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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Chart Positions Pre 1989 Part 3

The other two threads are now closed, but can be viewed here:

Part 1


Part 2


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Wow the first one on a new pre-89 thread - my favourite one by the way, showing my age a bit hey!.

Anyway I have a couple of holes in my records. So I'd like to know the positions for The New Seekers, Loretta Lynn, Ray Stevens, Gary Wright & Boy George (solo).

Thanks Muchly
 Entry DateHPWITitles
 02-Nov-700317What Have They Done To My Song Ma?
 22-Mar-7110001When There's No Love Left
 10-May-716709Nickel Song
 30-Aug-712516Never Ending Song Of Love
 31-Jan-720715I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
 08-May-723619Beg, Steal Or Borrow
 11-Dec-727314Come Softly To Me
 09-Apr-731617Pinball Wizard/See Me, Feel Me
 30-Jul-739601Nevertheless (I'm In Love With You)
 18-Feb-740520You Won't Find Another Fool Like Me
 17-Jun-741219I Get A Little Sentimental Over You
 01-Nov-767214It's So Nice (To Have You Home)

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 Entry DateHPWITitles
 30-Oct-721428One's On The Way
 25-Mar-745411Don't Come Home A Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)
 28-Oct-745711As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone WITH Conway Twitty

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 Entry DateHPTITitles
 23-Sep-618304Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated Quick-Dissolving, Fast-Acting, Pleasent-Tasting, Green & Purple Pills
 21-Jul-620713Ahab, The Arab
 06-Jul-637210Harry The Hairy Ape
 30-Jul-662213Freddie Feelgood (And His Funky Little Five Piece Band)
 20-May-679503Answer Me, My Love
 17-Aug-683310Mr. Businessman
 23-Nov-683412The Great Escape
 12-Jul-691313Along Came Jones
 15-Nov-693416Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
 02-Mar-705008Have A Little Talk With Myself
 27-Apr-700120Everything Is Beautiful
 08-Feb-716109Bridget The Midget (The Queen Of The Blues)
 06-Mar-729902Turn Your Radio On
 13-May-740223The Streak
 13-May-748801Ahab, The Arab
 04-Jun-799201I Need Your Help Barry Manilow

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 Entry DateHPTITitles
 19-Apr-762417Dream Weaver
 23-Aug-767109Love Is Alive
 14-Sep-814910Really Wanna Know You

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 Entry DateHPTITitles
 02-May-933913The Crying Game
 20-Apr-977005Love Is Leaving

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Terrific thread, am only 22 but am really enjoying finding out what positions classic pre 1989 songs reached! Could I please have Slim Dusty, Chad Morgan, Al Stewart and Alan O'Day chart positions? Thanks heaps.
This isn't a pre-1989 question, but it's probably the most suitable thread for it anyway. Can anyone tell me the post-1989 below top 50 peaks for Prince's albums? (Because I'm pretty sure he has some) Thanks a lot if you can, I've been wondering about this for a while.
Did Mick Jackson's (not Michael Jackson) version of Blame it on the Boogie chart here? If so, what did it peak at?
Ss112, you can find the rest of Prince's charting albums in the Pre 1989 Album listing posting, which I just updated for you (and everybody else). When you're in the thread, just use Ctrl and F and type in Prince, and it will take you there eventually.
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Daniel09, Mick's version of "Boogie" did not chart here at all.

dodo fleet, here are your requests:

Slim Dusty:
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jan-580155A Pub With No Beer
24-May-581221The Answer to a Pub With No Beer
22-Nov-582316Sequel to A Pub With No Beer
01-Feb-717105Darwin (Big Heart of the North)
29-Jan-7410001The Lights on the Hill
21-Oct-745808The Biggest Disappointment
10-Nov-759102The Melbourne Cup
04-May-819901Country Revival
24-Jan-839401The Pub That Doesn't Sell Beer
14-Dec-878015We've Done us Proud
15-Aug-883910G'Day G'Day.

Chad Morgan (no charting singles)

Al Stewart:
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Feb-771320Year of the Cat
08-Jan-793613Time Passages
10-Nov-808503Midnight Rocks

Alan O'Day:
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jun-770923Undercover Angel
17-Mar-801131Skinny Girls

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How did Clarence Clemons fare on the chart with "You're A Friend Of Mine"? Also, did Jean Knight chart with "Mr Big Stuff" and did Esther Phillips chart with "What A Difference A Day Makes"?
THX in advance and HPY NY. I'm after singles and albums by Zoot.
Does anyone (specifically bulion) know if Twisted Sister ever had any charting singles in Oz?
Clarence Clemons:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
03-Feb-860919 You're a Friend of Mine

Jean Knight:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
19-Aug-856210 My Toot Toot

Esther Phillips:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
29-Sep-753819 What a Diff'rence a Day Makes

Twisted Sister:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
18-Sep-840622 We're Not Gonna Take it
10-Dec-844311 I Wanna Rock

Entry DateHPWI Titles
07-Sep-688703 You'd Better Get Goin'
04-Jan-692517 One Times, Two Times, Three Times, Four
28-Jun-693613 Monty and Me
22-Nov-697312 About Time / Sha La La
27-July-706107 Hey Pinky
14-Dec-700424 Eleanor Rigby
03-May-712710 The Freak / Evil Child
albums are posted on the Albums Thread for Zoot
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Simon & Garfunkel:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
08-Jan-660318 The Sounds of Silence
05-Mar-662015 Homeward Bound
28-May-662018 I Am a Rock
27-Aug-668504 The Dangling Conversation
11-May-680819 Mrs. Robinson
31-Aug-684914 Scarborough Fair (Canticle)
01-Mar-692323 The Sounds of Silence (R)
19-Apr-690817 The Boxer / Baby Driver
02-Mar-700232 Bridge Over Troubled Water
11-May-700620 Cecilia
29-Jun-700125 El Condor Pasa
17-Nov-754614 My Little Town

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Could you please let me know how The Silver Studs, The Zombies, The Yardbirds, The Association, Bachman Turner Overdrive and B.J. Thomas all went? Thanks
Bulion, I've been recently listening to 70's band Badfinger ("No Matter What," "Day After Day"). Did they ever make the singles chart in Oz? Your help would be appreciated.

Silver Studs:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
17-May-760523 Happy Days
23-Aug-761717 Dance With a Dolly (with a Hold in Her Stockin')
27-Jun-772024 Funky Feet (as The Studs)
03-July-784315 Dr. Bop (as The Studs)

The Zombies:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
03-Oct-641126 She's Not There
12-Dec-648102 Leave Her Be
06-Mar-656006 Tell Her No
01-Mar-694318 Time of the Season

The Yardbirds:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
01-May-652222 For Your Love
10-July-651513 Heart Full of Soul
13-Nov-652614 Still I'm Sad / Evil Hearted You
18-Dec-650518 I'm a Man
19-Mar-660618 Shapes of Things
25-Jun-661213 Over Under Sideways Down
12-Nov-666510 Happenings Ten Years Ago Time
13-May-673008 Little Games
16-Dec-677507 Ten Little Indians

The Association:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
08-Oct-663313 Cherish
29-July-673408 Windy

B.J. Thomas:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
11-Jun-660123 Mama
20-Aug-666714 Billy and Sue (BJ Thomas & The Triumphs)
25-Jan-693027 Hooked on a Feeling
29-Nov-692918 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
04-May-702115 Everybody's Out of Town
03-Aug-703115 I Just Can't Help Believin'
12-Apr-719801 Most of All
19-Apr-719602 No Love At All
03-Apr-724113 Rock and Roll Lullaby
31-Mar-751021 Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
15-Aug-833925 Whatever Happened to Old Fashioned Love
30-Apr-849104 Two Car Garage

Bachman Turner Overdrive:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
23-Sep-741418 Takin' Care of Business
23-Dec-740421 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
05-May-758005 Roll On Down the Highway
04-Aug-758003 Hey You

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Entry DateHPWI Titles
02-Feb-701416 Come and Get it
21-Dec-700822 No Matter What
07-Feb-720626 Day After Day
15-May-721616 Baby Blue
01-Apr-749601 Apple of My Eye
Am trying to find out whether the 1980 song, "When You're Lonely" by Australian band Boys charted anywhere. If you could find out whether any of there other songs charted then that would be great too.
The Boys (Oz):
Entry DateHPWI Titles
15-Sep-805212 When You're Lonely
13-Apr-815711 Hurt me Babe
05-Oct-817612 Weoh, Weoh, Weoh
Thanks for the prompt response - really appreciate it
thanks bulion, you always come thru with the gold your work does not go unappreciated.

a few more for you...

Alice Cooper
Little Richard
The Statler Brothers
The Ventures

Thanks again.
Entry DateHPWI Titles
13-Mar-720220 A Horse With No Name
26-Jun-728106 I Need You / Riverside
18-Dec-722818 Ventura Highway
21-May-739402 Don't Cross the River
21-Oct-744612 Tin Man
24-Mar-754315 Lonely People
23-Jun-752827 Sister Golden Hair
21-Jun-765518 Today's the Day
18-Oct-823020 You Can Do Magic

Alice Cooper
Entry DateHPWI Titles
21-Aug-723916 School's Out
27-Nov-728308 Elected
11-Jun-739501 Hello Hurray
04-Mar-748903 Teenage Lament '74
02-Jun-750733 Department of Youth
11-Aug-755025 Only Women
12-July-762319 I Never Cry
28-Mar-770224 You and Me
25-July-775409 (No More) Love at Your Convenience
23-Oct-780918 How You Gonna See Me Now
16-Jun-803618 Clones (We're All)
26-Oct-817409 You Want it, You Got it

Little Richard
Entry DateHPWI Titles
26-May-563103 Tutti Frutti
16-Feb-572006 Rip it Up
11-May-571908 Long Tall Sally
05-Oct-571714 Lucille
19-Oct-572312 Jenny, Jenny
17-May-584808 Good Golly, Miss Molly
03-Jan-594909 Baby Face
13-Jun-592911 Kansas City
29-Aug-647104 Bama Lama Bama Loo
16-Jan-659702 Blueberry Hill
18-Aug-709602 Freedom Blues / Dew Drop Inn
28-Apr-863510 Great Gosh A'Mighty!

The Statler Brothers
Entry DateHPWI Titles
19-Apr-713315 Bed of Roses

Entry DateHPWI Titles
01-Oct-796812 Crazy Dreams
17-Aug-810518 If I Were a Carpenter
18-Jan-829005 Samantha
10-May-821816 Temporary Heartache
16-Aug-821323 Lady What's Your Name
22-Aug-835213 Sail Away
17-Sep-847204 I'm Ready / Carrie-Ann

The Ventures
Entry DateHPWI Titles
06-Aug-600122 Walk - Don't Run
03-Dec-600818 Perfidia
25-Mar-612316 Ram-Bunk-Shush
01-July-618301 Lullaby of the Leaves
09-Sep-614115 Theme from 'Silver City'
18-May-638802 Skip to M'Limbo
20-July-634409 Memphis
24-Aug-632610 The Ninth Wave
21-Dec-637904 The Chase
25-July-642211 Walk - Don't Run '64
14-Nov-645913 Rap City / Slaughter on Tenth Avenue
13-Mar-659402 Diamond Head
01-May-729003 Joy
Hi - hoping to get Helen Reddy's Oz chart history.
Helen Reddy:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
04-May-688304 One Way Ticket
31-May-710228 I Don't Know How to Love Him
06-Sep-716610 Crazy Love
13-Nov-720235 I Am Woman
09-Apr-733611 Peaceful
18-Jun-730125 Delta Dawn
12-Nov-730122 Leave me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)
25-Mar-742217 Keep on Singing
29-July-745508 You and Me Against the World
18-Nov-741322 Angie Baby
07-July-758207 Free and Easy
22-Sep-7510001 Bluebird
03-Nov-759402 Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady
Fantastic -thanks!
Andrew Gold, Andy Williams, Johnny Cash, The Animals, Jim Croce.

Hi - hoping to get the Oz chart history for Yvonne Elliman plus the chart peak for "Angel in Your Arms" by Hot.
Andrew Gold:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Apr-769602 That's Why I Love You
20-Jun-773217 Lonely Boy
24-Apr-785816 Thank You For Being a Friend
04-Sep-785511 Never Let Her Slip Away

Andy Williams:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
28-July-560424 Walk Hand in Hand
27-Oct-560220 Canadian Sunset
04-May-570221 Butterfly
01-Jun-573901 Baby Doll
31-Aug-572514 I Like Your Kind of Love (w/ Peggy Powers)
28-Dec-575102 Lips of Wine
29-Mar-573519 Are You Sincere
11-Oct-588213 Promise Me, Love
07-Mar-591222 Hawaiian Wedding Song
25-Apr-597005 House of Bamboo
31-Oct-594615 Lonely Street
20-Feb-600623 The Village of St. Bernadette
21-Jan-612114 In the Summertime (You Don't Want My Love)
03-Jun-612019 The Bilboa Song
12-May-621918 The Wonderful World of the Young
28-July-625008 Stranger on the Shore
03-Nov-628502 Don't You Believe it
06-Apr-630817 Can't Get Used to Losing You
10-Aug-638802 Hopeless
25-Jan-641612 A Fool Never Learns
06-Jun-647003 Wrong for Each Other
03-Apr-659406 Dear Heart
02-Oct-655707 Ain't it True
22-Apr-674808 Music to Watch Girls By
01-Jun-685209 Can't Take My Eyes Off You
10-Aug-686807 Sweet Memories
10-May-692211 Happy Heart
13-Apr-708804 Can't Help Falling in Love
26-Apr-710523 (Where Do I Begin) Theme from 'Love Story'
15-Nov-719102 You've Got a Friend
31-July-724409 Love Theme from "The Godfather" (Speak Softly Love)
18-Feb-745206 Solitaire
14-Oct-747603 Love's Theme

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Johnny Cash:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
08-Jun-574304 I Walk the Line
31-May-581518 Ballad of a Teenage Queen
30-Aug-585416 Guess Things Happen That Way
30-Aug-580924 / Come in, Stranger (b-side of above track)
20-Sep-582823 The Ways of a Woman in Love
31-Jan-595709 What Do I Care
31-Jan-598511 / All Over Again (b-side of above track)
28-Mar-590315 Don't Take Your Guns to Town
18-Apr-598903 I Just Thought You'd Like to Know
09-May-594314 Luther Played the Boogie
06-Jun-598108 Thank's a Lot
11-July-599705 Frankie's Man
03-Oct-593108 I Got Stripes
17-Oct-599103 Katy Jane
05-Dec-5939087 Little Drummer Boy
28-May-607707 Smiling Bill McCall
03-Sep-608404 Down the Street to 301
13-Jan-625008 Tennessee Flat-Top Box
29-Jun-631214 Ring of Fire
23-Nov-633911 The Matador
21-Mar-645008 Understand Your Man
19-Dec-648503 It Ain't Me, Babe
27-Mar-655107 Orange Blossom Special
19-Mar-666805 The One on the Right is on the Left
22-Jun-684309 Folsom Prison Blues
12-Apr-698802 Daddy Sang Bass
09-Aug-690318 A Boy Named Sue
23-Feb-705206 If I Were a Carpenter (w/ June Carter)
11-May-701416 What is Truth
19-Oct-702413 Sunday Morning Coming Down
08-Feb-719402 Flesh and Blood
12-Apr-714308 Man in Black
26-Mar-734307 Oney
28-Jun-768204 One Piece at a Time
29-Jun-817706 The Baron
09-Sep-859801 The Highwaymen (w/ Jennings, Kris & Nelson)

Jim Croce:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
28-Aug-728011 You Don't Mess Around with Jim
13-Aug-731117 Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
31-Aug-734012 I Got a Name
29-July-7410001 I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song
23-Sep-746010 Time in a Bottle
Yvonne Elliman:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
05-July-717217 I Don't Know How to Love Him
14-Feb-7210001 Everything's Alright
13-Dec-761526 Love Me
20-Mar-780920 If I Can't Have You

Entry DateHPWI Entry Date
23-May-772720 Angel in Your Arms
Barry Manilow, Bill Haley (and His Comets/Saddlemen), Paul Evans, Willie Nelson.

Thanks in advance
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Hi & THX in advance. I'm after singles and albums for Ol' 55.
Barry Manilow:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Feb-750419 Mandy
04-Aug-758406 It's a Miracle
13-Oct-757008 Could it Be Magic
22-Dec-750524 I Write the Songs
28-Mar-777305 Weekend in New England
18-July-779110 Looks Like We Made it
03-Apr-780324 Can't Smile Without You
31-July-780917 Copabana (at the Copa)
21-May-798104 Somewhere in the Night
17-Dec-797810 Ships
30-Nov-810421 Let's Hang On
17-Jan-833512 I Wanna Do it With You
09-May-833810 Some Kind of Friend
30-Jan-848406 Read 'em and Weep
20-Oct-869801 I'm Your Man

Bill Haley & His Comets
Entry DateHPWI Titles
30-July-550127 (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock
20-Aug-551403 Mambo Rock
08-Oct-551804 Razzle Dazzle
23-Jun-563602 R-O-C-K
23-Jun-563709 See You Later Alligator
16-Feb-572504 Rockin' Through the Rye
16-Feb-572006 Rip it Up
05-Oct-573007 (You Hit the Wrong Note) Billy Goat
25-Oct-588601 Lean Jean
22-Nov-588605 Whoa Mabel!
31-Oct-590129 Joey's Song
05-Mar-604007 Skokiaan (South African Song)
21-May-603014 Tamiami
24-Sep-607806 Music! Music! Music!
16-May-640414 (We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock (R)
20-Jun-644509 Joey's Song (R)
Paul Evans:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
24-Oct-590521 (Seven Little Girls) Sitting in the Back Seat
09-Apr-609202 Midnight Special
25-Jun-600915 Happy-Go-Lucky Me
17-Sep-608803 The Brigade of Broken Hearts
18-Mar-616706 Show Folk
07-May-792236 Hello, This is Joanne

Willie Nelson:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
23-Feb-765711 Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
20-Nov-785315 Blue Skies
27-Oct-806412 On the Road Again
14-Jun-823914 Always on My Mind
30-Apr-840421 To All the Girls I've Loved Before (w/ Julio Iglesias)
19-Aug-852925 Seven Spanish Angels (w/ Ray Charles)
09-Sep-859801 Highwaymen (with others)
16-Jan-899302 Spanish Eyes (w/ Julio Iglesias)

Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Oct-759503 Goodnight, Sweetheart / Diana
24-May-761422 On the Prowl / This Little Girl
16-Aug-760917 Looking for an Echo
15-Nov-760715 (I Want a) Rockin' Christmas
07-Feb-772414 C'Mon Let's Do it / Teenager in Love
21-Nov-771625 Stay (While the Night is Still Young)
10-Apr-785014 (Feels Like a) Summer's Night
29-Jan-793622 Ruby
18-Jun-799801 Living for Your Smile
28-July-801530 Two Faces Have I
26-Jan-816712 Anywhere the Girls Are

I noticed a Matt Bianco songs that charted in the "1985" thread and would like to know if any of their other songs charted as well - especially "Yeh Yeh".
Hi - hoping to get Oz chart stats for Dorothy Moore!
Matt Bianco:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
03-Jun-855710 Whose Side Are You On?
24-Feb-866409 Yh Yeh

Dorothy Moore:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
21-Jun-760523 Misty Blue
18-Aug-805211 Once or Twice
Thanks for the previous info

Could I please have...

Ace, The Roulettes (with Adam Faith), Alan Dale and the Casuals, Jay Ferguson, Ray Sawyer and Richard Clayderman.

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Could I get chart positions for Amy Holland, Roger Whitaker, Klymaxx and Atlantic Star?
....and Peggy Lee please?
Entry DateHPWI Titles
28-Apr-756308 How Long

Adam Faith & The Roulettes:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
13-Feb-651516 It's Alright / Kentucky Bluebird (A Message to Martha)
b-side was Adam Faith only

Alan Dale & The Casuals:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
29-Aug-594307 Crackin' Up

Ray Sawyer:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
17-Jan-774913 (One More Year of) Daddy's Little Girl

Richard Clayderman:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
02-July-845113 Pokarekareana

nothing for Jay Ferguson at all
Amy Holland (nothing)

Roger Whitaker:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Oct-682914 Mexican Whistler
23-Feb-708008 The Leavin' (Durham Town)
02-Aug-718507 New World in the Morning
25-Oct-715313 Mamy Blue
02-Jun-75-326 The Last Farewell
06-Oct-755011 I Don't Believe in if Anymore
29-Mar-7610002 The First Hello, The Last Goodbye
25-May-879604 Sky Boat Song with Des O'Connor

Klymaxx (nothing)

Atlantic Star
Entry DateHPWI Titles
21-Apr-863121 Secret Lovers
20-July-876609 Always
Peggy Lee:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
Jan 1945121m Why Don't You Do Right recent remix by Gramophondzie
Apr 1947161m I Don't Know Enough About You
July 1948036m Golden Earrings
20-Aug-490314 Manana (is Soon Enough for Me)
01-Oct-490117 Riders in the Sky (A Cowboy Legend)
02-Sep-500922 The Old Master Painter with Mel Torme
05-Jan-520215 I Get Ideas
16-Aug-521311 Be Anything (But Be Mine)
30-Aug-521206 Forgive Me
11-Oct-521902 Bali Ha'i
10-Jan-531508 Watermelon Weather with Bing Crosby
31-Dec-550913 Baubles, Bangles and Beads
01-Jun-571029 Mr. Wonderful
30-Aug-580222 Fever
15-Nov-585512 Light of Love
16-Apr-604108 Heart
09-Mar-637903 I'm a Woman
14-Sep-638803 A Doodlin' Song
18-Oct-696209 Is That All There is
Do you happen to have the top 100 Oz chart positions for The Shadows?
Entry DateHPWI Titles B-Side
24-Sep-600421 Apache
11-Feb-618801 The Stranger
22-Apr-616005 F.B.I. Midnight
14-Oct-610422 Kon-Tiki 36-24-36
31-Mar-620219 Wonderful Land Stars Fell on Stockton
23-Jun-620815 The Savage Peace Pipe
18-Aug-620615 Guitar Tango
22-Dec-620119 The Boys 2 weeks at No.1
23-Feb-630916 Dance On!
13-Apr-630215 Foot Tapper
29-Jun-630314 Atlantis I Want You to Want Me
05-Oct-631014 Shindig
14-Dec-630815 Geronimo Shazam
30-May-640520 The Rise and Fall of Flingle Bunt
12-Sep-642113 Rhythms and Greens
28-Nov-641912 Theme for Young Lovers
20-Mar-655309 Mary Anne
26-Jun-651212 Stingray
21-Aug-653907 Don't Make My Baby Blue
02-Oct-652212 Genie with the Light Brown Lamp
08-Jan-663014 The War Lord I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur
24-Jun-674913 Bombay Duck
20-Sep-691538 Sacha as Hank B. Marvin
11-Oct-695809 Throw Down a Line as Hank with Cliff Richard
thanks Bulion! It's hard to believe that Peggy only had one #1 single in Australia... I also thought she would have charted with more singles in the 40s/50s... Glad to see "Baubles, Bangles & Beads", that's one of my favorite tracks from her.

How many times has "Bali Ha'i" charted? I love the versions by Peggy and Perry Como.
Hi - hoping to get Oz chart stats for Chad & Jeremy!
Chad Stuart & Jeremy Clyde
Entry DateHPWI Titles
16-May-642613 Yesterdays Gone
03-Oct-644915 A Summer Song
12-Dec-649601 Willow Weep for Me
Thank you much!
Could I please have Herman's Hermits, Frankie Davidson, Tim Finn and Norman Gunston chart positions? Thanks

Also, is there a specific thread to request top100 Aus chart positions from 1988 onwards or is this thread my best bet? Thanks again.
Dodo Fleet, there's a thread for it, in the following link:

thanks Daniel, never knew it existed, maybe I just didn't look hard enough!!
Herman's Hermits:
Entry DateHPWITitlesB-Sides that charted alongside
17-Oct-641119 I'm into Something Good
26-Dec-642511 Show Me Girl
13-Feb-650322 Can't You Hear My Heart Beat Silhouettes
08-May-650116 Mrs Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter 4 weeks at No.1
05-Jun-651816 Wonderful World
14-Aug-652709 I'm Henery the Eighth I Am (EP)
02-Oct-654007 Just a Little Bit Better
25-Dec-650417 A Must to Avoid
19-Feb-660316 Listen People
09-Apr-660916 Leaning on a Lamp Post You Won't be Leaving
23-July-663809 This Door Swing Both Ways
22-Oct-660119 No Milk Today 1 week at No.1
05--Nov-661415 Dandy
04-Feb-673308 East West
25-Mar-670514 There's a Kind of Hush
29-July-673907 Don't Go Out in the Rain Museum
20-Jan-683714 I Can Take or Leave Your Loving
18-May-682112 Sleepy Joe
03-Aug-685609 Sunshine Girl
12-Oct-688006 The Most Beautiful Thing in My Life
08-Feb-692514 Something's Happened
17-May-69-326 My Sentimental Friend
16-Feb-703116 Years May Come, Years May Go
Frankie Davidson
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-May-605612 I Care for You
07-Jan-615604 Just for Today
16-Dec-614211 Yabba Dabba Doo
12-May-620420 Have You Ever Been to See King's Cross
11-Jan-648305 Broken Wings
11-May-687009 Hector the Trash Collector
04-Jan-698601 What a Wonderful Day to Fall in Love
03-Aug-702111 Gimme Dat Ding
03-May-715510 The Ball-Bearing Bird
13-Aug-737905 I Love a Sunburnt Football
12-Jan-815315 The Aussie Barbecue Song

Tim Finn
Entry DateHPWITitles B-Sides
06-Jun-830820 Fraction Too Much Friction
22-Aug-832215 Made My Day
14-Nov-833414 Staring at the Embers Through the Years
02-Sep-858705 Home for My Heart Theme from "Coca-Cola Kid"
28-Apr-864612 No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain
10-Arp-882415 How'm I Gonna Sleep ARIA No.27
24-July-899701 Crescendo
18-July-936209 Persuasion

Norman Gunston
Entry DateHPWITitles B-Sides
27-Sep-760917 Salute to Abba
23-May-775710 I Might Be a Punk (But I Love You Baby)
10-Nov-801313 Kiss Army Normdrum
06-Dec-922708 Amigos Para Siempre feat Effie (AMR #24)

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Hey There,

Just wondering if I can get the chart possies for Dave Warner (Suburban Boy song from '77) & Ted Mulry Gang (solo as well).

Thanks Muchly
thanks for the above chart positions, bulion
Dave Warner's From the Suburbs:
Entry DateHPWI Titles
13-Nov-783114 Suburban Boy
21-Sep-817307 Kookaburra Girl

Ted Mulry
Entry DateHPWI Titles incarnation
30-Mar-702413 Julia Ted Mulry solo
04-Jan-710732 Falling in Love Again Ted Mulry solo
06-Sep-714807 Marcia Ted Mulry solo
13-Dec-712524Memories Ted Mulry solo
08-Jan-738302 I Won't Look Back Ted Mulry solo
07-Apr-758706 Sunday Evenings Ted Mulry Gang
29-Sep-750132 Jump in My Car Ted Mulry Gang6 weeks at No.1
26-Jan-760323 Darktown Strutters Ball Ted Mulry Gang
31-May-761118 Crazy Ted Mulry Gang
20-Sep-764213 Steppin' Out Ted Mulry Gang
13-Dec-761022 Jamaica Rum TMG
13-Jun-770818 My Little Girl TMG
26-Sep-773714 Naturally/Sha La La La Lee TMG
17-Apr-783315 Lazy EyesTMG
17-July-783716 Heart of StoneTMG
18-Dec-786909 (You've Got the) Devil in You TMG
Bulion, would you be able to give me the chart run of Madonna 'La Isla Bonita' please?
La Isla Bonita - Madonna
Entry Date-20-Apr-1987

Thanks muchly, Bulion
As always, I salute you for the good work you're doing!

How about Nancy Sinatra, Joe Tex, and The Move? Thanks in advance!
Could you post the entire top 50 chart run for "Dancing in the Dark" by Bruce Springsteen? Thanks.
28-May-1984 Dancing in the Dark Bruce Springsteen


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Nancy Sinatra
Entry DateHPWITitlesB-Sides that charted
12-Feb-660124 These Boots are Made for Walkin' 8 weeks at No.1
30-Apr-660415 How Does That Grab You Darlin'?
16-July-666707 Friday's Child
15-Oct-666705 In Our Time
03-Dec-661423Summer Wine*Sugar Town
01-Apr-670119 Somethin' Stupid w/ Frank Sinatra 3 weeks at No.1
22-Apr-678406 Love Eyes
15-July-670913 Jackson*
30-Sep-670514 Lightning's Girl
04-Nov-671513 Ladybird* Sand*
06-Jan-681019 You Only Live Twice Oh, Lonesome Me*
27-Jan-684410 Some Velvet Morning*
09-Mar-686109 Things w/ Dean Martin
27-Apr-689102 100 Years
10-Aug-684307 Happy
11-Jan-697305 Good Time Girl
29-Mar-695911 God Knows I Love You
11-Oct-712020 Did You Ever*
13-Mar-728004 Down from Dover*
  * duet with Lee Hazlewood

Joe Tex
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Apr-677404 Show Me
13-Jun-770224 Ain't Gonna Bump No More (With No Big Fat Woman)

The Move
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Jan-674206 Night of Fear
07-Oct-670815 Flowers in the Rain
02-Mar-687202 Fire Brigade
22-Feb-691416 Blackberry Way
16-Aug-718905 Tonight

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Thanks Bulion.
As always, thanks bulion! Surprised that The Move didn't do somewhat better. Disappointed but not surprised Joe Tex didn't do better -- he has some FANTASITC 60s singles that no-one seems to have heard!

A couple more for you while I think about 'em: Cilla Black and Sandie Shaw.


Hi & thx in adv. I'm after Doug Ashdown's charting releases, both singles (here) and albums (there).
Cilla Black
EntryHPWITitles B-Sides
07-Mar-643414 Anyone Who Had a Heart
30-May-640123 You're My World 2 weeks at No.1
22-Aug-641714 It's For You
30-Jan-651517 You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
03-Apr-657204 Love of the Loved
05-Jun-658103 I've Been Wrong Before
12-Feb-662713 Love is Just a Broken Heart
02-July-662216 Alfie Don't Answer Me
22-July-676606 What Good Am I?
27-Apr-689503 Step Inside Love
11-Jan-699502 Only Forever Will Do Follow Me
08-Mar-692413 Surround Yourself with Sorrow
26-Apr-698607 Step Inside Love (EP)
19-July-693615 Conversations
26-Jan-705309 If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind
10-Jan-726109 Something Tells Me
Sandie Shaw:
Entry DateHPWITitles B-Sides
31-Oct-641617 Always Something There to Remind Me
27-Feb-654813Girl Don't Come
05-Jun-651216 Long Live Love
13-Nov-656610 Message Understood
02-Apr-662413 Tomorrow
16-July-667405 Nothing Comes Easy
10-Dec-669104 Run
15-Apr-670225 Puppet on a String
04-Nov-670620 You've Not Changed
24-Feb-681712 Today
17-Aug-689202 Show Me
28-Sep-683524 Make it Go Those Were the Days
15-Feb-691814 Monsieur Dupont
07-Jun-697906 Think it All Over
05-July-827107 Anyone Who Had a Heart
Doug Ashdown
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-698904 A Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On
21-Jun-693409 The Day they Freed the Noise
10-Aug-704612 The Saddest Song of All
11-Oct-763728 Winter in America (Leave Love Enough Alone)
12-Oct-814018 And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
25-Nov-743828 Leave Love Enough Alone LP
03-Oct-779802 Trees LP
Hi bulion,

could I please grab chart positions for...

The Twilights
The Allusions
Andrea True Connection
Andy Upton
The Animals
Bad Company

Thanks again
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The Twilights
Entry DateHPWI Titles
12-Jun-656610I Don't Know Where the Wind Will Blow Me
18-Sep-659504Come on Home
12-Feb-662416 If She Finds out / John Hardy
14-May-667507 Baby, Let Me Take You Home
03-Sep-660221 Needle in a Haystack
17-Dec-662412 You Got Soul
04-Mar-670717 What's Wrong with the Way I Live / 9:50
27-May-671114 Young Girl
18-Nov-670816 The Way They Play / Cathy, Come Home
25-May-683611 Always
17-Aug-684408 Tell Me Goodbye / Comin' on Down

The Allusions
Entry DateHPWI Titles
02-Apr-662710 Gypsy Woman
30-July-662513 The Dancer
25-Feb-674508 Roundabout
05-Aug-676702 Seven Days of Rain / Two of a Kind

Andrea True Connection
Entry DateHPWI Titles
02-Aug-761919 More More More
04-Dec-787805 What's Your Name, What's Your Number

Entry DateHPWI Titles
18-Jun-792320 Shooting Star
01-Oct-793920 Who Were You With in the Moonlight
24-Mar-807510 I Wanna Hold Your Hand
24-May-829702 Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)

Andy Upton
Entry DateHPWI Titles
31-May-767307Rainbow World
06-Sep-768705 It Took me Many Years
07-Nov-775427 Stop! In the Name of Love

Bad Company
Entry DateHPWI Titles
22-July-742218 Can't Get Enough
02-Jun-759303 Good Lovin' Gone Bad
18-Apr-774114 Everything I Need
23-Apr-796512 Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy
The Animals
Entry DateHPWI Titles
18-July-640219 House of the Rising Sun
03-Oct-644013 I'm Crying
09-Jan-653907 Boom Boom
06-Mar-652917 Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
08-May-654209 Bring it on Home to Me
21-Aug-654912 We've Gotta Get Out of the Place
27-Nov-651017 It's My Life
12-Mar-662011 Inside -- Looking Out
18-Jun-662010 Don't Bring Me Down
08-Oct-660915*See See Rider
24-Dec-661812*Help Me Girl
22-Apr-670216 *When I Was Young
26-Aug-670916*San Franciscan Nights / Good Times
02-Mar-680716*Sky Pilot (Part 1 & 2)
07-Dec-686609*White Houses
01-Feb-690816*Ring of Fire

* shown as Eric Burdon & The Animals
Cheers for the info bulion, you really know your stuff and your info is always very well presented

I really like what you did with the 80s year by year threads, mentioning the peak position for every song that charted in that particular year. Helped fill in a few gaps in my collection. Perhaps you could do this for the 50s, 60s, 70s and 90s although I understand it would be a lot of work

In the meantime, could I please have the chart positions for...

Billy J. Kramer (and the Dakotas)
Freddie and the Dreamers
J.D. Souther
Johnny Tillotson
Johnny O'Keefe
Joe Jones

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Hi any chance of getting Connie Francis' Oz chart stats? Thanks in advance!
Heya Bulion,

I was wondering if I could please get the info for
Sherbert (especially Howzatt & Summer Love) & Sweet (especially Fox On The Run) Maybe any Olivia Newton John info from the 70's - especially the Grease stuff (if you could include Frankie Valli's Grease that would be great)?

Thanks in advance Bulion, really appreciate it
now that I am back from holidays, I will endeavor to get these requests done by the first week of June.
Billy J. Kramer (and the Dakotas)
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Jun-635211 You Want to Know a Secret
31-Aug-631813 Bad to Me
21-Dec-636607 I'll Keep You Satisfied
11-Apr-641016 Little Children
22-Aug-641812 From a Window
19-Jun-651314 Trains and Boats and Planes
01-July-679103 Town of Tuxley Toymaker Billy solo

Freddie and the Dreamers:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-649602Over You / Come Back When You're Ready
16-Jan0657408 I Understand / I Will
05-Jun-655508 Do the Freddie
11-Dec-652810 A Windmill in Old Amsterdam
15-July-679602 Brown and Porters (Meat Export) Lorry

J.D. Souther:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Dec-791720 You're Only Lonely
20-Apr-815409 Her Town Too feat James Taylor

Johnny Tillotson:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Oct-596215 True, True Happiness
19-Nov-600518 Poetry in Motion
23-Sep-611313 Without You
03-Feb-628104 Dreamy Eyes
26-May-621218 It Keeps Right on A-Hurtin'
01-Sep-624114 Send Me the Pillow You Dream On
24-Nov-625005 I Can't Help it (if I'm Still in Love With You)
30-Mar-639602 Out of My Mind
03-Aug-630825 Judy, Judy, Judy
14-Sep-633614 You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
30-Nov-638504 Talk Back Trembling Lips
12-Jun-656303 Then I'll Count Again
02-Oct-657203 Heartaches by the Number

Joe Jones:
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-584403 A-Tisket A-Tasket
12-Nov-600616 You Talk Too Much
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Mar-750123Summer Love

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-May-750132Fox On The Run

Hits of Grease:
Entry DateHPWITitlesArtists
29-May-780132 You're the One That I WantOlivia & John
24-July-780220 GreaseFrankie Valli
14-Aug-780221 Hopelessly Devoted to You Olivia Newton-John
09-Oct-780616 Summer NightsOlivia & John
13-Nov-784015 Greased Lightnin' John Travolta & Jeff Conway

Sorry to be a nag - any chance of getting Connie Francis' Oz chart peaks? Thanks!
...and Johnny O'Keefe's but thanks for the rest!!
Connie Francis:
Entry DateHPWITitlesB-Sides that charted
28-Dec-573705 Majesty of LoveMarvin Rainwater feat...
29-Mar-581920 Who's Sorry Now
02-Aug-587003 I'm Sorry I Made You Cry
06-Sep-682315 Stupid Cupid
03-Jan-594318 My Happiness
02-May-598502 If I Didn't Care
30-May-599502 In the Valley of Love
04-July-597209 Frankie B-Side of below track
11-July-590419 Lipstick on Your Collar
10-Oct-597313 You're Gonna Miss Me
17-Oct-597704 Plenty Good Lovin' B-Side of above track
05-Dec-590422 Among My Souvenirs
02-Apr-600617 Mama
04-Jun-600124 Everybody's Somebody's Fool
27-Aug-600617 Robot Man
15-Oct-600321 My Heart Has a Mind of its Own Malaguena
10-Dec-601815 Many Tears Ago
04-Mar-610518 Where the Boys Are
13-May-610817 Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart
22-July-610218 Together
14-Oct-612719 (He's My) Dreamboat Hollywood
23-Dec-614014 When the Boys in Your Arms
10-Mar-621816 Don't Break the Heart That Loves You Drop it, Joe
02-Jun-625410 Second-Hand Love
28-July-626603 Never on Sunday
11-Aug-620717 V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N.
05-Jan-630914 I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter
16-Mar-633512 Follow the Boys
08-Jun-633010 If My Pillow Could Talk
17-Aug-632711 Drownin' My Sorrows
02-Nov-635410 Your Other Love Whatever Happened to Rosemarie
25-Jan-644907 In the Summer of His Years
14-Mar-642517 Blue Winter
30-May-644807 Be Anything (But Be Mine)
08-Aug-644212 Looking for Love
13-Feb-655609 Whose Heart are You Breaking Now?
15-Jan-665411 Jealous Heart
02-Apr-663113 Love is Me, Love is You
19-Apr-699602 The Wedding Cake
20-Aug-737307 The Answer (Should I Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round...)

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Johnny O'Keefe:
Entry DateHPWITitlesB-Sides that charted
07-Dec-573608 Shake Baby Shake (EP)
08-Mar-582317 Wild One (EP)
03-May-582413 Over the Mountain
26-July-581635 So Tough
09-Aug-584807 That'll Be Alright
01-Nov-584418 I Ain't A Gonna Do it
28-Feb-592822 What Da Ya Know!
28-Feb-596604 Peek-a-Boo B-side of above track
27-Jun-590822 Why Do They Doubt our Love
18-July-593613 You Excite Me
19-Sep-591222 Swan-ee River
31-Oct-590222 Shout (Parts 1 & 2)
09-Jan-600121 She's My Baby Own True Self
02-Apr-601714 It's Too Late Jubilee
23-July-600126 Come On and Take My Hand Don't You Know (Pretty Baby)
05-Nov-601020 Ready for You Save the Last Dance for Me
26-Aug-610126 I'm Counting on You Right Now
03-Feb-62 0624 Sing! To Love
06-Oct-623811 Yes, Indeed I Do
15-Dec-622415 I Thank You Heaven Sent
08-Jun-630121 Move, Baby, Move You'll Never Cherish a Love So True
05-Oct-631911 Shake, Baby, Shale Good Luck Charm
07-Dec-634419 Twist and Shout Twist it Up
04-Apr-640920 She Wears My Ring Let's Love Tonight
13-Jun-644907 Shout (Parts 1 & 2) (R)
07-Nov-642507 Rock & Roll Will Stand Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
09-Apr-665109 The Sun's Gonna Shine Tomorrow
13-Aug-665408 Be Careful of Stone That You Throw My Heart Belongs to Only You
30-Aug-691216 She's My Baby (Re-Recorded)
09-Mar-704608 Confessions of a Lonely Man
21-Aug-720724 So Tough (Re-Recorded)
05-Feb-738404 High Rollin' Man
15-Oct-730827 Mockingbird with Margaret McLaren
28-Jan-747509 Rock N' Roll Music
23-Sep-7410001 Saturday Night
03-Mar-756106 On the Road
15-Aug-779402 Shout (R)
23-Jan0789203 One of Those Nights
20-Mar-899903 Shout (R)
Fantastic - thanks a million!
Was the band "Hello" in the charts?

Entry DateHPWITitle
17-Feb-753610Tell Him

Could I please have the chart positions for...

Eddie Money
Dr. Hook
Don Gibson
Dolly Parton
James Brown
Jimmie Rodgers

Slowly filling in the gaps....Thanks again bulion!!
Richard Clapton:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Feb-750425 Girls on the Avenue
18-Apr-774012 Capricorn Dancer
31-Oct-774314 Deep Water
13-Feb-787006 Down in the Lucky Country
29-Jan-799802 Stepping Across the Line
25-Aug-809404 Get Back to the Shelter
08-Mar-822012 I Am an Island
21-Jun-828903 Spellbound
27-Aug-848708 The Heart of it
18-Feb-859005 Goodbye Barbara Ann
12-Oct-874213 Glory Road
11-July-938003 Distant Thunder
Eddie Money
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Jun-781918 Baby Hold On
18-Sep-788604 Two Tickets to Paradise
09-Apr-795109 Maybe I'm a Fool
15-Nov-825406 Think I'm in Love
29-Sep-864620 Take Me Home Tonight (Be My Baby)
06-Feb-899106 Walk on Water

Dr. Hook
Entry DateHPWI Titles
29-May-720118 *Sylvia's Mother
15-Jan-733227 *The Cover of the "Rolling Stone"
12-Jan-760837 Only 16
09-Aug-761021 A Little Bit More
28-Feb-776912 If Not You
23-May-770122 Walk Right in
26-Sep-774116 What a Way to Go / Who Dat
05-Jun-789302 More Like the Movies
16-Oct-781025 Sharing the Night Together
04-Jun-792017 When You're in Love with a Beautiful Woman
10-Dec-792415 Better Love Next Time
24-Mar-804117 Sexy Eyes
06-Oct-807206 Years from Now
12-Jan-810324 Girls Can get it
23-Mar-810415 The Wild Colonial Boy
24-May-821118 Baby Makes her Blue Jeans Talk

Don Gibson
Entry DateHPWI Titles
10-May-580627 Oh, Lonesome Me
26-July-584914 Blue Blue Day
16-Aug-589901 I Can't Stop Loving You
03-Oct-598904 Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
16-Jan-608803 I'm Movin' On
13-Aug-6010001 Far Far Away
08-Apr-619701 The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
29-July-611018 Sea of Heartbreak / I Think it's Best (to Forget me)
06-Jan-624116 Lonesome Number One
26-May-625605 I Can Mend Your Broken Heart
08-Oct-733916 Touch the Morning
18-Mar-745410 Snap Your Fingers

Dolly Parton
Entry DateHPWI Titles
27-Mar-726013 Coat of My Colours
15-July-749901 Jolene
02-Dec-745509 Love is Like a Butterfly
16-Jan-781017 Here You Come Again
19-Feb-793424 Baby I'm Burnin'
06-Aug-793319 You're the Only One
21-Jan-809902 Star of the Show
02-Mar-810919 9 to 5
13-Dec-827208 I Will Always Love You
19-Sep-835318 Potential New Boyfriend
10-Oct-830136 Islands in the Stream Kenny Rogers w/
27-Feb-843118 Save the Last Dance for Me
21-Oct-854517 Real Love feat Kenny Rogers
14-Apr-867408 Think About Love
09-Mar-875413 To Know Him is to Love Him w/ Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris

Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Mar-780334 Moviestar
01-Nov-762421 Horoscope
18-Apr-778008 Rock 'N' Roll Clown

James Brown
Entry DateHPWI Titles
25-Jun-663907 It's a Man's Man's Man's World
10-Feb-861814 Living in America

Jimmie Rodgers
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Nov-570818 Honeycomb
01-Feb-581415 Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
26-Apr-582018 Oh-Oh, I'm Falling in Love Again
28-Jun-580820 Secretly
26-July-585808 Make Me a MiracleB-side of above track
06-Sep-583417 Are You Really Mine
18-Oct-586904 The Wizard B-side of above track
13-Dec-580327 Bimbombey
28-Feb-594011 Woman from Liberia
07-Mar-590722 Waltzing Matilda B-side of above track
09-May-594113 I'm Never Gonna Tell
01-Aug-596111 Ring-A-Ling-A-Lario
03-Oct-592215 Tucumcari
20-Feb-606211 T.L.C. Tender Love and Care
04-Jun-600141 Just a Closer Walk With Thee
10-Sep-601314 The Wreck of the 'John B.'
28-Oct-612021 English Country Garden
11-July-640823 The World I Used to Know
10-Oct-640919 Someplace Green
27-Mar-655011 (My Friends are Gonna Be) Strangers
23-Sep-675111 Child of Clay

Entry DateHPWI Titles
07-Sep-686907 Lovin' Things
04-Jan-697604 Wait for Me Mary-Anne
18-Jan-692116 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
02-Mar-704708 Reflections of My Life
25-Oct-716117 Cousin Norman
05-Jun-727010 Radancer
16-Aug-768906 Falling Apart at the Seams
anything on grand funk railroad?
Grand Funk:
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Mar-728308 Footstompin' Music
22-Oct-738704We're an American Band
29-Apr-740722The Loco-Motion
17-Mar-753911 Some Kind of Wonderful
cheers bulion! Could I please grab...

Bobby and Laurie
Cass Elliot
Dave Clark Five
The Essex
Fats Domino
Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Peter Frampton
The Seekers

Bobby and Laurie
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Mar-650924I Belong With You/Trouble in Mind
19-Jun-652012Someone (Ain't Right)
04-Sep-652811Judy Green
04-Dec-655408Crazy Country Hop
29-Jan-664907Sweet and Tender Romance
02-Apr-660120Hitch Hiker
17-Sep-661412High Noon
10-Dec-664608First Street Blues
19-Aug-674707Would You Believe, Love
15-Nov-693024The Carroll County Accident
02-Nov-701320Through the Eyes of Love

Mama Cass Elliot
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-July-690120Dream a Little Dream of Me
07-Dec-689405California Earthquake
26-Apr-693411Move in a Little Closer, Baby
28-Jun-695309It's Getting Better
15-Nov-697206Make Your Own Kind of Music
14-Sep-707105A Song That Never Comes

Dave Clark Five
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jan-640319Glad All Over
14-Mar-640417Bits and Pieces / All of the Time
20-Jun-641318Can't You See That She's Mine/Because
29-Aug-644807Thinking of You, Baby
21-Nov-647705Any Way You Want it
10-Apr-651220Reelin' & Rockin'
12-Jun-653114Come Home
24-July-651213I Like it Like That
28-Aug-651815Catch Us if You Can
27-Nov-652410Over and Over
05-Mar-663410At the Scene
23-Apr-667406Try Too Hard
08-Apr-674608You Got What it Takes
17-Jun-675809Tabatha Twitchit
08-July-678804You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
30-Sep-679602A Little Bit Now
11-Nov-674211Everybody Knows (We're Through)
05-Oct-685106The Red Balloon
13-Dec-699402Put a Little Love in Your Heart
09-Feb-709203Good Old Rock & Roll

The Essex
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-July-630615Easier Said That Done
21-Sep-631711A Walkin' Miracle

Ian Dury and the Blockheads
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Feb-790221Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
17-Sep-796509Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part 3
01-Dec-801823I Want to Be Straight
18-May-819001Superman's Big Sister
16-Nov-815010Spasticus Autisticus

Peter Frampton
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Apr-762515Show Me the Way
26-July-766506Baby, I Love Your Way
13-Dec-766417Do You Feel Like We Do
20-Jun-770919I'm in You
04-Dec-786811The Long and Winding Road
16-July-798607I Can't Stand it No More

The Seekers
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Nov-637404Waltzing Matilda
30-Jan-650129I'll Never Find Another You
20-Feb-657902What Have They Done to the Rain
01-May-650224A World of Our Own
24-July-650819Morning Town Ride
06-Nov-650132The Carnival is Over
05-Mar-660416Someday, Oneday
24-Sep-663315Walk With Me
21-Jan-670133Georgy Girl
27-May-674007Shake Up the Party Myra
16-Sep-672414On the Other Side
28-Oct-674313When Will the Good Apples Fall
23-Dec-673212Emerald City
30-Mar-685113Love is Kind, Love is Wine
25-May-687307Days of My Life
26-May-760727Sparrow Song
12-Apr-765508Where in the World
10-Apr-897704Building Bridges

Fats Domino
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Jan-562207Ain't it a Shame
07-July-563105I'm in Love Again
28-July-564302My Blue Heaven
15-Dec-561021Blueberry Hill
06-Apr-571013Blue Monday
18-May-571018I'm Walkin'
12-Oct-573906Valley of Tears
05-July-587005Sick and Tired
13-Dec-584807Whole Lotta Lovin'
22-Aug-591019I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday
22-Aug-595711I Want to Walk You HomeB-side of above
12-Dec-593414Be My Guest / I've Been Around
09-Apr-605607Country Boy
30-July-602019Walking to New Orleans / Don't Come Knockin'
15-Oct-606910Three Nights a Week
10-Dec-606711My Girl Josephine
09-Sep-615606Let the Four Winds Blow
20-Jan-629402Jambalaya (on the Bayou)
15-Feb-645207Who Cares
26-Oct-689301Lady Madonna
hello from here.while talking to a t.v. reporter to get publicity for my ''generic graffiti'' youtube clips,i was recorded searching these chart lists of yours.one,you've been broadcast,so congratulations.two,the acts i was searching for still aren't here,even though the chart bits i have make them look quite successful there.could you please list the chart singles for suzi quatro and neil diamond?i'd be much obliged.
Thanks for above chart stats bulion, in addition to "the novice's" requests, could I please grab:

Andy Kim
The Angels (US)
Buddy Holly (and the Crickets)
Conway Twitty
Gladys Knight (and the Pips)
Paul Anka
Royal Guardsmen
The Webb Brothers

Thanks mate
Suzi Quatro
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Aug-730128Can the Can6 weeks at No.1
29-Oct-73012348 Crash1 week at No.1
04-Feb-740422Daytona Demon
29-Apr-740121Devil Gate Drive3 weeks at No.1
27-May-7458043 Cuts and a Hit (EP)
19-Aug-741322Too Big
09-Dec-740224The Wild One
31-Mar-751415Your Mama Won't Like Me
17-Nov-755008I May Be Too Young
28-Mar-772525Tear Me Apart
15-May-781026If You Can Give Me Love
09-Oct-782818The Race is On
18-Dec-780224Stumblin' in w/ Chris Norman
28-May-797207Don't Change My Luck
12-Nov-793025She's in Love With You
03-Nov-800920Rock Hard
07-Feb-839902Heart of Stone
Neil Diamond
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Sep-664016Cherry, Cherry
10-Dec-666704I Got the Feelin' (Oh No, No)
18-Mar-676903You Got to Me
06-May-673414Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
12-Aug-675310Thank the Lord for the Night Time
11-Nov-675810Kentucky Woman
03-Feb-685507New Orleans
27-Apr-687804Red Red Wine / Red Rubber Ball
17-Aug-688307Two Bit Man Child
26-Oct-689605Sunday Sun
29-Mar-694412Brothers Love's Travelling Salvation Show
06-Sep-690319Sweet Caroline
06-Dec-690317Holly Holy
04-May-709201And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind / Long Gone
25-May-702310Soolaimon (African Trilogy II)
17-Aug-703612Solitary Man
28-Sep-700217Cracklin' Rosie
25-Jan-719403He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother
26-Apr-711016I Am.. I Said / Done Too Soon
13-Dec-712414Stones / Crunchy Granola Suite
15-May-720521Song Sung Blue
04-Sep-722515Play Me / Porcupine Pie
01-Jan-737406Walk on Water / High Rolling Man
14-May-735209Cherry Cherry (Live)
03-Sep-734710The Last Thing on My Mind / Canta Libre
24-Sep-734908The Long Way Home
04-Nov-740716Longfellow Serenade
07-Apr-757709I've Been This Way Before
28-Jun-762714If You Know What I Mean
20-Nov-780422You Don't Bring Me Flowers w/ Barbra Streisand
12-Feb-794113Forever in Blue Jeans
21-Jan-802313September Morn
08-Dec-802912Love on the Rocks
07-Dec-817509Yesterday's Songs
Andy Kim
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-May-686407How'd We Ever Get This Way?
19-Oct-689601Shoot 'em Up
21-Jun-691519Baby I Love You
18-Oct-693812So Good Together
01-Feb-713112Be My Baby
19-Aug-743126Rock Me Gently

The Angels (US)
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Aug-632915My Boyfriends Back

Buddy Holly (and the Crickets)
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Oct-570221*That'll Be the Day
18-Jan-580424*Oh Boy
25-Jan-580222Peggy Sue
12-Apr-581617*Maybe Baby
31-May-585205I'm Gonna Love You Too
23-Aug-587003Rave On
06-Sep-584816Early in the Morning
20-Sep-587310*Think it Over
10-Jan-593419*It's So Easy
07-Mar-596207Well... All Right
11-Apr-592621It Doesn't Matter Anymore
02-May-598710Raining in My Heart
09-Jan-603113Peggy Sue Got Married
27-Oct-624905Wait 'til the Sun Shines Nellie / Reminiscing
25-May-631713Bo Diddley
17-Aug-632911Brown Eyed Handsome Man
29-Feb-643009I'm Gonna Love You Too / Rock Around with Ollie Vee
16-May-646902Peggy Sue (R)
25-May-688609Peggy Sue / Rave On (R)
05-Oct-689502It Doesn't Matter Anymore (R)

*The Crickets

Conway Twitty
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Oct-580525It's Only Make Believe
02-May-596804The Story of My Life
01-Aug-590121Mona Lisa2 weeks at No.1
10-Oct-591216Danny Boy
20-Feb-601412Lonley Blue Boy
14-May-603413What Am I Living for
16-July-602412Is a Bluebird Blue
15-Oct-609004What a Dream
07-Jan-618806Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On
25-Feb-614909C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)
26-Jan-638306The Pickup
14-Sep-709308Hello Darlin'
15-Oct-731223You've Never Been This Far Before
28-Oct-745711As Soon As I Hang Up the Phone w/ Loretta Lynn

Gladys Knight (and the Pips)
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-July-617502*Every Beat of My Heart
19-Apr-719901If I Were Your Woman
14-Jan-745208Midnight Train to Georgia
03-Jun-744608Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me
10-Feb-753912I Feel a Song (in My Heart)
18-Aug-753912The Way We Were/Try to Remember (Medley)
13-Dec-761328So Sad the Song

*The Pips

Paul Anka
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Nov-570125Diana8 weeks at No.1
01-Feb-581921I Love You Baby
19-Apr-581318You Are My Destiny
12-July-581922Let the Bells Keep Ringing
06-Sep-583219Midnight (is for Lovers)
08-Nov-584113Just Young
28-Dec-584110#The Teen Commandments
07-Feb-595809That's LoveB-side of below track
14-Feb-590818(All of Sudden) My Heart Sings
30-May-599101I Miss You So
04-July-590318Lonely Boy
03-Oct-592214Put Your Head on My Shoulder
12-Dec-501825It's Time to Cry / Something Has Changed me
19-Mar-602510Puppy Love
04-Jun-602016My Home Town
20-Aug-603313Hello Young Lovers
29-Oct-606315Summer's Gone
11-Feb-616905The Story of My Love
22-Apr-612917Tonight, My Love, Tonight
10-Jun-612016Dance On Little Girl
16-Sep-612711Kissin' on the Phone
24-Feb-623020Love Me Warm and Tender
09-Jun-623213A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine
01-Sep-625013Every Night (without You)
10-Nov-621815Eso Beso (That Kiss)
09-Feb-634709Love (Makes The World go Round)
25-May-637904Remember Diana
26-Aug-740225(You're) Having My Baby
10-Mar-753518*One Man Woman, One Woman Man
11-Aug-757403I Don't Like to Sleep Alone
03-Nov-758307*(I Believe) There's Nothing Stronger Than Our Love
29-Aug-834909Hold Me 'til the Mornin' Comes

# with George Hamilton IV & Johnny Nash
* Duet with Odia Coates
Royal Guardsmen
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jan-670124Snoopy vs The Red Baron5 weeks at No.1
18-Mar-670711The Return of The Red Baron
15-July-671115Airplane Song (My Airplane)
25-Nov-670115Snoopy's Christmas2 weeks at No.1
13-July-686805Snoopy for President
12-Oct-686202Biplane Evermore

The Webb Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Jun-669402The Purple Petrol Eater
28-Sep-812913The Colonel Put the Lickin' in the Chicken, But Who Put the Roo in the Stew

a few more when you have the time

The Addrisi Brothers
The Band
Billy "Crash" Craddock
The Coasters
Franciscus Henri
Marty Robbins
Sam and Dave
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The Addrisi Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Apr-729008We've Got to Get it on Again

The Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Mar-702719Rag Mama Rag
16-Nov-7010001Time to Kill
25-Feb-749701Ain't Got No Home

Billy "Crash" Craddock
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Dec-590124Boom Boom Baby
23-Jan-600720I Want That / Since She Turned 17
23-Apr-600817Well, Don't You Know
20-Aug-609102All I Want is You
04-Feb-610121One Last Kiss
17-Jun-616414Good Time Billy / Heavenly Fool
24-Jun-619001Truly True
23-Sep-745018Rub it in

The Coasters
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Aug-581314Yakety Yak
04-Apr-592019Charlie Brown
04-July-592710Along Came Jones
03-Oct-591915Poison Ivy
27-Feb-609306What About Us / Run, Red, Run

Franciscus Henri
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-717202All I Want

Sam and Dave
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-682612Hold On, I'm Comin'
22-Feb-699404Soul Sister, Brown Sugar
Marty Robbins
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-July-570120A White Sports Coat and a Pink Carnation
30-Nov-575203Teen-Age Dream
30-Nov-575203Please Don't Blame MeB-Side of above
15-Mar-580222The Story of My Life
02-Aug-580227Just Married
16-Aug-588105Stairway of LoveB-side of above
18-Oct-580223She Was Only 17 (He Was One Year More)
29-Nov-582715Sittin' in a Tree HouseB-side of above
28-Feb-597205Ain't I the Lucky One
05-Dec-591821El Paso
30-Apr-606706Big Iron
13-Aug-608601Is There Any Chance
15-Oct-608706Five Brothers
31-Dec-602915Ballad of the Alamo
04-Mar-611716Don't Worry
22-July-614211Jimmy Martinez
17-Feb-629102I Told the Brook
11-Aug-620424Devil Woman
01-Dec-622113Ruby Ann
22-Aug-645606The Cowboy in the Continental Suit
13-July-709801My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
filling in all my pre 1970s now

Barry McGuire
Buddy Knox
Crispian St. Peters
Guy Mitchell
Helen Shapiro
Jimmy Dean
Jonathan King
Terry Britten

Thanks once again
how about iggy pop and the stooges (or iggy pop by itself)? i'm aware that real wild child charted, any other songs?
Was coincidentally The Kelly Family in the charts?? And was OMC, Everything But The Girl in the Top-100 charts since 1989?
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Hi & thx in advance. I'm still after singles by Noiseworks & by Glenn Shorrock (solo or duets). I've got albs from sister thread & ARIA stuff from engine above.
Hi Builon.

Did the following bands ever have any charting singles in Australia: Free, Bad Company and Styx?

Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Sep-704423All Right Now
21-Jun-714607My Brother Jake
07-Aug-728905Little Bit of Love
12-Feb-734823Wishing Well

Bad Company:
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-July-742218Can't Get Enough
02-Jun-759303Good Lovin' Gone Bad
18-Apr-774114Everything I Need
23-Apr-796512Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy

Entry DateHPWITitles
24-July-784219Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)
26-Feb-799803Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
09-Mar-812315The Best of Times
15-Jun-816713Too Much Time on My Hands
18-Apr-834015Mr. Roboto
Glenn Shorrock:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Apr-790818Dream Lover
25-Oct-823913Rock 'N' Roll Soldier
28-Mar-836508Goin' Backwith Renee Geyer
26-Sep-830610We're Coming to Get You
19-Dec-837508Don't Girls Get Lonely

Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Nov-863122No Lies
27-Apr-870722Take Me Back
24-Aug-875010Love Somebody
30-Nov-874115Welcome to the World
28-Mar-886008Burning Feeling
06-Feb-894312Voice of ReasonAMR-37
15-May-894706Simple ManAMR-56
28-Aug-894412In My YouthAMR-35
04-Nov-902617Miles and Miles
30-Jun-910717Hot Chilli Woman
15-Sep-912617R.I.P. (Millie)
23-Feb-928403Take You Higher
25-Oct-929901Let it Be (Live)
spatz, no Kelly Family at all.

Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Feb-961x525How Bizarre
25-Aug-968805Right On

Everything But The Girl:
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Mar-878509Don't Leave Me Behind
02-Jun-963016Walking Wounded
04-Oct-985808The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)Deep Dish feat...
19-Mar-017603Tracey in My RoomSoul Vision vs...
Jono, no Stooges (unfortunately), but here's some Pop...

Iggy Pop
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-July-796807I'm Bored
19-Jan-875010Cry for Love
16-Mar-871120Real Wild Child (Wild One)
05-Mar-909901Livin' on the Edge of the NightAMR only
11-Mar-919702Well Did You Evah! with Debbie Harry-AMR only
14-Nov-93852aWild America
28-July-085603The Wild OneJet and Iggy Pop
Barry McGuire
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Aug-650215Eve of Destruction

Buddy Knox
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-May-570620Party Doll
28-Dec-571715Hula Love
04-Oct-583518Somebody Touched Me
13-Jun-593223I Think I'm Gonna Kill Myself
18-Mar-617510Lovey Dovey
18-Nov-614410Three-Eyed Man

Crispian St. Peters
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-664510You Were on My Mind
30-Apr-660521The Pied Piper
20-Aug-664408No, No, No
15-Oct-666215Changes / My Little Brown Eyes
17-Dec-663311Your Ever Changin' Mind / But She's Untrue
03-Jun-679404Almost Persuaded
13-Jan-689005Free Spirit

Jimmy Dean
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Sep-598803Sing Along
20-Feb-606511Stay a Little Longer
16-July-606704Little Boy Lost
21-Oct-610218Big Bad John
17-Feb-624308The Cajun Queen
28-Apr-622712P.T. 109
21-July-629603Steel Men
29-Sep-622018Little Black Book
29-Dec-625709Gonna Raise a Rukus Tonight

Jonathan King
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Sep-654411Everyone's Gone to the Moon
03-Sep-662113Just Like a Woman

Terry Britten
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Apr-6950112,000 Weeks
Helen Shapiro
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-July-619004Don't Treat Me Like a Child
30-Sep-615014You Don't Know / Marvellous Lie
18-Nov-610618Walkin' Back to Happiness
07-Apr-624617Tell Me What He Said
02-Jun-623116Let's Talk About Love
25-Aug-622817Little Miss Lonely / I Don't Care
17-Nov-624213Keep Away from Other Girls
30-Mar-639701Quyeen for Tonight
15-Jun-639105Woe is Me
17-Aug-630125No Trespassing / Not Responsible
09-Nov-633318Look Who it is / Walking in My Dreams
31-May-694912Today Has Been Cancelled
20-Sep-699801You've Guessed
Guy Mitchell
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Jun-510215The Roving Kind
16-Jun-510118My Heart Cries for You
28-July-510619The Place Where I Worship (is the Wide Open Spaces)with Rosemary Clooney
04-Aug-510314Sparrow in the Tree Top
01-Sep-510316The House of Singing Bamboowith Rosemary Clooney
06-Oct-510120My Truly, Truly Fair
06-Oct-510321UnlessB-Side of above track
08-Dec-510620A Beggar in Love
22-Dec-510414Belle, Belle, My Liberty BelleB-Side of above track
03-May-520808There's Always Room at Our House
24-May-521204Sweetheart of YesterdayB-Side of above track
23-Aug-520215Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10-Jan-530215Feet Up (Pat Him on the Po-Po)
10-Jan-530411The Day of JubiloB-Side of above track
04-July-530511She Wears Red Feathers (and a Huly Huly Skirt)
18-July-531703Pretty Little Black-Eyed SusieB-Side of above track
29-Aug-530810('Cause I Love You)That's A-Whywith Minday Carson
23-Jan-540514Sippin' Sode
06-Feb-541805Strollin' BluesB-Side of above track
03-Apr-541902Cloud Lucky SevenB-Side of above track
10-Mar-562608Ninety Nine Years (Dead or Alive)
17-Mar-562210When Blinky Blows
17-Mar-562505BelongingB-Side of above track
15-Sep-564203Give Me a Carriage with 8 White Horses
09-Feb-570120Singing the Blues
16-Mar-574204Crazy with LoveB-Side of above track
06-Apr-571308Knee Deep in the Blues
20-Apr-573002Take Me Back BabyB-Side of above track
09-Nov-574902In the Middle of a Dark, Dark Night
10-May-585606The Lord Made a Peanut
09-Aug-587104C'Mon, Let's Go
13-Sep-589201Honey Brown Eyes
16-May-598702Butterfly Doll
07-Nov-590322Heartaches By the Number
10-Sep-606311My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
03-Jun-6110001You Goodnight Kiss (Ain't What it Used to Be)
Was The Rockin´ Berries, Racey, Linda Perry and Newbeats in the charts?
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hi bulion,
how did...

The Ash (AU)
Ben E. King
The Olympics
The Raspberries


The Rockin´Berries:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Dec-643611He's in Town
10-July-655207Poor Man's Son
30-July-658502Midnight Mary

Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-790131Lay Your Love on Me
25-Jun-790133Some Girls
08-Oct-791220Boy, Oh Boy
11-Feb-809404Such a Night
13-Oct-804511Rest of My Life
16-Mar-819107Runaround Sue

Linda Perry:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-July-966312Fill Me Up

Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Aug-640815Bread and Butter
21-Nov-645310Everything's Alright
30-Jan-650714Break Away (from That Boy)
24-Apr-654108(The Bees are for the Birds) The Birds are for the Bees
06-Nov-656606Run, Baby, Run (Back into My Arms)
The Ash (AU) - nothing

Ben E. King
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Feb-611114Spanish Harlem
24-Jun-614513Stand By Me
02-Sep-611518Amor / Souvenir of Mexico
26-May-623112The Hermit of Misty Mountain / Don't Play That Song (You Lied)
16-Feb-636303Auf Wiedersehn, My Dear
27-July-631912I (Who Have Nothing)
26-Jan-878212Stand By Me (R)

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-May-650515Catch the Wind
25-Sep-651313The Universal Soldier (EP)
27-Aug-660415Sunshine Superman
26-Nov-660815Mellow Yellow
25-Feb-675307Epistle to Dippy
02-Sep-672511There is a Mountain
13-Jan-686109Wear Your Love Like Heaven
30-Mar-681612Jennifer Juniper
22-Jun-680515Hurdy Gurdy Man
29-Mar-696708To Susan on the West Coast Waiting
16-Aug-692811Barabajahal w/ Jeff Beck Group
22-Mar-716009Celia of the Seals
25-Jun-736705I Like You

Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Mar-683620California My Way
19-Apr-699303Good News

The Olympics
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Aug-581218Western Movies
03-Oct-594209Private Eye
27-Aug-607709Big Boy Pete

The Raspberries
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Oct-721420Go All the Way
15-Jan-734410I Wanna Be With You
30-Apr-736211Let's Pretend
11-Nov-749105Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Mar-737007Ball Park Incident
18-Jun-731230See My Baby Jive
19-Nov-734209Angel Fingers
Cheers!!! Could I please grab:

B. Bumble and the Stingers
Dion (and the Belmonts)
The G-Clefs
Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
Normie Rowe
Roger Miller

Thank you!!!
Have you the Top100-charts from Soul Asylum?
Hey! I'm looking for every Kiss single and album chartposition in Australia pre-89. Would be forever greatful if you could help!
B. Bumble and the Stingers
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-May-614209Bumble Boogie
24-Mar-621016Nut Rocker
16-Oct-729901Nut Rocker (R)

Dion (and the Belmonts)
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-586808I Wonder Why
15-Nov-5810001No One Knows
20-Jun-591218A Teenager in Love
20-Jun-5910001Don't Pity Me
31-Oct-595711Every Little Thing I Do
19-Mar-607704Where or When
07-May-607009When You Wish Upon a Star
20-Aug-606007In the Still of the Night
10-Dec-602717Lonely Teenager
28-Oct-610319Runaround Sue
27-Jan-620120The Wanderer / The Majestic
09-Jun-623309Lovers Who Wander
04-Aug-627804Little Diane
08-Dec-626805Love Came to Me
16-Feb-630616Ruby Baby
01-Jun-633706This Little Girl
27-July-636905Be Careful of Stones That You Throw
05-Oct-633610Donna the Prima DonnaDion di Muci
21-Dec-633010Drop DropDion di Muci
27-Mar-659902Unloved, Unwanted MeDion di Muci
02-Nov-681618Abraham, Martin and John
07-Jun-698205Both Sides Now
07-Sep-708208Your Own Back Yard

The G-Clefs
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Nov-616510I Understand (Just How You Feel)

Joe Brown and the Bruvvers
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Aug-624012The Picture of You
04-May-633214That's What Love Will Do
12-Aug-678608With a Little Help from My FriendsJoe Brown solo

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Feb-654525Baby, Please Don't Go
01-May-651719Here Comes the Night
25-Dec-654311Mystic Eyes
16-Apr-665607Call My Name
Normie Rowe
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-May-650523It Ain't Necessarily So
07-Aug-650914I (Who Have Nothing)
11-Sep-650132Que Sera Sera / Shakin' All Over
27-Nov-650322Tell Him I'm Not Home / Call on Me
19-Feb-660517The Breaking Point / Ya Ya
28-May-660820Pride & Joy / The Stones I Throw
19-Nov-660121Ooh La La / Ain't Nobody Home
17-Dec-660315It's Not Easy
15-Apr-671110Going Home / I Don't Care
17-Jun-671712But I Know / Sunshine Secret
30-Sep-674607Turn Down Day / Stop to Think it Over
24-Aug-684110Born to Be By Your Side / Break Out
02-Sep-749304Higher and Higher
06-Apr-815608Maybe Tomorrow
12-Mar-845014Rock & Roll You're Beautiful

Roger Miller
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jan-611116You Don't Want My Love
01-Aug-641908Dang Me
27-Feb-651615King of the Road
12-Jun-657008Engine Engine No.9
16-Oct-658106Kansas City Star
04-Dec-652313England Swings
19-Mar-663712Husbands & Wives / I've Been a Long Time Leavin'
01-Oct-667903My Uncle Used to Love Me But She Died
08-Apr-673818Walkin' in the Sunshine
30-Mar-684610Little Green Apples
04-Jan-697714Vance / Little Children Run and Play
01-Nov-695209Boeing Boeing 707 / Where Have all the Average People Gone
13-Apr-706008The Tom Green County Fair
18-Oct-719403Loving Her Was Easier (Than Anything I'll Ever Do Again)
17-Sep-738904Open Up Your Heart
Soul Asylum:
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Aug-931129Runaway Train
25-Jun-952219Misery (Frustrated Inc.)
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jan-761831Rock and Roll All Nite
10-May-764510Shout it Out Loud
25-Oct-767913Beth / Detroit Rock City
24-Jan-776710Hard Luck Woman
13-Jun-779302Calling Dr. Love
12-Sep-777809Then She Kissed Me
19-Sep-779901Christine Sixteen
11-Sep-788906Strutter '78
09-July-790237I Was Made for Lovin' You
22-Oct-790524Sure Know Something
25-Aug-803919Talk to Me
10-Nov-804814Star Trax (EP)
28-Feb-837605I Love it Loud
12-Dec-838202Lick it Up
22-Oct-846212Heaven's on Fire
02-Nov-873414Crazy Crazy Nights
08-Feb-888502Reason to Live
16-Jan-894808Let's Put the X in SexNo.49 on ARIA
20-Nov-897603Hide Your Heart
07-Jun-921818God Gave Rock and Roll to You II
20-Sep-982208Psycho Circus
22-Nov-984006We Are One

album info will be posted on the ALBUMS thread
OK, thanks fo the help. You're doing a great job!
thanks once again bulion!! A few more for you...

B.W. Stevenson
Charlie Pride
Edgar Winter (Group)
Hollywood Argyles
Jerry Lee Lewis
Linda Scott
Reg Lindsay
Wayne Fontana (and the Mindbenders)

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The Top100 from Crash Test Dummies, Tina Turner, Babylon Zoo and Spin Doctors? And was Chrissy Steele, Dschinghis Khan and Soul Sister in the charts? And was the song "This Is It" from Michael Jackson in these charts?
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i think i know how to work this thing now,i think.i've been trying to get information off the internet since 1998,and from my first day on,i still cannot get a chart listing of australian hits for the great del shannon.a librarian called me and read part of the old ''oznet'' #1 list,and when she said ''swiss maid'' was on it,that's when i stopped ignoring the internet.so,after 12 years of debris,opinion and perverse habits posted by whoknowswhat,could somebody please tell me how del did there?you give him his last chart record,so a sincere thank you.
And Michelle Gayle?
Could you please tell me what Goanna albums & singles charted in Australia (& what their peaks were)
B.W. Stevenson
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Sep-735511My Maria

Charlie Pride
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-July-705613Is Anybody Goin' to San Antone
19-Oct-708803Wonder Could I Live There Anymore / Piroque Joe
20-Sep-713622Me & Bobby McGee
24-Jan-729503Wings of a Dove
28-Feb-725813Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'
14-Aug-725112All His Children
30-July-739303Too Weak to Let You Go
10-Sep-7310001Don't Fight the Feelings of Love
26-Nov-738408Me & Bobby McGee (R)
03-May-827605Mountain of Love

Edgar Winter (Group)
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-738404Free Ride

Hollywood Argyles
Entry DateHPWITitles

Jerry Lee Lewis
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Nov-571123Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
22-Feb-581113Great Balls of Fire
06-Sep-582016High School Confidential
16-May-595010Big Blon' Baby
26-Mar-609901I Could Never Be Ashamed of You / Little Queenie
27-May-615204What'd I Say
01-Jun-635708Sweet Little Sixteen
16-May-646803Lewis Boogie
23-May-646007I'm on Fire
09-Jan-657206High Heel Sneakers
08-Jun-709603Once More With Feeling
17-Apr-724013Chantilly Lace
26-Feb-794211Save the Last Dance for Me
25-Sep-899602Great Balls of Fire (R)

Linda Scott
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-610617I've Told Every Little Star
12-Aug-612613Don't Bet Money, Honey / Starlight Starbright
16-Dec-615209I Don't Know Why
21-July-618905Never in a Million Years
10-Nov-626805I Left My Heart in the Balcony

Reg Lindsay
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Dec-669003They Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around
08-Jan-739801Close the Door Lightly
04-Jun-738604July You're My Woman
18-Aug-759502Takin' a Chance
07-Jun-769106Give Me Liberty

Wayne Fontana (**and the Mindbenders)
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Apr-653811The Game of Love**
31-July-655505It's Just a Little Bit Too Late Now**
04-Jun-663818Come on Home
04-Feb-670519Pamela, Pamela
17-Jun-67331124 Sycamore
21-Oct-677209The Impossible Years
27-July-688408The Words of Bartholomew

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I'll do more of these on the weekend, so I'll get to all your requests shortly.
Elvis Presley?
Michael Jackson?
Weird Al Yankovic?

are there any websites to get all this information from (pre1989 charts)
Trav D, the requests you're after have been previously posted in various places on the net:

Elvis Presley:

AC/DC (need to use ctrl+F to search):

Michael Jackson (need to use ctrl+F to search):

Weird Al Yankovic:

...as for the Australian charts pre 1989 I don't believe there is online access, as I've been looking myself for a year or two to no avail. They're available in book form though. bulion might be able to shed some more light on this for you...
spatz, the other four names you mentioned did not chart. "This is it" the single did not chart.

Crash Test Dummies
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-May-928702Superman's Song
01-May-941x326Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
14-Aug-944012Afternoons and Coffeespoons
20-Nov-947009God Shuffled His Feet

Tina Turner
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-662929River Deep-Mountain High**
07-Jan-672811A Love Like Yours**
03-Dec-731452Nutbush City Limits**
05-Sep-778006Under My Thumb
16-Jan-841918Let's Stay Together
23-July-840122What's Love Got to Do With it
15-Oct-842818Better be Good to Me
17-Dec-842115Private Dancer
22-July-850117We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)
21-Oct-853408One of the Living
10-Feb-865708It's Only Love (w/ Bryan Adams)
22-Sep-862017Typical Male
23-Feb-871528What You Get is What You See
15-Jun-876005Break Every Rule
04-Sep-894x228The Best
04-Dec-893415Steamy Windows
25-Feb-905904I Don't Wanna Lose You
03-Feb-911616It Takes Two (w/ Rod Stewart
27-Oct-911614Nutbush City Limits (90's version)
15-Mar-926205Love Thing
24-May-921413(Simply) The Best (w/ Jimmy Barnes)
20-Jun-933924I Don't Wanna Fight
03-Oct-933508The Best (R)
24-Oct-935606Disco Inferno
07-Apr-96943aWhatever You Want
** shown as Ike & Tina Turner

Babylon Zoo
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Jun-965906Animal Army

Spin Doctors
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Jan-931624Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
18-Apr-933x422Twi Princes
25-July-938605Jimmy Olsen's Blues
the novice, here is...
Del Shannon:
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-July-610215Hats Off to Larry
21-Oct-611617So Long, Baby
16-Dec-611216Hey! Little Girl
31-Mar-625713Ginny in the Mirror
12-May-629602You Never Talked About Me
15-Sep-621x322The Swiss Maid
12-Jan-631x117Little Town Flirt
27-Apr-631716Two Kinds of Teardrops
06-July-632112From Me to You / Two Silhouettes
09-Nov-633110Sue's Gotta Be Mine
28-Mar-649902Mary Jane
11-July-641710Handy Man
03-Oct-642710Do You Want to Dance
12-Dec-640917Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)
20-Mar-658305Stranger in Town
31-July-659901Break Up
14-May-664409The Big Hurt
22-Oct-667507Under My Thumb
30-Sep-671416Runaway (Jazz version)
07-July-759002Tell Her No
08-May-899901Walk Away
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Oct-820326Solid Rock
21-Mar-833615Razor's Edge
12-Dec-836712That Day
24-Dec-844213Common Ground
10-Jun-859102Dangerous Dancing
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Dec-820243Spirit of Place
BIG thanks bulion!

Can I please also have the chart stats for:

Barry Mann
Chubby Checker
Chuck Berry
Gene Vincent
Jay and the Americans
Lonnie Lee (and the Leemen)
Trini Lopez
Wanda Jackson

when you've got the time.
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And "Genghis Khan", Alannah Myles
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do you know any places to get all this information from? (pre 1989 charts)
Jay and the Americans
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Jun-628205She Cried
08-Feb-647203Come, Dance With Me
17-Oct-640418Come a Little Bit Closer
13-Feb-655611Let's Lock the Door (and Throw Away the Key)
26-Jun-650515Cara Mia
18-Sep-653612Some Enchanted Evening
18-Dec-655810Sunday and Me
08-Feb-692815This Magic Moment

Lonnie Lee (and the Leemen)
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Nov-591527Ain't it So
13-Feb-600624Starlight, Starbright
30-Apr-601417Yes Indeed I Do
20-Aug-600226I Found a New Love / Defenceless
18-Feb-611813Sit Around and Talk to Me / Baby Baby Bye Bye
27-May-614015Sitting by the River
13-Jan-622517When the Bells Stop Ringing
14-Apr-625614Don't You Know (Pretty Baby)

Trini Lopez
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-630216If I Had a Hammer
26-Oct-632512Jeanie Marie
07-Dec-632110Kansas City
27-Feb-655509Lemon Tree
27-Nov-657004Sinner Man
14-May-668504I'm Comin' Home

Wanda Jackson
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-600621Let's Have a Party
15-Apr-613315Mean, Mean Man
05-Aug-613306Funnel of Love / Right or Wrong
02-Dec-617305In the Middle of a Heartache
17-Feb-623810A Little Bitty Tear
20-Apr-688606Wishing Well
Barry Mann
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Aug-612218Who Put the Bomp (in the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)
23-Dec-618310Little Miss U.S.A.

Chuck Berry
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Jun-571216School Day
22-Mar-580720Sweet Little Sixteen
17-May-585610Reelin' and Rockin'
31-May-582214Johnny B Goode
28-Mar-644112Nadine (is it You?)
06-Jun-641115No Particular Place to Go
22-Aug-642110You Never Can Tell
28-Nov-648901Little Marie
23-Jan-658107Promised Land
22-May-659602Dear Dad
30-Oct-724713My Ding-a-Ling

Gene Vincent
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Apr-572103Bluejean Bop
05-Oct-571221Lotta Lovin'
Chubby Checker
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Sep-600330The Twist
26-Nov-602427The Hucklebuck / Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
15-Apr-610814Pony Time
01-July-614806(Dance the) Mess Around
12-Aug-610738Let's Twist Again
11-Nov-613516The Fly / That's the Way it Goes
10-Mar-624105Twistin' U.S.A.
24-Mar-620916Slow Twistin' / La Paloma Twist
26-May-624907Teach me to Twist / Swingin' Together (w/ Bobby Rydell)
04-Aug-628504Dancin' Party
06-Oct-620826Limbo Rock / Popeye the Hitchhiker
02-Mar-631114Let's Limbo Some More / 20 Miles
01-Jun-633310Birdland / Black Cloud
23-Nov-631713Loddy Lo / Hooka Tooka
15-Feb-642510What Do Ya Say!
04-Apr-642611Hey. Bobba Needle
04-July-645007Lazy Elsie Molly / Rosie
26-Sep-649802You Better Believe it, Baby / She Wants T'Swim
22-Oct-736406Reggae My Way
15-Aug-882315The Twist (Fat Boys feat...)
Genghis Khan
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Oct-798606Genghis Khan

Alannah Myles
20-Nov-891236Love is
14-Jan-903x228Black Velvet
29-Apr-906407Still Got this Thing
05-Aug-904717Lover of Mine
thanks for the quick reply bulion, much appreciated. Gradually moving through my list.

Can I please grab...

Bert Kaempfert
Betty Everett
Gene McDaniels
Hank Locklin
Hank Williams (Sr.)
The Noveltones
Peter, Paul and Mary
The Walker Brothers

Thanks mate.
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And George Baker, George Baker Sellection, Twice As Much, Nicole, Peter Sarstedt, Danyel Gérard and Desireless?
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ah,after twelve years!!thank you very much for the stats.and thank you for the suzi quatro and neil diamond lists earlier.i wanted theirs more for research purposes.her having 3 #1s was quite rare anywhere before madonna had hers because of the video era.and how could neil diamond have such massive album success and not only not have a #1 single,but barely threaten the top five?anyroad,thankya.and because of youtube,i can finally hear the col joye and johnny o'keefe songs i've been writing the data for.if america gets less creative,i'll take a bus the the coast and swim there.probobly soon!
Bert Kaempfert
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Dec-600127Wonderland by Night
09-Jun-622014That Happy Feeling
13-Mar-657910Red Roses for a Blue Day

Betty Everett
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-642111The Shoop Shoop Song (it's in His Kiss)
03-Oct-643214Let it Be Me (w/ Jerry Butler)

Gene McDaniels
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Apr-610217A Hundred Pounds of Clay
12-Aug-614512A Tear / She's Come Back
28-Oct-610316Tower of Strength
17-Feb-620218Chip Chip
18-Aug-620913Point of No Return
17-Nov-621216Spanish Lace
02-Mar-634708The Puzzle
31-Aug-634312It's a Lonely Town (Lonely Without You)
07-Dec-637604Anyone Else

Hank Locklin
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-July-602227Please Help Me, I'm Falling
02-Dec-616610You're the Reason

Hank Williams (Sr.)
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jan-520115Cold, Cold Heart
04-July-530810Your Cheatin' Heart

The Noveltones - no entries

Peter, Paul and Mary
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Oct-622617If I Had a Hammer
06-Apr-630623Puff (the Magic Dragon)
27-July-631113Blowin' in the Wind
19-Oct-635609Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
04-Apr-640826Tell it on the Mountain
20-Jun-641615Oh, Rock My Soul (Parts 1 & 2)
15-Aug-648104Blowin' in the Wind (R)
06-Feb-653613For Lovin' Me
29-May-651711The Times They Are a Changin' / When the Ship Comes in
04-Sep-654309San Francisco Bay Blues / Come and Go With Me
23-Oct-653411Early Mornin' Rain
02-Sep-670413I Dig Rock and Roll Music
23-Dec-678107Too Much of Nothing
22-Nov-693024Leaving on a Jet Plane

The Walker Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Oct-655306Make it Easy on Yourself
19-Mar-669203My Ship is Coming in
16-Apr-662232The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Any More
12-Nov-669801Another Tear Falls
04-Feb-678902Deadlier Than the Male
18-Feb-675204Land of 1000 Dances
25-Mar-674507Stay With Me, Baby
01-July-677404Walking in the Rain
09-Feb-762824No Regrets
George Baker Selection
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Apr-701238Little Green Bag
24-Aug-703716Dear Ann
22-July-742912Baby Blue
11-Aug-750234Paloma Blanca
15-Dec-753518Rose Marie / Morning Sky
14-Aug-789804Rosita (George Baker)

Twice As Much
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Aug-6610001Sittin' on a Fence

Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-829303A Little Peace
13-Oct-868404Don't You Want My Love

Peter Sarstedt
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Mar-690120Where Do You Go to (My Lovely)
14-Jun-690813Frozen Orange Juice

Danyel Gérard
Entry DateHPWITitles

Desireless - no entries
Entry DateNo.HPWITitles
04-July-8818104You've Always Got the Blues (w/ Kate Ceberano)
16-Sep-9021819Token Angels 
27-Jan-9133414Woman's Gotta Have it 
21-Apr-9141414Let's Kiss (Like Angels Do) 
30-Aug-9250233The Day You Went Away 
24-Jan-9361518Friday's Child 
18-Apr-9374110If Only I Could 
25-Sep-9483721Standing Strong 
29-Jan-9599801Love Will Keep Me Alive 
2-Apr-9596803Love Will Keep Me Alive ® 
25-May-97107507Then I Walked Away 
14-May-01128801Beautiful View 

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do you know who sang the Hucklebuck? did it chart?

what about Village People's charting positions?
The Village People's positions were in the first part, you should learn to look first. But I'll post them here anyway.

(thanks to Beanster)

06-Mar-78*HP-15*WI-25 San Francisco (You've Got Me)
05-Jun-78*HP-03*WI-28 Macho Man
06-Nov-78*HP-01*WI-25 Y.M.C.A
26-Mar-79*HP-07*WI-18 In The Navy
09-Jun-80*HP-01*WI-20 Can't Stop The Music
18-Aug-80*HP-88*WI-03 Magic Night
20-Jul-81*HP-48*WI-09 Do You Wanna Spend The Night
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The Hucklebuck chart history in Australia

1960 2427Chubby Checker
1965 0434Brendan Bowyer
1981 7009Coast to Coast
thanks bulion

Big Bopper
Billy Joe and the Checkmates
Brenda Lee
Brent Parlane
The Chiffons
Duane Eddy
Frank Sinatra
The Intruders
Neil Sedaka
Ram Jam Big Band
Sam Cooke
The Strangers (AU)
The Vogues

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Thanks for reply. Could you write the charts from:

The Rubettes
Echo & The Bunnymen
Eddie Murphy
Vanessa Paradis
Norman Greenbaum
Lutricia McNeal
Gianna Nannini
Carl Douglas
Suzanne Vega
George McCrae
P.P. Arnold
Mungo Jerry
Les Humphries Singers
Laura Branigan
Robert Tepper
Middle Of The Road
Don Johnson
Terry Jacks
Steve Harley (& Cockney Rebel)
Alvin Stardust
Goombay Dance Band
Spencer Davis Group
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
The Equals
Amen Corner
Demis Roussos
The Drifters
Barry Ryan
Barry Gibb
Robin Gibb
The Sweet
Barry White

And was Rammstein 2009/2010 in the charts?

Thank you!
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Could I please have the ARIA history for

Dana Dawson
Jo Beth Taylor

Thanks for the info on Goanna - much appreciated. Could you please find out the chart positions for singles & albums by The Loved Ones, and could you do the same for Johnny Young (could be Johnny Young and Kompany).

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Can I just stress to EVERYONE not to OVERDO the requests as bulion does these and I'm sure he's happy to do a REASONABLE amount, BUT I reckon some of these very LONG lists are stretching things a bit.
Big Bopper
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-585306Purple People Eater meets Witch Doctor
13-Sep-581822Chantilly Lace
24-Jan-592811Big Bopper's Wedding
13-Jun-596405Walking Through My Dreams
26-Aug-618904Pink Petticoats

Billy Joe and the Checkmates
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-feb-620717Percolator (Twist)

Brent Parlane - nothing charted

The Chiffons
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Apr-633410He's So Fine
20-July-635506One Fine Day

The Intruders - nothing charted

Ram Jam Big Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Sep-675412My Girl
10-Feb-683411Sunshine and I Feel Fine
18-May-686104I Can't Let Go of This Feelin'

The Strangers (AU)
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Jan-633510The Cry of the Wild Goose / Leavin' Town
24-July-6560-4If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody
10-Sep-669404Put Yourself in My Place
29-Apr-674610Western Union
02-Nov-682814Happy Without You
10-May-693113Lady Scorpio
22-Jun-701018Melanie Makes me Smile
16-Nov-707811Mr. President / Looking Through the Eyes of a Beautiful Girl
12-July-717404Sweet Water

The Vogues
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Nov-655514You're the One
12-Feb-666404Five O'Clock World
31-Aug-684311Turn Around, Look at Me
05-Oct-683609My Special Angel
09-Aug-699701Moments to Remember

** The ones I did not do in this request were TOO BIG, so ask again sometime. Sam Cooke and Duane Eddy are down lower
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Dana Dawson
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Oct-9554193 is Family
18-Feb-966806Got to Give Me Love

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Mar-890524Ring My Bell
10-July-891210All I Wanna Do is Dance
23-Oct-893107That's What I Like About You
19-Aug-90566aWho Do You Think You Are
16-Dec-90914aUpside Down

Jo Beth Taylor
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-July-91311599 Reasons
15-Aug-936111A Prayer for Jane
02-Feb-979501I Love My Dog
Loved Ones
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-May-661137The Loved One
27-Aug-660922Ever Lovin' Man
03-Dec-661015The Loved Ones (EP) (feat Blueberry Hill)
24-Dec-662713Sad Dark Eyes
15-Apr-672608A Love Like Ours
05-Aug-678303Love Song

Johnny Young
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jun-660237Step Back / Cara-Lyn (with The Kompany)
15-Oct-660423Let it Be Me (EP) (with The Kompany)
07-Jan-670414Kiss me Now / When Will I Be Loved (with The Kompany)
25-Mar-670912All My Lovin' (EP)
08-July-673707Lady / Good Evening Girl
26-Aug-672510Craise Finton Kirk / I Am the World
27-July-682910It's a Sunny Day / My World
27-Nov-728006Reach for the Sun
18-Jun-736602Just Another Rock and Roller
The Rubettes
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Jun-740224Sugar Baby Love
27-Jan-754611Juke Box Jive
07-July-758903I Can Do it

Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-880533Underneath the Radar
05-Dec-888208Show Some Emotion
25-Sep-895608Stand Up
08-Sep-962032Born Slippy
22-Mar-997802Push Upstairs
11-Oct-998201King of Snake
09-Sep-027103Two Months Off

Echo & The Bunnymen
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Apr-836713The Cutter
25-Jun-849601The Killing Moon
03-Feb-867807Bring on the Dancing Horses

Eddie Murphy
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Feb-862113Party All the Time

Vanessa Paradis
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-939604Be My Baby

Norman Greenbaum
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Mar-700126Spirit in the Sky
20-July-705106Canned Ham

Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Feb-775311Under the Moon of Love
17-Nov-808306Why Do Lovers Break Each Others' Hearts

Lutricia McNeal - nothing charted

Gianna Nannini - nothing charted

Carl Douglas
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Oct-740123Kung Fu Fighting

Freur - nothing charted
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Mar-84011599 Luftballoons
11-Jun-847104Just a Dream
17-Feb-869502It's All in the Game

George McCrae
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-July-740223Rock Your Body
03-Feb-759201I Can't Leave You Alone

Entry DateHPWITitles

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Sep-779504My Broken Souvenirs
09-Oct-787610Same Old Song

P.P. Arnold
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Feb-662816(if You Think You're) Groovy

Mungo Jerry
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-July-700129In the Summertime
05-Apr-716712Baby Jump
05-July-711414Lady Rose
01-Nov-719704You Don't Have to Be in the Army to Fight in the War
03-Sep-732627Alright, Alright, Alright
04-Feb-744213Wild Love
03-Jun-748401Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black

Les Humphries Singers
Entry DateHPWITitles

Camouflage - nothing charted

Laura Branigan
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Sep-834614How Am I Supposed to Live Without You
18-Jun-840321Self Control
24-Sep-844810The Lucky One
24-Dec-840224Ti Amo
02-Sep-852414Spanish Eddie
31-Aug-876007Shattered Glass
06-Jun-889801Cry Wolf

Robert Tepper - nothing charted

Middle Of The Road
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Feb-710233Chipry, Chirpy, Cheep Cheep
20-Sep-711522Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum
07-Feb-722313Soley, Soley
01-May-727911Sacramento (A Wonderful Town)
18-Dec-727106Bottoms Up

Don Johnson
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Dec-883413Till I Loved You w/ Barbra Streisand

Terry Jacks
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Mar-740127Seasons in the Sun
14-Oct-746306If You Go Away

Steve Harley (& Cockney Rebel)
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Apr-751725Make me Smile (Come Up and See Me)

Alvin Stardust
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Dec-730126My Coo Ca Choo
29-Apr-742716Jealous Mind
16-Sep-749801Red Dress
11-Nov-748502You You You
14-Apr-758303Good Love Can Never Die
23-July-846413I Feel Like Buddy Holly

Goombay Dance Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-May-822522Seven Tears

Spencer Davis Group
05-Feb-662112Keep on Running
21-Jan-670618Gimme Some Lovin'
04-Mar-671611I'm a Man
30-Sep-673710Time Seller
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown
Entry DateHPWITitles

The Equals
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-681016Baby, Come Back
24-May-696805Michael and the Slipper Tree
22-Nov-697911Viva Bobby Joe

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Feb-760428A Glass of Champagne
24-May-762121Girls, Girls, Girls
20-Sep-764718Traffic Jam

Amen Corner
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-678504Gin House Blues
08-Mar-698209(If Paradisde is) Half as Nice

Demis Roussos
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Sep-736004Velvet Morning / Forever and Ever
12-May-759007With You
23-Feb-765614Happy to Be on an Island in the Sun
28-May-792119My Friend the Wind
28-Feb-836005Follow Me

The Drifters
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-July-595714There Goes My Baby
16-Jan-608108Dance With Me
05-Nov-600118Save the Last Dance for Me
25-Feb-616111I Count the Tears
06-May-613617Some Kind of Wonderful
22-July-616807Please Stay
28-Oct-616705Sweets for My Sweet / Loneliness or Happiness
31-Mar-625809When My Little Girl is Smiling
26-Jan-634116Up on the Roof
20-Apr-632114On Broadway
19-Oct-635308I'll Take You Home
15-Aug-646207Under the Boardwalk
24-Oct-6410001I've Got Sand in My Shoes
19-Dec-641017Saturday Night at the Movies
20-Mar-658105At the Club
15-Oct-730934Like Sister and Brother
22-July-740721Kissin' in the Back Row of the Movies
06-Jan-754214Down on the Beach Tonight
26-May-757804Love Games
16-May-778805You're More Than a Number in My Little Red Book

Barry Ryan
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Mar-694510Love is Love

Barry Gibb
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Dec-803716Guilty w/ Barbra Streisand
29-Oct-848707Shine Shine

Robin Gibb
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Aug-690717Saved By the Bell
27-Dec-694908One Million Years
02-Mar-707303August October
30-July-844825Boys Do Fall in Love

The Sweet
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-719304Funny, Funny
17-Apr-727015Poppa Joe
01-Jan-731525Wig Wam Bam
11-Jun-734913Hell Raiser
23-July-736504Little Willy
05-Nov-730225The Ballroom Blitz
11-Mar-741018Teenage Rampage
12-Aug-744811The Six Teens
18-Nov-740427Peppermint Twist
12-May-750132Fox on the Run
09-Feb-761424The Lies in Your Eyes
13-Dec-767414Lost Angels
27-Mar-780924Love is Like Oxygen
01-July-853612It's It's... The Sweet Mix

Barry White
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-July-732619I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More Baby
04-Mar-740819Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
16-Sep-742314Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe
20-Jan-756009You're the First, The Last, My Everything
08-Mar-768703Let the Music Play

And was Rammstein 2009/2010 - nothing charted during that period for them
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Sam Cooke
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Jan-581718You Send Me
01-Nov-589801Win Your Love for Me
23-May-595408Everybody Likes to Cha Cha Cha
08-Aug-599303Only 16
07-May-608103Teenage Sonata
18-Jun-603910Wonderful World
08-Oct-602113Chain Gang
07-Jan-617404Sad Mood
22-Apr-613912That's it - I Quit - I'm Movin' On
07-Oct-616813Feel it
03-Feb-622222Twistin' the Night Away
16-Jun-622716Having a Party / Bring it on Home to Me
13-Oct-628010Nothing Can Change This Love
25-May-634109Another Saturday Night
28-Mar-647202Good News
10-Oct-642815Cousin of Mine
20-Feb-658507Shake / A Change is Gonna Come
Duane Eddy
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-May-594510Detour (B-side of below track)
16-May-594706The Lonely One
08-Aug-59111640 Miles of Bad Road
07-Nov-593216Some Kind-A Earthquke
30-Jan-601512Bonnie Came Back
25-Jun-600618Because They're Young
05-Nov-600223Peter Gunn
13-May-612112Theme from Dixie
29-July-612710Ring of Fire
09-Sep-614307Drivin' Home / Gidget Goes Hawaiian
28-Oct-616211My Blue Heaven
03-Feb-626004The Avenger
05-May-623810Saints & Sinners / Deep in the Heart of Texas
28-July-621517The Ballad of Paladin
13-Oct-620520(Dance With the) Guitar Man
23-Feb-631313Boss Guitar
08-Jun-635205Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar
31-Aug-634604Your Baby's Gone Surfin'
02-Jun-757008Play me Like You Play Your Guitar
05-May-861120Peter Gunn The Art of Noise feat...
I need chart position (Singles & Albums) for A-Ha in Australia

I hope that you'll find for me

Many thanks, Bulion.
Hey guys, 'quite the jaw-droppingly helpful thread a brewin' here.

Would anyone happen to have the album & single chart histories for:

Dr. Hook
Bachman Turner Overdrive (BTO)

Thank you very much, indeed & have a pleasant evening.
Sorry... ignore the generalized requests of my last post. I forgot that the singles histories for these three groups have already been posted.


Dr. Hook
Bachman Turner Overdrive

Please & thank you.
And Suzanne Vega, USA For Africa, Rockwell, Dave Davies and Michael Holm? Thanks bulion for the reply. Sorry for the stress with my long list.
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thanks for the above bulion, I do appologise for the large request, but I didn't expect you to do them all at once. won't post quite so many next time. when I saw spatz-98's request list, I got a little carried away lol
Giacomo; a-Ha are releasing a new greatest hits at the end of October called "25".

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-850124Take on Me
23-Dec-851916The Sun Always Shines on TV
12-May-864709Train of Thought
30-Jun-863308Hunting High and Low
10-Nov-862111I've Been Losing You
22-Dec-864512Cry Wolf
03-Aug-872909The Living Daylights
23-May-885507Stay on These Roads

albums on the album page.
Suzanne Vega
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Nov-853925Marlene on the Wall
30-Jun-863510Left of Centre
05-Oct-879103Solitude Standing
14-Oct-900820Tom's Diner DNA feat...
04-Oct-926109Blood Makes Noise

USA For Africa
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Apr-850126We Are the World

Entry DateHPWITitles
14-May-841212Somebody's Watching Me

Dave Davies
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Aug-674410Death of a Clown

Michael Holm
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Feb-756705When a Child is Born

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bulion, could I please grab chart stats from...

Billy Joe Royal
Billy Stewart
Bobby Fuller Four
The Charlie Daniels Band
Ferlin Husky
Judy Stone
Merle Haggard
The Village Stompers

Billy Joe Royal
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Aug-651017Down in the Boondocks
23-Oct-655509I Knew You When
29-Nov-696903Cherry Hill Park

Billy Stewart
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Nov-666204Secret Love

Bobby Fuller Four
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Dec-635511Saturday Night
12-Mar-661414I Fought the Law
28-May-667905Love's Made a Fool of You

The Charlie Daniels Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Sep-791425The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Ferlin Husky
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Oct-530322Dear John Letter ( with Jean Shepard)
13-Feb-541603Forgive me, John ( with Jean Shepard)
07-Sep-572905A Fallen Star
28-Jan-610526Wings of a Dove
18-Aug-6210001Somebody Save Me

Judy Stone
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-618008You're Driving Me Mad
03-Mar-621921I'll Step Down / Mommie & Daddy were're Twistin'
25-Aug-625010Finders Keepers
28-Mar-6411204,003,221 Tears from Now
27-Aug-660320Born a Woman
13-Dec-712516Day by Day
21-Jan-742221Mare, Mare, Mare (Keep Safe My Love)
06-May-740227Would You Lay With Me (in a Field of Stone)
16-Dec-747906Where are the Clowns?
21-July-759401We Two Will Love (Oui Pour La Vie)
24-Nov-753923Silver Wings & Golden Rings
24-May-764017Hasta Manana

Merle Haggard - nothing charted

The Village Stompers
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Oct-630219Washington Square
27-Jun-648207From Russia with Love
20-Nov-659403Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
And Dave Mason?

Blind Faith
Eddie Cochran
The Elegants
Leroy Van Dyke
The Routers
The Turtles

thanks again
Dave Mason - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jun-711122Seasons of Change
31-July-720128Boppin' the Blues
19-Feb-738505Slippin' & Slidin'

Blind Faith
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jan-706808Well All Right

Eddie Cochran
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-May-573008Sittin' in the Balcony
20-Sep-581826Summertime Blues
11-Apr-598802C'Mon, Everybody
09-Jan-604508Hallelujah, I Love Her So

The Elegants
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-580824Little Star

Leroy Van Dyke
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Dec-610824Walk on By
31-Mar-625306Big Man in a Big House / Faded Love
07-Apr-623907If a Woman Answers (Hang Up the Phone)
03-Nov-629801I Sat Back and Let it Happen

The Routers
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Jun-633108Sting Ray

The Turtles
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Sep-653811It Ain't Me Babe
27-Nov-655409Let me Be
24-Sep-667203We'll Meet Again
15-Apr-671815Happy Together
10-Jun-671616She'd Rather Be With Me
30-Sep-678605You Know What I Mean
12-Oct-680822Elenore / Surfer Dan
25-May-709006Who Would Ever Think That I Would Marry Margaret
terrific - thanks for the speedy replies bulion!

Bob Luman
Bobby Bare
Johnny Russell
The McCoys
Rolf Harris
The Trashmen

Was "KLF" in in the chart-peaks 51 to 100?
KLF Lower Top 50:

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Jan-917607What Time is Love
13-Oct-917304What Time is Love (R)

Bob Luman
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Sep-600322Let's Think About Living
21-Jan-614310Why, Why, Bye, Bye
29-Apr-616206The Great Snow Man / The Pig Latin Song
30-Sep-615806Private Eye
19-Oct-632613I Like Your Kind of Love (w Sue Thompson)

Bobby Bare
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Feb-590917The All American Boy (shown as Bill Parsons)
11-Aug-627808Shame on Me
15-Dec-626813I Don't Believe I'll Fall in Love Today
27-July-639304Detroit City
16-Nov-634709500 Miles Away from Home
14-Mar-648101Miller's Cave

Entry DateHPWITitles
22-May-720425Nice to Be With You
27-Nov-726214I Believe in Music
28-May-739102Big City Miss Ruth Ann

Johnny Russell - nothing charted

The McCoys
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Oct-650818Hang on Sloopy
04-Jun-668205Come on Let's Go

Rolf Harris
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Apr-600129Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport
13-Aug-604209The Big Black Hat
12-Nov-601216Six White Boomers
21-Jan-616109Sun-Arise / Tie Me Kangaroo Down Cha Cha
23-Feb-639802Sun, Arise
06-Jun-643212The Court of King Caractacus
03-Oct-648502Ringo for President
17-Apr-655307Sydney Town
26-Feb-662313Jake the Peg / Big Dog
12-Nov-668802Hey Vew Gotta Loight, Boy?
30-Apr-685815Hurry Home
12-Jan-700727Two Little Boys
14-Jun-716707Salvation Army Citadel
22-Jan-796612Back to W.A.
28-Feb-937303Stairway to Heaven

The Trashmen
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Jan-640715Surfin' Bird
21-Mar-646605Bird Dance Beat
You can put more requests in here, but be aware from Wednesday the 13th of October I am without internet for at least 10 days, so doing any requests will be put on hold until I am electronically alive again. Moving house is such a bitch!
No probs bulion, yes moving house is definately a bitch, it's amazing how much stuff we accumulate over time. Anyways, I'll leave my next set of requests with you to do when you next get the chance, thanks in advance.

Bobby Darin
The Equals
Frankie Lymon (and the Teenagers)
Jackie Wilson
The Merseybeats
Percy Sledge
Smokey Robinson (and the Miracles)
Toots and the Maytals
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Were Snap, Bee Gees, US 3, and Stromae in in the chart-peaks 51 to 100 since '89? And "Ten Sharp", The Ikettes, Bitty McLean, "LL Cool J"? Thanks a lot, Bulion!
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Bobby Darin
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-581217Splish Splash
06-Dec-582621Queen of the Hop
04-Apr-599602Plain Jane
13-Jun-590419Dream Lover
19-Sep-590526Mack the Knife (EP)
06-Feb-601316Beyond the Sea
19-Nov-606614Somebody to Love
18-Mar-611813Lazy River
13-May-612614Artificial Flowers
01-July-611316Nature Boy
02-Sep-611418Theme from "Come September"
30-Sep-610515You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby
06-Jan-620123Multiplication / Irresistable You
05-May-624907What'd I Say
13-Oct-625612Baby Face
03-Nov-623611If a Man Answers
09-Feb-631916You're the Reason I'm Living
25-May-63131418 Yellow Roses
07-Sep-635209Treat My Baby Good
10-Oct-647206The Things in This House
27-Feb-659901Hello Dolly
08-Oct-661116If I Were a Carpenter
14-Jan-676409The Girl That Stood Beside Me
11-Feb-677906Lovin' You
29-Apr-678105The Lady Came from Baltimore
04-Nov-679102Talk to the Animals
22-Jun-709605RX-Pyro (Presciprtion: Fire)

The Equals
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-681016Baby, Come Back
24-May-696805Michael and the Slipper Tree
22-Nov-697911Viva Bobby Joe

Frankie Lymon (and the Teenagers)
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Jun-561513Why Do Fools Fall in Love
21-Jun-587203A Portable on My Shoulder

Jackie Wilson
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Mar-581016Reet Petite
26-July-586406To Be Loved
07-Feb-595311Lonely Teardrops
11-Jun-607606Doggin' Around
06-Aug-603009All My Love / A Woman, A Lover, A Friend
19-Nov-601118Alone at Last
11-May-636607Baby Workout
23-Sep-672416Higher and Higher
06-Apr-672027Reet Petite (Remix)

The Merseybeats
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Apr-648504I Think of You (The Merseybeats)
02-July-664109Sorrow (The Merseys)

Percy Sledge
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jun-661115When a Man Loves a Woman
27-Aug-668104Warm and Tender Love
19-Nov-669602It Tears Me Up
03-Feb-689802Cover Me

Smokey Robinson and the Miracles
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Feb-615907Shop Around (The Miracles)
27-Jan-689802I Second the Emotion
23-Nov-700724Tears of a Clown
21-Apr-907007Cruisin' (solo)
15-Jun-811417Being With You (solo)
14-Sep-879901Just to See Her (solo)

Toots and the Maytals - nothing at all
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Feb-926606Colour of Love
23-Sep-028601vs Plaything - Do You See the Light
29-Sep-035903vs Motivo - The Power of Bhangra 2003

Bee Gees;
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Nov-979901Still Waters (Run Deep)
02-Apr-017605This is Where I Came in

US 3; - nothing below Top 50

Stromae; - nothing below Top 50

Ten Sharp - nothing at all (unless you meant The Sharp).

The Ikettes
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-May-655405Peaches and Cream

Bitty McLean
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Nov-938308It Keeps Rainin' (Tears from My Eyes)

LL Cool J
Entry DateNo.HPWITitles
31-Mar-9114518Around the Way Girl
7-Jul-9123716Mama Said Knock You Out
20-Oct-91393016 Minutes of Pleasure
12-Jan-92410001Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
21-Jan-9651119feat BOYZ II MEN - Hey Lover
23-Jun-9666507Doin' it
17-Nov-9675014BABYFACE feat - This is For the Lover in You
30-Mar-9796009Ain't Nobody
16-Mar-9811833aHot, Hot, Hot
26-Feb-01129501You and Me
10-Mar-03132818feat AMERIE - Paradise
17-Mar-0314221JENNIFER LOPEZ feat - All I Have
15-May-06151717feat JENNIFER LOPEZ - Control Myself

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Was the Song "Living Eyes" from Bee Gees in the charts?
And Neil Young, Frank Stallone, Double You, Undercover and Michelle Gayle? And was a song named "I'm Your Little Boy" in the charts, maybe?
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Hi - hoping to get Oz chart details (if any) for Linda Lewis & also the Sutherland Brothers. Thanks in advance!
spatz, "Living Eyes" never charted in Australia.

Neil Young;
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Mar-721416Heart of Gold
17-July-729901Old Man
26-Feb-796510Comes a Time
09-Apr-797806Four Strong Winds
01-Dec-808802Hawks & Doves
24-Jan-836809Little Thing Called Love
18-July-888804Ten Men Workin'

Frank Stallone
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jan-846104Far From Over

Double You - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Nov-9210001Baker Street

Michelle Gayle - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Dec-687509Heidschi Bumbeidsci (A Children's Lullaby)
02-Mar-7010001Traumland (Dreamland)
16-Mar-701717I Am Your Little Boy
Sutherland Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-May-723420The Pie
15-Oct-734814(I Don't Wanna Love You But) You Got Me Anyway
03-May-762820Arms of Mary

nothing for Linda Lewis
And Jimmy Somerville, DJ Dado, Luniz, Mighty Dub Kats, Skee-Lo, K'naan, The Rays, Bobby Helms, Bill Justis? And were East 17, E-17, Nas and Boyzone in the peaks 51-100? And were Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi 2009 or 2010 in the chart-peaks 51-100? Thank you, bulion.
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Thanks for the earlier charts. There's always an interesting stat or 2 and some well known songs that didnt even touch our shores. Could I please have charts for:

Bobby Day
Booker T. and the M.G.'s
Des O'Connor
The Mighty Avengers
Ricky Nelson
Tommy James and the Shondells
Tony Worsley and the Blue Jays

Thank you very much.

Please these artists too (pre-ARIA):
Alan Parsons Project
The Band
Black Sabbath
Blue Oyster Cult
Blues Brothers
Bob Marley
The Cure
Cutting Crew
The Foundations
Frank Zappa
Garth Brooks
Harold Melvin
The Impressions
The Isley Brothers
James Brown
Janis Joplin
Did Barbra Streisand chart?
anyone got the chart positions for short lived (1980 - 82) australian group "the monitors"?

many thanks in advance!
bulion, random trivial question for you.

Was during their chart runs on the Australian chart, was Healing Hands or Sacrifice by Elton John ever accredited in the printed ARIA chart as Sacrifice/Healing Hands like it was when it went to #1 in the UK or were those 2 songs two clear, distinct entries on the Australian chart?
BillyBrett, accreditation happened after "Sacrifice" was on the downward slide, very near the end of its chart run it was given the Gold Sales certification. "Healing Hands" was not certified at all. And yes, they were TWO separate chart entities here in Australia...

Healing Hands (from 4-Sep-89): 39372825271616142322222124292933333333496568777063695773659870-

Sacrifice (from 11-Dec-89): 6868686858483127272217149979111312142230263851626510089-
I will do the rest of the requests above on Sunday (20-Nov), but I will quickly do...

The Monitors:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Aug-801625Singing in the 80's
11-May-813217Nobody Told Me
Jimmy Somerville
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Mar-907603You Make me Feel (Mighty Real)
16-Feb-986207Dark Sky

DJ Dado - nothing

Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Apr-965209I Got 5 on it

Mighty Dub Kats - nothing

Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
05-May-96(2)7414I Wish

Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
21-Jun-10)(2)6905Wavin' Flag

The Rays
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Oct-617508Magic Moon (Clair de Lune)

Bobby Helms
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Dec-570626My Special Angel
21-Jun-584309Jingle Bell Rock

Bill Justis
Entry DateHPWITitles
East 17/E-17
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0916-July-957305Hold My Body Tight
1118-Feb-965412Do U Still?
1229-Mar-998301Each Timeshown as E-17

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0115-sep-9610001If I Ruled the World feat Lauryn Hill
0226-July-995506Hate Me Now feat Puff Daddy
0505-Mar-078402Hip Hop is Dead feat Will.I.Am

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0715-Nov-995615Baby Can I Hold You

Backstreet Boys
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Sep-095402Straight Through My Heart

Robbie Williams
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Apr-109801Do You Mind?
13-Sep-106201Shame feat Gary Barlow

Bon Jovi
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Feb-098801Livin' on a Prayer ®
21-Sep-096201We Weren't Born to Follow
05-July-108503Livin' on a Prayer ®
Bobby Day
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Sep-580922Rockin' Robin
25-Oct-588202Over and Over
03-Oct-599702Ain't Gonna Cry No More

Booker T. and the M.G.'s
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Oct-627305Green Onions
27-July-681015Soul Limbo
04-Jan-699804Hang 'em High
24-May-691022Time is Tight
26-July-695704Mrs. Robinson

Des O'Connor
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-737706Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By
03-Jun-7410001My Sentimental Friend
25-May-879604Skye Boat Song with Roger Whittaker

The Mighty Avengers
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Nov-642215So Much in Love

Ricky Nelson
Entry DateHPWITitles
   Ricky Nelson:
18-May-571018I'm Walkin'
20-July-573404A Teenagers Romance
22-Feb-583305Be-Bop Baby
01-Mar-583304Stood Up
28-Jun-587701Believe What You Say
12-July-587902My Buckets Got a Hole in it
26-July-581028Poor Little Fool (B-Side of above track)
06-Dec-582616Lonesome Town
03-Jan-598502I Got a Feeling
25-Apr-591419Never Be Anyone Else But You (B-Side of above track)
25-Apr-592814It's Late (B-Side of above track)
02-May-596610Someday (You'll Want me to Want You)
15-Aug-591123Just a Little Too Much
22-Aug-596306Sweeter Than You (B-Side of above track)
12-Dec-593513I Wanna Be Loved / Mighty Good
21-May-603309Right By My Side / Young Emotions
03-Sep-603614Yes Sir, That's My Baby
25-Mar-617604You Are the Only One
27-May-610122Travelin' Man / Hello Mary Lou
   Rick Nelson:
28-Oct-611417A Wonder Like You
24-Mar-621118Young World
12-May-623213Today's Teardrops / Mad, Mad World
25-Aug-621815Teenage Idol / I've Got My Eyes on You
29-Dec-621812It's Up to You
02-Mar-635006I'm in Love Again / That's All
30-Mar-634511I Got a Woman
29-Jun-632607String Along / Gypsy Woman
05-Oct-632610Fools Rush in
25-Jan-641011For You
23-May-646505The Very Thought of You
03-Oct-649002There's Nothing I Can Say
13-Aug-668104You Just Can't Quit
04-Sep-720622Garden Party

Tommy James and the Shondells
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-July-661513Hanky Panky
21-Jan-674306It's Only Love
15-Apr-678910I Think We're Alone Now
21-Oct-674207Gettin' Together
01-Jun-683313Mony Mony
08-Feb-690319Crimson & Clover
17-May-695908Sweet Cherry Wine
16-Aug-698009Crystal Blue Persuasion
09-Aug-712014Draggin' the Line Tommy James solo

Tony Worsley and the Blue Jays
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Dec-648805Me You Gotta Teach / I Sure Know a Lot About Love
17-Apr-654116Just a Little Bit / If I
18-Sep-650619Velvet Waters
25-Dec-652710Missing You / Lonely City
19-Mar-665105Something's Got a Hold on Me
13-Aug-669003Raining in My Heart
10-Dec-668706No Worries
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Apr-767208Dream On
31-Jan-778510Walk This Way
18-Jan-889502Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
05-Sep-887322Rag Doll

Alan Parsons Project
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Dec-809005The Turn of a Friendly Card
23-Mar-819503Games People Play
16-Aug-822222Eye in the Sky
09-Apr-844314Don't Answer Me

Entry DateHPWITitles
24-May-822614Heat of the Moment

The Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Mar-702719Rag Mama Rag
16-Nov-7010001Time to Kill
25-Feb-749701Ain't Go No Home

Black Sabbath
Entry DateHPWITitles

Blue Oyster Cult
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Nov-766412(Don't Fear) The Reaper

Blues Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Apr-7910001Soul Man
15-Aug-834727Shake Your Tailfeather feat Ray Charles

Bob Marley
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-759701No Woman, No Cry
27-Feb-789901Jamming / Punky Regaae Party
05-Jun-781118Is This Love
08-Sep-809502Could You Be Loved
04-July-831814Buffalo Soldier
28-May-842415One Love/People Get Ready (medley)

The Cure
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jun-809901Boys Don't Cry
09-May-831517Let's Go to Bed
29-Aug-833410The Walk
30-Jan-840616The Love Cats
21-May-845111The Caterpiller
23-Sep-851616In Between Days
09-Dec-850720Close to Me
28-July-862611Boys Don't Cry (remixed)
22-Jun-871613Why Can't I Be You
09-Nov-878903Just Like Heaven

Cutting Crew
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Oct-860829(I Just) Died in Your Arms
03-Aug-879603One for the Mockingbird

The Foundations
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Nov-671815Baby, Now That I've Found You
23-Mar-689802Back on My Feet Again
20-July-6810001Any Old Time (You're Lonely & Sad)
04-Jan-690222Build me Up Buttercup
12-Apr-692411In the Bad, Bad Old Days (Before You Loved Me)
16-Mar-709303Baby I Couldn't See

Frank Zappa - no singles charted for Frank

Garth Brooks - nothing prior to 1994

Harold Melvin
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-July-777806Don't Leave me This Way

The Impressions
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jan-627108Gypsy Woman
07-Dec-637806It's All Right

The Isley Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Aug-698905Behind a Painted Smile

James Brown
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Jun-663907It's a Man's Man's Man's World
10-Feb-861814Living in America

Janis Joplin
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Mar-710123Me and Bobby McGee
19-July-717603Cry Baby / Mercedes Benz
Thank you very very very much.

Jefferson Airplane
Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy Cliff
John Waite
Judas Priest
King Harvest
The Kingsmen
Big Brother and the Holding Company
As usual, thanks for the above info

Bobby Edwards
Bruce Woodley
Dave Dudley
Henry Mancini
Little Jimmy Dickens
Mark Dinning
Ronnie Burns
The Tornadoes

Thanks heaps.
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60.Died Pretty*
62.Icehouse ok
63.Swanee ok
64.Jimmy Barnes
65.Crowded House
66.Bee Gees
69.The Choirboys
71.Tamam Shud
72.Madder Lake
73.Matt Taylor (Chain)
74.The Seekers
Were "Sin With Sebastian", New World, Gala, The Braids, Sue Thompson, Andru Donalds, The Blue Boy, Nightcrawlers, Cappella, MC Lyte, Shola Ama, Annie Lennox, Adamski, Jamie Walters in the charts? And were Culture Beat, E-Rotic, Peter Andre, Dr Dre, OneRepublic, Wilson Pillips, Steve Miller Band, Londonbeat, Faithless and R. Kelly in the peaks 51-100 since '89? And was the song "Everything About You" from Ugly Kid Joe in the charts?
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1.Kate Ceberano  
2.Jo Jo Zep + Falcons
5.Slim Newton
6.Things of Stone and Wood
7.You Am I
9.The Cruel Sea
10.Frenzal Rhomb
Jefferson Airplane
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-679301My Best Friend
20-May-678705Somebody to Love

Jimmy Buffett
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-July-741926Come Monday
27-Jan-759902Pencil Thin Mustache

Jimmy Cliff
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Dec-693011Wonderful World, Beautiful People
23-Nov-703117Wild World
27-Feb-845516Regaae Night
27-Feb-941722I Can See Clearly Now

John Waite
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Aug-840522Missing You
31-Aug-875911These Times are Hard for Lovers

Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Sep-816509Who's Crying Now
01-Mar-8210001Don't Stop Believin'
26-Apr-824325Open Arms
02-May-839304Separate Ways(Worlds Aparts)

Judas Priest
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Aug-809104Living After Midnight

Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Mar-775809Carry on Wayward Son
19-Jun-785215Dust in the Wind

King Harvest
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-713313Wichita Lineman
24-May-719301Jumping Jack Flash

The Kingsmen
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Feb-646106Louie, Louie

Big Brother and the Holding Company - no singles, only one album
Bobby Edwards
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Nov-611228You're the Reason
31-Mar-626403What's the Reason

Bruce Woodley - nothing

Dave Dudley
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Aug-631811Six Days on the Road
02-Nov-635310Cowboy Boots

Henry Mancini
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Mar-591447Peter Gunn
04-Jun-608702Mr. Lucky
13-May-614608Theme from 'The Great Imposter'
18-Nov-610645Moon River
14-July-629701Theme from 'Hatari'
02-Aug-691025Love Theme from 'Rome & Juliet'
03-May-712122Theme from 'Love Story'
03-Mar-807608Ravel's Bolero (from '10')

Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-691928Sounds of Goodbye
20-Dec-693917You've Got to Learn
09-Nov-704915All I Have to Offer You (is Me)
03-May-713412100 Children / Danny Boy
10-Jan-728603Love is a Mountain
16-Sep-745611Our Love Song
22-Sep-755511The Elephant Song
06-Apr-819601Before You There Was Nothing
14-Sep-8110001Hey There Lord

Little Jimmy Dickens - nothing

Mark Dinning
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jan-600321Teen Angel
30-Apr-603213A Star is Born (A Love Has Died)
25-Mar-611716Top 40, News, Weather and Sport

Ronnie Burns
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jun-664512Very Last Day
03-Sep-665010True, True Lovin'
24-Dec-660616Coalman / All the Kings Men
10-Jun-672312Exit Stage Right / In the Morning
09-Sep-673307We Had a Good Thing Goin'
03-Feb-683010When I Was Six Years Old
16-Nov-681814Age of Consent
12-Apr-698206How'd We Ever Get This Way / Harry the Happy Hooligan
20-Sep-717606One Bad Thing

The Tornadoes
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-643816Hot Pot
04-July-647208Monte Carlo
19-Sep-645604Exodus / Blackpool Rock
Sin With Sebastian, New World, Gala - nothing charted

The Braids
Entry DateHPWITitle
08-Dec-96628aBohemian Rhapsody

Sue Thompson
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Sep-610626Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
21-Apr-624012Two of a Kind
07-July-624513Have a Good Time / If The Boy Only Knew
29-Sep-620617James (Hold the Ladder Steady)
19-Jan-634410Willie Can
19-Oct-632613I Like Your Kind of Love w/ Bob Luman
30-Jan-650317Paper Tiger

Andru Donalds - nothing

Blue Boy
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Apr-971731Remember Me

Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Feb-966206Push the Feeling On

Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Apr-945805Move on Baby
10-July-94765aU and Me

MC Lyte - nothing

Shola Ama - nothing

Annie Lennox
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Dec-880617Put a Little Love in Your heart w Al Green
13-Sep-925813Walking on Broken Glass
07-Mar-933815Little Bird / Love Song for a Vampire
19-Feb-951617No More "I Love You's"
11-Jun-955604A Whiter Shade of Pale

Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Nov-907009The Space Jungle

Jamie Walters
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-July-95766aHold On

51 to 100 Positions:
Culture Beat
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0415-May-945706World in Your Hands
0505-Nov-956210Inside out

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0120-Aug-956712Man Don't Have Sex with Your Ex

Peter Andre
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0114-Jun-927207Drive Me Crazy
0802-Jun-965805Only One
1021-Sep-976503All About Us feat Montell Jordan

Dr Dre
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0113-Jun-936306Nuthin' But a "G" Thang feat Snoop Dogg
0229-Oct-959301Keep Their Heads Ringin'

OneRepublic - none

Wilson Pillips
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0212-Aug-905716Release Me

Steve Miller Band - nothing

Londonbeat - nothing

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0202-Nov-97737aDon't Leave
0404-Jan-997304Take the Long Way Home
0511-Jun-016204We Come 1
1013-Sep-046403I Want More
1102-Oct-068901Dance 4 Life Tiesto feat Maxi Jazz

R. Kelly
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0208-May-948206Bump N' Grind
0321-Jan-96962aYou Remind Me of Something
0422-Sep-966009God Thank it's Friday
0624-Aug09710001Gotham City
0818-Oct-996505If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time
0831-Jan-008902If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time ®
1030-Oct-007704I Wish
1102-Apr-01962aThe Storm is Over Now
1324-Jun-028402Honey with Jay-Z
2014-May-075908I'm a Flirt feat T.I. & T-Pain

Ugly Kid Joe:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Apr-920417As Ugly As They Wanna Be (EP) (feat Everything About You)

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Bobby Freeman
Bobby Vee
Gilbert O'Sullivan
The Lettermen
The Librettos
Skeeter Davis
The T-Bones
Tommy Dee

Thanks a million, bulion.
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And were Elton John, Los Umbrellos, Joe Cocker, In-Mood, Dario G, Moby, Monie Love, Lene Marlin, M People, Eurythmics, Scooter, Shaggy, Madonna, Crowded House, Aerosmith, Milow, OMD, Eros Ramazzotti, Enigma, Blondie, Mariah Carey, The Pharcyde, Savage Garden, Safri Dou and "Sash!" at peaks 51-100 since '89? And Curiosity / Curiosity Killed The Cat, Band Aid?
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Hi & thx in advance,
I'm after singles (here) and albums (there) for NZ-born artist Dinah Lee (aka Diane Jacobs or Diane Lee) – her early work was in 1964.
Actually, i would be interested in dinah lee as well. Good to see she had *four* top 40 singles in australia.
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Dinah Lee:
Entry DateHPWITitles 
22-Aug-641730Don't You Know Yockomo
10-Oct-641623Reet Petite / Do the Blue Beat (The Jamaica Ska)
19-Dec-646408I'm Walkin' / Who Stole the Sugar
27-Feb-653811I'll Forgive You Then Forget You
11-Sep-653111I Can't Believe What You Say
11-Dec-657306Let Me in
25-Mar-678405Too Many People / 98.6
Elton John
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
5617-Feb-915708Easier to Walk Away
5923-Aug-925309Runaway Train w/ Eric Clapton
6420-Nov-946012Circle of Life
6904-May-989201Recover Your Soul
7012-Apr-998503Written in the Stars w/LeAnn Rimes
7124-Sep-016305I Want Love
7206-Mat-025406Original Sin

Los Umbrellos - nothing charted

Joe Cocker
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
2117-May-92749aFeels Like Forever

In-Mood - nothing charted

Dario G
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0213-July-989002Carnaval de Paris
0330-Apr-019601Dream to Me

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0121-Dec-97655aJames Bond Theme
0231-May-999302Run On
0520-Nov-005613Honey feat Kelis / Porcelain
0718-Nov-028801In This World
0808-Sep-036201Jam for the Ladies w/ Princess Superstar
0913-Jun-055205Raining Again

Monie Love
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0110-Feb-919003It's a Shame (My Sister)
0309-May-939801Born 2 B.R.E.E.D.

Lene Marlin
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0229-May-005404Sitting Down Here

M People
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0410-July-947509Don't Look Any Further

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
2025-Mar-907201King and Queen of America
2118-Oct-99853aI Saved the World Today

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0404-Aug-038503The Night
0528-Feb-055406Shake That!

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0414-Apr-969303Why You Treat me So Bad
0606-Sep-98629aI Got You Babe w/ Merril Bainbridge
1104-Feb-025405Dance and Shout

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
2125-Dec-895106Oh Father
3419-Dec-939203Remixed Prayers

Crowded House
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0811-Feb-909302I Feel Possessed
1605-Jun-94795aLocked Out

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0805-Aug-907306The Other Side
0907-Oct-905506Walk This Way
1127-Jun-936308Eat the Rich
1313-Nov-947602Blind Man

Milow - nothing charted

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
1016-Jun-917709Sailing on the Seven Seas
1112-Jan-925311Pandora's Box

Eros Ramazzotti - nothing charted

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0205-May-915508Mea Cupla (Part 2)
0321-Nov-939101Carly's Song
0519-Jun-947105The Eyes of Truth
0618-Sep-948402Age of Loneliness
0717-Nov-965710Beyond the Invisible
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
1404-Dec-949801Atomic (Remix)

Mariah Carey
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0615-Dec-916312Can't Let Go
2605-Apr-99546aI Still Believe
2930-Oct-005206Against All Odds w/ Westlife
4230-Jun-08537aBye Bye

The Pharcyde - nothing charted

Savage Garden
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
1122-Jan-015409Hold Me

Safri Duo
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0107-May-018607Played-a-Live (The Bongo Song)

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0506-Sep-986213Mysterious Times w/ Tina Cousins
1009-Jun-036304I Believe

Curiosity / Curiosity Killed The Cat - only their 1987 hits charted

Band Aid
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
1R30-May-057104Do They Know it's Xmas (Band Aid 20)
1R12-Dec-056704Do They Know it's Xmas (Band Aid 20)
1R22-Dec-087302Do They Know it's Xmas (Band Aid II)
Bobby Freeman
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-July-580816Do You Want to Dance
27-Sep-585714Betty Lou's Got a New Pair of Shoes
05-Nov-608803(I Do The) Shimmy Shimmy

Bobby Vee
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-605813Devil or Angel
21-Jan-610117Rubber Ball
25-Feb-615511One Last Kiss
18-Mar-611613Stayin' In
27-May-610320Baby Face / How Many Tears
09-Sep-610320Take Good Care of My Baby
09-Dec-610222Run to Him / Walkin' with My Angel
17-Mar-621612Please Don't Ask About Barbara
02-Jun-622712Sharing You
15-Sep-624710Punish Her
22-Dec-620217The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
29-Jun-634611Be True to Yourself
09-Nov-634410Yesterday and You (Armen's Theme)
04-Apr-647104I'll Make You Mine
15-Jan-666707The Story of My Life
23-Sep-679901Come Back When You Grow Up
09-Dec-677805Beautiful People

Gilbert O'Sullivan
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-718508Nothing Rhymed
01-May-720225Alone Again (Naturally)
16-Apr-730622Get Down
29-Oct-733114Ooh Baby
04-Feb-743114Why, Oh Why, Oh Why
03-Jun-745011Happiness is Me and You
04-Aug-759501I Don't Love You But I Think I Like You
01-Mar-7610001I'll Believe it When I See it
01-Dec-802718What's in a Kiss
27-Apr-819801Why Pretend

The Lettermen
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Oct-615307The Way You Look Tonight
06-Jan-626211When I Fall in Love
14-Apr-625611Come Back Silly Girl
03-Oct-647004Put Away Your Tear Drops
31-July-659401Theme from "A Summer Place"
20-Jan-687402Goin' Out of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Medley)

The Librettos - nothing charted

Skeeter Davis
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Jan-617305My Last Date (with You)
06-Apr-633212The End of the World
05-Oct-634613I Can't Stay Mad at You
30-May-647502Gonna Get Along Without You Now

The T-Bones
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Feb-662711No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach is in)
02-Sep-676409No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach is in)(R)

Tommy Dee
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Jun-593818Three Stars

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Hi bulion, hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Could I please grab chart stats for...

Billy Thorpe (and the Aztecs)
The Black Diamonds
The Chiffons
Eydie Gorme
Tony Barber
Tommy Boyce
The Throb

And were Curiosity / Curiosity Killed The Cat, Band Aid in the 80s; and Bosson in the charts?
spatz, I answered those questions at the bottom of the list, Band Aid did some re-entries, and Curiosity only had their 87 hits here.
Billy Thorpe (*and the Aztecs)
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Mar-645116Blue Day*
09-May-640323Poison Ivy / Broken Things*
08-Aug-640913Mashed Potato / Don't Cha Know*
17-Oct-641130Sick and Tired / About Love*
26-Dec-640223Over the Rainbow / That I Love*
12-Jun-650120I Told the Brook / Funny Face*
07-Aug-650225Twilight Time / My Girl Josephine*
02-Oct-651611Baby, Hold Me Close / Hallelujah I Love Her So*
25-Dec-650318Love Letters / Dancing in the Street*
09-July-662311The Word for Today / The New Breed*
08-Oct-665705I've Been Wrong Before*
28-Oct-675505Dream Baby / You Don't Live Twice
13-Sep-714118The Dawn Song*
06-Mar-720220Most People I Know Think That I'm Crazy*
16-Oct-722516Believe it Just Like Me
02-Apr-733609Captain Straightman (Thump'n Pig & Puff'n Billy)
06-Aug-733212Movie Queen
08-Apr-742015Over the Rainbow
08-Dec-754409It's Almost Summer
20-Aug-798503Wrapped in the Chains of Your Love

The Black Diamonds - nothing charted

The Chiffons
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Apr-633410He's So Fine
20-July-635506One Fine Day

Eydie Gorme
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Aug-574105Too Close for Comfort
05-July-581021You Need Hands
18-Oct-582918Dormi-Dormi-Dormi (Sleep, Sleep, Sleep)
15-Nov-582216Gotta Have Rain
07-Mar-595808Separate Tables
16-Feb-630322Blame it on the Bossa Nova
29-Jun-631812Don't Try to Fight it, Baby
24-Aug-630914I Want to Stay Here (w/ Steve Lawrence)
23-Nov-639304Everybody Go Home
11-Jan-643219I Can't Stop Talking About You (w/ Steve Lawrence)
29-Aug-646005I Want You to Meet My Baby

Tony Barber
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-May-668105Wait By the Water
16-July-664113No, No, No
24-Dec-666107Lookin' for a Better Day
13-May-679801Birds Eye View

Tommy Boyce (* & Bobby Hart)
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Oct-668102Sunday, the Day Before Monday
30-Dec-672019*I Wonder What She's Doing Tonite
04-May-685805*Goodbye, Baby (I Don't Want to See You Cry)
06-July-681114*Alice Long(You're Still My Favourite Girlfriend)

The Throb
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Feb-660420The Fortune Teller

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And Teena Marie?
Wasn't "I Told the Brook" #1?
Cheers Bulion!

I think you're right bangalore, as according to the Kent Music Report here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_number-one_singles_in_Australia_during_the_1960s "I Told The Brook" was #1 for one week, however I wouldn't always rely on Wikipedia and I don't have a copy of Kent's book to check it.
Thanks for the above as usual Bulion.

My next requests are:

Bob Kuban (and the In-Men)
Chris Montez
The Cicadas
Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young)
Ray Brown (and the Whispers)
Terry Stafford

Thanks in advance.
I Told the Brook was No.1, and I just amended it, as he had so many 2's around it and I wasn't concentrating, so fixed now.


Teena Marie (passed 27-Dec-2010)
Entry DateHPWITitles

I haven't put in any requests lately in case others are overwhelming you a bit, but I would be very interested to know The Mamas & Papas positions. I'm not sure if you've already done them???.
Bob Kuban (and the In-Men)
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-660416The Cheater

Chris Montez
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Oct-624318Let's Dance
05-Jan-635911Some Kinda Fun
09-Apr-669503Call Me
04-Jun-662114The More I See You
03-Sep-663606There Will Never Be Another You
10-Dec-668605Time After Time
08-Apr-678304Because of You

The Cicadas
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Mar-644512That's What I Want
13-Jun-648602I Need You / I'll Prove it

Crosby, Stills, Nash (and Young*)
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-692711Marrakesh Express
22-Nov-695014Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
10-Aug-701115Teach Your Children*
09-Nov-705107Our House*
11-July-775910Just a Song Before I Go
16-Aug-829603Wasted on the Way
16-Jan-894008American Dream*

Ray Brown* (and the Whispers)
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Jan-65112320 Miles / Devoted to You
24-Apr-650321Pride / Say it Again
10-July-650320Fool, Fool, Fool
23-Oct-650419In the Midnight Hour
29-Jan-660415Tennessee Waltz Song / I Am What I Am
02-July-663808(Ain't it) Strange / I Can't Get Enough
22-Oct-665505Too Late to Come Home / Repsect
04-Mar-671214The Same Old Song / New Kind of Love*

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Nov-680822Magic Carpet Ride / Sookie Sookie
19-Apr-699502Rock Me
04-Oct-698902Move Over
18-May-706911Magic Carpet Ride (EP)
29-Jun-708009Hey! LAwdy Mama
03-May-718904Snow Blind Friend
27-Sep-719103Ride With Me
31-Jan-729003For Ladies Only

Terry Stafford
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-July-644109I'll Touch a Star
26-Sep-647201Follow the Rainbow

** "Born to Be Wild" by Steppenwolf did chart in the lower 40 in Brisbane, but not sell enough to make the national chart. A year later in 1969 it was on the Easy Rider Soundtrack.
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Steve, I had done Mama Cass before, but not M&P's, so here are both...

Mamas & Papas:
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-668705California Dreaming
14-May-660418Monday, Monday
23-July-660914I Saw Her Again
26-Nov-666703Look Through Any Window
31-Dec-660618Words of Love / Dancing in the Street
18-Mar-670319Dedicated to the One I Love
27-May-670415Creeque Alley
09-Sep-67201212:30 (Young Girls are Coming to the Canyon)
02-Dec-675509Glad to Be Unhappy
10-Aug-688604Safe in My Garden

Mama Cass:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-July-680120Dream a Little Dream of Me
07-Dec-689405California Earthquake
26-Apr-693411Move in a Little Closer, Baby
28-Jun-695309It's Getting Better
15-Nov-697206Make Your Own Kind of Music
14-Sep-707105A Song That Never Comes
Wow! Super fast! Guess you must be on holidays at the moment bulion?

I'll leave my next ones with you but no rush to do them, I feel a bit guilty asking these requests all the time, but anxious to finish my collection.

Dinah Lee
Johnny Rivers
Mary Wells
Max Merritt and the Meteors
Mike Furber (and the Bowery Boys)
Peter and Gordon
Spiral Staircase

Thank you again.
Have you got any singles charts info for Blur, Oasis, Supergrass, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, TLC and Sly and the Family Stone, please? Thank you.
Tanks a lot, Bulion. Was Kate Winslet in the charts?
Hi i was wondering if anyone had any info on the British pop band Take That particularily any singles that charted between 40 and 100 please? Thank you.
dodo, Dinah Lee was done on the 26th of December, so check those out up above.

The rest I will get to soon...
Johnny Rivers
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Nov-641918Mountain of Love
13-Mar-658603Cupid / Midnight Special
03-July-656207Seventh Son
30-Oct-655806Where Have All the Flowers Gone
30-Apr-667807Secret Agent Man
02-July-665908(I Washed My Hands in) Muddy Water
04-Mar-674413Baby, I Need Your Lovin'
15-July-673808Tracks of My Tears
09-Dec-671416Summer Rain
29-Mar-693811These Are Not My People
02-Aug-699003Muddy River
13-July-706405Into the Mystic / Jesus is a Soul Man
22-Nov-716411Think His Name
27-Nov-723813Rockin' Pneumonia, Boogie Woogie Flu
07-May-738808Blue Suede Shoes
22-Sep-755218Help Me Rhonda
08-May-783616Slow Dancin'

Mary Wells
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-May-640121My Guy

Max Merritt and the Meteors
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-July-665803Shake / I Can't Help Myself
03-Dec-668804Fannie Mae
15-Nov-691516Western Union Man
08-Feb-716709Good Feelin'
01-Dec-750229Slippin' Away
10-May-763216Let it Slide / Coming Back / Whisper in My Ear
12-Mar-795707Dirty Work

Mike Furber* (and the Bowery Boys)
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Jan-664216Just a Poor Boy
23-Apr-663616You Stole My Love
20-Aug-668506You / That's When Happiness Began
11-Feb-679303Where Are You*

Peter and Gordon
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-640218A World Without Love
20-Jun-640913Nobody I Know
10-Oct-642810I Don't Want to You Again
12-Dec-642615I Go to Pieces / Love Me Baby
01-May-652214True Love Ways
10-July-653910To Know You is to Love You
18-Jun-667103There's No Living without Your Loving
01-Oct-660121Lady Godiva
17-Dec-660515The Knight in Rusty Armour
08-Apr-672610Sunday for Tea

Spiral Staircase
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jun-694110More Today Than Yesterday
spatz, nothing for Kate Winslet


Entry DateHPWITitles
29-May-941914Boys & Girls
24-Sep-952812Country House
03-Mar-963514Charmless Man
27-Apr-970428Song 2●
09-Mar-986907On Your Own / Popscene

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Oct-952522Morning Glory ●
03-Dec-950125Wonderwall ▲
17-Mar-961916Don't Look Back in Anger
16-Jun-962612Champagne Supernova
22-Sep-964806Roll With it
24-Nov-962717Setting Sun (Chemical Brothers feat Noel Gallagher)
20-July-971613D'You Know What I Mean?
05-Oct-974807Stand By Me
19-Jan-986904All Around the World
14-Feb-002305Go Let it Out
29-Apr-022206The Hindu Times
05-Aug-024805Stop Crying Your Heart Out
21-Oct-025403Little by Little
17-Feb-038102Scorpio Rising (Death in Vegas feat Liam Gallagher)
06-Oct-082401The Shock of the Lightning (Physical Sales only)

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Aug-959501Caught by the Fuzz
08-Jun-977502Richard III

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jun-961529Tha Crossroads●
27-July-978704Look into My Eyes
16-Feb-983813Breakdown (Mariah Carey feat)

Entry DateHPWITitles
24-May-922819Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
20-Dec-927909What About Your Friends
11-Jun-955310Red Light Special
21-Jan-960622Diggin' on You ●
26-May-964508Creep '96
05-Apr-990122No Scrubs ▲
23-Aug-990324Unpretty ▲
27-Dec-993512Dear Lie
02-Dec-024611Girl Talk

Sly and the Family Stone
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-697309Everyday People
24-Jan-724610Family Affair

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Take That
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-May-933015Could it Be Magic
12-Dec-933310Relight My Fire (feat Lulu)
22-May-941015Pray ®
31-July-945808Everything Changes
02-Oct-943808Love Ain't Here Anymore
16-Apr-950123Back for Good ▲
20-Aug-951215Never Forget
31-Mar-961214How Deep is Your Love
19-Feb-072920Patience ®
Thanks Bulion that's great.
Oh yeah, so it was (re Dinah Lee)

Thanks again mate.

Could I please grab....

Bobby Rydell
Brenda Lee
Brian Hyland
The Crew-Cuts
Gary Lewis (and the Playboys)
P.J. Proby
The Tokens
Tommy Bruce (and the Bruisers)

Were "French Affair", The Rasmus and "HIM" in the charts?
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Bobby Rydell
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jan-609303We Got Love / I Dig Girls
26-Mar-601122Wild One / Little Bitty Girl
14-May-600119Swingin' School / Ding-a-Ling
27-Aug-600416Volare / I'd Do it Again
25-Feb-610317Good Time Baby / Cherie
10-Jun-611214That Old Black Magic
05-Aug-611711The Fish / The Third House (in from the Right)
11-Nov-610716Kissin' Time
13-Jan-621818I Wanna Thank You / The Door to Paradise
17-Mar-623214I've Got Bonnie
26-May-624907Teach me to Twist / Swingin' Together (w/ Chubby Checker)
16-Jun-621316I'll Never Dance Again / Gee, it's Wonderful
27-Oct-620220The Cha-Cha-Cha
16-Feb-631614Butterfly Baby
25-May-632813Wildwood Days / Will You Be My Baby
03-Aug-631316Forget Him
21-Sep-634708The Woodpecker Song
01-Feb-648503It's Time We Parted
16-Dec-674815The Loving Things

Brenda Lee
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Mar-602515Sweet Nothin's
09-July-600618I'm Sorry / That's All You Gotta Do
15-Oct-601018I Want to Be Wanted
17-Dec-605306Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
21-Jan-612013Emotion / I'm Learning About Love
13-May-614913You Can Depend on Me / It's Never Too Late
29-July-610414Dum Dum
28-Oct-612315Fool No.1 / Anybody But Me
17-Feb-621017So Deep Twist / Break it to Me Gently
05-May-624014Everybody Loves me But You / Here Comes That Feelin'
28-July-623713It Started All Over Again / Heart in Hand
20-Oct-621019All Alone Am I
09-Feb-631914Your Used to Be
11-May-631514Losing You
27-July-631612My Whole World is Falling Down
02-Nov-637307Sweet, Impossible You / The Grass is Greener
11-Jan-641213As Usual / Lonely, Lonely, Lonely Me
11-Apr-646206Think / The Waiting Game
07-Nov-645809Is it True
27-Feb-6510001Thanks a Lot
10-July-659901Too Many Rivers
29-Oct-667612Coming on Strong

Brian Hyland
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-July-600218Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
19-Nov-602909Four Little Heels (The Clickity Clack Song)
07-Apr-621915Ginny Come Lately
07-July-622217Sealed With a Kiss
13-Oct-624210Warmed Over Kisses (Left-Over Love)
17-Sep-662313The Joker Went Wild
19-Nov-663813Run, Run, Look and See
11-Jan-710916Gypsy Woman
12-Apr-717508Lonely Teardrops

The Crew-Cuts
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Jun-551307Ko Ko Mo (I Love You So)
23-July-550912Two Hearts, Two Kisses
17-Sep-550420Carmen's Boogie
07-Jan-564601Song of the Fool
14-Jan-562508Gum Drop
16-Jun-563602Angels in the Sky
04-Oct-588501Hey, Stella (Who Zat Down Your Cellar?)

Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Feb-650617This Diamond Ring
24-Apr-654915Count Me in
14-Aug-656009Save Your Heart for Me
09-Oct-656210Everybody Loves a Clown
15-Jan-665308She's Just My Style
02-Apr-667206Sure Gonna Miss Her
04-Jun-666409Green Grass
20-Aug-669801My Heart's Symphony
12-Nov-665812(You Don't Have to) Paint Me a Picture
04-Feb-679902Where Will the Words Come From
15-Apr-679801The Loser (with a Broken Heart)
31-Aug-687407Sealed with a Kiss

P.J. Proby
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Aug-641322Hold Me
06-Mar-656604Rockin' Pneumonia (and Boogie Woogie Flu)
22-May-650218Mission Bell
14-Aug-657705Let the Water Run Down
11-Mar-672711Niki Hoeky
08-July-675208You Can't Come Home Again (If You Leave Me Now)
23-Sep-679004Just Holding On

The Tokens
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Dec-610723The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Wimoweh)
03-Mar-625910B'Wa Nina (Pretty Girl)
21-Sep-639301Hear the Bells

Tommy Bruce
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Aug-607709Ain't Misbehavin'
French Affair
Entry DateHPWITitle

The Rasmus
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-042320In the Shadows

HIM - No single charted

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