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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Top 100 Singles of the 2000's


Starting at 1pm on Saturday the 9th of January, Beanster, Bulion and Chri8topher will be counting down the Top 50 singles of the last decade.

Feel free to comment and tell us about your memories of the music from the first decade of the new millenium.
100 - If I Were a Boy - BEYONCE (2008)
99 - Never Be the Same Again - MELANIE C (2000)
98 - Switch - WILL SMITH (2005)
97 - Dream Catch me - NEWTON FAULKER (2008)
96 - The Fear - LILY ALLEN (2009)
95 - Bye Bye Bye - N*SYNC (2000)
94 - Stan - EMINEM (2001)
93 - I Don't Feel Like Dancin' - SCISSOR SISTERS (2006)
92 - Complicated - AVRIL LAVIGNE (2002)
91 - Behind Blue Eyes - LIMP BIZKIT (2004)
90 - Flaunt it - TV ROCK (2006)
89 - Evacuate the Dancefloor - CASCADA (2009)
88 - You Belong With Me - TAYLOR SWIFT (2009)
87 - Milkshake - KELIS (2004)
86 - Straight Lines - SILVERCHAIR (2007)
85 - Not Pretty Enough - KASEY CHAMBERS (2002)
84 - The Climb - MILEY CYRUS (2009)
83 - Groovejet - SPILLER (2000)
82 - The Way I Are - TIMBALAND (2007)
81 - Live Your Life - T.I. feat RIHANNA (2008)
80 - Hanging By a Moment - LIFEHOUSE (2001)
79 - Untouched - The VERONICAS (2008)
78 - PAPARAZZI Lady Gaga(2009)
77 - 4 MINUTES Madonna Feat. Justin Timberlake (2008)
76 - GIVES YOU HELL All-American Rejects (2009)
75 - WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? Gwen Stefani (2004)
74 - HEY YA Outkast (2004)
73 - JAI HO! (YOU ARE MY DESTINY) A.R. Rahman Feat. The Pussycat Dolls (2009)
72 - FOREVER Chris Brown (2008)
71 - VIVA LA VIDA Coldplay (2008)
70 - A THOUSAND MILES Vanessa Carlton (2002)
69 - LOST WITHOUT YOU Delta Goodrem (2003)
68 - HOW YOU REMIND ME Nickelback (2001)
67 - UMBRELLA Rihanna Feat. Jay-Z (2007)
66 - GIRLFRIEND - Avril Lavigne (2007)
65 - OVER AND OVER - Nelly (2005)
64 - ANGEL - Shaggy (2001)
63 - SEXYBACK - Justin Timberlake (2007)
62 - IT WASN'T ME - Shaggy (2001)
61 - YOU FOUND ME - The Fray (2009)
60 - DON'T STOP THE MUSIC - Rihanna (2008)
59 - BRING ME TO LIFE - Evanescence (2003)
58 - CAN'T GET YOU OUT OF MY HEAD - Kylie Minogue (2001)
57 - THE LAST DAY ON EARTH - Kate Miller-Heidke (2009)
56 - FREESTYLER - Bomfunk MC's (2000)
55 - IN DA CLUB - 50 Cent (2003)
54 - GET SHAKY - Ian Carey Project (2009)
53 - WHEN I GROW UP - Pussycat Dolls (2008)
52 - AXEL F - Crazy Frog (2005)
51 - BLACK BETTY - Spiderbait (2004)
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50 - SAY MY NAME - Destiny's Child (2000)

* THE girl-group of the decade, this was their break through single, having made a slight dent in the charts in 1999 with their single "No, No, No".

This one seems a bit high. Was lower than "Music" in the 2000 End of Year, but no Madonna coming up...
49 - LONELY - Akon

* taking a sample from the 1965 single by Bobby Vinton called "Mr. Lonely", Akon took his second charting single here straight into the No.1 spot, staying there for three weeks and beating the No.52 decade placing of it's then nemesis Crazy Frog.

Are digital sales included for the pre digital songs?
Even if they are, "Say My Name" couldn't bypass "Music" that much to appear in at #50. "Music" didn't make the Top 100!
48 - SMOOTH CRIMINAL - Alien Ant Farm

* Michael Jackson did have an interesting decade musically, but this former Top 50 single from 1988 was re-done with a thrash-metal element to it, giving Alien Ant Farm an eight week at the top, and giving them pure One-Hit-Wonder status.



Chri8, do you wanna start doing the odd numbers now on...
And speaking of The Chipmunks, is there a possibility you WILL have to purchase The Chippettes for tomorrow, Beanster?

heh heh...
No way in hell! Hell would have to freeze over for me to buy that crap, I've already made that mistake!

Yeah pretty odd considering "Music" didn't make the TOP 100 at least!
give me one more...i have nothing
and my hands are sore!...heh heh

I'll try and start on #45.
47 - THESE KIDS - Joel Turner & The Modern Day Poets

* Debut single for the Brisbane beat-boxer who didn't really need Australian Idol to tell him he wasn't good enough for them, he was better than that (IMO)




* The lead single from the film "Coyote Ugly" was bigger than the movie, and gave LeAnn Rimes her biggest hit. She had a Top 10 single in 1996 with "Blue", but this was her major hit, and thankfully kept Eminem's "Stan" at No.2 for six weeks before it spent one week at the top.


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45. HERO Enrique Iglesias
from the album "Escape".

Entry: 29th October, 2001.
Chart run: 37*27*25*15*12*7*8*3*2*2*2*1*1*2*2*2*2*3*12*24*42*83*
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44 - BIG GIRLS DON'T CRY - Fergie

* Fergie scored three Top 4 singles from her "The Dutchess" album before this single was released, and this song spent nine weeks at No.1, also helping the album to finally reach No.1. She scored with nine solo singles between Sept 2006 and June 2008, and this was the No.1 single of 2007

all great songs maybe not Akon Lonely,it was good but not great

damn a whole year in the charts for Fergie
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Joel Turner wasn't "good enough", he wasn't suitable. I think Idol helped him out, they let him perform at the finals. I can see where they were coming from.
Gee, I'm still at the sad, sexy part on "Hero"! My broadcast is obviously slower than what Beanster is playing. Apologies for delays in my posts.
43. PREDICTIABLE Delta Goodrem
from the album "Innocent Eyes".

Entry: 8th December, 2003
Chart Run: 2*2*1*2*3*3*6*7*12*16*18*20*25*32*39*45*55*
my favourite Delta song of the decade
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42 - TIK TOK - Ke$ha

* The last No.1 of the decade racked up it's 2xPlatinum certification this week, and spent eight weeks at the top, becoming 2009's longest running No.1. Wil her debut album come in at No.1 next week, as it's they're quieter sales weeks in January, which could get up there?

Listen to this chick's voice. It's shit. Can't believe she's doing so well!
41. LEFT OUT SIDE ALONE Anastacia ▲² (2004, #1)
from the album "Anastacia".

Entry: 22nd March, 2004
Chart Run: 12*10*5*5*4*3*2*1*3*2*2*4*4*6*13*13*14*

Ahh, some Anastacia. That's a little better on the ears. Love this song!
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what's wrong with Delta?

wasn't Left Outside Alone 2004?
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40 - MEET ME HALFWAY - The Black Eyed Peas

* Their third No.1 single for 2009, and the first of five Top 100 of the Decade singles (nothing lower than this one). THE GROUP of the past decade, they had seven No.1 singles, plus Fergie's solo track gave then eight in-effect. The only other group of the decade to score more than one No.1 were U2.

right you are...fixed.

Um...not sure where you were up to. The chick i was talking about was Ke$ha. Have nothing against Delta.
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is it just us 4 in here...anyone else listening?
39. SINGLE LADIES (PUT A RING ON IT) Beyonce ▲² (2008, #5)
from the album "I Am...Sasha Fierce".

Entry: 24th November, 2008.
Chart Run: 15*13*6*8*8*8*5*5*7*6*11*15*14*12*13*17*
36*38*47*57*53*59*62*53*49*45 (still charting)

The Chippettes version is #1 on Beanster's shopping list for tomorrow.
i bet this song will still be in the top 100 at the end of this year.
38 - SHAKE IT - Metro Station

* Trace Cyrus is a tall, tattooed, rock-god looking man who is nothing like his sister Miley. His group scored a double platinum single that spent two weeks at No.2 and spending 41 weeks in the Top100. They only scored a No.43 single with "17 Forever" in the last week of 2008.

Yes I'm listening, I have been listening since the 2nd
half of #48 which is 1 of Beansters favorites Tunes.

Reason I took so long to comment was because
it took me so long to catch up on all the forums.
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It must be poke fun at me day today
just making sure you're still awake, Beanster.
37. NO AIR Jordin Sparks with Chris Brown ▲ (2008, #1)
from the album "Jordin Sparks".

Entry: 12th May, 2008.
Chart Run: 57*16*5*3*2*1*1*1*1*2*3*3*5*6*9*15*15*18*

* Elvis would have been 75 on January 8th, and to commenorate this feat, I along with David from Elvis.com.au have put together a new compilation of his Aussie hits called "50 Australian Top 10 Hits 1956-1977", which I did the liner notes for. Yay, my first compilation. This track does not appear on it, but was a comeback of monumental proportions keeping Eminem on his toes for a couple of weeks.


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35. WHERE IS THE LOVE? The Black Eyed Peas ▲² (2003, #1)
from the album "Elephunk".

Entry: 4th August, 2003.
Chart Run: 2*2*2*1*1*1*1*3*2*1*1*2*3*2*5*8*7*7*8*13*
The only decent thing The BEP have done IMO.

Even though I knew it was going to happen I was still disgusted that Punk Rocker was The #1 Single of 2006 ahead of a way better Track.
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34 - I WISH I WAS A PUNK ROCKER (With Flowers in My Hair) - Sandi Thom

* A song which mixes elements 1968 (Flowers) and 1978 (Punk) together was the second longest running No.1 of the 2000's, spending 10 weeks at the top, and was up there (Oct 2006) when the ARIA Top 100 started a separate physical sales chart. If the chart had kept going with just physical sales, this song would have spent 12 weeks at No.1. The song spent 51 accumulated weeks in the Top 100.


33. I'M OUTTA LOVE Anastacia ▲² (2000, #1)
from the album "Not That Kind".

Right, I think I have the right Anastacia song now...!

Entry: 19th June, 2000.
Chart Run: 6*5*2*2*2*1*1*1*1*1*2*2*3*4*8*17*18*31*
32 - HALO - Beyonce

* This is her highest placed single in the Top 100 of the decade, as we heard her back at No.39 with "Single Ladies" and she scored the No.100 single with "If I Were a Boy", plus her former groups only chart entry was the No.50 placing of "Say My Name". Her only No.1 single "Irreplacable" did not make the Top 100 (January No.1 that's why!!)

Dawn French's dream sequence with Anastacia is hilarious. She makes fun of Anastacia's vocals in front of her. What a good sport.

French & Saunder meet Anastacia link.
31. DON'T CHA The Pussycat Dolls ▲² (2005, #1)
from the album "PCD".

Entry: 29th August, 2005.
Chart Run: 1*1*1*1*1*2*1*1*2*4*3*3*4*7*18*21*25*
30 - HOT N' COLD - Katy Perry

* Second single for Katy, one more to come later on, was kept on the charts by being used by MasterChef as their theme song during 2009, plus it was helped by being also used in the film "The Ugly Truth" (2009, Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler).
According to Wikipedia, the song was also used in local soap "Out of the Blue", and can now be found on the recently released "American Pie: The Book of Love" movie (straight to DVD title).

21-Dec-2009 (R)

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regarding the Elvis thing Bulion,i read your name in thursday's herald sun and i was like cool,must have been fun too do.
29. LIKE IT LIKE THAT Guy Sebastian ▲² (2009, #1)
from the album "Like It Like That".

Entry: 17th August, 2009.
Chart Run: 6*4*2*1*1*2*2*2*3*5*4*7*11*12*14*21*25*23*25*26
(still charting)
28 - SWEET ABOUT ME - Gabriella Cilmi

* 2008 ARIA Award winning "Single of the Year", plus "Highest Selling Single" and "Breakthrough Single" all made for a great (so far) one-hit wonder from local Melbourne girl Gabriella, who is expected to release her second album around April 2010, with lead single being Blondie sounding track "Woman on a Mission" due in early March 2010.

12*13*17*23*30*34*36*41*43*47*40*49*55*53*(ARIA win)17*30*46*52*56*67*66*61*67*56*51*60*77*84*97*--
It took so long to do ChrisA, we started putting it together in May of 2009, and by November had the liner notes and track listing sorted out. We wanted to put more in, but had to stop at 50 Top 10 hits.
27. USE SOMEBODY Kings Of Leon ▲² (2008, #2)
from the album "Only By The Night".

Entry: 29th September, 2008.
Chart Run: 29*24*24*15*20*12*9*6*4*4*3*4*4*4*2*3*5*
26 - ALL SUMMER LONG - Kid Rock

* The Kid had a No.52 single in 1999 with "Cowboy", then a No.27 single in early 2002 with "Forever", after which he was best known as one of the guys who married Pamela Anderson during the decade. But when he combined samples of 70's tracks "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Werewolves of London" into a summer-themed song, it only took five weeks to climb to the top of the ARIA charts, staying put for three weeks. By the time summer rolled around, we were sick of hearing it, but nonetheless it stayed in the 30-50 section of the charts for ten weeks during Dec-Jan.


25. APOLOGIZE Timbaland presents OneRepublic ▲4 (2007, #1)
from the album "Shock Value".

Entry: 5th November, 2007.
Chart Run: 10*9*3*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*2*2*3*6*7*8*12*13*
this song was obviously over certified then..
24 - SHUT UP - The Black Eyed Peas

* One group who did not shut-up during the decade were the BEP's, with this being their second No.1 single, and follow-up to the No.35 of the decade single "Where is the Love". Although it only charted for five weeks in 2003 and was the last No.1 of the year (Dec-29), it was the No.19 single of 2003 and with it's two more weeks at No.1 in January of 2004 it was the No.9 single of 2004.


23. BLEEDING LOVE Leona Lewis ▲² (2007, #1)
from the album "Spirit".

Entry: 24th December, 2007.
Chart Run: 9*7*3*2*1*1*1*1*2*1*2*3*3*3*4*8*12*13*16*
22 - I KISSED A GIRL - Katy Perry

* Whilst Jill Sobule had declared the same thing (and title) in September 1995, the amount of controversy that came with this new song (different song, same title) was over the top to say the least! She's now kissing Russell Brand, and were supposedly engaged over the 2009 Xmas period.

I think everybody forgot about Jill Sobule's track at the time and in my opinion it's way better than Katy's song!
21. WHENEVER, WHEREVER Shakira ▲³ (2002, #1)
from the album "Laundry Service".

Entry: 4th February, 2002.
Chart Run: 1*1*1*1*1*1*2*4*4*3*3*6*3*4*7*9*17*23*
where did underneath your clothes chart..the best shakira song in my opinion
20 - DILEMMA - Nelly feat Kelly Rowland

* Beyonce released her first solo single in August 2002, but Kelly and Nelly scored their first No.1's together in October 2002, debuting at No.1 and staying there for four weeks. It became the No.4 single of 2002 and the No.26 single for 2003.


This is the only Shakira track in the Top 100, not even "Hips Don't Lie" made the Top 100.

No I don't have the positions below the Top 100, ARIA only gave me the Top 100, sorry ChrisA
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you don't know the positions below 100 then Bulion?
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19. BORN TO TRY Delta Goodrem ▲³ (2002, #1)
from the album "Innocent Eyes".

Entry: 18th November, 2002.
Chart Run: 3*2*1*2*2*3*2*2*2*5*6*5*7*7*8*12*15*22*
18 - RIGHT ROUND - Flo Rida feat Ke$ha

* One of two Flo Rida tracks in the Top 20, this was the 5th biggest single of 2009, whilst his 2008 No.1 is coming up soon.
An interpolation of Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)" from 1985 was the inspiration for the title, in its hook, sung by Kesha, who did not receive billing on the US music charts for her contribution at the request of Atlantic.

14-Dec-2009 (R)
88*70*59*... still charting

17. TEENAGE DIRTBAG Wheatus ▲³ (2000, #1)
from the album "Wheatus".

Entry: 25th September, 2000.
Chart Run: 15*18*13*10*5*3*2*1*2*3*2*2*1*1*1*2*3*5*
16 - WITHOUT ME - Eminem

* The male solo artist with the most No.1's in the 2000's, he has also scored a Top 100 of the Decade with "Stan" at No.94 and has another song coming up later on. This song went back to the top three times during it's five weeks at No.1.
This song was almost duplicated (style and sound wise) in 2009 with his last No.1 single "We Made You" (1x1-May)


first lines of the song "Without Me" (Trailer Park girls go round the outside) is an interpolation of Malcolm McLaren's 1983 single "Buffalo Gals".
15. I'M YOURS Jason Mraz ▲² (2008, #3)
from the album "We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.".

Entry: 99*--*--*--*--*--*--*--*--89*94*63*53*51*40*33*
14 - BOOM BOOM POW - Black Eyed Peas

* Fourth of five Top 100 singles for the group, this one was their comeback single after three years of group hiatus (they were busy doing their own thing). Initailly the single was staying around the lower part of the Top 10, until in it's 7th week on the charts it went to No.1, staying there for six weeks, and then they created history by knocking themselves off the top with their follow-up "I Gotta Feeling", something which hadn't been done since Madonna in 1985.

44*50*46*42*39*... still charting.
I actually heard a really good remix of this track last night in a night club
13. LOW Flo Rida ▲² (2008, #1)
from the album "Mail On Sunday".

Entry: 4th February, 2008.
Chart Run: 12*10*8*6*3*2*2*1*1*2*2*1*3*3*3*3*3*5*6*
12 - JUST DANCE - Lady GaGa feat Colby O'Donis

* She scored the No.78 single of the decade with "Paparazzi", and this being her first single is the second of three hits in the Top 100 of the Decade for The Lady. Australia was one of the first countries to make this a No.1 single, even if it did only top the charts for a single week in mid-Sept of 2008.

11. THE KETCHUP SONG (ASEREJE) Las Ketchup ▲³ (2002, #1)
from the album "Hijas Del Tomate".

Entry: 14th October, 2002.
Chart Run: 1*2*2*2*2*1*1*2*3*3*2*3*3*4*9*9*10*14*
shittest song ever right up there with the Crazy Frog
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remind me to bin this track
10 - LOVE STORY - Taylor Swift

* The highest placed country-esque song in the Best of the Decade listing, Taylor Swift could do no wrong in 2009, and is set to do so again when she tours Australia in early 2010. She also scored the No.88 single of the decade with "You Belong With Me".

19-Jan-2009 (R):
Have not made a post for a while, that Ketchup Song was the only song I couldn't even recognise in first few seconds in this list.
Hey Beanster congrats with the broadcast, enjoying the trip down the past decade (mostly last 2 years ).
Last edited:
9. SEX ON FIRE Kings Of Leon ▲4 (2008, #1)
from the album "Only By The Night".

Entry: 18th August, 2008.
Chart Run: 27*25*23*25*15*9*6*5*4*1*1*1*1*2*2*2*5*5*
8 - SEXY BITCH - David Guetta feat Akon

* When Akon scored his first No.1 with "Lonely" (No.49 of the Decade), it would be five years again before he topped the charts, and this time with help from a French DJ. David Guetta had a minor hit with a song in 2006 called "Love Don't Let me Go" (No.32, 35 weeks in Top 100), but when he came back in 2009 with the club anthem "When Loves Takes Over" featuring Kelly Rowland, he followed it up with this seven week running No.1 single, which in England was retitled "Sexy Chick" (BBC are still sticklers for bad language, even though it is a term for a female dog, so maybe he's singing about his dog ).

14*13*14*15*14*... still charting in the Top 20.
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7. LOSE YOURSELF Eminem ▲4 (2002, #1)
from the soundtrack album "8 Mile".

Entry: 9th December, 2002.
Chart Run: 1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*3*9*16*25*34*41*60*80*
Good thing Ketchup missed the Top 10, how embarrasing would that be.
Hey Bulion wasn't the David Guetta song "Love Don't Let Me Go" vs. The Egg. I totally agree with you Lifter.
I prefer this Eminem-style, similar to Stan over the cartoony Without Me, Just Lose It or **shudder** Ass Like That.
This is back when Eminem actually had decent music,
the only other good Track from him was Without Me.
6 - SO WHAT - P!nk

* The No.1 overseas female act of the decade, she placed a song in the charts every year expect for 2005, scoring four No.1 singles and over 20 charting singles. This is her ONLY Top 100 placing for the decade, and this track spent four weeks at No.1 from late September 2008. "Funhouse" was the No.2 album of the decade, and "I'm Not Dead" was at No.3. This song has so far spent 68 weeks in the Top 100 (as of the end of 2009).

--*--*98*86*... still charting.


Chri8topher will take over the rest of the countdown, as I have to get to radio for my slot this afternoon at 5 on 3AW.

Thanks for Chri8, Beanster and everybody who commented, and we'll catch you tomorrow for the regular chart.
fixed Grogsta, was in a hurry to write
5. WHAT ABOUT ME Shannon Noll ▲4 (2004, #1)
from the album "That's What I'm Talking About".

Entry: 2nd February, 2004.
Chart Run: 1*1*1*1*2*2*3*6*18*23*21*30*38*45*
All good Bulion, you go to a lot of effort so I understand. So far Lose Yourself the only song not from the last 2 years, no shock there, and as i type here's the first of our Idols in the Top 10.
anyone remember Rove doing this video lol good times

Last edited:
I Saw that Video on Youtube nearly 3 Years ago, funny as.
4. POKER FACE Lady GaGa ▲6 (2008, #1)
from the album "The Fame".

Entry: 29th September, 2008.
Chart Run: 94*26*23*19*18*9*3*1*1*1*1*2*1*1*1*1*2*
59*55*69*71*75*78*80*86*85*81*70*67*68*59*61 (still charting)
Well it's obvious that Poker Face is over certified, ARIA must have meant this to certified <P>4, since when does a certification go from <P>3 to <P>6. Will ARIA ever fix it?
3. I GOTTA FEELING The Black Eyed Peas ▲4 (2009, #1)
from the album "The E.N.D.".

Entry: 15th June, 2009.
Chart Run: 8*2*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*2*2*3*4*4*5*6*4*4*6*7*12*12*
13*13*19*19*21*22*22 (still charting)
YES! they skipped #3 thank you BB
2. THE PRAYER Anthony Callea ▲4 (2004, #1)
from the album "Anthony Callea".

Entry: 13th December, 2004.
Chart Run: 1*1*1*1*1*1*3*3*4*6*12*17*21*21*22*22*38*
1. ANGELS BROUGHT ME HERE Guy Sebastian ▲4 (2003, #1)
from the album "Just As I Am".

Entry: 1st December, 2003.
Chart Run: 1*1*1*3*5*12*15*22*40*41*42*43*58*75*91
Up after #1 will be my personal TOP 50 from 2009
When I 1st saw this List on Friday I thought The Prayer would be #1 and it should have been. The Prayer is much better then Angels Brought Me Here and had a more convincing Chart Run.
didnt see that being number 1
I don't like any of the top 3,Poker Face is my real #1
same Chris A
I Think the sales between the 2 were very close, how
close I'm not sure. Everything I have read says that The Prayer is the Biggest seller but now we know the real truth.
The difference between the two on mine was the equivalent of being at #100 for one week. So if Angels was one more week at #100, I would have have the correct top 2. Oh well.
Its actually quite funny that idols dominate this chart and then today they announce its not on this year
This chart is bogus IMO.
Universal have classified "Poker Face" 6xPlatinum, and ARIA have to go with what the record company says.

Fox-FM in Melbourne were playing the Take 40 Best of the 2000's as I was driving home from radio, and they had Fergie's Big Girls at No.3, Sandi Thom at No.2 and Taylor Swift at No.1!!
I Heard that Yesterday too Bulion, radio play heavily influences that Chart.
How can The Prayer be #2 when it was lauded as the highest selling Australian single ever at the time? ARIA's end of year/decade charts are known for being dodgy (some were very dodgy in the early-mid 90's) and this one looks like no exception. And with 'Poker Face' being accredited 6x platinum, how can it be below singles that were accredited only 4x platinum I know accreditations are based on shipments rather than sales, but in this era of downloads dominating single sales, how can there be excess 'shipments' of a non-physical product?
Last edited:
I can't believe after all this evidence, and discussion week after week, that people think ARIA have something to do with accreditations. The record companies could make Poker Face 10x, but we all know that it's sold less.
Do you have any more of that Take40 decade chart anyone? I keep missing Take40 since they've started changing the times around and not warning anyone, and not changing the web site.
Here it is 392414.

40. Sweet About Me
39. Say My Name
38. Hanging By A Moment
37. What About Me
36. Bring Me To Life
35. Whenever Wherever
34. You Found Me
33. Freestyler
32. Without Me
31. Bleeding Love
30. Girlfriend
29. Lonely
28. Teenage Dirtbag
27. Are You Gonna Be My Girl
26. Innocent Eyes
25. I Gotta Feeling
24. Left Outside Alone
23. Hey Ya
22. Sex On Fire
21. SOS
20. Straight Lines
19. Flaunt It
18. Hips Don't Lie
17. In Da Club
16. Where Is The Love
15. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
14. Low
13. Forever Young
12. Can't Fight The Moonlight
11. Sexy Back
10. Poker Face
9. Don't Cha
8. Apoligize
7. So What
6. I'm Outta Love
5. Umbrella
4. Lose Yourself
3. Big Girls Don't Cry
2. Punk Rocker
1. Love Story

Yes those time changes are annoying aren't they. Where I Am they play it on Saturday at 3:00PM or slightly earlier to 6:45/7:00PM. On Sundays they play it again from 6:00AM -10:00AM. I usually listen from 3:30PM to 7PM and listen at at 6AM on Sunday to catch up on what I missed but as of next Week I will not listen at all anymore
since they have done their Decade List.
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Thanks for that Lifter!
I didn't know they would do a decade chart, so I didn't listen always. In Melbourne, on Fox FM, they seem to play Take40 on Saturday afternoons, I think it's 2-6pm, although once they finished at 7pm, but they've changed a lot of other shows around as well, and they seem to keep changing little bits so you never know when Take40 will come next week.
Is this an official ARIA Top 100 of the decade listing? You would think some songs would be much closer to at least a top 30, if not 20, position. Additionally, how does a song, lets say, Sexyback (#63) achieve a better position than Flaunt It (#90), when back in 2006 Flaunt It came in at the number 2 spot and Sexyback number 4 on the EOY chart? Obviously it is not based on sales, so my question is, what is this chart based on?
Somewhere Bulion mentioned that SexyBack had 57 or so weeks in the chart, which is the record, so it carried on into 2007, whereas Flaunt It was released in early-mid-2006, and probably didn't carry on into 2007, so SexyBack performed higher in this list due to it's time in the charts in 2006 AND 2007.
Keep in mind with the decade-end chart that digital downloads are significantly cheaper than physical singles. This gives singles released late in the decade a clear advantage over those released earlier.
Yeah fair enough although I don't agree with two Aus.Idol winners on top
meh, it's not opinion, its sales.
This list is truly shocking and illustrates just how weak the singles market was for most of the decade. Over half of the Top 50 for the DECADE is from the last TWO years...! Those statistics are just insane. It's great that digital sales have revived the singles industry in Australia, but unfortunately, it makes for a very misleading chart, since it's compiled using data from two very different eras in music history. It's kind of like compiling a chart that compares wages in the 80s to wages in the 00s - it's a grossly uneven playing field. It would be in ARIA's best interests to compile some sort of weighted chart for this decade only. For something like "Use Somebody" to outrank just about every #1 single of the first 8 years of the decade is ludicrous, since every single one of us would be able to identify at least 40 singles that were bigger hits, but thanks to the ease with which a digital download can be purchased, it ranks in the Top 30 of the decade. Good for sales and the industry, very bad for chart lovers/watchers. Thanks for posting, guys!!
I Have now updated The Take40 Decade
List and have the entire 40 392414.
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Thanks very much for that, Lifter!
I find it interesting that Low is at #14 even though they only put it at #9 for 2008.
Just thinking about this, ARIA Clearly are not judging this by Sales.

If they were 'Lady Gaga - Poker Face' would've been the #1 song of the past 10yrs. It was 6x Platnium wasn't it?
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Accreditations given by record companies and weekly ARIA sales are a very different thing. Either Poker Face has been overcertified or it's a mistake from ARIA. The other possibility is that there could be another source of sales not counted by ARIA.

But this decade chart is well and truly based on sales.
Fair Comment. i would say its been overcertified.
when it originally dropped out of the top 50 it was sitting at 4x Platnium.
when it came back in it was back in 6x platnium, Univsersal have alot to answer for!

(original post had SONY, realised that Lady GaGa is under the Universal Label)
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Having another look at this list, it's really quite bizarre that Madonna's "Music" doesn't appear. It was the 4th biggest selling single of 2000, yet "Say My Name" (#5), "Bye Bye Bye" (#7) and even "Never Be The Same Again" (#14) all appear. Something definitely isn't right there.
It has also shocked me a bit. I also said that on another forum but I'm very surprised that most hits from 2001 are so low, especially triple platinum seller like It Wasn't Me, Angel or Can't Fight The Moonlight. For instance, The Last Day On Earth at #57 must be at 140 000 units sold and yet, it's above both Shaggy songs. Perhaps they've been overcertified but not by 70 k units. Moreover, 2001 was one of the biggest years for CD Singles Sales. There must be an explanation but which one?

I'm really sceptical about this list. Was also a bit disappointed that the album chart didn't include sales outside the Top 100.
Was that officially verified, though (no sales outside the Top 100)? It's all very weird.
I'm pretty sure about the albums. Some very strong catalogue sellers like The Beatles' 1, Both Michael Jackson Greatest Hits, Coldplay albums just seem to be way too low. For instance, The Beatles' 1 is sitting below Susan Boyle, which sold 450 k units, when the former is 10 x Platinum. And no doubt that a big part of the Beatles'1 sales were achieved when the album was charting outside the Top 100.

Same goes for albums like P!nk's M!ssundaztood, which must have been strong catalogue sellers when they were outside the Top 100.
I agree with Innocent Eyes about 2001, doesnt looks right at all. Of course they could all just be over certified but by over 70k? Still, its the best list we are going to get. I'm just amazed how big sales have been over the past 2 years, surely it must be one (if not the biggest) selling period for music in Oz history?

Regarding sales in 2000. I remember reading back in 2001 that it was the first year the year end chart would be purely based on sales. 2000 and before ALL year end charts were based on certifications from record labels. You only need to look at the 2000's chart too see the obvious errors (For example some songs like Killing Heidi being too low, shape of my heart being at #30 even though it spent just one week top 10, and above many hits (and even #1s) that spent months top 10 there and appeared lower.

I remember an article in 1998 where there was a complaint about the year end chart for 1997, Warren g (whats love got to do..) appeared top 50 of that year while Spice girls Wannabe was far lower, even though on EVERY weekly chart in 1997 Wannabe appeared higher than Warren G.
I was thinking in 2001 that, perhaps , some stores didn't provide sales to ARIA, like the stores from the Brazin group in 2006 but even if it was the case, it means that a lot of sales weren't counted in the weekly charts. It's the only explanation I have to explain such a huge discrepancy between the certs. and the positions on the decade end of chart.
The Year End charts used to be compiled based on figures provided by the record companies (not certification figures - probably shipment figures, but definitely not just for certified product). This was standard until around 2002, when ARIA's own data was used for the YE charts.
Is this being published as a separate report by ARIA? I'm a subscriber and I haven't heard anything about it as yet.
I can't believe Meet Me Halfway made number 40, seriously that is out of it.
Doesn't it seem strange that the biggest song of the decade spent just 5 weeks in the Top 10?? If this chart is true, then Angels ... must have been the fastest selling Top 10 hit in history.
there were a few brit spears and Rihanna songs that deserved top 20, anyways this decade should be more fair, because i dont think sales will change from digital, and if it remains the same price (or comparitively same price ) than i will be happy
Angels sold over 128,000 copies in its first week DaveNT.


That should answer your question. It reached 4 times platinum actual real sales within a very short time. Sometimes chart history can be deceiving.
I know I'm late to the party but I to am perplexed that The Prayer didn't reach number one on this chart. Nearly every report whether it was the year it was released on written before the chart kept talking about how The Prayer was the highest selling single ever by an Australian artist. So colour me shocked when Guy topped this list. I wonder how all the media got confused, cause it's not like Sony really cared if Anthony or Guy were the biggest seller. Strange very strange.
128K copies, and all physical! #1 only sells 15-20K/week these days...

BillyBrett - in my opinion The Prayer, which I dislike, is much better than Angels Brought Me Here. I too remember those reports, and did expect Anthony #1...
Thanks Stan. That certainly does answer my question. Impressive sales stats!
I remember that Undercover mentionned that Angels Brought Me Here scanned 303 000 copies when it left the Top 40.

The Prayer sold 247 000 copies within its first five charting week.
I think it was Sony who confused them. I don't think ARIA ever mentioned The Prayer being the highest seller. Just the Sony website and his manager. They could have been talking about distributed copies, and not actual sales. In those days if a single was sold to the shop it was a sale as far as the record company was concerned. You only have to look at Anthony's second single. Double platinum, and only coming in at 34 on the end of year chart below a fair few platinums, and not even making it into the top 100 of the decade that Sony were pushing for Anthony to be the next star. There are plenty of double platinum songs in the top 50 of the decade chart, but his double P is missing. Distribution is not what ARIA is interested when counting sales.

Anthony did probably take over Guy's record as the fastest selling Australian song, but perhaps the sales faded faster. You only have to see the difference between their first albums (6 times platinum and selling well over that, including over 163,000 copies in its first week compared to Anthony's double platinum album) to know that the song was more important than the singer in Anthony's case. The reason his second album struggled to even make gold, and he is still to produce a third.
Any thoughts on a similar list for the 1990's??? I know ARIA didn't do one but maybe someone on the list might want to approximate one using platinum status and chart positions???

I know when i used to keep records of this sort of stuff in the nineties i followed a similar system to others of recording points (50 for number one, one for number 50) but i used to re-zero each time a new sales status was reached. Despite the imperfections of the sales accreditations, it was better than straight numbers as it dealt better with really high sales in short periods - it was especially good for albums.

Obviously the number one single from the nineties is a bit of a no-brainer but off the top pf my head I can think of a couple of quadruple platinum singles and a few triples. I just don't have the information handy any more to do it myself.
Good Idea.
i would think Elton John - Candle In The Wind 1997 would be the overall #1 of the 90's closeley followed by Lou Bega - Mambo No.5, Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You, Los Del Rio - Macarena & Britney Spears - Baby, One More Time.
Yes, I'd be thinking Elton too. (unfortunately)
I don't think there would be anything close about it, Elton John first with sales about four times that of number two. It does seem a shame but when you look at that shortlist (Lou Bega, Los Del Rio and you left out Achy Breaky Heart) all of a sudden Elton looks pretty darn good!! Main one missing there is Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) - I would have thought a contender for the top few???
I would be curious to know the sales of Here's Johnny, for me that was a pretty big #1.

You are right, Elton is way way way out on top.

Barbie Girl and Dr Jones sold a lot too and Wannabe as well.
Bryan Adams would also have to be up there with Everything I Do (I Do (It For You) I'd guess. Meatloaf maybe.
All the hits in the last few posts were huge on the year end chart except for Here's Johnny which only came in at #14 in the ARIA Best of 1995 chart (no overlaps in years in its chart run either), despite its good chart run.
Macarena went triple-platinum in 1996 unfortunately So did Killing Me Softly - Fugees that year.
Elton John's single was shown as 14 times platinum on the 17/5/98 ARIA chart (7 times when it bulleted to #1, 11x two weeks later,12x the next week)
For what it's worth, chri8topher did a Fun countdown on this very subject.
Copied from the thread

100. IT'S ALRIGHT East 17 ▲ (1994, #1)
99. MISSING Everything But The Girl ▲ (1996, #2)
(1990, #2)
97. TOGETHER AGAIN Janet Jackson ▲ (1997, #4)
96. WHAT'S LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT Warren G ▲ (1996, #2)
95. RETURN OF THE MACK Mark Morrison ▲ (1996, #2)
94. OPPOSITES ATTRACT Paula Abdul ▲ (1990, #1)
93. ALL I WANNA DO IS MAKE LOVE TO YOU Heart ▲ (1990, #1)
92. WHERE'S THE LOVE Hanson ▲ (1997, #2)
91. I'LL MAKE LOVE TO YOU Boyz II Men ▲ (1994, #1)
90. CATS IN THE CRADLE Ugly Kid Joe ▲ (1993, #1)
89. IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE Roxette ▲ (1990, #1)
88. BOOM! SHAKE THE ROOM Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince ▲ (1993, #1)
87. WHAT'S UP? 4 Non Blondes ▲ (1993, #2)
86. IF YOU HAD MY LOVE Jennifer Lopez ▲ (1999, #1)
85. BRING IT ALL BACK S Club 7 ▲ (1999, #3) ♥
84. GREASE MEGAMIX Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta ▲ (1991, #1)
83. LET'S GROOVE CDB ▲ (1995, #2)
82. IF YA GETTIN' ON Five ▲ (1999, #2) ♥
81. WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL Ronan Keating ▲ (1999, #3) ♥
80. ONE OF US Joan Osborne ▲ (1996, #1)
79. BOOM BOOM BOOM The Outhere Brothers ▲ (1995, #2)
78. NO SCRUBS TLC ▲ (1999, #1)
77. HOW BIZARRE OMC ▲ (1996, #1)
76. HAVE YOU EVER REALLY LOVED A WOMAN Bryan Adams ▲ (1995, #1)
75. SMOOTH Santana featuring Rob Thomas ▲ (1999, #4) ♥
74. GENIE IN A BOTTLE Christina Aguilera ▲ (1999, #2)
73. I WILL COME TO YOU Hanson ▲ (1997, #2)
72. THE DAY YOU WENT AWAY Wendy Matthews ▲ (1992, #2)
71. YOU SEXY THING T-Shirt ▲ (1997, #6)
70. BREAK MY STRIDE Unique II ▲ (1996, #2)
69. ANOTHER NIGHT The Real McCoy ▲ (1995, #1)
68. TO THE MOON & BACK Savage Garden ▲ (1996, #1)
67. MOUTH Merril Bainbridge ▲ (1995, #1)
66. TINGLES EP Ratcat ▲ (1990, #1)
65. KISS FROM A ROSE Seal ▲ (1994, #1)
64. HIGH Lighthouse Family ▲ (1998, #1)
63. ICE ICE BABY Vanilla Ice ▲ (1990, #1)
62. UNCHAINED MELODY The Righeous Brothers ▲ (1990, #1)
61. END OF THE ROAD Boyz II Men ▲ (1992, #1)
60. NO MATTER WHAT Boyzone ▲ (1998, #5)
59. ZOMBIE The Cranberries ▲ (1994, #1)
58. YOU'RE STILL THE ONE Shania Twain ▲ (1998, #1)
57. WHY DON'T YOU GET A JOB? The Offspring ▲² (1999, #2)
56. VOGUE / KEEP IT TOGETHER Madonna ▲² (1990, #1)
55. THAT DON'T IMPRESS ME MUCH Shania Twain ▲² (1999, #2)
54. DON'T CALL ME BABY Madison Avenue ▲² (1999, #2) ♥
53. DA YA THING I'M SEXY? N-Trance feat. Rod Stewart ▲² (1997, #3)
52. AS LONG AS YOU LOVE ME Backstreet Boys ▲² (1997, #2)
51. DON'T SPEAK No Doubt ▲² (1996, #1)
50. BLACK OR WHITE Michael Jackson ▲² (1991, #1)
49. U CAN'T TOUCH THIS M.C. Hammer ▲² (1990, #1)
48. (EVERYTHING I DO) I DO IT FOR YOU Bryan Adams ▲² (1991, #1)
47. INFORMER Snow ▲² (1993, #1)
46. NOTHING COMPARES 2 U Sinead O'Connor ▲² (1990, #1)
45. PLEASE FORGIVE ME Bryan Adams ▲² (1993, #1)
44. ALWAYS Bon Jovi ▲² (1994, #2)
43. (I CAN'T HELP) IN FALLING IN LOVE UB40 ▲² (1993, #1)
42. ALL THAT SHE WANTS Ace Of Base ▲² (1993, #1)
41. TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY Savage Garden ▲² (1997, #1)
40. MY HEART WILL GO ON Celine Dion ▲² (1997, #1)
39. SWEAT (A LA LA LA LA LONG) Inner Circle ▲² (1993, #2)
38. MEN IN BLACK Will Smith ▲² (1997, #1)
37. MMMBOP Hanson ▲² (1997, #1)
36. STAYIN' ALIVE N-Trance ▲² (1995, #1)
35. NEVER EVER All Saints ▲² (1998, #1)
(1998, #2)
33. FROM THIS MOMENT ON Shania Twain ▲² (1998, #2)
32. I'LL BE MISSING YOU Puff Daddy & Faith Evans ▲² (1997, #1)
31. CRUSH Jennifer Paige ▲² (1998, #1)
30. I SWEAR All-4-One ▲² (1994, #1)
29. I DON'T WANT TO MISS A THING Aerosmith ▲² (1998, #1)
28. BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME Celine Dion ▲² (1996, #1)
26. IRIS The Goo Goo Dolls ▲² (1998, #1)
25. LAST KISS Pearl Jam ▲³ (1999, #1) ♥
24. I'D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE Meat Loaf ▲² (1993, #1)
23. KILLING ME SOFTLY The Fugees ▲³ (1996, #1)
22. WANNABE Spice Girls ▲² (1996, #1)
21. IT'S LIKE THAT Jason Nevins vs. Run-DMC ▲² (1997, #1)
20. DOCTOR JONES Aqua ▲³ (1997, #1)
19. BREATHE The Prodigy ▲² (1996, #2)
18. BELIEVE Cher ▲³ (1998, #1)
17. BARBIE GIRL Aqua ▲³ (1997, #1)
16. TOMORROW silverchair ▲² (1994, #1)
15. HOW DO I LIVE Trisha Yearwood ▲² (1997, #3)
14. BLUE (DA BA DEE) Eiffel 65 ▲³ (1999, #1) ♥
13. THE CUP OF LIFE / MARIA Ricky Martin ▲³ (1998, #1)
12. NOVEMBER RAIN Guns N' Roses ▲² (1992, #5)
11. YOU DON'T TREAT ME NO GOOD Sonia Dada ▲³ (1992, #1)
10. MACARENA Los Del Rio ▲³ (1996, #1)
…9. TUBTHUMPING Chumbawamba ▲³ (1997, #1)
…8. GANGSTA'S PARADISE Coolio featuring L.V. ▲³ (1995, #1)
…7. ACHY BREAKY HEART Billy Ray Cyrus ▲³ (1992, #1)
…6. ...BABY ONE MORE TIME Britney Spears ▲³ (1999, #1)
…5. LOVE IS ALL AROUND Wet Wet Wet ▲³ (1994, #1)
…4. PRETTY FLY (FOR A WHITE GUY) The Offspring ▲4 (1998, #1)
…3. MAMBO #5 (A LITTLE BIT OF...) Lou Bega ▲4 (1999, #1)
…2. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU Whitney Houston ▲4 (1992, #1)

♥ Denotes singles still charting after 1999
● Denotes Gold accreditation ▲ Denotes Platinum accreditation
Thanks a lot for that - the list looks pretty accurate too. I'll put them all on a CD counting down from 100 to 1 and give me something to listen to in the car on the way to work - I've been enjoying my noughties top 100 countdown but this is a bit more my era!
Hi guys, thought I'd finally give a list out and contribute to this site! I've been looking through the archives and all the old "best of the decade" lists and decided to make up my own top 500 biggest hits of the decade

This list was inspired by Chri8toper's end of decade list, but I decided to alter it so that every year had an equal placing. Note that this is mainly based on chart positions and not sales so it'll be different from the official end of decade charts.

I'll start of with the top ten

#1 Black eyed peas-I gotta feeling 09
#2 Wheatus-Teenage dirtbag 00
#3 TV rock-Flaunt it 06
#4 Sandi Thom-I wish I was a punk rocker 06
#5 Flo rida-Low 08
#6 Black eyed peas-Where is the love 03
#7 Black eyed peas-Boom boom pow 09
#8 David Guetta feat Akon-Sexy bitch 09
#9 Akon feat Eminem-Smack that 06
#10 Lady gaga-Poker face 08

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