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Joe asked:

could anyone please be able to give australian album chart positions for the following artists : the beatles, the beach boys, the rolling stones, the who, bob dylan, the byrds, pink floyd and led zeppelin.

Well here's a new thread where people can ask for pre June-1988 album information... and to start it all off....

The first album charts were started in Australia in the early 60's. 3XY (Melb), 2CA (Canberra) and 2UE (Syd) had an occasional monthly chart, but these were irregular at best. In 1965 2UE started putting a small Top 5 selling LP (Long Player) chart on the weekly Top 40 countdown, as too did 6PR (Perth) and 5AD (Adel.), so David Kent has combined all of this information, and when later states put their information on too, it became a national album charts.
So any albums that were released prior to 1965 won't appear here unless they re-charted later. So I'll start off with the first group to appear at No.1 on the National Album Charts...

The Beatles:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
09-Jan-650104 A Hard Days Night (1 week at No.1)
06-Feb-650120 Beatles for Sale (11 weeks)
18-Sep-650132 Help! (11 weeks)
26-Feb-660123 Rubber Soul (11 weeks)
24-Sep-660117 Revolver (3 weeks)
19-Nov-661102 Greatest Hits Volume 1
04-Mar-670902 Greatest Hits Volume 2
05-Aug-670182 Sgt.Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (30 weeks)
08-Jun-680707 A Collection of Beatles Oldies
21-Dec-680137 The Beatles (White Album) (16 wks)
08-Feb-690416 Yellow Submarine
25-Oct-690152 Abbey Road (18 weeks)
04-May-700115 Hey Jude (2 weeks)
08-Jun-700151 Let it Be (4 weeks)
13-Mar-721014 The Essential Beatles
19-Feb-730918 The Beatles' Aust. 10th Anniversary 63-73
09-July-731126 1967-1970
09-July-731824 1962-1966
14-Oct-744818 Magical Mystery Tour
19-Apr-760436 Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (R)
28-Jun-760420 Rock 'N' Roll Music
16-May-771212 The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl
23-May-772409 Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg Germany; 1962.
28-Nov-775911 Love Songs
03-Dec-793319 The Beatles Collection
26-May-802709 Rarities
22-Dec-802316 The Beatles (White Album) (R)
13-Apr-810126 The Beatles Ballads (7 weeks)
24-May-825605 Reel Music
30-May-830119 The Number Ones (1 week)
07-Sep-875307 Yellow Submarine (CD) (R)
21-Mar-887905 Past Masters Volume 1
21-Mar-887505 Past Masters Volume 2
26-Dec-888204 The Beatles Box (All Albums)

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Beach Boys:

03-Apr-65*HP-03*WI-03 - Beach Boys' Concert
none of their other albums charted during the 1960's in Australia, including their classic "Pet Sounds"
03-Apr-72*HP-32*WI-08 - Surf's Up
21-Aug-72*HP-42*WI-05 - Carl & The Passions: So Tough
16-Apr-73*HP-37*WI-08 - Holland
18-Feb-74*HP-29*WI-21 - Beach Boys in Concert
14-Oct-74*HP-23*WI-35 - Endless Summer
07-July-75*HP-79*WI-04 - Spirit of America
02-Feb-76*HP-38*WI-09 - High Water
26-July-76*HP-17*WI-12 - 15 Big Ones
29-Nov-76*HP-28WI-28 - 20 Golden Greats
02-May-77*HP-90*WI-02 - The Beach Boys Love You
16-Oct-78*HP-70*WI-07 - M.I.U. Album
14-May-79*HP-70*WI-04 - L.A. (Light Album)
21-Apr-80*HP-64*WI-08 - Keepin' the Summer Alive
16-Nov-81*HP-05*WI-33 - Beach Boys Greatest Hits
18-Feb-85*HP-08W*I-18 - The Very Best of The Beach Boys
22-July-85*HP-67*WI-03 - The Beach Boys
15-Dec-86*HP-67*WI-07 - Made in the U.S.A.
then came "Still Cruisin' " in 1989.
Rolling Stones:

09-Jan-65*HP-01*WI-09 - The Rolling Stones (3 weeks at No.1)
09-Jan-65*HP-02*WI-15 - 12 x 5
24-July-65*HP-02*WI-06 - The Rolling Stones, Now!
13-Nov-65*HP-02*WI-15 - Out of Our Heads
25-Jun-66*HP-02*WI-13 - Aftermath
31-Dec-66*HP-07*WI-12 - Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass)
08-Apr-67*HP-07*WI-10 - Between the Buttons
02-Mar-68*HP-01*WI-08 - Their Satanic Majesties Request (3wks)
22-Feb-69*HP-03*WI-08 - Beggar's Banquet
06-Dec-69*HP-09*WI-07 - Through the Past Darkly (Big Hits 2)
09-Feb-70*HP-02*WI-08 - Let it Bleed
02-Nov-70*HP-02*WI-19 - Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
05-July-71*HP-01*WI-19 - Sticky Fingers (2 weeks at No.1)
22-Nov-71*HP-47*WI-02 - Milestones
10-July-72*HP-02*WI-20 - Exile on Main Street
19-Feb-73*HP-49*WI-11 - Rock 'N' Rolling Stones
05-Mar-73*HP-40*WI-02 - Big Hits (High Tide & Green Grass) (R)
08-Oct-73*HP-01*WI-39 - Goats Head Soup (4 weeks at No.1)
28-Oct-74*HP-07*WI-18 - It's Only Rock 'N' Roll
30-Jun-75*HP-51*WI-07 - Metamorphosis
30-Jun-75*HP-71*WI-05 - Made in the Shade
08-Mar-76*HP-13*WI-74 - Rolled Gold
26-Apr-76*HP-04*WI-24 - Black and Blue
09-Aug-76*HP-14*WI-15 - Stones
03-Oct-77*HP-10*WI-15 - Love You Live
17-Oct-77*HP-53*WI-12 - 30 Greatest Hits
26-Jun-78*HP-03*WI-34 - Some Girls
18-Jun-79*HP-98*WI-01 - Time Waits for No One
14-July-80*HP-04*WI-26 - Emotional Rescue
08-Jun-81*HP-39*WI-08 - Sucking in the Seventies
21-Sep-81*HP-01*WI-37 - Tattoo You (11 weeks)
05-July-82*HP-10*WI-14 - Still Life
26-July-82*HP-60*WI-03 - Slow Rollers
21-Nov-83*HP-03*WI-22 - Undercover
16-July-84*HP-03*WI-18 - Rewind (1971-1984)
31-Mar-86*HP-02*WI-23 - Dirty Work
then came "Steel Wheels" in 1989.
The Who:

24-Feb-68*HP-08*WI-04 - The Who Sell Out
01-Nov-69*HP-08*WI-06 - Tommy Soundtrack
21-Sep-70*HP-06*WI-23 - The Who Live at Leeds
11-Oct-71*HP-03*WI-25 - Who's Next
08-May-72*HP-27*WI-11 - Meaty, Beaty, Big and Bouncy
25-Mar-74*HP-35*WI-18 - Quadrophenia Soundtrack
16-Dec-74*HP-47*WI-10 - Odds and Sods
27-Oct-75*HP-29*WI-12 - The Who By Numbers
13-Dec-76*HP-62*WI-07 - The Story of The Who
02-Oct-78*HP-09*WI-21 - Who Are You
22-Oct-79*HP-25*WI-12 - The Kids are Alright
27-Apr-81*HP-16*WI_16 - Face Dances
25-Oct-82*HP-55*WI-07 - It's Hard
05-Sep-83*HP-13*WI-16 - Their Greatest Hits
06-Jun-88*HP-51*WI-12 - Who's Better, Who's Best

Bob Dylan:

22-Oct-66*HP-04*WI-08 - Blonde on Blonde
09-Mar-68*HP-01*WI-13 - John Wesley Harding (1 week at No.1)
17-May-69*HP-02*WI-30 - Nashville Skyline
24-Aug-70*HP-03*WI-16 - Self Portrait
15-Feb-71*HP-04*WI-18 - New Morning
24-Jan-72*HP-06*WI-19 - Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 2
20-Aug-73*HP-28*WI-26 - Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Soundtrack
21-Jan-74*HP-33*WI-15 - Dylan
04-Mar-74*HP-21*WI-17 - Planet Waves
05-Aug-74*HP-15*WI-17 - Before the Flood (w/ The Band)
10-Feb-75*HP-04*WI-24 - Blood on the Tracks
28-July-75*HP-13*WI-13 - The Basement Tapes (w/ The Band)
19-Jan-76*HP-01*WI-26 - Desire (3 weeks at No.1)
11-Oct-76*HP-17*WI-16 - Hard Rain
20-Mar-78*HP-02*WI-25 - Masterpieces
10-July-78*HP-05*WI-37 - Street Legal
14-May-79*HP-04*WI-23 - Bob Dylan at Budokan
10-Sep-79*HP-01*WI-25 - Slow Train Coming (2 weeks)
30-Jun-80*HP-18*WI-13 - Saved
07-Sep-81*HP-22*WI-09 - Shot of Love
21-Nov-83*HP-06*WI-19 - Infidels
24-Dec-84*HP-94*WI-04 - Real Live
08-July-85*HP-07*WI-23 - Empire Burlesque
20-Jan-86*HP-83*WI-08 - Biograph
18-Aug-86*HP-27*WI-10 - Knocked Out Loaded
then came "Down in the Groove" in July 1988.
The Byrds:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
01-Feb-713402 Untitled
28-May-733907 Byrds

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Pink Floyd:

26-Apr-71*HP-30*WI-04 - Atom Heart Mother
30-Aug-71*HP-29*WI-11 - Relics
20-Mar-72*HP-24*WI-19 - Meddle
13-Nov-72*HP-44*WI-09 - Obscured by Clouds
28-May-73*HP-02*WI-142- Dark Side of the Moon
22-Sep-75*HP-01*WI-48 - Wish You Were Here (4 weeks at No.1)
14-Feb-77*HP-03*WI-28 - Animals
17-Dec-79*HP-01*WI-88 - The Wall (4 weeks at No.1)
07-Dec-81*HP-14*WI-22 - A Collection of Great Dance Songs
25-Apr-83*HP-03*WI-22 - The Final Cut
18-July-83*HP-64*WI-07 - Works
05-Oct-87*HP-02*WI-44 - A Momentary Lapse of Reason
15-Feb-88*HP-32*WI-08 - The Box (1975-1988)
then came "Delicate Sound of Thunder" in Dec 1988.
Led Zeppelin:

27-Dec-69*HP-01*WI-39 - Led Zeppelin II (5 weeks at No.1)
11-May-70*HP-12*WI-03 - Led Zeppelin
21-Dec-70*HP-01*WI-28 - Led Zeppelin III (4 weeks at No.1)
20-Dec-71*HP-02*WI-40 - Led Zeppelin IV
23-Apr-73*HP-01*WI-40 - Houses of the Holy (3 weeks at No.1)
03-Mar-75*HP-02*WI-42 - Physical Graffiti
05-Apr-76*HP-04*WI-20 - Presence
01-Nov-76*HP-08*WI-18 - The Song Remains the Same S'Track
27-Aug-79*HP-03*WI-23 - In Through the Out Door
06-Dec-82*HP-09*WI-14 - Coda
then came the "Remasters" Collections in 1990.

27-July-70*HP-27*WI-01 - A Bread of Stars
14-Jun-71*HP-37*WI-02 - T.Rex
15-Nov-71*HP-15*WI-18 - Electric Warrior
14-Aug-72*HP-24*WI-13 - Bolan Boogie
11-Sep-72*HP-13*WI-35 - The Slider
14-May-73*HP-21*WI-13 - Tanx
19-Jun-73*HP-32*WI-11 - Great Hits
03-Jun-74*HP-45*WI-07 - Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow
26-May-75*HP-89*WI-04 - Bolan's Zip Gun
05-July-82*HP-02*WI-16 - Solid Gold Easy Action: 20 Greats
07-July-86*HP-36*WI-17 - Get it On (Marc Bolan solo)

Deep Purple:

05-Oct-70*HP-01*WI-60 - Deep Purple in Rock (2 weeks at No.1)
15-Nov-71*HP-05*WI-26 - Fireball
29-May-72*HP-01*WI-54 - Machine Head (2 weeks at No.1)
19-Mar-73*HP-05*WI-26 - Who Do We Think We Are?
30-Apr-73*HP-03*WI-38 - Made in Japan
11-Mar-74*HP-07*WI-29 - Burn
30-Sep-74*HP-50*WI-12 - Deep Purple Mark 1 & 2
09-Dec-74*HP-08*WI-28 - Stormbringer
01-Dec-75*HP-11*WI-17 - Come Taste the Band
03-May-76*HP-67*WI-10 - 24 Carat Purple
29-Nov-76*HP-59*WI-10 - Made in Europe
27-Mar-78*HP-54*WI-08 - Powerhouse
02-Aug-82*HP-05*WI-18 - Deepest Purple
19-Nov-84*HP-19*WI-14 - Perfect Strangers
16-Feb-87*HP-39*WI-10 - The House of Blue Light
17-Oct-88*HP-76*WI-03 - Nobody's Perfect
11-Nov-90*HP-72*WI-05 - Slaves and Masters (ARIA info)
New Order:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
06-Jun-833814 Power, Corruption & Lies
17-Jun-857010 Low-Life
03-Nov-861526 Brotherhood
14-Sep-871223 Substance
then came "Technique" in 1989
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The number between the dates and titles are the weeks at No.1

All of the No.1 albums pre 1988:

09-Jan-65-1-A Hard Days Night - The BEATLES
16-Jan-65-1-The Rolling Stones - The ROLLING STONES
23-Jan-65-2-The Rolling Stones - The ROLLING STONES
30-Jan-65-3-The Rolling Stones - The ROLLING STONES
06-Feb-65-1-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
13-Feb-65-2-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
20-Feb-65-3-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
27-Feb-65-4-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
06-Mar-65-5-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
13-Mar-65-6-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
20-Mar-65-7-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
27-Mar-65-8-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
03-Apr-65-9-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
10-Apr-65-10-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
17-Apr-65-11-Beatles for Sale - The BEATLES
24-Apr-65-1-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
01-May-65-2-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
08-May-65-3-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
15-May-65-4-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
22-May-65-5-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
29-May-65-6-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
05-Jun-65-7-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
12-Jun-65-8-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
19-Jun-65-9-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
26-Jun-65-10-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
03-July-65-11-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
10-July-65-12-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
17-July-65-13-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
24-July-65-14-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
31-July-65-15-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
07-Aug-65-16-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
14-Aug-65-17-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
21-Aug-65-18-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
28-Aug-65-19-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
04-Sep-65-20-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
11-Sep-65-21-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
18-Sep-65-1-Help! - The BEATLES
25-Sep-65-2-Help! - The BEATLES
02-Oct-65-3-Help! - The BEATLES
09-Oct-65-4-Help! - The BEATLES
16-Oct-65-5-Help! - The BEATLES
23-Oct-65-6-Help! - The BEATLES
30-Oct-65-7-Help! - The BEATLES
06-Nov-65-8-Help! - The BEATLES
13-Nov-65-9-Help! - The BEATLES
20-Nov-65-22-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
27-Nov-65-23-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
04-Dec-65-24-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
11-Dec-65-25-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
18-Dec-65-26-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK
25-Dec-65-27-The Sound of Music - SOUNDTRACK

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absolutely brillant, thanks bulion
how did these artists chart down under : the eagles, david bowie, black sabbath and CCR And what about australia's greatest group of the 60's the easybeats

06-Aug-73*HP-31*WI-33 - Desperado
10-Jun-74*HP-27*WI-38 - On the Border
14-July-75*HP-05*WI-56 - One of These Nights
01-Mar-76*HP-03*WI-72 - Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975
13-Dec-76*HP-01*WI-52 - Hotel California (12 weeks at No.1)
08-Oct-79*HP-01*WI-42 - The Long Run (3 weeks at No.1)
17-Nov-80*HP-03*WI-26 - Eagles Live
29-Nov-82*HP-05*WI-37 - Eagles Greatest Hits Volume 2
23-Dec-85*HP-07*WI-49 - The Best of The Eagles
David Bowie:

20-Mar-72*HP-39*WI-05 - Hunky Dory
18-Sep-72*HP-11*WI-29 - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
12-Feb-73*HP-21*WI-21 - Space Oddity
12-Feb-73*HP-44*WI-15 - The Man Who Sold the World
28-May-73*HP-07*WI-24 - Aladdin Sane
03-Dec-73*HP-04*WI-36 - Pinups
03-Jun-74*HP-03*WI-31 - Diamond Dogs
28-Oct-74*HP-09*WI-32 - David Live
07-Apr-75*HP-09*WI-25 - Young Americans
09-Feb-76*HP-08*WI-21 - Station to Station
21-Jun-76*HP-08*WI-50 - ChangesOneBowie
14-Feb-77*HP-10*WI-17 - Low
28-Nov-77*HP-06*WI-24 - Heroes
09-Oct-78*HP-11*WI-24 - Stage
04-Jun-79*HP-11*WI-18 - Lodger
22-Sep-80*HP-01*WI-27 - Scary Monsters (5 weeks at No.1)
29-Dec-80*HP-22*WI-15 - Chameleon
28-Dec-81*HP-53*WI-11 - ChangesTwoBowie
01-Mar-82*HP-32*WI-17 - The Best of (K-Tel Compilation)
18-Apr-83*HP-47*WI-05 - Rare
25-Apr-83*HP-01*WI-54 - Let's Dance (1 week at No.1)
24-Oct-83*HP-25*WI-14 - Golden Years
19-Dec-83*HP-67*WI-08 - Ziggy Stardust Soundtrack
18-Jun-84*HP-19*WI-17 - Fame and Fashion
08-Oct-84*HP-04*WI-20 - Tonight
04-May-87*HP-19*WI-38 - Never Let Me Down
then came "ChangesBowie" in 1990
Black Sabbath:

07-Sep-70*HP-08*WI-33 - Black Sabbath
04-Jan-71*HP-05*WI-30 - Paranoid
04-Oct-71*HP-08*WI-18 - Master of Reality
27-Nov-72*HP-03*WI-27 - Black Sabbath Volume 4
04-Feb-74*HP-05*WI-45 - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
01-Sep-75*HP-15*WI-18 - Sabotage
26-Jan-76*HP-31*WI-16 - We Sold Our Soul for Rock 'N' Roll
08-Nov-76*HP-83*WI-11 - Technical Ecstasy
04-Dec-78*HP-78*WI-05 - Never Say Die
14-July-80*HP-35*WI-12 - Heaven and Hell
03-Nov-80*HP-71*WI-13 - Live at Last
01-Mar-83*HP-43*WI-07 - Mob Rules
14-Mar-83*HP-26*WI-09 - The Best
13-Jun-83*HP-76*WI-07 - Live Evil
21-Nov-83*HP-53*WI-08 - Born Again
28-Apr-86*HP-88*WI-04 - Seventh Star
25-Jan-88*HP-93*WI-03 - The Eternal Idol
Creedence Clearwater Revival:

02-Mar-70*HP-02*WI-37 - Willy and the Poorboys
31-Aug-70*HP-01*WI-57 - Cosmo's Factory (19 weeks at No.1)
08-Feb-71*HP-01*WI-25 - Pendulum (3 weeks at No.1)
12-Jun-72*HP-08*WI-13 - Mardi Gras
05-Mar-73*HP-09*WI-18 - Creedence Gold
19-Nov-73*HP-41*WI-20 - More Creedence Gold
11-Mar-74*HP-72*WI-04 - Live in Europe
17-May-76*HP-29*WI-11 - Chronicle
24-Dec-79*HP-01*WI-44 - 20 Golden Greats (2 weeks at No.1)
then came "21st Anniversary: Ultimate Collection" in 1990

04-Sep-65*HP-04*WI-07 - Easy
02-Apr-66*HP-03*WI-17 - It's 2 Easy
19-Nov-66*HP-07*WI-10 - Volume 3
10-Jun-67*HP-03*WI-11 - The Best of The Easybeats + Pretty Girl
01-Dec-80*HP-35*WI-20 - Absolute Anthology
21-Sep-81*HP-76*WI-02 - The Easybeats (Hammard compilation)
your the best bulion, thanks again. i must say i was suprised to see the beach boys 60's albums never charted here and bob dylan's two classics from 1965 didn't either. i assume this had alot to do with what was being played or not being played on australian radio at the time?
With only a few stations around Australia contributing towards an albums chart, it was lucky that anything made it in at all. A Top 10 was used mostly throughout the 60's, and with Beatles, Herb Alpert and Soundtracks taking up most places, it was hard for much else to get in there.
So things like Beach Boys, Dylan and many other classic albums we know did not make it because of this.
In fact there were only 22 No.1 albums during the 1965-1969 period, and considering we have around that many per year now, shows you how slow things were back then.
It wasn't until the 1970's that the album charts expanded initially into a Top 20, and by 1972 a Top 40, then a Top 100 by the mid 70's.
cheers bulion, how did these artists chart : bob marley, talking heads, elvis costello, the sex pistols and the clash?

02-Sep-74*HP-79*WI-08 - Queen II
24-Mar-75*HP-19*WI-39 - Sheer Heart Attack
12-Jan-76*HP-01*WI-43 - A Night at the Opera (2 weeks at No.1)
03-May-76*HP-77*WI-07 - Queen
27-Dec-76*HP-08*WI-25 - A Day at the Races
28-Nov-77*HP-08*WI-25 - News of the World
27-Nov-78*HP-15*WI-19 - Jazz
16-July-79*HP-25*WI-12 - Live Killers
14-July-80*HP-11*WI-35 - The Game
26-Jan-81*HP-29*WI-28 - Flash Gordon Soundtrack
16-Nov-81*HP-02*WI-90 - Greatest Hits 1
07-Jun-82*HP-15*WI-10 - Hot Space
19-Mar-84*HP-12*WI-43 - The Works
29-Apr-85*HP-44*WI-06 - Live
28-July-86*HP-12*WI-17 - A Kind of Magic
22-Dec-86*HP-51*WI-11 - Live Magic
then came "The Miracle" in 1989.
Bob Marley:

11-Aug-75*HP-98*WI-02 - Natty Dread
23-Feb-76*HP-51*WI-07 - Bob Marley & The Wailers Live
05-July-76*HP-68*WI-11 - Rastaman Vibration
08-Aug-77*HP-88*WI-03 - Exodus
24-Apr-78*HP-05*WI-33 - Kaya
11-Dec-78*HP-34*WI-19 - Babylon by Bus
05-Nov-79*HP-32*WI-17 - Survival
28-July-80*HP-36*WI-14 - Uprising
11-July-83*HP-11*WI-16 - Confrontation
04-Jun-84*HP-02*WI-45 - Legend
27-Oct-86*HP-78*WI-05 - Rebel Music

Thank you. My last request, can you put Pink Floyd album too?.
Talking Heads:

06-Nov-78*HP-46*WI-31 - More Songs About Buildings & Food
27-Aug-79*HP-35*WI-15 - Fear of Music
03-Nov-80*HP-25*WI-38 - Remain in Light
10-May-83*HP-41*WI-10 - The Name of This Band is...
27-Jun-83*HP-15*WI-37 - Speaking in Tongues
26-Nov-84*HP-09*WI-77 - Stop Making Sense
15-July-85*HP-02*WI-55 - Little Creatures
06-Oct-86*HP-02*WI-29 - True Stories
11-Apr-88*HP-08*WI-18 - Naked
then came "Once in a Lifetime-Best of" in 1992.
Hernan, the seventh post from the top has all of the Floyd albums.
Elvis Costello:

13-Feb-78*HP-25*WI-20 - My Aim is True
01-May-78*HP-26*WI-28 - This Year's Model
05-Feb-79*HP-09*WI-28 - Armed Forces
17-Mar-80*HP-25*WI-12 - Get Happy
16-Mar-81*HP-71*WI-11 - Trust
15-Feb-82*HP-50*WI-12 - Almost Blue
14-Jun-82*HP-72*WI-04 - Almost New
09-Aug-82*HP-49*WI-07 - Imperial Bedroom
19-Sep-83*HP-22*WI-12 - Punch the Clock
30-July-84*HP-53*WI-11 - Goodbye Cruel World
07-Apr-86*HP-67*WI-09 - King of America (Costello Show)
26-Oct-87*HP-25*WI-16 - The Man: The Best of
then came "Spike" in 1989.
Sex Pistols:

05-Dec-77*HP-23*WI-17 - Never Minds the Bollocks, Here's the...
16-Apr-70*HP-44*WI-11 - The Great Rock 'N' Roll Swindle
then they had the compilation "Kiss This" in 1992


The Clash:

26-Feb-79*HP-79*WI-06 - Give 'em Enough Rope
11-Feb-80*HP-16*WI-20 - London Calling
29-Dec-80*HP-36*WI-15 - Sandinista
07-Jun-82*HP-32*WI-28 - Combat Rock
16-Dec-85*HP-69*WI-07 - Cut the Crap
09-May-88*HP-52*WI-11 - The Story of The Clash Volume 1
cheers bulion, once again brilliant how did local punk rockers the saints chart?
bulion do you know which album penny lane by the beatles is from?
Penny Lane is not featured on any Studio Album for the group, and can be found on their 1967-1970 compilation album. For more information, see this (for once correct) Wikipedia entry...


Hello bulion. Sorry for the request, I hadn´t seen you already psoted Floyd here.

Just a question: do you have a list with the acts the spent the most weeks inside the top 100 in Australia?. And maybe an all time list based on points?.

I´m a big Queen fan, so I would like to know how high they rank in such a list. Do you think that Queen are one of the biggest bands in Australia?.

hi, just wondering if i could obtain chart postions for u2, rem, prince and the doors. thankyou.
I would love to see how Sade, Diana Ross, Donna Summer and Peggy Lee charted?

24-Aug-81*HP-35*WI-13 - Boy
01-Feb-82*HP-34*WI-25 - October
11-Apr-83*HP-09*WI-65 - War
16-Jan-84*HP-02*WI-72 - Under a Blood Red Sky (Live)
29-Oct-84*HP-01*WI-32 - The Unforgettable Fire (1 week at No.1)
06-May-85*HP-08*WI-12 - The Unforgettable Fire (Mini LP)
23-Mar-87*HP-03*WI-101- The Joshua Tree
07-Dec-87*HP-93*WI-01 - Wide Awake in America
then came "Rattle & Hum" in October 1988.

01-Sep-86*HP-73*WI-07 - Life's Rich Pageant
19-Oct-87*HP-47*WI-09 - Document
then came "Green" in Dec 1988.


31-May-82*HP-55*WI-14 - Controversy
04-Apr-83*HP-35*WI-08 - 1999 (Double Album)
09-May-83*HP-36*WI-17 - 1999 (Single Album)
23-July-84*HP-01*WI-69 - Purple Rain Soundtrack (1 week at No.1)
13-May-85*HP-12*WI-28 - Around the World in a Day
28-Apr-86*HP-08*WI-18 - Parade
20-Apr-87*HP-20*WI-16 - Sign 'O' the Times
06-Jun-88*HP-06*WI-15 - LoveSexy
17-July-89*HP-04*WI-20 - Batman Soundtrack
09-Sep-90*HP-10*WI-13 - Graffiti Bridge Soundtrack
13-Oct-91*HP-01*WI-58 - Diamonds and Pearls
26-Jan-92*HP-21*WI-23 - Purple Rain Soundtrack (R)
25-Oct-92*HP-01*WI-24 - (Love Symbol)
26-Sep-93*HP-05*WI-20 - The Hits/The B-Sides
26-Sep-93*HP-19*WI-09 - The Hits 1
26-Sep-93*HP-20*WI-10 - The Hits 2
28-Aug-94*HP-02*WI-09 - Come
04-Dec-94*HP-15*WI-08 - The Black Album
04-Aug-96*HP-54*WI-05 - Chaos and Disorder (Love Symbol)
08-Dec-96*HP-08*WI-09 - Emancipation (TAFKAP)
19-July-98*HP-47*WI-03 - New Power Soul (TAFKAP)
22-Nov-99*HP-82*WI-01 - Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (TAFKAP)
30-Oct-00*HP-42*WI-06 - The Hits / The B-Sides (R)
01-Jan-01*HP-70*WI-10 - The Hits / The B-Sides (R)
17-Sep-01*HP-40*WI-06 - The Very Best of
03-Nov-03*HP-79*WI-01 - The Very Best of (R)
03-May-04*HP-15*WI-10 - Musicology
03-Apr-06*HP-18*WI-08 - 3121

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The Doors:

none of their earlier albums charted in the 1960's.
27-Apr-70*HP-03*WI-17 - Morrison Hotel
02-Nov-70*HP-17*WI-08 - Absolutely Live
10-May-71*HP-33*WI-03 - 13
19-July-71*HP-09*WI-30 - L.A. Woman
17-Jan-72*HP-36*WI-07 - Other Voices
17-Apr-72*HP-44*WI-06 - Weird Scenes Inside the Gold Mine
16-Oct-72*HP-22*WI-08 - Full Circle
05-Feb-79*HP-80*WI-03 - An American Prayer (Jim Morrison &...)
03-Nov-80*HP-76*WI-03 - Greatest Hits
28-Nov-83*HP-37*WI-10 - Alive She Cried
23-Jun-86*HP-14*WI-36 - The Best of The Doors
10-Aug-87*HP-35*WI-12 - Live at the Hollywood Bowl
then in 1991 was "The Doors" Soundtrack.

22-Oct-84*HP-06*WI-40 - Diamond Life
25-Nov-85*HP-09*WI-37 - Promise
23-May-88*HP-11*WI-24 - Stronger Than Pride
then came "Love Deluxe" in 1992.
Diana Ross:

20-Aug-73*HP-20*WI-17 - Touch Me in the Morning
10-Sep-73*HP-43*WI-04 - The Lady Sings the Blues Soundtrack
04-Mar-74*HP-50*WI-11 - The Last Time I Saw Him
11-Mar-74*HP-26*WI-15 - Diana and Marvin (w/ Marvin Gaye)
22-July-74*HP-92*WI-02 - Diana Ross Live at Caesar's Palace
10-May-76*HP-39*WI-19 - Diana Ross
27-Sep-76*HP-47*WI-13 - Diana Ross' Greatest Hits
14-Nov-77*HP-71*WI-19 - 20 Golden Greatest (w/ The Supremes)
28-Nov-77*HP-81*WI-06 - Baby it's Me
30-July-79*HP-76*WI-06 - The Boss
14-July-80*HP-17*WI-38 - Diana
11-May-81*HP-80*WI-07 - To Love Again
16-Npv-81*HP-47*WI-16 - Why Do Fools Fall in Love
23-Nov-81*HP-27*WI-17 - Diana Ross Collection
29-Npv-82*HP-84*WI-03 - Silk Electric
08-Aug-83*HP-59*WI-06 - Ross
23-Apr-84*HP-40*WI-09 - The Diana Ross Story
12-Nov-84*HP-78*WI-03 - Swept Away
07-Apr-86*HP-11*WI-25 - Eaten Alive
18-Aug-86*HP-26*WI-10 - 20 All Time Greatest Hits (w/ Supremes)
04-July-88*HP-86*WI-04 - Love Songs
17-July-89*HP-85*WI-03 - Workin' Overtime

She's never scored a Top 10 album in Australia, her 1986 album "Eaten Alive" being the highest peaker at No.11.
Donna Summer:

01-Mar-76*HP-07*WI-20 - Love to Love You Baby
10-May-76*HP-32*WI-26 - A Love Trilogy
04-July-77*HP-04*WI-29 - I Remember Yesterday
19-Dec-77*HP-44*WI-18 - Once Upon a Time
09-Oct-78*HP-27*WI-31 - Live and More
28-May-79*HP-06*WI-26 - Bad Girls
12-Nov-79*HP-16*WI-22 - On the Radio: Greatest Hits 1 & 2
10-Nov-80*HP-18*WI-12 - The Wanderer
16-Aug-82*HP-45*WI-16 - Donna Summer
30-May-83*HP-16*WI-17 - Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2
01-Aug-83*HP-21*WI-14 - She Works Hard for the Money
15-Oct-84*HP-91*IW-01 - Cats Without Claws
28-Aug-89*HP-95*WI-06 - Another Place and Time
No albums charted pre 1988 for Peggy Lee unfortunately.


Hernan: I don't have a listing of what you requested, so I can't provide that information, sorry
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thankyou bulion
hello again, just wondering if your able to get chart postions for the saints, the monkees, van morrison and simon & garfunkel. cheers.

29-May-78*HP-86*WI-05 - Eternally Yours
23-Mar-81*HP-85*WI-04 - The Monkey Puzzle
28-Apr-86*HP-29*WI-13 - All Fools Day
25-Apr-88*HP-50*WI-07 - Prodigal Son


01-July-67*HP-03*WI-34 - The Monkees
22-July-67*HP-04*WI-15 - More of The Monkees
14-Sep-68*HP-05*WI-07 - The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees
18-Oct-76*HP-55*WI-29 - The Monkees Greatest Hits
29-Oct-79*HP-37*WI-16 - MonkeeMania
07-July-80*HP-50*WI-08 - Greatest Hits
13-Oct-86*HP-35*WI-20 - Then and Now: The Best of
then came "The Collection" in 1992.
Van Morrison:

21-Sep-70*HP-20*WI-02 - Moondance
10-May-71*HP-32*WI-04 - His Band and The Street Choir
30-Aug-71*HP-52*WI-03 - Astral Weeks
14-Feb-72*HP-33*WI-17 - Tupelo Honey
25-Sep-72*HP-15*WI-17 - Saint Dominic's Preview
22-Oct-73*HP-42*WI-07 - Hard Nose the Highway
08-Apr-74*HP-23*WI-19 - It's Too Late to Stop Now
02-Dec-74*HP-59*WI-11 - Veedon Fleece
25-Apr-77*HP-31*WI-12 - A Period of Transition
09-Oct-78*HP-16*WI-16 - Wavelength
24-Sep-79*HP-10*WI-26 - Into the Music
20-Oct-80*HP-40*WI-09 - Common One
03-May-82*HP-20*WI-15 - Beautiful Vision
23-May-83*HP-21*WI-17 - Inarticulate Speech of the Heart
09-Apr-84*HP-70*WI-01 - Live at the Grand Opera House Belfast
25-Feb-85*HP-34*WI-08 - A Sense of Wonder
18-Aug-86*HP-32*WI-14 - No Guru, No Method, No Teacher
05-Oct-87*HP-25*WI-22 - Poetic Champions Compose
then came "Irish Heartbeat" in August 1988.
Simon & Garfunkel:

13-July-68*HP-01*WI-75 - The Graduate Soundtrack (1 week)
17-Aug-68*HP-03*WI-07 - Bookends
22-Nov-69*HP-14*WI-03 - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme
06-Apr-70*HP-01*WI-71 - Bridge Over Troubled Water (15 weeks)
31-July-72*HP-10*WI-42 - Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits
23-Nov-81*HP-03*WI-25 - Simon & Garfunkel Collection
15-Mar-82*HP-05*WI-63 - The Concert in Central Park
then there was "20 Greatest Hits" in 1991.
awesome,thanks bulion. i'm curious as to how eric clapton has charted throughout he's career with the yardbirds, john mayall's bluesbreakers, cream, blind faith, derek & the dominoes and solo.
i'm a huge fan of the psychedelic era, did any of these trippers ever chart : the mamas & the papas, jefferson airplane, grateful dead & jimi hendrix?
Joe, here we go with the Clapton files...

Eric Clapton:
23-Nov-70*HP-07*WI-15 - Eric Clapton
04-Feb-74*HP-51*WI-04 - Eric Clapton's Rainbow Concert
26-Aug-74*HP-02*WI-38 - 461 Ocean Boulevard
31-Mar-75*HP-15*WI-16 - There's One in Every Crowd
08-Sep-75*HP-29*WI-13 - E.C. Was Here
25-Oct-76*HP-30*WI-18 - No Reason to Cry
21-Nov-77*HP-46*WI-28 - Slowhand
11-Dec-78*HP-16*WI-22 - Backless
09-Jun-80*HP-22*WI-16 - Just One Night
13-Apr-81*HP-30*WI-12 - Another Ticket
02-Aug-82*HP-28*WI-17 - Time Pieces: The Best of
14-Feb-83*HP-20*WI-15 - Money and Cigarettes
14-Jan-85*HP-86*WI-03 - Slowhand's 16 Greatest Hits
15-Apr-85*HP-50*WI-09 - Behind the Sun
19-Jan-87*HP-34*WI-33 - August
05-Sep-88*HP-68*WI-06 - Crossroads
then there was "The Cream of Clapton" in Sept 1988.

Derek & The Dominoes:
07-Jun-71*HP-33*WI-02 - Layla
18-Jun-73*HP-37*WI-11 - Derek & The Dominoes in Concert

John Mayall:
06-July-70*HP-06*WI-08 - Empty Rooms
20-Sep-71*HP-44*WI-02 - Back to the Roots
28-Aug-72*HP-39*WI-10 - Jazz Blues Fusion
09-Jun-75*HP-87*WI-03 - New Year, New Band, New Company

Blind Faith:
18-Oct-69*HP-02*WI-14 - Blind Faith

13-May-67*HP-10*WI-01 - Fresh Cream
02-Mar-68*HP-01*WI-10 - Disraeli Gears (2 weeks at No.1)
16-Nov-68*HP-01*WI-18 - Wheels of Fire (2 weeks at No.1)
17-May-69*HP-06*WI-13 - Goodbye
27-Apr-70*HP-11*WI-10 - Best of Cream
07-Dec-70*HP-30*WI-02 - Live Cream
25-Sep-72*HP-49*WI-02 - Live Cream Volume 2

29-Jun-68*HP-10*WI-01 - The Best of The Yardbirds
Trippy, this lot are for you...

The Mamas and The Papas:
15-July-67*HP-16*WI-01 - The Mamas & The Papas Deliver
04-May-68*HP-08W*I-10 - Farewell to the First Golden Era
23-Nov-68*HP-07*WI-02 - The Papas and The Mamas
25-May-70*HP-13*WI-05 - 16 of Their Greatest Hits

Jefferson Airplane:
25-Jan-69*HP-06*WI-04 - Crown of Creation
04-Oct-71*HP-28*WI-07 - Worst of Jefferson Airplane
06-Dec-71*HP-39*WI-05 - Bark
Jefferson Starship:
07-Jun-71*HP-35*WI-04 - Blows Against the Empire
12-May-75*HP-60*WI-11 - Dragonfly
15-Sep-75*HP-69*WI-07 - Red Octopus
23-Aug-76*HP-62*WI-14 - Spitfire
10-Apr-78*HP-61*WI-13 - Earth
11-Feb-80*HP-75*WI-06 - Freedom at Point Zero
15-Jun-81*HP-84*WI-05 - Modern Times
23-Dec-85*HP-34*WI-22 - Knee Deep in the Hoopla
03-Aug-87*HP-43*WI-10 - No Protection

Grateful Dead:
17-May-71*HP-34*WI-03 - American Beauty
20-Mar-89*HP-85*WI-05 - Dylan & The Dead (w/ Bob Dylan)

Jimi Hendrix:
09-Sep-67*HP-02*WI-23 - Are You Experienced?
23-Mar-68*HP-07*WI-05 - Axis: Bold as Love
05-Oct-68*HP-01*WI-20 - Smash Hits (1 week at No.1)
08-Mar-69*HP-03*WI-10 - Electric Ladyland
19-Apr-69*HP-16*WI-01 - Get That Feeling (w/ Curtis Knight)
24-Aug-70*HP-03*WI-27 - Band of Gypsys
17-May-71*HP-09*WI-11 - Experience
17-May-71*HP-04*WI-13 - Cry of Love
21-Jun-71*HP-39*WI-02 - Eternal Fire
30-Aug-71*HP-30*WI-13 - Star Portrait
06-Dec-71*HP-21*WI-11 - Rainbow Bridge Soundtrack
10-Jan-72*HP-26*WI-06 - Isle of Wight
08-May-72*HP-19*WI-08 - Hendrix in the West
19-Nov-73*HP-58*WI-03 - Soundtrack Recordings
29-Sep-75*HP-63*WI-11 - Crash Landing
25-Oct-82*HP-98*WI-01 - The Jimi Hendrix Concerts
07-May-84*HP-54*WI-04 - The Jimi Hendrix Experience
16-Nov-87*HP-78*WI-05 - Live at Winterland
then there was "Radio One" in April 1989.
thanks bulion .how did the solo beatles chart? also just curiuos to know who actually published the charts before aria took over? i've heard go-set did for a little while but who else did?cheers.
wow that's cool, thanx bulion did these trippers chart as well : janis joplin/big brother & the holding company, moby grape, frank zappa/mothers of invention, the velvet underground and country joe & the fish.
In mid-1974, David Kent (a long time chart collector and collator) started publishing the Kent Music Report, which later became the Australian Music Report (AMR). ARIA started using David's chart in mid01983, then five years after the contract finished, that's when ARIA went and did their own charts.
Prior to 1974, yes there were the Go-Set charts, which started in early 1966. Here's a link to look at the history of those charts...


Or this one has the charts on them...


So from 1966 to 1974 Go-Set did their charts, but one thing of note with their charts, when they added up the information for each state, they didn't take into account the different population in each city, they just gave everything the same amount of points, which doesn't give a proper balance to the charts. This means that a No.1 in Perth or Tasmania would have equal amount of points to a Melbourne or Sydney chart-topper.
So that's why David Kent has gone back and re-calculated the entire charts from 1956 to 1974, plus he also found all of the Top 20 charts from 1940 to 1956 (I've only been able to go back as far as 1950 myself), and then put them all in his chart books.
Beatles Solo:

John Lennon:

16-Mar-70*HP-07*WI-06 - Live Peace in Toronto, 1969 **
26-Apr-71*HP-03*WI-16 - John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band
29-Nov-71*HP-01*WI-48 - Imagine (2 weeks at No.1)
18-Dec-72*HP-10*WI-16 - Sometime in New York City **
17-Dec-73*HP-08*WI-20 - Mind Games
14-Oct-74*HP-04*WI-25 - Walls and Bridges
03-Mar-75*HP-05*WI-36 - Rock 'N' Roll
24-Nov-75*HP-08*WI-44 - Shaved Fish
24-Nov-80*HP-01*WI-45 - Double Fantasy(w/ Yoko Ono)(10wk)
29-Nov-82*HP-01*WI-41 - John Lennon Collection (5 weeks)
06-Feb-84*HP-04*WI-13 - Milk & Honey (w/ Yoko Ono)
14-Apr-86*HP-66*WI-09 - Live in New York City
18-Apr-88*HP-78*WI-04 - Rip it Up
then came "Imagine-The Movie" Soundtrack in Nov 1988
** with "Plastic Ono Band"

Paul McCartney:

22-Jun-70*HP-03*WI-14 - McCartney
05-July-71*HP-03*WI-38 - Ram (w/ Linda McCartney)
17-Jan-72*HP-03*WI-18 - Wings Wild Life
04-Jun-73*HP-01*WI-44 - Red Rose Speedway (3 weeks)
17-Dec-73*HP-01*WI-103- Band on the Run (7 weeks at No.1)
09-Jun-75*HP-02*WI-54 - Venus and Mars
05-Apr-76*HP-02*WI-32 - Wings at the Speed of Sound
27-Dec-76*HP-02*WI-26 - Wings Over America
10-Apr-78*HP-03*WI-20 - London Town
11-Dec-78*HP-08*WI-20 - Wings Greatest
25-Jun-79*HP-03*WI-24 - Back to the Egg
02-Jun-80*HP-06*WI-21 - McCartney II
24-May-82*HP-02*WI-28 - Tug of War
07-Nov-83*HP-09*WI-28 - Pipes of Peace
05-Nov-84*HP-10*WI-16 - Give My Regards to Broadstreet
29-Sep-86*HP-22*WI-10 - Press to Play
30-Nov-87*HP-08*WI-15 - All the Best
then came "Flowers in the Dirt" in 1989.

George Harrison:

08-Feb-71*HP-01*WI-28 - All Things Must Pass (8 weeks
30-July-73*HP-02*WI-19 - Living in the Material World
23-Dec-74*HP-47*WI-14 - Dark Horse
20-Oct-75*HP-36*WI-12 - Extra Texture
06-Dec-76*HP-27*WI-23 - Thirty Three 1/3
20-Dec-76*HP-59*WI-10 - The Best of George Harrison
05-Mar-79*HP-52*WI-21 - George Harrison
22-Jun-81*HP-17*WI-12 - Somewhere in England
16-Nov-87*HP-10*WI-36 - Cloud Nine

Ringo Starr:

29-Jun-70*HP-15*WI-06 - Sentimental Journey
18-Jan-71*HP-33*WI-03 - Beaucoups of Blues
17-Dec-73*HP-02*WI-38 - Ringo
25-Nov-74*HP-11*WI-20 - Goodnight Vienna
19-Jan-76*HP-95*WI-03 - Blast from the Past
01-Nov-76*HP-19*WI-15 - Ringo's Rotogravure
17-Oct-77*HP-65*WI-07 - Ringo the 4th
26-Jun-78*HP-98*WI-02 - Bad Boy

All expect for Ringo had a No.1 album (he climbed as high as No.2) But they ALL did have No.1 solo singles.
George was the first to have a No.1 album
Paul was the first to release an album, although it didn't chart. He did the soundtrack for a film in 1968.

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Janis Joplin/Big Brother...:

23-Nov-68*HP-05*WI-14 - Cheap Thrills **
12-Apr-71*HP-01*WI-22 - Pearl (5 weeks at No.1)
10-July-72*HP-09*WI-11 - Joplin in Concert
19-May-75*HP-36*WI-12 - Joplin Soundtrack
10-Aug-81*HP-67*WI-05 - Janis Joplin's Greatest Hits
** Big Brothers & The Holding Company.

Frank Zappa/Mothers on Invention:

03-May-71*HP-19*WI-04 - Hot Rats **
19-July-71*HP-24*WI-13 - Chunga's Revenge
26-Jun-72*HP-48*WI-02 - 200 Motels
09-Oct-72*HP-22*WI-13 - Mothers Live at the Filmore East **
16-Oct-72*HP-41*WI-04 - Just Another Band from L.A. **
14-Jan-74*HP-47*WI-05 - Over-Nite Sensation **
03-Jun-74*HP-71*WI-06 - ' (Apostrophe)
11-Aug-75*HP-81*WI-04 - One Size Fits All
20-Dec-76*HP-82*WI-07 - Zoot Allures
01-May-78*HP-74*WI-10 - Zappa in New York
06-Nov-78*HP-92*WI-03 - Studio Tan
02-Apr-79*HP-53*WI-11 - Sheik Yerbouti
12-Nov-79*HP-94*WI-02 - Joe's Garage Act 1
** Mothers of Invention

Country Joe McDonald & The Fish:
16-Nov-70*HP-34*WI-01 - C.J. Fish
Country Joe McDonald also had two solo singles, but no solo albums charted in Australia
29-Mar-71*HP-60*WI-07 - I Feel Like I'm Fixin'-to-Die Rag
22-Mar-76*HP-56*WI-09 - Breakfast for Two

Nothing for Moby Grape or Velvet Underground

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groovy i'm glad to see some of my favourite artists chart here. one last request, though i doubt any of these artists charted but anyway..traffic, the pretty things, donavan, love/arthur lee and the incredible string band.thanx.
love ya work bulion, thanks again.
G'day hopin' I could get album chart postions for the following artists,Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, CSN(Y), Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake.Thanks.
did any of these jazz musos chart down under : miles davis, john coltrane, blood,sweat & tears and steely dan? cheers
hi,could i also get INXS chart postions please.

25-May-70*HP-12*WI-03 - The Best of Traffic
09-Nov-70*HP-14*WI-05 - John Barleycorn Must Die
20-Dec-71*HP-49*WI-03 - Welcome Back to the Canteen
17-Apr-72*HP-38*WI-08 - Low Spark of High Heeled Boys
14-May-73*HP-35*WI-10 - Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory
13-May-74*HP-51*WI-03 - On the Road
10-Feb-75*HP-43*WI-09 - When the Eagle Flies

Pretty Things:

14-May-73*HP-51*WI-05 - Freeway Madness


10-May-69*HP-02*WI-14 - Donovan's Greatest Hits
30-Nov-70*HP-13*WI-15 - Open Road
04-Jun-73*HP-22*WI-28 - Cosmic Wheels
08-Apr-74*HP-23*WI-16 - Essence to Essence
10-Mar-75*HP-67*WI-08 - 7-Tease
02-May-88*HP-100*WI-1 - His Greatest Hits

Nothing for Love, Arthur Lee or Incredible String Band
Fleetwood Mac:

28-Dec-70*HP0-26*WI-02 - Kiln House
03-July-72*HP-37*WI-04 - Bare Trees
12-July-76*HP-03*WI-63 - Fleetwood Mac
14-Feb-77*HP-01*WI-80 - Rumours (8 weeks at No.1)
22-Oct-79*HP-02*WI-34 - Tusk
15-Dec-80*HP-20*WI-19 - Live
12-July-82*HP-02*WI-38 - Mirage
04-May-87*HP-05*WI-58 - Tango in the Night
then the long-charting "Greatest Hits" was released in Dec 1988.

Neil Young:

18-Jan-71*HP-13*WI-06 - After the Goldrush
13-Mar-72*HP-01*WI-49 - Harvest (1 week at No.1)
29-Jan-73*HP-39*WI-11 - Journey Through the Past
03-Dec-73*HP-29*WI-07 - Time Fades Away
19-Aug-74*HP-34*WI-23 - On the Beach
16-Jun-75*HP-42*WI-06 - Tonight's the Night
08-Dec-75*HP-44*WI-21 - Zuma
27-Jun-77*HP-21*WI-12 - American Stars N' Bars
26-Dec-77*HP-21*WI-21 - Decade
09-Oct-78*HP-06*WI-43 - Comes a Time
09-July-79*HP-08*WI-30 - Rust Never Sleeps (w/ Crazy Horse)
26-Nov-79*HP-21*WI-29 - Live Rust (w/ Crazy Horse)
24-Nov-80*HP-10*WI-22 - Hawks and Doves
23-Nov-81*HP-27*WI-13 - Re.Ac.Tor (W/ Crazy Horse)
24-Jan-83*HP-23*WI-12 - Trans
19-Sep-83*HP-30*WI-07 - Everybody's Rockin'
09-Sep-85*HP-30*WI-12 - Old Ways
01-Sep-86*HP-43*WI-09 - Landing on Water
23-May-88*HP-34*WI-17 - This Note's For You
then came "El Dorado" in 1989
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young:

18-May-70*HP-01*WI-36 - Deju Vu (2 weeks at No.1) (CSNY)
12-July-71*HP-06*WI-13 - 4 Way Street (CSNY)
13-Dec-71*HP-40*WI-11 - Celebration Copy (CSNY)
28-Oct-74*HP-77*WI-10 - So Far (SCNY)
11-July-77*HP-07*WI-21 - CSN (CSN)
16-Aug-82*HP-46*WI-12 - Daylight Again (CSN)
26-Dec-88*HP-52*WI-17 - American Dream (CSNY)

I'll do some more tomorrow

I've lost the link.

superdelic man thanks bulion.
Pandora Archive of ARIA charts from 2000 to now.

Joni Mitchell:

08-Feb-71*HP-32*WI-02 - Ladies of the Canyon
12-Mar-73*HP-19*WI-11 - For the Roses
11-Mar-74*HP-34*WI-16 - Court and Spark
17-Mar-75*HP-46*WI-18 - Miles of Aisles
22-Dec-75*HP-62*WI-15 - The Hissing of Summer Lawns
20-Dec-76*HP-38*WI-14 - Hejira
16-Jan-78*HP-39*WI-11 - Don Juan's Reckless Daughter
16-July-79*HP-44*WI-12 - Mingus
29-Sep-80*HP-70*WI-06 - Shadows and Light
13-Dec-82*HP-51*WI-20 - Wild Things Run Fast
13-Jan-86*HP-86*WI-05 - Dog Eat Dog
18-Apr-88*HP-44*WI-12 - Chalk Mark in the Rain
then came May 91's "Night Ride Home".
Leonard Cohen:

16-Aug-71*HP-08*WI-17 - Songs of Love and Hate
27-Jan-75*HP-86*WI-02 - New Skin for the Old Ceremony
27-Feb-78*HP-85*WI-03 - Death of a Ladies' Man
17-Jun-85*HP-52*WI-07 - Various Positions

Nothing for Nick Drake at all.
Blood, Sweat & Tears:

07-Jun-69*HP-04*WI-21 - Blood, Sweat & Tears
25-May-70*HP-28*WI-01 - Blood, Sweat & Tears (R)
16-Nov-70*HP-06*WI-21 - Blood, Sweat & Tears 3
13-Sep-71*HP-20*WI-11 - Blood, Sweat & Tears 4
12-Jun-72*HP-44*WI-05 - Blood, Sweat & Tears Greatest Hits
08-Jan-73*HP-62*WI-07 - New Blood
21-Sep-81*HP-60*WI-09 - The Very Best of

Steely Dan:

27-May-74*HP-18*WI-28 - Pretzel Logic
07-Apr-75*HP-28*WI-17 - Katy Lied
31-May-76*HP-46*WI-17 - Can't Buy a Thrill
21-Jun-76*HP-30*WI-20 - The Royal Scam
17-Oct-77*HP-09*WI-31 - Aja
27-Nov-78*HP-11*WI-36 - Greatest Hits
08-Dec-80*HP-09*WI-28 - Gaucho

Nothing at all (suprisingly) for Miles Davis or John Coltrane

20-Oct-80*HP-27*WI-18 - INXS
02-Nov-81*HP-15*WI-17 - Underneath the Colours
25-Oct-82*HP-05*WI-94 - Shabooh Shoobah
24-Jan-83*HP-74*WI-06 - INXSive
02-Apr-84*HP-01*WI-104- The Swing (5 weeks at No.1)
01-Apr-85*HP-02*WI-18 - Dekadance (Cassette)
14-Oct-85*HP-01*WI-81 - Listen Like Thieves (2 weeks at No.1)
26-Oct-87*HP-01*WI-83 - Kick (1 week at No.1 on AMR only)
then came "X" in 1990.

INXSive was a compilation of the best of their first two albums. As they were on the DeLuxe label for signing with WEA, this was a sort of Best-of of their first two albums

Dekadance was a cassette only release that contained remixes from The Swing plus other B-Sides and live stuff.
thanks bulion
Thankyou. I would also be interested in album chart postions for The Band, Dusty Springfield, the Flying Burritto Brothers and Gram Parsons if possible.
cheers bulion how did these soul/funk artists chart down under : james brown, marvin gaye, curtis mayfield, arthea franklin and sly & the family stone?
hi, i notice a few listings above for some punk acts; is there a chance of getting chart postions for these punk artists. The Ramones, Television, The Stooges, Iggy Pop, New York Dolls and Patti Smith.
The Band:

02-Mar-70*HP-06*WI-15 - The Band
26-Oct-70*HP-03*WI-18 - Stage Fright
29-Nov-71*HP-24*WI-08 - Cahoots
27-Nov-72*HP-17*WI-17 - Rock of Ages
17-Dec-73*HP-43*WI-10 - Moondog Matinee
05-Jan-76*HP-96*WI-02 - Northern Lights-Southern Cross
15-May-78*HP-11*WI-30 - The Last Waltz (w/ Various Artists)
19-Feb-79*HP-97*WI-02 - Anthology
Dusty Springfield:

29-Sep-80*HP-82*WI-03 - Dusty Springfield Gold
15-Mar-82*HP-36*WI-13 - Greatest Hits

Her 1989 comeback album didn't chart, neither did any of her classic 60's albums.

Nothing at all for Flying Burritto Brothers and Gram Parsons.
Marvin Gaye:

11-Mar-74*HP-26*WI-15 - Diana & Marvin (w/ Diana Ross)
16-Sep-74*HP-96*WI-02 - Marvin Gaye Live
14-Jun-76*HP-87*WI-03 - I Want You
25-July-77*HP-93*WI-02 - Live at the London Palladium
21-Feb-83*HP-23*WI-13 - Midnight Love


Sly & The Family Stone:

02-Mar-70*HP-09*WI-02 - Stand


Aretha Franklin:

18-May-70*HP-08*WI-10 - This Girl's in Love With You
28-Dec-70*HP-25*WI-02 - Spirit in the Dark
24-July-72*HP-53*WI-01 - Young, Gifted and Black
17-Jun-74*HP-88*WI-03 - Let Me Into Your Life
16-Sep-85*HP-15*WI-26 - Who's Zoomin' Who?
08-Dec-86*HP-33*WI-21 - Aretha
03-July-89*HP-86*WI-03 - Through the Storm

Nothing at all for Curtis Mayfield or James Brown (unbelievable as it may seem!!!)

20-Mar-78*HP-79*WI-03 - Rocket to Russia
08-Jan-79*HP-99*WI-01 - Road to Ruin
17-Mar-80*HP-53*WI-08 - End of the Century
17-Aug-81*HP-87*WI-04 - Pleasant Dreams



27-Jun-77*HP-92*WI-02 - Marquee Moon


Iggy Pop:

20-Jun-77*HP-88*WI-01 - The Idiot
26-Jun-78*HP-89*WI-02 - TV Eye
09-July-79*HP-36*WI-12 - New Values
28-Apr-80*HP-78*WI-04 - Soldier
24-Aug-81*HP-93*WI-01 - Party
15-Dec-86*HP-34*WI-29 - Blah Blah Blah
15-Aug-88*HP-84*WI-02 - Instinct
then came "Brick by Brick" in 1990.


Patti Smith:

16-Feb-76*HP-80*WI-09 - Horses
03-Jan-77*HP-93*WI-03 - Radio Ethiopia
01-May-78*HP-11*WI-28 - Easter
11-Jun-79*HP-30*WI-13 - Wave
15-Aug-88*HP-63*WI-05 - Dream of Life

Nothing for The Stooges or New York Dolls unfortunately.
Thankyou again. Just a couple more requests please, Johnny Cash, The Small Faces and The Zombies.
awesome to see television's marquee moon scraped into the charts!!! same goes for patti's horses and iggy's the idiot, true, a shame the stooges and the Dolls didn't chart, anyway did these punks chart Suicide, Wire, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Joy Division, Public Image Limited and The Dead Kennedy's?
I'm a huge fan of Progressive Rock from the 70's, could you provide postions for these artists. Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Can, Roxy Music, Brian Eno and Kraftwerk. Thanks.
Hello bulion
can u please post the chart listings for
phil collins' no jacket required in 1985
santana's abraxas in 1971 and
carly simon's no secrets in 1973 pretty please
btw can u do singles to??
thanks again bulion i'm absolutely mistified as to how both james brown and curtis mayfield never placed an album in the oz charts, and how miles davis's "bitches brew" never charted either!!! anyway not to worry, how did these other soul/funk artists fair: funkadelic, parliment, issac hayes,stevie wonder and barry white.
yo yo give these stars tha listn' : Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, Grandmaster Flash, N.W.A and Public Enemy. cheers bro.
Johnny Cash:

13-Sep-69*HP-02*WI-21 - Johnny Cash at San Quentin
27-Apr-70*HP-14*WI-04 - Johnny Cash 1970
25-May-70*HP-09*WI-05 - Hello I'm Johnny Cash
07-Sep-70*HP-22*WI-01 - The World of Johnny Cash
09-Apr-73*HP-62*WI-02 - Any Old Wind That Blows
28-Mar-77*HP-37*WI-08 - The Best of Johnny Cash
22-Jun-81*HP-54*WI-10 - The Baron
15-July-85*HP-23*WI-30 - The Highwaymen (with Other Acts)
then there was "The Highwaymen 2" in 1991


Small Faces:

21-Dec-70*HP-25*WI-02 - First Step

Nothing at all for The Zombies.
Nothing for Suicide or Wire.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads:

13-Feb-78*HP-13*WI-44 - New Boots and Panties
11-Jun-79*HP-19*WI-14 - Do it Yourself
06-Apr-81*HP-27*WI-12 - Laughter
16-Nov-81*HP-44*WI-09 - Lord Upminster
21-Dec-81*HP-42*WI-12 - Jukeboxy Dury


Joy Division:

16-Mar-81*HP-23*WI-13 - Closer
22-Jun-81*HP-82*WI-05 - Unknown Pleasures
02-Nov-81*HP-73*WI-03 - Still
08-Aug-88*HP-80*WI-04 - Substance


Public Image Limited:

12-Feb-79*HP-77*WI-05 - Public Image
08-Jun-81*HP-94*WI-07 - The Flowers of Romance
28-Nov-83*HP-92*WI-03 - Live in Tokyo
24-Mar-86*HP-59*WI-08 - Album / Cassette
24-July-89*HP-70*WI-10 - 9
** the 'Album' / 'Cassette' album was called that as it was only named after what it was brought as. If you bought the vinyl album, it was called 'Album'. If you bought the cassette version, it was called 'Cassette'.


Dead Kennedys:

16-Feb-81*HP-98*WI-01 - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
Jethro Tull:

09-Feb-70*HP-12*WI-03 - Stand Up
12-Sep-70*HP-04*WI-17 - Benefit
12-July-71*HP-03*WI-37 - Aqualung
17-Jan-72*HP-35*WI-06 - Sunday Best
19-Jun-72*HP-01*WI-40 - Thick as a Brick (11 weeks at No.1)
18-Dec-72*HP-02*WI-29 - Living in the Past
13-Aug-73*HP-09*WI-15 - A Passion Play
28-Oct-74*HP-09*WI-25 - War Child
15-Sep-75*HP-20*WI-14 - Minstrel in the Gallery
09-Feb-76*HP-13*WI-18 - M.U. The Best of Jethro Tull
07-Jun-76*HP-27*WI-11 - Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young to Die
21-Feb-77*HP-26*WI-19 - Songs from the Wood
21-Nov-77*HP-92*WI-02 - Repeat: The Best of Volume II
01-May-78*HP-17*WI-18 - Heavy Horses
16-Oct-78*HP-20*WI-13 - Bursting Out
19-Nov-79*HP-17*WI-16 - Stormwatch
20-Oct-80*HP-47*WI-07 - A
28-Jun-82*HP-18*WI-13 - The Broadsword and the Beast
19-Nov-84*HP-45*WI-10 - Under Wraps
03-Feb-86*HP-98*WI-01 - Original Masters
25-Jan-88*HP-57*WI-08 - Crest of a Knave
13-Feb-89*HP-100*WI-1 - 20 Years of Jethro Tull
23-Oct-89*HP-91*IW-03 - Rock Island

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer:

26-July-71*HP-09*WI-20 - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
20-Sep-71*HP-06*WI-18 - Tarkus
06-Mar-72*HP-19*WI-16 - Pictures at an Exhibition
09-Oct-72*HP-18*WI-16 - Trilogy
18-Feb-74*HP-17*WI-22 - Brain Salad Surgery
23-Sep-74*HP-34*WI-12 - Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends - Ladies and Gentlemen...
11-Apr-77*HP-06*WI-41 - Works Volume 1
12-Dec-77*HP-37*WI-08 - Works Volume 2
18-Dec-78*HP-82*WI-04 - Love Beach
18-Aug-86*HP-87*WI-04 - Emerson, Lake & Powell


Roxy Music:

04-Dec-72*HP-49*WI-09 - Roxy Music
27-Aug-73*HP-41*WI-11 - For Your Pleasure
06-May-74*HP-33*WI-13 - Stranded
10-Feb-75*HP-26*WI-23 - Country Life
01-Dec-75*HP-12*WI-30 - Siren
02-Aug-76*HP-15*WI-23 - Viva! Roxy Music
26-Mar-79*HP-13*WI-18 - Manifesto
28-July-80*HP-10*WI-58 - Flesh + Blood
28-Jun-82*HP-01*WI-48 - Avalon (3 weeks at No.1)
04-Apr-83*HP-13*WI-14- The High Road
12-Dec-83*HP-60*WI-08 - The Atlantic Years 1973-1980
09-Jun-86*HP-02*WI-23 - Streetlife-2o Great Hits (w/ Bryan Ferry)
then there was "Ultimate Collection" in Nov 1988.


Brian Eno:

10-Apr-78*HP-45*WI-12 - Before and After Science
04-May-81*HP-47*WI-09 - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (w/ David Byrne)



02-Jun-75*HP-09*WI-21 - Autobahn
19-Jan-76*HP-94*WI-04 - Radio-Activity
24-July-78*HP-56*WI-18 - The Man Machine
28-Sep-81*HP-51*WI-07 - Computer World

Nothing for Can at all.
PrinceRuben00, here are you requests. There is also a thread here for singles Pre-1989, so if you want to know about singles, that where you put your requests for those

25-Mar-85*HP-01*WI-100- No Jacket Required (3 weeks at No.1)

25-Jan-71*HP-01*WI-24 - Abraxas (1 week at No.1)

19-Feb-73*HP-01*WI-29 - No Secrets (6 weeks at No.1)
ok does anybody have a link to the singles pre 1989 forum
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Joe, nothing (unfortunately again) for two of the greatest funk and soul bands Parliament or Funkadelic.

Isaac Hayes:

20-Oct-75*HP-79*WI-03 - Chocolate Chip
27-Feb-78*HP-66*WI-03 - A Man & A Woman (w/ Dionne Warwick)
14-Apr-80*HP-41*WI-11 - Don't Let Go


Barry White:

08-Oct-73*HP-39*WI-10 - I've Got So Much to Give
08-Apr-74*HP-09*WI-31 - Stone Gon'
14-Oct-74*HP-28*WI-23 - Can't Get Enough
12-May-75*HP-54*WI-10 - Just Another Way to Say I Love You
15-Dec-75*HP-38*WI-25 - Barry White Greatest Hits
29-Mar-76*HP-75*WI-06 - Let the Music Play
11-Dec-78*HP-97*WI-02 - The Man
then there was "The Barry White Collection" in March 1991.


Stevie Wonder:

28-May-73*HP-34*WI-47 - Talking Book
01-Oct-73*HP-26*WI-64 - Inner Visions
05-Aug-74*HP-19*WI-29 - Fulfillingness' First Finale
25-Nov-74*HP-06*WI-34 - Wonderland
18-Oct-76*HP-06*WI-36 - Songs in the Key of Life
19-Nov-79*HP-24*WI-14 - Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants
03-Nov-80*HP-03*WI-54 - Hotter Than July
31-May-82*HP-09*WI-39 - Stevie Wonder's Original Musiquarium 1
15-Oct-84*HP-04*WI-30 - The Woman in Red Soundtrack
08-Apr-85*HP-24*WI-10 - Love Songs
21-Oct-85*HP-08*WI-14 - In Square Circle
23-Nov-87*HP-23*WI-13 - Characters

PR00, just select "latest Top 40 subjects" at the Forum, and it will show you the last 20 threads. In there is one for that thread.
Rapstar here are your requests. A lot of the people you asked about had more success after 1989. So have a look through the search engine above (on the top left) for more info on these groups


27-Oct-86*HP-50*WI-06 - Raising Hell
01-Aug-88*HP-40*WI-29 - Tougher Than Leather


Beastie Boys:

23-Mar-87*HP-62*WI-15 - Licensed to Ill
02-Oct-89*HP-72*WI-04 - Paul's Boutique
then came "Check Your Head" in 1992.


Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five:

21-Mar-83*HP-78*WI-06 - The Message



21-May-90*HP-55*WI-21 - Straight Outta Compton
then there was their first Top 50 album "100 Miles & Runnin" in November 1990.


Public Enemy's first album was "Fear of a Black Planet" in May 1990, so that'll be in the search engine.
thanks bulion, good to see some great albums chart. last request if possible; The Replacements, The Psychedelic Furs, Black Flag, The Modern Lovers and Big Star.
Thankyou bulion
13-Feb-89*HP-110*WI-1 - 20 Years of Jethro Tull

How high did the album chart go past 100? I've never seen anything chart past 100 before...
yo cheers bulion though didn't public enemy's first album come out in 1988 "It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back"?
That Jethro Tull album was meant to read "100" and now does as I've amended it, thanks for that.


Rapstar: That was 'da Enemy's' first album, but it not chart here in Australia. The first recorded chart entry for them was "Fear..."


If I get time today, I'll do the next lot of requests.
yo thanks agian bulion
Mornin', thanks for the chart postions i requested for, fantastic!!! Could i please get chart postion for Alice Cooper, Boston and Peter Gabriel also.Thanks.
thanks bulion it seems not many aussies in the 70's had the funk bug, shame it's great music! did these artists dent the charts at all : peter tosh, toots & the maytals, war, the specials and madness?
Punkhead, Nothing for The Replacements (scandalous!!) Black Flag (sacriligous!!) Big Star or Modern Lovers Pre-1989.

Psychedelic Furs:

01-Nov-82*HP-49*WI-22 - Forever Now
20-Aug-84*HP-97*WI-01 - Mirror Moves
01-Dec-86*HP-38*WI-10 - Midnight to Midnight
Alice Cooper:

07-Aug-72*HP-05*WI-42 - School's Out
14-May-73*HP-04*WI-24 - Billion Dollar Babies
14-Jan-74*HP-36*WI-12 - Muscle of Love
28-Oct-74*HP-71*WI-06 - Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits
17-Mar-75*HP-05*WI-101- Welcome to My Nightmare
12-July-76*HP-04*WI-46 - Alice Cooper Goes to Hell
09-May-77*HP-03*WI-24 - Lace and Whiskey
28-Nov-77*HP-29*WI-15 - The Alice Cooper Show
11-Dec-78*HP-12*WI-17 - From the Inside
19-May-80*HP-32*WI-18 - Flush the Fashion
12-Oct-81*HP-76*WI-06 - Special Forces
18-Mar-85*HP-54*WI-21 - To Hell and Back-Greatest Hits
01-Dec-86*HP-94*WI-02 - Constrictor
then came the comeback album "Trash" in Sep 1989.

20-Dec-76*HP-16*WI-23 - Boston
18-Sep-78*HP-08*WI-16 - Don't Look Back
17-Nov-86*HP-35*WI-12- Third Stage


Peter Gabriel: His first four albums were all self-titled, so the listing below is correct. He didn't put numbers after any of the titles.

18-Apr-77*HP-25*WI-18 - Peter Gabriel
28-Aug-78*HP-50*WI-06 - Peter Gabriel
07-July-80*HP-29*WI-14 - Peter Gabriel
01-Nov-82*HP-66*WI-12- Peter Gabriel
18-July-83*HP-55*WI-06 - Peter Gabriel Plays Live
09-Jun-86*HP-05*WI-71 - So
then came "Shaking the Tree: The Best of" in Dec 1990.

Peter Tosh:

25-Dec-78*HP-34*WI-23 - Bush Doctor
10-Sep-79*HP-72*WI-07 - Mystic Man
04-Apr-83*HP-47*WI-08- Mama Africa



09-Nov-70*HP-09*WI-16 - Eric Burdon Declares "WAR" **
07-Jun-71*HP-18*WI-07 - The Black Man's Burdon **
22-Sep-75*HP-81*WI-10 - Why Can't We Be Friends
06-Mar-78*HP-53*WI-09 - Galaxy
** shown as Eric Burdon & War



11-Feb-80*HP-20*WI-20 - Specials
08-Dec-80*HP-86*WI-02 - More Specials



28-Jan-80*HP-29*WI-17 - One Step Beyond
01-Dec-80*HP-56*WI-31 - Absolutely
01-Feb-82*HP-36*WI-25 - 7
27-Sep-82*HP-02*WI-18 - Complete Madness
07-Feb-83*HP-28*WI-14 - Madness pres The Rise and Fall
14-May-84*HP-94*WI-02 - Keep Moving
04-Nov-85*HP-66*WI-06 - Mad Not Mad
then there was the best-of "Divine Madness" in June 1992.

Nothing charted for Toots & The Maytals
Thanks bulion much appreciated
cheers bulion, you never fail to impress!! when you got time could you post the chart postions for the following: tom waits, the jam, tom petty(& the heartbreakers), the pretenders and xtc.thanks.
thanks bulion.i agree, a bloody disgrace some of those punks didn't chart!!! So What PUNK ROCKS!!! Thanks again til next time.
g'day, poss to get lp chart postions for; AC/DC, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Megadeth, Anthrax and The Angels? thanks.
Hello, could i please get chart postions for the following artisits, Lou Reed, John Cale, Billy Joel and Richard Thompson.Thanks.
Tom Waits:

27-Nov-78*HP-42*WI-13 - Blue Valentine
06-Oct-80*HP-31*WI-14 - Heartattack and Vine
19-Oct-81*HP-75*WI-02 - Bounced Checks
24-Feb-86*HP-49*WI-09 - Rain Dogs
02-Nov-87*HP-83*WI-06 - Franks Wild Years
then there was "Bone Machine" in 1992.


The Jam:

31-Mar-80*HP-79*WI095 - Setting Sons
16-Feb-81*HP-53*WI-18 - Sound Affects
31-May-82*HP-23*WI-10 - The Gift
17-Jan-83*HP-54*WI-08 - Dig the New Breed
19-Dec-83*HP-70*WI-09 - Snap


Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

03-Apr-78*HP-57*WI-13 - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
10-July-78*HP-60*WI-13 - You're Gonna Get it
10-Dec-79*HP-15*WI-32 - Damn the Torpedoes
01-Jun-81*HP-21*WI-20 - Hard Promises
27-Dec-82*HP-77*WI-09 - Long After Dark
22-Apr-85*HP-53*WI-12 - Southern Accents
03-Feb-86*HP-24*WI-10 - Pack Up the Plantation-Live
22-Jun-87*HP-63*WI-10 - Let Me Up (I've Had Enough)
then there was "Full Moon Fever" in June 1989.


The Pretenders:

25-Feb-80*HP-06*WI-29 - The Pretenders
31-Aug-81*HP-18*WI-16 - The Pretenders II
30-Jan-84*HP-18*WI-23 - Learning to Crawl
17-Nov-86*HP-12*WI-46 - Get Close
30-Nov-87*HP-19*WI-19 - The Singles
then there was the June 1990 album "Packed".



30-July-79*HP-93*WI-04 - Go 2
17-Sep-79*HP-40*WI-09 - Drums and Wires
15-Sep-80*HP-27*WI-12 - Black Sea
29-Mar-82*HP-14*WI-18 - English Settlement
12-Nov-84*HP-96*WI-02 - The Big Express
then they had their next album "Nonsuch" in May 1992.
With the recent mass return of AC/DC album to the charts, here are their previous efforts as requested by Boof


10-Mar-75*HP-14*WI-39 - High Voltage
05-Jan-76*HP-02*WI-30 - T.N.T.
04-Oct-76*HP-05*WI-24 - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
04-Apr-77*HP-19*WI-20 - Let There Be Rock
26-Jun-78*HP-22*WI-16 - Powerage
11-Dec-78*HP-37*WI-15 - If You Want Blood You've Got it
15-Oct-79*HP-13*WI-15 - Highway to Hell
01-Sep-80*HP-01*WI-74 - Back in Black (1 week in 1981)
14-Dec-81*HP-03*WI-22 - For Those About to Rock We Salute You
05-Sep-83*HP-03*WI-15 - Flick of the Switch
29-July-85*HP-04*WI-21 - Fly on the Wall
30-Jun-86*HP-04*WI-36 - Who Made Who
01-Feb-88*HP-02*WI-18 - Blow Up Your Video
then there was "The Razors Edge" in October 1990.
Boof, here are the rest of your requests...

The Angels:

14-Aug-78*HP-18*WI-71 - Face to Face
25-Jun-79*HP-08*WI-33 - No Exit
12-May-80*HP-05*WI-25 - The Angels Greatest
23-Jun-80*HP-05*WI-23 - Dark Room
07-Dec-81*HP-13*WI-20 - Night Attack
09-May-83*HP-06*WI-24 - Watch the Red
11-Feb-85*HP-05*WI-24 - Two Minute Warning
25-Nov-85*HP-39*WI-09 - Greatest Hits Volume 2
09-Dec-86*HP-06*WI-39 - Howling
29-Feb-88*HP-03*WI-25 - Liveline
then they had their No.1 album "Beyond Salvation" in June 1990



28-Nov-88*HP-86*WI-02 - State of Euphoria
then there was their Sep 1990 album "Persistence of Time"


Iron Maiden:

31-May-82*HP-08WI-40 - The Number of the Beast
06-Jun-83*HP-17*WI-14 - Piece of Mind
01-Oct-84*HP-26*WI-11 - Powerslave
18-Nov-85*HP-31*WI-12 - Live After Death
20-Oct-86*HP-23*WI-12 - Somewhere in Time
25-Apr-88*HP-19*WI-12 - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
then came their Oct 1990 album "No Prayer for the Dying".


Megadeth's first albumn to chart was 1990's "Rust in Peace".



26-July-82*HP-80*WI-01 - Iron Fist
22-Aug-83*HP-89*WI-02 - Another Perfect Day
17-Nov-86*HP-86*WI-02 - Orgasmatron
12-Oct-87*HP-99*WI-01 - Rock 'N' Roll
25-Mar-91*HP-95*WI-03 - 1916


Van Halen:

03-Apr-78*HP-17*WI-21 - Van Halen
30-Apr-79*HP-68*WI-09- Van Halen II
29-Jun-81*HP-97*WI-01 - Fair Warning
31-May-82*HP-79*WI-08 - Diver Down
06-Feb-84*HP-11*WI-25 - 1984
21-Apr-86*HP-05*WI-38 - 5150
27-Jun-88*HP-10*WI-21 - OU812
then came "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge" in July 1991.
Lou Reed:

09-Apr-73*HP-12*WI-35 - Transformer
17-Dec-73*HP-59*WI-11 - Berlin
27-May-74*HP-20&WI-24 - Rock and Roll Animal
09-Sep-74*HP-14*WI-22 - Sally Can't Dance
07-Apr-75*HP-42*WI-22 - Lou Reed Live
09-Feb-76*HP-25*WI-17 - Coney Island Baby
15-Nov-76*HP-68*WI-08 - Rock and Roll Heart
01-May-78*HP-24*WI-15 - Street Hassle
02-July-79*HP-58*WI-07 - The Bells
30-July-84*HP-56*WI-14- New Sensations
14-July-86*HP-47*WI-12 - Mistrial
then came "New York" in February 1989.


the only album listed for John Cale is his collaboration album "Songs for Drella" with Lou Reed in June 1990.


Nothing for Richard Thompson at all.

Billy Joel:

19-Aug-74*HP-14*WI-95 - Piano Man
30-Jun-75*HP-85*WI-05 - Streetlife Serenade
07-Jun-76*HP-12*WI-33 - Turnstiles
31-Oct-77*HP-02*WI-57 - The Stranger
13-Nov-78*HP-01*WI-37 - 52nd Street (5 weeks at No.1)
24-Mar-80*HP-02*WI-47 - Glass Houses
05-Oct-81*HP-09*WI-23 - Songs in the Attic
25-Oct-82*HP-04*WI-26 - The Nylon Curtain
29-Aug083*HP-03*WI-89 - An Innocent Man
05-Aug-85*HP-02*WI-77 - Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2
11-Aug-86*HP-02*WI-65 - The Bridge
02-Nov-87*HP-10*WI-19 - Kohuept
then there was his second No.1 album "Stormfront" in Nov 89.
Thanks again bulion
hi bulion, hoping i could get postions for these artists, human league, the police, blondie, duran duran and the eurythmics. thankyou.
g'day, thanks mate that's great!!! one last request if that's alright; Metallica, ZZ Top and Bruce "The Boss" Springstein.
thanks bulion how did these aussie artists chart: the skyhooks, the divinyls, midnight oil and nick cave(bithday party/bad seeds/solo).cheers.
Could you post the positions for Dire Straits & Neil Diamond? Thank you
Human League:

25-Jan-82*HP-03*WI-40 - Dare
04-Jun-84*HP-18*WI-11 - Hysteria
06-Oct-86*HP-32*WI-16 - Crash
then there was a "Greatest Hits" collection in early 1989.


The Police:

29-Jan-79*HP-15*WI-70 - Outlandos D'Amour
26-Nov-79*HP-01*WI-35 - Reggatta de Blanc (2 weeks at No.1)
20-Oct-80*HP-01*WI-35 - Zenyatta Mondatta (1 week at No.1)
09-Nov-81*HP-01*WI-23 - Ghost in the Machine (1 week at 1)
11-July-83*HP-01*WI-53 - Synchronicity (3 weeks at No.1)
08-Dec-86*HP-04*WI-28 - Every Breath You Take-The Singles



05-Sep-77*HP-14*WI-24 - Blondie
06-Mar-78*HP-64*WI-15 - Plastic Letters
13-Nov-78*HP-02*WI-33 - Parallel Lines
01-Oct-79*HP-09*WI-52 - Eat to the Beat
08-Dec-80*HP-08*WI-30 - AutoAmerican
21-Dec-81*HP-01*WI-23 - The Best of Blondie (2 weeks at 1)
28-Jun-82*HP-15*WI-13 - The Hunter


Duran Duran:

14-Sep-81*HP-09*WI-52 - Duran Duran
14-Jun-82*HP-01*WI-27 - Rio (1 week at No.1)
28-Npv-83*HP-02*WI-30 - Seven and the Ragged Tiger
19-Nov-84*HP-08*WI-18 - Arena
22-Dec-86*HP-30*WI-09 - Notorious
then there was "Big Thing" in Nov 88.



09-May-83*HP-05*WI-32 - Sweet Dreams
19-Dec-83*HP-04*WI-37 - Touch
14-Jan-85*HP-22*WI-13 - 1984 Soundtrack
03-Jun-85*HP-01*WI-54 - Be Yourself Tonight (4 weeks at No.1)
14-July-86*HP-02*WI-58 - Revenge
14-Dec-87*HP-15*WI-23 - Savage
then in Sep 1989 came their "We Too Are One" album.


18-Jan-88*HP-69*WI-06 - The %5.98 EP: Garage Days Revisited
then their "And Justice For All" album was released in Oct 88


ZZ Top:

06-May-74*HP-36*WI-14 - Tres Hombres
02-Dec-74*HP-90*WI-03 - Rio Grande Mud
16-Jun-75*HP-61*WI-12 - Fandango
28-Feb-77*HP-72*WI-06 - Tejas
24-Dec-79*HP-100*WI-2 - Deguello
06-Aug-84*HP-02*WI-51 - Eliminator
29-Oct-84*HP-44*WI-17 - The Best of ZZ Top
18-Nov-85*HP-06*WI-57 - Afterburner
02-Mar-87*HP-11*WI-24 - Club (Remix EP)
14-Dec-87*HP-99*WI-01 - The ZZ Top 6 Pack
then there was "Recycler" in Nov 1990.


Bruce Springsteen:

13-Oct-75*HP-07*WI-40 - Born to Run
26-Jun-78*HP-09*WI-29 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
20-Oct-80*HP-08*WI-44 - The River
25-Oct-82*HP-08*WI-21 - Nebraska
18-Jun-84*HP-01*WI-97 - Born in the USA (8 weeks at No.1)
15-Apr-85*HP-60*WI-05 - The Wild, The Innocent and the E-Street Shuffle
15-Apr-85*HP-71*WI-05 - Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.
24-Nov-86*HP-03*WI-15 - Live 1975-1985
26-Oct-87*HP-05*WI-28 - Tunnel of Love
then came his two April 1992 albums "Lucky Town" & "Human Touch"

The two albums listed after Born in the USA were older albums that entered the charts for the first time in 1985. This was also due to his Australian tour in April 1985.
I'll do some more tomorrow
thanks bulion
g'day, thanks again bulion. top work!!
Hi, hoping i could chart postions for the band X.thanks.
how did the models and icehouse chart?
Good evening, i,m going to join the trend and request some more australian artists; Cold Chisel and The Triffids.Thankyou.
How did kate bush chart

14-Oct-74*HP-01*WI-56 - Living in the 70's (16 weeks at No.1)
07-July-75*HP-01*WI-29 - Ego is Not a Dirty Word (11 weeks)
30-Aug-76*HP-03*WI-19 - Straight in a Gay Gay World
12-Sep-77*HP-49*WI-11 - The Skyhooks Tapes
03-Apr-78*HP-07*WI-18 - Guilty Until Proven Insane
11-Dec-78*HP-84*WI-04 - Live! Be in it
07-Jan-80*HP-09*WI-31 - The Best of Skyhooks
12-May-80*HP-64*WI-05 - Hot for the Orient
21-Nov-83*HP-19*WI-16 - Live in the 80's
29-Oct-84*HP-32*WI-08 - Living in the 70's (Commemorative Coloured Vinyl Edition)
then there was their next collection in Nov 1990, "The Latest and Greatest".

17-May-82*HP-25*WI-29 - Music from 'Monkey Grip'
24-Jan-83*HP-05*WI-33 - Desperate
11-Nov-85*HP-04*WI-32 - What a Life
09-May-88*HP-11*WI-23 - Temperamental
then there was their self-titled Feb 1991 album.


Midnight Oil:

27-Nov-78*HP-43*WI-24 - Midnight Oil
29-Oct-79*HP-36*WI-43 - Head Injuries
30-Nov-81*HP-12*WI-31 - Place Without a Postcard
29-Nov-82*HP-03*WI-171- 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1
29-Oct-84*HP-01*WI-63 - Red Sails in the Sunset (4 weeks)
24-Aug-87*HP-01*WI-50 - Diesel and Dust (6 weeks at No.1)
then they had their March 1990 album "Blue Sky Mining"


Nick Cave:

06-July-81*HP-96*WI-01 - Prayers on Fire - Birthday Party
15-Dec-86*HP-98*WI-01 - Your Funeral, My Trial - Nick Cave
then there was "The Good Son" in May 1990.

Dire Straits:

16-Oct-78*HP-01*WI-50 - Dire Straits (3 weeks at No.1)
18-Jun-79*HP-05*WI-28 - Communique
01-Dec-80*HP-06*WI-108- Making Movies
04-Oct-82*HP-01*WI-140- Love Over Gold (15 weeks at No.1)
26-Mar-84*HP-03*WI-66 - Alchemy
27-May85*HP-01*WI-93 - Brothers in Arms (34 weeks at No.1)
then they release the best-of collection "Money for Nothing" in 1988.
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thanks bulion wonderful work, i thought nick cave might have charted a little better, must of taken awhile for his fanbase to build up to what it is now.anyway thanks again.
Brothers In Arms was at No. 1 for 34 (non consecutive?) weeks? Wow... that must be a record now? What other album has spent a longer time at no.1 in Australia?
The longest running No1.'s in Australia since 1965:

1 - 76wks - Sound of Music - Soundtrack
2 - 34wks - Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits
3 - 30wks - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
4 - 29wks - Hot August Night - Neil Diamond
5 - 29wks - Innocent Eyes - Delta Goodrem
6 - 28wks - Hair - Original Broadway Cast Recording
7 - 25wks - Whispering Jack - John Farnham
8 - 20wks - Come on Over - Shania Twain
9 - 19wks - Cosmo's Factory - Creedence Clearwater Revival
10 - 19wks - Savage Garden - Savage Garden
11 - 18wks - Abbey Road - The Beatles
12 - 18wks - Silk Degrees - Boz Scaggs
13 - 18wks - Music Box - Mariah Carey
14 - 17wks - Going Places - Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass
15 - 17wks - The Seekers Greatest Hits - The Seekers
16 - 16wks - The Beatles (White Album) - The Beatles
17 - 16wks - Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel
18 - 16wks - Living in the 70's - Skyhooks
19 - 16wks - The Best of Abba - ABBA
20 - 15wks - Teaser & The Firecat - Cat Stevens
21 - 15wks - Love Over Gold - Dire Straits
Hello again i don't know if i got miss; could i please get chart postions for Cold Chisel and The Triffids.Thankyou.
Hi i think i got missed too, just chart postions for the band X. Thankyou.
me too , just kate bush if that's possible
No you didn't get missed, I just ran out of time. So here we go...

There are only three bands with X in their title that have charted in Australia pre-1989. They are XL Capris (Aussie group), X-Ray Spex (also an Aussie group) and the English guys XTC. So sorry, no 'X' album (or even singles) charted in Australia.
Kate Bush:

24-Apr-79*HP-03*WI-41 - The Kick Inside
27-Nov-78*HP-12*WI-18 - Lionheart
06-Oct-80*HP-07*WI-20 - Never Forever
11-Oct-82*HP-22*WI-10 - The Dreaming
28-Oct-85*HP-06*WI-19 - Hounds of Love
08-Dec-86*HP-28*WI-28 - The Whole Story
then came "The Sensual World" in Nov 1989.
Neil Diamond:

23-Mar-70*HP-09*WI-08 - Touching Me Touching You #
18-Jan-71*HP-34*WI-02 - Gold #
29-Mar-71*HP-31*WI-02 - Tap Root Manuscript #
13-Dec-71*HP-13*WI-15 - Stones #
31-July-72*HP-04*WI-38 - Moods #
11-Dec-72*HP-01*WI-224- Hot August Night # (29 wks at No.1)
10-Sep-73*HP-07*WI-25 - Rainbow #
03-Dec-73*HP-01*WI-42 - Jonathan Livingston Seagull Soundtrack (4 weeks at No.1)
13-May-74*HP-40*WI-10 - Brooklyn Roads #
08-July-74*HP-32*WI-34 - His 12 Greatest Hits #
04-Nov-74*HP-01*WI-35 - Serenade (7 weeks at No.1)
07-July-75*HP-52*WI-12 - Diamonds #
02-Feb-76*HP-41*WI-15 - Solitary Man
31-May-76*HP-52*WI-11 - 20 Super Hits #
05-July-76*HP-01*WI-36 - Beautiful Noise (4 weeks at No.1)
14-Feb-77*HP-07*WI-25 - Love at the Greek
28-Nov-77*HP-05*WI-24 - I'm Glad You're Here With me Tonight
18-Dec-78*HP-05*WI-25 - You Don't Bring Me Flowers
07-Jan-80*HP-30*WI-10 - The Very Best of Neil Diamond **
21-Jan-80*HP-03*WI-19 - September Morn
15-Dec-80*HP-10*WI-45 - The Jazz Singer Soundtrack
26-Oct-81*HP-37*WI-13 - Love Songs **
07-Dec-81*HP-12*WI-17 - On the Way to the Sky
07-Jun-82*HP-21*WI-23 - 12 Greatest Hits Volume 2
15-Nov-82*HP-08*WI-17 - Heartlight
30-Jan-84*HP-27*WI-11 - The Very Best of Neil Diamond **
13-Aug-84*HP-45*WI-12 - Primitive
16-Jun-85*HP-72*WI-06 - Headed for the Future
14-Dec-87*HP-52*WI-13 - Hot August Night 2
13-Mar-89*HP-92*WI-02 - The Best Years of Our Lives
then came "Lovescape" in Oct 1991.
# = these albums were on MCA, which he left to go to CBS in 1973. MCA weren't happy about this, and you can see all of the albums that they released after that time
** = These were bad compilations put together by J&B.

27-Oct-80*HP-04*WI-45 - Icehouse (group shown as 'Flowers')
20-Sep-82*HP-03*WI-48 - Primitive Man
25-Jun-84*HP-08*WI-40 - Sidewalk
21-Apr-86*HP-08*WI-30 - Measure for Measure
28-Sep-87*HP-01*WI-56 - Man of Colours (11 weeks at No.1)
then came their Best-of collection "Great Southern Land" in Nov 89


The Models:

17-Nov-80*HP-43*WI-09 - AlphaBravoCharlieDeltaEchoFoxtrotGolf
03-Aug-81*HP-37*WI-15 - Cut Lunch (EP)
02-Nov-81*HP-30*WI-10 - Local &/or General
07-Nov-83*HP-12*WI-16 - The Pleasure of Your Company
19-Aug-85*HP-03*WI-28 - Out of Mind, Out of Sight
22-Dec-86*HP-30*WI-24 - Models' Media

Cold Chisel:

01-May-78*HP-31*WI-23 - Cold Chisel
05-Mar-79*HP-04*WI-32 - Breakfast at Sweethearts
09-Jun-80*HP-02*WI-63 - East
06-Apr-81*HP-01*WI-23 - Swingshift (2 weeks at No.1)
15-Mar-82*HP-01*WI-40 - Circus Animals (1 week at No.1)
23-Apr-84*HP-01*WI-46 - Twentieth Century (1 week at No.1)
17-Dec-84*HP-14*WI-20 - The Barking Spiders Live
02-Dec-85*HP-03*WI-35 - Radio Songs-A Best of Cold Chisel
01-Feb-88*HP-11*WI-20 - Razor Songs
then the album 'Chisel' was issued in Oct 1991.



23-July-84*HP-95*WI-01 - Raining Pleasure
07-Apr-84*HP-37*WI-10 - Born Sandy Devotional
02-Feb-87*HP-69*WI-05 - In the Pines
07-Mar-88*HP-32*WI-13 - Calenture
10-July-89*HP-59*WI-07 - The Black Swan
Thankyouuu soooooo......... much !!!!!!
HI bulion

Could you post chart history for the Stones' as solos?

Thanks in advance.
Thanks bulion, i didn't think X cracked the aussie charts, there relatively unknown in there home land (usa) too.
thanks bulion
hi bulion, just wondering if the kinks had any chart success down under? cheers.
thanks bulion
Mick Jagger:

04-Mar-85*HP-06*WI-22 - She's the Boss
05-Oct-87*HP-25*WI-33 - Primitive Cool


Keith Richards:

31-Oct-88*HP-15*WI-06 - Talk is Cheap (ARIA info)
then came "Main Offender" in Nov 1992.


Bill Wyman:

08-July-74*HP-36*WI-12 - Monkey Grip
12-Apr-82*HP-59*WI-07 - Bill Wyman


Ron Wood:

25-Nov-74*HP-94*WI-02 - I've Got My Own Solo Album Too
25-Jun-79*HP-91*WI-02 - Gimme Some Neck


Nothing for Charlie Watts or Mr. Taylor.
The Kinks:

08-Mar-71*HP-24*WI-07 - Lola vs Powerman & The Money Go Round
21-Jun-81*HP-40*WI-02 - Anthology of Recorded Events
28-Feb-72*HP-36*WI-07 - Muswell Hillbillies
08-Jan-73*HP-38*WI-14 - Everybody's in Showbiz-Everybody's a Star
01-July-74*HP-92*WI-03 - Preservation Act
31-July-78*HP-79*WI-06 - Misfits
08-Oct-79*HP-85*WI-05 - Low Budget
22-Sep-80*HP-71*WI-10 - One for the Road
25-July-83*HP-96*WI-03 - State of Confusion
14-Nov-83*HP-52*WI-13 - The Kinks Top 20
09-Feb-87*HP-97*WI-01 - Think Visual
then in Jan 1990 the "Ultimate Collection" was released.
thanks again bulion great work !!!!!
i find it such a great shame that so many magnificant albums from the 60's just didn't chart!!! i realize for a period in the 60's we only had a top 10, but those soundtracks(that dominated) are so shit in comparison with the lps being produced around that time. aussies must have had very deaf ears during the 60's. are you able to shed more light on why this is the case?cheers.
Unfortunately, the album was looked on as a novelty thing in the 60's for some record companies, who used it as a tool for putting a collection of an artists songs together.
But also the cost of an album during that time was beyond the regular weekly budget, so that's why some companies put out cheaper albums of big hits done by orchestra's or covers versions.
But in the mid 60's when The Beatles, Beach Boys and Rolling Stones came along, they had albums that were full of unknown and self-penned songs, stuff that we hadn't heard here before like blues music (on masse that is) ala Rolling Stones and early Beatles and they helped start a bigger market.
It wasn't until the early 70's that Rock-God bands like Led Zeppelin and the like made you have to buy the album to listen to the songs you liked, as radio was very pop-orientated (it was the bubble-gum period) and wouldn't play a lot of the harder edged music.
When Bowie and T-Rex came along in 71 & 72, they had married the two styles together, thus they had big albums sales, whilst the rock was still selling well (it didn't decline until Disco in the late 70's), it still sold none-the-less.
Skyhooks had a huge selling album because more than half of the album had tracks that were banned to be played on radio (deemed too rude at the time), so people HAD to go out and buy it, plus people were getting paid more by this time too.

So I too think it's a shame that these albums didn't make it into the charts, but don't worry, I know people who did buy them at the time, and still have them in their collections, so just because they didn't chart, doesn't mean that people weren't buyin' em.

Regards, Bulion.
sorry for the late reply been on holidays, anyway thanks a million bulion, that information above answers my question beautifully. what an incredible journey the ALBUM's had, to become what it is today in australia. a must have item!!! cheers once again, joe
g'day, how did elo and the bee gees chart? cheers.
Bee Gees:

16-Sep-67*HP-10*WI-04 - Bee Gees First
13-Apr-68*HP-08*WI-02 - Horizontal
02-Nov-68*HP-08*WI-01 - Idea
17-May-69*HP-13*WI-05 - Odessa
06-Dec-69*HP-06*WI-65 - Best of Bee Gees
13-July-70*HP-10*WI-07 - Cucumber Castle
07-Jun-71*HP-22*WI-03 - Two Years On
31-Jan-72*HP-08*WI-16 - Trafalgar
17-July-72*HP-17*WI-20 - Best of Bee Gees Volume 2
06-Nov-72*HP-13*WI-19 - To Whom it May Concern
18-Jun-73*HP-19*WI-16 - Life in a Tin Can
18-Nov-74*HP-20*WI-19 - Mr. Natural
25-Aug-75*HP-29*WI-25 - Main Course
20-Sep-76*HP-51*WI-11 - More Great Hits Volume 3
11-Apr-77*HP-16*WI-23 - Children of the World
20-Jun-77*HP-08*WI-52 - Here at Last... Bee Gees... Live
28-Aug-78*HP-55*WI-08 - Birth of Brilliance
12-Feb-79*HP-01*WI-30 - Spirits Having Flown (5 weeks at No.1)
05-Nov-79*HP-01*WI-25 - Bee Gees Greatest (3 weeks at No.1)
30-Nov-81*HP-30*WI-13 - Living Eyes
01-July-85*HP-34*WI-07 - Hits Album
12-Oct-87*HP-25*WI-25 - E.S.P.
then the album "One" in July 1989.
Electric Light Orchestra:

04-Jun-73*HP-54*WI-01 - Electric Light Orchestra
29-Apr-74*HP-46*WI-10 - On the Third Day
10-Mar-75*HP-40*WI-14 - Eldorado
09-Feb-76*HP-30*WI-14 - Face the Music
20-Dec-76*HP-01*WI-78 - New World Record (9 weeks at No.1)
07-Nov-77*HP-03*WI-31 - Out of the Blue
25-Jun-79*HP-01*WI-46 - Discovery (6 weeks at No.1)
10-Dec-79*HP-01*WI-24 - ELO's Greatest Hits (4 weeks at No.1)
17-Aug-81*HP-03*WI-25 - Time
04-July-83*HP-19*WI-17 - Secret Messages
17-Dec-84*HP-42*WI-08 - 18 Greatest Hits
24-Mar-86*HP-49*WI-11 - Balance of Power
Carly Simon:

30-Aug-71*HP-55*WI-03 - Carly Simon
20-Nov-72*HP-12*WI-28 - Anticipation
19-Feb-73*HP-01*WI-29 - No Secrets (6 weeks at No.1)
04-Mar-74*HP-09*WI-26 - Hotcakes
19-May-76*HP-25*WI-12 - Playing Possum
19-Jan-76*HP-42*WI-16 - The Best of Carly Simon
19-July-76*HP-44*WI-09 - Another Passenger
15-May-78*HP-27*WI-17 - Boys in the Trees
25-Jun-79*HP-33*WI-16 - Spy
07-July-80*HP-43*WI-27 - Come Upstairs
09-Nov-81*HP-77*WI-07 - Torch
09-Sep-85*HP-97*WI-01 - Spoiled Girl
04-May-87*HP-24*WI-18 - Coming Around Again

thanks bulion the bee gees did well in the 60's ( one of the home land favourites i imagine?). another request if possible; actually this one's from my dad, he won't stop naggin' me so please..... dr.hook and the medicine band. cheers again.
Dr Hook: (only there first two albums were listed as 'Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show').

31-July-72*HP-22*WI-06 - Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
05-Mar-73*HP-43*WI-12 - Sloppy Seconds
17-May-76*HP-71*WI-31 - Bankrupt
09-Aug-76*HP-10*WI-46 - A Little Bit More
19-Sep-77*HP-14*WI-18 - Makin' Love and Music
22-May-78*HP-13*WI-17 - Remedies
20-Nov-78*HP-30*WI-28 - Pleasure and Pain
10-Dec-79*HP-50*WI-23 - Sometimes You Win
02-Feb-81*HP-11*WI-24 - Rising
02-Mar-81*HP-01*WI-43 - Greatest Hits (4 weeks at No.1)
03-May-82*HP-40*WI-17 - Players in the Dark

thanks again bulion would it be possible to list australia's very first album chart list circa top 10 or 5 from 1965.cheers
I only have chart positions for albums, unfortunately I don't what was on that first chart. I will try and compile something together by looking through David Kent's books, but it might take awhile.
G'day i'm a big fan of Daddy Cool, it would be great if you could post thier album postions. Also i've heard that australia had to adjust thier album certifications(gold,platium etc.) because Daddy Cool's first lp "Daddy Who?... Daddy Cool" sold so many records, is this true???
thanks bulion, take all the time ya need. that last bit big daddy mentioned i've heard as well, is it true?
I don't know about the certification-adjustment, it might be true.

Daddy Cool:

19-July-71*HP-01*WI-26 - Daddy Who? Daddy Cool (7 wks at No.1)
27-Dec-71*HP-15*WI-12 - Sex and Dope and Rock N' Roll: Teenage Heaven
08-Jan-73*HP-09*WI-18 - Daddy Cool's Golden Hits
10-Sep-73*HP-34*WI-12 - The Last Drive-in Movie Show
14-Sep-81*HP-52*WI-10 - The Greatest Hits
20-Sep-82*HP-05*Wi-24 - Daddy's Coolest (Volume 1)
Thankyou bulion
hello, hopin someone could post elvis presley's album chart postions.thanks.
Several years ago I posted a list of ALL of Elvis' singles and albums on the elvis.com.au website.

So here is a link to that list...

thanks bulion i'll check that site out.
G'day did Johnny O'Keefe have any charting albums in Australia.
Johnny O'Keefe:

28-Jun-76*HP-53*WI-07 - Let True Love Begin
11-Mar-85*HP-13*WI-11 - The Legend of Johnny O'Keefe
14-Apr-86*HP-27*WI-12 - Shout! (TV Soundtrack)
g'day wondering if ya could provide chart postions for the following artists: the damned, the fall, gary numan and big audio dynamite.cheers.
hello how did these artists chart, micheal jackson, madonna, cyndi lauper & culture club.thanks.
culture club

this is not all of their songs but their chart highlights in Australia. I assume this is correct, if I'm mistaken, thank wikipedia:

Karma Chameleon #1
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me #1
oh bother. i'm thinking of singles. anyways, i don't think culture club had any number one albums anyways.
travis i don't care if culture club went to no#1 or not, i'm just interested as to how their albums charted.
hi bulion, i checked out that elvis website, it was fantastic thankyou very much. though i can't believe elvis never had a number 1 album in his lifetime. the crown definetly belongs to the beatles.
Joe, here are your requests:

The Damned:
25-Nov-85*HP-95*WI-05 - Phantasmagoria


Gary Numan:
22-Oct-79*HP-24*WI-38 - The Pleasure Principle
22-Sep-80*HP-24*WI-11 - Telekon
19-Oct-81*HP-85*WI-04 - Dance
08-Nov-82*HP-95*WI-01 - I, Assassin
29-July-85*HP-64*WI-04 - White Noise


Big Audio Dynamite:
27-Jan-86*HP-87*WI-12 - This is Big Audio Dynamite
10-Nov-86*HP-85*WI-07 - No.10, Upping St.

Nothing at for The Fall (sadly )
Culture Club:
13-Dec-82*HP-12*WI-71 - Kissing to Be Clever
24-Oct-83*HP-01*WI-68 - Colour By Numbers (7 weeks at No.1)
12-Nov-84*HP-02*WI-16 - Waking Up with the House on Fire
05-May-86*HP-25*WI-14 - From Luxury to Heartache
25-May-87*HP-62*WI-05 - This Time


16-Apr-84*HP-10*WI-81 - Madonna
03-Dec-84*HP-02*WI-72 - Like a Virgin
21-July-86*HP-01*WI-78 - True Blue (2 weeks at No.1)
07-Dec-87*HP-13*WI-15 - You Can Dance (Remixes)
then came "Like a Prayer" in 1989
*you can also find all of her info in the "Madonna" thread.


Cyndi Lauper:
12-Mar-84*HP-03*WI-106- She's So Unusual
15-Sep-86*HP-01*WI-28 - True Colors (4 weeks at No.1)
29-May-89*HP-23*WI-28 - A Night to Remember


Michael Jackson:
25-Dec-72*HP-65*WI-10 - Ben
09-July-75*HP-27*WI-08 - Music and me
22-Oct-79*HP-01*WI-66 - Off the Wall (2 weeks at No.1)
19-Apr-82*HP-76*WI-04 - The Best of Michael Jackson
13-Dec-82*HP-01*WI-114- Thriller (11 weeks at No.1)
13-Fev-84*HP-53*WI-17 - 18 Greatest Hits (Motown)
30-July-84*HP-90*WI-01 - Farewell My Summer Love
14-Sep-87*HP-02*WI-37 - Bad
04-July-88*HP-86*WI-04 - Love Songs
then came "Dangerous" in 1991.

Jinx, Elvis had to wait until RCA took all of his stock off the market in 2003 to gain a No.1 album. When "A Little Less Conversation" was at No.1, the record company had NO Elvis titles available in Australia to order (I was working in music retail at the time), and that's how it helped to get "30 No.1's" to the top of the charts, because people were starved for his material at that time.
thanks bulion
thank you bulion
for PrinceRuben:

Kate Bush:

24-Apr-78*HP-03*WI-41 - The Kick Inside
27-Nov-78*HP-12*WI-18 - Lionheart
06-Oct-80*HP-07*WI-20 - Never Forever
11-Oct-82*HP-22*WI-10 - The Dreaming
28-Oct-85*HP-06*WI-19 - Hounds of Love
08-Dec-86*HP-28*WI-28 - The Whole Story
then came "The Sensual World" in Nov 1989.


Linda Ronstadt:

21-Dec-70*HP-34*WI-02 - Silk Purse
28-Jan-74*HP-46*WI-06 - Don't Cry Now
17-Mar-75*HP-35*WI-18 - Heart Like a Wheel
03-Nov-75*HP-76*WI-05 - Prisoner in Disguise
30-Aug-76*HP-28*WI-16 - Hasten Down the Wind
03-Jan-77*HP-22*WI-39 - Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits
19-Sep-77*HP-01*WI-82 - Simple Dreams (5 Weeks at No.1)
02-Oct-78*HP-03*WI-36 - Living in the USA
25-Feb-80*HP-06*WI-20 - Mad Love
03-Nov-80*HP-53*WI-07 - Greatest Hits Volume 2
24-Aug-81*HP-41*WI-15 - Greatest Hits (K-Tel album)
08-Nov-82*HP-26*WI-19 - Get Closer
17-Oct-83*HP-11*WI-39 - What's New
14-Jan-85*HP-32*WI-11 - Lush Life
29-Sep-86*HP-43*WI-12 - For Sentimental Reasons
30-Mar-87*HP-12*WI-22 - Trio (w/ Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris)
then came "Cry Like a Rainstorm-Howl Like the Wind" in Nov 89
g'day, just wonderin' if the animals charted.cheers
hello again, if possible chart post# for gerry & the pacemakers and herb alpert & the tijuana brass. cheers.

16-July-66*HP-04*WI-13 - Animalisms
10-Sep-66*HP-03*WI-40 - The Most of The Animals
08-Jun-68*HP-08*WI-03 - The Best of Volume 2
29-Mar-69*HP-14*WI-02 - Love is
24-Oct-77*HP-71*WI-05 - Before We Were So Rudely Interrupted
30-Nov-81*HP-67*WI-04 - Animal Tracks


Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass:

02-Apr-66*HP-01*WI-104- Going Places (17 weeks at No.1)
28-May-66*HP-03*WI-35 - Whipped Cream & Other Delights
11-Jun-66*HP-01*WI-13 - What Now My Love (1 week at No.1)
29-Oct-66*HP-08*WI-04 - The Lonely Bull
21-Jan-67*HP-03*WI-20 - S.R.O.
11-Feb-67*HP-08*WI-08 - The Best of
17-Jun-67*HP-02*WI-05 - Sounds Like
30-Dec-67*HP-10*WI-05 - Herb Alpert's Ninth
29-Jun-68*HP-08*WI-02 - The Beat of the Brass
16-Sep-74*HP-95*WI-02 - You Smile - The Song Begins
19-Nov-79*HP-43*WI-12 - Rise
27-Sep-82*HP-38*WI-09 - Fandango

no albums charted for Gerry & The Pacemakers
thanks bulion is the "animal tracks" lp listed as charting in 1981 the same 1965 lp but re-released?
It didn't say re-entry, and was released by budget label TelMark, so that sounds like a compilation of the Animals tracks, and not the original 1965 album.
thanks again bulion
g'day, how or did the dave clark five & the searchers chart? cheers.
Why doesn't everybody just buy the David Kent books for all of their chart queries rather than exposing bulion to the risk of being sued for breach of copyright. See the details of the books at www.austchartbook.com.au
spug don't take this the wrong way but worry about your own issues. i'm sure bulion knows what he's doing otherwise this forum wouldn't exist. and i'm sure many people enjoy looking through this forum, check out the amount of hits it's had in the short time it's been existant!!
Joe; No albums charted for Dave Clark during his heyday in the 60's, but one thing he did do on album hit the charts...

23-Jun-86*HP-68*WI-06 - Dave Clarke's "Time" The Album-V/A

A Best of compilation of his was just released in the UK, and this is the first time his stuff has been on CD. No release date for it here as yet though.

Also nothing during their peak-time (63 to 66) for the Searchers, but this one years later...

18-Oct-82*HP-45*WI-07 - Nothing But the Very Best

cheers bulion i did notice a new dave clark five album on the uk charts this week, hopefully it will get a release here i know many people who have searching for a dc5 cd. fingers crossed.
Yeah, I had to burn my vinyl Best of to CD years ago, so a clean CD edition would be great for DC5
g'day i'm wondering why ac/dc's new album didn't debut at no.#2 last week after one day sales(friday). they sold 7000 odd albums to metallica's 6000 odd. both metallica and kings of leon entered the charts with thier one day sales. are you able to shed some light on the situation or is aria riggin' the charts so they debut at no#1 this week?
Joe, it's up to the record companies and management of the band to say yes or no for putting an album in earlier than it's official release date. If Alberts or Sony BMG didn't want it to go in last week, and NOT make No.1 first week, then that's their choice, whereas Universal said go ahead for Metallica and RCA (thru Sony BMG) said yes to Kings of Leon.
Maybe they wanted it to look like it had sold 3xplatinum in it's first week, when in fact it only sold 2.3xPlatinum (minus 7000 from your figure). It makes it looks more impressive that way.
thanks again bulion didn't realize record companies and artist management had such a huge say in an albums out come chart wise. very interesting. cheers
Hello, I'm curious if the Canadian band Klaatu charted? I seem to remember a bit of hype surrounding thier debut album, that it was The Beatles reformed in secret.
g'day, how did the undertones chart.cheers.
Afternoon all, just after Billy Thorpe's album chart history.Thanks.

28-Mar-77*HP-18*WI-12 - Klaatu

Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs:

26-Jun-65*HP-02*WI-12 - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
11-Dec-65*HP-04*WI-14 - The Best of
19-Mar-66*HP-03*WI-09 - Don't Your Dig This Kind of Beat
15-Feb-71*HP-08*WI-14 - The Hoax is Over
13-Dec-71*HP-08*WI-33 - Aztecs Live
28-Aug-72*HP-04*WI-23 - Aztecs Live at Sunbury
30-July-73*HP-40*WI-11 - Thump'n Pig and Puff'n Billy
27-May-74*HP-14*WI-18 - More Arse Than Class
10-Mar-75*HP-71*WI-06 - Live at the Opera House
23-Junt-75*HP-89*WI-03 - Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs Gold
01-Dec-75*HP-37*WI-18 - Million Dollar Bill
13-Aug-79*HP-44*WI-11 - Children of the Sun
14-Apr-80*HP-42*WI-14 - Time Traveller


Nothing for The Undertones Joe.

thanks bulion
thanks for the Klaatu info, The Beatles hoax surrounding thier first lp obviously helped it along in the charts, and with none of thier follow-up lp's making any impression.
Hello again, thanks heaps for Thropies chart postions. Also if possible Master's Apprentices album positions.Thanks.
Hello, wondering if Tangerine Dream charted?
Masters Apprentices:

14-Jun-71*HP-10*WI-14 - Choice Cuts
23-Mar-81*HP-78*WI-03 - Hands of Time
21-Mar-88*HP-46*WI-10 - The Very Best of
28-Nov-88*HP-70*WI-03 - Do What You Wanna Do


Tangerine Dream:

24-Jun-74*HP-13*WI-18 - Phaedra
07-Apr-75*HP-95*WI-04 - Rubycon
15-May-78*HP-98*WI-04 - Cyclone
02-Apr-79*HP-100*WI-1 - Force Majeure
Hi. I would be grateful if someone would list the chart positions for Sweet (The Sweet prior to 1974).
I assume that your source for these positions is David Kent's "Australian Chart Book: 1970-1992". Is this correct?
Many thanks in advance.
Hello, I would like chart positions, both singles and albums please, for Hunters & Collectors.
thanks heaps
The Sweet:

19-Mar-73*HP-58*WI-10 - The Sweet's Biggest Hits
01-July-74*HP-33*WI-27 - Sweet Fanny Adams
10-Mar-75*HP-13*WI-41 - Desolation Boulevard
16-Jun-75*HP-02*WI-39 - Sweet Singles Album
26-Jan-76*HP-09*WI-18 - Strung Up
22-Mar-76*HP-17*WI-16 - Give us a Wink
18-July-77*HP-51*WI-07 - Off the Record
27-Mar-78*HP-40*WI-20 - Level Headed
06-Aug-79*HP-87*WI-03 - Cut Above the Rest
26-Oct-81*HP-53*WI-16 - Teenage Rampage
08-July-85*HP-17*WI-09 - Sweet 16
Shaidar, we also have a Single Pre 1989 section, which is where you'll find the Hunters' singles.

Hunters & Collectors:

02-Aug-82*HP-21*WI-14 - Hunters & Collectors
19-Sep-83*HP-77*WI-05 - The Fireman's Curse
20-Aug-84*HP-89*WI-08 - The Jaws of Life
13-May-85*HP-76*WI-06 - The Way to Go Out
21-Apr-86*HP-10*WI-38 - Human Fraility
30-Nov-87*HP-16*WI-22 - What's a Few Men?
then came "Ghost Nation" in Dec 1989
Cool, thanks.
bulion, thanks for the albums list and for the heads-up re singles list: keep up the great work.
Thankyou bulion
g'day, how did these groovy artists chart in our great land; stan getz(& collabrates) , the searchers, the loved ones and peter, paul & mary.cheers.
Peter, Paul & Mary:

09-Jan-65*HP-04*WI-08 - Peter, Paul & Mary in Concert (on 1st chart)
22-May-65*HP-03*WI-09 - A Song Will Rise
13-Nov-65*HP-02*WI-05 - See What Tomorrow Brings
13-May-67*HP-04*WI-08 - The Best of
13-Apr-70*HP-10*WI-02 - Peter, Paul & Mary in Concert (R)
27-Sep-82*HP-51*WI-05 - At Their Very Best


Loved Ones:

16-Dec-67*HP-15*WI-01 - Magic Box


Searchers only had one, and that was done back on October 23rd, and nothing at all for Stan Getz, or any collaborations.
thanks bulion , sorry bout the searches slip-up, one two three many drinks 2nite
Hey, it would be really nice if you could post Jenny Morris's chart peaks please.
Jenny Morris:

20-July-87*HP-13*WI-33 - Body and Soul

then there was "Shiver" in August 1989, which you can find (and all her other albums) in the search function at the top of the page.
g'day, just wonderin' if any of these early rockers charted down under; chuck berry, little richard, jerry lee lewis and buddy holly. cheers.
Chuck Berry:

16-Oct-72*HP-25*WI-16 - The London Chuck Berry Sessions

Buddy Holly:

07-Jan-80*HP-43*WI-09 - The Legend that is Buddy Holly & Crickets
08-Aug-83*HP-67*WI-01 - Ballads
then their was "All-Time Greatest Hits" in Sep 1992

Jerry Lee Lewis:

10-July-72*HP-30*WI-07 - The "Killer" Rocks On
25-Jun-73*HP-36*WI-08 - The Session
26-Mar-79*HP-93*WI-05 - Duets

nothing at all for Little Richard.
thanks bulion how about fats domino, the everly brothers, bo diddley & ray charles. cheers.
Fats Domino:

14-July-80*HP-81*WI-03 - Fats Domino (K-tel Compilation)

Ray Charles:

15-Nov-76*HP-63*WI-11 - Porgy & Bess (w/ Cleo Laine)
01-Dec-80*HP-46*WI-13 - Heart to Heart
07-Oct-85*HP-87*WI-04 - Friendship
then there was "The Collection" in May 1990

Everly Brothers:

05-July-71*HP-34*WI-01 - The Very Best of
05-Sep-77*HP-50*WI-07 - 20 Golden Hits
04-May-81*HP-73*WI-02 - The Eternal Everly's
06-Feb-84*HP-35*WI-05 - Reunion Concert

nothing at all for Bo Diddley
thanks again bulion
Hi again, now I'm looking for 1980s Australian band Spy vs Spy aka v. Spy v. Spy, both albums and singles, please. I've already got their later releases on ARIA charts by using the above search engine.
V. Spy V. Spy:

24-Feb-86*HP-42*WI-28 - Harry's Reasons?
08-Dec-86*HP-12*WI-41 - A.O. Mod. TV. Vers.
21-Mar-88*HP-15*WI-16 - Xenophobia (Why?)
then came "Trash the Planet" in Nov 1989.

Their Singles are in the singles section.
hello, how did these artists chart; harry nilsson, stephen stills & manassas, emmylou harris and willie nelson. cheers.
G'day, hope all is well with all. Anyway here's an interesting one for you bulion ; The Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Thanks.
hi, just wondering and hoping that The Style Council charted?
Hello, hoping I could get Elton John's album chart postions please. Thankyou.
g'day, like to get chart postions for Aerosmth & Jesus And The Mary Chain. thanks mate.
Hi, just after Nancy Sinatra's lp chart pos. Thankyou.
hey ho, how did the four seasons chart down under.
Glitter, there is already a thread dedicated to Elton John, but I will put his albums here also...

Elton John's Albums:

15-Feb-71*HP-02*WI-24 - Elton John
26-Apr-71*HP-04*WI-35 - Tumbleweed Connection
05-July-71*HP-20*WI-23 - Live 17-11-70
18-Oct-71*HP-19*WI-08 - Friends
22-Nov-71*HP-08*WI-20 - Madman Across the Water
24-July-72*HP-04*WI-32 - Honky Chateau
05-Mar-73*HP-01*WI-62 - Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano
Player (3 weeks at No.1)
19-Nov-73*HP-01*WI-81 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (3 wks)
15-July-74*HP-01*WI-48 - Caribou (10 weeks at No.1)
18-Nov-74*HP-01*WI-51 - Elton John Greatest Hits (5 weeks)
02-Jun-75*HP-01*WI-27 - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt
Cowboy (5 weeks at No.1)
10-Nov-75*HP-04*WI-20 - Rock of the Westies
17-May-76*HP-11*WI-15 - Here and There
01-Nov-76*HP-08*WI-27 - Blue Moves
24-Oct-77*HP-46*WI-12 - Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume 2
30-Oct-76*HP-08*WI-39 - A Single Man
02-Apr-76*HP-74*WI-05 - Lady Samantha
22-Oct-79*HP-20*WI-13 - Victim of Love
02-Jun-80*HP-07*WI-25 - 21 at 33
12-Jan-81*HP-03*WI-45 - The Very Best of Elton John
08-Jun-81*HP-02*WI-21 - The Fox
29-Mar-82*HP-03*WI-21 - Jump Up
17-Jan-83*HP-05*WI-13 - Love Songs
06-Jun-83*HP-02*WI-78 - Too Low for Zero
26-Dec-83*HP-79*WI-08 - The Superior Sound of Elton John
09-July-84*HP-01*WI-32 - Breaking Hearts (3 weeks at No.1)
18-Nov-85*HP-06*WI-30 - Ice on Fire
03-Nov-86*HP-04*WI-21 - Leather Jackets
27-July-87*HP-05*WI-27 - Elton John in Australia with the
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
18-July-88*HP-12*WI-18 - Reg Strikes Back
09-Oct-89*HP-02*WI-60 - Sleeping With the Past
19-Nov-90*HP-02*WI-124- The Very Best of (2CD Set)
06-July-82*HP-03*WI-41 - The One
06-Dec-93*HP-11*WI-14 - Duets
03-Apr-95*HP-10*WI-16 - Made in England
27-Nov-95*HP-08*WI-35 - Love Songs
06-Oct-97*HP-06*WI-27 - The Big Picture
04-Dec-00*HP-38*WI-04 - One Night Only: Greatest Hits Live
08-Oct-01*HP-12*WI-10 - Songs from the West Coast
17-Mar-03*HP-08*WI-21 - Greatest Hits 1970-2002
15-Nov-04*HP-49*WI-01 - Peachtree Road

30-Aug-71*HP-56*WI-03 - The Point
13-Mar-72*HP-02*WI-31 - Nilsson Schmilsson
28-Aug-72*HP-13*WI-13 - Son of Schmilsson
03-Sep-73*HP-19*WI-18 - A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night
16-Sep-74*HP-45*WI-12 - Pussycats
07-Mar-77*HP-11*WI-34 - The Best of Nilsson
29-Sep-80*HP-33*WI-07 - Portrait of Nilsson
30-Mar-81*HP-58*WI-06 - A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night (R)


Stephen Stills:

08-Mar-71*HP-12*WI-13 - Stephen Stills
11-Oct-71*HP-21*WI-13 - Stephen Stills 2
12-Jun-72*HP-13*WI-11 - Manassas
04-Aug-75*HP-73*WI-11 - Stills
26-July-76*HP-79*WI-08 - Illegal Stills


Emmylou Harris:

14-Mar-77*HP-96*WI-01 - Luxury Liner
06-Feb-78*HP-55*WI-11 - Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town
08-Jan-79*HP-93*WI-04 - Profile: The Best of
11-Jun-79*HP-61*WI-16 - Blue Kentucky Girl
02-Jun-80*HP-88*WI-01 - Roses in the Snow
16-Mar-81*HP-40*WI-26 - Evangeline
25-Jan-82*HP-91*WI-01 - Cimmarron
30-Mar-87*HP-12*WI-22 - Trio (w/ Dolly Parton & Linda Ronstadt).
Willie Nelson:

12-Apr-76*HP-88*WI-05 - Red Headed Stranger
14-Aug-76*HP-05*WI-63 - Stardust
17-Sep-79*HP-85*WI-11 - One for the Road (w/ Leon Russell)
29-Sep-80*HP-34*WI-12 - Honeysuckle Rose Soundtrack
10-Nov-80*HP-04*WI-24 - Always
22-Dec-80*HP-99*WI-03 - Pretty Paper
23-Feb-81*HP-25*WI-10 - Everybody's Talkin'
30-Mar-81*HP-30*WI-14 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow
31-May-82*HP-60*WI-16 - Always on My Mind
31-Jan-83*HP-92*WI-03 - WWII (Waylon Jennings & Willie)
27-Feb-84*HP-85*WI-03 - Without a Song
05-Mar-84*HP-59*WI-17 - At Their Very Best (Waylon & Willie)
15-July-85*HP-23*WI-30 - Highwaymen
11-Aug-86*HP-22*WI-12 - Love Songs
26-Dec-88*HP-70*WI-07 - What a Wonderful World
12-Feb-90*HP-91*WI-04 - A Lifetime of Love Songs
then "Highwaymen 2" in May 1991.
Russell, Nothing at all for The Penguin Cafe Orchestra, sorry.
Kathy, here are the Style Council albums:

24-Oct-83*HP-29*WI-15 - Introducing the Style Council
16-Apr-84*HP-27*WI-52 - Cafe Bleu
17-Jun-85*HP-05*WI-30 - Our Favourite Shop
02-Jun-86*HP-59*WI-08 - Home and Abroad
16-Mar-87*HP-24*WI-15 - The Cost of Loving
29-Aug-88*HP-60*WI-04 - Confessions of a Pop Group
01-May-89*HP-64*WI-06 - The Singular Adventures of... Greatest Hits Volume 1

07-Jun-76*HP-79*WI-02 - Toys in the Attic
19-July-76*HP-45*WI-13 - Rocks
29-Jan-79*HP-93*WI-02 - Live Bootleg
05-Sep-88*HP-44*WI-15 - Permanent Vacation
then came the No.1 album "Pump" in October 1989.


Jesus & The Mary Chain:

17-Mar-86*HP-87*WI-04 - Psycho Candy
12-Oct-87*HP-81*WI-06 - Darklands
06-Nov-89*HP-88*WI-03 - Automatic
13-Apr-92*HP-58*WI-08 - Honey's Dead

Nancy Sinatra:

14-May-66*&HP-06*WI-01 - Boots


Four Seasons:

16-Feb-76*HP-55*WI-16 - Who Loves You
05-Apr-76*HP-24*WI-17 - Four Seasons Greatest Hits
30-May-77*HP-37*WI-15 - The Greatest Hits of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
20-Jun-77*HP-67*WI-03 - Helicon
09-Nov-81*HP-39*WI-09 - Frankie Vallie & The Four Seasons
thanks heaps bulion
Thanks bulion
g'day, how did george benson chart?
Thankyou bulion, thats wonderful.
Thanks mate, top work!!
thanks bulion
George Benson:

30-Aug-76*HP-13*WI-51 - Breezin'
14-Mar-77*HP-20*WI-21 - In Flight
13-Feb-78*HP-05*WI-29 - Weekend in L.A.
27-Mar-78*HP-90*WI-06 - The Best of
19-Mar-79*HP-14*WI-22 - Livin' Inside Your Love
04-Aug-80*HP-06*WI-37 - Give Me the Night
07-Dec-81*HP-08*WI-31 - The George Benson Collection
20-Jun-83*HP-13*WI-26 - In Your Eyes
11-Feb-85*HP-18*WI-17 - 20/20
13-Jan-86*HP-52*WI-05 - The Love Songs
22-Sep-86*HP-56*WI-11 - While the City Sleeps
13-July-87*HP-87*WI-11 - Collaboration (w/ Earl Klugh)
thanks once again bulion
hello, thanx for the 4 seasons info, i'm suprised that none of their early lp's didn't chart during their hey-day. where they not popular down under?
Thanks bulion, seems The Penguin Cafe Orchestra is obscure as i thought it was.
Yanky; we only had Top 10 album charts from 1965 through to 1969, then a Top 20 for two years, then a 40 by 1971.

So early albums during the 60's didn't chart as there wasn't the market in Australia for them at the time (unlike America).

As you can see from Nancy Sinatra's stuff, she only had one album which reached No.6, and was in the Top 10 for a single week. So that's the major reason they (and others) didn't chart during the 60's.

Regards, Bulion.
thanks a million bulion, thats very interesting and amazing. amazing their was not much of a album market down under during the 60's.
g'day, how did these two blues legends chart; muddy waters and john lee hooker. cheers.
Hi, i'm a big fan of a relatively unknown 80's band : The Gun Club, hoping if someone could provide me with thier album chart postions. Thats if they even charted? Thankyou.

John Lee Hooker:

09-Aug-71*HP-24*WI-05 - Hooker N' Heat (w/ Canned Heat)
then came his June 1990 album "The Healer"

nothing at all for Muddy Waters (sadly)


Grant, nothing also for The Gun Club ever charted (single or album).
thanks bulion
Cheers bulion. Shame they didn't chart, there a great band.
Howdi, hopin' someone could help me with album chart postions for the following country artists : Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt and Kenny Rodgers. Thanks.
g'day, one question for you bulion. besides your wonderful handy work why is it so incredible hard to get any chart information about australian chart satistics before 1989? cheers.
Bullion? G'day mate it's been a while. Haven't seen you since that night with the pool table incident. How's it goin?

Just thought you could fill me in on Ozzy Osborne's chart positions. Thanks

Cheers matey. See you soon.

It's not hard to get any pre-1989 info, it's just not on this site, and it's only in 2 books. David Kent has compiled 3 books, 1940-1969, 1970-1992 and 1993 - 2005, and ARIA used the AMR charts from 1983 to mid-1988, so the information will be the same.

www.austchartbook.com.au is his website, where you can see samples of the books and their layouts, and they are REALLY handy books to have.
Jeff, here is your request:

Ozzy Osbourne:

19-Mar-84*HP-94*WI-01 - Bark at the Moon
03-Mar-86*HP-36*WI-13 - The Ultimate Sin
01-Jun-87*HP-46*WI-11 - Randy Rhoads Tribute
then came "No Rest for the Wicked" in December 1988.

Country Bumpkin, Linda Ronstadt has already been put in this thread, so just hit Ctrl and F and type her name in and it will go and FIND all of the Linda Ronstadt listings in this thread.

Dolly Parton:

06-Mar-78*HP-83*WI-10 - Here You Come Again
30-Apr-79*HP-67*WI-06 - Heartbreaker
02-July-79*HP-48*WI-13 - Great Balls of Fire
30-July-79*HP-37*WI-12 - Both Sides of Dolly Parton
09-Feb-81*HP-51*WI-04 - A Real Country Dolly
02-Mar-81*HP-33*WI-16 - 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs
14-May-84*HP-22*WI-13 - The Great Pretender
19-Jan-87*HP-27*WI-18 - Dolly Parton's 16 Biggest Hits
30-Mar-87*HP-12*WI-22 - Trio (w/ Linda & Emmylou)
29-Feb-88*HP-83*WI-04 - Rainbow

Kenny Rogers:

20-Jun-77*HP-61*WI-16 - Kenny Rogers
06-Mar-78*HP-68*WI-07 - Ten Years of Gold
12-Feb-79*HP-21*WI-25 - The Gambler
15-Oct-79*HP-04*WI-39 - The Best of
26-Nov-79*HP-15*WI-36 - Kenny
28-Jun-80*HP-31*WI-12 - Gideon
24-Nov-80*HP-10*WI-38 - The Best of Volume 2
19-Oct-81*HP-44*WI-13 - Share Your Love
04-Oct-82*HP-84*WI-03 - Love Will Turn You Around
27-Dec-82*HP-62*WI-03 - Christmas Wishes (w/ Anne Murray)
28-Mar-83*HP-49*WI-11 - We've Got Tonight
31-Oct-83*HP-06*WI-36 - Eyes That See in the Dark
13-Feb-84*HP-02*WI-26 - 20 Greatest Hits
29-Oct-84*HP-30*WI-15 - What About Me?
02-Dec-85*HP-69*WI-08 - The Heart of the Matter
22-Dec-86*HP-11*WI-17 - Duets
02-Feb-87*HP-60*WI-11 - They Don't Make Them Like They Used to.
thanks bulion i'll check that david kent website. cheers.
Howdi, thanks a million bulion. yee-haa!!!!!
evenin', just curious as to if these early ground breaking artists ever dented the oz album charts: solomon burke, hank williams, the staple singers & odetta(r.i.p.). cheers.
Hello, hope someone could give me chart postions for Dick Dale & the Del-Tones and The Ventures. Thanks.
Did these guitar greats ever chart in Australia : Chet Atkins, Tommy Steele & Duane Eddy?
Hi, anyone able to provide lp chart positions for Billy Fury? That's if he charted? Thankyou.
hello, chart postions for the platters, harry belafonte, peggy lee and machito would be lovely if possible.
Just a couple more artists too if possible, The Chantays and The Surfaris. Thanks.

I would be grateful if someone would list the album chart positions for Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys.

Thanks in advance.


I'm now after Uncanny X-Men and/or Brian Mannix. Both albums (here) and singles (I'll look there as well).

Thanks in anticipation.
Solomon Burke (nothing)

Hank Williams (nothing)

The Staple Singers (no albums)

Odetta (RIP) (nothing)

sorry Joe, nothing for none of your requests.
old surfer:

Dick Dale & The Del-Tones only had one single chart, the No.93 song "The Scavenger" (his classic) in November 1963, no albums.


12-Apr-71*HP-34*WI-05 - 10th Anniversary Album
09-Mar-87*HP-67*WI-05 - Surfin' Guitars

Both The Chantays and The Surfaris had no charting albums also.

Licks, your requests:

Chet Atkins (nothing)
Tommy Steele (nothing)
Duane Eddy, no albums for him either.
Liverpool, Billy Fury only charted in Australia with one single, that being "Jealousy" in Nov 1961, but it only reached No.86, and there are definitely no albums for him down under.
Edna here are your requests;

The Platters:

07-July-75*HP-60*WI-10 - Encore of Golden Hits
25-July-77*HP-40*WI-12 - Best of The Platters (Mercury)
10-Oct-83*HP-60*WI-07 - Best of The Platters (K-Tel)
02-Jun-86*HP-11*WI-16 - The Very Best of The Platters

Harry Belafonte:

24-Nov-75*HP-92*WI-02 - Belafonte's Greatest
08-Jun-81*HP-49*WI-09 - Belafonte's Best
28-July-86*HP-93*WI-03 - Caribbean Dreams

Peggy Lee (nothing)

Machito (nothing)
KDX125, here are your requests;

Depeche Mode:

15-Feb-82*HP-28*WI-16 - Speak and Spell
"Construction Time Again" did not chart.
05-May-86*HP-69*WI-09 - Black Celebration
02-Nov-87*HP-60*WI-11 - Music for the Masses
24-Apr-89*HP-77*WI-06 - Depeche Mode 101
then came "Violator" in April 1990.


04-Oct-82*HP-10*WI-16 - Upstairs at Eric's
15-Aug-83*HP-21*WI-10 - You and me Both


11-Aug-86*HP-89*WI-05 - Wonderland
01-Jun-87*HP-97*WI-01 - The Circus
then came "Wild" in Jan 1990.

Pet Shop Boys:

19-May-86*HP-10*WI-19 - Please
28-Sep-87*HP-16*WI-36 - Actually
then came "Introspective" in Nov 1988.
Shaidar, X-Men albums here, single's I'll put on the other page;

Uncanny X-Men:

27-Dec-82*HP-40*WI-09 - 'Salive One
10-Jun-85*HP-03*WI-33 - 'Cos Life Hurts
10-Nov-86*HP-19*WI-13 - What You Give is What You Get
Thanks a million 'bulion'!!!
thanks again bulion
Thanks heaps bulion much appreciated.
Thanks bulion, great work
g'day, just after ozzy osbournes solo chart post. cheers.
thankyou bulion.
Hi, 'bulion':

Just one final question regarding the Pet Shop Boys.
According to this site, 'Introspective' reached #44 staying on the Top-50 for 11 weeks.

I'd like to complete their chart history in Australia.
So, my question is:
Do you know how many weeks did 'Introspective' stay on the Top-100?

Thanks in advance.

Last edited:
KDX 125, it stayed in the Top 100 (AMR) for 22 weeks.
Joe, Ozzy Osbourne was done back on November 28th.
Thanks again, 'bulion'.
thanks bulion
Hi again,
I've just checked for Farnham (both John and Johnny) and only find Whispering Jack on this page. I've already got his singles from your sister page 'CHART POSITIONS PRE 1989" and I've got the ARIA singles and albums from using the above search engine.
Could you please provide all Farnham albums (include those with LRB if possible)?

thanks in anticipation and btw happy festive season

mornin' just curious if normie rowe ever had any charting lp's. cheers.
MacNCheese, here is OMD's albums:

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark:

25-Jan-82*HP-62*WI-12 - Architecture and Morality
05-Sep-83*HP-100*WI-1 - Dazzle Ships
09-July-84*HP-54*WI-14 - Junk Culture
10-Nov-86*HP-36*WI-23 - The Pacific Age
21-Mar-88*HP-42*WI-19 - The Best of OMD
24-Jun-91*HP-68*WI-09 - Sugartax
Normie Rowe:

07-Aug-65*HP-02*WI-18 - It Ain't Necessarily So, But it is Normie
04-Dec-65*HP-03*WI-12 - Normie Rowe a Go Go
14-Jan-67*HP-13*WI-01 - So Much Love for Normie Rowe
18-Mar-67*HP-07*WI-08 - Normie's Hit Happenings
John Farnham:

15-Feb-69*HP-12*WI-15 - Everybody Oughta Sing a Song
20-July-70*HP-11*WI-06 - Looking Through a Tear
23-Aug-71*HP-24*WI-09 - Johnny
06-Sep-71*HP-22*WI-24 - Together (w/ Allison Durbin)
29-Oct-73*HP-45*WI-04 - The Big Hits of '73 Live
08-Sep-80*HP-20*WI-12 - Uncovered
06-Jun-83*HP-11*WI-14 - The Net (LRB)
04-Feb-85*HP-38*WI-11 - Playing to Win (LRB)
14-July-86*HP-85*WI-03 - No Reins (LRB)
20-Oct-86*HP-01*WI-127- Whispering Jack (25 weeks at No.1)
18-May-87*HP-44*WI-15 - The John Farnham Phenomenon
then came "Age of Reason" in Aug 1988.
thanks for the normie rowe stuff bulion also did any of these garage rockers from the 60's chart: the sonics, the monks and paul revere & the raiders. cheers.
hi, just wondering if the brazillian trio Os Mutantes charted? Thanks.
hello again, did any of these artists chart; Soft Cell, ABC, Simple Minds, Dexy's Midnight Runners and Adam & The Ants. Thankyou
Hello just after chart postions for some of my favourite artists. Randy Newman, Joe Jackson and The Cars.Thankyou.
hi, did the MC5 chart in Australia ?
hello, I would like chart postions for Al Green and Tina Turner. Thankyou in advance.
Joe, The sonics, The monks and Paul Revere & the Raiders had no charting albums in Australia.


Brazil, nothing for Os Mutantes either.


punkhead, nothing for the great MC5 as well.
80's Babe:

06-Sep-82*HP-09*WI-35 - Lexicon of Love
19-Dec-83*HP-58*WI-09 - Beauty Stab
05-Oct-87*HP-45*WI-11 - Alphabet City
11-Jun-90*HP-99*WI-01 - Absolutely (AMR only)

Adam & The Ants:
02-Mar-81*HP-02*WI-29 - Kings of the Wild Frontier
23-Nov-81*HP-07*WI-14 - Prince Charming
15-Nov-82*HP-60*WI-04 - Friend or Foe (Adam Ant)

Dexys Midnight Runners:
06-Oct-80*HP-66*WI-07 - Searching for the Young Soul Rebel
11-Oct-82*HP-02*WI-22 - Too-Rye-Ay

Simple Minds:
16-Nov-81*HP-31*WI-23 - Sons and Fascinations
27-Sep-82*HP-08WI-22 - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)
30-Jan-84*HP-15*WI-17 - Sparkle in the Rain
18-Nov-85*HP-07*WI-29 - Once Upon a Time
03-Nov-86*HP-26*WI-11 - Alive and Kicking
15-Jun-87*HP-13*WI-15 - Live in the City of Light
then came "Street Fighting Years" in May 1989.

Soft Cell:
08-Feb-82*HP-34*WI-10 - Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret

Randy Newman:

18-Sep-72*HP-42*WI-07 - Sail Away
26-Dec-77*HP-29*WI-18 - Little Criminals
01-Oct-79*HP-65*WI-06 - Born Again

Joe Jackson:

21-May-79*HP-20*WI-23 - Look Sharp!
03-Dec-79*HP-81*WI-05 - I'm the Man
16-Mar-81*HP-82*WI-03 - Beat Crazy
14-Sep-81*HP-29*WI-12 - Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive
23-Aug-82*HP-05*WI-47 - Night and Day
05-Dec-83*HP-91*WI-01 - Mike's Murder Soundtrack
14-May-84*HP-21*WI-24 - Body and Soul
02-Jun-86*HP-22*WI-32 - Big World
29-Jun-87*HP-67*WI-06 - Will Power
27-Jun-88*HP-13*WI-25 - Live 1980-86
then came "Blaze of Glory" in May 1989.

The Cars:

31-July-78*HP-35*WI-42 - The Cars
09-July-79*HP-07*WI-36 - Candy-O
01-Sep-80*HP-19*WI-13 - Panorama
07-Dec-81*HP-20*WI-23 - Shake it Up
30-Apr-84*HP-15*WI-59 - Heartbeat City
02-Dec-85*HP-05*WI-48 - The Cars Greatest Hits
21-Sep-87*HP-26*WI-11 - Door to Door
Al Green did not chart any albums in Australia.

Tina Turner:

25-May-70*HP-29*WI-01 - River Deep Mountain High *
08-Nov-71*HP-38*WI-05 - What You Hear is What You Get *
17-Feb-75*HP-41*WI-14 - Rhode Island Red *
24-Mar-75*HP-13*WI-46 - Nutbush City Limits *
01-Dec-75*HP-75*WI-12 - Acid Queen
13-Sep-76*HP-71*WI-09 - Greatest Hits *
23-July-84*HP-07*WI-74 - Private Dancer
09-Dec-85*HP-64*WI-09 - Private Dance Mixes
10-Nov-86*HP-11*WI-38 - Break Every Rule
11-Jan-88*HP-37*WI-11 - Tina Live
then came "Foreign Affair" in Oct 1989.

(*) = Ike & Tina Turner

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Huey Lewis & The News:

28-Jun-82*HP-75*WI-05 - Picture This
12-Nov-84*HP-22*WI-39 - Sports
27-Oct-86*HP-03*WI-33 - Fore
then came "Small World" in Sep 1988, but here's one more,

21-July-91*HP-61*WI-07 - Hard at Play (ARIA)
Hi, 'bullion':

I've found australian chart info related to Erasure albums in another site ('Chorus' Peak Position: 93/Weeks On Chart:1; 'Cowboy' Peak Position: 74/Weeks On Chart:1).
Please, could you confirm this info?
Is this correct?

Finally; I'd like to complete their australian Chart History, so.....
.....could you please tell me the chart statistics of Erasure's 'The Innocents' & 'Wild!'?

Thanks in advance.

thanks again bulion merry xmas & happy new year.
KDX125, here are the rest of Erasures album:

22-Jan-90*HP-88*WI-02 - Wild! (AMR only)
17-Nov-91*HP-93*WI-01 - Chorus
18-May-97*HP-74*WI-01 - Cowboy

"The Innocents" did not chart unfortunately.
Thanks bulion, thats great!!!!! Have a Happy New Year
thankyou bulion your'e a darling as always
Thanks again, 'bulion'
g'day just after chart postions for : free , bad company and the carpenters. cheers.
cheers bulion keep up the good work.
Thankyou bulion, and happy new year.
Bad Company:

05-Aug-74*HP-06*WI-41 - Bad Company
31-Mar-75*HP-08*WI-28 - Straight Shooter
23-Feb-76*HP-09*WI-18 - Run With the Pack
04-Apr-77*HP-15*WI-17 - Burnin' Sky
26-Mar-79*HP-27*WI-21 - Desolation Angels
20-Sep-82*HP-63*WI-04 - Rough Diamonds
17-Feb-86*HP-68*WI-07 - 10 From 6


30-Nov-70*HP-16*WI-15 - Close to You
15-Feb-71*HP-19*WI-06 - Ticket to Ride
13-Sep-71*HP-16*WI-18 - Carpenters
15-May-72*HP-03*WI-40 - Great Hits of The Carpenters
09-Oct-72*HP-06*WI-33 - A Song for You
20-Aug-73*HP-03*WI-43 - Now and Then
01-Apr-74*HP-24*WI-18 - Great Hits of The Carpenters Vol.2
16-Jun-75*HP-21*WI-23 - Horizon
28-Jun-76*HP-57*WI-07 - A Kind of Hush
14-Nov-77*HP-48*WI-18 - Passage
13-July-81*HP-50*WI-11 - Made in America
27-Dec-82*HP-01*WI-23 - The Very Best of
28-Nov-83*HP-54*WI-14 - Voice of the Heart
then there was "Their Greatest Hits" in Oct 1990.
Marianne Faithfull:

21-July-80*HP-27*WI-21 - Broken English (Incomplete Edition)
16-Nov-81*HP-24*WI-24 - Dangerous Acquaintances
02-May-83*HP-14*WI-20 - A Child's Adventure
21-Sep-87*HP-48*WI-10 - Strange Weather
19-Oct-87*HP-93*WI-02 - Broken English (Re-Released Complete)
09-July-90*HP-68*WI-03 - Blazing Away
thanks bulion for bad company & carpenters chart postions. still curious if the 60's/70's band Free charted down under. cheers.

30-Nov-70*HP-25*WI-09 - Fire & Water
24-May-71*HP-11*WI-19 - Highway
21-Jun-71*HP-28*WI-06 - Free
24-Jan-72*HP-18*WI-13 - Free Live!
14-Aug-72*HP-32*WI-16 - Free at Last
14-May-73*HP-29*WI-15 - Heartbreaker
02-Dec-74*HP-34*WI-13 - The Free Story
21-Mar-83*HP-55*WI-08 - Completely Free
thanks again bulion, your the best
g'day did the troggs do anything in the charts? cheers.
Hopin' someone could provide chart information for Manfred Mann and Manfred Mann's Earth Band. Thankyou in advance.
Hi, I'm a huge Roy Orbison fan, hope someone could post his charting albums in australia. Thanks.
Joe, nothing for The Troggs at all in the album charts.
The Ox:

Manfred Mann:
10-Dec-66*HP-15*WI-01 - Mann Made Hits

Manfred Mann's Earth Band
25-Oct-76*HP-08*WI-21 - The Roaring Silence
13-Mar-78*HP-40*WI-39 - Watch
26-Mar-79*HP-22*WI-22 - Angel Station
23-Feb-81*HP-42*WI-14 - Chance
16-Apr-84*HP-70*WI-04 - Budapest
Roy Orbison:

30-Jan-65*HP-05*WI-02 - Greatest Hits Volume 2
08-Mar-69*HP-13*WI-01 - More of Roy Orbison's Greatest Hits
16-Nov-81*HP-30*WI-21 - The Big O in Gold
20-Oct-86*HP-87*WI-04 - The Roy Orbison Story
21-Dec-87*HP-16*WI-38 - In Dreams
then in late 1988 and early 1989 and whole heap of albums charted, which you'll be able to find via the search function at the top of the page.
thanks again bulion
Thankyou bulion.
Hi again, and thanks as always. I've got Machinations singles from the sister page. I've got ARIA single and album charting from search engine above. I would like AMR info on Machinations albums please.
g'day just after supertramps lp postions. cheers.

02-May-83*HP-54*WI-16 - Esteem
15-July-85*HP-20*WI-22 - Big Music
09-Jun-86*HP-83*WI-02 - The Big Beat (remixes of above album)
31-Oct-88*HP-46&WI-07 - Uptown


12-May-76*HP-15*WI-80 - Crime of the Century
22-Dec-75*HP-20*WI-51 - Crisis? What Crisis
31-May-76*HP-53*WI-10 - Indelibly Stamped
25-Apr-77*HP-05*WI-33 - Even in the Quietest Moments
26-Mar-79*HP-01*WI-56 - Breakfast in America (6 weeks at 1)
06-Oct-80*HP-03*WI-24 - Paris
15-Nov-82*HP-02*WI-32 - Famous Last Words
17-Jun-85*HP-22*WI-13 - Brother Where You Bound
24-Nov-86*HP-09*WI-31 - The Autobiography of Supertramp
16-Nov-87*HP-30*WI-10 - Free as a Bird

Roger Hodson solo:
26-Nov-84*HP-23*WI-22 - In the Eye of the Storm
07-Dec-87*HP-88*WI-02 - Hai Hai
thanks for the supertramp post how did the following artists dent the charts : echo & the bunnymen, joan jett (& the blackhearts) and billy idol. cheers.
hello again, just another question. i've notice a few lp's chart between 11-15 around the late 1966-early 1967 period, did the australian lp charts advance from a top 10 to a top 15 around this period and then advance into a top 20 circa 1968/69? cheers.
yes they did Joe.
Hi. I Would like to know the Albums Chart listing of Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, Men At Work, Colin Hay? Thanks!
Could anyone please be able to give Australian Albums Chart positions for the following artists : Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, Billy Rankin, Men at Work, Colin Hay. Thank you.
Hi bulion, can you please help with album charts for these artists:

Midge Ure
A Flock of Seagulls
Classix Nouveaux

if possible?
Echo & the Bunnymen:
25-Apr-83*HP-47*WI-13 - Porcupine
06-Feb-84*HP-96*WI-01 - Echo & The Bunnymen
11-Jun-84*HP-58*WI-05 - Ocean Rain
20-Jan-86*HP-57*WI-08 - Songs to Learn and Sing
10-Aug-87*HP-70*WI-10 - Echo & The Bunnymen (different)

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts:
10-May-82*HP-10*WI-21 - I Love Rock 'N' Roll
29-Nov-82*HP-45*WI-13 - Bad Reputation
29-Aug-83*HP-85*WI-04 - Album
18-Jun-90*HP-89*WI-04 -The Hit List (AMR Positions)

Billy Idol:
14-Mar-83*HP-66*WI-16 - Billy Idol
02-Apr-84*HP-16*WI-44 - Rebel Yell
29-July-85*HP-38*WI-132 - Vital Idol
15-Dec-86*HP-06*WI-48 - Whiplash Smile
14-Dec-87*HP-12*WI-22 - Vital Idol (more tracks than above)
then came "Charmed Life" in May 1990.

15-Mar-76*HP-72*WI-18 - Greatest Hits

Dan McCafferty:
no charting albums.

Men At Work:
07-Dec-81*HP-01*WI-118- Business as Usual (9 weeks at 1)
02-May-83*HP-01*WI-40 - Cargo (2 weeks at No.1)
17-Jun-85*HP-16*WI-15 - Two Hearts
24-Nov-86*HP-42*WI-23 - 81 to 85

Colin Hay:
09-Mar-87*HP-58*WI-10 - Looking for Jack
07-May-90*HP-99*WI-01 - Wayfaring Sons (AMR only) (Colin Hay Band)

Billy Rankin:
no charting albums

17-Nov-80*HP-04*WI-37 - Vienna
12-Oct-81*HP-20*WI-10 - Rage in Eden
22-Nov-82*HP-35*WI-11 - Quartet
25-Jun-84*HP-41*WI-09 - Lament
04-Feb-85*HP-14*WI-17 - The Collection
16-Mar-87*HP-92*WI-02 - U-Vox

13-Apr-81*HP-17*WI-20 - Visage

Midge Ure:
11-Nov-85*HP-29*WI-10 - The Gift
17-Apr-89*HP-87*WI-03 - Answers to Nothing

A Flock of Seagulls:
05-July-82*HP-19*WI-16 - A Flock of Seagulls
15-Aug-83*HP-90*WI-04 - Listen

Classix Nouveaux:
05-Oct-81*HP-85*WI-03 - Night People
thanks bulion
thanks a lot!
Dear Bulion

Could you please help with album charts for these albums:

Belinda Carlisle - Belinda
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven on Earth

All the Go Go's Album.

Could you also tell me if they were certified?

Thanks a lot!
Hi & thx, Need singles and albums for Little Heroes please.
Belinda Carlisle:

29-Sep-86*HP-42*WI-12 - Belinda
29-Feb-88*HP-13*WI-17 - Heaven on Earth
I don't have certifications for this period sorry.

Go Go's:

28-Dec-81*HP-27*WI-24 - Beauty and the Beat
06-Sep-82*HP-71*WI-05 - Vacation


Little Heroes:

31-Aug-81*HP-81*WI-02 - Little Heroes
06-Sep-82*HP-37*WI-10 - Play By Numbers
26-Sep-83*HP-50*WI-10 - Watch the World

singles will appear on the Pre-1989 Singles page.
g'day, after chart postions for the following ozzie artists : paul kelly, radio birdman, the go-betweens and rose tattoo. cheers.
Thanks Bulion!

Do you maybe know if the Belinda Carlisle's single "I feel the magic" charted in the Australian chart?

No it didn't dado7
Hello, could some one please post The Hollies ALBUM CHART POSTIONS. Thanks.
Hi, did The Young Rascals have any charting albums? Thanks in advance.
hi, how did these groovy bands trip the light fantastic on the oz charts : the lovin' spoonful, the turtles and the new vaudeville band?
Hi & thx,

Need albums for I'm Talking please.

Already have their singles. They disbanded in mid-1987 so wouldn't have any ARIA charting (I checked search engine above anyway).
Paul Kelly:

30-Mar-81*HP-44*WI-07 - Talk (& The Dots)
22-Sep-86*HP-15*WI-39 - Gossip (& The Coloured Girls)
07-Dec-87*HP-19*WI-23 - Under the Sun (& Coloured Girls)
then came "So Much Water So Close to Home" in Aug 1989.

Radio Birdman:

25-July-77*HP-51*WI-18 - Radios Appear
29-May-78*HP-89*WI-04 - Radios Appear (Overseas Version)
06-Apr-81*HP-55*WI-08 - Living Eyes
13-Sep-82*HP-98*WI-01 - Soldiers of Rock 'N' Roll

The Go-Betweens:

17-Mar-86*HP-62*WI-08 - Liberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express
15-Jun-87*HP-71*WI-11 - Tallulah
26-Sep-88*HP-49*WI-08 - 16 Lovers Lane (AMR)

Rose Tattoo:

06-Nov-78*HP-40*WI-11 - Rose Tattoo
14-Sep-81*HP-27*WI-14 - Assault & Battery
08-Nov-82*HP-11*WI-34 - Scarred for Life
05-Nov-84*HP-30*WI-07 - Southern Stars
31-Mar-86*HP-15*WI-10 - A Decade of Rock
01-Dec-86*HP-35*WI-24 - Beats from a Single Drum

04-Oct-69*HP-12*WI-03 - Hollies Sing Dylan
15-Feb-71*HP-20*WI-02 - Hollies Sing Hollies
15-Mar-71*HP-08*WI-11 - Confessions of the Mind
26-Jun-72*HP-32*WI-10 - Hollies Greatest Volume 2
28-Aug-72*HP-28*WI-06 - Distant Light
05-Feb-73*HP-57*WI-06 - Romany
24-Jun-74*HP-53*WI-15 - Hollies
10-Feb-75*HP-71*WI-08 - Another Night
01-Mar-76*HP-63*WI-04 - Write On
18-Apr-77*HP-60*WI-07 - History of the Hollies
27-Oct-80*HP-42*WI-14- Best of the Hollies (64-75)
18-Oct-82*HP-45*WI-07 - Nothing Bu the Very Best


New Vaudeville Band:

22-Apr-67*HP-05*WI-03 - Winchester Cathedral


25-Apr-83*HP-83*WI-03 - The Turtles Greatest Hits

nothing charted album-wise for Lovin' Spoonful or Young Rascals
I'm Talking only had the one album, which didn't contain some of their singles (boo )

18-Aug-86*HP-14*WI-14 - Bear Witness
thanks again bulion how did the church chart also ?
Thanks bulion, that's awesome!!!!!!!

25-May-81*HP-22*WI-19 - Of Skins and Heart
01-Mar-82*HP-10*WI-20 - The Blurred Crusade
20-Dec-82*HP-58*WI-10 - Sing-Songs
20-Jun-83*HP-18*WI-12 - Seance
19-Mar-84*HP-32*WI-09 - Remote Luxury
03-Sep-84*HP-47*WI-05 - Persia
10-Feb-86*HP-19*WI-14 - Heyday
18-Apr-88*HP-11*WI-17 - Starfish
then came "Hindsight" in July 1988.
wow, that was quick. thanks bulion
groovy man, just one more request if possible; did the great buffalo springfield ever chart?
g'day, did king crimson ever place a album in the charts? cheers.
g'day, another to add to the list, the ronettes, the crystals, ike & tina turner and the righteous brothers. cheers.
g,day, how did russell morris chart also ?
Hello, did Sade chart?
Trippy Hippy, nothing for Buffalo Springfield on the album charts


King Crimson:

20-July-70*HP-07*WI-20 - In the Court of the Crimson King
16-Nov-70*HP-17*WI-06 - In the Wake of Poseidon
28-Jun-71*HP-19*WI-15 - Lizard
20-Nov-72*HP-49*WI-10 - Islands
16-Sep-74*HP-73*WI-06 - Starless and Bible Black
03-Feb-75*HP-94*WI-03 - Red


Nothing for Crystals, Ronettes, but Ike & Tina were done in Tina's listing back at the end of 2008.

Righteous Brothers:

21-Oct-74*HP-83*WI-11 - Give it to the People
15-Feb-82*HP-40*WI-12 - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
08-Feb-88*HP-97*WI-02 - Soul & Inspiration
then there was "Greatest Hits" in Nov 1990.


Russell Morris:

23-Aug-71*HP-12*WI-10 - Bloodstone
08-Oct-79*HP-38*WI-10 - Foot in the Door
26-Jan-81*HP-28*WI-13 - Almost Frantic
24-Nov-91*HP-98*WI-01 - A Thousand Suns (ARIA)


22-Oct-84*HP-06*WI-40 - Diamond Life
25-Nov-85*HP-09*WI-37 - Promise
23-May-88*HP-11*WI-24 - Stronger than Pride
then came "Love Deluxe" in late 1992.
Thanks bulion
shame they didn't chart thier a great band, thanks anyway. keep on truckin'!!!
thanks again bulion
g'day, did any of the beach boys chart as solo artists. ie. brian wilson(if first solo lp counts 1988 release), dennis wilson( 1 lp), carl wilson(2 lp's) & mike love(1 lp). cheers.
Brian Wilson:

19-Sep-88*HP-79*WI-04 - Love and Mercy (Single)
22-Aug-88*HP-38*WI-09 - Brian Wilson (Album)

Carl Wilson:

08-Aug-83*HP-98*WI-03 - What You Do to Me (Single)

Dennis Wilson:

04-Feb-80*HP-82*IW-05 - Bobby & The Space Invaders (Single)

nothing for Mike Love

g'day, thanks bulion i must say i was pleasantly suprised to see dennis had a charting single. also how did frankie goes to hollywood go in the album charts. cheers.
Dennis Wilson was actually an Australian guitarist, not the Beach Boys guy. "Bobby & the Space Invaders" was an instrumental minor hit from his "Walking On Thin Ice" album.
thanks chri8topher, i never heard of beach boy dennis wilson doing that song, thought i was going bonkers
g'day just after frankie goes to hollywood lp chart postions, cheers.
Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

03-Dec-84*HP-07*WI-36 - Welcome to the Pleasuredome
22-Dec-86*HP-72*WI-07 - Liverpool
thanks bulion your a champ
g'day, just wondering bulion if thier's an offical biggest selling albums of all time list for australia? cheers

On this website, there is a list, which is at the top under "Best of All Time", just select Albums.
g'day, that's cool i've checked that link, cheers bulion what about pre 1989? also, is the point system used accurate in conjuction with physical sales? cheers.
Point systems are different to physical sales, and this site does not have or know physical sales information. As for Pre-89, I don't know where you'd find an overall (65 to now) listing of albums.
thanks bulion may try investigate the answers to my question and if i find anything shall post it. cheers
Hello, just after a couple more surfing act chart postions please; that's if they weren't released too early to chart. So The Deltones, Jan & Dean and The Trashmen, thankyou.
Old Surfer, none of those acts had albums that made the charts sorry.
Thanks anyway bulion.

Hello Bulion,

Can you post chart histories for Abba and Rod Stewart.
Did The Four Tops have any albums,that made the charts?

01-July-74*HP-18*WI-47 - Waterloo
08-Sep-75*HP-01*WI-65 - Abba
22-Dec-75*HP-01*WI-70 - The Best of Abba
19-Jan-76*HP-10*WI-31 - Ring Ring
22-Nov-76*HP-01*WI-35 - Arrival
23-Jan-78*HP-04*WI-20 - Abba-The Album
21-May-79*HP-05*WI-26 - Voulez-Vous
12-Nov-79*HP-20*WI-19 - Greatest Hits Volume 2
01-Dec-80*HP-05*WI-23 - Super Trouper
28-Dec-81*HP-22*WI-11 - The Visitors
05-Apr-82*HP-42*WI-15 - The Magic of Abba (K-tel album)
20-Dec-82*HP-18*WI-30 - Abba-The Singles
15-Oct-84*HP-49*WI-07 - Hits, Hits, Hits (J&B album)
then came "Abba Gold" in Nov 1992.

Rod Stewart:

30-Nov-70*HP-31*WI-02 - An Old Raincoat Won't Let You Down
08-Apr-71*HP-24*WI-13 - Gasoline Alley
04-Oct-71*HP-01*WI-32 - Every Picture Tells a Story
18-Sep-72*HP-03*WI-36 - Never a Dull Moment
20-Aug-73*HP-11*WI-29 - Sing it Again, Rod
11-Feb-74*HP-38*WI-11 - Rod Stewart/Faces Live Coast to Coast
04-Nov-74*HP-08*WI-28 - Smiler
01-Sep-75*HP-01*WI-84 - Atlantic Crossing
28-Jun-76*HP-01*WI-61 - A Night on the Town
23-Aug-76*HP-13*WI-27 - The Best of Rod Stewart
07-Nov-77*HP-01*WI-28 - Footloose and Fancy Free
04-Dec-78*HP-01*WI-30 - Blondes Have More Fun
22-Oct-79*HP-01*WI-22 - Rod Stewart Greatest Hits
24-Nov-80*HP-09*WI-18 - Foolish Behaviour
01-Dec-80*HP-84*WI-04 - Rockin' Rod Stewart
23-Nov-81*HP-11*WI-29 - Tonight I'm Yours
13-Dec-82*HP-41*WI-15 - Absolutely Live
20-Jun-83*HP-14*WI-16 - Body Wishes
02-July-84*HP-34*WI-07 - Camouflage
14-July-86*HP-16*WI-28 - Every Beat of My Heart
27-Jun-88*HP-26*WI-17 - Out of Order
then came another "Best of" in Dec 1989.
Four Tops:

27-July-68*HP-09*WI-01 - Reach Out
07-Jun-69*HP-14*WI-02 - Four Tops Greatest Hits
22-Jun-70*HP-15*WI-06 - Still Waters Run Deep
06-Sep-82*HP-93*WI-01 - The Best of
16-Apr-84*HP-23*WI-15 - 20 Greatest Hits (w/ Temptations)
Thank you bulion. Five chart albums for the Four Tops is not too bad,in my opinion.
Hi, did Bobby Vinton or Bobby vee have any chart albums?
As the two (of the 4) Bobby's charted mainly in the early part of the 60's, album charts were not compiled until 1965, so the missed out. Although Mr. Vinton's second wind in the late 60's, early 70's did take one album into the charts.

Bobby Vinton:

13-Nov-72*HP-57*WI-03 - Sealed With a Kiss
Thank you again bulion.
g'day did tim buckley chart down under? cheers.
Can someone provide the AMR Chart run for Cliff Richard's Private Collection. It appears to have entered the AMR Chart in mid-May 1988 and peaked at #22 (with 34 weeks in total).

However, curiously, on ARIA its debut is not until late November. Its peak here is #10 apparently and its total weeks are 25.

I can't reconcile how it could have such a gap - 6 months - between the AMR debut and the ARIA debut. Surely if ARIA's album chart commenced week ending 27 June 1988 (just six weeks after the AMR debut) it would have charted immediatel?

Can anyone shed some light on what happened with this album.
Kevin Johnson:

11-Mar-74*HP-21*WI-13 - Rock and Roll (I Gave You The Best Years of My Life)
09-Aug-76*HP-35*WI-19 - Man of the 20th Century
13-Nov-78*HP-92*WI-07 - Journeys
26-Nov-79*HP-100*WI-1 - The Best of
06-Apr-81*HP-72*WI-11 - Night Rider
Joe, nothing for the master Tim Buckley.


rewardMan, The Private Collection for Cliff Richard did have an entry date of May 1989, but it charted down low in the Top 100 for a couple of weeks, then it re-entered late October, entering the Top 50 in November. AMR chart info does not include re-entries (unless they're years apart) and are amalgamations of their chart run.
The AMR used collated information from stores on a points system (1 to 5, five being high-end sales), whereas ARIA used actual sales information, thus getting different information from different sources, which is why some things vary because of shop-people's tastes (the ones reporting to AMR), as opposed to the public's buying habits.
Thanks Bulion. Great to get some clarity on this issue.

It's a shame that the two charts were different lengths. Presumably there were several weeks when the album charted between 51 and 100 on AMR when it was outside the ARIA Top 50.

If the AMR weeks outside the 50 could be added to the list it would be interesting to see how many were added to the 25 weeks attained on the ARIA Chart (Top 50 only).

One further point - I note that no ARIA Chart was published over Christmas and New Year 1989/90. Doesn't this mean in effect that albums in the chart immediately prior to Christmas and the week after the New Year are denied two weeks on the chart? Surely two weeks should be added to such albums' chart runs for the record book.

This is the methodology of the Guiness Book Of Hits and makes perfect sense to me.

one more query I hope you don't mind.

can you confirm that Remember Me by Cliff peaked at #6 on ARIA with 13 weeks on?

can you also tell me if there was any overlap in tha chart runs of Always Guaranteed by Cliff - i.e. it started its chart life on AMR 26 Oct. 87 - did it have any appearance on ARIA from late June 88? The stats I have say it peaked at #6 and spent 36 weeks on the chart. What say you, please?
g'day, thanks bulion. i can't believe tim buckley never charted with any of he's amazing albums, oh well least we have the beauty of hindsight and can still buy his records and enjoy them. cheers again
rewardMan, below is the link for "Remember Me" chart run...


Don't know the answer to your second question, sorry.

As for chart run's over the Christmas/NY period, there are classed as 'held' charts, and the weeks are counted in the song/albums total chart run.
g'day, just wonderin' if these two bands had charting albums : the allman brothers band & the international submarine band. cheers.
Am looking to see whether any albums by the Australian bands' Crawlspace ('Motion') or Turnstyle ('Turnstyle Country') charted in the Australian album charts.
Renee Geyer:

19-Aug-74*HP-28*WI-39 - It's a Man's Man's World
24-Nov-75*HP-21*WI-21 - Ready to Deal
23-Aug-76*HP-43*WI-14 - Really Really Love You
16-May-77*HP-11*WI-25 - Moving Along
12-Dec-77*HP-53*WI-13 - At Her Very Best
11-Dec-78*HP-69*WI-13 - Winner
25-Jun-79*HP-41*WI-09 - Blues License
07-Dec-81*HP-36*WI-19 - So Lucky
02-May-83*HP-80*WI-03 - Renee Live
16-Jan-84*HP-53*WI-08 - Faves
01-July-85*HP-37*WI-15 - Sing to Me
Allman Brothers Band:

15-May-72*HP-35*WI-13 - Eat a Peach
15-Oct-73*HP-05*WI-21 - Brothers and Sisters
27-Oct-80*HP-92*WI-04 - Reach for the Sky

nothing for International Submarine Band.
dingo_dude, I couldn't find any charting albums Crawlspace or Turnstyle.
g'day, thanks again bulion, great to see the allman brothers band hit the charts with a couple of albums. didn't expect the international submarine band to chart , even usa was guilty of missing the beat with gram parson's works. cheers
also chart postions for lynyrd skynyrd would be great, it's a favour for my dad. cheers.
Lynyrd Skynyrd:

12-May-75*HP-91*WI-01 - Nuthin' Fancy
29-Nov-76*HP-79*WI-09 - One More From the Road
23-Jan-78*HP-68*WI-08 - Street Survivors
23-Oct-78*HP-89*WI-03 - Skynrd's First and... Last
thanks bulion my dad was wrapped with that info, but couldn't believe thier fisrt two lp's didn't chart here. i figure our great land down under took a couple of years ( also judging by the allman brothers bands chart history) for us to trigger on to southern rock. and a bit into the future, look, southern rockers kings of leon rule the roost, funny hey
Hi again and thx in advance. I'm now after Australian Crawl.

I see from above that both Sirocco and Sons of Beaches were no. 1 but I'd like all albums and singles (I'll check the sister list).

I've done a search on the engine above but none of their later compilations charted into ARIA's top 50, so any charting there would also be appreciated.

I'd like gold/platinum certifications where possible but I understand that it is difficult to dig up such information for the 1980s.
Australian Crawl:

05-May-80*HP-04*WI-101- The Boys Light Up
20-July-81*HP-01*WI-52 - Sirocco
26-July-82*HP-01*WI-37 - Sons of Beaches
19-Dec-83*HP-04*WI-24 - Phalanx
03-Dec-84*HP-02*WI-37 - Crawl File: Their Greatest Hits
29-July-85*HP-11*WI-21 - Between a Rock and Hard Place
15-Sep-86*HP-16*WI-20 - The Final Wave

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Could you write the albums from Bryan Adams too, please?
g'day, just after some chart positions for these 60's divas : petula clark, sandi shaw & lulu. cheers.
bulion you do such a great job that its seldom I catch a mistake! Sons of Beaches details just given are for 1982 not 1981. (You got it right earlier, up above).
g'day, another to add to the list; LL Cool J's album chart history. cheers.
Bryan Adams:

27-Jun-83*HP-52*WI-09 - Cuts Like a Knife
21-Jan-85*HP-02*WI-64 - Reckless
18-May-87*HP-14*WI-16 - Into the Fire
then came "Waking Up the Neighbours" in Oct 1991.
Petula Clark:

10-Oct-77*HP-48*WI-14 - 20 Fantastic Hits
15-Mar-82*HP-36*WI-13 - Greats

Sandie Shaw:

14-Mar-83*HP-51*WI-05 - Nothing But the Very Best.

Nothing at all for Lulu.
LL Cool J:

09-Oct-89*HP-98*WI-01 - Walking With a Panther (AMR)
23-Jun-91*HP-67*WI-13 - Mama Said Knock You Out
03-Mar-96*HP-97*WI-02 - Mr. Smith
02-Nov-97*HP-88*WI-02 - Phenomenon
18-Sep-00*HP-65*WI-03 - G.O.A.T.
that's as far as I've done up to so far.

g'day, thanks bulion
hello again, how did james brown chart down under? cheers.
Joe, you asked me that question last september, and nothing's changed since then
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after albums and singles (I'll look there) for Madder Lake.
g'day, thanks bulion. my bad, completely forgot i had all ready asked ya. cheers anyway
g'day, not sure if i've asked already, so here goes did joan baez ever place an album in the charts? cheers.
Hello, i'm after album chart postions for Dragon. Thanks in advance.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm also after albums and singles (you know I'll look there) for Chain.
Madder Lake:

10-Sep-73*HP-13*WI-25 - Stillpoint
01-Apr-74*HP-22*WI-17 - Butterfly Farm


Joan Baez:

27-Sep-69*HP-08*WI-02 - Any Day Now
22-Nov-71*HP-36*WI-08 - Blessed Are
03-Dec-73*HP-63*WI-01 - Hits: Greatest and Others
11-Aug-75*HP-62*WI-05 - Diamonds and Rust



19-Oct-70*HP-15*WI-18 - Chain Live
20-Sep-71*HP-06*WI-20 - Toward the Blues
20-Nov-72*HP-51*WI-07 - Live Again


07-Mar-77*HP-24*WI-44 - Sunshine
14-Nov-77*HP-06*WI-26 - Running Free
18-Sep-78*HP-03*WI-30 - O Zambezi
23-Apr-79*HP-08*WI-18 - Dragon's Greatest Hits Volume 1
08-Oct-79*HP-64*WI-05 - Power Play
30-Jan-84*HP-14*WI-16 - Are You Old Enough -The Best of
25-Jun-84*HP-05*WI-24 - Body and the Beat
24-Jun-85*HP-62*WI-05 - Live One
08-Sep-85*HP-18*WI-20 - Dreams or Ordinary Men
25-Jan-88*HP-26*WI-12 - So Far-Their Classic Collection
then came "Bondi Road" in May 1989.
g'day, i've just become a member thanks for the joan baez positions bulion
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g'day, just a couple of more artists if that's cool; smokey robinson & the miracles and dolly parton(if she hasn't been done yet.. ) cheers.
Great to see you join up Joe.
g'day, thanks lifter500 it's been a long time coming, glad to be part of oz-chart crew
Smokey Robinson:

13-July-81*HP-71*WI-09 - Being With You

(nothing from the Miracles though)

Dolly Parton:

06-Mar-78*HP-83*WI-10 - Here You Come Again
30-Apr-79*HP-67*WI-06 - Heartbreaker
02-July-79*HP-48*WI-13 - Great Balls of Fire
30-July-79*HP-38*WI-12 - Both Side of Dolly Parton
09-Feb-81*HP-51*WI-04 - A Real Country Dolly
02-Mar-81*HP-33*WI-16 - 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs
14-May-84*HP-22*WI-13 - The Great Pretender
19-Jan-87*HP-27*WI-18 - Dolly Parton's 16 Biggest Hits
30-Mar-87*HP-12*WI-22- Trio (w/ Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt)
29-Feb-88*HP-83*WI-04 - Rainbow
10-Sep-90*HP-56*WI-04 - The Very Best of Kenny & Dolly
g'day, thanks again bulion
Can you let me know whether any of the Painters and Dockers' albums charted and also the same thing for The Badloves - appreciate it
g'day, did any of these proto-psychedelic bands make an impression on the oz lp charts : The Count Five, ? & The Mysterians and Strawberry Alarm Clock; and also folkies The Association if possilbe. cheers.
Painters and Dockers:

22-Aug-88*HP-34*WI-13 - Kiss My Art (AMR) No.23 on ARIA

The Badloves:

08-Aug-93*HP-05*WI-65 - Get on Board
05-Nov-95*HP-14*WI-15 - Holy Roadside
04-May-97*HP-82*WI-02 - Everybody Everywhere

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The Count Five: nothing

? & The Mysterians: nothing

Strawberry Alarm Clock: nothing

The Association: nothing
Kim Wilde:

17-Aug-81*HP-25*WI-15 - Kim Wilde
19-July-82*HP-08*WI-12 - Select
06-Feb-84*HP-97*WI-01 - Catch As Catch Can
27-Aug-84*HP-13*WI-16 - The Very Best of
12-Jan-87*HP-31*WI-19 - Another Step
15-Aug-88*HP-82*WI-11 - Close (AMR)
26-July-92*HP-92*WI-01 - Love is
10-Oct-93*HP-06*WI-19 - The Singles Collection 81-93
06-Mar-94*HP-64*WI-02 - The Remix Collection
g'day, thanks bulion
g'day, have the buzzcocks ever charted on the oz lp charts? cheers.
couldn't find anything on The Buzzcocks joe.
g'day, thanks bulion
Hi, thx in advance. I'm after Eurogliders, Grace Knight and Bernie Lynch. Both albums (here) and singles (I'll check there). I've already done a search for these artists on the engine above.

28-Jun-82*HP-54*WI-13 - Pink Suit Blue Day
28-May-84*HP-04*WI-27 - This Island
04-Nov-85*HP-07*WI-47 - Absolutely
04-Apr-88*HP-25*WI-17 - Groove

Grace Knight:

08-Apr-90*HP-04*WI-37 - Come in Spinner Soundtrack (w/ Vince Jones)
15-Sep-91*HP-11*WI-12 - Come in Spinner Soundtrack (R)
06-Oct-91*HP-16*WI-27 - Stormy Weather
28-Nov-93*HP-90*WI-06 - Gracious

nothing for Bernie Lynch (singles or albums)
G'day, just wondering if Malcom McClaren (Sex Pistols fame) ever placed a charting lp?
g'day, also after phil collins lp chart postions. cheers.
May I ask for Spandau Ballet albums please
Malcolm McLaren:

18-July-83*HP-13*WI-16 - Duck Rock
07-Aug-89*HP-51*WI-17 - Waltz Darling (AMR)


Phil Collins:

16-Mar-81*HP-02*WI-70 - Face Value
22-Nov-82*HP-15*WI-40 - Hello, I Must Be Going
25-Mar-85*HP-01*WI-100- No Jacket Required
then came "But Seriously" in Dec 1989.


Spandau Ballet:

04-May-81*HP-14*WI-17 - Journey's to Glory
05-July-82*HP-39*WI-14 - Diamond
23-May-83*HP-04*WI-54 - True
30-July-84*HP-04*WI-53 - Parade
01-Dec-86*HP-26*WI-16 - Through the Barricades
22-Jun-87*HP-98*WI-01 - The 12" Mixes
30-Oct-89*HP-96*WI-01 - Heart Like a Sky
then there was a 'Best of' in Nov 1991.

G'day, thanks again bulion
G'day, just after Stevie Wright's lp postions, cheers.
Stevie Wright:

03-Jun-74*HP-02*WI-32 - Hard Road
25-Aug-75*HP-61*WI-17 - Black Eyed Bruiser
g'day, cheers bulion
Debbie Gibson:

15-Aug-88*HP-66*WI-04 - Out of the Blue (AMR)
10-Apr-89*HP-10*WI-38 - Electric Youth (ARIA) (No.11 on AMR)
20-Jan-91*HP-80*WI-03 - Anything is Possible (ARIA) (No.86 on AMR)
And Kingdom Come?
Kingdom Come:

02-May-88*HP-50*WI-11 - Kingdom Come
Hi & thx in advance,

I'm after charting albums for The Sports (already got singles from sister page) and both albums and singles for Stephen Cummings. Already got his single & album from ARIA charts by using search engine above.
Bulion please post information for these:

Tubeway Army
Thomas Dolby
Nik Kershaw
Men Without Hats
Stephen Cummings:

20-Aug-84*HP-46*WI-10 - Senso
01-Sep-86*HP-69*WI-06 - This Wonderful Life
08-Feb-88*HP-61*WI-09 - Love Town
then came "A New Kind of Blue" in March 1989.


22-May-78*HP-43*WI-17 - Reckless
19-Feb-79*HP-09*WI-21 - The Sports Don't Throw Stones
17-Mar-80*HP-13*WI-18 - Suddenly
25-May-81*HP-20*WI-13 - Sondra
23-Nov-81*HP-70*WI-02 - The Sports Play Dylan (& Donovan)
27-Dec-82*HP-35*WI-13 - All Sports (Best of)

Last edited:

23-Nov-79*HP-57*WI-11 - Q: Are We Not Men" A: We Are Devo!
25-Jun-79*HP-51*WI-12 - Duty Now for the Future
02-Jun-80*HP-05*WI-63 - Freedom of Choice
31-Aug-81*HP-02*WI-27 - Dev-O Live (Mini LP)
21-Sep-81*HP-03*WI-30 - New Traditionalists
29-Nov-82*HP-57*WI-08 - Oh, No! It's Devo
24-Nov-86*HP-84*WI-03 - Best of Devo Volume 1

Tubeway Army:

03-Sep-79*HP-11*WI-23 - Replicas

Thomas Dolby:

06-Jun-83*HP-72*WI-07 - The Golden Age of Wireless
16-Apr-84*HP-71*WI-06 - The Flat Earth
27-Jun-88*HP-74*WI-05 - Aliens Ate My Buick

Nik Kershaw:

07-May-84*HP-35*WI-18 - Human Racing
28-Jan-85*HP-39*WI-26 - The Riddle
08-Dec-86*HP-92*WI-01 - Radio Musicola

Men Without Hats:

03-Oct-83*HP-56*WI-09 - Rhythm of Youth
Thanks, bulion!
G'day, just after Santana's album positions, cheers.

28-Sep-70*HP-14*WI-17 - Santana
25-Jan-71*HP-01*WI-24 - Abraxas
13-Dec-71*HP-04*WI-17 - Santana 3
09-Oct-72*HP-13*WI-19 - Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles Live
11-Dec-72*HP-16*WI-29 - Caravanserai
16-July-73*HP-10*WI-13 - Love, Devotion, Surrender (w/ Mahavishnu John McLaughlin)
17-Dec-73*HP-19*WI-20 - Welcome
23-Sep-74*HP-50*WI-12 - Santana's Greatest Hits
11-Nov-74*HP-75*WI-05 - Illuminations (w/ Alice Coltrane)
18-Nov-74*HP-38*WI-16 - Borboletta
22-Mar-76*HP-09*WI-24 - Amigos
31-May-76*HP-49*WI-11 - Lotus
07-Feb-77*HP-25*WI-13 - Festival
21-Nov-77*HP-07*WI-29 - Moonflower
13-Nov-78*HP-05*WI-29 - Inner Secrets
26-Mar-79*HP-39*WI-15 - Oneness **
24-Sep-79*HP-09*WI-24 - Marathon
08-Sep-80*HP-21*WI-10 - The Swing of Delight **
18-May-81*HP-14*WI-19 - Zebop!
30-Aug-82*HP-33*WI-13 - Shango
09-May-83*HP-32*WI-14 - Havana Moon *
22-Apr-85*HP-57*WI-10 - Beyond Appearances
30-Mar-87*HP-83*WI-05 - Freedom
11-Jan-88*HP-95*WI-01 - Blues for Salvador *

* - shown as Carlos Santana
** shown as Devadip Carlos Santana
Thanks again bulion, love ya work
Trying to check the chart positions of any albums by Mental as Anything - also whether any albums by Beargarden ever charted (mid 1980s).
Mental as Anything:

12-Nov-79*HP-19*WI-19 - Get Wet
21-July-80*HP-37*WI-13 - Espresso Bongo
21-Sep-81*HP-03*WI-30 - Cats and Dogs
04-Apr-83*HP-08*WI-18 - Creatures of Leisure
08-Apr-85*HP-03*WI-40 - Fundamental as Anything
21-Apr-86*HP-02*WI-22 - Greatest Hits Volume 1
03-Aug-87*HP-14*WI-17 - Mouth to Mouth
then came "Cyclone Raymond" in October 1989.

no albums charted for Beargarden unfortunately.
G'day, wondering if these artist's charted at all : Pere Ubu, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force and Genesis. Cheers.
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Also if possible The Jackson 5 / The Jacksons album chart postions. thanks.
Hi & thx in advance, I'm after albums by John Paul Young (I've got his singles from sister page).
John Paul Young:

27-Oct-75*HP-09*WI-20 - Hero
06-Sep-76*HP-09*WI-18 - J.P.Y.
02-May-77*HP-19*WI-14 - Green
26-Dec-77*HP-40*WI-23 - All The Best
30-Oct-78*HP-32*WI-12 - Love is in the Air
03-Dec-79*HP-95*WI-01 - Heaven Sent
10-Aug-81*HP-98*WI-03 - The Singer



Jackson Five:
05-Oct-70*HP-17*WI-01 - Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5
12-Oct-70*HP-14*WI-10 - ABC
16-July-73*HP-41*WI-08 - Skywriter
16-July-79*HP-05*WI-27 - Destiny
27-Oct-80*HP-13*WI-21 - Triumph
01-Feb-82*HP-02*WI-16 - Live
30-July-84*HP-09*WI-20 - Victory
10-July-89*HP-81*WI-03 - 2300 Jackson Street



06-May-74*HP-52*WI-07 - Selling England by the Pound
31-Mar-75*HP-80*WI-09 - The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
19-Apr-76*HP-93*WI-04 - A Trick of the Tail
14-Feb-77*HP-57*WI-07 - Wind and Wuthering
13-Feb-78*HP-74*WI-08 - Seconds Out
29-May-78*HP-12*WI-29 - ... And Then There Were Three
05-May-80*HP-22*WI-13 - Duke
26-Oct-81*HP-18*WI-16 - Abacab
09-Aug-82*HP-53*WI-07 - Three Sides Live
14-Nov-83*HP-41*WI-27 - Genesis
30-Jun-86*HP-03*WI-70 - Invisible Touch
then came "We Can't Dance" in Nov 1991.

gurujoe, your other requests did not chart.
The Dingoes:

10-Jun-74*HP-24*WI-13 - The Dingoes
29-Aug-77*HP-25*WI-15 - Fives Times the Sun
19-Feb-79*HP-32*WI-11 - Orphans of the Storm
Have you the peaks 51-100 from Robbie Williams, Take That, Bryan Adams Mr. Big and Bon Jovi album-charts since 1988?
Morning, thanks bulion
spatz, I haven't done the albums for this period yet. I am working on them at the moment, so leave them for now, and I'll post them later.
Could you let me know if any of the albums by ''The Dingoes'' charted... thanks
forget my last request - didn't read the previous post
Does anyone know the Australian album chart positions for Monty Python's releases (if they even charted at all)?
Monty Python:

19-May-75*HP-82*WI-07 - Matching Tie & Handkerchief
26-Nov-79*HP-11*WI-29 - Life of Brian Soundtrack
03-Nov-80*HP-03*WI-21 - Contractual Obligation Album
22-Aug-83*HP-46*WI-11 - The Meaning of Life Soundtrack
That's great. Thanks, bulion!
Have any of Kev Carmody's albums ever charted?

I would have liked to know chart positions about the Grease soundtrack. Thanks in advance.
G'day, Innocent Eyes. The Sountrack "Grease" went to no.#1 in Australia for 8 weeks(two stints) in 1978. Bulion will have to fill you in with total weeks on charts and exact chart dates
D.due, nothing for Kev Carmody unfortunately.


Grease Soundtrack:

05-Jun-78*HP-01*WI-67 - Grease Soundtrack; 9 weeks at No.1
12-May-91*HP-01*WI-44 - Grease Soundtrack; 3 weeks at No.1
10-May-98*HP-02*WI-30 - Grease Soundtrack; 1 week at No.1

This is the ONLY album to have left the charts and returned to No.1 on three separate occassions. No other album has done this before or since.
I was wondering if anyone has the 100 album chart positions for the following artists and albums (pre-1989):

Leo Sayer
Burt Bacharach
Seals and Crofts
Ghostbusters Soundtrack (1984)
20 Explosive Hits (compilation released on EMI in 1970).
Leo Sayer:

25-Feb-74*HP-14*WI-47 - Silverbird
18-Nov-74*HP-03*WI-69 - Just a Boy
15-Sep-75*HP-03*WI-25 - Another Year
22-Nov-76*HP-07*WI-54 - Endless Flight
31-Oct-77*HP-08*WI-19 - Thunder in My Heart
28-Aug-78*HP-08*WI-15 - Leo Sayer
04-Jun-79*HP-01*WI-38 - The Very Best of (1 week at No.1)
26-Nov-79*HP-65*WI-10 - Here
06-Oct-80*HP-12*WI-21 - Living in a Fantasy
14-Jun-82*HP-14*WI-23 - World Radio
12-Dec-83*HP-20*WI-17 - Have You Ever Been in Love
15-Aug-85*HP-60*WI-05 - Moonlighting

Burt Bacharach:

12-Oct-70*HP-18*WI-04 - Reach Out
28-Dec-70*HP-08*WI-20 - Greatest Hits
16-Aug-71*HP-29*WI-07 - Burt Bacharach

Seals and Crofts:

26-Mar-73*HP-70*WI-03 - Summer Breeze
08-Oct-73*HP-48*WI-05 - Diamond Girl
08-Apr-74*HP-37*WI-19 - Unborn Child
12-May-75*HP-62*WI-10 - I'll Play for You
10-May-76*HP-67*WI-07 - Get Closer
19-Oct-81*HP-38*WI-15 - Seals & Crofts Collection

Ghostbusters Soundtrack:

15-Oct-84*HP-11*WI-23 - Ghostbusters

20 Explosive Hits (compilation released on EMI in 1970).

31-Aug-70*HP-22*WI-06 - 20 Explosive Hits (Columbia TVS3)
John(ny) Cougar Mellencamp

Johnny Cougar:
12-Jun-78*HP-19*WI-20 - A Biography
John Cougar:
13-Aug-79*HP-77*WI-10 - Miami
16-Aug-82*HP-18*WI-36 - American Fool
John Cougar Mellencamp:
19-Dec-83*HP-57*WI-19 - Uh-Huh
07-Oct-85*HP-02*WI-92 - Scarecrow
21-Sep-87*HP-02*WI-57 - The Lonesome Jubilee
then came "Big DaddY' in June 1989.
On the pre-1989 album chart positions page, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd is listed as having spent 142 weeks on the chart. The album was re-released in 1993 and spent 26 weeks in the top 50. Is the 142 weeks a cumulative total of both of these results or not?
G'day, just after some lp chart postions for the following artists : Bobbie Gentry, Iron Butterfly, The Trashmen and Earth,Wind & Fire. cheers
nothing for The Trashmen or (amazingly) Bobbie Gentry

Iron Butterfly;

02-Aug-69*HP-23*WI-01 - Ball
18-May-70*HP-14*WI-12 - In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida
24-Aug-70*HP-17*WI-02 - Iron Butterfly Live
17-Jan-72*HP-37*WI-09 - Evolution: The Best of
31-Mar-75*HP-97*WI-02 - Scorching Beauty

Earth,Wind & Fire;

26-May-75*HP-84*WI-08 - That's the Way of the World
01-May-78*HP-21*WI-28 - All N' All
25-Dec-78*HP-07*WI-32 - The Best of Volume 1
02-July-79*HP-12*WI-18 - I Am
17-Nov-80*HP-55*WI-08 - Faces
18-Jan-82*HP-37*WI-16 - Raise
28-Mar-83*HP-82*WI-04 - Powerlight
Hi and thx in advance.

I'm now after singles and albums by ex-The Masters Apprentices (aside: I already have theirs) frontman Jim Keays also under the guises of, Jim Keays' Southern Cross (not to be confused with the similarly named Canadian metal band), Jim Keays Band, Keays and as the trio Cotton Keays & Morris.
G'day, thanks again bulion
G'day, if possible lp chart postions for the following : Steve Miller Band, Def Leppard, Labelle, Otis Redding and James Taylor. cheers
G'day, don't know if the requests above have been missed, just thought i'd bring it to someone's attention. Thanks in advance for any response
Jim Keays:

02-Dec-74*HP-27*WI-20 - The Boy from the Stars

that's the only thing of his that's charted Shaidar.
Steve Miller Band;

18-Feb-74*HP-38*WI-20 - The Joker
05-July-76*HP-25*WI-57 - Fly Like an Eagle
20-Jun-77*HP-06*WI-27 - Book of Dreams
22-Jan-79*HP-42*WI-14 - Greatest Hits 1974-78
14-Dec-81*HP-48*WI-11- Circle of Love
02-Aug-82*HP-05*WI-20 - Abracadabra
13-Jun-83*HP-74*WI-06 - Live!
23-Feb-87*HP-34*WI-12 - Living in the 20th Century

Def Leppard;

04-Aug-80*HP-98*WI-02 - On Through the Night
13-Jun-83*HP-70*WI-17 - Pyromania
21-Sep-87*HP-04*WI-103- Hysteria


14-Apr-75*HP-15*WI-44 - Nightbirds
17-Nov-75*HP-52*WI-12 - Phoenix

Otis Redding:

20-July-68*HP-08*WI-03 - The Dock of the Bay
10-Aug-68*HP-09*WI-04 - Otis Blue

James Taylor:

21-Dec-70*HP-07*WI-43 - Sweet Baby James
08-Feb-71*HP-12*WI-15 - James Taylor
19-July-71*HP-12*WI25 - Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon
11-Dec-72*HP-13*WI-19 - One Man Dog
29-July-74*HP-50*WI-14 - Walking Man
23-Jun-75*HP-60*WI-18 - Gorilla
26-July-76*HP-65*WI-08 - In the Pocket
20-Dec-76*HP-67*WI-12 - James Taylor's Greatest Hits
01-Aug-77*HP-10*WI-24 - J.T.
02-July-79*HP-18*WI-16 - Flag
04-Aug-80*HP-20*WI-13 - Hello Old Friend
30-Mar-81*HP-23*WI-20 - Dad Loves His Work
16-Dec-85*HP-24*WI-28 - That's Why I'm Here
04-Apr-88*HP-26*WI-15 - Never Die Young
G'day, thanks again bulion
Hi Bulion, what about the band Japan and David Sylvian?
And John Foxx, if possible
G'day, just after The Spencer Davis Groups' lp chart placings, if they had any? cheers.

30-Mar-81*HP-86*WI-02 - Gentlemen Take Polaroids

John Foxx:

14-Apr-80*HP-98*WI-01 - Metamatic

David Sylvian:

17-Sep-84*HP-96*Wi-02 - Brilliant Trees
10-Nov-86*HP-94*WI-02 - Gone to Earth
14-Dec-87*HP-91*WI-08 - Secrets of the Beehive
joe, nothing for Spencer Davis Group in the albums department sorry.
Thanks bulion, a little suprised they didn't chart here (even though we only had a top 10 at the time), they where huge in the UK (everything they released went top 5). Anyway thanks again, joe
G'day, don't know if anyone's ask already, but lp chart position's for Slayer would be great. cheers.
Hi Bulion! Could you post chart histories for Boney M, Chic, Eruption, Gloria Gaynor, Gibson Brothers, Ritchie Family, Amii Stewart, Sister Sledge, Sylvester, Village People, Grace Jones, Odyssey, Ottawan, Anita Ward, Diana Ross and Kool & The Gang.

29-Aug-88*HP-58*WI-07 - South of Heaven
28-Oct-90*HP-58*WI-05 - Seasons in the Abyss
08-Dec-91*HP-83*WI-07 - Decade of Aggression
30-Oct-94*HP-27*WI-07 - Divine Intervention
02-Apr-95*HP-85*WI-03 - Divine Intervention (R)
09-Jun-96*HP-16*WI-06 - Undisputed Attitude
28-Jun-98*HP-35*WI-05 - Diabolus in Musica
03-Sep-01*HP-15*WI-04 - God Hates Us All
20-Aug-06*HP-09*WI-05 - Christ Illusion
G'day, thanks bulion
Boney M:

31-Jan-77*HP-26*Wi-40 - Take the Heat off Me
22-Aug-77*HP-27*WI-16 - Love for Sale
24-July-78*HP-07*WI-41 - Night Flight to Venus
29-Oct-79*HP-21*WI-16 - Oceans of Fantasy
26-May-80*HP-03*WI-22 - The Magic of Boney M
19-Dec-83*HP-53*WI-13 - Christmas Album
15-Dec-86*HP-30*WI-10 - The Very Best of


20-Feb-78*HP-67*WI-17 - Chic
08-Jan-79*HP-18*WI-20 - C'est Chic
03-Sep-79*HP-75*WI-08 - Risque


24-Apr-78*HP-14*WI-19 - Eruption
20-Aug-79*HP-52*WI-06 - Leave a Light

Gloria Gaynor:

30-Mar-75*HP-08*WI-47 - Never Can Say Goodbye
29-Sep-75*HP-23*WI-20 - Experience
30-Apr-79*HP-15*WI-14 - Love Tracks

Gibson Brothers (no albums)

Ritchie Family:

04-Oct-76*HP-03*WI-34 - Arabian Nights
07-Mar-77*HP-23*WI-18 - Life is Music
08-Aug-77*HP-66*WI-07 - African Queens
06-Nov-78*HP-78*WI-09 - American Generation
24-Sep-79*HP-76*WI-07 - Bad Reputation

Amii Stewart:

30-Apr-79*HP-38*WI-21 - Amii Stewart
05-Nov-79*HP-84*WI-04 - Paradise Bird

Sister Sledge:

30-Apr-79*HP-37*WI-23 - We Are Family


13-Nov-78*HP-74*WI-14 - Step II
09-May-83*HP-98*WI-01 - All I Need

Village People:

06-Feb-78*HP-21*WI-26 - Village People
08-May-78*HP-05*WI-31 - Macho Man
30-Oct-78*HP-16*WI-24 - Cruisin'
02-Apr-79*HP-08*WI-18 - Go West
05-Nov-79*HP-69*WI-10 - Live and Sleazy
09-Jun-80*HP-01*WI-38 - Can't Stop the Music Soundtrack
13-July-81*HP-12*WI-13 - Renaiisance
07-Dec-81*HP-42*WI-08 - Non Stop
30-May-83*HP-15*WI-28 - Greatest Hits Volume 1 & 2

Grace Jones:

06-Feb-78*HP-27*WI-16 - Portfolio
07-Aug-78*HP-59*WI-12 - Fame
18-Aug-80*HP-47*WI-13 - Warm Leatherette
29-Jun-81*HP-19*WI-38 - Nightclubbing
13-Dec-82*HP-34*WI-21 - Living My Life
16-Dec-85*HP-34*WI-13 - Slave to the Rhythm
24-Feb-86*HP-09*WI-15 - Island Life
08-Dec-86*HP-51*WI-12 - The Inside Story
11-Dec-89*HP-95*WI-01 - Bulletproof Heart

Odyssey & Ottowan (no charting albums)

Anita Ward:

20-Aug-79*HP-73*WI-04 - Songs of Love

Kool & The Gang:
Diana Ross has already been done, do a Ctrl+F and type her name in, and it should take you to her, otherwise it was done on August 28, 2008.
Thank you very much for your help Bulion!
Hi again Bulion! Could you post album charts info for Thelma Houston, Loleatta Holloway, Claudja Barry, Lipps Inc, Patrick Hernandez, Dee D. Jackson, Ritz and Baccara.
G'day, just after lp postions' for The Bangles and Sweet. cheers.
Thelma Houston;

04-Apr-77*HP-18*WI-28 - Any Way You Like it

Loleatta Holloway; nothing charted

Claudja Barry;

02-July-79*HP-87*WI-04 - I Wanna Be Loved by You

Lipps Inc;

28-July-80*HP-57*WI-07 - Mouth to Mouth

Patrick Hernandez;

08-Oct-79*HP-36*WI-11 - Born to Be Alive

Dee D. Jackson;

12-Feb-79*HP-79*WI-05 - Cosmic Curves

Ritz; nothing charted


10-Apr-78*HP-35*WI-14 - Baccara
The Bangles:

05-May-86*HP-02*WI-53 - Different Light
19-Dec-88*HP-07*WI-40 - Everything (ARIA Peak)
01-July-90*HP-06*WI-18 - Greatest Hits

The Sweet:

19-Mar-73*HP-58*WI-10 - The Sweet's Biggest Hits
01-July-74*HP-33*WI-27 - Sweet Fanny Adams
10-Mar-75*HP-13*WI-31 - Desolation Boulevard
16-Jun-75*HP-02*WI-39 - Sweet Singles Album
26-Jan-76*HP-09*WI-18 - Strung Up
22-Mar-76*HP-17*WI-16 - Give Us a Wink
18-July-77*HP-51*WI-07 - Off the Record
27-Mar-78*HP-40*WI-20 - Level Headed
06-Aug-79*HP-87*WI-03 - Cut Above the Rest
26-Oct-81*HP-53*WI-16 - Teenage Rampage
08-July-85*HP-17*WI-09 - Sweet 16
G'day, thanks bulion
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Thank you very much Bulion!
G'day, did The Honeycombs have any charting albums? thanks in advance, cheers
nothing from the 1964/65 group The Honeycombs on the album chart joe.
G'day, thanks again for The Honeycombs info bulion. Anyway how did these two R&B legends fair in the lp charts; Wilson Pickett and The Temptations. Also if possible Sonny & Cher and Weather Report, cheers
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03-Aug-70*HP-12*Wi-08 - Just Zoot

Wilson Pickett:

21-Oct-67*HP-11*WI-01 - The Sound of Wilson Pickett
15-Jun-70*HP-77*WI-04 - Sugar, Sugar


10-May-69*HP-03*WI-19 - T.C.B. (with The Supremes)
19-Aug-74*HP-98*WI-01 - 1990
24-Feb-75*HP-77*WI-09 - A Song for You
16-Apr-84*HP-23*Wi-15 - 20 Greatest Hits

Weather Report:

11-Nov-74*HP-97*WI-02 - Mysterious Traveller

Sonny & Cher:

09-Oct-65*HP-03*WI-10 - I Got You Babe
04-Aug-75*HP-34*WI-09 - Greatest Hits
07-Dec-81*HP-58*WI-11 - The Greatest Hits
G'day, thanks bulion.

Another request if possible De La Soul's album "3 Feet And Rising". cheers
I know I bought a copy in 1989, but the album did hit any Top 100 Album chart here, sorry Joe
G'day, thanks heaps bulion for the quick response. shame it didn't chart, it's a great album
G'day, after lp postions for Loretta Lynn and Martha & The Vandellas, if they charted here?? cheers
G'day, also after The Supremes album chart positions, cheers.
Loretta Lynn:

Entry DateHPWI Titles
14-Mar-835307 Nothing But the Very Best

Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Aug-680709 Live at Talk of the Town
15-Mar-691301 Love Child
10-May-690319 T.C.B. (with The Temptations)
01-July-749302 The Supremes Greatest Hits
14-Nov-777119 20 Golden Greats
18-Aug-862610 20 All Time Greatest Hits

no albums charted for Martha & The Vandellas
G'day, thankyou once again bulion for your wonderful work. I really appreciate it.

Here's a few more artist's if it's no trouble : Captain Beefheart & His Magic Dirt Band, Albert King, The Electric Prunes, Jeff Beck, Blue Cheer, Alexander "Skip" Spence and Fairport Convention. Cheers
Fairport Convention
Entry DateHPWI Titles
28-Dec-701603 Full House (Top 30 albums at time)

Jeff Beck:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
28-Aug-724603 Jeff Beck Group
16-July-734509 Beck, Bogart, Appice
02-Jun-752826 Blow by Blow
09-Aug-761711 Wired
18-Apr-776711 Jeff Beck & Jan Hammer Live
04-Aug-809503 There and Back
26-Aug-853612 Flash
11-Dec-899702 Jeff Beck's Guitar Shop

None of the others charted on the Album charts Joe
G'day, thanks bulion.

Glad to see a Fairport Convention lp chart and a few Jeff Beck albums also. Didn't think some of the more obscure artists' would chart though, they didn't fair that well in thier respective homelands either.

Three others when you got time; Spirit, Jimmy Cliff and David(Dave) Crosby's solo efforts. Cheers
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Dabid Crosby:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
12-July-711411 If I Could Only Remember My Name
12-Jun-721517 Graham Nash & David Crosby
16-Feb-767313 Wind on the Water (w/ Graham Nash)
20-Sep-769902 Whistling Down the Wire (w\ Graham Nash)
13-Mar-788001 Crosby-Nash Live (w\ Graham Nash)

Nothing for Jimmy Cliff or Spirit
G'day, thanks bulion

Absolutely stoked that David Crosby's lp "If I Could Only Remember My Name" charted quite well, it's a lost gem that many have forgotten about. Cheers
G'day, how did these artists fair in the charts : Bauhaus, Tom Tom Club, Meat Puppets, Aztec Camera.

Also the Soundtrack album "The Harder They Come" , cheers
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Was "Modern Talking" in the charts?
Tom Tom Club:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
18-Jan-825116 Tom Tom Club

Aztec Camer
Entry DateHPWI Titles
26-Sep-885310 Love

Joe, nothing for your other requests

spatz, no Modern Talking has charted in this country.
G'day, thanks bulion.

A few more request when you have the time : Judas Priest, Dio, Yes, Rush, The Smiths, The The and Husker Du. cheers
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G'day, not sure if the above requests got missed, also after Donald Fagen, the Sugarcubes & Tears For Fears. Cheers
Hi & THX in advance. I've already got Ol' 55 Singles on sister page (part 3), so I'm after Albums here.
Hi, Bulion, thanks for your great work. May I ask for these:

China Crisis
Howard Jones
Real Life
Talk Talk
Judas Priest
Entry DateHPWI Titles
16-Aug-828104 Screaming for Vengeance
26-May-865605 Turbo
13-July-877206 Priest Live
04-July-884709 Ram it Down
07-Oct-906007 Painkiller
14-Mar-055801 Angel of Retribution

Entry DateHPWI Titles
21-Oct-857204 Sacred Heart
18-Aug-865711 Intermission
05-Oct-875809 Dream Evil
08-July-908006 Lock up the Wolves

13-Sep-712025 The Yes Album
27-Dec-712210 Time and a Word
24-Jan-723807 Yes
14-Feb-722931 Fragile
27-Nov-722132 Close to the Edge
09-July-730831 Yessongs
18-Feb-741322 Tales from Topographic Oceans
06-Jan-751520 Relayer
24-Mar-753109 Yesterdays
18-July-771619 Going for the One
23-Oct-782211 Tormato
08-Sep-806908 Drama
05-Dec-832722 90125
02-Nov-874411 Big Generator

Rush (nothing)

Entry DateHPWI Titles
16-Apr-847707 The Smiths
15-Apr-855811 Meat is Murder
30-Jun-863016 The Queen is Dead
09-Mar-872525 The World Won't Listen
19-Oct-872813 Strangeways Here We Come
26-Sep-883007 Rank
27-Sep-926405 Best Volume 1

The The
Entry DateHPWI Titles
20-Feb-847016 Soul Mining
24-Nov-861529 Infected
12-Jun-893215 Mind Bomb
21-feb-932009 Dusk

Husker Du - nothing
Donald Fagen
Entry DateHPWI Titles
22-Nov-821919 The Nightfly
04-July-938003 Kamakiriad

Sugar Cubes
Entry DateHPWI Titles
04-July-886508 Life's too Good
30-Oct-899503 Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
01-Mar-927406 Stick Around for Joy

Tears for Fears
Entry DateHPWI Titles
06-Jun-831527 The Hurting
01-Apr-850542 Songs from the Big Chair
23-Oct-891824 The Seeds of Love
05-Sep-935604 Elemental
Entry DateHPWI Titles
24-May-760339 Take it Greasy
26-Sep-778105 FivesLiveJive
13-Nov-784018 Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
12-Jan-814108 The Vault
Entry DateHPWI Titles
16-Jan-787903 No More Heroes
06-Mar-788204 Stranglers IV: Rattus Norvegicus
10-July-788107 Black and White
12-Mar-797603 Live (X Cert)
19-Nov-797103 The Raven
05-Apr-822912 La Folie
15-Nov-829201 The Collection 1977-1982
21-Jan-853821 Aurul Sculpture
02-Feb-876409 Dreamtime

China Crisis
Entry DateHPWI Titles
12-Mar-843715 Working With Fire & Steel
03-Jun-853814 Flaunt the Imperfection
09-Feb-877312 White Price Paradise

Howard Jones
Entry DateHPWI Titles
04-Jun-846817 Human's Lib
18-Feb-855609 The 12" Album
06-May-851733 Dream into Action
08-Dec-866510 One to One
01-May-897804 Cross that Line

Real Life
Entry DateHPWI Titles
28-Nov-833027 Heartland
19-Nov-847403 Master Mix (remix album)
04-Nov-854206 Flame
29-Oct-909501 Lifetime (AMR only)

Talk Talk
Entry DateHPWI Titles
27-Sep-829403 The Party's Over
28-Apr-867111 The Colour of Spring
G'day, thanks again bulion, your work on this thread is absoluetly brilliant

A few more requests when you have the time : Big Country, Twisted Sister, Don Henley, Anita Baker and The Cult. Cheers
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after Sunnyboys' albums (already got their singles from sister thread part 2).
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Big Country:
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Nov-832135 The Crossing
03-Dec-846811 Steeltown
28-July-862609 The Seer

Anita Baker:
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Mar-873340 Rapture
28-Nov-884217 Giving You the Best That I Got47 on ARIA
26-Aug-905409 CompositionsARIA info

The Cult:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Apr-873419 Electric
01-May-891419 Sonic13 on ARIA
20-Oct-910719a Ceremony
20-Nov-940718 The Cult
18-Jun-016103Beyond Good and Evil

Don Henley:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
06-Sep-824216 I Can't Stand Still
18-Feb-850424 Building the Perfect Beast
31-July-894411 The End of the Innocence40 on ARIA

Twisted Sister:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
17-Sep-842131 Stay Hungry
03-Feb-865608 Come Out and Play
21-Sep-878205 Love is for Suckers
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Sep-811326 Sunnyboys
31-May-822313 Individuals
23-Apr-843615 Get Some Mind
21-Aug-898107 Wildcat
21-July-917506 Sunnyboys Play the BestARIA info
G'day, thanks bulion for the info above, interesting to see the slight difference b/w "kent report" and "aria" chart postions on a couple of the albums.

When you have the time, could you post the following artists : Ice-T, Eric B. & Rakim and Floodland. Cheers
Entry DateHPWI Titles
08-May-896708 PowerAMR info
04-Dec-898903 The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech AMR info
14-Jan-908106 The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech ARIA info
23-Jun-914217O.G. Original Gangster
04-Apr-931617Home Invasion
10-July-949702 Home Invasion/Last Temptation of Ice
09-Jun-963107VI: Return of the Real

nothing for the other two requests.
G'day, thanks for the prompt response bulion
Anybody know if Rainbow ever had any albums chart in Oz?
Ricthie Blackmore's Rainbow
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Oct-755512 Ricthie Blackmore's Rainbow
12-July-763334 Rainbow Rising
15-Aug-772210 Rainbow on Stage
17-July-784314 Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
27-Aug-792716 Down to Earth
13-Apr-817705 Difficult to Cure
02-Aug-828605 Straight Between the Eyes
Bulion, may I ask for these?

Art of Noise
Heaven 17
Billy Idol
Thompson Twins
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Oct-851542 Hunting High and Low
10-Nov-861717 Scoundrel Days
20-Jun-885205 Stay on These Roads

Art of Noise:
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jun-865513 In Visible Silence
23-Jan-894814 The Best of 48 on ARIA

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Aug-790755 The B-52's
08-Sep-801215 Wild Planet
17-Aug-818007 Party Mix
08-Mar-827903 Mesopotamia
04-July-839701 Whammy!
06-Oct-867310 Bouncing Off the Satellites
07-Aug-890144 Cosmic Thing
19-July-923608 Good Stuff
07-Jun-984013 Time Capsule-The Best of

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Entry DateHPWI Titles
24-Sep-845514 Love Life
01-Dec-863820 Count Three and Pray

Entry DateHPWI Titles
07-Mar-831713 Happy Families

Heaven 17:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
22-Feb-829901 Penthouse and Pavement
08-Aug-835308 The Luxury Gap
Billy Idol:
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Mar-836616 Billy Idol
02-Apr-841644 Rebel Yell
29-July-853813 Vital Idol
15-Dec-860648 Whiplash Smile
14-Dec-871222 Vital Idol (Repackaged)
20-May-901123 Charmed Life
27-May-904227 Idol Songs
17-Nov-911124 Idol Songs (R)
22-Aug-931207 Cyberpunk
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Apr-84250999 Luftballoons

Thompson Twins
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Apr-838506 Quick Step and Side Kick
23-Apr-840425 Into the Gap
02-Dec-850821 Here's to Future Days

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Dec-869901 1980-1985 The New Mix in One Go
29-Jun-879502 One Second
30-Jan-898304 Flag
11-Aug-91734 Baby
Have you the complete album-charts from The Searchers, Mr Big and DJ Bobo?
G'day, just after Hot Chocolate (UK R&B) lp chart postions, cheers
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Oct-824507 Nothing But the Very Best

Mr. Big:
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-921822 Lean into it

DJ Bobo:
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Aug-959601 There is a Party AMR only

Hot Chocolate:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Oct-747305 Emma
08-Mar-762713 Hot Chocolate
14-Feb-777011 Man to Man
21-Feb-776213 XIV Greatest Hits
15-May-783123 Every 1's a Winner
17-Sep-799703 Going Through the Motions
01-Nov-820420 Hottest Hits
29-Nov-829203 Mystery
03-Feb-867905 Countdown 16

G'day, thanks bulion
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after Little River Band albums, I've got their ARIA charting and KMR singles.
Did Manfred Mann's Earth Band ever have any charting albums in Australia?
Little River Band:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Oct-851730Little River Band
03-May-760523 After Hours
09-May-770247 Diamantina Cocktail
24-Apr-780430 Sleeper Catcher
02-Oct-780429 It's a Long Way There (Greatest Hits)
30-July-790219 First Under the Wire
29-Oct-791822 Backstage Pass
28-Apr-803509 Live in America
28-Apr-809901 Backstage Pass (Import Edition)
28-Sep-810920 Time Exposure
13-Dec-821336 Greatest Hits Volume II
06-Jun-831114 The Net
04-Feb-853811 Playing to Win
14-July-868503 No Reins
30-May-880930 MonsoonARIA HP-10
22-Apr-905402 Get LuckyAMR 54
02-July-950814 The Classic Collection

Manfred Mann's Earth Band:
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Oct-760821 The Roaring Silence
13-Mar-784039 Watch
26-Mar-792222 Angel Station
23-Feb-814214 Chance
16-Apr-847004 Budapest
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after Richard Clapton's albums and singles. I've got his ARIA releases from the engine above.
Richard Clapton:
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Apr-753313 Girls on the Avenue
23-Aug-766407 Mainstreet Jive
31-Oct-771126 Goodbye Tiger
11-Dec-784215 Past Hits and Previews
14-May-791715 Hearts on the Nightline
18-Aug-802314 Dark Spaces
08-Mar-820820 The Great Escape
05-Apr-821816 The Very Best of Richard Clapton
10-Sep-842714 Solidarity
02-Nov-872821 Glory Road
25-Sep-892515 Best Years of Our Lives23 on ARIA
23-May-933718 Distant Thunder
19-May-968901 Angeltown
11-Oct-992810 The Definitive Anthology
07-Jun-049001 Diamond Mine
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after Noiseworks and Glenn Shorrock (solo/duets) albums and singles. Also albums for The Choirboys (already have singles) please.
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-July-910131Love Versus Money1 week at No.1
18-Oct-920421Greatest Hits

Glenn Shorrock
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Nov-823213Villain of the Peace
14-Oct-856306The First Twenty Years

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Apr-880529Big Bad Noise
26-May-913011Midnight Sun
bilip asked...

"Wondering if there is any where I can find a list of all the Australian various Artists albums of the 80's. ie 1982 with a bullet etc"

Here's all the ones I own...

80's Compilations 
Release DateTitle
7 Jan 1980Bullseye
28 Jan 1980Summer Gold
3 Mar 1980Sizzler
5 May 1980Full Boar
25 Aug 1980Squeezed Out
25 Aug 19801980...The Music
27 Oct 1980Starcall
15 Dec 19801980...The Summer
2 Mar 1981Gone Troppo
25 May 19811981...The Sound
3 Aug 1981In The Bag
17 Aug 1981Hitwave '81
31 Aug 19811981...Rocks On
30 Nov 19811981 Over The Top
18 Jan 19821982...In The Sun
8 Feb 1982Straight Ahead
10 May 1982Hitwave '82
10 May 19821982 With A Bullet
30 Aug 1982Rocktrip '82
30 Aug 19821982 Out Of The Blue
6 Dec 19821982...Up In Lights
13 Dec 1982The Winners - 1982
21 Mar 1983Go For It
9 May 19831983 The Hot Ones
29 Aug 1983The Breakers '83
21 Nov 19831983...Summer Breaks
5 Dec 1983Thru The Roof '83
5 Mar 19841984 Shakin'
30 Apr 1984Throbbin' 84
21 May 19841984 The Beat
13 Aug 1984H'its Huge '84
27 Aug 19841984...The Music
26 Nov 1984H'its Hot 84/85
3 Dec 1984Choose 1985
25 Feb 19851985 Comes Alive
6 May 19851985 Let's Go
6 May 1985Heaps Of Hits '85
12 Aug 19851985 On Fire
26 Aug 1985Turn It Up '85
14 Oct 19851985 Hottest On Record
2 Dec 1985Just Hits '85-'86
9 Dec 19851986 Out Now
28 Apr 19861986 Way To Go
18 Aug 19861986...Just For Kicks
18 Aug 1986H'its Awesome! '86
1 Dec 19861987 Let's Party
8 Dec 1986Summer '87
13 Apr 19871987 Into The Groove
20 Apr 198787 Hits Out
29 Jun 19871987 Right On Track
20 Jul 198712
28 Sep 1987'87 Hots Up
5 Oct 19871987 Hit City
7 Dec 1987Celebrate '88
7 Dec 1987Summer '88
4 Apr 1988Hit Pix '88
4 Apr 1988Pump It Up '88
20 Jun 1988'88 Kix On
4 Jul 1988Hit Pix '88 Volume II
19 Sep 19881988 The Winners
19 Sep 19881988 What's Hot
5 Dec 19881989 Be Happy
12 Dec 1988Summer '89
27 Mar 1989Hits Now '89
27 Mar 1989Hits Of '89 Volume 1
19 Jun 1989Hits Now '89 Volume 2
26 Jun 1989Hits Of '89 Volume 2
18 Sep 1989Hits Of '89 Volume 3
2 Oct 19891989 The Right Stuff
27 Nov 1989Hits Of 1990 Volume 1
27 Nov 1989Let's Do It...Summer 1990


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Was/are Scorpions in the charts?
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Sep-914912Crazy World
Bulion, I ask for kim carnes and bonnie tyler?
Kim Carnes
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Oct-808904Romance Dance
29-Jun-810223Mistaken Identity
30-Sep-854012Barking at Airplanes

Bonnie Tyler
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Jun-786010Natural Force
19-Mar-799506Diamond Cut
30-May-830320Faster Than the Speed of Night
16-Oct-895804The Greatest Hits
21-Jan-904808The Greatest Hits (R)
22-Apr-904311Heaven and Hell GH with Meat Loaf
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Jun-759801Hotter Than Hell
08-Dec-751337Kiss Alive
29-Nov-761615Rock and Roll Over
18-July-771317Love Gun
26-Dec-771718Kiss Alive II
03-July-781725Double Platinum
06-Nov-783214Kiss: Gene Simmons
13-Nov-784820Kiss: Ace Frehley
13-Nov-785910Kiss: Peter Criss
13-Nov-785810Kiss: Paul Stanley
03-Dec-791330The Best of the Solo Albums
30-Nov-811112Music from 'The Elder'
12-July-822110Kiss Killers
24-Jan-833311Creatures of the Night
21-Nov-833608Lick it Up
09-Nov-872415Crazy Nights
23-Jan-894314Smashes, Thrashes & Hits38 on ARIA
30-Oct-893612Hot in the Shade30 on ARIA
23-May-931410Alive III
03-July-940607Kiss My Ass-Classic Kiss RegroovedVarious
19-Feb-959302Alive (R)
19-Feb-958402Alive II (R)
19-Feb-957402Alive III (R)
14-July-962607You Wanted the Best, You Got it
24-Nov-961121Greatest Hits
16-Nov-975403Carnival of Souls
04-Oct-980106Psycho Circus
28-Oct-026109The Very Best of Kiss
28-July-031407Alive IV: Kiss Symphony
29-Aug-057002Gold (1974-1982)
02-Nov-092204Sonic Boom
Hi & thx in advance.
I'm after Wendy Matthews albums & singles please. I've got ARIA data from search engine above.
compilation albums,the clap of the music industry.looked allright when you brought it home,but....what happened next?as lennon would say,ANYROAD,what is the longest duation in your top ten for an album?i know ''brothers in arms'' would have to be up in the listing.thankya.
compilation albums,the clap of the music industry.looked allright when you brought it home,but....what happened next?as lennon would say,ANYROAD,what is the longest duation in your top ten for an album?i know ''brothers in arms'' would have to be up in the listing.thankya.
Hi & thx in advance.
I'm after Air Supply albums. I've got singles from sister thread and ARIA data from search engine above.
G'day, bulion did Merle Haggard ever chart any albums down under. Thanks in advance.
Bulion, thanks a lot!!!
I have an unusual request, can i have the top 100 selling albums of the 90's? I'm trying to figure out the most sucessful albums and I'm finding it difficult with all of these re-enteries.

If not does anyone know where i can find it? would REALLY apprieciate it.
Wendy Matthews (singles on the other thread)
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-May-044206CAFÉ NATURALE

Air Supply
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Dec-761724Air Supply
04-July-773214The Whole Thing's Started
14-May-792719Life Support
14-July-802144Lost in Love
27-July-811023The One That You Love
12-July-822711Now and Forever
29-Aug-830131Greatest Hits
18-Nov-858802Air Supply
22-Feb-889401Love Songs
16-May-937704Greatest Hits (R)
30-Jun-966004Now & Forever Greatest Hits Live

Merle Haggard
Entry DateHPWITitle
20-Jan-759203If We Make it Through December

Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Oct-851542Hunting High and Low
10-Nov-861717Scoundrel Days
20-Jun-885205Stay on These Roads

Dr. Hook
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-July-722206Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show
05-Mar-734312Sloppy Seconds
09-Aug-761046A Little Bit More
19-Sep-771418Makin' Love & Music
20-Nov-783028Pleasure & Pain
10-Dec-795023Sometimes You Win
02-Mar-810143Greatest Hits
03-May-824017Players in the Dark
06-Sep-920221Dr. Hook's Greatest Hits
24-Mar-033010The Definitive Collection

Bachman Turner Overdrive
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Sep-745523Bachman-Turner Overdrive II
23-Dec-740234Not Fragile
26-May-751019Four Wheel Drive
02-Feb-765411Head On
11-Oct-788403Best of B.T.O. (So Far)

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-May-751580Crime of the Century
22-Dec-752051Crisis? What Crisis
31-May-765310Indelibly Stamped
25-Apr-770533Even in the Quietest Moments
26-Mar-790156Breakfast in America
15-Nov-820232Famous Last Words
17-Jun-852213Brother Where You Bound
16-Nov-873010Free as a Bird
29-May-943709The Very Best of Supertramp
Scatman John in the album-charts?
Great to have the Supertramp stuff - thanks very much! Could you please advise if any Roger Hodgson albums have charted, please?
Hi there, I was womdering if you have any chart data for Siouxsie & The Banshees and The Creatures?
Scatman John did not make the ARIA Album Charts, sorry.

Rodger Hodgson:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Nov-842322In the Eye of the Storm
07-Dec-878802Ha! Ha!

Siouxsie & The Banshees:
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Aug-796308The Scream

Nothing at all for The Creatures.
G'day bulion, just after The Runaways album postions, thanks in advance
The Runaways:

Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Nov-763119The Runaways
07-Mar-773611Queens of Noise
How many weeks did Whitney Houston spend in the top 100 for her first two albums in the 1980s? Also, I know it's a pre-1989 thread, but is it possible to get the number of weeks her albums in the 1990s and 2000s spent in the top 100? (Mostly "My Love Is Your Love", as it only spent 2 weeks in the top 50, and I'm curious as to how many weeks it spent below that.) I ask because there's no readily available archive for below top 100 positions throughout the 1990s.

Thank you so much if you can answer!
Whitney Houston:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Jun-851x11125Whitney Houston
25-Nov-900326I'm Your Baby Tonight
13-Dec-921x579The Bodyguard Soundtrack
15-Dec-963421The Preachers Wife Soundtrack
23-Nov-984211My Love is Your Love
15-May-000827The Greatest Hits
19-Feb-015903The Greatest Hits (R)
26-Nov-073119The Ultimate Collection
27-July-092424The Ultimate Collection (R)
14-Sep-091609I Look to You
Whitney Houston:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Jun-851x11125Whitney Houston
25-Nov-900326I'm Your Baby Tonight
13-Dec-921x579The Bodyguard Soundtrack
15-Dec-963421The Preachers Wife Soundtrack
23-Nov-984211My Love is Your Love
15-May-000827The Greatest Hits
19-Feb-015903The Greatest Hits (R)
26-Nov-073119The Ultimate Collection
27-July-092424The Ultimate Collection (R)
14-Sep-091609I Look to You

Just wondering if you have all Janet Jackson singles/album chart peak and certifications?
Were Eros Ramazzotti, and the Album "25" from A-ha in the charts?
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after Lobby Loyde albums and singles. His bands include Purple Hearts, Wild Cherries, Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs (The Hoax Is Over), Coloured Balls, Southern Electric/Sudden Electric and solo work. I'll check the sister thread(s) for singles.
Janet Jackson:

Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Oct-89(4) 193aRHYTHM NATION 1814▲2
20-Jun-93(3) 150aJANET
31-Jul-9410001JANET ® 
15-Jan-95(1) 119 / 70JANET ®▲2
23-Apr-956405JANET REMIXED 
8-Oct-95(3) 228DESIGN OF A DECADE 1986-96▲4
19-Oct-97442aTHE VELVET ROPE
7-Dec-983608THE VELVET ROPE ®▲2
30-Apr-01323ALL FOR YOU
5-Apr-04188aDAMITA JO 
2-Oct-06550220 Y.O. 

Eros Ramazzotti

Entry DateHPWITitles

Nothing for A-Ha's "25"
Lobby Lloyd

Entry DateHPWITitlesArtists
15-Feb-710814The Hoax is OverThe Aztecs
17-Dec-731515Ball PowerColoured Balls
09-Sep-746511Heavy Metal KidColoured Balls
Was any Waylon Jennings album charted in Australia? Thank you
Could you please help with Gary Moore's album charts, most importantly pre-1989
Waylon Jennings:
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Sep-799702Greatest Hits
27-Apr-817507Greatest Hits (R)
31-Jan-839203WW II (Waylon & Willie Nelson)
05-Mar-845917At Their Very Best (Waylon & Willie)
15-July-852330Highwaymen (Kris, Waylon, Willie & Johnny)
Gary Moore:
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Oct-857307Run for Cover
25-Aug-869102Rockin' Every Night
04-May-874119Wild Frontier
20-Mar-896706After the War
13-May-900547Still Got the Blues ▲
19-Apr-920814After Hours
11-July-937304Blues Alive
16-July-955906Blues for Greeny
Queen is already listed here but did any of the band members (Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon) solo albums chart in Australia? Thanks
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Thank you! And had any Waylon's album certifcation? Thank you very, very much!
Freddie Mercury
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-853810Mr. Bad Guy
14-Dec-929101The Freddie Mercury Album (AMR only)

Brian May
Entry DateHPWITitle
20-Dec-929403Back to the Light (AMR #93)

Allan, Highwaymen 1 was certified Platinum, Highwaymen 2 achieved Gold status, that's all for Waylon.
What about "Behind Closed Doors" by Charlie Rich (1973)?

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