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Joss StoneKarma2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBride(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden2005Producer
Martina McBrideA Broken Wing1997Producer
Martina McBrideA Great Disguise1995Producer
Martina McBrideAll The Things We've Never Done1995Producer
Martina McBrideAlways Be This Way2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideAnything And Everything1999Producer
Martina McBrideAnything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues1999Producer
Martina McBrideAnyway2006Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideAshes1993Producer
Martina McBrideAway In A Manger1998Producer
Martina McBrideBe That Way1990Producer
Martina McBrideBeautiful Again2007Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideBeing Myself2012Producer
Martina McBrideBeyond The Blue1995Producer
Martina McBrideBlessed2001Producer
Martina McBrideBorn To Give My Love To You1995Producer
Martina McBrideBroken Umbrella2011Producer
Martina McBrideCity Of Love2003Producer
Martina McBrideConcrete Angel2001Producer
Martina McBrideCry Cry ('Til The Sun Shines)2007Producer
Martina McBrideCry On The Shoulder Of The Road1995Producer
Martina McBrideDo What You Do1999Producer
Martina McBrideDo You Hear What I Hear1999Producer
Martina McBrideDon't Cost A Dime2009Producer
Martina McBrideEverybody Does2007Producer
Martina McBrideEverybody Wants To Be Loved2016Producer
Martina McBrideFor The Love Of A Woman1999Producer
Martina McBrideFor These Times2007Producer
Martina McBrideFrom The Ashes1999Producer
Martina McBrideGod's Will2003Producer
Martina McBrideGoin' To Work1993Producer
Martina McBrideGood Bye1999Producer
Martina McBrideHappy Girl1997Producer
Martina McBrideHark! The Herald Angels Sing2007Producer
Martina McBrideHave Yourself A Merry Little Christmas1998Producer
Martina McBrideHeart Trouble1993Producer
Martina McBrideHelp Me Make It Through The Night2005Producer
Martina McBrideHere In My Heart1997Producer
Martina McBrideHouse Of A Thousand Dreams2007Producer
Martina McBrideHow Far2003Producer
Martina McBrideHow I Feel2007Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideI Ain't Goin' Nowhere1999Producer
Martina McBrideI Can't Stop Loving You2005Producer
Martina McBrideI Don't Hurt Anymore2005Producer
Martina McBrideI Don't Want To See You Again1997Producer
Martina McBrideI Just Call You Mine2009Producer
Martina McBrideI Love You1999Producer
Martina McBrideI Still Miss Someone2005Producer
Martina McBrideI Won't Close My Eyes1997Producer
Martina McBrideIf I Had Your Name2007Producer
Martina McBrideI'll Be Home For Christmas1998Producer
Martina McBrideI'll Be There2005Producer
Martina McBrideI'll Still Be Me2007Producer
Martina McBrideI'm Gonna Love You Through It2011Producer
Martina McBrideI'm Little But I'm Loud1997Producer
Martina McBrideI'm Trying2009Producer
Martina McBrideIn My Daughter's Eyes2003Producer
Martina McBrideIndependence Day1993Producer
Martina McBrideIt Ain't Pretty2016Producer
Martina McBrideIt's My Time1999Producer
Martina McBrideJust Around The Corner2016Producer
Martina McBrideKeeping My Distance1997Producer
Martina McBrideLearning To Fall2003Producer
Martina McBrideLet It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow1998Producer
Martina McBrideLies2009Producer
Martina McBrideLife #91993Producer
Martina McBrideLong Distance Lullaby2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideLove Land2007Producer
Martina McBrideLove's Gonna Live Here Again2005Producer
Martina McBrideLove's The Only House1999Producer
Martina McBrideLow All Afternoon2016Producer
Martina McBrideMake Me Believe1999Producer
Martina McBrideMake The World Go Away2005Producer
Martina McBrideMy Baby Loves Me1993Producer
Martina McBrideO Come All Ye Faithful1999Producer
Martina McBrideO Holy Night1998Producer
Martina McBrideOnce A Day2005Producer
Martina McBrideOne Day You Will1997Producer
Martina McBrideOne Night2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideOver The Rainbow2003Producer
Martina McBridePhones Are Ringin' All Over Town1995Producer
Martina McBridePick Me Up On Your Way Down2005Producer
Martina McBrideReckless2016Producer
Martina McBrideReluctant Daughter2003Producer
Martina McBrideRide2009Producer
Martina McBrideSafe In The Arms Of Love1995Producer
Martina McBrideSatin Sheets2005Producer
Martina McBrideShe Ain't Seen Nothing Yet1993Producer
Martina McBrideShe's A Butterfly2003Producer
Martina McBrideSilent Night1998Producer
Martina McBrideSilver Bells1998Producer
Martina McBrideSo Magical2003Producer
Martina McBrideSome Say I'm Running1997Producer
Martina McBrideStraight To The Bone2012Producer
Martina McBrideStrangers1993Producer
Martina McBrideSummer Of Love2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideSunny Side Up2009Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideSurrender2012Producer
Martina McBrideSwingin' Doors1995Producer
Martina McBrideTeenage Daughters2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideThanks A Lot2005Producer
Martina McBrideThat Wasn't Me1993Producer
Martina McBrideThat's The Thing About Love2016Producer
Martina McBrideThe Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)1998Producer
Martina McBrideThere You Are1999Producer
Martina McBrideThis One's For The Girls2003Producer
Martina McBrideThis Uncivil War1999Producer
Martina McBrideTil I Can Make It On My Own1998Producer
Martina McBrideToday I Started Loving You Again2005Producer
Martina McBrideTrue Love Ways2005Producer
Martina McBrideTryin' To Find A Reason2007Producer
Martina McBrideTwo More Bottles Of Wine1995Producer
Martina McBrideWalk Away2009Producer
Martina McBrideWearing White2003Producer
Martina McBrideWe'll Pick Up Where We Left Off2016Producer
Martina McBrideWhat Child Is This1998Producer
Martina McBrideWhat Do I Have To Do2009Producer
Martina McBrideWhatcha Gonna Do2011Producer
Martina McBrideWhatever You Say1997Producer
Martina McBrideWhen God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues2001Producer
Martina McBrideWhen You Love A Sinner2011Producer
Martina McBrideWhen You Love Me2003Producer
Martina McBrideWhere I Used To Have A Heart1993Producer
Martina McBrideWhere Would You Be2001Producer
Martina McBrideWhite Christmas1998Producer
Martina McBrideWild Angels1995Producer
Martina McBrideWild Rebel Rose2009Producer
Martina McBrideWinter Wonderland2007Producer
Martina McBrideWrong Again1997Producer
Martina McBrideWrong Baby Wrong2009Producer
Martina McBrideYou Ain't Woman Enough2005Producer
Martina McBrideYou And You Alone2016Producer
Martina McBrideYou Can't Get Your Lovin' Right Here2011Music/Lyrics
Martina McBrideYou Win Again2005Producer
Martina McBrideYou're Not Leaving Me2009Producer
Martina McBrideYou've Been Driving All The Time1995Producer
Martina McBride feat. Pat MonahanMarry Me2011Producer
Martina McBride with Buddy MillerThe Real Thing2016Producer
Martina McBride with Dwight YoakamHeartaches By The Number2005Producer
Martina McBride with Keith UrbanDiamond2016Producer
Tim McGrawI Will Not Fall Down2012Music/Lyrics

I Love You (Martina McBride)03/10/1999385
A Broken Wing (Martina McBride)155
How Far (Martina McBride)85
O Come All Ye Faithful (Martina McBride)75
Safe In The Arms Of Love (Martina McBride)84.88
Silver Bells (Martina McBride)64.83
Where Would You Be (Martina McBride)104.8
Anything And Everything (Martina McBride)54.8
Ride (Martina McBride)54.8
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Martina McBride)54.8
Independence Day (Martina McBride)234.78
Wrong Again (Martina McBride)124.75
Love's The Only House (Martina McBride)114.73
Concrete Angel (Martina McBride)214.67
My Baby Loves Me (Martina McBride)94.67
Til I Can Make It On My Own (Martina McBride)94.67
When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues (Martina McBride)94.67
Do What You Do (Martina McBride)54.6
You Win Again (Martina McBride)54.6
Today I Started Loving You Again (Martina McBride)54.6
I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Martina McBride)94.56
Independence Day (Martina McBride)234.78
Concrete Angel (Martina McBride)214.67
I Love You (Martina McBride)203.95
Karma (Joss Stone)184.39
A Broken Wing (Martina McBride)155
Wrong Again (Martina McBride)124.75
Love's The Only House (Martina McBride)114.73
Anyway (Martina McBride)114.45
Whatever You Say (Martina McBride)114.36
Happy Girl (Martina McBride)114.36
Where Would You Be (Martina McBride)104.8
There You Are (Martina McBride)104.5
(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden (Martina McBride)103.7
When God-Fearin' Women Get The Blues (Martina McBride)94.67
Til I Can Make It On My Own (Martina McBride)94.67
My Baby Loves Me (Martina McBride)94.67
I'm Gonna Love You Through It (Martina McBride)94.56
Heartaches By The Number (Martina McBride with Dwight Yoakam)94.11
Wild Angels (Martina McBride)94
I Just Call You Mine (Martina McBride)93.89

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