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Top 100 National Singles - 1981

NoTitles - Artists (HP) <accreditation>
01Counting the Beat - The Swingers (1x3) <P>
02Stars on 45 - Stars on 45 (1x4) <P>
03Antmusic - Adam & The Ants (1x5) <P>
04Jealous Guy - Roxy Music (1x4) <G>
05Dev-O Live (EP) - Devo (1x3a) <P>
06Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes (1x5) <G>
079 to 5 (Morning Train)- Sheena Easton (1x2) <G>
08Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (1x4) <G>
09Who Can it Be Now - Men at Work (2) <G>
10Kids in America - Kim Wilde (5) <G>
11This Ole House - Shakin' Stevens (1x1) <P>
12Turn me Loose - Loverboy (3) <G>
13Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones (1x1) <G>
14You Weren't in Love With Me - Billy Field (1x1) <G>
15Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield (1x1) <G>
16Duncan - Slim Dusty (1x2)
17Girls Can Get it - Dr. Hook (3) <G>
18(Just Like) Starting Over - John Lennon (1x4)
19You Drive Me Crazy - Shakin' Stevens (1x3) <G>
20Keep on Loving You - REO Speedwagon (3) <G>
21Louise (We Get it Right) - Jona Lewie (2) <G>
22Gotta Pull Myself Together - The Nolans (3) <G>
23In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins (3) <G>
24Precious to Me - Phil Seymour (6) <G>
25Jesse - Carly Simon (4) <G>
26Angel of the Morning - Juice Newton (2) <G>
27The Time Warp - Cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show (3)<P>
28Slow Hand - The Pointer Sisters (5) <G>
29Physical - Olivia Newton-John (1x5) <G>
30Stop the Cavalry - Jona Lewie (2)
31Shaddup You face - Joe Dolce Music Theatre (1x2 in 80)
32Hold on Tight - Electric Light Orchestra (5) <G>
33If I Were a Carpenter - Swanee (5)
34Woman - John Lennon (4)
35Making Your Mind Up - Bucks Fizz (6) <G>
36Bad Habits - Billy Field (4) <G>
37I Won't Let You Down - Ph.D (5)
38State of the Heart - Mondo Rock (6) <G>
39If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too? - Mental as Anything (4) <G>
40Say I Love You - Renee Geyer (5) <G>
41The Stroke - Billy Squier (5) <G>
42One Step Ahead - Split Enz (5)
43Cool World - Mondo Rock (8)
44Fade to Grey - Visage (6)
45Chequered Love - Kim Wilde (6)
46They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk to Me - Jimmy & The Boys (8)
47Stand and Deliver - Adam & The Ants (12)
48The Tide is High - Blondie (4) <G>
49History Never Repeats - Split Enz (4)
50Only for Sheep - The Bureau (5)
51Why Won't You Explain - Karen Knowles (12) <G>
52Wired for Sound - Cliff Richard (2) <G>
53Prince Charming - Adam & The Ants (4)
54I Love a Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbitt (6)
55Rapture - Blondie (5)
569 to 5 - Dolly Parton (9)
57Just so Lonely - Get Wet (15)
58Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - The Police (2)
59Planet Earth - Duran Duran (8)
60Never Knew Love Like This Before - Stephanie Mills (13)
61Que Sera Mi Vida - Gibson Brothers (9)
62The Wild Colonial Boy - Dr. Hook (4) <G>
63Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton (8)
64Stop Draggin' My Heart Around - Stevie Nicks with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (10)
65Another One Bites the Dust - Queen (5) <G>
66Vienna - Ultravox (11)
67Every Woman in the World - Air Supply (8)
68Too Many Times - Mental As Anything (6)
69Feels Like I'm in Love - Kelly Marie (7) <G>
70(Si Si) Je Suis un Rock Star - Bill Wyman (5)
71The One That You Love - Air Supply (10)
72De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da - The Police (6)
73All Those Years Ago - George Harrison (9)
74Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees - Marcia Hines (10)
75Don't Stand So Close to Me - The Police (3)
76Boys in Town - Divinyls (8)
77Can You Feel it - Jacksons (10)
78Things Don't Seem - Australian Crawl (11)
79Hip, Shake, Jerk - The Quick (12)
80Looking for Clues - Robert Palmer (23)
81To Cut a Long Story Short - Spandau Ballet (15)
82Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - AC/DC (7)
83Kiss on My List - Hall & Oates (13)
84On and On and On - Abba (9)
85Hooked on Classics - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (9)
86Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through - Jim Steinman (18)
87Beach Boys Medley - The Beach Boys (16)
88Down Under - Men at Work (1x2 in late 1981)
89Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie (6)
90I Believe in You - Don Williams (20)
91Runaway Boys - Stray Cats (15)
92So Long - Fischer Z (15)
93Lady - Kenny Rogers (15)
94According to My Heart - The Reels (12)
95Being With You - Smokey Robinson (14)
96Love in Motion - Icehouse (10)
97I Want to Be Straight - Ian Dury & The Blockheads (18)
98Woman in Love - Barbra Streisand (1 in 1980)
99Rock Hard - Suzi Quatro (9) <G>
100I Am the Beat - The Look (23)

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Top 100 National Albums - 1981

01 - Double Fantasy - John Lennon & Yoko Ono (1x8 in 1981)
02 - Sirocco - Australian Crawl (1x6)
03 - Back in Black - AC/DC (1x1)
04 - Bad Habits - Billy Field (1x2)
05 - Making Movies - Dire Straits (6)
06 - Icehouse - Flowers (4)
07 - Face Value - Phil Collins (2)
08 - Hotter Than July - Stevie Wonder (3)
09 - Christopher Cross - Christopher Cross (6)
10 - Corroboree - Split Enz (1x3)
11 - Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police (1x1)
12 - Tattoo You - The Rolling Stones (1x11)
13 - Greatest Hits - Dr. Hook (1x4)
14 - The Jazz Singer - Neil Diamond/Soundtrack (10)
15 - Arc of a Diver - Steve Winwood (5)
16 - The Beatles Ballads - The Beatles (1x7)
17 - Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks (1x1)
18 - Time - Electric Light Orchestra (3)
19 - Stars on 45 Long Play Album - Stars on 45 (1x2)
20 - Dev-O Live (Mini Album) - Devo (2)
21 - Long Distance Voyager - The Moody Blues (7)
22 - Swingshift - Cold Chisel (1x2)
23 - Kings of the Wild Frontier - Adam & The Ants (2)
24 - Chemistry - Mondo Rock (3)
25 - Vienna - Ultravox (4)
26 - Mistaken Identity - Kim Carnes (2)
27 - Guilty - Barbra Streisand (1 in 1980)
28 - AutoAmerican - Blondie (8)
29 - Hi Infidelity - REO Speedwagon (6)
30 - This Ole House - Shakin' Stevens (6)
31 - The Fox - Elton John (2)
32 - The Very Best of - Elton John (3)
33 - Freedom of Choice - Devo (5)
34 - Always - Willie Nelson (4)
35 - New Traditionalists - Devo (3)
36 - Gaucho - Steely Dan (9)
37 - Cats and Dogs - Mental as Anything (3)
38 - Physical - Olivia Newton-John (3)
39 - East - Cold Chisel (2)
40 - The Andrew Durant Memorial Concert - Various (8)
41 - Dead Ringer - Meat Loaf (5)
42 - Making Waves - The Nolans (10)
43 - Super Trooper - Abba (5)
44 - Loverboy - Loverboy (5)
45 - Pirates - Rickie Lee Jones (9)
46 - Bad for Good - Jim Steinman (5)
47 - Ghost in the Machine - The Police (1x1)
48 - Hooked on Classics - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (7)
49 - All the Best - Smokie (2)
50 - Rising - Dr. Hook (11)
51 - The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Soundtrack (12)
52 - Sky 3 - Sky (7)
53 - Songs in the Attic - Billy Joel (9)
54 - Anne Murray's Greatest Hits - Anne Murray (8)
55 - Hitwave '81 - Various (1x1)
56 - The Boys Light Up - Australian Crawl (4)
57 - Time Exposure - Little River Band (9)
58 - Reveries - Richard Clayderman (12)
59 - The Best of Volume 2 - Kenny Rogers (10)
60 - Eagles Live - The Eagles (3)
61 - Greatest Hits - Queen (2)
62 - Chariots of Fire - Vangelis/Soundtrack (10)
63 - Precious Time - Pat Benetar (8)
64 - 1981... Rocks on - Various (5)
65 - 1981... The Sound - Various (4)
66 - Beach Boys Greatest Hits - Beach Boys (5)
67 - Sunnyboys - Sunnyboys (13)
68 - Shaved Fish - John Lennon (No.8 in 1975)
69 - Face Dances - The Who (16)
70 - Hits - Boz Scaggs (9)
71 - Shades - JJ Cale (14)
72 - Short Note - Matt Finish (18)
73 - No.50: The Golden Anniversary Album - Slim Dusty (10)
74 - Flesh + Blood - Roxy Music (10)
75 - Journey's to Glory - Spandau Ballet (14)
76 - Zebop - Santana (14)
77 - Visage - Visage (17)
78 - Divine Madness - Bette Midler (20)
79 - Pretenders II - The Pretenders (18)
80 - 1981 Over the Top - Various (4)
81 - The One You Love - Air Supply (10)
82 - Black and White - Pointer Sisters (15)
83 - Nightclubbing - Grace Jones (19)
84 - QE2 - Mike Oldfield (23)
85 - Prince Charming - Adam & The Ants (7)
86 - 1980... The Summer - Various (11)
87 - Hard Promises - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (21)
88 - Turn of a Friendly Card - Alan Parsons Project (24)
89 - Abacab - Genesis (18)
90 - Remain in Light - Talking Heads (25)
91 - Underneath the Colours - INXS (15)
92 - Some Days are Diamond - John Denver (20)
93 - Business as Usual - Men at Work (1x2 in late 1981)
94 - Foolish Behaviour - Rod Stewart (9)
95 - The Simon & Garfunkel Collection - Simon & Garfunkel (3)
96 - 4 - Foreigner (28)
97 - Walk Under Ladders - Joan Armatrading (16)
98 - Somewhere in England - George Harrison (17)
99 - 1984 - Rick Wakeman (10)
100- Crimes of Passion - Pat Benatar
OMG, thanks again Bulion! So many lost favourites remembered! Kelly Marie, Gibson Brothers, Stephanie Mills, Juice Newton, Hooked On Classics!! Why don't these songs ever see the light of day anymore? And "Jesse" by Carly Simon, I didn't know that one charted so high, I love Carly!
DateWksNo.HomeTitles / Artists
05-Jan-817  Shaddup You Face - JOE DOLCE MUSIC THEARTE
12-Jan-818  Shaddup You Face - JOE DOLCE MUSIC THEARTE
19-Jan-811530Eng(Just Like) Starting Over - JOHN LENNON
26-Jan-812  (Just Like) Starting Over - JOHN LENNON
02-Feb-813  (Just Like) Starting Over - JOHN LENNON
09-Feb-814  (Just Like) Starting Over - JOHN LENNON
16-Feb-811531OzDuncan - SLIM DUSTY
23-Feb-812  Duncan - SLIM DUSTY
02-Mar-811532NZCounting the Beat - The SWINGERS
09-Mar-812  Counting the Beat - The SWINGERS
16-Mar-813  Counting the Beat - The SWINGERS
23-Mar-811533EngAntmusic - ADAM & The ANTS
30-Mar-812  Antmusic - ADAM & The ANTS
06-Apr-813  Antmusic - ADAM & The ANTS
13-Apr-814  Antmusic - ADAM & The ANTS
20-Apr-815  Antmusic - ADAM & The ANTS
27-Apr-811534Scot9 to 5 (Morning Train) - SHEENA EASTON
04-May-812  9 to 5 (Morning Train) - SHEENA EASTON
11-May-811535EngJealous Guy - ROXY MUSIC
18-May-812  Jealous Guy - ROXY MUSIC
25-May-813  Jealous Guy - ROXY MUSIC
01-Jun-814  Jealous Guy - ROXY MUSIC
08-Jun-811536EngThis Ole House - SHAKIN' STEVENS
15-Jun-811537USBette Davis Eyes - KIM CARNES
22-Jun-812  Bette Davis Eyes - KIM CARNES
29-Jun-813  Bette Davis Eyes - KIM CARNES
06-Jul-814  Bette Davis Eyes - KIM CARNES
13-Jul-815  Bette Davis Eyes - KIM CARNES
20-Jul-811538DutchStars on 45 - STARS ON 45
27-Jul-812  Stars on 45 - STARS ON 45
03-Aug-813  Stars on 45 - STARS ON 45
10-Aug-814  Stars on 45 - STARS ON 45
17-Aug-811539USDev-O Live (EP) - DEVO
24-Aug-812  Dev-O Live (EP) - DEVO
31-Aug-811540OzJessie's Girl - RICK SPRINGFIELD
07-Sep-813  Dev-O Live (EP) - DEVO
14-Sep-811541EngYou Drive Me Crazy - SHAKIN' STEVENS
21-Sep-812  You Drive Me Crazy - SHAKIN' STEVENS
28-Sep-813  You Drive Me Crazy - SHAKIN' STEVENS
05-Oct-811542USEndless Love - DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE
12-Oct-812  Endless Love - DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE
19-Oct-813  Endless Love - DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE
26-Oct-814  Endless Love - DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE
02-Nov-811543OzYou Weren't in Love With Me - BILLY FIELD
09-Nov-811544EngStart Me Up - The ROLLING STONES
16-Nov-811545OzPhysical - OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
23-Nov-812  Physical - OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
30-Nov-813  Physical - OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
07-Dec-814  Physical - OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
14-Dec-815  Physical - OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN
21-Dec-811546OzDown Under - MEN AT WORK
28-Dec-812  Down Under - MEN AT WORK

EntryDate = Date the song entered the Top 100
(WA)HP = (Weeks at) Highest Position
W100 = Weeks in Top 100
W50 = Weeks in Top 50
W10 = Weeks in Top 10

Entry Date(WA)HPW100W50W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
12-Jan-81121812-Five Great Gift Ideas from The Reels (EP)REELSMercury
12-Jan-81(4) 3241809Girls Can Get itDR. HOOKMercury
12-Jan-818402--Take Me HigherLEON BERGEREMI
12-Jan-81876a--Once in a WhileLEO SAYERChrysalis
12-Jan-814317a06-ImagineJOHN LENNONParlophone
12-Jan-818803--It's Ony LoveTREVOR WHITECBS
12-Jan-819403--Morning ManRUPERT HOLMESMCA
12-Jan-815315a--The Aussie Barbeque SongFRANKIE DAVIDSONSummertime
19-Jan-818402--Enemy LinesJAMES FREUD'S BERLINMushroom
19-Jan-815708--Love x Love ®GEORGE BENSONWarner Brothers
19-Jan-816208--SequelHARRY CHAPINEpic
26-Jan-8106151303De Do Do Do, De Da Da DaPOLICEA&M
26-Jan-815827a--DreamsGRACE SLICKRCA
26-Jan-81251710-Trickle TrickleMANHATTAN TRANSFERAtlantic
26-Jan-816712--Anywhere the Girls AreOL'55Leo
26-Jan-816707--Please Don't Ask MeJOHN FARNHAMWheatley
26-Jan-81233122-Looking for CluesROBERT PALMERIsland
02-Feb-81(3) 1232014Counting the BeatSWINGERSMushroom
02-Feb-816910--January February ®BARBARA DICKSONEpic
02-Feb-818207--NumbersBOBBY BARECBS
02-Feb-815912--Mother's EyeBETTE MIDLERAtlantic
02-Feb-818307--Teacher TeacherROCKPILEF Beat
02-Feb-81461403-Sailing ®CHRISTOPHER CROSSWarner Brothers
02-Feb-815608--AustraliaGOOD NEWSRCA
02-Feb-81481102-Hey NineteenSTEELY DANMCA
02-Feb-81(3) 7161204Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution / Hells BellsAC/DCAlbert
09-Feb-81(2) 501302-My Ding-a-LingJOHNNY CHESTERFable
09-Feb-81321206-Long Jumping JewellerLITTLE RIVER BANDCapitol
09-Feb-81332111-Hit Me With Your Best ShotPAT BENATARChrysalis
09-Feb-816613a--A Little in LoveCLIFF RICHARDEMI
09-Feb-819002--I Think it's Going to Rain TodayUB40CBS
09-Feb-818006--Whip it ®DEVOWarner Brothers
09-Feb-818908--Come to MeARETHA FRANKLINArista
09-Feb-819304--Love on the AirwavesNIGHTPlanet
09-Feb-8110001--Am I That Easy to ForgetORIONSun
16-Feb-81(3) 4161407WomanJOHN LENNONGeffen
16-Feb-81(5) 1211813AntmusicADAM & THE ANTSCBS
16-Feb-81(2) 351308-Same Old SceneROXY MUSICPolydor
16-Feb-817608--Asian ParadiseSHARON O'NEILLCBS
16-Feb-81181409-Banana RepublicBOOMTOWN RATSMercury
16-Feb-81(2) 151813-Runaway BoysSTRAY CATSArista
16-Feb-817708--Gotta Have More LoveCLIMAX BLUES BANDWarner Brothers
23-Feb-816109--I Ain't Gonna Stand for itSTEVIE WONDERTamla
23-Feb-818705--Who Was That?BOYSEMI Custom
23-Feb-817112--Lola ®KINKSArista
23-Feb-819101--The Star and the SlaughterHEROESAlbert
23-Feb-819601--Summertime FunJUKEBOXCordial Factory
23-Feb-819701--MandolayLA FLAVOURAlcatraz
23-Feb-8106191305I Love a Rainy NightEDDIE RABBITTElektra
23-Feb-81(2) 12118129 to 5 (Morning Train)SHEENA EASTONEMI

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Entry Date(WA)HPW100W50W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
02-Mar-81(2) 141311-Into the HeatANGELSEpic
02-Mar-81(3) 91914069 to 5DOLLY PARTONRCA
02-Mar-815114--Tell it Like it isHEARTEpic
02-Mar-816610--Free MeROGER DALTREYPolydor
02-Mar-819701--Listen to Your MamaMARIA VENUTIRCA
09-Mar-816906--The Call-UpCLASHEpic
09-Mar-81231508-The Best of TimesSTYXA&M
09-Mar-81152512-To Cut a Long Story ShortSPANDAU BALLETChrysalis
09-Mar-81251813-My Old PianoDIANA ROSSMotown
09-Mar-81341406-Deep Inside My HeartRANDY MEISNEREpic
09-Mar-818507--Mm Mm Don't Cha Love SummertimeEVANS JONES & Y KNOTRCA
09-Mar-819901--One Way Love AffairKIM DURANTInfinity
16-Mar-81(2) 5151306RaptureBLONDIEChrysalis
16-Mar-81181108-Walking on Thin IceYOKO ONOGeffen
16-Mar-81161610-While You See a ChanceSTEVE WINWOODIsland
16-Mar-81122114-Hip, Shake, JerkQUICK, TheEpic
16-Mar-818802--Hold Back the NightJON ENGLISHMercury
16-Mar-81916a--Runaround SueRACEYRak
16-Mar-81(2) 9803--Lies (Through the 80's)MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BANDBronze
16-Mar-81(2) 6910--Shake it and DanceHILLY MICHAELSWarner Brothers
23-Mar-8104151205The Wild Colonial BoyDR. HOOKMercury
23-Mar-81371207-Bite Your BumPETER PLUS with BAZZ & PILKOFestival
23-Mar-817305--Guitar ManELVIS PRESLEYRCA
23-Mar-81232016-I Am the BeatLOOK, TheMCA
23-Mar-816012--Bad News / Signal for HelpMOON MARTINCapitol
23-Mar-817008--Mama Don'tJ.J. CALEShelter
23-Mar-81261205-Love Will Tear Us ApartJOY DIVISIONFactory
23-Mar-8103211709In the Air TonightPHIL COLLINSAtlantic
23-Mar-819503--Games People PlayALAN PARKSONS PROJECTArista
30-Mar-8104161207History Never RepeatsSPLIT ENZMushroom
30-Mar-81(2) 151611-Message of LovePRETENDERSWEA
30-Mar-81(2) 3231908Keep on Loving YouREO SPEEDWAGONEpic
30-Mar-81(4) 1221912Jealous GuyROXY MUSICPolydor
30-Mar-817905--Meaningless SongHEEBEEGEEBEES7 Records
30-Mar-817705--Super TrouperABBARCA
30-Mar-81421205-Never Be the SameCHRISTOPHER CROSSWarner Brothers
06-Apr-81(4) 2181507Angel of the MorningJUICE NEWTONCapitol
06-Apr-8106191605Fade to GreyVISAGEPolydor
06-Apr-81181410-The Loved OneINXSDeLuxe
06-Apr-81(2) 411404-There's No One Quite Like GrandmaST. WINIFREDS SCHOOL CHOIREMI
06-Apr-817808--Eighth DayHAZEL O'CONNORA&M
06-Apr-819601--Before You There Was NothingKAMAHLPhilips
06-Apr-81161912-Flash's ThemeQUEENElektra
06-Apr-81460902-LipstickSUZI QUATRODreamland/RSO
06-Apr-817307--All for LoveERIC CARMENArista
06-Apr-8110001--Maybe TomorrowNORMIE ROWEAvenue
13-Apr-8108221803Cool WorldMONDO ROCKAvenue
13-Apr-81231308-Once in a LifetimeTALKING HEADSSire
13-Apr-81(2) 221208-Dog Eat DogADAM & THE ANTSCBS
13-Apr-815711--Hurt Me BabeBOYS, TheParole
13-Apr-81(3) 3242010Turn Me LooseLOVERBOYCBS
13-Apr-81401006-Wonderful LandMIKE OLDFIELDVirgin
13-Apr-8110001--The BreakerJOHN WILLIAMSON & CHARLES (BUD) TINGWELLCherry Pie
20-Apr-81191613-Mister SandmanEMMYLOU HARRISWarner Brothers
20-Apr-81211712-How ComeSPORTSMushroom
20-Apr-81330805-Short NoteMATT FINISHGiant
20-Apr-815409--Her Town TooJAMES TAYLOR & J.D. SOUTHERCBS
20-Apr-817206--Late at NightMAYWOODEMI
20-Apr-818003--One Way Love Affair ®KIM DURANTInfinity
20-Apr-815808--See Venice and DieWARD 13EMI
27-Apr-81(2) 431306-Shout and DeliverREELSMercury
27-Apr-81(3) 8201603They Won't Let My Girlfriend Talk to MeJIMMY & THE BOYSAvenue
27-Apr-81(2) 9502--Dead Man's CurveNASH THE SLASHDindisc
27-Apr-816805--Australian Be ProudSIMON GALLAHERFestival
27-Apr-81222215-The Unguarded MomentCHURCH, TheParlophone
27-Apr-819801--Why PretendGILBERT OS'ULLIVANCBS
27-Apr-818207--Too Much Too SoonJOHN FARNHAMWheatley

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Entry Date(WA)HPW100W50W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
04-May-81(2) 5252110Kids in AmericaKIM WILDERak
04-May-81171812-LatelySTEVIE WONDERTamla
04-May-8103231807Gotta Pull Myself TogetherNOLANSEpic
04-May-816807--Don't Put Out the FlameCHRISTIE ALLENMushroom
04-May-81481604-Shuttered PalaceELLEN FOLEYEpic
04-May-816907--Here is My LoveTOMMY DEEA&M
04-May-8108261603Planet EarthDURAN DURANEMI
04-May-818002--If You Could Read My MindVIOLA WILLSRCA
04-May-817307--Too Nice to Talk toBRITISH BEATGo-Feet
04-May-81201713-Falling in and OutMI-SEXCBS
04-May-819901--Country RevivalSLIM DUSTYColumbia
04-May-8110001--Who Do You Think You're Foolin'DONNA SUMMERWarner Brothers
11-May-81241006-The Ballad of Lady DiHON. NICK JONES & IAN MacRAE7 Records
11-May-81211411-You Better You BetWHOPolydor
11-May-81(4) 111814-ViennaULTRAVOXChrysalis
11-May-81311107-The Pheasant Pluckers SongBARROW POETSBBC
11-May-816106--If You Want to Be HappyJOE DOLCEFull Moon
11-May-81(1) 1251809This Ole HouseSHAKIN' STEVENSEpic
11-May-81321708-Nobody Told MeMONITORSFestival
11-May-81371106-There's a Little Bit of Cazaly in us AllTWO MAN BANDFull Moon
11-May-81501201-Bye Bye Now My Sweet LoveLEO SAYERChrysalis
11-May-81885a--Without Your LoveROGER DALTREYPolydor
11-May-818104--I Saw Her Standing There (EP)ELTON JOHN BAND feat JOHN LENNONDJM
11-May-81450902-Watching the WheelsJOHN LENNON & YOKO ONOGeffen
11-May-819103--The Girl with the Smiling HairGLOBES, TheCordial Factory
11-May-815110--Somebody's Knockin'TERRI GIBBSMCA
11-May-81(2) 4211407Bad HabitsBILLY FIELDWEA
18-May-81(5) 1201811Bette Davis EyesKIM CARNESEMI America
18-May-817105--BabyCAESARE (Peter Gallagher)A&M
18-May-819001--Superman's Big SisterIAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADSStiff
18-May-81(2) 896a--Something 'Bout You Baby I LikeSTATUS QUOVertigo
18-May-819204--All We Have is TonightRANDY VANWARMERBearsville
18-May-81311607-Just the Two of UsGROVER WASHINGTON JR. with BILL WITHERSElektra
18-May-819205--It's Just the SunDON McLEANInterfusion
18-May-819701--It's My TurnDIANA ROSSMotown
25-May-81311309-Faded RosesBRODERICK SMITH'S BIG COMBOWheatley
25-May-8104211605If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?MENTAL AS ANYTHINGRegular
25-May-81(2) 5231907Slow HandPOINTER SISTERSPlanet
25-May-8106382502Precious to MePHIL SEYMOUREpic
25-May-819201--Theme from "Ordinary People"MARVIN HAMLISCHPlanet
25-May-81(2) 7309--Don't Stop the MusicYARBROUGH & PEOPLESMercury
25-May-818206--(She Fell in Love with) James BondEIGHTY EIGHTS, TheResult
25-May-816415a--StarKIKI DEEAriola
25-May-8110001--Living Inside MyselfGINO VANNELLIArista
01-Jun-8109141302All Those Years AgoGEORGE HARRISONDark Horse
01-Jun-81(3) 1262112Dev-O Live (EP)DEVOWarner Brothers
01-Jun-81(2) 5711--Charlie's Getting Married at LastMEN OF HARLECHMushroom
01-Jun-81241209-Modern GirlSHEENA EASTONEMI
01-Jun-815913--A Girl (La La La)ARTFUL DODGERRCA
01-Jun-81(4) 1252112Stars on 45STARS ON 45Philips
01-Jun-81291007-Pretenders (EP)PRETENDERSWEA
01-Jun-817906--Look Around (You'll Find Me There)AL MARTINOCapitol
01-Jun-8110001--One Way Love Affair ®KIM DURANTInfinity
08-Jun-81(2) 111714-Things Don't SeemAUSTRALIAN CRAWLEMI
08-Jun-815911--I Love YouCLIMAX BLUES BANDWarner Brothers
08-Jun-81221508-Misplaced LoveRUPERT HINEA&M
08-Jun-81430802-It What You Dance it's the Way You Dance itSWINGERSMushroom
08-Jun-816122a--Wasn't That a PartyROVERS, TheRCA
08-Jun-81(2) 461104-Nobody WinsELTON JOHNRocket
15-Jun-81182315-Rock and Roll Dreams Come ThroughJIM STEINMANEpic
15-Jun-81241410-Sukiyakia TASTE OF HONEYCapitol
15-Jun-81461501-You are the ReasonKAREN KNOWLESFable
15-Jun-81471503-A Woman Needs LoveRAY PARKER Jr. & RAYDIOArista
15-Jun-81351406-This is JapanJACK GREENRCA
15-Jun-81141712-Being With YouSMOKEY ROBINSONTamla
15-Jun-816713--Too Much Time on My HandsSTYXA&M
15-Jun-81(2) 6211605Making Your Mind UpBUCKS FIZZRCA
15-Jun-81(2) 9004--Room Full of DiamondsRADIATORSPowderworks
22-Jun-81(3) 2241911Who Can it Be NowMEN AT WORKCBS
22-Jun-816508--I Don't Wanna DanceSPLIT ENZMushroom
22-Jun-81(3) 341309-Ah LeahDONNIE IRISCarousel / MCA
22-Jun-81381105-Rock This TownSTRAY CATSArista
22-Jun-817009--(Do) The HucklebuckCOAST TO COASTPolydor
22-Jun-8105191605Only for SheepBUREAU, TheWEA
22-Jun-817009--Oldest Swinger in TownFRED WEDLOCKRocket
22-Jun-819501--GamesPHOEBE SNOWMirage
22-Jun-8110191501The One That You LoveAIR SUPPLYBig Time
22-Jun-81(3) 2415a10-How 'Bout UsCHAMPAIGNCBS
29-Jun-81480701-Little Red BookDARRYL COTTONEMI
29-Jun-81261108-This Little GirlGARY U.S. BONDSEMI America
29-Jun-81302114-Take it on the RunREO SPEEDWAGONEpic
29-Jun-81(1) 1221809Jessies GirlRICK SPRINGFIELDWizard
29-Jun-817706--The BaronJOHNNY CASHCBS

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Entry Date(WA)HPW100W50W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
06-Jul-81261410-Happy ManSUNNYBOYSMushroom
06-Jul-815107--Love You Like I Never Loved BeforeJOHN O'BANIONElektra
06-Jul-81251610-GuiltyCLASSIX NOUVEAUXUnited Artists
06-Jul-817406--Ai No CorridaQUNICY JONESA&M
06-Jul-81381406-The WaitingTOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERSBackstreet
06-Jul-81(2) 9302--I Missed AgainPHIL COLLINSAtlantic
06-Jul-81342013-What Becomes of the Broken HeartedDAVE STEWART with COLIN BLUNSTONEBroken
13-Jul-81501301-Waiting for YouSHARON O'NEILLCBS
13-Jul-81(2) 5201506Say I Love YouRENEE GEYERMushroom
13-Jul-815807--You Have the Right to Remain Silent (EP)RADIATORSWEA
13-Jul-81331506-CelebrationKOOL & THE GANGMercury
13-Jul-81400903-ReputationWENDY & THE ROCKETSMushroom
13-Jul-81(2) 411707-Big City TalkMARC HUNTERMercury
13-Jul-818206--Grey DayMADNESSStiff
13-Jul-818604--Living Inside Myself ®GINO VANNELLIArista
13-Jul-819102--We Play FootyGRAHAM (Robbo) ROBERTSAstor
13-Jul-81122117-Stand and DeliverADAM & THE ANTSCBS
13-Jul-816311--SweetheartFRANKE & THE KNOCKOUTSRCA
20-Jul-815506--(She's a) DevilSTOCKINGSRough Diamond
20-Jul-8102211810Louise (We Get it Right)JONA LEWIEStiff
20-Jul-81480902-Do You Wanna Spend the NightVILLAGE PEOPLERCA
20-Jul-819205--Capstick Comes HomeTONY CAPSTICKChrysalis
20-Jul-817205--(We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove ThingHEAVEN 17Virgin
20-Jul-81361006-Boy from New York CityMANHATTAN TRANSFERAtlantic
27-Jul-81431404-I'm in the Mood for DancingNOLANSEpic
27-Jul-81(3) 1523a17-Just So LonelyGET WETEpic
27-Jul-81291308-New ToyLENE LOVICHA&M
27-Jul-81361608-Gemini DreamMOODY BLUESThreshold
27-Jul-81331808-Some Days are Diamonds (Some Days are Stones)JOHN DENVERRCA
27-Jul-819102--She's a ModRAY COLUMBUS & THE INVADERSEpic
03-Aug-8108271702Queen of HeartsJUICE NEWTONCapitol
10-Aug-81(3) 10181503Stop Draggin' My Heart AroundSTEVIE NICKS with TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERSModern / WEA
10-Aug-81(3) 1191709You Drive Me CrazySHAKIN' STEVENSEpic
10-Aug-81(2) 5191706I Won't Let You DownPh.DWEA
10-Aug-81201008-ChemistryMONDO ROCKAvenue
10-Aug-818802--I Missed Again ®PHIL COLLINSAtlantic
10-Aug-817107--I Will FollowU2Island
10-Aug-81351205-I Want to Be FreeTOYAHPolydor
17-Aug-81(2) 5181607If I Were a CarpenterSWANEEWEA
17-Aug-8106211505Chequered LoveKIM WILDERak
17-Aug-81(1) 1221809You Weren't in Love With MeBILLY FIELDWEA
17-Aug-817208--Straight from the HeartJON ENGLISHMercury
17-Aug-81481502-Swords of a Thousand MenTENPOLE TUDORStiff
17-Aug-8110181401Your Love Still Brings Me to My KneesMARCIA HINESMidnite
17-Aug-817205--Funeral PyreJAM, ThePolydor
17-Aug-81(3) 526a1910The StrokeBILLY SQUIERCapitol
17-Aug-819003--Please Listen to MeFRAMES, TheCBS
17-Aug-81311506-Happy BirthdaySTEVIE WONDERTamla
17-Aug-819701--Muscle BoundSPANDAU BALLETChrysalis
17-Aug-819604--(I'm Not) Just Another BoyRIFFSEMI
24-Aug-81(3) 381207-Cut Lunch (EP)MODELSMushroom
24-Aug-816706--Pull Up to the BumperGRACE JONESIsland
24-Aug-81301608-Fire and IcePAT BENATARChrysalis
24-Aug-815507--Other PlacesMEO 245Mushroom
24-Aug-816007--Let's Go Dancin'RITA COOLIDGEA&M
24-Aug-81181410-The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine AnymoreDOUG PARKINSONCBS
24-Aug-81(3) 5211907Hold on TightELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRAJet
24-Aug-819101--Cool LovePABLO CRUISEA&M
24-Aug-817607--The Kids are Hot ToniteLOVERBOYCBS
24-Aug-817805--Touch Me When We're DancingCARPENTERSA&M
24-Aug-819206--One Day at a TimeCRISTY LANEUnited Artists
31-Aug-817306--Beatles/George Harrison MedleySTARS ON 45Mercury
31-Aug-815915--One Day in Your LifeMICHAEL JACKSONMotown
31-Aug-81(4) 1232111Endless LoveDIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIEMotown
31-Aug-818702--ElviraOAK RIDGE BOYSMCA
31-Aug-81(2) 7706--MasqueraderFEET FIRSTInterfusion
31-Aug-817607--Can CanBAD MANNERSMagnet
31-Aug-816408--I Don't Need YouKENNY ROGERSUnited Artists
31-Aug-817904--Party Mix (EP)B 52'SWarner Brothers

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Entry Date(WA)HPW100W50W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
07-Sep-81(2) 261008-More Stars (Abba Medley)STARS ON 45Mercury
07-Sep-81(2) 500602-4 Side Affects (EP)JAM, ThePolydor
07-Sep-81231008-BackfiredDEBBIE HARRYChrysalis
07-Sep-8106201402Too Many TimesMENTAL AS ANYTHINGRegular
07-Sep-818604--Angel FaceSHOCKRCA
07-Sep-819401--PrimaryCURE7 Records
07-Sep-818802--Suzi Found a WeaponRANDY VANWARMERBearsville
14-Sep-81491004-Really Wanna Know YouGARY WRIGHTWarner Brothers
14-Sep-81401104-You Make My DreamsDARYL HALL & JOHN OATESRCA
14-Sep-816108--Jumpin' JiveJOE JACKSONA&M
14-Sep-81181812-Errol / Easy on Your OwnAUSTRALIAN CRAWLEMI
14-Sep-81361105-Don't Want to Wait AnymoreTUBESCapitol
14-Sep-815207--Apocalypso (EP)FABULAIRESRough Diamond
14-Sep-816408--Draw of the CardsKIM CARNESEMI America
14-Sep-81341306-Lady (You Bring Me Up)COMMODORESMotown
14-Sep-81261908-Piece of the ActionBUCKS FIZZRCA
14-Sep-81216436-Chariots of FireVANGELISPolydor
21-Sep-81(1) 1262214Start Me UpROLLING STONESRolling Stones
21-Sep-81431002-Too Fast For YouCHURCH, TheParlophone
21-Sep-817307--Kookaburra GirlDAVE WARNERMercury
21-Sep-81181410-The Night OwlsLITTLE RIVER BANDCapitol
21-Sep-816509--Who's Crying NowJOURNEYCBS
21-Sep-81(2) 9405--JezebelJON STEVENSBig Time
21-Sep-8110001--Hey There LordKAMAHLPhilips
28-Sep-81(2) 291308-The Colonel Put the Lickin' in the Chicken, But Who Put the Roo in the StewWEBB BROTHERSRCA
28-Sep-815604--Norda Melbin e FootisgraiTONU CURSIOColossal
28-Sep-81(2) 4181506Prince CharmingADAM & THE ANTSCBS
28-Sep-81(2) 162716-Beach Boys MedleyBEACH BOYSCapitol
28-Sep-81(2) 8208--The Caribbean Disco ShowLOBOMercury
28-Sep-8109181401Hooked on ClassicsROYAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRARCA
28-Sep-815716--Stray Cat StrutSTRAY CATSArista
28-Sep-81(2) 411907-Everlasting LoveREX SMITH & RACHEL SWEETCBS
28-Sep-818104--Tear it All AwayCHURCH, TheParlophone
28-Sep-818903--I Love You ®CLIMAX BLUES BANDWarner Brothers
28-Sep-819802--ReasonsKEVIN JOHNSONInfinity
05-Oct-8108201602Boys in TownDIVINYLSWEA
05-Oct-81(2) 9241702Screaming JetsJOHNNY WARMANRocket
05-Oct-81607a--Rock 'N' Roll is KingROSE TATTOOAlbert
05-Oct-819102--Mirror MirrorJIMMY & THE BOYSAvenue
05-Oct-817612--Weoh, Woeh, WeohBOYS, TheParole
05-Oct-81421704-HeartsMARTY BALINEMI America
12-Oct-81491602-Dreamy Island (I Will Return)MIKE CORB & THE HIGHLAND PIPESCBS
12-Oct-81312116-I've Done Everything for YouRICK SPRINGFIELDWizard
12-Oct-81381103-He's a LiarBEE GEESRSO
12-Oct-818407--Shoulda Been MeJUKEBOXCordial Factory
12-Oct-816808--Ghost TownSPECIALS2 Tone
12-Oct-818702--One in TenUB40DEP Int./ Epic
12-Oct-81864a--No Man's Land-GallipoliJOHNSON BROTHERSEMI
12-Oct-814018a08-And the Band Played Waltzing MatildaDOUG ASHDOWNCBS
12-Oct-81211710-Stay YoungINXSDeLuxe
12-Oct-81132417-Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)CHRISTOPHER CROSSWarner Brothers
12-Oct-81(2) 141814-Beautiful WorldDEVOWarner Brothers
12-Oct-819202--I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of usMEAT LOAFEpic
12-Oct-81(2) 351607-AbacabGENESISVertigo
19-Oct-8105171506(Si Si) Je Suis un Rock StarBILL WYMANA&M
19-Oct-815607--Maybe Tomorrow ®NORMIE ROWEAvenue
19-Oct-81171914-Private EyesDARYL HALL & JOHN OATESRCA
19-Oct-819301--Sat in Your LapKATE BUSHEMI
19-Oct-815213--That's No Way to Love SomeoneJOHN FARNHAMWheatley
19-Oct-81161813-Should I Do itPOINTER SISTERSPlanet
19-Oct-81(6) 2302513Wired for SoundCLIFF RICHARDEMI
19-Oct-81963a--D DaysHAZEL O'CONNORLiberation
26-Oct-81(5) 1282012PhysicalOLIVIA NEWTON-JOHNInterfusion
26-Oct-81281713-Alone With YouSUNNYBOYSMushroom
26-Oct-81401808-Don't Wanna Be the OneMIDNIGHT OILCBS
26-Oct-81(2) 10161402Love in MotionICEHOUSERegular
26-Oct-814516a05-Fear of ThunderPETER CUPPLESFull Moon
26-Oct-817409--You Want if, You Got itALICE COOPERWarner Brothers
26-Oct-816608--Dance in My PantsJIM STEINMANEpic
26-Oct-81942a--Attention to MeNOLANSEpic
26-Oct-819105--The VoiceMOODY BLUESThreshold
26-Oct-81(2) 9104--Working on My TanTIM CURRYA&M

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Entry Date(WA)HPW100W50W10SongsArtistsRecord Co.
02-Nov-81171511-Never So Live (EP)ANGELSEpic
02-Nov-8102181510Every Little Thing She Does is MagicPOLICEA&M
02-Nov-81381509-MaybeSHARON O'NEILLCBS
02-Nov-81(3) 4320a06-Here I AmAIR SUPPLYBig Time
02-Nov-81(3) 6252108Tonight I'm YoursROD STEWARTWarner Brothers
02-Nov-815908--Fade Away (EP)MATT FINISHGiant
02-Nov-817207--Life Wasn't Meant to Be EasyBARROW CREEK BOYSOutback
02-Nov-817411--I've Been Everywhere (Around Newcastle)RICK POINTON with ALAN WINDONAnglewood
02-Nov-819901--The Friends of Mr. CairoJON & VANGELISPolydor
02-Nov-81779a--Marijuana AustralianaBUSHWACKERSAvenue
09-Nov-81(2) 6191508Under PressureQUEEN & DAVID BOWIEElektra
09-Nov-81142317-The Break Up SongGREG KIHN BANDLiberation
09-Nov-81(3) 8161305Green DoorSHAKIN' STEVENSEpic
09-Nov-81501201-My ImaginationVERTICAL HOLDRCA
09-Nov-8106231807For Your Eyes OnlySHEENA EASTONEMI
09-Nov-81(2) 431907-Bustin' LooseMOVING PICTURESWheatley
16-Nov-81(2) 7108--Back to the 60'sTIGHT FITJive
16-Nov-81(2) 311712-Summer of '81MONDO ROCKAvenue
16-Nov-818306--Step by StepEDDIE RABBITTMercury
16-Nov-815010a01-Spasticus AutisticusIAN DURYPolydor
16-Nov-81799a--IntrigueMARIANNE FAITHFULLIsland
16-Nov-819802--(There's) No Getting Over MeRONNIE MILSAPRCA
23-Nov-81(6) 1212012Down UnderMEN AT WORKCBS
23-Nov-815717--Japanese BoyANEKARCA
23-Nov-81(2) 250905-Bring Back the Spirit of ChristmasBERT NEWTONFable
23-Nov-815111--What a Bitch is LoveMARCIA HINESMidnite
23-Nov-81151914-Why Do Fools Fall in LoveDIANA ROSSCapitol
23-Nov-81(2) 8504--ListenCHARLIE DOREChrysalis
23-Nov-817708--I'm LuckyJOAN ARMATRADINGA&M
23-Nov-819502--The Thin WallULTRAVOXChrysalis
23-Nov-8110001--Whisper in Your EarIAN 'The Kid" MacRAEWizard
30-Nov-81(3) 1262212Tainted LoveSOFT CELLMercury
30-Nov-81291811-Do You Know What I MeanRENEE GEYERMushroom
30-Nov-81(2) 4191507It's My PartyDAVE STEWART with BARBARA GASKINStiff
30-Nov-81(2) 112217-Girls on FilmDURAN DURANEMI
30-Nov-817206--Sunshine SupermanSPORTSMushroom
30-Nov-818903--Only TimeRIPTIDESRegular
30-Nov-81231910-Happy BirthdayALTERED IMAGESEpic
30-Nov-81(2) 4211707Let's Hang OnBARRY MANILOWArista
30-Nov-81192813-Only CryingKEITH MARSHALLLiberation
30-Nov-8110001--You're My HomeBILLY JOELCBS
07-Dec-81(3) 2221809Our Lips are SealedGO GO'SIllegal
07-Dec-81(2) 6508--Dead Ringer for LoveMEAT LOAF feat CHEREpic
07-Dec-81301811-Chant No.1SPANDAU BALLETChrysalis
07-Dec-81263313-Super FreakRICK JAMESMotown
07-Dec-815613--My Father's HandsBRODERICK SMITH'S BIG COMBOWheatley
07-Dec-81122614-Love Action / Hard TimesHUMAN LEAGUEVirgin
07-Dec-81759a--Yesterday's SongNEIL DIAMONDCBS
07-Dec-8103261908Waiting for a Girl Like YouFOREIGNERAtlantic
14-Dec-8107241807CambodiaKIM WILDERak
14-Dec-81(3) 1221909TroubleLINDSAY BUCKINGHAMMercury
14-Dec-815515--Then He Kissed Me / Be My BabyRACHEL SWEETCBS
14-Dec-81282011-GigoloCOLLEEN HEWETTAvenue
14-Dec-81301607-Berserk WarriorsMENTAL AS ANYTHINGRegular
14-Dec-819901--Good LuckSTOCKINGSRough Diamond
14-Dec-81121915-You Got Nothing I WantCOLD CHISELWEA
21-Dec-81(2) 152216-The Land of Make BelieveBUCKS FIZZRCA
21-Dec-816704--Merry Bloody XmasSANITY CLAUSERCA
21-Dec-816910--Let Her DancePHIL SEYMOUREpic
21-Dec-8110201401Shake it UpCARSElektra
21-Dec-81(2) 171810-Love SongSIMPLE MINDSVirgin
21-Dec-818804--N-Chi Ya Nani? (Whose Land is This)ROBERT HAWKInterfusion
21-Dec-819601--Aussies on 45JONATHAN COLEMANWEA
21-Dec-815813--Oh No, Not You Again / LakesideAUSTRALIAN CRAWLEMI
21-Dec-81(2) 9104--One Day at a Time ®CRISTY LANEUnited Artists
28-Dec-81(2) 201812-Working in a Coal MineDEVOWarner Brothers
28-Dec-81547a--When She Was My GirlFOUR TOPSCasablanca
28-Dec-81(2) 8003--Jingle Bells (Laughing all the Way)SAINT NICKWEA
28-Dec-81281509-O SupermanLAURIE ANDERSONWarner Brothers
28-Dec-81(2) 441306-Waiting on a FriendROLLING STONESRolling Stones
28-Dec-819404--Song for CanberraCAPITAL 7EMI Custom
28-Dec-81(1) 1262011CentrefoldJ. GEILS BANDEMI America
28-Dec-81212111-Turn Your Love AroundGEORGE BENSONWarner Brothers
28-Dec-813917a05-Stars on the WaterRODNEY CROWELLWarner Brothers

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Oh my! Are these all the singles that charted in Australia during 1981?
Just wondering if any other years will be done in the future?. My favourite years are still to come (82 & 84) hopefully?
Passing strange: Yes those are all of the songs that charted during the year of 1981.

freakystevie1: I will be doing all of the years, so stay tuned for those.
check 1982
Highest Debuts in 1981 (Top 50 stats only, not Top 100)
Month TWLWSongArtist
Oct-8125NEWHOOKED ON CLASSICSRoyal Philharmonic Orchestra
May-8126NEWTHIS OLE HOUSEShakin' Stevens
Jun-8126NEWIF YOU LEAVE ME CAN I COME TOO?Mental As Anything
Feb-8127NEWANTMUSICAdam & The Ants
Sep-8127NEWENDLESS LOVEDiana Ross & Lionel Richie
Best Climbs within the Top 50 in 1981
Month TWLW+/-SongArtist
Jun-811648/\ 32ALL THOSE YEARS AGOGeorge Harrison
Feb-811443/\ 29WOMAN / BEAUTIFUL BOYJohn Lennon
May-811643/\ 27BETTE DAVIS EYESKim Carnes
Aug-812350/\ 27YOU DRIVE ME CRAZYShakin' Stevens
Mar-811135/\ 24RAPTUREBlondie
Mar-81427/\ 23ANTMUSICAdam & The Ants
Mar-812346/\ 23BANANA REPUBLICBoomtown Rats
Jul-811740/\ 23WHO CAN IT BE NOW?Men At Work
Nov-811235/\ 23DOWN UNDERMen At Work
Mar-812042/\ 229 TO 5Dolly Parton
Apr-811638/\ 22IN THE AIR TONIGHTPhil Collins

Biggest Falls within the Top 50 in 1981
Month TWLW+/-SongArtist
Apr-814321\/ 22DE DO DO DO, DE DA DA DAThe Police
May-814525\/ 20INTO THE HEATThe Angels
Mar-814829\/ 19SO LONGFischer-Z
Jun-814728\/19ANTMUSICAdam & The Ants
Nov-814930\/ 19STAND AND DELIVERAdam & The Ants
Oct-814729\/ 18WHIP IT (DEV-O LIVE - EP)Devo
Jan-814730\/ 17MORE THAN I CAN SAYLeo Sayer
May-815033\/ 17JESSECarly Simon
Jun-814124\/ 17HISTORY NEVER REPEATSSplit Enz
Sep-813720\/ 17BETTE DAVIS EYESKim Carnes
Sep-814629\/ 17KIDS IN AMERICAKim Wilde
Nov-814427\/ 17JESSIE'S GIRLRick Springfield
Nov-814023\/ 17LOUISE (WE GET IT RIGHT)Jona Lewie

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Robert Hawk here from the U.S. Thanks for remembering my record "N 'Chi Ya Nani"!

yes thank you for posting these bulion - looking forward to the next few years as well particularly 1984 and 1985!
if anyone is looking for any of those above songs, and cant find em on the net let me know, i got most.
Just thought I'd bump this one in the hope that the positions (for this and other 80's years) might get updated so they're "Excel" friendly (like the 70's years).

1981 now fixed, added and finalized.
Platinum Singles 1981 (100,000+ units sold)

Antmusic - Adam & The Ants
Counting the Beat - The Swingers
Dev-O Live (EP) - Devo
Magic - Olivia Newton-John (Gold in 1980)
Stars on 45 - Stars on 45
This Ole House - Shakin' Stevens
The Time Warp - Original Cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Gold in 1980)

Gold Singles 1981 (50,000+ units sold)

Angel of the Morning - Juice Newton
Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Bad Habits - Billy Field
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
Endless Love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
Feels Like I'm in Love - Kelly Marie
Girls Can Get it - Dr. Hook
Gotta Pull Myself Together - The Nolans
Hold on Tight - ELO
If You Leave Me, Can I Come Too - Mental as Anything
In the Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Jealous Guy - Roxy Music
Jesse - Carly Simon
Jessie's Girl - Rick Springfield
Keep on Loving You - REO Speedwagon
Kids in America - Kim Wilde
Lousie (We Get it Right) - Jona Lewie
Making Your Mind Up - Bucks Fizz
Master Blaster - Stevie Wonder
9 to 5 (Morning Train) - Sheena Easton
Physical - Olivia Newton-John
Precious to Me - Phil Seymour
Rock Hard - Suzi Quatro
Say I Love You - Renee Geyer
Slowhand - The Pointer Sisters
Start Me Up - The Rolling Stones
State of the Heart - Mondo Rock
The Stroke - Billy Squier
The Tide is High - Blondie
Turn Me Loose - Loverboy
Who Can it Be Now - Men at Work
Why Won't You Explain - Karen Knowles
The Wild Colonial Boy - Dr. Hook
Wired for Sound - Cliff Richard
You Drive me Crazy - Shakin' Stevens
You Weren't in Love With Me - Billy Field
Australian Chart Entries 1981 Part 1 (Jan to early July)...


Australian Chart Entries 1981 Part 2 (early July to Dec 1981)...

Gold 50K, Platinum 100K ... can we bring that back in?

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