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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Villages' Personal Chart (2018)

2017 charts: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=48063&pages=

Former #1’s
18/12/16Hazel English - Make It Better
25/12/16Childish Gambino - Redbone
01/01/17Childish Gambino - Redbone
08/01/17Childish Gambino - Redbone
15/01/17Sarah Belkner - Cellophane
22/01/17The xx - Say Something Loving
29/01/17Warpaint - So Good
05/02/17Warpaint - So Good
12/02/17Warpaint - So Good
19/02/17Mister and Mississippi - Lush Looms
26/02/17Gang Of Youths - What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
05/03/17Mister And Mississippi - Lush Looms
12/03/17Mister And Mississippi - Lush Looms
19/03/17Mister And Mississippi - Lush Looms
26/03/17Marika Hackman - Boyfriend
02/04/17Marika Hackman - Boyfriend
09/04/17alt-J - 3WW
16/04/17alt-J - 3WW
23/04/17Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
30/04/17Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
07/05/17Methyl Ethel - Drink Wine
14/05/17Ali Barter - The Captain
21/05/17Ali Barter - The Captain
28/05/17Ali Barter - The Captain
04/06/17Ali Barter - The Captain
11/06/17Ali Barter - The Captain
18/06/17Kendrick Lamar - DNA.
25/06/17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
02/07/17Grizzly Bear - Mourning Sound
09/07/17Arcade Fire - Everything Now
16/07/17Arcade Fire - Everything Now
23/07/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
30/07/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
06/08/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
13/08/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
20/08/17Holiday Party - I’m Still Here
27/08/17Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses
03/09/17Wolf Alice - Don’t Delete The Kisses
10/09/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
17/09/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
24/09/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
01/10/17Gang Of Youths - Let Me Down Easy
08/10/17Cults - I Took Your Picture
15/10/17Cults - I Took Your Picture
22/10/17St. Vincent - Los Ageless
29/10/17St. Vincent - Los Ageless
05/11/17St. Vincent - Los Ageless
12/11/17Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
19/11/17Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
26/11/17Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter
03/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
10/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
17/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
24/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
31/12/17Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle
05/01/18Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle

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January 5, 2018

It’s a new year & as a resolution I will try to actually write some commentary for my charts again starting this week. ‘The Heart Is A Muscle’ gets a 6th week at #1, the first song to get that many weeks at #1. It might be their last week as BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘BOOGIE’ shoots up to #2 outpeaking ‘SWEET’ in the process. ‘Not My Baby’ already became Alvvays’ highest charter here last week & it moves into the top 3 this week. Sløtface & Vallis Alps finish off the top 5. Additionally, Charly Bliss & Samsaruh enter the top 10 with their first entries.

Only 2 entries this week partially due to EOY preparations (more on that later).
MGMT have done pretty well with ‘Little Dark Age’ hitting #11. They get their second entry with ‘When You Die’.
I know very little about this band but as far as I know they are not associated with The Gren Drum™. Sjowgren get their first entry with ‘Waiting Room’ at #39.

I am pleased to announce that I have finished my 2017 EOY & that I will broadcast my top 100 Sunday January 7th, 3PM AEDT (though the brod will probably start half an hour before that with some odds & ends). See you there maybe!

010113Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle (6 weeks at #1)
030606Alvvays - Not My Baby
040216Sløtface - Galaxies
050505Vallis Alps - So Settled
060412Kacy Hill - Arm's Length
070912Protomartyr - A Private Understanding
080310Makthaverskan - Eden
091902Charly Bliss - Percolator
101604Samsaruh - Beautiful Killer
111008Willow Beats - Special
120814Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter (3 weeks at #1)
132402(Sandy) Alex G - Bobby
141107King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Crumbling Castle
151210Stella Donnelly - Mechanical Bull
162204Camp Cope - The Opener
172302Hundred Waters - Wave To Anchor
181309Cloud Control - Treetops
191410The Belligerents - Sleeping For Days
201814Wolf Alice - Heavenward
213002Chelsea Wolfe - The Culling
222704Japanese Breakfast - The Body Is A Blade
233104N.E.R.D & Rihanna - Lemon
241705Gengahr - Mallory
251508Daktyl ft. MOONZz - Monochrome
262516St. Vincent - Los Ageless (3 weeks at #1)
272010MGMT - Little Dark Age
282106Willow Beats - Erosion
293702LPX - Slide
303602CCFX - The One To Wait
312616Tennis - No Exit
323305Hater - Rest
342812King Krule - Dum Surfer
353407Jess Locke - Paper Planes
363902The Beths - Great No One
373203Marcus Marr - High Times
38NE01MGMT - When You Die
39NE01Sjowgren - Waiting Room
403503George Fitzgerald - Burns
Alex Lahey - Backpack
Clea - Positive Paradise
Go BOOGIE. Next #1 hopefully. Beautiful Killer into the top 10 and Lemon almost top 20 is nice to see too.
January 12, 2018

After 6 weeks Gang Of Youths’ ‘The Heart Is A Muscle’ has been dethroned and you can blame that on BROCKHAMPTON’s ‘BOOGIE’, their very wild ride taking the top spot this week. Elsewhere in the top 5 Alvvays remain at #3 while Vallis Alps are in fact not settled because they move up to #4, meaning ‘Galaxies’ recedes to #5. 3 songs enter the top 10, most notably Camp Cope’s ‘The Opener’ which becomes their 2nd top 10 hit here. We also see last week’s debuts from Sjowgren & MGMT up with some solid movement.

Just like last week only 2 debuts but at least this week there’s one that was actually released in 2018!..uh kind of.
Car Seat Headrest are remaking their 2011 album Twin Fantasy in its entirety. 2 songs from it have been released so far and shockingly the one I’m charting is not the one that is 13 minutes long. Instead it’s the much shorter ‘Nervous Young Inhumans’ which is their second entry here and it debuts at #32.
We’re not done with 2017 music yet, don’t worry. I was not fond of this song at first but I’ve been hit with some serious Stockholm Syndrome. Thus, DZ Deathrays enter at #35 with ‘Total Meltdown’.

010204BROCKHAMPTON - BOOGIE (1 week at #1)
020114Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle (6 weeks at #1)
030307Alvvays - Not My Baby
040506Vallis Alps - So Settled
050417Sløtface - Galaxies
060903Charly Bliss - Percolator
070613Kacy Hill - Arm's Length
081303(Sandy) Alex G - Bobby
091703Hundred Waters - Wave To Anchor
101605Camp Cope - The Opener
110713Protomartyr - A Private Understanding
121005Samsaruh - Beautiful Killer
130811Makthaverskan - Eden
141109Willow Beats - Special
151408King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Crumbling Castle
161215Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter (3 weeks at #1)
171511Stella Donnelly - Mechanical Bull
182205Japanese Breakfast - The Body Is A Blade
192103Chelsea Wolfe - The Culling
202305N.E.R.D & Rihanna - Lemon
211810Cloud Control - Treetops
222015Wolf Alice - Heavenward
232406Gengahr - Mallory
241911The Belligerents - Sleeping For Days
252903LPX - Slide
263003CCFX - The One To Wait
272617St. Vincent - Los Ageless (3 weeks at #1)
282509Daktyl ft. MOONZz - Monochrome
293902Sjowgren - Waiting Room
303802MGMT - When You Die
312711MGMT - Little Dark Age
32NE01Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Inhumans
333508Jess Locke - Paper Planes
342807Willow Beats - Erosion
35NE01DZ Deathrays - Total Meltdown
363206Hater - Rest
373603The Beths - Great No One
383117Tennis - No Exit
403703Marcus Marr - High Times
King Krule - Dum Surfer
George Fitzgerald - Burns
January 19, 2018

‘BOOGIE’ gets a 2nd week at #1. ‘Not My Baby’ moves up to #2 meaning that for the first time in its chart run ‘The Heart Is A Muscle’ is NOT in the top 2.

010105BROCKHAMPTON - BOOGIE (2 weeks at #1)
020308Alvvays - Not My Baby
030215Gang Of Youths - The Heart Is A Muscle (6 weeks at #1)
040407Vallis Alps - So Settled
050604Charly Bliss - Percolator
060518Sløtface - Galaxies
070804(Sandy) Alex G - Bobby
080904Hundred Waters - Wave To Anchor
091006Camp Cope - The Opener
100714Kacy Hill - Arm's Length
111206Samsaruh - Beautiful Killer
121114Protomartyr - A Private Understanding
131410Willow Beats - Special
141312Makthaverskan - Eden
151904Chelsea Wolfe - The Culling
161806Japanese Breakfast - The Body Is A Blade
171509King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Crumbling Castle
181616Wolf Alice - Planet Hunter (3 weeks at #1)
191712Stella Donnelly - Mechanical Bull
202006N.E.R.D & Rihanna - Lemon
212111Cloud Control - Treetops
222504LPX - Slide
232903Sjowgren - Waiting Room
242307Gengahr - Mallory
25NE01Precious Earth - Lexus
262604CCFX - The One To Wait
273202Car Seat Headrest - Nervous Young Inhumans
283003MGMT - When You Die
292216Wolf Alice - Heavenward
302412The Belligerents - Sleeping For Days
313502DZ Deathrays - Total Meltdown
32NE01JW Ridley - Somewhere Else
332718St. Vincent - Los Ageless (3 weeks at #1)
343309Jess Locke - Paper Planes
352810Daktyl ft. MOONZz - Monochrome
36NE01Sunflower Bean - Crisis Fest
373112MGMT - Little Dark Age
38NE01Good Girl And The Bad Times - We Go This Way
393607Hater - Rest
403818Tennis - No Exit
Willow Beats - Erosion
The Beths - Great No One
Marcus Marr - High Times

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