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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - CHART POSITIONS PRE 1989

Hi guys, I think we need this forum so we can keep all chart Identifications in one thread rather than having them all over the site.

I have some songs that I need clarification on there actual positions. Anybody's help will be appreciated. CRAIG

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Tina Turner - I Can't Stand The Rain
Elton John - Blue Eyes
John Mellencamp - I Need A Lover
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey
Jim Reeves - According To My Heart (1956)
Billy Idol - Mony Mony
The Village People - In The Navy
Icehouse - Great Soutrhern Land
According to David Kent's "big yellow chart book" the answers you seek are:

Billy Idol - Rebel Yell #7
Tina Turner - I Can't Stand The Rain - no listing
Elton John - Blue Eyes #4
John Mellencamp - I Need A Lover #5
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey #25
Jim Reeves - According To My Heart (1956)
Billy Idol - Mony Mony #8 (live 1987 release)
The Village People - In The Navy #7
Icehouse - Great Soutrhern Land #5
Whoops - sorry.

The Jim Reeves track doesn't appear to have charted.
The only "According to My Heart" that has charted in Australia is by The Reels in January 1981, it reached No.12.
Hey guys, while we're on this new thread. I have started getting a few 1988 ARIA charts, but only about five so far. Does anybody have the complete set, and if so would you be willing to send them to me, you would be greatly rewarded for your efforts. (chartwise not money-wise).

Regards, Bulion.
LOL. hahaha i have a dirty mind i thought sexually bulion!
Thanks Chartboi & Bulion once again.
I'm not surprised that 'According To My Heart' originally recorded by Jim Reeves didn't chart. It is a country standard but I thought it might of had a chance considering it was realesed in 1956. Btw The Reels version of this is atrocious!

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Hi Guys anyone down there know the peak chart positions on australia`s chart for the HIT singles of my favourite band THE MOTELS ?
On that note, can anyone list the album and singles chart positions (all, if possible please) for Guns N' Roses? It would be much appreciated if you could.
Thanks for that Craig I thought that "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Sweet Child o' Mine" would have peaked higher than that, because I've seen on here that they only peaked at those positions, but because australian-charts only details info from 1989 onwards in singles, I thought maybe they would have reached their peak position earlier in 1988?
According to my records...


18-Sep-88 Sweet Child O' Mine #11, 24wks (Top 50)
18-Dec-88 Welcome To The Jungle #41, 8wks (Top 50)
9-Apr-89 Paradise City #48, 1 wk (Top 50)
28-May-89 Patience #16, 18wks (Top 50)
30-Sep-90 Knockin' On Heaven's Door #61, 7 wks
14-Jul-91 You Could Be Mine #3, 22wks
15-Sep-91 Don't Cry #5, 22 wks
15-Dec-91 Live And Let Die #10, 18 wks
22-Mar-92 November Rain #5, 53 wks
19-Jul-92 Knockin' On Heaven's Door #12, 40 wks
15-Nov-92 Yesterdays #14, 23wks
23-May-93 Civil War #45, 9 wks
23-Jan-94 Estranged #40, 9 wks
20-Mar-94 Since I Don't Have You #47, 10 wks
25-Dec-94 Sympathy For The Devil #12, 15 wks

Prior to 1990, I've only got ARIA Top 50 information. According to the Kent Report, Sweet Child O' Mine peaked at #10 and spent 29 wks in their Top 100, Welcome To The Jungle peaked at #37 (12 wks), Paradise City peaked at #40 (11wks), Patience peaked at #16 (22 wks) and Nightrain peaked at #74 (5wks). BeansterBarnes says that Nightrain peaked at #89 on ARIA, which is probably right.

I've not finished updating my Albums database yet but here's what I have so far:
18-Sep-88 Appetite For Destruction #7, 152 wks (as at 13-Jun-93)
8-Jan-89 G N' R Lies #18, 83 wks (as at 2-May-93)
29-Sep-91 Use Your Illusion I #2, 104 wks (as at 19-Sep-93)
29-Sep-91 Use Your Illusion II #1, 109 wks (as at 27-Feb-94)
5-Dec-93 The Spaghetti Incident? #1, 23 wks (as at 8-May-94)
6-Dec-99 Live Era... '87-93 #57, 6 wks (as at 10-Jan-00)

I'm only up to early 2000 in my database, but of course after this point there was "Greatest Hits" which peaked at #6 and spent a VERY long time in the Top 100, but I am not yet able to confirm exactly how long. And if any of the above albums have re-entered since the beginning of 2000, I don't have that info entered yet either, I'm afraid. Also, please note that the entry dates for Appetite For Destruction and G N' R Lies apply to Top 50, not Top 100.

Hope this helps!
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Mar-80723Total Control
24-Nov-804310Whose Problem?
24-May-822819Only the Lonely
16-Aug-822118Take the L (out of Lover)
31-Oct-833414Suddenly Last Summer

Entry DteHPWITitles
11-Feb-801328The Motels
24-May-822029All Four One
31-Oct-833413Little Robbers
29-Aug-88487No Reservations-The Best of

Martha Davis (lead singer info):
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Feb-88817Don't Tell Me the Time
25-Apr-88657Tell it to the Moon
01-Aug-88932Don't Ask Out Loud
Entry DateHPWITitle

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Thanks very, very much for that Chartboi
I was just on another site & it states on the w/e of 25th June 1988 that Cheap Trick - The Flame is the 1st A.R.I.A chart #1.

23.02.2008 03:33

Australian #1 Singles with the words 'DON'T', 'STOP' and 'MUSIC'! Here's the list, and don't forget to count "Don't Stop the Music" as the extra number next to the word

STOP (4 titles):
Jun 1962 - I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles
Jan 1980 - Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
July 1980 - Can't Stop the Music - Village People

MUSIC (7 Titles):
Jun 1950 - Music! Music! Music! - Teresa Brewer
Aug 1965 - Rock and Roll Music - The Beatles
Jul 1980 - Can't Stop the Music - Village People
Mar 1981 - Antmusic - Adam & The Ants
Aug 2000 - Music - Madonna
Nov 2003 - Me Against the Music - Britney Spears ft Madonna

DON'T (35 titles):
Oct 1942 - I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire - Ink Spots
Feb 1943 - I Don't Want to Walk Without You - Bing Crosby
Nov 1943 - Why Don't You Fall in Love With me - Dinah Shore
Jul 1944 - Whispering Grass (Don't Tell the Trees) - Ink Spots
Sep 1945 - Don't Fence Me in - Bing Crosby
May 1953 - Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes - Perry Como
Sep 1960 - Walk Don't Run - The Ventures
Oct 1960 - Don't You Know (Pretty Baby) - Johnny O'Keefe
Jan 1963 - Big Girls Don't Cry - Four Seasons
Apr 1965 - Honey Don't - The Beatles
Sep 1967 - Don't Sleep in the Subway - Petula Clark
May 1969 - Don't Let me Down - The Beatles
Sep 1972 - Daddy Don't You Walk so Fast - Wayne Newton
Jun 1974 - Billy-Don't Be a Hero - Paper Lace
Aug 1976 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John & Kiki Dee
Apr 1977 - Don't Give Up On Us - David Soul
May 1977 - Don't Cry for Me Argentina - Julie Covington
Nov 1979 - I Don't Like Mondays - Boomtwon Rats
Jan 1980 - Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson
Feb 1980 - Please Don't Go - KC & The Sunshine Band
Aug 1985 - We Don't Need Another Hero - Tina Turner
Aug 1986 - Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
Nov 1988 - Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin
Aug 1989 - If You Don't Know Me By Now - Simply Red
Jun 1991 - Don't Go Now - Ratcat
Feb 1993 - You Don't Treat me No Good - Sonia Dada
Feb 1997 - Don't Speak - No Doubt
Sep 1998 - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing - Aerosmith
Apr 2004 - Fuck it (I Don't Want You Back) - Eamon
May 2005 - Don't Phunk With My Heart - Black Eyed Peas
Aug 2005 - Don't Cha - Pussycat Dolls
Jun 2006 - Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
Nov 2006 - I Don't Feel Like Dancing - Scissor Sisters
Jul 2007 - Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

Regards, Bulion.
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06.01.2008 08:19

HP= Highest Position, WI=Weeks In

27-Oct-86.You Give Love a Bad Name - HP 23, WI 41
02-Feb-87.Livin' on a Prayer - HP3, WI 30
25-May-87.Wanted Dead or Alive - HP 13, WI 19
24-Aug-87.Never Say Goodbye - HP 26, WI 11
14-Sep-87.Live! On Tour (EP) - HP 21, WI 10
10-Oct-88.Bad Medicine....

27-Oct-86.Slippery When Wet - HP 1, WI 72
22-Jun-87.7800 Degress Fahrenheit - HP 30, WI 20
20-Jul-87.Bon Jovi - HP 39, WI 16
17-Oct-88.New Jersey - HP 1, WI 54

The earlier 7800 Degress and self-titled albums charted for the first time after Slippery became big, as new fans wanted to see what else they'd done previously.
Also "Runaway" was almost a hit, reaching 105 in 1985.

Regards, Bulion.
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20.08.2007 01:07

The new entries were:
2 NEW 1 2 ESPECIALLY FOR YOU - Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan (Mushroom/Festival) K717
21 NEW 1 21 IMAGINE/JEALOUS GUY/HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER) - John Lennon (Parlophone/EMI) A2182
28 NEW 1 28 EVERY ROSE HAS ITS THORN - Poison (Liberation/CBS) LS2036
38 NEW 1 38 SMOOTH CRIMINAL - Michael Jackson (Epic/CBS) 653026.7
42 NEW 1 42 I'M GONNA BE (500 MILES) - The Proclaimers (Chrysalis/Festival) K644
43 NEW 1 43 TWO HEARTS - Phil Collins (WEA/Warner) 7-257750
48 NEW 1 48 A CUPPLA DAYS - Con The Fruiterer (CBS) 653148.7

The previous chart to this was dated 25-12-1988.
The Smiths had two charting single in Australia, whilst all of their albums charted. Below is Kent/AMR Chart info for them...
26-Mar-1984 HP-52, WI-12 - This Charming Man
15-Feb-1988 HP-91, WI-02 - Stop Me if You Think You've Heard
This one Before.
16-Apr-1984 HP-77, WI-07 - The Smiths
15-Apr-1985 HP-58, WI-11 - Meat is Murder
30-Jun-1986 HP-30, WI-16 - The Queen is Dead
09-Mar-1987 HP-25, WI-25 - The World Won't Listen
19-Oct-1987 HP-28, WI-13 - Strangeways Here We Come
26-Sep-1988 HP-30, WI-07 - Rank
28-Sep-1992 HP-46, WI-05 - Best...1 (this would be different on
the ARIA Charts).
06.04.2008 23:28

Kent Music Report-dated 20-Nov-1978
1 (1) - Three Times a Lady - The Commodores
2 (3) - I Was Made for Lovin' You - Kiss
3 (5) - Rasputin - Boney M
4 (2) - Dreadlock Holiday - 10CC
5 (4) - Black is Black - LaBelle
6 (9) - Summer Nights - Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta
7 (6) - Dancing in the City - Marshall, Hain
8 (13)- Kiss You All Over - Exile
9 (15)- You Needed Me - Anne Murray
10 (8)- Oh Carol - Smokie
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07.04.2008 15:35

4 July 1961:
1 (3) - Travelin Man / Hello Mary Lou - Rick Nelson
2 (1) - A Scottish Soldier - Andy Stewart
3 (2) - Runaway - Del Shannon
4 (7) - Little Devil - Neil Sedaka
5 (5) - Running Scared - Roy Orbison
6 (8) - I've Told Every Little Star - Linda Scott
7 (4) - Theme from Exodus - Ferrante & Teicher
8 (9) - Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart - Connie Francis
9 (6) - Flaming Star - Elvis Presley
10 (17) - Baby Face - Bobby Vee
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07.04.2008 15:38

Charts were monthly in the 1940's!
Top 10 for February 1946:
1 (Ne) - Rum and Coca Cola - Andrews Sisters
2 (2) - Like Someone in Love - Bing Crosby
3 (14) - Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive - Bing Crosby & Andrews
4 (3) - Saturday Night - Frank Sinatra
5 (3) - Just a Prayer Away - Bing Crosby
6 (7) - Sleight Ride in July - Bing Crosby
7 (Ne) - One Meat Ball - Andrews Sisters
8 (1) - My Dreams are Getting Better all the Time - Les Brown
9 (12) - Dream - Frank Sinatra
10 (13) - Laura - Dick Haymes
23.04.2008 03:41

1 (1) - Original Sin - INXS
2 (5) - Come Said the Boy - Mondo Rock
3 (3) - Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
4 (4) - Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar
5 (6) - Thriller - Michael Jackson
6 (2) - All Night Long (All Night) - Lionel Richie
7 (9) - Why Me? - Irene Cara
8 (7) - Listening - Pseudo Echo
9 (11)- Cum on Feel the Noize - Quiet Riot
10 (8)- In a Big Country - Big Country
13.10.2007 14:08

Top 10 30th September 1988
1 - Simply Irresistable - Robert Palmer
2 - Doctorin' the Tardis - Timelords
3 - Perfect - Fairground Attraction
4 - All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
5 - Don't Be Cruel - Cheap Trick
6 - That's When I Think of You - 1927
7 - Push it - Salt-N-Pepa
8 - Age of Reason - John Farnham
9 - Theme fromS-Express - S-Express
10 - Duke of Earl - Dukes of Earlwood

Gavin Ryan
Do you put in those messages to show the charts pre 1989?
Claude, i'm going through old threads to find chart information pre 1989 & reposting them here so it's not repeated.
I think we need this thread as a common place to gather information.

Ok, who has got the rights to the years before 1989? Are there some official charts or only "inofficial"?

Perhaps we could ask to publish those charts on this page.

I would say put the older charts only if you're asked in this thread because we have some experience over the years with charts and rights... (swisscharts.com as the "original page" exists since 1995)
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ARIA's first chart had a publication date of Week Ending 26-June 1988. The first No.1 was "The Flame" by Cheap Trick. Previous to the ARIA Charts there was only the David Kent Report, later changed to Australian Music Report, which ran from 1974 through until the end of 1998, although in-house charts were continued on, and this information can be found in David's book 1993-2005.
In 1965, the teen-pop magazine Go-Set published charts which can now be found on a set-up website, but these charts weren't slanted towards state populations initially, thus giving equal points to each states information, meaning No.1 only Tasmanian singles could scores as many points as the Sydney No.1. This was later amended, and the Go-Set Top 50 charts ran through until the mid 70's.
David Kent has gone back to January 1940 and from 1955 onwards has reconstructed the charts, using each states multiple charts to get an overall and mostly accurate assessment of the songs that were charting from 1955 thru to where his July 1974 charts commenced.
So we do have a chart run of 68 years and counting in this country, MUCH longer than England's (there's only go back to 1952), but not quite as long as American (1890 was their first).
So this June 26th marks the 20th Anniversary of ARIA's own chart, as opposed to this week (end of April) which will be their 25th Anniversary (April 1983), which is when they used the Kent Music Report as the ARIA Chart. This was done for five years before ARIA started doing their own in-house chart.
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The First ARIA Chart - W/E 26-June-1988.
TW LW Titles / Artists
1 1
Thanks bulion for the information, i am a little confused with the Underneath the Radar information, in this ARIA report http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/23790/20060920-0000/issue858.pdf, they state it peaked at #9, or is that the Australian Music Report peak? It is also interesting to see Tiffany's chart peaks, would you be able to tell me where her other songs or albums peaked please?
OK, i talked to Steffen Hung (webmaster of swisscharts.com and australian-charts.com) and he thinks it would be ok if we publish those charts in our database.

Does anybody of you has got some excel-files of the charts before 1989?
Here's your chance boys!
Underneath the Radar peaked at No.7 on the ARIA charts the week ending 30-Jul-1988. It did peak at No.9 on the AMR Charts the week of 8-Aug-1988
Great job guys! I've always wondered if Ambrosia, Journey or Styx ever charted in Australia? And if they did, how well did their songs do?

Also, could you please tell me how well Little River Band's singles (particularly "Night Owls" and "Cool Change") and did Donna Allen ever chart with "Serious"?

Hey did Raydio's "Jack And Jill" chart? And how well did Dr Hook do, particularly "Sexy Eyes"?
Here are your answers...
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-Dec-783014How Much I Feel

Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Sep-81659Who's Crying Now
01-Mar-821001Don't Stop Believin'
26-Apr-824325Open Arms
02-May-83934Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

Entry DateHPWITitles
24-July-784219Fooling Yourself (Angry Young Man)
26-Feb-79983Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
09-Mar-812315The Best of Times
15-Jun-816813Too Much Time on My Hands
18-Apr-834015Mr. Roboto

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"Cool Change" was US only single, not released in Australia, but here the positions for The Night Owls...

21-Sep-81*HP-18*WI-14 - The Night Owls
Here are your answers...

Entry DateHPWITitles
22-May-78417Jack and Jill
09-July-79619You Can't Change That

Dr. Hook had 16 charting singles in Australia, 6 of those were Top 10 hits, and of those 2 were No.1's, "Sylvia's Mother" and "Walk Right in". As for "Sexy Eyes"...
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Mar-804117Sexy Eyes

Regards, Bulion.
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Thanks bulion! Ambrosia, Journey and Styx were big in the US from the late 70's through to the early/mid 80's but I don't ever recall hearing their music on Australian radio today. I wonder why that is?
27.04.2008 09:27


08-Mar-82*HP-04*WI-17 - Just Can't Get Enough
11-Jun-84*HP-25*WI-20 - People are People
03-Dec-84*HP-89*WI-06 - Master & Servant
22-Apr-85*HP-87*WI-04 - Somebody
16-Nov-87*HP-82*HP-02 - Never Let Me Down Again
30-May-87*HP-98*WI-01 - Route 66
09-Apr-90*HP-71*WI-10 - Enjoy the Silence
14-Mar-93*HP-37*WI-14 - I Feel You
09-May-93*HP-74*HP-06 - Walking in My Shoes
03-Oct-93*HP-78*WI*06 - Condemnation
06-Feb-94*HP-40*WI-09 - In Your Room
16-Feb-97*HP-33*WI-07 - Barrel of a Gun
20-Apr-97*HP-52*WI-08 - It's No Good
27-Sep-98*HP-34*WI-07 - Only When I Lose Myself
27-Aug-01*HP-95*WI-01 - I Feel Loved

Regards, Bulion.

All of the 1990 onwards information is from ARIA.
Billy Idol:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Oct-821821Hot in the City
31-Jan-83923White Wedding
28-Nov-834220Dancing With Myself
12-Mar-84720Rebel Yell
18-Jun-841217Eyes Without a Face
24-Sep-842816Flesh for Fantasy
21-Jan-85618Catch My Fall
10-Nov-86327To Be a Lover
09-Mar-872212Don't Need a Gun
15-Jun-87919Sweet 16
14-Sep-87932Soul Standing By
09-Nov-87825Mony Mony (Live)
15-Feb-885810Hot in the City (Remix)
13-May-901020Cradle of Love
05-Aug-903412L.A. Woman
25-July-932810Shock to the System / Heroin

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Van Halen:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Mar-781218You Really Got Me
19-Apr-82598Pretty Woman
17-Dec-84896Hot for Teacher
31-Mar-86824Why Can't This Be Love
18-July-88239When it's Love
28-Mar-93932Jump (Live)
02-Mar-98563Without You

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Thanks Bulion! If it's no trouble, could you tell me if Shalamar ever charted in Australia? Did Patti Austin/James Ingram ever chart here? And what were Whitney Houston's chart positions before 1989?
UNDERNEATH THE RADAR - Underworld .. reached No. 5 on the ARIA Chart I believe...

Big Brothers's Danielle and her version reached #41.
Shalamar (and Jody Watley)
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Oct-772032Uptown Festival
05-May-80961The Second Time Around
11-Jun-84684Dancing in the Sheets
Jody Watley:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-May-871315Looking for a New Love
24-Apr-895610Real Love
21-Aug-89802Friends (with Eric B. & Rakim)

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Patti Austin & James Ingram had the duet "Baby Come to Me", which charted thus:

Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Mar-833815Baby Come to Me

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Whitney pre-1989:
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-July-85971How Will I Know
26-Aug-855817You Give Good Love
04-Nov-852029Saving All My Love for You
03-Feb-86226How Will I Know (R)
02-Jun-86119The Greatest Love of All (1 week @ 1)
25-May-87123I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) (5 weeks @ 1)
24-Aug-872713Didn't We Almost Have it All
23-Nov-872619So Emotional
18-Apr-884814Where Do Broken Hearts Go
08-Aug-88773Love Will Save the Day
03-Oct-884917One Moment in Time

Then her next hit was the 1989 "I'm Your Baby Tonight".

Regards, Bulion.
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I am searching the all time Elton John singles in australian singles charts and weeks on charts and also his albums. Anybody has a info? Thanks for any info.
Thanks a million bulion! I'm shocked that Shalamar only had one top 40 hit in australia!

Did the Jets or debarge have any better luck?
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Mar-88795Rocket 2 U

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-85517Rhythm of the Night
29-July-855717Who's Holding Donna Now

El DeBarge:
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-July-863313Who's Johnny (from 'Short Circuit')

Regards, Bulion.

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04.05.2008 05:18

So here are Elton John's singles in Australia... (Pre 1989)

01-Feb-71*HP-11*WI-20 - Your Song
17-Jan-72*HP-96*WI-01 - Friends
13-Mar-72*HP-94*WI-02 - Levon
15-May-72*HP-13*WI-20 - Rocket Man / Tiny Dancer
20-Nov-72*HP-78*WI-05 - Honky Cat
01-Jan-73*HP-02*WI-27 - Crocodile Rock
30-Apr-73*HP-07*WI-18 - Daniel
03-Sep-73*HP-31*WI-09 - Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting
12-Nov-73*HP-03*WI-31 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
25-Mar-74*HP-05*WI-27 - Candle in the Wind/Benny & The Jets
19-Aug-74*HP-13*WI-12 - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
25-Nov-74*HP-53*WI-09 - The Bitch is Back / Cold Highway
13-Jan-76*HP-03*WI-20 - Lucy in the Sky (with Diamonds)
14-Apr-76*HP-04*WI-18 - Philadelphia Freedom
28-July-75*HP-54*WI-07 - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
27-Oct-75*HP-12*WI-19 - Island Girl
14-Jun-76*HP-88*WI-03 - Pinball Wizard
19-July-76*HP-01*WI-23 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1 wk)
06-Dec-76*HP-19*WI-14 - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
11-Apr-77*HP-72*WI-08 - Bite Your Lip (Get Up & Dance)
24-Apr-78*HP-40*WI-13 - Ego
20-Nov-78*HP-12*WI-20 - Part Time Love
12-Feb-79*HP-14*WI-20 - Song for Guy
02-July-79*HP-63*WI-14 - Are You Ready for Love
02-July-79*HP-82*WI-08 - Mama Can't Buy You Love (12")
29-Oct-79*HP-38*WI-12 - Victim of Love
30-Jun-80*HP-09*WI-14 - Little Jeannie
22-Sep-80*HP-91*WI-05 - Sartorial Eloquence
22-Dec-80*HP-82*WI-09 - Dear God
11-May-81*HP-81*WI-04 - I Saw Her Standing There (EP)
08-Jun-81*HP-46*WI-11 - Nobody Wins
29-Mar-82*HP-04*WI-16 - Blue Eyes
21-Jun-83*HP-63*WI-18 - Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)
13-Jun-83*HP-03*WI-21 - I'm Still Standing
15-Aug-83*HP-04*HP-18 - I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues
24-Oct-83*HP-12*WI-23 - Crystal
23-Jan-84*HP-25*WI-14 - Kiss the Bride
19-Mar-84*HP-52*WI-08 - Too Low for Zero
18-Jun-84*HP-04*WI-19 - Sad Songs (Say So Much)
03-Sep-84*HP-09*Wi-15 - Passengers
10-Dec-84*HP-76*WI-11 - Who Wears These Shoes?
22-July-85*HP-50*WI-07 - Act of War (w/Millie Jackson)
11-Nov-85*HP-03*WI-18 - Nikita
03-Feb-86*HP-22*WI-13 - Wrap Her Up
28-Apr-86*HP-86*WI-02 - Cry to Heaven
06-Oct-86*HP-07*WI-20 - Heartache All Over the World
05-Jan-87*HP-82*WI-05 - Slow Rivers (w/Cliff Richard)
13-July-87*HP-31*WI-20 - Flames of Paradise (w/Jennifer Rush)
03-Aug-87*HP-100*WI-1 - Your Song (w/Melbourne Sym.Orch.)
01-Feb-88*HP-92*WI-01 - Candle in the Wind (W/Melb Sym..)
04-July-88*HP-16*WI-17 - I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
31-Oct-88*HP-95*WI-02 - Town of Plenty
Hey, what about the chart positions for Midnight Oil, INXS, and REM? I wonder if they charted big here in OZ.....

They were 3 of the biggest rock bands of the 1980's
Oh I forgot Metallica too, would be interesting to see how they went pre-1989
How has Australia's second biggest act Air Supply done on the charts here?
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Oct-803826Just Keep Walking
06-Apr-811814The Loved One
12-Oct-812117Stay Young
23-Aug-821416One Thing
08-Nov-821421Don't Change
14-Mar-833611To Look at You
04-July-832417Black and White (12")
12-Dec-83123Original Sin (2 weeks at 1)
26-Mar-84316I Send a Message
30-July-84318Burn for You
14-Jan-853911Dancing on the Jetty
09-Sep-85221What You Need
16-Dec-851911This Time
17-Mar-861514Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mt.)
16-Jun-862811Listen Like Thieves/Different World
22-Dec-86221Good Times (w/ Jimmy Barnes)
12-Oct-87324Need You Tonight
22-Feb-88614Devil Inside
30-May-88827New Sensation
29-Aug-881414Never Tear Us Apart
then 1990's "Suicide Blonde".
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Midnight Oil:
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-791001Run By Night
24-Nov-802824Bird Noises (EP)
26-Oct-814018Don't Wanna Be the One
24-May-823113Armistice Day (12")
29-Nov-822022U.S. Forces
28-Mar-83818Power and the Passion
02-Dec-85120Species Deceases (EP) (6 weeks)
11-Aug-86425The Dead Heart (12")
14-Aug-87627Beds are Burning
21-Dec-873212Put Down That Weapon
then came "Blue Sky Mine" in 1990.
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02-Nov-87*HP-84*WI-06 - The One I Love
then came "Orange Crush" in Jan 1989.
Roydes, Metallica had no charting singles before 1989. "One" was their first chart single, making No.38 in May 1989.

Regards, Bulion.
Air Supply were not as big in Australia as they were in the U.S., but they still managed 4 Top 10 singles:

04-Oct-76*HP-06*WI-28 - Love and Other Bruises
07-Feb-77*HP-43*WI-15 - Empty Pages
27-Jun-77*HP-45*WI-13 - Do What You Do
21-May-79*HP-13*WI-18 - Lost in Love
21-July-80*HP-09*WI-23 - All Out of Love
15-Dec-80*HP-08*WI-21 - Every Woman in the World
22-Jun-81*HP-10*WI-19 - The One That You Love
02-Nov-81*HP-43*WI-20 - Here I Am
21-Jun-82*HP-35*WI-15 - Even the Nights are Better
24-Jan-83*HP-46*WI-13 - Two Less Lonely People in the World
05-Sep-83*HP-45*WI-16 - Making Love out of Nothing at All
04-Nov-85*HP-79*WI-06 - Just As I Am
Thanks for the info Bulion! You are a champ as always!!!

How about the chart positions for AC/DC?
Wow, I had no idea that Air Supply were bigger in the US than here? How is that possible - why didn't Australia support it's own music??? To be honest, for the longest time I didn't even know that Air Supply were Australian until I looked them up, I actually thought they were American!
Like Little River Band before them, the two Russell's pitched their music to the Americans, whereas in Australia at the time pub rock like The Angels, Cold Chisel and Australian Crawl were the more popular styles with Australian listeners.
So they noticed the Americans were picking up on their sytle of slow ballad-esque appeal and ran with it. You'll notice their singles have no uptempo beats, all are mainly ballads, which the US were doing on masse. That was the secret to their success over there, they sounded like what they already had (ala Hall & Oates, soft Foreigner, Asia and REO Speedwagon).
Hi, Chartboi, does your album database has Kent Music Report? Any chance can I have them?
How has Billy Joel and Survivor done on the charts here?
26-Aug-74*HP-50*WI-10 - Can I Sit Next to You Girl
31-Mar-75*HP-20*WI-18 - Baby Please Don't Go
21-July-75*HP-10*WI-22 - High Voltage
22-Dec-75*HP-09*WI-19 - It's a Long Way to the Top
08-Mar-76*HP-19*WI-18 - T.N.T.
28-Jun-76*HP-10*WI-19 - Jailbreak
18-Oct-76*HP-29*WI-18 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
14-Feb-77*HP-63*WI-09 - Love at First Feel
18-Apr-77*HP-60*WI-05 - Dog Eat Dog
06-Feb-78*HP-82*WI-06 - Let There Be Rock
17-July-78*HP-83*WI-08 - Rock 'N' Roll Damnation
03-Sep-79*HP-24*WI-20 - Highway to Hell
15-Sep-80*HP-08*WI-28 - You Shook Me All Night Long
02-Feb-81*HP-07*WI-16 - Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution /
Hells Bells
15-Mar-82*HP-73*WI-06 - Let's Get it Up
29-July-85*HP-69*WI-05 - Danger
10-Mar-86*HP-91*WI-01 - Shake Your Foundations
09-Jun-86*HP-09*WI-22 - Who Made Who
03-Nov-86*HP-70*WI-07 - You Shook Me All Night Long
25-Jan-88*HP-05*WI-12 - Heatseeker
25-Apr-88*HP-68*WI-04 - That's the Way I Wanna Rock N Roll
Then came "Thunderstruck".
23-Aug-82*HP-01*WI-27 - Eye of the Tiger (6 weeks at No.1)
15-Apr-85*HP-93*WI-03 - I Can't Hold Back
29-July-85*HP-60*WI-11 - The Search is Over
13-Jan-86*HP-55*WI-12 - Burning Heart
Interesting, I always thought Survivor's best song was "High On You". I'm surprised it didn't chart here...
Billy Joel:
02-Feb-76*HP-20*WI-25 - Piano Man
21-Jun-76*HP-45*WI-17 - Say Goodbye to Hollywood
11-Oct-76*HP-77*WI-05 - James
06-Dec-76*HP-89*WI-03 - The Entertainer
06-Feb-78*HP-06*WI-24 - Just the Way You Are
13-Feb-78*HP-99*WI-01 - Movin' Out (Anthony's Song)
05-Jun-78*HP-59*WI-09 - The Stranger
20-Nov-78*HP-06*WI-20 - My Life
12-Mar-79*HP-91*WI-01 - Big Shot
14-May-79*HP-80*WI-05 - Honesty
07-Apr-80*HP-28*WI-16 - You May Be Right
09-Jun-80*HP-10*WI-17 - It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
30-Nov-81*HP-100*WI-1 - You're My Home
18-Oct-82*HP-16*WI-15 - Pressure
17-Jan-83*HP-49*WI-13 - Allentown
22-Aug-83*HP-09*WI-23 - Tell Her About it
31-Oct-83*HP-01*WI-20 - Uptown Girl (1 week at No.1)
06-Feb-84*HP-23*WI-18 - An Innocent Man
07-May-84*HP-15*WI-18 - The Longest Time
27-Aug-84*HP-76*WI-08 - Leave a Tender Moment Alone
22-July-85*HP-06*WI-16 - You're Only Human (Second Wind)
25-Nov-85*HP-82*WI-03 - The Night is Still Young
21-July-86*HP-21*WI-11 - Modern Woman
08-Sep-86*HP-03*WI-25 - A Matter of Trust
08-Dec-86*HP-73*WI-11 - This is the Time
11-May-87*HP-78*WI-02 - Baby Grand (w/ Ray Charles)
16-Nov-87*HP-33*WI-14 - Back in the U.S.S.R.
Then came "We Didn't Start the Fire".
Wow, Piano Man is such a classic hit, how did it only peak at 20?? That's really odd!

How did Lionel Richie and Kenny Rogers do in Australia?
hi there thanks for doing all the research!!!! could someone please tell me if the ritchie family and first choice charted there???
Hey guys... would love to know the chart position for Mondo Rock "Cool World" & any other Mondo Rock songs.

How has Olivia Newton John done on the charts? Did Magic top the chart? How about Heart Attack?
Hi everybody!

I'm adding the ARIA charts to my DB but missing the following singles and albums (with label and cat. nr's) charts:
26/03/1989 - 02/04/1989
30/04/1989 - 28/05/1989

Could somebody help me where to find these ARIA charts?

Any help is appreciated!

Many thanks for help!
Olivia Newton-John

Summer Night - #6 (1978)
Grease Megamix - #1 (5 Weeks) (1991)
Physical - #1 (1981)
Xanadu - #2 (1980)
Magic - #2 (1980)


You can access charts from 1989 onwards by using the archive feature on this site, just type in a date & the charts appear.
Anything pre-1988 is not available as yet.

Somebody please give Claude the archives for pre-1988. As he's stated they will put them on this site!!!
Ritchie Family:
29-Sep-75*HP-65*WI-06 - Brazil
01-Nov-76*HP-03*WI-25 - The Best Disco in Town
21-Mar-77*HP-55*WI-09 - Life is Music
30-Jun-80*HP-91*WI-01 - Give me a Break.
First Class:

19-Aug-74*HP-11*WI-35 - Beach Baby
Mondo Rock

23-Oct-78*HP-49*WI-08 - The Fugitive Kind
17-Nov-80*HP-06*WI-26 - State of the Heart
13-Apr-81*HP-08*WI-20 - Cool World
10-Aug-81*HP-20*WI-10 - Chemistry
16-Nov-81*HP-31*WI-17 - Summer of '81
28-Jun-82*HP-11*WI-16 - No Time
27-Sep-82*HP-40*WI-10 - The Queen and Me
18-Apr-83*HP-86*WI-04 - In Another Love
12-Dec-83*HP-02*WI-23 - Come Said the Boy
02-Apr-84*HP-18*WI-14 - Baby Wants to Rock
30-July-84*HP-85*WI-05 - The Modern Bop
28-Jan-85*HP-56*WI-08 - Good Advice
01-Sep-86*HP-58*WI-11 - Rule of Threes
24-Nov-86*HP-34*WI-26 - Primitive Love Rules
06-July-87*HP-86*WI-02 - Boom Baby Boom
10-Sep-90*HP-92*WI-04 - Why Fight it
18-Mar-91*HP-70*WI-06 - I Had You in Mind
Claude and Tim were recently sent the 1988 information. They'll let us know when it's ready to be accessed.
No worries bulion, just didn't hear anything of it after it was requested.
Thanks for the Mondo Rock archives, muchly appreciated
Olivia Newton-John (80's info)

09-Jun-80*HP-62*WI-08 - I Can't Help it (w/ Andy Gibb)
16-Jun-80*HP-32*WI-14 - Don't Cry for Me Argentina
07-July-80*HP-04*WI-18 - Magic
18-Aug-80*HP-02*WI-17 - Xanadu (w/ E.L.O.)
27-Oct-80*HP-27*WI-12 - Suddenly (w/ Cliff Richard)
26-Oct-81*HP-01*WI-28 - Physical (5 weeks at No.1)
15-Feb-82*HP-08*WI-15 - Make a Move on Me
04-Oct-82*HP-22*WI-16 - Heart Attack
21-Feb-83*HP-54*WI-10 - Tied Up (in Promises)
28-Nov-83*HP-04*WI-20 - Twist of Fate
19-Mar-84*HP-81*WI-05 - (Livin' in) Desperate Times
28-Oct-85*HP-20*WI-14 - Soul Kiss
10-Feb-86*HP-93*WI-01 - Toughen Up
Then came:
29-Aug-88*HP-35*WI-11 - The Rumour
after which you can access the rest from this website archive.

I know about the 1989-now archive, Steffen got the charts from me But there are no labels and cat. no. infos, that's why I'm missing some 1989's charts too!!
Hey Bulion!

Thanks once again for the Chart positions of AC/DC, REM and Midnight Oil.

Would it be OK as to what the chart positions of all hits by Prince before 1989? He is turning the big 5-0 in a few weeks time!

Thanks Bulion!
Thnx bulion, but you gave me the chart position for First Class! I remember the song Beach Baby, but I was asking about First Choice, who had songs like "Doctor Love", "Let No Man Put Asunder", "Smarty Pants" and "Armed & Extremely Dangerous"!

How about Sister Sledge, the Pointer Sisters and Dionne Warwick?
How have Dan England/John Ford Coley, Dan Fogelberg, Stephen Bishop and Steely Dan done on the charts?
Sorry 'bout that, here's First Choice instead

10-Dec-73*HP-99*WI-01 - Smarty Pants

That's it, and not very impressive hey???
Prince (pre 1989)

12-Apr-82*HP-15*WI-22 - Controversy
23-Aug-82*HP-88*WI-03 - Sexuality
14-Feb-83*HP-02*WI-25 - 1999
06-Jun-83*HP-08*WI-15 - Little Red Corvette
09-July-84*HP-01*WI-20 - When Doves Cry (No.1 for 1 week)
17-Sep-84*HP-10*WI-13 - Let's Go Crazy
12-Nov-84*HP-41*WI-12 - Purple Rain
25-Feb-85*HP-96*WI-03 - I Would Die 4 U
24-Jun-85*HP-38*WI-07 - Paisley Park
05-Aug-85*HP-13*WI-16 - Raspberry Beret
14-Oct-85*HP-67*WI-05 - Pop Life
24-Mar-86*HP-02*WI-18 - Kiss
23-Jun-86*HP-45*WI-08 - Mountains
30-Mar-87*HP-29*WI-14 - Sign O' the Times
05-Oct-87*HP-90*WI-03 - U Got the Look (w/ Sheena Easton)
23-May-88*HP-17*WI-11 - Alphabet Street
15-Aug-88*HP-76*WI-05 - Glam Slam
then came "Batdance".
Sister Sledge:
07-May-79*HP-22*WI-19 - He's the Greatest Dancer
30-July-79*HP-19*WI-16 - We Are Family
19-Apr-82*HP-50*WI-09 - My Guy
05-Aug-85*HP-10*WI-16 - Frankie
Pointer Sisters:

05-Nov-73*HP-86*WI-05 - Yes, We Can Can
13-Jan-75*HP-30*WI-19 - Fairytale
19-Mar-79*HP-07*WI-22 - Fire
08-Sep-80*HP-11*WI-23 - He's So Shy
25-May-81*HP-05*WI-23 - Slow Hand
19-Oct-81*HP-16*WI-18 - Should I Do it
20-Sep-82*HP-09*WI-30 - I'm So Excited
31-Jan-83*HP-78*WI-05 - American Music
12-Mar-84*HP-79*WI-06 - Jump
21-May-84*HP-15*WI-25 - Automatic
06-Aug-84*HP-08*WI-23 - Jump (re-entry)
18-Feb-85*HP-04*WI-21 - Neutron Dance
01-July-85*HP-29*WI-15 - Baby Come and Get it
26-Aug-85*HP-10*WI-15 - Dare Me
19-Jan-87*HP-79*WI-02 - Goldmine
Dionne Warwick:

08-Feb-64*HP-11*WI-22 - Anyone Who Had a Heart
23-May-64*HP-28*WI-11 - Walk on By
19-Sep-64*HP-32*WI-10 - You'll Never Get to Heaven
21-Nov-64*HP-43*WI-09 - Reach Out for Me
15-May-65*HP-81*WI-10 - You Can Have Him
19-Feb-66*HP-54*WI-08 - Are you There (with Another Girl)
07-May-66*HP-44*WI-08 - Message to Michael
06-Aug-66*HP-88*WI-05 - Trains & Boats & Planes
05-Nov-66*HP-90*WI-02 - I Just Don't What to Do with Myself
25-Feb-67*HP-70*WI-01 - Another Night
18-Nov-67*HP-77*WI-05 - I Say a Little Prayer
11-May-68*HP-15*WI-15 - Do You Know the Way to San Jose
10-Aug-68*HP-59*WI-04 - Valley of the Dolls
15-Feb-69*HP-17*WI-15 - This Girl's in Love With You
03-May-69*HP-86*WI-03 - Promises, Promises
06-Sep-69*HP-76*WI-07 - Odds and Ends
01-Nov-69*HP-26*WI-15 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
18-May-70*HP-47*WI-19 - Let Me Go to Him
31-Aug-70*HP-51*WI-10 - Paper Mache
21-Oct-74*HP-59*WI-08 - Then Came You (w/ The Spinners)
10-Sep-79*HP-35*WI-18 - I'll Never Love This Way Again
03-Mar-80*HP-69*WI-13 - Deja Vu
18-Oct-82*HP-46*WI-08 - Friends in Love (w/ Johnny Mathis)
06-Dec-82*HP-02*WI-21 - Heartbreaker
16-Mat-83*HP-53*WI-10 - All the Love in the World
23-Dec-85*HP-01*WI-25 - That's What Friends are For (1 week)

As you can see, Dionne didn't get her first Top 10 single in Australia until early 1983, 19 years after she started charting here.
England Dan & John Ford Coley:
23-Aug-76*HP-25*WI*16 - I'd Really Love to See You Tonight
07-Feb-77*HP-92*WI-03 - Nights Are Forever Without You
18-July-77*HP-90*WI-02 - It's Sad to Belong
06-Feb-78*HP-71*WI-05 - Gone Too Far
25-Jun-79*HP-79*WI-02 - Love is the Answer

So only really their first single was an adequate hit, the rest where nothing really much at all here.
Dan Fogelberg:

10-Mar-75*HP-71*WI-09 - Part of the Plan
10-Mar-80*HP-41*WI-13 - Longer
05-Apr-82*HP-79*WI-07 - Leader of the Band
24-Jan-83*HP-55*WI-11 - Missing You
Stephen Bishop:

30-Oct-77*HP-66*WI-13 - On and On
09-May-83*HP-50*WI-13 - It Might Be You (Theme from Tootsie)
Steely Dan:

02-Apr-73*HP-60*WI-06 - Do it Again
09-July-73*HP-62*WI-07 - Reeling in the Years
17-Jun-73*HP-30*WI-19 - Rikki, Don't Lose That Number
26-Jun-78*HP-87*WI-04 - FM (No Static at All)
02-Feb-81*HP-48*WI-11 - Hey Nineteen
thanks for that bulion - I'm surprised that Fogelberg, Stephen and Steely haven't done well at all on the charts, although you hear their songs regularly on some classic rock/easy listening FM stations (ie. "I'd Really Love To See You Tonight", "Reeling In The Years"... etc).

Did Firefall chart?

05-Feb-79*HP-45*WI-11 - Strange Way
23-May-83*HP-74*WI-06 - Always

Infos for Kraftwerk perhaps?

How have Sade, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Patti LaBelle done?
Damn, none of my favourite groups have done very well on the charts at all! I wonder if Foreigner, Fleetwood Mac or Chicago fared any better bulion??
Any chance of finding out what the peak chart positions are for these songs please

Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel
Olivia Newton-John - Hopelessly Devoted To You
Madness - House Of Fun
The Cure - In Between Days
Phil Collins i Sussudio
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
Silverchair - Reflections Of A Sound

Thanks in advance.... Craig
New Compilation coming out called 100% Hits the 90's
1-Epic-Faith No More
2-U Can't Touch This-MC Hammer
3-Groove Is In The Heart-Deee-Lite
4-The King Of Wishful Thinking-Go West
5-Nothing Compares 2 U-Sinead O'Connor
6-Crazy (Album Version)-Seal
7-Enjoy The Silence (Single Version)-Depeche Mode
8-Ice Ice Baby-Vanilla Ice
9-Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)-De La Soul
10-How To Dance (Album Version)-Bingo Boys
11-Every Heartbeat-Amy Grant
12-Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave)-Roxette
13-I Wanna Sex You Up (Album Version)-Color Me Badd
14-Cream (LP Version)-Prince & The New Power Generation
15-Love You Right (Radio Edit)-Euphoria
16-Something Good-Utah Saints
17-I Think I Love You (Album Version)-Voice Of The Beehive
18-To Be With You (LP Version)-Mr. Big
19-Hazard (Edit)-Richard Marx
1-Life Is A Highway-Tom Cochrane
2-Stay-Shakespeare's Sister
3-Take A Chance On Me-Erasure
4-Free Your Mind (LP Version)-En Vogue
5-Just Another Day (Radio Edit)-Jon Secada
6-Ain't No Doubt (Edit)-Jimmy Nail
7-Informer (Album Version)-Snow
8-Can't Help Falling In Love With You-UB40
9-Somewhere (G Mix)-Efua
10-Come Undone (Edit)-Duran Duran
11-No Rain-Blind Melon
13-I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)-Meat Loaf
14-It's Alright (2004 Digital Remaster)-East 17
15-Return To Innocence-Enigma
16-Vasoline (Album Version)-The Stone Temple Pilots
17-Gel (Album Version)-Collective Soul
18-What's The Frequency, Kenneth? (Radio Version)-R.E.M.
19-Put Yourself In My Place-Kylie Minogue
20-Missing (Todd Terry Club Edit)-Everything But The Girl
1-Gangsta's Paradise (LP Version)-Coolio
2-Cornflake Girl-Tori Amos
3-Santa Monica-Everclear
4-Boombastic (7'' Original Edit)-Shaggy
5-Spaceman (Radio Edit)-Babylon Zoo
6-Return Of The Mack-Mark Morrison
7-In Too Deep-Belinda Carlisle
8-There's Nothing I Won't Do-JX
9-This Is Your Night (Album Version)-Amber
10-Your Woman-White Town
11-Bitch-Meredith Brooks
12-Semi-Charmed Life (Album Version)-Third Eye Blind
13-You Were Meant For Me (Album Version)-Jewel
14-Sunchyme (Album Version)-Dario G
15-Never Ever-All Saints
16-The Boy Is Mine-Brandy with Monica
17-Sex And Candy-Marcy Playground
18-Honey To The Bee (Single Version)-Billie
19-Every You Every Me (Single Mix)-Placebo
20-Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (2006 Digital Remaster)
07-July-56*HP-03*WI-18 - Heartbreak Hotel
14-Aug-78*HP-02*WI-21 - Hopelessly Devoted To You
02-Aug-82*HP-05*WI-15 - House Of Fun
23-Sep-85*HP-16*WI-18 - In Between Days
04-Mar-85*HP-08*WI-18 - Sussudio
23-Sep-85*HP-06*WI-17 - Running Up That Hill
nothing at all - Reflections Of A Sound

23-Jun-75*HP-30*WI-13 - Autobahn
19-Apr-82*HP-33*WI-15 - The Model
06-Aug-84*HP-60*WI-12 - Tour de France
Chaka Khan:

22-Jan-79*HP-37*WI-22 - I'm Every Woman
26-Nov-84*HP-04*WI-20 - I Feel for You
Patti LaBelle:
05-May-75*HP-13*WI-16 - Lady Marmalade (LaBelle)
03-July-78*HP-01*WI-33 - Black is Black (La Belle Epoque)
03-Jun-85*HP-84*WI-07 - New Attitude
02-Jun-85*HP-12*WI-16 - On My Own (w/ Michael McDonald)

19-Nov-84*HP-64*WI-11 - Your Love is King
19-Nov-84*HP-20*WI-17 - Smooth Operator
11-Mar-85*HP-68*WI-06 - Hang on to Your Love
25-Nov-85*HP-65*WI-10 - The Sweetest Taboo
19-May-86*HP-70*HP-05 - Never as Good as the First Time
16-May-88*HP-67*WI-07 - Love is Stronger Than Pride
11-July-88*HP-92*WI-07 - Paradise
ARIA Top 100 Info:
29-Nov-92*HP-93*WI-03 - No Ordinary Love
16-May-93*HP-21*WI-18 - No Ordinary Love (Re-Entry)
Aretha Franklin:

25-Nov-61*HP-30*WI-20 - Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody
24-Jun-67*HP-14*WI-19 -Respect
26-Aug-67*HP-51*WI-04 - Baby, I Love You
21-Oct-67*HP-36*WI-09 - (You Make me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
20-Jan-68*HP-51*WI-06 - Chain of Fools
20-Apr-68*HP-76*WI-01 - Since You've Been Gone
08-Jun-68*HP-49*WI-08 - Think
07-Sep-68*HP-08*WI-15 - I Say a Little Prayer
07-Dec-68*HP-29*WI-11 - See Saw
08-Mar-69*HP-38*WI-07 - The Weight
26-Jan-70*HP-91*WI-03 - Eleanor Rigby
04-Oct-71*HP-17*WI-19 - Spanish Harlem
09-Feb-81*HP-89*WI-08 - Come to Me
19-Aug-85*HP-06*WI-15 - Freeway of Love
11-Nov-85*HP-38*WI-11 - Who's Zoomin' Who
21-Apr-86*HP-67*WI-06 - Another Night
17-Nov-86*HP-36*WI-11 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
09-Feb-87*HP-01*WI-21 - I Knew You Were Waiting (for Me)
(W/ George Michael) (4 weeks at No.1)
29-May-89*HP-63*WI-07 - Through the Storm (w/ Elton John)

04-July-77*HP-41*WI-17 - Feels Like the First Time
07-Nov-77*HP-32*WI-33 - Cold as Ice
24-Apr-78*HP-70*WI-07 - Long, Long Way from Home
07-Aug-78*HP-24*WI-15 - Hot Blooded
29-Jan-79*HP-97*WI-01 - Double Vision
31-Aug-81*HP-24*WI-38 - Urgent
07-Dec-81*HP-03*WI-26 - Waiting for a Girl (Like You)
17-May-82*HP-53*WI-11 - Juke Box Hero
24-Dec-84*HP-01*WI-26 - I Want to Know What Love is (5 wks)
22-Apr-85*HP-55*WI-11 - That Was Yesterday
21-Dec-87*HP-06*WI-21 - Say You Will
09-May-88*HP-21*WI-17 - I Don't Want to Live Without You

Fleetwood Mac:

22-Feb-69*HP-12*WI-17 - Albatross
26-July-69*HP-100*WI-1 - Man of the World
22-Nov-69*HP-19*WI-19 - Oh Well
05-July-76*HP-13*WI-22 - Rhiannon
11-Oct-76*HP-38*WI-21 - Say You Love Me
07-Feb-77*HP-20*WI-23 - Go Your Own Way
06-Aug-77*HP-19*WI-16 - Dreams
29-Aug-77*HP-30*WI-22 - Don't Stop
28-Nov-77*HP-65*WI-10 - You Make Lovin' Fun
05-Feb-79*HP-71*WI-10 - Albatross (re-entry)
01-Oct-79*HP-03*WI-27 - Tusk
14-Jan-80*HP-11*WI-15 - Sara
05-July-82*HP-12*WI-17 - Hold Me
27-Sep-82*HP-17*WI-13 - Gypsy
27-Dec-82*HP-96*WI-03 - Love in Store
13-Apr-87*HP-16*WI-16 - Big Love
13-July-87*HP-23*WI-17 - Seven Wonders
28-Sep-87*HP-16*WI-21 - Little Lies
11-Jan-88*HP-45*WI-15 - Everywhere
09-May-88*HP-83*WI-02 - Family Man
19-Dec-88*HP-35*WI-12 - As Long as You Follow
15-Apr-90*HP-41*WI-08 - Save Me

Very interesting indeed!.

I've got a few more, how about Mr 80's Phil Collins, Jimmy Barnes & Simply Red.

Thank you Bulion! You are certainly a fountain of information!!! How about Cyndi Lauper, Pebbles, Teena Marie and Donna Summer?
how about kool and the gang? lionel richie and the commodores?
Iron Maiden, Metallica and Judas Priest please
Phil Collins:

23-Mar-81*HP-03*WI-21 - In the Air Tonight
06-July-81*HP-88*WI-04 - I Missed Again
31-Jan-83*HP-03*WI-18 - You Can't Hurry Love
30-Apr-84*HP-03*WI-20 - Against All Odds
14-Jan-85*HP-73&WI-03 - Easy Lover (w/ Philip Bailey)
04-Mar-85*HP-08*WI-18 - Sussudio
22-Apr-85*HP-02*WI-15 - One More Night
15-July-85*HP-10*WI-16 - (Billy) Don't Lose My Number
11-Nov-85*HP-14*WI-21 - Separate Lives (w/ Marilyn Martin)
16-Dec-85*HP-64*WI-08 - Take Me Home
then came "A Groovy Kind of Love".
Jimmy Barnes:

03-Sep-84*HP-12*WI-14 - No Second Prize
03-Dec-84*HP-86*WI-03 - Promise Me You'll Call
11-Feb-85*HP-12*WI-11 - Daylight
09-Sep-85*HP-07*WI-25 - I'd Die to Be With You Tonight
25-Nov-85*HP-04*WI-18 - Working Class Man
03-Mar-86*HP-39*WI-10 - Ride the Night Away
22-Dec-86*HP-02*WI-21 - Good Times (w/ INXS)
02-Nov-87*HP-01*WI-20 - Too Much Ain't Enough Love (1 wk)
24-Jan-88*HP-12*WI-16 - Driving Wheels
04-Apr-88*HP-29*WI-10 - I'm Still on Your Side
18-July-88*HP-32*WI-11 - Waitin' for the Heartache
07-Nov-88*HP-03*WI-19 - When a Man Loves a Woman (Live)
then came "Last Frontier".

Simply Red:

30-Sep-85*HP-21&WI-17 - Money's Too Tight (to Mention)
21-Apr-86*HP-16*WI-26 - Holding Back the Years
29-Sep-86*HP-70*WI-07 - Open Up the Red Box
16-Mar-87*HP-17*WI-15 - The Right Thing
22-Jun-87*HP-54*WI-07 - Infidelity
then came "It's Only Love" in 1989.

16-May-88*HP-86*WI-02 - Girlfriend
25-Nov-90*HP-48*WI-15 - Giving You the Benefit (ARIA info)

Teena Marie:

18-Mar-85*HP-19*WI-17 - Lovergirl

Cyndi Lauper:

27-Feb-84*HP-01*WI-21 - Girls Just Want to Have Fun (2 wks)
30-Apr-84*HP-06*WI-18 - Time After Time
13-Aug-84*HP-06*WI-25 - She Bop
26-Nov-84*HP-17*WI-20 - All Through the Night
11-Feb-85*HP-19*WI-14 - Money Changes Everything
01-July-85*HP-08*WI-13 - The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
25-Aug-86*HP-03*WI-23 - True Colors
24-Nov-86*HP-15*WI-15 - Change of Heart
30-Mar-87*HP-52*WI-12 - What's Going On
08-Aug-88*HP-08*WI-15 - Hole in My Heart
then came "I Drove All Night" in 1989.
Donna Summer:

23-Feb-76*HP-04*WI-19 - Love to Love You Baby
08-Aug-77*HP-01*WI-23 - I Feel Love (1 week at No.1)
21-Nov-77*HP-70*WI-13 - Theme from 'The Deep'
20-Feb-78*HP-47*WI-14 - I Love You
04-Sep-78*HP-69*WI-12 - Last Dance
23-Oct-78*HP-08*WI-22 - MacArthur Park
19-Mar-79*HP-15*WI-20 - Heaven Knows
21-May-79*HP-01*WI-22 - Hot Stuff (1 week at No.1)
16-July-79*HP-14*WI-16 - Bad Girls
05-Nov-79*HP-08*WI-21 - No More Tears (Enough is Enough)
(w/ Barbra Streisand)
03-Mar-80*HP-36*WI-16 - On the Radio
13-Oct-80*HP-06*WI-17 - The Wanderer
04-May-81*HP-100*WI-1 - Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
02-Aug-82*HP-17*WI-17 - Love is in Control
06-Dec-82*HP-30*WI-29 - State of Independence
18-July-83*HP-04*WI-17 - She Works Hard for the Money
10-Oct-83*HP-57*WI-05 - Unconditional Love
15-Oct-84*HP-52*WI-08 - There Goes My Baby
then came "This Time I Know it's for Real" in 1989.
Kool and the Gang:

13-July-81*HP-33*WI-15 - Celebration
26-July-82*HP-74*WI-13 - Get Down on it
02-Apr-84*HP-45*WI-11 - Joanna
09-Sep-85*HP-08*WI-24 - Cherish / Misled
16-Mar-87*HP-89*WI-03 - Victory
29-Jun-87*HP-94*WI-03 - Stone Love

16-Sep-74*HP-95*WI-03 - Machine Gun
01-Dec-75*HP-98*WI-01 - The Bump
29-Nov-76*HP-94*WI-01 - Just to Be Close to You
12-Dec-77*HP-75*WI-10 - Easy
21-Aug-78*HP-01*WI-32 - Three Times a Lady (5 wks at No.1)
24-Sep-79*HP-38*WI-21 - Still
19-Nov-79*HP-86*WI-11 - Sail On
14-Sep-81*HP-34*WI-13 - Lady (You Bring Me Up)
25-Jan-82*HP-51*WI-15 - Oh No
08-Apr-85*HP-08*WI-18 - Nightshift

Lionel Richie:

31-Aug-81*HP-01*WI-23 - Endless Love (w/Diana Ross) (4 wks)
06-Dec-82*HP-07*WI-25 - Truly
04-Apr-83*HP-17*WI-26 - You Are
25-July-83*HP-88*WI-06 - My Love
14-Nov-83*HP-01*WI-28 - All Night Long (all Night) (6 weeks)
30-Jan-84*HP-24*WI-18 - Running With the Night
30-Apr-84*HP-01*WI-28 - Hello (3 weeks at No.1)
16-July-84*HP-24*WI-20 - Stuck on You
05-Nov-84*HP-73*WI-12 - Penny Lover
18-Nov-85*HP-03*WI-26 - Say You, Say Me
28-July-86*HP-02*WI-22 - Dancing on the Ceiling
29-Dec-86*HP-71*WI-08 - Love Will Conquer All
02-Feb-87*HP-43*WI-09 - Deep River Woman / Ballerina Girl
then came "Do it to Me" in 1992.
Metallica never had any pre 1989 singles (as I've posted before), their first charting single was 1989's "One" which hit No.38.

Iron Maiden:
14-Jun-83*HP-27*WI-21 - Run to the Hills
18-July-83*HP-93*WI-01 - Flight of Icarus
25-Apr-88*HP-58*WI-08 - Can I Play With Madness
ARIA info:
07-Jun-92*HP-47*WI-06 - Be Quick of Be Dead
25-Apr-93*HP-98*WI-01 - Fear of the Dark

Judas Priest:

18-Aug-80*HP-91*WI-04 - Living After Midnight

I always thought Phil Collins had more hits in the 80's than that because he seemed to be everywhere back then (if there was a movie song required he was the "go to" man), but I guess he had hits with Genesis as well.

Anyway another couple I've wondered about - Huey Lewis & the News, Queen & David Bowie.

Thanks as always - you're a champion!
I'm kinda shocked with Phil Collins too. I thought "Easy Lover" was a top 5 hit here, it's a classic on many radio stations, you can hear it all the time. How did it peak so low???

How did Earth Wind & Fire do? Hall & Oates? Pat Benatar?
Oh and how did Genesis do?
The problem with Easy Lover was that there was a record company dispute over the song in Australia. With Phil C being on Atlantic and Phil B being on CBS, they both wouldn't let each other have the rights to it. CBS released it first because it was from Philip Bailey's album, but the Atlantic/Warner got annoyed, so after a month on the shelves the single was pulled from release, thus resulting in a really LOW placing on the charts. Shame because it's a good song too.
Huey Lewis & The News:

31-May-82*HP-18*WI-17 - Do You Believe in Love
19-Dec-83*HP-25*WU-17 - Heart and Soul
16-Apr-84*HP-27*WI-19 - I Want a New Drug (Called Love)
05-Nov-84*HP-20*WI-22 - If This is it
14-Jan-85*HP-58*WI-10 - The Heart of Rock & Roll
01-Apr-85*HP-70*WI-07 - Walking on a Thin Line
12-Aug-85*HP-01*WI-22 - Power of Love (2 weeks at No.1)
08-Sep-86*HP-02*WI-22 - Stuck With You
24-Nov-86*HP-17*WI-18 - Hip to Be Square
16-Mar-87*HP-48*WI-10 - Jacob's Ladder
22-Aug-88*HP-22*WI-14 - Perfect World
then came 1991's "Couple Days Off".

24-Mar-75*HP-24*WI-30 - Killer Queen
19-Jan-76*HP-01*WI-30 - Bohemian Rhapsody (2 weeks at No.1)
31-May-76*HP-40*WI-17 - You're My Best Friend
29-Nov-76*HP-15*WI-21 - Somebody to Love
18-Apr-77*HP-47*WI-09 - Tie Your Mother Down
21-Nov-77*HP-08*WI-22 - We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You
27-Nov-78*HP-25*WI-13 - Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race
04-Feb-80*HP-01*WI-21 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (7wks)
19-May-80*HP-76*WI-07 - Save Me
04-Aug-80*HP-85*WI-03 - Play the Game
13-Oct-80*HP-05*WI-24 - Another One Bites the Dust
06-Apr-81*HP-16*WI-19 - Flash's Theme
09-Nov-81*HP-06*WI-19 - Under Pressure (w/ David Bowie)
17-May-82*HP-23*WI-12 - Body Language
30-Jan-84*HP-02*WI-19 - Radio Ga Ga
30-Apr-84*HP-08*WI-21 - I Want to Break Free
30-July-84*HP-65*WI-12 - It's a Hard Life
13-May-85*HP-69*WI-04 - Hammer to Fall
23-Dec-85*HP-34*WI-12 - One Vision
28-Apr-86*HP-25*WI-17 - A Kind of Magic
18-Aug-86*HP-32*WI-10 - Princes of the Universe
then came 1989's "I Want it All".
Earth, Wind & Fire:

14-July-75*HP-95*WI-03 - Shining Star
01-May-78*HP-25*WI-24 - Fantasy
08-Jan-79*HP-12*WI-19 - September
11-Jun-79*HP-06*WI-17 - Boogie Wonderland
03-Sep-79*HP-62*WI-10 - After the Love Has Gone
18-Jan-82*HP-15*WI-18 - Let's Groove

Pat Benatar:

17-Mar-80*HP-95*WI-03 - Heartbreaker
14-July-80*HP-28*WI-17 - We Live for Love
10-Nov-80*HP-31*WI-11 - You Better Run
09-Feb-81*HP-33*WI-21 - Hit Me With Your Best Shot
24-Aug-81*HP-30*WI-16 - Fire and Ice
13-Dec-82*HP-19*WI-21 - Shadows of the Night
26-Dec-83*HP-01*WI-22 - Love is a Battlefield (5 weeks at No.1)
03-Dec-84*HP-07*WI-19 - We Belong
25-Mar-85*HP-78*WI-03 - Ooh Ooh Song
23-Sep-85*HP-23*WI-18 - Invincible
27-Jan-86*HP-33*WI-12 - Sex as a Weapon
19-May-86*HP-86*WI-06 - Le Bel Age
08-Aug-88*HP-02*WI-25 - All Fired Up
14-Nov-88*HP-62*WI-10 - Don't Walk Away
Daryl Hall & John Oates:

04-Oct-76*HP-52*WI-09 - She's Gone
11-Apr-77*HP-06*WI-21 - Rich Girl
01-Aug-77*HP-65*WI-07 - Back Together Again
24-Mar-80*HP-81*WI-06 - Wait for Me
06-Oct-80*HP-48*WI-07 - How Does it Feel to Be Back
10-Nov-80*HP-13*WI-23 - Kiss on My List
14-Sep-81*HP-40*WI-11 - You Make My Dreams
19-Oct-81*HP-17*WI-19 - Private Eyes
08-Feb-82*HP-13*WI-17 - I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)
15-Nov-82*HP-04*WI-18 - Maneater
14-Mar-83*HP-77*WI-05 - One on One
15-Aug-83*HP-49*WI-09 - Family Man
05-Dec-83*HP-24*WI-18 - Say it Isn't So
09-Apr-84*HP-94*WI-02 - Adult Education
05-Nov-84*HP-11*WI-22 - Out of Touch
04-Mar-85*HP-56*WI-09 - Method of Modern Love
21-Oct-85*HP-81*WI-04 - The Way You Do the Things You Do
08-Sep-86*HP-28*WI-13 - Dreamtime (Daryl Hall solo)
23-May-88*HP-75*WI-07 - Everything Your Heart Desires

Last edited: 31/05/2008 10:25
10-July-78*HP-16*WI-22 - Follow You Follow Me
12-Oct-81*HP-35*WI-16 - Abacab
18-Jan-82*HP-74*WI-07 - No Reply at All
09-Aug-82*HP-73*WI-07 - Paperlate
31-Oct-83*HP-45*WI-08 - Mama
05-Mar-84*HP-62*WI-10 - That's All
09-Jun-86*HP-03*WI-20 - Invisible Touch
15-Sep-86*HP-17*WI-17 - In Too Deep
22-Dec-86*HP-21*WI-15 - Land of Confusion
09-Feb-87*HP-80*WI-04 - Home By the Sea
27-Apr-87*HP-93*WI-04 - Tonight, Tonight, Tonight
10-Aug-87*HP-91*WI-01 - Throwing it All Away
then came "No Son of Mine" in 1991.
David Bowie:

14-Aug-72*HP-37*WI-25 - Starman
26-Feb-73*HP-09*WI-25 - Space Oddity
09-Apr-73*HP-42*WI-14 - The Jean Genie
24-Dec-73*HP-01*WI-24 - Sorrow (2 weeks at No.1)
14-Jan-74*HP-57*WI-11 - The Laughing Gnome
25-Mar-74*HP-28*WI-22 - Rebel Rebel
29-July-74*HP-66*WI-05 - Diamond Dogs
02-Dec-74*HP-49*WI-12 - Knock on Wood
05-May-75*HP-27*WI-14 - The Young Americans
12-Jan-76*HP-34*WI-22 - Golden Years
25-Apr-77*HP-74*WI-10 - Sound and Vision
05-Dec-77*HP-11*WI-17 - Heroes
18-Jun-79*HP-85*WI-04 - Boys Keep Swinging
03-Sep-79*HP-98*WI-01 - D.J.
08-Sep-80*HP-03*WI-22 - Ashes to Ashes
22-Dec-80*HP-27*WI-16 - Fashion
09-Nov-81*HP-06*WI-19 - Under Pressure (with Queen)
24-May-83*HP-15*WI-18 - Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
28-Mar-83*HP-02*WI-20 - Let's Dance
20-Jun-83*HP-15*WI-13 - China Girl
26-Sep-83*HP-06*WI-22 - Modern Love
24-Sep-84*HP-12*WI-17 - Blue Jean
17-Dec-84*HP-70*WI-09 - Tonight
18-Mar-85*HP-33*WI-10 - This is Not America (w/Pat Methany)
08-July-85*HP-65*WI-05 - Loving the Alien
16-Sep-85*Hp-01*WI-18 - Dancing in the Street (W/ Mick Jagger) (2 weeks at No.1)
17-Mar-86*HP-05*WI-16 - Absolute Beginners
21-July-86*HP-26*WI-11 - Underground
13-Apr-87*HP-33*WI-11 - Day-in, Day-Out
21-Sep-87*HP-63*WI-05 - Never Let Me Down
ARIA info:
03-Jun-90*HP-85*WI-04 - Fame (90 Remix)
04-Apr-93*HP-53*WI-07 - Jump They Say
20-Jun-93*HP-74*WI-02 - Black Tie White Noise
05-May-96*HP-36*WI-07 - Hallo Spaceboy
02-Mar-97*HP-94*WI-01 - Little Wonder
23-Aug-99*HP-52*WI-02 - Without You I'm Nothing (Placebo w)

bulion, do you have Chartifacts from 1990-1993? Sometimes on those they revealed ARIA chart peaks between #51 and #100 between Jul 1988-Dec 1989 - e.g. Blue Zone's "Jackie"'s chart peak from 1989 (#99) was mentioned in the Chartifacts entry for B.Z. featuring Joanne's cover of the song in a 1998 Chartifacts entry. If so, I'm wondering if they make mention of Neneh Cherry's peaks for "Manchild" and "Kisses On the Wind" (#51 and #52 respectively on the Kent Report chart) e.g. on the chartifacts entry for "Heart" (Mar 1990). I've wanted to find out their ARIA peaks since 1989!
As I only have the Top 50 information from 1989, I can't as yet tell you what their peaks were. I can only tell you Top 100 peak positions from 1990 onwards. I also don't have ARIA Chartifacts.

18-Mar-90*HP-91*WI-05 - Heart
28-Oct-90*HP-61*WI-12 - I've Got You Under My Skin
15-Nov-92*HP-85*WI-08 - Money Love

After these there was her two big singles "7 Seconds" and "Woman" which you can find through the archive.

I hope this enough for now.

Regards, Bulion.
Thanks for that Bulion! While we're on the Phil Collins/Genesis rush, how did Peter Gabriel do? I was also wondering how Melissa Manchester, Sheena Easton, Rita Coolidge and Quincy Jones have done?
A friend and I were having a little contest (over a cold one) last night to name as many comedy (with no music) hits we could think of. I only got 3, Australiana - Austen Tayshus, It's Just Not Cricket - The 12th Man & I'm Tuff - George Smilovic. I probably missed a couple of obvious ones so does anyone have any others?.
I had that info already, but thanks anyway for your efforts Bulion
How about "Marvelous" by the 12th Man? Or "Asshole" by Denis Leary? I don't know if Cheech and Chong had any "routines" that charted as singles in the 70's like they did in the US though...
I think you can include Bruce 2000 by The 12th Man, too. A bit of music, but not really as a song. But I think you have them all that technically have no music.
Hey bulion, you might be able to help me here....
I've been going through my thousands of mp3's and adding the 'HP' & 'WI' for each song into the file info (I enter the HP as the track number & the WI in the comments). This way I can sort by this info in Windows Explorer & iTunes without having to keep a separate spreadsheet.
Anyway, the problem I have is that I only have this info from 1970 onwards and I can't find any Australian chart info for the Creedence Clearwater Revival songs I have from 1969. Can you help?
One more thing...
I've also got heaps of pre-1970 Beatles songs but I've used the 'Beatles In Australia' website (see link below) as my guide to Australian chart positions for these. However, I don't know how accurate this info is because they don't reference it anywhere. So if you could post a list of chart info for 60's Beatles songs I would be very appreciative.

Further to Adam's point.
As most you are probably aware there is some pre 90's Australian Chart info on Wikipedia. There not a lot mind you and because it is Wikipedia, my question is how reliable do you think most of it is?.
Also while I'm at it, any info on Dire Straits & Bryan Adams would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Creedence Clearwater Revival:

30-Nov-68*HP-88*WI-02 - Suzie Q.
05-Apr-69*HP-05*WI-22 - Proud Mary
17-May-69*HP-03*WI-19 - Bad Moon Rising
23-Aug-69*HP-06*WI-14 - Green River
22-Nov-69*HP-02*WI-20 - Down on the Corner / Fortunate Son
02-Mar-70*HP-04*WI-23 - Travelin' Band / Who'll Stop the Rain
22-Jun-70*HP-01*WI-20 - Up Around the Bend / Run Through the Jungle (6 weeks at No.1)
21-Sep-70*HP-01*WI-23 - Lookin' Out My Back Door / Long As I Can See the Light (4 weeks at No.1)
15-Feb-71*HP-06*WI-16 - Have You Ever Seen the Rain
09-Aug-71*HP-12*WI-14 - Sweet Hitch-Hiker
22-May-72*HP-15*WI-14 - Someday Never Comes


16-Mar-63*HP-52*WI-10 - Please Please Me
25-May-63*HP-09*WI-18 - From Me to You
31-Aug-63*HP-03*WI-55 - She Loves You / I'll Get You
21-Dec-63*HP-01*WI-41 - I Want to Hold Your Hand (7 weeks)
11-Jan-64*HP-05*WI-38 - Twist and Shout (EP)
25-Jan-64*HP-01*WI-29 - I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do (7 weeks at No.1)
22-Feb-64*HP-36*WI-13 - Please Please Me (Re-entry)
22-Feb-64*HP-52*WI-15 - The Beatles Hits (EP)
29-Feb-64*HP-21*WI-20 - From Me to You (Re-entry)
29-Feb-64*HP-29*WI-11 - My Bonnie (w/Tony Sheridan)
14-Mar-64*HP-01*WI-22 - Roll Over Beethoven (2 weeks)
14-Mar-64*HP-79*WI-08 - The Beatles No.1 (EP)
21-Mar-64*HP-01*WI-29 - All My Loving (EP) (3 weeks)
25-Apr-64*HP-01*WI-25 - Can't Buy Me Love (6 weeks)
25-Apr-64*HP-32*WI-06 - Cry for a Shadow (w/Tony Sheridan)
30-May-64*HP-01*WI-21 - Requests (EP) (1 week at No.1)
20-Jun-64*HP-16*WI-10 - Ain't She Sweet
11-July-64*HP-01*WI-24 - A Hard Days Night (6 weeks)
01-Aug-64*HP-07*WI-14 - More Requests (EP)
22-Aug-64*HP-01*WI-26 - I Should Have Known Better / If I Fell (5 weeks at No.1)
28-Nov-64*HP-01*WI-23 - I Feel Fine / She's a Woman (8 wks)
26-Dec-64*HP-44*WI-10 - And I Love Her (EP)
13-Mar-65*HP-01*WI-19 - Rock & Roll Music (4 weeks)
24-Apr-65*HP-01*WI-17 - Ticket to Ride (3 weeks)
26-Jun-65*HP-84*WI-05 - Eight Days a Week (EP)
24-July-65*HP-01*Wi-25 - Help! / I'm Down (8 weeks at No.1)
16-Oct-65*HP-02*WI-21 - Yesterday / Act Naturally
11-Dec-65*HP-01*WI-21 - We Can Work it Out / Day Tripper (7 weeks at No.1)
26-Mar-66*HP-01*WI-16 - Nowhere Man/Norwegian Wood(2wk)
18-Jun-66*HP-01*WI-11 - Paperback Writer/Rain (1 week)
27-Aug-66*HP-01*WI-21 - Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby (8 weeks at No.1)
11-Mar-67*HP-01*WI-19 - Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever (5 weeks)
15-July-67*HP-01*WI-14 - All You Need is Love (5 weeks)
09-Dec-67*HP-01*WI-17 - Hello, Goodbye/I Am the Walrus(2w)
16-Mar-68*HP-03*WI-16 - Magical Mystery Tour (EP)
30-Mar-68*HP-01*WI-17 - Lady Madonna (2 weeks)
21-Sep-68*HP-01*WI-30 - Hey Jude/Revolution (13 weeks)
22-Feb-69*HP-01*WI-22 - Ob-la-Di, Ob-la-Da / While My Guitar Gently Weeps (6 weeks at No.1)
10-May-69*HP-01*WI-19 - Get Back/Don't Let Me Down (4wks)
21-Jun-69*HP-01*WI-17 - The Ballad of John & Yoko (4 wks)
25-Oct-69*HP-01*WI-20 - Something / Come Together (5 wks)
16-Mar-70*HP-01*WI-31 - Let it Be (6 weeks)
22-Jun-70*HP-07*WI-22 - The Long and Winding Road
07-Jun-76*HP-86*WI-04 - Yesterday (Re-entry)
30-Aug-76*HP-93*WI-03 - Got to Get You into My Life
18-Sep-78*HP-90*WI-04 - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band / With a Little Help from My Friends
03-May-82*HP-33*WI-10 - Beatles Movie Medley
24-Nov-86*HP-48*WI-12 - Twist and Shout
ARIA Info:
16-Apr-95*HP-33*WI-06 - Baby it's You
17-Dec-95*HP-06*WI-08 - Free as a Bird
17-Mar-96*HP-06*WI-08 - Real Love

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I'll answer the rest on Saturday or Sunday, as I had a spare 30 minutes tonight to do the above two.

Regards, Bulion.
How has Anne Murray done?
Thanks very much for that! That's a HUGE help.

Now I have one more question...
Can anyone tell me how many songs have made the singles chart between 8/1/1989 & this week (8/6/2008)? I came up with 4815 but I think I might be missing some. I added up the total weeks of all the songs I have on my list and it came to 49774 but I think if the list is complete it should add up to 50700 (50 x 1014 weeks).

P.S. Sorry if this is getting off the topic of this thread but I couldn't find any existing thread relating to this.

How have John Denver, Kenny Rogers and Glen Campbell done? Did Roger Whitaker chart?

Cyndi's to classifed how much Albums/Sold in Australia ??Thanks
Peter Gabriel:

16-May-77*HP-45*WI-12 - Solsbury Hill
19-May-80*HP-44*WI-22 - Games Without Frontiers
20-Dec-82*HP-25*WI-20 - Shock the Monkey
26-May-86*HP-03*WI-20 - Sledgehammer
24-Nov-86*HP-97*WI-01 - In Your Eyes
16-Feb-87*HP-05*WI-23 - Don't Give Up (w/ Kate Bush)
01-Jun-87*HP-37*WI-12 - Big Time
ARIA info:
20-Sep-92*HP-23*WI-18 - Digging in the Dirt
31-Jan-93*HP-29*WI-15 - Steam

Mike & The Mechanics:

03-Mar-86*HP-23*WI-14 - Silent Running
26-May-86*HP-08*WI-23 - All I Need is a Miracle
26-Dec-88*HP-29*WI-17 - Nobody's Perfect
27-Feb-89*HP-01*WI-24 - The Living Years (1 week at No.1)
19-Jun-89*HP-91*WI-05 - Seeing is Believing
ARIA info:
28-Apr-91*HP-33*WI-15 - Word of Mouth
Sheena Easton:

23-Feb-81*HP-01*WI-21 - 9 to 5 (Morning Train) (2 weeks)
01-Jun-81*HP-24*WI-12 - Modern Girl
09-Nov-81*HP-06*WI-23 - For Your Eyes Only
28-Feb-83*HP-11*WI-19 - We've Got Tonight (w/Kenny Rogers)
31-Oct-83*HP-54*WI-12 - Telefone
23-Apr-84*HP-68*WI-13 - Almost Over You
14-Jan-85*HP-13*WI-21 - Strut
17-Jun-85*HP-87*WI-02 - Sugar Walls
03-Apr-89*HP-88*WI-03 - Lover in Me
27-Nov-89*HP-88*WI-04 - Arms of Orion (W/ Prince)
ARIA info:
26-May-91*HP-04*WI-15 - What Comes Naturally
15-Jan-01*HP-78*WI-02 - Giving Up, Giving in
Melissa Manchester:

10-Nov-75*HP-78*WI-05 - Midnite Blue
26-Mar-79*HP-57*WI-13 - Don't Cry Out Loud
23-Aug-82*HP-04*WI-24 - You Should Hear How She Talks About You
18-July-83*HP-48*WI-09 - My Boyfriend's Back
16-Jan-84*HP-75*WI-04 - No One Can Love You More Than Me

Cheech & Chong:

02-Dec-74*HP-26*WI-13 - Earache My Eye (Spoken)
09-Jan-78*HP-78*WI-07 - Bloat On (Sung)
18-Nov-85*HP-53*WI-10 - Born in East L.A. (Sung)

Rita Coolidge:

11-Feb-74*HP-97*WI-01 - A Song I'd Like to Sing
29-Apr-74*HP-96*WI-02 - Loving Arms
27-Jun-77*HP-06*WI-33 - (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher and Higher / I Don't Want to Talk About it
05-Dec-77*HP-32*WI-16 - We're All Alone
10-Apr-78*HP-74*WI-08 - The Way You Do the Things You Do
18-Sep-78*HP-60*WI-07 - Slow Dancer
29-Oct-79*HP-68*WI-08 - One Fine Day
27-Oct-80*HP-60*WI-08 - We Could Stay Together
24-Aug-81*HP-60*WI-07 - Let's Go Dancin'
07-Nov-83*HP-80*WI-09 - All Time High
Quincy Jones:

06-July-81*HP-74*WI-06 - Ai No Corrida

Dire Straits:

06-Nov-78*HP-06*WI-18 - Sultans of Swing
22-Jan-79*HP-54*WI-09 - Water of Love
13-Aug-79*HP-95*WI-01 - Lady Writer
29-Dec-80*HP-62*WI-07 - Tunnel of Love
27-Sep-82*HP-21*WI-16 - Private Investigations
07-Feb-83*HP-02*WI-19 - Twisting by the Pool (EP)
26-Mar-84*HP-46*WI-04 - Love Over Gold (Live)
13-May-85*HP-22*WI-18 - So Far Away / Walk of Life
29-July-85*HP-04*WI-32 - Money for Nothing
16-Dec-85*HP-57*WI-14 - Brothers in Arms
27-Jan-86*HP-11*WI-19 - Walk of Life
ARIA Info:
01-Sep-91*HP-08*WI-12 - Calling Elvis
17-Nov-91*HP-26*WI-10 - Heavy Fuel
30-May-93*HP-47*WI-06 - Encores (EP)
Bryan Adams:

16-May-83*HP-55*WI-10 - Cuts Like a Knife
29-Aug-83*HP-98*WI-03 - Straight from the Heart
21-Jan-85*HP-24*WI-13 - Run to You
01-July-85*HP-12*WI-23 - Heaven
16-Sep-85*HP-14*WI-21 - Summer of '69
16-Dec-85*HP-64*WI-05 - Christmas Time
23-Dec-85*HP-85*WI-06 - One Night Love Affair
10-Feb-86*HP-57*WI-08 - It's Only Love (w/ Tina Turner)
07-Apr-86*HP-76*WI-04 - Somebody
20-Apr-87*HP-25*WI-12 - Heat of the Night
20-July-87*HP-89*WI-01 - Hearts on Fire
07-Dec-87*HP-92*WI-02 - Victim of Love
then came "(Everything I Do) I Do it for Yo" in 1991.
Anne Murray:

19-Oct-70*HP-77*WI-05 - Snowbird
12-Mar-73*HP-87*WI-03 - Danny's Song
05-Nov-73*HP-93*WI-03 - What About Me
28-Jan-74*HP-88*WI-07 - Love Song
05-Aug-74*HP-49*WI-15 - You Won't See Me
16-Oct-78*HP-02*WI-23 - You Needed Me
19-Mar-79*HP-46*WI-11 - I Just Fall in Love Again
01-Oct-79*HP-95*WI-01 - Shadows in the Moonlight
14-Apr-80*HP-94*WI-04 - Daydream Believer
03-Nov-80*HP-29*WI-21 - Could I Have This Dance
10-May-82*HP-97*WI-02 - Another Sleepless Night
26-Dec-83*HP-92*WI-05 - A Little Good News
05-May-86*HP-76*WI-12 - Now and Forever (You and Me)
Roger Whittaker:

26-Oct-68*HP-29*WI-14 - Mexican Whistler
23-feb-70*HP-80*WI-08 - The Leavin' (Durham Town)
02-Aug-71*HP-85*WI-07 - New World in the Morning
25-Oct-71*HP-53*WI-13 - Mamy Blue
02-Jun-75*HP-03*WI-26 - The Last Farewell
06-Oct-75*HP-50*WI-11 - I Don't Believe in If Anymore
29-Mar-76*HP-100*WI-2 - The First Hello, The Last Goodbye
25-May-87*HP-96*WI-04 - Skye Boat Song (w/Des O'Connor)
John Denver:

30-Aug-71*HP-24*WI-13 - Take Me Home, Country Roads
24-Jan-72*HP-73*WI-09 - Friends with You
02-Apr-73*HP-39*WI-08 - Rocky Mountain High
29-Apr-74*HP-40*WI-33 - Sunshine on My Shoulder
22-July-74*HP-05*WI-25 - Annie's Song
28-Oct-74*HP-20*WI-25 - Back Home Again
06-Jan-75*HP-37*WI-13 - Take Me Home, Country Roads (R)
17-Mar-75*HP-38*WI-11 - Sweet Surrender
26-May-75*HP-41*WI-12 - Thank God I'm a Country Boy
22-Sep-75*HP-07*WI-21 - I'm Sorry / Calypso
27-July-81*HP-33*WI-18 - Some Days are Diamonds
08-Feb-82*HP-28*WI-18 - Perhaps Love (W/ Placido Domingo)
22-Feb-88*HP-22*WI-26 - For You
Glen Campbell:

02-Oct-65*HP-16*WI-11 - The Universal Soldier
02-Sep-67*HP-88*WI-06 - Gentle on My Mind
22-Jun-68*HP-99*WI-02 - I Wanna Live
03-Aug-68*HP-63*WI-08 - Dreams of the Everyday Housewife
30-Nov-68*HP-18*WI-18 - Wichita Lineman
22-Mar-69*HP-07*WI-24 - Galveston
14-Jun-69*HP-17*WI-12 - Where's the Playground Susie
02-Aug-69*HP-47*WI-10 - True Grit
08-Nov-69*HP-13*WI-15 - Try a Little Kindness
02-Feb-70*HP-03*WI-20 - All I Have to Do is Dream (w/ Bobbie Gentry)
16-Feb-70*HP-07*WI-18 - Honey Come Back
04-May-70*HP-73*WI-12 - Oh Happy Day
10-Aug-70*HP-35*WI-11 - Everything a Man Could Ever Need
12-Oct-70*HP-02*WI-19 - It's Only Make Believe
15-Mar-71*HP-88*WI-06 - As Far As I'm Concerned
12-Apr-71*HP-66*WI-11 - Dream Baby
05-Jun-72*HP-90*WI-04 - Manhattan Kansas
23-Oct-72*HP-69*WI-08 - I Will Never Pass This Way Again
30-Apr-73*HP-18*WI-19 - I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star)
02-Sep-74*HP-04*WI-25 - Bonaparte's Retreat
17-Feb-75*HP-78*WI-05 - It's a Sin When you Love Somebody
04-Aug-75*HP-05*WI-23 - Rhinestone Cowboy
29-Dec-75*HP-94*WI-03 - Country Boy (You Got Your Feet in L.A.)
07-Jun-76*HP-65*WI-04 - Don't Pull Your Love / Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
04-Apr-77*HP-36*WI-17 - Southern Nights
26-Sep-77*HP-85*WI-06 - Sunflower
Kenny Rogers: (first five singles with his backing back 'The First Edition').

19-July-69*HP-09*WI-17 - Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town
18-Oct-69*HP-10*WI-14 - Ruben James
04-May-70*HP-13*WI-18 - Something's Burning
17-Aug-70*HP-58*WI-04 - Tell it All Brother
21-Dec-70*HP-68*WI-05 - Heed the Call / Stranger in My Place
07-Jun-76*HP-99*WI-01 - Love Lifted Me
02-May-77*HP-07*WI-28 - Lucille
28-Nov-77*HP-69*WI-12 - Daytime Friends
13-Mar-78*HP-89*WI-09 - Sweet Music Man
22-Jan-79*HP-25*WI-21 - The Gambler
25-Jun-79*HP-34*WI-23 - She Believes in Me
10-Dec-79*HP-61*WI-11 - You Decorated My Life
18-Feb-80*HP-06*WI-22 - Coward of the County
02-Jun-80*HP-38*WI-10 - Don't Fall in Love With a Dreamer (w/ Kim Carnes)
17-Nov-80*HP-16*WI-22 - Lady
31-Aug-81*HP-64*WI-08 - I Don't Need You
01-Feb-82*HP-91*WI-05 - Blaze of Glory
07-Jun-82*HP-92*WI-03 - Through the Years
04-Oct-82*HP-96*WI-01 - Love Will Turn You Around
28-Feb-83*HP-11*WI-19 - We've Got Tonight (w/ Sheena Easton)
10-Oct-83*HP-01*WI-36 - Islands in the Stream (w/ Dolly Parton) (1 week at No.1)
19-Mar-84*HP-86*WI-01 - This Woman
15-Oct-84*HP-49*WI-17 - What About Me (w/ Kim Carnes and James Ingram)
12-Aug-85*HP-56*WI-05 - Crazy
21-Oct-85*HP-45*WI-17 - Real Love (w/ Dolly Parton)
I don't have figures on Cyndi's albums sales in Australia.

Cyndi's well to be successful with its 1st albums & because
the title "the girl just want..." was classified?
WOW Thank YOU for all the hard work Bulion - you've provided answers to so many questions I have LONG wondered about!

Just one question - didn't Dire Straits ever chart with "Romeo & Juliet"? That one's a classic and is always heard on the radio?
Yes thanks as well
In answer to Louie's question, no 'Romeo & Juliet' never made the charts here in Australia or in the USA (despite making it to no. 8 in the UK). Another Dire Straits song that has had a lot of radio airplay over the years that didn't chart either was 'Your Latest Trick'.

That gives me an idea for a new thread.... "Well-known songs that never made the Australian singles chart". Obviously 'Stairway To Heaven' would be right up there.
Yes we'd be no doubt suprised about how many "classics" never charted or at best barely made it into the charts. Bullion has provided many examples of this in this very thread.

In fact a lot of songs that chart near the top never get played on radio even a year or two later. There's many reasons for this of course, but there's countless examples of number one songs you'll never hear from again.

While I'm here I'd be interested to find out how the "Stones" charted because they must of had a huge number of hits over the years. And if possible Rod Stewart & Roy Orbison as well. Thanks
I remember "Your Latest Trick". It did chart, but it was part of their "On The Night (Live)" CD. Rage used to play the live clip in their top 50. I think the song barely cracked the top 50 if I recall, but it did chart.

How did Romeo & Juliet become one of their best known classics (there's even a video clip for it - Video Hits would play it every once and a while as a "classic") yet never charted? Isn't that a little odd that a song would become such a hit yet wouldn't be available for purchase (especially back in the early 80's). Was it the B-Side to another hit? Or were record companies back then employing the sales tactic of making a single unavailable for purchase so you would have to buy the album? I thought that was only a recent (last 10 years or so) tactic?
Bulion, your yeoman's service in this thread is *AMAZING*. Seriously, the amount of work you put in is much much appreciated by all concerned.

I've got a couple for you, if you could be so kind: Cliff Richard and Mental As Anything. (The connection? Expresso Bongo, of course.) Also Dusty Springfield. And I'll stop there.

Thanks in advance!

Martin, there are a few surprises with some big 'radio hits' that were flops on the chart. Cold Chisel's "Khe Sanh" only peaked at #41 on the chart!

Phil Collins' "Easy Lover" is another one, which I think has been discussed in this thread (or one on the forum) - only made #74, yet still gets played on some stations.

Maybe the biggest surprise of all is that Derek & The Dominos original "Layla" (Eric Clapton's band, he later did an MTV Unplugged version that was a big hit in '92/'93) charted at only #100 in 1972! Maybe it just seems more popular than it was, because 'classic rock' stations started playing it when the acoustic Layla was a hit.

Bananarama's "Cruel Summer" is another one that charted surprisingly low - #32. Yet it seems more memorable/known than a few of their others that charted higher, such as "More Than Physical" at #28, which I never heard until a few years ago.
Here's a few more examples of songs I've heard many times on radio over the years yet they never made the top 100 singles.

Billy Joel - Only The Good Die Young
Billy Joel - She's Always A Woman
Cold Chisel - Ita
Cold Chisel - Standing On The Outside
Divinyls - Only Lonely
Eagles - Desperado
Eagles - The Long Run
Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven
Little River Band - Cool Change
Little River Band - Happy Anniversary
Meat Loaf - Paradise By The Dashboard Light
Midnight Oil - Best Of Both Worlds
Midnight Oil - Short Memory
Midnight Oil - Read About It
Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd - Money
Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Stevie Nicks - Edge Of Seventeen
Supertramp - Breakfast In America
Supertramp - Take The Long Way Home
U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday
Hey, just like freakystevie1 I was also looking for pre-89 Roy Orbison info. Anything you could provide would be most appreciated.
Elwood, yes, Divinyls' "Only Lonely" is another oddity. I remember looking for the chart position of that in David Kent's book and thinking why isn't it there? I think it may not have actually been released as a commercial single here - hence the lack of chart position. It may have only featured in the film Monkey Grip - but then why were 2 videos made I know one was for the US market, but still, there was a local version as well.

that's a surprise too about Stevie Nicks' "Edge of 17". But then I don't think there is a video for that track, so maybe it wasn't a commercial single either.
Good call on "Cool Change" by LRB. I believe someone else asked the same question on whether it charted or not and Bulion explained that it was a US only single.

Several singles by Steely Dan get airplay too, "Reeling In The Years" (peaked at 32) and "Peg" (which didn't even chart) get considerable airplay.

Fleetwood Mac's "Everywhere" is another radio friendly hit and it only peaked at 45. Then there's "Ballerina Girl" by Lionel Richie which apparently didnt even chart here.

Sade's "Hang On To Your Love" peaked at 68 and gets considerable airplay.

Arguably one of the biggest radio hits of his career, Billy Joel's "Piano Man" only peaked at 20. You'd have thought it was a number one single?
"Ballerina Girl" was the B-Side to Lionel's No.43 "Deep River Woman", which in it's self wasn't a huge hit either.

If anybody wants the entire ARIA Top 100 Singles information (on Excels Spreadsheets) from Jan 1990 to Dec 2002, please email me off-thread and I will be able to send it to you.
Also included are the 1988 and 1989 Top 50 Charts (88 thanks to Chartboi). All information comes with catalogue numbers, and is the Top 100 singles for every week between Jan 1990 until the end of 2002.

EMAIL - bulion@optusnet.com.au

Regards, Bulion. OzChartMaster.
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^ where do we get your email from bulion? I used to be able to see some member's emails listed when hovering my mouse over their names, but not in the past few days
Oh, figured out how to send a memo
I guess the common theme from that list of songs I posted is that most of them were included on high charting albums. If you consider that album sales are generally much greater than single sales then millions of people would probably have copies of those songs even though they weren't successful singles. I suppose that's why they get a lot of radio airplay because most people would already have been familiar with them.
How about Lauren Wood's "Fallen"? That song has gotten considerable airplay on radio over the years and I don't even remember how high it charted?
Almost all of the low-placing-but-still-popular chart singles were big US hits. I wonder if the radio programmers are basing current airplay on old US charts?

The exception would be singles that fulfill Australian content regs, like "Khe Sanh". Not that's it's not a great single, but it gets the amount of play it does to fulfill those quotas...
Any chance of finding out what the peak chart positions are for these songs please

Sting - Russians
The Beach Boys - I Can Hear Music
U2 - New Year's Day
The Police - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Psuedo Echo - A Beat For You
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is
Bing Crosby/David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy

Khe Sanh is an interesting one. It always ranks near the top in those countdowns where people vote for their favourite songs of all time yet it only made it to no. 41 on the singles chart. Cold Chisel actually had 14 other songs perform better in the charts:
Forever Now (No.4)
Cheap Wine (No.8)
Hands Out Of My Pocket (No.9)
The Things I Love In You (No.10)
Saturday Night (No.11)
You Got Nothing I Want (No.12)
Hold Me Tight/No Sense (No.14)
Choir Girl (No.14)
Nothing But You (No.16)
Yesterdays (No.23)
When The War Is Over (No.25)
Flame Trees (No.26)
You're Thirteen, You're Beautiful & You're Mine EP (No.36)
My Baby/Misfits (No.40)
I wasn't around when the song was released -- did Khe Sahn's subject matter make it controversial at the time, meaning that some stations didn't play it? This would explain its relatively low chart placing...

Sting - Russians #11
U2 - New Years Day (didn't chart/not released as a single?)
The Police - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da #6
Psuedo Echo - A Beat For You #12
Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is #12

10-Feb-86*HP-11*WI-21 - Sting - Russians
22-Mar-69*HP-10*WI-15 - The Beach Boys - I Can Hear Music
18-Apr-83*HP-36*WI-12 - U2 - New Year's Day
26-Jan-81*HP-06*WI-15 - The Police - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
30-Apr-84*HP-12*WI-16 - Psuedo Echo - A Beat For You
20-Oct-86*HP-12*WI-20 - Bruce Hornsby&The Range-The Way It Is
07-Jan-83*HP-00*WI-00 - Bing Crosby/David Bowie - Little Drummer Boy. This song was a very minor hit in Perth, No.46 for a week, which was not sufficient enough to get it into the Top 100. But at least you know when it charted.
^ I must have given too quick a scan to the David Kent book for the New Year's Day single.
Led Zeppelin:

19-Jan-70*HP-01*WI-28 - Whole Lotta Love (5 weeks at No.1)
18-Jan-71*HP-20*WI-18 - Immigrant Song
17-Jan-72*HP-10*WI-20 - Black Dog
08-May-72*HP-51*WI-08 - Rock and Roll
16-Jun-75*HP-60*WI-08 - Trampled Underfoot

15-Apr-67*HP-53*WI-18 - I Feel Free
22-July-67*HP-23*WI-11 - Strange Brew
24-Feb-68*HP-18*WI-13 - Sunshine of Your Love
22-Jun-68*HP-64*WI-07 - Anyone for Tennis
26-Oct-68*HP-01*WI-21 - White Room / Those Were the Days
(2 weeks at No.1)
01-Mar-69*HP-45*WI-13 - Crossroads
24-May-69*HP-43*WI-06 - Badge

Jimi Hendrix:
25-Mar-67*HP-34*WI-17 - Hey Joe
27-May-67*HP-53*WI-11 - Purple Haze
08-July-67*HP-18*WI-15 - The Wind Cries Mary
19-Aug-67*HP-35*WI-09 - Jimi Hendrix (EP)
02-Sep-67*HP-26*WI-19 - Stone Free
14-Oct-67*HP-21*WI-10 - Burning of the Midnight Lamp
20-Jan-68*HP-27*WI-15 - Fire / Foxy Lady
11-May-68*HP-82*WI-03 - Up From the Skies
02-Nov-68*HP-06*WI-18 - All Along the Watchtower
08-Feb-69*HP-37*WI-11 - Crosstown Traffic
06-Dec-69*HP-53*Wi-12 - Stone Free
15-Feb-71*HP-57*Wi-10 - Voodoo Chile
03-Sep-79*HP-92*WI-02 - Gloria

The Jimi Hendrix EP featured the his first three singles.

Regards, Bulion.
14.06.2008 11:27
Eric Clapton:
30-Nov-70*HP-51*WI-11 - After Midnight
30-Sep-74*HP-11*WI-16 - I Shot the Sheriff
22-Nov-76*HP-54*WI-08 - Hello Old Friend
30-Mar-78*HP-57*WI-12 - Lay Down Sally
08-Jan-79*HP-26*WI-15 - Promises
04-Apr-83*HP-81*WI-06 - I've Got a Rock 'N' Roll Heart
29-Apr-85*HP-92*WI-06 - Forever Man
16-Feb-87*HP-34*WI-20 - It's in the Way That You Use it
11-Dec-89*HP-85*WI-08 - Pretending
then came "Tears in Heaven" in 1992.
Rolling Stones:

04-Apr-64*HP-33*WI-13 - Not Fade Away
06-Jun-64*HP-94*WI-01 - You Better Move On
18-July-64*HP-09*WI-16 - It's All Over Now
08-Aug-64*HP-32*WI-13 - Tell Me (You're Coming Back)
31-Oct-64*HP-17*WI-18 - Five by Five (EP) (ft "Around & Around")
07-Nov-64*HP-04*WI-18 - Time is on My Side/Congratulations
12-Dec-64*HP-02*WI-17 - Little Red Rooster
23-Jan-65*HP-09*WI-14 - Route 66 (EP) (also feat "Mona")
30-Jan-65*HP-01*WI-19 - Under the Boardwalk / Walking the Dog (3 weeks at No.1)
30-Jan-65*HP-05*WI-14 - Heart of Stone / What a Shame
03-Apr-65*HP-02*WI-15 - The Last Time / Play With Fire
24-July-65*HP-01*WI-15 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (1 wk)
07-Aug-65*HP-65*WI-07 - Got Live if You Want it! (EP)
06-Nov-65*HP-02*WI-18 - Get Off of My Cloud
19-Feb-66*HP-02*WI-16 - As Tears Go By / 19th Nervous Breakdown
16-Apr-66*HP-05*WI-13 - Fortune Teller / Sad Day
04-Jun-66*HP-01*WI-14 - Paint it, Black/Long Long While (3 wk)
13-Aug-66*HP-10*WI-11 - Mother's Little Helper / Lady Jane
29-Oct-66*HP-24*WI-10 - Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows
04-Feb-67*HP-03*WI-21 - Ruby Tuesday / Let's Spend the Night Together
09-Sep-67*HP-04*WI-15 - We Love You / Dandelion
30-Dec-67*HP-09*WI-13 - She's a Rainbow
08-Jun-68*HP-02*WI-17 - Jumpin' Jack Flash
14-Sep-68*HP-13*WI-13 - Street Fighting Man / No Expectations
26-July-69*HP-01*WI-21 - Honky Tonk Women / You Can't Always Get What You Want (5 weeks at No.1)
29-Mar-71*HP-29*WI-13 - Little Queenie
24-May-71*HP-05*WI-19 - Brown Sugar / Bitch
30-Aug-71*HP-96*WI-03 - Wild Horses
05-Jun-72*HP-22*WI-12 - Tumbling Dice
01-Oct-73*HP-01*WI-20 - Angie (5 weeks at No.1)
22-Apr-74*HP-100*WI-1 - Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo-Heartbreaker
02-Sep-74*HP-17*WI-16 - It's Only Rock 'N' Roll
16-Feb-76*HP-88*WI-04 - Out of Time
31-May-76*HP-45*WI-15 - Fool to Cry
19-Jun-78*HP-08*WI-20 - Miss You
29-Jan-79*HP-91*WI-02 - Respectable
14-July-80*HP-08*WI-20 - Emotional Rescue
10-Nov-80*HP-49*WI-15 - She's So Cold
21-Sep-81*HP-01*WI-26 - Start me Up (1 week at No.1)
28-Dec-81*HP-44*WI-13 - Waiting on a Friend
31-May-82*HP-99*WI-01 - Hang Fire
26-July-82*HP-48*WI-09 - Going to a Go Go
21-Nov-83*HP-27*WI-14 - Undercover of the Night
27-Feb-84*HP-60*WI-10 - She Was Hot
17-Mar-86*HP-06*WI-15- Harlem Shuffle
09-Jun-86*HP-34*WI-10 - One Hit (to the Body)
12-Sep-88*HP-64*WI-06 - Paint it, Black (Re-issue)
then came "Mixed Emotions" in 1989.
Cliff Richard:

28-Mar-59*HP-100*WI-1 - Move it
03-Oct-59*HP-09*WI-09 - Living Doll
21-Nov-59*HP-57*WI-09 - Travellin' Light
28-May-60*HP-95*WI-01 - A Voice in the Wilderness
27-Aug-60*HP-02*WI-26 - Please Don't Tease
03-Dec-60*HP-29*WI-19 - Nine Times Out of Ten
18-Feb-61*HP-78*WI-05 - I Love You
22-Apr-61*HP-22*WI-17 - Theme for a Dream
24-Jun-61*HP-62*WI-15 - Gee Whiz, it's You
12-Aug-61*HP-22*WI-19 - A Girl Like You
25-Nov-61*HP-02*WI-20 - When the Girl in Your Arms...
12-May-62*HP-22*WI-14 - Catch Me
16-Jun-62*HP-03*WI-18 - Do You Want to Dance
21-July-62*HP-06*WI-17 - The Young Ones
22-Sep-62*HP-06*WI-19 - It'll Be Me
01-Dec-62*HP-22*WI-15 - Outsider
19-Jan-63*HP-09*WI-20 - Bachelor Boy / The Next Time
06-Apr-63*HP-03*WI-18 - Summer Holiday / Dancing Shoes
20-July-63*HP-04*WI-16 - Lucky Lips
28-Sep-63*HP-07*WI-15 - It's All in the Game
30-Nov-63*HP-03*WI-17 - Don't Talk to Him
29-Feb-64*HP-16*WI-13 - I'm the Lonely One
16-May-64*HP-31*WI-08 - I Only Have Eyes for You
27-Jun-64*HP-06*WI-18 - Constantly (L'Edera)
17-Oct-64*HP-06*WI-17 - The Twelfth of Never
28-Nov-64*HP-04*WI-18 - On the Beach
20-Feb-65*HP-58*WI-07 - Wonderful Life
03-Apr-65*HP-06*WI-19 - The Minute You're Gone
05-Jun-65*HP-06*WI-17 - Angel / Razzle Dazzle
07-Aug-65*HP-31*WI-11 - On My Word / A Little Bit Too Late
02-Oct-65*HP-09*WI-15 - I Could Easily Fall (in Love With You)
27-Nov-65*HP-83*WI-04 - The Time in Between
18-Dec-65*HP-40*WI-18 - Wind me Up (Let me Go)
26-Mar-66*HP-20*WI-14 - Blue Turns to Grey
13-Aug-66*HP-81*WI-10 - Visions / What Would I Do
26-Nov-66*HP-98*WI-02 - Time Drags By
21-Jan-67*HP-10*WI-13 - In the Country / Finders Keepers
08-Apr-67*HP-65*WI-06 - It's All Over
01-July-67*HP-69*WI-06 - I'll Come Runnin' / I Got a Feelin'
26-Aug-67*HP-05*WI-13 - The Day I Met Marie
25-Nov-67*HP-09*WI-21 - All My Love (Solo Tu)
06-Apr-68*HP-05*WI-15 - Congratulations
20-July-68*HP-67*WI-08 - I'll Love You Forever Today / Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon
12-Oct-68*HP-56*WI-07 - Marianne / Mr. Nice
14-Dec-68*HP-47*WI-12 - Don't Forget to Catch Me
15-Mar-69*HP-46*WI-14 - Good Times (Better Times)
28-Jun-69*HP-38*WI-12 - Big Ship
13-Sep-69*HP-55*WI-10 - Early in the Morning
11-Oct-69*HP-58*WI-09 - Throw Down a Line (w/ Hank Marvin)
12-Jan-70*HP-74*WI-07 - With the Eyes of a Child
09-Mar-79*HP-71*WI-08 - The Joy of Living (w/ Hank Marvin)
23-Nov-70*HP-29*WI-13 - Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha
16-Apr-73*HP-31*WI-13 - Power To All Our Friends
29-Apr-74*HP-88*WI-04 - Take Me High
14-Jun-76*HP-100*WI-1 - Miss You Nights
12-July-76*HP-03*WI-26 - Devil Woman
28-Feb-77*HP-82*WI-08 - Hey, Mr. Dream Maker
02-May-77*HP-61*WI-12 - My Kinda Life
10-Sep-79*HP-03*WI-22 - We Don't Talk Anymore
28-Jan-80*HP-18*WI-19 - Carrie
29-Sep-80*HP-04*WI-21 - Dreamin'
27-Oct-80*HP-37*WI-12 - Suddenly (w/ Olivia Newton-John)
09-Feb-81*HP-66*WI-13 - A Little in Love
19-Oct-81*HP-02*WI-30 - Wired of Sound
01-Feb-82*HP-08*WI-17 - Daddy's Home
16-Aug-82*HP-14*WI-15 - The Only Way Out
21-Feb-83*HP-35*WI-09 - True Love Ways
20-Jun-83*HP-39*Wi-17 - She Means Nothing to Me (w/Phil Everly)
17-Oct-83*HP-81*WI-07 - Never Say Die (Give a Little Bit More)
23-Jan-84*HP-46*WI-14 - Baby, You're Dynamite
16-July-84*HP-95*WI-02 - Please Don't Fall in Love
29-Oct-84*HP-47*WI-14 - Shooting from the Heart
27-Jan-85*HP-78*WI-11 - She's So Beautiful
28-Apr-86*HP-01*WI-18 - Living Doll (w/ Young Ones) (6 wks)
01-Sep-86*HP-88*WI-06 - Born to Rock 'N' Roll
08-Dec-86*HP-24*WI-37 - All I Ask of You (w/Sarah Brightman)
05-Jan-87*HP-82*WI-05 - Slow Rivers (w/ Elton John)
03-Aug-87*HP-56*WI-16 - My Pretty One
09-Nov-87*HP-07*WI-29 - Some People
19-Dec-88*HP-30*WI-08 - Mistletoe and Wine
08-Aug-89*HP-63*WI-04 - The Best of Me
ARIA info:
12-Mar-95*HP-93*WI-02 - All I Have to Do is Dream (w/ Phil Everly)
20-Dec-99*HP-02*WI-14 - Millennium Prayer
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Roy Orbison:

16-July-60*HP-05*WI-18 - Only the Lonely
22-Oct-60*HP-28*WI-16 - Blue Angel
20-May-61*HP-05*WI-16 - Running Scared / Love Hurts
16-Sep-61*HP-01*WI-20 - Crying / Candy Man (3 weeks at 1)
17-Mar-62*HP-02*WI-18 - Dream Baby
16-Jun-82*HP-25*WI-13 - The Crowd
15-Sep-62*HP-100*WI-1 - Evergreen
13-Oct-62*HP-01*WI-24 - Working for the Man / Leah (5 weeks)
16-Feb-63*HP-01*WI-21 - In Dreams (2 weeks at No.1)
15-Jun-63*HP-03*WI-13 - Falling / Distant Drums
21-Sep-63*HP-01*WI-18 - Blue Bayou / Mean Woman Blues (2wks)
21-Dec-63*HP-04*WI-15 - Pretty Paper / Beautiful Dreamer
07-Mar-64*HP-08*WI-11 - Borne on the Wind / What'd I Say
02-May-64*HP-09*WI-16 - It's Over / Indian Wedding
06-Jun-64*HP-68*WI-11 - She Wears My Ring (EP)
05-Sep-64*HP-01*WI-22 - Oh, Pretty Woman (2 weeks at No.1)
13-Feb-65*HP-06*WI-14 - Goodnight
17-July-65*HP-08*WI-14 - (Say) You're My Girl
11-Sep-65*HP-15*WI-12 - Ride Away
20-Nov-65*HP-14*WI-15 - Crawlin' Back
12-Feb-66*HP-19*WI-10 - Breakin' Up is Breakin' My Heart
07-May-66*HP-13*WI-15 - Twinkle Toes
18-Jun-66*HP-04*WI-14 - Lana
03-Sep-66*HP-20*WI-10 - Too Soon to Know
24-Dec-66*HP-08*WI-18 - Communication Breakdown
04-Feb-67*HP-12*WI-14 - There Won't Be Many Coming Home
18-Mar-67*HP-28*WI-09 - So Good
12-Aug-67*HP-10*WI-12 - Cry Softly Lonely One
04-Nov-67*HP-23*WI-11 - She
09-Mar-68*HP-25*WI-11 - Born to Be Loved By You
06-July-68*HP-53*WI-10 - Walk On
09-Nov-68*HP-57*WI-09 - Heartache
10-May-69*HP-99W*I-01 - My Friend / Southbound Jericho Parkway
27-sep-69*HP-01*WI-26 - Penny Arcade (1 week)
12-Jan-70*HP-26*WI-11 - Break My Mind
08-Jun-70*HP-82*WI-06 - So Young
23-Oct-72*HP-84*WI-02 - Memphis Tennessee
15-Mar-76*HP-56*WI-12 - Still
11-Aug-80*HP-97*WI-03 - That Lovin' You Feelin' Again (w/ Emmylou Harris)
ARIA info:
23-Jan-89*HP-03*WI-20 - You Got it
03-Apr-89*HP-17*WI-11 - She's a Mystery to Me
14-Aug-89*HP-61*WI-09 - California Blue (not ARIA info)
18-Oct-92*HP-71*WI-12 - Crying (w/ k.d. Lang)

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Dusty Springfield:

08-Feb-64*HP-06*WI-19 - I Only Want to Be With You
28-Mar-64*HP-27*WI-16 - Stay Awhile
04-July-64*HP-02*WI-17 - Wishin' and Hopin'
15-Aug-64*HP-16*WI-16 - I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself
24-Oct-64*HP-55*WI-09 - All Cried Out
12-Dec-64*HP-83*WI-07 - Losing You
07-Aug-65*HP-56*WI-08 - In the Middle of Nowhere
11-Dec-65*HP-88*WI-01 - Some of Your Lovin'
07-May-66*WI-02*WI-19 - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me
20-Aug-66*HP-24*WI-12 - Goin' Back
29-Oct-66*HP-31*WI-10 - All I See is You
08-Apr-67*HP-38*WI-09 - I'll Try Anything
21-Oct-67*HP-45*WI-12 - What's it Gonna Be
31-Aug-68*HP-67*WI-06 - I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten
02-Nov-68*HP-69*WI-05 - I Will Come to You
21-Dec-68*HP-06*WI-17 - Son of a Preacher Man
07-Jun-69*HP-40*WI-14 - The Windmills of Your Mind
22-Nov-69*HP-75*WI-01 - Am I the Same Girl
19-Jan-70*HP-80*WI-06 - Brand New Me
21-Sep-87*HP-22*WI-21 - What Have I Done to Deserve This (w/ Pet Shop Boys)
Mental as Anything:

23-July-79*HP-16*WI-26 - The Nips are Getting Bigger
24-Dec-79*HP-57*WI-11 - Possible Theme for a Future TV Drama Series
16-Jun-80*HP-18*WI-25 - Come Around
01-Dec-80*HP-27*WI-18 - (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet
25-May-81*HP-04*WI-21 - If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?
07-Sep-81*HP-06*WI-20 - Too Many Times
14-Dec-81*HP-30*WI-16 - Berserk Warriors
30-Aug-82*HP-25*WI-10 - I Didn't Mean to Be Mean
06-Dec-82*HP-55*WI-16 - Close Again
11-Apr-83*HP-20*WI-13 - Spirit Got Lost
27-Jun-83*HP-82*WI-07 - Brain Brain
21-Nov-83*HP-20*WI-18 - Working for the Man
10-Dec-84*HP-37*WI-12 - Apocalypso (Wiping the Smile Off Santa's Face)
25-Mar-85*HP-11*WI-18 - You're So Strong
03-Jun-85*HP-02*WI-23 - Live it Up
09-Sep-85*HP-25*WI-11 - Date With Destiny
02-Dec-85*HP-75*WI-06 - Big Wheel
10-Nov-86*HP-15*WI-22 - Let's Go to Paradise
13-July-87*HP-15*WI-18 - He's Just no Good For You
28-Sep-87*HP-36*WI-20 - Don't Tell Me Now
21-Dec-87*HP-34*WI-14 - Love me Tender
then came "Rock and Roll Music" in Dec 1988.

notice how most Christmas periods they release a cover song which is a big hit. 1980, 1983, 1987, 1988.
Rod Stewart:

04-Oct-71*HP-01*WI-26 - Maggie May (4 weeks at No.1)
24-Jan-72*HP-66*WI-12 - (I Know) I'm Losing You/Mandolin Wind
24-Apr-72*HP-69*WI-06 - Handbags and Gladrags
25-Sep-72*HP-13*WI-19 - You Wear it Well
05-Feb-73*HP-71*WI-09 - What's Made Wilwaukee Famous
03-Sep-73*HP-98*WI-01 - Twistin' the Night Away
22-Oct-73*HP-57*WI-07 - Oh No Not My Baby
16-Dec-74*HP-47*WI-08 - Farewell
06-Oct-75*HP-02*WI-26 - Sailing
19-Jan-76*HP-45*WI-13 - This Old Heart of Mine
05-July-76*HP-03*WI-30 - Tonight's the Night
15-Nov-76*HP-38*WI-16 - The Killing of Georgie
31-Jan-77*HP-29*WI-12 - Get Back
02-May-77*HP-19*WI-29 - I Don't Want to Talk About it
31-Oct-77*HP-01*WI-23 - You're in My Heart (1 week at No.1)
13-Feb-78*HP-42*WI-10 - Hot Legs
19-Jun-78*HP-44*WI-07 - Ole Ola
27-Nov-78*HP-01*WI-24 - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (2 weeks at 1)
19-Mar-79*HP-44*WI-10 - Ain't Love a Bitch
08-Dec-80*HP-16*WI-15 - Passion
02-Nov-81*HP-06*WI-25 - Tonight I'm Yours (Don't Hurt Me)
08-Feb-82*HP-03*WI-18 - Young Turks
07-Feb-83*HP-60*WI-07 - Guess I'll Always Love You
20-Jun-83*HP-10*WI-15 - Baby Jane
26-Sep-83*HP-68*WI-10 - What Am I Gonna Do
25-Jun-84*HP-32*WI-08 - Infatuation
04-Mar-85*HP-95*WI-01 - Some Guys Have all the Luck
29-July-85*HP-23*WI-13 - People Get Ready (w/ Jeff Beck)
30-Jun-86*HP-12*WI-15 - Love Touch
08-Sep-86*HP-26*WI-13 - Every Beat of My Heart
14-Dec-87*HP-27*WI-15 - Twisting the Night Away (New Vers.)
13-Jun-88*HP-22*WI-16 - Lost in You
03-Oct-88*HP-94*WI-02 - Forever Young
ARIA info:
14-Jan-90*HP-29*WI-16 - Downtown Train
22-Apr-90*HP-94*WI-02 - This Old Heart of Mine (New Vers.)
03-Feb-91*HP-16*WI-16 - It Takes Two (w/ Tina Turner)
21-Apr-91*HP-02*WI-24 - Rhythm of My Heart
21-July-91*HP-26*WI-13 - The Motown Song
03-Nov-91*HP-63*WI-15 - Broken Arrow
20-Dec-92*HP-61*WI-10 - Tom Traubert's Blues
04-July-93*HP-12*WI-17 - Have I Told You Lately
09-Jan-94*HP-01*WI-18 - All For Love (w/ Sting & Bryan Adams) (2 weeks at No.1)
18-Jun-95*HP-53*WI-05 - Leave Virginia Alone
26-Oct-97*HP-03*WI-31 - Da Ya Think I'm Sexy (w/N-Trance)
26-Feb-01*HP-89WI-03 - Can't Deny it
Wow, thanks bulion!

I didn't realize just how many hits Cliff Richard had. I mean, I knew he was big, but I didn't realize *how* big. Same with Roy Orbison, actually.

And I guess the Mentals knew that more records sell at Christmas, so they tried to have December hits as often as they could!
Someone told me that although The Eagles have a lot of very well known "classic" songs, not many of them charted that well here in Australia - is this the case?. Thanks
cheers, how bout Pink Floyd and its singles charting
I'd like chart information on singles and albums for Icehouse / Flowers / Iva Davies. Accreditations, if possible. Thanks.
Thanks for the Orbison info. A couple of songs I've never heard of -- "Evergreen"? I guess 1 week at #100 makes it one of the least successful chart "hits" ever...still, now I'll have to track it down...

Not to burden you too much, but another US act from the same era is a favourite of mine: The Everly Brothers. (The Phil Everly references in the Cliff Richard post reminded me...) Any insight on their chart placings? And did either of 'em ever chart solo, aside from the Cliff duets? Don also put out some instrumental material as "Adrian Kimberly".

Actually, I notice there are 2 songs that peaked at #100 for 1 wk above -- "Evergreen" (which is new to me too) and "Move It", which at least in the UK, is one of Cliff Richard's best known songs.

24-July-72*HP-48*WI-15 - Take it Easy
08-Jan-73*HP-81*WI-06 - Witchy Woman
24-Mar-75*HP-14*WI-15 - Best of My Love
25-Aug-75*HP-33*WI-15 - One of These Nights
17-Nov-75*HP-34*WI-23 - Lyin' Eyes
16-Feb-76*HP-30*WI-18 - Take it to the Limit
24-Jan-77*HP-16*WI-14 - New Kid in Town
30-May-77*HP-60*WI-12 - Hotel California
22-Aug-77*HP-96*WI-01 - Life in the Fast Lane
25-Dec-78*HP-46*WI-07 - Please Come Home for Christmas
15-Oct-79*HP-13*WI-21 - Heartache Tonight

They never had a Top 10 Single in Australia, their last single becoming their highest placed. They were mainly an albums band, with Hotel California (77) and The Long Run (79) both going to No.1, whilst their first three albums all spent 30+ weeks in the charts. Their longest charting album was their 1976 Greatest Hits Collection which peaked at No.3, but charted for 72 weeks.
Pink Floyd:

09-Sep-67*HP-96*WI-02 - See Emily Play
04-Feb-80*HP-02*WI-26 - Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
08-Nov-82*HP-91*WI-02 - When the Tigers Broke Free
19-Oct-87*HP-34*WI-21 - Learning to Fly
15-Feb-88*HP-48*WI-09 - On the Turning Away

Another group who were bigger on album than the singles charts. Dark Side of the Moon (142 weeks), The Wall (88 weeks) which also hit No.1 as did their 1975 album "Wish You Were Here".
02-Jun-80*HP-10*WI-28 - Can't Help Myself
06-Oct-80*HP-16*WI-19 - We Can Get Together
26-Jan-81*HP-20*WI-15 - Walls
26-Oct-81*HP-10*WI-16 - Love in Motion
30-Aug-82*HP-05*WI-16 - Great Southern Land
15-Nov-82*HP-07*WI-18 - Hey Little Girl
21-Mar-83*HP-57*WU-16 - Street Cafe
23-Apr-84*HP-29*WI-14 - Taking the Town
23-July-84*HP-31*WI-12 - Don't Believe Anymore
17-Dec-84*HP-82*WI-10 - Dusty Pages
18-Nov-85*HP-30*WI-16 - No Promises
24-Mar-86*HP-14*WI-15 - Baby, You're So Strange
30-Jun-86*HP-18*WI-12 - Mr. Big
10-Nov-86*HP-65*WI-06 - Cross the Border
22-Jun-87*HP-04*WI-26 - Crazy
31-Aug-87*HP-01*WI-28 - Electric Blue (1 week at No.1)
23-Nov-87*HP-12*WI-19 - My Obsession
08-Feb-88*HP-28*WI-13 - Man of Colours
16-May-88*HP-29*WI-12 - Nothing Too Serious
ARIA info:
09-Oct-89*HP-13*WI-19 - Touch the Fire
21-Jan-90*HP-47*WI-10 - Jimmy Dean
05-Aug-90*HP-47*WI-07 - Big Fun
23-Sep-90*HP-16*WI-18 - Miss Divine
09-Dec-90*HP-49*WI-11 - Anything is Possible
10-Jan-93*HP-74*WI-07 - Love in Motion (w/ Chrissie Amphlett)
10-Oct-93*HP-83*WI-04 - Satellite
07-Oct-02*HP-85*WI-02 - Lay Your Hands on Me (w/Speed of Light)
16-Aug-04*HP-93*WI-02 - Heroes
27-Oct-80*HP-04*WI-45 - Icehouse - Flowers
20-Sep-82*HP-03*WI-48 - Primitive Man
25-Jun-84*HP-08*WI-40 - Sidewalk
21-Apr-86*HP-08*WI-30 - Measure for Measure
28-Sep-87*HP-01*WI-56 - Man of Colours (11 weeks at No.1)
06-Nov-89*HP-02*WI-27 - Great Southern Land (Best of)
12-Nov-90*HP-05*WI-19 - Code Blue
23-Nov-92*HP-25*WI-15 - Masterfile (Best of)
08-Nov-93*HP-46*WI-04 - Big Wheel

I don't have accreditations for this group.
Everly Brothers:
27-July-57*HP-14*WI-19 - Bye Bye Love
14-Dec-57*HP-03*WI-21 - Wake Up Little Susie
24-May-58*HP-03*WI-22 - All I Have to Do is Dream
23-Aug-58*HP-01*WI-26 - Bird Dog (3 weeks at No.1)
06-Sep-58*HP-25*WI-17 - Devoted to You (B-Side of above)
15-Nov-58*HP-12*WI-18 - Problems
04-Apr-59*HP-57*WI-10 - Rip it Up
23-May-59*HP-02*WI-20 - Take a Message to Mary
30-May-59*HP-22*WI-15 - Poor Jenny (B-Side of above)
19-Sep-59*HP-02*WI-24 - ('Til) I Kissed You
13-Feb-60*HP-24*WI-15 - Let it Be Me
23-Apr-60*HP-03*WI-18 - Cathy's Clown
09-July-60*HP-03*WI-16 - When Will I Be Loved /Be Bop a-Lula
17-Sep-60*HP-19*WI-12 - So Sad / Lucille
08-Oct-60*HP-39*WI-12 - Bye Bye Love / Like Strangers
18-Feb-61*HP-08*WI-22 - Walk Right Back / Ebony Eyes
10-Jun-61*HP-04*WI-16 - Temptation
07-Oct-61*HP-26*WI-16 - Don't Blame Me / Muskrat
27-Jan-62*HP-07*WI-15 - Crying in the Rain
26-May-62*HP-08*WI-18 - That's Old Fashioned / How Can I Meet Her?
27-Oct-62*HP-94*WI-07 - I'm Here to Get My Baby Out of Jail
24-Nov-62*HP-59*WI-11 - Don't Ask Me to Be Friends / No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
22-Jun-63*HP-98*WI-03 - It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
16-Nov-63*HP-39*WI-12 - The Girl Sang the Blues
31-Oct-64*HP-30*WI-15 - Gone, Gone, Gone
18-Nov-67*HP-70*WI-14 - Love of the Common People
21-Sep-68*HP-98*WI-02 - Milk Train
22-Oct-84*HP-78*WI-07 - On the Wings of a Nightingale
20-Feb-89*HP-86*WI-04 - Don't Worry Baby

Phil Everly only charted solo on the two Cliff Richard duets which are mentioned in his section.
Nothing for Adrian Kimberley.
The Eagles actually charted a bit better than I thought with a couple in the teens and "Hotel California" actually charting at all when I thought it hadn't. Still they were obviously an "album" band with a couple of their other "classics" like "Desperado" & "Tequilla Sunrise" not chating. Thanks for that
Thanks bulion, that hit the spots!
"See Emily Play" charted and "Money" didn't! Interesting that of Pink Floyd's five hits, only 2 are from the era that Roger Waters was the chief composer....

Oh, and "Desperado" famously wasn't ever released as a single. And "Tequila Sunrise" from the same album was a comparative flop in the U.S. (stalling at #59) -- not sure if it was issued as a single here. Both songs, of course, have become airplay classics in retrospect.

How have Barbra Streisand, Kim Carnes, Nicole Larson and Linda Rondstadt fared on the Aussie charts?
I always find it interesting how certain songs become "classic" years later but were not that popular at the time they first came out. What were people thinking at the time?????

It makes me wonder what obscure chart hits from these days will eventually become "classics" An interesting thread idea huh????.

Anyway while we're on the "album" band theme I'd be interested to know if the Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller Band or Supertramp fared any better "singles wise"? I know the Steve Miller Band had at least one big hit with Abracadabra (getting to #1 if I remember back that far)
How about Michael McDonald while we're on the Doobie Brothers query? Also, how has Neil Diamond fared?
Here's one that shouldn't require too much typing: The Icicle Works. (Everyone outside of Australia always seems to confuse them with Icehouse...) "Whisper To A Scream" must have made top 40, no?

And while I'm thinking of 80's new-wavey stuff, did The Sherbs ever actually see chart action?

Ginny, for "Nicole" Larson, I suspect you meant Nicolette Larson, right?

Yes I'm sorry, I meant Nicolette, with "It's gonna take a lotta love". I've heard the song on the radio but not sure how high it charted.
Nicolette Larson:
08-Jan-79*HP-11*WI-16 - Lotta Love

16-Aug-82*HP-62*WI-08 - Don't Throw it All Away
15-Nov-82*HP-76*WI-09 - Shaping Up


Nothing at all for Icicle Works in Australia, only No.37 in the US
Doobie Brothers:

20-Nov-72*HP-50*WI-17 - Listen to the Music
10-Sep-73*HP-58*WI-16 - Long Train Runnin'
17-Dec-73*HP-61*WI-12 - China Grove
17-Mar-75*HP-22*WI-14 - Black Water
16-Jun-75*HP-34*WI-13 - Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me)
17-May-76*HP-94*WI-02 - Takin' it to the Streets
12-Sep-77*HP-55*WI-17 - Little Darling (I Need You)
19-Mar-79*HP-12*WI-22 - What a Fool Believes
29-Sep-80*HP-53*WI-11 - Real Love
03-July-89*HP-32*WI-11 - The Doctor

Michael McDonald:
27-Sep-82*HP-64*WI-13 - I Keep Forgettin'
02-Jun-86*HP-12*WI-16 - On My Own (w/ Patti LaBelle)

no "Ya Mo Be There", no "Sweet Freedom", just the above two.
Steve Miller Band:

19-Oct-70*HP-91*WI-09 - Going to the Country
14-Jan-74*HP-08*WI-19 - The Joker
26-July-76*HP-48*WI-14 - Take the Money and Run
29-Nov-76*HP-30*WI-27 - Rock 'N' Me
11-July-77*HP-23*WI-16 - Jet Airliner
10-Oct-77*HP-87*WI-07 - Jungle Love
18-Jan-82*HP-87*WI-05 - Heart Like a Wheel
26-July-82*HP-01*WI-21 - Abracadabra (2 weeks at No.1)
20-Dec-82*HP-84*WI-03 - Keeps Me Wondering Why
02-Mar-87*HP-72*WI-07 - I Want to Make the World Turn Around

I'll do the rest of the requests on Sunday afternoon. Gav
Sherbet never did any good after they changed their name. Their main problem was that their core "teen" audience simply grew up - it happens a lot with these types of bands.

I'd be interested to find out the positions of a few of my personal favs from the 80's. "Like in a Northern Town - Dream Academy" (their only hit I think?), "Glad I'm Not a Kennedy - Shona Lang", "Arizona Sky - China Crisis" & I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight - Cutting Crew". thanks muchly
Barbra Streisand:

17-Oct-64*HP-20*WI-17 - People
05-Feb-66*HP-06*WI-21 - Second Hand Rose
24-Dec-66*HP-72*WI-02 - Sleep in Heavenly Peace (Silent Night)
22-Feb-71*HP-66*WI-11 - Stoney End
27-Sep-71*HP-72*WI-07 - Where You Lead
18-Feb-74*HP-07*WI-31 - The Way We Were
07-Mar-77*HP-05*WI-24 - Love Theme from "A Star is Born" (Evergreen)
25-July-77*HP-46*WI-17 - My Heart Belongs to Me
07-Aug-78*HP-92*WI-04 - Songbird
20-Nov-78*HP-04*WI-22 - You Don't Bring Me Flowers (w/ Neil Diamond)
13-Aug-79*HP-21*WI-17 - The Main Event/Fight
05-Nov-79*HP-02*WI-21 - No More Tears (Enough is Enough) (w/ Donna Summer)
06-Oct-80*HP-01*WI-23 - Woman in Love (2 weeks at No.1)
15-Dec-80*HP-37*WI-16 - Guilty (w/ Barry Gibb)
25-Jan-82*HP-84*WI-04 - Comin' in and Out of Your Life
29-Mar-82*HP-59*WI-07 - Memory
29-Oct-84*HP-27*WI-20 - Left in the Dark
05-Dec-88*HP-32*WI-13 - Till I Loved You (w/ Don Johnson)

Linda Ronstadt:

23-Dec-67*HP-07*WI-23 - Different Drums (Stone Poneys feat...)
15-Jun-70*HP-100*WI-1 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow?
24-Feb-75*HP-15*WI-17 - You're No Good
28-July-75*HP-87*WI-03 - When Will I Be Loved
04-Oct-76*HP-59*WI-08 - That'll be the Day
24-Oct-77*HP-29*WI-16 - Poor Poor Pitiful Me
19-Dec-77*HP-03*WI-22 - Blue Bayou
04-Sep-78*HP-18*WI-18 - Back in the U.S.A.
11-Dec-78*HP-38*WI-14 - Just One Look
26-Feb-79*HP-76*WI-07 - Ooh Baby Baby / Love Me Tender
25-Feb-80*HP-19*WI-14 - How Do I Make You
08-Nov-82*HP-70*WI-10 - Get Closer
14-Mar-83*HP-36*WI-15 - I Knew You When
26-Dec-83*HP-87*WI-03 - What's New
23-Feb-87*HP-31*WI-24 - Somewhere Out There (w/ James Ingram)
09-Mar-87*HP-54*WI-13 - To Know Him is to Love Him (w/ Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris)
then came her biggest hit "Don't Know Much" in 1990.
Kim Carnes:

02-Jun-80*HP-38*WI-10 - Don't Fall in Love With a Dreamer (w/ Kenny Rogers)
15-Sep-80*HP-46*WI-12 - More Love
18-May-81*HP-01*WI-20 - Bette Davis Eyes (5 weeks at No.1)
14-Sep-81*HP-64*WI-08 - Draw of the Cards
04-Oct-82*HP-30*WI-11 - Voyeur
15-Oct-84*HP-49*WI-17 - What About Me (Kenny Rogers w/...)
29-July-85*HP-21*WI-30 - Crazy in the Night (Barking at Airplanes)
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jun-774312Give a Little Bit
02-Apr-791620The Logical Song
27-Oct-803914Dreamer (Live)
22-Nov-821116It's Raining Again
09-Nov-877010I'm Begging You

Roger Hodgson (lead singer) solo:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Nov-842122Had a Dream

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Freakystevie1, here's your requests, plus their follow-ups:
Cutting Crew:
06-Oct-86*HP-08*WI-29 - (I Just) Died in Your Arms
03-Aug-87*HP-96*WI-03 - One for the Mockingbird

Dream Academy:
08-July-85*HP-04*WI-18 - Life in a Northern Town
07-Oct-85*HP-76*WI-06 - The Love Parade

Shona Laing:
25-May-87*HP-09*WI-15 - (Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy
17-Aug-87*HP-65*WI-11 - Drive Baby Drive

China Crisis:
04-Apr-83*HP-75*WI-03 - African & White
05-Mar-84*HP-47*WI-13 - Working With Fire & Steel
09-Apr-84*HP-57*WI-08 - Wishful Thinking
13-May-87*HP-30*WI-18 - Black Man Ray
23-Feb-87*HP-52*WI-12 - Arizona Sky

one of my favourite bands of the 80's was China Crisis. "Black Man Ray" was about Ray Charles, and "Working With Fire & Steel" was really only a hit in Australia, and doesn't appear on any of the 'Best of' collections.

Thanks very much bullion.

I was unaware that Cutting Crew, Dream Academy or Shona Lang had any follow up hits (albeit very minor ones) here in Oz - very interesting!.
oh come on. why are all your forums about music? Why isn't there a forum about whisky?
I know that this chart position was not pre-1989 but I was wondering if "Down So Long" by Jewel charted in Australia. The Kent Australian Chart Book 1993-2005 states that it peaked at number 81 and was in the charts for 13 weeks. What does the ARIA Charts say about it?
It didn't chart on ARIA at all.
Well, I wasn't sure if The Sherbs charted at all, so I guess two very minor hits is even slightly better than I expected.

Don't know if everyone here is familiar with the ARSA chart compilation site at www.las-solanas.com/arsa, but they have quite a few Oz radio station charts from the 1960s (and a lot of US and Canadian radio station charts). Fascinating browsing for those of us into such things. They're also looking for some assistance on tracking down catalogue numbers for some charting Australian records -- check out the "Chart Chat" page on the site for details on how to help. http://www.las-solanas.com/arsa/twocents.php

How did Stacey Q, Samantha Fox and SOS Band do here?
And did Hazell Dean ever chart?
Breadalbane; I tried to contact that people at ASRA on their Chart Chat page, but couldn't. So can you please pass on my email address and let them know that I have catalogue numbers for all of the charting hits in Australia.

Regards, Bulion (bulion@optusnet.com.au)

come on everybody. did you listen to me the first time or what? Where is the forum about whisky?
Well whiskey doesn't appear to be charting at the moment, and rarely has it done so in the past 'drunk soberman'. So I doubt whether you'll get much response from anybody.

The only Whiskey (correct spelling) that I know that charted was Nancy Whiskey in 1963.

If anybody is interested in old Canadian Top 40 Charts, here's a link to those published in RPM Magazine between 1964 and 1980...


Stacey Q:
13-Oct-86*HP-7*WI-28 - Two of Hearts
02-Mar-87*HP-7*WI-18 - We Connect
20-Jul-87*HP-77*WI-05 - Insecurity
23-May-88*HP-73*WI-05 - Don't Make a Fool of Yourself

26-Jan-87*HP-36*WI-19 - Better Than Heaven

Samantha Fox:
02-Jun-86*HP-01*WI-25 - Touch Me (I Want Your Body)
15-Sep-86*HP-18*WI-11 - Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)
10-Nov-86*HP-81*WI-04 - Hold On Tight
29-Jun-87*HP-22*WI-13 - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
13-Jun-88*HP-66*WI-07 - Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) [peak may differ to ARIA, as ARIA-compiled chart started 2 weeks into its run]
20-Mar-89*HP-89*WI-02 - Love House [non ARIA info]
24-Apr-89*HP-19*WI-?? (15 on Kent Report) - I Only Wanna Be With You
10-Jul-89*HP-80*WI-03 - I Wanna Have Some Fun [non ARIA info]

22-Sep-86*HP-20*WI-13 - Touch Me
17-Aug-87*HP-86*WI-05 - Samantha Fox

SOS Band:
25-Aug-80*HP-40*WI-14 - Take Your Time (Do It Right)
19-Dec-83*HP-17*WI-23 - Just Be Good To Me
29-Jun-87*HP-83*WI-04 - No Lies

Hazell Dean:
08-Oct-84*HP-17*WI-17 - Searchin' (I Gotta Find a Man)
11-Feb-85*HP-74*WI-03 - Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)
Thank you nugs! I thought Samantha charted a lot higher with "I Wanna Have Some Fun", I thought that was a big hit for her? And I didn't realize that Stacey Q had four songs that charted, I only knew of "Two of hearts" and "we connect". Very interesting!
Could someone provide chart placings for TISM albums and singles from pre-1994 if they are availalbe? I believe they had a couple of low-top 40 singles in the late 80s but there may be more. Thanks. Joe.
Do you have chart positions on Hoodoo gurus, Def leppard and Whitesnake singles and albums?
Does anyone know what 80s song has the lyrics:

"i'm on the hunt I"m after you"

Big Al

"i'm on the hunt, i'm after you" was indeed taken out of the song. 'Hungry Like The Wolf' by Duran Duran!

Dark in the city, night is a wire
Steam in the subway, earth is a fire
Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do
Woman you want me, give me a sign
And catch my breathing even closer behind
Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do

In touch with the ground
Im on the hunt Im after you
Smell like I sound, Im lost in a crowd
And Im hungry like the wolf
Straddle the line, in discord and rhyme
Im on the hunt Im after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And Im hungry like the wolf

Stalked in the forest, too close to hide
Ill be upon you by the moonlight side
Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do
High blood drumming ony our skin its so tight
You feel my heart, Im just a moment behind
Do-do do do, do do do, do do do, do do do, do do

In touch with the ground
Im on the hunt Im after you
Scent and a sound, Im lost and Im found
And Im hungry like the wolf
Strut on a line, its discord and rhyme
I howl and I whine Im after you
Mouth is alive all running inside
And Im hungry like the wolf


(hungry like the wolf
Hungry like the wolf
Hungry like the wolf)

Burning the ground I break from the crowd
Im on the hunt Im after you
I smell like I sound, Im lost and Im found
And Im hungry like the wolf
Strut on a line, its discord and rhyme
Im on the hunt Im after you
Mouth is alive with juices like wine
And Im hungry like the wolf

Burning the ground I break from the crowd
Im on the hunt Im after you
Scent and a sound, Im lost and Im found
And Im hungry like the wolf

Strut on a line, its discord and rhyme
I howl and I whine Im after you
Mouth is alive all running inside
And Im hungry like the wolf...


There were no charting singles pre 1994, their first was "Jung Talent Time" in 1995.

As for their albums...

03-Oct-88*HP-41*WI-12 - Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance
28-Oct-90*HP-86*WI-02 - Hot Dogma

then came "Machiabelli & The Four Seasons" in 1995 which cracked the Top 5.
Hoodoo Gurus:

11-July-83*HP-80*WI-02 - Tojo
310Oct-83*HP-35*WI-24 - My Girl
09-Apr-84*HP-68*WI-11 - I Want You Back
22-July-85*HP-16*WI-16 - Bittersweet
21-Oct-85*HP-15*WI-22 - Like Wow-Wipeout
03-Mar-86*HP-43*WI-10 - Death Defying
13-Oct-86*HP-76*WI-06 - Poison Pen
30-Mar-87*HP-03*WI-19 - What's My Scene
27-July-87*HP-36*WI-10 - Good Times
18-Jan-88*HP-79*WI-04 - In the Middle of the Land
28-Nov-88*HP-50*WI-11 - Generation Gap
then came "Come Anytime" in 1989.

12-Mar-84*HP-29*WI-45 - Stoneage Romeos
12-Aug-85*HP-05*WI-48 - Mars Needs Guitars
20-Apr-87*HP-02*WI-28 - Blow Your Cool
19-Jun-89*HP-13*WI-17 - Magnum Cum Louder
then it was "Kinky" in 1991.

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Def Leppard:

24-Oct-83*HP-96*WI-02 - Rock of Ages
12-Oct-87*HP-46*WI-16 - Animal
04-Apr-88*HP-90*WI-03 - Hysteria
17-Oct-88*HP-21*WI-29 - Love Bites
then came "Armageddon it" in 1989. All of the following singles can be found by using the "Search" function at the top of this page.

04-Aug-80*HP-98*WI-02 - On Through the Night
13-Jun-83*HP-70*WI-17 - Pyromania
21-Sep-87*HP-04*WI-103- Hysteria
then came "Adrenalize" in 1992.

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14-Mar-83*HP-53*WI-07 - Here I Go Again
19-Oct-87*HP-12*WI-20 - Is This Love
19-Oct-87*HP-24*WI-22 - Here I Go Again (Re-Recorded)
then came "Fool for Your Loving" in Jan 1990. It's not a typo either that both of their Oct 87 songs came in the same week on the chart.

30-May-77*HP-98*WI-03 - White Snake (with David Coverdale)
28-Mar-83*HP-65*WI-06 - Saints an' Sinners
18-May-87*HP-23*WI-38 - 1987
then came "Slip of the Tongue" in late 1989
Thank you so much Craig , I have been trying to find out that the song was "Hungry Like The Wolf" for ages.
would i be correct in assuming that the following artists are from New Zealand?

* The Swingers
* Dave Dobbyn
* Split Enz
How have Carly Simon, James Taylor and Carole King done on the charts? How did Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel chart as solo artists?
Ginny, Samantha Fox's "I Wanna Have Some Fun" was a #8 hit in the US, but flopped both here and in the UK (#63). I only knew of those 2 Stacey Q songs too until recently.
Just some guy, yes they are all New Zealand acts.
cool. thanks for letting me know.
Bulion, I've passed on your name to the folks at ARSA. Hopefully, you can help them out -- it's a really cool project they've undertaken (a searchable index of individual weekly radio station charts).

And thanks too for your yeoman's service here!

Digging through my eighties vinyl, and came across Julian Cope/Teardrop Explodes and Elvis Costello. How'd they do on the charts pre-1989?

And the Canadian chart link you posted got me wondering ... did The Guess Who have much chart success in Australia? Certainly their first Canadian hit "Shakin All Over" was thoroughly trounced by Normie Rowe's version...
I have to say this website is cool but why the hell does a plain page saying "gesperrt" or something like that in the top left hand corner sometimes come up?

Hi, Im trying to track down the name of a song and the artist, from the charted in the top 10 in november 1988. Part of the lyrics in the chorus are as follows.........someone i know, someone i know..........you came for a day and stayed for a week.... Thats all I know, would greatly appreciate someones help

the closest i can think of to that is fischer z the perfect day. is that the song you were after?
according to wikipedia the perfect day by fischer z only made number twelve in australia.

i'm assuming this is the song you are talking about
betty, the song is "Perfect Day" by Fischer-Z; and yes becky, it peaked at #12 on the ARIA chart.
OMG we built this city by starship was a number 1. many "music lists" sites label it the worst song of all time. i personally don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Does anyone know why people HATE the song SO MUCH?
don't know big al. i guess its just one of those songs that people have just come to be annyoyed with
I actually LOVE "We Built This City" LOL, I was a big Starship fan. I liked "Sara" as well! Their resurgence in popularity in the late 80's was pretty cool, considering they had started out as a psychadelic rock group in the 60's as "Jefferson Airplane" with hits like "Somebody To Love", became a contemporary rock group in the 70's as "Jefferson Starship" with hits like "Miracles" and "For Your Love"... and then regrouped again as "Starship" in the 80's, the only original member who stayed from the beginning was vocalist Grace Slick.

How have all of their incarnations done on the chart?
Here's a quote I found about We Built This City topping a worst-song-of-all-time ranking from 'Blender':

Starship's 1985 anthem, the runaway No. 1 stinker, "seems to inspire the most virulent feelings of outrage," editor Craig Marks says. "It purports to be anti-commercial but reeks of '80s corporate-rock commercialism. It's a real reflection of what practically killed rock music in the '80s."

Also sealing the song's fate were Starship's steep fall from grace as the admired Jefferson Airplane and "the sheer dumbness of the lyrics," Marks says.
Re - 'We Built This City' STARSHIP

"It purports to be anti-commercial but reeks of '80s corporate-rock commercialism."

I couldn't agree more with these sentiments!
Carly Simon:

09-Aug-71*HP-62*WI-11 - That's the Way I Always Heard it Should Be
21-Feb-72*HP-64*WI-10 - Anticipation
26-Jun-72*HP-86*WI-02 - Legend in Your Own Time
06-Nov-72*HP-06*WI-27 - I've Got to Have You
09-Jan-73*HP-01*WI-26 - You're So Vain (7 weeks at No.1)
04-Mar-74*HP-08*WI-18 - Mockingbird (w/ James Taylor)
08-July-74*HP-74*WI-05 - Haven't Got Time for the Pain
30-Jun-75*HP-70*WI-10 - Attitude Dancing
19-Dec-77*HP-08*WI-25 - Nobody Does it Better
19-Jun-78*HP-47*WI-12 - You Belong to Me
13-Aug-79*HP-90*WI-03 - Vengeance
13-Oct-80*HP-04*WI-31 - Jesse
26-Aug-85*HP-95*WI-02 - Tired of Being Blonde
23-Feb-87*HP-29*WI-21 - Coming Around Again
10-Apr-89*HP-91*WI-04 - Let the River Run
James Taylor:

09-Nov-70*HP-06*WI-21 - Fire and Rain
17-May-71*HP-95*WI-04 - Country Road
02-Aug-71*HP-25*WI-25 - You've Got a Friend
04-Mar-74*HP-08*WI-18 - Mockingbird (w/Carly Simon)
11-Aug-75*HP-35*WI-11 - How Sweet it is (to Be Loved By You)
25-July-77*HP-13*WI-19 - Handy Man
02-July-79*HP-70*WI-09 - Up on the Roof
20-Apr-81*HP-54*WI-09 - Her Town Too (w/ J.D. Souther)
27-Jan-86*HP-62*WI-09 - Everyday
02-May-88*HP-79*WI-05 - Never Die Young
Carole King:

29-Sep-62*HP-13*WI-12 - It Might as Well Rain Until September
12-July-71*HP-06*WI-19 - It's Too Late
08-Nov-71*HP-80*WI-04 - So Far Away / Smackwater Jack
06-Mar-72*HP-23*WI-13 - Sweet Seasons
22-Jan-73*HP-97*WI-03 - Been to Canaan
29-Oct-73*HP-100*WI-1 - Believe in Humanity
21-Oct-74*HP-56*WI-15 - Jazzman
15-Aug-77*HP-10*WI-18 - Hard Rock Cafe
22-May-89*HP-69*WI-08 - City Streets
Art Garfunkel:

15-Oct-73*HP-36*WI-14 - All I Know
22-Apr-74*HP-84*WI-03 - I Shall Sing
20-Jan-75*HP-89*WI-06 - Second Avenue
20-Oct-76*HP-28*WI-19 - I Only Have Eyes for You
06-Mar-78*HP-47*WI-12 - (What a) Wonderful World
28-May-79*HP-02*WI-24 - Bright Eyes
27-May-85*HP-96*WI-05 - Sometimes When I'm Dreaming


Paul Simon:
06-Mar-72*HP-05*WI-17 - Mother and Child Reunion
22-May-72*HP-40*WI-10 - Me & Julio Down by the Schoolyard
14-Aug-72*HP-86*WI-07 - Run That Body Down
25-Jun-73*HP-31*WI-13 - Kodachrome
03-Sep-73*HP-30*WI-24 - Loves Me Like a Rock
27-Oct-75*HP-95*WI-01 - Gone at Last (w/ Phoebe Snow)
02-Feb-76*HP-35*WI-16 - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
26-Dec-77*HP-35*WI-19 - Slip Slidin' Away
01-Sep-80*HP-34*WI-14 - Late in the Evening
07-Mar-83*HP-100*WI-1 - The Blues (w/ Randy Newman)
15-Sep-86*HP-02*WI-27 - You Can Call Me Al
19-Jan-87*HP-46*WI-10 - The Boy in the Bubble
02-Mar-87*HP-62*WI-09- Graceland
04-May-87*HP-69*WI-07 - Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
then came "The Obvious Child" in 1990.
Teardrop Explodes never had any singles chart in Australia, not even "Reward", but there is one for...

Julian Cope:
02-Feb-87*HP-51*WI-12 - World Shut Your Mouth
Elvis Costello:

13-Feb-78*HP-35*WI-17 - Watching the Detectives
01-May-78*HP-93*WI-03 - (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea
31-July-78*HP-55*WI-19 - Pump it Up
25-Dec-78*HP-93*WI-08 - Radio Radio
12-Mar-79*HP-24*WI-16 - Oliver's Army
08-Feb-82*HP-34*WI-20 - Good Year for the Roses
12-Sep-83*HP-40*WI-13 - Everyday I Write the Book
31-Mar-86*HP-81*WI-06 - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
then came "Veronica" in 1989.
Normie Rowe's version of "Shakin' All Over" didn't come out until Sept 1965, whereas The Guess Who had their version in June.

Guess Who:
12-Jun-65*HP-27*WI-17 - Shakin' All Over
05-July-69*HP-100*WI-1 - These Eyes
13-Dec-69*HP-73*WI-12 - Undun
06-Apr-70*HP-43*WI-09 - No Time
13-Apr-70*HP-43*WI-25 - American Woman
28-Sep-70*HP-65*WI-08 - Hand Me Down, World
01-Feb-71*HP-63*WI-07 - Share the Land / Bus Rider
15-Mar-71*HP-85*WI-04 - Proper Stranger
05-July-71*HP-28*WI-24 - Albert Flasher
13-Sep-71*HP-55*WI-18 - Rain Dance
10-Apr-72*HP-83*WI-07 - Heartbroken Bopper
19-Aug-74*HP-95*Wi-02 - Star Baby
16-Sep-74*HP-39*WI-14 - Clap for the Wolfman
17-Feb-75*HP-85*WI-06 - Dancin' Fool

Most of their smaller hits were BIG hits in Adelaide, as 95% of their singles charted their.
Starship and their transitions:

Jefferson Airplane:
20-May-67*HP-93*WI-01 - My Best Friend
20-May-67*HP-87*WI-05 - Somebody to Love
no "White Rabbit", that didn't chart in Australia.
Jefferson Starship:
18-Feb-80*HP-72*WI-07 - Jane
18-Nov-85*HP-01*WI-26 - We Built This City (4 weeks at No.1)
17-Feb-86*HP-10*WI-17 - Sara
20-Apr-87*HP-03*WI-25 - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
10-Aug-87*HP-92*WI-03 - It Ain't Over ('til it's Over)
in my opinion, the video also leaves little to be desired
How about Run DMC, Public Enemy, Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill Gang, and the Beastie Boys (pre-1989)....
We're they popular during their 1980's heydays?
I was really interesred to see how the 'King' did on the Aussie charts.
I am of course referring to the one and only Elvis Presley of course
Interesting. A few more songs that spent exactly 1 week at 100: "These Eyes" by The Guess Who, "The Blues" by Paul Simon and Randy Newman, and "Believe In Humanity" by Corle King. They join "Evergreen" by Roy Orbison and both "Move It" and "Miss You Nights" by Cliff Richard from previous posts as the least successful chart hits of all time. I'm sure there are more of these #100 songs out there that will be revealed as time goes on...

Thanks for the Costello/Cope/Guess Who info. I'm stunned that "Reward" didn't chart, and pleasantly surprised that "Shakin' All Over" did. Personally, I prefer the Guess Who's version to all other recorded versions I've heard -- yes, including The Who's.

Looking at Jefferson Airplane, I suspect the blatant drug subtext of "White Rabbit" kept it off the charts. Another 'classic in retrospect'...you'd never know today that it wasn't a hit at the time!
Here's an interesting fact.

The average person will like one out of every three songs they hear in thier lifetime.

But the same average person will only love one out of every fourteen songs they hear in thier lifetime.
BB. I did a chart listing for Elvis which is posted on the Australian Elvis website at the below address. There is also one for his albums and an article that I wrote (all in the home drop-box)

Ta bulion
Public Enemy didn't have their first chart hits in Australia until 1990, but all of those were below the Top 50, so here is the ARIA P.E. info:

04-Mar-90*HP-81*WI-07 - Welcome to the Terrordome
27-May-90*HP-64*WI-10 - 911 is a Joke
16-Sep-90*HP-95*WI-01 - Brother's Gonna Work it
09-Dec-90*HP-69*WI-09 - Public Enemy No.1
16-Dec-90*HP-59*WI-09 - Can't Do Nuttin' for Ya Man
27-Oct-91*HP-55*WI-06 - Can't Truss it
then came "Give it Up" in 1994 which hit the Top 50.
Afrika Bambaataa has never had any solo hits.



06-Oct-86*HP-09*WI-25 - Walk this Way
08-Aug-88*HP-83*WI-05 - Run's House
26-Sep-88*HP-83*WI-05 - Mary Mary
30-Oct-89*HP-78*WI-11 - Ghostbusters


Grandmaster Flash:

07-Feb-83*HP-21*WI-23 - The Message (w/ The Furious 5)
13-Feb-84*HP-27*WI-17 - White Lines (w/ Melle Mel)
06-Aug-84*HP-48*WI-09 - Beat Street Breakdown (Grandmaster Melle Mel w/ Furious 5)


Beastie Boys:

30-Mar-87*HP-37*WI-12 - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (to Party)


Sugarhill Gang:

14-Jan-80*HP-37*WI-28 - Rapper's Delight

Hi guys any chance of getting these ones looked at?

Cameo - Word Up
The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
Diana Ross - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
The Babys - Everytime I Think Of You
Bing Crosby - White Christmas
Bobby Vee - Take Good Care Of My Baby
Bruce Springsteen - The River
The Cars - You Might Think
The Cult - She Shells Sanctuary

22-Dec-86*HP-06*WI-23 - Cameo - Word Up
didn't chart in Australia - The Smiths - How Soon Is Now
23-Nov-81*HP-15*WI-19 - Diana Ross - Why Do Fools Fall In Love
12-Feb-79*HP-06*WI-21 - The Babys - Everytime I Think Of You
01-Jun-43*HP-01*WI-10m-Bing Crosby - White Christmas
09-Sep-61*HP-03*WI-20 - Bobby Vee-Take Good Care Of My Baby
didn't chart in Australia - Bruce Springsteen - The River
23-Apr-84*HP-24*WI-12 - The Cars - You Might Think
didn't chart in Australia - The Cult - She Shells Sanctuary
Can anyone tell me all the albums soundgarden released before 1990?

screaming life
ultramega ok
louder than love

all were released from 1987 to 1989
Ross check the wikipedia page out via this link:


The Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary" charted as the 1993 remix EP "Sanctuary MCMXCIII", peaking at #51 in 1993.

Thanks for all the info Bulion. You truly do know your charts here in Australia pretty well given your music industry experience!
Now how about Kiss, and the Ramones?
Has the latter charted big here in Oz?
great work! anyone with the chart discographies for John Farnham, Men At Work, Mi-Sex, Eurogliders and Pseudo Echo?
How did Naked Eyes, Thompson Twins, Diana Ross and Jimmy Buffet do on the chart?
Thanks for the link Beanster Barnes

And thanks again becky.
wow! after all that searching, i've finally found a website that is happy to talk about 80s music.

I enjoyed reading your conversations
jack-in-the-box; You should check out the thread entitled "How Music Has Changed since the 60's". If you click on Show latest topics at the top of this site, it'll open up other threads, and in that thread is a huge amount of info from all of the decades.
Ramones: (only one single unfortunately).

04-Aug-80*HP-41*WI-12 - Rock 'N' Roll High School

12-Jan-76*HP-18*WI-31 - Rock and Roll all Nite
10-May-76*HP-45*WI-10 - Shout it Out Loud
25-Oct-76*HP-79*WI-13 - Beth / Detroit Rock City
24-Jan-77*HP-67*WI-10 - Hard Luck Woman
13-Jun-77*HP-93*WI-02 - Calling Dr. Love
12-Sep-77*HP-78*WI-09 - Then She Kissed Me
19-Sep-77*HP-99*WI-01 - Christine Sixteen
11-Sep-78*HP-89*WI-06 - Strutter '78
09-July-79*HP-02*WI-37 - I Was Made for Lovin' You
22-Oct-79*HP-05*WI-24 - Sure Know Something
23-Jun-80*HP-05*WI-23 - Shandi
25-Aug-80*HP-39*WI-19 - Talk to Me
10-Nov-80*HP-48*WI-14 - Star Trax (EP)
30-Nov-81*HP-24*WI-09 - I
28-Feb-83*HP-76*WI-05 - I Love it Loud
12-Dec-83*HP-82*WI-02 - Lick it Up
22-Oct-84*HP-62*WI-12 - Heaven's on Fire
02-Nov-87*HP-34*WI-14- Crazy Crazy Nights
08-Feb-88*HP-85*WI-02 - Reason to Live
Then came "Let's Put the X in Sex" in 1989.
Men at Work:

22-Jun-81*HP-02*WI-24 - Who Can it Be Now?
23-Nov-81*HP-01*WI-21 - Down Under (6 weeks at No.1)
12-Apr-82*HP-08*WI-16 - Be Good Johnny
22-Nov-82*HP-06*WI-19 - Dr. Heckyll and Mr. Jive
28-Mar-83*HP-05*WI-14 - Overkill
18-July-83*HP-34*WI-10 - It's a Mistake
10_Oct-83*HP-09*WI-14 - Down Under (Re-Entry)
14-Nov-83*HP-89*WI-02 - High Wire
10-Jun-85*HP-37*WI-11 - Everything I Need
Colin James Hay:
09-Feb-87*HP-40*WI-14 - Hold Me

21-Jun-82*HP-34*WI-17 - Without You
30-May-83*HP-97*WI-03 - No Action
06-Feb-84*HP-66*WI-11 - Another Day in the Big World
07-May-84*HP-02*WI-24 - Heaven (Must Be There)
20-Aug-84*HP-56*WI-13 - Maybe Only I Dream
29-Apr-85*HP-07*WI-19 - We Will Together
02-Sep-85*HP-19*WI-15 - The City of Soul
25-Nov-85*HP-08*WI-21 - Can't Wait to See You
10-Mar-86*HP-29*WI-18 - Absolutely
25-Aug-86*HP-91*WI-01 - So Tough
29-Feb-88*HP-13*WI-21 - Groove
27-Jun-88*HP-72*WI-05 - It Must Be Love
Pseudo Echo:

28-Nov-83*HP-04*WI-20 - Listening
30-Apr-84*HP-12*WI-16 - A Beat for You
16-July-84*HP-53*WI-10 - Dancing Until Midnight
10-Dec-84*HP-58*WI-11 - Stranger in Me
28-Oct-85*HP-04*WI-19 - Don't Go
27-Jan-86*HP-06*WI-17 - Love an Adventure
12-May-86*HP-15*WI-13 - Living in a Dream
15-Sep-86*HP-60*WI-06 - Try / Lonely Without You
01-Dec-86*HP-01*WI-25 - Funky Town (7 weeks at No.1)
then came "Fooled Again" in 1989.

02-July-79*HP-25*WI-19 - But You Don't Care
15-Oct-79*HP-01*WI-25 - Computer Games (1 week at No.1)
31-Mar-80*HP-06*WI-20 - People
23-Jun-80*HP-28*WI-10 - Space Race
06-Oct-80*HP-84*WI-05 - It Only Hurts When I'm Laughing
04-May-81*HP-20*WI-17 - Falling in and Out
14-Jun-82*HP-23*WI-16 - Castaway
06-Dec-82*HP-37*WI-14 - Down the Line
20-Jun-83*HP-57*WI-08 - Lost Time
14-Nov-83*HP-48*WI-12 - Only Thinking
05-Mar-84*HP-24*WI-16 - Blue Day
John Farnham:

Johnny period:
02-Dec-67*HP-01*WI-33 - Sadie (the Cleaning Lady) (6 weeks@1)
09-Mar-68*HP-06*Wi-15 - Underneath the Arches / Friday Kind of Monday
13-July-68*HP-06*Wi-17 - I Don't Want to Love You / Jamie
12-Oct-68*HP-19*WI-18 - Rose Coloured Glasses
14-Dec-68*HP-41*WI-05 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
19-July-69*HP-04*WI-26 - One / Mr. Whippy
29-Nov-69*HP-01*WI-24 - Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (7wks@1)
12-Oct-70*HP-10*WI-20 - Comic Conversation
31-May-71*HP-40*WI-14 - Acapulco Sun / As Long as Life Goes On
15-Nov-71*HP-27*WI-21 - Baby, Without You (w/Allison Durbin)
29-Nov-71*HP-36*WI-22 - Walking the Floor on My Hands
18-Sep-72*HP-06*WI-21 - Rock Me Baby
18-Dec-72*HP-12*WI-15 - Don't You Know it's Magic
26-Mar-73*HP-09*WI-12 - Everything is Out of Season
30-July-73*HP-19*WI-12 - I Can't Dance to Your Music
26-Nov-73*HP-48*WI-13 - Shake a Hand
09-Sep-74*HP-91*WI-05 - One Minute Every Hour
13-Jan-75*HP-88*WI-05 - Things to Do
John Farnham period:
14-July-80*HP-08*WI-15 - Help
20-Oct-80*HP-90*WI-03 - She's Everywhere
26-Jan-81*HP-67*WI-07 - Please Don't Ask Me
27-Apr-81*HP-82*WI-07 - Too Much Too Soon
19-Oct-81*HP-52*WI-13 - That's No Way to Love Someone
as lead singer with Little River Band:
16-Aug-82*HP-07*WI-18 - Down on the Border
06-Dec-82*HP-43*WI-10 - St. Louis
14-Feb-83*HP-18*WI-17 - The Other Guy
06-Jun-83*HP-49*WI-10 - We Two
25-Feb-85*HP-59*WI-10 - Playing to Win
back to John Farnham solo:
13-Oct-86*HP-01*WI-26 - You're the Voice (7 weeks at No.1)
15-Dec-86*HP-04*WI-26 - Pressure Down
16-Mar-87*HP-24*WI-17 - A Touch of Paradise
12-Oct-87*HP-60*WI-09 - Reasons / One Step Away
then came "Age of Reason" in 1988. You can now check out all ARIA Chart information from the end of June 1988 onwards in the Singles Archive at the top of these pages.
Naked Eyes:

04-Apr-83*HP-07*WI-23 - Always Something There to Remind Me


Jimmy Buffett:

15-July-74*HP-19*WI-26 - Come Monday
27-Jan-75*HP-99*WI-02 - Pencil Thin Moustache
24-Oct-77*HP-98*WI-01 - Margaritaville
14-Jan-80*HP-100*WI-1 - Fins


Thompson Twins:

28-Feb-83*HP-27*WI-14 - Lies
23-May-83*HP-80*WI-08 - Love on Your Side
05-Mar-84*HP-03*WI-20 - Hold Me Now
21-May-84*HP-14*WI-12 - Doctor! Doctor!
23-July-84*HP-47*WI-10 - You Take Me Up
25-Feb-85*HP-28*WI-13 - Lay Your Hands on Me
07-Oct-85*HP-17*WI-15 - Don't Mess With Dr. Dream
16-Dec-85*HP-20*WI-17 - King for a Day
Diana Ross:

25-May-70*HP-56*WI-14 - Reach Out and Touch (Somebody's Hand)
05-Oct-70*HP-25*WI-14 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough
25-Oct-71*HP-69*WI-13 - I'm Still Waiting
16-July-73*HP-05*WI-20 - Touch Me in the Morning
04-Feb-74*HP-18*WI-16 - Last Time I Saw Him
23-Feb-76*HP-38*WI-26 - Theme from "Mahogany" (Do You Know Where You're Going to)
28-Jun-76*HP-67*WI-05 - Love Hangover
07-Apr-80*HP-71*WI-11 - It's My House
25-Aug-80*HP-01*WI-24 - Upside Down (4 weeks at No.1)
17-Nov-80*HP-40*WI-13 - I'm Coming Out
09-Mar-81*HP-25*WI-18 - My Old Piano
18-May-81*HP-97*WI-01 - It's My Turn
31-Aug-81*HP-01*WI-23 - Endless Love (w/ Lionel Richie)(4 wks @ 1)
23-Nov-81*HP-15*WI-19 - Why Do Fools Fall in Love
29-Nov-82*HP-50*WI-14 - Muscles
15-Aug-83*HP-73*WI-06 - Pieces of Ice
16-July-84*HP-19*WI-21 - All of You (w/ Julio Iglesias)
12-Nov-84*HP-89*WI-03 - Touch by Touch
25-Apr-85*HP-95*WI-04 - Missing You
11-Nov-85*HP-81*WI-03 - Eaten Alive
03-Mar-86*HP-01*WI-27 - Chain Reaction (3 weeks at No.1)
16-Jun-86*HP-64*WI-06 - Experience
17-July-89*HP-96*WI-02 - Workin' Overtime
Bob Dylan:

28-Aug-65*HP-07*WI-14 - Like a Rolling Stone
30-Oct-65*HP-35*WI-10 - Positively 4th Street
26-Feb-66*HP-98*WI-01 - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?
30-Apr-66*HP-17*WI-13 - Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
06-Aug-66*HP-72*WI-06 - I Want You
01-Oct-66*HP-08*WI-12 - Just Like a Woman
28-Jun-69*HP-64*WI-07 - I Threw it All Away
23-Aug-69*HP-20*WI-18 - Lay Lady Lay
29-Nov-69*HP-53*WI-05 - Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
07-Sep-70*HP-24*WI-14 - Wigwam
16-Aug-71*HP-63*WI-11 - Watching the River Flow
15-Oct-73*HP-10*WI-20 - Knocking on Heaven's Door
14-Jan-74*HP-51*WI-07 - A Fool Such As I
18-Mar-74*HP-66*WI-08 - On a Night Like This
22-Dec-75*HP-07*WI-23 - Hurricane
02-Oct-78*HP-70*WI-16 - Baby Stop Crying
09-July-79*HP-98*WI-01 - Love Minus Zero / No Limit
22-Oct-79*HP-96*WI-01 - Gotta Serve Somebody
26-Dec-83*HP-74*WI-06 - Sweetheart Like You
01-Julk-85*HP-65*WI-08 - Tight Connection to My Heart
Beach Boys:

18-Aug-62*HP-48*WI-14 - Surfin' Safari
06-Apr-63*HP-12*WI-20 - Surfin' U.S.A.
24-Aug-63*HP-17*WI-13 - Surfer Girl / Little Deuce Coupe
07-Dec-63*HP-78*WI-06 - Be True to Your School / In My Room
01-Feb-64*HP-09*WI-17 - Hawaii
07-Mar-64*HP-17*WI-14 - Fun, Fun, Fun
13-Jun-64*HP-33*WI-15 - I Get Around / Don't Worry Baby
03-Oct-64*HP-39*WI-08 - When I Grow Up (to Be a Man)
09-Jan-65*HP-52*WI-04 - Dance, Dance, Dance
10-Apr-65*HP-95*WI-03 - Do You Wanna Dance?
29-May-65*HP-16*WI-16 - Help Me, Rhonda
04-Sep-65*HP-58*WI-12 - California Girls
29-Jan-66*HP-02*WI-16 - Barbara Ann
23-Apr-66*HP-17*Wi-15 - Sloop John B / You're So Good to Me
13-Aug-66*HP-17*WI-19 - God Only Knows / Wouldn't it Be Nice
12-Nov-66*HP-01*WI-20 - Good Vibrations (1 week at No.1)
01-July-67*HP-14*WI-15 - Then I Kissed Her
19-Aug-67*HP-13*WI-09 - Heroes and Villains
18-Nov-67*HP-25*WI-18 - Wild Honey
27-Jan-68*HP-28*WI-09 - Darlin'
03-Aug-68*HP-02*WI-19 - Do it Again
11-Jan-69*HP-90*WI-04 - Bluebirds Over the Mountain
22-Mar-69*HP-10*WI-15 - I Can Hear Music
12-July-69*HP-83*WI-05 - Break Away
25-May-70*HP-01*WI-21 - Cottonfields (1 week at No.1)
31-Jan-72*HP-62*WI-11 - Student Demonstration Time
04-Nov-74*HP-66*WI-11 - Surfin' U.S.A. / Warmth of the Sun
21-Jun-76*HP-34*WI-12 - Rock and Roll Music
06-Nov-78*HP-97*WI-02 - Peggy Sue
07-May-79*HP-90*WI-05 - Here Comes the Night
01_Oct-79*HP-54*WI-20 - Lady Lynda
28-Sep-81*HP-16*WI-27 - Beach Boys Medley
08-July-85*HP-81*WI-07 - Getcha Back
29-Dec-86*HP-79*WI-05 - Rock 'N' Roll to the Rescue
then came "Kokomo" in late 1988.
Just a fount of info here. Who knew that Margaritaville topped out at a lowly 98?

All the 80s info here makes two more 80s artists spring to my mind: The Pretenders and Squeeze. Any chart info for these folks? Thanks!
I'm sure Peggy Sue was a hit for Buddy Holly
Thanks so much for the chart info Bulion!
The Pretenders:

25-Feb-80*HP-02*WI-26 - Brass in Pocket
07-July-80*HP-90*WI-05 - Kid
20-Oct-80*HP-55*WI-04 - Talk of the Town
30-Mar-81*HP-16*WI-16 - Message of Love
01-Jun-81*HP-29*WI-10 - The Pretenders (EP)
01-Nov-82*HP-11*WI-23 - Back on the Chain Gang
26-Dec-83*HP-30*WI-12 - 2000 Miles
13-Feb-84*HP-52*WI-08 - Middle of the Road
10-Nov-86*HP-08*WI-18 - Don't Get Me Wrong
23-Feb-87*HP-56*WI-07 - My Baby
20-Apr-87*HP-07*WI-19 - Hymn to Her
Although I don't think that Peggy Sure was by The Beach Boys
Peggy Sue has charted several times...

25-Jan-58*HP-02*WI-22 - Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
09-Jan-60*HP-31*WI-13 - Peggy Sue Got Married - Buddy Holly
16-May-64*HP-69*WI-02 - Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
25-May-68*HP-86*WI-09 - Peggy Sue / Rave On - Buddy Holly
06-Nov-78*HP-97*WI-02 - Peggy Sue - The Beach Boys

Squeeze: In Australia they were called U.K. Squeeze up until 1986.

U.K. Squeeze:
25-Jun-79*HP-05*WI-21 - Cool for Cats
15-Feb-82*HP-95*WI-01 - Tempted
21-Feb-83*HP-52*WI-11 - Annie Get Your Gun
27-Jan-86*HP-67*WI-10 - Hits of the Year
02-Nov-87*HP-90*WI-03 - Hourglass
Oh, I see now.

Thanks again.
Wow, "Tempted" by Squeeze topped out at 95? That's a pretty shitty position for one of their best known songs?? No "Coffee In Bed"?

And I agree with "Margaritaville", to me that is his signature song, moreso than "Come Monday". How do these so-called classics get airplay if they charted so horribly where in most cases, would probably not have been played on the radio since the height of its so-called popularity.
I'm interested in chart informatin on Marcia Hines both for her singles and albums, please. Creditations if possible, too. Thanks in anticipation.
For me Bulion, would appreciate if you can provide the chart info for Crowded House pre-Better Be Home Soon. Thanks mate!
Crowded House:

30-Jun-86*HP-26*WI-15 - Mean to Me
06-Oct-86*HP-63*WI-10 - Now We're Getting Somewhere
01-Dec-86*HP-08*WI-26 - Don't Dream it's Over
23-Mar-87*HP-43*WI-17 - World Where You Live
08-Jun-87*HP-18*WI-16 - Something So Strong
then came "Better be Home Soon" in 1988.
Marcia Hines: (I don't have accreditations for anybody, but here is her chart information)...

12-May-75*HP-17*WI-24 - Fire and Rain
17-Nov-75*HP-10*WI-22 - From the Inside
28-Jun-76*HP-85*WI-02 - Don't Let the Grass Grow / You Gotta Let Go
16-Aug-76*HP-06*WI-26 - I Just Don't Know What to With Myself
24-Jan-77*HP-38*WI-11 - (Until) Your Love Broke Through
04-July-77*HP-06*WI-20 - What I Did for Love
31-Oct-77*HP-02*WI-23 - You
20-Feb-78*HP-28*WI-14 - Music is My Life
13-Nov-78*HP-92*WI-02 - Let the Music Play
14-May-79*HP-09*WI-18 - Something's Missing (in My Life)
28-Jan-80*HP-62*WI-06 - Where Did We Go Wrong
17-Aug-81*HP-10*WI-18 - Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees
23-Nov-81*HP-51*WI-11 - What a Bitch is Love
26-July-82*HP-62*WI-07 - Jokers & Queens (w/ Jon English

13-Oct-75*HP-04*WI-52 - Marcia Shines
05-Jan-76*HP-87*WI-06 - Daly-Wilson Band feat Marcia Hines
15-Nov-76*HP-03*WI-35 - Shining
29-Aug-77*HP-06*WI-28 - Ladies and Gentlemen
06-Mar-78*HP-07*WI-20 - Marcia Hines Live Across Australia
11-Jun-78*HP-15*WI-18 - Ooh Child
05-Oct-81*HP-16*WI-11 - Take it From the Boys
11-Jan-82*HP-02*WI-16 - Marcia Hines Greatest Hits
19-July-82*HP-36*WI-09 - Jokers & Queens (w/ Jon English)
09-May-83*HP-63*WI-02 - With All My Love
21-Jan-85*HP-59*WI-07 - Complete Marcia Hines 1975-1984
Thx again, bulion - much apprectiated.
Anybody interested in all of the UK No.1 Singles from 1950's to today, here's a link...

It's hard to say exactly why songs become retroactive classics. Some songs may have been a little ahead of their time...not popular when released, but in time people caught up with them. Others may have been slightly controversial at the time, but eventually became accepted. (I'm wondering if some conservative 1970s radio programmers wouldn't play Margaritaville because it could have promoted blackout drinking?)

I also think some songs become retroactive classics if they were hits in the US. A US programming consultant comes in, and adds a hit song to the play list even though it wasn't a hit here, simply because it gets plenty of airplay back home...

Thanks for your effort and time Bulion. And if it's no trouble, do you also have the chart info for Daryl Braithwaite As The Days Go By?
you can now find the Daryl info in the search function at the top of this page. ARIA Charts now go back to the start, which is June 1988, and "As the Days Go By" is now in that category.

thanks for the alert, Bulion!
Hi Bulion, I have a question.
Collette's Upside Down wasn't given any chart stats on this site. But on Wiki, it states that the single reached #91. Which is true? If so, what is the chart debut date for the single?

16-Dec-91*HP-92*WI-01 - Upside Down - Collette
13-Jan-92*HP-91*WI-03 - Upside Down (Re-Entry)

17-Dec-90*HP-99*WI-01 - Upside Down - Collette
As always, U da man!!!
How did Janis Ian, Bette Midler and Jo Stafford do?
Marcia apparently said she had "6" number ones on an early episode of Australian Idol. She's so full of sh*t - she didn't even have one!
Janis Ian

11-Aug-1975 At Seventeen *HP-18*WI-23
3-May-1976 Boy, I Really Tied One On *HP-50*WI-8
4-Feb-1980 Fly Too High *HP-7*WI-25
30-Jun-1980 The Other Side Of The Sun *HP-44*WI-14

Thanks Beanster Do you know how Pete Townshend charted with "Let My Love Open The Door"?
Pete Townshend

22-Aug-1980 Let My Love Open The Door *HP-82*WI-12
13-Jan-1986 Face The Face *HP-9*WI-18
7-Apr-1986 Give Blood *HP-77*WI-6

Damn I would have thought that it had charted better than 82... such a good song too.
Yeah it is.... You should check out Pearl Jam's live version of this song!

Hey, how did Nilsson do chartwise?

29-Sep-69*HP-30*WI-36 - Everybody's Talkin'
29-Nov-69*HP-66*WI-10 - I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City
05-July-71*HP-52*WI-13 - Me and My Arrow
14-Feb-72*HP-01*WI-26 - Without You / Gotta Get Up (5 wks@1)
15-May-72*HP-26*WI-22 - Jump into the Fire
07-Aug-72*HP-90*WI-05 - Coconut
04-Sep-72*HP-85*WI-09 - You're Breaking My Heart
20-Nov-72*HP-95*WI-05 - Spaceman
24-Sep-73*HP-61*WI-08 - As Time Goes By
24-Jun-74*HP-79*WI-06 - Daybreak
Bette Midler:

26-Feb-73*HP-19*WI-15 - Do You Want To Dance?
4-Jun-73*HP-7*WI-16 - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
15-Apr-74*HP-96*WI-1 - In The Mood
27-Jun-77*HP-75*WI-19 - You're Movin' Out Today
2-Jul-79*HP-37*WI-19 - Married Man
21-Jan-80*HP-29*WI-25 - My Knight In Black Leather
7-Apr-80*HP-6*WI-23 - The Rose
2-Feb-81*HP-59*WI-12 - Mother's Eyes
12-Dec-83*HP-44*WI-17 - Favourite Waste Of Time
5-Mar-84*HP-12*WI-21 - Beast Of Burden

Then came 'Wind Beneath My Wings' in 1989!
Jim Stafford:

8-Aug-73 *HP- 21 *WI- 17 - Swamp Witch
31-Dec-73 *HP- 19 *WI- 27 - Spiders & Snakes
10-Jun-74 *HP- 12 *WI- 14 - My Girl Bill


10-June-74 *HP-27 *WI-15 - Jim Stafford

Craig, you need to put your "0" (zero's) in the date columns otherwise they don't look as neat. (just me being anal about it)

I'll post the JO Stafford info on Sunday, she had over 40 singles!!
I'd like chart info on Sebastian Hardie / Windchase / Mario Millo please. Including soundtracks by Millo: Against the Wind (w/ Jon English, and its single Six Ribbons), World Safari II, A Fortunate Life, The Lighthorsemen and Brides of Christ.

thx in anticipation
could anyone be able to give me australian album chart postions for the following artists : the beatles, the beach boys, the rolling stones, the who, bob dylan, the byrds, pink floyd and led zeppelin.
Could you please let me know the singles info for Little River Band, The Hollies & The Who. Thanks muchly
Nilsson's "You're Breaking My Heart" actually charted? Wow! Great song, but they must have edited out the very very prominent obscenity for AM play. Which would rather undermine the whole point of the record...

Also nice to see that "Favourite Waste Of Time", an ace Marshall Crenshaw tune, charted.
Sebastian Hardie:
21-July-75*HP-55*WI-08 - Rosanna
15-Mar-76*HP-95*WI-02 - Life, Love & Music

08-Aug-77*HP-100*WI-1 - Glad to Be Alive

Mario Millo:
25-Dec-78*HP-05*WI-20 - Six Ribbons (w/ Jon English)

Albums requests:
22-Jan-79*HP-10*WI-18 - Against the Wind Soundtrack
08-Oct-79*HP-91*WI-06 - Epic III - Mario Millo
none of the other Soundtracks requested charted.
I had some info that SH's first album Four Moments reached #13 in 1975 but that seems wrong.

I see elsewhere that "Six Ribbons" and Against the Wind (as Mot Alla Vindar) were both #1 in Norway and both #4 in Sweden! Go figure.

Thx again bulion.
Now I'm looking into Jon English, singles and albums both solo and in duets with Trevor White, Marcia Hines (already above), Mario Millo (already above), and Renée Geyer.

Much appreciated, thx in advance.
Duran Duran 4eva!
Hey, how about Joe Camilleri? He's the guy behind Jo Jo Zep, The Black Sorrows, The Revelators, and Bakelite Radio. He's also released a handful of solo singles under his own name, and as Joey Vincent. Any chance of getting his pre-89 chart info?

visit "www.peterg.com" for those chart positions. Just type the names into the search bar and the chart positions will come up automatically.
Jon English:

26-Mar-73*HP-50*WI-09 - Handbags and Gladrags
03-Feb-75*HP-20*WI-29 - Turn the Page
23-Jun-75*HP-55*WI-12 - Lovin' Arms
12-Apr-76*HP-13*WI-25 - Hollywood Seven
04-Oct-76*HP-87*WI-02 - I'm a Survivor
28-Mar-77*HP-46*WI-15 - Lay it All Down
12-Jun-78*HP-06*WI-22 - Words are Not Enough
02-Oct-78*HP-44*WI-12 - Nights in Paradise
25-Dec-78*HP-05*WI-20 - Six Ribbons (w/ Mario Millo)
07-May-79*HP-27*WI-14 - Get Your Love Right
24-Dec-79*HP-11*WI-17 - Hot Town
07-Apr-80*HP-27*WI-12 - Carmilla
16-Mar-81*HP-88*WI-02 - Hold Back the Night
17-Aug-81*HP-72*WI-08- Straight from the Heart
21-Jun-82*HP-96*WI-04 - Beating the Boards
26-July-82*HP-62*WI-07 - Jokers & Queens (w/ Marcia Hines)
15-Aug-83*HP-50*WI-15 - Some People (Have All the Fun)
16-Jan-84*HP-96*WI-04 - Waterloo

No duets charted with Renee Geyer or Trevor White
Joe Camelleri and his guises:

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons:

23-Aug-76*HP-73*WI-04 - Beating Around the Bush
24-Jan-77*HP-98*WI-02 - Security
28-Nov-77*HP-90*WI-03 - (I'm in a) Dancing Mood
06-Mar-78*HP-53*WI-10 - Loud and Clear (EP)
23-Oct-78*HP-48*WI-11 - So Young
30-July-79*HP-12*WI-24 - Hit and Run
05-Nov-79*HP-22*WI-18 - Shape I'm in
19-May-80*HP-34*WI-09 - All I Wanna Do
18-Aug-80*HP-53*WI-10 - Puppet on a String (Let Her Go)
24-Nov-80*HP-91*WI-01 - I Will Return
11-Oct-82*HP-11*WI-16 - Taxi Mary
17-Jan-83*HP-55*Wi-13 - Walk On By

Black Sorrows:
11-May-87*HP-48*WI-16 - Daughters of Glory
27-July-87*HP-91*WI-01 - Maybe Tomorrow
Then came "Hold on to Me" in Sept 1988.

The rest of The Black Sorrows, along with The Revelators you can find in the search engine above.
Thanks again, bulion! I'm amazed "Security" only hit 98 -- it's one of my favourites, and I thought it did better.

I suspect that peterg link above is spam/phishing, by the way.
How has Tammy Wynette and Jane Child done?
Tammy Wynette

16-Sep-67*HP-65*WI-06 My Elusive Dreams (Duet with David Houston)
09-Dec-67*HP-60*WI-12 I Don't Wanna Play House
24-Feb-68*HP-78*WI-06 It's All Over (Duet With David Houston)
25-May-68*HP-59*WI-08 D.I.V.O.R.C.E
14-Dec-68*HP-08*WI-30 Stand By Your Man
24-May-69*HP-71*WI-05 Singing My Song
18-Oct-69*HP-71*WI-06 The Way To Love A Man
06-Apr-70*HP-91*WI-03 I'll Sim Him Through
24-Sep-73*HP-80*WI-04 Kids Say The Darndest Things


31-May-69*HP-13*WI-01 D.I.V.O.R.C.E
14-Mar-77*HP-43*WI-08 Tammy
24-Sep-90*HP-72*WI-03 The Very Best Of Patsy Clein & Tammy Wynette


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Jane Child had only one minor hit in 1990 called 'Don't Wanna Fall In Love'. Which spent one week in the charts at #95.
Thanks for that Beanster I knew Jane Child didn't have a big chart hit with "Don't Wanna Fall In Love", I was just curious as to whether it charted at all!

How have Kenny Loggins and Odyssey done?
Kenny Loggins

30-Oct-78*HP-26*WI-18 Whenever I Call You Friend
07-Jan-80*HP-85*WI-08 This Is It
01-Dec-80*HP-53*WI-18 I'm Alright
02-Apr-84*HP-01*WI-24 Footloose (3 Weeks #1)
02-Sep-85*HP-94*WI-06 Forever
28-Jul-86*HP-14*WI-27 Danger Zone


16-Oct-78*HP-70*WI-13 Nightwatch
18-Feb-80*HP-95*WI-01 Keep The Fire
29-Dec-80*HP-72*WI-08 Alive
Odyssey had no charting singles in Australia. However they had a single week in the album charts with their self titled album in 1978, peaking at #98.
Thanks again Barnster... seriously, Odyssey had no hits? I thought "Native New Yorker" was a hit...
Unfortunately nothing has come up for Odyssey... Maybe Bullion could 2nd that just to make sure

Would love to find out chart info on songs from the Motown era especially The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops, The Jackson 5, Martha and the Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder.

Thanks so much
Yep only the album charted for Odyssey. Native New Yorker was a Top 10 dance hit on the "Disco Charts" of the time though.
Martha & The Vandellas:

24-Oct-64*HP-71*WI-06 - Dancing in the Street


Marvin Gaye:

22-May-65*HP-67*WI-03 - I'll Be Doggone
01-Apr-67*HP-23*WI-20 - It Takes Two (w/ Kim Weston)
29-July-67*HP-61*WI-11 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough (w/ Tammi Terrell)
04-Nov-67*HP-92*WI-01 - Your Precious Love (w/Tammi Terrell)
06-Jan-68*HP-72*WI-08 - If I Could Build My Whole World Around You (w/ Tammi Terrell)
01-Mar-69*HP-50*WI-10 - I Heard it Through the Grapevine
15-Jun-70*HP-79*WI-01 - California Soul (w/ Tammi Terrell)
07-Jun-71*HP-69*WI-02 - What's Going On
25-July-77*HP-89*WI-02 - Got to Give it Up
17-Jan-83*HP-04*WI-20 - Sexual Healing
08-Jun-87*HP-60*WI-20 - I Heard it Through the Grapevine (R)

Jackson 5:

09-Feb-70*HP-77*WI-15 - I Want You Back
01-Jun-70*HP-14*WI-26 - ABC
14-Sep-70*HP-59*WI-09 - The Love You Save
16-Nov-70*HP-31*WI-21 - I'll Be There
14-Jun-71*HP-77*WI-01 - Never Can Say Goodbye
12-Jun-72*HP-47*WI-15 - Little Bitty Pretty One
02-July-73*HP-31*WI-12 - Hallelujah Day
29-Oct-73*HP-87*WI-04 - Skywriter
02-Apr-79*HP-59*WI- 15 - Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)
26-Nov-79*HP-04*WI-27 - Blame it on the Boogie
17-Nov-80*HP-10*WI-21 - Can You Feel it
09-July-84*HP-10*WI-13 - State of Shock (w/ Mick Jagger)
10-Sep-84*HP-328WI-12 - Torture
17-July-89*HP-89*WI-01 - Nothin' (That Compares 2 U)
Four Tops:

30-Jan-65*HP-50*WI - 06 - Baby I Need Your Loving
21-Aug-65*HP-95*WI-03 - I Can't Help Myself
15-Oct-66*HP-62*WI-10 - Reach Out, I'll Be There
21-Jan-67*HP-78*WI-04 - Standing in the Shadows of Love
22-Apr-67*HP-62*WI-15 - Bernadette
17-Jun-67*HP-76*WI-08 - 7 Rooms of Gloom
21-Oct-67*HP-85*WI-06 - You Keep Running Away
24-Feb-68*HP-34*WI-11 - Walk Away Renee
04-May-68*HP-07*WI-15 - If I Were a Carpenter
31-May-69*HP-75*WI-07 - What is a Man
01-Jun-70*HP-21*WI-18 - It's All in the Game
19-Feb-73*HP-55*WI-10 - Keeper of the Castle
02-July-73*HP-89*WI-05 - Ain't No Woman (Like the One I've Got)
28-Dec-81*HP-54*WI-07 - When She Was My Girl

04-Jan-69*HP-14*WI-17 - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me / A Place in the Sun (w/ Diana Ross & The Supremes)
29-Jun-70*HP-05*WI-22 - The Rhythm of Life (w/ The Supremes)
29-Jan-73*HP-69*WI-06 - Papa Was a Rolling Stone
11-Aug-80*HP-85*WI-02 - Power
06-May-85*HP-82*WI-05 - Treat Her Like a Lady
The Supremes:

14-Dec-63*HP-24*WI-18 - When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
15-Aug-64*HP-14*WI-16 - Where Did Our Love Go
31-Oct-64*HP-26*WI-10 - Baby Love
19-Dec-64*HP-78*WI-10 - Come See About Me
20-Mar-65*HP-42*WI-14 - Stop! In the Name of Love
19-Jun-65*HP-95*WI-03 - Back in My Arms Again
18-Sep-65*HP-83*WI-07 - Nothing But Heartaches
27-Nov-65*HP-48*WI-12 - I Hear a Symphony
26-Feb-66*HP-88*WI-06 - My World is Empty Without You
02-July-66*HP-100*WI-1 - Love is Like an Itching in My Heart
10-Sep-66*HP-10*WI-13 - You Can't Hurry Love
19-Nov-66*HP-29*WI-10 - You Keep My Hangin' On
25-Feb-67*HP-45*WI-07 - Love is Here and Now You're Gone
06-May-67*HP-05*WI-15 - The Happening
Diana Ross & The Supremes:
26-Aug-67*HP-34*WI-11 - Reflections
25-Nov-67*HP-30*WI-10 - In and Out of Love
13-Apr-68*HP-68*WI-07 - Forever Came Today
10-Aug-68*HP-98*WI-02 - Some Things You Never Get Used to
09-Nov-68*HP-02*WI-21 - Love Child
04-Jan-69*HP-14*WI-17 - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me / A Place in the Sun (w/ The Temptations)
08-Mar-69*HP-33*WI-11 - I'm Livin' in Shame
31-May-69*HP-87*WI-02 - The Composer
20-Dec-69*HP-52*WI-14 - Someday We'll Be Together
30-Mar-70*HP-43*WI-11 - Up the Ladder to the Roof **
20-Jun-70*HP-05*WI-22 - Rhythm of Life (w/ The Temptations)
25-Jan-71*HP-99*WI-01 - Stoned Love **
** back to The Supremes.
Stevie Wonder:

14-Sep-63*HP-54*WI-06 - Fingertips (Parts 1 & 2)
19-Mar-66*HP-91*WI-01 - Uptight (Everything's Alright)
20-Aug-66*HP-60*WI-06 - Blowin' in the Wind
05-Aug-67*HP-26*WI-10 - I Was Made to Love Her
23-Nov-68*HP-24*WI-20 - For Once in My Life
26-July-69*HP-75*WI-09 - My Cherie Amour
15-Nov-69*HP-11*WI-15 - Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
16-Mar-70*HP-67*WI-04 - Never Had a Dream Come True
20-July-70*HP-50*WI-12 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours
07-Dec-70*HP-88*WI-04 - Heaven Help Us All
12-Feb-73*HP-95*WI-03 - Superstition
28-May-73*HP-10*WI-15 - You Are the Sunshine of My Life
24-Sep-73*HP-62*WI-07 - Higher Ground
25-Feb-74*HP-95*WI-02 - Living for the City
08-July-74*HP-68*WI-06 - All in Love is Fair / He's Misstra Know it All
21-Oct-74*HP-86*WI-04 - You Don't Have Nothin'
10-Mar-75*HP-71*WI-07 - Boogie on Reggae Woman
17-Jan-77*HP-51*WI-06 - I Wish
06-Jun-77*HP-69*WI-06 - Sir Duke
03-Dec-79*HP-52*WI-09 - Send One Your Love
29-Sep-80*HP-02*WI-23 - Master Blaster (Jammin')
23-Feb-81*HP-61*WI-09 - I Ain't Gonna Stand for it
04-May-81*HP-17*WI-18 - Lately
17-Aug-81*HP-31*WI-15 - Happy Birthday
22-Feb-82*HP-38*WI-14 - That Girl
26-Apr-82*HP-02*WI-18 - Ebony & Ivory (w/ Paul McCartney)
28-Jun-82*HP-66*WI-07 - Do I Do
27-Dec-82*HP-71*WI-06 - Used to Be (w/ Charlene)
24-Sep-84*HP-01*WI-48 - I Just Called to Say I Love You (8wk)
16-Sep-85*HP-03*WI-19 - Part Time Lover
20-Jan-86*HP-92*WI-04 - Go Home
02-Nov-87*HP-38*WI-14 - Skeletons
Hey Bulion what was it about black music in the 60's? I'm astounded that song like 'Baby I Need Your Loving', 'Reach Out, I'll Be There', 'Baby Love' & 'Stop! In the Name of Love' didn't chart aswell as they should've.
These and many more are classified as classics in many critics corner
Yup, 19 March 1966 must have been some week, as there were 90 more popular records than "Uptight (Everything's Alright)". Wonder how many of those 90 still hold up?

Even worse, in February 1973 there were 94 records that bested "Superstition" 94! That's just sad. 1973, hang your head in shame...
Black Music in the 1960's was not played on Australia very much at all. Especially in Melbourne and Sydney, then and now the two biggest markets. Brisbane was a big R&B charting sitting, that's where The Supremes and Marvin Gaye had most of their hits. Perth was the other big black music location during that time, and Stevie Wonder had mostly all of his National Chart hits perform well in Perth.
Another factor was that the style of music that radio was playing was faaaarrrrr away from the American R&B Style of that time, and it wasn't until some major inroads were made in the mid-60's that that style of music was taken more seriously on the charts. So some of the biggest hits that we know today thanks to retro/Gold stations were hits overseas, but not here for the original artists.
I say not here for the originals, as local Australian acts would get the records in via sailors or ship merchants, and then learn them and record them, then have hits here with them, and the overseas versions weren't even looked at. "In the Midnight Hour" by Wilson Pickett is a prime example of this. Done here by 1964-66 teen heart-throbs Ray Brown & The Whispers, this was his fourth Top 10 hit here, and a very Aussie version too, and Wilson's version did not chart. Yet you'll hear Wilson's version on the radio here, but not our local version which was a hit. Johnny O'Keefe did this too, and even Pat Boone did it in the late 50's when he did pop-covers of Little Richard and other rock-and-rollers songs, done for nice-white-mainstream-kids.
So they might be classics now, but they weren't necessarily so at the time here in Australia.
how much of an r&b market was perth?
When did Australia have 'disco charts'? Is it much the same as the club chart today? Or were they around for the 'disco era' (like Billboard) and then they phased them out or renamed the chart after the disco era faded? I would very much be interested in seeing those charts... are they available anywhere?

A lot of my favorite artists were disco groups (more obscure ones) that charted well in the US on the disco/club play chart but maybe didn't even chart at all on the Hot 100. I wonder if the same goes for Australia? Did Gino Soccio or Giorgio Moroder have any luck on the aussie charts?
Gino Soccio only had one chart hit!

20-Oct-79*HP-78*WI-02 Outline

Giorgio Moroder

09-Apr-79 *HP-26*WI-21 Chase
12-Nov-84 *HP-05*WI-25 Together In Electric Dreams (WITH Philip Oakey)
05-Aug-85 *HP-26*WI-13 Goodbye Bad Times (WITH Philip Oakey)
09-Sep-85 *HP-52*WI-07 Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder (ALBUM)

Holy crap, Outline charted?? Of all songs I would have guessed that it would be "Dancer" or "Try It Out".

Did BB&Q Band, Cheri, John Davis or Starpoint chart? How did Level 42 did, especially with "Starchild"?
Nothing for BB&Q Band!
Nothing for Cheri!
Nothing for John Davis!
Nothing for Starpoint!


14-Apr-86 *HP-98*WI-02 Leaving Me Now
15-Sep-86 *HP-65*WI-19 Lessons In Love
27-Apr-87 *HP-43*WI-16 Running In The Family
27-Apr-87 *HP-35*WI-17 Running In The Family
08-May-89 *HP-86*WI-02 Staring At The Sun


God almighty, not even "Something About You" charted? That's quite incredible... thanks for finding these facts for me though beanster

How high did Regina go with "Baby Love" and how well have Captain & Tennille, Tony Orlando & Dawn and Bonnie Raitt done?
Thanks so much Bulion, you rock!
Regina did not chart, that version of her biggest hit was done by Dannii Minogue in 1992 (sadly).

Captain & Tennille:
07-July-75*HP-01*WI-27 - Love Will Keep us Together (4 wks at 1)
01-Dec-75*HP-09*WI-21 - The Way I Want to Touch You
22-Mar-76*HP-09*WI-18 - Lonely Night (Angel Face)
05-July-76*HP-37*WI-17 - Shop Around
22-Nov076*HP-65*WI-07 - Muskrat Love
23-May-77*HP-67*WI-10 - Can't Stop Dancin'
30-Oct-78*HP-51*WI-11 - You Never Done it Like That
16-Apr-79*HP-87*WI-06 - You Need a Woman Tonight
21-Jan-80*HP-03*WI-20 - Do That To Me One More Time


Tony Orlando & Dawn:

Tony Orlando:
03-Jun-61*HP-68*WI-05 - Halfway to Paradise
30-Sep-61*HP-66*WI-06 - Bless You
21-Apr-62*HP-87*WI-03 - Happy Times (Are Here to Stay)
07-Sep-70*HP-09*WI-22 - Candida
11-Jan-71*HP-01*WI-27 - Knock Three Times (1 week at No.1)
24-May-71*HP-60*WI-10 - I Play and Sing
02-Aug-71*HP-86*WI-04 - Summer Sand
18-Oct-71*HP-52*WI-08 - What Are You Doing Sunday
Dawn feat Tony Orlando:
02-Apr-73*HP-01*WI-73 - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree (7 weeks at No.1)
20-Aug-73*HP-02*WI-25 - Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose
31-Dec-73*HP-15*WI-16 - Who's in the Strawberry Patch with Sally
Tony Orlando & Dawn:
12-May-75*HP-33*WI-15 - He Don't Love You (Like I Love You)
29-Sep-75*HP-94*WI-02 - Mornin' Beautiful
10-May-76*HP-99*WI-01 - Cupid

Bonnie Raitt:
06-Oct-91*HP-57*WI-11 - Something to Talk About
09-Feb-92*HP-68*WI-10 - Something to Talk About (R)
08-Mar-92*HP-77*WI-04 - I Can't Make You Love Me
AMR also has this single chart, which did not on ARIA...
13-Apr-92*HP-95*WI-01 - Not the Only One
The sad passing of a unique musical legend on Sunday prompts me to put his chart information up...

Isaac Hayes:
20-Dec-71*HP-11*WI-31 - Theme from "Shaft"
01-Apr-74*HP-91*WI-03 - Joy
17-Mar-80*HP-20*WI-18 - Don't Let Go
25-Jan-99*HP-14*WI-18 - Chocolate Salty Balls (as Chef)

Thanks Bulion, I too was saddened by Isaac Hayes' passing. Most people remember "Theme from Shaft", but my favourite track was "Don't Let Go" which had more of a soul/disco groove to it.
How did Electric Light Orchestra do? Did Queen have a hit with "Body Language"? Did Cory Hart have any success?
how did gordon lightfoot chart? did steve forbert chart well with romeo's tune?
Another interest is Paul Kelly. His many guises include ...& The Dots, ...& The Coloured Girls, ...& The Messengers, with Uncle Bill, with Professor Ratbaggy, ...& The Stormwater Boys (latter few are within the ARIA search I've just done). Could you please provide singles and albums positions on Paul Kelly and his cohorts pre-ARIA?
Christie Allen an australian singer also passed away recently i believe she had a few hits here.
Any help here bulion?
Christie Allen R.I.P

30-Oct-1978 *HP-67*WI-12 You Know That I Love You
02-Apr-1979 *HP-20*WI-16 Falling In Love With You Only
17-Sep-1979 *HP-03*WI-24 Goose Bumps
11-Feb-1980 *HP-04*WI-21 He's My Number One
02-Jun-1980 *HP-38*WI-13 Magic Rhythm
15-Sep-1980 *HP-38*WI-12 Baby Get Away
04-May-1981 *HP-68*WI-07 Don't Put Out The Flame


05-Nov-1979 *HP-59*WI-18 Magic Rhythm
08-Dec-1980 *HP-96*WI-01 Detour

Christie was Mushrooms biggest act in 79/80 and kept Mushroom finacially stable as Skyhooks popularity waned and just before Split Enz hit real commercial success.
Paul Kelly

29-Dec-80 *HP-38*WI-17 Billy Baxter (DOTS)
21-Jul-86 *HP-15*WI-19 Before To Long (COLOURED GIRLS)
20-Oct-86 *HP-25*WI-15 Darling It Hurts (COLOURED GIRLS)
02-Feb-87 *HP-51*WI-14 Leaps & Bounds/Bradman (COLOURED GIRLS)
19-Oct-87 *HP-14*WI-24 To Her Door (COLOURED GIRLS)
29-Feb-88 *HP-85*WI-05 40 Miles To Saturday Night (COLOURED GIRLS)
06-Nov-89 *HP-92*WI-02 Most Wanted Man In The World(MESSENGERS)
01-Apr-91 *HP-92*WI-03 Don't Start Me Talking (MESSENGERS)
11-May-92 *HP-62*WI-09 Hey Boys (MESSENGERS)


30-Mar-81 *HP-44*WI-07 Talk (DOTS)
22-Sep-86 *HP-15*WI-39 Gossip (COLOURED GIRLS)
07-Dec-87 *HP-19*WI-23 Under The Sun (COLOURED GIRLS)
16-Nov-92 *HP-53*WI-06 Paul Kelly Live: May 1992

There is other Paul Kelly TOP 50 chart positions from Jun 89 onwards by using the SEARCH function at the top of your browser.

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Gordon Lightfoot

08-Mar-71 *HP-27*WI-23 If You Could Read My Mind
05-Mar-73 *HP-37*WI-12 You Are What I Am
03-Jun-74 *HP-04*WI-24 Sundown
30-Sep-74 *HP-74*WI-08 Carefree Highway
06-Dec-76 *HP-46*WI-16 The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald


12-Apr-71 *HP-20*WI-15 If You Could Read My Mind
30-Aug-71 *HP-40*WI-04 Summer Side Of Life
27-May-74 *HP-13*WI-33 Sundown
31-Mar-75 *HP-44*WI-12 Cold On The Shoulder
13-Dec-76 *HP-63*WI-11 Summertime Dream
20-Feb-78 *HP-56*WI-15 Endless Wire
12-May-80 *HP-76*WI-08 Dream Street Rose

Steve Forbet

18-Feb-80 *HP-13*WI-17 Romeo's Tune
01-Aug-80 *HP-22*WI-19 Jackrabbit Slim (Album)
06-Aug-90 *HP-55*WI-14 Little Stevie Orbit (Album)

Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O)

09-Apr-73 *HP-53*WI-07 Roll Over Beethoven
22-Sep-75 *HP-59*WI-10 Can't Get It Out Of My Head
02-Feb-76 *HP-23*WI-18 Evil Woman
14-Jun-76 *HP-85*WI-03 Strange Magic
27-Dec-76 *HP-02*WI-22 Livin' Thing
04-Apr-77 *HP-10*WI-18 Rockaria!
11-Jul-77 *HP-10*WI-18 Telephone Line
14-Nov-77 *HP-17*WI-19 Turn To Stone
20 Feb-78 *HP-38*WI-18 Sweet Talkin' Woman
05-Jun-78 *HP-87*WI-04 Mr. Blue Sky
11-Jun-79 *HP-14*WI-15 Shine A Little Love
20-Aug-79 *HP-06*WI-25 Don't Bring Me Down
03-Dec-79 *HP-48*WI-13 Midnight Blue/The Diary Of Horace Wimp
07-Jul-80 *HP-27*WI-15 I'm Alive
18-Aug-80 *HP-02*WI-17 Xanadu (With Olivia Newton-John)
29-Sep-80 *HP-78*WI-03 All Over The World
24-Aug-81 *HP-05*WI-21 Hold On Tight
18-Jan-82 *HP-93*WI-03 Twilight
11-Jul-83 *HP-13*WI-16 Rock'N'Roll Is King
17-Mar-86 *HP-47*WI-11 Calling America


04-Jun-73 *HP-54*WI-01 Electric Light Ochestra
29-Apr-74 *HP-46*WI-10 On The Third Day
10-Mar-75 *HP-40*WI-14 Eldorado
09-Feb-76 *HP-30*WI-14 Face The Music
20-Dec-76 *HP-01*WI-78 New World Record
07-Nov-77 *HP-03*WI-31 Out Of The Blue
25-Jun-79 *HP-01*WI-46 Discovery
10-Dec-79 *HP-01*WI-24 ELO's Greatest Hits
17-Aug-81 *HP-03*WI-25 Time
04-Jul-83 *HP-19*WI-17 Secret Messages
17-Dec-84 *HP-42*WI-08 18 Greatest Hits
24-Mar-86 *HP-49*WI-11 Balance Of Power

Corey Hart:

10-Sep-84*HP-16*WI-20 - Sunglasses at Night
21-Jan-85*HP-37*WI-11 - It Ain't Enough
26-Aug-85*HP-20*WI-16 - Never Surrender
27-May-90*HP-73*WI-07 - A Little Love


17-May-82*HP-23*WI-12 - Body Language - Queen
could anyone please be able to give australian album chart positions for the following artists : the beatles, the beach boys, the rolling stones, the who, bob dylan, the byrds, pink floyd and led zeppelin.
what about deep purple, t-rex and new order
Joe - This forums already lists most of the artists you mentioned, just scroll through list they're already here. Enjoy!
Opps!!!!! I just read the word "Album" - I'm blonde forgive me
Deep Purple

30-Nov-68 *HP-20*WI-14 Kentucky Woman/Hush!
01-Mar-69 *HP-81*WI-07 River Deep - Mountain High
24-May-69 *HP-44*WI-08 Emmeratta
11-Jan-71 *HP-14*WI-47 Black Knight
26-Apr-71 *HP-44*WI-12 Strange Kind Of Woman
29-Nov-71 *HP-58*WI-15 Fireball
24-Apr-72 *HP-80*WI-08 Never Before/When A Blind Man Cries
09-Jul-73 *HP-92*WI-04 Woman From Tokyo
27-Oct-73 *HP-54*WI-14 Smoke On The Water

New Order

16-May-83 *HP-13*WI-35 Blue Monday
24-Oct-83 *HP-72*WI-05 Confusion
25-Jun-84 *HP-84*WI-02 Thieves Like Us
26-Aug-85 *HP-85*WI-01 The Perfect Kiss
26-May-86 *HP-23*WI-16 Shell-Shock
22-Dec-86 *HP-05*WI-25 Bizarre Love Triangle
24-Aug-87 *HP-08*WI-20 True Faith
01-Feb-88 *HP-15*WI-10 Touched By The Hand Of God
06-Jun-88 *HP-06*WI-17 Blue Monday '88
10-Apr-89 *HP-71*WI-05 Round And Round


08-Feb-71*HP-68*WI-09 Ride A White Swan
19-Apr-71 *HP-04*WI-24 Hot Love
23-Aug-71 *HP-14*WI-17 Get It On
06-Dec-71 *HP-28*WI-18 Jeepster
20-Mar-72 *HP-27*WI-15 Telegram Sam
26-Jun-72 *HP-10*WI-14 Metal Guru
06-Nov-72 *HP-13*WI-27 Children Of The Revolution
05-Feb-73 *HP-50*WI-11 Solid Gold Easy Action
04-Jun-73 *HP-57*WI-04 20th Century Boy
12-Jan-76 *HP-92*WI-05 New York City

Joe & Jono;

I have now started an Album pre-1988 thread which has your answers on it.
thanks heaps bulion
Hey there. Just wondering if someone could add Little River Band singles. Thanks
Any chance to read about Queen on the australian album charts?. Thank you.
Hernan, please check out the Pre-1989 Albums thread for Queen album information.
Little River Band
22-Sep-75*HP-15*WI-21 - Curiosity (Killed the Cat)
05-Jan-76*HP-20*WI-18 - Emma
10-May-76*HP-29*WI-15 - Everyday of My Life
15-Nov-76*HP-35*WI-14 - It's a Long Way There
25-Apr-77*HP-01*WI-20 - Help is on it's Way (1 week at No.1)
25-July-77*HP-33*Wi-14 - Witchery
24-Oct-77*HP-73*WI-17 - Home on Monday
03-Apr-78*HP-16*WI-16 - Shut Down Turn Off
26-Jun-78*HP-35*WI-19 - Reminiscing
16-Oct-78*HP-46*WI-14 - Lady
23-July-79*HP-19*WI-13 - Lonesome Loser
09-Feb-81*HP-32*WI-12 - Long Jumping Jeweller
21-Sep-81*HP-18*WI-14 - The Night Owls
16-Aug-82*HP-07*WI-18 - Down on the Border
06-Dec-82*HP-43*Wi-10 - St. Louis
14-Feb-83*HP-18*Wi-17 - The Other Guy
06-Jun-83*HP-49*WI-10 - We Two
25-Feb-85*HP-59*WI-10 - Playing to Win
01-Sep-86*HP-73*WI-03 - No Reins on Me
18-Apr-88*HP-06*WI-23 - Love is a Bridge
15-Aug-88*HP-62*WI-08 - Son of a Famous Man
26-Sep-88*HP-52*WI-07 - Soul Searching
08-Apr-90*HP-75*WI-08 - If I Get Lucky (ARIA info)
Wow, why did "Lady" chart so low? It's one of their most known hits... ridiculous!

Did Phoebe Snow, Charlie Rich and Cherelle chart? How did the Fifth Dimension do?
Somebody way up in the thread asked about The Hollies. I'd also like to know how The Hollies did, if possible. Thanks!
Yeah it seems LRB mainly had a lot of mid-sized hits here (apart from "Help is on it's Way"). They were a bit like Air Supply who also did a lot better in the U.S than here. I guess their sound was very similar to a lot of the popular U.S acts at the time like "The Eagles".

11-Apr-64*HP-29*WI-13 - Just One Look
27-Jun-64*HP-24*WI-11 - Here I Go Again
05-Sep-64*HP-67*WI-05 - Lucille
31-Oct-64*HP-88*WI-05 - We're Through / Come on Back
03-July-65*HP-16*WI-15 - I'm Alive
25-Sep-65*HP-14*WI-18 - Look Through Any Window
26-Mar-66*HP-63*WI-14 - I Can't Let Go
23-July-66*HP-02*WI-19 - Bus Stop
22-Oct-66*HP-11*WI-16 - Stop, Stop, Stop
04-Mar-67*HP-10*WI-13 - On a Carousel
17-Jun-67*HP-07*WI-15 - Carrie Anne
14-Oct-67*HP-15*WI-10 - King Midas in Reverse
13-Jan-68*HP-35*WI-09 - Dear Eloise
30-Mar-68*HP-18*WI-12 - Jennifer Eccles
21-Sep-68*HP-51*WI-10 - Do the Best You Can
02-Nov-68*HP-33*WI-11 - Listen to Me
29-Mar-69*HP-08*WI-17 - Sorry Suzanne
25-Oct-69*HP-08*WI-31 - He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother
07-Dec-70*HP-17*WI-21 - Gasoline Alley Bred
10-May-71*HP-01*WI-22 - Too Young to Be Married (2 weeks)
13-Mar-72*HP-73*WI-10 - The Baby
17-July-72*HP-02*WI-20 - Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
11-Dec-72*HP-33*WI-18 - Magic Woman Touch
14-May-73*HP-73*WI-07 - Slow Down Go Down
05-Nov-73*HP-40*WI-15 - The Day That Curly Billy Shot Down Crazy Sam McGee
11-Mar-74*HP-02*WI-23 - The Air That I Breathe
19-Aug-74*HP-69*WI-07 - Son of a Rotten Gambler
27-Jan-75*HP-26*WI-15 - I'm Down
08-Mar-76*HP-90*WI-07 - Star
01-Aug-83*HP-78*WI-06 - Stop! In the Name of Love

Could someone please provide the positions for these ARTISTS: Bread, ABBA, Chicago, Phoebe Snow, Charlie Rich, Ray Stevens, Sammi Smith, David Gates, Don McLean, Randy Crawford and Donna Allen?


10-Aug-70*HP-07*WI-19 - Make it With You
02-Nov-70*HP-29*WI-19 - It Don't Matter to Me
08-Mar-71*HP-34*WI-15 - Let Your Love Go
28-Jun-71*HP-41*WI-16 - If
06-Dec-71*HP-08*WI-21 - Baby I'm A Want You
17-Apr-72*HP-12*WI-23 - Everything I Own
26-Jun-72*HP-26*WI-24 - Diary
13-Nov-72*HP-22*WI-22 - Guitar Man
19-Mar-73*HP-67*WI-13 - Sweet Surrender
10-Jan-77*HP-19*WI-19 - Lost Without Your Love
Phoebe Snow:

06-Oct-75*HP-60*WI-07 - Poetry Man
27-Oct-75*HP-95*WI-01 - Gone at Last (w/ Paul Simon)
12-Mar-79*HP-22*WI-22 - Every Night
22-Jun-81*HP-95*WI-01 - Games
10-July-89*HP-68*WI-09 - If I Can Just Get Through the Night


Charlie Rich:

18-July-73*HP-18*WI-26 - Behind Closed Doors
03-Dec-73*HP-07*WI-22 - The Most Beautiful Girl
08-Apr-74*HP-23*WI-23 - A Very Special Love Song
08-Apr-74*HP-32*WI-19 - There Won't Be Anymore
07-Oct-74*HP-46*WI-07 - I Love My Friend
22-Sep-75*HP-86*WI-03 - Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High)
17-Oct-77*HP-47*WI-28 - Rollin' with the Flow


Sammi Smith:

03-May-71*HP-07*WI-27 - Help me Make it Through the Night
25-Dec-72*HP-98*WI-01 - I've Got to Have You


David Gates:

13-Aug-73*HP-86*WI-05 - Clouds
21-Apr-75*HP-77*WI-05 - Never Let Her Go
03-Apr-78*HP-39*Wi-26 - Goodbye Girl


Don McLean:

24-Jan-72*HP-01*WI-26 - American Pie (5 weeks at No.1)
24-Apr-72*HP-03*Wi-20 - Vincent / Castles in the Air
19-Feb-73*HP-34*WI-18 - Dreidel
18-Jun-73*HP-09*WI-17 - If We Try
04-Feb-74*HP-90*WI-03 - Mountains O' Mourne
10-Mar-80*HP-27*WI-22 - Crying
18-May-81*HP-92*WI-05 - It's Just the Sun
11-Jan-82*HP-11*WI-20 - Castles in the Air

Randy Crawford:

15-Dec-80*HP-29*WI-31 - One Day I'll Fly Away
24-May-82*HP-36*WI-21 - Imagine
13-Feb-84*HP-92*WI-04 - Why

Nothing for Donna Allen at all.

12-Nov-73*HP-94*WI-03 - Ring Ring (as Bjorn & Benny, Anna & Frida)
10-Jun-74*HP-04*WI-22 - Waterloo
04-Nov-74*HP-30*WI-19 - Honey Honey
13-Jan-75*HP-90*WI-03 - Ring Ring
14-Apr-75*HP-49*WI-13 - I've Been Waiting for You / King Kong Song
07-July-75*HP-01*WI-34 - I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (3 weeks)
22-Sep-75*HP-01*WI-39 - Mama Mia (10 weeks at No.1)
10-Nov-75*HP-01*IW-29 - SOS (1 week at No.1)
09-Feb-76*HP-07*WI-23 - Ring Ring (R)
15-Mar-76*HP-01*WI-40 - Fernando (14 weeks at No.1)
22-Mar-76*HP-60*WI-05 - Waterloo (EP)
12-Apr-76*HP-04*WI-26 - Rock Me
10-May-76*HP-16*WI-18 - Hasta Manana
16-Aug-76*HP-01*WI-25 - Dancing Queen (8 weeks at No.1)
01-Nov-76*HP-01*WI-18 - Money, Money, Money (6 weeks)
07-Mar-77*HP-09*WI-15 - Knowing Me, Knowing You / Happy Hawaii
07-Nov-77*HP-06*WI-19 - The Name of the Game
30-Jan-78*HP-12*WI-14 - Take a Chance on Me
05-Jun-78*HP-82*WI-06 - Eagle / Thank You for the Music
16-Oct-78*HP-13*WI-15 - Summer Night City
19-Feb-79*HP-04*WI-19 - Chiquitita
04-Jun-79*HP-07*WI-16 - Does Your Mother Know
27-Aug-79*HP-79*WI-10 - Voulez-Vous
12-Nov-79*HP-08*WI-18 - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
03-Mar-80*HP-64*WI-13 - I Have a Dream
18-Aug-80*HP-07*WI-23 - The Winner Takes it All
15-Dec-80*HP-09*WI-14 - On and On and On
30-Mar-81*HP-77*WI-05- Super Trouper
11-Jan-82*HP-48*WI-13 - One of Us
26-Apr-82*HP-81*WI-03 - When All is Said and Done
15-Nov-82*HP-48*WI-09 - The Day Before You Came
14-Feb-83*HP-96*WI-02 - Under Attack
then there was the re-entry in Oct 1992 of "Dancing Queen".
Thanks for that Bulion! That was much appreciated! Some questions about ABBA though, why did "Ring Ring' chart three separate times and what happened to my favourite song, "The Visitors"!?!?

Actually, it's apparent The Visitors didnt chart here but it's still my favourite song

For some reason I thought Poetry Man by Phoebe Snow was a much bigger hit than peaking at no 60.
How did Chicago do?
The first version of Ring Ring was shown on the charts as "Bjorn, & Benny, Anna & Frida", which was their single before Waterloo overseas too.

Then it was issued under the ABBA name in late 1974, making a small dent in the charts. By this time it had been released as their third single, and they weren't as big by this stage.

When it charted again, RCA Victor Australia were trying to get as much of their stuff on the charts as possible, because they had had three back-to-back No.1's (not achieved since then BTW), so they re-issued Ring Ring for a third time, and this time it went to No.7.

Also you probably know this, but "Rock Me" was also a B-Side of "I Do, I Do, I Do...", but got so much airplay, that they released that one too.

And yeah, I like The Visitors too, but it did not chart here.

11-May-70*HP-33*WI-18 - Make Me Smile
31-Aug-70*HP-12*WI-16 - 25 or 6 to 4
18-Jan-71*HP-35*WI-19 - Does Anybody Really Know What Time it is?
17-May-71*HP-99*WI-03 - Free
30-Oct-72*HP-43*WI-17 - Saturday in the Park
15-Jan-73*HP-91*WI-03 - Dialogue
24-Sep-73*HP-74*WI-05 - Feelin' Stronger Every Day
10-Dec-73*HP-23*WI-23 - Just You N' Me
03-Jun-74*HP-44*WI-12 - (I've Been) Searching So Long
27-Jan-75*HP-51*WI-05 - Wishing You Were Here
07-July-75*HP-80*WI-05 - Old Days
20-Sep-76*HP-01*WI-32 - If You Leave Me Now (5 weeks at 1)
24-Oct-77*HP-14*WI-16 - Baby What a Big Surprise
11-Dec-78*HP-37*WI-13 - Alive Again
12-Feb-79*HP-67*WI-07 - No Tell Lover
19-July-82*HP-04*WI-28 - Hard to Say I'm Sorry
07-Feb-83*HP-82*WI-07 - Love Me Tomorrow
12-Nov-84*HP-20*WI-24 - Hard Habit to Break
04-Mar-85*HP-43*WI-18 - You're the Inspiration
then came "I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love" in Aug 88.
Hey Bulion.... it's my mum's birthday coming up on the 19th & was wondering if you could do me up a Top 10 of the 19th of September 1961.
What a shame... that their greedy record label was trying to land a fourth consecutive no. 1 with re-releasing "Ring Ring" (while managing a not-too-shabby peak of no. 7), but ended up stuffing up their hot streak, because the next single "Fernando" went to no. 1 instead...

I was also kinda shocked that "When All Is Said And Done" only peaked at 81 and stayed in the top 100 for three weeks. That's a bit of a lame showing for one of their best songs.

How did Bobby Goldsboro fare? Did he have any late 70's success with "Melody Of Love"?
Actually I meant Bobby Vinton, but would also be interested in seeing how both Bobbys did on the chart.
Bobby Vinton:

30-Jun-62*HP-01*WI-25 - Roses Are Red (My Love) (5 weeks)
09-Sep-62*HP-10*WI-15 - Rain, Rain Go Away
22-Dec-62*HP-43*WI-10 - Trouble is My Middle Name
30-Mar-63*HP-56*WI-10 - Over the Mountain (Across the Sea)
22-Jun-63*HP-10*WI-15 - Blue on Blue
31-Aug-63*HP-04*WI-14 - Blue Velvet
21-Dec-63*HP-13*WI-11 - There! I've Said it Again
28-Mar-64*HP-28*WI-09 - My Heart Belongs to Only You
27-Jun-64*HP-68*WI-05 - Tell Me Why
26-Sep-64*HP-56*WI-09 - Clinging Vine
05-Dec-64*HP-05*WI-16 - Mr. Lonely
10-Apr-65*HP-96*WI-01 - Long, Lonely Nights
09-Oct-65*HP-56*WI-08 - What Color (is a Man)
29-Jan-66*HP-97*WI-01 - Satin Pillows
26-Oct-68*HP-99*WI-01 - Halfway to Paradise
21-Dec-68*HP-87*WI-07 - I Love How You Love Me
10-May-69*HP-55*WI-15 - To Know You is to Love You
26-July-69*HP-95*WI-02 - The Days of Sand and Shovels
08-Jun-70*HP-88*WI-05 - My Elusive Dreams
25-Sep-72*HP-09*WI-21 - Sealed With a Kiss
23-Apr-73*HP-42*WI-08 - But I Do
28-Oct-74*HP-17*WI-20 - My Melody of Love
05-Apr-75*HP-51*WI-06 - Beer Barrel Polka

his Dec 1964 single "Mr Lonely" was the sample used in Akon's 2005 No.1 single "Lonely".
Bobby Goldsboro:

02-Mar-63*HP-28*WI-16 - Molly
14-Mar-64*HP-59*WI-09 - See the Funny Little Clown
20-Feb-65*HP-12*WI-16 - Little Things
26-Jun-65*HP-69*WI-08 - Voodoo Woman
09-Oct-65*HP-73*WI-05 - If You Wait for Love / If You've Got a Heart
23-Apr-66*HP-82*WI-03 - It's Too Late
13-Apr-68*HP-01*WI-25 - Honey (2 weeks at No.1)
15-Jun-68*HP-49*WI-11 - Milly (Re-Entry)
06-July-68*HP-19*WI-11 - Autumn of My Life
02-Nov-68*HP-24*WI-13 - The Straight Life
17-May-69*HP-49*WI-10 - I'm a Drifter
06-Sep-69*HP-76*WI-07 - Muddy Mississippi Line
13-July-70*HP-58*WI-09 - Can You Feel it
21-Sep-70*HP-80*WI-08 - Down on the Bayou
22-Mar-71*HP-47*WI-12 - Watching Scotty Grow
22-Oct-73*HP-07*WI-22 - Summer (the First Time)
16-Dec-74*HP-74*WI-07 - Hello, Summertime

I'm interested in the positions of a couple of 60's artists - The Who, Gene Pitney & Tom Jones. And if it's not to much to ask the James Reyne hits of his first solo album. Thanks muchly
Thanks for the Hollies info, Bulion. Intersting that thelr one #1 hit, Too Young To Be Married, was a single only in Australia and NZ. To the rest of the world, this hit song is nothing but an obscure album track...

One more for you (or Beanster Barnes, who also seems to do a lot here): The Church.

Thanks in advance!
The Who:

25-Dec-65*HP-02*WI-19 - My Generation
07-May-66*HP-05*WI-18 - Substitute
03-Sep-66*HP-83*WI-05 - A Legal Matter (this was an old single)
01-Oct-66*HP-11*WI-22 - I'm a Boy
21-Jan-67*HP-04*WI-15 - Happy Jack
27-May-67*HP-07*WI-15 - Pictures of Lily
17-Jun-67*HP-87*WI-02 - I Can't Explain (another old single)
28-Oct-67*HP-20*WI-17 - I Can See for Miles
03-Feb-68*HP-62*WI-08 - I Can't Reach You
20-Apr-68*HP-30*WI-09 - Call Me Lightning
17-Aug-68*HP-93*WI-03 - Dogs
24-Aug-68*HP-20*WI-13 - Magic Bus
12-Apr-69*HP-45*WI-08 - Pinball Wizard
08-Nov-69*HP-83*WI-04 - I'm Free
28-Dec-70*HP-70*WI-08 - See Me, Feel Me
13-Sep-71*HP-14*WI-17 - Won't Get Fooled Again
24-Jan-72*HP-59*WI-08 - Let's See Action
26-Jun-72*HP-80*WI-06 - Baba O'Riley
22-Jan-73*HP-58*WI-13 - Join Together
12-Jan-76*HP-45*WI-16 - Squeeze Box
09-Oct-78*HP-23*WI-13 - Who Are You
11-May-81*HP-21*WI-14 - You Better You Bet
25-July-88*HP-88*WI-04 - My Generation (Re-Entry)
Gene Pitney:

25-Feb-61*HP-29*WI-22 - (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
20-Jan-62*HP-31*WI-10 - Town Without Pity
02-Jun-62*HP-03*WI-17 - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
08-Sep-62*HP-04*WI-22 - If I Didn't Have a Dime (to Play the Jukebox) / Only Love Can Break a Heart
02-Feb-63*HP-11*WI-18 - Half Heaven-Half Heartache
20-Apr-63*HP-07*WI-17 - Mecca
27-July-63*HP-18*WI-14 - True Love Never Runs Smooth
23-Nov-63*HP-03*WI-13 - 24 Hours from Tulsa
08-Feb-64*HP-09*WI-16 - Who Needs it / That Girl Belongs to Yesterday
06-Jun-64*HP-18*WI-11 - Yesterday's Hero / Cornflower Blue
08-Aug-64*HP-83*WI-06 - Lips are Redder on You
15-Aug-64*HP-06*WI-16 - It Hurts to Be in Love
14-Nov-64*HP-05*WI-18 - I'm Gonna Be Strong
06-Mar-65*HP-12*WI-16 - I Must Be Seeing Things / Marianne
22-May-65*HP-65*WI-07 - I've Got Five Dollars and it's Saturday Night (w/ George Jones)
05-Jun-65*HP-13*WI-13 - Last Chance to Turn Around
21-Aug-65*HP-34*WI-07 - Looking Thru the Eyes of Love
11-Dec-65*HP-13*WI-15 - Princess in Rags
09-Apr-66*HP-30*WI-09 - Nessuno mi Puo' Giudicare
21-May-66*HP-29*WI-10 - Backstage
29-Oct-66*HP-19*WI-18 - The Boss's Daughter / Cold Light of Day
11-Feb-67*HP-55*WI-09 - Just One Smile / Innamorata
22-Apr-67*HP-87*WI-07 - Animal Crackers (in Cellophane Boxes)
28-Oct-67*HP-69*WI-09 - Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart
22-Jun-68*HP-39*WI-10 - She's a Heartbreaker
16-Nov-68*HP-31*WI-14 - Billy You're My Friend
09-Aug-69*HP-85*WI-03 - Playing Games of Love
27-Jan-75*HP-02*WI-27 - Blue Angel
23-Jun-75*HP-14*WI-17 - Trans Canada Highway
05-Jan-76*HP-78*WI-10 - Train of Thought
03-May-76*HP-89*WI-04 - Image
then he did a duet in Feb 89 with Marc Almond on his 1967 song "Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart".
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Tom Jones:

06-Mar-65*HP-03*WI-18 - It's Not Unusual
24-Apr-65*HP-17*WI-13 - Chills and Fever
05-Jun-65*HP-40*WI-07 - Once Upon a Time
17-July-65*HP-57*WI-08 - Little Lonely One
14-Aug-65*HP-28*WI-13 - With These Hands
18-Sep-65*HP-02*WI-21 - What's New Pussycat
08-Jan-66*HP-13*WI-13 - Thunderball
09-Apr-66*HP-70*WI-02 - Stop Breaking My Heart
18-Jun-66*HP-68*WI-09 - Not Responsible
05-Nov-66*HP-35*WI-13 - What a Party
03-Dec-66*HP-01*WI-24 - Green, Green Grass of Home (3 wks)
11-Mar-67*HP-19*WI-13 - Detroit City
29-Apr-67*HP-21*WI-17 - Funny Familiar Forgotten Feeling
12-Aug-67*HP-29*WI-13 - (I Guess) I'll Never Fall in Love Again
09-Dec-67*HP-14*WI-21 - I'm Coming Home
09-Mar-68*HP-02*WI-23 - Delilah
10-Aug-68*HP-01*WI-21 - Help Yourself (2 weeks at No.1)
05-Oct-68*HP-61*WI-06 - To Wait for Love (is to Waste Your Life Away)
21-Dec-68*HP-39*WI-12 - A Minute of Your Time
17-May-69*HP-05*WI-16 - Love Me Tonight
20-Dec-69*HP-14*WI-18 - Without Love
11-May-70*HP-22*WI-17 - Daughter of Darkness
23-Nov-70*HP-36*WI-07 - I (Who Have Nothing)
22-Feb-71*HP-76*WI-04 - Can't Stop Loving You
05-Apr-71*HP-01*WI-18 - She's a Lady (2 weeks at No.1)
12-July-71*HP-88*WI-05 - Puppet Man
08-Nov-71*HP-29*WI-17 - Till
01-May-72*HP-26*WI-22 - The Young, New, Mexican Puppeteer
04-Jun-73*HP-57*WI-12 - Letter to Lucille
12-Nov-73*HP-66*WI-06 - Today I Started Loving You Again
25-Nov-74*HP-57*WI-13 - Somethin' 'Bout You Baby I Like
04-Apr-77*HP-15*WI-21 - Say You'll Stay Until Tomorrow
then he had a Top 10 hit in early 1989 with "Kiss".

The Church:

27-Apr-81*HP-22*WI-22 - The Unguarded Moment
21-Sep-81*HP-43*WI-10 - Too Fast for You
28-Sep-81*HP-81*WI-04 - Tear it All Away
22-Feb-82*HP-21*WI-14 - Almost With You
24-May-82*HP-77*WI-06 - When You Were Mine
30-May-83*HP-56*WI-10 - It's No Reason
05-Sep-83*HP-60*WI-08 - Electric Lash
18-Nov-85*HP-100*WI-1 - Already Yesterday
24-Feb-86*HP-62*WI-07 - Tantalized
29-Feb-88*HP-22*WI-18 - Under the Milky Way
22-Aug-88*HP-99*WI-03 - Reptile
then along came "Metropolis" in April 1990.
HI bulion

Could you post chart history for the Stones' as solos?

Thanks in advance.
Could someone please post the chart positions for Gladys Knight & The Pips, The Stylistics, The Floaters, Bobby Caldwell and Johnnie Taylor? Not sure if the latter artists charted with their one or two hits, but I'm interested to see if they did.
Mick Jagger:

09-July-84*HP-10*WI-13 - State of Shock (Jacksons feat...)
18-Feb-85*HP-13*WI-17 - Just Another Night
20-May-85*HP-77*WI-06 - Lucky in Love
16-Sep-85*HP-01*WI-18 - Dancing in the Street (w/ David Bowie) (2 weeks at No.1)
14-Sep-87*HP-24*WI-18 - Let's Work
21-Dec-87*HP-21*WI-18 - Say You Will
14-Nov-88*HP-98*WI-01 - Primitive Cool


Bill Wyman:

07-Oct-74*HP-91*WI-04 - White Lightnin'
19-Oct-81*HP-05*WI-17 - (Si Si) Je Suis un Rock Star
01-Mar-82*HP-12*WI-15 - Come Back Suzanne

None of the others have had charting singles.
Gladys Knight & The Pips:

15-July-61*HP-75*WI-02 - Every Beat of My Heart (The Pips)
19-Apr-71*HP-99*WI-01 - If I Were Your Woman
14-Jan-74*HP-52*WI-08 - Midnight Train to Georgia
03-Jun-74*HP-46*WI-08 - Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
10-Feb-75*HP-39*WI-12 - I Feel a Song (in My Heart)
18-Aug-75*HP-43*WI-16 - The Way We Were/Try to Remember
13-Dec-76*HP-13*WI-28 - So Sad the Song


The Floaters:

17-Oct-77*HP-16*WI-24 - Float On


The Stylistics:

27-Mar-72*HP-17*WI-21 - You Are Everything
25-Sep-72*HP-83*WI-09 - Betcha By Golly, Wow
19-Feb-73*HP-92*WI-02 - I'm Stone in Love With You
13-Aug-73*HP-83*WI-07 - You'll Never Get to Heaven
13-Jan-74*HP-65*WI-20 - Rockin' Roll Baby
03-Jun-74*HP-03*WI-29 - You Make Me Feel Brand New
18-Nov-74*HP-80*WI-08 - Let's Put it All Together
04-Aug-75*HP-90*WI-05 - Sing Baby Sing
20-Oct-75*HP-36*WI-15 - Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)


Johnnie Taylor:

03-May-76*HP-42*WI-18 - Disco Lady


Nothing at all for Bobby Caldwell.
If possible does anyone know the chart run for Icehouse Great Southern Land from 1982.
There was a post for all of Icehouse's singles and album on the 22nd of June. All of the posts on these threads have dates next to them. Or you can hit Ctrl & F, then type in Icehouse and it will search for all of the listings for Icehouse on this thread.

30-Aug-82 - Great Southern Land:

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Phil Collins chart runs for singles from "No Jacket Required"..

04-Mar-85 - Sussudio:

22-Apr-85 - One More Night:

15-July-85 - (Billy) Don't Lose My Number:

16-Dec-85 - Take Me Home:

How did Peaches & Herb, Isley Brothers, Peter Brown, David Naughton, Melanie and Sylvester do?
Thanks for that bullion
Isley Brothers:

310Oct-59*HP-02*WI-09 - Shout
30-Aug-69*HP-89*WI-05 - Behind a Painted Smile


Peaches & Herb:
16-Apr-79*HP-13*WI-16 - Shake Your Groove Thing
09-July-79*HP-08*WI-19 - Reunited
02-Jun-80*HP-73*WI-08 - I Pledge My Love


Peter Brown:

10-Apr-78*HP-69*WI-14 - Do You Wanna Get Funky With Me?
07-Aug-78*HP-52*WI-12 - Dance With Me


David Naughton:

10-Sep-79*HP-57*WI-11 - Makin' it



08-Jun-70*HP-02*WI-26 - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)
19-Oct-70*HP-43*WI-09 - Peace Will Come (According to Plan)
01-Feb-71*HP-70*WI-10 - Ruby Tuesday (EP)
20-Dec-71*HP-01*WI-26 - Brand New Key (2 weeks at No.1)
10-Apr-72*HP-74*WI-06 - Ring the Living Bell / The Nickel Song
10-July-72*HP-95*WI-04 - Someday I'll Be a Farmer
09-Apr-73*HP-49*WI-11 - Bitter Bad
18-Feb-74*HP-93*WI-06 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow



12-Feb-79*HP-16*WI-22 - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
21-Mar-83*HP-24*WI-18 - Do You Wanna Funk
Bulion: I have a huge favour to ask....
I have the David Kent chart books (1940-1969 & 1970-1992).
I need to know if Johnny Horton's - All For The Love Of A little Girl ever charted here???? If it didn't could you find out if it was ever released as a single & any chart positions world-wide please.
Just some guy's post on 06 July 2008, mentioned gome great NZ artists of the 80's

* The Swingers
* Dave Dobbyn
* Split Enz

Just wondering how these artists went in OZ!
I'm wondering have no book been puplished of the
Australia charts. I'm curious about groups like Bee Gees
Easybeats, Pretty Things. Does anybody know

Greetings from Iceland

Niceland, there have been several chart books published on Australian National and individual state charts.

David Kent's three books spanning 1940 through to 2005 are available to order via the website where you can also see samples.


Or I have written five books based on different cities around the country from the mid 1950's through to the mid 2000's.

Check out www.howlspace/moonlight.com.au

I will post info on your requests soon.


BB, the above link is to all of Johnny Horton's Billboard chart achievements, but there is no listing for that single on any of their charts.

The only thing I could find was a section in the latest Billboard Chart Singles book (2006 ed), a mention of it under his for "Classic Non-Hot 100 Songs", and dated 1959. .

There is no release for it in Australia that I could find, his first single appearing in Australia in March 1958 (Lover's Rock).

That's all I could find.
Dave Dobbyn:

DD Smash: (his first group)
15-Oct-84*HP-70*WI-10 - Bravo Bravo (Whaling)
Dave Dobbyn:
30-Mar-87*HP-01*WI-27 - Slice of Heaven (4 weeks at No.1)
29-Jun-87*HP-63*WI-15 - You Oughta Be in Love
14-Mar-88*HP-70*WI-10 - Love You Like I Should
18-July-88*HP-70*WI-09 - Loyal



02-Feb-81*HP-01*WI-23 - Counting the Beat (3 weeks at No.1)
08-Jun-81*HP-43*WI-08 - It Ain't What You Dance it's the Way You Dance it


Split Enz:

26-Apr-76*HP-93*WI-02 - Late Last Night
26-Sep-77*HP-15*WI-18 - My Mistake
15-Jan-79*HP-15*WI-24 - I See Red
25-Feb-80*HP-01*WI-25 - I Got You (8 weeks at No.1)
02-Jun-80*HP-18*WI-13 - I Hope I Never
01-Dec-80*HP-05*Wi-23 - One Step Ahead
30-Mar-81*HP-04*WI-16 - History Never Repeats
22-Jun-81*HP-65*WI-08 - I Don't Wanna Dance
29-Mar-82*HP-06*WI-17 - Dirty Creature
31-May-82*HP-02*WI-17 - Six Months in a Leaky Boat
20-Sep-82*HP-50*WI-10 - Never Ceases to Amaze Me
11-Apr-83*HP-47*WI-10 - Next Exit
21-Nov-83*HP-42*WI-11 - Strait Old Line
16-Jan-84*HP-12*WI-17 - Message to My Girl
01-Oct-84*HP-45*WI-11 - I Walk Away

17-Apr-65*HP-33*WI-23 - For My Woman / Say That You're Mine
12-Jun-65*HP-03*WI-24 - She's So Fine
04-Sep-65*HP-07*WI-15 - Wedding Ring
13-Nov-65*HP-21*WI-18 - Sad, Lonely & Blue / Easy As Can Be
22-Jan-66*HP-04*WI-18 - Women (Make Me Feel Alright)
23-Apr-66*HP-03*WI-18 - Come and See Me / I Can See
23-July-66*HP-01*WI-17 - Easyfever (EP) (2 weeks at No.1)
22-Oct-66*HP-01*WI-17 - Sorry / Funny Feelin' (1 week at No.1)
19-Nov-66*HP-01*WI-19 - Friday on My Mind (2 weeks at No.1)
08-Apr-67*HP-14*WI-12 - Who'll Be the One
01-July-67*HP-08*WI-11 - Heaven and Hell / Pretty Girl
23-Dec-67*HP-33*WI-10 - The Music Goes 'Round My Head
30-Mar-68*HP-34*WI-11 - Hello, How Are You
20-July-68*HP-18*WI-13 - Land of Make Believe / Good Times
30-Nov-68*HP-59*WI-07 - Lay Me Down and Die / See Line Woman
19-July-69*HP-21*WI-18 - St. Louis
11-Oct-69*HP-53*WI-04 - Peculiar Hole in the Sky
22-Nov-69*HP-93*WI-04 - I Love Marie
15-Dec-80*HP-92*WI-01 - Friday on My Mind (Re-Entry)

"The Music Goes 'Round My Head" was covered by The Saints
B-Side of "Land of Make Beleive" is "Good Times", which was covered by Jimmy Barnes & INXS.
"St. Louis" was coevered by Little River Band
The tribute/covers album for the group will be out soon too.
Pretty Things:

09-Jan-65*HP-65*WI-05 - Don't Bring Me Down
20-Feb-65*HP-67*WI-09 - Rosalyn
05-Jun-65*HP-54*WI-10 - Honey, I Need
23-Apr-66*HP-62*WI-10 - Midnight to Six Man
02-July-66*HP-92*WI-03 - Come See Me
03-Sep-66*HP-63*WI-09 - A House in the Country
Bee Gees:
# = shown as Barry Gibb & The Bee Gees
**= shown as The Bee Gees feat Barry Gibb

18-May-63*HP-98*WI-02 - The Battle of the Blue & The Grey
31-Aug-63*HP-75*WI-04 - Timber!
31-Oct-64*HP-94*WI-02 - Turn Around. Look at Me #
18-Sep-65*HP-47*WI-05 - Wine and Women #
25-Dec-65*HP-85*WI-08 - I Was a Lover, A Leader of Men #
24-Sep-66*HP-05*WI-24 - Spicks & Specks / I Am the World **
04-Feb-67*HP-86*WI-04 - Born a Man
20-May-67*HP-11*WI-11 - New York Mining Disaster, 1941
15-July-67*HP-06*WI-19 - To Love Somebody
07-Oct-67*HP-02*WI-20 - Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out in)
09-Dec-67*HP-06*Wi-14 - World / Sir Geoffrey Save the World
24-Feb-68*HP-13*WI-08 - Words / Sinking Ships
20-Apr-68*HP-20*WI-10 - Jumbo / The Sing Sang His Song
24-Aug-68*HP-03*WI-19 - I've Gotta Get a Message to You
04-Jan-69*HP-01*WI-20 - I Started a Joke (2 weeks at No.1)
08-Mar-69*HP-15*Wi-16 - First of May / Lamplight
14-Jun-69*HP-28*WI-10 - Tomorrow, Tomorrow
06-Sep-69*HP-10*WI-16 - Don't Forget to Remember
06-Apr-70*HP-14*WI-11 - I.O.I.O.
11-Jan-71*HP-09*WI-22 - Lonely Days
12-July-71*HP-03*WI-16 - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
24-Jan-72*HP-03*WI-18 - My World / On Time
24-July-72*HP-03*WI-19 - Run to Me / Road to Alaska
18-Dec-72*HP-45*WI-11 - Alive
14-May-73*HP-38*WI-15 - Saw a New Morning
26-Nov-73*HP-52*WI-17 - Wouldn't I Be Someone
08-July-74*HP-11*WI-35 - Mr. Natural
04-Aug-75*HP-14*WI-18 - Jive Talkin'
08-Dec075*HP-67*WI-12 - Nights on Broadway
01-Mar-76*HP-61*WI-12 - Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
06-Sep-76*HP-20*WI-18 - You Should Be Dancing
25-Apr-77*HP-28*WI-16 - Love So Right / Boogie Child
17-Oct-77*HP-84*WI-04 - Children of the World
05-Dec-77*HP-03*WI-31 - How Deep is Your Love
27-Feb-78*HP-01*WI-24 - Stayin' Alive (7 weeks at No.1)
01-May-78*HP-07*WI-18 - Night Fever
26-Jun-78*HP-31*WI-12 - More Than a Woman
11-Dec-78*HP-05*WI-22 - Too Much Heaven
26-Feb-79*HP-02*WI-16 - Tragedy
28-May-79*HP-77*WI-06 - Love You Inside Out
12-Oct-81*HP-38*WI-11 - He's a Liar
08-Aug-83*HP-73*WI-09- The Woman in You
12-Oct-87*HP-10*WI-20 - You Win Again
25-Jan-88*HP-89*WI-01 - E.S.P.
Thanks Bulion, thanks for your information I'm gonna get
some of these books. Don't know if I should tell but anyway
I'm using the chart data for our music side musicmini.com
where we have about 30.000 clips of songs. Maybe you would
take a look at that side: But anyway could you give me the
charts for Dave Clark Five & Manfred Mann.
Thanks again
From what i have heard BeeGees released an album in 1997 titled "still waters" and on that album was "alone" a worldwide hit. any ideas where that charted in Australia?
i take back that 1988 question this is "PRE-1989". can i please still know how "Alone" performed?
You can look up in the "Search" function at the top of this website for any post-1988 titles, which "Alone" is in there. You can search by act, song title or both, just tick the correct box for singles or albums.

Thanks for the Bee Gees info - how did Andy Gibb do? How about Hot Chocolate, Alison Krauss, Herb Alpert and Sergio Mendes?
Thread is open again
Always fascinating to see these charts. I had absolutely no idea the Bee Gees were charting as early as 1963!
Andy Gibb:

13-Oct-75*HP-78*WI-06 - Words and Music
29-Aug-77*HP-01*WI-27 - I Just Want to Be Your Everything (7wks)
23-Jan-78*HP-13*WI-17 - (Love is) Thicker Than Water
29-May-78*HP-11*WI-21 - Shadow Dancing
02-Oct-78*HP-57*WI-07 - An Everlasting Love
15-Jan-79*HP-61*WI-09 - (Our Love) Don't Throw it All Away
31-Mar-80*HP-90*WI-03 - Desire
09-Jun-80**HP-62*WI-08 - I Can't Help it (w/ Olivia Newton-John)

There have been no charting stuff for Alison Krauss at all.

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Hot Chocolate:

03-Sep-73*HP-36*WI-13 - Brother Louie
03-Jun-74*HP-06*WI-23 - Emma
14-Apr-76*HP-68*WI-07 - Cheri Babe
22-Dec-75*HP-92*WI-03 - A Child's Prayer
16-Feb-76*HP-04*WI-21 - You Sexy Thing
21-Feb-77*HP-32*WI-20 - Heaven is in the Back Seat of My Cadillac
15-Aug-77*HP-12*WI-30 - So You Win Again
06-Mar-78*HP-90*WI-05 - Put Your Love in Me
22-May-78*HP-12*WI-21 - Every 1's a Winner
15-Jan-79*HP-12*WI-21 - I'll Put You Together Again
01-Sep-80*HP-56*WI-12 - No Doubt About it
28-Jun-82*HP-09*WI-22 - Girl Crazy
11-Oct-82*HP-15*WI-21 - It Started With a Kiss
07-Mar-83*HP-85*WI-03 - Chances


Herb Alpert:

03-Nov-62*HP-01*WI-21 - The Lonely Bull
13-Apr-63*HP-42*WI-11 - Marching Thru Madrid #
16-Nov-63*HP-25*WI-13 - America #
04-July-64*HP-36*WI-12 - The Mexican Shuffle #
20-Mar-65*HP-99*WI-01 - Whipped Cream #
26-Jun-65*HP-81*WI-07 - Peanuts #
14-Aug-65*HP-79*WI-03 - A Taste of Honey #
23-Oct-65*HP-90*WI-04 - Third Man Theme / Bittersweet Samba #
25-Dec-65*HP-32*WI-13 - Zorba the Greek / Tijuana Taxi *
09-Apr-66*HP-28*WI-15 - Spanish Flea / What Now My Love *
16-July-66*HP-25*WI-14 - Work Song *
17-Sep-66*HP-30*WI-09 - Flamingo *
10-Dec-66*HP-51*WI-08 - Mame *
06-May-67*HP-14*Wi-17 - Casino Royale *
29-July-67*HP-51*WI-04 - The Happening *
30-Sep-67*HP-33*WI-09 - A Banba*
23-Dec-67*HP-40*WI-11 - Carmen / My Heart Belong to Daddy *
04-May-68*HP-99*WI-01 - Cabaret *
18-May-68*HP-01*WI-19 - This Guy's in Love with You (2 wks)
07-Sep-68*HP-44*WI-07 - To Wait for Love
29-Mar-69*HP-79*WI-07 - Zazuiera *
14-Jun-69*HP-75*WI-07 - Without Her
01-Oct-79*HP-19*WI-20 - Rise
17-Aug-87*HP-47*WI-08 - Diamonds (with Janet Jackson)

# - Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass
* - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass

Sergio Mendes:

31-Aug-68*HP-14*WI-16 - The Fool on the Hill #
07-Dec-68*HP-08*WI-22 - Scarborough Fair #
17-May-69*HP-83*WI-03 - Pretty World #
27-Jun-83*HP-17*WI-22 - Never Gonna Let You Go

# - Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66
bulion, could you please post the chart runs for Mel & Kim's 4 charting singles? I'd be most grateful.
Hey guys!

How about the positions for Blondie, B-52's, Men Without Hats, A-Ha, Wall of Voodoo, MC5 and the Clash?

Please keep it up with thinking more artists that may not otherwise be mentioned in this page (pre-1989, of course!), as I'm keen to know how well they all did on the Australian charts!!!
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Thanks Bulion! How did the Spinners, Vanity Faire, Albert Hammond, Chic, the Fortunes, Frankie Valli, the Carpenters, Tina Turner and Cher do?
Mel & Kim:

06-Apr-87*HP-12*WI-28 - Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)
01-Jun-87*HP-01*WI-24 - Respectable (1 week at No.1)
07-Sep-87*HP-19*WI-12 - F.L.M.
28-Mar-88*HP-28*WI-13 - That's the Way it is
B 52's:

28-Jan-80*HP-43*WI-16 - Planet Claire
17-Mar-80*HP-03*WI-22 - Rock Lobster
28-July-80*HP-11*WI-19 - Private Idaho
31-Aug-81*HP-79*WI-04 - Party Mix (EP)
15-Dec-86*HP-90*WI-02 - Summer of Love
then came "Love Shack" in Nov 1989.



09-Sep-85*HP-01*WI-24 - Take on Me (2 weeks at No.1)
23-Dec-85*HP-19*WI-16 - The Sun Always Shines on TV
12-May-86*HP-47*WI-09 - Train of Thought
30-Jun-86*HP-33*WI-08 - Hunting High and Low
10-Nov-86*HP-21*WI-11 - I've Been Losing You
22-Dec-86*HP-45*WI-12 - Cry Wolf
03-Aug-87*HP-29*WI-09 - The Living Daylights (Bond Theme)
23-May-88*HP-55*WI-07 - Stay on These Roads



05-Sep-77*HP-02*WI-24 - In the Flesh
20-Feb-78*HP-81*WI-08 - Rip Her to Shreds
17-Apr-78*HP-12*WI-17 - Denis
05-Mar-79*HP-01*WI-24 - Heart of Glass / Sunday Girl (5 wks)
18-Jun-79*HP-88*WI-04 - Picture This
16-July-79*HP-39*WI-15 - Hanging on the Telephone
22-Oct-79*HP-53*WI-08 - Dreaming
24-Mar-80*HP-12*WI-22 - Atomic
05-May-80*HP-04*WI-20 - Call Me
24-Nov-80*HP-04*WI-21 - The Tide is High
16-Mar-81*HP-05*Wi-15 - Rapture
07-Jun-82*HP-13*WI-15 - Island of Lost Souls
13-Sep-82*HP-96*WI-02 - War Child


The Clash:

18-Feb-80*HP-28*WI-11 - London Calling
09-Mar-81*HP-69*WI-06 - The Call-Up
15-Feb-82*HP-40*WI-14 - This is Radio Clash
04-Oct-82*HP-03*WI-24 - Rock the Casbah
14-Feb-83*HP-37*WI-14 - Should I Stay or Should I Go
11-Nov-85*HP-62*WI-06 - This is England


Men Without Hats:

29-Aug-83*HP-05*WI-23 - Safety Dance
29-Feb-88*HP-66*WI-10 - Pop Goes the World


Wall of Voodoo:

13-Jun-83*HP-33*WI-12 - Mexican Radio
10-Mar-86*HP-23*WI-21 - Far Side of Crazy
13-July-87*HP-40*WI-16 - Do it Again

nothing for MC5 unfortunately.
The Spinners:

12-Mar-73*HP-79*WI-05 - I'll Be Around
21-Oct-74*HP-59*WI-08 - Then Came You (w/ Dionne Warwick)
14-Feb-77*HP-20*WI-27 - The Rubberband Man
07-Apr-80*HP-12*WI-25 - Working My Way Back to You
21-July-80*HP-17*WI-16 - Cupid/I've Loved You For a Long Time (Medley)


Vanity Fare:

26-Oct-68*HP-76*WI-15 - I Live for the Sun
30-Aug-69*HP-25*WI-17 - Early in the Morning
27-Dec-69*HP-24*WI-14 - Hitchin' a Ride
23-July-73*HP-84*WI-04 - I'm in Love With the World


Albert Hammond:

18-Sep-72*HP-18*WI-24 - Down By the River
18-Dec-72*HP-12*WI-19 - It Never Rains in Southern California
25-Jun-73*HP-38*WI-12 - The Free Electric Band
17-Sep-73*HP-55*WI-12 - The Peacemaker
28-Jan-74*HP-86*WI-03 - Half a Million Miles from Home
29-Apr-74*HP-85*WI-07 - I'm a Train



20-Feb-78*HP-28*WI-20 - Dance. Dance, Dance
25-Dec-78*HP-01*WI-26 - Le Freak (5 weeks at No.1)
21-May-79*HP-81*WI-05 - I Want Your Love
27-Aug-79*HP-48*WI-11 - Good Times


The Fortunes:

14-Aug-65*HP-12*WI-19 - You've Got Your Troubles
13-Nov-65*HP-28*WI-12 - Here it Comes Again
19-July-71*HP-43*WI-22 - Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
08-Nov-71*HP-13*WI-20 - Freedom Come, Freedom Go
17-Apr-72*HP-65*WI-10 - Storm in a Teacup


Frankie Valli:

05-Aug-67*HP-12*WI-19 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
11-Nov-67*HP-86*WI-04 - I Make a Fool of Myself
17-Mar-75*HP-03*WI-22 - My Eyes Adored You
04-Aug-75*HP-67*WI-12 - Swearin' to God
24-July-78*HP-02*WI-20 - Grease
Ike & Tina Turner:
08-Oct-66*HP-29*WI-29 - River Deep-Mountain High
07-Jan-67*HP-28*WI-11 - A Love Like Yours
03-Dec-73*HP-78*WI-05 - Nutbush City Limits
24-Mar-75*HP-27*WI-15 - Nutbush City Limits (Re-Entry)
28-Jun-76*HP-14*WI-32 - Nutbush City Limits (2nd Re-Entry)
Tina Turner:
05-Sep-77*HP-80*WI-06 - Under My Thumb
16-Jan-84*HP-19*WI-18 - Let's Stay Together
23-July-84*HP-01*WI-22 - What's Love Got to Do With it (1 week)
15-Oct-84*HP-28*WI-18 - Better Be Good to Me
17-Dec-84*HP-21*WI-15 - Private Dancer
22-July-85*HP-01*WI-17 - We Don't Need Another Hero (3 wks)
21-Oct-85*HP-34*WI-08 - One of the Living
10-Feb-86*HP-57*WI-08 - It's Only Love (w/ Bryan Adams)
22-Sep-86*HP-20*WI-17 - Typical Male
23-Feb-87*HP-15*WI-28 - What You Get is What You See
15-Jun-87*HP-60*WI-05 - Break Every Rule
then came "The Best" in Sep 1989.



03-Aug-70*HP-01*WI-31 - (They Long to Be) Close to You (3wks)
09-Nov-70*HP-06*WI-17 - We've Only Just Begun
22-Mar-71*HP-10*WI-21 - For All We Know
26-July-71*HP-35*WI-11 - Rainy Days and Mondays
29-Nov-71*HP-35*WI-16 - Superstar
20-Mar-72*HP-04*WI-27 - Hurting Each Other
03-July-72*HP-24*WI-20 - It's Going to Take Some Time
25-Sep-72*HP-25*WI-15 - Goodbye to Love
05-Feb-73*HP-01*WI-25 - Top of the World (4 weeks at No.1)
07-May-73*HP-24*WI-19 - Sing
13-Aug-73*HP-09*WI-18 - Yesterday Once More
20-May-74*HP-95*WI-01 - Jambalaya (on the Bayou)
01-July-74*HP-63*WI-11 - I Won't Last a Day Without You
23-Dec-74*HP-01*WI-23 - Please Mr. Postman (5 weeks at No.1)
26-May-75*HP-16*WI-17 - Only Yesterday
27-Oct-75*HP-61*WI-08 - Solitaire
29-Mar-76*HP-33*WI-16 - There's a Kind of Hush
19-July-76*HP-47*WI-19 - I Need to Be in Love
18-July-77*HP-89*WI-02 - All You Get from Love is a Love Song
19-Dec-77*HP-13*WI-29 - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
07-Aug-78*HP-100*WI-2 - Sweet, Sweet Smile
24-Aug-81*HP-78*WI-05 - Touch Me When We're Dancing
05-Dec-83*HP-80*WI-07 - Make Believe it's Your First Time

21-Aug-65*HP-68*WI-05 - All I Really Want to Do
04-Dec-65*HP-95*WI-02 - Where Do You Go
16-Apr-66*HP-11*WI-18 - Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)
03-Sep-66*HP-96*WI-01 - Alfie
25-Nov-67*HP-100*WI-1 - You Better Sit Down, Kids
18-Oct-71*HP-05*WI-26 - Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves
20-Mar-72*HP-42*WI-13 - The Way of Love
03-July-72*HP-61*WI-06 - Living in a House Divided
13-Aug-73*HP-04*WI-22 - Half-Breed
18-Feb-74*HP-17*WI-18 - Dark Lady
22-July-74*HP-84*WI-01 - Train of Thought
07-Dec-81*HP-65*WI-08 - Dead Ringer for Love (Meat Loaf ft..)
25-Jan-88*HP-08*WI-29 - I Found Someone
02-May-88*HP-76*WI-09 - We All Sleep Alone
then came "After All" by May 1989 and "If I Could Turn Back Time" in Sep 1989.
Thanks for the Mel & Kim info bulion, but I meant is it possible to post the week-by-week chart positions for those singles, as you did with the Phil Collins No Jacket Required singles
Mel & Kim:

06-Apr-87*HP-12*WI-28 - Showing Out (Get Fresh at the Weekend)

01-Jun-87*HP-01*WI-24 - Respectable (1 week at No.1)

07-Sep-87*HP-19*WI-12 - F.L.M.

28-Mar-88*HP-28*WI-13 - That's the Way it is
I'd forgotten Wall of Voodoo covered Do It Again!

Hey, did The Waterboys ever make the charts?
Thanks a million bulion! How about Swingout Sister, Go West, Duran Duran, Human League, Johnny Hates Jazz, George Benson and Boy Meets Girl?

duran duran's peak positions in Australia in the 80s:

careless memories #60
rio #60
save a prayer #56
new moon on monday #48
girls on film #11
my own way #10
planet earth #8
a view to a kill #6
hungry like the wolf #5
union of the snake #4
is there something i should know #4
the reflex #4
the wild boys #3
I'll put the whole information in tonight.

13-Jan-86*HP-12*WI-18 - The Whole of the Moon
13-Feb-89*HP-54*WI-09 - Fisherman's Blues

Yeah, and I loved the W.O.V.'s version of "Do it Again".
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Swing Out Sister:
23-Mar-87*HP-12*WI-30 - Breakout
24-Aug-87*HP-78*WI-04 - Surrender

"Breakout" was a hit in every state, but at different times, that's why it has 30 weeks in the charts.


Johnny Hates Jazz:
20-July-87*HP-22*WI-26 - Shattered Dreams
11-Jan-88*HP-76*WI-10 - I Don't Want to Be a Hero
04-Apr-88*HP-87*WI-11 - Heart of Gold

(one of my favourite late 80's band this one )


Go West:
06-May-85*HP-08*WI-18 - We Close Our Eyes
01-July-85*HP-12*WI-16 - Call Me
16-Sep-85*HP-55*WI-09 - Goodbye Girl
13-Jan-86*HP-26*WI-16 - Don't Look Down
20-July-87*HP-80*WI-05 - I Want to Hear it from You
then came "King of Wishful Thinking" in 1990


Human League:
07-Dec-81*HP-12*WI-26 - Love Action / Hard Times
05-Apr-82*HP-33*WI-16 - Open Your Heart
31-May-82*HP-04*WI-16 - Don't You Want Me
20-Dec-82*HP-04*WI-16 - Mirror Man
11-July-83*HP-08*WI-16 - (Keep Feeling) Fascination
21-May-84*HP-23*WI-10 - The Lebanon
15-Sep-86*HP-26*WI-15 - Human
then there was "Heart Like a Wheel" in 1990.


Boy Meets Girl were in 1989, so they can be found via the search function above.
George Benson:
20-Jun-77*HP-44*WI-10 - This Masquerade
10-Oct-77*HP-94*WI-02 - The Greatest Love of All
10-Apr-78*HP-23*WI-15 - On Broadway
16-Apr-79*HP-78*WI-08 - Love Ballad
08-Sep-80*HP-10*WI-20 - Give Me the Night
15-Dec-80*HP-57*WI-09 - Love x Love
28-Dec-81*HP-21*WI-21 - Turn Your Love Around
11-July-83*HP-59*WI-11 - Lady Love Me (One More Time)
25-Feb-85*HP-57*WI-09 - 20/20


Duran Duran:
04-May-81*HP-08*WI-26 - Planet Earth
30-Nov-81*HP-11*WI-22 - Girls on Film
08-Mar-82*HP-10*WI-16 - My Own Way
26-Apr-82*HP-19*WI-08 - Night Versions (12" EP)
03-May-82*HP-60*WI-08 - Careless Memories
07-Jun-82*HP-05*WI-18 - Hungry Like the Wolf
06-Sep-82*HP-60*WI-08 - Rio
02-May-83*HP-04*WI-15 - Is There Something I Should Know?
08-Aug-83*HP-56*WI-10 - Save a Prayer
31-Oct-83*HP-04*WI-16 - Union of the Snake
06-Feb-84*HP-48*WI-13 - New Moon on Monday
14-May-84*HP-04*WI-18 - The Reflex
19-Nov-84*HP-03*WI-17 - The Wild Boys
10-Jun-85*HP-06*WI-14 - A View to a Kill
17-Nov-86*HP-17*WI-14 - Notorious
then came "I Don't Want Your Love" in Oct 88.
Hi, what about the chart positions for the Four Seasons, Moody Blues and the Righteous Brothers?
for PrinceRuben:

Kate Bush:

17-Apr-78*HP-01*WI-20 - Wuthering Heights (3 weeks at No.1)
17-July-78*HP-22*WI-19 - Man with the Child in His Eyes
20-Nov-78*HP-17*WI-14 - Hammer Horror
08-Sep-80*HP-02*WI-21 - Babooshka
19-Oct-81*HP-93*WI-01 - Sat in Your Lap
01-Nov-82*HP-91*WI-01 - The Dreaming
23-Sep-85*HP-06*WI-17 - Running Up That Hill
16-Feb-87*HP-05*WI-23 - Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel feat...)
then came "The Sensual World" in Oct 1989.
Wolfi, here are your requests:

Four Seasons:
06-Oct-62*HP-15*WI-18 - Sherry
24-Nov-62*HP-01*WI-17 - Big Girls Don't Cry (1 week at No.1)
16-Feb-63*HP-01*WI-16 - Walk Like a Man (1 week at No.1)
15-Jun-63*HP-65*WI-06 - Ain't That a Shame
10-Aug-63*HP-55*WI-12 - Candy Girl / Marlena
29-Feb-64*HP-13*WI-14 - Dawn (Go Away)
14-Mar-64*HP-22*WI-13 - Stay
23-May-64*HP-26*WI-10 - Ronnie
27-Jun-64*HP-39*WI-09 - Alone
18-July-64*HP-03*WI-15 - Rag Doll
19-Sep-64*HP-24*WI-10 - Save it For Me
14-Nov-64*HP-95*WI-04 - Apple of My Eye
12-Dec-64*HP-69*WI-05 - Big Man in Town
15-May-65*HP-99*WI-02 - Toy Soldiers / Betrayed
04-Dec-65*HP-50*WI-15 - Let's Hang On
23-Apr-66*HP-92*WI-02 - Working My Way Back to You
25-Jun-66*HP-32*WI-09 - Opus 17 (Don't You Worry 'Bout Me)
22-Oct-66*HP-63*WI-04 - I've Got You Under My Skin
28-Jan-67*HP-48*WI-04 - Tell it to the Rain
22-July-67*HP-66*WI-11- C'Mon Marianne
30-Mar-68*HP-93*WI-03 - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
20-Sep-75*HP-16*WI-21 - Who Loves You
08-Mar-76*HP-02*WI-24 - December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)
26-July-76*HP-84*WI-05 - Silver Star
30-Mat-77*HP-77*WI-06 - Rhapsody
then the remix of "December 1963" charted in Nov 1992
Moody Blues:

13-Feb-65*HP-12*WI-11 - Go Now!
10-Feb-68*HP-95*WI-06 - Nights in White Satin
13-July-70*HP-36*WI-23 - Question
04-Oct-71*HP-68*WI-10 - The Story in Your Eyes
03-July-72*HP-39*WI-14 - Isn't Life Strange
04-Dec-72*HP-08*WI-23 - Nights in White Satin (R)
05-Mar-73*HP-39*WI-14 - I'm Just a Singer (in a Rock & Roll Band)
16-Oct-78*HP-78*WI-07 - Steppin' in a Slide Zone
27-July-81*HP-36*WI-16 - Gemini Dream
26-Oct-81*HP-91*WI-05 - The Voice
07-July-86*HP-20*WI-18 - Your Wildest Dreams
13-Oct-86*HP-80*WI-04 - The Other Side of Life
then came "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" in Aug 1988


Righteous Brothers:

06-Feb-65*HP-88*WI-03 - This Little Girl of Mine
08-Jun-63*HP-98*WI-02 - Little Latin Lupe Lu
30-Jan-65*HP-05*WI-19 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
22-May-65*HP-68*WI-04 - Just Once in My Life
26-Jun-65*HP-85*WI-02 - You Can Have Her
07-Aug-65*HP-03*WI-16 - Unchained Melody
08-Jan-66*HP-74*WI-07 - Ebb Tide
07-May-66*HP-10*WI-15 - (You're My) Soul and Inspiration
25-Jun-66*HP-37*WI-10 - He
15-Oct-66*HP-83*WI-04 - Go Ahead and Cry
12-Nov-66*HP-93*WI-07 - The White Cliffs of Dover
24-Jun-74*HP-25*WI-15 - Rock and Roll Heaven
25-Nov-74*HP-75*WI-10 - Give it to the People
03-Mar-75*HP-97*WI-02 - Dream On
then "Unchained Melody" went to No.1 in Nov 1990.
Hi Bulion, thanks a lot for this information. You sure do a great job.
i was wondering about the chart positions for reo speedwagon and toto. any info?
also, any info on the go-betweens?
REO Speedwagon

30-Mar-81*HP-03*WI-23 - Keep on Loving You
29-Jun-81*HP-30*WI-21 - Take it on the Run
08-Mar-82*HP-100*WI-1 - In Your Letter
01-Apr-85*HP-02*WI-21 - Can't Fight This Feeling



15-Jan-79*HP-08*WI-18 - Hold the Line
07-May-79*HP-92*WI-02 - I'll Supply the Love
14-May-79*HP-65*WI-08 - Georgy Porgy
05-May-80*HP-97*WI-02 - 99
21-Jun-82*HP-16*WI-27 - Rosanna
29-Nov-82*HP-05*WI-28 - Africa
09-May-83*HP-80*WI-11 - I Won't Hold You Back
14-Jan-85*HP-40*WI-13 - Stranger in Town
25-July-88*HP-94*WI-03 - Pamela



10-Mar-86*HP-92*WI-04 - Spring Rain
26-Sep-88*HP-70*WI-06 - Streets of Your Town

Wow, I thought "Africa" was a number one song for Toto? Guess it didn't peak at the top... how did Cheryl Lynn, France Joli, Magazine 60, Laban and Trans-X do? Did they even chart in Australia?
did the bells or classics iv chart?

The Bells:
26-Apr-71*HP-09*WI-18 - Stay Awhile

but nothing for Classics IV


Nothing for Cheryl Lynn, Frances Joli, Magazine 60, Laban, but..

21-Oct-85*HP-40*WI-17 - Living on Video
thanks bulion, did the raspberries ('go all the way') or the stories ('brother louie') chart?

02-Oct-72*HP-14*WI-20 - Go All the Way
15-Jan-73*HP-44*WI-10 - I Wanna Be With You
30-Apr-73*HP-62*WI-11 - Let's Pretend
11-Nov-74*HP-91*WI-05 - Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)


24-Sep-73*HP-46*WI-08 - Brother Louie
Hey, how about 10cc? One of my favourite bands...

And while were at it, how about The Ohio Express? (All four members of 10cc played on at least one of their singles!)
How did the O'jays, the Manhattans, Manhattan Transfer, Chi-lites, Delfonics, Kay Starr, Melanie, Joan Baez and Patti Page do?
I'd be interested to know the James Reyne & George Michael chart singles pre-89 and if they had any higher than number 50 since then.
All that should keep you busy! (Is it too late to also request The Fixx?)

Thanks as always for your help in these matters. Your time and effort (and knowledge!) is much appreciated.

11-Dec-72*HP-53*WI-07 - Donna
09-July-73*HP-03*WI-30 - Rubber Bullets
21-Jan-74*HP-61*WI-10 - The Dean and I
18-Aug-75*HP-03*WI-22 - I'm Not in Love
25-Aug-75*HP-48*WI-12 - Life is a Minestrone
26-Jan-76*HP-61*WI-14 - Art for Arts Sake
24-Jan-77*HP-05*WI-24 - The Things We Do for Love
06-Jun-77*HP-47*WI-13 - Good Morning Judge
22-Aug-77*HP-74*WI-12 - People in Love
25-Sep-79*HP-02*WI-22 - Dreadlock Holiday
22-Jan-79*HP-65*WI-07 - From Rochdale to Ocho Rios
09-Jun-80*HP-94*WI-01 - One-Two-Five
05-Apr-82*HP-94*WI-02 - Don't Turn Me Away
26-Sep-83*HP-76*WI-09 - Feel the Love


Ohio Express:

15-Jun-68*HP-07*WI-19 - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
24-Aug-68*HP-23*WI-11 - Down at Lulu's
09-Nov-68*HP-06*WI-21 - Chewy Chewy
03-May-69*HP-23*WI-13 - Mercy
04-Oct-69*HP-64*WI-06 - Sausalito (is the Place to Go)
12-Jan-70*HP-38*WI-15 - Cowboy Convention
30-Mar-70*HP-56*WI-16 - Love Equals Love

20-Nov-72*HP-92*HP-05 - Backstabbers
30-Apr-73*HP-91*WI-01 - Love Train
02-Feb-76*HP-100*WI-1 - I Love Music
14-Aug-78*HP-41*WI-16 - Use Ta be My Girl

(first three songs were covered later on by Stephen Cummings, Holly Johnson and Rozalla {in that order})


The Manhattans:

02-Aug076*HP-04*WI-24 - Kiss and Say Goodbye
21-July-80*HP-67*WI-11 - Shining Star


Manhattan Transfer:

15-Dec-75*HP-60*WI-25 - Operator
20-Dec-76*HP-09*WI-31 - Chanson D'Amour
20-Nov-78*HP-27*WI-19 - Where Did Our Love Go
28-May-79*HP-54*WI-13- I Kiss Your Hand Madam
21-July-80*HP-28*WI-15 - Twilight Zone
26-Jan-81*HP-25*WI-17 - Trickle Trickel
20-July-81*HP-36*WI-10 - Boy from New York City



10-July-72*HP-58*WI-16 - Oh Girl



25-May-70*HP-81*WI-02 - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)


Joan Baez:

07-Dec-63*HP-63*WI-14 - We Shall Overcome
23-Oct-65*HP-88*WI-05 - There But for Fortune
20-Sep-71*HP-05*WI-22 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
28-Feb-72*HP-100*WI-1 - Let it Be


Patti Page had 35+ hits, and Kay Starr had 20+ (I will do these two later).
Melanie was done back on September 24th, just use Ctrl and F and type in Melanie.


James Reyne:

01-15-Apr-85*HP-44*WI-12 - R-O-C-K - Rock (w/ Lin Buckfield)
02-17-Aug-87*HP-05*WI-23 - Fall of Rome
03-05-Oct-87*HP-08*WI-22 - Hammerhead
04-21-Dec-87*HP-34*WI-13 - Rip it Up
05-29-Feb-88*HP-59*WI-09 - Heaven on a Stick
06-20-Jun-88*HP-04*WI-20 - Motor's Too Fast
below Top 50 Singles (single number in chart order at the start)
07-14-Nov-88*HP-72*WI-04 - Always the Way (AMR)
10-11-Sep-89*HP-72*IW-08 - Trouble in Paradise (AMR)
12-18-Aug-91*HP-67*WI-12 - Any Day Above Ground
13-09-Feb-92*HP-97*WI-01 - Some People
16-29-Jan-95*HP-86*WI-02 - Day in the Sun


George Michael:

01-03-Sep-84*HP-01*WI-28 - Careless Whisper (4 weeks at 1)
02-28-Apr-86*HP-04*WI-15 - A Different Corner
03-09-Feb-87*HP-01*WI-21 - I Knew You Were Waiting (for Me) (w/ Aretha Franklin) (4 weeks at No.1)
04-06-July-87*HP-02*WI-19 - I Want Your Sex
05-16-Nov-87*HP-01*IW-27 - Faith (1 week at No.1)
06-08-Feb-88*HP-05*WI-16 - Father Figure
07-23-May-88*HP-34*WI-08 - One More Try
below Top 50 Singles (single number in chart order at the start)
09-09-Jan-89*HP-66*WI-06 - Kissing a Fool (AMR)
13-04-Aug-91*HP-91*WI-01 - Soul Free
20-23-Feb-97*HP-61*WI-04 - Older
21-22-Jun-97*HP-51*WI-10 - Star People '97
22-26-Oct-97*HP-75*WI-02 - You Have Been Loved
30 single in total charted for George up until 2006 (An Easier Affair) being the last one.
The Fixx:

24-May-82*HP-33*WI-14 - Stand or Fall
19-Sep-83*HP-98*WI-03 - Saved by Zero
12-Dec-83*HP-38*WI-14 - One Thing Leads to Another
Hunters & Collectors:

08-Feb-82*HP-50*WI-08 - World of Stone (EP)
09-Aug-82*HP-59*WI-10 - Talking to a Stranger
17-Feb-86*HP-24*WI-16 - Say Goodbye
19-May-86*HP-49*WI-09 - Throw Your Arms Around Me
22-Sep-86*HP-78*WI-05 - Everything's on Fire
04-May-87*HP-41*WI-12 - Living Daylights (EP)
19-Oct-87*HP-33*WI-18 - Do You See What I See?
then came "Back on the Breadline" in July 1988.
Once again I would like some Icehouse chart runs. This time
for their #1 hit Electric Blue if possible. Thanks.
Lifter100, Electric Blue FINALLY got to No.1 after sitting at No.2 for 5 weeks behind "La Bamba", and was knocked off the top by the No.1 single of the entire 1980's "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

Entry Date 31-Aug-1987

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Two of my favourite groups are the Kinks and the Byrds. What about their chart positions. And just for fun, have David and Jonathan ever charted in Australia?
Thanks bulion.

26-Sep-64*HP-08*WI-22 - You Really Got Me
28-Nov-64*HP-14*WI-18 - All Day and All of the Night
20-Mar-65*HP-29*WI-14 - Tired of Waiting for You
19-Jun-65*HP-54*WI-10 - Set me Free / I Need You
08-Jan-66*HP-11*WI-12 - A Well Respected Man
12-Feb-66*HP-63*WI-09 - Till the End of the Day
02-Apr-66*HP-36*WI-10 - Dedicated Follower of Fashion
16-July-66*HP-13*WI-15 - Sunny Afternoon
07-Jan-67*HP-62*WI-07 - Dead End Street
10-Jun-67*HP-04*WI-14 - Waterloo Sunset
22-July-67*HP-35*WI-10 - Mister Pleasant
02-Dec-67*HP-67*WI-09 - Autumn Almanac
14-Sep-68*HP-77*WI-06 - Days
01-Mar-69*HP-36*WI-25 - Picture Book
24-May-69*HP-97*WI-01 - Plastic Man
16-Feb-70*HP-57*WI-07 - Victoria
21-Sep-70*HP-04*WI-30 - Lola
25-Jan-71*HP-05*WI-16 - Apeman
14-Jun-71*HP-53*WI-04 - God's Children
13-Mar-72*HP-89*WI-03 - 20th Century Man
14-May-79*HP-71*WI-10 - (I Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman
10-Nov-80*HP-69*WI-22 - Lola (R)
04-July-83*HP-36*WI-13 - Come Dancing


22-May-65*HP-03*WI-20 - Mr. Tambourine Man
31-July-65*HP-42*WI-11 - All I Really Want to Do
20-Nov-65*HP-34*WI-14 - Turn! Turn! Turn!
12-Mar-66*HP-78*WI-04 - It Won't Be Wrong
18-Jun-66*HP-99*WI-01 - Eight Miles High
08-Jun-66*HP-82*WI-05 - You Ain't Going Nowhere

David & Jonathan:

26-Feb-66*HP-42*WI-08 - Michelle
10-Sep-66*HP-42*WI-10 - Lovers of the World Unite
24-Jun-67*HP-92*WI-02 - Scarlet's Ribbons (for Her Hair)
12-Aug-67*HP-93*WI-03 - She's Leaving Home
01-Jun-68*HP-19*WI-13 - Softly Whispering I Love You

Hi Bulion, thanks a lot. It's interesting to see that David and Jonathan had a handful of hits in Australia. You don't find such a wonderful song like 'Softly whispering I love you' in its original version in any chart in the world (later there was a hit version by the Congregation). These profilic songwriters who wrote big hits for Gene Pitney, the Hollies, Cliff Richard, the Fortunes (Blue Mink of course) etc. should have deserved to fare better. I specially liked 'Ten Storeys high' that went nowhere.
Did Ray Price chart? I love his song "For The Good Times".
Ray Price:

16-Aug-58*HP-78*WI-12 - My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
14-Dec-70*HP-32*WI-31 - For the Good Times

Hi Bulion,

Thanks for the great info.

Just a few questions about the Bowie chart:

1. Did 'Fame' chart at all back in 1975? It would be unusual to have missed the AUS charts given Bowie's commercial stock at the time and that it was a US number 1.

2. Am I right in assuming the above dates are the actual release dates (rather than the hit position dates) and that all the pre-89 stats are from the Kent Report?

3. I would love to know how (or if) this Bowie-related material charted in Australia:

* Mott the Hoople: All The Young Dudes (single)
* Peter Noone: Oh You Pretty Things (single)
* Lulu: The Man Who Sold The World (single)
* Lou Reed: Walk on the Wildside (single)
* Iggy Pop: Real Wild Child (single)
* Tin Machine: "Prisoner of Love" (single)
* Tin Machine: "Under The God" (single)

* Mott the Hoople: All The Young Dudes (album)
* 1986 Way to Go (compilation album)
* Tin Machine (album)

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Thanks for the 10cc info, as always! Funny, I don't remember "From Rochdale To Ocho Rios" which peaked at #65, but I remember the #94 hit "Don't Turn Me Away" very well!

The David Bowie request puts me in mind of some other 70s's art-rockers -- how about Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, and The Cars? Thanks!

..oh, and I guess Ric Ocasek and Ben Orr solo. If they ever actually charted solo.
Adam, here are your requests,

1."Fame" did not chart in Australia the first time around in 1975.
2. The dates are chart entry dates, and are from the AMR.
3. Below are the Bowiesque requests:

Mott the Hoople:
23-Oct-72*HP-60*WI-15 - All The Young Dudes (single)

Peter Noone:
04-Oct-71*HP-100*WI-01 - Oh You Pretty Things (single)

20-May-74*HP-81*WI-09 - The Man Who Sold The World (single)

Lou Reed:
23-Apr-73*HP-100*WI-01 - Walk on the Wildside (single)
* this track was a big airplay single, thus below you'll see how well "Transformer" did, but it only charted in Perth, and very low there. So such a classic does not rate high on the Oz Charts sadly.

Iggy Pop:
16-Mar-87*HP-11*WI-20 - Real Wild Child (single)

Tin Machine:
*"Prisoner of Love" (single)
* "Under The God" (single)
* neither of these singles made either the ARIA or AMR charts

Mott the Hoople:
19-Feb-73*HP-61*WI-07 - All The Young Dudes (album)
22-Oct-73*HP-57*WI-03 - Mott (album)

28-Apr-86*HP-01*WI-19 - 1986 Way to Go (compilation album)
02-Jun-86*HP-09*WI-11 - 1986 Way to Go Mega-Mixes

Tin Machine:
19-Jun-89*HP-46*WI-09 - Tin Machine (album)
Roxy Music:

27-Nov-72*HP-99*WI-03 - Virginia Plain
11-Jun-73*HP-96*WI-01 - Pyjamarama
22-Dec-75*HP-18*WI-27 - Love is the Drug
23-July-79*HP-92*WI-01 - Danceaway
19-Nov-79*HP-89*WI-07 - Angel Eyes
14-July-80*HP-45*WI-13 - Over You
16-Feb-81*HP-35*WI-13 - Same Old Scene
30-Mar-81*HP-01*WI-22 - Jealous Guy (4 weeks at No.1)
31-May-82*HP-06*WI-20 - More Than This
13-Sep-82*HP-22*WI-14 - Avalon


Bryan Ferry:

22-Apr-74*HP-23*WI-21 - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
09-Sep-74*HP-83*WI-08 - The 'In' Crowd
25-Nov-74*HP-99*WI-01 - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
16-Aug-76*HP-01*WI-33 - Let's Stick Together (2 wks at No.1)
13-Sep-76*HP-09*WI-23 - The Price of Love (EP)
28-Feb-77*HP-06*WI-22 - This is Tomorrow
23-May-77*HP-30*WI-11 - Tokyo Joe
03-July-78*HP-73*WI-05 - What Goes On
10-Jun-85*HP-29*WI-13 - Slave to Love
14-Oct-85*HP-68*WI-06 - Don't Stop the Dance
09-Nov-87*HP-23*WI-15 - The Right Stuff
07-Mar-88**HP-38*WI-11 - Kiss and Tell
then there was the Nov 88 remix of "Let's Stick Together".


The Cars:

11-Dec-78*HP-67*WI-10 - My Best Friend's Girl
29-Jan-79*HP-96*WI-01 - Just What I Needed
13-Aug-79*HP-06*WI-25 - Let's Go
06-Oct-60*HP-62*WI-06 - Touch and Go
21-Dec-81*HP-10*WI-20 - Shake it Up
23-Apr-84*HP-24*WI-12 - You Might Think
27-Aug-84*HP-96*WI-04 - Magic
10-Sep-84*HP-10*WI-19 - Drive
28-Jan-85*HP-52*WI-10 - Hello Again
02-Dec-85*HP-16*WI-19 - Tonight She Comes
24-Mar-86*HP-75*WI-06 - I'm Not the One / Heartbeat City
21-Sep-87*HP-69*WI-10 - You Are the Girl


Ric Ocasek:

13-Oct-87*HP-08*WI-20 - Emotion in Motion
09-Feb-87*HP-100*WI-1 - True to You

Benjamin Orr:

19-Jan-87*HP-66*WI-08 - Stay the Night

i was wondering if stevie ray vaughan charted here...any info?
How did Hues Corporation, Wet Willie, Lisa Lisa, Billy Ocean, Luther Vandross, Peabo Bryson, Anita Baker, Til Tuesday, Quarterflash, the Shangri-Las, Orleans and Pet Shop Boys do?
Oh and how have Stevie Nicks, Christie McVie and Lindsey Buckingham done as solo artists?
V.Spy V. Spy:

08-Apr-85*HP-66*WI-07 - One of a Kind
19-Aug-85*HP-87*WI-03 - Injustice
17-Feb-86*HP-65*WI-07 - Something
08-Dec-86*HP-31*WI-20 - Don't Tear it Down
30-Mar-87*HP-64*WI-05 - Sallie-Anne / Use Your Head
18-Jan-88*HP-44*WI-17 - Forget About the Working Week
13-Nov-89*HP-59*WI-13 - Hardtimes (ARIA info)
26-Feb-90*HP-90*WI-02 - Clear Skies (AMR only)

Jon, only one single for Stevie Ray Vaughan

22-Oct-84*HP-98*WI-01 - Cold Shot

Wet Willie:

09-Jan-78*HP-41*WI-11 - Street Corner Serenade


Luther Vandross' first hit in Australia was his duet with Janet Jackson in 1992, "The Best Things in Life are Free".


'til Tuesday:

17-Jun-85*HP-15*WI-14 - Voices Carry
08-Dec-86*HP-92*WI-01 - What About Love



26-Sep-64*HP-50*WI-10 - Remember (Walkin' in the Sand)
07-Nov-64*HP-03*WI-15 - Leader of the Pack
06-Mar-65*HP-93*WI-03 - Give Him a Great Big Kiss
12-Feb-66*HP-94*WI-02 - I Can Never Go Home Any More
20-May-67*HP-63*WI-05 - Leader of the Pack (R)
02-Apr-73*HP-39*WI-11 - Leader of the Pack (R)



08-Feb-82*HP-06*WI-19 - Harden My Heart


Billy Ocean:

03-May-76*HP-03*WI-23 - Love Really Hurts Without You
20-Sep-76*HP-95*WI-02 - L.O.D. (Love on Delivery)
12-Nov-84*HP-02*WI-22 - Caribbean Queen
18-Feb-85*HP-07*WI-23 - Loverboy
10-Jun-85*HP-15*WI-14 - Suddenly
02-Sep-85*HP-79*WI-03 - Mystery Lady
10-Feb-86*HP-01*WI-25 - When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (6 weeks at No.1)
16-Jun-86*HP-10*WI-18 - There'll Be Sad Songs (to Make You Cry)
22-Sep-86*HP-91*WI-02 - Love Zone
14-Mar-88*HP-01*WI-24 - Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (5 weeks at No.1)
13-Nov-89*HP-75*WI-05 - Licence to Chill


24-Nov-75*HP-33*WI-18 - Dance With Me
20-Sep-76*HP-61*WI-26 - Still the One (also the Channel 9 theme for several years)
30-July-79*HP-90*WI-05 - Love Takes Times


Pet Shop Boys:
10-Feb-86*HP-63*WI-09 - Opportunities
31-Mar-86*HP-05*WI-21 - West End Girls
12-May-86*HP-85*WI-06 - Opportunities (R)
09-Jun-86*HP-54*WI-16 - Love Comes Quickly
27-July-87*HP-10*WI-20 - It's a Sin
21-Sep-87*HP-22*WI-21 - What Have I Done to Deserve This
07-Dec-87*HP-81*WI-07 - Rent
08-Feb-88*HP-10*WI-29 - Always on My Mind **
09-May-88*HP-18*WI-20 - Heart **
** these two songs were on the first ARIA chart
then came "Domino Dancing" in Nov 1988.


Hues Corporation:

22-July-74*HP-18*WI-22 - Rock the Boat
20-Jan-75*HP-71*WI-09 - Rockin' Soul


Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam:

29-Jun-87*HP-52*WI-08 - Head to Toe
26-Oct-87*HP-83*WI-02 - Lost in Emotion
01-Sep-91*HP-72*WI-04 - Let the Beat Hit 'em (ARIA info)


Peabo Bryson

03-Oct-83*HP-10*WI-26 - Tonight I Celebrate My Love (w/ Roberta Flack)
30-July-84*HP-20*WI-17 - If Ever You're in My Arms Again
then it was his duet on Beauty & The Beast in May 1992.


Anita Baker:

03-Nov-86*HP-97*WI-02 - Sweet Love

Lindsay Buckingham:

14-Dec-81*HP-01*WI-22 - Trouble (3 weeks at No.1)
29-Mar-82*HP-74*WI-06 - It Was I
29-Oct-84*HP-100*WI-1 - Go Insane


Christine McVie:

20-Feb-84*HP-55*WI-10 - Got a Hold on Me


Stevie Nicks:

10-Aug-81*HP-10*WI-18 - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (w/ Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
01-Feb-82*HP-68*WI-09 - Leather and Lace
25-July-83*HP-20*WI-13 - Stand Back
13-Jan-86*HP-20*WI-18 - I Can't Wait / Rock a Little
10-Mar-86*HP-22*WI-16 - Talk to Me
13-Oct-86*HP-99*WI-01 - Imperial Hotel
then came "Rooms on Fire" in June 1989.

Stevie didn't have a hit with "Edge of Seventeen"?? How is that possible? I always hear "Sweet Love" by Anita Baker on the radio, I find it odd that she only charted at 97 and fell off after 2 weeks!
could someone please tell me if sylvia charted with "pillow talk" and if dusty springfield and sylvester had many hits? thanks!
Sylvia (Robinson):

16-July-73*HP-59*WI-08 - Pillow Talk

12-Feb-79*HP-16*WI-22 - You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)
21-Mar-83*HP-24*WI-18 - Do You Wanna Funk


Dusty Springfield has already been done (June 15th). Just hit Ctrl and F and type her name in, it will guide you to it.
Can I please have Bruce Springsteen's singles (pre-1988)

Many thanks
Bruce Springsteen

03-Nov-75*HP-38*WI-13 - Born To Run
24-Jul-78*HP-90*WI-03 - Prove It All Night
24-Nov-80*HP-33*WI-15 - Hungry Heart
28-May-84*HP-05*WI-64 - Dancing In The Dark/Pink Cadillac
*** I'm thinking this an error of some sort ***
17-Sep-84*HP-17*WI-22 - Cover Me
28-Jan-85*HP-02*WI-24 - Born In The U.S.A
18-Mar-85*HP-12*WI-18 - I'm On Fire
01-Jul-85*HP-29*WI-15 - Glory Days
14-Oct-85*HP-41*WI-15 - I'm Goin Down/Janey, Don't Lose Your Heart
16-Dec-85*HP-47*WI-10 - My Hometown/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
24-Nov-86*HP-38*WI-13 - War/Merry Christmas Baby
09-Mar-87*HP-82*WI-02 - Fire
12-Oct-87*HP-17*WI-18 - Brilliant Disguise
21-Dec-87*HP-41*WI-14 - Tunnel Of Love
11-Apr-88*HP-67*WI-06 - One Step Up
03-Oct-88*HP-30*WI-10 - Tougher Than The Rest
21-Nov-88*HP-57*WI-07 - Spare Parts
23-Mar-92*HP-21*WI-10 - Human Touch
15-Jun-92*HP-64*WI-02 - Better Days

Dancing in the Dark - Entry Date 28-May-1984. Double A-Side 6-May 1985, week 50 of it's chart run. Left the charts 19-Aug-85

Entire chart run:
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hey evrybody i'm just wondering does anybody know the peak postions for the following artists: daryl braithwaite, chris rea, john williamson, glenn medeiros, alison moyet, taylor dayne, omd, choirboys, bangels, paul carrack, communards, dukes of earlwood, gary moore, joe cocker, johnny logan, rick astley, black, big pig, christopher crossm living in a box abd t'pau. any help would be appreciated.
I'll do the small one's first:

Glenn Medeiros:

21-Sep-87*HP-10*WI-40 - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
21-Mar-88*HP-85*WI-05 - Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone
06-Aug-90*HP-08*WI-17 - She Ain't Worth it (w/ Bobby Brown)
05-Nov-90*HP-95*WI-02 - All I'm Missing is You (AMR only)



29-Sep-86*HP-02*WI-26 - Don't Leave Me This Way
19-Jan-87*HP-90*WI-03 - So Cold the Night
09-Nov-87*HP-99*WI-01 - Tomorrow
21-Dec-87*HP-13*WI-21 - Never Can Say Goodbye


Dukes of Earlwood:

15-Aug-88*HP-12*WI-10 - Duke of Earl (this can be found in the search engine above too!!)


Johnny Logan:

24-Aug-87*HP-04*WI-35 - Hold Me Now
23-Nov-87*HP-75*WI-11 - I'm Not in Love



05-Oct-*&*HP-87*WI-05 - Sweetest Smile
29-Feb-88*HP-07*WI-23 - Wonderful Life


Big Pig:

10-Nov-86*HP-18*WI-18 - Hungry Town
04-May-87*HP-59*WI-08 - Boy Wonder
29-Feb-88*HP-08*WI-29 - Breakaway
04-July-88*HP-40*WI-07 - Big Hotel (ARIA Top 50 info)
28-Oct-90*HP-73*WI-08 - Justifier (ARIA Top 100 info)


Christopher Cross:

21-Apr-80*HP-25*WI-17 - Ride Like the Wind
01-Sep-80*HP-46*WI-23 - Sailing
30-Mar-81*HP-42*WI-12 - Never Be the Same
12-Oct-81*HP-13*WI-24 - Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)
14-Mar-83*HP-30*WI-15 - All Right
19-Mar-84*HP-100*WI-1 - Think of Laura
03-Oct-88*HP-47*WI-19 - I Will (Take You Forever) (AMR info)


Living in a Box:

15-Jun-87*HP-49*WI-12 - Living in a Box
25-Sep-89*HP-95*WI-03 - Gatecrashing (AMR info)



10-Aug-87*HP-18*WI-22 - Heart and Soul
21-Mar-8**HP-53*WI-23 - China in Your Hand


the rest I'll do on the weekend.
thank a million for your help there may be more chart positions that i want to know about in the future
Don't forget Kay Starr, Patti Page and Jo Stafford!!!!
'Dancing In the Dark' is listed as being the #1 single for 1984 in David Kent's chart book, yet it only peaked at #5. Were his end of year charts based on chart-run/longevity rather than sales Even though it spent around 30 weeks on the chart in 1984, surely something else must have charted nearly as long that peaked higher?

I know it's possible for a single to chart higher on the end of year chart than its singles chart peak (case in point - Guns 'n' Roses' "November Rain" peaking at #5 but being the #2 single for 1992).
David's End of Year charts were based on the sales and points it had accumulated during the calendar period. Because of it's slow climb up the charts, and then long run within the Top 10, it did accumulate a LOT of points.
I have previously calculated the Top 100 singles of 1984 using the points system (1 = 100 points, 2 = 99 points, etc), and Dancing in the Dark stills manages to be the No.1 single of 1984.

Patti Page:

03-Jun-50*HP-01*WI-31 - Tennessee Waltz
04-Nov-50*HP-nc*WI-nc - I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine
10-Feb-51*HP-01*WI-19 - All My Love
09-Jun-51*HP-01*WI-22 - Mockin' Bird Hill
27-Oct-51*HP-03*WI-16 - Mister and Mississippi
03-Nov-51*HP-19*WI-03 - Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
17-May-52*HP-20*WI-01 - Detour
24-May-52*HP-20*WI-01 - And So to Sleep Again
29-Nov-52*HP-01*WI-21 - You Belong to Me
21-Feb-53*HP-01*WI-16 - I Went to Your Wedding
11-July-53*HP-01*WI-14 - The Doggie in the Window
25-July-53*HP-06*WI-10 - Why Don't You Believe Me
06-Mar-54*HP-04*WI-21 - Changing Partners
26-Jun-54*HP-09*WI-09 - Cross Over the Bridge
12-Feb-55*HP-nc*WI-nc - What a Dream
11-Jun-55*HP-14*WI-08 - I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango
08-Oct-55*HP-19*WI-01 - Piddily Patter Patter
07-Jan-56*HP-27*WI-04 - Search My Heart
07-Apr-56*HP-39*WI-02 - Croce di Oro (Cross of Gold)
07-July-56*HP-19*WI-06 - Go On with the Wedding
20-Oct-56*HP-03*WI-23 - Alleghany Moon
02-Feb-57*HP-31*WI-08 - Mama from the Train
15-Jun-57*HP-28*WI-07 - A Poor Man's Roses
10-Aug-57*HP-14*WI-17 - Old Cape Cod
05-July-58*HP-66*WI-02 - Another Time, Another Place
23-Aug-58*HP-06*WI-22 - Left Right Out of Your Heart
11-Oct-58*HP-22*WI-21 - Fibbin'
12-Dec-59*HP-71*WI-10 - Goodbye, Charlie
23-July-60*HP-73*WI-04 - One of Us (Will Weep Tonight)
12-May-62*HP-59*WI-12 - Most People Get Married
11-Aug-62*HP-23*WI-16 - The Boys' Night Out
23-Mar-63*HP-93*WI-02 - Pretty Boy Lonely
15-Jun-63*HP-27*WI-16 - Say Wonderful Things
28-May-66*HP-100*WI-1 - Till You Come Back to Me
btw "nc" stands for non-chart, which means that the song was also performed by that act, but did not make the charts with the other versions at the time.


Kay Starr:

19-Aug-50*HP-05*WI-17 - Hoop-de-Doo
03-Mar-51*HP-01*WI-20 - Bonaparte's Retreat
24-Mar-51*HP-07*WI-10 - M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I
24-Nov-51*HP-08*WI-11 - Come On-a My House
02-Feb-52*HP-19*WI-01 - Oceans of Tears (w/ Ernie Ford)
28-Jun-52*HP-02*WI-13 - Wheel of Fortune
31-Jan-53*HP-13*WI-02 - I Waited a Little Too Long
14-Feb-53*HP-20*WI-01 - Comes A-Long A-Love
02-May-53*HP-06*WI-10 - Side by Side
02-Jan-54*HP-12*WI-04 - Half a Photograph
06-Mar-54*HP-04*WI-21 - Changing Partners
20-Mar-54*HP-nc*WI-nc - When My Dreamboat Comes Home
15-May-54*HP-13*WI-12 - If You Love Me (Really Love me)
21-Apr-56*HP-01*WI-22 - The Rock and Roll Waltz
26-Oct-57*HP-15*WI-13 - My Heart Reminds Me
23-May-59*HP-07*WI-21 - (I Don't Care) Only Love Me
20-May-61*HP-84*WI-06 - Foolin' Around

Weekly charts were not around until January 1949, so from 1940 to the end of 1948 I have used the date 01-Aug-43, meaning that it debuted in August 1943, to keep everything in line. Also MI means 'Months In' chart

Jo Stafford:

01-Aug-43*HP-09*MI-02 - Manhattan Serenade (Tommy Dorsey w/)
01-Sep-44*HP-01*MI-08 - Long Ago (and Far Away)
01-Nov-44*HP-01*MI-08 - It Could Happen to You
01-Feb-46*HP-12*MI-02 - Candy (Johnny Mercer w/...)
01-Jun-46*HP-01*MI-08 - Symphony
03-Jun-50*HP-01*WI-31 - Tennessee Waltz
28-Apr-51*HP-01*WI-22 - If
16-Jun-51*HP-01*WI-18 - My Heart Cries for You (w/ Gene Autry)
10-Nov-51*HP-02*WI-19 - In the Cool Cool Cool of the Evening (w/ Frankie Laine)
24-Nov-51*HP-17*WI-01 - Pretty Eyed Baby (w/ Frankie Laine)
02-Feb-52*HP-nc*WI-nc - Whispering Hope (w/ Gordon MacRae)
23-Feb-52*HP-14*WI-08 - Wunderbar (w/ Gordon MacRae)
19-Apr-52*HP-02*WI-13 - Shrimp Boats
26-Apr-52*HP-15*WI-06 - Hey Good Lookin' (w/ Frankie Laine)
26-July-52*HP-01*WI-15 - Ay-Round the Corner
29-Nov-52*HP-01*WI-21 - You Belong to Me
24-Jan-53*HP-11*WI-12 - Gambella (The Gamblin' Lady) (w/ Frankie Laine)
21-Feb-53*HP-07*WI-11 - Jambalaya (on the Bayou)
28-Mar-53*HP-03*WI-20 - Keep it a Secret
30-May-53*HP-20*WI-01 - Settin' the Woods on Fire (w/ Frankie Laine)
12-Sep-53*HP-07*WI-09 - Just Another Polka
05-Jun-54*HP-09*WI-10 - Make Love to Me
12-Mar-55*HP-18*WI-07 - Teach me Tonight
07-Jan-56*HP-02*WI-22 - Suddenly There's a Valley
28-Apr-56*HP-08*WI-17 - It's Almost Tomorrow
25-Aug-56*HP-08*WI-17 - Young and Foolish
23-Feb-57*HP-24*WI-09 - On London Bridge
18-May-57*HP-09*WI-22 - Wind in the Willows
07-Sep-57*HP-43*WI-01 - Good Night (w/ Vic Damone)
03-Jan-59*HP-40*WI-09 - With a Little Bit of Luck
28-Mar-59*HP-83*WI-08 - Hibiscus

Matt, here are the rest of your requests:

Daryl Braithwaite:

11-Nov-74*HP-01*WI-24 - You're My World
15-Sep-75*HP-13*WI-14 - Cavalry
26-Apr-76*HP-09*WI-21 - Old Sid
28-Mar-77*HP-05*WI-16 - Love Has No Pride / Fly Away
03-Oct-77*HP-37*WI-11 - Afterglow (of Your Love)
24-Apr-78*HP-14*WI-18 - If You Walked Away
04-Dec-78*HP-35*WI-13 - Why Do I Break it Up
12-Nov-79*HP-69*WI-06 - Love Like a Child
then came "As the Days Go By" in Sep. 1988


Chris Rea:

24-July-78*HP-39*WI-13 - Fool (if You Think it's Over)
11-Jun-79*HP-13*WI-18 - Diamonds
05-May-80*HP-88*WI-05 - Tennis
06-Sep-82*HP-53*WI-17 - Every Beat of My Heart
17-Oct-83*HP-42*WI-16 - I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
01-July-85*HP-94*WI-04 - Stainsby Girls
30-Sep-85*HP-79*WI-07 - Josephine
25-Aug-86*HP-88*WI-03 - On the Beach
10-Aug-87*HP-09*WI-28 - Let's Dance
09-Nov-87*HP-75*WI-10 - Loving You Again
14-Nov-88*HP-68*WI-07 - On the Beach Summer '88
13-Feb-89*HP-99*WI-01 - Working on it


John Williamson:

29-Jun-70*HP-04*WI-24 - Old Man Emu
13-Apr-81*HP-100*WI-1 - The Breaker
21-Nov-83*HP-28*WI-15 - The Vasectomy Song
30-July-84*HP-59*WI-02 - I'm Fair Dinkum
22-Dec-86*HP-43*WI-16 - True Blue (No.1 in Perth)
then came "Rip Rip Woodchip" in July 1989


Taylor Dayne:

04-Apr-88*HP-10*WI-24 - Tell it to My Heart
20-Jun-88*HP-27*WI-13 - Prove Your Love
17-Oct-88*HP-68*WI-07 - I'll Always Love You
06-Mar-89*HP-90*WI-02 - Don't Rush Me
20-Nov-89*HP-54*WI-17 - With Every Beat of My Heart
then came "Love Will Lead You Back" in April 1990.



18-July-83*HP-30*WI-14 - Never Gonna Die
30-Jun-86*HP-60*WI-10 - Fireworks
28-Sep-87*HP-03*WI-36 - Run to Paradise
01-Feb-88*HP-14*WI-25 - Boys Will Be Boys
06-Jun-88*HP-34*WI-13 - Struggle Town
20-Nov-89*HP-63*WI-12 - Empire
then came "Rendezvous" in Mar 1991.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD):

23-Mar-81*HP-47*WI-11 - Enola Gay
01-Feb-82*HP-75*WI-14 - Souvenir
12-July-82*HP-78*WI-08 - Maid of Orleans
18-Jun-84*HP-30*WI-25 - Locomotion
15-July-85*HP-56*WI-12 - So in Love
26-May-86*HP-15*WI-19 - If You Leave
13-Oct-86*HP-19*WI-22 - (Forever) Live and Die
19-Jan-87*HP-18*WI-13 - We Love You
14-Mar-88*HP-33*WI-18 - Dreaming
then came "Sailing on the 7 Seas" in May 1991.



14-Apr-86*HP-03*WI-20 - Manic Monday
11-Aug-86*HP-31*WI-13 - If She Knew What She Wants
01-Dec-86*HP-01*WI-27 - Walk Like an Egyptian (2 weeks at 1)
06-Apr-87*HP-56*WI-11 - Walking Down Your Street
22-Feb-88*HP-07*WI-20 - Hazy Shade of Winter
then came "In Your Room" in Nov 1988.


Paul Carrack:

27-Dec-82*HP-30*WI-15 - I Need You
13-July-87*HP-07*WI-22 - When You Walk in the Room
30-Nov-87*HP-33*WI-17 - Don't Shed a Tear
11-Apr-88*HP-38*WI-15 - One Good Reason
18-Dec-89*HP-90*WI-05 - I Live by the Groove
Gary Moore:

12-Aug-85*HP-62*WI-16 - Out in the Fields (w/ Phil Lynott)
17-Mar-86*HP-100*WI-1 - Empty Rooms
16-Mar-87*HP-94*WI-04 - Over the Hills and Far Away
01-Jun-87*HP-85*WI-02 - Wild Frontier
13-July-87*HP-25*WI-30 - Friday on My Mind
then came "Oh Pretty Woman" in May 1990.

Joe Cocker:

02-Nov-68*HP-08*WI-16 - With a Little Help from My Friends
01-Nov-69*HP-34*WI-12 - Delta Lady
06-July-70*HP-37*WI-16 - The Letter
14-Dec-70*HP-45*WI-15 - Cry Me a River
26-July-71*HP-25*WI-26 - High Time We Went
02-Oct-72*HP-49*WI-14 - Midnight Rider / Woman to Woman
26-Feb-73*HP-21*WI-16 - Pardon Me, Sir
30-Sep-74*HP-98*WI-01 - Put Out the Light
24-Feb-75*HP-32*WI-15 - You Are So Beautiful
20-Nov-78*HP-62*WI-10 - A Whiter Shade of Pale
04-Oct-82*HP-42*WI-10 - Sweet Little Woman
27-Dec-82*HP-01*WI-29 - Up Where We Belong (w/ Jennifer Warnes)
04-Jun-84*HP-51*WI-07 - Civilised Man
25-Feb-85*HP-70*WI-07 - Edge of a Dream
09-Jun-86*HP-57*WI-09 - Shelter Me
04-Aug-86*HP-11*WI-19 - Don't You Love Me Anymore
27-Oct-86*HP-23*WI-16 - You Can Leave Your Hat on
09-Nov-87*HP-17*WI-20 - Unchain My Heart
22-Feb-88*HP-88*WI-06 - A Woman Loves a Man
then came "When the Night Comes" in Oct 1989.


Rick Astley:

12-Oct-87*HP-01*WI-35 - Never Gonna Give You Up
01-Feb-88*HP-03*WI-20 - Whenever You Need Somebody
18-Apr-88*HP-05*WI-16 - When I Fall in Love / My Arms Keep Missing You
13-Jun-88*HP-18*WI-11 - Together Forever
then came "She Wants to Dance With Me" in Oct 1988.

thanks a lot for that. however i've got more people i want to find out about do you know how eric carmen and sabrina went on the charts
Thanks so much for the info Bulion, I really appreciate you posting the info for Jo, Patti and Kay. Did Gogi Grant, Jaye P Morgan, Georgia Gibbs, Joni James and Sarah Vaughan have any chart hits?
Eric Carmen:

08-Mar-76*HP-07*WI-19 - All By Myself
16-Aug-76*HP-100*WI-1 - That's Rock 'N' Roll
12-Sep-77*HP-30*WI-18 - She Did it
23-Jun-80*HP-45*WI-19 - It Hurts Too Much
06-Apr-81*HP-73*WI-07 - All for Love
04-Mar-85*HP-27*WI-18 - I Wanna Hear it From Your Lips
15-Feb-88*HP-04*WI-19 - Hungry Eyes
04-July-88*HP-14*WI-26 - Make Me Lose Control


04-Apr-88*HP-15*WI-31 - Boys (Summertime Love)
10-Oct-88*HP-36*WI-07 - Sexy Girl (ARIA Top 50 info)


S.L., I'll do yours later in the week, as some of those are quite large.
Sabrina's "Boys (Summertime Love)" peaked at #11 on the ARIA chart.
And how about The Village People, The Romantics, Ratt, War, KC and the Sunshine Band, Transvision Vamp, and John Mellencamp?
How about Engelbert Humperdink, Robert Goulet and Jack Jones?
how about the police and joy division?
I was wondering if the 2 very beautiful Van Morrison songs "Have I Told You Lately" & "Someone Like You" made the charts?.
What a fantastic post! Thanks for all the chart info, builion!

Any chart info for Get Wet - "Just So Lonely"? #39 peak in the U.S., but I understand that it was big in Australia. Thanks.
hi Bulion, can I trouble you for Icehouse chart stats pre-88?
Wilmar, Icehouse has already been done. Just hit Ctrl and F and type in Icehouse and it will take you to all of their entries (22-June 2008) was when it was done.
How about Dan Hartman, Eddy Arnold and Juice Newton? And my post above when ya can, thanks!
any chance of getting info for tears for fears and the style council
My bad, Bulion

I'd be dead embarassed if this has been done again (I did go through the list first), but can i request for Real Life?


06-Mar-78*HP-15*WI-25 San Francisco (You've Got Me)
05-Jun-78*HP-03*WI-28 Macho Man
06-Nov-78*HP-01*WI-25 Y.M.C.A
26-Mar-79*HP-07*WI-18 In The Navy
09-Jun-80*HP-01*WI-20 Can't Stop The Music
18-Aug-80*HP-88*WI-03 Magic Night
20-Jul-81*HP-48*WI-09 Do You Wanna Spend The Night

23-Jun-80*HP-02*WI-23 What I Like About You
23-Jan-84*HP-14*WI-18 Talking In Your Sleep
Nothing for RATT


13-Oct-75*HP-44*WI-20 Get Down Tonight
08-Dec-75*HP-05*WI-19 That's The Way (I Like It)
20-Sep-76*HP-16*WI-29 Shake Your Booty
27-Jun-77*HP-38*WI-15 I'm Your Boogie Man
31-Oct-77*HP-28*WI-16 Keep It Comin' Love
10-Apr-78*HP-33*WI-19 Boogie Shoes
28-Aug-78*HP-38*WI-17 It's The Same Old Song
05-Nov-79*HP-01*WI-31 Please Don't Go
27-Jun-83*HP-45*WI-14 (You Said) You'd Gimme Some More
26-Sep-83*HP-03*WI-23 Give It Up
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28-Jul-75*HP-93*WI-04 - Why Can't We Be Friends

03-Oct-88*HP-07*WI-30 I Want Your Love
21-Nov-88*HP-22*WI-17 Revolution Baby
13-Feb-89*HP-52*WI-10 Tell That Girl To Shut Up
15-May-89*HP-91*WI-02 Sister Moon
05-Jun-89*HP-03*WI-23 Baby, I Don't Care
11-Sep-89*HP-34*WI-09 The Only One
20-Nov-89*HP-65*WI-05 Landslide Of Love
12-Feb-90*HP-97*WI-03 Born To Be Sold
13-May-91*HP-21*WI-11 (I Just Wanna) Be With You
29-Jul-91*HP-51*WI-10 If Looks Could Kill

19-Jun-78*HP-05*WI-21 I Need A Lover
16-Jul-79*HP-31*WI-20 Miami
24-Nov-80*HP-43*WI-16 This Time
28-Jun-82*HP-05*WI-26 Hurts So Good
11-Oct-82*HP-07*WI-19 Jack & Diane
21-Mar-83*HP-97*WI-01 Hand To Hold On To
28-Nov-83*HP-42*WI-15 Crumblin' Down
12-Mar-84*HP-69*WI-07 Pink Houses
04-Jun-84*HP-93*WI-03 Authority Song
14-Oct-85*HP-32*WI-13 Lonely Ol' Night
23-Dec-85*HP-80*WI-07 Small Town
24-Mar-86*HP-18*WI-27 R.O.C.K In The U.S.A/Under The Boardwalk
16-Jun-86*HP-34*WI-13 Rain On The Scarecrow
25-Aug-86*HP-84*WI-03 Rumbleseat
07-Sep-87*HP-13*WI-20 Paper In Fire
23-Nov-87*HP-20*WI-26 Cherry Bomb
07-Mar-88*HP-22*WI-16 Check It Out
13-Jun-88*HP-54*WI-09 Rooty Toot Toot
29-May-89*HP-10*WI-13 Pop Singer
28-Aug-89*HP-48*WI-09 Jackie Brown
30-Oct-89*HP-87*WI-04 Let It All Hang Out
14-Oct-91*HP-20*WI-15 Get A Leg Up
02-Mar-92*HP-41*WI-08 Again Tonight
01-Jun-92*HP-57*WI-06 Now More Than Ever

11-Mar-67*HP-03*WI-28 Release Me
03-Jun-67*HP-38*WI-14 There Goes My Everything
23-Sep-67*HP-01*WI-29 The Last Waltz
13-Jan-68*HP-11*WI-18 Am I That Easy To Forget
04-May-68*HP-05*WI-24 A Man Without Love
12-Oct-68*HP-15*WI-16 Les Bicyclettes De Belsize/Three Little Words (I Love You)
22-Feb-69*HP-63*WI-11 The Way It Used To Be
30-Aug-69*HP-79*WI-07 I'm A Better Man
06-Dec-69*HP-78*WI-11 Winter World Of Love
10-Aug-70*HP-89*WI-03 My Marie
23-Nov-70*HP-26*WI-27 Sweetheart
28-Jun-71*HP-93*WI-01 When There's No You
26-Jul-71*HP-96*WI-01 Our Love Will Rise Again
27-Sep-71*HP-60*WI-07 Another Time, Another Place
15-May-72*HP-52*WI-16 Too Beautiful To Last
21-Aug-72*HP-91*WI-05 In Time
25-Jun-73*HP-42*WI-12 I'm Leaving You
14-Jul-75*HP-94*WI-02 For Ever And Ever (And Ever)
10-Jan-77*HP-13*WI-22 After The Lovin'

30-Jan-78*HP-91*WI-03 After All Is Said And Done



11-Jan-64*HP-56*WI-11 Wives And Lovers
25-Jul-64*HP-34*WI-14 The First Night Of The Full Moon
10-Apr-65*HP-63*WI-13 The Race Is On

30-Apr-79*HP-34*WI-15 Roxanne
19-Nov-79*HP-98*WI-01 Can't Stand Losing You
26-Nov-79*HP-05*WI-23 Message In A Bottle
18-Feb-80*HP-09*WI-16 Walking On The Moon
05-May-80*HP-99*WI-01 So Lonely
03-Nov-80*HP-03*WI-22 Don't Stand So Close To Me
26-Jan-81*HP-06*WI-15 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
02-Nov-81*HP-02*WI-18 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
01-Feb-82*HP-89*WI-03 Invisible Sun
15-Mar-82*HP-50*WI-08 Spirits In The Material World
20-Jun-83*HP-02*WI-21 Every Breath You Take
05-Sep-83*HP-26*WI-12 Wrapped Around Your Finger
20-Feb-84*HP-44*WI-09 King Of Pain
24-Nov-86*HP-32*WI-13 Don't Stand So Close To Me '86



23-Mar-81*HP-26*WI-12 Love Will Tear Us Apart
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23-Sep-67*HP-75*WI-10 Brown Eyed Girl
07-Jun-71*HP-74*WI-02 Blue Money
21-Feb-72*HP-66*WI-05 Wild Night
01-May-72*HP-75*WI-07 (Straight To Your Heart) Like A Cannonball
06-Nov-78*HP-80*WI-05 Wavelength
19-Nov-79*HP-75*WI-08 Bright Side Of The Road
28-Jun-82*HP-100*WI-01 Cleaning Windows
04-Mar-85*HP-92*WI-01 A Sens Of Wonder

No listings for 'Have I Told You Lately' OR 'Someone Like You'

22-Jan-79*HP-06*WI-19 Instant Replay
09-Jul-84*HP-03*WI-22 I Can Dream About You



08-Aug-59*HP-38*WI-17 Tennessee Stud



06-Apr-81*HP-02*WI-18 Angel Of The Morning
03-Aug-81*HP-08*WI-27 Queen Of Hearts
02-Aug-82*HP-90*WI-06 Love's Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

27-Jul-81*HP15*WI-23 Just So Lonely



06-Jun-83*HP-06*WI-20 Send Me An Angel
19-Sep-83*HP-72*WI-08 Openhearted
12-Dec-83*HP-08*WI-27 Catch Me I'm Falling
07-Oct-85*HP-32*WI-10 Fact To Face
31-Jul-89*HP-51*WI-08 Send Me An Angel '89
10-Sep-90*HP-47*WI-09 God Tonight

18-Aug-56*HP-02*WI-18 Wayward Wind
14-Sep-57*HP-32*WI-04 When The Tide Is High



13-Aug-55*HP-08*WI-13 Chee Chee-oo Chee (Sang The Little Bird) With PERRY COMO
09-Jun-56*HP-24*WI-07 Pepper Hot Baby
28-Jul-56*HP-14*WI-15 The Longest Walk
15-Sep-56*HP-40*WI-04 Swanee
11-Jan-58*HP-36*WI-06 Take A Chance



16-Aug-52*HP-05*WI-10 Kiss Of Fire
05-Sep-53*HP-04*WI-18 Seven Lonely Days
17-Apr-54*HP-16*WI-02 Bridge Of Sighs
06-Nov-54*HP-15*WI-04 Wait For Me, Darling
07-May-55*HP-02*WI-16 Tweedle Dee
30-Jul-55*HP-09*WI-07 Dance With Me, Henry
15-Oct-55*HP-13*WI-18 Sweet And Gentle
02-Jun-56*HP-22*WI-11 Rock Right
22-Sep-56*HP-40*WI-06 Kiss Me Another
01-Dec-56*HP-23*WI-10 Happiness Street
01-Nov-58*HP-46*WI-13 The Hula Hoop Song

30-May-53*HP-11*WI-07 Have You Heard?
20-Jun-53*HP-15*WI-04 Wishing Ring
04-Jul-53*HP-08*WI-10 Your Cheatin' Heart
25-Jul-53*HP-06*WI-10 Why Don't You Believe Me
18-Jun-55*HP-05*WI-14 How Important Can It Be
16-Nov-57*HP-54*WI-01 Summer Love
13-Dec-58*HP-85*WI-07 There Goes My Heart
16-May-59*HP-76*WI-08 There Must Be A Way
20-Jun-59*HP-99*WI-01 I Still Get A Thrill
09-Apr-60*HP-79*WI-03 Little Things Mean A Lot



07-Nov-53*HP-08*WI-10 I Confess
19-Mar-55*HP-04*WI-14 Make Yourself Comfortable
18-Jun-55*HP-05*WI-15 How Important Can It Be
28-Jul-56*HP-37*WI-03 That's Not The Kind Of Love I Want
01-Jun-57*HP-10*WI-29 Mr.Wonderful
02-Nov-57*HP-27*WI-11 Passing Strangers WITH BILLY ECKSTINE
05-Sep-59*HP-08*WI-19 Broken Hearted Melody/Misty
12-Dec-59*HP-45*WI-14 Smooth Operator
09-Apr-60*HP-76*WI-05 Eternally
03-Dec-60*HP-32*WI-13 Serenata

03-Sep-84*HP-17*WI-19 Love Resurrection
19-Nov-84*HP-21*WI-19 All Cried Out
18-Feb-85*HP-16*WI-14 Invisible
06-May-85*HP-46*WI-11 That Ole Devil Called Love
26-Jan-87*HP-13*WI-20 Is This Love?
13-Apr-87*HP-30*WI-12 Weak In The Presence Of Beauty
Always enjoy these posts!

How about The Jam/The Style Council, Nick Lowe/Dave Edmunds/Rockpile, and Madness?

And is there any way to find out post-1988 chart listings for The Black Sorrows and Paul Kelly ... for charting singles that peaked lower than #50?


17-Aug-81*HP-72*WI-05 Funeral Pyre
07-Sep-81*HP-50*WI-06 4 Side Affects (E.P)
05-Apr-82*HP-15*WI-16 Town Called Malice/Precious
15-Nov-82*HP-91*WI-02 The Bitterest Pill (I Ever Had To Swallow)
07-Feb-83*HP-35*WI-11 Beat Surrender

20-Jun-83*HP-29*WI-13 Speak Like A Child
24-Oct-83*HP-28*WI-14 Long Hot Summer
16-Apr-84*HP-70*WI-07 My Ever Changing Moods
23-Jul-84*HP-17*WI-22 You're The Best Thing/The Big Boss Groove
26-Nov-84*HP-08*WI-23 Shout To The Top
10-Jun-85*HP-19*WI-15 Walls Come Tumbling Down
26-Aug-85*HP-38*WI-11 Boy Who Cried Wolf
01-Nov-85*HP-91*WI-02 (When You) Call Me
02-Mar-87*HP-48*WI-12 It Didn't Matter
22-Feb-88*HP-98*WI-01 Wanted

24-Sep-79*HP-12*WI-18 Cruel To Be Kind
24-Sep-84*HP-66*WI-17 Half A Boy & Half A Man
13-Jan-86*HP-26*WI-32 I Knew The Bride(When She Used To Rock'N'Roll)
16-Jul-90*HP-76*WI-07 All Men Are Liars



11-Jan-71*HP-04*WI-22 I Hear You Knocking
07-Aug-72*HP-05*WI-23 The Promised Land
30-Apr-73*HP-48*WI-09 Baby, I Love You
22-Oct-73*HP-96*WI-01 Born To Be With You
27-Mar-78*HP-32*WI-13 I Knew The Bride
27-Aug-79*HP-09*WI-24 Girls Talk
24-Dec-79*HP-59*WI-12 Queen Of Hearts
26-May-80*HP-67*WI-08 Singing The Blues



02-Feb-81*HP-83*WI-07 Teacher Teacher

08-Dec-80*HP-30*WI-24 Baggy Trousers
13-Jul-81*HP-82*WI-06 Grey Day
01-Mar-82*HP-06*WI-24 It Must Be Love
02-Aug-82*HP-05*WI-15 House Of Fun
27-Sep-82*HP-20*WI-10 Driving My Car
31-Jan-83*HP-17*WI-15 Our House
30-May-83*HP-98*WI-02 Tomorrow's (Just Another Day)
14-Nov-83*HP-72*WI-04 Wings Of A Dove
21-Oct-85*HP-54*WI-08 Yesterday's Men
25-May-92*HP-55*WI-10 It Must Be Love
03-Aug-92*HP-74*WI-03 House Of Fun

11-May-87*HP-48*WI-16 - Daughters of Glory
27-July-87*HP-91*WI-01 - Maybe Tomorrow
28-Nov-88*HP-80*WI-04 - The Chosen Ones
04-Sep-89*HP-73*WI-05 - Fire Down Below
12-Nov-90*HP-92*WI-04 - Angel Street
16-Nov-92*HP-79*WI-05 - Better Times
14-Mar-93*HP-70*WI-13 - Come On, Come On
07-Nov-93*HP-58*WI-11 - Stir It Up

PAUL KELLY was originally done on the 15/08/2008

06-Nov-89*HP-92*WI-02 Most Wanted Man In The World(MESSENGERS)
01-Apr-91*HP-92*WI-03 Don't Start Me Talking (MESSENGERS)
11-May-92*HP-62*WI-09 Hey Boys (MESSENGERS)
31-Oct-93*HP-93*WI-03 Last Train WITH CHRISTINE ANU
06-Feb-94*HP-87*WI-05 Song From The Sixteenth Floor
25-May-97*HP-69*WI-10 Tease Me/It Started With A Kiss
Wow, "Last Train" only made it to 93? I would have thought it went much, much higher!

And I'd forgotten that BOTH Lowe and Edmunds hit with I Knew The Bride. The backing band on Lowe's version is actually Huey Lewis & The News.

BeansterBarnes, thanks for the info on Get Wet!
Hey, I'm in an early 80s new-wave frame of mind -- how about Joe Jackson, Graham Parker (doubt it, but "Hold Back The Night" may have just barely charted), the Go-Gos, Simple Minds and the Psychedelic Furs? Thanks!
In regards to the classic songs that didn't chart high initially...

I'm a Yank, and I can give some insight into the situation over here. Many classic rock songs didn't chart well, or at all, because of the different radio formats. The "pop" charts and radio, driven by singles releases, were and are quite distinct from the "rock" charts and stations. "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, "Break On Through" by the Doors are two big classics that still get play on classic rock stations because they were big hits on rock stations in their original runs, but neither charted on the pop charts, ("Stairway to Heaven" was never released as a single, and therefore was ineligible to chart). In 1981, Billboard debuted a chart devoted to the top songs on rock radio, but many rock classics from before that time are not reflected by their peak positions on the pop charts.

There also are a few cases of revisionism, as well. Of particular not are old Metallica songs, such as "Fade to Black" and "Master of Puppets," which were not played on rock radio in their initial runs, except for those stations which featured specialty metal shows. However, many of these stations began adding them to their classic rotation lists in the wake of Metallica's breakout success with its self-titled "Black" album in 1991.
Shaidar, here are the X-Men's singles:

Uncanny X-Men:

25-Apr-83*HP-51*WI-12 - How Do You Get Your Kicks
10-Oct-83*HP-63*WI-09 - Time Goes So Fast
13-Aug-84*HP-32*WI-18 - Beach Party (EP)
18-Feb-85*HP-18*WI-17 - The Party
20-May-85*HP-04*WI-20 - 50 Years
26-Aug-85*HP-43*WI-10 - Still Waiting
12-May-86*HP-18*WI-11 - I Am
29-Sep-86*HP-31*WI-12 - Don't Wake Me
12-Jan-87*HP-97*WI-01 - Nothing Touches My World
22-Jun-87*HP-63*WI-08 - Start Believing

Breadalbane, here are your requests;

Joe Jackson:

18-Jun-79*HP-15*WI-19 - Is She Really Going Out With Him?
09-Jun-80*HP-85*WI-03 - It's Different for Girls
14-Sep-81*HP-61*WI-08 - Jumpin' Jive
30-Aug-82*HP-06*WI-21 - Real Men
22-Nov-82*HP-30*WI-15 - Steppin' Out
02-May-83*HP-90*WI-06 - Breaking Us in Two
21-May-84*HP-47*WI-16 - Happy Ending
06-Aug-84*HP-96*WI-02 - You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Got)
09-Jun-86*HP-64*WI-08 - Right and Wrong
30-Jun-86*HP-35*WI-10 - Left of Centre (Suzanne Vega feat..)
06-Mar-89*HP-87*WI-04 - (He's a) Shape in a Drape
05-Jun-89*HP-79*WI-06 - Nineteen Forever

Graham Parker:

27-Sep-78*HP-49*WI-09 - The New York Shuffle
12-Jun-78*HP-24*WI-18 - Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions
14-May-79*HP-46*WI-12 - Protection / I Want You Back
17-Oct-83*HP-35*WI-20 - Life Gets Better

The Go-Gos

07-Dec-81*HP-02*WI-22 - Our Lips are Sealed
15-Mar-82*HP-29*WI-19 - We Got the Beat
12-July-82*HP-43*WI-12 - Vacation
18-Jun-84*HP-60*WI-11 - Head Over Heels

Simple Minds:

21-Dec-81*HP-17*WI-18 - Love Song
07-Jun-82*HP-10*WI-15 - Promised You a Miracle
20-Sep-82*HP-09*WI-17 - Glittering Prize
20-Dec-82*HP-51*WI-07 - Someone, Somewhere (in Summertime)
19-Dec-83*HP-19*WI-16 - Waterfront
19-Mar-84*HP-76*WI-05 - Speed Your Love to Me
06-May-85*HP-06*WI-19 - Don't You (Forget About Me)
28-Oct-85*HP-21*WI-14 - Alive and Kicking
17-Feb-86*HP-46*WI-11 - Sanctify Yourself
12-May-86*HP-46*WI-08 - All the Things She Said
22-Dec-86*HP-72*WI-07 - Ghostdancing
then came "Belfast Child" in Feb 1989.

Psychedelic Furs:

04-Aug-80*HP-100*WI-1 - Sister Europe
01-Nov-82*HP-23*WI-22 - Love My Way
15-Dec-86*HP-26*WI-13 - Heartbreak Beat
Thanks for these! How could I have forgotten "Hey Lord, Don't Ask Me Questions"?

hi there, l'm hoping someone here may be able to help me find the name of a song l liked 20+ years ago. I've been searching on and off for the last 2 years (since l got internet) all to no avail.

This song was released sometime between 1986-1988, l've got a feeling that it is more 1987 though. It was a one-hit wonder and quickly burst onto the charts and then out again. I remember seeing it on Countdown and it definitely did make the Top 10 either at number 7 or 9, l'm thinking it was 9. I vaguely recall that it was out around the time songs from Dirty Dancing made the charts.

In the video clip, the singer was a black dude, kinda looked like an older Lionel Ritchie with a beard l think, he was wearing a white suit. I think his name had Leonard in it, whether it's his first name or surname l dunno, but l could be totally off base here name wise. There were girls dancing in the clip and l'm sure there were colourful geometrical shapes and numbers floating about also between an alternating black and white background.

It was dancy-funky track, not fast though and l vaguely remember that some of the lyrics referred to dancing, to numbers like steps (1,2, 3, 4 etc) and l'm sure something like that "she's dangerous" or something to do with danger were in the chorus.

Has anyone got any ideas of what this song is? or other resources where l may be able to find it? I really want to tick this off my "bucket list"!


Hey bulion, do you have the album chart positons of OMD (orchestral Manoevurs in the Dark) , thanks
Any info on Petula Clark's chart appearances? Thank you!
MacNCheese, your OMD questions has been answered in the Albums thread.
Petula Clark:

21-Aug-54*HP-01*WI-21 - The Little Shoemaker (2 weeks at No.1)
08-Oct-55*HP-06*WI-13 - The Pendulum Song
18-Mar-61*HP-98*WI-01 - Sailor
07-Oct-61*HP-25*WI-18 - Romeo
20-Jan-62*HP-44*WI-17 - My Friend the Sea
14-July-62*HP-66*WI-05 - Whistlin' for the Moon
02-Jan-65*HP-01*WI-20 - Downtown (1 week at No.1)
20-Mar-65*HP-07*WI-20 - I Know a Place
31-July-65*HP-54*WI-09 - You'd Better Come Home
06-Nov-65*HP-70*WI-07 - Round Every Corner
27-Nov-65*HP-04*WI-18 - You're the One
22-Jan-66*HP-04*WI-19 - My Love
16-Apr-66*HP-11*WI-12 - A Sign of the Times
23-July-66*HP-11*WI-14 - I Couldn't Live Without Your Love
26-Nov-66*HP-42*WI-10 - Who Am I
18-Feb-67*HP-10*WI-13 - Colour My World
22-Apr-67*HP-01*WI-23 - This is My Song (6 weeks at No.1)
05-Aug-67*HP-01*WI-18 - Don't Sleep in the Subway (2 weeks)
28-Oct-67*HP-19*WI-13 - The Cat in the Window
23-Dec-67*HP-29*WI-12 - The Other Man's Grass (is Always Greener)
16-Mar-68*HP-14*WI-16 - Kiss Me Goodbye
10-Aug-68*HP-43*WI-14 - Don't Give Up
21-Dec-68*HP-20*WI-16 - I Want to Sing With Your Band
03-May-69*HP-22*WI-13 - Happy Heart
23-Aug-69*HP-42*WI-11 - Look at Mine
12-Oct-70*HP-28*WI-14 - Melody Man
28-Jun-71*HP-44*WI-11 - The Song of My Life
22-Jan-73*HP-10*WI-22 - The Wedding Song (There is Love)
10-Apr-89*HP-62*WI-07 - Downtown '88
Do you have Marianne Faithfull's chart stats from the 60's (albums and singles)

I have her stats from 1970 onwards....

Many thanks
Anyone know the Aussie chart positions for Huey Lewis & The News albums? I have the singles info but thats it...please help!
How did Al Martino, Johnny Mathis, Sammy Davis Jr and Frank Sinatra chart?
jarrod76, I will put the entire Marianne info here, so everybody can see her entire catalogue.

Marianne Faithfull:

10-Oct-64*HP-35*WI-10 - As Tears Go By
13-Mar-65*HP-14*WI-18 - Come and Stay With Me
12-Jun-65*HP-79*WI-07 - This Little Bird / Morning Sun
04-Sep-65*HP-38*WI-11 - Summer Nights
18-Dec-65*HP-79*WI-05 - Yesterday
11-Mar-67*HP-42*WI-16 - Is This What I Get for Loving You?
03-Mar-80*HP-48*WI-21 - The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
28-July-80*HP-75*WI-10 - Broken English
16-Nov-81*HP-79*WI-09 - Intrigue
29-Mar-82*HP-69*WI-05 - Sweetheart
09-May-83*HP-40*WI-14 - Running for Our Lives


Alex, your Huey Lewis &... has been answered on the albums page.
Ginny, I won't be doing Frank Sinatra, as that's over 100 songs, maybe when I have more time, but not for now. Al Martino and Johnny Mathis will also be done, but not for now as they are too big to type up.

Sammy Davis Jr:

29-Jan-55*HP-08*WI-10 - Because of You
07-May-55*HP-14*WI-04 - The Bird of the Blue
13-Aug-55*HP-03*WI-20 - Something's Gotta Give
03-Sep-55*HP-12*WI-13 - Love Me or Leave Me
12-Nov-55*HP-18*WI-01 - Stan' Up an' Fight
07-Jan-56*HP-15*WI-12 - And This is My Beloved
04-Feb-56*HP-24*WI-04 - It's Bigger Than You and Me
11-Feb-56*HP-16*WI-15 - I'll Know
17-Mar-56*HP-09*WI-07 - Adelaide
03-Aug-57*HP-41*WI-05 - Too Close for Comfort
22-Dec-62*HP-63*WI-06 - Me and My Shadow (w/ Frank Sinatra)
18-Apr-64*HP-79*WI-03 - The Shelter of Your Arms
20-May-67*HP-07*WI-16 - Don't Blame the Children
04-Nov-67*HP-94*WI-03 - Talk to the Animals
22-Feb-69*HP-49*WI-12 - I've Gotta Be Me
19-Jun-72*HP-03*WI-30 - The Candy Man
Thanks to Bulion and Beanster for all their work on this thread through the year. Merry Christmas, all!
Many thanks Bulion for the Marianne Faithfull stats - do you happen to have her albums too?
I would like to know the chart positions for Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers & ZZ Top. Thanks
jarrod76, Marianne's albums are now posted on the Albums Thread


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers:

17-Apr-78*HP-59*WI-09 - Breakdown
25-Feb-80*HP-24*WI-18 - Refugee
06-July-81*HP-38*WI-14 - The Waiting
10-Aug-81*HP-10*WI-18 - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (w/ Stevie Nicks)
27-Dec-82*HP-62*WI-12 - You Got Lucky
29-Apr-85*HP-61*WI-10 - Don't Come Around Here No More
29-Jun-87*HP-94*WI-02 - Jammin' Me
then came "I Won't Back Down" in May 1989.


ZZ Top:

15-Apr-74*HP-21*WI-16 - La Grange
13-Oct-75*HP-87*WI-03 - Tush
03-Sep-84*HP-06*WI-24 - Legs
10-Sep-84*HP-66*WI-12 - Sharp Dressed Man
26-Nov-84*HP-82*WI-09 - Gimme All Your Lovin'
04-Nov-85*HP-36*WI-19 - Sleeping Bag
10-Mar-86*HP-63*WI-10 - Stages
02-Jun-86*HP-84*WI-04 - Rough Boy
then came "Doubleback" in June 1990
Would i be able to have Tears For Fears...
More for Ginny:

Al Martino:

06-Sep-52*HP-01*WI-19 - Here in My Heart
06-Dec-52*HP-14*WI-05 - Take My Heart
18-May-63*HP-06*WI-30 - I Love You Because
10-Aug-63*HP-03*WI-27 - Painted, Tainted Rose
02-Nov-63*HP-07*WI-20 - Living a Lie / I Love You Truly
15-Feb-64*HP-10*WI-22 - I Love You More and More Every Day
06-Jun-64*HP-38*WI-12 - Tears and Roses
05-Sep-64*HP-11*WI-21 - Always Together
17-Oct-64*HP-88*WI-02 - I Can't Get You Out of My Head
21-Nov-64*HP-50*WI-10 - We Could
13-Feb-65*HP-53*WI-06 - My Heart Would Know
20-Mar-65*HP-24*WI-12 - Dear Heart
26-Jun-65*HP-60*WI-06 - My Cherie / Ramona
02-Oct-65*HP-26*WI-19 - Forgive Me
11-Dec-65*HP-25*WI-17 - Spanish Eyes / Melody of Love
19-Nov-66*HP-39*WI-15 - The Wheel of Hurt
25-Feb-67*HP-50*WI-10 - Daddy's Little Girl
03-Jun-67*HP-85*WI-10 - Mary in the Morning
02-Mar-68*HP-85*WI-10 - Love is Blue (L'Amour est Bleu)
23-Mar-70*HP-86*WI-04 - Can't Help Falling in Love
12-Oct-70*HP-89*WI-04 - Walking in the Sand
14-Apr-75*HP-13*WI-31 - To the Door of the Sun
05-Jan-76*HP-63*WI-06 - Volare
15-May-78*HP-89*WI-03 - The Next Hundred Years
01-Jun-81*HP-79*WI-06 - Look Around (You'll Find Me There)

Johnny Mathis:

20-July-57*HP-01*WI-21 - Wonderful! Wonderful!
10-Aug-57*HP-02*WI-26 - It's Not For Me to Say
01-Feb-58*HP-03*WI-26 - Chances Are
01-Feb-58*HP-01*WI-26 - The Twelfth of Never
29-Mar-58*HP-10*WI-18 - Wild is the Wind
24-May-58*HP-60*WI-10 - When I Am With You
14-Jun-58*HP-49*WI-06 - Come to Me
14-Jun-58*HP-60*WI-05 - Warm (EP)
23-Aug-58*HP-35*WI-15 - Teacher, Teacher
11-Oct-58*HP-03*WI-24 - A Certain Smile
20-Dec-58*HP-21*WI-19 - I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
14-Feb-59*HP-66*WI-08 - Call Me
31-Oct-59*HP-47*WI-16 - Misty
14-May-60*HP-72*WI-06 - Starbright
24-Sep-60*HP-65*WI-11 - Maria
01-Oct-60*HP-41*WI-16 - My Love for You
10-Nov-62*HP-76*WI-05 - Gina
02-Mar-63*HP-10*WI-15 - What Will Mary Say
13-July-63*HP-66*WI-12 - Every Step of the Way / No Man Can Stand Alone
02-Nov-63*HP-77*WI-07 - Come Back
06-Sep-69*HP-75*WI-11 - Love Theme from "Romeo & Juliet"
25-Jun-73*HP-85*WI-04 - Soul and Inspiration
29-Oct-73*HP-94*WI-04 - I'm Coming Home
03-Jun-74*HP-96*WI-02 - Life is a Song Worth Singing
09-Jun-75*HP-70*WI-11 - I'm Stone in Love With You
27-Dec-76*HP-79*WI-03 - When a Child is Born
29-May-78*HP-06*WI-19 - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (w/ Deniece Williams)
23-Apr-79*HP-98*WI-01 - The Last Time I Felt Like This (w/ Jane Olivor)
18-Oct-82*HP-46*WI-08 - Friends in Love (w/ Dionne Warwick)
any chance for peak positions for tears for fears and terrence trent d'darby
Tears For Fears

28-Feb-83*HP-12*WI-18 - Mad World
23-May-83*HP-29*WI-14 - Change
11-Feb-85*HP-01*WI-22 - Shout
29-Apr-85*HP-02*WI-20 - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
22-Jul-85*HP-21*WI-14 - Head Over Heels
25-Sep-89*HP-14*WI-17 - Sowing The Seeds Of Love
11-Dec-89*HP-44*WI-16 - Woman In Chains
Terence Trent D'Arby

01-Jun-87*HP-36*WI-15 - If You Let Me Stay
07-Sep-87*HP-09*WI-22 - Wishing Well
23-Nov-87*HP-41*WI-16 - Dance Little Sister
22-Feb-88*HP-03*WI-23 - Sign Your Name
can somebody please tell me if men at work had a song titled "Overkill" and if so how did it chart?
thanks for that. would also like to know charts positions for joan jett, talk talk and machinations. cheers!!

Single Number 5 for Men at work was called Overkill;

28-Mar-83*HP-05*WI-14 - Overkill

03-May-82*HP-98*WI-01 - Average Inadequacy
30-May-83*HP-21*WI-15 - Pressure Sway
07-Nov-83*HP-59*WI-06 - Jumping the Gap
24-Sep-84*HP-14*WI-19 - No Say in it
27-May-85*HP-27*WI-14 - My Heart's on Fire
16-Sep-85*HP-39*WI-13 - You Got Me Going Again
14-Sep-87*HP-15*WI-25 - Do to You
20-Jun-88*HP-44*WI-20 - Intimacy
24-Oct-88*HP-69*WI-08 - Do it to Me

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts:

12-Apr-82*HP-01*WI-22 - I Love Rock 'N' Roll
05-July-82*HP-06*WI-13 - Crimson & Clover
25-Oct-82*HP-18*WI-15 - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)
22-Aug-83*HP-82*WI-04 - Fake Friends
07-Nov-83*HP-96*WI-03 - Everyday People
08-Dec-86*HP-77*WI-06 - Good Music
07-May-90*HP-64*WI-10 - Dirty Deeds (Joan Jett solo)

Talk Talk:

21-Jun-82*HP-33*WI-19 - Talk Talk
21-May-84*HP-73*WI-10 - It's My Life
17-Mar-86*HP-70*WI-09 - Life's What You Make it
thanks a million for the info
hey i was just wondering does anybody know the chart positions for julian lennon, koo de tah and i'm talking
just remembered i also wanted to know peak positions for sharon o'niel thanks again for the info from above
thank you so much bulion

I heard it a few weeks ago on a re-run of home and away on the episode that morag had insomnia and I just had to find out who did it. thanks.

thank you so much bulion.

you were right. oh bulion you are so kind and wonderful and yeah! Yay I got the song finally.

Oh thank you. thank you. thank you. You are forever in my league...
Alex's requests:


20-Aug-73*HP-57*WI-06 - Broken Down Angel
19-May-75*HP-08*WI-37 - Love Hurts
26-Apr-76*HP-70*WI-09 - Holy Rollers

Nothing for Dan McCafferty
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Koo De Tah:

08-July-85*HP-06*WI-27 - Too Young for Promises
25-Nov-85*HP-27*WI-14 - Body Talk
29-Sep-86*HP-69*WI-06 - Think of Me

I'm Talking:

21-Jan-85*HP-10*WI-16 - Trust Me
08-July-85*HP-25*WI-11 - Lead the Way
16-Sep-85*HP-21*WI-13 - Love Don't Live Here Anymore
19-May-86*HP-08*WI-15 - Do You Wanna Be?
04-Aug-86*HP-09*WI-14 - Holy Word

Julian Lennon:

12-Nov-84*HP-13*WI-17 - Too Late for Goodbyes
25-Feb-85*HP-75*WI-06 - Valotte
29-Apr-85*HP-31*WI-14 - Say You're Wrong
14-Apr-86*HP-66*WI-05 - Because
02-Jun-86*HP-79*WI-06 - Stick Around
then came "Now You're in Heaven" in March 1989.

Sharon O'Neill:

09-Jun-80*HP-56*WI-12 - Words
22-Sep-80*HP-25*WI-13 - How Do You Talk to Boys
16-Feb-81*HP-76*WI-08 - Asian Paradise
13-July-81*HP-50*WI-13 - Waiting for You
02-Nov-81*HP-38*WI-15 - Maybe
07-Jun-82*HP-98*WI-01 - For All the Tea in China
11-Apr-83*HP-26*WI-17 - Losing You
08-Aug-83*HP-16*WI-18 - Maxine
14-Nov-83*HP-78*WI-04 - Danger
30-July-84*HP-36*WI-11 - Power
05-Oct-87*HP-39*WI-17 - Physical Favours
14-Mar-88*HP-98*WI-01 - Danced in the Fire
Koo De Tah. Haven't heard or thought about them in *years*.

Just heard some Supertramp on the radio. How'd they do?

And somebody asked for Wall of Voodoo a while back -- how did Stan Ridgway do on his own?
thanks so much fr the info your the best
Oh boy am i in chart heaven since i found this website.

Would love to know chart placings for great aussie band Gang Ganjang, i know they had a few minor hits mid-80s

Also, did the following 80s aussie bands chart: Dropbears, Beargarden, Venetians?


17-Dec-84*HP-46*WI-16 - Gimme Some Loving
15-Apr-85*HP-45*WI-12 - House Of Cards
26-Aug-85*HP-48*WI-11 - Giver Of Life
09-Dec-85*HP-35*WI-12 - Sounds Of Then
05-May-86*HP-60*WI-09 - The Bigger They Are
02-Feb-87*HP-69*WI-07 - Initiation
24-Aug-87*HP-87*WI-04 - American Money


15-Jul-85*HP-56*WI-07 - I Write The News


15-Jul-85*HP-61*WI-07 - Shall We Go
25-Nov-85*HP-90*WI-06 - In Your Eyes

18-Jul-83*HP-85*WI-01 - Sound On Sound
19-Dec-83*HP-63*WI-11 - Chinese I's (Here Come The Minute Men)
06-May-85*HP-91*WI-04 - Shine The Light
13-Jan-86*HP-08*WI-16 - So Much For Love
07-Apr-86*HP-39*WI-13 - Inspiration
21-Jul-86*HP-67*WI-11 - If Somebody Loves You
18-Jan-88*HP-77*WI-11 - Amazing World
09-May-88*HP-24*WI-18 - Bitter Tears
21-Nov-88*HP-81*WI-04 - Must Believe
hey thanks for before. just wondering if you know peak positions for mr mister, soft cell and sinnitta
does anyone know the chart positions for heaven 17 the hooters models and bucks fizz
Mr Mister:

09-Dec-85*HP-04*WI-19 - Broken Wings
10-Mar-86*HP-11*WI-15 - Kyrie
02-Jun-86*HP-91*WI-01 - Is It Love

Soft Cell:

30-Nov-81*HP-01*WI-26 - Tainted Love
09-Aug-82*HP-68*WI-11 - Torch
02-Sep-91*HP-92*WI-03 - Tainted Love '91


01-Sep-86*HP-14*WI-20 - So Macho
26-Oct-87*HP-49*WI-15 - Toy Boy
21-Mar-88*HP-62*WI-06 - GTO
06-Jun-88*HP-62*WI-10 - Cross My Broken Heart
17-Jul-89*HP-06*WI-19 - Right Back Where We Started From
27-Nov-89*HP-97*WI-01 - Love On A Mountain Top



15-Jun-81*HP-06*WI-21 - Making Your Mind Up
14-Sep-81*HP-26*WI-19 - Piece Of The Action
21-Dec-81*HP-15*WI-22 - The Land Of Make Believe
24-May-82*HP-63*WI-10 - My Camera Never Lies
26-Jul-82*HP-93*WI-02 - Are You Ready
07-Feb-83*HP-93*WI-03 - If You Can't Stand The Heat


20-Jul-81*HP-72*WI-05 - (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
05-Apr-82*HP-93*WI-04 - Penthouse And Pavement
28-Mar-83*HP-78*WI-03 - Let Me Go
01-Aug-83*HP-38*WI-14 - Temptation
21-Nov-83*HP-100*WI-01 - Come Live With Me
12-Nov-84*HP-93*WI-02 - Sunset Now


05-Aug-85*HP-08*WI-17 - All You Zombies
23-Sep-85*HP-06*WI-22 - And We Danced
13-Jan-86*HP-55*WI-07 - Day By Day
31-Aug-87*HP-74*WI-05 - Johnny B
thanks for the info just remembered i wanted to know about bow wow wow as well. sorry for bieng such pain to you guys
Please I would like to know the Albums Chart positions of Nazareth's albums? Thanks!
Hi can you please post singles chart info on:

A Flock of Seagulls
Classix Nouveaux

The Models:

24-Aug-81*HP-38*WI-12 - Cut Lunch (EP)
26-Sep-83*HP-16*WI-21 - I Hear Motion
14-May-84*HP-86*WI-05 - God Bless America
12-Nov-84*HP-24*WI-18 - Big on Love
25-Mar-85*HP-02*WI-19 - Barbados
15-July-85*HP-01*WI-23 - Out of Mind Out of Sight
28-Oct-85*HP-36*WI-11 - Cold Fever
13-Jan-86*HP-96*WI-03 - King of Kings
01-Sep-86*HP-21*WI-09 - Evolution
10-Nov-86*HP-27*WI-16 - Let's Kiss
09-Mar-87*HP-21*WI-15 - Hold On
28-Sep-87*HP-48*WI-09 - Oh Darling

Bow Wow Wow:

02-Aug-82*HP-39*WI-27 - I Want Candy
06-Jun-83*HP-95*WI-05 - Do You Wanna Hold Me?

A Flock of Seagulls:

14-Jun-82*HP-01*WI-19 - I Ran
08-Nov-82*HP-68*WI-08 - Space Age Love Song
14-Mar-83*HP-46*WI-09 - Wishing (I Had a Photograph of You)

Classix Nouveaux:

06-July-81*HP-25*WI-16 - Guilty

21-Mar-83*HP-06*WI-14 - Too Shy
06-Jun-83*HP-68*WI-09 - Ooh to Be Aah


07-Jun-82*HP-04*WI-20 - Poison Arrow
13-Sep-82*HP-07*WI-18 - The Look of Love
29-Nov-82*HP-21*WI-19 - All of My Heart
19-Dec-83*HP-63*WI-11 - That Was Then But This is Now
27-July-87*HP-25*WI-21 - When Smokey Sings


14-Feb-83*HP-05*WI-15 - Living on the Ceiling
04-July-83*HP-99*WI-02 - Waves

Thanks for posting the info on Al Martino and Johnny Mathis, Bulion!

How did Vicky Carr, Boney M, Frank Mills, Mike Oldfield, Greg Guidry, Pat Metheny and Franke & The Knockouts do? And did Everything But The Girl and Adeval have any charting songs before 1989? I seem to remember "Respect" by Adeva but don't know if it charted?
Little Heroes:

12-Apr-82*HP-12*WI-18 - One Perfect Day
09-Aug-82*HP-42*WI-13 - Young Hearts
10-Oct-83*HP-73*WI-04 - Watch the World
12-Dec-83*HP-51*WI-16 - Bon Voyage


Franke & The Knockouts:

13-July-81*HP-63*WI-11 - Sweetheart

Vikki Carr:

20-Oct-62*HP-08*WI-22 - He's a Rebel
19-Aug-67*HP-01*WI-21 - It Must Be Him
10-Feb-68*HP-78*WI-08 - The Lesson

Frank Mills:

15-May-72*HP-73*WI-06 - Love Me, Love Me, Love
08-Jan-79*HP-14*WI-28 - Music Box Dancer
21-Jan-80*HP-82*WI-05 - Peter Piper

Everything But the Girl:

02-Mar-87*HP-85*WI-09 - Don't Leave Me Behind

(**Adeva's first hits were "Warning" and "I Thank You" both during December 198988) {nothing for Greg Guidry}

Pat Metheny Group:

18-Mar-85*HP-33*WI-10 - This is Not America (David Bowie w/...)

Boney M:

24-Jan-77*HP-05*WI-23 -Daddy Cool
16-May-77*HP-36*WI-13 - Sunny
08-Aug-77*HP-05*WI-22 - Ma Baker
19-Dec-77*HP-57*WI-12 - Belfast
05-Jun-78*HP-01*WI-24 - Rivers of Babylon / Brown Girl in the Ring
16-Oct-78*HP-01*WI-23 - Rasputin
25-Dec-78*HP-33*WI-12 - Mary's Boy Child/Oh My Lord
28-May-79*HP-07*WI-18 - Hooray Hooray it's a Holi-Holiday
01-Oct-79*HP-44*WI-20 - Gotta Go Home / El Lute
07-July-80*HP-81*WI-05 - My Friend Jack

Mike Oldfield:

29-Apr-74*HP-12*WI-18 - Tubular Bells
28-Feb-77*HP-23*WI-30 - Portsmouth
13-Apr-81*HP-40*WI-10 - Wonderful Land
24-May-82*HP-61*WI-06 - Five Miles Out
25-July-83*HP-06*WI-19 - Moonlight Shadow
17-Sep-84*HP-97*WI-02 - To France
cann i have the chart positions for bonnie tyler and shaking stevens
hi thanks for before this site rocks! could i please have the chart posiitons for king, ub40 andthe stranglers. much appreciated
hey i just found out about this site from a few frinds of mine and it looks cool. i was looking at this forum and i would like to know about the chart positions for tight fit, big country, wet wet wet, flying lizards and rose tattoo. i'm really keen to find out about their peak positions
Still awaiting Supertramp and Stan Ridgway

And while I'm thinking about it, did those legendary fake Australians, The Strangeloves, ever actually chart in their ... ahem ... home country? (They also issued records as The Beach Nuts and as Rome and Paris)

Thanks, as always!
Hi there. Am looking for the 200 best selling singles of every year, from 1980 til 1989. Would someone be able to point me in the right direction? Even top 100 or 50 would be a great start. Thanks!
Discovered 1989 after closer inspection. Any previous, anywhere?
I would like to to what number.

Corey Hart - I Wear My Sunglasses At Night charted
Me again. More investigating concluded. Will sniff out David Kent's books.
Howdy all,

I'm looking pre-1989 year end charts (top 50/100/200) - can anyone help??

Shakin' Stevens:

15-May-78*HP-38*WI-14 - Somebody Touched Me
11-May-81*HP-01*WI-25 - This Ole House
10-Aug-81*HP-01*WI-19 - You Drive Me Crazy
09-Nov-81*HP-08*WI-16 - Green Door
15-Feb-82*HP-03*WI-16 - Oh Julie
29-Mar-82*HP-89*WI-05 - Stuck on Elvis
21-Jun-82*HP-75*WI-03 - It's Raining
25-Oct-82*HP-74*WI-07 - Give Me Your Heart Tonight
16-Jan-84*HP-31*WI-22 - Cry Just a Little Bit
02-Apr-84*HP-21*WI-15 - A Rockin' Good Way (w/ Bonnie Tyler)
06-Aug-84*HP-44*WI-15 - A Love Worth Waiting for
18-Mar-85*HP-71*WI-06 - Teardrops

Bonnie Tyler:

13-Jun-77*HP-18*WI-22 - Lost in France
16-Jan-78*HP-01*WI-21 - It's a Heartache
08-May-78*HP-96*WI-05 - Heaven
03-July-78*HP-99*WI-02 - Here Am I
10-Sep-79*HP-84*WI-06 - Married Men
02-May-83*HP-01*WI-21 - Total Eclipse of the Heart
04-July-83*HP-69*WI-10 - Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
02-Apr-84*HP-21*WI-15 - A Rockin' Good Way (w/ Shakin' Stevens)
04-Jun-84*HP-44*WI-09 - Holding Out for a Hero
26-May-86*HP-77*WI-10 - If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man)

01-Apr-85*HP-08*WI-15 - Love and Pride
10-Jun-85*HP-86*WI-04 - Won't You Hold My Hand Now


08-Sep-80*HP-36*WI-15 - Food for Thought
09-Feb-81*HP-90*WI-02 - I Think it's Going to Rain Today
12-Oct-81*HP-87*WI-02 - One in Ten
03-Oct-83*HP-02*WI-22 - Red Red Wine
03-Dec-84*HP-55*WI-14 - If it Happens Again
23-Sep-85*HP-01*WI-20 - I Got You Babe (w/ Chrissie Hynde)
09-Dec-85*HP-37*WI-15 - Don't Break My Heart
18-Aug-86*HP-76*WI-08 - Sing Our Own Song
04-May-87*HP-84*WI-03 - Rat in Mi Kitchen (correct spelling)
then came "Breakfast in Bed" in Aug 88.

The Stranglers:

09-Jan-78*HP-54*WI-12 - Peaches
29-Mar-82*HP-10*WI-15 - Golden Brown
24-Dec-84*HP-11*WI-19 - Skin Deep
29-Apr-85*HP-90*WI-04 - No Mercy
22-Dec-86*HP-21*WI-17 - Always the Sun
Tight Fit:

16-Nov-81*HP-71*WI-08 - Back to the 60's
29-Mar-82*HP-11*WI-20 - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
02-Aug-82*HP-49*WI-09 - Fantasy Island

Big Country:

05-Dec-83*HP-07*WI-19 - In a Big Country
02-Feb-84*HP-85*WI-05 - Chance
16-Apr-84*HP-43*WI-11 - Wonderland
03-Dec-84*HP-93*WI-03 - East of Eden
09-Jun-86*HP-24*WI-16 - Look Away
28-Nov-88*HP-69*WI-07 - King of Emotion

Wet, Wet, Wet:

28-Mar-88*HP-33*WI-20 - Sweet Little Mystery
then came "Sweet Surrender" in March 1990.

Flying Lizards:

29-Oct-79*HP-75*WI-03 - Summertime Blues
29-Oct-79*HP-11*WI-29 - Money

Rose Tattoo:

14-Nov-77*HP-19*WI-22- Bad Boy for Love
04-Sep-78*HP-68*WI-08 - Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw
27-Nov-78*HP-95*WI-01 - One of the Boys
05-Oct-81*HP-60*WI-07 - Rock 'N' Roll is King
15-Nov-82*HP-28*WI-17 - We Can't Be Beaten
11-Apr-83*HP-97*WI-01 - Branded
20-Aug-84*HP-32*WI-14 - I Wish
11-Nov-85*HP-25*WI-11 - Born to Be Wild
29-Sep-86*HP-24*WI-19 - Calling
12-Jan-87*HP-100*WI-1 - Get it Right
04-May-87*HP-100*WI-1 - Falling
thank u so much for the info this truley is a great website for chart info
Breadalbane, Supertramp were done back on June 28th, 2008, so do a Ctrl+F to search for them.

Stan Ridgway:

26-May-86*HP-60*WI-11- Drive She Said
06-Oct-86*HP-76*WI-08 - Camouflage
09-Feb-87*HP-91*WI-03 - The Big Heat


06-Nov-65*HP-100*WI-1 - Cara-Lin
02-Apr-66*HP-98*WI-02 - Night Time



10-Sep-84*HP-16*WI-20 - Sunglasses at Night.

wow this website is awesome! oh thank you thank you so much for the info! though i never would have thought that rose tattoo didn't do well in australia. they are always playing them on the radio
Thanks. Don't know how I missed the missed the Supertramp earlier.

Looks like The Strangeloves just barely made it on to the charts. I wonder what the reaction was at the time to their ludicrously fake back-story? Did it help them or hurt them?

(For those who don't know, The Strangeloves were three New York-based writer/producers. With the British Invasion on in full swing, and "foreign" acts dominating American airwaves, the three producers decided to re-invent themselves as exotic Australian beat group "The Strangeloves". Press releases indicated The Strangeloves were three Australian brothers who made a fortune as sheep farmers, then turned to music. To disguise themselves, the producers wore shaggy wigs, and spoke in fairly ludiricous "Australian" accents ... and apparently were able to pull off the ruse in America, where they had a number of top 40 hits! One of the Strangeloves, Richard Gottehrer, went on to co-found Sire Records, and produce acts like Blondie and Marshall Crenshaw, as well as actual Australians Mental As Anything.)
Discovered this a few weeks ago. Outstanding site. Was wondering if there was a site that allowed you to type in a date and then be shown the Top 40 (or Top any number) as at that date?

A request: Boom Crash Opera

In case people weren't aware, in January every year, "Rage" on the ABC devotes its Saturday night (11.30pm-6am) programming to 70s and 80s tunes, with a focus on random "Countdown" episodes from that time. I know it's a bit late for 2009 but there will be one more shot at watching/taping some of that this coming Saturday.

Hi, guys, can you help with chart positions for the following:

Wang Chung
Spandau Ballet
Secret Service
Gary Numan
hey guys thanks for the above! just wondering if i could have peak positions for richard marx and freddie jackson
Hi, would be great is someone can provide the chart stats for Kylie first couple of singles in Australia.
Thank you.
I will answer all above questions this coming Saturday when I have a day off.
Could you please list the positions for Smokie & the Monkees?. Thanks
Boom Crash Opera:

28-Apr-86*HP-05*WI-18 - Great Wall
05-Aug-86*HP-16*WI-12 - Hands Up in the Air
22-Jun-87*HP-42*WI-10 - City Flat
21-Sep-87*HP-32*WI-13 - Her Charity
14-Mar-88*HP-72*WI-08 - Love Me to Death
then came "Onion Skin" in June 1989.

23-July-84*HP-67*WI-10 - Big in Japan
24-Jun-85*HP-47*WI-14 - Forever Young


01-Sep-86*HP-64*WI-12 - The Captain of Her Heart


18-Apr-83*HP-17*WI-22 - Love is a Stranger
16-May-83*HP-06*WI-19 - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
19-Sep-83*HP-20*WI-18 - Who's That Girl
26-Dec-83*HP-15*WI-18 - Right By Your Side
19-Mar-84*HP-16*WI-14 - Here Comes the Rain Again
24-Dec-84*HP-05*WI-18 - Sexcrime (1984)
13-May-85*HP-01*WI-21 - Would I Lie to You?
29-July-85*HP-03*WI-17 - There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart)
18-Nov-85*HP-15*WI-15 - Sisters are Doin' it for Themselves (w/ Aretha Franklin)
24-Feb-86*HP-32*WI-13 - It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)
30-Jun-86*HP-07*WI-18 - When Tomorrow Comes
08-Sep-86*HP-09*WI-13 - Missionary Man
17-Nov-86*HP-12*WI-22 - Thorn in My Side
09-Feb-87*HP-14*WI-14 - Miracle of Love
02-Nov-87*HP-13*WI-15 - Beethoven (I Love to Listen to)
08-Feb-88*HP-39*WI-08 - Shame
16-May-88*HP-78*WI-06 - I Need a Man
then came "Revival" in Sep 1989.


27-Sep-84*HP-12*WI-15 - The Politics of Dancing

Wang Chung:

04-Jun-84*HP-07*WI-16 - Dance Hall Days
27-Aug-84*HP-94*WI-01 - Don't Let Go
01-Dec-86*HP-08*WI-22 - Everybody Have Fun Tonight
06-Apr-87*HP-14*WI-24 - Let's Go

Spandau Ballet:

09-Mar-81*HP-15*WI-25 - To Cut a Long Story Short
17-Aug-81*HP-97*WI-01 - Muscle Bound
07-Dec-81*HP-30*WI-18 - Chant No.1
05-July-82*HP-35*WI-15 - Instinction
17-Jan-83*HP-68*WI-11 - Lifeline
23-May-83*HP-24*WI-16 - Communication
08-Aug-83*HP-04*WI-19 - True
17-Oct-83*HP-09*WI-19 - Gold
09-July-84*HP-12*WI-18 - Only When You Leave
24-Sep-84*HP-38*WI-11 - I'll Fly For You
03-Dec-84*HP-83*WI-06 - Highly Strung
25-Feb-85*HP-16*WI-15 - Round and Round
25-Aug-86*HP-16*WI-11 - Fight for Ourselves
01-Dec-86*HP-50*WI-14 - Through the Barricades
17-Oct-88*HP-76*WI-05 - Raw

Secret Service:

21-Apr-80*HP-49*WI-17 - Oh! Susie

Gary Numan:

19-Nov-79*HP-09*WI-22 - Cars
02-Jun-80*HP-15*WI-17 - We are Glass
13-Oct-80*HP-86*WI-02 - I Die: You Die


28-Jun-82*HP-07*WI-23 - Only You
27-Sep-82*HP-06*WI-16 - Don't Go
31-Jan-83*HP-86*WI-05 - The Other Side of Love
11-July-83*HP-17*WI-15 - Nobody's Diary


23-Aug-82*HP-04*WI-23 - Da Da Da, I Don't Love You, You Don't Love Me, Aha Aha Aha
Richard Marx:

18-Jan-88*HP-09*WI-26 - Should've Known Better
04-Apr-88*HP-16*WI-24 - Endless Summer Nights
08-Aug-88*HP-72*WI-11 - Hold on to the Nights
then came "Satisfied" in May 1989.

Freddy Jackson:

16-Jun-86*HP-99*WI-01 - Rock Me Tonight


Kylie Minogue (early):

27-July-87*HP-01*WI-31 - Locomotion (7 weeks at No.1)
15-Feb-88*HP-01*WI-19 - I Should Be So Lucky (6 weeks @ 1)
then came "Got to Be Certain" in the first week of July 1988.

27-Oct-75*HP-98*WI-01 * If You Think You Know How to Love Me
22-Dec-75*HP-50*WI-21 * Don't Play Your Rock 'N' Roll to Me
28-Feb-77*HP-02*WI-23 - Living Next Door to Alice
27-Jun-77*HP-11*WI-19 - Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
10-Oct-77*HP-07*WI-19 - It's Your Life
09-Jan-78*HP-07*WI-20 - Needles and Pins
29-May-78*HP-57*WI-10 - For a Few Dollars More
24-July-78*HP-05*WI-27 - Oh, Carol
06-Nov-78*HP-19*WI-21 - Mexican Girl
28-May-79*HP-16*WI-15 - Do to Me
10-Dec-79*HP-60*WI-14 - Babe, it's Up to You
28-July-80*HP-48*WI-21 - Take Good Care of My Baby
* shown as Smokey


24-Sep-66*HP-14*WI-15 - Last Train to Clarkesville
31-Dec-66*HP-01*WI-19 - I'm a Believer / Stepping Stone
15-Apr-67*HP-04*WI-20 - A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You
08-July-67*HP-03*WI-28 - The Monkees Volume 1 (EP) (feat "Theme from The Monkees")
22-July-67*HP-14*WI-17 - I Wanna Be Free
02-Sep-67*HP-10*WI-15 - Pleasant Valley Sunday / Words
14-Oct-67*HP-60*WI-05 - The Monkees Volume 2 (EP)
28-Oct-67*HP-06*WI-19 - Alternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)
09-Dec-67*HP-02*WI-19 - Daydream Believer / Goin' Down
16-Dec-67*HP-06*WI-23 - She
06-Apr-68*HP-04*WI-17 - Valleri / Tapioca Tundra
18-May-68*HP-12*WI-15 - Cuddly Toy
06-July-68*HP-11*WI-18 - D.W. Washburn / It's Nice to Be With You
28-Sep-68*HP-04*WI-21 - Mary, Mary / What Am I Doing Hangin' Round?
08-Mar-69*HP-57*WI-09 - Porpoise Song
07-Jun-69*HP-28*WI-10 - Tear Drop City
26-July-69*HP-08*WI-19 - Listen to the Band / Someday Man
08-Nov-69*HP-13*WI-19 - Good Clean Fun / Mommy & Daddy
29-Jun-70*HP-34*WI-08 - Oh! My My / I Love You Better
26-May-80*HP-44*WI-15 - The Monkees (EP)
13-Oct-86*HP-69*WI-05 - That Was Then, This is Now
02-Mar-87*HP-62*WI-13 - Daydream Believer (R)
If possible can someone provide the entire chart runs for these 2 Australian tracks. Thanks.

Men At Work - Down Under
The Church - Under The Milky Way.
Some more, if that's possible:

Rupert Hine
Fiction Factory
Nik Kershaw
Peter Schilling
Thomas Dolby
Howard Jones
Down Under:

Rupert Hine:

08-Jun-81*HP-22*WI-15 - Misplaced Love
12-July-82*HP-94*WI-04 - The Set Up


03-Jun-85*HP-12*WI-20 - Obsession


10-July-78*HP-98*WI-01 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
22-Sep-80*HP-71*WI-08 - Freedom of Choice
17-Nov-80*HP-77*WI-12 - Whip it
01-Jun-81*HP-01*WI-26 - Dev-O Live (EP) (2 weeks at No.1)
12-Oct-81*HP-14*WI-18 - Beautiful World
28-Dec-81*HP-20*WI-18 - Working in the Coal Mine
20-Dec-82*HP-45*WI-12 - Peek-a-Boo
22-Aug-83*HP-88*WI-03 - Theme from Doctor Detroit
14-July-86*HP-40*WI-12 - Here to Go

Fiction Factory:

16-Apr-84*HP-51*WI-17 - (Feels Like) Heaven

Nik Kershaw:

09-Apr-84*HP-05*WI-16 - Wouldn't it Be Good
16-July-84*HP-17*WI-19 - I Won't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
24-Dec-84*HP-06*WI-18 - The Riddle
15-Apr-85*HP-07*WI-16 - Wide Boy
02-Sep-85*HP-83*WI-02 - Don Quixote
03-Feb-86*HP-92*WI-05 - When a Heart Beats
17-Nov-86*HP-73*WI-09 - Nobody Knows

Peter Schilling:

19-Sep-83*HP-57*WI-19 - Major Tom

Thomas Dolby:

28-Mar-83*HP-19*WI-18 - She Blinded Me With Science
19-Mar-84*HP-26*WI-12 - Hyperactive!
13-Jun-88*HP-63*WI-07 - Airhead

Howard Jones:

28-Nov-83*HP-60*WI-10 - New Song
16-Apr-84*HP-31*WI-21 - What is Love?
08-Oct-84*HP-16*WI-19 - Like to Get to Know You Well
01-Apr-85*HP-11*WI-17 - Things Can Only Get Better
24-Jun-85*HP-20*WI-15 - Look Mama
02-Sep-85*HP-33*WI-10 - Life in One Day
14-Apr-86*HP-09*WI-19 - No One is to Blame
10-Nov-86*HP-83*WI-04 - All I Want
26-Jan-87*HP-61*WI-06 - You Know I Love You... Don't You?

Thanks again Bulion.
Wow, thanks a lot, Bulion!

Can I ask for some more, please?

Adam and the Ants
Thompson Twins
Paul Hardcastle
Feargal Sharkey
China Crisis
F.R. David
After the Fire
The Thompson Twins & China Crisis have already been done earlier in the thread. Press Ctrl+F to search for them.
Whooops, sorry, my bad
Hi and thanks in advance. I would like singes and albums for

William Shakespeare (aka Billy Shakes aka John Cabe aka John Cave).

I'll check the albums forum too.

09-Feb-97*HP-90*WI-02 - Neighbourhood
11-May-97*HP-80*WI-7a - Female of the Species
13-Apr-98*HP-46*WI-10 - The Ballad of Tom Jones
27-July-98*HP-82*WI-2a - Begin Again

Adam and the Ants: (and * Adam Ant too)

16-Feb-81*HP-01*WI-21 - Antmusic
13-Apr-81*HP-22*WI-12 - Dog Eat Dog
13-July-81*HP-12*WI-21 - Stand and Deliver
28-Sep-81*HP-04*WI-18 - Prince Charming
01-Feb-82*HP-43*WI-09 - Antrap
19-July-82*HP-01*WI-14 * Goody Two Shoes
01-Nov-82*HP-49*WI-07 * Friend or Foe
12-Dec-83*HP-84*WI-05 * Puss 'N Boots

Paul Hardcastle:

27-May-85*HP-10*WI-15 - 19
31-Mar-86*HP-66*WI-09 - Don't Waste My Time

Feargal Sharkey:

18-Nov-85*HP-97*WI-02 - Loving You
25-Nov-85*HP-01*WI-24 - A Good Heart
10-Feb-86*HP-04*WI-17 - You Little Thief
12-May-86*HP-64*WI-09 - Someone to Somebody
15-Feb-88*HP-61*WI-11- More Love


29-Aug-83*HP-05*WI-21 - Puttin' on the Ritz

F.R. David:

31-Jan-83*HP-12*WI-41 - Words

After the Fire:

18-Apr-83*HP-17*WI-15 - Der Kommisar


05-Nov-79*HP-01*WI-22 - Video Killed the Radio Star
William Shakespeare:

01-July-74*HP-02*WI-32 - Can't Stop Myself from Loving You
02-Dec-74*HP-01*WI-23 - My Little Angel
28-Apr-75*HP-57*WI-07 - Just the Way You Are
10-May-76*HP-97*WI-02 - Last Night

25-Nov-74*HP-27*WI-19 - Can't Stop Myself from Loving You

(he only had one album, so I thought I'll put it here together).
thanks so much from before. can i pleaae have the charts positions forcold chisel, steve winwood and blondie
Wow I just stumbled across this forum for the first time & am amazed by the wealth of Australian chart information. Well done bulion & everyone else who has contributed, thank you SO much.
Before this thread is closed for viewing only, I'll fulfill the last request made by Michelle;

(Blondie was done on 3-Oct-08)

Steve Winwood:

16-Mar-81*HP-16*WI-16 - While You See a Chance
04-Oct-82*HP-90*WI-03 - Still in the Game
27-Dec-82*HP-98*WI-04 - Valerie
11-Aug-86*HP-08*WI-17 - Higher Love
16-Feb-87*HP-87*WI-04 - Back in the High Life Again
22-Jun-87*HP-55*WI-09 - The Finer Things
21-Dec-87*HP-19*WI-15 - Valerie (Re-Recording)
then came "Roll With it" in June 1988

Cold Chisel:

12-Jun-78*HP-41*WI-11 - Khe Sanh
16-Oct-78*HP-65*WI-09 - Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) / Georgia on My Mind
11-Dec-78*HP-36*WI-10 - You're 13, You're Beautiful and You're Mine (EP)
02-Apr-79*HP-63*WI-13 - Breakfast at Sweethearts
03-Dec-79*HP-14*WI-18 - Choir Girl
26-May-80*HP-08*WI-18 - Cheap Wine
01-Sep-80*HP-40*WI-14 - My Baby / Misfits
14-Dec-81*HP-12*WI-19 - You Got Nothing I Want
29-Mar-92*HP-04*WI-18 - Forever Now
26-July-82*HP-25*WI-13 - When the War is Over
24-Oct-83*HP-14*WI-19 - Hold Me Tight / No Sense
02-Apr-84*HP-11*WI-14 - Saturday Night
02-July-84*HP-91*WI-01 - Twentieth Century / Only One
27-Aug-84*HP-26*WI-13 - Flame Trees
03-Nov-91*HP-55*WI-05 - Misfits (ARIA info)
then came "Hands Out of My Pockets" in Sept 1994

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