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Hi, does anyone has Kent Music Report weekly charts from 74 up to present? I might help to type them.
You can get all of the Top 20's of Kent Report/AMR's from David Kent's book "The Australian Top 20 Book 1940-2006", which you can order online from www.austchartbook.com.au if that's any help to you.
Hi, I have this book too, but I want Top 100 and also albums too.
Does anyone live in Canberra, Canberra national library has them.

Does anyone have the full Top 50 list of SINGLES from the KENT MUSIC REPORT / ARIA CHART for Week Ending: 26 April 1987?

That's "26 APRIL 1987" ... Paul Lekakis was No. 1

I have other charts around that date but need the 26th.

Please get in contact with me... 041 207 3288 or just email.

Someone out there must have collected it!
Kent Music Report - 27-April, 1987 (w/e 3rd May)
Last edited: 13/04/2008 11:30
Wow Bullion, that was so quick...

Do you know what was NEW or Last Week (in brackets).
Bullet Performers too... (of the above list only)

Do you have other 1987 charts.. I'm missing just a small bunch...

Can pay you for your troubles...

I just checked with my one and only W/E: 10 MAY 1987 chart.

Bullion, I think the chart you posted above is really W/E: 3 MAY 1987 not 27 APRIL 1987.

Do you have 27 APRIL 1987

Sorry to be a pain...
I tried emailing you, but as you signed in as a guest, it won't get sent to you. email me at bulion@optusnet.com.au and I'll forward 1987 to you.
Kent Music Report 20-April-1987 (w/e 26-April)
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Has anyone the Elton John singles charts between 1973-1983? Thanks in advance
I've noticed that the peak positions for the singles that charted when ARIA began compiling their own charts (the June/July 1988 period) don't always reflect their true peak positions. These would be the ones that peaked on the AMR chart before the ARIA charts began.

A good example is Billy Ocean's AMR #1 hit "Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car" which shows an ARIA peak of only #8, which was its position in the very first ARIA chart (it was in the middle of its descent out the chart).

Anyways, to help determine when some of these singles peaked, I kindly request the weekly top 40/50 AMR charts from May & June 1988 if anyone has them.
savagegrant, email me personally and I'll send you the info.

Do you have all Madonna's full chartruns before 1989?
Something like;
Material Girl 89-50-43-29-15-8-6-6- etc etc

Both singles and albums.

Hi can anyone give me the Oz peak position of Carol Douglas' "Doctor's Orders"? It charted NZ May '75 so probably hit Oz around the same time. Thanks in advance.
Carol Douglas:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
10-Feb-753116 Doctor's Orders
is there any website to view pre 1987 music charts, or any website to see the Kent Music Report?
Could someone please tell me what Goanna albums & singles charted in Australia (& what their peaks were)
does anybody have some of the ''Kent's Disco-(Dance)-Report''-lists?
Is anyone able to offer up Redgum's chart positions? "I Was Only Nineteen" hit number one, but apart from that, there seems to be very little information out there.
Fenrik; I have sent you a memo, this includes all Redgum's charting singles and positions.
Did The Housemartins ever hit the chart here?
For those interested, David Kent has a new book out, covering albums from 1952 to 2018 (previously he had only gone back as far as Jan 1965 and forward as far as 2009).

Link here for order forms and pdf's of the new book:
That book is very tempting. I'll have to be quick on the mark if i want it. I wish the singles book would come back into print(not likely i know) and ARIA will never publish one.

I published two ARIA books earlier this decade, firstly just a singles chart book up until 2010, then an Albums and Singles Chart book in 2013.

An updated edition will be coming out next year (hopefully).
Oh i'd seen referrences to the singles book, but did it have the complete charts (in instances where a full top 100 was available)? I shall cross my fingers in hope of an updated version. There's finally uk chart books coming out so it'd be nice to have an australian version.
Bulion, is your 2013 edition still available to buy?
If so how can I purchase one?

I am curious to know what David Kent's post-1998 (when the Australian Music Report ceased publication) charts are actually based on. Surely he doesn't still survey retail outlets/(or now) receive streaming data from streaming vendors? Or does he? If so, why would he gather this data but then not publish it (in a weekly, accessible format, I mean)?

I assume that he doesn't have access to electronic point of sale data, as the ARIA-produced chart has been entirely based on (well, before the digital era) since 1997. Surely record store employees don't manually fill-out sales figures forms for him?

@Jesse_D is his 1970-1992 book now out of print?
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Sorry nugs,no answer from me as i haven't the foggiest idea.

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