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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - ARIA Top 100 Singles Charts

If anyone would like these in a html format I have them right back until Issue 449, still looking for those before this issue, if anyone has them please get in touch with me

I will one day put all the ARIA report information into a modified version of the current pdf in use too
Issue 449 means which date?
hey mate, yes i would love that info if it's easy enough for you to send! let me know your email and i will contact you separately :-)

Nation of Zealots I would love the charts from #449 onwards.
Please email me: nb90@mail.com
or contact me via this site...

Issue 449 is October 11 1998


zip file:

Issue 100, 200 & 300 singles charts is there also :-)
Hi, NationofZealots, I am interested in too. If you could send me some time, that would be grate.
hey mate,
thanks for uploading that, very helpful, but only has from 449 up to 553, and is not complete?
Thank-you NationOfZealots for the SIngles Charts on YouSendIt.

You're a legend!!
hi NationofZealots, can you please send it to me too
Liam the other ARIA reports in full are available from the Pandora archive if you search google. I've tried on many other occasions to request further info from ARIA but they haven't replied. I've tried the National Library in Sydney also because they have hard copies in storage which can be available upon request but i'm not sure how that process works.
Thanks NOZ, I spent a long quiet day photocopying at the state library so I now have all the missing charts! Woohoo!

Liam: Would it possible if you contribute your copies to us?
Hello, NationOfZealots, is it possible for you to photocopy the Kent Music Report charts either? I need them. Please?
Sorry Nelson i don't have any or interest in Kent Music Report, but if you guys are offering to help me scan them then by all means I haven't got one myself so umm yeah but i'm really interested in getting the Top 100 pre issue #449
Nelson, the Kent/Australian Music Reports have been published in book form as "The Australian Chart Books.." "1970-1992" "1940-1969" (yes he DOES go back that far) & his recent update "1993-2005"

David Kent's website including page samples & ordering info is here:


I don't see how anybody who has a genuine interest in music cannot want to know this info as it's essential to me. After all music didn't start when ARIA started their charts.

Other than that, thanks. What a great site & way overdue
Hey guys, um, I was wondering what position "V" (Vanessa Hudgens's album) went to in Australia. I'm pretty sure it debuted within the top 100, I remember seeing it on Chartifacts a couple months ago. Can anyone tell me what position it went to (peaked at)? Thanks in advance.
Hi Stephanie,
As far as I can see, the Vanessa Hudgens album didn't enter the Top 100 at any point. Please feel free to correct me if i am wrong!
Hey Everyone, i would just like to say how bitterly dissapointed i am going to be if either Shannon Noll - Loud or Delta Goodrem - In This Life. Enter the chart @ #1! I think they will though. They will do a Missy Higgins or any idol product and be gone several weeks later. Fast track and in 10 years they won't b the songs remembered.

Let's have a shock number #1? It's more interesting.
Vanessa Amorosi - Kiss Your Mama! new #1? heh I wish

Liam have you got any of those older charts you can send me?
Hi Nation

Just stumbled across this website during my travels and noticed that you have some old ARIA charts that I would be interested in obtaining.

Could you please email me with the details on how you could send these to me.

If you are interested I have physical copies of most of the ARIA Top 50 Charts from 1983. I haven't scaned any of these yet but I could probably do them a few at a time.

Look forward to hearing from you.
I'm going to get a scanner this week so I will upload all the old ARIA Reports I have to pdf format, I am still so very interested in whatever you guys have in terms of #51-#100 singles that is not listed on this site (but should heh!)
Hey NationOfZealots, would it be ok if you can send through issues 449 to 553 as well? I'm very keen to having a look at them.

Thanks heaps!!!
Hey NationOfZealots, would it be ok if you can send through issues 449 to 553 to me as well? I'm very keen to having a look at them.

Thanks heaps!!!
ok here is one i have done:


issue 450
Why the Australian charts haven't a lot of Australian singer
Australia is not The United Stated
Good luck and Vi ses
I am after a song from the late 90s and it was sung in french, I remember it made the charts in aus. All i remember is it was a female, with the main instrument being the accordian in a more of a dance style than anything.
sorry it is not much to go on but if anyone knows please help
Hi Nomad

The only French language hits on the Aussie (ARIA) charts since 1988 are:

* ENIGMA - Sadness Part 1 [1991 - partly sung in French]

* JORDY - Dur Dur D'Etre Bebe (It's Tough To Be Baby!)
[1994 - by a five year old kid]

* IN-GRID - Tu Est Fouto (You Promised Me) [2003 - used also my Michael Hill Jewellers in TV ads].... this is probably the one you're after...
nomade, perhaps you are thinking of Vanessa Paradis's "Joe Le Taxi"? It didn't chart here though.
i think that the ARIA site should let you see the top 100 songs of the week not the 50 songs. dont you think! i like to see how the music i like is doing well up against lots of songs!!!!
if you listen to nova radio on sunday afternoons from 2:30 - 5:30pm ( adelaide only, different times for different states) you will hear a chart show called " the official motorola aria chart show". its great. theres an awesome host called jabba! they countdown the top 40 singles chart from the official aria chart! i hope the aria chart show will return in 2008! but if you do please make it a morning chart show - say, 9-noon! it lets you enjoy your sunday and lets you go out !!!!!
I just spoke to my ARIA contact and he said that the Top 100 for the year will be out in the first week of 2008, as they want to the last sales figures of the year to the complete Top 100, as that week is full of Christmas sales.

Regards, Bulion.
Hey people - thanks for all the info, you've been very helpful! Can anyone direct me to where I can locate charts prior to issue 566?
For anyone who could help. During many years listening to the australian groups, I realised that I never had an opportunity to find out how good they are. trying to find out all of chart positions, I stuck in Kent's charts. I am quite sure that they are really good but I am trying to find charts from 70's and 80's in web. If someone knows where could it be found, it would be very nice. Regards, Vlada
Hi Everyone.

Does anyone know if video clips purchased from the iTunes store count towards The top 100 Aria Charts?

Thanks Nate.
Yes they do... once again, as long as the record company has advised ARIA to count them.
Here's a rough guide to ARIA's rules as to what can be counted towards sales of a single nowadays...

1. The physical CD single
2. Single track downloads of the "lead track" on a single - usually the "Radio Edit" but sometimes the "Album Version"
3. Single track downloads of the "Album Version", where it is not the nominated "lead track"
4. Single track downloads of the "Clean Version", if the song contains explicit language, and the "Clean Version" is not the nominated lead track.
5. Digital bundle downloads, as long as the bundle contains the nominated "lead track".
6. Downloads of the video clip.

Of course all of the above items have associated codes, which must all be supplied to ARIA by the record company to ensure that all versions/eligible bundles are counted towards the one single entry.
Hey Everyone.

It seems over the next 10 weeks So You Think You Can Dance is going to have an impact on the Aria top 100 Singles chart. Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come is at #48 on iTunes. The Veronicas - Untouched moves back up to #4. Chris Brown & T-Pain - Kiss Kiss back up to #11, The Potbelleez - Don't Hold Back back up to #15. Not to mention Junior Senoir - Move Your Feet & Gary Jules - Mad World are still charting.

Hello NationOfZealots. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to search through the ARIA Top 100 Singles Chart and tell me what the peak position was for "Good Times" by the Australian Idol Top 10; when the chart week commenced and what issue of the report the single peaked on?

I understand it is a lot of work, and the only charting dates, it could be is from January 1, 2005 to May 30, 2005. There's like twenty charts, but I'd really appreciate this, for a wikipedia article that I am editing.

Thankyou very much,
Alex Douglas.
Australian Idol: Top 10 - 'Good Times' chart run

31/01/05 *53 Issue #779
07/02/05 *59
14/02/05 *62
21/02/05 *71
28/02/05 *82
07/03/05 *104
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hey can anyone tell me the whole chart run of "Umbrella" by Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z on the aria top 100 and also the whole chart run of "Kiss, Kiss" by Chris Brown Feat. T-Pain on the same chart... if someone could like hook me up with those two whole chart runs from start to finish then that would be awesome man
I am currently working on an ARIA Chart book containing both singles and album information, which I hope to have ready by mid-2009.
At the moment I am preparing the chart information, and I am up to the end of 2007, but what I wanted to ask you all, what kind of chart information would you like to see in a chart book.
I am going to put the following information in regardless

Entry Date
Song Titles (with an extra information about the track listed below)
Highest Position (with how many weeks at peak in brackets)
Weeks In Top 100
Weeks in Top 10
Weeks in Top 50
Entry Position
Exit Date
Record Company and Catalogue Number

I am also planning on having chart information pertaining to the last two years, showing how high the song went on the digital and physical charts as a separate listing under the song title. Plus any sample or soundtrack information relevant to the song, and extra contributing artists to those songs.
Songs that charted on the download chart will get listed also.

So I guess that's a lot of information already, but is there anything people can think of that you would like to see, or should be taken out.

Let me know what you think.
Peak position is what I am most interest in and the accreditation of the song.
yeah Josh, I wanted to put the accreditation information next to everything that has been accredited, so I guess I'll have to go through all of the reports for that info too.
Bulion, aswell as having accreidations if possible do how many singles/albums it has actually sold, because i thyought you got certified when sales reached a certain amount but only when distributed.
Yes that's true about certifications being about reaching a certain amount, but as for overall total of sales, that info is not in the ARIA reports. But I could try and ask ARIA if they could provide that info.
11/10/2008 21:39
Does anyone know the exact positions of the garbage songs that made top 100 but not top 50 or the top 20 hitseekers chart. Im sure "ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS" was released here but dnt no what position, and many other tracks i no were released but i cant find officiall positions
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Garbage Top 100 only singles:

02 - 05-Nov-95*HP-55*WI-12 - Queer
04 - 16-Jun-96*HP-80*WI-09a- Only Happy When it Rains
07 - 02-Aug-98*HP-57*WI-05 - I Think I'm Paranoid
08 - 15-Nov-98*HP-54*WI-06a- Special
13 - 09-Sep-02*HP-74*WI-03 - Shut Your Mouth

First column is single number in order or charting
(a) is for accumulated weeks in charts
15/10/2008 19:53

I hate to be a bother, but can anyone, if they know, list Morrissey's albums and singles' chart positions on the ARIA Charts? He seems to be more of a top 100 fixture than a top 50 one, because his only three of his albums have charted in the ARIA top 50, and those were his early 1990s material. Thanks if you can, it would be much appreciated. I'm planning to fill in Wikipedia with the information.


Morrissey post 1988:

08-Sep-91*HP-71*WI-03 - Pregnant for the Last Time
21-Jun-92*HP-55*WI-06 - We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful
23-Aug-92*HP-85*WI-04 - You're the One for Me, Fatty
10-Apr-94*HP-85*WI-04 - The More You Ignore Me, the Closer I Get
03-Aug-97*HP-97*WI-01 - Alma Matters

04-Nov-90*HP-57*WI-05 - Bona Drag
24-Mar-91*HP-45*WI-08 - Kill Uncle
09-Aug-82*HP-12*WI-09 - Your Arsenal
17-Apr-94*HP-21*WI-07 - Vauxhaul and I
11-Sep-95*HP-86*WI-03 - Southpaw Grammar
25-Aug-97*HP-65*WI-02 - Maladjusted
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hey bulion i have some suggestions for new threads:

"top 10 favourite bands"
"top 10 favourite solo artists"
"top 10 favourite non-singles"
ello, does anyone know the chart positions (#51-100) for every Korn single released in Australia? Much appreciated.
(02) 10-Aug-97*HP-81*WI-03 - Good God
(05) 14-Feb-00*HP-62*WI-08 - Falling Away from Me
(06) 24-Apr-00*HP-98*WI-03 - Make Me Bad
(11) 27-Mar-06*HP-54*WI-09 - Coming Undone
Korn below Top 50 singles

(02) 10-Aug-97*HP-81*WI-03 - Good God
(05) 14-Feb-00*HP-62*WI-08 - Falling Away from Me
(06) 24-Apr-00*HP-98*WI-03 - Make Me Bad
(11) 27-Mar-06*HP-54*WI-09 - Coming Undone

*numbers in brackets are for order of charting.
Thanks a ton. Sorry to be a pain but I am also looking for a few similar bands such as System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, and Deftones, if applicable. Just trying to fill the gaps on their Wikipedia discographies. I only have a peak of #50 for Deftones' "Minerva" and #46 for Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed".
Meant to say Slipknot as well.
Billbeast asked:

I'm really into Armand Van Helden right now, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what album and single chart positions he had before 2001

Old School Junkies: The Album
Da Club Phenomena
Live From Ya Muthas House
Enter The Meatmarket
Greatest Hits
2 Future 4 U
Nervous Tracks
Killing Puritans

The Funk Phenomena
The Boogie Monster
Full Moon

i'd look myself but i don't have any sources as pandora only have 2001=Present. Any help would be appreciated.
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22-Mar-99*HP-15*WI-22 - You Don't Know Me
29-May-00*HP-71*IW-03 - Koochy
11-Feb-02*HP-45*WI-03 - You Can't Change Me (Roger Sanchez ft)

No albums though.

You can also do a search at the top of the page for any of his stuff, and see where it charted overseas too.
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Bulion, could I have THE KILLERS positions please
"Tranquilize" (featuring Lou Reed) got to #84, while their live version of "Romeo & Juliet" reached #98.
Thanks chri8toper
JD asked awhile ago about this... "hey can anyone tell me the whole chart run of "Umbrella" by Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z on the aria top 100 and also the whole chart run of "Kiss, Kiss" by Chris Brown Feat. T-Pain on the same chart... if someone could like hook me up with those two whole chart runs from start to finish then that would be awesome man".

Well I have finished doing all of the ARIA Top 100's from 1990 through to the end of 2008, so I can now start giving answers.

"Umbrella" Chart run: Entry Date 04-Jun-2007

"Kiss Kiss" by Chris Brown: Entry Date 12-Nov-2008

Hi all,

I am very interested in music, particularly statistics and I was wondering if it would be any trouble to get Top 50 or 100 charts back as far as they go?

To me, it sounds like a lot of work so if it can't be done, it's no problem.

Thanking you very much,

Josh Burton
Holy crap I only just noticed you posted Morrissey's chart details. Thank you so much bulion!
Hey its me again... umm bulion thanx HEAPS for the info im grateful mate... but uh yeah umbrella in the charts for over 65wks!!! cool ...if its not any bother can you fix me up with the whole chart runs of Bleeding Love -Leona Lewis. Say It Right -Nelly Furtado. With You -Chris Brown. Apologize - Timbaland Presents: OneRepublic. The Way I Are -Timbaland Feat. Keri Hilson & D.O.E.

Thank you lots for tjhe information dude... you're a legend!!!
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis: 24-Dec-07*HP-01*WI-45

Apologize - Timbaland feat OneRepublic: 05-Nov-07*HP-01*WI-42

I am about to go through all of the ARIA Top 100 chart info from 1990 to the end of 2008, but I need help on some of the formulas I need on Excel. If anybody can help me with it (there's a reward in it for ya'), please contact me offline via my email address.

Gavin Ryan.
Not to be impatient or anything lol but would anybody be able to help me out at all?

Sorry if I seem naggy (if that's a word)

Thankyou once again.
when will the proper top 100 be up. And what date is the triple j top 1000 anounced i reckon kings of leon will be number 1. and mgmt closly second. also walking on a dream will be up there and presets

also what is the chances of poker face being number the number one single of the year. Also it has been number one for 5 weeks and i can still see it being number one for a while.
Someone will post the end of year (2008) TOP 100 when it's released on the 2nd of January. I'm assuming Bulion will do this .
Interesting about 'Poker Face', it could be a surprise TOP 5 but i think it'll definately be TOP 10 at least.

Burtania, I can give you that info, I just need an email address from you, or you can contact me via mine,


lf l had to guess what the top 5 would be....

I kissed a girl - Katy Perry
Just Dance - Lady Gaga feat Akon and Colby o 'Donis
Low - Flo Rida
So What - Pink
Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis

these are the only handful (5 l think) that have gone 2x Platinum this year

with Flo rida or Leona taking it l think

the rest of the top 10 l assume will have

4 minutes - Madonna and Justin
Sex on fire - Kings of Leon
Sweet about me - Gabriella Cimli
My People - The presets
With you/Forever/No air (a Chris Brown song will get there)

with top 20 entries from the other top Chris Brown songs, Rihanna don't stop the music and Kid Rock, Sam Sparro, MGMT, Newton Falkner and Sara Barielles
Does someone know which songs have had the longest run in the Top 100?
One long run I know is Dancing in the Dark (64 weeks). Others may be Shimmer (Fuel), Umbrella and UFO ... also My People seems to be around for some time now. Thanks.
I don't know for sure, Dave, but I thought UFO had the longest run with Prisoner of Society/Second Solution in 2nd place. Although that may have changed.
Actually, I just had a look at some charts and Straight Lines looks like it may have it at 70-ish weeks. Wait until bulion sees this, then we'll know!
i was actually going to do a countdown on this during February, if you can wait that long. Probably three weeks time.
Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back had the longest chart running single in the Top 100 I think with 79 weeks.
i am sure the longest harting is Sneaky Sound System - I Love It which took from Living End - prisoner of society.
I Love It spent 73 weeks in the Top 100.
I thought it was SOME Sneaky Sound System song. But I think the most important thing is that all of those in the running for longest running song are critically and commercially acclaimed (Straight Lines, SexyBack, I Love It, Umbrella, Prisoner of Society, etc.). Expecting TLE, all of these are a result of digital downloads, which for this reason alone, makes this charting era very musically stimulating.
I'm finding this charting era over exagerated and boring....
Songs staying around for wayyyyyy tooooooo looonnngggggg!
Ah, I would rather quality being rewarded with longevity than shithouse songs making the charts because 'singles have been deleted' or something stupid like that. If it's selling, it's selling.
I agree the songs are staying on the chart for too long lately. It's like the aussie charts are turning into the 'Billboard' style of chart run. Wheres the diversity and the 'fair go' for the little song battlers?
Well, I completely disagree with the comparison to the Billboard charts. For a start, they have rules regarding how long a song can stay on the charts, and they have only ever had 10 or so songs stay in longer than 52 weeks (from memory, correct me if I'm wrong). And 'little song battlers' are still around in the lower echelons of the Top 100 here, take Pez, Tame Impala and Lisa Mitchell as the latest examples. Or even MGMT's Time To Pretend.
I agree with Dave on this one.
I think the charts were most interesting around the start of the decade.

The way the charts operate at present is not very interesting imo, but the current format is the best reflection so far of popularity.

I think so because of:
- No artificial ceilings due to deletion of production of physical singles
- Digital track prices better reflecting a song’s value relative to an album

But while it’s fairer, the charts are less interesting because:

Big jumps / falls used to happen from time to time, but now…
- Big falls are rare, because of the hype-moderating effect of staggered digital availability and physical releases
- Big jumps are commonplace, as digital tracks increase in fame from a standing start as opposed to a publicised debut, and of course when a song is physically released
- As a result of the above, the debut position is almost irrelevant
- Singles stay on the charts for long periods of time

I won’t even get into the 2006 format (including, at various times, the ineligibility of digital tracks without a physical release, digital sales excluded prior to the physical release, and the dispute with Brazin) – I hated that format.

But I also wasn’t a fan of the charts circa 2004-05. In 2000, 35% of top 50 singles debuted at their eventual peak position. But in 2004, 64% did, and in 2005, 73% did. It was too easy to predict a ballpark end-of-year position based on two-week sales (ie debut position, and size and direction of second-week movement).

I don’t know much about how the charts worked in the 90s since I wasn’t buying singles or paying attention to charts back then, but from what I’ve read, high debuts and long chart runs were both rare. I can understand the latter, but I wonder why high debuts were rare… was it due to less promotion? Perhaps greater knowledge of future release dates, caused by the widespread adoption of the internet, played its part. I’ve seen old Rage playlists and they generally used to play all future releases at some crazy early hours of the morning during the 90s, as opposed to their 2000-06 format of sandwiching the top 50 between longer-term / lower-publicity future releases (~5am) and near-future / higher-publicity future releases (~10am). Maybe that had a small effect as well.

That’s why I think 2000-02 was the most interesting chart era – a combination of high debuts and slow risers, and less longevity.
PS When I said "greater knowledge of future release dates" (second-last paragraph, fifth line), I meant in this decade of course.
I am not going to argue that epic post! For a start, it's all true.

What we enjoy about the charts is entirely different, though. I like to see songs reflect their popularity and their quality. While I never fully understand the public's motives (Shake It is a prime example for me), it still reflects popularity. While year-long chart runs were rare in the past, they still occurred (Prisoner of Society), and I am sure if deletions didn't occur back in the old days, then chart runs would have been a lot longer

Longevity for me is a key in judging a song's popularity, as I enjoy songs for years at a time. So, that's just my reading of the charts. We should just agree to disagree.
Oh hey I'm not ranting at you... in fact, I'm not even disagreeing with you - after all, I did say that "the current format is the best reflection so far of popularity", and that physical single deletion was a downside in previous eras.

I think the only thing we disagree on is our motives for watching the charts. I'd say that you care more about the charts accurately reflecting popular opinion, while I care more about the aesthetics of chart runs.

Besides, two-thirds of the missive was me whingeing about other eras...
Oh, I never thought you were having a go or anything, lol ... after all, most of what is written on the net is misunderstood by someone!
We are just having a good conversation regarding our thoughts on the charts! It's nice to have intelligent, informed discussion about charts and the whole idea of it. And you are right with our differing motives, and I think that's why we respectfully disagree.
And do you think Rage does have an impact on the charts that much? I wish JTV did when it was running, unfortunately it was just a shithouse show with awesome songs sandwiched in!
Craig II, I think a big factor in the large number of high debuts from 2000 onwards is that many songs were played on radio for weeks before the CD single was released. This built up anticipation, hence the high debuts. In the 90s in Australia, singles were often released at the same time, or before airplay kicked in.

I don't follow the current charts, but whenever I take a glance, I too find the longevity boring. The UK charts have also greatly slowed down since downloads were included, although their chart was much faster than ours before downloads.
That’s interesting, Nugs. Having only begun listening to music at the incredibly late age of 10, I hadn’t been exposed to the format that radio stations adopted in the 90s. I couldn’t imagine little or no airplay before a single release! I had no idea radio stations were so conservative back then. I had always assumed that their format was the same as this decade. That’s why I was wondering whether the low debuts were due to things like music video shows and the internet.

Still, I guess Rage also had a similar, but obviously very much smaller effect on debut positions when the show began playing future releases at a decent hour in 2000.

Clinton, I wouldn’t say Rage has ever had a major effect on the charts in general, only a minor one really. As for intelligent and informed discussion, I agree – this whole forum is great in that regard.

Last edited:
Very interesting and informative discussion above.
My original comments on the Billboard style of chart run were more in the context of the variety of songs you would hear on the weekly Top 40 radio/net show. I hope ARIA is not trending towards longer chart run songs which would be at the expense of lower turnover/diversity. While I also agree it is good to see a good song do well with a long chart run, too many of these chart runs can make the Top 40 shows more predictable week on week.
I have done a quick survey on the number of songs within the Top 50 that have spent over 20 weeks in the charts. Each year's data is from the weekly chart for the first week of October unless mentioned otherwise:
1990 (0); 1993 (0); 1996 (3); 1998 (2); 2000 (1); 2002 (0); 2004 (2); 2006 (0); 2007 (5); 2008 Apr (8); 2008 Oct (7)
Definitely a trend of longevity setting in here. It would be interesting to know how many Top 50 songs there were in 2008 compared to prior years. This would clarify turnover better.
Perhaps related to this, why do the UK charts have a high turnover compared to the US? Is this marketing related as the reasons above (internet sales, TV shows) cannot alone explain these differences.
(EDIT: I updated the tables and re-posted them on 19 Jan)
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These are the 10 longest-running* singles of 2007, 2002 and 1997 (*as of the final charting week of each year only).

Interestingly, while the same number of singles made the top 50 in 2007 and 1997 (261 and 262 resp), the longevity of the marathon runners in 2007 was much more than in 1997. For the total number of top 50 hits to be the same, either the middle majority had a shorter run on average in 2007 (unlikely) or 2007 featured more minor hits that lasted only a few weeks.

Still, 347 singles made the top 50 in 2002, so their runs were much shorter on average.

2007 --------------

42 weeks: BLACK FINGERNAILS, RED WINE - Eskimo Joe
39 weeks: FLAUNT IT - TV Rock featuring Seany B
38 weeks: SEXYBACK - Justin Timberlake
38 weeks: STRAIGHT LINES - Silverchair
36 weeks: PUT YOUR HANDS UP FOR DETROIT - Fedde Le Grand
35 weeks: UFO - Sneaky Sound System
34 weeks: I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER - Sandi Thom
34 weeks: OVER MY HEAD (CABLE CAR) - The Fray
34 weeks: PICTURES - Sneaky Sound System

2002 ---------------

29 weeks: BETTER MAN - Robbie Williams
24 weeks: HOW YOU REMIND ME - Nickelback
23 weeks: TRIBUTE - Tenacious D
23 weeks: OUT OF REACH - Gabrielle
23 weeks: A THOUSAND MILES - Vanessa Carlton
22 weeks: WHEN YOU LOOK AT ME - Christina Milian
22 weeks: LIVIN' IT UP - Ja Rule
22 weeks: LET ME BLOW YA MIND - Eve featuring Gwen Stefani
21 weeks: NOT PRETTY ENOUGH - Kasey Chambers
21 weeks: JUST A LITTLE - Liberty X

1997 ---------------

36 weeks: BREATHE - The Prodigy
32 weeks: TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY - Savage Garden
32 weeks: TO THE MOON AND BACK - Savage Garden
31 weeks: WANNABE - Spice Girls
29 weeks: SEXY EYES - Whigfield
28 weeks: UN-BREAK MY HEART - Toni Braxton
28 weeks: I LIVE FOR YOU - Chynna Phillips
27 weeks: HOW DO U WANT IT - 2 Pac
26 weeks: PONY - Ginuwine

(For the record, 1997 was the first year of ARIA's 52-week chart system, as opposed to the two-week Xmas break they took previously.)

Source: http://charts.slood.net/
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Thanks for that Craig II. Very interesting table actually ... Surprised to see that those stats are very cyclical over a longer term. A peak in 1992, not sure why, then steady decline. Would have expected the rise since 1998 as the internet & information age contributes to the diversity of popular songs (and some limited release songs too as mentioned above). But wow, look at the drop since 2006?? When chart turnover increased since around 2000 I figured this was around for good, so still at a loss for why turnover (at least in the Top 50) has declined so much since 2006.
Hi. Just read this discussion. Very interesting.
Craig II. I noticed you mentioned this earlier today.
(Having only begun listening to music at the incredibly late age of 10, I hadn’t been exposed to the format that radio stations adopted in the 90s.)
You think thats late, I only began to start listening to music at 15 years old. That right 15. NOW THATS LATE!!.
I Agree that the charts are having longer chart runs which is really BORING!!.

Love the stats. Will comment later due to cricket/beer occuring!
I added some more stats - one in four singles in 2007 spent 20 weeks or more on the chart.


I think the deletion of singles from production had the biggest effect on turnover in 2000-06. Apart from the obvious matters of trying to boost album sales or promoting the following single, no-one will produce a single for which there is very little demand. I suppose that in 2000-06, the final weeks of a single’s chart run reflected people snapping up the last remaining copies. After all, in quieter months, singles only need to sell a few hundred copies nationwide in a week to reach the lower end of the top 50, and no company would bother continuing with that sort of demand. With digital tracks, this artificial truncation isn’t there.

Another possible factor: the sales formerly contributing to a big debut are now spread out over a few weeks. Radio airplay in advance of single releases caused them to debut high in 2000-06. OTOH, most singles these days take a few weeks to reach their peak, front-loading their chart runs with a couple of weeks of low sales.


15, wow! Are you talking about modern music, or all music? Is there an interesting story behind it?

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I'am refering to Modern music. Yes there is an interesting story behind it. It started when I first started to pay attention to Rage in late 2005. At 6:20am every Sunday morning I would look at what #1 would be. Not because I liked music but because of what the #1 song is. I couldn't care less about the others. Then in early 2006 there was a #1 that I actually liked, and then I started watching the whole chart they showed on Saturdays and it evolved from there.
Hoped you liked my story Craig II.

I think the reason for the significant fall in australian singles reaching the ARIA top 50 since 2004 is simply that in the middle of the decade Australain musicians had a lot more to offer than they do today versus the type of music that has grown consistently popular each year from the United States.

When you think about it and consider all circumstances, every year Australians are becoming more and more interested in the pop, hip hop, rap etc. American music that charts well in Billboard Lists over there.

But I'm told since the early 2000s New Zealand has had more American music like the hip hop rap sort of thing chart in the top 40 and it looks like just a few years onwards Australia is beginning to follow suit.

The American music industry is just crazy these days and soon it will become a challenge for even mainstream rock to compete with the hip hop rap culture that is growing in increasing numbers by the minute.
If our charts become like that our music industry is screwed.
Why can't we all love simple pop.
Updated tables...


Column 1: year
Column 2: new singles
Column 3: singles released in the previous year
Column 4: total singles to reach the top 50
Column 5: number of singles to spend 20wks or more in top 50*
Column 6: %age of singles to spend 20wks or more in top 50*

(*stats as of last charting week of year, incl singles released prev year)

1990 239 - 51 - 290
1991 282 - 56 - 338
1992 288 - 58 - 346
1993 256 - 59 - 315
1994 245 - 58 - 303
1995 237 - 52 - 289
1996 239 - 48 - 287 24 (8%)
1997 214 - 48 - 262 40 (15%)
1998 207 - 52 - 259 38 (15%)
1999 213 - 54 - 267 44 (16%)
2000 246 - 53 - 299 23 (8%)
2001 269 - 51 - 320 28 (9%)
2002 297 - 50 - 347 13 (4%)
2003 295 - 53 - 348 16 (5%)
2004 308 - 52 - 360 21 (6%)
2005 301 - 54 - 355 16 (5%)
2006 268 - 56 - 324 31 (10%)
2007 205 - 56 - 261 64 (25%)


YEAR Top Top Top No
………. 10 -- 5 -- 3 -- 1

1989 6 --- 3 -- 1 -- 0
1990 6 --- 2 -- 0 -- 0
1991 9 --- 6 -- 4 -- 1
1992 7 --- 2 -- 0 -- 0
1993 8 --- 3 -- 2 -- 1
1994 13 -- 7 -- 2 -- 0
1995 16 - 10 -- 6 -- 1
1996 16 -- 8 -- 6 -- 3
1997 21 -- 8 -- 6 -- 2
1998 9 --- 3 --- 1 -- 0
1999 19 - 13 -- 8 -- 0
2000 28 - 16 - 12 - 8
2001 36 - 19 - 12 - 3
2002 53 - 32 - 21 - 9
2003 50 - 33 - 22 - 9
2004 64 - 45 - 28 - 16
2005 70 - 40 - 28 - 17
2006 56 - 26 - 18 - 6
2007 47 - 26 - 17 - 8


Column 1: year
Column 2: number of Aust/NZ singles to reach the weekly top 50*
Column 3: %age of singles to reach the weekly top 50 being Aust/NZ*
Column 4: number of Aust/NZ singles to reach the end-of-year top 10
Column 5: number of Aust/NZ singles to reach the end-of-year top 50
Column 6: number of Aust/NZ singles to reach the end-of-year top 100

(* stats as of last charting week of year, incl singles released prev year)

1989 - 79 (XX%) 1 - 11 - 26
1990 - 71 (24%) 0 - 11 - 26
1991 - 72 (21%) 3 - 9 -- 22
1992 - 79 (23%) 1 - 15 - 25
1993 - 58 (18%) 0 - 3 -- 16
1994 - 56 (18%) 1 - 3 -- 10
1995 - 54 (19%) 2 - 8 -- 14
1996 - 36 (13%) 1 - 4 -- 11
1997 - 51 (19%) 1 - 6 -- 14
1998 - 43 (17%) 1 - 4 -- 15
1999 - 42 (16%) 1 - 7 -- 16
2000 - 64 (21%) 2 - 8 -- 19
2001 - 62 (19%) 1 - 3 --- 7
2002 - 85 (24%) 2 - 6 -- 18
2003 - 66 (19%) 3 - 8 -- 15
2004 100 (28%) 3 - 12 - 26
2005 - 99 (28%) 1 - 10 - 24
2006 - 88 (27%) 4 - 15 - 24
2007 - 69 (26%) 1 - 8 -- 25
2008 - XX (XX%) 1 - 9 -- 21

Source: http://charts.slood.net/

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Hi digger

While fewer Australian/NZ singles are reaching the weekly top 50 these days, it’s actually a reflection of fewer singles *overall* reaching the top 50 over the last few years. The list I posted was a bit misleading in that regard, so I’ve updated it by adding the Australian/NZ content percentages.

In reality, Australian/NZ content in the weekly top 50 singles has declined, but only slightly, from 28% to 26% from 2004 to 2007. It’s not the dramatic dropoff that the raw numbers indicate. I think this is natural variation more than any sort of trend.


I’ve also added to that table a list of Australian singles to make the Aria end-of-year 100 each year this decade. This, however, does support your point – since 2004-06, the performance of Australian singles has declined significantly. They’re as likely as before to make the charts, but less likely than overseas singles to do some serious damage.

Still, I wouldn’t say that the Australian charts are becoming increasingly urban – in fact, I think the urban content peaked in the mid-2000s and is currently in decline. I haven’t got any stats yet because of discrepancies in Aria’s end-of-year tables – the “top 100 singles” lists all singles, while “top urban singles” lists presumably physical singles only (given that the order of urban singles is different between charts). I’ll try to work it out myself when I get a chance.

Anyway, here’s the rock content:


YEAR Top Top Top
………. 20 - 50 - 100

2000 2 --- 4 --- 15
2001 4 -- 12 --- 18
2002 3 --- 8 --- 19
2003 2 --- 5 --- 10
2004 6 --- 8 --- 21
2005 1 --- 7 --- 13
2006 3 --- 9 --- 22
2007 7 -- 14 --- 26
2008 4 --- 8 --- 22

I created the rock list, since Aria doesn’t have a specific rock category. Of course, everyone defines rock differently, and some artists span many genres.

Apart from the 2004 top 20 aberration, rock has been gradually improving across the board since 2003.

Also, I agree that the Billboard Hot 100 is dominated by urban music, but I disagree that the American music industry overall is dominated by it.

(in thousands)

GENRE ----------------2008 ------ 2007 ------- % Chg

Alternative ---------- 80,919 ---- 88,604 ----- (8.7%)
Christian/Gospel --- 29,793 ---- 34,017 ---- (12.4%)
Classical ------------ 13,323 ---- 18,044 ---- (26.0%)
Country ------------- 47,657 ---- 62,696 ---- (24.0%)
Jazz ----------------- 11,791 ---- 14,047 ---- (16.1%)
Latin ----------------- 25,125 ---- 31,853 ---- (21.1%)
Metal ---------------- 50,476 ---- 52,951 ------ (4.7%)
New Age ------------- 2,943 ----- 3,210 ------- (8.3%)
R&B ----------------- 77,014 ---- 95,555 ----- (19.4%)
Rap ------------------ 33,410 ---- 41,662 ----- (19.8%)
Rock ---------------- 139,666 -- 149,414 ------ (6.5%)
Soundtrack --------- 20,847 ---- 24,570 ----- (15.2%)

(Note: Titles may appear in more than one genre.)
Source: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/081231/20081231005304.html

Even if rock is composed entirely of alternative, metal and a few multi-genre albums (likely since the rock category did not exist before 2006), it is comfortably ahead of the combined total of R&B and Rap (regardless of the size of their overlap), and the gap has increased over the last two years.

I know that album sales don’t tell the whole story, but rock is the best-selling album genre. Not sure about median sales per album though. I’m also not sure that the urban music culture is growing anymore – it’s hard to say, given the amount of piracy taking place. Even on the Hot 100, rock songs seem to be performing better than they used to – a few years ago, a rock song in the top 5 the Hot 100 was almost unheard of. But numerous songs have made it over the last three years. Pop also seems to be improving.

Also, I had a look at RIANZ’s charts, and it’s pretty crazy – it’s possible that their singles charts are even more urban-dominated than those of the US!



Offbeat story, definitely not what I was expecting…


Damn, I'm posting way too much. I'm not trying to monopolise the discussion or anything
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Does anyone know the true ARIA Top 100 Highest possie for:

911 IS A JOKE - Public Enemy
JEREMY - Pearl Jam
POISON - Bell Biv DeVoe
GOOD LIFE - Inner City
RHYTHM NATION - Janet Jackson (the single not the album)
SUMMER - Dragon
ONE MOMENT IN TIME - Whitney Houston
STREET OF LOVE - Jenny Morris
FAME 90 - David Bowie feat Queen Latifah

I have the yellow book for Aust Music Report but really want true ARIA Top 100 positions 1989-1992.

Craig II's table above shows that since 2000 there have been at least a dozen songs debut in the Top 3 (of the Top 50) each year.
However some may not realise that over 20 years ago it was very rare for a song to quickly move into the upper reaches of the chart.
I've compiled the full list of songs 1977-1988 that made the Top 3 in either their 1st or 2nd week in the Top 50 chart. I counted only 23 songs over 12 years:
* EYE OF THE TIGER Survivor (Sep'82) debut 31, then 3
* BEAT IT Michael Jackson (May'83) debut 20, then 3
* 99 LUFTBALLONS Nena (Apr'84) debut 17, then 1
* EAT IT Weird Al Yankovic (Apr'84) debut 9, then 2
* CARELESS WHISPER George Michael (Sep'84) debut 26, then 2
* I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU Stevie Wonder (Oct'84) debut 7, then 2
* LAST CHRISTMAS Wham! (Dec'84) debut 26, then 3
* DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS? Band Aid (Dec'84) debut 2 (3 week chart)
* I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS Foreigner (Jan'85) debut 28, then 3
* WE ARE THE WORLD USA For Africa (Apr'85) debut 5, then 1
* WHAT YOU NEED INXS (Sep'85) debut 5, then 2
* DANCING IN THE STREET David Bowie & Mick Jagger (Sep'85) debut 3, then 2
* SPECIES DECEASES (EP) Midnight Oil (Dec'85) debut 1, then 2
* LIVING DOLL Cliff Richard & The Young Ones (May'86) debut 5, then 3
* THE EDGE OF HEAVEN Wham! (Jul'86) debut 10, then 2
* FUNKY TOWN Pseudo Echo (Dec'86) debut 17, then 3
* GOOD TIMES INXS & Jimmy Barnes (Dec'86) debut 3, then 3
* I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY Whitney Houston (May'87) debut 13, then 2
* I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY Kylie Minogue (Feb'88) debut 10, then 3
* GOT TO BE CERTAIN Kylie Minogue (Jul'88) debut 1, then 1
* AGE OF REASON John Farnham (Jul'88) debut 3, then 1
* DESIRE U2 (Oct'88) debut 4, then 1
* DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY (Oct'88) debut 10, then 3
** no quick songs from 1977 to mid 1982, with the best over this period being:
MOSCOW Genghis Khan (Aug'80) debut 39, then 4
ANTMUSIC Adam & The Ants (Mar'81) debut 27, then 4
27-May-90*HP-64*WI-10-911 IS A JOKE - Public Enemy
30-Aug-92*HP-68*WI-08-JEREMY - Pearl Jam
19-Aug-90*HP-64*WI-05-POISON - Bell Biv DeVoe
03-Jun-90*HP-96*WI-03-EXPRESS YOURSELF - N.W.A.
27-Nov-89*HP-67*WI-15-WITH EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART - Taylor Dayne
GOOD LIFE - Inner City
04-Dec-89*HP-56*WI-09-RHYTHM NATION - Janet Jackson
SUMMER - Dragon
ONE MOMENT IN TIME - Whitney Houston
18-Dec-89*HP-51*WI-13-STREET OF LOVE - Jenny Morris
03-Jun-90*HP-85*WI-04-FAME 90 - David Bowie feat Queen Latifah

Anything that has nothing beside it charted below Top 50 in 88 & 89. As I don't have Top 100 info for the time period, I can't supply that.
The ARIA Top 100 Singles Charts from January 2003 until December 2008 are now available to those who would like it sent to them via email. This is for a limited time only, so send your request to me at bulion@optusnet.com.au and I will send them to you.


Also, if there are any Top 100 singles questions needing answered, please put them here, as I have now completed a giant spreadsheet from Jan 1990 through until Dec 2008 with all of the songs that charted during that period.

Regards, Bulion.
@ Bulion, here are some artists outside top 50 chart performence i'd like to know (if any songs peaked outside top 50).

Same with "Aqua"

It would be awesome if someone could post chart peaks for Leonardo's Bride.
Aqua outside Top 50:

5-18-Oct-98*HP-56*WI-11a- My Oh My
8-21-Aug-00*HP-65*WI-06 - Bumble Bees


Leonardo's Bride:

1-27-Apr-97*HP-97*WI-01 - Even When I'm Sleeping
1-15-Jun-97*HP-04*WI.100-19*WI.50-17*WI.10-06 - Even When I'm Sleeping (R)
2-07-Sep-97*HP-40*WI.100-18a*WI.50-05 - Buddha Baby (So Black and White to You)
@ Bulion Hi I am curious to know if Here It Goes Again (OK Go) ever was in the Top 100.

30-Oct-06*HP-63*WI.100-03 - Here it Goes Again - OK Go
08-Jan-07*HP-90*WI.100-4a - Here it Goes Again (R) - OK Go

(a) = accumulated weeks in Top 100.
Awww sweet thanks Bulion

So i take it Leonardo's Bride's second album Open Sesme never charted inside the top 100? Or the single "Sonic"?
Does anybody know the origins (country, state) of the below artists, as the upcoming ARIA book has the groups place of origin beside them, but the below acts I can't seem to find anything about.
Any help would be appreciated.

DEVILS IN HEAVEN-Say a Prayer(1992)
EAST END-It's Raining Men '97(1997)
GRANDMASTER CHICKEN & DJ DUCK-Check Out the Chicken(1990)
Latin LOU & The MAMBO ALL STARS-Mambo No.5(1999)

I've got Devils In Heaven from the "Who's Who Of Australian Rock" book as follows...
Launceston, Tas - moved to Sydney in 1991.

This one took a bit, but I have Grandmaster Chicken on compilation and listed as a Festival Records release. Which would make it Australian at least.

I found that East End were part of the Eurobeat movement - the song was produced by The Factory Team. Mauro Farina is part of that group and he is from Italy.

Latin Lou is anyones guess.

Hope that helps.
Thanks for that Chri8, I was working at Pro DJ when Latin Lou came out, but that was 10 years ago, and I don't remember where they came from. I know they were European, but that's all. Maybe someone else might know.
Could I have the chart run of All I Have To Do Is Dream - Cliff and Phil Everly - 1995

Oh Dave,

noticed your post on songs hitting the Top 3 quickly

In regards to Living Doll (86 version) do you have the full chart run for that one by chance?

Living Doll - Cliff Richard & The Young Ones
chart run:
bulion, Grandmaster Chicken & DJ Duck definitely weren't Australian. From memory, the act was either Belgian or Dutch.
Thanks Nugs, I've since discovered that the guy who put the song (?) together was a Dutch producer.
Looking for pre-1989 top 100's for the year - can anyone help???
lichenostomus, you obviously have not seen all the work I did in the past two weeks for the Top 100's from 1980 to 1988!!!

In the Pre-1989 file, there are nine threads, each named after the year, and each has the Top 100 singles and albums listed in them. So check 'em out.
@ Bulion
I'm very interested in knowing about very long chart runs pre-1989.
Do you have the chart runs for the following songs?

Vangelis - Chariots of Fire
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark
Bob Seger - Old Time Rock'n'Roll?

Thanks heaps in advance!!!

Vangelis - Chariots of Fire - 64 weeks (HP-21)

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing in the Dark - 64 weeks (HP-5x2)

Bob Seger - Old Time Rock'n'Roll - 16 weeks in 1984 (HP-53x2), then 39 weeks in 1987 (HP-3x3) total is 55 weeks
Thanks bulion for the info, but I am actually after the chart runs for these three songs!
Chariots of Fire - Vangelis
100*87*84*79*71*46*37*34*40*37*46*44*34*40*33*38*38*36* 34*32*34*37*42*46*50*54*53*58*54*68*46*38*29*22*24*22*
@ Bulion,
I was wondering if "I Wanna Be Bad" by "Willa Ford" charted at all. Thnx

27-Aug-01*HP-52*WI-09 - I Wanna Be Bad - Willa Ford

Chart Run: 64*77*61*52*58*63*84*92*99*--
I have finished assign the countries to the rest of the acts in the ARIA Top 100 Singles chart book, but below are a list of acts I can't find anything for. If you can help me out, please do...

Hey Bulion,
I was wondering if any other songs of "Willa Ford" charted, or the album.
"Did Ya Understand That" and "A Toast To Me (Fuck The Men) were both physically released. The album "Willa Was Here" was also released. Did any of her other release chart on any chart including Hitseekers?
billbeast, Only the single charted in Australia, and the only physically released album was "Willa Was Here" in 2001. I don't have hitseekers info, so I can't tell you.

I Wanna Be Bad is aswome i have the single of it. its a shame it never charted in the top 50 in Australia.

Did Ya Understand That flopped big time it never charted anywhere shame too.

Tired is one of her other good songs (its all about her getting compared to Britney Spears) it would of been her 3rd single i reckon if Did ya Understand That hadn't of flopped so badly.
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3rd single planned was "ooh Ooh". "I Wanna Be Bad" is allready at the top of my "25 most played songs" on Itunes. I saw the video, and man is she a wannabe tramp. But i guess thats what got her there. Her song "A Toast To Me" i thought for sure would've charted, as i know plenty of people owning the single (4 actually )
I was wondering if anyone could tell me chart peaks for Christine Anu, outside the top 50 xD.
1>31-Oct-93*HP-93*WI-03 - Last Train (w/ Paul Kelly)
2>05-Mar-95*HP-67*WI-20 - Island Home
4>03-Dec-95*HP-95*WI-01 - Come On
7>25-Sep-00*HP-58*WI-16 - Jump to Love / Island Home
8>09-Apr-01*HP-86*WI-3a - Coz I'm Free
9>27-Oct-03*HP-85*WI-6a - Talk About Love?

9 singles in total to chart.
Is their nowhere where old Chartifacts are uploaded and kept? I need the one from this week (8 June onwards) but it will disappear soon! Any archives?
bulion, I'm fairly certain Raffles were an Australian act.
thanks for that Nugs, all of the unknown origins have now been fixed.
Thanks a lot, Innocent Eyes. I'm assuming the late May/early June issues will be up soon...
Yep, they will. The Pandora website is usually updated around the 25 of every month.
Anyone have issue 554 to 565?
The Pandora site has not been updated in June. What's going on?
Im really sick of songs peaking at #11-#12....theres been so many of the years, and it's such a shame since most of them are worth of top 10.

Heres some......
Waking Up In Cegas - Katy Perry #11
If U Seek Amy - Britney #11
Like It Loud - Cassie Davis #11
All Good Things - Nelly Furtado #12
Been Waiting - Jess Mauboy #12
Low - Kelly C #11
Trouble With Love Is - Kelly C #11
You Drive Me Crazy - Britney #12
Stronger - Britney #13
Round Round - Sugababes #13
Ugly - Sugababes #13
Outside Of Me - Killing Heidi #12
Does anyone knows the exact positions of The Cranberries´ songs and albums that made top 100? I think some singles debuted on the chart in a low position outside Top 50 and probably some singles and albums made a long run in Top 100. How can I know chart-run for The Cranberries´ album/singles between 51-100?. Is there any info about how did it the first album solo by Dolores O´Riordan and if her single even charted?
Thanks who can give me an answer.

06-Jun-93*HP-33*WI50-12*WI100-22*EP-70 - Linger
31-Oct-93*HP-83*WI50-00*WI100-02*EP-94 - Dreams
12-Jun-94*HP-30*WI50-07*WI100-24*EP-94 - Dreams ®
23-Oct-94*HP-1x8*WI50-22*WI100-25*EP-70 - Zombie
26-Feb-95*HP-5x3*WI50-13*WI100-16*EP-31 - Ode to My Family
30-Apr-95*HP-30*WI50-07*WI100-10*EP-41 - I Can't Be With You
03-Sep-95*HP-60*WI50-00*WI100-07*EP-97 - Ridiculous Thoughts
21-Apr-96*HP-08*WI50-11*WI100-15*EP-10 - Salvation
14-July-96*HP-43*WI50-04*WI100-10*EP-60 - Free to Decide
17-Nov-96*HP-40*WI50-02*WI100-10*EP-76 - When You're Gone
29-Mar-99*HP-78*WI50-00*WI-100-01*EP-78 - Promises

I haven't finished doing the album charts yet, and no solo singles for Dolores

WI50 = Weeks In Top 50
WI100 = Weeks in Top 100
EP = Entry Position
with the songs with "x", that is how many weeks they stayed at their peak, so 1x8 equals eight weeks at No.1, and 5x3 means three weeks at No.5
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Thanks bulion for the info. Do you have the chart run for Cranberries´ singles? I´m looking for positions under Top 50.
Does anyone have aria report 989 for some reason pandora has doubled up 988
06-Jun-93*HP-33*WI50-12*WI100-22*EP-70 - Linger
Thanks very much Bulion
There are many worthy songs, that either never made top 50....or never made top 100....here's my list, all the songs that are in my worthy top 100 list were Physically Released in Australia.
I Wanna Be Bad - Willa Ford..........#52 peak
Damaged - Danity Kane..........#51 peak.
Bumble Bees - Aqua..........#65 peak.
Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage...#80 peak.
I Think Im Paranoid - Garbage.........#57 peak
Just Like A Pill - P!nk..........#97 peak
Radar - Britney..........#59 peak
Superman/Supergirl - Killing Heidi....#57 peak
Fearless - Wes Carr..........#51 peak
About You Now - Sugababes....#57 peak
Shape - Sugababes.....#74 peak
16 - Sneaky Sound System....#52 peak
Sexy - Roxanne..#92 peak
Did Ya Understand That - Willa Ford
A Toast To Men - Willa Ford
Soul Sound - Sugababes
Easy - Sugababes
Save The Lies - Gabriella Cilmi
When We Were Young - Sneaky Sound System
You Look So Fine - Garbage
I will agree with you on these billbeast

GARBAGE - Only Happy When It Rains
GARBAGE - I Think I'm Paranoid
PINK - Just Like A Pill (Only charted a few weeks back )
KILLING HEIDI - Superman/Supergirl
GABRIELLA CILMI - Save The Lies (awesome track and 1000 times better than "Sweet About Me")
agree on most of them to Billbeast.

hopefully Radar and Fearless get there they might have chance like with Caught In The Crowd.
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Thanks so much bulion
Im very surprised "Radar" didn't go top 50....radio will probably pick it up again, because its been re-recorded for release, plus the music video has been released (its really crap)......I really wanna see "Lady GAGA" crack #1 with "Paparazzi"....I hoestly can't get enough of it.
Fire Burning by Sean Kingston is great... But it only made 50.

what are the outside-top-50 peak positions for any Missy Elliot songs *or featuring her)....thnx
Missy Elliott:

02>13-Sep-99*HP-70*WI-01 - She's a Bitch
04>24-Sep-01*HP-91*WI-04 - One Minute Man (ft Ludacris)

she's had 15 singles make the chart, the above two are the only ones not to make the Top 50.
Billbeast, "Just Like A Pill" was never released as a physical single in Australia.
I know...... I just thought i'd ad it.
No dramas - I misread you post, sorry (I thought you'd said that they were all physically released here, but you actually specified the "Top 100" ones).
Does anyone know if "Karma" by ALicia Keys charted in Australia.
billbeast, it was only ever a radio-played track, so no it didn't chart here in Australia (although it should have IMO)
I wonder if these songs ever charted

X3 - Upside Down
Amiel - The Chase
Tali - Don't Be Sorry
Can I have all the peaks of the Black Eyed Peas that missed the top 50, before Where Is The Love? Thanks Bulion.
Entry DateHPWI Titles
15-Oct-017704 Upside Down - X3
01-Nov-999601 The Chase - Amiel
29-Oct-01852a Don't Be Sorry - Tali

Entry DateHPWI Title
18-Jun-019303 Weekends
thanks bullion iv always wondered about those tracks
Thanks Bulion. Did Mas Que Nada (Sergio Mendes and Black Eyed Peas) chart in 2006?
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Daniel, it didn't chart here at all.
I liked that BEP song Weekends, interesting.

I wondered about Franz Ferdinand. they have had two top 50 entries with Take Me Out and No You Girls, but are there any other songs that were in the top 100?
Another question, did Glockenpop by Spiderbait chart in the top 100?
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Hi l was wondering if the band "Trapt" had any top 100 songs in Aus
 Entry DateHPWITitle
 27-Feb-065105The Fallen
 22-Nov-046203This Fire

 31-Jan-008006Spiderbait - Glockenpop

 11-Aug-038602Trapt - Headstrong

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Headstrong by Trapt is amazing, deserved a much better position. Made #2 in my charts.
Thank you BeansterBarnes

Shame they haven't had much success mainstream

can somebody tell me all chart positions of Scooter(singles and albums) in Australia?
Thanks a lot.
Anyone know peak position of "me, myself and I" by Darren Hayes?
Thanks Beanster.
Thanks Beanster. I'm so happy that I now the positions of The Fallen and This Fire.

@speedy80 Scooter have had the following top 50 positions:
Nessaja #24
The Logical Song #1
Weekend! #37

for songs outside the top 50, you'll need Beanster, bulion or someone else :p
@irelander: Thanks a lot.
@BeansterBarnes or bulion: Can You tell me the chart positions of Scooter(singles and albums) in Australia outside the top 50? Thanks a lot.
No.Entry DateHPWI Titles
0404-Aug-038503 The Night
0528-Feb-055406 Shake That!

speedy, Scooter has only had one album chart here
Entry DateHPWI Title
30-Sep-023915Push the Beat for the Jam
@bulion: Thanks, very good investigation. Last question: How long have The Logical Song, Nessaja and Weekend been in the top 100? Thanks a lot again.
Logical Song - 19 weeks (14 in Top 50, 8 in Top 10, 2 at No.1)
Nessaja - 17 weeks (11 in Top 50)
Weekend! - 9 weeks (3 in Top 50)
Also, bulion:

Do The Fratellis have any aria top 100 entries? Their album Here We Stand went to no.20, but have any singles gone below the top 50?
irelander, they only have one entry, and that was on the digital charts:

Entry DateHPWITitle
26-Feb-075710 Costello MusicLP


I was wondering if anyone can tell me which song took the longest to climb to no:1 in Australia

thank you
Ratcat's Tingles EP which took 28 weeks to reach the top I believe.
Thanks bulion, I knew it'd be Flathead
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out. I'm after the ARIA top100 (or even KMR top100 if before mid 1988) of the following country artists. It seems like a long list but I'm assuming not all of them have charted and the ones who have, haven't had a massive amount of hit singles. Also, don't stress about posting the top50 positions because I can look those up with the search box above.

Alex Watt
Adam Brand
Adam Harvey
Alan Jackson
Amity Dry
Anne Kirkpatrick
Beccy Cole
Big and Rich
Brad Cole
Brad Paisley
Carlene Carter
Carrie Underwood
Chasing Bailey
Chris LeDoux
Dierks Bentley
Dwight Yoakam
Emerson Drive
Garth Brooks
George Strait
Graeme Connors
Greg Champion
James Blundell
Joaquin Phoenix
Joe Nichols
John Williamson
Johnny Cash (mainly after ARIA top100 with this one)
Kasey Chambers
Kenny Chesney
Lady Antebellum
Lee Forster
Lee Kernaghan
Melinda Schneider
Peter Denahy
Phil Vassar
Rascal Flatts
Rodney Atkins
Roo Arcus
Shania Twain
Slim Dusty
Steve Forde
Tania Kernaghan
Tanya Tucker
Tim McGraw
Tracy Lawrence
Travis Sinclair
Troy Cassar-Daley
Victoria Baillie
Warren Brothers
The Wheel
Zac Brown Band

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Top 100 I have no idea but to get ARIA Top 50, type the artist up the top and look. I know for a fact Kasey Chambers has charted though.


Also, to anyone who knows, is there a site that posts weekly ARIA singles top 100s?
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thanks irelander.

Yeah I've already got the top50 ARIA info on these artists, just after the ARIA 50-100 positions for their tunes from 1988 onwards.

Might just have to compromise and use the Pandora Archive for 2001 onwards. Thanks anyways!!
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Hi, could anyone tell me if Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Toni Childs, Texas, Marillion, Morcheeba, Moloko, Nerina Pallot and Alanis Morissette had any singles charting lower than the top 50?
I'd like to put these info on Wikipedia (I have time so you can put it here in parts)
Thanks in advance!
With the aid of bulion's awesome book ARIA SIngles Chart Book 1988-2008 here is some info you require mixplusik:

Peter Gabriel: Nil
Kate Bush: This WOman's Work #89 (March 1990)
Toni Childs: Nil
Texas: Why Believe In You #73 (December 1991)
In My Heart #92 (March 1992)
In Our Lifetime #79 (June 1999)
Summer Son #95 (October 1999)
Inner Smile #93 (April 2001)
Marillion: Nil
Morcheeba: Nil
Moloko: Nil
Nerina Pallot: Nil
Alanis Morissette: Unsent #81 (April 1999)
Out Is Through #79 (August 2004)
Crazy #61 (December 2005)

For anything after 2008 you'll have to search through the Pandora Archive linked in Chris A's post. I'm still in the process of updating that part of my charts so don't have all the info handy.
Thank you very much for your help!
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The above posts (and this mention) will be deleted shortly, as they are irrelevant to this threads topic.
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Aria Charts from Issue 566 up to 1081 can be downloaded here if anyone is interested: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/tep/23790.

Missing charts in that lot are: 595, 596, 601, 609, 614, 629, 653, 654, 811, 822, 879 and 989 if anyone can help fill me in on those.

And any charts from January 1989 to End of Year 2000 I'm hunting, either scans of the printed charts of PDF versions.

I have three scans of August 1987 charts. (16th, 23rd, 30th)
I'd love top 100 singles charts week by week from January 1989-December 2000

I'm missing a few in the 2001-2010 as they aren't on Pandora...Issues 595, 596, 601, 609, 614, 629, 653, 654, 811, 822, 879 and 989

I've had a few scanned charts (top 50 Singles/Albums) sent to me from 1993, 1995-1999 + a 2000


I need: ALL


I need:

03 Jan 1993, 10 Jan 1993, 17 Jan 1993, 24 Jan 1993, 21 Feb 1993, 11 Apr 1993, 14 Nov 1993, 12 Dec 1993, 26 Dec 1993


I need: ALL


I need:

01 Jan 1995, 08 Jan 1995, 15 Jan 1995, 29 Jan 1995, 05 Feb 1995, 12 Feb 1995, 19 Feb 1995, 26 Mar 1995, 02 Apr 1995, 09 Apr 1995, 16 Apr 1995, 04 Jun 1995, 11 Jun 1995, 25 Jun 1995, 02 Jul 1995, 30 Jul 1995, 06 Aug 1995, 13 Aug 1995, 03 Sep 1995, 10 Sep 1995, 17 Sep 1995, 24 Sep 1995, 01 Oct 1995, 22 Oct 1995, 05 Nov 1995, 24 Dec 1995, 31 Dec 1995


I Need:

07 Jan 1996, 14 Jan 1996, 28 Jan 1996, 11 Feb 1996, 18 Feb 1996, 04 Mar 1996, 11 Mar 1996, 18 Mar 1996, 25 Mar 1996, 01 Apr 1996, 08 Apr 1996, 15 Apr 1996, 22 Apr 1996, 29 Apr 1996, 12 May 1996, 19 May 1996, 26 May 1996, 09 Jun 1996, 23 Jun 1996, 11 Aug 1996, 01 Sep 1996, 22 Sep 1996, 06 Oct 1996, 08 Dec 1996, 22 Dec 1996, 29 Dec 1996, Best of 1996


I Need:

05 Jan 1997, 09 Feb 1997, 16 Feb 1997, 30 Mar 1997, 13 Apr 1997, 27 Apr 1997, 11 May 1997, 18 May 1997, 25 May 1997, 06 Jul 1997, 20 Jul 1997, 27 Jul 1997, 03 Aug 1997, 17 Aug 1997, 24 Aug 1997, 07 Sep 1997, 14 Sep 1997, 28 Sep 1997, 05 Oct 1997, 12 Oct 1997, 19 Oct 1997, 26 Oct 1997, 09 Nov 1997, 16 Nov 1997, 30 Nov 1997, 07 Dec 1997, 14 Dec 1997, 21 Dec 1998, 28 Dec 1998, Best of 1997


I Need:

Practically all of them except these:

I have:

08 Feb 1998, 12 Apr 1998, 26 Apr 1998, 03 May 1998, 10 May 1998, 31 May 1998, 30 Nov 1998, 07 Dec 1998, 14 Dec 1998


I Need:

Practically all of them except these:

I have:

29 Mar 1999, 02 Aug 1999, 27 Sep 1999, 04 Oct 1999, 11 Oct 1999


I Need: All Of Them Except: 10 Jan 2000

I believe sometime between May '98 and November '98, the charts were discontinued for some reason before return in late '98 until sometime in 2000/2001 when they went online only.
QQ, send me an email at bulion@iinet.net.au and all your missing information will be fulfilled.

Regards, bulion (StaffAU)
Hey bulion, can u give me any peaks below top 50 from Melanie C, Mel B and Hot Action Cop. Thanx
Melanie C:
Northern Star (1999) - HP #82
Better Alone (2005) - HP #83
First Day of My Life (2006) - HP #65

Melanie B:

Hot Action Cop:
Don't Want Her to Stay (2003) - HP #76
I knew Hot Action Cop's 2nd single charted, but i can never find it charting on the pandora archive. And as for Mel C, i'm glad those 3 did chart. Some of her best,
Hate to be a pest, byt below top 50 album/singles for Lil Kim? please.
Lil' Kim:
The Notorious B.I.G. featuring Puff Daddy & Lil' Kim - Notorious B.I.G. (2000) - HP #51
Lil' Kim featuring Sisqo - How Many Licks? (2001) - HP #57
Lil' Kim featuring Phil Collins - In the Air Tonite (2001) - HP #91
Lil' Kim featuring Mr. Cheeks - The Jump Off (2003) - HP #59
austar radio homegrown used to play aria top 100 singles till recently how can i recieve the aria top 100 without subscribing
If you dont want them urgently you can wait until they appear on the Pandora site.
does anyone know how i can find tv program guides from the 1980's and 1990's if u could let me know by email would be great
Does anyone know where to find a list of the Top Selling Singles for Decade 1990-1999. ARIA has published a list of 2000-2009, but are silent on the 90's. THanks. Also, reTV program guides from 80's & 90's, check with TV Week.
ARIA have not done a 90's Top 100 for the Decade, as in 1998 they changed their reporting system, thus older reports had different data to newer ones. I do know that Elton John's "Candle in the Wind '97" was the No.1 song of the decade though.
thanks for your help paul but no luck email without reply website has no archives and search has produced no result either
the master, most TV listings are in newspapers, which most major cities are on micro-film in state libraries.

So if you have some spare time, go to the state library in your capital city (or phone them first) and see what papers they have on micro-film. That's where I researched all of the charts from the 50's & 60's, and most of them have photo copying facilities from the micro-film.

Good luck, Regards;
Hi Everyone

Is anyone able to help me out and send missing issues of the ARIA report from 1-565, if not all, most would be very appreciated.

Also, any more news on if Gavin Ryan's Chart Book for Albums will be released? I have the Singles book - which is excellent.

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send me an email bulion@iinet.net.au to get your request cdl76
Thanks for getting back re: the 90's chart. I got onto ARIA and they said they'd "have a look at it". Given the 90's is now 11 years ago I'm not holding my breath. And yeah, Candle in the Wind would be No.1, probably followed by I will always love you (Whitney), Gangsta's Paradise (Coolio), Everything I do (Bryan Adams), Blue (Eiffel 65) & I'd do anything... (Meatloaf). We'll see.
Not a single, but does anyone know if Danni Minogues album Club Disco charted in Australia?. I cant find a nything on Pandora but who knows, i may have been looking wrong. Even on the dance or aussie top 20l
Hi there, can somebody please tell me the below top 50 charts for singles from:

Boys Like Girls
Gypsy and the Cat
Miranda Cosgrove
Olly Murs
Electric Six

If any, thanks!
Electric Six:

Danger! High Voltage!: #67

Boys Like Girls:

Love Drunk: #51

Olly Murs:

Dance With Me Tonight: #62
Heart Skips A Beat: #85

Gypsy and the Cat:

Sorry: #60

Nothing for the other two I believe

Thanks Hijinx!
Hiya, being a long term member but seldom poster/reviewer I don't socialise as much as I would hope in relation to charts on here so my main question to those in the know

I'm looking for specific charts (a lot of charts maybe)? Not for release here due to the amount I'm looking for as I have been working on a personal itunes playlist project I feel further discussion can be had

To the charts I'm looking for (I'm looking for just a basic digital copy only in any format, can paypal you for your effort to):

Looking for actual KMR/AMR Top 100s basically pre-01/07/1974 and post all the way to #731 20/06/1988 then also looking for ARIA Top 100 from 26/06/1988 all the way up to ARIA report #449 11/10/1998 (of which I started a sub for many years ), so basically looking to have a whole collection of charts (as we are also matching these dates against personal events ) that isn't really displayed in the format I'd hoped in the current chart books on offer though from the information I have seen on this great site I figure someone could help and I could mention names but this is just a specific request I'll ask just this once to see if someone can help me out. cheers
NoZ; There are NO pre-July 1974 Top 100 charts available. David Kent made them in-house for his books and won't publish them in their T100 formats.

There are NO T100 ARIA charts until 14-Jan-1990, they just don't have the physical T100 charts prior to that, just in their older data bases. I have tried many avenues to get these, but to no avail.

I can send you the T100 singles charts from 1974 to the end of 1989 (in Excel week-by-week T100's), plus a T20 prior to that. Or alternately I have everything in date entry order too.

email me at bulion@iinet.net.au for your requests.
Thx bulion, Hijinx got back to me yesterday with it! cheers! Very very surprising to find out what was happening down the pipe

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