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Forum - Other Charts: New Zealand - Pre 1976-charts and Top-100 charts

Have someone the new zealand single- and album-charts to 1976 and the peaks 41-100 for all time? If so, we could begin with The Beatles, Bon Jovi, Mr. Big and Sweet.
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The Sweet lol... legendary... all stoners unite.. i mean YEAH !!! lets blitz this ballroom heh... (o yeah u probabably don't know it but yeah you know it lol)
* Walk of Life - Billie Piper (2000)
* I Shall Be There - B*Witched (1999)
* Jump Down - B*Witched (2000)
* Nobody - Toni Basil (1982)
* Shoppin' From A to Z - Toni Basil (1983)
* Street Beat - Toni Basil (1983)
* Over My Head - Toni Basil (1984)
* Suspense - Toni Basil (1984)

* Toni Basil - Toni Basil (1983)
* Let's Get to It - Kylie Minogue (1991)
* Impossible Princess - Kylie Minogue (1997)

I know it's ALOT but It's essential that I know. If you really need 2 know, it is for Wikipedia, who needs the info.
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i will like to be ur friend.
killer queen?

the top 20 singles from 1966-1975 are not owned by the RIANZ, they are owned by Radio New Zealand.

This website does not have the copyright to reproduce these charts.

Pink77 - Killer Queen was Queen's only hit prior to May 1975, and it hit #3 at the beginning of 1975.

BB - none of those singles or albums charted here.
Toni Basil was an international one hit wonder - and with a cover version.
Sorry to revive this old thread. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the certification levels for singles was in New Zealand in the 70s. I know it was 5k/10k for a while but is now up to 7.5k/15k. Thanks for any help.
I´ve found now the NZ-Charts from 1960 to 1979 :
There are still a few gaps in charts at that site but I am in the process of filling them. Watch that space. I still don't have all the charts from 1960, 1961 and 1965. Can anyone help???
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Certification Levels:
Singles & Albums: 10,000 Gold, 20,000 Platinum
Singles were halved.
Singles: 5,000, albums: 7,500 and Double for platinum.
Singles and Albums: 7,500 gold, 15,000 for Platinum
DVDs: 2,500 Gold, 5,000 platinum.

Hey Dean, do you have any idea if many of the songs from the 1978-1989 period managed to get certified. That seems like a hefty amount to aim for and many of the songs from this time had real limited chart runs.

could somebody tell me, please, something about following book:
Freeman, W. R. : New Zealand Top Twenty Singles 1957-1993??
Does it really contain New Zealand Singles Chart since 1957?
Greets to all
Hi Jesse j.
I was in touch with the author of that book recently. Firstly, he covers only the top 20 of the RIANZ charts as listed on this site. The early charts from 1957 to 1960 don't exist it appears. I am hoping someone, somewhere has them. They are part of the Lever Hit Parade as broadcast and compiled by Radio NZ. This chart began as a Top 8 in 1946 and ran until 1965. The stats mentioned in his book are just that, stats. Someone had the information but sadly not the charts. There are Lever Hit Parade charts from 1960 to 1965 at flavourofnz.co.nz. The 1966 to 1975 charts mentioned in the book were the NZ Listener charts.
Hope this helps
Hello Tempest,
thank you very much for all those information!
Can you tell me, please, does the book contain only statistics or is there data like Peak-position, entry-date, weeks on chart...?
Best regards
I don't actually have Warwicks book but a copy in the Dunedin library, from memory, just had placing and number of weeks charted. I have a full set of charts from 1966 and most between 1960 and 1965 as well as my own set of statistics if I can help in any way
Hi AlleyT.

Most of the albums and singles that charted from 1978-1989 were certified, some however, were not.
I know of at least 2 albums that were not certified during their run, and they would certainly be platinum, one of which i have confirmation from via their original label 'Polar'.
Singles are quite different, most were certified, many sales were exaggerated. I know of one in 1993 that allegedly sold over 8,300, in reality it sold barely over 5,000.

Certifications started mid 1978 so some early 1978 singles missed out, in particular: Mull of Kintyre, most likely a platinum disc, but no information is known about its sales.
Dean, an album or a single released prior 2004 can be certified with the new certifications levels?
How did charted the song "Seven Seas of Rhye" by Queen?
That song didn't chart as a single in NZ
There is a very good discography of Queen on Wikepedia that will tell you all you want about world chart stats. Annoyingly there are no NZ charts on there but I can let you know all you want there anyway. Look up http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_discography
How did charted Elton John?
Elton John's chart history is a big one. Send me an email at johnthetempest@gmail.com and I'd be happy to send you the file.
Can't send emails. Can only send Memos. But I've send my email-address via memo because I can receive mails. I know, it's strange but it is so.
Just emailed it to you
Thank you for the email. But I can't open the file, because I should download a converter and I can't do that. What could we do?
Thank you, Tempest.
How did John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, Paul McCartney/Wings, George Harrison & Ringo Starr charted charted?
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Look up flavourof nz in google for a nearly complete list of charts from 1966 to 1975. Some years are missing but I will send you a list once I get back from my holiday, within the week
Ok, thank you. I've detected that these years (sometimes some months, sometimes some years) are missing (1965, 1966, 1973, 1974, 1975). Is that right? Thank you for your help and answers.
Charts for the lever Hit Parade are largely missing. The chart began in 1946 but a full set hasn't been seen since 1991. Charts for 1973, 74 and 75 have not yet been posted
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