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Forum - General: General Discussion - Prediction Hall Of Fame!!

Singles Preds

RankUserSolo WinsTotal Wins
1Innocent Eyes4374
10Chris A616
=matty d11
=D Man01

Albums Preds

RankUserSolo WinsTotal Wins
1Innocent Eyes55111
9Chris A47
=matty d26

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i suck haha
At least you managed one win bsb, I never managed to get a win, andstruggled to get 5 out of 10 right. So I gave up.
you have one more win than me bsb
Lots of us are still yet to get up on the list Bsb
yeah,i'm lucky to be #12 with no solo wins.
im on there now
will we have a new table for the top 20 predictions??
I don't see why, this table dates back to the top 20 predicting in late 2008/early 2009.
Yeah hey guys. The latest web bot report came in a few days ago and it says that an earthquake or similar natural disaster is predicted to occur within the first 12 days of August in the North-western part of the Americas most likely around Seattle, Washington, USA.
Great. I'll keep that in mind.
Ooh I can't wait!
hey action guy, go to australian-preditions.com or whatever to spin that stuff. this is a music site
I Will stay on topic and say that 392 only needs 1 more win to be =2nd.
Also glad that I moved up to =13th.
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I just have the aim of getting on the board.
I have added a very bare album preds table to the second post.
Better late than never but thanx hijinx for the album preds as now i'm on a board for a win in something.
No problem BillyBrett, I'm sure you'll get your long awaited singles win eventually. I'm considering adding another table with overall points scored since it might be a better table.
Oh, I thought 3 was a higher number than 2. Guess I was wrong. When did that change?

@Hijinx: I do hope that they can keep Rihanna from #1 with their new album. Of course I think that way. Do you agree that even Glee would be a better #1 than Rihanna?

I've always liked their name, I think it's rather adorable wherever they're from. But I do like how it happens to fit where they're from. Ko-in-sa-dins?

I do agree that the fugliness is a downside, however I don't agree that it's the only downside. What about the stupid song titles? Who ever named a song "Broken Ears" or "Get You Back"? Surely you agree?

Yes, things do chart exactly where they deserve to on ARIA, I've never seen anything play out in a more just manner. I feel so fortunate that that terrible Plans song did not make the top ten, what method would you have chosen for suicide if it had made it?

I do not agree that it's ludicrous! I want to marry my cousins, because they're so attractive. I thought that was the whole point of this post. If water expands when you freeze it, would your freezer burst if you filled it with water and left it on?

The Super Mario Bros 3 roulette game is not rigged. My sister is an expert at scoring maximum extra lives. She once showed me how best to achieve this, but I've sadly forgotten. If you had a grandmother who threw bananas at you, and a grandmother who had amnesia and didn't remember you, which would you visit more often?

I believe the tree was bored. Either that or it noticed Brian McFadden and Enrique Iglesias nearby and was in the mood for action. Or had been drugged. Is it OK to rape someone if the sex is spectacular?

It's not for once, my local commercial radio station seems to back announce it's songs almost as frequently. Maybe you just listen to crap commercial radio stations. Of the smiley's available on aus-charts, what order would you place them in, from favourite to least favourite?

I don't consider that a split, beacuase it's too esey to pick up. Who is the recording artist you most respect who previously starred on Neighbours?

With the aid of mushroom boost or invincibility star, probably around 90-95%. Without either, I think it'd be 0%. Does that horrible blue turtle shell frustrate you as much as it does me, or are you not generally a front-runner?

I am most familiar with traditional UK Monopoly, think "Mayfair" not "Boardwalk." If someone forced you to kill one Spice Girl of your choice, which would it be? What if you were made to kill four, which one survives?
The only thing I can thin of for this random post is either a dare or you lost a bet.

@bluezombie: I usually alternate back and forth and it varies for which I finish first, I usually save the drink for last actually. Have you ever used AskJeeves and made all your search queries in the form of a question?

I'm going to give Little Red Riding Hood the benefit of the doubt and assume that she can't see a thing without her glasses, or that the room was very blurry due to her grandmother's smoking addiction, which wasn't really covered in the story. On the other hand, the pigs just have a poor choice in material, if that was all they had, they'd probably be better off digging a tunnel of some sort. How many cards are dealt at a time when you play Solitaire?

I suppose it is an option but it probably won't affect the album chart so much, unless you're secretly a member of Art vs Science, then you might secure the win although you wouldn't know due to the obvious handicap. What's a battle?

This is a hard one for me, as I don't think I've played Carmen San Diego in over a decade, and even then, I didn't really know what was going on. Should Willy Wonka be sued for OHS reasons?

I assumed that you knew the structure of the song well enough to know without hearing the song. How good are/were you at programming your VCR recorder?

I can prove that it is not what they do, as I believe they were bought out in the ruthless market world over a decade ago, they did perhaps do that in the past though and I can't disprove it, nor can I disprove the existence of the giant spaghetti monster. What's your opinion on the Comic Sans font?

I'll actually go for the chorus, because you can tell she thinks she's so awesome and controversial, what with the "yes I di-i-id's", and that is surely an unintentional lol. Do you think having two or more battleships adjacent is a good strategy?

That would depend on a number of things, if it had cerebral palsy, it might have trouble, and if you were secretly Tonya Harding. Given the standardness for the expectation that a child can walk at age 5, it's pretty exciting to see the alternative, so yes it should. How much space do you leave at the top of the cup when pouring a drink?

I'd give it maybe 68/100, as the words are conveyed, but in pointing out that usage of the word 'baby' in music in jarring, the sentence itself doesn't flow well, which costs several points. Do you think that the semi-colon is a worthy homekey on the keyboard?

Hmm, well as disturbingly gross as the first choice is, I'd have to take that as I am certainly not in the right mindset to cope with the extreme awkwardness that the latter would provide. Within how many minutes are all the clocks in your house syncronized?

1. Finding out that I'm an endangered species
2. Being raped by another panda for Mr. Burns' enjoyment
3. Going over the Scribblenauts item limit and not being able to make my panda ride a panda riding a panda riding a panda riding a panda riding a panda riding a panda.
4. Running out of bamboo
5. Having to resort to filler to pad out a list
Do you consider playing as Oddjob on GoldenEye 007 to be cheating?

Hmm, I'd assume that means that I can't see any colours that haven't been mentioned, and that would certainly be an impairing ailment in my day to day life, so I'd go to the optometrist. I tried singing it but Ludacris interrupted me and I gave up. If truth is stranger than fiction, then why don't I have a kettle sized howler monkey that can play The Salmon Dance on expert on Croc 2?

Well that's an interesting question, I'm going to take in the context that the boys need to do some yardwork and need motivation. Perhaps lemonade. Does the album cover for the latest Animal Collective album actually move?
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TBH I have no idea what youz 2 are going on about.
Understand random bits but not all of it and what a strange thread to post it in. Now a question of my own.

@bluezombie and Hijinx: I will guess that this came from the chat room but if not then why is it here?

I think it all started from hijinx's personal thread and turned into a massive spam fest of the forum.

ah well, as long as it stays away from the chartifact threads, i don't care lol
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They better be careful then. They could get into trouble if it continues.
Keep on winning you remarkable prediction winners.
oh and obviously congrats to BZ & IE whose amazing success rate amazes me.

The post immediately below mine is not referring to mine
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Please, if you're interested in a thread keep posting, if you're not interested, don't write

Thank you
Congratulations BlueZombie on top of the singles predictions hall of fame and congratulations to Hijinx on top of the albums predictions hall of fame
bump etc
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Haha, I won it once. I might try it again if ever it goes back to just the top 10.
Shouldn't I be ahead of Irelander on the album table?

didn't think I'd be top 10 in albums too
Yes haha, I fail
I need to start doing this again. Was doing alright before I stopped.
If it's not a hassle could you update this sometime soon?
Yeah I know I've been slack. Maybe during the holidays in a couple weeks
Hey, I did a thing.
Thanks for continuing this Hijinx.

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