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Number One in singles charts:

Something about the way you look tonight / Candle in the wind 1997

Ghetto Gospel feat. Indian sunset / Thugs get lonely too -Ghetto Gospel feat. Indian sunset (Instrumental) - Ghetto Gospel feat. Indian sunset (video)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart / Snow queen

That's what friends are for / Two ships passing in the night

has he another number one singles?
For some reason the original post that you put up has been deleted and all of the chart information that I had put there has gone. So here are Elton John's singles in Australia...

01-Feb-71*HP-11*WI-20 - Your Song
17-Jan-72*HP-96*WI-01 - Friends
13-Mar-72*HP-94*WI-02 - Levon
15-May-72*HP-13*WI-20 - Rocket Man / Tiny Dancer
20-Nov-72*HP-78*WI-05 - Honky Cat
01-Jan-73*HP-02*WI-27 - Crocodile Rock
30-Apr-73*HP-07*WI-18 - Daniel
03-Sep-73*HP-31*WI-09 - Saturday Nights Alright for Fighting
12-Nov-73*HP-03*WI-31 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
25-Mar-74*HP-05*WI-27 - Candle in the Wind/Benny & The Jets
19-Aug-74*HP-13*WI-12 - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
25-Nov-74*HP-53*WI-09 - The Bitch is Back / Cold Highway
13-Jan-76*HP-03*WI-20 - Lucy in the Sky (with Diamonds)
14-Apr-76*HP-04*WI-18 - Philadelphia Freedom
28-July-75*HP-54*WI-07 - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
27-Oct-75*HP-12*WI-19 - Island Girl
14-Jun-76*HP-88*WI-03 - Pinball Wizard
19-July-76*HP-01*WI-23 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1 wk)
06-Dec-76*HP-19*WI-14 - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
11-Apr-77*HP-72*WI-08 - Bite Your Lip (Get Up & Dance)
24-Apr-78*HP-40*WI-13 - Ego
20-Nov-78*HP-12*WI-20 - Part Time Love
12-Feb-79*HP-14*WI-20 - Song for Guy
02-July-79*HP-63*WI-14 - Are You Ready for Love
02-July-79*HP-82*WI-08 - Mama Can't Buy You Love (12")
29-Oct-79*HP-38*WI-12 - Victim of Love
30-Jun-80*HP-09*WI-14 - Little Jeannie
22-Sep-80*HP-91*WI-05 - Sartorial Eloquence
22-Dec-80*HP-82*WI-09 - Dear God
11-May-81*HP-81*WI-04 - I Saw Her Standing There (EP)
08-Jun-81*HP-46*WI-11 - Nobody Wins
29-Mar-82*HP-04*WI-16 - Blue Eyes
21-Jun-83*HP-63*WI-18 - Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)
13-Jun-83*HP-03*WI-21 - I'm Still Standing
15-Aug-83*HP-04*HP-18 - I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues
24-Oct-83*HP-12*WI-23 - Crystal
23-Jan-84*HP-25*WI-14 - Kiss the Bride
19-Mar-84*HP-52*WI-08 - Too Low for Zero
18-Jun-84*HP-04*WI-19 - Sad Songs (Say So Much)
03-Sep-84*HP-09*Wi-15 - Passengers
10-Dec-84*HP-76*WI-11 - Who Wears These Shoes?
22-July-85*HP-50*WI-07 - Act of War (w/Millie Jackson)
11-Nov-85*HP-03*WI-18 - Nikita
03-Feb-86*HP-22*WI-13 - Wrap Her Up
28-Apr-86*HP-86*WI-02 - Cry to Heaven
06-Oct-86*HP-07*WI-20 - Heartache All Over the World
05-Jan-87*HP-82*WI-05 - Slow Rivers (w/Cliff Richard)
13-July-87*HP-31*WI-20 - Flames of Paradise (w/Jennifer Rush)
03-Aug-87*HP-100*WI-1 - Your Song (w/Melbourne Sym.Orch.)
01-Feb-88*HP-92*WI-01 - Candle in the Wind (W/Melb Sym..)
04-July-88*HP-16*WI-17 - I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
31-Oct-88*HP-95*WI-02 - Town of Plenty
29-May-89*HP-63*WI-07 - Through the Storm (w/Aretha Fran.)
ARIA information from here onwards:
04-Sep-89*HP-14*WI-22 - Healing Hands
11-Dec-89*HP-07*WI-32 - Sacrifice
04-Feb-90*HP-19*WI-19 - Club at the End of the Street
11-Nov-90*HP-32*WI-14 - You Gotta Love Someone
17-Feb-91*HP-57*WI-08 - Easier to Walk Away
22-Dec-91*HP-03*WI-20 - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me (w/George Michael)
14-Jun-92*HP-15*WI-15 - The One
23-Aug-92*HP-53*WI-09 - Runaway Train (w/Eric Clapton)
22-Nov-92*HP-32*WI-21 - The Last Song
28-Nov-93*HP-34*WI-12 - True Love (w/Kiki Dee)
27-Mar-94*HP-45*WI-06 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart (w/RuPaul)
17-July-94*HP-09*WI-30 - Can You Feel the Love Tonight
20-Nov-94*HP-60*WI-13 - Circle of Life
12-Mar-95*HP-23*WI-14 - Believe
11-Jun-95*HP-48*WI-07 - Made in England
26-Nov-95*HP-86*WI-07 - Blessed
14-Sep-97*HP-01*WI-56 - Something About the Way You Look Tonight / Candle in the Wind '97 (6 weeks @ 1)
04-May-98*HP-92*WI-01 - Recover Your Soul
12-Apr-99*HP-85*WI-03 - Written in the Stars (w/LeAnn Rimes)
24-Sep-01*HP-63*WI-05 - I Want Love
06-May-02*HP-54*WI-06 - Original Sin
19-May-03*HP-43-WI-?? - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word (Blue with Elton John).
22-Aug-05*HP-01*WI-20- Ghetto Gospel (2Pac feat..) (1 wk)

I'll do the albums soon. Regards, Bulion.
Thank you very much, Bulion for that info

I have no words to describe how happy I am.
Thank you Bulion, very apreciated info!
And the following singles... no you have the information?

Whtaever gets you thru the night (John Lennon)
Bad blood (Neil Sedaka)
Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've?) 2005 Various artists
Perfect Day BBC Promo 1997 various artists

04-Nov-74*HP-34*WI-13 - Whatever Gets You Thru' the Night

27-Oct-75*HP-11*WI-17 - Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka

The other two listed above have not charted in Australia.
Thank you, again
Anybody knows the chart positions and week of the following?

Smiler (Rod Stewart LP)
Walls and bridges (John Lennon LP)
Tommy Soundtrack (Various LP)
The hungry years (Neil Sedaka LP)
Shaved Fish (Collectable Lennon LP)
All this and world war II (Various LP)
Greatest Hits (Neil Sedaka 1977 LP)
Friends (Dionne Warwick LP)
Heart over mind (Jennifer Rush LP)
Prince's trust (Various LP)
Ghostbusters II Soundtrack (Various LP)
Greatest Hits 1979-1990 (Dionne Warwick LP)
Rock rhytm and blues (Various 1989 LP)
Through the storm (Aretha Franklin LP)
Storyteller The Complete Anthology (1964-1990) (Rod Stewart)
Nobody's child (Various LP)
Knebworth album (Various LP)
Days of thunder Soundtrack (Various LP)
Peter's friends Soundtrack (Various LP)
Rocky V Soundtrack (Various LP)
The Power of Jennifer Rush (Jennifer Rush LP)
Letal Weapon III Soundtrack (Various LP)
Expresso logic (Chris Rea LP)
Very best of Kiki Dee (Greatests hits Album)
The Very Best Of Chris Rea (Greatest hits LP)
The glory of Gershwin (Various LP)
Laughter in the rain... Best of 1974-1980 (Neil Sedaka)
Jewel (Marcella Detroit LP)
The John Lennon Collection (John Lennon LP)
Pavarotti & friends for War child (Various LP)
BBC - Lady Diana Funeral (Various LP)
Lennon Legend: The very best of... (John Lennon LP)
Ladies & Gentlemen (George Michael Best of... LP)
Tammy Wynette Remembered Tribute (Various LP)
Chief's aid: the south park album (Various LP)
Divas live '99 (Various LP)
Queen's Greatest hits III (Various LP)
A Rosie O'Donnell Christmas (Various LP)
Blender (Collective Soul LP)

Thanks in advance
Elton John's Albums:

15-Feb-71*HP-02*WI-24 - Elton John
26-Apr-71*HP-04*WI-35 - Tumbleweed Connection
05-July-71*HP-20*WI-23 - Live 17-11-70
18-Oct-71*HP-19*WI-08 - Friends
22-Nov-71*HP-08*WI-20 - Madman Across the Water
24-July-72*HP-04*WI-32 - Honky Chateau
05-Mar-73*HP-01*WI-62 - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano
Player (3 weeks at No.1)
19-Nov-73*HP-01*WI-81 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (3 wks)
15-July-74*HP-01*WI-48 - Caribou (10 weeks at No.1)
18-Nov-74*HP-01*WI-51 - Elton John Greatest Hits (5 weeks)
02-Jun-75*HP-01*WI-27 - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt
Cowboy (5 weeks at No.1)
10-Nov-75*HP-04*WI-20 - Rock of the Westies
17-May-76*HP-11*WI-15 - Here and There
01-Nov-76*HP-08*WI-27 - Blue Moves
24-Oct-77*HP-46*WI-12 - Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume 2
30-Oct-76*HP-08*WI-39 - A Single Man
02-Apr-76*HP-74*WI-05 - Lady Samantha
22-Oct-79*HP-20*WI-13 - Victim of Love
02-Jun-80*HP-07*WI-25 - 21 at 33
12-Jan-81*HP-03*WI-45 - The Very Best of Elton John
08-Jun-81*HP-02*WI-21 - The Fox
29-Mar-82*HP-03*WI-21 - Jump Up
17-Jan-83*HP-05*WI-13 - Love Songs
06-Jun-83*HP-02*WI-78 - Too Low for Zero
26-Dec-83*HP-79*WI-08 - The Superior Sound of Elton John
09-July-84*HP-01*WI-32 - Breaking Hearts (3 weeks at No.1)
18-Nov-85*HP-06*WI-30 - Ice on Fire
03-Nov-86*HP-04*WI-21 - Leather Jackets
27-July-87*HP-05*WI-27 - Elton John in Australia with the
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
18-July-88*HP-12*WI-18 - Reg Strikes Back
09-Oct-89*HP-02*WI-60 - Sleeping With the Past
19-Nov-90*HP-02*WI-124- The Very Best of (2CD Set)
06-July-82*HP-03*WI-41 - The One
06-Dec-93*HP-11*WI-14 - Duets
03-Apr-95*HP-10*WI-16 - Made in England
27-Nov-95*HP-08*WI-35 - Love Songs
06-Oct-97*HP-06*WI-27 - The Big Picture
04-Dec-00*HP-38*WI-04 - One Night Only: Greatest Hits Live
08-Oct-01*HP-12*WI-10 - Songs from the West Coast
17-Mar-03*HP-08*WI-21 - Greatest Hits 1970-2002
15-Nov-04*HP-49*WI-01 - Peachtree Road
Thank you very much, Bulion. It's incredible to see how some Elton's albums reach the number TOP3 in Australia and not the TOP10 in other countries, like Jump Up! for example.

Excuse me the question but... do you have the info about "The Lion King" and "The Road to El Dorado" by Elton too, in album charts? Thanks for all
Does anyone have any info about Elton John's following accreditation albums, please? Thank you very much.

Elton John
Tumbleweed connection
Friends Soundtrack
Madman across the water
Honky château
Don't shoot me! I'm only the piano player
Goodbye yellow brick road
Greatest hits
Captain Fantastic & Brown dirt cowboy
Rock of the westies
Here and there
Blue moves
Greatest hits volume II
A single man
Victim of love
The Thom Bell Sessions
Lady Samantha
21 at 33
The very best of Elton John
The fox
Jump Up!
Your Songs
Love songs
Too low for zero
The superior sound of Elton John (1970-1975)
Breaking hearts
Ice on fire
Leather jackets
The best elton john single is "electricity". in the uk it was no.4 in july 2005 and became his 63rd Uk top 40 since "your song".
oh, I really like it!!! And the accreditation status?
For anyone interested...
when CANDLE IN THE WIND started being listed as the B-side, the single went straight to <P>7 on the 5/10/97 ARIA chart (1st week at #1).
The next chart I have shows <P>11 on 19/10/97.
For its 4th week at #1 it again changed, to <P>12 on 26/10/97.
I had some more gaps in my collection but it was <P>13 by 16/11/97 and <P>14 by 14/12/97 (week 11) where it stayed at that level until at least May the next year.
I saw Elton live in March 2015. It was a great show!

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