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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Top 1000 Artists (1980-2009), Part 3

Welcome to Part 3 of The Top 1000 Artists of the last 30 years in the Singles Charts. It's been quite a ride and the final 75 are no exceptional, as most, and hopefully all, are household names known to all, or at least will be.

With 75 to go, these artists are among the most bankable artists ever. A new release would be surrounded with anticipation as audiences bought their records in droves, regularly without even knowing what the song sounded like, well, at least for the older artists.

With this thread I'll be introducing a proper prediction comp as we're getting quite a few good ones coming in. That opens at the Top 50, and closes at the commencement of the Top 30, which will see the fourth and final chapter of this thread.

So let's get it out there, as we enjoy the big stars that music and why we love music, what it is...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#75. CULTURE CLUB (1982-86, 1998, #1 - 12 entries)

(#22 Biggest Band)

"What did Boy George say when he had a baby?"- IT'S A MIRACLE!!! Oh, the childishness of it all when I was just shy of a double digit age. Of course, it was indeed confusing times for everyone when Culture Club came onto the scene. Record companies mistook George as being black, and who knows what everyone thought about his gender. Actually, not me. The great thing about growing up when I did was that everything seemed normal. I wasn't aware of the prejudices that surrounded "different" people, and to me it was all just another chapter in pop music history. To me, Boy George simply had an interesting flair for fashion, and what guy didn't back in those days. It was also my love of music that put Boy George and his contemporaries on an even par, which is exactly what the rest of the world did. As far as pop music was concerned in '82/83, you had Michael Jackson and you had Culture Club. As they hit #1 all over the world with their reggae-tinged pop, and a bagged a Grammy in the meantime, nobody seemed to care (or notice) that two of the members were in a relationship - and they were BOTH men. It created some healthy drama, creativity and songwriting, just like many bands before. The tabloids put in their two cents, labelling George as a freak, and Michael Jackson was the "normal" one! However, watching the film clip to "Miss Me Blind", it's clear that Boy George was ready to confront anything thrown at him. If Elton John and David Bowie, amangst others, made us a little curious about homosexuality in music, Boy George cracked it wide open, quite possibly being the first major superstar to do so, and all with an air of grace and style - that's 80's style, of course. For that, he can be truly applauded. Of course, Culture Club were never meant to last, and that relationship of George and John Moss' faded as he started his own downfall into drug use. By 1986, it was all over. Culture Club split. Four short years was all it took for Culture Club to achieve what most stars, even the stars of today in his easily accessible digital age, to achieve in a decade.

Culture Club's Top 10

1Karma Chameleon1983#1
2Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?1982#1
4Church Of The Poison Mind1983#4
5The War Song1984#2
6Time (Clock Of The Heart)1983#12
7Move Away1986#10
8It's A Miracle1984#14
9Miss Me Blind1984#26
10God Thank You Woman1986#48


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Don't Know Culture Club much but Do You Really Want To Hurt Me is pretty cool.
wow! Great job on making part 3 chri8 !!
This countdown is watched by thousands which is astounding :O!
Love Culture Club, Who cares if they are gay; its all about da music
Just out of curiousity was Boy George out of the closet during the big time of Culture Club or did he only admit it after Culture Club disbanded?
Culture Club are all good:

My top five from them:
1. Karma Chameleon
2. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
3. Church of the Poison Mind
4. Time
5. I'll Tumble 4 Ya
My guess is that the top five singles in Australia will be something like this as well?
Culture Club are alright, Karma Chameleon is def my fave, but Victims and Do You Really Want To Hurt Me are alright too
Boy George was out as a gay man during the height of their fame. Which helped other artists in the following years like Marilyn, Bronski Beat and Frankie Goes to Hollywood (two lead singers were out).
Cult Club are alright, surprised they're this high, probably because they were only active in the early 80s (and '98, which I didn't remember of). Also, Gaga is top 74!
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It's Culture Club 392, Boy George was the lead singer
Well let's see...
Just Dance P>3 , Poker face Between P>3 and P>4 (Why is it P>6?!?!)
Eh Eh <G>, Love Game <P>
Paparazzi <P> (Why is it P>2?! The Last Day On Earth placed higher in the EOY chart and it is only <P>)
Bad Romance <P>

Altogether that approximately makes P>10 which is about 700 000 sales. You're getting a bit too excited 392 We're nowhere near that.
At least by your working out Elton John should be higher than GaGa
Boy George, Culture Club, same thing, you know what I mean

Yeah now that I look at it that way I realise she'll be a while to come, but I never thought she would be top 150 at all, because she's only been active for the last 1 year and 4 months about, so that's why I'm always astonished she hasn't come yet. Hopefully she is higher than Elton.
392 that's impossible, it was stated earlier that Candle In The Wind had around 900,000 sales in total, so he can't be below GaGa

Maybe in a few years she'll be higher with her high sales...
@mykl_77, give it a year
Culture Club Top Ten has now been added. Apologies for the delay but as I'm in Bali, my internet access is a little harder than my living room, and when you're hour is up, it's up!

With that, my research is pretty non-existent, so the next artists are pretty much from the top of my head (so facts may be vague for awhile...heh heh), but I was pretty sure Boy George was out at the time Culture Club were big, as bulion said (thank God he's here to back me up). He famously proclaimed at the Grammys, and I'm paraphrasing, "Thank you for knowing a good drag queen when you see one", so yeah, I think he had pretty much "come out"...heh heh.

Nice try alley, but you forgot one of the biggest and best, "Victims", a brilliant song, also covered to great effect by George Michael at one of his concerts, only seen on YouTube. You scared me with "I'll Tumble 4 Ya", but looks like it wasn't released in Australia, only in the US and Canada.

Finally 392414, in the nicest possible way, the Lady GaGa countdown is wearing thin...heh heh. I know she's the light of all things "now", but I think it's a bit disrespectful of the other artists. They all get their day, and Lady GaGa gets one EVERY day. Oh well, you do what you want, as long as it doesn't carry over to after she has been and gone...if that happens...heh heh.

OK, well time for another cocktail by the pool, catch you guys later for our next artist...he's "rapping" on this countdown's door!!!

I reckon Flo Rida is next!
i'm guessing 50 Cent is next
shouldnt you link the first 2 parts chri8?
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#74. WILL SMITH (1997-2000, 2002, 2005/06, #1 - 10 entries)

(#23 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Part 2 of the Will Smith saga worked hand in hand with his blossoming acting career. He had already been a major player in the charts as part of DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, also making this Top 1000 list. But that was all just a taste of things to come, just as his television work would be the sweet entree to his box office success of Independence Day, Wild Wild West and Men In Black. It was from the latter two that a solo career was re-booted, maybe by mistake, maybe out of convenience to avoid paying Will two pay cheques. Will Smiths solo success began with an instant #1, "Men In Black", and ended a decade later with his second #1, "Switch", which was NOT from his film "Hitch", which was in cinemas at the same time, and something I always thought to be true for a good many years until it finally clicked. Say what you will (heh heh) about Will's musical talents, he was certainly the #1 party starter, coining the title from his last chart entry (to date). As an actor and musician, Will excelled on both fronts, making this list as one of the most successful musicians of this list of 30 years of hitmakers, and almost doing the double when he was nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of Muhammad Ali in the film, "Ali". Almost, but not quite, but there is one artist further up in this list who did score an Oscar win.

Will Smith's Top 10
2Men In Black1997#1
3Gettin' Jiggy Wit It1997#6
4Wild Wild West1999#8
5Will 2K1999#3
6Black Suits Comin' (No Ya Head)2002#18
8Just The Two Of Us1998#27
9Party Starter2005#33
10Freakin' It2000#56


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I should post my predictions more often. I totally guessed it . I would have thought that Switch was in Hitch as well. I'm guessing Eminem was that Oscar winner
I'm really bad at predicting this. Never though Will would be so high, he's good.
Will Smith is a good actor but a bad music act. Stick to acting I think.
The one thing I have always enjoyed about Will's music is that I can 'rap' along with his songs. And understand all the words to his song. Guess you could say I enjoy poprap more than true rap. His songs are always sunny and happy, without any trace of anger.

Glad I'm not the only one who thought Switch was from his Hitch movie. I remember watching the movie on DVD nd being puzzled that it wasn't featured. Guess after contributing songs to many of his fun movies, it just seemed like it would be from a movie.

I'm going to guess that the Oscar winner is Cher. I'm not sure if shes already reared her head in this countdown. She won an Oscar for Moonstruck. There have been plenty of muscial artists who have won an Oscar for Best Original Song but only a select few have won an acting Oscar and that's how I read Cri8topher's clue.
Yeah, I meant acting Oscars, not to take anything away from Hiinx as many artists won Oscars for Score and Song including Elton John, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and Lionel Richie, and of course Eminem.

Glad I'm not the only one as well, BillyBrett, and you wrote exactly what I was thinking, that Will Smith's rap was good to sing along to as opposed to, say, Busta Rhymes!?
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#73. KIM WILDE (1981-83, 1985-89, 1992-94, #1 - 14 entries)

(#23 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

For me, as far as the 80's were concerned, there was Madonna and there was Kim Wilde. If fact, Kim was the Madonna before Madonna came along enjoying plenty of success on both the Australian and UK charts. With just a #5 peak at the time, Kim became one of the Top Ten biggest artists on this list at 1983's end. Without the strong vocals of many stars, that was quite an achievement. The daughter of 60's star, Marty Wilde, Kim carved out her own sound with hit after hit, showing an amazing variation between hits. Where many of today's stars seem to give us five variations of the same song, Kim went from rock to pop to alley rock to experimental new age, hardly ever failing. But as Madonna came along, a new breed of woman was born. She was successful and had something to say about being a woman. So what became of Kim Wilde during this new revolution? It seemed her image paled in comparison to the strengths of Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Annie Lennox, who all took over the charts and ultimately led to the female domination of our charts that, to this day, still stands strong. Kim's answer to all this came in 1986, and although it was a 60's cover that would see her return to form, that good ol' Kim Wilde image shone through stronger than ever - AND she had something to say for women about men. "You Keep Me Hangin' On" became Kim Wilde's first #1 in Australia, with the replacement of the well-produced sound of the 80's over the original Motown production was one of those rare occurences when such pop made the song even better. The sound of the track was also a taste of things to come, even if it would be wrapped in controversy. Check out Dead Or Alive's "Something In My House" against Kim's #1 and tell me they aren't by the same producers. They weren't, as Dead Or Alive showcased a new sound for Stock, Aitken & Waterman which would soon make the team bigger that big. A legal battle was brewing but never settled, so I guess we'll never know who copied who. During her declining chart years, it would be Kim pinching other artists sounds, using Belinda Carlisle's producer for 1992's "Love Is Holy". It was a great success artistically, but unfortunately faltered in the charts. One last ditch effort came with an impressive greatest hits package, with her straight forward cover of the 70's classic, "If I Can't Have You". I was probably one of her weaker releases, but something clicked with the audiences, and Kim Wilde was soon back in our Top 5. I managed to see Kim during an 80's showcase concert a few years back and wasn't let down. She was down to earth, full of energy and, most importantly, full of hits. I smiled the whole time realizing that Kim was surprised herself at her following. I suspect she had the better time of the two of us, and isn't that ust the sweetest success.

Kim Wilde's Top 10
1You Keep Me Hangin' On1986#1
2Kids In America1981#5
3If I Can't Have You1993#3
5View From A Bridge1982#7
6Chequered Love1981#6
7You Came1988#34
8Love Blonde1983#32
9Love Is Holy1992#29
10Chid Come Away1983#76


Ah Kim Wilde, who would have guessed that Kids In America would be a song that the entertainment industry would turn to to let people know that either a) we were watching a movie/TV series set in the 80s or b) we werer watching children in America having fun.

My Top 3 Kim songs would be You Keep Me Hangin' On (which I first discovered via The Chipmunks how sad), If I Can't Have You and Love Is Holy.

Thrilled she managed to place in the Top 100.
Metallica still haven't came up yet.
Will Smith isn't too bad, I do agree that he's much better at acting though. My top 5 would be:

1 Switch
2 Gettin' Jiggy Wit It
3 Will 2K
4 Men In Black
5 Wild Wild West

Kim Wilde is even better, my top 5 for her are:

1 If I Can't Have You
2 You Keep Me Hangin' On
3 Starstruck
4 Kids In America
5 You Came
Uh....I don't think Kim Wilde is pregnant....
???? Did I miss a pregnancy reference somewhere?
I think they're referring to 'You Came'... quite lame
i think the backstreet boys will be a huge dark horse...they had 8 top 10 hits and also 4 more top 20 hits and they deserve to b up there no doubt about it
Backstreet Boys are definitely one of the artists i'm waiting for. I'm guessing they'll be around the 700, 000 mark.

They actually just performed with New kids On The Block last night. Pop history.
Wow I'm truly surprised with these two but good to see them in here. Will Smith was awesome in the 90's (I hate 'Switch) but he's had some pretty good tracks. My top ten from him are:
1. Getting Jiggy Wit It
2. Men In Black
3. Just Cruisin'
4. Will2K
5. Summertime
6. Parents Just don't Understand
7. Miami
8. Wild Wild West
9. Just The Two Of Us
10. Party Starter
lol but actually his best song is The Fresh Prince theme - still remember the words to that!

Kim Wilde is pretty cool, I'm not too familiar with all of these songs in her top ten but I can make a top five for her:
1. Kids In America
2. Cambodia
3. You Keep Me Hanging On
4. You Came
5. Child Come Away
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#72. CLIFF RICHARD (1980-89, 1995, 1999-2000, #1 - 25 entries)

(#22 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

As a child growing up in the 80's, Cliff Richard was pretty much the window into the 60's. As I grew more interested in the evolution of pop music, Cliff was one of the last few standing that were actually still hitting the Top Ten. His career during the 80's was impressive in itself, and it was just after a comeback of sorts with "Some People" in 1987 that Cliff released his "Private Collection" compilation showcasing the best of his 30 year career. Every track from the 60's and 70's was a winner. Short, sugary sweet, never controversial. With a revival of one of those same hits, "Living Doll", as a comedy record with UK team The Young Ones (the name of another Cliff Richard 60's hit), there was a lot of familiraity to be had with the collection, and soon the rest of the 60's opened up to me. Cliff Richard's Christian values these days would never hold up in todays charts, not to say there isn't a bit of that going on now, but if you needed to find controversy in the star, then it would have to be his lack of it. However, as a youngster, I pretty much treated his Christianity much the same way I treated Boy George's sexuality, with an innocent ignorance, as it was the music that mattered, and privates lives, to me, had little reflection of in that, at least not on surface. The 90's came and music generally grew younger on both the artists' side, and the buying public. Cliff Richard had gone well beyond his expiry date, but not before a coda that would see his most religious release yet. It was the new millennium, and who better to bring it in with a little blessing than Sir Cliff himself. Combining the NY tradition of "Auld Lang Syne" with a religious tradition, "The Lord's Prayer", "The Millennium Prayer" was an unlikely hit which proves that not everyone buying singles were under 15 and into Eiffel 65. It was this last hit that pushed Cliff back into the Top 100 artists of the last 30 years and the closing of an impressive single account. ust watch out when the "All Time" list gets sorted as the 60's were triple that of his 80's success, at least, and I'm tipping a Top Ten berth there.

Cliff Richard's Top Ten...

1Wired For Sound1981#2
2Living Doll (with The Young Ones)1986#1
3The Millennium Prayer1999#2
5Some People1987#7
6Daddy's Home1982#8
8The Only Way Out1982#14
9All I Ask Of You (with Sarah Brightman)1986#24
10She Means Nothing To Me (with Phil Everly)1983#39

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ive never actually heard of cliff richard. dont yell at me
lol @ zxcvcxz
neither have i

Just FYI, The Last Day On Earth has gone Double Platinum
Cliff Richard is meh, not that many good songs.
I know who Cliff Richard is but not a big fan of him
yeah kinda agree there with people about Cliff, suprised he is so high on the countdown really.

love Kim Wilde, she really rocked. going from Kids In America, to If I Cant Have You, shame she didnt do more after the early 90's

Will Smith is pretty good, but ive always thought he was extremely overrated. his no.1 on that list 'Switch' was such a horrible no.1. dont even think it charted in the top 20 for more than 2 weeks for me.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#71. FLO RIDA (2008-09, #1 - 6 entries)

(#21 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

The Lady GaGa of the hip-hop/rap world, Flo Rida is the second newest artist in the Top 100, with just six entries in the Singles charts to date. With less than two years exposure for this list, Flo Rida has obviously filled a lucrative gap in the market that has seen him enjoy more success than most who have even been around for this entire 30 year period. So what's his secret? His rap is catchy, his production is fresh, and there's enough familiarity through his sounds and samples to keep the older generation fell like they're fitting in with the new. It was also the simplicity of his tunes. Taking the charts by storm with his first #1, "Low", was there a more catchier title at the time? Even if I didn't quite catch everything Flo was saying, I could at least join in with the "low low low low low low low low" bits. Ringtones now played a major part in the charts, and Flo Rida was among the biggest to reaps the rewards. ne incident had me sitting in a Police Station to enquire about a missing friend. I had has money, his clothes, and his phone, but no sign of him, in body. As I sit, waiting in the silence, suddenly he called his own phone, and like a shot, the sounds of "Low" echoed out into the room at the expense of my embarrassment. The sweet revenge was his embarrassment as I was told the story of how he survived a night in the streets without a stitch of clothing on...heh heh. Back to Flo Rida, and if 2008 wsn't enough, as "Low" would take out the biggest selling single of the year, 2009 would be the year Flo would capitalize on his former success. It was the perfect marriage of a chart staple of the last 25 years, Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)", with his own brand of glam rap. "Right Round" was the first single to debut at #1 in the (totally) digital age, a feat that had been missing from the charts for over a year. The single put Flo Rida again in the years' Top Ten biggest sellers and has no doubt set him up for even more success into the 2010's, with his chance of surpassing many of the following Top 70 to come, very high.

Flo Rida's Top 6
1Low (featuring T-Pain)2008#1
2Right Round (featuring Ke$ha)2009#1
3Elevator (featuring Timbaland)2008#13
4Jump (featuring Nelly Furtado)2009#18
5In The Ayer (featuring will.i.am)2008#19
6Sugar (featuring Wynter)2009#20


Love Will Smith, the king of party rap. Not a fan of Cliff but like Flo Rida.
i don't actually know anyone under 30 who likes cliff richard. even my mum strongly dislikes him ... but i do like his one song WE DON'T TALK ANYMORE that's a pretty cool song. On the other hand, LIVING DOLL is one of the most painful songs i have ever heard

Flo Rida - I can do one better and give you a top two for him these would be: 1. Right Round. 2. Jump. All the rest of the songs by him I cant' stand
Surprised how high Flo is. Of course the newest artist is GaGa
Didn't think Sugar would be so low on his top six, and interesting story about your missing friend.

Top Floey tracks (all 7 are/were great)
1. Low
2. Right Round
3. In the Ayer
4. Elevator
5. Jump
6. Be on You
7. Sugar
my top 7 (thanx 392) of Flo Rida

2.Right Round
3.In The Ayer

the last 3 are pure shit imo.
7.Be On You
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ZXC i am sure you meant you have never heard any of Cliff's songs. Anyone who is a music fan would have to have heard his name. It is like saying you have not heard of the Rolling Stones or the Beatles or Bette Midler. You have heard of them right???

Really detest Flo Rida but that's just me personally
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Really detest most of your fave bands anton but that's just me personally
flo rida. why he has been so popular is beyond me
low was not too bad i guess, but everything else has been utter crap.

seeing this does make me think one thing though.... "i gotta feelin" that black eyed peas are going to be VERY high on this list
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#70. KELLY CLARKSON (2003-07, 2009, #3 - 13 entries)

(#22 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

The Idol series seems to be met with a lot more enthusiasm in the US than anywhere else in the world, drawing big names judges and big name guest performers, and still going strong today. An immediate star was created in American Idol series 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson, who managed some relatively moderate success in Australia. I say moderate, as her #3 peaking debut, "Miss Independent" was definitely a misrepresentation of the success she enjoyed at home. As Australian Idol kicked off shortly after, we had our own stars to honour, and the American franchise fizzled in our charts. All but Kelly, that is, who managed to slip through the net. Perhaps it was her name already being established before Guy and Shannon came along that made the difference, but as American Idol was a whole other country away, it was easy for Kelly to be her own artist in Australia. Album #2 cemented that. With the release of "Breakaway", it was just that. No Idol had ever shaken off the "Idol" tag so easily or quickly. With hit after hit from the album, "Breakaway" would become the second highest selling album of 2005, wedged between our local star, Missy Higgins, and international favourite, Michael Buble. That's some company there. Certainly for a second album, it was unheard of to see so much success from an artist so evidently manufactured. But Kelly Clarkson's sound fitted in perfectly with her contemporaries that no one notices the difference, so was this the time to take control and become the artist she wanted to be? With Kelly's third album, "My December", took on that control and delivered something a bit darker and edgier. It seemed we weren't with Kelly on this one, and although the lead single, "Never Again" had a Top Ten presence, it would be the only in a very short play that saw "My December" exit the charts quickly. Perhaps that "Idol" tag hadn't been totally disabled, and Kelly was not meant to take over his career just yet. After four years of constant promotion for three albums, it was time for a holiday, and maybe some preparation of a comeback. It came in 2009, as Kelly Clarkson would repeat her "Breakaway" success, but not without some criticism that she was selling some of the silliest song titles ever ("My Life Would Suck Without You", "I Do Not Hook Up", anyone???) Well, I can hardly critic her moves there, as chart success is the sweetest success, and Kelly certainly had plenty of that. The Kelly Clarkson chart trajectory proves that once and Idol, always an Idol, as fans want the glossy pop princess they all voted for in the first place. After four albums and over 20 million worldwide sales, Kelly Clarkson may be on the verge of becoming her own artist, outright, with just a sliver of "Idol" embedded in there forever.

Fans of Kelly Clarkson: V1AHHHH

Kelly Clarkson's Top 10
1Since You've Been Gone2005#3
2My Life Would Suck Without You2009#5
3Never Again2007#5
4Miss Independent2003#3
5Because Of You2005#4
7Already Gone2009#12
9The Trouble With Love Is2004#11
10I Do Not Hook Up2009#9


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I would have thought that "Behind These Hazel Eyes" would have been in the Top 10 too? or did that sneak in at number 11?

Would have to be my fave idol of any competition show.
Since U Been Gone, Low and Because Of You would be my faves, but then again everything is of such a high standard!!
Culture Club were great, especially the hits up to 1984. Karma Chameleon remains a catchy song even today. Church Of The Poison Mind, The War Song and It's A Miracle should be checked out for those that don't know those hits.

Kim Wilde is excellent! My top 3 of hers are as they peaked: You Keep Me Hangin' On, If I Can't Have You (love both her version and the original) & Kids In America.
I'm not much into Flo Rida, except for Low which is that kind of song that can stay on your mind.

Kelly Clarkson is also impressive. I don't mind the silly song titles. But I think her latest stuff wasn't as strong as the 'Breakaway' hits. It will be interesting to see if she scores a #1 hit one day.
Please correct me if I'm wrong but I Do Not Nook Up was co-written by Katy Perry which could be partly responsible for her silly song titles. I don't fine My Life Would Suck Without You that silly though.

Top 5 Kelly Clarkson:
1. Breakaway
2. Since You've Been Gone
3. Because of You
4. Already Gone
5. Behind These Hazel Eyes

I find Kelly Clarkson to be one of the bests female artists to come out of the US
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Amazing to see Kelly Clarkson!

1. Since U Been Gone
2. Because of You
3. Already Gone
4. Breakaway
5. My Life Would Suck Without You
6. Behind These Hazel Eyes
7. Low
8. Sober
9. The Trouble With Love Is
10. Walk Away

It's sad that BTHE missed the top 10. She has some brilliant songs I like all her singles although didn't like I Do Not Hook Up as much (peaked at number 2 in my chart though!). Am looking forward to the next few!

Kelly Clarkson is fantastic. Great to see her so high.

1. Already Gone
2. Behind These Hazel Eyes
3. Because Of You
4. Since U Been Gone
5. Miss Independent
6. The Trouble With Love Is
7. Low
8. My Life Would Suck Without You
9. I Do Not Hook Up
10. Never Again

I always thought Behind These Hazel Eyes might possibly have been deleted. Despite debuting quite highly it plummeted out of the chart, yet Because Of You was the next single and stayed around a long time.
Since U Been Gone and My Life Would Suck Without You are great
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Great to see Kelly Clarkson in the top 70! I've followed this countdown for some time and thought I'd sign up to congratulate you on the fantastic job you have been doing chri8topher. Keep up the good work! I'm sure there are many people out there like me who appreciate this countdown.

My Kelly Clarkson Top 10

1. Because Of You
2. Behind These Hazel Eyes
3. Since U Been Gone
4. Never Again
5. Miss Independent
6. Breakaway
7. My Life Would Suck Without You
8. Already Gone
9. The Trouble With Love Is
10. Walk Away
Love Kelly. So hard to determine a chart for her with so many good songs.
1. Behind These Hazel Eyes
2. Since U Been Gone
3. Because of You
4. Breakaway
5. My Life WSWY
6. Never Again
7. I Do Not Hook Up
8. Walk Away
9. Miss Independent
10. The Trouble With Love Is
Already Gone is extremely shit, however, one of the worst tracks of 2009 and most overrated of all time. Sucks how she's underperformed with so many songs but this crap!
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


69. UB40 (1980-81, 1983-94, #1 - 18 entries)

(#21 Biggest Band)

When you name your band after the code number for the unemployment form your members collected in their early days, and see that same band gracing the Top 100 Biggest Singles artists of the last 30 years, there is no better evidence of the hard and long road to success than UB40. As the most successful reggae act ever, they brought the genre to a place in the charts that even Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff couldn't. It was ironic, just like Eminem to rap music, that the white face of Ali Campbell was leading the way in a typically black genre. Reggae has always been a universal music with one of the widest audiences. It's enough pop for the kids, enough cool for young adults, and enough style of our olden generation. While UB40 had plenty of their own material to fill countless albums, it was their "Labour Of Love" series the would really shape the bands' success. The albums were collections of covers, songs that had shaped UB40 during their formation, and reinterpreted in a reggae style. Volume One in 1983 finally gave them significant success, their first Top Ten with Neil Diamond's "Red, Red Wine". Six years later a second volume was released, and although it took over two years to repeat the success of Vol.1, the album finally had a Top Ten hit with "Here I Am (Come And Take Me)". So, UB40 were realistically a covers band, as their remaining two Top Ten hits, both #1's, put a new slant on Sonny & Cher and Elvis Presley classics. However, UB40's takes were original in production enough that regularly one would forget they were all done before. But there were a couple of original hits in there, one I would consider one of the shining lights of 1989. "Where Did I Go Wrong" was a brilliant and subtle track that was worthy of the same success as any of their Top Tens. Oh well, that's the injustice of the charts, but overall, UB40 can be happy they never have to fill out one of those UB40's ever again.

UB40's Top 10
1(I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You1993#1
2I Got You Babe (with Chrissie Hynde)1985#1
3Here I Am (Come And Take Me)1990#3
4Red Red Wine1983#2
5Kingston Town1991#17
6Where Did I Go Wrong1989#17
7Don't Break My Heart1985#37
8Food For Thought1980#36
9Breakfast In Bed (with Chrissie Hynde)1988#43
10Higher Ground1993#40


That's two of major mini-countdowns on the cusp of their Top 20's. The ladies are at #22, while the men and the bands are at #21. One of the groups breaks into their Top 20 with our next artist.

It's been a good 15 places since we've seen anything Aussie. Only 13 remain of that bunch so looks like they might be cumulating towards the top end of the chart?

I'm having a bit of a lazy day in Jakarta today so should be plenty more to come today...

I like UB40's top 2,I think Guy Sebastian would be coming up soon!
I predict Icehouse...
UB40 are great, Kelly Clarkson is so-so, Flo Rida should not have featured in the top 100, Cliff Richard 60's stuff is more enjoyable, Kim Wilde is so-so, You Keep Me Hangin' On best version is Vanilla Fudge from the 60's. Thumbs up also to Mark Ronsons use in Stop Me also.
Will Smith is bleh and Culture Club are neat :-)
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#68. PEARL JAM (1992-2000, 2002-03, 2009, #1 - 21 entries)

(#20 Biggest Band)

As far as grunge was concerned, Pearl Jam always had to play second fiddle to Nirvana. Nirvana's "Nevermind" was a revolution in itself, and no matter how hard they tried, Pearl Jam's releases could never rise above it, although, 20 years on, "Ten" comes pretty damn close. Of course, had Nirvana continued long enough to release nine albums as Pearl Jam have, their may have been a chance to break that fact, but Kurt Cobain's suicide in 1994 gave Nirvana instant legendary status that could never be touched - ever! So Pearl Jam had to just settle on "living", and deliver us some of the finest music ever in the last 30 years. Pearl Jam was one of those rare acts that regularly received rave reviews of their albums, which also translated into chart success. As far as singles were concerned, Pearl Jam kept the grunge genre alive, and prospering, which is why you find them here in the Top 100 Artists since 1980. The problem with that is grunge music only really had a three year window of success, which kinda left Pearl Jam high and dry after the mid-90's. The singles charts became full off music that was well and over produced, and while Pearl Jam still visited those "messy" moments grunge was known for, they had to conform slightly. While Pearl Jam never wanted to enter into that successful-rock-band-in-the-charts contract, it was always the idea of releasing music anyway, and if they failed in the charts, well, would Pearl Jam be as big as they were? Pearl Jam started to feature a new kind of music and it was all their own, combining the epic well-produced hits with the non-commercial ideals that made grunge music what is was in the first place. It wasn't just "novel" and tired grunge, it had style. Just listen to the slow building brilliance of "Given To Fly" and "Nothing As It Seems" and tell me that any other band could possibly have produced such a sound. So Pearl Jam survived. But only just. Their chart success was often short and sweet. High debuts, quick exits, and ordinarily, the band would be considerably lower than they are here. An accidental hit occurred when Eddie Vedder found on old 45 of a Wayne Cochran 60's release. It was dusted off and performed at various Pearl Jam concerts until an opportunity came up it record it. Costing just a few thousand dollars to record and mix, it soon became the most sort after single at the time. Demand was far out-weighing supply, but soon the stores caught up and "Last Kiss" became Pearl Jam's first (and only) #1 hit, spending almost a year in the charts. As the most successful of Pearl Jam's singles, "Last Kiss" represents almost half of the band's points for this list. The market of late has become a break one to break into for older acts, but Pearl Jam showed that the gates hadn't fully closed just yet. In 2009, "The Fixer" peaked at #22, a moderate performance which shows that Pearl Jam's time isn't up just yet, as they celebrate 20 years together. With that, maybe Pearl Jam haven't given us their "last kiss" just yet.

Fans of Pearl Jam: BeansterBarnes, Hijinx, irelander

Pearl Jam's Top 10
1Last Kiss1999#1
3Merkinball EP (featuring "I Got ID")1995#2
4Spin The Black Circle1994#3
6Who You Are1996#5
7Given To Fly1998#13
9I Am Mine2002#12
10Even Flow1992#22

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UB40 and Pearl Jam are hit-and-miss, with >80% being misses.
Don't like Cliff Richard, Living Doll is ok but the rest...

Flo Rida isn't too bad, my top 10 for him would be:

01 Low
02 In The Ayer
03 Sugar
04 Shone
05 Jump
06 Right Round
07 Ms. Hangover
08 Elevator
09 Be On You
10 Club Can't Handle Me

He's also been in some other great hits. Top featurette's.

01 Running Back
02 Bad Boys
03 We Break The Dawn

UB40 aren't too bad. (I Can't Help) Falling In Love With You and I Got You Babe are good but I absolutely love Red Red Wine (the song, not the drink )
Pearl Jam's #1 is a classic,love that song

I'm sure Beanster will be happy to see them finally
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My top featurettes for Flo Rida would respectively be Running Back, Bad Boys and iYiYi which are the only Flo featurettes I know, lol.
Wow i so thought Pearl Jam would've been so much higher. Like any artist you have to see the other material and not just the 'radio' played classics and singles.
With a huge back catalouge and mountains of live recordings Pearl Jam are one of only a few acts today who cater to their loyal fan base like myself.
I seriously thought it was bye for them after Binaural in 2000 but they proved me wrong again and since have released two brilliant albums in Pearl Jam & Backspacer.
I've seen them six times in concert my first being the Vitalogy Tour of 1995 and last was their recent tour here last November.
I couldn't possibly decifer a TOP 10 but i will give you some of my faves over the years

JEREMY - Ten (91)
BLACK - Ten (91)
LEASH - Vs (93)
NOT FOR - Vitalogy (94)
CORDUROY - Vitalogy (94)
IMMORTALITY - Vitalogy (94)
NO WAY - Yield (95)
IN HIDING - Yield (95)
HAIL, HAIL - No Code (96)
SMILE - No Code (96)
OFF HE GOES - No Code (96)
INSIGNIFICANCE - Binaural (00)
GRIEVANCE - Binaural (00)
THUMBING MY WAY - Riot Act (02)
LIFE WASTED - Pearl Jam (06)
COMATOSE - Pearl Jam (06)
GONE - Pearl Jam (06)
JUST BREATHE - Backspacer (09)
AMONGST THE WAVES - Backspacer (09)
UNTHOUGHT UNKNOWN - Backspacer (09)


1991 Alive #1 (3w)
1992 Even Flow #13
1993 Go #12
1993 Daughter #9
1994 Animal #20
1994 Spin The Black Circle #1 (3w)
1995 Not For You #21
1995 Merkinball E.P #1 (3w)
1996 Who You Are #1 (2w)
1996 Hail Hail #22
1996 Off He Goes #36
1998 Given To Fly #3
1998 Wishlist #39
1999 Last Kiss #1 (13w)
2000 Nothing As It Seems #1 (1w)
2002 I Am Mine #3
2003 Love Boat Captain #19
2009 Brother '09 #2
2009 The Fixer #10
2009 Just Breathe #1 (2w)
2009 Got Some #5
2010 Amongst The Waves #3

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Black, Last Kiss and Alive are great from PJ
UB40 are an excellent group. I have some real fond memories of listening to their music when I was younger and some of their tracks are still great to hear when your drunk and all you want to do is SING ahaha!
Anyway a top ten from them:
1. Homely Girl
2. Can't Help Falling In Love
3. Kingston Town
4. I Got U Babe
5. The Way You Do The Things You Do
6. Here I Am (Come And Take Me)
7. Higher Ground
8. Food For Thought
9. Bring Me Your Cup
10. Where Did I Go Wrong?
I reckon if some kiwi ever put together a list of top 1000 artists in New Zealand of all time, UB40 would probably be in the top ten. They are huge!!

Pearl Jam are brilliant as well! I've only begun liking their stuff recently (2007 was the first time I heard a Pearl Jam song!) but didn't like much of their last album - bar Just Breathe... anyway my top ten from them:
1. Last Kiss
2. Better Man
3. Alive
4. Go
5. Jeremy
6. Even Flow
7. Spin the Black Circle
8. Daughter
9. Black
10. Not For You
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#67. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (1980-81, 1984-89, 1992, 1994-95, 1997, 2003, #2 - 20 entires)

(#20 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

The man they called "The Boss" certainly had the charts under his jurisdiction during the mid-80's. With Michael Jackson's "Thriller" winding up its campaign, Bruce Springsteen became the next American hero with "Born In The USA", one of the Top Five biggest albums of the decade. Just like MJ, the new Bruce Springsteen album spawned countless single releases including the #2 title track, the closest he has ever gotten to the #1 spot in Australia, and the lead track, "Dancing In The Dark", one of the Top Ten biggest singles despite only reaching #5 in the weekly charts. His stunning debut in 1975 with "Born To Run" could only manage a sliver of the success it was supposed to, and so over the following decade, Bruce slowly built a name for himself, peaking slightly higher and higher in the charts with every new release. But none of that could prepare for what was an explosion of American patriotism. But looking beneath the surface, was Bruce Springsteen really giving the finger to the whole commercial market? I mean, the guy put his arse of the front cover, and in front of the American flag. Whether on the full-scale epic front his produced with his backing band, The E-Street Band, or solo on the front porch with a 6-track recorder, as he had done with 1982's "Nebraska", Bruce's albums never gave him the return he deserved for such brilliant and often subtle songwriting. So whether he was for or against the commercialism with "Born...", it certainly rewarded him, even if there was a touch of cynicism in the way American culture was becoming a little driven. In retrospect, "Born In The USA" is a pop/rock pleasure, it tells the stories that are in everyday homes, and that quality would continue in Bruce's coming attractions, the next being "Tunnel Of Love". If "Born..." was Bruce on the prowl, "Tunnel Of Love" was Bruce settling down. If was about love and loss, and just as striking as his former releases. Perhaps it was the two and a half years that had passed by, but "Tunnel..." would produce very little in the way of hits. Bruce had reverted back to his "glory days" of moderate charts success, but the re-invention of Bruce Springsteen came from an unlikely place. He became the "go to" man if you needed a hit soundtrack single. Scoring himself an Oscar for the Tom Hanks film, "Philadelphia", Bruce would also grace the Academy's stage the following year for his nomination for "Dead Man Walking". "Philadelphia" was the most touching he had every been, this from a man who released "I'm On Fire", and it deservingly gave him his penultimate Top Ten success. The final hurrah was a re-release of "Secret Garden" from his 1995 Greatest Hits set, this time picked up by the Tom Cruise vehicle, "Jerry Maguire". It bulleted its way back up the charts to nudge into the Top Ten at #9, sealing one of the biggest careers of all time. Into his fourth decade of music, Bruce has become a "wise man" of sorts, as each of his albums over the last 10 years have received rave reviews. Of course there's no place for his singles in our charts nowadays, you'll have to tune into Gold FM to find him on the airwaves, but the fans can be satisfied that the best of Bruce is still coming their way.

Bruce Springsteen's Top 10
1Dancing In The Dark1984#5
2Born In The USA1985#2
3Streets Of Philadelphia1994#4
4Secret Garden1995/97#9
5I'm On Fire1985#12
6Brilliant Disguise1987#17
7Cover Me1984#17
8Human Touch1992#17
9Hungry Heart1980#33
10Glory Days1985#29


Woo! Go Pearl Jam and Brucey!
Pearl Jam is great. Can't wait to see where other bands come in
ohhh it's amazing to see bruce springsteen - he is one of my favourite male artists of all time and it's great to see him in so high - so many classics as well!!!

1. Born in the USA
2. I'm On Fire
3. Streets of Philadelphia
4. Dancing In The Dark
5. My Hometown
6. Hungry Heart
7. Thunder Road
8. Born To Run
9. Glory Days
10. I'm Going Down
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#66. GWEN STEFANI (2004-08, #1 - 9 entries)

(#21 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

The second appearance of our beloved Gwen Stefani represents No Doubt's hiatus after their 2004 Greatest Hits package. It was never meant to be anything more than an experimental release of maybe one or two singles. Of course, Gwen realistically being the drawcard for No Doubt's fans, there's no way anyone would let her get away with just that. And so the project escalated into full scale, and the result, "Love. Angel. Music. Baby." and instant success. Well, of course. As the lead track suggested, Gwen's "million dollar contract" gave us one "hot track" in "What You Waiting For", which debuted at #1 and cemented Gwen as one of the hottest stars, and most anticipated stars of the decade. Taking the music of the 80's which she had grown up with, Gwen added in her own personal touch with smart modern production. The result was playful, colourful and catchy, and featured some of the most bizarre fashions around (only to be trumped by that "other" Stefani a few years later), a hint of Gwen's own fashion label, "LAMB", set up in 2003. Gwen debut gave her four Top Ten singles all up, and all the time, No Doubt become just a distant memory. The rest of the band pulled together to write new material, as Gwen had always promised to return, but a further obstacle halted proceedings a little, with the birth of her first child. Almost immediately, a new album was on the shelves, and so began her second assault on the charts. Titled "The Sweet Escape", it indicated that Gwen was possibly through with being a band member with rumours that No Doubt were no more. The new album was a slower burn as far as hits were concerned. No #1's here, but the title track would become Gwen's first double Platinum single. Giving birth to her second child in 2008, it seemed customary for a child to mark the end of another album. But that was enough stalling. With no solo ventures in the pipeline, and the kids taken care of, it was time to get back to No Doubt, who quite possibly have forgotten how to play their instruments by now. While Gwen may not be totally in control this time around, expect the new No Doubt album out hopefully this year to still have a little bit of that Gwen Stefani twist on it.

Gwen Stefani's Top 9
1The Sweet Escape2007#2
2What You Waiting For2004#1
3Hollaback Girl2005#1
4Rich Girl (featuring Eve)2005#2
5Wind It Up2006#5
64 In The Morning2007#9
9Now That You Got It2007#37


what you waiting for is one of my most loved tracks of all time; and it has an absolutely AMAZING video! Gwen earnt her spot here, and OMG Plz dont tell me gaga made the top 50, surely shes coming up soon if we have gwen stefani here
awesome to see gwen, love her!
both albums are excellent, but it will be great to see no doubt back again!
my top 9 of Gwen (great singer,love her!)

1.Rich Girl
2.What You Waiting For
3.The Sweet Escape
5.Now That You Got It
7.4 In The Morning
8.Hollaback Girl
9.Wind It Up
awww i love gwen, love angel music baby was one of my favuorite albums of the last ten years. i am surprised to see that she is lower than fergie (i always compare the two) but it's good to see her in the top 100 and higher than bruce springsteen is pretty big!

My top ten Gwen tracks:
1. Cool
2. Wind It Up
3. What You Waiting For?
4. Rich Girl
5. 4 In The Morning
6. Hollaback Girl
7. Serious
8. The Sweet Escape
9. Luxurious
10. Yummy

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#65. WHAM! (1983-87, 1997-98, #1 - 11 entries)

(#19 Biggest Band)

Wham! The name said it all as the arrival of George Michael into our lives certainly rocked the charts. But it wasn't just George that made the charts so exciting. 1983 and 1984 also saw Madonna's debut, Prince finally strike gold and Michael Jackson continue hit "Thriller" juggernaut. Finally our eyes had just as much pleasure as our ears with stunning video concepts and music's availability went beyond the 7" when the public was available to purchase remixed and extended version of their fave songs. Wham! indeed! School buddies George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley were barely in their 20's when they dominated the world, and while "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" is regularly considered their arrival, the guys had considerable success with a whole album's worth of hits the year before. "Fantastic" gave Wham! three Top Ten's in Australia, but most would forget that they ever were so, overshadowed by the brilliance to come. "Fantastic" was also George's first foray into record company woes. Losing control of their royalties and artistic freedom, Wham! soon found new representation and returned with "Make It Big". They certainly did, with Wham! becoming the biggest selling artist of 1984. The guys scored two #1's in quick succession, "Go Go" and "Careless Whisper", which in many counties was presented as "Wham! featuring George Michael" and in others as his solo debut. As it feature on the "Make It Big" album, it was a little confusing, but in Australia, and for this list, "Careless" would be considered the start of one of the biggest solo careers ever. As Wham! lead the way in the new British invasion, they rarely faltered. Only the minor hit of 1983's "Club Tropicana" and final release "Where Did Your Heart Go?" missed the Top 50. Everything else was Top Ten magic. In the meantime, George Michael had released another solo single, also featured on the Wham! album, "The Final". Including his own solo material on Wham!'s releass showed that the band was just the starting block for his inevitable solo career, and in 1987, that came to full realization with "Faith", and album that continued George's winning songwriting formula. Two albums and a greatest hits package and Wham! would be one of the big names known in music forever, even if it was just a poke a little fun at George and Andrew in their shorts and big hair.

Wham!'s Top 10
1Wake Me Up Before You Go Go1984#1
2Last Christmas1984/97#3
3I'm Your Man1985#3
5Young Guns (Go For It!)1983#4
6Edge Of Heaven1986#2
7Wham Rap (Enjoy What You Do?)1983#9
8Bad Boys1983#9
9Everything She Wants1985#7
10Club Tropicana1983#60

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only like last christmas from them
i like wake me up & last christmas,other then that don't care for Wham.
Wham suck, Gwen however is pretty good.
lol great to see wham! kinda ... they had some good tracks and some shockers but they definitely had some real big songs!!!
Top 10 from them:
1. I'm Your Man
2. Everything She Wants
3. Freedom
4. Club Tropicana
5. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go!
6. Edge of heaven
7. Last Christmas
8. Young Guns
9. A Different Corner
10. Where Did Your Heart Go?

Sorry but Wham rap is an abortion
I love Gwen Stefani! My top five from her:
1. What You Waiting For?
2. Hollaback Girl
3. Rich Girl
4. Cool
5. The Sweet Escape
I'm so happy and amazed that Gaga is still to come, being higher than acts like Gwen (sorry, bsb tempted me )

Wham is quite boring. Last Xmas is alright though.
Hey well they asked you to do your updates maybe every 5-10 places; that was said 9 artists ago so THERE !

with given sales, i think gaga may be JUST #50

But of course she will rise to top 20 and probably 10 because she is just a hit machine
I'm pretty confident that Gaga will be a lot higher than 50 when you consider that Poker Face is the 4th best single since 1989 and Just Dance is the 19th best single and Bad Romance is no36 and Telephone is no98.

That's 4 of the best singles since 1989. Gaga is the perfect example of the right person, right music and right time. I personally think she is exceptionally overrated and if she was around in the 90s her sales would have been much lower but she owns the market at the moment.

Recent songs are higher in the Best of All Time list because nowadays, singles are not deleted after around three months, you can buy them ten years later.

I do hope she's higher than 50.
wham, awesome they have some great songs!

so over hearing about gaga in EVERY forum on this site, can we give it a break until she shows up. where ever that may be...
Haven't seen Nelly Furtado yet and I reckon Lady GaGa would have sold more than her? Maybe?!?

I actually think Gaga will be in the top 40 ... Poker Face and Just Dance were massive. In one and a half years she managed to become one of the biggest artists of the decade so yeah maybe #38?
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I love Nelly Furtado too. GaGa probably will have sold more than her. I do feel sorry for the acts that've been active for so long being placed lower than someone active for less than two years.
nelly furtado should be coming soon i would think
shocked to see shannon noll is so stupidly high; i didnt know he had sold that much
I'm surprised too that Shannon Noll got that high but What About Me was the 5TH Highest Selling Single of the Decade so it's not THAT Shocking.
I was gonna say that too Lifter,i'm not surprised that Shannon is this high,i'm more surprised that Shakira has not come up.
well hips dont lie was a pretty collosal hit, so was whenever wherever
Yeah Whenever Wherever and Hips Don't Lie were massive, she also had Objection (Tango) and Underneath Your Clothes which were also big.

Not surprised Shannon Noll is still to come, he's got many great songs but some shockers too (Loud, Summertime, C'mon Aussie C'mon).

GaGa should have around 800,000 sales. Poker Face and Just Dance would have 280,000 each (560,000), add 70,000 for each LoveGame, Paparazzi and Bad Romance (at the time), so then that's 770,000. But then add in Eh Eh's sales and that'd get it just over 800,000.

Bruce Springsteen isn't too bad. Some great hits but many average tracks. My faves are:

1 Streets Of Philadelphia
2 Born In The USA
3 Dancing In The Dark
4 Secret Garden
5 Glory Days

Wham are even better, my top 5 for them:

1 Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
2 I'm Your Man
3 A Different Corner
4 Last Christmas
5 Edge Of Heaven

Gwen and Kelly Clarkson faves coming soon...
YEAH!!! no shakira yet.. thats cool. Well she did have:
-Whenever wherever p>3 (210 000)
-Underneath your clothes P>2 (140 000)
-Objection P (70 000)
-The One (around 5000-10000)
-Dont Bother (1000-2000)
-Hips dont lie P (70000) They shouldve included the downloads, wouldve been a BIGGER hit than it was.
She Wolf (15000)
So all in all it should have around 515 000.... O_O
thats lower than all the other ones... oh wells, maybe my calcs are wrong.
fudge, remember that if Whenever Wherever is P3, it means that it is anywhere between 210,000 and 280,000
My calculations for Shakira, in which a certification is the average of the minimum and maximum possible (not counting incorrect certifications)
245,000 Whenever Wherever
175,000 Underneath Your Clothes
105,000 Objection
7500 The One
1500 Don't Bother
105,000 Hips Don't Lie
15,000 She Wolf
26,250 Beautiful Liar (Gold) (halved due to being a duet)
..Which equates to 620,250 sales. So she'll be here soon

Using these calculations, Lady Gaga has 1,137,500 sales, I hope she really does get a million
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Gaga is no way near a million but she won't be far off
Um 392 you loser she'll have around 850,000 really. 900,000 tops.
Don't call me a loser. I calculated that figure by looking at the accreditations, and averaging the min. and max. possible within a certification (which makes 105K for single platinum).
I doubt she'd have that, but that's what those basic calculationss say.
OH YEAH.. hahahaa woopsi, thanks Hijinx i totz forgot.

Anyways, does anyone know how to get like signed by a major music company i.e, Sony...apart from posting videos on youtube, coz i dont want to be discovered like that.. id rather be discovered naturally, so could i like send them a demo of me singing..

Plus, i havent taken any singing lessons but think im good?? hopefully my dreams comes true one day.
A lot of people think they're good but they really suck
well; thats nice of you 392, your the simon cowell of aus charts apparently XP

I dont know fudge - I always figured you sent in a demo :L
australian idol
Thanks 392

Fudge, your dreams will come true as long as you want them to. Have faith and try your hardest and if you work hard enough you can make that dream a reality. The only thing stopping you is yourself. So believe in yourself, don't listen to others and stay focused.

There are various ways to be signed as a recording artists. One way is to send a demo to a company with a few songs to give them a taste of what you have. The problem with this is that they get millions of demos, so it's very hard.
Another way is; Get yourself an Agent. The Agent will then send your demos to various companies and help to get you signed or a job in singing. Basically they take the responsibility away from you. An Agent does not cost you anything and if they ask you for money to sign up then they are a scam. They take a % (usually 10%) of your pay ONCE you are actually signed and releasing music. If you are good then they will want to get you signed a.s.a.p to get themselves money. If you are bad they won't waste their time.
Another option is obviously your Idols, Australia's Got Talent & X Factor shows.

Personally, I think you should go audition for an Agent. If no one takes you on it doesn't mean you are bad. It just means they are looking for people with experience or past singing lessons. Remember, they are trying to get themselves money so they want the best. However, you can get some who really want to give people a chance. Anyway, your best bet is to do this. Go sing for them and see if you are ready to be shopped around to companies.

If you have any questions feel free to MEMO me and most importantly... Best of luck!
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you still have to be good. a lot of people want to be famous but few are good enough. a lot of ppl are good but you have to be exceptional.
i dont think i could get a singing career no matter how much i wanted to people will pay to get out of my shows
as I said above... IF you are good
ok thanks M@TT and people. But the thing is i dont want to be like known from winning a contestant i.e, aus idol or something. I wanna be found fresh off the block like rihanna or jason deluro or someone. And i dont wanna be discovered off of yotube like a Justin bieber wannabe, but if thats what it takes then i might have to. I mean ke$ha got signed so cant anyone else?

Plus, my dads a singer and he won a contestant and everyone thinks hes a good singer, so i probs have his singing genes as well since he said i was good.

Its just i think im good, but i havent really let anyone hear me sing, because then i might turn out to be shit anyways. And i wanna get signed now coz i think im getting too old (16 years old)

Also, i said to my parents that i wanna be a singer and they go, "NOO YOU STAY IN SCHOOL AND BECOME A DOCTOR OR SOME CRAP", but i dont want to go to school or uni anymore, i wanna be a singer, and so thats why im really despo to make this a reality. One day...

AND AND AND i never had singing lessons before, i record myself but i not too sure about how i sound.
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Fudge, no offence to them but STUFF your parents. You live your life and not the life they want you to live. You aren't getting too old.. Look at Lady Gaga she didn't get discovered until she was around 22 years old, similar to ke$ha.

zxcvcxz... READ my post.. when I talk about getting an agent I say "if you are good, they will want to get you signed etc"
I didn't say you specifically suck M@TT

The agent thing sounds like a good idea, but, I think that Step One should be to sing to someone (not your parents) and see if they say you're good. It would be a waste trying to find an agent (or if you decided to get on Idol or something) if they were never going to sign you because you weren't good enough. And M@TT's right, 16 isn't old.

ok so good luck to whoever it was thats apparently wanting to become a singer, personally i say that your parents are right cos you have about a 1% chance of ever breaking into the music scene, and thats nothing against anyones voice. its just the way it is. so, while you do sing, keep on with your schooling as you will always have that at least if it dosent work out.

anyway on with the countdown i say.. who is next!
@ freakystevie1 HELLO? Anybody home? There actually was a decade of great musical talent after the eighties and before the 2000s dude.

Don't tell me you don't even know the greatest decade ever...
About the smartest comment on here for awhile there freakysteve, I 1000% agree with that
its all about image isnt it. artists are just a product of the record company who sells them
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Back on home soil and time to get back into the countdown.

Let's look at the remaining competition fudge will have to overcome to become the biggest artist of all time...heh heh. Or at least some inspiring acts who will give you an idea on how to rise above most recording artists.

Good luck!

There's just two more artists to reveal before we hit the 600,000 mark!

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#64. AKON (2005-09, #1 - 11 entries)

(#19 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Don't laugh, but Akon was born Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam. It was almost as funny as his first appearance in our charts with "Lonely", somewhat of a novelty hit at the time. OK, so to be fair, it wasn't entirely Akon's fault, as many artists such as The Black Eyed Peas and Gwen Stefani were bordering on "novelty" due to one Crazy Frog ruling the charts of 2005, and pretty much making the charts a little bit of a farce. I must admit, time has done "Lonely" well, and although the sped-up chipmunk sample of the original Bobby Vinton single, "Mr. Lonely", is still a bit cringe-worthy, Akon's vocals are quite easy on the ears in a genre that is sometimes hard to sing along to. While that single put Akon at the top of charts all over the world, and made an instant household name of the "konvict", his personal life prior has been a topic of much mystery and debate. His name above is just one example of what is to believed to be his real name, and you could probably pick any combination of words to get closer to the truth. But his birthdate as been reported as anything between 1973 and 1981, his marriage count sometimes reported as being thrice, although the singer will only admit to one, and a brood of six children apparently from three different women makes up what is definitely a promiscuous life. But there's no mystery to Akon's chart performance as each single release is well in the spotlight, four of which have reached out Top Ten. Akon's debut, "Trouble", which is still his highest peaking album in Australia to date, was quite tame compared to what would come with album #2, "Konvicted". Still featuring his little "konvict" tag in the new material, Akon upped the "nasty" to make it quite the XXX release, although some tasteful radio friendly versions hid that fact to many a parent across the land. "I Wanna Love You" puts quite a different meaning on the word "love" if you listen to the proper version, while "Smack That" really was a no-brainer to the dirty content. At least he apologized with "Sorry, Blame It On Me". There still seemed to be quite a bit of novelty value to Akon, though, and while it wasn't as annoying as most, he still relied on cheap and dirty tricks to get the attention he did. Enter Akon as a new artist in 2008. Gone was the inspiration from artists such as Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Instead we had a slicker Kanye West version of Akon, complete with smart suit and earwear, and some great music which put much of his first two albums to shame. While the new material faltered in comparison on our charts, the longevity of "Beautiful" and "Right Now (Na Na Na)", both 37 weeks in the Top 100, ensured Akon was still in that spotlight. Add to that his featured performance on one of 2009's biggest singles, David Guetta's "Sexy Bitch", and Akon will still be a force to reckon with into the new decade, which sees the release of his fourth album, "Stadium Music". Singles from that album are starting to make themselves known, with the rumoured first single, "Nosy Neighbour" produced by David Guetta repaying the favour to Akon. Will it be as big a "Sexy Bitch", we'll have to see, but one thing is for sure, it won't take too much more for Akon to make his way to the Top 50 of this list with that album.

Akon's Top 10
2Smack That (featuring Eminem)2006#2
3I Wanna Love You (featuring Snoop Dogg)2007#6
4Don't Matter2007#9
5Right Now (Na Na Na) (includes "Instrumental Version")2008#17/#92
6Beautiful (featuring Colby O'Donis)2008#14
7Sorry, Blame It On Me2007#27
8Belly Dancer (Bananza)2005#23
9Locked Up2005#33
10I'm So Paid2008#91


Akon is so god damn annoying. Hes a horrible artist.
Akons top songs for me:

1.Belly Dancer

497493743743479027. Everything else, Akon has only ever had 1 good song!
1.Locked Up
2.Shut It Down
5.Belly Dancer
6.The Sweet Escape
7.Wanna Be Startin Somethin
8.Smack That
10.Don't Matter
12.Sexy Bitch

the rest suck
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lol Akon fails
I like most of Akon. Faves:
1. Smack That
2. Beautiful
3. Lonely
4. Don't Matter
5. I Wanna F*ck You
6. Right Now (Na Na Na)
Sexy Bitch would be #1, but I don't count it.
tbh akon is only as good as his collaborators - although i have liked a few of his solo songs. my top ten from him:

1. don't matter
2. sorry blame it on me
3. lonely
4. i wanna f*** you
5. beautiful
6. belly dancer
7. ghetto
8. locked up
9. right now
10. mama africa
hate smack that with a passion and only the top four on the list have peaked in my top 20 so yep not a big fan!
My Akon top 5 would probably be all #1's.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#63. MIDNIGHT OIL (1980-83, 1985-88, 1990-93, 1995-98, 2000, 2003, #1 - 25 entries)

(#13 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#18 Biggest Band)

There are quite a few political acts who surprisingly managed to make their messages heard in the charts to the extent that they are found amongst the biggest artists ever. Australia's Midnight Oil are no exception, addressing problems with the environment, indigenous issues, and anti-nuclear causes. Forming as Farm during the early 70's, it took three years to get a line-up that would closely resemble the finished Oils. Rob Hirst, Andrew James and Jim Moginie advertised for a lead singer for Farm which was answered by Peter Garrett, a student of the Australian National University in Canberra. It's hard to know what Midnight Oil would be without Peter and his sharp tongue constantly spitting out a message about something, but he was a stayer, moving to Sydney where the band was stationed. Peter finished his law degree, and a new member, Martin Rotsey joined the line-up, and Farm were ready to pounce on the country, choosing the name "Midnight Oil" out of a hat. Midnight Oil released their self-titled debut album in 1978, and it was just as hard-edged and heavy as the political themes that would come to shape much of the bands' material. It was a beautiful marriage, working on all levels to critics and the public to give the band success in both the charts, and the magazines who reviewed them. "Midnight Oil", the album, gave the band just one week in the Top 100 Singles chart when "Run By Night" hit #100 before dropping out the next week. It was certainly NOT a sign of what was to come. As 1980 hit, Midnight Oil made their presence known with "Head Injuries" and "Place Without A Postcard", reaching #36 and #12 respectively as the singles from those albums started to reach the Top 50, and the radio waves. And then came "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" giving the guys their first Top Ten hit, and opening the floodgates to both singles and album success. What followed was another three #1 albums, and together with "10-1", all would spend over a year in the Top 100 (all but, "Diesel And Dust" exiting after just 50 weeks). By this time, "10-1" had spent 171 weeks in the charts! The singles celebrated the Oils with four Top Ten singles in a row, with one of them, the "Species Deceases" EP debuting at #1, the first time ever such a feat had been achieved. After "Blue Sky Mining" had wrapped up its campaign with a 5xPlatinum accreditation, Midnight Oil's success began to slide. "Earth And Sun And Moon", as brilliant as it was, couldn't complete with the dominating dance scene at the time, even though the album was Midnight Oil at their "poppiest". Possibly realising their time was up, Midnight Oil became more and more left of centre with their last few albums before splitting in 2002. Peter Garrett made one of the most unsurprising moves in Australian music history by entering politics in an official sense, sworn in as Minister for Environment Protection, Heritage and the Arts. Midnight Oil remains a voice to be heard, even in a ghostly sense, but the band has popped up again for Wave Aid and Sound Relief, prompted by the disasters caused by the environment, the very thing they were trying to save in their 30 year career.

Fans of Midnight Oil: DaveNT

Midnight Oil's Top 10
1Species Decaeses EP1985#1
2Beds Are Burning1987#6
3The Dead Heart1986#4
4Blue Sky Mine1990#8
5US Forces1982#20
6Power And The Passion1983#8
8Bird Noises EP1980#28
9King Of The Mountain1990#25


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Midnight Oil sucks....
I like Beds Are Burning & Power and the Passion from Midnight Oil.
Midnight Oil are ok, top 5 are:

1 Power & The Passion
2 This Is Australia
3 King Of The Mountain
4 Forgotten Years
5 Beds Are Burning

Akon is much better, my top 10 are:

01 Right Now (Na Na Na)
02 Lonely
03 Don't Matter
04 Smack That
05 Belly Dancer (Bananza)
06 Never Took The Time
07 I Wanna Fuck You
08 Sorry, Blame It On Me
09 Locked Up
10 Beautiful

Top 10 featurettes:

01 Just Dance (Lady GaGa)
02 The Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani)
03 Shut It Down (Pitbull)
04 Stuck With Each Other (Shontelle)
05 Change Me (Keri Hilson)
06 Dangerous (Kardinal Offishall)
07 Moonshine (Savage)
08 Sexy Bitch (David Guetta)
09 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 08 (MIchael Jackson)
10 I Tried (Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony)
I love Midnight Oil, Blue Sky Mine is my favourite, followed by Beds are burning and power and the passion. I was lucky to catch them live, shortly before their break-up.
Akon 'Belly Dancer (Banana)' is extremely overrated, not that good. My fav Akon featurettes from Mykl's list (it would be too hard to think of others, there are so many)
1. DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Kardinal Offishall)
2. Sexy Bitch (David Guetta)
3. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (Michael Jackson)
4. Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani)
5. Shut It Down (Pitbull)
Just Dance doesn't count as an Akon featurette to me, as he was never credited. Otherwise it would be #1, possibly equally though.
I don't like Akon much at all. He only gets a top three from me, and even then they're the ones I dislike least.

1. I Wanna Love You
2. Don't Matter
3. Sorry Blame It On Me.

Midnight Oil had some decent songs, but I really dislike Peter Garrett. Beds Are Burning is their standout.
yes! i forget Dangerous,Moonshine,Wanna Be Startin Somethin & The Sweet Escape,i like all them too
akon featured on just dance?
i thought it was colby o'donis am i missing something?
It was Colby O'Donis. Akon did a puny amount of backing vocals and some production.
This Is Australia I assume? I have their version of the song :S
I think you might find it's called "Sounds Of Then" by Gangajang
Yayyy I like Midnight Oil. One of my friends is obsessed with them. I really dislike Akon too.
I am not at all surprised that Shannon Noll hasn't made an appearance yet. He did have the 5th highest selling song of the last decade, and he has 8 platinum and 2 gold accreditations to his name for singles. But I am more than a little surprised not to have seen The Veronicas yet. They have only 3 platinim and 4 gold accreditations as far as ARIA is concerned, and while record companies can be a bit lazy doing the paperwork to get accreditations updated, it seems odd they have sold well over half a million singles, given they only had one single in the End Of Decade chart way down at 79. Even looking at their positions on the annual charts it doesn't compute to me. They have only nine entries too, so they couldn't have made up the numbers that way.

Are the figures you put in the start of each entry supposed to be actual sales chri8topher?
They are estimated sales, Wiki. As far as I know, chri8 uses some formulas and weighting techniques to make all years equal, as the more recent years would count for more sales because of digital sales if actual sales were used. So, really, it's a point system, but modified to look more like actual sales. Could be something similar to the Points=100xPosition^-(2/3) that Hijinx made last year, but probably more complicated. Hope that helps.
Well Wiki, of course I can't claim these to be actual sales, but while you're counting 3xPlatinum and 4xGold as being 350,000 (at a minimum), it is possible for this number to be 620,000 at a maximum.

Off the top of my head (I'm a work, so I can't check for sure), I had "Untouched" at 140,000 and "4ever" and "Hook Me Up" at around 100,000 each. The others I couldn't say, but as many artists have shown in the list so far, the smaller entries can make a big difference to their totals, and make an impact on their position.

We'll just have to wait and see where the girls end up, and if the just make it into the looming Top 50.
Midnight Oil were great!! Especially 'Diesel And Dust' and 'Blue Sky Mining'.
1) Beds Are Burning, 2) The Dead Heart, 3) Power And The Passion
also: Short Memory, U.S. Forces, Put Down That Weapon, Warakurna, Bullroarer, Blue Sky Mine, Forgotten Years, King Of The Mountain.
Played in the N.T. on a stinkin' hot day - it packs extra punch!
Midinght Oil are awesome but I don't listen to them nearly as much as I should so I don't know a few of their songs in the top ten!

My top five from them:
1. Beds are Burning
2. Blue Sky Mine
3. Truganini
4. Power and the Passion
5. The Dead heart
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#62. EURYTHMICS (1983-90, 1999, #1 - 21 entries)

(#17 Biggest Band)

The UK's most successful musical duo of all time consisted of Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart who have both appeared as solo artists in this same Top 1000 Biggest Artists list, so it comes as no surprise that together they became one of the biggest forces of the 80's. Emerging from the ashes of The Tourists, who hit the Top Ten in 1980 with "I Only Want To Be With You", Annie and Dave perfected the "water and oil" persona. Dave was the cool and scruffy behind the scenes man, occasionally popping up vocally, while Annie was the chameleon front person who's theatrical appearance kept their fans guessing what look she would don next. "Eurythmy" is a movement of musical where rhythm, melody and harmony all play a prominent part of the song, however, in music, the emphasis is placed more on the driving beat. As a vital part to the early Eurythmics sound, it was something that had captured Annie's interest enough for the duo to take on the name. Possibly one of the missing links between New Wave and Rock music, Eurythmics were a little slow with their success, with their debut album, "In The Garden" a hard sell all around the world. It was also a period of uncertainty for the band as Annie reportedly suffered a breakdown, and Dave was hospitalized with a collapsed lung. It could only get better from here, and an amazing recovery began in 1983 when their breakthrough hit, "Love Is A Stranger" gave they guys a Top 20 hit in Australia. In fact, only one of their first fifteen chart entries failed to make the Top 20, and every studio album (bar 1987's underrated "Savage" album) would make the Top Ten. Eurythmics represented one of the most perfect musical outputs of the 80's, initially being in this lists' Top 10 Biggest Artists by the end of the 80's. All this time, a rift had developed between the two, despite a final album release entitled "We Too Are One". It was time to lay Eurythmics to rest, shocking fans everywhere with the sudden notice. A chart-topping Greatest Hits album in 1991 proved the love for the band, becoming one of the highest sellers of the year, but a moderately successful reunion album in 1999 softened the blow a little to give somewhat of a reward back to those die hard fans. Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart continue to excel in both their fields (Annie won an Oscar and Dave has been Golden Globe nominated for their film contributions) but as for any further collaboration together, 2005's one-off release from their "Ultimate Collection", "I've Got A Life" looks to be the absolute last we'll ever here from one of the most brilliant bands there ever was.

Eurythmics' Top 10
1Would I Lie To You1985#1
2Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983#6
3There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)1985#3
4Sexcrime (1984)1984#5
5Thorn In My Side1986#12
6When Tomorrow Comes1986#7
7Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (with Aretha Franklin)1985#15
8Right By Your Side1983#15
9Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)1987#13

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I like Sweet Dreams & #7,other then that not a fan of the Eurythmics

1.Sweet dreams
2.There must be an angel
4.Would I Lie to you?
5.Sisters are doin' it for themselves

i have ALOT more faves - i have their greatest hits album too, AWESOME ^_^
Well done, Chri8. You're doing a terrific job.

Midnight Oil #63!!! Hooray!!!
My top 5 from them are
1) Beds are Burning
2) Power and the Passion
3) the dead heart
4) King of the Mountain
5) Pictures

Best of Both Worlds comes a close 6th.
Say...what chart entries did they have in 2000 and 2003?
Thanks Chri8topher. I guess I can see how the Veronicas sales could be worked out like that now you have explained it. They did have 3 big singles were well positioned on the End Of Year Charts. And without actual sales, some guess work is needed. Looking forward to the rest of the countdown.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#61. MENTAL AS ANYTHING (1980-89, 1995, #2 - 26 entries)

(#12 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#16 Biggest Band)

Often billed as Australia's hardest working band, Mental As Anything have certainly provided a steady and plentiful flow of music and hits throughout their 35 year career. As a bunch of Sydney art students getting together for a bit of fun in 1976, the line-up of Martin Plaza, Reg Mombassa, Peter O'Doherty and Wayne Delisle soon found themselves making a full time go of a musical career. Greedy Smith, also an art student, guested on harmonica for a one-off concert later in the year, and soon left his own band to join the Mentals, completing the long-lasting and "classic" line up. Amongst some of the biggest names in this list, and just missing the Top 50, it is quite surprising to see such a band at these heights. The secret to Mental As Anything's success was short, catchy, "jingle"-like tunes which were never too "novel" or cheesy. For most of the 80's, the Mentals were consistent in the singles charts which saw 25 single entries in one decade, one of the most in this 30 year period, four of those hitting the Top Ten. With albums that were always good value for money, they rarely missed the Top 20, with three making it to the Top 3 Albums chart. What the Mentals did fail in doing was reach #1 in either the Singles or Albums chart, and are actually the third highest placed act in this list not to do so. Unlucky, but #1 is just a number, and that rich pool of music brilliance more than made up for it. Mental As Anything didn't turn their backs on those early art school days which all contributing their art to album and single covers, while Reg Mombassa's "Mambo" work is one of the most recognized art styles known in Australia history. Just check out the 2000 Sydney Olympics Closing Ceremony to see his work really come to life! While the hits ran out at the closing of the 80's, bar a mini-comeback in 1995, Mental As Anything have continued to release albums every two or three albums, although with 2009's "Tents Up", it was just Martin Plaza and Greedy Smith, the bands' two main vocalists, remaining from the original line up. Mental As Anything were inducted into the ARIA Hall Of Fame at the 2009 awards show, a celebration which nicely accompanied their 30th Anniversary Greatest Hits package, definitely a worthwhile purchase full of happy, fun tunes from a time when the charts were, err... fun and happy.

Mental As Anything's Top 10
1Live It Up1985#2
2If You Leave Me Can I Come Too?1981#4
3Rock And Roll Music1988#5
4Too Many Times1981#6
5Let's Go To Paradise1986#15
6You're So Strong1985#11
7Come Around1980#18
8Working For The Man1983#20
9He's Just No Good For You1987#15
10The World Seems Difficult1989#19


LOVE both Eurythmics and Mental As Anything!

But if i had to choose, Eurythmics would win out every time, Sweet Dreams, Thorn In My Side, Would I Lie To You. All awesome!
MAA is average, lol

ok we are up to the top 60 now; top 50 should be within a week, im so excited !
bangalore, Midnight Oil had their last Top 50 single in 2000 with "The Real Thing", a cover of the 1969 Russell Morris classic that has also had a version done by Kylie Minogue for the "Sample People" soundtrack.

In 2003, they had a minor hit with "No Man's Land" entering the charts at #79 and dropping out the next week.
Wow the Eurythmics!!! Talk about Classic!!!
My top ten from them:
1. here Comes the Rain Again
2. Thorn In My Side
3. Sweet Dreams
4. Miracle of Love
5. There must be an angel
6. Who's That Girl
7. Would I Lie To You?
8. Right By Your Side
9. Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves
10. Sexcrime
It's funny i was just watching their greatest hits dvd - it's one of the few music dvd's that can be watched right through without having to skip

Mental as Anything - I don't know enough of their songs to make an informed judgment so instead I will make no judgment
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#60. DURAN DURAN (1981-90, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2005, #3 - 24 entries)

(#15 Biggest Band)

The British invasion was ready to begin its second assault on America and Australia with Duran Duran leading the way in style. Forming around 1978, it took a few years to get their initial line-up in place. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and the three Taylors - Roger, John and Andy, none of which are related, took the name of Barbarella villian, Dr. Durand Durand, and were soon flying through the universe of the charts with "Planet Earth". Duran Duran were very pretty lads, cheeky and flirtatious with the ladies, but underneath all that apparent tomfoolery, there was a deliberate and calculated machine in process. Duran Duran wrote some of the catchiest pop hits ever, but the also acknowledged the MTV aspect that had become a vital part in any artists success. That look and image was worked on just as hard as the music was, as were the video clips which were cutting edge at the time, but not without a little danger. With all the wizardry of "The Wild Boys" video clip, the wheel Simon Le Bon was "riding", dipping his head in water with every revolution. The wheel stuck during shooting, and you guessed it, Simon's head was underwater as crew scrambled to free him of the shackles holding him on. Of course Simon survived, and continued on to produce even more hits which totaled eight Top Ten hits, and four Top Ten albums, including the #1 smash, "Rio". If that success wasn't enough, Duran Duran split into two successful side projects as Simon, Nick and Roger formed Arcadia, who reached #13 with "Election Day", and John and Andy joining up with Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson to form The Power Station, who enjoyed more success with two Top Ten singles, "Some Like It Hot" and "Get It On". Duran Duran was never really the same after, as it would be just Simon, John and Nick returning together, and suddenly Duran Duran were just a trio. Success eluded the band with each following album bombing a little more. But Duran Duran were back in the charts during 1993 in a big way when their "Wedding Album" produced two brilliant pop hits rivaling anything from their 80's heyday. "Ordinary World" and "Come Undone" would be Duran Duran last assault on the Singles charts, with the following five albums producing a few minor hits amongst them, even with the original line-up which reformed in 2001 after successful one-off concert appearances. Once again, Andy Taylor left the band during 2005, but the four remaining members are reportedly in the studio for an album set for release possibly in 2011, with a little work left to do in production by Nick Rhodes, the only member to have stuck with the band since the beginning. While Duran Duran's musical output is nothing short of brilliant as far as pop music goes, I would urge any new fans to check out their 2005 tour DVD which sees the band age incredibly well, and the music work up against anything brought out by todays stars. Get into it.

Fans of Duran Duran: timfoxxy_236

Duran Duran's Top 10
1Hungry Like The Wolf1982#5
2The Reflex1984#4
3Union Of The Snake1983#4
4The Wild Boys1984#3
5Planet Earth1981#8
6Girls On Film1981#11
7Is There Something I Should Know?1984#4
8A View To A Kill1985#6
9My Own Way1982#10
10Ordinary World1993#18


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Mental As Anything are alright. Top 3 are:

1 Rock 'N' Roll Music
2 Live It Up
3 Too Many Times

Eurythmics are fantastic! Top 10 are:

01 Here Comes The Rain Again
02 Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
03 Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves
04 Sexcrime (1984)
05 There Must Be An Angel
06 Thorn In My Side
07 Who's That Girl
08 Missionary Man
09 Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)
10 Love Is A Stranger

11 Miracle Of Love

And just a quick question, why isn't Here Comes The Rain Again in the top 10 for the Eurythmics? It was released after 1980 and was surely one of their 10 biggest hits.
Duran Duran was terrible, mykl ive noticed sweet dreams is like a gay anthem; have you
Britney Spears better be in the top 10 or else Australia sucks

duran duran are awesome, and for any new fans i recommend the 'Girls On Film' uncensored video

since when is sweet dreams a gay anthem?
never heard that before
well ive noticed that most gays consider it an anthem; i know like 10 gays and they all LOVE IT xp
Mykl, "Here Comes The Rain Again" was actually their 15th biggest by my count. Many of their hits were close together as most entered the Top 20 without getting to the Top 10. Ahead of "Rain" was "Love Is A Stranger", "Miracle Of Love", "Missionary Man" and Who's That Girl" before we hit the Top 10.
i know that chri8 - and its alot quicker than writing homosexuals. im saying all the ones i know - love the song; so its prob for the most part the same for others.

i wasnt using it as a derogatory term; i mean cmon, im bi XP
lol sweet dreams is great tho - when i think of gay anthem tho i think of i will survive or it's raining men.

duran duran are brilliant i like a lot of their stuff - my top ten from them are:

1. hungry like the wolf
2. notorious
3. the reflex
4. ordinary world
5. a view to a kill
6. girls on film
7. is there something i should know?
8. save a prayer
9. rio
10. electric barbarella

24 entries! that's a pretty respectable effort!
hey chri8topher i was just wondering what the other three entries of Kelly Clarkson were? i can think of two, but have no idea what the other one could have been..
Gareth, the other three songs were Behind These Hazel Eyes, Walk Away and One Minute.
thanks Daniel! i for some reason thought Behind These Hazel Eyes was in the top ten.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#59. THE VERONICAS (2005-09, #1 - 9 entries)

(#5 Biggest Vocal Group)
(#11 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)

For anyone following the charts over the last 30 years, it's kinda strange and a surprise to see a couple of Aussie girls barely out of their teens making such an impact on the charts. They've certainly snuck up on a lot of artists and no doubt will continue to surge ahead into the Top 50 in the future. Now, I've just found out a few things which may spark some debate, but The Veronicas are represented by quite a few members that really put them in the "band" category, but I always thought twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso were it. Well, there you go. For now, I've represented them as a vocal group, awaiting further investigation...heh heh, but certainly the girls are the focal point of The Veronicas which has landed Jessica and Lisa lucrative deals in other areas. Department store, Target, released a line of clothing designed by The Veronicas in 2007, having had to purchase some of that very clothing for a Veronicas-mad niece of mine. The fact that the demand to look like their favourite singers is so high to produce a whole line of clothing to cater, just goes how the music business has changed over the years, but also highlights the fact that The Veronicas have become role models for young girls across the country. But there's a bigger reason The Veronicas are here in this list, and that's the music. Two albums full of fast-paced pop delights that see the girls pack more lyrics in a tune than most rap artists...heh heh. Both albums have been unlucky to peak at #2, while they almost suffered the same fate in the Singles, but "Hook Me Up" took over the top spot for a single week with a sudden burst of sales. Everything else released has been just as big, with only two out of their nine entries missing the Top Ten. On top of that, The Veronicas have also enjoyed international success, with their biggest hit, "Untouched", going #1 in Ireland, Top Ten in the UK, and Top 20 in the US. So why "The Veronicas"? Jess and Lisa were set on naming themselves with a female christian name, but didn't want it to be just "The Lisas" or "The Jesses". It was a line in the Winona Ryder film, Heathers, that inspired the girls to take on "The Veronicas", but not without a little legal leaning from Archie Comics, claiming the girls had pinched the name from the popular comic book character. In a deal that allowed The Veronicas to continue as they were, Jess and Lisa would appear as the band in a few Archie comic publications, complete with free download of their song "4ever". It was a deal that I'm sure wasn't too much of a hassle. I mean, appear in such a comic book is pretty cool. So, The Veronicas, band or vocal group, whatever the case may be, certainly equals success, and as our #11 most successful local act, open the gates to the Top 10, beginning its own countdown in the Top 50.

Fans of The Veronicas: LIFTER500, smucas

The Veronicas Top 9
2Hook Me Up2007#1
4When It All Falls Apart2006#7
5Everything I'm Not2005#7
6This Love2008#10
7Take Me On The Floor2008#7
9Leave Me Alone2006#41


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love the veronica's, I have their first album !

top 5

1.Hook Me Up
2.Take Me On The Floor
3.When It All Falls Apart
The Veronicas are good, probally my favorite female Act but they have also had some shithouse Singles, all but 1 of them are from their crap 2nd Album but I have their 1st Album and it's quite good.

Top 5 from them.

1. Everything I'm Not
2. 4Ever
3. When It All Falls Apart
4. Leave Me Alone (#3 and #4 are hard to choose beween)
5. Hook Me Up (Only good release from their 2nd Album).

Hopefully they can go back to their Pop Rock sound instead of the electro crap I had to endure..
The Veronicas are good, surprised to see them this high.
1. Untouched (by far)
2. This Love
3. Hook Me Up
4. When It All Falls Apart
5. Popular (played to death by radio, otherwise it'd be #3)
6. Everything I'm Not
7. Take Me on the Floor
8. Forever
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#58. NICKELBACK (2001-09, #2 - 14 entries)

(#14 Biggest Band)

Everyone has their guilty pleasures, a band or act they shouldn't like, but do, and Nickelback would have to be mine. I will probably never find myself buying a Nickelback album, or a song for that matter, but thanks to "So Fresh", I have quite a collection of songs which regularly get a four or five star rating on my iPod. OK, the embarassments out of the way. Formed in 1995, around the time grunge died, Nickelback is probably the closest we've ever had to a resurgence of the genre as far as chart success is concerned, with the band branded a post-grunge/hard rock outfit. Band member, Mike Kroeger, spent his pre-Nickelback days as a barrister at Starbucks, regularly giving a nickel change for each cup of coffee. His frequent line of "Here's your nickel back" became the name for the Canadian band who would end the 2000's as the second biggest selling foreign act in the US with 30 million album sales worldwide. Nickelback debuted on the Australian charts in 2001, but it was actually with their third album, "Silver Side Up", with their first two albums only able to rustle up minor success in the States. Since then, the band has enjoyed a string of hit singles, six in total from three albums, including 2 #2 peaking singles, making them one of the biggest acts never reach the summit of the Singles chart. Even more unlucky are Nickelback's albums, of which all four of their last releases have made the Top 5, peaking at #2, #3, #4 and #5. Without a #1 album OR a #1 single, Nickelback are the second biggest act in this list never to reach #1 in Australia on either chart, with the biggest act just around the corner. With all this success, which extends into all corners of the world, it's interesting that Nickelback find themselves as one of the most critically unfavourable acts currently residing in the charts. The band was named the "Worst Band In The World" by The Word magazine in 2009, and Chad Kroeger named the worst singer by various columnists. So how do they find themselves here? The genius that is Chad Kroeger knows exactly what his target audience wants, and gives it to them every time (and then there's that "guilty pleasure" aspect. I mean, if they can reach a Madonna/Kylie fan such as myself, then there's something in that!) That dedication to Nickelback fans have given them great rewards back, and one that may still see enough support to get them to #1 with what will be a future seventh album.

Fans of Nickelback: AmerieFan, antonnalan, LIFTER500, V1AHHHH

Nickelback's Top 10
1How You Remind Me2001#2
4Far Away2006#2
5Gotta Be Somebody2008#14
6Figured You Out2004#10
7Savin' Me2006#18
8If Today Was Your Last Day2009#26
9If Everyone Cared2006#32
10I'd Come For You2009#22


Totally predicted #59

Nickelback aren't too bad, How You Remind Me may be the only song of theirs that I actively enjoy but that's not to say the rest are bad.
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Nickelback are Excellent, thrilled to see them so high in the List, much higher then expected.

Theres nothing Guilty about liking them, Critics are out of touch LOL. Top 10 from them.

1. Far Away
2. Photograph
3. If Everyone Cared
4. Gotta Be Somebody
5. Someday
6. Never Gonna Be Alone
7. If Today Was Your Last Day
8. Rockstar
9. How You Remind Me
10. Savin' Me.

2 Favorite Acts in a row, it's my lucky night.
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Ok, so one other thing, say you did want to become an artist, is it like essential to be good at an instrument, say piano/keyboard, guitar etc...?? or is it just the looks and voice??
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#57. AQUA (1997-2000, #1 - 8 entries)

(#2 Biggest Musical Group)

From one guilty pleasure to another, Aqua managed to do the unthinkable. After releasing "novelty" megahits such as "Barbie Girl" and "Doctor Jones", nearly 15 years on, the Aqua hits have somewhat entered into "classic" status. What's more, is that the band went into a second album that, while the single releases reaped less rewards in the charts, were smart pop brilliance. Never before and never again had such a band been able to sustain the success they did. Aqua's timing was perfect as pop music's resurgence in 1997 gave much success to the biggest acts ever, many still to come in this list. It was a call back to what the 80's brought us. Fun songs, catchy and delivered with all the promo, video clips and gloss that makes pop music what it is. So that was 1997, but it was just Aqua's breakthrough, as the Danish outfit formed quite a few years prior in 1989, when they formed as Joyspeed. The three DJ/producers, Claus Norreen, Rene Dif and Soren Rasted found little success with their early releases, but recruiting Norwegian singer, Lene Nystrom, set the group on the right track that would eventuate in their 6xPlatinum #1 album, "Aquarium". Both "Barbie Girl" and "Doctor Jones" would receive a triple Platinum accreditation, while "Lollipop" and "Turn Back Time" would also hit the Top 10. The 1999 follow-up album, "Aquarius" showed signs of repeating some of the success Aqua had experienced, and certainly "Cartoon Heroes" was "novelty" pop at its best (a personal favourite of mine), but inevitably, such groups expire sooner than others, and a sudden riff in the band caused Aqua to split after just two albums. On the plus side, Aqua's success will forever be locked in a brilliant time of pop music, without the pain of seeing a band as a shadow of their former success, but on the down side, we miss what could've been, as Aqua were never a band people really got sick of, and had the goods to develop. Well, hold that thought. Aqua returned in 2009 with a brand new single, patching up their differences enough to enter into a possible third album that might just see our "cartoon heroes" return to the charts again.

Aqua's Top 8
1Doctor Jones1997#1
2Barbie Girl1997#1
3Lollipop (Candyman)1998#3
4Turn Back Time1998#10
5Cartoon Heroes2000#16
6Around The World2000#35
7My Oh My1998#56
8Bumble Bees2000#65


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must say i was really disappointed when cartoon heroes didnt do that good and it kinda spelled the end of them. but for those aqua fans, i highly recommend the 2009 hit, Back To The 80's its awesome! brings back so many memories of aqua.
Fave song: Doctor Jones

Nickelback are boring
Fave song: How You Remind Me or Photograph
Least faves: Dark Horse (every song from it sounds the same)
I'm surprised that 'Popular' by Veronicas wasn't included... it WAS a single and did chart (below top 50 I think)
darn i missed a lot!!!

I love The Veronicas - their albums received heavy rotation when they came out and some of their album tracks were amazing. My top ten from them are:
1. Untouched
2. When It All Falls Apart
3. 4ever
4. This Love
5. Everything I'm Not
6. Hook Me Up
7. I Could Get Used To This
8. Leave Me Alone
9. Take Me On The Floor
10. Speechless

Nickelback are alright - I am repulsed but most of their recent stuff but there was a stage when I thought they were awesome!
My personal top 10 Nickelback tracks:
1. Far Away
2. Someday
3. Savin' Me
4. Animals
5. Feeling Way Too Damn Good
6. Photograph
7. Figured You Out
8. How You Remind Me
9. Rockstar
10. Gotta be Somebody

Aqua were amazing in their time. I have a lot of good memories about them - of course I was part of their target market when they were popular so it's kind of fitting. My top ten Aqua tracks:
1. Barbie Girl
2. Turn Back Time
3. Cartoon heroes
4. Doctor Jones
5. Roses Are red
6. My Oh My
7. Around The World
8. Lollipop
9. Didn't I
10. Good Morning Sunshine
I used to love their Aquarium album hehe!
Here is my prediction for the top 35
1. Madonna
2.Michael Jackson
4.Black eyed peas
5.Elton John
7.Bryan Adams
9.Mariah Carey
10.Britney Spears
11.George Michael
12.John farnham
13.Whitney Houston
14.Delta Goodrem
19.Bon Jovi
20.janet jackson
21.Lady gaga
22.Jimmy Barnes
23.Celine Dion
25.Shannon Noll
28.Backstreet Boys
29.Christina Aguilera
30.Destinys Child
31.Guy sebastian
32. Cher
33. Spice Girls
35.Guns n Roses
and just missing out Robbie Williams,Green Day and Metallica.
I'm haven't checked the list so far carefully, so hopefully none of these artists have already come up.

I also like Midnight Oil. Can't stand Flo Rida, and both Akon and Gwen Stefani have the odd song I like. And I hate Aqua.

My prediction:

1. Madonna
2. Britney Spears
3. U2
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Pink
6. Eminem
7. Black Eyed Peas
8. Beyonce
10. Delta Goodrem
OOPs, i forgot Savage Garden and Shania twain. they would be at number 33, and number 36 repectively, everything else would move down
Greenday one of my fav groups of all time is the biggest act never to hit #1 and will be in the next 3 acts.
I think I have to take all of that back. I knew Greenday had hit #1 on the album charts, infact, twice with Dookie and American Idiot. I was referring to not having a #1 single. But I completely forgot about The Saints are coming which is credited to both U2 and Greenday (hence split points on this countdown) and it was a brief #1. I was thinking their #2 effort Time of your life was their highest charting hit, but that is not the case.
Despite my claims of been a big alt-music fan, I have seen Nickelback live. Twice in fact! Both times in Melbourne. They were suprisingly good.

It is true they have been canned by the critics over the years, yet they sit comfortably across so many radio formats and they know exactly how to create that radio rock hit, from debut smash 'How you remind me' (unluckly not to go #1) to the reflective 'Photograph' they are one of my guity pleasures, I own most of their albums, heavily favoured towards their earlier harder material, I have gone off them the last couple of years as they have sunk in self-indulgent mainstream hell. I think the decline of Metallica actually helped them and they picked up fans that in the 90s might have supported the harder metal bands.

My top 21 would be:

1 How you Remind Me
2 Someday
3 Too Bad
4 Photograph
5 See You at the Show
6 Rockstar
7 Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
8 See You at the Show
9 Animals
10 Next Contestant
11 Far Away
12 Savin' Me
13 Gotta Be Somebody
14 Feeling Way Too Damn Good
15 Money Bought
16 If Today was your last day
17 Flat on the Floor
18 Because of You
19 If Everyone Cared
20 Someone That You're With
21 Never Again
Oh... everyone seems to have forgotten about a little band from southern California called Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They should feature in the next 10 I would think.
I actually was thinking they might be up next, or 50 Cent, he's had a long time coming.
Missed a lot. This countdown is going way too fast

Duran Duran aren't too bad, top 5 from them are:

1 Hungry Like The Wolf
2 (Reach Up For The) Sunrise
3 A View To A Kill
4 Ordinary World
5 Falling Down OR Come Undone

Veronicas are fantastic. Top 10 from them are:

01 When It All Falls Apart
02 This Love
03 Take Me On The Floor
04 Untouched
05 4Ever
06 Hook Me Up
07 Everything I'm Not
08 Leave Me Alone
09 Popular

10 Revolution
ahhh the biggest group not to have a #1 single would have to be BON JOVI of course
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Singles-wise, maybe. But there's still one artist to come that hasn't made #1 on either charts. Talk about unlucky.
Chri8, Aqua and Nickelback are both No.58?
nelly furtado would be the biggest artist to miss out on #1 on both albums and singles maybe?
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#56. METALLICA (1989, 1991-94, 1996-2000, 2003-04, 2008-09, #1 - 26 entries)

(#13 Biggest Band)

So, you think Thrash Metal had no place in the pop charts? Think again, although it did take Metallica some time to get their epic opuses to work commercially. Making their very first appearance on our charts in 1988 with "The $5.98 EP" hitting #69 on the Albums chart, it wouldn't be until later that year when their fourth album "...And Justice For All" finally broke into the Top 50. The unthinkable happened in 1989 when the feature track from the album, "One", made the Top 50 Singles chart. So is the beginning on one of the most amazing careers ever. Metallica are about to hit our shores later this year with sold out concerts all over the country, which will no doubt send the charts into a riot, as usually is the case when Metallica tour. It's clear Metallica are hot right now, and have been so for some time. So it's hard to think that we are approaching the 30 year mark of the formation of the band after an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper brought together James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, the two main players in the Metallica game. Their first four albums earned Metallica a loyal following that always supported the band when they were on the road. It was classic thrash metal, which never really had a commercial market. Perhaps aware of this, and interested in the fact that grunge music was taking over the world, a genre in the neighbourhood of metal, Metallica put aside classic metal themes and style. The resulting "Metallica", also dubbed "The Black Album", featured less machine gun driven tempos, and more structured songwriting, including ballads, and even an orchestra. Not surprisingly, fans of Metallica were unhappy with the obviously commercial move, but still, 20 years on, "Metallica" is one of the biggest albums ever released, with 22 million worldwide sales alone. Metallica moved from underground thrash metal band, to #1 selling album artists, with three Top Ten hits in succession. Another six albums have kept Metallica in the spotlight, with all but two reaching #1 (those two were #2 peakers!). And the old material wasn't left out either. What a treat it is when you fall in love with a band who have a full four albums of brilliant music on hand to discover. New interest in the band brought new peaks to "...And Justice For All" (#16), "Master Of Puppets" (#33) and "Ride The Lightning" (#38) on the back of their 1993 Australian Tour. Even the minor hit of "One" made a comeback in 1994 making it to the Top 5. Within the ranks of the band, their is also an interesting story as personal lives and marriages gave way to success, fighting the machine that was Napster, and almost losing their minds during the recording of "St. Anger", the subject of a no holds barred documentary, "Some Kind Of Monster". With nine Top Ten entries in Australia since 1991, Metallica has certainly put whatever kind of Metal you want to label them, single-handedly into the mainstream, and ultimately without losing the sting that drove them during the 80's. The sales tracking system of SoundScan, which began in 1991, lists Metallica as the fourth biggest selling artist ever, and I'm sure if albums were included in this list, Australia would certainly almost agree.

Fans of Metallica: BeansterBarnes, Chris A, HeadInAMuse, Hijinx,

Metallica's Top Ten
1Until It Sleeps1996#1
2Nothing Else Matters (including S&M version)1992/2000#8/#28
3Enter Sandman1991#10
4The Unforgiven II1998#9
5Hero Of The Day1996#2
7The Unforgiven1991#10
9The Memory Remains1997#6
10Turn The Page1998#11


Metallica are great. I was hoping they'd make the top 50, but given the genre, #56 is a very impressive effort.

In the end, Green Day won the battle of the (five) bands.
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Metallica Top 10:
1.Enter Sandman
2.Nothing Else Matters
4.The Unforgiven
5.Until It Sleeps
6.Hero of The Day
7.The Unforgiven II
9.Wherever I May Roam
10.Turn The Page

It's sad how they have had much bigger hits in Australia then back in NZ, makes me jealous.
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Mental as Anything #60! Hooray!

The only Aussie band I can think of now that are yet to appear are Icehouse.

Say Chri8, have you done anything on the Australian rock article on Wikipedia at all???
No I haven't BSB.

Metallica are average, just not my type really. Top 3 are:

1 St. Anger
2 Enter Sandman
3 Until It Sleeps

Aqua are better, top 5 are:

1 Barbie Girl
2 Lollipop (Candyman)
3 Doctor Jones
4 Cartoon Heroes
5 My Oh My
late reply much mykl? !

Metallica are so bad, cant stand their "music" hehe,
yea chri8 slow down a bit
Agree, this countdown is going much too fast. Go to one a night, two max, we had three in less than three hours the other night.
Once we get to like the top 30, 2 a week will be fine. That means your workload is very small Chris.
I don't really care, honestly... I think he should just slow down, and if he misses days, they're missed. No offence to Chris.
How about Chris posts as many as he liked when he likes? He's put in all the hard work and he can run it how he wants.

Nickelback and The Veronicas are my favourites of the ones recently mentioned. Untouched is my clear favourite of The Veronicas, followed by When It All Falls Apart. For Nickelback, my number one fluctuates between Far Away and Someday.
It is his decision, but it's not like we're asking him to finish the countdown tomorrow, which is a massive workload, we're just asking it a bit slower...
He might want to have it done in a certain timeframe though, and missing a day might throw that out of whack unless he plays catch up.
Chris8 can do what he likes. it's his List.
People that don't usually comment here and are just keeping track of the countdown have once complained to us to not be selfish by requesting to slowing it down. (That's a mouthful) Others would like to see the finished countdown ASAP so please let's not complain and yes it is his countdown
Whatever makes Chri8 happy makes me happy =]
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Metallica are great, I thought they might have made top 30/40 but still a great results.

My favourites are:
1 One
2 Until it sleeps
3 Fuel
4 Nothing else matters
5 The memory remains
6 Unforgiven
7 Unforgiven II
8 Enter Sandman
9 Hero of the day
10 Whiskey in the jar
11 King nothing
12 St Anger
13 Mama Said

I saw them live as the headlined BDO in 1994 and they were a solid act.
Chris A? Why him M@TT?
Metallica are great good to see them up here!!!
My top ten from them:
1. Enter Sandman
2. Unforgiven II
3. Nothing Else Matters
4. One
5. Wherever I May Roam
6. The Memory Remains
7. Whiskey In the Jar
8. Until It Sleeps
9. Fuel
10. Fade To Black
Wasn't a big fan of St anger or Death Magnetic (I think that was their most recent ones) but their 90's stuff was amazing!
yeah st.anger sucked
ChrisA? what are you people talking about!?
hmm, secret gay relationship much !
anyways, im excited to see whos next, has destinies child been yet
Kangaroo Time!
No BSB. They'll be a bit later methinks. Some big hits from them!
next one chris8? you'll have to post three in less than two hours again unless you start updating the countdown more regularly
It's the final week before the unveiling of the Top 50 Biggest Singles Artists of the last 30 years, so we have five acts to go. All three of the major categories are represented here with male solo, female solo and bands all within the next five. I'm not saying if any of those are Aussie, but with the Top 10 local acts on the way, it would be good to have them all in the Top 50.


Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#55. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (1990-2007, #1 - 27 entries)

(#12 Biggest Band)

It's interesting how musical styles change over time, and how music in general is perceived. Red Hot Chili Peppers have been at it for just over 25 years now, and are pretty much the same band as the were back in the 80's, when their music was alternative and on the verge of revolution. As music has changed, and RHCP haven't, they have gained more and more success, and been more and more commercially accepted. 1992's "alternative" is the 2000's "mainstream", which is quite ironic in this day of over-produced and dance dominated charts. It took four albums to get Red Hot Chili Peppers any kind of success, and Australia pretty much lead the way, with their breakthrough album, "Mother's Milk", peaking at #33, with New Zealand and the US the only other countries to give the band any sort of attention. While the single that promoted the album was a cover of the Stevie Wonder classic, "Higher Ground", the sound was all Red Hot Chili Peppers, and would sit comfortably on any album, including their last, 2006's "Stadium Arcadium", which incidentally hit #1 in every major country in the world. Back to the early 90's, and the sudden domination of alternative music in our charts. Maybe it was a reaction to the pop music and styles of the 80's, or maybe it was the availability and longevity of CD's, or maybe it was just time for a revolution. Accompanied by grunge and heavy acts such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, , Metallica, Soundgarden and Faith No More, Red Hot Chili Peppers were amongst the leaders of the pack that succeeded in stamping out that wretched pop music, at least for a good five or six years. It would be "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" that took RHCP to the top of the charts, both singles and albums, and they haven't missed the top spot yet with the following four studio albums (interestingly, with all the success they have achieved, their 2003 "Greatest Hits" package could only muster a #2 placing). "BSSM" by RHCP has since been accredited 6xPlatinum, an award usually given to "safe" artists such as John Farnham and Michael Jackson. Alternative music started shifting some impressive sales, with the current survivors of that era repeating that success to this day. Red Hot Chili Peppers have seen all the ups and downs any band has seen, through line-up change, critical and commercial failings, but balanced with seven Grammy awards and over 55 million album sales worldwide. As the main stayers of the band, Anthony Kiedis, Flea and Chad Smith approach their 50's, the energy and appeal of the Red Hot Chili Peppers still instill that youthfulness found in many of the newer bands today. A tenth album is near completion, as the Red Hot Chili Peppers come out of their two year hiatus with a odd concert performance here and there, slowly unraveling what will no doubt be another multi-million selling album.

Fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers: Chris A, DaveNT, HeadInAMuse

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Top 10
1Under The Bridge1992#1
2Dani California2006#8
3Soul To Squeeze1993#9
4Scar Tissue1999#15
5By The Way2002#6
6Love Rollercoaster1997#19
7My Friends1995#15
8Fortune Faded2003#16
9Tell Me Baby2006#20
10Suck My Kiss1992#8


(slave driver much, zxcvcxz???)
My favourite RHCP would be Snow (Hey Oh), almost everything of theirs sucks.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Top 10 from them are:

01 Under The Bridge
02 Otherside
03 Dani California
04 Fortune Faded
05 Zephyr Song
06 Snow (Hey Oh)
07 By The Way
08 Hump De Bump
09 Scar Tissue
10 Tell Me Baby

11 Give It Away
12 Can't Stop
13 Love Rollercoaster
14 My Friends

Where the hell is Otherside? I bet it's #11
love RHCP!!

1.Dani California
2.Tell Me Baby
3.By The Way
4.Under the bridge
5.Snow (hey oh)
Wow... I never took you for a RHCP fan Mykl
Otherside only peaked at #31, Mykl. Yeah it's surprising that it didn't go higher.

Love Red Hot Chili Peppers too. Great band.

01 Snow (Hey Oh)
02 Otherside
03 Scar Tissue
04 Suck My Kiss
05 Under the Bridge
06 Can't Stop
07 Give It Away
08 Dani California
09 By the Way
10 The Zephyr Song
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Like(d) the RHCP but they get mad overplayed at work and it sort of killed a lot of their albums for me

My top ten from them:
1. Californication
2. Under The Bridge
3. The Zephyr Song
4. By The Way
5. Otherside
6. Scar Tissue
7. Soul To Squeeze
8. Snow (Hey Oh)
9. Can't Stop
10. Around The World
Still love their CAlifornication album though!
I must be the only person who for whatever reason, doesn't know Snow (Hey Oh). Like most of the rest of their songs though, with Under the Bridge being the standout favourite.
You're not missing out. In my opinion it's one of their blandest songs. Very boring. My top RHCP tracks:

1. Dani California
2. Scar Tissue
3. Under The Bridge
4. Otherside
5. By The Way
Only really got into Snow (Hey Oh) recently, never really liked it initially. Under The Bridge is a standout, with Dani California and Otherside other standouts.
has the Pussycat Dolls been yet?
RHCP are brilliant.

1.Scar Tissue
2.Under The Bridge
3.Dani California
4.Zephyr Song
6.By The Way
7.Suck My Kiss
9.Can't Stop
10.Tell Me Baby
Under the Bridge is clearly their best
Red Hot Chili Peppers continue to deliver great music, two decades on.
1. Under The Bridge
2. Scar Tissue
3. Soul To Squeeze
4. By The Way
5. Love Rollercoaster
6. Californication
7. Dani California
8. Suck My Kiss
9. Tell Me Baby
10. Otherside
close: Behind The Sun
I love Red Hot Chilli Peppers, my favs are:

1 Californication
2 Scar Tissue
3 Otherside
4 Parallel Universe
5 By the Way
6 Give It Away
7 My Friends
8 Under the Bridge
9 Around the World
10 Easily
11 Dani California
12 Road Trippin
13 Aeroplane
14 Love Rollercoaster
15 The Zephyr Song
16 Cabron
17 Can't Stop
18 Suck My Kiss

My favourite album is Californication. I enjoyed seeing them live at the 2000 BDO.
Finally someone adds Aeroplane to there list that song is awsome i thought everyone must of forgotten about it lol


Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#54. NELLY FURTADO (2001-2009, #2 - 11 entries)

(#19 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

Nelly Furtado could very well be the unluckiest artist to ever have stepped into the Australian charts. Not only has the poor girl peaked at #2 three times in the singles charts, not to mention a fourth hit that stalled at #3, but her two biggest albums, "Whoa, Nelly" and "Loose" both made it to #4 before falling back down the charts again. With so many chances just missing the mark, Nelly at least gets some consolation in the fact that she is the highest artist in the Top 1000 Biggest artists of the last 30 years to never make it to #1 on either the Singles or Albums charts. From here on in, every artist has made it to #1 somewhere at sometime, however, four of those artists failed to score a #1 hit single, hitting the top of the Albums chart only. Canadian born Nelly, named after Soviet gymnast Nellie Kim, started her music venture at the tender age of 9 when she started learning the saxophone and cello, before graduating to the guitar and keyboards. It would be just a few years later when Nelly wrote her first songs, and God only knows if they were hit worthy, but just over a decade later, Nelly Furtado was a super star with her breakthrough single, "I'm Like A Bird". Winning the Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Nelly Furtado brought a new light to the female artist, which had been overtaken by pretty, young and pitch perfect pop starlets. Nelly was as down to earth as they came, and adding a little underground hip-hop to her music made her just a little edgier to boot. While "Who, Nelly" proved to be a major success, was it the real Nelly Furtado? Using that success to her advantage, Nelly went her own way with the less poppy "Folklore". Whether the music itself was to blame, we'll never really know, as Nelly's label, Dreamworks, had been sold to the Universal Music Group, and many artists suffered in the transition as their albums failed with proper promotion. "Folklore" didn't even make it to the Australian Top 50, not garner any decent hit singles, so after a break of three years, it was time for a re-invention and a comeback. Nelly backflipped her musical style, taking stock from music of the 80's and hot producer Timbaland, to be in direct competition with those whom she was working against at the beginning of her career. The album was "Loose", and was exactly what the title suggested. Experimental, spontaneous, and most importantly for Nelly, a lot of fun. In the same company as Timbaland and his entourage of artists, including Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado found herself in the cool group of music, and it totally worked for her, as three of the albums singles hit the Top 3. If Nelly disliked the fact she had to "conform", it didn't show, as the album went on to top 10 million sales worldwide. Perhaps because of that, "Mi Plan" was released in 2009, featuring 12 tracks of Spanish hits, inspired by her love of the language and a throwback to the days before her success when many of her own songs were performed in the language. But it's not a permanent move as Nelly has already spent three months in the studio with Timbaland with a new album set for release sometime later this year. If the album, "Lifestyle", is anything like "Loose", those extra four places Nelly needs to overcome to make the Top 50 will be a breeze, and who knows, we may even have one less NON-#1 artist in the list.

Fans of Nelly Furtado: alleyt1989, AmerieFan

Nelly Furtado's Top 10
1I'm Like A Bird2001#2
2Say It Right2006#2
5Turn Off The Light2001#7
6All Good Things (Come To An End)2007#12
7Powerless (Say What You Want)2003#37
8Shit On The Radio2001#53
10Do It2007#53


Hmmmm I never really was a fan of Nelly Furtado.
I like Nelly Furtado.
1. Maneater
2. All Good Things (Come to an End)
3. Say It Right
4. Like a Bird
5. Promiscious
Ohh I really love Nelly Furtado!! I am surprised that she has been able to feature so high (and so sad that she hasn't had a number one !!!!) I remember when I'm Like a bird first came out I absolutely loved it - Whoa! Nelly was the third album I ever bought and is probably my most played album of all time. Loose was my number one album of 2006 and continued to spawn personal number ones in 2007. Even Folklore got heavy airplay for me when it came out!!! I am looking forward to 'Lifestyle' as well, hopefully we do get it before the year is out

My top ten Nelly furtado songs are:
1. Say It Right
2. I'm Like A Bird
3. Maneater
4. Promiscuous
5. All Good Things (Come To An End)
6. Powerless
7. Try
8. Turn Off The Light
9. On the Radio (Remember The Day)
10. In God's Hands
nelly furtado is awesome, hope she releases some new material soon.
Don't like Nelly Furtado very much, although I'm Like A Bird is a good song.

May I please say something honestly? I don't like Lady Gaga very much. Really I don't. And I'm not looking forward to her in this list.

But at least we're almost at the 9xPlatimum mark.
Just looking up I realised that I missed Nickelback!!!

My top 10 of Nickelback. (Yes whatever I'm very late)

1. If Everyone Cared
2. Far Away
3. How You Remind Me
4. Gotta Be Somebody
5. Someday
6. Photograph
7. Savin Me
8. If Today Was Your Last Day
9. Never Gonna Be Alone
10. I'd Come For You


makes way for 392's angry rebuttal.
How did you predict this correctly Hijinx?

I love Nelly Furtado, she has great songs. My faves from her:

1 Say It Right
2 Turn off the Light
3 I'm Like a Bird
4 Promiscuous
5 Powerless (Say What You Want)
6 All Good Things (Come to an End)
7 ...On the Radio (Remember the Days)
8 Do It
9 Maneater
10 Forca
Never did my nickelback top 5..

1.If Everyone Cared
3.Savin Me
4.If today was your last day
5.How you remind me
Nelly furtado top 5:
2.Alll good things (come to an end)
3.Im like a bird
4.Say it right

Nelly Furtado Top 5:
2.Say It Right
3.Turn Off The Light
5.I'm Like A Bird

Nickelback Top 5:

Nevermind, they suck
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#53. BILLY JOEL (1980-97, #1 - 24 entries)

(#18 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Billy Joel went out with a bang in 1993 when he released what would be his last proper album, "River Of Dreams". It was his third #1 studio album, and fourth overall due to his "Souvenir" box set hitting the top in 1991 (quite a tough task for a box set, and quite possible the only one that ever has gone to #1 - but I'll have to do some more research on that one). Singles-wise, Billy hit the Top 10 nine times with two #1's including the title track from that final album. So, with all this success right up until the end, it is quite strange that Billy Joel decided to quit releasing new material rather than keep going, and it is not really evident why he decided on the move, other than just wanting to retire, which is fair enough. Billy Joel's career, like many, was inspired during the early 60's by The Beatles' performance on The Ed Sullivan Show, and soon the teenager was on his way to joining his own band, The Echoes, later named The Emeralds. He soon quit to join The Hassles, and it seemed to be an apt name for Billy's career, with little in the way of chart success coming his way. Giving up life as a band member, Billy soon scored his own recording contract, and by 1971, "Cold Spring Harbor" hit the stores. As is the case with many struggling artists finding their legs, Billy had little control over the albums' release, which through a mastering error, was released at the wrong speed causing Billy's voice to be raised a semi-tone higher than recorded. His contract also gave him very little in the way of royalties owed for the albums' modest sales, but when you need to get started in the music business, I guess you'll do anything to get your foot in the door. That contract was bought out, with the original holders still receiving a slice of his next album, "Piano Man", but Billy would still enjoy significantly more reward, and freedom. The album performed well in the US peaking at #27, but it was Australia leading the way, placing the album as high as #14 on its initial release. But the obvious success from the album was the title track, which hit #20 on the Australian charts in 1976, the only country giving it a Top 20 placing in the world! While it wasn't the strongest chart performance of his career, "Piano Man" would become Billy Joel's signature hit, and as Billy was a, err...piano man, it's a no-brainer that it would eventually represent Billy and his career in general. Lucky for him, it's a magnificent epic, running at nearly 6 minutes long, and a crowd favourite performed as the closing song at nearly all his concerts, so I'm sure he hasn't gotten sick of singing it just yet, 35 years on. While "Piano Man" is the most recognized of Billy's extensive catalogue, it is nowhere near indicative of the success that was about to erupt in the late 70's, when Billy entered our Top 10 for the first time with "Just The Way You Are" reaching #6, a song he actually detested at the time, and possible still does today. Six albums into his career, and Billy was close to being typecast as a piano balladeer, something that never really sat right with the singer/songwriter. To prove he had something more to give, Billy did away with the piano altogether releasing "Glass Houses", an album featuring Billy Joel at his rockin' best. Furthermore, with "An Innocent Man", "The Bridge" and "Storm Front", Billy would venture more and more into the pop scene, releasing tracks that threw back to the doo-wop days of the 60's, while harnessing the 80's pop sound. Billy Joel's six Top Ten hits of the 80's scarcely had any sign of a piano between them, confining his favoured instrument to album tracks or minor hits instead. Billy Joel's musical output hasn't completely stopped since "River Of Dreams", giving us his first collection of classical piano compositions released in 2001. Titled "Fantasies and Delusions", it featured 12 Billy Joel Opus's performed by pianist, Richard Joo. A number of greatest hits packages have also been released over the years, five in total, all positioning themselves in the Top 50, while his lives performances have been the subject of a couple of further album releases. It's been a good 40 years with Billy Joel in the music industry, and despite all those non-piano hits, Billy Joel will forever be considered the "piano man".

Billy Joel's Top 10
1We Didn't Start The Fire1989#2
2A Matter Of Trust1986#3
3Uptown Girl1983#1
4The River Of Dreams1993#1
5Tell Her About It1983#9
6You're Only Human (Second Wind)1985#6
7It's Still Rock And Roll To Me1980#10
8The Longest Time1984#15
10An Innocent Man1984#23


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Billy Joel is amazing he would be in my top five male artists of all time. He has definitely got some amazing songs. My top ten from him would be:

1. Piano Man
2. We Didn't start The Fire
3. Just the way you are
4. The Longest Time
5. My Life
6. The River Of Dreams
7. It's Still Rock and Roll To Me
8. Tell her About It
9. Don't Ask Me Why
10. Leave A tender Moment Alone
Billy Joel is a great artist I still hear his songs on the radio today In fact, I heard "We didn't start the Fire" just this afternoon to be specific
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billy joel is great, I have a few albums from the man, sad to see he missed out on top 50
Billy Joel is awesome! It's a pity there isn't new material. Hard top pick a Top 5...
1. My Life
2. A Matter Of Trust
3. We Didn't Start The Fire
4. Just The Way You Are
5. Uptown Girl
6. You're Only Human (Second Wind)
It's slightly late but I'm happy learn that several people on
here really like RHCP Snow, it is my clear Favorite from them.

Top 3 RHCP (Only like 3 of their Tracks).
1. Snow
2. Dani California
3. Tell Me Baby.

Don't care about the other 2 Acts.
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#52. 50 CENT (2003-09, #1 - 13 entries)

(#17 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Hip hop and rap music had become quite the norm on the Australian charts for a few years now with artists such as Eminem and Nelly beginning to score the biggest hits of anyone at the time. However, despite the obvious success of the genre, it still left a lot of music buyers scratching their heads at the new sound. Where had all the pop songs gone? No longer were the charts filled with fun pop ditties with melodious lyrical passages, or rock anthems that we could shout the chorus to, music was more a feeling, an attitude, something to quietly bop our heads to as the woofer reverberated the infectious bass as we drove down the main strip. 50 Cent pretty much came from nowhere, and before any of the old school music listeners of the 70's and 80's knew what the hell this new style was, he was sitting pretty at #1 with his breakthrough hit, "In Da Club". Even the reviewers were caught off guard, as I remember the Australia edition of Rolling Stone magazine giving his debut album, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" a one star review (something I am having trouble proving on the net, covered up by better than average reviews, but a one star review usually sticks in my head!). Another two Top 5 hits put 50 Cent straight into the stratosphere of the biggest hitmakers of the 2000's, all powering his album to a 48 week run in the Top 50, peaking at #4, a mammoth effort for a hip hop/rap album by Australian standards. Proving he wasn't some lucky rapper, "The Massacre" debuted at #2 on the Albums chart in 2005, lead by the #3 hit, "Candy Shop", while a third album, titled "Curtis", his real name, it provided 50 Cent with his fifth and final Top Ten hit to date. As 50 Cent's success grew, his life story in the days before his success, became a subject of interest. Quite the naughty boy, the young 50 Cent was busted taking guns and drugs to school and was arrested with possession of cocaine and heroin for which he served six months in a severe boot camp. Always in trouble, 2000 was a grim year for the rapper, but quite possible gave him the most notorious edge to his persona, when a gunman attacked him, robbing him of jewelry before a second car pulled up with the assailant shooting 50 Cent nine times, including his face. 50 Cent miraculously survived, but not without a struggle as he was bound to a walker for 6 months, having to undergo a strict workout regime to get him physically able again. It was because of this, 50 Cent became one of the most physically defined artists we've ever seen. It rap circles, 50 Cent was beginning to get a name for himself, as some underground recordings began to surface. Coming to the attention of Eminem, 50 Cent's independent mixtape, "Guess Who's Back?", helped score 50 Cent a one million dollar recording contract, and a place on Eminem's "8 Mile" soundtrack album. A year later, "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" hit the stores, and, well, the rest is history. As for 2010, 50 Cent has hinted at a new direction for his fifth album, inspired by the Eurodance scene in European clubs, something that has also shaped much of The Black Eyed Peas 2009 success, so if that magic touch also adheres to 50 Cent, expect him to be much higher in this chart in the coming years.

50 Cent's Top 10
1In Da Club2003#1
3Candy Shop2005#3
4AYO Technology (featuring Justin Timberlake)2007#10
521 Questions2003#4
6Just A Lil Bit2005#13
7Window Shopper2005#13
8Outta Control2005#16
9If I Can't2004#23
10Hustler's Ambition2006#23


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Nelly Furtado is awesome, one of my favourite artists. My favourite album is Folklore a underated masterpiece in my opinion. Loose is good too but sounds so 'produced' compared to her earlier material.

My fav tracks are:

1 I'm like a bird
2 Powerless
3 Maneater
4 Turn off the light
5 All good things come to an end
6 Promiscuous
7 Forca
8 Crazy (live, cover of Gnarles Barkly track)
9 Afraid
10 Undercover
11 One-trick pony
12 Do it
13 Saurdays
14 Picture perfect
15 Try
16 Somebody to love
17 Fresh off the boat
18 Childhood dreams
19 Say it right
20 Shit on the radio
21 Wait for you
22 The grass is green
23 No hay igual
50 cent is just one I never got into or like one of the most annoying acts of the decade along with pussycat dolls.

Billy Joel on the other hand is a fantastic talent, favs would be:

1 The river of dreams
2 Uptown girl
3 Piano man
4 We didn't start the fire
5 It's Still Rock And Roll To Me

With one act to go before the top 50 I really hope it is not Greenday, really expecting them every time, lets hope they can make the top 50.
Yay, 50 Cent misses out on the top 50 Some of his songs are ok though.

1 Ayo Technology
2 In Da Club
3 Candy Shop
4 21 Questions
5 P.I.M.P.
I like a few of 50's tracks, but i agree, it's good to see him and his monotonous rap miss the top 50!

My top ten 50 tracks are:
1. Candy shop
2. 21 Questions
3. If I CAn't
4. Just a Little Bit
5. Ayo Technology
7. Window Shopper
8. Disco Inferno
9. Outta Control
---no number 10 because i hate the rest of his tracks---
but by far number bottom most number. Baby By Me! That is a piece of trash!
I don't like 50 Cent much, but he has some OK songs.
1. In Da Club
2. Candy Shop
3. I'll Still Kill
4. Ayo Techno
5. 21 Questions
I only like two 50 Cent tracks: Ayo Technology and Outta Control, and even then Outta Control is barely passable.

Nelly Furtado's best for me is Try. Turn Off The Light is also good, as were all the 'Loose' singles.
50 Cents Sucks. Glad he missed The Top 50, I 100% believe you Chris8 about his Album getting a 1 Star Review.


Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#51. GREEN DAY (1994-2009, #1 - 20 entries)

(#11 Biggest Band)

It's a bit of a double blow for California band, Green Day, who not only just miss out on the Top 50 Biggest artists for the last 30 years, but come in at #11 for the bands, missing the Top Ten. But on the positive side, really, who would have thought that a band whose first hit tackled the subject of masturbation, could end up as one of the powerful acts of all time. Coming to prominence during the wave of alternative music shaping much of the mid-90's, Green Day formed in 1987 when Bille Joe Armstrong and Mike Dirnt were just 15 years old. Originally known as Sweet Children, they added in drummer John Kiffmeyer and played their first show where Billie Joe's mother was working. John eventually signed up to attend college, leaving California, and leaving the band with a stable drummer, but they did have a substitute in Tre Cool, who was also in another band called The Lookouts. It wouldn't be long before Tre saw a brighter future in Green Day, who they had now become, named after their love of marijuana. Green Day made their mark on the world with "Dookie", the band's third album, and an eventual #1 in Australia, accredited 4xPlatinum. While the guys were pure alternative rock for the emerging genre at the time, die hard fans of the band branded the guys as selling out, so I'd hate to think what they were thinking about Green Day's musical output in the years to follow. It would be a little known sitcom called "Seinfeld" that would catapult Green Day's success to unimaginable heights, when the slow-burning moderate hit, "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" featured in the final episode over a montage of happy moments enjoyed by the cast. It was certainly a moving moment of many levels, but as far as Green Day was concerned, they enjoyed one of the biggest selling hits of the 90's, bulleting up the charts almost immediately to #2, in what would be one of the longest charts runs ever. The Green Day discography from "Dookie" onwards has featured three major successes, that breakthrough, "Nimrod" and "American Idiot", with another three relatively unsuccessful albums in between each, making the band one of the masters of the comeback, but with their last album accredited Platinum being included as one of those "flops", you can see just how big the band has become. The guys have made no immediate plans for a follow-up, hinting that their ninth album would be ready for release in another couple of years, so with all that time in-between, the anticipation of a new Green Day should certainly keep within that release pattern. In an interesting move, and one that would have horrified those die hard fans of the early 90's, Green Day collaborated with theatre director Michael Mayer to bring the rock opera that was "American Idiot" to broadway. Debuting in April this year, "American Idiot", the broadway show, featured songs from both its namesake album, and selections from the follow-up, "21 Guns". Reviews have been positive, with several nominations for the Tony Awards granted, including "Best Musical". From underground punk, to alternative masters, to rock Gods, to broadway maestros, Green Day has certainly spread themselves over all areas of entertainment, which is probably why we see them here, midway through the Top 100 Biggest artists since 1980.

Fans of Green Day: irelander

Green Day's Top 10
1Redundant / Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)1997#2
2Boulevard Of Broken Dreams2004#5
3American Idiot2004#7
4When I Come Around1995#7
5The Saints Are Coming (with U2)2006#1
6Wake Me When September Ends2005#13
721 Guns2009#14
8Hitchin' A Ride1997#26


And that brings us to the Top 50!!!

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Nooo, they came so close. Happypeople will be devestated.

My Top 5 From Them.

1. 21 Guns
2. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
3. Holiday
4. Know Your Enemy
5. When I Come Around.
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Poor Green Day, but #51 is still an amazing effort. I loved them from When I Come Around, but Nimrod was one of the first albums I purchased for myself when I was about 12. I now have almost all of their albums.

Top 5 from them:

1. Time Of Your Life
2. Basket Case
3. When I Come Around
4. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
5. 21 Guns

I've probably forgotten a lot, this is written from the top of my head in about one minute.
considering the huge amount of great music that green day have put out, they definitely deserve a higher placing but oh well!!!

My top ten from them:
1. Time Of Your Life
2. Wake Me up When September ends
3. When I Come Around
4. Holiday
5. Boulevard of Broken dreams
6. Basketcase
7. Minority
8. 21 Guns
9. Hitchin' A Ride
10. Jesus of Suburbia
American Idiot is one of my favourite albums from the past ten years!
omg!! TOP 50 dont like greenday too much, ah well they deserved their placing
Green Day is OK. 'Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)' and 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' are amazing, the rest are meh.
Just outside the top 50

1.American Idiot
2.Boulevard of Broken Dreams
4.Jesus of Suburbia
5.Basket Case
6.Know Your Enemy
7.Wake Me Up When September Ends
8.When I Come Around
9.The Saints Are Coming
10.21 Guns
this means that U2 are Top Fifty!
U2 will probably be top ten? or at least T20
Nelly Furtado is AMAZING. Top 10 from her are (all 10 are great):

01 Say It Right
02 All Good Things (Come To An End)
03 Promiscuous
04 Maneater
05 I'm Like A Bird
06 Shit On The Radio (Remember The Days)
07 Turn Off The Light
08 In Gods Hands
09 Do It
10 Powerless (Say What You Want)
Noooooo Green Day missed the top 50!

My top 5 (can't be bothered doing a top 10 now)

1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Time of Your Love
3. 21 Guns
4. American Idiot
5. Wake Me Up When September Ends
May as well do some of the others now:

Not a big fan of Billy Joel, nothing great, but there are a few alright songs. Top 3:

1 The River Of Dreams
2 We Didn't Start The Fire
3 Uptown Girl

50 Cent is better, but far from my fave rapper, top 10 are:

01 Ayo Technology
02 Can't Leave 'Em Alone (Ciara)
03 Candy Shop
04 P.I.M.P
05 In Da Club
06 21 Questions
07 Window Shopper
08 Hate It Or Love It (The Game)
09 Magic Stick (Lil' Kim)
10 I'll Still Kill

11 Just A Lil' Bit
You know it has nothing to do with this because she's probably already passed BUT I used to have no idea who Sheryl Crow was but I just realised that I know all of her songs from when I was younger!

It's like a flashback to my childhood
I am devastated. Wished I did not predict it.. Well still an amazing effort. How can I possibly do a top 50 fav greenday tracks.. will take me a while to prepare. I could barely even compile a top 10 track list from the American Idiot album, such is the quality of tracks.
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.... ..................

So, here it is. The 50 Biggest Artists in the Singles Charts since 1980. While there is still quite a major difference in chart success between these artists, all are just as well known as each other.

The last 20 or so acts revealed have been dominated by bands, which has brought us up to their Top Ten, but the tables are turned now as the solo artists take control of the list. Some 35 solo acts feature in the coming list, 16 male and 19 female, which just goes to show the trend of chart success since one Ms. Ciccone came onto the scene.

Two artists still to feature appear twice in the Top 50, a pretty amazing effort, and unlucky for them that their sales aren't combined, as they would certainly feature near the top of the list.

Locally, we still have 10 Australian artists to reveal, including those two Australian Idol stars - one winner and one runner-up - who go head to head to see what the Australian charts had to say on their placing.

With the commencement of the Top 50, I'm also opening the Top 1000 Tipping competition, and I know you all like a good comp...heh heh.

I know quite a few of you have had success guessing upcoming artists, so it's time to put it down in writing. Post your predictions for the Top 20 Biggest Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's anytime from now until #30 is posted. There's a good mix of both new and old artists, with enough mention of them in the threads past to draw clues from.

I'll take your lists from this point on, and feel free to edit anytime you want, as no doubt many artists will be forgotten until someone else includes them in their list. Once #30 is posted, all lists will be locked, and we'll see just whose knowledge of the charts is the best. I'll be posting a running total as each artist is revealed. This will run on a points system, a correct placement of an artist gives you 10 points, one spot away (over or under) - 6 points, two spots away - 3 points, three spots away - 2 points, and 4 spots away gives you 1 point. That gives everyone a range of nine placings to play with. (Hope that's clear...heh heh!)

But there's still another 20 artists to bring on first, so let's get into it...


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(I think antonnalan knew something was in the air last night!)

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#50. ROBBIE WILLIAMS (1996-2009, #4 - 24 entries)

(#16 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Very few have made the jump from successful vocal group to successful solo star, and Robbie Williams certainly showed how it was done, but only just. It's been a topsy turvy career, which has seen his former band, Take That, take back his spotlight, surprisingly achieving greater success than Robbie when they reformed in 2005. Well, that's as far as the UK is concerned, but here in Australia, Robbie still reigns supreme. With all the seemingly endless flops and comebacks, Robbie Williams has still managed to place a single in the Australian Singles charts every year since his 1996 debut, a cover of George Michael's "Freedom", a fitting choice highlighting his entrapment in the machine, and breaking away to find something more. If there was ever such a thing as a boy band bad boy, then Robbie was it, and certainly Take That had to wear that burden towards the end of their initial formation, when Robbie began missing rehearsals, with rumours of excessive drug use escalating. Robbie was set free, and Take That decided to split, and so ended one of UK's biggest acts ever, even rivaling The Beatles! In 1996, Robbie's debut coincided with Take That main man, Gary Barlow's debut. In a head to head battle, that also saw Pearl Jam debut at #5 that week, Gary entered at #6 with Robbie at #7. It seemed all that steam had been blown away, but there wasn't much in it as both single plummeted out of the charts within weeks. There was even more grim news ahead as two albums would bomb, while the accompanying singles could only manage moderate placings in the charts. Of course, in the UK, every album he has released has hit #1, except his 2009 effort, "Reality Killed The Video Star", which had to settle for #2. Australia came on board in 2000 when "Sing When You're Winning" produced solid performances from four Top 20 hits, and the album itself going triple Platinum. From then on, it's been all good, as his last four albums have debuted at #1, including a "Greatest Hits" album that has been accredited 8xPlatinum to date! Judging by the reception from that compilation, Robbie Williams' success should really be tallied much higher than his #50 placing, and it's quite a mystery as to why he isn't bigger. Robbie Williams' 90's singles have become standards, and even classics. Who isn't sick to death of "Angels"? It's a brilliant song, granted, and up there with the most played greats of all time. "Angels" peak position in Australia? #40!!! While it has re-entered the charts more times than new singles have come along (and just for you chart freaks, that WAS an exaggeration...heh heh), most of its sales have occurred digitally outside the Top 100, which doesn't count in this list, as the single has since been accredited Gold for sales over 35,000, not the 17,000 I could only give it. But it's not the only slacker, as "Let Me Entertain You" (#46) and "Millennium" (#24) could also go down as the most well-known songs that stiffed in the charts. But that's not to over-shadow the nine Top 10 hits Robbie has managed to pick up here in Australia, from an impressive set list of some of the brightest and often gutsy pop delights we've seen in the past 15 years.

Robbie Williams' Top 20
1Rock DJ2000#4
2Better Man2001#6
3Somethin' Stupid (with Nicole Kidman)2002#8
5Kids (with Kylie Minogue)2000#14
9Advertising Space2005#17
10Sexed Up2003#17
13Freedom '961996#6
15Something Beautiful2003#24
17Sin Sin Sin2006#26
18Come Undone2003#27


Yay we're back up and running - it's actually great to see Robbie Williams kick off the top 50. He's had some great tracks, especially his early releases. But no number one singles eh? Wow!!!

My top 10 from him:
1. Something' Stupid
2. Angels
3. She's The One
4. Eternity (did this chart in Australia Chris)
5. Better Man
6. Kids
7. Millennium
8. Sometihng Beautioful
9. Rock DJ
10. Let Love be Your Energy

There are a number of songs on that list I haven't heard (number 9 and number 20) so will have to check them out!

The prediction game sounds fun! I think I might wait til the top 40 before putting one together
Nice pick up alley, I forgot to mention Robbie is the highest placed artist never to reach the Top 3!
My top ten from Robbie:

1.Rock DJ
4.Better Man
5.Let Me Entertain You
7.Something Beautiful
8.Come Undone
9.Somethin Stupid
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Wow, Robster never go to #1 in Oz
Robbie is OK - don't like all the hits, but these I particularly like:
1. Feel
2. Tripping
3. Angels
4. Advertising Space
5. Supreme
close: Better Man
I like Robbie and most of his songs, except for the new album.

1. Sexed Up
2. Come Undone
3. Misunderstood
4. Rock DJ
5. Angels
6. Let Me Entertain You
7. Better Man
8. Tripping
9. Lovelight
10. Somethin Stupid
Close: Kids, Supreme, Millennium

Album track Handsome Man would be #3 on the list of I wasn't going for just singles.
Love the emoticon's making the figure 50. Predicting sounds interesting, I tip Bluezombie to win!

Don't like Robbie that much, can't be bothered making a list.
Ok my top 30 Greenday tracks:

1 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
2 Wake Me When September Ends
3 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
4 When I Come Around
5 Minority
6 Holiday
7 Basket Case
8 American Idiot
9 Know Your Enemy
10 Nice Guys Finish Last
11 21 Guns
12 Jesus of Suburbia
13 Hitchin' A Ride
14 21st Century Breakdown
15 Homecoming
16 Redundant
17 Warning
18 Give me Novacaine
19 Longview
20 Welcome to Paradise
21 Waiting
22 St Jimmy
23 Whatsername
24 East Jesus Nowhere
25 She's a Rebel
26 Last of the American Girls
27 The Saints Are Coming (with U2)
28 Viva la Gloria
29 She
30 Extraordinary Girl
As for Robbie, I prefer his earlier stuff:

1 Let me entertain you
2 Angels
3 Millennium
4 Kids
5 Rock DJ
6 Feel
7 Supreme
8 Better Man
9 Let Love Be Your Energy
10 Bodies
Ahh Chris, I have been itching for the Top 50 to begin. And what a fantastic emoticon 50 you created to start it. Its like a flashing neon sign. I won't even attempt to enter the tipping contest. I just plan to sit back and enjoy the countdown.
I Don't mind Robbie Williams.

1. Bodies
2. She's Madonna
3. Sin Sin Sin
4. Angels
5. Rock DJ.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#49. FERGIE (2006-08, #1 - 8 entries)

(#19 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

While the "real" Duchess Of York has become somewhat of a fallen royal, the same definitely can't be said about music own duchess, Fergie. Part of that royal family of the current music charts that is The Black Eyed Peas, Fergie makes her first appearance in the Top 1000 at a very healthy #49, all from just one album, "The Duchess". With a near perfect run of Top 5 singles from the album, ruined only by her sixth release, "Here I Come" (#22), and seventh late addition "Labels Or Love" (#15), Fergie's 2007 was the biggest from any artist, taking out the biggest selling single and second biggest selling album of the year. While Fergie is somewhat of a new star of the 2000's, it was actually back in 1984 that the public first caught a glimpse of the singer, then known as Stacy Ferguson, as a cast member of the popular American TV series, Kids Incorporated, about a group of teens who formed their own rock band, funnily enough, called Kids Incorporated (the show has also been the springboard for a couple of other singers who appeared in this Top 1000 list, Martika and Jennifer Love Hewitt). Moving on from the show, Stacy formed Wild Orchid, a three piece vocal group formed with a fellow "Kids" member. While the band had little success, despite two album releases, they held together for a good ten years before Stacy quit under unfortunate circumstances that would have her hooked on crystal meth. It was a habit she kicked soon after her departure, and an invitation to perform on The Black Eyed Peas "Elephunk" album certainly gave Fergie something else to focus on. The single releases from the album slowly brought Fergie into the spotlight, and soon she became the drawcard for the group. They were mad to let her go after just one album, and so, Fergie became a permanent member of the group. Of course, The Black Eyed Peas have been the biggest force in music during the 2000's, so well here more from them much later in this countdown, but that popularity of both the band, and Fergie herself, spawned a solo album in 2006, "The Duchess". It was basically a Black Eyed Peas album, driven by will.i.am as executive producer, and featuring Fergie with a host of special guests. It's amazing the album sold well at all, given the fact that most of the singles had achieved Top 5 success, but with an eventual 5xPlatinum accreditation for "The Duchess", there must have been a lot of double ups of Fergie songs in Australian homes. Overall, Fergie sold 6 million copies of her album worldwide, which can stand proudly against any Black Eyed Peas album. Since then, Fergie has appeared on the Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary addition of "Thriller", and on Slash's current album, "Slash", and of course, a little album called "The E.N.D.", which shot herself and the rest of The Black Eyed Peas into a stratosphere of music that has rarely been seen since the days of The Beatles and Abba. While no plans for a follow-up solo album have been made, you can be assured that some form of Fergie release will see the light of day in the future, and if it's anything like the success of "The Duchess", who knows where that will take her in this list.

Fergie's Top 5
1Big Girls Don't Cry2007#1
5London Bridge2006#3


(impressive Hijinx!)

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top 3 Fergie:

1.Big Girls Don't Cry
3.London Bridge

don't really like the other 4 singles..
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Well here's my guess at the top 20

1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Black eyed peas
4. Elton john
5. Pink
6. Kylie minogue
7. Mariah Carey
8. Janet Jackson
9. Whitney Houston
10. Eminem
11. Britney spears
12. Delta Goodrem
13. Bon jovi
14. INXS
15. Prince
16. Bryan Adams
17. Christina Aguilera
18. Rihanna
19. Beyonce
20. Nelly
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Fergie is like a cancer in music, she kills every note she attempts to sing. can't give a top anything because she does not deserve to be in the top 500, let alone the top 50
I like Fergie Her music...not so much...but Big Girls Don't Cry was definitely her best.

Lol Chris8. Were you referring to me reviewing Robbie a while ago?

Top 5 of Robbie:

1. Feel
2. Better Man
3. Rock DJ
4. Let Me Entertain You
5. You Know Me
I quite like Fergie. Hope she has another solo album soon.
1. Big Girls Don't Cry
2. Glamorous
3. Clumsy
4. Fergalicious
5. Shopping for Labels or Love
6. London Bridge

LOL anton "I like Fergie, her music... not so much"

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2.Michael Jackson
4.Elton John
5.Delta Goodrem
7.Kylie Minogue
8.Black eyed peas
10.Britney Spears
12.Mariah Carey
13.Whitney Houston
14.Christina Aguilera
15.Bryan Adams
16.Bon Jovi
17.John Farnham
19.Lady Gaga
20.Justin Timberlake
theres an ABC show on right now where kylie minogue is guest starring, wtf? LOL
Fergie is AMAZING, deff deserved higher, my top 5:

3.Here I Come
5.Big Girls Dont Cry

top 2 featurettes !
1.Paradise city
2.Gettin' over you
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Fergie is fantastic, top 10 are:

01 Glamorous
02 Fergalicious
03 Big Girls Don't Cry
04 Clumsy
05 Labels Or Love
06 Party People (Nelly)
07 Gettin' Over You (David Guetta)
08 London Bridge
09 Here I Come
10 That Ain't Cool (Koda Kumi)

11 Finally
12 Just Stand Up (Various)
Wow it's pretty crazy that Fergie beat Robbie Williams but I like her and a lot of her music.

My top ten from her:
1. Glamorous
2. Fergalicious
3. Big Girls don't Cry
4. Clumsy
5. London Bridge
6. Party People
7. Finally
8. losing My Ground
9. Mary Jane Shoes
10. Personal

The Dutchess is actually a really good album.

Predictions for the top 20:
1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Kylie Minogue
4. Elton John
5. Black Eyed Peas
6. Pink
7. Eminem
8. mariah Carey
9. Britney Spears
10. U2
11. Prince
12. Delta Goodrem
13. Bryan Adams
14. George Michael
15. Whitney Houston
16. Rihanna
17. Celine Dion
18. Janet Jackson
19. Bon Jovi
20. Beyonce
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Great to see we have the same top 4 Alley, Glamorous and Fergalicious are by far and away her best songs. Fergalicious spent 2 weeks at #1 for me, and Glamorous 7 massive weeks
My Fergie top five:

1. Big Girls Don't Cry
2. Glamorous
3. Fergalicious
4. London Bridge
5. Clumsy
My top 20 prediction as it stands

1. Madonna
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Elton John
4. Michael Jackson
5. Black Eyed Peas
6. Britney Spears
7. Mariah Carey
8. P!nk
9. U2
10. Eminem
11. Delta Goodrem
12. Bryan Adams
13. Prince
14. George Michael
15. Jimmy Barnes
16. John Farnham
17. Whitney Houston
18. INXS
19. Rihanna
20. Beyonce
21. Celine Dion
22. Bon Jovi
23. Janet Jackson
24. Spice Girls
25. Jennifer Lopez
26. Christina Aguilera
27. Nelly
28. Silverchair
29. The Offspring
30. Shannon Noll

Hope this works out alright.
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My top 20 prediction:

1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Elton John
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Mariah Carey
6. U2
7. P!nk
8. Briney Spears
9. Black Eyed Peas
10. Eminem
11. Prince
12. George Michael
13. Bryan Adams
14. Delta Goodrem
15. Jimmy Barnes
16. INXS
17. Janet Jackson
18. John Farnham
19. Beyonce
20. Bon Jovi
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#48. LIONEL RICHIE (1980-92, 2007 #1 - 15 entries)

(#15 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

The notion of branching out as a solo artist had never really crossed Lionel Richie's mind during his time with the Commodores in the 70's. As the group gained more and more success, Lionel Richie's songwriting had strengthened considerably, so much that he began selling his songs, the most notable, Kenny Rogers' "Lady", a Top 20 hit here in Australia. In 1981, the chance came up for Lionel to record the theme song to the Brooke Shields film of the same name, "Endless Love" (which also featured Tom Cruise in his very first movie role). The duet with Diana Ross became bigger than the film itself, and was one of Motown's biggest successes ever. But more than that, "Endless Love" gave Lionel the push he needed to contemplate seriously a solo career. With one #1 under his belt, Lionel's self-titled debut hit the stores for Christmas 1982, and quickly capitalized his former success with a Top Ten hit in "Truly". Whether Lionel was hoping for something more, or happy with the reception of his debut, all his dreams were answered in 1983 with "Can't Slow Down", a #1 album here in Australia spending 119 weeks in the Top 100. It also gave Lionel two further #1 singles, and soon Lionel Richie was one of the biggest stars of the 80's, at a time when many stars relied on expensive video clips, or trendy images to sell their records. Lionel simply gave us solid songwriting in catchy songs, and while many where drippy ballads, they have certainly gained classic status by standing the test of time ("Hello" featured heavily in the recent "Hello" episode of "Glee). An Oscar win for "Say You, Say Me" from "White Nights" separated "Can't Slow Down" and his next offering, "Dancing On The Ceiling". While the title track just missed out to give Lionel a fourth #1, it was certainly riding the tails of his early 80's success, and has since been confined to many "worst of" lists. So was the beginning of the fall of Lionel's chart career, and only a couple of minor hits were to come before Lionel Richie's absence in the Singles charts was set in concrete. Time is the true test of an artists appeal, and Lionel Richie's musical output has certainly gained more popularity over recent years, with many of his tracks included in video games and movies. Canada hosted a Lionel Richie week for Canadian Idol in 2004, while in Australia, he was a surprise guest performer at our Idol finale in 2007, prompting "All Night Long" to re-enter the Top 100. But his biggest audience over recent years has been in Arab States such as Morocco, Dubai and Libya, were he has become somewhat of a phenomenon, and with the money flying around there at the moment, that is exactly where any artists should set their sights right now. Of course, Lionel is also the guardian father of Nicole Richie, whom he informally adopted at the height of his fame in 1983, and together with his Idol and Glee exposure, has given him an audience from the younger generation, possibly prompting a return to the studio in 2009 with "Just Go", which performed quite well in the US peaking at #24, but topping the UK R&B charts, where Lionel now finds his biggest fanbase. Lionel Richie's worldwide haul of 100 million album sales has seen him as one of the most successful male solo artists of all time, and certainly lives up to that in this list as one of the Top 50 Biggest Singles artists since 1980.

Lionel Richie's Top 10
1All Night Long (All Night)1983#1
2Endless Love (with Diana Ross)1981#1
4Dancing On The Ceiling1986#2
5Say You, Say Me1985#3
7You Are1983#17
8Stuck On You1984#24
9Running With The Night1984#24
10Deep River Woman / Ballerina Girl1987#43


Lionel Richie is awesome and it's so happy to see him up high!
HE's done some great work through the years, even in the 1970's with The Commodores.

Here is my top ten Lionel Richie tracks (including with The Commodores):

1. Endless Love
2. Truly
3. Easy
4. Three Times A Lady
5. Still
6. Hello
7. Brick House
8. Say You, Say Me
9. All Night Long
10. You Are

The only Commodores song that would be included without Lionel Richie is 'Nightshift' which would be at number 6. Just missing out is 'Sail On'.
I havent heard many songs of his, maybe 1 or 2, time to get discovering some more music then haha
Lionel Richie ain't too bad, my top 5:

1 Endless Love (Diana Ross)
2 Dancing On The Ceiling
3 Say You, Say Me
4 Do It To Me
5 All Night Long (All Night)

6 Hello
Lionel Richie isn't bad. All Night Long is my fave.
JT hasn't been on, I'm not sure but I think I've seen Icehouse already :S
I'm pretty sure we haven't seen Icehouse. LOVE JT, hope he's high. Not as good as Gaga though
Icehouse hasn't been either.
My doctor's friend who sings in the shower also hasn't been mentioned yet. Maybe he is in the top 50! Yikes, that would be good.
Hopefully Icehouse features well, I like 2 of their Tracks.

Top 2 Fergie
1. Don't
2. Care.

Don't know many of Lionel Richies Hits.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#47. SHAKIRA (2002-09, #1 - 8 entries)

(#18 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

A brand new wave of artists arrived in 2002. Almost all hitmakers during the year had never been heard of three years prior, and so everyone was on an even par when it came to chart success. Colombian star Shakira stole the show from big names Eminem and Nelly, and was the shining light of the Latino movement that had started with Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez during the late 90's. Shakira's venture into music started much earlier than most think. Two albums in 1990 and 1991, both in her native tongue, were commercial flops which prompted Shakira to set out and produced her own brand of music. The resulting albums, 1995's "Pies Descalzos" and 1998's "Donde Estan los Ladrones" were huge successes in Latin America, giving her the platform she needed to break into the English-speaking world. With strong promotion, Shakira returned with her first English album, "Laundry Service". Headed by the #1 hit, "Whenever, Wherever", the second biggest single of the year, Shakira was soon a household name. Repeating a #1 peak with the following single, "Underneath Your Clothes", but just missing with the third release, "Objection (Tango)" (#2), Shakira would finish the year with the second biggest selling album, behind Eminem on both charts. To date, "Laundry Service" has sold more than 20 million copies making it the biggest selling album by a Latin American artist ever. Taking a couple of years off, Shakira prepared for "Oral Fixation", two albums to capitalize on her worldwide domination of 2002. Australia has never been a playground for Spanish speaking albums in the charts (with the exception of 1989's self-titled album by the Gipsy Kings), so it was no surprise to see Volume 1 of the series, Shakira's first native language album in eight years, totally bomb out on the charts. Volume 2 was released just a few months later, and it was something we could all understand, proven by "Hips Don't Lie", which eventually held the charts captive six months after the albums' release, spending nine weeks at the top. It was a lucky escape as the "Oral Fixation Vol.2" album edged its way into the Top Ten, peaking at #9, but one can't help but wonder what could have been if this had all been sorted out before the Spanish album was released. Joining forces with Beyonce, another of the 2000's dominating female solo artists, Shakira cemented her popularity with "Beautiful Liar", and with five Top Ten hits (including three #1's) under her belt, Shakira had certainly become one of the forces of the decade. While Shakira has still managed to keep her profile active with "She Wolf" in 2009, it was nowhere near that amazing time seven years earlier, as the single struggled its way up the charts, still managing a Top 20 placing, and the album of the same name nowhere to be seen in the Top 50 albums chart. But the charts are deceptive, and the reality is that Shakira's earnings for 2008 were phenomenal, ranked the fourth highest female artist by Forbes magazine, behind Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, so what do the Australia charts know, anyway. Shakira currently sits in our Top 50 with the World Cup anthem "Waka Waka", and while it won't move Shakira too much further up this list of the biggest artists since 1980, the exposure gained from representing one of the biggest sporting events in the world will certainly keep her on everyone's mind when she does return with her next album, rumoured to hit our shelves in September, and getting back to those Latino sounds of "Laundry Service" and "Oral Fixation", rather than the pop of "She Wolf". Let's hope the sales also reflect those earlier albums, and push Shakira way up this list in future years.

Fans of Shakira: 392414, alleyt1989, AmerieFan

Shakira's Top 5
1Whenever, Wherever2002#1
2Hips Don't Lie2006#1
3Underneath Your Clothes2002#1
4Objection (Tango)2002#2
5Beautiful Liar (with Beyonce)2007#5


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Oh Shakira! I completely forgot about her! Like Fergie, I like Shakira and what she is doing blah blah etc. but I don't like her music
Shakira isn't too bad.
Top 2
1. Hips Don't Lie
2. Whenever Wherever

Thats all I like.
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shakira is totally awesome, love all her songs. shame that she wolf never did that well

my top 5
1. Underneath Your Clothes
2. She Wolf
3. Hips Dont Lie
4. Beautiful Liar
5. Whenever, Wherever
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top 5 Shakira:

1.Underneath Your Clothes
3.Beautiful Liar
4.Hips Don't Lie
5.Waka Waka
Love shakira, own her Laundrey service and she wolf albums. just goes to show that Australia's only interested with bad music these days. Lots of good songs like "she wolf" that seem to always miss out on the top whilst crap like Usher and Justin Beiber somehow dominate our charts. Looking 4ward 2 Shakira's newie later this year

By the way, do we lose marks if we were to submit something which isn't within the top 20? If so how much do we lose per song?
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matty, if an artist comes in at #20 and you had that act at #24, you would still gain one point, as they are four places away. Same with #23, #22 and #21.
Does that mean that we're better off putting in a top 24 prediction for maximum points?
thanks 4 that i just wanted to make sure
Hmmm...good point Hijinx. After thinking about this, I realised that you wouldn't have anyone at #24, because it's a prediction of the Top 20 only...heh heh.

I think what I was trying to say, is that if YOUR #20 artist came in at #24, you would get a point for it, so the first points of the tipping comp would come into effect at #24.

Sorry to confuse the issue, but I think that's a good way to run.

That makes sense, I thought it was working the other way. I might make a top 30 though for the heck of it.
Yeah, but I'll just be excepting Top 20 for the comp. But feel free to include as many as you like.
don't worry i knew what you meant chri8topher
Oh, nice, Shakira. Thought she'd be higher.

1. Hips Don't Lie
2. Beautiful Liar
3. Whenever, Wherever
4. La Tortura
5. Underneath Your Clothes
6. Objection (Tango)
7. She Wolf / Loba
8. Illegal
9. Give It Up to Me

Why's it just a top five posted for her?
Well, even though I've done it before, I hate uneven countdowns, so Top 5 is all I could manage for her. I'm sure it doesn't take a detective to piece the other three singles together.

You don't have to roll your eyes at me

Since you've done it before I'd assume you'd post as much as you can, that's all.
I like Shakira, I have Laundry Service. Top 5 for her:

1. Hips Don't Lie
2. Whenever Wherever
3. Underneath Your Clothes
4. Objection (Tango)
5. Don't Bother

The One is close behind, and Waka Waka would be too.
finally... and 18th biggest act... not bad for someone who always takes like 4 years break and only releases like a max of 3 singles for every album and who never gets radio play.

And also.. she wolf album didnt chart because its not even available on itunes :@@@@@@@... so thats why.

And im so glad that christina aguilera is flopping because it makes me feel better about shakira.. sucker.
Oh...it's all about you 392414...heh heh.

No, the eye rolling wasn't for you, it was for me trying to pull a swifty without anyone noticing.

Yay go Shakira! One of my favourite artists of the past decade with four of her singles in my top 40 of the decade!!! My favourite songs from her are:

1. hips Don't Lie
2. Whenever Wherever
3. Underneath Your Clothes
4. La Tortura
5. Objection (Tango)
6. Illegal
7. The One
8. Gypsy
9. She Wolf
10. Don't Bother

My favourite non-released single for Shakira is Dreams for Plans from Oral Fixation Vol. 2, love that track. I actually love all of her albums they're brilliant pop music!
Here's a quiz to pass the time.

Fill in the Blanks:

In 1990, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1991, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1992, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1993, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1994, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1995, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1996, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1997, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1998, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.
In 1999, _ artists provided _ number 1 singles.

So from the beginning of 1990 to the end of 1999, the Australian singles charts recorded a total of _ number 1 singles - about _ a year or one every _ weeks.

Don't get bored now!!!
In 1990, 14 artists provided 14 number 1 singles.
In 1991, 18 artists provided 18 number 1 singles.
In 1992, 18 artists provided 17 number 1 singles.
In 1993, 13 artists provided 13 number 1 singles.
In 1994, 18 artists provided 16 number 1 singles.
In 1995, 15 artists provided 12 number 1 singles.
In 1996, 12 artists provided 12 number 1 singles.
In 1997, 11 artists provided 12 number 1 singles.
In 1998, 16 artists provided 14 number 1 singles.
In 1999, 9 artists provided 9 number 1 singles.

This includes all featured artists in collaborations
In 1990 I did my laundry 53 times
In 1991 I did my laundry 55 times
In 1992 I did my laundry 56 times
In 1993 I did my laundry 54 times
In 1994 I did my laundry 52 times
In 1995 I did my laundry 57 times
In 1996 I did my laundry 59 times
In 1997 I did my laundry 58 times
In 1998 I did my laundry 55 times
In 1999 I did my laundry 53 times
No Offence but what does this have to do with The Top 50 Artists.
Our next artist provided 0 Number 1 singles in 0 years...
And probably got his maid to do his laundry...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#46. PHIL COLLINS (1981-2008, #2 - 22 entries)

(#14 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Phil Collins completes the story of Genesis, which has seen the band itself, members Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins, guitarist Mike Rutherford's side project, Mike & the Mechanics, and the lead singer of that band, Paul Carrack, ALL make this Top 1000 list of the Biggest Singles Artists of the last 30 years. That's some creative pool there! While Phil Collins has become one of the biggest male vocalist of all time, his venture into this area came as the final straw to replace Peter Gabriel after he left Genesis. Phil joined as the bands' drummer and kept it that way for a good five years, but an extensive search for a new lead singer proved impossible. "A Trick Of The Tail" was released in 1976, and was the first time we heard Phil Collins voice in a feature role, turning what could be the demise of the band, into a commercial success when the album went Top 3 in the UK. From then on, Genesis' studio albums missed the Top 3 Albums Chart only once in their homeland. Here in Australia, we weren't too far behind, as 1978 would see Genesis lead by Phil in our Top 20 with "Follow You Follow Me". Of course, that would be the last time they did it on their own, not to take anything away from the band, but Phil Collins' solo career firmly established itself in 1981, and any further success for Genesis could arguably be attributed to the fact that Phil was the lead singer. The now classic drum solo in "In The Air Tonight" saw Phil hit the Top 3 with his debut release, and soon after, he returned to that same #3 position with "You Can't Hurry Love" and "Against All Odds". It seemed a pattern was developing, finally broken in 1985 when "One More Night" peaked at #2. Still no chart-topper, and the theme song to his 1988 film, "Buster", proved no better, also peaking at #2 in what would be one of the longest second-place runs in ARIA chart history (although he must have been close because the Australian Music Report did have him reach #1 for a solitary week). It would be his last chance, as Phil was soon confined to the lower reaches of the singles charts, and remains the third biggest artist never to reach #1 in the Singles chart. Even an Oscar win for Disney's "Tarzan" couldn't raise his profile that one notch, but Phil can be comforted with the fact that he did manage a couple of #1 albums, the biggest, "No Jacket Required" spending exactly 100 weeks in the Top 100. Phil Collins has certainly shown the distressful signs of performance, losing the hearing in his right ear in 2000, and dislocating a vertebrae in his neck leaving him unable to play the drums, however, a new album of Motown covers is due this September, and should add a modest amount to his already 150 million album sales worldwide. Overall, Phil is one of only three artists to have sold over 100 million records worldwide separately as a solo artist, and as part of a band (the other two being Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson), and was the most prominent performer in the US Billboard charts during the 80's, featuring on the most Top 40 entries by any artist for the decade.

Fans of Phil Collins: Chris A, DaveNT

Phil Collins' Top 20
1A Groovy Kind Of Love1988#2
2In The Air Tonight (includes '88 Remix)1981/89#3/#47
3Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)1984#3
4You Can't Hurry Love1983#3
5Another Day In Paradise1989#11
6One More Night1985#2
8Two Hearts1989#13
9(Billy) Don't Lose My Number1985#10
10Separate Lives (with Marilyn Martin)1985#14
11I Wish It Would Rain Down1990#15
12You'll Be In My Heart1999#43
13Both Sides Of The Story1993#41
14Dance Into The Light1996#36
15Something Happened On The Way To Heaven1990#58
16Can't Stop Loving You2002#73
17Take Me Home1985#64
19I Missed Again1981#88
20Do You Remember1990#83


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I'm a Phil Collins fan from way back. It was agonising seeing Phil kept out of #1 for 7 straight weeks on RAGE in 1988 (especially while Groovy Kind Of Love had a 9 week run at #1 on my personal chart at that time) !
1) Groovy Kind Of Love
2) One More Night
3) In The Air Tonight
4) Against All Odds
5) Another Day In Paradise
6) Both Sides Of The Story
7) Take Me Home
8) (Billy) Don't Lose My Number
9) I Wish It Would Rain Down
10) Two Hearts
11) Easy Lover
12) Sussudio
best non-releases: Doesn't Anybody Stay Together Anymore, Inside Out, Long Long Way To Go
I like Phil Collins, I've found on more than one occasion that I know his songs, even though I don't necessarily know them by title, or hadn't known they were his. The standout for me are Against All Odds and In The Air Tonight.
my fav Phil Collins songs: In The Air Tonight & Another Day In Paradise.
I Only know 1 Phil Colins Track and thats In The Air Tonight and
I like it which means I like 100% of Phil Colins Tracks that I have heard.
In The Air Tonight & Another Day In Paradise:
I would have thought our #3 peaking artist would have been lower than him.
1) Madonna ..................... 11) Rihanna
2) Kylie Minogue .............. 12) Beyonce
3) Elton John ................... 13) Delta Goodrem
4) Michael Jackson ........... 14) INXS
5) P!nk ............................ 15) Nelly
6) Black Eyed Peas .......... 16) Jimmy Barnes
7) Britney Spears ............. 17) Bon Jovi
8) Mariah Carey ............... 18) Janet Jackson
9) Eminem ...................... 19) Christina Aguilera
10) U2 ............................ 20) Prince
21) Jennifer Lopez ........... 24) Bryan Adams
22) Silverchair ................ 25) George Michael
23) Celine Dion ................................

EDIT: with GaGa out everything below #16 moves up one and I'll add GM at #25
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Phil Collins has some decent songs. I find his songs are a little bit boring tbh, although I bought his greatest hits and have found myself listening to from time to time...

My top ten Phil Collins tracks are:

1. In The air Tonight
2. A Groovy Kind of Love
3. Against all Odds
4. Another day in Paradise
5. One More Night
6. Two Hearts
7. Easy Love
8. Seperate Lives
9. You Can't Hurry Love
10. I wish it would rain down
phil collins

1.Son Of Man
2.In the air tonight
3.Two Hearts
4.Another day..
5.I wish it would rain..
I reckon DaveNT has just about got it spot on for the Top 25, except I think he's got Elton a touch too high (although Candle In The Wind 97 re-release sold a hellovalot so maybe he is right). This countdown is brilliant, cheers to you chri8topher.
hey Nelson,I was looking at Elton John's 1980-1985 singles and in that time he had 17 chart entries in that period so he could very well be that high
so we have until #30 is announced to get our top 20 up?
Correct, M@tt. So, start getting your list together. Currently we have seven predictions! Cool.

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#45. AVRIL LAVIGNE (2002-08, #1 - 10 entries)

(#17 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

While the 2000's strengthened the female chart contingent, not all the girls were happy, fluffy and lovable. Avril Lavigne was certainly someone you didn't want to mess with, at least as far as her songs were concerned. She was with attitude, and the music buying public loved every minute of it. Avril Lavigne had all the image associated with most of the female stars of the 2000's, and mixed in a little of the female angst of the 90's that made Alanis Morissette huge. It's a corner of the market Avril owns completely, even to this day. As a fourteen year old, Avril won a radio competition that gave her the chance to perform with fellow Canadian, Shania Twain, in front of a 20,000 strong audience. Of course, at this time Shania had just enjoyed her success with "Come On Over", so the exposure lead to further performances where Avril was soon discovered, signed, and lead into the recording studio to record her debut, "Let Go". At just 17, Avril was soon gracing the top spot of the Australian, UK and, of course, Canadian Singles chart with "Complicated", while the album would make Avril the youngest female solo artist to take out #1 of the UK Albums chart. "Let Go" spent a year in the Australian Top 50, and while the follow-up, "Under My Skin" followed suite by debuting at #1, it ran out of breathe just short of six months, dropping out altogether. Avril has never really had a flop with any of her releases in Australia, singles or albums, but her releases from the second album relatively bombed in comparison, and so maybe that "angsty" formula was wearing a little thin after all. The only damn thing Avril could do turned out to be the BEST damn thing to revive those lacking second album sales. So Avril Lavigne joined her youthful and trendy contemporaries Britney, Christina, Rihanna, etc. and brought us catchy pop that still amazingly managed to echo the attitude that made Avril big in the first place. 2007's "The Best Damn Thing" may have just missed the top spot after its #2 debut, but sales were certainly on the rise, fueled by her major success from the lead single, "Girlfriend". By the end of the year, Avril had added another two Top Ten singles to her collection, while "Girlfriend" ended the year as the second biggest seller, just behind Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry". 30 Million album sales worldwide mustn't be enough to keep a 25 year old girl completely occupied, as Avril has also ventured into fashion designing, a couple of fragrances, and various appearances in television and film spliced into her music career, but fear not, music is back on the cards again for 2010. Avril's as yet untitled fourth album is set for a Christmas release this year, but fans have already been kept at bay with the theme to Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland", which performed moderately well in March. Avril has stated that the forthcoming album is lacking the pop sound that made "The Best Damn Thing" a hit, and is spending some time evening it out a bit, but given Avril's impressive track record over the past eight years, it is sure to be another success whatever form it comes out as.

Avril Lavigne's Top 10
3When You're Gone2007#4
4Sk8er Boi2002#3
5My Happy Ending2004#6
7Don't Tell Me2004#10
8Losing Grip2003#20
9Nobody's Home2004#24
10He Wasn't2005#25


I like Avril (in music sense).

1. Skater Boy (I can never remember how she spells it )
2. Girlfriend
3. Complicated
4. When You're Gone
5. My Happy Ending
love Avril as a singer!

my fav avril songs:

1.Sk8er Boi
2.My Happy Ending
4.When You're Gone
5.Losing Grip
6.Nobody's Home
8.Don't Tell Me
9.He Wasn't
chri8: I know
top Lavigne tracks (i own the best damn thing - go me )

2.Sk8er Boi
5.When your gone
6.Losing grip
7.Alice (underground)
8.Nobody's home
9.Happy Ending
10.Don't tell me
Loved Avril back in the day, I own Let Go myself.

1. Complicated
2. I'm With You
3. Sk8er Boi
4. When You're Gone
5. My Happy Ending
100000000. Alice (terrible!)
aww Avril is cool.

sk8er boi is an awesome song, in fact the whole let go album is great. later material has lacked a little bit but she rocks!
Avril is pretty good, when she came out she was the shizzz and Complicated was totally awesome! I've liked pretty much all of her singles at one time or another but some of them have tied over time tbh. My top ten from Avril:

1. I'm With You
2. When You're Gone
3. Complicated
4. Sk8er Boi
5. Nobody's Home
6. Keep Holding On
7. Losing Grip
8. Alice
9. My Happy Ending
10. Girlfriend (loved this song when it came out, but it is one of the tracks that has died over time)

I didn't realise Losing Grip was released as a single in Australia!
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Sucks that Keep Holding On by Avril didn't count towards the charts back then

My top 5 for Avril:
1. When You're Gone
2. Keep Holding On
3. My Happy Ending
4. I'm With You
5. Complicated
Used to like Avril Lavigne, but don't anymore.

Now back to that quiz before:
From the start of 1990 and the end of 1999, the AUS singles charts recorded a total of 144 number 1 singles - about 14.4 a year or one approx. every 3.6 weeks. WOW.

Now here are some questions. (You are allowed to use this website for research. This could take a while)
1. Since 1980, how many Australian number 1 singles (not necessarily recorded by Australians):
 a. Have posed a question?
 b. Have been used in films and/or on television shows? (i.e. came off film/TV soundtrack albums)
 c. Were duets? (strictly talking '&' duets only)
 d. Had a number in the title?
 e. Had a Cold War/Nuclear War theme? (99 Luftballoons by Nena is one)
 f. Came off self-titled albums?
 g. Were cover versions?
 h. Can be called one-hit wonders?
 i. Charted at number 1 for at least seven weeks?
2. Since 1980, how many boy bands have reached number 1 on the Australian charts?
3. Since 1980, how many girl bands have reached number 1 on the Australian charts?
4. Since 1980, how many Australian singers have reached number 1 on the Australian charts?
5. Since 1980, how many Australian groups and duos have reached number 1 on the Australian charts?

Then break the top 10 Australian acts on THIS list into states and territories - which is the best represented? I think NSW, but anyway...

My predicitions soon...
here are my probably nowhere close guesses!
a. 5
b. 9
c. 11
d. 4
e. 3
f. 14
g. 15
h. 22
i. 35
2. 6
3. 7
4. 30
5. 29

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a) 15
b) 35
c) 11
d) 16
e) 2?
f) 38
g) 31
h) 70?
i) 56

2. 4
3. 11
4. 46
5. 27
Going back a few I like Shakira, the true global superstar of the 21st Century, my favs are:

1. Whenever, Wherever
2. Hips Don't Lie
3. She Wolf (should have been much bigger in Oz but sadly overlooked)
4. Underneath Your Clothes
5 Beautiful Liar

I like both Phil Collins and Genesis, many good songs, particular in the air tonight and against all odds. Avril is too teeny bobby for me but did like Complicated, sk8er boi and I'm with you when released and Girlfriend is a guilty pleasure of mine.
Quite a bit behind, will do Shakira and Phil Collins now:

Shakira was good, pretty sucky now. Whenever Wherever is a CLASSIC! Top 10 are:

01 Whenever Wherever
02 Beautiful Liar (Beyonce)
03 Objection (Tango)
04 Hips Don't Lie
05 Underneath Your Clothes
06 Don't Bother
07 The One
08 Illegal
09 Give It Up To Me
10 She Wolf

11 La Tortura

Phil Collins is quite good, In The Air Tonight is his CLASSIC for me. Top 10 for him are:
01 In The Air Tonight
02 Another Day In Paradise
03 Sussudio
04 Don't Lose My Number
05 Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
06 A Groovy Kind Of Love
07 You Can't Hurry Love
08 Two Hearts
09 One More Night
All you Lady GaGa fans can be kept at bay with the band who inspired her name...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#44. QUEEN (1980-2002, 2008, #1 - 26 entries)

(#10 Biggest Band)

The Top 50 so far has featured some of the biggest solo artists ever to chart in Australia during the last 30 years. The epic grandiose that is Queen features as our first band in the Top 50, and kicks off the Top Ten Biggest Bands in the singles charts since 1980. Forming in 1971 from the remnants of Smile, an early version of the band featuring Brian May, Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, Queen was selecting by Freddie as the new name, representing the strong presence and vision the guys had for their music (and yes, the gay connotations entered into it just a little). John Deacon joined the group soon after a long line of temporary bass players, and the classic line-up was set, sticking together for the 20 years before Freddie's death (yes, there is an unhappy ending to this story). Not only would Freddie Mercury become the focus of the group, and one of the most well-known frontmen ever in music history, he designed the Queen coat-of-arms which featured the star signs of all four members, two lions, a crab, and two fairies, and would feature prominently on many the the groups cover art. Beginning with their self-titled release in 1973, Queen began what would be the beginning of a worldwide haul of 300 million album sales that would ultimately place the band as the fifth highest selling act of all time, behind The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Abba. In Australia, our fascination with Queen was there from the beginning, a little before the US jumped on board, as we placed all there albums in our Top 100, although that debut had to wait a few years to crack the Top 100, eventually hitting #77, no doubt on the back of a little single called "Bohemian Rhapsody". It was their first #1 in both the UK and Australia, spending two weeks at the top in 1976, only to be displaced by Abba's "Fernando", and its 14 week run. The 6 minute "event" featured everything we had ever heard before in a rock song, and everything since. How many ballads have rocked out so convincingly (or vice versa), and have entered the vocabulary of every generation of music lover since its release, even to this day where "Bohemian Rhapsody" has re-entered the Top 100 on and off. 15 years after its initial release, "Bohemian" hit the Top 5 again (#1 in the UK) under tragic circumstances as the world learned of Freddie Mercury's loss of battle against AIDS. It was something Freddie kept secret for a number of years, issuing a statement confirming what many suspected just 24 hours before his last breath. "Bohemian Rhapsody" marked the first and last Top Ten hit for Queen, a career which saw a further seven Top Ten hits in between, and many a Top 20 album (surprisingly very few reaching the Top 5!). But Freddie's death has revitalised those album sales with three extremely successful Greatest Hits packages. So where has that left Queen these days? George Michael featured as frontman on the live EP "Five Live" in 1993, while the three remaining members backed boy band Five for their rendition of "We Will Rock You" in 2000. Queen is held together these days, just, by Brian and Roger who have appeared on American Idol and X Factor, but after forty years, the "duo" have left EMI altogether, and who knows if anything will eventuate ever again. Looks like we will have to settle for one of the many compilations they've left us with, but really, is that really such a bad thing?

Fans of Queen: alleyt1989, Chris A, D Man, DaveNT, HeadInAMuse, zxcvcxz, BeansterBarnes

Queen's Top 20
1Crazy Little Thing Called Love1980#1
2Another One Bites The Dust1980#5
3We Will Rock You (with Five)2000#3
4Under Pressure (with David Bowie)1981#6
5Radio Ga Ga1984#2
6I Want To Break Free1984#8
7Bohemian Rhapsody1992#5
8I Want It All1989#10
9Heaven For Everyone1995#15
10Flash's Theme1981#16
11Somebody To Love (with George Michael)1993#19
12Body Language1982#23
13A Kind Of Magic1986#25
14One Vision1985#35
16Princes Of The Universe1986#32
17It's A Hard Life1984#65
18Save Me1980#76
19The Show Must Go On1991#75


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Yay how exciting another update!!!

Queen are absolutely amazing!! They have made some truly classic hits that are eternal. Not surprised with that top 2 (two huge hits) but VERY surprised to see number three!!!

Anyway my top ten from them:
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
3. Don't Stop Be Now
4. A Kind of Magic
5. I Want To Break Free
6. Another One Bites The Dust
7. Somebody To Love
8. We Are The Champions
9. Radio Ga Ga
10. The Show Must Go On

Under Pressure would just miss out - but I love all eleven of their songs. i was actually so happy when they brought out Singstar Queen!!! So it's good to see them in here now!
Just joined the Queen fan ranks


1) Bohemian Rhapsody
2) Flash
3) Somebody To Love (George Michael version)
4) You're My Best Friend
5) I Want To Break Free
6) Good Old Fashioned Loverboy
7) Under Pressuer (WITH David Bowie)
8) Don't Stop Me Now
9) Radio Ga Ga
10) Stone Cold Crazy (Metallica's Cover)
Queen are great, love all their tracks, but the standout is obviously Bohemian Rhapsody.
Surprised to see Miss GaGa topping Queen themselves.
Just three artists before the big 10xPLATINUM mark...!!!

One guy, one girl and a group...

I said it back in the last thread, but I am still waiting for two of my guilty pleasures!!!!

I predicted Nelly and The Offspring to go top 30... can it still happen? Although, cannot believe that both beat Queen AND Fergie, lol!!!
you do have to remember that queen was in the 70's as well, this countdown is 80's onwards so their big hits from the 70's arent counted here (in their original chart runs anyway)

im sure they would be much higher taking this into consideration
the one guy has to be Justin Timberlake,not sure about the one girl and a group..
Definitely Ben, and Queen will certainly be one band to look out for as I gradually add previous years onto this list. I think they still have two or three Top Ten hits to be added from the 70's, and certainly "Bohemian Rhapsody"'s inital chart run will catapult them majorly up this list.
Q U E E N!!!!!!

1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Killer Queen
3. Sombody To Love
4. Don't Stop Me Now
5. We Will Rock You
6. Flash
7. Bicycle Race
8. Radio Ga Ga (Yep, this is where Lady GaGa's stage name comes from)
9. Save Me
10. Another One Bites The Dust
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Where'd you get that prediction from Chris hehe . In that case I'll say Cher's the one girl, maybe Icehouse for the group.

As for Queen, great band, my top 5

1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Under Pressure
3. Don't Stop Me Now
4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
5. Another One Bites The Dust

Don't like Queen.

wtf 392414 i hope that was a joke
i second that
Queen is fantastic! Definitely one of those artists that will NEVER be forgotten and that's talking from a kid that was born a couple of years AFTER Freddie Mercury died

I wish that coming up female artist is Gaga. She'll be higher than this but I don't think she'll be high enough to be in the top 20.
392, even though Lady Gaga is a pretty good artist, she's nowhere near as good as Queen, and other people agree.
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Massive massive at 392's claim that GaGa is better than Queen. Without Queen she would never have her name. Ergo Queen is better than GaGa.
wasnt bohemian rhapsody a 70's song

392, as much as I do like gaga's stuff, shes got lightyears of experience and work to do before she can even compete with queen, that being said I respect your opinion so its all fine

1.Bohemian rhapsody!!!!
2.Somebody to love
3.I want to break free
4.We are the champions
5.We Will Rock You
Yes it is bsb, and if you read through what chri8 wrote, it notes that the song re-entered the chart in 1992 when Freddie Mercury announced he had AIDS, as well as appearing notably in Wayne's World.
Great to see a classic band such as Queen appear, I think it gives this list some cred. My favs:

1 Bohemian rhapsody
2 Somebody to love
3 We are the champions
4 We Will Rock You
5 Another One Bites The Dust
6 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
7 Killer Queen
8 I want to break free
9 Under Pressure
10 I Want It All
I did read but i missed that, lol well I thought it was weird to be a 90's song haha, any more bands from the 70's chri8?? (or singers, I think michael jackson is one of the only 70's guys to come, yes I know he had 60's hits - but I think they were with the jackson 5)
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#43. GUNS N' ROSES (1988-95, 2008-09, #3 - 16 entries)

(#9 Biggest Band)

It might be just me, but it seemed Guns N' Roses had been around in the charts for more than just eight years. Forming from the union of two bands, L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose, their 1987 debut album, "Appetite For Destruction", gave hard rock a place in the charts once again, crushing those lipstick and eyeliner pretty boys such as Poison and Warrant who had almost embarrassed the genre. Championed by the first of many signature hits, "Sweet Child O' Mine", "Appetite" spent well over a year in the Australian Top 50 Albums chart, ending 1989 as the #11 biggest seller, despite never reaching the Top Ten during the year (it did, however, reach #7 in 1988). While Guns N' Roses' chart success was nothing out of the ordinary for many a successful debut act, the band had, for some reason, gained a following the would see the follow-up to "Appetite For Destruction" as one of the most anticipated releases of all time. It was a long wait, almost four years after their debut set, with fans kept happy with the filler album, "GN'R Lies", containing live tracks from their early days, and acoustic reworkings of another four tracks. With the news of TWO new albums on the way, Guns N' Roses made one of the most spectacular comebacks ever seen, but as they never really had any failings in the first place, maybe "return" is a better term. The Terminator 2 theme "You Could Be Mine" would be the first taste of the epic "Use Your Illusion" albums, a Top Ten debut, featuring Arnold Schwarzanegger in the video clip donning his Terminator get up. The two single release albums debuted at #1 and #2 in 1991 and also spent over a year in the Top 50 giving the band a fourth straight album release to spend over 40 weeks in the Top 50. The single releases from the "Use Your Illusion" albums were unlike anything that had been seen in the charts before. Four straight Top Ten singles spent seemingly forever in the charts, bouncing up and down the charts like a yo-yo. Guns N' Roses became the biggest act in the world, ending 1992 as the most successful artist in the Australian charts, but still the best was yet to come. Guns N' Roses would step on our shores in 1993, and the charts went GN'R crazy. Three big hits of 1992 rebounded back up the singles charts, including "November Rain" which eventually spent 24 weeks in the Top Ten, and all four of their album releases followed suite. In February 1993, Guns N' Roses had four albums in the Top 20, capping off five years of sales that would see established bands way beyond those years of formation pale in comparison. With all this success, one thing remained elusive to the guys, a #1 hit, and Guns N' Roses remain the second biggest act in the last 30 years never to reach the Singles chart summit. Furthermore, Guns N' Roses have never even enjoyed a runners-up position, making them the biggest act never to reach the Top 2. Whether the "Use Your Illusion" project was just too big for Guns N' Roses is proven to some extent by the relative failures that followed. Frontman Axl Rose was gaining notoriety as a control freak and took forever to write and record much of his material. A #1 covers album, "The Spaghetti Incident?", once again kept fans at bay, but that would pretty much be the end of Guns N' Roses. Axl's comeback with Guns N' Roses soon became something of a myth, with the new album, "Chinese Democracy" slated for release anytime from 1994 and the decade that followed. In 2008, myth became fact, as "Chinese Democracy" finally debuted. There was still enough interest to give the album a Top 3 placing, but the title track did nothing in the way of moving Guns N' Roses any further up this list. If anything, it was "Sweet Child O' Mine" that benefited by spending some time in the lower region of the Top 100. Unfortunately for Axl and Guns N' Roses, their amazing five year burst of hits has been over-shadowed by this lack of new success, making them appear as some sort of joke, but it may not be over just yet. With enough material recorded for "Chinese Democracy" to fill two albums, their are rumours that another release could see the light of day, however, whether we get that now or in another 15 years time, I don't know, but it would be good to see a new release enjoy better attention, and give Guns N' Roses a proper last hurrah they deserve.

Guns N' Roses' Top 10
1November Rain1992#5
2You Could Be Mine1991#3
3Sweet Child O' Mine1988#11
4Knockin' On Heaven's Door1992#12
5Don't Cry1991#5
7Live And Let Die1991#10
9Sympathy For The Devil1994#12
10Welcome To The Jungle1988#41


Cher and Elton John are still to come, two artists who had significant output in the 1970's ... not sure if there are anyone else though.

Guns n Roses are alright. Tbh I think they're a little bit overrated and they have a handful of classic tracks (as opposed to the huge amount of classics that a band like Queen have!) but they've got some real good one's in there, particularly their ballads and slower ones. My top ten GnR songs are:

1. November Rain
2. Live and Let die
3. Don't Cry
4. Paradise City
5. Knocking On Heavne's Door
6. Welcome To the Jungle
7. Sweet Child Of Mine
8. Better
9. Patience
10. Civil War

I really liked the original of Sympathy for the Devil but don't thinks GnR brought very much to the table with their remake. Also I think their 2008 album was INCREDIBLY weak. A real let down after the years and years that GnR fans waited for some output. OMG and Chri8, heaven forbid if we have to wait another 15 years for the second half of Chinese Democracy lol (not for me personally, but on behalf of the actual Guns N Roses fans)!!!
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bsb, there's another four artists who have had some 60's or 70's success. You said one of them, and alley covered two more.
Would that other one be a certain Australian artist with their ode to a certain cleaning lady?
oh yeah of course lol!!!! he might be coming up soon (as in very soon) maybe hijinx???!??? maybe??!??
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#42. SHANIA TWAIN (1996-2004, #1 - 12 entries)

(#16 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

Before the 90's, Country music's sexiest couple where Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Not to take anything anyway from either, but if the genre was to last into the 90's, and beyond, the image of both sexes would certainly need an update. The men were questionably taken care of in 1992 when Billy Ray Cyrus wiggled his tush in front of millions of screaming female fans, but for the girls, it was looking like a 15 year old LeAnn Rimes was the best we were gonna get. None to fear, as the slickest Country music star of all time was about to pounce on the world, and demolish all her competition, whether that be pop, rock, dance or metal. Shania Twain broke down the barriers between one of the oldest genres of music, and modern day pop. Country music became sexy, seductive, and successful. Shania tested the waters during 1997, hitting the Top Ten with "(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here" (#5). She followed up the following year with one of the biggest selling albums of the decade, "Come On Over". Featuring no less than four Top Five hits, the album would eventually gain the title of the biggest selling country album of all time, with 39 million sales worldwide. In her native Canada, of the albums sixteen tracks, eleven would reach the Top Five Country charts! Back in Australia, the lead single, "You're Still The One", climbed to #1, while the follow-up, "From This Moment On" just missed, peaking at #2. The singles were #9 and #10 respectively on the ARIA end of year charts. 1999 would see more accolades for Shania, and even bigger success. The third single, "That Don't Impress Me Much" (#2), was the 8th biggest selling single of the year, and another, "Man! I Feel Like A Woman" (#4) would be a strong Platinum selling single, a rarity for fourth releases. But overall, "Come On Over" would become the biggest selling album of 1999, well ahead of the competition, and accredited 15xPlatinum, one of only a handful of albums to pass the 10xPlatinum mark for the decade. Shania was faced with two paths, the first being a Christmas album set for release immediately after the "Come On Over" success, possibly exploiting the following she had worked up. Shania instead walked down path #2, taking a well-earned break after what had been an exhausting few years of touring and promotion. Unfortunately, the break for Shania was a little too long, and a change in management held up her return a little longer, before Shania and husband Robert "Mutt" Lange re-entered the studio to produce what would be her fourth, and currently final album, "Up". The album was released in 2002 in an ambitious move of three separate versions, a standard Country version, a Pop version, and an International version featuring the stylings of Indian film soundtracks. I know for one thing, I was a little confused, and it seemed many of Shania's regular Australian audience were too, voiding the album of a Top Ten hit, and regulating the sales to just a 2xPlatinum accreditation, way below what Shania was used to. With little help from Australia, the album sold 16 million copies worldwide, and together with a following Greatest Hits package, Shania Twain's worldwide sales of 65 million certainly make her one of the most successful female entertainers ever. Since Country music's revival in the 90's, the genre has maintained a high profile in the singles charts with new heroes The Dixie Chicks and Taylor Swift keeping the twang alive, but its image has been changed forever thanks to Shania Twain.

Fans of Shania Twain: AmerieFan, Daniel09

Shania Twain's Top 10
1From This Moment On1998#2
2You're Still The One1998#1
3That Don't Impress Me Much1999#2
4(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here1996#5
5Man! I Feel Like A Woman1999#4
6I'm Gonna Getcha Good!2002#14
7You've Got A Way1999#28
8Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)2000#32
10Forever And For Always2003#45


Come On Over was an epic effort!!!! Shania has released some amazing tracks over the years but nothing is able to top Come On Over imo.

My top ten from her:
1. You're Still the One
2. that don't Impress Me Much
3. From this Moment On
4. Forever And For Always
5. Honey I'm Home
6. Come On Over
7. Man! I Feel Like A Woman
8. Don't Be Stupid
9. Ka-Ching!
10. I'm Gonna Getcha Good
Queen are awesome! Always to be better than GaGa (IMO)
1. Bohemian Rhapsody
2. Another One Bites The Dust
3. We Will Rock You
4. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
5. Radio Ga Ga
6. Flash's Theme (great movie too)

The Gunners are pretty good too:
1. November Rain
2. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
3. Sweet Child O' Mine
4. You Could Be Mine
5. Welcome To The Jungle

Shania's good as well. 'That Don't Impress Me Much' is my favourite track of hers.
Ah Shania you've let me down. My first WRONG!!!! Top 30 prediction.

I will go away and cry now
I actually had her at #30 as well. Back to the drawing board.
wow Shania, whats she doing down this low

LOVE Shania Come on Over was THE album to have back when i was in year 9-10 and i loved every track on the album. im sure if album success was accredited to this list shania would probably end up top 20, if not top 10
Yay! Guns and Roses are awesome!

Shania Twain's alright. I remember one of her videos was the first music video I ever watched (think I was 5 or 4?). I remembered I hated it so much that I kept screaming at the TV or something and ran away
Mmmm Novemer Rain... in my top 5 songs of all time for sure.
Oh so great too see two of my treasured artists of the 90's back to back.
Going through junior high in 91/92 was such a blur but i remember flogging a cassette of
Use Your Illusion 1 & 2 to death, so much so it ended up breakin
Guns'N'Roses left me one of the most epic rock ballads of our time and won't be surpassed for a long time in November Rain which sits at #2 on my all time list behind The Beatles.

1) November Rain
2) Estranged
3) Yesterdays
4) Since I Don't Have You
5) Don't Cry

Now Shania, you may ask you like Shania
My parents were big country music fans and i grew up on that genre along with The Beatles & Elvis, up until the mid 90's I thought Elvis was still alive lol but anyway. I got into a man that Chri8topher failed to mention but instead mentioned that Billy Ray Cyrus bloke instead, i'm talking about Garth Brooks.
Now that guy revolutionised country music world wide in the early to mid 90's.
I find Shania in the same light and thanks to my ex who saturated some of our weekends with 'Come On Over' on constant repeat.
I too was very confussed with the whole Up! promotion and releases and was totally stumped with "I'm Gonna Getcha Good" being the lead single considering it was far left field from Shania's previous releases from "Come On Over".

1) You've Got A Way
2) You're Still The One
3) Forever And For Always
4) No One Needs To Know
5) When You Kiss Me

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GNR I liked as a kid, then there was a long time that I thought they were crap try hards bordering on a dinosaur rock that should be forgotten and now coming full circle I don't mid them again.

1 November Rain is my fav, a rock opera to finish all rock opera's and then
2 Knocking on heavens door,
3 don't cry
4 welcome to the jungle
5 paradise city

Shania is great! Come on over is one of the most solid albums I have ever heard. Favs
1 You're still the one
2 From this moment
3 (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here
4 I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
5 Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)
6 That don't impress me much
7 Man I feel like a woman
8 Come on over
9 You've Got A Way
10 Up
I'm probally the only person on the entire planet who doesn't like Bohemian Rhapsody. I get that it is a 6 Minute Masterpiece and everything but I don't like it myself. What makes me feel even more left out is that so many young people like it too which is really surprising. The 100 or so people on Aust-Charts.com that like it can beat me up with flaming sticks if they want to.

Although I do like 1 Track from Queen and that's We Are The Champions, it's a worldwide anthem.

As for Guns & Roses, I think November Rain is Excellent but I don't care about their other Tracks.

Haven't heard anything from Shania (Or Maybe I have heard something of hers without knowing who it was).
The Top 1000 week draws to another closure with just ten artists to reveal before your tipping lists are locked. Still plenty of time, but keep a close watch in case some of your predictions hit the list pre-#30 (you can still edit them out)...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#41. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (2002-09, #1 - 9 entries)

(#13 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Justin Timberlake may very well be the biggest male artist in the world right now, although that would suggest that #41 is quite an understatement for the former *NSync member. With just two albums under his belt, Justin's Top 50 placement is quite an achievement, taking his time with both albums, working hard on lengthy promotional duties to ensure healthy sales, and to his credit, not bombarding us with single releases that make us all tire easily of the man. What Justin has done, however, is bombarded us with featured performances for many artists including The Black Eyed Peas, Ciara and Nelly, and while he is constantly in the charts, we never really get sick of him. Clever! Justin first made waves on the rejuvenated "Mickey Mouse Club", featuring in a cast that also boasted two other stars yet to appear (now that's some talent pool!). It was here that he met JC Chasez, and when the "Club" folded in 1994, Justin suggested JC come on board to form a vocal group. *NSync soon became the fastest selling everything, and were the biggest threats to the throne the Backstreet Boys held. What was becoming more and more apparent as *NSync continued forward, was Justin's strength in performance and songwriting (he co-wrote the biggest hits from their "Celebrity" album), and after the band took what would be a permanent break, Justin dived into his solo venture, "Justified". The album and Justin himself were touted as the new Michael Jackson, and with Michael's commercial success rapidly diminishing, it didn't take much for the crown to shift. Justin was (and possibly is) the hottest male star on the planet, and the charts agreed, placing all four of his singles from the debut in the Top Ten. While many artists immediately jump onto a second release, Justin's follow-up took over three years to hit the stores, and sales suggested the anticipation was high. A little less Michael, and a lot more Prince, Justin Timberlake's "sexy" status went into overload, but that's what is gonna happen modeling yourself on the purple one. "FutureLove/SexSounds" was the beginning of Justin's lengthy collaboration with producer Timbaland, and the magic that hottest singer AND producer could create, again showed with another three Top Ten hits, with a fourth single just missing with a #11 peak, Justin's lowest charting solo release! If you think those chart stats are healthy, take into account Justin's seven featured performances, all but two going Top Ten, and a #1 hit with "4 Minutes", the first time ever Madonna has shared equal credit with another artist on a single release. That's 16 singles, and 16 Top 20 hits!!! If only they all counted towards Justin's sales for this list, who knows where he would end up. Justin Timberlake is probably the biggest rival to Michael Jackson's overall success. Their trajectory of careers have been almost identical, while the anticipation of a third Justin Timberlake album echoing the mid-80's, when we waited eagerly for "Bad" to be released. There's no word yet of anything new for Timberlake fans, but you can be assured that when it arrives, the Top 10 Biggest Artists of this list better watch out.

Justin Timberlake's Top 5
24 Minutes (with Madonna)2008#1
3My Love (featuring T.I.)2006#3
4What Goes Around...Comes Around2007#3
5Rock Your Body2003#1

Justin Timberlake's "Featured" Top 5
1Where Is The Love (for The Black Eyed Peas)2003#1
2Signs (for Snoop Dogg)2005#1
3Dead And Gone (for T.I.)2009#4
4Ayo Technology (for 50 Cent)2007#10
5Love Sex Magic (for Ciara)2009#5


Next week, the Top 40 Biggest Artists since 1980 awaits...and the first artists to break 10xPLATINUM - the 700,000 mark!!!

(and don't forget to get those predictions in)

JT is awesome! I own he's first album Justified,i think i own FutureSex/LoveSounds aswell

my fav songs of the ones listed in order:
1.Cry Me A River
2.What Goes Around...Comes Around
3.Rock Your Body
5.Where Is The Love?
8.Dead And Gone
10.Summer Love
11.4 Minutes
12.I'm Lovin It
13.My Love
14.Ayo Technology

also Chri8,it's FutureSex/LoveSounds

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Justin is ok but i loathe SexyBack. Most overrated noise since 1980 i think.

My top 5 from Justin would be

1. Summer Love
2. My Love
3. Rock Your Body
4. 4 Minutes
5. Senorita
I love almost everything of his, he'd be in my all time top five artists. SexyBack is one of the most overrated songs ever though.

Top songs:
1. What Goes Around.../...Comes Around
2. Cry Me a River
3. Rock Your Body
4. LoveStoned / I Think She Knows Interlude
5. My Love ft T.I.
6. Summer Love / Set the Mood Prelude
7. Like I Love You
8. SexyBack
9. Senorita
10. I'm Lovin' It

Top featurettes
1. 4 Minutes (Madonna ft Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)
2. Where is the Love? (Black Eyed Peas ft Justin Timberlake)
3. Love Sex Magic (Ciara ft Justin Timberlake)
4. Dead and Gone (T.I. ft Justin Timberlake)
5. Give It to Me (Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake)
6. Carry Out (Timbaland ft Justin Timberlake)
7. Winner (Jamie Foxx ft Justin Timberlake & T.I.)
8. AO Technology (50 Cent ft Justin Timberlake)
9. Signs (Snoop Dogg ft Justin Timberlake)

LOL at FutureLove/SexSounds
1. What Goes Around ... Comes Around
2. Cry Me A River
3. My Love
4. LoveStoned
5. Like I love You
ohhh jt has had his ups and downs although i don't like all these FEAT Justin Timberlake like Carry Out was so crap!!!

My top ten from him are:
1. My Love
2. Rock Your Body
3. Sexyback
4. What Goes Around...Comes Around
5. Lovestoned
6. Cry Me a River
7. senorita (god i used to LOVE this song)
8. Summer Love
9. Like I Love You
10. Until The End of Time

Hey Chri8, if Justin has only had 9 entries (and we are including 4 Minutes), which of the above tracks missed out on a position in the top 100
I think it was Summer Love alley. If I remember correctly, that was a radio-only single and didn't count to the chart. If it's not that, it's Until The End Of Time. All the rest certainly made the top fifty.
chri8, why don't you have a go at the quiz I put up above?

On another note, do you have to be a member for your predicitions to be counted in the points system?

Anyway, member or not, these are my first - but NOT MY FINAL - predictions:

01 madonna - I think she has the most number 1 singles in our charts in the last 30 years, so that would make up the majority of her sales
02 kylie - she was unstoppable (in singles terms) from 87-92, 94-98 and 99-03, so she HAS to be top 2 (or top 5 at least)
03 elton john - many hit singles in the 80s and 90s. From memory, he has had 31 chart entries since 1980. Plus Candle in the Wind 97 sold nearly a million copies, so I wouldn't be surprised if he beats Kylie OR Madonna - or both!
04 michael jackson - lots of hits in the 80s and 90s, but like Elton, no big hits in the 00s. Can he beat Elton John?
05 Black Eyed Peas - very popular at the moment. Had many hits during the 00s. Where is the Love was MASSIVE back in 2003. BEP are probably the only band of the decade to have two consecutive #1s - Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling. Those three singles alone would have sold close to a million copies by now, so they have to be top 5
06 mariah carey - lots of hits in the 90s
07 pink - lots of hits in the 00s
08 U2 - lots of hits in the 80s and 90s, plus Vertigo was a hit single for them in 2004
09 britney spears - unstoppable from 99-03, had a few hits from 07-09. Baby one more time was number one for nine weeks in 1999 - that would account for at least a third of her sales
10 delta goodrem - 2003 - five number one hits, which would account for at least half of her sales
11 eminem - Lose Yourself was huge back in 2002-03
12 john farnham - huge from 86-90, and then a few hits from 93-96, 2000 and 2005
13 bryan adams - I can't imagine him getting higher than this
14 icehouse - big in the 80s
15 bon jovi - we all know how popular they are!
16 INXS - very big from 82-97
17 jimmy barnes - nine number one albums, so plenty of singles
18 george michael - he was successful in the 80s
19 prince - massive from 84-90
20 janet jackson

Just missing out
21 beyonce - huge from 03-09
22 spice girls - unquestionably the biggest girl group of the last 30 years
23 shannon noll - from 04-06 he had something like 7 top 10 singles
24 rhianna - popular from 05-07. will be appalled if she gets higher
25 lady Gaga - Just dance and Poker face will make up majority of sales
26 christina aguilera - one solo #1 hit compared to britney's four
27 shania twain - You're still the one was a big hit back in 98
28 celine dion - many hits in the 90s
29 roxette
30 jennifer lopez

This is not my final top 30 prediction list, so please comment on it. And try doing my quiz, please.
bangalore, I recommend membership; no spam or fees or anything, and best of all, you can edit/delete your posts so you can remove artists like Shania from your lists.
I don't think Mariah will be as high as many think. She had a lot of charting songs, but only two number ones.
My two dark horse shots for the top 20 are still in the mix!

The Offspring, I think, could be a lock for a position between #25-#16.

Nelly, will probably just miss it with him landing between #30-#22
well we'll see 392 (about mariah). as long as she's in the top ten!
The lower the better

Edit: I'm talking about Mariah's chart position, don't go getting ideas
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Do the penguin!
I am now a member and I'd like to make a confession.

I have more faith in the older artists than the newer ones. For example, even though I think Britney Spears will make top 20, I wouldn't like her to.

Also I think Lady GaGa will actually just make top 25, but I don't like her so I'll be disappointed - no,appalled - if she *does* get that high!

Now here are my predictions
01 madonna - I think she has the most number 1 singles in our charts in the last 30 years, so that would make up the majority of her sales
02 kylie - she was unstoppable (in singles terms) from 87-92, 94-98 and 99-03, so she HAS to be top 2 (or top 5 at least)
03 elton john - many hit singles in the 80s and 90s. From memory, he has had 31 chart entries since 1980. Plus Candle in the Wind 97 sold nearly a million copies, so I wouldn't be surprised if he beats Kylie OR Madonna - or both!
04 michael jackson - lots of hits in the 80s and 90s, but like Elton, no big hits in the 00s. Can he beat Elton John?
05 Black Eyed Peas - very popular at the moment. Had many hits during the 00s. Where is the Love was MASSIVE back in 2003. BEP are probably the only band of the decade to have two consecutive #1s - Boom Boom Pow and I Gotta Feeling. Those three singles alone would have sold close to a million copies by now, so they have to be top 5
06 mariah carey - lots of hits in the 90s
07 pink - lots of hits in the 00s
08 U2 - lots of hits in the 80s and 90s, plus Vertigo was a hit single for them in 2004
09 britney spears - unstoppable from 99-03, had a few hits from 07-09. Baby one more time was number one for nine weeks in 1999 - that would account for at least a third of her sales
10 delta goodrem - 2003 - five number one hits, which would account for at least half of her sales
11 eminem - Lose Yourself was huge back in 2002-03
12 john farnham - huge from 86-90, and then a few hits from 93-96, 2000 and 2005
13 bryan adams - I can't imagine him getting higher than this
14 icehouse - big in the 80s
15 bon jovi - we all know how popular they are!
16 INXS - very big from 82-97
17 jimmy barnes - nine number one albums, so plenty of singles
18 george michael - he was successful in the 80s
19 prince - massive from 84-90
20 janet jackson
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I just noticed you haven't been doing well in the Charts game over the last two months, Chri8.
I forgot and missed the first week because the Charts Game was reset and new I would be behind the ball because of that. I'll join now, and see how I go.

As for not following the current charts, I actually do keep an eye on it, I just don't know many of the songs as I've been busy for a good seven months with this list. Ordinarily I would be up to date, so to say I don't follow is incorrect. As I go through this list, I've actually found a lot of enjoyment in playing complete albums that I haven't played in years by many of the artists as they pop up, but I still have a slight grasp on current stuff.
As much as I like Icehouse, I don't see them as any chance to make the Top 20 in this list and probably not Top 30 either.
Most looking forward to Bryan Adams! Him and Pink are the only artists that are yet to come up (that I'm a 'fan' of)
Me still looking forward to Gaga
I'm looking most forward to Eminem.
10xPLAITNUM, a landmark of sales for the artists in this list of singles sales from the last 30 years. Only 40 artists could make the cut, so let's begin another week of the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#40. DESTINY'S CHILD (1998-2005, #1 - 14 entries)

(#4 Biggest Vocal Group)

The year 2000 was a huge year for music, and everyone young and old wanted to be the face of the new decade. 80's and 90's standards, Madonna, Kylie and U2 were all major players in the opening year, while future bigshots P!nk and Eminem made healthy debuts around this time. But it was a trio of 19 year olds from Texas who blasted the 2000's. Destiny's Child, boasting the talents of Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Rowland, actually started the year out as a four-piece group, but a strange and controversial move streamlined them to just three. LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson, together with Beyonce and Kelly, released 1999's "The Writing On The Wall", the groups' second album. However, the two "other" girls attempted to split from their manager over a profit dispute, never intending to leave the group. With the release of 2000's "Say My Name", LeToya and LaTavia found they were absent from the video, and two new girls had already taken their place. What a way to break it to them! Legal action was taken, but all parties reached a settlement including an agreement prohibiting the girls to attack each other publicly. Destiny's Child, now with Michelle Williams and Farrah Franklin on board, soon found themselves at #1 in Australia with "Say My Name", the 5th biggest seller of the year. Following up with the #2 hit, "Jumpin' Jumpin'" (#17 year end), it soon became too much for Franklin, who then left the group after only five months. Streamlined to a three-piece, Destiny's Child carried on releasing the female anthem, "Independent Woman" (#3), from the Charlie's Angels soundtrack. The girls were back in 2001, with the release of "Survivor", influenced by a taunt that being in Destiny's Child was like being in a reality contest facing eviction. Destiny's Child continued on as they were, despite the fact that Beyonce's talent was becoming way too overwhelming to be contained within a vocal group. Taking time out after "Survivor", Beyonce put on her solo training wheels and made a major chart assault that would keep going like a steamtrain right up until the end of the decade, where she would find herself as one of the hottest acts in the world, and is still to come herself in this list. Perhaps it was common knowledge in the Destiny's camp, and that other major talent, Kelly Rowland, wasn't about to go down without a little spotlight herself. Kelly's solo impact on the charts was on par with Beyonce's, as far as singles were concerned, for the first album, but further albums would see Kelly pale in comparison to Beyonce's second and third albums. Michelle Williams wasn't left out either, with two Gospel albums hitting #1 in the Billboard Gospel charts. But there didn't seem to be too much competition between the trio overall, as Destiny's Child reunited in 2004 for their final album, and fourth overall for the group, "Destiny Fulfilled". It was a fitting title, and an admission to their fans that as a vocal group, this was as far as they could go, splitting soon after as Beyonce and Kelly's solo careers took off. With 50 million albums sales worldwide, Destiny's Child were one of the biggest selling acts of all time, and are sometimes considered the biggest selling female vocal group ever. Well, as far as Australia and this list and the Singles chart is concerned, we still have two girl groups to come, one prior and one after Destiny's reign, but neither giving as a talent as big as Beyonce Knowles.

Fans of Destiny's Child: AmerieFan, Daniel09

Destiny's Child's Top 10
1Say My Name2000#1
2Independent Woman Part 12000#3
3Lose My Breath2004#3
4Jumpin' Jumpin'2000#2
10Nasty Girl2002#10



I like Destiny's Child. 3 standout trax:
1. Independent Women, Pt. I
2. Say My Name
3. Lose My Breathe
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I think I know the last two girl groups and I completely forgot about 'mittens' but I knew 'oregano, basil, & thyme' were still to come!
I love Destiny's Child!!!!

1 Say My Name
2 No, No, No
3 Jumpin' Jumpin'
4 Independent Women Part 1
5 Bug a Boo
6 Lose My Breath
7 Emotion
8 Girl
9 Nasty Girl
10 Survivor

11 Bootylicious
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DC are great,not a bad song in that list
My predictions:

1. Madonna
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Elton John  
4. U2   
5. P!nk   

6. Britney Spears
7. Mariah Carey
8. Michael Jackson  
9. The Black Eyed Peas  
10. John Farnham  

11. Prince   
12. Delta Goodrem
13. INXS   
14. Bryan Adams  
15. Beyonce   

16. Nelly   
17. Christina Agueliera
18. Bon Jovi  
19. Janet Jackson
20. Eminem

21. Lady Gaga
22. George Michael
23. silverchair
24. Shaggy
25. Rihanna

The Offspring
Jennifer Lopez
Spice Girls
Guy Sebastian
Celine Dion

Shannon Noll
Whitney Housten
Jimmy Barnes
Savage Garden
Backstreet Boys
Pussycat Dolls
missed alot, luckily my faves are still to come
i'm definitely looking forward to Queen Mariah!

Great to see Destiny's Child. I used to be majorly obsessed with them back in the 'Survivor' days and went to their concert back when they came over for a tour. It was awesome!!!

My top ten from them:
1. Emotion
2. Independent Woman
3. Soldier
4. Say My Name
5. Lose My Breath
6. Brown Eyes (non-single)
7. Jumpin' Jumpin'
8. Bootylicious
9. Girl
10. Bad habit (non-single)

I also love a lot of their less successful singles, like No, No, No and Stand Up For Love. Can't believe we're already up to #40
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#39. CHER (1988-2002, #1 - 15 entries)

(#15 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

How does one write about the life and times of Cher, the undisputed comeback queen who first came to prominence way back in 1965 when the 19 year old hit the US Top 20 with "All I Really Want To Do". Around the same time, with her husband Sonny Bono, the duo Cher hit the top of the US charts with "I Got You Babe", also hitting the Top 5 in Australia, the first of visits to the top end of our Singles charts over a career stretching five decades. Five years later, Cher came back planning to establish herself as a permanent solo artist, and found success immediately with “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” (#5 in 1971), repeating that success a couple of years later with “Half-Breed” (#4, 1973). Cher's marriage woes with Sonny came to an end when the couple divorced in 1975, but Cher's musical career was none the better for it, stepping into relative obscurity that signaled the end of her career. Another comeback for Cher came in the early 80’s, but this time as an actress, featuring in many successful movies, and even winning an Oscar for “Moonstruck”. Her second big musical comeback followed with her 1988 self-titled album, and "Heart Of Stone"(#31 on this list), while her early 90’s hits “The Shoop Shoop Song” and “Love And Understanding” kept her relevant. Cher was now in a powerful position as both a musical artist and an actress, while her age defying appearance became something many would marvel and aspire to. In 1992, Cher was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and took a much needed break, appearing in cameo roles for films such as “Pret-A-Porter” and “The Player”. With the release of 1995’s “It’s A Man’s World”, an album of covers, it seemed Cher was setting herself up for another comeback. The first single, “Walking In Memphis” stalled at #65 while the album made no impression at all. Cher’s record company suggested she go in a different direction musically with her next album, and in 1998, started working on the Euro-dance inspired, “Believe”, dedicated to the memory of Sonny Bono, who had died during the album’s production. The title track was released towards the end of 1998, and enjoyed a five week run at #1 in early 1999, receiving a Triple Platinum accreditation. Another couple of Top 50’s cemented Cher’s seemingly millionth comeback, “Strong Enough” (#11) and “Dov’e L’Amour” (#49), while the album enjoyed long-lasting success, spending 35 weeks in the Top 50 with a #13 peak. At age 52, Cher became one of the oldest artists ever to hit #1 in the Singles Charts, a playground for artists a third of her age! Whether Cher makes any impression on what would be her sixth decade of hits, is probably wearing a little thin for the 64 year old star, but with a new movie with Christina Aguilera in the pipeline, there may just be enough puff in there to stretch to what would surely be a record breaking career of hits.

Cher's Top 10
2If I Could Turn Back Time1989#1
3The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)1991#4
4I Found Someone1988#8
5Strong Enough1999#11
6Just Like Jesse James1989#14
7Love And Understanding1991#23
8The Music's No Good Without You2001#23
9After All (with Peter Cetera)1989#48
10Dov'e L'Amore1999#49


Cher!!! I hate Cher! lol

Her only decent songs imo are IICTBT and Believe.
I only like the top 3 there, other than that cher sucks
lol Cher has no fans,I like the first 2..I Got You Babe is a good song too
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Cher's OK. Some good songs, but many I don't like. Believe's my fav.
I Love You Babe? Isn't it I Got You Babe
Second of my Top 30 wrong, I had her at about 28. That will have to change. Good thing we're only doing a Top 20 then.

Cher has a few good songs but she's had a real huge career so much respect for that!!! I don't consider myself an expert on Cher's music and thus only really know her big hits but this would be my top ten songs from Cher:

1. Gypsies Tramps and Thieves
2. The Shoop Shoop Song
3. If I Could Turn Back Time
4. Walking in Memphis
5. I Got U Babe
6. Half Breed
7. Just Like Jessie James
8. Believe
9. Dark Lady
10. One By One
Only like cher within the last 23 years, didn't really like her in the 60's with sonny.

My top 5
If I can turn back time
Shoop shoop song
I found someone
Just like Jessie James
Don't mind Destiny's Child or Cher. Kelly Rowland was on the Today Show this morning. Did anybody watch it?

As for Cher, well, which version of "Walking in Memphis" was the best - Cher's or Marc Cohn's?

Let's try and answer those questions I posted above again.
Since 1980, how many Australian number 1 singles (not necessarily recorded by Australians):
a. Have posed a question?
zxcvcxz's guess - 5
Daniel09's guess - 15

Well, let's try and do this one together. There are four Aus #1 singles I can think of that posed a question:
Do you really want to hurt me - culture club
Would I lie to you - Eurhythmics
Who the h*** are you - Madison Avenue
Where is the Love - Black Eyed Peas

Can I only put in one post per day or is that just me?
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Where were Stevie Nicks, the Black Sorrows and the Bee Gees, chri8?
You can post as much as I like, I believe.
Is this question posing number ones thing referring to titles only?
Depends if you are including rhetorical questions, for which there should be 15 since 1980 (I did a chart on the Top 50 Biggets Questions in a first chapter of "Fun Countdowns".

As for your other question - the list can be found at the top of Part 2...

Stevie Nicks - #535
Bee Gees - #568
The Black Sorrows - #534

(Looks like if they were you fave artists, it wouldn't have been an enjoyable time for you... )
@392414 I should have realised I can post as much as I like when I put in the "Stevie Nicks etc" post just above yours.

Anyway, 392, yes my question posing number ones thing is referring to titles only. You can try and answer if you want.
Can you believe we had to wait to #38 to get our first Aussie Top 50 entry!!! Impressive. Even more, its been a long wait as our last homegrown talent was The Veronicas back at #59.

So, we've reached the Top 10 Biggest Australian and New Zealand Artists in the Singles charts since 1980 with...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#38. ICEHOUSE (1980-93, 2002-04, #1 - 27 entries)

(#10 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#8 Biggest Band)

When posing the question to many members on this site on who they thought would be next in line for the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists, one act stood out as the possible answer more than any other. To find Icehouse inside the Top 40 is certainly a treat for lovers of 80's Aussie music, and shows that either the band has been grossly underestimated in terms of their Singles success, or forgotten that they were actually called Flowers back in 1980, scoring three Top 20 hits that would certainly make a difference on the bands' overall tally. One thing that sets apart many Australian acts in the 80's to later decades, is the many references to our beautiful homeland. Goanna, Midnight Oil and even INXS pre-"Kick" showed their devotion to Australia, but Icehouse's "Great Southern Land" would arguably stand out as the pop charts anthem to Australia. Icehouse played it cool in the few years that followed, consistently putting up brilliant music, but fading in the charts with single after single failing to make the impact their earlier stuff did. In 1987, "Man Of Colours", the band's fifth album, hit the stores. It's simplistic cover art was a sign of what was inside, well-crafted pop hits, that delivered on every track. It was the bands' first #1 album, boasting five Top 30 hits, the first time this had been done by an Australian band from a single album. The big one was "Electric Blue", also a #1 first for the band on the singles' chart, which nestled at #8 on the end of year chart (the lead single, "Crazy", also achieving an impressive #18 year end). Iva Davies and the boys had come along way since their "cover band" days, and debut as Flowers. With four Top Ten singles and four Top Ten albums previous to "Man...", it seemed a trifle compared to the 11 week run at the top by the mighty album, soon becoming one of the biggest selling Australian albums of all time. The following year, as Australia celebrated its bicentennial, Icehouse were kept in the spotlight with a further two moderately successful singles from the album, and a string of concerts, one of which I saw during Expo '88, in Brisbane. A "Greatest Hits" package followed in 1989, a notorious jinx for many pop acts, and Icehouse were no exception. 1990's "Code Blue" bombed in comparison, despite being a personal favourite of mine, while another album in 1993, "Big Wheel", was terribly unsuccessful, hitting the final nail in the bands' lucrative career. Icehouse remain as a great representation of the Australian spirit, and still pop up time to time when some local celebration is in full swing. While "Man Of Colours" is Icehouse's brightest moment, they are certainly one band that I can enjoy every single album, even the bombs, as their timeless appeal makes them better and better with each listen.

Fans of Icehouse: DaveNT

Icehouse's Top 20
1Electric Blue1987#1
3Can't Help Myself (as Flowers)1980#10
4Hey Little Girl1982#7
5Love In Motion (includes '93 version feat. Chrissie Amphlett)1981/93#10 
6Great Southern Land1982#5
7My Obsession1987#12
8Touch The Fire1989#13
9We Can Get Together (as Flowers)1980#16
10Baby You're So Strange1986#14
11Miss Divine1990#16
12Walls (as Flowers)1981#20
13Mr. Big1986#18
14Taking The Town1984#29
15No Promises1985#30
16Man Of Colours1988#28
17Don't Believe Anymore1984#31
18Nothing Too Serious1988#29
19Street Cafe1983#57
20Anything Is Possible1990#49


wow a band i don't like!!! icehouse have a few good songs my favourite being Hey Little Girl but don't think much of many of their other songs
I didn't realise how big they were or how many songs they had. Wow.

I love We Can Get Together and Hey Little Girl. I don't know enough of their other stuff.
Electric Blue is one of my pre-1995 favourite songs. I actually heard it in the kitchen on my work today on some 'oldies' station! 'On my knees...' lol, I was singing along!

Meanwhile my predictions are still on target!!!
Cher is ...meh! I don't like her that much. As for Icehouse... I can't remember their songs off the top of my head, looks like I'm going back to Youtube for a while
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#37. SHAGGY (1993-96, 2001-03, #1 - 12 entries)

(#12 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

In 1993, reggae music literally took over the Australian Singles charts. Three of the Top Ten biggest singles of the year were from Inner Circle, UB40 and Snow (another of the years Top Ten biggest, Ace Of Base's "All That She Wants" was dangerously close to the genre). Further down the list of biggest sellers, a new artist, Shaggy, popped his head in at #34. Just five years prior, Orville Burrell, as he was originally known, was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps, where his talent was recognized. That talent was too big to deny, so Shaggy left the Marines, soon releasing his debut album, "Pure Pleasure". It seemed Shaggy was destined to chart with every second album, as it was his third that provided him with his first Australian #1 single, "Boombastic". Continuing that trend, his 1997 album, "Midnite Lover", totally bombed and a four year hiatus from recording soon followed. In 2001, Shaggy returned with one of the biggest comebacks in music history. The new album, "Hot Shot" contained not one, but two triple Platinum singles, "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel". The singles were #2 and #4 respectively on the year end charts, one that would see nearly twenty singles reach at least double Platinum status. Those two singles alone sold more than most artists do in their entire career! Shaggy returned to the Top Ten later that year with "Luv Me, Luv Me" (#10), and the following year with "Hey Sexy Lady" (#4), from the follow up album, "Lucky Day". However, the new single and album failed to fly anywhere near the heights of their predecessors, and Shaggy was soon back to familiar obscurity, as a further two albums would provide no hits for the star. Are they the bombs Shaggy needs to have before another comeback?

Shaggy's Top 10
2It Wasn't Me2001#1
3Hey Sexy Lady2002#4
5Oh Carolina1993#5
6Luv Me, Luv Me2001#10
7In The Summertime1995#14
8Strength Of A Woman2003#31
10Get My Party On2003#41


I Like Angel,It Wasn't Me,Hey Sexy Lady & Boombastic,other then that Shaggy is a forgettable artist.
Wow I never knew how successful Shaggy actually was. Even though he had 3 #1s I totally forgot about him and to find him higher than other artists like Shania Twain has blown me away.
My Icehouse Top 10:
1) Man Of Colours ................ 6) Crazy
2) No Promises .................... 7) Paradise
3) The Mountain ................... 8) Hey Little Girl
4) Don't Believe Anymore ..... 9) Can't Help Myself
5) Great Southern Land ........ 10) Stay Close Tonight

Only find 3 Shaggy songs better than average:
1) It Wasn't Me; 2) Boombastic; 3) Oh Carolina
I hate Shaggy. I do like It Wasn't Me and Boombastic, and back in the day I liked Oh Carolina and In The Summertime (but I hate them now.) The rest are dreadful.
Just did a little research but I could definitely wrong.. According to what I found out this is how much these ladies have sold. These are SOLO sales btw, not including duets etc.

Britney Spears: 1,330,000+
Christina Aguilera: 600,000+ (Should be up soon)
Beyonce: 700,000+ (Should be up soon)
P!nk: 1,260,000+
Lady Gaga: 945,000+
Rihanna: 600,000+ (Should be up soon)
Jennifer Lopez: 735,000+ (Should be up soon)
Delta Goodrem: 945,000+

I just did this to help people with their top 20 predictions.. If this wasn't wanted, they please feel free to delete it. Just remember it isn't official, it's just done by my calculations, so anything can happen .
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-PREDICTIONS- (no idea really)

1) Madonna
2) Kylie Minogue
3) Michael Jackson
4) Elton John
5) P!nk
6) Mariah Carey
7) Britney Spears
8) Black Eyed Peas
9) U2
10) Eminem
11) Delta Goodrem
12) Spice Girls
13) Bon Jovi
14) Celine Dion
15) Silverchair
16) Prince
17) Bryan Adams
18) INXS
19) George Michael
20) Jimmy Barnes
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not a fan of shaggy. he sort of reminds me of crazy frog and how his music gets really annoying after a while. my top five shaggy songs:

1. boombastic
2. it wasn't me
3. hope
4. strength of a woman
5. oh carolina
worst song. hey sexy lady
I only like 2 Cher Tracks.

1. Believe
2. Turn Back Time.

Icehouse are my favorite Band Pre 1990 but only like 2 Tracks.

1. Great Southern Land
2. Electric Blue.

I'm in the minority with Shaggy, the only Track I like from
him is Angel but all his other Singles I have heard are boring.
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LOVE and absolutely APPLAUD Icehouse. But I don't like Shaggy very much.

My Icehouse top 5:
1. Great Southern Land
2. Hey Little Girl
3. Electric Blue
4. We Can Get Together
5. Crazy
close 6th: We Can Get Together

Did you know that Shania Twain has said her 1998 chart topper is for her husband (you know who he is)?

My updated predictions:

01 madonna
02 kylie
03 elton john
04 michael jackson
05 Black Eyed Peas
06 pink
07 U2
08 britney spears
09 delta goodrem
10 eminem
11 john farnham
12 bryan adams
13 bon jovi
15 jimmy barnes
16 george michael
17 silverchair
18 mariah carey
19 janet jackson
20 shannon noll

I know, I've written my preddies down later in the thread as my final ones, but I thought now or never, these are my final predictions, and I will now lock them in. The only difference between this and my later one is Whitney has been replaced with silverchair.

Well as I said, I'm now locking my list in.
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That list Chri8 made on the Biggest questions was written in 2008. Were there any question posing number ones last year or this year, anyone?
Hey M@tt, my preddies, which you can see on the post dated 26/07, has J-Lo as the lowest of the 7 you posted and Pink higher than Britney. And remember that Kylie will be the highest female of them all, methinks, lol!

Also, I think you all are giving Eminem waaaaaay too much credit in your preddies!!!
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Eminem has had a few #1 singles so I suppose he can be top 10..

Clinton, are you telling me this because you think I should change mine or??

Yeah Chris A I edited it... I have no idea for this prediction thing at all
M@tt, nah was stating my opinion/calculations, lol. Ur preddies look pretty good too, especially since you changed your #20!

How about make a prediction once and stick by it rather than clogging up a good thread.
It's called Generation Y Nateboi, they can't help themselves.
lol nateboi, how about you stop clogging up the thread by bitching, just saying
What BSB said, a post of predictions is much better than a bitch
Icehoouse #13!
Thanks for that, chri8!
Boooonnnnnnn Joooovvvviiiiii
get on with the next artist already!

Post World War II generations:

Baby Boomers 1946-1964
Generation X 1965-1976
Generation Y 1977-1994
Generation Z 1995-present

Everyone on this forum was probably born in 1996 or later. You are all generation Z.
lmao, looking at those generationking, I know for a fact we have all those generations, Bulion a baby boomer, DaveNT a GenX, Mykl a genY, me and a few others genZ

I'm Gen Y
Ouch to bulion!
how is it "ouch", hes 50 or 51, cant remember which - im not insulting him just stating a fact
he said in the birthday songs thread he turned 50 I think...

lol XD
I thought I was in Gen Y??? I never knew Gen Z started in 95
Dates vary, anton. There are no official dates, just approximate dates. You could call yourself Gen Y or Z (I think you're mid-90's). Have a look on Wikipedia.
With just six artists left to reveal before the Top 30, the end is approaching to get your tips in for the Top 20. Think you know your music charts from the last 30 years? Give it a go.

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#36. ROXETTE (1989-99, #1 - 18 entries)

(#7 Biggest Band)

If you thought Sweden was all ABBA and IKEA, you might have forgotten about a little band called Roxette, who stormed the charts during the late 80's and early 90's to long lasting effect. One of the most well-known acts of this last 30 years, Roxette's hold over the charts was really only a five year reign, with a burst of hits that were so perfect in their creation, and so resonating in sound, one could be mistaken for thinking they were around much longer than that. The duo of Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson couldn't be stopped in 1989, with their "Look Sharp!" album giving them four Top Ten singles and an eventual worldwide haul of 9 million copies for the album, the second biggest selling Swedish album ever, behind Abba's "Arrival". But Roxette had already tried, and failed, previous to that seemingly sudden success, with "Pearls Of Passion", an almost demo-like version of their breakthrough album, and even more previous to that, both members in their own recording ventures since the 70's and early 80's. Per Gessle fronted one of the biggest Swedish bands of the time, Gyllene Tider, formed in 1976, while Marie's first foray into singing came as a guest performer for one of the band's concerts, leading the way to a couple of solo albums in 1984 and 1985. Gyllene Tider was persuaded to enter into the international market, recording their first English album, "The Heartland Cafe". Many of the tracks were gathered for a cheaper EP version, but at the request of the record company, a name change was needed. Naming themselves after a track by British rock group, Dr. Feelgood, the guys settled on "Roxette" as their name, but success remained elusive, and the days of Gyllene Tider, and Roxette, were over. All this time, Marie was enjoying her own homegrown success, winning various music awards, and Per took to his own solo projects before the notion that the two obviously gifted artists should work together. Taking back that Roxette name, Per and Marie slowly gathered material that would make up their debut album, "Pearls Of Passion". It was a major success, but only in their native Sweden, as the world failed to catch on. Even the Christmas song, "It Must Have Been Love (Christmas For The Broken Hearted)" couldn't muster any interest, a song that would become a major worldwide hit a few years later in its re-recorded version for the "Pretty Woman" soundtrack. "Look Sharp!" was released in 1988 and captured the same success locally as its predecessor, but things weren't looking any healthier outside their own borders. The story goes that an American exchange student heard "The Look" while studying in Sweden, loved it, and took "Look Sharp!" back to America, playing it for a DJ friend for his. Listener demand caused the singles' runaway airplay success, and soon "The Look" was #1 in the US and Australia (interestingly peaking at a paltry #6 in Sweden). The wheels on the Roxette machine spun non stop for three years, as the band enjoyed seven back to back Top Ten hits, and a perfect run of nine Top Twenty hits in a row from "Look Sharp!" and 1991's "Joyride". Maybe it was too much of a good thing, as things slowed down suddenly, and unfortunately, as 1994's "Crash! Boom! Bang!" faltered in the charts, and soon after, Roxette's presence in the charts was overshadowed by dance and alternative acts, perhaps the victim of their own confidence born from their previous world domination. Looking back, and as the owner of the entire Roxette collection, I really can't pinpoint why Roxette couldn't continue making hits with their later album, "Room Service" and "Have A Nice Day". Each are just as brilliant, if not moreso, and are definitely a step forward for the band, but hey, just because they didn't chart shouldn't take away the enjoyment I still get out of those albums. But it's not over just yet, and there are still signs that Roxette could make a return to the charts, as Per and Marie have been busy at work in the studio for a good year getting a brand new album together. A release for a Christmas release of the first single in 2010 has been suggested and a new album following in February. Now if my anticipation is anything to go by, hopefully the younger generation will take a great band on board, and Roxette could be gracing our Top 50 once again.

Fans: BillyBrett, DaveNT

Roxette's Top 10YearHPPoints
1The Look ▲1989#1134,817
2It Must Have Been Love ▲1990#1113,219
3Dressed For Success ▲1989#3 91,898
4Joyride ▲1991#1 91,468
5Dangerous ●1990#9 59,350
6Listen To Your Heart1989#10 56,834
7Fading Like A Flower1991#7 42,052
8How Do You Do! ●1992#13 41,030
9Spending My Time1991#16 26,828
10The Big L.1991#20 24,462

(* Points for estimated sale have been included as a reference for the approaching tipping competition)


Tomorrow the Australian Idol ultimate winner will be revealed. It's like the Series One Grand Final all over again!!!

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Roxette are OK, thought they'd be higher. IMHBL is their best track.

Thanks so much for posting the individual point breakdowns! This really would make a great book
Roxette have a few good songs. I haven't listened to as much of their stuff as I should have, but I agree with 392, the points breakdown make for very interesting reading...

My top five from them:
1. It Must Have Been Love
2. Listen To Your Heart
3. Joyride
4. Sleeping In My Car
5. Wish I Could Fly

wow shannon or guy tomorrow? both a decent amount of number ones and one incredibly huge debut single...
my guess is that it's shannon tomorrow though... with guy later on in the week or possibly early next week?
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I like Roxette's #1 hits, but I must admit I don't know much else.
Roxette rock. As their first greatest hits stated, don't bore us just get to the chorus. They knew how to write impressive catchy choruses. Shame the power pop rock groups aren't supported anymore.

My Top Roxette tracks would be:

1. Fading Like A Flower
2. Almost Unreal
3. It Must Have Been Love
4. Joyride
5. Sleeping In My Car
6. The Look
7. Run To You
8. Centre Of My Heart
9. The Big L
10. How Do You Do

And GenerationKing has the wrong dates as I have never ever ever been classified as a Gen Y and thank God for that I say.
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I second the Gen X Gen Y is wrong, I think he was using the Canadian breakdown, it is considered different in different countries. I think the cutoff in Aust is more like 1982. I am definately Gen X. I like to think Gen Y as the Tik Tok generation, sorry kids.

Roxette are great, many happy memories growing up as a kid with their catchy tunes. They seemingly emerged out of nowhere in the late 80s with a string of massive world wide hits and for 3 years were one of the biggest acts in the world and could fill stadiums anywhere on the planet. Favs are:

1 How do you do
2 The look
3 Joyride
4 Dressed for success
5 Dangerous
6 It must have been love
7 June afternoon
8 Listen to your heart
9 Fading like a flower
10 Vulnerable
Roxette are great!
They are a great pop band. Unfortunately they have no strong support of a record company and no they sell their albums without strong marketing! My top 10 are:

1) Joyride
2) The Look
3) FAding like a flower
4) It must have been love
5) Almost unreal
6) Salvation
7) Milk an Toast and Honey
8) Crazy about you
9) Vulnerable
10) The rain
It was just under seven years ago. Two singers, Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll, who had been battling it out through heats and rounds over the previous five months or so, stood at the Sydney Opera House as the announcement of the very first Australian Idol was about to be made known.

The envelope revealed the winner...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#35. GUY SEBASTIAN (2003-09, #1 - 10 entries)

(#9 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#11 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Well, as Guy Sebastian is revealed for this countdown, is for all the wrong reasons, meaning this time, he has to be happy with second place. As was the case with the first couple of Series' of Australian Idol, the only two that would be produce the major artists the show was designed for, second place usually brought you the rewards where it counted. Second placed Shannon Noll entered into his own solo career just a few months after Guy's debut, and it was soon clear who the "real" winner was, as Shannon's success went from strength to strength. Guy Sebastian wasn't without his own accolades, though, as the winner's single, "Angels Brought Me Here" debuted with 3xPlatinum accreditation, quickly moving to four, and becoming not just the biggest selling single of 2003, but the biggest of the decade! Guy Sebastian initially studied radiation in medicine, but his love of music, and his undeniable talent prompted a move into both recording engineering, and teaching vocals at various high schools. Auditioning with Stevie Wonder's "Ribbon In The Sky", Guy barely missed a note as he progressed through each week on Idol. Series 1 was the real talent pool, with many #1 artists coming out of the finalists, including Paulini, who was eliminated after being in the bottom two with Guy, and Cosima, who may very well have taken out the title had she not decided to leave at the Top 3 level. It was inevitable that Guy was going to be marketed as a highly manufactured artist, and while it was a coup for Guy, debuting at #1 another couple of times with his following hits, it was really not where he wanted to be musically. Shannon and Guy's careers were traveling further apart, Shannon's going up, and Guy's going down. Three albums down the track, and Guy was finally getting his own input into his music, but Guy needed to do something different, almost radical, to set him apart from the "Idol" tag. Heading to Memphis, Guy recorded a tribute to the soul classics of the 60's, "The Memphis Album". It was a brilliant collection that was free of any sugar coating usually associated with Idol acts. No singles, just an album to enjoy, and with a 2xPlatinum accreditation, stands as Guy's second most successful album to date. "The Memphis Album" was also a bit of a working holiday for the singer, using the three year gap between his third album, and future "pop" album to gather material that would bring back Guy Sebastian - the hit maker. To say Guy Sebastian didn't give Shannon Noll a run for his money for this list is an understatement, with a fourth #1 single (the most by any Australian male artist in ARIA history) coming in 2009 in the form of "Like It Like That", a playful track that had certainly been influenced by the Memphis recording. Joining forces with American Idol winner Jordin Sparks for his final release before the end of the decade, Guy graced the Top Ten yet again. Australian Idol was just a distant memory now, as the show itself received bad news that it wouldn't be continuing on for 2010. That battle between Guy and Shannon has totally backflipped as Shannon's hiatus is rumoured to be the end of his career, as Guy rides as high as he has ever been. With still plenty of points owing to Guy for his 2010 success, it might already be enough to surpass Shannon when a Top 1000 Artists update comes up. We'll soon see just how much of a lead Shannon has as the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists since 1980 continues.

Fans of Guy Sebastian: Daniel09

Guy Sebastian's Top TenYearHPPoints
1Angels Brought Me Here ▲42003#1310,281
2Like It Like That ▲²2009#1154,138
3All I Need Is You ▲2004#178,173
4Out With My Baby ▲2004#174,554
5Elevator Love2006#1148,732
6Taller, Stronger, Better2006#343,827
7Art Of Love (featuring Jordin Sparks)2009#837,000
8Oh Oh2005#1120,848
10Cover On My Heart2007#322,767

(* Points for estimated sales have been included as a reference for the approaching tipping competition)


Get your tips in, only four artists to reveal before voting is locked in!

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I prefer Shannon but Guy definitely isn't bad.
Top 3:
1. Art Of Love
2. Angels Brought Me Here
3. Like It Like That
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No offence to your point system chri8 but I wish we had actual sales to tell..

Thanks again for including the point breakdown
Woo Shannon beat Guy! For the time being anyway.
I love Guy!! (as an artist) He has great songs. Too bad he's lower than Shannon Noll.

1 Out with My Baby
2 Cover on My Heart
3 Angels Brought Me Here
4 All I Need Is You
5 Like It Like That
6 All to Myself
7 Kryptonite
8 Art of Love
9 Oh Oh
10 Elevator Love

11 Taller, Stronger, Better
12 Never Hold You Down
Ok I have caved in, I have offered many of the big artists since about the top 500, but here is my top 20+ artists:

1. Madonna
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Michael Jackson
4. Elton John
5. Black Eyed Peas
6. U2
7. Eminem
8. P!nk
9. Britney Spears
10. Delta Goodrem
11. Mariah Carey
12. Bryan Adams
13. George Michael
14. INXS
15. Jimmy Barnes
16. Whitney Houston
17. Prince
18. Rihanna
19. Celine Dion
20. John Farnham
21 Bon Jovi
22 Janet Jackson
23 Lady GaGa
24 Beyoncé
25 Christina Aguilera
26 J Lo
27 Spice Girls
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Thanks happypeople for caving...heh heh.

As of the beginning of the Top 50, I have twelve lists, which is a pretty good effort. Just to confirm...

freakystevie1, matty_d, bsb745, alley1989, Hijinx, HeadInAMuse, DaveNT, bangalore, Clinton, M@tt, 392414 and happypeople

...have all given it a go. Don't forget to keep tabs on your lists in case some of your artists are revealed prior to the Top 30 (I know some of you definitely need to do that!).
wait.. are they the sales or points that you calculated? Im really confused
I think the points are estimated based on acreds and chart positions.
Wow shannon noll is higher than Guy??
I do like a lot of Guy's releases and it's good to see him up so high. I think it will be tough for him to better ABMH though, that song was epic!

My top five Guy songs:
1. Angels Brought Me Here
2. Art of Love
3. Elevator Love
4. All I Need Is You
5. Like It Like That

Didn't really like my #5 but as a whole, I think he's a pretty good artist - definitely talented!

I do like Shannon Noll better though as well!
I think Shannon will be tomorrow or Thursday. He can't have THAT much of a lead on Guy
Wow, where did you find the complete Top 100 singles from 1988 to date?

Have you got also the complete Top 100 albums from 1988 to date?
No. 1982 is not generation x. What recollection of life would they have before music videos really took over?

The cut-off year is therefore 1976.

Also, someone born in 1995 wouldn't know crap about life before the internet boom in the early 2000s, sorry if this offends any of the youngins here but it's true. Do you know what it was like for those who are older than you and truly experienced life before the year 2000? It didn't mean DVDs, Youtube and Wikipedia. It meant VCRs, Cassette Tapes and even in the late 1990s (when you would've been toddlers at the most), the internet was a novelty at best.

So generation z starts in 1995. They cannot be generation y because they were too little pre-2000 to know anything. The reality is, you are not truly aware of the world when you are being pushed in a pram.
Yes Gen Y starts at 1977. Gen Z starts at 1995 I know this.
So my brother who is just a year and a half younger than me is in an entirely different generation
Yes, for the reasons explained. He doesn't know crap about what living in the 20th century meant.
Although being a part of generation z isn't necessarily a bad thing. It means you got to grow up with technology in full swing, be too young to have to worry about the 2000s recession and of course, the 2000s were still okay to grow up in.
I'm Gen Y myself.

Anyway, glad to see that Shannon Noll beat Guy Sebastian, he is so much better. The only Single that I like from Guy is Art Of Love and Taller, Stronger, Better is decent but all his other Singles are like so boring. Shannon on the other hand has at least 6 Singles that I like. Something tells me that he will come before #30.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#34. THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS (2005-09, #1 - 10 entries)

(#3 Biggest Vocal Group)

The Pussycat Dolls bought a new lease of life to the lulling girl group phenomenon, in a big, BIG way. Originally formed as a burlesque dance ensemble as far back as 1995, founder and choreographer Robin Antin negotiated a record deal that would bring together a core group of six performers. In 2005, they unleashed "Don't Cha", a #1 hit giving them the second biggest seller for that year, behind Anthony Callea's mammoth "The Prayer". Further from that stunning debut, The Dolls rarely faltered, having their first five singles all hit the Top 10. From the triple Platinum debut album, "PCD", "Don't Cha" (#1), Stickwitu" (#2), "Beep" (#3), "Buttons" (#2) and "I Don't Need A Man" (#6) made for one of the most impressive debuts of any genre, and one to rival that other girl group, of which we still haven't gotten to yet. It seems to rival, but not surpass. The Pussycat Doll "franchise" soon expanded into television with The Search For The Next Doll premiering in March 2007, and eventual winner, Asia Nitollano, joining the girls for a couple of on-stage performances. Back for another successful run in 2008 with their "Doll Domination" album, The Pussycat Dolls have released 10 singles in total in Australia with all but two hitting the Top Ten. The fact that the two "flops" reached #16 and #17 shows the girls' strength with Australian audiences. As a bonus for PCD fans, the group featured on A.R. Rahman's 2009 #1 smash, "Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)", the theme song to the Oscar winning Best Picture, "Slumdog Millionaire". While those points aren't awarded to PCD for this list, after just two albums, it hasn't hurt their impressive Top 40 showing here today. The Pussycat Dolls are a constantly evolving group, and the new look line-up was revealed in May this year, with the conformation that a third album as in the pipeline, hopefully looking at a Christmas release this year. With every PCD release hitting the Top 20 in Australia, the girls would really have to give us something bad for it to fail. I mean, if "Bottle Pop" can make the Top 20, then how could they possibly do any wrong!

Fans of The Pussycat Dolls: AmerieFan

The Pussycat Dolls Top TenYearHPPoints
1Don't Cha ▲²2005#1191,695
2When I Grow Up ▲2008#2117,936
3Buttons ▲2006#2112,236
4Stickwitu ▲2005#299,390
5Beep ●2006#374,317
6I Don't Need A Man ●2006#658,749
7I Hate This Part ● (includes "Digital Dogs Remix")2008#10/#9951801
8Hush Hush; Hush Hush ●2009#1038,736
9Wait A Minute2007#1629,988
10Bottle Pop2009#1714,301


Don't Cha is good the rest sucks

my top 10:

2.Hush Hush; Hush Hush
3.I Hate This Part
4.Jai Ho!
7.Bad Girl [with rihanna]
8.When I Grow Up
9.Wait a Minute
10.Dont Cha
Don't like PCD much as a group, mostly because those sluts can't sing, but they have some great tunes. Their Doll Domination album is my favourite of theirs, I own the 2.0 EP version.

1. I Hate This Part
2. Buttons
2. Hush Hush; Hush Hush
4. Beep featuring will.i.am
5. Jai Ho! (You Are My Density) featuring A.R. Rahman
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Why isn't Jai Ho counted? That was credited as "A. R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls"
392, apparently someone is your DENSITY, that doesnt make too much sense !
Credited as "A.R. Rahman, PCD and Nicole Scherzinger" I think. Don't know why it wasn't counted.
I refuse to accept that I am Generation Y. For all my schooling life I was referred to as Generation X, watching the show Talkin' Bout Your Generation my birth year is constantly referred to as Gernation X. SO I decided to check out Wikipedia for confirmation and it says

"Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation born after the baby boom ended,[1][2] ranging from 1961 to 1981.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]"

Considering the number of references used for that sentence that's pretty convincing to me. So 1977 is not the cut off date for Generation X

Back to the topic: Pleasantly surprised to see the Pussycat Dolls so high. Confused with why Jai Ho wasn't counted consdiering all of Justin Timerlake's guest appearances why counted towards his total including Where Is The Love which was never ever officially credited as featuring Justin Timberlake. AND Akon only managed to get so high because of his millions of featurings

Interesting point, as I've never actually seen the single cover to "Jai Ho", but you're right, it clearly states that it is a collaboration.

Hmmm...well, I've only taken it from the ARIA charts and ARIA site, which claims the single as a featured performance by The Pussycat Dolls. (check it out in End Of Year charts for proof)

As per my rules and regulations, "Jai Ho" would give The Dolls a half credit, but as this has been posted, it would upset the order of the list, as it bumps them up a couple of spots.

As for BillyBrett's claim, not sure what you're on about. None of Justin or Akon's featured performances were added to their solo totals.

Apologies, for the mistake.
Would you be able to add half of Jai Ho to the PCD table and bump their number up (say if it took them to #31), and then just post 33, 32, 30, 29 etc afterwards?
The iTunes version of Jai Ho! has the artist as "A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls feat. Nicole Scherzinger". In this instance, I think it's fair to credit half the Jai Ho total to PCD, especially given that its due to their version that the song went to number #1. I also found it weird that Nicole is featured when shes part of PCD...i suppose it is really only her that sings
Yeah, I'd like that Chris. I checked Part 1 of this thread, A.R. Rahman came in at #612, and as he had only one entry, I can say that Jai Ho had 124,324 points. Adding half to PCD would give 62,162 points, and might place them around #30.
Don't mind me chri8 I obviously misinterpreted the information you provided in Timbledick posting. But I do think some of Jai Ho's points should go towards the PCD toal. I think it would be fine to change their number and just post around it.
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That sounds a bit confusing, you'd probably be better off updating it when it's finished, you wouldn't want them to cost Gaga a top 30 position would you 392?
I say go for it if it means they can place higher than GaGa, keep her as low as possible
Alright, alright, don't count Jai Ho...
Good to see PCD, I like their first album a lot. Despite what has been claimed above, the lead (Nicole Scherzinger) has an amazing voice, even if she's the only one who has a great voice in the group. TBH i'm not sure if they'll go any further up the list over the coming years, I think their best days might be behind them?

Top 10 Pussycat Dolls:
1. Stickwitu
2. Buttons
3. Jai Ho!
4. I Hate This Part
5. Don't Cha
6. Wait a Minute
7. Out Of This Club
8. Beep
9. How Many times, How Many Lies
10. Hush Hush (The Original Version)

Worst Song. Bottle Pop/Whatcha Think About That
Will update The Dolls when the countdown is finished. There's only a couple of places the diff, so no major biggy. Put it in the "Timbaland" bin for the moment.

Can you remove songs from above Gaga so those artists end up at <P>7 and Gaga rises?
Along the same line as other posters shouldn't then the Pussycat Dolls lose some points as Don't Cha (on this site at least) is credited as The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes. Shouldn't he then get part credit and that loss them some points?.
That leaves Backstreet Boys & Spice Girls as the only remaining vocal groups.... Who will win?
Don't mind PCD slower stuff like I Hate This Part and Stickwitu but the rest i can't be bothered with.

Top vocal group is tough.... I think Spice Girls will probably win that one. Not as many singles but they stayed in the charts for ages and stuck around in the top ten for much of that time.
I would have thought Black Eyed Peas would be #1 that's if they are considered a vocal group.
Oh dear, ever since chri8 included the feature credit table for Justin Timberlake a mass confusion has occured. Feature credits don't count towards an artist's points, as it says on the very first post.

M@TT, there's another category they might fit into.
I only made the Don't Cha point because chris said he was going to raise PCD position based on their Jai Ho credit. If he's going to do that then shouldn't he also reduce their position for their many hits that "feature" other artists as these points go towards another artist and away from in this case PCD???

Anyway I may just be being "blonde" here and it's been a while since I read how he's handling this so maybe just a brief recap might help?.

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The Jai Ho thing was a misunderstanding, chri8 had it credited as A.R. Rahman featuring The Pussycat Dolls & Nicole etc, thus he didn't award the Dolls any points for their efforts.
As it has been pointed out, the song was actually credited A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls, so they are entitled to half of the points for that song which would bump them up a few positions. I can't remember if A.R. Rahman made the top 1000 but if he did, then I guess he needs to be bumped down.
Hope this makes more sense.

Edit: Just checked, A.R. Rahman is at #612 with 124,324 points, which means he'll get cut back to 62,612 points and just outside the top 1000.
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The debacle that is PCD and "Jai Ho" is a minor hiccup as ARIA themselves printed them as being a featured artist on their weekly Top 50 sheets, which is where I get my chart positions from. I see ARIA has misinformed me, and so, yes PCD deserve a little extra boost which I will rectify in the update.

I don't know how you are thinking this then justifies Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. Double for that one.

I posted a mini-list of Justin's featured performances as he is the most prominent artist in the area, but CLEARLY stated in the artist write-up, "if only it counted toward his overall total".

Featured performances are guest spots, a favour you could say for the main artist, which is what we have at number one at the moment. Not being a fan of Eminem, I haven't even heard the track yet, but Rihanna doesn't even appear on the single cover, which is a big indication that it's Eminem's single only. Would I give Sting half a credit for "Money For Nothing", or every artist a 50th credit for "We Are The World"? Would you all let me give Colby O'Donis half of "Poker Face"? I think not, or Miss GaGa would certainly have been long gone by now!

I'm open to the debate (Timbaland has provided the guys on this site with some healthy discussion, which I'm also willing to rectify on the update), but keep it logical.
Oh if only you had credited Colby O'Donis for his appearance on Poker Face. Cause then GaGa would have already appeared from the sounds of it LOL.

I'm sorry that I contributed to your frustration chri8, as I said I did get a bit confused and was obviously exhausted last night as everything makes sense this morning and I remember being relieved when you posted the original ruling that this meant all those people who can't be bothered have hits by themselves wouldn't benefit from their multiple appearances for 20 seconds of effort. If only C + C Music Factory had credited Martha Walsh as thevocalist on Gonna Make You Sweat we wouldn't have to be subjected to all these unneccessary featuring tags.
So Taco was #1000 and The Shamen at #999 (going by the post 24/01/2010 21:17).
What's the new #1000?
chri8 one hiccup is nothing mate, the whole countdown has been brilliant and im really looking forward to see who the lucky top 33 are and where they ended up. good job and thanks for all the fun ive had reading it so far.

havent we finished with the generation crap yet?
ben 01 is right about everything, this countdown is awesome and this generation shit is getting on my nerves (i was born in 92 so hypathetically i shouldn't even be into anything from the 20th centuary). i really don't care if the list is slightly out of order (on the contray, it's better this way since we could go on all day on what order the artist should be). great job chir8, can't wait for the top 20! my predictions are as they stand.
i think shannon noll will be tonight's artist...
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Ok got the "feature" thing.

It's a bit of grey area though because some featuring artist would have more participation in the song than others, but I guess you have to draw the line somewhere. With Jai Ho (if memory serves me correctly) there was also a solo version that won the Academy Award, so it could be argued that the PCD participation in that hit was more a featuring role as their vocals would have been in reality simply added in afterwards to give the song some needed mainstream credibility. But I could be wrong.

Also is it just me or is the site loading very slowly at the moment?.
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Is it just this thread? It's at 580 messages so it'll take a while to load. If you have any unnecessary messages on this thread then you should delete them to free up space. I think chri8 wants to start the new thread at #30 so it'll free up space for that since it looks like it could surpass 600 before that happens.
I intend to delete this message later tonight.
I completely agree with Hijinx. We can discuss this generation thing in another thread such as the 90s kid one.

The Pussycat Dolls are one of my most hated artists but Jai Ho is really good. The only one from them I can tolerate.

My Predictions:

1 Madonna
2 Kylie Minogue
3 Elton John
4 Mariah Carey
5 Michael Jackson
6 Britney Spears
7 U2
8 Black Eyed Peas
9 Pink
10 Eminem
11 Bryan Adams
12 Bon Jovi
13 Delta Goodrem
15 Whitney Houston
16 Jimmy Barnes
17 Prince
18 John Farnham
19 Silverchair
20 George Michael

Just a little hunch that I think Rihanna and Gaga will be VERY soon (probably next 5)
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Did I just miss something, or did I just get moderated?
chri8topher, could you send a message to claude asking for a bit of an extension, only to maybe 650 or 700 or something
re: The Academy Award thing for Jai Ho, using that argument would mean Beauty And The Beast doesn't count for Celine Dion or Can You Feel The Love Tonight for Elton John and especially The Prayer for Anthony Callea. These 3 songs were all nominated for the academy award mainly based upon their use within the film performed by other people.
With half of Jai Ho we have 851,311 total for PCD, so if Chri8 would rather not leave it, those who'd like it can wait until we pass that mark and count it themselves.
I had something a little more spectacular for tonight's artist. Any of you that saw, lucky you, but the powers that be seemed the not appreciate the time I put in my little intro, and deleted it without explanation.

So without fanfare, and quite the whimper rather than a bang, I bring you...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#33. LADY GAGA (2008-09, #1 - 9 entries)

(#14 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

What can I possibly write about Lady GaGa that hasn't already been written. Absolutely nothing. She has been the subject of pretty much every thread here since bursting onto the scene just two years ago. As "Just Dance" moved steadily up the charts, in the days when we all used to listen to Jabba's warblings each Sunday afternoon, I think very few of us new just what was emerging. The history of chart music has seen its revolutions, few and notable, tracing back through time with Australian Idol, Nirvana, Madonna, "Thriller", Abba and The Beatles. These spearheads of change have a new member in the form of Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Lady GaGa seemed to be a bit of a silly name back then, but now, who can a remember a world without her. Lady GaGa is THE biggest artist at the moment, and while everyone loves to love her, there are many that love to hate her. It's hard to come to grips with her domination, it's been a long time since we've had a solo hero driving the industry, but Lady GaGa's single releases have become events once again, something that has been lost for some time now. Even moreso, in this day of digital downloads, and lack of music TV (free to air, of course), a Lady GaGa video clip is as big as a motion picture's release, full of colour and fantasy, and some of the most viewed content on YouTube. So music is exciting again, and whether you like it or not, Lady GaGa has a major hand in it. It's quite fitting that Lady GaGa should be right up there with the people who have influenced her life, and it's in this 30 year period that she draws all that inspiration. David Bowie and Queen (who provided her name when "Radio Ga Ga" was misinterpreted by the autocorrect feature in a text as "Lady" GaGa), and obviously Madonna and Michael Jackson, who have yet to appear. Music comes full circle. The kids of today are now experiencing what many of us went through during the 80's with Madonna, and the 90's with the Spice Girls. I'm not one to make overwhelming claims, but Lady GaGa has arguably made one of the best starts to any career ever. Only The Beatles could claim a better head start, and they certainly didn't slow down for most of the decade. If we compare the 24 year old to, say, Madonna, Lady GaGa is nudging the Top 30 Biggest Artists of the last 30 years, an age that Madonna enjoyed her first Australian Top 100 entry with "Burning Up", which lasted just one week before dropping out. Lady GaGa is already at 15 million worldwide sales of her album, "The Fame", and the update, "The Fame Monster", but its singles that really count these days, and Lady GaGa has moved 40 million of those already, going up by the 100,000's every day. Lady GaGa's strength in career at the moment means that every stat ever recorded about the singer is pretty much outdated in a month, and this list is terribly outdated when it comes to GaGa. The continuation of her end of 2009 hit, "Bad Romance", plus a couple of further Top Ten's should see Lady GaGa yet again end the year as one of the biggest artists, and will definitely make an impressive jump when this chart is updated. If #33 is Lady GaGa's current perch after just 18 months, is the Top Ten that far away? Time will tell, but one thing is for sure, momentum like Lady GaGa's will be hard to slow down for a great many years to come.

Fans of Lady GaGa: 392414, alleyt1989, AmerieFan, bluezombie, coolrandom101, D Man, Daniel09, Mykl_77, NateBoi, smucas, timfoxxy_236

Lady GaGa's Top 9YearHPPoints 
1Poker Face ▲62008#1270,563
2Just Dance ▲³ (includes "Trevor Simpson Remix")2008#1/#100207,991
3Paparazzi ▲²2009#2117,780
4Bad Romance ▲2009#299,133
5LoveGame ▲2009#472,877
6Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) ●2008#1134,471
7Telephone (with Beyonce)2009#249,814
8The Fame2008#731,687


how can pocker face be 6 times platinum with only 270,563 points? gah I'm so confused.
Im glad Gaga isnt very high.
chri8topher I am confused in how you are scoring the points. You seem to be penalising 2009 singles very harshly. You have Like It Like That on 154,138 points, and Don't Cha on 191,000, and yet Like It Like That finished 2 spots in front of Don't Cha on the End of Decade Chart. Like It Like That actually sold 173,000 sales by the second to last week of 2009, which is the last week they counted for last year's sales I believe. It sold a further 8,600 the next week. I know singles in the last few years had some advantage with ring tones, videos and many with multiple remixes, but they also had illegal downloads to contend with, which earlier singles didn't. Anyway Like It Like That never had any remixes, just the album version and radio edition, and was not even given any b sides on the physical single, and yet has now managed to reach legitimate triple platinum, the 5th highest selling Australian artist single since 2000. And before Art Of Love left the ARIA top 100 it reached sales of 115,000.

Anyway which ever way you twist it, it is an actual fact that Guy has now outsold Shannon in both singles and album sales. Even Sony has said so. They would have been very close by the end of last year with their single sales, and now Guy is in front. I wait with some interest at exactly where you put Shannon in your calculations. Already you are way off
Awww.. I wanna see that spectacular intro If you're sure it was successfully posted then deleted you could ask Claude to undelete it..

I would have hoped for a higher placing than this for Gaga after the recent leadup, but I never would have though shed be this high at the start of the countdown (I was thinking only top 150).

I like the commentary, sums up Gaga's beginning to her career well. In ten years, Gaga should be in the top 5 at least I think

Obviously I love Gaga, easily my favorite artist. Here is my top ten of hers
1. Just Dance
2. Bad Romance
3 Telephone
4. Poker Face
5. LoveGame
6. Alejandro
7. Paparazzi
8. Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
9. Monster
10. Starstruck
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Oh no anton, now that you've responded I can't delete my message. Judging on the post count it appears that there's been plenty of deleting going on though.
It was a pretty special intro 392, I can't see why it was deleted. Out of curiousity chri8, when exactly does the predicting close up, as in once the #31 artist is posted, or just before the #30 artist is posted?
As for the artist, there's nothing else I can say so I'll let the fans have their moment.
Don't understand why you have Taller Stronger Better on lower sales than Elevator Love either. You had Taller Stronger Better about 80 spots higher than Elevator Love on your top 1000 songs of the decade thread. What has changed since then Incidentally both Taller Stronger Better and Elevator Love both gained Gold accreditation in 2007. You haven't given them the circle to signify that.


RealityFacts: There are obviously a few small flaws in the points system. I don't think Chri8 or anyone else is claiming it's perfect, but it's close enough imo. If you have developed a more accurate system, there's a "new thread" button somewhere for you to try out. I look forward to your countdown.
Was there a special Intro, what was it like?

As for Gaga, she appeared MUCH higher then expected.
For the past Year and a Half I have been bitching about her on here so I won't say anything else.
I like her music, hate her recent visual extravaganzas can't stand her persona so happy to see Lady GaGa not make the Top 30 this time around. I'm still on the fence about whether she will be a long term artist or a flash in the pan. Only her new album will tell. I personally think her talent is vastly overrated but she is very clever with manipulating the media which is how you get success on the music charts these days.

My top songs of hers would be

1. Poker Face
2. Bad Romance
3. Just Dance
4. Telephone
5. LoveGame

And now that Lady GaGa has been announced I can look forward to seeing the rest revealed without having to worry about an unnecessarily high ranking from Madam Ga
In fact I don't think anyone else on Australian-Charts.com has bitched about her more then me.

Would also like to clear something up.
On 31/7/2010 I made this comment "It's called Generation Y Nateboi, they can't help themselves."
This is how the Generation discussion began, my bad.
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Don't intend to make a countdown Boon. Don't have the knowledge or inclination. But I do take notice of newspaper sales reports, and position on ARIA end of year charts and the end of decade chart to check out real sales for particular artists. A point system is severely flawed no matter which way you spin it, both for albums and singles. A cd's position on the ARIA weekly chart is directly related to the sales around it. You can get a number one single with little more than 6 thousand sales as Kylie did with Two Hearts in 2007,


and you can get a number one with more than a hundred thousand sales as Guy, Shannon and Anthony did with their debut singles. Shannon's first album had a way more successful chart run than Guy's, and yet it sold 130,000 units less. Documented and verified sales. It's all relative. Their second albums are the only ones where Shannon sold more.

And anyway its hard to see how Guy's career fell in a hole while Shannon's soared as Chri8topher inferred. In the last three and a half years Shannon has achieved one solitary platinum for an album and no accreditations at all for singles. Probably the reason he was dropped by Sony at the end of last year. In the same time frame Guy has added 3 platinums for albums, and 4 platinum and two gold accreditations for singles to his tally, an Aria nomination for highest selling album in 2008, and the highest selling Australian artist single last year.

As for being a "manufactured artist" with no input in his first three albums, it is Shannon who only has one solitary gold accreditation for a single he was involved in writing. Most of his singles which scored well in sales were covers or totally written by others. Guy has only released one single he didn't write himself, Angels Brought Me Here. I find it really annoying that out of all the Idols Chri8topher wrote about in this countdown, Guy is the only one he just about called a failure. 21 platinums and 2 gold accreditations in 6 years signifies success to me, not failure.
So I ahve not really said anyhting for quite a while because I started to hate logging on and seeing all the criticism. I am enjoying this countdown mostly for the reminder of all the artists that have been around over the last 30 years.

Are the stats exactly correct? probably not. But when you think about it, the charts we are using especially from before 2000 were all rigged anyway, and I was someone who had a hand in inflating sales ot make a song chart higher for the record companies. So none of this is going to be exact. Back then nothing was electronic, it was all hand written from a select number of recrod stores and faxed to ARIA.

If you are not enjoying this from a fun and out of interest view, then I suggest you read another thread. too many comments and all I want to do is be able to review the countdown and it jsut looks messy.
I will delete this on the weekend.
Chris8, I am loving this countdown and wonder if that the end you may be able to email or publish a thread with the list without the comments. I would love to sit back at home and relive it by playing a song from each entrant :-)
At no time have I recalled Chri8 saying that this countdown is based on official sales data (of which not all of that is available anyway).
Refer to his post in the Part 1 thread on 18/1/2010 23:57 "These are just my sales estimates and are seasonally weighted. Just a guide and in no way are official."

In contrast to your comment in your second sentence, Chri8 does have the "knowledge and inclination" to put together what has been an epic countdown. This is why so many have kept in touch with this thread for months, and still anxiously await the next 32 artists.

As for the Guy Sebastian thing, there is no ‘right’ opinion, so Chri8 is completely entitled to his perspective on Guy and Shannon’s careers. The ‘manufactured’ tag I think was in reference to the Idol concept in general. I’m sure many would recognise Guy had a ‘low’ point in the mid 2000s compared to Shannon, but since The Memphis Album and Like It Like That, Guy is making a resurgence. I see nothing wrong in what Chri8 wrote.
yeah i agree with dave and trent, i think its time to close the forums to guests again as im sick of these people who start all this crap

i dont have access to it, but are some of these "guests" using the same ip address?
with the 2010 inclusion, bad romance has <P>2 I think, so its worth more points, telephone has <P>2 so its worth some points, alejandro has <P>..
lady gaga might of managed to crack the top 25 in the last 8 months

she is going to be the madonna of our generation, she practically already is..

top 10:
4.Poker Face
6.Bad Romance
7.Paparazzi (performed at VMA's, recorded version sucks!)
8.Just Dance
9.Dance In The dark

I honestly could make a top 50 of gaga, but that would be a bit excessive

Yay, my hunch wins again! I told you Gaga wouldn't make top 30 (392414 and others etc you know who you are!)

That saying, I am going to be the opposite and be different

Gaga's WORST Songs (Songs I dislike most from Gaga) (Lifter you should do it too! lol)

1. Lovegame
2. Bad Romance
3. Poker Face
4. Paparazzi
5. Alejandro

Songs I actually don't mind from Gaga:

1. Just Dance
2. Eh Eh (Because it didn't hit top 10)
3. Dance In The Dark

Ah don't worry Hijinx, who cares if I look silly? It's just a forum
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It's good to see the support, and glad to see DaveNT's comment responding to what I have written in the past, not some random "guest" who has not included the whole picture when critising me.

Sure, Guy has sold shitloads more than PCD's "Don't Cha", I don't doubt, but I assign points to each single equally across all decades. Guy can sell whatever he likes at $1.69 a pop and sell over 210,000, but does that make it a more epic single than, say, "Nothing Compares 2 U" or "(Everything I Do) I do It For You", or even "Don't Cha", which spent longer at #1, longer than Guy's 2 Weeks, at a more substantial cost, which was around $4.99 per single. For this reason, I don't think the difference between actual sales (170,000 as claimed), and seasonally estimated (154,000, as I claim), is "WAY OFF".

As for M@tt, it is a little confusing for "Poker Face", but the trick is to remember accreditations are NOT sales, and "PF" has dipped just below the 2xPlatinum mark on both the 2008 and 2009 End Of Year charts. I think 270,000 is realistic, much more than 6xPlatinum.

It seems this "guest" knows more about music, and probably should write more on this site, as I've possibly never seen the username before, unless you already do as a member (?!?).
Chri8, it seems to me that I'VE been moderated. But oh well at least we have BLASTED through the 800,000 mark. Next milestone: 12x Platimum (840,000)

My updated predictions (these are my *final* ones):

01 madonna - I think she has the most number 1 singles in our charts in the last 30 years, so that would make up the majority of her sales
02 kylie - she was unstoppable (in singles terms) from 87-92, 94-98 and 99-03, so she HAS to be top 2 (or top 5 at least)
03 elton john - many hit singles in the 80s and 90s. From memory, he has had 31 chart entries since 1980. Plus "Candle in the Wind '97" sold nearly a million copies, so I wouldn't be surprised if he beats Kylie OR Madonna - or both!
04 michael jackson - lots of hits in the 80s and 90s, but like Elton, no big hits in the 00s. So can he beat Elton John?
05 Black Eyed Peas - very popular at the moment. Had many hits during the 00s. "Where is the Love" was MASSIVE back in 2003. BEP are probably the only band of the decade to have two consecutive #1s - "Boom Boom Pow" and "I Gotta Feeling". Those three singles alone would have sold close to a million copies by now, so they have to be top 5
06 pink - lots of hits in the 00s
07 U2 - lots of hits in the 80s and 90s, plus Vertigo was a hit single for them in 2004
08 britney spears - unstoppable from 99-03, had a few hits from 07-09. "Baby one more time" was number one for nine weeks in 1999 - that would account for at least a third of her sales
09 delta goodrem - 2003 - five number one hits, which would account for at least half of her sales
10 eminem - "Lose Yourself" was huge back in 2002-03
11 john farnham - huge from 86-90, and then a few hits from 93-97, 2000 and 2005
12 bryan adams - I can't imagine him getting higher than this
13 bon jovi - we all know how popular they are!
14 INXS - very big from 82-97
15 jimmy barnes - nine number one albums (at least), so plenty of singles
16 george michael - he was successful in the 80s
17 whitney houston
18 mariah carey - lots of hits in the 90s
19 janet jackson
20 shannon noll - from 04-06 he had something like 7 top 10 singles
Banaglore, you could have just edited your previous post...
In some ways the points system is more accurate than a sales system as it reflects the context.

I know as far as albums go that in the 90s they sold thousands more than they do nowadays but it doesn't mean that an artist in the 90s is more successful than an artist today.

This countdown is all about dominance in the charts and is not awarded purely on the highest position the songs were but how long they stayed around for. A far better indication of who was more popular IMO
He can anton, he's a member.
30/07/2010 14:37, bangalore does have an account, just wasn't using it today.
Initially Lady GaGa was pretty average when she started, but now she is easily one of the best pop stars around. She has the 'it' that Michael and Madonna had.

1. Bad Romance
2. Paparazzi
3. Poker Face
4. Telephone
5. Alejandro
At the Request of Antonnalan.

Gaga's WORST Songs (Songs I dislike most from Gaga)

1. Lovegame
2. Just Dance
3. Paparazzi
4. Alejandro
5. Bad Romance

Songs I actually don't mind from Gaga:
Poker Face.
Well, I'm a huge fan of Gaga. She offers everything... catchy beats, extreme music videos, unique fashion and an AMAZING live set. While The Fame was an excellent album in it's own right, she experienced incredible critical and commercial success with The Fame Monster (despite it only being eight tracks). She is breaking records left right and centre and I, just like most of her fans, am eagerly anticipating Gaga's next album. Good to see her so high!

My top ten Gaga tracks:
1. Bad Romance (one of my top ten pop songs of the past ten years)
2. Poker Face
3. Paparazzi
4. Telephone
5. Just dance
6. Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
7. Speechless
8. Alejandro
9. Paper gangster
10. Dance In the Dark
Close Number 11. So Happy I Could Die
where's madonna - the queen of pop - in all this??
Madonna will probably be #1, but at least top 5.
Below the Top 30 ends today!!!

The mighty artists are starting to fall, and there's just two left before the Top 30 begins, and the tipping comp. After today, I'll give you all of Sunday to finalize your lists. Monday will see the Top 30 begin, and all lists locked in.

But first, those two unlucky acts that just missed out...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#32. BACKSTREET BOYS (1996-2009, #1 - 20 entries)

(#2 Biggest Vocal Group)

The battles of the sexes for the vocal groups has come to an end, with the boys taking a blow, contained to second place, and that girl group still to come. The Backstreet Boys still maintain their own victory with the knowledge that they are the most successful boy band of all time, worldwide! 130 million album sales worldwide, staggering amount for any act, made Backstreet Boys the first act since Sade (of all people) to have every album, Greatest Hits or Studio, make the US Billboard Top Ten. The boy band phenomenon was kickstarted in 1988/89 when the New Kids On The Block brought the genre to a new level. After three years, NKOTB were unrivalled, pretty much representing the boy band movement solo, before it all passed by, seemingly as a fad or novelty for music. Backstreet Boys formed at the tailend of NKOTB's reign, perhaps inspired by the major impact the world took from NKOTB. It was a slow and building rise to the top, and while there were few boy bands achieving success prior to the Backstreet Boys' domination, the group certainly established the boy band movement beyond anything NKOTB could have dreamt of. Copy cat bands such as *NSync and Five were certainly born from a dream to cash in on BB's success, while established artists such as Boyzone continued to flourish under the new found interest. Try as they may, Backstreet Boys remained the top dogs, solidly hitting the charts for a good decade, certainly NOT the fad that NKOTB had shaped the boy band movement as. Backstreet Boys rarely released an "unsafe" single, they were radio-friendly, tapped into drippy emotion, or danced up a storm with catchy pop treats, and it showed in the charts with a overall tally of eight Top Ten hits included an overdue #1, "Incomplete" in 2005. The Backstreet Boys have had little success to follow, and may very well have run out of puff with their "Unbreakable" and "This Is Us" albums, but as time wears on, the band has gained a respect with audiences and critics alike as the "old hands" of the boy band genre. I guess, even if you aren't a fan of the guys, you have to give them props for that.

Backstreet Boys Top 20YearHPPoints
1As Long As You Love Me ▲²1997#2144,775
2I Want It That Way ▲1999#2108,423
3Everybody (Backstreet's Back) ▲1997#394,832
4Incomplete ▲2005#193,503
5All I Have To Give ▲1998#487,172
6Larger Than Life ▲1999#381,348
7I'll Never Break Your Heart ●1998#1051,182
8Shape Of My Heart ▲2000#549,835
9Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely ●2000#1926,811
10Just Want You To Know2005#2216,179
11I Still...2006#1615,061
12Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)1997#2712,690
13The Call2001#1910,201
14Get Down (You're The One For Me)1996#446,700
15More Than That2001#256,556
17The One2000#415,427
18We've Got It Goin' On1996#744,563
20Straight Through My Heart2009#54774

SPICE GIRLS WON!!!! YAY! Spice Girls are way better than the Backstreet Boys

Ke$ha > Backstreet Boys > Spice Girls (i.e. I don't like either)
Ke$ha doesn't deserve to be mention in the same sentence as them. Ke$ha is literally the bottom of the barrel when it comes to music...... actually not even in the barrel. Ke$ha is a scum or mould that you find underneath barrel's
LMAO Backstreet Boys!

Not a huge fan of Backstreet Boys although I used to love them back int he day! Here is my top ten from them:

1. As Long As You Love Me
2. Quit Playing Games
3. All I Have to Give
4. More Than That
5. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely
6. Larger Than Life
7. The One
8. The Call
9. I Want It That Way
10. Shape Of My Heart
Everybody (Backstreet's Back) is the greatest BSB song ever and has a great video which shits all over anything GaGa could do.
Ke$ha doesn't deserve to be mention in the same sentence as them. Ke$ha is literally the bottom of the barrel when it comes to music...... actually not even in the barrel. Ke$ha is a scum or mould that you find underneath barrel's

Well done BSB boys for getting so high and beating some impressive artists along the way. Unfortunately they never managed to re-invent themselves well enough like Take That did to continue to have massive success in recent years.

Chri8 is there any place where I could get a quick overall view of who has appeared and who hasn't so I can throw out a quick and inaccurate guest list for the Top 30. If I have to go through the threads that's fine, I'm willing to do that but just curious that is all.
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BillyBrett, I've just update Part 2 to reflect the list so far. That should help you out...

Here's a list of the top 100 so far I have been keeping. 1000-101 is at the top of Part 2 of this countdown.

Edit: I won't delete this as I have points and biggest hit in mine which Chri8's doesn't, so you can choose which one to look at BB

Top 1000 Artists of 1980 to 2009: The Top 100
RankArtistPointsBiggest Hit (Points if available)
100Human Nature443,049Every Time You Cry (with John Farnham)
99Olivia Newton John453,776Grease Megamix (with John Travolta)
98Chris Brown462,468Forever
97David Bowie466,401Dancing In The Street (with Mick Jagger)
96East 17470,579It's Alright
95The Bangles469,616Eternal Flame
94Ricky Martin474,363The Cup of Life / Maria
93Boyz II Men477,220End of the Road
92Billy Idol485,325To Be a Lover
91Rod Stewart487,152Rhythm of My Heart
89Tina Arena489,646Chains
88Vanessa Amorosi491,579Absolutely Everybody
87Stevie Wonder492,306I Just Called to Say I Love You
86Billy Ocean516,700When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going
85Five516,929If Ya Gettin' Down
84Split Enz522,495I Got You
83Anastacia523,746I'm Outta Love
82Salt 'N' Pepa531,259Let's Talk About Sex
81Robert Palmer532,263Simply Irresistible
80No Doubt535,201Don't Speak
79Pet Shop Boys541,969West End Girls
76Linkin Park545,237New Divide
76Usher545,237U Got It Bad
75Culture Club546,077Karma Chameleon
74Will Smith566,738Switch
73Kim Wilde566,862You Keep Me Hangin' On
72Cliff Richard569,914Wired for Sound
71Flo Rida574,048Low (feat. T-Pain)
70Kelly Clarkson577,652Since U Been Gone
69UB40584,100(I Can't Help) Falling in Love with You
68Pearl Jam584,587Last Kiss
67Bruce Springsteen585,703Dancing in the Dark
66Gwen Stefani586,626The Sweet Escape (feat. Akon)
65Wham!592,160Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
63Midnight Oil594,074Species Deceases (EP)
62Eurythmics600,489Would I Lie to You
61Mental as Anything611,304Live It Up
60Duran Duran611,778Hungry Like the Wolf
59The Veronicas613,308Untouched
58Nickelback615,164How You Remind Me
57Aqua620,415Doctor Jones
56Metallica621,810Until It Sleeps
55Red Hot Chili Peppers625,747Under the Bridge
54Nelly Furtado626,494I'm Like a Bird
53Billy Joel639,083We Didn't Start the Fire
5250 Cent639,099In da Club
51Green Day640,675Redundant / Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
50Robbie Williams648,775Rock DJ
49Fergie650,102Big Girls Don't Cry
48Lionel Richie652,240All Night Long (All Night)
47Shakira658,823Whenever, Wherever
46Phil Collins661,187A Groovy Kind of Love
45Avril Lavigne664,492Girlfriend
44Queen671,279Crazy Little Thing Called Love
43Guns 'N' Roses676,811November Rain
42Shania Twain681,470From this Moment on
41Justin Timberlake699,873SexyBack (feat. Timbaland)
40Destiny's Child715,567Say My Name
38Icehouse732,632Electric Blue
37Shaggy749,354Angel (feat. Rayvon)
36Roxette750,068The Look (134,817)
35Guy Sebastian788,931Angels Brought Me Here (310,281)
34The Pussycat Dolls789,149Don't Cha (feat. Busta Rhymes) (191,695)
33Lady GaGa814,743Poker Face (270,563)
32Backstreet Boys823,740As Long as You Love Me (144,775)
31Savage Garden834,274Truly, Madly, Deeply (218,619)

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Nice work there, 392414.
I am a Backstreet Boys fan so happy to see them here. Their popularity has certainly declined in Australia but as a worldwide act they are more successful these days than Take That.

Interestingly there is talk about Backstreet Boys working with Lady Gaga as the boys have recently left their longtime label in Jive.
Thanks Chri8, it was fun and interesting to compile. I can't wait for the top 30!

Guy Sebastian "Angels Brought Me Here" had 310,281 points, which is pretty big. Have you thought of starting a mini-countdown of the top selling songs of the past 30 years for the massive hits?
Thank you chri8 and 392, it was a big help. I will wait until #31 is revealed to reveal my predictions
No worries BB
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#31. SAVAGE GARDEN (1996-2002, #1 - 11 entries)

(#6 Biggest Band)
(#8 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)

My first job in Brisbane was working in, err...what would be considered the "rough" suburbs. My daily drive consisted of driving through Logan City, the third largest Local Government City in QLD, to get to my destination. Little did I know, I was actually driving through what would soon be "Savage Garden" territory, considered the homeland area of Daniel Jones and Darren Hayes. Savage Garden's earliest formation came when Darren answered a newspaper advertisement for a singer in a five piece band, Red Edge. It lasted just one year before the guys went about setting up their own duo band, named after a line in Anne Rice's "The Vampire Chronicles". As Savage Garden, Daniel and Darren worked hard penning many songs, recording the demos, and selling themselves to record companies for the chance of a recording contract. Under Roadshow Music, a section of Village Roadshow Limited, the guys enetered the studio to record what would become "Savage Garden", one of the biggest selling Australian albums of all time, featuring four Top Ten hits, two of them hitting #1 during 1997. Australia had already been well represented just a few years prior to the world as silverchair hit the US Top Ten with "Frogstomp", and now Savage Garden were to carry on the flame, as the album peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts, and spent a staggering 17 weeks at #1 here in Australia. Eventually accredited 12xPlatinum in Australia, "Savage Garden" has gone on to sell over 18 million copies worldwide, highlighted by their biggest hit, "Truly Madly Deeply", which dethroned Elton John's "Candle In The Wind '97" from #1 in the US. At the ARIA's, their haul of 10 awards was, and is still, a record, as Daniel and Darren were catapulted into the international superstar category. An album like that is hard to follow up, and Savage Garden produced the goods relatively well, where other artists fail miserably. "Affirmation" lived up to its name, making Savage Garden one of the most successful local acts of all time. Sales were slightly lower, but when your less successful album gains an 8xPlatinum accreditation, then can you really complain? Savage Garden's split was a bit of an ugly affair, and conflicting stories make it hard to determine exactly why the partnership ended. Daniel Jones, tired of the amazing success Savage Garden had enjoyed, took a more productive role for up and coming bands including Aneiki and Bachelor Girl, while Darren Hayes embarked on the obvious progression of a solo career, and one that has already featured in this Top 1000 list. That burst of success is now locked into a tiny few years, when pop music was at its best, and for fans of Savage Garden, their songs will always muster up good memories of a very talented couple of guys.

Fans of Savage Garden: Daniel09, NateBoi

Savage Garden's Top 10YearHPPoints
1Truly, Madly, Deeply ▲²1997#1218,619
2To The Moon And Back ▲1996#1167,852
3The Animal Song ▲1999#3120,461
4I Want You ▲1996#4105,977
5I Knew I Loved You ▲1999#490,234
6Break Me, Shake Me ●1997#746,529
7Affirmation ●2000#1626,500
8Crash And Burn ●2000#1623,881
9Chained To You2000#2119,489


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Savage Garden are awesome love that top 8 not the last 2 though..
Savage Garden are great, I really like their top 7.

Might want to fix up the rank and I assume points as well chri8.
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The points would be right assuming that there is a draw, but yes, they'd both be 31.

I love Savage Garden. IKILY is my fav, most of their main two albums are excellent.

Updated my list, as long as you don't mind chri8 (you might've wanted to do it yourself / create a part 5 of just the countdown), I'll post that near the top of Part Four, and I could try to make it the full top 1000 with the sales points and biggest hit
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Err...I posted it twice with the correct points, but deleted the wrong post, all fixed up.
I always thought that Everybody (Backstreet's Back) actually reached No#1 on the charts...guess I was wrong.
I've made the final alterations to my Top 30 and I will now lock them in.

01 Madonna
02 Kylie Minogue
03 Michael Jackson
04 Elton John
05 Black Eyed Peas
06 Eminem
07 Pink
08 Britney Spears
09 George Michael
10 U2
11 Mariah Carey
12 Delta Goodrem
13 Whitney Houston
14 Silverchair
15 Bryan Adams
16 Celine Dion
17 Bon Jovi
19 Prince
20 Janet Jackson

21 Christina Aguilera
22 Spice Girls
23 John Farnham
24 Jimmy Barnes
25 The Offspring
26 Shannon Noll
27 Rihanna
28 Beyonce
29 Jennifer Lopez
30 Nelly

* Made a small change (not in Top 20) due to my Pearl Jam boo boo.

I'll start being wrong on Monday I guess
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I know this is very late, but here goes:

KELLY CLARKSON - Fantastic, fave artist of all time. Top 15 (And 5 non-singles) is:

01 Already Gone
02 Behind These Hazel Eyes
03 Because Of You
04 Miss Independent
05 Breakaway
06 Since U Been Gone
07 The Trouble With Love Is...
08 Sober
09 Gone
10 Never Again

11 My Life Would Suck Without You
12 Walk Away
13 One Minute
14 Low
15 (I Do Not) Hook Up

01 Addicted
02 Haunted
03 I Hate Myself For Losing You
04 Hear Me
05 Cleopatra OR You Found Me
GREEN DAY - Really good, maybe a tad overrated. Top 10 for them are:

01 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
02 Wake Me Up When September Ends
03 American Idiot
04 Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)
05 Warning
06 The Saints Are Coming (U2)
07 Holiday
08 Minority
09 21 Guns
10 Working Class Hero

11 When I Come Around
12 Redundant

NICKELBACK - Much better than Green Day, one of my fave rock bands of all time. Top 10 is:

01 Someday
02 Too Bad
03 Savin' Me
04 Far Away
05 How You Remind Me
06 Photograph
07 Figured You Out
08 Gotta Be Somebody
09 Animals
10 If Everyone Cared

11 Rockstar
12 If Today Was Your Last Day
SHANIA TWAIN - She's got some really great songs, but not too many, so her top 5 is:

01 You're Still The One
02 That Don't Impress Me Much
03 Man! I Feel Like A Woman
04 (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here
05 Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

06 From This Moment On

AVRIL LAVIGNE - Fantastic, some really great tracks she's come out with, with some shockers too. Top 10 for Avril:

01 When You're Gone
02 Skaterboi
03 Complicated
04 Hot
05 Keep Holding On
06 Nobody's Home
07 Mobile
08 Girlfriend
09 My Happy Ending
10 Losing Grip

11 Innocence
12 Don't Tell Me
13 The Best Damn Thing
Yay Savage Garden, my Favorite Act of the 90's.

Top 5 from them (Top 3 is Interchangable and really stands out compared to all their other stuff)

1. The Animal Song
2. Affirmation
3. Truly Madly Deeply
4. To The Moon And Back
5. I Knew I Loved You.
Savage Garden are rubbish
You're rubbish.

Very good and talented duo, too bad they broke up, it would've been interesting to see more material from them. All singles are fantastic.

1 To the Moon and Back
2 I Want You
3 Truly, Madly, Deeply
4 Crash and Burn
5 Break Me Shake Me
6 I Knew I Loved You
7 Chained to You
8 The Animal Song
9 Affirmation
10 Universe
freakystevie1, Pearl Jam were #68.
Daniel09, I *have* edited my previous post, which may confuse you, Chri8 and the other members. It's a fair way up.
My FINAL preddies are now on 30/07/2010 14:37, NOT 06/08/2010 17:30

Here's a thing on points that I recieved from Chri8 on part 1 of this thread, that I haven't recieved any comments on.

"bangalore, you request, plus points awarded are as follows...

1. BORN TO TRY Delta Goodrem (247,578)
2. SWEET ABOUT ME Gabriella Cilmi (195,152)
3. BLACK BETTY Spiderbait (155,560)
4. ELECTRIC BLUE Icehouse (142,716)
5. MOUTH Merril Bainbridge (141,760)
6. FOREVER YOUNG Youth Group (131,437)
7. RECKLESS Australian Crawl (121,081)
8. AGE OF REASON John Farnham (106,774)
9. TOO MUCH AIN'T ENOUGH LOVE Jimmy Barnes (93,535)
10. DON'T GO NOW Ratcat (67,173)"

Please comment on this!
what are we supposed to say about it?
"Please comment on this!"

Don't need to, it's not a Question.
Pearl Jam - well that was a BIG OPPS wasn't it - I'm blonde so what do you expect he he He. I'll change that but I'm keeping my Top 20 unchanged.
My parents extremely dislike pop/rock/hip-hop music in fact almost all music save for classical. That saying...they have 2 Savage Garden albums and I grew up listening to them! I love all their songs. Pity they missed the top 30
Ok here goes my list! I've been following every day Chris8 and you've done an amazing job- I've been compling and recompling my list and this is how I've got it...

2Kylie Minogue
3Mariah Carey
4Michael Jackson
6Janet Jackson
7Black Eyed Peas
9John Farnham
10Britney Spears
14Bryan Adams
15Elton John
16Celine Dion
18The Offspring
19Bon Jovi
20Jimmy Barnes

I still think I'm too high with Prince & U2, maybe Janet Hmmm!

and the other 10 according to my calculations...
21Christina Aguilera
22Whitney Houston
24Delta Goodrem
26Spice Girls
27George Michael
29Jennifer Lopez
30Shannon Noll

- I had Savage Garden at 30 (before it got listed) so not a bad start!
Oooh JMCn I hope you're right with the beautiful and legendary MARIAH CAREY at number 3!

I actually thought Savage Garden would be a little higher (at least higher than Shannon Noll!). Good to see them up here though!

I really like their music, their debut album was the first album I ever bought!
My top ten from them:
1. Truly Madly Deeply
2. Hold Me
3. To The Moon and Back
4. Crash and Burn
5. Affirmation
6. The Animal Song
7. I Want You
8. Break Me Shake Me
9. I Knew I Loved You (it's really weird that this was such a massive hit in the USA yet did average in Australia and NZ)
10. Tears of Pearls

1) Madonna
2) Pink
3) Michael Jackson
4) Elton John
5) Black Eyed Peas
6) U2
7) Mariah Carey
8) Eminem
9) Prince
10) Britney Spears
11) Janet Jackson
12) John Farnham
13) INXS
14) Bryan Adams
15) Rihanna
16) George Michael
17) Bon Jovi
18) Jimmy Barnes
19) Delta Googram
20) Christina Aguilera


2)Black Eyed Peas
3)Michael Jackson
4)Elton John
5)Delta Goodrem
7)Kylie Minogue
12)Janet Jackson
13)Bon Jovi
15)Mariah Carey
16)Christina Aguilera
17)Goerge Michael
19)Bryan Adams
20)John Farnham
My random placements:

1 Madonna
2 Kylie Minogue
3 Michael Jackson
4 Black Eyed Peas
5 Eminem
6 Elton John
7 Bryan Adams
8 Celine Dion
9 Whitney Houston
10 Pink
11 Delta Goodrem
12 U2
13 Britney Spears
14 John Farnham
15 Silverchair
16 Jimmy Barnes
17 Mariah Carey
18 Bon Jovi
20 George Michael
21 Spice Girls
22 Janet Jackson
23 Shannon Noll
24 Prince
25 Christina Aguilera
26 The Offspring
27 Beyonce
28 Rihanna
29 Jennifer Lopez
30 Nelly
1 Madonna
2 Kylie Minougue
3 Michael Jackson
4 Elton John
5 Black Eyed Peas
6 P!nk
7 Britney Spears
8 Eminem
9 Mariah Carey
10 U2
11 Delta Goodrem
12 Whitney Houston
14 Jimmy Barnes
15 Prince
16 George Michael
17 Bon Jovi
18 John Farnham
19 Bryan Adams
20 Beyonce
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Nice predictions.

You can say whatever you want about those singles sales I posted above.
Nice predictions.

You can say whatever you want about those singles sales I posted above.

Oh and Chri8, my predictions are locked in.
Chri8, at some point in time might I be able to get the points for the biggest hits of artists #37 to #50 (at least) for my table? (Those are: Rock DJ, Big Girls Don't Cry, All Night Long, Whenever Wherever, A Groovy Kind of Love, Girlfriend, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, November Rain, From this Moment on, SexyBack, Say My Name, Believe, Electric Blue and Angel)
MODIFIED Predictions

1. Madonna
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Elton John
4. Michael Jackson
5. Black Eyed Peas
6. U2
7. Eminem
8. Britney Spears
9. P!nk
10. Mariah Carey
11. Bryan Adams
12. Delta Goodrem
13. Jimmy Barnes
14. George Michael
15. INXS
16. Beyoncé
17. Prince
18. Rihanna
19. Whitney Houston
20. Celine Dion
21. John Farnham
22. Janet Jackson
23. Christina Aguilera
24. Bon Jovi
25. Silverchair
26. The Offspring
27. Spice Girls
28. Shannon Noll
29. Jennifer Lopez
30. Nelly
Finally doing a prediction
1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Black Eyed Peas
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Eminem
6. Delta Goodrem
7. Elton John
8. Britney Spears
9. Whitney Houston
10. Celine Dion
11. INXS
12. Jimmy Barnes
13. George Michael
14. Bryan Adams
15. Janet Jackson
16. U2
17. John Farnham
18. Rihanna
19. Spice Girls
20. Pink
21. Christina Aguilera
22. Bon Jovi
23. Mariah Carey
24. Shannon Noll
25. Nelly
26. Prince
27. Silverchair
28. Beyonce
29. The Offspring
30. Jennifer Lopez

wont even be close lol
My top 20 prediction:

1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Elton John
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Mariah Carey
6. P!nk
7. U2
8. Black Eyed Peas
9. Britney Spears
10. Eminem
11. Prince
12. George Michael
13. Bryan Adams
14. Delta Goodrem
15. Jimmy Barnes
16. INXS
17. Janet Jackson
18. John Farnham
19. Beyonce
20. Bon Jovi
I modified mine so yeah make sure you have the updated one
My Predictions:
1. Madonna
2. Michael Jackson
3. Elton John
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Black Eyed Peas
6. Eminem
7. Whitney Houston
8. Delta Goodrem
9. Britney Spears
10. Bryan Adams
11. Celine Dion
12. Mariah Carey
13. George Michael
14. Janet Jackson
15. U2
16. John Farnham
17. Prince
18. Pink
19. Christina Aguilera
20. INXS

This thread is closed

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