crunchy air guitar now.
#21Royal Blood - Look Like You Know
 That's a lot of noise for 2 guys to make.
Into the Top 20 now

#20Vera Blue - Lady Powers
 The rest of the album didn't do much for me but Lady Powers is the best constructed track there.
#19Weezer - Mexican Fender
 Weezer get back to having a bit of fun, with a nerd rock love story and some terribly funny bird puppetry in the film clip.
#18Eric Nally - Ruby
 Who knew Eric Nally released solo work? A great Michael Jackson impersonation with a killer moustache to boot.
#17Vince Stables - BagBak
 Anyone with enough guts to tell the President to suck a dick is certainly confident. Love the agression of delivery plus the smart production.
#16Hak Baker - 7AM
 Coming out of London's grime scene but producing spagetti western sounding songs of modern London youth. Hak Baker is unique and this track shows that off well.
#15Paul Kelly - Firewood and Candles
 Who knew a 62 year old guy could still make music this good. You could be mistaken that this is Paul Kelly from the 80's
#14Royal Blood - Lights Out
 The lead single from How Did We Get So Dark? Is really powerful but is it the best?
#13Dan Sultan - Killer
 Dan Sultan returns with the title track from his latest album. The album which is easily the best Australian Album of the year.
#12Harry Styles - Kiwi
 Who would have thought that an ex-1Der would appear on my list let alone this close to the top. This track very rock, very The D4 (maybe a Kiwi reference).
#11Sum 41 - Goddamm I'm Dead Again
 Did you know Sum 41 still existed? Listen to this and you will find out that they have returned to their original best.
Top 10 on it's way

#10TAPZ - Run Don't Run
 TAPZ may be YOUNG no more, and he shows it on the mature, emotionally raw track. Kiwi Hip-Hop has a winner here with TAPZ.
#9Cub Sport - Chasin'
 Another emotional personal story now comes from Cub Sport. Terrible shirts in the video.
#8Dan Sultan - Hold It Together
 The 2nd single from Dan Sultan's Killer album, almost a tinge of gospel.
#7Dan Sultan - Kingdom
 The last (4th) and best Dan Sultan song of the year comes in at #7. Great year from him.
#6Rise Against - The Violence
 Political power punk at its best. Amazing that a song about domestic violence can be so catchy.
#5Kele Okereke - Streets Been Talkin'
 This is Kele at a stripped back folksy best. Thoughtful and musically smart a great song to begin the Top 5.
#4Baker Boy - Marryuna (Feat. Yirrmal)
 The find of the year for Aussie music. This is a perfect example of what indeginous Hip-Hop should be. Congrats. Need to get a film clip out there soon.
#3Mineo - Original (Feat. Audio Bullys)
 Still don't know much about London producer Mineo, but if he can get Audio Bullys in for this track he must be good at his job. Original is distorted and dirty banger.
#2Manchester Orchestra - The Alien
 Wasn't much of a Manchester Orchestra fan prior to this year, but this is a magical piece of story telling, with an equally inspired video to go with it.
#1Royal Blood - Hook, Line & Sinker
 And to top it all off with the best song of 2017 we have Royal Blood's "Hook, Line & Sinker". Total riffage that was my favourite by a long way.
Thanks, that's my Top 103 of 2017.
If you want to listen in order, search Spotify for thewitness' Top 103 of 2017 playlist.

As a recap 1-103. (and to cut and paste as needed).

1Royal Blood - Hook, Line & Sinker
2Manchester Orchestra - The Alien
3Mineo - Original (Feat. Audio Bullys)
4Baker Boy - Marryuna (Feat. Yirrmal)
5Kele Okereke - Streets Been Talkin'
6Rise Against - The Violence
7Dan Sultan - Kingdom
8Dan Sultan - Hold It Together
9Cub Sport - Chasin'
10TAPZ - Run Don't Run
11Sum 41 - Goddamm I'm Dead Again
12Harry Styles - Kiwi
13Dan Sultan - Killer
14Royal Blood - Lights Out
15Paul Kelly - Firewood and Candles
16Hak Baker - 7AM
17Vince Stables - BagBak
18Eric Nally - Ruby
19Weezer - Mexican Fender
20Vera Blue - Lady Powers
21Royal Blood - Look Like You Know
22DZ Deathrays - Shred For Summer
23Dizzee Rascal - Wot U Gonna Do?
24Nothing But Thieves - Amsterdam
25Carmouflage Rose - Late Nights
26Kendrick Lamar - HUMBLE
27Portugal, The Man - Feel It Still
28Haiku Hands - Not About You
29The National - The System Only Dreams In Total Darkness
30Sløtface - Galaxies
31Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Holy Mountain
32Ecca Vandal - Broke Days, Party Nights
33King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Digital Black
34King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - The Lord Of Lightning
35Grayscale - Atlantic
36DMA's - Dawning
37Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
38Joey Bada$$ - ROCKABYE BABY (Feat. ScHoolboy Q)
39Flint Eastwood - Queen
40Pnau - Go Bang
41Queens Of The Stone Age - Domesticated Animals
42The Dead Love - Sugarcoat
43The Presets - Do What You Want
44Alt-J - In Cold Blood
45Briggs - Here (Feat. Caiti Baker)
46King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Vomit Coffin
47Tired Lion - Cinderella Dracula
48Phoenix - Ti Amo
49Pierce Brothers - Take Me Out
50Alex Lahey - Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder
51Queens Of The Stone Age - Fortress
52sleepmakeswaves - Tundra
53Ecca Vandal - Future Heroine
54Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
55Husky - Ghost
56Ecca Vandal - End Of Time
57Kid Simius - Semi (Feat. Kelvyn Colt)
58Chris Cornell - The Promise
59Liam Gallagher - Wall Of Glass
60Dan Sultan - Cul-de-sac
61Queens Of The Stone Age - The Evil Has Landed
62Dillon Francis - Say Less (Feat. G-Eazy)
63Royal Blood - I Only Lie When I Love You
64Lorde - Green Light
65The Beths - Great No One
66Thornhill - Temperer
67The Belligerents - Flash
68Alex The Astronaut - What Sydney Looks Like In June
69Weezer - Get Right
70Tigerilla - MerryGo (Feat. Dominique Young Unique)
71Skepta - Hypocrisy
72The Cactus Channel - Leech
73Stormzy - Big For Your Boots
74British India - Take Me With You
75Lana Del Rey - Love
76King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nuclear Fusion
77Alex Lahey - There's No Money
78Polish Club - Where U Been?
79Mako Road - The Sun Comes Up
80Gang Of Youths - The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
81Weezer - Happy Hour
82The Preatures - Yanada
83WAAX - Wild & Weak
84Tusky - You Will Not Regret This (Please Hold Still)
85Spinifex Gum - Locked Up (Feat. Briggs & Marliya)
86Kasabian - You're In Love With A Psycho
87Death From Above 1979 - Freeze Me
88ELKI - Beautiful Mess
89Harrison Kipner - The Year Of Rebecca
90Ben Evolent - Next Time
91Spinifex Gum - Yurala (Feat. Marliya)
92Only Shadows - Fight Milk
93Glass Animals - Pork Soda
94Alex Lahey - I Love You Like A Brother
95King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake
96Honey Harper - Secret
97Spoon - Hot Thoughts
98Bugs - Neighbourhood
99Custard - In The Grand Scheme Of Things (None Of This Really Matters)
100Mista Savona - Heart Of A Lion (Feat. Lutan Fyah, I-Maali, Brenda Navarete & France Nooks)
101SACHI - Shelter (Feat. Nïka)
102Baker Boy - Cloud 9
103The Jungle Giants - Feel The Way I Do
Nice list, especially Marryuna at number 4! Also love me some Vince, Vera, Kendrick, Haiku, Ecca, and Flint.

Can't find you on Spotify though! My profile name is decisionpending, if you follow me, I'll find you then
You don't need to follow me on Spotify. Just type "thewitness' top 103 of 2017" into the search. It should come up as a found result under playlists.
Last edited:
That's the link to the Spotify playlist in countdown order
I'll also add an FYI that if you have Spotify open, you can just copy & paste that link into the Spotify search bar and it'll open the playlist in-app; Spotify links can be tricky to get working properly.

Btw, really cool list! Lots of stuff I need to check out, but really dig seeing Manchester Orchestra, Baker Boy, Ecca, Nothing But Thieves, The National, Kendrick etc on the higher end. Hook, Line & Sinker is one of my favourites on the Royal Blood album too.

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