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As you may know this site has operated for many years, some members have been long time posters and factual contributers. Others are newer and have provided their thoughts and opinions.
As time has gone by we have lost some key valuable people and gained some.
I have created this FeedBack! thread for both constructive [positive] and destructive [negative] thoughts, opions, ideas etc.
Whether members choose to utilise this thread is their choice.
When making a contribution be mindful of your language and how you present your comments.
To begin, i would like to say thank-you to anyone that has provided factual information on past and present charts. Also to those members who live and breath music despite what may be charting and stick by ARIA.
I hope that the newer members are able to provide much needed and interesting information to reseachers/bloggers as when i first found the site.
Good Luck. NateBoi.
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I love this site,glad i found it with all the top 50 archives and the best of all time list smart music fans and people who still like mainstream music,this site rules.
I love this site too!

However, it's a shame we have to be a member to post something. My husband & I just use the one account and keep it signed in.

I think we have lost a number of valuable members who brought up some great discussion. For example the 2008 year end thread always had discussions and the 2009 year end thread is very slow. I often bring up topics of discussion and there is very few if any replies.

When anyone would be able to post without a log in we had so much more discussions happening. If they cause trouble and offend then their IP should be blocked.
Okay, the forums are again open for guests.
We blocked that because of massive spam in the forum.
Let's hope that the spammer is gone.
We could add some more categories into the Forum home page. One major one is "Artists" for all those threads created for a single artist, Shakira, Britney, Gaga. Keeps the site a little more organized and accessible.

And with the creation of so many more threads lately, maybe expand the current forum box on the left to the latest 20, instead of 10. Sometimes new posts can disappear from here within a day.
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Fantastic website, very entertaining!

I've been a guest/member of this website for nearly two years and i'm here to stay.

I visit this website everyday, and i love it!

Love the variety of threads, and Bulion's weekly and monthly posts and chartifacts, very interesting to read.

I'm glad that i have met bloggers that post on the website and other fans of commercial music.

Lately i have noticed no one has been posting their best songs, albums and videos of the year, i understand that everyone must be busy during this festive season preparing for Xmas and New Year.

Is there going to be an end of year countdown broadcast by Beanster Barnes??
Great idea Christopher!!

i like that idea about an "Artists" page, rather than several individual threads.

Thread ideas:

Various Music Artists
Tour Info / Concerts

I have been posting for a few years now myself and must say when I first discovered this site I was over the moon.

I would also like to to have an end of year countdown of members top 100/top 50 songs.
Hey,lookslike guests can comment now

anyway love this site!!! great place to find out about different types of music, and sharing your musical taste with people who understand and like music as much as you!!!
I love this site, I dreamed of there being an ARIA chart database online for years, so it was great to finally find one.

My suggestions for improvement:

- With singles/albums that charted over the Xmas break period from 1988-1996, when ARIA didn't publish a chart for 1-2 weeks, there is no tally of these extra weeks in the single/album's 'weeks in' figure; so, in that sense, these entries aren't accurate. For example, Bangles "In Your Room" is listed as having spent 4 weeks on the chart, when it was actually 5 including the 1-week Xmas break. I have seen such inaccuracies appear on wikipedia pages - for example, at one point it said on the 'I Will Always Love You' page on wikipedia that Whitney's version of the song spent 8 weeks at #1 in Australia, when it was actually 10 including the 2-week Xmas break.

- It would be nice if the database extended back to mid 1983 when the ARIA charts began (albeit using the Kent Report charts). There's another issue resulting from the charts beginning in June 1988 - singles that charted before then but were still in the charts may have inaccurate (lower) chart peaks, and will have fewer weeks listed as being in the charts.

- Even nicer still would be if the database encompassed the full ARIA top 100!
Nugs, this site only could get permission to use the ARIA Top 50 only, so as I too would love the Top 100's listed here, I have offered the entire Top 100's in an Excel to people before, so if you need that, please email me.

We also couldn't get permission to use the Kent/ARIA Top 50's from 1983 to 1988, so that's why they're not on here either, but they too are a part of the email that I can give you.

When I first heard about this site three years ago, I thought it would be lame, but was pleasantly surprised, and took to it immediately like a rock to roll. And Steffen is viewing these threads, so the ideas put above will mostly likely be considered.

Get ready for the next decade of music, Bulion StaffAU
bulion, I have the top 100 databases already - thanks. I guess I'm just being lazy in that it would be nice to be able to search a random track at the click of a button here . I figured as such that ARIA would only allow the top 50 to be published; in fact, I'm still somewhat surprised that they even allowed that much, considering threats of legal action in other countries such as the UK for publishing full charts.
Hey Bulion, are you able to send me the Kent/ARIA Top 50 1983-1988. That would be a fantastic addition to your book and Excel speadsheet you sent me with the ARIA Top 100.

I like the idea of an artists secgtion as well.

I'm just so glad I came across this place (thanks to Google) helped fill in lots of gaps in my record database. And it's wonderful to share ideas with fellow Chart Watchers. And I think its also great as I can listen to the weekly Top 50 ARIA countdown (Thanks Beanster) and without Pay TV or a decent radio station where I live I don't have access to a chart show ever since rage stopped doing it.
hey Bulion,is there any chance you can send me top 100 charts from this decade? 2000-2009?
This Website is Brilliant, it very quicky became my favorite Website.

Don't remember exactly when it was but it was around Early 2008 that I discovered this Website. I Was so happy that I finally found a place access Chart runs for my Favorite Tunes. After Rage stopped airing the Top 50 it was not until Mid 2007 that I started to track Chart Runs, finding any Chart Runs before then was impossible. Then I discovered this Website that helped me find those missing Weeks. Then I discovered the forums on this Site and was quickly hooked. For several Months I looked at the Forums every Week and then in September I finally became a part of these disscussions. Then in January 2009 there was the Best Of 2008 and Australia Day Broadcasts on Online Radio and I have these as some of the Best Memories of my Life.

Yes this Site is Great, in March I became a member and that made this Site even more fun to use, what with Reviews, Memos and Editing old Posts, I could go on all night how much I love this Site but I won't. So, Keep up the good work Staff and I Look foward to seeing more excitment from the Worlds Best Website Next Year and beyond.
This is an excellent website. The chart archives are set out brilliantly, with navigation of Top 50 charts by year/week, or clicking on the song title to view the week-by-week run of the song.
I agree with Nugs comment above on:
- chart position should be repeated for Xmas breaks (e.g. 3 week ending chart in early 90's should show the song's ranking three times, not just once). Not only will the 'weeks in' be correct, but the 'best of all time' will also better reflect the points for the song's performance, especially as Xmas trading would reflect high sales at the time.
- also agree it would be great to have chart archives back to 1983 when the 'ARIA' chart was first used as a header on the in-store charts (given they were Kent Music Report charts).
The 'New Zealand' site has chart archives back to 1975, so if you are interested in the 1975-1988 era, these archives can give some guide as to what was charting at a given time over that period.
The chart 8/1/1989 shows Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi debuting at #16. This needs to be merged with her chart positions in November & December 1988. I think they are viewed as two separate entries because one record is 'Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi' (1989) and the other 'I Still Love You (Je Ne ...)' (1988). Both are one and the same.
You need at least 500 reviews to be able to add songs. Iv only reviewed about 30 and i wouldn't mind adding a few tracks can we lower it to say 100.
I Have over 680 reviews now and it took me MONTHS to get to 500.
I notice a couple of the cover arts is missing on a couple tracks aswell are you able to add them to the missing tracks? when you review over 500.
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Sorry but I have no idea how to put cover arts on them even after 500.
Do a member search for sophieellisbextor, you'll find the e-mail address of the staff member you can send your jpegs to for addition to the pages.
thanks Chri8topher! will do that

if anyone is interested i scanned a few of my singles that are hard to find the cover art for ill make a list and send them on.
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Thanks Chris8. Will Try it whenever needed.
From some of your recent suggestions, Steffen (the overall administrator) will be implementing some of your suggestions into this site over the next couple of days.

Regards, Bulion StaffAU.
There are finally some new functionalities on australian-charts.com:
- The new forum categories are implemented now and for a better overview, it's divided into 2 levels.
- The last 20 threads are shown on the left side.
- Only the reviews in english are shown on the song and album pages. Also the list of the last reviews at the left side shows the last english reviews.
- Forum search in the top bar (choose Forum in the dropdown)
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I Really like what you have done with the Site, good work.
Only displaying English reviews is very helpful.

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Along with the new features, currently we are in the process of moving the topics to their appropriate categories. This will take a little bit of time, so dont panic if you see your topic is missing! (it should just be in another category)
This should all be completed soon...
The organisation of the threads between the new categories has been completed. However there may still need to be some changes to the organisation if I have missed anything.

If anyone sees anything that should be in a different category, please memo Bulion or myself and we will move that thread to its appropriate location.

I have moved topics to new locations based on my best judgement. An example of some of the moves are as follows:

- iTunes topics are now located in 'Other Charts: Australia - Non ARIA'
- Most special ARIA charts topics (end of year, decade,etc) are in 'ARIA: Special Occasion Charts'
- Most general ARIA talk topics (including artist specific ones) can be found in 'General: Music/Charts Related'
- Every Personal Chart topic has been moved to the 'Personal Charts' section, however they have been split between 'Your Charts' and 'Your Classic Charts'. Classic Charts will soon be renamed to 'Your Special Occasion Charts' to allow 'Your Charts' to be only used for your daily/weekly/monthly chart topics.

If you have any questions about the new layout, just ask Bulion or myself!
I love the new additions to the site.
G'day, love the new set up. Fantastic work to all those involed, keep up the great work
Fantastic organisation of the site.
Love the new categories, looks very refreshing!!

I'm impressed!

Thanks to Bulion and all the other staff members!

I've just updated the new charts - 24/01.
Hope you're enjoying the new categories!!

As chri8topher said, some cover arts are missing. You can send them to my email address laurent.jerome [at] hitparade.ch and I'll add the covers on the website as soon as possible! Don't hesitate to send them, it would be such a great help!!

And thanks to all of you for supporting this website
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YAY! YAY! It is so much better! A great change!
stans the man
Well I've only just found this website n I think it's great. I love the forums n threads. Especially the Best Songs of 2009.

I love this site, n I will try and go on it as much as I Can!!

The Memos are converted to your local time too!
THanks for all the improvements on this site!!!! The widening of the forums, the new categories. They are awesome, a lot of hard work has been put onto this site, and it has become a huge source of music information.

Thanks again to all the people who have organised this website.
I Come back after a few days and the site has exploded with shitloads of new forums (mostly crap IMO) but lots of good ones too (Like sport) and the forums are in their correct catorgies. Keep up the good Work.
Heya. Discovered this site a few months ago and visit it daily!
I love it and appreciate the work.

I own literally tens of thousands CD singles. I am not sure which ones you guys don't have the artwork for, but if you can let me know I may be able to help you out.

thanks again, great site
i ruin everything fun!
that evil bastard! is at it again
sure thing did u miss me
anyways how life been treating u my twin
yes 392414 i do believe i could search for every song that has charted and stumble across the few that do not have artwork, but I don't care to se myself spending hours searching.

I just thought whoever ran the site might have a list and they could let me know. If not, that's cool maybe someone else can advise me. I don't look a tthe charts on here so i wont be stumbling across them any time soon.

I Was wondering, how do you have so much power 392. Deleting other peoples Posts and knowing IP Adresses, that sounds like something only an Admin/Bulion could do.
Assuming you are an Admin, what did you have to do to be 1, kiss the Presidents ass.
Don't worry I was not watching, that would be a sight for sore eyes.
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If I had an evil twin I would know about it and it would be living in our Addic like Bart Simpsons does. Wait a Min, my original question was never answered.
Apart from the rooting what was the other reason then.
I Guess you are not going to tell me the real reason how you
can Delete other peoples Posts and knowing IP Adresses then.
I think in another thread 392 mentioned that he had admin status, but didn't say how or why he got admin status.
And Lifter gets his question half answered, now just for the final bit how? I'm going to assume you just asked and was approved
We are getting a bit off topic here... A moderator should avoid that
How does a moderator post spoilers into threads?
Thanks BillyBrett and 392414 for getting my Question half answered.
I will also assume you just asked and was approved.
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An ex girlfriend once told me that swallowing isn't cheating.... I guess I should take that advice in future
This is really important post. We need to come to a general concesus on how we all as one can operate this site.
5 years ago you would be pushing your luck to find any site that showcased Music information as much as this site does.
Now we are streaming off topic which i think needs to be booted. When i come to this site i want to know everything i cna about music and i am sure many others do aswell.
I want new members to join but if we started leaping into tv, movies, sports, then we attract a different crowd of people and as time progresses before you knwo it ti's gone too far to fix.
What are peoples thoughts?
I'm with you Nate. I will admit, I have joined in a couple of the 'unrelated' threads, such as the AFL footy tipping and I have enjoyed it. I do agree, however, that this site is about the music, and I wouldn't be annoyed if those threads were deleted. I got sick of the discography threads, but I just had to scroll past them (I am happy that they aren't taking up 90% of the forum list to the left anymore). I can't see things going back to how they were, so I guess I'm going to have to embrace change, and sift through the threads that have little to no appeal to me to find the one's I like...
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yeah i do agree. especially with things like the artist discographies. they are NOT a FORUM item i agree they that are relevant, but can they be placed in a seperate section perhaps along the top CHAT, FORUM, CONTACT, DISCOGRAPHIES etc. Same goes for personal charts, they are really clogging up the forum. im finding it hard to find threads i actually want to look at. And yes i think when we are getting utterly pointless threads like "Lost Season 6" i think it needs to change. the best way to stop it is of course to bar people from creating new threads unless they are approved by admin/moderators.
I agree, ranging off topic is unnecessary, as well as the discographies, getting qiute meh!

But I do love the personal charts
I agree with all of the above. I like seeing people personal charts as it opens my eyes to new songs and I hope mine does the same for other people.
Discographies. I have not really understaood the purpose on here. You can enter the artists name in the search and all there charting songs will come up. Anyway, that is just me.
As for threads like Footy tipping, Lost season 6 etc, whilst I have an interest in things outside music (I lvoe the AFL) I am not here to do that. I come here for music, music and more music!

Do you know what I hate, those worthless Discography Threads, demolish them all I say. I Admit that I have Posted in some of them but only because other people have already done so. If it were not for other peoples Posts I would delete the 3 Discography Threads I made which I now regret doing. THEY'RE CRAP.

I Also don't like how the Newer Members make Threads about something that already exists, they really should TRY to find out if the Thread has been made or not before making a New Thread and they really should try to keep things in 1 Thread rather then make 123417267 rubbish ones.

I Thought The Personal Chart Threads were rubbish at 1st but now they are not so bad although I could not care less if they were taken away. I Counted 107 Threads that had to do with Personal Charts and Discographys. (63 Were Discography). 63 Discographys, that my friends is complete bullshit and has to stop.

My Final Words, Please people try to put everything (including your Weekly Personals) into 1 Thread rather then making a new Thread all the time, it is strongly recommended.
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I love seeing everyone's personal charts and music tastes, its a great way to find out about new and different music, and i also enjoy sharing my music tastes.

I found the Discographies a good idea first but now its just annoying to keep having to repost positions when they change, that will end up clogging up the threads. While it is related to music, it's not really nessescary.

I also think that it is best to keep personal charts to a single thread and not create more than one thread on a topic. I also find the Sport/TV/Movies threads a bit pointless. This site is about music. Like NateBoi said, it will attract people who are just here to talk about Lost of AFL.

I think the thread limit or approval is a good idea also
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The automatic discographies and our charts coming up with artwork etc. like it does on the Swiss site would be great
I agree with Mykl, i would like to have those features, it would make the discographies easy.
BTW I enjoy reading people's comments on my personal charts
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well, as long as this removes the need to do the ACW100 manually, then it sounds awesome (the automatic discographies sounds pretty cool )
Matt Songs!

Bulion or Steffen tell these guys to stop making these stupid reviews for matt songs 1 or 2 was enough for a joke but now there is about 20+ and its making this site look like a damn joke and besides this matt Bulls*it got old a month ago
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ITA Chris A, the joke was old the minute it was made.
If a thread has got more than 600 messages you can write a memo to me and we will open a second part as we did it here:

Top 1000 Artists (1980 - 2009):
- Part 1 (now closed with a link to the second part):

- Part 2 (with a link to the first part):
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What Matt Songs. Were they removed.
The tables are a great function, but the thick borders mean less lines can fit on a screen.
Can a different type of table also be made available? I am thinking of something that works exactly the same way as the current tables, but the borders are invisible. This means there is no extra spacing between rows/lines (so more lines fit on to the screen) but data is still arranged in columns.
what do you mean DaveNT, im confused :/
Like now? I changed it.
umm no offense, but it sucks , my personal charts look REALLY sloppy now, could you please turn it back lol
No that looks crap mate
Well my charts look really weird without the borders, particularly cause they are very detailed. I dont particularly like it since Im not changing my chart layout... sorry
what he said lol
and now?
yep, now its awesome
Sorry, just back on-line now. Yes, I like the thin line

Those big tables look heaps better now
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Yep I like that, creates a bit more room than the other border whilst still showing a border

can we fix the lack of borders on the right-hand side, as you can see above?

Last edited:

sorry, just had to make sure making the lines was the same

Is that what you mean Dave?
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yes. how'd yours come out different to mine?
how did you do that hijinx!? lol
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just put extra l's after the lines with spare columns
eh? lol
bsb, end the first row with 3 l's
end the second row with 2 l's
end the third row with 0 or 1 l's
Wait a minute, my question was not answered.
The Tables look though.
Looking through some threads, some of the tables have the same problem as I show above (06/05/2010 16:11)
It also has this same problem if you copy from a spreadsheet.

use these values from a spreadsheet:

test test
test test test
test test test test

and you get

There should be a neat border (box) around each text field only. The old tables used to do this. Can this be fixed?
Then, it will look great!!
The tables look much better now, thanks for changing them.
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DaveNT: Better now?
Yes, that works for copying from excel
Unfortunately, some of the old tables don't seem to update for this change.
But maybe one way will not fix all.
What do the others think (check your threads)?
Well I checked my personal charts thread, and they all seem to have the new tables.
392414: They are a bit blacker now. Better?

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umm, forgive me for asking but what just happened O.o
At a glance, I'd guess you'd have to take 2 l's from the first row and 1 l from the second row.
STILL my Question was ignored, you don't have to be scared of responding, I'm not going to eat you. Even a simple "I Don't know" would have been nice.
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lol edited hijinx, new problem *sigh*
Thanks Bluezombie and Claude.

When I looked at your latest Reviews I saw some of them
Listed, of course when clicking on them they don't show up.
Last edited:

Those songs have been deleted some days ago and those people who added Matt-Songs are blocked to add new songs for some days.

, it worked LOL!
Finally the M@TT joke is over. It was pretty silly in the first place.

yes the tables do look MUCH better. Thank you everyone that made that possible
Can someone please block or at least get rid of the stupid FlashCamera messages?? It is pissing me and a lot of other people off!!

Already done and monitoring the situation antonnalan
Thank you
I am a little concerned about the issue in the top 1000 artist thread. I did not see the actual comment but it has been dealt with through the right channels. I think it is important for everyone to respect one another and remember when things heat up sometimes people say things they didn't mean to say or regret. When this occurs it doesn't give anyone the right to belittle someone about what has been said and to remember to let the right people deal with the situation.
So instead of causing a riot let's leave it to admin and the parties involved.
Hi, all. I just found out about this site, and possibly somebody in Australia can help. I have collected radio station charts ("surveys") since August 1963, and my goal has always been to get ORIGINAL, LOCALLY-PUBLISHED Top Songs charts from radio stations anywhere in the world. Generally, I seek only one for EACH different radio station. I found out, from the introductions in Gavin Ryan's books (which chronicle the history of radio hits in the major Australian cities), that in the 1950's, 4KQ in Brisbane used to publish a weekly song chart. Is it possible that anybody reading this might have an original of one of these...in ANY condition? I am prepared to offer am almost impossible amount as a reward for one of these charts, and in fact I am very willing to make very decent offers for 1950's (or earlier!) original charts from ANY radio station besides 2UE.

These charts are usually in the form of single-sheet handouts which got sent to record shops where teenagers could grab a copy, but sometimes the local radio Top Five or Top Ten lists were published in local newspapers every week.

I didn't keep my email visible, because I hear that "bots" are able to harvest active emails from websites, so I'm careful with it, but I'll eagerly share email with anybody who may be able to help. Anybody who might have insight on my locating ANY 1950's or 1940's Australian (or, for that matter, ANYWHERE outside the United States) radio station Top 10 (or 30, etc.) lists in their original form, please let me know.

My highest/utmost offers will always be via ebay if you're willing to list the chart. In that case I'd suggest a minimum bid that I'm willing to make on the chart, and make the bid as soon as I see the listing. I always hope that simply seeing a chart "go well" will encourage somebody else to list something.

I may literally need NOTHING after 1962-3 from Australia/NZ, as in 1964 (and two more times later) I sent requests nationwide, even to the private radio stations in the Outback and all, and nearly everybody replied whether they had a chart or not.

My offers for needed radio station charts are generally $100 to $200 US, and sometimes (as in the case of 4KQ) much higher. Any help out there?

Another question: I was looking for "account settings" or such in here. If I get a response, do I get any type of notification? Can members contact me directly?
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1 Thing to say, Discographys. They are clogging up the Joint.
yeah agreed lifter i have previously mentioned this. obviously someone went nuts last night updating their chart positions. they are just pointless really imo.
I agree too. Just a waste of space in the forum. Better discussions should be found there. Maybe they should have their own section?
I had a feeling this would be the subject of annoyance last night. I've previously been fine with Discographies, since now they only crop up occasionally. But the fact that about 60 of them have been posted on in one night is really annoying. I say settle down on the posting.
On another note, did anyone get a memo last night from someone asking to be their friend in German? Really weird
hey, one thing that really irritates me is when you are typing a long post and then by the time you've finished writing it you're logged out. it stinks especially if you're updating your personal charts - these can take pretty long and sometimes it disappears because it goes to the [broken internet connection] page. is there any way this can be extended so that it automatically logs us out after half an hour instead of the five or ten minutes that it has at the moment. or alternatively, it could give us the option to enter username and password to post the comment so that you don't lose all your work.

i wonder if this could be done - or looked into? thanks.
alleyt, when you log in, do you tick the remember me box or something like that? Works for me.
I have no memo either. Maybe someone thought you were from a different country. Could Hijinx mean anything in German?
maybe its just a german trying to greet some random aussie coz he was bored - sounds normal
It was pretty early in the morning, I think he sent it to everyone who was online at the time. Maybe TheIncrediblePlumber got one as well.
OMG! i have a major issue with when i press the submit button, to post my personal chart, the page refreshes by itself and i lose all my work WTF!

Which is why now i copy/paste my posts to word, in case they get deleted?
The discographies SUCK. And I feel your pain Alley and Brandon, hate being logged out or having the page refresh and losing the info. Hijinx, often there is no remember me box you can tick.

Just go back in your browser and the post should be there
The whole point of the discographies was too keep them updated wasn't it

That's the problem with some members here, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

It's quiet easy if you don't want to read or use the discographies and you are a member feel free to remove your information from them.
If you are not a member and want your information deleted feel free to memo me and i will delete your posts and if the threads become empty i will banish the thread.

It is just really pissing me of late that a majority of people on here are always looking to just have a bitch and a moan for the sake of it and then cry fowl when something they want doesn't get introduced.

Just remember, people like Steffen, Claude, Bulion, Chi8topher and myself have put a lot of time into some of the things we enjoy to do on this site and in my opinion it's a waste of precious time to just throw it away as a fad.

bit of a late reply but hijinx: you are a lifesaver!!! i'm not being logged out which makes me ecstatic hehe!
Instead of Posting it in the Discography Threads I will metion here that I have updated these Threads.


Why is it that when I click on Reviews (On the left side of the Site under Charts Game) then Click on Australian Member nothing pops up. This has never happened before.
I noticed that too. I thought it was due to some error or something.
I've noticed a lot of review based changes recently, never noticed that one. Odd.
Also, (just that a few people haven't noticed) is that someone has combined the two California Gurls. Some people have reviewed the one with Snoop Dogg and the one without him and that person has merged the reviews from both songs into the one WITH Snoop Dogg. It's nothing bad, just a heads up for those that are unaware of that
Recently I Noticed that my 2 Reviews of California Gurls were in the same Review page so I deleted 1 of of them.
I Was very confused but after what Antonalan said it makes sense,
I must have reviewed both Versions before they merged.
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Great site - Wondering if there is any where I can find a list of all the Australian various Artists albums of the 80's. ie 1982 with a bullet etc - i can find them on wiki, but only the ones that went to no.1.
How do you want it? Just the titles?

Moved your answer into the relevant thread...

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what the point of the overseas forum,there is only 1 active thread in there,i think you could just merge that 1 thread into the non aria chart forum where the Itunes thread is,what do you guys think?
We just need a few more Australian artists to start charting overseas. That is when things will get interesting.
I need serious help,i can't sign into my account no more...but 20 minutes ago i could now it's says Welcome Chris A but i'm still not signed in
Well, you're on the list of online members, so perhaps someone else is logged in as you so it won't let you in

I actually sent you a memo regarding it, but did you send me an E-Mail last night?
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no you're email is not even on my list...but someone has hacked my old email which is why i cannot sign in and i tried a new account with a different email and it still blocked me
this is really ****ed
Well I received an E-Mail from the address on your profile page which said that you were stuck in the UK and needed funding. No idea what's going on.
I can see both logged in,but i'm not logged WTF! this is doing my head in..
you remember my PW right Hijinx from that time i asked you to buy something in the charts game when i was away log in and log out both if you can
Just successfully logged in and logged out both.
wow thats weird..
Do you want me to memo Steffen and try and find out what's happening?
yeah memo him,still says i'm logged in
get him to change my password please,thats what they have found out..
Sorry, I didn't see that password post before I sent it.
Chris A: Try to login with another browser. Try Interet Explorer.
re-installed firefox and can now log in on it again
not sure of a better place to ask this but how do you get the PERSONAL CHARTS feature that many people have on the site. I have surfed for ages but not managed to find out how to do it. I know 392414 and bsb745 have this and it looks cool.
@ alleyt1989

we didn't translated this feature yet in english, so it's only available on swisscharts.com / hitparade.ch

You've got to log in on swisscharts.com with your name and password from the australian site.
There you can search for a song and click on "In persönliche Hitparade hinzufügen" (=> add to personal charts). After you see a site where you can say wich place you give a song or you can delete it ("Löschen").
agreed, is there an estimate of when it will be ready?
And why is it that when I said this on "16/7/2010 12:01"
"Why is it that when I click on Reviews (On the left side of the Site under Charts Game) then Click on Australian Member nothing pops up. This has never happened before".
Nothing has been done about it. There hasn't even been any feedback from the Mods about it.

Anyway changing the subject. Is it just me or are the Members V1AHHHH, MusicLover5059 and Xtreme101 the same person? They have similar Music Taste on their Profiles but what made me notice is this Review on the Link below, their Reviews are only 6 Minutes apart! My guess is that they are either a bunch of Brothers/Sisters that take turns at using the same computer and of course have similar music taste or they are the same person. Thoughts? http://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Usher+feat%2E+Pitbull&titel=DJ+Got+Us+Fallin%27+In+Love&cat=s

cant say ive heard of the other ones but its quite possible lifter, if they are related people they definetly have the same taste in music hey!
I Think you could be right in there being a 4th person Blue.
Or complaining/debating something but as a guest to save face, bluezombie. I have my suspicions myself...heh heh. I actually surprised we haven't had the guests banned again after the "credit card" post that came a couple of weeks ago.
yeah chri8 agreed, i think the guests comments should be closed again. that credit card thing was an actual member though. amazed me that something like that could get on here
Gleek would be the 4th person

Whether or not guests are banned has no effect on me since I'm always logged in, but I know some people tend to post as guests in a hurry. I still remember how startled our regular guests were last year when they were banned heh heh.

I'd originally have thought not to ban them out of apathy, but based on recent posts in the chartifacts thread today, I have to side with not allowing guests to post.

Also, is the credit card thing the same as the iTunes card thing?
I'm quite confused why members would post under another name. Why do people need to post their opinion again? We already get it the first time.

I would keep guests for now. Especially for Chri8's countdown for now. Some people such as RealityFacts have posted some really good points.
I think we should ban guests again; with a sufficient warning of course, so ppl like brandon can get an account without wondering if the site is broken
oh ok; in that case let the banning begin haha
um no the i-tunes thing was nothing, the credit card one displayed peoples credit card numbers, names addresses and offered what i assume was credit card numbers that have been stolen for sale.

brandon only opened that account because of the guests being banned last time so im sure he will use it if they were blocked again
tbh (and people can feel absolutely free to disagree with me) i think there should be a time limit between becoming a member and starting a new thread. i'm not going to name anyone in particular, but i'm tired of nonsensical threads (bar personal charts/they're allgood) filling up the LATEST 20 POSTS on the forum colum on the left.

Hopefully Brandon uses the account if guests are banned, his commentaries make me laugh soooo much (I know this is sad but...)
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There is a lot of concern here shown of late and just to ease your mind Steffen, Bulion and myself have been taking notice of events in the last few weeks.

We are aware of what is happening and are doing everything in our roles as protectors/creators of this site and what members and guests have put valuable input into.

If you have any concerns, forward a memo to Bulion or Steffen and they will act accordingly.

As for myself I will continue to moderate where it seems appropriate if the reason is warrented i.e i-tunes fraud.

I think a guest restriction is better than a guest ban altogether. As I have said before, lots of guests post really legitimate argument/posts and they sould be valued as guests. Also, lots of people like to view the Aria Chartifacts every week.

I recommend we restrict guests to only Chri8's countdown and the Chartifacts. We should stop them from posting in discographies and personal charts. Why would guests be interested in those anyway? The only reason why we post them here is to show other people what our music taste is. Surely a guest wouldn't come here just to look at personals???
392414: I was in the chat while working at the same time beside that.
WTF! I can't get into chat! Is anyone else having this problem? It must just be my computer. I'll try again later.
Don't worry. All better now
Loving the Sound Samples now with this site great addition to the site
I agree. Great as when I'm discovering old songs I don't have to wait for my computer to load up Youtube.
I Really like the new feature, now I don't have go to ITunes
for samples when I'm reseaching Hits from early 2000's.
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30 seconds is not enough though to review a song...just saying.
Agreed Chris A.
Just wondering Steffen if you could merge Shihad's and Pacifier's entries together as they are the same band who went under a brief name change.

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i know this has been brought up before but im really getting sick of it. some people think that just because they can create threads they can put any piece of rubbish they want to on here. i am referring to this thread:


now, cmon seriously.. if you are THAT bored i think you need to get off the computer as you are just wasting time.

i must say that perhaps the member in question should have their thread creating rights revoked as im finding this site has gotten a lot worse since i noticed their name popping up all over the place
I'm pretty sure none of us review the song by listening to the 30 second preview

theres nothing wrong with the random thread imo but the hair thread is annoying and pointless.
It's a forum, it's split up into threads so you can find what you want easily and ignore what you don't. If you don't care for the contents, don't read the thread. I'd rather the subject matter in question to stay in one place, as opposed to cropping up everywhere (although I may be partly guilty myself). Either way, there's plenty of inflammitory material that is far worse than anything I've seen there.
well yes was going to mention that one as well. but found the pictures made out of smileys and random key hitting more pathetic...
like I wrote in the "Random"-Thread we can install a Shoutbox for those messages.

The forum sould be used for discussions
Thank you Claude, this sounds like a good solution for those wanting to "express their randomness"
I'm sorry for the trouble i've caused with this RANDOM thread. It was all just a bit of fun, but now i've realised it's more serious than that. Sorry.
I'm sorry for all the shit I posted in that Thread I really got carried away.
It seems that Thread has been deleted now.
Here an Idea.

We should be a lot more harsh on what Threads should be made and what ones should not, many shit Threads are still active even though no one posts in them anymore and it seem pointless to keep them so those Threads that are stupid should be deleted.
We have the personal chart thing now! Thanks Steffen!

Well, I hope it is...it looks like it!
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Madonna's 'Die Another Day' actually debuted at #5 on the week of 17/11/02, not #11, so that means the songs from 5-10 should be pushed down a spot. Just something I thought you should fix.

Proof: http://pandora.nla.gov.au/pan/23790/20030107-0000/Issue663.pdf
love the personal chart thing, I hope we get something added so we can show how many weaks in, maybe the last weeks position and if they are debuted/Re-entered
yes thanks to all concerned with the personal charts feature, i am still playing around with it, but am really enjoying it.

on another matter can someone from staff please close this thread: http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=30771
it seems a group of retards are using it for love notes etc
yes I agree ban guests,i'm sick of them spamming the forum,tell the good guests who do post to make an account.
nah i disagree, ban it altogether, as a lot of these "guests" arent really guests at all. just someone either A: Mucking around (eg. TravD and the constant crap that comes whenever he posts something) or B: Someone with something to say that for whatever reason cant say it using their own profile. If people want to post, they become a member. Its not like its a process that takes 28 days or anything, its relatively simple from what i can remember
@ ben01
We closed this thread for Guests

And we will install soon a Shoutbox for Games like "last person to post wins" for example
thanks claude, hopefully will stop the idiots.
i mean, use the chat room for that rubbish
Adding to the Zed issue, there are also two Pendulum's, the well known recent one, and the '90s one. I think there is a '00s The Herd and a '60s one as well.

Also, Clare Bowditch's last two albums are credited together, but the album before that is seperated, and a single from then is seperated again.

B.o.B's Magic is credited to be by B.o.B. and is seperate from the rest of his discography.
There is a 60s band called Nirvana and a 90s band called Nirvana for those that didn't know.
Are they both on the database? I read somewhere that the most common band name was Bliss, with 8 (I think) different bands registered under the name.
Would there be like a database that bands can use when signing to a record label that they could search their intended band name to see if it's taken or not? Otherwise, because Michael is a common name, and Jackson is a common name, there could be another big pop star in 100 years time going by the name Michael Jackson for example (this is of course assuming pop music culture still exists in 100 years and it probably won't, but I think you can understand what I'm trying to say about the database thing)
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I think there is. When the Hottest 100 of all time voting started, they used a massive database and you'd have to disambiguate a lot since there were so many. I'll see if I can find it.
One thing, Jonathan Boulet's song 'A Community Service Announcement' is incorrectly titled in lower case. Can this be fixed please?
I've sent a correction notice. For future reference, to do that, you have to go to the Swiss site, click on the song and click the bottom link which gives you some text fields to change artist or song and leave a comment as to why.
I know its been said a billion times, but I really feel strongly about banning guests now; only today did I find myself ranting at some jerk in the debate thread..
actually, from what i read. you got what you deserved bsb
It's obvious that "guest" is a member on here.
Maybe, but he was still a jerk.
Can we please get rid of this thread already? http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=33698 It's always coming up in the latest posts section and I'm getting very sick of it. The thread is nothing but pointless and a waste of space.
memo Beanster.
not to sound like a prude haha but im with daniel it is annoying
either way Steffen will always win
Yay the Thread is closed and Steffen is THE offical winner!!
Congrats Steffen having the time to be in that thread nearly everyday and post after anyone who posted is a job well done!
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can we pleeeeease have the ability to edit the titles of songs for the following cases:
1) songs that have been entitled incorrectly (an example will be where brackets have been applied to the wrong part of the song etc)
2) spelling mistakes! there are actually quite a few of them
3) songs that appear multiple times with different artist accreditations or under different titles (i have seen this for multiple glee songs and other ones along the way)

it would be awesome if people could amend this (or certain people)

You're able to do it on the swiss site (hitparade.ch). Go to a song's page on there and click "Änderung melden" at the bottom. It has to be approved by an admin first though.
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I think we should have a like button on this site like on facebook so we can like other peoples comments and reviews not sure if its possible for this kind of site tho.... what do others think???
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ah no that sort of stuff just creates arguments and people making a million posts to get likes
Sounds a little twitteresque bz but I could also see the benefit of that, a bit more interactive.
It's this simple.

Facebook is too huge to describe. All you have to do is join Facebook and thats how you can have that stuff.

There would be more negative then positive if it were brought here.
Yeah BZ's idea is better with the replies and it would probably make more arguments with the likings.

@392 Me agree.
I wrote a Memo to the person who added it
I feel a bit rude for asking, but what happened to the personal chart archive that was going to be finished over 2 months ago? All we have is that personal chart thing which we could already do on the Swiss site anyway.
prob 392..
What happened? What was added?
can we find out who added it?
Do you think it's ovious that most of the time the more similar your music tastes are to each other the better you get along. The Members you like most will usually have similar taste to you and your least favorite members will have almost entirely different taste.

Is it just me or is that true?
Well if that were completely true then I'd be constantly trying to burn 392 at the stake Hmm...
It just me then but there examples I can use
Well for example my favorite Member on here also has my favorite chart apart from my own
I disagree, Hijinx is one of my favourite members, yet his chart is one of the most average. A few other members I like, yet have average charts too.
Do I take that as a compliment Mykl?
It seems I was wrong then.

392: I'm used to spelling favourite as favorite, it's easier that way.
Americans aren't all bad and no 392 it's not Anton but hes close.
Your talking to a guy whos so lazy that he copies someone elses preds every week and changes the order because hes to lazy to type it on his own. Adding that extra letter is VERY hard.
That extra would've saved you from writing that whole comment Lifter

Yes Hijinx
You win (For Now).
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Hey 392414, can i have your brain? Because i'm building an idiot
1 Cent.

This Post: Priceless.
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*Hands gun to 392* *Ka-boom*
Im gonna go chuck a party now, k bye
OK, bye bye bsb
hey guys..

gr8 forum. only 1 complaint, why do u have dead singers in your birthday list. i noticed dan hartman had his 60th on the 9th... lol ... he died in 1994.
Cause dead people still celebrate their birthdays in the underworld and need to be reminded when they visit our little site. :-P

Srriously though I quite enjoy seeing how old dead people would be if they were still alive.
Well I 99.6% agree with BillyBrett.
Whatever Lifter
Well I 99.7% agree with BillyBrett.
Daniel: How did you know? But I actually 99.8% agree.
99.99 for me
I suppose that leaves me with 100%?
Congrats Bsb.

Your Prize: !
It suddenly makes sense why lifter mainly charts males
Oh come on he charts Altiyan....Oh wait, nvm...
Because charting music predominantly by male artists is less heterosexual than charting copious amounts of bubblegum pop music? Oh snap
ehh like that one shemale artist you are obsessed with?
There's a difference in making a chart based on how much you like a song, and how much you like the appearance of the artist of the song. The latter is made of fail.
It doesn't seem right that a good video (alone) can make you like a song more, but it is known to happen. The same goes for the inclusion of a song in a movie you really like, but as it is often an older song, it may reflect in a better placing of the song in your 'all time' chart rather than your current one.
Back in the day when i watched video clips religously the songs never were the same without that visual effect in most cases but these days i don't have time for it so i solely rely on the song itself but in saying that if i see a film clip i really like but didn't like the song in the first place it sways me quite a bit. Hope that makes sense
the amount of discussion calling LIFTER gay can cause.... lol
I think a gay person would chart more female acts because that is so girly and gay persons are usually more girly then normal males. By that logic I'm the "least" gay here, period.
No 392, you
To think this whole thing started with this comment from your Royal King.

"Well I 99.6% agree with BillyBrett."
"gay persons are usually more girly then normal males"

just waiting for this one to end up on the fav quotes thread
I agree with 392 ()
"I'm not gay, but that's offensive."

Boo Hoo, go cry in a hole you girl.

Seroiusly though I used the word "Usually". It doesn't always mean it's true.
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I guess thats why I'm one of the dumber members on here then. I didn't think of it like that.
^ Probally.
Do anyone else get this message or is it just my connection??? when searching for songs. I always quite often get it im not complaining just seeing if its just my computer thats all.

An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.
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That sometimes happens for me, usually refreshing does the trick.
That can happen to me too, usually if I don't make the search specific enough
Thanks glad its not my connection then or computer doing it.
could we maybe be able to review music videos??
lol, you know what I mean hijinx
I just wanted to say that with Steffen adding in all these new features for our Personal Charts including archives, combined chart and everything, he is doing a BRILLIANT job! and he will be even more brilliant once its all finished
hey steffen, great work btw,

I was wondering how easy/hard it would be to get some of hitparades features in english, such as reviewing books, movies, and games, coz I think that would be really cool !
I think Cut Copy's page needs fixing, there is two versions of nearly everything from there latest album, The Cut/Copy Versions are the ones that need to stay and the Cut Copy versions needs to be deleted.
Why do the Cut Copy versions have to be deleted? Unless I'm mistaken, I've never seen them under Cut/Copy. I believe a merger is in order.
Well on the album cover of Zonoscope, it's Cut/Copy
oh lol, I thought that might be a possibility. I'm not sure then, as now I see various websites with differing opinions on it.
On another note, the audio previews have disappeared
May I request that the latest 40 Threads be changed to latest 50?
It's becoming a pain to look through all the sections all the time.
May I request that the latest 40 Threads be changed to latest 50?
It's becoming a pain to look through all the sections all the time.
May I request that the latest 40 Threads be changed to latest 50?
It's becoming a pain to look through all the sections all the time.

Please say something someone, anyone!
We don't need it changed, there is not enough traffic on this forum for it, most threads stay in the latest 20 for a few weeks
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Either Steffen is too busy doing other things or it might be a lot harder to change than we think. Either way, it might be a while before it happens I think.
Finally after 5 attempts to ask. 2 Of which I deleted.
I care a lot more of the audio preview issue
That's not true Chris. The latest 40 threads only dates back 3 or 4 days at most usually.
Audio previews are back I believe.
Well Mykl, if those useless discography threads got deleted, we wouldn't have this problem.
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If this discography thing in the archives was fixed, we wouldn't need the threads anymore.
Yay it is now the latest 50 Threads. Thanks to whoever did it.
I just got an interesting idea, the ability to "subscribe" to an artist; so that you would get a memo or something whenever a song by katy perry (for example, if you sub her) was added to the database; songs are added quite quickly onto the database so for those who have trouble finding the REALLY new songs this could be a help, just a suggestion
i quite like that idea. i can see that it would be good for finding new music, as well as reviewing songs that you may have overlooked because they're not on the system yet.
Hey, any idea how to delete songs that have been added 'accidentally'?

Go to the Swiss site, pick the song, scroll to the bottom and click "Änderung melden", you'll get a prompt at the bottom. Just erase the artist name and song name and possibly leave a comment to say why.
mint thanks hijinx
Hi gang, there has been a lot of discussion of late about treatment of people and how to deal with this. I have had preliminary discussions with Steffen reguarding this and now i'm coming to you guys to hear what you think should be done about it?

Should there be a council who decides what happens?
Should it be an individual who is responsible for dealing with these issues?

At present there is no set standard in reguards to 'bullying' and their is no authority that is present who monitors this but we are looking at making changes to these problems.

As you all know Steffen has spent a lot of time and effort into creating this site and continually tries to make it better but more importantly is always welcoming of new members.

Your help reguarding this and any other matters will be taken on board. If you do not wish to reply directly to this thread feel free to memo myself or Steffen.

I think some sort of council should be made, that's a good idea. Not one person I don't think, but maybe 3 or 4 people can be nominated and they oversee any trouble. If anything of this nature occurs, someone can let them know.

Seriously... is this piffle still occuring. longevity issue.
A council? really? if anyone abuse on any member on this site, they should get a warning if they do it a 2nd time, they should be banned for 3 months, if it happens a 3rd time after they return, they should be banned permantly.
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You use the term 'abuse' but the problem with that is most of the time there is no evidance and as someone has already pointed out i'm sure if given the opportunity a person could take advantage of putting someone in if they didn't like them and/or their opinion on a matter.

I really think what we should be aiming for is some sort of etiquette or standard beheviour policy that everybody can agree to. Yes I know this is the internet but every so often this topic comes up and has never really been dealt with and to be brutally honest I can not remember the last time a 'regular' new member has come along.

On another note does anybody else like the idea of banning/blocking guests posting to prevent this 'spamming/trolling' from happening?
Yes, absolutely. I had a guy advertising hair straighteners on my personal charts thread, so annoying! Well, okay a council maybe, but at the very least a policy must be made.

392414 - 5. @Nate: why do you (appear to) believe that we don't need moderation?

I am not saying we don't need it. Just suprised that members are having ongoing issues still.
I am out of the loop!

I have been here for sometime so i'll just roll with the changes.
I myself was unaware of any tension, but I do have some points to make which I plan to do on a later date.
On a genuine issue, the audio samples have disappeared, and the chart game is inaccessible
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I'm definitely all for a FAQ page, to help newcomers feel more at ease with what the standard and expected protocol of the site is. It will obviously also help answer those silly questions we all have and are a bit reluctant to ask because we think everyone should know the answer and feel silly that we don't. It would also help serve as a reminder to the current membership of the current rules and expectations. The FAQ qould be a great place to put things like: Am I allowed to attack other member's opinions in reviews?

I am definitely all for some sort of moderating going on. I am use to visiting other forums where there is known moderation occuring and it does help people be more civil to one another and actually makes everybody more award of what they are typing. I admit that at times, I have succumbed to light hearteded bantering that could be interpreted as bullying because I knew I could 'get away' with it. If people visiting this site knew there was a presence making sure people were being civil, I can't see that as a bad thing.

[quote]I myself was unaware of any tension[/quote]

Personally for me it is not tension, more frustration that lately the name calling and calling of people's opinions as being wrong because they don't match other opinons has increased dramatically. For me, it feels like people think they can type whatever they want and get away with it because it is the net or there is an emoticon at the end. There is also an element of hypocrisy occuring, where some members call other people out on something but then do the same thing, especially over something small and trivial. And then there is the feeling of a heiracheral system that has slowly developed over the past 2 years.

[quote]On a genuine issue, the audio samples have disappeared, and the chart game is inaccessible[/quote]

It's comments like this, that is responsible for this issue raising its head. Implying the issue of bullying at this site as not being genuine or being less important that the disappearance of audio samples, just highlights why we need a moderator to help guide people in the right direction of being civil and respectable. To point out how some off the cuff comment can be interpreted as being offensive or degrading or a put down.
If there was a council, who would be in it? I think that itself can cause some 'tension' and some members in the council may abuse their power to punish members they don't like.
If those members were to abuse their power, then the power should be stripped off them. Obviously before the council could be set up the FAQ would need to be developed which would then determine the rules the council would need to enforce.
*This post was typed without having seen the previous two comments, just to clarify chronology*

Ah, when I initially typed up that message, those two words that you've pointed out were originally "Another note", and it was a mere case of me changing it up as I can find it nauseous on myself when I reuse the same phrases over and over. Trivial, but true.

I'm not intentionally trying to imply that there is not a problem, although I stand by my thought that I don't really see it on the surface of the site, besides some reviews. On that note, I'd like to apologize to anyone who I have offended or belittled the opinion of. I may have my opinions differ from others, and I do openly express them (though not really outside of reviews/chartifacts/iTunes/chat). I myself am very sensitive to the issue, and the last thing I want to do is do the exact thing to someone else. I don't think I've especially done this, but I'd just like to clarify that I have no intention to do so. I try my best to treat members with the same respect they show me.

The FAQ is a good idea, but just for a formality issue, a guideline would make more sense, because a lot of the issues raised do not really fit the format of the FAQ. (eg: Am I allowed to criticise a member's review of one song because their opinion differs from mine? doesn't sound like a frequently asked question, or even a question that people would rarely ask.) As an observer of many reviews, I know of many things that I could acknowledge.

I didn't intend to write a long post, and I'm not trying to say anything controversial, but I hope that clears up my views!
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"If there was a council, who would be in it? I think that itself can cause some 'tension' and some members in the council may abuse their power to punish members they don't like."

If there was a council I think it would be best to have members that are trust worthy in it and not ones who can be immature at times. Also think that the council should be annoymous so that they can avoid backlash.
The FAQ is a good idea I agree.
Just one thing...

Does anyone know the appropriate procedure to get artwork added for singles? I'm mainly wanted to get some fixed for Kiwi tracks... Do I just email the artwork through to Steffen or someone else??

You can ask to have the ability to add artwork yourself, or as you said, you can ask anyone who already has the ability to. I suspect by making this notice, you might be given that ability anyhow.
Cool thanks Hijinx
I think it's time we should get rid of the guest function again. It's getting abused too much now since most of the time, the guests are more likely a member hiding under a different name. If someone wants to post something, they can create an account which isn't that hard.
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nevermind it's gone.
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I second that jinx. ^^^

It's been just over a month since I last complained about it. Once again, they are the same person and I have entirely lost my patience with them. Can someone please do something to stop them.
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This Hijinx is for you.

You deserve it.
My name has been placed on the following list, clearly without my consent. Can something be done so my name is removed. As far as I know, it is completely within my right to choose to or not to take part in certain things on this site.

@ irelander

You're right, we don't prefer such "nominations" or votes for members, if they don't want to take part in those games. We deleted the thread you're linking to
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Hi gang, just for your information the guest feature has been turned off as there have been to many spam posts and too many members selfishly using the guest function to post under another alias.
Until this practice is limited (which you can't do anyway) the only way to post on the site is by using your member login or join as a member if you are a regular guest.

Sorry for any inconvience cause.

Last time the Guest option was removed was in 2009.
Luckily I am a member so that I can post my opinion.

I enjoy this site immensely, and I have done so for many a year. I have been a member for over 2 and a half years, and have been lurking/posting as a guest for about a year before that.

I will vehemently defend the use of the guest function. It is an important function that can be used to help expand opinion and widen the amount of users that use this site.

At the same, users mis-using the guest function is a problem. I cannot say that I know much about running a website so I do not have the best possible answer. However, have the webmasters considered banning COMPLETELY the users who post under pseudonyms from the same IP address? Are there other options that can be considered?

I just believe that removing the guest option is a bad choice that inhibits the possibilities of wider usage by people interesting in the Australian-Charts.
@ Clinton

I understand your side and sympathise but unfortunately there isn't anybody around to moderate the site enough and a majority of 'spam' comes from Europe/Asia in the middle of the night for us.
Onto the point of members/guests using fake identities, yes we can ban people but how can that be controlled? It's like banning somebody from a sports ground for streaking, do you have their photograph up to deter them from re-entering?

What happened yesterday during the countdown was the final straw for admin myself & Bulion reguarding people creating rubbish within this site, we all encourage people to submit their thoughts and time into this site but unfortunately some can't control themselves and continue to create more work for myself, Bulion and admin.

So until we're satisfied that people can post systematically and responsibly the guest function won't be coming back.

While I do not understand how moderation on sites work, I do understand that yesterday's actions by, what I assume was one/two registered members, was a bit silly and over-the-top.

And if 'spam' is yet another of the reasons that the guest function is gone, then I guess that favours the balance towards the 'good' choice.

However, I think that it is still an over-reaction, and I thought that in the wake of all the positive reactions to this decision, that I should voice my genuine dissenting opinion.

Thanks for the quick and extensive response, BB!
I thought it was a bit funny yesterday, although, got boring and unnecessary in the end. In the right hands it might have been a mastermind of comedy. So yeah, maybe a bit of an over-reaction if yesterday is the reason.

The posts invading our threads trying to sell or link to something totally unrelated is annoying, and more a reason, but as you saw earlier, doesn't stop anyone. There's still nothing worse when you think someone has commented on your thread and instead trying to link you to the latest development in tennis shoes.

That's why this site is moderated to delete those kinds of things, and done pretty swiftly, I might add, and is all we need to overcome the problem. I remember when I first commented on this site as a guest, as I wasn't sure what it was all about. If I hadn't been allowed, then I may never have returned.
Just wondering, is the FAQ/Guidlines + Council/Moderator thing going ahead?

As for the guests, I'm actually quite stuck on the fence, both sides have very legitimate arguments.
We're still working on that side of things and as far as i'm aware Steffen is concentrating on putting the final touches towards the swizz site then is going to be putting in a lot of effort into making our world a better place.

As i've said before about the 'spam' problem unfortunately nobody is around 24/7 to moderate threads but we do try to fix them asap, the beauty of now having to sign as a member is that we can now monitor who is creating accounts and posting spam which has been happening still in the last 24 hours.

And on yesterday, a member posted that he 'forgot' that they were not logged in as a member but convienantly posted under several alias which in turn cluttered up a reletively normal process.

My question is...How hard is to take 2 minutes to sign up?
Then you can post to your little hearts content and long as it's in taste and somewhere on topic.

I'm all for encouraging new members and for guests to continue visiting our amazing site but i'm also not gonna sit here and watch it turn into a circus.

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to put my 2 cents in, I think that the guest function used correctly is extremely effective, and helps gather plenty more members in the end. However, it is not working on aus-charts. People are posting spam, pointless tripe (e.g. the chartifacts yesterday) and are even pretending to be members themselves (I've seen a guest under the name bsb745 and I know it wasn't me.)

So while I would love to be able to have guests join in the fun as well (and there are good ones such as brandon, a long time aus-charts user), a majority of guests aren't cooperating with the staff & member's and are just causing trouble.

I have to agree with Beanster here that it is very easy to create an account on australian-charts, so there's no reason this even needs to be a drama for people such as Clinton or Brandon who are well-mannered contributors to australian-charts.

In other words I'm with Beanster.
I agree with bsb totally on this, there are some guests who do the right thing but many don't. It's not that hard to sign up.
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I have a suggestion for the site.

Personally I think we need to get tougher on banning because repeat offenders are still on the site today. I couldn't count how many times someone has made others uncomfortable and goes totally unpunished.
Heres what I was thinking.

1. Someone who attacks someone/many persons the 1st time should get a warning. Same goes for spammers.

2. If the person offends again there shouldn't be any more warnings and they recieve a 1 day ban + a memo.

3. If the person offends yet again they get a 1 week ban + memo.

4. If the person offends yet again they get banned for good.

Pesonally if this was up to me I would skip 1 and 2 and only do 3 and 4 but I can see how others would find that too strict. I say all this because I feel that multiple warnings are pointless in stopping immaturity on the site. I don't want this site becoming like youtube that have some sort of argument in over half the videos I watch. We shouldn't stand for more then 1 warning because if the offender was a potenially mature person they would understand the warning and never offend again and not the ones that enjoy (or simply don't care about) causing trouble. I'm getting tired of offenders getting multiple warnings and still causing trouble.


Also while I'm here I have ask the staff.
Has anyone actually ever been banned from this (Aus-charts) site before?
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I am yet to see any behaviour that is offensive enough for a ban. So far I have seen less than 5 instances where the person deserves a warning but nothing more.
Over 95% on the site do the right thing I think. There haven't really been any recent incidents bad enough for a long ban but in the past I just don't see why someone who has abused someone else more then 1 time can keep doing it without a ban of any kind. Like over the course of less then 2 years "so in so" has made roughly about 10 or so insults to members in the reviews, 2 of which were big hate rants abusing the member and all that happens is the abuse gets removed. If that person wasn't so bad I don't see why he couldn't say something like "I disagree with you" instead of make insults. It may not happen often but still. Although some are fine with it, it could makes others feel uncomfortable and not want to use the site and seeing so much hate on many Youtube videos, the really bad ones are relentless and have no care at all, like the so in so from 2008/9 you mentioned.

These were some ideas to help make site better in the future.
I want to make sure someone doing the wrong thing doesn't get off easy and cause future tension.
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@LIFTER I hope you aren't complaining about me
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I have an important message to all members on this site and it is an apology I would like to say that I am sorry for my obnoxious behaviour on this site and I wish to be a normal member on here like everyone else so I am sorry for offending anyone on this site especially in the chat
And I want to apologise for my over charting of disney songs

no but in all seriousness, I do agree with lifter here - I mean for the good members who just slip up a warning should be all you need, but just to add to your idea lifter maybe the warnings should reset after 6 months or 12 months or something, because for instance if a member is here for 3 years, and gets their 4th warning, they'd be on the same level as someone who'd been signed up for 2 weeks and gotten their 4th warning.
I guess thats a good idea.
Is it just me are all the tables screwing up? and when i go to edit my posts it just deletes everything and goes blank...
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Posts with tables?, let me test


Nothing going on for me, can you link me to any places this has happened?
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its working for me as well sorry
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It's all working now, I don't know what the hell happened last night...
umm Pauly Fuemana died? I'm not sure why he's still in the birthdays list.
I think this has been answered before, They don't remove dead people from the birthdays for some reason.
Suggestion - I was thinking about maybe changing the Australian Charts ‘Best Of All Time” from 1-100, to 1-1000 (i.e. 1-100, 101-200, 201-300…901-1000) - both for Singles and Albums. Countries that are to be mentioned below already have this in place. My reasoning is that in the future, many of the songs/albums in the ‘BOAT’ now will start to disappear, and will be replaced, and songs/albums will need really strong charting positions to ‘stay’ in the ‘BOAT’. Also, by being on the ‘BOAT’, other songs with solid chart runs, but may have not had, say, the longevity, can be recognised too. This will also be a good indicator on how well songs have done in the past 22 or so years.

Austria- http://austriancharts.at/best.asp (divided into decades)
Belgium (Flanders)- http://www.ultratop.be/nl/bestall.asp
Belgium (Wallonia)- http://www.ultratop.be/fr/bestall.asp
France- http://lescharts.com/bestall.asp (lol embarrassing #1)
Netherlands- http://dutchcharts.nl/bestall.asp
Switzerland- http://hitparade.ch/statistics.asp?view=best_singles

This is just a suggestion. What do you all think? Is it possible?

I like this idea as well, or I was hoping that there was some way the entire Top 1000 could be made available for us to view. Even if it doesn't fully replace the Top 100, it could still be something that is viewable maybe?
I agree with Trav.
I also agree. And while we can't load the charts, maybe we can load the points from singles since 1980?
Just an idea, and I'm very happy to have this open for debate, but I think it would be interesting, useful and very convenient if there was:

a) A section in someone's profile that shows the threads they have made and
b) Maybe in their profile it will show the thread where they last commented.

Cool idea?
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@antonnalan. That would be a reasonable idea but why were you wanting that specifically?

I believe that with BOAT we should be able to choose a year and anything that charted after then would be eliminated. We could choose any year.

So if we chose 2005 the top 10 would be:

The Prodigy - Breathe
Trisha Yearwood - How Do I Live
Guns N Roses - November Rain
Run DMC vs Jason Nevins - It's Like That
The Living End - Second Solution / Prisoner Of Society
Pearl Jam - Last Kiss
Westlife - You Raise Me Up
Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag
The Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
Savage Garden - Truly, Madly, Deeply

Or if we chose 2009

The Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling
The Prodigy - Breathe
The Black Eyed Peas - Boom Boom Pow
Lady GaGa - Poker Face
Trisha Yearwood - How Do I Live
Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
Flo Rida & T-Pain - Low
Guns N Roses - November Rain
Sandi Thom - I Wish I Was A Punkrocker (With Flowers In My Hair)

This isn't quite what you want, but you can relive the BOAT list in its earliest incarnation here http://web.archive.org/web/20080730081502/http://www.australian-charts.com/bestall.asp Also marvel at the old design of the site
For me, the Threads that each member has made is for Personal Charts reasons. I hate having to go through the Forum trying to find it. I'm sure there are better reasons for it.

Other sites have the "last commented" thing, I like that function a lot.
Wow great flashback hijinx
And look how high up "To the Moon and Back" was. Now it's out of the BOAT. *cries*
Also There is a BOAT Singles and BOAT Albums. Maybe there could be a BOAT Artists. I know that we have that in Chri8's thread, but if it was updated weekly we could slowly watch current artists slowly climb up month by month and year by year.
Can someone fix this...

An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.

It is continuously occuring for the past fortnight.
The post will present in thread but the thread will not move in the Forum list.
I'm not sure how to fix it, but every other member has had problems with it too*. I've already had it multiple times this past hour.

Okay maybe not every other member Hijinx though has had it many times when he posts the Chartifacts countdown.
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So far ive had no problems except on my ipod but that has always happened
I've been experiencing it too, will let Stefan know.
It's fixed, sorry for that!
Hello everyone,

I sent a few requests to Steffen a few weeks ago regarding song/artist issues on the databse (eg. One of the issues is that "Toby Mac" and "TobyMac" are the same artist, and I would like them to be together on the site under the name "TobyMac") but Steffen hasn't done anything about it. I understand he is busy, so if it is possible that I can send these problems to another person on the Site?

P.S. I can't go into chat, but that's because of my computer.

Yeah, also "Mutemath" should be merged into "Mute Math", and "Passport For Amy" into "Passport [AU]".

Actually, never mind Mute Math, just the latter
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I'll work on those for you guys today, there are many similiar issues like this only because when added to the database they are done so incorectly.
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I'm not in the list!
I wasn't aware that this website had grown to the billions of members, but nice work everyone!
And to think I use to be on the Good List.
and after everything I've done for you Martin, really
Sorry to tell you Q16Martin but these unnecessary bumps are voted on their games. Also you can't blame People for not playing your games when you have like 6 going at once
I don't need to justify myself. If you are going to treat me like this, then I don't care if I end up on your 'bad list,' which is really just a list a people you don't like anymore. We haven't done anything wrong to you at all and if you want to block us then fine, it means one less person to care about for me.

Oh, this means I'm not talking to you again. Goodbye.
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Wow. I didn't want to say anything, but I can't let this go.

I am all for the occasional game, but when you have three or four or more running at the same time, and then abruptly end them, why should I bother? I think you need to refine your games and play one that everyone can enjoy. That is only my opinion, and you are more than welcome to continue as you are, but I refuse to be bullied into playing your games.

In regards to commenting on your chart, I have one very simple, and straight up rule: if you comment on my chart, I will comment on yours. I do my comments in rounds. Every week, those who have commented on mine, get comments in return. This changes every week depending on who has commented. That's just the way I do it.

Your name & shame policy is offensive if you have an issue with a member or with the site follow the correct avenue's. I don't believe i have done anything wrong to justify a mention in a list that requests banned or blocking from a site i have been on since 2006.
What do you hope to gain from your previous post...?
Should the main members of this site just go and leave a blank canvas!
q16Martin i have "NEVER" commented on a members peronal chart. I have joined in games you have created. Bump threads? please...
If anyone should be blocked maybe it should be you...?
You continuously creating threads & games. You place a member in a game without permission. You bitch in the social chat! You inbox asking why no one likes you.
So you wonder why your being ousted or your games are unpopular...It's because you create this sense of drama around everything just let people enjoy the site for what it is rather than stuffing q16Martin down their throat!
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To be honest i never bump my thread except when i have to post a new chart.
@ g16Martin

I would like to inform you that this is a very confrontational way to approach an issue and i'm not impressed and neither are some of the members you have fingered in the debacle.
We have been through this issue time and time again in reguards to comments and participation in self made threads.

Martin, I repeat... You can't force people to be involved in your games or comment on your chart, it's life their are better things to worry about.

Martin, I rarely comment on your chart and do not participate in your games nor does Bulion, does this mean we too are on your ficticious bad list?

Anyway I suggest you pull your head and have a real long hard think about what your trying to achieve here because looking from the outside in you are not creating a good look for the site in general by posting this trollop.

He said "fingered" *snort-giggle*
Posts deleted sorry everyone now we can go back to normal where everyone ignores my threads and they are unnoticed and everyone else s is noticed yay
Aww Marty. Need a hug? I'll give you a hug big boy.
Deleting the original thread does not resolve the issue you raised nor does it make it ok.
By your smug response I feel you obviously don't understand what you have done and have done in the past and there-for I will assume you will do again.
Martin, all information that has passed onto Steffen and he alone will decide what corse of action to take.
As for myself I am highly disappointed in this because as i've said before it only tarnishes all the good things this site offers and for you to be so selfish by continuing to cause trouble on these threads aswell as in chat is becoming an issue a lot of members are not willing to put up with anymore.
Normally this would've been memoed to you but this is my last plea to you to discontinue with this tirade you continue with, as far as i'm concerned your on your final chance.
I won't be bailing you out in future.

Hi guys, let me start by saying that this site is AWESOME!!!!! I've been a member here since 2009 but I've only recently become a contributing member in terms of reviews.

Just a quick query, someone has pointed out that there is an error on the album chart. One of the weeks seemed to be repeated for some unkown reason. I've posted the correct charts in one of the threads but I'm wondering if it's possible to adjust it myself?

Another thing I'm wondering is if it's possible to add cover art to existing songs/albums. I'd be very happy to fill in some Aussie classics but don't know how to actually do it.
In the reviews section the default is "All titles with [10] reviews or more are here."

Can we add another filter relating to when the song/album database record was created?
So for example: "All titles with [10] reviews or more are here, for entries created since [the beginning]."

If set up, the second filter may be changed to:
[last 12 months] - only shows review charts for entries created within 12 months
[last 4 months] - last 4 months etc.
[last month]
[last week]

Also, extending these to 10 pages (500 entries) rather than just the 4 pages could be useful.
Is it possible to have best reviews filter for reviews in English? It's just there's little point in having a "best ranked" when we can't understand most of the reviews anyway
I just wanted to let you know that Forum search is not working at this time. Please advise if its coming back.
We have had negative things to say about members hogging the threads in the past. I classify savagegrant posts as spam even though their chart related. I didn't bother trying to find what I wanted to read. 80% Of the members won't know the songs so its a pointless exercise. Its just our ocd working overtime to create another list that will be outdated by the time its finished
Is there a way I can find threads I posted in one place? Or do I need to scroll through to find them?
Rob. It's not foolproof but you can Google for them using the following search term...

site:australian-charts.com/forum.asp rob1972 member
Thank you very much savagegrant
This is an old issue, but ever since around September last year, all audio clips added to the site don't play. The old ones still work.
Through my several years on this forum i've come accross a few errors in the chart archives.


Many positions in that week are wrong.

Another thing I came accross was a Jennifer Lopez single, Ain't It Funny which peaked at #25. It's chart run has been merged with the "murder remix" of the song, which is a completely different song, which peaked at #9 months later and after another single had been released.

But all In All. Great site.
Guys, I am having a couple of issues. It's more of a help question, but this thread is sort of relevant to what I am asking. Well really, I have two questions, so here goes.

Firstly, I'd like to start an ARIA Personal thread (yes, yet another ) but I have no idea how to construct the tables to make the thing readable, so if anyone has some help for me on that, reply on this thread or memo me, please and thank you.

Secondly, I am not able to rate any singles on here without writing a review. I remember, a few months ago, there used to be a box to rate the song without reviewing it. That has disappeared for me. I have tried this in both Chrome and IE, and it's not there in either browser. Again, any help would be much appreciated. Memo or reply in-thread of course

Thanks guys.
Well to the first question there are two ways you can do it.

The first method is to manually make the table. To do this, you input the data in your post and separate the cells with l (Shift+\). So 1lNEl1l1lRobin Thicke - Blurred Lines would show like this

1NE11Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

The second method is much faster, all you have to do is put the chart into a spreadsheet, and just copy/paste it straight from there.

As for the 2nd question, I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but writing a review has always been mandatory if you want to rate a song.
Thanks jinx!

With the second part. I could have sworn there used to be a section for just rating only. So for example, next to the average rating and number of reviews, there used to be a dropdown box with 1 to 6 stars within. Or maybe I am just crazy and totally imagining it all
Yeah I've been here nearly 5 years and I've never encountered such a thing. You might be thinking of a different website
harvey, some people just write 'vote only' for thse songs that they don't want to review.

I had a feedback idea a couple of days ago but now I can't remember. I wonder if it will come back. I feel it was chart related.
Just testing things out:

1NE11Robin ThickeBlurred Lines
2NE12Daft PunkGet Lucky
It is obviously the same person. Absolutely unnecessary.
Likewise with the Altistan situation above, I question whether the last 4 Enlgish reviews of this are different people
I've got a question. I noticed earlier that I hadn't reviewed White Teeth Teens by Lorde when I'm certain I had already. The same thing happened with The Mighty Fall by Fall Out Boy. I was certain I'd reviewed them when I listened to Pure Heroine and Save Rock And Roll respectively.

So I'm just wondering if reviews can sometimes disappear?
maybe you are just banned from posting reviews on random album tracks.
They might be in the foreign reviews section, I know on the past some of my reviews have gone there.
Ah thanks for that. I probably have just overlooked those songs when listening to and reviewing the albums. I also discovered the same has happened with Space Cadet by Flume
Yeah if you take too long to type a review, it can automatically log yourself out and so it puts in the foreign bit for some reason.
There's been a problem which occasionally comes up and has come up again recently but has lasted longer than usual (about 4-5 days up to this point in time).

Whenever I click the reviews tab at the top left of the page, the following comes up:

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'

Cannot open database requested in login 'greendb'. Login fails.

/reviews.asp, line 6

I'm wondering what this is and why it keeps occurring.
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I get this internet page:

The website cannot display the page

Most likely causes:
•The website is under maintenance.
•The website has a programming error.
I don't know if the same or something similar has happened to anyone else but I have a review that listed in Reviews By Zacco333 but there is no artist or title where they'd usually be.

Here's the link: http://australian-charts.com/members_reviews.asp?login=Zacco333&show=alpha

Is there anyway I can get rid of that review?
I believe it's your review for Madonna - Sorry, except the actual review ends with a full stop but that one doesn't. Maybe you reposted it and the deletion failed or something? I don't know, but if you try deleting the Sorry review now, that might do something
Thanks for that. I deleted the review of it but I'll probably have to wait until tomorrow when it adds all my reviews from today to "Reviews By Zacco" for it to be gone
Sometimes when I do a review, it goes into the "other language" section.....why???
The most common reason for this is that it times out, basically you spent too long writing it. I take it as a compliment In those cases, just copy it, delete it, and then post it again and it should be fine.
I want to know if there are cases or reasons for forum discussions to completely disappear? I believe I created a page for all the Triple J Hottest 100 countdowns all in one thread which I was looking for to update for tomorrow, but can't find it and highly doubt I would have deleted it on my own accord... Should I just go ahead and recreate it?
Perhaps I should move it to the 'Non-ARIA section so it's with all the other Hottest 100 threads?
Of course, thanks! It didn't come up as part of the search for me but please move it!
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has been done
Would a name change be possible? Removing the 2012 to something like "1993-present"?, thanks again!
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Good idea lol
Hey team, question... does anyone know how to remove artwork for a single that you have accidentally uploaded twice. I've only recently been given this ability, and was adding a few kiwi songs from the archives and one of them uploaded twice:


If you have the ability to add artwork, do you automatically have the ability to remove it?
You'll have to memo sophieellisbextor and ask to remove it. We're not able to delete artwork I believe.
Just a tip for everyone:

The forum's been incredibly slow at times lately, a trick you can use to combat this is to go to the exact same thread you need, except through hitparade.ch, so eg http://hitparade.ch/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=42953 just change that 5 digit number at the end of the URL to that of the thread you want (which will be in its URL if you mouseover or whatever). Hope this helps!
Maybe this isn't "feedback" but anyway I have a problem with the personal chart archive. I can't seem to get the "LW", "TI" and "HP" to show the actual figures for the week before, and it works on some and not others help?
Did you just upload your chart? It can take an hour or even more for them to show up.
Yes. Impatient me... thanks

Just checked, they're all on there now.
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It's not that big of a deal but for the past few weeks when you click on Reviews on the top left of the screen it doesn't come up. This has always happened before but it usually only stops working at a certain time of the week but not for multiple weeks in a row. Curious.
From Chris A
Time 16/12/2014 23:46
Message You need to take a chill pill, your overreacting over the most smallest thing, pretty disrespect aswell to do it after the siege victims post when you had plenty of other times to do it, pissed off with the thread, how about don't read it? Or better yet leave the site and save us from your bullshit immature posts.

1: I'm not overeacting.
2: It wasn't disrespectful at all.
3: I read the thread as it's interesting when it used to be utilised for the correct topic.
4: I'm not going anywhere and my knowledge and maturity far exceeds your own.

This is the original post that means I deserve to open my inbox to read the above.

Right in going to say it, it's not directed at anyone or meant to cause a riot BUT... This thread is for death of music related people. At some point it changed to anyone that made the news which in reality I don't really care for as I come here for lots of things music related.

How is this immature & bullshit?

Chris A how about you go fuck yourself? simples.. mmm.

Anyone else from the superbestfriends cluster got anything to say?
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^-^ Take a chill pill, man
Yep I agree 100% Nate
I'm not sure how long it's been borked for but the "50 latest reviews" link keeps coming back as a HTTP 500 Internal Server error.
I asked the same thing a month ago and now it's been like that for 2 months straight.
This site has been going for many years but I find it quite meagre to get to where I want to sometimes, some reasons/suggestions:

* Forum automatic logout is still too short, let us choose to stay logged in
* Forum timeouts/hangs happen quite a lot still
* Troll posts from third party sites (and minimal staff to get rid of it means it hangs around for hours) no authenticator when people sign up?
* Personal charts are great and I realise that is what keeps people here and interested, but they take over the left side "most recent" posts way too often and the irreverant bumping (can we keep any personal charts/topics in its own "most recent" section?)
I totally agree with Nation.
Do the Edit and Delete buttons have to be so close to each other?

Facing yet again another issue with this site, I have a page here: http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=40849&pages=2 but when clicking "Edit" only so much of the original text appears before the rest of the original message is cut off. It's going to take me a while to now have to repost this information.

Has the site owner simply left? How do we get in contact with him?
Not that it helps your predicament, but it'd be great if (potentially in a new thread) you could put each of those lists in a separate posts. When I'm logged in I see all the edit logs, and when you edit a 2000 line comment even a few times, it makes the thread near impossible to load, which would be a big issue if a spammer got in there!
I will just link the original topic to a google drive document so I won't spend hours reformatting it for this site
lol NoZ. The buttons appear more spacious when sober.
Ah that's nice! (Though I wouldn't mind subbing out that OP for a post that hasn't been edited so many times lol)
I'd like to file a complaint about this site when I try to post something it is always so slow or it does nothing I thought it was my Internet but other websites work well and when I search for a song it comes up an error quite often and the site logs me out when I haven't even used it for 5 minutes
If it's convenient, the best trick you can use is to restart your whole browser, or just use a different one. I guess the server is running a bit slow with higher traffic than years ago.
I sometimes reboot the computer when I need to post something or I give up and do it another day. I tried restarting my browser and using a different one but it's still slow so I ended up rebooting my computer thanks anyway
What I usually do is I go to hitparade.ch, then I go to the top left hand corner and select 'Schwiez', then change the country to Australia (or Australien).

Basically accessing australian-charts.com via hitparade.ch.
Sometimes it takes a few browser restarts to get into gear

What Trav says works too, you can access the whole forum via hitparade, provided you know what thread(s) you're after.
it usually works for me running in incognito/inprivate, I don't know if this is just a fluke or if there's a reason for it
Same for me too harley

It stops working in my normal browser, so I open an incognito tab and it works perfectly for some reason. I then try the normal browser again, and it doesn't work. I don't know why this is the case.
What is with the constant timing out when your logged on... very frustrating!!!! This even happens when I'm constantly being active updated my threads... it's understandable if there is a period of non-activity, but I find it happening when I'm actively doing things...
I sometimes have spells of that, the only trick I have is that if you just keep on ticking 'Remember password', and don't delete cookies or anything, it seems to sort itself out. For me at least!
Cheers mate, will try that...
Good chance it might go unnoticed otherwise, but should be noted that audio clips on the site work again
This has probably been talked about somwhere on this site, but I'm doing my yearly update of my personal chart, and it goes to an error page when I click "add to Personal Chart" on the songs profile page.

Is there a different way of doing this, or am I the only one this is happening to?
If you haven't yet you can try doing on the Hitparade site instead. http://hitparade.ch
I can't say I've experienced this error, but does it do it straight away? If not, it might just be aus-charts being slow/non-responsive. Either way, yeah Lifter's idea could work too.
For the record I'm getting this too now and Lifter's solution does work.
Any reason why I can't log in the Australian-Charts.com? I have had to use Hitparade for every single thread which is quite annoying and worse I can't use Aus-Charts exclusives like The Charts Game. This has only happened once before and it only happened my mine and a couple others accounts then. Then as I'm doing all copy paste stuff with Hitparade I'm randomly logged in only to be logged out AGAIN with no way of logging back on. EDIT: Once again I'm randomly logged in.
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Been viewing this page on a regular basis for a number of years now and took the plunge and signed up yesterday. Great work done by all.I love reading about the old chart positions and finding out about songs i love and how well they charted.
This page and all of Hung Medien websites may causing all of its pages too longest to load and causing three or more hours to load and it turns no server found because of it! How can it solve with it? Thanks!
To be honest, if that's what's happening, it's not the page itself; any page will do it. The few ways I know to get around it (which will depend on which situation is most applicable) is closing your browser completely, and you may have more luck (you may have to do it a few times). If you're just trying to look at a specific thread, just scope out its thread ID, the 5 digit number at the end of the URL, go to hitparade.ch's forum and click any thread there, and replace its ID with the one you're after. It also can help to open another browser. Hope that helps.
Is that if there's 'www' (www.australian-charts.com), is it possible to load not longest load? Is without 'www' (australian-charts.com) , it means it loads too longest time?
What's the solution so that won''t load any pages too long? Is that means to go to incognito/private browser? What's or where's the Lifter's solution? Thanks!
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As I said last week, the best solution is usually just to close down your whole browser and try again. Annoying, but it does work.
How to close down my whole browser and try again? Is that true that in incognito browser/private browser to not slow any pages? Where's the link to hitparade.ch forum/thread about being problem on slowing the pages too long? Thanks again!
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by close your whole browser I just mean click the X or whatever it is and open it again. I have heard Incognito Mode can work better but I don't use it much myself so can't really say for sure.
Where's the link to hitparade.ch forum/thread about being problem on slowing the pages too long?
Don't know anything about such a thread, sorry
Is that true that incognito/private browser better work to not load too long for any pages because I'm afraid to load too long for hours in incognito/private mode?
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Which Hung Medien websites affected its loading too long for hours... this website (australian-charts) or all or websites by Hung Medien (ex. charts.org.nz)? Thanks!
I think all except hitparade.ch are on the same server, so the loading is probably the same.
Alright... this is getting beyond the joke!!!!

I wrote up a review... granted it took a little while and once I had pressed enter my post did not appear and I was logged out!!!! And on top of that was unable to retrieve the post to copy and paste again!!!! Like WTF is wrong with this site???...

This kind of glitch in the system seems to happen far to regularly and makes one not want to post anything substantial due to wasted time and effort!!!!

Some drastic improvements need to be made... feeling very frustrated!!!!
Agreed, i'll pass this on immediately.
Cheers mate
Unlikely, but did you check to see if your review did get posted, but just got pulled up by the language filter? Just because if you speed a decent while on the add review page, that will always happen. The best I can offer for the logging out is to make sure you tick 'Remember password' when you log in, and that your browser doesn't delete cookies or anything. I've only been logged out maybe twice all year.

I have a habit of accidentally hitting backspace and exiting the page though, so lately my review writing technique is to just type it up on Notepad first, saves any accidental deletion woes
@ Hijinx, it's not unlikely. It became so frequent for myself I just remember to copy each and every post before I click submit - just in case.

I have a huge frustration with this site. It's the server cannot be found. This is the only site in which it occurs. Whether it be mobile, laptop, iPad it does it so frequently I sometimes just don't bother returning or posting. I don't want to hear do this or that because it's just this site. If I don't need to moderate something anywhere else then I'm not going to start doing it for here.

We also need a facelift for the front page. We're starting to look mighty dated.
Nate, you may have misread my post, what I was saying was unlikely was that the review was picked up by the language filter, and since joe was logged out, it would totally appear as if it wasn't there

Definitely agree on the server issues though.
Yes jinx, that was the first thing I did... it was all gone, could not trace it back either to copy and paste... hence the frustration... for something as simple as writing on a forum on a web-site, one should not have to come up against so many brick walls...
Alright now I'm massively confused... just checked the other language part... and it's there???? It was not present there ten minutes ago or when I put the origin post through????....

Still it's not in the English part of the reviews... annoying and bizarre...
Yeah, I've not seen it with reviews but sometimes when you get timed out making a post, it'll turn up 30 minutes later or something.

If you delete and re-submit the review, provided it goes properly this time, it should show up as English.

For what it's worth though, if you're talking about your Hollies review from an hour ago, I saw that was on your profile after you first posted about this, so perhaps it was there and you were looking in the wrong place?
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Maybe?... all that matters now is that it's there even though it's in the other language section (still not 100% sure how to transfer to English)... hope you enjoyed the review non the less...
Always appreciate impassioned writing even when it's on music I've never heard

As I said, the easiest way to transfer it is to just delete it and re-post it. The only reason it turned up as 'non-English' is because you spent so long on the review page.
It's in the normal review section now. Thanks mate, greatly appreciated... cheers on both accounts...

Thanks also Beanster for taking this issue up and taking it futher for us, as I feel one should not have to go through all this just to post something.
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Yeah, it's been a long while since I wrote reviews, but every time this happened to me, it would eventually crop up in the "Other languages" section, so make sure you always check that. After which, I would just copy and paste it and repost my review
This is why I never do large posts on this site without typing it into Micro Word or use the main HitParade site. If my reviews end up it the other languages section I just copy it and redo it.
On to something completely different, I noticed how some Members are able to leave spaces between paragraphs on their profiles. Every time I try it just keeps it all bunched together which looks messy. I tried using HitParade, copy/pasting from Micro Word but both failed, what's the secret.
Type in '
' for a new line
Thanks, that explains everything.

Yay it works!
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You can have rainbow-coloured text like in my profile using the <font> HTML tag too. This site makes it easy to do...

And then you can paste it here and make your profile a beautiful eyesore http://way2tutorial.com/html/marquee_falling_text_generator.php
I think I broke the chatroom. Whoopsie!
Nevermind. It's working again. Move along people, there's nothing to see here!
It's very difficult to find what I'm looking for in this site. It's becoming dated.

Can someone please tell me where or when this site has provided a list or countdown for the best of 2015.

As in everyone's end of year lists combined.

Thank you
The reason why you can't find a combined 2015 list is because not everyone has finished their End Of Year lists yet.

I think Hijinx was looking at early February for a potential date. Perhaps around the same time as the 2014 combined list. I imagine more info will come in the next week or two as more people post their EOYs and availability of everyone to be there when the combined list is being broadcast and revealed is easier to know.
The list threads are always under Personal Charts: Special Occasion Charts, and the countdowns are always under Personal Charts: Combined Chart. The 2015 one is here http://www.australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=45468&pages=

(ftr the list won't be done until at least after Australia Day).
Not sure if this is where I post this and not sure if it is an error others aren't aware of but on the home page of this site where it has the top 5 from 1, 3, 5, 10 and 15 years ago the 15 years ago has the 1998 top 5 instead of the 2001 top 5.
Yep it's always really been 18 years ago for as long as I've been here lol
Holy epic spam, Batman!!

The universe willed me to wake up early today ~
You mean it wasn't this 42°C heat?
Hahaha at my thread on top of the spam.
I've realised ever since the ARIA website has changed, all the New Entries within the Top 50 that have charted within the 51-100 region the week before are listed on this site with W=0. It started two weeks ago. Is this an error, or an intentional change?

39. Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - I Know What You Did Last Summer
46. Ellie Goulding - Something In The Way You Move

34. The 1975 - Somebody Else

20. Alan Walker - Faded
46. Mike Posner - I Took A Pill In Ibiza

32. Skyhooks - Hits 'N' Riffs

42. Nicole Car - The Kiss
Also, I noticed on this chart http://australian-charts.com/weekchart.asp?year=2016&date=20160228&cat=a , that rather than showing a re-entry, the LW position for 'That's The Spirit' is shown as #51, rather than a re-entry, and that the re-entry is not accounted for on the album's page. http://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Bring+Me+The+Horizon&titel=That%27s+The+Spirit&cat=a

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Definitely not intentional, it'd be to do with how this site's database handles re-entries, because all the associated issues are with songs that climbed into the top 50 rather than actually debuting them. For some reason if it thinks that it's a re-entry but can't find the song anywhere in the chart archive, it doesn't increment its chart run.

This actually isn't a new phenomenon, as it's happened a few times before when an ARIA re-entry that pre-dates 1988 comes along. "Beat It" & "I Was Only 19" come to mind. But yeah this is getting out of hand and silly, and probably needs some intervention
Thanks for the clarification Hijinx, much appreciated!

Also I noticed that instead of Re-entries, these two albums are showing up as New Entries on the site for this week.
17. Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
23. Kelly Clarkson - Piece By Piece
Just asking, because I'm newish here, how do people make the tables in the threads?
So all you have to do is use the below vertical bar key when making tables




I hope that helps and you understand what I'm trying to say
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Or you can make the table in excel. An you just copy and paste and the tables magically appear.
I just noticed when looking thru the Top 50 for this week, that at #20 it has

20REMakayla Meghan feat Nash TrainorNo

At the aria website, it lists 20 as being

20NEWMeghan TrainorNO

Strange, don't you think? I can see how it might have happened tho.

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I know this sounds bad, but that is actually quite hilarious

Here is the evidence before it (assumedly) gets changed http://tinypic.com/r/24myydt/9
Hijinx as a moderator it has your name all over the ridiculous renaming & editing of existing Danger Zone games!

Please explain?

Edit back to what they previously were! Don't you have anything better to do. If it was meant to be humourous it went over my head and doesn't change the way I feel.

Other moderators should consider taking this privelage away from Hijinx.
But who else will save Ouagadougou??

I don't know how this negatively impacts anyone in any way, and the fact that I correctly guessed why this thread was bumped probably says it all. Harmless fun, nuclear war.
You probably need to look at what the date is today
Calling Madonna a robot probably isn't too far wrong at this point anyway honestly
Robot is clearly Kylie, have you seen her dance?
If you'd seen the videos for 'Can't Get You Out Of My Head' or 'Love At First Sight' you'd know that robot is clearly kylie
They are both robots as far as I'm concerned.

In case anyone's confused. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fxejBUumOlM
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Since this is my 6th year on this is site i was wondering if i can be promoted to become a moderator. I was wondering what the benefits are and the duties involved
I recall asking to become one myself several years ago and the most likely reason why it didn't happen was simply because there were no need for more moderators. Well that's my theory anyway. I don't think it's as easy as simply asking.
Yeah it's pretty much that Lifter.
If it was we'd all be in with a chance. You don't need that kinda power,martin. It just corrupts in time.
Ah, that's what I thought Hijinx.
But I want #thatPOWER
tbh anyone who asks to be a moderator should never be made one.
So everyone that is a moderator did not ask to be one they were magically just given the privallage
Is like tinkerbell,martin. The magic moderator fairy comes along and taps their magic wand on the person's forehead and when they wake up they are a moderator
I hope i get a visit from the fairy i want to be a moderator. But daddy i want one
Sometimes I wish fairy tales were true.
There's a spammer who put up a advertising thread in the Chartifacts topic

1113Makayla Meghan feat Nash TrainorNo

It's been three weeks now. Please fix this. Thanks
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Can someone please fix the login for Australian Charts!!!!
save outasight danger zone tonight!
save 20 figers danger zone explicit.
Chat's been fixed! I know this site constantly has problems,chat quite often,but thank you to the people who keep it running for putting their time and effort into it for all of us.
Also the login issue Nate was having (which affected everyone but if you were always logged in, you wouldn't notice) is fixed.
Yes, I couldn't log in today until after 6pm, glad it's fixed

Today was frustrating not being able to login. I wanted to login so bad for the Tonight / Explicit Danger Zone games running. I wanted to vote so bad...

Thank you so very much to Lifter500 in chat (which I accessed via Switzerland) for providing different ways to get me across the line with links etc it was really appreciated.

Bluezombie as well for recognising the issue and making sure my posts was added into the right thread.

Also another thankyou to Hijinx for sourcing what the root of the problem was and bringing it to the right person then having the courtesy to memo me that it's resolved. Once again really appreciated.

1113Makayla Meghan ft. Nash TrainorNo

Someone please fix this.
it's 4 weeks ago now. That thread is no longer even in the 50 that get displayed so to me i don't see the point in fixing it.
It's still on the page for the actual chart Jesse http://australian-charts.com/weekchart.asp?cat=s
Charts Game still closed for some reason.
I used to giggle at the No issue, but I have to agree it is now bordering on annoyance because it hasn't been fixed.
Dunno when it was fixed but it's fixed. There is potential for MOAR fail next week as iTunes is currently selling a cover of This is What You Came For and it's by Christina Calvin feat. Harris Rihanna Lee. lol
Almost one for the ages... http://i.imgur.com/2Bp42k7.png (Benji was the combo breaker lol)

The full Monty... http://i.imgur.com/ndLhx9G.png
For the record, the spammer has been blocked
...and soon they will be in Internet jail getting rammed!
Not sure who to send this message to, but I thought here would work.

I don't know what has been happening lately, but many songs on the chart have the incorrect number of weeks, with many songs being recorded as being on the chart one week less than it has actually been on the chart.

For example, "Don't Let Me Down" by The Chainsmokers/Daya (http://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=The+Chainsmokers+feat.+Daya&titel=Don%27t+Let+Me+Down&cat=s) has actually been on the chart 15 weeks, but it says that it only has been on the chart for 14 weeks.

If you look at songs that have been on the chart for only one week, take Kent Jones' "Don't Mind" for example (http://australian-charts.com/showitem.asp?interpret=Kent%20Jones&titel=Don%27t%20Mind&cat=s#lastreview), it has made its debut on the chart, but it says it has spent 0 weeks on the chart for some reason, so I think this is a problem right from the start.

I've only been noticing this problem in the last couple of months and thought that someone would fix it up, but it seems that isn't happening (or just hasn't happened yet). I was just wondering who would be able to fix that, before it affects almost all of the songs that are on the chart.

I have a archive of errors that need to be fixed and have been letting the appropriate people know about this, I don't know what has changed.
I'm thinking someone new is loading the new charts and they haven't ironed out the bugs yet.
Feel free to pass on to me any errors you may think i haven't seen or hopefully they will be fixed in the short to medium term.
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Hi. I signed up just to post a bug I found but it seems it was reported months ago but it hasn't been fixed so I'll mention it again. Some songs that are new entries are appearing with 'RE' and weeks in charts at '0'. This happened starting 28/02/2016. I scroll through each week and add any 'NEW' songs to a 2016 playlist and only twigged recently when top songs weren't in my list. Can this be fixed? Cheers

Example from 03/07/2016
42RE Lukas Graham Mama Said WAR0
Yeah that's the same issue that was just being discussed yesterday. What I do know is that it always seems to happen with songs that debuted in the bottom half of the ARIA top 100
Was the site down this afternoon or is it just me who couldn't log in? It happened for a few hours the other day too, then suddenly came good.
It's a log in problem that occurs in patches every few weeks/months. When it happens I'll switch to Internut Exploder which seems to always have me logged in.
Thanks sg
The site has a new error message! So exciting!


Something I would like to see is the ability to give a review/rating score without having to write anything in the text portion. For the most part I don't feel like it adds anything useful forcing people to put something in there; certainly I've probably never written anything of worth. But I wish to use that rating feature as it's a very exhaustive database here and having my scores so easily accessible is very useful. I don't mean to get rid of the writing section entirely as I'm sure some people enjoy it, my suggestion is just the option to score only. What are people's thoughts on this?

Side note: I'm currently only putting in punctuation as a review as it's probably just as good as the two words I'd have written anyway. No doubt this will upset some people, but if I wrote 5000 words, they'd be upset that I didn't write 10000 or that I disagree with their opinion, or I'd be mocked for a typo, so I can live with that.
I mean in that respect there is rateyourmusic.com which is honestly a better database for that sort of thing considering its more flexible score slider and all the ways you can manipulate and visualise the data with it (custom lists can be created excluding anything you've already rated for instance). I actually use it myself but have only rated and never reviewed on it because I lack that sort of confidence

It's funny though because I've also advocated for the opposite thing: I'd like to write reviews that don't have scores attached to them. The fact that the score is the first thing there means it's impossible for someone to read your review without first getting a knee-jerk reaction to those asterisks. Its prominence makes it feel like the only thing that matters and you can get the feeling that someone would rather some unpleasant bile or ASCII spew than an impassioned piece if it's the former that fits their score agenda better. I often feel obliged to write my nonsense because the score range on offer could never truly satisfy the intricacies of reactions that music can inspire.
Haha thanks for the recommendation, but with the amount I already have on here, starting again is not an option I'd seriously consider.

I don't see a problem with also having the option for someone to write what they wanted to say without having to enter a score.
To Irelander,

I sent you the two following memo’s they are both marked as not read so I’m not sure if you haven’t received them or not bothering to read them. Memo 1 which is below I sent to most members I was associated with when I first joined either by chart commentary, chat or forum games. It is good that most members read it and some were able to respond back.

So Irelander I didn’t want to send you another memo because you might not read it or if I try to talk to you in chat you might ignore me but I don’t know that so I thought it was best to post it here. Any other members that have issues with this post they can let me know in this thread or memo. I wanted to clear the air with all members on here with the first memo so I can finally move on and just use the site like I have been doing lately. The only reason I am addressing this to you because it shows they haven’t been read and I thought this was the best idea to get the message across you don’t have to respond to them just read the memo’s I sent you or in this thread. I’m not looking for friendship I’m just looking for understanding because of my past behaviour and I feel it is best to move on from what happened in the past. Thanks for your time in advance.

Memo 1:
I don't want to be a nuisance or anything but I was looking at old threads on this site and I had a good look at the feedback thread. It showed that I used to be a nuisance on here when I first joined as a member I'm so surprised by how many years have passed by since 2011. I think I've changed a lot since then so by looking back I wanted to know your opinion of what I was like back then and what I am like now. I also want to know do you miss what I was like back then. Otherwise I am sorry for my obnoxious past. Thanks for your time.

Memo 2:
One of the things I remember the most about joining this site is the time I got you to phone me that was a funny memory and you were the only member I got to speak to on the phone. We should catch up again some time.

I’m not looking for friendship vs We should catch up again some time

Pardon me for jumping on board, the above is a bit of a contradiction but if I can offer some wider-scope insight since I rarely come here for social things. This site is not as easily socially interactive (the site design has not changed in 10 years) as other sites are known as i.e. A-C is not a social thing like facebook, although I think from memory there are various A-C connected groups there which could be the place to develop networks.

If you're posting on A-C I think the consensus would be because you love music, you love creating an archive of your work, with an idealisation of any kind of networking between members is that they help steer your love of music in a new or different direction - not focusing on forming IRL relationships, if you don't get enjoyment from doing this maybe reconsider what parts you do enjoy and go with it (assuming it doesnt infringe ). from my experience all member interaction has been professional rather than social yet other than charts we do not take much else seriously, therefore, have fun here!

Look at my chart posts, it is all music I love yet many would not react to, and I rarely get a chance to get social on this site other than for EOY charts but when I am here its a fun place to be where we can even be brave enough to tease annoying chart feats. Good luck!
To NationofZealots

What I meant by I'm not looking for friendship is the first few paragraphs addressed to Irelander is what I posted today and the two below memo's were memo's I sent to him a few weeks ago but it shows he hasn't read them I sent the first memo to all members and all of them read them. I was trying to get a point across because of my past behaviour on here I didn't want to feel I was hated anymore for my past behaviour and I thought Irelander felt that way because he hasn't read any of the memo's so I thought I'd post a new memo addressed to him on the feedback thread along with the other 2 memo's. The truth is I’m not looking for friendship just understanding sorry about the confusion with the past memo. What I meant about the catch up is I guess what I meant to say about that was reminisce about the time me and Irelander spoke on the phone it doesn't mean we have to do it again. I agree with you that A-C is about our love with music I guess when I first joined and starting using chat and everyone was using it back then I sort of viewed as social as well as music interest. I do enjoy posting my weekly charts every week and participating in predicting the top 20 songs and also participating in the chart games. I just thought it's been a few years since I was last socially interactive on here I thought it was best to show each member I have changed and I wanted each member that I had an interaction with in the past to see the memo that is all. This will be the last post I post on the feedback thread on this subject. If anyone else would like to say their opinion maybe it is better to memo me. One more thing I would like to say to Irelander is I’m not upset with you and please don’t view these messages as an attack. I’m not trying to put you down or anything. So I will end this topic now because I don’t really want to upset anyone. Thank you.
The sidebar still says 'Nobody is in the Chat room right now.' when you're in the chat room. It's been an issue for at least a week AFAIAA.
My bad, I looked away for an hour
Hehe. How many spam threads did you have to delete this time? At least 50 it would seem. lol
Holy shit at dat spam!
Yeah felt like that much, didn't keep count.

I have seen more before for what it's worth
I was here but busy, i'm passed over controlling this guest function the admins refuse to eradicate
Hi Team.

I have noticed that the week 02/12/2018 on this site is missing from the chart run bar graphs of the Top 50 singles and albums of that week. I know the points and weeks have all been updated, but it is not showing in the bar graph.

Also this other issue was raised a while back in 2016, but is it possible to fix a new Top 50 entry (which would've been 51-100 the week before) so that it shows as a NEW entry (with 1 week showing in the W section) as opposed to a RE entry (with 0 weeks showing in the W section)?

Trying to edit a post of mine at this link:


When clicking update, it gives an error message:

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

What's happening?!?!
The site was attacked earlier on today and the team behind the scenes are working on fixing bugs and glitches.
With apparent the resurrection of the site, still getting errors trying to edit the above link. Can we edit old topics or has this function not been restored yet?

Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'

Operation not Allowed

C:\WEB\AUSTRALIAN-CHARTS.COM\../lang.inc.asp, line 2

I’ve been unable to access ARIA Full Accreditation’s thread for 4 days.
Wanted to view Personal CD Collections can’t view that.

Also difficult to access site via Google.

Please assist 🙂
I find that especially in the last 12 months or so, something about the way this site functions is making it more and more difficult to view substantial posts such as the aforementioned by NateBoi without it timing out. I'm not too sure how to rectify this problem - but the pages seem to work *slightly* better on hitparade.ch - although still sometimes they time out.

I know that with the "In Memoriam" post, which was becoming exceedingly long and drawn out, I suggested that after a 6-month period (or thereabouts), the posts be removed, and a table of deaths be placed at the top of the thread, and updated accordingly.

The other option would be to fragment some of the longer threads, with links to each fragment in each thread (like Irelander's and Hijinx's EOY lists).

For example, ARIA Full Accreditations thread could be fragmented into decades, or even years.
Not sure what to do about Personal CD Collections...

Just something to think about.
The site could also paginate threads so people didn't have to manually split them.
Guys Steffen and the team are working behind the scenes to alleviate these issues, your patience is greatly appreciated
He hasn't responded for a week now - are we sure those with access are aware of this issue?

Sample Error
You may receive a message like "Request object error 'ASP 0104 : 80004005'"

or "Operation not Allowed"

/admin/savefile.asp, line 51
Solution or Workaround
This is a server side issue related to the settings related to the IIS service. When you received this error, the amount of data that can be received in the "request object" is likely restricted, some servers have a restriction as low as 200 KB.

To work around this issue, you should contact your web Administrator or use 3rd party FTP software to upload larger files.

There are some technical workarounds, related to the metabase.xml, such as modifying these settings:

The forum threads should load faster now.

NationOfZealots: The message in your post is way too long. Any possibility to seperate it?
How long is too long? If it is going to be separated I need to know post limit to avoid these issues, separation also means a lot more individual posts and that can be clunky and inefficient.

Can we get a post length counter when adding a new thread maybe?
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Nation: It's fixed now. You can edit again!
Thankyou! Can finally debut EOYS 2018 list!

Thank you Steffen.

The issue seems to be resolved.
Will mod powers be coming back soon? I couldn't get rid of spam when I saw it last night
Memo him directly Hijinx
Also guests (and therefore spammers) can post again, seems like some settings were reset along with the site.
oddly enough that was still true a week ago even though all the threads still said they were manually set to only allow member posting

I'd delete the spam but alas I cannot
On my personal charts page, the cover art for each release are displaying as a broken link / image. Wondering if there is any way to fix this?
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Just thought I'd mention that when you click on the picture for a closer look at the cover art of certain singles or albums (for example Hailee Steinfeld & BloodPop's "Capital Letters") the cover art does not load. It's a fairly unimportant issue but it's still annoying
I think that problem might be due to special characters, specifically the ® in BloodPop®'s name? The not-working link when you click the cover has the ® converted to % encoding ("%AE"): https://hitparade.ch/cdimage.html?hailee_steinfeld_x_bloodpop%AE-capital_letters_s.jpg . But if you change "%AE" to "®", it works. I'm guessing they might've changed the URLs on hitparade from using % encoding to the characters themselves, but haven't updated the aus-charts URLs accordingly.

Maybe it's for the best with Capital Letters though, being a badly cropped version of the soundtrack cover with the text aligned off-center
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Okay, well that makes sense then. It works now 👍

And yeah, the Capital Letters cover art is pretty crap; it's not even original at all
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I want to update the ARIA Accreditations Thread!

However I get the following error message.

Request Entity Too Large
The requested resource
does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit.

Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at australian-charts.com Port 443

How do we fix this?

This is the first time I've encountered this issue.

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I'm familiar with a different post error, but I hadn't seen that one before either! I tested (by copy-pasting your table into an old post of mine then removing it) and it seems to only happen on aus-charts; if you go via hitparade ( https://hitparade.ch/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=58525 for your thread) it seems to work.

The alternative would be splitting your table into multiple posts to get around the 'too large' limit - though it's possible (likely, even) you'd still encounter the other problem, where certain random phrases trip up a 'forbidden' error, which requires you to either try and manually isolate which word is causing it, or post via hitparade anyway.
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You don't have permission to access /forum.asp on this server.

Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at australian-charts.com Port 443

Another Error!

Okay, so I cannot post the Accreditations in a block via Australian-charts or Hit Parade.

So I've attempted a A-M / N-Z split utilising the two original posts in the thread.
The new message is delivered when I'm attempting edit the second message to complete the split.

If someone out there can help me to resolve it would be greatly appreciated I've been trying to arrange this since February 1st!

*Also what's all this BR nonsense in everyone's song reviews?
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BR just means line break because some of the site's infrastructure is broken. You could interpret it as someone pressing enter once.
Did you find an answer because I'm also have troubles trying to cut and paste large blocks from Excel into my Weekly Chart post. Has been giving me trouble for a few weeks now.
Assuming you're getting the 'forbidden' error, have you tried posting via hitparade? Just replace 'australian-charts.com' in the URL with 'hitparade.ch'; for example, for your thread: https://hitparade.ch/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=58391
ok I''l try that

The chart/week Madonna debuted at #5 with "Die Another Day" and Kylie at No.4 with "Come into My World" has now been fixed.

Wow, thanks for getting that fixed! I thought it would likely never happen.
So, the issue has still yet to be Resolved.

ARIA Accreditations List still cannot be updated without Forbidden Error.
None of the suggestions have been successful.

Unavailable On iTunes cannot be accessed through australian-charts only through swiss charts.
Then there's no login available to edit my posts???

What's actually happening with this website?

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I just joined a couple of people on the australian-charts.com Facebook page, but there is one person I am not sure about.

Does anybody know who Sufaid Khan is, here is his profile link.


Let me know if this is a regular user of this site please, he looks to be living in Sydney.
This is Mortin Martin. You Can't silence me.
so do you know him or not Martin, or is this you?
Nope don't know him. But why would I help any of you anyway?
After the way you all treated me on this site for years.
Nateboi is the worst Aus charts member ever. He blocked me on Facebook like you fucks. Here is a list of the worst Aus Chart members of all time. Weeeeeeee. I'll keep spamming your site and I will not stop fuckers.

1. nateboi

2. Irelander

3. Zacco

4. Antonallan

5. Chris a

6. Harley rules

7. Savage grant

8. Bluezombie

9. Timfox

10. Mykl

11. Hijinx
Martin; You forgot to mention why I blocked you?

You’re unable to cope with someone not wanting to befriend you.
You are an immature bully.

You’re a mentally challenged person who thinks everyone on this website is out to get you.
You couldn’t be more wrong... you’re out to get yourself.

You’re actually needing help by a psychiatrist or psychologist.

What i meant to say if you all unblock me i will not have a reason to do this at all and won't have to do it.
Martin, people blocked you because you've gone over the line so often. There's no reason for them to believe you're not gonna continue doing this.
What's an example of me going over the line.

I will make a vowel to stop doing this if everyone unblocks me or even just nateboi.
will it be vowel A, E, I O or U?

I think you meant to say you will take a vow.


Despite anybody's issues with each other, nobody answered my initial question, as quite a few people have recently been approved for the FB page, and this person mentioned above is someone I don't know.

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