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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Official ARIA Charts - Top 100 - 2008

2nd January 2009

For immediate release

Flo Rida, Kings Of Leon and André Rieu top end of year charts

ARIA unveils 2008’s Top 100 Singles, Albums & Digital Tracks, Top 50 Music DVDs

“Low”, the double platinum smash from Flo Rida featuring T-Pain, has topped the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Singles and Digital Track Charts*. “Low” spent three weeks at number one, an incredible 19 weeks in the top 10 and 37 weeks in the top 50, ensuring it was the dominant single of 2008. Flo Rida also had a further two singles within the top 100 and the album “Mail On Sunday” landed at #66 on the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Album Chart*.

The number one album of 2008 came from Kings Of Leon – the US rock band’s fourth studio album “Only By The Night” outselling all other releases to claim top spot on the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Album Chart. The band’s dominance was clearly evident by the success of the first two singles lifted from the album, with “Sex On Fire” spending 4 weeks at number one during the latter part of ’08, finishing at #5 on the end of year chart, with “Use Somebody” at #30. Chalking up sales in excess of 350,000 units, “Only By The Night” spent 4 weeks at number one and has not left the top 5 since its release. Topping off an incredible year for the band, their previous albums “Because Of The Times” and “Aha Shake Heartbreak” landed at #46 and #81 respectively in the end of year chart.

P!nk’s “Funhouse” has placed at #2 in the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Album Chart. This is a position she attains for a third consecutive year, having finished the end of charts for both 2006 and 2007 with the album “I’m Not Dead” at 2. “Funhouse” debuted at number one back in November and has remained in this position for 9 consecutive weeks, the longest reigning number one album since 2001’s Moulin Rouge Soundtrack.

Along with Kings Of Leon, both Miley Cyrus and André Rieu finished with 3 albums in the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Album Chart. AC/DC leads the Aussie contingent with “Black Ice” at #3, the band contributing 13 different titles to the ARIA Top 100 Album Chart at various times throughout the year. Following AC/DC, the leading local artists on the end of year album chart are The Presets at #5 with “Apocalypso”, Gabriella Cilmi at #13 with “Lessons To Be Learned” and The Veronicas at #17 with “Hook Me Up”. Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu sits just outside of the top 20, with his ARIA Award winning album “Gurrumul” finishing at 21 for the year. Australian releases make up 25% of the 2008 ARIA Top 100 Album Chart.

In summary, the top 5 on the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Album Chart sees Kings Of Leon at 1, P!nk at 2, AC/DC at 3, Coldplay’s triple platinum seller “Viva La Vida” at 4, with The Presets rounding out the five.

The top 5 on the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Singles Chart displays Flo Rida featuring T-Pain at one, P!nk with “So What” at two, and leading the Australian artists, Gabriella Cilmi at 3 with “Sweet About Me”, the single having spent 5 weeks at number one through the year. At four is Leona Lewis with her debut single “Bleeding Love”, which was also on top for 5 weeks, and at five, Kings Of Leon’s “Sex On Fire”. Seven artists contributed three singles to the end of year chart – Flo Rida, The Veronicas, The Presets, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Jordin Sparks and Rihanna.

The top 5 on the ARIA 2008 Top 100 Digital Track Chart saw Flo Rida featuring T-Pain at one with “Low”, followed by Kings of Leon at two with “Sex On Fire” and P!nk at three with “So What”. Jason Mraz came in at four with “I’m Yours” and Lady GaGa & Colby O’Donis at five with “Just Dance”, with Gabriella Cilmi again leading the Aussie pack at six with “Sweet About Me”.

André Rieu blitzed the ARIA 2008 Top 50 Music DVD Chart*, finishing the year on top with the multi-platinum smash “Live In Australia”. His music DVDs hold positions one to six on the chart, and he has no less than 7 titles in the top 10 and 21 in the chart overall. P!nk’s “Live From Wembley Arena” and “Live In Dublin” also made the top 10, as did Celine Dion with “Live In Las Vegas”.

ARIA Top 100 Singles 2008
Wow, a few surprises.

Take Me On The Floor is higher than I expected.

Kids I never expected to make the top 100 either.
Why is the date from the 7th of Jan 08 and not when the singles chart ended in late December 07?

What about sales from the first week in Jan 08?
I would like to know the final number of sales between Pink and Kings. I know it was only a few thousand going into the last four days of the year. It must have been very very close. Is it the closest race in a while?
Great job on all the work you have throughout the year. Well done indeed!

P!nk's been beaten for No. 1 Album of the Year twice now... I'm Not Dead - #2 in 2007 and now Funhouse - #2 this year!

What does she have to do!

Good on Gabriella for making #3 on Singles.

I hope we hear more songs from her... She'll be regarded as a one hit wonder before she hits age 18!

A good year for music, pity about the low retail sales of pressed music. Darn the download!!!
Wheres the link?
No link yet. Only a press release.
ARIA site will be updated in the coming days I presume.

Its on the Vanessa Amorosie website the top 100 albums and singles
This is such an anti-climax! ARIA should've really held back and played it on NOVA on Sunday. If they do play it on Sunday, it will be such a boring show...we'll already know the chart.
Tony, Pink has been beaten 3 years in a row. not 2.


Gabriella had another in the UK over xmas with teh song Warm This Winter which was used in a commercial.
oh my god hamish and andy at number 22 its not even a proper album lol but they are funny tho.
My Questions to ARIA based on this Chart..

Why is Jason Mraz - Im Yours in the ARIA Top 10-2008, when it DID not reach #1?

'Wes Carr - You' Is #43 on this chart yet is was BEATEN by songs that DIDNT EVEN MAKE the #10 at any stage in the Year on the ARIA Chart?
Pink would have to be the most UN-Luckiest Artist from the ARIA Chart in 2008, #2 in both Album & Single!

This year, Unlike Previous Years.. All 15 #1's of 2008 are in the ARIA Top 50/2008
A song's longevity really determines where it will chart?

"Low" by Flo Rida, has been in the Top 50 for 37 weeks,
yet it was only No.1 for 3 weeks!!

"Sex is on Fire", was in the Top 50 for
20 weeks, which is a long time, so that's why it finished
at No.5, but it's strange, because Katy Perry's,
"I Kissed a Girl", was No.1 for 6 weeks, and has been charting for 27 weeks, maybe the Aria panel of judges looked
at how many weeks a song has charted in the Top 10,
not the Top 50.

"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, has been charting in the
Top 50 for 26 weeks!!, after peaking at No.3,
so yes it's a surprise!!, but Kid Rock's "All Summer Long",
has been charting for 23 weeks, after peaking at No.1,
which is why it finished at the No.10 position, below

Maybe "All Summer Long" charted in the Top 10, for a less number of weeks, compared to "I'm Yours"?
Because it's really determined by sales! Chart longevity has little to do with it, nor does peak position, it all comes together. In an extreme example, a song could debut at #1, and drop out of the top 100 the very next week, never to return, but if it sold a million copies in that one week, it would be the yearly #1, even if another song held the #1 spot for the remaining 51 weeks, but only sold 15,000 per week. Some weeks are going to have slower sales than others, and they aren't released to us, but the week I'm Yours hit #3 could have been a higher selling week than the ones Kid Rock spent at #1, if I'm Yours' peak week had been then, it would have been #1. As for Wes Carr, well he only had 5 or 6 weeks of sales, so despite spending them all in the Top 3, some other songs had 40 weeks worth of a head start in sales on him, which is a lot to make up in such a short time. He was lucky to get even that high, even if Christmas is the peak selling period. Those are just examples though.

Myself, I expected Poker Face to be a lot higher, having spent the equal longest time at the top, and during the peak selling period. However, it is only partway through it's run, whereas Low, Bleeding Love, Sweet About Me etc, have all completed their run in the calendar year.

There is no 'panel of judges' to determine the end of year chart, just a person or computer who tallies up the sales!
Why has the 2008 chart been calculated from the 7.1.2008 and not earlier? The 2007 year end came out Jan 2nd or 3rd so where do those songs which were purchased in the very first week of the year come into it?

I still don't buy Leona Lewis at #4, include her whole sales and she should be top 2.
I think that January 7th is the date when the chart was published. It included sales from December 29th 2007 to January 5th 2008. I'm not entirely sure but we'll know it anyway when the report is published in the pandora archive. They always say the number of weeks singles have spent in the Top 10, Top 50 and Top 100.
Just in case anyone needs clarification, the charts are determined only by sales figures.

As for supposed “anomalies”, here are a few examples. There are two singles, named “A” and “B”. The numbers are mock sales figures for the week, with the weekly chart position in brackets.


* How a single can be outsold by one with a lower peak:

Chart run of A: 9000 (#1), 5000 (#7), 3000 (#13)
Chart run of B: 8000 (#2), 6000 (#6), 4000 (#10), 2000 (#17)

A: 3 weeks on chart, peak #1, sales 17,000
B: 4 weeks on chart, peak #2, sales 20,000

B wins due to its longevity.


* How a single can be outsold by one with a lower peak and less longevity:

Chart run of A: 9000 (#1), 2000 (#17), 1000 (#33)
Chart run of B: 8000 (#2), 6000 (#6)

A: 3 weeks on chart, peak #1, sales 12,000
B: 2 weeks on chart, peak #2, sales 14,000

B wins due its consistently high sales.


* How a single can be outsold by one with a “worse” chart run:

Let’s say that in May, sales are slow, while in July, sales are high. Therefore, a single can get to #1 in March by selling fewer copies than in November.

Chart run of single A in May: 3000 (#1), 2000 (#3), 1000 (#5)
Chart run of single B in July: 8000 (#4), 6000 (#14)

A: 3 weeks on chart, peak #1, sales 6,000
B: 2 weeks on chart, peak #2, sales 14,000

Even though a run of #1 -> #3 -> #5 looks far more impressive than a run of #4 -> #14, B wins because sales in general were higher in November.

You could say that B had a smaller piece of the July pie than A’s piece of the May pie, but the July pie was so much bigger that B’s piece was bigger than A’s piece (in absolute terms).
Sorry, that third example makes no sense because I screwed up the months and peak positions. (I'm sleepy.) Let me try again:

* How a single can be outsold by one with a “worse” chart run:

Let’s say that in May, sales are slow, while in July, sales are high. Therefore, a single can get to #1 in May by selling fewer copies than in July.

Chart run of A in May: 3000 (#1), 2000 (#3), 1000 (#5)
Chart run of B in July: 8000 (#4), 6000 (#14)

A: 3 weeks on chart, peak #1, sales 6,000
B: 2 weeks on chart, peak #4, sales 14,000

Even though a run of #1 -> #3 -> #5 looks far more impressive than a run of #4 -> #14, B wins because sales in general were higher in July.

You could say that B had a smaller piece of the July pie than A’s piece of the May pie, but the July pie was so much bigger that B’s piece was bigger than A’s piece (in absolute terms).
I too am VERY dissapointed that Low was the Number 1 of year. This is not that sort of song that you'll hear on radio in years to come as it will "date" very quickly. Some years have very forgettable number 1's and last year's is destined to be one of them in my humble opinion.
Some random trivia:

“Low” spent 3 weeks at #1 – the equal lowest number of weeks at #1 for any end-of-year chart topper in Aria history. “Angels Brought Me Here” spent 3 weeks at #1 in 2003 and ended up as the year’s biggest seller.

P!nk finished at #2 on the singles chart (with “So What”) and the album chart (with “Funhouse”). Since 1988, this has only happened twice. The other instance was Shakira in 2002 (with “Whenever, Wherever” and “Laundry Service”, respectively).

“You” by Wes Carr was the worst-performing #1 single of 2008, at #43. Every other year of this decade has featured a #1 single performing worse, making “You” the “best worst-performing #1 single” of the decade.

This is the fifteenth year in a row that an Australian artist has featured in the top 10 of the end-of-year singles chart.

In the last 10 years, the only two instances of a then-currently-active group having the best selling album of the year are Kings of Leon (“Only by the Night”, 2008) and Jet (“Get Born”, 2004).

P!nk has had at least one album in the end-of-year top 100 in all but two years this decade (the exceptions being 2001 and 2005).

“The Ketchup Song (Asereje)” by Las Ketchup is the only single in Aria chart history to finish in the year-end top 10 twice (#5 in 2002, #8 in 2003).
Low was in the charts for ages. So I'm not surprised he is #1.

His new single Round Round, from his new album, looks destined to be another big hit as well.
Craig, there was another...

"Please Forgive Me" by Bryan Adams...

#10 1993 End Of Year...and #8 1994 End Of Year.
I find it really interesting that "Kids" by MGMT which only spent 12 weeks in the chart and peaked at #26 and half of it's chart run was in the late 30s and 40s and is ranked in the top 100 year end singles and can outsell "Keeps Getting Better" by Christina Aguilera which had a much better chart run. Both were on the charts at the same time, Christina had an extra 2 weeks on the charts really.

19/10/2008: N 40.
26/10/2008: 45.
02/11/2008: 44.
09/11/2008: 46.
16/11/2008: 45.
23/11/2008: 38.
30/11/2008: 35.
07/12/2008: 35.
14/12/2008: 30.
21/12/2008: 26.
28/12/2008: 29.
04/01/2009: 29.

Keeps Getting Better
28/09/2008: N 27.
05/10/2008: 26.
12/10/2008: 27.
19/10/2008: 33.
26/10/2008: 35.
02/11/2008: 43.
09/11/2008: 32.
16/11/2008: 28.
23/11/2008: 28.
30/11/2008: 27.
07/12/2008: 43.
14/12/2008: 46.
21/12/2008: 46.

So this must mean sales in December were very high but with year ranks of the following singles quite low I'm confused.
Poker Face #14 (6 non consecutive weeks at #1)
You #43 (1 week at #1)
Live Your Life #45

The above were top 3 songs for the month of December and IMO ranked rather poorly on the year end chart but songs that peaked from 5-26 in Decemeber have made the year end on very few weeks and IMO peaked reasonably well.

Any explination?
Re Chri8topher: Oops, I forgot about "Please Forgive Me". My bad, er... please forgive me?
Kids Top 100 Run:

07-July-08: 89*89*90*95*80*71*52*40*45*44*46*45*38*35*
Correct me if i am wrong... but i do believe in 1985 Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark was crowned the #1 song for the year only peaking at #5 makin the only artist in Australian chart history to be #1 offical selling single having not been to #1?
yes that's right NateBoi.
"Kids" by MGMT spent a very long time in the charts below #50 so it has accumulated a lot of sales that way.
Flo Rida is definitely going #1 this year as well. his new single is just infectious.

God help us. I hope not!
More random trivia:

In the last 20 years, no artist has topped the year-end singles chart twice. The closest anyone has come is a #1 and a #2, achieved by Eminem (“Without Me”, #1, 2002; and “Lose Yourself”, #2, 2003) and Anastacia (“I’m Outta Love”, #1, 2000; and “Left Outside Alone”, #2, 2004).

2008 featured nine chart-toppers in the year’s top ten singles, with “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz being the only exception. 2002 is the only year in Aria chart history where all ten highest-selling singles reached #1 on the weekly chart.

The only single to reach the top ten of the Aria end-of-year singles chart after peaking outside the weekly top five is “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson. It finished tenth in 1995, after peaking at #7 on the weekly chart.

No artist in the last 20 years has topped the year-end albums chart twice. P!nk is the only artist to finish in the top two on three occasions (“I’m Not Dead”, #2, 2006 and #2, 2007; and “Funhouse”, #2, 2008).

Only three albums have twice finished in the year-end Aria top five. These are “Affirmation” by Savage Garden (#4 in 1999, #3 in 2000), “Fever” by Kylie Minogue (#5 in 2001, #4 in 2002), and “I’m Not Dead” by Pink (#2 in 2006, #2 in 2007).

Taking into account both the year-end albums and singles charts in the Aria era, P!nk is the unluckiest artist in terms of #2 placings. She has finished second four times – three times on the albums chart (“I’m Not Dead” in 2006 and 2007; “Funhouse” in 2008) and once on the singles chart (“So What” in 2008). No other artist has had more than two runner-up releases.

(I've double-checked these - I hope I haven't made any mistakes this time!)
The Only artist ever to have #1 official selling single in australia twice is the Beatles.. 1964 - I Want To Hold Your Hand & 1969 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da. I am pretty sure I Want To Hold Your Hand also charted in the top 10 in 1963. That would eman it would join Las Ketchup & Bryan adams.
I've always thought ARIA's year-end charts were slightly dodgy. I am aware that certain months of the years have much higher sales than others, but some glaring examples of possible inaccuracy come to mind from the 1992 year-end chart (position on the year-end chart in bold):

100. Kate Bush 'Rocket Man' - peaked at #2, 17 WI

entered 26/1/1992. Chart run:

charted much lower than:

60. Red Hot Chili Peppers 'Suck My Kiss' - peaked at #8, 14 WI

entered 17/5/1992. Chart run:

Rocket Man peaked at #2 and spent 12 weeks in the top 40. Suck My Kiss peaked at #8 and spent only 7 weeks in the top 40.

I know this was in the days before electronic tracking of sales, but still!
Interesting Year End Chart. I was a bid nervous if Linkin Park or Nickelback would make it or not but they did and that makes me happy. A bit disapointing about Low being #1 but am glad the #1 of the year is by a male act. The last time this happened was in 2005. Did not expect Gabriella Climi to get higher then Leona Lewis didn't see that coming. Pink getting #2 on the End Year Charts 4 times in 3 years is unlucky. Ouch. Glad Coldplay reached #4 on the End Year Albums Chart their best position yet. Viva La Vida got #33 on the Year End Singles Chart which is actually at the same End Year position as Yellow back in 2001.
Besides Bruce Springsteen's Dancing In the Dark, another single that charted higher on a year-end chart than its actual peak was Guns 'n' Roses' November Rain, which ended up at #2 on the 1992 year-end chart vs its #5 peak. It spent ages in the top 10 though, so I don't question the accuracy of that one.
Hey Nugs, i agree check this one out i posted it on 04/04/2008 in a differnt forum on this site...

When looking through the ARIA 1999 End Of Year Charts i was amazed to see some songs crack the top 100. The biggest surprise of all was Ricky Martin - Shake Your Bon-Bon.
It's Physical CD release was on te 21-12-1999. It first charted at #43 on the 28-12-1999. It only spent 5 weeks in the top 50 chart in the year of 1999. 43, 37, 36, 39, 31 was it's chart projectory. According to ARIA it was the #89th top seller of 1999.

Is it just me or does that seem impossible!?!?
Especially songs charted a few weeks in the top 10 and were unable to claim a year end spot.
The only was i an see this possible happening if the final 5 weeks of 1999 were that high selling that songs in the 30's were selling quivelent of a top 5 single in that same year.
Further more for example... ATB - Don't Stop charted 7 weeks in 1999 the whole time being higher than shake your bon-bon yet was unable to be in the year end chart.
I was also suprised to see Nickelbacks Album at #15 WOW. Never expected it to get that high on the End Year Charts. Must of been the Chrismas rush that helped with sales.
Overall. This Year's End Year Chart was DEFINITLY better then last years End Year Chart. Thank God Australia got it right this year.
Top 10 Singles - 2008

1 LOW Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain
No.1 for 3 non-consecutive weeks, but in the Top 10 for 19 weeks, more than any other this year, Flo Rida becomes the second rap/R&B artist this decade to claim the EOY top spot, Eminem did is in 2002 with "Without Me". Also he beat all of the other females who hit the top this year, of which there were more than any other previous year. Entering the Top 100 on February 12th at No.12 (on downloads alone, it's physical sales were four weeks away), it was helped along by it's inclusion on the soundtrack for "Step Up 2", which was also enjoying it's cinema run at the time, and by the time the movie came out on DVD in September, it helped to keep the single floating around the lower half of the Top 50 for several more weeks, it's Top 50 staying culminating in 37 weeks. It's still inside the Top 70 at the moment.
2 SO WHAT P!nk
P!nk has had No.1 singles before, but none have ranked as high as this one in the past EOY Charts (No.9 in 2006 for "Who Knew"). When the song debuted on the charts in the last week of August at No.4, it was already No.1 on the download chart (jumping from the previous weeks No.13 debut), where it stayed for four non-consec. weeks. By the time the physical release came about, it too debuted on early sales at No.13, jumping to No.1 the next week, where it stayed atop the physical singles sales for eight straight weeks. It has spent 16 weeks inside the Top 10, and become a new anthem for this modern-day rock-chick. Her other Top 10 hit of the year, "Sober" is at No.45 for 2008.
3 SWEET ABOUT ME Gabriella Cilmi
The highest placed Australian act on the EOY Chart, and the winner of six ARIA Awards, this at-the-time 16 year-old singer from Melbourne's eastern suburbs had honed her singing and songwriting whilst in England, sent their by her local management to record her debut album. The week of March 24th, this single debuted at No.13, climbing one place the next week, but up nine places in it's third week to No.3 due to it's No.1 peak on the physical sales chart (DL's were at No.4). The next week it climbed to No.1 nationally, then fell to No.2 were it stayed for four weeks (Madonna knocked her off), then it climbed back to the No.1 spot for four weeks, giving it 5 weeks at the top in total. In the last week of October, after winning the aforementioned awards, the single shot back up the charts from No.53 to No.17, giving it's Top 50 run a total of 32 weeks.
Australia has taken overseas music-show winners up the charts before (Kelly Clarkson is a mjor one), but never a British solo singer who was the winner on show that hadn't been broadcast here. But the singing outweighed the show itself, and on December 24th, 2007, a ballad called "Bleeding Love" was the highest new entry on the charts at No.9. Radio saturation over the Christmas and New Year periods helped propel this single to the top of the charts in the third week of 2008, staying atop the charts for five broken weeks, and inside the Top 10 for 17 weeks. It actually stayed at No.1 on the physical sales chart for eight weeks, and on the entire Top 100 for 45 weeks. Follow-up single "Better in Time" is the No.46 song of the year
5 SEX ON FIRE Kings Of Leon
This Tennessee five-piece had had more success on the album charts in the past, with their "Because of the Times" (2007) album becoming a huge success, but their fourth album "Only By the Night" produced two smash singles which are still both inside the Top 10 now. A modest entry of No.27 in mid-August, the song stayed inside the 20-30 section for four weeks, charting on downloads alone, by week six the physical and downloads had increased and it entered the Top 10 nationally at No.9, another four weeks later (20-Oct) it was at the top of the singles chart, where it stayed for four weeks, making them the ONLY group to the top the charts during 2008. The single never made it to No.1 on the physical sales chart (No.2 for two weeks), but the downloads kept it at No.1. Their other single which is still in the Top 5 was "Use Somebody" which is the No.30 song of the year.
6 I KISSED A GIRL Katy Perry
The six weeks at No.1 for this track helped it to become one of only two tracks to do so this year (Poker Face was the other one), and this track hit the top within three weeks of charting. Debuting in the last week of June, by the second week of July it was already at the top, where it stayed for those six weeks I mentioned. It was the second song of the year to top the charts on downloads alone (Don't Stop the Music was the first), reaching No.1 there a week before it's national peak. By week four of it's chart run, physical sales kicked in, with it debuting at No.1 there, staying atop for five weeks. It has spent it's entire 27 weeks on the chart inside the Top 50. Follow-up single "Hot N' Cold" is the No.16 single of 2008.
7 JUST DANCE Lady GaGa Feat. Colby O'Donis
New York avant-garde performer Lady GaGa, better known to her mum and dad as Stefani Germanotta, took her first single to the top of the charts for a single week in mid-September, but it stayed inside the Top 3 for two months, helped along by a promo-tour at the time. Debuting at No.79 in the first week of July, it's infectious beat took only three weeks to climb into the Top 40, then another two weeks to jump into the Top 10, where it stayed for 14 weeks, and is still residing inside the Top 20 at the moment. Her second No.1 single "Poker Face" lands at No.14 for the year.
8 NO AIR Jordin Sparks Duet With Chris Brown
In March, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks had made it to No.5 with her first single "Tattoo" (No.36 for 2008), but when she teamed up with rising superstar Chris Brown for her second single, a ballad this time, she took only six weeks to climb to the top of the charts, where they 'breathed no-air' for four weeks, although they did inhale six weeks at the top of the physical sales chart, and only three on the download charts.
9 I'M YOURS Jason Mraz
Jason Mraz had a couple of small hits in the past, "The Remedy" reaching No.63 in 2003, and his theme from 'Ugly Betty' "The Beauty in You" was a download a No.22 download hit in April 2007, but he had never cracked the Top 50 nationally. "I'm Yours" first made it to No.99 for a week in late March, but after extensive airplay, it entered the charts again in the first week of June at No.89, spending the next six weeks slowly climbing, before reaching No.40, thanked by it's download sales. In fact, this song was never released as a CD single, so this is the highest placed download track of 2008, and if it had've been released as a physical item, it would've made it to No.1, as it was download No.1 for three weeks during mid-September. 14 weeks inside the Top 10, peaking at No.3, it also helped his "We Dance, We Sing, We Steal Things" at peak at the same spot.
Kid Rock's only previous Top 50 single was the No.27 single from January 2002 called "Forever", although he did make the Top 100 in late 1999 with the No.52 single "Cowboy". But in late July, he made his third chart entry with a song that sampled two 70's classic's, "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Werewolves of London", to give a summer-feel to his "All Summer Long" track. Within two weeks on the charts it was inside the Top 10, while at week five it had leapt from No.4 to No.1 to stay atop the charts for three weeks, and at No.2 for a further 3 weeks. It went to No.1 on sales, but only No.2 on downloads.


Top 10 Albums - 2008

The fourth album by the rock group became their biggest album ever, and helped to propel their former three albums back into the Top 50 (some for the first time). Their 2007 album "Because of the Times" was No.46 album of 2007, and is again the No.46 album of 2008, whilst their "Aha Shake Heartbreaker" is at No.81 for the year. Pre-sales of one day helped it to debut a week early in Australia at No.4, but the next week of full sales helped it to climb to the top where it stayed for four consecutive weeks. It was knocked off the top by AC/DC, but was never able to return to the top due to P!nk's nine week dominance, so it stayed at No.2 and 3 for next 10 weeks of the year, but as it had an extra five weeks of sales ahead of P!nk, it had landed at the top of the albums heap for 2008.
2006's "I'm Not Dead" was No.2 for 2006 and 2007 (No.36 this year), so to do it for a third year with a new album seems quite extraordinary. Nine weeks at No.1 (and still counting), "Funhouse" became the longest running No.1 album of 2008, and is now in the Top 5 albums of the decade (in longevity). The album will no doubt be a big seller in 2009, as she is spending (almost) three months in the country touring, with 11 shows in Melbourne alone, so no doubt we might see this album as the No.1 of the new year. Two big singles of course helped this to be THE Christmas album, which landed at No.2 and No.45 for the year.
In 1980, AC/DC's 'comeback' album "Back in Black" was the third biggest of the year. Now their first album in eight years (another comeback of sorts), becomes the third biggest of 2008. "Rock and Roll Train" was the radio single from the album, but no actual charting single as such. But who needs singles from an album when you're the legendary AC/DC, your name is enough to sell albums, and that's what they did. Debuting at No.1 (only their third No.1 album) in the last week of October, the album hasn't charted any lower than No.6, and with the limited edition's of the album coming out at Christmas time, it has helped it maintain a Top 3 placing for the last month of 2008.
4 VIVA LA VIDA Coldplay
Throughout May and June, a new No.1 album was happening every second week or so, but Coldplay's fourth album put a stop to that by landing at the top on June 23rd, and staying there for four weeks, and the Top 5 for 13 weeks. With their highest ever placed single in the title track, reaching No.2, and "Violet Hill" also inside the Top 10 (both on downloads alone), it created a soundtrack during winter that was only topped when the group re-issued the album in late November with the bonus "Prospekt's March" eight-track bonus of cut tracks. With their 2009 touring in March, we could see this album in the Top 10 of the new year again.
5 APOCALYPSO The Presets
The second-highest placed Australian act were also the other big ARIA Award winners of 2008, this album in particular picking up several awards. This Sydney duo had been playing clubs and venues for some years, and had built up a cult following, so when the track "My People" was a dance-floor, then a No.19 charting single in early 2008, the stage was set for a killer dance-album from the guys, which they delivered. Debuting at No.1 on April 21st, it was at the time the longest running Top 10 album when it finished it's 16 weeks inside the Top 10, later spending another four weeks inside said Top 10 in late October when it won it's awards.
6 MAMMA MIA! Soundtrack
The highest placed of six soundtracks to make the end of year chart, this ABBA-infused album and movie was at No.1 for five weeks during July and August, also helping the "Abba Gold" (No.39 for the year) album have it's fourth Top 10 chart run. Plus with a cast including Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Julie Walters doing ABBA classics, and a bit of Greek tragedy in the storyline, it was bound to work across many generations, plus those people who had seen the stage play since 1999 also wanted to see and hear it on the silver screen.
7 EXCLUSIVE Chris Brown
The highest placed non-No.1 album of 2008 (reached No.5), this album has birthed many hit singles, plus stayed on the charts throughout the entire year, and has been a Top 10 hit for 23 weeks.
In 1996, the group landed their highest placed EOY album as "Load" was the No.21 album of that year. Now 12 years later they land their new highest placed EOY album as the No.1 album from September (one week at the top) is the eighth biggest for 2008. Like Kings of Leon, it too had it's early Friday sales included a week before official chart-placing, to land at No.6 before leaping to the top the next week. Eight week inside the Top 10, and their fifth No.1 album since their self-titled album from 1991.
Originally released in June 2007, it peaked at No.5 and was the No.31 album of 2007, but when "Don't Stop the Music" became a huge No.1 single in early 2008, it helped to propel this Barbados singer back up the charts, helping the album to eventually peak at No.2 in July, staying in the Top 10 during 2008 for 17 weeks, plus a national tour in November, all helped to make it Rihanna's year during 2008. Plus eight singles from the album also helped.
Jason Mraz's third album debuted on the charts at the end of May, falling out of the Top 50 within four weeks. But the single "I'm Yours" was belted across the airwaves, and helped to eventually propel the album to a No.3 peak for four weeks during September and October, plus the fact that the track was only available to buy from this album alone (download only single, no physical release), meant people who loved the song, would have to buy the album, and buy it they did.
NateBoi, I vaguely remember seeing Ricky Martin's Shake Your Bon-Bon in the 1999 year-end chart and thinking

It *does* seem unlikely that a song in the 30s in late 1999 could be selling as much as a top 5 single at other times in the year; and it's especially dodgy that the ATB single you mentioned didn't make it, despite charting higher than Shake Your Bon-Bon each week on the same chart.

I remember being really surprised to see Suck My Kiss at #60 for 1992 when watching the countdown on Rage. The only explanation could be if it spent months and months in the top 100 below #60, but it didn't.
The ARIA ends are frequently dodgy in the lower regions.

1990's end of year is the most questionable. Two songs were totally left out of the Top 100 when they should've been in Top 50. "She Ain't Worth It" by Glenn Medeiros and "Get Up!" by Technotronic didn't make the 100 although songs charting with them, lower, did. And then Young MC's "Bust A Move", a #1 hit and half a year in the chart, could only manage #50 year end, below other songs that had been and gone way below it during its' chart run.

There's plenty of others...I think "Animal" by Pearl Jam made #51 one year when it's chart run suggested otherwise. Mariah Carey's "Joy To The World" reached end Top 100 with a #33 peak. "Shape Of My Heart" by Backstreet Boys made #30 year end in 2000, with a #5 debut and a quick exit down to the lower part of the chart.

The 1992 end of year chart was interesting, with all the songs hitting big at the beginning of the year really low compared to the end of 1992. However, I believe this was due to the fact that during 1991, and into 1992, 7" singles and cassingles were being phased out and CD singles just finding their feet. The availability of these singles I think was limited while this transistion was made. Certainly at the end of 1992, they were plentiful (I should note that album sales from the end of 1991, through 1992, were very healthy - lots of 4x and 5x Platinums). - This still doesn't really justify the "Rocket Man"/"Suck My Kiss" thing, though.

As Rob has mentioned, this year wasn't without it's rogue placings with MGMT's "Kids" making the cut above other worthies.

Either sales figures have been held back during the actual chart times, or a little extra (unearned) promotion from ARIA has occured.
@ NateBoi, re the Beatles' #1's:

True. I was only talking about the Aria era, since I'm not as familiar with the Kent era.
Which singles that made the Top 100 were digital only?

Here are the ones that were digital only:

9. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
16. Katy Perry - Hot N Cold
26. Miley Cyrus - See You Again
33. Coldplay - Viva La Vida
53. The Veronicas - Take Me On The Floor
58. Finger Eleven - Paralyzer
63. T.I. - Whatever You Like
68. Coldplay - Violet Hill
74. Beyonce - Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
91. Kanye West - Love Lockdown
94. Fall Out Boy Ft. John Mayer - Beat It
96. Britney Spears - Circus
If memory serves me correctly, the ARIA charts are based on weekly sales provided by selected providers (eg: not every record shop is included), so there's a little bit of guesswork... which must drive artists nuts when a single or album falls short of the number 1 position by less than 100 copies.

But this years EOY has shown another anomaly: companies will present artists with Gold or Platinum accreditation without any evidence they have sold that many copies.

Look at Jason Mraz & MGMT for example. Atlantic obviously don't want to waste money on a new plaque, as Jason's "I'm Yours" is still only Gold... but it's higher on the chart than the Platinum accredited "Electric Feel". So it obviously sold more copies. So it should be at least Platinum.

Happens all the time.

Oh, and singles and albums in the last 2 months of the year usually always sell better than other times of the year. Apart from Mother's Day and Father's Day. Christmas is the record company's friend.

The Jason Mraz situation is simply a matter of someone at Warner not having filled out their paperwork and submitted it to ARIA.

Also, they don't ACTUALLY make plaques every time...


As I stated before, the track "Kids" by MGMT spent a LONG time in the chart outside the Top 50 before it entered the Top 50 and accumulated a great deal of sales during that period. Hence its appearance in the Top 100. FYI... "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol was only just outside the Top 100 of the year, despite never having entered the Top 50. The chart doesn't stop at No. 50...
Very interesting what Chartboi said about the chart not finishing at #100. It would be very interesting to know the rest of the EOY chart. Although I guess technically that could be 1000's of songs these days with downloads included. Nevertheless does anyone know if anything below #100 is made available to anyone or is it an ARIA "state secret" forever?.
I reckon that since digital charts/sales have come in everything (ARIA) has gone backwards. ARIA has always been a bit dodgy with sales and charting. I'd love to see the real results cause I think I know who'd be topping the charts here in Australia!
All the talk about singles charting outside the top 50 got me to thinking: I wonder how common it is for physical singles and albums to sell zero copies?

The Times (UK) reports that 85% of tracks available online in 2008 did not sell a single copy. Obviously, this is mainly due to oversupply, caused primarily by the easy, inexpensive nature of the supply process and waste elimination through sales-led "production". Since these conditions are virtually the opposite for physical releases (with a complicated supply process, sizeable initial investment, and the manufacture of most CDs/records/etc in advance of sales), I'm guessing that the percentage of releases never selling any copies would be extremely low.

If anyone has any info on this I'd really appreciate it!
??? to Chartboi! I know that! It's just odd, that's all. And seven weeks in the Top 100 before going into Top 50 is not a LONG time.

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Now this may surprise some of you, and others may indeed already know, but before the charts were digitalized, they were nothing more then a scandal. I worked in a retail "chart" store, and each Monday morning I had to mark down the number of copies we sold of each album and single and fax it to ARIA.
The amount we sold generally came down to the size of the bribe form the record company. We would get free concert tickets, t-shirts, invite for gigs and free cd's in order to "chart" and certain record or single higher. We would also be offered a "sale or return" policy. So we could order 50 copies of say the Amanda Marhsall CD and we were offered a full refund on any we didn't sell. The catch was we had to make sure we marked that we had sold a couple of dozen a week. At the end of the promotion we would send the remaing 43 copies back for full refunds. What did we get out of it? We got the stock at a cheap price and then sold it at $30. Sometimes we only sold a few but other times we actually sold heaps so made lots of money. The charts were easily manipulated.
I remember being in love with a particular Jaki Graham song and being dissappointed we had only sold 5 of the 20 copies I had ordered in. So I marked that we had sold 88 copies for the week and faxed our form through to ARIA. That follwing week once all the forms had been tallied it bulleted straight into the top 20. And then of course radio had to play it on their countdown and so we sold our remaining copies.
We were given concert tickets, free cd's etc in order to mark that we had sold more then we did. We got Brownstone, Amanda Marshall and other unknown acts into the charts despite only selling 1 or 2 copies. This is why ARIA went digital to stamp this out.

So when you are comparing charts of this era to those of the 90's, keep this in mind. I don't feel good about what we did because I live for the charts, but when you have the feeling of control it is hard to realise until afterwards what you were doing and how it would affect things.

I do believe that is why now you will see more independant and minor labels do well because it is all regulated. Back then it was really hard for those records to get anywhere.

I hope this does not come as a shock too many people, and don't think everything was all made up. I would say a good 80% of the figures were fairly accurate, but now everything is digital there would be a more fair balance.
I just can't beleiev that two of the best songs in 08' didnt even chart inside top 100 Singles chart.

Save The Lies - Gabrielal Cilmi
Popular - Veronicas
Very interesting story, trent74. I remember reading stories of chart rigging in 1992, where an anonymous record company guy being interviewed said that he got a single into the top 30 that "wasn't selling a bean".

I remember a brief period in mid 1992 when certain singles were being sold for 59 or 99 cents, even on CD. Kim Wilde's 'Love Is Holy' and Shakespears Sister's 'I Don't Care' are 2 I remember. I was/am a Shakespears Sister fan, and was pleasantly surprised to see I Don't Care debut at #20, even though I'd only seen it once on TV beforehand. I wasn't even aware Kim Wilde had a new single out when it debuted at #59 in the top 60 played on Rage. Deborah Blando I think was another whose single (Innocence) was heavily discounted at the time.

I wonder, can digital sales still be manipulated? (e.g. scanning the barcode on the same CD several times)

chri8topher - I too remember being surprised that Technotronic's 'Get Up! (Before the Night Is Over)' missed the 1990 year-end chart, and Pearl Jam's 'Animal' made the 1994 one.

One of the biggest gold accreditations for singles I remember is Pearl Jam's 'Jeremy' in 1992. It peaked at just #68, and spent just 8 weeks in the top 100, yet received a gold award! Here's its chart run:

debuted week ending 30/8/1992:

I believe many stores stocked a large number of back-catalogue Pearl Jam CD singles though around late '94, and it may have sold small quantities steadily over time; but still, it never re-entered the top 100, so it couldn't have sold that many!

The David Kent era end of year charts also seem slightly dodgy IMO. Maybe he based them on a points system, rather than sales, but e.g. on this weekend's repeats of Countdown on Rage, a single that peaked at #2 ended up higher on the 1986 year-end chart than Madonna's Papa Don't Preach which spent 6 weeks at #1! Diana Ross's 'Chain Reaction' (3 weeks at #1) was the #1 single of the year, ahead of Bananarama's 'Venus' which spent 7 weeks at #1!
There is an article in the Age from Saturday, stating the Top 100 was calculated from Positions and not actual sales. Will scan when I can get a scanner!
Here are some shocking certifications for me.

A Girl Like Me - Emma Bunton. The album peaked at like 89 and certified Gold. WTF?.

Heavensent - Killing Heidi. Peaked at #28, its fact it only sold 8,000 copies.
I was under the impression that sales awards (Gold+Platinum) as well as end of year charts used to be based on physical copies being sold to retailers, whereas the weekly charts were based on sales from retailers to customers, hence how you could get something going gold early on and then only peaking at #26 or something. I believe this is what happened to the aforementioned "Shake your Bon-Bon", where the record company shipped a bunch of copies out to stores making it gold, but no one actually bought the thing!

Anyhow I think thats why you will get funky EoY charts from the pre-digital download years.
That's it!

"The end-of-year ARIA charts are based not on exact sales figures, but on chart positioning. For example, Unessential Listening by comedy duo Hamish & Andy has sold 78,664 copies, yet charted one position lower than Gurrumul, owing to the fact the latter had charted higher and for longer through the year."
"The end-of-year ARIA charts are based not on exact sales figures, but on chart positioning. For example, Unessential Listening by comedy duo Hamish & Andy has sold 78,664 copies, yet charted one position lower than Gurrumul, owing to the fact the latter had charted higher and for longer through the year."

That makes no sense. I thought ARIA based it on sales throughout the year (although there are some instances on this and previous ARIA year-end charts as discussed earlier in the thread).

billbeast - gold & platinum accreditations are based on shipments (copies bought by the stores) rather than actual sales (copies purchased by customers). That would explain why Emma Bunton's album went gold despite its poor chart performance - retailers expected it to be a big seller, so ordered a large number of copies, but it didn't sell.
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That just seems wrong...a journalist who doesn't know what he's talking about, maybe?

On the ARIA site it states that it's a list of the highest selling.

If Hamish & Andy are #22 based on chart positions after a 4 week run and a highest position of #4, then why isn't, say, Madonna's "Hard Candy" higher. It was in the Top 50 for 16 weeks with a #1 peak. Yet ARIA says it's #47 for the year.

I think Andrew Murfett should leave it up to the experts.
@ Nugs, yes i know I was just saying that i think it was shocking. The album wewnt gold after three weeks in top 100, pesaking at #89,
Hard Candy wasn't higher because it was a flop (and deservedly so IMO).

Maybe the journalist who wrote that article meant the Hamish & Andy album has sold that amount all up to date (i.e. including after the 2008 year-end chart)
Chri8topher, you took the words right out of my mouth

The article doesn't appear to be opinion based, merely stating the facts, which leads me to the thought of where Andrew Murfett got his source from regarding the positioning system used for the charts.

Yes I do believe as a few of you have stated that the accreditation for gold , platinum sales etc is what is shipped to the retial stores. Often in the 90's you would see albums and singles go gold in the first week and only enter in the lower part of the charts.
The point of my earlier story was to highlight the problems that have haunted our chart keeping records here. Now with the inclusion of downloading, I wonder if that is why there are some discrepancies. Are both the sales counted equally towards the joint charts? Or because the physical CD single costs more than the download is there more weight on that?

Does anyone know?
accreditations have nothing to do with sales. as they are based on shipments, as listed on the ARIA website.

So while some song or albums may have a higher accreditation than songs above them on the list.

it happens all the time on the album chart. pay attention to multiple releases.
@ Getluv, if accreiditations have nothnig to do with sales how did Miley Cyrus go Platinum with See You Again, Or Katy Perry Hot N Cold, or Veronicas Take Me On The Floor?. Point proven.
um retard, i'm obviously talking about physical releases.
i mean obviously it was a given.
Not nececerrely.
Some points - I am not too shocked to see 'Kids' at #98 after Bulion showed the complete chart run in the top 100. Sales outside the top 100 are included as well even though we have no idea of positons there.

Good to see Jason Mraz - I'm Yours in the top 10 sellers of the year, should have got a physical release and would have hit #1 for atleast a week or 2 instead of stalling at #3. Although his solid chart run shows consistency pays off.

I am suprised with 'Viva la vida' is only #33 despite peaking at #2 on the weekly chart and enjoying an impressive 28 week run inside the top 50. Thought it should be a bit higher perhaps just inside the top 20.

Presets 3 entries - great result for what I may have thought was otherwise an 'album band' prior to 2008. I think this shows digital sales are impacting positively on the chart enable indy acts the chance to have 'hit singles' in the modern day.

I guess #1 is not everything 'Mercy' only managed a peak of #26 on the weekly singles chart but chart longevity and gold accredation enabled her to land at #72 for the year. I always love a sleeper hit.

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