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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Australian Day Countdown

The broadcast on Jan 11th of the Top 50 Best of 2008 was such a resounding success, Beanster and I thought we'd do another one in a coupla weeks time.

Vote for your 20/30/40 or even 50 Favourite Australian Performed songs, and on the Australia Day Weekend we'll count down the Top 50 as voted by you, on the Sunday afternoon.

Criteria: No songs older than 1980 (unless you can help it), and a Top 20 only, that way the voting becomes tighter. Cut off time is Friday the 23rd of January by midnight, which gives Chri8topher the Saturday to compile it.

So get your acubra's on, and vote for your favourite locals/& or general faves, maaate!!
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#01 - TO THE MOON AND BACK - Savage Garden (1996)
#02 - I WANT YOU - Savage Garden (1996)
#03 - SO BEAUTIFUL - Darren Hayes (2005)
#04 - TRULY MADLY DEEPLY - Savage Garden (1997)
#05 - WHAT ABOUT ME - Moving Pictures (1982)
#06 - LOST WITHOUT YOU - Delta Goodrem (2003)
#07 - RECKLESS - Australian Crawl (1983)
#08 - THESE KIDS - Joel Turner & the Modern Day Poets (2004)
#09 - MOTOR'S TOO FAST - James Reyne (1988)
#10 - DARKNESS - Darren Hayes (2004)
#11 - AGE OF REASON - John Farnham (1988)
#12 - I'M SO EXCITED (THE BUM DANCE) - Sara-Marie and Sirens (2001)
#13 - CRUSH (1980 ME) - Darren Hayes (2002)
#14 - SUMMER RAIN - Slinkee Minx (2004)
#15 - NO RELIEF - Hannah (2002)
#16 - POP!ULAR - Darren Hayes (2004)
#17 - ONE MORE RIVER - James Reyne (1989)
#18 - KISS KISS - Holly Valance (2002)
#19 - ONE SUMMER - Daryl Braithwaite (1989)
#20 - I MISS YOU - Darren Hayes (2003)
I only just found something out reguarding the date of this countdown is to be conducted, it will coincide with the annual Triple J broadcast of the hottest 100.
So I just wanted to feel everybody's feedback reguarding this.
Bulion, Chi8topher & myself will be going to a lot of trouble to make these kind of broadcasts happen and if we're not gonna get a reasonable response on the day, well it's just a waste of our time.
I'm not asking anyone to choose but if you'd prefer this countdown to be conducted the following week i'm more than happy to do so.

Ok i'll do the first 10 today (20-11) and the rest i'll leave till the final day for voting.
I find this type of countdown to be a lot more personal than year ends.

20. KYLIE MINOGUE - Put Yourself In My Place (1994)

*HP-11*WI-?? (11 inside Top 50)

I had to put in a Kylie track because of what she has done for Australian music. This track is her best closely followed by 2002's "Love At First Sight".
The film clip is amazing and is to be honest the only time i've found Kylie drop dead sexy!

1. Put Yourself In My Place
2. Love At First Sight
3. Some Kind Of Bliss
4. Confide In Me
5. Did It Again

19. AMMONIA - You're Not the Only One Who Feels This Way (1997)

I absolutely love this track and have done so ever since it came out.
I never got around to listening to any of there albums and it wasn't until a few weeks back that I actually re-found this track through a friend

18. JIMMY BARNES - Stone Cold (1993)

*HP-04*WI-?? (16 inside TOP 50)

This track i've adored for many years, I dunno why because at the best of times I can't stand Jimmy's screaming.
I couldn't put Cold Chisel in this countdown because it was too hard to pick a stand out track, this made up for it

17. DIVINYLS - I'm Jealous (1995)

*HP-14*WI-?? (19 inside TOP 50)

Amphlet's voice in this track has always blown me away, you can hear the pain and anguish in her voice. I've always wondered what she was thinking when laying this track down for the very first time

16. MONDO ROCK - Cool World (1981)


Taken from the album 'Chemistry'. Brilliant angst track with the ever present Ross Wilson at the helm. Love the film clip.

15. THE ANGELS - No Secrets (1980)


Taken from the vinyl (did i say vinyl? ) album 'Dark Room'.
I had very good friends in the late 90's, early 00's. Who were huge Aussie pub rock lovers, and thanks to them they introduced me to early Angels, Midnight Oil, Rose Tattoo & Skyhooks. This album got spun god knows how many times but this was always there stand out track to me

1. No Secrets
2. Caught In The Night
3. Dogs Are Talking
4. Take A Long Line
5. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
14. DELTA GOODREM - Lost Without You (2003)

*HP-01*WI-?? (18 inside TOP 50)

Now Delta's first album 'Innocent Eyes' is probly one of the best albums of this decade for me and this track is absolutely adorable.
I remember when I first met my current g/f this song came out and whenever we were apart i felt as though i was lost without her (hehe corny i know, but true )

13. GRINSPOON - Lost Control (2002)

*HP-29*WI-?? (3 inside TOP 50)

Grinspoon have had so many great tracks over the years, but this track just really kicks ass. It's in your face and should be only listened to really, really LOUD!

1. Lost Control
2. Black Friday
3. 1,000 Miles
4. Repeat
5. Just Ace

12. MIDNIGHT OIL - Blue Sky Mine (1990)

*HP-08*WI-?? (18 inside TOP 50)

The Oils were Australia's Rage Against The Machine in terms of political bands. Peter Garrett had so much raw power out front and Rob Hirst on drums gives them even more omph!
It was a toss up between this and 'Beds Are Burning" but this song shows how much ability the Oils actually had

11. AC/DC - Hard As A Rock (1995)

*HP-14*WI?? (4 inside TOP 50)

Your probly saying wtf? Your entitled but this is by far Acca Dacca's best track by some margin. Have a listen and judge yourself

1. Hard As A Rock
2. Let There Be Rock
3. Jailbreak
4. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
5. It's a Long Way To The Top
Every Australia Day I have a Hottest 100/Oz Day party so I won't be listening or commenting on the day, but I will definitely contribute no matter when it is broadcast.
Don't wanna go over bulion's head, but I feel if people would like to contribute a Top 50, that would probably be better. I feel with Top 20's that there is going to be a lot of ties, as was the case with the best of 2008 countdown. There would be more chance that the bottom scores would make a difference and less ties will occur. I'm gonna put in a Top 50 as I think there are enough songs to be honoured.

Also, if anyone would like to keep the countdown a mystery, they can send me their countdown through the memo on this site, or my e-mail (wistopher@hotmail.com) so we can create a little bit of drama throughout the day. I can reveal everyone's top songs after the day is complete.

So, as bulion has said, vote for your fave 20/30/40/50 Aussie songs. Every point counts. The best of 2008 was chosen by 17 voters...hopefully we can make it to 30 for this one.
Ok. Well here's my Top 20 updated as a Top 50 then...

#01 - TO THE MOON AND BACK - Savage Garden (1996)
#02 - I WANT YOU - Savage Garden (1996)
#03 - SO BEAUTIFUL - Darren Hayes (2005)
#04 - TRULY MADLY DEEPLY - Savage Garden (1997)
#05 - WHAT ABOUT ME - Moving Pictures (1982)
#06 - LOST WITHOUT YOU - Delta Goodrem (2003)
#07 - RECKLESS - Australian Crawl (1983)
#08 - THESE KIDS - Joel Turner & the Modern Day Poets (2004)
#09 - MOTOR'S TOO FAST - James Reyne (1988)
#10 - DARKNESS - Darren Hayes (2004)

#11 - AGE OF REASON - John Farnham (1988)
#12 - I'M SO EXCITED (THE BUM DANCE) - Sara-Marie and Sirens (2001)
#13 - CRUSH (1980 ME) - Darren Hayes (2002)
#14 - SUMMER RAIN - Slinkee Minx (2004)
#15 - NO RELIEF - Hannah (2002)
#16 - POP!ULAR - Darren Hayes (2004)
#17 - ONE MORE RIVER - James Reyne (1989)
#18 - KISS KISS - Holly Valance (2002)
#19 - ONE SUMMER - Daryl Braithwaite (1989)
#20 - I MISS YOU - Darren Hayes (2003)

#21 - THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL - Young Divas (2006)
#22 - VOODOO CHILD - Rogue Traders (2005)
#23 - NOT ME, NOT I - Delta Goodrem (2003)
#24 - DREAM THE DAY AWAY - Candice Alley (2003)
#25 - LIVE IT UP - Mental as Anything (1985)
#26 - THAT AIN'T BAD - Ratcat (1990)
#27 - DOWNHEARTED - Australian Crawl (1980)
#28 - PRESSURE DOWN - John Farnham (1986)
#29 - TOMORROW - Silverchair (1994)
#30 - THE DAY YOU WENT AWAY - Wendy Matthews (1992)

#31 - RUN TO PARADISE - Choirboys (1987)
#32 - MISS DIVINE - Icehouse (1990)
#33 - THE HORSES - Daryl Braithwaite (1991)
#34 - TREATY - Yothu Yindi (1991)
#35 - THE ANIMAL SONG - Savage Garden (1999)
#36 - SHADE - Silverchair (1995)
#37 - COMA - Max Sharam (1994)
#38 - I KNEW I LOVED YOU - Savage Garden (1999)
#39 - FLAUNT IT - TV Rock featuring Seany B (2006)
#40 - I LIKE THE WAY - BodyRockers (2005)

#41 - SEND ME AN ANGEL - Real Life (1983)
#43 - STOP CALLING ME - Shakaya (2002)
#44 - NEED YOU TONIGHT - INXS (1987)
#45 - READ MY LIPS - Melissa (1991)
#46 - SHOCKED - Kylie Minogue (1991)
#47 - BLACK FINGERNAILS, RED WINE - Eskimo Joe (2006)
#48 - HAPPENIN' ALL OVER AGAIN - Young Divas (2006)
#49 - BELIEVE AGAIN - Delta Goodrem (2007)
#50 - BREAK ME SHAKE ME - Savage Garden (1997)
Changed the broadcast date to a week later, so as not to clash with the triple's Hottest 100, as I listen to that one too.
I Love the triple j top 100

but would love to listen to the australia day countown i am torn.

Last Year on triple J i found so many good songs. to name a few

Kings of Leon - On Call
Gyroscope - Snakeskin
Mia - Paperplanes
Hang Me Up To Dry

I would also love to hear the your coundown and i reckon i will hear songs i have never heard before and love.

i will probably listen to it as i can always hear the songs on rage triple j top 100 But i also like to listen to the top 10 broadcast.
I will listen to the countdown (barring work commitments) on either Sunday, as I never listen to the Triple J, but a week later is fine.

Just compiled my list this morning, picked out my songs and was putting them in order, had only the Top 5 to go, then remembered Bic Runga was from New Zealand, so I couldn't include 'Sway,' and had to find a replacement. Anyhow, here is my top 50:

1. OVERRATED - Rob Mills
2. SO BEAUTIFUL - Pete Murray
3. DON’T GO NOW - Ratcat
4. TRIGGER - Sandrine
5. SHIMMY A GO-GO - Short Stack
6. 2’S COMPANY - Charlton Hill
8. ONE CROWDED HOUR - Augie March
9. MISS YOU LOVE - Silverchair
10. CRY - The Mavis’s

11. PROMISE ME - The Hot Lies
12. HURRICANE - Faker
14. WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW - Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
16. NOT ME NOT I - Delta Goodrem
17. BETTER - Screaming Jets
18. TO HER DOOR - Paul Kelly
20. SIMPLE - Masonia

21. LIFE’S A MOVIE - Kid Courageous
22. BRAND NEW LIFE - The Androids
23. ALL THE SAME - Sick Puppies
24. DIRTY GIRL - Rob Mills
25. GONNA MISS YOU - Paulmac featuring Abby Dobson
26. THE SPECIAL TWO - Missy Higgins
27. RUN TO ME - Emmanuel Carella
28. EVEN WHEN I’M SLEEPING - Leonardo’s Bride
30. TO THE MOON AND BACK - Savage Garden

31. I’M JEALOUS - The Divinyls
32. NEVER BE AMAZING - David Franj
33. DON”T SAY A WORD - Emmanuel Carella
34. ANA’S SONG (OPEN FIRE) - Silverchair
35. PLEASE - Pete Murray
36. TORN - Natalie Imbruglia
37. FOREVER YOUNG - Youth Group
38. BREATHE IN NOW - George
39. DAMAGE - You Am I
40. TRULY MADLY DEEPLY - Savage Garden

43. ME MYSELF AND I - Scandal’us
44. HEY BANG BANG - Starky
46. SHINE - Shannon Noll
48. POP!ULAR - Darren Hayes
49. BLOW UP THE POKIES - The Whitlams
g'day, here's my top 20 oz songs, though i've broken the rules. sorry!!!! i've added songs before 1980!!!! some songs could not be neglected or overlooked 1980 is to shallow a cut off point for me
Either Sunday is good for me.

My top 50 Australian songs from 1980 onwards:

Thanks Craig II, I enjoyed reading your list as well. Definitely agree about David Franj, I loved all three of his singles, but couldn't fit them all into my top 50. Several of my cuts made it onto your list, so I'm glad to see they got listed by someone.
I know that JJJ are playing their Hottest 100 on Monday. There's no reason why we couldn't try for a Sunday 25th to keep it on the Australia Day weekend. Would make a nice double feature for those into both countdowns.
Just read this thread. I will post my 20 favorite Australian songs tommorow as I am buzy today.
So we'll do that Chri8topher. Get everybodies lists in by Friday the 23rd, you compile on the 24th, and we'll broadcast on Sunday the 25th, that way it doesn't clash with The Triple's countdown.
My Top 50 Australian Songs...

#01 -->Icehouse - Electric Blue.
#02 -->Savage Garden - I Knew I Loved You.
#03 -->Euphoria - Love You Right.
#04 -->Youth Group - Forever Young.
#05 -->Alex Lloyd - Amazing.
#06 -->Daryl Braithwaite - The Horses.
#07 -->Gina G - Ohh Ahh… Just A Little Bit.
#08 -->Billy Field - You Weren't In Love With Me.
#09 -->INXS - Afterglow.
#10 -->Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream.

#11 -->Vanessa Amorosi - Shine.
#12 -->Missy Higgins - Scar.
#13 -->Sam Sparro - Black & Gold.
#14 -->Australian Crawl - Reckless.
#15 -->Darren Hayes - Darkness.
#16 -->Vanessa Amorosi - Perfect.
#17 -->Frente - Ordinary Angels.
#18 -->Kylie Minogue - On A Night Like This.
#19 -->Savage Garden - To The Moon & Back.
#20 -->Presets - My People.

#21 -->Pnau - Embrace.
#22 -->Ray Brown & The Whispers - Pride.
#23 -->Paulmac & Peta Morris - Just The Thing.
#24 -->TV Rock Vs. Dukes Of Windsor - The Others.
#25 -->Slinkee Minx - Summer Rain.
#26 -->Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply.
#27 -->Lisa Edwards - Cry.
#28 -->Diesel - Never Miss Your Water.
#29 -->Potbelleez - Don't Hold Back.
#30 -->Darren Hayes - So Beautiful.

#31 -->Radio Freedom - I Can Feel It.
#32 -->Silverchair - Straight Lines.
#33 -->Leah Haywood - We Think It's Love.
#34 -->Stevie Wright - Evie [Parts 1, 2 & 3].
#35 -->Screaming Jets - Better.
#36 -->Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver.
#37 -->Killing Heidi - Mascara.
#38 -->Mi-Sex - Computer Games.
#39 -->Savage Garden - I Want You.
#40 -->Josh Abrahams & Amiel Daemion - Addicted To Bass.

#41 -->Ratcat - That Ain't Bad.
#42 -->TV Rock & Seany B - Flaunt It.
#43 -->Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl.
#44 -->INXS - Suicide Blonde.
#45 -->Johnny O'Keefe - Shout.
#46 -->Merril Bainbridge - Under The Water.
#47 -->Jimmy Barnes - Stone Cold.
#48 -->Easybeats - Friday On My Mind.
#49 -->Regurgitator - Polyester Girl.
#50 -->Dj Darren Briais Vs. Dj Peewee Ferris - Feel It.
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My #50 to #11, i'll still reveal my TOP 10 the final day of voting

#50 - Dannii - All I Wanna Do
#49 - The Church - Under The Milky Way
#48 - Air Supply - All Out Of Love
#47 - John Farnham - Heart's On Fire
#46 - 1927 - That's When I Think Of You
#45 - Axle Whitehead - I Don't Do Surprises
#44 - Dragon - Rain
#43 - James Reyne - Motor's Too Fast
#42 - Keith Urban - Making Memories Of Us
#41 - Lisa Edwards - Cry

#40 - Peter Blakely - Crying In The Chapel
#39 - The Poor - More Wine Waiter Please
#38 - John Safran - Not The Sunscreen Song
#37 - Cold Chisel - Saturday Night
#36 - Tina Arena - Heaven Help My Heart
#35 - Ian Moss - Tucker's Daughter
#34 - Karnivool - Lifelike
#33 - Eskimo Joe - Planet Earth
#32 - John Butler Trio - What You Want
#31 - Icehouse - Crazy

#30 - AC/DC - Let There Be Rock
#29 - The Living End - Save The Day
#28 - Australian Crawl - Reckless
#27 - The Butterfly Effect - A Slow Decent
#26 - Darren Hayes - Strange Relationship
#25 - The Potbelleez - Don't Hold Back
#24 - Regurgitator - Black Bugs
#23 - Natalie Imbruglia - Big Mistake
#22 - Sam Sparro - Black & Gold
#21 - Pete Murray - So Beautiful

#20 - Kylie Minogue - Put Yourself In My Place
#19 - Ammonia - You'r Not The Only One Who Feels This Way
#18 - Jimmy Barnes - Stone Cold
#17 - Divinyls - I'm Jealous
#16 - Mondo Rock - Cool World
#15 - The Angels - No Secrets
#14 - Delta Goodrem - Lost Without You
#13 - Grinspoon - Lost Control
#12 - Midnight Oil - Blue Sky Mine
#11 - AC/DC - Hard As A Rock

Hehe Craig II. "To the Moon and Back" is looking good for the #1 at the moment.
"To The Moon & Back" is my 2nd favourite Savage Garden track, it just missed the cut at #53.
On a positive note there is a Savage Garden track in my TOP 10 but where will it land and wich track is it? hehe
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Oh the suspense!
BB: do you have a Top 100?
Funnily enough yes I do savagegrant
I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
This countdown will be pretty random... with tens of thousands of songs to choose from, very few tracks will make it to more than a couple of lists.

If the first 5 lists are any indication, Savage Garden and Darren Hayes could dominate this countdown... out of 250 choices so far, 25 have been SG/DH.

On the other hand, perhaps only a few of their songs will make it, since so far only two (To the Moon & Back, and Darkness) rank in the top 20 for more than one person. Everyone seems to favour different SG/DH songs, in general.

BB’s top Savage Garden song futures:
I Knew I Loved You.......$3.50
Truly, Madly, Deeply.....$4.00
Any other song.............$4.50
I Want You...................$7.00
The Animal Song.........$11.00
I'd put 20 bucks on "I Want You" at $7
Anyways, here's the rest of my Top 100...

#51 - THAT WORD (L.O.V.E.) - Rockmelons featuring Deni Hines (1992)
#52 - AFFIRMATION - Savage Garden (2000)
#53 - SOONER OR LATER - GF4 (1994)
#54 - BREAKAWAY - Big Pig (1988)
#55 - POLYESTER GIRL - Regurgitator (1998)
#56 - FADED - Kate DeAraugo (2006)
#57 - ALL I WANNA DO - Dannii (1997)
#58 - STAR 2 FALL - Cabin Crew (2005)
#59 - I FEEL IT - DJ Darren Briais vs DJ Pee Wee Ferris (1996)
#60 - WHEN YOUR LOVE IS GONE - Jimmy Barnes (1991)

#61 - PLEASED TO MEET YOU - Aneiki (2001)
#62 - BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE - Frente! (1994)
#63 - TURN ME LOOSE - Young Divas featuring Savage (2007)
#64 - DEAD EYES OPENED - Severed Heads (1994)
#66 - CHAINED TO YOU - Savage Garden (2000)
#67 - KISS ME - Indecent Obsession (1992)
#68 - SUMMER OF LOVE - Leah Haywood (2001)
#69 - YOU'RE THE VOICE - John Farnham (1986)
#70 - ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS - Kylie Minogue (2000)

#71 - INSATIABLE - Darren Hayes (2002)
#72 - DON'T BELIEVE ANYMORE - The Whitlams (2003)
#73 - GIRL NEXT DOOR - Merril Bainbridge (2003)
#74 - COME INTO MY WORLD - Kylie Minogue (2002)
#75 - ME, MYSELF AND (I) - Darren Hayes (2007)
#76 - TRUE TEARS OF JOY - Hunters & Collectors (1993)
#77 - FEVER - Kylie Minogue (2002)
#78 - GET DOWN ON IT - Peter Andre (1996)
#79 - MISS FREELOVE '69 - Hoodoo Gurus (1991)
#80 - STRANGE RELATIONSHIP - Darren Hayes (2002)

#81 - STATE OF MIND - Holly Valance (2003)
#82 - POWER OF ONE - Merril Bainbridge (1995)
#83 - AS THE DAYS GO BY - Daryl Braithwaite (1988)
#84 - BUSES AND TRAINS - Bachelor Girl (1998)
#85 - LOVE YOU RIGHT - Euphoria (1991)
#86 - MOUNTAIN - Chocolate Starfish (1994)
#87 - DON'T SAIL - Charlton Hill (2003)
#88 - I SEND A MESSAGE - INXS (1984)
#89 - ESPECIALLY FOR YOU - Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan (1988)
#90 - HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) - Eurogliders (1984)

#91 - FALLING - Candice Alley (2003)
#92 - ELECTRIC BLUE - Icehouse (1987)
#93 - PLAYING TO WIN - Little River Band (1985)
#94 - HERE - Robertson Brothers (2003)
#95 - THE WORLD SEEMS DIFFICULT - Mental as Anything (1989)
#96 - BARBADOS - Models (1985)
#97 - BEAUTIFUL TO ME - Little Birdy (2004)
#98 - ALWAYS & EVER - Southern Sons (1990)
#99 - STATE OF THE HEART - Mondo Rock (1980)
100 - MARVELLOUS - The 12th Man featuring M.C.G. Hammer (1992)
Affirmation? It's late. My brain hurts.
Lol im an idiot sometimes i should check before i post you have already changed the dates lol

i have have too many good aussie song to do a list

i decided to do mine by doing a top 100 - singles that i love and never charted very well in the charts.

In no particular order

1 - Little Birdy - Bodeis
2 - Little Birday - After Dark
3 - Daviid Franj - Yellow Flowers
4 - Jackosn Menodoza - Venus Or Mars
5 - Disco Montego - Magic
6 - Tiffani Wood - Devil In Your Soul
8 - Diana Anaid - Don't Belive iN lOVE
10 - Powderfinger - D.A.F
11 - Diesel - 15ft Of Snow
12 - Tiffani Wood - Spin The Bottle
13 - Shakaya - Sumblime
14 - Hayley - That Girl
15 - Primary - What Am I Suppsoe To Be Here For
16 - Scott Cain - Crazy People Rock
17 - David Franj - Never Be Amazing
18 - Jade Mcrae - In The Basement
19 - David Franj - Ogygen
20 - David Franj - God Only Knows
21 - Anneki - Superhero
22 - Vanessa Amorosi - Turn To Me
23 - Tamara - Hard For Me
24 - Francesca - Way Of The World
25 - Delta Goodrem - i Dont Care
26 - Sneaky Sound Sytem - Hip Hip Horay
27 - Girlband - Electric
28 - Tv Rock - Bimbo Nation
29 - Katie Weston - This Is What I Really Want
30 - Missing Hours - Machine
32 - Missing Hours - Falling Down
33 - Superjesus - Enough To Know
34 - Hayley Jensen - Alive
35 - Hayley Jensen - Stronger
36 - Gryscope - Snake SKin
37 - Real Blondes - I Won't Let Go
38 - Rachel Kane - Happy Messy Love
39 - The Veronicas - Popular
40 - Kasey Chambers/Shane Niclholson - Rattlin Bones
41 - The Presets - Are You The One
42 - Monique Brumby - The Chnage In Me
43 - x3 - Girl Like Me
44 - Howling Bells - Low Happening
45 - Robyn Loau - Sick With Love
46 - Diana Anaid - Don't Belive In Love
47 - Machine Gun - Rollacoaster
48 - Dan England - Reason To Fly
49 - Something With Numbers - Apple Of The Eye
50 - The Potbellez - Junkyard
51 - Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van
52 - Anita Spring - Blink (Stay A Little longer)
53 - Danille - underneath The Rador
54 - Daniile - Tell Me If You Like It
55 - Merill Bainbridge - Lonly
56 - Merill Bainbridge - Girl Next Door
57 - Ladyahwke - Paris Is Burning
58 - Girlband - Electric
59 - Kisschasey - Spray On Pants
60 - Natalie Imbruglia - Smoke
61 - Christine Anu - Jump To Love
62 - Hayley - That Girl
63 - HAyley - Kiss Me Quick
64 - Hayley - Hate The Way I Love You
65 - Dash And Will - Pick It Up
66 - Jebediah - Leaving Home
67 - The Mavis - Naughty Boy
68 - Amiel - Be Your Girl
69 - Michala Banas - Kissin The Wind
70 - Miranda Murphy - That Girl
72 - Leah Haywood - Takin Back Whats Mine
73 - T-Funk/Katie Underwood - Be Together
74 - Rogue Traders - What Your On
75 - Marie Wilson - Next Time
76 - Aneiki - Pleased To Meet You
77 - Shakaya - Cinderella
78 - Kaz James - Breathe
79 - Kaz James - We Hold On
80 - Happyland - DOnt You Know Who I Am?
81 - Pete Murray - Feeleer
82 - The Ateroida Galaxy - Around The Bend
83 - Killing Heidi - Heavensent
84 - Birds Of Tokyo - Silouettic
85 - Micheael Paynter - Closer
86 - Laura Gissara - Ti Amo
87 - The Hot Lies - Promise Me
88 - Jade Macrae - In The Basement
89 - Deadstar - Dont It Get You Down
90 - Thirst Merc - Entipate Myself
91 - Candice Alley - I Belong
92 - Lydia Denker - One Perfect Day
93 - Roxanne - Sexy
94 - Stephaanie Mcintosh - So Do I Say Sorry First
95 - Breille Davis - Serial Killer
96 - Pete Murray - Class A
97 - Dead Star - Deeper Water
98 - Alessha Rome - Search My Heaven
99 - Amity Dry - Lighthouse
100 - Jackson Mendoza - Ordinary Girl

Affirmation eh savagegrant? How much are you willing to put on it?

By the way, I just now came across the answer to "BeansterBarnes’s favourite Savage Garden song". (Don't worry BB, I won't reveal it!) But I didn't know the answer when I posted the odds.

I found out as a result of a hint somewhere on this page...
I missed out number 31 and now im still thinking of good songs that i missed off lol but for 31 i should put as Kasey Chambers - The Captain. Theres a lot more i should of put down lol. but oh well lol
You're missing #7, #9 and #71 too. Here's some suggestions.. lol

7 - Culture Shock - Satisfy the Groove
9 - Deni Hines - Pull Up to the Bumper
71 - Joanne - Busted
Craig II: Maybe it's "Tears of Pearls". BB did say TOP 10. he he
as number 7 Savage Garden - Universe
9 - Kasey Chambers - I Still Pray
71 - Joanne - I Don't Know

I didn't notice them ones lol i was so tired last night eyes deceiving me lol. I stayed up all night doing the top 100

I don't know the ones you said lol ill check them out on youtube i hope i like them.

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20. ordinary angels - frente (1993) 19. girls like that - custard (1999) 18. unicorn - wolfmother (2006) 17. shazam - spiderbait (1999) 16. the real thing - russell morris (1969) 15. good dancers - the sleepy jackson (2003) 14. turn up your radio - masters apprentice (1970) 13. sorry - the easybeats (1966) 12. i touch myself - divinyls (1990) 11. great southern land - ice house (1982) 10. us forces - midnight oil (1982) 9. greatest view - silverchair (2002) 8. into my arms - nick cave & the bad seeds (1997) 7. get free - the vines (2002) 6. let there be rock - ac/dc (1977) 5. no secrets - the angels (1980) 4. throw your arms around me - hunters & collectors (1986) 3. most people i know(think that i'm crazy) - billy thorpe (1972) 2. never tear us apart - inxs (1988) 1. friday on my mind - the easybeats (1966) sorry for the delay, enjoy.
Here's my Top 50

#50 Alex Lloyd - Amazing
#49 Something For Kate - Monsters
#48 You Am I - Berlin Chair
#47 Savage Garden - To the Moon and Back
#46 Jebediah - Harpoon
#45 The Cat Empire - Hello
#44 Pnau - Wild Strawberries
#43 Silverchair - Freak
#42 Gyroscope - 1981
#41 The Living End - What's On Your Radio
#40 The Cat Empire - No Longer There
#39 Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races
#38 The Butterfly Effect - The Window and the Watcher
#37 Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
#36 Gotye/Karnivool - The Only Way
#35 Hunters & Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me
#34 AC/DC - Thunderstruck
#33 Hunters & Collectors - Holy Grail
#32 Spiderbait - Buy Me a Pony
#31 The Living End - White Noise
#30 Cog - What If
#29 Silverchair - The Greatest View
#28 The Living End - Wake Up
#27 John Butler Trio - Zebra
#26 Cog - My Enemy
#25 Empire of the Sun - Half Mast
#24 INXS - Never Tear Us Apart
#23 Spiderbait - Black Betty
#22 The Butterfly Effect - A Slow Descent
#21 The Panics - Don't Fight It
#20 Powderfinger - These Days
#19 Powderfinger - My Happiness
#18 The Living End - Second Solution
#17 The Presets - Are You The One?
#16 Gotye - Hearts a Mess
#15 Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails, Red Wine
#14 Birds of Tokyo - Off Kilter
#13 Grinspoon - Hard Act to Follow
#12 Empire of the Sun - We Are the People
#11 The Vines - Get Free
#10 Powderfinger - (Baby I've Got You) On My Mind
#9 Wolfmother - Mind's Eye
#8 The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
#7 The Living End - All Torn Down
#6 Augie March - One Crowded Hour
#5 The Presets - My People
#4 Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
#3 Birds of Tokyo - Silhouettic
#2 Gyroscope - Snakeskin
#1 The Living End - Prisoner of Society
Savagegrant i really liked the songs you mentioned.

Culture Shock - Satisfy the Groove it reminds of the bands Real McCoy and 2 Unlimited. I was only 2 years old when released lol. I really like it gotta love the 90s

Joanne - Busted is ok i really liked her other songs. It should grow on me if i listen to it a bit more.
I couldn't find Deni Hines.
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Culture Shock features Lorena who was one of the last members of the Young Talent Time, around the time Dannii Minogue was still in.

Deni Hines is from The Wog Boy soundtrack.
Lovin' the lists so far. I think it will be hard to get a consensus with this countdown though. I think Savage Garden and The Living End will be consistently high, but after that?

My favourite list so far is Hijinx's but all have excellent songs on them.
As promised here is my list of favorite Australian songs.
(Apart from Icehouse I'm into more modern stuff)

1. Youth Group - Forever Young
2. Evermore - Running
3. Eskimo Joe - Black Fingernails Red Wine
4. The Veronicas - Everything I'm Not
5. TV Rock Feat Seanny B - Flaunt It
6. Shannon Noll - Shine
7. Damein Leith - Night Of My Life
8. The Living End - Wake Up
9. Eskimo Joe - New York
10. Icehouse - Great Southern Land
11. Anthony Callea - Addcted To You
12. Evermore - Unbreakable
13. Gyroscope - Australia
14. Axle Whitehead - I Dont Do Surprises
15. Axle Whitehead - Anywhere
16. Eskimo Joe - London Bombs
17. Anthony Callea - Rain
18. Anthony Callea - The Prayer
(The Highest Selling Australian Single of all time)
19. Icehouse - Electric Blue
20. The Veronicas - 4Ever

Just for fun I will also list my Top 10 Australian Artists
1. Eskimo Joe
2. Evermore (Don't worry they are Australian because of ARIA Nominations).
3. Anthony Callea
4. Shannon Noll
5. TV Rock
6. The Living End
7. Axle Whitehead
8. Youth Group
9. Damein Leith
10. The Veronicas
If I included Evermore in my Top 100 then their song "Running" would be #12
I figured if they get nominated for ARIA Awards then oviously they must be Australian, besides one of them was born in Australia.
I didn't include them because the country they most represent is New Zealand. It was really just a case of choosing one country for a band and one country only.
It was tough to leave out Crowded House for that reason too, but if you included bands simply because they have an Australian member then you could have Red Hot Chili Peppers or ATC in your chart.
Fair enough. But I will still use my ARIA method.
I am a massive fan of Evermore, they are from new zealand this is australian artists so i excluded them.
So here is my top 20 songs for the day.

1 - Little Birday - After Dark
2 - Daviid Franj - Yellow Flowers
3 - Jackosn Menodoza - Venus Or Mars
4 - Disco Montego - Magic
5 - Tiffani Wood - Devil In Your Soul
6 - Diesel - 15ft Of Snow
7 - Merill Bainbridge - Girl Lext Door
8 - Shakaya - Sumblime
9 - Primary - What Am I Suppsoe To Be Here For
10 - Tamara - Hard For Me
11 - Francesca - Way Of The World
12 - Katie Weston - This Is What I Really Want
13 - Missing Hours - Machine
14 - Real Blondes - I Won't Let Go
15 - Monique Brumby - The Chnage In Me
16 - x3 - Girl Like Me
17 - Robyn Loau - Sick With Love
18 - Diana Anaid - Don't Belive In Love
19 - Hayley - That Girl
20 - Amiel - Be Your Girl

mono36: you could at least proof-read your posts before you submit them.

The laziness of the youngest generation.
I agree savagegrant...heh heh. mono, could I just get a Top something fave songs from you. I can't include anything from you yet, and would love to. You still have just over a week. Thanks.
My Personal Best Top 50 Australian Songs

1.Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head
2.Kylie Minogue – Slow
3.Holly Valance – Kiss Kiss
4.INXS – Pretty Vegas
5.Youth Group – Forever Young
6.Natalie Imbruglia – Shiver
7.Silverchair - Freak
8.Savage Garden – I Want You
9.Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby
10.Paulmac & Peta Morris – Just The Thing
11.Vanessa Amorosi - Shine
12.Vanessa Amorosi – Absolutely Everybody
13.Kylie Minogue – On a Night Like This
14.Dannii Minogue - Perfection
15.Rogue Traders – Voodoo Child
16.Spiderbait – Black Betty
17.Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes
18.Delta Goodrem – Lost Without You
19.Tina Arena - Chains
20.Kasey Chambers – Not Pretty Enough

21.Silverchair – Straight Lines
22.Evermore - Running
23.Sneaky Sound System - UFO
24.Sneaky Sound System – I Love It
25.Holly Valance – State of Mind
26.Delta Goodrem - Predictable
27.Micheal Woods & Imogen Bailey – If U Want Me
28.Josh Abrahams & Amiel – Addicted to Bass
29.Paulmac & Peta Morris – The Sound of Breaking Up
30.Christine Anu – My Island Home

31.Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World
32.Dannii Minogue – I Begin to Wonder (Remix)
33.Bodyrockers – I Like The Way
34.Sneaky Sound System - Goodbye
35.Rogue Traders vs INXS – One of My Kind
36.Disco Montego & Katie Underwood - Beautiful
37.Tv Rock – Flaunt It
38.The Veronicas – 4 Ever
39.Shakaya - Cinderella
40.Slinkee Minx – Summer Rain

41.Darren Hayes - Insatiable
42.Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
43.Killing Heidi – Outside of Me
44.Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl?
45.Wolfmother - Woman
46.Eskimo Joe – Black Fingernails, Red Wine
47.Silverchair - Tommorow
48.Silverchair – The Greatest View
49.Powderfinger – My Happiness
50.Amiel - Lovesong
Go Forever Young. Keep up the strong Polling.
Damn you "Forever Young". Caaaarn TTMAB. hehe

By the way, I was right about BB's song wasn't I Craig II?
So you've got $20 on I Want You (at $7), then guessed Affirmation and (jokingly) Tears of Pearls without naming an amount, so I just put you down for $20 on Affirmation (at $100) at $20 on Any Other Song (at $4.50). If it's Affirmation, I'll have to find $1940 from somewhere

But is it?
No more hints...
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You're playing with my miiiiiiiind. lol
Math is not your strong point is it?
I Just figured out what BB's favorite Savage Garden song is. But no hints.
Hi Craig II, sorry but I do think you should remove that list reguarding results, at the end of the day it may end up swaying people to vote songs higher than they normally would to get a song they dislike out of that list.
Especially for the sake for people who want the countdown as some sort of a surprise. Not bitching just think it's the right thing to do mate

Done, no worries. I thought, with a week to go and some ppl directly emailing Chri8 without posting here, that it wouldn't affect the surprise, but I hadn't thought about ppl trying to vote songs out etc. Sorry if I was overstepping the mark.
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No not over stepping the mark at all, just playing silly buggers.
Some people however may get there nose out of joint by seeing such submissions.
Hi There,

Here's my top 20 (with Top 50 included for the hell of it). If it was pre 1980 it would be different because my favourite song of all time is 'Slippin' Away by Max Merritt & the Meteors" plus a few others (yes this countdown does show my age).

01. Heaven Must Be There - Eurogliders (1984)
02. Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil (1987)
03. If I Could - 1927 (1988)
04. One Summer - Daryl Braithwaite (1989)
05. Beloved - Wendy Matthews (1998)
06. Electric Blue - Icehouse (1987)
07. Flame Trees - Cold Chisel (1984)
08. Sounds of Then - Ganggajang (1985)
09. Burn for You - INXS (1984)
10. Blow Up the Pokies - The Whitlams (2000)
11. Saturday Night - Cold Chisel (1984)
12. Touch the Fire - Icehouse (1989)
13. Lift - Shannon Noll (2005)
14. Hand on Your Heart - Kylie Minogue (1989)
15. You Weren't in Love With Me - Billy Field (1981)
16. Southern Sky - Paul Norton (1990)
17. Hold On - The Models (1987)
18. 50 Years - Uncanny X-Men (1985)
19. My Island Home (Earthbeat Remix) - Christine Anu (2000)
20. Buy Now Pay Later (Charlie No.3) - The Whitlams (1997)

(the rest of the Top 50 for interest sake)

21. This Guy's in Love with You - The Reels (1982)
22. One Day in September - Mike Brady (1980)
23. Do it All Over Again - Company of Strangers (1992)
24. The Prayer - Anthony Callea (2004)
25. State of the Heart - Mondo Rock (1980)
26. He's My Number One - Christie Allen (1980)
27. Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem (2006)
28. Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes (1985)
29. You'll Never Know - 1927 (1989)
30. Snowblind Moon - Broderick Smith (1992)
31. What Does it Take (to Win Your Love) - The Revelators (1990)
32. That's Freedom - John Farnham (1990)
33. Wrong Impression - Natalie Imbruglia (2002)
34. Great Southern Land - Icehouse (1982)
35. Run to Paradise - The Choirboys (1987)
36. Forever Young - Youth Group (2006)
37. Token Angels - Wendy Matthews (1990)
38. Brave - Kate Ceberano (1989)
39. Sorrento Moon - Tina Arena (1995)
40. Reckless - Australian Crawl (1983)
41. Barbados - The Models (1985)
42. Burn for You - John Farnham (1991)
43. Why - 1927 (1990)
44. What About Me - Moving Pictures (1982)
45. Come Said the Boy - Mondo Rock (1984)
46. White Roses - Deborah Conway (1992)
47. The Change in Me - Monique Brumby (1998)
48. Angel Street - The Black Sorrows (1990)
49. When the War is Over - Cold Chisel (1984)
50. Naughty Girl - Holly Valance (2003)

I could go on but I'll stop here
Just to clarify my #20 is Buy Now, Pay Later (Charlie No.2) (not 3) - The Whitlams.
Freakystevie1: "Burn For You" is an INXS favourite of mine too. It just missed out on making my top 100.
Alright, so I have a list of around 200 songs for this now. Just gotta start whittling, lol! A couple of hints from me though, my chart will be mainly be comprised of the underground/breakout scenes of dance (2000-2002), punk (1999-2004), and hip-hop (2004-2007), with some golden oldies and pop/JJJ favourites thrown in.

In my top 200 though, no space for Savage Garden (despite a soft spot for Break Me Shake Me), one Delta (which isn't an obvious one), some Madison Avenue (yep), and plenty of cover versions (Khe Sahn, Hazy Shade of Winter, Evie Part One, and Snap Your Fingers Snap Your Neck).
Not an obvious Delta song?
I'm guessing it's not "Predictable"...
I'm also guessing I shouldn't give up my day job...
Maybe it was a little too Predictable, lol! But her cover of Happy Xmas was also close to the short list.
Sorry, Craig (II)...no surprise memos or e-mails as yet. Looks like it may well, be a predictible list.

If anyone does want to go "secret", your list will be slotted into the thread after the countdown has been broadcast. So it won't be lost!
I am actually gonna post a Top 50 for this one, just trying to wittle it down to a 50.
Further to my Top 50. If it was pre 1980 I would include the following songs in my list

Sliipin' Away - Max Merrit & the Meteors (1976)
I Just Want to Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb (1977)
Hit & Run - Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons (1979)
Help is on it's Way - Little River Band (1977)
Falling in Love - Ted Mulry (1971)
Khe Sanh - Cold Chisel (1978)
Child's Play - Sherbet (1976)
1. THE HORSES - Daryl Braithwaite
2. RUN TO PARADISE - Choirboys
3. YOU'RE THE VOICE - John Farhnam
4. FLAUNT IT - TV Rock
5. BETTER - Screaming Jets
6. I NEED YOUR BODY - Tina Arena
7. DON'T HOLD BACK - The Potbelleez
9. KHE SAHN - Cold Chisel
10. I SHOULD BE SO LUCKY - Kylie Minogue

11. WHAT ABOUT ME - Moving Pictures
12. IF I COULD - 1927
13. LOST WITHOUT YOU - Delta Goodrem
14. TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY - Savage Garden
15. HOLD ME IN YOUR ARMS - Southern Sons
16. MY PEOPLE - The Presets
17. MISS DIVINE - Icehouse
18. WHERE ARE YOU NOW? - Roxus
19. NOT A DAY GOES BY - Rick Price
20. I CAN FEEL IT - Radio Freedom

21. LIFT - Shannon Noll
22. MY ISLAND HOME - Christina Anu
23. MOUTH - Merril Bainbridge
24. BEDROOM EYES - Kate Cebrano
25. I WANT YOU - Toni Pearen
26. LAY DOWN YOUR GUNS - Jimmy Barnes
27. SHOW NO MERCY - Mark Williams
28. CHAINS - Tina Arena
29. TREATY - Yothu Yindi
30. ONE SUMMER - Daryl Braithwaite

31. AS THE DAYS GO BY - Daryl Braithwaite
32. THAT AIN'T BAD - Ratcat
33. HEART IN DANGER - Southern Sons
35. CHAINED TO THE WHEEL - Black Sorrows
36. WEIR - Killing Heidi
37. THE OTHERS - TV Rock
38. PICTURES - Sneaky Sound System
39. MY HAPPINESS - Powderfinger
40. POLYESTER GIRL - Regurgitator

41. AMAZING - Alex Lloyd
42. JUST THE THING - Paulmac
43. STRAIGHT LINES - Silverchair
44. TOMORROW - Silverchair
45. MOUNTAIN - Chocolate Starfish
46. TELL ME A STORY - 1927
47. HELPING HAND - Screaming Jets
48. I TOUCH MYSELF - Divynls
49. READ MY LIPS - Melissa
50. ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY - Vanessa Amorosi
As a teenager of the 80's my list is heavily slanted towards that decade...

1 - Love an Adventure - Pseudo Echo (1986)
2 - Blue Day - Mi-Sex (1984)
3 - Sounds of Then (this is Australia) - GANGajang (1986)
4 - Suicide Blonde - INXS (1990)
5 - Great Southern Land - Icehouse (1982)
6 - Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue (99/2000)
7 - Better the Devil You Know - Kylie Minogue (1990)
8 - So Much for Love - Venetians (1986)
9 - Under the Milky Way - The Church (1988)
10 - Bitter Desire - Kids in the Kitchen (1984)
11 - Idiot Grin - Do.Re.Mi. (1985)
12 - Catch Me I'm Falling - Real Life (1984)
13 - Talking to a Stranger - Hunters & Collectors (94 Remix)
14 - Chain Reaction - John Farnham (1990)
15 - Bad Moon Rising - The Reels (1986)
16 - Frontier Psychiatrist - Avalanches (2000)
17 - Blue Sky Mine - Midnight Oil (1990)
18 - Too Young for Promises - Koo De Tah (1985)
19 - Breakaway - Big Pig (1988)
20 - The World Seems Difficult - Mental as Anything (1989)
21 - Part Time Love Affair - Geisha (1986)
22 - Onion Skin - Boom Crash Opera (1989)
23 - Black Stick - Cruel Sea (1993)
24 - Errol - Australian Crawl (1981)
25 - Pressure Sway - Machinations (1983)
26 - Do You Wanna Be - I'm Talking (1986)
27 - That's What I Call Love - Kate Ceberano (1990)
28 - Shall We Go - Dropbears (1985)
29 - Siren - Divinyls (1983)
30 - Treaty - Yothu Yindi (1991)
31 - No Lies - Noiseworks (1986)
32 - Stimulation - Wa Wa Nee (1986)
33 - Straight Lines - Silverchair (2007)
34 - Hold Me - Colin Hay (1987)
35 - Say I Love You - Renee Geyer (1981)
36 - Bizarre Love Triangle - Frente! (1994)
37 - Life's a Gamble - Radiators (1984)
38 - Pop!ular - Darren Hayes (2004)
39 - Hammerhead - James Reyne (1987)
40 - She Has to Be Loved - Jenny Morris (1989)
41 - Forget About the Working Week - V.Spy V.Spy (1988)
42 - Fireworks - Choirboys (1986)
43 - What's My Scene - Hoodoo Gurus (1987)
44 - Dumb Things - Paul Kelly (1989)
45 - Sweet & Sour - The Takeaways (1984)
46 - Addicted to Bass - Josh Abrahams (1998)
47 - Bury me Deep in Love - The Triffids (1988)
48 - Faith in Love - Among Thieves (1991)
49 - The Animal Song - Savage Garden (1999)
50 - When You Come Back to Me - Jason Donovan (1990)

Things I took out:
Wilderworld - Dragon (1984)
Stuck on You - Paul Norton (1989)
Cruel World - The Manikins (1988)
Only You - Bang the Drum (1990)
How Come - The Sports (1981)
Gas Stop - Boxcar (1991)
Let Me Be - Cats Under Pressure (85) / Daryl Braithwaite (89)
Now I Can Dance - Tina Arena (1998)
Shout Me Down - Slow Club (1990)
Montego Bay - Allniters (1983)
Bon Voyage - Little Heroes (1984)
Absolutely - Eurogliders (1986)
What Am I Going to Do - Stephen Cummings (1985)
Leave Me - Cattletruck (1987)
That's When I Think of You - 1927 (1988)
Soldier of Fortune - John Paul Young (1983)
Come to Me - Diesel (1991)
Sunshine on a Rainy Day - Christine Anu (2000)
Do for You - Euphoria (1992)
Total Eclipse - The Expression (1983)
Out of Mind, Out of Sight - The Models (1985)
Jump to the Beat - Dannii (1991)
What About Me - Moving Pictures (1982)
I Write the News - Beargarden (1985)
Power - Sharon O'Neill (1984)
Here would me my Top 50 songs - (Choosing just 50 was a hard one for me, as there were so many great ones over the 20+ years of great Aussie music)

#01 --> Eskimo Joe - From The Sea
#02 --> Kylie Minogue - Some Kind Of Bliss
#03 --> The Presets - My People
#04 --> Savage Garden - I Want You
#05 --> Regurgitator - ! (The Song Foremerly Known As)
#06 --> Natalie Imbruglia - Shiver
#07 --> Powderfinger - D.A.F (Cascading Down)
#08 --> The Living End - Prisoner Of Society
#09 --> You Am I - Tuesday
#10 --> The Badloves - Lost

#11 --> Killing Heidi - Live Without It
#12 --> TV Rock Vs. Dukes Of Windsor - The Others
#13 --> Midnight Oil - Underwater
#14 --> Robyn Loau - Sick With Love
#15 --> Amiel - Obsession (I Love You)
#16 --> Something For Kate - Monsters
#17 --> Jebediah - Leaving Home
#18 --> Jimmy Barnes - Never Give You Up
#19 --> The Cruel Sea - Better Get A Lawyer
#20 --> The Hoodoo Gurus - The Right Time

#21 --> Silverchair - Israel's Son
#22 --> George - Release
#23 --> Spiderbait - Buy Me A Pony
#24 --> INXS - Disappear
#25 --> Pete Murray - Feeler
#26 --> Diesel - Man Alive
#27 --> Taxiride - Get Set
#28 --> The Superjesus - Down Again
#29 --> Cordrazine - Crazy
#30 --> Skunkhour - Kick In The Door

#31 --> Delta Goodrem - A Little Too Late
#32 --> MGF - Unsent Letter
#33 --> Alex Lloyd - Lucky Star
#34 --> The Avalaches - Frontier Psychiatrist
#35 --> Screaming Jets - Better
#36 --> Kate Ceberano - Bedroom Eyes
#37 --> Tina Arena - Chains
#38 --> Dannii Minogue - So Under Pressure
#39 --> Joel Turner and the Modern Day Poets - These Kids
#40 --> Charlton Hill - Deep

#41 --> The Cat Empire - Days Like These
#42 --> Gotye - Heart's A Mess
#43 --> Ammonia - Monochrome
#44 --> Custard - Girls Like That (Don't Go For Guys Like Us)
#45 --> Boom Crash Opera - Onion Skin
#46 --> Shannon Noll - Shine
#47 --> John Farnham - Seemed Like A Good Idea (At The Time)
#48 --> Missy Higgins - Ten Days
#49 --> Even - Black Umbrella
#50 --> Divinyls - Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore

Most of these songs are from the 1990's - and this decade brought back a lot of good memories for me whenever i hear the above songs!

If I were to add in songs with some of the artists with an NZ background, I would have added in:
Neil Finn - Sinner
Shihad - The General Electric
Evermore - For One Day
Crowded House - Weather With You

I'm definitely looking forward to listening what would be australian-charts.com's favourite Aussie song!
Loved reading what other people's favourite songs are - Just goes to show how diverse Australian music is out there!
Bluezombie's list:


Zed are from Christchurch, New Zealand. So if they qualify why don't bands like Crowded House and Evermore get in?
1) Throw Your Arms Around Me - Hunters & Collectors
2) So Beautiful - Pete Murray
3) Flaunt It - TV Rock
4) The Horses - Daryl Braithwaite
5) One Summer - Daryl Braithwaite
6) Untouched - The Veronicas
7) Dissapear - INXS
8) Where Are You Now - Roxus
9) Don't Hold Back - The Potbelleez
10) I Can Feel It - Radio Freedom
11) Nervous Kid - Maybe Dolls
12) Tip Of My Tongue - Diesle
13) Run To Paradise - The Choirboys
14) I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You - Absent Friends
15) I Need Your Body - Tina Arena
16) Even When I'm Sleeping - Leonardo's Bride
17) My Happiness - Powderfinger
18) Take It From Me - Girlfriend
19) Read My Lips - Melissa
20) 4ever - The Veronicas
21) Better - The Screaming Jets
22) Holy Grail - Hunters & Collectors
23) That's Freedom - John Farhnam
24) You're The Voice - John Farhnam
25) Chains - Tina Arena
26) Apple Eyes - Swoop
27) Deeper Water - Deadstar
28) Mouth - Merril Bainbridge
29) Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre
30) Just A Little Bit - Gina G
31) Addicted To Bass - Josh Abrahms
32) Are You With Me - The Potbelleez
33) My People - Presets
34) Talk Like That - Presets
35) Straight Lines - Silverchair
36) Amazing - Alex Lloyd
37) Just The Thing - Paulmac
38) Everything's Alright - Cebrano, Stevens & Farhnam
39) Bedroom Eyes - Kate Cebrano
40) I want You - Toni Pearen
41) Show No Mercy - Mark Williams
42) Lost Without You - Delta Goodrem
43) I Want You - Savage Garden
44) The Others - TV Rock Vs Dukes Of Windsor
45) Running Back - Jessica Mauboy
46) Come To Me - Diesle
47) Ain't No Sunshine - The Rockmelons featuring Deni Hines
48) Drive - Shannon Noll
49) Hook Me Up - The Veronicas
50) Can't Get You Out Of My Head - Kylie Minogue
Mine's a pretty pop-py chart (and most songs are fairly recent)

1. 4 EVER The Veronicas
2. STRAIGHT LINES Silverchair
3. WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave
4. BELIEVE AGAIN Delta Goodrem
5. WAY TO GO Rogue Traders
6. UNTOUCHED The Veronicas
7. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS Natalie Imbruglia
8. DON'T HOLD BACK The Potbelleez
9. BLACK AND GOLD Sam Sparro
10. LOOK UP Toni Collette and the Finish

11. HOOK ME UP The Veronicas
12. I AM Killing Heidi
13. TWO FOR MY SECONDS Operator Please
14. REVOLUTION The Veronicas
15. WORDS Kate Miller-Heidke
16. DON'T MISS YOU Amy Pearson
17. TIGHTROPE Stephanie McIntosh
19. GET IT Dukes Of Windsor
20. WHITE NOISE The Living End

21. ME, MYSELF AND I Scandal'us
22. MY PEOPLE The Presets
23. STATE OF MIND Holly Valance
24. OUT OF THE BLUE Delta Goodrem
25. WATCHING YOU Rogue Traders
26. VOODOO CHILD Rogue Traders
27. NOT ME, NOT I Delta Goodrem
28. IT'S A WAR Dukes Of Windsor
29. THE GAME End Of Fashion

31. LONDON BOMBS Eskimo Joe
32. SWEET ABOUT ME Gabriella Cilmi
33. BURN Jessica Mauboy
34. OUTSIDE OF ME Killing Heidi
35. CONFIDE IN ME Kylie Minogue
36. ALIVE Natalie Bassingthwaighte
37. I LOVE IT Sneaky Sound System
38. THE GREATEST VIEW Silverchair
39. SHINE Shannon Noll
40. OVERRATED Rob Mills

41. CAN'T TOUCH IT Ricki-Lee
42. ALL I HEAR Kate Alexa
43. SO BEAUTIFUL Pete Murray
45. I CAN'T BREAK IT TO MY HEART Delta Goodrem
46. LEAVE IT ALONE Operator Please
47. FADED Kate DeAraugo
48. I NEVER LIKED YOU Rogue Traders
49. THAT DAY Natalie Imbruglia
50. WE HOLD ON Kaz James
I will amend my list to remove Zed - Renegade Fighter as I did not remember they were from NZ. So, my updated list is:

1. OVERRATED - Rob Mills
2. SO BEAUTIFUL - Pete Murray
3. DON’T GO NOW - Ratcat
4. TRIGGER - Sandrine
5. SHIMMY A GO-GO - Short Stack
6. 2’S COMPANY - Charlton Hill
8. ONE CROWDED HOUR - Augie March
9. MISS YOU LOVE - Silverchair
10. CRY - The Mavis’s

11. PROMISE ME - The Hot Lies
12. HURRICANE - Faker
14. WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW - Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
16. NOT ME NOT I - Delta Goodrem
17. BETTER - Screaming Jets
18. TO HER DOOR - Paul Kelly
20. SIMPLE - Masonia

21. LIFE’S A MOVIE - Kid Courageous
22. BRAND NEW LIFE - The Androids
23. ALL THE SAME - Sick Puppies
24. DIRTY GIRL - Rob Mills
25. GONNA MISS YOU - Paulmac featuring Abby Dobson
26. THE SPECIAL TWO - Missy Higgins
27. RUN TO ME - Emmanuel Carella
28. EVEN WHEN I’M SLEEPING - Leonardo’s Bride
30. TO THE MOON AND BACK - Savage Garden

31. I’M JEALOUS - The Divinyls
32. NEVER BE AMAZING - David Franj
33. DON”T SAY A WORD - Emmanuel Carella
34. ANA’S SONG (OPEN FIRE) - Silverchair
35. PLEASE - Pete Murray
36. TORN - Natalie Imbruglia
37. FOREVER YOUNG - Youth Group
38. BREATHE IN NOW - George
39. DAMAGE - You Am I
40. TRULY MADLY DEEPLY - Savage Garden

42. ME MYSELF AND I - Scandal’us
43. HEY BANG BANG - Starky
45. SHINE - Shannon Noll
47. POP!ULAR - Darren Hayes
48. BLOW UP THE POKIES - The Whitlams
50. THE GAME - End Of Fashion

To chri8topher, to make your tallying easier I'll just let you know the top 41 is still the same, 42-49 have now moved up one spot, and 50 wasn't on there before.
Oh my god I forgot about Charlton Hill!!!
I have my list finalised, but I'm keeping mine a secret. It's been sent off to BeansterBarnes so I can't cheat!...heh heh. I'll post it after the final countdown in this space.

All I know is my #1 was a Top 20 hit in the 80's and, sadly, no one else has picked it...

The whole debate about NZ/AUS seems to be effecting to vote. Crowded House ARE indeed Australian, forming in Melbourne. However, even I had to exclude them because I knew that other people have purposely missed them out. Others such as Mi-Sex, Jenny Morris and Evermore, who started out in NZ but relocated to AUS, can be classed as Aussie, but I know they too would have had their votes effected in this way(I would've had Mi-Sex and Jenny in my list).

So I won't exclude those artists from anyone's list. What I will have to exclude is songs prior to 1980. It's not that I'm being unfair on those songs, it's just that they won't have had a fair vote because other voters have only posted songs from 1980 onwards.

I currently have 16 lists, so I think there's enough momentum to have a second round next year, maybe with any NZ artists included, and any year. This will be a good trial run, though.

Thanks, and keep those lists coming in...

This is my Top 50 Australian songs.

1. CURRENT STAND Kids In The Kitchen
2. STRAIGHT LINES Silverchair
4. TWIST OF FATE Olivia Newton-John
5. SO BEAUTIFUL Darren Hayes
6. WHEN THE RIVER RUNS DRY Hunters & Collectors
7. STREET CAFÉ Icehouse
9. SAY IT Kid In The Kitchen
11. HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) Eurogliders
13. WAIT Gyan
14. SEND ME AN ANGEL Real Life
15. RAIN Dragon
16. WANNA BE UP Chantoozies
17. NO SECOND PRIZE Jimmy Barnes
20. THE SPECIAL TWO Missy Higgins
22. HOLD ON Models
24. SAY I LOVE YOU Renee Geyer
25. I WANT YOU Toni Pearon
26. SO MUCH FOR LOVE Venetians
27. RECKLESS Australian Crawl
30. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU Eurogliders
31. BLUSH The Hummingbirds
32. GOOD DIE YOUNG Divinyls
35. MISS DIVINE Icehouse
36. I BELIEVE IN YOU Kylie Minogue
37. GREAT WALL Boom Crash Opera
38. ACROSS THE NIGHT Silverchair
39. DOWNTOWN Alex Lloyd
40. BLACK BETTY Spiderbait
41. TO LOVE ME 1927
42. CHAINED TO THE WHEEL The Black Sorrows
43. NO LIES Noiseworks
44. BARBADOS Models
47. MISS THIS TONIGHT Matt Moffitt
48. SHOUT ME DOWN The Slow Club
49. NO APHRODISIAC The Whitlams
50. FLAME TREES Cold Chisel
Last edited:
I suppose I'll post a top 10. I could've put in more but I tried to exclude New Zealand music like Crowded House as well as music before 1980 which made it kind of hard:

1. Beds Are Burning-Midnight Oil-1987
2. Back In Black-AC/DC-1980
3.Overkill-Men At Work-1983
4. To The Moon And Back-Savage Garden-1997
5. Look What You've Done-Jet-2004
6. Wish You Well-Bernard Fanning-2005
7. Wake Up-The Living End-2006
8. Black Fingernails, Red Wine-Eskimo Joe-2006
9. Lost In Love-Air Supply-1980
10. O Yeah-End of Fashion-2005
Thanks BeansterBarnes for your extra make-up songs (via e-mail).
Received them no probs.
hey i would like to know of my top 50 which songs are new zealand i shall replace them as this is australia day
Oh Shot (or something like that) I forgot "Choir Girl by Cold Chisel" that would have been in my list fairly high up too. Oh well such is life.
Ok I made a few changes to my Top 50. If it's too much hassle to recalculate the overal Top 50 then I'm still happy with the original one. It's just that when you think about it you keep remembering songs that you forgot add. I guess that's the fun of these things though.

01. Heaven Must Be There - Eurogliders (1984)
02. Beds are Burning - Midnight Oil (1987)
03. If I Could - 1927 (1988)
04. One Summer - Daryl Braithwaite (1989)
05. Beloved - Wendy Matthews (1998)
06. Electric Blue - Icehouse (1987)
07. Flame Trees - Cold Chisel (1984)
08. Sounds of Then - Ganggajang (1985)
09. Burn for You - INXS (1984)
10. Blow Up the Pokies - The Whitlams (2000)
11. Saturday Night - Cold Chisel (1984)
12. Touch the Fire - Icehouse (1989)
13. Lift - Shannon Noll (2005)
14. Choir Girl - Cold Chisel (1980)
15. Hand on Your Heart - Kylie Minogue (1989)
16. You Weren't in Love With Me - Billy Field (1981)
17. Southern Sky - Paul Norton (1990)
18. Hold On - The Models (1987)
19. 50 Years - Uncanny X-Men (1985)
20. My Island Home (Earthbeat Remix) - Christine Anu (2000)
21. Buy Now Pay Later (Charlie No.3) - The Whitlams (1997)
22. This Guy's in Love with You - The Reels (1982)
23. One Day in September - Mike Brady (1980)
24. Do it All Over Again - Company of Strangers (1992)
24. The Prayer - Anthony Callea (2004)
25. State of the Heart - Mondo Rock (1980)
26. He's My Number One - Christie Allen (1980)
27. Together We Are One - Delta Goodrem (2006)
28. Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes (1985)
29. You'll Never Know - 1927 (1989)
30. Snowblind Moon - Broderick Smith (1992)
31. What Does it Take (to Win Your Love) - The Revelators (1990)
32. Stranger in My Own Hometown - Peter Blakely (1989)
33. That's Freedom - John Farnham (1990)
34. Harbortown - Icehouse (1990)
35. Wrong Impression - Natalie Imbruglia (2002)
36. Great Southern Land - Icehouse (1982)
37. Run to Paradise - The Choirboys (1987)
38. Forever Young - Youth Group (2006)
39. Token Angels - Wendy Matthews (1990)
40. Brave - Kate Ceberano (1989)
41. Sorrento Moon - Tina Arena (1995)
42. Reckless - Australian Crawl (1983)
43. Barbados - The Models (1985)
44. Burn for You - John Farnham (1991)
45. Wishin' - Rick Price (1992)
46. Why - 1927 (1990)
47. What About Me - Moving Pictures (1982)
48. Come Said the Boy - Mondo Rock (1984)
49. White Roses - Deborah Conway (1992)
50. The Change in Me - Monique Brumby (1998)
Hey Nate, not NZ, just the oldies.

Most people have elected only post-1980 songs, as per the criteria set out by bulion. I just thought to make your vote count properly, you might want to replace the pre-1980 songs as they have been disadvantaged somewhat.

It's not that I'm saying you're wrong, they are fantastic songs, but you might as well choose songs post-1980 that will actually make a difference.

Hopefully next year we'll do it all over again with an all time list.
4 More sleeps till we count em down!!!!!

Who's excited???? I Am
Here's my go, I tend to think it's more pop oriented but I guess everything's relative and compared with many of the other lists - maybe not!!

I've kept to the rules, all post 1980, though maybe next time no such limitations?? Any list of the greatest Oz songs just doesn't seem right without Friday On My Mind and It's A Long Way To The Top (possibly the two greatest of all??).

Personally I regard Crowded House as an Australian band (just made up of kiwis) but to follow others, I've left them out. Better Be Home Soon would have featured prominetnly had I included them.

I entered this having no idea what my number one was but once I shortlisted about 100, there was really only one choice. I'm sure I've left some out, I set myself a time limit to avoid spending all day on this but here 'tis;
50 You Am I
Here we go!

1. The Whitlams - Buy Now, Pay Later (Charlie #2)
2. Gotye - Hearts A Mess
3. Jebediah - Harpoon
4. silverchair - Emotion Sickness
5. Machine Gun Fellatio - Unsent Letter
6. Friendly - Some Kind Of Love Song
7. Sarah Blasko - Explain
8. Motorace - Siamese
9. The Living End - Prisoner Of Society
10. Jebediah - Nothing Lasts Forever

11. silverchair - Untitled
12. The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist
13. The John Butler Trio - Betterman
14. Regurgitator - ! (Song Formerly Known As)
15. Josh Abrahams and Amiel - Addicted To Bass
16. One Dollar Short - Satellite (Press and Hold Version)
17. Something For Kate - Monsters
18. The John Butler Trio - Pickapart
19. silverchair - The Door
20. Hunters and Collectors - Holy Grail

21. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Into My Arms
22. Augie March - Asleep In Perfection
23. Gyroscope - Beware Wolf
24. After The Fall - Mirror, Mirror
25. You Am I - Purple Sneakers
26. Wicked Beat Sound System - I Don't Wanna Know
27. You Am I - Damage
28. Bob Evans - Don't You Think It's Time
29. Eskimo Joe - Ruby Wednesday
30. The Presets - My People

31. Motorace - Freefall
32. One Dollar Short - Fear Of Falling
33. The Screaming Jets - Better
34. Natalie Imbruglia - Big Mistake
35. silverchair - Across The Night
36. Powderfinger - These Days
37. Blueline Medic - Making The Nouveau Riche
38. silverchair - Israel's Son
39. Eskimo Joe - This Room (Acoustic)
40. Gyroscope - Fast Girl

41. Grinspoon - Champion
42. sonicanimation - The Nothingness
43. Architecture In Helsinki - Heart It Races
44. Eskimo Joe - Liar
45. Gotye - Night Drive
46. Gyroscope - Confidence In Confidentiality
47. The Living End - Save The Day
48. One Dollar Short - Board Game (EP Version)
49. Bodyjar - Hazy Shade Of Winter
50. sonicanimation - Theophilus Thistler... An Exercise In Vowels

A bit of commentary:

Not only is Buy Now, Pay Later my favourite Aussie song, it is also one of the most important songs in regards to my life. It was integral to my adolescence and events that occured in that time, and I will always remember that piano line.

silverchair's more depressing back catalogue gets a run in my chart and with 5 songs in my Top 50 are my favourite band. This surprised me immensely!

My list is much more diverse than I was expecting also, with Electro (Addicted To Bass, !, My People), Punk (One Dollar Short, The Living End), Pop (Big Mistake, Heart It Races), Folk and Rock all represented.

No space though for the 80s (I don't really rate much of the 80s as a whole), Hip Hop (although, Hilltop Hoods and The Herd were both in the shortlist), Savage Garden, or one of my favourite bands Something With Numbers.

But with a quarter of my chart in other people's charts, I actually feel like some of my songs will get into the overall countdown, unlike the 2008 countdown, haha!
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Here is my list!

#1. Don't wanna go to bed now - Gabreilla Cilmi
#2. Untouched - The Veronicas
#3. If you keep losing sleep - Silverchair
#4. Lost without you - Delta Goodrem
#5. The others - TV rock vs Dukes of Windsor
#6. This time i know it's for real - Young divas
#7. Voodoo Child - Rogue traders
#8. The Special Two - Missy Higgins
#9. Loud - Shannon Noll
#10. Black Betty - Spiderbait
What a fabulous idea....just came across the website by accident, but whipped up my top 50 in no time. Interesting to see others lists....i have emailed mine to christ8pher and hoping it will make it in to the countdown. I'm a 80's fan so most of mine are oldies, obviously need to catch up with modern oz rock, cause know there is alot of good stuff out there....maybe the countdown will educate me. Have a good one everyone if you listen in to the countdown.
Thanks Nubbers, I received your e-mail. You're all locked in. I'll publish your list here after the countdown.
OK Guys...

This is your final night to get those votes in for Sundays countdown. You have until tomorrow morning - I'll be tabulating the lists after work tonight.

It's been a great turn-out. 22 lists so far from...

Thanks to Nubbers for making yours secret. Along with my list and Beansters "secret" Top 10, there will still be a certain amount of mystery in the list.
(Anyone else wanting to do last minute "secret" votes, e-mail to wistopher@hotmail.com)

As for the countdown, the date is 25th January - this Sunday. Usually about 4pm (EDST), but any change in that will be posted here.

For those of you that haven't setup the streaming yet, here is the link...

All you have to do is hit "listen". You may need to either have Winamp Player or Itunes player to listen.

Any troubles you can contact Craig on MSN BeansterBarnes@hotmail.com

So, that should be it...we'll be seeing you all here on Sunday, for what should be an interesting discussion, and brilliant list!

Yay, Just 2 days to go until the Australia Day Countdown.

Who will be #1.
Well, I have left it to the last minute (hopefully in time), but I have compiled my Top 30 Australian songs. This was no easy task for me as I don't have a points system that so many of you have... perhaps I should implement one . My list is a combination iPod plays and pure preference. So, here goes...

1. Hunters & Collectors - Throw Your Arms Around Me
2. Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply
3. Kylie Minogue - Did It Again
4. Powderfinger - These Days
5. Darren Hayes - So Beautiful
6. Missy Higgins - The Special Two
7. The Veronicas - Untouched
8. Silverchair - Miss You Love
9. Youth Group - Forever Young
10. Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child
11. Hunters & Collectors - Holy Grail
12. Delta Goodrem - I Can't Break It To My Heart
13. Savage Garden - Affirmation
14. Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
15. george - Breathe In Now
16. Bardot - These Days
17. Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue - Where The Wild Roses Grow
18. The Angels - No Secrets
19. Icehouse - Electric Blue
20. Natalie Imbruglia - Torn
21. Daryl Braithwaite - Horses
22. Missy Higgins - Where I Stood
23. Killing Heidi - Weir
24. Bachelor Girl - Permission To Shine
25. Wendy Matthews - The Day You Went Away
26. Madison Avenue - Everything You Need
27. John Farnham - You're The Voice
28. The Divinyls - I Touch Myself
29. The Whitlams - Blow Up The Pokies
30. INXS - Never Tear Us Apart

Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing the countdown on Sunday
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we're gonna have 2 wait till 2moro
to find out who's number 1
won't even know da full resultz
when the countdown has just begun

Will be good shod' I bet dat?
Just put on yo thongs and a hat?
Just count down da songs datta way
On Sunday, 4 Australia day

hey, Chri8topher, who would know?
dat you doing dis...oh g I gotta go...

c ya
Yo please forgive me 4 disrupting da rap
I just had to turn off my kitchen tap
Anyway back 2 da biz
who da 1, yo dats da ultimate quiz

will it be veronica's gettin to da top
or will silverchair make da 2 girls stop?
Savage Garden could be da kings of pop,
yo chri8topher b da countdown cop

well i betta get goin
gotta go up and down
got sum stuff to do
just outta town

but i take a look at yo favorite tunes
be nice about it guys don't be baboons

Just left some messages on the overseas sites that are linked to this one, telling them all about tomorrow's countdown. So hopefully we'll be able to show our best and brightest off tomorrow.
Well the day has arrived. The chart has been compiled, and is a nice cross section of now and yesterday.

We'll see/read everybody's comments later on today as we count them down from 4pm. Don't forget the link above that Chri8topher put in, or contact BeansterBarnes if you have any problems.

Not Long Now!
The countdown has started, with less than an hour to go...

Firstly, thanks to MC Perfecto for immortalizing me in a rap. It's the first time for me...heh heh!

This is usually the time I would produce the lower section of the chart #100-#51...but there's a treat in stall. I thought that there were many different generations of songs that were unknown to other generations, so we have a 17-minute montage of the lower section, so for those of us who missed out on our faves reaching the Top 50, there's still a chance, yet, that some part of it will be aired.

As for the countdown itself, as bulion said, a good mix favouring the new with a good dose of old to teach those young ones what Oz music is all about.

I'll have everyones Top 10 positionings posted for the songs that reach the Top 50, so if your position looks a little wrong, it's because you would have had a pre-1980 song higher that pushed the new songs up when taken out (as I've previously stated, I don't mean to disqualify those songs, just making your vote count more relatively to the criteria outlined).

Two songs made it into the Top 50 without appearing in anyone's Top 10's!

With 22 lists involved, this is what the writers on this site feel are the best Australian songs since 1980. I think there's some great base work laid for another next year when we incorporate "all-time" and those NZ flavoured bands that cause so much debate this time around!

Tune in 4pm on the dot...see you all there, and look forward to your comments.
Hi all. This time I made sure I was early so I would not miss anything unlike the Best of 2008 where I missed the 1st 10 songs. Only minutes to go now.
Something lite-hearted to start it all off.... Australiana by Austen Tayshus.
So thats what is happening.
Welcome to the Aus Top 50 countdown - but first let's sit back and listen to #100-#51, those songs that just missed out!
Some really good songs missed out on the Top 50. Man.

100. OVERRATED Rob Mills (***BlueZombie’s fave***)
99. SHINE Shannon Noll
98. BELOVED Wendy Matthews
97. TORN Natalie Imbruglia
96. COOL WORLD Mondo Rock
95. MY HAPPINESS Powderfinger
94. THE DAY YOU WENT AWAY Wendy Matthews
91. LIFT Shannon Noll
90. NEVER BE AMAZING David Franj (***Craig II’s fave***)
89. AMAZING Alex Lloyd
88. WISH YOU WELL Bernard Fanning
87. EMOTION SICKNESS Silverchair
86. TOMORROW Silverchair
85. BLUE SKY MINE Midnight Oil
83. DON’T GO NOW Ratcat
82. DARKNESS Darren Hayes
80. ADDICTED TO BASS Josh Abrahams & Amiel
79. NOT ME, NOT I Delta Goodrem
77. THE GREATEST VIEW Silverchair
76. NOT PRETTY ENOUGH Kasey Chambers
75. SHINE Vanessa Amorosi
74. JUST THE THING Paulmac
73. RUNNING Evermore
71. I CAN FEEL IT Radio Freedom
70. CHAINS Tina Arena
69. THE MERCY SEAT Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
68. KISS KISS Holly Valance
67. CURRENT STAND Kids In The Kitchen (***Chri8topher’s fave***)
66. BUY NOW PAY LATER The Whitlams (***Clinton’s fave***)
65. SUMMER RAIN Slinkee Minx
64. ! (THE SONG FORMERLY KNOWN AS) Regurgitator
63. I NEED YOUR BODY Tina Arena
62. MISS YOU LOVE Silverchair
60. HOOK ME UP The Veronicas
59. REVOLUTION The Veronicas
58. DON’T CALL ME BABY Madison Avenue
57. GET FREE The Vines
56. YOU’RE THE VOICE John Farnham
55. THESE KIDS Joel Turner & the Modern Day Poets
54. WALKING ON A DREAM Empire Of The Sun
53. IF I COULD 1927
52. HEART A MESS Gotye
51. WHAT ABOUT ME Moving Pictures


The other four personal #1's sadly missed the Top 100, all four appearing inthose lists only once. They came in at #116…

ANTENNA The Church (***Nubbers fave***)
DON’T WANNA GO TO BED NOW Gabriella Cilmi (***Martin’s fave***)
FROM THE SEA Eskimo Joe (***Roydges fave***)
HOW TO MAKE GRAVY Paul Kelly (***Daicos’ fave***)

Maybe next year.


And now...

50. BURN FOR YOU INXS (1984)
(#3 Chri8topher, #9 Freakystevie)
Highest Chart Position: #3…..from the album “The Swing”.

To “Kick” it all off, INXS bring us one of the feel-good “summer” songs of all time from the album that really broke them. Along with their #1 “Original Sin”, this track finally took INXS the the heights of the OZ charts before world domination. To prove this, the filmclip shows the band touring around several towns in Australia before shooting off to the stadiums of England. A true success story from one the most successful OZ bands.

(Chart run: 30*9*5*3*3*5*4*6*7*11*13*18*23*26*43*42*75*84)

49. HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) Eurogliders
(#1 Freakystevie)

Debuting at No.100 in the first week of May 1984, it was inside the Top 10 by mid-June, and reached it's peak of No.2 by mid-July, staying there for 2 non-consecutive weeks, and it became the group from Perth's highest charting single.

WI-50 - 17
WI-10 - 10
Chart Run: 100*--*--*66*46*23*10*06*03*02*03*02*03*04*08*08*16*

48. ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS Kylie Minogue (2000)
Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the album “Light Years”.

The first of two Top 50 entries that didn’t feature in ANYBODY’s Top 10’s,
this cemented Kylie’s third comeback after her relatively (and
arguably) unsuccessful Indie turn. One of the highlights from the
closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

(Chart run: 1*3*5*1*4*6*10*19*20*28*32*35*37*40*49*43*48*57*66*60*77*83)

47. INTO MY ARMS Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
(#5 Joe)

Top 100-10a
Top 50 - 07

Chart Run*26*28*31*37*40*48*49*62*82*--*94*-

Nick Cave's 7th Top 100 Australian Charting single, but only his second and only Top 50 entry.
He last appeared on the Oz Charts in Sept 2004 with "Nature Boy" which hit No.88, and stayed in for a single week.
just rocked up and glad to come in when MR Cave here!!! Hope there is more of him. Hello to everyone.
46. LOVE AN ADVENTURE Pseudo Echo (1986)
(#1 Bulion, #8 Chri8topher)
Highest Chart Position: #6…..from the album “Love An Adventure”.

Possibly Australia’s only entry in the NEW WAVE movement, Pseudo
Echo survive and brought as some of the best OZ pop/rock ever. The
remix of this appears on their “Long Plays” album and features samples
from “Indiana Jones” throughout.

(Chart run: 70*29*15*13*13*7*6*6*9*11*17*22*32*50*56*65*89)

Hi Nubbers, good to see you made it, and welcome to Aus-Charts. Look forward to hearing your comments throughout the day.
I'm here listening to it right now.
Hi everyone, running a little late, but have caught up now. Good to see my #1 scrape in at #100!

I didn't pick any of 50-46 in my chart, but none of them are bad. Love Black and Gold, so am glad it got in, I didn't vote for it personally because being a current song, I didn't really know where to rank it on an all time list.
45. BLACK & GOLD Sam Sparro
(#9 Stampyporter)

Top 100-HP-(2)04*WI-35*
Top 50 - 32*
Top 10 - 5
Digital1- HP-06*WI-25
Digital2- HP-27*WI-11
Top 100-HP-82*WI-06 (Acoustic Version, 28-July-08)

ARIA Award multi-nominee, who is now based in London, came back and camped up the ARIA Awards to try and claim some cheap black-and-gold statues, but to no avail. His follow-up, whilst great, didn't crack the Top 50, "21st Century Life" hit No.52 in it's second week on the charts in mid-September 08.

Sorry, Lifter. Welcome - was busy typing up the list at the beginning to say hi...heh heh.
Hey BlueZombie...yeah congrats on Rob Mills, more so for being to only song I had to buy in order to complete the Top 100-51 montage we played.
I don't know is that's a thanks or not...heh heh.
44. THESE DAYS Powderfinger (2000)
(#4 D Man)
Unreleased as a single…..from the album “Odyssey Number Five”.

Powderfinger’s slow accent to becoming one of Australia’s premier
Bands peaked with the “Odyssey Number Five” album. This track
featured in the late Heath Ledger’s movie “Two Hands”, while at an
international scale, “My Kinda Scene”, from the same album, was on
the “Mission: Impossible 2” soundtrack. Not bad for a Brissy band.

Powderfinger's - These Days was also voted #1 on JJJ Hotest 100 of 1999
Haha chri8topher, it should be a thanks as it is a great song.

These Days is probably my favourite Powderfinger song, but none overly stand out too much, so I didn't pick them at all.
Nobody Sees is my favorite Powderfinger song but is not in my Top 20 favorite Australian songs.
43. SHIVER Natalie Imbruglia
(#6 Brandon, #6 Roydges)

Natalie's only entry to the Top 50, she did manage to also score the No.97 spot with her highest placed charting single, "Torn".


Chart Run: 19*26*23*26*22*26*27*30*34*48*57*63*72*81*81*87*-


Welcome also to everyone who has joined us to help count down the biggest Aussie songs as voted for by yourselves.
Good to see my fav actually made it. I didn't think it would after none of the other published lists did.

It's actually quite a good list so far I like them all.
Shiver is a great song, should have been a huge hit for Natalie, a close second only to Torn for me.
It was on mine freakystevie...the beauty of the secret list!
42. CAN’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD Kylie Minogue (2001)
(#1 Brandon, #6 JMcN)
Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the album “Fever”.

It took 14 years for Kylie to finally reach the album sales she deserved.
“Light Years” sold buckets, but “Fever” came along and sold even more.
It would be an impossible feat for anyone to match the success of
“Locomotion” but she did it with this, showing us along the way new
things to do with white sheets!

(Chart run: 1*1*1*1*2*2*4*7*15*21*27*48*56*60*62*57*74*78*88)

Sorry to those who like it and voted for it, but I hate this song. Always have, always will. First one I don't like so far in our top 50, I just find it irritating and stupid. Kylie has many good and great songs but this isn't one of them.
It's over rated to me aswell bluezombie
For some odd reason I could never enjoy anything Kylie Minogue released. 2 Hearts was a Shocker.
(#7 Rob, #8 Dan)

2nd of three INXS tracks in the Top 50 (they also had No.61 with Pretty Vegas), this was a minor hit in early 1991, but obviously a bigger hit in Rob & Dan's hearts).


Chart Run: 54*33*28*28*28*25*29*23*27*31*29*38*53*62*74*75*-

Arrrgh! It won't let me stream because it won't accept anymore or something.
Actually, I was disappointed that this was the top Kylie song. "Better The Devil You Know" was the classic that should be here instead.

I did have "Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi" at #44! I think it mayhave been pushing it to hope for that to get in...heh heh.
Hang on guys i'm opening the sister station as we speak
Another one by INXS. Too old sounding for my Liking but I have heard Afterglow and it sounds decent.
my mum just had the same problem HiJinx...i told her just to try again and it worked.

I like INXS and nearly everything of theirs, but my favourites are actually Pretty Vegas and Afterglow, both on the JD Fortune album. I also love Never Tear Us Apart though.

I was hoping the top Kylie song would be Where The Wild Roses Grow, I don't think anything she does will top that song.
I had that problem an hour ago but I got out of it and then got back in and it worked.
I know Lifter, "Original Sin" worse than this...I don't think so. With the amount of lists we got, 2 Top 10 placings was really all a song needed.
I tried but it still won't work.
40. PERFECT Vanessa Amorosi (2008)
(#2 JMcN)
Highest Chart Position: #4…..from the album “Somewhere In The Real World”.

The period between Vanessa’s “The Power” and her next “real” album
seemed to be a difficult one. After finally changing management, this was
a “true” comeback. What better way than claiming the most played song
on radio during 2008 with this track.

(Chart run: 23*25*26*11*10*9*7*7*7*4*13*10*11*12*13*18*23*28*28*26*39*
43*44*53*49 R*55*72 R*80)

Last edited:
Ooops Bluezombie...maybe I meant Kylie solo...
The 2nd 2008 song in the Top 50.
Unfortunately the owner of the sister station isn't available at present because of the time difference in the states.
I know there is a couple of U.S listeners on so you'll just have to be patient and hopefully get in soon Hijinx
39. BEDS ARE BURNING Midnight Oil
(#1 Digger, #2 Freakystevie)

The 'Oils had tackled and sung about issues in the past like US Nuclear outposts in our outback, Overseas war issues, and other such topics, but when they toured the outback and saw what was happening locally to the indigenous population, they were moved to pen this second song, having previously sung about it in "The Dead Heart" a year prior. First single from their second No.1 album, "Diesel & Dust".


Chart Run: 19*16*06*06*07*08*06*07*07*08*08*14*16*18*23*29*29*
Excellent chri8topher, I was hoping you'd respond with somtheing of that kind. A great song to look forward to, I did think it would be in here somewhere.

Hmmm, not really a Midnight Oil fan, but this is my favourite of their tracks.
This is actually the 1st time I have ever heard a Midnight Oil song of any kind.
Oh Lifter!!! That's only a good thing for you. You have much to discover.
38. RUN TO PARADISE Choirboys (1987)
(#2 Dan)
Highest Chart Position: #3…..from the album “Big Bad Noise”.

There are those songs that will forever be heard in pubs around this
country, that everyone knows the words to, no matter what age you
are. This is quite possibly the MOST well-known, a suburban tale of
doin-it-tough for the common Aussie to respond to.

(Chart run: 96*60*61*38*24*18*17*10*6*3*5*3*4*4*4*4*4*5*3*4*7*11*13*14*

Last edited:
Impressive chart run.
The beauty of countdowns such as this, is that it opens a whole generation of music to people, whether it be classics to those new to music or recent music to those familiar to the classics. I have already heard a couple of recent and older songs that are new to me...
though i had a few songs outside the requirements i'm glad to see 4 of my songs already in the top 100-40.
(#1 Joe)

The 4th single from "Kick" was the group's 20th single, and their first ballad. Whilst the first three singles from the album all went to Top 10, this one stalled just outside it.


AMR Chart Run: 52*27*27*22*22*11*11*15*20*21*25*28*33*44*45*65*74*-
ARIA Chart Run:

Hi, D Man...most of the songs are worth checking out, even just on YouTube. They must be people's favourites for a reason.
Surprised to see this never went top 10, I would have thought it did. I do like this song a lot.
36. 4EVER The Veronicas (2005)
(#1 Stampyporter)
Highest Chart Position: #2…..from the album “The Secret Life Of…”.

Another successful Brisbane act, Jessica and Lisa, as The Veronicas,
launched themselves into music, clothing and accessories with this
piece of pop/rock. The album would go on to spawn two more Top 10
hits and eventually go 4x Platinum.

(Chart run: 5*7*5*4*5*5*7*5*7*4*2*4*14*25*48*56*63*79*85 R*92)

Looks like you have all given me something to do tonight lol
Chri8topher, can you amend the "Run to Paradise" chart-run field, as it seems to be cut off. If you do layer upon layer it'll fit the screens better.


When I was working in music retail, I once had a 16yo girl come and ask for any music by a group called (as she pronounced it)
inks. I asked what she was talking about, and she replied, 'you know the groups inks, with that pretty song'. I eventually worked out that she was asking for "Pretty Vegas" by INXS, not knowing the way to say it. too funny at the time.
My 2nd Favorite Veronicas song. The other one did not
make the sites Top 100.
Heh heh, bulion...I once put in for an order for an upcoming INXS album, and the lady wrote it as In Excess. It was possibly for their 1992 album, so it's not like they were unknown. She was old.
4Ever is a good song, I like nearly every Veronicas single, this would be my third favourite (behind Untouched and When It All Falls Apart.) Hoping to hear Untouched a little later on....
from two brisbane girls, to two boys...

35. I KNEW I LOVED YOU Savage Garden
(#1 BeansterBarnes, #2 Nateboi)

The first of five songs in the Top 50 for the brisbane-boys.


Chart Run: 05*07*06*04*08*06*06*09*12*15*16*20*24*21*
Not surprised to hear there's a lot more of Savage Garden to come, bulion. I'm thinking To The Moon And Back will be #1. This just missed my top 50, but I'm happy to see it get in overall.
This song is dedicated to my 1st son, it was released the week he was born.
I gussed BeansterBarnes favorite Savage Garden song right. He He.
I think BeansterBarnes has a lot to answer for for this one...heh heh. As good as Savage Garden were, this was predictible dribble.

Sorry, BB.

That said, when you play them all in a countdown with great songs like this, it hides the shame. I'm still swaying along.
Didn't read about your son when I was writing it.

Sorry, but I still mean it...heh heh.
I love hearing the reasons behind people's selections. Very interesting indeed....
34. FRONTIER PSYCHIATRIST The Avalanches (2000)
(#8 HiJinx)
Highest Chart Position: #49…..from the album “Since I Left You”.

Taking my #100-#51 Oz chart montage to the extreme, The Avalanches
are the professionals and brought home ARIA awards for their efforts.

(Chart run: 59*59*61*67*66*70*49*65*67*82*89)

I get the feeling that this countdown is going to go decidely "recent" towards the end. Still good though and also that a few oldies have made it in as well.

I have to admit I've never heard this Avalanches song. I'm not a big Triple J fan so that's probably why.
Interesting to hear this song again, I hated it upon my first time hearing it on it's release, and never listened to it all the way through ever again. Until now I guess. I still feel the same way.
This song is annoying. Sorry to those who voted for it.
33. WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
(#3 Stampyporter)

When Nick Cave had the idea to do an album of murder ballads, he also though about doing a duet with a pop princess, something out of her normal element. When he approached Kylie about doing this song, she jumped at the chance, as she had loved his work for years. This is the second and last hits in the Top 50 for both of these artists.


Chart Run: 02*03*03*05*09*13*20*24*35*43*47*47*47*48*68*78*89
It's strange that's it's a bit catchy, but I think the attraction with this is that so many samples have been used. I've done a little bit of this stuff, and it's really hard.
How you going HiJinx...you on yet?
I'm still trying, but it's still not accepting me
I love this song, it's easily the best thing either of them have done and will ever do. It got me to pay more attention to both of them from then on.
Is nick the first one with multiple entries so far?
Sorry but this song is no good. IMO.
If I was rich I could call you and have it play through my phone!...heh heh.
Nubbers, Kylie has had 3 in the top 50, and INXS have had two as well as Nick Cave. So far...
Last edited:
32. THE OTHERS TV Rock vs. Dukes Of Windsor (2007)
(#5 Martin)
Highest Chart Position: #10

One of the most played songs on radio in 2007, Dukes Of Windsor teamed
up with TV Rock to bring us this “spooky” track with schizophrenic vocals.

(Chart run: 15*15*15*15*15*14*17*19*15*12*10*13*16*15*21*27*31*32*35*
45*52*58*66*69*78*99*91*91*93*99*99 R*95)

My 2nd Favorite TV Rock song. It did not make my Top 20 Fav Aus Songs.
Yeah Nubbers, Nick, Kylie and INXS are our multi's.

And I got the Chart run thing under control, bulion - you know I'm gonna really need it for upcoming songs!!!
Last edited:
Guess i coulda looked that up myself.... . Here's hoping Nick kicks Kylie's arse.....
I like The Others OK, but it is not a patch on Flaunt It (hopefully to come!)
Flaunt It is AWSOME!!!!.
31. AFFIRMATION Savage Garden
(#3 Craig II)

2nd of 5, this was the title track of the duo's second album, and the follow-up (in chart order) of the No.35 single, "I Knew I Loved You".

17-Jan-00*HP-16*WI.100-21*WI.50-16*EP-22 (95 for 2000)

Chart Run: 22*20*17*16*17*22*35*37*38*49*36*32*41*45*50*58*50*
Affirmation is an alright song, but nothing special to me. Savage Garden never had a song I didn't like, but this is one of my least favourites. I do have a soft spot for it though, as it was used as a prank on someone back in high school days.
bluezombie...don't leave us hanging...explain!
30. ONE CROWDED HOUR Augie March (2007)
(#6 HiJinx, #8 BlueZombie)
Highest Chart Position: #29…..from the album “Moo, You Bloody Choir”.

A surprise (well, for me) JJJ Hottest 100 #1 for 2006, this song was
apparently inspired by a book frontman Glenn Richards found while
housesitting for Deborah Conway.

(Chart run: 37*43*38*37*39*46*46*97*35*33*37*44*42*46*40*45*45*54*58*
69*55*57*70*89*91 R*61*64*67*63*35*61*69*80*79*82*84*88*

Yuck. Hate this song One Crowded Hour. It annoyed me in 2006 when it continously re entered the ARIA Top 50.
Wow, 60 weeks, that's pretty impressive
Yes impressive for such a lame song. IMO.
29. WAKE UP The Living End
(#7 Digger, #8 Lifter100)

First of two tracks in the Top 50 for the Melbourne beat-boys...


Chart Run:05*16*23*24*28*34*36*40*40*50*54*69*77*68*82*
A question. How many lists did you get in the end?
Well, in our health class we were discussing mental health and positivity and all that, we were paired up and each given a line of 'Affirmation' to say what we thought the writer of the song was meaning by it. I was paired with a girl who was not the brightest bulb, and our lyric was 'I believe you can't appreciate real love until you've been burned.' Somehow I managed to convince her that what they were trying to say was that they believe you can't appreciate love until you've been set on fire. She fell for it, and actually stood up in front of the class and announced that. At which point she realised how stupid she was to believe that, and everyone dissolved into fits of laughter, teacher included.

Wish One Crowded Hour had been higher, it's such a beautiful song, I hated Augie March before it, and didn't initially give it a chance, but when I heard it I was hooked. It's complicated, brilliant and beautiful.
You still there HiJinx - not on yet?

At least I can listen to this on iTunes and pretend that I'm listening to the countdown
My #8. My favorite Living End Song by far.
My mum just left - so go!

Apparently the host site can only broadcast to a certain amount of people. My mum was listening between the tennis, but you're more important for this.

Try again now.
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I got 22 lists - 5 more than Best of 2008. Pretty Good I think.
Don't mind 'Wake Up' it is one of the better Living End songs, but not overly special.
28. FLAME TREES Cold Chisel (1984)
(#2 Daicos, #7 FreakyStevie)
Highest Chart Position: #26…..from the album “Twentieth Century”.

The “flame tree” refers to a common tree found in the NSW town of
Grafton, where the song is apparently set. A song that has been covered
many times, the best of which is Jimmy’s acoustic take from his “Flesh &
Wood” album.

(Chart run: 49*49*37*29*26*26*31*31*42*46*59*60*88)

I'm not a huge fan of The Living End, but I have noticed an evolution and a maturity in their later material as compared to their early stuff, such as Prisoner Of Society, which is my favourite Living End song.
That one is my 2nd favorite Living End song.
This is actually the first time I've heard the original version of this song.
Surprised also to see that Flame Trees only peaked at #26, it's such a good song, and so popular still that I would have thought it would have been a bigger hit.
Guess who also bagged a place when someone left...
heh heh...hey Craig II. That means 12 voters didn't get in.
haha congratulations to you then
27. HOLY GRAIL Hunters & Collectors
#15-Craig II, #33 HiJinx, #22 Rob, #20 Clinton, #11 D-Man, but not in anybody's Top 10 as such.

Single No.17 for the Melbourne group who had been charting since early 1982. My personal fave is "Talking to a Stranger", but if you don't like this one, there is another H&C track coming up, in fact it's at one of the positions listed above in the predictions.

11-Apr-93*HP-(2)20*WI.100-28*WI.50-14*EP-65 (73 of 1993)
it did also take two months before it entered the Top 50...

Chart Run: 65*58*56*54*51*59*57*55*47*31*26*24*22*22*20*20*26*
This song always reminds me of September - AFL finals
As bulion said, the highest song to not appear in anyone's Top 10. Just goes to show how important the lower regions of the voting lists are!
Probably because they were playing it before every finals match in 2006 I think it was.
26. ONE SUMMER Daryl Braithwaite (1989)
(#4 FreakyStevie, #5 Rob)
Highest Chart Position: 8…..from the album “edge”.

Another great Aussie summer songs, this time a little less subtle!
After “As The Days Go By” narrowly missed the Top 10, reaching #11,
“Summer” reached the Top 10 and Daryl’s comeback was complete.

(Chart run: 76*66*42*38*15*17*18*13*11*11*8*9*10*12*15*17*24*33*43*

Holy Grail only peaked at #20? That's a shock too. Great song.

Don't mind Daryl Braithwaite, but he's a bit bland I find.
Yeah, Channel 10 used it in their coverage from 2002-2006
Halfway through the countdown now. 25 to go.
Get your air gutairs out for this one.
(#1 HiJinx, #8 Roydges, #9 Clinton)

What a classic!!!, and the trio's highest placed song in our count down. This really set a benchmarch for longevity in the charts, and when Chri8topher does his "Longest Running Fun Countdown" soon, you'll see how high it places.

23-Nov-97*HP-(4)05*WI.100-68*WI.50-47*WI.10-14.EP-85 (No.06 for 1998)

Chart Run.....:85*97*86*81*69*67*63*53*43*45*47*39*32*
Check out "Prisoner Of Society" Guitar Hero style on YouTube (well, I'm hoping it's there). If anyone plays GH and rides a BMX, you'll love it!!!
24. NO SECRETS The Angels (1980)
(#3 Joe)
Highest Chart Position: #8…..from the album “Dark Room”.

If you were looking for something just a notch under AC/DC, The Angels
were the band for you. Heavy, poppy, and maybe sometimes a little crazy,
Doc Neeson and his crew gave us a solid 25 years of hits with over 30
Singles reaching the Australian Top 100.

(Chart run: 35*16*11*11*8*9*8*9*8*8*15*18*21*28*37*50*65)

This is a strange entry (in that I didn't think it would be this popular), but it's great to hear it here. Keeps all the genres in check!!!
23. SO BEAUTIFUL Pete Murray
(#2 BlueZombie, #2 Rob, #9 Clinton)

Pete's first true chart single was his first (and so far) and only Top 10 hit, helped by being played to death on radio throughout 2004, but still in the hearts of the above Top 10 nominations!!!

26-Jan-04*HP-(2)09*WI.100-30*WI.50-24*WI.10-05*EP-19 (21 of 2004)

Chart Run:19*17*14*13*09*09*11*10*13*11*13*10*10*14*
Doc, it's 6:12pm
It is time for #23.
Was within a whisker of being my #1, but I decided at the last minute to go with Rob Mills. This is an excellent song. Pity all he's done since is try to recreate it and the entire Feeler album over and over.
The 20's are pretty awesome so far. Some REAL "Classics" in here. A lot better than the 30's.
It's 5:14pm here in QLD. (Daylight savings dosn't apply here.
This is a song I dedicate to a young lady named Ashlee from Sydney's western suburbs, god she was beautiful but boy did she play the role so well & knew it
Last edited:
5:45pm in SA
The next song goes out to Nubbers - and her crew partying in Bundaberg!
Saving Grace was my 16th favorite song of 2008.
22. SOUNDS OF THEN GANGgajang (1985)
(#3 Bulion, #6 Nubbers, #8 FreakyStevie)
Highest Chart Position: #35…..from the album “GANGgajang”.

There’s no better lyric to describe Aussie life than this track from
Melbourne’s GANGgajang. This song was inspired by the area
around Bundaberg in QLD, where Mark Callaghan had moved to from
England. Bundaberg just happens to be the place where I was born!

(Chart run: 81 R*87*80*54*52*44*35*36*42*52*61*79)

UGH! I hate Black Betty! It's atrocious!
21. BLACK BETTY Spiderbait
(#10 Daicos, #10 Martin)

When Blues-legend Leadbelly wrote this song in the 1940's I don't think he would've known it would become a 70's disco song, an 80's acid-track, and an Aussie rock-anthem in the future. Ram Jam did the first version of this, which was remixed again in the late 80's, but Spiderbait took it back to it's roots, and added some good old-fashioned Aussie-rock-balls to it, to finally take it to the top of the charts.

22-Mar-04*HP-(3)01*WI.100-20*WI.50-18*WI.10-12*EP-12 (No.3 for 2004)

Chart Run:12*15*10*04*06*05*03*03*02*01*01*01*03*04*
Not a fan of most of the 20s... but things just got better...
Last edited:
you've got another BUndy girl here! This song just happens to be describing the weather here perfectly. And i'm on the patio drinking,....perfect
The Top 20 next. Who will make it in at #20. Minitues until we find out.
I didn't want to include covers in my list, but couldn't resist this song - it's all about the tambourine!!!
I'm for one glad it faded off quickly, to this day i'm still indisbelief this actually went #1
20. RECKLESS Australian Crawl (1983)
(#7 SavageGrant)
Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the EP “Semantics”.

If GANGgajang were singing about Australia’s rural area, Australian
Crawl took care of the city side of things. A great duo of songs. This
one detailing Sydney’s landmarks, was quite a bit darker than “Gang”,
maybe saying something in the meantime?

(Chart run: 9*4*4*2*2*2*2*1*3*5*6*7*7*7*10*15*21*25*32*51*
I agree BB, I knew Black Betty would be a #1, but I certainly wish it hadn't.

I really like Reckless, glad it made the top 20.
spiderbaits' version is ok, but it's nearly a repelica of the original by ramjam.
19. ELECTRIC BLUE Icehouse
(#1 Nateboi, #6 FreakyStevie)

Icehouse had been a pop/synth band, first known as Flowers in 1980, but had to change their name to Icehouse due to another band being called 'Flowers'.
They went pure-pop with their 1987 album "Man of Colours", which featured firstly the Top 5 single "Crazy", and then came their first (and only) No.1 single here. It also became a big hit in the US, reaching No.7 in April 1988


Chart Run:52*20*11*05*03*03*02*02*02*02*02*01*03*04*

Chri8topher, can you take over from here, and I'll be back in half-an-hour, as Chartifacts are due now. Gav

It amuses me that someone that has James Reyne's vocals can be so successful and have classic songs. I think that what we identify as Aussie - the down to earth quality of songs. Well, the 80's and early 90's stuff anyway.
Hmmm... I've heard Reckless before, but only now do I know what song it is. Pretty good...
No probs bulion, but you're on a strict time limit, I'm leaving at 7!!!
My 2nd Favorite song from the 1980's and by Icehouse. Such a good track.
In to the teens. Time to predict the Number 1. I'm going for "Forever Young - Youth Group"
I will also predit it to go #1. A masterpiece, true perfection.
When my family got their first video camera - back in 1988 - me, my brothers and cousins set up in the backyard as Icehouse as this was the song we mimed to. If only that footage was still alive! The shame!!!

Actually, I was the cameraman - so none on me...heh heh!
18. VOODOO CHILD Rogue Traders (2005)
(#7 Martin, #10 D Man)
Highest Chart Position: #4…..from the album “Here Come The Drums”.

Sampling Elvis Costello’s “Pump It Up”, Rogue Traders introduced the
charts to Natalie Bassthing, Basingthww, well, Natalie, who was yet
another Neighbours star to jump over to the pop charts.

(Chart run: 20*13*9*10*7*7*5*6*5*5*4*6*9*9*15*16*15*22*24*

I said earlier I think it'll be To The Moon and Back, sticking with that.
Yes I've always thought that the record company exec should have convinced Nat to use an easier name to pronounce
17. GREAT SOUTHERN LAND Icehouse (1982)
(#5 Bulion, #8 Joe, #10 Lifter100)
Highest Position: #5…..from the album “Primitive Man”.

We’ve had the rural Australia, the city Australia, now the land itself.
The song speaks for itself, but its use in the Yahoo Serious film, “Young
Einstein”, really brought the song to life. The baron desert couple with
Iva Davies immortal classic is a beautiful marriage.

(Chart run: 34*16*11*8*6*5*11*11*15*20*33*43*61*78*85*87)

So, two guesses so far for #1 - Forever Young and To The Moon & Back. So will it be one of those two, or a dark horse?

Apologies to whoever's place I took... no apologies if you left because you weren't enjoying it!
great song
By far my favorite song from the 1980's. What a track, makes you feel proud to be an Australian.
I had "Street Cafe" from the same album in my Top 10 - a brilliant song. But, if anything's gonna say "Australia" well, this is really the one!
I remember I performed this song on stage at my Year 12 graduation night with the school band. (Yes I sing too). Was soooo terrified about performing in front of everyone, but pulled it off nicely.
16. I WANT YOU Savage Garden (1996)
(#2 SavageGrant, #4 Roydges, #8 Brandon)
Highest Chart Position: #4…..from the album “Savage Garden”.

The most successful of the Brissy acts (Logan to be exact), Savage
Garden’s short run of two albums was truly amazing, hitting Top 10
release after release! This was the first of many.

(Chart run: 55*27*20*11*6*6*6*4*4*4*6*7*6*7*10*13*17*19*
15. BETTER The Screaming Jets (1991)
(#5 Dan)
Highest Chart Position: #4…..from the album “All For One”.

I didn't have anything prepared for this one - ummmm, it's "better"
than #50-#16???

(Chart run: 26*23*17*17*13*10*9*6*4*5*4*5*7*8*8*19*24*

Last edited:
I really love this song, every time I hear it grows on me more and more. Not bad for an 18 year old song. I was hoping that it'd get in the top 10, a lot of people voted for it, but not highly enough I guess.
14. SO BEAUTIFUL Darren Hayes (2005)
(#3 SavageGrant, #5 Chri8topher, #5 D Man)
Highest Chart Position: #7…..from the album “Truly Madly Deeply”.

After a bitter break-up, Darren Hayes went solo, but still offered us
something new for the band’s Greatest Hits package. Quite simply a
beautiful song that highlighted why we love Darren’s voice.

(Chart run: 7*12*14*18*21*25*47*56*60*60*70*76*81*88 R*94)

number 1....don;t recall seeing the downunder song on many peoples lists, but thought that would've been a good candidate. maybe khe sahn, or is that too obvious?
Yeah, Nubbers, "Down Under" was poorly represented and Khe Sahn to old for this list.

Maybe next year!?!
Yeah, I forgot it was released in 1981. I would've put it in my list
@ nubbers

Khe Sahn was not counted as it was pre 1980 (1978 to be exact)
Down Under from Men At Work i think has been over-looked completely surprisingly
I still find it odd that this song was written for his current husband
13. TRULY MADLY DEEPLY Savage Garden (1997)
(#2, D Man, #4 SavageGrant)
Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the album “Savage Garden”.

The band’s second #1. If that doesn’t say I didn’t have anything
prepared for this song, then I don’t know!...heh heh.

(Chart run: 13*7*2*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*2*2*3*3*4*6*6*14*17*19*

This was also the song the made it in the U.S for them.

It went #1 in the U.S, the first act since Men At Work ironically.
From all the Savage Garden songs I have heard so far , I would say that this one is my favorite one.
12. DON’T HOLD BACK The Potbelleez (2007)
(#7 Dan, #8 Stampyporter, #9 Rob)
Highest Chart Position: #8…..from the album “The Potbelleez”.

The Potbelleez are half Irish and half Aussie, but we’ll claim them all
for today’s countdown. This track has only just left the Top 100 after
65 weeks!

(Chart run: (get ready for this!!!) 36*31*27*26*25*14*10*
*55*58*60*79 R*98*99*64*78*79*46*61*49*71*87*47*60*
Awesome to have the Potbelleez so high. I normally don't like this kind of music, but this is an excellent track.
11. THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND ME Hunters & Collectors (1986)
(#1 Rob, #1 D Man, #2 Joe)
Highest Chart Position: #49…..from the album “Human Frailty”.

(Chart run: 78*81*71*52*63*49*62*52*79)
(Chart run 1990 Remix: 68*64*56*49*49*49*46*40*37*38*34*
For an awesome live version of this, seek Pearl Jam's version with front-man Mark Seymore. It's just breath taking
Good to see the 2 most likely songs to go #1 on this site are both in the Top 10. Where will they end up. We will find out soon.
Well sadly kids, I'm outta here - work calls! Boo!!!

BeansterBarnes will do the rest of my posts so don't blame him for the spelling mistakes - cut to BB adding in spelling mistakes!

After work tonight, I will post the final Top 50 list with points because I know some of you will be interested how close it was - and it was!!!

I'll also post a Top 50 Artist countdown according to the posts.

Have a great Top 10 and thanks for listening.


P.S. Craig II...I have two words for you! "Dark Horse"!


10. THE SPECIAL TWO Missy Higgins (2005)

(#3 JMcN, #6 D Man, #8 Martin)

Highest Chart Position: #2…..from the album “The Sound Of White”.

An apology from Missy to her sister, Nicola, “The Special Two” begins

our Top 10 on a quieter note, that will no doubt explode into some huge

hits. Almost there!!!

(Chart run: 2*6*5*7*5*8*10*10*12*11*15*20*23*28*30*35*37*

41*50*53*57*68*86*77*98*90*100 R*100*92*85*97 R*100*97)


Damn, forgot to include this in my top 50...

Edit: having seen Chri8's post: Damn it!!!
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God I hate this song. Boring.
I love this song, very happy to see it in the top 10.
09. THE VERONICAS - Untouched

Currently breaking the U.S as we speak

(#2 Martin, #6 Rob, #6 Stampyporter, #7 D Man)


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Hated this song since I first heard it back in late 2007. My 2nd least favorite Veronicas song after Revoution.
9. UNTOUCHED The Veronicas
(#2 Martin, #6 Rob, #6 Stampyporter, #7 D Man)

Digital Sales-HP-(4)02*WI-33
Physical Sales-HP-(2)02*WI-22
Untouched NEVER grew on me. It will remain awful forever. IMO.

8. FLAUNT IT TV Rock (2006)

(#3 Rob, #4 Dan, #5 Lifter100)

Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the album “Sunshine City”.

It sounds like an old Hollywood movie story. No one wanted to “buy”

“Flaunt It” so DJ’s Grant Smilie and Ivan Gough started their own

company – Bimbo Rock – and their track eventually went on to become

the biggest selling Australia song of that year.

(Chart run: 3*2*1*1*1*1*2*1*2*3*2*2*2*3*4*4*5*8*7*9*9*



60*61*57*64*73*84*80*85*89 R*97*98*97 R*89)


YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!! My #5. This track is so Awsome.
Awesome placing for Untouched. Happy with this one too. I didn't include it on my list as it was too new for me to say it was an all-time song, but it will be once time passes.

So, still to come: Flaunt It, Forever Young, To The Moon and Back. Black Fingernails Red Wine, Lost Without You. My People? To Her Door? Can't think of any others.

Flaunt It is #8, 7 left!
7. MY PEOPLE The Presets
(#3 Roydges, #5 HiJinx)

ARIA Award winners The Presets reallymade Aussie dance music their own in 2008, and this was their trump-card. It finally hit's No.14 peak the week after the swept the ARIA's.

# = still charting.
Chart Run:75*54*55*60*76*58*52*41*30*30*28*24*19*19*
Here is one of the ones you said Bluezombie. My People. Somehow this song grew on me over a long period of time.

6. TO THE MOON AND BACK Savage Garden (1996)

(#1 SavageGrant, #4 Digger)

Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the album “Savage Garden”.

The Garden’s first #1 snuck in for one week before being overtaken by

a barrage of huge and long running #1’s that was par for the course

during 1997.

(Chart run: 38*16*6*4*4*2*1*3*6*6*9*6*7*7*15*18*16*16*

18*21*25*27*25*27*30*33*38*49*45*47*56*62*88*93*92 R*92)


The list definitely shows the "youth" factor at play here. With the Top 10 all being songs released over the last few years.
Wow, only #6 for To The Moon and Back, that's a surprise. I noticed the hint that it wasn't #1 but I still would have guessed 2 or 3.

5 to go then. I have liked all of the top 10 so far, so hopefully that keeps up.

I'll change my #1 guess to Lost Without You, just to stay different.
Now we know tha the #1 is not To The Moon And Back.
Just got awake and listening the Top 7.

Hello from Switzerland!
Welcome Steffen
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5. LOST WITHOUT YOU Delta Goodrem
(#4 Martin, #6 SavageGrant)

Single No.3 for Delta (I Don't Care was first), became her second straight No.1, and was her first to debut at the top.

10-Mar-03*HP-(2)01*WI.100-32*WI.50-18*WI.10-12*EP-01 (No.7 of 2003)

Wow, that's a shock!

Bluezombie thinks the #1 is "Lost Without You"
while Freakystevie1 has mentioned the "youth" factor...
But how many youth factors are there...?

Edit: Great guessing, Bluezombie... How about some AFL futures? joking of course
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The other non-2000's song in the Top 10 is up next
OK, maybe I should stop guessing the number 1 I'm guessing the top 4 in some order is To Her Door (non 2000's so #4) Straight Lines, Forever Young and Black Fingernails Red Wine. Straight Lines for #1 is my new guess.

4. THE HORSES Daryl Braithwaite (1991)

(#1 Dan, #4 Rob, #6 Nateboi)

Highest Chart Position: #1…..from the album “Rise”.

A cover or the 1989 Rickie Lee Jones track, Daryl brought it to our

attention and to #1 two years later. Featuring Margaret Urlich on

backing vocals, the film clip featured a very different looking woman

miming them. Shame on you Daryl after the Black Box fiasco!

(Chart run: 99*62*57*38*37*25*15*13*8*8*5*3*3*2*1*1*2*



Completely unknown here in Switzerland.


Maybe on your next countdown, you can paste the links here and the members here can review the songs. It will make a bit attraction of the songs also in the other countries.
Haha, while I'm guessing stuff, Melbourne are going to win the AFL premiership this year, Rabbitohs the NRL, and the Aus Open will be won by Roddick and Dokic.

Horses did pretty well, I remember thinking of it when One Summer was played, but promptly forgot again. 3 to go!
3. FOREVER YOUNG Youth Group
(#1 Lifter100, #4 Nateboi, #5 Craig II, #5 Brandon, #9 D Man)

A pure one-hit wonder, thrice!!! Alphaville were the first act to chart with this in 1985 (No.47), then it was techno-ed in 1995 by Interactive (No.15), but when it was slowed down to a ballad, Oz locals Youth Group took it all the way to the top of the charts. It was also the first No.1 on the download chart in April 06

13-Mar-06*HP-(2)01*WI.100-28*WI.50-22*WI.10-15*EP-02 (No.7 for 2006)
Digital:HP-(5)01*WI-43 (yes this is correct)

Pretty close, but still that's me wrong - Black Fingernails Red Wine #1 then
MY FAVORITE SONG OF ALL TIME. Not just fav Aus song.
Forever young I want to be forever young, do you really want to live forever, forever forever.


(#1 JMcN, #3 Lifter100, #8 Digger)

Highest Chart Position: #6…..from the album “Black Fingernails, Red Wine”.

Perth’s Eskimo Joe are on the same road as Powderfinger. Little band

gets bigger (and better) with every album. After nabbing an ARIA for

Song Of The Year with this, I’m tipping the next album to be “the one”.

(Chart run: 13*9*9*9*7*6*6*7*6*8*11*13*14*16*20*30*29*



66*63*63*68*72*78*80*91*78*77*91*95 R*97 R*100 R*89 R*97)


So, everyone thought it would be Forever Young vs TTM&B, but it's Black Fingernails Red Wine vs Straight Lines... Both okay songs IMO

I'm tipping Black Fingernails (and wishing the countdown ended at #3 )

Edit: God damn it, I posted a few seconds too late...
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wrong again oh i give up
My favorite song by my favorite Australian band. Such a good song.

I'm keeping the station open for a few hours yet & playing even more AUSSIE hits.

Request your songs here or memo me.

Also you can find me on MSN or E-mail

Damn, I don't think ANYONE other than Bluezombie (on his third guess) guessed Straight Lines! I'm glad it's not BFRW though - hugely overrated IMO.
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This is an excellent song, I'm very glad it made it to #2. And even more so that it seems with my third guess at #1 I was right! Though I do think BF,RW is the better song.
1. STRAIGHT LINES Silverchair
(#2 Stampyporter, #2 Chri8topher, #4 JMcN, #7 Nubbers)

Not only did it create new history for the band, by helping Silverchair to become the first group since The Seekers and The Easybeats in the 1960's to have three No.1's in their home country, it also became a massive long-chart-running anthem for the group.
Three weeks before it officially hit the Top 100, it debuted at No.2 on downloads, taking the top spot the next week for six straight weeks. It debuted on the charts at No.1 on March 19th, staying in the Top 10 for 11 weeks. It also helped the group to sweep the 2007 ARIA Awards.

(No.4 for 2007, highest placed local act that year)

Chart Run:
BLOODY BRILLIANT....a good ending to, for me, a less than fabulous top ten.
At least it's one of my favourite bands

Fantastic top ten, but an underwhelming top 2 for me
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Great countdown.

If you ever want to do another "favs" countdown you could always use the data on the threads I've tried to get going - Personal Top 50's of 2000's, 1990's, 1980's, 1970's - CHECK THEM OUT!!!!. We'd need more lists though to make it have some REAL meaning.
I hate this song with a passion, was so glad to see it miss out on Hottest 100 by 13 votes, one of them being mine
Words can not describe how much Staight lines got played on radio. All the time for so long. It was radio madness.
We may be looking at that in the near future freakystevie1
(#3 Chri8topher, #9 Freakystevie)
49. HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) Eurogliders
(#1 Freakystevie)
48. ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS Kylie Minogue
47. INTO MY ARMS Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
(#5 Joe)
(#1 Bulion, #8 Chri8topher)
45. BLACK & GOLD Sam Sparro
(#9 Stampyporter)
44. THESE DAYS Powderfinger
(#4 D Man)
43. SHIVER Natalie Imbruglia
(#6 Brandon, #6 Roydges)
42. CAN’T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD Kylie Minogue
(#1 Brandon, #6 JMcN)
(#7 Rob, #8 Dan)
40. PERFECT Vanessa Amorosi
(#2 JMcN)
39. BEDS ARE BURNING Midnight Oil
(#1 Digger, #2 Freakystevie)
38. RUN TO PARADISE Choirboys
(#2 Dan)
(#1 Joe)
36. 4EVER The Veronicas
(#1 Stampyporter)
35. I KNEW I LOVED YOU Savage Garden
(#1 BeansterBarnes, #2 Nateboi)
(#8 HiJinx)
33. WHERE THE WILD ROSES GROW Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue
(#3 Stampyporter)
32. THE OTHERS TV Rock vs. Dukes Of Windsor
(#5 Martin)
31. AFFIRMATION Savage Garden
(#3 Craig II)
30. ONE CROWDED HOUR Augie March
(#6 HiJinx, #8 BlueZombie)
29. WAKE UP The Living End
(#7 Digger, #8 Lifter100)
28. FLAME TREES Cold Chisel
(#2 Daicos, #7 FreakyStevie)
27. HOLY GRAIL Hunters & Collectors
26. ONE SUMMER Daryl Braithwaite
(#4 FreakyStevie, #5 Rob)
(#1 HiJinx, #8 Roydges, #9 Clinton)
24. NO SECRETS The Angels
(#3 Joe)
23. SO BEAUTIFUL Pete Murray
(#2 BlueZombie, #2 Rob, #9 Clinton)
(#3 Bulion, #6 Nubbers, #8 FreakyStevie)
21. BLACK BETTY Spiderbait
(#10 Daicos, #10 Martin)
20. RECKLESS Australian Crawl
(#7 SavageGrant)
19. ELECTRIC BLUE Icehouse
(#1 Nateboi, #6 FreakyStevie)
18. VOODOO CHILD Rogue Traders
(#7 Martin, #10 D Man)
(#5 Bulion, #8 Joe, #10 Lifter100)
16. I WANT YOU Savage Garden
(#2 SavageGrant, #4 Roydges, #8 Brandon)
15. BETTER The Screaming Jets
(#5 Dan)
14. SO BEAUTIFUL Darren Hayes
(#3 SavageGrant, #5 Chri8topher, #5 D Man)
13. TRULY MADLY DEEPLY Savage Garden
(#2, D Man, #4 SavageGrant)
12. DON’T HOLD BACK The Potbelleez
(#7 Dan, #8 Stampyporter, #9 Rob)
11. THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND ME Hunters & Collectors
(#1 Rob, #1 D Man, #2 Joe)
10. THE SPECIAL TWO Missy Higgins
(#3 JMcN, #6 D Man, #8 Martin)
9. UNTOUCHED The Veronicas
(#2 Martin, #6 Rob, #6 Stampyporter, #7 D Man)
(#3 Rob, #4 Dan, #5 Lifter100)
7. MY PEOPLE The Presets
(#3 Roydges, #5 HiJinx)
6. TO THE MOON & BACK Savage Garden
(#1 SavageGrant, #4 Digger)
5. LOST WITHOUT YOU Delta Goodrem
(#4 Martin, #6 SavageGrant)
4. THE HORSES Daryl Braithwaite
(#1 Dan, #4 Rob, #6 Nateboi)
3. FOREVER YOUNG Youth Group
(#1 Lifter100, #4 Nateboi, #5 Craig II, #5 Brandon, #9 D Man)
(#1 JMcN, #3 Lifter100, #8 Digger)
1. STRAIGHT LINES Silverchair
(#2 Stampyporter, #2 Chri8topher, #4 JMcN, #7 Nubbers)
Straight Lines is a good #1, a good top 10 overall I think. Great countdown everyone, thanks to all for voting and providing interesting commentary today.

Mostly a big thanks to bulion, chri8topher and BB for all their hard work compiling the chart, broadcasting and providing the chartifacts. Great work!
A big thankyou and congratulations to the people behind this countdown, fabulous idea and fabulous countdown. Will be here next year for same again!
Good countdown. Very happy that 2 of my favorites were in the sites Top 3. Enjoyed disscusing it with everyone here.
Fantastic work, bulion, Chri8 and BB - thank you for a great countdown! And good on everyone who voted, listened and commented!
YES! I got a song at #2!
Good to see everyone enjoyed the ending. Bulion's already posted the final countdown so I won't bother doing it again with points.

I'll say, though, the Top 3 was very close, as you would guess. No one voted "Straight Lines" as their #1, but reached #1 overall. Sorta cool, that, like a combined #1 for the site that no one can claim as their own.

The points for the Top 3 were...

1. STRAIGHT LINES Silverchair (6495)
3. FOREVER YOUNG Youth Group (6351)

...which means Eskimo Joe needed another placing at only #50, or Youth Group another placing at #42 (at best) to claim top spot. Very close indeed, and another example of how those votes in the #40's CAN make a difference.
After adding ALL the points together, this was the outcome for...


35. AC/DC
38. 1927
45. GANGgajang
New Zealand's Waitangi Day is just around the corner on February 6.

Next up, a countdown for the top New Zealand performed songs? Anyone?

And before you say no, just think about all the good music such as Crowded House that would've made this countdown but sadly missed out? This would give them another chance...
@ Morgan

If you want to contact me off line by e-mail I could sort out something for the 8th of Febuary reguarding a New Zealand based countdown.
Maybe we could line something up with the Kiwi site
Nice countdown. I like most of the songs in it. Can't stand the #1 though and disappointed that "To the Moon and Back" didn't make the Top 3, of course, but you get that.

Just a note on Darren Hayes' "So Beautiful": The version that ended up on the album isn't great. Darren has since admitted that it was a bad choice. The version on the single is ok but a much better version appeared on numerous promo releases.

You can listen to it in 32kbps AAC here...

If only I had voted in time To the moon and back was my #1. Might have elevated into the top 3 or even higher.
Hmmmm.... No Toni Pearen in the Countdown.... She wants us but obviously not enough of us want her... I still love you Toni

Well, I've looked at the New Zealand site and hardly anyone posts there. The Australian website seems to have heaps of comments every day while the New Zealand site has comments about 3 weeks apart and hardly anything. It wouldn't attract an audience on that site.

And like I said, people were having a hard time leaving off bands like Crowded House and Zed and all kinds of bands for the Australian countdown. This would give people a chance to compare their other Tasman favorites against everyone elses.

By the way, I cannot really email you right now because the bananas in pyjamas are coming round to our house this afternoon.
After Australia Day, iTunes had many re-entries of the classics. Some we got in our Top 50, and some where shamefully overlooked...

This is the 8 that re-entered in order of highest position...

1. DOWN UNDER Men At Work
2. FOREVER YOUNG Youth Group
3. THROW YOUR ARMS AROUND ME Hunters & Collectors
5. YOU'RE THE VOICE John Farnham
7. HOLY GRAIL Hunters & Collectors
8. TRUE BLUE John Williamson

We had 4 of those in our Top 50 so we're half way there!
I can't believe NO-ONE listed Down Under (at least on the lists posted publicly in this thread anyway). I simply forgot to, but it wouldn't have made a difference, coming in the 40s.
"Down Under" was in the shortlist for my Top 100 but missed the cut. I think its lack of representation in our charts indicates that the song is somewhat overrated. heh
I know that lots of ppl think it's overrated, but absolutely no-one listing it? I never expected that!
I think most people like Down Under, but it's one of those songs that I think a lot of people don't exactly love or would name as one of their favourites.

However I do remember when I was overeseas with a couple a friends a few years ago, we heard it on the radio and we were all sang along quite proudly (and embarrasingly loudly too). So I think most people have a soft spot for it, but if I had done a Top 100 it probably would of come fairly low down (somewhere in 80's).
Down Under is an OK song but I would not consider it good enough to be on any list. But it would be good enough to be my 3rd favorite song from the 1980's.
For me Down Under was on my shortlis as well, but got eliminated in the 60's. I really like the song, however there were others I liked more.
To me "Down Under" is not my favourite Men At Work song.
I would list "Be Good Johnny" in my 100 before "Down Under".
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Seeing as this poll was run nearly 2 years ago, would you like to run it again Bulion?
That would be good but in a New Thread oviously.
I have started a thread on that, Lifter. Search for "australia day countdown 2011".
For Australia Day I'd love to have a list of the Top 100 Australian singles of all time to accompany a revised version of my personal Top 100. As far as I know, chri8topher hasn't compiled such a list so all we currently have are the Aussie singles that have appeared on this site's BOAT list, which I've managed to come up with a Top 20 using archived copies of the BOAT list's page.

If anyone can help fill out this list or has compiled a list based on sales or chart runs then please share!

Rank Title Artist Points BOAT
1 Somebody That I Used to Know Gotye feat. Kimbra 1538 3rd
2 Flaunt It TV Rock feat. Seany B 1265 19th
3 Second Solution / Prisoner of Society The Living End 1252 21st
4 Black Fingernails, Red Wine Eskimo Joe 1202 26th
5 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden 1151 34th
6 Tomorrow Silverchair 1140 =38th
7 Sweet About Me Gabriella Cilmi 1083 52nd
8 Straight Lines Silverchair 1051 64th
9 This Time I Know it's for Real Young Divas 1021 =70th
10 Don't Hold Back The Potbelleez 1019 =72nd
11 Absolutely Everybody Vanessa Amorosi 994 89th
12 Gimme Little Sign Peter Andre 973 98th
13 To the Moon and Back Savage Garden 965 =100th
14 Untouched The Veronicas 941 =118th
15 Don't Call Me Baby Madison Avenue 935 =123rd
16 Like it Like That Guy Sebastian 933 =124th
17 Into the Flame [EP] Matt Corby 929 =129th
18 Forever Young Youth Group 913 =136th
19 UFO Sneaky Sound System 908 =141st
20 Battle Scars Guy Sebastian feat. Lupe Fiasco 905 =146th
21 Jackie B.Z. feat. Joanne 904 =148th
22 The Day You Went Away Wendy Matthews 900 =151st

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Oh, and yes. If somebody would like to do another countdown of everyone's favourite Aussie songs for Australia Day then that would be very welcome. I'd be happy to post my revised Top 100 Australian Singles of All Time list early to be part of it.
You could ask Steffen if he could extend the BOAT list, maybe?

Edit: "Battle Scars" is #146 with 905 points, so it should be #19 on your list, unfortunately pushing "The Day You Went Away" out of the top 20.
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Ta 392. I think I will do that. Been wanting a bigger BOAT for ages. Thanks for BS. It's added to the list.
How about a countdown of the top 50 Australian artists?

Then when you guys play it you can play the artists signature or biggest hit.

Would Kylie get #1? Or would the title to to Silverchair or Powderfinger or ACDC? Or will Jimmy or Johnny get the honour?

Would feature some Aussie greats like Kate Cebrano, Wendy Matthews and Rockmelons possibly who seem to miss most Aussie countdowns due to the same popular artists like Slverchair or AcDc having countless entries.

Southern Sons might even make it.

Even Nicki Webster has a shot!

Perhaps everyone votes their top 20 and once votes are calculated it can be played and counted down.

If I had more time I would do this so anyone can go ahead and do it. I am interested to see how this would end up.

What do you think?
That actually sounds like a great idea K8 and it makes a change to the previous years' countdowns. It's possibly easier for people to make a shorter list of their favourite artists, rather than a longer list of songs. I'm sure I could tally it all up. I already have a list of every Australian artist to make the Top 100 singles chart since 1970 and their biggest hit, so that should be simple. I should also be able do a broadcast of the countdown on the day.
Ok. Here's my Top 20 Australian artists. My shortlist was 39 artists and those which did not make the cut are listed below the list in alphabetical order.

Top 20:

1. Savage Garden
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Darren Hayes
5. Delta Goodrem
6. Jimmy Barnes
7. Icehouse
8. John Farnham
9. Rogue Traders
10. Divinyls
11. Silverchair
12. Cold Chisel
13. Mental as Anything
14. Crowded House
15. Midnight Oil
16. Ricki-Lee
17. Australian Crawl
18. Bee Gees
19. Guy Sebastian
20. James Reyne

Honourable Mentions:

Dannii Minogue
Daryl Braithwaite
Deni Hines
Hoodoo Gurus
Human Nature
Jessica Mauboy
Kate Ceberano
Little River Band
Men at Work
Merril Bainbridge
Mondo Rock
Natalie Imbruglia
Olivia Newton-John
Sneaky Sound System
Southern Sons
Stan Walker
Vanessa Amorosi
Young Divas

If you are unsure about whether an artist is Australian or not, or if you'd like a huge-arsed list of charting Aussie artists for some inspiration, then my Australian Artists List thread might be useful for you...

Into The Flame is 129th with 929 points.
Ta Jinxie. It has been (begrudgingly) added.
I'll post my list soon. I just need to get it down to 20.

Be good if a few more people got involved in this.

Has potential to be a fun countdown.

Thanks for doing this Savagegrant. Maybe you could advertise in other forums to get more participants?
A rough list, but here's mine:

1. Powderfinger
2. Magic Dirt
4. Icehouse
5. Gypsy And The Cat
6. Bluejuice
7. Regurgitator
8. Hoodoo Gurus
9. Savage Garden
10. Cold Chisel
11. Crowded House
12. Ben Lee
13. AC/DC
14. Daryl Braithwaite
15. Silverchair
16. James Reyne
17. The Sports
18. Jimmy Barnes
19. Shannon Noll
20. Lisa Mitchell
Off the top of my head:

1. Jessica Mauboy
2. Ricki-Lee
3. Guy Sebastian
4. Stan Walker
5. Young Divas
6. Delta Goodrem
7. Havana Brown
9. Samantha Jade
10. Kylie Minogue
11. Natalie Bassingthwaite
12. Missy Higgins
13. Rogue Traders
14. Vanessa Amorosi
15. Natalie Imbruglia
16. Natalie Gauci
17. Scarlett Belle
18. Sneaky Sound System
19. Paulini
20. Orianthi
Do the artists have to be after 1970????.... or can i include artists from the 50's & 60's, as thier are few that feature in my fav oz artists ever....
I would say ANY Australian artist from any year album guru joe.

Some interesting choices there Crazychris.
My top 20.

1. Southern Sons
2. John Farhnam
3. Daryl Braithwaite
4. Kate Cebrano
5. Choirboys
6. Screaming Jets
7. Sneaky SOund System
8. Kylie
10. Savage Garden

11. Jimmy Barnes
12. Diesl
13. The Veronicas
14. Natalie Imbruglia
15. Gina G
16. TV Rock
17. Vanessa Amorosi
18. AC/DC
19. Paulmac
20. Rat Cat

Top 20 was hard. These missed out for me:
Pete Murray
Men At Work
Olivia Newton John
Wendy Matthews
The Potbelleez
Kate Miller Heidke
Yothu Yindi
Rick Price
Tina Arena
Hoodu Gurus
Crowded House

Savagegrant maybe you need a panel of 5-10 genuine people to make this chart. Every artist should get a ranking out of 20 by every panalist. And once the rankings are tallied up make the countdown from that. For instance every artist would get a score out of 20 by every panalist and even if someone scores Samantha Jade a 20 out of 20 most others would probably give her a reasonable score considering she is only new and had one hit.

Otherwise we might get an idol/XFactor looking top 50 and that doesn't highlight a true Aussie artist countdown.
album guru joe: You can include any Aussie artist that you like, just no Kiwi ones. So no Dragon, Evermore, Russell Crowe (lol), Kimbra, etc.

K8: Wouldn't that result in more tied artists in the rankings though? Mind you, if we don't get at least 15 submissions then ties will be inevitable.
Thanks savagegrant & K8....will post my list tomoz...but it will be a top 50...lol...
Savagegrant, the more people you have on the panel the better so hence going with 10 people over 5 and if everyone gives a score out of 20 you shouldn't tie it up too much.

I would imagine people like BeansterBarnes and Bulion would be great at this and would really give fair scores. Also an international person like Innocent Eyes would be good.

392, chartguru, bluezombie, hijinx would all have valuable input too. Even someone like Brandon if he's still around?

Album guru joe sounds like he knows his older stuff which is an added bonus.

And someone like CrazyChris would be valuable to break up any ties even if his list has alot of random and unique Aussie artists but he still has some decent ones in his list.

Whoever is on the panel would need a good 20-30 minutes to give every artists a score out of 20.

I think if there is a few of us who has their imput we could come up with an amazing Australian Artist top 50 chart. It'll be like The Grammies. They have a panel to work out their nominations and winners and we could have a panel to work out this chart. At the end of the day we're all chart lovers so I think it'll be fun.

Who'd get #1? Kylie, AC/DC, INXS, Savage Garden, Silverchair, Powderfinger, Johnny Farnham, Cold Chisel, The Living End, Olivia Newton John, Guy Sebastian, Midnight Oil, Crowded House, Tina Arena, Peter Andre (haha imagine that) or someone else? It's anyones guess.
Quick work, but here's mine.

1. Natasha Duarte
2. Raft Dog
3. Delta Goodrem
4. Birds Of Tokyo
5. Faker
6. Savage Garden
7. Motor Ace
8. Ratcat
9. Missy Higgins
10. Crowded House

11. Eskimo Joe
12. Rob Mills
13. Johnny Ruffo
14. End Of Fashion
15. Short Stack
16. Chris Sorbello
17. Pete Murray
18. Little Red
19. Am8er
20. Adam Brand
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I have culled the list to those who have had atleast one top 40 hit. I will cull it more as I think there are still way too many. Maybe I'll cull it to top 20 and eliminate The Voice finalists that were based on performances.

I've edited this to those artists with a top 20 hit and ARIA Hall Of Famers.
I took out novelty hits like Anthony Mundine's "Knock U Out" and Popstars Final 7 and Voice Performances. I kept those who released legit singles including the reality stars.

Could probably take away the weak one hit wonders or those who released a few hits that didn't peak within the top 10.

28 Days
Absent Friends
Adam Brand
Air Supply
Aleesha Rome
Alex Lloyd
Alison McCallum
Allan Caswell
Altiyan Childs
Amy Meredith
Andy Gibb
Angry Anderson
Angus & Julia Stone
Anthony Callea
Anthony Warlow
Area 7
Art vs Science
Augie March
Austen Tayshus
Australian Crawl
Axle Whitehead
Baby Animals
Bachelor Girl
Barry Crocker
Bec Cartwright
Bee Gees
Ben Lee
Bernard Fanning
Big Pig
Billy Field
Billy Thorpe
Billy Thorpe
Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs
Birds of Tokyo
Birtles & Goble
Bob Evans
Bob Hudson
Bobby & Laurie
Boom Crash Opera
Brian Cadd
Brian May
Candice Alley
Candy Harlots
Carol Hitchcock
Casey Donovan
Cash Backman
Cassie Davis
Chocolate Starfish
Chris Franklin
Christie Allen
Christine Anu
Cody Simpson
Col Joye
Cold Chisel
Colleen Hewett
Company of Strangers
Country Radio
Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2
Cristian Alexanda
Crowded House
Daddy Cool
Dallas Crane
Dame Joan Sutherland
Dame Nellie Melba
Damien Leith
Dannii Minogue
Darren Hayes
Darryl Cotton
Daryl Braithwaite
Dave and The Derros
Dave Mills
David Campbell
Dean Geyer
Dear Enemy
Debbie Byrne
Deborah Conway
Delta Goodrem
Deni Hines
Denise Drysdale
Diana Trask
Disco Montego
DJ Pee Wee Ferris
DJ Teddy Z
Don Burrows
Don Mudie
Doug Parkinson
Dukes of Windsor
Electric Pandas
Emmanuel Carella
Empire of the Sun
End of Fashion
Ernie Sigley
Eskimo Joe
Flash and The Pan
Fourth House
Frank Ifielf
Gabriella Cilmi
Gary Shearston
George Smilovici
Gina G
Glenn Shorrock
Gordon Franklin and The Wilderness Ensemble
Graeme Bell
Grahame Bond
Groove Terminator
Guy Sebastian
Hans Poulsen
Havana Brown
Hayley Warner
Helen Reddy
Heli Simpson
Hilltop Hoods
Holly Valance
Hoodoo Gurus
Horrie Dargie
Human Nature
Hunters & Collectors
Ian Moss
I'm Talking
Incredible Penguins
Indecent Obsession
Israel Cruz
Jade MacRae
James Blundell
James Freud
James Freud and The Radio Stars
James Reyne
Jamie Redfern
Jane Clifton
Jason Donovan
Jeff St. John
Jessica Mauboy
Jimmy and The Boys
Jimmy Barnes
Jimmy Little
Jo Jo Zep
Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons
Jo Kennedy
Joe Dolce Music Theatre
Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets
John Butler Trio
John Farnham
John Paul Young
John Safran
John St. Peeters
John Williamson
Johnny Ashcroft
Johnny Chester
Johnny Diesel & The Injectors
Johnny O'Keefe
Johnny Young
Jon English
Josh Abrahams
Judith Durham
Judy Stone
Justice Crew
Karen Knowles
Kasey Chambers
Kate Alexa
Kate Ceberano
Kate DeAraugo
Kate Miller-Heidke
Katie Underwood
Kayne Taylor
Keith Urban
Kev Carmody
Kevin Johnson
Kids in the Kitchen
Killing Heidi
Koo De Tah
Kylie Minogue
Kylie Mole
Leah Haywood
Lee Harding
Lee Kernaghan
Leonardo's Bride
Linda George
Lisa Edwards
Lisa Mitchell
Little Birdy
Little Pattie
Little Red
Little River Band
Liv Maessen
Lobby Loyde
M.C.G. Hammer
Machine Gun Fellatio
Madison Avenue
Mandawuy Yunupingu
Mandy Kane
Marcia Hines
Margaret McLaren
Mark Holden
Martin Plaza
Marty Rhone
Matt Corby
Matt Flinders
Maureen Elkner
Max Merritt
Max Q
Max Sharam
Melinda Jackson
Melissa Tkautz
Men at Work
Mental as Anything
Merril Bainbridge
Michael Hutchence
Michael Paynter
Midnight Oil
Miranda Murphy
Missy Higgins
Mondo Rock
Motor Ace
Moving Pictures
Mr G
Mr Wilson
Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Natalie Gauci
Natalie Imbruglia
New World
Nick Cave
Nick Cave
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Nick Skitz
Nicole Kidman
Nik Fish
Nikki Webster
Norman Gunston
Normie Rowe
Ol' 55
Olivia Newton-John
Operator Please
Pat Wilson
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls
Paul Norton
Paul 'The Chief' Harragon
Pauline Pantsdown
Percy Grainger
Pete Dawson
Pete Murray
Peter Allen
Peter Andre
Peter Blakeley
Player [1]
Pseudo Echo
Psycho Teddy
Radio Birdman
Radio Freedom
Ray Burgess
Real Life
Reece Mastin
Reg Lindsay
Reg Reagan and The Knucklemen
Renee Geyer
Richard Clapton
Rick Price
Rick Springfield
Rob Mills
Robin Jolley
Rogue Traders
Rolf Harris
Rose Tattoo
Ross Ryan
Ross Wilson
Russell Hitchcock
Russell Morris
Sam Sparro
Samantha Sang
Savage Garden
Scott Cain
Severed Heads
Shannon Noll
Short Stack
Silver Studs
Sister Janet Mead
Slim Dusty
Slim Newton
Slinkee Minx
Smacka Fitzgibbon
Smoky Dawson
Sneaky Sound System
Something for Kate
Sophie Monk
Sound Unlimited Posse
Southern Sons
Split Enz
Stan Walker
Stephanie McIntosh
Steve Forde
Stevie Wright
Ted Mulry
Ted Mulry Gang
Teen Queens
Tex Morton
The 12th Man
The A.B.C. Showband
The Androids
The Angels
The Badloves
The Black Sorrows
The Bootleg Family Band
The Butterfly Effect
The Cat Empire
The Choirboys
The Church
The Cockroaches
The Cruel Sea
The D-Generation
The Dingoes
The Dukes
The Dukes of Earlwood
The Dynamic Hepnotics
The Easybeats
The Ferrets
The GetUp Mob
The Hummingbirds
The Little Heroes
The Living End
The Loved Ones
The Master's Apprentices
The Mavis's
The Mixtures
The Moir Sisters
The Mojo Singers
The Monitors
The Nolan-Buddle Quartet
The Ormsby Brothers
The Party Boys
The Poor
The Potbelleez
The Presets
The Reels
The Saddle Club
The Saints
The Screaming Jets
The Seekers
The Sharp
The Strangers
The Stuart Park Show Group
The Studs
The Superjesus
The Takeaways
The Temper Trap
The Triffids
The Two Man Band
The Veronicas
The Whitlams
The Wiggles
The Wrights
Things of Stone & Wood
Thirsty Merc
Tina Arena
Tommy Emmanuel
Tommy Trash
Toni Pearen
TV Rock
Uncanny X-Men
Valarii and KG of Kash
Vanda & Young
Vanessa Amorosi
Wa Wa Nee
Weddings, Parties, Anything
Wendy Matthews
Wes Carr
William Shakespeare
Yolanda Be Cool
Yothu Yindi
You Am I
Young Divas
Youth Group
Zoe Badwi
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Wow, I never knew Vertigo were an Australian band. "Forever Lately" is one of my favourite songs.
Vertigo were indeed an Australian band, who later became Invertigo.
Quickly put together my top 20

1. Delta Goodrem
2. Justice Crew
3. Reece Mastin
4. The Collective
5. The Veronicas
6. Savage Garden
7. Short Stack
8. Jessica Mauboy
9. Israel Cruz
10. Kylie Minogue
11. Chris Sorbello
12. Vanessa Amorosi
13. Johnny Ruffo
14. Guy Sebastian
15. Nina Tucker
16. Ricki-Lee
17. Samantha Jade
18. Psycho Teddy
19. Timomatic
20. Missy Higgins
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Stop trolling!
Daniel09, Sister2Sister should be #1.

Disappointed there is no Teen Queens or Girlfriend in your list. Even Bardot missed the cut.

What's with all this raft dog & Natasha Duarte non sense guys?
Seriously how would you's like myself and other's to take the mickey out of what you's were trying to achieve?
Some people really need to start growing up around here

I will be submitting a list sometime early next week savage
1. Raft Dog
2. Natasha Duarte
3. Chris Sorbello
4. R.A.E.D
5. Am8er
6. Scott Cain
7. Luke John O'Dell
8. Psycho Teddy
9. Mr. G
10. The Wiggles
11. Lady
12. Anthony Warlow
13. Chloe
14. The Saddle Club
15. Vennu Mallesh
16. Rusko Star
17. John Safran
18. Moustache
19. John English
20. Nick Skitz
Well said Beanster.

I look forward to seeing your list.

It's a shame people have to spoil this. I bet if the idea came from Bulion they wouldn't take the mickey out of it.

Hopefully those above who have been dickheads can repost a more serious list or Savage likes my idea of the panel because it looks like some people are hoping for a lulzy winner like Natasha Duarte.
Fine, removed Raft Dog & Duarte
392, can you edit you post properly.
I think we would all appreciate that.

Like Beanster said, don't take the mickey out of it.

How can we take your list for real when Psycho Teddy as well as many other questionables are in it!
Everyone's top 20 should be their picks on Aussie greats and Aussie legends.

No list should include Samantha Jade, The Collective, Johnny Ruffo or any artist that has been around for 12 months or less.

I would recommend savage not count those top 20s as they are not serious and take away from the purpose of this countdown. Savage it's probably best to start another thread/topic.
But what if that's genuinely how it falls? Not necessarily as extreme as the highlighted cases, but I have reservations about posting my own list because if I were perfectly honest, it would just look a bit silly
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Hijinx, I think we'll know if your list is genuine or if you're taking the mickey out of it.

I'd like to see your list.
Samantha Jade should be allowed on our lists as she has been around simce 2008.
I think any Australian artist should be allowed on anyone's list, who cares how new they are, people can still like them that much. If artists are going to be excluded because someone disapproves of them for whatever reason, there's no point making this into a countdown.

You ask how you can take people's lists seriously with the questionables they have listed, but (even if they are obviously gag lists) how can people take this countdown seriously if there are so many rules about who can and can't be included?
Any enthusiasm I had for doing this countdown has now been extinguished. Hopefully somebody else will be able to make it happen as it would be a shame if all we have on Australia Day is the Triple J countdown.
@ bluezombie

So your telling me that in the last 20 years of chart music and I kinda of know what you do and don't like because I follow your personal.
Your telling me that

1. Natasha Duarte
2. Raft Dog
12. Rob Mills
13. Johnny Ruffo
15. Short Stack
16. Chris Sorbello
18. Little Red
19. Am8er
20. Adam Brand

All of these selections you made are genuine?
Sure I could let Short Stack & Adam Brand slip through but the others? C'mon mate

@ Hijinx

I think everyone on here knows that your pretty much alternative and your list would definately be very different to others but jesus why would it make you look silly?
Personally if you 'liked' or posted a list full of Australian Idols then you'd probly look like a dick.

Basically if you want to contribute to this just post a genuine list and all is well, if you just want to take the piss then go to one of the hundreds of other threads on here and do so.
Oh, I'm sure people know what I like, and I was never implying that I would contribute a 'joke' list. But I struggle with doing this sort of thing because of the implications of it. If I posted my genuine list, that is my seal of approval, a declaration of sorts that they're my favourite Australian artists ever. I couldn't make a list that I'd be happy with that doesn't look ridiculous.
No, in fact I admitted above that it was obviously a gag list. Interestingly Rob Mills and Little Red would probably be closer to my real list than Short Stack and Adam Brand, but that doesn't matter.

I just don't like how many rules were being made about who can and can't be included, if someone wants to include new artists or artists who got their break on a TV show, more power to them. If nobody else agrees, they're not going to get into the countdown anyway so let people post what they like. And if other people do agree, well that shows what multiple people like, so it deserves a representation in the countdown.
Yeah sure i'd agree on that but more to the point is that some have decided to make a whole mockery of the process or just thubbed their noses up at it just for kicks.
If this were a Martin i'm sure i would've got a few memo's by now complaining, well this is me complaining.

Nobody's forcing anyone to participate, if everyone was genuine i'm sure K8 would retract his comment in regards to '12 months or less'.
Well my mockery began because of all the rules that were coming in that I didn't agree with. It wasn't just for kicks. And from there I just thought it'd be funny if someone like Natasha Duarte placed in the countdown because that would defy all the silly rules.
bz: K8 only made suggestions. What she said weren't rules but I reckon you knew that and just felt like trolling.

Jinxie: You don't have to take it so seriously. Nobody is judging you over your list (or at least I am not). These kinds of lists tend to be fluid by nature. No doubt your list will change over time.
On a totally unrelated note, what a nice stroll down memory lane it was to re-read this thread. Was an exciting time when the few of us involved put it together. Plenty of comment contributions, and an overall decent list. 2009!!! Can't believe it's been four years...heh heh.

Now on a related note, this is the same story over and over again. These sort of threads are always bombed, but with enough serious lists, as bluezombie stated, the "real" winners will prevail anyway. (Oh, and in bz's defence, he selected Rob Mills as #1 in the 2009 list, just saying). There's a good handful of lists so far, and a few still to come, so it will still work as a countdown, even if Natasha Duarte comes in #5. (for the record, I don't even know who she/he/they are).

It's a strange thing to for someone in their late 30's (such as myself) to see what fave artists someone in their teens would pick. My niece would almost certainly put Reece Mastin at #1, and the rest of the Top 20 wouldn't be much better/worse. So no list should necessarily be labelled a joke. 392414's seemingly "normal" list contains Psycho Teddy, as does zxcvcxz's seemingly "joke" list. So which do you count and discount.

Anyway, should be a good outcome all the same. Have faith.
Suggestions, rules, there really wasn't much difference with the way they were presented.

A genuine list from me would probably go something like this:

1. Crowded House
2. Delta Goodrem
3. Savage Garden
4. Birds Of Tokyo
5. Faker
6. Silverchair
7. Eskimo Joe
8. Pete Murray
9. Taxiride
10. Motor Ace

11. The Temper Trap
12. Powderfinger
13. James Reyne
14. Hunters & Collectors
15. End Of Fashion
16. Ratcat
17. Kisschasy
18. INXS
19. Cold Chisel
20. Hoodoo Gurus

Edited because if I'm claiming the list to be somewhat genuine, I can't list the same artist twice.
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Oh I'm sure no one would implicitly say it, but I'm sure any manner of people could look at my list and groan. Sure I have no concrete evidence, but it's the thought that gives me shudders.

As a side note, I'm sure you'd have gathered based on my stance whenever years are asked to compare, I have no idea how to compare these artists. How do I rate an established artist I have several albums by against a new artist who's only released a few EPs that I adore? Or compare them to a more classic artist, but one who I only know (and love) the hits from? It's hard to think of many artists who can approach the 1-2 punch of cracking albums a certain artist I like has, but both of them came out in this decade, it'd be a bit silly to rank them right up the top. And then there's the artist who's only released 1 album, but I'd rate it among the very best Australian albums I've ever heard, if the material is a cut above the rest, where do I justify ranking them against artists who have released more, but not as good material?

So as you can see, this is quite a kerfuffle for me
Here's mine:

Date # Country TITLE – Artist
25/02/13 1000 US HARLEM SHAKE Baauer
18/02/13 999 US/US JUST GIVE ME A REASON P!nk featuring Nate Ruess
21/01/13 998 US/US/US SAME LOVE Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Mary Lambert
03/12/12 997 US/US/US THRIFT SHOP Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz
26/11/12 996 AUS WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME Samantha Jade
11/11/12 995 SE/SE DON'T YOU WORRY CHILD Swedish House Mafia & John Martin
01/10/12 994 KR 강남스타일 싸이
20/08/12 993 AUS/US BATTLE SCARS Guy Sebastian & Lupe Fiasco
06/08/12 992 AUS BOOM BOOM Justice Crew
23/07/12 991 US SOME NIGHTS fun.
16/07/12 990 US BLOW ME (ONE LAST KISS) P!nk
09/07/12 989 AUS SHOUT IT OUT Reece Mastin
25/06/12 988 AUS STAY WITH ME BABY Karise Eden
07/05/12 987 US WHISTLE Flo Rida
02/04/12 986 CA CALL ME MAYBE Carly Rae Jepsen
12/03/12 985 US/US WE ARE YOUNG fun. & Janelle Monáe
05/03/12 984 US/UK ASS BACK HOME Gym Class Heroes & Neon Hitch
23/01/12 983 US/AUS WILD ONES Flo Rida & Sia
16/01/12 982 US PUMPED UP KICKS Foster The People
28/11/11 981 AUS GOOD NIGHT Reece Mastin
10/10/11 979 US MR KNOW IT ALL Kelly Clarkson
15/08/11 978 AUS/NZ SOMEBODY THAT I USED TO KNOW Gotye & Kimbra
27/06/11 977 UK SOMEONE LIKE YOU Adele
18/04/11 976 US/UK/US PARTY ROCK ANTHEM LMFAO, Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
11/04/11 975 US/FR SWEAT [DAVID GUETTA REMIX] Snoop Dogg vs David Guetta
21/03/11 974 US/US ON THE FLOOR Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull
21/02/11 973 US BORN THIS WAY Lady GaGa
07/02/11 972 BB S&M Rihanna
17/01/11 971 US DIRTY TALK Wynter Gordon
27/12/10 970 AUS/US WHO'S THAT GIRL Guy Sebastian & Eve
13/12/10 969 US GRENADE Bruno Mars
22/11/10 968 US THE TIME (DIRTY BIT) Black Eyed Peas
08/11/10 967 US WE R WHO WE R Ke$ha
25/10/10 966 US JUST THE WAY YOU ARE Bruno Mars
18/10/10 965 US RAISE YOUR GLASS P!nk
27/09/10 964 BB ONLY GIRL (IN THE WORLD) Rihanna
30/08/10 963 UK DYNAMITE Taio Cruz
19/07/10 962 US/BB LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE Eminem & Rihanna
21/06/10 961 US/US CALIFORNIA GURLS Katy Perry & Snoop Dogg
10/05/10 960 US/US OMG Usher & will.i.am
19/04/10 959 AUS/US JUST SAY SO Brian McFadden & Kevin Rudolf
22/03/10 958 US HEY, SOUL SISTER Train
08/03/10 957 BB RUDE BOY Rihanna
22/02/10 956 US IN MY HEAD Jason Derülo
08/02/10 955 VG REPLAY Iyaz
04/01/10 954 US FIREFLIES Owl City
09/11/09 953 US TIK TOK Ke$ha
02/11/09 952 US MEET ME HALFWAY Black Eyed Peas
19/10/09 951 AUS THIS IS WHO I AM Vanessa Amorosi
07/09/09 950 AUS LIKE IT LIKE THAT Guy Sebastian
17/08/09 949 FR/US SEXY BITCH David Guetta & Akon
29/06/09 948 US I GOTTA FEELING Black Eyed Peas
18/05/09 947 US BOOM BOOM POW Black Eyed Peas
11/05/09 946 US WE MADE YOU Eminem
27/04/09 945 IN/US JAI HO! (YOU ARE MY DESTINY) AR Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
23/03/09 944 US LOVE STORY Taylor Swift
23/02/09 943 US/US RIGHT ROUND Flo Rida & Ke$ha
26/01/09 942 US YOU FOUND ME The Fray
19/01/09 941 AUS BURN Jessica Mauboy
15/12/08 940 AUS YOU Wes Carr
17/11/08 939 US POKER FACE Lady GaGa
20/10/08 938 US SEX ON FIRE Kings Of Leon
22/09/08 937 US SO WHAT P!nk
15/09/08 936 US JUST DANCE Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis
25/08/08 935 US ALL SUMMER LONG Kid Rock
14/07/08 934 US I KISSED A GIRL Katy Perry
16/06/08 933 US/US NO AIR Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown
28/04/08 932 US/US 4 MINUTES Madonna, Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
14/04/08 931 AUS SWEET ABOUT ME Gabriella Cilmi
07/04/08 930 US BUBBLY Colbie Caillat
24/03/08 929 US/US LOW Flo Rida & T-Pain
18/02/08 928 BB DON'T STOP THE MUSIC Rihanna
21/01/08 927 UK BLEEDING LOVE Leona Lewis
26/11/07 926 US/US APOLOGIZE Timbaland & OneRepublic
19/11/07 925 AUS 2 HEARTS Kylie Minogue
12/11/07 924 AUS HOOK ME UP The Veronicas
29/10/07 923 US/US/US THE WAY I ARE Timbaland, Keri Hilson & DOE
24/09/07 922 AUS IN THIS LIFE Delta Goodrem
17/09/07 921 US BEAUTIFUL GIRLS Sean Kingston
16/07/07 920 US BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY Fergie
04/06/07 919 BB/US UMBRELLA Rihanna & Jay-Z
23/04/07 918 AUS STEER Missy Higgins
16/04/07 917 CA GIRLFRIEND Avril Lavigne
19/03/07 916 AUS STRAIGHT LINES Silverchair
29/01/07 915 US LIPS OF AN ANGEL Hinder
22/01/07 914 AUS LIGHT SURROUNDING YOU Evermore
01/01/07 913 US IRREPLACEABLE Beyoncé
04/12/06 912 AUS NIGHT OF MY LIFE Damien Leith
20/11/06 911 US I DON'T FEEL LIKE DANCIN' Scissor Sisters
13/11/06 910 IE/US THE SAINTS ARE COMING U2 & Green Day
21/08/06 908 US SEXYBACK Justin Timberlake & Timbaland
19/06/06 907 CO/US HIPS DON'T LIE Shakira & Wyclef Jean
24/04/06 906 BB SOS (RESCUE ME) Rihanna
03/04/06 905 AUS FOREVER YOUNG Youth Group
06/03/06 904 AUS/AUS FLAUNT IT TV Rock & Seany B
20/02/06 903 FR/JM LOVE GENERATION Bob Sinclar & Gary Pine
30/01/06 902 US WHEN I'M GONE Eminem
23/01/06 901 US/US RUN IT! Chris Brown & Juelz Santana
19/12/05 900 AUS WASABI/EYE OF THE TIGER Lee Harding
05/12/05 899 AUS MAYBE TONIGHT Kate DeAraugo
21/11/05 898 US MY HUMPS Black Eyed Peas
14/11/05 897 US HUNG UP Madonna
24/10/05 896 US/US GOLD DIGGER Kanye West & Jamie Foxx
03/10/05 895 AUS SHINE Shannon Noll
29/08/05 894 US/US DON'T CHA The Pussycat Dolls & Busta Rhymes
22/08/05 893 US/UK GHETTO GOSPEL 2Pac & Elton John
25/07/05 892 SE AXEL F Crazy Frog
11/07/05 891 US LONELY Akon
27/06/05 890 US WE BELONG TOGETHER Mariah Carey
20/06/05 889 US INCOMPLETE Backstreet Boys
30/05/05 888 US HOLLABACK GIRL Gwen Stefani
23/05/05 887 US DON'T PHUNK WITH MY HEART Black Eyed Peas
16/05/05 886 US SWITCH Will Smith
02/05/05 885 US/US/US SIGNS Snoop Dogg, Charlie Wilson & Justin Timberlake
04/04/05 884 US BEAUTIFUL SOUL Jesse McCartney
14/03/05 882 AUS/AUS ALMOST HERE Delta Goodrem & Brian McFadden
07/02/05 881 US/US OVER AND OVER Nelly & Tim McGraw
24/01/05 880 US NASTY GIRL Nitty
20/12/04 879 AUS THE PRAYER Anthony Callea
06/12/04 878 AUS LISTEN WITH YOUR HEART Casey Donovan
29/11/04 877 AUS THESE KIDS Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets
15/11/04 876 US WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? Gwen Stefani
08/11/04 875 US JUST LOSE IT Eminem
18/10/04 874 AUS OUT OF THE BLUE Delta Goodrem
04/10/04 873 AUS OUT WITH MY BABY Guy Sebastian
06/09/04 872 US SHE WILL BE LOVED Maroon 5
30/08/04 871 US/US MY PLACE/FLAP YOUR WINGS Nelly & Jaheim
09/08/04 869 AUS SCAR Missy Higgins
19/07/04 868 AUS ANGEL EYES Paulini
12/07/04 867 AUS LEARN TO FLY Shannon Noll
28/06/04 866 US EVERYTIME Britney Spears
14/06/04 865 US FUCK YOU RIGHT BACK Frankee
24/05/04 864 AUS BLACK BETTY Spiderbait
10/05/04 863 US LEFT OUTSIDE ALONE Anastacia
03/05/04 862 US MY BAND D12 (+Eminem)
05/04/04 861 US FUCK IT (I DON'T WANT YOU BACK) Eamon
29/03/04 860 US YEAH! Usher, Lil Jon & Ludacris
15/03/04 859 US TOXIC Britney Spears
08/03/04 858 UK SUPERSTAR Jamelia
01/03/04 857 AUS ALL I NEED IS YOU Guy Sebastian
02/02/04 856 AUS WHAT ABOUT ME? Shannon Noll
19/01/04 855 US HEY YA! OutKast
29/12/03 854 US SHUT UP Black Eyed Peas
01/12/03 852 AUS ANGELS BROUGHT ME HERE Guy Sebastian
17/11/03 851 US/US ME AGAINST THE MUSIC Britney Spears & Madonna
10/11/03 850 AUS SLOW Kylie Minogue
20/10/03 849 AUS RISE UP Australian Idol Top 12 (+Guy Sebastian+Shannon Noll+Cosima+Paulini)
29/09/03 848 AUS NOT ME, NOT I Delta Goodrem
22/09/03 847 UK WHITE FLAG Dido
25/08/03 846 US/US WHERE IS THE LOVE? Black Eyed Peas & Justin Timberlake (+Fergie+will.i.am)
14/07/03 845 US IGNITION [REMIX] R Kelly
30/06/03 844 AUS INNOCENT EYES Delta Goodrem
19/05/03 843 US BRING ME TO LIFE Evanescence
12/05/03 842 US ROCK YOUR BODY Justin Timberlake
07/04/03 841 US IN DA CLUB 50 Cent
17/03/03 840 RU ALL THE THINGS SHE SAID t.A.T.u
10/03/03 839 AUS LOST WITHOUT YOU Delta Goodrem
03/03/03 838 US BEAUTIFUL Christina Aguilera
09/12/02 837 US LOSE YOURSELF Eminem
02/12/02 836 AUS BORN TO TRY Delta Goodrem
21/10/02 835 US/US DILEMMA Nelly & Kelly Rowland
14/10/02 834 ES ASEREJÉ (THE KETCHUP SONG) Las Ketchup
30/09/02 833 DE RAMP! (THE LOGICAL SONG) Scooter
19/08/02 832 CA COMPLICATED Avril Lavigne
05/08/02 831 US A THOUSAND MILES Vanessa Carlton
10/06/02 829 AUS KISS KISS Holly Valance
27/05/02 828 US WITHOUT ME Eminem
13/05/02 826 AUS I'M MOVING ON Scott Cain
15/04/02 825 AT HEY BABY DJ Ötzi
18/03/02 824 AUS NOT PRETTY ENOUGH Kasey Chambers
04/02/02 823 CO WHENEVER, WHEREVER Shakira
28/01/02 822 AUS IN YOUR EYES Kylie Minogue
14/01/02 821 US HERO Enrique Iglesias
31/12/01 820 US GET THE PARTY STARTED P!nk
05/11/01 819 US SMOOTH CRIMINAL Alien Ant Farm
15/10/01 818 US BECAUSE I GOT HIGH Afroman
17/09/01 817 AUS CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD Kylie Minogue
10/09/01 816 UK CAN WE FIX IT? Bob The Builder
06/08/01 815 US HANGING BY A MOMENT Lifehouse
30/07/01 814 US FOLLOW ME Uncle Kracker
04/06/01 813 US/BB ANGEL Shaggy & Rayvon
14/05/01 812 US/US/US/US LADY MARMALADE Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Lil' Kim & Mýa
23/04/01 811 AUS ME, MYSELF & I Scandal'us
26/03/01 810 US/UK IT WASN'T ME Shaggy & Ricardo “RikRok” Ducent
12/03/01 809 US CASE OF THE EX Mýa
05/03/01 808 US/UK STAN Eminem & Dido
22/01/01 807 US CAN'T FIGHT THE MOONLIGHT LeAnn Rimes
08/01/01 806 US/US CRUISIN' Gwyneth Paltrow & Huey Lewis
20/11/00 805 BS WHO LET THE DOGS OUT? Baha Men
13/11/00 804 US TEENAGE DIRTBAG Wheatus
23/10/00 803 IT/UK GROOVEJET (IF THIS AIN'T LOVE) Spiller & Sophie Ellis-Bextor
16/10/00 802 IE BEAUTIFUL DAY U2
02/10/00 801 US MOST GIRLS P!nk
18/09/00 800 AUS ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS Kylie Minogue
28/08/00 799 US MUSIC Madonna
24/07/00 798 US I'M OUTTA LOVE Anastacia
03/07/00 797 FI FREESTYLER Bomfunk MC's
26/06/00 796 AUS SPINNING AROUND Kylie Minogue
12/06/00 795 AUS WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Madison Avenue
29/05/00 794 US OOPS!... I DID IT AGAIN Britney Spears
01/05/00 793 US SAY MY NAME Destiny's Child (+Beyoncé+Kelly Rowland)
17/04/00 792 AUS POISON Bardot
13/03/00 791 US BYE BYE BYE *N Sync (+Justin Timberlake)
06/03/00 790 US AMERICAN PIE Madonna
21/02/00 789 AUS BLOKE Chris Franklin
24/01/00 788 AUS MASCARA/LEAVE ME ALONE Killing Heidi
10/01/00 787 US I TRY Macy Gray
08/11/99 786 IT BLUE (DA BA DEE) Eiffel 65
13/09/99 785 DE MAMBO NO.5 (A LITTLE BIT OF....) Lou Bega
26/07/99 784 US LAST KISS Pearl Jam
05/07/99 783 US IF YOU HAD MY LOVE Jennifer Lopez
14/06/99 782 US KISS ME Sixpence None The Richer
26/04/99 781 US NO SCRUBS TLC
22/02/99 780 US ...BABY, ONE MORE TIME Britney Spears
18/01/99 779 US BELIEVE Cher
07/12/98 778 US PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) The Offspring
23/11/98 777 US CRUSH Jennifer Paige
09/11/98 776 IE ROLLERCOASTER B*Witched
13/09/98 775 US I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING Aerosmith
06/09/98 774 UK HIGH Lighthouse Family
02/08/98 773 US IRIS Goo Goo Dolls
21/06/98 772 PR MARÍA/THE CUP OF LIFE Ricky Martin
14/06/98 771 US ALL MY LIFE K-Ci & JoJo
07/06/98 770 UK 5, 6, 7, 8 Steps
10/05/98 769 CA YOU'RE STILL THE ONE Shania Twain
22/03/98 768 UK NEVER EVER All Saints
15/03/98 767 US/US IT'S LIKE THAT Run DMC vs Jason Nevins
15/02/98 766 CA MY HEART WILL GO ON Céline Dion
28/12/97 765 DK/NO DOCTOR JONES Aqua
07/12/97 764 UK TUBTHUMPING Chumbawamba
16/11/97 763 DK/NO BARBIE GIRL Aqua
07/09/97 761 US MEN IN BLACK Will Smith
03/08/97 760 US/US/US I'LL BE MISSING YOU Puff Daddy, Faith Evans & 112
01/06/97 759 US MMMBOP Hanson
06/04/97 758 AUS TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY Savage Garden
09/02/97 757 US DON'T SPEAK No Doubt (+Gwen Stefani)
26/01/97 756 AUS FREAK Silverchair
19/01/97 755 AUS TO THE MOON AND BACK Savage Garden
03/11/96 754 UK WANNABE Spice Girls
01/09/96 753 ES MACARENA Los Del Río
23/06/96 751 US KILLING ME SOFTLY The Fugees (+Wyclef Jean)
02/06/96 750 US UNTIL IT SLEEPS Metallica
19/05/96 749 UK FASTLOVE George Michael
14/04/96 748 NZ HOW BIZARRE OMC
10/03/96 747 US ONE OF US Joan Osborne
11/02/96 746 UK WONDERWALL Oasis
04/02/96 745 US BOOMBASTIC Shaggy
21/01/96 744 UK JESUS TO A CHILD George Michael
22/10/95 743 US/US GANGSTA'S PARADISE Coolio & LV
15/10/95 742 UK STAYIN' ALIVE N-Trance & Ricardo Da Force
08/10/95 741 US FANTASY Mariah Carey
27/08/95 740 UK KISS FROM A ROSE/I'M ALIVE Seal
20/08/95 739 CA INSENSITIVE Jann Arden
21/05/95 736 AUS MOUTH Merril Bainbridge
07/05/95 735 UK BACK FOR GOOD Take That
26/03/95 734 NL HERE'S JOHNNY! Hocus Pocus
12/02/95 733 DE ANOTHER NIGHT MC Sar & The Real McCoy
18/12/94 732 IE ZOMBIE The Cranberries
11/12/94 731 US ALL I WANNA DO Sheryl Crow
30/10/94 730 AUS TOMORROW Silverchair
16/10/94 729 US I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU Boyz II Men
18/09/94 728 AUS CONFIDE IN ME Kylie Minogue
14/08/94 727 US I SWEAR All-4-One
03/07/94 726 UK LOVE IS ALL AROUND Wet Wet Wet
12/06/94 725 CA MMM MMM MMM MMM Crash Test Dummies
01/05/94 723 SE THE SIGN Ace Of Base
24/04/94 722 CA THE POWER OF LOVE Céline Dion
06/03/94 721 UK IT'S ALRIGHT East 17
06/02/94 720 DK GIVE IT UP Cut 'N' Move
23/01/94 719 CA ALL FOR LOVE Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting
16/01/94 718 US BOOM! SHAKE THE ROOM DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (+Will Smith)
28/11/93 717 CA PLEASE FORGIVE ME Bryan Adams
07/11/93 716 SE ALL THAT SHE WANTS Ace Of Base
31/10/93 715 DE MR VAIN Culture Beat
29/08/93 713 US THE RIVER OF DREAMS Billy Joel
06/06/93 711 CA INFORMER Snow
30/05/93 710 US THAT'S THE WAY LOVE GOES Janet Jackson
16/05/93 709 US EASY Faith No More
04/04/93 708 US ARE YOU GONNA GO MY WAY? Lenny Kravitz
28/03/93 707 US CATS IN THE CRADLE Ugly Kid Joe
28/02/93 706 US YOU DON'T TREAT ME NO GOOD Sonia Dada
20/12/92 705 US I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Whitney Houston
22/11/92 704 US END OF THE ROAD Boyz II Men
04/10/92 703 US ACHY BREAKY HEART Billy Ray Cyrus
27/09/92 702 US HUMPIN' AROUND Bobby Brown
16/08/92 701 ES/UK AMIGOS PARA SIEMPRE (FRIENDS FOR LIFE) José Carreras & Sarah Brightman
26/07/92 700 US HAZARD Richard Marx
19/07/92 699 US SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST Vanessa Williams
28/06/92 698 US JUMP Kris Kross
14/06/92 697 AUS TAKE IT FROM ME Girlfriend
07/06/92 696 AUS ONE IN A MILLION Euphoria
17/05/92 695 US TO BE WITH YOU Mr Big
19/04/92 694 US UNDER THE BRIDGE Red Hot Chili Peppers
05/04/92 693 AUS MARVELLOUS! The Twelfth Man
08/03/92 692 UK SALTWATER Julian Lennon
23/02/92 691 AUS LOVE YOU RIGHT Euphoria
26/01/92 690 US LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX Salt-N-Pepa
01/12/91 689 US BLACK OR WHITE Michael Jackson
10/11/91 688 UK I'M TOO SEXY Right Said Fred
03/11/91 687 IE THE FLY U2
20/10/91 686 UK RUSH Big Audio Dynamite II
13/10/91 685 US LOVE...THY WILL BE DONE Martika
28/07/91 684 CA EVERYTHING I DO (I DO IT FOR YOU) Bryan Adams
14/07/91 683 AUS READ MY LIPS Melissa
09/06/91 682 AUS/US GREASE MEGAMIX Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta
02/06/91 681 AUS DON'T GO NOW Ratcat
19/05/91 680 AUS THE HORSES Daryl Braithwaite
05/05/91 679 AUS TINGLES EP Ratcat
14/04/91 678 SE JOYRIDE Roxette
07/04/91 677 US FALLING Julee Cruise
24/03/91 676 US SUCKER DJ (A WITCH FOR LOVE) Dimples D
17/03/91 675 US DO THE BARTMAN The Simpsons
17/02/91 674 UK I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT YOU Londonbeat
03/02/91 673 AUS I TOUCH MYSELF Divinyls
13/01/91 672 US ICE ICE BABY Vanilla Ice
25/11/90 671 US UNCHAINED MELODY Righteous Brothers
18/11/90 670 US GROOVE IS IN THE HEART Deee-Lite
04/11/90 669 AUS JUKEBOX IN SIBERIA Skyhooks
28/10/90 668 US BUST A MOVE Young MC
16/09/90 667 US BLAZE OF GLORY Jon Bon Jovi
26/08/90 666 US EPIC Faith No More
22/07/90 665 US U CAN'T TOUCH THIS MC Hammer
08/07/90 664 SE IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE Roxette
06/05/90 662 US VOGUE/KEEP IT TOGETHER Madonna
22/04/90 661 US/US OPPOSITES ATTRACT Paula Abdul & The Wild Pair
25/02/90 660 IE NOTHING COMPARES 2 U Sinéad O'Connor
18/02/90 659 US JANIE'S GOT A GUN Aerosmith
18/12/89 658 US LOVE SHACK The B-52's
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1Kylie Minogue
2Guy Sebastian 
5TV Rock
6The Veronicas
7Pete Murray
8The young divas
9 Sneaky Sound System
10 The Presets
12Rogue Traders 
13Gabreilla Cilmi
17Stan Walker
18Eskimo Joe
19Boy & Bear
20Jessica Mauboy

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bluezombie, if you really want to include Samantha Jade than include her. I just feel that a best of Australian artist chart shouldn't include someone who has been around for such a short time. Maybe I am in the minority with that thought but I think if Samantha Jade ranks let's say in the top 10 and artists like Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil and Powderfinger rank below than it takes away the meaning of this countdown.

I only noticed now that Samantha Jade was left off the 400 odd artists I posted above and that is only because savagegrant hasn't updated his list to include her.

I enjoy these types of countdowns where we all contribute and I made the suggestion for this countdown thinking everyone would get behind it without being a bunch of dropkicks about it.

I also suggested having a group of us on a panel to give each artist a score. I'm sure some people would give artists like Guy Sebastian a 20 and some would give him a 1 but every artist would get a score and then they'd be tallied up and the countdown made from that and that is why I made the list of 400 odd artists which excluded alot of minor and less popular artists as I thought having 1500 artists to give a score was a bit over the top.

I never said you couldn't vote for any artist.
Ladyhawke is Kiwi isn't she?
I really really don't want to include Samantha Jade in my list, I just think people should have the option to include her if she actually is one of their favourite 20 Australian artists, which she very well could be for some people.

I still think 400 artists is too many to give a score too. In theory your idea might be good, but honestly, if I had to score 400 artists I'd stop giving it serious thought long before I got through it. Listing top 20s is the better way to go in my opinion.

And yes, as far as I'm aware, Ladyhawke is considered a New Zealand artist.
I'm curious, if I was to set up the panel idea and have you guys e-mail me your scores of the 400 artist list which I posted above which includes all the ARIA Hall Of Famers and any artists to have a top 20 hit. How many of you would take part without trolling scores?

Say we had a deadline by Wednesday?

I'll tally the results and e-mail the list to savage so he can play the countdown for us to listen to on Oz day w/e?

You can give an artist any score between 1-20. 20 being the better score.

Kasey Chambers [18]
Kate Alexa [3]
Kate Ceberano [14]
Kate DeAraugo [3]
Kate Miller-Heidke [10]
Katie Underwood [7]
Kaylan [1]
Kayne Taylor [2]
Keith Urban [12]

Let's create a great Aussie countdown.

Let me know if you'll take part and I'll post my e-mail address so you can send me your scores.

I don't think the top 20s that we've posted is going to give us a countdown to reflect Aussie artists especially since so many of you have submitted lulzy top 20s which feature Natasha Duarte.

I might ask Beanster or Savage to double check the list I posted above and to take out any other randoms or add anyone they think I should have included like Samantha Jade. I think if we can cull the list a bit more might be better for everyone as 400 might be a bit too much to go through and rank. I believe BZ and Joanne are seperate on that list and artists like Mr G and Kylie Mole who had one novelty hit could be taken out.

Let me know if you'll take part and we'll get this started?
The problem with that idea though is that ignorance reduces the chance for a lot of artists. I've discovered in numerous cases here, that people will rate what they don't even like above what they haven't heard, and will not make any effort to amend it. This to me is ridiculous but it's how it goes. I'm pretty knowledgable with music but will admit that I have holes in that knowledge, but in the big list you've posted, I think that only about 1/20 of the artists there are artists that I'd be able to fairly rate, and even then, not very well.

It may sound like I'm being too serious about this, but I don't think it would be fair to rate the majority of artists. At the very least I'm not convinced it would provide a better conclusion than just waiting for enough people to post 'proper' lists as per the original play.

Just my thoughts.
I would suggest culling the list considerably.

The list should only include ARIA Hall OF Famers and those artists that have released a number of singles/albums of like Gotye or Men At Work been successful internationally.

SO artists like Radio Freedom, Lisa Edwards, Candice Ally who have released only a couple of hits and one album won't be eligible for the countdown.

Guy Sebastian and possibly Jess Mauboy and Shannon Noll will probably be the only Idol acts in the list.

I think if Beanster has time and can cull the list down we know he'd be fair plus his music knowledge would be way better than mine.
The list would definitely need a cull, but the problem then is that it could easily exclude artists that people would want to vote, but have slipped under the radar by the rules, and then how can it really be everyone's favourites?

Really I think it'd be best to go back to the ranked lists idea, but maybe expand from 20 to a bigger number. If you got enough people to take it seriously, you could get a varied response, but one that you can tabulate.
Ok, I see your point.

How would a top 50 work for everyone?

Top 20 isn't giving enough scope and alot of artists are only getting one mention and causing more ties.

A top 50 might have more impact and sway.

Everyone ranks their top 50 favourite AUSSIE artists from any decade and please only serious lists.

Savage how does this sound for you?
G'day, here's my top 50 oz artists....

1. The Easybeats
2. The Saints
4. The Bee Gees
5. AC/DC
6. Midnight Oil
7. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
8. Cold Chisel
9. Silverchair
10. Crowded House

11. Hoodoo Gurus
12. The Church
13. Icehouse
14. Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls
15. The Drones
16. The Missing Links
17. Divinyls
18. Powderfinger
19. The Sunnyboys
20. Birthday Party

21. Masters Apprentices
22. The Triffids
23. The Go-Betweens
24. Spiderbait
25. Hunters & Collectors
26. You Am I
27. The Skyhooks
28. Tame Impala
29. The Cruel Sea
30. Richard Clapton

31. The Vines
32. Wolfmother
33. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs
34. Rowland S. Howard
35. Daddy Cool
36. The Angels
38. Radio Birdman
39. Ratcat
40. The Avalanches

41. Australian Crawl
42. Regurgitator
43. Johnny O'Keefe
44. The Living End
45. Diesel
46. Men At Work
47. 1927
48. Chain
49. Custard
50. The Temper Trap

just missed....
* Died Pretty
* The Sports
* Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes
* Jet
* The Dingoes
* Frente
* Goanna
* Mental As Anything
* The Sleepy Jackson

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Transvision Vamp arn't australian?
Lol.... no they aren't...thanks NateBoi, i'm getting old.... the memory ain't as good as it used to be...lol....edited now
My list:

1. Kylie Minogue
2. Shannon Noll
3. John Farnham
4. Olivia Newton-John
5. Diesel
6. Delta Goodrem
7. Human Nature
8. Tina Arena
9. The Wiggles
10. Jimmy Barnes

11. INXS
12. Bee Gees
13. The Seekers
14. The Twelfth Man
15. Keith Urban
16. Mental As Anything
17. Vanessa Amorosi
18. Dannii Minogue
19. Jon English
20. Teen Queens
1.Wake Up – The Living End
2.To The Moon And Back – Savage Garden
3.Great Southern Land – Icehouse
4.Down Under – Men At Work
5.Back In Black – AC/DC
6.Overkill – Men At Work
7.I Believe In You - Kylie Minogue
8.Buses And Trains – Bachelor Girl
9.Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool
10.Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil
11.Look What You’ve Done - Jet
12.How Deep Is Your Love – Bee Gees
13.Friday On My Mind – The Easybeats
14.Alone – Bee Gees
15.In The Summertime – Thirsty Merc
16.Lost In Love – Air Supply
17.Staying Alive – Bee Gees
18.Truly Madly Deeply – Savage Garden
19.The Carnival Is Over – The Seekers
20.Reminiscing – Little River Band
21.O Yeah – End Of Fashion
22.More Than A Woman – Bee Gees
23.UFO – Sneaky Sound System
24.I Touch Myself - Divinyls
25.Highway To Hell – AC/DC
26.Flaunt It – TV Rock
27.Absolutely Everybody - Vanessa Amorosi
28.Voodoo Child – Rogue Traders
29.I Like The Way You Move – Bodyrockers
30.Just A Song About Ping Pong – Operator Please
31.Tragedy – Bee Gees
32.Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

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1. Guy Sebastian
2. San Cisco
3. Flume
4. The Temper Trap
5. Knife Party
6. 360
7. Hilltop Hoods
8. Tame Impala
9. Delta Goodrem
10. Matt Corby
11. Samantha Jade
12. Birds Of Tokyo
13. Last Dinosaurs
14. The Rubens
15. Kimbra
16. Boy & Bear
17. Justice Crew
18. Timomatic
19. Gotye
20. Lisa Mitchell

1. Crowded House
3. Eskimo Joe
4. Guy Sebastian
5. Savage Garden
6. The Presets
7. The Living End
8. Jet
9. AC/DC
10. Delta Goodrem
11. Hilltop Hoods
12. Birds Of Tokyo
13. The Temper Trap
14. Midnight Oil
15. Powderfinger
16. Kylie Minogue
17. Wolfmother
18. Silverchair
19. Yothu Yindi
20. John Butler Trio

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The day is nearly here, just a matter of hours now. Time to make vegemite sandwiches and eat them while listening to digeridoo music.

Speaking of Australia Day, Pizza Haven nostalgia.
What about Australian TV theme songs?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwlxeYA1SQI Home And Away

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIdFzP0TJxc Neighbours

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHbLTUsUdEQ The Wayne Manifesto
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Not a song, just an instrumental but Ship To Shore music

This isn't an original Australian song but it would be an insult not to include the cover tune to this fantastic children's show:

By the way, is anyone actually doing this countdown tomorrow?
1 Jessica Mauboy
2 Ricki-Lee
3 Paulini
4 Samantha Jade
5 Zoe Badwi
6 Carmen Smith
7 Sarah De Bono
8 Prinnie Stevens
9 Emily Williams
10 Guy Sebastian

11 Vanessa Amorosi
12 Tina Arena
13 Cassie Davis
14 Tammin
15 Taxiride
16 Joanne
17 Leah Haywood
18 Savage Garden
19 Shakaya
20 Aleesha Rome
Don't forget this classic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6H88w75ymI

From memory I think the theme is actually performed by the female actor.
I am grateful for Australia Day.

I am grateful for Bundaberg drinks. I really like the newer ones such as Tropical Mango and Spiced Ginger Beer.

I am grateful for the music that comes from Hillsong.

I am grateful for the book Generation Y by Peter Sheahan.
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I think it's time this was re-visited for next year
G'day mates.

I love you guys.

Did I get drunk today? Yes

Did I smoke cigarettes today? Yes

Does it mean that I have stopped loving you guys? No

The alcohol and cigarettes are not stronger than my love for Australia. I was thinking about the song Great Southern Land today and I listened to Australian rap today. I am still true despite the cigarettes and the alcohol.

I will declare that To The Moon And Back by Savage Garden is my favourite Australian song. I will celebrate Australian music even though I have avoided being caught by the coppers and I am able to post this here right now. Oh, the alcohol. But oh, the australian music.

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