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This Thread can be used to discuss the Members on Australian-Chats.com and the other Countries.

If there is a Member that is causing problems then report it here.
You can also use this Thread to discuss anything with the Members. It's our Thread.

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not really ben, this is sorta just a threa where we can go all out and be random {I have a feeling this was made for me, 392, and mykl LOL}
You make some good points Ben01 but this Threads other purpose was to post anything you like.
Yes Bsb I agree with you about AUSSIEDIVO. I would also like to complain about that COG guy.
There is another Member on here that has really pissed me off but I memoed that complaint to Beanster.
(It's not BB, Beansters cool BTW)
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i hope it wasnt me lol!
yea the COG guy is HEAPS Annoying, so is this essntially a 'report member' thread?
Your safe Bsb745 and Fliptop. I will keep that persons idenity private.
"So is this essntially a 'report member' thread?" Thats 1 purpose of this Thread yes.
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@bsb. Do you have any problems with me?
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That's good Lifter. I actually have a bone to pick myself with someone here as well. But it isn't you.
haha Fliptop
ok cool lifter
I personally do have someone i am considering reporing, but i think i'll wait and see how things pan out first..

though I think we all know a fight WILL break out in this thread at some point, we need more moderators lol!
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see above bsb
all this editing, its crazy

@Fliptop - Nothing worth reporting lol, i mean we dont really get along and our music taste differs alot, but not worth reporting haha lol
I'm sure we have SOMETHING in common lol
Just to clarify.

There are many Threads but there is not 1 Thread where you can discuss absolutley
anything (General Discussion), that was purpose 2 of this Thread.
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We both like Rihanna. I guess that's something we can talk about bsb.
lol fliptop, i guess, shes had 12 #1's in my personal charts, more than anyone else

i also love reading books? LOL
BTW Shouldn't you be at school Bsb or are you using School computers.

The Threads only 2 1/2 Hours old and it's already getting buzy, cool.
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Are we going to have a tribal council and vote people off australian-charts.com?

I'm joking. I'd probably end up being the sole survivor anyway lol.
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lol, i would love to have an online game of big brother/survivor on aus charts, but of course there are websites for that

www.tengaged.com, im bsb745 of course LOL!

@Lifter - Well (i really dont wanna talk about it much ) Something happened, so this is my last day of recovery time hehe ^^"

*writes 392's name on tribal council sheet* Soz, i had to do it (jk) lol
Well I think I would survive longer then both of you simply
because I have survived on here since September 2008.
As you know I have 3 people in mind for my tribal council sheet.
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well, i would OWN you guys at big brother, coz im a sneaky bitchy forgettable 14 y.o LOL
yea, post it once, in the correct thread, and we dont get annoyed, post it twice, on 10+ thread, and WE ALL WANT A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD

You maybe a member but that doesn't give you the right to abuse the threads, your account has been passed onto the admin and will be blocked in due process, goodluck.
thank you beansterbarnes

lol see lifter, 1st day and we are already culling members.LOL

The point is that you've used numerous threads to provide the same information which inturn has violated the usage rules of thread posting i.e 'spamming'.
I suggest you start removing them as a sign of remorse.

As for Rock In Lisboa, great stuff.
I think that I have to introduce myself, colombian living in Australia 30, chemical engineer....
Above I said: "I actually have a bone to pick myself with someone here." Because everyone posting in the last few hours has been in good sprits, I'm going to give them another chance before I out them. Note that the member I have in mind is not anyone who has posted in the last few hours.
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ok yay so it isnt me, if its the member IM thinking of, its the same person as mine , this person has a few other ppl not happy as well
@ bsb

Even if you want to keep it private, could you say the first letter? I'm just curious if it's the same as who I am thinking of. By the way, I'm no fan of the COG guy either, but he hasn't bothered me too much. It's a more common member that I'm thinking of.
how about i memo you fliptop
I Hope it's not me Bsb. I Wonder if it is the same person I'm mad at.
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*sigh* lets just go chat room shall we? LOL
Yes its you lifter, lets go review EVERYTHING youve done wrong... of course it isnt you xD!
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Thank god for that. The person I'm mad at is not a regular poster but has his own Personal Chart.

Thats the only clue your getting.
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bsb, I have memoed you.
Myself and bsb know each other's members in mind. If you have posted here before this message, rest easy, neither of us have any issues with you.
....yet LOL
Oh dear I hope it's not me
No antonnalan, not you. Don't worry.
Well I'll do so in advance and just in case I've done so already. I apologise for ANY offense I cause or input on anyone during the time I am on Aus Charts.

there that makes me feel a lot better
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Damn you're just making me want to know who the member LOL!

Well at least it's not me I'm a regular poster (see 21/05/2010 14:49)
I have someone in mind.

Don't worry I hate some members too lol.

is this a game where we vote of the members we hate? im sure some ppl find me annoying, the way im always asking questions. i have to know everything
Don't worry Aussiedivo. While people got a little irritated with you today, we can forgive and forget this time.
ok i'll be good....
I hate the people who have created many threads on this site for useless topics regularly such as the cog one and the australian internet radio one. Not naming anyone, I don't even know their member names.
It should not be a thread to "vote" against a Member...

We had such threads on the swiss site and they didn't helped to solve problems between members, because it was almost a voting.

So if you've got a big problem with another Member write a Memo to Steffen Hung, he can check your problems and block the member for some days or for special things (reviews, adding new songs etc).
Well it has to be justified.
And the accused should be given a chance to make their case, except in extreme cases of course.
Most are self-explanatory BSB, and I'm not saying I'm 100% clean.
Everyone who has posted here is safe, don't hate any of you.
In fact the guy I "dislike" has attcked me multiple times when reviewing Tracks, never on the forums. If you think you know who I'm talking about Memo me.

Can you guys (Bsb and Fliptop) memo me the people you are refering to.
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Sure lifter.
BSB, I just checked the deleted posts and they were deleted by 'bsb745' (you), that was definitely not me.
i deleted 2, correct, the OTHER 2 however i did not delete, so dont give me that bull**** please
I Have recieved the memos from Bsb, Fliptop and 392414. Thanks guys. I Better be going to bed now lol.
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There are 7 deleted posts of yours, 6 deleted by you, I just saw one deleted by someone else (not me), they might not want me to name them.
i have only deleted 2
EVEN if i did delete 6 (which i didnt) i have a right to know who deleted the 7th, as none of my comments on this thread have had anything wrong with them, i might of deleted a 3rd due to bad timing on a response, but 3 is the maximum
I'm not lying to you, ask Claude or someone, what I told you is exactly what shows up for me.

The 7th post was deleted by Beanster...
ok, beanster nothing i said was wrong -_-!
Claude, is what hes saying true, ive had reason before not to trust him
ooh tough stuff!!!
lol alleyt, prooob dont get involved, you dont deserve trouble
Haha, this thread was always bound to cause trouble. I do think the second idea of this thread, a 'General Discussion' type thread where NOTHING was off topic (as long as it still followed all other rules ie; non-offensive, non-discriminatory) is a good one to have. Most forums do have this, and it might solve other threads going too far off topic (which many of you know is a gripe I often have )

When I have a problem with a member serious enough to talk about or report, I use memo. Not everyone needs to get involved. The 'report' function bsb suggested is also a good idea, a simple way to link to a mod that a post might be spam or offensive so that they don't have to search an entire thread to find the offending post.

Lastly, if I'm the person upsetting any of the people who have mentioned it above, send me a memo and we can discuss it.
i dont know how to tell you lifter, but your thread has created the most drama i have ever seen on this site XD
YAY! Bsb is staying!
yay! bsb is still taking a week break! LOL

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got.
Taking a break from all your worries, sure would help a lot.

Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go

Where everybody knows your name,
and they're always glad you came.
You wanna be where you can see,
our troubles are all the same
You wanna be where everybody knows
Your name.

You wanna go where people know,
people are all the same,
You wanna go where everybody knows
your name.

Making your way in the world today
Takes everything you've got;
Taking a break from all your worries
Sure would help a lot.
Wouldn't you like to get away?

Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
You want to be where you can see,
Our troubles are all the same;
You want to be where everybody knows your name.

Be glad there's one place in the world
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
You want to go where people know,
People are all the same;
You want to go where everybody knows your name.

Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came;
Where everybody knows your name,
And they're always glad you came...

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It's great that you want to stay bsb.

Take the break you were talking about if you need to, but I'm sure that you won't leave for a long time because...

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lol! =p thank you so much Flip
bsb dont worry mate, whatever your sexuality is, it should not have any bearing on this site so good luck with whatever you decide in life on that aspect. its a shame that you feel as though you have to 'reveal' this information for fear that someone else will tell people.

also sorry LIFTER im a bit red faced now, i guess the thread was neccesary
UPDATE (lol):

ME and 392 HAVE worked things out, i wont be taking a break probably..
ben01, i guess no fear now, but ima keep that info up, as i feel good about saying it to people.
thats good to hear then on all accounts
and i post long messages, and nobody is asking but i delete my post
Bsb745: 21/05/2010 22:41 : Well actually I have seen worse drama on this site then this Thread.

Ben01: Thats OK, I should have been a bit more specific in my 1st Post.
I don't know exactly how this complaint thread is supposed to work but I would like to report Mykl 77 and bring his/her behavior on australian-charts.com up for discussion. I've read through a lot of threads here and it appears I'm not the first to have a problem with Mykl 77. Just today, he posted what could come across as an offensive message on 392414's Personal Charts, Pt. II [Your Charts].

"Quite a horrid chart this week, funny how things can change so suddenly. Used to be one of the best charts, now it's got to be one of the worst."

"Why did you delete my comment loser? I won't bother commenting anymore then."

These are the most uncivil comments I have read on australian-charts.com. Not to be the civilty police or anything, but surely on a website like this that is fairly well-known on the internet amongst people who follow music charts (as a component of the Steffun Hung body of website) there should be a line drawn somewhere about what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Personally, I would NEVER bash someone's chart, even if I liked no songs on it - even if I hated every song on it. At worst, I would offer suggestions, maybe even CONSTRUCTIVE critism. But I would never sink so low as to call someone's opinion "horrid" or "the worst". That goes beyond constructive critism in my books. Even in the extremely unlikely event that this could of been a joke or something it just isn't funny. We have GUESTS for goodness sake that come and go here all the time, what kind of reputation does this give to the australian-charts.com community? And as for calling someone a loser (and probably meaning it) and leaving a nasty remark "won't bother commenting anymore" to top it off, Mykl 77's actions, the way I see it, have just completely crossed the line.

You make a good point Cliff, but I think that it's just a bit of friendly banter between Mykl & 392, they do it all the time from what I've seen.
Calling someone a "loser" shouldn't be "friendly banter". Besides, from what I've read in other threads, Mykl 77 has a history of causing problems for others.
I don't claim to be an expert of social interactions, but I thought that friends put each other down for a bit of a laugh, and no party is offended. Perhaps we could find out whether or not 392 is offended by the remark?
Even if 392414 or anyone else isn't offended, do we want "uninformed" guests (who could become potential members) seeing that in threads? They might think this is a place where they'll be put down if people dislike their opinion. I think Mykl 77's behavior has crossed the border.
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Ah good point, not being a guest I can't be sure. Perhaps we could get a lurker's opinion on this, (feel free to post, I won't bite)
Mykl77 sent me a memo. They could've replied to me with a nice and civil comment. Instead I was subjected to a very nasty-sounding post. I was hoping a friendly explanation from Mykl's end at least would set things straight but Mykl77 has instead decided to disrespect me, even though I have genuine concerns.
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Please don't use this thread to complain about other members.
But we don't want to read things like "loser" or something to other members.

You can write a memo to steffen Hung with a link to the thread you think it's not ok. But this time will be lost to work on the site...
Thank you
I thought that was the point of this thread beginning in the first place...

But if you would prefer me to consult Steffun Hung in future that's fine too. I don't think any other complaint will need to be here as I'm sure Mykl_77 will come round and learn their lesson. Thanks.
Don't want to re-escalate this, but I just read my thread; I wouldn't say anything of the horrid chart bit, it's sort of an ongoing thing between Mykl and I, and he wouldn't mean any offense by that. Don't know where the deleted comment was, I certainly didn't delete any of his comments.
Perhaps this Thread can be used to warn the offender about
the bad behaviour then if they don't listen send the Staff memos.

I have come up with a List that lists The Top 20 Biggest Impacting Members in Australian-Charts.com History. There are many ways to judge how the List should be done and it is debatable but the ways I did this List include.
Number of Reviews
Consistancy of Regular Posts in Threads
Longevity on The Site
Charts Game Success
Prediction Success
Personal Chart Threads
Other Threads
Chat Room Activeness
Extra Things.
Some things can outdo other things depending on how big it is. I also tryed to include members that were posting on the site in 2007/2008 to be as fair with this as possible and not be biased towards the last 2 Years.
Anyway here is the Top 20 in no order IMO of The Biggest Impacting Members In Australian-Charts.com History.
The few that deserved a mention.

THE TOP 20. (In no particular order).
Chris A.
D Man.
Innocent Eyes.

This List is just my opinion and isn't anything offical.
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This is a really stupid. I stated my distaste for the current chart which I'm allowed to do as it's my opinion. Myself, 392 and a few other members are like that towards each other.

I replied in a civil manner, I just said how you shouldn't be calling people out for things when you don't know the dynamics of the people in question. No one involved has been offended, the regular members know we're like that towards each other. There's been much worse than that on here.

I'd have said the same thing to anyone who'd have made a complaint of that sort of nature, so there's no need to feel disrespected.
Mykl, what was that deleted comment though? I still have no idea.
I just said what I liked and didn't like about the chart and how now that Wonderful Life's not up there it's not one of the best anymore. This is just all stupid. Supposedly I can't say what I don't like, I should just provide constructive feedback LOL. Well, chart N-Dubz. Remember 392, your response must be constructive. No being mean
That's it. I'm leaving australian-charts.com because I do not wish to be subjected to any more bullying at the hands of Mykl_77. I really wanted to enjoy this website for a long time but if this website is dedicated to bullying others, then this just won't work. I believe in morals and decency, not bullying by "real members" who are "superior" if they have been on here longer. I'll be the better man in this situation and take the fall, even though the fault is really in the hands of the troll (aka Mykl_77).

Before I leave, I would like to thank the other members and guests for allowing me to enjoy my short-term stay here and wish them all the best in their future pursuits on this website. Take care everyone and remember, you don't have to stand for Mykl_77's bullying of you.

signing out
A bit blown out of proportion all this. I agree there is a place for constructive criticism. Such replies may be misconstrued as insulting by some. Perhaps a should have been used (if it wasn't) as it implies what the comment is ... 'tongue in cheek' but constructive feedback all the same.
Short memos between the two parties involved is the way to go, to clear any bad air. You'd be amazed how many comments can be misinterpreted, then escalating a situation that never was.
It goes without saying that there has been MUCH
MUCH MUCH worse then this. *coughgetluvcough*

hrm, not too sure whats exactly caused all this but i will go in for Mykl's defence and say that i have spoken to him many a time and found him to be a wonderful and friendly person. it is very unusual for anyone else to say stuff like that about him.
Mykl's a great member (99.9% of the time ), but anyway Cliff, I was the one called the loser, wasn't I? I've clearly taken no offense or anything, so why are you so affected?
A bit too late telling him that isn't it?
This just goes to show that some people will find some of the behaviour and posts of others will be found offensive.
It doesn't matter that it's harmful banter or just playing around, Cliff does have a valid point but so does Mykle but nobody is in the right unfortunately.
Hopefully this is a lesson to all concerned.

I had memo'd him Dave but he took offense to me telling him to just keep out as none of the parties involved were negavitely affected, and that we're (392 and myself) are always like that.

I'll remember the next time also.

Thanks also 392 and Ben
Anton, I'm pretty sure Cliff's still lurking in the shadows
This may be my first ever complaint on Aus charts but here goes...

Some of you may have read about my rant on the ARIA Chartifacts thread (15th November) and I am personally very annoyed that Martin/Sally can call his/her predictions 'better' than others. I know that no one has really taken offense (except for me) and that this instance has only occurred 3 times but I find it very annoying that you can arrogantly call your predictions superior to others. Technically you cannot as it's just predictions and we're all predicting in the same boat. Unless you have cheated and know the results, you cannot say that your predictions are better than anyone elses and I find this an annoying act of arrogance.

Martin/Sally - I have absolutely nothing against you and I do acknowledge that I'm the only one complaining about this situation but would you please refrain from calling your predictions 'better' than someone elses.

Thanks, Anton.
I wouldn't worry too much anton, after all the week he said he'd do better than me, I beat him 10-4 and the week he said he'd beat BillyBrett, he lost 8-6. He's 0 for 2 so far, so all it really means is that you'll beat him this week.
I have a problem with 392414 criticizing most things i do.
I also have a problem with 392414 criticizing most things you do
I do have a problem with most things you do.
This Site clearly has too many big personalites.
It can be both interesting and frustrating at the same time.
Well you have been spoken to before about this 392414 and i won't hesitate to notify Bulion or Steffen if it was to continue.
The same goes for yourself TravD.
I thought my name wouldve cropped up my now.
Most of us can't remember you Shakistans by name.
moments like this have annoyed me lately..

20/11/2010 03:32
Just finished watching the 30 minute documentary on the "Loud" deluxe edition bonus disc, and Rihanna did the photoshoot for the album cover artwork.

She seemed happy and it was her choice of wardrobe, she DID cover up her never regions, she placed her hands there so that you can't see her underwear.

If Rihanna wants to strip off and show some skin, then it's her choice, she likes to show off her hot body!

OMG! i just purchased Kesha's "Animal/Cannibal" deluxe album today, and there are 3 enhanced videos including the 2nd version of "Take It Off".

It's a must buy! for any Kesha fan!

Nelly Furtado's "Greatest Hits" is also a good cd to buy! does anyone know if a DVD compilation of her videos will get released?

20/11/2010 12:57
Alley: I understand lol. I don't have that pic anywhere in the packaging or booklet I have.

Brandon: YOU SERIOUSLY BOUGHT THAT!?!?!?!?!? What a waste of money.

it just seems really harsh to say that someone wasted their money on an album they enjoyed, I dont think anyone (well, other than billybrett that I noticed) really cares but its just something I felt needed to be brought up
Gee 392 likes to stir doesn't he.
"392" has been mentioned in this thread 29 times. Is that a good thing?
lol not too sure :p

Despite some of the issues brought up here, a lot of them are by irritating guests who don't mind trolling our members.
bsb's point is kind of valid, though it's hardly a new issue. People have been rude, insulting and dismissive of other's opinions and tastes since before I joined. It seems if you like something "disapproved" you get attacked, and you can even get attacked for disliking something the masses like. (Yes, I think Bruno Mars is awful, people, get over it. It's just my opinion, I don't need anymore memos telling me it's wrong.) There are ways to disagree with people without going as far as attacking them, and maybe we should all try to be more careful about this.
Who's been sending the memos? lol

01030801The Edge of GloryLady GaGa 2 weeks
02261201Someone Like YouAdeleNP
03021801Rolling in the DeepAdele 2 weeks
04080804Super BassNicki MinajNP
05011201Give Me EverythingPitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer 2 weeks
06130306Don't Wanna Go HomeJason DeRüloNP
07041004Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)Katy Perry
08092101Born this WayLady GaGa 5 weeks
09060906Tonight TonightHot Chelle Rae
10071201JudasLady GaGa 7 weeks
11051403Party Rock AnthemLMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
12140612I Wanna GoBritney SpearsNP
13100710Marry the NightLady GaGa
14NE0114Best Thing I Never HadBeyoncéNP
15150715Fashion of His LoveLady GaGa
16120905I'm Into YouJennifer Lopez featuring Lil Wayne
17180617Dirty DancerEnrique Iglesias featuring UsherNP
18200318She Ain't YouChris BrownNP
19190419Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
20172102Just Can't Get EnoughBlack Eyed Peas
21NE0121How to LoveLil WayneNP
22350322Sure ThingMiguelNP
23240620Til DeathWynter Gordon
24NE0124LightersBad Meets Evil featuring Bruno MarsNP
25162304E.T.Katy Perry
26380626Good LifeOneRepublicNP
28111007Run the World (Girls)Beyoncé
29320529Where Them Girls AtDavid Guetta featuring Flo Rida & Nicki MinajNP
30340715Yoü and ILady GaGa
31390231Man DownRihannaNP
32231212California King BedRihanna
33220808Look at Me NowChris Brown featuring Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne
34280911Young ForeverThe Ready Set
35310531If I Die YoungThe Band Perry
36250703ScheißeLady GaGa
37301508HelloMartin Solveig featuring Dragonette
38270713AmericanoLady GaGa
39NE0139MotivationKelly Rowland featuring Lil WayneNP
40NE0140We Run the NightHavana BrownNP
41331118Roll UpWiz Khalifa
42411702Down on MeJeremih featuring 50 Cent
43422901Tonight (I'm F**kin' You)Enrique Iglesias featuring Ludacris & DJ Frank E 1 week
44441310Who SaysSelena Gomez & The Scene
46NE0146The Story of UsTaylor SwiftNP
47503601Stereo LoveEdward Maya featuring Vika Jigulina 5 weeks
48431501HappinessAlexis Jordan 1 week
49361711Back SeatNew Boyz featuring Cataracs & Dev
50482204Hey Sexy LadyiSquare
OUT290603HairLady GaGa
OUT370624Electric ChapelLady GaGa
OUT400621Bloody MaryLady GaGa
OUT461012The Lazy SongBruno Mars
OUT471115What the HellAvril Lavigne
OUT492801F**kin' PerfectP!nk

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Who isn't important, I suppose at least they haven't been downright attacks, although telling me how wrong I am isn't the best thing to do. People have been attacked in worse ways for having opinions. But still, it can stop.
I have a similar experience with the memos. Except its not Bruno of course

Just saying though, I have nothing against the person.
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At least you 2 have been attacked through Memos. I have been attcked multiple times on the Forums and the Reviews for the public to see. Typical. I actually kinda wish that someone would send me a hate memo so then I would not have to worry about holding back when I respond to them like I would on a Public Forum.
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I kinda feel a bit bummed that I haven't got a memo telling me I'm wrong for liking or disliking something.
About time I use this Threads 2nd use, General Discussion.

The Topic can be Most Inappropriate Funeral Songs.

Here are Tracks I like that would NEVER get played at a Funeral.

MICHAEL JACKSON - Thriller (Ironic)
MIDNIGHT OIL - Beds Are Burning
YELLO - Ooh Yeah
AC/DC - Thunderstruck
BAHA MEN - Who Let The Dogs Out
N SYNC - Bye Bye Bye
SAVAGE GARDEN - Crash And Burn
BLUE - All Rise
DA MUTTZ - Wassup!
DJ OTZI - Hey Baby
P!NK - Get The Party Started
EAMON - Fuck It
CRAZY FROG - All Of It's Tracks
GREENDAY - Holiday
TV ROCK Feat SEANY B - Flaunt It
YOUTH GROUP - Catching And Killing
BOB SINCLAR - Rock This Party
BOB SINCLAR - Sound Of Freedom
GUMMI BEAR - I'm Your Funny Bear
FAKER - This Heart Attack
FAKER - Sleepwalking
MIKA - Happy Ending
NICKELBACK - Burn It To The Ground
METRIC - Help (I'm Alive)
30 SECONDS TO MARS - The Kill (Bury Me)
MUSE - Assassin
BRING ME THE HORIZON - Anything Of Theirs.

Feel free to post anything that should never be played at Funerals and I will add it to the List.
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Metric - Help (I'm Alive)
Cee Lo Green - F**k You / Forget You, they're both k-kinda bad
30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill (Bury Me)
Muse - Assassin
actually trav would 30 seconds to mars be good for a goth funeral or something?

didnt you create the Debate thread for this stuff lifter?
I Could have put in there but I felt this didn't fit the Debate Catergory so I put it here instead.
(392 has no idea where to put this)

Just informing anyone who may or may not know that I'll be on holiday in the US from tomorrow until the 27th of January. I will still have internet, most hopefully daily, so don't expect to get 6 weeks without me.
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wow thanks for the awesome early christmas present 392
Nothing from Brokencyde should be played at a funeral



I'd like to extend the above comment to "nothing from Brokencyde should be played anytime ever".
anything from Bring Me The Horizon should never be played at a funeral.

(Yay, it shows it in US-EST )
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Added HIAM and Chris A.

About time you went to the US 392414. Being in love with it and all.
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Flights suck. I'm not going to spend >97.27% of my life here
(392 has no idea where to put this)

You mean there isn't a snow thread? Surely it'd go under the sports section, since there are sports played in snow

Infaaamaa, yanasadadjoaiwjnenaofiejifjeba laaaane, a licky boom boom down (8)
Yes, there isn't. If you want me to create one, I'd probably put it in a charts section, just like the Pizza thread is in the Sport section (), but I think it's k-kinda useless since it basically never snows in Australia. And what random lyrics
Random lyrics? 392 music knowledge fail count: Something + 1
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where are you staying in the USA 392?
In a Bunkbed with Bruno and Rihanna in whatever state Bruno lives in.
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Ewww. I'm in Virginia right now and for the next 1.5 to 2 weeks.
Am kinda disappointed I haven't been mentioned here, or even posted in this thread until now.

I guess I must be less diplomatic...

I'm over that Clinton member making crap threads and posting about his songs no one cares about, thinking of reporting him.

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<3 u Chris :p
Yeah I'm also sick of Clinton. He's always starting idiotic threads, plus his personal chart has more than one song I've never heard. It's outrageous! He must be stopped!

Whatever, BZ, you will never be as underground/cool as me.

There is this band I know about, I went and saw them play in a dodgy basement in a local pub. I was the only one there. They were AWESUm. They were so good, I couldn't stand to think that anyone else could possibly understand just how AWESUm they were.

So I killed them. Just so I could be that cool. Just so I could be the only one who heard 'Experiment in Pentatonic Scale 4.5'
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Oh, I heard them Clinton. I did hear about their unfortunate demise, it occurred about three nights after they appeared at my local pub. I, too, thought they were AWESUm.

So, now you'll have to hate them. They've achieved mainstream popularity!
meh, they were crap anyway...
I'm gonna regurgitate (lol shameless music reference) this old thread to introduce my brother to the world of Aus-Charts.com. His profile name is liam99, and you may have seen a few reviews of his around the place. He's only 11, so cut him some slack for spelling and grammar errors. He did make charts last year which I posted, but with this profile he's going to relaunch them and I will help him archive them and the rest of it.
hi everyone
Hey Liam, welcome to the site
Hi Liam, nice to see you join the site, hope you enjoy it. And I hope your grammar is better than BSB's
I saw it bsb And I still do And I STILL do! And now I see a new one!
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Oops, fixed lol!
I'll join in.

I saw it BSB. Fix fail #1. Fix fail #2. Fix fail #3 (yes, deleting counts as a fail). Post regarding deletion fail.
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I give up, its deleted, FAIL lol
I'd say bsb's would still be better.
I wasn't orginally going to say anything but because I still feel bad about it I will.

Before I bother sending memos I would like to know what the penality for strike 2 is. For example I get attacked last year and the bully gets warned but then a whole Year later he attacks me again. Does the strike 2 penality for bullying get reduced if there is that much time between the attacks or does it stay the same even if there is only a week between attacks? Does that bully get banned, a 2nd warning or does nothing happen.
In this case this member in early 2010 in the reviews attacked me a few times minorly (1-2 insults) because of our different music taste which I didn't do anything about because in some of those reviews other members tell him he is doing the wrong thing. In May 2010 he then did a big hate rant in a review towards me which I reported to the Admin about and he was warned. This seemed to work because for nearly a Year there were no attacks but then only a few weeks ago he did another hate rant to me in a review and that brings us to now. In the nicest way possible my definition of hi(a)m is big smartass. So should he be banned despite the huge gap between attacks, get yet another warning or do nothing. If your an Aus-Charts Veteran then you would know that I have been repeatally attacked by another Member (in the Forums though) before and that I am an obvious bully magnet thanks perhaps to a combination of my occasionally immature music rants and my so called horrible music taste. Maybe I'm also a bad guy in all this. Mind you though Staff haven't warned me about anything before which is probaly why I didn't stop the rants.
Anyway what should this guys strike 2 penality be? Thoughts if any.
I don't know about the 1st "strike" but the member that I think you're talking about does contribute around 75% of the time (mainly in his/her reviews) so I'm a little unsure.
Thats 1 thing that makes this situation difficult.
I know exactly what you're referring to, I backed you up then I believe. He's in the wrong, not you. I think banned is a little harsh, just given a warning.
I think banning is probably a bit harsh, even for a 2nd offence. A severe warning is definitely warranted. There's a difference between expressing an opinion by calling people out for disliking one style of music and liking another and making it a joke AND personally attacking a person over their opinions.
Well, that's true, however it wasn't a joke.
I know that irelander. My post clearly states I'm in agreeance with you and your suggested punsihment. Not wure why you think I thought it was a joke and he should get off lightly, hence my use of the word difference and then putting AND to seperate the two differences.
Oh yeah, soz. I'm too tired, I need sleep
I've always been a believer in treating others the way that you'd like to be treated.
I'm sure if i was a victim of this i'd certainly want the offender removed and banned from the site pronto, if he/she wasn't i'd be pretty hesitant to come back to the site.
Cyber bullying is a big issue and to be able to roam freely and punish somebody because of their musical tastes and continually get away with it is really not the right message any administration should be sending.

Just my opinion.
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Yeah I agree, something to some degree must be done.
q16Martin to 392414 [20:06]: Predict my top 18 songs or i'll spit on you
q16Martin to Daniel09 [20:06]: Predict my top 18 songs or i'll spit on you

Ban it.
Party pooper
No one likes a spammer, so keep your chart related things to your own chart thread or you'll find them disappearing
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Sure it's only taken me nearly a month to mention. But Woo!! Special mention.

@ q16Martin

Please refrain from posting as a guest with this non-sense, you have been warned!

I moved the stuff at the top.
No one likes trolls

Congratulations TravD
I don't appreciate people advertising in my personal chart thread
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I didn't want to create a new thread just to ask this but does anyone know paramore (the member, not the band) outside of these forums? They memo'd me six months ago asking for some charts which I replied to promptly with said goodies - they haven't even logged into the site since the day before I memo'd back, let alone read the reply. I hope they are OK.

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