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Forum - General: Music/Charts related - rare australian songs


(i thought i should add a new thread about songs we really want in our collection) and trade them or swap them

we should all go threw our songs and put up our rare songs for trading.

here are the ones i really want......

Hannah - No Releif
Francesca - Way Of The World
Boystar - Loverboy
Hannah - Stop N Think
Scott Cain - Crazy People Rock
Amiel - The Chase
Jackson Mendoza - Ordinary Girl
Marie Willson - Next Time
Katie Underwood - Danger

if you have these songs please tell me so i can here them again
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So here are a couple of my rare ones if any one want them email me on mattys111@hotmail.com

Natalie Imbruglia - Why
Primary - What am i suppose to be here for? vocals sneaky sound sytem singer (connie)
Natalie Gauci - Take It Or Leave It (EP) (3 track ep)
x3 - Girl Like Me
x3 - Upside Down
Hayley - that girl
Hayley - Kiss Me Quick
Hayley - Hate the way i love you
Toni Pearon - JOY
Monique Brumby - Wrecking Ball
Abby Dobson - Don't ask for more
Danille - Tell Me If You Like It
Alessha Rome - One Of Us Has Changed
Amity Dry - Start Of Something New
The Androids - Here She Comes

i have a lot more if your iterested email mattys111@hotmail.com
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I have the following songs.

Hannah - No Relief
Boystar - Loverboy
Hannah - Stop N Think
Scott Cain - Crazy People Rock
Jackson Mendoza - Ordinary Girl
Marie Willson - Next Time
Katie Underwood - Danger
There was a song called "Up + Down" by a girl called Helena which is a rare Aussie song. Was released in 1997. It was always on Video Hits.
I have a rare track by Britney Spears from her blackout era. It is totally untouched, because the vocals are appauling, so im guessing it was just recorded then chucked out. It's called Body and Soul

Body and Sould - Britney Spears.

There is a song that i really want to get my paws on and that is the rare RADIO 1 live recording of "Soul Sound" by The Sugababes from back in 2001. It was availiable on their Australian cd single. Does anyone have it.

Also another rare song that charted at #16 earlier in the 200's. It was by Heli Simpson and was called Don't Ask Me. She was from the saddle club.

If anyone has those 2 songs please tell me, as im really interested in listening to them again.
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Hello BDub

Thankyou for your reply

Would you like to trade for those songs or would you like something else for them as i have tried everywhere for those songs.

Would be able to attach the songs to me. in an email or a file host site.

my email adress is mattys111@hotmail.com

i have the song

Heli Simpson - Don't Ask Me

i can send you an email for the song and attach the song.

I have just attached the song for you in an email.

Is there any other songs that you want.
Hello J

I have also have that song by helena - Up and down i can send you an email and send it to you if you like
Thanks Mono36
Hi all,
Im looking for a early 1970 song,aled "Raymondo the Clown",
or "Ballad Of Ramondo the Clown",By a band called Autumn.

Its safe to say tat have been looking for this song sing the late 70's.Id really appreciate any help.
Hi Alexis Greece

According to a list of records that I own, somewhere in my collection I have a 7" single of Autumn's: Looking Thru The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl / Song To Raymondo on Chart Records (Distributed by Festival) from 1970.

I'm not sure if this is the 45 you are after, but I will keep it aside if I come across it when I get around to re-arranging my collection.
"Song for Raymondo" is the song Alexis Greece is talking about, and the one they are looking for.
hey guys seeing as it is so close to christmas here's a goodie for you

"Santa Never Made It Into Darwin" by Bill & Boyd. It's a christmas carol following the effects of cyclone tracy in 1974
Im also a massive "Killing Heidi" fan but currently can never find theri second album "Present" in stores. If anyone has any song's from the album that they are willing to email me with, would be much appreciated.
Bidding on Killing Heidi's albumn right now!. Hope i win
Please can anybdy please send me these songs Bdub hasnt replied yet i really want

Scott Cain - Crazy People Rock
Katie Underwood - Dnager
Boystar - Loverboy

i have also found hannah - no relif

the others dosnt matter as much as those 3

Got To Lose It by Sydney Sensations

The perfect love song for Christmas

Reply to me if you want a copy. But it would be nice to have something in return coz it is christmas after all lol
Thankyou so much bluezombie

you are a ledgend it did work. Thankyou so much you have made my day as I havnt heard those songs for so song for so long.

is there any songs that you may want it return.
Hey blue zombie can i get Rachael Kane - Closer To You as i really liked happy messy love it was a good song.

I also have tamara jaber
and laura gisara as well to send to you in an email
im on my lunch break ill should have them sent out to you this afternoon when i get back from work
and could i have the top two plus thw Scandal'us songs please?

if you would like me to find something good for you i can do that no troubles

THE CRIME FIGHTERS, INC. - Do The Turtle Thang
STELLA ONE ELEVEN - Out There Somewhere
MAGIC DIRT - Plastic Loveless Letter
MELISSA - My House
CLIVE YOUNG - Something Special
KIRSTY K. - Xanadu
OLIVIA feat. PAULA - Xanadu
OLIVIA - Physical
REDZONE - Jackie
ZONE 2 - Jackie
ILANDA - Tasty
DJ CHRIS FRESH & NASH T - Burning Hands
JACKO - I'm An Individual
GEORGE SMILOVICI - I'm Tuff (not really a song - a stand up comedy piece... big in 1985)
AUSTEN TAYSHUS - Phantom Shuffle
FARMHOUSE feat. GEORGIE PARKER - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
STEFAN DENNIS - Don't It Make You Feel Good
NOELENE - No Regrets (the mum in Sylvania Waters TV Show)
RHUBARB - Exerciser
UNDERGROUND LOVERS - Losin' It (best song of all time in my opinion)

I have all these songs and those listed above.... Go Aussies Go!

Tony M - host of HITSTORY (a retro radio show on i98 and C91.3)

Hey Tony M

i have David Franj - Oxygen

if you want the song or if any one else is interested
Hey Tony M

i have David Franj - Oxygen

if you want the song or if any one else is interested i can send it to them
sorry you already have the song and i must of pressed it twice
I'm after The D-Generation - Five In A Row and the follow up Another Five In A Row.
I have in exchange anything from all the Triple J albums and all the 100% hits compilations
The D. Gen?...you know where to get these songs BB...heh heh. When have I ever let you down.
The D-Generation's
can be found on THE ARIA AWARDS ALBUM 1990 and THE ARIA AWARDS ALBUM 1991 (respectively).
Try eBay... well worth it.
yay Itunes have finally added Scott cains album
i think itunes have updated there libary but i still cant find any other songs that i want.
I have Katie - Danger, if you're still interested...let me know.
I have

Kate Miller-Heidke - Australian Idol (Very Rare)
Michala Banas - Kissin The Wind
All Killing Heidi.
Tamara Jaber - Ooh Aah
hey chri8topher

i would really like that song please.

is there any songs you are searching for or anything
I have just uploaded to youtube a couple of hard to find Videos that youtube didnt have

Superjesus - Shut My Eyes
Disco Montego/Katie Underwood - Magic

if any one want these songs tell me.
Des anyone have these rare songs?

That Girl - Miranda ____ (I can't remmeber her last name but she cam runner up in Popstars and hat this song)
yes i have that song i can send it to you in a email if your want.
Well yer if possible. thnx
I am also curretly after.

Kylie Mole - I Go, I Go

its was on the so excellnt single.
^ I'd love to get an mp3 of Kylie Mole's 'I Go I Go' too if anyone has it.
This was moved to here, and your original thread deleted...
21/01/2009 17:13

I am after - No Mercy - For Eternity (Manumission Club Mix).
if anyone posesses this awesome track I am willing to swap anything I have that (or can find)
I have thousands remixes of all the latest stuff...........
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i am after Amiel - These ties album

i am also after her 2nd single The Chase and Heardroom I am also trying to find Culture shocks album back in 1994 they had My Enemy and Satisfy the groove to trade.

i have a lot of good jems to trade back if anyone's interested send me an email and ill send you my list of songs.

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billbeast: it was miranda murphy
g'day, does anybody know where to obtain daddy cool's debut album "Daddy Who? Daddy Cool" on cd? cheers
Joe, the album was deleted from circulation in 2002 by Sony BMG who were the last company to release it.

Try timewarp.com.au and see if they have it to buy on their website, otherwise ring around second-hand music dealers in your city to see if they have it. If you're from Melbourne, Dixons has five or six locations, and they can tell you which stores might have it.

Good luck.
Mono36, you don't happen to have any of your rage tapes made into torrents do you?
Nah davo i should do it but it would take ages to upload do you.
*to upload it
hell yeah it'd take ages.
I'm so pissed I taped over my Rage tapes from the time. I've still got a couple from 97/98 and 2001/02. I taped over my tapes from '96 and '98 with Daria episodes lol.
g'day, thanks bulion your a champ, will check that site and fortunately i'm a melbourne lad so i'll check dixons as well. thanks again
yay i found culture shock on ebay and headroom but is there any way of getting them without a credit card???? being young really sucks.
Hey everyone

It's so great hearing some of these Aussie acts being spoken about that I thought everyone had forgotten about!

I have a large range of rare Aussie songs that would be hard to find these days on iTunes and stuff if anyone is interested.

I also noted a few songs that I liked from the lists mentioned above:

Michala Banas - Kissing The Wind
Tamara Jaber - Hard For Me
Tatu - Imperfect Girl

I have many goodies to trade for
Hey Ameriefan i will send you the songs in an email. Those songs are really good.
Thanks mono36, I shall post a list of what I've got soon
I brought a couple of cd singles yesterday in Launceston there were 6 singles that i have never heard of before or seen in the charts so can someone tell me if these artists are Australian i tried to find information on them but they dont seem to be very popular at the time. Ill post up there release dates as well that i can tell from the single itself. they have seem to have never existed.

Danielle Greenwood - Enemy (1999)
One More Time - Highland (1992)
Blush - Right Through You (1999)
Helvelin - Cruelest Place (1992)
Lino - Wasted (1999)
Lino - Troubleshooting (1999)
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Mono... It's actually THE CRUELEST PLAGUE by Hevelln.

Great song - used in Neighbours coffee shop scenes in the 90s.

I have Aussie band HEVELLN's whole CD album.
Howdy all,

I've been putting together top 100 for the year and JJJ hottest 100's for a while and most of the one's I'm missing are Aussie songs. In that respect they're not necessarily that rare but i would love it if anyone could send them to me as mp3's if you have them. Send them direct to cdoolan@aapt.net.au. Here's the list;
From Top 100's;
Don't Give Up - Shannon Noll & Natalie Bassingthwaite
Mistake - Stephanie McIntosh
Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem
Am I Ever Gonna See The Biff Again - Reg Reagan
I'm Moving On - Scott Cain
I Feel It - DJ Darren Brias Vs DJ Peewee Ferris
Get Down On It - Peter Andre
Under The Water - Merril Bainbridge
Shaka Jam - Kulcha
Hip Hop Holiday - 3 The Hard Way
Mountain - Chocolate Starfish
Kickin' To The Undersound - Sound Unlimited Posse
Girl's Life - Girlfriend
It's Not Over - Rockmelons
Do For You - Euphoria
One In A Million - Euphoria
Without You - Girlfriend
Marvellous - Twelfth Man
Be My Baby - Teen Queens
I Can Feel It - Radio Freedom
Hold Me In Your Arms - Southern Sons
Love Dimension - Kate Ceberano
Touch The Fire - Icehouse
Don't Tell Me The Time - Martha Davis
Rhymes - Rockmelons
Endless Road - Time Bandits
Do To You - Machinations
Fifty Years - Uncanny X-Men

From the hottest 100's;
You're Just Too Hip Baby - Dave Graney
Scratch My Back - The Sharp
Sleepy Head - Ed Kuepper
Do It - Swoop
Aboriginal Woman - Mixed Relations
Happy Birthday Helen - Things Of Stone & Wood
Freedom - Kev Carmody
Alone Like Me - The Sharp
Neighbourhood Freak - Swoop
Jaimmes Got A Gal - You Am i
I'm Gonna Release Your Soul - Dave Graney
In The Neighbourhood - Sisters Underground
Wildflowers - Things Of Stone & Wood
Masses Like Asses - Def FX
Who Farted? - The Vaughans
Pale Grey Eyes - Pollyanna
Immune Deficiency - Rail
Trick With A Knife - Strawpeople
Devil's Diary - The Caulfield's
By Myself - Hecate
Speculator - Insurge
Creep - Frank Bennett
Back Door Man - Pauline Pantsdown
Throw Your Arms Around Me - Paul McDermott
Bevan The Musical - Peter Helliar
Russell Crowe's Band - Frenzal Rhomb
Just Pretend - The Bens
Flame Trees - Sarah Blasko

Thanks in advance.

Cool Toni M ill keep my ears out for the songs next time i watch the old episodes of neighbours.

I also hope one day they will release a CD of the songs they play there is this one song in particular i like that they always play but we cant get it as it was made esspically for the show

Also Liclichenostomus: ill be more than happy to send you some of these songs.

I have the following: to send

Don't Give Up - Shannon Noll & Natalie Bassingthwaite
Mistake - Stephanie McIntosh
Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem
Am I Ever Gonna See The Biff Again - Reg Reagan
I'm Moving On - Scott Cain
I Feel It - DJ Darren Brias Vs DJ Peewee Ferris
Get Down On It - Peter Andre
Under The Water - Merril Bainbridge
Shaka Jam - Kulcha
Hip Hop Holiday - 3 The Hard Way
Mountain - Chocolate Starfish
Girl's Life - Girlfriend
It's Not Over - Rockmelons
Do For You - Euphoria
One In A Million - Euphoria
Without You - Girlfriend
Marvellous - Twelfth Man
Be My Baby - Teen Queens
I Can Feel It - Radio Freedom
Hold Me In Your Arms - Southern Sons
Do It - Swoop
Happy Birthday Helen - Things Of Stone & Wood
Freedom - Kev Carmody
Alone Like Me - The Sharp
Swoop - Neighboour Hood Freak

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-_- i spent 34 mintues typing all the songs i had on my computer, only to have the power blackout for 2 minutes....

oh well..starting again..


I’ve been looking for Amiel’s These Ties as well! The only thing I found was her Sony Japan site with 30 second tid bits of each song.


Although, I loved the title track so much, I made it into my Ringtone (NOT crappily recorded on my phone )

I also have the Headroom single too. It was only 50 cents at one of my favourite 2nd hand CD stores which closed down yonks ago.

Here’s a list of all the Aussie tracks which could possible be considered rare and uncommon…or just not popular chart wise

Abby Dobbson – Cloud Watching, It’s Only Love

Alex Lloyd – Brand New Day (Acoustic)

Amiel – The Chase (Sonic Animation Remix) – sorry Mono, I wanted the Original version but that’s the best I could find, Expectations (Album Edit), Expectations (Remix) Feat. Savage & Mareko, Following The Sun (Remix) Feat. Phrase, Lovesong (Explicit Acoustic), One Step Ahead, These Ties Album Preview I put together or just go to the above link.

Aneiki – Entire ‘Words In Place of Objects’ Album – including the latter singles, 15 Minutes and Even Without You, Superhero (Radio Edit – not much diff), Pleased To Meet You (Acoustic)

Bardot – Poison, I Should’ve Never Let You Go, I Need Somebody (Original, Superfly, Le Marquis Dub Edits) ASAP (Original and KCB Edits), Love Will Find A Way, These Days

- If you have Belinda Chappel’s 2nd single, “Move Together” that’d be nice to listen t again 

Bec Cartwright – Entire Self Titled Album (I swear, novelty value only )

Bernard Fanning Feat. Clare Bowditch & Kasey Chambers – Watch Over Me (Live at the 2006 Arias)

Bertie Blackman – Television, Fast B****, Closer (live), Hold Me Close (live), Favourite Jeans

Candice Alley – Entire Self Titled Album, I Belong (Original, Acoustic and S. Remix Edits), Before You Go (Radio, Acoustic, S. Remix and Instrumental – for Album Version - Edits), Dream The Day Away (Original – hardly any difference from the Four on Floor Mix edit which was released as the single..listen carefully, and it’s just the drums. In this version, it’s more a snare, in the single edit, it’s more like a synthesized/computerized low-fi ‘’duff duff’ ), Falling (Hot Snax Radio Edit)

Chole – Stars (Original, Acoustic and Buchanan Remix Edits), Crash (ripped form CDR, so sounds choppy in some bits)

If you don’t remember Chloe, she was from Australian Idol Season 1. She made it to the top 30…then never heard from again….until she was singed to Sony…for 2 milliseconds..

Cosima – One Night Without You

Cristian Alexanda – Party Anthem

Disco Montego Feat. Katie Underwood – Beautiful (Original and Acoustic Versions), Magik

Eskimo Joe – Japanese Waitress, Don’t Get Me Wrong, Smoke, From The Sea (Live)

Frente – Bizarre Love Triangle (New Order Cover)

The Hampdens – Croupier (The Brightness Falls Edit)

Heli Simpson – Don’t Ask Me, Money Can’t Buy, Princess Veronica, Princess Veronica Album Preview Mix

-Saddle Club Alumni. Novelty Value

Holly Valance – Connect, Send My Best, Ricochets, Naughty Girl (Uncensored Bare Brush Edit – All she says is ‘No S***’, rather quickly I might add, but a curse is a curse) Body Request (w/ Har Mar Superstar), Back The Camel Up (w/ Har Mar Supstar)

J Wess Feat. Digga and Kulaia – Luv Ya

Jade MacRae Feat. Phrase – Superstar (Crooked Eye Remix)

Josh Abrahams – Entire ‘Sweet Distorted Holiday’ album, Addicted to Bass (Acoustic) Feat. Amiel, Headroom (Original, Waco, F.I.S.T and Reprise – this band version was released under ‘Puretone’ alias – Edits) Feat. Amiel, Hard (Snippet) Feat. Robn Laou

Kasey Chambers – Better Be Home Soon, Hollywood

Katie Noonan – Time To Begin (Original and Radio Remix Edits)

Laura Imbruglia – Tear Ducts

Lenka – Gravity Rides Everything (Modest Mouse Cover)

Lo-Tel – Teenager of the Year, Genre Casting, Lessons In Spanish, Angel

Madasun (not aussie but saw it mentioned) – Don’t You Worry (Original, RGB Edits. Smooth Remix (Feat Smooth) Vibe Remix (Feat. Smooth & Terri Walker), Fine Line

Madison Avenue – Everything You Need, Reminiscing

Michala Banas – Kissin’ The Wind (Original, Acoustic and Eargasm Remix Edits)

-my all time favourite actress Always Green FTW.

Missy Higgins (not sure if these are rare) – Scar (live) Special Two (live), Falling

Motor Ace – Entire ‘Animal’ Album, Carry On, She’s Your Blood Type, Trying To Get Some Sleep, Genes, Keeping Secrets, Can’t Ask You Twice, Death Defy (live), Not Stalking You, Home, Butterfly, Here Comes The Rain

- The last 3 are (to me) the best B Sides (‘Tomorrow’s Gone’ single) EVER.

Natalie Imbruglia – Hide Behind The Sun, Always Never, All The Magic, Never Tear Us Apart Feat. Tom Jones, Troubled By The Way We Came Together, Identify

- If you have ‘Counting Down The Days’ B Side, “What’s The Good In Goodbye”, I like you.

Nessa Morgan – Simple Kinda Woman, Helpless (Acoustic)

One Dollar Short – Is This The Part, Another Day Away, Friends

Pete Murray – Empty, Sinner, Unfinished

Pollen – Entire ‘It’s Not Rocket Science’ EP (pretty long for an EP)

Primary – Vicious Precious, Brazil, Come As Your Idol, Shame Oblivion, Young, This Is The Sound

Rachael Kane – Happy Messy Love (Original and Red Cordial Edits), Soon (Naked Edit)

Rogue Traders – Give Into Me (Pre Bassingwaighte Era)

The Sacred Heart Primary School – Flames Trees

-From the Little Fish Soundtrack (2005) If you have Bic Runga’s cover of Gene Pittney’s “Something’s Got A Hold Of My Heart” I love you.

Sandrine – Entire ‘Trigger’ Album, Trigger (Acoustic), Let The Love, Cry, Late Night Insomnia, Love & Pain, Where Do We Go?, Sea of Love

Sarah Blasko – Flame Trees, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Sarah McLeod – All But Gone, He Doesn’t Love You (All 3 Hook n Sling Edits)

The Scientist’s of Modern Technology – Technology Illiterate

Selwyn – A.M Call

-Popstars alumni (back in the day..)

Shakaya – We Ain’t Going Down, Trynna Find The One

Sophie & Kia – He’s Everything, I’d Rather Be With You (Sophie solo) Sometimes (Kia Solo), Believe

- Saddle Club Alumni

Sophie Koh – Honey I Will Buy You A Mercedes Benz, Fall Into Space (live), Objects In This Mirror, Silly Thing, Creep (Radiohead cover)

The Superjesus – So Lonely

Thirsty Merc – When The Weather Is Fine

The Tongue Don’t You Ever Feat. Bertie Blackman, Animal Crackers, That Word, Counterfeit Cheques (Original and Remix Edits)

Vassy – Cover You In Kisses (Golden Katylst Edit)

The Velvet Fog – Entire ‘Scenes From A Rooftop’ Album

There is this rare Kylie Minogue EP which came out with Impossible Princess ages back, as a world exclusive from HMV, and I’ve seen it’s cost a mint (the most expensive price I’ve seen was about $400) but I’m willing to give it away to someone who is a harcore Kylie fan..it’s only with 3 tracks, but im sure the fans would love it anywhoot.

Contact me at lawrence.ola@hotmail.com if you want anything

Hi Chops

You are a Ledgend i really would love to get some of these songs from you some of these i have been searching for ages i will send you my list of songs and ill send you an email.
4 mono...
from my little book of Oz artists...

Danielle was Australian.
Blush were a Sydney band.
Helvelln were a Melbourne band.
Lino also were a Sydney band.

Nothing listed for One More Time.

This book is pretty in depth...I was in a "Battle Of The Bands" competition in 1992, and we came third. The top two bands got to record a single and even that is listed in here!!! If only I'd have sung a little better...heh heh!
Thankyou Christopher also if you would like to hear the songs i can send them to you.

I also never knew you were in a band that is cool it would of been wicked if you got there. Who was the other band that got the contract.
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I have Merril Bainbridge's very last single called "Girl Next Door" and the single's B-Side "It Ain't Over Yet". If anyone is interested.
Girl Next Door is a good song i have the single also.

Here is an update on my list of rare songs.

Sirens - The Housemates Song (Don't You Think Its Strange)
Housemates - (Version) (Don't You Think It's Strange)
Robyn Loau - Hard
Frente! - What's Come Over Me
Leonardo's Bride - Sonic
Aleesha Rome - Do You Feel Me
Australian Idol - Good Times and (Are You Ready)
Happyland - Hello
Happyland - Chicken?
Bachelor Girl - Rollercoaster
Bachelor Girl - Drowning Not Waving
Foxfire IV - Roses
Brielle Davis - Take It Off (Looking for Serial Thriller)
CDB - Back Then (+ Album)
Celebrity Drug Disasters - Just 2 Young For Me (EP)
Cherry - S.o.S
Chery - Saddest Song
Daniel Johns And Paul Mac - Rain (I Can't Belive It's Not Rock + Ep)
David Franj - Yellow Flowers (+ Album)
Deadstar - Don't It Get You Down
Delta Goodrem - Love and Hear I Am (looing For I Don't Care) not (Angelea Via vershion)
Diana Anaid - Love Song For A Girl
Diana Anaid - Don't Belive In In Love
Looking for
See Through (single)
Leaving The Country (single)
Groove Terminator - Brand New Day
Killing Heidi - Kettle
Lash - Aloha Mr Hand
Leah Haywood - Summer Of Love
Lethbridge Feat. Levi - Handscuff Off
Little Johnny (Aka Pauline Pantsdown) - I'm Sorry
Lydia Denker - Real To Me
Pop! Feat. Angie Hart - Tingly
Radio Freedom - Prove
Ratcat - Holiday
Rebekah K - Everything I Do
Shakaya - Are You Ready (All of the cds excpet The Way you make me feel)
Silverchair - Unlitled (Every Silverchair Cd except Shade)
Sirens Feat. Sarah-Maree - I'm So Exited (less sarah less dancier)
Sirens Feat. Sarah-Maree - I'm So Exited (more of Sarah-Maree and more dancier)
Tali - Whatever
Tali - Don't Be Sorry (Taste Of Tali EP)
Taxiride - You Gotta Help Me (CD)
Tiffani Wood - Taste It
Tina Cousins - Nothing To Fear
Tina Cousins - Killin' Time 99
True Live - TV
Vanessa Amorosi - One Things Leads To Anthore (Change CD)
Zinc - The Morning After
Zinc - Find Your Way
Various Australian artists - Help Save One Life
Emmanual Carella - Blue Sky Mine
Looking for physical single of Savage Garden- 'All around me'. Was released as a promo single in 97 i think.
Im not sure where i have got it from and yes it is the full version. I never broguht it as a single i would if it was released as one Its a wicked song.

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I have just uploaded Amiel - The Chase to youtube but i need advice how to get louder sound the sound is excellent on the TV as soon as it's on the computer its really soft. :

here is the link if any one is interested
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mono36 - I increase the volume on some clips I upload to youtube before uploading them by recording them through my DVD recorder which has the option of increasing the audio input by 6dB, although not every recorder would have such an option. The eRightSoft 'Super' program, which can convert between multiple formats, has an option of increasing the volume when encoding e.g. a .vob file to an .mpeg file. It's a useful program, and you can find a free download through google. Another option, if you have the audio on CD or mp3, is to re-do the audio on the clip with CD/mp3 audio, which is usually better than VHS audio. Although this requires the audio to match the clip exactly (i.e. no dialoge parts or an edited/longer version of the song used for the video).
Thankyou Nugs im downloading it now
mono36 - if you encode using Super, click on 'O' for Other Options under the 'Options' panel on the right, and in the little box that comes up down the bottom on the left check the 'Adjust The Encode Volume' and move the bar over to 300 (the highest). For the Audio Sampling Frequency, check 44100 for high quality audio and check 2 channels and a bitrate mp3 of at least 128kbps.

I upload uncompressed .vob files to youtube so they appear in HQ, but you could do the same with .mpg files encoded on Super.
Thanks Nugs ill have a look again and hopefully if i can get it work. If i can ill upload a few more videos.

Also "Joey is the world" i can send you a disc no worries at all but i can simply send you the song by email or MSN or do it by cd if thats what you perfer.
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Hi everyone, like a lot of people here it seems, i have been working on getting all of the hottest 100 songs, only ones left i need are

rail - immune defciency

hecate - by myself

if anyone needs any others i will have them
Hi all,

Chops, if you could send me the Aneiki – ‘Words In Place of Objects’ Album I would love you forever Even if you just sent me the Superhero, Pleased to Meet You and Feel This Fool songs via email,

Hey guys, and anyone who has heard of the song "Everybody on the Floor" by Tokyo Ghetto [something] - I have that track and for those interested, e-mail me. (just click my name!)

And I am currently interested in Rachael Kane's "Happy Messy Love". Anyone having an mp3 file, would you please send me one? I remember the song and it's hard to find it anywhere.
Hello Everyone,
Just came across this forum so decided to try this one on the Aussie experts.
i have been trying to source a song from 1976 for some time.
I assume it is an Oz song because have been unable to identify in overseas forums.
Played on Melbourne radio for a very short period during 1976, so would not have dented the top 40.
The only thing I can remeber is the chorus which goes something like this - "Help me Wizard, Help me Wizard, in the midnight hour".
Anyone who can give me an Artist and Song Title will be on my X'Mas List for Life.

RabidLeroy I have that song ill send it to you. no worries
Hi All

I have Rachael Kane's single Happy Messy Love and follow up Closer To You.

But i am currently after her follow up singles i would love to listen to them as i love her first two singles very much.

All We Really Want and Jumping Out Of My Skin could anyone send me these two songs i would really aperiate it.
square2, could this be the song you're looking for? (I don't know it, but google is very handy):

'The Wizard Bump' by Penny McLean

from the 1975 album 'Lady Bump'.

"The Wizard Bump" contains the lyrics "help me wizard, help me with your magic power" and then has a nonsensical low voiced "wizard" mumbling back...

The song didn't chart in Oz, but the 'Lady Bump' single did in Feb 1976 at #9. The 'Lady Bump' album charted at #12, entering in May 1976.
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Francesca - WAY OF THE WORLD mp3?

anybody have this?? I wuld be happy to trade
"The Wizard Bump" was the follow up single to "Lady Bump" but was only released to commercial radio.
Obviously it flopped miserably!!!
Hi Again there is a song by pink that i would love to hear i cant seem to find it anywhere has anyone even heard of it before. or Is it just made up on (Wikipedia)???

"Gonna Make Ya Move (Don't Stop)" is a house/trance song written by L. Carpella and F. Scandolari, and recorded by Pink. Pink's first single, it was released in 1998 by Activ Records in the United Kingdom and by Color Records in the Netherlands (see 1998 in music). No music video was released. The single reached number 196 on the UK Singles Chart in February 1999, remaining on the top 200 for one week;[1] Pink didn't achieve mainstream commercial success until the release of her next single, "There You Go" (2000). As of 2008[update], "Gonna Make Ya Move (Don't Stop)" has not been released on any Pink album.

Nope that Pink song is not fake.
Search Pink on http://www.zobbel.de/cluk/CLUK_P.HTM
mono36, any chance of you sending me these songs?

Happyland - Chicken?
David Franj - Yellow Flowers (+ Album)
Diana Anaid - Love Song For A Girl
Diana Anaid - Don't Belive In In Love
Hecate - By Myself mp3
Hecate changed their name to Litany for USA release. The album, "Peculiar World" was released in America and contains this track.
You can actually get a free download (256 mps) at the following address:
I had to do lots of research to find this and now it completes all Triple J Top 100 songs in my collection from the beginning of its inception.
I am looking for the following:

Next Time by Marie Wilson
Lonely by Merril Bainbridge
Hey Julie i dont mind sending them to you send me an email and ill attach the files for you.

I know how hard Next Time was to find its a good song.
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Does anybody have a copy of 'Beautiful Woman' by Kyle?
It was released around 2003, can't find it anywhere...

Also, Katie Underwood-Danger?

Thanks to anyone who can help
Thanks for that bluezombie
HI everyone
I'm chasing after mp3 versions (192kbps or higher) of the following songs if anyone knows where I can find them please:

No Relief - Hannah 2002
Girl's Life - Girlfriend 1992
The Love We Make - Girl Overboard 1990
Looking Thru The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl - Autumn 1970
No - Bulldog 1972
Prophet - Ronnie Burns 1971
F-A-T-H-E-R - Pat Kerry 1972
Marrow Song - Fantasy 1973
No - Bulldog 1972
The Man From Nazareth - John Paul Joans 1971
Soft Delights - The New Dream 1971
Together - Johnny Farnham & Alison Durbin 1971
Games People Play - Alison Durbin 1969
Put Your Hand In The Hand - Alison Durbin 1971

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Hi Davedar i have

Hannah, Girlfreind and Girl Overboard i can send them over.
Thanks mono...i would appreciate that

Update: got the mp3's - they are 160kbps
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Does anybody have any of the following...?

What U Waiting 4-Tiffani Wood
Ordinary World-Mandy Kane
Heading In The Right Direction-Rebekah Lavauney
I'm So Excited (Bum Dance Song)-The Sirens ft. Sara-Marie
heartbreaker-Kayne Taylor

Thanks to anyone who can help
Mykl 77 i have most of them except for Mandy Kane ill send them over but Heading In The Right Direction is Live from Idol the proper version is very hard to find iv looked for it.

One song i'm currently after Natalie Zhara - Esscence Of You
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thanks mono, even though I'd prefer the studio version that one would be fine.
Does any one have following cant find them anywhere.

Cam Farrar - Wasted
Natalie Zhara - Essence Of You
Origene - Suddenly Silently
Stella One Eleven - She
Stella One Eleven - Only Good for Conversation
Stella One Eleven - In Your Hands
Stella One Eleven - Hard
Delta Goodrem - I Don't Care
Brielle Davis - Serial Thriller
Diana Anaid - Leaving The Country
Amiel - The Chase (have the video but sound quality is very crap)
Amiel - Headroom
The Tulips - My Life
The Tulips - Rock and Roll Mines
Natalie Dunn - A Year and Three Weeks
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Thankyou Bluezombie
I just found Serial Thriller, no luck with the others... yet.
iv looked everywhere for it.
Also just found the Origene song... will send that once it's downloaded...
Found 'Headroom' just then... same goes.
iv been looking for that song for ages thankyou your a ledgend hope its as good as Addicted To Bass
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Desperately seeking

I'm So Excited (Bum Dance Song)-The Sirens ft. Sara-Marie
Tasty - Ilanda (well any Ilanda)

and does anyone remember Joanne?
I have her album "Do Not Disturb" if anyone is after her!

LOVE the site!
I have those tracks i dont mind helping just send me an email.

I also just recently added the I'm So Exited Video onto Youtube if anyone wants to see it.
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Joanne....I remember her.
Joanne....I remember her.

And "Madison Avenue" had four top 10 singles, yet no1 seems to remember "Reminiscing" and "Everything You Need". "Who The Hell Are You" and "Don't Call Me Baby" sound strikingly similar.
Heres the link for I'm So Exited on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPSEAq8hQrM
As you can tell, i'm very new, and I'll have to become a member!

do mono36 do I send a message via this site, or your email?
an email will do so i can send the songs over.
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righteo, i'm a member now, so here goes!
Welcome to the forum
billbeast I definitely remember "Reminiscing" and "Everything You Need" I'm 17 now, but yes love those songs!
Oh and does anyone have Mercury 4 - Get Me Some?
CAn anyone email me "I Don't Care" by "Dleta Goodrem"?
I have both of them Billbeat & Preciouslilywhite ill send them shortly.

Now I have

Tasty - Ilanda
The Bum Dance
and Bardot!


The Ilanda search has been going on for years! I have not ever been able to find that song, and I get here today and find it!
Heya, ppl.

I have got a couple of songs you might want

Amazing - Alex Lloyd
The Show - Lenka
Calm Down - Killing Heidi
Hard Act To Follow - Grinspoon
Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
Advance Australia Fair (re-do) - Adam Hills
Ready - Australian Idol 2004
La - Old Man River
The Hard Road - Hilltop Hoods &
Zebra - The John Butler Trio

If that makes anyone happy?
"Calm Down" by "Killing Heidi" isn't exactly rare. It's buyable on CD Album, digital download as is "The Show" and probably all others.

RARE to me are like Single Release Only songs from early 2000's before digital was big.
Last Weekend I tried to find Starky Hey Bang Bang across
the internet but could not so if anyone has that it would be good.
i think i have it ill check

edit yes i have it
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Have sent you a Memo Mono36.
Thanks for sending me that Track Mono36, it had been more then 3 Years since I last heard it and had almost forgotten it entirely had I not thought of it recently. It sounded both similar and different to what I remember.
I have the Hayley Aitken songs Kiss Me Quick and I Hate the Way I Love You if anyone wants them.
Hayley Aitken is awsome if only her songs charted better.
Yeah sure thing Daniel09, what is your email?

Does anybody have the following songs, preferably in 320kbps, but anything will do.

Joanne - I Don't Know [not the slow remix please]
Joanne - Are You Ready
Joanne - Busted
BZ feat. Joanne - Jackie

I've only managed to find Jackie but it's in bad quality. Please reply if you have these tracks or are willing to look for them, thanks
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I have the slow I Don't Know, as well as Jackie and So Damn Fine, I Don't Know is 192kbps, the other 2 are 128, does that help?
I have Joanne's album A really good album, so I have the tracks. I can email them to ya if you'd like.
Don't worry about So Damn Fine, I realised I have it on an old So Fresh CD.

That would be great AmerieFan, I'll memo you my email so you can send me the tracks I requested (don't worry about the rest of the album).

Thanks anyway for trying to help Mykl.
Does any one have Merril Bainbridges song "Friends" it was a single in 2000 and iv never heard it before. I have most of her other songs
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Hi guys, I've been searching FOREVER for a few songs, if any of you could help me out?? Feel free to email me, my email is in my profile

Hayley Aitken - Kiss Me Quick, I Hate The Way I Love You, That Girl
Leah Haywood - We Think It's Love, Crazy, Takin' Back What's Mine
sister2sister - Sister, What's A Girl To Do?, Too Many Times
Bachelor Girl - Lucky Me, Treat Me Good, I'm Just A Girl

I'll come back later and post my entire iTunes playlist - I'm currently in the process of uploading it onto my site. When that's done I'm more than willing to send mp3s should you find something on it you've been searching for.

I have all 3 Leah Haywood songs and the first 2 S2S ones. Am sending now
OMG you Mykl are a deadset legend. I have been looking for these songs for YEARS! You have made my day man, I just received them all then. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!
Everyone, always expect Mykl to have your songs requests, as he has about 99.5% of released singles from the 50's onwards.
I have the remainder sending them now
Thank you so much mono!!! WOW I can't believe this, after years and years of trying to find these songs from my childhood, I post here and less than two hours later I have them all? This site is AMAZING. Thank you again
So this is my entire iTunes playlist as of about ten minutes ago. Almost 14,000 songs. If you find a song in this list that you've been searching for but can't find, let me know and I'll email it to you.

Does anyone have Kaylan's album "No Commandments", if not, their song "Shake It". Thanks in advance
14,000 songs pffftt like you know what they all are or any info on them are they even ligit purchased?
i don't see the poit of an archive that big it's so much better when a trippy music fan whipps out a cupboard of 500 cd singles or something such a passion.
I don't know what your problem is NateBoi. I've posted the library so I can give back to this community, since some people have been so helpful to me. I couldn't care less what your opinion on its size is, so you can keep your unnecessary attitude to yourself.
I am fairly new to this site, and I do not understand why people put their two cents in when they obvioulsy do not care. Well done Jackgotjacked on posting your Itunes list. I am sure that even if only one person finds something on your list they have been searching for it will be worth the effort.

Now back to rare Australian songs. I have been buying CD singles since 1990 when I discovered my passion for it. I literally have over 30,000 CD's quite a large number of these are CD singles, mostly from the 90's.

I suppose one of the oddest Australian purchases that I have is the debut single from Bruce Samazan - One Of A Kind. For those of you who don't know who he is he was Max in E-street, but also starred in Neighbours and Home and Away and won the silver logie in 1992. He released this song in 1993 went on to do not much else.

If you have a particular song that you are looking for from the 90's let me know, good chance I have it.

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PS Daniel, I have the album by Kaylan. You should be able to find one at a 2nd hand record store. It's not too old. I'll keep an eye out for you.

Do you guys ever have a get together. Miss Winfrey has Oprah's Book Club, we could have a Chart Music Club
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Ok i put my two cents in because... This site has permission from ARIA to display chart information now if one were to trade pirated material no matter how rare it is this site wouldn't exsist... for exmple trent you have purchased your material... i have purchased my material but if people are coming in here to trade illegal material then they shouldn't...it's a risk.
Afterall if your that pasiionate about music you would spend the $'s to listen to that which you love.
I expressed an opinion when someone has that many songs i wonder what's the point? if each song had an average length of 3 minutes it would take 5 years to listen to that playlist once... i stand by my post this time..Normaly i back down but the fact is i dedicate most of my time to music and it peeves me off illegal material etc..
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Hey Nate, I know exactly what you mean. I suppose the issue is that so many of these songs you cannot get anywhere. Lucky for me I grew up with the 90's music and spent all my money on music. I do feel for people who cannot source a particular song legally.
Is there any laws on sharing songs that you legally cannot purchase anywhere? (I know it may sound like a silly question, so apologies if people think I am stupid)

For instance, Delta's first CD single (I Don't Care) was released 2 years before Born to Try. It is rare and people cannot buy it. So many people ask to copy it and I am torn between allowing them or letting them have it. I mean Dalta is not missing out on any not. If I don't then they will never have it, and at times I also think that if I give it to them is it not promoting the artist in some way? Hopefully helping their future sales as they will defintely want to keep the collection in tact.

It is a delicate matter and I am not sure of the right answer. thoughts????
BlueZombie> Marie Wilson - Next Time is shown on the Country Music Channel from time to time these days.

mono36> I have 'Cam Farrar - Wasted' & 'Delta Goodrem - I Don't Care' (both videos)

trent74> I have the Actual CDS 'Delta Goodrem - I don't Care'
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Awhile back i posted something similar on a different thread i understand if a song cannot be found on album, single, record, or digital file that's what this thread should be for. If you can not legally find a song then that's the artists fault for not supplying. It's still wrong but how else are you going to get it?

Hey Leon. Well you and I both have it, but what I was saying is that it was a small release and with Delta becoming a huge start, people are wanting to have this song for their collection. As she and her record company want nothing to do with it as it was before she was with Sony. People who were not as fortunate as us to have bought it do not have anywhere to turn to.

Nate has mentioned that this is what the site is for. I was not aware as I fairly new to this site so thanks for clearing up Nateboi. I agree that it is the artist and their managements fault for not having it avail. If I were a singer I would have all my library avail at all times. Even if you only sell one copy of a song each week, it is better then having people trying to find it illegally.
Leon - I have not seen the I Don't Care video. is it good?
I remember corn or wheat feilds? lol...
haha, that would be funny to see. I am sure Sony would cringe if Video Hits ever showed these days! lol
trent74, It's a really good video. For Delta's style of Music Videos it matches it really well.

Im converting it to HQ-Divx and i'll up it to Youtube so you can watch it..
..also, I don't Care gets airplay on VH1 (anytime there is a delta special).

Delta Goodrem - I don't Care {video currently being processed}
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lichenostomus, I have the following videos..

Don't Give Up - Shannon Noll & Natalie Bassingthwaite
Mistake - Stephanie McIntosh
Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem
Am I Ever Gonna See The Biff Again - Reg Reagan
Under The Water - Merril Bainbridge
Mountain - Chocolate Starfish
Hold Me In Your Arms - Southern Sons
Thanks Leon, you rock!

Under the Water was a nice song. I liked it much better than mouth.
..its always handy to have a big video collection. the videos are harder to come across these days so when they do i update the collection to better resolutions.
I notice in the really early posts that people have Boystar's Loverboy. I was wondering if I could be a pain and ask for a copy of that song?
Does anyone have any of the following songs?

Forever Young-Youth Group (NOT the 4:30 Extended Version)
Ordinary World-Mandy Kane
Heading In The Right Direction-Rebekah LaVauney (Studio Version)

Thanks in advance (:
I have been searching around for these two songs for the last 6 years. If anyone has either one, please e-mail them to me.

Barefoot - Baby

Hecate (or Litany) - By Myself
Songs have been sent, although I've been told it sometimes doesn't work, so hopefully it works for you. Sorry if you get it twice.

Massive kudos to chri8topher for Barefoot and Hecate last night. Now, if someone can send me a copy of Aboriginal Woman by Mixed Relations, I'll have every song that's ever been in the Hottest 100.
You can still buy BOYSTAR's "Loverboy" CD single in a CD/DVD warehouse seller in Parramatta, NSW. The store is on the main St - King Street - opposite ANZ. The warehouse seller also stocks a lot of old Central Station Records cd singles and albums. It has tons of Dannii Minogue Greatest Hits, So Under Pressure and Perfection CD Singles.

Cheap as too.... $1.00!!

Hey bluezombie, I haven't had any luck with Boystar yet. And as great as your find is Tony M I'm not that desperate for the song to travel 6 hours to pay $1 for it LOL
Thanks bluezombie, no problems receiving it.
Here is a Rare Australian Video.

Bluejuice - Every little Step
I had forgotten about that one. Thanks for posting that.
BilyBrett - I can get you a Boystar CD and post it to you.
No probs.

It's a great song.

Hi there everyone,

I'm a big fan of rare aussie songs, im trying to build a collection, i have noticed so many missing songs on itunes to download & cant find old cd's in shops e.g Joanne Acomm, Ilanda, Anuj etc.. and i really want their music and any other rare aussie artists from the late 80s and all 90s, if anyone is still lurking around here and willing to send some to me, willing to make arrangements, im from Melbourne, and my email is: mymaleaccount@hotmail.com
please send me an email with what music you are willing to give me and i'll msg you back thank you

I can try and help i dont have anything from the 80's and lack early 90's.
Mono36, if you're still interested I have Stella One Eleven - She, but it's ripped from VHS so the sound quality won't be the best.
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I know this is a rare song thread, but I thought this gets more views than the video threads. I'm wondering if anybody has the filmclip to the australian version (with Daivid Dixon) of the Joseph Megamix from Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I plan on making a DVD of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs and the only one I can find on YouTube is for the English production with Jason Donovan which I am happy to use as a last resort. ButI thought I'd give it a go here.
Yes Daniel would love the track
Sure mono, uploading it now
This past weekend on RAGE, 2 Rare Australian videos were played..

'Mr G -Naughty Girl' <-- I needed this one to complete my ARIA Top 100/2009 (videos collection)
'Chris Franklin - Bloke'
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I watched RAGE the other night when they had all the weird/funny clips on, was a blast! i dont remember them all though, yeah bloke is funny
Wondering if anybody has Anthony Warlow's version of Beauty School Dropout? And is willing to share.
That depends if anyone made good with the Joseph request...
No one made good on the Joseph request
Oh...I just re-read it. Does that mean you have the song though?
And how about Delta first single?
I have the actual CD single release and I do have Delta's first song.
Cool, Anthony is sent.
Cheers. I will send you Delta and Joseph later today, I have to convert them from CD to digital. Do you just want the Megamix or the entire CD single (Megamix, Any Dream Will Do, Close Every Door, Megamix Extended)?
Just the main song. Thanks.
OK, when I find the single I'll send it and Delta to you. Most likely the earliest will be this afternoon.
Mykl_77 are you still requiring Heading In The Right Direction? I justfound my CD Single of it while looking for a song for chri*topher
chris8topher I've just sent Joseph and Delta to you. Hopefully it has worked
Thanks you that, a couple more gaps filled.
Is there a list of songs I can look at to see if I can help you out any further?
no list...they were just a couple that I knew I didn't have that keep popping up in this thread.
Yes I am BillyBrett, I'd really appreciate you sending it, thanks
Mykl I just sent you an email
Wondering if anyone has the songs:

Breakin' theres no stoppin us by Joanne Accom & Ilanda (they are related), or if anyone Ilanda's album,...

I will swap with someone for the Ilanda song - Its our time if you dont have it

I also have Joanne's song - So damn fine which i bought at the essendon record/cd/dvd fair last week...

I also got scott cains: i'm movin on & crazy people rock

Space Jam album, nick howard - who fell in love, toy box - best friend (they sound like aqua)

s2s remix single, Jesse Mauboy the journey cd, Lee Harding's album, `sclub7 album, 2 steps album, backstreet boys promotional cd, hanson cd, kulcha- shaka jam & more...

If your interested, and you have the song im after i'd be very happy to hear from you at: mymaleaccount@hotmail.com, - Jessica
I think I may have to song you are looking for Jessica, but I'll have to check my collection when I get home from work.
I have Breakin' There's No Stoppin' Us, I'll send it to you via email.
Hello all.

Just chasing Hecate-By Myself. I know it is very hard tofind but it seems some of you have it.

Very much appreciated

email: pewdekz@gamil.com
Thanks Daniel so much again

BillyBrett, thanks, take your time
I do feel bad Jessica that I never sent the song, stuff happened at work so I didn't get home as early as I thought I would, hopped on here and saw that Daniel sent it to you, so I'm happy you got the song
Thanks Brett, dont feel bad its all good! i found another song that i cant find anywhere, not sure if its rare:
Dionne Farris - I Know - I found it again via youtube forgot all about that song.. anyone have this?
Does anyone have the original version of Joanne's "Are You Ready", her album which I have has the remix of it instead of the original. Thanks to whoever can help!
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Just came across this thread, and wondering if any body has a CD copy of Koo De Tah's 1985 album.

I'm also looking for Girl Overboard's "Who'll stop the rain" from August 1991. and the "Five in a row" from 1989. I'm after uncompressed wav copies, or FLACs, or leads on where I can find the CDs in Sydney. thanks.

If anybody can assist, this would be awesome, I have all the nineties 100% hits and Hit Machine compilations, plus several of the So Fresh's and a few of the Nows.

Please let me know at bighugepurple@optusnet.com.au, sorry no mp3's, I hate the format. Thanks.
Hi all, it's been awhile since I posted here. Glad to see that thread is still alive ^^

I have two requests:

1) Vanessa Amorosi Album "Change"
Apparently it was only released in Germany. Any chance anyone has this album?

2) Leah Haywood Album
I started listening to her music again, she was definitely underrated! Does anyone have her album they could send me? In particular I would like the song "My Own Thing."
I already have the songs: One, Summer of Love (radio mix), Crazy, Taking Back What's Mine and We Think It's Love. Would love to have the rest of the album.

Thanks guys~
Best forum/ thread ever! I was recently going through a used cd shop and found a leah haywood cd single, so I googled her and fell in love with her song "Summer of Love". I would love to hear/ play the song in full. If anyone has it, I would be 1000 times appreciative if they could send it via email.

metamorphosis_10@hotmail.com thanks - mikey
i found it on itunes - (VANESSA AMOROSI - CHANGE)
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I have Summer of Love Mikey, will send it to you
Kate Miller-Heidke - Australian Idol
Its a hilarious track!
Hi - I'm a 1st time user - this is great
If anyone has these songs can u email to billiam_james@hotmail.com pleeease
1. shout shout -rocky sharpe 2. come back suzanne-bill wyman 3. radio-the members 4. shoop shopp diddy wop-monte video 5. hooked on hooks-skyhooks 6. baby youre dynamite-cliff richard 7. so much for love, if somebody loves you, chinese eyes-venetians 8. anything V Capri 9. singing in the shower-solid citizens 10. i do what i do -john taylor 11. sex+fame-jump incorporated 12.shake this city-non stp dancers 13.hip shake jerk-the quick 14.rhythm of the jungle 15.wild colonial boy-dr hook 16.jackie wilson said- dexys midnite runners 17.love wakes up-the honeymoon 18. life at the outpost- skatt bros 19.party-julius brown......thanks
billip, check ur hotmail...

got em all!
thanks so much
how come mattdoble got a "thanks"???

I would say i got thanks because i posted all of those songs in hotmail... maybe thats why chri8topher. I really appreciate it too... how hard is it to say thanks for something someones done for someone?
exactly...my point being I answered a question for bilip that took me an hour to type up, and no response was received. (No offence to you matt)
thanks chri8topher - sorry i didnt say thanks to your other answer
Does anyone here have the uncensored version of Missunderstood by Cristian Alexanda cant seem to find it anywhere. maybe there isn't one

Check the lyrics of the song. If the lyrics are censored then the actual song is meant to be censored.
Never mind just found the uncensored version now but good idea Anton never thought off doing that before.
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Does anyone have a copy of the Oz for Africa song that Brian Canham wrote? I cant remember the title sorry - If so could you send to billiam_james@hotmail.com - thanks in advance
Wow what an amazing forum! I've been trying to find Joanne Accom's 'Jackie' for simple forever and I can't find it here, would anyone be willing to point me towards a decent copy? My email is greydiscoball@hotmail.com , thank you so much in advance!
I emailed you a copy of the song from my collection, punky. Hope you like it
I've been searching EVERYWHERE for "Jackie" by BZ ft Joanne.
I'd be forever in debt to anyone who could email it to me <3
Just wondering if anyone could send me the following songs/albums since I lost a lot of my old singles and albums in a big move:

The Wrights - Evie (Single) (With all 3 parts)
Ammonia - Eleventh Avenue (Album)
Klinger - I Like Your Spirit Kid (EP)
Klinger - Grimshaw Street (EP)
Klinger - Ben Lee (Single)
Amiel - Lovesong (Just the song, the 'explicit' version)
Augie March - Asleep In Perfection (Again, just the song)
Diana Ah Naid - I Go Off (Single)
The Drugs - Was Sport Better In The 70's (Single)
The Drugs - Music's I Trouble (Album)
The Drugs - Metal vs. Hip Hop (Single)
The Drugs - The Bold And The Beautiful (Single)
The Drugs - The Only Way Is Up (Single)
The Drugs - Pop Song (Single)
The Drugs - Burger King
Machine Gun Fellatio - Love Comes To An End (Single)
Machine Gun Fellatio - Impossible Love (Single)
Machine Gun Fellatio - Unsound Sounds (Single)
Machine Gun Fellatio - For the Ladies (Single)
Machine Gun Fellatio - Second Page For Mr. Strike (The Bonus Disc from the album)
Machine Gun Fellatio - Rollercoaster (Single)
Machine Gun Fellatio - You've Ruined All My Favourite Songs (Single)
Machine Gun Fellatio - Impossible Dream (Single)
Magic Dirt - Plastic Loveless Letter (Just the song)
Magic Dirt - Watch Out Boys (Just the song)
Antiskeptic - Anything, I lost my entire collection
Not From There - Latvian Lovers

I also used to have a lot of the old Triple J 'Live At The Wireless' compilations, but again, they were lost in the big move I had. I lost heaps of music out of that, so if anyone can help me out with any of this stuff, it will be greatly appreciated.
Probably should have added an email address to the above post.
Thanks to anyone who can help me out.

full_metal_orange AT hotmail.com
TJ... I am sure someone will send you those songs.
However some of them are not RARE and you can purchase them again on iTunes.
Yeah, I wasn't sure which was all available and all that, but y'know, thought I'd give it a bash and see if I got any response.
I've already replaced a lot of my old stuff with new iTunes, but yeah, got stuck with a few of these (or didn't look hard enough )
Thanks mate
Does anyone Have the ANUJ album i woudnt mind hearing it i loved his singles
Anyone have the Regurgitator song 'I Like Your Old Remix Better Than Your New Remix'? I think it was a b-side to 'The 4th Single From Unit'
Haven't seen that single for years and from memory, that song was a ripper!
Hi all,

If anyone has Joanne's song "Jackie" and her album "Do Not Disturb" it would be really appreciated if you could email them to me!


What's With everyone wanting jackie its not even rare
I know a few people have looked for that song 'By Myself' by Hecate (otherwise known as 'Litany') but does anyone have the album available?
Does anyone have a copy of the Oz for Africa song that Brian Canham wrote? I cant remember the title sorry - If so could you send to billiam_james@hotmail.com - thanks in advance
was it

INCREDIBLE PENGUINS - Happy Xmas (War Is Over)

If so i'll send it to you
A long shot I know, but does anyone have Skyhook's Happy Hippy Hut?
Brian Canham guested on the Incredible Penguins release which was actually to aid penguins, funnily enough.

I'm not sure if you're mixing that up with the Australia For Africa effort, but you could mean Australia Too's "The Garden" which raised funds for hunger in Ethiopia.

Gravity - Superjesus.
Now that's a brilliant track.
Does anyone have The Tulip's song Rock N Rolls Mine????? she was part of the Deadstar Fame

I'm also very interested in finding a better version Of Daivd Franj's single I Wanna Wake Up With You. The weird thing is his Album Worng Time, Wrong Place is on the US Itunes but no even on our itunes

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Hey BZ is there anyway you're able to send me Aneiki - Pleased To Meet You if you've still got it (the original post was like three years ago )
If you don't have it anymore it's allgood, I used to LOVE that song back in the day.

Also did you get your hands on When She's Gone, I actually have that song.
I have Pleased to Meet You alley, I'll be able to send it to you if you like
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allgood guys thx for the offer, wlv262 sent it so now i've got it
thanks again!
desperately seeking not susan but a song by Ronnie Burns called Prophet would really appreciate it if anyone has it. Thanks in advance
This is REAL LONG SHOT I know. But does anyone have (or know of where I could get) a copy of Love You Brisbane the old Channel 7 theme from 1982 (ish) by Kim Durant. It was released as a vinyl single and charted I'm guessing in Brisbane only. Although versions we're made for Perth & Darwin. Anyway a real long shot I know but there's no harm in asking.
It peaked at #59 nationally in 1983. I don't have it unfortunately, but it's on YT.
Thanks savage. Yes I've seen it on YT but I was hoping for a better quality version. Apart from Channel Seven in Brisbane and possibly Kim Durant herself I doubt that very many actual copies still exist I guess. Oh well

Interesting that it actually charted nationally. I guess those sales were all in the Brisbane area though. I reckon it's the BEST station ID ever made. They actually did a "rock" version in 1984 that's even better.
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Kim Durant on the Brisbane Charts

Entry DateHPWITTEPTitleLabel
06-Jun-8302070510Love You BrisbaneSundown Records

So a No.2 in Brisbane in 1983 was enough to get the song to No.59 Nationally.
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freakystevie1, check ur messages.. i got that song u wanted
hey evryone if u know how to use google u can get the songs u wont for nothin cheers
Hey, has anyone got a song by Ray Gibson - Was I Blind from 1975
hi everyone, i'm desperately seeking a song by Allison Durbin called put your hand in the hand, does anyone have it and if you do would really appreciated it if you could email it to me. Ta
Desperately searching for a rare CD titled "The Hanging Tree" if anyone has this album I will pay $$$
Does anyone have THE LOVED ONE by the Loved Ones or GINGERMAN by Brain Cadd?
Both available on iTunes...
I don't have enough money to buy them on iTunes, I was hoping someone could email them to me.
In that case, I should start saving then.
Does anybody have the following songs:

Teen Queens - Chapel Of Love (B Side on Baby It's You single)

Melissa - Is It...?
Here is what I have.

01 - Get Set - Taxiride.
02 - Pash - Kate Ceberano
03 - Cry - The Mavis's
04 - Big Mistake - Natalie Imbruglia
05 - Party - Christine Anu
06 - Telling Everybody - Human Nature
07 - Standing Strong - Wendy Matthews.
08 - Where The Wild Roses Grow - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds With Kylie Minogue (on Ultimate Kylie)
09 - Chains - Tina Arena.
10 - Pick You Up - Powderfinger
11 - Weir - Killing Heidi
12 - Even When I'm Sleeping - Leonardo's Bride
13 - Buses and Trains - Bachelor Girl.
16 - Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre.
17 - Mouth - Merril Bainbridge.
19 - Freak - Silverchair.
20- The Honeymoon Is Over - The Cruel Sea

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I'm looking for a song called Back 2 U by Ajaqa - they released this in 2001 I think.

My email is orphic_shadow@hotmail.com
Hi I'm looking for a remixed track multitrack by abba that was i think on a lp 45rpm and only had three tracks.

It had a slow mix and a fast mix and another that i can't remember.

Ive only seen two dj's that have this and cannot locate them for a copy.

Anyone that may know of or has it i would be greatly appreciative of a copy if i can get my hands on it

Michael Harrington
Hi All. As I've seen others here filling in the missing blanks of the Triple J Hottest 100, I'm hoping to ask any of those who are lurking who have the full assortment of songs that they may help me finish the last few that I am after.

The songs I've left to get are:

62 - Pale - Lemon Spark
68 - Pollyanna - Pale Gray Eyes
98 - Hecate - By Myself
89 - Snout - Cromagnon Man
70 - The Fauves - Bigger than Tina

I've tried everything so far that others have suggested to obtain these last few songs, as well as purchasing CD's off ebay etc. I have all the other songs of the Triple J Hottest 100 if anyone is interested.

Thanks in advance.
Thank You Chri8topher for three of the files. Only Pollyanna and The Fauves to go. Bliss!!
Thank You mono36 for The Fauves file. Only Pollyanna to go. You guys are the greatest. Thanks
Looking for Stella On e Eleven tracks...have many trades
I actually got a CD called Neighbours: The Music and that has a Stella One Eleven song.

I have the big hit 'Go Slow Girl", what song is it that you have?
Ralph McTell - The Wind In The Willows (not aussie but looking high and low)
Two Man Band - Look Up In The Sky (B-Side to "One Day In September")
Warwick Capper - I Only Take What's Mine

If anyone has these or could rip them from their vinyl for me I would be more than appreciative!! Thanks!!
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Can someone please tell me if "That Girl" by Hayley Aitken is the same song that was released by Miranda Murphy.
Hayley Aitken - That Girl...


Miranda Murphy - That Girl...


see for yourself...
I like Miranda's song better
Does anybody have the Armando Hurley version of Duke of Earl (release as the Dukes of Earlwood)?
Hey guys hopefully someone has these songs can't find them anywhere (doesn't help I'm a country lad and don't get to the city) they are for my Triple J count

#72- Baby by Barefoot

#62- Lemon Sparked by Pale

#98- By Myself by Hecate

#92- Titanic Days by Sidewinder

#58- Give Up Your Day Job by The Fauves

#86- Light On Your Shoulder by Rhubarb

My email is daniel.allsop@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance if you can help
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hi everyone,

so ive been looking for 3 songs for ten years to complete my triple j collection, hope someone can help and youre a legend if you can

barefoot - baby
kev carmody - freedom
pale - lemon spark

my email is jesseczech@hotmail.com

thanks alot
Somebody asked me a while ago (I can't remember how long ago) if I was willing to part with my "Give a Smile to the Planet" CD single by Rai. I can't seem to find the memo but if that person would like to memo me again I think I may have some good news for them.
Here's some old songs how about Scott Cain - Hilary Duff, Jackson Mendoza - Venus Or Mars and Aleesha Rome - Search My Heaven.

If anyone is reading this I have every hottest 100 song and all correct versions. I also need a heap of albums though, mainly 90's aussie alternative like big heavy stuff, ammonia, etc.

Am also after cartoon - weatherstation fascination. Email me on music_n00b@hotmail.com

was just wondering if anyone could help me please?

I am after the song "The Housemates Song (Don't You Think That It's Strange?)" by the Big Brother housemates (2001). There was a version that only had the aussie girl group "sirens" performing the song without the out of tune housemates singing.

Apparently there are two versions: one with the housemates singing and the other with the sirens only.

I was just wondering which of the following CDs (you might own them?) has the sirens version so I can buy the right one from eBay?

* Big Brother Theme single (revised - 2nd edition)
* Big Brother: The Album 2001 (listed as housemates raw mix)
* So Fresh: The Hits Of Spring 2001

Or am I wrong and there was never a released sirens only version? Thanks to whoever can help me.
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I can say that I unfortunately own the BB single. The track listing is as follows:

1. Big Brother Theme
2. The Housemates Song - Sirens ft. The Housemates
3. Big Brother Theme - BB Uncut Mix
4. Big Brother Theme - The Diary Room Mix

The cover states that it "now contains The Housemates Song". I'm not sure if there was a Sirens only version, or the original single was just the theme song.
There was never a Sirens only version. The remixed version that appears on the single is essentially the Sirens with The Housemates popping up in the chorus (if my memory serves me correctly) The Housemates singing is lifted directly from their recording that appears on the Big Brother album. I'm clearly mentally insane cause I actually prefer The Housemate version over The sirens version.
Thank you so much D Man and BillyBrett

So on the single the housemates are just singing in the chorus and perhaps the uh nah nah nah uh bit? And the sirens sing the verses?

Maybe I could live with the housemates singing the chorus . If one of you can easily get to your copy of the cd please do you mind giving the track a quick listen and confirming if it's like I described above?

I think the album version has the sirens and the housemates singing together on the whole track?

This request is pretty random isn't it? Haha. Thanks though I really appreciate it.
The version on the single I have only has the housemates providing the "uh uh yeah uh huh" parts, and a couple of spoken pieces thrown in - catch phrases, etc - but those are minimal.
Hi D Man

Sounds like the version I want. Excellent!

I ordered my copy off eBay today.

Thank you so much for your help D Man and BillyBrett. You guys really helped me out.
Hi BillyBrett - would you mind sending me Anthony Warlow's version of Beauty School Dropout?

Please and thanks in advance!
I'm also looking for audio of that Anthony Warlow double A-side single for my site, as well as Disco Stewie Harrison's 2006 single I Need You (I think it's a cover of 3T's 1997 hit). Also, if anyone knows anything about the 2008 digital download Catch My Disease (Monday Night Live) by Ben Lee? It might have been a BigPond Music exclusive.
My 2014 compilation project "Off Target: Hits That Missed" contains 583 rare and hard-to-find hits from Australia and around the world. The home page is at http://www.d-wizz.com/tcf/offtarget/
You can download FLAC, mp3 or AAC editions, plus full-colour artwork for CD jewel cases. Most of the tracks are from the 80s, with a smattering a few years either side.

Please enjoy!
I purchased many songs from iTunes between 2007 & 2008 with digital rights management (DRM) embedded in them. Does anyone know how get rid of the lock?

Can't even find a copy of Axel Whitehead's I Don't Do Suprises as its now even on Itunes Lucky Dean Geyers/Catlin Staceys unforgettable is still there but only says play (no download option) then asks for old itunes password from years back

Can't even try to burn them on to a disc

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I had a look into it and I don't think you can remove the DRM (or play the files whatsoever) without having access to the iTunes account you bought them with, unfortunately There are programs that claim to do it, but I wouldn't trust them. I think your best bet is to try and re-gain access to your old iTunes account. If you manage that, you might be able to re-download them without DRM; if not, burning to a CD or playing them and recording it with Audacity should at least be possible.

If you're out of luck on I Don't Do Surprises, I have that CD single so I could send you an MP3. It might be available somewhere other than iTunes too, as it's still on Spotify.

Edit: it seems to be on Google Play https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Axle_Whitehead_I_Don_t_Do_Surprises?id=B6hjmedomzbslxiguuxej377a64
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Thanks 392 for looking into it sucks theres not way of changing them

Id love a copy of I Don't Do Suprises if you woudnt mind sending it cheers
Check your memos
Does anyone know if the Brian Malouf mix of All Around the World by Beatfish from their 1991 single is the same as the album version? The only trace of the song on YouTube is the album version which I uploaded.

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