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Quick List Vote Game: Qualifying Part 10General: Forum Games3992739
Ben Evans' (HeadInAMuse) Top 500 Songs of All-TimePersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts35840
ARIA Chartifacts 11-November-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts30670
Australian Radio Airplay Chart 2019Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA601736
Ultimate Chart Hit Tournament Part 5General: Forum Games88517
Quick List Vote Game Pt. 10 (Album Openers)General: Forum Games1701877
TravD Monthly Charts (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts13294
Aus-Charts Interactive 2019 (voting open!)Personal Charts: Combination Chart963040
Mykl's Weekly Top 50 (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts54895
FeedBack! (2)General: General Discussion6306
Chart Beat 2019Other Charts: New Zealand472494
Unofficial Catalogue StatsOther Charts: Australia - Non ARIA872179
Anton's Outrageous Odes - 2019Personal Charts: Your Charts43687
Irelander's Personal ARIA Chart - 2019Personal Charts: Your Charts48749
Irelander's Hot 100! - 2019Personal Charts: Your Charts491258
Unofficial Catalogue Singles Chart Pt. 5Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA7174
brosa0 Weekly Top 100 Charts - 2019Personal Charts: Your Charts45621
Timfoxxy's Weekly Chart (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts50812
Harls' Personal Chart (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts46798
Hijinx's Personal Chart (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts531336
Zacco333's Personal Chart (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts521217
Hijinx's ARIA Personal (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts53857
Longest chart runs in the Australian Top 10ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts1888773
BillyBrett's Personal Chart (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts48746
ARIA Chartifacts 4-November-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts471274
Thewitness' Jamboree of 33 (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts45716
Villages' Personal Chart (2019)Personal Charts: Your Charts47945
ARIA Full Accreditations List. [1]General: Awards281312
Ultimate Chart Hit Tournament Part 4General: Forum Games5053110
ARIA Chartifacts 28-October-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts31717
Irelander's End of Year Lists (Pt. 4)Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts58422
ARIA Chartifacts 21-October-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts27712
Benji's New Retro Hottest 100 thread Pt.3 2006 onPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts1392763
Jinx makes End of Year Lists (Pt. 3)Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts1881772
25 Years Ago... ARIA ChartGeneral: Music/Charts related62533905
ARIA Chartifacts 14-October-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts31845
ARIA Chartifacts 7-October-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts43895
In Memoriam, Pt. 2General: General Discussion1095866
Unofficial Catalogue Singles Chart Pt. 4Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA691514
ARIA Chartifacts 30-September-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts36799
The New ARIA Logo (Part 5)General: Forum Games70855
State-only number onesARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts601180
ARIA Chartifacts 23-September-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts30829
ARIA Chartifacts 16-September, 2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts27723
The New ARIA Logo (Part 4)General: Forum Games5395677
ARIA Chartifacts 9-September-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts26745
ARIA Chartifacts 19-August-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts27929
ARIA Chartifacts 2-September-2019ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts35793
Ultimate Chart Hit Tournament Part 3General: Forum Games5313756
Unavailable On iTunes.General: Music/Charts related12719457

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