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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Top 1000 Artists (1980-2009)

Some of my earliest memories are listening to records and watching the Countdown Top Ten from about 1979-80. I was only four, but it seemed my musical destiny was already evident. Since then, I've been able to experience three full decades of music, and what a ride.

Growing up during the 80's, it will always be the period of music that will most appeal to me. It was a decade that was shrouded in shame at the time, but has now become one of the most popular and everlasting decades ever. Go to any pub or club that has a jukebox, and 80's music will take over the night. Even to this day, 80's music is alive in the charts. Samples of the decade's music continues to influence huge hits, and bands such as The Killers and Keane have based entire albums on the decade's style.

Moving into the 90's, that decade really came into its own around 1992, when a genre explosion made the charts the most diverse they had ever been. We had TV stars next to Alternative bands, singing divas next to Heavy Metal, teenagers next to Grandparents, and touching tributes next to annoying novelty pop. But the 90's was all about marketing and promotion, as the CD single made buying music more appealing. Pushing it on the radio, TV and supplying large numbers in the stores, meant that sales increased to an all-time high, producing some of the biggest hits ever.

What people will make of the 2000's cannot be known, just yet. The third decade was like three mini decades in one. CD singles continued to flourish during the early part, into the beginning of the end midway through. Illegal downloads began to kill the industry, so download stores were setup to try and rescue the royalties back for the artists. Downloads soon became the norm and in the last few years of the 2000's, CD singles were no longer. Marketing was still priority, but it was for the artist rather than the music. We've witnessed many artists with long strings of hits from just a single album, as the public clicks away to buy anything they can from their favourite performer.

Beginning what is going to be a major list, we countdown the biggest artists in the singles charts for the last 30 years. In 2009, we clicked over the 4000 artist mark since 1980, so this list celebrates the top 25% of artists that have entered the Australian Top 100 Singles Charts in that time.

Some rules I've applied...
◆ Any artist that "features" another artists (Jay-Z featuring Beyonce, etc.) retains that singles' points for themselves.
◆ Any artists that release duets as a joint effort, promoted as an "&" single (Madonna & Justin, etc.) has the points divided equally between the two (or three or four, whatever the case may be).
◆ Releases that are by two artists "vs." each other are just split between the two, as it's too hard to distinguish whether it's a joint effort, or a DJ sampling another and using their name in the credits.
◆ Artists such as Paul Kelly, Diesel and Prince, who have solo careers, and also ones with various bands - as long as the band mentions the solo artists name, it is all included for that solo artist.
◆ For releases where a producer "presents" an artist, the points are awarded to the presented artist, as they are the performers in the song.

Sit back and enjoy the artists who have provided us with the soundtrack to our lives.


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The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#1000. THE SHAMEN (1992, #14 - 4 entries)

The Shamen first recorded as, Alone Again Or, inspired by the single released by 60's rock group, Love. In 1987, they released their debut under the new name, drawing influence from house pioneers M/A/R/R/S and S'Express for another seven albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ebeneezer Goode" (1992, #14)


999. THE BUGGLES (1980, #1 - 1 entry)

The Buggles were #1 in the very first week of 1980, and the beginning of the period this list is calculated in. The Buggles were John Downes and Trevor Horn, and at midnight on the 1st of August, 1982, their biggest hit was the very first film clip shown on MTV in the US. After the demise of the band in 1981, both members ventured into further successes. John Downes formed 80's supergroup, "Asia", who had a hit with "Heat Of The Moment", not to mention the fave group of "The 40 Year Old Virgin". Trevor Horn, however turned to producing, and is one of the most successful ever. Working with Tina Turner, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys, Rod Stewart, t.A.T.u. (the list goes on, and yes, they all take part in this list), Trevor has most recently produced Robbie Williams new album, "Reality Killed The Video Star". Now do you see the connection?

BIGGEST HIT: "Video Killed The Radio Star" (1979, #1)


998. ALLURE (1997-98, #11 - 1 entry)

An American female R&B vocal group, Allure provided the short lived label, Crave Records, with its only hit single. Crave Records was founded by Mariah Carey in 1997, but folded just a year later. Allure formed as a quartet in the early 90's, but were trimmed to a trio soon after, and continue to perform and release material.

BIGGEST HIT: "All Cried Out" (featuring 112) ▲ (1997, #11)


997. Ph.D (1981, #5 - 1 entry)

Another one hit wonder, this British group got their name from the surnames of the three members, Phillips, Hymas and Diamond. With two albums produced in the early 80's, they could only manage one appearance in our charts, however, Jim Diamond did come back in 1985 with the #1 hit, "I Should Have Known Better". Interestingly, Ph.D, now just a duo, released a comeback album just last year called "Three".

BIGGEST HIT: "I Won't Let You Down" (1981, #5)


996. TRACY BONHAM (1996, #5 - 2 entries)

After receiving a scholarship to study violin, Tracy switched to vocal study instead. She started songwriting in 1994, which lead to the release of her debut album, "The Burdens Of Being Upright". Since then, Tracy has managed to stay in the dim spotlight, with many songs featured in commercials and TV shows. She's released an album every four or five years since her first and there's a new one coming out very soon.

BIGGEST HIT: "Mother Mother" ● (1996, #5)


995. GOSSIP (2009, #7 - 2 entries)

Forming in 1999 as "The" Gossip, this American band have only come to light in Australia with their fourth album, "Music For Men". Filling the gap that the Scissor Sisters have left, Gossip, like SS, have had little success in their home country, making a name for themselves in the UK instead. In Australia we love them even more pushing both single and album higher in the charts than most countries. With a female vocalist, male guitarist and female drummer, Gossip are a very unique band indeed.

BIGGEST HIT: "Heavy Cross" ▲ (2009, #7)


994. REEL 2 REAL (1994,1996, #6 - 3 entries)

We probably recognize Reel 2 Real more as the Trinidad and Tobago native, The Mad Stuntman, who provided vocals for four tracks, including their biggest hit. But actually, the core member of Reel 2 Real was American DJ Eric Morillo. Featured artists joining The Mad Stuntman were Barbara Tucker and Charlotte Small. Eric dropped the Reel 2 Real name in 1996, working under the name DJ Moa.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Like To Move It" ● (1994, #6)


993. BARENAKED LADIES (1998-99, #16 - 3 entries)

We cross over to Canada now, where the Barenaked Ladies have won the coveted Best Group award at the Juno Awards (celebrating Canadian music) in 1992, 1999 and 2001. Know for their light-hearted music, the guys still perform today and win awards, too. Who would have thought that a band such as Barenaked Ladies could win the Juno award in 2008 for Best Children's Album. Well, actually, not such a hard stretch of imagination.

BIGGEST HIT: "One Week" ● (1998, #16)


992. JERRY HARRISON: CASUAL GODS (1988, 1990, #3 - 4 entries)

Quite the "hidden" member of Talking Heads, but who wasn't when David Byrne is out front, it's a surprise to see Jerry as the biggest solo artist from the band. His 1988 hit with band, Casual Gods, was tailor-made for a car commercial, and probably was. But it was the haunting "Man With A Gun" that really made me aware of the man's brilliance. These days, Jerry is a highly sort after producer, working with The Von Bondies, Live and Crash Test Dummies.

BIGGEST HIT: "Rev It Up" (1988, #3)


991. BREAKFAST CLUB (1987, #4 - 1 entry)

The most notorious thing about the Breakfast Club was that Madonna used to be their drummer, then singer. Formed in the late 70's, it took nearly a decade for the remaining members to release an album. They finally stepped into the spotlight, entering the Top 10 as Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" stepped out. A second album was made, but never released, and as years went by, they were less and less that band with that song, and more, Madonna's former band again.

BIGGEST HIT: "Right On Track" (1987, #4)


990. LCD (1998-2000, #13 - 2 entries)

"The World's First Digital Supergroup" took novelty to the nth degree. David Kemoun brought us Ted, Ed, Zed and Ned, four overweight animated men who probably should have stayed in Mario Land. We almost got their Greek-inspired hit to the Top Ten, and they tried again a couple of years later with "Follow The Leader". It was #100 for one week and out again. Phew!

BIGGEST HIT: "Zorba's Dance" ▲ (1998, #13)


Tomorrow, #990-981...

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Great work Chris, if you only do 10 a day won't it take quite a while?
Great work, Chri8!
I really enjoyed reading that, and also the 'Insect Songs', '#11 Songs' and 'Singles artists year by year' on your blog... hopefully you'll do the biggest singles artists of the 2000's soon...
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Mykl_77, it will take about 10 weeks. Read it at your leisure, remember, it's a lot of work from my side. I don't want to get burnt out...heh heh.

It also builds the excitement, and this time I will have no threat of ARIA getting one together before me!

392414, probably work on 2000's Artists tomorrow. Should be on the blog by Friday.
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I'm guessing Britney, BEP, P!nk or Delta for the biggest singles artist of the decade... definitely BEP if includes Fergie solo and will.i.am solo though. Madonna is unlikely though, after 2 decades being the #1 single artist...

10 weeks = about 14 artists a day I'm guessing Madonna will be #1.
I have to agree with you 392414, I can't see Madonna being beaten. Maybe we should be guessing the number two artist?
Kylie Minogue maybe? Or Michael Jackson?
Actually, you're right there Mykl_77 and 392414. I confused myself with my plan. My brain isn't calculating as it should...heh heh. Meant to do 100 this week, so I need to do another 10 artists tonight!

This will take about 17 weeks as I gradually work through the list Mon-Fri. I know it sounds long but it will fly. Plus give the younger members here an insight into past charts.

Depending on the interest, we might even do a broadcast of the Top 25. Early signs show it would be a good thing.

Anyway, enjoy...I'm off to get the next 10 ready.

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The descriptions are great
I'm guessing Madonna or Michael Jackson on top. I'm looking out for Franz (who have had 2 top 30 entries with No You Girls and Take Me Out, whilst Ulysses nearly made it). Expecting Pearl Jam up in the top 500 considering their amount of entries.
Pearl Jam should be in the top 200.
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


989. LONESTAR (2000, #19 - 1 entry)

From Nashville, we have the first of many country music stars that will feature in this list. As popular as the genre is, album-wise, it is still rare for a country music artist to have any long-lasting success in the singles charts. In America, Lonestar scored a #1 hit on both the Country Music charts, and the Hot 100, the first time since Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers' "Islands In The Stream" scored the double for a country music artist. Lonestar are one of many "older" acts that are still performing and releasing material today.

BIGGEST HIT: "Amazed" ● (2000, #19 - 1 entry)


988. FATBOY SLIM (1998-2001, #23 - 8 entries)

The first of five artists who make the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artist list without breaking into the Top 20 weekly charts. Although, in Fatboy Slim's case, that's not entirely true. Norman Cook, as his mother knows him, was a part of Beats International who had a Top 20 hit with "Dub Be Good To Me" in 1990. Norman has also found success with The Housemartins who had a hit in 1987 with "Caravan Of Love", and a minor hit as one half of Pizzaman in 1996. From 1996, as Fatboy Slim, Cook released four albums, and is about to release another with David Byrne from Talking Heads (the second time that name has popped up today!).

BIGGEST HIT: "Praise You" (1999, #28)


987. 2 IN A ROOM (1991, #3 - 2 entries)

2 In A Room were Dominican rapper Rafael "Dose" Vargas and Elvin "Floodlight" Ovalles, who hit the Top 3 in early 1991. Forming in 1987, the guys released "The Album Vol.1". With the more imaginatively titled "Wiggle It" album in 1991, 2 In A Room were part of the first wave of commercially successful rap/hip hop music that would become a staple of the charts a decade later. After a third album in 1995, the guys changed their name to Fulanito, and style to "Merengue". And yes, they are still performing and releasing today, having just left our shows in 2008 after a Greatest Hits tour.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wiggle It" ● (1991, #3)


986. BERRI (1995-96, #12 - 2 entries)

Berri's biggest hit was originally released as "New Atlantic/U4EA featuring Berri". Besides being a bit of a mouthful, it was also only a moderate hit in the UK, her home country. Two years later, fully credited to "Berri", it was a huge hit, and Australia finally got some insight into who Rebecca Sleight really was. After her 1996 debut album, Berri only managed the odd release here and there, but no further success to shoot her any higher up on this list. Now as Rebecca Robbins, she continues to work in the studio as a session vocalist.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sunshine After The Rain" ● (1995, #12)


985. SADE (1984-86, 1988, 1992-93, #20 - 8 entries)

Many would be misinformed that Sade is a solo artist. Lead by Sade Adu, they are actually a four-piece band with Stuart Matthewman, Andrew Hale and Paul Spencer Denman. Others would figure that Sade had bigger hits than the #20 peak position shown above. But as well known as "Smooth Operator" is, that would be the limit of their chart success. During the 1985 Live Aid concert at Wembley Stadium to raise famine relief in Ethiopia, Sade Adu was the only African-born artist to perform.

BIGGEST HIT: "No Ordinary Love" (1992, #21)


984. LEAH HAYWOOD (2000-02, #7 - 4 entries)

Before pursuing her own solo venture, Leah managed to score a spot as backing vocalist for the 1999 Celine Dion hit, "That's The Way It Is". It was a good warm up for her chart action two years later when her self titled debut album gave her four hit singles. Nominated for ARIA's and APRA's, Leah then decided that her strengths lay in songwriting and production, and moved to Los Angeles with her husband, Daniel James. And look at these credits. Songs for Ashley Tisdale, Ryan Cabrera, Keanu Reeves, Aly and AJ and most recently, Cassie Davis' "Do It Again". There's a couple of upcoming songs for Amy Pearson, but most notable is Leah's backing vocals on "Out From Under", a track from Britney Spears' "Circus" album. From NZ to Perth to Britney, not bad at all!

BIGGEST HIT: "We Think It's Love" ● (2000, #7)


983. THE CALLING (2002, 2004, #5 - 3 entries)

Formed by mates Alex Band and Aaron Kamin, The Calling were vamped up to a five-piece before hitting our charts, and our Top 5. After all that success, however, things fell apart. Their guitarist left, as did their drummer and bass player a few months later. Back to just Band and Kamin, they were sued by two of the former members for not receiving the full royalties. Apparently, they were only "hired" musicians rather than full-time members. Sticky. I say, if you're on the cover of your biggest hit single, your a band member. But who am I to say. An aptly titled album, "Two" was released in 2004, with a minor hit just keeping them alive here. But nothing since, as the band went on indefinite hiatus in 2005.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wherever You Will Go" ▲ (2002, #5)


982. SUZI QUATRO (1980-81, 1983, #9 - 4 entries)

Of course, Suzi's stats are much more impressive than this. Add to this her 70's haul of 16 Top 100 singles, including three #1's, and Suzi would find herself a lot higher on an All-Time Artist list. With still a bit of juice left in that "Daytona" tank, Suzi Quatro still made her mark from 1980 to make this list (as many other 70's, and even 50's and 60's artists did too). A regular performer even now, Suzi has made appearances in the BBC's "Absolutely Fabulous", Gene Simmons' "Rock School", and as guest judge on last years' Australian Idol. Hitting the big 6-0 this year, is there a grandmother any cooler than Suz?

BIGGEST HIT: "Rock Hard" ● (1980, #9)


981. COSIMA (2004-05, #1 - 2 entries)

From an Australian Idol mentor on the final series, to Australian Idol contestant in the first series, Cosima De Vito bowed out of the Top 3 of her own accord, giving way to either Guy Sebastian or Shannon Noll to take the crown. Our first #1 artist to appear on this list, she went straight to the top of the charts with the Cold Chisel cover, "When The War Is Over", a song she had performed as part of the Top 8, and which earned her the very first Idol "Touchdown" by Mark Holden. Cosima has kept a low profile since her debut album, independently releasing her second in 2007. Regularly performing on morning TV and small concerts, Cosima has managed to become a sort of gay icon as she lends her time to many gay and lesbian events including World AIDS Day, Gay Fair Day and various nightclub performances.

BIGGEST HIT: "When The War Is Over" ▲ (2004, #1)


980. LEONARDO'S BRIDE (1997-98, #4 - 2 entries)

1998's APRA Song of the Year winners, Leonardo's Bride were a four-piece Sydney band who gave us two albums during there time together, "Angel Blood" and "Open Sesame". Formed around vocalist Abby Dobson and guitarist Dean Manning, the two met as early as 1989 at an open-mic night. The two formed a close bond, sticking together to busk in Europe and America before finally getting a "proper" band together here in Australia. After the band's split, Abby continued to feature on various releases, most notably on the soundtrack for "The Secret Life Of Us", and as guest vocalist on Paulmac's "3000 Feet High" album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Even When I'm Sleeping" ● (1997, #4)


Tomorrow, #980-961...

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Wow I'm surprised Sade and FatboySlim didn't do better in Oz!!!! Nice to see Leonardo's Bride, I love that track!
wonderful reading chris, I have to say this might be my fav list yet. So many memories already. I am surprised Suzi Quattro and Fatboy Slim were not higher. Are you taking into account album sales as well?
Just singles, happypeople. I leave album sales up to the companies, because such a large amount of sales occur outside the Top 100, which is impossible to estimate through chart positions.

Out of all the "best of/all time" lists you see on the internet, they never encompass just the "Singles" sales. So, I like to do something a bit different.

Through radio, video clips and various other promotion, the Singles charts over the years are the ones that showcase the performers we will most identify with. Take Lady Gaga for example. Her album sales are only one Platinum for "The Fame" and "The Fame Monster" (I don't know if that Platinum is for both or each), where The Beatles are well over 20xPlatinum for the "1" album, the "Anthology" series, and the re-issues. Her singles, however, show she is a definite force in the music industry, and deserves to be higher than The Beatles for her work in the last 30 years.

So, after what was supposed to be a simple explanation...heh heh, I think the Singles charts puts every artist on an even par. The demographic that buy singles have remained relatively constant over the years. These charts, and this list, shows who had the longest and brightest spotlight shining on them.

BTW, The Beatles didn't make this list...their singles output over the last 30 years landed them at #1192.

Thought I would put the points in as well, for those who are interested. These are just my sales estimates and are seasonally weighted. Just a guide and in no way are official.
Thanks Chri8. Loving this list so far. The facts are just as interesting as the countdown of the artists themselves. Never would have guessed the same guy featured in Praise You, Dub Be Good To Me and Caravan Of Love.
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


979. SCATMAN JOHN (1995-96, #8 - 2 entries)

And now to one of the most unlikely artists you would find on this list. At the time of his chart breakthrough in Australia, John Paul Larkin a.k.a. Scatman John was 53 years old! Quite possibly the only artist ever to combine scat singing with dance music, he is certainly the only artist to appear in the charts for it. In real life, John was a stutterer, which he turned into an asset by use of scat singing. More a novelty act, and prime candidate for one hit wonder, Scatman John released another two albums without success before succumbing to lung cancer in 1999.

BIGGEST HIT: "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)" ● (1995, #8)


978. THINGS OF STONE AND WOOD (1992-95, #9 - 6 entries)

That "Melbourne cliche" band had pretty good success with their first two albums, "The Yearning" and "Junk Theatre", which both reached #8 on the ARIA albums chart. The former earned them an ARIA nod for Best New Talent and the latter contained the most played song on radio in 1994, "Wildflowers". But this success was winding down, as the band split from Sony records and release their third album independently. While we haven't seen the guys in the charts since then, it doesn't mean they haven't been busy working away. They've released albums in '95, '96 and 2003, with a "Greatest Hits" package in 2002, and lead singer Greg Arnold managed to put a couple of albums together in '99 and 2006. Things Of Stone And Wood still play on occasion, while Greg produces and records acts for various local bands, including, who else by "Skipping Girl Vinegar". Seems he just can't get away from those Melbourne icons.

BIGGEST HIT: "Happy Birthday Helen" (1992, #9)


977. TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (1980-83, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1995, #16 - 10 entries)

Surprisingly, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers could never manage a Top 20 hit on their own. They featured on Stevie Nicks' "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" which made it to #10, so it was up to Tom Petty himself, who made it to #16 with his solo hit in 1989. Tom Petty, together with Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, were members of a rock band called Mudcrutch. The three made the break from the band and formed the Heartbreakers in 1976. Over 30 years later, and numerous line-up changes, the three are still together, the only remaining original members. In 2008, Tom, Mike and Benmont resurrected Mudcrutch with other original members, Randall Marsh and Tom Leadon. An album was released shortly after. It was the bands first album since they formed in 1970!

BIGGEST HIT: "I Won't Back Down" (1989, #16)


976. SAVAGE (2005-06, #9 - 3 entries)

New Zealand born rapper Demetrius Savelio got his name from his friends, who said he sounded like a savage when he rapped. He like the name, and he's been known as Savage ever since. Starting his road to success in 1997, it was a long and hard road to finally get some chart recognition. With his friends, he formed the Deceptikonz and released an album in 2002 which could only gain local success. Going out on his own, Savage then released "Moonshine", an album he had recorded over 40 tracks for. His debut single, "Swing" was a #1 hit in NZ, but a remixed version featuring Soulja Boy Tell'em cracked the US Hot 100, peaking at #45 and receiving a Platinum accreditation. Savage is about to unleashed his third solo album this year called, "The Tribal Council".

BIGGEST HIT: "Moonshine" ● (2005, #9)


975. DIDO (2001-05, #1 - 5 entries)

What about this for a name - Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O'Malley Armstrong! No wonder we know her only as Dido. Dido's singles success is worlds away from that of her albums. "No Angel" and "Life For Rent" both went 6xPlatinum in Australia, while the third has a lot of catching up to do, still only Gold. Seems we were too busy buying Dido's albums rather than worrying about little singles. Dido's biggest success on the Singles charts, however, was on Eminem's #1 hit, "Stan". A track from her debut album called "Thank You" was sampled, and Dido even appeared in the video clip playing Eminem's pregnant girlfriend. The song single handedly shot Dido's album straight to #1 - two years after its initial release.

BIGGEST HIT: "White Flag" ● (2003, #1)


974. ALAN O'DAY (1980, 11 - 1 entry)

More of a songwriter, American singer Alan O'Day has written successful songs for The Righteous Brothers, Cher and Helen Reddy. He scored his first hit in Australia with "Undercover Angel" in 1977 which cracked the Top 10 at #9. Alan makes this list solely from his second hit in 1980, which just missed the Top 10. After his chart success, Alan left Warner Brothers, and collaborated on a song for the animated morning series, "Muppet Babies". Any child growing up in the 80's cannot claim they haven't heard an Alan O'Day original as he went on to write over 100 songs for the program. Alan will be 70 this year, but still writes and performs, along with his primary role of musical consultant.

BIGGEST HIT: "Skinny Girls" ● (1980, #11)


973. MALCOLM McLAREN (1983-85, 1989, #14 - 5 entries)

One of the most varied and unconventional bodies of work during the 80's belongs to Malcolm McLaren. As the man responsible for the formation of punk band the Sex Pistols, Malcolm's own work was anything but punk. Turning his interest to hip-hop, McLaren released "Duck Rock" in 1983. It was a fruitful change, giving him two Top 20 hits here in Australia. But always changing, Malcolm turned to the next natural progression in music. Opera!?? In 1984, he released "Madam Butterfly", an electronic-inspired single mixing drum-machines and synthesizers with the Puccini opera of the same name. It was another Top 20 success. He mixed the elements from his first two albums together for his 1989 effort, "Waltz Darling", which contained a style of music known as "vogueing", something that would become a world-wide phenomena a year later thanks to Madonna.

BIGGEST HIT: "Madam Butterfly" (1984, #16)


972. DAVID A. STEWART (1990-91, #10 - 2 entries)

David A. Stewart was instrumental in the success of the Eurythmics. He was also instrumental in his first solo success, providing the soundtrack to Dutch film, "De Kassiere" (meaning "The Cashier"). One of the biggest instrumental hits of all time, David teamed up with saxophonist Candy Dulfer, in a duel we hadn't seen since "Duelling Banjos" back in 1973. Later the same year, Dave formed The Spiritual Cowboys and scored a minor hit with "Jack Talking", in which he actually (finally) sang. Connecting two of the performers in this 10, Dave Stewart co-wrote and played on Tom Petty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" in which he appeared in the "Alice In Wonderland"-inspired video clip.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lily Was Here" ● (1990, #10)


971. S'EXPRESS (1988-89, 1996, #11 - 4 entries)

A project formed by DJ Mark Moore, S'Express pretty much survived on their "Theme From..." hit, which hit the charts twice almost a decade apart. One of the earliest hits to sample another, something that has been the norm in today's charts, it was very different to the rest of the 80's previous. It was also the sound of an underground dance culture that was beginning to make its way into the charts, a move that would be completed in the mid-90's when DJ-produced, independently released "dance" singles would start hitting #1. S'Express, in their early days, also featured future hit makers, Sonique and Billie Ray Martin.

BIGGEST HIT: "Theme From S'Express" (1988, #11)


970. NICK LACHEY (2006, #7 - 2 entries)

The former Mr. Jessica Simpson set out on his solo journey in 2003 with "SoulO". Despite his exposure on the reality show, "Newleyweds" with his new wife, it was a disaster. The show was a hit, but sadly, in November 2005, Jessica called it a day, and the marriage was over. Heading into the studio for another crack at solo success, Nick wrote most of the album's material after the divorce. Maybe, in some weird way, it suited him as the album and single both shot into the Top 20, giving him a place as one of the biggest artists of the last 30 years. Incidentally, Nick's former band, 98 Degrees never got to the Top 20 in Australia, but they ARE one of the remaining four acts that didn't do so, but still made this list!

BIGGEST HIT: "What's Left Of Me" ● (2006, #7)


This evening, #970-961...

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I'm happy to see Savage on here, as much as i hate his music!!! I guess he'll be one of only a handful of kiwis here.

TBH i didn't even realise Moonshine made it onto the chart!
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


969. KELLY MARIE (1980-81, #7 - 1 entry)

Kelly Marie's one and only hit in the 80's really belonged to the 70's. A brilliant disco hit, it showed that the genre wasn't over just yet. But it would be one of the last classic disco hits before 80's pop came into its own. Scottish born Jacqueline McKinnon went through a couple of name changes before we knew her as Kelly Marie, and first came to our attention with the 1978 hit, "Make Love To Me" which peaked at an impressive #5. Her 1980 hit, "Feels Like I'm In Love" was actually written for Elvis Presley, who may or may not have had a chance to look it over, but with his death in 1977, it suddenly had no home. Would be interesting to see how that version would have ended up, but me thinks that it would've been hard to beat Kelly's effort. I guess we'll never know.

BIGGEST HITS: "Feels Like I'm In Love" ● (1980, #7)


968. DEEP BLUE SOMETHING (1996, #3 - 1 entry)

This list of the biggest artists of the last three decades is bound to be in "One Hit Wonder" land for quite a while yet, and our #969 artists are no exception. But out of all those flash in the pan artists, it's actually fairly rare for a successful artist to have just one entry in the Singles charts. Deep Blue Something's only hit was actually inspired the Audrey Hepburn movie, "Roman Holiday", but lead singer Todd Pipes thought that other Hepburn films had better titles, so it was re-named. The band was resurrected in 2007 with a short tour, and plans for an iTunes released album are in the works. Incidentally, there are 65 more artists in this list that made in with one Top 100 entry alone.

BIGGEST HIT: "Breakfast At Tiffany's" ● (1996, #3)


967. EMF ● (1991, #8 - 3 entries)

There are many theories on the meaning of the name, E.M.F., but when the band returned from their first hiatus in 2001 and released their greatest hits package, "Epsom Mad Funkers", it was all clear. That name was actually one that New Order gave their roadies. Back to 1991, EMF scored three hits from their "Schubert Dip" album, a name inspired by the fact that whenever principle songwriter Ian Dench was stuck for a chord or sequence, he would pinch one from composer Franz Schubert. EMF went on a second hiatus after 2001, and returned in 2007 to perform some shows, but no material eventuated. Only last year, the band announced that they would not be doing any more shows.

BIGGEST HIT: "Unbelievable" ● (1991, #8)


966. JULEE CRUISE ● (1991, #1 - 1 entry)

Julee Cruise will forever be remembered for that song from "Twin Peaks", but she had previously featured in another David Lynch movie, "Blue Velvet", and would be inspired by composer and Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti for next album. Taking "new age" music higher in the charts than Enya had previously gone, Julee would occasionally step in to fill Cindy Wilson's shoes for The B-52's live shows during the 90's. Quite the contrast. In an interesting connection to our previous artist, Julee Cruise appeared on Saturday Night Live in 1990 when scheduled performer Sinead O'Connor refused to show up because of the shows guest host, Andrew Dice Clay. Andrew can be heard on EMF's "Unbelievable" as his "Oh!" and "It's Unbelievable" are sampled on the track.

BIGGEST HIT: "Falling" ● (1991, #1)


965. FOSTER & ALLEN (1983-84, #17 - 2 entries)

So we've had disco, new age, MOR rock and Indie. How about a little country/folk music? I always thought that Foster & Allen were always about 70 years old, but that was just my child mentality at the time. Foster & Allen were actually only 30 and 35 when they cracked the Australian Singles charts, but their demographic was probably about 70, which makes it even more amazing that they appear here in this list. Mick & Tony first appeared on our charts in 1983, and for the next decade scored 12 Top 100 albums, most notably the #4 peaking "I Will Love You All My Life". Foster & Allen's biggest hit was actually written as a poem in 1864 making it one of the oldest publications ever to hit our charts. Today, the guys still release successful albums, particularly in their homeland of Ireland, and will very soon be hitting that age of 70 I always thought they were.

BIGGEST HIT: "Maggie" (1983, #17)


964. M2M (1999-2000, 2002, #4 - 4 entries)

Norwegian pop duo - Marion and Marit - or M2M for us, have known each other since they were five. Just over a decade later, they were gracing our charts with their sweet brand of pop. Originally intended to be known as M&M, the girls had no chance against a candy manufacturer, and a very successful white rapper. As well as their native Norwegian and acquired English dialects, the girls released several songs in Mandarin, which gave them an edge, as well as success in the lucrative Asian market. There short-lived career is considered the second biggest worldwide out of Norway, behind a well-known group who will obviously grace this page when the time comes. Splitting after two albums, the girls now perform solo under their own names.

BIGGEST HIT: "Don't Say You Love Me" ● (1999#4)


963. IN-GRID (2003, #7 - 2 entries)

Italian born In-Grid was walking the path Shakira had laid out a year earlier. Without the major success of the star, In-Grid still held her own, reaching the Top Ten with her biggest hit. That hit was sub-titled "Tu es Foutu" meaning "You're Screwed Up" and apparently was recorded in one take. Not much was heard from In-Grid after, bar the minor hit of "In-Tango", but she has, in fact, gone on to release another four albums, the most recent, "Passion" from 2009.

BIGGEST HIT: "You Promised Me (Tu es Fouto)" ● (2003, #7)


962. TRIO (1982-83, #4 - 1 entry)

If you remember the Sakata commercial from Idol a couple of years ago, then you might be interested to know where it came from. Trio was the original band, and they were indeed a trio. Stephan Remmler, Gert Krawinkel, and Peter Behrens formed in Germany in 1980 releasing three studio albums before disbanding in '85. Their biggest and only hit has been used countless times in commercials and movies, as the hits original success in over 30 countries, together with its minimalist composition, makes it tailor-made to sell just about any product.

BIGGEST HIT: "Da Da Da I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha" (1982, #4)


961. BLACKSTREET (1996-97, 1999, #16 - 3 entries)

Blackstreet founding member Teddy Riley had already made a name for himself as co-producer for half of Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" album. It was also the first major success of the New Jack Swing movement that Teddy had invented. He set out to formed a band to be a little more forefront in the style he created in 1992, and by 1994, was ready and prepped to release Blackstreet's self-titled first album. Moderate success there set their second album up nicely. "Another Level" in 1996 gave Blackstreet a #1 hit in the US, and one of the most successful hits ever in Australia not to make the Top 20. After 15 years, members of the group have left and come back into the line-up, but are still together with a brand new album set for release this year.

BIGGEST HIT: "No Diggity" ● (1996, #21)


960. BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY (1996-97, #15 - 2 entries)

Setting out in 1991 as B.O.N.E. Enterpri$e, Krayzie Bone, Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Wish Bone and Flesh-n-Bone took five years to get any major chart action. With their biggest hit, a #1 US Billboard hit, they went beyond that chart success, winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance. With 17 million copies of the hit sold worldwide, it is considered the highest selling rap/hip-hop/R&B song of all time. Furthermore, it was also the second biggest selling song of the 90's. The group took a break in 2002, but returned in 2007 with another two albums, and another coming this year.

BIGGEST HIT: "Tha Crossroads" ● (1996, #15)


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WOW! Crossroads didn't even reach the top ten that is amazing!!!!
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


960. JOHN WAITE (1984-85, 1987, #5 - 2 entries)

John Waite is the triple world champion of "one hit wonders". John Waite's 1984 smash hit, "Missing You" was a US #1 single, dethroning Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" from the top. In Australia, it was his one and only hit excepting for a minor hit in 1987. But years earlier, John was the lead singer of English band, The Babys. Hitting #1 in Australia during 1978 with "Isn't It Time", and then Top Ten the following year, the band disappeared without a trace. OK, so maybe not "strictly" one hit wonders, but pretty damn close. Then in 1989, John and a couple of members of The Babys joined with two ex-Journey members to form the supergroup Bad English. With the Diane Warren penned "When I See You Smile", John Waite visited the Australian Top 5 yet again in his third guise. Tina got some of her own back when she released "Missing You" herself in 1996, purely for the reason outlined above. Not quite the success John had, but still a #12 hit in the UK.

BIGGEST HITS: "Missing You" (1984, #5)


959. KHIA (2002-03, #12 - 1 entry)

Khia released one of the naughtiest songs ever with her biggest hit, originally titled "Lick My Neck, My Back". The subject of the song was, err...going "down there" and "back there" with a woman, and judging by the single cover, she was open for business. One of the few female rappers to gain major success in Australia, she would eventually sell nearly 1 million copies of the song worldwide. Which planet has the dirtiest mind? After her debut album, "Thug Misses", Khia released two more, "Gangstress" and "Nasti Muzik" will little success here. In 2010 she will release "Motor Mouf / Khia Simone" proving that Khia is still a little challenge in the area of grammar!

BIGGEST HIT: "My Neck, My Back (Lick It!)" ● (2002, #12)


958. FAITHLESS (1997-99, 2001-02, 2004, #16 - 9 entries)

We've already seen Faithless member, Rollo's sister in this list of Biggest Singles Artists. Dido appeared at #976 and also appeared on the Faithless single, "One Step Too Far". Joining Rollo, is Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz, who brought us some of the coolest house/trance music to ever grace our charts. In their home country, Faithless scored seven Top Ten singles, while the US honoured them in the dance charts with three chart toppers. In Australia, the best we could do was a #11 peak for the 2001 album, "Outrospective". But moderate sales of many of their hits ensured their place in this list anyway. Separately, the three also had a hand in other chart entries. Sister Bliss had her own moderate hit here in 1995, Maxi Jazz featuring on the 1 Giant Leap hit, "My Culture", and Rollo co-produced the 1992 Felix hit, "Don't You Want Me". It seems everyone wants a piece of the new decade as Faithless, too, have a new album coming out very soon.

BIGGEST HIT: "Insomnia" (1997, #16)


957. SABRINA (1988, #11 - 2 entries)

How Sabrina's video clip ever got past the censors is beyond me. I remember watching Rage and was aghast to see a nipple here and there. Sabrina seemed totally oblivious to the whole thing. Yeah, right! Born in Italy, Sabrina has sold over 1.5 million copies of that song, which I'm sure would be reduced significantly had there not been a film clip to accompany it. OK, so Sabrina may have been a talentless bimbo back then, but she has kept in the spotlight ever since, releasing another 5 albums, nearly 20 singles, appeared in films and TV series, appeared in stage productions, and hosted a couple of TV shows. She also has her own label, and recording studio used by bands such as Sade and Simply Red. It seems I was wrong to think of Sabrina as someone with only two assets.

BIGGEST HIT: "Boys (Summertime Love)" (1988, #11)


956. FAKER (2005-2008, #9 - 3 entries)

Sydney band Faker took their time reaching the Australian Top 10. Forming way back in 1996, it wasn't until 2005 when a debut album surfaced. "Addicted Romantic" nudged the Albums chart, debuting at #44 but it soon exited, leaving the "The Familiar/Enough" EP as their only other chart entry. In 2007, the band released the follow-up, "Be The Twilight" containing their biggest hit, which eventually climbed into the Top Ten after six months of release. Their performance in the charts was improving as the album hit #24, which gave them a nod for three ARIA nominations later on that year. They didn't win, but the exposure the show gave them made sure that we now know who Faker are.

BIGGEST HIT: "This Heart Attack" ▲ (2007, #9)


955. F.C.B. (1995, #2)

Sometimes bands are so anonymous that all you get is a bunch of names. Alex Bresil, Carlo Favilli, Maurizio Cristofori. But at least now I know what F.C.B. stands for. Colossal Records, the company taking care of the recording, were sued for use of the sample from "Carmina Burana" as it was considered a "debasement" of the original work. Colossal won, as the techno version had its own artistic integrity, thus was not considered a debasement. "O Fortuna", the most famous movement, is widely used in TV shows and movies such as "The Hunt For Red October", "Glory" and "Excalibur" on which F.C.B. took the name from. If the owners are so worried about a techno version of the piece, I wonder what they thought of the Carlton Beer commercial using the same piece of music?

BIGGEST HIT: "Excalibur" ● (1995, #2)


954. DIMPLES D (1991, #1)

It's no wonder rap music was seen as such a novelty as it integrated itself into the pop music charts. M.C. Hammer and Vanilla Ice had both scored #1's a year earlier using sample of already famous songs. For Dimples D, who can be credited as the first #1 female rap artist in Australia, she went beyond the well-known, sampling the theme from "I Dream Of Jeannie". But the song in its original form was actually a straight out rap called "Sucker DJ's (I Will Survive)" released in 1983. With the sampling craze doing well for the hip pocket, it was remixed using the TV show's theme, and suddenly the girl formerly known as Crystal Smith was #1. Australia was the only country that took the song to the top, and I'm not really sure if that's good or bad.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sucker DJ" ● (1991, #1)


953. PAUL MAC (2001-02, 2005-06, 2008, #17 - 7 entries)

Another Syndey-sider, Paul Mac had made waves in the dance music scene via projects such as Itch-e And Scratch-E, Boo Boo And Mace and Severed Heads. He then turned remixer for high profile bands Silverchair, INXS, Grinspoon and The Cruel Sea. Then he tried his hand at various soundtracks such as "Head On" and "Sample People". Then he produced a minor hit for Paul McDermott and Fiona Horne. He joined the crew of Good News Week as musical director. And then, in 2001, released his own material to begin his chart success' journey which ends here, as the #953 Biggest Singles Artist of the last 30 years. From two albums, Paul enlisted the help of some terrific female artists such as Peta Morris, Ngaiire, and the lead singer of a past band on this list, Leonardo's Bride's Abby Dobson. Continuing his ADD with music, Paul joined Silverchair's Daniel Johns to form The Dissociatives, and has now become a sort of fourth member when the band goes on tour. By the way, Paul Mac's real name is Paul McDermott! How things must have been confusing on that GNW set.

BIGGEST HIT: "Just The Thing" (featuring Peta Moris) ● (2001, #17)


952. BEN FOLDS (1998-99, 2001-02, 2005, 2008, #13 - 7 entries)

Ben Folds' music and personal journey have taken him from North Carolina in the US, to Adelaide (??), to Nashville where he currently resides. Ben Folds was a temporary Aussie from 1999 until he filed for divorce in 2006. As a pianist and frontman for Ben Folds Five, a band consisting of just three (man, will this guy ever make sense?), the piano and alternative music had never seemed more harmonious. Jumping straight into the 1996 JJJ Hottest 100 at #3 with "Underground", it showed that alternative music wasn't all guitars and drums. A string of minor hits followed, with all but one staying just outside the Top 50 singles. That one big Top 20 hit of theirs was enough to give Ben a place here in this list. It's a pity, really, that there wasn't any other Top 50 success. His duet with Regina Spektor in 2008 was pure gold. Oh well, keep trying Ben.

BIGGEST HIT: "Brick" ● (1998, #13)


951. BIG COUNTRY (1983-84, 1986, 1988-89, #7 - 6 entries)

And so we crack the Platinum border, scoring over 70,000 points for this countdown. Scotland's Big Country were one of a handful of bands that had a self titled "hit". Many would mistake Big Country as a band that used bagpipes, fiddles and other traditional folk instruments, but it was all done with guitars, engineered to create those sounds. And what a unique sound it was. Their 1986 hit, "Look Away" is a favourite of mine from the decade, as is their classic biggest hit. Big Country managed to stick together right up until 2000, after eight albums. But that all came to a sudden halt as lead singer, Stuart Adamson, was found dead in a hotel room in Hawaii after hanging himself. It was unknown to the other members about Stuart's problems, but after a few years break, pulled together for a 25th anniversary reunion concert, with bassist Tony Butler taking over vocal duties.

BIGGEST HIT: "In A Big Country" (1983, #7)


Later on, #950-941...

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The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


950. SHEILA E. (1984-85, 1991, #11 - 4 entries)

Sheila Escovedo grew up as a percussionist who regularly performed alongside her father and uncles, of whom she learnt from. It was at one of the concerts during the early 80's that Sheila met Prince, and promised one day she would join his band. That day came in 1984 for the "Purple Rain" sessions, with Sheila providing vocals for one of the more well-known Prince B-sides, "Erotic City". With that ever present Prince sound, Sheila released a string of hits on her own, with two Top 20 successes. Prince's most critically acclaimed period, the "Sign 'O' The Times" and "Lovesexy" albums, also held a notoriously unreleased "Black Album", which apparantly was birthday music for Sheila. She became Prince's drummer and music director for his newly formed New Power Generation band. Nowadays, Sheila is more devoted to television reality talent shows, but still manages to put in a surprise guest performance here and there.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Glamourous Life" (1984, #11)


949. BEN LEE (1999, 2002-03, 2005-09, #18 - 9 entries)

Self-proclaimed music genius, the charts would say otherwise. But really, if someone like Ben Lee can make interesting music and still hit this list, then he may not be too far from the truth. "Grandpaw Would" was the first album from a then 16 year old Ben, who would provide us with six more albums, the latest from 2009, "The Rebirth Of Venus". His crowning achievement was 2005's "Awake Is The New Sleep", a 2xPlatinum album awarded four ARIA's including Best Male Artist and Single Of The Year. Ben dated actress Claire Daines for several years but is now married to Ione Skye, the star of such films as "Say Anything..." and "Zodiac".

BIGGEST HIT: "Catch MY Disease" (2005, #27)


948. CATHY DENNIS (1991-92, #14 - 4 entries)

If Cathy Dennis' songwriting credits were included in this list, she would be way higher than this. Kylie's "Can't Get You Out Of My Head", Britney's "Toxic", Katy's "I Kissed A Girl", and the list goes on. Preceeding her solo debut album, "Move To This", Cathy was vocalist for late 80's dance outfit, D-Mob. Their single "C'mon And Get My Love" was a long-lasting hit back in 1990, setting Cathy up for a bumper year in 1991, which included two Top 20 hits. Over five years, Cathy released four albums, but could never achieve that early success. She re-vitalized both her own and Kylie Minogue's career with one of the biggest selling songs of all time, and from then on, has carved out a name in songwriting that has over-shadowed her previous musical role. But not for now. In this 30 second paragraph, Cathy Dennis' own music releases are what matter for her placement in this list.

BIGGEST HIT: "Just Another Dream" (1991, #14)


947. FREEEZ (1983-84, #3 - 1 entry)

During 1984, the US Dance Charts #1 position was cluttered with usual suspects Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Freeez, ... what the? The UK dance band were amongst the first jazz/funk fused bands headed by remixer and record producer, John Rocca. Now John is very much a guy, but you would be fooled listening to their biggest hit. In 1980, they scored a UK Top Ten hit with "Southern Freeez", another one of those self-titled hits, but it wasn't until a feature spot on the popular "Break Dance" soundtrack that the rest of the world caught up with the band. Their biggest hit was produced by Arthur Baker, the man behind a lot of New Order and Afrika Bambaataa material, but after four quick albums, couldn't climb back anywhere near the Top 5 ever again.

BIGGEST HIT: "I.O.U." (1983, #3)


946. SONIQUE (2000-01, #18 - 2 entries)

Just over fifty artists into the countdown and already we've seen many performers closely tied together. Leonardo's Bride singer, Abby Dobson has appeared with Paul Mac, Faithless' Rollo and his sister Dido and now Sonique, who used to be a member of our #972 biggest artist, S'Express. Just goes to show how closely knit together the music industry can be, and that's just the start of things. There will be countless "six degrees" by the end of this list. After the disbandment of S'Express, producer/DJ Mark Moore gave Sonique a set of turntables as a parting gift, and soon Sonique's new musical venture was in full swing. Her debut hit actually had to be jump-started as it failed in its initial 1998 release. 2000 seemed to be a better time for the hit as it would eventually hit #1 in the UK. After another two albums, Sonique was unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer, of which she is awaiting recovery before venturing on with her fourth album, apparently all ready to go.

BIGGEST HIT: "It Feels So Good" ● (2000, #21)


945. MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH (1991-93, #4 - 3 entries)

There are just two performers on this list who have also won an Oscar for Best Actor/Actress. Marky Mark, of all people, was every close to making that three. As the brother of New Kids On The Block member, Donnie Wahlberg, Mark's path to musical success was made a little easier. His looks took care of the rest. Mark Wahlberg was actually a member of NKOTB but was replaced by Joey McIntyre when Mark didn't take to the pop sound of the group. Going out on his own with The Funky Bunch, Mark still relied on his brother, who produced their biggest hit. In 1992, Mark was creating even bigger waves with his Calvin Klein underwear advertising campaign, becoming one of the most successful visions in CK history. After a TV movie debut in 1993, Mark started grabbing the attention of filmmakers everywhere, and for the next fifteen years, concentrated solely on his film career. The films became better and better as did his talent, culminating in an Academy Award nomination for the "The Departed" in 2006. Not to overshadow his music, however, that success was still enough for him to earn a place in this list of the Biggest Artists since 1980.

BIGGEST HIT: "Good Vibrations" ● (1991, #4)


944. FRANKEE (2004, #1 - 1 entry)

Oh how relationships can turn ugly! Frankee has Eamon to thank for her only taste of success. Releasing the answer song to Eamon's "F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)", Frankee repeated the former song's success, debuting at #1. Frankee stated that Eamon was very much her ex, a claim Eamon instantly disputed. Whatever the truth, it is quite likely the two were in cahoots as the two single were released closely together. In what is probably a world first, BBC Radio 1 presenter Chris Moyles released his "answer to an answer of an answer" hit, "We Want You To Leave". Frankee is one of a rare breed of artists who have had one #1 hit, and no further Top 100 entries. There are only 14 more to come in this list, and most of them can be disputed (eg. Ke$ha is one, however has appeared before as a featured guest for Flo Rida). It would come as no surprise to most that Frankee was dropped from her label before a second album could be released.

BIGGEST HIT: "F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back)" ▲ (2004, #1)


943. KISSCHASY (2005-09, #10 - 6 entries)

Since their formation in 2002, Victorians Darren Cordeux, Joel Vanderuit, Sean Thomas, and Karl Ammitzboll have stayed together through three albums and a stack of hits. From their debut album, "United Paper People" consisting of the single that got them an ARIA nomination for Best Breakthrough Artist, the guys have built a loyal fanbase that made them Channel [V]'s Australian Artist Of The Year for 2009. Kisschasy is currently touring to promote their third album, "Seizures" which was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Rob Schnapf, who has also worked with Powderfinger and Beck.

BIGGEST HIT: "Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night" (2006, #10)


942. MARCIA HINES (1980-82, 1994-95, 1998-2000, 2005-06, #10, 12 entries)

Another 70's artist who has carried over enough success to make this list, Marcia, like Suzi, has most recently been connected to Australia Idol as the "nice" judge. More likely to criticize her fellow judges rather than the performers, Marcia's chart success is one to rival most of the careers most Idol finalists have been able to produce. With five Top Ten singles and four Top Ten albums, Marcia Hines was crowned TV Week's Queen Of Pop for three years running from 1976. With only the one Top Ten after 1980, a successful mid-90's comeback and moderate hits from her Idol exposure was more than enough for Marcia to join this list, full of the very artists she has mentored and judged. The only judge to appear on every Australian Idol, Marcia Hines was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 2007, and was appointed Member of the Order of Australia at last years' Australia Day ceremony.

BIGGEST HIT: "Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees" (1981, #10)


941. HAMPTON THE HAMPSTER (2001, #5 - 3 entires)

A creation of Canadian Deidre LaCarte, little Hampton is one of the earliest creations of the Internet meme (a catchphrase or idea that has quickly spread from one person to many others via the internet) and also the stark reality of technology's influence on music charts to come. In three short years, Hampton wasn't so little anymore. He was everywhere from bumper stickers to commercials, and yes, even our charts. With three singles released in quick succession, Hampton was quickly in and luckily out of our lives again. We have frogs, crocodiles and, err...Gorillaz still to come in this chart, but US media company CNET, named Hampton's "Hampster Dance" the #1 web fad up until 2005.

BIGGEST HIT: "Thank God I'm A Country Boy" (2001, #12)


Coming up, #940-931...

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Wow, I never knew Cathy Dennis wrote those hits! Impressive! I remember hearing that "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was actually offered to another artist first, but they declined ... but can't remember who that artist was?
I like all of the past 10 artists except Hampton ... sorry
you like Frankee?
I wouldn't buy her CD, but the song was O.K, what I remember of it.
You know what this is an awesome read!!!!
Thanks alley, keep the comments coming...heh heh.
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


940. UNCLE KRACKER (2001-02, #1 - 2 entries)

Another #1 flash in the pan artist, Matthew Shafer got his big break working with an emerging Kid Rock taking care of the turntables during his live shows, and eventually singing on some tracks. The two formed a songwriting partnership that would feature heavily on Kid Rock's breakthrough, "Devil Without A Cause", and into Matthew's debut album, taking on the alias Uncle Kracker for the first time. After his Top 5 success in the US, and without the help of Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker set out with another three albums, none of which matched the success of "Double Wide", however, a cover of the Dobie Gray hit, "Drift Away" did hit #1 on the US Adult Contemporary charts. It seems Uncle Kracker knows exactly where his audience lays as his later albums have become more country than the original rap artist he set out as. He recorded a duet with popular American country artist, Kenny Chesney. I don't think you need anymore proof than that.

BIGGEST HIT: "Follow Me" ▲ (2001, #1)


939. JON SECADA (1992-94, 1997, #12 - 4 entries)

Cuban Jon Secada, together with Gloria Estefan, single-handedly drove the latin pop movement during the 80's and 90's. Hired as a backing singer by Gloria, it wasn't long before Jon was composing songs for Gloria, and given the opportunity to perform solo at her concerts. In 1992, Jon Secada released his self-titled album, sending Jon on his way to a 20 million worldwide sales haul. Jon's career ventured into stage with performances in Grease, Cabaret and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. To top it all off, Jon Secada has been actively involved in a great number of charities including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, various AIDS benefits and Hurricane Relief Funds. But back to the music, like many artists on this list so far, Jon's songwriting achievements have matched those of his music. Songs for Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin ensured that Jon Secada kept his stamp on the new wave of Latin orientated music that swept our charts during the late 90's and early 2000's.

BIGGEST HIT: "Just Another Day" ● (1992, #12)


938. NEW EDITION (1983, 1996-97, #10 - 5 entries)

Bobby Brown, Ralph Tresvant and the future Bell Biv Devoe were mere teenagers when they first hit the charts as the collective New Edition. Filling the gap between The Jacksons and NKOTB, New Edition were the work of famed boy band pioneer, Maurice Starr. The five boys scored a #1 in UK and on the US R&B charts with their biggest hit, but after financial disputes which returned them close to nothing, even after a world tour, they parted ways from Starr, and set out with MCA records. It was around this time that Bobby Brown's behavioral habits caused him to be voted out of the group, replaced by Johnny Gill. The group couldn't achieve the same success of their earlier work, and because of Bobby Brown's worldwide success, decided to take a break. All four facets of New Edition have charted in Australia. Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill both enjoyed Top Ten hits here, and both are yet to appear on this list. Bell Biv Devoe just missed the Top Ten, and this list coming in at #1140, while Ralph Tresvant comes in last with a placing at #2308 for his 3 minor hits. However, New Edition still owed MCA a record and it eventually surfaced in 1996 when all members, including Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill, reformed. Hitting the Top 20 after nearly 15 years, it was the first time New Edition had performed as a six piece group.

BIGGEST HIT: "Candy Girl" (1983, #10)


937. SHAI (1993, 1995, #4 - 3 entries)

The second male vocal group in a row, Shai's biggest hit was pure vocal. Releasing the a cappella hit "If I Ever Fall In Love", it was one of the biggest selling of all time of such a release. With three of the members belonging to the same fraternity at Howard University in Washington D.C., the guys decided to turn their hobby into a career, eventually releasing six albums, the last in 2004. With the group seemingly on hiatus, members Garfield A. Bright and Darnell Van Rensalier released their duet album, "Worldwide", crediting it to "D-N-G of Shai". In 1997, East 17 duetted with Gabrielle on a cover of Shai's hit, remamed "If You Ever". Both artists are still to come in the Biggest Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's countdown.

BIGGEST HIT: "If I Ever Fall In Love" ● (1993, #4)


936. FASTBALL (1998-2001, #14 - 3 entries)

It constantly amazes me as I plough through biographies from the net and books the amount of acts seemingly "dead" but in actual fact, have actively released and performed material right up until now. Fastball is another one of those bands I would have put in the "one hit wonder and broke up" bin, but no, a 2009 album entitled "Little White Lies" disproved that. Their "upbeat" biggest hit had a theme that was really quite melancholy. Inspired by the true story of an elderly couple who set out on a road trip to a family reunion, and later reported missing. Fastball had the couple breakdown, continue on foot and achieve happiness by losing touch with the world, however, the truth is, that elderly couple were found at the bottom of a canyon two weeks later. As if searching for the right radio station for the journey, the song starts out scanning through the frequencies. Among the tiny snippets of music are Roy Orbison's "You Got It", Jewel's "Foolish Games" and Madonna's "Vogue".

BIGGEST HIT: "The Way" ● (1998, #14)


935. MARVIN GAYE (1983, 1987, #4 - 2 entries)

Surprisingly, Marvin Gaye is one of the "should've been hit" artists. With countless Top Ten hits in the US and UK, Australia just wasn't interested. With early recordings dating back to 1961, his 1983 Top 5 hit, and biggest in his career, was Marvin's one and only release to even hit the Top 20. "What's Going On", "I Heard It Through The Grapevine", "Got To Give It Up"? Flop, flop, flop. The best Marvin could do up until now was the #23 hit with Kim Weston, "It Takes Two", later covered (more successfully) by Tina Turner and Rod Stewart. Even the mighty "Grapevine" could only manage a #50 peak, his only other Top 50 entry until now. In 1987, "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" had another shot at cracking the Top 50 from its use in the California Raisins commercial featuring claymation raisins singing the song. It was a long-lasting hit below the Top 50, but still couldn't crack the Top 50. That brilliant 1983 comeback and reason Marvin is among this list, however, was cut short in 1984, after his father shot Marvin dead following an argument. It was a sad day in music, as tributes flooded in including a couple of Top Ten hits by the Commodores ("Nightshift") and Spandau Ballet ("True").

BIGGEST HIT: "Sexual Healing" (1983, #4)


934. COLLECTIVE SOUL (1994-97, 1999, #8 - 9 entries)

For nearly twenty years, Collective Soul have rolled out their brand of hard rock which started out just as grunge was winding down. Taking over from Nirvana and Soundgarden and predecessors to bands like Staind and Nickelback, Collective Soul managed seven #1's on the US Hard Rock charts. In Australia, we gave them a solitary Top Ten hit and a string of minor hits from their first four albums. The American band found the most success in Canada with multi-Platinum status awarded to all four albums, 8x for their self-titled second album. The beginning of the 2000's saw two members leave the original line-up, but the band pushed on with a couple of newbies, and four more albums, most recently another self-titled album nicknamed "Rabbit". In 2009, their hometown of Georgia inducted Collective Soul into their Music Hall Of Fame.

BIGGEST HIT: "Shine" ● (1994, #8)


933. PANDORA (1994, 1998-99, #10 - 4 entries)

The start of the Swedish onslaught of stars, Pandora poked her head in the Australian charts with her #82 debut, "Trust Me" in 1994, but it wouldn't be until the end of the 90's that Pandora would grace our Top Ten. That Top Ten hit itself took three years to get anywhere, and by then, Pandora had already released her seventh or eighth album. Pandora's 1999 album, "No Regrets", contained the first incarnation of "On A Night Like This", followed up by the Anna Vissi version, and finally became a hit on its third try for Kylie Minogue. Pandora's original version has been remixed along with some of her earlier hits, and can be found on the semi-Greatest Hits package, "Celebration".

BIGGEST HIT: "A Little Bit" ● (1998, #10)


932. REDNEX (1995, 2000, 2003, #8 - 4 entries)

Another Swedish band of a different kind. Techno and Country. It's not everyday that you see those two words in the same sentence. Rednex scored a #1 hit in the UK with their biggest hit, "Cotton Eye Joe". The song is actually a popular American Folk song, with earliest recordings dating back to 1925. It is also a well-known line dance (obviously among line dancers) and was featured in the 1980 John Travolta film, "Urban Cowboy". Rednex sold around 2 million copies of the hit worldwide, and tried again in 2002 with a remixed version from their greatest hits album, "The Best Of The West". Amazingly, Rednex are still together and releasing singles. Will the pain never end?

BIGGEST HITS: "Cotton Eye Joe" ● (1995, #8)


931. LIVIN' JOY (1995-97, 1999, #6 - 4 entries)

Livin' Joy's major hit in Australia was one of the last for the Italo Dance movement that had began in 1989 by Black Box. Spreading across Europe, it morphed into Europop, with notable acts Snap!, Technotronic, The Real McCoy and La Bouche all contributing big hits. Livin' Joy, fronted by Janice Robinson, started out midway through the 90's with the sleeper hit, "Dreamer", which just crept into our Top 100 at #90. A year later they hit the Top Ten, but seemed out of place against the emerging alternative scene that was starting to take over the charts. With a couple of minor hits that saw them through the rest of the decade, Livin' Joy were soon just another dance band again. The band is definitely one that has NOT stayed together up to now, but, old forgotten recordings from a potential second album leaked online in 2008.

BIGGEST HIT: "Don't Stop Movin'" ● (1996, #6)


Tomorrow, #930-#911,

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This must have taken years to create *jokes*. Brilliant effort.
Awesome to see that Cotton Eyed Joe didn't reach number one. That has to be one of the worst songs ever *sorry to the rednex fans hahaha*
Agree with lifter/alley lol
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


930. PAPPA BEAR (1998, #7 - 2 entries)

It's easy to mistake Pappa Bear for another one of those American rap guys, but he is actually a native of Curacao, from the Netherlands Antilles. Born Godwijn June Orlando Ray Rollocks, Pappa Bear is a skilled cook, and his 100kg mass proves he must be some sort of "Master Chef" in the kitchen. Living off the 80's, Pappa's only two chart entries in this country came from sampling Kool And The Gang's 1985 hit, "Cherish", and the 1984 duet from Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora, "When The Rain Begins To Fall". In 1996, Pappa Bear's sister, Daisy Dee, also charted in the Top 50 with a remixed version of her "Crazy" hit which reached #38.

BIGGEST HIT: "Cherish" ● (1998, #7)


929. BOYS DON'T CRY (1986, #4 - 1 entry)

Boys Don't Cry were discovered by Paul Oakenfild when he worked as a talent scout for Profile Records. Well aware they had the same name as one of The Cure's biggest hits, they actually named themselves after the whispered refrain at the end of 10cc's "I'm Not In Love". Headed by Nick Richards, the British studio band married the idea of the Spaghetti Western into pop music beautifully on their biggest hit, despite being considered a novelty song more than anything serious. The guys released two albums, the first self-titled in the UK, and the second self-titled in the US. Believe me, everyone was confused. Maybe that's why Boys Don't Cry went no further in the studio. Oh, I lie. In 2009, a reunion featuring two of Nick's children, now as members, have just released a brand new EP called "Blow Me". Yeah, that's the way I like to talk to my children (actually, I don't have any, but still).

BIGGEST HIT: "I Wanna Be A Cowboy" (1986, #4)


928. AB LOGIC (1993, #6 - 2 entries)

AB Logic were a bit of a poor man's 2 Unlimited, which wasn't so bad, as 2 Unlimited were huge. K-Swing & Marianne formed the Eurodance act in 1991, and were swept up the charts with the success of the genre a couple of years later. After the success of their biggest hit, AB Logic attempted to keep the momentum going by releasing a couple of new singles from a potential second album. They didn't even come close, and AB Logic were soon sent to that Eurodance "sin bin" that was rapidly filling up.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Hitman" ● (1993, #6)


927. ULTIMATE KAOS (1998-99, #18 - 2 entries)

Back when Idol creator Simon Cowell was dating English pop star Sinitta, he put together a troupe of boys who were barely teenagers. After forming in 1989, Ultimate Kaos worked as Sinitta's backing dancers before releasing their self-titled first album. It didn't impact our charts at all. They released another album which continued their losing streak, but a 1998 re-issue of their biggest hit, finally rewarded the guys. Although it didn't reach our Top Ten, it was a long-lasting hit that eventually outsold many higher placed singles at the time. Seems they enjoyed the lack of success more, as the group disbanded shortly after they hit the charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Casanova" ● (1998, #18)


926. CLUB NOUVEAU (1987, #5 - 1 entry)

In 1986, Timex Social Club popped their heads into the Australian charts with the #94 minor hit, "Rumors". Produced by Jay King, the band had little success afterwards, and subsequently faded into history, leaving Jay with no vehicle to drive his talents. He set out to form his own group, tentatively named "Jet Set", but later changing it to Club Nouveau in honour of his former "club". Club Nouveau is french for "new club", and it was a much bigger success than the TSC. But only just. Represented by a single entry in Australia, a cover of the the Bill Wither's classic, "Lean On Me", the guys were actually quite successful on the US R&B charts with four Top Ten hits. Club Nouveau also recorded an answer song to "Rumors", titled "Jealousy", and scored a place on the soundtrack to the Madonna film, "Who's That Girl". Club Nouveau are apparently still together, but after five albums, haven't released any new material since 1995.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lean On Me" (1987, #5)


925. KEVIN LYTTLE (2004, #3 - 2 entries)

A native of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Kevin Lyttle came to prominence with his biggest hit becoming an anthem for the popular St. Vincent Carnival during 2001. Kevin worked fast as this song was apparently recorded in two takes. The hit was re-released in 2003 with an added rap by Spragga Benz, and eventually, through its exposure in many clubs, became the hit that it was in 2004. Kevin went Top Ten in most countries while his self-titled debut album went Gold in the US. A second album followed in 2009 called "Fyah" featuring the single "Anywhere" featuring Flo Rida. No major success came from that venture, but there's always another carnival just around the corner.

BIGGEST HIT: "Turn Me On" ▲ (2004, #3)


924. DAVE STEWART (1981-82, #4 - 2 entries)

Now I know what you're all saying, that I stuffed up yet again...but no, I'm happy to say everything is flowing nicely, and with little error. This is not the same David A. Stewart that we saw at #973, but the reason the Eurythmics guitarist included the "A" in his name, to avoid confusion. Formally of various progressive rock bands, Dave changed musical direction in 1981, experimenting with pop. His first outing as a pop artist was with a cover of the Jimmy Ruffin classic, "What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted", with ex-Zombies singer Colin Blunstone featuring on vocals. Next came another reworking of a 60's classic, and Dave's biggest hit. This time he used long time friend Barbara Gaskin for the vocals, which soon became a #1 UK hit. The successful union stuck, and the pair released five albums, the latest just last year.

BIGGEST HIT: "It's My Party" (1981, #4)


923. DIZZEE RASCAL (2008-09, #13 - 3 entries)

From one of the first artists of the last 30 years, to one of the newest, Dizzee Rascal. Although Dizzee has been recording, mixing, fusing, whatever you want to call it, since 2003, it's not until 2008 that we got the true gist of things. An album followed in 2009, "Tongue N' Cheek", which was actually his fourth album, but hit the Top 20, so things are definitely on the up. Although we've yet to see a Top Ten hit from the rapper, he did contribute two lines in the third incarnation of the Band Aid hit, "Do They Know It's Christmas?", which debut at #9 in 2004. For his biggest hit, Dizzee enlisted the help of Calvin Harris, but the two never met for any recording sessions. Dizzee was the only one who actually put in any studio time, the rest changed via suggestion over the phone. With two solid Top 20 hits in Australia under his belt, I'm sure there's a lot more to come from Dizzee Rascal into the new decade.

BIGGEST HIT: "Dance Wiv Me" (featuring Calvin Harris & Chrome) ● (2008, #13)


922. P.O.D. (2001-04, #17 - 5 entries)

P.O.D. (Payable On Death) is one of only a handful of metal bands to make this list. Starting out in 1991, they found their legs by playing Metallica and Slayer covers at keg parties. After the passing of lead singer Sonny Sandoval's mother shortly after, the guys converted to Christianity, which heavily influenced their music. With three albums under their belt, it was time to set out and make some decent sales. 2001's "Satellite" album proved fruitful for the band, going on to sell 5 million copies worldwide, and influencing the previous album to hit the 1.5 million mark. Blurring the edges of Hard Rock and Metal, the Grammy's awarded the guys nominations in both categories, losing to Linkin Park and Foo Fighters in the hard rock categories in 2002/03, and Korn in the metal category for 2003 (and yes, we'll be seeing all three somewhere in this list). P.O.D. have gone on to release another three albums, with sales declining back to the old days.

BIGGEST HIT: "Alive" ● (2001, #18)


921. HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH (1994, #4 - 4 entries)

You'll find a lot of weird and wonderful band names in this list. Hootie & the Blowfish is right up there with the worst, but there is a logical thought behind the name. Frontman Darius Rucker took the name from two of his college friends' nicknames, named so because of their facial appearance (I'll let you put that all together). They made an impressive debut in 1994 with "Cracked View Mirror", earning them a Grammy nod for Best New Artist, and an even greater reward of a 16xPlatinum accreditation in the US, making it within the Top 20 biggest sellers of all time. However, there was only one way to go after such an impressive debut, and that's, sadly, down. Four more albums, each more unsuccessful than the previous, forced the band into relative obscurity, until 2008 when Darius announced the band would be splitting so he could pursue a career in country music. They were, however, the Mr. Nice Guys of music, and always put in their time for charity work, not just through music, as the guys traveled to New Orleans for the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina to build house for the Musician's Village, an area devoted to housing musicians who had lost their homes. The guys still have commitments to four charity events every year, something they will always re-unite for. And you know how these things end. There's always some spark of excitement to get back into the studio, it's only a matter of time.

BIGGEST HIT: "Let Her Cry" ● (1995, #4)


Tomorrow, #920-#901,
Hootie and the Blowfish=Awesome band
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


920. DR. & THE MEDICS (1986, #3 - 1 entry)

London based Dr. & the Medics scored their one and only entry in the Top 100 with a former #1 hit for Norman Greenbaum. The guys had been together for about four years under the guidance of frontman "The Doctor", Clive Jackson. With a couple of single-only releases and an EP, it seemed that covers were the only way the band was getting any interest from the public. As much as they loved the song, Dr. & the Medics thought "Spirit In The Sky" was a bit "nice", so they had fun with it, giving it a bit of amping treatment. It went all the way to #1 in the UK, achieving the same result as the original, and future release by Gareth Gates. Until Gareth's success, it was the only song to go #1 in the country by two one hit wonders. Knowing full well, their chart success was going to be limited, the band stuck it out through four albums until the 90's. Occasionally appearing on retro-themed TV shows during the 2000's, the band made a formal reunion in 2006, resulting in a covers EP called "Timewarped". Plans for a fifth album are currently underway.

BIGGEST HIT: "Spirit In The Sky" (1986, #3)


919. BILL WYMAN (1981-82, #5 - 2 entries)

The former Rolling Stones bassist started him solo career as a result of tiring from the monopoly Mick Jagger and Keith Richards had in the bands' compositions. His first album was released in 1974, but it was his third, self-titled album that contained the hits that put him in this list. Apart from his musical aspirations, Bill is an avid photographer and author of many successful books, with material inspired by his personal journal which he has had since the second World War. Learning the piano and then guitar when he was young, it wasn't until he attended a Barron Knights concert that he fell in love with the bass guitar, eventually auditioning for The Stones with an amplifier he built himself. As the only member that was married, Bill was always a bit of an outsider. That union lasted until the late 60's, with Bill becoming involved with Astrid Lundstrom until the early 80's. Then in 1989, at the tender age of 53, Bill married 18 year old Mandy Smith. It lasted only three years. Around that time, Bill's son, Stephen, married Mandy's mother! I don't even want to think about the family reunions that would emerge from that. In 1992, Bill Wyman officially called it a day from The Rolling Stones, and now performs with his own band, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings.

BIGGEST HIT: "(Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star" (1981, #5)


918. JULIO IGLESIAS (1981-82, 1984-85, 1988-89, #4 - 8 entries)

Julio Iglesias is currently in preparation for a massive world tour celebrating 40 years in the music industry. Between his first recognition in 1970 as a contestant in the Eurovision Song Contest (he came fourth with "Gwendolyne"), to his "Romantic Classics" album of 2006, Julio has released nearly 80 albums amassing an incredible 300 million sales worldwide. Julio's music is not typical chart material, but with staggering sales figures like that, he was bound to spill over into the Singles Charts to make this list. The bulk of that success was from his "1100 Bel Air Place", named after his Los Angeles home address, and featured duets with Diana Ross, The Beach Boys, and Willie Nelson, with whom would provide him with his biggest hit. After moving to Miami, Florida, Julio's father was the subject of a kidnapping, prompting him to move his children to Florida, as well. Julio, Sr. was found alive two weeks later. In 1988, Julio Iglesias won the Grammy for Best Latin Pop Record, an achievement his son, Enrique, would enjoy nearly a decade later.

BIGGEST HIT: "To All The Girls I've Loved Before" (with Willie Nelson) (1984, #4)


917. SARAH BRIGHTMAN (1986-87, 1992, #1 - 2 entries)

And now for a lateral transition to Opera. The former Mrs. Andrew Lloyd Webber came to prominence during the 80's as leading lady for such Webber classics as Cats, Aspects Of Love, and the role of Christine in the brilliant The Phantom Of The Opera. It was from this Sarah enjoyed her second entry in the Australian Top 100, after a minor hit in 1979 with her former disco band, Hot Gossip. In 1990, after six years of married life, an apparently uncomfortable time for the diva, she separated from Andrew, but still held ties, regularly performing his compositions. With the 1992 summer Olympics, Sarah and tenor Jose Carreras shot straight to #1 with the Andrew Lloyd Webber penned theme song. She also performed at the Beijing Olympics of 2008, becoming the only performer to ever appear at two separate Olympic ceremonies. With various pop music attempts throughout the 90's, Sarah could never find success in the genre, returning to her operatic roots for a string of classical albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life)" (with Jose Carreras) ▲ (1992, #1)


916. THE GREG KIHN BAND (1981-83, #11 - 4 entries)

Greg Kihn formed his self-titled band in the 70's with buddy Steve Wright on bass. Through nine albums up until 1986, the guys enjoyed two Top 20 hits in Australia. Greg put his own namesake on most of the albums, with titles such as "Next Of Kihn", "Kihnspiracy", "Kihntinued" and "Citizen Kihn". Even though, The Greg Kihn Band ceased recording and releasing any material after 1986's "Love & Rock & Roll" (what, no "kihn"?), the guys are still together, and perform "kincerts" at least twice a year, now with Greg's son, Ry Kihn, on board. Following a stroke in 2003, Steve had to give the bass up, leaving Greg as the only original member of the group.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Break Up Song (They Don't Write 'Em)" (1981, #14)


915. 98° (1998-2001, #21 - 6 entries)

As previously mentioned, Nick Lachey's former boy band are one of four remaining artists to appear in this list without a single Top 20 success. Even their albums failed them, with their second album, and breakthrough, "98° And Rising" peaking at #27. Consisting of brothers Nick and Drew, Justin Jeffre and Jeff Timmons, 98° were different from most boy bands of the time, forming independently (rather than "assembled") and eventually picked up by Motown Records. Riding the wave of the boy band/girl group craze of the late 90's, they released three albums, a Christmas recording, and a "Greatest Hits" package, to the total of 10 million in worldwide sales. With no material released since, the guys state that they are on extended hiatus, rather than broken up, and have reunited on various TV programs. With three Australian Top 50 hits that have peaked at #24, #23 and #21, 98° are lucky, or unlucky enough, to be the fourth biggest act ever, never to have a Top 20 hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Hardest Thing" (1999, #24)


914. CAPTAIN & TENNILLE (1980, #3 - 1 entry)

And then some can't beat an artists' entire singles discography with a single hit. American pop duo, Captain (Daryl Dragon) and Tennille (Toni Tennille), only had one hit post-1980, enough to give them a placement in the Biggest Artists list, but actually had another three Top Ten hits during 1975-76. They went straight to #1 with their debut release, "Love Will Keep Us Together", also a US #1, but why it only made #32 in the UK is beyond me, I thought they loved that cra...stuff. Only months after that major success, Daryl and Toni became Mr. and Mrs. Captain, I mean Dragon. While their popular success ended in 1982, the duo kept performing regularly on television, and still keep in the public eye with DVD releases and a blog by Tennille, now 70. In what could be considered extremely rebellious amongst most of the "lovers" in the this list, Captain and Tennille are still married, currently residing in Prescott, Arizona.

BIGGEST HIT: "Do That To Me One More Time" (1980, #3)


913. BUS STOP (1998, #15 - 2 entries)

Another band that has built its career on covers, British dance act Bus Stop made their living adding rap to samples of classic hit such as Van Halen's "Jump", Bachman Turner Overdrive's "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" and their biggest hit, the 70's Carl Douglas hit, "Kung Fu Fighting". Together for only a few years, the group disbanded in 2000, with only frontman Darren Sampson to carry on the groups' legacy. In the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest, Darren represented the United Kingdom with "Teenage Life". He scored 25 points putting him and his country #19 overall (out of 24 entries).

BIGGEST HIT: "Kung Fu Fighting" ▲ (1998, #15)


912. GLEE CAST (2009, #5 - 20 entries)

Well, here they are. You either love them or hate them, but the stats above say it all. Appearing for the first time during the last year of this 30 year period, already the guys and girls have 20 singles entries in our charts. The newly crowned Best Comedy Series at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, the series focuses on the William McKinley High School show club, or glee club. Named "New Directions!", the show conveniently debuted after American Idol in May 2009, and soon "Gleeks" were downloading every one of their "tongue-in-cheek" covers from Jordin Sparks' "No Air", Katrina & the Waves' "Walking On Sunshine", and their biggest hit covering US 80's rock band, Journey. Two albums have so far been released, and with a second series commissioned by Fox, it looks as if we are not going to be let of the Glee hook that easily.

BIGGEST HIT: "Don't Stop Believin'" ● (2009, #5)


911. UTAH SAINTS (1992-93,2008, #10 - 3 entries)

It's hard to put Utah Saints in one box. Ultimately a dance band, they have elements of metal, rave, electronica and pop in their songs. The one we cared about in Australia was "Something Good" featuring a sample of the Kate Bush song, "Cloudbursting". Everything was above board, getting legal clearance from Kate's people, and even being sold footage from the original video clip for use by the guys. There are a couple of suggestions as to the meaning of the name, Utah Saints, and it seems members Tim Garbutt and Jez Willis may be leading everyone down the garden path on the subject. The two most popular, however, is that it is a play on the US basketball team, "New Orleans Jazz", who moved to Utah, but kept "the Jazz" as their name. The guys compared it to the New Orleans football team, "New Orleans Saints", and what their name would be if they made the same move. Another notion, is that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are headquartered in Utah. Both theories have been denied. I guess we'll just keep on guessing.

BIGGEST HIT: "Something Good" ● (1992, #10)


Tomorrow, #910-901...

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Yikes, 20 entries! I didn't think they had that many entries.
The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


910. MAC DAVIS (1980-81, #9 - 1 entry)

American country music artist, Mac Davis, first came to prominence as the songwriter for Elvis Presley's "In The Ghetto", about a boy who grows up in the ghetto on the wrong side of the tracks, eventually shot and killed, while another child is born ready to face the same fate. It was originally title, "The Vicious Circle". For Mac himself, he just missed a #1 hit here in Australia, with the 1972 hit, "Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me", reaching #2. With a few minor hits to add to his catalogue, it looked like Mac was going to be another one hit wonder. At the end of the 70's, Mac Davis moved to Casablanca Records, a disco label enjoying success with artists such as Donna Summer and Kiss. Mac represented the country music contingent that label had begun to embrace, and soon scored one of the first big hits of the 80's, and reason why he's makes this list. Mac Davis has been honoured with his own lane in his native city of Lubbock, Texas, as well as a star of the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.

BIGGEST HIT: "It's Hard To Be Humble" ● (1980, #9)


909. SPINNERS (1980, #12 - 2 entries)

US vocal group The Spinners, to avoid confusion with the UK band of the same name, are also known as The Motown Spinners, and later The Detroit Spinners. Forming way back in 1961, the band had to wait until 1973 to enjoy a couple of minor hits in Australia, and 1977 to finally crack our Top 20, charting there three times in a row. Under the watchful eye of producer Michael Zager, the guys released a couple of medleys which gave them a great start to the 80's, but nothing else beyond 1981. The Spinners finished recording in 1983, concentrating instead on nostalgic concerts right up until this day. The guys, however, did get a bit of attention in 2003 when a "forgotten" Elton John track from the late 70's, "Are You Ready For Love", was remixed and released. One version featured the band, with another just solitary member, Phillipe Wynne. Phillipe died in 1984, but it was his version Elton picked for the single release.

BIGGEST HIT: "Working My Way Back To You/Forgive Me Girl" (1980, #12)


908. SIR MIX-A-LOT (1992, #6 - 1 entry)

"Oh my God, Becky, looks who is at #908". Looking like one of those rap guys, Anthony Ray a.k.a. Sir Mix-A-Lot took his booty song to the top of the American charts, earning him a Grammy in the process. With six albums, and a string of single releases, right up until 2009, Sir Mix couldn't get beyond the novelty factor of his biggest hit, never achieving that kind of success again. However, Sir Mix-A-Lot knew the value and power of the hit, and perform various parodies for commercials for Target and Burger King. It's been used in movies such as "Happy Feet", TV shows like "Robot Chicken", and recorded in hardcore, folk, ska, disco, lounge and spoken word versions by various acts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Baby Got Back" ● (1992, #6)


907. JANIS IAN (1980, #7 - 2 entries)

It look like we're celebrating quite a few artists carrying on their success from the 60's and 70's in this bunch. Janis Ian beat out Olivia Newton-John, Linda Ronstadt and Helen Reddy to win the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her 1975 "ugly duckling" hit, "At Seventeen". Turning to disco producer Giorgio Moroder, in 1980 she released her biggest hit and only Top Ten in this country, a contribution to the Jodie Foster film, "Foxes". Only a minor hit followed, and that was all for Janis in Australia. There must have been something in the water in 1993, with Janis coming out as a lesbian around the same time as Melissa Etheridge. She is a regular columnist for Gay and Lesbian magazine, The Advocate, and has also published a book of science fiction stories, titled "Stars: Original Stories Based On The Songs Of Janis Ian". Interesting. With over 20 albums to her name, Janis still performs and releases material with the 2009 release of "The Essential Janis Ian" summing up over 40 years of music.

BIGGEST HIT: "Fly Too High" ● (1980, #7)


906. BLIND MELON (1993-94, #8 - 2 entries)

While Madonna's glass was half full with "Rain", Blind Melon's was totally empty with "No Rain", as the two charted side by side in 1993. Their biggest hit also gave us "Bee Girl" Heather DeLoach, who annoyed the hell out of everyone by featuring in the video clip (Heather went on the feature in a few films, most notably "The Beautician and the Beast" featuring Fran Dresser). Closely associated with Guns N' Roses frontman, Axl Rose, Blind Melon lead singer Shannon Hoon featured as backing vocal on many of the "Use Your Illusion" tracks. With Blind Melon's breakthrough finally getting them some royalties, the band's career was cut short by the death of Shannon in 1995, a cocaine overdose induced heart attack. With only a few albums under their belts, the guys disbanded by the late 90's, only to reform with new frontman Travis Warren. "For My Friends" was released in 2008, and has failed to provide any success for the band, just yet.

BIGGEST HIT: "No Rain" ● (1993, #8)


905. THE TONY RICH PROJECT (1996, #2 - 2 entries)

Songwriter Tony Rich began his career as a staff writer for LaFace Records, providing tunes for R&B artists such as Boyz II Men, TLC and Toni Braxton. He decided to go out on his own, and in 1996, released his own album under the name, The Tony Rich Project. The album, "Words", won Best R&B Album at the Grammy's, and featured his one and only big hit, making it to #2 on both the Australian and US charts. Tony has been committed to releasing a new album every few years, releasing his fifth studio album, "Exist", in 2008.

BIGGEST HIT: "Nobody Knows" ● (1996, #2)


904. DEBORAH COX (1996-97, 1999, 2003, #11 - 4 entries)

Deborah Cox spent forever in the Top 100 with her biggest hit. Never making the Top Ten, it spent 40 weeks hovering up and down the charts. She had the same effect on the Billboard charts with her 1998 hit, "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here" holding down the #1 position for 14 weeks, the longest-running ever at the time, and a record she held until 2005, when it was tied by Mariah Carey's, "We Belong Together", and broken by Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You" a year later. With such an amazing run on the US charts, it's interesting that Deborah could only manage a minor hit with the track here in Australia. With five albums to her name, Canadian Deborah Cox is considered the most successful R&B artist from that country, with over 4 million record sales worldwide.

BIGGEST HIT: "Who Do U Love" ● (1996, #11)


903. JOSH ABRAHAMS (1998, #15 - 3 entries)

Melbourne born Josh Abrahams emerged from the underground as a third of techno group, Future Sound Of Melbourne. With various 12" releases, the guys were beginning to gain some acknowledgment, resulting in an ARIA award winning album, "Chapter One", which received a nod for Best Dance Release. Josh set out on his own shortly afterwards, releasing an album, "The Satyricon", and producing the Baz Lurhman inspired UK #1 hit, "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)". Joining forces with Aussie singer, Amiel Daemion, He finally enjoyed some Top 20 success back home with his biggest hit, which was re-released and credited as Puretone a few years later for the worldwide release. The two collaborated on many of Josh's singles, and he returned the favour by assisting Amiel with her solo career, producing her major hit, "Lovesong". In 2000, Josh co-produced the successful "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack, wrote a couple of scores for some low key films, and released many popular artists, including John Farnham and Icehouse. Lately, as a DJ, Josh Abrahams has become an expert in the "mash-up" regularly preseting the "history of music" at his shows.

BIGGEST HIT: "Addicted To Bass" ● (1998, #15)


902. DAN HARTMAN (1984, #3 - 1 entry)

Another one of those artists enjoying one hit each in the 70's and the 80's, you could be forgiven thinking that those two major hits were from different people. The 1979 hit, "Instant Replay", was Dan's first success, a classic disco sound which reached #6 in Australia, higher than the US or the UK. Five years later, Dan released a rock song from the 1984 film, "Streets Of Fire", giving Dan a Top 3 success in Australia. With little recording success to follow, Dan concentrated on songwriting over the next decade until his death in 1994 from AIDS. At that time, one of his early releases was enjoying incredible success in the UK charts. Take That and Lulu released an updated version of his 1980 release, "Relight My Fire". Giving the guys yet another #1 hit in their homeland, it is probably now the most well-known Dan Hartman composition from his entire catalogue, despite never achieving any chart success anywhere for Dan himself. With only a few hits to his name, Dan has still managed to sell 50 million records worldwide.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Can Dream About You" (1984, #3)


901. THE MOVEMENT (1992-93, #7 - 2 entries)

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, The Movement were one of many house bands enjoying success from the house/dance genre that was running parallel to the Eurodance craze of the same time. AJ Mora and DJ Hazze were joined by popular (future) remixer, Richard "Humpty" Vission (who remixed most of Madonna's "Music" releases), and soon enough had a #1 US Dance Hit with "Jump!", there biggest and only hit. Originally, the track was quite naughty, telling MF's everywhere to jump, but this was changed to just plain old "everybody", which was probably a good thing considering the explicit version wouldn't have made it past the censors for a mainstream release. (Wow! Straight after writing up this ten I checked out the new ARIA chart only to see that Richard Vission has debuted in the Australian Top 50 at #35 with "I Like That". Now that is spooky!!!)

BIGGEST HIT: "Jump!" ● (1992, #7)


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Go the Glee Cast. I honestly didn't realise that JAnis Ian had more than one single (At Seventeen). Also, Bus Stop hahahaha. Gosh the memories
Well, we've progressed 10% of the way in the Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's countdown. Hope you're all enjoying. Here's a rundown of the first 100 acts...

The Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists (1980-2009)

999THE SHAMEN1441992-93, 199563,785
998THE BUGGLES111980*63,816
995TRACY BONHAM52199664,364
993REEL 2 REAL631994, 199664,407
992BARENAKED LADIES1631998-9964,484
991JERRY HARRISON: CASUAL GODS341988, 199064,596
990BREAKFAST CLUB41198764,714
987FATBOY SLIM2381998-200164,921
9862 IN A ROOM32199165,095
984SADE2081984-86, 1988, 1992-9365,272
983LEAH HAYWOOD742000-0265,309
982THE CALLING532002, 200465,362
981SUZI QUATRO941980-81*65,378
979LEONARDO'S BRIDE421997-9865,686
978SCATMAN JOHN821995-9666,066
977THINGS OF STONE AND WOOD961992-9566,206
976TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS16101980-83, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1995*66,255
973ALAN O'DAY1111980*66,843
972MALCOLM McLAREN1451983-85, 198966,920
971DAVID A. STEWART1021990-9166,928
970S'EXPRESS1141988-89, 199667,111
969NICK LACHEY72200667,154
968KELLY MARIE711980-81*67,346
967DEEP BLUE SOMETHING31199667,722
965JULEE CRUISE11199167,892
964FOSTER & ALLEN1721983-8467,925
963M2M441999-2000, 200267,932
959BONE THUGS-N-HARMONY1521996-9768,521
958JOHN WAITE521984-8568,527
956FAITHLESS1691997-99, 2001-02, 200468,808
952DIMPLES D11199169,605
951PAUL MAC1772001-02, 2005-06, 200869,776
950BEN FOLDS1371998-99, 2001-02, 2005, 200869,876
949BIG COUNTRY761983-84, 1986, 1988-8970,013
948SHEILA E.1141984-85, 199170,259
947BEN LEE1891999, 2002-03, 2005-0970,420
946CATHY DENNIS1441991-9270,423
943MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH431991-9370,528
940MARCIA HINES10121980-82, 1994-95, 1998-2000, 2005-06*70,896
938UNCLE KRACKER132001-0271,661
937JON SECADA12141992-94, 199771,887
936NEW EDITION1051983, 1996-9772,021
935SHAI431993, 199572,134
933MARVIN GAYE421983, 1987*72,214
932COLLECTIVE SOUL891994-97, 199972,215
931PANDORA1041994, 1998-9972,255
930REDNEX841995, 2000, 200372,396
929LIVIN' JOY641995-97, 199972,417
928PAPPA BEAR72199872,417
927BOYS DON'T CRY41198672,445
926AB LOGIC62199372,761
925ULTIMATE KAOS1821998-9972,773
924CLUB NOUVEAU51198772,779
923KEVIN LYTTLE32200472,820
922DAVE STEWART421981-8272,831
921DIZZEE RASCAL1332008-0972,837
919HOOTIE & THE BLOWFISH441994-9673,083
918DR. & THE MEDICS31198673,083
917BILL WYMAN521981-82*73,122
916JULIO IGLESIAS481981-82, 1984-85, 1988-8973,686
915SARAH BRIGHTMAN121986-87, 1992*73,758
914THE GREG KIHN BAND1141981-8373,767
912CAPTAIN & TENNILLE311980*73,788
911BUS STOP152199873,805
910GLEE CAST520200973,892
909UTAH SAINTS1031992-93, 200873,923
908MAC DAVIS911980-81*73,928
906SIR MIX-A-LOT611992-9374,043
905JANIS IAN721980*74,076
904BLIND MELON821993-9474,134
903THE TONY RICH PROJECT22199674,217
902DEBORAH COX1141996-97, 1999, 200374,271
901JOSH ABRAHAMS1531998-200274,521
* Denotes artists who have charted previously to 1980.
** Estimated sales only, not official figures. Seasonally adjusted.

Tomorrow we start on the next 100, let's see if you can guess anyone coming up.


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Woo! Dizzee!

Woo! Faker!

Woo! Kisschasy!

The Top 1000 Singles Artists Of the 80's, 90's and 2000's continues...


900. LA ROUX (2009, #5 - 2 entries)

Taking their name from the French male version of "red-haired one", it's a name that fits androgynous lead singer Elly Jackson perfectly. Even though La Roux may seem like a solo act, they are in fact a partnership of Jackson with Ben Langmaid, preferring to lurk in the background with his synth. La Roux have only just burst onto the scene in the last year, and are already on their way to conquering their heros. The band shows elements of artists yet to appear in this list, The Human League, Yazoo, Erasure, Blancmange and Depeche Mode, and have already surpassed sales of other influential acts, Blancmange and Heaven 17. We're also yet to see 80's band A Flock Of Seagulls, of whom have inspired Elly's look. While the guys have brought a "new 80's" electronic sound to the charts, Elly's love of music first started with folk artists such as Carole King and Joni Mitchell. La Roux are about to hit Australian shores, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more of La Roux in the future as one of the major acts of 2010.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bulletproof" ▲ (2009, #5)


899. THE SUPERJESUS (1996-98, 2000-01, 2003-04, #23 - 11 entries)

Coming in at #3 of the biggest acts never to reach the weekly Australian Top 20, ARIA award winning Superjesus formed in 1994 in Adelaide. It only took a couple of years to become the darling of JJJ, and of the lower part of the charts, and eventually be crowned Best New Band and Best Debut Single. Lead singer Sarah McLeod and co. where originally named Hell's Kitchen, but were influenced by many "Jesus" bands and singles around at the time, and decided to go for the mother-of-all Jesus names, Superjesus! The guys had much better success in the albums department with all three releases going Top 20, their debut, "Sumo" hitting #2 in 1998. Guitarist Tim Henwood, who joined after "Sumo", has two more appearances coming up in this list of the biggest artists, leaving The Superjesus in 2002 to form The Androids before joining Rogue Traders. There's much debate whether The Superjesus are still together or not. Their website has mysteriously disappeared and the band itself have been unavailable for comment, but Sarah McLeod has still been releasing the odd single here and there.

BIGGEST HIT: "Down Again" (1997, #23)


898. LADYHAWKE (2008-09, #8 - 2 entries)

One lady who CAN claim to hit the Top Ten is New Zealand's Ladyhawke, although it took five months for her biggest hit to reach that peak. Taking the name of a 1985 film, Phillipa Brown started out as part of a band calling themselves "Two Lane Blacktop", again taking their name from a 1970's road movie. This woman is some movie buff! Even though Ladyhawke's music echoes that of Cyndi Lauper, Kim Wilde and Pat Benatar (among others), she claims that the Electric Light Orchestra are her biggest influence. That influence resulted in her self-titled debut album to win ARIA's for Breakthrough Artist in both the Singles and Albums category at the recent awards ceremony. Fashioned mainly by men's clothing (apparently women's clothes aren't the right fit for her body), Ladyhawke is the second act in this ten to blur the genders.

BIGGEST HIT: "My Delirium" ▲ (2008, #8)


897. LISA LOEB & NINE STORIES (1994-96, 1998, #6 - 4 entries)

Brand new mum of four months, Lisa Loeb got her big break on the back of the 1994 film, "Reality Bites", featuring Ethan Hawke (another Hawke!!!), who discovered Lisa, became friends, and passed on her song to director Ben Stiller, who put it on the soundtrack. It was soon #1 in the US, making Lisa Loeb the only artist to hit the top without being signed to a record label. That song, "Stay", was actually titled so, but because of the abundance of "Stay" hits at the time, most notably U2 and Eternal, she had to tack on the "I Missed You" to give it a bit of distinction. Lisa Loeb may not have had a hit since, but has kept herself busy releasing eight albums in total, the last in 2008, "Camp Lisa", a children's album featuring songs such as "Home On The Range", "Peanut Butter & Jelly", and "The Cookie Jar Chant". After marrying the music co-ordinator of Late Night With Conan O'Brien, the couple welcomed Lyle Rose into the world just this last September.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stay (I Missed You)" ● (1994, #6)


896. FATMAN SCOOP (2003-04, #5 - 2 entries)

During 1996, The Fugees scored a major hit with a cover of Roberta Flack's "Killing Me Softly With His Love". The video featured one, Isaac Freeman III, playing a cinema worker serving popcorn and ice cream. Fugee member Lauryn Hill would shout out to Isaac, "Scoop, Fatman, Scoop", and the name stuck. A famed radio personality, Fatman Scoop took on the charts in 2003, scoring his biggest hit which also became a UK #1. Built on samples from Jay-Z, Faith Evans, The Beatnuts, Black Sheep and Queen Pen, it took a full two years for the song to be copyright clear for release. Fatman Scoop has performed and released material with a huge range of artists including Earth, Wind & Fire, Cypress Hill, Whitney Houston, Missy Elliott and Mariah Carey, but as a solo artist, could never achieve any of his initial success again.

BIGGEST HIT: "Be Faithful" ▲ (2003, #5)


895. THE STRANGLERS (1982, 1984-87, #10 - 4 entries)

Originally, The Guilford Stranglers, after the country town they formed in, The Stranglers started out as a pub rock band in the 70's before becoming one of the driving forces behind the punk rock scene at the end of the decade. Come the 80's, and the demise of punk, the band had to adapt to survive. Through New Wave, Gothic rock and pop, The Stranglers possibly have the most varied catalogue ever, through sixteen albums, the last in 2006 aptly title "Suite XVI". It is that ability to change according to the times that has seen the band through, now into their fifth decade, however there are talks that the days of The Stranglers are coming to an end. I don't blame them. Their drummer, Jet Black, is 72!

BIGGEST HIT: "Skin Deep" (1984, #11)


894. LIVING COLOUR (1989, 1991, 1993-94, #10 - 7 entries)

American funk metal band, Living Colour, are usually most well known for their 1989 single release, "Cult Of Personality", which earnt them a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance, however, it wasn't until 1991 that the band had any success in Australia. Scoring their only Australian Top 50 hit, Living Colour just made the Top Ten with their biggest hit, with six further minor hits bumping up their points considerably with their longevity in the depths of the Top 100. Their 1991 album, "Time's Up" scored them another Grammy for Best Hard Rock Album, and then after a line-up change, they gave us the dark "Stain", containing one of a very few two-letter word songs that has charted in the history of music, "Bi". Despite a strong fanbase, the album fizzled, and Living Colours soon broke up in 1995. It was only four years before the guys got the itch to reform, performing for various concert appearances. A 2003 album followed, and it looks like the guys are in for the long haul, with another in 2009, "The Chair In The Doorway".

BIGGEST HIT: "Love Rears Its Ugly Head" (1991, #10)


893. DE LA SOUL (1990-91, 1993, 2000-01, #4 - 6 entries)

It was around the time Living Colour were enjoying their biggest hit when De La Soul were doing the same. In fact, it seems the two almost had parallel success in their respective genres. De La Soul formed around the same time, with a debut album, "3 Feet And Rising" released in 1989 to rave critical reviews. No single success came from that venture, but in 1991, "De La Soul Is Dead", the second album, spawned the Top 5 hit, "Ring Ring Ring". The three members, Posdnuos ("Sound Sop" backwards), Trugoy (Yogurt backwrds - his fave food) and Maseo (a nickname from his surname, Mason), went on to release some of the most influential works in the hip-hop genre with their next three albums, however, that positive criticism couldn't convert into any single or album success here in Australia (although they did pop their head in the Top 50 with "All Good" in 2000 featuring Chaka Khan). In 2005, after two more albums, De La Soul would appear on the Gorillaz hit, "Feel Good Inc.". It won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Collaboration, and the guys haven't ruled working together out just yet. Finally, in 2009, the group released a "mix tape" through iTunes for Nike, featuring a non-stop track recording at 44 minutes in length, designed to be listened to while on the run.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)" ● (1991, #4)


892. DYNAMIC HEPNOTICS (1984-86, #5 - 3 entries)

Australian music was so vibrant during the 80's, which is why is was so successful. Dynamic Hepnotics were no exception. Robert Susz and co. bought an R&B, funk and soul feeling that had never been tried before in an Australian band. However, the band were struggling to find a solid identity, and through four albums, had a different line-up with each release. They scored their biggest hit late in '84, which went on to win them the APRA for "Most Played Song on the Radio", but it wasn't enough to keep the band afloat, disbanding in 1986. The guys, all 15 of them in total, went on to play with many low key bands.

BIGGEST HIT: "Soul Kind Of Feeling" (1984, #5)


891. JAY SEAN (2009, #2 - 1 entry)

While Australia is just getting to know Jay Sean, the UK singer/rapper has been charting in his home country since 2004, with two Top Ten hits from his debut album, "Me Against Myself". Fast forward through all the minor success, and we get to 2009, where Jay Sean was riding high in the charts with his American debut single, "Down". It was soon #1, (#2 here in Australia thanks to Ke$ha), making Jay the first Asian artist to top the US charts since Freddie Mercury (with Queen), and first Asian ever to do so as a solo artist. The momentum in Jay career is really starting to take off, taking home a string of awards, not to mention big fat royalty cheques. Time will tell if anything else can become of his third album, "All Or Nothing", and whether Jay Sean will be a force to reckon with in future charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Down" (featuring Lil Wayne) ▲ (2009, #2)


Tomorrow, #890-881...

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I hope this countdown is kickin' on again soon. Hope to see how some of my favourite artists will go - INXS, Icehouse, Genesis, Dire Straits, Bon Jovi etc.
I love Lisa Loeb!!!! Stay is my third favourite song from the 1990's. Also nice to see Jay Sean and La Roux in the mix.
Hey, DaveNT...yeah, I've been a bit busy of late and haven't been able to get onto it. Sorry about that. All your faves coming up.
OK, guys. Back on track. First of all, apologies if this seems a little vague in description, but the enormity of the project and the wealth of facts about each artist makes it almost impossible to get out 10 artists a day. I'm now working in conjunction with my blog to compile this list, so I've confined myself to just a few lines of biography for the first 500 artists. Believe me, it's just as hard to write just three lines about this first group of artists as it is to write a paragraph.

The blog goes live on Friday, so hopefully I'll have it up to date as we count it down. It's pretty much the same, except if anyone wants to see (tiny) pics of the artists featured, that's the place to go.

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's...


#890. HI TEK 3 (1990, #5 - 1 entry)

Technotronic member Jo Bogaert's side project consisted of El Sati, Kovali and Yosev. Featuring Technotronic's main MC, Ya Kid K, they formed for the Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles soundtrack, however the guys did go on to release a full length album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Spin That Wheel" (1990, #5)


#889. ERASURE (1986-87, 1991-92, 1994, #13 - 5 entries)

Vince Clarke features three times in this list. Through Depeche Mode's early years into Yazoo, with Alison Moyet, and then Erasure. Openly gay vocalist Andy Bell has brought a huge LGBT following to the band, and an Abba drag act never hurt anyone's career.

BIGGEST HIT: "Oh L'Amour" (1986, #13)


#888. LEN (1999-2000, #3 - 1 entry)

Siblings Marc and Sharon Costanzo formed Len shortly after a move to Toronto in Canada back in 1991. The guys were dubbed a "hip-hop Human League" and sampled porn star Andrea True's hit for their own biggest hit. Marc and Sharon are not porn stars.

BIGGEST HIT: "Steal My Sunshine" (1999, #3)


#887. KOOL & THE GANG (1981-82, 1984-87, #8 - 6 entries)

Forming way back in 1964, it took Kool & the Gang 17 years to find an audience in Australia. Most well-known for their US #1 hit "Celebration", it bombed in comparison here, reaching #33. It was a drippy ballad that eventually got them to our Top Ten.

BIGGEST HIT: "Cherish" (1985, #8)


#886. LISA STANSFIELD (1989-93, 1997, #9 - 6 entries)

She first appeared to us with a slick curl in her hair, taking us "all around the world", but Lisa actually started out as co-host of a pop TV show during her teenage years. Soon after, she was leading short-lived band, Blue Zone, the original artists of B.Z.'s "Jackie".

BIGGEST HIT: "All Around The World" (1989, #9)


#885. GYM CLASS HEROES (2007-08, #11 - 3 entries)

It seems very fitting that the band should have signed to Fall Out Boy bassist, Pete Wentz's own label, Decaydance, as it was exactly 10 years between the American rap rock band's formation and breakthrough hit. OK, so decay/decade. It's close enough.

BIGGEST HIT: "Cupid's Chokehold" (2007, #14)


#884. BABYLON ZOO (1996, #3 - 2 entries)

Promotional copies of their hit reached the executives of Levi's jeans, using it's official release for the company's new TV advert. It went straight to #1 in the UK. Frontman Jas Mann has since worked as an aid worker in India, and written film scripts in L.A.

BIGGEST HIT: "Spaceman" (1996, #3)


#883. DANTE THOMAS (2001-02, #5 - 1 entry)

There's not much written about Dante Thomas. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, was discovered by Pras Michel from The Fugees and made the Australian Top 10. So, now you know as much as everybody else, except for maybe Dante himself.

BIGGEST HIT: "Miss California" (2001, #5)


#882. E.Y.C. (1994, #7 - 3 entries)

Express Yourself Clearly were Damon, Dave and Trey. While the group was American, they had bigger success in the UK and Australia. The third single "Black Book", featured names of fans from their mailing list on the sleeve, giving them their biggest UK hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Feelin' Alright" (1994, #7)


#881. CANDICE ALLEY (2003, 2007, #5 - 3 entries)

It's a fairly natural progression of career. Write song in 20 minutes. Song becomes hit. Perform at "Swimmer Of The Year" dinner. Meet Grant Hackett. Have 'nother hit (not as successful, but better song). Marry Grant Hackett. Give birth to twins, to Grant Hackett.

BIGGEST HIT: "Falling" (2003, #5)


Interesting to see Erasure and Kool and the Gang, two of their biggest hits look like they underperformed here (A Little Respect and Celebration respectively). On the other hand I can't stand Gym Class Heroes!!! I think their songs are horrible!!!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#880. BJORK (1993-98, 2001-02, #6 - 13 entries)

There's nothing conventional about Iceland's greatest export. Her distinctive voice, avante garde music, brilliant video clips, and that swan dress, have all contributed to one of the most unlikely performers to make this list. It worked for her, and it worked for us.

BIGGEST HIT: "It's Oh So Quiet" (1995, #6)


#879. THE ESCAPE CLUB (1988-89, 1991, #6 - 4 entries)

Forming in 1983, it was not until their distinctive and provocative video clip for their biggest hit that the band gained any recognition. Another minor hit, "I'll Be There", inspired by the 1990 film Ghost, gave them a US Top Ten hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wild, Wild West" (1988, #6)


#878. FREESTYLERS (2002, 2004-06, #2 - 4 entries)

Matt and Aston had previously worked with charting bands such as Definition Of Sound, and Strike before making their own way into our charts. Taking their name from the band Freestyle Express, who provided them with the first sample the guys ever used.

BIGGEST HIT: "Push Up" (2004, #2)


#877. KOO DE TAH (1985-86, #6 - 3 entries)

New Zealander Tina Cross met Leon Berger in Sydney, and one of the best but short-lived pop acts of the time was born. Leon had already seen some of his own solo chart action in the late 70's, and is the uncle of E-Street star, and #1 hit maker, Melissa Tkautz.

BIGGEST HIT: "Too Young For Promises" (1985, #6)


#876. HOT CHOCOLATE (1980, 1982-83, #9 - 5 entries)

England's Hot Chocolate was the only group the have a hit in the UK for each year of the 70's. The tail end of the band's career was strong enough to give them a place here, while their huge 70's classic, "You Sexy Thing" has appeared in countless films since.

BIGGEST HIT: "Girl Crazy" (1982, #9)


#875. TEVIN CAMPBELL (1994, 1996, #12 - 4 entries)

After an appearance in the Prince film, Graffiti Bridge, and a place on the Quincy Jones ensemble album, "Back On The Block", Tevin Campbell set out on his own R&B career. He added stage credits to his success, playing Seaweed Stubbs in Hairspray.

BIGGEST HIT: "Can We Talk" (1994, #12)


#874. VENETIANS (1983-86, 1988, #8 - 9 entries)

Lead singer Rik Swinn came to Australia from England, answering an advert, and the Venetians were formed. With strong chart success here, the guys received a lot of exposure in the US with their biggest hit. The band called it a day after a third album.

BIGGEST HIT: "So Much For Love" (1986, #8)


#873. WARRANT (1989-92, #6 - 5 entries)

Glam metal was on its last legs during the early 90's, but Warrant kept the flame going. Constant line-up changes hindered the bands success after '92, with over 10 members coming and going. Even singer Jani Lane has left, but the band is still going.

BIGGEST HIT: "Cherry Pie" (1990, #6)


#872. RADIO FREEDOM (1992-93, #7 - 3 entries)

Australia television soap E-Street became somewhat of a music stable during the early 90's, showcasing various acts on the program, including Radio Freedom. Brett O'Hara joined with brother, Pehl to bring us one of the best feel-good hits of the 90's.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Can Feel It" (1992, #7)


#871. RIFF (1992-93, #6 - 1 entry)

New Jersey vocal group made a name for themselves on a few movie soundtracks including Lean On Me, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and White Men Can't Jump giving them their only hit in Australia. The guys have just re-united for a new album.

BIGGEST HIT: "White Men Can't Jump" (1992, #6)


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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#870. JAMIROQUAI (1993, 1996-99, 2001-02, 2005, #14 - 12 entries)

While we all know Jamiroquai's Jason Kay, the rest of the band remains a bit of a mystery, but with over 20 members going through the ranks since their formation during the early 90's, it would be too hard to keep track of them all anyway.

BIGGEST HIT: "Cosmic Girl" (1997, #33)


#869. QUINDON TARVER (1997, #3 - 2 entries)

To successfully cover Prince, and do it justice, is quite a difficult task. To do it at 15 is unbelievable. Quindon can thank Baz Lurhmann and Romeo + Juliet for his big break, but it was in '89 when we first saw him in Madonna's "Like A Prayer" video clip.

BIGGEST HIT: "When Doves Cry" (1997, #3)


#868. JOHN MAYER (2002-09, #23 - 9 entries)

Multi-Grammy award winning John Mayer started out as an acoustic artist, gradually moving to rock and blues. After two huge albums, John branched out into comedy, design and writing, most notably for Esquire, and dated one or two very famous women.

BIGGEST HIT: "Your Body Is A Wonderland" (2002, #23)


#867. INDECENT OBSESSION (1989-90, 1992, #6 - 6 entries)

One of the big success stories from Molly Meldrum's Melodian label, Indecent Obsession scored two early Top 20 hits, but struggled with their second album. However, "Kiss Me", from that album, managed a 27 week run on top of the South African charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Say Goodbye" (1989, #6)


#866. THE FIRM (1982-83, 1987-88, #3 - 2 entries)

This British musical act, formed by producer John O'Connor could only manage a couple of novelty hits, most notably the brilliant Star Trek parody, their biggest hit. They also had a minor hit earlier in the decade doing the same to British TV series, Minder.

BIGGEST HIT: "Star Trekkin'" (1987, #3)


#865. FRANKIE J (2003, 2005, #5 - 2 entries)

Mexican American Frankie J started out his career with the Kumbia Kings who fused a Colombian style of music called "cumbia" with pop and techno music. He featured in Baby Bash's "Suga Suga", while Baby Bash helped out on Frankie's biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Obsession (No Es Amor)" (2005, #5)


#864. MELISSA MANCHESTER (1982-84, #4 - 3 entries)

Singer and actress Melissa Manchester established herself during the 70's after being discovered by Bette Midler and Barry Manilow. She won a Best Female Performance Grammy for her biggest hit, and later starred with Bette in the 1991 film, For The Boys.

BIGGEST HIT: "You Should Hear How She Talks About You" (1982, #4)


#863. WHITE TOWN (1997, #2 - 1 entry)

White Town is actually Indian born Jyoti Prakash Mishra, who moved to England when he was three. Often incorporating political views into his songs, Jyoti is a self confessed "straight edger", refraining from alcohol, drug use and tobacco.

BIGGEST HIT: "Your Woman" (1997, #2)


#862. JIMMY NAIL (1992-93, #5 - 1 entry)

After starring in various TV shows, Jimmy scored a Top Ten hit in Australia during the early 90's. He starred as Madonna's first love interest in Evita, a landed a role in Still Crazy which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ain't No Doubt" (1992, #5)


#861. MICHELLE BRANCH (2001-04, #19 - 4 entries)

Singer, songwriter, guitarist Michelle Branch had two big albums in the early 2000's, but it was her collaboration with Santana that earned her a Grammy. Taking time off after her marriage and pregnancy, she formed The Wreckers with friend Jessica Harp.

BIGGEST HIT: "Everywhere" (2001, #19)


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Nice to see White Town there.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#860. MEN WITHOUT HATS (1983-84, 1988, #5 - 2 entries)

At the core of Men Without Hats were brothers Ivan and Stefan Doroschuk from Canada. Their brand of rich synth-pop songs gave the 80's one of its biggest hits worldwide. Surprisingly, it was never as big in their homeland, reaching only #12 on their charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Safety Dance" (1983, #5)


#859. MONTELL JORDAN (1995-97, #7 - 4 entries)

While Montell may not have had as much success as his brother Michael did on the basketball court, he did become the first male artist to top the Billboard charts with his debut single. With seven albums, Montell has also appeared in many popular films.

BIGGEST HIT: "This Is How We Do It" (1995, #7)


#858. ROXUS (1989-91, #13 - 6 entries)

Another Melodian act, Roxus where one of the few glam metal Australia bands to enjoy success, becoming a standard support act when bands like Bon Jovi, Poison and Warrant toured. After one album, the guys split with two members forming Chocolate Starfish.

BIGGEST HIT: "Where Are You Now" (1991, #13)


#857. BUSH (1995-97, 1999, #5 - 7 entries)

While Bush were a huge success in the US, selling over 10 million records, they were actually English, and enjoyed little success at home. Named after Shepherd's Bush in London, where they lived, the guys brought us four albums before their split in 2002.

BIGGEST HIT: "Glycerine" (1996, #5)


#856. ZHANE (1993-94, #9 - 2 entries)

Pronouced Jah-Nay, as they titled their first album, Jean Norris and Renee Neufville impressed Naughty By Nature member, Kay Gee, to get a spot on an all-star compilation. From there they released two albums, also guesting for De La Soul and Busta Rhymes.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hey Mr. DJ" (1993, #9)


#855. A.L.T. & THE LOST CIVILIZATION (1992-93, #8 - 1 entry)

After splitting from his first band, Latin Alliance, who enjoyed a minor hit in Australia, A.L.T. set out on his own, with a little help from The Lost Civilization, of course. Sampling The Champs hit, A.L.T. listed just about every cocktail and shooter in the book.

BIGGEST HIT: "Tequila" (1992, #8)


#854. JOE JACKSON (1980-84, 1986, 1989, #6 - 10 entries)

Over 30 years, Joe has managed to consistently release an album every 1 or 2 years. Stepping out from the English punk scene, he was one of a handful of artists to find success in the US in the New Wave genre, before moving to jazz and classical releases.

BIGGEST HIT: "Real Men" (1982, #6)


#853. THE TING TINGS (2008-09, #8 - 3 entries)

One of this years Best New Artist nominees at the Grammy's, Katie White had previously been in short-lived punk girl group, TKO, while Jules De Martino wrote various songs for the band. The two were soon releasing their own brand of "childish" indie pop.

BIGGEST HIT: "That's Not My Name" (2008, #8)


#852. SHANKS & BIGFOOT (1999-2000, #6 - 2 entries)

Pioneers of the "2-step garage" sound, using jittery, irregular drum patterns, Steven Meade & Danny Langsman had a huge hit even before it was released, popular in the clubs years before. Soon after, it debuted at #1 in the UK, one of the biggest hits of the 90's.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sweet Like Chocolate" (1999, #6)


#851. MODJO (2000-02, #10 - 3 entries)

French house duo Modjo are producer Romain Tranchart and vocalist Yann Destagnol. Influenced by Daft Punk, the guys used a Chic sample ("Soup For One") for their biggest hit, a UK #1. Yann then released a solo album, while Romain remained in production.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" (2000, #10)


GO BJORK, JOHN MAYER, and THE TING TINGS. Am surprised to see John Mayer, but probably a lot of his success would have been in the albums side of things. Also surprised to see that Modjo and Shanks and Bigfoot had more than one song!
Hey alley,

This is just a list taking in singles stats, but the thing that puts John ahead in this list is that he had quite a bit digital only hit before they were included in the main charts. I took a portion of these stats into consideration for the chart.

John also had a fair few entries, most of which perfoemd moderately well. They do add up...heh heh.

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#850. TAMMIN (2004-05, #5 - 3 entries)

Although Home And Away has nothing on Neighbours as far as producing pop stars, this lists still holds a few Summer Bay locals, the first of which is Tammin Sursok. Tammin has most recently appeared in the US soap, The Young And The Restless.

BIGGEST HIT: "Pointless Relationship" (2004, #5)


#849. MARTIN PLAZA (1986, 1990, #2 - 3 entries)

As the main contributing songwriter for Mental As Anything, it's strange that Martin should enjoy his major success with a cover of the Unit 4 + 2 hit. Martin also appeared in our charts in 1991 as one half of Beatfish with Models' member, James Freud.

BIGGEST HIT: "Concrete And Clay" (1986, #2)


#848. ERIC PRYDZ (2004-05, 2007, #2 - 2 entries)

Swedish DJ Eric Prydz has made his name remixing other artists, with his touch on Steve Winwood and Pink Floyd giving him a place in this list. One of the most popular DJs in the world, he has only really performed in Europe, as Eric has a fear of flying.

BIGGEST HIT: "Call On Me" (2004, #2)


#847. ABSENT FRIENDS (1989-90, #4 - 5 entries)

The biggest Australian supergroup formed by Sean Kelly, along with fellow Models' bandmate, James Valentine, Garry Gary Beers (INXS), Geoffrey Stapleton (GANGgajang) and Wendy Matthews, who soon embarked on her own successful solo career.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Don't Want To Be With Nobody But You" (1990, #4)


#846. DENIS LEARY (1994, #2 - 1 entry)

Comedian Denis Leary has the distinction of owning the very first JJJ Hottest 100 #1 in its new "calendar year" format. It soon featured heavily in the Top 10 but would be his only success in the art of music. Denis has enjoyed a successful acting career since.

BIGGEST HIT: "Asshole" (1994, #2)


#845. SUGAR RAY (1997-2003, #17 - 8 entries)

After starting out as "Shrinky Dinx", the band changed their name because of a lawsuit threat from the makers of the toy. Sugar Ray were quickly labeled one hit wonders, causing them to release the album "14:59", implying that their "15" minutes was not quite up.

BIGGEST HIT: "Every Morning" (1999, #17)


#844. AARON CARTER (1998-2001, #9 - 6 entries)

The younger brother of Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter, Aaron was just 10 when he debuted on the Australian charts. He quickly chalked up a number of hits, but as Aaron matured, the sales declined. Aaron also appeared in many film and television roles.

BIGGEST HIT: "Crush On You" (1998, #9)


#843. PAUL NORTON (1989-90, 1992, #3 - 4 entries)

Starting out as vocalist from The Runners, who enjoyed two minor hits in the early 80's, Paul moved through various bands before releasing his solo debut. His 1990 hit, "Southern Sky", was chosen for Australia Day celebrations at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stuck On You" (1989, #3)


#842. MURRAY HEAD (1985, #1 - 1 entry)

While Murray was seemingly a one hit wonder, he reached our Top 5 back in 1970 with the Jesus Christ Superstar classic, "Superstar". But his biggest hit, and #1, was from the broadway hit, Chess, written by Benny and Bjorn from Abba, and Tim Rice.

BIGGEST HIT: "One Night In Bangkok" (1985, #1)


#841. LINDSAY LOHAN (2004-06, #7 - 4 entries)

Three time Razzie winner, Lindsay is up for Worst Actress of the Decade when the awards are handed out next month. It looks as if she made the right decision to switch to music in 2004, as a place here must have given her some credible success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Rumors" (2004, #10)


Loving the list Chris, keep up the great work!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#840. STYX (1980-81, 1983, #3 - 4 entries)

Carrying on from a successful 70's career, Styx had a huge 1980 hit prompting the band to take a more theatrical direction in music. It only lasted two albums before the band took a break, but never couldn't repeat the success with four post-1990 albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Babe" (1979, #3)


#839. TOM COCHRANE (1992, #2 - 2 entries)

Another Canadian, Tom had a minor hit in the 80's with his band Red Rider. He had huge success with his debut album, and has since participated in loads of charity work making him one of Canada's most treasured citizens.

BIGGEST HIT: "Life Is A Highway" (1992, #2)


#838. CHRISTINE ANU (1993, 1995, 1997, 2000-01, 2003-04, #20 - 9 entries)

Born in QLD to a Torres Strait mother, Christine first entered our charts with a Paul Kelly remix. Winning the Best Female ARIA in 1996, Christine also appeared in films such as Moulin Rouge and The Matrix Reloaded before finally releasing her second album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Party" (1995, #20)


#837. HADDAWAY (1993-95, #12 - 4 entries)

Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Haddaway soon moved to Europe with his oceanographer father and nurse mother, eventually studying history at university in the US. He was a footballer, choreographer and carpet salesman before breaking into music.

BIGGEST HIT: "What Is Love" (1993, #12)


#836. FABOLOUS (2003-05, #4 - 4 entries)

John Jackson started his rap career during 12th grade, when he was invited to perform on a radio show. He was signed to Desert Storm Records, and will soon release his sixth album. Fabolous also has a clothing line called Rich Yung Society Clothing.

BIGGEST HIT: "Into You" (2003, #4)


#835. THE POWER STATION (1985-86, #4 - 3 entries)

After three albums, Duran Duran split into two acts, Arcadia, and the more successful Power Station, featuring one of their fave stars, Robert Palmer, on vocals. Starting as a whim, they added Chic drummer, Bernard Edwards, and became a serious project.

BIGGEST HIT: "Some Like It Hot" (1985, #4)


#834. B2K (2002-03, #4 - 3 entries)

Lil' Fizz, J-Boog, Omarion and Raz-B were collected by producer Chris Stokes. Stokes later directed the breakdancing movie, You Got Served, featuring the stars he managed. After two albums, B2K went their separate ways, with only Omarion reappearing.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bump, Bump, Bump" (2003, #4)


#833. PHIL SEYMOUR (1981-82, #6 - 2 entries)

Formerly a drummer and bassist for Dwight Twilley Band, Phil worked as a session musician, helping out the likes of Tom Petty before landing his own record deal. His debut album was a hit, his second, rushed and unoriginal, and needless to say, unsuccessful.

BIGGEST HIT: "Precious To Me" (1981, #6)


#832. PUDDLE OF MUDD (2001-04, #9 - 4 entries)

After the 1992 Missouri River flood left their practice space with a huge, err, "puddle of mud", it's a no-brainer how the band got their name. The post-grunge band had two successful albums, but have struggled to get back to those heights with the next two.

BIGGEST HIT: "She Hates Me" (2002, #9)


#831. BILLY SQUIER (1981-82, 1984, #5 - 3 entries)

American rock star Billy Squier got the itch to be in music after seeing Eric Clapton and Cream in concert. But it was Queen, who Billy most associated with, using their producer for his successful albums, and teaming up with Freddie Mercury on a few tracks.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Stroke" (1981, #5)


Not a fan of Styx, but Puddle of Mudd and Christine Anu are okay, and I don't like Omarion's band or Fabolous.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#830. IIO (2001-03, #3 - 2 entries)

"eye-oh" now consists solely of producer/songwriter Markus Moser. But back when they were making hits, Nadia Ali was vocalist and member before she decided to try her luck on her own. Nothing much has eventuated from either since their biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Rapture" (2001, #3)


#829. HILLTOP HOODS (2006, 2009, #8 - 5 entries)

The current Australian "Urban" champions, the guys took out the ARIA award at the recent ceremony. From Adelaide, Suffa, Pressure and DJ Debris would probably figure higher if their most popular hit, "The Nosebleed Section" was released physically.

BIGGEST HIT: "Chase That Feeling" (2009, #8)


#828. NENA (1984, 1986, #1 - 3 entries)

Nena was originally the band, fronted by, err...Nena. But after their split in 1987, Nena went solo, releasing a string of albums almost every year, even to this day. To celebrate her 20th anniversary in music, she released a remix album of all her old songs.

BIGGEST HIT: "99 Luftballons" (1984, #1)


#827. DO RE MI (1985-88, #5 - 7 entries)

Deborah Conway may have just missed this list (she was #1139), but her former band were quite the success story in the Australian music industry during the 80's. Always a bit out there, they mention "penis envy" and "pubic hair" in their biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Man Overboard" (1985, #5)


#826. WYCLEF JEAN (1998, 2001-03, 2008, #5 - 5 entries)

We'll be hearing from all three members of The Fugees as solo acts in this countdown, but Wyclef lucks out as the third biggest from the group. Born in Haiti, Wyclef has become a major spokesperson gathering aid for the victims of the recent Haiti earthquake.

BIGGEST HIT: "Two Wrongs" (2002, #5)


#825. JEREMY JORDAN (1993-94, #5 - 3 entries)

"Jeremy Jordan, wow!" The words from Tori Spelling at the end of many Beverly Hills, 90210episodes before launching into Jeremy's biggest hit. Jeremy lasted only one album before trying his hand at film, appearing in Leaving Last Vegas and Bio-Dome.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Right Kind Of Love" (1993, #5)


#824. FALCO (1983, 1986, #7 - 3 entries)

We move to Austria now, where Falco was the sole survivor of triplets. Showing musical ambitions as a toddler, his hit "Rock Me Amadeus" was inspired by the film Amadeus, about another child prodigy. It is the only German language song to hit #1 in the US.

BIGGEST HIT: "Der Kommissar" (1983, #7)


#823. NATASHA BEDINGFIELD (2004-05, 2007-08, #5 - 5 entries)

Natasha was part of Christian dance group The DNA Algorithm with siblings Daniel and Nikola Rachelle before moving onto solo projects. Natasha has also supported many charity groups, now an ambassador for Global Angels, formed by her mother.

BIGGEST HIT: "These Words" (2004, #5)


#822. ENYA (1989, 1991-93, 1995-97, 2002, #6 - 9 entries)

If albums had anything to do with it, Enya would be much higher, but her singles sales have paid her a pretty penny as well. The second largest Irish export of all time (behind U2), Enya has recorded songs in 10 languages over eight hugely successful albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Orinoco Flow" (1989, #6)


#821. SARA BAREILLES (2008-09, #4 - 1 entry)

Can Sara escape the looming "one hit wonder" tag? It's been two years now since she graced our charts but much has happened in between, the highlight being her selection by Michelle Obama to perform for the first ladies at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh.

BIGGEST HIT: "Love Song" (2008, #4)


Yay! Natasha Bedingfield, Wyclef Jean and Hilltop Hoods!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#820. GARY MOORE (1985-88, 1990-92, #18 - 9 entries)

Northern Ireland blues guitar legend, Gary Moore, has been associated with many of artists such as B.B. King, Thin Lizzy and Traveling Wilbury's. With 20 solo albums, and a career dating back to the 60's, it's no wonder everyone wants to work with the man.

BIGGEST HIT: "Still Got The Blues (For You)" (1990, #18)


#819. CHRIS REA (1980, 1982-89, #9 - 10 entries)

Husky vocalist Chris Rea, has brought his bluesy rock music to us through 23 albums, amassing 30 million album sales worldwide. Back in England, his homeland, "Rea's Ice Cream" was a well-known name. Chris' father owned the chain of stores.

BIGGEST HIT: "Let's Dance" (1987, #9)


#818. VANGELIS (1981-82, #21 - 3 entries)

On the back of an Oscar-winning score, and a successful partnership with Yes singer, Jon Anderson, Vangelis is the highest placed artist on this list to never reach the weekly Top 20. His biggest hit was the first to spend over 60 weeks in the Top 100.

BIGGEST HIT: "Chariots Of Fire" (1981, #21)


#817. KATRINA & THE WAVES (1985-86, 1989-90, #4 - 5 entries)

One of the bubbliest bands of the 80's, The Waves started out as a 70's cover band performing songs by Heart, ZZTop and Foreigner. After their mid-80's success they seemed to disappear, but came back winning the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest.

BIGGEST HIT: "Walking On Sunshine" (1985, #4)


#816. GURU JOSH (1990, #4 - 2 entries)

Paul Walden was the son of a dentist, which is exactly the same path the guru set out on himself. But it 1981 he gave it all away to concentrate on a career in entertainment, working with Seal and Adamski before enjoying his worldwide smash in 1990.

BIGGEST HIT: "Infinity (1990's: Time For The Guru) (1990, #4)


#815. FISCHER-Z (1980-81, 1988, #12 - 2 entries)

Two singles, the Top 10 near misses. Released eight years apart, the band was totally different on both occasions, barring vocalist, John Watts, who was the only original member right through nine albums, right up until 2002.

BIGGEST HIT: "So Long" (1980, #15)


#814. GRAYSON HUGH (1989-90, #4 - 2 entries)

Hugh released his first album in 1980, but it wasn't until '89's "Blind To Reason" that he reached the Top 10. He arranged and recorded his biggest hit, but Olivia Newton-John had the rights to release it first. She did, he followed, and enjoyed the bigger success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Talk It Over" (1989, #4)


#813. SHARON O'NEILL (1980-84, 1987-88, #16 - 12 entries)

NZ singer, songwriter and pianist, Sharon O'Neill was one of the most popular local artists during the 80's. Despite never hitting Top 10, she consistently enjoyed moderate hits right up until the late 80's. Sharon recently resurfaced again for some live shows.

BIGGEST HIT: "Maxine" (1983, #16)


#812. GREEN JELLY (1993, #6 - 2 entries)

You don't have to have talent to hit the charts, as long as you have an entertaining puppet show. It was the self confession at the end of Green Jelly's biggest single, which started out as a joke. Originally "Green Jello", the band had to change to avoid a lawsuit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Three Little Pigs" (1993, #6)


#811. STEVE WINWOOD (1981-83, 1986-88, 1991, #8 - 8 entries)

Coming from 60's band Spencer Davis Group and 70's group Traffic, English singer Steve Winwood knew the sweet smell of success. On his own, that smell was stronger with a couple of Grammys, including Record of the Year and Best Male Performance.

BIGGEST HIT: "Higher Love" (1986, #8)


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Some awesome artists in there!!!

Love Wyclef Jean, Two WRongs is a brilliant track. I also really like Natasha Bedingfield good to see her in the mix, but i think her best song is Love Like This, other than that she's had some good other singles. Also good to see Enya there, I just bought her greatest hits and there are some timeless hits in there, including Orinoco Flow.

From the next lot it is good to see both Sharon O'Neill and Grayson Hugh.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#810. SOUNDGARDEN (1992, 1994-97, #6 - 9 entries)

While Nirvana and Pearl Jam were the bands that broke grunge into the mainstream, Soundgarden were there from the start, being the first band of the genre to be signed by a major label. They won two Grammys but couldn't hold it together, breaking up in '97.

BIGGEST HIT: "Black Hole Sun" (1994, #6)


#809. THE HEIGHTS (1993, #3 - 1 entry)

Another Aaron Spelling production, The Heights was a short-lived TV series focusing on a fictional band of the same name. Lead by Jamie Walters, the guys enjoyed an instant #1 in the US with their biggest hit, just as the show was cancelled after 13 episodes.

BIGGEST HIT: "How Do You Talk To An Angel" (1993, #3)


#808. KAOMA (1989-90, #5 - 1 entry)

French band Lambada made their success with the dance fad "Lambada". It turned out the song was in fact "Chorando Se Foi" by Bolivian group Los Kjarkas. The obvious plagiarism landed the group in hot water, as they were sued by the original owners.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lambada" (1989, #5)


#807. AALIYAH (1994, 1997, 2000-03, #8 - 7 entries)

Aaliyah was first signed to Jive Records at age 12, and had minor success in Australia as a teenager. But it was the 2000's where she really fitted in, finally achieving Top 10 success. However, it was sadly cut short in 2001 when she died in a plane crash.

BIGGEST HIT: "Try Again" (2000, #8)


#806. THE VERVE (1997-99, 2007-08, #11 - 5 entries)

The Verve have broken up three times since their beginnings in 1990. The volatile band's biggest hit had a credit change after it was challenged that they plagiarized The Rolling Stones' "The Last Time". It seems they used too much for it to be a sample.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bitter Sweet Symphony" (1997, #11)


#805. DEBELAH MORGAN (2000-01, #3 - 2 entries)

Debuting simply as Debelah, Miss Morgan was signed and quickly dropped from her label after an unsuccessful debut. After various soundtrack tracks, getting her nowhere, Debelah filed for bankruptcy, re-signed to her old company, and success hit!

BIGGEST HIT: "Dance With Me" (2000, #3)


#804. GENGHIS KHAN (1980, #1 - 1 entry)

Created as Germany's entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest, Dschinghis Khan, as they were locally known, hit #1 in Australia when one of their songs was used by Channel 7 in conjunction with the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow.

BIGGEST HIT: "Moscow" (1980, #1)


#803. BARRY MANILOW (1980-84, 1986, 1994, #4 - 7 entries)

He may be the man everyone in the industry likes to make fun of, but 75 million record sales says it all. While most of Barry's success was during the 70's, with three US #1's, he still enjoyed 80's chart action. Even Bob Dylan has admitted to Barry's inspiration.

BIGGEST HIT: "Let's Hang On" (1981, #4)


#802. DON HENLEY (1982-83, 1985, 1989, #3 - 6 entries)

While the Eagles were in that period of never reforming until "hell freezes over", Don Henley and Glenn Frey both enjoyed solo success. Is it Don or Glenn who will rank higher? We'll have to wait and see. Hell did freeze over with a new Eagles album in 2007.

BIGGEST HIT: "Boys Of Summer" (1985, #3)


#801. BIG MOUNTAIN (1994, #4 - 1 entry)

Like Lisa Loeb earlier in the countdown, Big Mountain owe their success and place here from the Reality Bites soundtrack. Covering the Peter Frampton classic, the reggae band put their own spin on it, but couldn't gain minor success with the follow-ups.

BIGGEST HIT: "Baby, I Love Your Way" (1994, #4)


Good to see The Verve.
Go The Verve. Lol @ Barry Manilow hahaha. I like Debelah Morgan as well, her album pleasantly surprised me.
Another 100 has come and gone. Here's a run down of this weeks stars...

The 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's progress.

900DAN HARTMAN311984*74,662
899THE MOVEMENT721992-9374,851
898LA ROUX52200974,926
897THE SUPERJESUS23111996-98, 2000-01, 2003-0475,015
895LISA LOEB & NINE STORIES641994-96, 199875,160
894FATMAN SCOOP522003-0475,438
893THE STRANGLERS1041982, 1984-87*75,730
892LIVING COLOUR1071989,1991, 1993-9476,020
891DE LA SOUL461990-91, 1993, 2000-0176,033
890DYNAMIC HEPNOTICS531984-8676,055
889JAY SEAN21200976,317
888HI TEK 351199076,345
887ERASURE1351986-87, 1991-92, 199476,387
885KOOL & THE GANG861981-82, 1984-8776,866
884LISA STANSFIELD961989-93, 199777,388
883GYM CLASS HEROES1132007-0878,027
882BABYLON ZOO32199678,071
881DANTE THOMAS512001-0278,138
879CANDICE ALLEY532003, 200778,450
878BJORK6131993-98, 2001-0278,466
877THE ESCAPE CLUB641988-89, 199178,502
876FREESTYLERS242002, 2004-0678,694
875KOO DE TAH631985-8678,938
874HOT CHOCOLATE941980, 1982-83*79,265
873TEVIN CAMPBELL1241994, 199679,282
872VENETIANS891983-86, 198879,290
870RADIO FREEDOM731992-9379,835
868JAMIROQUAI14121993, 1996-99, 2001-02, 200579,897
867QUINDON TARVER32199780,129
866JOHN MAYER2392002-0980,163
865INDECENT OBSESSION661989-90, 199280,257
864THE FIRM321982-83, 1987-8880,499
863FRANKIE J522003, 200580,520
862MELISSA MANCHESTER431982-84*80,729
861WHITE TOWN21199780,807
860JIMMY NAIL511992-9380,967
859MICHELLE BRANCH1942001-0481,275
858MEN WITHOUT HATS521983-84, 198881,325
857MONTELL JORDAN741995-9781,361
855BUSH571995-97, 199981,652
853A.L.T. & THE LOST CIVILIZATION811992-9381,956
852JOE JACKSON6101980-84, 1986, 1989*82,191
851THE TING TINGS832008-0982,337
850SHANKS & BIGFOOT621999-200082,525
847MARTIN PLAZA231986, 199082,742
846ERIC PRYDZ222004-05, 200782,814
845ABSENT FRIENDS451989-9083,017
844DENIS LEARY21199483,065
843SUGAR RAY1781997-200383,296
842AARON CARTER961998-200183,389
841PAUL NORTON341989-90, 199283,407
840MURRAY HEAD111985*83,585
839LINDSAY LOHAN742004-0683,596
838STYX341980-81, 1983*83,747
837TOM COCHRANE22199284,221
836CHRISTINE ANU2091993, 1995, 1997, 2000-01, 2003-0484,256
833THE POWER STATION431985-8684,551
831PHIL SEYMOUR621981-8284,678
830PUDDLE OF MUDD942001-0485,290
829BILLY SQUIER531981-8285,421
827HILLTOP HOODS852006, 200985,466
826NENA131984, 198685,491
825DO RE MI571985-8885,508
824WYCLEF JEAN551998, 2001-03, 200885,832
823JEREMY JORDAN531993-9485,939
822FALCO731983, 198686,102
821NATASHA BEDINGFIELD552004-05, 2007-0886,330
820ENYA691989, 1991-93, 1995-97, 200286,625
819SARA BAREILLES412008-0986,785
818GARY MOORE1891985-88, 1990-9286,809
817CHRIS REA9101980, 1982-89*87,148
815KATRINA & THE WAVES451985-86, 1989-9087,346
814GURU JOSH42199087,399
813FISCHER-Z1221980-81, 198887,643
812GRAYSON HUGH421989-9087,643
811SHARON O'NEILL16121980-84, 1987-8888,021
810GREEN JELLY62199388,327
809STEVE WINWOOD881981-83, 1986-88, 199188,525
808SOUNDGARDEN691992, 1994-9788,994
807THE HEIGHTS31199389,000
805AALIYAH871994, 1997, 2000-0389,581
804THE VERVE1151997-99, 2007-0889,734
803DEBELAH MORGAN322000-0189,970
802GENGHIS KHAN11198090,625
801BARRY MANILOW471980-84, 1986, 1994*90,658
* Denotes artists who have charted previously to 1980.
** Estimated sales only, not official figures. Seasonally adjusted.

The next 100 kicks off tomorrow, so stay tuned for some even bigger artists...


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Good on La Roux (I probably said that earlier Xp)
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#800. YOUNG M.C. (1990-91, #1 - 5 entries)

Young M.C. was the 2nd rapper to ever hit #1 in Australia's Singles charts, peaking there three months after M.C. Hammer. But as far as songwriting was concerned, he beat M.C. Hammer into the Top Ten in 1989 co-writing Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina".

BIGGEST HIT: "Bust A Move" (1990, #1)


#799. LIBERTY X (2002-06, #4 - 7 entries)

Losing never tasted so sweet. During the 2001 season of UK's Popstars, Hear'say formed from the winners. The eliminated finalists turned their misfortune into a fortune. They formed Liberty X, and over three albums, became more successful than the winners.

BIGGEST HIT: "Just A Little" (2002, #4)


#798. MR. MISTER (1985-86, #4 - 3 entries)

Mr. Mister lead singer Richard Page was offered to head both Toto and Chicago. He refused both offers, and enjoyed a huge second album with the band. After the band split, he turned to songwriting, composing Madonna's 1993 hit, "I'll Remember".

BIGGEST HIT: "Broken Wings" (1985, #4)


#797. ANNIE LENNOX (1988-89, 1992-93, 1995, #6 - 8 entries)

As the vocal half of Eurythmics, they are one of only two acts to appear in this list together as a band and each member solo (the other is The Fugees). Annie and Dave's former band, The Tourists, almost made it themselves, coming in at #1193 with their only hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" (with Al Green) (1988, #6)


#796. PEABO BRYSON (1983-84, 1992-93, #10 - 4 entries)

If you ever needed a duet partner, Peabo Bryson was your man. He scored three Top 20 hits with Roberta Flack, Celine Dion and Regina Belle, as well as one on his own. It's his half cut of the duet points that puts him lower than the other quadruple Top 20 hitmakers.

BIGGEST HIT: "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love" (with Roberta Flack) (1983, #10)


#795. MARILYN MANSON (1996-2001, 2003-04, #20 - 12 entries)

Like Sade and Nena, Marilyn Manson is a band. Combining female sex symbols with the surname of a mass murderer, joining Marilyn are Twiggy Ramirez and Ginger Fish. Former members include Madonna Wayne Gacy and Olivia Newton Bundy.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Beautiful People" (1997, #42)


#794. STARSAILOR (2004-05, #5 - 1 entry)

Named after the 1970 Tim Buckley album of the same name, the alternative Starsailor had to rely on a slick remix to gain their only chart action in Australia. However, in the UK, they hit the Top 50 eleven times over the course of four albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Four To The Floor" (2004, #5)


#793. COBRA STARSHIP (2009, #5 - 1 entry)

It was third time lucky for this New York pop punk group. Scoring a hit from their third album, they enlisted the help of Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl. However, their first release was "Snakes On A Plane (Bring It)", played over the films closing credits.

BIGGEST HIT: "Good Girls Go Bad" (featuring Leighton Meester) (2009, #5)


#792. TIM FINN (1983-86, 1989, 1993, #8 - 8 entries)

Maybe the less famous of the Finn Brothers, but certainly the more successful solo, Tim Finn was the main creative force behind the mighty Split Enz. He let brother Neil join soon after, and Neil returned the favour, letting Tim join Crowded House in 1991.

BIGGEST HIT: "Fraction Too Much Friction" (1983, #8)


#791. KT TUNSTALL (2006-08, #6 - 1 entry)

KT Tunstall made her break in the Australian charts when her biggest hit was featured in the Meryl Streep movie, The Devil Wears Prada. KT was surprised it fit the "chick flick" genre, but the song is a tribute to female power, so it wasn't such a stretch.

BIGGEST HIT: "Suddenly I See" (2006, #6)


Annie Lennox = AWESOME!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#790. THE SADDLE CLUB (2002-05, #17 - 4 entries)

Following the lives of three girls training for the equestrian at Pine Hollow Stables, this Australian/Canadian TV production earned long-lasting success on the charts. Stars Sophie & Kia, Heli Simpson, and Ashley& Melanie also charted on their own.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hello World" (2002, #20)


#789. PUBLIC DOMAIN (2001, #7 - 2 entries)

The original line up of Public Domain was without a frontman when they penned their biggest hit. They quickly brought in Mallorca Lee and David Forbes, who left pretty much straight after their hit. The band is now fronted by MC Cyclone.

BIGGEST HIT: "Operation Blade (Bass In The Place)" (2001, #7)


#788. DR. ALBAN (1992-94, #5 - 3 entries)

Another doctor for the list, however, unlike the one from the Medics, Dr. Alban very nearly was a real one, if he hadn't switched from his denistry studies to concentrate on music. He had major worldwide success with his unique Eurodance/hip hop/reggae style.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sing Hallelujah" (1994, #5)


#787. PAUL CARRACK (1982-83, 1987-90, #7 - 5 entries)

Genesis created a little world of its own on the charts. Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins had their solo careers and guitarist Mike Rutherford formed Mike & the Mechanics of which Paul Carrack took on lead vocals. Paul is the first of all five to appear in this list.

BIGGEST HIT: "When You Walk In The Room" (1987, #7)


#786. MARIO WINANS (2004, #2 - 1 entry)

Mario scored his only hit sampling a previous artist on this list, Enya. As The Fugees had used her "Boadecia" sample before, Mario thought he was sampling them, but to keep Enya's people from filing charges, a compromise made Enya a featured artist.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Don't Wanna Know" (featuring P. Diddy and Enya) (2004, #2)


#785. SCHNAPPI (2005-06, #6 - 2 entries)

From Hampsters to Crocodiles, Schnappi originated from a German children's TV show calledThe Show With The Mouse. Voiced by six year-old Joy Gruttman, the catchy tune about life in Egypt became a huge hit. Joy and Schappi are the youngest of this list.

BIGGEST HIT: "Schnappi (Das Kleine Krokodil)" (2005, #6)


#784. FIVE FOR FIGHTING (2002, 2004, #2 - 2 entries)

It's the sad reality that John Ondrasik, the solo member of Five For Fighting, owes his success to the September 11 attacks of 2001. Releasing his "America Town" album in 2000, with little attention, his biggest hit became an anthem for the victims a year later.

BIGGEST HIT: "Superman (It's Not Easy)" (2002, #2)


#783. DELERIUM (1999-2000, #6 - 1 entry)

Canada's Delerium are the side project of industrial music act, Front Line Assembly. Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber enjoyed success employing the likes of Leigh Nash (Sixpence None The Richer), Nerina Pallot and Sarah McLachlan, who guested on their only hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Silence" (featuring Sarah McLachlan) (1999, #6)


#782. THE CARDIGANS (1997-2000, #8 - 3 entries)

Like Quindon Tarver, Swedish band The Cardigans have Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet to thank for their worldwide success. Unlike Quindon, the band had further success thanks to Tom Jones including them on his duets album, "Reload".

BIGGEST HIT: "Lovefool" (1997, #11)


#781. RENEE GEYER (1981-83, 1985, 1999, #5 - 9 entries)

One of Australia's finest jazz/soul singers, Renee Geyer found success during the 70's and early 80's. The self-proclaimed "difficult woman" went to the US where she was a sought after session singer for Joe Cocker, Sting and Chaka Khan, returning mid-90's.

BIGGEST HIT: "Say I Love You" (1981, #5)


Looking at tomorrow's list, we were going to greet The Timelords who had a 1988 hit with "Doctorin' The Tardis". However, I forgot that they were actually the same band as The KLF and their points get added together, so we'll be hearing from them much later.

Meanwhile, we've created an extra space at #1000, so we can welcome...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.

#1000. THE SHAMEN (1992, #14 - 4 entries)

The Shamen first recorded as, Alone Again Or, inspired by the single released by 60's rock group, Love. In 1987, they released their debut under the new name, drawing influence from house pioneers M/A/R/R/S and S'Express for another seven albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ebeneezer Goode" (1992, #14)


(Fingers crossed there's no more... )

Schnappi? urghh...
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#779. TOTO COELO (1982-83, #4 - 3 entries)

One of the few female acts to find success within the New Wave genre, Toto Coelo (loosely translated as "heaven wide", were formed by 70's hitmaker Barry Blue. After their success, only three girls were left to carry on, but couldn't achieve the same success.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Eat Cannibals" (1982, #4)


#778. CHRISTOPHER CROSS (1980-84, 1988-89, #13 - 7 entries)

It was awards season for Chris upon his debut. His first album scored two Grammy's including Album Of The Year, while the single, "Sailing" gave him three more. As co-writer of the title track from the film, Arthur, he also nabbed an Oscar and Golden Globe.

BIGGEST HIT: "Arthur's Theme (Best That You Can Do)" (1981, #13)


#777. RADIOHEAD (1993-95, 1997-98, 2001, 2003-04, #6 - 12 entries)

Critically, Radiohead would surely make the Top Ten of this list. Their 2000 album, "Kid A" is widely considered the best album of the decade. With many minor hits in our charts, the bulk of their singles sales come from their almost novel 1993 hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Creep" (1993, #6)


#776. MELODIE MC (1994-95, #5 - 3 entries)

Swedish rapper, Kent Lovgren, got himself involved in computers and synthesizers which would later influence his sound as Melodie MC. After three albums, he quit the business and now works under him "normal" name as a businessman and teacher.

BIGGEST HIT: "Dum Da Dum" (1994, #5)


#775. A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS (1982-83, #1 - 3 entries)

If you think you've seen "La Roux" hair before, look no further. Formed by brothers Mike and Ali Score in 1979, the guys would be one of the more successful New Wave bands, even winning a Grammy in 1983. And yes, Mike did used to be a hairdresser.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Ran" (1982, #1)


#774. STARDUST (1998-99, #4 - 1 entry)

In between Daft Punk albums, Thomas Bangalter released a single under the banner of Stardust. Helped out by producer Alan Braxe and vocalist Benjamin Diamond, they built their hit using a sample from the 1981 Chaka Khan song, "Fate".

BIGGEST HIT: "Music Sounds Better With You" (1998, #4)


#773. JOHNNY GILL (1990, 1993-94, #6 - 3 entries)

We've already seen Johnny's group, New Edition in this list. Johnny Gill was brought in to replace Bobby Brown, who was "voted off" because of his bad behaviour. It seems that spot in the group was a lucky one as the two were the most successful solo.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Floor" (1993, #6)


#772. THE NOLANS (1981-82, #3 - 4 entries)

The Nolan family consisted of six daughters and two sons, all of which participated in The Singing Nolans line-up. The ensemble were cut to just the five, and then four before Eurovision 1979. Another sis left, and the youngest joined. Success followed.

BIGGEST HIT: "Gotta Pull Myself Together" (1981, #3)


#771. STEPHANIE McINTOSH (2006-07, #3 - 3 entries)

The first of many Neighbours stars on this list, Stephanie followed in the shoes of her half brother, Jason Donovan, playing Sky Mangel on the show. Stephanie appeared on the show from 2003-07 before trying her hand at music, and then her luck in the US.

BIGGEST HIT: "Mistake" (2006, #3)


Nice to see the Nolans, Radiohead, The Cardigans, and my favourite RENEE GEYER in the last few!!! Between them they have some awesome tracks!
Was "Kid A" a good CD? I have to admit I don't know a track on the album (just looking it up now ... it had a short chart run too), but I wasn't into Radiohead that much. I did like 'Creep' though.
Not such a memorable bunch of artists in the last few, except for Annie Lennox and Tim Finn.
"I Ran" still holds up on commercial radio today.
I just received the new Rolling Stone magazine, and "Kid A" was named the best album of the 2000's.

Fans of "The Bends" and "OK Computer" who are after a hit might be disappointed, but I must say there are some gems on there.

It's really one of those albums that you have to hear many times before getting to know it, and understand it.

I'm not quite sure what exactly makes it the critics choice, apart from being, well, just Radiohead.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#770. MAX-A-MILLION (1996, #5 - 1 entry)

It's one of those classic injustices of the charts that a legend like Marvin Gaye can struggle for chart success in Australia for his entire career, and a "flash in the pan" band like Max-A-Million can eclipse all those sales with a single entry covering his biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sexual Healing" (1996, #5)


#769. FUEL (1998-2000, 2003, #16 - 4 entries)

Originally known as Small The Joy, Fuel changed their name in the mid-90's, and is certainly more suited to the type of rock they produced. Their lead singer has formed a kind of Fuel cover band called Re-Fueled, fueling (heh heh!) rumours the band is to reform.

BIGGEST HIT: "Shimmer / Sunburn" (1998, #16)


#768. MARK WILLIAMS (1990-93, #8 - 4 entries)

New Zealander Mark Williams had a couple of #1's in his home country during the 70's, but had to wait until 1990 for an Australian success, however, he was regularly heard from 1989 singing the theme for Home And Away. He now fronts fellow NZ's, Dragon.

BIGGEST HIT: "Show No Mercy" (1990, #8)


#767. DANIEL BEDINGFIELD (2002-03, #10 - 4 entries)

The older and more successful of the Bedingfield's, Daniel is regularly considered a New Zealand artist because of it being his birthplace (Natasha, however, was born in England). While their parents still live in NZ, Daniel's career is very much English-born.

BIGGEST HIT: "If You're Not The One" (2003, #14)


#766. THE ART OF NOISE (1986, 1989, #8, 3 entries)

Avant-garde synth group, The Art Of Noise, were innovators of computers in electronic music, and the development of sampling. They composed mainly instrumental "soundscapes", but scored their biggest hit with a straight forward Prince cover.

BIGGEST HIT: "Kiss" (featuring Tom Jones) (1989, #8)


#765. JXL (2002-03, #1 - 1 entry)

The man that helped Elvis return to the top of the charts, Junkie XL's sole chart credit was as remixer of his little known B-Side from 1968. "Junkie" had to change to just JXL as Elvis' people didn't want a drug reference associated with the King Of Rock n' Roll.

BIGGEST HIT: "A Little Less Conversation" (with Elvis Presley) (2002, #1)


#764. IGGY POP (1987, 1990-91, 1993, #9 - 6 entries)

Let's face it, Iggy is not the most attractive person on our charts for the last 30 years. The now 62 year old is rarely seen with shirt, and is definitely looking his age. But his chart success can't be denied, showing that it's not all about looks and fashion.

BIGGEST HIT: "Candy" (1990, #9)


#763. ZZ TOP (1984-86, 1990, 1992, #6 - 8 entries)

The beauty of the 80's is that bands like ZZ Top could chart at all. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill were unlikely stars with their blues and southern rock sound, and trademark beards. Ironically, the other "unbearded" member of the group is Frank Beard!

BIGGEST HIT: "Legs" (1984, #6)


#762. JIM DIAMOND (1985, #1 - 2 entries)

We've already seen Jim in this countdown as part of his former band, Ph.D. After contracting hepatitis, he parted from the band, deciding to go it alone. He went one better, hitting #1 for just one week in both Australia and the UK with his biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Should Have Known Better" (1985, #1)


#761. BAD ENGLISH (1989-90, #4 - 2 entries)

Exactly opposite to Jim, Bad English was fronted by John Waite, who we've already seen at #959. John was reunited with his former bandmates from The Babys, Jonathan Cain and Ricky Phillips. Jonathan had just finished his run with 80's band, Journey.

BIGGEST HIT: "When I See You Smile" (1989, #4)


Bad English are also a 90s act.
der! that's what it says.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#760. SHAWN MULLINS (1999, #5 - 3 entries)

American rock singer, Shawn Mullins, finally achieved some success with his sixth album. It would be his only success with five more albums unable to repeat that performance. His "Shimmer" single became an unofficial anthem for the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lullaby" (1999, #5)


#759. BASEMENT JAXX (1999, 2001-07, 2009, #16 - 14 entries)

UK house duo, Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, started out hosting a regular nightclub night called Basement Jaxx. Moving through a number of venues, they soon took on the name themselves, eventually releasing six successful albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Where's Your Head At?" (2001, #16)


#758. BILL MEDLEY (1988-89, #1 - 2 entries)

The major smash that Bill's Dirty Dancing duet with Jennifer Warnes was, means that with just half those points, he can still make an impact on this list. Two years later, as The Righteous Brothers, he did it all again for Ghost. We'll be hearing from them later.

BIGGEST HIT: "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" (with Jennifer Warnes) (1988, #1)


#757. NICKI FRENCH (1995, #2 - 2 entries)

As independent dance releases starting moving into our charts, it opened a market for a whole batch of older songs to be sped up for the dancefloor. Nicki was just one of many artists who touched up classic 80's anthems, and sent them to the top of the charts again.

BIGGEST HIT: "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" (1995, #2)


#756. INI KAMOZE (1994-95, #2 - 1 entry)

Born Cecil Campbell, Ini Kamoze got his big break as part of the Pret-a-Porter soundtrack. His biggest hit became the last of a great run of reggae hits during the mid-90's featuring UB40, Snow and Inner Circle. Ini is now regularly known as "the hotstepper".

BIGGEST HIT: "Here Comes The Hotstepper" (1994, #2)


#755. DANIEL POWTER (2005-06, #3 - 2 entries)

Daniel certainly got over that "bad day" during 2005, but another bad day forced him to switched to piano when bullies destroyed his violin. Adding to his misfortunes, he had to drop out of college when his studies were hindered by his dyslexia.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bad Day" (2005, #3)


#754. KEVIN RUDOLF (2008-09, #3 - 2 entries)

Kevin was born into the musical scene with his mother being a singer. As a teenager, he played in local bars until he began toying with computers and keyboards. His hit was used forWWWE's Royal Rumble, and used on the soundtrack for Westlemania XXV.

BIGGEST HIT: "Let It Rock" (2008, #3)


#753. PATTY SMYTH (1992-93, #5 - 1 entry)

Formerly married to Eddie Van Halen, the now Mrs. John McEnroe nearly didn't make this list at all. As lead singer of Scandal, "The Warrior" is one of my fave 80's songs, but it took encouragement from friend Don Henley for her to release a new album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" (featuring Don Henley) (1992, #5)


#752. SCRIBE (2004-05, 2007, #7 - 3 entries)

Malo Luafutu is another New Zealand rapper who enjoyed success on both the Australian and NZ charts, where he enjoyed three #1's. In Australia, his singles were long lasting, but never hit the Top 20. Only his collaboration with P-Money went Top 10.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stop The Music" (with P-Money) (2005, #7)


#751. ALEX PARTY (1995-96, #11 - 3 entries)

Alex Party were formed with the trio of DJ's, brothers Paolo and Gianni Visnadi, and Alex Natale. They enjoyed success in the UK with a self-titled debut single, but it wasn't until they were joined by singer Shanie Campbell that things really started cooking.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wrap Me Up" (1996, #11)


I was just surprised that Bad English were a 90s act. That's all. No need to throw stones at me.

I thought this was a friendly site.
Lol to the above!
heh heh...well, my apologies Sunday Cream, but you must admit you're comment is kinda open ended as possibly meaning both things.

Daniel Powter was good.
After 250 of the biggest artists from the last 30 years, we hit the 100,000 singles sales mark (that's estimated sales)! We're gonna soon hit some big artists, including these ones...


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#750. MORRIS MINOR & THE MAJORS (1988, #2 - 2 entries)

British comedian Tony Hawks was quite serious when he took up songwriting, but it wasn't until novelty band Morris Minor & the Majors that he found success. The guys poked fun at Beastie Boys, and then took on Stock, Aitken & Waterman for the follow-up.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stutter Rap" (1988, #2)


#749. TOM JONES (1994-95, 1999-2000, #5 - 4 entries)

After twelve years, Tom made an unlikely comeback to the charts featuring on Art Of Noise's Prince cover, "Kiss". His offical return, however, was in 1994 with a dance inspired hit, and later a duets album featuring Cardigans, Robbie Williams and Portishead.

BIGGEST HIT: "Burning Down The House" (with The Cardigans) (1999, #8)


#748. COLBIE CAILLAT (2008-09, #1 - 2 entries)

Colbie looked set for a nice steady climb up the charts, but we were all surprised to see her hit single jump from #11 to #1 within two months of release. Colbie also conbtributed vocals and writing to Taylor Swift's Grammy winning Album of the Year, "Fearless".

BIGGEST HIT: "Bubbly" (2008, #1)


#747. WILSON PHILLIPS (1990, 1992, #2 - 3 entries)

Two parts Beach Boys, one part Mamas And Papas, the famous offspring of the bands grew up together in Southern California, songwriting and developing their own style of harmony. The preparation paid off as three of their first four singles hit #1 in the US.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hold On" (1990, #2)


#746. 4PM (1995, #3 - 2 entries)

American R&B group, 4PM ("For Positive Music") scored their only hit with a 60's cover by Japanese artist Kyu Sakamoto. Originally titled "Ue o muite aruko", the new title had nothing to do with the lyrics, chosen as it was a recognizable Japanese world.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sukiyaki" (1995, #3)


#745. TRIPLE X (1996, #2 - 1 entry)

Italian record producer and Massimo "Max" Persona, cashed in on the success of TV series, X-Files, with a trance version of the theme song. With of other versions by P.M. Dawn and the original composer, Mark Snow, his Triple X version was the most successful.

BIGGEST HIT: "X-Files Theme" (1996, #2)


#744. JOHNNY LOGAN (1987-88, #4 - 2 entries)

Johnny was born in Frankston near Melbourne, but moved to Ireland, his parents homeland, when he was three. Dubbed "Mr. Eurovision", he won the contest for Ireland in 1980 and 1987 (the latter becoming his biggest hit), and wrote the 1992 winning song.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hold Me Now" (1987, #4)


#743. DEEE-LITE (1990-91, #1 - 2 entries)

Released at a better time, Deee-Lite should have sold better. Reminiscent of future Kylie and Lady GaGa, their sales were at odds when the format was changing over from record to CD single. However, their big hit has definitely become a modern day classic.

BIGGEST HIT: "Groove Is In The Heart" (1990, #1)


#742. BETTY BOO (1990-92, #3 - 4 entries)

Alison Clarkson was nicknamed Betty Boop because of her similarity to the cartoon character. Changing to Betty Boo, to avoid any copyright disputes, she was the first female rapper to hit Australia's Top Ten, also going to #1 on the US Dance charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Doin' The Do" (1990, #3)


#741. J WESS (2003-04, #10 - 3 entries)

Born in Los Angeles, J Wess was invited to play basketball for the Gold Coast Rollers in Australia. The team folded shortly after, so J moved to Adelaide to play there. He moved into music during 2003, with his "Tha LP" album giving him three Top 20 hits.

BIGGEST HIT: "What Chu Want" (2003, #10)


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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#740. LOS DEL MAR (1996-97, #1 - 1 entry)

Two lesser of two evils, Los Del Mar was the other "Macarena" duo, covering the original Los Del Rio hit. They had to play runners-up when the song was #1 and #2 on our charts at the same time. Let's just hope that never happens again!

BIGGEST HIT: "Macarena" (1996, #2)


#739. THE STEVE MILLER BAND (1982-83, 1987, #1 - 4 entries)

Forming in 1967, The Steve Miller Band are still performing 40 years later. Enjoying four Top 50 singles during the 70's, they finally reached the top with their "magical" hit in 1982. They have their own Hollywood Star at 1750 Vine Street.

BIGGEST HIT: "Abracadabra" (1982, #1)


#738. SEETHER (2004-05, 2008, #3 - 4 entries)

We cross over to South Africa now, where a little band called Saron Gas, turned into a big band called Seether, going on to sell 5 million records worldwide. They re-worked their old acoustic ballad into an electric duet with Evanescence singer Amy Lee.

BIGGEST HIT: "Broken" (featuring Amy Lee) (2004, #3)


#737. JOHN TRAVOLTA (1991, 1998, #1 - 2 entries)

John Travolta is one of the biggest stars to make this list without lifting a finger. His position here is solely based on a megamix of three Grease hits, all featuring John. If getting to #1 in '91 wasn't enough, it was released again in '98 with added success.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Grease Megamix" (with Olivia Newton-John) (1991, #1)


#736. COLLETTE (1989-91, #5 - 5 entries)

Australia's Queen of Lycra, Collette started out as a model before releasing the Anita Ward 70's classic. She briefly appeared on TV series, Home And Away, changing her image for a second album, but nothing could squash that "bike shorts" look.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ring My Bell" (1989, #5)


#735. ROBERT MILES (1996-97, #5 - 3 entries)

Robert wrote his dream trance hit in 1994, gaining momentum over the next two years to sell 5 million copies worldwide. With two more hits from his "Dreamland" album, Robert disappeared from the charts, despite another three albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Children" (1996, #5)


#734. ESTELLE (2004-05, 2008, #3 - 3 entries)

Recent Grammy winner for Best Rap/Sung Collabortaion, English R&B star Estelle took a while to become a sensation on our charts. She had a couple of minor hits from her first album, but debuted in the Top Ten with the lead single from her second.

BIGGEST HIT: "American Boy" (featuring Kanye West) (2008, #3)


#733. BABY BASH (2004, 2008, #3 - 2 entries)

American rapper, Baby Bash was originally known as Baby Beesh. He broke through with his third album, but three further albums gave him little success. Baby has also featured on other Top 50 hits for Frankie J, Paul DeAnda, Mario Vazquez and Kate Alexa.

BIGGEST HIT: "Suga Suga" (2004, #3)


#732. SINITTA (1986-89, #7 - 6 entries)

Sinitta came from a very successful disco family. She is the daughter of Miquel Brown, and niece of Amii Stewart. Although many of Sinitta's singles were produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman, her two biggest hits were not produced by the team.

BIGGEST HIT: "Right Back Where We Started From" (1989, #7)


#731. JOHN PAUL YOUNG (1983-84, 1992-93, #3 - 3 entries)

The third artist to appear in this countdown thanks to Baz Luhrmann, this time it's 70's stars, and regular host of Countdown, John Paul Young. John's 1978 hit was remixed and released to promote Baz's 1992 film, Strictly Ballroom.

BIGGEST HIT: "Love Is In The Air (The Ballroom Mix)" (1992, #3)


Wow we're powering through these now! Good to see Colbie Caillat, J Wess and Seether in the mix. I'm also surprised to see John Paul Young down so low!
Well, John's career is really based in the 70's with five Top Ten hits and a further three Top 20's between 1972 and 1978. After, I get this one out, I'll try working on the 70's, but with lots of missing chart info, it could take quite a while.
i wonder who no1 will be, i would be thinking britney spears, rihanna, beyonce in top 10
and michael jackson at no1
I find it interesting that there are exactly 750 100,000+ artists. I wonder how many millionaires there will be
I agree bsb,MJ will definetely be #1,Bon Jovi's gotta be up there,he's career has spanned 3 decades
My vote would be for Madonna, but with Michael Jackson, U2 and Kylie most likely in the Top 5.
I reckon U2 will end up on top. But, watch out for BEP, they will be up there.
All interesting suggestions. Just a reminder that this list is purely based on SINGLES sales in case any of you are thinking along the lines of Albums, but all your suggestions are right up there. We'll have to wait and see where.

An interesting question, Hijinx. I won't spoil it too much, but the artists with more than 1 million (estimated) Singles sales go no further than the Top 20.

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#730. AMIEL (1999, 2003, 2005-06, #6 - 6 entries)

After featuring for Josh Abrahams, Amiel Daemion went out on her own with her solo debut, "Audio Out", still guided by Josh as producer. Moving to Australia from the United States in '81, Amiel appeared in the 1993 Russell Crowe film, The Silver Brumby.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lovesong" (2003, #6)


#729. BABY ANIMALS (1991-94, #15 - 8 entries)

Named after "Baby" John Burgess, or a calendar they saw in a mall, the guys from Baby Animals used to change their story, bored of answering it the same way. Lead singer Suze DeMarchi used to dated future artists on this list, Diesel and Dave Gleeson.

BIGGEST HIT: "Early Warning" (1991, #21)


#728. COCKROACHES (1984, 1986-89, #9 - 9 entries)

Cockroaches have a knack of mutating and surviving for a long time, which is pretty much what this Australian band has done. After their breakup in 1990, three members formed The Wiggles, while the rest of the band contributed as songwriters and musicians.

BIGGEST HIT: "She's The One" (1987, #9)


#727. ALEX LLOYD (1998-2006, #14 - 12 entries)

At a time when Australian male artists were outnumbered by female acts, Alex was the shining star, winning two ARIA's for Best Male Artist. Recently, Alex made the final four of Celebrity MasterChef, losing with his chocolate swirl croquembouche.

BIGGEST HIT: "Amazing" (2001, #14)


#726. THE STEPPERS (1995-96, #2 - 1 entry)

"Alice" was first released by Australian band Third World before becoming a #2 hit for Smokie. The Steppers took the "rude" version to #2 again, and was later covered by Jimmy Sturr, who has won the Best Polka Grammy 18 out of the last 24 years!

BIGGEST HIT: "Alice, Who The F..k Is Alice?" (1995, #2)


#725. GLENN FREY (1982, 1984-86, 1988, 1991, #2 - 7 entries)

That "other" Eagle we've been waiting for, Glenn Frey found solo success on the soundtracks for Beverly Hills Cop, Thelma And Louis, and TV series, Miami Vice. He also appeared on that show, and featured in the films, Let's Get Harry and Jerry Maguire.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Heat Is On" (1985, #2)


#724. TORI AMOS (1992, 1994-99, #17 - 10 entries)

One of the most influential female singer-songwriters of the early 90's, Tori probably had the least input on her biggest hit, finding success as a remix by Armand Van Helden and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. To date, Tori has sold 12 million records worldwide.

BIGGEST HIT: "Professional Widow (Remix) / Hey Jupiter" (1996, #17)


#723. CHARLENE (1982-83, #1 - 2 entries)

The popular 1994 film, The Adventures Of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert, was bookended with two #1 hits. American singer, Charlene, had the pleasure of opening with her biggest hit, "performed" by a frocked up Hugo Weaving. The closing star comes up later.

BIGGEST HIT: "I've Never Been To Me" (1982, #1)


#722. THE SIMPSONS (1991, #1 - 2 entries)

Here's an interesting pop question. After M.C. Hammer, Young M.C. and Vanilla Ice bought rap to #1 in Australia, who was the next act to do so? Bart Simpson and co. were riding high in the TV stakes, fresh out of the pen, and amazingly still going strong today.

BIGGEST HIT: "Do The Bartman" (1991, #1)


#721. THE CHURCH (1981-83, 1985-86, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1998, 2006, #19 - 17 entries)

One of the legends of Australian music, The Church could climb no higher than #19 on the singles charts. Their biggest hit made the Top 40 in the US, somehow making up for it. Melbourne's The Age also had that hit as most popular Aussie song from the last 21 years.

BIGGEST HIT: "Under The Milky Way" (1988, #22)


I'm having trouble interpreting what you said there. Do you mean that there are less/more than 20 with more than a million
Do not go beyond Top 20, meaning less than 20. Sorry...heh heh.
The Simpsons
What a gem from the 80's Under The Milky Way was. Definately underperformed on the charts. Wow, had forgotten it had cracked the US charts. From memory it made Top 5 on the weekly 'Take 40' charts.
I also liked Metropolis and Almost With You. Great band!!
I probably like "Metropolis" more as it's more forgotten against "Milky Way", brilliant song from a brilliant time of the charts.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#720. "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC (1984-85, 1988, 1992-93, 1999-2000, 2006-07, #1 - 7 entries)

Parodist singer and accordian player, Alfred Yankovic, had found success ripping off Madonna, Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers. A highlight of his albums are his polka medleys which mix current hits in that style. YouTube them.

BIGGEST HIT: "Eat It" (1984, #1)


#719. GINA G (1996-97, #5 - 3 entries)

Born in Brisbane, Gina moved to Melbourne to work as a DJ before heading over to England to concentrate on a solo career. She soon won the Great British Song Contest, giving her an entry in Eurovision 1996. With her biggest hit, she came 8th for the UK.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ooh Aah...Just A Little Bit" (1996, #5)


#718. MARILYN (1984-85, #3 - 4 entries)

It was a confusing time in the charts, especially for a boy of nine like myself. Androgynous pop star, Marilyn, gained attention for his appearance in Eurythmics' "Who's That Girl" video. He lived with pal Boy George, and soon after moved into our charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Calling Your Name" (1984, #3)


#717. SOUL ASYLUM (1993-95, #11 - 2 entries)

It took over ten years for Soul Asylum to gain attention, with their '93 hit becoming the 2nd biggest ever to peak at #11, just missing the Top Ten. It won the band a Grammy for Best Rock Song and lead them to play at Bill Clinton's inauguration a year later.

BIGGEST HIT: "Runaway Train" (1993, #11)


#716. 28 DAYS (1999-2004, #12 - 11 entries)

Forming in the Victorian town of Bacchus Marsh, 28 Days were one of the premier rock outfits of the early 2000's, enjoying a #1 album, "Upstyledown". They suffered a setback in 2001 when their drummer was killed after being hit by a car in Melbourne.

BIGGEST HIT: "Rip It Up" (2000, #12)


#715. JANN ARDEN (1995, #1 - 1 entry)

Canadian Jann Arden stormed the charts in 1995, and seemed to disappeared, but has in fact released ten albums. She owns a restaurant called The Arden, which was the subject of reality show, The Arden Diner, going behind-the-scenes of a hectic restaurant.

BIGGEST HIT: "Insensitive" (1995, #1)


#714. AMY GRANT (1985-87, 1991-92, #5 - 6 entries)

Queen of Christian Pop, Amy Grant had a great 1991 capping of a decade in the business that saw her win six Grammy's and sell over 30 million records worldwide. Since then Amy has been quiet chartwise, with her marriage to Vince Gill taking the spotlight.

BIGGEST HIT: "Baby Baby" (1991, #5)


#713. ANN LEE (1999-2000, #4 - 1 entry)

It's not totally correct that Ann Lee entered our charts just once. Back in 1995, when Corona was riding high in the charts, Lee Marrow also had his original version of their "Try Me Out" in the Top 50, featuring Ann on vocals under the name, Charme.

BIGGEST HIT: "2 Times" (1999, #4)


#712. AFROMAN (2001-02, #1 - 2 entries)

Personally, I'd prefer all the Schnappis and Hamptons over this, but Afroman was unstoppable with the help of the internet, and word of mouth. Popular on the file sharing service, Napster, Afroman even got a Grammy nomination for it in 2002.

BIGGEST HIT: "Because I Got High" (2001, #1)


#711. THE GRID (1994-95, #3 - 3 entries)

After the demise of Soft Cell, band member David Ball formed The Grid with Richard Norris, who was a writer of NME magazine at the time. They tasted success in 1990, but it was nothing compared to their techno banjo song of '94, selling 1 million copies.

BIGGEST HIT: "Swamp Thing" (1994, #3)


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The Saddle Club and Schuppi (Can't spell it) are so Gay, can't believe they even Charted.

On a Positive note it is Good to see The Church Listed here,
Under The Milky Way is 1 of my most Favorite Singles from the 1980's.
I think I just lost a glass of water...Afroman????
Mariah would have to be in the top ten!!! HOPEFULLY!!!

Nice to see Alex Lloyd (can't believe Amazing only reached number 14, it reached number 1 in NZ), The Church and Amy Grant in there!!
Hey chri8topher, relating to the 28 Days entry (the group had their top 1000 artists of the last 3 decades at #716), I'm quite certain that they have more than just the one entry - other hits of theirs do include the #21 hit Here We Go / Sucker EP (2000), the #23 hit Say What (with Apollo 440 - 2001), the #32 hit Whats the Deal (2002), #50 hit Goodbye (2000), and the #57 hit Song For Jasmine (2000), to name a few.
At the time we all would have considered them Australia's version of Limp Bizkit....imho
Of course, Roydges...heh heh. Just a typo. That should be two 1's! They had eleven entries. Thanks...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#710. JOEY SCARBURY (1982, #2 - 1 entry)

Joey Scarbury began recording at 14, and looked destined for big things, but a flop single confined him to backing duties for stars such as Loretta Lynn. Recording the theme for TV series, The Greatest American Hero, Joey enjoyed his only chart success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Believe It Or Not" (1982, #2)


#709. KEITH SWEAT (1996-98, #9 - 3 entries)

Keith Sweat worked for the commodities market, performing after hours at various nightclubs where he was eventually discovered. That was in 1987, the start of a ten year climb to our Top 10, and a steady decline since, with four more albums released.

BIGGEST HIT: "Twisted" (1996, #9)


#708. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE (1993, 1996, 1999-2000, #7 - 5 entries)

American rock band, RATM, were one of a few bands that combined alternative rock, politics, and chart success. The guys called it a day after four albums, but a Facebook campaign in 2009 saw them reach #1 in the UK for the coveted Xmas spot.

BIGGEST HIT: "Killing In The Name" (1993, #7)


#707. DEPECHE MODE (1982, 1984-85, 1987-88, 1990, 1993-94, 1997-98, 2001, #4 - 15 entries)

Forming as a very different four piece band to the trio we know today. They changed from a bubbly pop band of the 80's, to a more electronic gothic outfit in the 90's. Original member Vince Clarke went on to enjoy success with Yazoo and Erasure.

BIGGEST HIT: "Just Can't Get Enough" (1982, #4)


#706. PAT WILSON (1983-84, #2 - 2 entries)

Writer for early charts magazine, Go-Set, Pat Wilson used the name "Mummy Cool", a nod to the fact that she was married to Ross Wilson of Daddy Cool. He later produced her only hit, with a video notorious for being Nicole Kidman's debut screen appearance.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bop Girl" (1983, #2)


#705. BORIS GARDINER (1986-87, #1 - 1 entry)

Boris Gardiner's career started back in the 60's, with his first solo success in 1970. In Australia, we nearly didn't hear from him at all until his surprise hit of 1986. Boris is the 10th biggest artist in this list to have one #1 single and no other entries in the Aus Charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Want To Wake Up With You" (1986, #1)


#704. MADASUN (2000-01, #6 - 3 entries)

The UK can be a fickle bunch sometimes. Madasun could only manage a couple of moderate hits in their homeland, but it wasn't enough to extend their contract. The girls were dropped. They should have moved to Oz as they had considerable success here.

BIGGEST HIT: "Don't You Worry" (2000, #6)


#703. THE ANDROIDS (2002-03, #4 - 2 entries)

Frontman Tim Henwood left The Superjesus to form new band, The Androids, who would border on novelty for their biggest hit. Proclaiming their love for Madonna, the film clip featured drag queens portraying "lesser known" stars, Britney, Xtina, P!nk & Kylie.

BIGGEST HIT: "Do It With Madonna" (2002, #4)


#702. NIRVANA (1991-94, 2009, #5 - 7 entries)

Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic went through a number of drummers before Dave Grohl took the job, soon becoming a musical revolution. Considered the defining band of Generation X, it was all too much for Kurt who committed suicide a few years later.

BIGGEST HIT: "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (1991, #5)


#701. CHRIS FRANKLIN (2000, #1 - 1 entry)

If you needed any proof that style wasn't necessary to get to #1, look no further than comedian Chris Franklin. A former sailor for the Royal Australian Navy, Chris took Meredith Brooks' "Bitch", and turned it into a beer-drinking, flanny wearing "yobbo".

BIGGEST HIT: "Bloke" (2000, #1)


Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana , although now I've got Bloke stuck in my head.
Love Keith Sweat, Depeche Mode and Nirvana.
Before we head in to another week of the Biggest Singles Artists from the last 30 years, here's a recap of the last 100...

The 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's progress.

800DON HENLEY361982-83, 1985, 198990,747
799BIG MOUNTAIN41199491,177
798YOUNG M.C.151990-9191,347
797LIBERTY X472002-0691,387
796MR. MISTER431985-8691,413
795ANNIE LENNOX681988-89, 1992-93, 199591,480
794PEABO BRYSON1041983-84, 1992-9391,657
793MARILYN MANSON20121996-2001, 2003-0491,889
791COBRA STARSHIP51200992,238
790TIM FINN881983-86, 1989, 199392,256
789KT TUNSTALL612006-0892,627
788THE SADDLE CLUB1742002-0592,667
787PUBLIC DOMAIN72200192,841
786DR. ALBAN531992-9493,193
785PAUL CARRACK751982-83, 1987-9093,246
784MARIO WINANS21200493,696
782FIVE FOR FIGHTING222002, 200493,976
780THE CARDIGANS831997-200094,285
779RENEE GEYER591981-83, 1985, 1999*94,313
778TOTO COELO431982-8394,358
777CHRISTOPHER CROSS1371980-84, 1988-8994,381
776RADIOHEAD6121993-95, 1997-98, 2001, 2003-0494,520
775MELODIE MC531994-9594,568
774A FLOCK OF SEAGULLS131982-8394,674
772JOHNNY GILL631990, 1993-9495,584
771THE NOLANS341981-8295,822
770STEPHANIE McINTOSH332006-0795,969
768FUEL1641998-2000, 200396,292
767MARK WILLIAMS841990-9396,685
766DANIEL BEDINGFIELD1042002-0396,690
765THE ART OF NOISE831986, 198996,986
763IGGY POP961987, 1990-91, 1993*97,856
762ZZ TOP681984-86, 1990, 1992*98,285
761JIM DIAMOND12198598,385
760BAD ENGLISH421989-9098,542
759SHAWN MULLINS53199998,668
758BASEMENT JAXX16141999, 2001-07, 200999,094
757BILL MEDLEY121988-8999,136
756NICKI FRENCH22199599,154
755INI KAMOZE211994-9599,184
754DANIEL POWTER322005-0699,266
753KEVIN RUDOLF322008-0999,337
752PATTY SMYTH511992-9399,461
750ALEX PARTY1131995-9699,959
749MORRIS MINOR & THE MINORS221988100,355
748TOM JONES541994-95*100,395
747COLBIE CAILLAT122008-09100,590
746WILSON PHILLIPS231990, 1992100,693
744TRIPLE X211996100,711
743JOHNNY LOGAN421987-88100,816
741BETTY BOO341990-92101,070
740J WESS1032003-04101,433
739LOS DEL MAR211996-97101,637
738THE STEVE MILLER BAND141982-83, 1987*101,671
737SEETHER342004-05, 2008101,721
736JOHN TRAVOLTA121991, 1998*101,850
734ROBERT MILES531996-97102,342
733ESTELLE332004-05, 2008102,351
732BABY BASH322004, 2008102,567
730JOHN PAUL YOUNG331983-84, 1992-93*102,767
729AMIEL661999, 2003, 2005-06102,866
728BABY ANIMALS1581991-94103,204
727COCKROACHES991984, 1986-89103,222
726ALEX LLOYD14121998-2006103,812
725THE STEPPERS211995-96103,849
724GLENN FREY271982, 1984-86, 1988, 1991103,934
723TORI AMOS17101992, 1994-99104,387
721THE SIMPSONS121991104,485
720THE CHURCH19171981-83, 1985-86, 1988, 1990, 1992, 1998, 2006104,799
719"WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC171984-85, 1988, 1992-93, 1999-2000, 2006-07104,966
718GINA G531996-97104,978
716SOUL ASYLUM1121993-95106,052
71528 DAYS12111999-2004106,082
714JANN ARDEN111995106,164
713AMY GRANT561985-87, 1991-92106,421
712ANN LEE411999-2000106,437
710THE GRID331994-95106,833
709JOEY SCARBURY211982106,836
708KEITH SWEAT931996-98107,152
707RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE751993, 1996, 1999-2000107,253
706DEPECHE MODE4151982, 1984-85, 1987-88, 1990, 1993-94, 1997-98, 2001107,284
705PAT WILSON221983-84107,554
704BORIS GARDINER111986-87108,058
702THE ANDROIDS422002-03108,593
701NIRVANA571991-94, 2009108,649
* Denotes artists who have charted previously to 1980.
** Estimated sales only, not official figures. Seasonally adjusted.

Tomorrow starts the next load of artists who have made an impact on our Singles Charts, #700-601...


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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#700. EMPIRE OF THE SUN (2008-09, #10 - 2 entries)

Australia's electronic music scene has enjoyed a rise in popularity recently, helped by Luke Steele from The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore from Pnau, joining as Empire Of The Sun. They recently won Album and Single of the Year at the ARIA's.

BIGGEST HIT: "Walking On A Dream" (2008, #10)


#699. DONNA LEWIS (1996-98, #2 - 3 entries)

Welsh singer-songwriter Donna Lewis started playing piano at the age of six, writing songs as a teenager, and graduated from the Welsh College of Music majoring in the flute. She began sending demos out in 1993, and was soon near the top of our charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Love You Always Forever" (1996, #2)


#698. MIS-TEEQ (2001-03, #9 - 6 entries)

Originally a quartet, they quickly lost Zena McNally, and soon enjoyed a string of hits from their three albums. However, their record company collapsed, and the group followed, disbanding in 2005. Alesha Dixon enjoyed her own Top Ten success in 2009.

BIGGEST HIT: "Scandalous" (2003, #9)


#697. BRIAN McFADDEN (2005, 2008, #1 - 5 entries)

Australian music's favourite son-in-law, Brian McFadden enjoyed success as part of Westlife, who we'll be seeing later on. He left to go solo, but had to rely on his other half, Delta Goodrem, to get him to #1. He later found success on his own in 2008.

BIGGEST HIT: "Almost Here" (with Delta Goodrem) (2005, #1)


#696. BIG PIG (1986-88, 1990, #8 - 5 entries)

To form a band void of guitars, and an over allocation of drummers (they had 4!), and then go on to achieve chart success is truly worthy of a place in this list. This seven-piece Australian band also enjoyed success in the US with their biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Breakaway" (1988, #8)


#695. SCANDAL'US (2001, #1 - 2 entries)

The winners of Popstars 2, the guys and girls from Scandal'us were the last "group" the show put together. They won an ARIA for sales of their debut single, but little else eventuated. Only Tamara Jaber, wife of Kyle Sandilands, found any solo success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Me Myself & I" (2001, #1)


#694. THE HOOTERS (1985-87, #6 - 4 entries)

The Hooters' Eric Bazalian and Rob Hyman met as early as 1971, and had gained little success for the band until they worked on Cyndi Laupers' "She's So Unusual" album. Boosted by her success, The Hooters were soon riding the Top Ten all over the world.

BIGGEST HIT: "And We Danced" (1985, #6)


#693. 112 (1997-99, 2001-02, #2 - 6 entries)

Former artists from Diddy's Bad Boy Records, 112 featuring on his huge hit, "I'll Be Missing You". Enjoying some minor success after, they really broke through for themselves on their third album, "Part III". The guys will soon release their sixth album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Dance With Me" (2002, #2)


#692. BUSTA RHYMES (1996, 1998-99, 2002-04, 2006, 2008, #3 - 12 entries)

One of the fastest rappers I've ever encountered, Busta Rhymes broke into our chart during the late 90's, but had to wait for Mariah Carey to help out before any Top Ten success hit. Busta has also appeared in many films including Finding Forrester and Shaft.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Know What You Want" (with Mariah Carey) (2003, #3)


#691. TONI BASIL (1982, #1 - 1 entry)

The 8th highest artist with a #1 hit single and no other entry, Toni Basil was nearly 40 when she donned the cheerleader gear and professed her love for "Mickey". Toni directed her own video, something she had done for Talking Heads' "Once In A Lifetime".

BIGGEST HIT: "Mickey" (1982, #1)


I hope I wasn't the only person who was confused when Mis-Teeq's biggest hit was Scandalous, and then Scandal'us came up three places higher.
I like Brian McFadden and who doesn't like the Toni Basil track hahaha
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#689. ROY ORBISON (1980, 1989, 1992, #3 - 5 entries)

Roy first hit our charts in 1960. He managed an incredible 18 Top Tens during the 60's, six of those #1's. It wouldn't be until 1989 that he enjoyed success again, both solo, and with the Traveling Wilbury's. Sadly, he died late 1988 before he could enjoy any of it.

BIGGEST HIT: "You Got It" (1988, #3)


#688. ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT (1992-94, #6 - 5 entries)

With all the negative themes gangsta rap was conveying, Speech and Headliner formed Arrested Development, a positive alternative to the genre. Taking 3 years, 5 months and 2 days to secure a contract, it payed out with two Grammy's for their debut.

BIGGEST HIT: "People Everyday" (1992, #6)


#687. PAULINI (2004-06, #1 - 4 entries)

The Top Five finalists of Australian Idol 1 all enjoyed Top Ten success, with four of them appearing on this list. Fourth placed Paulini Curuenavuli covered The Jeff Healey Band for her #1 hit, a song never performed on the show, a rarity for an Idol's first single.

BIGGEST HIT: "Angel Eyes" (2004, #1)


#686. ALEX GAUDINO (2004, 2007-08, #3 - 2 entries)

Italian DJ Alex Gaudino hit the charts twice with basically the same song. Featuring Crystal Waters, his biggest hit popped into our chart in 2004, reaching a dismal #98. Mashed with Rune's "Calabria", it was given a new title, new sound, and hit the Top Ten.

BIGGEST HIT: "Destination Calabria" (2007, #3)


#685. SKYHOOKS (1982-83, 1990-91, 1994, #1 - 4 entries)

Chart-wise, Skyhooks were all finished by the end of the 70's. Only a megamix of their hits would see them through the 80's, until they decided to reform to promote their 1990 greatest hits album. They were obviously dearly missed as they went straight to #1.

BIGGEST HIT: "Jukebox In Siberia" (1990, #1)


#684. JOSHUA KADISON (1994-95, #5 - 3 entries)

Joshua starting learning the piano at age 12, and in three years, after the death of his mother, left home as a traveling troubadour. Hopping from bar to bar during the 80's, he finally caught the eye of EMI, and was soon enjoying success with his debut album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Beautiful In My Eyes" (1994, #5)


#683. LINDSEY BUCKINGHAM (1981-82, 1984, #1 - 3 entries)

As mastermind of Fleetwood Mac Mark II, Lindsey kept the best for himself. He managed to make it to #1 on the Singles chart, something his band never did. In fact, Fleetwood Mac only ever had one Top Ten hit in Australia. Now that is a surprise!

BIGGEST HIT: "Trouble" (1981, #1)


#682. TRAIN (2000-03, #5 - 5 entries)

Although Train are really only known for one hit in Australia, they've managed seven Top Ten singles in the US Adult Chart. The guys won two Grammy's for their biggest single, including Best Rock Song. A former five piece, the guys are still together as a trio.

BIGGEST HIT: "Drops Of Jupiter" (2001, #5)


#681. MUSICAL YOUTH (1982-83, #1 - 2 entries)

Forming in 1979 by two sets of brothers, the Grants and the Waites, Musical Youth was fronted by the latter's father. He was soon backed out, replaced by Dennis Seaton, and soon the teenagers were at the top of the charts, with a Grammy nomination to boot.

BIGGEST HIT: "Pass The Dutchie" (1982, #1)


#680. NENEH CHERRY (1989-92, 1994-97, #3 - 8 entries)

Neneh was known early on as a rapper and hip-hop artist, but work developed a more melodic vibe, showing Neneh's vocal strength. Growing up in a very musical family, she took her stepfather's surname, Cherry, as did her charting brother, Eagle-Eye.

BIGGEST HIT: "7 Seconds" (with Youssou N'Dour) (1994, #3)


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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#679. STARS ON 54 (1998, #3 - 1 entry)

Not to be confused with Stars On 45, coming up a later in this countdown, Jocelyn Enriquez, Ultra Nate and Amber were assembled for the theme to the 1998 film, 54. It was more successful than the original, as Gordon Lightfoot only managed a #27 peak.

BIGGEST HIT: "If You Could Read My Mind" (1998, #3)


#678. THE GO-GO's (1981-82, 1984, #2 - 4 entries)

The Go-Go's made history back in 1981, being the first album written and performed by an all-female band to top the US Albums charts. The girls split in 1985, but have since "made up" regularly performing together, and even releasing and album in 2001.

BIGGEST HIT: "Our Lips Are Sealed" (1981, #2)


#677. THE REMBRANDTS (1991, 1995-97, #3 - 2 entries)

Danny Wilde and Phil Solem had already worked with various projects prior to The Rembrandts, most notably The Quick, featuring Wilde. They scored a moderate hit in 1991 before a little sitcom called Friends brought the guys worldwide chart success.

BIGGEST HIT: "I'll Be There For You" (1995, #3)


#676. MARIA McKEE (1990-91, #3 - 1 entry)

Maria seemingly had just one hit in Australia, taken from the Days Of Thunder soundtrack, but the former lead singer of Lone Justice scored a #38 hit with "Shelter", the band's '87 hit. Maria also wrote Feargal Sharkey's massive #1 hit, "A Good Heart".

BIGGEST HIT: "Show Me Heaven" (1990, #3)


#675. MARY J. BLIGE (1995, 2000-03, 2006-07, #8 - 8 entries)

Australia took a while to warm up to Mary. With four albums during the 90's, only a minor hit would eventuate in 1995, "Be Happy" (#76). The new decade finally brought success to her career, one that has given her nine Grammy awards and four US #1 albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Family Affair" (2001, #8)


#674. LIPPS INC. (1980-81, #1 - 2 entries)

Lipps Inc. were Steve Greenberg and Cynthia Johnson, with a consistently changing group of session musicians. Their hit was the only song to go to #1 on the Australian charts twice during the 80's, with Pseudo Echo's version doing the same in '86.

BIGGEST HIT: "Funkytown" (1980, #1)


#673. CRASH TEST DUMMIES (1992, 1994-95, #1 - 4 entries)

Canadian Crash Test Dummies found success in 1992 when "Superman's Song" won a Juno for Best Group (it made our charts to #87). In 1994, they won commercial success by going to #1 with an apparently bad song. I thought it was quite good myself.

BIGGEST HIT: "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm" (1994, #1)


#672. CHYNNA PHILLIPS (1996-97, #9 - 3 entries)

Making her second appearance in this list, Chynna left Wilson Phillips after an exhausting second album. She returned three years later, and the charts welcomed her back. Her debut album would be her only release, returning to Wilson Phillips in 2004.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Live For You" (1996, #9)


#671. CUT 'N' MOVE (1993-94, #1 - 3 entries)

Hailing from Denmark, Cut 'n' Move were one of many groups that "danced up" older hits for the dancefloor. Covering KC & the Sunshine Band's 1983 hit, they took it to the top of the charts exactly a decade later, when Europop could do no wrong.

BIGGEST HIT: "Give It Up" (1993, #1)


#670. MARGARET URLICH (1990-96, #17 - 11 entries)

Margaret began her career in NZ as vocalist for New Wave band, Peking Man, then girl band, When The Cat's Away (also featuring Annie Crummer). She moved to Sydney in 1989 for a solo career winning Best New Artist at the ARIA's. And the rest is history.

BIGGEST HIT: "Escaping" (1990, #17)


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I am happy and sad to see CTD there.

Happy because Mmm mmm mmm mmm is amazing and it is great to see such a great group on the list.

But sad because I bet $200 that they would make the top 500 of this list. Because I lost the bet, I am no longer able to get drunk this weekend.
Happy & Sad to hear that...if it's any consolation, they only missed the Top 500 by 33,000 copies.
I like Margaret Urlich, Lipps Inc, Mary J Blige, Maria McKee, The Go-Go's and Paulini, but the best from this lot is Neneh Cherry!!!!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#669. DENI HINES (1995-98, 2000-02, 2006, #4 - 8 entries)

Deni Hines was always in good musical company. Of course, her mother was a huge 70's star, but Deni started out on her own as backing vocalist for acts such as Jimmy Barnes and Kylie. She fronted the Rockmelons, and then found her own success in 1995.

BIGGEST HIT: "It's Alright" (1995, #4)


#668. LUTHER VANDROSS (1992-95, #2 - 3 entries)

What was the strange case of the #2 duets during the early 90's? Mariah and Luther. Luther and Janet. Janet and Michael. All just missed the top spot. Luther unfortunately could never get over the hurdle, suffering a stroke in 1993 which lead to his death in 1995.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Best Things In Life Are Free" (with Janet Jackson) (1992, #2)


#667. CARLY SIMON (1980-81, 1985, 1987, 1989, #4 - 4 entries)

Carly Simon may not have scored as many hits during the 80's to equal the four Top Tens, including #1 "You're So Vain", she had in the 70's, but Carly added to her career achievements by winning an Oscar for the theme song for the 1988 film, Working Girl.

BIGGEST HIT: "Jesse" (1980, #4)


#666. DAFT PUNK (1997, 2000-01, 2005, 2007-08, #10 - 6 entries)

Scoring the evil position of #666, there's nothing demonic about this French electronic band. One of the most innovative bands of the genre, they scored two Grammy's from seven nominations. If only we knew what they looked like to congratulate them!

BIGGEST HIT: "One More Time" (2000, #10)


#665. FAITH EVANS (1997-99, 2002, 2005-06, #1 - 5 entries)

Faith is a bit lucky to make this list. Singing nothing but the chorus for Puff Daddy's biggest hit, he was kind enough to give her equal credit as a duet, giving her half the points of the huge hit. On her own, Faith could climb no higher than #41.

BIGGEST HIT: "I'll Be Missing You" (with Puff Daddy featuring 112) (1997, #1)


#664. CHOCOLATE STARFISH (1993-96, #11 - 7 entries)

Melbourne's Chocolate Starfish scored their break with a cover of Carly Simon's #1 hit. The band featured 80's hitmaker John Justin, members of Kids In The Kitchen and Roxus, plus sessions musicians for James Reyne and Kate Ceberano.

BIGGEST HIT: "You're So Vain" (1993, #11)


#663. BLUR (1994-99, #4 - 9 entries)

The Battle Of Britpop during the mid-90's had Blur up against Oasis, a public rivalry that resulted in the bands releasing their singles on the same day. Blur won that round, but in Australia, overall, as this countdown shows, Blur have come in second.

BIGGEST HIT: "Song 2" (1997, #4)


#662. SILK (1993, #3 - 2 entries)

American R&B group Silk were discovered by Keith Sweat, who we've recently seen in this list. He co-wrote their biggest hit, which was later covered by Another Level in 1998. The group have released six albums in total, with a new one expected in 2010.

BIGGEST HIT: "Freak Me" (1993, #3)


#661. DJ BOBO (1993-96, 2003, #13 - 8 entries)

Swiss producer DJ Bobo is most known for his 1993 hit, borrowing the melody from Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me", which borrowed the talents of Michael Jackson for the chorus. To date, DJ Bobo has sold more than 14 million records worldwide.

BIGGEST HIT: "Somebody Dance With Me" (1993, #13)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#660. SPIN DOCTORS (1993, #3 - 3 entries)

Originally called Trucking Company, Spin Doctors were in our lives during '93, making the Top Ten with a hit they later performed on Sesame Street. Only the UK followed up their success into the second album, but three further albums have gone unnoticed.

BIGGEST HIT: "Two Princes" (1993, #3)


#659. SLIM DUSTY (1980-81, 1983, 1987-88, #1 - 5 entries)

Country music legend, Slim Dusty, first tasted #1 success back in 1958 with "A Pub With No Beer". It was the first single ever to stay in the chart for more than a year. 22 years later he was back at the top, still drinking, with a song I named my dog after.

BIGGEST HIT: "Duncan" (1980, #1)


#658. TONI PEAREN (1992-95, #10 - 4 entries)

Toni Pearen was one of the popular stars of E-Street, and the most popular host of Australia's Funniest Home Video Show. But it is widely forgotten that in between all that, she had a couple of Top Ten hits, including one of the best by a soap star ever.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Want You" (1993, #10)


#657. FRAGMA (1999-2003, 2008, #8 - 7 entries)

Brothers Dirk and Marco Duderstadt prudced their first hit, "Toca Me" as Fragma in 1998, but it wasn't until it was "mashed" with Coco's "I Need A Miracle" that it gained widespread appeal. They continued on with new vocalist Damae on most of their songs.

BIGGEST HIT: "Toca's Miracle" (2000, #8)


#656. BLU CANTRELL (2001-04, #3 - 3 entries)

Before becoming Ms. Cantrell, Tiffany Cobb was an actress and jazz singer who had also had to pleasure of being crowned Miss Rhode Island. After performing backing vocals for artists such as Puff Daddy, she found herself a contract, and a place on our list.

BIGGEST HIT: "Breathe" (2003, #8)


#655. MACHINATIONS (1982-85, 1987-88, #14 - 9 entries)

One of the most under-rated bands of the 80's, and one of my faves, the Machinations did extremely well to perch themselves this high on the list without a Top Ten entry. The guys reformed in 1997 with the hope of some new material, but is wasn't to be.

BIGGEST HIT: "Do To You" (1987, #15)


#654. GINUWINE (1996-97, #3 - 2 entries)

American R&B singer Ginuwine broke into music after appearing in a Jodeci video clip, and meeting Missy Elliott. His hit was the first taste we had of Timothy Mosley's production that would become huge during the late 2000's, under the name, Timbaland.

BIGGEST HIT: "Pony" (1996, #3)


#653. MONIFAH (1999, 2001, #5 - 3 entries)

Monifah was guided through the early stages of her career by Heavy D, who had enjoyed Top Ten success in Australia during 1991. She scored a major hit from her second album, featuring a sample of Dutch group, Laid Back, and their song "White Horse".

BIGGEST HIT: "Touch It" (1999, #5)


#652. JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT (1999, 2002-03, #6 - 3 entries)

Seemingly Jennifer had turned from acting to music, but she had actually released three albums before she hit our charts with her I Know What You Did Last Summer hit. The Party Of Fivestar gave music a proper go with the release of her "Barenaked" album.

BIGGEST HIT: "How Do I Deal" (1999, #8)


#651. TEEN QUEENS (1992-93, #6 - 4 entries)

Kellie Hoggart, Liza Witt and Roxanne Clark put together the Teen Queens as a TV series about life as an Australian girl group in the 60's. The pilot was turned down, so the girls decided to make it into a serious recording act, releasing two albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Be My Baby" (1992, #6)


Nice to see Luther Vandross and I am surprised that Faith Evans and Blu CAntrell are so high, although i like both!
Jennifer Love Hewitt should have a comeback loved her last ablum.
Well, alley, usually a song featuring someone like Faith Evans in the chorus would be listed as "featuring" which would give Puff all the credit, but he released it as Puff Daddy "&" Faith Evans, so as I said, she's a bit lucky in that respect to make the list.

Blu Cantrell had two Top Ten hits, so her place is all her own credit.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#650. TEXAS (1989-92, 1997-99, 2001, #4 - 10 entries)

Many things may be bigger then Texas, but only 649 artists are bigger than Texas - the band! Formed by former Altered Images bassist, Johnny McElhone, they named themselves after the Wim Wenders film, Paris, Texas. The guys have released seven albums to date.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Don't Want A Lover" (1989, #4)


#649. CHRISTIE ALLEN (1980-81, #3 - 5 entries)

Born in England, Christie moved to Perth with her family, and soon came to the attention of producer Terry Britten, who wrote songs for Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. She was voted Most Popular Female Singer at the 1979 and 1980 Countdown Awards.

BIGGEST HIT: "He's My Number One" (1980, #3)


#648. AMANDA PEREZ (2003-05, #2 - 3 entries)

After meeting with a talent scout in her hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, Amanda was quickly signed and her debut album released, but only with minor success. Her second album's title track reaped more rewards, paving the way for two more albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Angel" (2003, #2)


#647. THE CLASH (1980-83, 1985, #3 - 6 entries)

Rolling Stone's best albums of the 80's list had The Clash's "London Calling" at #1. It was a mix of every style that was to come. The title track can be heard in Cyndi Lauper's "Money Changes Everything", while others were sampled for Annie Lennox and Garbage.

BIGGEST HIT: "Rock The Casbah" (1982, #3)


#646. CITY HIGH (2001-02, #2 - 2 entries)

City High's 2001 hit was not so new. The song featured two years prior in the 1999 Eddie Murphy film, Life. Members Claudette Ortiz and Robby Pardlo were actually in a relationship, but she dumped him and married Ryan Toby, the other member. Woah!!!

BIGGEST HIT: "What Would You Do?" (2001, #2)


#645. NEWTON (1995-97, #5 - 3 entries)

Another artist dancing up old hits, Newton brought producers Mike Stock and Matt Aitken back to the Top Ten for one last time. His whole album was basically covers, with old hits by Jigsaw, Dan Hill and Rita Coolidge giving him chart success here.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sometimes When We Touch" (1996, #5)


#644. CHRISTINA MILIAN (2001-02, 2004, 2006, #7 - 4 entries)

Leading up to her successful debut, Christina had performed on Ja Rule's second album, "Rule 3:36", and co-wrote and backed Jennifer Lopez on "Play". After releasing a few albums, Christina starred in a few films, something she set out to do in the first place.

BIGGEST HIT: "When You Look At Me" (2002, #7)


#643. ASHANTI (2002-03, 2005, 2008, #6 - 5 entries)

Although she couldn't claim anything for herself for this chart, Ashanti was more successful helping out Fat Joe and Ja Rule, hitting the Top Ten four times with them. Alone she made it to the Top Ten once, with three more moderate hits earning her enough to be here.

BIGGEST HIT: "Foolish" (2002, #6)


#642. KRIS KROSS (1992-93, #1 - 4 entries)

Chris Kelly and Chris Smith were barely teenagers when they hit #1 in Australia, bringing with them a new style of fashion, wearing everything back to front. With two further albums after their US #1 debut, the guys found it little follow-up success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Jump" (1992, #1)


#641. SISQO (2000-02, #2 - 5 entries)

Over the years we've heard songs about all types of clothing, but a thong was probably as far as we needed to go. After his former group Dru Hill parted ways in 1999, Sisqo went alone with two albums. However, he didn't turn his back when they reformed in 2002.

BIGGEST HIT: "Thong Song" (2000, #2)


WOW!!! Just checked out the next 10 artists for the countdown, and if you're an Australian Idol fan, then you're in for a treat.

There's FOUR(!!!) Idol finalists coming up in the next 10...!
I don't quite get the hype of London Calling but I loved Clash's 'Rock The Casbah'. I'm not much of a rap/hip-hop fan either, but Kris Kross's 'Jump' was a great track at the time - very catchy. But the fashion was a worry.
Love Texas! Didn't realise that Amanda Perez had three charting singles, I always thought she was a one hit wonder!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#640. DIXIE CHICKS (1999, 2003, 2006-08, #6 - 4 entries)

It's hard to believe that a trio of female country music singers could get into much strife, but that's exactly what happened to the Dixie Chicks with their anti-Bush statements made during their concerts. It became the subject of the documentary, Shut Up And Sing.

BIGGEST HIT: "Landslide" (2003, #6)


#639. WES CARR (2008-09, #1 - 4 entries)

As the first Australian Idol winner to appear on this list, it doesn't mean he's the least successful (Natalie Gauci is the only winner not to make the list). Wes' down-to-earth honest talent was something Idol needed, and revitalized the show somewhat in the charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "You" (2008, #1)


#638. SAM SPARRO (2008-09, #4 - 3 entries)

Australian born, star of the world, Sam Sparro featured in various commercials as a kid. At 10, his family moved him to Los Angeles, he returned to Australia, and then sought a career in London. He returned to Los Angeles (!!!) and finally broke through to success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Black And Gold" (2008, #4)


#637. THE LAST GOODNIGHT (2008-09, #3 - 2 entries)

Starting out as Renata, the schoolmates regularly performed concerts locally, and came to the attention of Jeff Blue, who had signed Macy Gray and Linkin Park. They were signed in 2006, and the fruits of their labour, "Poison Kiss" gave them Top Ten success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Pictures Of You" (2008, #3)


#636. YAZOO (1982-83, #6 - 4 entries)

English synthpop band, Yazoo were extremely influential for a band that lasted only a couple of years, most recently La Roux. We've already seen Vince Clarke's previous and future bands in this list, and Yazoo lead singer, Alison Moyet is still to come.

BIGGEST HIT: "Only You" (1982, #7)


#635. CASEY DONOVAN (2004-05, #1 - 3 entries)

It was a shock to see Casey take the Australian Idol 2 crown over widespread favourite, Anthony Callea. She had grown up in a musical family, and later transferred to the Australian Institute of Music before her audition. At 16, she was the youngest to win the title.

BIGGEST HIT: "Listen With Your Heart" (2004, #1)


#634. CONCRETE BLONDE (1987, 1990-93, #2 - 7 entries)

American Gothic band, Concrete Blonde, had to wait until their third album for commercial success, but they actually did appear on the Australian charts with their debut single, "True" reaching #91 in 1987. Johnette Napolitano has since released solo work.

BIGGEST HIT: "Joey" (1990, #2)


#633. KATE DeARAUGO (2005-06, #1 - 2 entries)

Kate had unsuccessfully auditioned for both Idol 1 and 2. It was third time lucky with Kate winning Idol 3, with a little help from her father who ran a "Vote For Kate" campaign throughout Victoria. Kate is the only winner never to scored a "touchdown".

BIGGEST HIT: "Maybe Tonight" (2005, #1)


#632. LEE HARDING (2006, #1 - 2 entries)

Lee may not have won Australian Idol 3, but he just pipped the winner, Kate DeAraugo in the sales department. Lee was working in a local cinema multiplex before his Idol journey, which paved the way for his only album. He was dropped by Sony, and disappeared.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wasabi" (2006, #1)


#631. ARETHA FRANKLIN (1981, 1985-87, 1989, #1 - 8 entries)

Aretha Franklin's major success came during the 60's, with a couple of minor hits through the 70's. She came back with a successful album in '85, and a #1 duet with George Michael a year later. Aretha was the first female to be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)" (with George Michael) (1987, #1)


lol Lee Harding & Kate DeAraugo & Casey,all big failures imo in there music careers,all one hit wonders too
I don't like any of the idols that are there, even though there are some who I really liked (Paulini, Ricki Lee). Good to see Yazoo and the Dixie Chicks as well.
I thought Wes Carr would be way higher than Idol failures in Harding, DeAraugo and Donovan.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#630. JUICE NEWTON (1981-82, #2 - 3 entries)

Country music star, Judith (Juice) Newton scored two Top Ten hits in Australia during 1981, but her accompanying sixth album peaked at a measly #46. Still, it earnt her two Grammy nominations. She won Best Female Country Vocalist a year later.

BIGGEST HIT: "Angel Of The Morning" (1981, #2)


#629. PLAYER [1] (1980, #3 - 1 entry)

Playing on the new technology of the early 80's, the Arcade game, Australia's Player [1] used every sound effect in the book for their only hit. Despite becoming one of the biggest hits of the year, Russell Dunlop and Bruce Brown remain totally unknown.

BIGGEST HIT: "Space Invaders" (1980, #3)


#628. PAUL LEKAKIS (1987, #1 - 1 entry)

Scouring the net for images of Paul Lekakis, is was shocked to find him sans clothes! Seems he forgot something after his "boom boom". Discovered while dancing during a modeling assignment in Italy, Paul has since appeared in many TV shows and movies.

BIGGEST HIT: "Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room)" (1987, #1)


#627. TOTO (1980, 1982-83, 1985, 1988, #5 - 6 entries)

In 2008, Toto officially ended an amazing 30 year career, with 18 albums, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 million record sales worldwide, and 12 musicians going through the ranks. In 2001, they were sampled on Roger Sanchez's Top 20 hit single, "Another Chance".

BIGGEST HIT: "Africa" (1982, #5)


#626. GOANNA (1982-85, #3 - 5 entries)

Known for integrating social protest in their songs, it didn't hurt Goanna's commercial success at all. Their major hit was one of the first to break open the subject of Aboriginal rights in Australia. Lead singer Shane Howard had his own solo success in 1990.

BIGGEST HIT: "Solid Rock" (1982, #3)


#625. EDDY GRANT (1982-84, 1988, #2 - 7 entries)

Eddy Grant first charted way back in 1968 as lead guitarist of The Equals. He penned their hit, "Baby Come Back" which made it to #10 on our charts. 15 years later he was back in the Top Ten, and even produced a few more for artists such as Sting and Mick Jagger.

BIGGEST HIT: "Electric Avenue" (1983, #2)


#624. COLLEEN HEWETT (1980-84, #2 - 4 entries)

70's Queen of Pop for two years running, Colleen Hewett concentrated on acting later on, appearing on Prisoner, Cop Shop and Flying Doctors. She still had time, though, for a hit single or two, and appeared as Peter Allen's mother in The Boy From Oz in 2006.

BIGGEST HIT: "Dreaming My Dreams With You" (1980, #2)


#623. D:REAM (1994-95, #9 - 4 entries)

Northern Irish synthpop act, D:Ream featured Peter Cunnah, Al MacKenzie and Cian McCarthy, but soon became a one man band as Peter kept the name going. After a chance meeting in 2008, Peter and Al reformed the band, currently working on a third album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Things Can Only Get Better" (1994, #9)


#622. THE IAN CAREY PROJECT (2008-09, #2 - 2 entries)

Working as a disc jockey since 1995, and then producer from 1998, it's been a long road to chart success for America's Ian Carey. Ian re-located to Europe, releasing singles as Ian "45" Carey, and The Ian Carey Project, the latter giving him his Top Ten success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Get Shaky" (2008, #3)


#621. CRAZY TOWN (2001-03, #4 - 3 entries)

Bret Mazur and Seth Binzer a.k.a. Epic and Shifty, started collaborating in 1995, but it wasn't until 1999 that the eventual Crazy Town released their debut album. The first two singles bombed, but the third finally got some action two years after the albums' release.

BIGGEST HIT: "Butterfly" (2001, #4)


Spooky!...just noticed it was Juice Newton's birthday today, as well.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#620. JOAN ARMATRADING (1980-83, 1985-86, #6 - 9 entries)

Born in the West Indies, Joan moved with her family to England when she was seven. In another seven years, Joan began writing and learning guitar. She was sacked from her first job for bringing the guitar to work and playing during her breaks. It was a Godsend.

BIGGEST HIT: "Drop The Pilot" (1983, #6)


#619. YOTHU YINDI (1989, 1991-94, 2000, #11 - 6 entries)

Australian band Yothu Yindi are made up of Aborignal members and balanda (non-Aboriginal members). Their music contains elements from both cultures, mixing traditional songs with pop/rock sounds. Adding in a little dance mixing, they scored two Top 20 hits.

BIGGEST HIT: "Treaty (Filthy Lucre Remix)" (1991, #11)


#618. BABYFACE (1994-98, #5 - 4 entries)

More successful as a producer, Babyface has helped Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, TLC, Bobby Brown and Paula Abdul. He wrote Boyz II Men's huge hits, and sent Madonna back to the US #1. He had is own hit in 1997 with a little help from Stevie Wonder.

BIGGEST HIT: "How Come, How Long" (featuring Stevie Wonder) (1997, #5)


#617. SNOW PATROL (2004, 2006-09, #22 - 9 entries)

Peaking at #22, but having this much success is a little misleading. The ARIA digital chart began in 2006, and Snow Patrol scored a huge hit on it. However, the format wasn't included in the main chart, so it was forever banished to the "below 50" area.

BIGGEST HIT: "Chasing Cars" (2006, #53 - #1 digital)


#616. GWYNETH PALTROW (2000-01, #1 - 2 entries)

Sometimes a singer will hit with a cover that isn't unlike a karaoke version. Gwyneth's efforts were no different, except that that was the point, the movie they were from, Duets, was about that subject. Gwyneth is the first of two Oscar winning actresses in this list.

BIGGEST HIT: "Cruisin'" (with Huey Lewis) (2000, #1)


#615. SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER (1999-2000, #1 - 2 entries)

With a name inspired by Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, Sixpence None The Richer found brief success at the close of the 90's. The band had trouble maintaining a solid band with 12 members going through the line-up, which has now settle down as a trio.

BIGGEST HIT: "Kiss Me" (1999, #1)


#614. DISCO MONTEGO / KAYLAN (2000-03, #9 - 7 entries)

Brothers Darren and Dennis Dowlut started their career as Kaylan, enjoying two Top 20 hits in 2000. They switched to producing under the name Disco Montego, featuring vocalist Katie Underwood. Their career ended in 2005 when Darren died of cancer.

BIGGEST HIT: "Beautiful" (featuring Katie Underwood) (2002, #9)


#613. KWS (1992, 1994, #2 - 3 entries)

Short lived pop/rave band, KWS, scored another cover hit from KC & the Sunshine Band just like Cut 'n' Move earlier in this list. In this case, they couldn't match the #1 success KC enjoyed, but the single hung around long enough to exceed its sales overall.

BIGGEST HIT: "Please Don't Go" (1992, #2)


#612. A.R. RAHMAN (2009, #1 - 1 entry)

In 2008 film, Slumdog Millionaire, made a star out of many unknowns. Composer A.R. Rahman won two Oscars for his efforts, including his biggest hit featuring The Pussycat Dolls, making him the first Indian citizen ever to win an Academy Award.

BIGGEST HIT: "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)" (featuring The Pussycat Dolls) (2009, #1)


#611. CASCADA (2006-07, 2009, #3 - 4 entries)

Record producers DJ Manian and Yanou teamed up in 2004 and recruited Natalie Horler on vocal duties. Their single, "Everytime We Touch" was a worldwide hit. Depite not cracking our Top 50, it became the fourth biggest hit never to reach the Top 50.

BIGGEST HIT: "Evacuate The Dancefloor" (2009, #3)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#610. ABBA (1980-83, 1992, 2008, #7 - 9 entries)

When I finish this list, I will start the long road to cover the entire history of music since 1956, and you can bet everything you have that Abba will be Top Ten. The biggest selling artists of the 70's managed to hold it all together for a few more years to make it here.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Winner Takes It All" (1980, #7)


#609. CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS (1993-94, #5 - 3 entries)

DJ Chaka Demus & singer Pliers were already established acts in Jamaica, teaming up for the 1993 Reggae revolution that swept our charts. Coming in at the tail end of the genre's success, they carried it into 1994. The two have just reunited for a second album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Tease Me" (1993, #5)


#608. DJ SAMMY (2002-03, 2005, #4 - 4 entries)

Spanish DJ Sammy started his career in 1984 in dance clubs. It was from this time that he would score his biggest hits 20 years later, covering Don Henley and Bryan Adams, of all people, for the dancefloor. He then covered Annie Lennox on his next album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Heaven" (with Yanou featuring Do) (2002, #4)


#607. TALKING HEADS (1981, 1983, 1985-87, #10 - 8 entries)

Turning the avante-garde into pop success, Talking Heads, were one of the few 80's bands to gain critical and commercial success. Eccentric frontman, David Byrne donned a huge "box" suit in their Stop Making Sense film, to make his head appear smaller.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wild Wild Life" (1986, #13)


#606. EAMON (2004, #1 - 2 entries)

We've already seen Frankee in this list, now meet the so called "boyfriend". There was speculation that both versions of the song were a pre-arranged ploy to sell more copies. Eamon's hit is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the song with the most expletives.

BIGGEST HIT: "F**k It (I Don't Want You Back)" (2004, #1)


#605. SHAKAYA (2002-03, 2005, #5 - 6 entries)

Coming way beautiful Cairns in North Queensland, Simone Stacey and Naomi Wenitong met while studying an Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander music course. They were originally named Kashaya, until their manager mixed the letters around.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stop Calling Me" (2002, #5)


#604. THE ROMANTICS (1980, 1984, #2 - 2 entries)

There's no escaping The Romantics, even though we've heard nothing new since 1985. Their biggest hit features in Australia's K-Mart commercials. An American band influenced by British rock, they formed on Valentine's Day, so the name, The Romantics.

BIGGEST HIT: "What I Like About You" (1980, #2)


#603. SCOOTER (2002-03, 2005, #1 - 5 entries)

Germany's Scooter are considered the highest selling singles artist ever to come out of the country. With 23 Top Ten hits worldwide, they've amassed 25 million sales. In Australia, they hit the Top Ten just once, going #1 with a danced up Supertramp cover.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Logical Song" (2002, #1)


#602. ALISON MOYET (1984-87, #13 - 7 entries)

The Depeche Mode/Yazoo/Erasure connection is complete with Yazoo lead singer, Alison Moyet trumping them all. Before her brilliant pop songs of the 80's, Alison worked with pub rock, punk rock, and blues bands in her local South East Essex area.

BIGGEST HIT: "Is This Love" (1987, #13)


#601. ARMAND VAN HELDEN (1999-2000, 2004-05, 2007, 2009, #6 - 10 entries)

The man responsible for Tori Amos' biggest single, American DJ Armand Van Helden came into his own spotlight in 1999, hitting the UK #1 position. Ten years later, he hit the top spot again with his collaboration with Dizzee Rascal, "Bonkers".

BIGGEST HIT: "You Don't Know Me" (featuring Duane Harden) (1999, #15)


Yaya to Toto, Eddy Grant, Babyface, Alison Moyet and ABBA (I was wondering if they would make it in) but i'm glad they did.
I've loved this list Chris. Have downloaded quite a few songs I didn't have. Thanks a lot

Btw, isn't My My My Armand Van Helden's biggest hit?
Thanks Mykl. Good to see you "discovering" some good music.

In regards to Armand, it all comes down to the end of year charts. Even though "My, My, My" was Armand's only Top 10 hit, it failed to make the end of year charts, where "You Don't Know Me", did, coming in #80 for 1999's end of year.

1999, by the way, was quite a high selling year compared to the mid-2000's.

Next week, another 100 artists come our way before we (finally) reach halfway!
Hi I have a question.

On this website you talk a lot aobut using a "triangle" points method to do these lists. I am thinking about using this method to compile some lists of my own but I've forgotten how its done. Can someone please remind me how it goes? Cheers.
My My My has a funny clip.
Oh ok I just assumed that because My My My's chart run was better that it was the most successful song of his, and yeah funny clip.
Hi John,

The basis is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10...

I assign #50 1 point, add 2, #49 is 3 points, add 3, #48 is 4 points, and so on. You'll get to #1 with a total of 1275 points. I also add 100 points for each week in the Top 50. So #50 is roughly one twelfth the points of #1.

You'll find it's doesn't exactly fit the End Of Year charts, but I adjust accordingly so it's more accurate. From there I apply a few other layers of calculation to bring it up to an estimated sales level, but that's the basic idea.

Hope that helps a little.
Well, it's time to get into another week of the biggest singles artists from the last 30 years. By the coming weekend we'll be halfway!

I hope everyone's favourite artists are still in tact...unless they're one of these ten...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#600. GLENN MEDEIROS (1987-88, 1990, #8 - 3 entries)

At just 17, Glenn gave us one of the most well-known ballads of the 80's, a cover of a George Benson song. He would return to the Top Ten in 1990, with a little help from Bobby Brown, with a much more up tempo hit. Glenn is now a school teacher of US History.

BIGGEST HIT: "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You" (1987, #10)


#599. MICHAEL BUBLE (2003-05, 2007-09, #13 - 6 entries)

Swing has been somewhat of a novelty in the singles charts since the days of Frank Sinatra. Until now. Michael Buble has sold a staggering amount of albums in this country, managing to keep the genre relevant in the singles charts, with a recent Top Ten hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sway" (2004, #15)


#598. WANG CHUNG (1984, 1986-87, #7 - 4 entries)

One of my favourite lines in Futurama is when Leila proclaims "...this Wang's Chung". The band formed around 1980 as Huang Chung, of Chinese origin loosely meaning "perfect pitch". They took a break after five albums, but have another ready for 2010.

BIGGEST HIT: "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" (1986, #8)


#597. MEREDITH BROOKS (1997-98, #2 - 2 entries)

It's good to see some artists aren't overshadowed by the parodies that follow. We've seen Chris Franklin at #700, but Meredith reigns supreme, despite just missing the top spot. Meredith was a member of The Graces in 1989, with Go-Go's member Charlotte Caffey.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bitch" (1997, #2)


#596. BOW WOW (2001-2007, #6 - 7 entries)

Shad Moss first came to our attention as a 14 year old rapper named Lil' Bow Wow. He had previously appeared in that other doggy rapper's video, "Gin And Juice". Just like Snoop, Lil' Bow Wow grew up, changed his name, and is now know simply as Bow Wow.

BIGGEST HIT: "Bow Wow (That's My Name)" (2001, #6)


#595. REAL LIFE (1983-85, 1989-90, #6 - 6 entries)

Few Australian bands made a name for themselves during the New Wave movement of the 80's, but Real Life provided us with one of the best 80's songs ever. After a remix album was release in 2006, their biggest hit can now be heard in 17 different remixed versions.

BIGGEST HIT: "Send Me An Angel" (1983, #6)


#594. BERTIE HIGGINS (1982, #2 - 1 entry)

There were a few songs referencing movies or books during the early 80's. Kate Bush had "Wuthering Heights", while Human League were doing A Star Is Born on "Don't You Want Me". Bertie had Humphrey Bogart's Key Largo, adding a little Casablanca in, too.

BIGGEST HIT: "Key Largo" (1982, #2)


#593. BUCKS FIZZ (1981-83, #6 - 6 entries)

Tipped to be the next Abba, Bucks Fizz still enjoyed major success, pipping their Swedish rivals success in the 80's. They won Eurovision '81, but it all turned grim when their tour bus crashed, leaving one member in a coma. The guys still perform concerts today.

BIGGEST HIT: "Making Your Mind Up" (1981, #6)


#592. PETER BLAKELEY (1986, 1989-90, 1994, #3 - 6 entries)

Although we really came to know Peter in 1990, he had been active in the music industry from the late 70's, touring with Richard Clapton around that time. He later lead the Rockmelons mid-80's, and also backed Absent Friends' biggest hit in 1990.

BIGGEST HIT: "Crying In The Chapel" (1989, #3)


#591. TIME BANDITS (1984-86, #5 - 4 entries)

If you find a little recognition in the video clip for Time Bandits biggest hit, it's because the Dutch band filmed it right here in Australia. From the Big Pineapple in QLD to the Opera House in Sydney, it was a big thanks for the success they had received from us.

BIGGEST HIT: "Endless Road" (1985, #5)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#590. ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK (1981-82, 1984-88, 1991-92, #15 - 11 entries)

Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys may have been overshadowed by contempories The Human League and New Order, but they were no less relevant in the synth-pop scene of the 80's. Just listen to The Killers' "Human" to hear how their sound as inspired.

BIGGEST HIT: "If You Leave" (1986, #15)


#589. THE FOUR SEASONS (1992-93, #3 - 1 entry)

While Melbourne enjoys the life story of The Four Seasons with the brilliant stage show,Jersey Boys, we welcome the guys into the chart via a remix of their 1976 hit. Fronted by Frankie Valli, the group had two #1 hits in succession during the early 60's.

BIGGEST HIT: "December 1963 (Oh What A Night)" (1992, #3)


#588. MARY MARY (2000-01, #2 - 2 entries)

It's rare to see Gospel music at the top end of the charts, but sisters (as in the family way) Erica Campbell and Tina Atkins did just that in 2000, kept from #1 by another religious figure, Madonna. They named themselves after Mary, mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene.

BIGGEST HIT: "Shackles (Praise You)" (2000, #2)


#587. NEWTON FAULKNER (2008-09, #5 - 2 entries)

With all the Rihanna's and Flo Rida's jamming our charts, Newton Faulkner's down to earth nature was a Godsend. The English singer and guitarist enjoyed a #1 album in the UK, with his second only just letting him get out of the one hit wonder tag.

BIGGEST HIT: "Dream Catch Me" (2008, #5)


#586. REGURGITATOR (1995-2001, 2004, #14 - 16 entries)

Brisbane's "gurg" started out as a heavy and frequently quirky alternative band. That quirkiness remained as they explored pop music, complete with computer 3D video clips. They've gone back and forth between the extremes on later albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Polyester Girl" (1998, #14)


#585. THE PARTY BOYS (1983, 1987-90, #1 - 5 entries)

As the name suggests, The Party Boys was like a huge get together for many of Australia's biggest names. James Reyne, Marc Hunter, Richard Clapton and Angry Anderson have all gone through the line-up, settling on John Swan, who gave them their big #1 hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "He's Gonna Step On You Again" (1987, #1)


#584. t.A.T.u. (2000, 2003, 2005-06, #1 - 5 entries)

There was controversy at Eurovision '03, when 3rd placed t.A.T.u. missed out on the Irish telephone vote, causing them to miss the title. It was later revealed that the Irish voters didn't give them any votes anyway, despite their single being at #1 at the time.

BIGGEST HIT: "All The Things She Said" (2003, #1)


#583. STACEY Q (1986-88, #7 - 4 entries)

The minimalist nature of Stacey Q's pop hits possibly hid the fact that they were kinda the same song. Australia didn't mind, though, we sent them both to the Top Ten. After converting to Buddhism in 1997, she took a break from recording, but will be back in 2010.

BIGGEST HIT: "Two Of Hearts" (1986, #7)


#582. VILLAGE PEOPLE (1980-81, 1998, #1 - 4 entries)

The concept was easy, take a sailor, construction worker, biker, policeman, cowboy and Indian, you know, everyday people (!?!) and turn them into a successful disco group. It worked amazingly. I still give their 1980 film, Can't Stop The Music, a view now and then.

BIGGEST HIT: "Can't Stop The Music" (1980, #1)


#581. SAM BROWN (1988-90, #4 - 4 entries)

Sam Brown released her debut album, "Stop!", followed by "April Moon" and "43 Minutes". After "Box", "ReBoot" and "Of The Moment", it was brought to her attention that the albums were spelling out her name! That gives us at least two more albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stop!" (1988, #4)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#580. ENIGMA (1991, 1993-94, 1996-97, #2 - 6 entries)

Creator Michael Cretu had previously worked with Boney M and Mike Oldfield before his venture in the world of Gregorian chants. His former wife, Sandra, who also charted solo during the 80's, provided female vocals on the project that has lasted seven albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Sadness (Part 1)" (1991, #2)


#579. SELWYN (2001-05, #9 - 5 entries)

Selwyn was vying for a place in Scandal'us, as part of Popstars 2, but exited the competition early, which was probably a good thing. He surpasses the winners in this list with three strong selling singles from his two albums, "Meant To Be" and "One Way".

BIGGEST HIT: "Rich Girl" (2002, #9)


#578. SASH! (1997-98, 2000, 2002-03, #4 - 10 entries)

While the member of Sash! may not be that well-known, it hasn't stopped them from over 18 million album sales worldwide. The German team is fronted by Sascha Lappessen, who works in the studio with other members Ralk Kappmeier and Thomas Ludke.

BIGGEST HIT: "Adelante" (2000, #4)


#577. MICK JAGGER (1985-88, 1993, #1 - 7 entries)

The Rolling Stones and The Beatles were major forces during the 60's, and continued to influence in the 80's via their lead singers. Mick continued on with The Rolling Stones, however, who appear later on this list, while the three main singers of The Beatles are still to come.

BIGGEST HIT: "Dancing In The Street" (with David Bowie) (1985, #1)


#576. JOAN OSBORNE (1996, #1 - 2 entries)

Joan asked the big question about the changes that would follow upon the man upstairs walking the Earth with us. It was a commercial success, but not without a little challenge from the president of the Catholic League, proclaiming it close to "Catholic baiting".

BIGGEST HIT: "One Of Us" (1996, #1)


#575. L.L. COOL J (1991-92, 1994, 1996-98, 2001, 2003, 2006, #11 - 14 entries)

L.L. Cool J has tried long and hard to score a Top Ten hit in Australia. Over 15 years, the best he could get was his 1996, #11 hit. Short for "Ladies Love Cool James", L.L. has also starred in such films as Rollerball, S.W.A.T., and Any Given Sunday.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hey Lover" (1996, #11)


#574. LOUIS ARMSTRONG (1988, #1 - 1 entries)

Nicknamed Satchmo, short for Satchelmouth, Louis was long gone from this world before the start of the 80's. He died in 1971, not able to see his 1968 hit reached #1, thanks to Good Morning Vietnam. One more artist who died before 1980 remains in this list.

BIGGEST HIT: "What A Wonderful World" (1988, #1)


#573. DEBBIE GIBSON (1988-91, #7 - 8 entries)

It's quite the norm for teenagers to fill our charts, but surprisingly during the 80's, they were rare. The singer, pianist, and songwriter was labeled somewhat of a child prodigy, taking out the ASCAP Songwriter of the Year Award (with Bruce Springsteen!) in 1989.

BIGGEST HIT: "Lost In Your Eyes" (1989, #7)


#572. TONE LOC (1989, 2000, #8 - 4 entries)

Even though Tone Loc never made it to #1 in Australia, he was the first rap hero in our charts. His long-lasting debut, followed by a Top Ten hit was just a taste of the genre to come. Ahead of his time, it would be another year before M.C. Hammer took rap to #1.

BIGGEST HIT: "Funky Cold Medina" (1989, #8)


#571. atb (1999-2000, #10 - 4 entries)

Another German DJ, Andre Tanneberger was recently ranked by DJ Magazine as the #11 best DJ. Before he went solo, and during, atb was part of dance outfit, Sequential One. With his biggest hit, atb is considered the first trance act to hit #1 in the UK.

BIGGEST HIT: "9PM ('Till I Come)" (1999, #10)


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Iv found out some interesting information iv never knew before especially about Selwyn and Tatu. Keep up the good work
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#570. BACHELOR GIRL (1998-99, 2002, #4 - 6 entries)

Australian songwriter, James Roche, was putting together a demo tape for girl group, Girlfriend, in 1992, but when his singer cancelled, Tania Doko was called in. The two became Bachelor Girl soon after, and gave us two successful albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Buses And Trains" (1998, #4)


#569. CRYSTAL WATERS (1991, 1994, #2 - 3 entries)

Ahh...it's sound like such a tranquil place, but there was no relaxing around Crystal. That is her real name, and it became a well-known one as she pumped out her dancefloor classics. In 2007, she lent her vocals to another hit for Alex Gaudino on "Destination Calabria".

BIGGEST HIT: "100% Pure Love" (1994, #2)


#568. BEE GEES (1981, 1983, 1987-88, 1997, 2001, #7 - 7 entries)

Since the 60's, the Bee Gees have been quite a different band from decade to decade. From soft rock, to disco, to pop, and then contemporary, the brothers have excelled through all guises, bringing in a total worldwide record sales haul of over 200 million records!

BIGGEST HIT: "Alone" (1997, #7)


#567. SHAKESPEAR'S SISTER (1989-90, 1992-93, #3 - 6 entries)

Yes, that is a mistake. Ex-Bananarama girl Siobhan Fahey had a friend make a wooden logo for the newly formed duo, but wasn't too cluey with the Bard's spelling. The "new" spelling, originally taken from The Smiths song of the same name, stuck.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stay" (1992, #3)


#566. JAGGED EDGE (2001-02, #2 - 2 entries)

There's a few bands ahead in this list made up of twins, and Jagged Edge is one of them. Brian and Brandon Casey formed during the mid-90's, and released a couple of albums before Australia embraced them. The guys are ready for their 7th album later this year.

BIGGEST HIT: "Let's Get Married" (2001, #2)


#565. THE BELLE STARS (1982-83, 1989, #4 - 3 entries)

The seven piece, all female collective of The Belle Stars scored two Top Ten hits with covers from the 60's. The girls seemed dead and buried after their initial success, but their 1982 hit, "Iko Iko" was a favourite of Dustin Hoffman's, re-released for the Rain Man soundtrack.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Clapping Song" (1982, #4)


#564. CAST OF THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1980-81, #3 - 1 entry)

It took six years for the 1975 cult classic to finally show up on our charts. In 1977, the Australian stage show cast had a minor hit with "The Time Warp", but the movie version was huge, spurred on by a new theatrical release, of which is still going strong 35 years later.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Time Warp" (1980, #3)


#563. BAND AID (1984-85, 1990, 2004-05, 2008-09, #1 - 3 entries)

What started out as an idea from Boomtown Rats frontman, Bob Geldof, turned into a major charity event to relieve the famine in African countries. Two further "teams" were collected in 1989 and 2004, with the SAW version appearing regularly in recent Xmas charts.

BIGGEST HIT: "Do They Know It's Christmas?" (1984, #1)


#562. THE CARS (1980-82, 1984-87, #10 - 10 entries)

The Cars were off to a good start during the final years of the 70's with a Top Ten hit in 1979. They continued to prosper in the 80's with two #10 hits, one from each from of the lead singers, Ric Ocasek and Benjamin Orr. Ocasek has since produced for Weezer and No Doubt.

BIGGEST HIT: "Shake It Up" (1981, #10)


#561. WOLFMOTHER (2004-09, #8 - 7 entries)

You would have to go back to the 70's and early 80's to find a band whose theatrics matched Wolfmother's. Quite possible the only Aussie band of that nature, Wolfmother are actually the second last band I saw live, when they supported AC/DC's Black Ice Tour.

BIGGEST HIT: "Joker & The Thief" (2006, #8)


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Good to see Joshua Kadison in there, beautiful songs that he wrote I will always be happy to hear.

It's still interested to see some of the most influential acts of all time trumped by mere novalty one or two hit wonders from the last decade and a half, but that is the nature of the singles chart.

Will you do an albums charts too?
I don't even want to think about albums!!!...heh heh.

The beauty of the singles is that I have most of the info from way back when the charts began. I've just started work on the stats since 1956 and am hoping to expand this to an "official" all time list.

There's too little info about Albums in Australia before ARIA took over and so it would be too hard to make an all time list. The other reason I don't want to touch albums is because so many sales happen outside the Top 100, and would badly reflect say what the record companies tell us. Besides, I haven't really worked out an albums chart points system.

That said, it would be interesting, and if I run out of things to do, then maybe I'll give it a shot.
Go Wolfmother!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#560. PRAS (1998-99, 2005, #2 - 3 entries)

The second of The Fugee camp appears, leaving one solo member, and the band itself to come. Scoring his first solo hit from the Bullworth soundtrack, Pras caught a little of the acting bug, appearing in 1999's Mystery Men, and 2000's Turn It Up, with Ja Rule.

BIGGEST HIT: "Ghetto Superstar (That Is What You Are)" (1998, #2)


#559. I'M TALKING (1985-86, #8 - 5 entries)

With just one album under their belt, Kate Ceberano and the guys scored three Top Ten hits, peaking at #8, #9 and #10. And what mighty fine songs they were. Both lead singers enjoyed solo chart success. Zan Abeyratne hitting #58 in 1989, while Kate is still to come.

BIGGEST HIT: "Do You Wanna Be?" (1986, #8)


#558. PITBULL (2009, #6 - 4 entries)

It taken four albums for Pitbull, or Amando Perez, as his mother knows him, to gain success in Australia, hitting the Top Ten in the very last year of this 30 year period. Amando took on the "pitbull" stage name, saying that the dog is too stupid to lose, a quality he sees in himself.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" (2009, #6)


#557. WOMACK & WOMACK (1988-89, #2 - 2 entries)

A little less known than his brother, Bobby, Cecil Womack formed Womack & Womack his his wife, Linda Cooke, daughter of Sam Cooke. Bobby had already married Sam Cooke's widow, Barbara Campbell in 1965, which would melt any computer trying to figure out those relationships.

BIGGEST HIT: "Teardrops" (1988, #2)


#556. PANIC AT THE DISCO (2006-09, #12 - 5 entries)

With an exclamation mark, the guys came to us with a bang! The lads from Las Vegas sold over 2 million copies of their debut, featuring some of the longest song titles ever. Dropping the "!", the band were somewhat less successful, even losing a couple of members.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" (2006, #12)


#555. THE MOTELS (1980-85, #7 - 7 entries)

One of my favourite bands from the 80's, I always thought they deserved at least one more Top Ten hit to accompany their 1980 classic. In 1988, lead singer Martha Davis did reach #8 with her solo hit, "Don't Tell Me The Time". I guess my hopes were answered.

BIGGEST HIT: "Total Control" (1980, #7)


#554. PLAIN WHITE T's (2007-08, #3 - 2 entries)

Plain White T's hit #1 in almost every country (except ours) with their biggest hit, gaining huge sales through iTunes downloads. The nabbed a couple of Grammy nominations, as well, but couldn't overcome the might of Amy Winehouse and Maroon 5 on the night.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hey There Delilah" (2007, #3)


#553. LOVERBOY (1981-82, 1985-86, #3 - 5 entries)

Canadian outfit, Loverboy, formed right at the beginning of the 80's, and were in our charts just a year later with their debut single. The predecessors to bands like Bon Jovi, the guys were inducted into the Juno Hall Of Fame in 2009.

BIGGEST HIT: "Turn Me Loose" (1981, #3)


#552. TENACIOUS D (2002-03, #4 - 2 entries)

Tenacious D started out as a short-lived TV series starring JAck Black and Kyle Gass. While three episodes featuring the trials of a fictional band were produced, only one was aired. The guys put all that "unheard" footage into two albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Tribute" (2002, #4)


#551. YOUTH GROUP (2006, #1 - 2 entries)

Australia's Youth Group owes their success to a couple of overseas connections. Covering an early 80's song by German band, Alphaville, the guys scored major exposure when it was used on the American TV series, The O.C. It's their only success from four albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Forever Young" (2006, #1)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#550. S.O.A.P. (1998-99, #7 - 3 entries)

I came up with zip when sussing out the meaning of "S.O.A.P.". Snakes On A Plane, Son Of All Pussys, a lot of computer terms. Well, I guess the secret is locked inside these Malaysian-born, Danish sisters, Heidi and Saseline Sorensen.

BIGGEST HIT: "This Is How We Party" (1998, #7)


#549. 3T (1996-97, #5 - 5 entries)

The success of the mighty Jackson family didn't end with Michael, Janet and their siblings. 3T, the three sons of Tito Jackson, brought the family's success to a second generation, when Auntie Janet was at her peak, and Uncle Michael was enjoying a major comeback.

BIGGEST HIT: "Anything" (1996, #5)


#548. NIK KERSHAW (1984-87, #5 - 7 entries)

After playing in a number of unsuccessful bands, Nik Kershaw set out on his own, giving us some of the best 80's pop. Considered somewhat of a prodigy, the singer/songwriter/guitarist enjoyed two major albums before becoming a victim of his own success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Wouldn't It Be Good" (1984, #5)


#547. THE JOHN BUTLER TRIO (2001, 2003-09, #11 - 10 entries)

John Butler could give Ben Folds a couple of tips on how to call a trio a trio. Born to an Australian father and American mother, he moved to Western Australia when he was 11, soon picking up the guitar for the first time. 15 years later, John became one of our most respected musicians.

BIGGEST HIT: "Better Than" (2007, #16)


#546. FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION (1988, #1 - 2 entries)

It's strange how some music is perceived over the years. Fairground Attraction's debut single went from hit, to annoying novelty pretty quickly. But personally, I think it has gained some kind of classic status over the years. Maybe the innocence won through in the end.

BIGGEST HIT: "Perfect" (1988, #1)


#545. BLOODHOUND GANG (1997, 1999-2000, 2005-06, #5 - 7 entries)

This is what happens when you put all those immature guys you ever knew into a recording studio. But I must say, credit is awarded for the guys to be able to find that "novel" success over three albums, when most fade and die after one song.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Bad Touch" (1999, #5)


#544. MR. BIG (1992-94, #1 - 3 entries)

In 1977, English band Mr. Big nudged our Top 50 with "Romeo". But this was not the same band as our #544 entry, a very different, American band, whose strong vocal harmonies took them to the top of our charts in '92. The guys are still together, well, on and off, anyway.

BIGGEST HIT: "To Be With You" (1992, #1)


#543. PAUL KELLY (1980-82, 1986-90, 1992-94, 1997, 200-01, 2003, #15 - 16 entries)

When a radio station like JJJ presents a star studded concert honouring your music, I think you're eligible for "Legend" status. It's a pity he never made the Top Ten with his brilliant music. There's ten more acts ahead who share the same misfortune and the top four are Aussie, too. Any ideas?

BIGGEST HIT: "To Her Door" (1987, #14)


#542. DJ OTZI (2002, #1 - 2 entries)

Look, as a music lover, and not the biggest fan of the 2000's, I am gonna have to vent my frustrations somewhere along the way. DJ Otzi beats Nirvana, Depeche Mode, The Motels! Is it the artists fault, or the people who but it? I guess you can't compete with an easy hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hey Baby" (2002, #1)


#541. TRAVELING WILBURYS (1988-91, 2007, #3 - 5 entries)

There's no way this line-up could fail. We've already seen Roy Orbison and Tom Petty in this list, with George Harrison and Jeff Lynne still to come. Only Bob Dylan is absent, but he was never a singles man anyway. At 3-2, Americans vs. Brits, the spelling of "Traveling" was decided.

BIGGEST HIT: "Handle With Care" (1988, #3)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#540. JASON NEVINS (1997-99, #1 - 4 entries)

It's the same deal as JXL. Providing career reviving remixes for Run-DMC, Cypress Hill and 2 Live Crew, gave Jason his own success in the process. Outside the charts, the list of "Jason Nevins" remixes extend through the catalogues of U2, P!nk and Duran Duran.

BIGGEST HIT: "It's Like That" (with Run-DMC) (1997, #1)


#539. REDGUM (1983-85, 1987, #1 - 5 entries)

John Schumann's Redgum were unlikely stars of the charts, with their folk songs mixed with powerful outspoken political messages. They tackled consumer influences on surrounding nations on "I've Been To Bali Too", and the impact of war on their biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Was Only 19" (1983, #1)


#538. THE STYLE COUNCIL (1983-85, 1987-88, #8 - 10 entries)

I don't know what it was about The Style Council, but as a kid, I never really got into the band. That doesn't mean I'm not happy with their place here, Paul Weller and Mick Talbot certainly deserve their successes. Backing singer Dee C. Lee also hit the charts here in '86.

BIGGEST HIT: "Shout To The Top" (1984, #8)


#537. GNARLS BARKLEY (2006-08, #2 - 4 entries)

As the title of this American duo suggests, producer Danger Mouse, and rapper Cee-Lo Green, are certainly The Odd Couple. After Danger Mouse produced "Demon Days" for Gorillaz, he joined forces with Cee-Lo, and soon the guys were #1 in the UK for nine straight weeks.

BIGGEST HIT: "Crazy" (2006, #2)


#536. CRAIG McLACHLAN (1989-92, #3 - 6 entries)

Somewhere between Ramsey Street and Summer Bay, there was Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2. After playing Kylie Minogue's brothers in Neighbours, Craig shared a lot of screen time with Dannii Minogue in Home And Away. And then there was Mona, Amanda, ...

BIGGEST HIT: "Mona" (1990, #3)


#535. STEVIE NICKS (1981-83, 1986, 1989, 1991-92, #10 - 9 entries)

Lindsey Buckingham may have been the prominent force in Fleetwood Mac, but Stevie Nicks had the flair as a solo performer to surpass his achievements. The pair had originally teamed up as a duo called Buckingham Nicks, before signing up to the Fleetwood Mac gig.

BIGGEST HIT: "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" (with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers) (1981, #10)


#534. THE BLACK SORROWS (1987-1995, #9 - 17 entries)

After Jo Jo Zep & the Falcons dissolved, Joe Camilleri formed The Black Sorrows as a hobby band to perform covers at local gigs. It was never intended to be the act they became, but with the help of Vika & Linda, and countless musicians, the band became the darlings of the Aussie music scene.

BIGGEST HIT: "Chained To The Wheel" (1989, #9)


#533. EXTREME (1989, 1991-92, 1995, #2 - 6 entries)

When Extreme nearly hit the top of the charts back in '91, many of our "older" residents invested in their accompanying album, "Pornograffiti", only to find the rest of the album to be of the bands' real style, Hard Rock and Glam Metal. Needless to say, the K-Mart returns department was overworked.

BIGGEST HIT: "More Than Words" (1991, #2)


#532. RENEE & RENATO (1983, #3 - 2 entries)

After appearing on New Faces in 1975, Italian born Renato Pagliari was teamed with British singer, Hilary Lester. The two found themselves at #1 in the UK during Xmas '82, but "Renee" was already signed to another band, causing the downfall for the duo's future success.

BIGGEST HIT: "Save Your Love" (1983, #3)


#531. MACY GRAY (1999-2003, #1 - 5 entries)

At 6 feet tall, Macy Gray added a whole new meaning to reaching the top of the charts in 2000. Macy's raspy voice was compared to that of Billie Holiday's, which also helped to win her the 2001 Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for her #1 hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "I Try" (1999, #1)


Good to see Youth Group listed I was wondering where they would end up, glad Tenatious D made it too.
Wouldn't Stayin' Alive be the Bee Gees' biggest hit?
Stayin Alive - 1977 so too old for this countdown.
"#533. EXTREME (1989, 1991-92, 1995, #2 - 6 entries)

When Extreme nearly hit the top of the charts back in '91, many of our "older" residents invested in their accompanying album, "Pornograffiti", only to find the rest of the album to be of the bands' real style, Hard Rock and Glam Metal. Needless to say, the K-Mart returns department was overworked."

Ha ha, I often wondered what people who bought the album on the basis of "More Than Words", expecting an album full of soft acoustic ballads, thought when they got home and played the CD.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#530. PAUL SIMON (1980, 1983, 1986-87, 1990-91, #3 - 7 entries)

Back in 1966, Simon & Garfunkel debuted on the Australian charts with the brilliant "The Sounds Of Silence", their biggest hit reaching #3. After the guys split, both bettered that position, but #1 still eluded the pair. Art reached #2 with "Bright Eyes" in '77, as did Paul's biggest hit.

BIGGEST HIT: "You Can Call Me Al" (1986, #2)


#529. SWANEE (1981-84, #5 - 6 entries)

John Swan emigrated from Scotland to Australia with his family during the early 60's, being the only child to keep his father's surname when their mother re-married soon after. She married Reg Barnes, and would give his surname to John's brother, Jimmy.

BIGGEST HIT: "If I Were A Carpenter" (1981, #5)


#528. EUROPE (1987-88, 2000, #2 - 4 entries)

With the bands Asia, Australia, America, and can we count Toto's "Africa" (?), it was only a matter of time before Europe would hit the charts. Sweden's Europe started out as Force in a talent quest, later giving us the huge hit that would be the very last song played on Countdown.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Final Countdown" (1987, #2)


#527. KE$HA (2009, #1 - 1 entry)

The current smash of the music charts, Nashville's Ke$ha hit #1 twice in 2009. Debuting as a featured guest for Flo Rida on "Right Round" has given her no points for this countdown, but her solo single's rise to #1 in the later part of 2009 has already landed her nearly halfway in the list.

BIGGEST HIT: "Tik Tok" (2009, #1)


#526. THE NOTORIOUS B.I.G. (1997-98, 2000, 2006, #10 - 5 entries)

The Notorious B.I.G. wasn't even alive when his first hit reached the charts, no doubt one of the very rare acts to do so. He was killed by a drive by shooting in March 1997, but a backlog of unreleased material has enabled his spirit to live on.

BIGGEST HIT: "Mo' Money Mo' Problems" (1997, #10)


#525. NAUGHTY BY NATURE (1991-93, 1995, 1997-98, 2000, 2002, #8 - 11 entries)

One of the most successful hip-hop acts of all time, Naughty By Nature's Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee formed as New Style in 1988 before they changed to NBN after meeting and mentored by Queen Latifah. The Grammy Award winners released six albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Holiday" (2000, #8)


#524. SAMANTHA MUMBA (2000-01, 2003, #3 - 5 entries)

Irish singer turned actress, Samantha Mumba, was discovered on the talent show Let Me Entertain You at just 15. Two years later we were all discovering her as she graced our Top Ten. Soon after, Samantha appeared in The Time Machine with Aussie actor, Guy Pearce.

BIGGEST HIT: "Gotta Tell You" (2000, #3)


#523. THE SCRIPT (2008-09, #3 - 4 entries)

The Irish trio of The Script were on the slow boiler until single #3 broke them into the Top Ten, prompting their previous minor hits to re-enter the Top 100. The guys have been in good company recently supporting U2 and Take That in concert.

BIGGEST HIT: "Breakeven" (2009, #3)


#522. HOWARD JONES (1983-87, #9 - 9 entries)

Howard Jones is considered one of the pioneers of the synthpop genre. He did everything - sang, wrote, played multiple keyboards, and had the odd hit or two. With over 20 albums of studio, live and remixed work, he has amassed over 8 million sales worldwide.

BIGGEST HIT: "No One Is To Blame" (1986, #9)


#521. KORN (1997-2000, 2002-06, #12 - 12 entries)

We enter the Top Ten biggest acts who never made the Top Ten with Korn at #10. Forming in 1993, this Heavy Metal band from California have debuted in the Billboard Top Ten Albums chart nine times, and scored themselves two Grammy's from six nominations.

BIGGEST HIT: "Freak On A Leash" (1999, #22)


why does Ke$ha get no points for right round (not that i care,i'd rather see her get no points )

good to see korn,the script and naughty by nature up there too
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It's explained at the top of the chart.
go macy gray paul simon and the script
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#520. UNDERWORLD (1988-89, 1996-97, 1999, 2002, #5 - 8 entries)

What a strange Greatest Hits album Underworld would produce. Amid the electronic soundscapes of six albums since 1994, would be their biggest hit, a rock pop delight from the 80's. Now working as a duo, Underworld has since defined themselves as MK1, MK2, and MK3.

BIGGEST HIT: "Underneath The Radar" (1988, #5)


#519. DEXY'S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (1980, 1982-83, #1 - 3 entries)

Two Kevins, Rowland and Archer, emerged from the remains of The Killjoys in 1978 to form the collective named after the recreational drug, Dexedrine. Over three albums, the rise and fall of the band was swift, with their "uncommercial" third album panned by critics.

BIGGEST HIT: "Come On Eileen" (1982, #1)


#518. THE REELS (1980-83, 1986-87, 1989, #7 - 10 entries)

Dave Mason and the guys formed in the mid-70's, but emerged more-so during the New Wave movement of the early 80's. The band had a knack of producing short and quirky pop treats, as well as the unlikely covers of Herb Alpert and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

BIGGEST HIT: "This Guy's In Love (With You)" (1982, #7)


#517. UNCANNY X-MEN (1983-87, #4 - 10 entries)

The cheeky antics of lead singer Brian Mannix ensured Melbourne's Uncanny X-Men weren't just another pub rock band. The guys formed in 1981, and were soon enjoying chart success with their album, "Cos Life Hurts", peaking at #3 and lasting 33 weeks in the Top 100.

BIGGEST HIT: "50 Years" (1985, #4)


#516. ERIC CARMEN (1980-81, 1985, 1988, #4 - 5 entries)

As the lead singer of the Raspberries, Eric Carmen had already enjoyed Top 20 success in Australia with "Go All The Way" (#14), but the break up of the band forced Eric into a solo career that has enjoyed two Top Ten hits, and a string of other entries.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hungry Eyes" (1988, #4)


#515. SOULJA BOY TELL'EM (2007-09, #3 - 3 entries)

It's a mystery how Soulja Boy ever had the hit he did. Ridiculed by the critics, and appearing on many "worst song" lists, he still became the youngest artist ever to write, perform and produce a US #1. The 16 year old managed a seven week run at the top.

BIGGEST HIT: "Crank That" (2007, #3)


#514. DAMIEN LEITH (2006-07, #1 - 2 entries)

Australian Idol saw many firsts with Damien Leith. The Irish born winner of Series 4 (the first to allow instruments on stage) wasn't even an Australian citizen at the time. His gentle falsetto technique was a winner beating out Jessica Mauboy, who is yet to appear here.

BIGGEST HIT: "Night Of My Life" (2006, #1)


#513. MR. PRESIDENT (1997-98, #7 - 2 entries)

I'm not sure even Mr. President knew what "Coco Jamboo" meant back in '97, but pretty much any single released during that time was a huge seller. The German Eurodance outfit has seen many line-up changes which amazingly have survived through seven albums.

BIGGEST HIT: "Coco Jamboo" (1997, #7)


#512. PETER GABRIEL (1980, 1982-83, 1986-87, 1992-93, #3 - 8 entries)

As a founding member of Genesis, Peter Gabriel's flamboyant antics on stage were probably too much to be contained in a band, leaving in 1975 to pursue his solo career. Peter named his first four albums, "Peter Gabriel", and then three two letter albums, "So", "Us" and "Up".

BIGGEST HIT: "Sledgehammer" (1986, #3)


#511. EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL (1987, 1996, 2001, #2 - 5 entries)

Tracey Thorn and Bet Watt met in the early 80's, and we both contracted to the same record company as solo artists. Forming in 1982, EBTG took their name from a well known furniture store in England. It is a little known fact that the two are actually a couple.

BIGGEST HIT: "Missing" (1996, #2)


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.


#510. HONEYZ (1998-99, #3 - 3 entries)

As we near the halfway mark in this list, we also see fewer one hit wonders coming our way, but there's still room for a few more as the Honeyz make their appearance. In their native UK, it was a different story as the girls enjoyed five Top Tens from their debut album.

BIGGEST HIT: "Finally Found" (1998, #3)


#509. FAITH HILL (1998-2002, #4 - 5 entries)

As we wait for Shania Twain, who started all this new found sexy image for Country music, we welcome Faith Hill, five time Grammy winner and husband of fellow country music artist, Tim McGraw. Faith's six albums have amassed over 40 million worldwide sales.

BIGGEST HIT: "This Kiss" (1998, #4)


#508. ANGRY ANDERSON (1987-88, 1990-91, #2 - 2 entries)

Angry by name, but a softy at heart, Angry Anderson's solo career was quite the contrast to his Rose Tattoo days. Gone was the "Born To Be Wild", as he ushered in a Neighbours wedding song for Scott and Charlene as they exchange their vows in 1987.

BIGGEST HIT: "Suddenly" (1987, #2)


#507. THOMPSON TWINS (1983-86, #3 - 7 entries)

Another delight for me from the 80's, this English synthpop act took their name from the bungling detectives from the Tin Tin adventures. Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie also wrote a song for Madonna's "True Blue" album, and Deborah Harry's "I Want That Man".

BIGGEST HIT: "Hold Me Now" (1984, #3)


#506. YAZZ (1988-90, #2 - 5 entries)

Looking at Yazz now, she's not too far from P!nk's current look. Yasmin Evans may not have achieved quite the success of her future clone, but she certainly started out with the same Bang! Now based in Spain, Yazz still records, releasing her last album in 2008.

BIGGEST HIT: "The Only Way Is Up" (1988, #2)


#505. ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA (1980-83, 1986, #2 - 9 entries)

Although Jeff Lynne's orchestral collective had had their fair share of chart action during the late 70's, there was still Xanadu, of which they had half a share of the soundtrack credits. Disbanding soon after, Jeff did the Traveling Wilburys before his solo debut.

BIGGEST HIT: "Hold On Tight" (1981, #5)


#504. JESSE McCARTNEY (2005-09, #1 - 6 entries)

A former member of boy band, Dream Street (remember them?), Jesse McCartney was just 18 when he scaled the Australian charts at #1. The hits have been few and far between since, but he has still managed an appearance in our Top 100 every year since.

BIGGEST HIT: "Beautiful Soul" (2005, #1)


#503. BOBBY McFERRIN (1988-89, #1 - 2 entries)

It's the song we love to hate, but there's still some relevance for it in pop history with its use in Pixar's Wall-E a crack-up. Bobby performed most of the "instruments" himself using just his voice, becoming the first a capella single to reach #1 in history.

BIGGEST HIT: "Don't Worry Be Happy" (1988, #1)


#502. THE KILLERS (2004-09, #10 - 11 entries)

Brandon Flowers and crew formed in Las Vegas during the early 2000's, mixing a touch of the 80's to the post-punk movement of the late 90's. They channelled Meat Loaf on their second album, and OMD for their third, and still hit the Top Ten. Now that's success!

BIGGEST HIT: "When You Were Young" (2006, #10)


#501. ABC (1982-84, 1987, #4 - 5 entries)

As the name suggests, they started at the very beginning of this era of music, forming in Sheffield in 1980 when Martin Fry interviewed the band known as Vice Versa for his magazine, Modern Drugs. They needed a singer, so his interviewing days were soon over.

BIGGEST HIT: "Poison Arrow" (1982, #4)


And so we are finally halfway! Phew.

We've pretty much seen the supporting act in our countdown, as most of the featured artists are from bands coming up, or have influenced or been influenced by those enjoying more singles success.

We also see see fewer one hit wonders, with long standing acts coming our way, and probably more familiar names to our younger readers.

Tomorrow I bring you the first ten acts to appear in the top half to the biggest artists of the last 30 years, as well as their Top Three biggest singles from their career during that period.

I have also updated the countdown so far on my blogspot, featuring the first 500 artists, as well as a tiny little picture in case you forgot what some of the artists looked like. Check it out at...


Hope everyone's favourite artists are still in tact...see you tomorrow.

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Surprised to see the Peter Gabriel and The Killers so low. It's really odd because The Killers are, like, hugely popular, yet their singles haven't really peaked very high.

Also, another amazing fact there with Jesse McCartney. Can't believe he's been consistent with producing chart entries, even though he's probably still remembered simply as the guy who sand 'Beautiful Soul'.

Looking forward to the top 500. I certainly hope not to see Mariah Carey for another five weeks (i take it that's when we'll get to the top 50???)
I believe Milli Vanilli are still due
Of course they are, and that's not such a bad thing, well, for me anyway. In this day of faceless acts, did they really do anything wrong anyway?
Actually I loved the music. Still have their old cassette here somewhere. Pity the Real Milli Vanilli couldn't continue the success.
Well, alley, there may be a bit of bad news coming your way. If Mariah does appear in five weeks time, she'll be quite a lot lower than you would want her to be. With the birth of the Top 500, things are slowing down to just 10 a day. As the artists are beginning to have higher profiles, there's a little extra to write, and takes a little time to write (I am doing this on a day to day basis...heh heh). There's the day job to think about, too.

But hey, why let a good thing pass so quickly. Hopefully with some more familiar names appearing we can get some good feedback and discussion of our favourite bands that have gone out of the running as we reveal the names.

Don't worry, anyway, Mariah is very, very, very far away!

So begins the Top 500...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#500. COMMUNARDS (1986-88, #2 - 4 entries)

The first of two appearance by Jimmy Sommerville in the Top 500, Jimmy teamed up with classically trained pianist, Richard Coles, to deliver a couple of well-known 70's hits that were made completely their own. Coles had appeared on Bronski Beat's "It Ain't Necessarily So" playing the clarinet solo. The Communards completed two albums before parting, Jimmy going his own "gay" way, and Richard following his Christian leanings to be ordained in the Church Of England.

Communards' Top 3
1Don't Leave Me This Way1986#2
2Never Can Say Goodbye1987#13
3So Cold The Night1987#90


#499. K-CI & JOJO (1997-99, 2001, #1 - 5 entries)

Brothers Cedric "K-Ci" and Joel "JoJo" Hailey started their musical career as part of US chart-topping R&B group, Jodeci, which was made up with another set of brothers, the DeGrates. (Jo+De+Ci=Jodeci). The Haileys started their own musical venture, featuring on 2Pac's "How Do U Want It" before releasing their #1 hit single, dedicated to JoJo's daughter. The guys come from a rich musical family, with cousins Fantasia and David Hollister (from Blackstreet) also charting.

K-Ci & JoJo's Top 3
1All My Life1998#1
2How Could You1998#35


#498. GO WEST (1985-87, 1990-93, #6 - 7 entries)

There seemed to be a lot of pop duos whose handsome lead singer was shadowed by a dark figure in the background. Peter Cox and Richard Drummie had two goes at the Go West success. Their first album gave them a best new-comers nod at the 1986 Brit Music Awards. Their second album, however, couldn't live up to the expectation, which usually spelt the end for such a band. But a place on the Pretty Woman soundtrack in 1990 gave them a new life, and a couple of extra hits.

Go West's Top 3
1King Of Wishful Thinking1990#6
2We Close Our Eyes1985#8
3Call Me1985#12


#497. FEDDE LE GRAND (2006-08, #8 - 3 entries)

From the Netherlands, Fedde le Grand was born, er...Fedde le Grand. With a name like that, he was destined for the club scene, for which he became a disc jockey for as a teenager. Given that he had the opportunity the work as a DJ on a major scale, he developed an idea which helped up and coming artists show their stuff along side established DJ's. The idea was known as Sneakerz, and also became title of his first dance compilation, mixed with Gregor Salto in 2006.

Fedde Le Grand's Top 3
1Put Your Hands Up For Detroit2006#8
2The Creeps (vs. Camille Jones)2007#15
3Let Me Think About It (vs. Ida Corr)2007#14


#496. SPILLER (2000-02, #1 - 2 entries)

Italy's Cristiano Spiller is quite possibly the tallest DJ in the whole world. At over 7' tall, now you might understand what all the bending down in the film clip for his biggest hit was all about. That clip also introduced us to Sophie Ellis Bextor. The biggest adulation for Spiller, however, came from Apple. The computer giant used Spiller's biggest hit as the very first track played on the very first working model of their biggest product, the iPod. Now there's something you can boast about!

Spiller's Top 2
1Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) (featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor)2000#1
2Cry Baby2002#78


Ahh great, loving the inclusion of the top 3.
Had never heard of the Communards before now.

I wonder who's obtained the highest placing on this list with only 1 charting song... hmm...
To that question I'll guess Las Ketchup
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#495. METRO STATION (2008-09, #2 - 2 entries)

Do you think Metro Station would have been here if it wasn't for their song being used for the American So You Think You Can Dance promo? Well, maybe, anyway. After all, it is a pretty catchy song. But if it wasn't the song that would give them the boost, surely the Cyrus connection would get them there. Frontman Trace Cyrus was adopted by country music star, Billy Ray Cyrus, just before "Achy Breaky Heart" came our way, making him the older brother of Miley.

Metro Station's Top 2
1Shake It2008#2
2Seventeen Forever2008#43


#494. JENNIFER RUSH (1985-87, #1 - 2 entries)

At a time when Huey Lewis & the News, and Frankie Goes To Hollywood were charting with "Power Of Love", Jennifer Rush added in a version that would outsell them all. Truly one of the biggest ballads of the 80's, can you believe it only managed a #57 peak in the US!!! Celine Dion would finally give the song the accolades it deserved, taking it to #1 in the US and receiving a Grammy nomination in turn. As songwriter of the song, it still gave Jennifer her rewards in the end.

Jennifer Rush's Top 2
1The Power Of Love1985#1
2Flames Of Paradise (with Elton John)1987#31


#493. OMC (1996, #1 - 2 entries)

OMC, or Otara Millionaires Club, a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Otara is one of Auckland's poorest suburbs, are one of the biggest one hit wonders in music history, with their #1 hit being the biggest ever from a New Zealand act. Originally formed by brothers Phil and Pauly Fuemana, a falling out between the two saw just Pauly take on the initials, and producer Alan Jansson. After a short illness, Pauly died just over a month ago, aged 40.

OMC's Top 2
1How Bizarre1996#1
2Right On1996#88


#492. URBAN COOKIE COLLECTIVE (1993-94, #4 - 4 entries)

Lead by Rohan Heath, Urban Cookie Collective were another success from the techno and house sounds of the 90's. Vocalist Diane Charlemagne also contributed songwriting credits for the band and later worked for Moby during his live shows. The group had the possibility of returning to the charts during 1996 with a re-working of the Oasis hit, "Champagne Supernova", but without permission from Noel Gallagher, its' release was halted. UCC still perform regularly today.

Urban Cookie Collective's Top 3
1The Key: The Secret1993#4
2Feels Like Heaven1993#10
3Sail Away1994#49


#491. ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS (2005-09, #3 - 5 entries)

Why The All-American Rejects hit with "Gives You Hell" but flopped with brilliant "Move Along", I'll never know. Fresh out of high school in 1999, Tyson Ritter and Nick Wheeler formed the band with two suggestions for a name, "The All-Americans" and "The Rejects". Their self-titled album went by without adulation, but their second won them a MTV Video Music award for Best Group, and third album gave them a worldwide hit. Maybe a Grammy for the fourth?

The All-American Rejects' Top 3
1Gives You Hell2008#3
2I Wanna2009#17
3Dirty Little Secret2005#73


Good question Mykl, but you'll have to wait until #222 to get your answer...heh heh.

Hopefully you'll give the Communards a bit of a go now that you know they were good enough to be in the Top 500. You now have three songs to choose from, but Jimmy Sommerville's output with the Bronski Beat was so much better. I guess that's probably why they are still ahead in the countdown.
Las Ketchup could be a goer, and dw Chris, I've downloaded every single track I didn't know, and now I have 3 to download with the top 3's. Though I have known and own 90% of the material so far, just surprised I hadn't even heard of an act so high in the list.

I also have a few Bronski Beat songs too.
I'm really enjoying this countdown. Did you combine the figures for Doop/Hocus Pocus since they are the same band? Seeing Urban Cookie Collective so high reminded me and made me think they could have a chance in this countdown.
I did, ChartGuru, and the same for Jam & Spoon and Tokyo Ghetto Pussy, which I didn't know as I was writing. That's why there's a couple of extra places at the bottom, allowing Taco to sneak in at #1000.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#490. T.SHIRT (1997-98, #6 - 1 entry)

Another one of those talentless acts that had their 5 minutes with a cover of an easy hit. Hot Chocolate reached #4 with their "You Sexy Thing" in 1976, being the very first hit to have "sex" in the title (although don't quote me on that). Twenty years later, it was back in the charts as T.Shirt brought it to a whole new generation, with a few minor rap touches. The British girls were joined in the charts with a third version by Clock. "You Sexy Thing" continues to pop up regularly in film and TV.

T.Shirt's Biggest Hit
1You Sexy Thing1997#6


#489. MELISSA ETHERIDGE (1988-90, 1992-96, 1999, 2001, #9 - 13 entries)

After attending university for three semesters, Melissa gave it all up to give music a go, and it wasn't an easy rise to the top. Performing in lesbian bars in Los Angeles, she eventually caught the attention of A&M Records, employing her as a staff writer. She sent a demo to lesbian record company, Olivia Records, who rejected her, but was saved by Island Records. It's surprising that with all this, Melissa was still very much closeted, but came out as a lesbian with her fourth album, "Yes I Am".

Melissa Etheridge's Top 3
1Bring Me Some Water1988#9
2Like The Way I Do1989#16
3I Want To Come Over1996#29


#488. JOE DOLCE MUSIC THEATRE (1980-81, #1 - 2 entries)

American born Joe Dolce moved to Melbourne in 1978, and with a budget of $500 for recording, and $1000 for the video shoot, brought us to the world of "Shaddup You Face". The song itself drew inspiration from his grandparents back in the US. I just hope they got a pretty penny for it. Selling six million copies worldwide, it went to #1 in Austria, Switzerland and the UK, and of course for eight weeks in Australia. Joe has released another seven albums since his mighty debut.

Joe Dolce Music Theatre's Top 2
1Shaddup You Face1980#1
2I Want You To Be Happy1981#61


#487. MARK MORRISON (1996-97, #2 - 2 entries)

Starting a recording career whilst in prison is probably not the best way, as "naughty" Mark Morrison would constantly be the subject of criminal controversy. After the success of his debut album, Mark was convicted of attempting to bring a stun gun onto an aircraft. Instead of doing the community service, he payed a lookalike to perform the duty, of which Mark was caught and put away for another year. Mark also released a comeback in 2006, although I'm not sure that was a crime.

Mark Morrison's Top 2
1Return Of The Mack1996#2


#486. UNIQUE II (1996-97, #2 - 2 entries)

Austrian producers Erwin Geppner & Werner Freistatter formed Unique II once they gained all the experience they needed with keyboards and sequencers. Their 1993 album gave them no love, but undeterred, carried on with a re-working of the Matthew Wilder hit from 1983. The brilliance of the original spilled over to success for the duo, becoming one of the biggest hits ever in Australia that stalled at #2. A third album was released, but their destiny as one hit wonders had been set.

Unique II's Top 2
1Break My Stride1996#2
2Do What You Please1997#55


Break my stride is amazing.
Hey, chri8, will you include bands/solo artists such as Eminem & D12 or BEP & Fergie (and will.i.am) together or seperately?
Lol yeah not much of a mathematician, but definitely hoping to see Mariah right at the end. A top ten placing would be a bonus! Unique II's Break My Stride is an AMAZING cover imo. Lol at T-Shirt, I remember that song when i was small, i loved it not knowing what it was talking about. but the "talentless" bit is pretty much right on haha. Also good to see Fedde Le Grand, I am surprised to see the Creeps was more successful than Let Me Think About It. I've never really listened to The Creeps tbh.
No, that's alright alley. I've been trying to bring 100 per week, but now that I'm halfway, and the artists have a little more of a bio, I have to slow it to 50 a week so I don't exhaust myself. But good to see some reflection from you on the artists highlighted so far.

5 more artists soon...
I love Return Of The Mack and Break My Stride.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#485. MADNESS (1980-83, 1985, 1992, #5 - 9 entries)

Pop and ska band, Madness formed in 1976 in London and have managed to perform with the original lineup to this very day (with various member comings and goings in between). The band spent 214 weeks in the UK singles charts during the 80's, exactly the same amount as UB40, making them both the longest serving bands in that chart. The seven piece band actually held the name Morris & the Minors at one stage, obviously not the same "novelty" band we saw further down this list.

Madness' Top 3
1It Must Be Love1982#6
2House Of Fun1982#5
3Our House1983#17


#484. IAN MOSS (1989-91, #2 - 6 entries)

It would be quite daunting to have to compete with the power that was Jimmy Barnes. Between the "Barnstorming" and "Two Fires" albums, there was just enough space for Cold Chisel guitarist, songwriter, and sometimes vocalist, Ian Moss, to step out from that shadow. His vocals can be heard on the Chisel classics "My Baby", "Saturday Night", "Bow River" and "When The War Is Over", but on his own, Ian shined, winning five ARIA's including Album Of The Year for "Matchbook".

Ian Moss's Top 3
1Tucker's Daughter1989#2
2Telephone Booth1989#7
3Out Of The Fire1989#29


#483. SOPHIE B. HAWKINS (1992, 1995-96, #7 - 3 entries)

Back in the olden days, before "F**k" and "B*tch" was featuring in the titles of #1 hits, "Damn" was about as naughty as we got. Sophie B. Hawkins' biggest hit didn't stop there with the controversy. The original video showed a few over the top erotic scenes, forcing a re-shoot, and the lyrical content revealed the song being about another woman. The horror! Sophie toned things down for her second album, returning her to the Top Ten, with another two albums following in 1999 and 2004.

Sophie B. Hawkins' Top 3
1Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover1992#7
2As I Lay Me Down1995#7
3Right Beside You1996#41


#482. KULCHA (1994-97, #7 - 7 entries)

Sydney based, but Samoan born R&B group, Kulcha, found solid success through two albums, their 1994 self titled set, and "Take Your Time" from 1997. One of Australia's first ventures into the boy band genre, Eric Palu, Joe Fidow, Richard Matila and Jay Whitmore reached the Top 40 with every release they gave, singlesand albums. Not much is known about the band since their hiatus, in fact, this paragraph could possibly be the most ever written on the net about the band.

Kulcha's Top 3
1Shaka Jam1994#7
2Don't Be Shy1994#13
3Always Be1997#25


#481. EN VOGUE (1990, 1992-94, 1997, #3 - 8 entries)

I guess we weren't ready for an R&B girl group in our charts just yet. Over their first three albums, En Vogue could only manage minor to moderate hits. It took a sultry hit from the 1996 film, Set It Off, for the girls to have their blockbuster. Prompting their record company to rush them back into the studio for a fourth album. Dawn Robinson felt a solo career was more important, leaving the girls as a trio, and one that would forever be dogged with a changing lineup, and little further success.

En Vogue's Top 3
1Don't Let Go (Love)1997#3
2Free Your Mind1992#39
3My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It)1992#36


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#480. ELVIS PRESLEY (1983, 2001-04, #1 - 5 entries)

Elvis Presley may have died in 1977, sending shockwaves around the world, but his legacy has ensured that his success will never stop. Greatest Hits albums, too many to count, have seen the singer constantly in our charts, even hitting the Top Ten just a few weeks ago. His real comeback, however, came when a remixed version of a little known release, topped the charts on the back of its use in the 2002 World Cup advertising campaign. He was battling that spot with self-proclaimed "new" Elvis, Eminem.

Elvis Presley's Top 3
1A Little Less Conversation (vs. JXL)2001#1
2Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix)2003#3
3The Elvis Medley1983#48


#479. VANESSA WILLIAMS (1992-93, 1995, #1 - 4 entries)

We saw Charlene earlier on, who opened Priscilla, and now we wlecome the closing act of the film, Vanessa Williams. Most recently known as the super bitch on Ugly Betty, the former Miss America has since moved from music into film and TV, being one of the rare artists that has found consistent success in all fields. Not to be confused with the early Melrose Place actress, or the gospel singer of the same names, Vanessa recently told Barbara Walters of her frequent use of Botox to freeze her face!

Vanessa Williams' Top 3
1Save The Best For Last1992#1
2Colors Of The Wind1995#16
3The Sweetest Days1995#47


#478. ROCKY BURNETTE (1980, #1 - 2 entries)

An early 80's revival of the rockabilly genre was headed by American singer songwriter, Rocky Burnette. Rocky, the son of rock and roll pioneer, Johnny Burnette, named his debut album from the fact, "Son Of Rock 'n' Roll". Going straight to #1 in 1980, and then revisiting the Top Ten with his follow-up, that singles success couldn't influence the parent album, stalling at #41. Poor sales of his following material cause Rocky's record company to drop him, and he was never seen again.

Rocky Burnette's Top 2
1Tired Of Toein' The Line1980#1
2Fallin' In Love (Bein' Friends)1980#6


#477. P.M. DAWN (1991-95, 1998, #7 - 7 entries)

As sampled music was started to take its hold on the charts, America's P.M. Dawn had their biggest successes using Spandau Ballet's "True", and George Michael's "Father Figure" (both artists touring Australia during early 2010), as they added new vocals. Prince Be and Dr. Giggles also like to have rather long album titles, surprisingly abled to fit on the front cover. Only their third, "Jesus Wept", was short and sweet, and probably a jab a themselves by choosing the shortest verse in the bible.

P.M. Dawn's Top 3
1Gotta Be...Movin' On Up1998#13
2Set Adrift On Memory Bliss1991#7
3Looking Through Patient Eyes1993#20


#476. LINDA RONSTADT (1980, 1982-84, 1987, 1989-90, #2 - 8 entries)

One of the first ladies of rock, Linda Ronstadt has charted worldwide with some 36 albums amassing in a sales haul of 30 million records. But it didn't stop with the rock. The versatile singer branched out into country, folk, big band, jazz, pop, and adult contemporary, for which she scored her biggest hit, aided by The Neville Brothers' Aaron Neville. Add to that multiple Grammy awards, an Emmy, Academy of Country Music awards, Linda Ronstadt's place in this list is well-earned.

Linda Ronstadt's Top 3
1Don't Know Much (with Aaron Neville)1989#2
2How Do I Make You1980#19
3Somewhere Out There (with James Ingram)1987#31


Last edited:
P.M. Dawn's Top 3
1 You Got Me Floatin' 1998 #13
2 Set Adrift On Memory Bliss 1991 #7
3 Looking Through Patient Eyes 1993 #20

If Set Adrift peaked at number 7, wouldn't it be PM Dawn's top single?
What it means is that You Got Me Floatin' charted better and by estimate sold more. Another example would be that Green Day made number one with The Saints are Coming but that would by no means be their biggest hit
That's right, Hijinx. 1991 into 1992 is generally considered a very slow time in sales, where 1998 was a bumper year for sales. Of course, I could be wrong, but that's just how my oints worked out.
PM Dawn's biggest hit on the list should be 'Gotta Be...Movin' On Up' or whatever it was called. 'You Got Me Floatin' peaked in the 40's.
hmmm...maybe that's what i meant...heh heh. It's hard to write in the morning after I just wake up.

Thanks for that.
Yes I picked that up to 'Gotta be... movin' on up' was a pretty big hit in 1998 knocking on the door of the top ten for several weeks without cracking it. I distinctly remember no video ever for this song and always wondered why. I had thought it peaked at #11 from memory. australia-charts.com tells me it peaked at #13 making it their biggest or 2nd biggest hit.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#475. ROBBIE NEVIL (1987, 1991-92, #4 - 4 entries)

Robbie Nevil could really write a good pop hit or two, and that's exactly what he did for himself. But that well-produced genre he was known for was quickly being overtaken by rock, grunge, metal, as well as a new league of hot young stars. Exit Robbie the singer, enter Robbie the songwriter. Enjoying an equally successful career on paper, Robbie Nevil's songwriting and production skills have been used from Jeremy Jordan's "The Right Kind Of Love" to Jordin Sparks' "One Step At A Time".

Robbie Nevil's Top 3
1Just Like You1991#4
2C'est La Vie1987#4


#474. TWENTY 4 SEVEN (1993-94, #2 - 4 entries)

The male rapper and female vocalist format had been successful for groups like 2 Unlimited and C+C Music Factory, and Twenty 4 Seven's Stay-C and Nance were on par with their success. However, the band is actually the product of producer Ruud van Rijen, and has never really settled on a permanent duo for the band. MC Fixx It and Tony Dawson-Harrison (who later formed Captain Hollywood Project) were early male members, while Nance was eventually replaced by Stella and Elle.

Twenty 4 Seven's Top 3
1Slave To The Music1993#2
2Is It Love1994#20
3Take Me Away1994#52


#473. THE VAPORS (1980, #1 - 1 entry)

The fourth biggest act of the last 30 years to go to #1, and have no other chart entries, they are really #2, as the 3rd biggest had hits in the 60's, and the 2nd biggest was made up of a collection of successful artists. The Vapors had one of the biggest songs of the 80's right at the beginning, with a very politically incorrect song about masturbation, a fact that many people seem to not realise. With moderate success from their debut album, the follow-up was not so lucky, and the band split soon after.

The Vapors' Biggest Hit
Turning Japanese1980#1


#472. 3OH!3 (2009, #3 - 2 entries)

Electronic duo, Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte, met during a physics class they attended at the University of Colorado. Calling themselves 3OH!3, after the 303 area code of the Colorado and surrounding Denver area, the guys have quickly made a reputation for themselves as an energetic live act. After their debut flopped, the guys made up for it with their second album, "Want", hitting our Top 5. 3OH!3 are all ready for their third release in June, which will no doubt push them further up in this list.

3OH!3's Top 2
1Starstrukk (featuring Katy Perry)2009#4
2Don't Trust Me2009#3


#471. BONNIE TYLER (1983-84, 1986, #1 - 5 entries)

Bonnie Tyler's first foray into the music business came in 1970, when she was placed second in a local talent contest. She came to the attention of Bobby Wayne, becoming his lead singer, and calling herself Sherene Davies (a bit catchier than her birthname, Gaynor Hopkins, but only just). "Sherene" was discovered and signed to RCA Records, but not before another name change resulting in the Bonnie Tyler we all know and love. Bonnie Tyler has enjoyed two #1 hits in Australia, during 1978 and 1983.

Bonnie Tyler's Top 3
1Total Eclipse Of The Heart1983, #1
2A Rockin' Good Way (with Shakin' Stevens)1984, #21
3Holding Out For A Hero1984, #44


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#470. MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE (2005-08, #14 - 6 entries)

The "emo" onslaught was lead by New Jersey band, My Chemical Romance who formed just after one of the most depressing acts of terrorism ever witnessed. Frontman Gerard Way was affected so much by the September 11 attacks, that he formed MCR. The song "Skylines And Turnstiles", from their debut album, was written as a direct expression towards that time. Two further albums brought the band "happiness" as "The Black Parade" from 2006, hit #3 on the Australian Albums chart.

My Chemical Romance's Top 3
1Welcome To The Black Parade2006#14
3Famous Last Words2007#20


#469. NITTY (2005, #1 - 2 entries)

From a the album release, "Player's Paradise", Nitty's quest to make hip-hop fun again was blessed with a #1 hit, sampling The Archies' "Sugar Sugar". Born Frank Ross, Nitty continued that success with "Hey Bitty", making it to #11 with a sample from a lower participant in this list, Toni Basil and "Mickey". Nitty's first album, "It's Not A Game", went nowhere in the charts, so maybe he wanted to end things on a high note, as "Player's Paradise" would be the last we'd hear from him.

Nitty's Top 2
1Nasty Girl2005#1
2Hey Nitty2005#11


#468. STACIE ORRICO (2003-04, 2006-07, #3 - 4 entries)

At just 17, Stacie Orrico was gracing Australia's Top 5 Singles chart, but it was three years before that success that Stacie gave us her first album, "Genuine". The Christian album enjoyed the biggest debut by an artist of that genre, selling 13,000 copies in one week. She kept those Christian themes for her major breakthroughs, "Stacie Orrico" and "Beautiful Awakening", keeping alive the contemporary Christian mainstream success enjoyed by Amy Grant and P.O.D., among others.

Stacie Orrico's Top 3
2(There's Gotta Be) More To Life2003#11
3I'm Not Missing You2006#26


#467. AIR SUPPLY (1980-83, 1985, #8 - 8 entries)

They seem worlds apart, Air Supply and Divinyls, but Mark McEntee made the break from the soft rock five piece from Melbourne, and took Jeremy Paul with him to form the Chrissie Amphlett lead band. But back to Air Supply, whose core duo, Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell, met during the 1975 Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar. Air Supply had amazing success in the US, becoming their prime success with a string of seven Top 5 hits from 1980, and another one in 1983.

Air Supply's Top 3
1All Out Of Love1980#9
2Every Woman In The World1980#8
3The One That You Love1981#10


#466. SOFT CELL (1981-82, 1991, #1 - 3 entries)

Taking a 1964 hit by Gloria Jones, and significantly revamping it into an 80's electronic classic, Soft Cell became one of the biggest one hit wonders ever to grace our charts. Marc Almond and David Ball met in 1978, and with a £2000 loan from Ball's mother, the guys independently released their first EP, "Mutent Moments". After three albums, the duo split, but their chart success evolved into solo success for Marc, and Top 5 success as part of The Grid for David. The two reunited in 2001.

Soft Cell's Top 3
1Tainted Love1981#1
3Tainted Love ('91 Remix)1991#99


Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#465. 4 NON BLONDES (1993-95, #2 - 3 entries)

Formed by housemates Christa Hillhouse, Shaunna Hall and Wanda Day, the girls stumbled across singer Linda Perry, who was just what they were looking for the front the band. She was in and soon the band was in preparation to explode onto the music scene. Naming themselves after an incident in which a rather "dumb blonde" family made a remark about them, they lasted just one album before Linda went onto write hit singles for Christina Aguilera ("Beautiful"), P!nk ("Get The Party Started") and Gwen Stefani ("What You Waiting For?").

4 Non Blondes' Top 3
1What's Up?1993#2
3Misty Mountain Top1995#78


#464. MGMT (2008-09, #7 - 3 entries)

Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser didn't set out to form their band on purpose, rather, they would hang out together exploring the music they loved. It moved into experimenting with electronic and rock music of their own, and soon "The Management" was born. The guys soon found out another band was using the name, so they simply shortened it to MGMT. After graduating in 2005, the band set out to promote their first EP, "Time To Pretend", an album followed, and the rest is still to come.

MGMT's Top 3
1Electric Feel2008#7
3Time To Pretend2008#62


#463. CHICAGO (1982-85, 1988-90, #4 - 7 entries)

Forming as The Chicago Transit Authority back in 1967, the collective had to shorten their name to just Chicago after threats of legal action from the real company. Often politcal, regularly experimental, Chicago moved into a softer sound during the mid-70's, which gave them a #1 here in 1976 with "If You Leave Me Now". That sound didn't change into the 80's, and neither did their success with a couple of further Top 20 hits. Chicago's album count is now "XXXII", that's 32 for all you non-Romans.

Chicago's Top 3
1Hard To Say I'm Sorry1982#4
2Hard Habit To Break1984#20
3You're The Inspiration1985#43


#462. THE POTBELLEEZ (2007-09, #5 - 3 entries)

Irish born DJ's Dave Goodie and Johnny Sonic began recording songs after they moved to Darlinghurst in Sydney. They added in some native Aussie blood with vocalists Blu and Ilan Kidron, and soon had their long-lasting hit all over the airwaves. At a time when Australian dance music was critically and commercially popular again, The Potbelleez scored many advertising and special event gigs, causing them to regularly rebound up the charts. The guys are working on their second album now.

The Potbelleez Top 3
1Don't Hold Back2007#5
2Are You With Me2008#15
3Trouble Trouble2008#54


#461. EVE (2001-03, #4 - 2 entries)

Born Eve Jeffers, the Philadelphia rapper adopted the name "Gangsta" during her high school years as part of an all-female group EDGP (pronouced "Egypt"). That name would feature in the title of one of her hits featuring Alicia Keys. After the release of her third album, and third straight US R&B #1 album, Eve ventured into the world of TV with her own sitcom, Eve, about a trio of girls who ran a clothing boutique and lasted three seasons. Since then, Eve has appeared in Third Watch and Glee.

Eve's Top 2
1Let Me Blow Ya Mind (featuring Gwen Stefani)2001#4
2Gangsta Lovin' (featuring Alicia Keys)2002#4


Love Stacie Orrico
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#460. JET (2003-09, #14 - 9 entries)

Who needs a Top Ten hit anyway? Jet show that success high up in the charts is not as important as popularity, with one of their early hits taking out the #1 spot on JJJ's Hottest 100 for 2003. The Albums chart was a totally different story for the Victorian quartet, with their #1 debut album, Get Born", eventually selling 3.5 million copies worldwide (8xPlatinum on ARIA), making it one of the biggest selling Aussie albums ever. With significantly less sales, Jet's following two albums have still hit the Top 5.

Jet's Top 3
1Are You Gonna Be My Girl2003#20
2Look What You've Done2004#14
3She's A Genius2009#20


#459. A-HA (1985-88, #1 - 8 entries)

Norway's biggest export, A-Ha are one of my all-time favourite bands, however, it's not their big 80's hits that give them that privilege. Their commercial success doesn't do them any justice compared to the four albums they have released from 2000 onwards, sounding just as good as any Coldplay or U2 release. With one of the best video clips ever made for their biggest hit, it's little known that that clip actually has a proper ending on the follow-up, "The Sun Always Shines On T.V.", where the lovers realize they cannot be.

A-Ha's Top 3
1Take On Me1985#1
2The Sun Always Shines On T.V.1985#19
3I've Been Losing You1986#21


#458. VAN HALEN (1982, 1984-86, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1998, #2 - 9 entries)

It's rare that a band that is lead by someone like David Roth Lee, who leaves said band, and is replaced by a new singer, who continues their success like nothing happened. What makes Van Halen even more amazing is that under new singer Sammy Hagar, they arguably had the better hit. The two singers caused controversy with their multiple exits, finally settling on David again in 2007 for a series of reunion concerts. With over 56 million albums sold worldwide, they are one of the Top 20 biggest sellers of all time.

Van Halen's Top 3
2Why Can't This Be Love1986#8
3When It's Love1988#23


#457. KID ROCK (1999, 2002, 2008-09, #1 - 3 entries)

Australia managed to keep Kid Rock's success down to a minimum through his first six albums, but 2008's "mash-up" of Lynard Skynard's "Sweet Home Alabama" and Warren Zevon's "Werewolves Of London" was to good to deny. His Australian breakthrough was an instant #1 hit, spending over a year in the charts. To Kid Rock's credit, mixing hip hop, funk, rock and country into one, and finding success (22 million album sales worldwide), is not an easy feat, but one that he has been able to pull off.

Kid Rock's Top 3
1All Summer Long2008#1


#456. TINA COUSINS (1999-2000, 2005-06, #8 - 8 entries)

Tina Cousins initially started out as a model before scoring the vocal feature for Sash!'s "Mysterious Times" in 1998. Her solo debut came a year later, giving her a Top Ten placing in our singles chart, while her albums was modestly placed at #23. It took six years for a follow-up, and while it wasn't as successful, Tina still enjoyed a Top 20 hit with a cover of Black's "Wonderful Life". It looks as if Tina might become one of those "covers" artists, as she has just released her own version of Kings Of Leon's "Sex On Fire".

Tina Cousins' Top 3
3Wonderful Life2005#17


awesome !.! we're starting to get to artists which i know and love i.e Jet, MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, MGMT
Nice to see MGMT, Tina Cousins, Stacie Orrico and Chicago
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#455. HOCUS POCUS / DOOP (1994-95, #1 - 2 entries)

It was a questionable time on the Australian singles charts when Hocus Pocus were #1 with a track that was without melody, bass, lyrics, you know, the general things we expect in a song. Dutch producers Ferry Ridderhof and Peter Garnefski formed Doop in 1994, a dance act utilizing the 1920's dance, the Charleston. With a new style in 1995, they changed their name to Hocus Pocus, bringing Jack Nicholson back into the charts, after his run with Prince in 1989. The guys enjoyed Top Ten success with both.

Ferry Ridderhof and Peter Garnefski's Top 2
1Here's Johnny - Hocus Pocus1995#1
2Doop - Doop1994#5


#454. WHIGFIELD (1996-98, #6 - 4 entries)

Danish born Whigfield, real name Sannie Carlson, spent much of her childhood in Africa before returning to her native country, and meeting producer Larry Pignagnoli. Taking the name of her piano teacher, Whigfield was one of the first in a long line of artists to be nurtured by Larry, including In-Grid, Ann Lee, Benny Benassi and Ally & Jo. Whigfield's four albums haven't had the most imaginative names - "Whigfield" 1, 2, 3 and 4 - and I'm guessing the scheduled fifth album in 2010 will follow suite.

Whigfield's Top 3
1Sexy Eyes1996#6
2Gimme Gimme1997#14
3Saturday Night1997#78


#453. THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (1995-97, #11 - 6 entries)

Quite possible one of the longest charting band names, POT USA, were probably the closest novelty ever got to serious rock, or vice versa. Forming in 1993, the guys obviously filled some void in the charts, consistently hitting the Top 20 with all four singles from their self-titled debut, but going no higher than #11. An imaginarily named 2nd album, "II", gave them more success, but it would be their last visit to the charts, despite another four albums following. "The Presidents" have remained unpolitical in all their releases.

The Presidents Of The United States Of America's Top 3


#452. THIRSTY MERC (2003-05, 2007-08, #4 - 8 entries)

Forming in Dubbo during 2002, Thirsty Merc named themselves after the Mercedes Benz they owned, a gas guzzler with the numberplate, THRSTY. It seems we were just as thirsty, sending both the bands' albums into the Top 20, and a string of Top 50 entries, highlighted by their brillant Top 5 hit from 2007. The band has since been nominated for ARIA and APRA awards, but may have to wait until their third album to turn that into a win. With a new album on the way in 2010, it might just be the band's time.

Thirsty Merc's Top 3
120 Good Reasons2007#4
2Someday Someday2004#19
3My Completeness2004#26


#451. KATE MILLER-HEIDKE (2007-09, #3 - 4 entries)

Long running TV soap, Neighbours, has been responsible for many a singing career, but that's usually for the actors involved. Kate wins her place in the Top 500 for the use of her song in the advertising for one of the shows pinnacle storylines. It easily became her biggest hit, one of the Top Ten sellers of 2009. The classically trained singing from Brisbane now has the foundations laid for a potentially hugely successful career as we wait for all that quirkiness her third album may hold.

Kate Miller-Heidke's Top 3
1The Last Day On Earth2009#3
2Caught In The Crowd2009#33


Well, that completes another week of our biggest Singles artists from the last 30 years. The names are getting pretty big now, so stay tuned to see if any of your faves fall in the next 50...


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#452. THRISTY MERC (2003-05, 2007-08, #4 - 8 entries)

It's T-h-i-r-s-t-y Merc.
Really? After all that work the only thing you would comment on is a spelling mistake! Thanks surf...my puny mistake is fixed.
My only comment was going to ask why you didnt simply 'forget' about Whigfield or Kid Rock, but I managed to hold back... jeez surf, lol, make some constructive criticism!
LOL!!!! Gotta love our Guests! (not u clinton, referring to another guest hehe)
hey,could we continue this countdown please??
and also where is Natalie Bassingthwaighte in this countdown??please dont tell me you forgot about her!
and also where is Natalie Bassingthwaighte in this countdown??please dont tell me you forgot about her!
In the Thirsty Merc top songs, what number would Those Eyes be? I still love that song...

PattyPop - chri8 does this in his own time, so has every right to do what he likes with it. i assume he's having a well deserved break at the moment
maybe the list just stops at #451

I mean, if you think about it, the "countdown" was probably never serious from the beginning.
No PattyPop & Mr Visit. You need to respect Chri8 doing this for all of us, rather than expecting more and more.
It's not about respect. It's about the fact that this is probably just a joke.
Besides, why respect someone I don't even know
this is why the guest option should be taken away again,too many people being smart asses cause in reality they have no life and sit at home all day playing video games while there mummy makes there meals.
Chris A and 392,i was just asking a question-you don't need to abuse me for no reason-its actually really rude,and considering you both are nearly on here every day,its kind of sad that your saying that your saying that Chris A.How about respecting peoples opinions on artists,instead of telling them oh i hate that artist-how could you like them??people do that on this forum and that is disrespectful.Not happy at all with what you are saying,and hopefully you didn't direct those comments all at me for one minor question.
Well, PattyPop, by saying "hey,could we continue this countdown please??" it sounded rude and disrespectful.
I was talking about Mr Visit and Surf not you PattyPop.

sorry about derailing your thread too chri8topher..if your still around here

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Oh dear!!! The things that happen while I'm at work.

Sorry about the delay Patty, but yeah, the comments were wearing a little thin so I thought I would take a week off. Get the excitement going again, and giving my hands a rest (my day job is on computers as well...heh heh).

Thank you Mr Visit on your views about respect. If you knew anything about music, you could probably gather by the list so far that this is no joke. I've formed this list as closely as I can estimate from chart positions, and no, Patty, NO ONE is left out (hint hint).

Anyway, I had planned to get it going again on Monday, which is my one day off... ...but I'll get the next 5 artists ready for you now...

Again, sorry for the delay, and thanks for the encouraging remarks.


I Agree with Pattypop continue the countdown.
Chris has put in a mammoth effort and has done a terrific job in providing us with all this information...
i am sure Natalie Bassingthwaighte will be in

Don't Give Up.
Someday Soon.
Thankyou Christopher,I understand.Thanks for letting us know.Hope your not too busy,hoefully your not too tired!!-take your time.There is no rush if you don't want to do it every day because your too busy.Btw the countdowns great!! its great of you too actually build this countdown.Well Done.Anyways im looking forward to it starting again on monday if thats when you want too start...
Thanyou Nate-i know Nat should be in-Someday Soon-#7-Alive #8-Dont Give Up-#2-all going Platinum selling-but oh well don't want to cause any trouble!!
Remember though that Don't Give Up was credited as a duet, so take that Platinum and turn it into a Gold.
Why are you guys snapping at me? All I said was that the countdown was a joke. And even though I said "why respect someone I don't even know" that doesn't mean I don't respect anybody on here. I haven't admitted to respecting Chris but I haven't denied it either. Why is everyone being so grumpy about what I say?
Hi again, Chri8, I don't mind how long you take to do this chart, to be honest I'd rather it take years and have excellent commentary than weeks and be rushed. Please take your time
Okay, so you have said that the countdown is not a joke. But why stop roughly halfway through?
Well, it's a beautiful sunny day, so I'm heading out to play Lawn Bowls, but not before I give you five more artists to "joke" about. Enjoy.

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#450. LITTLE RIVER BAND (1981-83, 1986, 1988, 1990, #6 - 11 entries)

Aussie's in America. Future stars on this list, Savage Garden took the country by storm in the 90's, while Air Supply had the 80's wrapped up. The 70's belonged to Little River Band, whose slick sound gave them four Top Ten hits on the Billboard charts in 78/79. Named after Little River, the Victorian township on the way to Geelong, the band has seen many of its members enjoy solo success, not to mention helping the ailing career of John Farnham, who joined the band for a few years just prior to his amazing comeback in '86.

Little River Band's Top 3
1Love Is A Bridge1988#6
2Down On The Border1982#7
3The Other Guy1983#18


#449. THE SWINGERS (1981, #1 - 2 entries)

The New Zealand invasion was in full swing when The Swingers took out the highest selling single of 1981 with their biggest hit, one year after Split Enz had done the same with "I Got You". The guys could only manage one album before disappearing, but did have a major role on the soundtrack to popular 80's Aussie film, Starstruck, starring another Top Ten hitmaker in Jo Kennedy, and featuring Swinger vocalist, Phil Judd, on that hit. The guys also appeared in the film as a rival band.

The Swingers Top 2
1Counting The Beat1981#1
2It Ain't What You Dance It's The Way You Dance It1981#43


#448. BAHA MEN (2000-02, #1 - 4 entries)

Forming as High Voltage in 1977, the pioneers of the junkanoo sound evolved into Baha Men, who released their first album, aptly titled "Junkanoo", in 1991. While it took a "novel" release for the guys to finally achieve success, they had popped into the New Zealand charts in 1994, with "Dancing In The Moonlight" peaking at #18 in the country. It didn't take too much for the band to go #1 in NZ, and Aus, as well, but they could only manage #40 in the US. Baha Men did, however, win a Grammy for that hit.

Baha Men's Top 3
1Who Let The Dogs Out2000#1
2You All Dat2001#8
3Best Years Of Our Lives2001#49


#447. REO SPEEDWAGON (1981-82, 1985, #2 - 4 entries)

I'm really not sure if we actually have a charting band that is still together after 50 years (that would be one forming in 1960 - even The Rolling Stones are from 1962), but a select few are in their 40's, REO Speedwagon included. Forming in 1967, the Illinoid group took their name from the REO Speed Wagon, a flatbed truck and fire engine. Their slow building popularity throughout the 70's resulted in two US #1's in 1981 and 1985, giving them an estimated 22 million album sales in the US alone.

REO Speedwagon's Top 3
1Keep On Lovin' You1981#3
2Can't Fight This Feeling1985#2
3Take It On The Run1981#30


#446. CREED (2000-03, 2009, #4 - 7 entries)

Universities, the breeding ground for many a band. In fact, it seems that nearly every band I've written about has their foundations embedded at school. Creed are another whose members met, this time at Florida State University. Forming just after Pearl Jam had their major worldwide breakthrough, you could say that Creed polished the grunge sound, and turned it commercial again after the genre was thought to be dead and buried with Kurt Cobain. The guys have just reformed as a trio.

Creed's Top 3
1With Arms Wide Open2001#4
2My Sacrifice2002#11


Lol, chri8, Lawn Bowls is awesome!

Nice to see Reo Speedwagon & Creed there as well, not verry happy with the Baha Men tho
Great work Chri8! Nevermind the Mr Visit comments. A visit we'd rather not have I think.
LOL, DaveNT. We can get Mr Visit's IP address banned if he spams, remember that.
Great work Chris! I actually logged on today as I was wondering about what happened with your countdown and I love reading the summary as much as the placing.

Not sure if I should do this but these 3 are in my predictions for top 10 in no order:
Michael Jackson
Kylie Minogue

and for top 50 add:
Britney Spears, Delta Goodrem, Savage Garden, Roxette, Bon Jovi, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Pearl Jam, Guns and Roses, Pink, Rihanna, U2, Bryan Adams, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and many more.
-all have oodles of big top ten hits!

I also hope Missy Higgins, Greenday and No Doubt make the top 100, three of my all-time favourites.

I am also looking forward to the placement of Garbage, Oasis and Coldplay!
Yeah happypeople, I'm thinking similar to you...

Madonna will be #1. I think Kylie will place at #2, and MJ at #3.

I hope Lady GaGa makes the top 100, but I'm not confident on that. Probably only around #250-#175 range.
I would hardly even call myself a fan of Lady Gaga but she has had two of the biggest hits of the last 10 years, plus 3 other top 10 hits, although telephone won't count much as the cut off for this countdown was 31 Dec 09 I believe. Based on this I would surely expect her to be in the top 100 and possibly top 50, although a bit lower than Rihanna I think as comparison, Rihanna has had more hits and been around a few more years.
as for your top 392 I think that could be right. I am not willing to predict any more for the top ten, Britney is the best chance of the ones I have listed for the top 10 I think but even with her I am not sure. Mariah Whitney and U2 are other chances of the top 10 though could be well down, we have to wait and see.. It will be very interesting once we hit the top 100.
Greenday have had 19 singles hit the top 50 in Australia (1994-2009) with 5 of them going top ten. Based on this I think they will make the top 100.
Madonna will definitely be #1. Then Kylie at #2, Michael Jackson #3. The rest of the top 10 (not sure of the order) would have to contain the likes of U2, Elton John, Bon Jovi, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Bryan Adams & Britney Spears. Delta Goodrem could also make it as she had so many #1's from her debut album.
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Freakystevie1 - yeah, Delta's likely to be up there with all her #1's

HP - Rihanna will definitely be higher than GaGa. Rihanna has been around much longer and has had many more singles.
I would say Pink would be in the top ten and don't forget pop acts like Hanson and Spice Girls. Interested to see how Backstreet Boys chart too as they have only one #1 single to their name but many top ten hits and i know they stayed in the charts for a long period of time as well.
WOW! Now that's some awesome predicting. Although about half of the Top 20 are still missing from your predictions. But that's ages away yet...heh heh...such a tease!
LOVE REO Speedwagon. One of the best pop bands of the 80s
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#445. LIVE (1994-97, 1999-2004, 2006, #13 - 15 entries)

We've reached the Top 5 biggest artists of the last 30 years never to make the Australian weekly Top 10 Singles chart. Ed Kowalczyk and crew broke through in a major way on the album's chart with their second album, "Throwing Copper". Reaching #1 in Australia, it did the same in the US on its 52nd week after entry. Only two other albums have reached #1 in the US after a longer period, Fleetwood Mac's self-titled album (58th week), and Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl", hitting the top after 64 weeks.

Live's Top 3
1Lightning Crashes1995#13
3The Dolphin's Cry1999#25


#444. KIDS IN THE KITCHEN (1983-88, #10 - 9 entries)

Of all the smaller Aussie bands of the 80's, Kids In The Kitchen would have to be my absolute favourite. Sure they have a silly name, but who didn't back then. Scott Carne and the rest of the band formed in 1983 as a five piece, reaching #9 with their debut album, "Shine". Stripped back to a trio for the follow-up, the success suffered the same fate, but in my opinion, the songs were better. Scott regularly keeps the band alive through the Absolutely 80's franchise, also featuring Wa Wa Nee, Uncanny X-Men and Boom Crash Opera.

Kids In The Kitchen's Top 3
1Change In Mood1983#10
2Bitter Desire1985#17
3Current Stand1985#12


#443. LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY (1998-99, 2001-02, #1 - 3 entries)

While some bands meet at University, others meet at bars. That's how Lighthouse Family's Tunde Baiyewu and Paul Tucker met during their early jobs. Under a development deal from Polydor Records, the guys recorded demo after demo to keep themselves alive, finally landing UK success with their first album, "Ocean Drive". Although a Top Ten success in the UK, it wasn't until their second album that Australia gave them any thought, sending Tunde and Paul to #1 in 1998. After three albums, Lighthouse Family are currently on hiatus.

Lighthouse Family's Top 3
1High1998, #1
2Raincloud1998, #29
3(I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be) Free / One2001, #92


#442. THE SMASHING PUMPKINS (1992-98, 2000, 2007-08, #10 - 14 entries)

It took a guitar driven electronic song about a man dressed as a bat to finally get The Smashing Pumpkins into the Australian Top 10 Singles chart. But only just. The fact that the Chicago alternative band had commercial success with their brand of gothic rock deserves all applaud. Under the direction of Billy Corgan, who pretty much played all the instruments in the studio, the band gave us a rare treat. A double album that sold well. It wasn't long before tensions within caused their demise, but Billy is still keeping the band alive.

The Smashing Pumpkins Top 3
2The End Is The Beginning Is The End1997#10


#441. STARS ON 45 (1981-82, #1 - 4 entries)

Well, we've already seen Stars On 54, now here's the flipside. Solely driven by Jaap Eggermont, member of 70's band Golden Earring, Stars On 45 popularized the "medley", which had its burst of commercial success during the early 80's, and again in the late 80's with another band...any guesses? The original long form version of their hit featured a medley of Beatles tracks with others by Shocking Blue, The Buggles, Madness and Lipps Inc. As perfect as the voices are to the original, they are actually all session singers.

Stars On 45's Top 3
1Stars On 451981, #1
2More Stars (Abba Medley)1981, #26
3Stars On Stevie1982, #49


Yay to LIVE!!! Lightning Crashes is one of my favourite songs ever. Surprised that Tonight, Tonight is not one of the Smashing Pumpkin's biggest song, I love that one, although 1979 is also a brilliant track.
Basically what alleyt said, Lightning Crashes and Tonight Tonight are great. I also like High, one of the best number ones of the '90s in my opinion.
I love The Lighthouse Family. Apart from "High", I also love "Ocean Drive", "Lifted" (both UK Top 10) & "Postcards from Heaven". It's a shame Australia didn't catch on to them earlier and an even greater shame they're no longer releasing new material.
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Awesome work, Chri8. According to your hint, no-one misses out. Does that mean that Franz Ferdinand will get a placing?
Franz Ferdinand came in at #1364, which is probably a little low considering their popularity, but they're one of a number of bands who excel in the Albums chart rather than the singles.
Coming up later today (after work)...a couple of beer brands, a soundtrack one hit wonder, a raspy #1 artist, and a band that was absolute rubbish (imo).

Having had a bit of look through chart positions tonight I reckon George Michael, Eminem & The Black Eyed Peas will be very high up (possibly Top 10) as well as they've all had a lot of #1's. In George Michael's case even higher if you count his Wham singles as well.
True, I had overlooked George Michael. I expect Wham to place seperately, based on the rules at the top. Cliff Richard, another UK solo artist should be in the top 100, as will Robbie Williams, The Spice Girls and All Saints. Perhaps Oasis will even make the top 100, there will be lots of UK acts in there.

Live have been a very popular act in Australia over 15 years, good to see them in there.

I love the Lighthouse Family, I agree that High is one of the best #1's of the 90s, a perfectly crafted pop song with outstanding harmonies. I was in the UK when it was released and it was great to see it get a release in Australia, then eventually climb to the topof our charts.

Smashing Pumpkins also one of the most influencial US rock bands of the 90s, good to see them in there.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#440. TRISHA YEARWOOD (1997-98, #3 - 1 entry)

If it hadn't been for the 1997 Nicholas Cage film, Con Air, there's no way anyone in Australia would know who Trisha Yearwood is. Not that that would bother Trisha in the slightest. The country music star from Monticello, Georgia, has released 10 albums, 9 of which hit the US Country Albums' Top Ten. Add to that, 19 Top Ten Country hits, including five #1's, and Trisha is sitting on a pretty penny in a country where Country reigns supreme. Not content with just music, Trisha has also appeared in TV shows JAG and Dr. Quinn.

Trish Yearwood's Biggest Hit
How Do I Live1997#3


#439. GARBAGE (1995-2002, 2005, #7 - 15 entries)

That slick, well-produced sound that Garbage are known for is no accident. Three of the hottest producers of the 90's decided to form a band of their own, stepping out from behind the mixing desk. One of those, Butch Vig, just happened to produced Nirvana's "Nevermind" album, one that was heralded as the best of the 90's by most critics. After Butch himself took on vocal duties, the guys were a little tired of working with male artists, so Scottish singer, Shirley Manson was brought in, and soon they were giving us music that was very unlike their name.

Garbage's Top 3
1Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)2002#7
2When I Grow Up1999#22
3Why Do You Love Me2005#19


#438. VANESSA CARLTON (2002-03, #1 - 2 entries)

Vanessa Carlton started playing piano at age 2 after a visit to Disneyland, and with a piano teacher for a mother, it wasn't long until her talents began to shine. Influenced by classical composers such as Mozart and Satie, her father contributed his influence, exposing Vanessa to Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin. That combination of classical and atmospheric music gave Vanessa her #1 hit here in Australia, and a few Grammy nominations to go with it. After three albums, Vanessa is preparing for her fourth later on this year.

Vanessa Carlton's Top 2
1A Thousand Miles2002#1
2Ordinary Day2002#48


#437. KIM CARNES (1980-82, 1985-86, #1 - 6 entries)

WIth one of the most distinctive voices of the 80's, Kim Carnes landed her first publishing deal in 1969, and later released her debut album in 1972. IT was obvious that the 80's was waiting for Kim, as the arrival of her sixth album finally shot her to superstardom. Kim salute to Bette Davis won her Grammy's for Record and Single of the Year, as well as the second biggest single of the 80's on the Billboard charts. The song was written by Jackie DeShannon in 1974, but Kim's version would finally pay off, with a nod from Bette herself, would thanked Kim and Jackie personally.

Kim Carnes' Top 3
1Bette Davis Eyes1981#1
2Crazy In The Night (Barking At Airplanes)1985#21


#436. CORONA (1994-95, #7 - 3 entries)

While Corona's visit to the charts was short, it was a perfect run of three out of three Top Ten hits. Fronted by Brazilian beauty, Olga Bontempi, the project was actually under the supervision of producer, Francesco Bontempi a.k.a. Lee Marrow. The debacle's of Milli Vanilli and Black Box didn't stop the group from following suite, as it was well known that Olga was not the actual performer of their hits. With a couple of new producers taking over the Corona roles, the project is still active, but with significantly lower success.

Corona's Top 3
1The Rhythm Of The Night1994#8
2Baby Baby1995#7
3Try Me Out1995#10


Love Corona and Garbage and How Do I Live and A Thousand Miles are great too

Keep up the great work Chris, my excitement is building up in anticipation of the top 100.
Ok fair enough :p
Garbage are brilliant, pity they were not higher, one of my fav all time groups!!

I remember Corona and Trisha Yearwood, surprised she is a one hit wonder in Australia. Gee 'How Did I Live' had a massive chart run here of some 8 months from memory. One song that would not die..

Corona was one of those Euro-dance or was it 'Eurotrash' groups from the mid-90s. We are still waiting for more e.g. Real McCoy and La Bouche should be coming up. Gotta love the 90s Eurotrash..
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Garbage are amazing! My two favourite Garbage tracks are Number One Crush and Bleed Like Me. Lovin It!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#435. RICK SPRINGFIELD (1981-84, 1988, #1 - 7 entries)

After playing in successful Australian bands MPD Ltd. and Zoot, Sydney's Rick Springfield went out on his own with the aptly titled album, "Beginnings". Giving Rick a Top 20 hit in 1972, it seemed like his solo career would be short-lived. Things turned around in 1981 with a third album, "Working Class Dog". He scored a #1 hit in Australia and the US, and won the Grammy for Best Male Rock Performance. At the same time, Rick played Dr. Noah Drake in the popular soap opera, General Hospital.

Rick Springfield's Top 3
1Jessie's Girl1981#1
2Don't Talk To Strangers1982#10
3I've Done Everything For You1981#31


#434. NATALIE BASSINGTHWAIGHTE (2006-09, #2 - 4 entries)

We have four more Neighbours stars to come after Natalie in this countdown, but with the workload the soap's former star has taken on since she left, many forget that she even starred in the show. Hitting the charts in 2005 as the lead vocalist for Rogue Traders, Natalie enjoyed five Top Ten hits, and one more with Australian Idol star, Shannon Noll, and soon became the host of popular reality show, So You Think You Can Dance. Putting all those pies behind her, Natalie went out on her own with a #1 solo debut album.

Natalie Bassingthwaighte's Top 3
1Don't Give Up (with Shannon Noll)2006#2
3Someday Soon2009#7


#433. BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE (II) (1986, 1991-92, #1 - 5 entries)

Former Clash frontman Mick Jones formed his new band as a four piece fusing punk, hip hop, funk and reggae. With four albums to their credit, Big Audio Dynamite got nowhere near the success of The Clash, with only a couple of minor hits making our Top 100. Returning in 1990, Mick Jones formed a completely new band, marking them as Big Audio Dynamite II, and sounded a little more like Mick's former band. That former success returned as BAD II hit #1 in Australia, and gave them a Top Ten album.

Big Audio Dynamite II's Top 3
2The Globe1991#8
3Bottom Line (as Big Audio Dynamite)1986#34


#432. COLOR ME BADD (1991-94, #4 - 5 entries)

R&B vocal group Color Me Badd were discovered by Kool & the Gang founding member Robert Bell. After four years together, the guys finally struck commercial success when their debut album, "C.M.B.", gave them two Top Ten hits in Australia, and two #1's in the US. Over five albums, their success decreased, however, the critics gave them high praise for their final albums. Color Me Badd succumbed to record pressure that sales wins the day, and were dropped from their label, causing their disbandment.

Color Me Badd's Top 3
1I Wanna Sex You Up1991#4
2All 4 Love1991#9
3I Adore Mi Amor1992#27


#431. BRONSKI BEAT (1984-86, #3 - 6 entries)

As housemates, Steve Bronski, Larry Steinbachek and Jimmy Sommerville decided to formed their synth pop outfit, Bronski Beat in 1983, and went on to immediate success with their debut hit, "Smalltown Boy", one of the first singles to address gay issues. Just like Van Halen, Bronski Beat were one of the few bands to change singers, but remain successful, as Jimmy left to formed the Communards, and was replaced by John Foster. John lasted one album before Jonathan Hellyer took over, but their chart run had come to an end.

Bronski Beat's Top 3
1Hit That Perfect Beat1986#3
2Smalltown Boy1984#8


Good to see Nat Bass and Bronski Beat in there.
The acts are getting better. I like all of the last 10, but only really know the main hit for Trishia Yearwood (which was so-so) and Vanessa Carlton. Actually had a Corona album when they were charting. Color Me Badd were great but the success short-lived.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#430. JX (1994-97, #4 - 4 entries)

British DJ Jake Williams got his lucky break as a 16 year old, after sending demos to various record companies. He got an invite to Hooj Choons, and soon signed a deal with Eurodance label, FFRR. Under the name, JX, Jake released a single a year during his four year stint, with two major Top Ten hits among them. No album ever eventuated, and Jake soon folded the JX name, taking on the moniker, Rex The Dog. He has since worked as a remixer for acts such as Goldfrapp, Robyn, Depeche Mode and Royksopp.

JX's Top 3
1You Belong To Me1995#4
2Son Of A Gun1994#6
3There's Nothing I Won't Do1996#26


#429. DAVE DOBBYN (1987-88, #1 - 4 entries)

It was almost the third time a NZ artist topped the end of years charts during the 80's, when Dave Dobbyn's theme to the animated film, Footrot Flats: A Dog's Tale, spent a month at the top of the charts. After some minor success with DD Smash, with "Bravo Bravo (Whaling)" reaching #70 in Australia, Dave set out on his own, eventually giving us another seven albums, after his breakthrough soundtrack set. All but one of those hit the New Zealand Top Ten, the last in 2008, proving the Dave is a long-lasting legend in his homeland.

Dave Dobbyn's Top 3
1Slice Of Heaven (with Herbs)1987#1
2You Oughta Be In Love1987#63
3Love You Like I Should1988#70


#428. DOLLY PARTON (1980-87, #1 - 9 entries)

For fifty years, Dolly Parton has been releasing albums without a single bad hair day ever. The epitome of style, Dolly's down to earth, generous nature has been reflected in song, film and her philanthropy efforts, and also has tied her with Reba McEntire as the only country music star to enjoy #1's in four consecutive decades in the US. With 25 #1 Country music singles and 41 Top Ten albums, Dolly's biggest achievement has to be Dollyland, an entire theme park based on herself. Now that's what I call making it!

Dolly Parton's Top 3
1Islands In The Stream (with Kenny Rogers)1983#1
29 To 51981#9
3Save The Last Dance For Me1984#31


#427. VITAMIN C (2000-01, #2 - 2 entries)

Colleen Fitzpatrick started out her career as vocalist for alternative band, Eve's Plum. After two albums, the band failed to make any impact commercially, and subsequently were dropped from their label. Under the "Vitamin C", Colleen went to the other extreme, becoming interested in pop and dance music. She shopped around demo after demo before landing a deal which gave us her debut self-titled album. Containing her biggest hit, a graduation theme, it has appeared in the iTunes chart at the end of every school year since its inception.

Vitamin C's Top 2
1Graduation (Friends Forever)2000#2
2The Itch2000#6


#426. LONDONBEAT (1991, 1995, #1 - 3 entries)

Forming in America, Londonbeat immediately knew their market was in Europe, first coming to prominence in The Netherlands with an early Top Ten hit. Founding members Jimmy Helms, Jimmy Chambers and George Chandler soon appeared in our Top Ten, providing backing vocals for Fine Young Cannibals' "Good Thing" in 1989. With the release of their second album, "In The Blood", Londonbeat enjoyed their own success with a brilliant #1 hit, and followed up a few years later with another Top 20 gem.

Londonbeat's Top 3
1I've Been Thinking About You1991#1
2Come Back1995#14
3A Better Love1991#25


Some REAL good artists in this lot. Loving Color Me Badd, Rick Springfield, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Vitamin C, Dave Dobbyn and Dolly Parton!!!
The Graduation Song (Friends Forever) is great and I absolutely love JX (especially You Belong To Me)
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#425. THE JACKSONS (1980-81, 1984, 1989, 2009, #4 - 10 entries)

Michael Jackson was certainly a busy man during the early 80's. With the success that came from his "Off The Wall" and "Thriller" albums, most artists would have left their former bands. The history of the brothers Jackson goes way back to 1964 when Jackie, Tito and Jermaine formed the group with the help of a couple of family friends. Marlon and Michael were onboard a year later, and soon The Jackson 5 turned their family name into one of music royalty. The Jackson Five are considered the last success of the Motown assembly line.

The Jacksons' Top 3
1Blame It On The Boogie1979#4
2Can You Feel It1980#10
3State Of Shock (with Mick Jagger)1984#10


#424. PINK FLOYD (1980, 1982, 1987-88, 1994, 2007, #2 - 6 entries)

Never much of a singles band, Pink Floyd's #424 ranking in this list is a dire misrepresentation of the success the band has enjoyed throughout their 45 year history. Their 1973 album, "Dark Side Of The Moon" itself has sold an estimated 45 million copies worldwide, nearly one quarter of their overall haul of 200 million sales. Pink Floyd's placing in this list predominantly comes from their #2 hit from "The Wall", a rock opera which largely deals with the self isolation of a boy named Pink.

Pink Floyd's Top 3
1Another Brick In The Wall1980#2
2Learning To Fly1987#34
3Proper Education (vs. Eric Prydz)2007#20


#423. PAUL YOUNG (1983-87, 1992, #8 - 10 entries)

It was the cover of a 1962 Marvin Gaye hit that sent Paul Young on his way to 14 Top 40 UK hits, which included six Top Ten's and two #1's. Paul soon found the perils of constant live performances as he strained his vocals during 1984, causing him to take a year off. Returning at the end of 1984, Paul famously sings the first line in the Band Aid hit, "Do They Know It's Christmas?", an honor later given to Kylie Minogue and then Coldplay's Chris Martin. As close friend of Spandau Ballet's Tony Hadley, to two regularly performs gigs together.

Paul Young's Top 3
1Love Of The Common People1984#8
2Wherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)1983#9
3Come Back And Stay1983#18


#422. TONI CHILDS (1988-89, 1991-92, 1996-97, #5 - 7 entries)

What an interesting little area this is for Toni Childs. After seeing Pink Floyd in concert in 1972, Tony decided to pursue a musical career herself, fronting American band, Berlin for live shows when Teri Nunn was unavailable. Toni finds herself overall, two places in front of Pink Floyd, and two behind Berlin. Now that's freaky! Interestingly, Toni never had much success in the UK or the US, with Australia and New Zealand the only countries to put her in the Top Ten, and giving her #1 albums.

Toni Childs' Top 3
1I've Got To Go Now1991#5
2Stop Your Fussin'1988#17
3Don't Walk Away1988#17


#421. GERI HALLIWELL (1999-2001, 2005, #3 - 7 entries)

It was a Sunday morning, I remember it well. Upon the way to breakfast, I bought the newspaper and was shocked to find the front page story, "Geri Halliwell quits the Spice Girls". For a different generation, it was right up there with the break up of The Beatles. As Ginger Spice, Geri was part of a phenomenon that is to this day, the best selling girl group of all time. Geri's solo success pretty much rode on the back of the Spice Girls, but she did manage hits from a second album, stepping out slightly from that shadow.

Geri Halliwell's Top 3
1It's Raining Men2001#4
2Look At Me1999#3
3Mi Chico Latino1999#43


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My fave from that 5 is sadly Geri Halliwell (It's Raining Men in particular) LOL
That's not so sad. Everyone needs a little no-brainer pop in their collection...heh heh.
Yeah lol I like Pink Floyd.
G'day, on Pink Floyd, thiers a minor mistake in thier write up above; being that "Dark Side Of The Moon" was released 10th March 1973 not 1972
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#420. BERLIN (1983-87, #2 - 5 entries)

Another band who rarely had a bad hit, American synthpop act, Berlin, may never have achieved their success had lead singer, Teri Nunn, won the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, of which she was an early favourite. It was not to be, and Berlin went on to release their first album in 1980. A string of progressively more successful hits, and providing the B-Side to Madonna's "Crazy For You", peaked with their love theme for the 1986 film, Top Gun, which also won the Best Song Oscar for writers Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock.

Berlin's Top 3
1Take My Breath Away1986#2
2Like Flames1986#18
3No More Words1984#23


#419. DIANA KING (1995, 1997-98, 2003, #3 - 4 entries)

While reggae music was mainly a guy thing, Diana King showed there was room enough for at least one lady in the house. An early appearance on The Notorious B.I.G.'s "Ready To Die" album, prompted her own contract to be signed in 1994, and soon her debut hit was riding the Top 5 in Australia and UK. Diana quashed the "one hit wonder" tag with another Top Ten hit from the Julia Roberts film, My Best Friend's Wedding. Diana then signed to Madonna's Maverick label, but her time was up, and no further success followed.

Diana King's Top 3
1I Say A Little Prayer1997#6
2Shy Guy1995#3
3Love Triangle1995#73


#418. ALIEN ANT FARM (2001-02, 2004, #1 - 3 entries)

Another thanks to goes to Michael Jackson, whose 1988 hit gave California's Alien Ant Farm a burst of success that would've otherwise kept them unknown. Guitarist dreamed up the band's name while sitting at his desk job, pondering the idea that we, as humans, could be an experiment by aliens not unlike an ant farm. Jumping the gun somewhat with their albums, Alien Ant Farm's first two albums were titled "Greatest Hits" and "Anthology", however they featured songs never released before by the band.

Alien Ant Farm's Top 3
1Smooth Criminal2001#1


#417. JON BON JOVI (1990-91, 1997-98, #1 - 5 entries)

As frontman of one of the biggest rock groups of all time, many forget how much of a back stabber Jon really is. Well, maybe that's a little exaggerated, but Bon Jovi, the band, have never managed to have a #1 hit single in Australia. Jon kept that honour for himself, taking out the top spot for six weeks with the lead single from his Young Guns II soundtrack album. A second solo album followed in 1997, as his acting career started taking off with roles in films U-571 and Pay It Forward, as well as a popular role on TV series, Ally McBeal.

Jon Bon Jovi's Top 3
1Blaze Of Glory1990#1
3Midnight In Chelsea1997#17


#416. MAXI PRIEST (1988-92, 1996-97, #2 - 6 entries)

Strangely, Maxi Priest wasn't included in the big reggae chart blitz of 1993, but his uncle, Inner Circle's frontman Jacob Miller, did represent Maxi's clan. The family connection continued with Maxi's son, Ryan, as part of the boy band Ultimate Kaos. Maxi himself came to prominence with a cover of Cat Stevens' "Wild World", enjoying another two Top Ten hits in 1990 and 1996, making him one of the biggest reggae acts of all time. Maxi is currently working with UB40, fueling rumours that he is their new singer, but this has turned out to be false.

Maxi Priest's Top 3
1Close To You1990#2
2That Girl1996#7
3Wild World1988#8


Been corrected, albumguru. I mistakenly read the "recorded" date rather than release. Thanks.
Bon Jovi FTW!
I think I have more than just a little Chris
What is that FTW?...that's the one I can never work out, and I know I sound dumb for asking...heh heh!
@chri8topher, it's For The Win, but don't feel bad about it, everyone's been confused about it at some point.
Right got ya...I see now Chris A means Bon Jovi the band. Thanks.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#415. JOJO (2004-07, #2 - 4 entries)

It always amused me that a girl, barely a teenager, could be singing about the hardships of relationships. I could never take her seriously, but then, I was double her age. I had to eat my words a few years later with the release of "Too Little, Too Late", a Top Ten hit from her second album. It was a piece of pop brilliance that certainly deserved to be JoJo's bigger hit, but that's the charts for ya. Back to that first hit of hers, JoJo became the youngest solo artist ever to top the US Billboard Charts at just 13 years old.

JoJo's Top 3
1Leave (Get Out)2004#2
2Too Little, Too Late2006#10
3Baby It's You2004#16


#414. HUNTERS & COLLECTORS (1982, 1986-94, 1996, 2006, #14 - 20 entries)

The top four biggest artists never to make the Top Ten weekly chart are all Aussie acts, and at #4 is Melbourne's Hunters & Collectors who injected pop and funk into their brand of pub-rock via the use of keyboards and a horn section. With some 12 members going through the ranks over their 17 year career, they certainly were a collective of Australian talent headed by Mark Seymour, the brother of Crowded House bassist, Nick Seymour. The guy reunited in 2009 as part of the Sound Relief concert for victims of the Victorian bushfires.

Hunters & Collectors Top 3
1Holy Grail1993#20
2When The River Runs Dry1989#23
3True Tears Of Joy1993#14


#413. HINDER (2007-08, #1 - 2 entries)

It's another one of those injustices that hit many artists. Nickelback's long and illustrious career could never boast a #1 hit, but copycat band, Hinder did it in a matter of weeks with their biggest hit, which also entered the Country charts with a cover by Jack Ingram that same year. Lead singer Austin Winkler had previous been in a covers band before forming Hinder with Cody Hanson and Joe Garvey. They entered a local band contest making it to the final four, but ultimately lost. Four years later, they topped the charts.

Hinder's Top 2
1Lips Of An Angel2007#1
2Better Than Me2007#11


#412. ALANNAH MYLES (1989-91, #3 - 4 entries)

Canadian Alannah Myles was one of the big stars that helped kick off the 90's in brilliant style. There are countless songs written about Elvis Presley, and Alannah Myles had one of the biggest, named after the colour he used in his hair, Sullivan's Black Velvet Hair Dye. Taking us through his child, into the height of his career, and then his unfortunate death, the song won Alannah the Grammy for Best Female Rock Performance. Three further albums during the 90's failed to match the success of her debut.

Alannah Myles' Top 3
1Black Velvet1989#3
2Love Is1989#12
3Lover Of Mine1990#47


#411. DES'REE (1992, 1994, 1997-99, 2003, #8 - 7 entries)

It seems many an artist thought they could use and abuse Des'ree's talents without giving due credit. It all started with Janet Jackson's "Got 'Til It's Gone", with bits of Des'ree's 1992 hit, "Feel So High", inserted into the song without any mention of her name. The same for Beyonce, who covered "I'm Kissing You" in 2007 without permission. Action was taken on both accounts. Why anyone didn't try to rip off her Top Ten hit "Life" could be that a BBC Radio poll listed Des'ree as the worst songwriter of all time for the song.

Des'ree's Top 3
2You Gotta Be1994#9
3I'm Kissing You1997#17


More awesome artists! PAUL YOUNG!!! Hey Chri8 do you know what number Everytime You Go Away peaked at in Aus??
Toni Childs is awesome. Also good to see JoJo and Des'ree. I really like Kissing You one of my fave songs!
Hinder ahead of Hunters & Collectors? That's appalling.
"Every Time You Go Away" got to #20 in Australia. I would expect that to be a lot lower than most people would think.
Great to see nat bass in the countdown-434-ahh its funny how people were saying im wrong saying that nat bass should be somewhere in teh countdown..lol.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#410. COUNTING CROWS (1994, 1996-97, 2003-04, #3 - 8 entries)

For years, Californian band were represented by their debut hit, "Mr. Jones", the subject of which was of much debate. Was he Bob Dylan, lead singer Adam Duritz's father and just an imaginary friend? Some went as far as saying it was Adam's penis! It took some years for that "Mr. Jones" band to become something more, when they finally enjoyed Top Ten success with a cover of a well-known Jon Mitchell classic featuring Vanessa Carlton, and then the Oscar nominated theme to the 2004 film, Shrek 2.

Counting Crows Top 3
1Big Yellow Taxi (featuring Vanessa Carlton)2003#3
2Mr Jones1994#13
3Accidentally In Love2004#11


#409. JOANNE (1998-2002, #3 - 7 entries)

We can gladly call Joanne Accom our own, but the singer-songwriter was actually born in London, of South African descent. Moving to Australia when she was ten, it was the very same year that a Lisa Stansfield fronted band called Blue Zone released "Jackie", the hit that shot Joanne to the Top 5 on the Australian charts. Released as "B.Z. featuring Joanne", it was a nod to the original band, using the moniker for a few follow-up releases before settling on just "Joanne". After her big hit, Joanne became the queen of the "minor" hit, nudging our charts six more times.

Joanne's Top 3
2So Damn Fine2001#25
3I Don't Know2001#31


#408. KENNY LOGGINS (1980-81, 1984-87, 1997, #1 - 6 entries)

A movie wasn't a movie during the 80's if it didn't contain some contribution on the soundtrack from American singer, Kenny Loggins. With hits from Caddyshack, Footloose and Top Gun, Kenny hit the US Top Ten four times, all from movie soundtracks. It wasn't all about the big screen though as Kenny found success with his original duo of Loggins & Messina, hitting our Top 30 in 1973 with "Your Mama Don't Dance" (#30), and then again in 1978, collaborating with Stevie Nicks on "Whenever I Call You Friend" (#26).

Kenny Loggins' Top 3
2Danger Zone1986#14
3I'm Alright1980#53


#407. TIFFANY (1987-89, #8 - 4 entries)

If you entered any suspiciously crowded shopping centre in American during 1987/88, chances are you had stumbled into a Tiffany concert. Clothes, jewellery and food wasn't the only things the consumers were spending their money on, as the young starlet's self-titled debut album eventually sold over 4 million copies worldwide. Battling with Debbie Gibson for the cover of many a teen magazine, the 17 year old became the youngest solo artist ever to enjoy two US Billboard #1 hits. Tiffany has released six albums since that success.

Tiffany's Top 3
1I Think We're Alone Now1987#13
2Could've Been1988#8
3I Saw Him Standing There1988#10


#406. CHRIS ISAAK (1986, 1991, 1993, 1995-96, 1999, 2002, 2006, #5 - 9 entries)

With the combination of talent with an attractive image, Chris Isaak's work was 75% done with his classic good looks no doubt making him stand out above other artists. Chris' early work was heavily tied in with the success of film director, David Lynch, who used Isaak's music in Blue Velvet, and Wild At Heart. Chris even appeared in Lynch's Twin Peaks movie prequel/epilogue, Fire Walk With Me. His biggest success came in 1995 with Forever Blue, an album he wrote after breaking up with his girlfriend, the silly girl!

Chris Isaak's Top 3
1Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing1995#9
2Somebody's Crying1995#5
3Wicked Game1991#15


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Nice list, I have all songs there except the 3rd by Kenny Loggins.

Faves include Joanne's 3 songs and Big Yellow Taxi

Almost up to the top 400
Almost indeed, Mykl, and here is the last of the list that closes another 100 artists.

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#405. JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS (1982-83, 1986-87, 1990, #1 - 7 entries)

Proving that female artists were not all material girls having fun, Joan Jett injected a little rock into the charts, and took it all the way to the top. As a founding member of all female rock group, The Runaways, Joan tasted her first chart success with the minor hit, "Cherry Bomb" (#57). After five albums, the girls split, leaving Joan to go it alone with a self-titled debut. With little success, she recruited a backing band, The Blackhearts, recorded a 1975 Arrows song, and was soon #1 in the US, Canada and Australia.

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts' Top 3
1I Love Rock 'n' Roll1982#1
2Crimson & Clover1982#6
3Dirty Deeds1990#59


#404. THE J. GEILS BAND (1980-82, 1985, #1 - 4 entries)

While The J. Geils Band were responsible for one of the most well known 80's hits, the six-piece band actually formed in 1967 under the name "Snoopy & the Sopwith Camels". Success may have alluded them had they not taken on lead singer and guitarist's name, J. (John) Geils. It was twelfth time lucky as the guys finally broke bigtime with Album #12, "Freeze Frame". The guys did pop their heads into our charts in 1975 with "Must Have Got Lost" (#72), returning to that obscurity soon after their 1981/82 success.

The J. Geils Band's Top 3
2Freeze Frame1982#7
3Come Back1980#31


#403. THE PRESETS (2007-09, #14 - 6 entries)

It must have been hard turning up to work as one of The Presets backing dancers. Judging by their 2008 ARIA performance, who knows what you would end up wearing! The Sydney duo of Julian Hamilton and Kim Moyes met while studying at the Conservatorium Of Music, and were soon backing the Daniel Johns/Paul Mac project, The Dissociatives. Leading the way in a revived Aussie dance culture, the guys won Album Of The Year at the ARIA's for their second album, and come in at #3 in the biggest acts never to reach the Top 10.

The Presets' Top 3
1My People2007#14
2Talk Like That2008#19
3This Boy's In Love2008#23


#402. ERIC CLAPTON (1983, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1992-93, 1996-98, #7 - 8 entries)

Eric Clapton's "legend" status has never really been represented properly in the Australian charts. After the demise of his former band, Cream, Eric Clapton enjoyed moderate success with a string of hits during the 70's and 80's. Even the mighty "Layla", with his band Derek & the Dominoes, could only manage a dismal #100 placing before exiting the following week. It was Eric's live talents that finally gave him a Top Ten single in this country, taken from his 1992 six time Grammy award winning, "Unplugged" album.

Eric Clapton's Top 3
1Layla / Tears In Heaven1992#7
2Change The World1996#8
3It's In The Way That You Use It1987#24


#401. DARREN HAYES (2002-07, #3 - 8 entries)

It's hard for any frontman of a hugely successful band such as Savage Garden, to continue that run. Lucky for us, Darren Hayes' talents didn't die when the band called it quits in 2001. Teaming up with Daniel Jones after answering a magazine advertisement, the duo went on to sell 23 million albums worldwide, before drifting apart, the reason not exactly known, and distorted by the media. Darren's solo work was welcomed with the Top 5 debut of his first hit, but the album sales have steadily declined over his three releases.

Darren Hayes' Top 3
3So Beautiful2005#7


I know a lot of contributors on this site have had their favourite acts revealed on our way to the Top 400. Hopefully there's still some good talent left to come to keep your hopes up.

Coming up...

* Two acts still to come that never made the Top 10.
* Three acts that have made the Top 400 with just one entry - all going to #1.
* Six more Idol finalists, and one that hit #1 without getting through the auditions.
* The first act to have TWO #1 singles is due very soon.

Stay tuned for the Top 400 - coming your way tomorrow...

Gooo The Presets!! Not a big fan of either Hayes or Clapton, but I don't hate either.
Centrefold is good, same with Darren Hayes.

Good to see the Presets there. My faves of theirs are This Boy's In Love and If I Know You.

I have no Idea who the Idol would be that never made it through auditions, I'll probably be kicking myself when it's revealed though.

The 6 Idols should be Guy, Shannon, Anthony, Ricki-Lee... ok there are a few others I'm thinking of but I'm not sure if they've been on yet :S

Las Ketchup will be one of those artists with just 1 entry, can't think of the other 2.
I think that it's Joel Turner who didn't make the auditions. I also think that Grinspoon will be one of the two without a top ten hit.
I think the other idols missing from your list Mykl are Jessica Mauboy, Young Divas and Joel Turner (idol not to make it through the auditions).

Busy scratching my head for the other clues...
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isnt there that asian guy that sung push up the dude from idol that didnt go past auditions?
6 Idol acts...and one extra that didn't make it through the auditions. Not sure what you mean, bsb. There could very well be a hidden one there, but not a #1 artist.
Am VERY happy to see Eric Clapton in there. Darren Hayes as a solo artist had some alright tracks (So Beautiful for example), but he had some equally horrible tracks (INsatiable and Popular) only my opinion though.

I wonder who has never made the top ten?
One would definitely by Sneaky Sound System but don't know who the other one is?
All I can say is the acts have suddenly become very BIG, Pink Floyd, the Jacksons, Big Audio Dyanmite! I can't wait to see more.
for the two #1 singles, could it be flo rida? low and right round?
just one entry being #1, no idea :S

Oh yeah I forgot about Jessica Mauboy *facepalm*

It wouldn't be William Hung, maybe Joel Turner.
As I said at the beginning of this thread, just over 4000 different artists have entered the Australian singles charts over the last 30 years (4078, or thereabouts, to be exact), and now we have arrived at the Top 400...or the top 10% most successful of all charting Singles artists from the 80's, 90's and 2000's.

These artists have risen above most hitmakers, with multiple hits, bigger hits, or just long careers that have blessed them with many moderate hits.

Pretty much for all viewers that visit this site, they are the artists who have shaped music for us. We love them, hate them, praise and bitch about them, but through it all, they create the most discussion for us chartgoers.

I know a lot of you are poised to find out where you fave artists are, and hoping I hold off revealing their names just a little bit longer, giving them a higher position on this list.

No doubt, we will have a lot more to discuss as the names get bigger, and reminisce the musical brilliance the following artists have delivered...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#400. RIGHT SAID FRED (1991-94, #1 - 4 entries)

It's funny how times can change your perception of music. The Fairbrass twins exploded onto our charts in 1991, proclaiming their "sexiness", or abundance of it, with a #1 hit in Australia and the US. What was considered a novelty back then, can arguably be called a classic nowadays, the tongue-in-cheek humour keeping its relevance in pop culture twenty years on. Considered a one hit wonder here in Oz, the guys hit the Top Ten four times in their native UK, a market that kept them alive for seven albums.

Right Said Fred's Top 3
1I'm Too Sexy1991#1
2Don't Talk Just Kiss1992#18
3Deeply Dippy1992#38


#399. DONNA SUMMER (1980-84, 1989, 1994-95, 1999, #4 - 14 entries)

70's disco queen, Donna Summer, made the transition to 80's pop quite easily. The hits may not have come as thick and fast, but they certainly lived up to the divas back catalogue. Even her Stock, Aitken & Waterman collaboration was steeped in brilliance despite a low chart peak, one that would be corrected by Australian Idols' Young Divas in 2005. Donna Summer's Christian upbringing got her into hot water with apparent anti-gay comments amid the AIDS epidemic, the very group considered her biggest market.

Donna Summer's Top 3
1She Works Hard For The Money1983#4
2The Wanderer1980#6
3Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger)1982#17


#398. CHANTOOZIES (1987-1991, #4 - 7 entries)

Five television personalities, one of their brothers, and another two musicians (thrown in for good measure) formed to played a covers gig at the 25th birthday of member Tottie Goldsmith. The 600+ crowd gave them enough praise for the band to continue on vinyl, and give us some of the best Aussie pop of the late 80's. Representing soaps Sons & Daughter, Neighbours, Prisoner, Sweet & Sour, The Flying Doctors and Special Squad, it was enough star power to last them through two albums, enjoying two Top Ten hits.

Chantoozies' Top 3
1Wanna Be Up1988#6
2Witch Queen1987#4
3Kiss 'n' Tell1988#25


#397. RUN-D.M.C. (1986-1990, 1993, 1997-98, #1 - 7 entries)

The tables turned for Run-D.M.C. in 1998, in quite a good way, when popular remixer, Jason Nevins, injected some modern sounds into the hip-hop group's very first single release from 1983. Previous to that it was Run-D.M.C. injected their genre into the 1975 Aerosmith single, "Walk This Way". Between rock, hip-hop and dance, it just goes to show how connected all music is, and the perfect union many diverse collaborations can usher. Members Run, D.M.C., and Jam-Master Jay are considered the greatest hip hop outfit of all time.

Run-D.M.C.'s Top 3
1It's Like That (vs. Jason Nevins)1997#1
2It's Tricky (vs. Jason Nevins)1998#15
3Walk This Way1986#9


#396. PETE MURRAY (2004-08, #9 - 7 entries)

One of the many things that stick out among the artists in this list is the young age they started out on their respective instruments. Not Pete Murray. The Brisbane boy was an avid sportsman, and set out to pursue a career in sports medicine. At the "ancient" age of 22, he picked up a guitar and began to learn, eventually finding the courage to perform Crowded House and Neil Young songs. A decade later, Pete would find himself at the top of the albums charts, cementing his "professional" status as a guitarist. Two following albums also would grace the #1 position.

Pete Murray's Top 3
1So Beautiful2004#9
2Better Days2005#13


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I love I'm Too Sexy, Pete Murray isn't too bad, same with Run DMC and Wanna Be Up is good. Not really a fan of Donna Summers (too old for my liking).
Run DMC is my fav of that list of 5. Pete Murray enjoyed the status of golden boy of the Australian music scene for a few years and has been a bit quiet of late.
Pete Murray
glad to see Run DMC...speaking of aerosmith,interesting to see where they are in this list
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#395. SNOW (1993, #1 - 2 entries)

The proof that 1993 was the year of reggae was the two #1 singles in a row the genre enjoyed. Reggae legends UB40 were proceeded by Canadian rapper, Snow, a name given to him by Jamaican-born DJ Marvin Prince, which stood for "Super Notorious Outrageous Whiteboy". With a contract signed, and the recording for his debut album in the can, Snow was charged for assault, and jailed for a year. The album was produced and mixed in time for his release, for which he scored the highest selling reggae single of all time.

Snow's Top 2
2Girl I've Been Hurt1993#26


#394. DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE (1988-94, #1 - 6 entries)

It was a mid-90's house party that brought Jeff Townes and Will Smith together. In need of a vocalist, Townes, or DJ Jazzy Jeff as he would soon be known, gave Smith, or The Fresh Prince as he would soon be known, the floor. The chemistry was strong enough that the two formed a close bond, both personally and professionally. Will Smith's playful lyrics, helped the guys to a Grammy win for the very first rap award in 1989. As Will moved into movies, and then his own solo success, the two have been in hiatus as a team, but insist they have never broken up.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince's Top 3
1Boom! Shake The Room1993#1
2Parents Just Don't Understand1988#49
3I'm Looking For The One (To Be With Me)1994#48


#393. SISTER2SISTER (1999-2000, #3 - 3 entries)

If it wasn't clear, Sister2Sister, who debuted on our charts with the hit, "Sister", are sisters. Christine and Sharon Muscat grew up in a musical family in Sydney where they developed their passion for singing. As teenagers, they both studied dance, and were soon dancing and singing all over Sydney. Coming to the attention of Tina Arena, she mentioned the girls to her manager, who soon had them signed up with a contract. After that burst of success, Christine and Sharon set up a singing school for aspiring artists, giving one-on-one tutorials.

Sister2Sister's Top 3
2What's A Girl To Do?2000#5
3Too Many Times2000#35


#392. EUPHORIA (1991-93, #1 - 5 entries)

With the half glass full/empty title of "Least Successful Artist With More Than One #1 Hit", Andrew Klippel's Euphoria was formed primarily to be a face to the hit that he had all ready to go. Recruiting Keren Minshull and Holly Garnett, the group was possibly the first Australian dance act to find commercial success. Euphoria attempted to carry on the success with a new hit from a possible second album, but the single bombed, prompting Andrew to fold the band, and form Elastic, later renamed AK Soul. Sadly, Holly commited suicide in 2000.

Euphoria's Top 3
1Love You Right1991#1
2One In A Million1992#1
3Do For You1992#7


#391. TRACY CHAPMAN (1988-89, 1992, 1995-96, 2008, #3 - 9 entries)

Tracy Chapman had worked on, and performed the songs that would eventually make up her debut self-titled album for many years, busking and gigging around colleges. It was time well invested as her folk/pop album was one of the most perfect of its kind, and gave Tracy two Grammys for Best Female Pop Performance, and Best Folk Album. With less time invested in her follow-ups, it seemed her success would die out, until 1995's comeback album, "New Beginning", winning another Grammy for Best Rock Song.

Tracy Chapman's Top 3
1Give Me One Reason1995#3
2Fast Car1988#4
3Talkin' About A Revolution1988#57


Tracey Chapman, one of the all time greats!
Tracy Chapman is such a brilliant entry! LOVE FAST CAR good to see Pete Murray and <gulp> Donna Summer - although her 70's songs were much better, when it came to the 80's she sorta went downhill.

So Euphoria is the artist with two number ones. Fitting because I don't know any of those songs???
Pete Murray's the best of the last ten and Tracy's great.
Sad to hear about Holly from Euphoria - somehow missed that news.
Saw Sister2Sister in a shopping centre once, surrounded by screaming teens/kids.
Good to see Pete Murray in this lot. I Like how he only started playing Music at 22 Years Old and defied the traditional sterotypes of playing music at a young age.
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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#390. KATE BUSH (1980-82, 1985-87, 1989-90, 1992-94, #2 - 8 entries)

The peculiar world of Kate Bush was founded by Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmour, recommending her to EMI when she was just 16. Three years later she was ready to take on the charts, and what an assault that was. Kate's debut single hit #1 in the UK, making her the first female performer to top the charts with a self-written song. Always beyond her years, Kate's talents ensured that each one of her ten albums made the UK Top Ten, the last, "Aerial" in 2005. Kate influence can be seen in popular acts such as Tori Amos, Bjork, Lily Allen and Muse.

Kate Bush's Top 3
2Don't Give Up (with Peter Gabriel)1987#5
3Running Up That Hill1985#6


#389. BILLY FIELD (1981-83, #1 - 3 entries)

No one has really glorified their "bad habits" with as much elegance as Australian jazz singer/songwriter, Billy Field. Raised in the rural town of Urana in NSW, Billy spent his late teens and early 20's working on a station before heading to Sydney in search of a musical career. He was good for a couple of albums, the chart-topping "Bad Habits", which gave him three Top 20 hits, including a #1, and "Try Biology", moderately peaking at #21, but garnering no hits. Nowadays, Billy earns his keep producing fine jazz recordings at his own recording studio.

Billy Field's Top 3
1You Weren't In Love With Me1981#1
2Bad Habits1981#4
3True Love1982#17


#388. DR. HOOK (1980-82, #3 - 6 entries)

It was lucky Dr. Hook formed in 1969 rather than the present, as I'm sure a band of their calibre would have no place in the charts. A pity really, because it's that variety of musical styles that make the older charts, particularly the 80's such a great place to (re)visit. Originally Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show, the guys had strong success all around the world, with Australia being their strongest market (chartwise), giving them two #1's and a further 5 Top Ten hits. Incidentally, Dr. Hook did make it onto the cover of the Rolling Stone, albeit in cartoon form.

Dr. Hook's Top 3
1Girls Can Get It1981#3
2The Wild Colonial Boy1981#4
3Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk1982#11


#387. SCISSOR SISTERS (2004-2007, #1 - 6 entries)

It's very rare for an act to be as openly gay as the Scissor Sisters, but then, not every act had to contain a frontman such as Jake Shears. The product of the club scene of New York City, the Scissor Sisters, named after a lesbian sexual position, had little success in the US, never once reaching the Top Ten (even their mighty #1 hit in the UK and Australia stiffed at #72). They needn't worry, as the UK were certainly willing for the band to gatecrash their party, rewarding them with three BRIT awards in 2005, including Best International Group.

Scissor Sisters' Top 3
1I Don't Feel Like Dancin'2006#1
3Take Your Mama2004#40


#386. GRINSPOON (1997-2000, 2002-05, 2007, 2009, #13 - 21 entries)

#2 in our mini-countdown of the biggest acts never to reach the Top Ten, Grinspoon were "unearthed" by JJJ in 1995, selected as the winners of the Lismore region for the long-lasting project to discover unsigned talent (as a side, two other winners will feature in this list). Naming themselves after Dr. Lester Grinspoon, a Harvard Medical School professor who supported the use of marijuana for medicial purposes, the guys were immediate hits on JJJ, and successfully crossed over to the ARIA charts, when alternative music was charting in abundance.

Grinspoon's Top 3
1Pushing Buttons EP1998#13
2Just Ace1998#25
3Panic Attack EP2003#13


Ah, the last two JJJ winners will be easy: Killing Heidi and Missy Higgins (soory if I runied it, lol)!

The last band to not make the Top 10 is harder... can we have a clue? Decade? Band/Female/Male?

And I think I will agree with what someone else said: The Ketchup guys will be the last 1 hit wonder (unless, did they have a Christmas version?).
The group has been named previously, but for confirmation, you'll have to wait until the Top 300. As for the Ketchup "guys" (?), they indeed had only one entry overall. Two others coming up in this hundred, are a duo returning from the 60's to haunt us, and a collective whose hit just recently entered the Top 50 (again).
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Scissor Sisters Grinspoon too!
Yeah, Ketchup guys, girls, annoyances is what I meant, lol.

Nice clues for the 2 upcoming acts: the 60s ghosts I think I know if I am thinking of the right 'melody' . But the act I am clueless on... hmmmm
if they have just entered the top 50 (again), it makes me think it might be Forever Young in one of it's incarnations.
Hmm, nice clues there. Clinton how righteous of you for not giving it away I believe this collective has been in some trouble of late eh...
Grinspoooooooooon! Just Ace rocks!!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#385. JENNIFER WARNES (1982-83, 1987-88, #1 - 3 entries)

Just like Kenny Loggins, Jennifer Warnes was your "go to" woman if you were ever in need of a female partner for your 80's hit movie, love theme, Oscar winning, Grammy winning, #1 hit single, duet. Well, OK, so there was just two, but the similarities make it hard not to tag Jennifer, who had previously performed another Oscar winning song for 1979's Norma Rae. Releasing her first album in 1968, "I Can Remember Everything", Jennifer Warnes did manage to chart a couple of times with her own material.

Jennifer Warnes' Top 3
1(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (with Bill Medley)1987#1
2Up Where We Belong (with Joe Cocker)1982#1
3First We Take Manhattan1987#32


#384. JOE COCKER (1982-84, 1986-89, 1992, #1 - 11 entries)

It's really quite bizarre to have Joe Cocker here side by side with his chart-topping partner, but the charts have regularly turned out strange coincidences. Starting out around 1960, Joe formed various small groups, gradually gaining popularity, and releasing his first single, a Beatles cover, in 1964. Those Beatles covers would soon form the backbone of his early career, with his first chart entry in Australia, "With A Little Help From My Friends", peaking at #8. It wouldn't be until his Grammy and Oscar winning hit with Jennifer Warnes that he returned to the Top Ten, and for the last time.

Joe Cocker's Top 3
1Up Where We Belong (with Jennifer Warnes)1982#1
2Unchain My Heart1987#17
3Don't You Love Me Anymore1986#11


#383. MARIO (2005-07, #3 - 4 entries)

Like many modern day R&B stars, Mario Barrett has a portfolio of music, acting, modeling, dancing and philanthropy, and all by the age of 20. At the age of four, his mother bought him a karaoke machine, and the path to musical success was set. Learning the piano, a handy tool he used for his songwriting development, Mario was discovered at age eleven, after his performance in a talent show. A record deal was offered at age fourteen, with a debut album hitting the stores two years later. His major success came with album #2, with two more following in '07 and '09.

Mario's Top 3
1Let Me Love You2005#3
2Here I Go Again2005#15
3How Do I Breathe2007#33


#382. JONA LEWIE (1980-82, #2 - 4 entries)

What sort of a character are we exactly dealing with here, that would release such songs as "You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties", "Re-Arranging The Deckchairs On The Titanic" and "I Think I'll Get My Hair Cut"? Jona Lewie made his first appearance in the charts as part of novelty band Terry Dactyl & the Dinosaurs, reaching #20 in 1972. Almost doomed to "one hit wonder" status, Jona made a brilliant comeback on his own, which included "Stop The Cavalry" which has become a modern day Xmas song.

Jona Lewie's Top 3
1Louise (We Get It Right)1981#2
2Stop The Cavalry1980#2
3You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Parties1980#21


#381. SURVIVOR (1982-83, 1985-86, #1 - 4 entries)

With Queen giving the thumbs down to the producers of Rocky III to use "Another One Bites The Dust" in a key scene for the film, Survivor's hit was born, becoming the biggest selling single of 1982. It's the first appearance in this list of an act topping a year end chart. Survivor formed in 1978, an actually released a couple of albums before their mighty 1982 effort, which also gave them an Oscar nomination, funnily enough, losing to Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes' hit, the duo appearing in this list just three and four places back!

Survivor's Top 3
1Eye Of The Tiger1982#1
2Burning Heart1986#55
3The Search Is Over1985#60


Well, Grogsta, it's hard to give a clue for the second without giving it away too much, but if you mean trouble by means of Mother Earth, then I think you're onto it. (And that probably WILL give it away).

Find out in three days...
Go Mario
Grinspoon was one of my fav uni bands. There was such an explosion of aussie alternative rock in the mid late 90s, loved it all.

The #1 act never to reach the top ten?
How about You Am I?
Maybe a certain Aussie dance act (without wanting to give it away.)
i know who bluezombie is talking about !
maybe the act is kisschasey?
Opinions Won't Keep You Warm At Night peaked at ten, so it's certainly not them.
I have a surely safe suspicion on bluezombie's prediction.
@bsb745, Kisschasy have already been mentioned, and have a top ten hit.
I believe Hijinx seemingly sees straight through my attempt to hide my guess.
OMG it's sneaky sound system maaaaan! i mentioned it in an above post.

good to see grinspoon, dr hook and kate bush
way to ruin it for others alleyt, but yes thats who we were referring to (or me, at least )
i don't think alley ruined it,it was pretty obvious who it was as soon as bluezombie said a certain aussie dance act (there isn't that many high selling aussie dance acts)
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guys i've mentioned it above. i'm not ruining anything - just restating something that i've already posted.
Well, no harm done alley for my side. I mean, I'm giving you the hints. It's obvious SSS are coming up, but knowing a few among the three hundred and something further artists to come isn't too much of a spoiler.

Besides, they are ages away yet, and you would all probably have forgotten about them by the time they appear...heh heh.

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#380. MI-SEX (1980-84, #3 - 10 entries)

Part on the great New Zealand onslaught in the Aussie charts, Mi-Sex evolved from fragments of small bands, aptly calling themselves Fragments Of Time. In 1977, taking their name from an Ultravox song, "My Sex", Mi-Sex as we now know them, were born. Leading the way for local new wave acts, their synth-driven pop/rock took them to the top of the charts in 1979, and again to the Top Ten in 1980. After two huge albums, three Countdown awards, including Best Australian Single, Mi-Sex struggled to repeat their success, disbanding in 1984.

Mi-Sex's Top 3
2Computer Games1979#3
3Falling In And Out1981#20


#379. GEORGE HARRISON (1981, 1987-89, 2002, #1 - 6 entries)

The success of The Beatles still carried over into the last 30 years with two Top Ten singles lifted from their "Anthology" series, but it wasn't quite enough to give them a place in this list, coming in at #1187. While Ringo Starr never made any chart contributions after 1976, the other three members had a considerable impact on the charts, welcoming the first, George Harrison, to this list. The lead guitarist of the most successful group of all time has already appeared further back, as a founding member of the Traveling Wilburys.

George Harrison's Top 3
1I Got My Mind Set On You1987#1
2All Those Years Ago1981#9
3When We Was Fab1988#35


#378. JOEL TURNER & THE MODERN DAY POETS (2004-05, 2007, #1 - 6 entries)

Despite never making it through the audition process, Joel Turner will always be considered an Australian Idol, trying out for Series 1 at the last minute. As a Beatboxing rapper, Joel was deemed unsuitable by Mark Holden, taking out the title of the "Best of the Unforgettables", honouring competitors not making it beyond the auditions, and performed at the Sydney Opera House for the show's grand finale. Mark Holden never turned his back on the future #1 artist, signing him up to his own label.

Joel Turner & the Modern Day Poets' Top 3
1These Kids2004#1
2Knock U Out (featuring Anthony Mundine)2005#14
3Funk U Up2005#13


#377. M PEOPLE (1993-96, #4 - 8 entries)

They never quite moved any further "up" after their major chart debut in Australia, but M People held steady as one of the premier dance bands of the mid-90's. Named after the initial of the group founder, Mike Pickering, the producer/DJ joined with Paul Heard, an acid jazz band member, and together set out to release tracks with various singers. One of those rostered on, Heather Small, with her rich distinctive vocals, was too good to refuse for further releases, thus became full-time singer through four albums.

M People's Top 3
1Moving On Up1993#4
2Sight For Sore Eyes1994#20
3One Night In Heaven1994#23


(2003, 2006-09, #3 - 4 entries)
While we all hold our breath for a second Top 50 entry from America's Jason Mraz, we welcome him into this list as one of the biggest one hit wonders of all time, but also possibly the least likely to remain that way, possibly. WIth his first album in 2002, "Waiting For My Rocket To Come", it wasn't long before it did, at least on the live circuit, where he was soon opening for international stars such as Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morissette. He was nominated for two Grammys for his breakthrough 3rd album, winning two awards a year later.

Jason Mraz's Top 3
1I'm Yours2008#3
2The Remedy (I Don't Worry)2003#63


Bravo! Just stumbled across this list through a google search. It's about time someone did this. For someone like myself who collected almost every Countdown Top 50 music chart in the 80s and has since wandered where the ultimate rankings lie, this is like a dream come true for this music trivia nerd. Keep em coming mate, looking forward to the remainder of the countdown! Oh and predictions... Kylie's gotta be up there as well as John Farnham for the Aussies. I'm also expecting Billy Joel, Elton John, Michael Jackson and Madonna to be way up there. I wouldn't be surprised if Madonna takes Number 1... or Kylie.
ooooh...in a Google search. Cool! I've always wanted something of mine to come up in one of those...heh heh.
hmmmm I love the comment about half of the artists in the top 20 have not been mentioned. Makes me wonder who it could be.
Byran Adams? BEP? Pink? Eminem? Guy Sebastian? Spice Girls? Justin Timberlake? Roxette? Peter Andre? LOL

I'd love Janet to be up there, but she probably will not be too high
Believe it or not, we still have fourteen weeks to go with this list. For me, I'm about 25 artists behind my original plan, so time to play catch up...!

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#375. JASON DONOVAN (1988-1991, #2 - 9 entries)

We're getting into the major talent inspired by Australian soapie, Neighbours, with one of the first to taste success after Kylie lead the way. Romantically involved with his on-screen missus, Jason didn't vary much from her musically either, letting Stock, Aitken & Waterman take reign. With a debut album that became the biggest selling album of 1989 in the UK, it was easy to see where his (bigger) fan base was. Even with his huge duet with Kylie, #1 eluded Jason in his home country, but his four #1's in the UK more than made up for it.

Jason Donovan's Top 3
1Especially For You (with Kylie Minogue)1988#2)
2Nothing Can Divide Us1988#3)
3Too Many Broken Hearts1989#7)


#374. TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY (1987-88, 1993-94, #3 - 8 entries)

After 12 million worldwide sales off his debut album, Terence Trent D'arby was cruelly shunned on his second album. Where most artists have some minor success, riding the waves of the previous, Terence had none. The album, "Neither Fish Nor Flesh", itself could only reached a dismal #37. So his comeback in 1993 was even sweeter with both a Top Ten album and single. But Terence himself knew that the success of TTD was over, proclaiming the artist "dead", and legally changing his name to Sananda Maitreya.

Terence Trent D'arby's Top 3
1Sign Your Name1988#3
2Wishing Well1987#9
3She Kissed Me1993#9


#373. FEARGAL SHARKEY (1985-86, 1988, #1 - 5 entries)

Irish singer Feargal Sharkey first came to our attention as lead singer of pop punk band The Undertones. The group disbanded in 1983, putting Feargal on the road to solo success, but not before a little stop off with The Assembly, who popped into our charts for one week at #95. Feargal Sharkey reached #1 here with the Maria McKee penned song "A Good Heart" about her ex-husband, Benmont Tench, who wrote Feargal's follow-up "You Little Thief" is response. Obviously, Feargal played no favourites as he raked in the royalties.

Feargal Sharkey's Top 3
1A Good Heart1985#1
2You Little Thief1986#4
3More Love1988#61


#372. SEAN KINGSTON (2007-09, #1 - 5 entries)

Reggae made yet another re-emergence in 2007 with 17 year old Sean Kingston (real name Kisean Anderson) becoming yet another #1 artist for the genre. His two biggest hits recycled popular artists of the 60's, Ben E. King and Led Zepplin. Sean's exposure increased as the opening act for Gwen Stefani and Beyonce's tours in 2007, helping his album to a #6 debut in the US, and just over 500,000 album sales worldwide. The album also sampled Bing Crosby, Phil Collins, Nelly Furtado and Ice-T, quite a diversity indeed!

Sean Kingston's Top 3
1Beautiful Girls2007#1
2Me Love2007#11
3Take You There2008#34


#371. DEF LEPPARD (1983, 1987-90, 1992-96, #6 - 15 entries)

Any scientist trying to fuse Heavy Metal with Pop couldn't get much closer than Def Leppard. Fans divided by the two genres certainly came together when Def Leppard's "Hysteria" hit us in 1987. With 20 million album sales worldwide, it was the longest running single disc album released (at the time), clocking in at just over 62 mintues. The quirk of Def Leppard is their one armed drummer, Rick Allen, who lost his arm during a car accident during the "Hysteria" sessions. Never replaced, Rick had a special drumkit engineered for him.

Def Leppard's Top 3
1Love Bites1988#21
2Let's Get Rocked1992#6


Two artists that haven't been predicted yet which I think will go very well are INXS and Jimmy Barnes.

Glad to see Terence Trent D'Arby up there. His album "Introducing The Hardline ..." was actually my first non-compilation album purchase as a young teen, on the back of Wishing Well. It's still a great listen today.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#370. LIFEHOUSE (2001-02, 2005, 2007, #1 - 5 entries)

Los Angeles band, Lifehouse, are currently on the verge of shaking off their "one hit wonder" tag that has dogged them for a decade now. Furthermore, various moderate hits they have released during that time have also re-entered the Top 100 ARIA and iTunes charts, showing there must be some sort of devoted fan base out there somewhere. But back to that 2001 success, Lifehouse's biggest hit was named US Billboard's "Single of the Year" without reaching #1, only the third time in history ever to do so.

Lifehouse's Top 3
1Hanging By A Moment2001#1
2You And Me2005#30
3Sick Cycle Carousel2001#79


#369. YOUNG DIVAS (2006-08, #2 - 4 entries)

So what happens when the limited success of (most) Australian Idol contestants becomes a reality. You join forces with a few others in the same boat, bring back some 80's classics, and hope for the best. Idol's first and only supergroup featured winner Kate DeAraugo, along with finalists Ricki-Lee, Paulini and Emily Williams, who recorded a couple of Stock, Aitken & Waterman hits, with better chart results than the originals. With the departure of Ricki-Lee in 2007, Jessica Mauboy was brought in, in what would be the stepping stone to her incredible success in 2008/09.

Young Divas' Top 3
1This Time I Know It's For Real2006#2
2Happenin' All Over Again2006#9
3Turn Me Loose2007#15


#368. JIVE BUNNY & THE MASTERMIXERS (1989-91, #1 - 4 entries)

In 1989, up to 20 hits from the 50's and 60's re-entered the Australian Top 50 in the biggest revival of those decades ever. And while this sounds like many "modern" songs suffered, there was no need to worry, as most where contained in two hit singles, lasting just over 4 minutes each. Jive Bunny was the face of megamixing producer Les Hemstock, who was only the third act in history to have a UK #1 with their first three singles. While Jive Bunny only charted with two albums in Australia, anywhere up to 30 albums have been released under the name.

Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers' Top 3
1Swing The Mood1989#1
2That's What I Like1989#4
3Let's Swing Again1990#67


#367. RICK PRICE (1992-96, #5 - 9 entries)

Queensland's Rick Price began his musical career as part of his family's band, "Union Beau", no doubt named after their hometown, Beaudesert. Making his break from his "Aunts and Uncles", Rick moved to Sydney when he was 18, and soon made a name for himself with his distinct, easy listening vocals. His big break came as part of the Australia Bicentennial celebrations, where he was incited to sing the theme song, "Celebration Of A Nation". Four years later, a debut album emerged, as Rick's journey from Beaudesert to chart success was complete.

Rick Price's Top 3
1Not A Day Goes By1992#5
2Heaven Knows1992#6
3River Of Love1995#18


#366. ALICE COOPER (1980-81, 1989-91, 1994, #3 - 9 entries)

No, Alice Cooper is not a silly name for a guy, rather the name for Vincent Furnier's band, as he was known as then. Forming during the mid-60's, they took on the name as a representation of a "sweet little girl with a hatchet behind her back". By the mid-70's, various band members had already begun solo projects, prompting Vincent to do the same, taking on the band's name, and in effect, becoming Alice Cooper. With many highs and lows since solo Alice's debut, he enjoyed a major comeback in 1989, musically and healthwise, as a "sober" Alice was back in the Top Ten.

Alice Cooper's Top 3
2Bed Of Nails1989#13
3Clones (We're All)1980#36



Great work Chris!
I'm expecting 90's teen pop to dominate the top 100 but quite a bit to go to find out.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#365. NATALIE COLE (1980-81, 1988-91, 1996, #2 - 7 entries)

Natalie Cole scored her biggest success bringing her father, Nat "King" Cole's hits back from the dead, but not before she proved herself with a Top Ten hit of her own in 1988. Entering our charts for the first hit in 1975 with "This Will Be" (#28), Natalie spent a good fifteen years as a pop singer before her tribute to one of the most successful singers of all time. The covered most of the crooners hits, with a finale that would see Natalie duetting with her father. It was a triumph as Natalie would win Album and Record of the Year at the Grammys.

Natalie Cole's Top 3
1Unforgettable (with Nat "King" Cole)1991#2
2Pink Cadillac1988#5
3Miss You Like Crazy1989#34


#364. MONICA (1995-1999, 2002-03, #3 - 9 entries)

Monica Arnold started out touring America as part of a 12-piece gospel choir before securing her recording contract with Arista Records in 1995. Her debut album, "Miss Thang" was a worthy three year recording process, giving Monica two US #1 hits, becoming the youngest performer to score consecutive chart toppers. Four further albums saw Monica hit the highs and lows, dogged by relationship troubles, including the suicide of her boyfriend in 2000. Although Monica's musical output has been somewhat slowed since the mid-2000's, album #6 in ready in 2010.

Monica's Top 3
1The Boy Is Mine (with Brandy)1998#3
2Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days)1995#7
3Angel Of Mine1999#12


#363. BLINK-182 (1996-2005, #8 - 15 entries)

An unbroken 10 year run of chart entries saw Blink-182 help bring contemporary pop punk to the charts. Forming as "Blink" in 1992, the band was threatened with legal action over the name by the Irish band of the same name. They added "182", apparently the number of times Al Pacino says the "f" word in Scarface. Carrying on, Tom, Mark and Travis would eventually take their "immature" music to the top of the US Albums chart with album #4, but lasted just one more album before their split. In 2009, the guys reformed for a Grammy's performance, proclaiming they were back.

Blink-182's Top 3
1All The Small Things1999#8
2I Miss You2004#13
3Feeling This2003#20


#362. SOUTHERN SONS (1990-93, 1996, #5 - 9 entries)

As John Farnham was enjoying his third major success in a row with 1990's "Chain Reaction", members of his backing band, Jack Jones, and Phil Buckle (who also wrote John's hit from his "Chain Reaction" album, "Burn For You"), stepped out of John's spotlight and into their own with Southern Sons. Enjoying three Top Ten singles from two of their albums, the guys called it a day after album #3 bombed. Jack joined Tina Arena's band for her "In Deep" tour with another SS member, Virgil Donati, returning to John Farnham's band in 1999.

Southern Sons' Top 3
1Heart In Danger1990#5
2You Were There1993#6
3Hold Me In Your Arms1991#9


#361. TAXIRIDE (1999-2000, 2002-03, 2005, #6 - 8 entries)

There was nothing scary about this taxi ride, as the Melbourne band zoomed up the charts with two Top 5 albums, including their #1 debut from 1999. The band started out as a covers band, and were constantly surrounded by connections to the yellow car, as they drove from gig to gig in a yellow Ford Falcon ex-taxi. The guys recorded an EP which a taxi friend of theirs promoted during his late night fares, and the experience the customers had in the meantime persuaded the band to take on the name, Taxiride.

Taxiride's Top 3
1Creeping Up Slowly2002#6
2Everywhere You Go1999#15
3Get Set1999#8


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Good to see Taxiride and Blink 182 there.
Looking ahead, I see #359 is the first of 15 more solo artists yet to come, whose original bands/groups are also yet to come.

Two of those solo artists are from the same group!

(that should get you thinking...heh heh... )
Agreed, Taxiride and Blink are the best from the list of 5.
black eyed peas; will.i.am and fergie chris?
I would say Kelly Rowland and Beyonce from Destiny's Child
wlv - 1, bsb - 0
lol you win the battle wlv, but not the war
OK...bsb...the war is guessing the other 14...heh heh!
Thanks for the memo, wlv.

Personally, I don't mind if you post the answers here, as it's good to get a little interaction on the way to #1.

As for your answers, not bad...but Lauryn Hill didn't quite make the chart, and Annie Lennox (and Dave Stewart) has already appeared. So, you've missed three, which is a pretty good effort.

As for Eminem, I had no idea D12 had been around since 1990, with Eminem on board, so I guess you gave me one.

So, correction, after Kelly and Beyonce, there are now 14 more.
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Hmm... 16 in total, you say?

May as well start with the two we now know;
Beyonce (DC)
Kelly Rowland (DC)
Justin Timberlake (N*Sync)
Mel C (Spice Girls)
George Michael (Wham)
Robbie Williams (Take That)
Fergie (BEP)
Jimmy Barnes (Cold Chisel)
Ronan Keating (Boyzone) ?
Eminem (D12)
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The artists I guessed were
George Michael
Phil Collins
James Reyne
Gwen Stefani
Rob Thomas
Ronan Keating
Justin Timberlake
Kelly Rowland
Melanie C

Ones I got wrong
Lauryn Hill
Annie Lennox

Robbie Williams (can't believe I forgot this one)
Jimmy Barnes (initially left him off the list as I had forgotten Ian Moss has already been listed)
I haven't refreshed myself through the list to check if these people have been or not, but (only mentioning the ones who haven't already been mentioned):

Jon Bon Jovi
Darren Hayes
Sophie Monk
Brian McFadden

Edit: I now see that JBJ, Darren Hayes and Brian McFadden have all been. I doubt Sophie Monk would be this high?
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Well, done. Between the two of you, 15/16.

One more to go...and that is the artist who is at #359!

(Yeah, wlv, I couldn't believe you forgot him, either...heh heh).
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Is the last one Deborah Harry?
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Ooh, good guess. You could be on the money there, wlv.
Awesome stuff Chri8, I've just been spending the last couple of days reading all this stuff. As a chart lover throughout the nineties (mainly 91-92 & 94-97, I used to collect the ARIA chart every week and study it week in, week out), I really appreciate all this effort. Great work and looking forward to what's coming up.
You redeemed yourself wlv...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#360. CHINGY (2003-07, #5 - 6 entries)

Howard Bailey, Jr. started writing lyrics at 9, performing as a rapper by age 10, when the M.C. Hammer's and the Vanilla Ice's were finally showing how lucrative the market was getting for the genre. Tossing around names such as H. Thugszy and H Thugs, Howard settled for "Chingy", a slang term for money. It was a fitting alias as that's exactly what began rolling in come 2003, when his debut album hit #2 in the US, eventually accredited triple Platinum by the RIAA. Three further albums have seen Chingy gradually drop in sales, but not disappear, just yet.

Chingy's Top 3
1Right Thurr2003#6
2One Call Away2004#5
3Holidae In2004#13


#359. DEBORAH HARRY (1981, 1984, 1986-87, 1989-90, 1993, 2000, #2 - 7 entries)

There are sixteen more solo artists to come in this countdown whose original bands/groups are also yet to appear. The first is Deborah Harry, who, together with Blondie, where one of the biggest acts of the early 80's. As a solo act, Debbie, as she was known then, debuted in 1981, just as the popularity of Blondie was winding down. The band broke in 1984, and Debbie was quick to respond with her first Top Ten hit in 1986. Enjoying another in 1989 with her Thompson Twins-penned #2 hit, a more grown up "Deborah" emerged.

Deborah Harry's Top 3
1I Want That Man1989#2
2French Kissin' In The U.S.A.1986#4
3Rush Rush1984#25


#358. THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (1990-91, #1 - 1 entry)

While The Righteous Brothers duo of Bill Medley And Bobby Hatfield where one of the biggest recording artists of all time, they would never have appear anywhere near this list had it not been for its inclusion in the 1990 hit movie, Ghost, featuring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. In a year where rap hit #1 for the first time, Madonna was showing us her Vogue, and the Teenage Mutent Ninja Turtles were in the charts, it all ended with a 60's classic, going on to become one of the biggest hits of the 90's, and no doubt, totaling one of the biggest of all time.

The Righteous Brothers' Biggest Hit
Unchained Melody1990#1


#357. USA FOR AFRICA (1985, #1 - 1 entry)

While USA For Africa is technically the second highest act to hit #1 with just one entry in the last 30 years, the reality is that most of the stars in the collective have, or will appear in this list. Inspired by Bob Geldof's UK version, Band Aid, 47 artists, most of them American (only Dan Aykroyd and Bob Geldof were not), gathered to collect more support for victims of famine in African countries. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie wrote the mighty hit, which has had a revival 25 years on to support victims of the Haiti earthquake devastation.

USA For Africa's Biggest Hit
We Are The World1985#1


#356. MELISSA (1991-93, 2005-06, #1 - 7 entries)

Proving Aussie soap stars in the charts wasn't all Neighbours and Home And Away, E Street star Melissa Tkautz gave a fresh outlook on the TV/music crossover artist. Starting her TV career at the age of three in various commercials, Melissa won small roles in Richmond Hill and Home And Away. Melissa took on the role of Nikki Spencer in the hit soap opera, E Street, soon becoming the shows main drawcard. During a dream sequence on the show, Nikki dreamt of pop stardom, with Melissa's hit debuting on the show. A "real" pop star was born.

Melissa's Top 3
1Read My Lips1991#1
2Sexy (Is The Word)1991#3
3Skin To Skin1992#16


Tomorrow, we start out with the first artist to break 200,000 points in my list, one of those acts who appear as a solo artist, and as part of a future group in this list.

Go Deborah Harry and the Righteous Brothers. And I love We Are The World, until it went and got butchered by Artists for Haiti
Today begins a new stage of the list as our first artists to break 200,000 (estimated) sales show their faces. Bar a couple of "flash in the pan" artists, we enter the stage where the artists have had to prove themselves on more than one occasion, hitting the Top Ten multiple times, or enjoying that mega success - however bad it sometimes may be...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#355. MELANIE C (1999-2001, 2003, 2005-06, #2 - 9 entries)

As Sporty Spice, one fifth of the greatest girl group ever, Melanie Chisholm was always considered the one with talent (however, this writer would think that all involved were talented), so it comes as no surprise to find Mel C the highest placed of the solo Spice Girls, all of which enjoyed Top 50 success on their own (yes, even Victoria). In the UK, Mel is the most prolific co-writer of #1's by a female, and is the only female artist to have gone #1 in the country as part of a quintet, quartet, duet and solo artist.

Melanie C's Top 3
1Never Be The Same Again (featuring Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes)2000#2
2I Turn To You (Remix)2000#11
3If That Were Me2001#28


#354. NIKKI WEBSTER (2000-2004, 2009, #2 - 9 entries)

It was September 2000, and the whole nation, and most of the world, was focused on a high flying 13 year old girl, swimming in a make believe ocean at the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony. A recording contract was quickly sealed, and soon Nikki was at the top of the charts. Well, almost. Nikki's debut single under BMG Records spent seven weeks at #2, one of the longest runs without hitting the top spot ever. Nikki is all grown up now, and has let many people know the fact with a feature in men's magazine, FHM.

Nikki Webster's Top 3
1Strawberry Kisses2001#2
2Something More Beautiful2002#13
3Depend On Me2001#16


#353. DIONNE WARWICK (1980, 1982-83, 1985-86, #1 - 6 entries)

It was way back in the 50's when Dionne Warwick made her first television appearances, performing with The Drinkard Sisters, a family gospel group featuring her mother, and Aunts and Uncles (one of those Aunts being Cissy Houston, Whitney's mum). The group became popular as background session singers, working with The Drifters, Ben E. King and Dinah Washington. It was at these sessions that Dionne was noticed by Burt Bacharach, who pretty much drove her 60's career, writing most of her hits, including her 1985 #1.

Dionne Warwick's Top 3
1That's What Friends Are For1985#1
3Deja Vu1980#69


#352. JENNIFER PAIGE (1998-99, #1 - 2 entries)

Another star growing up in a musical family, Jennifer Paige joined a covers band called Vivid Image. As part of another covers band, this time a 10-piece called Joe's Band, Jennifer performed in front of 50,000 people as part of the Atlanta Olympics Games in 1996. Coming to the attention of German indie label, Edel Records, Jennifer was the fresh face of pop they needed to establish an overseas presence. She was signed with her debut album following in 1998. Poor promotion for her following album unfortunately saw the end of Jennifer's chart career.

Jennifer Paige's Top 2

2 Sober1999#58


#351. CHRIS DE BURGH (1983-84, 1986-1989, #2 - 7 entries)

Chris De Burgh was inspired to write his biggest hit by his first meeting with wife, Diane. It was a tribute to that special moment when a man meets a woman, but seldom remembers what she was wearing on the night. That marriage has lasted since 1977, and produced a Miss World winner, when his daughter, Rosanna, was crowned in 2003, the first Irish winner since 1951. Chris De Burgh is set to release his eighteenth album, entitled "Moonfleet", this year, a career that has seen his total sales top 40 million units.

Chris De Burgh's Top 3
1Lady In Red1986#2
2Don't Pay The Ferryman1983#5
3Missing You1988#45


*letting loose his pop monster hiding deep inside*

"even Victoria"... OMG, Victoria had the second best non-Spice song with Out Of My Mind (with the Truesteppers?). Of course the best non-Spice song is Never Be The Same Again, which is just a great hit!

Oh, and Crush was amazing when I was 13, :sigh: Jennifer Paige, lol.
Exactly what Clinton said. Never Be The Same Again is probably the best solo song for a Spice girl, but Out Of Your Mind would be second. It's a shame it wasn't a bigger hit.

And I also think Crush is amazing!
I hope you're not thinking I was being sarcastic, but I agree, Victoria's effort with the Truesteppers is one of my faves (I only said "even Victoria", as most people dismiss her, and being over a decade ago, many forget that she actually charted on her own). But I can say very few things against the Spice Girls, believe me, I saw Spiceworld four times at the cinema, and I don't wanna know how many at home!

The only solo member I don't give much time for is Mel B, even though I do have her solo albums. But I expected better for her...

(...oh, how fun music was when the Spice Girls were around...'sigh'...)
Last edited:
Love Mel C and Crush by Jennifer Paige. Out Of Your Mind is def. my 3rd fave Spice Girls solo song (behind Mel C's top 2).
Wow, sooooo much love for Out Of My Mind... I don't remember it being that popular (could search... meh).

And, chri8, I wasn't reading too deeply into your words, lol... just standing up for my Wild Compilation loving former self! Now to find Out Of My Mind and discover just how badly, I assume, it has dated in the past decade...
Nice to see Jennifer Paige and Chris De Burgh. I love 'Lady In Red' an amazing song!
I don't think it's really dated that badly, but my association with it was good, so I can only go to a good place...heh heh.
Haha, after we discussed Out Of Your Mind, I listened to it three times in a row, and I don't think it's dated at all. Still a great track.
Don't dismiss Mel B - I loved her non-hit Feels so Good!
By the way Chris where did the other Spicies end up? (the individuals- not the band as they are obviously to come!)
I love Out Of Your Mind. Even to this day I play it on a regular basis. Greaty dance/pop track!
i dont want to know what you did through that song chris o_O
Melanie C - #355
Geri Halliwell - #421
Emma Bunton - #1194
Melanie B - #1531
Victoria Beckham - #3049

(as Victoria only "featured" for the Truesteppers, those points are credited to the band, as did Emma's performance for Tin Tin Out)

Truesteppers - #1891
Tin Tin Out - #3124
Just out of curiosity, what artist had the unlucky #1001 spot?
Well, nothing like that, bsb...I just meant that I was a huge Spice Girls fan, but had lost interest in music around 98/99, as it seemed everything was "pushed" rather than "gained popularity". When 2000 came along, particularly towards the end, pop music seemed to get back some of that fun that went missing in the process. True Steppers were part of that, as was Samantha Mumba, Girl Thing, Kylie and Madonna, Anastacia, well, the list goes on...
There's been a few, Daniel, since I hadn't looked at the list as I started writing it up here. In the process, I found a couple of acts that were both in the 1000, and I found were actually the same bands, just under different names. I joined their points together which created a couple of extra spots.

Originally, The Shamen, and then Taco, were at #1001 before moving into the Top 1000, but now that I'm confident that there'll be no more double ups, that unlucky artist at #1001 is...

Australia's own Lisa Edwards, who came from the shadows of John Farnham's backing singers to release her own cover of the Godley & Creme release, "Cry", going Top 5 with it in 1992.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#350. MIKE & THE MECHANICS (1986, 1988-89, 1991, #1 - 6 entries)

Another chapter in the Genesis saga appears, with the bands' guitarist Mike Rutherford, and his own band, the Mechanics, leaving only Phil Collins and Genesis themselves to come. Lead by vocalist Paul Carrack, another artist on this list at #785, Mike's band also featured Paul Young from 70's band Sad Cafe, and B.A. Robertson, who enjoyed a few hits in the late 70's. Mike and B.A. wrote their 1989 #1 as a tribute to their fathers, who had both died recently at the time. Mike Rutherford is currently working on new material for a possible seventh album.

Mike & the Mechanics Top 3
1The Living Years1989#1
2All I Need Is A Miracle1986#8
3Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)1986#23


#349. FLEETWOOD MAC (1980, 1982-83, 1987-90, #7 - 11 entries)

As brilliant as "Tusk" is, it is Fleetwood Mac's best by chart performance only, peaking at #3. With the classic hits that came out of "Rumours" and "Tango In The Night", it's hard to believe that "Tusk" remains the Mac's only Top Ten hit in a career that has lasted through multiple line up changes since 1967. The classic line up of Lindsay Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, Christine and John McVie, and Mick Fleetwood were a kind of "Wizard Of Oz" of music, with their different personalities ensuring Fleetwood Mac were never boring.

Fleetwood Mac's Top 3
1Hold Me1982#12
2Little Lies1987#16


#348. MOVING PICTURES (1981-84, #1 - 7 entries)

Sydney's Moving Pictures started out as a six piece group made up of members from small, unsuccessful bands such as The Harps, This Side Up and Bilgola Bop Band. Driven by Garry Frost's successful songwriting (and one that would also champion his later band, 1927), Moving Pictures were one of a handful of Aussie bands to find success in the US, with their breakthrough hit becoming the #88 biggest of 1983, despite a peak of just #29. In 1989, it return to the US Billboards charts, reaching #46, but for what reason is anyones guess.

Moving Pictures' Top 3
1What About Me1982#1
3Bustin' Loose1981#43


#347. AZ YET (1997, #2 - 2 entries)

Forming back in 1989 as a duo, Shawn Rivera and Dion Allen added in Kenny Terry and Darryl Anthony, and soon found themselves performing at various showcases set up by producer Babyface's mother-in-law. Babyface soon had them performing as support for R&B acts After 7 and DeBarge, adding in Marc Nelson along the way, who was an original member of Boyz II Men, but left before the group released their first album. Az Yet had two out of two Top 5 hits in Australia, before taking an extended break. They released their second album in 2007.

Az Yet's Top 2
1Last Night1997#2
2Hard To Say I'm Sorry1997#5


#346. THE HUMAN LEAGUE (1981-84, 1986-87, 1990, #4 - 8 entries)

While The Human League is now, and has been for some time, Philip Oakey, and his two backing singers, Joanne Catherall and Susan Sulley, none of them were actually part of the original line-up. Forming in 1977, Ian Marsh and Martyn Ware set up the "League", adding in Phillip a couple of years later. Disappointed with their lack of success, Ian and Martyn split from Philip, going on to form Heaven 17, while Phil was left with The Human League, and all the debts that went with it. He added the girls in 1980, and the three have stuck together ever since.

The Human League's Top 3
1Don't You Want Me1982#4
2Mirror Man1982#4
3(Keep Feeling) Fascination1983#8


I remember watching rage all those years ago and being annoyed that 'The living years' kept being #1 and it made me annoyed because there were lots of better songs lower down. In hindsight, the song is not too bad..

Fleetwood Mac are one of my all time fav's great to see them!!
Well, in reality, it was #1 for just one week, but it's 9 week run in the Top 5, at a time when #1 was changing every week, it may have seemed that way for you.
Yes I just checked that, my memory mistakes me. However it must have been it's hold in the top 3 / top 5 you mentioned when I couldn't stand it. The charts at that period had so many changes in the #1, that is true.
Loved The Living Years. Also had the album and listened to it to death back then. As I had/have with Genesis CD's.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#345. SANDI THOM (2006-07, #1 - 2 entries)

There's only a handful of one hit wonders left in this list, with Scotland's Sandi Thom topping the 2006 end of year chart with her only hit. With the advent of the internet, the way artists were discovered and music was promoted dramatically changed. Sandi promoted herself with a series of webcasts that eventually got her a record deal with RCA. While her debut album, "Smile...It Confuses People, hit #1 in the UK, the follow-up "The Pink & The Lily", could only manage #25 dropping out of the Top 75 after 2 weeks, and sealing Sandi's one hit wonder status.

Sandi Thom's Top 2
1I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)2006#1
2What If I'm Right2006#36


#344. GENESIS (1981-84, 1986-87, 1991-92, #3 - 15 entries)

Speak of the devil, Genesis have given us the talents of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins and Mike Rutherford, with Phil and Mike enjoying their solo/side projects side by side with the Genesis success of the 80's. That success was the first the band enjoyed after nine albums, when the band was cut to just three, and Phil moved to vocal duties after the departure of Peter Gabriel. While the three members (let's not forget Tony Banks) had their own projects, it seemed Genesis became a sort of lighthearted outlet for the guys, with many comic video clips created for their music.

Genesis' Top 3
1Invisible Touch1986#3
2I Can't Dance1992#7
3In Too Deep1986#17


#343. DEVO (1980-83, 1986, #1 - 8 entries)

Devo didn't cut any corners during their New Wave reign over the charts during the early 80's. The science fiction themes of their live shows ensured they were never a dull ticket, they were pioneers of the music video, creating some of the most memorable at the time, and the cutting edge production of their art-rock hits sent two of their albums to the Australian Top 5, the only country to do so. So it's interesting that their biggest hit was actually a live EP, which would featured none of the elements that made them, Devo.

Devo's Top 3
1Dev-o Live EP1981#1
2Beautiful World1981#14
3Working In A Coal Mine1981#20


#342. SEAN PAUL (2003-07, #4 - 7 entries)

Jamaican-born Sean Paul Henriques gave up a kind of family tradition when he gave up his place on the national water polo team, a position his father and grandfather had also held, to pursue his interest in music. Sean peaked with a Grammy award for Best Reggae Album, scoring a Best New Talent nomination as well for what was actually his second album. Interestingly, Sean Paul's biggest market is in the smaller European countries, going #1 in Switzerland with the lead release from his fourth album, "Imperial Blaze" in 2009.

Sean Paul's Top 3
2Get Busy2003#4
3Like Glue2003#20


#341. OASIS (1995-98, 2000, 2003, #1 - 14 entries)

It was only last month that the UK naughty boys of Oasis had officially called it a day after seven albums amassing 75 million sales worldwide. Forming in 1991, at a time when British Indie was riding high in the charts via EMF and The Soup Dragons, Oasis came to prominence four years later, leading another mini-British revolution along with arch enemies, Blur. With the antics of brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher often overshadowing the bands' musical output, Oasis' "(What's The Story) Morning Glory?" will, at least be heralded as an all time classic forever.

Oasis' Top 3
2Don't Look Back In Anger1996#19
3Morning Glory1995#25


Sean Paul is my fave from those 10, love I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker and Don't You Want Me also.
Fleetwood Mac, Az Yet, The Human League, Genesis and Oasis!!!
The names are definitely getting more and more familiar
Some fantastic artists in the mix now espescially Oasis and Fleetwood Mac.

Just a note on Jennifer Paige by the way. She does have a new song out called Beautiful Lie so you never know a return to the charts may be on the cards.

Beautiful Lie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xAo_ybQv6I
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#340. ASHLEE SIMPSON (2004-06, 2008, #5 - 6 entries)

With two sets of high profile siblings still to come, it looks as if Ashlee Simpson, together with older sister Jessica, are the third biggest sibling act in the last 30 years. Ashlee's musical career was helped along with her reality TV series, The Ashlee Simpson Show, focusing on the development of her career during the recording and release of her "Autobiography" debut album. The album hit #1 in the US, as did her second release, "I Am Me", which didn't have the help of her TV show. With those stats, surprisingly, Ashlee has only made the US Top Ten Singles chart once.

Ashlee Simpson's Top 3
1Pieces Of Me2004#7
2La La2005#10


#339. BOBBY BROWN (1989-90, 1992-94, #1 - 11 - entries)

The first signs of Bobby Brown's "bad boy" personality appeared on stage during concerts with his original vocal group, New Edition. Fearing their careers were walking on thin ice as a result of Bobby's lewd behaviour, the guys voted him out, bringing in Johnny Gill as his replacement. It didn't seem to phase Bobby, who embarked on his solo career a year later, one that would soon see him at #1 on the Billboard Albums charts with his "Don't Be Cruel" album. A rocky marriage followed in 1992 with Whitney Houston, lasting until 2007.

Bobby Brown's Top 3
1Humpin' Around1992#1
2Every Little Step1989#8
3On Our Own1989#22


#338. 3 DOORS DOWN (2000-06, 2008, #2 - 7 entries)

From the American state of Mississippi, 3 Doors Down are one the hardest working bands around, playing over 300 shows a year. That hard work has paid off enough to give them a couple of Top Ten's here, and four Top Ten albums in the US, their last two hitting #1. One of the few bands to have a singer/drummer, Brad Arnold gradually took on full time vocal duties, giving his "other" job to various drummers were brought in the record and play their live shows. Still going strong after 15 years together, 3 Doors Down's sales have topped 16 million worldwide.

3 Doors Down's Top 3
1Here Without You2004#2
3It's Not My Time2008#26


#337. VANILLA ICE (1990-91, #1 - 4 entries)

Eminem may very well have single handedly claimed rap music as a white sport, but not before Robert Van Winkle a.k.a. Vanilla Ice scored the third ever rap #1 in Australia. In the US, the Queen sampled single was the first hip hop record to top the Billboard charts, going on to sell over 15 million copies worldwide, one of the most successful of the genre. Featuring on many future "worst of" lists, Vanilla Ice recently appeared in a commercial for Virgin Mobile's Right Music Wrongs, apologizing for his worldwide smash.

Vanilla Ice's Top 3
1Ice Ice Baby1990#1
2Play That Funky Music1991#13
3Rollin' In My 5.01991#53


#336. JAMELIA (2004-05, 2007, #1 - 6 entries)

It's mind boggling the amount of stars who come from out of nowhere, and disappear just as fast. Is it their fault, the record companies, or have we become so ADD with our music these days, that no one is to survive. England's Jamelia released her debut album in 2000 with moderate success, scoring a UK Top 5 hit for "Money". Unknown to Australia, her second album would break her into our market with a #1 single quickly gracing our charts. Despite material being just as good from a third album, it didn't repeat that earlier success.

Jamelia's Top 3
2Thank You2004#7
3Something About You2007#17


Jamelia, 3 Doors Down and Ashlee Simpson
Two sets of siblings to come? Michael and Janet obviously are one, Kylie and Dannii?
Oasis was one of the groups I was watching for closely in this countdown. Sandi Thom on the other hand I was not. Wish she had kept quiet.
Yep, those would definitely be the pairings.
Yay for Ashlee Simpson, one of my guilty pleasures. Like Jamelia's Something About YOu as well.
s u p e r s t a r
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#335. GABRIELLE (1993-94, 1996, 2000-02, #2 - 6 entries)

No, that eye patch wasn't a gimmick. Gabrielle used it for all the right reasons, as she had suffered from ptosis (a drooping of the eyelid) since 1990. She broke into the charts in a big way, debuting at #2 in the UK, the highest at the time for a debut artist, peaking at #2 here in Australia with here biggest hit. With a few minor follow-ups hitting our charts, Gabrielle was dangerously close to being labeled a one hit wonder, until Bridget Jones's Diary came along, for which Gabrielle provided the theme, and another Top Ten hit.

Gabrielle's Top 3
2Out Of Reach2001#9


#334. NOISEWORKS (1986-92, #7 - 15 entries)

Noiseworks never missed a beat from their impressive self-titled debut album, to their break-up six years later, and subsequent "Greatest Hits" package. Lead by New Zealand singer, Jon Stevens, his charming good looks and brilliant voice would ensure the band's success. Jon was already a major chart success in NZ, with some minor success in Australia in 1981, when "Jezebel" reached #94. Two strong Top Ten albums were followed by a (finally) #1 debut in 1991, with "Love versus Money". The band re-formed in 2007, and new material is apparently on the cards.

Noiseworks' Top 3
1Take Me Back1987#7
2Hot Chilli Woman1991#7


#333. GIRLFRIEND (1992-95, #1 - 7 entries)

Girl groups had been absent from the Australian charts since, well, the 60's, really. Not that they weren't trying. En Vogue was nabbing some minor success in 1990, as were Sweet Sensation (who???). So three girls who met at dance class, Jacqueline, Siobhann and Melanie, decided to give the Australian charts a full on assault. The girls soon met jingle songwriter Noel MacDonald through their dance teacher, adding in Robyn and Lorrinda along the way, and soon Girlfriend, and a new wave of girl groups, was born.

Girlfriend's Top 3
1Take It From Me1992#1
2Without You1992#18
3Girl's Life1992#15


#332. POISON (1987-1991, 1993, #7 - 8 entries)

There was enough hair during the late 80's to cover all the balding stars in the world with Bret Michaels' Poison adding their brand of Glam Metal to that of Bon Jovi, Europe and Def Leppard. Originally formed under the name "Paris", the guys decided to change their name to "Poison" after seeing Spinal Tap. 1986 saw the release of their debut album, "Look What The Cat Dragged In", a slow and steady builder, peaking in the US at #3. It was a strong foundation for the follow-up, "Open Up And Say...Ahh!", which went on to sell 8 million worldwide.

Poison's Top 3
1Unskinny Bop1990#7
2Nothin' But A Good Time1988#10
3Every Rose Has Its Thorn1988#16


#331. BOOM CRASH OPERA (1986-95, #5 - 16 entries)

Carrying on the traditional of great Aussie music during the 80's, Melbourne's Boom Crash Opera formed around the songwriting team of Richard Pleasance and Peter Farnan. The two had enjoyed some minor success as part of the Serious Young Insects, whose "Be Patient" reached #63 in 1982. Something bigger was on the horizon, and with the inclusion of Dale Ryder, Peter Maslen and Greg O'Connor were the makings on one of our best live acts. Those live acts forced Richard to leave in 1992, eventually suffering from hearing difficulties.

Boom Crash Opera's Top 3
1Great Wall1986#5
2Onion Skin1989#11


Lady GaGa caused my low output yesterday, by I assure you that we will reach #301 on Saturday, bringing me up to date...heh heh.

This evening we crashed through the Triple Platinum barrier, one that a couple of artists have done with just one single!

my prediction for top 5 artists;

1.Michael Jackson
2.Britney spears
3.P!nk (think of all her hits over here )
4.Beyonce (she may of only had 1 #1, but shes had a truckload of top 10's
5.the black eyed peas (3 words - i gotta feelin, but if that werent enough then lets include my humps, boom boom pow, meet me halfway, shut up, and dont phunk with my heart, wouldnt be suprised to see them at #2 or even #1 )
BSB, there's other more successful artists beyond 2008, lol.
well considering all 5 of those started before '08, im just gonna point out your wrong

all 5 of those started before '08, just because the last 4 are still going doesnt matter ><
Last edited:
Well you're missing Madonna for one, also I don't expect Britney to be that high, with a few exceptions, most of her singles aren't massive.
Well 2008-2009 marked a high in single sales and this chart does reflect sales. In 2009 alone the Black Eyed Peas sold 700,000 copies (only including Boom Boom Pow, I Gotta Feeling and Meet Me Halfway), add probably another 700,000 for their entire career and that's up near 1.5 million, and I think I read there were only 25 artists with over 1 million? So surely they'd have to be top 10 atleast.

Also imagine MJ, Madonna, Kylie and P!nk to be up there.
Subject to change.

1. Madonna
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Micheal Jackson
4. P!nk
5. Black Eyed Peas
I already started predicting earlier, but here is an updated one:

1. Madonna
2. Kylie
3. Michael Jackson
4. U2
5-10 range Black eyed peas (based on their 6 #1's and various other hits, they should make the top 10.

I guess Pink is a chance of top 10, but so many others, Elton John, George Michael, Britney, Roxette. Celine Dion has had some massive hits as had Whitney Houston and Mariah, Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Eminem, Delta Goodrem, John Farnham, Savage Garden, Bryan Adams, Spice Girls. So lots to choose from and so many that I have forgotten about or don't even remember from the early mid 80s. Speaking of which we are still waiting on Culture Club, Stevie Wonder, Wham, New Order, Cyndi Lauper, Bruce Springsteen, Cher, and Janet Jackson, Meatloaf, Shania Twain, Robbie Williams and Ricky Martin from the 90s. Now there is a diverse bunch of mega high sellers!
Mariah will be in the top ten - my future telling instincts say number nine.
Surely Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears would be high. Top 20 at least, I think.
GaGa won't be top 20. I heard the top 25 sold 1 million plus, her figures would be around 900,000 maybe, so around 25-30 I guess?
The first million seller in this list comes in at #15.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#330. GABRIELLA CILMI (2008-09, #1 - 2 entries)

Those who voted Gabriella Cilmi as best "everything" at the 2008 ARIA awards must have been holding their breath for the year and a bit after, as we all waited to see if the Melbourne girl would end up a "one hit wonder", and possibly a little undeserving of such accolades. Well, with the release of her follow-up in 2010, of the album, "Ten", that tag has been loosened somewhat, but not as convincingly as most would have liked, with the lead track hitting the Top 20 just recently. We'll soon find out next week if her new album can match the #2 peak success of her debut.

Gabriella Cilmi's Top 2
1Sweet About Me2008#1
2Don't Wanna Go To Bed Now2008#28



#329. BIG BROVAZ (2003-04, #3 - 5 entries)

There's nothing relative within this British hip-hop group, as Big Brovaz was a name used by producers Skillz and Fingaz before any singers were brought in the put faces to the music. Various artists were asked to showcase themselves for a compilation album, titled "Big Brovaz - Watching You". The underground success prompted the producers to recruit some permanent members to generate some mainstream success. Cherise, Nadia, J-Rock, Randy, Dione and Flawless made the final cut, which would see the release of just to albums before the group split.

Big Brovaz' Top 3
1Nu Flow2003#3
2Baby Boy2003#8
3Favourite Things2003#3


#328. DEAD OR ALIVE (1984-89, 1996-97, 2003, #3 - 13 entries)

It's often thought that Neighbours stars such as Kylie and Jason were responsible for getting the production team of Stock, Aitken and Waterman off the ground. In actual fact, they were just the tip of the iceberg, as the UK's Dead Or Alive, lead by the androgynous Pete Burns, had given the team their first UK #1 hit in 1985. With mixed success across the three major continents, it was strange to see Japan giving them the most #1's, three in a row, and from their 1989 album, "Nude", which went unnoticed everywhere else.

Dead Or Alive's Top 3
1You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)1985#3
2Lover Come Back To Me1985#13
3Something In My House1987#19


#327. STING (1982, 1985-88, 1991-96, 2000-01, 2003, #1 - 17 entries)

It's quite unbelievable that after all that success as frontman of The Police, and five Top Ten albums, including his #1 debut, "Dream Of The Blue Turtles", that Mr. Gordon Sumner failed to reach the Australian Top Ten Singles chart with a solo hit. Sure, he made it to #1 with the theme from The Three Musketeers, with the help of Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart, but that was really riding the wave of success Bryan was enjoying at the time. But who needs Australian charts when you win nine Grammy awards, and sell nearly 100 million albums worldwide?

Sting's Top 3
1All For Love (with Bryan Adams & Rod Stewart)1994#1
3We'll Be Together1987#13


#326. NATALIE IMBRUGLIA (1997-99, 2001-02, 2005, 2007, #2 - 10 entries)

Natalie Imbruglia had the makings for one of this countries biggest stars. FormerNeighbours actresses had faired well previously, and in the future, ARIA awards came her way, eight in total, and a Grammy nomination for Best New Talent. So what happened? It seemed Natalie was a little too "left of the middle" when it came to the music styles of her following releases, touching on rock and alternative music, rather than the pop of her debut. Personally, I welcomed the new style, but I'm not the one buying 6 million copies, of which her debut sold.

Natalie Imbruglia's Top 3
2Big Mistake1998#6


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Torn and Shiver by Nat Imbruglia are good, You Spin Me Round by Dead Or Alive is eer better but the 3 best songs there are the 3 by the Big Brovaz. Love all, if I did personal charts back then all would've made top 3 with Nu Flow being my fave song of 2003 and one of my faves of all time

Thanks for the lists Chris
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#325. KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND (1980, 1983-84, 1994, #1 - 5 entries)

So, how many musicians does it take to screw in a disco ball? Miami's Harry Wayne Casey (or KC for short) would say nine, however, in reality, it could be any number up to 32, as that's precisely the amount of artists how have gone through the Sunshine Band's ranks for the last (nearly) 40 years. Forming as a partnership in 1973 with studio engineer, Richard Finch, KC starting assembling session musicians for a band inspired by funk, R&B and disco. The Sunshine Band was born, named after Florida's nickname, "The Sunshine State".

KC & the Sunshine Band's Top 3
1Please Don't Go1979#1
2Give It Up1983#3
3(You Said) You'd Gimme Some More1983#45


#324. ROXY MUSIC (1980-82, #1 - 5 entries)

It's certainly a rarity for any band to cover songs by The Beatles, or any of their solo work that followed, and release the better version. Roxy Music did it (arguably) with their #1 John Lennon cover which turned out to be their crowning achievement in a career spanning just over a decade. The beautiful atmosphere of the band's sound, coupled with Bryan Ferry's silky voice, was hard to ignore, and to prove they didn't need covers, the brilliant "Avalon" album following, featuring "More Than This", now a karaoke favourite thanks to Bill Murray's performance in Lost In Translation.

Roxy Music's Top 3
1Jealous Guy1981#1
2More Than This1982#6


#323. D12 (2001-02, 2004-05, #1 - 5 entries)

Not being the biggest fan of D12, or their genre, I never really had any reason to get to know them, until now. And how I was surprised to find out the band had formed way back in 1990, with Eminem in tow. I always thought one of the biggest stars in the world had actually formed the band later on, not the other way around. The idea was to collect 12 of the most talented rappers from the Detroit area, to compete in the flourishing hip-hop scene emerging. They didn't quite get enough, stalling at just six members, so the guys each created an alter-ego to bump up the numbers.

D12's Top 3
1My Band2004#1
2Purple Pills2001#3
3How Come2004#4


#322. THE SCREAMING JETS (1991-2001, #4 - 17 entries)

Australian rock may not have flourished during the 90's as it did in the 80's, but Newcastle's Screaming Jets made sure it would still have some presence in our charts. The guys formed in 1989, winning a national Battle Of The Bands comp staged by JJJ. They were signed to rooArt soon after. Bursting into our Top 5 in 1991, Dave Gleeson and co. are often known as that "Better" band, however, they actually charted every year for eleven consecutive years, even if it was at just a minor capacity.

The Screaming Jets' Top 3
2Helping Hand1994#25


#321. MISSY ELLIOTT (1999, 2001-2006, #6 - 11 entries)

While Eminem was out there proving rap music wasn't confined to black artists, Missy Elliott was showing that it wasn't just a man's world, and not confined to Dimples D and Icy Blu. It took a little while for Australia to warm to Missy, as she had already had two Top Ten albums in the US, but we had seen a little of her on Melanie B's debut solo hit, the first by a Spice Girl, in 1998. Slowly, but surely, Missy Elliott gained solid support in our charts, herself continuing to support other artists such as Christina Aguilera and Ciara.

Missy Elliott's Top 3
1Work It2002#6
2Lose Control2005#7
3Gossip Folks2003#22


Missy Elliott is my fave there
we're getting into the buisness end of this
Absolutely loving this countdown chri8, seems I must be of a similar age so my experiences growing up are quite similar. My highlight was always getting up early on the weekend to watch the Top 50 on Rage with the sound down.

Thanks for the hard work that you have put in, when it got down to the last 350 I tried to make a list of who I thought would be in there, only 3 wrong so far.
Loving this countdown Chri8, I'm actually going to print this out as a badly produced book format and keep it on my "music and charts" shelf as a record of this. Thanks again for doing this chri8.
Sounds good, 392414.

will look better coming from the blog as it has pictures. One day I'll get it proof read (will do, at least, by the end of the posting) so it will be all error free, hopefully.
Oh that's great, chri8! I'll definitely include the pics too.
Missy Elliott
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#320. BLUE (2001-04, #3 - 8 entries)

Blue was formed in early 2000 when Duncan James and Antony Costa decided to expand their duo to a full-on boy band assault, convincing Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe to join. It seemed few vocal groups could fail, with Blue being one of the more successful, enjoying UK #1 success with all three of their albums, and just as many #1 hits. One of those was a cover of an Elton John hit, on which he would also feature. It was at Elton's suggestion that the band split to concentrate on solo careers, before the band would fade away. With little success individually, the band are now back together.

Blue's Top 3
1All Rise2001#3
2Too Close2001#5
3If You Come Back2002#19


#319. SAMANTHA FOX (1986-89, #1 - 8 entries)

Pop stars come from many different places and crossover from many different industries, and although it's not a surprise that a Page 3 pin-up girl could have chart success, it's quite an achievement for Samantha Fox that we find her almost in the Top 300 artists since 1980. After being named Page 3 Girl Of The Year for three years running, Samantha hung up, err...I mean, put back on her bra, and concentrated on music, giving us one of the biggest hits (yes, I said h-its) of the 80's. Sam's discography consists of six albums, the last released in 2005.

Samantha Fox's Top 3
1Touch Me (I Want Your Body)1986#1
2I Only Wanna Be With You1989#19
3Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)1986#18


#318. TV ROCK (2006-07, #1 - 3 entries)

Melbourne's TV Rock looked like they were going to be the breakthrough artists in Australia's dance scene, and although they certainly did make their mark, it would only be at a singles capacity. Their biggest hit spent an amazing 39 weeks in the Top 50 alone, the second biggest seller of 2006, and giving them ARIA awards for Highest Selling Single, and Best Dance Release. A couple of years later, The Presets and Empire Of The Sun would steal their thunder, excelling in both singles and albums charts, but for this list, TV Rock reign supreme.

TV Rock's Top 3
1Flaunt It2006#1
2The Others (vs. Dukes Of Windsor)2007#10
3Bimbo Nation2006#32


#317. SINEAD O'CONNOR (1988, 1990-92, 1994, 2000, #1 - 9 entries)

It was 1990, a time when debuting at #1 was a rare feat, and little known Irish singer, Sinead O'Connor became the fastest "unknown" artist to reach #1 in Australia. It took just two weeks for Sinead's cover of an unreleased Prince track to top our charts, holding for eight weeks, and becoming the biggest seller for the year. Previous to her smashing success, she had popped in to the Top 50 briefly in 1988. Together with Moving Pictures, Sandi Thom and Survivor, Sinead is only one of four end of year chart toppers not to make the Top 300 artists from the last 30 years.

Sinead O'Connor's Top 3
1Nothing Compares 2 U1990#1
2The Emperor's New Clothes1990#20


#316. T.I. (2006, 2008-09, #3 - 4 entries)

T.I. has already produced quite a large discography before surfacing on our charts properly with his sixth album, 2008's "Paper Trail". Nicknamed "Tip" after his paternal great-grandfather, the developing rapper would often cut class, becoming a drug dealer by the age of 14. After being discovered and signed by Arista records, T.I. dropped the "p" from his name out of respect to Q-Tip, who also shared a place of the Arista label. T.I. has also branched out into the world of fashion with his own range of clothing, AKOO, meaning "A King Of Oneself".

T.I.'s Top 3
1Live Your Life (featuring Rihanna)2008#3
2Dead And Gone (featuring Justin Timberlake)2009#4
3Whatever You Like2008#13


T.I and Blue are great! Also love Nothing Compares 2 U and Flaunt It!
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#315. TRANSVISION VAMP (1988-89, 1991, #3 - 9 entries)

When Wendy James and her Transvision Vamp burst onto the scene, and into our Top Ten, no one really knew which box to put them in. Too rock for pop, too sexy for rock, too successful to be alternative. It didn't matter, as long as they were selling. A #13 peak for their debut album, "Pop Art", in Australia paved the way for their #2 smash, "Velveteen". The guys crammed two albums worth of singles into 1989, taking a break before returning with the mellower "Little Magnets..." album, an album their record company refused to release in the UK. The band's split was effective almost immediately after.

Transvision Vamp's Top 3
1Baby I Don't Care1989#3
2I Want Your Love1988#7
3Revolution Baby1988#24


#314. THE BEACH BOYS (1980-82, 1985-1990, #1 - 6 entries)

The success The Beach enjoyed during the 60's, both commercially and critically, would keep any band happy forever. Things slowed down during the 70's, and even more so for the 80's, but, they always maintained a minor presence, right up until their triumphant coda, a theme song from the Tom Cruise hit film, Cocktail. It seemed Tom's success frequently prompted some action chart-wise with Risky Business and Top Gun also providing major hits for many artists. The Beach Boys turned that one-off hit into a full length album, with 1989's "Still Cruisin'", their last chart entry of new stuff ever.

The Beach Boys' Top 3
2Beach Boys Medley1981#16
3Still Cruisin'1989#28


#313. SEAL (1991, 1994-97, 2003, 2005, 2008, #1 - 10 entries)

Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel. I would imagine the celebrant would have been practicing for days to get that one out when Seal wed German model Heidi Klum in 2003. Previous to that success, Seal had quite a different kind, hitting our charts in 1991 with his brilliant self-titled debut album. It may have been all she wrote had it not been for Seal's placement on the Batman Foreversoundtrack, giving him a #1 for his biggest hit on its second release. Australia has been a little reluctant to return Seal to the charts, but he finally hit #16 in 2008, with his "Soul" album.

Seal's Top 3
1Kiss From A Rose1994#1
3Future Love Paradise1991#46


#312. BOB THE BUILDER (2001-02, #1 - 2 entries)

I guess even five year olds are allowed to love (and buy) music, but I suspect its the parents fault we find Britain's favourite building contractor so high up in this list. Debuting on TV in 1999, the Bob The Builder stop animation series taught about conflict resolution and co-operation. The popularity of the show was too much to be contained within a 32inch box, as Bob would soon branch out into music, hitting #1 nearly everywhere with a full-length version of the shows theme song. Almost hitting #1 again with his "Mambo No.5" cover, we've so far been spared any success from Bob's second album of 2008.

Bob The Builder's Top 2
1Can We Fix It?2001#1
2Mambo No.52001#2


#311. NE-YO (2006-09, #4 - 7 entries)

Ne-Yo started his musical career out on rather shaky ground, recording his first album during the early 2000's, but dropped from his label before it was even released. Taking a step back, he concentrated on songwriting to earn a living, finally breaking through with "Let Me Love You" which he wrote for Mario in 2004, and stayed atop of the US charts for nine weeks. With further credits for Whitney Houston, Anastacia and Celine Dion, it was time for another go for solo success, this time succeeding with two #1 albums in the US.

Ne-Yo's Top 3
2So Sick2006#4
3Sexy Love2006#14


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Like Kokomo and Transvision Vamp's top 2. Bob The Builder's songs aren't too bad, same with Seal's top 2 (and Amazing).
Ne-Yo would be my fave of the list though
"Amazing" would be my favourite Seal song, and typical of today's charts that something like that would be confined to the bottom part of the Top 100, when shit like Soulja Boy (at the time) would be doing so well.

(Seems we must be getting into the good part of the list, as you're liking most of the artists now, Mykl...heh heh)
Yeah I know Amazing is well, amazing. Shame it performed so badly here. It was never even given a chance, never really heard it on the radio.

Yep, artists are definitely getting better

Thanks for the lists chris. One of my must read threads atm (:
The song"Killer" that Seal did with Adamski would be my top legendary Seal song.
John Farnham's 'Chain Reaction' song was not written by Jack Jones and Phil Buckle, but by Dave Stewart (Eurythmics) & Siobhan Fahey (Shakespears Sister), using her married name of Siobhan Stewart.
Thanks for that Nugs. I possibly misread read the info as "Chain Reaction" (the song) rather than being "from" Chain Reaction (the album). I was also referring to just Phil anyway, an extra comma should make that more clear..heh heh. Thanks for picking up the error.

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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#310. JULIAN LENNON (1984-86, 1989, 1991-92, 1998, #1 - 9 entries)

Julian Lennon, son of the legendary John Lennon, is the first of two sets of father/child teams who found success as a solo artist, and making it into the biggest singles artists of the last 30 year period. A daunting task it must have been to fill John's shoes, Julian succeeded with a #1 hit in 1992, with a theme that is even more relevant now than the day it was written. The only child from John Lennon's first marriage to Cynthia Powell, Julian was named after John's mother, Julia, and was also the inspiration for The Beatles hit, "Hey Jude".

Julian Lennon's Top 3
2Now You're In Heaven1989#5
3Too Late For Goodbyes1984#13


#309. NO MERCY (1996-98, #2 - 4 entries)

American group No Mercy were formed by famed producer Frank Farian, the man responsible for Boney M, Milli Vanilli and La Bouche. Marty Clintron and twin brothers Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez first hit the Australian charts with a failed La Bouche release, originally released two years prior. The guys hit #2 twice in the singles charts, with a respectful placing in our Top 5 albums charts, but there was no sign of their second album, released in 1998. After some trouble getting a third together, No Mercy are now signed to Australian label, Show No Mercy Entertainment, who gave them the go ahead for the 2007 album, "Day By Day".

No Mercy's Top 3
1Where Do You Go1996#2
2When I Die1997#2
3Please Don't Go1997#35


#308. BOYZONE (1996-2000, #2 - 7 entries)

Ireland's Boyzone were assembled by successful manager, Louis Walsh, who had driven Johnny Logan's success, and would do the same for Westlife a few years later. Answering an advertisement in Irish newspapers, would-be Boyzoners were asked to sing George Michael's "Careless Whisper", an obvious clue to the style the new group would be. It took some years for the final line-up to settle, but once in the charts, they never stopped, hitting the Irish Top 3 with all 20 singles releases (bar one, "Better", reaching a "dismal" #26). The guys have just released their fourth album, a tribute to Stephen Gately, who died in 2009.

Boyzone's Top 3
1No Matter What1998#5
2Father And Son1996#2
3Baby Can I Hold You1999#56


#307. R. KELLY (1992, 1994, 1996-2004, 2007, #1 - 16 entries)

After forming four-piece vocal group, MGM (Musically Gifted Men) in 1989, R. Kelly soon tasted success when the group won $100,000 on TV talent show, Big Break. While the group would soon release their debut single, R. Kelly, had other plans, signing to Jive Records with a new outfit called Public Announcement. Kelly scored a long-lasting hit in Australia during 1992, and a #1 album in the US, prompting him to go solo for his future projects. R. Kelly made his comeback in 2003, but not before some trouble with the courts, of which he was cleared of charges for child pornography.

R. Kelly's Top 3
1Ignition (Remix)2003#1
2She's Got That Vibe (with The Public Announcement)1992#28
3Thoia Thoing2003#16


#306. RICKI-LEE (2005-09, #2 - 9 entries)

Australia got it sooooooo wrong on the night they voted off Ricki-Lee Coulter from Series 2 of Australian Idol. One of the hot favourites to take out the title, Ricki-Lee came 7th, certainly an outcome that questioned to validity of the voting process. It shouldn't have been too much of a bother, as she soon signed with independent label, Shock Records, and became a staple of our charts without any Idol accolades, improving her 7th placing on the show, to a 5th biggest performer from all Australian Idol series' in the Australian charts.

Ricki-Lee's Top 3
1Can't Touch It2007#2
3Hell No!2005#5


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Boyzone yay
I agree that Ricki-Lee is good but the vote off came as no shock... That episode where she got the boot was Beatles night and she did a hideous rendition she got really negative comments from the judges and by far was the worst performer of that night.
This is still a great countdown keep up the good work chris
Yay for TV Rock. I wonder what the Top 4 Idols will be.
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True Nate, but Idol has also shown us that popular performers can have a bad night and still make it through to the next round.

If anything, that night should be the way every round should have been judged. Oh how different the results would be if Australian voters had that same mentality for ALL series of the show.
A thing I picked up last year was that whoever was the last to perform on the night, always made it through. I observed this through the Top 24 to the Top 6. I'm not sure about the last few weeks.
the top 5 idols:

joel turner? (or has he been )

there's also kelly clarkson (if you're including american idols)
Ooops, meant 5th place for Ricki-Lee. And no, that doesn't include American Idols.
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Don't forget Callea.
If Ricki-Lee is the 5th I'm guessing this order.

4. Jessica Mauboy
3. Anthony Callea
2. Shannon Noll
1. Guy Sebastian (i think last years effort pushed him to the top)
My guess...
4. Jessica Mauboy
3. Shannon Noll
2. Anthony Callea
1. Guy Sebastian

If this was based on chart positions, Callea would be last, due to small amount of hits, but because it's sales he'll be very high, remember he had the #2 selling song of the 2000's.
It will be interesting 392414 but Shannon Noll does have the #5 hit of the 2000's as well and has had more hits than Anthony. I thinking before 2009 it would've been Shannon Noll on top but "Like It Like That" and "Art of Love" from 2009 has pushed Guy ahead of him.
shouldn't r kelly's biggest hit be "I believe i can fly"?
Ryan W - R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly was a moderate hit here in Australia peaking at #24 in 1997.
Yay to Ricki-Lee and No Mercy, love No Matter What by Boyzone too

4 Jessica Mauboy
3 Anthony Callea
2 Shannon Noll
1 Guy Sebastian
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#305. MEL & KIM (1987-88, #1 - 4 entries)

Who knows how long Mel & Kim's brand of pop brilliance, of course helped out by Stock, Aitken & Waterman, would have lasted, had we not lost Mel Appleby to cancer as they were preparing for their second album. The girls were noticed dancing in a nightclub in London one night, and apparently showed some sign of their recording potential, soon signed with Supreme Records. The girls enjoyed a major #1 hit single in Australia and the UK, but as usual with SAW releases, were quiet in the American market. They did, however, go to #1 in the US twice on the dance charts.

Mel & Kim's Top 3
2Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)1987#12


#304. KISS (1980-85, 1987-90, 1992, 1998, #2 - 17 entries)

Kiss were my first musical heroes, proven by the fact I dressed up as Gene Simmons to attend my pre-school fancy dress ball. I was four! The success of the band, however, can be traced to that very fact that the spectacle of Kiss was enjoyed by all ages, on some level. Forming in 1973, the band of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss made sure no stone was left unturned when it came to giving their fans the full package, with face make-up, spitting blood, and fireworks, but most importantly brilliant and successful music.

Kiss' Top 3
2God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II1992#18
3Sure Know Something1979#4


#303. BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND (1980, 1983-88, 1991, #3 - 9 entries)

While Bob Seger still had considerable success during the 80's with a string of moderate hits, he probably would never had made this list if it wasn't for the inclusion of his biggest hit in the Tom Cruise film, Risky Business. Originally released in 1979, it was a no-show in our charts, but the re-release for the film saw it fair a little better, reaching #53. It was released for a third time in 1987, and probably due to video rental exposure, and the fact that Tom himself had become a much bigger star, Bob Seger was soon riding the Australian Top 3 Singles chart.

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band's Top 3
1Old Time Rock And Roll1984#3
3Shame On The Moon1983#38


#302. TECHNOTRONIC (1989-91, 1993, 1995, 2005, #4 - 11 entries)

Formed as an unnamed dance project by Belgian producer, Jo Bogaert, the first sounds came in the form of an instrumental called "Technotronic", which sampled excerpts from Eddie Murphy's "Delirious" show. Those samples were replaced with a vocal track by Ya Kid K, and renamed "Pump Up The Jam", which the project itself taking on the former name. Upon their debut, Technotronic was fronted by model Felly, taking credit for the Kid's vocal. It was unimportant with a certain Grammy Award winning band taking all that "false vocal" heat.

Technotronic's Top 3
1Pump Up The Jam1989#4
3Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over)1990#7


#301. SPIDERBAIT (1995-97, 1999-2001, 2004, #1 - 15 entries)

The closest Spiderbait ever got to #1, or the Top Ten for that matter, was on the JJJ Hottest 100's, taking out the main prize for 1995 with "Buy Me A Pony". The masters of the two-and-a-half minute release ("Pony" clocked in at 1min44secs!!!) it seemed our money was better spent on their albums rather than the singles. That all turned around in 2004 when the guys decided to cut a studio version of a 70's classic they regularly performed live, Ram Jam's "Black Betty". A brilliant cover, the rest of Australia agreed sending it to #1 in a matter of weeks.

Spiderbait's Top 3
1Black Betty2004#1
3Buy Me A Pony1996#45


Well, that's another 100 done and dusted...and I'm back on track with my schedule...heh heh. The next hundred sees us break through the 4xPlatinum barrier, with many more of your favourite artists still to come.

See you all on Monday as we begin the Top 300 Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.

The rest of Australia except for me agreed that Black Betty was a brilliant cover. I despised it then, and still do. It was my least favourite song of 2004. I like Calypso though.
I hated Black Betty too. From that list Technotronic is alright and I love Respectable by Mel & Kim.

Why isn't I Was Made For Lovin' You in the Kiss top 3? I'm sure it was a big hit here :S #8 or something? Def. my fave Kiss song.
Err...OK, so maybe it's just me that thinks "Black Betty" was good. Well, that's music for ya...heh heh.

"I Was Made For Loving You" was predominantly from 1979, with the tail end of its run in 1980. I understand that it's misleading during this chart for artists who have charted previous to 1980 (believe me, I cringe when I have to write that "Shandi" is Kiss' #1, even though I love the song), but I'm working on an all-time list which will get rid of those inconsistencies.

In the meantime, "bam-a-lam" to bluezombie and mykl ( ) and hope you have a good weekend.
Ugh, I hate Black Betty too. Very overrated song & music video.
One of the worst #1's of all time.
Oh yeah I forgot about this countdown being 1980 onwards for a second.
I Don't mind Black Betty actually.
Yay! Finally, one for BB.
Love Spiderbait and while I really enjoy Black Betty, I much prefer stuff like Buy Me A Pony, Calypso, Stevie and Shazam!

But out of those five my absolute favourite would be Technotronic especially Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over). The way that a lot of dance bands in the 90s used to have Megamix songs was great (my fave is Snap!s), wonder why they don't do them anymore?
Black Betty was lyrical amazing!lol
Yeah, Black Betty isn't that bad.
I was joking about it being lyrically amazing-i dont think it would be that hard to write lol
Ahh...but could you have written it if it hadn't already been written. Sometimes its harder to write a seemingly simplistic song, than something that has more words in it (not that I'm a songwriter of anything).
the lyrics would not be hard to write.
Funny how people are talking about the lyrics of "Black Betty" when Spiderbait did a cover of Ram Jam's song. As chri8topher said it was a classic song that Spiderbait performed live frequently so they released it due to popularity. It will go down as one of the most successful covers by an Australian group, case closed.
case closed to what you think grogsta
pot calling the kettle black? it was only a few weeks ago PP that you were criticizing me for disliking people's music tastes and now you're doing the exact same thing,i like spiderbait's black betty,it's awesome
Just looking up the song on wiki and it has got some history.

The song was first recorded in the field by U.S. musicologists John and Alan Lomax in 1933, performed a cappella by the convict James Baker (also known as Iron Head) and a group at Central State Farm, Sugar Land, Texas.


Never knew that, anyway case closed PattyPop meaning no matter if you like it or hate it, it was Spiderbait's most successful single.
chris a-oh yes that thing-yes you were always saying how its there opinion and get over it and then you told people that they shouldn't like that artist and started bagging them..also chris a im not criticising,im just saying that i dont agree,that some people don't like black betty like you,and some people do,so what you just said is completly wrong and Grogsta,agreed,i thought you were saying case closed it was amazing,so thats why i said for some people the case is closed
Chris A and Pattypop are dickheads.
Bon Jovi should be top 30 AT LEAST.
@Plastic Beachball

Very rarely does anyone listen to insults thrown by guests.
@Anthony Bon Jovi was #417
Ummm...just the lead singer, Chris A.

Bon Jovi fans still have a bit of a wait before they see their beloved band here.
oh,right,my mistake then lol
Moving on from an unsolved "Black Betty" debate...heh heh...there's one thing for sure, the future artists in this list are all bonafide stars, covers or no covers, as we finally reach the Top 300.

Who knows what artists, and discussions (or should I say debates!) will unfold over the coming week as we whittle the list down to the three-quarter mark - #251.

Enjoy, as hope all your favourite artists survive another week!

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#300. CULTURE BEAT (1993-96, #1 - 5 entries)

This list is littered with Eurotrash, I mean dance acts, and it doesn't stop here, with many more 90's acts to come from the Europop box. Germany's Culture Beat scored a #1 hit in Australia in 1993, finally breaking up that reggae music invading the charts at the time. Forming in 1989 by DJ Torsten Fenslau, Culture Beat was fronted by many faces before the "classic" line-up of Tania Evans and Jay Supreme scored three big hits from their "Serenity" album. While the album hit our Top 5, rare for such an act these days, a follow-up was a no-show, as Culture Beat made way for the next Euro act.

Culture Beat's Top 3
1Mr. Vain1993#1
2Got To Get It1993#7


#299. LA BOUCHE (1995-98, #2 - 5 entries)

Speaking of which, we stay in Germany where Frank Farian's La Bouche (French for "The Mouth") had a bumper year in 1996 with three Top Ten hits and a Top Ten album, "Sweet Dreams". As was the tradition with many Eurodance acts, the duo of Melanie Thornton and Lane McCray spent a year in our charts before passing on the torch to the next big thing. With falling sales with their second album, "S.O.S.", Melanie left the group to pursue her solo career with building success, however, a plane crash ended her life, and her full potential as a solo artist was never fully realised.

La Bouche's Top 3
1Be My Lover1995#2
2Sweet Dreams1996#8
3I Love To Love1996#6


#298. BILLY RAY CYRUS (1992-93, 2009, #1 - 4 entries)

The second of the Cyrus clan in this list (we've already seen Trace from Metro Station at #495), with one more to come, Billy Ray Cyrus brought the dormant country music back to the top of the charts in 1992, injecting a his sexy image into the genre along the way. For good or bad, Billy Ray's debut album, "Some Gave All", is one of country music's most successful albums ever, topping 20 million sales, the most by a male performer for a debut album. Moving to Christian music, and acting, Billy made a slight comeback in the charts in 2009, dueting with daughter, Miley.

Billy Ray Cyrus' Top 3
1Achy Breaky Heart1992#1
2Could've Been Me1992#43
3Butterfly Fly Away (with Miley Cyrus)2009#56


#297. C & C MUSIC FACTORY (1991-92, 1994-95, #3 - 6 entries)

Eurodance may have been big business in the 90's, but it wasn't just the Europeans that had the monopoly on the genre. American producers Robert Clivilles and David Cole set up C & C Music Factory in 1990, bringing in an array of talent lead by Freedom Williams and Zelma Davis. Drama unfolded as it was discovered it wasn't Zelma, but Martha Wash, who had also performed on all of Black Box's hits, that actually sang their debut hit. Deemed unmarketable because of her size, Martha got her chance in front of the camera for the lead track from the duo's second album, "Anything Goes".

C & C Music Factory's Top 3
1Gonna Make You Sweat1991#3
2Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....1991#6
3Do You Wanna Get Funky?1994#11


#296. LOS LOBOS (1987-88, #1 - 3 entries)

Whatever happened to the movie soundtrack, chartwise? Once a thriving business, these days it's rare to find a film song in the charts, or a recognizable one that's wins an Oscar. That's what makes the 80's soundtracks stand out from the other decades, and although Los Lobos may not have won any Oscar for their "unoriginal" work, they did score the biggest selling film song of the 80's for their Richie Valens biopic soundtrack, La Bamba. Los Lobos' only chart success came from the three Valens' covers, two of which performed considerably better in the charts than the originals from 1959.

Los Lobos' Top 3
1La Bamba1987#1
2Come On, Let's Go1987#22


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Nice list, suprised Billy Ray is lower than Miley, I'd think he'd be higher due to longevity.

Oh, BTW, Black Betty is horrible.
La Bouche is my fave of this 5, also love Mr. Vain & C + C Music Factory.
Culture Beat is my pick of the last 5, followed by La Bouche.
La Bamba was OK, but way overrated at the time.
On the Black Betty debate ... 4/6 from me
Just being a nitpick, but the female singer in C & C Music Factory was Zelma, not Zelda.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#295. SPANDAU BALLET (1981-88, #4 - 14 entries)

I have my ticket, as a newly reformed Spandau Ballet are set to hit our shores during April. Emerging during the New Romantic period of pop, Spandau Ballet moved into a more funk, jazz and soul sound while keeping that synthpop essence. Kinda like a sophisticated version of Duran Duran, the guys enjoyed two Top Ten hits in Australia, and ten in their homeland of England. Their signature tune would be "True", partly in tribute to Marvin Gaye and the sound he helped create. How "true" that tribute would become as Marvin was murdered the following year after the song's release.

Spandau Ballet's Top 3
3To Cut A Long Story Short1981#15


#294. JAM & SPOON / TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY (1994-96, #2 - 6 entries)

German producers Rolf Ellmer and Markus Loffel had a touch of the split personality when it came to the charts mid-90's. More Euro-trance, than Eurodance, the guys formed Jam & Spoon around 1991, using the pseudonyms Jam El Mar and Mark Spoon. Breaking into our charts with their second album, "Tripomatic Fairytales 2001", it seemed one band wasn't enough for the duo. While Jam & Spoon was enjoying its last hit in 1995, a new persona entered in the form of Tokyo Ghetto Pussy. Known as Trancy Spencer and Spacy Trancer, the guys managed to add another couple of Top Ten hits to their pile.

Rolf Ellmer & Markus Loffel's Top 3
1Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (as Jam & Spoon)1994#2
2I Kiss Your Lips (as Tokyo Ghetto Pussy)1995#8
3Everybody On The Floor (Pump It) (as Tokyo Ghetto Pussy)1995#6


#293. INNER CIRCLE (1993-94, #2 - 3 entries)

While Inner Circle seemed new to everyone in 1993, the band had actually been together since 1968, initially covering soul and R&B hits. The call of their Jamaican heritage saw them move into reggae, releasing their debut album in 1974, "Everything Is Great", reaching the Top 20 in the UK. The band suffered a setback in 1980 with the death of their original singer, and with a few more lineup changes, staged a comeback with "Bad Boys", which became the theme to famed TV series,Cops. With over 20 albums to their name, Inner Circle are still going strong, even if they are absent from the charts.

Inner Circle's Top 3
1Sweat (A La La La La Long)1993#2
2Bad Boys1993#25
3Games People Play1994#97


#292. ROCKMELONS (1985, 1987-88, 1991-94, 2002, #4 - 12 entries)

You'd be forgiven thinking Australian band, the Rockmelons, were about three or four different bands. Forming in Sydney in 1983, brothers Bryon and Jonathon Jones, and Raymond Medhurst, joined as the core of the "Rockies", enjoying chart success on and off for 20 years. The idea for the band came when Raymond needed a band for a party. Developing into a full time job soon after, the Rockmelons soon got a name for themselves using an array of Aussie talent including Peter Blakeley, Wendy Matthews, and most successfully, Deni Hines, enjoying two Top Ten albums.

Rockmelons' Top 3
1That Word (L.O.V.E.) (featuring Deni Hines)1992#4
2Ain't No Sunshine (featuring Deni Hines)1991#5
3It's Not Over (featuring Deni Hines)1992#15


#291. KENNY ROGERS (1980-86, #1 - 14 entries)

Billy Ray Cyrus may have had that huge hit, but Kenny Rogers had the endurance that put him on top as the biggest male Country music star of the last 30 years. So big was Kenny's influence on the genre, that when he stopped charting in the late 80's, so too did Country music, at least for a while anyway. With one of the longest careers in this list, Kenny started his musical journey as part of 1950's dop-wop group, The Scholars. Things really started moving in the 60's with his band, The First Edition, before going onto his solo success of the 70's and 80's. At 71, Kenny is still releasing music today.

Kenny Rogers' Top 3
1Islands In The Stream (with Dolly Parton)1983#1
2Coward Of The County1980#6


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A fan of the Rockmelons top 2, love True and Sweat (A La La La La Long), but my fave song there is definitely Right In The Night (not Right ) by Jam & Spoon.
GO THE YANKEES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh Yeah Go KENNY ROGERS!!!! So many awesome songs!
I am loving all the 90s Eurodance, after not logging on for a few days. La Bouche had a massive 1996 then dissapeared as quickly as they came. I expect The Real McCoy to be the highest placed Eurodance act, excluding Aqua who I think have a completely different sounds and I class as bubblegum pop.

Oh and Blackbetter is great! But I like f***ing awesome, Calypso and Buy me a pony more. Happyland (an offshute of Spiderbait) also rocked, but I bet they did not sell enough to be in this top 1000.
Glockenpop is my favourite Spiderbait song It sadly flopped, though.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#290. TEARS FOR FEARS (1983, 1985, 1989-90, 1993, 2005, #1 - 9 entries)

It's interesting to see Spandau Ballet's support act on their upcoming tour of Australia, so close to each other. What's even more interesting is that Tears For Fears should be supporting them, after being placed higher in this list (and yes, I dowish it was the other way around, but it'll be worth seeing the handful of songs they play anyway). Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith debuted in Australia with "Mad World", a moderate hit reaching #12 in 1983. They hit #1 and #2 with consecutive singles from their following album in1985, but 25 years on, are probably best remembered for "Mad" due to the Gary Jules cover featured in the 2001 film, Donnie Darko.

Tears For Fears' Top 3
2Everybody Wants To Rule The World1985#2
3Sowing The Seeds Of Love1989#13


#289. FOO FIGHTERS (1995-2000, 2002-03, 2005-09, #5 - 23 entries)

The death of Nirvana lead singer, Kurt Cobain, may have left millions of fans devastated, but it also left a couple of musicians without a job. While bassist Krist Novoselic has fallen into musical obscurity, also dabbling in politics, drummer Dave Grohl has done the complete opposite, by stepping up to the mic, driving one of the biggest rock bands of all time. But it wasn't always the way, as Dave originally set up the "act" as a soloist, soon realizing the limits, and recruiting a number of up and coming musicians. With over 30 million album sales to date, it's safe to say the Dave has step out from the Nirvana shadow.

Foo Fighters' Top 3
1The Pretender2007#10
2This Is A Call1995#9
3Best Of You2005#5


#288. DRAGON (1982-90, #2 - 13 entries)

New Zealand's Dragon started out the 80's in terrible shape. Lead by Marc Hunter, the guys enjoyed much success during the 70's, hitting #1 in 1978 with "Are You Old Enough". But while Marc was obviously the band's selling point, his voice was becoming strained from over use, while his on-stage antics were creating tension within. Marc was officially sacked in 1979, and the following album, "Power Play", reached a dismal #64. The guys split was a huge debt over their heads, so the "classic" line-up was reformed to play some shows to ease their finances. What resulted was one of the most amazing comebacks Australia has seen.

Dragon's Top 3
3Dreams Of Ordinary Men1986#17


#287. THE PROCLAIMERS (1988-90, #1 - 4 entries)

There was always a set of twins on hand in the charts towards the late 80's. Bros had just finished with the world (or had the world finished with Bros?), so it was up to Scottish brothers, Charlie and Craig Reid, to keep that mirror image up. Responsible, possibly for good, but usually for bad, for giving us one of the most popular songs sung by drunk people, the guys have brought us eight albums since their 1987 debut, "This Is The Story". Surprisingly, most of their albums have come at a rapid pace from the 2000's, with five releases since 2000, helped along by a revitalized touring schedule.

The Proclaimers' Top 3
1I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)1988#1
2I'm On My Way1989#3
3Then I Met You1989#63


#286. GORILLAZ (2001-02, 2005-06, #3 - 6 entries)

The world of reality entertainment wasn't confined to just television, as the animated stars of the Gorillaz have gone where many "real" artists have never been able to reach. A product of Blur main man, Damon Albarn, and Tank Girl comic book creator, Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz features 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel, four animated characters backed up behind the scenes by an array of musicians. The band has sold over 15 million albums worldwide, and even won a Grammy with their collaboration with De La Soul, while their recent #1 album, "Plastic Beach" is set to extend their success even more.

Gorillaz' Top 3
1Feel Good Inc.2005#3
3Clint Eastwood2001#17


The Foo Fighters and Gorillaz are my favourites out of that
Foo Fighters are one of my all time greats! Well done boys. Gorillaz too I love and how very current as I am getting into their latest album.

Keep up the great work Chris. By the way I think the chart and commentary is book worthy.
Tears For Fears' top 2 are my fave there
Thanks happypeople, it's worth a thought, but at least you guys are getting it for free.

I think I would have to wait until I get my "All Time" list together from 1956, to be able to consider something like that.
christopher, there are australian charts since 1941...scarily enough lol!
loving this countdown.........great work!

where do you get the time?
There are, but as most of the Kent charts (I think), they were compiled after the fact. I picked 1956, as it was the first full year of the 45 single, and the first full years that David Kent compiled a Top 40, which would grow into a Top 100 a few years later.

I think 1956 is widely regarded as the beginning of chart music.

And Trent, time, what is that?...heh heh. I manage to squeeze in the developing chart here and there, but it does that up a lot.
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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#285. THE GOO GOO DOLLS (1996, 1998-2000, 2002, 2006, #1 - 8 entries)

I've stated earlier that 80's soundtrack hits were probably amongst the most prolific of any decade counted as one, but that's not to say the 90's didn't have their soundtrack stars. Aerosmith, Celine Dion and Trisha Yearwood all enjoyed big hits towards the end of the decade, but one of the biggest came from the Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan film, City Of Angels. Lead vocalist, John Rzeznik was approach to provide a song for the 1998 film, naming it after an article he read about Country/Folk singer, Iris DeMent. Written in five minutes, their hit became the longest running #1 on the US Hot 100 Airplay charts.

The Goo Goo Dolls' Top 3
3Here Is Gone2002#40


#284. THE TWELFTH MAN (1984-85, 1992, 2001, #1 - 3 entries)

It's not only the singers that find chart success in Australia, and while that maybe true for rappers, this artist didn't even do that (well, bar for an attempt in 1992). OK, so he's an instrumentalist? Wrong again. Billy Birmingham, a.k.a. The Twelfth Man, simply made us laugh, doing the same himself - all the way to bank. The skillful impersonations of Australia's most well-known sports commentators have given Billy the honour of having every album release hit the #1 position in the Albums chart, with a couple of singles doing the same. In 2009, Billy announced that his "Boned!" album would be the final release from the successful Twelfth Man series.

The Twelfth Man's Top 3
1It's Just Not Cricket1984#1
3Bruce 2000 - A "Special" Tribute2001#5


#283. SHERYL CROW (1994-99, 2002-04, #1 - 11 entries)

Thinking back to Country music stars of the 90's, we had Billy Ray Cyrus, Shania Twain, and LeAnn Rimes, whose mullet, sex appeal, and youth were all marketed as a selling point to their careers. Sheryl Crow somehow got lost in the mix, giving us some standout singles, but without much of the gimmicky tricks associated with a lot of Country music. The humble musician has no doubt proved herself quietly along the way, with nine Grammy awards, high profile appearances of her songs in films Cars, Erin Brokovich and Tomorrow Never Dies, and a 25 million album sales haul from her six releases worldwide.

Sheryl Crow Top 3
1All I Wanna Do1994#1
2Strong Enough1995#3
3If It Makes You Happy1996#20


#282. TIMBALAND (2003-04, 2007-09, #1 - entries)

When Madonna gives you a call-up to ask for your production touch on an upcoming album, you can guarantee you are the hot! Born Timothy Mosley, I often connect the producer Timbaland to the Timberland boot and clothing label, only to find out that Tim was certainly named after the brand by fellow producer, DeVate Swing. Timbaland's first production touch in our charts gave Ginuwine a #3 hit with "Pony" in 1997, and peaked with the brilliant "Apologize", performed by OneRepublic. For this list, Timbaland appears here just for his own performance releases, rather than his production credits, so "Apologize" counts towards OneRepublic, who will be highlighted in this list to come.

Timbaland's Top 3
1The Way I Are (featuring Keri Hilson)2007#1
2Give It To Me (featuring Justin Timberlake & Nelly Furtado)2007#16
3Scream (featuring Keri Hilson & Nicole Scherzinger)2008#20


#281. MANDY MOORE (2000-01, #2 - 5 entries)

It easy to forget Mandy Moore was one of the major stars who helped the teen explosion of the 2000's. Existing for just two years in our charts, Mandy's music grew into a more laid back sound as her contemporaries, Britney, Justin, Christina, kept that fresh pop sound going. It was clear to see what the buying public wanted to hear. It's a pity for Mandy, as albums #4 - #6 all received favourable criticism. But it's pointless for me just to sit here and say it was good and bitch about how it should've been more successful, so I downloaded her 2009 album, "Amanda Leigh", and I must say, what a little gem that is turning out to be.

Mandy Moore's Top 3
2I Wanna Be With You2002#13
3In My Pocket2001#11


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Good to see Mandy Moore, Timbaland and Sheryl Crow
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Mandy Moore is great, but I think the sales for Apologize should be split between Timbaland and One Republic. LOVE The Way I Are, fave song of 2007.
Well, that's a fine point, but in the end it all came down to the fact that every song has a producer, so why Timbaland should gain "artist" credit just because he put his name in the credit, was the conclusion I came to. But the debate would be different for many people, that's just the way I saw it.
Love the Goo Goo Dolls.

Iris is one of my favourites
Tears for Fears is my favourite from this last ten. My fave tears for fears song is 'Head Over Heels' what number did that peak at Chri8 are you able to check??

Also good to see Foo Fighters, Mandy Moore, and Sheryl Crow!
alley, "Head Over Heels" peaked at #21...now continuing on with the show...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#280. SUGABABES (2001-07, 2009, #8 - 14 entries)

Australia has been very kind to the Sugababes. Where most girl groups have fallen by the wayside, we've managed to keep them in the charts every year (bar one - 2008) since their 2001 debut, even if it is mostly at a minor level. Forming in 1998, Keisha, Mutya and Siobhan added a touch of class to the vocal group genre, giving us their brand of sophisticated pop. Over seven albums, the group has seen various changes, still not hindering their chart success, as six UK #1's would prove. But if you think the girls sound a little different now, it's because the group now consists of Heidi, Amelle and Jade, three totally different members from the original line-up.

Sugababes' Top 3
1Push The Button2005#3
2Round Round2002#13


#279. CIARA (2004-06, 2009, #2 - 5 entries)

With three albums to her credit, Ciara Princess Harris has made a pretty penny since her modelling days, selling just over 8 million albums worldwide to date. She was born in Texas, but was soon traveling the world over, only to end up in Georgia, and in the company of producer, Jazze Pha. She was signed soon after to LaFace Records with her minimalist singles soon shooting up the charts. Soon after, she hooked up with rapper Bow Wow for a short romance, before conquering the charts again. Her third album even gained her a Grammy nomination with her collaboration with Justin Timberlake.

Ciara's Top 3
11, 2 Step2005#2
2Love Sex Magic (featuring Justin Timberlake)2009#5


#278. DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES (1980-85, 1988, #4 - 15 entries)

As far as songwriting partnerships go, there was Lennon/McCartney, and there was Hall & Oates. Although its hard to see the amazing success the guys achieved through the Australia charts, back home, they racked up six #1 singles on the Billboard charts. We still gave them a good showing, giving them many, many moderate hits, rather than one big blockbuster, but the charts have been littered with salutes to the guys, sample by Uniting Nations, Amerie and De La Soul. It's always confused me how they are actually billed - Hall & Oates, Daryl Hall & John Oates, but really, the guys didn't know either, with most of their albums containing a different form of their name.

Daryl Hall & John Oates' Top 3
2Out Of Touch1984#11
3Kiss On My List1980#13


#277. ALICIA KEYS (2001-03, 2007-09, #3 - 9 entries)

Alicia Keys has had a hard time matching her US success in Australia. With four #1 albums in the US, and a #2 with her latest, "The Element Of Freedom", we've only been able to give her two #3 albums, and a poor showing for the other three. Her singles output is the same, enjoying two #1's in her home country and another four Top Tens, but Australia gave her just two. With our charts dominated by the Britney's, the Crazy Frog's, the Soulja Boy's, why is it that we can't honour "real" talent. Oh well. Alicia's showing in the Top 300 is still a mighty fine effort, but realistically, it should have been so much more.

Alicia Keys' Top 3
1No One2007#3
3A Woman's Worth2003#13


#276. AUSTEN TAYSHUS (1983-85, 1988, 2000, 2003, #1 - 4 entries)

Billy Birmingham was good enough to give his best away to someone else. The Twelfth Man had made a name for himself as send-up sports commentator, so writing a piece pack with Australian double entendres entitled "Australiana" didn't really suit his character. Instead, he offered the piece to Jewish Australian comedian, Alexander Gutman, would released it under the name, Austen Tayshus. It became the biggest selling single of 1983, and one of the biggest of the decade, making a slight return to the charts in 2003. Austen is back in the studio working on new material for a May 2010 release.

Austen Tayshus' Top 3
2Phantom Shuffle1984#16
3Highway Corroboree1988#43


Alicia Keys, Ciara, Sugababes
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Alicia Keys, Ciara and Sugababes are the best from that list! Lots of great songs from each!
I'm enjoying this countdown Chri8, keep up the good work. But why have one rule for Timbaland and one for everyone else? (besides, if you listen to the crappy OneRepublic version you'll see that they were lucky to even get a featuring credit).
I think the rule is fair. Although the argument could be made that it was credited as Timbland Feat One Republic. But I really do see where Chris is coming from. If producers who did theior owns songs as well had it all counted, then Stock Aitken and Waterman would probably end up number 1. They had a couple of minor hits (Roadblock comes to mind) but of course their tag of producers were all over the charts for quite a number of years. And then how do you go when they went of in different directions. Do you count Mike Stock seperate, and so who gets the SAW credit. It would be a nightmare.

So I have come to my conclusion that the way Chris has suits me to a tee. Nothing in this world will ever be perfect (except maybe Brad and Angelina grrr) but this list is a good as I have ever seen. Love it so much and love the Sugababes. Great to see them so high even though they have struggled with huge hits here.
Thanks Trent. Yeah, look, the terms "featured", "vs.", "with" and "presents" all had to be defined for this list, so, while my decision is not final, that's just the way I looked at it. It all comes down to the "actual" performer, or main performer.

I considered "featured" and "with" a guest role on a primary artists release, kinda like if you had a guest at a dinner party, they wouldn't be the one that would take all the credit.

"Presents", to me, reminds me of an MC introducing a band on stage, as they would then take the spotlight (over the presenter). An although, Cole, this might seem like it only applies to Timbaland, there are a few instances this has been applied, most notably, Snoop Dogg, who presented Doggy's Angels and Tha Eastsidaz. I did some research on YouTube and saw no sign of the producers in the video clips, although admittedly, I only watched about a minute of "Baby, If You're Ready" (Doggy's Angels - not a fan). "Apologize" was also an original composition by OneRepublic, written by frontman, Ryan Tedder, with Timbaland supplying the remix, of which the band still SOLELY appeared on the cover. It's more their effort than anything

But one very famous example should convince you that the "Presents" label belongs to the performer. In 1969, a little vocal group called The Jackson 5 debuted with "Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5". By Cole's (and others) suggestion, Diana Ross should get equal credit, but the 60's diva didn't even appear on the album.

The "vs." tag has many mixed attachments, so I simply defined it as a battle between two forces, and divided credit was given in all cases.

Anyway, as I said, I'm not God, defining these terms, just giving you the reasoning behind the terms in relation to this list. But there's nothing wrong with a good debate...I'm just glad it's not one-sided...heh heh.

More countdown soon...
Thanks for your explanation Chri8, I didn't mean it as a slight on this countdown or anything . Snoop Dogg does perform on Tha Eastsidaz track btw, but I agree that he is the equivalent of a featured artist in this case. The "presents" credit it so stupid.
Yeah, no offence, Cole, just didn't want to leave you in the dark...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#275. BILLIE PIPER (1998-2001, #6 - 7 entries)

With just two albums to her name, English star Billie Piper enjoyed an unbroken run of six Top 5 singles in the UK charts. With the first two debuting at #1, Billie would become the youngest artist to debut at #1 with her debut single release. So with this amazing record, it is quite a surprise to see that both her albums peaked at a relatively low #14. Billie's live performances were always lip-synced. Not because she couldn't sing, but because she got to nervous to sing, which is fair enough. She proved herself during a 1999 tour of America, but the experience was too much for the singer to continue in her homeland. After an extended break during the early 2000's, Billie gave up her pop career to concentrate on acting, which lead to a popular role on the revitalized Doctor Who franchise, as the Doctor's companion.

Billie Piper's Top 3
1Honey To The Bee1999#6
2Day & Night2000#8
3Because We Want To1998#19


#274. THE OUTHERE BROTHERS (1995-96, #2 - 3 entries)

Just as the Thompson Twins were not actually twins, of the Scissor Sisters aren't really sisters, The Outhere Brothers were not real brothers, but lyricist Keith Mayberry and producer Hula Mahone. The guys had a short burst of hits which saw them reach our Top Ten twice with singles that hid the real truth about the guys' music. While you wouldn't hear anything controversial on the radio versions, the true original versions were something quite naughty. But with further releases, "Fuk U In The Ass", and "Pass The Toilet Paper", you probably can get a vivid image of what the rest of their material was like.

The Outhere Brothers' Top 3
1Boom Boom Boom1995#2
2Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle)1995#5
3La La La Hey Hey1996#42


#273. ROB THOMAS (2005-09, #3 - 7 entries)

Apart from Australian Idols, the Australian charts, and music in general has rarely had a long-serving male solo star. When you think that the charts have been dominated by the likes of Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Elton John, these days we have, well, er, Justin Timberlake. Because of this, artists such as Matchbox 20 frontman, Rob Thomas, become bigger in their field than they probably would be usually. Not to take anything away from Rob. The man deserves his accolades. But the spectacle of Rob comes from his music, and stops there. We'll catch his band later on in the countdown.

Rob Thomas' Top 3
1Lonely No More2005#3
2Her Diamonds2009#3
3Little Wonders2007#20


#272. B*WITCHED (1998-2000, #1 - 7 entries)

I rarely insult groups or artists, but seriously, the cheesy pop that I had to endure during the B*Witched reign, was enough to drive me to suicide. Well, maybe not, as I can live to tell the tale, but the Irish girl group obviously had the opposite effect on the Australian buying public. Debuting with their self-titled album, the girl from B*Witched managed a Top 5 album, and two Top Ten hits, including their #1 smash. But their UK stats are much more impressive. Becoming the first Irish group to have all four of their first singles to hit #1, they never missed the Top 20 with any release. To compete with the lower age group of performers, and the audiences they catered for, B*Witched notoriously understated their ages.

B*Witched Top 3
2C'est La Vie1998#4
3To You I Belong1999#25


#271. LEO SAYER (1980-84, 1986, #1 - 11 entries)

He may not have been as technical as Michael Jackson, but Leo Sayer was no less entertaining to watch as he moved his elastic body to many upbeat and fun hits. Starting his music career in the early 70's, it was Leo Sayer's clown-like image, and the accompanying music, that would see his first seven single hit the UK Top Ten, a feat first accomplished by Leo's manager at the time, Adam Faith. Australian audiences loved Leo so much during the 70's, they put eight of his singles in the Top 20, and six consecutive albums in the Top Ten. Come the 80's, and Leo finally shook off that childlike image, opting for more sentimental singles, of which finally took the now Australian resident to #1.

Leo Sayer's Top 3
1More Than I Can Say1980#1
2Have You Ever Been In Love1982#4
3Orchard Road1983#17


Billie Piper is my fave out of that list
im probably a bit retarded lol, but wasnt thunder in my heart by leo sayer, and that was last decade?? (00 - 09)
Well, bsb, there's nothing wrong with be a little retarded, but yes, Leo did hit the charts again in 2006, however it was producer and remixer Meck who sampled Leo's 1977 original, which peaked in our charts at #11.

Leo was credited as a featured artist for the re-release.
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Rob Thomas is my fave from that list.

I do think it's a little unfair if there are double standards shown in the fact Meck is the main credit for Thunder In My Heart Again, when Leo Sayer provided the vocals etc, while Timbaland is in the same situation as Meck, he is the one who bought life to the song making it popular (in Meck's case, making it popular again).

Without Timbaland the song definitely wouldn't have been half as huge, and the fact the song is actually credited as Timbaland ft. One Republic should mean Timbaland gets most if not all sales for this countdown. I believe whoever is recognised as the main artist for a song should be getting their fair share of the score.

Btw, I'm only so vocal about it because Apologize (not the One Republic version) is probably in my top 5 of all time and Timbaland is a genius and deserves more than a #282 placing (but in saying that, there are a few artists who got the short end of the stick).
Well, Mykl, you missed the whole point. Sure if the song had been credited as Timbaland FEATURING OneRepublic then, sure, it would have gone to him. But the debate here was the fact that it WAS Timbaland PRESENTS OneRepublic.

As for Meck, well, all I can say is Timbaland and OneRepublic both contributed to the songs' release at the time, where it was only Meck remixing a song without any new input from Leo Sayer.

But there's no double standards, as I am not being swayed by any artist on this list.

For the record, I would give, at most, a half credit to Timbaland for the song, which puts him at #154 on the list. But for now, I hold strong on my definition of "presents".
I would agree that Timbaland shouldn't be credited with any points for 'Apologize.' It was Timbaland presents One Republic, and to me, and I agree that means that One Republic are the main artist. I do agree that it might not have been as big a hit without his name attached, but I think it was his name that made it a hit more than anything he did to the song, and it's quite possible the original version would have been a hit anyway, as it's a great song.

Nice to see Rob Thomas in the top 300 and Matchbox Twenty still to come.
Wow some real real real good entries here. Of course we have the lovely Alicia Keys, great to see Sugababes, Rob Thomas, B*Witched [cringe, but great memories hehe], Ciara.

Leo Sayer's 70s stuff is good, can't see much for anything since then.
well by that christopher, i hope david guetta doesnt have a single point as he has never provided vocals. Hes only PRESENTED akon, kelly rowland, estelle, etc.
That's not what it's credited as though. He's been credited as David Guetta vs The Egg, David Guetta & Akon, or David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland, never David Guetta presents such and such. And it's not all about the vocals, really, all any of these people did is provide their voice to Guetta's song, I don't feel any of them made the song a hit where it otherwise wouldn't have been. It's still David Guetta's song.

If it's all about vocals, why are One Republic even rating a mention? The rest of the band don't contriubte to any of their songs, it's all Ryan Tedder. Come to think of it, why are Matchbox Twenty still to come? All MB20 songs should be counted as Rob Thomas. You can hardly say that it's all about the vocalist.

I think that any method christopher chooses to use is up to him, as he has done all the work in compiling the list. But I do happen to think this is the best method, simply going by what the song is credited as, and don't go too far into detail. Otherwise you'd get bogged down in working out exactly what percentage of a song was contributed by each person, and then how many points they'd get from that.
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You're not crediting the right artists? Timbaland no credit?

Your points system is messed up...

which means this whole list from the start was...


You've put all this time and affort into this 1000 for nothing. Shame.
The argument about Apologize could go on forever, I feel that Chris set out the rules right at the start and no one seemed to have a problem with them then and as it was credited as Timbaland Presents OneRepublic then the points belong to OneRepublic.

Back to the artists, love love love the Sugababes and tough to decide between Freak Like Me and Push The Button for favourite song, really though About You Now could have been a much bigger song here than what it was.

Billie Piper's Something Deep Inside and Day & Night are both fantastic, but my pick from the last 15 artists is In My Pocket by Mandy Moore, unbelievable that it was from the same girl that sang Candy.

Keep up the good work Chris.
I agree with you wlv262. Chris clearly stated the rules that he was following at the very start. If people have a problem with it, they should spend the countless hours making their own countdown.

I appreciate the amount of work that has been put into this countdown and have enjoyed every second of it. You've got a fan here, Chris.
Peter and Mirror, you just made my day... Happy Easter!
Mirror, you've incorrectly stated what I said. My opinion is that Christopher HAS used the best method to distribute the points fairly. Please re-read my post, especially the last paragraph. The first two paragraphs were in response to bsb's suggestion that David Guetta should get no points.

Keep up the good work Chris!
what im saying bluezombie, is take "we belong to the music" for example (i know it isnt released and hasnt charted, deal with me here) Miley cyrus did all the singing in the song, timbaland was pretty much backing but backing artists get like no points in this i imagine

now take One love, estelle is doing all the singing, while david guetta is making the music

so why is there any difference?
Chris i think your chart here is a little wrong, but i dont think ANY of us could do it better than you have, so keep up the good work
The difference (to me) is that the song Apologize existed before Timbaland had anything to do with it. It's not like he did all the music, he just changed it up a bit. Sure, he played a role in it's success, but I think the main credit should still go to One Republic.

Whereas with David Guetta, they're his songs, and he could have gotten anyone to sing on them and they'd have had similar success. Which is why I think he deserves main credit for his.

When all is said and done, the best way to judge it is to go by the credited artist, which is what Chris is doing, and that's why Timbaland shouldn't get any credit for Apologize.
The big difference with your examples are that We Belong To The Music is a Timbaland song which has vocals by Miley Cyrus, where Apologize was OneRepublic's song and all Timbaland did was remix it thus he is "Presenting OneRepublic".

Edit - sorry looks like I said the same thing as you bluezombie.
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Peter.....so sad you have wasted precious time checking out this list and now you can go back to wasting time criticising a list you wasted time on.

So you don't agree with how the list was done? You didn't make it so what's the problem? It is not highly inaccurate at all seeing as there aren't many occassions where a producer or dj is involved.

This arguing is futile and it is only the fault of the reader not finding joy in the list.
This whole thing is debate-able and everyone has their own thoughts on it but I think the way Chris8 has done it was the Best way even if not everyone else thinks so. Good Work Chris. Smeagols is right this arguing is futile.
I appreciate all the work you have done in this countdown as well chris. One thing I will mention is that I have noticed about Timbaland he uses the words "Presents" for some his albums too. e.g. Timbaland Presents Shock Value. I saw that ARIA credited "Apologize" as Timbaland Feat. OneRepublic in the charts. I think Timbaland should probably have been credited. But the thing I like about this chart chris is how you laid out all the rules at the start how you will divide the points so I have no issue with it. Keep it up and I think in my mind there is no doubt Madonna will end up #1. I'll be waiting in anticipation.
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Up till this point, Chri8 has done a good job and others have been great supporters of him doing this. 1000 artists is a lot to go through, I would find it hard to be doing a top 100, let alone a top 1000.
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People have said way worse things and have not been banned so your safe.
well chris, youve done an amazing job so far, and to be honest with 1000 artists there was going to be confusion at some point, so just dont worry about it
cant wait to see where evanescence is!!!
Shame, I do think it should be split down the middle for Apologize. There's a big difference between #282 and #154.

Well other than this, I do really love and appreciate this list and have agreed on the accuracy of everything else. Keep up the great work.
I know that Timbo is the producer for Apologize, but either way I like to see it fully counting towards OneRepublic. I regard it as their track remixed by Timbaland, which technically is what it is. It seems strange not to see Apologize in the Timbo list at first i have to admit as everyone puts it there, but it definitely should not be under there. It's a OneRepublic song.
What a huge discussion going on here.

Chris stated his rules from the beginning so I have no problem with it. Perhaps most annoying is that everyone is discussing Timbaland and One Republic like they were some of the most significant artists over the last 30 years. So many more influential and dare I say talented artists to come. I personally don't like the glorification of producers.

Over the last few artists I have to say say Cheryl Crow is an outstanding singer songwriter who contiunues to release amazing albums to this day.

Goo Goo Dolls are great and had produced some solid albums over the years, well beyond the success of their #1 Iris.

Sugababes and Billie Piper were great for UK pop. I have always been wondering if/when Billie will make a comeback, I am sure she has had offers.

Keep up the good work Chris.
The chart rules are clearly outlined at the top, you should read it before talking s*** and moaning right at the end.
well i went to check, and yep here it is;
◆ For releases where a producer "presents" an artist, the points are awarded to the presented artist, as they are the performers in the song.

which is why david guetta should have no points, as he is not the performer in the song. I rest my case
@alleyt1989 I have no idea which one (or which group) of posters here your comment is aimed at but trying to tell people to stop "talking s*** and moaning right at the end" won't mininize drama, it'll stirr it. Or at least cause tension. Not trying to dig into you, but your comment is probably potential for more harm than good.
I'm not talking shit, or trying to complain while pissing off everyone else. I'm just stating my opinion on what I think would be the best way to compile this for Apologize's case.

BSB - At least the Guetta songs are his original tracks with other vocalists, whereas Apologize is a Timbo remix of an OR track.
hmm 392 well i didnt read THAT in the rules, let me check...oh shit thats because ITS NOT THERE >.<, whatever the outcome i think guetta and timbo should be getting the exact same treatment!!

what im wondering is why chris hasnt updated yet, more artists would shut us up lol
bsb, read ALL the rules. The first two (or three) apply to the Guetta songs. They were credited everywhere as David Guetta featuring, David Guetta vs or David Guetta &. THAT is why he's getting points counted towards him for his songs. Meanwhile Apologize is credited as Timbaland presents One Republic (see rule 5) which is why Timbaland gets ni points for it.

I see the comparison you're trying to make, but the two artists are not comparable based on the stated rules.
maybe he stopped cause of the negative comments towards he's countdown,if i was him i would stop doing the countdown all together,anyway he usually stops on the weekend and continues monday

please continue chris,your doing a great job
This isn't even anything new, if you look at the original Fun Countdowns thread, you'll see that chri8 did the same thing with Timbaland mid-last year. He even stated that if you prefer it that way you can include it yourself. Why not just keep a record of the countdown for yourself, with Timbaland at #154? This is chri8's list and he should be able to do it however he wants.
As Chris A says Chris, but in case you don't wish to continue because of all the drama its creating, most people had already figured out who #1 was.
Easter and work hasn't given me much time to continue, but I've managed to squeeze in some more artists, to stop the rumours that I've quit...heh heh.

While it's been a heated discussion, it's interesting to see all points of view, but that's really why I set out MY rules, so that it would be understood how those abnormal credits are distributed for this list, rather than how it SHOULD be counted it general.

But one thing is for sure, looks like there's gonna be at least two more controversies on our way to the top, but I like happypeople's comment that Timbaland wouldn't have even been in the Top 100. There's many more artists to honours, and in the coming weeks, he'll probably be less significant.

Carrying on...

Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#270. SNEAKY SOUND SYSTEM (2005-09, #11 - 7 entries)

Well, here they are. The biggest act never to reach the Top Ten. Sneaky Sound System were close, hitting the Top 20 three times, but it was up to their albums to give them that honours, with their second album going all the way to #1. While they may not have made the Top Ten, what they did achieve instead, was a couple of the longest running singles in Australian chart history. Two singles, "UFO" and "I Love It" both spent over a year in the Top 100! SSS found themselves supporting the Scissor Sisters during their tour in 2007, a concert that could be billed as SSSSSS.

Sneaky Sound System's Top 3
3I Love It2006#24


#269. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD (1984-86, 1993-94, 2000, #4 - 7 entries)

One of the biggest pop groups of the 80's, certainly in the UK where their first three singles hit #1, as well as their album, Frankie Goes To Hollywood took their name from a newspaper headline, about Frank Sinatra heading to Hollywood. Forming around 1980, they were quite a different band before taking on the line-up we knew them as in 1984. The group ran into a little trouble with their debut single, banned by the BBC, but no doubt giving them a little extra boost in the sales department. While the band pretended it was about motivation, the public wasn't stupid, knowing instantly the sexual perversity of the song.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Top 3
2Two Tribes1984#4
3The Power Of Love1984#4


#268. CDB (1994-99, #2 - 8 entries)

Brothers Gary and Brad Pinto formed R&B group with Andrew De Liva and Danny Williams at a time when the boy band genre was just about to explode, again. Along with Human Nature, CDB bridged the gap after New Kids On The Block were done, and Backstreet Boys were about to begin. While they are best known for their monster Earth, Wind & Fire cover, the guys performed quite well with original material, enjoying three Top 20 hits with their first releases, while in New Zealand, they went to #1 twice. Gary and Brad also performed as backing vocalists for Australia Idolafter CDB's time was up.

CDB's Top 3
1Let's Groove1995#2
2Hook Me Up1994#11
3Hey Girl (This Is Our Time)1995#14


#267. HOLLY VALANCE (2002-04, #1 - 4 entries)

Holly Valance's transformation from Neighbours star to pop diva came with quite a lot more controversy than her mates, Kylie and Delta. The Serbian born actress started her acting career playing popular character Flick Scully. The lure of a music career, almost the certainty with actors from the long-running soap, was too good to refuse, with a still teenage Holly dancing around in very little indeed in her debut video clip. After two albums, Holly had some trouble with her manager, derailing her career slightly, but with recent appearances on TV, including Prison Break and CSI, there maybe some life in the starlet yet.

Holly Valance's Top 3
1Kiss Kiss2002#1
2Naughty Girl2003#3
3Down Boy2002#3


#266. ESKIMO JOE (1998, 2002, 2004-07, 2009, #6 - 10 entries)

The heroes of Perth, Eskimo Joe could almost have been called a novelty act with their debut EP, "Sweater", featuring the title track which had a strong following on JJJ. Fast forward just over 10 years, and the guys have grown into quite a different band, and one of Australia's best at that. With a debut album in 2001, Eskimo Joe have steadily climbed up the ranks in terms of chart success, crtitical acclaim, and awards, with their biggest single unexpectedly winning the ARIA for Single Of The Year. Their fourth album has had trouble living up to that success, but is no less a delight to listen to.

Eskimo Joe's Top 3
1Black Fingernails, Red Wine2006#6
3Foreign Land2009#13


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CDB - Let's Groove

1995 was an epic year when African-american woman were actually the best people to talk to about Windows 95, or really anything to do with computers and then take them out to a party or a danceclub afterwards and have them groove to this song. It was great, especially if they wore red clothing.

Ahh, good times. How I miss the goodness of 1995.
WHOOOOO! Go Eskimoe Joe!

Black Fingernails, Red Wine was such a massive hit.

Reached #2 on Triple J Hot 100 in 2006 (according to Wikipedia).
Let's Groove is my fave track there, also like Holly Valance.
I agree with antonnalan. Go Eskimo Joe!
eskimo joe my fave there, love SSS as well though
lol that should shut us up about timbo chris
Where are Midnight Oil?
Bangalore - Midnight Oil will most likely be later in the list.
I was listening to my Simple Minds greatest hits CD today. Can't see them here yet, so they must be due soon.
I think the general consensus is that Madonna will be #1. However if one day a chart is done dating back to say 1950 then I think it would be a 4 way battle between Madonna, The Beatles, Elvis Presley & possibly the Rolling Stones. In that kind of chart I'd rank The Beatles #1 (because of all their #1's), Elvis #2 (because he had an insane number of charting songs), The Rolling Stones at #3 (same as Elvis) and then Madonna at #4. You could also possibly include ABBA in at #5 although there are a few others as well (possibly The Beach Boys & Cliff Richard). It would be a very interesting chart though.
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Since 1950

1. The Beatles
2. Elvis Presley
3. Abba
4. Led Zeppelin
5. The Rolling Stones

Madonna wouldn't be close.
michael jackson would still HAVE to be in that top 10
but for THIS chart..

im honestly expecting rihanna to be high (possibly top 5) mainly due to her heaps of hits, and SOS and umbrella particularly
Great to see Eskimo Joe Listed.
I'm surprised no one has mentioned Eminem,he has to be very high... with his 19 top 40 hits...
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#265. MYA (2001, 2003-04, #1 - 4 entries)

American R&B singer Mya Harrison exploded onto our charts in 2001, with two #1's during the year, her own, and another as part of the Moulin Rouge quartet who hit the top with "Lady Marmalade". Another Top 5 hit capped off a huge year, and then it was all over. Well, almost. The first signs of Mya in our charts came in 1998 when she featured in the Pras hit, "Ghetto Superstar". Her debut album followed, with little success, until 2001 came along. Returning in 2003 with "Moodring", the album unfortunately returned Mya back to that minimal success, which has never been revived with a further three albums.

Mya's Top 3
1Case Of The Ex2001#1
2Lady Marmalade (with Christina Aguilera, Lil Kim & P!nk)2001#1


#264. ETERNAL (1994-98, #3 - 9 entries)

Eternal first appeared to us as a four-piece with sisters Easter and Vernie Bennett being joined by Kelle Bryan Louise Nurding, collected together as Britain's answer to En Vogue. The two groups in question, were the first in a long line of girl groups, that is still going strong with The Pussycat Dolls today. Their debut success scored them a Best Group nod in the famed Smash Hits reader's poll of the time, and a few BRIT Award nominations, but it wasn't enough to keep Louise in the ranks, who left to pursue her solo career. The trio weren't hindered by the loss, returning stronger then ever with a couple of further Top Tens in Australia, and an eventual sales haul of 10 million albums worldwide.

Eternal's Top Ten
2I Wanna Be The Only One (featuring BeBe Winans)1997#10
3Power Of A Woman1995#8


#263. THE PRODIGY (1994-98, 2002, 2005-06, 2009, #2 - 9 entries)

Alternative dance group, The Prodigy, spent most of 1997 in the Top Ten singles charts, not that they had a string of hits putting them there, rather, just one very long-running hit in the form of "Breathe". Debuting in December 1996 at #4, it wasn't until the following May that it finally exited the biggest ten of the week, a run that lasted over six months. One of the defining bands of the 90's dance scene, Liam, Keith and Maxim have sold an estimated 20 million albums worldwide since their 1992 debut, "Experience" through to their 2009 effort, "Invaders Must Die".

The Prodigy's Top 3
2Voodoo People1994#24


#262. WA WA NEE (1986-89, #2 - 7 entries)

The duo of Paul Gray and Steve Williams, the force behind Australia's pop heroes of the late 80's, Wa Wa Nee, came together during the mid-80's with a batch of songs that would soon become their self-titled debut album, a surprisingly low charting album (#29) in Australia after two Top Ten hits in Australia, and another that would hit the US Top 40. Their highly anticipated second album also arrived to a luke warm response, with the single releases reaching nowhere near the mark set by their previous success. Paul Gray revived the Wa Wa Nee name in 2007, performing as part of theCountdown Spectacular 2, also working as the concerts musical director.

Wa Wa Nee's Top 3
2I Could Make You Love Me1986#5
3Sugar Free1986#10


#261. BOMFUNK MC's (1999-2002, #1 - 4 entries)

The fresh, crisp, futuristic sounds of Finland's Bomfunk MC's came right at the beginning of the new millennium, and was a sign of music to come. Rapper B.O. Dubb and producer Jaakko Salovaara came together in 1997, soon releasing their debut album, "In Stereo", which gave them a minor hit in 1999 as a lead up to their huge hit the following year. That hit, a #1 in Australia, New Zealand, and most European countries, managed to slip passed the censors with a few naughty lyrics that were performed at lightning speed, enough to be be undetected. After a second album, it's unclear if the guys have split, or are just enjoying a nice break.

Bomfunk MC's Top 3
2B-Boys And Fly Girls2000#7
3Uprocking Beats1999#43


I hope to see MYA have a big comeback her songs Free and Case of the Ex were very awsome.

Also hope to see Holly Valance have a massive comeback this year cant wait.
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my fave from that list is eternal
nearly at the 250 mark
Interesting to see The Prodigy so low considering Breathe being the #2 song of all time for the Australian charts since 1989 and the #1 before that annoying, overplayed BEPs song came out.

Though I do admit Firestarter wasn't as sucessful here as it was in the UK and Finland...

If only people cared more during the era that music was at its best...
music was at its best in 2003, personally
Love Eternal and Mya and the top 2 for Bomfunk MC's.
+ 3 to Bsb's comment and thats when music was at it's Best for me.
1997-2001 was my favourite time for music
The Prodigy's "Breathe" is #2 has far as chart runs are concerned on this site, but I've tried to calculate as close as I can to sales, according to End of Year charts for my list. "Breathe" came in #9 for 1997, on the cusp of Platinum/Double Platinum sales. For the record, I gave the single 176,186 points for its sales.
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Great to see Eternal.

I wonder if Eminem or Mariah will be higher?
One has some huge hits - the other has had a constant string of semi-successful songs ... will be interesting to see who rates higher.
I wonder where, the idols (american included), the fray or the black eyed peas chart.

didn't the BEPs have like 5 songs in the top 100 of 2010?

I hope Kings of Leon chart high, but I think they're coming up.
Yes ChrisA I agree Eminem will definitely be very high up - possibly Top 5.
Fliptop I don't think Led Zeppelin would chart very high at all. Don't get me wrong they were an excellent group but they had a distinct aversion towards singles. They were an "albums" band and even one of the "all-time classics" Stairway to Heaven was never released as a single. So while I would like them to chart highly in a 50's onwards chart I doubt they would even come close.
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Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#260. CHOIRBOYS (1983, 1986-1991, 2004, #3 - 8 entries)

It surprises me that Australian pub rock bands managed much of the success they enjoyed at all. I mean, let's think about it. A pub? Beer? Who can remember anything that happened the night before to be able to buy their records the next day? Well, lucky for music, it works in conjunction to TV, and in our more soberer moments, the Choirboys music, and videos, stood out enough for them to grace our Top 5 in both the singles and albums charts. Their biggest single continues to be a staple of a heavy night out's playlist, while the band themselves continue to perform 30 years on after their initial formation.

Choirboys' Top 3
1Run To Paradise1987#3
2Boys Will Be Boys1988#14
3Run To Paradise (vs. Nick Skitz)2004#16


#259. MERRIL BAINBRIDGE (1995-96, 1998, #1 - 6 entries)

Merril Bainbridge first performed publicly at a young age, coming third in a carnival contest, and winning $20 worth of tickets. That hardship continued as Merril continued into an "adult" professional career, providing backing vocals for many Australian bands in exchange for free studio time to work on her own demos. It eventually all paid off, and those days of struggling to get recognition ceased, as she soon came to the attention of Ross Fraser, who worked with John Farnham, and convinced John to signed her to his newly set up Gotham Records label. Her sweet vocals and delightful pop records stood out over much of the Eurodance at the time, sending her straight to #1.

Merril Bainbridge's Top 3
2Under The Water1995#4
3Power Of One1995#21


#258. SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR (2002-04, 2007, #3 - 5 entries)

We've already seen DJ Spiller in this list, the man that first brought Sophie Ellis Bextor to our ears, as she lent her vocals to his biggest hit, and sent the English singer up for pop stardom. Starting out in quite a different manner to the pop songs we're used to for her, Sophie was lead singer for indie band, theaudience. With the band's split, Sophie took some time off to re-evaluate her career, being asked to add some vocals to Spiller's instrumental club hit in the meantime. Famously, the single debuted at #1 in the UK, just ahead of Victoria Beckham's first solo release with the True Steppers, which had to settle for second place, entering at #2.

Sophie Ellis Bextor's Top 3
1Murder On The Dancefloor2002#3
2Get Over You2002#4
3Music Gets The Best Of Me2002#28


#257. BROS (1988-91, #5 - 10 entries)

The global phenomenon that was Bros was almost like a year in the life of a pop band. They crashed into our charts early '88 asking when they would be famous, the answer coming soon as they hit our Top 5, and by the end of the year, were winding down with their fifth Top 20 release. In between, there was the world tour, the merchandise, the fashion, and the long-running #4 album, "Push". That almost gets them up to this position in the list, not bad for one album, but the groups's demise was evident with the departure of Craig Logan, leaving twins Matt and Luke Goss to fend for themselves. A second album bumped their points up, but just a little, with just one brief Top 20 hit, but it was all over when their third album was a no show on the albums or singles chart.

Bros' Top 3
1When Will I Be Famous?1988#5
2Drop The Boy1988#9
3I Owe You Nothing1988#6


#256. ALL-4-ONE (1994-96, #1 - 4 entries)

While Boyz II Men had just established themselves as one of the biggest R&B vocal groups of all time, All-4-One stole their thunder in 1994 when they enjoyed their long-running #1 hit, going on to eclipse the Boyz releases, and becoming on of the biggest R&B ballads ever. That hit, however, wasn't as new as we all thought as it was actually released by country music star, John Michael Montgomery a year earlier. His version made a small dent in the US charts, crossing over to the pop charts at #42. All-4-One are still together and recording with a sixth album appearing in 2009.

All-4-One's Top 3
1I Swear1994#1
2I Can Love You Like That1995#12
3So Much In Love1994#62


Love this countdown, i have also bee thinking what could be coming up..
Kylie Minogue?
Lady GaGa?
Mariah Carey?
Celine Dion?
Michael Jackson?
Black Eyed Peas?
Pet Shop Boys?
Lionel Richie?
Janet Jackson?
Bryan Adams?
Whitney Houston?
Jennifer Lopez & Nelly should chart very high i would think
OMG All 4 One. So Much In Love is one of my favourite songs ever!!! Great entry its also good to see SEB, I like all her songs and I like Merril Bainbridge's Mouth lol it's a pretty cracked song if you listen to it.
Love SEB and I Swear.

Eminem will definitely be higher than Mariah. Eminem often has one of the highest sellers of the year with each album release whereas Mariah is very hit and miss.

2003 was also my fave year for music
Love Merril Bainbridge and Sophie Ellis Bextor, especially Mouth and Get Over You.
Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's & 2000's.


#255. WARREN G (1994-97, 1999, #2 - 6 entries)

Before there was Warren G and cousins, Snoop Dogg and, Nate Dogg, there was 213, a group formed in 1990 featuring the three future stars. Warren introduced the band to his brother, Dr. Dre, who liked what he saw. Well, a third of them anyway. It was Snoop Dogg that grabbed Dre's attention, and so was the end of 213. Warren and Nate continued on, eventually scoring a place on the Above The Rimsoundtrack together, with their first hit, "Regulate". It was the first and last entry for Nate, but Warren went on to even bigger things, bringing back classic songs by Eric Clapton and Tina Turner to the charts, with a little Warren twist. In 2004, 213 reformed and finally released their first album.

Warren G's Top 3
1What's Love Got To Do With It1996#2
2Regulate (with Nate Dogg)1994#16
3I Shot The Sheriff1997#8


#254. JAY-Z (1999, 2001-07, 2009, #2 - 12 entries)

For the release of his eleventh album, Jay-Z released an impressive commercial re-enacting the covers of each in real time, of course barring his latest, on which he doesn't appear. Those albums in question have sold over 40 million copies worldwide, quite an amazing feat for an artist of his genre. His success in Australia started out with the unlikely coupling of his R&B rap and beats to a sample from the film, Annie. But four years later, we gave him a proper reception, no doubt due to a featured performance by Beyonce, on "'03 Bonnie And Clyde", peaking at #2. Jay-Z would return the favour twice, featuring himself on her "Crazy In Love" #2 hit, and then again in 2008, when he exchanged vows with the former Destiny's Child singer.

Jay-Z's Top 3
1'03 Bonnie And Clyde (featuring Beyonce)2003#2
2Numb/Encore (with Linkin Park)2004#3
3Run This Town (featuring Rihanna)2009#9


#253. HOODOO GURUS (1983-89, 1991, 1993-94, 1996-97, #3 - 22 entries)

If I had started this countdown even a year ago, my words may have gone along the lines of, "Hoodoo Gurus were inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame in 2007, capping off a brilliant career", but it was only within the last month that the guys showed us that we're not quite done yet with the Gurus. "Purity Of Essence" is brought the Hoodoo Gurus back from the dead, no doubt by popular demand, as their reputation as one of Australia's premier bands brought them back together for various live shows, leading up to a very welcome and critically acclaimed return. Who knows, maybe the youthful nature of today's charts may give way to some Singles chart action again, improving their position.

Hoodoo Gurus' Top 3
1What's My Scene1987#3
2Like Wow - Wipeout!1985#15
3Miss Freelove '691991#19


#252. LIMP BIZKIT (1999-2001, 2003-04, #4 - 9 entries)

The guys from Limp Bizkit formed from a jam session with Fred Durst, Sam Rivers and John Otto. Fred Durst worked as a tattoo artist at the time, and had done some work on Korn bassist, Reginald Arvizu. Handing Reg some demos, the guys refused to back the band, citing them as nothing special. After recruiting Wes Borland and DJ Lethal soon after, the Korn crew gave them the thumbs up, and Limp Bizkit were properly established. Over four albums, the guys sold an estimated 35 million albums worldwide, before seemingly disappearing. 2010 will see Limp Bizkit kick of a new era with a new album set for release sometime this year.

Limp Bizkit's Top 3
1Behind Blue Eyes2003#4
3Take A Look Around2000#28


#251. TAKE THAT (1993-96, 2006-07, #1 - 10 entries)

The arrival of Take That in 1991 came just after the New Kids On The Block had shown what the boy band franchise was capable of all over again. Auditions we