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Forum - General: General Discussion - What does your username mean?

Well, for me, my name is Daniel, and at the time I made this account it was 2009 so I added 09 at the end cause I couldn't think of anything. I regret making it my username though, cause there's already a Daniel07 and a Daniel08, as well as many other Daniel's.
Mykl as low and behold, my name is Michael, and me and a friend came up with Mykl (sounds like 'Michael') a few years ago.
Obvious, lol... although, on a un-obvious note, it's the only place I use my real name, as it's the only place I like to discuss just how much of music nerd I am! Just one of my facets, of which my real name gets!
I don't remember how i came up with my username lol.
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You have a monotone voice lol?
Mine was one I created way back in 1999 or 2000. At the time my favourite current song was Eiffel 65 'Blue' and my all time second favourite song was The Cranberries 'Zombie' so I put the two together. My all time favourite at the time was U2's Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, which I couldn't really make into a workable username.
this insteresting

rofl @mykl my voice is like that lol
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I'm afraid to say mine doesn't really mean anything, just something I choose to use on this site, spur of the moment when I joined...

I liked how yours came together Bluezombie thats cool.

What i really want to know why 392414 has all them numbers. If he wants to tell us.
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It's his prison call number
Mine was really lame actually. Around 2008 I was addicted to charts (about when I found this site) and had an excel document. I made charts from whatever list of things I could find and would gradually introduce items to create a flowing chart. Quite fun actually.
I had a very long chart going using every single Pokemon (there are about 500 so it went for a while), but after I ran out I just made random variations on the names to keep it coming. Jynx became Hijinx and that's it.
hahaha i remember that Pokemon
I think he told me a while ago but I forgot, mustn't have been too interesting.

Oh and can I ask, has anyone else done facebook searches on other members or am I the only one haha?

LOL love the coming about of BlueZombie.
I have a couple of times but a few have come up because i have your email adress but iv never added any one yet.

But be carefull about adding me cauz im a stalker and im very crazy
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Ahaha Jynx was funny, she had that weird kiss move, and I was never sure if it was a guy or girl.

Don't drop the soap beanster

77 is incorporated as 7 is my favourite number, I have a 7 or multiple 7's incorporated into every single username and password of mine.
lol 392414 is how many play on the songs It's Raining Men and YMCA had on Itunes
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I was gonna say something but it's a bit naughty lol...
hahaha you should write it anyway lol
In my late teens I worked in a discount shop and was very clumsy, was always dropping things and breaking stock
(I have lots of memorable incidents but won't go into them here hehe) Anyway I was called Mr Bean because of this. When computers came around and were being installed I needed a username to log onto the company intranet so I couldn't think of anything so I was gonna call myself Mr Bean as a joke within the company but I didn't fancy that and wanted something more appealing. So I lengthened it to Beanster but I still wasn't happy with that. So i took a few hours to write things that looked good with Beanster and some of the ones I came up with BeansterJovi, BeansterBoy and BeansterJam but i settled on BeansterBarnes because i was liking Jimmy Barnes material at that time and have stuck with it ever since

@ Mykl 77

Yeah I heard 392414 likes playing pin the tail on the donkey
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I hope they wearnt dirty Pictures you two don't drop the soap lol.
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Interesting read! Mine is my name and where I used to live (Dave)(Northern Territory) Maybe I should be now known as DaveQLD
I want to know what had a chart run 39-24-14-9-6-3-2-1 ... was this an ARIA chart run?
Don't worry i use body wash
It's probably YMCA's chart run lol
since you looked it up 5 years ago and you remembered it in your brain lol.
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LOL, I can actually rule out YMCA. I just checked my Excel spreadsheets. No song from late-1978 to mid-1994, or 2003-2008 had a chart run which started 39-24-14 in ARIA.
The closest was YOUNG YEARS (Dragon) in '89 ... 39-24-21-
Didn't think this topic would be so popular lol.
I remember thinking once what the 392414 meant. I substituted a=1, b=2 etc. for the numbers .. but thought what on earth is CIBDAD?
My username's rather lame

anton is a short verion of my real name - (I'm not telling you if there are any stalkers out there!)

alan is the name for one of my family members and the n is an abrreviation of and.

I use this username all the time but that person actually never uses it. It's just stuck with me all the time.
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You could use CIXAD. I think it flows better.
That is a LOL 392414
Anton's obviously a guy, the only girl that comes close to being a regular poster on here is Innocent Eyes. I used to think AmerieFan was a girl lol, oh and you 392
I thought AmerieFan was a girl too. Sorry!

Ummm what about PattyPop?
I used to think alleyt1989 was a girl, lol.
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Knowlesey and AmerieFan are the same person 392.
Yeah, I have AmerieFan on msn and his display name is Knowlesey.
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Maybe he used fake info on the Knowlesey account, cause both accounts have the same favourite artists and live in the same city.
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Nah.. I know they're the same person.
Funny how our usernames can be very misleading
It's the same person, I also thought Alley was a girl at first, many of you don't look like I've imagined you to look like.
Oh um the ape... lol, was that the one with the scary smile? Or the dopey one?
its my name A is the start of my last name
well mine is;

Braedan Steven Bourke
7 is a lucky number, 4 is the chinese lucky number, and if i remember right it was 5 which was the egyptian lucky number
Don't know who you're referring to

Lol when I first came to this site (about 3-4 months ago) I paired everyone up depending on their similarities.
Just out of curiosity how old are some of the people here????? i was shocked when i found out that you BSB was only 14.
Innocent Eyes simply cos it's one of my fav albums and I've used this user name on the internet for years now.
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Me, HeadInAMuse and bsb are all the same age surprisingly. Lifter and irelander are also a similar age to us. Think irelander is in uni or college.

That goes for us youngies (I think)

@394212 Obviously I paired you with Mykl (no offence intended)
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Most people on here are in their teens. I'm waiting for that memo 392
Im only 17 lol but i proabably seem older because i know heaps of the older songs from the 90's and 80's.
I actually expected most people here to be in their 20s and 30s
really antonnalan, yay another person to share the boringness of being a 14 yr old in canberra with
This thread is like a chat room. By the way, has anyone ever tried the chat room here?
im sorry, but yea it is, well in my opinion anyway, all we have is zone 3, telstra tower, and quastacon xD
lol, and i guess if your 18+ and wanna get raped, tugeranong
Hmmmmm maybe we should
No. I'd sort of noticed the chat room there, but nobody has ever been on it that I've noticed.

I've never looked for people on Facebook, as you need to know peoples names for that. Though Beanster and smucas have both added me and are on my list.

Age wise, I'm in my twenties. I'm surprised to learn some of you are as young as you are.

What other pairings did you create anton?
HAHAHAHHAAHA 392, well not officially !
its like a whole section of our city though haha
I call Tasmania boring lol you guys are lucky to be in Canberra we in tassie miss out on everything.
lol, including being part of australia

i kid i kid
the weather here sucks lol its always raining
Everyone thinks Tasmania isnt part of Australia they must think were from Newzeland and we always get called in breads lol
lol, well move to inland then, come live in canberra haha
Well do where all you people live?
I wanna move i really like Melbourne and QLD the best
*murders 392*
We were part of Australia once but we didnt like it so we got out the chainsaws and cut our way down the bass straight lol.
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Bluezombie, not true. I've seen the profiles of most members on here. You've got a cute dog lol, and no that's not some sort of strange pick up line LOL.
wait you cut through our country with chainsaws!?, hmm i hope no other countries realise how easy we are to kill
392, is just like one of those little girls who idolizes justin beiber, thats why he wants to move to canada , to see if he can make justin beiber bend
Yeah smucas messaged me about the ACW once. You actually seem really cool lol.

I love Music, obviously, Tennis too! AFL isn't too bad either.

But the best info on there was that you like The Mole, Survivor and The Amazing Race. Survivor is my fave show with TAR being my 2nd
My Favourite Tv shows have all ended

Charmed, Freinds & Blue Heelers

we should all discuss our fav shows now lol .
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Me, because I am COOL! The Mole was my favourite show ever until it ended, now it's How I Met Your Mother with Survivor second.
Are you watching Heroes Vs Villains? It's sooo good, before the current seasons of Survivor and TAR The Amazing Race was my fave, but this one of Survivor knocks it out of the park.

How I Met Your Mother isn't too bad either.

Loved The Mole, especially the 1st season and the one where Petrina or whatever was the mole.
Now that I"m really into music charts the TV in my house is neglected now.

i love heaps of shows though,around 15-20

The Mole was awesome BZ,i remember the first season,very good show
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TAR was my fave until Micronesia of Survivor aired. That was fantastic. And I am certainly watching HvV. I love Parvati. And Courtney and Amanda, sigh.
Oh My God this new season is the best season of Survivor I've ever seen. I'm loving Parvati and Sandra too, I used to think Russell was smart but he's just been making dumb moves. Love Colby too, Jerry is good but a bit of a sheep.

I don't watch tv either. I watch Survivor and TAR online, along with ANTM, Desperate Housewives and Lost and Heroes, but I'm quite behind on the latter.
This one's up there, but Micronesia was better. Did you see that? I'm actually getting a bit sick of hidden idols, which I never thought I'd say.
Of course I saw it, I've seen every season except Marquesas which wasn't aired on TV, and I didn't have the net at the time, and I know the results so there's no use watching.

It was the Fans VS Favourites right? That started conspiracies of Girls Alliances like the Heroes thought this season.
That was it. Started my love for Parv. I eventually watched Marquesas on youtube last year, despite having known the results since 2002. I also recently rewatched some other seasons. I love it enough that it doesn't matter that I know the outcome.
That's true, I've had a few seasons of both this and TAR spoiled. I've actually had this season spoiled, I know the boot order until the top 3 but it's still an amazing season!

Parvati is great! Amanda is alright but not as good as Parv.

I'd totally watch Borneo again as I loved that so much, Australia was good too, so my top 3 seasons are the first 2 and H v V.
Getting a bit off topic don't you think
Absolutley Daniel!

I've never been unspoiled on a TAR season unfortunately. I'm also spoiled on the final three for HvV, and a probable result, but not definite. I've been spoiled on Survivor since about season 15.
Oh so you do lots of researching on it? I'm watching the current season on the net, I've had a few say who the winner may be, and with the final 3 I do think it's quite obvious anyway.
No, but I regularly visit a few TV websites, and always accidentally see something. Or sometimes deliberately, but usually I don't mean to but I see a name and that's enough to spoil it. Of the final 3, I'd say there a clear cut third place, but the other two it could go either way.
Yeah I know 3 is certain, but 2 will be low too. I think 1st will receive the majority of the votes, atleast 6/9 maybe?
I'm thinking it'd be a 5/4/0 split.
And who do you think of the top 2 is getting the 5 and the 4?
Mykl 77, I've just seen your post, I'm a boy actually, not a girl . But you're not the first one who thinks I'm a girl lol.
Ohh I'm sorry LOL... Well that means there are no girls here I think

It was only based on the name lol.
Well, it might spoil the season for anyone who isn't spoiled, so I'll memo you.

@Hijinx: The first time I listened, I thought I caught "aboard this train". But I know now that's not it. "Come apart this way" is what I've got, but I have no clue at all. If someone said to you "Gotta have my bowl", how would you interpret that?

If I'm in a position where I'll skip songs I don't feel like hearing, I like to know ahead of time so that I can prepare the skip. If I'm just gonna listen straight through, I prefer the surprise. If you were the girl on Rebecca Black's left, would you be mad at the one on her right being singled out as her sole friend?

It's because she decided not to have her stage name seem like that of a Swedish pop star, and instead went with the idea of it being like a Fleetwood Mac song. They sold much more than Robyn in their careers, so they're much better to try to be like. Also, she spelled it wrong, and anything incorrectly spelled is HUGE, as we know. americanized???

A little bit. Their/they're/there is not my major peeve and there weren't too many, though it was kind of difficult to read. What grade will Rebecca Black get for her essay "I Am Thursday's Child", since we know she is not a fan of Thursday?

Well, your friends plural are in the front seat, so there's no room there, and your friend is to your right, so the only logical options are the middle in the back, or the far left in the back. But I'm pretty sure all the seats are attached, and you won't be able to take them anywhere. Which seat can I taaaaake?

I alwats liked Marvin The Martian so I will say that it's mildly amusing. I'm not sure it qualifies as a joke though. It's also amusing that you've had your mousepad for that long. Why does Rebecca Black wake up with messy hair and perfect make-up?

Many or Horror is a cooler sounding title, but When We Collide makes more sense. What is involved in a Fry Day party?

Because he's a more giant douche than Shane is. And he's jealous that Henry scored the better sister. If you had to compare a character to Rebecca Black, which one would it be?

Considering that I can't remember whether Officer Riggins is the one who makes it to episode 11 or dies sooner, I'd have to go with Maggie. There's her secret Madison affair, and the sexual tension with Shane, plus her absolute stupidity. All these are fleshed out elements of her character. Then again, to be literal, I think Officer Riggins ended up with more flesh out of him than Maggie did in her neat hanging. In all seriousness, who was a more fleshed out character, Bethie or Lucy?

Monitor screen easily. It's had far less stuff touch it. Would you rather lick your mother's hand or your brother's hand?

I think two balls/one hand is more difficult, so I would say yes. Mathematical reasoning is always sound. On that note, if today it is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday, what comes afterwards?

For that one I'd have to say it's someone who would be likely to shoot themselves by accident, and for that I look at the most Bawdi member, even if they might prefer to use a Grenage. Who's our Thomas?

For sure! I think it should be worth only 2, maybe 3 at a real stretch. 4 is far too much. Why do Fat Usher and Rebecca Black never cross paths? Did they once date and it ended badly?

I vote for Decode. The Paramore song of that name is quite cool, and the word and what it means is also cool. What's the best word ending in 'ette'?
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well hello team there has been a lot of discussion here hasn't there!!! well no i am definitely male ... DEFINITELY male haha.

my name is simple, my mates called my alley in primary don't ask me why, i don't know how they got that from alexander - xander would have been a much cooler name, and i was born in 1989 pretty simple.

tbh i've always wondered what 392414 meant.
I'm afraid my name was just randomly created.

I wonder how Human League's Mirror Man got his/her name.
I'm afraid my name was just randomly created.

I wonder how Human League's Mirror Man got his/her name.
Mine's supposed to be a fusion of Radiohead and Muse

My username sucks lol
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mine comes from my other half and mines star signs. I'm a Taurus (bull) and they are a Leo (lion), so take out the extra l's and you have bulion.
It was the licence plate on my first car.
Great Conversation good to get to know everyone..

Nate is short for Nathan everyone calls me Nate...
Boi is because i am male, spelling i have no idea why i used i?
I am 24 nearly 25 and live near 392414 and someone else i have forgotten they were from eastern Melbourne...?
Antonalan: Nope, I'm like 6 Years older then you are.

I Have used 3 UserNames on this Website (2 of which I was Guest for).
The 1st one was WEIGHT LIFTER but I only used it for 1 Post simply because it sucked so much.
So I changed it to LIFTER100. I Was trying hard to figure out what to call myself, NEVER under any circumstances was I going use my real name because my real names sucks. So then I came up with LIFTER100, LIFTER came from the Weight Lifting that I do once every day and 100 was simply a random number I picked. When I became a Member Last Year I changed the Number to 500 and thats how my current Username was born.
I am a member (member name TK74) (don't have auto password set up on this PC though) but use this as guest name.

Tim. surname starts with K and 74 is the year I was born. I'm double the age of some people on this site; scary.
Well my username is very interesting!!!
When I first started posting I used the guest name James and when I became a member changed it to JMcN which stands for James McNeil. Now you would think that this would be my real name but no! It's actually my pretend name that I use and have used it for about 15 years!!!
It came from (sadly) as a child I imagined I hosted a Music TV show called Party Time (later PT)- originally I was the host (as my real name) but then my real self left and the hosting job was taken over by James McNeil.
The name has just stuck for use whenever I want to not use my real name.
By the way way this has just proven to me what a sad childhood I must have had to put so much thought into an imaginary TV show- hopefully it's a sign of my briliance-but I doubt it!

Oh! and I'm not telling who I really am either
My surname is Ireland, and irelander is a bit of a nickname that was given to me during primary school. I live in western Melbourne, yes I'm a westie.

@antonnalan I'm not in uni, but I'll take it as a compliment. I'm still in Year 11 and i'm 15.
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lol, who wants to go in the chat room, so it can be used for more than 1 time (last night) xD
Nate, that other Eastern suburbs Melbourne person is me
Ha lots of interesting conversations going on here. You can see in my profile I live in Sydney (haven't always been here) and I am very much into 90s music - my high school and uni years. I am surprised most people are so young.
I'm not young at all.
It's funny like some other posters, I assumed everyone here was a guy except Innocent Eyes, Patty Pop and Amerie Fan, I guessed they sounded like girly names. Bit of a stereotype really as I guess anyone can use any username online.
I thought PattyPop was a guy?
I thought PattyPop and AmerieFan where the same people lol
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I thought id join in to the interesting thread created 1 day ago

Of course the first six letters of my username is my real name. For the extra 'xy' on the end of it, it happened when the username timfox was unavailable on yahoo mail many years ago, when creating my first email address.

Finally, the 236 and underscore was added into my second email address after my first account somehow had a virus or something in it (even though I never saw one). The number is my top score in Tenpin Bowling, my favourite sport.
You must be a Pro Bowler Timfoxxy, my Top Score is only 154.
I havent been playing in a number of years actually, its so expensive to bowl these days. But back when I did, i would say 150 is my average score lol (not a single game below 100 from memory). I got about 3 or 4 games in the 200s overall
When I used to Play Last Year (Don't Play anymore though), near the end of
the Bowling Year I usually averaged the early 100's (110, 120, 130 Eg).
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My top score is 183 in bowling (was that boowling Smither's ) average is 120's
My best is 122. I suck ass.
I bowled once when I was 8. I must have got less than 90 because I don't recall ever getting a spare.
My best is probably 110
Wait does this include bumpers or not ?
In my case it was without bumpers.

I Remember as a kid when playing with bumpers I got 125 Points.
Ok now to clear something up: AmerieFan and knowlesey are NOT the same person

knowlesey is my older Brother. I also have the same nickname that I do use on MSN (hence why you thought we were the same person Daniel09)

I don't believe he uses this site much. I'm on it pretty much everyday.

As for 'what does your username mean' well that's pretty obvious. I'm a fan of Amerie
Everyone here is the same. For example, I am:

timfoxxy 236

+ everyone else on this thread. After all, we are all PEOPLE!
hmmm, true true, but we are also all different , im not gonna write 2 paragraphs on how different we can be though
I live in the 'Seventh State' (NZ) so I'm different.
G'day, well my name is obviously Joe. And the "album guru" bit is because i'm a musicologist and specialize on albums in contempary music (1955-now), And know a shit load about thousands of albums; like a guru.
Oh HeadInAMuse you're from NZ!!!! Interesting stuff!
Oh and sorry lifter and irelander for mistaking your ages. I know I shouldn't presume about someone's personal details
Why not I always thought Lifter was about 18 and irelander 16-18.
I always thought Lifter was an old lady
Wow what a busy thread. And you all make me feel SOO old!

Trent - My fave pair of jeans when I was younger were the brand Trent Nathan.
74 - Well this is the year I was born. So yep, that makes me 36 so it is why I know all that stupid info from the 80's 90's.

Gotta go now and get my meds for the week
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I always had a feeling Lifter was a young'n
You thought I was an old lady Brandon. Lifter is about as a manly username as you get.
Over the past 2 years I have every now and again mistaken some members genders.
Now, where are my teeth, I have some kniting to do. You kids have fun now, bye.
granny lifter love it!
I always thought Lifter was a youngy like me and bsb
Thats understandable Antonalan, I'm incredibly immature for my age so it's no surprise that most people thought I was younger. I would rather be immature then a boring old fart any day.
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Definitely agree. I'm so childish at school. My friends sometimes call me the 'innocent one'. Lol - it's mainly because I'm the only person in my year without a sick mind - I hardly get that terminology
simple, i'm sweet and ima girl, probs the youngest on this site, i'm only guessing though???
and also the 23 is my lucky number and also me and my twin cousins' birthday date!!!
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I assumed she meant that she shares her birthday with her cousins who are twins. Not that she is a twin with her cousin. It's the damn possessive apostrophe causing the confusion. It sould have been written as twin cousins' birthday
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no, well,
i was meant to be born on the 12th but instead i was born on 23rd same as my cousin but i was born 2 hours before her, and also my sister and my twin cousin's sister were born on the same day together aswell but they are 1 hour apart, coincedence hey?? yet again soooooooooooo confusing???
Sorry Sweet Girl but in that insatance there are absolutely no twins present. Being born on the exact same day does not make you a twin withy our cousin.
well, all four of us are like twins (so we call each other)because we think the same say the same and go shopping together!!!
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no it doesn't but we like to think that we are.
392, you always forget the 23 in my name- the number is mine and my TWIN cousin's bithday date
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You know what, there are hundreds of thousands of people born on the same day as me, we must all be twins!
To be honest Hijinx I do not know anybody personally who was born on the 9th December 1992 (of those I know birthdays of, which is quite a lot). From that month I know 1 or 2 people born on Christmas Day 1992 who I knew about 10 years ago but apart from that, all I know is this dickhead who was born on the 30th December 1992.
lol hijinx and cliff
did you know that my cuz and i are born on the same day as Bert Newton...
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Interestingly enough, another person who was born on the same day in the same hospital as me happens to share the same first and middle names as me, just swapped around. I think I know someone born on Christmas Day 1992 as well.
Same day as Bert Newton? Are you 72 years old SweetGirl?
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no im not it's just that he was born 23rd july and me and cuz were too plus im actually far from 72 years old i'm 60 years younger than him
i also just googled and i found these famous people that were born on 23rd July

Depending on your age you may not know some of these, but they are famous.

Monica Lewinsky, White House intern
Alison Krauss, American singer and fiddler
Philip Seymour Hoffman, American actor
Slash, English-born guitarist (Guns N Roses)
Woody Harrelson, American actor
Martin Gore, English musician and songwriter (Depeche Mode)
Don Imus, American talk radio host
Anthony Kennedy, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
Don Drysdale, baseball player
Bert Convy, American game show host, actor, and singer
Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia
Raymond Chandler, American author

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From your list I know Slash from Guns N Roses. I think I know who Anthony Kennedy and Phil Hoffman are. Don't know the others.
Cliff, surely you'd have heard of Monica Lewinsky, she's the woman that Clinton* did, not, have sexual relations with.

*Not the aus-charts member
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Actually, now you mention it yes I have. How could I forget Monica?
Reviving an oldish thread here...
I myself am from Sydney, currently in a mostly normal town sorta near the apparently famous town of Manly

Did I mention the main road? Yes I live on a main busy road. I come very close to getting run over daily trying to get to the bus stop. Kidding
Actually I was reviving a subtopic inside this thread about where everyone is from. My mistake on that part
Bangalore is the most technologically advanced city in India; their computer capital, apparently. That is why I'm called bangalore.

@bulion Did you know bulion is another word for gold (I think)?
I think it's bullion from memory, but yeah I think so.
My name is Billy. I am a beast. Billbeast.
Enough said.
There's a song by Katy B called Broken Record and I don't particularly know why but I chose that as my username. I guess I added "s" as it felt more genuine.
Zacco (real name Zachary) is a nickname I came up with when I was 11, and I've used it for almost every site I've signed up to. 3 became my favourite number around the same time, and I usually have one or two of them at the end of usernames. As some already know, I live in Tasmania
Wow that was a nostalgia rush, when it was cool to interact with others without people getting their knickers in a twist.
Ah memories....
My username has absolutely nothing to do with the definition of the word Effluvium - in case personal hygiene judgements were being made

My username has to do with my addiction to the id Software computer game HeXen: Beyond Heretic (TM) , and my birthday is the 24th of March, and the 24th map in the game is a big sewer pit named 'Effluvium'. The '1' is there for no particular reason.
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Well...um...Savage Garden is (still) my favourite artist and my name is Grant thus...savagegrant!
By the way Effie, I'm a huge fan of the two games either side of Hexen: Beyond Heretic in the Heretic/Hexen game series. Heretic (very much in the same vein as my all time favourite game, Doom) and Hexen II which I felt corrected most of the faults in the first Hexen game and it used the classic Quake engine. heh
According to my friends, I am the one and only Sean they know. Thus, I named myself TheOGSean! (I have a feeling that I'll regret this username in times to come, but oh well )

~ Sorry to disappoint those who thought it was meant to be "Theo G Sean" ~
My name is Keith and I am from Canberra. Most boring username ever.
1) I'm terrible at on the spot nicknames
2) is my lucky number
3) Benji is just a nickname I've had during the years
well hello team there has been a lot of discussion here hasn't there!!! well no i am definitely male ... DEFINITELY male haha.
my name is simple, my mates called my alley in primary don't ask me why, i don't know how they got that from alexander - xander would have been a much cooler name, and i was born in 1989 pretty simple.

I know you from the song game threads but always assumed you were a girl called Alley or Allie or Alison, sorry.
You have great taste in music.

My username is from Doctor Who, the title of an episode and the name of a giant cactus. No reason for picking it other than I like the way it sounds.
Doomed User is one of my favorite Deftones songs, and I couldn't stop listening to it when I joined, so yeah

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