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Pseudonyms / Alternative spellings: Thomas F. Kelly, Thomas Kelly
"Weird Al" YankovicLike A Surgeon1985Music/Lyrics
"Weird Al" YankovicPolka Your Eyes Out!1992Music/Lyrics
Alan BakerEternal Flame1992Music/Lyrics
Alyssa Reid feat. Jump SmokersAlone Again2012Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Ane BrunTrue Colors2008Music/Lyrics
Anna Kendrick & Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors2016Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Atomic KittenEternal Flame2001Music/Lyrics
Atomic KittenLove Doesn't Have To Hurt2002Music/Lyrics
Aztec CameraTrue Colors1990Music/Lyrics
B.Z. feat. JoanneJackie1998Music/Lyrics
BandidoI Drove All Night1994Music/Lyrics
Bandit [BE]I Drove All Night2017Music/Lyrics
BanglesEternal Flame1988Music/Lyrics
BanglesIn Your Room1988Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow & Phyllis Hyman feat. Tom ScottBlack And Blue1987Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow feat. Gerry MulliganOne More Time1987Music/Lyrics
Barry Manilow With Kid Creole and The CoconutsHey Mambo1987Music/Lyrics
Belinda CarlisleDancing In The City1987Music/Lyrics
Belinda CarlisleDeep Deep Ocean1989Music/Lyrics
Belinda CarlisleI Need A Disguise1986Music/Lyrics
Bert HeerinkAlleen1996Music/Lyrics
Bette MidlerThe Gift Of Love1990Music/Lyrics
Big DaddyLike A Virgin1991Music/Lyrics
Blue ZoneJackie1988Music/Lyrics
Bonnie Tyler & Laura ZenAmour Úternel2011Music/Lyrics
BoomerangIn The Darkness1986Music/Lyrics
BoozedLike A Virgin2007Music/Lyrics
Caroline LoebLike A Virgin2009Music/Lyrics
Cassey DoreenLike A Virgin2011Music/Lyrics
(Thomas F. Kelly)
CÚline DionAlone2007Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
CÚline DionI Drove All Night2003Music/Lyrics
Cheap TrickKiss Me Red1986Music/Lyrics
Chesney HawkesA Crazy World Like This1991Music/Lyrics
ChiarastellaTrue Colors2009Music/Lyrics
ChicagoYou Come To My Senses1991Music/Lyrics
CommodoresLet's Apologize1986Music/Lyrics
CruzadosI Want Your World To Turn1987Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperHeading West1989Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperI Drove All Night1989Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperLike A Cat1989Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperMy First Night Without You1989Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperPrimitive1989Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperTrue Colors1986Music/Lyrics
Cyndi LauperUnconditional Love1989Music/Lyrics
Danni Da RosAlone2012Music/Lyrics
David GarrettI'll Stand By You2010Music/Lyrics
Deelay feat. Tania ThunderKiss Me In The Sky2011Music/Lyrics
(Thomas F. Kelly)
DivinylsI Touch Myself1990Music/Lyrics
DivinylsI'm Jealous1995Music/Lyrics
DivinylsI'm On Your Side1991Music/Lyrics
DodaLike A Virgin2008Music/Lyrics
Dominic [BE]Ik blijf bij jou1997Music/Lyrics
Donna De LorySomewhere In My Heart1992Music/Lyrics
DreamsKiss Me Red1984Music/Lyrics
DreamsTears In The Night1984Music/Lyrics
Eighth WonderMy Baby's Heartbeat1988Music/Lyrics
Eighth WonderUse Me1988Music/Lyrics
EiniOlen neitsyt1985Music/Lyrics
Elaine PaigeTrue Colours1991Music/Lyrics
Electric Light Orchestra Part IIKiss Me Red1991Music/Lyrics
Floortje SmitAlone2012Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldCan Hear The Whistle Blow1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldCaptain1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldFly Away1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldGypsy Brew1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldMr. Lucky1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldOne By One1976Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldRunnin' And Hidin'1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldSweet Country Air1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldWhere Did Our Love Go Wrong1977Music/Lyrics
Fools GoldWouldn't I Love To Love You1977Music/Lyrics
Frances RuffelleBlue Eyes1996Music/Lyrics
Fredro Starr & Jill ScottShining Through2000Music/Lyrics
Girls AloudI'll Stand By You2004Music/Lyrics
Glee CastAlone2009Music/Lyrics
Glee CastI'll Stand By You2009Music/Lyrics
Glee CastLike A Virgin2010Music/Lyrics
Glee CastTrue Colors2009Music/Lyrics
Global KrynerLike A Virgin2004Music/Lyrics
GrandstandI'll Stand By You2002Music/Lyrics
Hannah ArtertonEternal Flame2014Music/Lyrics
HeartI Want You So Bad1987Music/Lyrics
HeartI Want Your World To Turn1990Music/Lyrics
HeartThe Will To Love1990Music/Lyrics
Human NatureEternal Flame1999Music/Lyrics
Il DivoAlone (solo)2012Music/Lyrics
Isabel VarellFeuer und Eis1981Music/Lyrics
Isabelle AdamSomewhere In My Heart2002Music/Lyrics
I-tenI Don't Want To Lose You1983Music/Lyrics
I-tenI've Been Crying1983Music/Lyrics
I-tenLonely In Each Other's Arms1983Music/Lyrics
I-tenPressing My Luck1983Music/Lyrics
i-TENTaking A Cold Look1983Music/Lyrics
I-tenThe Easy Way Out1983Music/Lyrics
I-tenTime To Say Goodbye1983Music/Lyrics
I-tenWorkin' For A Lovin'1983Music/Lyrics
JeanetteLike A Virgin2006Music/Lyrics
Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh and Anthony WeighLike A Virgin2002Music/Lyrics
John MilesBelieve In Dreams1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesBlesses With Peace1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesBody Of My Brunette1993Music/Lyrics
John MilesGo Back Home1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesHanging On To Life1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesI Must Leave The Tyne1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesI Need Your Love1985Music/Lyrics
John MilesIn This Life1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesKnight In Shining1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesLove At The Stars Of The Sea1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesSomeone Out There1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesSomething Special1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesThe First Time I Saw You1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesThe Power Of Drink1999Music/Lyrics
John MilesThis Love1999Music/Lyrics
Johnnie TaylorTake Care Of Your Homework1968Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Joke VinckeLike A Virgin2012Music/Lyrics
Karel GottNočnÝ krßl1997Music/Lyrics
Kasey ChambersTrue Colours2003Music/Lyrics
KatyEternal Flame2003Music/Lyrics
Kenny RogersWalk Away1990Music/Lyrics
(Thomas F. Kelly)
Laura BraniganSanctuary1985Music/Lyrics
Lauren TalbotTrue Colours2007Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Lena & Mark ForsterRegenbogen2016Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Mad'HouseLike A Virgin2002Music/Lyrics
MadonnaLike A Virgin1984Music/Lyrics
Maria Theresa MoralesEternal Flame2013Music/Lyrics
Marina ArcangeliSporcati1981Music/Lyrics
MysticaTrue Colors2014Music/Lyrics
(Thomas F. Kelly)
Natasha St-PierTrue Colors2006Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Nino de AngeloIch fahr die Nacht1993Music/Lyrics
Otice DuryTrue Colors2014Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarA Crazy World Like This1984Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarFire And Ice1981Music/Lyrics
Pat BenatarSex As A Weapon1985Music/Lyrics
Patrick, Florian, Christian, Juliane & JanaMuppets, die wie Freunde sind1989Music/Lyrics
Patti LabelleI'll Stand By You2005Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Patty SmythThe River Cried1987Music/Lyrics
Phil CollinsTrue Colors1998Music/Lyrics
PretendersBaby's Breath1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersFrom The Heart Down1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersI'll Stand By You1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersLove Colours1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersNails In The Road1999Music/Lyrics
PretendersNight In My Veins1994Music/Lyrics
PretendersNothing Breaks Like A Heart2002Music/Lyrics
PretendersSaving Grace2002Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonCan't Get You Out Of My Heart1987Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonFollow My Heart1980Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonI Don't Want To Lose You1988Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonIn My Dreams1986Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonLove In The Future1990Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonOut Of Season1980Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonOver The Edge1987Music/Lyrics
REO SpeedwagonScreams And Whsipers1987Music/Lyrics
Rick SpringfieldJust One Kiss1982Music/Lyrics
Robin BeckIn A Crazy World Like This1989Music/Lyrics
Rod StewartI'll Stand By You2006Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Roger DaltreyLover's Storm1987Music/Lyrics
Roger DaltreyQuicksilver Lightning1987Music/Lyrics
RollergirlEternal Flame2000Music/Lyrics
RoxaneTrue Colors2005Music/Lyrics
(Thomas F. Kelly)
Roy OrbisonI Drove All Night1991Music/Lyrics
Roy Orbison feat. Ward Thomas with the Royal Philharmonic OrchestraI Drove All Night2017Music/Lyrics
SaanaRakkaus liekkiin sytyttńń2001Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Sandi ThomAlone2013Music/Lyrics
Scala & Kolacny BrothersI Touch Myself2003Music/Lyrics
Shane FilanTrue Colours2014Music/Lyrics
SheilaI'm Still Believin'1981Music/Lyrics
SheilaIt's Only Make Believe1981Music/Lyrics
SheilaPut It In Writing1981Music/Lyrics
Shirley BasseyI'll Stand By You1996Music/Lyrics
Shirley ClampI dina ÷gon2006Music/Lyrics
Sissel Kyrkjeb°The Gift Of Love1992Music/Lyrics
Sister CristinaLike A Virgin2014Music/Lyrics
Sister CristinaTrue Colors2014Music/Lyrics
Sister SledgeGotta Get Back To Love1983Music/Lyrics
Solveig SlettahjellTrue Colors2011Music/Lyrics
Steve LukatherIt Looks Like Rain1989Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsIt's Lonely Out There1991Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsMy Side Of The Bed1990Music/Lyrics
Susanna HoffsUnconditional Love1991Music/Lyrics
Teenage FanclubLike A Virgin1991Music/Lyrics
The Barden BellasBellas Regionals2012Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
The Barden Bellas, The Treblemakers and The Bu HarmonicsRiff Off: Ladies Of The 80's, Songs About Sex2012Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
The Flying PicketsEternal Flame1998Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
The Lords Of The New ChurchLike A Virgin1985Music/Lyrics
The PartyDancing In The City1990Music/Lyrics
The PartySugar Is Sweet1990Music/Lyrics
The ShadowsAlone1989Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerKeep Your Hands Off My Baby1984Music/Lyrics
Tina TurnerLook Me In The Heart1989Music/Lyrics
Tom OdellTrue Colours2016Music/Lyrics
Tone NorumIn A Crazy World Like This1988Music/Lyrics
Vanessa Redgrave, The OAP'z and FriensTrue Colours2013Music/Lyrics
VenusDie Flamme in mir1989Music/Lyrics
Whitney HoustonSo Emotional1987Music/Lyrics
Wiener SńngerknabenEternal Flame2002Music/Lyrics
(Thomas Kelly)
Witness [US]Desperate Lover1988Music/Lyrics

In Your Room (Bangles)11/12/1988414
Eternal Flame (Bangles)09/04/1989124
I Drove All Night (Cyndi Lauper)21/05/19891116
My First Night Without You (Cyndi Lauper)24/09/1989471
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)16/12/1990121
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)08/05/1994816
I'm Jealous (Divinyls)12/03/19951419
Jackie (B.Z. feat. Joanne)01/11/1998326
Jackie (Redzone)15/11/1998377
Eternal Flame (Human Nature)24/10/1999815
I Drove All Night (CÚline Dion)16/03/20032210
True Colours (Kasey Chambers)27/04/2003410
True Colors (Glee Cast)20/12/2009471
Alone (Heart)1965.28
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)1375.09
Eternal Flame (Bangles)2525.06
I'm Jealous (Divinyls)65
Jackie (Blue Zone)55
I Drove All Night (Cyndi Lauper)1364.98
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)2224.92
Unconditional Love (Susanna Hoffs)194.84
Fire And Ice (Pat Benatar)314.84
I Want Your World To Turn (Heart)134.77
Sex As A Weapon (Pat Benatar)414.71
I'm On Your Side (Divinyls)64.67
Alone (CÚline Dion)504.66
Heading West (Cyndi Lauper)314.65
You Come To My Senses (Chicago)144.64
In A Crazy World Like This (Robin Beck)164.62
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)854.62
Unconditional Love (Cyndi Lauper)314.61
I Don't Want To Lose You (REO Speedwagon)54.6
Like A Virgin (Global Kryner)74.57
Like A Virgin (Madonna)2984.53
Eternal Flame (Bangles)2525.06
True Colors (Cyndi Lauper)2224.92
Alone (Heart)1965.28
Eternal Flame (Atomic Kitten)1863.33
I'll Stand By You (Pretenders)1375.09
I Drove All Night (Cyndi Lauper)1364.98
I Drove All Night (CÚline Dion)1333.56
True Colors (Phil Collins)1003.66
So Emotional (Whitney Houston)894.38
I Touch Myself (Divinyls)854.62
Like A Virgin (Mad'House)752.01
I Drove All Night (Roy Orbison)594.54
In Your Room (Bangles)534.43
Alone (CÚline Dion)504.66
Eternal Flame (Rollergirl)432.07
Sex As A Weapon (Pat Benatar)414.71
My First Night Without You (Cyndi Lauper)364.28
My Side Of The Bed (Susanna Hoffs)354.31
Alone Again (Alyssa Reid feat. Jump Smokers)343.21

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