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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: O'Kelly Isley, Jr.
Is part of: Isley Brothers, The Isley Brothers
? (Question Mark) & The MysteriansShout1967Music/Lyrics
2PacBury Me A G1994Music/Lyrics
2Pac feat. Mr. BiggsBetter Dayz2002Music/Lyrics
AaliyahAt Your Best (You Are Love)1994Music/Lyrics
AaliyahChoosey Lover (Old School/New School)1996Music/Lyrics
Ann PeeblesIt's Your Thing1969Music/Lyrics
Aretha FranklinIt's Your Thing1982Music/Lyrics
Ashanti feat. Chink SantanaThen Ya Gone2003Music/Lyrics
Average White BandWork To Do1974Music/Lyrics
Barry BiggsFor The Love Of You1983Music/Lyrics
Blazin' SquadCrossroads2002Music/Lyrics
BloodstoneFunkin' Around1982Producer
(The Isley Brothers)
BloodstoneGo On And Cry1982Producer
(The Isley Brothers)
BloodstoneHow Does It Feel1982Producer
(The Isley Brothers)
BloodstoneMy Kind Of Woman1982Producer
(The Isley Brothers)
BloodstoneMy Love Grows Stronger1982Producer
(The Isley Brothers)
BloodstoneNite Time Fun1982Producer
(The Isley Brothers)
BloodstoneWe Go A Long Way Back1982Producer
Booker T. & The M.G.'sIt's Your Thing1969Music/Lyrics
Brand NubianPunks Jump Up To Get Beat Down1992Music/Lyrics
Candy DulferFor The Love Of You1997Music/Lyrics
Chill Fac-TorrShout (The Exotic)1983Music/Lyrics
Chris Brown X TygaWrong In The Right Way2015Music/Lyrics
Cliff RichardShout1969Music/Lyrics
Common feat. D'AngeloSo For To Go2007Music/Lyrics
CoolioFor My Sistas1995Music/Lyrics
CoolioMama, I'm In Love Wit A Gangsta1994Music/Lyrics
Da BratFunkdafied1994Music/Lyrics
Dave "Baby" CortezFeel Like The World1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezGive The Women What They Want1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezHe's Got Your Love1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezI Know Who You Been Socking It To1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezI Must Be Losing My Touch1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezI Turned You On1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezIt's Your Thing1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezLove Is What You Make It1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezSave Me1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dave "Baby" CortezSomebody's Been Messin'1970Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
Dennis CoffeyDo Your Thang1969Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
Dennis CoffeyIt's Your Thang1969Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
Destiny's ChildSecond Nature1998Music/Lyrics
DJ Khaled feat. Fat Joe & RaekwonBilly Ocean2017Music/Lyrics
DogsShakin' With Linda1982Music/Lyrics
Drake feat. Young JeezyUnforgettable2010Music/Lyrics
Eleventh HourSock It To Me / It's Your Thing1975Music/Lyrics
Eric ClaptonShe's So Respectable1992Music/Lyrics
FantasiaTruth Is2005Music/Lyrics
Frankie [US 1990s]My Heart1997Music/Lyrics
Gwen StefaniLuxurious2004Music/Lyrics
Hoodie AllenPeople Keep Talking2015Music/Lyrics
Indra Rios-MooreDon't Say Goodnight2018Music/Lyrics
(O'Kelly Isley, Jr.)
Jamie Foxx feat. Rick RossLiving Better Now2010Music/Lyrics
Jay-Z feat. Beanie SigelIgnorant Sh*it2007Music/Lyrics
Jay-Z feat. Too $hortA Week Ago1998Music/Lyrics
Jimmy Barnes with Billy ThorpeShout2005Music/Lyrics
Jive Bunny & The MastermixersHopping Mad1989Music/Lyrics
Joan JettShout1982Music/Lyrics
Joey Dee & The StarlitersShout1962Music/Lyrics
John HoltFor The Love Of You1975Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
Johnny HallydayLe cri1990Music/Lyrics
Johnny O'KeefeShout Music/Lyrics
Joss StoneFor The Love Of You Pts. 1 & 22003Music/Lyrics
Justin BieberBad Day2013Music/Lyrics
Kendrick Lamari2014Music/Lyrics
Lily AllenFriend Of Mine2006Music/Lyrics
Lisa del BoShout2008Music/Lyrics
Lloyd WilliamsShout1978Music/Lyrics
Louchie Lou & Michie OneShout (It Out)1993Music/Lyrics
LuluShout (Brand New 1986 Re-Recording)1986Music/Lyrics
Lulu And The LuversShout1964Music/Lyrics
MadonnaI'd Rather Be Your Lover1994Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
MarioNikes Fresh Out The Box2004Music/Lyrics
Maxi PriestFor The Love Of You1996Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
Method ManGot To Have It2006Music/Lyrics
Method Man / Redman feat. Bun BCity Lights2009Music/Lyrics
Milli VanilliIt's Your Thing1989Music/Lyrics
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit WheelsShakin' With Linda1966Music/Lyrics
Natalie ColeDon't Say Goodnight (It's Time For Love)2006Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
Obie TriceFollow My Life2003Music/Lyrics
Pacific Gas & ElectricThe Blackberry1970Music/Lyrics
Pauline HenryGroove With You1996Music/Lyrics
Peggy PetersAus1964Music/Lyrics
Phats & SmallHarvest For The World2000Music/Lyrics
Poco Loco GangShout2013Music/Lyrics
R. Kelly & Jay-ZIt Ain't Personal2002Music/Lyrics
Salt-N-Pepa feat. E.U.Shake Your Thang1988Music/Lyrics
SantanaWho's That Lady1990Music/Lyrics
Save FerrisI Know1999Music/Lyrics
Seven SeasFight The Power1976Music/Lyrics
Snoop DoggPress Play2008Music/Lyrics
Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa feat. Mike PosnerFrench Inhale2011Music/Lyrics
Sofie [BE]For The Love Of You2014Music/Lyrics
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double TroubleTestify1983Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
The AvalanchesClose To You2000Music/Lyrics
(O'Kelly Isley, Jr.)
The BeatlesShout1964Music/Lyrics
The Chambers BrothersShout1968Music/Lyrics
The ChampionettesBe My Baby Medley1993Music/Lyrics
The ChristiansHarvest For The World1988Music/Lyrics
(The Isley Brothers)
The Doobie BrothersNeed A Little Taste Of Love1989Music/Lyrics
The Game feat. Latoya WilliamsNever Can Say Goodbye2008Music/Lyrics
The HornettesShout1981Music/Lyrics
The Human BeinzNobody But Me1967Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersAin't I Been Good To You1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersAt Your Best (You Are Love)1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersBeautiful1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersBetween The Sheets1983Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersBlack Berries1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersBless Your Heart1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersBrown Eyed Girl1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersClimbing Up The Ladder1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersDon't Give It Away1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersDon't Let Up1981Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersFeel Like The World1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersFight The Power1975Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersFootsteps In The Dark1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersFor The Love Of You1975Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersFreedom1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersGet Down Off Of The Train1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersGet Into Something1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersGirls Will Be Girls, Boys Will Be Boys1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersGive The Women What They Want1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersGo For Your Guns1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersGroove With You1978Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersHarvest For The World1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersHe's Got Your Love1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersHold On Baby1963Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersHolding On1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersHope You Feel Better Love1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersHurry Up And Wait1981Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersI Got To Find Me One1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersI Got To Get Myself Together1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersI Know Who You Been Socking It To1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersI Must Be Losing My Touch1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersI Need You So1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersI Once Had Your Love (And I Can't Let Go)1981Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersI Turned You On1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersIf He Can You Can1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersIf You Were There1973Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersI'm Laughing To Keep From Crying1962Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersIt's A Disco Night (Rock Don't Stop)1979Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersIt's Our Thing1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersKeep On Doin'1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersKeep On Walkin'1972Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersLay Away1972Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersLet Me Down Easy1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersLive It Up1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersLivin' In The Life1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersLove Is What You Make It1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersLover's Eve1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersMake Me Say It Again Girl1975Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersMidnight Sky1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersMy Little Girl1964Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersNeed A Little Taste Of Love1974Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersNobody But Me1962Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersOpen Up Your Heart1960Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersParty Night1981Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersPeople Of Today1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersPop That Thang1971Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersRespectable1959Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersSave Me1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersSensuality1975Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersShout1959Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersSo You Wanna Stay Down1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersSomebody Been Messin'1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersSpanish Twist1962Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersTake Inventory1970Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersTell Me When You Need It Again1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersTestify1964Music/Lyrics
(The Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersThat Lady1973Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersThe Heat Is On1975Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersThe Highways Of My Life1973Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersThe Pride1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersTonight Is The Night (If I Had You1981Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersTwistin' With Linda1962Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersVacuum Cleaner1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersVoyage To Atlantis1977Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersWarpath1971Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersWas It Good To You1969Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersWhat It Comes Down To1973Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersWho Loves You Better1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersWho Said1980Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
The Isley BrothersWho's That Lady1964Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersWork To Do1972Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersYou Still Feel The Need1976Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersYou Walk Your Way1973Music/Lyrics
The Isley BrothersYoung Girls1981Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
(Isley Brothers)
The Main IngredientWork To Do1973Music/Lyrics
The Notorious B.I.G.Big Poppa1994Music/Lyrics
The Power StationHarvest For The World1985Music/Lyrics
(The Isley Brothers)
The RattlesShout1964Music/Lyrics
The Shangri-LasShout1964Music/Lyrics
The TemptationsIt's Your Thing1969Music/Lyrics
The TrammpsShout1974Music/Lyrics
The YardbirdsRespectable1964Music/Lyrics
Tommy James & The ShondellsShout1967Music/Lyrics
(Isley Brothers)
Turley RichardsShout1965Music/Lyrics
Ultra NatéGet It Up (The Feeling)2001Music/Lyrics
UsherOne Day You'll Be Mine1997Music/Lyrics
(The Isley Brothers)
Vanessa WilliamsWork To Do1991Music/Lyrics
Warren G feat. Ron IsleySmokin' Me Out1997Music/Lyrics
Wham!If You Were There1984Music/Lyrics
(The Isley Brothers)
Whitney HoustonFor The Love Of You1987Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonOne Of Those Days2002Music/Lyrics
Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Andrea Robinson, Kathy Najimy, Mary Wickes & Rosa ParentiShout1992Music/Lyrics
Will Smith feat. Camp LoYes Yes Y'All1997Music/Lyrics
(The Isley Brothers)

Shake Your Thang (Salt-N-Pepa feat. E.U.)04/12/1988471
Luxurious (Gwen Stefani)18/12/2005258
i (Kendrick Lamar)12/10/2014481
Shout (Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Andrea Robinson, Kathy Najimy, Mary Wickes & Rosa Parenti)164.94
Shout (Lulu And The Luvers)604.93
Live It Up (The Isley Brothers)124.83
Fight The Power (The Isley Brothers)144.79
I Turned You On (The Isley Brothers)84.75
Pop That Thang (The Isley Brothers)74.71
French Inhale (Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa feat. Mike Posner)64.67
Bury Me A G (2Pac)64.67
The Highways Of My Life (The Isley Brothers)84.62
Shout (Brand New 1986 Re-Recording) (Lulu)54.6
What It Comes Down To (The Isley Brothers)54.6
Get It Up (The Feeling) (Ultra Naté)54.6
Shout (The Trammps)174.59
Shout (The Isley Brothers)314.58
Respectable (The Yardbirds)74.57
Aus (Peggy Peters)94.56
Work To Do (The Isley Brothers)64.5
For The Love Of You Pts. 1 & 2 (Joss Stone)94.44
Footsteps In The Dark (The Isley Brothers)74.43
If You Were There (The Isley Brothers)74.43
Luxurious (Gwen Stefani)1163.66
Shout (Lulu And The Luvers)604.93
i (Kendrick Lamar)393.51
Harvest For The World (The Christians)373.68
I'd Rather Be Your Lover (Madonna)363.42
At Your Best (You Are Love) (Aaliyah)344.15
Shout (The Isley Brothers)314.58
One Of Those Days (Whitney Houston)313.55
That Lady (The Isley Brothers)294.34
Big Poppa (The Notorious B.I.G.)284.29
Harvest For The World (The Isley Brothers)254.04
Bad Day (Justin Bieber)241.88
For The Love Of You (Whitney Houston)204.2
Friend Of Mine (Lily Allen)184.06
Harvest For The World (Phats & Small)183.61
Shake Your Thang (Salt-N-Pepa feat. E.U.)183.33
Shout (The Trammps)174.59
Between The Sheets (The Isley Brothers)173.82
Shout (Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Andrea Robinson, Kathy Najimy, Mary Wickes & Rosa Parenti)164.94
If You Were There (Wham!)164.12

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