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Forum - General: General Discussion - Top 100 Singles site/list updates (Part 2)

Part 1: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=46536

New year, new thread, new decade to work on! I have begun completing audio for the first four months (January to April) of the full ARIA lists for each year of the '80s, beginning with 1989 and ending with 1980. My site currently has streaming audio for virtually every ARIA Top 100 charting single of the '90s, 2000s and 2010s (to date). There's only audio missing for 41 of the 11545 songs that have charted since 1990 and they are as follows:

Agro - Don't Go to the Dunny [2002]
AJB with MisterMiss - Land of Make Believe [1999]
Anthony Mundine and Black Venom - Bronco Fever [1997]
Anthony Warlow - Beauty School Dropout [1998]
Anthony Warlow - My Prayer {c/w "Beauty School Dropout"} [1998]
Brat - He Said She Said [2003]
Club Hoy - You Promised - You Said {"Trumpets" EP} [1992]
Convertible Blondes - Curves [2004]
David Dixon and The Australian Cast of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" - Joseph Mega-Mix [1993]
Heaven Sent - Short Goodbyes [2002]
Hector Pascals - It's Raining Men {"Hector's Four Play" EP} [1995]
Helena - Feel the Rush [1996]
Jon Stevens - I Wish it Would Rain [1994]
Jubestar - Buff Boy [2000]
Mission Squad - Make a Difference [1994]
Movida - Baby I Need Your Loving [1992]
Oblivia - Mind Bomb [2000]
Palladium - Everybody Loves New Fashion [2003]
Proton - Wrong Beat [2002]
Proton - Throw Down {c/w "Wrong Beat"} [2002]
Randall Waller - Side By Side (Song for Port Arthur) [1997]
Reckless Hearts - This Town {"Rain in Spain" EP} [1993]
Renegade Funktrain - I Wonder... [1995]
Rupert McCall - The Miracle of Thredbo [1997]
Scot Finnie - Please Understand [1997]
Serena - My Boy Lollipop [1990]
Steve Dundon - It's the Crows Again!! [1998]
Tania Netherway Band - Daniel [2004]
Teen Queens - Baby it's You [1993]
The Crime Fighters Inc. feat. Chuck McKinney - Do the Turtle Thing [1990]
The Ipswich Connection - Hey, Hey We're the Broncos [1992]
The Little Gods - We Will Rock You [2005]
The Little Gods - Song 2 {c/w "We Will Rock You"} [2005]
The Music Men - Ablett's in the Air [1995]
The Star Girls - Girls Like Me [2002]
Track 5 - Crazy [2004]
Ultraviolet - Play [2000]
Victor & Sveta - Tutti Frutti [1991]
Wade - (I Wish That I Was) Elvis [2003]
Weta - Got the Ju {"Natural Compression" EP} [1999]
Weta - Let it Go {"Natural Compression" EP} [1999]

If anyone can help with any of these songs then please let me know!

Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989" list for the following songs...

Barbra Streisand and Don Johnson Till I Loved You
Bon Jovi Born to Be My Baby
Bros Cat Among the Pigeons
Bros Silent Night {c/w "Cat Among the Pigeons"}
Cliff Richard Mistletoe & Wine
Fleetwood Mac As Long as You Follow
George Michael Kissing a Fool
Michelle Shocked Anchorage
The Georgia Satellites Hippy Hippy Shake
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young American Dream
Robben Ford Talk to Your Daughter
The Primitives Way Behind Me
Willie Nelson with Julio Iglesias Spanish Eyes
Mike & The Mechanics Nobody's Perfect
Randy Newman It's Money That Matters
Sunnyboys Too Young to Despair
The Beatmasters with P.P. Arnold Burn it Up
The Reels Forever Now
Tiffany Radio Romance
Chicago Look Away
Jimmy Barnes Last Frontier {Live}
New Order Fine Time
Chris De Burgh Missing You
Def Leppard Armageddon It
Eddie Money Walk on Water
John Kilzer Memory in the Making
Kiss Let's Put the X in Sex
Robert Palmer Early in the Morning
The Cockroaches Permanently Single
The Escape Club Shake for the Sheik
Tracy Chapman Baby Can I Hold You
When in Rome The Promise
Chris Rea Working on It

Hear them all via the "Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989" list.

Nice site you've created, but just a small(-ish) bone of contention - technically, the peaks you've listed from #51 to #100 inclusive are not 'ARIA' top 100 singles from 1989, as, as far as I'm aware, no-one has positions 51-100 of the weekly singles charts from 1989, other than one from March 1989, which was published here.

When In Rome's 'The Promise', for example, peaked at #103 on the ARIA singles chart (I asked them for the peak a while back), which is quite different to its peak on the AMR chart (#71).

Furthermore, through requests for chart peaks myself and others have asked for from ARIA, there are a number of singles that peaked within the ARIA top 100 that missed the AMR top 100, such as Malcolm McLaren's 'Something's Jumping In My Shirt' (#95), Howard Jones' 'Everlasting Love' (#91), Cliff Richard's 'I Just Don't Have the Heart' (#100), Sonia's 'Can't Forget You' (#98) and Brother Beyond's 'The Harder I Try' (#78, though not sure yet when this one peaked), plus a few we've uncovered from 1988.
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That is correct. The list is called the Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989 for simplicity's sake. Much in the same way as the Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988 list containing ARIA chart information for roughly the second half of the year. I'd like to eventually add the confirmed ARIA #51-#100 peakers for 1988/89 and add asterisks to denote AMR chart information in the 1989 list and likewise the ARIA chart information in the 1988 list. It's on the to-do list.

Some day I'd like to extend the Every Unique AMR Top 100 Single of 1993-2005 list to include the 1990-1992 and 2006-2009 periods and once the 1988/89 data is sorted out, it can be further updated to become a 1988-2009 list.
^ Sounds like a mammoth task!

My only real beef with this is... occasionally, someone who isn't familiar with the intricacies of ARIA vs AMR peaks in the era where both charts ran concurrently might use your site as a source, and wrongly attribute a peak from the second half of 1988, or 1989, as an ARIA peak, when it isn't. Sure, if they do so, it's down to their own sloppy research, but it perpetuates inaccurate information. I have seen your site cited on wikipedia for chart information, for example, though I don't think I've yet encountered it used to source an outside the top 50 peak from this era - but I'm sure it has been.
Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989" list for the following songs...

Gail Ann Dorsey Wasted Country
Hithouse Jack to the Sound of the Underground
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls Dumb Things
Pet Shop Boys Left to My Own Devices
Rick Astley Take Me to Your Heart
The Waterboys Fisherman's Blues
Toni Childs Zimbabwae
Clarence Carter Strokin' {Re-Entry}
Inner City Big Fun
The Everly Brothers with The Beach Boys Don't Worry Baby
The Every Brothers Eyes for the Blind
Ann Wilson & Robin Zander Surrender to Me
Duran Duran All She Wants Is
Ecco Homo Motorcycle Baby
Joe Satriani The Crush of Love {"Dreaming #11" EP}
R.E.M. Stand
The Saints The Music Goes Round My Head
Transvision Vamp Tell That Girl to Shut Up
Bananarama Nathan Jones
D Mob feat. Gary Haisman We Call it Acieed
Inner City Good Life
Joe Jackson (He's A) Shape in a Drape
Noiseworks Voice of Reason
Poison Your Mama Don't Dance
Simply Red It's Only Love
Taylor Dayne Don't Rush Me
Bomb the Bass Say a Little Prayer
Charlie Sexton Don't Look Back
Go 101 Room for Love
Holly Johnson Love Train
Marc Almond feat. Gene Pitney Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart
Nick Barker & The Reptiles Another Me
Yazz Fine Time
Johnny O'Keefe Shout {Re-Entry}

Hear them all via the "Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989" list.

Here are some ARIA peaks outside the top 50 from 1988-89 myself and others have obtained that you might wish to add/update on your pages:

There is some repetition here, as I have copied the lists from different documents.


Tracy Chapman 'Baby Can I Hold You' #68
When In Rome 'The Promise' #103
R.E.M. 'Stand' #56
Duran Duran 'All She Wants Is' #74
D Mob 'We Call It Acieed' #85
Samantha Fox 'Love House' #86
Zan 'It's Your Move' #82
Separate Tables 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' #71
Sheena Easton 'The Lover In Me' NCH (no chart history)
New Order 'Round & Round' #67
Tall Tales & True 'Trust' - Chartifacts column in 1992 says it reached the top 70, but doesn't specify peak
Blue Zone 'Jackie' #99
Rick Astley 'Hold Me In Your Arms' #77
Deacon Blue 'Wages Day' #79
Crowded House 'Sister Madly' #66
Transvision Vamp 'Sister Moon' #95
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians 'Circle' #80
Holly Johnson 'Americanos' #77
Kon Kan 'I Beg Your Pardon' #100
Joe Jackson 'Nineteen Forever' #80
Yazz 'Where Has All the Love Gone?' #83
Bobby Brown 'Don't Be Cruel' #72
Coldcut featuring Lisa Stansfield 'People Hold On' #79
James Freud 'One Fine Day' #68
Samantha Fox 'I Wanna Have Some Fun' #80
Tall Tales & True 'Hold On' - Chartifacts column in 1992 says it reached the top 70, but doesn't specify peak
Malcom McLaren 'Waltz Darling/Deep In Vogue' #65 ('Deep In Vogue' peaked at #107 in 1990 when released as a single in its own right)
1927 'To Love Me' #70
Yello 'Of Course I'm Lying' #123
Inner City 'Do You Love What You Feel' #76
Mandy 'Don't You Want Me Baby' #90
10,000 Maniacs 'Trouble Me' #102
Stevie Nicks 'Long Way To Go' #65
Pet Shop Boys 'It's Alright' #70
Jody Watley featuring Eric B & Rakim #146
Paula Abdul 'Knocked Out' #82
Tom Petty 'Runnin' Down a Dream' #68
The Neville Brothers 'Yellow Moon' #89
James Reyne 'Trouble In Paradise' #75
Jeff Healy Band 'Angel Eyes' #79
Underworld 'Stand Up' #79
Guns N' Roses 'Nightrain' #61
The Cure 'Lovesong' #82
Liza MInnelli 'Losing My Mind' #72
Monie Love 'Grandpa's Party' #93
Robin Scott's M 'Pop Muzik '89' #63
The Beatmasters featuring Betty Boo 'Hey DJ/I Can't Dance (To That Music You're Playing) #88
James 'Sit Down' #141 (not sure if this is for the 1989 release or the 1991 re-issue; but ARIA only usually have one peak for multiple issues of the same single)
Paula Abdul 'Cold Hearted' #68
Cyndi Lauper 'A Night To Remember' #145
Johnny Diesel & The Injectors #79
Billy Ocean 'Licence To Chill' #76
Donna Summer 'Love's About To Change My Heart' #71
Transvision Vamp 'Landslide of Love' #70
Sinitta 'Love On a Mountain Top' #81
Simply Red 'You've Got It' #127
Chantoozies 'Come Back To Me' #72
Simple Minds 'The Amsterdam EP' #77 (Gavin Ryan's book lists the peak as #79, but if you check the ARIA Reports, it has 77 for HP)

Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl #51
Inner City - Good Life #52
Brother Beyond - He Ain't No Competition #53
Whitney Houston 'One Moment In Time' #53
Yello - The Race #56
A-Ha - Stay On These Roads #56
Sinitta - Cross My Broken Heart #56
R.E.M. 'Stand' #56
Inner City - Big Fun #57
Neneh Cherry – Manchild #58
Bananarama - Nathan Jones #59
Yazz - Fine Time #60
Pat Benatar - Don't Walk Away #61
M 'Pop Muzik' (1989 release) #63
Neneh Cherry - Kisses On the Wind #63
Samantha Fox - Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) #64
Malcolm McLaren 'Waltz Darling' #65
Stevie Nicks 'Long Way To Go' #65
Crowded House 'Sister Madly' #66
New Order - Round and Round #67
Inner City - Ain't Nobody #67
1927 ‘To Love Me’ #70
Transvision Vamp - Landslide of Love #70
Separate Tables 'Wrap Your Arms Around Me' #71
Bobby Brown 'Don't Be Cruel' #72
Liza Minnelli - Losing My Mind #72
Chantoozies 'Come Back To Me' #72
Taylor Dayne 'Don't Rush Me' #73
Duran Duran ‘All She Wants Is' #74
Inner City - Do You Love What You Feel #76
Billy Ocean 'Licence To Chill' #76
Holly Johnson 'Americanos' #77
Mandy Smith 'Victim of Pleasure' #78
Brother Beyond 'The Harder I Try' #78
Big Country ‘King of Emotion’ #79
Deacon Blue 'Wages Day' #79
Edie Brickell & New Bohemians – Circle #80
Samantha Fox - I Wanna Have Some Fun #80
Joe Jackson ‘Nineteen Forever’ #80
Sinitta 'Love On a Mountain Top' #81
Zan 'It's Your Move' #82
Paul Abdul - Knocked Out #82
The Cure - Lovesong #82
Yazz - Where Has All the Love Gone? #83
Whitney Houston 'Love Will Save the Day' #84
Fairground Attraction 'Find My Love' #86
Samantha Fox - Love House #86
Sade 'Paradise' #86
Taylor Dayne 'I'll Always Love You' #86
Underworld 'Show Some Emotion' #88
Milli Vanilli 'Girl You Know It's True' #88
Beatmasters featuring Betty Boo - Hey DJ (I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playing) #88
XTC 'Mayor of Simpleton' #89 -Did not enter AMR top 100
They Might Be Giants ‘Don’t Let’s Start’ #94
Transvision Vamp - Sister Moon #95
Mick Jagger 'Primitive Cool' #98
Sonia - Can't Forget You* #98 -Did not enter AMR top 100
Kon Kan 'I Beg Your Parden' #100

from the Chart Beats blog - Breakers and Singles of the Week that did not enter the top 50, between June 1988 and December 1989 inclusive:

All Right Now - Pepsi & Shirlie #60
It Must Be Love – Eurogliders #72
Airhead - Thomas Dolby #69
Out Of The Blue - Debbie Gibson #68
My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone #51
Rooty Toot Toot - John Cougar Mellencamp #54
Heart Of Mine - Boz Scaggs #64
Foolish Beat - Debbie Gibson #60
Talkin' Bout A Revolution - Tracy Chapman #66
Whisper - Schnell Fenster #56
I'll Bet She's Got A Boyfriend - Shanice Wilson #69
Chains Of Love – Erasure did not chart
Glory GLory – Underworld #64 -Did not enter AMR top 100
Paint In Black - Rolling Stones #55
Hands To Heaven – Breathe #89
Red Blue Jeans - John Kilzer #57
Build It Up - Go 101 #55
Rush Hour - Jane Wiedlin #88 -Did not enter AMR top 100
Gary In The Tardis - Gary Glitter & The Timelords #59
Batman Theme - Neal Hefti #51
Real Love - The State did not chart
You're My World - Nick Heyward did not chart
Do It To Me – Machinations #55
I Will (Take You Forever) - Christopher Cross #61
Cuddly Toy – Roachford #73
Spare Parts - Bruce Springsteen #58
The Early Hours – Catfish #72
On The Beach 88 - Chris Rea #70
Too Young To Despair – Sunnyboys #87
Radio Romance – Tiffany #65
Into Temptation - Crowded House #59
Ghost Town - Cheap Trick #66
American Dream - Crosby Stills Nash & Young #53
Anchorage - Michelle Shocked #51
Way Behind Me - The Primitives #91
Baby Can I Hold You - Tracy Chapman #68
The Party Boys ‘Follow Your Heart’ #107
Robin Zander & Ann Wilson ‘Surrender To Me’ #51
Midge Ure ‘Dear God’ #51
Bomb the Bass ‘Say a Little Prayer’ #54
Jody Watley ‘Real Love’ #78
Sean Kelly ‘Thank You, Goodnight’ #55
Petula Clark ‘Downtown ’88’ #58
Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine ‘Can’t Stay Away From You’ #60
Tina Turner ‘What You Get Is What You See’ (re-release) #57
S’Xpress ‘Hey Music Lover’ #53
Wa Wa Nee ‘I Want You’ #52
The Proclaimers ‘Then I Met You’ #64
Aretha Franklin & Elton John ‘Through the Storm’ #60
Boy George ‘Don’t Take My Mind On a Trip’ #162
Debbie Byrne ‘Nature’s Lament’ #52
Julian Lennon ‘You’re the One’ #68
Dragon ‘Here Am I’ #77
Sunnyboys ‘Sinful Me’ #105
Debbie Gibson ‘No More Rhyme’ #58
Michael Damian ‘Rock On’ #55
Simple Minds ‘Kick It In’ #94 -Did not enter AMR top 100
Don Henley ‘The End of the Innocence’ #54
Cliff Richard ‘The Best of Me’ #59
Easterhouse ‘Come Out Fighting’ #66
Hoodoo Gurus ‘Axegrinder’ #58
Indigo Girls ‘Closer To Fine’ #57
Roy Orbison ‘California Blue’ #65
Tom Petty ‘Runnin’ Down a Dream’ #68
Texas ‘Thrill Has Gone’ #60
Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers ‘Look Who’s Dancing’ #69
De Mont ‘Close To the Edge’ #89
Guns ‘N’ Roses ‘Nightrain’ #61
Tone Loc ‘I Got It Goin’ On’ #52
Tracy Chapman ‘Crossroads’ #58
Dragon ‘Summer’ #57
Debbie Gibson ‘We Could Be Together’ #57
Kiss ‘Hide Your Heart’ #60
Run DMC ‘Ghostbusters’ #56
Texas ‘Everyday Now’ #52
V.Spy V.Spy ‘Hardtimes’ #59
Choirboys ‘Empire’ #65
Taylor Dayne ‘With Every Beat of My Heart’ #67
Janet Jackson ‘Rhythm Nation’ #56

Hoodoo Gurus 'Another World' #98
Stephen Cummings 'Your House Is Falling' #80
Ofra Haza 'Im Nin Alu' NCH
Tim Finn 'Crescendo' #120
Morrissey 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' NCH
Morrissey 'Interesting Drug' #111
Morrissey 'The Last of the International Playboys' #68
Howard Jones 'Everlasting Love' #91 -Did not enter AMR top 100
Cliff Richard 'I Just Don't Have the Heart' #100 -Did not enter AMR top 100

Kim Wilde 'Hey Mister Heartache' - NCH
Belinda Carlisle 'Circle In the Sand' - NCH
Sade 'Paradise' #86 (the ARIA Report Chartifacts entry for 'No Ordinary Love' in 1992 incorrectly states that 'Paradise' peaked at #70)
Mandy Smith 'Boys and Girls' NCH (but #74 in Vic/Tas and #81 in WA)
Patti Smith 'People Have the Power' NCH
E.G. Daily 'Mind Over Matter' NCH
James Reyne 'Always the Way' NCH
Eighth Wonder 'Cross My Heart' #116
Metallica 'Harvester of Sorrow' #100 - did not enter the AMR top 100
Toni Childs 'Many Rivers To Cross' #99 - did not enter the AMR top 100
Femme Fatale 'Falling In & Out of Love' #90 - did not enter the AMR top 100
Malcolm McLaren 'Something's Jumpin' In My Shirt' #95 - did not enter the AMR top 100
Little River Band 'Son of a Famous Man' #77
Little River Band 'Soul Searching' #70
Sade 'Nothing Can Come Between Us' NCH (#94 in WA)
Kim Wilde 'Never Trust a Stranger' NCH (#74 in SA)
Hothouse Flowers 'Easier In the Morning' #98 - did not enter the AMR top 100

And out of interest, some more ARIA peaks outside the top 100 from this period (they do not appear to have data extending beyond the top 100 until the end of January 1989 for singles):

Albie Wilde & The Dayglos ‘Hey Ciao’ #101
Bee Gees 'One' #101
The Jesus and Mary Chain 'Head On' #102
Enya ‘Evening Falls’ #104
Machinations 'Cars & Planes' #105
Vanessa Williams 'Dreamin'' #108
Spandau Ballet 'Be Free With Your Love' #110
The Human League ‘Love Is All That Matters’ #113
Swing Out Sister ‘You On My Mind’#114
Level 42 'Heaven In My Hands' #115
Sam Brown 'This Feeling' #115
Cyndi Lauper ‘Heading West’ #117
Pretenders 'Windows of the World' #117
Sheriff 'When I'm With You' #117
Cheap Trick 'Never Had a Lot To Lose' #118
Tiffany 'All This Time' #120
Tanita Tikaram 'Cathedral Song' #120
Grace Jones 'Love On Top of Love' #121
ABC 'One Better World' #122
Sydney Youngblood 'If Only I Could' (1989 release) #122
Bee Gees 'Tokyo Nights' #124
Skid Row '18 & Life' #126
The Graces 'Lay Down Your Arms' #127
Bee Gees 'Ordinary Lives' #131
Sinead O'Connor 'Jump In the River' #134
Zan 'Good Love' #134
Deborah Harry 'Liar, Liar' #141
Sigue Sigue Sputnik 'Success' #141
Beastie Boys 'Hey Ladies' #141
S’Express ‘Mantra For a State of Mind’ #141
Tanita Tikaram 'Good Tradition' #142
Boxcar ‘Insect’ #143
The B-52’s ‘Channel Z’ #145
Concrete Blonde 'God Is a Bullet' #146
Robin Beck 'The First Time' #148
LL Cool J 'I'm That Type of Guy' #148
Vixen 'Love Made Me' #149
London Boys 'Requiem' #149
Adeva 'Respect' #150
The Wee Papa Girl Rappers ‘Heat It Up' #151
Paul Simpson featuring Adeva 'Musical Freedom (Moving On Up)' #151
Pseudo Echo 'Eye of the Storm' #152
Will To Power 'Fading Away' #153
Olivia Newton-John 'Reach Out For Me' #153
Gladys Knight 'Licence To Kill' #154
Tom Petty 'Free Fallin'' #155
Thompson Twins 'Sugar Daddy' #155
Brother Beyond 'Can You Keep a Secret' #157
Hazell Dean 'Love Pains' #157
Erasure 'Drama!' #157
Bananarama 'Cruel Summer ’89' #158
Jesus Loves You 'After the Love' #160
Steinski & Mass Media ‘We’ll Be Right Back’ #161
Tiffany 'Hold an Old Friend's Hand' #161
Stephen Cummings 'When the Day Is Done' #161
Kirsty MacColl ‘Free World’ #162
Karyn White 'Superwoman' #162
Clive Griffin 'Be There' #163
Starship 'It's Not Enough' #163
Rod Stewart 'My Heart Can't Tell You No' #164
Joan Jett 'Little Liar' #164
Big Country 'Broken Heart (Thirteen Valleys)' #164
Kim Wilde 'Four Letter Word' #165
London Boys 'London Nights' #165
Pat Benatar 'One Love' #166
Swing Out Sister 'Where In the World' #168
Fischer-Z 'Say No' #168
Little River Band 'When Will I Be Loved' #169
James Freud 'Let's Get It On' #170
Robbie Robertson 'Somewhere Down the Crazy River' #176
The 2 Live Crew ‘Me So Horny’ #180
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Thanks for those Nugs. You've saved me some time. Hopefully I can update the 1988/89 lists with the appropriate data now sooner rather than later. Though, I'm going to have trouble adding entries for singles that made the ARIA chart and not the AMR chart without having any entry dates.
^ I have entry dates for a couple of those. However, they're chart entry dates (which could be outside the top 100) rather than specific top 100 entry dates.

Maybe it's easiest to just leave it as it is.
Any entry dates would do, even if they're just estimates.
Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989" list for the following songs...

Midge Ure Dear God
Morrissey The Last of the Famous International Playboys
Pseudo Echo Over Tomorrow
Samantha Fox Love House
Wa Wa Nee So Good
Womack & Womack Celebrate the World
Zan It's Your Move
Separate Tables Wrap Your Arms Around Me
Stephen Cummings Your House is Falling
Elvis Costello Veronica
Living Colour Cult of Personality
Roy Orbison She's a Mystery to Me
Sam Kinison Wild Thing
Sean Kelly Thankyou, Goodnight
Sheena Easton Lover in Me
Carly Simon Let the River Run
Lou Reed Dirty Blvd.
Love and Money Halleluiah Man
New Order Round & Round
Rainbirds Blueprint
The Seekers Building Bridges
Andrew Cash Smile Me Down
Dragon Young Years
James Freud Hurricane
Paula Abdul Straight Up
Tall Tales and True Trust
The Cult Fire Woman
Toni Childs Walk and Talk Like Angels
BB Steal Heartbeat Away
Jody Watley Real Love
S'Express Hey Music Lover
Tim Finn How'm I Gonna Sleep
Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar on Me
Indecent Obsession Tell Me Something

Hear them all via the "Every ARIA Top 100 Single in 1989" list.


Over 48% of the songs in the full 1989 ARIA list have audio now (236 of the 483 entries). Now onto 1988...
Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988" list for the following songs...

John Farnham One Step Away {c/w "Reasons"}
Johnny Hates Jazz I Don't Want to Be a Hero
Ry Cooder All Shook Up
Aerosmith Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Ed Kuepper Nothing Changes in My House
Hoodoo Gurus In the Middle of the Land
The Kane Gang Motortown
v. Spy v. Spy Forget About the Working Week
Venetians Amazing World
Willy DeVille Miracle
Bee Gees E.S.P.
John Hiatt Have a Little Faith in Me
Los Lobos Donna
Robbie Robertson Showdown at Big Sky
Simon F. American Dream
Elton John with The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Candle in the Wind (Live)
Kenny G Don't Make Me Wait for Love
New Order Touched By the Hand of God
Then Jerico The Motive
Do-Re-Mi King of Moomba
Eurythmics Shame
Kiss Reason to Live
Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper Elvis is Everywhere
Noel Watson Matilda
Roger Waters The Tide is Turning (After Live Aid)
Sting Be Still My Beating Heart

Hear them all via the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988" list.

Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988" list for the following songs...

The Triffids Bury Me Deep in Love
Austen Tayshus Highway Corroboree
Billy Idol Hot in the City {Remix}
Feargal Sharkey More Love
Pink Floyd On the Turning Away
Separate Tables When the Word Came Down
The Smiths Stop Me if You Think You've Heard This One Before
David Lee Roth Just Like Paradise
Joe Cocker A Woman Loves a Man
Sandra Everlasting Love
The Every Brothers This Town
The Style Council Wanted
George Harrison When We Was Fab
Men Without Hats Pop Goes the World
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls Forty Miles to Saturday Night
Bryan Ferry Kiss and Tell
The Christians When the Fingers Point
Belinda Carlisle I Get Weak
Boom Crash Opera Love Me to Death
Bourgeois Tagg I Don't Mind at All
Dave Dobbyn Love You Like I Should
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark Dreaming
Sharon O'Neill Danced in the Fire
Glenn Medeiros Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
Morrissey Suedehead
Sinitta GTO

Hear them all via the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988" list.


I'm house-sitting for the next 12 days, so there won't be a batch of audio posted next week.
Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988" list for the following songs...

T'Pau China in Your Hand
The Saints Grain of Sand
The Technicians Clockwork Clown
Voice of the Beehive I Say Nothing
BoDeans Only Love
Johnny Teen and The Broken Hearts She Stinks of Sex
Mel & Kim That's the Way it Is
Noiseworks Burning Feeling
Prefab Sprout Cars and Girls
The Jets Rocket 2 U
ALF Stuck on Earth
Def Leppard Hysteria
Johnny Hates Jazz Heart of Gold
Bruce Springsteen One Step Up
Ry Cooder Get Rhythm
The Montellas Protection
The Tams There Ain't Nothing Like Shaggin'
Whitney Houston Where Do Broken Hearts Go
AC/DC That's the Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
Debbie Gibson Shake Your Love
Iron Maiden Can I Play With Madness
Jellybean feat. Elisa Fiorillo Who Found Who
Kingdom Come Get it On
Martha Davis Tell it to the Moon
Pete Bardens In Dreams
The Screaming Blue Messiahs I Wanna Be a Flintstone

Hear them all via the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1988" list.


Over 50% of the songs in the full 1988 ARIA list have audio now (212 of the 416 entries). Now onto 1987...
Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1987" list for the following songs...

Elton John & Cliff Richard Slow Rivers
Lone Justice Shelter
Rose Tattoo Get it Right
The Smithereens Blood and Roses
Uncanny X-Men Nothing Touches My World
Benjamin Orr Stay the Night
Communards So Cold the Night
Iggy Pop Cry for Love
Miami Sound Machine Words Get in the Way
Michael Hutchence Rooms for the Memory
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark We Love You
Paul Simon The Boy in the Bubble
Pointer Sisters Goldmine
All of Us Sailing Away
Howard Jones You Know I Love You... Don't You?
Lime Spiders Weirdo Libido
Paul Young Some People
The Psychedelic Furs Heartbreak Beat
GANGgajang Initiation
Glass Tiger Thin Red Line
Julian Cope World Shut Your Mouth
Lionel Richie Ballerina Girl {c/w "Deep River Woman"}
Lionel Richie Deep River Woman
Nick Kamen Each Time You Break My Heart
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls Bradman {c/w "Leaps and Bounds"}
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls Leaps and Bounds
Colin Hay Hold Me

Hear them all via the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1987" list.

Audio and ratings have been added to the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1987" list for the following songs...

Erasure Sometimes
Genesis Home By the Sea {Released in 1983}
Ric Ocasek True to You
Stan Ridgway The Big Heat
Ultravox Same Old Story
Oran "Juice" Jones The Rain
Steve Winwood Back in the High Life Again
The Georgia Satellites Keep Your Hands to Yourself
China Crisis Arizona Sky
Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram Somewhere Out There
Pretenders My Baby
The Reels Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
The Robert Cray Band Smoking Gun
Bruce Hornsby and The Range Every Little Kiss
Everything But the Girl Don't Leave Me Behind
Paul Simon Graceland
Steve Miller Band I Want to Make the World Turn Around
The Style Council It Didn't Matter
Billy Idol Don't Need a Gun
Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band Fire {Live}
Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris To Know Him is to Love Him
Johnny Nash Rock Me Baby
Models Hold On
Fine Young Cannibals Ever Fallen in Love
Gary Moore Over the Hills and Far Away
Huey Lewis & The News Jacob's Ladder
Kool & The Gang Victory
The Big Supreme Don't Walk

Hear them all via the "Every AMR Top 100 Single in 1987" list.


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