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ARIA Chartifacts 21st of June, 2021 [Weekly ARIA Chartifacts]
Chart Beat 2021 [New Zealand]
Best Songs: Mid-Year 2021 [Your Special Occasion Charts]
Australia Airplay Top 100 [Australia - Non ARIA]
Beyond #100 chart blog [Special Occasion Charts]
ARIA Chartifacts 14th of June, 2021 [Weekly ARIA Chartifacts]
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (Nova) [Australia - Non ARIA]
OBOne Does The 90s [Your Special Occasion Charts]
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Hijinx's Personal Chart (2021)Personal Charts: Your Charts31792
ARIA Chartifacts 21st of June, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts20310
Chart Beat 2021Other Charts: New Zealand281492
Best Songs: Mid-Year 2021Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts568
Top 1400 project - #WellKnownHits (1980 to 2020)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA24679
Mykl's Weekly Top 50 (2021)Personal Charts: Your Charts25435
Martin's Official Top 50 Songs 2Personal Charts: Your Charts31458
Australia Airplay Top 100Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA2311
The Witness's "not a chart" 2021Personal Charts: Your Charts6156
Beyond #100 chart blogARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts701937
ARIA Chartifacts 14th of June, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts24590
Villages' Personal Chart (2021)Personal Charts: Your Charts26634
Post ARIA Q : How Were The AMR Charts Compiled?Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA21318
Australian Radio Airplay Chart 2021Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA361071
AirCheck NZ Airplay ChartOther Charts: New Zealand10178
Smallzy's Fresh 40 (Nova)Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA29889
Unofficial Catalogue Singles Chart Pt. 6Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA401044
Aus-Charts Interactive 2021 (voting open!)Personal Charts: Combination Chart522264
OBOne Does The 90sPersonal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts1732387
Timfoxxy's Weekly Chart (2021)Personal Charts: Your Charts25604
Zacco333's Personal Chart (2021)Personal Charts: Your Charts27755
Irelander's Personal ARIA Chart - 2021Personal Charts: Your Charts28472
Irelander's Hot 100! - 2021Personal Charts: Your Charts28778
Anton's Amazing Anthems - 2021Personal Charts: Your Charts18385
BR's lists (Pt. II)Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts11353
Longest chart runs in the Australian Top 10ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts28314495
Effluvium1's EOY Lists - Part 1Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts1521448
ARIA Chartifacts 7th of June, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts32644
ARIA Full Accreditations List. [1]General: Awards626599
State-only number onesARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts681912
Music Cover ArtGeneral: Music/Charts related4146
Benji's Personal Hottest 100 thread Pt 1 (1975-92Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts16203
ARIA Chartifacts 31st of May, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts38697
Missing AMR chart positionsGeneral: Music/Charts related1086
New Zealand Music Month 2021Other Charts: New Zealand12752
Harls' Personal Chart (2021)Personal Charts: Your Charts26487
In Memoriam, Pt. 2General: General Discussion20311920
ARIA Chartifacts 24th of May, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts23476
ARIA Chartifacts 17th of May, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts27691
ARIA Chartifacts 10th of May, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts27769
Observation on 90's ARIA ChartsARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts511112
Benji's New Retro Hottest 100 thread Pt.2 1993 to 2005Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts16915129
ARIA Chartifacts 3rd of May, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts28680
ARIA Chartifacts 26th of April, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts29783
NZ Number One AlbumsOther Charts: New Zealand47562
Top Singles of 1981Personal Charts: Your Special Occasion Charts155186
ARIA Chartifacts 19th of April, 2021ARIA Charts: Weekly ARIA Chartifacts27682
Chart BookPersonal Charts: Your Charts3266
Chart Beat 2020Other Charts: New Zealand545384

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