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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - BSB weekly top 50

well since its top 20 now, not 50, i needed a new thread..
*Bullet performer
500 pts = <G>
1000 pts = <P>
2000 pts = <P>2

my way of calculating points has ALOT of factors, and I dont feel like typing

WEEK 15;
#1#14#1(2w)Usher ft will.i.amOMG
#2#35#1(3w)3OH!3 ft Neon HitchFollow me down<G>
#3NENE#3*Britney SpearsDramatic
#4#26#1(1w)Brian McFadden ft. Kevin RudolfJust say so<G>
#5135#5*Christina AguileraNot Myself Tonight<G>
#6#711#1(3w)Timbaland ft. Katy PerryIf we ever meet again<P>
#7#1225#2*Lady Gaga ft. BeyonceTelephone<P>2
#8NENE#8*Ke$haYour Love is my drug
#9#513#5Lady GagaAlejandro<P>
#10#1610#4*Black Eyed PeasImma be<P>
#11NENE#11*Adam LambertWhataya Want from me
#12#172#12*OrianthiShut up and kiss me
#13#142#13Adam LambertDown the rabbit hole
#14#105#2Vanessa AmorosiMr. Mysterious<G>
#15#42#4Neon HitchBlack and Blues
#17NENE#17*Justin Beiber & Sean KingstonEenie meenie
#18#1011#7Richard vision ft. Static Revenge & LucianaI like that<P>
#19#88#2LifehouseHalfway Gone<G>
#20#97#1(1w)EvanescenceTogether Again<G>

Falling out:
--#154#15GramephonedzieWhy don’t you
--#1936#1(8w)3OH!3 ft. Katy perryStarstrukk<P>3
--#201#20RihannaRockstar 101

This week we see Usher take out his 2nd week at no.1, While 3OH!3 and neon hitch climb a position to no.2, taking aim at a 4th non-consecutive week at no.1, meanwhile at no.3 Britney spears debuts with her leaked comeback single, dramatic, which pushes Brian mcfadden down to no.4. Christina Aguilera Jumps up from no.13 to no.5, bringing her top 10 hits up to 8, Timbaland and katy perry climb up a single position to no.6, while lady gaga and beyonce rebound and re-enter the top 10 with telephone. Ke$ha Debuts into the top 20 at no.8 with the 3rd single off the album ‘Animal’, your love is my drug, can this song become ke$ha’s 4th consecutive #1? (TiK ToK no.1 oct ’09, Blah blah blah no.1 Jan ’10, Mr. Wattson No.1 Feb ’10).
Lady Gaga slips 4 positions with New single Alejandro, and to round off the top 10 the black eyed peas make a re-entry into the top 10, and go platinum this week!
Outside of the top 10, Adam Lambert Debuts with ‘Whataya want from me’, and Orianthi jumps up 5 positions from last weeks no.17 debut, to rise to no.12
More action from lambert as he climbs up a single position with down the rabbit hole, And vanessa Amorosi falls 4 positions out of the top 10, for the first time!
Neon Hitch shares the hardest fall this week falling 11 positions, as do lifehouse and evanescence this week.
Cascada drop from #6 to #16, and Justin beiber with sean Kingston debut at no.17 with eenie meenie, Richard vision drops 8 positions, from no.10 to no.18.

Falling out this week is why don’t you, platinum x2 single Fever, the most successful charting song of all time, starstrukk, after a 36 week run, and rihanna’s 1 week single Rockstar 101

Songs to come?
Tinie Tempah//Pass out
B.O.B//Nothin’ on you
Miley cyrus//When I look at you
David guetta//getting’ over you

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random chart info (done weekly)
this week we focus on the top 3 most succesful female charters..

#ArtistBiggest hit
1BeyonceSweet dreams
3Britney spearsCircus
What's happened to 21-50, why is it now a top 20?
And, please, this is your 12th personal charts thread. A thread can have over 300 posts, not just five.

Beyonce's biggest hit for me would probably have been Beautiful Liar or Irreplaceable.
Rihanna's biggest hit for me would have been Umbrella.
Britney's biggest hit for me would probably have been Toxic, or Womanizer.

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britneys "new song" isnt new afterall, turns out its a blackout demo
Good to finally see Adam Lambert debut
@392 - Well they're still being done, its just easier to have 20 done by each sunday

@mykl - lol down the rabbit hole debuted before it oddly enough
midweek (main) jumpers!
#8#4Ke$haYour love is my drug
#11#6Adam LambertWhataya want from me
#12#5OrianthiShut up and kiss me
#13#8Adam LambertDown the rabbit hole
#18#2Richard vission ft. Static revenger & LucianaI like that

wait til sunday to see where they really land!
lol, im lazy, so from now on no stats, if i feel like its important i will work out stats some time but for now, hes my 20 fave songs

1EminemIm not afraid
2RihannaTe Amo
3Lady GagaSpeechless
4Ke$haYour love is my drug
5Christina AguileraNot myself tonight
8Brian McfaddenJust say so
9Taio CruzBreak your heart
103oh!3 ft neon hitchFollow me down
11Kevin rudolf ft Jay sean & BirdmanI made it
12Stan walkerUnbroken
13ParamoreThe only exception
14Adam LambertIf i had you
15Adam LambertWhataya want from me
16Alicia Keys & BeyoncePut it in a love song
17Lady Gaga & BeyonceTelephone
18Adam LambertDown the rabbit hole
19Cheryl coleFight for this love
20Glee castLike a prayer

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"bubbling under"
3oh!3 ft Ke$haFirst kiss
Brian mcfadden & Delta goodremMistakes
Taio Cruz ft. Ke$haDirty Picture
Lady antebellumNeed you now
Amy meredithLying
Sophie Ellis-BaxterBittersweet

First kiss may be #1 next week!

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13 Paramore The only exception
14 Adam Lambert If i had you
15 Adam Lambert Whataya want from me
19 Cheryl cole Fight for this love

thank you beanster, you like adam lambert i take it , im suprised you didnt mention down the rabbit hole lol
I've only heard three tracks from the album which everybody are charting but i'm grabbing the album this week sometime hopefully.
ok well its not on the album, so get it off itunes
Woo, love Lambert!

Hope Lady Antebellum can breakthrough!

I have a feeling you're trying to make Follow Me Down #1 of the year, or maybe something else 3oh!3

Liking most of the songs in your chart! You need Parachute from Cheryl Cole
lol, well 3 of those 6 are looking to debut, and maybe some songs that arent there, your just gonna have to wait for the clues ! (first kiss is an obv. debut xD)

no i dont rig my charts actually haha, im not 392 on my gagaphone lol

well parachute peaked at 4 earlier this year, but i stopped listening and lost interest, maybe i'll re-interest myself

any other suggestions to chart?
btw remember about a month ago how i hated break your heart..*points at #9* lol
Lmao, good. Get re-interested. I know 392 is hopeless with keeping GaGa in, it's obviously just coz it's GaGa... I mean really he can't still love her songs enough to be top 50.
chris A, Te Amo is old school rihanna, think unfaithful
yea glee managed to fit themselves in lol

The new eminem track is so amazing, its scary ^^
New Eminem is good, not amazing but still good.

Te Amo was around when A Girl Like Me was released, but definitely sounds better than Rude Boy, doesn't sound like any of the previous singles though. All very different sounding
I like the new Eminem too. It's growing on me, you know how much I like Eminem, may manage to debut top twenty.

Of course Follow Me Down will be your centurial #1, won't it BSB?

And I can still love those GaGa songs enough to remain in my top 50
C'mon 392, they're in the 40's constantly, you're obviously just keeping them there coz its GaGa.
392, theres no way you can still have poker face top 50
mykl, rude boy peaked at #2 for me i'll have you know, twice (though it took 14 weeks to repeak LOL) and this week it is 49, so it'll be out next week..
No, they're awesome songs that I still love.
lol, but COME ON, your just charting coz its gaga =P!
if justin beibers "one less lonely girl" had lady gaga's name on it, it would go #1 for you instantly and we all know it xD
Clues for upcoming top 20 Debuts

LA.NYN, SOGS1, BF/09.11.84, Recent Logies Performer, Flying asians.

they are probably easy, if they are they will be harder next week ;-)
LA.NYN = Lady Antebellum Need You Now
not gonna guess some more 392 ;-)
cmoon guess
I didn't know which clue fitted 3oh!3.

Flying Asians sounds racist to me, maybe a biographical song of Adolf Hitler?
lol hijinx, im very fickle through the week, you actually need to guess based on clues xD
LMFAO 392, no its not a song about hitler, thats next week, heres a sample lyric:

Guess whos back, back again, Hitlers back,Hes german.
Guess whos back, guess whos back, guess whos back (dunanana)

now 2 black jews are parked round the outside, round the outside (holaholaholahola-CAUST?)
now im sittin with my moustache eating off of pride (wha-wha-WHAT?)

my charts will be posted at 12 pm today, since the last ones were compiled on thursday, if anyone wants to attempt the leftover clues they can lol
ok the clues were:

LA.NYN = Lady Antebellum - Need you now
BF/09.11.84 = Brian Mcfadden ft. Delta goodrem - Mistakes
Recent logies performance = John Mayer - heartbreak warfare
Flying asians = Birds of tokyo - the saddest thing i know
SOGS 1 = streets of gold single 1 = 3oh!3 ft ke$ha - my first kiss

stats are back, just needed a break from them LOL!
also i have a pts system now, cant be stuffed to explain it XD, but dont worry its more fair now

#1#12#1(2nd wk)EminemNot afraid
#2#23#2RihannaTe Amo
#3NeNe#3*Lady AntebellumNeed you now
#5#46#3Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug<G>
#6#194#6*Cheryl ColeFight for this love
#7#33#1(1wk)Lady GagaSpeechless
#8#93#8Taio CruzBreak Your Heart
#9NeNe#9*3oh!3 ft. ke$haMy first kiss
#10#1010#1(wk)3oh!3 ft. Neon HitchFollow me down<P>
#11NeNe#11*Birds of TokyoThe saddest thing i know
#12#57#3Christina AguileraNot myself tonight<G>
#13#86#1(1wk)Brian McfaddenJust Say So<G>
#14NeNe#14*John MayerHeartbreak Warfare
#15#135#2ParamoreThe only exception
#16#165#14Alicia Keys ft. BeyoncePut it in a love song
#17NeNe#17*Brian Mcfadden ft. Delta GoodremMistakes
#18#1727#3Lady Gaga ft. BeyonceTelephone<P>3
#19#142#14Adam LambertIf i had you

Dropping out:
XX#1112#7Kevin rudolf ft. Jay sean & BirdmanI made it<P>
XX#123#1(1wk)Stan WalkerUnbroken
XX#153#12Adam LambertWhataya want from me
XX#184#11Adam LambertDown the rabbit hole
XX#201#20Glee castLike a prayer
btw, the one before this was COMPILED on last thursday before anyone mentions it
I like #2, #5, #6, #8, #12, #18 and #20 in your list
The hot 6 bubbling under future hits!:
BeyonceWhy dont you love me?
Amy MeredithLying
B.O.B ft Hayley williamsAirplanes
Tinie TempahPass out
Sam clarkSend me a sign
Cheryl coleParachute
Parachute woo, Pass Out and Airplanes aren't too bad either.

My First Kiss only #9? Wasn't it supposed to be huge?

Good seeing Lady Antebellum debut, Taio Cruz climb and Eminem hold #1.
lol just wait mykl, it will rise ^^
It's risen in my chart this week... Stay tuned to see if it's cracked the top 50.
lol, you say that as if im watching your chart like a tv show !
Hi everyone welcome to Mykl's... ok I'll stop

But I'd love my own show!
yay for 3oh!3 love there new song
expect a big week, its been hours and i already have 6 entries (glee's fault !)
now 8 entries..some non glee now, LOL
im expanding to top 30 now...12 debuts and counting, i sorta have to XD
lol hijinx, it isnt a good idea xD, meh they will get over it, im still gonna use this thread
one more thing to get outta the way, since i used to do it every week =P!

-featured video-
This week the featured vid goes to the wonderful miss miley cyrus! shes back with a brand new video "cant be tamed", and let me tell you! its amazing! starting off in a museum we see "aedus cyrus" (miley) in captivity, she then goes to spread her 10 foot long wings out, and then the music starts with all of her other flappy friends, and thats when the fun begins!, we then see her escape the cage and scare off all the "bird watchers" (excuse the pun), then shes in this leotard thing with talons at her hands, attacking the marine exhibit, then we find a new scene where shes in a silver dress on top of a...peacock tail!?. then we have a scene where shes in the history exhibit, doing her dances on the cannon!, then we go to join her in the final scene, back in the cage, with an amazingly choreagraphed dance and a fantastic finish that leaves you thinking "this could be the next pop queen"

so after amazing CG, brilliant choreography, fantastic vocals with a little autotune just for flare, Miley cyrus of all people has created a master piece, and out of 10 i give her a rating of..
The clip is alright, she's looking like too much of a slut though, she's only 17!
my god, shes nearly 18 anyway, and if your telling me you would prefer "hoedown throwdown" than go ahead !
CLUES FOR DEBUTS AND RE-ENTRIES: (so many debuts and re-entries i couldnt wait til tuesday O.o)

Bird Cage hottie.
L.A Females
before you jump, dont forget your..
SOG promo
R4.mexican dude
a pea with his crush.
Legendary guitarist's PC

good luck haha, these clues are too easy sorry :/
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L.A. Females = California Gurls
Pea + crush = 3 Words?
65mya = Dinosaur (Kisschasy)
Bird cage hottie (apparently) = Can't Be Tamed

Oh and Miley is a slut.
3/4 of those were correct
Bird Cage Hottie (Can't Be Tamed)
B.WDYLM (Why Do You Love Me)
LA Females (California Gurls)
Before you jump don't forget your (Don't Jump)
TFK (Thousand Foot Krunch?)
R4 Mexican Dude (Alejandro)
Pea with his crush (3 Words)
Legendary Guitarist (Slash?)
you actually have to name the song by slash if your gonna guess him !

so, because you didnt guess the slash song thats 4/8 of your guesses were correct
That's a lot of debuts/re-entries for a top 20.
Ok the ones I was certain on were Miley, Beyonce, Katy and Cheryl, and I thought Alejandro for the mexican dude, but you go on about how much you hate it and it's a rip-off I guess. So Alejandro is wrong?

Is the slash one the song with Fergie?

OOH! TC:NOO is Taio Cruz's 2nd single from Rockstarr 'No Other One'. Made #34 for me LAST YEAR!

CC:ROM is Rain On Me from Cheryl Cole.

CC:15.03.75 I'm guessing is Parachute from Cheryl Cole?

SOG... Screw Other Guys? xD
bluezombie, it wasnt boy like you, but your right about the ARTISTS of pea+crush, and c.c/15.03.75

those answers though were heartbreaker, and heaven
all other answers were right

LOL mykl, nice try's

no that the debuts/re-entries have been revealed by BZ the genius, tell me whatcha think about them guys
Yeah maybe Heartbreaker - Will I Am ft. Cheryl Cole.

You're right with Dirty Picture, SOG Promo, Slash and the G(ay)lee songs. Can't believe I didn't get the Parachute clue
ok so, so we dont have to stare at BZ's guesses for the debuts/re-entries, heres our table
find out where they land on thursday!
???BeyonceWhy dont you love me?
???Cheryl coleParachute
???Cheryl cole ft. Will.i.amHeaven
???Cheryl coleRain On me
???(will.i.am ft.) Cheryl coleHeartbreaker
???Glee cast4 minutes
???Glee castLike a virgin
???Glee castExpress yourself
???Glee castVogue
???Katy perryCalifornian gurls
???Taio CruzNo other one
???3oh!3House party
???Slash ft. Cypress hill & FergieParadise city
???Miley CyrusCan't be tamed
???Taio Cruz ft. Ke$haDirty picture

???Lady GagaAlejandro
???Glee castLike a prayer

all 18 entries O.o
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I've heard of all 18 songs

The only ones that have made my top 50 are:
Alejandro, Dirty Picture, No Other One, Heartbreaker and Parachute.
I've heard of 12/18 but heard only 5.

Only Para, Dinosaur, and Alejandro have charted for me.
Dinosaur is the only song I currently like out of that list.
wow 392, youve only heard 5/18 !
antonnalan, have you heard all the songs !
mykl, bout time you chart the other 13 then
lol, give them all a chance
BSB, no chance Glee's songs will chart for me.

Why Don't You Love Me is average at best, won't be charting.

Heaven and Rain On Me aren't too bad, but I generally don't chart album tracks.

3oh!3 won't be charting with House Party, maybe with My First Kiss soon though.

California Gurls and Can't Be Tamed may be charting soon, not into them enough atm.

Not into Slash's music and Dinosaur has been in my top 100 for a few months but never made top 50.
But glee songs were so good xD

oh fine, be a bully to big breasted beyonce!

yea fair enough, i love them

b!tch =P

Well i think cant be tamed has the potential to be massive for you, but california gurls i cant see you rerally getting into

this is slash's first effort ive enjoyed, so who knows, and lol dinosaur has been doing same thing with me if i had a top 100 =P!
I think Katy has more potential than Miley, but the new songs are far from their best efforts.
lol, mileys is prob her best to date, katy can do much better though..
#1NeNe#1(1st wk)*Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed
#2#24#2RihannaTe Amo<G>
#3#32#3Lady AntebellumNeed you now
#4NeNe#4*Katy Perry ft. Snoop DoggCalifornia Gurls
#5#410#1(2w)Usher ft. Will.i.amOMG<P>
#6#193#6*Adam LambertIf I Had You
#7NeNe#7*Cheryl ColeParachute
#8NeNe#8*Taio Cruz ft. Ke$haDirty Picture
#9#12#1(1w)EminemNot Afraid
#10NeNe#10*Glee Cast4 minutes
#11#1011#1(3w)3oh!3 ft. Neon HitchFollow me down<P>
#12#57#3Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug<G>
#13NeNe#13*BeyonceWhy Don't You Love Me?
#14NeNe#14*Will.I.Am Ft. Cheryl ColeHeartBreaker
#15NeNe#15*Cheryl ColeRain On Me
#17#84#8Taio Cruz ft. LudacrisBreak your heart
#18#172#17Brian Mcfadden ft. Delta goodremMistakes
#19NeNe#19*Glee CastExpress Yourself
#20NeNe#20*Glee CastVogue
#21RE2#20*Glee CastLike a Prayer
#23#92#93oh!3 ft. Ke$haMy First Kiss
#24RE14#5*Lady GagaAlejandro<P>
#25NeNe#25*Cheryl cole ft. Will.i.amHeaven
#26NeNe#26*Glee CastLike a Virgin
#27NeNe#27*Taio CruzNo Other One
#28#1828#3Lady Gaga ft. BeyonceTelephone<P>3
#29NeNe#29*Slash Ft. Cypress Hill & FergieParadise city
#30NeNe#30*3oh!3House Party

#64#6Cheryl coleFight for this love
#73#1(1w)Lady GagaSpeechless
#111#11Birds of TokyoThe saddest thing i know
#127#3Christina AguileraNot myself tonight<G>
#136#1(1w)Brian McfaddenJust Say So<G>
#141#14John MayerHeartbreak warfare
#155#2ParamoreThe Only Exception
#165#14Alicia Keys & BeyoncePut It In A Love Song

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The top 6 hot future bubbling under hits (T.T.6.H.F.B.U.H )

B.o.B ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
Sophie Ellis BextorBittersweet
Ayumi HamasakiYou were...
PowderfingerSail The Widest Stretch
Kelly clarksonCry
Hope Cry and Airplanes can make an impact on your chart in the future.
Bittersweet is average, Careful sucks, same with Powderfinger.

Sad to see FFTL dropping out, and from 6!

Haha My First Kiss #23? What happened to it being a #1?

Sad seeing Eminem dropping from #1, and so far, and especially to be replaced by Can't Be Tamed.

The other drop-out is The Saddest Thing I Know btw

Best news: LOVE seeing Cheryl at #7, she better go really well!
Well Cry seems to be the hit pick for next week , powderfinger was actually just a space filler, no way in hell it'll debut XD!

well, its kinda hard for songs to rise this week, to be fair !


Thank you. Edited :O!

Cheryl should be going well with parachute, should be interesting to see if it can beat my current #8 E.o.Y '3 words' (<P>2!)

Thanks for the comment mykieboo
Yeah but down to #23? I remember you wouldn't shut up about it the other week lol.

Hope Parachute can last atleast 1 month lol, which is longer than many songs in your chart do

No probs
hahahahah well 18 entries to be fair !

parachute may last that long haha, well...starstrukk is still within the top 50 so suck on that XD, but i will admit my charts dont have longevity issues often thats for sure !

lets bunk. XD
lol chris, your just gonna learn to deal with good ol' miles !
thanks, rihanna, lady antebellum, and katy perry are probably very thankful

Yep, kisschasey FINALLY debuted lol
but the list was extended by 10, so if it was a top 20 there'd only be 10 new entries and My First Kiss would already be out

Yeah I know Starstrukk is still around, but yeah that's like 1 in a million? Well atleast Brandon won't have any problems with your chart
well actually evacuate the dancefloor is down there at #50 !
and lol, brandon would find a problem, trust me lol.

at least its not as US influenced as 392, yea so beat that haha
Oh I know, he's all like B.o.B is the best, B.o.B is so hot, oh B.o.B won't you let me suck your cock lol.

I love the fact there's lots of Cheryl in your chart
lol then B.o.B's like 'no bruno is the best' and 'i know' and 'your too small'

heartbreaker looks to be the bigger hit of the cheryl debuts this week, and fight for this love will prob re-enter
Wow! Miley Cyrus is at #1, she was on the news today after performing a lap dance for a 44 year old male fan, and he enjoyed it.

Heaps of debuts, i like a lot of the song in your chart!

Good to see a lot of Cheryl Cole songs charting, pleased that Katy Perry gets a high debut and Beyonce at #13 yes!

No major longevity issues in this chart.
Goodie, Heartbreaker charted for me back in 2008 I think lol.

Mr. Slowpoke... but atleast you aren't small
Brandon he was a gay guy lol
really hope Powderfinger, B.o.B and Kelly clarkson debut next week
Miley makes it at #1 for you!! She just missed out for me (#2) it was a really tough week..

Glad she made it on someone's chart though, I actually really like slutty cyrus
@Brandon, oh wow, im going green from envy Thanks for liking the songs i like XD, and yep longevity is practically not existant, well except for telephone

@Mykl, yea im aware im very late with this entry, but meh better late than never ! Mykl did your erectile senses tell you he was gay?

@Antonnalan, Powderfinger's track really is growing on me, B.o.B ruins the song, if it charts its only coz of hayley, im actually gonna search for a hayley-only version later *one can wish*, and kelly clarkson will 99% be a top 10 debut yaay ^_^

@M@TT, yep well i guess im better at getting her on top than you are, tough luck LOL, shes gonna rise so much on the ACW100 then huh
Well of course the track is brilliant, have you seen the vid, SO HOT
6/30 songs in my chart have had over a month LMAO
-Featured Music Vid-
This week, 3 months after its debut, we feature cascada's "Pyromania" as the video of the week, which just hasnt made it to featured vid til now, the video starts with that crazy dude with his astrohelmet thing singing the start, with loads of pretty colours out his mouth, then we see te wonderful hoooot miss Natalie Horler, giving us her usual slutty look , then is some chroeography from the mr.Helmet men, and natalie on her whore-ific couch which is on fire, and OMG I CANT GET OVER HER HOTNESS (no pun intended hehe), anyways the video isnt absolutely amazing but its simple, and its not an eyesaw to watch *cough* Hey souls siter *cough*, which is why it gets a rating of;
She is actually quite hot. Nice and curvy lol.

Usual slutty look... Whore-ific couch < LOL!
Despite making 6 non consecutive weeks at #1 the Hey Soul Sister video is a bit of an eyesore to watch
Whats wrong with the Hey Soul Sister Video, it's not Great but not an eyesore.
Much prefer it over a typical slutty Video anyday.
lmfao, the singer is EWWWWIIEEE!!! XD

hehe mykl, thought you'd enjoy that
I saw the clip ages ago, but commentary was good as always. Your definitely the funniest member xD
i saw the clip ages ago too mykl, but the bitch deserved a feature !
YAAAY suck that 392, considering our convo on MSN last night i know you want to
Kids Today LOL.
-clues for debuts-
***** ft. Fashionista's Planet
15.11.88/Horses eat.., Li, will.i.am's?!
A really long boat ride.
a yummi ham and saki.

-clues for re-entries?-
R4.Not done by man
R4.Wood Earth, KP
R4.Childrens chant
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oops, updated with forgotten clue
2/8 there hijinx, billionaire was incorrect.
yes Hijinx, Chris A you got the left-over debuts left

R4.Not done by man
R4.Wood Earth, KP
If I Ever Meet You Again - Timbaland/Katy Perry (Wood Earth, KP)
yes wlv..

R4.Not done by man is all that remains
Yay powderfinger debuts
R4. Not done by man, the only thing I can think of is the Crazy Frog or some other novelty animal.
antonnalan, you seem happy !
Lifter, nope, cmoon guys i thought this one was the EASIEST
nope not birds of tokyo
LMFAO, that would of been tempting but no its nothing sexual
Florence & The Machine?
neither lol
Newton Faulkner?
lol...nopity nope nope xD, hes never charted for me, so why would he re-enter
#3 #3 2 #3 Lady Antebellum Need you now
#6 #19 3 #6 *Adam Lambert If I Had You
#9 #1 2 #1(1w) Eminem Not Afraid
#22 Ne Ne #22 *KissChasey Dinosaur

Has dinosaur charted?
Oops it already has. I'll guess again then
very very very happy to see California Gurls and Dinosaur debut but hmmmm not really liking the number one haha and loving the Glee inputs !.!
Debut/Re-Entry Table:
-btw guys, not done by man was 'naturally' by selena gomez, if its natural it aint done by man now is it

???B.o.B Ft. Bruno MarsNothin' On you***** ft. Fashionista's Planet
???B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes15.11.88/Horses eat.., Li, will.i.am's?!
???Kelly clarksonCryTears
???PowderfingerSail the widest stretchA really long boat ride
???Ayumi HamasakiYou were..A Yummi Ham And Saki

???Selena gomezNaturallyR4.Not done by man
???Timbaland ft. Katy perryIf we ever meet againWood Earth, KP
???Sean Kingston Ft. Justin BeiberEenie MeenieChildrens chant
what do you guys think of said debuts/re-entries
Happy with Timbaland and Selena Gomez re-entering and Kelly Clarkson debuting. That is all.
Yay Cry debuts.

Double yay - Double b.o.b debuts

Triple Yay Powderfinger debuts

haha thank you antonnalan charts tomorrow yay ^_^ lol!
#1#12#1(2nd w)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed
#2#25#2RihannaTe Amo<G>
#3#1112#1(3w)*3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>
#4#511#1(2w)Usher Ft. Will.I.AmOMG<P>
#5#33#3Lady AntebellumNeed You Now
#6NeNe#6*Kelly ClarksonCry
#7#42#4Katy Perry Ft. Snoop DoggCalifornia Gurls
#8#64#6Adam LambertIf i had you
#9#132#9BeyonceWhy Don't You Love me?
#10#232#10*3OH!3 Ft. Ke$haMy First Kiss
#12NeNe#12B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
#13#72#7Cheryl ColeParachute
#14NeNe#14B.o.B Ft. Bruno MarsNothin' On You
#15#128#3Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug<G>
#16#82#8Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$haDirty Picture
#17#175#8Taio Cruz Ft. LudacrisBreak Your Heart 
#18Re4#9*Sean Kingston Ft. Justin BeiberEenie Meenie
#19NeNe#19*PowderfingerSail The Widest Stretch
#21NeNe#21*Ayumi HamasakiYou Were..
#22Re9#1(4w)*Selena GomezNaturally<P>
#23#94#1(2w)EminemNot Afraid
#24Re13#1(3w)*Timbaland Ft. Katy PerryIf We Ever Meet Again<P>
#25#142#14Will.I.Am Ft. Cheryl ColeHeartbreaker
#26#102#10Glee Cast4 Minutes
#27#2829#3Lady Gaga Ft. BeyonceTelephone<P>4
#28#152#15Cheryl ColeRain On Me
#29#2415#5Lady GagaAlejandro<P>
#30#292#29Slash Ft. Cypress Hill & FergieParadise City

-chartifacts =O!-
For the 2nd week, miley cyrus Holds at the #1 position, can 5 week #2 position Rihanna beat her, or is mileys brand new attitude to much to take for Rihanna?, Meanwhile 3oh!3 and neon hitch make a BIG rebound into the top 3, shooting up 8 positions in the process, and are looking for a 4th non consecutive week, and usher tries to climb his way back up the charts from 5 - 4, and to round off the top 5 Lady antebellum falls 2 positions to #5

Our Highest Debut this week goes to the wonderful Ms. Kelly clarkson who Cried her way to the #6 position, while katy and her californian gurls slip, down to the bottom of this top 10 is 3oh!3 and ke$ha with their new effort 'my first kiss' which is the biggest riser this week of 13 places

Under the top 10 is Eurodance act Cascada with their recently released 'pyromania' (even though its in its 13th week in these charts!) and B.o.B takes out a #12 and #14 debut this week, Taio somehow provides himself 2 #8 peaking songs, while Sean Kingston Re-enter, and Powderfinger debut! Kisschasey climb up 2 positions just above new debut 'ayumi hamasaki's 'you were..', while THAT is just above selena gomez's re-entry 'naturally' which was #1 ALL of january earlier this year, while the final re-entry today, if we ever meet again spent most of march at the top position.

Eminem keeps his freefalling despite being #1 only 2 weeks ago! Other massive drops are provided from Will.i.am (ft cheryl cole), The glee cast (who drop out 4 times this week), cheryl cole AGAIN, and Lady Gaga.

Special Mention to miss gaga this week as Telephone goes Platinumx4, and is just outside the top 10 of all time, being #1 E.o.Y so far, can she rebound and beat 3oh!3?, hard to tell as my points system gets further apart come <P>5 and <P>6 (though P6 has never been achieved in my charts) so watch out for it!

Bubbling under is the likes of Bruno mars (with travis McCoy), Xtina, Scouting for girls, Brian Mcfadden, Amy meredith, and paramore
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The top 6 hot future bubbling under hits:

Bruno Mars & Travis McCoyBillionaire
Christina Aguilera Ft. Nicki MinajWoohoo
Scouting For girlsThis Ain't a Love song
Brian McfaddenChemical Rush
Amy MeredithLying
Nice jump for Kisschasey (lol). Love the Powderfinger debut, and thank god Alejandro is about to leave, ditto for Glee and Slash.
Chartifacts now in, see near the bottom to see what telephone is on the verge of doing,

@Irelander, yea wasnt much of a jump, but it could of been worse hehe yea didnt expect them to actually manage top 20 at beginning of the week, i expect it to go up 5+ positions lol, hehe I see your not a fan of any, i havent been a fan of Alejandro for a little bit but it climbed back in..just
Agree with irelander about everything.

I hope Lying and Scounting For Girls can debut, great song
@Antonnalan, The scouting for girls track probably will take a few weeks to get there, but i think it will make an appearance, possibly it'll grow on me through the week though, Lying has been just under for weeks, im really hoping to get it past #30 hehe
-*pushes back up*- lol

Skinny Pants Syndrome
A lost flier.
Light downwards; The name of a girl.
the $50 Amount of time with gas.
Scientific sprint.
Right click Bed, •Relax •Try For Baby •

a missed movie take?

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Great to see Kelly Clarkson debut, hope Cheryl can rebound too.
Scientific Sprint would be Chemical Rush - Brian McFadden.
Yes, 7 more now
not lying, billionaire is correct
I'm guessing DL;GB is scounting for girls?

#5 #3 3 #3 Lady Antebellum Need You Now
#6 Ne Ne #6 *Kelly Clarkson Cry
#8 #6 4 #6 Adam Lambert If i had you
#12 Ne Ne #12 B.o.B Ft. Hayley Williams Airplanes
#14 Ne Ne #14 B.o.B Ft. Bruno Mars Nothin' On You
#19 Ne Ne #19 *Powderfinger Sail The Widest Stretch
#20 #22 2 #20 Kisschasey Dinosaur
#23 #9 4 #1(2w) Eminem Not Afraid
#24 Re 13 #1(3w) *Timbaland Ft. Katy Perry If We Ever Meet Again <P>
#29 #24 15 #5 Lady Gaga Alejandro <P>

Hehe thanks Beanster

@Antonnalan Nope it isnt lol
no its not BZ lol !
Right click Bed, •Relax •Try For Baby •

Is that Beyonce's new song or something?, I can't remember the name.

Bluezombie you are correct with that one!!
@Antonnalan, Beyonce's newie is currently charting at #9 right now.
Whoops Didn't notice
the ones left over still..

Skinny Pants Syndrome
A lost flier.
Light downwards; The name of a girl.
Right click Bed, •Relax •Try For Baby •

a missed movie take?

cmon guys, 2 of them are from a soundtrack if it helps
-Featured Music Video-
This week the slutely Ke$ha gets the featured video, With 'your love is my drug', we start with her in a desert, now im no expert, but last time i checked couples dont go to deserts for their dates, not normal ones ANYWAY, first we see her riding on an elephant..IN THE DESERT, yea well shes blonde so i suppose thats her only excuse , of course she gets weirder with her crazy masks, fucked if i know what she was smoking, then she goes onto a boat to ride a..cartoon tide!? with preeetty little fishies inside, at this point i think marijuana has played its part, or something stronger, then we go onto her on a mountain, and the aboriginal acid trip begins, with her special glow in the dark paint (buy for $9.99 at walmart!) and singing to a cobra, by now i think shes cracked, and then she goes SUPER SAIYAN PSYCHADELIC MODE!!, and then at a campfire.. who knows why!? The vid finishes her riding on the elephant again.
The video is quite strange but i love it, shes earnt herself..
It's a really really really weird clip LOL.
I Saw that Video yesterday. It is weird.

Those 2 Soundtrack Entries might be from Glee.
Haha na not from Glee
Nope, no NSC
Clues revealed in 5 MINUTES
DL;GBDemi lovatoGet Back
Scientific SprintBrian McFaddenChemical Rush
$50 Amount of time with gasBruno Mars&Travis McCoyBillionaire
Skinny Pants SyndromeSo Random Ft. Mckenzie Falls (Sonny with a chance) CastStop SPS
A Lost FlierMetro StationWheres my angel?
Light Downwards; Name of a girlShinedownHer Name Is Alice
Right click Bed, •Relax •Try For Baby •Christina Aguilera Ft. Nicki MinajWoohoo

A Missed Movie TakeBrian Mcfadden Ft. Delta goodremMistakes

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I could be a bit slow but how does the Christina Aguilera clue work?
Right click Bed, •Relax •Try For Baby •..

In the sims 2, if you get 2 sims to go in a bed, than right click the bed you get the options relax, try for baby, and WOOHOO

Chemical Rush is a NO, Billionaire I'm not that into.

Mistakes is alright, Woohoo also.

Demi Lovato is alright but the song is ancient xD
Several of those clues I don't get at all, especially the Sims 2 one you know I don't know that game BSB lol.
well 392, maybe you should do some reading instead of listening to gaga, shes melting your brain
No wonder I didn't understand the clue
LET ME PUT SOME INTELLEGENCE IN THERE *takes out US music part and replaces wit UK* there we go
Don't forget to add in some Aust Music too. That will increase you IQ by like 50 Points.
no, it will make you absolutely retarded
Actually y, y, your right B, B, B, Bsb7, 7, 745.
Liastening to Australian Mosic does moke you retord, retord, retarded.
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Great debuts for Shinedown and Metro Station even though I don't know the songs. They are awesome bands though
Antonnalan, thank you
anyone wanna predict my top 10, like you would for aria ?
since i feel like i need to beat people to it (LOL)
i have lady gagas 2 new leaked songs, THEY ARE AMAZING
Greatest and Then You'd Love Me? Old news
still a great chart , slutty cyrus reigns supreme!
no it isnt mykl, dont be stupid
Me, stoopid? Never

Both aren't too bad, but I prefer Then You'd Love Me
I prefer greatest myself, LOVE That track ^_^
Can we see it debuting in your top 10, then leaving the chart the next week of course hehe xD
we will see mykl, we will see
ive got a few debuts i have planned which will be interesting
#1#13#1(3rd week)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<G>
#2#26#2RihannaTe Amo<G>
#3#85#3*Adam LambertIf I Had You
#4#93#4*BeyonceWhy Don't You Love me?
#5#133#5*Cheryl ColeParachute
#6#163#8*Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$haDirty picture
#8#313#1(3w)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>
#9#104#93OH!3 Ft. Ke$haMy First kiss
#11#62#6Kelly ClarksonCry
#12NeNe#12*Travis McCoy & Bruno MarsBillionaire
#13NeNe#13*Sonny with a chance castStop SPS
#14#212#14*Ayumi HamasakiYou were..
#15NeNe#15*Christina Aguilera Ft. Nicki MinajWoohoo
#16NeNe#16*Brian McFaddenChemical rush
#17#54#3Lady AntebellumNeed you now
#18#2414#1(3w)*Timbaland Ft. Katy PerryIf We Ever Meet Again<P>
#19NeNe#19*Metro StationWheres my angel?
#20NeNe#20*ShinedownHer Name Is Alice
#21Re3#17*Brian McFadden Ft. Delta GoodremMistakes
#22#73#4Katy Perry Ft. Snoop doggCalifornia Gurls
#23NeNe#23*Demi LovatoGet Back
#24#122#12B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
#25#142#14B.o.B Ft. Bruno MarsNothin' On You
#26#2210#1(4w)Selena GomezNaturally<P>
#27#159#3Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug<G>
#28#185#9Sean Kingston Ft. Justin BeiberEenie Meenie
#29#235#1(2w)EminemNot Afraid<G>

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Lucky 7 Hits-To-Be:

Lady GagaGreatest
Christina AguileraPrima Donna
Christina AguileraYou lost me
Christina AguileraI am
Glee CastBad Romance
Painting flowersAll time low
I thought Follow Me Down had a chance of being #1 this week, so much for that

WooHoo is starting growing on me and is my fave debut of yours this week.

Love seeing Taio, Cheryl and Adam Lambert moving up in the top 10
@ Mykl;Well, dont worry, it'll probs rebound at some point Also, on a side note, the top 2 have been stale for 3 weeks now, and Te Amo has been #2 for 6 weeks running HAHA

Yea, its easily not the best track off bionic though

Cheryl will be a big chance for #1 I think, adam lambert was in the top 10 before anyway , Taio may also have a bit left to rise..
I like your #1! Awesome jumps from Cheryl Cole and Taio Cruz, and nice debut from Travie McCoy/Bruno Mars.
I'm not worried, song isn't the greatest anyway

I predict next week Rihanna loses #2, but you'll probably make her stay just to prove me wrong

OMG Cheryl #1 maybe? you'd be only the 2nd to make Parachute #1. Please please please
thanks daniel
cant be tamed joins if we ever meet again, follow me down, and naturally for #1's with 3+ weeks this year
mykl , it IS SO the greatest haha

lol yes coz ive got nothing better to do than to be completely against you , she prob will be #2 coz miley will most likely be at 1, and nothing will of beaten it yet haha!

well its possible, just wait and see

B.o.B falls too!!!

I definitely don't like your chart as much as I did last week. (I don't really like the songs in your top 10 either)

On a positive noet, I like #12, #17, #19. #20. #22. #24, #25. #29 and #30. (I actually haven't heard the Shinedown and Metro Station songs but I probably will)

Last edited:
lol dont worry, it will prob re-enter, NOT TO PANIC HAHA!!

no he doesnt :L

lol, well i certainly like it (DUH! LOL)

This week we are giving the featured vid to the musical hits juggernaught Timbaland, with his companion justin timberlake, working on the hit that is "carry out", the video is a simple one, they start in front of the neon lights, followed by a bunch of sexy whores who all make their moneys worth by wearing near no clothing in dark alleyways, but enough about their nightwork, the song itself is nicely done, which i like, by now you can tell that this video is more a filler featured music vid than anything else, but on an asthetic side the video is nice to watch...I suppose, btw are they in las vegas? and did you know that zeus is a pedophile, seriously i was reading about myth, he rapes girls and guys alike, has sex with his sister, and his grandchild, hes a serious CREEP!

and for the first week..

50 cent has come out with shockingly gaunt pictures, hes lost 52 pounds (from memory) for an acting role as some dude with cancer xD, so no more mega tough 50 cent now, i doubt he can get the weight back honestly.
Those pictures of 50 Cent are so weird. If you didn't know it was him you wouldn't think it was.
The only good thing about this weeks Chart is Kisschasy holding on.

Eeww, that guy has sex with his own family, yuck.
He should just play with his sausage and stay away from people.
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Debut clues:
Its the best.
Where am I?
a TV show with bad quality love
A battle
watch your step;

R4. (re-entries)
the world of fashion, with the glitz and
2007 Track: CLAB
I agree with most of what BZ has said.

For 'the world of fashion, with the glitz and' would be Glam - Christina Aguilera
TYLM would be Then You'd Love Me by Lady GaGa
Its the best. : ?
Where am I? : ?
a TV show with bad quality love : Glee Shit - Bad Romance
A battle : ?
TYLM : ?
CA>PM : ?
24h. : ?
watch your step : ?

VA;Dangerous! : Vanessa Amorosi - Hazardous (This 1 was easy)
the world of fashion, with the glitz and : ?
2007 Track: CLAB : ?

As you can see I'm no good at these.

mykl your correct about glam

and the 2007 track ISNT CLAB godsmack
yes it is.
Yea he did.
No you had THAT one correct =)
it WAS prima donna, LOL
yes it is war BZ

all debuts and re-entries are solved
Great to see Like A Boy re-enter and both of GaGa's new tracks debuting.
Its the best.Lady GagaGreatest
Where am I?Christina AguileraYou Lost me
A TV show with bad quality loveGlee castBad Romance
A battleJay SeanWar
TYLMLady GagaThen You'd love me
CA>PMChristina AguileraPrima Donna
24h.MatisyahuOne day
Watch your stepParamorecareful

VA;DangerousVanessa AmorosiHazardous
The world of fashion with the glitz andChristina aguileraglam
2007 Track: CLABCiaraLike a boy
Good to see Hazardous back in.
expect to see eurovision make lots of debuts on the week after this.
my charts will go up TOMORROW, due to tests/exams and stuff, that chart will count towards 9 june ACW100, so theres no confusion.
The top 30. (count towards June 9 ACW100)
#1#14#1(4th w)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<G>
#2#54#2*Cheryl ColeParachute
#4#27#2RihannaTe Amo<G>
#5#713#1(2w)Usher Ft. Will.I.AmOMG<P>
#6#44#4BeyonceWhy Don't you love me?
#7NeNe#7*Christina AguileraPrima Donna
#8#814#1(3w)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow me down<P>
#9#143#9*Ayumi HamasakiYou were..
#10#36#3Adam LambertIf I Had You<G>
#11NeNe#11*Jay SeanWar
#12NeNe#12*Lady GagaGreatest
#13#253#13*B.o.B Ft. Bruno MarsNothin' on you
#14#243#12*B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
#15Re13#1(2w)*Vanessa AmorosiHazardous<P>
#16Re36#1(7w)*CiaraLike a boy<P>4
#17#64#6Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$haDirty Picture
#18NeNe#18*Christina AguileraYou lost me
#19NeNe#19*MatisyahuOne Day
#20#95#93OH!3 Ft. Ke$haMy First Kiss
#21Re5#21*Christina AguileraGlam
#22NeNe#22*Glee CastBad Romance
#23NeNe#23*Lady GagaThen You'd Love Me
#24#296#1(2w)*EminemNot Afraid<G>
#27#122#12Travie McCoy & Bruno MarsBillionaire
#28#162#16Brian McFaddenChemical Rush
#29#224#4Katy Perry Ft. Snoop DoggCalifornia Gurls
#30#2710#3Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug<G>
the 10 to-be-hits:
maNgaWe Could Be The Same (eurovision 2010 - Turkey)
LenaSatellite (eurovision 2010 - Germany)
Paula Seling & OviPlaying with fire (eurovision 2010 - Romania)
Hera BjorkJe ne sois quoi (eurovision 2010 - Iceland)
AlyoshaSweet People (eurovision 2010 - Ukraine)
Tom DiceMe And My Guitar (eurovision 2010 - Belgium)
Milan StankovićOvo Je Balkan (eurovision 2010 - Serbia)
Proffesor Green Ft. Lily AllenJust Be Good To Green
The Black Eyed PeasMissing You
Jason DerüloRidin' Solo

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Loving Your Chart loving the fact Can't Be Tamed is number 1 for you its in for a big rise on my chart too possibly top 5

Glad Parachute is at number 2 (I'm a little sick of it now tho)

Looks like where the only ones that love Follow Me Down cant wait to hear more from Neon Hitch she might be the next Ke$ha

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B.o.B, Rihanna, Lady GaGa and Beyonce

Nice Charts!
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hey mono!

thanks heaps, yea cant be tamed is now the longest running #1 of 2010 for me (well, tied with naturally LOL)

i only really just got into parachute, so yea

i know, thats what i thought, except she actually has TALENT
i charted her 'black and blues' earlier this year, it peaked at #4

hey headinamuse!

Last edited:
Great to see Jay Sean and GaGa debuting and Ciara re-entering. Love Like A Boy, it also made #1 for me

Awesome to see Parachute and Not Afraid moving up too.

And oi Mono, I charted Follow Me Down a few months ago, it spent about a month in my top 50. It's not too bad.

Nothing I'm loving on the hits to be list though
-featured video-
This week the featured video goes to current #4 charter, Rihanna - Te Amo; The video starts at some mansion place, lol, and we dont actually get to here the song for about a minute, the vid is very dark (as in its lighting), and very "hot" (im really not sure what i mean xD), to be honest, the whole video makes you feel like yawning, only when the lesbianity begins do you decide to open your eyes, other than that, its a real sleeper, if this were a video chart Te Amo probably would not of debuted, sorry rihanna, though you do look good in it so i suppose that is a bonus.

BTW - sidenote, who watched eurovision on sunday? it was soooo good
but back to rihanna, i give her the rating OF:
Sorry, this video isnt doing it for me.

Random news story:
Katy perry has threatened her music company to get pregnant if they dont give her a day off, wow katy you didnt come off as the diva type until just now :/
hey mykl!

yea jay sean came close to top 10 but no cigar , like a boy is soooo good!!! too bad its re-entry wont last amazingly long, old tracks generally struggle haha

yes thats terribly mykl, which end did it spend that month at, or "about a month", meanwhile its in its 14th week in my top 10 (well 13th in the TOP 10, seeing as it went #11 at one point lol)

well start lovin it =O
It's not that great. Atleast it charted, My First Kiss is struggling to even go top 50!
And it did spend a month in my top 50. It went 45 - 29 - 35 - 50 - OUT. A peak of #29 definitely isn't too bad. I still charted it better than almost everyone

Bit harsh on Rihanna I think. You give all the other videos high ratings, this deserved atleast a 5 maybe, and I'm gay lmao.

I know what you mean, old re-entries struggle for me too.
lol, certainly didnt beat me, i think i charted it the best

not really, the video was crap, i cant give EVERY video 9.99999999/10 lol!
I've seenthe Rockstar 101 clip, didn't know Te Amo had one.

I heard that getting pregnant threat although I thought it was Ke$ha
I also heard that getting pregnant threat LOL

Wow just noticed, great jump for Kisschasy

Also like 13, 14, 15 (Yay B.o.B rebounds ) 24, 27 and 29
@392 - well check it out , LOL ke$ha is the slutty type to do that xD

@antonnalan - i was wondering when someone would comment on kisschaseys jump LOL, thanks
Excellent to see Kisschasy move up to #3.

I Know it's off topic but did you know I'm on Tengaged now as L500.

really? im on there as bsb745 LOL
Chart Vanity by Xtina you wont be dissapointed its the best song from Vanity
You mean the best song from Bionic. You so stoopid mono

I wanna play Survivor on Tengaged but I don't have enough credits
yes from Bionic lol

Ur so mean to me Mykl lol
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Debut Clues:
Liquid Hurt
Comic Book.
PWF (shut up i cant think xD)
Riding Iyaz O_o
French pool
opposite.. No Day Short

Re-Entry clues:
Riding Iyaz - Riding Solo
Space ... - Satellite
PWF - Playing with Fire
French Pool - Dance the way I feel - Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
opposite...no day short - All Night Long

That's all I can get atm
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everyone you guessed was correct BZ

liquid hurt is all thats needed now 0_o
whos heard eminem ft. p!nk - wont back down, should debut for me next week
I have, it's alright, but I expected more from 2 artists like that.
Debut table/re-entry table

Liquid HurtT-PainTake your shirt off
Comic bookmaNgaWe could be the same
PWFPaula seling & oviPlaying with fire
E.I:I.L.IEnrique Iglesias Ft. PitbullI Like It
Riding IyazJason DerüloRidin' Solo
French PoolOu Est Le Swimming PoolDance the way I feel
C.OTimbaland Ft. Justin TimberlakeCarry out
Opposite.. No Day ShortAlexandra BurkeAll night long

S.S.Perry3OH!3 Ft. Katy PerryStarstrukk
CHARTS (count towards June 16th ACW100)
#1#15#1(5th w)Miley CyrusCant be tamed<G>
#2NeNe#2*Enrique Iglesias Ft. PitbullI Like It
#4#514#1(2w)Usher Ft. Will.I.AmOMG<P>2
#5#48#2RihannaTe Amo<P>
#6NeNe#6*maNgaWe could be the same
#7#94#7Ayumi HamasakiYou were...
#8#65#4BeyonceWhy dont you love me?<G>
#9#815#1(3w)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow me down<P>2
#10#25#2Cheryl ColeParachute
#11NeNe#11*Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance the way i feel 
#12NeNe#12*Paula Seling & OviPlaying with fire
#14#295#4*Katy PerryCalifornia Gurls<G>
#16NeNe#16*Alexandra BurkeAll Night Long
#17NeNe#17*Jason DerüloRidin' Solo
#18#144#12B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
#19#72#7Christina AguileraPrima Donna
#20NeNe#20*Timbaland Ft. Justin TimberlakeCarry Out
#21NeNe#21*T-PaintTake your shirt off
#22Re38#1(8w)*3OH!3 Ft. Katy PerryStarstrukk<P>5
#23#273#12Travie McCoy & Bruno MarsBillionaire
#24#206#93OH!3 Ft. Ke$haMy First Kiss<G>
#26#175#6Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$haDirty Picture
#27#3011#3Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug<P>
#28#107#3Adam LambertIf I Had You<G>
#29#247#1(2w)EminemNot Afraid<G>
#30#182#18Christina AguileraYou Lost Me

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Yuck, yay, meh, alright, yay, don't know itx2, meh, YUCK, parashitty.
Unfortunately I don't like any songs in your top 10 so hopefully your other 10 would be more interesting.

Don't worry bsb I'm in the same situation as you
@392414 - im sure to other people who arent me these exact songs would be fine with you so... -_-

@antonnalan, i know it sucks haha! meh, cant please everyone...yet =O
I like any song the same amount on whoever's chart it is
@Chris A: I dunno...Maybe he can make it, but Miley Cyrus does not look like shes gonna be budging
That's ok, bsb, I for one have definitely been in your position.
top 10 bubbling under!:
Lady GagaAlejandroRe-Entry
Eminem Ft. P!nkWont Back DownDebut
Chiddy BangOpposite of adultsDebut
Jordin SparksAverage GirlDebut
Cheryl coleStand upDebut
Enrique Iglesias Ft. Nicole ScherzingerHeartbeatDebut
Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lieDebut
Cody Simpson Ft. Flo RidaiYiYiDebut
Ke$haN-N-N-Never BabyDebut
RihannaRockstar 101Re-Entry
-featured video-
This week it goes to miss lady gaga!! With her video for "alejandro", we start off in a very dark way, with transvestites everywhere, thats always a great start , anyways that ends rather quickly so we can get to lady gaga as..what I took as a queen, mourning the death of alejandro, who was her lover, and to get over it she simulates sex with alot of people, and then we have an amazing scene beginning with her dressed as a...nun!? as crazy as it sounds she was fair hot in that nun costume, and can I just say, man can those guys dance in heels! Anyways it goes on the same thing with a cross against her crutch etc. until we see her in some sort of rockstar outfit, which is pretty freaking amazing, this beautiful mini-movie of 8:47 minutes is so worth the watch, though you prob shouldnt watch if nudity offends you; it tackles sex, homosexuality, death, religion, and depression; a very well done video, so i give it a:

10/10!! PERFECT!!!!!
I'll do what 392 did

Hate, Most Likely will hate, YAY! , Jordin Sparks? - should be good, Meh, Haven't heard yet, Another Eminem?, YUCK!, DOUBLE YUCK!, Hate

Out of the list I only like Chiddy Bang.
^charts updated
All I have to do is go on iLeaks to see what's going to debut for you

The only song I really like there is Stand Up from Cheryl Cole, the Jordin Sparks track isn't that great unfortunately, plus WTF is with iYiYi charting?

And trust you to love the gay orgy fest that is Alejandro
Of course male teens will like the Alejandro video, they can use it to entertain their um, man stick.
Lmfao lifter xD

I'm sure she's had you playing with your disco stick one time or another
Nope, never. I Would rather release testosterome over Mr Burns' hounds.
@Mykl; well its a great source for finding songs, you have to admit

Yea well it grew on me ok !


@Lifter - actually believe it or not im allowed to like a video for more than animated sex scenes, especially when its gaga, shes not that great looking, i could name a few sites if i wanted to appease my manstick
I Know that Bsb, you mentioned it in your review above but
many other male teens probally do what I said though.
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yea probably lol, well lets not kid ourselves, 99% of male teens do it, so if gaga works for them then let them have at it, so long as they dont tell me about it i dont care LOL
from now on clues will be done WEDNESDAY so i dont have such a gap between debut choosing + Charts

til then; anyone got songs from their own charts that they believe should enter my charts, i might check em out and than those songs have a better chance on the ACW100
Debut Clues:
Ix2 (eternity)
the enjoyment of dishonesty.
wont ass!
arguable 5 vowels
Dummies guide to Rockstarism.
no truth.

Re-entry clues:
Nunnery's will fringe
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edited: almost forgot one
Wont ass! (Mika - Kick Ass)
No truth (Amy Meredith - Lying)
Dummies guide to Rockstarism (Rihanna - Rockstar 101)

Thats all I can do.
K$A1S4 would be Album 1 Single 4 but I have no idea what her 4th single is.

Agreed with Hijinx & Lifter's guesses.

Amy meredith - lying = no truth, the enjoyment of dishonesty is completely diff xD
Rihanna - rockstar101 correct

guess those 2 somethings

Lifter, all right except Mika - Kick ass

392, it had a [?] coz its RUMOURED to be 4th single
I thought Kiss n Tell would be the 4th single (I think)

would Ix2 (eternity) be Iyiyi?

that's all I can think of so far
Arguable 5 vowels would be iYiYi Cody Simpson.

Re-entry Alejandro?
antonnalan, kiss n tell has charted for me before, so it wouldnt be a debut

both correct mykl
mid year TOP 5: (dont wanna give too much info )

1.Lady Gaga Ft. Beyonce - Telephone
2.Cascada - Fever
3.Usher - OMG
4.3OH!3 Ft. Neon Hitch - Follow me down
5.Cascada - Pyromania

you may request positions for certain songs ;-)
I'll guess Hijinx's somethings:
Robotixtina = Bionic (the song) - Christina Aguilera
K$A1S4? = No idea, I'll guess Take It Off for the hell of it.
correct for robotixtina!

Take it off has previously charted, at #4

ones left unsolved:
Ix2 (eternity)
the enjoyment of dishonesty.
wont ass!
Guess #2 for Ke$ha: Backstabber?
Does iYiYi double debut, with the Ix2 eternity clue as well?
Ix2 is NOT iYiYi lol!

not backstabber , think of a more ballad =L
thats why its ARGUABLE 5 vowels silly
Ix2 (eternity)Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time
ValvetuneEnrique Iglesias Ft. Nicole Sherzinger (or however you spell xD)Heartbeat
the enjoyment of dishonesty.Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie
wont ass!Eminem Ft. P!nkWon't Back Down
arguable 5 vowelsCody Simpson Ft. Flo RidaiYiYi
RobotixtinaChristina AguileraBionic
no truth.Amy MeredithLying

Dummies Guide To RockstarismRihannaRockstar 101
Nunnery's Will FringeLady GagaAlejandro
LOL HIJINX, stop complaining and drink your apple juice
Cody Simpson is debuting??
Hmm I either don't know or like any of the debuts/re-entires
lol yea irelander, well learn the ones you dont know then
The entries respectively: Don't knowx4, meh, don't need to know, yay, don't know, alright, awesome.
you are so slow in todays music arent you lol
#1#16#1(6th w)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<P>
#2NeNe#2*Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time
#3#916#1(3w)*3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>2
#4#62#4maNgaWe Could Be The Same
#5NeNe#5*Amy MeredithLying
#6#22#2Enrique Iglesias Ft. PitbullI Like It
#7Re16#5*Lady GagaAlejandro<P>2
#9#185#9*B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
#10#75#7Ayumi HamasakiYou Were...<G>
#11#146#4Katy PerryCalifornia Gurls<G>
#13#162#13Alexandra BurkeAll Night Long
#15#59#2RihannaTe Amo<P>
#16#86#4BeyonceWhy Dont you love me?<G>
#17#106#2Cheryl ColeParachute<G>
#18NeNe#18*Enrique Iglesias Ft. Nicole ScherzingerHeartbeat
#19NeNe#19*Cody Simpson Ft. Flo RidaiYiYi
#21NeNe#21*Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie
#22#122#12Paula Seling & OviPlaying with fire
#23NeNe#23*Christina AguileraBionic
#24NeNe#24*Eminem Ft. p!nkWont Back Down
#26#298#1(2w)EminemNot Afraid<G>
#27#2239#1(8w)3OH!3 Ft. Katy PerryStarstrukk<P>5
#28#234#12Travie McCoy Ft. Bruno MarsBillionaire
#29#193#7Christina AguileraPrima Donna
#30#288#3Adam LambertIf I Had You<G>

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and, of course before that we have featured vid and bubbling under

Bubbling under top 10:
3OH!3Double VisionDebut
Ke$haN-N-Never BabyDebut
Ayumi HamasakiMoonDebut
Black Eyed peasMissing youDebut
Jordin SparksAverage GirlDebut
Kylie MinogueAll the loversDebut
Kelly RowlandCommanderDebut
Chiddy BangOpposite of adultsDebut
Ke$haTake it offRe-Entry
MuseNeutron Star CollisionDebut

-Featured Video-
This week the featured video goes to 3OH!3 with ke$ha has their helper, essentially this video is nothing special, its your average low budget video with the singers 'logo' in the back, though that being said it does something interesting..look at all of todays overpriced videos; they have just done the video for the sake of having a video; they want you to buy the SONG, which is something you dont see often; HOWEVER, being a video review im going to have to point out that the effects were shit, the green screen was obvious, and there wasnt enough ke$ha in the video to make it hot, though when she was on she did look hot, but this video only gets the following score for its lack of...almost anything

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yea, Amy Meredith would of gotten highest debut had this been a sane chart

Muse prob will; chiddy bangs really just a filler XD

well she better than that other guy who looks like a crappy version of taylor lautner
Wow! fantastic Top 10 and bubbling under charts BSB!

Miley Cyrus is at #1, YES!!
Lovely debuts from Demi and Amy!

C'mon Kelly Rowland, BEP and Kylie Minogue! please peak in the Top 10 next week!

Just saw Kylie Minogue's video yesterday, and it was awesome! lovely special effects and flash mob of people pashing each other.

Have you considered upgrading your chart to a Top 30 or 50? then all the hits you love could have an opportunity to chart, and get exposure by the Aus Chart forum community.

I will post my new chart tommorow.
im doing a top 30 actually ^^, but i do 10 the first day then 20 the next, to add suspense lol
i will be re-expanding into a top 50 soon =D

Those 3 prob will get top 20 debuts AT LEAST (kylie is lookin for a top 5 - 1 debut!)

yea miley cyrus keeps her reign lol

thanks for commenting
^sorry for a further delay, the other 20 will DEFF be up tomorrow, fricken homework
Missing You is a fantastic song
it is isnt it M@TT

OH MA GAWD, california gurls has SUCH AN AMAZING VIDEO!! expect its vid review next week

Clues for debuts in a sec xD
Studied at the university of colour
New york, Slow Down!
christmas only comes around each 31 days.
www.australian-charts.. + male..der!!
Hip Shakin' Fortune Teller
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any1 care to guess??
New york, Slow Down - Empire State of Mind (Breakdown)
Hip Shakin' Fortune Teller - Gypsy (Shakira)
Seeing x2 - Double Vision (3oh!3)
www.australian-charts.. + male...der - Commander (Kelly Rowland)

that's all i can figure out. i'm pretty useless at cryptic clues haha
the last 3 guesses are correct; however the 1st guess is NOT correct, you seem to be ok at it though
I have no idea actually.

These are just wild guesses but...

Studied at the university of colour - Watercolour (Pendulum)
christmas only comes around each 31 days. - All The Lovers?
Circle&Sphere - Moon (Ayumi Hamasaki)
CB.AS1 - Chiddy Bang?
Muse and Missing You I think will debut too. I don't know what clues though
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong, and Wrong antonnalan !

@BZ - No Muse do not go with that clue, As a matter of fact they dont debut at all this week
I have no idea then Bsb

Keep Trying shilly ppl XD
How can your clues be so hard, it's ridicilous.
they arent THAT hard lifter
wooow, And here i was thinking they were easy
well; I will get to posting clues then
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Man-Made-M. = Miley Cyrus (M) - Robot (man made)
Studied at the university of colour = Proffesor (studied at university) green (of colour) - Just Be Good To Green [ft. lily allen]
seeingx2 = 3OH!3 - Double vision (self explanatory)
CB.AS1 = Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers (CB:Comeback, AS1:Aphrodite single 1)
New york, Slow Down! = Miley Cyrus - Liberty(new york) Walk (slow down)
+2Singles. = Miley Cyrus - Two More Lonely People (self explanatory)
christmas only comes around each 31 days. = Miley Cyrus - Permanent December (get it )
www.australian-charts.. + male..der!! = (.)Com(male)man(der!!!)der, Commander - Kelly Rowland
TE:S6 = (The End Single 6) Black Eyed peas - Missing You
Hip Shakin' Fortune Teller = Shakira - Gypsy
Circle&Sphere = Selena gomez - Round (circle) and (sphere) Round
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The only one on reflection I would have not been ableto guess at would be the Man-Made-M, I get the robot part but to get Miley Cyrus out of M baffles me still. LOL
the first letter of miley is "M" Billybrett
I understand that part, but as a cryptic clue it was a little bit too generic and slightly confusing as it read as a clue that it revolved around a M than was man made. As I said all your other cryptic clues were great though.
Omg iLeaks. Why did you have to provide BSB with the download link to Miley's album? Whyyy?!
#1#52#1(1st wk)*Amy MeredithLying
#2#17#1(6w)Miley CyrusCan't be tamed<P>2
#3#309#3*Adam LambertIf I Had You<P>
#4#22#2Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time
#6#117#4*Katy PerryCalifornia Gurls<G>
#7NeNe#7*Kylie MinogueAll the lovers
#8#317#1(3w)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>4
#9NeNe#9*Miley CyrusRobot
#10#96#9B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes<P>

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2 #5's? and 2 #1's last week? xD
Of course Mykl, what did you expect?
fixed up, lol that was an epic fail xD!
What do you think of miley being dethroned
Your charts suck around 3% less now!
YAY, that brings me down to 97% to your standards haha !
Good to see actually, but Lying isn't necessarily better. I want Lambert at #1!
On the suckiness scale, you moved from 95% to 92% actually
yaaay !
Mykl, he got close so maybe next week?
That is a pretty good change, much prefer Amy Meredith.
MIDYEAR PLAYCOUNT CHARTS (Only Windows Media Player)

•A new rule to my charts will be 100 views will give a <P> Accreditation, This is so you can see which songs (mainly #1's) Ive enjoyed the most to listen to over and over

Here are the top 20 most listened by the end of the first 6 months (play counts wont be revealed til E.o.Y):

13OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down
23OH!3 Ft. Katy PerryStarstrukk
3EvanescenceTogether Again
4Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed
5Lady GagaSpeechless
6Bruno Mars & Travie McCoyBillionaire
7Timbaland Ft. Katy PerryIf We Ever Meet Again
103OH!3 Ft. Ke$haMy First Kiss
11Amy MeredithLying
12Brian McFadden Ft. Kevin RudolphJust Say So
13CiaraLike a Boy
14Adam LambertIf I Had You
15TrainHey, Soul Sister
16B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes
17Lady AntebellumNeed You Now
18Cheryl ColeFight For This Love
19Enrique Iglesias Ft. PitbullI Like It
20RihannaTe Amo

1.The Fame Monster
2.Almost Alice
3.Shock Value II
5.Can't Be Tamed

1.Speechless/Poker Face (@ GRAMMY'S)
2.Alejandro (@ American Idol)
3.OMG (@ American Idol)
4.Bionic/Woohoo/Not Myself Tonight (@ MTV AWARDS)
5.If I Were A Boy (@ GRAMMY'S)

2.Cant Be Tamed
4.California Gurls
5.Your Love Is My Drug
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Windows Media Player, *gags* *vomits*.
OK chart, probably half of them will be in my top fifty. I love your #1 and #3 albums. #2 I haven't heard but probably is crap, Bionic is crap, and how can Can't Be Tamed be in there when it's not even released yet (I know you got the iLeaks one but that was just a week or so ago)...
I've only seen the Gaga performances from that list, which are both great. From the videos, #1 and #3 are excellent, #4 is awesome, #2 is good and #5 is meh.
meh, its better than itunes imo
Lol, those are the best ones; I dont have an album chart though so those are just my faves up to now really
Yea, good to see you like the videos
Wow! lovely Mid-Year charts!

OMG! so good to see "Starstruckk" at #2, a fantastic video!

Lady Gaga is at #5! Timbaland and Usher are also in the Top 10! good to see.

Love your Live Performances Top 5 chart, just like me you also have a chart, well done!

I love all 5 of the live acts! all of them were great live performances, surely there could be more. Do you have a Top 20? please feel free to post it.

Wow! A Top 5 Videos chart! all 5 videos featured are excellent!

Will you be posting your full Top 50 Mid-Year chart in the Best Songs of Mid-Year thread?

What is ILeaks about?
wow! thanks

Yea Starstrukk was my #1 E.o.Y 2009; might make it a 2nd year running haha

I could do a top 20; but like they would stick around FOREVER then wouldnt they?

Umm no; thats not til e.o.y Also my playcount will be a top 100 e.o.y, and my videos will be a top 50 e.o.y

Ileaks Is where you get songs and albums that have been leaked; obviously you get them illiegally lol
<3 the jelly bear,highlight of the video for me
A fantastic review that you wrote for the "California Gurls" video!!

Very amusing to read! in a good way.

Ha! ha, OMG! your making me laugh a lot! your description of the video, is hilarious! especially this line "breasts with the flying whipped cream seal the deal"

Now whenever i buy whipped cream, i will remember scenes from the video.

Oh, i totally agree with you. A very raunchy video, the nude scenes, i really wanted her to turn, but the fuckin clouds which look like fairy floss, were blocking the view.

The video lacked wind machines, the gusts would blow the clouds away, and we could finally see Perry topless!

This is the first Katy Perry video, where we actually see her semi-naked, and where she reveals her flat stomach, looks sexy!
Brandon, I understand that you're obsessed with Katy, but please cut down on your ideas of music video destruction to see her naked (i.e. wind machine, her turning, etc). You can go to RedTube and find a lot of that stuff there.

However, I do like the video, some of my favourite scenes are the gummi bear at the start, and Snoop's gummi bear army. I also like the blue hair (purple sucks, but I like blue) and the snakes thing. I would rate the clip 8/10. It could have been better with less random dance scenes, more of a storyline, more gummi bears and less for Brandon to hallucinate about.

By the way, if Gaga ever did a video like this I would throw my computer at the wall, she can do WAY better.
LOL 392, but redtube dont have no katy perry

thank you brandon, your comments are always big and not just 1 and 2 lines- they are very much appreciated!

Haha; Whenever eating pie with cream im gonna be thinkin of katy perry right inside that pie

the gummi bear should win a VMA; fuck katy, the gummi bear was awesome LOL!!

Oh please gaga is going too much for shock value - admittedly i gave alejandro 10/10 as well but STILL, i think gaga needs to be creative without using herself as a giant oversized dildo lol
Hey, yes it does when you watched it, ever since you glued that picture of Katy with the cloud photoshopped out of it on your computer screen

Yuk... I wouldn't wanna eat Katy, wouldn't you rather think of where the cream came from?

So true, I love that gummi bear, I hope it at least gets nominated

GaGa puts a lot of effort in all her work and is very creative. In bikinis in Candyland is not that creative or anything, honestly...
shutup 392, she can touch my willy wonka anyday LOL

oh that gummi bear may just be the one that hit no.5 in our charts a few years back - maybe hes matured a bit now ayy

and get off my computer you stalker LOL, and yes katy's D cups are very nice xD
bump LOL
Gummi Bear Peaked at #12 in 2007.
I Hope the Gummi Bear not only gets nominated but wins over Katy Perry.
I Think it should be called Katy Perry Feat Gummi Bear and Snoop Dog - California Girls.
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haha yea maybe

BTW - to give an idea of how quickly the play counts can change - lying is already at #3 most played this year :O
Wow @ play counts. Mine are lame, I don't thing anything but Gaga has got >80 for over six months. I don't play songs on repeat anymore.

Wrong Lifter.

Gummi Bear - California Gurls
(With uncredited appearances by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg in the fine print.)

well follow me down is currently at 216 which is my most played song this year, only to windows media player of course, and i have GOT to get those other 20 positions up soon, im being so lazy lol
11-30 positions added tonight; been busy working for a house inspection guys

Debut Clues:

Dishonest love

Re-Entry Clues:

-thats right, only 5 entries this week, but expect 20 at least next week due to the return..of THE TOP 50!!
Grin - Smile?

That's all I can think of. (WHERE's THE BUBBLING UNDER LIST! Lol )

Also you still haven't posted the rest of your 20 so I can't guess the re-entry would be Kesha? Animal?
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Smile is correct

well, I realised people were relying on it too much haha

not animal, its still in; as you will see later [or tomorrow]
Dishonest Love could be millions of things. KS4 = Take it Off *shudder*?
Yes 392, its take it off

well its not gonna be a song from 1962 now is it 392, think of recent times xP
SMSFS2= Train If It's Love
Dishonest love= Justin Bieber Somebody to Love

no idea about FFCharacterx2 (i presume its got something to do with Final Fantasy?)

yes you are right chris A, it is to do with final fantasy
UGH, the other 20 wont be typed in; there will be "LW" stats as i have done them - but in a diff way and i dont wanna retype it, sorry pplz - anyways my top 50 will be posted thursday, been so busy this week
Kelly Rowland - Commander (because she looks like a final fantasy character in the video and there's two versions of her)

Muse - Neutron Star Collision
(for the dishonest love one)
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Commander debuted in the other 20 this week matt - i actually had a list of what debuted so that shouldnt of been a problem haha

so no its not that, good guess though!
my other prediction is up too^
It's either that or Eminem - No Love
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your getting closer matt - but no cigar; its neither muse or THAT eminem song ( )
Oh simple..

Eminem ft Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie

Dishonest Love hahahahaha
YES, omg not that hard ahahahah
FFCharacterx2= Mika Kick Ass (or another Mika Song)
not mika, but that would of worked haha; nice job xP
the name of the character is mispelt in the song, but just by 1 letter
FFCharacterx2ShakiraWaka Waka
Dishonest loveEminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie
GrinUncle crackerSmile
SMSFS2TrainIf Its Love

KS4Ke$haTake It Off

Top 5 (other 25 posted TONIGHT; they have been written so i wont have to postpone )

#1NeNe#1(1st w)*Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie
#2#28#1(6w)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<P>2
#3NeNe#3*ShakiraWaka Waka (This time for africa)
#4#13#1(1w)Amy MeredithLying<P>
#5#310#3Adam LambertIf I Had You<P>
#6#1141#1(8w)*3OH!3 Ft. Katy PerryStarstrukk<P>8
#7#818#1(3w)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>4
#8#92#8Miley CyrusRobot
#9#43#2Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time
#10#302#10*Selena GomezRound and Round
#11NeNe#11*TrainIf Its Love
#12Re9#4*Ke$haTake It Off<P>
#13#2110#1(2w)*EminemNot Afraid<P>
#15#107#9B.o.B Ft. Hayley WilliamsAirplanes<G>
#16NeNe#16Uncle CrackerSmile
#17#68#4Katy Perry Ft. Snoop DoggCalifornia Gurls<G>
#18#282#18*Proffesor Green Ft. Lily AllenJust Be Good To Green
#19#72#7Kylie MinogueAll The Lovers
#20#202#20Miley CyrusPermanent December
#21#134#4maNgaWe Could Be The Same<G>
#22#262#22The Black Eyed PeasMissing You
#23#275#8Christina AguileraPrima Donna
#24#167#7Ayumi HamasakiYou Were...<G>
#25#194#2Enrique Iglesias Ft. PitbullI Like It
#26#262#26Kelly RowlandCommander
#27#142#14Miley CyrusLiberty Walk
#28#122#123OH!3Double Vision
#29#292#29Miley CyrusTwo More Lonely People

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Nice eminem #1 for you like he is for me =).. kick ass song.

miley's still in my top 10 too having fallen due to new entries and Adam Lambert is my #5 too

look forward to the rest!
Thanks, nice that we have the same #1...again! we did this a few weeks ago as well haha =D!

wow - our music taste is like almost identical,
I will post the other 25 when i next on - i gotta get off for now, but will be back on in a few hours; also my featured video will be 'If I Had You' ^_^
sorry: no extra 25 tonight - got absorbed playing worms haha ><!
"SMSFS2= Train If It's Love"

How the bloody hell did you get Train from that. S2 Could be Single 2 but whatt about the other letters.
Save Me San FranSisco Single 2

Check and Mate haha XP
yeah i just looked through the top 50 albums Lifter and looked for an album with SMSF,i knew it was Single 2
Last edited:
ok, so due to some stuff im working on today; which are for OTHER forums etc, the other 25 will be posted from 10PM-11PM, so just wait !
Just admit it.... you're not going to ever post it. Looking at the current trend, in a few weeks it'll become a Top Nothing!
Lol! Probably a Top 1 would be more like him...
my charts have been updated !

Maroon 5MiseryDebut
B.o.B Ft. Hayley Williams & EminemAirplanes Pt. IIDebut
Justin Beiber Ft. UsherSomebody To LoveDebut
Thirsty MercMousetrap HeartDebut
Angus and Julia StoneBig Jet PlaneDebut
Miley CyrusStaydebut
Mumford and sonsWinter WindsDebut
Mike PosnerCooler than meDebut
NickelbackThis AfternoonDebut
What about #31-#50! Anyway, here are my spelling/grammar corrections for you:
- #3: 'africa' needs a capital 'A'
- #11: 'Its' needs an apostrophe after the 'it,' as in this case it is short for 'it is.'
- #16: He spells it 'Kracker.'
- #18: Most professors are spelt 'professor' not 'proffesor.'
- #30: 'Rockstar101' has a space between the 'Rockstar' and the '101.' Also, you forgot about Slash.

Good to see Misery, Airplanes Pt. II, Somebody to Love (remove the Usher bit though), Mousetrap Heart, Big Jet Plane and GO MIKE POSNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, I dont care about the spelling mistakes aha, deal with it ><
im pretty sure kracker isnt correcting cracker, I made the chart 0.5% more intelligent lol

Without usher somebody to love would not be bubbling under, so ha!
#31-#50, dont exist this week, its my NEXT chart that recontinue the top 50, so of course we will need 20 entries
Great to see Eminem and RiRi at #1, and Not Afraid rebounding. Don't like the other debuts, especially Shakira.

Only debuts for next week I'm happy about are Maroon 5 and Airplanes Part 2 (so much better than part 1).
hey! thanks, shakira is awesome though xP!

yea well i had 15 clues ready than accidently clicked cancel ><! clues tomorrow now LOL

Wow! Eminem and Riri debut at #1! and Shakira debuts at #3, don't forget about the live performance on July 12th for the Closing Ceremony of the World Cup!

YES so good to see 30H!3 rebound, mid-year success for them! do you have the album, i'm buying it soon, it has all 3 songs on it "Don't Trust Me'", "My First Kiss" and "Starstruckk".

Uncle Crack enters at #16! and Eminem peaks at #13 now!

BEP's "Missing You" peaks at #22, YES! "Missing You" by The Saturdays! is a great song! have you heard it yet?

Overall, an interesting chart with great new entries and movement.
haha yea, due to this #1 rihanna has now had an amazing 14 #1's on my charts , will be sure to watch that, unless it overlaps the tour de france, if that happens i'll watch the performance on youtube though , unfortunately i do not have the album

eminem peaked at #1 actually, hes just rebounded up to 13 and LOL uncle crack should make a splash into the top 10 next week.

i have not heard the saturdays version, will be sure to do so, missing you by BEP sounds a bit similar to meet me halfway wouldnt you think, its probably gonna be a hit for them.

Thank you brandon, and feel free to try my clues later when they are out
havent had time to do clues, so im just going to post the debut/re-entrie table , 20 entries in total this week due to the expansion of 30 to 50

Demi LovatoCant Back Down
Justin Bieber Ft. UsherSomebody to love
Mike PosnerCooler than me
NickelbackThis Afternoon
Maroon 5Misery
Mumford & sonsWinter Winds
Miley CyrusStay
B.o.B Ft. Hayley williams & EminemAirplanes part II
Thirsty MercMousetrap heart
Angus and Julia StoneBig Jet Plane
Charice ft. IyazPyramid
Christina AguileraI Hate Boys
SiaClap your hands
Birds of tokyoPlans
Taio CruzDynamite
DrakeFind your love
GyroscopeBaby Im Gettin' Better
Scouting for girlsThis Aint a love song

--Charts on Thursday--

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392 would be happy about Mike Posner debuting

As for me, Yay! Gyroscope debuts! Double Yay! Scouting for Girls does too! Great to see Mousetrap Heart and This Afternoon come in too (someone will be annoyed ) The rest are kinda meh
@anton - haha yea he will, maybe im just doing it to shut him up about it though lol, nah im debuting it coz i like it - it wont go very high though, i think its gotta grow on me abit more to get a better position

good to see you like some debuts, who will be annoyed at nickelbacks debut?>

@blueZ - thank you, you will prob like the positioning of some of those
I was hoping 392 would comment right after mine as he would be the annoyed person. He commented in my chart not to chart Nickelback last week. He said it was horrendous or something

Oh look he's online now!
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haha its nickelbacks best, i usually hate what they give us xP

UPDATE FOR EVERYONE: my thread name is now BSB weekly top 50, so i dont need to make another thread, thank you steffen

Oh good - 392 can now decide to celebrate over mike posner or cry over nickelback
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Drake, Shontelle, Taio Cruz and Maroon 5 are my fave debuts.

BTW it's Charice ft. Iyaz, not the other way around
Haha about all this about me. Mike Posner is so good it takes over Nickelback's trash anyway.

GO MIKE POSNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@mykl - thanks, all fixed

@392 - LOL!!! have you heard the nickelback song yet, it is quite good, most the other NB stuff is so shit, but this is actually LISTENABLE TO , and haha mike posner will prob go higher than I said coz i remembered the version you gave me
I've heard that song about eight times on AT40, which is around eight too many. It's terrible!

YAY! MIKE POSNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top 50 charts for ACW 14 July Edition, Other 40 positions to be posted on thursday
#1NeNe#1(1st w)*Demi LovatoCan't Back Down----
#2#94#2*Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time<G>
#3#29#1(6w)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<P>2
#4#12#1(1w)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie----
#5NeNe#5*Maroon 5Misery----
#6#642#1(8w)3OH!3 Ft. Katy PerryStarstrukk<P>8
#7#32#3ShakiraWaka Waka (This Time For Africa)----
#8#103#8Selena GomezRound and Round----
#9NeNe#9*Mumford and SonsWinter Winds----
#10NeNe#10*Mike PosnerCooler Than Me----

This week we see Demi Lovato debut at the #1 position with a song from camp rock 2 "cant back down" is lovato's 6th chart entry, meanwhile her OTHER song "me myself and time" climbs to repeak at the #2 position, and miley cyrus spends a 9th week inside of the top 3, with her #1 smash 'cant be tamed'
Eminem and RiRi lose 3 positions from last week being atop the charts, and maroon 5 finish up the top 5 by debuting at #5 respectably with 'misery'
3OH!3 continue their AMAZING run for the 42nd week inside the top 30 (56th week in the top 50!!!) and shakira drops 4 positions with her african 'waka waka'.
Selena gomez climbs up in a circular motion as she goes 'round and round' to #8, and to top off the top 10 are debuts from Mumford and sons (The cave #8 mar '10) (Little Lion Man #29 Mar '10) with winter winds, and mike posner making his first appearance ever with his new song 'cooler than me'
Top 5 Videos this week:
1.California Gurls
2.Cant Be Tamed
4.This Is Who I Am (international Version)
5.Waka Waka (this time for africa)
top 5 albums this week:
2.Can't Be Tamed
4.Streets of gold
5.The Fame Monster
Oldies chart coming next week, with the top 20 songs from 2006 or before
Proper stats etc. for video & Album charts coming next week

The "chartifacts" will be updated along with the charts on thursday
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Copycat (video/album top fives)

GO MIKE POSNER!!!!!!!!!!
Yea well, sue me !

I should make him drop out next week, just to piss you off LOOOL!!!
I could say copycat too (Oldies chart) Though my Oldies has different rules etc.

Yay! Great debut for Mike Posner, Misery and also Mumford and Sons. I wonder where the other songs debut
Postponed til friday/saturday
I was gonna complete today, but there was a death in the (not immediate) family
Good to see that Nickelback will be debuting but I think it is 1 if their Worst Singles.
Have you seen the Music Video for This Afternoon Bsb, it's funny and I think 392414
will like the 1st Minute of the Video before the Track starts to play.
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haha lifter - its pretty average tbh.
Will work on the chart tonight and post saturday/sunday - man im always behind
Eminem and Maroon 5 yay. Also great to see Starstrukk still going great lol.
top 10! BTW for my OTHER one, the other 40 are finally complete (funeral messed up my whole plan soz ) and will be updated next time I get on, due to me having a naggy brother who wants his turn on computer LMAO!
THIS ones other 40 will be posted hopefully tomorrow

#1#12#1(2nd wk)Demi LovatoCant Back Down<G>
#2#310#1(6wks)Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed<P>2
#3Re3#3*Alexandra BurkeAll Night Long 
#4#43#1(1wk)Eminem Ft RihannaLove The Way You Lie<G>
#5NeNe#5*CiaraGimme Dat 
#6#1120#1(3wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>4
#7#102#7*Mike PosnerCooler than me 
#8Re11#1(2wks)*EvanescenceTogether Again<P>3
#9#25#2Demi LovatoMe, myself, and Time<P>
#10#52#5Maroon 5Misery 

Demi Lovato remains at the top for a 2nd week, obviously she cant back down from the top! Miley Cyrus see's a slight rebound into the top 2, celebrating her 10th week inside of the top 3, Alexandra Burke re-enters in a big way straight to #3, Eminem and rihanna stay strong at #4, Ciara Debuts at #5 with her new effort 'gimme dat'. 3OH!3 Rebound back into the top 10 with follow me down, mike posner rises up 3 spots, evanescence rebound into the top 10 from outside the top 50, demi lovato jumps down 7 positions, and maroon 5 drop 5 positions, ironic ayy??!
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top 5 videos this week:
1.Maroon 5 - Misery
2.Katy Perry - California Gurls
3.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed
4.Demi lovato - Cant back down
5.Vanessa Amorosi - This Is Who I Am (international version)
top 5 albums this week:
1.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed
2.Eminem - Recovery
3.Christina Aguilera - Bionic
4.Various Artists - Almost Alice
5.Ke$ha - Animal
Oldies chart cancelled, coz im a lazy bastard
3OH!3 are just rising, not re-entering, due to me listening to the song a bit more this week ^_^
Ive just been listening to evanescence alot lately and the song just...rose

Miley is #2 because cant be tamed is amazing !
UGH, If i could get more than an hour at a time on computer I would be able to update my charts ALOT quicker
Charts suck as usual except for MIKE POSNER!!!!!!!
LMFAO - we get the point you like mike posner
jeez, your worse than M@TT and OMG, or me and follow me down
Why did Ciara debut so high? Wish I never sent you the song lol

Burke and Eminem are the only ones I really like there
g2g everyone, tour de france awaits me (i have a fantasy team and its my bonus round tonight )

haha mykl, well you did, and she got the debut coz of it xD!
well Burke is amazing, coz my last name is the same, only spelt bourke haha
Miley Cyrus rebounds to #2, YES!

Great re-entry from Evanescence!!

Maroon 5 falls to #5, hopefully it will rebound.
Love the music video too! isn't it great
"Misery" will enter my chart in August.

Ciara debuts at #5, is that her new single?

Can't wait for the rest of your chart.
Let me get this straight.
Maroon 5 were at #5 last week and they fall 5 Positions.

Your Top 10 has too much pussy, it need more testosterome, like now.
I agree, where's Nickelback?
Due to some personal reasons, I dont have enough time/motivation to do a top 50 each week, so from now on it will be a weekly top 10, thank you, E.o.Y will be compiled in a different way this year due to all the changes of the size this year
#1#621#1(4th wk)*3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>5
#2Re14#2*Lady GagaDance In The Dark<P>2
#3#13#1(2wks)Demi LovatoCan't Back Down<G>
#4#211#1(6wks)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<P>3
#5#44#1(1wk)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<G>
#6#73#6Mike PosnerCooler Than Me
#7#34#3Alexandra BurkeAll Night Long<G>
#8#812#1(2wks)EvanescenceTogether Again<P>3
#9#103#5Maroon 5Misery
#10#96#2Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time<P>

Top 5 videos this week:
1.Maroon 5 - Misery (2nd week)
2.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed
3.Katy Perry - California Gurls (1 week @ #1)
4.Alexandra Burke - All Night Long
5.Vanessa Amorosi - This Is Who I am (international version)
Top 5 albums this week:
1.Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (estimated 16th week @ #1)
2.Christina Aguilera - Bionic (1 week @ #1)
3.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (1 week @ #1)
4.Eminem - Recovery
5.3OH!3 - Streets of Gold
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Posney rises again!

I hate that 3OH!3 crap, but good to see Gaga re-enter even if that song isn't that good, and Eminem, Alexandra Burke and Maroon5 hang in there. I haven't heard either Lovatoes, and Evanescence is crap. Miley, errr.... maybe I shouldn't say

Good to see Katy in the video chart. M5's is boring, Miley's is OK, and I haven't seen A Burke or Vanessa (only a short preview of the latter). Awesome to see Gaga have the #1 album. Eminem's is good, the other three albums suck.

Conclusion: your charts mostly suck. :-x
Maybe I should drop posner then
dance in the dark is the best off the fame monster imo
you just called evanescence crap? well expect the assasins around your house be 9

M5's is funny lol, and have you actually HEARD streets of gold
Good to see Cooler Than Me and Maroon 5 there. I don't think there is much I can say...
Its Great To See Dance In The Dark at number 2

I Cant believe Follow You Down is still charting for you it feels real old now for me.
BSB: Yeah I called Evanescence crap. Bring Me to Life was great but not much else. However, I don't have assassins, but I have Posnerians and they'll be IN your house the second you drop his song

Dance in the Dark is 5th best off the album, behind Bad Romance, Telephone, Alejandro and Monster in my opinion.

I haven't actually heard it fully, but I've previewed most of it because there was a time when I liked 3OH!3.
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If only I could see a Top 40 then I could comment on Nickelback.
Nice seeing Maroon 5 on top of the videos, as much as I love All Night Long, the video is so plain and boring.

Love the GaGa re-entry, but Follow Me Down back at #1? It's alright but c'mon. You so want it #1 of 2010. Also nice to not see a brand new top 10 every week now
sorry I havent been replying everyone, bloody virus attacked my computer..all 527 of them

@mono36 - thank you, cant wait for its video, could be part of paparazzophone?

hehe, its such a good song though xD

@392414 - posnerians? lets see them defeat my evanescerians xD or my neonhitchareons.

Monster is such a horrid song - gaga's album would be completely perfect without monster!

@Lifter500 - Lol, well if I had to take a guess, I would say nickelback would be lying at about 25-20 right now

@mykl 77 - hehe, all night long is quite bland but the song still made it better

lol, ok well if it wasnt so good I wouldnt be so biased for it now would I !
I can ASSURE you there will be a new #1 coming wednesday,
And I can promise you 392 will be happy O_O
I wonder if it's the song I'm thinking of
Lol, memo me what song you are thinking of, my charts come tonight since I have a massive assignment I will do nothing but work on tomorrow
#1NeNe#1(1st wk)*B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic
#2#64#2*Mike PosnerCooler Than Me<G>
#3#412#1(6 wks)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<P>3
#4#215#2Lady GaGaDance In The Dark<P>2
#5#122#1(4 wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>5
#6#55#1(1wk)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<P>
#7#34#1(2 wks)Demi LovatoCan't Back Down<P>
#8#813#1(2 wks)EvanescenceTogether Again<P>3
#9NeNe#9*Katy PerryTeenage Dream
#10#107#2Demi LovatoMe, Myself, and Time<P>
1.Christina Aguilera - You lost me (1 week)
2.Maroon 5 - Misery (2 weeks @ #1)
3.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (1 week @ #1)
4.Vanessa Amorosi - This Is Who I Am [international version]
5.Katy Perry - California Gurls (1 week @ #1)
1.Christina Aguilera - Bionic (2nd week @ #1)
2.Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (16 weeks @ #1)
3.Eminem - Recovery
4.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (1 week @ #1)
5.Various Artists - Almost Alice (estimated 3 weeks @ #1)
Better than usual chart but still crap. Great to see MIKE POSNER!!!!!!!!!!!! move to #2, although it's much better than Magic (which I do like but nowhere near as much as POSNER). The only other good song in there is Em/Ri. Katy's entry sucks.
Haha, your a regular posnerian, little fact, mike posner has never gone DOWN in my charts, could the trend continue? !
actually my whole top 10 is amazing 392 ! LOL
Blab blabbety blooby blab.
Oh I initially thought Cooler Than Me but after a minute I thought some other song would make it. Ah well, Magic still is good

Hmmm I only like the top 2
hahaha, I dont want 392 THAT HAPPY !

anton, have you HEARD all the top 10 ;P
No but just looking at the artists can tell me that I won't like them
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Alright debuts.

You Lost Me vid is alright.
why dont you tell me what you really think mykl
Good to see you are loyal to your #1's. Collectively 16 weeks at #1 from songs in your current Top 8!
Recently heard Dance In The Dark and am actually liking it.
hehe, yep Im a loyal one arent I !
but wow I actually didnt notice :L

good to hear you are liking it, its such a good song, of course it was my luck that even 392 wouldnt like it coz i do
The Top 10 is Garbage, just like ARIA's Top 10 right now.

Good to hear the Nickelback would be in the 20's if this was a bigger Chart.
hehe lifter, well my charts allow females in as well, must be why its so different to yours

nickelback would prob be from 20-15 this week
The problem is your chart is predominantly female
lol, that isnt a problem, sexist !!
technically there are more guys in my charts, since evanescence has 1 girl and 3 guys, and 3oh!3 has 2 guys...
Yes thats it Bsb, it's got too much pussy and too little testosterome. Heres an interesting fact, this Year was the most successful Year ever for Females on my Personal.
Thanks to Vanessa Amorosi lifter, hardly really girly material. Ke$ha on the other hand...
Yes thats right Mykl77 but at the end of the day females are females no matter what type of female music I like.
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except for lady gaga, for her we shall never be sure !!!
Well of course he/she is an exeption, he/she wears so many drag queen outfits that it's impossible to tell what the hell he/she is. Until we know we should call him/her an IT. We don't know what it's gender is.
Lady Gaga is female, idiot

You'd think that with all the near-nude poses she's done, her gender would be pretty obvious... especially in the Telephone clip where she throws herself against those bars.
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lol 392, someone cant take a joke now can they !

hmm, On a sidenote just so everyone knows dynamite by taio cruz will never chart for me becoz it is my least fave song right now haha
Dynamite is awesome!! 2nd fave song right now. Chart it dynamophopic :p
you mean *dynamophobic*
You make jokes all the time 392.
You are a joke Lifter.
Your sense of humor is a joke.
your both jokes.
Oh fuck
and im in top level english at school as well, THE SHAME XD!!
but its the internet so it does not count hahaaha
Am I bad at grammar too?
I'm not that good at Grammar, I don't have time to look at how to spell something.
well, I write well in like english class or when trying to write my novel (the things we do in our spare time... ) but on a forum it doesnt really matter so much :L
Check out my "born to be write" competition

Had a look.... reminds me of M4B Charts Central.
#1#313#1(7th wk)Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed<P>3
#2Re4#2*Selena GomezRound and Round
#3#12#1(1 wk)B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic
#4NeNe#4*Miley CyrusWho Owns My Heart
#5#523#1(4 wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>5
#6Re3#6*Miley CyrusRobot
#7#25#2Mike PosnerCooler Than Me<G>
#8#75#1(2 wks)Demi LovatoCant Back Down<G>
#9#66#1(1 wk)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<P>
#10#416#2Lady GagaDance In The Dark<P>3

*Positions 11-20 to be posted, yes I changed again, dont bitch about it !!!!!!!!!
1.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (2nd week @ #1)
2.Christina Aguilera - You Lost Me (1 week @ #1)
3.Maroon 5 - Misery (2 weeks @ #1)
4.Matthew Finley - Fire (DEBUT)
5.Katy Perry - California Gurls (1 week @ #1)
1.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (2nd week @ #1)
2.B.o.B - Presents: The adventures of Bobby Ray (DEBUT)
3.Eminem - Recovery
4.Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (16 weeks @ #1)
5.Christina Aguilera - Bionic (2 weeks @ #1)
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Why couldn't Magic stay on top

Sad to see Posner drop but great to see Gaga drop

Magic dropping, Posner dropping so much and Miley back to #1!!!!

Your charts really suck
last time I checked they were MY personal charts?
Oh well, good debut for B.o.B's album
Nice to see Selena Gomez re-enter and GaGa and Eminem in there.

What happened to Ace Of Base debuting big?
looks like they can have #11 then a bullet next week !!!

As for selena gomez, its such a great song - but can it beat naturally in my charts, it went <P>2 and was #1 for 4 weeks!

and Eminem is so far the only artist to go #1 twice for me this year, good on him
ROFL, you forgot your #1 of last week!!! The effort you put into these shit charts
You should have a playlist or document so you don't forget these things

I don't think it'll beat Naturally. It's catchy like Naturally but I think that was a little better.
lol 392, I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW, it was gonna debut at #3 !
but yes I should document them

fair enough mykl, oh my god I got an idea TO THE THREAD MOBILE
Your Charts change quicker then a Lady Gaga outfit.
Well if this is a problem, than just wait til tuesday
#1#25#1(1st wk)Selena GomezRound and Round<G>100%
#2#76#2*Mike PosnerCooler Than Me<G>85%
#3#64#3*Miley CyrusRobot<G>84%
#4NeNe#4*Vanessa AmorosiHoliday 80%
#5#114#1(7 wks)Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed<P>475%
#6#97#1(1 wk)*Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<P>72%
#7Re2#7*Katy PerryTeenage Dream 69%
#8#33#1(1 wk)B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic<G>50%
#9#524#1(4 wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>548%
#10#86#1(2 wks)Demi LovatoCant Back Down<P>46%
#11#42#4Miley CyrusWho Owns My Heart 37%
#12#1017#2Lady GagaDance In The Dark<P>232%
#13NeNe#13*Ace of BaseAll 4 You 26%
#14NeNe#14*Demi Lovato Ft. Joe JonasWouldnt Change A Thing 25%
#15NeNe#15*Brooke FraserSomething In The Water 25%
#16NeNe#16*Christina AguileraVanity 22%
#17NeNe#17*Amy MeredithYoung at Heart 16%
#18NeNe#18*Art Vs. ScienceMagic Fountain 9%
#19NeNe#19*Birds Of TokyoPlans 8%
#20NeNe#20*Mike PosnerPlease Dont Go 2%

*yes, IVE ONCE AGAIN CHANGED THE SIZE - dont bitch though !!!
1.Eminem Ft. Rihanna - Love the way you lie (DEBUT, 1st week @ #1)
2.Ke$ha - Take It Off (DEBUT)
3.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (2 weeks @ #1)
4.Selena Gomez - Round and Round (DEBUT)
5.Art Vs. Science - Magic Fountain (DEBUT)
1.Birds Of Tokyo - Birds Of Tokyo (DEBUT, First week @ #1)
2.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (2 weeks @ #1)
3.Christina Aguilera - Bionic (2 weeks @ #1)
4.Eminem - Recovery
5.Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (16 weeks @ #1)

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Good to see Selena #1 and Mike back to #2, don't mind #4. Numbers 6-8 and 20 are good too and I suppose I should be happy about 12.

#1 video is OK, #2 boring, #3 OK and haven't seen the others. Haven't heard #1 album, #2 bad, #3 shit, #4 OK to good, #5 amazing.
*note that selena and eminem are the only 2 artists this year (so far) to manage 2 #1's in 2010

EminemNot Afraid2
Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie1
Selena GomezNaturally4
Selena GomezRound and Round1*

@392414, haha I prob should huh xD
you like selena!? WOW!!! yea I knew you'd be happy about mike rebounding, and yes you should be happy with 12 !!

round and round video is VERY similar to the if we ever meet again video
OMG Vanity is charting woo hoo
haha, yaaay for hijinx
plans is amazing, expect a top 10 hit out of it, lol magic fountain is so cool I LOVE IT
and amy meredith should do well, not sure if he can beat lying though (went <P>2 due to play count, and peaked at #1!!)
the birds of tokyo album is awesome, !!
Good to see you really like Plans/Birds of Tokyo (some Aussie rock eh?) and Posner back up to #2. Great debut for Holiday and Amy Meredith too. Sad to see Magic drop so quick though.
hey anton, yep - birds of tokyo are pretty awesome !!
vanessa may even be able to climb, perhaps enough to beat her #2 peaking hazardous?
amy might fire himself into the top 10 next week

as for B.o.B, I still LOVE magic, but theres alot of good music coming out lately and unfortunately its him thats suffering

this, is to give an idea on whats about to make a MASSIVE impact on my charts, and the hit pick this week is

BoAHurricane Venus

*BoA managed to snatch the #3 E.o.Y in 2009 with me for their 45 week smash "Hypnotic Dancefloor" - this will be their 2nd entry to the charts, how high will it go, and can it beat HD?
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Yeah, Selena Gomez (from the two songs of hers I know) is good, much better than Miley. Naturally made top ten for me and had good longevity, and R&R should be a top 20 hit. I haven't seen the IWEMA clip, but R&R doesn't look all that interesting from the iTunes preview.
Chart sizes. Not only do the weekly changes annoy me and probably others, but it will also hurt songs in the ACW. When a song manages to stay in 11-20 for two weeks for you, and if one week you post 20 and 10 the next, that song will drop a lot. Counting that you sumbit your chart next week, Miley will have a rebound that will look random and weird.
Dance in the Dark will rise for me next week, but it sill doesn't show much hit potential, but we'll have to see. I still think to myself that Alejandro is her latest song
Plans by Birds of Tokyo is alright, with some more listens it could be a moderate hit for me. I haven't heard Magic Fountain but I doubt I'll like it. Who the hell is that BoA thing? Never heard of that.

Also, these are the artists who have had two #1's this year for me...
Lady GaGa - Telephone (2 weeks in Dec/Jan) and Alejandro (3 weeks in Apr)
B.o.B - Nothin' on You (1 week in Mar) and Airplanes (2 weeks in Apr/May)

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lol, well its my PERSONAL charts - so I can have whatever size I want
youve never heard of BoA?? why you have not lived - well hurricane venus is a very dance track, similar to telephone
Telephone? Did you say Telephone? Where?
Anyway, you still haven't answered my question "who the hell is that BoA thing?".
thats great to hear! Posner has a snowballs chance in hell at #1 I think !
What a disappointing debut for Ace Of Base, nice to see SGomez at #1 though, and Em and Ri back up.
1 Track from your Top 20 Enters my Personal this week, stay tuned.
@Mykl_77, they should rise a bit, dont worry

@LIFTER - I assume it would be amy meredith?
Who is Boa??? *CoughSendMeAMemoIfYouLikeCough*
Check my Thread to find out.

BTW, BOA = Boring Overated Act.
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Yay for Brooke Fraser debuting! Makes me VERY happy hehe!
@392 they are korean, and they make AMAZING pop music !
I dont understand anton lol, and Im happy that your happy alleyt
I too was surprised with the low debut of Ace Of Base, thought they'd at least crack the Top 10 for you.
I think anton was trying to imply that he (I think) wanted to know and along with me though you didn't want to tell ME, if that makes sense?

Hmm, Korean. Well, not to be racist, but I have a lot of Korean enemies
billybrett, at first I was excited due to hype, but upon more listening - its not really an amazing track for me, I was hoping it would be as awesome as dont turn around or beautiful life
Good to see Art vs Science and Birds of Tokyo debut.
Well that makes sense, I'll admit I've only heard it once and after getting over the disappointment of them getting two new girls in, the song really doesn't have that great Ace Of Base sound, so there won't be any return to the heights of their success in Australia anytime soon.
@Irelander, thanks; they will both probably rise so yea !

@BillyBrett, yea these 2 newies are nothin compared to the other ones; I think IF it does hit the ARIA charts, it will hit #30 at best, unless gay gay its saturday promotes it, in which case it has a chance at top 20 or even top 10 (if ppl REALLY embrace it)

Im upset that BoA prob wont release in aus, though a success from them would be quite awesome - ive been listening to them since about 2007
I have added pop bars to my charts above, copied off 392
And 392 copied it from me and I copied it off ITunes.
Oh, I thought you were purposely not telling 392 as he did ask the question twice before. The cough was to tell me who Boa was and not 392

I've had the popular bars idea for my chart a long time ago, but I decided not to implement it, maybe I will in 2011
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hahahah lifter and anton
I should of done that
Do I have the right to sue you out of boredom for stealing the popularity bars idea even though I copied it off Lifter who copied it off iTunes?
Lovely chart this week!

So good to see many new entries, especially from Ace of Base! Xtina and Vanessa!

Eminem & Rihanna debut at #1 on the Video chart, YAY!

Will "Vanity", get released as a single!

Why aren't any more Xtina singles commercially successful? I wanna see her back at #1 around the world.
thanks brandon, glad to see you like it all
I think perhaps her burlesque (movie) tracks will do well?

Fast Weapon God
pretty beast
well known girl-scouts
CR2. MF. F
R4.Bouldergas 10 + 1

AND, do top 5 predictions, I may as well steal that off 392 as well LOL
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You're stealing everything off me, top 5 videos/albums, popularity bars, top 5 predictions...
Scouting for Girls????!!!! (Well known girl-scouts)
Fast Weapon God -??
Pretty beast????
R4. $4 - Obviously a Kesha song H Take it Off???
R4 -?

Do you still have your 'video of the week' or have you ditched that
Well I figured video of the week would be my #1 video ?
If you want I can continue doing that

your right about scouting for girls, with their song famous
and your right about ke$ha - Take it off
pretty beast - Beautiful Monster - Ne-Yo?
correct daniel
*chartifacts bumped this down abit, so this is a bump up now that the countdown is over - in hindsight setting up clues right before the top 50 countdown was dumb
*charts tonight, sorry for delay, didnt wanna confuse poor daniel for his first ACW
at your previous comment (15/08/2010 19:16)...well at least you know not to do it again
well, im delaying it till tomorrow coz I just CANT decide my #1 yet
toss a coin LOL
BSB some consistency please!
lol you 3, mykl stop whining

THATS IT, guys you have 24 hours to vote for my #1 lmao

Selena Gomez - Round and Round
Katy Perry - Teenage Dream
BoA - Hurricane venus

those are the choices LOL
well;;;; fuck you !
no I honestly cant decide, between the 3, what else am I to do, I dont know of any 3 sided coins
You don't have any 3 sided coins?? Get a life.
Why not listen to them repeatedly until you get sick of one and then do it again? Bit silly to get other people to make the decision for you when it is your personal chart.
well; ive just relistened to each carefully, and payed attention to even the way the music was done, and I have a decision; its too late to write up my chart tonight but thanks you guys, and lol 392

@Chris A - lmfao, nice to know you think you know me; im sorry im not up to your standards, I can promise you im different in real life, well, im still weird and crazy but thats just me :/

so im going to have to ignore your request for me to grow up; because I dont really need to listen to some 20-something yr old I dont even know (its the dont even know part thats why I wont listen)

@392 - lol, "to death is OK" bahahahahhaha, oh you make me laugh

may as well tell ya the clues:

Fast Weapon God = Hurricane venus (fast=Hurry, Weapon = cane, god = venus)
pretty beast = Beautiful Monster
well known girl-scouts = Scouting for girls - famous
CR2. MF. F = camp rock 2.Matthew finley.Fire
R4.$4 = Re-entry for ke$ha - take it off
R4.Bouldergas 10 + 1 = Re-entry for Rockstar101

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Finally you realize that personal charts are personal.
lol 392, if they are so personal what am I posting them on a website for
Ah you kids, so full of life.

#1#16#1(2nd wk)Selena GomezRound and Round<P>100%
#2NeNe#2*BoAHurricane Venus 99%
#3#73#3*Katy PerryTeenage Dream 98%
#4NeNe#4*Ne-YoBeautiful Monster 91%
#5#84#1 (1wk)B.o.B Ft. Rivers Cuomomagic<G>88%
#6#515#1 (7wks)Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed<P>485%
#7Re10#4*Ke$haTake It Off<P>83%
#8NeNe#8*Scouting for GirlsFamous 79%
#9#68#1 (1wk)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<P>73%
#10#925#1(4wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>571%
#11Re6#11*RihannaRockstar 101<G>64%
#12NeNe#12*Matthew FinleyFire 60%
#13#182#13*Art Vs. ScienceMagic Fountain 56%
#14#132#13Ace of BaseAll 4 You 50%
#15#27#2Mike PosnerCooler than Me 34%
#16#107#1(2 wks)Demi LovatoCant Back Down<P>32%
#17#42#4Vanessa AmorosiHoliday 29%
#18#35#3Miley CyrusRobot<G>22%
#19#113#4Miley CyrusWho Owns My Heart 20%
#20#142#14Demi Lovato Ft. Joe JonasWouldnt Change A Thing 15%
1.BoA - Hurricane Venus (DEBUT)
2.Ke$ha - Take It Off
3.Eminem Ft. Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie (1 week @ #1)
4.Selena Gomez - Round and Round
5.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (2 weeks @ #1)
1.Eminem - Recovery (1st week @ #1)
2.Miley Cyrus - Cant Be Tamed (2 weeks @ #1)
3.Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster (16 weeks @ #1)
4.Ke$ha - Animal (2 weeks @ #1)
5.Birds Of Tokyo - Birds of Tokyo (1 week @ #1)
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Not too bad a chart. Still too much Miley and Demi

Nice seeing Selena at #1 and Katy top 3 too, as well as Rivers Cuomo rebounding.

Best news is seeing Ne-Yo debuting nicely.
hey mykl! haha well; to be fair both are starting to get flushed out
well at this rate; my next #1 should shock everyone !
the neyo song should stay relatively steady, great to see that you like it as well
If you actually payed any attention to my chart you'd realise it's #11 this week and was #10 last week.
Wow such a big drop for Mike Posner. Any particular cause for that. Or just a case of sick of it.
@Mykl - lol; I just said it was great to see you like it, jeez!
@BillyBrett - Just getting sick of the song
It's BSB, that's a small drop to him

And you should pay a bit more attention to mine seeing as I always look at yours and comment
I do pay attention; I forgot that one song
and LOL; yea to be honest it is a pretty small drop with me xD

prob 3-4 songs from 20-11 are gonna end up in like top 8 next week
Guess I should pay closer attention to your LW column in future LOL
hahahaha yes you should !!!!

correct for DTWIF
also technically correct for the second one, but WHICH ke$ha trash
Your Love is My Drug/Gardenhose

If it's isn't that, how about TiK ToK. The point in editing into old posts is to save space. You should try it some time :p

The point is to fucking stop bumping your thread the whole time
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or delete the old post and write a different post, thus bumping it as WELL

not TiK ToK
and NOT Blah x3

I will just save everyone some times
its ke$ha - animal

the other 2 should be pretty easy
but then how will I be able to ackknowledge ive replied you *this is my last bump, I just wanted to get my point across*

Anyway, good to see Magic rebound but sad to see Cooler Than Me drop so much

Has TC.S3 been guessed?
In that case that would be Taio Cruz single 3...Definitely either Dynamite or Dirty Picture.
I would say Dirty Picture as you like the featured soooo much
yes its dynamite;
so just CR#2.IO needs to be solved
so I can get back to my normal routine this is the countdown to be included to this weeks ACW, sorry to the artists who miss out on points thanks to me

#1#117#1 (1st wk)*RihannaRockstar 101<G>100%
#2#42#2NeyoBeautiful Monster 99%
#3#173#3*Vanessa AmorosiHoliday 98%
#4#17#1 (2wks)Selena GomezRound and Round<P>97%
#5#99#1 (1 wk)*Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie<P>97%
#6#616#1(7 wks)Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed<P>595%
#7#55#1 (1 wk)B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic<P>94%
#8#34#3Katy PerryTeenage Dream<G>92%
#9Re4#9*Ke$haAnimal 90%
#10#1026#1 (4 wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>588%
#11NeNe#11*Cast of Camp Rock 2Its On 85%
#12Re2#11*Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance The Way I Feel 82%
#13#203#13*Demi Lovato Ft. Joe JonasWouldnt Change A Thing 80%
#14#711#4Ke$haTake It Off<P>75%
#15NeNe#15*Taio CruzDynamite 62%
#16#168#1 (2 wks)Demi LovatoCant Back Down<P>60%
#17#194#4Miley CyrusWho Owns My Heart 59%
#18#82#8Scouting For GirlsFamous 50%
#19#186#3Miley CyrusRobot<G>44%
#20#158#2Mike PosnerCooler than Me<G>20%

*Special Mention to Rihanna who grabs her 15th personal #1, and 52nd week overall at the top spot

*Another special mention to 3OH!3, having spent half a year in the top 10

*and one last special mention for cant be tamed, which goes <P>5 due to me overplaying it through the week, can it overtake follow me down for #1 E.o.Y?
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I'd much rather Can't Be Tamed overtake that song as your #1

Good to see some guys finally chart. Great to see Dynamite and sad to see Cooler Than Me drop down to the bottom. Magic seems really unsteady but good to see it still in the top 10!
3 weeks with the same size chart!
I thought Dynamite would never chart? Great seeing it do so though, nice seeing Ne-Yo up too.

Why is that bitch #1? and you keep FMD top 10 on purpose I bet!
NOW you realize? Neon Hitch, his mother, threatened to torture him if he doesn't
@anton, well Ive got a feeling its gonna be close, both have managed to make it to my top 5 of all time
yes magic is quite unsteady, but I think it has 2-3 weeks left in it for top 10 charting..


@Chris - thanks, em should be <P>2 very soon

@Mykl - yea but its grown on me a bit, so meh; just took a while I suppose, neyo almost had that #1 !
and yea kinda xD

@392 AGAIN - Im pretty sure I would know if that skanky bitch was my mother (love her singin, but yea shes a skanky bitch like ke$ha )
You just called your mother a skanky bitch
hahaha, well I do have 7 siblings..

she would kill me if she saw what I just wrote
anyways, so far I only have 1 debut planned
Neon Hitch has already had 8 kids? She looks like, 20 or something! Or are they adopted.
OMG, only 1 debut in about 24 hours? Problems
392 your lucky this is the internet !
my charts move quicker than the UK charts, so yes; problems
I'm probably the 1 person on the planet who likes your #1 Lol
HIAM, I agree, BSB isn't a person.
lol headinamuse, I know how you feel

hahahhahaha 392 go to hell.
jk jk
Maybe 392 is trying to hide the fact he is a robot by saying that Bsb is not a person.

Translated to Robot Speech: 0100001101010010101010101010101010100010101010.
Morse Code

-. --- -. . --- ..-. .- .-. . .... ..- -- .- -. .-- -.. -. --- - . -..- .. ... -
debut clues:
Sleeping Scarily without a single flaw.
picking U
it is as if it is this girls anniversary of her life.
Clue #1: ?
Clue #2: Kissin U - Miranda Cosgrove?
Clue #3: Like It's Her Birthday - Good Charlotte

I don't know the others then and for every extra post you post in response to me editing this post means I delete 10 of mine from your thread
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you only got clue #3 correct.
Why give away your chart positions like that?

Won't be much of a surprise now
Why give away your debuts before the chart anyway? They're like the interesting part
#1NeNe#1 (1st wk)*CascadaNight Nurse 100%
#2NeNe#2*Good CharlotteLike Its Her Birthday 95%
#3#76#1 (1 wk)*B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic<P>92%
#4NeNe#4*ShontellePerfect Nightmare 70%
#5#510#1 (1 wk)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<P>269%
#6#18#1 (1 wk)RihannaRockstar 101<P>65%
#7#1412#4*Ke$haTake It Off<P>263%
#8#23#2NeyoBeautiful Monster<G>60%
#9#48#1 (2 wks)Selena GomezRound and Round<P>54%
#10#85#3Katy PerryTeenage Dream<G>50%
#11#617#1(7 wks)Miley CyrusCan't Be Tamed<P>546%
#12#1027#1 (4 wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>540%
#13#175#4*Miley CyrusWho Owns My Heart<G>34%
#14#34#3Vanessa AmorosiHoliday<G>30%
#15#112#11Cast of Camp Rock 2Its On 25%
#17#134#13Demi Lovato Ft. Joe JonasWouldnt Change A Thing 14%
#18#183#8Scouting for girlsFamous 9%
#19#169#1 (2 wks)Demi LovatoCant Back Down<P>5%
#20NeNe#20*Stan WalkerChoose you 1%

#122#11Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance the Way I feel -10%
#151#15Taio CruzDynamite -75%
#196#3Miley CyrusRobot<G>-40%
#208#2Mike PosnerCooler Than Me<G>-15%

PROPER VIDEO CHART (all stats reset, this will be properly tabulated )
No Point For LW, TI, HP, ACCRED, POP BARS. this week
#1Eminem Ft. RihannaLove the way you lie
#2Ke$haTake It Off
#33OH!3Double Vision
#4RihannaRockstar 101
#5Vanessa AmorosiHoliday
#6Katy PerryTeenage Dream
#7Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$haDirty Picture
#8Katy PerryCalifornia Gurls
#9Kelly RowlandCommander
#10Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed
#11Lady GagaTelephone
#12Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug
#13Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance the way I feel
#14Scouting for GirlsFamous
#15Cast of Camp Rock 2Its On

Same thing for albums..

#1Katy PerryTeenage Dream
#3Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed
#4Christina AguileraBionic
#5Lady GagaThe Fame Monster
#6Various ArtistsAlmost Alice
#7Kylie MinogueAphrodite
#9B.o.BThe adventures of Bobby Ray
#10Taio CruzRokstarr
#11Birds Of TokyoBirds of Tokyo
#12RihannaRated R
#13Vanessa AmorosiHazardous
#1430 Seconds To MarsThis Is War
#15EvanescenceThe Open Door

*my entire top 10 peaked in the top 4
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You can still incorporate debut clues for your chart if you wish to, but reveal them with the post of your chart, not prior to it.

Good to see Good Charlotte have a high debut, Rihanna (R101) drop considerably, and Teenage Dream be steady (the equivalent of steady for your chart). Sad to see Taiy and Posney leave the chart though.

Good to see Rihanna (R101), Katy and GaGa in the video chart. I like the albums of Eminem, Lady GaGa, B.o.B, Taio Cruz and Rihanna. The only other albums I can give a legitimate opinion on are Miley's, Christina's and Ke$ha's as I haven't properly heard the others.
Huge debut for Good Charlotte, but my fave debut is Stan Walker. Hope it can rise over the coming weeks.

They need a fingers crossed smiley on here.
Interesting postions.

You'll be happy to know that Miley Cyrus' 'Who Owns My Heart' was officially sent to radio this week.
@392414 - yea fair enough; haha yea 2 spots is pretty good, ive already gotten VERY sick of taios song :/ and cooler than me had an ok run I suppose

@alleyt, stan should be able to rise over coming weeks; yes we do need that smiley

@M@TT - hehe I know; its pretty awesome
Goodbye Posner

Great to see Choose You Debut and Fantastic to see Magic up!
Your #1 ...

You could be more specific and say your top 14 peaked in the top 4
haha; 15/20 of my songs hit the top 4 but yes the top 14 are all in that
whats wrong with my #1? its awesome
10 songs from my top 20 have peaked in the top four. It's been worse earlier in the year I think (I say worse as to me if every song in the top 14 has made top four, that means songs just won't die and keep rebounding randomly).
Chart's slowly getting better. But where is Hurts? I swear it better debut high next week lol.
lol, because of a stupid chart rule I have it couldnt debut this week due to all my debuts being locked in; but dont worry it will probably debut somewhere next week, dont wanna reveal where though
You did the other night. But I'm just saying it better still be debuting. I know where you live
whats scary is that you do LOL
hahah it will debut
movie man with a dog.
365 sunny days.

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Ow better be Hurts, or you'll be owwing for a long time
haha yes it is mykl
I'm loving all the Miley Cyrus love in this chart, as well as the high debut for Good Charlotte.

Hope it's top 10 possibly.
Mykl, try this next time...


It better be top 10 *shifty eyes*
Haha, what 392 said...
thanks artistry; your a new member?? welcome to aus charts if so

anyone want to attempt the other clues?
#1NeNe#1 (1st wk)*Usher Ft. PitbullDJ Got Us Falling In Love 100%
#2#713#2*Ke$haTake It Off<P>257%
#3NeNe#3*Selena GomezA Year Without Rain 55%
#4#22#2Good CharlotteLike Its Her Birthday 54%
#5#136#4*Miley CyrusWho Owns My Heart<P>52%
#6NeNe#6*Cast of Camp Rock 2Brand New Day 51%
#7#153#7*Cast of Camp Rock 2Its On 50%
#8#12#1 (1 wk)CascadaNight Nurse 49%
#9#511#1 (1 wk)Eminem Ft. RihannaLove The Way You Lie<P>247%
#10#1910#1 (2 wks)*Demi LovatoCant Back Down<P>244%
#11#106#3Katy PerryTeenage Dream<P>43%
#12NeNe#12*HurtsWonderful Life 40%
#13Re3#13*Taio CruzDynamite 38%
#14#37#1 (1 wk)B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic<P>35%
#15#1118#1 (7 wks)Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed<P>633%
#16#69#1 (1 wk)RihannaRockstar 101<P>30%
#17#175#13Demi Lovato Ft. Joe JonasWouldnt Change A Thing 23%
#19#202#19Stan WalkerChoose You 10%
#20#42#4ShontellePerfect Nightmare 3%

#83#2Ne-YoBeautiful Monster -50%
#98#1 (2 wks)Selena GomezRound and Round<P>-20%
#1227#1 (4 wks)3OH!3 Ft. Neon HitchFollow Me Down<P>5-35%
#144#3Vanessa AmorosiHoliday -25%
#183#8Scouting For GirlsFamous -40%

#1#22#1 (1st wk)Ke$haTake It Off 
#2#12#1 (1 wk)Eminem Ft. RIhannaLove The Way You Lie 
#3NeNe#3*Usher Ft. PitbullDJ Got Us Fallin In Love 
#4#32#33OH!3Double Vision 
#5#152#5*Cast Of Camp Rock 2Its On 
#6#42#4RihannaRockstar 101 
#7#102#7Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed 
#8#52#5Vanessa AmorosiHoliday 
#9#62#6Katy PerryTeenage Dream 
#10NeNe#10*B.o.B Ft. Rivers CuomoMagic 
#11#122#11Ke$haYour Love Is My Drug 
#12#132#12Ou Est Le Swimming PoolDance The Way I Feel 
#13#142#13Scouting for girlsFamous 
#14#72#7Taio Cruz Ft. Ke$haDirty Picture 
#15NeNe#15*Taio CruzDynamite 

#1#82#1 (1st wk)*Ke$haAnimal 
#2#12#1 (1 wk)Katy PerryTeenage Dream 
#3#32#3Miley CyrusCant Be Tamed 
#4#42#4Christina AguileraBionic 
#6#62#6Various ArtistsAlmost Alice 
#7#122#7*RihannaRated R 
#8#52#5Lady GagaThe Fame Monster 
#9#142#9*30 Seconds To MarsThis Is War 
#10#72#7Kylie MinogueAphrodite 
#11#132#11Vanessa AmorosiHazardous 
#12#102#10Taio CruzRokstarr 
#13#92#9B.o.BThe Adventures Of Bobby Ray 
#15#112#11Birds Of TokyoBirds Of Tokyo 

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YAY!!! Great to see Usher debut at #1 (For once I like your #1 lol)

Sad to see Holiday drop out though and good riddance to FMD
Also good to see Dynamite re-enter. Why does Magic have to drop that much!

Why are you charting the Cast of Camp Rock 2?
hey anton,

Hahahaha; well this is ushers 2nd #1 for me this year, lets see if it can beat OMG's <P>3

haha; well cant be tamed is now higher accredited than follow me down (due to me playing CBT over the week) and you know what that means... the miley vs. 3oh!3 battle seems to be over
magic is still fantastic, just other songs overtook it unfortunately, it should rebound over coming weeks

Im charting camp rock 2 because its awesome
Hurts "Beautiful Life"? Never heard of this? What's the song like? I love Hurts so it might become a hit for me.

I'm also a bit surprised at the lack of punctuation in some other song titles. I wouldn't expect a song to be called "Wouldnt Change A Thing," but maybe it is.
oh fuck, I meant wonderful life
ok I will fix that up but can you please comment on something OTHER than how its bloody well presented
You still haven't told me what "Beautiful Life" is like. Even if you modify your chart, you still were charting that Hurts song at one point, so I'd like to know what it's like.

Well, presentation aside (did I ever comment on that anyway?), what's the difference between "Scouting For Girls" and "Scouting for girls"? That baffles me too.
you know what I mean
Typical of you, never answering my questions.

oh its absolutely amazing 392; beautiful melodies; the lot
May you give me a streaming link, or send me an mp3 of it? I'd really like to hear it, please.
omfg 392 it doesnt exist
No, it does!! It was in your chart, and as far as I know, you only chart existent songs!
I think Itunes accidentally deleted it
Hurts have a blackout album? Anyway, send me the demo then BSB!
Stop referring to yourself in third person, I hate that BSB

Unless you're Trav.
I think its hijinx tbh xD
Sad seeing Ne-Yo and Selena going, and finally Follow Me Down leaves, now just for Can't Be Tamed.

Fantastic seeing Taio Cruz re-enter, Usher and Selena Gomez debuting high and of course HURTS debuting

You called it Beautiful Life again? I told you about that lol.
lol Hijinx;
@mykl 77 - cant be tamed shall be departing quite soon I fear, meanwhile who owns my heart can do her work !

glad you like my charts, and umm...maybe?
thats either 392 or hijinx
ok shut up hijinx !
do it hijinx!
lol; if its not you then if its fine; im just thinking of who was in the chat when that happened xD
ok, I'll own up to bsb's mum, but that's it.
BSB's family, would you mind talking about BSB's homosexuality somewhere else as you're just stating the obvious.

continue all conversation in part 2 please
sure just waste the rest of the thread count if you want
The elephant went for a walk. The tiger went for a walk. The lion went for a walk. The cobra went for a walk. The dolphin went for a walk. The leopard went for a walk. The leopard seal went for a walk. The dog went for a walk. The cat went for a walk. The giraffe went for a walk. The hippopotamus went for a walk. The whale went for a walk. The penguin went for a walk. The polar bear went for a walk. The beaver went for a walk. The monkey went for a walk. The travd went for a walk. The kangaroo went for a walk. The koala went for a walk. The possum went for a walk. The wombat went for a walk. The emu went for a walk. The frog went for a walk. The tadpole went for a walk. The chicken went for a walk. The cow went for a walk. The bull went for a walk. The pig went for a walk. The duck went for a walk. The sheep went for a walk. The goat went for a walk. 
Let me try!

Are they the real Americano lyrics? Meanwhile 392, I love the animals post, particularly the random inclusion of "the travd went for a walk!"
George Washington came before John Adams who came before Thomas Jefferson who came before James Madison who came before James Monroe who came before John Quincy Adams who came before Andrew Jackson who came before Martin Van Buren who came before William Henry Harrison who came before John Tyler who came before James Polk who came before Zachary Taylor who came before Millard Fillmore who came before Franklin Pierce who came before James Buchanan who came before Abraham Lincoln who came before Andrew Johnson who came before Ulysses S Grant who came before Rutherford B Hayes who came before James Garfield who came before Chester A Arthur who came before Grover Cleveland who came before Benjamin Harrison who came before Grover Cleveland who came before Travis D who came before Grover Cleveland who came before William McKinley who came before Theodore Roosevelt who came before William Taft who came before Woodrow Wilson who came before Warren Harding who came before Calvin Coolidge who came before Herbert Hoover who came before Franklin Roosevelt who came before Harry Truman who came before Dwight Eisenhower who came before John F Kennedy who came before Lyndon B Johnson who came before Richard Nixon who came before Gerald Ford who came before Jimmy Carter who came before Ronald Reagan who came before George H. W. Bush who came before Bill Clinton who came before George W. Bush who came before Barack Obama.
   It all started when our predictably heroic protagonist, Lady GaGa, woke up in a haunted thicket. It was the fifth time it had happened. Feeling alarmingly stunned, Lady GaGa attacked a ripened avocado, thinking it would make her feel better (but as usual, it did not). Before anyone could take off their pants, she realized that her beloved Telephone was missing!  Immediately she called her so-called friend, Beyoncé. Lady GaGa had known Beyoncé for (plus or minus) 2,000 years, the majority of which were enchanting ones.  Beyoncé was unique. She was intelligent though sometimes a little... insensitive. Lady GaGa called her anyway, for the situation was urgent.

   Beyoncé picked up to a very happy Lady GaGa. Beyoncé calmly assured her that most spotted wolf hamsters sneeze before mating, yet legless puppies usually scandalously grimace *after* mating. She had no idea what that meant; she was only concerned with distracting Lady GaGa.  Why was Beyoncé trying to distract Lady GaGa?  Because she had snuck out from Lady GaGa's with the Telephone only two days prior.  It was a enchanting little Telephone... how could she resist?

   It didn't take long before Lady GaGa got back to the subject at hand: her Telephone. Beyoncé belched. Relunctantly, Beyoncé invited her over, assuring her they'd find the Telephone. Lady GaGa grabbed her hammock and disembarked immediately. After hanging up the phone, Beyoncé realized that she was in trouble. She had to find a place to hide the Telephone and she had to do it carefully. She figured that if Lady GaGa took the rice rocket, she had take at least eight minutes before Lady GaGa would get there.  But if she took the Pussy Wagon?  Then Beyoncé would be barely screwed.

   Before she could come up with any reasonable ideas, Beyoncé was interrupted by seven annoying Antarctic Polar Bears that were lured by her Telephone. Beyoncé cringed; 'Not again', she thought. Feeling concerned, she aptly reached for her dull pencil and aggressively punched every last one of them. Apparently this was an adequate deterrent--the discouraged critters began to scurry back toward the secret vineyard, squealing with discontent. She exhaled with relief.  That's when she heard the Pussy Wagon rolling up.  It was Lady GaGa.


   As she pulled up, she felt a sense of urgency. She had had to make an unscheduled stop at Big Lots to pick up a 12-pack of ripened avocados, so she knew she was running late.  With a heroic leap, Lady GaGa was out of the Pussy Wagon and went sassily jaunting toward Beyoncé's front door.  Meanwhile inside,  Beyoncé was panicking.  Not thinking, she tossed the Telephone into a box of ninja stars and then slid the box behind her refrigerator. Beyoncé was frustrated but at least the Telephone was concealed.  The doorbell rang.

   'Come in,' Beyoncé exotically purred.  With a careful push, Lady GaGa opened the door.  'Sorry for being late, but I was being chased by some selfish self-righteous ass in a neighborhood-terrorizing crotch rocket,' she lied.  'It's fine,' Beyoncé assured her. Lady GaGa took a seat tragically close to where Beyoncé had hidden the Telephone. Beyoncé shuddered trying unsuccessfully to hide her nervousness.  'Uhh, can I get you anything?' she blurted.  But Lady GaGa was distracted. In a blinding moment of misguided bravado, Beyoncé noticed a oafish look on Lady GaGa's face. Lady GaGa slowly opened her mouth to speak.

   '...What's that smell?'

   Beyoncé felt a stabbing pain in her love handle when Lady GaGa asked this.  In a moment of disbelief, she realized that she had hidden the Telephone right by her oscillating fan. 'Wh-what?  I don't smell anything..!'  A lie.  A selfish look started to form on Lady GaGa's face. She turned to notice a box that seemed clearly out of place. 'Th-th-those are just my grandma's wolverines from when she used to have pet albino cats.  She, uh...dropped 'em by here earlier'. Lady GaGa nodded with fake acknowledgement...then, before Beyoncé could react, Lady GaGa randomly lunged toward the box and opened it.  The Telephone was plainly in view.

   Lady GaGa stared at Beyoncé for what what must've been six hours. In a tragically predictable turn of events, Beyoncé groped exotically in Lady GaGa's direction, clearly desperate. Lady GaGa grabbed the Telephone and bolted for the door.  It was locked. Beyoncé let out a striking chuckle. 'If only you hadn't been so protective of that thing, none of this would have happened, Lady GaGa,' she rebuked. Beyoncé always had been a little funny-smelling, so Lady GaGa knew that reconciliation was not an option; she needed to escape before Beyoncé did something crazy, like... start chucking ripened avocados at her or something. Suddenly cheered up by the Hamtaro theme song, she gripped her Telephone tightly and made a dash toward the window, diving headlong through the glass panels.

   Beyoncé looked on, blankly. 'What the hell?  That seemed excessive.  The other door was open, you know.' Silence from Lady GaGa. 'And to think, I varnished that window frame eleven days ago...it never ends!' Suddenly she felt a tinge of concern for Lady GaGa. 'Oh.  You ..okay?' Still silence. Beyoncé walked over to the window and looked down. Lady GaGa was gone.


   Just yonder, Lady GaGa was struggling to make her way through the secret vineyard behind Beyoncé's place. Lady GaGa had severely hurt her love handle during the window incident, and was starting to lose strength.  Another pack of feral Antarctic Polar Bears suddenly appeared, having caught wind of the Telephone.  One by one they latched on to Lady GaGa.  Already weakened from her injury, Lady GaGa yielded to the furry onslaught and collapsed.  The last thing she saw before losing consciousness was a buzzing horde of Antarctic Polar Bears running off with her Telephone.

   About eleven hours later, Lady GaGa awoke, her armpit throbbing.  It was dark and Lady GaGa did not know where she was.  Deep in the lonely disease-infested jungle, Lady GaGa was abundantly lost. Absolutely thrilled, she remembered that her Telephone was taken by the Antarctic Polar Bears. But at that point, she was just thankful for her life.  That's when, to her horror, a enormous Antarctic Polar Bear emerged from the foxy forest.  It was the alpha Antarctic Polar Bear. Lady GaGa opened her mouth to scream but was cut short when the Antarctic Polar Bear sunk its teeth into Lady GaGa's fingernail. With a faint groan, the life escaped from Lady GaGa's lungs, but not before she realized that she was a failure.

   Less than nine miles away, Beyoncé was entombed by anguish over the loss of the Telephone.  'MY PRECIOUS!!' she cried, as she reached for a sharpened live hand grenade.  With a skillful thrust, she buried it deeply into her prostate.  As the room began to fade to black, she thought about Lady GaGa... wishing she had found the courage to tell her that she loved her.  But she would die alone that day.  All that remained was the Telephone that had turned them against each other, ultimately causing their demise.  And as the dew on melancholy sappling branches began to reflect the dawn's reddish glare, all that could be heard was the chilling cry of distant Antarctic Polar Bears, desecrating all things sacred to virtuous men, and perpetuating an evil that would reign for centuries to come.  Our heroes would've lived unhappily ever after, but they were too busy being dead.  So, no one lived forever after, the end.

Thank god for random story generators.
August 29th Antarctica Singles Chart (Last week)

1NE11F**k YouCee-Lo Green125+125 
2141DynamiteTaio Cruz124-13<G>
3262Please Don't GoMike Posner75-16<P>
4NE14Planet-Like DebutShort Stack70+70 
54661I GOOOO FEEEEE (OOOH)Black Eyed Peas65-2<P>30
65451Empire State Of MindJay-Z f/Alicia Keys28-20<G>
7323Afro Nuts (Dcup Remix)Yolanda Be Cool25-52 
862610 Date CommandmentsAm8er f/Lil' Kim19-14 
97104With Emperor Antarctica EPBoy & Polar Bear15-10<G>
1010910Not Afraid (Remix #10)Eminem100<P>2

This week we have Cee-Lo making a very impressive number one debut, knocking off Taio Cruz in the process. He's not the only debut, with Short Stack debuting at #4 with their latest. Empire State of Mind also goes gold this week.
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Bad romance issues ALERT!

Oh, oh oh oh caught in a bad love oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Oh, oh oh oh caught in a bad love oh oh oh oh oh oh oh. Ooh la crazy look in mah ah ah ah Rome is to live the love of a bad error. Ooh la crazy look in mah ah ah ah Rome is to live the love of a bad error.

I want your ugly, I make you sick. I select all of your long it free, I want your love. Love, love, love, I want your love. I'm your drama, you feel your hands, I kiss your studded leather in the sand. I love you, love, love, love you, I want your love. You and I know you, I and my bad you know you have a bad romance.

I want to love you and I want revenge on you, can I write a bad romance. Oh Kuonohaio state, Ohio. I will love to take revenge for all lovers of romance you can write to you and me wrong. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Kuonohaio, I caught a bad romance. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Kuonohaio, I caught a bad romance. Oh Oh Oh Hail Ra, mahjong Rome, the crazy look ooh la, the romance of your bad. Oh Oh Oh Hail Ra, mahjong Rome, the crazy look ooh la, the romance of your bad.

I want to scare you, I will design for you. I have a long and even as you are a criminal, I want your love. Love, love, love, I want your love. I click on the psychology of your dizziness gag. If you want my rear window of your baby's sick, I want your love. Love, love, love, I want your love. You and I know you, I and my bad you know you have a bad romance.

I want to love you and I want revenge on you, can I write a bad romance. Oh Kuonohaio state, Ohio. I will love to take revenge for all lovers of romance you can write to you and me wrong. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Kuonohaio, I caught a bad romance. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Kuonohaio, I caught a bad romance. Oh Oh Oh Hail Ra, mahjong Rome, the crazy look ooh la, the romance of your bad. Oh Oh Oh Hail Ra, mahjong Rome, the crazy look ooh la, the romance of your bad.

, Fashion and baby walk, walk, work around it, a crazy move that bitch. And walk the baby fashion, it will run walk crazy bitch move. And walk the baby fashion, it will run walk crazy bitch move. Walk down the baby's passion, walk, bitch I'm free baby.

I've been looking for your love, I will avenge you. I want your love I do not want friends. I've been looking for your love, I will avenge you. I want your love I do not want friends. No, I do not want friends. I do not want a friend! You want a bad romance!

I want to love you and I want revenge on you, can I write a bad romance. Oh Kuonohaio state, Ohio. I will love to take revenge for all lovers of romance you can write to you and me wrong. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Kuonohaio, I caught a bad romance. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Kuonohaio, I caught a bad romance. Oh Oh Oh Hail Ra, mahjong Rome, the crazy look ooh la, the romance of your bad.
Some website my friends made up:

Become a Rhubarbernist Today

There are no greater forces in this world than rhubarb and barbers, that is why our ancestors founded the greatest religion yet to sweep its mighty wings across this earth - Rhubarbernism.

As Rhubarbernists we seek to bring peace to humanity through daily worship of the two great forces in our lives. Our motto is 'Love your rhubarb, worship your barber, devote your life to Rhubarbernism.'

We hope that you too, will see the light and spread the word, so that others may seek out and rejoice in the solace that being a devout Rhubarbernist will bring.

And so, with the traditional Rhubarbernist greeting 'Moustache moustache!', we welcome you into our community. May you hear the whinney of our mighty creator the Magical Pony.

Note: If you have heard the whinney, and are desperate to join but the website isn't letting you - do not give up! Hold fast to your beliefs! (It usually works on the second try.) Also, some of you silly guams have joined without creating a profile! There is no reason to be shy. We Rhubarbernists are very friendly, in a not at all inappropriate kind of way - most of the time.

OMMP, if this notes section gets any longer I shall create it its own page. The reason you silly guams haven't created a profile is because the website won't let you, and there is only one explanation. Harriet is at it again. She's a real pain in the guam. Anyway, if this has happened to you, do not fear or let Harriet stand between you and your faith! I have removed your accounts so you can try again. Let nothing, not even Harriet of the Cave, stand between you and Rhubarbernism!

hahahahahahaha lol Hijinx at Boy & Bear!!

Anyway, I also got bored and pretended that somehow this 'rhubarbernism' caught on.

September 9th, Rhubarbernist Republic Charts      
1121Ke$haF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
2NEW12Flo RidaF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
3323EminemF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
4481Taio CruzF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
5291Lady GagaLook at me, I'm a Rhubarbernist<P> 4
6634UsherF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
71047David Guetta featuring Amy Winehouse crapping on a toiletF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist<P> 1001
855001Black Eyed PeasF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist<P> 1000
9NEW19Justin BieberF**k, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
10NEW110Miley CyrusOh no, I'm a Rhubarbernist 
Crapping on a toilet? Not in, but on?

I Have an early copy of Next Weeks Antarctic Charts.

1. (7) Boy & Polar Bear - With Emperor Antarctica EP
2. (NEW) The Penguins - Happy Feet
3. (NEW) The Peng Uin - Pingu
4. (NEW) Emperor Penguin - -183 Degrees
5. (3) Mike Posner - Please Don't Go
6. (11) LIFTER500 - 1000 (Vanessa Carlton cover of A Thousand Miles)
7. (15) Black Polar Bear - Fuck You Hunters
8. (1) Cee-Lo Green - F**k You
9. (12) Heart - Hijinx
10. (R/E) Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars.

Lots of movement this Week including my Debut Single cracking The Top 10 at #6 after making #1 on The Bubbling Under 5 last week.
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that 1000 song is epic,#1 of the antarctic year by far,good too see Black Polar Bear enter
Forgot to mention that my Debut Single is a cover. Edited that in now.
Great to see Pingu and Chasing Cars in!
something's gone pear-shaped on here since Tuesday night
<P>6 for Miley?
LMFAO - I'm in Antarctica bitch!
Polar Express (Train Cover)- Drops of Ice
- Hey, Cold Sister
Katy Penguin - Teenage Seals
Kings of Ice - Radioactive
Mike Posner - COOLER than me

those songs should enter next week.
we should create a post giving the Antarctic charts

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yea daveNT, you know there is a 2nd part your meant to comment on
bsb745: I know I'm bumping this but I'm just making a point
Okay, I won't bump this thread over the other one
Nice to see Wonderful Life debut, even though it's rather old now, I'm still happy about it. Odd that you're just now getting into the Usher and Pitbull love duet, but since it's so lovely and beautiful! a love, message! from Usher, to Pitbull! I can be OK with it. I'm sick to death of Dynamite though, shame about it's re-entry, and I don't know all those Disney related songs pretty much. You crazy dita.
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Did you post because of a chat room dare or something?

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