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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - CHART POSITIONS PRE 1989, part 2

All right, let's start this thread off on a 2-Tone question. What are the chart stats for The Beat (and spin-off bands General Public and Fine Young Cannibals) and The Specials/The Special AKA?

Hi. I have a bit of a tricky question, but I'm hoping someone may be able to help... I'm interested in the ARIA Australian-only charts, as they serve as a kind of "bubbling under" for some songs by Aussie artists that charted below the top 100.

Does anyone know what date ARIA started publishing these, & if the information is available anywhere? Short of getting access to a full set of these charts (a dream I know), there are a couple of songs I'd love to see the entry dates/positions for in particlar, these being :

Ghetto Rose - "Time Flies" and "Left With The Sky" from 1995
Divinyls - Make Out Alright (from 1991)

Any help appreciated, thanks!
wow this section must really be popular! i hope you haven't forgotten about my requests and i would also like jackson browne please much appreciated
Michelle, I just posted your other requests at the end of the first PRE 1989 page, but now here's...

Jackson Browne:

15-May-72*HP-45*WI-10 - Doctor My Eyes
21-Mar-77*HP-93*WI-03 - Here Come Those Tears Again
27-Mar-78*HP-82*WI-03 - Running on Empty
04-Sep-78*HP-58*WI-19 - Stay
20-Sep-82*HP-26*WI-17 - Somebody's Baby
08-Aug-83*HP-28*WI-15 - Lawyers in Love
03-Feb-86*HP-09*WI-19 - You're a Friend of Mine (w/ Clarence Clemons)
07-Apr-86*HP-84*WI-05 - For America
21-July-86*HP-95*WI-03 - In the Shape of a Heart
The Beat:

04-May-81*HP-73*WI-07 - Too Nice to Talk to (British Beat)
05-Sep-83*HP-77*WI-05 - Can't Get Used to Losing You

General Public:

04-Feb-85*HP-50*WI-19 - Tenderness

Fine Young Cannibals:

02-Sep-85*HP-14*WI-22 - Johnny Come Home
27-Jan-86*HP-13*WI-16 - Blue
24-Mar-86*HP-06*WI-14 - Suspicious Minds
16-Jun-86*HP-97*WI-02 - Funny How Love is
16-Mar-87*HP-20*WI-17 - Ever Fallen in Love
then came "She Drives Me Crazy" in Feb 1989.

The Specials/AKA:

03-Mar-80*HP-29*WI-13 - A Message to You Rudy
12-Oct-81*HP-68*WI-08 - Ghost Town
18-Jun-84*HP-66*WI-05 - Nelson Mandela (The Special AKA)

got the results from the other page and it rocks. did i say blondie though? i meant debbie harry sorry bout that
The British Beat? I knew they were "The English Beat" in North America (something to do with an American band already called The Beat)...didn't realize they were "The British Beat" here, at least for one single. I always learn something when I check this thread!
This site is awesome! How about The Motors, The Vapors and The Sports?

Could I please have the chart history of Bang The Drum, thanks.
Deborah Harry:

07-Sep-81*HP-23*WI-10 - Backfired
19-Mar-84*HP-25*WI-17 - Rush Rush
22-Dec-86*HP-04*WI-21 - French Kissin' in the USA
then came "I Want That Man" in Nov 1989.
The Motors:

31-July-78*HP-31*WI-24 - Airport

The Vapors:

28-Apr-80*HP-01*WI-25 - Turning Japanese

The Sports:

10-Apr-78*HP-55*WI-12 - Boys! (What Did the Detective Say?)
17-July-78*HP-42*WI-10 - When You Walk in the Room
06-Nov-78*HP-35*WI-12 - Who Listens to the Radio
19-Feb-79*HP-26*WI-16 - Don't Throw Stones
21-May-79*HP-74*WI-08 - Suspicious Minds
17-Sep-79*HP-40*WI-11 - Wedding Ring
11-Feb-80*HP-22*WI-17 - Strangers on a Train
20-Apr-81*HP-21*WI-17 - How Come
30-Nov-81*HP-72*WI-06 - Sunshine Superman
Meglos, you can find the Bang the Drum information in the search engine above, but here are the Top 100 figures:

18-Feb-90*HP-31*WI.100-13a*WI.50-07*EP-99 - Only You
13-May-90*HP-43*WI.100-12*WI.50-01*EP-75 - Passion

Thanks bulion!
what about the easybeats?
hey thanks for the easybeats chart positions everyone.

fliptop, in case you hadn't noticed my posting dates, I only do these once a week, and that's cos I only have Saturdays off from work. So now that I have the day off, here are the Easybeats singles:

The Easybeats:

17-Apr-65*HP-33*WI-23 - For My Woman / Say That You're Mine
12-Jun-65*HP-03*WI-24 - She's So Fine / The Old Oak Tree
04-Sep-65*HP-07*WI-15 - Wedding Ring
13-Nov-65*HP-21*WI-18 - Sad and Lonely and Blue / Easy as Can Be
22-Jan-66*HP-04*WI-18 - Women (Make Me Feel Alright)
23-Apr-66*HP-03*WI-18 - Come and See Her / I Can See
23-July-66*HP-01*WI-17 - Easyfever (EP)
22-Oct-66*HP-01*WI-17 - Sorry / Funny Feelin'
19-Nov-66*HP-01*WI-19 - Friday on My Mind
08-Apr-67*HP-14*WI-12 - Who'll Be the One / Do You Have a Soul
01-July-67*HP-08*WI-11 - Heaven and Hell / Pretty Girl
23-Dec-67*HP-33*WI-10 - The Music Goes 'Round My Head
30-Mar-68*HP-34*WI-11 - Hello, How Are You
20-July-68*HP-18*WI-13 - Land of Make Believe / Good Times
30-Nov-68*HP-59*WI-07 - Lay Me Down and Die / See Line Woman
19-July-69*HP-21*WI-18 - St. Louis
11-Oct-69*HP-53*WI-04 - Peculiar Hole in the Sky
22-Nov-69*HP-93*WI-04 - I Love Marie
15-Dec-80*HP-92*WI-01 - Friday on My Mind (R)
thanks sorry about the rudeness i just got carried away....
Can anyone please tell me the peak position of "Viva Hate" by Morrissey in Australia? ARIA said in their Chartifacts last week it went top 30 in 1988, but does not specify what. I know all of his studio album peak positions, but did any of his other albums (like a greatest hits) chart as well? And any of his singles? Although this is not all pre-1989. ;S

Thanks very much if you could tell me, as I'm inserting this information into Wikipedia, as there's no information on Morrissey's album peak positions in Australia on there.
Thanks for starting a new thread! I was wondering if "Hooked On Classics" or "Hooked On Swing" charted here? They came before the Jive Bunny medleys. Also, did the Weather Girls, Cheri, Cherelle, Donna Allen, Jean Carn or Marlena Shaw chart in Australia?

Thanks bulion
Oh and Rupert Holmes as well
wow cool thread this site must be popular! any chance of the boomtown rats, joan armatrading, grace jones and kim hart? much apprciated
Sean, here are all of Morrissey's Top 100 chart positions from 1988 onwards...

13-Jun-88*HP-73*WI-06 - Viva Hate
29-Oct-90*HP-57*WI-05 - Bona Drag
25-Mar-91*HP-45*WI-08 - Kill Uncle
03-Aug-92*HP-12*WI-10 - Your Arsenal
11-Apr-94*HP-21*WI-07 - Vauxhall and I
04-Sep-95*HP-74*WI-02 - Southpaw Grammar
18-Aug-97*HP-62*WI-02 - Maladjusted
24-May-04*HP-64*WI-02 - You Are the Quarry
10-Apr-06*HP-55*WI-01 - Ringleader of the Tormentors
29-Feb-09*HP-87*WI-01 - Years of Refusal

21-Mar-88*HP-45*WI-12 - Suedehead (AMR)
20-Mar-89*HP-79*WI-04 - The Last of the Famous International Playboys (AMR)
24-July-89*HP-85*WI-02 - Interesting Drug (AMR)
01-Apr-91*HP-97*WI-01 - Our Frank (AMR)
08-Sep-91*HP-71*WI-03 - Pregnant for the Last Time
21-Jun-92*HP-55*WI-06 - We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful
23-Aug-92*HP-85*WI-04 - You're the One for Me, Fatty
10-Apr-94*HP-85*WI-04 - The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
03-Aug-97*HP-97*WI-01 - Alma Matters

his latest album fell out of the charts after just one week.
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:

28-Sep-81*HP-09*WI-18 - Hooked on Classics
13-Feb-84*HP-87*WI-03 - Hooked on Australia

Kings of Swing Orchestra:

25-Jan-82*HP-62*WI-10 - Hooked on Swing

Weather Girls:

25-Apr-83*HP-16*WI-18 - It's Raining Men

Nothing for Cheri, Cherelle, Jean Carn, Marlena Shaw and Donna Allen
Rupert Holmes:

17-Dec-79*HP-03*WI-19 - Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
31-Mar-80*HP-42*WI-13 - Him
12-Jan-81*HP-94*WI-03 - Morning Man
Boomtown Rats:

30-Apr-79*HP-94*WI-01 - Rat Trap
17-Sep-79*HP-01*WI-23 - I Don't Like Mondays
17-Dec-79*HP-42*WI-10 - Diamond Smiles
16-Feb-81*HP-18*WI-14 - Banana Republic

Joan Armatrading:

22-May-78*HP-77*WI-07 - Mama Mercy
24-Mar-80*HP-52*WI-20 - Rosie
26-May-80*HP-60*WI-06 - Joan Armatrading (EP)
23-Jun-80*HP-24*WI-18 - Me, Myself, I
23-Nov-81*HP-77*WI-08 - I'm Lucky
04-Apr-83*HP-06*WI-21 - Drop the Pilot
25-July-83*HP-20*WI-17 - (I Love it When You) Call Me Names
08-Apr-85*HP-72*WI-09 - Temptation
15-July-85*HP-97*WI-01 - Thinking Man
14-July-86*HP-99*WI-01 - Kind Words (and a Real Good Heart)

Grace Jones:

24-Aug-81*HP-67*WI-06 - Pull Up to the Bumper
31-May-82*HP-94*WI-02 - Walking in the Rain
27-Dec-82*HP-33*WI-15 - Nipple to the Bottle
16-Dec-85*HP-20*WI-13 - Slave to the Rhythm
10-July-94*HP-93*WI-01 - Slave to the Rhythm (Remix)
26-Feb-01*HP-54*WI-03 - Pull Up to the Bumber (vs Funkstar DeLuxe)

Kim Hart:

26-May-80*HP-06*WI-17 - Love at First Night
22-Sep-80*HP-89*WI-02 - You're the One
Thanks for the info above. One "spin off" band slipped my mind....The Fun Boy Three. How'd they do?

And hey, while I'm thnking about it, how about Sniff 'n The Tears? (Terrible band name, but great song with "Driver's Seat"...did they ever have anything else?)
Thanks bulion
what about rick springfield? haven't seen him here and on the old thread. many thanks in advance!
hey thanks for that i reeally appreciate it. it just occured to me that we haven't done any of the beatle members. any chance for paul mccartney, george harrison, ringo star and john lennon? oh and i guess stevie wonder while i think about ebony and ivory
sorry just realised we've done stevie wonder could i change that request to ray charles? much appreciated
hey thanks again for before any chance for robert palmer and deneice williams?
By the way, I'll just add my shock and amazement with regards to the last post on the previous thread -- "Khe Sanh" only peaked at 41??? Wow.
Hi, new to the site.

The opposing side to classics like Khe Sanh, is the number of songs that have charted highly but know one even remember now. These have offen charted much higher than the songs we remember.

Another strange one is songs from artists that chart highly, but are not the songs that we all know. One example from the Seventies was Procol Harum. Thier first hit, "Conquistador", got to No. 3 (go-set charts) while "Whiter Shade of Pale" only got to No. 17.

Seventies were my era and I certaily don't remember Conquistador!
yeah brian, totally agree. I noticed that on many songs recently and was surprised!
Fun Boy Three:

19-Apr-82*HP-43*WI-09 - The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum)
19-July-82*HP-55*WI-10 - It Ain't What You Do, it's the Way That You Do it (feat Bananarama)
20-Dec-82*HP-74*WI-07 - Really Saying Something (Bananarama feat...)

Sniff 'N the Tears:

12-Nov-79*HP-13*WI-19 - Driver's Seat
Rick Springfield:

11-Oct-71*HP-06*WI-20 - Speak to the Sky
12-Jun-72*HP-16*WI-19 - Hooky Jo
04-Dec-72*HP-38*WI-18 - What Would the Children Think
22-Oct-73*HP-62*WI-18 - Believe in Me
29-Jun-81*HP-01*WI-22 - Jessie's Girl
12-Oct-81*HP-31*WI-21 - I've Done Everything for You
10-May-82*HP-10*WI-18 - Don't Talk to Strangers
30-May-83*HP-26*WI-13 - Affair of the Heart
14-Nov-83*HP-92*WI-03 - Human Touch
18-Jun-84*HP-83*WI-13 - Love Somebody
09-May-88*HP-92*WI-02 - Rock of Life
The Beatles solo:

Paul McCartney:

12-Apr-71*HP-01*WI-19 - Another Day
16-Aug-71*HP-21*WI-14 - Eat at Home / Smile Away
18-Oct-71*HP-05*WI-22 - Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
27-Mar-72*HP-17*WI-13 - Give Ireland Back to the Irish
03-July-72*HP-17*WI-15 - Mary Had a Little Lamb
05-Feb-73*HP-29*WI-09 - Hi, Hi, Hi / C Moon
21-May-73*HP-05*WI-21 - My Love
27-Aug-73*HP-05*WI-21 - Live and Let Die
03-Dec-73*HP-17*WI-18 - Helen Wheels / Country Dreamer
11-Mar-74*HP-41*WI-17 - Mrs. Vanderbilt
09-Dec-74*HP-12*WI-18 - Juniors Farm / Sally G
09-Jun-75*HP-14*WI-15 - Listen to What the Man Said
03-Nov-75*HP-34*WI-15 - Letting Go
02-Feb-76*HP-34*WI-15 - Venus & Mars / Rock Show / Magneto and Titanium Man
03-May-76*HP-20*WI-21 - Silly Love Songs
06-Sep-76*HP-65*WI-04 - Let 'em in
28-Nov-77*HP-01*WI-30 - Mull of Kintyre / Girl's School
03-Apr-78*HP-11*WI-16 - With a Little Luck
14-Aug-78*WI-99*HP-01 - I've Had Enough
23-Apr-79*HP-06*WI-18 - Goodnight Tonight
23-July-79*HP-57*WI-09 - Getting Closer
17-Dec-79*HP-61*WI-04 - Wonderful Christmastime
12-May-80*HP-02*WI-18 - Coming Up
28-July-80*HP-31*WI-11 - Waterfalls
26-Apr-82*HP-02*WI-18 - Ebony & Ivory (w/ Stevie Wonder)
26-July-82*HP-18*WI-13 - Take it Away
15-Nov-82*HP-04*WI-14 - The Girl is Mine (w/ Michael Jackson)
24-Oct-83*HP-04*WI-22 - Say Say Say (w/ Michael Jackson)
30-Jan-84*HP-36*WI-13 - Pipes of Peace / So Bad
22-Oct-84*HP-09*WI-18 - No More Lonely Nights
13-Jan-86*HP-55*WI-09 - Spies Like Us
25-Aug-86*HP-47*WI-12 - Press
14-Dec-87*HP-58*WI-09 - Once Upon a Long Ago
then came "My Brave Face" in June 1989.
John Lennon:

19-July-69*HP-06*WI-15 - Give Peace a Chance **
29-Nov-69*HP-25*WI-13 - Cold Turkey **
09-Mar-70*HP-06*WI-19 - Instant Karma (with **)
15-Mar-71*HP-57*WI-09 - Mother (with **)
17-May-71*HP-21*WI-12 - Power to the People (with **
22-Nov-71*HP-01*IW-21 - Imagine
18-Dec-72*HP-09*WI-15 - Happy Xmas (War is Over) (with **)
03-Dec-73*HP-16*WI-13 - Minds Games
04-Nov-74*HP-34*WI-13 - Whatever Gets You Thru the Night
23-Jun-75*HP-61*WI-09 - Stand By Me
10-Nov-80*HP-01*WI-25 - (Just Like) Starting Over
22-Dec-80*HP-77*WI-03 - Happy Xmas (War is Over) (R)
12-Jan-81*HP-43*WI-17 - Imagine (R)
16-Feb-81*HP-04*WI-16 - Woman
11-May-81*HP-81*WI-04 - I Saw Her Standing There (EP) (Elton John feat...)
11-May-81*HP-45*WI-09 - Watching the Wheels (w/ Yoko Ono)
17-Jan-83*HP-94*WI-01 - Love
23-Jan-84*HP-06*WI-14 - Nobody Told Me
then there was the re-issue of "Imagine" in Dec 1988.
** shown as "The Plastic Ono Band"

Ringo Starr:

18-Jan-71*HP-66*WI-06 - Beaucoups of Blues
17-May-71*HP-03*WI-17 - It Don't Come Easy
24-Apr-72*HP-14*WI-13 - Back Off, Boogaloo
12-Nov-73*HP-01*WI-21 - Photograph
11-Mar-74*HP-06*WI-20 - You're Sixteen
24-Jun-74*HP-62*WI-06 - Om My, My
23-Dec-74*HP-45*WI-13 - Only You
01-Nov-76*HP-37*WI-13 - A Dose of Rock 'N' Roll

George Harrison:

28-Dec-70*HP-01*WI-26 - My Sweet Lord / Isn't it a Pity
22-Mar-71*HP-03*WI-17 - What is Life / Apple Scruffs
06-Sep-71*HP-22*WI-19 - Bangla-Desh
04-Jun-73*HP-11*WI-15 - Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
27-Jan-75*HP-83*WI-05 - Ding Dong
27-Oct-75*HP-74*WI-07 - You
20-Dec-76*HP-50*WI-13 - This Song
04-Apr-77*HP-78*WI-06 - Crackerbox Palace
07-May-79*HP-34*WI-15 - Blow Away
01-Jun-81*HP-09*WI-14 - All Those Years Ago
16-Nov-87*HP-01*WI-26 - Got My Mind Set on You
29-Feb-88*HP-35*WI-12 - When We Was Fab
20-Jun-88*HP-84*WI-03 - This is Love
16-Oct-89*HP-70*WI-04 - Cheer Down

So from the above each info, you can see that each member of the group went on to have their own No.1 single.
Ray Charles:

05-Sep-59*HP-62*WI-07 - What'd I Say
19-Dec-59*HP-66*WI-08 - I'm Movin' On
15-Oct-60*HP-40*WI-12 - Georgia on My Mind
24-Dec-60*HP-57*WI-13 - Ruby
22-Apr-61*HP-63*WI-18 - One Mint Julep
07-Oct-61*HP-03*WI-19 - Hit the Road Jack
06-Jan-62*HP-33*WI-12 - Unchain My Heart
02-Jun-62*HP-01*WI-22 - I Can't Stop Loving You
11-Aug-62*HP-25*WI-13 - You Don't Own Me
22-Dec-62*HP-71*WI-04 - Your Cheatin' Heart
18-May-63*HP-29*WI-11 - Take These Chains from My Heart
19-Oct-63*HP-38*WI-07 - Busted
25-Jan-64*HP-65*WI-03 - That Lucky Old Sun
28-Mar-64*HP-74*WI-04 - My Heart Cries For You
29-Aug-64*HP-34*WI-10 - A Tear Fell
15-Jan-66*HP-77*WI-17 - Crying Time
14-Jan-67*HP-85*WI-04 - Don't Need No Doctor
02-Dec-67*HP-84*WI-07 - Yesterday
08-Jun-68*HP-62*WI-04 - In the Heat of the Night
13-July-68*HP-53*WI-03 - Eleanor Rigby
15-Aug-83*HP-47*WI-27 - Shake Your Tailfeather (with the Blues Brothers)
19-Aug-85*HP-29*WI-25 - Seven Spanish Angels (w/ Willie Nelson)
Robert Palmer:

14-Feb-77*HP-90*WI-04 - Man Smart, Woman Smarter
24-July-78*HP-82*WI-09 - Every Kinda People
16-July-79*HP-13*WI-21 - Bad Case of Lovin' (Doctor Doctor)
27-Oct-80*HP-20*WI-17 - Johnny and Mary
26-Jan-81*HP-23*WI-31 - Looking for Clues
26-Apr-82*HP-41*WI-14 - Some Guys Have all the Luck
01-Aug-838HP-83*WI-03 - You Are in My System
07-Apr-86*HP-01*WI-24 - Addicted to Love
21-July-86*HP-72*WI-06 - Hyperactive
29-Apr-86*HP-26*WI-15 - I Didn't Mean to Turn You On
18-July-88*HP-01*WI-41 - Simply Irresistable
then came "She Makes my Day" in Oct 1988.

Deniece Williams:

19-Sep-77*HP-57*WI-12 - Free
29-May-78*HP-06*WI-19 - Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (with Johnny Mathis)
28-May-84*HP-03*WI-15 - Let's Hear it for the Boy

Procol Harum:

17-Jun-67*HP-01*WI-19 - A Whiter Shade of Pale
07-Oct-67*HP-05*WI-14 - Homburg
06-Jan-68*HP-31*WI-08 - Conquistador
10-July-72*HP-18*WI-15 - A Whiter Shade of Pale (R)
10-July-72*HP-04*WI-18 - Conquistador (Live)
wow that is so interesting i thought the beatles had much higher peak positions then some of those shown (of course it was obvious that they were huge and that they all had no. 1's. interesting case for ray charles too. "shake your tailfeather" always get radio airplay yet it barley made the top 50. i think brian's got a point about the charts. any thanks again
wow thanks so much for the info bulion always thought robert palmer was bigger though but i guess its not aas much as a surpirse as ray charles. are they sure they got the charts right? i was watching countdown re-runs and i noticed that a lot of songs which actually charted in the top ten were never mentioned on countdown. a classic example carly simon with jessie. yet they managed to play songs which didn't even reach the top ten on the charts in thir top ten. bucks fizz "making your mind up" a classic example of this stuff up. any way thanks so much for the info its a real life saver
Oh wow, I remember "Free" by Deneice Williams, I'm so happy it charted in Australia! I'm surprised that Australia's own Rick Springfield only had fair success here but huge success in the US? Did Oz radio not support his music at the time? I find that a lot with many Aussie acts in the 80's.. Men At Work, Air Supply, Little River Band... their music charted a lot better in the US than it did here down under. Isn't that a bit of an insult to the local industry? Why are they doing so much better overseas than in their own country???

Did Eartha Kitt have any charting songs here? Particularly any off her "I Love Men" album!!!
yeah I noticed that too ginny, at least jessie's girl was a number one success for rick in OZ.
Shaun, something to look at for "Shake Your Tailfeather" is the 27 weeks it spent on the charts -- that's over 6 months as a hit single! I'm guessing it got lots of airplay in many parts of the country, but at different times. So when it was, say a top 40 hit in Melbourne it wasn't doing anything in Sydney, and then when Sydney came on board it was off the charts in Melbourne, etc. This would acount for its long chart run, but its relatively low national placing.

And if that 83 date isn't a typo, the song became a hit 3 years after The Blues Brothers soundtrack came out!

Oh, and Ginny, while some Australian acts did better overseas, if you compare US chart placings to Australian chart placings for Men At Work, you'll see Australia actually comes out a little ahead:

Men At Work in the US: Four top 10 hits (+one more top 40 hit),
Men At Work in AUS: Four top 10 hits (+2 more top 40 hits)

For Rick Springfield, meanwhile, there may have been some resentment that he left Australia for the US almost immediately after his first hit, never to return. (In fact, he didn't perform a single live show in Australia between 1972 and 2007!) So some lingering resentment + a lack of live supporting dates to promote his music is probably what had the biggest impact on Springfield's so-so Australian chart career...

well i guess that's a little more reassuring so i'll accept the fact that shake your tailfeather had a low chart position. but it really got me thinking though. anyway could i have some more info please? musch appreciated

paul young
john paul young
jona lewie
jon and vangelis
toyah (if they charted)
wendy and the rocketts
i wonder if "down under" was an international #1?
Thanks breadalbane, I always wondered why singers like Rick Springfield, Olivia, Helen Reddy, etc had much bigger success in the US than Australia. It would be like someone from Sweden having a number one single in the US and not scoring anything in their own country. It's a bit of an insult, but I suppose I could see the resentment if they left Australia and never came back. I think Helen Reddy ran into this problem in the 70's, she ditched her Australian citizenship and it was like her way of spitting on her roots.

I used to hear Rick Springfield on the American Top 40 countdown all the time in the 80's and would always wonder why I never heard the same songs in Australia. In fact "Love Somebody" was my favourite song of his and I discovered that on the American Top 40 countdown! How odd is that?
Eartha Kitt:

01-May-54*HP-12*WI-07 - Let's Do it
29-May-54*HP-20*WI-01 - Under the Bridges of Paris
20-Oct-56*HP-18*WI-11 - Nothin' for Christmas
28-Sep-63*HP-41*WI-06 - Just an Old Fashioned Girl
07-Mar-64*HP-95*WI-02 - You're My Man
05-Mar-84*HP-70*WI-10 - Where is My Man
Paul Young:

22-Aug-83*HP-09*WI-17 - Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)
07-Nov-83*HP-18*WI-21 - Come Back and Stay
13-Feb-84*HP-08*WI-20 - Love of the Common People
12-Nov-84*HP-25*WI-15 - I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
04-Feb-85*HP-27*WI-16 - Everything Must Change
29-Apr-85*HP-20*WI-17 - Every Time You Go Away
22-July-85*HP-44*WI-10 - Tomb of Memories
10-Nov-86*HP-51*WI-12 - Wonderland
26-Jan-87*HP-79*WI-04 - Some People

John Paul Young:

31-Jan-72*HP-16*WI-28 - Pasadena
17-Mar-75*HP-08*WI-27 - Yesterdays Hero
22-Sep-75*HP-04*WI-20 - The Love Game
05-Apr-76*HP-02*WI-20 - I Hate the Music
30-Aug-76*HP-15*WI-15 - Keep on Smilin'
21-Feb-77*HP-07*WI-17 - I Wanna Do it With You
09-May-77*HP-43*WI-12 - Here We Go
10-Oct-77*HP-33*WI-19 - Where the Action is
16-Jan-78*HP-12*WI-27 - Standing in the Rain
15-May-78*HP-03*WI-21 - Love is in the Air
11-Sep-78*HP-20*WI-14 - The Day That My Heart Caught Fire
15-Jan-79*HP-58*WI-05 - Fool in Love
10-Sep-79*HP-53*WI-08 - Heaven Sent
26-Sep-83*HP-17*WI-19 - Soldier of Fortune
23-Apr-84*HP-87*WI-04 - War Games
then the remix of "Love is in the Air" charted in August 1992.

The Sunnyboys:

06-July-81*HP-26*WI-14 - Happy Man
26-Oct-81*HP-28*WI-17 - Alone With You
10-May-82*HP-38*WI-14 - You Need a Friend
04-July-83*HP-44*WI-12 - Show Me Some Discipline
05-Mar-84*HP-46*WI-11 - Love in a Box
25-Jun-84*HP-99*WI-02 - Comes as No Surprise
23-Jan-89*HP-74*WI-05 - Too Young to Despair

Jona Lewie:

09-Jun-80*HP-21*WI-25 - You'll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties
29-Dec-80*HP-02*WI-19 - Stop the Cavalry
20-July-81*HP-02*WI-21 - Louise (We Get it Right)
31-May-82*HP-71*WI-04 - I Think I'll Get My Hair Cut

Jon and Vangelis:

14-Sep-81*HP-21*WI-64 - Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)
02-Nov-81*HP-99*WI-01 - The Friends of Mr Cairo
22-Mar-82*HP-22*WI-34 - I'll Find My Way Home
04-July-88*HP-86*WI-03 - Hold on to Love (Jon Anderson)


10-Aug-81*HP-35*WI-12 - I Want to Be Free

Wendy and the Rocketts:

13-July-81*HP-40*WI-09 - Reputation
05-Apr-82*HP-35*WI-10 - Your Place or Mine
23-May-83*HP-28*WI-17 - Play the Game
29-Aug-83*HP-75*WI-06 - Have You Been Telling Me Lies
Shake a Tailfeather state-by-state:

NSW & TAS: no chart placing
S>A: 29-July-83*HP-21*WI-10
VIC: 24-Sep-83*HP-29*WI-06
QLD: 03-Oct-83*HP-16*WI-13
W>A: 18-Nov-83*HP-32*WI-12
National Chart Run: 15-Aug-83
thanks for that bulion any chance for some more?

eddy grant
don henly
glen frey
captain sensible

sorry if i seem like a pain in the backside with all of these requests
Eddy Grant:

18-Jan-82*HP-35*WI-14 - Do You Feel My Love
04-Apr-83*HP-21*WI-34 - I Don't Wanna Dance
20-Jun-83*HP-02*WI-21 - Electric Avenue
16-Jan-84*HP-94*WI-03 - Till I Can't Take Love No More
23-July-84*HP-50*WI-15 - Romancing the Stone
13-Jun-88*HP-79*WI-06 - Gimme Hope Jo'Anna

Don Henley:

11-Oct-82*HP-49*WI-23 - Johnny Can't Read
07-Mar-83*HP-51*WI-09 - Dirty Laundry
11-Feb-85*HP-03*WI-19 - The Boys of Summer
15-Apr-85*HP-22*WI-15 - All She Wants to Do is Dance
02-Dec-85*HP-98*WI-02 - Sunset Grill
31-Jul-89*HP-53*WI-06 - The End of the Innocence
then his duet with Patty Smyth in Sept 1992.

Glen Frey:

26-July-82*HP-93*WI-02 - I Found Somebody
25-Oct-82*HP-50*WI-08 - The One You Love
10-Sep-84*HP-76*WI-08 - Sexy Girl
25-Mar-85*HP-02*WI-19 - The Heat is On
02-Dec-85*HP-20*WI-17 - You Belong to the City
05-Sep-88*HP-54*WI-12 - True Love

Captain Sensible:

30-Aug-82*HP-35*WI-10 - Happy Talk
06-Dec-82*HP-30*WI-23 - Wot
hey bulion.

ac/dc chart positions
thanks so much bulion! as you can see i'm a huge eagles fan. hear your doing the anual top 100 charts so i'll leave you alone for a while. thanks again
fliptop, AC/DC were done on the first of these pages. 8-May-08. So if you click on Chart Position Pre-1989 and hit Ctrl+F, type in AC/DC, and it'll bring them up for ya.
thanks bulion

hey Bulion, i would seriously appreciate an answer for this one.

Several sources claim that the 60s song "I Live For The Sun" by The Sunrays was a #1 hit in Australia but I cannot find any source anywhere on the internet that shows when it topped the Australian charts and for how long.

Did it really chart at #1 or is it just another one of those mistakes that Wikipedia made?
The Sunrays:

11-Sep-65*HP-20*WI-23 - I Live for the Sun

The highest it reached was a No.2 position in Brisbane and No.3 in Sydney.
thanks, I'll get Wikipedia to change their "I Live For The Sun" article.
How did Lou Christie , Jan and Dean,and Lesley Gore do?
I'm interested in the positions of a couple of oldies - Graham Bonnet & John Fogerty (solo work). Thanks

Thanks for the very interesting info on the chart run (and relative market placings) for "Shake A Tailfeather"! I knew there had to be SOME reason it lasted on the charts for 27 weeks, and indeed it did seem to roll out slowly across the country (on and off the charts in S>A before it made its chart run in W>A, for instance.) Didn't realize it never charted in NSW, though. GIves you some indication that some of those lower charting hits could have been very popular in certain pockets of the country!

Lou Christie:

06-July-63*HP-20*WI-13 - Two Faces Have I
24-Aug-63*HP-79*WI-05 - How Many Teardrops
12-Dec-64*HP-42*WI-07 - Guitars and Bongos
19-Feb-66*HP-09*WI-18 - Lightnin' Strikes
27-Sep-69*HP-32*WI-14 - I'm Gonna Make You Mine

Jan and Dean:

19-Sep-59*HP-45*WI-09 - Baby Talk
22-July-61*HP-63*WI-10 - Heart and Soul
06-Apr-63*HP-89*WI-09 - Linda
29-Jun-63*HP-01*WI-18 - Surf City
21-Sep-63*HP-18*WI-10 - Honolulu Lulu
04-Jan-64*HP-34*WI-09 - Drag City
11-Apr-64*HP-41*WI-09 - Dead Man's Curve / New Girl in School
18-July-64*HP-56*WI-09 - The Little Old Lady (from Pasadena)
10-Oct-64*HP-24*WI-14 - Ride the Wild Surf
28-Nov-64*HP-54*WI-06 - Sidewalk Surfin'
13-Nov-65*HP-62*WI-03 - I Found a Girl

Lesley Gore:

01-Jun-63*HP-01*WI-14 - It's My Party
27-July-63*HP-19*WI-11 - Judy's Turn to Cry
26-Oct-63*HP-28*WI-12 - She's a Fool
18-Jan-64*HP-04*WI-16 - You Don't Own Me / Run Bobby Run
25-Apr-64*HP-16*WI-11 - That's the Way Boys Are
29-Aug-64*HP-37*WI-13 - Maybe I Know
13-Mar-65*HP-89*WI-04 - The Look of Love
17-July-65*HP-53*WI-11 - Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows
16-Oct-65*HP-88*WI-04 - My Town, My Guy and Me
05-Mar-66*HP-92*WI-04 - I Won't Love You Anymore
02-Apr-66*HP-24*WI-13 - Young Love
02-July-66*HP-75*WI-06 - Off and Running
Graham Bonnet:

22-Aug-77*HP-03*WI-25 - It's All Over Now Baby Blue
12-Dec-77*HP-79*WI-11 - Danny
26-Jun-78*HP-02*WI-21 - Warm Ride

John Fogerty:

24-Nov-75*HP-81*WI-15 - Rockin' All Over the World
04-Feb-85*HP-10*WI-17 - The Man Down the Road
15-Apr-85*HP-26*WI-15 - Rock and Roll Girls
13-Oct-66*HP-30*WI-09 - Eye of the Zombie
08-Dec-86*HP-89*WI-05 - Change in the Weather
Thank you bulion.
Yes thanks from me too
This should be my last question,at least for awhile. Did The Young Rascals/Rascals chart with any songs?
Young Rascals/Rascals:

Young Rascals:
05-Feb-66*HP-48*WI-08 - I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
07-May-66*HP-43*WI-11 - Good Lovin'
20-May-67*HP-03*WI-18 - Groovin'
05-Aug-67*HP-31*WI-05 - A Girl Like You
21-Oct-67*HP-16*WI-15 - How Can I Be Sure
13-Jan-68*HP-57*WI-06 - It's Wonderful
18-May-68*HP-36*WI-13 - A Beautiful Morning
10-Aug-68*HP-11*WI-17 - People Got to Be Free
11-Jan-69*HP-50*WI-05 - A Ray of Hope
01-Mar-69*HP-58*WI-07 - Heaven
28-Jun-69*HP-27*WI-10 - See
11-Oct-69*HP-59*WI-07 - Carry Me Back
09-Feb-70*HP-64*WI-03 - Hold On

Hi bullion, is there any chance you could provide chart info for Ween albums? I know they have had albums in the top 100 in Australia, but not top 50 (suprisingly!).
Any info you could provide would be appreciated.
I am working on the Top 100 albums soon, so I don't have that info at hand yet.
Once again thank you bulion.
I'm looking for Johnny Diesel (& the Injectors), Diesel, Mark Lizotte, Diesel/Wilson. I've already got singles & albums from above search engine but was wondering if there were any pre-1989 or beyond #50 on ARIA's watch.

THX in advance.

I'm trying desperately to sort out Cliff Richard's hits in Oz - especially around the pre and post AMR/ARIA split. It's especially confusing because some titles appear to have much longer chart runs on the AMR Chart versus the ARIA Chart - I'm guessing because AMR was Top 100 -v- ARIA only Top 50 for a period anyway. However if ARIA went to a Top 100 in January 1989 is there any way of getting the full Top 100 runs for singles and/or albums?

Any data would be much appreciated.
Now I'm after Kevin Johnson: I'm know "Bonnie Please Don't Go" and "Rock and Roll I Gave You the Best Years of My Life" charted well. Could I get albums too: I'll check the albums page.

THX in advance.
Any chance of getting the Australian chart info for Sheena Easton's You Could Have Been With Me and Lulu's I Could Never Miss You? Thanks in advance.
Sorry I found Sheena's chartings in the preceding thread but didn't see Lulu's I Could Never Miss You so still hoping you can provide its chart info - thanks in advance.
Thx for the earlier post with the answers to my requests!

Not sure if these folks ever charted: Saints, Stranglers, Martha & The Muffins (a.k.a M+M)....
Johnny Diesel:

06-06-Nov-89*HP-83*WI-03 - Since I Fell for You (AMR)
11-23-Aug-92*HP-59*WI-10 - One More Time
15-22-May-94*HP-57*WI-07 - Still Got a Long Way to Go (w/ Jimmy Barnes)
18-18-Jun-95*HP-75*WI-05 - Get it On

(first column is single number in chart order)
His first single was the Nov 1988 "Don't Need Love", so nothing pre 1988 for him.
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I only have ARIA Top 100's from Jan 1990 onwards, so any 1989 Cliff Richard info I supply is only from AMR. So below are his 1988 onward chart entries...

19-Dec-88*HP-29*WI-08 - Mistletoe and Wine (No.30 on ARIA)
07-Aug-89*HP-63*WI-04 - The Best of Me
19-Feb-90*HP-93*WI-01 - Lean on You (AMR only)
24-Dec-90*HP-99*WI-03 - From a Distance (AMR only)
12-Mar-95*HP-93*WI-02 - All I Have to Do is Dream (w/ Phil Everly) (AMR No.87, 3 wks)
then came "The Millennium Prayer" in Dec 1999, No.2 on both.
Kevin Johnson:

08-Feb-71*HP-09*WI-31 - Bonnie, Please Don't Go
04-Oct-71*HP-96*WI-03 - All Our Favourite Songs
24-Sep-73*HP-08*WI-20 - Rock and Roll (I Gave You the Best Years of My Life)
25-Feb-74*HP-92*WI-02 - Kedron Brook
31-Mar-75*HP-58*WI-14 - Man of the 20th Century
23-Aug-76*HP-60*WI-12 - Over the Hills and Far Away
28-Sep-81*HP-98*WI-02 - Reasons

18-Jan-82*HP-71*WI-16 - I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)

28-Mar-77*HP-98*WI-01 - I'm Stranded
07-May-84*HP-46*WI-10 - Grain of Sand
10-Mar-86*HP-29*WI-14 - Just Like Fire Would
07-July-86*HP-85*WI-04 - (You Can't Tamber With) The Temple of the Lord
21-Mar-88*HP-81*WI-08 - Grain of Sand
then came "The Music Goes Round My Head" in Jan 1989


09-Jan-78*HP-54*WI-12 - Peaches
29-Mar-82*HP-10*WI-15 - Golden Brown
24-Dec-84*HP-11*WI-19 - Skin Deep
29-Apr-85*HP-90*WI-04 - No Mercy
22-Dec-86*HP-21*WI-17 - Always the Sun

Martha & The Muffins:

07-July-80*HP-06*WI-23 - Echo Beach
Thanks Bulion. Much appreciated.
Am looking to see whether any singles by the Australian bands' Crawlspace ("Away") or Turnstyle ("Spray Water on the Stereo") charted in the Australian singles charts.
How did Bill Withers and Teddy Pendergrass do?
hi bulion et al, I'm now searching for Renée Geyer.

Both singles and albums please. I'll remember to look at the albums list.

THX in advance.
Am also searching for any recordings by Ammonia which may have charted 1995-1998 (ie "Drugs", "Suzi Q", "Satin Only", "Monochrome" etc)
Hi bulion I just wanted to say thanks regarding the requests, i've never requested but I always take a quick look on this thread

I did have one request though, bring a New Zealander, I'd like to know the stats (if any) on "Poi E" by the Patea Maori Club in 1984.

Thanks and regards,
dingo_dude, the only one of your two requests is for TurnStyle:

14-Jun-99*HP-86*WI-02 - Spray Water on the Stereo / Manhattan


18-Dec-94*HP-78*WI-06 - In a Box
09-Apr-95*HP-86*WI-02 - Sleepwalking
01-Oct-95*HP-32*WI-20 - Drugs
28-Jan-96*HP-50*WI-10 - Ken Carter (I've Been Waiting...)
21-Sep-97*HP-83*WI-09 - You're Not the Only One Who Feels This Way
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Bill Withers:

11-Oct-71*HP-17*WI-18 - Ain't No Sunshine
31-July-72*HP-12*WI-30 - Lean on Me
18-May-81*HP-31*Wi-16 - Just the Two of Us (w/ Grover Washington Jr.)

nothing for Teddy Pendergrass.
Renee Geyer:

28-Oct-74*HP-89*WI-03 - What Do I Do on Sunday Morning?
06-Jan-75*HP-44*WI-11 - It's a Man's Man's World
01-Dec-75*HP-31*WI-20 - Heading in the Right Direction
02-May-77*HP-17*WI-22 - Stares and Whispers
26-Dec-77*HP-37*WI-16 - The Restless Years
08-May-78*HP-90*WI-03 - Money (That's What I Want)
26-Feb-79*HP-94*WI-01 - Baby Be Mine
13-July-81*HP-05*WI-20 - Say I Love You
30-Nov-81*HP-29*WI-18 - Do You Know What I Mean
05-Apr-82*HP-60*WI-07 - I Can Feel the Fire
09-Aug-82*HP-87*WI-02 - Love So Sweet
28-Mar-83*HP-65*WI-08 - Goin' Back (w/ Glenn Shorrock)
12-Sep-83*HP-81*IW-07 - Trouble in Paradise
24-Jun-85*HP-28*WI-15 - All My Love
23-Sep-85*HP-88*WI-06 - Every Day of the Week
14-Jun-99*HP-92*WI-02 - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (w/CDB)
nothing has charted in Australia for Poi E. N.O.Z
hey i've just seen the end of year charts and they're great. you're faboulous bulion! just wondering if i could have peak positions for time bandits and frankie goes to hollywood? thanks a million
Could I please have the (very brief, lol) chart history for Pussyfoot? Thanks! Oh nanna hiya, oh nanna hiya hiya...
How did Stephanie Mills, Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell do?
And Evelyn 'Champagne' King?
Time Bandits:

22-Oct-84*HP-09*WI-24 - I Am Only Shooting Love
18-Feb-85*HP-53*WI-14 - Listen to the Man With the Golden Voice
09-Sep-85*HP-05*WI-24 - Endless Road
23-Dec-85*HP-76*WI-03 - Dancing on a String

Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

13-Feb-84*HP-05*WI-40 - Relax
09-July-84*HP-04*WI-23 - Two Tribes
10-Dec-84*HP-04*WI-19 - The Power of Love
22-Apr-85*HP-46*WI-06 - Welcome to the Pleasuredome
29-Dec-86*HP-45*WI-07 - Rage Hard
28-Nov-93*HP-22*WI-18 - Relax (1993 Remix)
13-Feb-94*HP-74*WI-04 - Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Remix)
28-Aug-00*HP-65*WI-03 - The Power of Love (Rob Searle Remix)

27-Dec-76*HP-01*WI-24 - The Way You Do it
28-Mar-77*HP-20*WI-13 - Ooh Ja Ja
Stephanie Mills:

08-Dec-80*HP-14*WI-26 - Never Knew Love Like This Before

Joan Baez:

07-Dec-63*HP-63*WI-14 - We Shall Overcome
23-Oct-65*HP-88*WI-05 - There But for Fortune
20-Sep-71*HP-05*WI-22 - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
28-Feb-72*HP-100*WI-1 - Let it Be

Joni Mitchell:

31-Aug-70*HP-06*WI-19 - Big Yellow Taxi
29-Jan-73*HP-37*WI-15 - You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio

Evelyn 'Champagne' King:

18-Dec-78*HP-72*WI-14 - Shame
Australian Crawl:

10-Sep-79*HP-22*WI-25 - Beautiful People
21-Apr-80*HP-22*WI-18 - The Boys Light Up
07-July-80*HP-12*WI-17 - Downhearted
08-Jun-81*HP-11*WI-17 - Things Don't Seem
14-Sep-81*HP-18*WI-18 - Errol / Easy On Your Own
21-Dec-81*HP-58*WI-13 - Oh No Not You Again / Lakeside
05-July-82*HP-17*WI-13 - Shut Down
20-Sep-82*HP-76*WI-06 - Daughters of the Northern Coast
27-Dec-82*HP-88*WI-03 - Runaway Girls
10-Oct-83*HP-01*WI-23 - Semantics (EP) (feat "Reckless")
16-Jan-84*HP-81*WI-06 - Louie Louie / Unpublished Critics
01-July-85*HP-44*WI-09 - Two Can Play
09-Sep-85*HP-87*WI-03 - If This is Love
25-Nov-85*HP-69*WI-04 - Trouble Spot Rock
how did sandie shaw's puppet on a string chart internationally thanks
and did it chart in Australia?
or how about don't hang up by the orlons

much appreicated
And The Rattles?

fliptop, you can see the other countries that it hit No.1 in at the above link, but here in Australia:

15-Apr-67*HP-02*WI-25 - Puppet on a String - Sandie Shaw



28-July-62*HP-77*WI-05 - The Wah-Watusi
09-Mar-63*HP-39*WI-13 - South Street
20-July-63*HP-71*WI-05 - Not Me
but "Don't Hang Up" never charted here.


spatz-98, nothing at all for The Rattles.
Hello, do you have the charts from Manfred Mann, Alan Price Set, Vanilla Fudge, The Creation, The Searchers and Europe? Thanks for all.
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Hello, any chance of listing the chart placings for THE DOORS Australian 45s? I know “Touch Me” made the top 10. Not sure about the others though. Thanks in advance.
Madder Lake:

02-Apr-73*HP-31*WI-09 - Goodbye Lollipop
10-Sep-73*HP-35*WI-15 - 12lb Toothbrush
20-May-74*HP-85*WI-02- Booze Blues



22-Feb-71*HP-12*WI-24 - Black and Blue
09-Aug-71*HP-32*WI-30 - Judgement
20-Nov-72*HP-92*WI-02 - Sunny Day
04-Jun-73*HP-89*WI-04 - I Thought You Weren't My Friend
10-Dec-73*HP-65*WI-08 - I'm Gonna Miss You, Babe
Manfred Mann:

21-Mar-64*HP-79*WI-08 - 5-4-3-2-1
15-Aug-64*HP-02*WI-22 - Do Wah Diddy Diddy
07-Nov-64*HP-52*WI-15 - Sha La La
06-Feb-65*HP-24*WI-14 - Come Tomorrow
15-May-65*HP-67*WI-11 - Oh No, Not My Baby
31-July-65*HP-26*WI-09 - My Little Red Book
07-Aug-65*HP-36*WI-14 - The One in the Middle (EP)
09-Oct-65*HP-04*WI-16 - If You Gotta Go, Go Now
11-Dec-65*HP-19*WI-14 - Hi Lili, Hi Lo
14-May-66*HP-03*WI-14 - Pretty Flamingo
13-Aug-66*HP-98*WI-02 - You Gave Me Something to Love
27-Aug-66*HP-24*WI-17 - Just Like a Woman
19-Nov-66*HP-32*WI-13 - Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James
29-Apr-67*HP-11*WI-13 - Ha! Ha! Said the Clown
24-Feb-68*HP-08*WI-18 - Mighty Quinn
06-July-68*HP-07*WI-13 - My Name is Jack
25-Jan-69*HP-07*WI-20 - Fox on the Run
24-May-69*HP-18*WI-17 - Ragamuffin Man

Alan Price Set:

28-May-66*HP-35*WI-17 - I Put a Spell on You
27-Aug-66*HP-73*WI-06 - Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
29-Apr-67*HP-49*WI-08 - Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear
30-Sep-67*HP-45*WI-10 - The House That Jack Built
21-Jun-71*HP-91*WI-05 - Rosetta (with Georgie Fame)

Vanilla Fudge:

07-Oct-67*HP-08*WI-37 - You Keep Me Hanging On

The Creation:

29-July-74*HP-20*WI-29 - Tell Laura I Love Her

The Searchers:

24-Aug-63*HP-28*WI-13 - Sweets for My Sweet
07-Dec-63*HP-57*WI-08 - Sugar and Spice
22-Feb-64*HP-04*WI-17 - Needles and Pins
25-Apr-64*HP-20*WI-32 - Love Potion No.9/Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya
16-May-64*HP-14*WI-13 - Don't Throw Your Love Away
08-Aug-64*HP-48*WI-11 - Some Day We're Gonna Love Again
03-Oct-64*HP-02*WI-18 - When You Walk in the Room
26-Dec-64*HP-27*WI-14 - What Have They to the Rain / This Feeling Inside
10-Apr-65*HP-25*WI-13 - Goodbye My Love
17-Apr-65*HP-13*WI-14 - Bumble Bee
11-Sep-65*HP-95*WI-04 - Magic Potion
12-Mar-66*HP-41*WI-07 - Take Me for What I'm Worth
11-Jun-66*HP-83*WI-07 - Take it or Leave it
26-Nov-66*HP-85*WI-04 - Have You Ever Loved Somebody


02-Feb-87*HP-02*WI-26 - The Final Countdown
11-May-87*HP-22*WI-14 - Rock the Night
19-Sep-88*HP-50*WI-09 - Superstitious (No.45 on ARIA)
27-Dec-99*HP-33*WI-07 - The Final Countdown 2000

The Doors:

19-Aug-67*HP-22*WI-15 - Light My Fire
04-Nov-67*HP-88*WI-05 - People are Strange
10-Aug-68*HP-51*WI-11 - Hello, I Love You
08-Feb-69*HP-10*WI-14 - Touch Me
11-Oct-69*HP-59*WI-07 - Runnin' Blues
25-May-70*HP-38*WI-12 - You Make Me Real / Roadhouse Blues
21-Jun-71*HP-04*WI-18 - Love Her Madly
04-Oct-71*HP-12*WI-18 - Riders on the Storm
22-Jan-73*HP-88*WI-09 - Get Up and Dance
Hey bulion,

thanks a lot for the charts. Could you write the charts from Keith West, The Herd, The Small Faces, Scott McKenzie, The Marquis Of Kensington, The Tremeloes, Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich, Michael Jackson Cat Stevens, Sting (with the song "Shape of my heart) and Status Quo (if it not write before), please?
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Bulion, tell me please did Opus chart in Australia with "Life is Life" and any other songs?
Was chasing any chart details for an new wave Australian band, called The Expression. I believe they had a couple of singles and maybe an album that charted around the mid1980s.
Also whilst I'm at it did any of the legendary Painters and Dockers' releases ever chart - possible "Nude School", which I think was released in 1987?
Oh, and I'd also like to know if the bands Telex, Yello and Yellow Magic Orchestra had any singles chart entries
Keith West:

14-Sep-68*HP-49*WI-06 - Excerpt from "A Teenage Opera"

The Herd:

02-Dec-67*HP-88*WI-07 - From the Underworld
15-Jun-68*HP-65*WI-08 - I Don't Want Our Loving to Die

The Small Faces:

26-Mar-66*HP-51*WI-10 - Sha-La-La-La-Lee
16-Sep-67*HP-02*WI-23 - Itchycoo Park
13-Jan-68*HP-03*WI-18 - Tin Soldier
11-May-68*HP-05*WI-19 - Lazy Sunday
17-Aug-68*HP-37*WI-07 - The Universal
16-Nov-68*HP-84*WI-04 - Mad John
26-Apr-69*HP-95*WI-04 - Afterglow of Your Love

Scott McKenzie:

24-Jun-67*HP-02*WI-26 - San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)
28-Oct-67*HP-62*WI-08 - Like an Old Time Movie
04-May-68*HP-82*WI-06 - Holy Man

The Marquis Of Kensington (nothing at all)

The Tremeloes:

01-Apr-67*HP-47*WI-14 - Here Comes My Baby
03-Jun-67*HP-05*WI-17 - Silence is Golden
09-Sep-67*HP-46*WI-09 - Even the Bad Times are Good
09-Mar-68*HP-20*WI-14 - Suddenly You Love Me
25-May-68*HP-29*WI-08 - Helule Helule
02-Nov-68*HP-51*WI-09 - My Little Lady
15-Feb-69*HP-47*WI-06 - I Shall Be Released
12-Jan-70*HP-27*WI-11 - (Call Me) Number One

Dave Dee Dozy Beaky Mick & Tich:

14-May-66*HP-21*WI-13 - Hold Tight!
30-July-66*HP-80*WI-06 - Hideaway
22-Oct-66*HP-06*WI-15 - Bend it!
28-Jan-67*HP-22*WI-11 - Save Me
29-Apr-67*HP-45*WI-05 - Touch Me, Touch Me
24-Jun-67*HP-57*WI-05 - Okay!
25-Nov-67*HP-43*WI-11 - Zabadak!
16-Mar-68*HP-06*WI-23 - The Legend of Xanadu
17-Aug-68*HP-61*WI-14 - Last Night in Soho
19-Oct-68*HP-48*WI-13 - The Wreck of the Antoinette
05-Apr-69*HP-15*WI-12 - Don Juan
26-July-69*HP-95*WI-05 - Snake in the Grass
30-Nov-70*HP-82*WI-04 - Mr. President (as D.B.M.&T.)
13-Apr-70*HP-58*WI-06 - My Woman's Man (as Dave Dee)

Cat Stevens:

18-Feb-67*HP-11*WI-15 - Matthew and Son
06-May-67*HP-54*WI-06 - I'm Gonna Get Me a Gun
23-Sep-67*HP-87*WI-05 - A Bad Night
13-Apr-68*HP-100*WI-1 - Lovely City (When Do You Laugh)
16-Nov-70*HP-20*WI-25 - Lady D'Arbanville
24-May-71*HP-18*WI-47 - Father & Son / Moon Shadow
25-Oct-71*HP-03*WI-22 - Peace Train / Tuesday's Dead
13-Mar-72*HP-04*WI-21 - Morning Has Broken / I Want to Live in a Wigwam
01-Jan-73*HP-34*WI-10 - Sittin'
12-Mar-73*HP-82*WI-07 - Can't Keep it in
06-Aug-73*HP-30*WI-10 - The Hurt
13-May-74*HP-19*WI-15 - Oh, Very Young
02-Sep-74*HP-15*WI-18 - Another Saturday Night
15-Sep-75*HP-76*WI-06 - Two Fine People
05-Apr-76*HP-59*WI-11 - Banapple Gas
01-Aug-77*HP-18*WI-23 - (Remember the Days of the) Old School Yard

Status Quo:

23-Mar-68*HP-19*WI-29 - Pictures of Matchstick Men
27-July-68*HP-85*WI-03 - Black Veils of Melancholy
19-Oct-68*HP-48*WI-08 - Ice in the Sun
13-Apr-70*HP-28*WI-13 - Down the Dustpipe
08-Feb-71*HP-83*WI-05 - Gerdundula
10-Mar-75*HP-04*WI-28 - Down Down
30-Jun-75*HP-03*WI-24 - Roll Over Lay Down
13-Oct-75*HP-31*WI-16 - Caroline
08-Mar-76*HP-40*WI-12 - Rain
24-Jan-77*HP-08*WI-21 - Wild Side of Life
14-Nov-77*HP-12*WI-21 - Rockin' All Over the World
23-Oct-78*HP-77*WI-08 - Again and Again
26-Nov-79*HP-22*WI-26 - Whatever You Want
04-Feb-80*HP-62*WI-17 - Living on an Island
08-Dec-80*HP-62*WI-14 - What You're Proposing
18-May-81*HP-89*WI-06 - Something About You Baby I Like
25-Feb-85*HP-54*WI-08 - The Wanderer
14-Jan-91*HP-74*WI-05 - The Anniversary Waltz (AMR only)

25-Oct-82*HP-80*WI-03 - Spread a Little Happiness
24-Jun-85*HP-18*WI-15 - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
23-Sep-85*HP-72*WI-05 - Fortress Around Your Heart
18-Nov-85*HP-57*WI-05 - Love is the Seventh Wave
10-Feb-86*HP-11*WI-21 - Russians
16-Nov-87*HP-13*WI-15 - We'll Be Together
08-Feb-88*HP-94*WI-03 - Be Still My Beating Heart
20-Jan-91*HP-26*WI-13 - All This Time
02-Aug-92*HP-23*WI-20 - It's Probably Me (w/ Eric Clapton)
28-Feb-93*HP-41*WI-12 - If I Ever Lose My Faith in You
20-Jun-93*HP-85*WI-05 - Fields of Gold
12-Dec-93*HP-71*WI-06 - Demolition Man
09-Jan-94*HP-01*WI-18 - All for Love (w/ Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart) (2 weeks at No.1)
05-Mar-95*HP-88*WI-01 - This Cowboy Song (w. Pato Banton)
10-Mar-96*HP-65*WI-06 - Let You Soul Be Your Pilot
13-Mar-00*HP-67*WI-08 - Desert Rose
14-Aug-00*HP-68*WI-15 - Desert Rose (R)
01-Jan-01*HP-71*WI-09 - Desert Rose (R)
26-May-03*HP-06*WI-17 - Craig David feat... - Rise & Fall
15-Sep-03*HP-44*WI-04 - Send Your Love
Michael Jackson:

21-Feb-72*HP-83*WI-08 - Got to Be There
01-May-72*HP-16*WI-18 - Rockin' Robin
23-Oct-72*HP-01*WI-28 - Ben
17-Sep-73*HP-31*WI-14 - Happy
18-Mar-74*HP-98*WI-02 - Morning Glow
22-Oct-79*HP-01*WI-31 - Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
18-Feb-80*HP-04*WI-19 - Rock With You
12-May-80*HP-94*WI-03 - Off the Wall
30-Jun-80*HP-17*WI-13 - She's Out of My Life
31-Aug-81*HP-59*WI-13 - One Day in Your Life
08-Feb-82*HP-09*WI-20 - One Day in Your Life (R)
15-Nov-82*HP-04*WI-14 - The Girl is Mine (w/ Paul McCartney)
28-Feb-83*HP-01*WI-24 - Billie Jean
16-May-83*HP-02*WI-22 - Beat it
08-Aug-83*HP-25*WI-12 - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
24-Oct-83*HP-04*WI-22 - Say Say Say (w/ Paul McCartney)
14-Nov-83*HP-64*WI-09 - Human Nature
16-Jan-84*HP-04*WI-22 - Thriller
02-Apr-84*HP-40*WI-11 - P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)
23-July-84*HP-68*WI-07 - Farewell My Summer Love
10-Aug-87*HP-10*WI-15 - I Just Can't Stop Loving You
28-Sep-87*HP-04*WI-22 - Bad
23-Nov-87*HP-05*WI-20 - The Way You Make Me Feel
29-Feb-88*HP-39*WI-10 - Man in the Mirror
23-May-88*HP-27*WI-12 - Dirty Diana
then came "Another Part of Me" in Aug 1988.
Passing_strange, Opus' version of "Life is Life" never charted in Australia, and nothing for Yellow Magic Orchestra either.


27-Aug-79*HP-35*WI-19 - Twist A St. Tropez
01-Oct-79*HP-51*WI-08 - Rock Around the Clock


12-Aug-85*HP-60*WI-09 - Vicious Games
18-July-88*HP-08*WI-26 - Oh Yeah
29-Aug-88*HP-59*WI-10 - The Race (AMR)
07-Aug-89*HP-86*WI-01 - Of Course I'm Lying (AMR)

The Expression:

14-Mar-83*HP-27*WI-14- With Closed Eyes
17-Oct-83*HP-91*WI-02 - Decisions
05-Dec-83*HP-65*WI-07 - Total Eclipse

10-Oct-83*HP-55*WI-09 - The Expression

Painters & Dockers:

08-Jun-87*HP-29*WI-12 - Nude School
05-Oct-87*HP-49*WI-09 - Die Yuppie Die
Hi & thx in advance, I'm after Billy Thorpe singles, both solo or with The Aztecs. I've already got albums and ARIA releases. I understand some of his early releases would be pre-1965.
Thnks for the last lot of chart details - can you advise on which singles by The Badloves charted.
Hi, thanks for your informations. Could you write the charts from Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Troggs, Modern Talking and Lynyrd Skynyrd please? And how long was the Song "Never Say Die" from Jon Bon Jovi in the australian charts?
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Kim Wilde:

04-May-81*HP-05*WI-25 - Kids in America
17-Aug-81*HP-06*WI-21 - Chequered Love
14-Dec-81*HP-07*WI-24 - Cambodia
17-May-82*HP-07*WI-20 - View from a Bridge
31-Jan-83*HP-76*WI-06 - Child Come Away
19-Sep-83*HP-32*WI-14 - Love Blonde
27-May-85*HP-94*WI-02 - Rage to Love
01-Dec-86*HP-01*WI-28 - You Keep Me Hangin' On (2 weeks at 1)
27-Apr-87*HP-88*WI-05 - Another Step (Closer to You)
04-July-88*HP-96*WI-01 - Hey Mr. Heartache
31-Oct-88*HP-34*WI-05 - You Came (ARIA Top 50)
14-Jun-92*HP-29*WI-13 - Love is Holy
29-Aug-93*HP-03*WI-24 - If I Can't Have You
12-Dec-93*HP-78*WI-06 - In My Life
The Badloves:

16-May-93*HP-51*WI-13 - Lost
08-Aug-93*HP-48*WI-17 - I Remember
21-Nov-93*HP-06*WI-16 - The Weight (Jimmy Barnes feat...)
19-Dec-93*HP-35*WI-21 - Green Limousine
10-Apr-94*HP-73*WI-05 - Memphis
10-Sep-95*HP-63*WI-12 - Caroline
19-May-96*HP-75*WI-01 - Barefoot Bride
Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs:

07-Mar-64*HP-51*WI-16 - Blue Day
09-May-64*HP-03*WI-23 - Poison Ivy / Broken Things
08-Aug-64*HP-09*WI-13 - Mashed Potato / Don't Cha Know
17-Oct-64*HP-11*WI-30 - Sick & Tired / About Love
26-Dec-64*HP-02*WI-23 - Over the Rainbow / That I Love
12-Jun-65*HP-01*WI-20 - I Told the Brook / Funny Face
07-Aug-65*HP-02*WI-25 - Twilight Time / My Girl Josephine
02-Oct-65*HP-16*WI-11 - Baby, Hold Me Close / Hallelujah, I Love Her So
25-Dec-65*HP-03*WI-18 - Love Letters / Dancing in the Street
09-July-66*HP-23*WI-11 - The Word for Today / The New Breed
08-Oct-66*HP-57*WI-05 - I've Been Wrong Before
28-Oct-67*HP-55*WI-05 - Dream Baby / You Don't Live Twice
13-Sep-71*HP-41*WI-18 - The Dawn Song
06-Mar-72*HP-02*WI-20 - Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy
16-Oct-72*HP-25*WI-16 - Believe it Just Like Me
02-Apr-73*HP-36*WI-09 - Captain Straightman (*)
06-Aug-73*HP-32*WI-12 - Movie Queen
08-Apr-74*HP-20*WI-15 - Over the Rainbow
08-Dec-75*HP-44*WI-09 - It's Almost Summer
20-Aug-79*HP-85*WI-03 - Wrapped in the Chains of Your Love

(*) - as Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy
Gerry & The Pacemakers:

11-May-63*HP-03*WI-18 - How Do You Do it?
06-July-63*HP-06*WI-13 - I Like it
02-Nov-63*HP-01*WI-25 - You'll Never Walk Alone
15-Feb-64*HP-14*WI-14 - I'm the One
02-May-64*HP-21*WI-14 - Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying
19-Sep-64*HP-36*WI-12 - It's Gonna Be Alright
16-Jan-65*HP-02*WI-19 - Ferry Cross the Mersey
23-Jan-65*HP-09*WI-18 - I'll Be There
20-Mar-65*HP-17*WI-13 - Pretend
18-Sep-65*HP-45*WI-10 - Give all Your Love to Me
04-Dec-65*HP-32*WI-10 - Walk Hand in Hand
12-Mar-66*HP-66*WI-03 - La La La
22-Oct-66*HP-24*WI-16 - Girl on a Swing

The Troggs:

04-Jun-66*HP-01*WI-20 - Wild Thing
27-Aug-66*HP-08*WI-15 - With a Girl Like You
19-Nov-66*HP-13*WI-11 - I Can't Control Myself / Gonna Make You
18-Feb-67*HP-76*WI-08 - Any Way That You Want Me
01-Apr-67*HP-20*WI-15 - Give it to Me
01-July-67*HP-79*WI-09 - Night of the Long Grass
26-Aug-67*HP-81*WI-06 - Hi Hi, Hazel
18-Nov-67*HP-44*WI-31 - Love is All Around
23-Mar-68*HP-56*WI-08 - Little Girl
21-Sep-68*HP-86*WI-06 - You Can Cry if You Want to
26-Oct-68*HP-56*WI-10 - Hip Hip Hooray
19-Mar-73*HP-64*WI-06 - Wild Thing (R)

Modern Talking: (no singles charted)

Lynyrd Skynyrd: (no singles charted)

07-Apr-91*HP-60*WI-04 - Never Say Die - Jon Bon Jovi
huge thank you's for everything you post bullion

btw, did shona laing charted?
Thanx for the charts, bulion. Do you have the charts from Falco, Kingdom Come, Cinderella, Skid Row, Chesney Hawkes, L.A. Guns and the Song "Wild World" from Mr. Big?
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Shona Laing:

25-May-87*HP-09*WI-15 - (Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy
17-Aug-87*HP-65*WI-11 - Drive Baby Drive

11-Apr-83*HP-07*WI-17 - Der Kommissar
13-Jan-86*HP-15*WI-30 - Rock Me Amadeus
21-July-86*HP-75*WI-05 - Vienna Calling

Kingdom Come:

25-Apr-88*HP-39*WI-11- Get it On


17-Mar-91*HP-48*WI-08 - Shelter Me (ARIA), 57 on AMR

Skid Row: (all ARIA Positions)

25-Mar-90*HP-12*WI-28 - I Remember You
30-Jun-91*HP-31*WI-11 - Monkey Business
01-Nov-92*HP-51*WI-18 - B-Sides Ourselves (EP)

Chesney Hawkes:

17-Jun-91*HP-99*WI-02 - The One and Only (AMR only)

L.A. Guns (no singles)

21-Nov-93*HP-53*WI-14 - Wild World - Mr. Big
hi Bulion, post Midge Ure chart positions please?
And "School´s Out" by Alice Cooper?
The chart positions for Let's Go To San Francisco by The Flower Pot Men!
Can I please get chart positions for these songs?

Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
Little Eva - The Loco-Motion
Unit 4 + 2 - Concrete and Clay
1910 Fruitgum Co. - 1,2,3 Red Light
1910 Fruitgum Co. - Simon Says
1910 Fruitgum Co. - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
Cilla Black - You're My World
Andy Williams - Music to Watch Girls By
Amen Corner - Bend Me Shape Me
Midge Ure:

23-Aug-82*HP-53*WI-11- No Regrets
28-Oct-85*HP-10*WI-15 - If I Was
20-Mar-89*HP-36*WI-10 - Dear God (AMR only)

21-Aug-72*HP-39*WI-16 - School's Out - Alice Cooper

23-Sep-67*HP-78*WI-08 - Let's Go to San Francisco (Part 1 & 2) - The Flower Pot Men

12-Feb-66*HP-01*WI-24 - Nancy Sinatra - These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
22-Sep-62*HP-16*WI-15 - Little Eva - The Loco-Motion
28-May-73*HP-49*WI-10 - Little Eve - The Loco-Motion (R)
20-Mar-65*HP-21*WI-21 - Unit 4 + 2 - Concrete and Clay
24-Aug-68*HP-08*WI-27 - 1910 Fruitgum Co. - 1,2,3 Red Light
17-Feb-68*HP-02*WI-22 - 1910 Fruitgum Co. - Simon Says
15-Jun-68*HP-07*WI-19 - Ohio Express-Yummy,Yummy,Yummy
Nina Simone - Sinnerman (didn't chart)
30-May-64*HP-01*WI-23 - Cilla Black - You're My World
22-Apr-67*HP-48*WI-08 - Andy Williams - Music to Watch Girls By
Amen Corner - Bend Me Shape Me (this version did not chart, but the original did)
20-Jan-68*HP-25*WI-40 - American Breed - Bend Me,Shape Me

21-Jun-82*HP-34*WI-17 - Without You
30-May-83*HP-97*WI-03 - No Action
06-Feb-84*HP-66*WI-11 - Another Day in the Big World
07-May-84*HP-02*WI-24 - Heaven (Must Be There)
20-Aug-84*HP-56*WI-13 - Maybe Only I Dream
29-Apr-85*HP-07*WI-19 - We Will Together
02-Sep-85*HP-10*WI-15 - The City of Soul
25-Nov-85*HP-08*WI-21 - Can't Wait to See You
10-Mar-86*HP-29*WI-18 - Absolutely
25-Aug-86*HP-91*WI-01 - So Tough
29-Feb-88*HP-13*WI-21 - Groove
27-June-88*HP-72*IW-05 - It Must Be Love

Grace Knight:

29-Sep-91*HP-64*WI-08 - Fever (ARIA info)
Thanks for those bulion. I'm guessing the 1910 Fruitgum Co. cover of "Yummy, Yummy, Yummy" didn't chart then?
Something strange goin on
Something's wrong
Gloom in the room
Outside is the storm
All alone in the crib
Watchin the tube
Yo-o-o-o is that what I think?
Did I see somethin move?
Chill down your spine
Your heart fills with fright
Not filled by the things
They walk through the walls
With no time to stall
Well that's who you call!

That's right folks if you have a problem with ghosts in Queensland just call GHOSTBUSTERS!
I would love some chart posistions of:

Belinda Carlisle
Cheap Trick
Ultra Vox (Vienna esp.)
Jimmy Barnes/Cold Chisel

Thanks to all who've submitted info - It's been invaluable to me in putting my music video dvds together!
"Vienna" got to #11 in 1981. I can tell you that much.
Melissa, I will get to these soon. There is a specific Madonna thread that has all of her chart info too. If you click on the "Australian Chartifacts" header it will open up all of the previous threads. Go to page 5 and you will see a thread simply entitled "Madonna".

Also Cold Chisel's chart positions are in "Chart Positions Pre-1989" Part One.
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Thanks bulion, that'd be great.
hey i been reading the chart info and its great. i've also been looking at the 80'd threads and i've noticed that its only been completed up to 1982. any chance of getting the rest of the years done? much appreciated!!!
Melissa, you can check Australian chart positions for Ultravox here:

http://www.ultravox.org.uk/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=15;t=000461;p=2 - just scroll down towards the bottom of the page.

In fact, you can get almost all of the chart info on Ultravox there
My top 10 Ultravox Songs

1. Vienna
2. The Thin Wall
3. Hymn
4. Lament
5. Reap The Wild Wind
6. All Stood Still
7. Passing Stranger
8. The Voice
9. Love's Great Adventure
10. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Belinda Carlisle:

18-Aug-86*HP-09*WI-19 - Mad About You
11-Jan-88*HP-02*WI-21 - Heaven is a Place on Earth
14-Mar-88*HP-34*WI-12 - I Get Weak
11-July-88*HP-75*WI-05 - Circle in the Sand
then came "Leave a Light On" in Oct 1989.

Cheap Trick:

30-Oct-78*HP-32*WI-20 - Surrender
05-Feb-79*HP-91*WI-04 - California Man
25-Jun-79*HP-43*WI-24 - I Want You to Want Me
15-Oct-79*HP-05*WI-20 - Dream Police
29-Dec-80*HP-97*WI-02 - Stop This Game
26-July-82*HP-02*WI-25 - If You Want My Love
then came "The Flame" in April 1988


11-May-81*HP-11*WI-18 - Vienna
23-Nov-81*HP-95*WI-02 - The Thin Wall
17-Jan-83*HP-69*WI-04 - Reap the Wild Wind
09-July-84*HP-58*WI-12 - Dancing With Tears in My Eyes
09-Feb-87*HP-93*WI-02 - Same Old Story

Jimmy Barnes:

03-Sep-84*HP-12*WI-14 - No Second Prize
03-Dec-84*HP-86*WI-03 - Promise Me You'll Call
11-Feb-85*HP-12*WI-11 - Daylight
09-Sep-85*HP-07*WI-25 - I'd Die to Be With You Tonight
25-Nov-85*HP-04*WI-18 - Working Class Man
03-Mar-86*HP-39*WI-10 - Ride the Night Away
22-Dec-86*HP-02*WI-21 - Good Times (w/ INXS)
02-Nov-87*HP-01*WI-20 - Too Much Ain't Enough Love
24-Jan-88*HP-12*WI-16 - Driving Wheels
04-Apr-88*HP-29*WI-10 - I'm Still on Your Side
then came "Waitin' for the Heartache' in July 1988.


08-Nov-76*HP-26*WI-23 - This Time
21-Mar-77*HP-13*WI-22 - Get That Jive
08-Aug-77*HP-36*WI-15 - Sunshine
07-Nov-77*HP-02*WI-22 - April Sun in Cuba
27-Feb-78*HP-58*WI-07 - Shooting Stars
01-May-78*HP-40*WI-10 - Konkaroo
14-Aug-78*HP-01*WI-23 - Are You Old Enough
27-Nov-78*HP-27*WI-16 - Still in Love With You
21-May-79*HP-37*WI-10 - Love's Not Enough
20-Dec-82*HP-79*WI-07 - Ramona
15-Aug-83*HP-02*WI-26 - Rain
28-Nov-83*HP-33*WI-16 - Magic
28-May-84*HP-17*WI-16 - Cry
20-Aug-84*HP-42*WI-11 - Wilderworld
11-Mar-85*HP-19*WI-14 - Speak No Evil
01-Sep-86*HP-17*WI-16 - Dreams of Ordinary Men
08-Dec-86*HP-58*WI-11- Western Girls
07-Dec-87*HP-11*WI-19 - Celebration
13-Jun-88*HP-78*WI-03 - River
then came "Young Years" in April 1989.
Hi Bulion, do you have any chart positions for Jessie Coulter, Freddy Fender, Hot, Barbara Lewis and Marie Osmond?

Thanks everyone.

Much appreciated
Bulion, did Slik of "Forever and Ever" fame charted in Australia with any of their songs?
Jessi Colter:

16-Jun-75*HP-31*WI-17 - I'm Not Lisa

Freddy Fender:

19-May-75*HP-01*WI-26 - Before the Next Teardrop Falls
15-Sep-75*HP-09*WI-24 - Wasted Days and Wasted Nights
08-Dec-75*HP-33*WI-15 - Secret Love


23-May-77*HP-27*WI-20 - Angel in Your Arms

Barbara Lewis:

22-Jun-63*HP-50*WI-09 - Hello, Stranger
01-Oct-66*HP-75*WI-03 - Make Me Belong to You

Marie Osmond:

12-Nov-73*HP-12*WI-23 - Paper Roses
30-Sep-74*HP-14*WI-20 - I'm Leaving it (All) Up to You *
31-Mar-75*HP-34*WI-16 - Morning Side of the Mountain *
20-Oct-75*HP-89*WI-05 - Make the World Go Away *
22-Mar-76*HP-39*WI-15 - Deep Purple *
* shown as Donny & Marie Osmond.

26-Apr-76*HP-54*WI-15 - Forever and Ever

that's their only hit here in Australia.
What about Poison? Thanks.
Can you let me know whether any releases by The Aliens (Australian new wave band from early 1980s) charted? They released three singles: "Confrontation", "Follow That Girl" & "I Don't Care"
hey bulion can u please give me the chart run for debbie gibsons albums and singles pre 1989 and below the top 50 please??

10-Aug-87*HP-55*WI-09 - Talk Dirty to Me
ARIA Top 50 info:
27-Jun-88*HP-10*WI-21a- Nothin' But a Good Time
12-Sep-88*HP-21*WI-12 - Fallen Angel
26-Dec-88*HP-16*WI-14a- Every Rose Has it's Thorn
06-Mar-89*HP-21*WI-10 - Your Mama Don't Dance
ARIA Top 100 info:
24-Jun-90*HP-07*WI-22 - Unskinny Bop
07-Oct-90*HP-44*WI-14 - Something to Believe in
14-Feb-93*HP-80*WI-07 - Stand

a = accumulated weeks.

19-Nov-79*HP-36*WI-15 - Confrontation
24-Mar-80*HP-48*WI-13 - Follow That Girl
Debbie Gibson:

04-Apr-88*HP-27*WI-18 - Shake Your Love
06-Jun-88*HP-71*WI-08 - Out of the Blue
25-July-88*HP-49*WI-07 - Foolish Beat
ARIA Top 50 info:
20-Mar-89*HP-07*WI-24 - Lost in Your Eyes
12-Jun-89*HP-21*WI-14 - Electric Youth
14-Aug-89*HP-59*WI-08 - No More Rhyme (AMR)
06-Nov-89*HP-53*WI-07 - We Could Be Together (AMR)
ARIA Top 100 info:
23-Dec-90*HP-60*WI-08 - Anything is Possible

Albums info is on that thread.
Hey all.

I was wondering how U2 went (pre 1989) and also Meat Loaf, Talking Heads, Peter Allen, Leo Sayer, Sex Pistols, Rod Stewart's First Cut Is The Deepest & Lynryd Skynryds Sweet Home Alabama.

Appreciate any info

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10-Aug-81*HP-71*WI-07 - I Will Follow
05-Apr-82*HP-32*WI-20 - Gloria
11-Oct-82*HP-83*WI-02 - A Celebration
18-Apr-83*HP-36*WI-12 - New Years Day
01-Aug-83*HP-53*WI-12 - Two Hearts Beat as One
10-Sep-84*HP-04*WI-22 - Pride (in the Name of Love)
10-Dec-84*HP-59*WI-06 - The Unforgettable Fire
13-Apr-87*HP-09*WI-15 - With or Without You
15-Jun-87*HP-17*WI-16 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for
21-Sep-87*HP-27*WI-13 - Where the Streets Have No Name
then came "Desire" in Oct 1988

Meat Loaf:

06-Feb-78*HP-03*WI-30 - You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)
05-Jun-78*HP-26*WI-15 - Bat Out of Hell
10-July-78*HP-11*WI-22 - Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
12-Oct-81*HP-92*WI-02 - I'm Gonna Lover Her for the Both of Us
06-Dec-81*HP-65*WI-08 - Dead Ringer for Love (feat Cher)
10-Jun-85*HP-98*WI-03 - Piece of the Action

Talking Heads:

19-Feb-79*HP-58*WI-10 - Take me to the River
13-Apr-81*HP-23*WI-13 - Once in a Lifetime
12-Sep-83*HP-94*WI-03 - Burning Down the House
29-Apr-85*HP-59*WI-09 - Girlfriend is Better
29-July-85*HP-24*WI-15 - The Lady Don't Mind
14-Oct-85*HP-16*WI-18 - Road to Nowhere
10-Feb-86*HP-10*WI-15 - And She Was
22-Sep-86*HP-13*WI-187 - Wild Wild Life
08-Dec-86*HP-65*WI-09 - Hey Now

Peter Allen:

14-Jun-76*HP-80*WI-05 - The More I See You
04-July-77*HP-01*WI-23 - I Go to Rio
29-Aug-77*HP-10*WI-23 - The More I See You (R)
07-Apr-80*HP-72*WI-09 - I Still Call Australia Home
27-Oct-80*HP-78*WI-03 - Bi-Coastal
09-May-83*HP-76*WI-02 - Not the Boy Next Door

Leo Sayer:

18-Feb-74*HP-10*WI-21 - The Show Must Go On
19-Aug-74*HP-38*WI-21 - One Man Band
02-Dec-74*HP-07*WI-23 - Long Tall Glasses
15-Sep-75*HP-13*WI-19 - Moonlighting
29-Dec-75*HP-76*WI-07 - Let it Be
15-Nov-76*HP-02*WI-22 - You Make me Feel Like Dancing
28-Feb-77*HP-08*WI-27 - When I Need You
23-May-77*HP-18*WI-16 - How Much Love
03-Oct-77*HP-11*WI-19 - Thunder in My Heart
01-May-78*HP-15*WI-17 - Dancin' the Night Away
25-Sep-78*HP-37*WI-11 - I Can't Stop Loving You (Though I Try)
26-Feb-79*HP-93*WI-03 - Raining in My Heart
14-Jan-80*HP-90*WI-01 - When the Money Runs Out
25-Aug-80*HP-01*WI-28 - More Than I Can Say
12-Jan-81*HP-87*WI-06 - Once in a While
11-May-81*HP-50*WI-12 - Bye Bye Now My Sweet Love
12-Apr-82*HP-04*WI-20 - Have You Ever Been in Love
02-Aug-82*HP-71*WI-08 - Heart (Stop Beating in Time)
23-May-83*HP-17*WI-20 - Orchard Road
16-Jan-84*HP-81*WI-08 - Until You Come Back to Me
30-Apr-84*HP-81*WI-08 - Sea of Heartbreak
24-Mar-86*HP-77*WI-09 - Unchained Melody

Sex Pistols:

24-Oct-77*HP-52*WI-12 - Pretty Vacant
04-Sep-78*HP-68*WI-06 - No One is Innocent
Rod Stewart or Lynyrd Skynyrd's songs did not chart in Australia.
Thanks heaps bulion much appreciated!

Hi there, wondering if someone can help me out with the chart info for the following songs. I'm assuming they charted in Australia

All I Ask Of You - Cliff Richard/Sarah Brightman
Music Of The Night - Michael Crawford
The Phantom Of The Opera - Sarah Brightman/Steve Harley(?)
Memory - Elaine Paige
Somewhere Out There - Linda Ronstadt/James Ingram
If We Hold On Together - Diana Ross

BTW loving the site, just discovered it and am currently updating my charts with all the info from 1988-1992

I was wondering if I could please have the info for Air Supply, Wham, Culture Club & Bananarama.

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Please post info for Tubeway Army (single & LP - they had one of each charted only, so it won't take much space ).
Can you write the top 100-charts from the german band Scorpions, please?
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To the best of what I know, Wind Of Change reached #7.
Stephen Cummings:

24-Jan-83*HP-89*WI-02 - We All Make Mistakes
23-May-83*HP-76*WI-04 - Stuck on Love
12-Dec-83*HP-40*WI-14 - Backstabbers
23-July-84*HP-27*WI-14 - Gymnasium
16-Sep-85*HP-80*WI-06 - What Am I Going to Do
01-Sep-86*HP-83*WI-05 - Speak With Frankness
12-Dec-88*HP-89*WI-05 - A Life is a Life
27-Mar-89*HP-67*Wi-04 - Your House is Falling
then came "Hell" in Dec 1990.
Air Supply:

04-Oct-78*HP-06*WI-28 - Love and Other Bruises
07-Feb-77*HP-43*WI-15 - Empty Pages
27-Jun-77*HP-45*WI-13 - Do What You Do
21-May-79*HP-13*WI-18 - Lost in Love
21-July-80*HP-09*WI-23 - All Out of Love
15-Dec-80*HP-09*WI-21 - Every Woman in the World
22-Jun-81*HP-10*WI-19 - The One That You Love
02-Nov-81*HP-43*WI-20 - Here I Am
21-Jun-82*HP-35*WI-15 - Even the Nights are Better
24-Jan-83*HP-46*WI-13 - Two Less Lonely People in the World
05-Sep-83*HP-45*WI-16 - Making Love Out of Nothing at All
04-Nov-85*HP-79*WI-06 - Just As I Am


17-Jan-83*HP-04*WI-18 - Young Guns (Go For it)
18-Apr-83*HP-09*WI-18 - Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do)
11-July-83*HP-09*WI-13 - Bad Boys
31-Oct-83*HP-60*WI-11- Club Tropicana
25-Jun-84*HP-01*WI-24 - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
05-Nov-84*HP-03*WI-20 - Freedom
17-Dec-84*HP-03*WI-18 - Last Christmas
11-Feb-85*HP-07*WI-12 - Everything She Wants
23-Dec-85*HP-03*WI-17 - I'm Your Man
21-July-86*HP-02*WI-12 - The Edge of Heaven
10-Nov-86*HP-54*WI-10 - Where Did Your Heart Go?

Culture Club:

29-Nov-82*HP-01*WI-21 - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me
21-Feb-83*HP-12*WI-18 - Time (Clock of the Heart)
27-Jun-83*HP-04*WI-18 - Church of the Poison Mind
26-Sep-83*HP-01*WI-26 - Karma Chameleon
23-Jan-84*HP-04*WI-18 - Victims
16-Apr-84*HP-14*WI-21 - It's a Miracle
02-July-84*HP-26*WI-11 - Miss me Blind
29-Oct-84*HP-02*WI-15 - The War Song
25-Feb-85*HP-61*WI-06 - Mistake No.3
14-Apr-86*HP-10*WI-14 - Move Away
07-July-86*HP-48*WI-07 - God Thank You Woman
15-Nov-98*HP-84*WI-01 - I Just Wanna be Loved


19-Jun-82*HP-55*WI-10 - It Ain't What You Do it's the Way That You Do it (w/ Fun Boy Three)
20-Sep-82*HP-02*WI-21 - Shy Boy
20-Dec-82*HP-74*WI-07 - Really Saying Something (ft Fun Boy 3)
02-May-83*HP-38*WI-11 - Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
14-May-84*HP-40*WI-18 - Robert de Niro's Waiting
14-Jan-85*HP-32*WI-13 - Cruel Summer
18-Aug-86*HP-01*WI-31 - Venus
17-Nov-86*HP-28*WI-14 - More Than Physical
13-Apr-87*HP-99*WI-01 - Trick of the Night
03-Aug-87*HP-32*WI-32 - I Heard a Rumour
25-Jan-88*HP-05*WI-29 - Love in the First Degree
then came "I Want You Back" in May 1988.
BillyBrett (welcome), and here are your requests:

08-Dec-86*HP-24*WI-37 - All I Ask Of You - Cliff Richard/Sarah Brightman
no chart action - Music Of The Night - Michael Crawford
didn't chart - The Phantom Of The Opera - Sarah Brightman/Steve Harley(?)
22-July-85*HP-19*WI-19 - Memory - Elaine Paige
23-Feb-87*HP-31*WI-24 - Somewhere Out There - Linda Ronstadt/James Ingram
didn't chart - If We Hold On Together - Diana Ross
Tubeway Army:

20-Aug-79*HP-12*WI-18 - Are 'Friends' Electric?

(album was put on the album page for ya P.S.)



04-Aug-91*HP-07*WI-25 - Wind of Change - Scorpions

that's all that charted in Australia for them.
And David Hasselhoff?
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only the version of "Jump in My Car" from a couple of years ago has he had on the charts (thankfully).
Thanks for the info you supplies bulion. Really surprised with the low peak of Somewhere Out There. Honestly thought it would have hit at least Top 20.
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Thanx bulion. Was Ozzy Osbourne in the charts?
nothing from Ozzy on the singles chart.
Can you write the pre top50-charts since 1988 from The Rolling Stones, Simply Red, Londonbeat and REM, please?
spatz, The Rolling Stones were done in the "Chart Positions Pre 1989", part 1 thread last June. So click on the header of PRE 1989 and you'll a whole heap of previous posts, and then down the bottom should be "Chart Positions Pre 1989". Just use the Ctrl F keys to find The Rolling Stones.

Londonbeat's first chart entry was in January 1991, so they won't be done.


02-Nov-87*HP-84*WI-07 - The One I Love
then came "Orange Crush" in December 1988.

Simply Red:

30-Sep-85*HP-21*WI-17 - Money's Too Tight (to Mention)
21-Apr-86*HP-16*WI-26 - Holding Back the Years
29-Sep-86*HP-70*WI-07 - Open Up the Red Box
16-Mar-87*HP-17*WI-15 - The Right Thing
22-Jun-87*HP-54*WI-07 - Infidelity
then came "It's Only Love" in Feb 1989.
I actually mean the peaks 51-100 since 1988.
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Wondering if you could provide the chart stats for the Mama Cass songs Dream A Little Dream and Make Your Own Kind Of Music, that is if they charted in Australia.
Did any of the releases from 1980s band Beargarden ever chart - possibly "The Finer Things" or "I Write the News"?
Also the chart positions of any singles by Mental as Anything - thnx

>05*22-Sep-91*HP-65*WI-06 - Near Wild Heaven
>08*04-Apr-93*HP-99*WI-02 - The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
>10*03-Oct-93*HP-71*WI-08 - Nightswimming
>13*29-Jan-95*HP-55*WI-06 - Crush With Eyeliner
>14*28-May-95*HP-100*WI-1 - Strange Currencies
>16*22-Dec-96*HP-90*WI-03 - Bittersweet Me
>17*11-Oct-98*HP-57*WI-03 - Daysleeper
>21*01-Mar-04*HP-93*WI-01 - Animal
>22*11-Oct-04*HP-57*WI-07 - Leaving New York

Simply Red:

>11*26-Apr-92*HP-55*WI-06 - For Your Babes
>15*25-Aug-03*HP-97*WI-01 - Fake
>16*16-Feb-04*HP-100*WI-1 - You make Me Feel Brand New

Rolling Stones:

>49*14-Jan-90*HP-99*WI-01 - Rock and a Hard Place
>50*24-Mar-91*HP-54*WI-07 - Highwire
>52*30-Oct-94*HP-64*WI-07 - You Got Me Rocking
>54*16-Apr-95*HP-57*WI-03 - I Go Wild
>56*05-Oct-97*HP-58*WI-04 - Anybody Seen My Baby?
>57*16-Feb-98*HP-100*WI-1 - Saint of Me
>58*03-Nov-08*HP-73*WI-01 - Angie (R)
Mama Cass:

27-July-68*HP-01*WI-20 - Dream a Little Dream of Me
07-Dec-68*HP-94*WI-05 - California Earthquake
26-Apr-69*HP-34*WI-11 - Move in a Little Closer, Baby
28-Jun-69*HP-53*WI-09 - It's Getting Better
15-Nov-69*HP-72*WI-06 - Make Your Own Kind of Music
14-Sep-70*HP-71*WI-05 - A Song That Never Comes
DingoDude, loved Beargarden in their time...


15-July-85*HP-56*WI-07 - I Write the News

Mental as Anything:

23-July-79*HP-16*WI-26 - The Nips are Getting Bigger
24-Dec-79*HP-57*WI-11 - Possible Theme for a Future TV Drama Series
16-Jun-80*HP-18*WI-25 - Come Around
01-Dec-80*HP-27*WI-18 - (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet
25-May-81*HP-04*WI-21 - If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too?
07-Sep-81*HP-06*WI-20 - Too Many Times
14-Dec-81*HP-30*WI-16 - Berserk Warriors
30-Aug-82*HP-25*WI-10 - I Didn't Mean to Be Mean
06-Dec-82*HP-55*WI-16 - Close Again
11-Apr-83*HP-20*WI-13 - Spirit Got Lost
27-Jun-83*HP-82*WI-07 - Brain Brain
21-Nov-83*HP-20*WI-18 - Working for the Man
10-Dec-84*HP-37*WI-12 - Apocalypse (Wiping the Smile Off Santa's Face)
25-Mar-85*HP-11*WI-18 - You're So Strong
03-Jun-85*HP-02*WI-23 - Live it Up
09-Sep-85*HP-25*WI-11 - Date With Destiny
02-Dec-85*HP-75*WI-06 - Big Wheel
10-Nov-86*HP-15*WI-22 - Let's Go to Paradise
13-July-87*HP-15*WI-18 - He's Just no Good for You
28-Sep-87*HP-35*WI-20 - Don't Tell Me Now
21-Dec-87*HP-34*WI-14 - Love Me Tender
then came "Rock and Roll Music" in December 1988.
Thanks a million, bulion for the Mama Cass information. After purchasing David Kent's book of the 1970-1992, I'm beginning to think it will be worth while investing in the pre 1970 one as well.
Thanx a lot for the information! Could you write the peaks 51-100 from A-ha, Tasmin Archer, Take That, Bananarama, Extreme, Bryan Adams, Metallica; Jon Bon Jovi, DJ Bobo, Phil Collins, Genesis and Bon Jovi since 1988 too, please?
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Hey i really wish to have chart projectory's of Michael Jackson Singles...
Could someone please provide this information?
thank-you in advance.
Hi and thx in advance, I'm after singles & albums for The Dingoes, Kev Carmody, and Little Pattie (all ARIA Hall of Fame 2009). I'll check albs list too.
A-ha, Tasmin Archer, nothing for these acts.

Take That:

02>22-Aug-93*HP-62*WI-06 - Pray (first chart run)
04>31-July-94*HP-58*WI-08 - Everything Changes
10>04-Dec-06*HP-87*WI-03 - Patience (first chart run)


16>14-Oct-90*HP-51*WI-10 - Only Your Love
18>25-Sep-06*HP-95*WI-01 - Look on the Floor


03>22-Mar-92*HP-95*WI-02 - Get the Funk Out
04>11-Oct-92*HP-76*WI-4a - Rest in Peace
05>05-Mar-95*HP-99*WI-01 - Hip Today

Bryan Adams:

18>20-Dec-92*HP-61*WI-10 - Do I Have to Say the Words?
26>04-Oct-98*HP-60*WI-8a - On a Day Like Today
28>31-May-99*HP-67*WI-06 - Cloud #9
30>01-July-02*HP-86*WI-6a - Here I Am


05>31-May-92*HP-95*WI-01 - Live at Wembley (EP)
17>02-Aug-99*HP-82*WI-04 - Die, Die My Darling
02>25-Aug-08*HP-65*WI-06 - Enter Sandman ®
04>25-Aug-08*HP-75*WI-4a - Nothing Else Matters ®
08>25-Aug-08*HP-79*WI-02 - One ®

Jon Bon Jovi:

03>07-Apr-91*HP-60*WI-04 - Never Say Die

DJ Bobo:

02>06-Mar-94*HP-54*WI-06 - Keep on Dancin'
03>21-Aug-94*HP-85*WI-5a - Everybody
06>20-Aug-95*HP-89*WI-02 - There is a Party
07>28-Jan-96*HP-93*WI-02 - Freedom
08>27-Oct-03*HP-73*WI-02 - Chihuahua

Phil Collins:

16>27-May-90*HP-58*WI-08 - Something Happened on the Way to Heaven
17>09-Sep-90*HP-83*WI-02 - Do You Remember
17>20-Jan-91*HP-96*WI-02 - Do You Remember ®
19>20-Feb-94*HP-66*WI-04 - Everyday
21>16-Feb-97*HP-74*WI-01 - It's in Your Eyes
23>10-Sep-01*HP-91*WI-02 - In the Air Tonite (Lil' Kim feat...)
24>11-Nov-02*HP-73*WI-10a- Can't Stop Loving You
25>08-Sep-08*HP-56*WI-13 - In the Air Tonight (R)


15>03-May-92*HP-63*WI-19 - Hold On My Heart
16>23-Aug-92*HP-56*WI-10 - Jesus He Knows Me

Bon Jovi:

10>18-Dec-89*HP-64*WI-08 - Living in Sin
23>19-Apr-99*HP-52*WI-09 - Real Life
The Dingoes:

19-Nov-73*HP-40*WI-10 - Way Out West
24-Jun-74*HP-55*WI-07 - Boy on the Run
10-Oct-77*HP-70*WI-05 - Smooth Sailing

Kev Carmody:
no charting singles or albums

Little Pattie:

23-Nov-63*HP-19*WI-20 - He's My Blonde-Headed, Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy / Stomping at Marourbra
21-Mar-64*HP-41*WI-13 - We're Gonna Have a Party Tonight
11-July-64*HP-71*WI-12 - He's My Boy
19-Dec-64*HP-91*WI-05 - Surfin' Time Again
10-Apr-65*HP-34*WI-16 - Pushin' a Good Thing Too Far
18-Sep-65*HP-29*WI-13 - Dance Puppet Dance / I Just Need Your Love
10-Dec-66*HP-81*WI-07 - Let Me Dream
28-Jan-67*HP-88*WI-05 - With Love from Jenny (w/ Bryan Davies)
08-Apr-67*HP-45*WI-18 - I'll Eat My Hat
28-Sep-68*HP-53*WI-99 - Love is a Happy Thing (w/ Grantley Dee)
22-Mar-69*HP-67*WI-08 - Gravitation
NateBoi, do you mean the chart trajectories of the Michael Jackson songs. In other words, a week by week account of his prior singles?
Hey bulion, thanks a lot for the great informations! Have you the peaks 51-100 from Queen, Nirvana, Roxette, Backstreet Boys, Ace Of Base, Mika, Robbie Williams, Dr. Alban, Scatman John, Richie Sambora and Mr. President since 1988 and the Song "Home" from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, please?
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25>22-Dec-91*HP-75*WI-07 - The Show Must Go On
27>09-Aug-92*HP-81*WI-02 - We Are the Champions/We Will Rock You (R)
30>24-Dec-95*HP-71*WI-06 - A Winter's Tale
32>19-May-03*HP-95*WI-01 - Flash (Club Mixes) w/ Vanguard
26>11-Aug-08*HP-93*WI-01 - Bohemian Rhapsody ®
33>18-Aug-08*HP-85*WI-02 - Don't Stop Me Now
26>10-Nov-08*HP-96*WI-01 - Bohemian Rhapsody ®


03>19-July-92*HP-53*WI-09 - Lithium
04>10-Jan-93*HP-73*WI-05 - In Bloom
06>19-Dec-93*HP-58*WI-09 - All Apologies


10>29-Mar-92*HP-55*WI-07 - Church of Your Heart
12>06-Dec-92*HP-66*WI-07 - Queen of Rain
15>10-July-94*HP-73*WI-03 - Crash! Boom! Bang!
16>23-Oct-94*HP-68*WI-04 - Fireworks
18>22-Mar-99*HP-57*WI-08 - Wish I Could Fly

Backstreet Boys:

01>07-Apr-96*HP-89*WI-06 - We've Got it Goin' On
01>08-Dec-96*HP-74*WI-08 - We're Got it Goin' On ®
that's all for them.

Ace Of Base:

02>13-Feb-94*HP-80*WI-4a - Happy Nation
07>19-May-96*HP-79*WI-4a - Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry
08>13-Sep-98*HP-59*WI-04 - Cruel Summer
09>12-Apr-99*HP-61*WI-7a - Always Have, Always Will

Mika: he's only had four singles, and all have cracked the Top 50

Robbie Williams:

02>13-July-97*HP-56*WI-5a - Old Before I Die
03>13-July-98*HP-88*WI-04 - Angels ®
12>17-Jun-02*HP-53*WI-03 - Let Love Be Your Energy
03>05-May-08*HP-91*WI-01 - Angels ®
03>15-Sep-08*HP-92*WI-01 - Angels ®
03>10-Nov-08*HP-92*WI-2a - Angels ®

Dr. Alban:

01>15-Nov-92*HP-97*WI-01 - It's My Life (first chart run)
03>21-Aug-94*HP-92*WI-01 - Away From Home

Scatman John:

02>17-Dec-95*HP-84*WI-05 - Scatman's World

Richie Sambora:

he's only had the one charting single, so none below Top 50

Mr. President:

02>09-Mar-98*HP-78*WI-05 - Jojo Action

"Home" by Bone... did not chart in Australia
Yes Bulion that's what i mean...

By The Way Mika also released a 5th single from life in cartoon motion Relax (Take It Easy) it didn't chart within the top 100 upon physical release howeverwhen the digital chart fist began it made it to like #23 or something. but wasn't alowed to chart.
Hey still waiting on michael jackson top 50 chart positions does noone know??? it's coming up 5 weeks since first request
Have you the charts from Soulsister?
Michael Jackson:

21-Feb-72*HP-83*WI-08 - Got to Be There

01-May-72*HP-16*WI-18 - Rockin' Robin

23-Oct-72*HP-01*WI-28 - Ben
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Nothing for Soulsister spatz
Have You the Top-100 charts from The Rembrandts?
Thank-you kindly bulion..

i am also after three more songs
Michael Jackson - Can You Feel It
Jackson 5 - ABC
Jackson 5 - Blame It On Th Boogie...

what about flash & the pan?

many thanks
The Rembrandts:

31-Mar-91*HP-26*WI-23a- Just the Way it is, Baby
15-Oct-95*HP-86*WI-03 - I'll Be There For You
18-Aug-96*HP-03*WI-25 - I'll Be There for You ®

Flash & The Pan:

01-Nov-76*HP-05*WI-34 - Hey, St. Peter
24-July-78*HP-04*WI-19 - Down Among the Dead Men
29-Jan-79*HP-85*WI-04 - The African Shuffle
24-Jan-83*HP-98*WI-01 - Waiting for a Train
01-Aug-83*HP-66*WI-10 - Waiting for a Train (French Take)
14-Jan-85*HP-66*WI-07 - Midnight Man
01-June-70*HP-14*WI-26 - ABC - Jackson Five

26-Nov-79*HP-04*WI-27 - Blame it on the Boogie - Jacksons
Have O-Zone charted in Australia?
nothing for O-Zone here spatz98
And Hotlegs (english band)?
Would like to know Sinitta's chart possies please.

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26-Oct-70*HP-24*WI-09 - Neanderthal Man



01-Sep-86*HP-14*WI-20 - So Macho
26-Oct-87*HP-49*WI-15 - Toy Boy
21-Mar-88*HP-62*WI-06 - GTO
06-Jun-88*HP-62*WI-10 - Cross My Broken Heart
17-July-89*HP-06*WI-19 - Right Back Where We Started From (No.7 on ARIA)
27-Nov-89*HP-97*WI-01 - Love on a Mountain Top
freakystevie, in answer to your question, The ARIA Top 100 charts for 1988 and 1989 were only published in-house and for record companies, but the original info is missing, so it has not been included in my upcoming book. So for now we have to rely on the AMR info.

Thanks for the answer Bulion. In hindsight I thought my question was a bit dumb.

Anyway it's a shame that this info went missing. Thesedays I reckon most people would probably prefer to use ARIA's data as the "official" charts for 88 & 89. However because ARIA's data only goes up to 50 I suppose we would have to combine the 2 different sets of data which unfortunately create some unavoidable differences. How are you going to deal with this in your book?
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Was Wes, Edelweiss, U 96, The Connells and Laid Back charted in the Top100 from australia? And have you the peaks 51-100 from Green Day, Masterboy, 4 Non Blondes, Robert Miles, Lenny Kravitz, The Corrs, The Commitments, Ugly Kid Joe, Mike & The Mechanics, Rednex, The Cardigans, Bloodhound Gang, Rammstein, Whigfield and Inner Circle since 1988? I know it´s alot
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And the song "Atlantis" from Donovan?
Was Wes, Edelweiss, U 96, The Connells -all nothing
Laid Back:
06-Feb-84*HP-56*WI-09 - Sunshine Reggae

Green Day:
02>23-Oct-94*HP-85*WI-3a - Basket Case
07>05-May-96*HP-88*WI-02 - Brain Stew/Jaded
10>01-Jun-98*HP-76*WI-5a - Redundant
12>05-Apr-99*HP-80*WI5a - Nice Guys Finish Last

Masterboy - nothing

4 Non Blondes:
02>07-Nov-93*HP-85*WI-03 - Spaceman
03>21-May-95*HP-78*WI-03 - Misty Mountain Hop

Robert Miles:
03>01-Dec-96*HP-56*WI-27a - One and One

Lenny Kravitz:
02>01-Apr-90*HP-83*WI-01 - I Build This Garden for Us
08>10-Oct-93*HP-76*WI-07 - Heaven Help
11>18-May-98*HP-55*WI-8a - If You Can't Say No / Live
16>10-May-04*HP-52*WI-09 - Where Are We Runnin'

The Corrs:
08>13-Sep-98*HP-86*WI-01 - What Can I Do
09>15-Feb-99*HP-61*WI-15a - So Young
12>12-Mar-01*HP-68*WI-08 - Give me a Reason
15>30-Aug-04*HP-65*WI-06 - Angel
16>14-Mar-05*HP-86*Wi-01 - Long Night

The Commitments:
01>13-Oct-91*HP-52*WI-10 - Try a Little Tenderness
03>29-Mar-92*HP-77*WI-04 - Hard to Handle

Ugly Kid Joe all five into Top 40 or higher.

Mike & The Mechanics:
06>13-Jun-05*HP-86*Wi-01 - Miracle (Red Kult feat...)

02>04-Jun-95*HP-70*WI-08 - Old Pop in an Oak
03>10-Apr-00*HP-72*WI-04 - The Way I Mate
04>20-Jan-03*HP-81*WI-05 - Cotton Eye Joe 2003

The Cardigans:
02>22-Nov-96*HP-61*WI-12a - My Favourite Game

Bloodhound Gang:
02>15-Jun-97*HP-64*WI-09 - Why's Everybody Always Pickin' on Me
04>03-Apr-00*HP-68*WI-09 - The Ballad of Chasey Lain
05>23-Oct-00*HP-70*WI-07 - Inevitable Return of The Great White Dope

01>25-Jan-99*HP-97*WI-2a - Du Hast
02>03-May-99*HP-72*WI-02 - Stripped
03>22-Jan-01*HP-78*WI-05 - Asche Zu Asche
04>13-Sep-04*HP-69*WI-03 - Mein Teil
05>29-Nov-04*HP-81*WI-01 - Amerika

03>20-July-97*HP-78*WI-5a - Saturday Night
04>12-Jan-98*HP-99*WI-01 - No Tears to Cry

Inner Circle:
03>18-Sep-94*HP-97*WI-01 - Games People Play

11-Jan-69*HP-15*WI-21 - Atlantis
LMAO I forgot all about Rednex's "The Way I Mate". I didn't even realize it had charted - they used to play the video on Video Hits.
Can someone please provide me with the debut top 50 position of the following songs.

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.
Abba - Dancing Queen.
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody.
1976 - 49; 1992 - 45
Abba - Dancing Queen.
1976 - 38; 1992 - 46
Thank-you very much bulion...
I like to go by the orignal debut position not the re-release.
Would you be able to send me a copy of the order form for the new book... Thanks.
Thanx alot for the information. Was the song "Alane" from Wes in these charts?
I would like the singles for The Masters Apprentices.

I already have the albums from the sister thread.

THX in advance.
Did the Singing Nuns ever chart with "Dominique"? And how did Marilyn McCoo, MARRS ("Pump Up The Volume"), Coldcut and Alison Limerick chart?
I have some old ones to request: Len Barry, Grass Roots, Archies, Toys, Cuff Links, White Plains, Edison Lighthouse, Pipkins, Brotherhood of Man.
Anyone have singles/albums for JOHN MELLENCAMP (aka Johnny Cougar)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
spatz, nothing for Was at all
The Masters Apprentices:

14-Jan-67*HP-08*WI-29 - Undecided / Wars or Hands of Time
27-May-67&HP-22*WI-11 - Buried & Dead / She's My Girl
02-Sep-67*HP-90*WI-03 - Hot Gully Wind (EP)
09-Sep-67*HP-07*WI-22 - Living in a Child's Dream
17-Feb-68*HP-27*WI-16 - Elevator Driver
01-Jun-68*HP-30*WI-11 - Brigette
15-Mar-69*HP-42*WI-12 - Merry-Gp-Round / Linda Linda
19-July-69*HP-18*WI-20 - 5:10 Man
20-Dec-69*HP-12*WI-16 - Think About Tomorrow Today
27-Apr-70*HP-08*WI-28 - Turn Up Your Radio
18-Jan-71*HP-15*WI-15 - Because I Love You / I'm Your Satisfier
12-July-71*HP-56*WI-08 - Future of Our Nation
03-Apr-72*HP-89*WI-03 - Love is
24-Oct-88*HP-30*WI-14 - Because I Love You (ARIA info)
Singing Nun:

23-Nov-63*HP-03*WI-14 - Dominique

Marilyn McCoo:

17-Jan-77*HP-21*Wi-19 - You Don't Have to be a Star (to Be in My Show) feat Billy Davis Jr.


14-Dec-87*HP-06*WI-24 - Pump Up the Volume


01-Aug-88*HP-45*WI-13 - Doctorin' the House (feat Yazz) (ARIA peak, AMR WI)
03-July-89*HP-91*WI-02 - People Hold On (feat Lisa Stansfield)

nothing for Alison Limerick
Have you the Top 100-charts from Technohead?
"People Hold On" is my favourite song! I can't believe it performed so badly.. it's a lot better than "Doctorin' The House". Thanks Bulion!
Also this one kingofmasks did slightly better....

09-Mar-97*HP-89*WI-02 - People Hold On (Bootleg Mix) Lisa Standfield vs The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels



23-July-95*HP-20*WI-18 - I Wanna Be a Hippy
Len Barry:

13-Nov-65*HP-07*WI-20 - 1-2-3
22-Jan-66*HP-31*WI-08 - Like a Baby / Happiness (is a Girl Like You)
16-Apr-66*HP-52*WI-08 - Somewhere
16-July-66*HP-82*WI-04 - It's That Time of the Year

Grass Roots:

10-Jun-67*HP-83*WI-05 - Let's Live for Today
26-Oct-68*HP-18*WI-28 - Midnight Confessions
11-Jan-69*HP-35*WI-09 - Bella Linda
15-Mar-69*HP-78*WI-06 - Lovin' Things
13-Dec-69*HP-67*WI-06 - Heaven Knows
23-Mar-70*HP-61*WI-08 - Walking Through the Country
15-Jun-70*HP-52*WI-12 - Baby Hold On
08-Mar-71*HP-79*WI-05 - Temptation Eyes
09-Aug-71*HP-95*WI-02 - Sooner or Later
22-Nov-71*HP-64*WI-10 - Two Divided by Love
10-Apr-72*HP-92*WI-03 - Glory Bound


26-Oct-68*HP-16*WI-15 - Bang Shang-a-Lang
15-Feb-69*HP-35*WI-11 - Feelin' So Good (S.C.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O.)
12-July-69*HP-06*WI-24 - Sugar, Sugar
20-Dec-69*HP-15*WI-18 - Jingle Jangle
06-Apr-70*HP-24*WI-10 - Who's Your Baby?
10-Aug-70*HP-50*WI-06 - Sunshine

The Toys:

09-Oct-65*HP-06*WI-22 - A Lover's Concerto
29-Jan-66*HP-96*WI-01 - Attack
20-July-68*HP-43*WI-09 - Sealed With a Kiss

Cuff Links:

25-Oct-69*HP-09*WI-18 - Tracy
16-Feb-70*HP-13*WI-26 - When Julie Comes Around
25-May-70*HP-23*WI-15 - Run Sally Run
27-Aug-70*HP-45*WI-08 - Robin's World

White Plains:

06-Apr-70*HP-20*WI-19 - My Baby Loves Lovin'
01-Nov-71*HP-100*WI-1 - When You Are a King

Edison Lighthouse:

16-Feb-70*HP-02*WI-21 - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
15-Mar-71*HP-68*WI-16 - It's Up to You, Petula


20-July-70*HP-61*WI-08 - Gimme Dat Ding

Brotherhood of Man:

09-Mar-70*HP-08*WI-23 - United We Stand
08-Dec-75*HP-92*WI-05 - Kiss Me, Kiss Your Baby
10-May-76*HP-05*WI-21 - Save Your Kisses for Me
17-Oct-77*HP-23*WI-23 - Angelo
26-Feb-79*HP-90*WI-06 - Beautiful Lover
Have you the Top100-charts from Weird Al Yankovic?
No one got any info on JOHN MELLENCAMP (aka John Cougar)?
John(ny) Cougar Mellencamp:

Johnny Cougar:
19-Jun-78*HP-05*WI-21 - I Need a Lover
John Cougar:
16-July-79*HP-31*WI-20 - Miami
24-Nov-80*HP-43*WI-16 - This Time
28-Jun-82*HP-05*WI-26 - Hurts So Good
11-Oct-82*HP-07*WI-19 - Jack & Diane
21-Mar-83*HP-97*WI-01 - Hand to Hold on to
John Cougar Mellencamp:
28-Nov-83*HP-42*WI-15 - Crumblin' Down
12-Mar-84*HP-69*WI-07 - Pink Houses
04-Jun-84*HP-93*WI-03 - Authority Song
14-Oct-85*HP-32*WI-13 - Lonely Ol' Night
23-Dec-85*HP-80*WI-07 - Small Town
24-Mar-86*HP-18*WI-27 - R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. / Under the Boardwalk
16-Jun-86*HP-34*WI-13 - Rain on the Scarecrow
25-Aug-86*HP-84*WI-03 - Rumbleseat
07-Sep-87*HP-13*WI-20 - Paper in Fire
23-Nov-87*HP-20*WI-26 - Cherry Bomb
07-Mar-88*HP-22*WI-16 - Check it Out
the rest you can find up the top through the search function. He changed his name to John Mellencamp for the October 1991 single "Get a Leg Up".
Weird Al Yankovic:

05>05-Dec-93*HP-84*WI-02 - Jurassic Park
06>29-Nov-99*HP-68*WI-07 - Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
DL>18-Dec-06*HP-12*WI-8a - White & Nerdy (Digital only)

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I'm interested in knowing how well Bob Seger went here in Oz. Thanks
Bob Seger:

21-Mar-77*HP-25*WI-18 - Night Moves
19-Jun-78*HP-23*WI-21 - Still the Same
09-Oct-78*HP-52*WI-13- Hollywood Nights
05-Mar-79*HP-31*WI-21 - We've Got Tonite
24-Mar-80*HP-57*WI-11 - Fire Lake
30-Jun-80*HP-92*WI-02 - Against the Wind
07-Feb-83*HP-38*WI-12 - Shame on the Moon
16-May-83*HP-100*WI-2 - Even Now
12-Mar-84*HP-53*WI-16 - Old Time Rock and Roll
25-Mar-86*HP-83*WI-04 - Understanding
14-July-86*HP-74*WI-05 - Like a Rock
01-Jun-87*HP-03*WI-39 - Old Time Rock and Roll ®
06-July-87*HP-09*WI-15 - Shakedown
03-Nov-91*HP-92*WI-02 - The Real Love
Coldcut featuring Lisa Stansfield's 'People Hold On' peaked at #79 on the ARIA chart (and #91 on the AMR chart). Although ARIA peaks beyond #50 aren't available pre January 1990, its 1989 peak of #79 is listed in the Chartifacts column for Dirty Rotten Scoundrels vs Lisa Stansfield's 'People Hold On' entry around January 1997.
Was "Fun Factory" in the charts?
Nothing for Fun Factory spatz
And Swinging Blue Jeans?
It's AFL Grand Final Weekend so I have a footy related chart query. How did "Up There Cazaly" as well as the follow up "One Day in September" by Mike Brady/Two Man Band do?. Saints to win in the wet by the way
Swinging Blue Jeans:

22-Feb-64*HP-11*WI-15 - Hippy Hippy Shake
11-Apr-64*HP-32*WI-12 - Good Golly Miss Molly
04-July-64*HP-67*WI-09 - You're No Good / Don't You Worry About Me
12-Mar-66*HP-35*WI-11 - Don't Make Me Over


Two Man Band:

09-July-79*HP-01*WI-22 - Up There Cazaly (1 week at No.1)
18-Feb-80*HP-85*WI-05 - You Are Australia
22-Sep-80*HP-33*WI-08 - One Day in September
11-May-81*HP-37*WI-11 - There's a Little Bit of Cazaly in us All
Have you the top100 charts from Milli Vanilli and what was the peak for "Girl you know it´s true"? And have you the peaks 51-100 from Michael Jackson since 2009? And was the song "We are the world" from "USA for Africa" 2009 in the charts?
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Thanks bulion. I got that result a bit wrong didn't I
Have Mary McGregor and Maureen McGovern charted in Australia?
Could I have week by week chart positions for the following:-
Sign Your Name-Terence Trent D'Arby
Dirty Diana-Michael Jackson
Endless Summer Nights-Richard Marx
Underneath The Radar- Underworld
Could've Been-Tiffany
I Saw Him Standing There-Tiffany
New Sensation-INXS
The Flame-Cheap Trick
What A wonderful World-Louis Armstrong

Mary MacGregor:

31-Jan-77*HP-01*WI-22 - Torn Between Two Lovers
12-Dec-77*HP-100*WI-1 - For a While

Maureen McGovern:

23-Apr-73*HP-01*WI-26 - The Morning After
07-Apr-75*HP-05*WI-21 - We May Never Love Like This Again
25-Aug-75*HP-65*WI-04 - Even Better Than I Know Myself
07-Oct-85*HP-54*WI-11 - A Love Until the End of Time (with Placido Domingo)
ARIA Top 50 info...

Sign Your Name-Terence Trent D'Arby

Dirty Diana-Michael Jackson

Endless Summer Nights-Richard Marx

Underneath The Radar- Underworld

Could've Been-Tiffany
Hi Bulion. You once posted hits for Human League - and wrote that "then there was "Heart Like a Wheel" in 1990", which meant I should search this site. I tried to search, but no chart information on this band after 1989 is shown. Can you please verify, if Human League charted in Australia after 1989 (and with which singles)?

Thanks in advance!

30-Sep-90*HP-64*WI-8a - Heart Like a Wheel - Human League
Could I please get full week-by-week chart positions for singles by Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, Black Eyed Peas, Avril Lavigne, Lady GaGa and P!nk?Thanks in Advance.

Whos the current number right now? Who do you think will top it next week?

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Thanks Bulion for the previous info. Could I please have the Top 100 week by week chart positions for the following:-

Motor's Too Fast - James Reyne
I Think We're Alone Now - Tiffany
Nothin But A Good Time - Poison
Hey Little Boy - Divinyls
Don't Be Cruel - Cheap Trick
Roll With It - Steve Winwood
I Don't Wanna Go On... - Elton John
Don't Go - Hothouse Flowers
Man With A Gun - Jerry Harrison
Broken Land - The Adventures
When It's Love - Van Halen

Also, is your chart book still available and how can I purchase a copy. Cheers!
helo, you can go to the ARIA website, scroll down and hit the section that says "This Week in Chart History", and then down the bottom of that page is a link to download the order form for the book.

Otherwise, go to the thread on this site and do it from there.
Have you the charts from Desmond Dekker, Harry Belafonte, Milli Vanilli and the Top-100 charts from Mr. Big?
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I won't be posting anymore week-by-week information, it's too hard and I get in trouble for it, as I'm under contract.


Desmond Dekker:

03-May-69*HP-05*WI-16 - Israelites
23-Nov-70*HP-17*WI-13 - You Can Get it if You Really Want

Harry Belafonte:

09-Feb-57*HP-02*WI-22 - Jamaica Farewell
09-Mar-57*HP-06*Wi-19 - Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
04-May-57*HP-33*WI-05 - Mama Look a Boo Boo
07-Sep-57*HP-09*WI-28 - Island in the Sun
25-Oct-58*HP-75*WI-06 - Ain't That Love
20-Dec-58*HP-45*WI-05 - Mary's Boy Child
30-May-59*HP-81*WI-01 - Darlin' Cora
16-Jun-62*HP-91*WI-02 - A Hole in the Bucket
10-Oct-88*HP-59*WI-08 - Day-O

Milli Vanilli:

06-Mar-89*HP-80*WI-06 - Girl You Know it's True
14-Aug-89*HP-17*WI-43 - Baby Don't Forget My Number
11-Dec-89*HP-03*WI-29 - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
11-Mar-90*HP-05*WI-17 - Blame it on the Rain
20-May-90*HP-44*WI-07 - All or Nothing
03-Mar-91*HP-62*WI-08 - Keep on Running (Real Milli Vanilli)

Mr. Big:
22-Mar-92*HP-01*WI-25 - To Be With You (3 weeks at No.1)
07-Jun-92*HP-27*WI-16 - Just Take My Heart
21-Nov-93*HP-53*WI-14 - Wild World
Hey i've just joined the membership and this site rocks! if it's not too much trouble could i please heave the top ten for 3/02/1985 and for 30/11/1986? much apprieciated
Hi Bulion, has Crystal Gayle or Liz Damon's Orient Express charted in Australia?
Was wondering whether any of the releases from the following Australian (1980s) bands ever made the charts:
The Bamboos
Chad's Tree
Cinema Prague
Charlotte's Web
The Kryptonics
The Marigolds
Martha's Vineyard
The Neptunes
The Waltons
They maybe a little obscure for most people
Matty D, here are your Top 10 requests:

3-Feb-1985 (charted dated 4-Feb)

1 (1) - Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid (final week)
2 (2) - I Want to Know What Love is - Foreigner (1 next week)
3 (8) - Last Christmas - Wham!
4 (3) - Like a Virgin - Madonna
5 (4) - The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
6 (6) - Sexcrime (1984) - Eurythmics
7 (7) - Together in Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
8 (9) - Shout to the Top - Style Council
9 (5) - Sea of Love - The Honeydrippers
10(11)-We Belong - Pat Benatar

30-Nov-1986 (chart dated 1-Dec)

1 (1) - You're the Voice - John Farnham
2 (3) - Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh
3 (4) - You Can Call Me Al - Paul Simon
4 (2) - Don't Leave Me This Way - The Communards
5 (5) - True Blue - Madonna
6 (14)- To Be a Lover - Billy Idol
7 (6) - Stuck With You - Huey Lewis & The News
8 (7) - Heartache All Over the World - Elton John
9 (10)- Two of Hearts - Stacey Q
10 (9)- Matter of Trist - Billy Joel
Crystal Gayle:

18-Oct-76*HP-82*WI-12 - I'll Get Over You
31-Oct-77*HP-16*WI-27 - Don't it Make My Brown Eyes Blue
13-Nov-78*HP-70*WI-10 - Talking in Your Sleep
21-Feb-83*HP-88*WI-05 - You and I (with Eddie Rabbitt)

nothing for Liz Damon though
The Bamboos:

15-Jun-87*HP-94*WI-01 - Born Killers (Album)

Martha's Vinyard:

17-July-89*HP-86*WI-03 - Old Beach Road (Single)
12-Jun-89*HP-77*WI-09 - Martha's Vineyard (Album)

those are the only two from your list that charted dingo-dude
thanks so much 4 the info hte to b a pest again but i just remembered i also wanted the top ten 4 08/02/87 this info was great bulion cheers!
Hi Bulion! Could you post single chart histories for Boney M, Chic, Eruption, Gloria Gaynor, Gibson Brothers, Ritchie Family, Amii Stewart, Sister Sledge, Sylvester, Village People, Grace Jones, Odyssey, Ottawan, Anita Ward, Diana Ross and Kool & The Gang.
Pasi, a lot of those bulion already listed in the first CHART POSITIONS PRE 1989 thread! I was also very interested to see how disco artists charted in Australia... was surprised that Gibson Brothers charted here with "Que Sera Mi Veda" (one of my favourites) but not "Mandalay"..

Have MSFB, Cerrone, Silvetti, or Salsoul Orchestra charted here?
Hi Kingofmasks! Thanks for your note, found information for most of artists I asked... So, now I'm intersted in singles charts for Eruption, Gloria Gaynor, Gibson Brothers (didn't find info for GB), Amii Stewart, Odyssey, Ottawan, Anita Ward, Thelma Houston, Loleatta Holloway, Claudja Barry, Lipps Inc, Patrick Hernandez, Dee D. Jackson, Ritz and Baccara.
Hi & thnx in advance. I'm now after singles & albums by Stevie Wright (ex-The Easybeats: I have their info already).
Whoa, there's a lot of people requesting positions. I just have two questions, anyway.

Did Ben E. King chart in 1961 and/or 1986/7 with "Stand by Me", and if so, what did he chart at; and did the soundtrack to the movie Stand by Me chart here in Australia? Thanks in advance.
Well I have "Stand By Me" down as charting at #45 in 1961 & #82 in 1987.
Have you the charts from Lionel Richie & Bruce Springsteen?
spatz; if you go to the green banner that says "PRE-1898", and click on it, it will bring up all the posts under that banner.
On the second page of that banner, is a thread called "Chart Positions Pre 1989", on which you'll find Lionel Richie and Bruce Springsteen's charting singles.

Or there is a link to it at the top of this page
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Matty D:


1 (1) - Funky Town - Pseudo Echo
2 (2) - Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles
3 (4) - You Keep Me Hangin' On - Kim Wilde
4 (3) - Good Times - Jimmy Barnes & INXS
5 (8) - French Kissin' in the USA - Debbie Harry
6 (5) - Pressure Down - John Farnham
7 (7) - To Be a Lover - Billy Idol
8 (12)- Everybody Have Fun Tonight - Wang Chung
9 (6) - You're the Voice - John Farnham
10 (10) - Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) - Glass Tiger

27-Mar-78*HP-01*WI-24 - I Can't Stand the Rain
11-Jun-79*HP-10*WI-24 - One Way Ticket

Gloria Gaynor;

27-Jan-75*HP-03*WI-27 - Never Can Say Goodbye
19-May-75*HP-35*WI-16 - Reach Out, I'll Be There
26-Mar-79*HP-05*WI-22 - I Will Survive
19-Mar-84*HP-69*WI-06 - I Am What I Am

Gibson Brothers;

29-Dec-80*HP-09*WI-27 - Que Sera Mi Vida (If You Should Go)

Amii Stewart;

19-Mar-79*HP-02*WI-27 - Knock on Wood
16-July-79*HP-14*WI-16 - Light My Fire (+137 Disco Heaven)
10-Dec-79*HP-63*WI-14 - Jealousy

Odyssey; nothing charted


29-Mar-82*HP-25*WI-30 - Hands Up (Give Me Your Heart)

Anita Ward;

11-June-79*HP-03*WI-24 - Ring My Bell

Thelma Houston;

28-Jan-74*HP-44*WI-10 - Piano Man
16-May-77*HP-06*WI-26 - Don't Leave Me This Way

Loleatta Holloway; nothing charted

Claudja Barry;

06-Aug-79*HP-32*WI-25 - (Boogie Woogie) Dancing Shoes

Lipps Inc;

09-June-80*HP-01*WI-23 - Funkytown
08-Dec-80*HP-44*WI-15 - How Long

Patrick Hernandez;

23-July-79*HP-01*WI-35 - Born to Be Alive
04-May-87*HP-83*WI-05 - Born to Be Alive (Re-issue)

Dee D. Jackson;

17-July-78*HP-56*WI-12 - Automatic Lover


03-Dec-79*HP-12*WI-30 - Locomotion


26-Dec-77*HP-09*WI-31 - Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
10-July-78*HP-96*WI-01 - Sorry, I'm a Lady
Stevie Wright:

27-May-74*HP-01*WI-26 - Evie
18-Nov-74*HP-13*WI-19 - Guitar Band
15-Sep-75*HP-88*WI-04 - You
15-Dec-75*HP-99*WI-01 - Black Eyed Bruiser

03-Jun-74*HP-02*WI-32 - Hard Road
25-Aug-75*HP-61*WI-17 - Black Eyed Bruiser
ss112, here are your Stand By Me answers..

24-Jun-61*HP-45*WI-13 - Stand By Me
26-Jan-87*HP-82*WI-12 - Stand By Me
20-Apr-87*HP-98*WI-02 - Stand By Me Soundtrack
Big Thanks, Bulion!
thanks so much! this info is really helping!
And the peaks 51-100 from Lionel Richie & Bruce Springsteen since 1989? And do you have the charts from Zager & Evans?
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Lionel Richie:

14>28-Jun-92*HP-45*WI-08 - Do it to Me
15>21-Apr-96*HP-53*WI-10 - Don't Wanna Lose You
16>10-Dec-07*HP-90*WI-02 - All Night Long (All Night) (R)

Bruce Springsteen:

18>14-Jun-92*HP-75*WI-03 - Better Days
20>07-May-95*HP-92*WI-02 - Secret Garden (re-enters in March 1997)
21>31-Mar-03*HP-51*WI-03 - Waitin' on a Sunny Day

Zager & Evans:

12-July-69*HP-02*WI-18 - In the Year 2525
29-Nov-69*HP-86*WI-07 - Mr. Turnkey / Cary Lynn Javes
Bulion, can you create a CHART POSITIONS PRE 1989, PART 3 thread, as well as an ALBUMS PRE 1989, PART 2 one, because these take really long to load on slow connections, as well as my iPod.
Thank you for the peaks. Was Slade, Eric Carmen and Nick Kamen in the charts?
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392, I will do it when this thread reaches 300 posts.



08-Nov-71*HP-78*WI-09 - Get Down and Get With it
27-Dec-71*HP-07*WI-20 - Coz I Luv You
27-Mar-72*HP-43*WI-18 - Look Wot You Dun
31-July-72*HP-11*WI-18 - Take Me Bak 'Ome
20-Nov-72*HP-14*WI-20 - Mama Weer All Crazee Now
15-Jan-73*HP-11*WI-15 - Gudbuy T' Jane
07-May-73*HP-12*WI-24 - Cum on Feel the Noize
27-Aug-73*HP-39*WI-12 - Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me
19-Nov-73*HP-44*WI-24 - My Friend Stan
12-Dec-73*HP-55*WI-05 - Merry Xmas Everybody
06-May-74*HP-13*WI-17 - Everyday / Good Time Gals
02-Sep-74*HP-48*WI-13 - The Bangin' Man
03-Feb-75*HP-17*WI-19 - Far Far Away
12-Mar-84*HP-65*WI-18 - My Oh My
14-May-84*HP-17*WI-30 - Run Runaway

Eric Carmen:

08-Mar-76*HP-07*WI-19 - All By Myself
16-Aug-76*HP-100*WI-1 - That's Rock 'N' Roll
12-Sep-77*HP-30*WI-18 - She Did it
23-Jun-80*HP-45*WI-19 - It Hurts Too Much
06-Apr-81*HP-73*WI-07 - All for Love
04-Mar-85*HP-27*WI-18 - I Wanna Hear it From Your Lips
15-Feb-88*HP-04*WI-19 - Hungry Eyes
04-July-88*HP-08*WI-26 - Malke Me Lose Control (ARIA Peak)

Nick Kamen:

02-Feb-87*HP-84*WI-04 - Each Time You Break My Heart
Could you post all the peaks of The Jacksons and The Jackson 5? Thanks.
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Whoops sorry for the double post.
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Daniel09, the list has already been done. It's in the first thread for Pre-1989, of which there is a link at the top of this page.
It was done in July 2008.
As always, I love the good work being done on this site!

Could I get peak positions for The Box Tops and Otis Redding? Thanks in advance!
Box Tops:

16-Sep-67*HP-04*WI-24 - The Letter
09-Dec-67*HP-30*WI-16 - Neon Rainbow
20-Apr-68*HP-46*WI-09 - Cry Like a Baby
15-Jun-69*HP-96*WI-03 - Choo Choo Train
05-Oct-68*HP-32*WI-11 - I Met Her in Church
08-Mar-69*HP-82*WI-06 - Sweet Cream Ladies
16-Aug-69*HP-07*WI-21 - Soul Deep

Otis Redding:

30-Apr-66*HP-97*WI-02 - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
12-Nov-66*HP-70*WI-05 - Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)
30-Mar-68*HP-10*WI-17 - (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay
03-Aug-68*HP-79*WI-04 - Amen
Thanks a lot for the peaks, bulion. Could I get the peaks 51-100 from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Pet Shop Boys and Cher since 1988, please? Thanks.
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Paul McCartney:

37>04-Apr-93*HP-66*WI-04 - Off the Ground
38>15-Jun-97*HP-60*WI-03 - Young Boy
he has only had 38 charting solo singles, so no more after 97

Pet Shop Boys:
12>27-Jan-91*HP-82*WI-04 - Being Boring
17>29-May-94*HP-63*WI-07 - Liberation
24>04-May-97*HP-57*WI-03 - A Red Letter Day
25>24-Aug-97*HP-56*WI-05 - Somewhere
26>04-Oct-99*HP-67*WI-03 - I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give it Anymore
27>01-Dec-03*HP-76*WI-01 - Miracles
they've had 28 charting singles in total.


17>25-Feb-90*HP-70*WI-02 - Heart of Stone
20>30-Jan-94*HP-69*WI-05 - I Got You Babe (w/ Beavis & Butthead)
21>19-Nov-95*HP-65*WI-05 - Walking in Memphis
24>09-Aug-99*HP-62*WI-10 - All or Nothing
she's had 26 charting singles in total

Nothing for Ringo though!!
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after Skyhooks singles.

I've got their ARIA singles/albums from the search engine above. I've got their KMR albums from the sister thread and I've looked for their singles on part 1 of this thread.

BTW can someone fix the band's name on Shyhooks (sic)/Daddy Cool single, "Happy Hippy Hut"/"Ballad of Oz"?
hey thanks so much for the posts before. they're great! could i possibly bug u 4 the top ten charts 4 the 21/01/85, 20/01/86, 19/01/87 and 24/01/84? i know it's a bit much but it would be really appreciated

23-Sep-74*HP-28*WI-17 - Livin' in the 70's
23-Dec-74*HP-01*WI-27 - Horror Movie / Carlton
21-Apr-75*HP-02*WI-22 - Ego is Not a Dirty Word
07-July-75*HP-02*WI-19 - All My Friends are Getting Married
17-Nov-75*HP-06*WI-17 - Million Dollar Riff
05-Apr-76*HP-26*WI-13 - Let it Rock / Revolution
19-July-76*HP-32*WI-12 - This is My City / Somewhere in Sydney
06-Sep-76*HP-12*WI-20 - Blue Jeans
09-May-77*HP-24*WI-10 - Party to End all Parties
13-Mar-78*HP-08*WI-18 - Women in Uniform
12-Jun-78*HP-93*WI-03 - Meglomania / BBBBBBBBBoogie
07-May-79*HP-32*WI-09 - Over the Border
20-Dec-82*HP-21*Wi-16 - Hooked on Hooks (Medley)

01 - All Night Long - Lionel Richie
02 - Original Sin - INXS
03 - Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
04 - Twist of Fate - Olivia Newton-John
05 - Listening - Pseudo Echo
06 - Come Said the Boy - Mondo Rock
07 - In a Big Country - Big Country
08 - Thriller - Michael Jackson
09 - Love is a Battlefield - Pat Benatar
10 - Uptown Girl - Billy Joel


01 - Do They Know it's Christmas - Band Aid
02 - Like a Virgin - Madonna
03 - I Want to Know What Love is - Foreigner
04 - Last Christmas - Wham!
05 - Together in Electric Dreams - Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder
06 - The Power of Love - Frankie Goes to Hollywood
07 - Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr
08 - Sea of Love - The Honeydrippers
09 - We Belong - Pat Benatar
10 - I Feel for You - Chaka Khan


01 - We Built This City - Starship
02 - Species Deceases (EP) - Midnight Oil
03 - I'm Your Man - Wham!
04 - The Power of Love - Jennifer Rush
05 - A Good Heart - Feargal Sharkey
06 - Say You, Say Me - Lionel Richie
07 - Nikita - Elton John
08 - Broken Wings - Mr. Mister
09 - Working Class Man - Jimmy Barnes
10 - Can't Wait to See You - Eurogliders


01 - Funky Town - Pseudo Echo
02 - Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles
03 - Good Times - Jimmy Barnes & INXS
04 - You Keep Me Hangin' On - Kim Wilde
05 - You're the Voice - John Farnham
06 - To Be a Lover - Billy Idol
07 - Pressure Down - John Farnham
08 - French Kissin' in the USA - Debbie Harry
09 - Lady in Red - Chris De Burgh
10 - Two of Hearts - Stacey Q.
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