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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Top 1000 Artists (1980-2009), Part 4

The fun continues with the Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's...

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Who would've thought this list would have to go into a fourth term!!! Over the next six weeks we'll be seeing the cream of the crop, those artists who have figured most prominently in the Australian Singles charts since 1980. No surprises here, we all know who is left, however, the order still remains a mystery, and many of the contributors to this site are testing their own knowledge of 30 years worth of charts to see if they come up with the same result as I have.

Since the beginning of this list, way back in January, the artists have certainly been what matters here, of course, but the discussions about each, not to mention the debates arising occasionally, has made this thread both a pleasure to write, and I'm sure a great one to read for you guys.

I'll let 391424 put in his table to track the Top 100 before revealing #30, as well as lock the Top 20 tipping competition in.

I look forward to the comments that are to follow...


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THE TOP 1000 ARTISTS OF 1980 TO 2009: THE TOP 200

#ArtistPointsYearsHPEntBiggest Hit (Year, Peak) (Points)
1Who Will It Be?Predict NowHmmm...??What Song (or "Song") Might It Be? (Year?, HP?) (Points?)
2Elton John1,795,4871980-2002149Something About the Way You Look Tonight / Candle in the Wind '97 (1997, #1) (939,783)
3Kylie Minogue1,783,3811987-2008144Can't Get You Out of My Head (2001, #1) (194,422)
4Michael Jackson1,728,7311980-2009144Black or White (1991, #1) (205,285)
5Black Eyed Peas1,678,4872001-2009115I Gotta Feeling (2009, #1) (341,062)
6Britney Spears1,517,5761999-2009125…Baby One More Time (1999, #1) (262,443)
7P!nk1,431,5102000-2009123So What (2008, #1) (235,521)
8Eminem1,372,5271999-2009119Lose Yourself (2002, #1) (291,100)
9Mariah Carey1,303,4131990-2009144One Sweet Day (with Boyz II Men) (1995, #2) (120,242)
10Delta Goodrem1,238,9192001-2008115Born to Try (2002, #1) (220,114)
11U21,220,8301981-2009144Desire (1988, #1) (87,805)
12Jimmy Barnes1,041,2801984-2006140Too Much Ain't Enough Love (1987, #1) (111,662)
13INXS1,040,6791980-2006142Need You Tonight (1987, #3) (110,046)
14 Bryan Adams 1,024,946 1983-2002129(Everything I Do) I Do It For You (1991, #1) (191,586)
15 Beyoncé 1,015,665 2002-2009115Halo (2009, #3) (162,632)
16 Rihanna 1,009,334 2005-2009114Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z (2007, #1) (155,205)
17 Nelly 998,592 2000-2008117Dilemma (feat. Kelly Rowland) (2002, #1) (235,827)
18 George Michael 985,239 1984-2006130Careless Whisper (1984, #1) (160,828)
19 Janet Jackson 974,790 1986-2008138Together Again (1997, #4) (129,267)
20 Prince 968,218 1982-1998, 2004141Cream (1991, #2) (141,825)
21 Bon Jovi 960,848 1986-2009232Always (1994, #2) (167,169)
22 John Farnham 932,685 1980-1981, 1986-2003130You're the Voice (1986, #1) (201,043)
23 Jennifer Lopez 918,216 1999-2007115If You Had My Love (1999, #1) (116,070)
24 Celine Dion 917,557 1991-2007124Because You Loved Me (1996, #1) (211,758)
25 Spice Girls 912,913 1996-2007111Wannabe (1996, #1) (233,944)
26 Christina Aguilera 898,819 1999-2008116Candyman (2007, #2) (150,820)
27 Whitney Houston 898,762 1985-2002130I Will Always Love You (1992, #1) (308,075)
28 Silverchair 876,908 1994-2007117Tomorrow (1994, #1) (205,969)
29 The Offspring 857,985 1994-2008118Pretty Fly (For a White Guy) (1998, #1) (281,620)
30 Shannon Noll 855,577 2004-2008112What About Me (2004, #1) (300,776)
31 Savage Garden 834,274 1996-2002111Truly, Madly, Deeply (1997, #1) (218,619)
32 Backstreet Boys 823,740 1996-2009120As Long as You Love Me (1997, #2) (244,775)
33 Lady GaGa 814,743 2008-200919Poker Face (2008, #1) (270,563)
34 The Pussycat Dolls 789,149 2005-2009110Don't Cha (feat. Busta Rhymes) (2005, #1) (191,695)
35 Guy Sebastian 788,931 2003-2009110Angels Brought Me Here (2003, #1) (310,281)
36 Roxette 750,068 1989-1999118The Look (1989, #1) (134,817)
37 Shaggy 749,354 1993-1996, 2001-2003112Angel (feat. Rayvon) (2001, #1)
38 Icehouse 732,632 1980-1993, 2002-2004127Electric Blue (1987, #1) (142,716)
39 Cher 723,132 1988-2002115Believe (1998, #1)
40 Destiny's Child 715,567 1998-2005114Say My Name (2000, #1)
41 Justin Timberlake 699,873 2002-200919SexyBack (feat. Timbaland) (2006, #1)
42 Shania Twain 681,470 1996-2004112From this Moment on (1998, #2)
43 Guns 'N' Roses 676,811 1988-1995, 2008-2009316November Rain (1992, #5)
44 Queen 671,279 1980-2002, 2008126Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1980, #1)
45 Avril Lavigne 664,492 2002-2008110Girlfriend (2007, #1)
46 Phil Collins 661,187 1981-2008222A Groovy Kind of Love (1988, #2)
47 Shakira 658,823 2002-200918Whenever, Wherever (2002, #1)
48 Lionel Richie 652,240 1980-1992, 2007115All Night Long (All Night) (1983, #1)
49 Fergie 650,102 2006-200818Big Girls Don't Cry (2007, #1)
50 Robbie Williams 648,775 1996-2009424Rock DJ (2000, #4)
51 Green Day 640,675 1994-2009120Redundant / Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) (1997, #2)
52 50 Cent 639,099 2003-2009113In da Club (2003, #1)
53 Billy Joel 639,083 1980-1997124We Didn't Start the Fire (1989, #2)
54 Nelly Furtado 626,494 2001-2009211I'm Like a Bird (2001, #2)
55 Red Hot Chili Peppers 625,747 1990-2007127Under the Bridge (1992, #1)
56 Metallica 621,810 1989, 1991-1994, 1996-2000, 2003-2004, 2008-2009126Until It Sleeps (1996, #1)
57 Aqua 620,415 1997-200018Doctor Jones (1997, #1)
58 Nickelback 615,164 2001-2009214How You Remind Me (2001, #2)
59 The Veronicas 613,308 2005-200919Untouched (2007, #2)
60 Duran Duran 611,778 1981-1990, 1993, 1995, 1997, 2005324Hungry Like the Wolf (1982, #5)
61 Mental as Anything 611,304 1980-1989, 1995226Live It Up (1985, #2)
62 Eurythmics 600,489 1983-1990, 1999121Would I Lie to You (1985, #1)
63 Midnight Oil 594,074 1980-1983, 1985-1988, 1990-1993, 1995-1998, 2000, 2003125Species Deceases (EP) (1985, #1)
64 Akon 592,430 2005-2009111Lonely (2005, #1)
65 Wham! 592,160 1983-1987, 1997-1998111Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (1984, #1)
66 Gwen Stefani 586,626 2004-200819The Sweet Escape (feat. Akon) (2007, #2)
67 Bruce Springsteen 585,703 1980-1981, 1984-1989, 1992, 1994-1995, 1997, 2003220Dancing in the Dark (1984, #5)
68 Pearl Jam 584,587 1992-2000, 2002-2003, 2009121Last Kiss (1999, #1)
69 UB40 584,100 1980-1981, 1983-1994118(I Can't Help) Falling in Love with You (1993, #1)
70 Kelly Clarkson 577,652 2003-2007, 2009313Since U Been Gone (2005, #3)
71 Flo Rida 574,048 2008-200916Low (feat. T-Pain) (2008, #1)
72 Cliff Richard 569,914 1980-1989, 1995, 1999-2000125Wired for Sound (1981, #2)
73 Kim Wilde 566,862 1981-1983, 1985-1989, 1992-1994114You Keep Me Hangin' on (1986, #1)
74 Will Smith 566,738 1997-2000, 2002, 2005-2006110Switch (2005, #1)
75 Culture Club 546,077 1982-1986, 1998112Karma Chameleon (1983, #1)
76 Linkin Park 545,237 2001-2005, 2007-2009316New Divide (2009, #3)
76 Usher 545,237 1998, 2001-2002, 2004-2005, 2007-2008117U Got It Bad (2001, #3)
78 Bananarama 542,495 1982-1990, 2006118Venus (1986, #1)
79 Pet Shop Boys 541,969 1986-1991, 1993-1997, 1999, 2003, 2006228West End Girls (1986, #5)
80 No Doubt 535,201 1996-1997, 1999-2004112Don't Speak (1996, #1)
81 Robert Palmer 532,263 1980-1983, 1986-1991113Simply Irresistible (1988, #1)
82 Salt 'N' Pepa 531,259 1988-1989, 1991-1997, 1999-2000112Let's Talk About Sex (1991, #1)
83 Anastacia 523,746 2000-2005110I'm Outta Love (2000, #1)
84 Split Enz 522,495 1980-1984, 1990113I Got You (1980, #1)
85 Five 516,929 1998-2002210If Ya Gettin' Down (1999, #2)
86 Billy Ocean 516,700 1984-1986, 1988-198919When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going (1986, #1)
87 Stevie Wonder 492,306 1980-1988, 1998114I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984, #1)
88 Vanessa Amorosi 491,579 1999-2003, 2007-2009111Absolutely Everybody (1999, #6)
89 Tina Arena 489,646 1990-1991, 1994-1998, 2001-2002, 2004-2005, 2007217Chains (1994, #4)
90 Hanson 489,094 1997-1998, 2000, 200419MMMBop (1997, #1)
91 Rod Stewart 487,152 1980-1988, 1990-1995, 2001125Rhythm of My Heart (1991, #2)
92 Billy Idol 485,325 1982-1988, 1990, 1993-1994316To Be a Lover (1996, #3)
93 Boyz II Men 477,220 1991-1998, 2000116End of the Road (1992, #1)
94 Ricky Martin 474,363 1997-2001, 2003, 2005-2006111The Cup of Life / Maria (1997, #1)
95 The Bangles 469,616 1986-199019Eternal Flame (1989, #1)
96 East 17 470,579 1993-1996, 1999112It's Alright (1994, #1)
97 David Bowie 466,401 1980-1987, 1990, 1993, 1996-1997, 2009122Dancing in the Street (with Mick Jagger) (1985, #1)
98 Chris Brown 462,468 2006-200918Forever (2008, #7)
99 Olivia Newton-John 453,776 1980-1986, 1988, 1991, 1994, 1998116Grease Megamix (with John Travolta) (1991/1998, #1)
100 Human Nature 443,049 1996-2002, 2004318Every Time You Cry (with John Farnham) (1997, #3)
101 Cyndi Lauper 441,632 1984-1989, 1994, 2008114Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (1984, #1)
102 TLC 440,932 1992-1993, 1995-1996, 1999-2000, 2002-2003111No Scrubs (1999, #1)
103 Anthony Callea 434,580 2004-200716The Prayer (2004, #1)
104 Rick Astley 434,436 1987-1989, 199118Never Gonna Give You Up (1987, #1)
105 Pseudo Echo 434,163 1983-1989111Funky Town (1986, #1)
106 Matchbox Twenty 433,750 1997-1998, 2000-2004, 2007-2008713How Far We've Come (2007, #7)
107 Enrique Iglesias 432,616 1999-2004111Hero (2001, #1)
108 Tina Turner 432,104 1984-1987, 1989-1993, 1995-1996121The Best (1989, #4)
109 Ja Rule 432,065 2001-200539Livin' It Up (feat. Case) (2001, #6)
110 Michael Bolton 431,633 1988, 1990-1996214How Am I Supposed to Live Without You (1990, #2)
111 Belinda Carlisle 430,412 1986, 1988-1994, 1996-1997214Heaven is a Place on Earth (1988, #2)
112 Alanis Morissette 427,425 1995-1999, 2002, 2004-2005313You Oughta Know (1995, #4)
113 Jessica Simpson 426,401 2000-2001, 2004-200629These Boots Are Made for Walkin' (2005, #2)
114 Kings of Leon 426,177 2003, 2007-200917Sex on Fire (2008, #1)
115 N-Trance 417,655 1995-199816Stayin' Alive (1995, #1)
116 Diana Ross 415,455 1980-1986, 1989, 1992117Chain Reaction (1986, #1)
117 Taylor Swift 415,236 2008-200916Love Story (2008, #1)
118 The Real McCoy 413,979 1995-199717Another Night (1995, #1)
119 Lenny Kravitz 413,726 1989-1995, 1998-2001, 2003-2004116Are You Gonna Go My Way? (1993, #1)
120 The Police 412,496 1980-1984, 1986-1987212Every Breath You Take (1983, #2)
121 Cheap Trick 411,417 1980-1983, 1988-199018The Flame (1988, #1)
122 Pointer Sisters 410,588 1980-1985, 1987411Neutron Dance (1985, #4)
123 John Mellencamp 410,212 1980-1989, 1991-1997528Hurts So Good (1982, #5)
124 S Club 7 408,177 1999-2003210Bring It All Back (1999, #3)
125 All Saints 406,015 1997-2001, 200717Never Ever (1998, #1)
126 Evanescence 405,715 2003-2004, 2006-200716Bring Me to Life (feat. Paul McCoy) (2003, #1)
127 Ace of Base 404,919 1993-1996, 1998-199919All that She Wants (1993, #1)
128 Coolio 401,946 1994-1998, 200619Gangsta's Paradise (feat. L.V.) (1995, #1)
129 Good Charlotte 401,490 2001-2005, 2007-2008211Dance Floor Anthem (I Don’t Want to Be in Love) (2007, #2)
130 Richard Marx 401,048 1988-1992, 1994, 1998113Hazard (1992, #1)
131 Wet Wet Wet 399,865 1988, 1990, 1992, 1994-199518Love is All Around (1994, #1)
132 LeAnn Rimes 398,102 1996-2003112Can't Fight the Moonlight (2001, #1)
133 Diesel 397,718 1988-1995, 1999, 2006420Don't Need Love (with The Injectors) (1988, #10)
134 The Angels 397,246 1980-1992, 1994-1995, 1997730We Gotta Get Out of this Place (1987, #7)
135 Men at Work 396,818 1981-1985, 200017Down Under (1981, #1)
136 New Kids on the Block 395,760 1989-1992, 1994, 2008114You Got It (The Right Stuff) (1989, #1)
137 Katy Perry 392,626 2008-200915I Kissed a Girl (2008, #1)
138 David Guetta 392,199 2006-2007, 200916Sexy Bitch (feat. Akon) (2009, #1)
139 Santana 391,252 1981-1982, 1985, 1999-2000, 2002-2003, 2006-200849Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas) (1999, #4)
140 Miley Cyrus 386,840 2008-2009511The Climb (2009, #5)
141 AC/DC 386,270 1980-1982, 1985-1986, 1988, 1990-1993, 1995-1996, 2001419Thunderstruck (1990, #4)
142 Peter Andre 381,604 1992-1998311Gimme Little Sign (1992, #3)
143 Madison Avenue 380,232 1999-200114Don't Call Me Baby (1999, #2)
144 *NSYNC 378,673 1998-200219Bye Bye Bye (2000, #1)
145 Ronan Keating 377,837 1999-2004, 2006310When You Say Nothing at All (1999, #3)
146 The Living End 376,219 1997-2001, 2003-2006, 2008-2009418Second Solution / Prisoner of Society (1997, #4)
147 Laura Branigan 373,641 1982-1985, 1987-198819Gloria (1982, #1)
148 Diddy (Puff Daddy) 373,359 1997-2004, 2006-2007115I'll Be Missing You (with Faith Evans, feat. 112) (1997, #1)
149 The Pretenders 372,869 1980-1984, 1986-1987, 1994, 1999213Brass in Pocket (1980, #2)
150 Toni Braxton 368,140 1994, 1996-1998, 2000, 2002-200329Unbreak My Heart (1994, #6)
151 Fall Out Boy 366,096 2007-200938Thnks fr th Mmrs (2007, #3)
152 Divinyls 365,591 1981-1986, 1988, 1990-1993, 1995-1996119I Touch Myself (1990, #1)
153 Aerosmith 365,433 1988-1990, 1993-1994, 1997-1999, 2001114I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (1998, #1)
154 Mika 357,494 2007-200926Grace Kelly (2007, #2)
155 Irene Cara 357,401 1980-1981, 1983-198416Flashdance… What a Feeling (1983, #1)
156 Vengaboys 352,285 1998-200027We Like to Party (The Vengabus) (1999, #2)
157 Eiffel 65 352,186 1999-200013Blue (Da Ba Dee) (1999, #1)
158 Kanye West 350,001 2004-2009113Stronger (feat. Daft Punk) (2007, #2)
159 Huey Lewis & The News 349,953 1982-1988, 1991, 2000-2001113Cruisin' (Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow) (2000, #1)
160 OutKast 349,930 2001-200517Hey Ya! (2003, #1)
161 Mondo Rock 347,190 1980-1987, 1990-1991217Come Said the Boy (1983, #2)
162 Maroon 5 344,824 2003-2005, 2007-200818She Will Be Loved (2004, #1)
163 Coldplay 342,955 2000-2009214Viva la Vida (2008, #2)
164 Cold Chisel 342,731 1980-1984, 1991, 1994-1995, 1998-1999417Forever Now (1982, #4)
165 Pat Benatar 341,489 1980-1986, 1988-1989, 1993115Love is a Battlefield (1983, #1)
166 Evermore 340,297 2004-200918Light Surrounding You (2006, 1)
167 Rogue Traders 337,700 2002-2003, 2005-2008411Voodoo Child (2005, #4)
168 Crowded House 337,195 1986-1997, 2007223Better Be Home Soon (1988, #2)
169 Jordin Sparks 336,266 2008-200915No Air (with Chris Brown) (2008, #1)
170 Bette Midler 335,902 1980-1981, 1983-1984, 1989-1992110Wind Beneath My Wings (1989, #1)
171 2Pac 332,217 1996-2001, 2003, 2005-2007116Ghetto Gospel (feat. Elton John) (2005, #1)
172 Paula Abdul 331,998 1989-1992, 1995114Opposites Attract (1990, #1)
173 James Blunt 330,966 2005-200825You're Beautiful (2005, #2)
174 2 Unlimited 330,235 1992-1996213No Limit (1993, #7)
175 Taylor Dayne 329,297 1988-1991, 1993210Can't Get Enough of Your Love (1993, #2)
176 Adam & The Ants 327,929 1981-198218Antmusic (1981, #1)
177 Daryl Braithwaite 327,439 1988-1995113The Horses (1991, #1)
178 Shakin' Stevens 325,112 1981-1982, 1984-1985111This Ole House (1981, #1)
179 Craig David 323,477 2000-2005, 2007-2008413Walking Away (2001, #5)
180 Dire Straits 323,222 1980-1986, 1991-1993211Money for Nothing (1985, #4)
181 Jewel 323,135 1996-1999, 2001-2004, 200639You Were Meant for Me (1997, #3)
182 Atomic Kitten 322,083 2000-200428The Tide is High (Get the Feeling) (2002, #4)
183 Black Box 319,462 1989-199227Ride on Time (1989, #2)
184 New Order 319,360 1983-1990, 1993-1995, 2001-2002, 2005420Bizarre Love Triangle (1986, #5)
185 Killing Heidi 317,398 1999-200518Weir (1999, #6)
186 Kate Ceberano 317,282 1988-1999217Bedroom Eyes (1989, #2)
187 Missy Higgins 315,437 2003-2007, 200918Scar (2004, #1)
188 Simple Plan 314,073 2002-2006, 2008610Welcome to My Life (2004, #7)
189 The Fray 312,971 2006-200914You Found Me (2008, #1)
190 Sheena Easton 311,962 1981-1985, 1989, 1991, 20011119 to 5 (Morning Train) (1981, #1)
191 The B-52's 311,021 1980-1981, 1986, 1989-1990, 1992, 1994110Love Shack (1989, #1)
192 Smash Mouth 310,966 1997-1999, 2001-200246All Star (1999, #4)
193 Foreigner 309,664 1981-1982, 1984-1985, 1987-198817I Want to Know What Love is (1984, #1)
194 1927 309,492 1988-1990, 199249If I Could (1988, #4)
195 Snoop Dogg 306,508 1994, 1997-1998, 2001, 2003, 2005-2008115Drop It Like It's Hot (feat. Pharrell) (2005, #4)
196 The Rolling Stones 304,985 1980-1984, 1986, 1989-1991, 1994-1998119Start Me Up (1981, #1)
197 Bardot 304,846 2000-200216Poison (2000, #1)
198 The KLF / The Timelords 303,707 1988, 1991-199227Doctorin' the Tardis (as The Timelords) (1988, #2)
199 Lou Bega 302,905 1999-200012Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…) (1999, #1)
200 James Reyne 302,822 1985, 1987-1989, 1991-1992, 1994-1995215Way Out West (with James Blundell) (1992, #2)

#13Expected to be Announced September 1, 2010 #14BRYAN ADAMS (1,024,946), 1983-2002, 29 entries (#1)
    #5 Biggest Male Solo Artist
#1  #1(Everything I Do) I Do It For You ▲² (1991, #1) (191,586)
#2  #2Please Forgive Me ▲² (1993, #1) (170,246)
#3  #3Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman ▲ (1995, #1) (143,162)
#4  #4I Finally Found Someone (with Barbra Streisand) ▲ (1997, #2) (105,603*)
#5  #5When You're Gone (feat. Melanie C) ▲ (1998, #4) (102,005)
#6  #6All for Love (with Rod Stewart & Sting) ▲ (1994, #1) (99,709*)
#7  #7Let's Make a Night to Remember ● (1996, #7) (75,209)
#8  #8Heaven (1985, #12) (44,856)
#9  #9Can't Stop this Thing We Started (1991, #9) (42,233)
#10  #10Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven (1992, #13) (34,862)

#15BEYONCÉ (1,015,665), 2002-2009, 15 entries (#1) #16RIHANNA (1,009,334), 2005-2009, 14 entries (#1)
 #7 Biggest Female Solo Artist  #8 Biggest Female Solo Artist
#1Halo ▲² (2009, #3) (162,632) #1Umbrella (feat. Jay-Z) ▲ (2007, #1) (155,205)
#2Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) ▲² (2008, #5) (160,820) #2Don't Stop the Music ▲ (2008, #1) (143,483)
#3Irreplaceable ▲ (2006, #1) (138,274) #3SOS (Rescue Me) ▲ (2006, #1) (120,474)
#4Baby Boy (feat. Sean Paul) ▲ (2003, #3) (120,881) #4Take a Bow ▲ (2008, #3) (103,818)
#5Sweet Dreams ▲ (2009, #2) (95,018) #5Disturbia ▲ (2008, #6) (103,551)
#6Crazy in Love (feat. Jay-Z) ▲ (2003, #2) (86,089) #6Unfaithful ● (2006, #2) (83,976)
#7If I Were a Boy ▲ (2008, #3) (76,234) #7Pon de Replay ▲ (2005, #6) (81,229)
#8Beautiful Liar (with Shakira) ● (2007, #5) (52,555*) #8Shut Up and Drive ● (2007, #4) (58,996)
#9Naughty Girl ● (2004, #9) (42,804) #9Hate that I Love You (feat. Ne-Yo) ● (2007, #14) (49,200)
#10Déjà Vu ● (2006, #12) (29,751) #10If It's Lovin' that You Want (2006, #9) (44,443)

#19JANET JACKSON (974,790), 1986-2008, 38 entries (#1) #20PRINCE (968,218), 1982-1998, 2004, 41 entries (#1)
 #9 Biggest Female Solo Artist   
#1Together Again ▲ (1997, #4) (129,267) #1Cream ▲ (1991, #2) (141,825)
#2The Best Things in Life Are Free (with Luther Vandross) ▲ (1992, #2) (127,810*) #2The Most Beautiful Girl in the World ▲ (1994, #1) (107,533)
#3That's the Way Love Goes ▲ (1993, #1) (126,228) #3Batdance ● (1989, #2) (83,417)
#4Runaway ● (1995, #8) (62,482) #4When Doves Cry (1984, #1) (82,533)
#5All for You ▲ (2001, #5) (53,315) #51999 (1983/1998, #2) (71,891)
#6Black Cat (1990, #6) (52,245) #6Kiss (1986, #2) (61,863)
#7Scream (with Michael Jackson) ● (1995, #2) (51,425*) #7Gett Off (1991, #8) (38,182)
#8What Have You Done for Me Lately (1986, #6) (40,279) #8Controversy (1982, #15) (37,035)
#9Got 'Til It's Gone ● (1997, #10) (39,327) #9Little Red Corvette (1983, #8) (35,410)
#10Again (1993, #18) (33,111) #10Diamonds and Pearls (1992, #13) (33,619)

Last edited:
The Top 1000 Tipping Competition has come to its formation with some very interesting predictions. Hopefully everything is correct here...

 matt dbsb 745alley 1989Hi jinxHead MuseDave NTClin tonM@ TT392 414happy peopleanton nalanfreak stevebang loreJ McNBean BarnBill BrettDan 09Ben 01D Man
Beyonce #15 19 11 20 20 19 12 15  16     17   20  
Bon Jovi #21 13 13 19  20 17 18 13   12 17 13 19 18 18 17  
Britney Spears #6 11  9 6 9 7 6 7 8 9 6 8 8 10 11 13 7 8 9
Bryan Adams #14 16 19 13 12 13  14 17 11 12 11 15 12 14 15 7 19 14 10
Celine Dion #24   17     14 20 19  16  16  8  10 11
Christina Aguilera #26 17 16    19 17            19
Delta Goodrem #10 12 5 12 11 14 13 12 11 12 10 13 12 9  20 11 11 6 8
Elton John #2 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 4 3 4 3 4 3 15 5 6 4 7 3
Eminem #8 10 8 7 10 10 9 20 10 7 7 10 6 10 11 9 5 8 5 6
George Michael #18  17 14 14 12   19 14 13 20 9 16  17 20 16 13 13
INXS #13 14 18  18 16 14 13 18 15 14 14 18 14  14 19 13 11 20
Janet Jackson #19 8 12 18  17 18 19     20 19 6 12   15 14
Jimmy Barnes #12    15 15 16  20 13 15 16  15 20 19 16 14 12 
John Farnham #22  20  16 18  10   20 18  11 9 13 14 18 17 16
Kylie Minogue #3 6 7 3 2 4 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 4 2 2 4 4
Madonna #1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Mariah Carey #9 7 15 8 7 5 8 7 6 10 11 4 11 18 3 8 17 9  12
Michael Jackson #4 2 3 2 4 2 4 8 3 4 3 5 3 4 4 3 3 3 2 2
Nelly #17 20     15 16            
P!nk#7 5 6 6 8 6 5 5 5 9 8 9 7 6 8 2 10 6 20 18
Prince #20 15 14 11 13 11 20 11 16 17 17 17 19  12 10  15  17
Rihanna #16 18 9 16 19  11   18 18    13 16   18 
Shannon Noll #30             20      
Silverchair #28        15   19 14 17   15   
Spice Girls #25        12          19 
The Black Eyed Peas #5 3 2 5 5 8 6 9 8 5 5 8 5 5 7 6 4 5 3 5
The Offspring #29              18     
U2 #11  10 10 9 7 104 966 7 10 75 7 12 101615
Whitney Houston #27 9  15 17     19 16 15 13    9 12 9 7

Correct Guess1 place away2 places away3 places away4 places away
BINGO!!! - 10 points!!! - 6 points - 3 points - 2 points - 1 point

Only one artist failed to make anyone's Top 20. An interesting "dark horse" I would say.

The points will be awarded as follows...

A correct placement of an artist gives you 10 points, one spot away (over or under) - 6 points, two spots away - 3 points, three spots away - 2 points, and 4 spots away gives you 1 point.

Good luck to everyone involved...all lists are now locked.

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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#30. SHANNON NOLL (2004-08, #1 - 12 entries)

(#7 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#10 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

With the commencement of the Top 30 Biggest Singles Artists of the last 30 years, we also reach the Top 10 Biggest Male Artists. Shannon Noll sits just one place higher than his Australian Idol counterpart, Guy Sebastian, in the male stakes, a good Platinum's worth of points in front as of the end of 2009 (has Guy done enough this year to win back his original crown of most successful Idol???).

The secret to Shannon Noll's success wasn't just his exposure on Australian Idol in its premier, and best year, but the fact that Australian music was without that "down-to-earth" Aussie hero since the 80's, or at least since Jimmy Barnes' success began to slide in the mid-90's. With the re-working of the Moving Pictures' classic "What About Me", another of the cricket anthem "C'Mon Aussie C'Mon", and the down and dirty car song, "Drive", much of Australia could identify with the singer, and it showed on the charts. Shannon Noll's first ten single releases hit the Top 10, the first and only time a local artist has had such a successful string of hits, not to mention his albums, all Top 10 successes, with a combined acrreditation of 10xPlatinum. Shannon Noll, it would seem, was definitely what the Australian music buying public wanted.

Shannon Noll seems to have hit the wall to a certain extent. The first Idol the grace us with a "Greatest Hits" album, the featured single "Summertime" was a dismal failure, unable to crack even the Top 50. Shannon has since severed ties with Sony, taking a break from what has been a whirlwind experience for the star. Just recently, Universal Music put their hand up to sign Shannon, with the announcement that he was about the enter the studio for a fourth album, and fifth overall. With that in mind, expect the battle for overall most successful Australian Idol to heat up next year, as I'm sure Shannon can once again "rise up", and find some more success in the years to come.

Fans of Shannon Noll: BillyBrett, LIFTER500

Shannon Noll's Top 10YearHPPoints
1What About Me ▲42004#1300,776
2Don't Give Up (with Natalie Bassingthwaighte) ▲2006#2132,331
3Shine ▲2005#1112,786
4C'Mon Aussie C'Mon ▲2004#274,578
5Drive ▲2004#472,452
6Lift ●2005#1071,642
7Learn To Fly ●2004#150,558
10Now I Run2006#627,697

Currently in iTunes with...


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Shannon Noll is great. Good to see he just made in the top 30!

1. Lift
2. What Bout Me
3. Shine
4. In Pieces
5. Lonely
top 5:
2.Learn To Fly
3.Dont Give Up
4.What About Me

Shannon Noll is good, much, much better than Guy.
1. Lonely (by far)
2. What About Me
3. Lift
I say it goes
1. Shine (By a lot)
2. What About Me
3. Lift
OMG Shannon Noll! am surprised to see him so high, I would have thought he would have been right after guy sebastian but it's good to see him because he has some real good tracks. my top five Shannon Noll songs:

1. What About Me?
2. Don't Give Up
3. Learn To Fly
4. Drive
5. Loud
Ooh Am very impressed with myself I ranked him at number 30 as well. Probably my only correct one!!
My favourite for Mr. Noll is New Beginning- even though I don't think it was released-I have it on a So Fresh somewhere
On this list- Drive!
Not surprised for Noll, he has had so many hits.
New Beginning was a radio only track before digital songs were allowed chart.

Happy that Shannon is the highest placed Idol contestant. He is probably my favourite successful Australian Idol contestant. Hopefully Universal can market him better than Sony did towards the end. For some reason he just never succeeded digitially. And chri8 you are right, Shannon did fill the void left by Jimmy Barnes and slotted perfectly into pub rock. If Idol was created 10 years earlier though I wouldn't have liked him. It's interesting how our taste in music changes as we get over.

1. What About Me
2. Lift
3. Don't Give Up
4. Shine
5. Now I Run
OMG las tthread closed by staff. i.e. full. Well I wanted to give my top savage garden tracks there. I prefer Affirmation Album over the debut, more solid album IMO. Love them.

1 To the moon and back
2 I want you
3 I knew I loved you
4 The animal song
5 Crash and burn
6 Affirmation
7 Chained to you
8 Hold me
9 Break me shake me
10 Love after me
11 Santa Monica
12 Truly Madly Deeply
13 Two beds and a coffee machine
14 The best thing
15 You can still be free
16 Violet
17 All around me
18 Universe
19 A Thousand words
20 Gunning down romance

As you can see I don't think they had a bad song ever. Pity there was not a third and forth album.
There was a time when I did not mind Shannon Noll, my favs would be:

1 What About Me
2 Drive
3 Learn To Fly
4 Lift
5 Loud
I added up the points for Shannon Noll and it adds up to more than 855K? and that is only the Top 10 as well.
Only half points were counted for his duet with Natalie.
Yup I was aware of that; I just figured you would only put half the points up there. I guess that means I've been reading the other duets wrong too then?
really like Shannon Noll, he would have to be a consistent chart performer for me despite never 'What About Me' never charting properly for me (peak. 12)

top 5
1. Drive (peak. 2)<P3>
2. Shine (peak. 3) <P3>
3. Loud (peak. 1) <P2>
4. Lift (peak. 4) <P>
5. Learn To Fly (peak.10) <P>

also, glad i never had him in my top 20 at least
The "dark horse" for the Top 20 (by my reckoning) has to be Jennifer Lopez and "IF" so I'm VERY surprised. I know she's had some big hits but I thought not quite enough to get that high (I had her at #29).

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when you first said dark horse i thought u meant nickelback. i was actually going to include J LO but thought she wouldn've made the cut. one thing though, i had madonna at #1 yet it isn't showing up for me, just thought i'd point that out
Fixed matty, I had the Excel sheet sorted until I got the late entries and had to do another one which proved harder than I thought.
Madonna better be number one! I hope she is!
Excellent to see Shannon Noll make The Top 30.
Easily the best thing to come Aus Idol (Or any Idol for that matter).

Top 5 from him.

1. Shine (By a lot)
2. Now I Run
3. What About Me
4. In Pieces
5. Lonely.
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Very generous figures for Shine and Don't Give Up Chri8topher, given the fact that Kate Miller Heidke's Last Day On Earth came in on the End of Decade chart at 57 with sales of around 125,000. (not a guess, actual figures from information supplied by AuspOp, which are also validated by the fact that Last Day On Earth did not reach double platinum until March this year). This simple fact throws out many double, triple and even one 4 times platinum accreditation given in the decade 2000/2009 for songs which fell below Last Day On Earth on the Decade chart as being over accreditions. It also indicates a very interesting fact obout the sales during that decade. It would have been very unlikely for any single released in between 2000 and 2009 which did not make the End Of Decade chart to have reached 100,000 sales. If Last Day On Earth made it to 57 on such a low sales, then it is logical to conclude that the cut off must have been around 100,000. Neither Shine or Don't Give Up could have possibly reached sales of more than 100,000, let alone sales of 132,000 and 112,000. However it is your countdown and if you want to assign points in this way, instead of using actual sales or at least intelligent guesses at actual sales, and if you want to throw out the ARIA End Of Decade chart as a useful tool in working out real sales, I guess I have to accept it. I will also have to accept that Like It Like That apparently sold 38,000 less than Don't Cha even though Like It Like That was 29 on the Decade Chart and Don't Cha was at 31. Now I know you have said you are not just basing your figures on guestimates of sales, but also charting, but you are presenting this countdown as being sales related. With so many out of whack estimates it is not sales related at all, merely a history of the charting of songs.

However you did give Guy generous figures for a couple of his singles too, while taking away some from his 2009 sales (Like It Like That's actual figures at the end of the cut of date for sales last year was on 173,00 and Art Of Love was on 47,766). I will give my estimate of Guy and Shannon's sales based only on estimated real sales, not weekly chart position, using sales I know for a fact from newspaper and music site reports, and also using chart position on the end of year charts directly relating them to the End Of Decade Chart. I will not give extra points in the very low sales years of 2006 and 2007. Every year has its own challenges. It is my educated estimate that up to the end of last year, giving as generous as possible sales to Shannon and being as harsh as possible to Guy (given it's obvious where my loyalties lie), Shannon sold around 785,000 singles to the end of last year (giving him only half points for Don't Give Up under your rules), Guy reached sales of around 745,500. So yes Shannon sold more than him up to the end of 2009, so you have their positions right. But add on the sales from this year and the pendulum swings the other way. In 2010 Like it Like That sold 34,000 extra copies, reaching 207,000 sales the week it left the ARIA top 100 at triple platinum, Art Of Love sold a further 67,000 before it left the ARIA top 100 with its total sales by then just short of 115,000. All To Myself although it only peaked at 51 sold 14,600 copies in its 12 weeks in the ARIA Top 100. This adds a further 115,600 sales to his tally this year. These 2009/2010 figures are not a guess. They were supplied by Auspop, and also very kindly by Paul Cashmere of Undercover when I asked him for the missing sales when Auspop took a holiday over Christmas. So as of now Guy is well ahead.

You can say you are using chart position to determine impact rather than taking notice of ARIA's End Of Decade Chart, but to me the biggest indication of inpact is actual sales. What a song actually sells should not be penalised because it spent less time in the weekly ARIA chart or because of the year it was released. And I don't buy giving singles in low selling years more points than singles in high selling years. That is fiddling the books. As far as accreditations go, at the end of last year both Shannon and Guy were on 8 platinum and 2 gold accreditations each for singles. Guy now is on 10 platinum and 2 gold, which to me makes my figures look more legitimate than yours.

PS. Just as you didn't bother to give Taller Stronger Better or Elevator Love their correct ARIA accreditation of gold, you have given Lonely an ARIA gold accreditation it didn't receive. It never gained any accreditation at all. Check the aria site and you will see I am correct.

The fun continues with the Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's...

This seems a bit odd. The music in the 80s and 90s would be far different to the music in the 2000s. 2000s may have singles but the 80s and 90s wouldn't have had the technology that there is today.

I mean, the 80s and 90s were over 1900 years ago. The only music then would've been cavemen tapping twigs against a cave surface.

Now if you refer to the 1980s and 1990s, it might be a different story but the 80s and 90s sounds closer to the time of the cavemen to me.
I really hope you are joking (thats for both of you)
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Some people should shush, until they can put together a countdown as good as this one on their own accord.

That is all.
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I like the allocation of points to particular positions. Which from my recollection is what this countdown is based on as it helps balance the 1980s with the 2000s. Just because you sell heaps doesn't make you the best. For example in reality Candle In The Wind 1997 would make Elton John nearly the automatic winner of this countdown. To me this is about the best artist not the best selling artist. Put simply a song that hangs around for 5 weeks at #40 (40 gets 11 points) gets 55. Making it more successful that say Nirvana's About A Girl which spent one week in the Top 50 at #3 (?) to get 48 points. Even though Nirvana may have sold more, in my books the #40 song was more successful as it lasted longer in the chart.

So chri8 I support your method, take my hat off to you for your efforts and I wouldn't criticise you (apart from my brain meltdown over the featuring issue which I apologised for) as I wouldn't have the patience to do the compilation.
Actually I think chri8 uses more of a triangular system which would put Nirvana ahead of a song like that.
I tend to agree with BB's first point in that this countdown has rewarded longevity quite a lot, which for me is what music is all about. I am not a fan of flash in the pan acts. I has been great to stumble across many of my fav 90s acts including Metallica, RHCP, Greenday, etc, who has sold consistently over many many years to give them great placings.

Well done on a great countdown Chris! When I saw you had commenced this at #1000, I thought this was going to be a long drawn out epic. And for me it is the best thread on this site in the 3 years I have been following aust charts. Cheers.
You can always quibble about these things and there will probably never be a 100% accurate countdown as the system for calculating the charts has changed over time. However I agree with others that this has been (and still is) a VERY interesting countdown and well done to chris for getting as close as you probably can to the "definitive" countdown of top artists of the past 30 years.
I wonder what Xtina will come in this countdown will she beat Britney her rivarly
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No way 'xtina' as you call her has had some flops of late and her career is at the crossroads. Britney while being no more talented has continued to score top 10 hits..
@Happypeople - I dont think xtina's career is at the crossroads, unless she continues this dance stuff she seems to think shes good at ! Xtina could have a return to prominence if she did another album like she did "back to basics" - shes very good at the 1950s sound that got her so many hits back in 2006
Her 2006 era sucked

Here best Era imo was Stripped and most succesful
Rather than writing a long bitchy essay, I'll just say that this is a great countdown, and rather than complaining about small details, you guys should recognize the effort into this and sit back and wait for the next artist to come.

I believe the points system used is something along the lines of the triangular system ranking times 4.5 multiplied by another figure relating to final accreditation. I agree that using triangular system and multiplying that by a constant is a good method, and while it is not 125% accurate, it makes a great countdown.

Britney should beat Christina I think. Britney's had more and bigger hits, Christina hasn't really had a hit since '06. I don't think CA's career is over though, she has a good voice, and it seems like she has to go back to her old sound (I prefer the new one), but if she does, she'll get big hits again.

What does everyone think tonight's artist will be? I'm thinking Nelly or J-Lo, more likely Nelly.
I think Rihanna actually
I think Jennifer Lopez
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I'm just giving EVERYBODY a warning here!


Keep your comments relevant to the topic at the time and more importantly towards the countdown.

Anything irrelevant or untoward will be deleted immediately!
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#29. THE OFFSPRING (1994-2008, #1 - 18 entries)

(#5 Biggest Band)

The 90's was certainly an interesting decade of music in that chart music splintered into countless genres finding their way to the top of the charts. There was pop, alternative, rock and novelty, and The Offspring harnessed them all to find unexpected success, and making them one of the hottest bands for a good six or seven years running from their 1994 breakthrough.

As another band in that right place, right time, when alternative music was at its peak, The Offspring enjoyed a couple of long-running Top Ten hits in "Come Out And Play" and "Self Esteem", taken from "Smash", their 4xPlatinum #1 album. As was the case for such bands at the time, there was a lot to discover from The Offspring, who had actually formed in the mid-80's, and already released two albums, "The Offspring" and "Ignition". That heightened interest saw "Ignition" gain a healthy Gold accreditation on the back of "Smash", which, at the time, was the biggest selling independent album, with worldwide sales tipping 16 million copies. The Offspring found "Smash" a little hard to follow, as was the case with many alternative acts trying to stretch that sales boom beyond the few years the charts allowed for, but "Ixnay On The Hombre" performed well enough in Australia, hitting #2 in its first week, and still receiving a healthy 2xPlatinum accreditation. Two Top 20 singles gave us both sides of the band, "All I Want", a short and tasty punk delight, and "Gone Away", a smart rock epic, my personal fave of theirs, keeping The Offspring fresh on our minds before their next assault, the mighty "Americana". Just over a decade later, after the hype, the jury is still out as to whether the lead track "Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)" was more novelty or punk. Whatever the class, it was a major mainstream hit, accredited 4xPlatinum and sitting as one of the biggest for the decade. The JJJ crowd were just as delighted, crowning the track #1 for the 1998 Hottest 100. As The Offspring toyed with different styles, always instilling that tongue-in-cheek mentality, they could do no wrong, hitting the Top Ten twice more, taking their Top Ten total to five. Realistically, The Offspring had far outlasted the success usually attached to punk bands, and 2003's "Splinter" album was the first sign that the formula was slowing down. While the album's first release, "Hit That" was a solid Top 20 hit, the album failed to crack the Top 10. Was it time to throw in the towel? A "Greatest Hits" album in 2005, possibly a last ditch effort to squeeze out the last sales available to them, summed up one of the most successful careers of any band, not just a punk one. But wait, it's not over just yet. Where most "Greatest Hits" albums rarely muster up any new interest for a new album, The Offspring found themselves back in the Top 3 with 2008's "Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace", featuring "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid", which spent nearly three months hovering around in the Top 100, but never rising above #54.

The Offspring are taking their longest break since their initial burst of success in 1994, recording a new album on and off during that time. No release date has been set, just yet, but there's a rumour that a live album will quickly follow, so it would seem that upon the return of The Offspring, there will be plenty of material to add to their impressive 34 million album sales already enjoyed by one of the biggest punk/rock bands of all time.

The Offspring's Top 10YearHPPoints**
1Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) ▲41998#1281,620
2Why Don't You Get A Job ▲²1999#2151,620
3Come Out And Play ▲1994#8129,193
4Original Prankster ▲2000#592,892
5Self Esteem ●1995#653,622
6Gone Away ●1997#1643,587
7Hit That ●2003#1342,119
8All I Want1997#1528,076
9Want You Bad2001#359,886
10(Can't Get My) Head Around You2004#535,980

(**definitely NOT exact sales - possibly "way off", but certainly an educated estimate taking into account chart runs, accreditations, debuts, and weighted equally over three decades of hits!!!)

Currently in iTunes
800You're Gonna Go Far, Kid
877Spare Me The Details


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fave Offspring songs:

1.Hit That
2.Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)
3.Why Don't You Get A Job
4.Original Prankster
These guys are sooooooo annoying
I don't mind the Offspring. Pretty Fly would be my fave, followed by their other plat. singles (#'s 2-4) and You're Gonna Go Far Kid.
Oh dear- my top 20 ruined already
I overestimated Why don't you get a job and come out and play (under strange illusion that both were P3's) Oh well only about 210,000 sales out not too bad!!
Fave for these guys- Spare me the details
My fave Offspring song would be Gone Away.
Good thing we're not guessing on a Top 30 I'm already wrong twice. Also I think there's going to be a lot of posts from here on in, so chris it might be a good idea to do a new thread for each 10 hits to keep the loading time down.
Ahhhh shit can i change one prediction as it's a massive oversight on my behalf

I want to put Kylie Minogue at #4 and move everybody down one which means Xtina will be #21

Original Prediction

1) Madonna
2) Pink
3) Michael Jackson
4) Elton John
5) Black Eyed Peas
6) U2
7) Mariah Carey
8) Eminem
9) Prince
10) Britney Spears
11) Janet Jackson
12) John Farnham
13) INXS
14) Bryan Adams
15) Rihanna
16) George Michael
17) Bon Jovi
18) Jimmy Barnes
19) Delta Googram
20) Christina Aguilera


1) Madonna
2) Pink
3) Michael Jackson
4) Kylie Minogue
5) Elton John
6) Black Eyed Peas
7) U2
8) Mariah Carey
9) Eminem
10) Prince
11) Britney Spears
12) Janet Jackson
13) John Farnham
14) INXS
15) Bryan Adams
16) Rihanna
17) George Michael
18) Bon Jovi
19) Jimmy Barnes
20) Delta Googram
(OUT) Christina Aguilera

Hopefully it ain't a hassle
No offence, but congrats on forgetting Kylie

Chri8: I suggest adding the rank of an artist when they come to the table and placing them at the bottom of it (lowest at the bottom).
Hey I like The Offspring. I remember I didn't know them very well until I bought their Greatest Hits back when it came out and they have so many good songs!!!

1. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) [Platinum x4!!!!!! WOW!!!]
2. Self Esteem
3. The Kids Aren't Alright
4. Why Don't You Get a job?
5. Spare Me The details
6. Kristy Are You Doing Okay?
7. Come Out And Play
8. Original Prankster
9. Gotta Get Away
10. Hit That

I reckon the next artist will be NELLY! I know we're only two songs since predicting but I'm happy all my artists are still intact as i'm sure most people are
Recently surprised to discover how much I like The Offspring. Also love how much they stand out amongst the top 5 bands heh heh.

1. Gone Away
2. Come Out and Play
3. Spare Me The Details
4. Self Esteem
5. Want You Bad
6. Why Don't You Get a Job?
7. Hammerhead
8. Can't Get My Head Around You
9. Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)
10. Original Prankster

Also good to see my top 30 off to a good start, even if it doesn't count, I had Shannon at #30 and The Offspring at #29. In that case, Silverchair for #28.
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woo hoo, i predicted offspring at #29!!!

cant say i was ever a huge fan of them, but they have had some good hits over the years. pretty fly is highly overrated.

Top 5
1. Come Out And Play
2. Gone Away (peak.9) <G>
3. Hit That (peak.8) <G>
4. Why Dont You Get A Job? (peak. 8) <G>
5. Original Prankster (peak.10)

Just thought I'd take the time out in response to RealityFacts...

First of all, if BeansterBarnes is suggesting that RealityFacts is the one to be moderated, then I would object, as the validity of Reality's claims are plausible, even if they do resort to insulting me as being "unintelligent". They are entitled to their input, plus it made for interesting reading for me, if only to justify that I'm not totally off track. A lot of time and effort went into their post.

The coup for me is that if Reality does their homework to find out exact sales, and comes up with figures that are in the ballpark to what I get from just a points system used in correlation to chart positions, then I'm happy. I'm about a Platinum over with Shannon, and a Gold over Guy, to what Reality came up with. To me, that's not a bad estimate. The "legitimate" figure Reality came up with had the two 40,000 apart, to my 70,000, again, not THAT bad an estimate. Of course, there's more to add to Guy, and no doubt he will surpass Shannon when an update is taken. At the end of the day, Reality, did you have Guy and Shannon around the #30 mark for your list of the biggest artists?

I've only included the points assigned so that in presenting the top artists in this list, I can show that those points are "reasonable" to each single. I realise it leaves me wide open, and that many singles don't really work out 100%, but I would rather do that than keep it all secret, thus giving way to the possibility that I might be rigging the points. 19 contributors have given me their Top 20 predictions, and I like to show my proof that they are wrong or right.

Furthermore, I'm not throwing out the End of Decade chart, as I'm sure it is correct, even if it does conflict with most of the End of Year charts ARIA published. But I refuse to believe any of the hits these days deserve to be "bigger" than the hits of yesteryear, just because the way we purchase music has changed. As I previously said, music is now cheaper, comes in many versions, and can be bought from home at the click of a mouse, rather than the days I had to drive down to the record store and hand over triple today's price to purchase just the audio, at least.

I understand "Don't Cha" selling less than "Like It Like That", as per the End of Decade, but PCD spent seven weeks at #1, to Guy's two weeks. Spending longer in the Top 3, 5 and 10, PCD would figure to me to be the more successful song. But if that's diddling the books, then consider this. Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" comes in at #100. OK, I can handle that, as hard as it is to except. Peaking at #3, it spent a measly seven weeks in the Top 10. Hinder's "Lips Of An Angel" spent 7 WEEKS AT #1!!! and didn't make the Top 100. Beyonce went on to a 30 week run in the Top 100, but is no match for Hinder 45 weeks, and still, Beyonce sold more. To me, Hinder is the victor, even if I would prefer to listen to Beyonce any day.

As for you accreditation claims, yes, I forget one or two here and there, or even add one on. Most of the time I'm writing this from the top of my head and can't remember every single accreditation ever given. But your rudeness to address that doesn't warrant me spending my time to fix it for you.

It's hard for me to believe you are really a "guest", as your knowledge of the current charts is great, and that sort of interest surely would have popped up on an aus-charts forum somewhere along the line. But if that is false, then take into account that this thread has been active for a good eight months now, with never the claim that it is exact. I think the contributors over the time except that, and are just enjoying the stroll down memory lane. It's obviously not the thread for you.

Apologies for rambling, but what RealityFacts has stated is most probably 100% correct, more than I could be, but warrants an answer as to my thinking in sorting this list, and justifying my process.

The next artist is another that will challenge the End of Decade list, so I await the backlash...heh heh. But until then, I'm off to hunt some Shannon Noll albums at Cash Converters.

Catch you later on tonight,
It's good that people care about your countdown.
well said Chris
Then it MUST be NELLY!
at the start of this countdown I did not think nelly would be top 50 let alone top 30
Love The Offspring... shame they've lost their edge, though their last album was a fair bit better than that comparatively terrible Splinter album...

My estimated top ten...

1. Gotta Get Away
2. Come Out and Play
3. Self Esteem
4. Amazed
5. Gone Away
6. Bad Habit
7. Pay the Man
8. No Hero
9. Session
10. I Choose
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#28. SILVERCHAIR (1994-2007, #1 - 17 entries)

(#4 Biggest Band)
(#6 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)

Young stars of the big screen are prone to having the world watch them grow from their childhood years into young adults and beyond. Leonardo DiCaprio and Drew Barrymore are two that spring to mind. We've seen the cute years, the awkward years, and the years they suddenly turned in attractive and successful adults to be at the forefront of their industry. Music is less forgiving to its young stars. Hanson, New Kids On The Block and Nikki Webster, just to name a few, have found the market hard to crack after their breakthrough years, into adulthood. Mind you, that was before the charts were basically ALL teenagers, as they are now, so let's just put it down to bad timing for now.

Three fifteen year olds from Newcastle High School stormed the charts in 1994 with one of the biggest selling Australian hits of all time. They were called silverchair (yes, with a little "s"), and they were about the break the rules conditioning childhood music stars to their childhood years. Daniel Johns, Chris Joannou and Ben Gillies formed in 1992 as the Innocent Criminals, no doubt inspired by Nirvana who were changing the world of music at the time. With a few demos in their possession, the trio took advantage of various rock competitions, but it would be the SBS show, "Nomad" and their "Pick Me" competition that would change the bands' lives forever. The guys re-thought that name, inspired by a couple of conflicting stories, and "silverchair" was properly born. Their winning entry, "Tomorrow", soon got a proper recording thanks to JJJ, and a video clip filmed by the ABC. It wasn't long before the result was the final song played on Saturday "Rage", indicating yet another week at #1 on the ARIA charts.

silverchair were most certainly a novelty, albeit a credible one, and the rest of the world could hardly resist as their 1995 debut album, "Frogstomp", hit the US Billboard Top 10. It was the first time an Aussie act had done so since INXS, and helped "Frogstomp" to 2.5 million sales worldwide. silverchair took a little time to capitalize on their initial success, no doubt to the dismay of their record company, but silverchair would soon earn a name for themselves to go a little against the machine, particularly with a perfectionist such as Daniel Johns leading the band. "Freak Show" was everything silverchair fans had been waiting for. It was a rock/pop extravaganza, even if it was a little on the sullen side due to the pressure put on the band to put out another "Frogstomp". With every silverchair release, the band grew bigger, with audiences and critics alike, and soon that "s" became a "S", signaling the band's evolution into adult life. Daniel Johns experimented with instruments that vastly expanded beyond the drums / guitar / bass combo they were familiar with. "Neon Ballroom" and "Diorama" were critical breakthroughs, and still they managed #1 debuts on the charts. If there was anything "novelty" left about Silverchair, it was the fact that they were so darn talented and successful.

In just a decade, Silverchair have become Aussie legends, myths if you would like. No one really knew if they were still together, and with all the dramas that surrounded Daniel Johns, no one knew if HE was still together. That was well answered with their return in 2007. "Straight Lines" seconded the motion that Silverchair had become the most popular Australian band since INXS, and the accompanying album, "Young Modern", was an amazing advancement that even INXS themselves could seldom match. The ARIA Awards for that year had Silverchair going head to head with Powderfinger, but it there was no contest as Silverchair won everything they possibly could, and remain the most awarded act in the awards history, taking home 21 ARIA's in their 15 year career.

There is certainly an "Album #6" in the pipeline, which just happens to be the working title, and is slated for a release sometime soon. Songs are starting to leak out of the studio featuring another new direction for the band, toning down the guitars and upping the synth factor that has accompanied much of their last few of albums. Whether it will work remains to be seen, but remember, this is Silverchair, and with a perfect run of #1 studio albums, how could they possibly do any wrong?

Fans of Silverchair: Chris A, Daniel09, Hijinx, NateBoi

Silverchair's Top 10YearHPPoints
1Tomorrow ▲²1994#1205,969
2Straight Lines ▲²2007#1177,070
3Freak ▲1997#1115,422
4Anthem For The Year 2000 ▲1999#397,609
5Pure Massacre ●1995#262,021
6Abuse Me ●1997#939,474
7Cemetery ●1997#532,519
8Ana's Song (Open Fire) ●1999#1426,825
9The Greatest View ●2002#324,922
10Israel's Son1995#1117,330

Currently in iTunes
691Straight Lines


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Silverchair rock!

love all them songs
Silverchair are good. Fave: Straight Lines
Wow wasn't expecting Silverchair. Then tomorrow must be NELLY hahaha!

Anyway I think they're alright, they've had some pretty good tracks, but I'm not a huge fan of their music.
My top ten Silverchair songs:
1. Tomorrow
2. Ana's Song (Open Fire)
3. Anthem For The Year 2000
4. Straight Lines
5. Freak
6. Pure Massacre
7. The Greatest View
8. Miss You Love
9. Abuse Me
10. The door
I like Tomorrow. And the 2000 song.
top 5:
1) If You Keep Losing Sleep
2) Freak
3) Tomorrow
4) Straight Lines
5) Ana's Song
Don't worry Chris I was never intending to moderate the Realityfacts post i was just getting my point across as it was looking as it was gonna turn into one of those 'Britney V Xtina' slag fests.

Keep up the good work mate
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I have a feeling tomorrow will be a girl...

Jennifer Lopez/Rihanna I'm thinking... maybe even Christina
I put rihanna really high, I hope shes not gonna pop up for a few WEEKS
AHHHHHHH Silverchair what are you doing to me!!!!!!!!!. Well I guess this makes me (for the time being) the worst at predicting this - I mean 14 I'm WAY OUT!!!!!!!!!. I thought Straight Lines would get a lot more points than it did oh well.

I have a feeling I might have Bon Jovi a little too high and also I think George Michael at #9 is looking a bit shaky.

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Why couldn't it be a top 30 prediction, I'm 3/3 now. Oh well.

Silverchair are great. My favourites (I've probably forgotten a few):

1. The Greatest View
2. Freak
3. Ana's Song (Open Fire)
4. If You Keep Losing Sleep
5. Tomorrow
6. All Across the World
7. Anthem For the Year 2000
8. Reflections of a Sound
9. Pure Massacre
10. Mind Reader

Christina Aguilera for next artist.

This also means I have no more artists that I am a 'fan' of. Maybe I should add some more.
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ooh only 1 off here (i had them at 27)

silverchair, great aussie band. hope they release more soon

Top 5
1. Tomorrow
2. Straight Lines (peak.1) <P2>
3. Anthem For The Year 2000 (peak.3) <P>
4. Freak (peak. 7) <P>
5. Ana's Song (Open Fire) (peak.10) <G>

Oh well, I completely overestimated Straight Lines
Never thought much of Offspring. don't like Nollsy or silverchair very much. Sad to see I missed both of them.
indeed, Chri8.

JMcN, that So Fresh Cd you are thinking of that has New Beginning by Nollsy is "the Hits of Summer 2005 + the Biggest Hits of 2004".

But I am very surprised that Celine Dion hasn't come up yet! Just heard her "Power of Love" song on a friend's Cd.

And I think everyone will be surprised if ANYONE topples Madonna for the #1 spot!
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#27. WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985-2002, #1 - 30 entries)

(#13 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

Before Mariah, before Celine, before Beyonce, there was only one diva ruling the charts. Whitney Houston solely cornered a market that took almost a decade to explode after her debut with the 25 million selling "Whitney Houston". While that debut was one of the strongest in music history, in actual fact, it was a slow burner that took almost a year to reached the performance levels that we now know it enjoyed today.

Whitney Houston was raised by Gospel music royalty, her mother, Cissy, is cousin to Dionne Warwick and Dee Dee Warwick, while Whitney's godmother is none other than Aretha Franklin. Was there any doubt of what the future would hold for the young Whitney? Whitney can be heard on various 70's tracks, most prominently Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman", as the teenager started carving out a career in the music business. Whitney Houston took a little while to harness the whole spotlight, but "Whitney Houston" was one of those rare treats that satisfied critics and audiences alike, regularly considered one of the greatest arrivals in music history. For a great many years, that spotlight would burn brighter than she could have imagined.

As a star of the 80's, Whitney Houston's musical stylings went back and forth between epic ballads and catchy pop, but ultimately, Whitney was a diva whose ballads are among some of the greatest of all time. So when it was time for that difficult third album, it was a shock to see Whitney had sexed herself up, delivering arguably her greatest release. "I'm Your Baby Tonight" was a New Jack delight, reaching #7 on the Australian charts, a little lower than she was used to. While it alienated many of her fan base, with dramatically less sales worldwide, Whitney was still in control, with artistic power rare for an artist of her calibre. And while all that power is great to have, and the experimentation a learning experience, it was time to get back to what she did best - ballads, and plenty of them.

"The Bodyguard" came upon the world in 1992, Whitney's debut feature film with Kevin Costner playing her, err...bodyguard. While the critics were divided between mediocre and poor, of her performance, the soundtrack album was a unanimous thumbs up. The Grammy Award winner for "Album Of The Year" featured six Whitney tracks, including covers of Chaka Khan's "I'm Every Woman", with Chaka this time repaying the favour to provide backing vocals, and Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You". The latter sold a staggering 12 million copies worldwide, more than most albums, while its parent album would become the highest selling soundtrack album of all time, clocking in with 42 million copies. But as dizzying as those heights of success were for Whitney, it would also set the singer up for one of the biggest falls from grace pop music has ever seen.

With little in the way of a proper Whitney Houston album following up "The Bodyguard" success, cracks in her personal life began to show themselves as the tabloids began focusing on everything non-music about Whitney Houston. The singer began turning up late for interviews, cancelling concerts, or just not turning up to high profile scheduled tribute concerts. It seemed Whitney had learnt a bit too much from the character she played in her former box office smash. But another side of Whitney was also exposed, as rumours of personal drug use, and abuse from her husband, Bobby Brown, was exposed. It was an unfortunate position to be in, and one that we had already seen in Michael Jackson. Soon, it was less about her music, and more about the what stupid things Whitney Houston was doing now.

It IS all about the music, though, and Whitney is still widely regarded as one of the most influential singers of all time. She even embarked on a worldwide tour recently, her first for a decade, and one of which I had the pleasure of witnessing. Sure, a little piece of every audience member were there to see if she could just make it through each song, and believe me, there were times I thought she wasn't going to make it, but ignore the harsh criticism of most of the reviews, of which I'm sure were by writers with no interest in the singer anyway, and what you got was a less than perfect, but credibly solid performance that highlighted the spirit and connection Whitney has with her devoted fans. I, for one, and glad I made the effort to celebrate one hell of a gutsy lady.

Fans of Whitney Houston: alleyt1989, AmerieFan

Whitney Houston's Top 30YearHPPoints
1I Will Always Love You ▲41992#1308,075
2I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)1987#1111,749
3How Will I Know1985#262,699
4Greatest Love Of All1986#159,603
5Step By Step ●1996#1248,839
6I'm Every Woman ●1993#1148,591
7I'm Your Baby Tonight1990#742,381
8Could I Have This Kiss Forever ● (with Enrique Iglesias)2000#1238,394*
9When You Believe ● (with Mariah Carey)1998#1335,591*
10Saving All My Love For You1985#2033,764
11Exhale (Shoop Shoop)1995#1832,441
12Heartbreak Hotel1999#1724,255
13So Emotional1987#2618,041
14I Have Nothing1993#2811,871
15Didn't We Almost Have It All1987#2711,147
16My Love Is Your Love1999#2710,751
17You Give Good Love1985#586,543
18One Moment In Time1988#496,368
19All The Man That I Need1991#595,513
20Where Do Broken Hearts Go?1988#485,333
21If I Told You That (with George Michael)2000#374,586*
22One Of Those Days / Whatchulookinat2002#482,839
23I Believe In You And Me1997#702,205
24Run To You1993#721,985
25Queen Of The Night1993#881,472
26Love Will Save The Day1988#771,053
27Something In Common (with Bobby Brown)1994#821,049*
28It's Not Right, But It's Okay1999#88774
29Count On Me (with CeCe Winans)1996#87635*
30Why Does It Hurt So Bad1996#99342

(* Half points from duets counted towards artist total)

Currently in iTunes
386I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)
917, 985I Will Always Love You


I had this b#%@h at #19

Don't really like her music but some songs are OK/good.
OMG, I Can not BELIEVE Whitney is this low!!! WOW!!! I am a huge fan of Whitney she would be one of my top five artists of all time I rekcon she's awesome!!! I can not believe Nelly is higher than Whitney? Even J-Lo? I thought I Will Always Love You was one of the highest selling singles of all time!!!

Anyway my top ten from Whitney:
1. I Will always Love You
2. Saving All My Love For You
3. Greatest Love Of All
4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
5. I have Nothing
6. Didn't We Almost Have It All?
7. You Give Good Love
8. My Love Is Your Love
9. One Moment In Time
10. How Will I Know

Unlucky #11 - Could I Have This kiss Forever?
Lots of our predictions had a fantastic start didn't they!
I find it hard to believe that someone with 30 charting hits - that's 30 - can be this LOW - BUT obviously she is. I guess all those lower end positions were the reason. I'm ESPECIALLY surprised that "How Will I know" & "Greatest Love of All" (that reached #2 & #1 respectively) got so few points????.

Anyway with Whitney being this low it means that I'm officially s**t at these predictions - oh well such is life

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I'm surprised to find her here, too, but looking at her chart history, I think many would be surprised to see she actually didn't have as many Top Tens as thought. "How Will I Know" and "Greatest Love Of All" both had rapid rises & falls, spending just eight and seven weeks in the Top Ten.

I think if Whitney's albums had anything to do with it, she would be as high as many would expect, as I think "Whitney Houston" was one of the Top Ten biggest albums of the 80's in this country.

But it also means that the artists to come just have more hits, and not necessarily a major blockbuster like "I Will Always Love You", one of the best ballads ever recorded.
had whitney in my top ten, whoops!
she is good, but then again looking at her hits, there are only really 2 stand out performers, i should have noticed this a bit more.

top 5
1. I Wanna Dance With Somebody
2. I Will Always Love You
3. Step By Step (peak.6) <P>
4. Heartbreak Hotel (peak.12) <G>
5. I'm Every Woman

Wow, shocked that she is so low but looking at the stats it is understandable. Plus Silverchair was pretty low, can't believe though that Rihanna and Nelly beat both of them. I do prefer the middle era Whitney the most. Early Whitney had many bland ballads, while later Whitney tried too hard to stay modern. My fav Whitney tracks

1. I Will Always Love You
2. Step By Step
3. When You Believe
4. I Wanna Dance With Somebdoy (Who Loves Me)
5. I'm Every Woman
6. I Look To You
7. I Have Nothing
8. The Greatest Love Of All
9. Could I Have This Kiss Forever
10. It's Not Right But It's Okay

I knew I would suck at the Top 20 predictions. Oh well. At least its fun watching it unveil.
I think it's a bit early to say you suck at the predictions, just yet...heh heh. Only five people have there entire Top 20 in tact, so anything can happen.
Thanks for the moral support chri8 LOL But considering I was lucky to guess 50% right in the weekly Top 10 game, I can't see me getting anything better than 30% on a countdown covering 30 years. LOL
90s Silverchair - Rubbish
00s Silverchair - Quite Brilliant
Actually Agree with that ^^^ although I don't consider them brilliant.
Bugger had whitney at #9! Serves me right into thinking that the bodyguard soundtract would make a difference. I guess you really do take chart runs into consideration chri8topher. lucky 4 me that elton john had plenty of hits otherwise candle in the wind would've done me in as well. if i had another chance i'd have J LO at #20 and everyone would move up one spot to where whitney is.
I'm pretty sure somewhere along the line chri8 said Candle in the Wind "sold" around 950,000, which is more than Whitney's total if I'm correct. Elton should safely be in the top 3, I'm thinking #2 now.

Can't wait for tonight's artist. I'm thinking Nelly or J-Lo still.
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I'm still scratching my head over Nelly being so high. I had no idea he has been that successful on our charts. Will be interesting to read chri8's blurb when it comes out. Cause obviously I've blocked out lots of his hits and the length of time they stayed in the charts.
i've said this for the last three artists but ... tonight's artist MUST be Nelly!
I may be a bit too high having Nelly at #15. But one set of estimate calculations I did had him as high as around 950,000.
My thing with Nelly and J-Lo is they haven't really had any massive hits, especially J-Lo, how the hell is she so high..
You serious?? Dilemma <P>3, Over and Over <P>2...
Dilemma did pretty well, but I wouldn't call it massive. It didn't spend extremely long in the chart... and we are looking at chart runs...
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#26. CHRISTINA AGUILERA (1999-2008, #1 - 16 entries)

(#12 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

She may have once been as quiet as a "mousketeer", but there is nothing petite about the incredible voice that is Christina Aguilera. To see just how far some of our newer young talent can go in a decade, Christina's overview boasts 42 million album sales worldwide, four Grammy Awards, an estimated fortune of $60 million, and a placing on Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Singers of All Time, the only artist under 30 to make the list.

There is nothing between Whitney Houston and Christina Aguilera in the points stakes for this list, so it's to Whitney's credit that she can inspire an artist to be just as big as herself. Christina was labeled "the Diva" by her fellow Mickey Mouse Club members, and it would be Whitney's "I Have Nothing" that became Christina's stand-out signature song on the show. There was no doubt where this career was heading, and I would think that a #26 placing hasn't disappointed anyone who now hold Christina as their hero.

It's really another case of right time, right place, as an eighteen year old Christina Aguilera made her debut on the Australian charts with "Genie In A Bottle", a solid start to what would become a lucrative career. Continuing on with "What A Girl Wants", Christina fit nicely in with the emerging teenage crowd, which included Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, and, of course, Britney Spears, a fellow Mickey Mouse Club member. However, at the start, Christina was more in the Jessica Simpson strata than the mega-success Britney instantly enjoyed. Christina needed something to set herself apart from the "nice" persona she, or at least her backers, had set out with.

The result was "Stripped", Christina's second album, which was delivered in quite possibly the shortest shorts ever seen in pop music. "Dirrty" instantly took hold of the pop world, and while it still couldn't match the major successes of Britney's former releases, it certainly made everyone stand up and take note. Soon after, "Beautiful" hit #1, and Christina was now making that break from teenage mediocrity, to the elite stars that would soon shape the music of the 2000's.

Rolling Stone was right on the money to say Christina Aguilera's voice was one of the best ever produced in pop music chart history. To put that to the test, Christina embarked on what would be her biggest success, "Back To Basics". It was the perfect marriage of the jazz stylings of the 20's and 30's, with the slick production of the 2000's, with a blonde ambition look that would fit snuggly into the 50's and 60's. The success spoke for itself, and finally brought Christina up to the A-list level of her contemporaries, making a name for herself as one of the most inventive and diverse artists of her generation.

Over time, the "Greatest Hits" album has always been a career killer, but surely not in these times, and certainly not for an artist of Christina Aguilera's calibre. Wrong! "Keeps Gettin' Better" celebrated the decade Christina had been entertaining for, and featured some interesting re-workings of "Genie In A Bottle" and "Beautiful" that were beyond what any of her fellow Mousketeers could invent, and take the risk with. Unfortunately, success in the singles charts was limited to the moderate hit of the title track, with was the first time she failed to make the Top Ten with a lead track from an album. It seems the new teenage royalty weren't still prone to a sudden decrease in popularity.

Christina Aguilera is struggling once again with "Bionic", her fourth album released just a few months ago, so don't expect any sudden leaps up this list when 2010 sales are added. Yet again, the lead track, "Not Myself Tonight", has failed miserably to re-capture her audience. To me, it's a bit of a mystery that an artist such as Britney Spears, comparatively weaker vocally, and certainly less inventive with each release, can still maintain a high level of interest on the singles charts, while an artist continuing to grow and experiment with different styles will find it difficult to keep her fan base. That's one of the paradoxes created by the charts, but in the long run, Christina Aguilera will no doubt continue to maintain a level of success that should see her rise again for many years to come.

Fans of Christina Aguilera: alleyt1989, AmerieFan, ben01, bsb745, Daniel09, DaveNT

Christina Aguilera's Top 10YearHPPoints
1Candyman ▲2007#2150,820
2Lady Marmalde ▲² (with P!nk, Lil' Kim & Mya)2001#1111,402*
3Genie In A Bottle ▲1999#2110,825
4Beautiful ▲2003#183,594
5Come On Over (All I Want Is You) ▲2000#980,128
6Ain't No Other Man ▲2006#671,432
7Dirrty ▲2002#466,156
8Car Wash ● (featuring Missy Elliott)2004#260,546
9What A Girl Wants● 1999#559,728
10Hurt ●2006#944,201

(* Points divided equally amongst all artists)

Currently in iTunes
456I Hate Boys
590Lady Marmalade
619, 996Not Myself Tonight


if we are talking chart runs, perhaps xtina is up tonight - check out her songs, she generally doesnt have good longevity

damn you chris, I figured it out 3 minutes too late >< LOL
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where is tilt ya head back?

Jennifer Lopez is bigger than you think...look at this end of year chart postions.
If You Had My Love - #16 [1999] <P>
Waiting For Tonight - #32 [1999] <P>
Let's Get Loud - #25 [2000] <P>
I'm Real - #53 + #41 [2001-2002] <P>2
Love Don't Cost A Thing - #61 [2001] <G>
Play - #73 [2001] <G>
I'm Gonna Be Alright - #77 [2002] <G>
Ain't It Funny - #88 [2002] <G>
All I Have - #11 [2003] <P>
Jenny From The Block - #32 [2003] <P>
Get Right - #29 [2005] <P>
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Christina is, or rather was, good. Her best is Lady Marmalade.
Ooh, down to two unbroken predictions now, the only difference (bar positions) is the inclusion of Beyonce/Rihanna. I say it'll be spoiled and Bon Jovi will be next, I'd like to imagine that J-Lo, Nelly & Janet aren't far off.

392, you have to put in perspective that it was when not every song spent half a year in the charts. Dilemma also was the #20 song of the decade so it clearly sold well. I think chri8 had it a bit higher in his EOD estimate as well.
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Seriously? CHRISTINA AGUILERA is lower than NELLY???!???

I love Christina Aguilera though, I suppose that's the big thing is that because Lady marmalade was split up evenly she is lower (I didn't even think about that) but happy that I did not predict her for the top 20.

I certainly hope J-Lo and Nelly don't make the top 20!

Here are my top ten Xtina tracks:
1. Beautiful
2. The Voice Within
3. Candyman
4. I Turn To You
5. What A Girl Wants
6. Come On Over
7. Lady Marmalade
8. Ain't No Other Man
9. Car Wash
10. Tilt Ya Head Back
Unlucky #11 - Not Myself Tonight
Favourite Non-Released Track: Save Me From Myself (from Back to Basics)
I also love her B-Side entitled 'I Will Be'

Def one of my favourite artists of the past decade

Wow I can't believe NMT fell so fast down iTunes, what a disappointment Xtina haha
Thought this could be of interest, the collective average prediction, done by averaging up everyone's positions, assigning #21 for anyone outside a person's top 20:

1. Madonna
2. Kylie Minogue
3. Michael Jackson
4. Elton John
5. The Black Eyed Peas
6. P!nk
7. Eminem
8. Britney Spears
9. U2
10. Mariah Carey
11. Delta Goodrem
12. Bryan Adams
13. Prince
14. INXS
15. Whitney Houston *
16. George Michael
17. Janet Jackson
18. John Farnham
19. Bon Jovi
=. Jimmy Barnes
21. Celine Dion *
22. Rihanna
23. Beyonce
24. Silverchair *
25. Christina Aguilera *
26. Nelly
27. Spice Girls *
28. The Offspring *
29. Shannon Noll *
30. Jennifer Lopez

*Has already appeared
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yay, christina. one of my all time faves
i had her just out of the top 20 at no.21

she is a fantastic performer, my only problem with her being that she cancelled the melbourne back to basics concert tour that i really was looking forward to.

top 15.
1. Candyman (peak.1,6wks) <P4>
2. Beautiful (peak.1,3wks) <P4>
3. Dirrty (peak.1,3wks) <P3>
4. Lady Marmalade (peak.1,4wks) <P3>
5. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) (peak.1,5wks) <P3>
6. Not Myself Tonight (peak.1,3wks) <P2>
7. Car Wash (peak.1,1wk) <P2>
8. Fighter (peak.1,2wks) <P2>
9. Aint No Other Man (peak.2) <P>
10. The Voice Within (peak.1,wks2) <P>
11. Genie In A Bottle (peak.4) <P>
12. Hurt (peak.3) <P>
13. Tilt Ya Head Back (peak.2) <P>
14. What A Girl Wants (peak.7) <G>
15. I Turn To You (peak.9) <G>

A True legend in my charts, and I do hope she releases many more to come.
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I've lost 2 artists already!

Mind you, I don't mind Whitney or Christina very much. But I'm VERY surprised J-Lo is still to come! The next five weeks are going to be so tense!
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OMG Candyman is her highest selling song no way her worst song imo and Ain't No Other Man very shocked
I believe Lady Marmalade had 445608, just divided.
28 Silverchair- I had them at 28 as well!!! yay for me!
My favourite for them would be Straight Lines!

27 Whitney- absoulute brilliance- I had her at 22.
It's hard to pick a winner here- I think How will I know, Step by Step, Your love is my love and One moment in time are stand outs for me

26. Christina- loved the stripped album with Fighter as my alltime Christina favourite. I had Christina at 21!
Lady Marmalade cannot have had 445,608 points. That equates to 6xPlatinum, and we all know it got nowhere near that.
Glad Candyman was recognised as Christina's best song in this countdown, for me it's the best song she has done. As I once said elsewhere Christina is very hit and miss for me. I'm not surprised she is so low in the Top 30. Anyway my favourite Christina songs are:

1. Candyman
2. Beautiful
3. Reflection
4. Come On Over (All I Want Is You)
5. What A Girl Wants

Lady Marmalade is awesome but I just don't feel comfortable listing it in a list of Christina songs for the reduced vocals she (and all the others have) on it due to the sharing. I would be like ranking We Are The World into any of those artists list of best songs.
Well it was credited as a four-way duet (quadret?) I believe, and those 111402 points Xtina got multiplied by four should be 445608...
Maybe the song got 111 402 points but chri8 divided it without actually stating how much she got?
What anton said is certainly what happened. Otherwise Christina's remaining six entries that weren't shown scored less than 60,000 points between all six which isn't feasible. The full points of Lady Marmalade were shown to give a clear indication of where it ranks amongst her songs, but not all of the 111,402 points were given to her, only around 27,850. (Which leaves a much more realistic total of just over 140,000 for the remaining six songs.)
Oh, alright. I didn't know, I'd have assumed that Chri8 would say the points she was awarded (and denoting it that it's obvious Xtina only was awarded around 27,850). Wow, I would've though Lady Marmalade to be her biggest hit by far with full points.
I didn't think it was that difficult to work out. Christina gets a quarter cut, just as bluezombie said, but to list a group of songs, I state it as the actual points the song gets, to give you an indication of its position as a song in its own right.
I wasn't sure, that's all. I thought you'd put what she gets so that it appears at the correct position in her list and works out right when added up in the list... if that makes sense. I assumed that Lady Marmalade had 445,608 not 27,850 because I thought it would get around that much (446K) anyway.
Will there be a special occasion chart for albums ?
Just an update/congratulations... only HeadInaMuse and BeansterBarnes have all their top 20 predictions still in play!!!
Britney may place higher - but as much as I love her - Christina has a better voice. But they are still Madonna wannabes!
next artist, please
he won't update again to monday evening
LOL the anticipation is killing me. Monday gee, first we want the countdown slowed down, today I have work off, at home hoping for another artist.
Nelly, Spice Girls or J Lo I reckon could be next three.
If I don't see Jennifer Lopez in the next five entries I WILL be

Side note:

Madonna 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1

LMAO! I will be SHOCKED LEFT AND RIGHT if Madonna is number one. Yes she has been big but I can pick out 2 solo artists and 1 group THAT YOU GUYS KNOW ARE COMING that will also be big players at the end. And 1 of those 3 acts (not saying who) should be number one. I'm not going to say who the 3 acts are who I think is the number 1 but I am SHOCKED that you think that even they aren't able to topple Madonna based on how Chri8 is doing the points. There is at least 1 artist that will SURELY beat Madonna. Sorry guys, but your guess for #1 is WRONG!
Madonna's Australian #1's

Like A Virgin (1984)
Crazy For You (1985)
Angel/Into The Groove (1985)
Papa Dont Preach (1986)
Like A Prayer (1989)
Vogue/Keep It Together (1990)
American Pie (2000)
Music (2000)
Hung Up (2005)
4 Minutes (2008)

and 30 other Top 10 hits

we'll see where she ends up johnny

edited: true blue wasnt a no.1 whoops
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Sorry mate "True Blue" the single did not peak at #1 in Australia, just the UK

"Me Against The Music" was the other #1 with Madonna as a featured artist

I'm sure there will be a big Madonna discussion at the very end )

Well, Happy 52nd Birthday to Madonna anyway.

Apart from the fact that she's had the most #1 hits in Australia, Madonna also had the most chart entries in total in Australia and you also have to keep in mind chris also counts accredations and Madonna has had plenty of platinum singles. If she isn't #1 then only one artist will surely beat her. (not saying who, but they do officially have the best selling single of all time)
You are taking about Elton. But I think Kylie is best chance to topple Madonna, Kylie had the higest selling single in Australia in the 80s with Locomotion and 10 #1's.

The other thing I thought about yesterday was Michael Jackson's huge upsurge in sales following his death, perhaps he sold 200,000 singles in the months following, maybe more. That should give him a top 3/4 placing I would think.
I'm going to guess that Johnny is talking about The Black Eyed Peas as a potential threat to #1. If the chart included 2010 that's a possibility but I don't think so. Madonna was way to successful in the 80s and 90s and 00s to not be #1. And was very consistent in the singles market.
The only artist I can see potentially taking number one other than Madonna is Elton John (I'm pissed I didn't predict him at number two, but oh well). Pretty sure Madonna should be no. 1 though, especially considering her longevity and consistency.
I should've put Elton at #2 too I think. He might be #1, but I still think Madonna will be #1. BillyBrett - why do you think 2010 would make a big difference for BEP? Their massive year was 2009, they just had two moderate hits in 2010 and a little bit off carry-over.
I was just thinking about the potential group that was spoken about. I wasn't thinking about the solo artists and I still don't think Elton will be #2 just because I think really he is slightly like Whitney one massive massive hit and the other songs often slipped out quickly (but happy to admit I'm not familiar with his 80s chart length)
Imma Be & RTB were both platinum with Meet Me Halfway selling about 50,000 copies IGF selling over 70,000+,BBP sold 20,000+ might affect there position after the update
70K plus this year! OMG Well, maybe so. With logical thinking where IGF isn't infinitely lived, they only had those two mod. hits (IB and RTB) and a bit of carryover... ah well.
Happy 52nd Birthday Queen Madonna. Kylie Minogue won't topple her, regardless of her number 1 singles - her singles do tend to drop quickly (look at the horrid All The Lovers single drop this week). No other artist will outdo Madonna on this list, Michael Jackson and Elton John will come close but they haven't been as frequent in terms of chart placements as Madonna has. Every year or two she has a single out, that usually goes to the top 20 or the 10 or even number 1. She will win, case closed.
No offense to you Chri8, but what's happened to yesterday's artist (#25)?
oh ffs next artist, please
maybe a tuesday evening impatient people..
I reckon, let Chri8 do whatever he wants.
Chri8 can do what he wants, I just want to know where #25 went, because Chri8 doesn't normally skip days, and was online yesterday.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#25. SPICE GIRLS (1996-2000, 2007, #1 - 11 entries)

(#1 Biggest Vocal Group)

Ginger, Posh, Baby, Sporty and Scary = the Spice Girls. Sounds all a bit silly, hey, and at the time maybe that was true, but these days they're all common pop music terms. Any one of those names said aloud can mean only one thing.

The Spice Girls were my Beatles, and I can't think of a better burst of music hysteria in my lifetime. While you may laugh at the thought of Spice Girls and The Beatles being mentioned in the same sentence, just think, they are sitting here in the Top 25 Biggest Singles Artists of the last 30 years, with just 10 singles to their credit (we won't mention that dismal 11th single just yet). However, as strange as it may seem, the two groups are referenced together quite frequently. Not since "John, Paul, George and Ringo" has a group been so widely recognized individually. The Spice Girls are considered the iconic image of 90's music, just as The Beatles were to the 60's, and with 75 million record sales to their name, from just four albums, they rank as the second most successful British band, behind The Beatles, on a pro rata scale. Oh, and did I mention they are the first #1 of the mini-countdowns on this list, taking out the prize in the Vocal Group category, one they also hold worldwide.

It all started with this...

"WANTED: R.U. 18–23 with the ability to sing/dance? R.U. streetwise, outgoing, ambitious and dedicated? Heart Management Ltd are a widely successful music industry management consortium currently forming a choreographed, singing/dancing, all-female pop act for a recording deal. Open audition. Danceworks, 16 Balderton Street. Friday 4 March. 11am-5:30pm. Please bring sheet music or backing cassette."

It was just like an unaired series of Idol or X Factor. 400 women turned up to the auditions, divided into groups of 10 to dance and sing their way to eventual pop music royalty. It was a long drawn out process, with successful candidates regularly pulling out, or unable to make it to future stages, and then given countless second chances. But the final five were selected and Geri Halliwell, Victoria Adams-Wood, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm and Michelle Stephenson officially became, err..."Touch". The girls were still in the very early stages of their career, but already had a line-up change when Michelle left after news her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer (although other members claim she just wasn't pulling her weight). Emma Bunton was recommended as the new fifth member with approval by both management and the other members, and soon Touch became the "Spice Girls".

While the Spice Girls are essentially a manufactured group, they had a surprising amount of control over their own careers, even if it wasn't to their managements' liking. Under that initial management, they had written quite a lot of material, but just weren't heading anywhere, blaming their backers for not taking in their vision or direction. They quit, stealing the master tapes of the songs laid down so as to keep that control, and searched for better representation. That came in the form of Simon Fuller, a well-respected manager who had looked after Annie Lennox and Cathy Dennis, and would soon create the phenomenon that was Pop Idol, which branched out to 100 different versions including Amercian Idol and Australian Idol. So, it was set. Spice Girls had some solid management, an album ready to be unleashed, a bus full of crazy costumes, and five personalities that would change music forever.

Not since The Beatles, Abba, and then Madonna's 80's career, has there ever been a more perfect run of hits, all Top 20 hits, with the lowest a respectable #13 on the Australian Singles charts. Play one Spice Girls single and you'll probably find you have to play them all, as they go from ballad to dance to pop back to ballad with ease, keeping that unique balance of personality and musical creativity perfectly in tune. The video clips were colourful as the five girls danced around in crazy outfits which became icons just as big as the girls themselves or the music they were creating. While "Spice" and the follow-up album, "Spiceworld" failed to hit #1 in Australia on the albums charts, they sure made up for it with 6xPlatinum accreditation for each. That's some serious selling which spanned just a little over two years.

As one of the "legends" of pop music history, the Spice Girls have relatively had the shortest career in history. After two albums, Geri Halliwell left the group, with the news hitting the front page of all the important newspapers. Laugh as you may, but this was a major blow to fans everywhere, now understanding how our parents felt when The Beatles decided to call it a day. Well, the Spice Girls hadn't officially broken up, not just yet, but the flow of hits went from a gush to a dribble, with the Geri tribute "Goodbye", and the "comeback" as a four piece, "Holler", rounding out the Spice Girls discography.

Fans of the Spice Girls still had plenty of material coming their way, as all five girls headed into solo careers ranging from the successful outputs from Mel C and Geri Halliwell, to the not so successful releases from Victoria Beckham, ironically the wealthiest of the five girls. All up, as a group and solo, a good forty to fifty Spice Girls singles are out there, from nearly 20 albums, certainly enough to keep any Spice Girls fan happy for a lifetime. But there was some good news when the entire group, including Geri, reunited in 2007 for some concerts to coincide with their "Greatest Hits" package. Containing a couple of new songs, the Spice Girls were finally granted a #1 album in Australia, the only major country to do so, however, this time, the lead single failed, as "Headlines" could only manage a #74 peaked before clearing out from the charts a couple of weeks later. As I said earlier, we just won't mention that one.

The legacy that is the Spice Girls continues to live on and grow, with old fans never tiring of the group, and new fans joining everyday, a testament to the fresh sounds their pop delights still hold today. With news that a "Mamma Mia" inspired musical called "Viva Forever" is in the works, with all five members of the Spice Girls on hand to give their input, it looks as if Spice-mania could take over the world again. I, for one, will be front row for that one!

Fans of Spice Girls: Gleek, MusicLover5059, V1AHHHH, Xtreme101

Spice Girls' Top 10YearHPPoints
1Wannabe ▲²1996#1233,944
2Viva Forever ▲1998#2117,546
32 Become 1 ▲1997#299,910
4Goodbye ▲1998#391,216
5Spice Up Your Life ▲1997#890,603
6Holler / Let Love Lead The Way ▲2000#273,245
7Stop ●1998#567,432
8Say You'll Be There ●1997#1256,880
9Too Much ●1998#944,176
10Mama / Who Do You Think You Are1997#1337,228

Currently in iTunes...


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Happy now everyone

Spice Girls are alright. They can be annoying sometimes.
Yay, #25! Spice Girls are alright, agreed with Anton. Wannabe is my fave of theirs. J-Lo is top 24
You raise a good point 392, top 24 is where artists start paying off for predictions, meaning that she was worthy of a list. Saying that, I'd like to imagine and hope that Beyonce (my #20) isn't up next.

Bon Jovi for #24.
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I hope Beyonce, Rihanna, Nelly and Jennifer Lopez is up next... not in that order thought =D

wow, I predicted the Spice Girls way wrong
NOOOOO!!!!! Can't believe Spice Girls didn't crack to Top 20! How the hell is Nelly above Spice Girls!?
Anyway, like them or not, Spice Girls are legends, I hope they come back soon
Lol I used to love the Spice Girls, I'm so happy that I didn't put them in the top 20. Biggest vocal group - wow!!!

Top 10 for me personally:
1. 2 Become 1
2. Viva Forever
3. Goodbye
4. Stop
5. Too Much
6. Mama
7. Say You'll Be There
8. Wannabe
9. Spice Up Your Life
10. Headlines

Really didn't like Holler lol! Tbh I can't believe the success that song received (and the comparatively low placing of Say you'll Be There).
My #20 was Celine Dion. I would think J-Lo to be #24 and Nelly #23, but knowing how this is going (no offence to the chart and chartmaker) they'll both be top 20
I always thought Mama/Who Do You Think You Are actually made the Top 10? I remember seeing it on rage in the Top 10.
Brilliant Love the Spice Girls- they were my 28

My favourite: Holler, Who do you think you are and Say You'll be there

My favourite solo track- Feels so Good by Mel B- it's so boppy
I Like the Spice Girls, here is my approx Top 5:

1. Who Do You Think You Are
2. Viva Forever
3. 2 Become 1
4. Say You'll Be There
5. Spice Up Your Life

The others were average, even Wannabe and that is their biggest hit!

My Christina Aguilera Top 10:

1. Slow Down Baby
2. Come On Over
3. What A Girl Wants
4. Keeps Getting Better
5. Genie In A Bottle
6. Aint No Other Man
7. Beautiful
8. Dirrty
9. Cant Hold Us Down
10. Not Myself Tonight
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chris8 was right. Spice Girls were our beatles. whether you like them or not, no artist took the world by storm like the Spice Girls did. Music legends and will live forever.

my Top 10
1. Spice Up Your Life
2. Let Love Lead The Way
3. Who Do You Think You Are?
4. Viva Forever
5. Mama
6. Wannabe
7. Goodbye
8. Stop
9. Say You'll Be There
10. Too Much
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aww the spice girls
a long time fave of mine!

top 10
1. Stop (peak.1,9wks) <P5>
2. Say You'll Be There (peak.1,3wks) <P3>
3. Wannabe (peak.1,2wks) <P2
4. Goodbye (peak.1,2wks) <P2>
5. Spice Up Your Life (peak.1,2wks) <P2>
6. Viva Forever (peak.3) <P2>
7. Who Do You Think You Are/Mama (peak.2) <P>
8. Holler (peak.6) <G>
9. Too Much (peak.4) <G>
10. 2 Become 1 (peak.10)

really thought they would make top 20, they would certainly be in mine
Ahhh words cannot express how much I admire and love The Spice Girls. They brough the late 90's music scene back to much needed life. I loved Baby the most! I really wish they would reunite for another album, or at least another tour! They all hate each other though (like they'll ever admit up to it though!) But true superstars! I miss them!
The Spice Girls suck balls
true that,Spice Girls are crap except Wannabe
@ steveeee192 What the hell dude? Spice Girls were cool but I am not happy with the "much needed life" comment. It seems like you are bashing the mid-90s music scene well let me tell you that 1994 was one of the best years of music history, do you know the song Juicy by Biggie Smalls? Yeah, that's right. Everything changed forever in 1998.
phew lucky i didn't put spice girls in, this means i get at least 1 point 4 nelly! Loved spice girls as a kid, still listen to their spiceworld album.

My top 5
1. Wannabe
2. Stop
3. Say you'll be there
4. Spice up your life
5. Goodbye
well maybe the spice girls think you suck balls "The King"
As we've reached the points where points are being given towards the Top 20 (unless it's J-Lo) can we please have a rundown so we can keep up with who's winning the race ?. (It won't be me although I'm hoping not to come last at least). At this point you'd think either J-Lo or Nelly would have to be close. Bon Jovi I think will now miss the Top 20.
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Well if Janet comes up then you'll be winning. Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Delta Goodrem, Eminem, George Michael, INXS, Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, Nelly, P!nk & Prince will all pay out to at least one person should they come up as well.
Thinking about, Chris can you add a row at the bottom of the list of predictions with the points score in?.
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Maybe they do Ben01 but since I'm a nobody thats actually impossible.
You know I'm right because I'm The King, can't wait for #24
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#24. CELINE DION (1991-2007, #1 - 24 entries)

(#11 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

If you think that the charts are a little void of a power ballad or too lately, just think that Celine Dion hasn't charted properly for a decade now. Coincidence, or did the power ballads of the 80's and 90's die when Celine decided to head into semi-retirement?

The 90's was certainly the decade for the "diva", as Whitney Houston continued the trend she re-booted in the 80's, Madonna settled down a bit with many "softer" tunes, and Mariah Carey emerged as one of the decades most successful artists. But if you wanted a suitable singer for your power ballad or movie soundtrack, Celine Dion was the one to sign up.

Celine's career was firmly planted in the 90's, quietly enjoying moderate success in 1991, the dizzying heights of success that her "The Colour Of My Love" and "Falling Into You" albums enjoyed, and the announcement that she was giving it all away in 1999. Retirement after just 10 years, you say? Well, would you believe that Celine Dion's career started way back in 1981, when she was just 13, releasing "La Voix du Bon Dieu", the first of eight (!!!) French albums released during the 80's. With each release, Celine Dion's following grew in her native Canada, accumulating around a million sales by the decades end. But if Celine was going to tackle the world, she would have to crumble to release an English speaking album, which came in 1990 in the form of "Unison". It was a slow start, but as a second English album joined her catalogue a year later, the two were bundled together, and soon Celine Dion was steadily climbing the charts with a couple of singles taking up residency in the lower end of the Singles charts. Movie soundtracks were becoming a dying art, but Celine made the most of the closing stages of the genre with her first major hit coming from Disney's "Beauty & the Beast". The groundwork had been laid, ready for Celine Dion to really take over the charts, and that she did.

1994's "The Colour Of My Love" and the follow-up, 1996's "Falling Into You" both hit #1 on the Australian Albums chart, with a combined accreditation of 20xPlatinum. Celine Dion was unbeatable for a good three years, with hit after hit bulleting up the charts. Three #1's kept power ballads relevant, while a fourth single, "Think Twice", was unlucky to miss the top spot, peaking at #2, but its amazing longevity sure it made up for it. "Falling Into You" even won the Grammy for "Album of the Year", although its Adult-contemporary-by-numbers formula makes it a very questionable choice. However, the album alone sold over 32 million copies worldwide, so, I guess it was the worlds' favourite, so why not.

As the biggest entertainer in the world at the time, why not set her up to represent what would become the biggest movie of all time. Providing the theme song to James Cameron epic "Titanic", Celine enjoyed her last #1, and last Top Ten hit. It would be one of the last classic movie ballads to enjoy chart success, as Celine Dion herself decided to retire herself for awhile with "All The Way...A Decade Of Song", showcasing the amazing career she had during the 90's.

Celine Dion moved onto the Las Vegas circuit, a lucrative market that can set you up for life. Securing a three year contract to perform 600 shows, Celine's shows would gross a total of $400 million as nearly 3 million fans swept through Sin City to see the last classic diva perform. While you think that this took up most of her time, Celine still managed quite a few albums during the 2000's, but either through lack of promotion, or loss of interest, her chart success never recuperated from her early retirement, managing only one Top 20 hit in 2002, but when you have a Vegas pay cheque regularly coming in, who really cares about all that stuff.

In 2007, Celine would release, in my opinion, her best song, "Taking Chances", certainly a chance as Celine's subtle approach made for a beautiful track, but alas, no chart success there either, and it seems no matter how hard Celine Dion tries, her chart career will forever be locked into the 90's, what what success that was for her. Long live the power ballad.

Fans of Celine Dion: alleyt1989

Celine Dion's Top 20YearHPPoints
1Because You Loved Me ▲²1996#1211,758
2My Heart Will Go On ▲²1997#1179,628
3Think Twice ▲1994#2126,558
4The Power Of Love ▲1994#1112,999
5It's All Coming Back To Me Now ●1996#866,573
6Tell Him ● (with Barbra Streisand)1997#946,903*
7Falling Into You1996#1231,504
8That's The Way It Is ●1999#1431,137
9Beauty & the Beast (with Peabo Bryson)1992#1728,998*
10A New Day Has Come ●2002#1923,737
11Only One Road1995#2322,176
12I'm Your Angel ● (with R. Kelly)1998#3114,154*
13Immortality (with The Bee Gees)1998#3813,018
14I Drove All Night ●2003#2211,461
15I'm Alive2002#3010,246
16All By Myself1997#387,789
17Where Does My Heart Beat Now1991#625,215
18Love Can Move Mountains1992#544,954
19If You Asked Me To1992#524,428

(* denotes half points awarded to artist for duet)

Currently in iTunes...
955My Heart Will Go On
997The Power Of Love
1003The Prayer (with Andrea Bocelli)
1013Because You Loved Me
1024It's All Coming Back To Me Now

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder
1392414 (1 point)


J-Lo is top 23!

Celine Dion is OK, her #2 is my fave of hers.

LOL about my win in the tipping comp. If only that stays like that the whole way through
How is Nelly and J-Lo still in play?!?!?! I supposed considering even Celine Dion didn't have very many top ten singles it's no wonder she is below number 20 (obviously didn't do much research when it came to predicting top 20), but I'm a big fan of her and her music. It is what I grew up on, her Falling Into You album would probably be one of the most played albums from when I was young.

My top ten Celine tracks:
1. My Heart Will Go On
2. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
3. Think Twice
4. The Power of Love
5. Taking Chances (I too am sad that this song wasn't very popular)
6. Because You Loved Me
7. FAlling Into You
8. All By Myself
9. I'm Your Angel
10. To Love You More

Woo 392 first points on the board!!! Nice Job!!
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whooaw dropped the ball on Celine too!
i had her top 10!

she is a legendary voice and i still really love all her songs, and yes i do agree with you chri8 taking chances is an awesome song!

top 10.
1. My Heart Will Go On (peak.1,5wks) <P6>
2. Because You Loved Me (peak.2) <P3>
3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now (peak.2) <P2>
4. The Power Of Love
5. Taking Chances (peak.3) <P2>
6. Thats The Way It Is (peak.3) <P2>
7. All By Myself (peak.3) <P>
8. Tell Him (peak.5) <G>
9. River Deep, Mountain High (peak.10) <G>
10. Falling Into You (peak.15)

what is the tipping ladder chri8? does that mean that someone has tipped a position correctly, i tipped The Offspring correctly at #29 so shouldnt that be a tip as well?

There goes another from my top 20- celine was at 16, but I probably have her so high because she is so great.
I have all her albums (except the french ones, and the first english one and that weird one with the baby photo lady) let me rephrase- I have many of her albums
I remember when it's all coming back to me now came out and I absolutley loved it along with the other big movie ones

My favs:
1. A New Day Has Come
2. It's all coming back to be now
3. My Heart will go one
4. misled
5. Because you loved me

Good work Celine!
Wow this countdown is really throwing me for a spin and telling me just how successful some artists that I thought were mediocre in their success are. Honestly thought Celine would have at least been Top 20, but maybe my thoughts were clouded by album sales.

My favs
1. Beauty And The Beast
2. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
3. My Heart Will Go On
4. I'm Alive
5. That's The Way It Is
6. The Prayer
7. Because You Loved Me
8. The Power Of Love
9. The Power Of The Dream (Double A side with Because You Loved Me)
10. A New Day Has Come
Phew! Glad I decided not to put Celine in.

I only know a couple of her songs but from the ones that I have heard I have thoroughly enjoyed. She's really really good.
You make me feel really really old with your statement antonnalan, time for this grandpa to go to bed I think LOL
I think I'm the one that should get some sleep actually
I only like my heart will go on

beanster and headinamuse are the only 2 to still have everyone intact
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@Iwasatschoolin1997 Uhm, I wasn't talking about the 90's rock or hip-hop scene. I love the 90's, some of the best bands/artists came out or developed (like Biggie, Nirvana, 2Pac, Ice Cube, Vanilla Ice etc) I meant the Spice Girls brought some much needed life and fun back into POP music, because when they came out Madonna had gone AWOL and the boy bands were dominating the charts. So maybe you shouldn't take comments that seriously lol. And for your information, in 1998 we got a taste of what was to come in the next decade of music. So I would say 1998 was a good year!
@steveeee192 I never said 1998 wasn't a good year I said the culture changed that year. It was a new beginning. As for the next decade of music, I completely disagree that 1998 gave a taste of what would come in the next decade (except for the early 2000s but not for the later years). And what was not fun about pop music before they became popular (it was 1996 when "Wannabe" came out). Let me tell you that 1995, 1994, 1993, 1992, 1991 and 1990 were ALL great years of pop music.
My Heart Will Go On makes me feel sick whenever I hear it, I wonder who will be #23
Hey Ben01. The ladder is from your Top 20 predictions at the top of this thread. Although many predicted the whole Top 20, I'm only counting the Top 20, cutting the voting off at #30 to make it a little more difficult. Although you got The Offspring correct, it didn't count at the time, but don't worry, you've only lost three artists so far, so plenty of points to come for you, no doubt.
Come on #23 MUST be Nelly!!!!!!
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#23. JENNIFER LOPEZ (1999-2007, #1 - 15 entries)

(#10 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

It looks like Jennifer Lopez turns out to be the most underestimated artist in the countdown at this end of the list, appearing on no Top 20 prediction list, and while that's a good thing for everone's points, as she didn't quite make it, she certainly came close to upsetting everyone involved. Let's welcome the Top Ten biggest female solo artists of the last 30 years.

It's hard to remember whether Jennifer Lopez's career actually started out as a singing or an acting one, but it was as a dancer that Jennifer would first make her way to becoming the most successful Hispanic performer in entertainment history. Dancing her way through various appearances on the cult comedy series, In Living Colour, Jennifer soon branched out into acting, appearing in the lead role as music recording artist Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, in the 1995 film, Selena. Jennifer received favourable reviews for her performance, and soon scored what would be her breakthrough role, opposite George Clooney in "Out Of Sight". Jennifer Lopez soon spread herself around in nearly every facet of entertainment, tackling the final frontier - music - in 1999. "On The 6" brought Jennifer Lopez success that had her as one of the premier music artists, and most bankable movies stars of the early 2000's.

Jennifer Lopez never seemed to fail with her musical releases, but also never seemed to stand out, which is probably why many would be surprised to find her so high in this list, beating out musical powerhouses such as Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. While "If You Had My Love", Jennifer's first and only #1 delivered the singer as a major arrival, it was consistency in the charts that kept the singer climbing the ladder of success, without tiring her legions of fans. Seven Top 5 hits, to be exact, and another three of Top Ten's added on, is a solid performance in the charts, and more than most achieve in a lifetime, but Jennifer Lopez actually only missed the Top 20 once with "Ain't It Funny" in its original form peaking at #25. A remix released a year later corrected that wrong, putting the single in the Top 10, and so, every single Jennifer Lopez release that charted in the Top 100 made the Top 20, a perfect record. Now do you see why Jennifer Lopez belongs this high up amongst the Biggest Singles artists of the last 30 years?

Jennifer Lopez's musical career has had to keep afloat her entire career, as her movie's could never surpass the critical success her albums gave her. She starred in many moderately successful films such as "The Wedding Planner" and "Maid In Manhattan", but the low points such as "Gigli" were a real stinker, notoriously one of the worst box office...eh hem, "successes" of all time. But still, Jennifer Lopez was in demand, and funnily enough, was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, receiving $15 million for her role in "Monster-In-Law", a movie which saw Jane Fonda return after somewhat of a retirement.

Many careers of late have found success hard to sustain passed a decade of hits, and Jennifer Lopez is one of them, with her 2007 album "Brave" bombing with a #46 peak. It remains the only English album of Jennifer's not to enjoy a Top Ten hit, but does set Jennifer up for a mighty comeback, which is on the cards this year with the release of "Love?", under her new contract with Def Jam Recordings. There also a revival in her television career with future roles set up on popular shows such as "How I Met Your Mother" and "Glee" coming our way. So there's still plenty of Jennifer to enjoy at the moment, and hopefully we'll see more additions to her already impressive sales of 25 million albums worldwide that may just see her edge her way to the Top 20 Biggest Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's in the years to come.

Jennifer Lopez's Top 10YearHPPoints
1If You Had My Love ▲1999#1116,070
2I'm Real ▲²2001#5105,784
3Let's Get Loud ▲2000#9105,522
4All I Have ▲2003#2104,952
5Jenny From The Block ▲2002#590,187
6Get Right ▲2005#385,687
7Waiting For Tonight ▲1999#482,357
8Love Don't Cost A Thing ▲2001#460,150
9Ain't It Funny ● (includes "Remix")2001/02#25/#944,365
10Play ●2001#1438,218

Currently in iTunes...
960Let's Get Loud

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder
1392414 (1 point)


Well, finally J-Lo appears. I'm upset still though, Nelly was my #30 and he's top 22

Jennifer Lopez isn't too bad, but I wouldn't say I really love her music. Love Don't Cost a Thing is the best from the ones I know, I'm Real is good when not murdered. "Jennifer Lopez never seemed to fail with her musical releases, but also never seemed to stand out, which is probably why many would be surprised to find her so high in this list" I agree with that, that's what made me put her quite low.
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Finally, the artist that has next to no bearing on the comp. Could be wrong, but I think this is the first time in a while that the male & female countdowns are up to the same number.
Jenny from the Block sat at my 29!
Speaking of which that one of my favourites from her! But my best from J-Lo- PLAY!
A big sigh of relief that she is not in my top 20
I do have to admit though, I love J-Lo and am kinda sad that she hasn't had continued success in recent times. She is probably one of the most influential artists from my intermediate school days, she was too cool hahaha...
Here is my top ten:
1. All I Have
2. Ain't It Funny
3. I'm Real (Remix)
4. Get Right
5. Let's Get Loud
6. Jenny From the Block
7. Play
8. Love Don't Cost A Thing
9. Baby I Love U
10. Hold U Down

Interesting to see the distribution of her points, I think she was a dark horse because she didn't have that one MASSIVE hit that became a signature track for her. But good to see her down, and hope that tomorrow is Nelly
cool, "im glad" to see jenny lo so high as she has always been a fave of mine (say bar her last album).

top 15
1. Im Real (peak.1,3wks) <P4>
2. Get Right (peak.1,3wks) <P4>
3. Play (peak.3) <P3>
4. Lets Get Loud (peak.1,1wk) <P3>
5. Love Dont Cost A Thing (peak.2) <P2>
6. If You Had My Love (peak.1,1wk) <P2>
7. Im Glad (peak.1,2wks) <P>
8. Jenny From The Block (peak.2) <P>
9. Baby I (Heart) U (peak.1,2wks) <P>
10. All I Have (peak.5) <P>
11. Im Gonna Be Alright (peak.8) <G>
12. Do It Well (peak.3) <G>
13. Feelin So Good (peak.12)
14. Aint It Funny (peak.15)
15. Hold You Down (peak.3) <G>

shame that her brave album was a flop, but hoping she can bounce back soon. also must say i really LOVE all her videos. she was a legend especially with the videos from the JLO album
Hey all, just logged in after a long time and caught up on the countdown. Great job Chris8. Still doing well. I know i missed the little comp you guys are having, but thought I would note where i think people will land.
How come nelly is so high? I can remember a few songs and thats it. I hope he is not in the top 20. Did he ever hit number one as a solo artist?

1) Madonna
2) Michael Jackson
3) Kylie Minogue
4) Elton John
5) Pink
6) Black Eyed Peas
7) Britney Spears
8) Eminem
9) Mariah Carey
10) U2
11) INXS
12) Prince
13) John Farnham
14) Bryan Adams
15) Janet Jackson
16) George Michael
17) Rihanna
18) Bon Jovi
19) Jimmy Barnes
20) Beyonce

Still cannot understand why everyone is surprised at Nelly's height in this countdown.

Dilemma - absolutely massive, 14 weeks in top 10
Ride Wit Me - long-running single in the upper echelons
Over and Over - another massive single
E.I. and Country Grammar - long-running low peakers
Hot In Herrre - a pop culture phenomenon
Shake Ya Tailfeather - forgettable song, but high-peaker
My Place - #1
Tilt Ya Head Back - another big one!!!

It is kinda easy to forget that Nelly had a lock on those early 2000s years and in my predictions I believed that he would outrank Eminem as the highest placed rapper! I still stand by that guess!!
I agree Clinton-
Dilemma was at least P2 and I Over and Over was P2 too! (hehe)
Hot in herre, My Place and tilt ya head back were all Platmium i think
and Shake ya tailfeather was massive even if it will be divided by 3.

I keep a tally of points only of artists each year since 1990 and have them divided into decades and Nelly was the top artist until about 2007 or 8
Having said that even I seem to have underestimated him as I think i've got Nelly at 23- so the wait for Nelly continues
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#22. JOHN FARNHAM (1980-81, 1986-2003, #1 - 30 entries)

(#6 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#9 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

John Farnham, at 61 years old, is still one of the hottest tickets in town, with a string of concerts towards the end of this year selling out across the country. Unfortunately for John, Australia's love affair with the singer means that he's really not going to be able to retire until, well...without being grim, it would take a natural cause for that to happen. It's rare that you will see an artist chart as a teenager, and again in their 50's, but over the last 30 years, John Farnham has been able to draw a huge audience from a huge demographic, which is why he mixing it up at this end of the countdown with young stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Spice Girls.

John Farnham, one of Australia's most loved entertainers, has enjoying a comeback of sorts since the positive reaction from his appearance at last years benefit concert for victims of the Victorian bushfires. That WAS John coming out of his proper retirement, while the accompanying release, "Essential 3.0", his last Greatest Hits package, proved a winner, hitting the Top Ten in 2009. What the album showcased was one of the most successful and long-lasting careers, not just locally, but worldwide.

Born in England, John Farnham moved to Australia aged 10, and was soon involved in school functions and charity events. At 16, working as an apprentice plumber, he still kept his singing aspirations alive, fronting The Mavericks at local dances. And then came 1967, and an 18 year old Farnham recorded what would eventually become the highest selling Australian single of all time, a record unbroken until 1979's "Up There Cazaly". That single was "Sadie (The Cleaning Lady)", and as much as John hated the song, it was responsible for making him a household name overnight. It was also the beginning of a successful eight year chart run consisting of eight Top Ten hits and two #1's.

With this list of the Biggest Singles Artists since 1980, John Farnham had already established himself as one of the premier acts from this country, so there's plenty to be added to his overall tally. But cut to 1986, and John was about to begin "John Farnham Part 2", repeating his early success, almost note for note, with another couple of #1's and another string of Top Ten hits.

1986's "You're The Voice" would bring John Farnham back from relative obscurity, and its mother album, "Whispering Jack" became the Biggest selling Australian album of all time. Another five huge multi-Platinum selling albums followed, until 2000's "33⅓" album gave John his final Top 50 single entry. In between, John played it safe with his radio-friendly hits always pleasing to the ear, but there were surprisingly risky moves from such an artist as John, to credit him as a diverse talent. "Chain Reaction", the title track from his 1990 album of the same name was a rockabilly treat, and a gutsy release as the lead track from an album, while 1993's "Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" is a subtle move into electronic pop that, at the time, was battling Eurodance hits from Ace Of Base and Culture Beat, and standing up to them relatively well. But John Farnham usually played it safe, but with album sales he enjoyed in this country, it was obviously the right move. Since "Whispering Jack" sold its way into history with a 24xPlatinum accreditation, John Farnham's album's, studio, live and greatest hits, have totalled a staggering 73xPlatinum, and counting!!! You can be assured that had albums been taken into account for this list that there would be a dramatic improvement in his placing here.

But this is a celebration of singles, and John Farnham has been able to withstand all the fads and trends that go along with the singles market, impresive in the fact that John's fanbase is a more mature one, and the singles charts are regularly shaped by the younger community. His career has spanned five decades, giving him 48 solo Top 100 hits, the most by any Australian performer (still three ahead of Kylie Minogue, his nearest threat), and 6 hit singles as the lead singer of Little River Band during 1981-86.

Any chance of a record-breaking sixth decade of chart performance? You betcha. 2010 will see the release of a new studio album, "Love Chooses You", (looks like that "The Last Time" album needs a renaming!) and with the momentum currently in process from his upcoming concerts, we might very well have a 61 year old performer topping the albums charts later this year. Now that HAS to be a record of some sorts, even worldwide. But before we get our hopes up too high, let's enjoy what John has given us over the last 30 years, of an impressive career that will continue to shine as earlier years are added to this list.

John Farnham's Top 30YearHPPoints
1You're The Voice ●1986#1201,043
2Age Of Reason1988#1111,768
3When Something Is Wrong With My Baby ▲ (with Jimmy Barnes)1991#392,249*
4Pressure Down1986#491,953
5Every Time You Cry ▲ (with Human Nature)1997#387,487*
6Burn For You ●1990#565,696
7Chain Reaction ●1990#658,642
8Two Strong Hearts ●1988#650,386
9Everything's Alright ● (with Kate Ceberano & Jon Stevens)1992#644,203*
10That's Freedom ●1990#642,083
12Have A Little Faith (In Us)1996#333,616
13Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time1993#1631,346
14Communication (with Dani'elle)1989#1322,892*
15Please Don't Ask Me (includes 1991 "Live Version")1981/91#67/#2122,436
16A Touch Of Paradise1987#2418,589
17A Simple Life1996#299,049
19That's No Way To Love Someone1981#525,372
20Beyond The Call1988#404,825
21Heart's On Fire1996#504,797
22Tryin' To Live My Life Without You2000#423,780
23In Days To Come1991#493,573
24Talk Of The Town1994#613,469
26Too Much Too Soon1981#821,903
27Keep Talking2003#651,692
28Don't Let It End1997#661,368
29We're No Angels1989#87891
30She's Everywhere1980#90837

(* Denotes shared points divided between the artists)

Currently in iTunes...
631You're The Voice

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder
1=bsb745, happypeople (3 points)3=392414, HeadInAMuse, antonnalan, Daniel09 (1 point)


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Yes! At least I get a point
I had John Farnham at #21. Don't really like his music.
Sad to be down on the tipping ladder. Well, I was #1 for two days!
I suggest you do it like this
=1bsb745, happypeople3
=3392414, HeadInAMuse, antonnalan, Daniel091
Or, like
haha; yay im winning with happypeople right now
but I prob wont win overall.... I forgot britney spears in my predicting somehow LOL
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Let's not even look where I had John Farnham
Thought that Pressure Down and Age of Reason were much bigger hits- but this is really proving to me that although I spent lots of times with the charts since 1990 before that its really limited

However, love John Farnham
That's Freedom is my favourite

A sentimental favourite though is When Something is Wrong with my Baby- it was the song playing when I first 'slow danced' with a girl (sounds like I was in the 50's at the time) How cute
"Let's not even look where I had John Farnham"

What, #9?
Wow I actually thought John would be higher than Jimmy Barnes, mainly because I like his songs more! But at least we're nearing that top 20!!! Gutted that I don't have any points on the board hahaha. I'm happy though that I didn't chuck him in my top twenty

My fave John Farnham songs:
1. You're The Voice
2. Pressure Down
3. Chain Reaction
4. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
5. Age of Reason
6. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
7. Have a Little Faith In Us
8. A Touch of Paradise
9. Everytime You Cry
10. Sadie
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like Spice Girls very much, don't mind J-Lo or Celine, love John Farnham though!!!

Correct Guess 1 place away 2 places away 3 places away 4 places away
BINGO!!! - 10 points!!! - 6 points - 3 points - 2 points - 1 point

Am I right to assume Chri8, that means 5 to 10 places away, and means *more* than 10 places away?
I'm just wondering chri8topher, after this countdown, what will the new countdown topic be? I simply can't get enough of them (from both this site and yours.)

I almost had whispering jack in the top 20 but then i realised that his sucess came from his albums, in saying that i actually had Jimmy Barnes at #21, interesting to see if i'm right or not.
lol if you ever get bored chri8 you could add album sales as well
I might be wrong but I think that at one point Chri8 said he'd do an albums version or add album sales to this (not sure which one).
I'm slowly coming to the realisatioin that my stupid brain factored in albums success when putting in my predictions. Still surprised that J-Lo who really when it comes down to it has produced mediocre non memorable hits has ranked higher than artists who have more recognisable hits. Same goes for Nelly.
Well, that's the Singles charts for ya, and something that is rarely tallied on its own, but gives these artists a chance to shine in their own field.

I have no intentions to include albums into this list for a couple of reasons. One being I don't have the info for a start, and while the ARIA stuff is gettable, I have no Albums records before 1988, which would throw the whole thing off balance. I don't want to have SOME album info entered into it, but neglect anything pre-1988, and especially the 50's and 60's artists, whose singles I will include at a later date.

Also, so much Albums sales occur out of the Top 100 over a long period of time, of which I would have no way to track using chart positions.

I'll leave it up to the record companies to supply that info, as I don't quite know how I would do it...but you never know what my spare time might force me to do...heh heh.

So there's no plans for an albums countdown on the horizon, although I do have an idea for an albums countdown which tracks the Singles sales from an album, rather than the Albums sales. Plus there's plenty more Countdowns to come once this thing in front of you is finished.

P.S. means incorrect, wrong, nothing.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#21. BON JOVI (1986-2009, #2 - 32 entries)

(#3 Biggest Band)

The end of the line has come for all those artists who failed to reach #1 in Australia's Singles charts. Bon Jovi may have never reached the summit in Australia (although they never had a problem with that for their albums), at least they can lay claim to being the most successful act that never did. Perhaps if Jon Bon Jovi didn't steal all the good stuff for himself in 1990, when he reached #1 solo with "Blaze Of Glory", the guys from Bon Jovi would both have a #1 hit AND most probably find themselves in the Top 20 Biggest Artists of the last 30 years. So now, the Top 20 contains only #1 artists!

The 80's was quickly shaping up to be a decade of pop as Madonna, George Michael, Prince, and Michael Jackson quickly became the faces of the decade. Rock music was confined to the Australian pub rock of INXS and Midnight Oil, and male solo artists such as Bruce Springsteen and Bryan Adams. An international stadium rock act had been absent from the charts since around 1980 and 1981, when The Rolling Stones had made their 80's comeback. But the genre was on the slow cooker, ready to unleash a wave of artists that would bring the rock band back to the top of the charts.

Bon Jovi formed in 1983, releasing a couple of albums in '84 and '85, "Bon Jovi" and "7800° Fahrenheit". Australia was too interested in a certain "Material Girl" or "Gloved One" to dig the rock sounds that came from those two albums, but that didn't mean that they weren't going to figure for the guys in the charts. Pop seemed to take a little break in 1986, and with "Slippery When Wet", Bon Jovi's time was now, enjoying a long-lasting moderate hit in "You Give Love A Bad Name", one of the longest charting singles never to break into the Top 30, spending 41 weeks in the Top 100. It wouldn't be long before the mighty "Livin' On A Prayer" came our way, and Bon Jovi finally got some good milage out of the Top 10 with an eventual peak of #3 in 1987. From then on Bon Jovi would rarely fail. Those two earlier albums would poke their heads into the lower end of the Top 50 Albums charts, while 1988's "New Jersey" repeated the performance of "Slippery" by hitting #1.

After a three year break, one that would see Jon Bon Jovi find his own success as a solo artist fueling rumours the band was breaking up, Bon Jovi returned with an epic masterpiece, full of hits, and successfully complete the journey from successful youthful glam band, to critically accepted grown-up rock band. "Keep The Faith" cemented the band as one of the greatest and most anticipated of all time, a fact that was proven with a 1994 greatest hits package, "Crossroads", giving them their biggest hit, "Always", the closest they ever got to a #1 hit.

With 11xPlatinum eventually accredited to the album, and another 11 giving in total to their former albums, it was only a matter of time before Bon Jovi would have to come down from those blockbuster sales. It seems that "Greatest Hits" jinx applies to even the biggest acts in the world, as 1995's "These Days" showed a dramatic interest drop for the band. It was something the band recognized too, taking a good five years off to reset themselves for their 2000's career, one they would have to battle against artists half their age.

2000 saw a great many established acts enjoy much of their former success, and Bon Jovi was one of them, scoring one of their biggest hits, and somewhat of a staple on Gold FM these days, with "It's My Life". The "Crush" album was another #1, the last of a string of six chart-topping albums before faltering with the #5 peak of "Bounce" in "2002". It seems there was just over 35,000 Bon Jovi fans left in Australia for the rest of the 2000's, as "Bounce" was the first of four albums to receive no more than a Gold accreditation. Bon Jovi's days as a successfully charting band may be over, making way for newer bands that are no doubt influenced in some way by the band and their 130 million album sales worldwide.

Chart success isn't everything, and in usual fashion, Bon Jovi have became a well-established live act that will always fill a stadium anywhere they go. That's the payoff for such bands who have endured for over 25 years. Australia have their chance to see one of the most successful groups of all time when Bon Jovi hit our shores later on this year, and maybe we haven't seen the last of "Livin' On A Prayer" in the Top 50 just yet, as the track has been popping up here and there in the lower reaches of the Top 100 recently. Now wouldn't that be a treat.

Fans of Bon Jovi: BeansterBarnes (of course!!!), ben01, Chris A, DaveNT, steveeee192

 Bon Jovi's Top 30YearHPPoints
1Always ▲²1994#2167,169
2It's My Life ▲2000#589,589
3Livin' On A Prayer1987#383,356
4Bad Medicine1988#465,972
5Bed Of Roses ●1993#1059,040
6Keep The Faith1992#1054,728
7This Ain't A Love Song ●1995#447,187
8Have A Nice Day ●2005#839,615
9In These Arms1993#1037,656
10Wanted Dead Or Alive1987#1332,121
11Something For The Pain1995#1430,802
12Someday I'll Be Saturday Night1995#1029,083
13Say It Isn't So ●2000#924,841
14Everyday ●2002#524,139
15Lie To Me1995#2022,729
16You Give Love A Bad Name1986#3220,575
17I'll Sleep When I'm Dead1993#2418,683
18Lay Your Hands On Me1989#2317,492
19I'll Be There For You1989#2316,196
20Thank You For Loving Me2000#3410,545
21Born To Be My Baby1989#3010,026
22Live! On Tour EP1987#219,630
24Never Say Goodbye1987#268,959
25Dry County1994#315,922
26All About Lovin' You2003#315,809
27I Believe1993#404,036
28These Days1996#383,991
29Real Life1999#523,640
30One Wild Night2001#353,627

Currently in iTunes...
194, 559Livin' On A Prayer
341It's My Life
712Wanted Dead Or Alive
797You Give Love A Bad Name
846Bed Of Roses
996We Weren't Born To Follow

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder
1HeadInAMuse (7 points)2=bsb745, happypeople, alley1989, JMcN (3 points)
6=Daniel09, BillyBrett, BeansterBarnes, Clinton (2 points)
9=392414, antonnalan, DaveNT, freakystevie (1 point)


"Have A Nice Day"...and weekend.

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Yes I'm on Top!
Great, a Saturday artist! Haha, 1-1-3-9 in the Tipping... doesn't look so good.

I love It's My Life. Always and Livin' on a Prayer are also good, but overall I wouldn't really say that I like Bon Jovi.

The idea for a countdown of singles from albums sounds great.

Woo I got some points. Yeah! I have always thought it was bizarre that Bon Jovi could manage big selling albums and get a number one but a #1 on the singles charts remained elusive. If it weren't for Silverchair (I think) Always would have got there. I think that was a large reason for me disliking Tomorrow with such a passion as I wanted Bon Jovi to get a #1. Although I imagine a lot of the public like to assumethey got there with Jon Bon Jovi's Blaze Of Glory
Just missing the TOP 20

I had a feeling this was going to be the case but am mightily surprised that Nelly is still to come

Anyway as a celebration (hehe) I will endevour to write a summary of their career in the next 48 hours and as a treat after tomorrow's A.R.I.A broadcast on Jammin I will be playing a Bon Jovi marathon from start to finish.
Sounds good. Will be interesting to see a real fans perspective on one of these artists!
WooHoo points to me
Bon Jovi are a great band and it's a shame that they have been pipped for a top 20 spot.

These Days is my favourite here
also Always and anything from the Keep the Faith album!
Hey, just wondering why I am not in the tipping comp update? I should be on 2 points after Bon Jovi!!!

Also, I really thought that Livin on a Prayer would have sold a lot more!
Sorry, Clinton. Nothing personal.
Yeah I had a feeling about Bon Jovi, but at least I got a point.

I also think I'm going to be a bit out with Janet Jackson (she'll be higher than #20) and I think I have George Michael (at #9) a bit too high as well. I am a bit surprised about Nelly & Beyonce though.
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Yay for Bon Jovi!!!! Livin On A Prayer, It's My Life, Bad Medicine, You Give Love A bad Name and These Days would be a couple favs
Great to see Bon Jovi fall.
My top ten Bon Jovi songs:

1. You Give Love A Bad Name
2. I'll Be There For You
3. Always
4. Livin' On A Prayer
5. Have A Nice Day
6. Bed of Roses
7. Say It Isn't So
8. Born To Be My Baby
9. We Weren't Born To Follow
10. Thank You For Loving Me

Not a big fan of the last three songs, but Bon Jovi are alright.
Just a question about Livin' on a Prayer. If my memory is coorrect it has had one or two (I think but may be wrong) re-apperances very low down in the last couple of years (since downloads have been included). So did these add any points or not?.
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Of course...but nothing extravagant.
B2: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking B1?"

B1: "I think I am B2, it's next artist time."
Oh cheese and whiskers, why hasn't it been updated yet?
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*Cheese actually Do you have to complain ALL the time? (I'm referring to those impatient ones)
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#20. PRINCE (1982-1998, 2004, #1 - 41 entries)

(#8 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

My name is Prince, and he is funky. Well, you get you argument from me here. But there was a time when his name wasn't Prince, it was just a symbol, a love symbol, best represented on keyboard as O(+>, but then he was Prince again, and is still so known today. Confused? Believe me, we all were in the mid-90's.

Prince one is one of pop "Big Three", born in the same year as Madonna and Michael Jackson, and helped shape the music of the 80's and 90's. He was certainly unrivaled with his pop/funk/jazz/rock (and a bit of everything else) fused releases that represent one of the largest outputs of music ever. It was widely rumoured that the Prince "vault" contains more music unreleased than released. Forbid me to say, but there'll be no shortage on posthumous albums when the purple one knocks on those pearly gates.

In 1978, at the age of 19, Prince released his first album, "For You", a promising effort, but a somewhat moderate success, selling just under half a million copies in its initial release. Fast forward to 1984, when Prince Rogers Nelson released "Purple Rain", the soundtrack to the movie also starring the purple one. It was his proper arrival making him only the third act in history to hold the #1 single, album and movie in the US. After a string of hits, not to mention an Oscar for Best Song Score, "Purple Rain" went on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide.

What followed was an abundance of hits and just as many misses. Always a critics favourite, Prince had to work pretty hard with each release to sell. Usually the music buying public gave him the thumbs up, but with trepidation, giving him many successes, but no blockbusters. Just two Prince singles made it all the way to #1 in Australia, but it could just as easily been six, as Prince was unlucky to enjoy four #2 peaking singles, quite possibly an all-time record, and one I'll have to check out in the future.

Although Prince closed the 80's successfully with the accompanying "pop" soundtrack for Tim Burton's "Batman" film, he was relatively back to the low sales for his "real" albums, while another soundtrack for his own film venture in 1990, "Graffiti Bridge" did little in the way of raising his profile. An exclusive club track of Prince's did the rounds in various US nightclubs, and quickly gained interest, enough for the track to lead off what would be Prince second coming. "Gett Off" was the track, and was possibly ruder than anything he had released before - although the line between that and his former releases in that area is very fine. It worked a treat in Australia, giving Prince another crack at the Top Ten, while "Cream" was hot on its heels, and managed yet another #2 hits, spurring the sales of the album "Diamonds And Pearls" to eventually give him another #1 album. This was 1992, and Prince's tally of two #1 albums in one year, a re-entry for the "Purple Rain" soundtrack into the Top 50, and three Top Ten hits made Prince one of the most successful acts of the year, despite not having a real major hit during the year.

I think the weirdest experience I've ever had as a Prince fan was in 1997 when he release "Betcha By Golly Wow!" as a free single. I'm not the most outgoing person around, so to walk into a store and ask for the new Prince single, and for them to give it to me, no money exchanging hands, and then walking out again, was a bit surreal. It certainly did count towards the charts though, giving Prince his last Top 20 hit ever.

Prince's restriction from his record company forced him to do that infamous name change thingy, and unfortunately, Prince/Love Symbol's success was hindered, bar one final #1 hurrah with "The Most Beautiful Girl In The World". While we're back to Prince again, and with many releases, both critically acclaimed and critically bashed, his chart success could never get over the confusion set up by his questionable tactics. But at least the fans can continue to enjoy, as Prince recently released a box set caleed "Lotus Flower", his 25th studio album!

Prince was somewhat of a pioneer of sexuality in song, and his influence has been heavily featured by artists such as Justin Timberlake, whose "FutureSex/LoveSounds" album was compared to that of Prince's work. But copy as they may, there will never be another artist as unique as Prince.

 Prince's Top 40YearHPPoints
1Cream ▲1991#2141,825
2The Most Beautiful Girl In The World ▲ (includes "The Beautiful Experience" EP)1994#1/#14107,533
3Batdance ●1989#283,417
4When Doves Cry1984#182,533
51999 (includes "New Power Generation Version")1983/1998#2/#4771,891
7Gett Off1991#838,182
9Little Red Corvette1983#835,410
10Diamonds And Pearls1992#1333,619
11Sexy M.F.1992#530,721
12My Name Is Prince1992#929,170
13Let's Go Crazy1984#1027,684
14Raspberry Beret1985#1326,087
15Thieves In The Temple1990#1622,086
17Money Don't Matter 2 Night1992#1815,462
18Alphabet St.1988#2013,567
19Sign "O" The Times1987#2911,700
21Betcha By Golly Wow!1997#1811,164
24Purple Rain1984#415,859
25I Hate U1995#334,338
27Paisley Park1985#383,906
28Purple Medley1995#403,631
30New Power Generation1990#911,944
31Pink Cashmere1993#871,871
32Pop Life1985#671,696
33Glam Slam1988#761,638
35The Morning Papers1993#871,381
36Arms Of Orion (with Sheena Easton)1989#881,120
37U Got The Look (with Sheena Easton)1987#90900
39I Would Lie 4 U1985#98828

Currently in iTunes...
1024When Doves Cry

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1DaveNT (11 points)2=HeadInAMuse, freakystevie1 (7)4happypeople (5)
5=392414, bsb745, antonnalan, alley1989, JMcN (3)10=D Man, Daniel09, BillyBrett, BeansterBarnes, Clinton (2)


Prince is well.... interesting. Great commentary though chri8. I don't really have a standout favourite of his, I should go and listen to his songs again.
Not a big fan of Prince. I do like When Doves Cry, Little Red Corvette and Raspberry Beret.

Nice prediction, Dave
Wow, Prince has had more entries than I thought.
hey chri8 i had bon jovi at #22, shouldnt that count as a 1 place away tip?

Great to see 3 of my fave 80's artists

John Farnham. what an aussie legend. You cant go past Youre The Voice, Age Of Reason, Pressure Down, Have A Little Faith (In Us) all legendary.

Bon Jovi. Wow, Livin On A Prayer has ticked over 150 plays on my ipod which is the highest for a song post purchase of my ipod. its an awesome song to run to at the gym!.

Top 10.
1. Livin On A Prayer
2. Always
3. Bad Medicine
4. Its My Life (peak.2) <P3>
5. Have A Nice Day (peak.3) <P2>
6. You Give Love A Bad Name
7. Bed Of Roses
8. Say It Isnt So (peak.6) <P>
9. Keep The Faith
10. We Werent Born To Follow (peak.9) <G>

Prince also holds a high play count in my top 50 played songs and it suprised me to find out it was Raspberry Beret
. Cream was one of my fave songs as a young kid, didnt realise how dirty it was until later on lol

Top 10
1. 1999
2. Raspberry Beret
3. Cream
4. When Doves Cry
5. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
6. Betcha By Golly Wow (peak.21)
7. Purple Rain
8. Musicology (peak.11)
9. Lets Go Crazy
10. Little Red Corvette

great to finally hit the top 20, we are officially in the power section now!
Ahhhh Prince, like Bon Jovi I also had a feeling he'd be up soon and a lot of our TOP 20 predictions are now looking even shakier

You can have Prince to thank for my love of music, here's a few facts and first that Prince supplied to me back in the early 90's.

The Batman soundtrack was the first album i fell in love with, played it religuosley for many months.

Cream was the very first film clip I ever saw on Saturday morning on Video Hits, my reaction was 'Can he do that on TV and get away with it?

I know i've said before that Zombie by The Cranberries was my first official purchase but the first ever single I owned but then lost quiet quickly was My Name Is Prince which i bought from Campbelltown Brash's one Thursday night along with The Rockmelon's - It's Not Over Till It's Over

My first ever night-long RAGE experience was luckily a Prince special back in 1994, i think.

Prince was also the first artist I heard drop the F-bomb in music hehe.

I have followed his music since the glorious 90's but nothing can compete with that stuff, more importantly his Gold Experience album is a masterpiece I still frequently play today

O(+> PRINCE 4 EVA O(+>
Ben01, the points for the predictions only relate to artists that you had in your top 20.

I really like Prince he has had some brilliant songs over the years. Congrats to DaveNT for getting him right on the spot! I genuinely thought he would be higher, but I suppose he has had a lot of misses over the years. Some standout hits but some average ones in there that didn't perform in Australia.

My top ten from Prince:
1. Let's Go crazy
2. Purple Rain
3. When Doves Cry
4. 1999
5. Diamonds and Pearls
6. Little Red Corvette
7. Kiss
8. Raspberry Beret
9. The Most Beautiful Girl In the World
10. Cream

With many of the big name artists falling now, I am really worried that Mariah Carey is going to be in the next five. Just had a look at her chart history and many of her songs had less than impressive chart runs. Although I think Nelly should be lower than her, Rihanna and Beyonce MAY be higher than her... but I pray to God that this isn't so

YAY finally got 1 point....

does that make me #15?

i'm sad that rihanna and beyonce made top 20 because I didn't put them there
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Sucks Bon Jovi wasnt in top 20

1. Livin on a Prayer
2. In These Arms
3. Have A Nice Day
4. I Believe
5. Whole Lot of Leavin
6. Lay Your Hands On Me
7. Its My Life
8. Edge of a Broken Heart
9. I'll Be There For You
10. You Give Love A Bad Name
11. Wanted Dead or Alive
12. Love's the Only Rule
13. Wild in the Streets
14. Bed of Roses
15. Undivided
16. Superman Tonight
17. Born to Be My Baby
18. My Guitar Lies Bleeding
19. When We Were Beautiful
20. Something for the Pain

Dunno if we are meant to stick to just single releases, but thats my top 20 including album tracks.
grr second place
I can't believe nobody has mentioned "Living In Sin" in their Bon Jovi favourites. One of their best for me but it was never rewarded on the charts. From memory, the film clip was banned in Australia in 1989 because of its mix of themes - sex before marriage & religion. The best we got on 'Countdown Revolution' was the clip interspersed with a Bon Jovi interview to replace the controversial images. I was lucky enough to meet them in Cairns where they flew in for a short holiday after their New Jersey tour. Richie Sambora was a bloody top bloke. He said he couldn't wait to snorkle out on the reef and we told him to watch out for the reef sharks. He freaked out. We later heard that while they were dining in Port Douglas they lit up a doob. The staff rushed out a partition and let them keep keep on smoking. Ahhh, to be a rockstar.

And finally, this countdown is brilliant, I'm checking in daily, well done!
Prince, what teeny tiny hits he had- which is a shame cause I love them all.
I actually own his later albums 3121 and Planet Earth and both are worth a listen.
My favourite Prince tracks:
Rasberry Beret
Litte Red Corvette
Gett Off
My Name is Prince
but i' have to say
The Most beautiful girl in the world is the most brilliant

Let's not forget how many other no. 1's he has written over the past 30 years-
Nothing Compares 2U (Sinead O' Connor)
Love, Thy Will Be Done (Martika)
Manic Monday (The Bangles??- I think)

and one of my personal favs- How come you don't call me (Alicia Keys)

correct me if i'm wrong people!
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#19. JANET JACKSON (1986-2008, #1 - 38 entries)

(#9 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

To have one big star in the family would have to be a treat for any mum or dad, but two? The Minogues, the Simpsons, the Bedingfields...they've all appeared in this list, but how about having two siblings in the Top 20!!! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the Jacksons.

It was the late 60's when the vocal grouping of The Jackson Five were just finding their feet, and no doubt a nappy-clad Janet Jackson, the youngest of the most well-known musical family, was goo-goo-ing and ga-ga-ing along with her older brothers. Janet started her career alongside her siblings in the variety show "The Jacksons" in 1976. As well as the famous five, Janet's older sisters Rebbie and LaToya completed the cast, showing off her talents that would one day make her one of the most successful artists of all time. While Janet's musical aspirations were evident from a young age, it would be in television that Janet was making her name, featuring in "Good Times", "Diff'rent Strokes" and "Fame", the TV series. But music was still there with a couple of albums, "Janet Jackson" and "Dream Street", both relative flops, still tying her to her preferred vocation.

In 1986, Michael Jackson had just dominated the world with "Thriller", changing the concept of pop music forever. Breaking nearly every record there was, the way we bought, watched and listened to music was now open to new ideas. "Thriller" would also become the biggest selling album of all time, and still is today. Quite an act to follow! Her third album, "Control", was exactly that. Janet knew the artist she was, and it wasn't what she had been. She had the vocal talents, the dance ability, the innovative presentation, almost to rival her now mega-famous brother. It was time to use that "Jackson" gift.

Having that "Jackson" name didn't always guarantee success, and while Janet would breakthrough in the US during Michael's mid-80's downtime in a major way, Australian audiences were a little more cautious. Featuring her breakthrough hit, and first Top Ten, "What Have You Done For Me Lately", "Control" spent almost a year in the Australian Top 100 Albums chart, peaking at #25. It was no "Thriller", but it was a start. "Rhythm Nation 1814" came our way three years later, enjoying similar success to "Control", but it was struggling with an early drop out of the Top 50, and no Top Tens to boost its reputation. It was unfortunate, as it showed just how hard-working an artist Janet Jackson had become in a short time, dancing up a storm in her "Miss You Much" and "Rhythm Nation" videos. But patience is a virtue, and all that paid off when "Black Cat" returned Janet to our Top Ten late in 1990, propelling "Rhythm Nation 1814" to the top spot in the Australian charts during 1991. Janet Jackson was beginning to be less Michael Jackson's sister, and more an artist of her own reward.

Was there ever a chance that Janet could take over Michael in terms of chart success? The answer is a surprising, Yes! Michael found it hard to maintain his 80's success, and while his albums continued to enjoy huge sales in the 90's, it was all on "Thriller"'s coattails. Michael's downward spiral gave way to Janet global rise, as she strengthened with "janet." and "The Velvet Rope". Since 1993, the year Janet enjoyed her first and only #1 hit, "That's The Way Love Goes", Janet's Singles success has been considerably greater than Michael's, including his burst of sales following his death in 2009.

We've seen four Janet Jackson albums during the 2000's, and in usual fashion for many high profile artists, she has struggled to capture her 80's and 90's sales haul. The US has sent two of those albums to #1, including 2008's "Discipline", her final album to date. Australia has been less forgiving, hardly giving any the time of day (2006's "20 Y.O." reached an embarassing #55!!!).

Janet Jackson can hold her head up in the Jackson family as the second most successful of the tribe, but when you have the "Best Entertainer of All Time" for a big brother, well, second best is not so bad. Over 100 million album sales worldwide puts Janet in the pop culture elite, with a career that has inspired many artists to this day. Let's hope that an Australian tour soon can re-teach Australia why we loved Janet Jackson in the first place, and create just a little more chart success for her future releases.

Fans of Janet Jackson: AmerieFan, Daniel09

 Janet Jackson's Top 30YearHPPoints
1Together Again ▲1997#4129,267
2The Best Things In Life Are Free ▲ (with Luther Vandross)1992#2127,810*
3That's The Way Love Goes ▲1993#1126,228
4Runaway ●1995#862482
5All For You ▲2001#553,315
6Black Cat1990#652,245
7Scream ● (with Michael Jackson)1995#251,425*
8What Have You Done For Me Lately1986#640,279
9Got 'Til It's Gone ●1997#1039,327
11Miss You Much1989#1232,630
12Love Will Never Do (Without You)1990#1431373
14You Want This1994#1628,221
15Someone To Call My Lover2001#1524,786
16Song Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About You)2001#2022,285
17Let's Wait Awhile1987#2121,231
19What'll I Do1995#1417,415
21All Nite (Don't Stop)2004#2416,845
22Just A Little While2004#2014,152
23I Get Lonely1998#2112,388
24Because Of Love1994#2510,705
25Twenty Foreplay1996#297,434
26Go Deep1998#396,858
27Doesn't Really Matter2000#286,547
28Any Time, Any Place1994#376,529
29When I Think Of You1986#534,065

(*denotes points shared between the artists)

Currently in iTunes...

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1DaveNT (17 points)2freakystevie1 (13)3Clinton(12)4=HeadInAMuse (10)4=bangalore (10)  
6alley1989 (9)7happypeople (5)8=bsb745 (3)8=392414 (3)8=antonnalan (3)8=JMcN (3)


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I LOVE JANET!!! One of my favourite artists ever.

1 If
2 What Have You Done for Me Lately
3 That's the Way Love Goes
4 Scream
5 Black Cat
6 Rhythm Nation
7 Doesn't Really Matter
8 Runaway
9 Again
10 Control
11 The Pleasure Principle
12 The Best Things in Life Are Free
13 Someone to Call My Lover
14 Love Will Never Do (Without You)
15 Nasty
16 What'll I Do
17 Alright
18 Any Time, Any Place
19 Escapade
20 Feedback
21 Come Back to Me
22 Let's Wait Awhile
23 Together Again
24 Got 'til It's Gone
25 All for You
26 Son of a Gun
27 You Want This
28 All Nite
29 Miss You Much
30 Just a Little While

31 When I Think of You
32 Make Me
33 Whoops Now
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JANET JACKSON is absolutely amazing! Considering the big divas of the 90's have fallen (CELINE, WHITNEY) I thought that Janet would be nearby!!! She would definitely rate as one of my top 10 artists of all time, probably like her music more than MJ.

Anyway my top ten from her is:
1. Runaway
2. Together Again
3. Let's Wait A While
4. All For you
5. Again
6. If
7. Doesn't Really Matter
8. Rhythm Nation
9. Nasty
10. Escapade

So many good songs!
Unlucky #11. Whoops Now!
janet is cool really enjoy a lot of her songs

1. Escapade
2. Together Again
3. All For You
4. Runaway
5. The Best Things In Life Are Free
6. Black Cat
7. Just A Little While
8. Thats The Way Love Goes
9. Got Til Its Gone
10. Go Deep

will credit scream to mj but that is definetly up there
Before I get another one of those "next artist please" posts, the Top 1000 Artists will be back on Thursday as I have a function to go to right now. But there's always the chance it will finish early...?

Well i have officially no chance at winning this competition. If Nelly is in the top 15 then i know I'm completely screwed.

what can i say, i just wasn't thinking when i made my predictions
At least if Nelly comes up next you'll get points, I'll still be stuck on 0.
Nelly has to wait till Thursday? Oh well. (He was my #30)
You guys are all better off than me. Besides Nelly I still have Rihanna and Beyonce that are still coming up and I didn't put them on my list
Thought I'd overestimated Janet- this not looking good!
I own both janet and the velvet rope and love both

Fave tracks:
Go Deep

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So Nelly is tomorrow. Finally! LOL!

Shouldn't I be on the list?

I have one point =D
I'm pretty sure that it says "Top 10" M@TT
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;D I'am The King of Cuddles Avenue so I'm ordering you lot to settle down Bananas, Bears and Rat.

I Predict Nelly to be next.
We sure get some weirdos on here don't we.

Not a fan of the past several Artists.
Just out of curiousity chri8topher, where did Whoops Now place for Janet. I remember it scraping into a solitary week (I think) at the lower end of the Top 50. Was it her 31st biggest song?

The one thing this countdown is highlighting is how the big artists of the 80s & 90s are struggling to succeed in the era of the digital download. Which is a shame as their new music is just as good as the current crap in the charts.
Actually, BillyBrett, it's a good thing you asked because I realised I had missed out "Again", and nobody picked it up...lucky for me!

"Whoops Now" came in at #32 behind "Rhythm Nation" and "Every Time", and correct me if i'm wrong, but could be the most successful "hidden track" of all time??? I know I was surprised when it was released, and yes, it just made it into the Top 50 at #49.

I agree that long established artists have a lot to offer still these days, and regularly shit all over current charting artists, but I guess kids want their heroes to be of similar age, not the age of their parents...or grandparents, as the case may be.
Something like Janet Jackson's "Feedback" is nowhere near some of the current music. I have to respectfully disagree with that... artists all have their period of time, which needs to end at some point. I suppose this might be because long established artists try to change their styles to keep up with the current trends, and they can't always do that successfully.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#18. GEORGE MICHAEL (1984-2006, #1 - 30 entries)

(#7 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

It seems back in 1984, Wham! just wasn't enough to contain the pop brilliance that was George Michael. Together with Andrew Ridgeley, the duo became one of the biggest, if not THE biggest band in the world during the mid-80's, proven by their placement in the Top 100 Singles Artists of the last 30 years. Wham! was in the middle of their massive career, but George Michael had already broken out on his own with "Careless Whisper", one of the biggest and best ballads of the 80's. So begins the career of one of the best pop songwriters and performers of our time.

Australia was treated just this year when George Michael toured his re-vamped 25 Live tour, and the reports were overwhelmingly positive, as a career that has spanned over 25 years was highlighted with hit after hit after hit. All the controversies and all the tabloid journalism couldn't cloud the fact that George Michael has one the the best voices in the business, still keeping up his smooth and sexy sounds as if we were back in 1984 again.

George Michael officially began his solo career when the dissolution of Wham! became apparent in 1986 with "The Final". That album already highlighted nine Top Ten hits, and George continued in that style with his first six solo releases also entering the Top Ten. He was a hit machine, and justly rewarded when "Faith" was awarded "Album Of The Year" at the 1989 Grammy Awards. The album would spend an amazing 51 weeks in the US Billboard Top Ten alone, 12 of those at #1! "Faith" would go on to sell 20 million copies worldwide, a good chunk of his over tally of 100 million sales from his entire career.

But writing, producing and performing some of the best pop ever was just not enough for George, who was somewhat jilted by the fact that he had something a little more serious to offer. It wasn't all about the ripped jeans, the trademark sunnies, those short short shorts. "Listen Without Prejudice Volume 1" came in 1990 in relatively quiet fashion. No video clip accompanied the lead track "Praying For Time", while George was nowhere to be seen on the cover. It was a major critical coup, and rightly so as it still stands as one of my all time favourite albums, and one I still play regularly today. But the sales were hurt, and moreso in Australia where it experienced quite a short life span for a George Michael/Wham! release. Even Andrew Ridgely's solo debut "Shake" was minutely superior to "Praying For Time"'s success. His ode to the Wham! heyday, "Freedom '90" was the sounds of George Michael giving us what we wanted. Pop music that you just couldn't get out of your head. The long-running hit just made the Top 20 at #18, but it was enough for "Listen..." to gain a little more momentum, boosting it to the Top Ten once again in 1991. But there was a bitter taste left in George's mouth by his record company, Sony, who had turned their back on promotion for the album, and so began George Michael's infamous record battles that were reminiscent of Wham!'s first album release, "Fantastic".

After almost a decade in the business, George Michael became something of a recluse. Jaded by his Sony problems, "Listen Without Prejudice Volume 2" was scrapped with just a handful of tracks saved, including his Top 3 hit, "Too Funky". Only two proper studio albums have seen the light of day since, "Older" and "Patience", while a couple of Greatest Hits packages, and a covers album, "Songs From The Last Century", filled in the gaps between. Those two albums, while not in the same league as "Faith", still gave George Michael credible success in line with that of Wham!'s, and a string of "single only" releases and duets kept George in the charts without having to deliver a full album.

George Michael's singles discography reads like a who's who of pop releases. So it's strange to think that this comes from just four albums of original material. While many artists are known release the odd floating single here and there, George Michael made it an art form, not having to rely on any album to represent it, rather it represents itself. I guess it shows just how much we wanted George Michael when three of those singles post-Wham! hit the Top 3 in Australia. Further proof that we were desperate for George Michael music came in 1996 with back to back #1's, "Jesus To A Child" and "Fastlove", that bumped his #1 total up to five, not counting "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" with Wham! which had also graced #1 in 1984.

After 1996's "Older" album, we had to wait eight years for "Patience", his next full length original album. After witnessing his one and only DVD, "Live In London", it looks as if there's still enough star power in George Michael for a new album sometime in the future, but these things come around almost as rarely as any major comet. We've already waited six years, so come on George, what are you waiting for?

Fans of George Michael: NateBoi

 George Michael's Top 30YearHPPoints
1Careless Whisper1984#1160,828
3Fastlove ▲1996#1117,375
4I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (with Aretha Franklin)1987#1103,973*
5Too Funky ●1992#371,714
6Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ● (with Elton John)1991#362,823*
7I Want Your Sex1987#256,274
8Father Figure1988#545,372
9Jesus To A Child1996#144,513
10A Different Corner1986#439,852
11Freedom '901990#1838,524
12Amazing ●2004#632,232
13Spinning The Wheel1996#1430,118
14Outside ●1998#1327,765
15Praying For Time1990#1627,625
16Somebody To Love (with Queen)1993#1922,455*
18Freeek! ●2002#515,990
19Flawless (Go To The City)2004#267,161
20Waiting For That Day1991#505,283
21One More Try1988#344,923
22If I Told You That (with Whitney Houston)2000#374,585*
23As (with Mary J. Blige)1999#454,468
24Star People '971997#513,672
25An Easier Affair2006#363,105
26Shoot The Dog2002#362,191
27Kissing A Fool1989#662,007
29You Have Been Loved1997#75751
30Soul Free1991#95360

(*denotes points shared between artists)

Currently in iTunes...

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1DaveNT (17 points)2=freakystevie1 (13)2=bangalore (13)4Clinton(12)5=HeadInAMuse (10)
5=alley1989 (10)7bsb745 (9)8BeansterBarnes (8)9M@tt (7)10antonnalan (6)


There's just one more spot before we hit the big 1,000,000 points!!! Who will it be? Stay tuned...

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points points points
dont like goerge michael, he annoys me
lol it's funny heaps of people (including me) have been predicting nelly to be the next artist and he just keeps defying the odds!!! BUT HE MUST BE TOMORROW'S ARTIST hahaha!

Anyway George Michael is alright, some decent songs I suppose. My top ten from him:

1. Careless Whisper!
2. Praying For Time
3. Too funky
4. Jesus To A Child
5. Fastlove
6. Outside
7. Faith
8. Freedom '90
9. I Knew You Were Waiting For Me
10. As
I'm going to go out on a limb and say Nelly is the #1 artist of the countdown

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im gonna say he has beaten madonna ! lol
nah I dont know whats pushed nelly so high, im sure we will get our answers when he comes tomorrow
Really admire George Michael's music especially his 'dummy-spitting' Older days (check out the clip for 'Fastlove', in the clip his silver headphones say 'FONY' instead of 'SONY' hehe).
Older by far in my humbled opinion is a pure masterpiece especially the beautiful 'Spinning The Wheel' which is easily in my TOP 10 singles of all time.
Listen Without Prejudice didn't really do to much for me other than the single releases especially 'Freedom' (What a film clip ).
As for his later stuff, funnily enough i really like Freeek! At the time i thought it was very different and kept pushing those bounderies along with 'Outside' & 'Shoot The Dog'.

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omg Outside really did push the boundaries. The lyrics are so suspect and the video is ... very interesting. The song is on SingStar which is honestly a weird choice for a Singstar game!
You watch next up will probably be Jimmy Barnes or Bryan Adams (would prefer Bryan Adams as i would get points that way)

Still admire this list chri8, don't take any notice of my negativity
I've worked out why Nelly is so high. If you look at his songs, if there is another artist they are always featuring credits. Which means Nelly gets all the points. Other big artists have done the song as a true duet so their points are divided, off the top of my head I don't think Nelly has ever released a song as a true duet.

John Farnham's 3 big hits of the later era saw his points divided in 2 (everytime You Cry, When Something Is Wrong With My Baby) or into thirds (Everything's Altright). George Michael had 1/2 the points awarded for songs like Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me and I Knew You Were Waiting.

Nelly on the other hard can have all the points from Dilemma, Over And Over, Tilt Ya Back etc even though these are technically duets

That's just the nature of the game and to be perfectly honest I'm glad Chri8 has stuck to his ruling with featuring, cause an artist like Lil Wayne or Akon or Justin Timberlake would place higher up in the countdown then they really should be entitled to be.
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Yeah that would make sense, I probably submitted my list without taking into account the duets.

At the top of my head, Janet Jackson, George Michael and Christina Aguilera all either had duets or were featured artists, something wich I didn't take into account. Oh well, better luck next time for me I guess
I really think the idea of the duet has been missed with many of these hip hop acts. Nelly's "Dilemma" was a massive hit, and yes, features the vocals of Kelly Rowland, but is it really a duet? It's Nelly's song, and Kelly provides a vocal hook used as the chorus. When you compare this to classic duets like "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" or "Islands In The Stream", then the difference is evident.

My idea of a duet is a song that intertwines both vocalists (or instrumentalists, as the case sometimes is) in both verse and chorus equally. That certainly deserves equal allocation of points.

But you're right BillyBrett, while some artists have more of a hand in their "featured" roles, would you really wanna give "Poker Face" points to Colby O'Donis at the expense of Lady GaGa? Just have to draw the line somewhere...heh heh.

The other notion is that the total points for a song should be awarded to each artist in a true duet. I figure that the artists would probably be getting split royalties in these cases, so the points should reflect this. With "featured" roles, I feel that the featured artist is paid for the performance, but the main artist reaps the royalties, so points are given to reflect that. Of course, I couldn't say for sure that this happens, but it feels right to me.
Oh no, I hope Bryan Adams isn't next, he's DEFINITELY a better artist than Beyonce or Rihanna who still also haven't popped up yet.
Hurry up Nelly!
George is brilliant as is his patience album

My George Michael Top 3:
1. Too Funky
2. Freeek!
3. Fastlove
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#17. NELLY (2000-2008, #1 - 17 entries)

(#6 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

The buzz at the moment is certainly how Nelly has gotten himself this high in the Top 1000 Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's. Well the answer is simple. Hip Hop music took off in a major way during the 2000's, as rap stars, and their featured guests, literally took over the charts. And with every genre revolution, comes a hero. Nelly and Eminem represented the new explosion, heading a host of stars of which many have appeared in the list previous. Eminem's style, as successful as it was, and still is, seemed to survive on the exploitation of hip hop music, taking the piss, so to speak. Well, it worked for him, there's no denying that, but Nelly was more the "traditional" figure in modern hip hop, rapping/singing about love, hangin' out, driving his car, partying all night, taking off ALL his clothes, etc, etc, etc. Lucky for him, he sold plenty of albums worldwide to be able to pay for all these luxuries, and was even named the third biggest artist for the 2000's by Billboard magazine.

It had taken a good decade for hip hop to take off the way it had done in the US. A host of acts had their moments during the 90's - De La Soul, The Fugees, Arrested Development - but it was no more than one albums worth of hits before they quickly disappeared. It was artists like Nelly, and the success he was enjoying, that kept many other artists prospering, most going beyond that one album jinx. But Nelly was cooler than most. Nelly's vocals were smooth, his lyrics user-friendly, and his video clips were hot. It was hip hop your mum would like, well almost.

The year 2000 saw a mixed year that seemed to see out the old stars while ushering in the new, giving both sides equal success. It was also the year Nelly arrived with "Country Grammar", with both album and single receiving a good reception from Australian audiences. The album peaked at #4, quite an achievement in this country for such an album, while the single would just pop into the Top 20 at #20. It was pretty much a constant ascent from then on, as "E.I." reached #12 and "Ride Wit' Me", #4. It would become the typical chart trajectory would all future Nelly releases, as his next three albums would also chart inside the Australian Top Ten albums. The Singles charts were looking even better as Nelly's releases missed the Top 20 just twice. This includes seven Top 5 hits, three of which took over the #1 position. Only Eminem could boast a better reception.

The secret to Nelly's success, as it is with most hip hop artists, especially during the last decade, was a host of "proper" singers donating their talents to heighten his releases. Among those that have graced Nelly's work are Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Fergie, and Kelly Rowland, who helped out on one of the biggest hits of the decade, "Dilemma". But the difference between Nelly, and most other hip hop acts, is that we actually didn't mind so much when he came back on after the catchy hook provided by his guest stars. They complemented him perfectly, without taking over his spotlight. And Nelly repaid that favour to other artists such as *NSync, Jagged Edge, and Janet Jackson, by providing vocal breaks to their tracks.

Nelly is currently putting the finishing touches on his fifth album, "5.0", and it looks to be a bumper arrival, which is desperately needed to pick up the slack from 2008's "Brass Knuckles", Nelly's first album to fall short of our Top Ten, as well as failing to provide a Top Ten hit. It's comeback time for Nelly in 2010/11, and a host of stars such as Janet Jackson, T.I., Usher and the return of Kelly Rowland looks to be a promising one at that. With the Top Ten of this list within Nelly's reach, who knows where he might land next year.

 Nelly's Top TenYearHPPoints
1Dilemma ▲³ (featuring Kelly Rowland)2002#1235,827
2Over And Over ▲² (featuring Tim McGraw)2005#1149,388
3Shake Your Tailfeather ▲ (with P. Diddy & Murphy Lee)2003#3123,947*
4Hot In Herre ▲2002#395,816
5My Place / Flap Your Wings ▲2004#182,958
6Tilt Ya Head Back ▲ (featuing Christina Aguilera)2004#574,423
7Ride Wit' Me ▲ (featuring City Spud)2001#470,726
8E.I. ●2001#1246,971
10Country Grammar (Hot Shit) ●2000#2037,379

(*denotes points shared between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
694Over And Over
803Ride Wit' Me

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1DaveNT (20 points)2Clinton (18)3=freakystevie1 (13)3=bangalore (13)5=HeadInAMuse (10)
5=alley1989 (10)7bsb745 (9)8BeansterBarnes (8)9M@tt (7)10antonnalan (6)



NELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally.

I like Nelly's music, but not really love it.
1. Over and Over
2. Dilemma
3. Hot in Herre
4. Body on Me
5. Ride wit Me

Where did Body on Me land chri8?
About time he showed up.

Don't like him, Eminem is WAY better.
Nelly's new song 'Just A Dream' debuted at #12 in America!!

Looks like he is back =]
Just a Dream is average.
nelly has had some great songs and some crap songs over the years! i mean wtf was 'grillz' or 'air force ones'

my top ten nelly songs:
1. dilemma
2. ride with me
3. tilt ya head back
4. over and over
5. hot in herre
6. splurge
7. body on me
8. party people
9. errtime
10. n dey say
hi Chris8topher am enjoying the countdown, inspires me to do one that covers a longer time span and see how the cards fall
chri8 you asked earlier in re: Whoops Now if it was the most successful 'hidden' track. If memory serves me correctly I think Lauryn Hill's Can't Take My Eyes Off You was a hidden track on The Miseducation album which got elevated to double billing in Australia to help the Doo Wop (That Thing) single become a success here. And at the time I remember here Can't Take My Eyes way more on the radio than Doo Wop.

Glad Nelly has appeared so we can get back to the countdown and not being baffled about him not appearing LOL. I've often found Nelly's success puzzling except for his two #1 hits, I've never really got into his music.
Ok, cool. I knew there had to be something else, but at least Janet can claim a FULL single release of a hidden track being the most successful.

@rob1972, I intend to add to this list a year at a time previous to 1980. Eventually it'll reflect the charts from 1956, so plenty more to come yet.
i was thinking 1940 onwards myself, Madonna would have a run for her money then i reckon
You are right chri8, I'm pretty sure Janet can claim to have the biggest solo hidden track release. But I'm happy to be corrected.

rob1972, it would be interesting to see who could challenge Madonna with the earlier charts. I think ABBA would be a threat and Elton John would get a few more points so it depends where he ends up on this chart. The difficult thing with the really early charts is that at that time new singles were released almost monthly so songs disappeared a lot quicker. It was very common for artists to release 2 new albums a year. So while technically The Beatles and Elvis may have racked up heaps of individual hits, they very rarely were allowed to have prloonged success on the charts like modern music has. So it would definietely be interesting to see how things panned out.
i reckon Bing Crosby, perry como, Nat King cole may all have a look see
I think The Beatles would have #1 very comfortably tbh.
i am looking forward to seeing how it works out
From what I believe, the charts from the 40's and 50's where gathered by various records from sheet music sales from a minimal source, and compiled way after their actual years. Even the 50's weren't so established, but the 60's was when the first radio charts were compiled, and I believe the Kent Report was source from a combination of those. I choose 1956 as it is widely recognized as the beginning of the "45" inch single, and I believe the start of the UK charts is also connected to that year. You're right, having the 40's and 50's charts incorporated would give many modern acts a run for their money, but I've already sussed this out, and it's so unbalanced as artists like Frank Sinatra would have up to ten songs in the Top 20 in one month. (Of course, I don't mean to take anything away from your project Rob)

I think it will be interesting in this chart to see the older acts come into the fold as I think the 60's and 70's have many strong acts such as Abba, Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and of course, The Beatles and Elvis. There's even the few major hits to come from the likes of Blondie, Rod Stewart and Queen, whose "Bohemian Rhapsody" itself puts them in the Top 30 already. Can't wait to add on from both ends.
dont worry chri8topher not fazed, doing it mainly for myself, would love to share my findings with everyone
BTW forgot about ol blue eyes
Hey chri8, I've tried to find the answer in the previous thread but due to tiredness I can't seem to find the answer. But did the Beatles land in this countdown at all? If so, where?
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"BTW, The Beatles didn't make this list...their singles output over the last 30 years landed them at #1192."

this is from the first thread

Thanks alleyt, as I said I was really tired and skim reading wasn't helping me either. After seeing who made the lower end of the Top 1000 I thought that they could have just scraped in since they did have 2 Top 10 hits and another Top 40 hit during the 90s. But I thought maybe the shortest of the stay in the chart would count against them.
Just a question, seeing as Jimmy Barnes is one of the top 30 artists. Does the famous Australian musician actually post here under the name "BeansterBarnes"? Is "BeansterBarnes" the famous Jimmy Barnes?
No he is not Clifford.
Yes. Because he is famous. You must be Chris Martin from Coldplay (the 'A' is your middle name, Anthony) . I'm sure of it.
Are you sure your not Cliff Richard.
Who am I then?
God only knows
Then I'll be pretty obvious
I'm M@TT I had a short stint of chart success but I'll be back once I go to rehab!!
I must be the backstreet boys, yep we share an account
I feel bad that I'm not a world famous performer
17 Nelly he's not too bad. I asked when he would come up before he came up. I'm deleting that post now.
18 George Michael he's alright. Chri8, hasn't he had six number ones??? Hasn't he spent the most time at #1 out of ALL the men???
19 Janet Jackson never thought much of her. Like "Just a little while" but that's all I've heard
20 Prince he's not too bad
21 Bon Jovi they're not too bad

Chri8, I tipped George Michael to be #16, he is #18. So I therefore get 3 points. Why have you not put any similes next to my tipping?
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Nelly- not so surprised to see him so high considering Dilemma and Over and Over-
Nelly is probably my least fav of the top 20 but Dilemma probably goes as my favourite and then Hot in Herrrrrrre!
I Predict Brian Adams to be next.
I say Bryan Adams, Delta Goodrem and INXS will be the next three in no particular order.
rethought this maybe jimmy barnes (who i still convinced is beannsterbarnes on here)
@ Clifford The Big Red Dog

I am not Jimmy Barnes i'm actually Ian Moss
No seriously, I have a profile on this site and also a picture so if wish to confirm your suspecion you might need to become a member to varify this otherwise for all you know I could be Rowan Atkinson, just a thought.

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#16. RIHANNA (2005-09, #1 - 14 entries)

(#8 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

We welcome in the first MEGA artist as the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's moves into the millions. Rihanna has taken just five years to move into the absolute A-list of pop artists, providing us with some of the biggest hits since her arrival, and being the first artist in this list to exceed one million estimated Singles sales.

Rihanna's entire life has covered just over two decades of this 30 year period, and already at the age of 22, Rihanna is somewhat of an old hand at hit making, consistently providing us with Top Ten hits to the total of 10 in Australia. After showing her interest in singing at seven, Rihanna formed a school girl group, inspired by Destiny's Child, and managed a meeting with record producer Evan Rogers. Rihanna's presence was so strong that there was no way a group could contain her. It would be just a year later that Rihanna was recording and releasing singles in one of the most immediate career successes in music history.

Rihanna's Barbadian roots prompted her early hits to be of a reggae flavour, with just a hint of the Latin movement that had been so popular worldwide for a good decade. With two Top Ten's from her debut, "Music Of The Sun", it was a slight disappointment, however, that the album failed to make any appearance in our Top 50 Albums chart. Where many artists would try and milk their debuts, Rihanna decided to move onto her next album, "A Girl Like Me", correcting that wrong by peaking at #9 in 2006. Gone were the typical reggae beats that had been matched to the singer, replaced by the catchy "Tainted Love" sample for "SOS", the first of three #1's (with a fourth coming her way in 2010, yet to be added in here). This was the Rihanna that would soon become a menace to every other artist in the closing stages of the 2000's.

"Umbrella" debuted at #1 in 2007 as the account for the "Good Girl Gone Bad" album was opened. It was a juggernaut of hits, five Top Ten's, including two #1's, made sure that Rihanna was on everyone's stereo, radio, television, and phone. It was also a sign of how the digital age impacted on the charts, when a sixth single released from an album could still have enough interest to enter the Top Ten. But there is always a hidden cost involved at such success, and the "Good Girl Gone Bad" album sold a relatively lacking 3xPlatinum worth of copies. While that's nothing to be sneezed at, there was a time when an album boasting so many hits would be more like five, six or even seven Platinums, and certainly a #1 hit, of which it was unlucky to stall at #2.

At the risk of constantly blaming the digital age for possibly upsetting the balance of new artists against the old, in terms of Singles success over the last few decades, it does seem to be a lot easier for today's artists to impact more on this type of list, however, it's been quite a while since we've had a solid artist such as Rihanna maintain her popularity over more than a couple of albums. Is it that we're not used to this sort of success? To put an artist such as Rihanna in context with another huge debut artist of the 80's, Madonna's singles performance from her first five years as an artist still exceeds that of Rihanna's, and most others for that matter. For that reason, I guess it's kind of exciting to know that the younger generation are experiencing what us oldies experienced when Mad's was charting in 1984-88.

Rihanna's success has continued into 2010, with her "Rated R" album providing strong singles action, including another #1, "Rude Boy". While the album has dipped Rihanna's popularity in comparison to "Good Girl Gone Bad", there's nothing wrong with that, when you can set up a terrific comeback, of which Rihanna has never really had to worry about just yet. There's still plenty of time, and plenty of hits to be squeezed out of "Rated R", while her guest performance on Eminem's "Love The Way You Lie", which has just completed a six week run at #1, means that Rihanna is on track to continue on the same track that catapulted Madonna to her legendary status.

Fans of Rihanna: 392414, alleyt1989, AmerieFan, bsb745, Daniel09, steveeee192, timfoxxy_236

 Rihanna's Top 10YearHPPoints
1Umbrella ▲ (featuring Jay-Z)2007#1155,205
2Don't Stop The Music ▲2008#1143,483
3SOS ▲2006#1120,474
4Take A Bow ▲2008#3103,818
5Disturbia ▲2008#6103,551
6Unfaithful ●2006#283,976
7Pon De Replay ▲2005#681,229
8Shut Up And Drive ●2007#458,996
9Hate That I Love You ● (featuring Ne-Yo)2007#1449,200
10If It's Lovin' That You Want2006#944,443

Currently in iTunes...
26Rockstar 101
127Rude Boy
142Te Amo
278Don't Stop The Music
529Take A Bow
773Russian Roulette

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1=DaveNT (20 points)1=alley1989 (20)3=Clinton (18)3=BeansterBarnes (18)5=freakystevie1 (13)
5=bangalore (13)7HeadInAMuse (10)8bsb745 (9)9happypeople (8)10=M@tt, 392414 (7)


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Thanks for doing a Sunday night artist Chri8. I love Rihanna!

392414's Top 15 Rihanna songs of All Time
1. Umbrella featuring Jay-Z (2007)
2. Unfaithful (2006)
3. Don't Stop the Music (2008)
4. Disturbia (2008)
5. Take a Bow (2008)
6. Russian Roulette (2009)
7. Photographs featuring will.i.am (2009)
8. Hate that I Love You featuring Ne-Yo (2007)
9. Pon de Replay (2005)
10. Hard featuring Jeezy (2009)
11. SOS (Rescue Me) (2006)
12. Rehab featuring Justin Timberlake (2009)
13. Te Amo (2010)
14. If It's Lovin' that You Want (2006)
15. We Ride featuring Sean Paul (2006)
Rihanna is fantastic! the most succesful artist in my personal charts with 15 #1's!!!!

1.Russian Roulette
3.Shut Up And Drive
6.Take a Bow
9.Dont stop the music
11.Rockstar 101
12.Te Amo
13.Rude Boy
15.If Its Lovin that you want
16.We Ride
17.Hate That I Love you

top featurettes
1.Love the way you lie (eminem)
2.If I never see your face again (maroon 5)
3.Run this town (Jay Z and kanye west)
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yay i placed one right! i am so surprised that beyonce is higher than rihanna but i do like beyonce more

love rihanna though! she has had so many huge songs and has been incredibly successful on my chart! Good Girl Gone Bad is a great pop album as well!

My top ten Rihanna SINGLES:
1. Umbrella
2. SOS
3. Take A Bow
4. Disturbia
5. Don't Stop the Music
6. Unfaithful
7. Pon De Replay
8. Rude Boy
9. Russian Roulette
10. We Ride

TBH it was hard to stop at ten.
Unlucky #11 - If It's Loving That You Want

She has had some brilliant non-released tracks. My faves are 'There's A Thug In My Life', 'The Final Goodbye', 'Good Girl Gone Bad' and 'Fire Bomb'
fire bomb is amazing alleyt, I hope it gets chosen as a single
Fire Bomb will never be released...

She has a new album out in November, with the first single set to drop in September.

Damn Rihanna, I didn't put her in, but at least I'm still in the top 10 =]
Rihanna's awesome, Umbrella is a modern classic
1. Umbrella
2. Hard
3. SOS
4. Don't Stop The Music
5. Russian Roulette
6. Shut Up And Drive
7. Disturbia
8. Rockstar 101
9. Rude Boy
10. Pon De Replay
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Tonight, my vote is for INXS. You're a great band, but I just don't think you would have made the sales that the other remaining artists have. So I'm casting my vote against you tonight. I think Elton John will be the sole survivor.
Good to see the artists that I didn't put in my top 20 slowly coming up.

Rihanna's WORST Songs (including her 2010 stuff)

1. Rockstar101
=2. Rude Boy
=2. Shut Up And Drive
=2. Umbrella
=2. SOS
=2. Don't Stop The Music
3. Disturbia

Songs that I don't mind (and sometimes actually like) from Rihanna

1. Take A Bow
2. Hard
3. Russian Roulette

No, seriously, I find lots of her songs terrible
If Rude Boy, Shut Up and Drive, Umbrella, SOS and Don't Stop the Music are equally second, shouldn't Disturbia be #7?
George Michael's greatest hits CD is a great listen. I prefer the ballads:
01 Careless Whisper
02 Jesus To A Child
03 Faith
04 Praying For Time
05 A Different Corner
06 Father Figure
07 I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)
08 Too Funky
09 One More Try
10 Fastlove

Best from Rihanna:
01 Umbrella
02 Rude Boy
03 Don't Stop The Music
04 SOS
05 Unfaithful
06 Pon De Replay
Who cares 392, I hate that system anyway
It's not a system anton, it's proper counting

You don't count "1, 2, 2.2, 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3" do you?
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lol, kindergarten has gotten weirder since I went..
My favourite from George Michael would be Careless Whisper. I've also recently discovered that I really like Faith as well, but I've never been much of a George fan.

Top 5 from Rihanna:
1. Umbrella
2. Hate That I Love You (am I the only one who really likes this song, it's almost my favourite from her?)
3. Unfaithful
4. Shut Up And Drive
5. Take A Bow
Rihanna is my preferred pop star of recent years, lots of great tracks, my favs would be:

1 Please don't stop the music
3 Hate that I love you
4 Umbrella
5 Shup up and drive
6 Disturbia
7 Pon de replay
8 If It's Lovin' That You Want
9 Take a bow
10 Breaking dishes

Stragely I don't like any of her new songs off the current album.

My favs
Interesting to note that 8 out of the top 16 artists are Female solo artists...woot! =)
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#15. BEYONCE (2002-09, #1 - 15 entries)

(#7 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

Beyonce Knowles' appearance in the Top 100 Biggest Singles Artists since 1980 signals the end of four dynamic solo performers who also appeared (or will appear) as part of a group in the Top 100. George Michael and Gwen Stefani have already shown they are as popular solo as they are as part of a group, while Fergie's stablemates are yet to appear. Beyonce, together with her former group, Destiny's Child, has racked up an amazing count of 18 Top Ten singles, including two #1's, in just over a decade of musical success. No wonder she ends the 2000's as one of the most successful performers worldwide.

It was pretty much a given that Beyonce was going to excel in the entertainment business. Her father was a professional record producer, while her mother was a hair stylist and costume designer. To say that those two professions themselves would be a valuable part of Beyonce's future career is an understatement. And Beyonce was put straight on that road once her pitch-perfect voice was discovered at age six. By age eight, Beyonce was cast in a local girl group, with future Destiny Child members, Kelly Rowland and LaTavia Roberson. Entering many talent quests, the group was rarely successful, which came as quite a blow to Beyonce, who was already forming that famous reputation for being good at everything she put herself into. Not to worry, as the same fate was dealt to Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, and look where that got them. Beyonce gained comfort in that, and it wasn't long before Destiny's Child was up and running...<insert life story of #40 Biggest Singles Artist here>

Just like Fergie and George, Beyonce's solo success worked in with her main group's output, and together, the charts were rarely absent of some form of Beyonce vocal. Releasing "Work It Out" from the Austin Powers' "Goldmember" film, of which Beyonce also made her big screen debut, it was not the great success that was touted from a member of one of the biggest acts around. Just missing out on a Top 20 placing, "Work It Out" is often forgotten as Beyonce's real debut, as focus soon turned to her debut solo album, "Dangerously In Love". There was no shortage of hits here - three Top Tens - but unlucky Beyonce would peak at #2 on both charts, still awaiting that pinnacle of chart success.

Another Destiny's Child album came and went, and as the title, "Destiny Fulfilled" suggested, it was time to permanently rest the group. All three members proved their worth on their own, as the freedom to do one's own thing would have been to hard to resist. A "#1's" album highlighted the groups worth, and soon Beyonce was back on her own, starring in "Dreamgirls" to great success, and releasing "B'Day", containing her first and only #1 single to date, "Irreplaceable". The success of "B'Day" was a little bittersweet. There was little more than that #1 to represent "B'Day", which had faltered slightly itself with a #8 peak. Beyonce got into hot water trying to pass off Des'ree's "I'm Kissing You" as something new, and without due credit. Had Beyonce gotten a little too big for her boots? Maybe, but it wouldn't be long before Beyonce's third album arrived, and she certainly grew enough foot to fill them convincingly.

"I Am...Sasha Fierce". Welcome to the wonderful split world that is Beyonce. The sweet and innocent soul that graced "Irreplaceable", and party animal, wild child that delievered "Crazy In Love" were kept at bay on a double disc that split Beyonce's personalities up. To say which one was the bigger success with audiences was impossible to say as singles from both sides were catapulted into the Top Ten. With each hit, Beyonce's success grew, and any doubt that Beyonce had become washed up after "B'Day" were totally wiped out. The crowning glory, of course, was "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)", a catchy tune that was almost Beyonce singing to a drum beat. As much as the track could've carried itself, it took Beyonce's delivery on video to make sure that it was something that no one would ever forget. To see the brilliant dance routine in sparse setting, proved that Beyonce was a great performer, and capable of pretty much anything. And to prove the song's worth, I started writing the Top 1000 Biggest Artists list in January, when "Single Ladies" was high in the charts, and it still remains in the Top 100 today, eight months later!

While Beyonce winds down the "Sasha Fierce" account, she has managed to keep up appearances on tracks by Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, before properly setting down some tracks for her next album. Some ideas have surfaced, including a song written by The Script that is rumoured to be a knockout. But for now, it's rest time for both Beyonce, and the music buying public, who have shown support for the singer to the tune of 100 million album sales combining Destiny's Child and her solo success. All this at the age of 28, expect Beyonce to be around for a long time to come.

Fans of Beyonce: alleyt1989, AmerieFan, ben01, bsb745, D Man

 Beyonce's Top 10YearHPPoints
1Halo ▲²2009#3162,632
2Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) ▲²2008#5160,820
3Irreplaceable ▲2006#1138,274
4Baby Boy ▲2003#3120,881
5Sweet Dreams ▲2009#295,018
6Crazy In Love ▲2003#286,089
7If I Were A Boy ▲2008#376,234
8Beautiful Liar ● (with Shakira)2007#552,555*
9Naughty Girl ●2004#942,804
10Deja Vu ●2006#1229,751

(*Denotes points shared between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
94, 529Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
250Sweet Dreams
438Crazy In Love
584If I Were A Boy
724, 984Irreplacable
855Ava Maria
1009Why Don't You Love Me
1018Beautiful Liar

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (28 points)2DaveNT (22)3alley1989 (20)4BeansterBarnes (18)5=freakystevie1 (13)
5=bangalore (13)5=392414 (13)8HeadInAMuse (11)9bsb745 (10)10=happypeople, JMcN (8)


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beyonce is AMAZING:
top 10;

1.Sweet Dreams
2.If I were a boy
5.Beautiful Liar
6.Broken Hearted Girl
7.Single Ladies
8.Crazy In Love
9.Baby Boy
10.Naughty Girl
Love Beyonce!
To be honest I'm surprised to see her higher than Rihanna (I've said that earlier) but am glad that she is so high!!! Her albums have had amazing singles and I have pretty much liked all of them (except for some of the random singles from Deja Vu)

Top Ten:
1. Halo
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
3. If I Were A Boy (am very surprised that this is only her 7th most successful single)
4. Irreplaceable
5. Sweet Dreams
6. Baby Boy
7. Deja Vu
8. Crazy In Love
9. Me Myself and I
10. Listen
Worst Song: Work It Out

My favourite album singles are 'Ave Maria', 'Sattelite' and 'Dangerously In Love'
Beyonce's Best:
1. Crazy In Love
2. Single Ladies
3. Halo
4. Irreplaceable
5. If I Were A Boy
Worst Song: Diva!!!
Beyonce! suprised to see her so high but im not complaining as she would have to easily be my current fave female artist.
Beyonce holds the record as my fave song of the decade for single ladies

Top 15
1. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (peak.1,4wks) <P7>
2. Crazy In Love (peak.1,1wk) <P3>
3. Sweet Dreams (peak.1,2wks <P3>
4. Naughty Girl (peak.1,1wk) <P3>
5. Broken Hearted Girl (peak.1,1wk <P2>
6. Irreplaceable (peak.1,2wks) <P2>
7. If I Were A Boy (peak.3) <P2>
8. Beautiful Liar (peak.4> <P2>
9. Listen (peak.9) <P>
10. Baby Boy (peak.6) <P>
11. Ring The Alarm (peak.15) <G>
12. Work It Out (peak.1,1wk) <G>
13. At Last (peak.26) <G>
14 03' Bonnie & Clyde (peak.16) <G>
15. Me, Myself & I (peak.10)

she also holds the record of biggest drop from no.1 with 'work it out' that debuted in no.1 but dropped to 15 in its second week.
Chri8topher you need to switch certifications for Halo <P>2 + Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) <P>3
Also it must have been difficult for you to tabulate Beyonce as If I Were A Boy was ranked #100 biggest selling single in Australia in the 00's and you have placed it at #07. Where as Irreplaceable, Baby Boy, Sweet Dreams, & Crazy In Love did not feature in that list.
Halo was mistake, Single Ladies not triple at 2009's end. As much as I try to comply within the End of Decade, it's impossible with a points system, and as I have explained previously, ARIA Decade chart is a terrible representation of music of the last decade.

Furthermore, ARIA is usually in line with accreditations when it comes to Year End charts. Those charts commonly have 2xPlats, Plats and Gold all in their own groups with a relatively small amount of blurring. The decade chart totally throws a spanner in the works there. I think all Beyonce's hits outlined above that bettered "If I Were A Boy" are more suitable candidates for the Top 100, given their solid chart performances. "If I Were A Boy" was Gold for ages before just going Platinum towards the end of its chart run. So, I don't know.

Yes, it was hard, but I think my points system works for the effect that I'm trying to achieve, and that's relative chart success over 30 years on a even scale.
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Another killer artist in a row

1. Crazy In Love
2. Single Ladies
3. Irreplaceable
4. Sweet Dreams
5. Halo
6. Beautiful Liar
7. Naughty Girl
8. Get Me Bodied
9. Video Phone
10. Deja Vu

I'm only coming 8th now
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yay! No longer last!

Like the first album from Beyonce. Favs are naughty girl and baby boy.

Hate the sasha fierce album, especially singles ladies and halo
Beyoncé is great! And I'm #5 now

392414's Top 10 Beyoncé Songs of All Time
1. Beautiful Liar (duet with Shakira)
2. Irreplaceable
3. Naughty Girl
4. Sweet Dreams
5. If I Were a Boy
6. Halo
7. Crazy in Love
8. Broken-Hearted Girl
*Big Gap*
9. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
10. Deja Vu
Equal 5th!!

Beyonce's alright, "halo" would be my fav from her.
Rhianna's crap, crap, crap. Need I say more?

By the way, chri8, I've sent you a memo. Can you please reply to it/
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Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#14. BRYAN ADAMS (1983-2002, #1 - 29 entries)

(#5 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Bryan Adams came to us in the mid-80's, quickly becoming Canada's biggest star of the decade, and one of the biggest during the 90's. Just like his fellow countryman, Bryan would soon carve out a career as a sort of male Celine Dion, releasing some of the best and biggest ballads ever, and not to mention, many a movie soundtrack hit.

It was quite a different Bryan Adams starting his journey back in 1979 with his debut, "Let Me Take You Dancing". Anyone who has manage a listened would never in a million years guess it was the Bryster. He wasn't behind a guitar, donning his trademark jeans, but on the dancefloor with the disco-inspired track. It's quite a laugh, but one that didn't resonate on Bryan's career for very long, as rock soon took over, and rock was here to stay.

Maybe it was bad timing, or maybe we just weren't ready yet, but Bryan Adams' first albums went by with little success. Australia was interested, but 1983's "Cuts Like A Knife", both single and album, landed in the #50's of the Australian charts. Enter Bruce Springsteen with 1984's "Born In The USA", and rock music took over the world in place of the pop frenzy that "Thriller" had created during the year previous. Bryan Adams was touted as a kinda poor man's Bruce Springsteen. Unfortunate the tag was, these days no one could pick whether "Dancing In The Dark" or "Summer Of '69" is the bigger classic. While a couple of Top 20 hits put Bryan on the map here, the mother album, "Reckless" was huge, spending 64 weeks in the Albums Top 100 after a peak of #2. Another album in 1987 saw Bryan return to his former level of minimal success, and it seemed the days of Bryan Adams were over, and all too soon.

Bryan Adams declined a major coup when a track from 1987's "Into The Fire" album was chosen for the Tom Cruise film, "Top Gun". Bryan felt the glorification of war in the film's theme was not for him, and instead turned to more classical themes of love and honour when he provided Kevin Costner's "Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves" with a hit bigger than the film itself. "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You" put Bryan straight on top, blasting everything he had done for the previous decade out of the water. It quickly took a hold over the charts in 1991, spending 11 weeks at #1. Quite possibly the first instance that a single has been noticeably deleted to influence greater album sales, it could have been a record stay at the top, but instead, "Everything I Do..." experienced an embarrassing fall from the top which took just a few weeks to leave the Top 100.

Bryan Adams' 90's career enjoyed five major #1 singles, with the following "Please Forgive Me" heading a Greatest Hits package that showcased a run of hits that probably should have been a little more worthy on the charts than Australia gave credit for. That wrong was corrected when three more movie hits topped the charts, while his Barbra Streisand duet from "The Mirror Has Two Faces" was unluckily placed at #2 in 1997. There was enough "other" material keeping Bryan Adams relevant without the use of movie soundtracks, but it was a trifle compared to that success. Closing of one of the biggest career's of the decade, Bryan joined up with Melanie C from the Spice Girls with a brilliant rock ballad that would see him in the Top Ten for the last time. Well not the last time, as Bryan donated his vocals to Chicane's 2000 hit, "Don't Give Up", a sign that the disco boy inside was still alive and kicking?

As is the case with many stars of the 80's and 90's, there was little room for Bryan Adams in the 2000's, and perhaps that was a revelation Bryan Adams was expecting, with just two albums released in 2004 and 2008. No hits, and little chart action as the two peaked at #15 and #35 respectively. But the hits were still there, just in a different form, as Bryan Adams' photographic career took off, landing him some major Photography Awards, and having his work appear in Vogue, Harper's Bizarre and Esquire magazines. Bryan was even invited to photograph the Queen!

Bryan Adams can be happy as Canada's biggest selling artist worldwide, and with the lead he has over Celine Dion, Shania Twain and Alanis Morissette, that looks to be an honour that he'll keep for a long time to come.

Fans of Bryan Adams: antonnalan

 Bryan Adams' Top 20YearHPPoints
1(Everything I Do) I Do It For You ▲²1991#1191,586
2Please Forgive Me ▲²1993#1170,246
3Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman ▲1995#1134,162
4I Finally Found Someone ▲ (with Barbra Streisand)1997#2105,603*
5When You're Gone ▲ (featuring Melanie C)1998#4102,005
6All For Love ▲ (with Rod Stewart & Sting)1994#199,709*
7Let's Make A Night To Remember ●1996#775,209
9Can't Stop This Thing We Started1991#942,233
10Thought I'd Died And Gone To Heaven1992#1334,862
11Summer Of '691985#1434,011
12The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You1996#1925,803
13Run To You1985#2416,097
14There Will Never Be Another Tonight1991#3014,063
15Heat Of The Night1987#2511,547
16Back To You1997#3811,151
17All I Want Is You1992#317,610
18Do I Have To Say The Words?1992#613,789
19Cuts Like A Knife1983#553,695
20On A Day Like Today1998#603,317

(* Denotes points split between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
332Summer Of '69

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (38 points)2alley1989 (26)3BeansterBarnes (24)4DaveNT (22)5freakystevie1 (19)
6JMcN (18)7HeadInAMuse (17)8bangalore (16)9392414 (15)10ben01 (14)


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hehe, I doubled my score with that. Now it's only slightly embarrassing. I don't know as much Bryan Adams as I should, but Summer of '69 & Everything I Do are classics.
Oh dear, I'm 8th now. But I get some points, at least.

Bryan Adams is one of the best rock singers ever! Chri8, do YOU like him very much???
Bryan Adams is good. I had him at #11, which is more like where he should be.
My favourite song of his would be (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, followed by Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman and When You're Gone. I'm not sure about Summer of '69 though. I still am unsure of why he chose the year 1969 to feature in his song title.

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Yuss i finally get some points
I've added to my post near the top of the thread individual tables for the artists of the top twenty so far, which include their top 10's and accreditations. What do you guys think?
BRYAN ADAMS!!!!! YAY!!!!!! My favourite non-00s artist!!!
Lol I'm the only fan

My favourite Bryan Adams songs

1. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
2. When You're Gone (ft Melanie C)
3. Please Forgive Me
4. Summer of '69
5. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
6. Heaven
7. All I Want Is You
8. All For Love

Stupid Deletion...He would have been a few places higher

Beyonce...hmmm...Some of her music is alright, some is annoying but I definitely don't hate her as she is a good person.

1. Halo

Good to see Bryan Adams higher than Beyonce though.
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Sweet Dreams
are my top 3 for Beyonce

and Yay for Bryan 10 points for me

my favourite

Thought I Died and Gone to Heaven....
Bryan Admas? Who are you so excited over anton?
Wow Clinton is way ahead!!! But very happy to be second, hopefully INXS and Jimmy Barnes can come soon because I have not even predicted them in the top 20, so at least then I can get some serious points!!!

Bryan Adams has some great songs, but I really hate a number of his songs, particularly All For Love!!! Everything I Do is an epic, if sometimes overplayed, track though!

My top ten Bryan Adams:
1. Summer of 69
2. Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
3. I Finally Found Someone
4. Heaven
5. Everything I Do
6. Run To You
7. Please Forgive Me
8. Cuts Like A Knife
9. Straight From The Heart
10. When You're Gone
Not a huge fan of number 10 but ...

392414 I like what you've done with the top bit, it makes the chart much more accessible (I think that's the right word??)
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Thanks for the positive feedback alley. I'm not sure about access, I think of it as a quick snapshot of the chart for a good catchup and overview.
Rihanna is Rubbish.

Beyonce is talented but none of her Music interests me.

Don't know much of Bryan A, the only Track I have heard from him is Everything I Do and I don't mind it.
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Isn't it Bryan A?

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Chri8, do you ever plan on revealing the Top Songs of 1980-2009, i.e. not grouping them as artists, just the individual songs in this countdown? I'd be excited for it
Well, maybe in the future, but as you know, I have posted many smaller countdowns, and plan to do many more. If I did a complete list of "All Time", then it would spoil the surprise of the smaller lists. I eventually do want to do a list, but probably be a few years away yet. I want to milk all I can into the smaller lists first.
Alright, I guess so. I love your smaller lists, so that's fine
"I've added to my post near the top of the thread individual tables for the artists of the top twenty so far, which include their top 10's and accreditations. What do you think?"

Well 392, I realistically think that was a good idea because it makes for a good catchup and overview.
Aren't those the words I described it with Thanks for the positive feedback.

One of my threads. Please comment.

Chri8, as a Melbournian, have you heard of the Seekers? They has major chart success in aust & uk in the 60's. Worth checking out.
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um... who hasnt heard of the seekers....?
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#13. INXS (1980-2006, #1 - 42 entries)

(#2 Biggest Band)
(#4 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)

Today we celebrate one of my all time favourite bands, INXS, and although it's been some years since the classic line up gave us their last offerings, I still find so much to explore from their many, many albums. Somehow, their music has remained fresh, and even gets better as the years wear on, which is probably why so much INXS material is used for remixes.

It was 1979, and the boys had been together officially for a couple of years as The Farriss Brothers, but after a suggestion by a Midnight Oil crew member (inspired by English band XTC and Australian jam brand, IXL), they changed their name to INXS, and began their journey to become one of the biggest Australian exports ever.

The video clip for "Burn For You" says it best - originally a New Wave/Ska band, they found a niche in the Australian pub circuit, before selling out stadiums all around the world, including Wembley Stadium. They reached the top of the charts all over the world, and even scored a couple of Grammy nominations for their "Kick" album. After that success, lead singer Michael Hutchence appeared in a film "Dogs In Space" and also fronted producer Ollie Olsen's side project, Max Q. There was even the question if INXS were still together as their hiatus extended past the two year mark, a relatively huge amount of time for a band that were used to releasing an album almost every year.

After the huge decade that was the 80's, INXS started to decline in popularity. Despite some strong albums (1992's "Welcome To Wherever You Are" a personal favourite), INXS would never return to the dizzying heights of "The Swing" or "Kick" albums, but always managed a Top 50 placement of their single releases. Much of that new material has worked its way to classic status, and really should have been bigger hits. "By My Side" and "Beautiful Girl", slight in their success at the time, join the ranks of INXS's best, a group in itself of some of the best Aussie music ever produced. INXS's success would continue to diminish, until 1997's "Elegantly Wasted" album totally bombed, debuting at #14 and dropping immediately. It would be the final album the original INXS would record together.

In November 1997, Michael Hutchence was found dead in his hotel room, and Australia had lost one of its most gifted artists.

It took some time for the remaining members of INXS to return to the stage or studio. At various times they were fronted by Jimmy Barnes, Terence Trent D'arby and Jon Stevens for one-off live events, releasing only one minor hit single with Jon, "I Get Up". Then in 2005, "Rock Star: INXS" debuted. A reality program in much the same style as Idol, 15 contestants were vying for a place as the bands' lead singer. After eleven weeks, Canadian J.D. Fortune won the competition. Co-incidentally, J.D. celebrated his 6th birthday on the day INXS first performed in September back in 1979! The band was back in the Top 10 of both the singles and albums charts. Their return, however, was short-lived and INXS were once again in suspension, without a lead singer.

INXS's 42 Top 100 single entries (this includes 3 remixes from Rogue Traders, Par-T-One and Tall Paul) is the most by any Australian band, and only beaten by Kylie Minogue and John Farnham among Australian artists. This tally is set to improve with a new album set for release featuring a host of artists on vocal duties including The Killers' Brandon Flowers, and Rob Thomas. Ben Harper has also collaborated on "Never Tear Us Apart", the first taste of what's to come. I really hope it does well for them, but will it be enough to edge their way into the Top Ten Biggest Artists since 1980?

Fans of INXS: bangalore, BeansterBarnes, Daniel09, DaveNT, NateBoi, steveeee192

 INXS's Top 40YearHPPoints
1Need You Tonight1987#3110,046
2Original Sin1983#1108,449
3Good Times (with Jimmy Barnes)1986#2102,425*
4What You Need1985#286,623
5Burn For You1984#363,879
6Suicide Blonde ●1990#258,009
7I Send A Message1984#350,078
8New Sensation1988#942,912
9Don't Change1982#1437,512
10Pretty Vegas2005#937,464
11Devil Inside1988#632,800
12Never Tear Us Apart1987#1431,275
13The One Thing1982#1426,298
14Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)1986#1524,102
15One Of My Kind (vs. Rogue Traders)2003#1023,748*
16The Gift1993#1621,780
18The Loved One1981#1820,952
19Stay Young1981#2120,557
20This Time1985#2319,687
21Black And White1983#2416,848
23Heaven Sent1992#1314,445
24Shining Star1991#2113,261
25Just Keep Walking1980#3812,451
26Listen Like Thieves / Different World1986#2810,161
27Beautiful Girl1993#349,634
28By My Side1991#239,261
29Please (You've Got That...) (with Ray Charles)1993#378,320
30Taste It1992#368,185
31Precious Heart (vs. Tall Paul)2001#277,560*
32Bitter Tears1991#367,344
33To Look At You1983#366,394
34I'm So Crazy (vs. Par-T-One)2001#456,301*
35Baby Don't Cry1992#306,237
36Dancing On The Jetty1985#395,503
37The Strangest Party (These Are The Times)1994#344,522
38Elegantly Wasted1997#483,078
40I Get Up2003#72783

(* Denotes points shared between the artists)

Currently in iTunes...

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (48 points)2BeansterBarnes (30)3DaveNT (28)4alley1989 (26)5bangalore (22)
6=HeadInAMuse (19)6=freakystevie1 (19)8=392414 (18)8=JMcN (18)10=happypeople ,Ben 01 (17)


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INXS are alright but not a huge fan tbh, but I am happy that he has turned up, now just need for Jimmy Barnes to turn up ...

My top ten songs from INXS:
1. Never Tear Us Apart
2. Original Sin
3. Suicide Blonde
4. Need You Tonight
5. New Sensation
6. Afterglow
7. Devil Inside
8. Kiss The Dirt
9. What You Need
10. Dancing On The Jetty

I don't know A LOT of the songs on this list! I will need to listen to some of them!
INXS have new material coming featuring Brandon Flowers AND Rob Thomas! Can't wait! Meanwhile, the most unpopular opinion of all time might be that my favourite INXS song ever is Pretty Vegas. Great to see it get into the top ten here. My top five would be:

1. Pretty Vegas
2. Never Tear Us Apart
3. Afterglow
4. Devil Inside
5. Suicide Blonde
you made a mistake with original sins table chri8 pretty sure we havent gotten to year 108449 yet

I only like pretty vegas from this group
You made a mistake with Original Sin's apostrophe bsb

I like a lot of INXS, recent iTunes previews had me shocked at how much I knew

1. Need You Tonight
2. Never Tear Us Apart
3. Original Sin
4. Don't Change
5. New Sensation
6. Suicide Blonde
7. Burn For You
8. I Send a Message
9. By My Side
10. Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)
well; I was looking for a possesive noun; not sin is which is what sin's would be
err, an apostrophe is used for possessive noun in all cases, bar its.
I don't know much INXS, but from iTunes previews, many of their songs sound very good. My favourite preview would probably be Need You Tonight.
Loved INXS and still do till this day, a very great band with one of the greatest frontmen in Australian rock'n'roll history, they'll never be the same without him.
As for new material i wait with anticipation to see what they come up with and hopefully rock our socks off


1) Elegantly Wasted (easily!)
2) Dancing On The Jetty
3) By My Side
4) Taste It
5) Never Tear Us Apart
6) Not Enough Time
7) Devil Inside
8) New Sensation
9) The Loved One
10) Everything
392414 - Shocked to hear you haven't heard much INXS. How is that even possible?????.

Anyways looks like it's going to be hard to catch up to Clinton in the tipping - I mean 48 so far THAT"S GOOD!. A lot of the placings are REALLY surprising me (especially Rihanna, Nelly & Beyonce). I really didn't think Jimmy Barnes for one would get this high. He has to be up very soon though.
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Yuss U2 #1 Biggest Band
i do hope it's delta tonight, but have a feeling jimmy barnes will be next...
i hope barnsey is next as i have him at #12!
Don't know much INXS. The only Track of theirs I like is Afterglow.
Never Tear Us Apart I find overated, don't like it at all.
Yay I'm not the only one not knowing much INXS
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#12. JIMMY BARNES (1984-2006, #1 - 40 entries)

(#3 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#4 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

Sometimes it takes more than a beautiful pitch perfect voice to conquer the charts, and Jimmy Barnes offered something that all the Aussie blokes could identify with. Rough and rugged in appearance, he sang of the everyday toil of work, the reckless days of youth, and all washed down with a bottle (or two) of vodka. Yep, Jimmy Barnes was the Aussie man's man.

Jimmy's solo career was helped along by the fact that he had fronted one of the most influential bands this nation has seen, Cold Chisel. Like James Reyne, the second half of the 80's was something of a revival for Jimmy, hitting the top of the charts on his own in 1987, something Chisel could never do. The albums chart were something of a playground for Jimmy Barnes, with his albums a sure thing to thing #1. His first six albums all topped the charts, with accreditations galore making Jimmy possibly the biggest artist Australia had ever seen. 1991's "Soul Deep" was even outselling Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" album! It didn't seem to matter if Jimmy was releasing classic Aussie rock ("Working Class Man", "Driving Wheels"), playful Aussie pop ("Lay Down Your Guns", "Let's Make It Last Night"), steaming Aussie ballads ("Too Much Ain't Enough Love", "When Your Love Is Gone") or taking us for a ride back to his roots ("Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Chain Of Fools"). He had something for everyone.

By 1993, Jimmy Barnes was one of the hottest artists of the 90's, giving huge stars such as Bryan Adams and Madonna a run for their money. So it was no surprise that "Heat" was highly anticipated. The albums' first sample was "Sweat It Out", a tough, dirty rock track that exactly what the title suggested. After all the pop, blues and contemporary offerings Jimmy had given us, this was Jimmy Barnes back to what he did best, and why we fell in love with him to begin with. Perhaps it was the legions of fans that jumped on board during the last few years, or his capturing of an older audience with his "Soul Deep" project, but "Heat" did little in the way of chart success. Peaking at #2 in the albums charts, it was the first glitch in the Jimmy Barnes machine, and the #11 and then #41 peaks of the first two singles was a comparative bomb to his earlier work. It wasn't all bad, and "Stone Cold" saved the day by giving the album a much needed hit, tagged as the closest to a Cold Chisel reunion we were likely to get at the time. Safe with the soft rock of "Stone Cold", and then a return to the blues with "Right By Your Side", "Heat" managed to get back some footage and recoup lost sales from the first single releases, but Jimmy Barnes' career had certainly been hurt forever, and only a couple of further Top Ten hits would join the ranks of Jimmy's best, which was forever locked into the late 80's and early 90's.

Jimmy Barnes has continued to experiment with his albums, possibly as an acknowledgment that his glory days are over, and its time to have a bit of fun. His albums continue to flourish, adding another two #1's to his account after his 1996 greatest hits package. That's nine #1 albums, and with a new one on the way, "Rage And Ruin", all ready for Fathers' Day, he could very well hit double figures.

Jimmy Barnes, now in his 50's, is a classic Aussie legend, and continues to influence music today, even if it is hard to tell amongst all the over-produced pop babble that represents chart music into the 2010's. No wonder Jimmy's kids are following in his footsteps, as David Campbell makes good use of his fathers gift, and Mahalia Barnes is beginning the make a name for herself, appearing in her own set for Jimmy's upcoming "Day On The Green" tour. But the biggest gift is making all those Aussie blokes out there feel like they belong to something bigger - and that's the music of Barnesy!

 Jimmy Barnes' Top 40YearHPPoints
1Too Much Ain't Enough Love1987#1111,662
2Good Times (with INXS)1986#2102,426*
3Lay Down Your Guns ▲1990#494,549
4When Something Is Wrong With My Baby ▲ (with John Farnham)1991#392,249*
5Stone Cold ▲1993#477,353
6When A Man Loves A Woman1988#372,950
7Working Class Man1985#472,087
8I'd Die To Be With You Tonight1985#766,146
9The Weight ● (with The Badloves)1993#659,859
10When Your Love Is Gone ●1991#752,403
11I Gotcha ●1991#646,121
12Lover Lover1996#639,017
13Let's Make It Last All Night1990#1234,700
14No Second Prize1984#1227,383
15Driving Wheels1988#1226,991
16Simply The Best (with Tina Turner)1992#1421,267
18Change Of Heart1995#1717,636
19Chain Of Fools2000#1514,524
20Sweat It Out1993#1114,063
21Ain't No Mountain High Enough1992#2812,182
22Sit On My Knee (with Dallas Crane)2005#1411,547*
23Gonna Take Some Time (with Mahalia Barnes)2005#319,045*
24I'm Still On Your Side1988#298,595
25Little Darling1990#398,564
26Waitin' For The Heartache1988#337,767
27Ride The Night Away1986#395,576
28Never Give You Up1997#335,445
29Last Frontier1989#315,422
30Love Is Enough1991#484,046
31Stand Up1993#413,951
32Right By Your Side1993#433,798
33Thankful For The Rain1999#632,889
34Still Got A Long Way To Go (with Diesel)1994#572,597*
35Bird On A Wire (with Troy Cassar-Daley)2006#592,372*
36Love And Hate1999#701,705
37Out Of Time (with Tim Rogers)20006#501,346*
38You Can't Make Love Without A Soul1994#841,008
39Promise Me You'll Call1984#86927
40Higher (with Gary Pinto)2002#80428*

(* Denotes points shared between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
240God Or Money
273, 532Working Class Man
354Flame Trees
389Khe Sanh
640I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
732No Second Prize
936Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (48 points)2BeansterBarnes (30)3=DaveNT (29)3=Ben01 (29)5alley1989 (26)
6=bangalore (24)6=392414 (24)8HeadInAMuse (21)9=freakystevie1 (19)9=happypeople (19)


wow ben01 you hit it right on the head

Cool we share the same name
Jimmy Barnes is alright!

My top five from him:
1. Working Class Man
2. No Second Prize
3. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby
4. Lay Down Your Guns
5. Stone Cold

Working Class Man is an absolutely classic though.
Don't worry guys, I failed hard with my prediction of Eminem so there is plenty of time to catch up!!!

I hope Delta is next, then Eminem sneaking into the Top 10 so that I can have my whole Top 9 in play when it comes to that.
I'd like that scenario too! Perhaps I'm still a shot if my predictions are perfect from now on.
Hey just on the tipping. Chris mentioned on a previous thread that he worked out that Candle in the Wind 97 earned 939,783 points all by itself. That's more than John Farnham's 30 chart hits combined and he came in at #22. Seeing that Elton's had so many other big hits as well he could very well come in at #1. I still think Madonna will get to #1 but we may all have our #2 wrong.
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Congratulations to Beanster here, for making #12.

Seriously Beanster be proud of your work, why are you trying to pass yourself as Ian Moss? You had a great career and are one of Australia's biggest artists of all time. Australian-charts.com is lucky to have a member who is so famous.

Anyway Chris8, I noticed you had 2006 as 20006. You can predict the future now.
havent commented here for a while, need to catch up!

Bryan Adams, miss him, like some of the stuff off his last album but his glory days are long gone i reckon. 18 til i die was one of the first albums i ever owned

Top 10.
1. Summer Of '69 (of course)
2. Lets Make It A Night To Remember
3. Heaven
4. All For Love
5. I Finally Found Someone
6. When Youre Gone
7. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman
8. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You
9. Best Of Me
10. Run To You

INXS, Aussie rock legends

top 10.
1. New Sensation
2. Listen Like Thieves
3. Never Tear Us Apart
4. Suicide Blonde
5. Elegantly Wasted
6. Burn For You
7. Original Sin
8. What You Need
9. Devil Inside
10. Dont Change

i like how the younger ones list Afterglow and Pretty Vegas as favourites. ok while they are servicable songs they arent even close to original INXS quality.

Jimmy Barnes, cant say im a big fan of his but he has had some solid peformers over the years.

top 5
1. Stone Cold
2. Working Class Man
3. Lover Lover
4. Good Times
5. Simply The Best

Nice to see an extra "0" is the thing that stands out in a post containing brief artist resume, iTunes chart, Top 40 Artist list and a Tipping ladder.

Jimmy Barnes is a dilemma for me. I've been trying to decide on a top five for him and I just can't do it. While I like most of his songs, other than Working Class Man, none of them stand out as a favourite.

ben01, not that I'm much younger than you (13 months according to your profile) I list Pretty Vegas and Afterglow in my top three INXS, partially because I enjoy JD's voice more than Hutchence's. And partly for the same reasons as I can't do a Jimmy Barnes top five, if we were only talking about Hutchence era INXS, Never Tear Us Apart would be my clear #1, and then about ten more songs could make up the top five as I like them all but they don't stand out to me as special from the rest.

I hope it's not Delta who misses the top ten when revealed. I'd be OK with any of the other ten missing it.
It didn't stand out, just an observation.
sorry bluezombie i wasnt taking a swipe at you. just find that a lot of younger ones who dont really know INXS will put the J.D. Fortune fronted version of INXS as their fave. dont have anything against them for it, in fact afterglow is a really nice song. but of course thats the way it probably goes as a musician/group goes through the decades.
It's OK, I know that you weren't having a go at anyone, and I knew when I originally posted it that few would agree. If it makes you feel better, I would NEVER try to argue that JD was a better frontman or that INXS were better with him than Michael. Their success would prove that isn't the case. It just happens that the song I like best of theirs came when he was the singer. I'd probably like it nearly as much if Michael had sung it.
Jimmy Barnes and INXS are great! I can't remember any of their songs off the top of my head but I'm very confident I know a lot of those.

I'm slowly falling in placings in the tipping ladder. Hopefully I can catch up in the top 10!
Who will miss the Top 10 cut?? DUN! DUN! DUN!
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#11. U2 (1981-2009, #1 - 44 entries)

(#1 Biggest Band)

The buzz in Oz escalated at around 8:59am this morning when tickets for their mighty 360° Tour went on sale, and the reception was as expected, with Perth's concert selling out in 10 minutes!!! My wallet is $600 lighter, but what a show this is going to be, a brilliant ending to a year's worth of concerts that has seen the likes of Whitney Houston, AC/DC, Lady Gaga and Spandau Ballet all tour Australia (they just happen to be the four that I've seen...heh heh).

We've reached the summit of the bands, and U2 have truly proved their worth, and the title of Greatest Band of the modern era of music, and no doubt have only Abba, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles to contend with when the earlier years are added. Can U2 hold up against them?

It was September 1979 when the Irish group released the first of what would become many singles. 30 years later, they can boast five Australian #1 singles, 25 Top Ten hits, 22 Grammys and worldwide sales of 145 million albums!

U2 formed in 1976 when a 14 year old Larry Mullen posted a notice on his school bulletin board. Bono, The Edge and Adam Clayton were soon on board, along with early fifth member, Dik Evans, The Edge's brother. With the idea for a four piece rock outfit in mind, Dik was phased out, and U2, as we know them, were born. It's interesting to know that before they became the biggest band on the planet, the members of U2 actually had very little musical talent at all. They learnt as they went, which probably accounts for their distinctive sound.

There is no real reason behind the name, U2. Larry says they were "The Larry Mullen Band" for a few minutes, and then took on the name "Feedback", one of the few musical terms they knew at the time. They changed their name to "The Hype" before being offered a few suggestions from a friend of theirs. "U2" was the one they liked the most, and it stuck.

In September 1979, U2 released "Three", an EP issued only in Ireland. Only 1000 copies were pressed making it one of the most rare and highly sort after releases (however, it was included on the 2008 re-release of the band's first album "Boy"). What followed was hit album after hit album, eventually guaranteeing them a #1 debut with each. Through "Boy", "October", "War", "The Joshua Tree", "Rattle And Hum", "Achtung Baby" (my all time favourite album), "Zooropa", "Pop", "All That You Can't Leave Behind" and "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb", U2 have produced some of the most inspirational and influential music ever.

As if that wasn't enough, the band dubbed the "Greatest Band In The World" had to give us something live to compliment that tag, and when the Zoomerang Tour hit our shores late in 1993, an amazing transformation had taken place. Gone was the seriousness that accompanied "The Joshua Tree" material, instead, Mr. Mephisto took to the stage, horns and all, delivering messages to watch more TV and calling the odd President here and there (for the DVD release, it was a Sydney cab with a most unaccommodating operator taking Bono's call). The shows got impossibly bigger and bigger, pushing the boundaries for live show magic and technology. 360° sees them perform under a sci-fi style rocket ship, complete with revolving stage, and one wonders just how much more can you do with a live show.

But at the heart of it all is the music. There's real depth to it, there's an imagination involved rare with rock bands, and there's something for everyone. 80's U2 is constantly played on Gold FM for the oldies, while 90's U2 still gets a little rotation on the youth radio station, JJJ. The 2000's were more of a struggle, as it was with 99% of all "older" artists, and U2 drew from a substantial back catalogue to combine both decades' elements together.

This year the boys released "No Line On The Horizon", a brilliant album that received five stars from Rolling Stone magazine. The singles have fallen victim to the digital format swamping the charts, with "Get On Your Boots" just popping its head into the following U2 list, but their successful career more than makes up for it. It's an album for the fans, and is going to sound complete when they perform the songs live this December (I can't wait for "Unknown Caller"!). It's also highly rumoured that yet another album is set for release, getting back to those days when their major albums had a little bit of a younger brother to quickly follow. Let's just hope that this young Irish offshoot from the Biggest Band from the last 30 years can give them a little more credible chart action in the Singles chart, and maybe nudge them into the Top Ten Biggest Artists since 1980.

Fans of U2: ben01, Chris A, DaveNT, HeadInAMuse, steveeee192

 U2's Top 40YearHPPoints
2Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me ●1995#185,130
3All I Want Is You / Everlasting Love ▲1989#279,893
4The Fly ●1991#169,326
5Mysterious Ways ●1991#369,312
6Beautiful Day ▲2000#160,559
7Pride (In The Name Of Love)1984#459,112
8Miss Sarajevo (as Passengers)1995#757567
9Sweetest Thing (includes "1998 Version") ●1989/98#73/#653,487
10Lemon ●1993#646,673
11Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses1992#942,921
12With Or Without You1987#938,798
13The Saints Are Coming (with Green Day)2006#138,274*
14Discotheque ▲1997#337,462
16Stay (Faraway, So Close!)1994#533,972
17Take Me To The Clouds Above ● (vs. LMC)2004#733,875*
18Even Better Than The Real Thing1992#1132,468
19Vertigo ●2004#531,144
20Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of ●2001#328,864
21Angel Of Harlem1988#1824,415
22I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For1987#1718,648
23Electrical Storm ●2002#517,892
24Walk On2001#916,942
28Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own2005#1912,015
29All Because Of You2005#2311,763
30Where The Streets Have No Name1987#2711,601
31Window In The Skies2007#1711,016
33When Love Comes To Town (with B.B. King)1989#2310,152
34Staring At The Sun1997#238,145
35New Year's Day1983#366,998
37Last Night On Earth1997#325,126
38Two Hearts Beat As One1983#534,685
39City Of Blinding Lights2005#314,590
40Get On Your Boots2009#263,425

(* Denotes points split between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
224Beautiful Day
378One (with Mary J. Blige)
421With Or Without You
744All I Want Is You
940, 960Sunday Bloody Sunday
1013I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
983, 1023Vertigo

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (48 points)2DaveNT (35)3alley1989 (32)4BeansterBarnes (31)5Ben01 (29)
6=bangalore (25)6=freakystevie1 (25)8=392414 (24)8=Daniel09 (24)10HeadInAMuse (22)



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I find U2 average. Good to see Delta top 10. Can't wait for the top ten!!
Jimmy Barnes I often thought was bogan rock. I really did like Lay Down Your Guns at the time of its release though. Like him or not he has certainly done well for himself. I like Bryan Adams in the early-mid 90s who didn't but lost favour with him when some of his tracks I found annoying kept doing so well and getting radio overplay, lets make a night to remember is definately one of those.

INXS are great! Too young to remember them at their peak I like Beanster also like Elegantly Wasted despite being a bit of a chart flop.

My favs:
1 New Sensation
2 Need You Tonight
3 Don't Change
4 What You Need
5 Never Tear Us Apart
6 One Of My Kind
7 Elegantly Wasted
8 Beautiful Girl
9 Original Sin
Great to see Delta made the top ten. I hate Bono as a person (not that I've met him but he seems like a massive douche) but U2 have some fantastic songs:

1. Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
2. With Or Without You
3. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
4. Beautiful Day
5. Sweetest Thing (I never knew there was an '89 version though!)
I hope Delta followed by Eminem is next or very soon for points
I can't believe U2 missed the top 10, still in shock. One of the greatest bands, and the greatest according to this list.
I do like U2, they have made some pretty great music over the last couple of decades! The 360° Tour looks amazing! I'm a little surprised they missed the top 10 (I would have thought Delta Goodrem would have been in the teens) but I doubt that really matters. #11 is pretty good! Can't wit for the top 5, have a feeling Michael Jackson and Madonna are going to be left for last! I can't remember who else is going to make it, no doubt we'll see Eminem in there somewhere!
omg i am absolutely surprised that u2 got lower than delta and mariah (even though i predicted them to be at #10).
they have had so many good songs though!!!

1. with or without you
2. i still haven't found what i'm looking for
3. sweetest thing
4. all i want is you
5. pride
6. where the streets have no name
7. one
8. one tree hill
9. sunday bloody sunday
10. discotheque.

tbh i love heaps of their songs! it's amazing that we have already come to the end of the top bands!!! i am ECSTATIC that mariah makes it into the top ten. hopefully i don't see her until wednesday/thursday!!
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WTF? Surely this is an error

How is Delta TOP 10? Seriously...
From looking at chri8's posts on the first part of this thread. Several Delta songs are given points, her first lot are all around 150,000-200,000. So it adds up I guess
As this countdown unfolds i'm more shocked than anything as it unfolds.
The way it is heading it wouldn't surprise me at all to see Elton at #1 or even Black Eyed Peas for that matter.
It just goes to show that even the greatest artists of the last decade and a bit have fallen behind thanks to the digital age, in a not to distant future we'll be seeing artist like Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber invade our TOP 10 of all time.
Bryan Adams handing over the top Canadaian title to Bieber is something I would not like to see.
It is scary to think of how much higher some artists will be with just their 2010 success added. Gaga could be just outside the top 10
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scary to think where BEP will be after this year...

great to see Eminem top 10! surprised Mariah made the top 10.
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How sad they just miss the top 10. Interesting that none of their singles has over 100,000 points, but I guess that's the thing with U2. Songs aren't necessarily massive or immediate hits, but grow a powerful reputation over time.

The list of classic U2 songs is endless. Absolute Brilliance

Top 20 U2 singles. (songs would be too hard)

1. Beautiful Day
2. One
3. Pride
4. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
5. Vertigo
6. Mysterious Ways
7. Where The Streets Have No Name
8. Elevation
9. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
10. Sunday Bloody Sunday
11. Get On Your Boots
12. Desire
13. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
14. Lemon
15. City Of Blinding Lights
16. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
17. One Tree Hill
18. Even Better Than The Real Thing
19. Numb
20. Magnificent
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BTW Chi8, you forgot to include The Mission Impossible theme that Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen did on U2's list.
Wow, that severely messed my predictions around. I had U2 as Top 5. I really thought that their late 80s, early 90s material would have been a lot bigger.

There's the opening for the top position now!
I don't think you need to worry about me. My '4' is hardly imposing a dangerous shadow on the top lol. It's all fun anyway, and besides, the countdown is the important part

I like U2, mostly their earlier stuff: With Or Without You is my favourite, while All I Want Is You has a magical film clip. Of their newer stuff, Sometimes You Can't Make It and Stuck in a Moment are my favs.

So excited for the top 10!
@ HeadInAMuse, didn't forget, they're just not U2 complete.
Such a pity U2 missed the top 10 I find them a very fantastic band and it's clear their success continues to today.

Also: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me was #1 on the day I was born

Favourite songs include: Beautiful Day, Pride and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For to name a few
Like Everyone else I'm surprised that U2 missed The Top 10.

My U2 Knowledge is horrible, from the stuff that I know I don't mind The Saints Are Coming and Magnificent.
Sadly all 5 of U2's #1's appeared on Chri8's list of the 50 worst charting #1 singles.
Still shocked U2 missed, even though I saw when it was posted last night. When I had started predicting the biggest artists at around the 500-artist mark I thought they would land at #4, I later revised it down to #7, but to think they beat Mariah, Delta and Britney I am shocked (I think they will be the next 3). But many of U2 songs had massive high debuts (top 10) due to fan base buying in first week only to plumet down the chart, e.g. Electrical Storm, Saints are Coming, Discoteque, Walk On and so on.. Much of Kylie's, Madonna's and MJ's later material has suffered the same fate so will be interesting to see how they stack up. .
Chris about U2. You've included Miss Sarajevoin U2's list. But if memory serves me correct (and it usually doesn't) wasn't this TECHNICALLY credited as "Passengers (featuring Luciano Pavarotti)". If so while it is actually U2 they didn't credit it to themselves and therefore shouldn't really count for them in this countdown. If you're going to include this then really you should also include the Mission Impossible Theme because the grey area could TECHNICALLY include that as well. Just asking????.
Well, Passengers WAS U2, there's no denying, and the reasons for the single charting in the Top 10 was that they were really U2. With just one extra member, and its inclusion on U2's Greatest Hits album, its widely acknowledged as their track, and too fine a point to not include it in this list. I know its grey, but I did the same with "Absolutely Fabulous" for the Pet Shop Boys. Basically, I lay it out on the table, and show it as my classification, but feel free to interpret your own take, and adjust points accordingly.

As for the Mission Impossible vs. Passengers argument, I can justly include an act that has the entire band wihtin it, but can I really include just half a band as U2's points? Doesn't seem right. You could compare this to George Michael's "Careless Whisper", which was credited to George, but from Wham!'s album.

As I said, with the side projects, "featured" artists, presented acts, and all the other matters of contention, this is my take, and I think I fairly justify it, but others may have a different take on those rules, and I think there's enough info there to make you're own adjustments.

The rules have never changed since the beginning of this countdown, but there will be a few adjustments when the countdown is done, and its because of these discussions, so its not fruitless.

Yeah cool there's a few grey areas in these things I know. I always wondered why U2 did that name change thing with Miss Sarajevo. It was for a charity I think????. Also I guess the fact that it was VERY different from their previous material and the inclusion of Luciano Pavarotti were the reasons.

I'd forgotten about Careless Whisper. As it was recorded in the Wham days and also off one of their albums I wonder why it was only credited to just George.

Hey Chris it might be a good idea to start a new thread for the Top 10 as you'll get a lot more comments about that.
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U2 are the first (and probably only) Top 30 artist so far to not have a hit with more than 100,000 points
Ouch to them.
re: The Passengers project Here is some info from Wikipedia regarding the project and the album Original Soundtrack Volume 1 (which featured Miss Sarajevo):

"Because the album is highly experimental, bespeaking the increasing influence of Brian Eno on the band, Island Records was reluctant to release it as a U2 album, so the invented name was devised instead. There is disagreement about whether to consider Original Soundtracks 1 a U2 album, but due to the pseudonym, it is usually not included in the band's discography."

My gut lies towards including it in the U2 category as it seems the band had every intention to release it as U2 but the record company balked at it.

Mission: Impossible Theme is the equivalent of including the Keith N Shane single into Boyzone's count (if this was based on the UK singles market) or that Haiti song released earlier this year which featured Bono and The Edge.
Love INXS, Jimmy Barnes and U2! Glad to see they all got this high.

HeadInAMuse - nice U2 representation

I agree, it will be very hard to catch up to Clinton in the tipping - his 48 points makes my 25 look measly, and being equal 6th even more so!
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why thank you
I don't know if anyone knew this, but...
U2 shot the video clip for their single "Vertigo" in Australia...they like the heat apparently!

Seriously, they have liked Aust for a long time and were sick of filming their clips in the cold of Ireland and wanted to come and make a video here for a change. If you haven't seen the clip yet, you should, it's really good.
Actually it was in Spain, sorry

But it is an awesome video

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Gonna chance the continuation of this thread. Apologies if it loads slow towards the end...

The best of the best is now. The household names, the enduring artists, or the just plain popular. They've all changed the way we see popular music, with all artists influencing and being influenced by the charts.

We all know who they are, but in what order are they going to end this epic countdown of the Biggest Singles Artists of the last 30 years? Well, the wait is finally over...

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#10. DELTA GOODREM (2001-08, #1 - 15 entries)

(#2 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#6 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

It's funny that after all the criticism Kylie Minogue got from her transition from "Neighbours" to pop stardom, that there should be two artists in the Top 10 of the Biggest Singles Artists since 1980 following that path. Of course, Kylie, and Delta Goodrem.

There is a significant difference, however, as the two stars reached their particular vocations in quite the opposite way. I guess we'll get to Kylie soon enough, and hear about her television success before she made the leap to a music career. Delta Goodrem was always supposed to be a big music star, and 2001's "I Don't Care" was supposed to be her big debut. A ten week run in the Top 100 peaking at #64 was far from a good start, and possibly one that her managers were unprepared for. But there was a Plan B. It was well known that Neighbours had produced many a successful pop act, so why not use that for a musical artist already trying to find her footing. Delta Goodrem was quickly cast in the long-running series, and soon became one of the most popular actors on the show. The plan was falling into place beautifully, with Delta's character eventually showing her passion to become a successful recording artist, and showcasing her talents on the show. It was the perfect exploitation on both sides of the fence, and within weeks of Delta performing "Born To Try" on Neighbours, it was #1, becoming one of the biggest singles of the decade, and paving the way for what would be an amazing career (and proper) debut.

It goes down in history on so many levels, but Delta's debut album "Innocent Eyes" was unstoppable. Five #1 singles was a feat bettered only by The Beatles, while the albums' 25 week run at #1 broke John Farnham's "Whispering Jack" record for longest running Aussie album at the top. Australian music needed a hero to break the American hip-hop and R'n'B phase that plagued the charts at the time, and Delta broke through just at the right time.

There wasn't much to dislike about Delta. She was down-to-earth, dealt with the punches on her way to the top, and handled fame all with an air of dignity and grace. An unfortunate cancer scare only made her stronger, while a much publicised, but failed romance with Mark Philippoussis, was a rare smear on her perfect profile. Mark would influence the lead single for album #2, "Out Of The Blue" accounting his support during her cancer battle, and it was another #1, her sixth in less than two years! Even Madonna could only manage five during the 80's entire.

Delta continued on her merry way with another successful third album, featuring "In This Life", her eighth #1, and some of her best work ever. There was a lot less pressure, and it showed, with songs of strength and courage, together with brilliant production adding to Delta's already impressive discography and success. The proof in this is Delta's introduction of this list to the Top Ten Biggest Artists of the last 30 years, and with another album on the way, there's little chance she'll be dropping out anytime soon.

 Delta Goodrem's Top 10YearHPPoints 
1Born To Try ▲³2002#1220,114
2Lost Without You ▲²2003#1174,045
3Predictable ▲²2003#1165,829
4Innocent Eyes ▲2003#1120,480
5Not Me, Not I ▲2003#1119,203
6Out Of The Blue ▲2004#1115,289
7Almost Here ▲ (with Brian McFadden)2005#1110,259
8In This Life ▲2007#198,477
9Together We Are One ●2006#262,198
10Believe Again ●2007#249,055

(* Denotes Points shared between artists)

Currently in iTunes...

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (51 points)2DaveNT (37)3alley1989 (35)4=BeansterBarnes (31)4=bangalore (31)
6=Daniel09 (30)6=Ben01 (30)8happypeople (29)9freakystevie1 (28)10392414 (27)


thanks for posting chri8 i've been hanging out for this all evening hahahaha!!!

great to see delta, although unfortunately, i'm thinking mariah will be the next one up (although i hope it is britney)!!!

That track record is amazing though look at that top ten!!! 8 NUMBER ONES with 2 number two tracks rounding out the top ten! She did well and I'm happy for her. Innocent Eyes was a great album and I liked a lot of the songs from Mistaken Identity. Delta the album I felt was quite different still liked it but not as much as her previous ones!

My top ten Delta!
1. Born To try
2. Almost here
3. Predictable
4. Innocent eyes
5. Lost Without You
6. Together We Are One
7. Not Me, Not I
8. Out Of The Blue
9. Be Strong
10. In This Life

My favourite non-released track is 'Brave Face' from 'Delta'!
All I can say is finally I get some decent points. Now I can fail just slightly
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#9. MARIAH CAREY (1990-2009, #1 - 44 entries)

(#5 Biggest Female Solo Artists)

If you said to me, in 1990, that Mariah Carey would still be around today producing Top 20 hits and still creating excitement over an album release, I wouldn't have been surprised. Taking over from Whitney Houston in the "diva" stakes, Mariah was a unique talent with an amazing eight octave vocal range, often mistaken as a black soul singer. Co-writing most of the material on her debut self-titled album, she even won Grammys for Best New Talent and Best Pop Vocal Performance for "Vision Of Love", her first Australian single AND Top Ten hit. With 1993's "Music Box", Mariah Carey came into her own. The first album of the 90's to break 10xPlatinum, and eventually one of the Top Ten biggest sellers of the decade. Mariah Carey would be crowned Billboard's "Artist Of The Decade".

If you said to me in 2001 that Mariah Carey would still be around today producing Top 20 hits and still creating excitement over an album release, I would've laughed! Mariah had ended the 90's with a relative failure, "Rainbow". It was also the end of her contract with Columbia records, and the beginning of an $80 Million contract with Virgin records. Complaints of being over-worked lead to a highly publicized breakdown from exhaustion. Her behaviour became questionable with notorious antics, and even stripteases! Eventually, Mariah checked into a hospital and took a break from public appearances.

In 2005, after various attempts to get her career back on track, Mariah Carey made one of the most remarkable comebacks in music history. "The Emancipation Of Mimi" saw the return of the successful Mariah that we all knew. A #1 hit and another couple of Top Ten hits put her back in the music A-list.

While Mariah's career has been blessed with a seemingly endless list of Top Ten hits, they haven't always been up to scratch in the quality department (just check out "LoverBoy", a #7 hit!!!). Mariah Carey's career could quite possibly be the most hit and miss career's ever, at least post "Music Box" anyway. At the moment, Mariah is in a two album slump. Sales have been OK, but the possibility that another "Music Box" will come are way are pretty much out of the question, but recording she is, and those moderate chart hits still give her important points for this list to keep her in as one of the Big Ten since 1980, and for at least a while longer.

 Mariah Carey's Top 40YearHPPoints
1One Sweet Day ▲ (with Boyz II Men)1995#2120,242*
2Without You ▲1994#397,532
3We Belong Together ▲2005#195,771
4Hero ▲1993#789,476
5Fantasy ▲1995#186,476
6Endless Love ▲ (with Luther Vandross)1994#284,001*
7Heartbreaker ▲1999#1067,497
8I Know What You Want ● (with Busta Rhymes)2003#366,048*
9Dreamlover ●1993#761,178
10I'll Be There ●1992#955,017
11Honey ●1997#854,551
12All I Want For Christmas Is You1994#249,172
13Vision Of Love ●1990#943,466
14It's Like That ●2005#941,240
15Shake It Off ●2005#638,636
16Don't Forget About Us2005#1238,572
17Anytime You Need A Friend1994#1236,545
18Love Takes Time1990#1435,987
19When You Believe ● (with Whitney Houston)1998#1335,591*
21Always Be My Baby ●1996#1731,361
22Obsessed ● (includes "Cahill Club Mix")2009#13/#5825,506
23Touch My Body2008#1723,747
24Get Your Number2006#1918,999
25Loverboy ●2001#716,815
27Through The Rain2002#1512,337
28Say Somethin' (featuring Snoop Dogg)2006#269,738
29Open Arms1996#279,122
30Breakdown (featuring Bone Thungs-N-Harmony)1998#387,488
31Joy To The World1995#337,074
32Make It Happen1992#356,251
33My All1998#396,021
34Boy (I Need You)2003#295,495
35I Don't Wanna Cry1991#495,486
36Thank God I Found You (with Joe & 98°)2000#275,369
38Can't Let Go1991#634,262
39Bye Bye2008#532,511
40Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (featuring Westlife)2000#522,214

(* Denotes points split between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
508Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (54 points)2DaveNT (43)3alley1989 (41)4Daniel09 (40)5BeansterBarnes (37)
6392414 (33)7happypeople (32)8=freakystevie1 (31)8=bangalore (31)10Ben01 (30)


top 5..

1.Believe again (#5 of all time for me!)
2.Together we are one
3.Born to try
4.Lost without you
5.Innocent eyes

mariah is ok, top 3:
1.Obsessed (a personal #3)
2.Get your number
3.Touch my body
wow surprised to see Mariah here but maybe it's because I wanted Eminem lol..

Yay Britney beat her =]

Hey Chri8 just a suggestion/question..

Could you perhaps start to post more than the top 10 in the tipping ladder now that we are nearing #1? I just want to know where I am ... Or you could tell me.
points at the top of the tipping chart M@TT,you got 18 pts.

delta and mariah are ok,a few good songs between both
Did you recycle that description for Carey?

Mariah and Delta are good. My fave Delta track is In this Life, fave Mariah is We Belong Together (AMAZING!).

Oh well it had to happen sooner or later

Mariah Carey is my favourite artist of all time surprise surprise. I have always loved her, since the first song I heard from her (which was actually 'honey'). Even though she's had her ups and downs, I have pretty much liked every single from her - some more than others, with one or two that I haven't liked... like Boy (I Need You) - that was real bad

Ny favourite album from her is her Butterfly album, with Daydream, Mariah Carey and The Emancipation of Mimi being my next few favourites! Butterfly is amazing because it really changed the type of music she was putting out as she went towards a more R&B sound. Even though haters know her mostly for the flop that was Glitter, Charmbracelet is actually her worst album, the album just did not glue together!!!

One thing is unmistakeable, she has an AMAZING voice, and has real control over it which can be a tough technique for some artists! Even though she has lost it and can't sing as well as she could back in the day, she has been pumping out hits over the years. They're not just hits, but are vocal displays and I'm pretty sure if any artist sang the type of songs that she has over the amount of time she has been on stage, they would have the same problem. The other thing is that Mariah's more recent stuff seems to acknowledge that she has more vocal limitations these days. People think she may have sold out because she is bringing out a different type of music, but you would be crazy to expect her to still be releasing Vision of Love's and I'll Be There's!

I posted a top five Mariah songs in another thread a couple of weeks ago, but I will post a top twenty tonight here:

My top 20 Mariah tracks:
1. We Belong Together
2. Vision of Love
3. Without You
4. My All
5. Always Be My Baby
6. I'll Be There
7. Heartbreaker
8. Fantasy
9. Touch My Body
10. Honey
11. One Sweet Day
12. If It's Over
13. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
14. Don't Forget About Us
15. Hero
16. Love Takes Time
17. Obsessed
18. All I Want For Christmas Is You
19. Bye Bye
20. O Holy Night

The top twenty doesn't even cover all of her songs that have reached number one on my chart. My favourite non-released songs from her are: Vanishing (Mariah Carey), And You Don't Remember (Emotions), Outside (Butterfly) and For The Record (e=MC2)

On a bright note, at least she made the top ten, this makes me very happy. And she beat the other two vocally efficient divas (Whitney and Celine), hopefully Britney is the next one up!
Another artist I completely overestimated

I don't like Mariah's music that much. I find it quite boring. Good to see Delta in the top 10 though. Very good to see 2 Aussie acts in the top 10!
I'm on 20 points

So I'm not doing as bad as I thought I would be... I just need to get one spot on to be back into things..

thanks for pointing it out Chris
nice to see delta top 10. im a fan of hers, but she wouldnt be a massive fave.

top 10
1. Innocent Eyes
2. Lost Without You
3. Out Of The Blue
4. Predictable
5. In This Life
6. Mistaken Identity
7. Born To Try
8. Not Me, Not I
9. Together We Are One
10. Throw It Away

much bigger fan of Mariah, a class act.. well most of the time anyway

Top 20.
1. Fantasy
2. Honey
3. One Sweet Day
4. Always Be My Baby
5. Touch My Body
6. Heartbreaker
7. Hero
8. All I Want For Christmas Is You
9. When You Believe
10. We Belong Together
11. I'll Be There
12. Its Like That
13. Obsessed
14. Butterfly
15. Without You
16. Shake It Off
17. Bye Bye
18. Endless Love
19. Emotions
20. Vision Of Love

Mariah has had strong success through the years in my charts, unfortunately her last album was a disappointment but i hope she bounces back again

Mariah Carey's overrated, she has amazing vocal abilites sure, but there's little variety in her average music.
Both are overated. The only Single I like from Delta is
Believe Again and don't like anything of Mariah Careys.
Shake it off is Mariah Carey's best. Not an absolute favourite though.
P!nk's birthday today...

happy birthday P!nk
I guess that means pink is next hopefully britney is though
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#8. EMINEM (1999-2009, #1 - 19 entries)

(#3 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

So what the hell is a skinny white boy named Marshall doing as the biggest rapper of all time? It's one of those unexplainable phenomena the chart regularly produces, but the rap and hip-hop genre was no longer a "black" domain by the time the 2000's came our way.

There was no way anyone had any inclination of the success that was to come for Eminem. First hitting the Australian charts with "My Name Is", and then "The Real Slim Shady", it seemed the white guys were there just to take the piss out of rap music (Vanilla Ice anyone?). But it would seem that this was just the introduction of Eminem, and while he may he been a little lighthearted, there was in fact quite an ingenious character emerging.

After listening to the Beastie Boys' 1986 album, "License To Ill", a fourteen years old Eminem knew where his destiny lay, and just under a decade from that day, the first Eminem album surfaced. "Infinite" brought together years of demos that Eminem had managed the scrape together on his way to a recording contract. It was a refined Eminem, rarely swearing throughout, and the vibe was fairly mainstream as Eminem eagerly tried to break into a bigger deal. Of course, the limited pressing of the album kept it from the charts, with reportedly just 250 copies sold at the time, but it was a start, and the best artists all have their humble beginnings.

Around the same time, Eminem was involved in the rap collective known as D12, and it was clear that Eminem was in good company. He had a posse, he was gaining interest from well-known hip hop producers, and his persona was gaining quite a lot of attention. A white boy, proclaiming himself as the "new Elvis", swearing and cursing his way to the top. This was an act to look out for.

So what is it with the "new Elvis" revelation? There were actually quite a few similarities, the main one being the obvious "white man in a black man's world", as Elvis struggled himself to be taken seriously in the soulful genre of Gospel music during the 50's. But no matter how you want to embrace or dismiss those similarities, there was one thing for sure, both possessed brilliant hitmaking power. Incidentally, one of Eminem's biggest hits would even tussle Elvis in 2002, when a remixed version of Elvis' "A Little Less Conversation" was swapping #1's and #2's with Eminem's "Without Me".

Eminem had finally grabbed some serious credibility, with encouraging reviews, and sales that would blow his contemporaries out of the pool. In little over a decade, he has sold over 80 million albums worldwide, a tally usually reserved for long running acts of 20 years or more. Whether he be playing the Joker in "Ass Like That" and "Without Me", or revealing his deeper soul in "Cleanin' Out My Closet" and "When I'm Gone", Eminem rarely fails - 11 Grammys proves that, as does his naming as the best selling artist ever(!!!) of the Neilsen SoundScan era, which has tracked sales since 1991.

There was a point during the 2000's decade when it seemed Eminem's time was up. His chart performance was weakening to the point where he was a no-show for a few years. Come 2009, and his amazing comeback was fully realised with the aptly titled "Relapse" putting Eminem right back at the top. It can be compared to the revitalisation of Elvis' career at the end of the 60's, and one that is still in process today as Eminem's 2010 account has been an even bigger success, just recently enjoying a long-standing run at #1 with "Love The Way You Lie". With Eminem coming in as the #3 Biggest male solo artists, and a host of points to be added onto his score from 2010, I would hotly tip Eminem to be named the Biggest Male Solo artist in no time. And if the #1 of this list just happens to be male, well, then that certainly is going to be an interesting result for Eminem...

Fans: 392414, bsb745, Chris A, Daniel09, HeadInAMuse, steveeee192

 Eminem's Top 10YearHPPoints
1Lose Yourself ▲42002#1291,100
2Without Me ▲³2002#1238,810
3Stan ▲²2001#1130,899
4Just Lose It ▲2004#1112,380
5Cleanin' Out My Closet ▲2002#3108,111
6We Made You ▲2009#193,000
7When I'm Gone ●2006#161,661
8Sing For The Moment ▲2003#554,276
9Business ●2003#448,609
10The Real Slim Shady2000#1144,834

Currently in iTunes...
5, 245Love The Way You Lie
30, 210, 248Not Afraid
105, 787Lose Yourself
214No Love
264When I'm Gone
364Won't Back Down
400Drop The World (with Lil' Wayne)
45625 To Life
505Like Toy Soldiers
584Cinderella Man
606We Made You
649The Real Slim Shady
660'Till I Collapse
744Without Me
847Space Bound

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (54 points)2Daniel09 (50)3DaveNT (49)4alley1989 (47)5BeansterBarnes (43)
6392414 (39)7happypeople (38)8=freakystevie1 (34)8=bangalore (34)10Ben01 (32)


Ahh I've gone down
Well I don't really like Eminem. He was alright to begin with and has some brilliant tracks, but a lot of his recent stuff have been crap and stink!!!

My top ten Eminem songs:
1. Stan
2. Cleaning Out My Closet
3. Sing For the Moment
4. Mockingbird
5. Love The Way You Lie
6. Like Toy Soldiers
7. Superman
8. Beautiful
9. The Real Slim Shady
10. The Way I Am


Please let Britney be next so that I can get some better prediction points
Haha I've already given up in doing well in that competition.

Eminem is stuck right in the middle for me. I hate a lot of his songs but some of his other songs are really good. Though if I ever made a top 5 of my favourite hip-hop/rap artists, Eminem would probably come at #4.
EMINEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favourite artist ever,the first single/album i ever bought,he is responsible for getting me into music

my fav 31 eminem songs:
1.Lose Yourself
2.Cleanin Out My Closet
4.White America
5.Guilty Conscience
6.The Way I Am
7.The Real Slim Shady
8.Say Goodbye Hollywood
11.Not Afraid
12.Without Me
13.Love The Way You Lie
14.Just Don't Give A F**k
15.Like Toy Soldiers
17.Sing For The Moment
19.My Fault
20.Won't Back Down
22.When I'm Gone
23.Old Times Sake
25.Hi! My Name Is
26.You Don't Know
27.Shake That
28.Just Lose It
29.Crack A Bottle
30.We Made You
31.Ass Like That
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OMG Eminem! I love Eminem! One of the best artists of all time. While he has some bad songs, he also has many amazing songs. Hoped he'd be a bit higher though. Unfortunately I don't know many album tracks, so I've made them ineligible to this list.

392414's 15 Top Eminem tracks (the first 8 are amazing)
#TitleYearPop Bar
1Stan featuring Dido2001100%
3When I'm Gone200595%
4Just Lose It200430%
5Without Me200226%
6Not Afraid201021%
7Shake That featuring Nate Dogg200520%
8Like Toy Soldiers200419%
9We Made You featuring Charmagne Tripp200911%
10Cleanin' Out My Closet20025%
12My Name Is19980.5%
13Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna20100.1%
14Sing for the Moment20020.1%

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I could feel him coming...

Next I can feel it being Britney Spears..
It's been confirmed that she's sold over 100 Million records... but according to her die hard fans who have added up all her sales.. she's sold around 170 Million.

Just a little info on the person I believe to be next... If she manages to beat Pink I'll legitimately be surprised..
eminem; amazing! has had 2 personal #1's for me this year =D!

1.When Im Gone
2.We Made You
3.Lose Yourself
4.Love The Way You Lie
5.Without Me
7.Not Afraid
8.Just Lose It
10.Like Toy Soldiers
11.Cleanin out my closet
12.Shake That
15.Sing for the moment
16.Cant Back Down
17.No love
18.My Name Is
19.The Real Slim Shady
20.Crack A Bottle
"Cant Back Down"? Haven't heard of that song but I have heard of something similarly titled, this is totally déjà vu. What album is that from? Could I please have a link to hear it?
My favourite Eminem song is Kim by far.
eminem, i do find him extremely overrated. but there is no denying he has changed the face of music.

top 10.
1. Lose Yourself
2. Stan
3. Without Me
4. We Made You (em's first #1 debut for me)
5. Cleanin Out My Closet
6. Business
7. Like Toy Soldiers
8. Love The Way You Lie (still charting of course)
9. My Name Is
10. Not Afraid

em holds title of one of the biggest falls from grace in my personal charts too. after finally managing no.1 with Lose Yourself he plummeted to no.10 the next week
I think Pink will be next.
I'm actually surprised to see Eminem lower then **** Spears
but after the 2010 update surely he will place higher then her then.

Eminem is easily my favourite Urban act ever. Recent stuff is shithouse but he does have some classics.

My Top 5 from him.

1. Lose Yourself
2. Without Me
3. When I'm Gone
4. Shake That
5. Cleanin' Out My Closet
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delta - Ok
mariah - OK
eninem - don't like him
Eminem's awesome

1. Stan
2. Lose Yourself
3. Without Me
4. Beautiful
5. Not Afraid
6. Cleaning Out My Closet
7. My Name Is
8. The Real Slim Shady
9. Business
10. Love The Way You Lie

unfortunately, while he does have many brilliant song, he has a small handful of rubbish songs (ass like that, crack a bottle, we made you)
3 massive artists, none of which I was a huge fan of. I really dislike Mariah's stuff over last decade, so annoying. Eminem too has released a pile of crap since mid decade.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#7. P!NK (2000-09, #1 - 23 entries)

(#4 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

The second favourite colour of the countdown is revealed, and it's a very fitting one with P!nk continuing the female assault that has shaped the charts for pretty much 25 years when a fresh faced Madonna popped onto the scene back in 1984.

P!nk has certainly packed a lot into a decade. An impressive debut, a successful follow-up, a tough third album, a comeback, and a domination. There's no stopping her now, and Australian audiences are loving everything she has to offer. And the returns are there, as P!nk is fully aware of her following in this country, regularly visiting to sellout crowds, particularly during 2009 when records were shattered for the amount of concerts she was giving. One would think that she would almost have to renew her working visa for the amount of time she was in the country for!

In the decade that was the 2000's, P!nk would end the decade as the second most successful act of the singles charts, and that's in a decade where digital sales send accreditations skyrocketing. We've tracked P!nk's success, but also tracked her growth as an artist. It's funny to think that just 10 years ago we were listening to "There You Go", with a very pink haired P!nk, barely 21, was dancing it up with the stars of then, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. It was almost a compromise compared to the P!nk we know now, but sometimes you just have to go with the flow to get noticed. The pop princess that was P!nk continued for a few years until a disastrous third album flopped, or at least relatively so.

It was never really the music P!nk was into, and that third album showed the compromise more than ever. But it was also a blessing in disguise, as P!nk totally stripped herself back, and reformed her image into what she is today - a powerhouse of attitude, able to show her strengths and weaknesses. As Marcia would say, colour and shade, colour and shade.

That comeback into the fold, "I'm Not Dead", was just that. She was alive and well, and about to take over the charts with that album, and the follow up, "Funhouse". Hit after hit sent album sales soaring, with four solid years as the second biggest selling album of the year in a row. With the possible chance that P!nk overload would ruin her career, there was enough variety in her hits to think that we were experiencing a virtual greatest hits package. As another P!nk hit took its form in the charts, another genre was tackled by P!nk, as she moved through rock, pop, folk and contemporary ballad.

So what's left for P!nk after one of the most successful decades in pop music? Well, nothing it would seem. After 30 million album sales worldwide, P!nk has claimed she has nothing left to say, and why would she, for contentment does that to a person. She's picked up her life, succeeded beyond her wildest imagination, and is loved by pretty much everyone in the world. Sure, P!nk will be back, and there's no doubt that the #1 position in this list will be shaky upon her return, but looks like we may need another life crisis to get her back into the studio. Hopefully not, as things are looking pretty rosy for P!nk, so how about just an album about the perks in life. P!nk has plenty to celebrate.

Fans: alleyt1989, AmerieFan, antonnalan, ben01, bsb745, D Man, Daniel09, LIFTER500, mono36, NateBoi, smucas, timfoxxy_236, V1AHHHH

 P!nk's Top 20YearHPPoints
1So What ▲42008#1235,521
2Who Knew ▲2006#2123,026
3Get The Party Started ▲2001#1118,056
4Lady Marmalade ▲² (with Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim & Mya)2001#1111,402*
5Most Girls ▲2000#1103,434
6Sober ▲²2008#690,378
7There You Go ▲2000#284,484
8U + UR Hand ●2006#583,048
9Stupid Girls ●2006#476,071
10Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) ●2007#568,236
11Dear Mr. President ●2007#559,513
12Family Portrait ●2002#1154,005
13Funhouse ●2009#650,641
14Bad Influence ●2009#648,447
15Please Don't Leave Me ●2009#1142,867
16Trouble ●2003#839,719
17Don't Let Me Get Me ●2002#838,549
18Feel Good Time ● (featuring William Orbit)2003#733,936
19Nobody Knows2007#2715,431
20You Make Me Sick ●2000#2513,534

(* Denotes points split between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
343Won't Back Down (with Eminem)

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (57 points)2Daniel09 (56)3alley1989 (53)4DaveNT (52)5=happypeople (44)
5=freakystevie1 (44)7BeansterBarnes (43)8392414 (42)9bangalore (40)10HeadInAMuse (33)


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OMG it's PINK!!!! WOW! I've had the last three all one place off, which is gonna stuff me up when Britney Spears comes up! She must be next! I take it Baby One More Time and Sometimes have both given her a pretty decent amount of points?

Anyway good to see Pink, I really like a lot of her songs and her albums are brilliant (particularly I'm Not Dead and Funhouse). My top ten Pink tracks:

1. Who Knew?
2. Just Like A Pill
3. Please Don't Leave Me
4. Don't Let Me Get Me
5. Most Girls
6. Funhouse
7. Dear Mr President
8. Trouble
9. So What?
10. Family Portrait
I've pretty much liked all her releases except some have been kinda boring (like Nobody Knows). My favourite non-single tracks are RESPECT (Missundaztood), Catch Me When I'm Sleeping (Try This), Runaway and I'm Not Dead (I'm Not Dead).

Ooh the prediction results are so tight right now!
Yay, P!nk is great. Hurry up Britney though.

Favourites (hard to rank):
U + Ur Hand
Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
So What
Please Don't Leave Me
Just Like a Pill
Other songs I've forgot.

I love so many of her songs though.
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Pink is very hit and miss with me. And I will admit that Funhouse has turned me off Pink quite a lot with the way radio had to play everything by her, everything was a huge hit even the less than stellar songs and how she stayed forever in Australia touring. I just got over Pink. But lucky for her GaGa came along and now GaGa is getting my irrational hate LOL.

I would say my fav songs of her are:

1. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
2. So What
3. Lady Marmalade
4.Most Girls
5.U + UR Hand

I think I was also burned by a live performance I saw of hers early in her career on Top Of The Pops where she sounded absolutely horrible so I always think perhaps there is some manipulation now with her vocals when she sings live.
wow! GO BRITNEY!!!

I can't believe it... I originally had P!nk at #7, Black Eyed Peas at #6 and Britney at #5 when I first predicted, but I thought that since Brit's songs haven't spent that long at #1 she wouldn't have been as high. I was wrong
P!nk's got some good stuff

1. Get The Party Started
2. So What?
3. Trouble
4. Funhouse
5. Stupid Girls
I find Pink is a pain in the backside. All of her songs get overplayed and there is nothing great about them. I guess I can blame her fans for her place this high.
P!nk is great. You cannot blame the radio for overplaying them, it's her massive amount of fans that keep her so popular everywhere!

1. Who Knew
2. Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
3. Please Don't Leave Me
4. Nobody Knows
5. Sober
6. Bad Influence
7. Stupid Girls
8. Don't Let Me Get Me
9-20 A lot of songs that I also have forgotten
pink is amazing!

1.Dear Mr President
2.Bad Influence
3.Please Dont Leave Me
4.Family Portrait
5.U + Ur Hand
6.So What
7.cuz I Can
8.Leave Me Alone (Im Lonely)
9.Nobody Knows
10.Most Girls
11.Who Knew
13.Dont Let Me Get Me
14.Stupid girls
18.Get The Party Started
19.Lady Marmalade (with all her friends )
20.Just Like A Pill
21.Im Not Dead
22.there you go
23.Feel good time
24.You Make Me Sick
25.Wont Back Down (with eminem)
Feel Good Time is terrible terrible song by her and Trouble is one big pile of mess
I love Pink. Who Knew is far and away her best song. Plus she can put on an amazing live performance.
Not a fan of Pink but to be fair:

11 Dear Mr. President ● 2007 #5 59,513

This was okay.
Where the hell is Spears!

Pink is 1 of my Favourite Female acts but unfortunatly most of her Tracks don't age well (Stupid Radio).

1. So What
2. U + Ur Hand
3. Funhouse
4. Cuz I Can
5. Please Don't Leave Me
6. Dear Mr. President
7. Who Knew
8. Get The Party Started
9. Leave Me Alone.

There are only 9 Tracks from her that I even somewhat like. Some of her Hits are severly overated.
"Where the hell is Spears!"

@Lifter500 Don't expect Spears to appear yet. All the women need to be appear before all the men do.
Spears will be next, followed by BEPs.
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#6. BRITNEY SPEARS (1999-2009, #1 - 25 entries)

(#3 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

In so many ways, Britney Spears has defied everything that we know about pop music. Childhood stars are never popular beyond their first few years. Cross. Personal controversies affect music sales. Cross. A performer who blatantly mimes during her live performances loses much of her fan base. Cross. It's a bit of an odyssey, really, but no matter how good or bad Britney's life is, her musical career has reflected an amazing consistency that even outdoes Madonna.

In 1999, a fresh-faced Britney Spears with a few more teenage years to get through yet, was topping the charts all over the world. "...Baby One More Time" was the smash the 90's were waiting for. Amongst all the novelty, the ballads, and that Elton John song, Britney's pop debut would be the highest seller of her genre during the decade, and signal what was in store for us in the 2000's.

While Hanson may have woken the world up to a new wave of teenage artist in 1997, it was Britney Spears who would really spearhead the new arrivals. 1999 also saw the debut for Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore, and then joined by Jessica Simpson, Samantha Mumba, and so on and so on. Perhaps that is way she has remained the favourite, she was the first. It's funny to think that Britney Spears is a relative old hand when it comes to music these days, and still in her late 20's, would be one of the oldest acts to grace the charts of recent years, both career-wise, and age-wise.

Britney Spears has an appeal that has obviously crossed over from her original fan base, to a new generation of music lovers. I mean, seriously, would those 20 year olds who bought "...Baby One More Time" really been the same ones who bought "3" 10 years later? But one thing is for sure, Britney has a good 30,000 to 50,000 fans in this country to consistenly have her singles go Gold at the very least. In fact, only three Britney Spears singles have failed to be accredited. Sure she hasn't had anything as big as "...Baby", or for that matter, the second release, "Sometimes", but those steady sales of the following 23 singles are the reason Britney Spears finds herself in the Top 10 of the Biggest Singles artists of the last 30 years.

So where's Britney at 11 years after "...Baby One More Time"? I reckon she's sitting pretty good at the moment. I mean, Britney can literally count to 3 in a song, and bingo, another Top Ten hit. Maybe that's why she's so popular. Australia loves an underdog, and Britney would seem to be the epitimy of that. I think Britney's career will only get better before it gets worse again, as her "legendary" status is starting to shine through. It may not be "legendary" for all the right reasons, but Britney Spears has certainly brought something different and exciting to the charts, and for that, we applaude.

Fans of Britney Spears: alleyt1989, bsb745, Daniel09, M@TT, steveeee192

 Britney Spears' Top 20YearHPPoints
1...Baby One More Time ▲³1999#1262,443
2Me Against The Music ▲ (featuring Madonna)2003#1115,582
3Sometimes ▲1999#2111,951
4Piece Of Me ▲2008#2104,514
5Circus ▲2008#687,526
6Womanizer ▲2008#580,035
7Toxic ▲2004#178,194
8Oops!...I Did It Again ▲2000#174,600
9(You Drive Me) Crazy ▲1999#1268,175
10Lucky ▲2000#361,038
11Gimme More ●2007#357,489
123 ●2009#645,032
13My Prerogative ●2004#742,905
14Stronger ●2000#1339,269
15I Love Rock 'n' Roll ●2002#1337,733
16Everytime ●2004#137,279
17I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman ●2002#736,705
18Do Somethin' ●2005#833,923
19Overprotected ●2001#1630,373
20Boys ● (featuring Pharrell Williams)2002#1429,770

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Clinton (67 points)2Daniel09 (62)3DaveNT (58)4alley1989 (55)5freakystevie (47)
6happypeople (46)7392414 (45)8=BeansterBarnes (43)8=bangalore (43)10Hijinx (39)


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I only like Toxic & Stronger,i had feelings about her when i first saw that baby...one more time clip

Hijinx in the top ten of the tipping!
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I will say this once and only say this once: Toxic is a very good song

My top ten Britney songs:
1. Lucky
2. Toxic
3. Everytime
4. Baby One More Time
5. Sometimes
6. Piece of Me
7. Womanizer
8. 3
9. Circus
10. Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know
Worst Piece of Crap: Me Against The Music (I can not believe this is her #2, disgusting and crap song).

In regards to the Tipping Ladder: Oh well at least my top five is intact, now hopefully I can get them in the right order!
I think in order to win, I need the Top 5 to go:


I have a feeling I am not going to win

Anyway, Toxic is one of the greatest pop songs. Period.
Britney Spears is good, but has never been one of my favourite artists. My top 4 are the only standouts.
1. Womanizer
2. Toxic
3. ...Baby One More Time
4. Oops!...I Did It Again
5. Break the Ice
6. Piece of Me
7. 3
8. Circus
9. Sometimes
10. Lucky
Horrible Crap: Me Against the Music *vomits*

My top 5 is intact, with Madonna #1, Kylie #2, Elton #3, MJ #4 and BEP #5.
I think it will be Madonna #1, Elton #2, BEP #3, Kylie #4 and MJ #5 though, at the moment.
Don't know what I need to win, but at least I'm steady in the top ten.
IMO Apart from Paris Hilton, Britney Spears is the Worst Artist to ever Hit the Charts, period.
I Couldn't put that any nicer.
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Hard to believe isn't it Chris
Oh so Ke$ha is better than Britney Spears Lifter?

No offence but your opinions suck



Something that annoys me with Toxic and Everytime though is the release of them. While both of the songs were in their prime, her management stop shipping physical singles and stopped selling them so that people would buy her album.

If they hadn't of done that ^ those songs would be near the top of that list and she would have been higher.

Britney > Ke$ha, definitely. Caps lock button and bold button broken?

I agree about the deletion of them. I was surprised to see Toxic that low on the list, I expected it top two.
Britney Spears is currently #6 on my most hated artists list.

I actually don't mind a couple of her songs but don't expect me to like any in the future

Songs I don't mind:
1. Radar
2. Circus

"and she would have been higher. "

Please enlighten me to the points for the #5 artist.
"No offence but your opinions suck"
Same applies to you M@TT.
Britney Spears is currently #2 on my most hated artists list.
Toxic & Everytime were VERY popular songs... they could have easily sold an extra 70000-100000 copies... or at least sell over 100000 copies like MATM did..

I don't know the next artists points but I'm willing to bet that it would be close to Britney's

@Lifter But at least my opinion is backed by the people that brought her singles and made her this high
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#5 is a solid Double Platinum ahead. I guess we'll find out who that is on Monday.
well then according to my calculations my prediction of her being higher wouldn't be THAT far off.. I mean x2 platinum is 140000... she could have made that with 2 singles...

but in order to save myself.. by me saying she would have been higher I do mean in points
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Heh heh...always good to cover your bases M@tt, something I learnt well.

1.Shattered Glass
2.Kill The Lights
3.Hit Me Baby One More Time
8.Piece of me
9.Gimme More
11.(you drive me) crazy
12.break the ice
13.oops! I Did It Again
14.My Perogative
15.Im a slave 4 u
19.I Love rock & roll

I think britneys next album will be enough to push her into the top 3
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I don't know who I dislike more, Britney or Pink.
I'll answer for you... Pink
As much as Britney does seem to over-do the Madonna wannabe act, she is pretty iconic! I hear she is playing Madonna in Glee soon - that should be ... interesting. I love her Blackout album, was such a good sound for her. I saw her Circus tour when she came to Australia last year, and even though she didn't sing live much there was just so much energy coming from her. It didn't matter whether she sang or not, us Aussies finally got to see the star in the flesh. She is one of my favourite female artists of all time (her Baby One More Time, Toxic and Womanizer videos are classics) and I hope she has better things to come. She may over-use the auto tune and not write a lot of her songs, but hey she is one of the highest selling artists in the industry today. She may not have the Madonna factor or Christina's voice, but she is a dancefloor filler. What more could you possibly want from her? Bring on Madonna at #1!!
Hey can someone tell me Ashlee Simpson's sales by every single?
Madonna won't be #1 stevee, keep dreaming.
So John who will it be then? Who (since 1989) has had all their charted singles reach more than the top 40 and beyond? Uhmmmm... Hmmm... Oh right Madonna. Who has sold more than 300 million records? Ummm... Madonna? Which artist keeps getting referred to on all these other artist introductions? OH Madonna! That's right. Pretty sure she makes it to #1
Everyone has predicted her at number one (literally everyone) so it would be sad if she is #2 hahah
Only Michael Jackson stands in her way of being #1, and he has every potential to take out the grand prize. But when has Madonna ever lost her crown and her #1 positioning?
The ONLY person who can realistically beat Madonna is Elton John. If he does it will ONLY be because of the vast number of points for Candle in the Wind 97. Jacko I reckon will finish 3rd or 4th, but we'll soon see. But then again I've only got one in the correct position so what do I know.

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Well, as Michael Jackson once said, "This Is It". The final week of the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90 and 2000's. We'll soon see were the man is himself, as well as the other three soloists and one group that have left all their competition behind. The tipping competition is really hotting, with not much room for error in the predictions. Keep an eye out towards the end of the week for a chance to grab some bonus points...they could make all the difference.

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#5. THE BLACK EYED PEAS (2001-09, #1 - 15 entries)

(#1 Musical Group)

The Black Eyed Peas literally stole the 2000's from P!nk during 2009, who in turn had stolen it from Eminem the year before. All three were phenomenal forces in the Australian singles charts during the 2000's, with only one or two hit singles separating each act. But what a spectacular finish for will.i.am, apl.de.ap, Taboo and Fergie, who, by the end of the decade, truly made The Black Eyed Peas the ultimate party band...ever!

The Black Eyed Peas formed mid-90's in Los Angeles, California, and were soon on record with their 1998 debut, "Behind The Front". Nothing much eventuated for them there, but an appearance of one of the tracks on the Bulworth soundtrack, the 1998 acclaimed film featuring Warren Beatty, certainly got the wheels rolling. It was in 2001 that BEP cracked the Australian Singles Charts, with "Request + Line", featuring Macy Gray (who had also appeared on their first album) reaching #21. Another minor hit, "Weekends", soon sent the group packing, seemingly. However, The Black Eyed Peas immediately started work on their follow-up, which would take another two years to manifest.

Come 2003, and a new, revitalized Black Eyed Peas where back with new member, Stacy Ferguson, better known as "Fergie". The lead single from the "Elephunk" album had the advantage of featuring the one and only, Justin Timberlake (himself a huge influence on music during the 2000's), sending the single straight to #1. It was the beginning of an unbroken string of 12 Top Ten hits (barring the digital only release of "Imma Be", which would go Top 10 in 2010 anyway), seven of them #1's!!!

The follow-up single, "Shut Up", another #1 for the band, brought Fergie into the spotlight. At the time Fergie wasn't really a permanent pea, but her appeal was obvious, and it wasn't long before she was inducted as a member. Through the remaining releases from "Elephunk", and the following hits from their fourth album, "Monkey Business", Fergie was featuring more and more, becoming a key element to their success. That status was cemented in late 2006 when her debut solo album, "The Dutchess", was released. With five Top 5 hits, and the biggest selling single of 2007, it can be said that will.i.am chose well.

During this time, will.i.am was also doing a few odd jobs around the place. He released his own solo album, "Songs About Girls", which gave him an Australian Top 20 hit of his own, "I Got It From My Mama". But even though the guys were tied up touring, keeping them out of the charts for a couple of years as a group, the BEP's touch was ever present through will.i.am's production contributions to many of the biggest artists. Justin Timberlake, The Pussycat Dolls, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Estelle, Usher, and even U2, benefited from will.i.am's guiding hand. Even the 2008 re-release of the biggest selling album of all time, "Thriller", gave the Black Eyed Peas a chance to stay in the spotlight without a release of their own. Fergie featured on an updated "Beat It", while will.i.am gave new vocals to "The Girl Is Mine" and "P.Y.T.".

Then came "The E.N.D.". The "energy never dies", and it seems the band never will either, with one of the most successful calendar years in the history of music. As the biggest artists of 2009, I don't need to go through their amazing success again, but even into 2010, there's another two Top Ten hits to add to their collection. The Black Eyed Peas are ready for the impending death of the album, and "The E.N.D." was released solely for the purpose of the singles market. Perhaps their global record sales ring true, and are a wake up call to the way the industry is shaping. With an estimated 28 million records sold, the group has actually sold more singles than albums standing at 31 million singles at 2009's end.

There's no telling just how far The Black Eyed Peas can go. It's no exaggeration that we're witnessing singles sales in line with The Beatles - not as many hits, but bigger blockbusters, for sure. There's still four artists to conquer as far as this list goes, but all are seemingly at the end of their careers, and The Black Eyed Peas have possibly not even reached their full potential yet. "The E.N.D." would be a hard one to beat, and you would imagine that it's all downhill from here, but the strangest things have happened. I mean, "Boom Boom Pow" was one of the biggest hits of all time (!???!). Enough said.

Fans of The Black Eyed Peas: ben01, bsb745, D Man, Daniel09, steveeee192, TravD

 The Black Eyed Peas Top 10YearHPPoints
1I Gotta Feeling ▲42009#1341,062
2Boom Boom Pow ▲42009#1280,383
3Where Is The Love? ▲²2003#1225,782
4Shut Up ▲²2003#1167,178
5Meet Me Halfway ▲²2009#1148,974
6Don't Phunk With My Heart ▲2005#1121,132
7My Humps ▲2005#1114,141
8Let's Get It Started ▲2004#281,505
9Pump It ●2006#676,592
10Hey Mama ●2004#455,321

Currently in iTunes...
71I Gotta Feeling
278Boom Boom Pow
322Meet Me Halfway
346Imma Be
401Rock That Body
435Pump It
756Where Is The Love?

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Daniel09 (72 points)2Clinton (68)3alley1989 (65)4DaveNT (64)5freakystevie (57)
6happypeople (56)7392414 (55)8bangalore (53)9=BeansterBarnes (49)9=Hijinx (49)


I do like the Black Eyed Peas. Thought they'd be higher, due to the force of their 00's singles.

392414's Top 7 Black Eyed Peas songs
1. Where Is the Love featuring Justin Timberlake
2. Don't Phunk with My Heart
3. Shut Up
4. Boom Boom Pow
5. Let's Get Retarded
6. My Humps
7. Rock that Body
Black Eyed Peas are a mixed bag. Some good songs balance with bad ones.

Top 5
1. Let's Get It Started
2. Boom Boom Pow
3. Hey Mama
4. Don't Lie
5. Where Is The Love?

Bottom 5
2. Don't Phunk With My Heart
3. I Gotta Feeling
4. Rock That Body
5. Imma Be
392, what happened to the updating of your table?
Umm, umm, umm, umm, nothing
Just lack of time.

Black Eyed Peas are alright, not a huuge fan of them, mainly because they haven't been around that long and it sucks that they've just had the hugely successful album the E.N.D. and the songs weren't even great ...Nonetheless my top ten BEP songs:
1. Hey Mama
2. Where Is the Love?
3. Boom Boom Pow
4. My Humps
5. Shut Up
6. Don't Lie
7. Don't Phunk With My Heart
8. Let's Get It Started
9. I Gotta Feeling
10. Meet Me Halfway
Hard for me to choose my fav BEP songs, here goes:

1 Boom boom pow
2 Pump it
3 Don't phunk with my heart
4 Rock that body
5 Bebo
6 Shut up
7 Anxiety
8 Where is the love
9 Let's get retarded
10 I gotta feeling
11 Imme be
12 Request line
13 Alive
14 Showdown
15 Do what you want
my fav BEP songs:

#1.Where Is The Love?
#2.Shut Up
#3.Request Line
#4.Meet Me Halfway

the rest aren't that great,i did buy there first two albums with Fergie though,but after hearing BBP for the first time,i said F**k wasting my money on THE E.N.D lol
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ok, catch up point. the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible.

Pink, or P!nk, love her, and unlike many i have loved her from the start. i have all of her albums which i purchased when originally released. i still find to this day her "Try This" album which flopped commercially is just as good as the monster seller "Im Not Dead" or even "Funhouse"

Top 20
1. Get The Party Started
2. Trouble
3. U + Ur Hand
4. So What
5. There You Go
6. Dont Let Me Get Me
7. Family Portrait
8. Feel Good Time
9. Stupid Girls
10. Nobody Knows
11. Funhouse
12. God Is A DJ
13. Sober
14. Please Dont Leave Me
15. You Make Me Sick
16. Just Like A Pill
17. Leave Me Alone (Im Lonely)
18. Lady Marmalade
19. Bad Influence
20. 18 Wheeler

Britney Spears, what else can i say. Could only just bear her at first, started to like her as she progressed, then she released an album called "In The Zone" and she became a charts legend for me with a massive string of no.1's

Top 20
1. Toxic (9wk no.1 equal record longest #1)
2. Everytime (Hi Bias Remix) (#1)
3. Im A Slave 4 U
4. Me Against The Music (#1)
5. Gimme More
6. Chris Cox Megamix (#1)
7. Baby One More Time
8. My Prerogative (#1)
9. (You Drive Me) Crazy
10. Piece Of Me
11. Circus
12. Oops.. I Did It Again
13. Overprotected (#1)
14. Stronger
15. Womanizer
16. Lucky
17. Sometimes
18. Do Somethin' (#1)
19. 3
20. Break The Ice

Black Eyed Peas, i first discovered BEP with Where Is The Love like most people, didnt really like the song, but their follow ups were great and while some of their songs are utter crap. they know how to make you dance!

Top 10.
1. Lets Get It Started/Retarted
2. Hey Mama
3. I Gotta Feelin
4. My Humps
5. Rock That Body
6. Request Line
7. Pump It
8. Meet Me Halfway
9. Shut Up
10. Boom Boom Pow

Now things are getting serious. I hope Elton is up next!
Oh come on ben01. kylie is probably next.
I'm very surprised everyone thought the BEP would be higher. I never thought they would be this high and clearly their 09 success has been exaggerated. No way ther 09 sales reached 1 million. IGF and BBP were each P>4-5 and MMH was P>2. This adds up to only P>11 which is 770 000 sales. Where is the Love and Shut Up I suppose were big but in the end, they are only P>2.

The Black Eyed Peas are alright in terms of my musical taste. IGF, Rock That Body and Imma Be were guilty pleasures during the past year but I got sick of them very quickly. The only song that I continue to like today is Don't Lie in which I'm quite disappointed it didn't reach the top 10.
I wondering if you mean I exaggerated their 09 success. I don't know where you got the 1 million figure from, but you added it to 770,000, which is exactly what I got...?
I heard lots of times in the chat and probably the previous parts of the countdown that their 09 success gave them 1 million sales in which I said was exaggerated.

Well, I added: 4.5 (IGF) + 4.5 (BBP) + 2 (MMH) = 11 So technically I didn't copy from you
P!NK - "The second favourite colour of the countdown"
who was the first???
Lady GaGa should be next.

Because I want Michael Jackson to be number 1, Madonna at number 2 and Kylie 3rd.

@banglore the first favourite colour of the countdown? why...
Purple-pirate Greenpants of course. Ahoy there me mateys!
oh and 2010 guy: lady gaga won't be in the top 5. sorry to have to disappoint you.
oh and 2010 guy: lady gaga won't be in the top 5. sorry to have to disappoint you.
Lady Gaga was #33
Bangalore, the first was Aqua.
That's cool I was just checkin'.

I'm just glad that Justin Beiber wasn't included in the list.

Anyway I just feel terrible for Slim Dusty, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.

Elton John, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Micheal Jackson are included that's ggod.

But not the king of rock and roll what a disgrace.

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he will be after this year boogs
The crazies are starting to creep in...heh heh...so as bangalore struggles to find out who the biggest colour is in this list, we continue on...

(hint: check out artist #5)

Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#4. MICHAEL JACKSON (1980-2009, #1 - 44 entries)

(#2 Biggest Male Solo Artist)

There is just SO much to write about the man that is undeniably "The Greatest Entertainer That Ever Lived". And while much of that hasn't been terribly positive in the last 20 years, it's good to see that Michael Jackson's career has been put back in the correct perspective, unfortunately, however, at the expense of his life.

Since the death of Michael Jackson last year, there is little said about Michael Jackson's questionable antics that jammed the tabloids for much of his career. Instead, the music prevails, and so does its timelessness. The charts of 2009 were jam packed with over 30 songs from Michael's back catalogue, and it fit nicely in with the new stuff. In fact, it probably shamed them, as the slick tunes and brilliant video clips have always been a hard act to follow.

Michael Jackson began this 30 period out with flying colours, enjoying the second #1 single of the 80's after "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles. Through "Off The Wall", "Thriller" and "Bad", Michael's singles account would have him as the second biggest act of the 80's behind Madonna. However, as this is a Singles countdown, it's quite a misrepresentation of his overall performance, an any addition of those album sales would surely put Michael on top. "Thriller" ended the 80's as the third biggest seller of the decade, and has continued to sell strongly with each of his following releases. Of course, being crowned the biggest selling album of all time doesn't hurt either, with that tag being its own promotion of the album.

While Michael Jackson is no longer with us, his music will always continue to flourish. There's a multitude of hit singles containing the Michael Jackson touch through sampling ("Don't Stop The Music" by Rihanna, "Right Here" by SWV, etc) and covers ("Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm, "Beat It" by Fall Out Boy, etc). But Michael Jackson fans will be delighted to hear that his own material will continue to live on, with a record deal locked in to release ten albums of unreleased music over the next seven years. So there's still some movement left in this list for Michael after all, as no doubt we'll see some more chart action before the end of the year.

Michael Jackson leaves this world as one of the highest selling artists of all time. An estimated 800 million albums have been sold over his 40 plus year career, which is just relatively shy of the mark set by The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Claims of 1 billion sales worldwide from those top two would seemingly be impossible to reached for a modern day artist, but with that album contract set to unleashed a steady stream of hits, there could very well be a new #1 for the taking

Fans of Michael Jackson: AmerieFan, BeansterBarnes, ben01, BillyBrett, bsb745, Chris A, Chuck_P, Claude, Daniel09, mono36, NateBoi, steveeee192, timfoxxy_236, TravD, trent74, zxcvcxz

 Michael Jackson's Top 40YearHPPoints
1Black Or White ▲² (includes "Clivilles & Cole Remixes)1991#1/#18205,285
2Billie Jean ▲1983#1166,487
3You Are Not Alone ▲1995#7114,559
4Bad ▲1987#4103,507
5Beat It ▲1983#295,911
6Thriller ▲1984#495,564
7Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough ●1980#194,557
8Say Say Say (with Paul McCartney)1983#489,529*
9The Way You Make Me Feel1987#578,074
10Give In To Me ●1993#464,393
11Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' (includes "2008 Version")1983/2008#25/#861,413
12Rock With You1980#458,334
13Scream ● (with Janet Jackson)1995#251,425*
14Remember The Time ●1992#649,496
15One Day In Your Life1981#949,095
16The Girl Is Mine (with Paul McCartney) (includes "2008 Version")1982/2008#4/#6048,543
17Blood On The Dance Floor ●1997#545,556
18In The Closet ●1992#540,505
19They Don't Care About Us ●1996#1634,174
20Heal The World1992#2030,011
21Earth Song1995#1529,480
23I Just Can't Stop Loving You (with Seidah Garrett)1987#1026,141
24You Rock My World ●2001#4215,64
25Stranger In Moscow1996#1421,218
26She's Out Of My Life1980#1720,125
27Smooth Criminal1988#1619,067
28Man In The Mirror1988#819,037
29Dirty Diana1988#2713,041
30Will You Be There1993#426,197
31Who Is It1992#345,459
32Leave Me Alone1989#375,445
33P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)1984#405,194
35Human Nature1983#634,025
37Another Part Of Me1988#442,790
38Gone Too Soon1993#762,619
39HIStory / Ghosts1997#432,597
40Farewell My Summer Love1984#682,376

(* Denotes points split between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
731Billie Jean
742Beat It
925, 930Smooth Criminal
945Man In The Mirror
973The Way You Make Me Feel

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Daniel09 (78 points)2DaveNT (74)3Clinton (69)4alley1989 (68)5392414 (65)
6=freakystevie (63)6=bangalore (63)8happypeople (62)9Hijinx (59)10BeansterBarnes (55)


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Michael Jackson = AMAZING. My favourite artist of all time.

Top 10 Singles:

1. Will You Be There
2. Stranger in Moscow
3. Who Is It
4. Dirty Diana
5. Human Nature
6. Liberian Girl
7. Rock with You
8. Man in the Mirror
9. The Way You Make Me Feel
10. Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough
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Damn I new i had him too high! oh well MJ is alright, slightly overrated imo but he's alright!

My top ten:
1. Black or White
2. Beat It
3. Will You Be There?
4. They Don't Care About Us
5. Man In The Mirror
6. Rock With You
7. Ben
8. The Girl Is Mine
9. Don't Stop til You Get Enough
10. Stranger In Moscow
MJ is alright, extremely overrated.

Top 3 might go something like
1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 2008 feat. Akon
2. Thriller
3. Don't Stop Til You Get Enough

Alien Ant Farm's Smooth Criminal is AMAZING, and I love Fall Out Boy's Beat It. So much better than their respective originals.
well, this is a suprise i was really expecting Michael to be top 2. Just based on the amount of entries alone. Based on this you could even say that Madonna and Kylie will be top 2 as both Michael and Elton have not had much material released in the last 10-15 years, whereas Maddy and Kylie both still have material that is fresh.

anyway i am a big MJ fan and still find it hard to believe he is no longer with us. a true musical genius. this man is the reason for a lot of artists success even today

top 25
1. Black or White (1st cassingle i ever owned)
2. Smooth Criminal
3. Bad
4. Man In The Mirror
5. Thriller
6. Dont Stop Til You Get Enough
7. Ben (the song i was named after)
8. Billie Jean
9. Earth Song
10. Blood On The Dancefloor
11. Dirty Diana
12. You Are Not Alone
13. The Way You Make Me Feel
14. Remember The Time
15. Will You Be There?
16. Stranger In Moscow
17. Rock With You
18. Beat It
19. They Dont Care About Us
20. Scream
21. Human Nature
22. Off The Wall
23. Heal The World
24. Wanna Be Startin Something (original version)
25. You Rock My World (from the sadly overlooked Invincible album)


Micheal Jackson, he is pretty much the man

1. Billie Jean
2. Beat It
3. Bad
4. The Way You Make Me Feel
5. Give In To Me
6. Black Or White
7. Scream
8. Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough
9. Ben (my name's Ben )
10. Rock With You
Kylie's next in my view.

Then I reckon Madonna might take it out.

Elton will be second I think.

I didn't expect M.J to be 4th that should be Kylie.

I'm shocked.

How could Kylie surpass the king of pop.

Kylie beat MJ simply because she had more singles that charted higher and longer - MJ is over-rated for the fact he had only 3 number 1 hits in 30 years and through his endless self-indulgent hype especially during the HIStory campaign, many people thought he was bigger on the charts than he was, the fact that Thriller, Man In The Mirror and Smooth Criminal didn't hit #1 would surprise some people.

The other point is MJ's output slowed signifcantly in the 90's down to a treacle in the last decade. So Kylie beats him through significant output over 3 decades.

And of course Madonna is going to be #1 - she's the last surviving "superstar"
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#3. KYLIE MINOGUE (1987-2008, #1 - 44 entries)

(#1 Biggest Australian/New Zealand Artist)
(#2 Biggest Female Solo Artist)

For a career that kinda started out as a joke, Kylie Minogue has pretty much shut every critic up 25 years later, and is justly part of the pop royalty that is the Top 4. Australia's "Princess of Pop" is a remarkable testament to the Aussie battler in pop, managing to dominate the world, and the hearts of even the most heaviest of music lovers.

"Locomotion" was released in 1987 after Kylie had sung it at a football club charity concert. The positive response for the song on that night channelled into the entire countries appreciation as Kylie's debut spent nearly two months at #1, becoming the biggest selling single of the year. Soon Kylie was jetting off to England to meet with renown producers Stock, Aitken & Waterman. Soon Kylie's television career was secondary, and a lucrative pop music career prevailed. Say what you want about the quality of those early releases, the critics were certainly not impressed at the time, but Kylie's down-to-earth nature, and follow-up success made those hits Aussie classics. "I Should Be So Lucky" and "Hand On Your Heart" are loved just as much as any Chisel classic, while the less successful "Je Ne Sais Par Pourquoi" and "Wouldn't Change A Thing" are personal favourites that have surprisingly stood the test of time.

After two albums, it looked like the critics were right as "the singing budgie" was starting to lose her footing in the charts. Sure she was still hitting the Top 20, she didn't miss for her first 14 singles, but they weren't at the strength of her 80's hits. "Rhythm Of Love" was always going to be hard. The third album was a career killer, and Kylie managed to pull through as "Better The Devil You Know" brought Kylie into a new phase - a dancing diva of style and attitude. The single bulleted into the Top Ten upon debut, and remains as one of the best Australian pop releases of all time. Singles from the album just kept coming, and hitting the Top Ten, bar "What Do I Have To Do" which stalled at #11. Three albums represented her SAW career ("Let's Get To It" would see Kylie work with just two of the producers, adding in her own input as well), and it was a great platform to build from.

Life after SAW was hard for all artists who had their production touch, and Kylie was no exception. For the remaining 90's years, there were moments of pop bliss, but they were few and far between, and Kylie's middle decade was quite a disjointed one. "Confide In Me" rocketed to #1, and her work with Nick Cave was inspired, introducing her to a whole new audience, with the JJJ crowd even placing her in a couple of Hottest 100's. Kylie had kept up brilliantly with her pop rival, Madonna, quite nicely, but the "Queen Of Pop" pulled away from her in the late 90's, conditioning Kylie to "Princess"-status for good. But it wasn't all bad news, as Kylie's lack of chart success was quite the opposite to the live performer she was becoming. Kylie was still in training, but her concerts were getting the word of mouth as a spectacle not to be missed. It was just the thing needed for a performer who was set to conquer the world.

Forget about the 90's, it was a tough decade for the best of them, and focus on the magical 2000 year. Many artists made their new starts here, and Kylie quite possibly reaped the rewards more than any other artist. "Light Years" became her biggest album ever, and the hits were just pop perfection. It was about the music, the videos, the hot pants, and soon Kylie Minogue was not that awkward pop star trying to find her footing and gain creditability. All that needed to be done was recognize your worth in the pop world, and rule. If "Light Years" was an amazing breakthrough and comeback, it was nothing compared to "Fever". Four Top Tens, a white dress to inspire many a Brownlow wife, and one of the most acclaimed pop songs ever. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" did the impossible. A blockbuster single in the middle of Kylie's career. It made best-of lists in rock and roll magazines, took out "Best Song" at the ARIA's, and put Kylie in the elite reserved for, well, as far as Australian music in concerned, herself.

It's no secret that the rest of the 2000's has been a tough one for Kylie Minogue. Evidence there is still a strong fan base out there can been found with a string a Top Ten hits that may not have been as strong as her earlier work, but have still debuted there nonetheless. Still, name me ten 80's artists who have managed to stay relevant in the hardest of decades, and you'll find Kylie is still at the top of that pile. Personally, through "Body Language", "X" and the 2010 effort "Aphrodite", I find there's still much to love about Kylie. If you can find five or six good songs from any album these days, you're doing well, and I find much more than that in those albums. An artist of Kylie's calibre is prone to more and more negative response to her work, but Kylie's later releases are still fun and void of self-indulgence, just like she was with "Kylie" and "Enjoy Yourself". In fact, I think put any Kylie songs in any nightclub and they still stand strong against whatever flavour is the current vogue.

Fans of Kylie Minogue: alleyt1989, ben01, BillyBrett, Chris A, JMcN, timfoxxy_236, V1AHHHH

 Kylie Minogue's Top 40YearHPPoints
1Can't Get You Out Of My Head ▲³2001#1194,422
3I Should Be So Lucky1988#1134,687
4Confide In Me ▲1994#1108,430
5Got To Be Certain1988#1100,326
6Especially For You ● (with Jason Donovan)1989#283,847*
7On A Night Like This ▲2000#182,055
8Step Back In Time ●1990#572,249
9Slow ▲2003#163,377
10Spinning Around ▲2000#161,492
11Where The Wild Roses Grow ● (with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds)1995#251,077*
12Better The Devil You Know ▲1990#447,706
13Hand On Your Heart ●1989#446,581
142 Hearts ●2007#145,796
15Did It Again ●1997#1544,960
16Put Yourself In My Place ●1994#1143,884
17Kids ● (with Robbie Williams)2000#1441,378*
18Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (I Still Love You)1988#1140,030
19In Your Eyes ●2002#136,521
20Never Too Late1989#1433,599
22Love At First Sight ●2002#332,116
23Word Is Out1991#1028,980
24What Do I Have To Do1991#1128,859
25Wouldn't Change A Thing1989#628,014
26I Believe In You ●2004#627,964
27Come Into My World ●2002#423,177
28What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before)1992#1721,537
30Red Blooded Woman2004#417,867
31If You Were With Me Now (with Keith Washington)1992#2317,429*
34Tears On My Pillow1990#2016,191
35Giving You Up2005#814,640
36Please Stay ●2000#1411,966
38Give Me Just A Little More Time1992#248,888
39Some Kind Of Bliss1997#277,985
40Where Is The Feeling?1995#315,112

(*Denotes points split between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
109, 458Get Outta My Way
156All The Lovers
994Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Greg Kurstin Remix)

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Daniel09 (84 points)2DaveNT (80)3alley1989 (78)4Clinton (75)5392414 (71)
6=freakystevie (69)6=bangalore (69)8happypeople (68)9Hijinx (65)10BeansterBarnes (61)


dont like kylie very much to be honest, ive always thought her to be extremely overrated, get outta my way sounds exactly like madonna as well, that said she has earnt #3 of the 30 year period, because top 10's over 3 decades deffinately means SOMETHING

I wont be suprised if she gets her 4th decade as well (the 2010s)

so its Elton V. Madonna
should be interesting to see the victor tomorrow (whoever is #2, the other will be #1)
I dont think theres any dispute that elton will be #2 and madonna #1
fav MJ songs in no particular order:
Black Or White
Billie Jean
Beat It
Smooth Criminal
Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
The Way You Make Feel
Wanna Be Startin Somethin'
Remember The Time
They Don't Care About Us
Man In The Mirror

fav Kylie songs in no particular order:

Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Confide In Me
On A Night Like This
Spinning Around
Where The Wild Roses Grow
Better The Devil You Know
In Your Eyes
Love At First Sight
Come Into My World
Did It Again
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wow wasnt expecting this until later tonight!
kylie is great, and happy to see her as the top Aussie act. well deserved.

top 25
1. I Should Be So Lucky
2. Better The Devil You Know
3. Confide In Me
4. Red Blooded Woman
5. Love @ First Sight
6. Especially For You
7. Locomotion
8. Did It Again
9. Slow
10. Breathe
11. All The Lovers
12. 2 Hearts
13. Celebration
14. Where The Wild Roses Grow
15. Spinning Around
16. Come Into My World
17. Giving You Up
18. Kids
19. In Your Eyes
20. Never Too Late
21. Step Back In Time
22. Cant Get You Out Of My Head (yes this low!)
23. Shocked
24. Made Of Glass
25. Some Kind Of Bliss

Fave album would probably be Impossible Princess.
@bsb "I dont think theres any dispute that elton will be #2 and madonna #1"

yes, i dispute that
fair enough, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, we will see who is right soon enough john

Never under-estimate Madonna, critics who have dismissed her every year since 1985 have learnt - last Elton John aussie hit was a long 13 years ago if I recall correctly, Madonna has had at least 5 number 1 hits since then and many more top 10's
I reckon that Elton John is next he might be number 1 but who knows I mean he did come out.

He's one of the artists that proved that you don't have to be straight to make good music.

I must admit that he has the guts to do that.

What a brave man.

Just remember that Madonna's latest number 1 hit was 4 Minutes with J.T in 2008.

I can see GaGa in the top 5 for the next (2010) edition.

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Top 15 yes,top 5 no
I'm wondering how many points 'Candle In The Wind 1997' will get
Logic would say that Madonna will be Number 1, but there's 939,783 reasons why Elton might just scrap in to Number 1.

However if it wasn't for that one song Elton wouldn't have even made the Top 20 because while he has had a lot of hits since 1980 there's not as many Top 5/10 entries as others that have already appeared. His VERY VERY high placing is ENTIRELY due to Candle in the Wind 97.
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HeadInAMuse - Chris let it out in an earlier thread that Candle in the Wind 97 earned 939,783 points. From memory it was 14X platinum when it was released. I heard reports of people in the UK buying 20+ copies at a time. A music retailer I spoke to at the time said it was BY Far the biggest single he'd EVER sold - it was CRAZY!!!!!.
The BEP's are insanely overated.

1. Where Is The Love?
Thats all I like, they will never be that good again.

MJ is OK, a legend he is.

1. Thriller
2. Beat It
3. You Are Not Alone.

As for Kylie, well um she like totally sucks, the most overated
Australian Artist of all time. I Agree with those early critics 100%
Well I'm definatly out, the countdown was great fun though.

john, you must remember that it's only the biggest artists from 1980, hence disregarding all of Elton's pre 1980 stuff. While I agree that he is indeed the biggest selling artist of all time, you have to remember that Chri8 hasn't included stuff from pre 1980. Also he's had a duet here and there, most notably with George Michael. Madonna has had countless chart entries since 1983 and has only had two duets, both of those which went to #1. As big as candle in the wind was, i doubt it's gonna be bigger than Madonna's entire career.
BEPs are over-rated, and I'm sorry but so is MJ. And Kylie, well I won't even go there.
@matty d And YOU must remember that Elton John is not merely riding on the sucess of one song. He also has the Lion King soundtrack sucesses...
My favourite of Kylie is CGYOOOOOOOOOOOMH.
CGYOOOOOOOOOOOMH = Can't Get You Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Out Of My Head?
Can't Get You Out Of My Head is indeed a good song
I like Kylie. But her music is alright. I do really like some of her songs but some are really annoying
GREAT to see Kylie in there! I was kinda wondering if she would be number two. Elton John was really tough to predict since the majority of his output was in the 80s and the 90s and it would have been tough for a number of us to gauge his success! I still think Madonna will be number one though!!

My top ten Kylie tracks:
1. Cant' Get You Out Of My Head
2. I should Be So Lucky
3. Where The wild Roses Grow
4. Confide In Me
5. Breathe
6. Spinning around
7. Did It Again
8. Please Stay
9. Hand On Your Heart
10. Especially for You

While I do like Kylie Minogue, I find that some of her output has been real shoddy, for example the singles from X were pretty stink in comparison to a lot of her work! I do, as a whole, like the 90s stuff that she has done
yay MJ! Legend
Don't care much for Kylie
Candle In The Wind is the big decider in the final two. Why I chose to ignore in the tipping I will never now. I guess I thought Elton's past hits were smaller in success. Oops.

I think it all depend on Madonna's 80s hits and Vogue that will determine if she can get over the line now. I'm thinking the fact she has had the most hits on the charts will help her over the edge.
I think it's more then just Vogue and Like A Prayer.

Don't forget her inspirational work with Evita (Don't Cry For Me Argentina & You Must Love Me that is).

I don't think Elton can surpass her since everyone loved her Ray Of Light era.

I think it's more then just Vogue and Like A Prayer.

Don't forget her inspirational work with Evita (Don't Cry For Me Argentina & You Must Love Me that is).

I don't think Elton can surpass her since everyone loved her Ray Of Light era.

And "Music" was a huge hit in 2000, "Angel/Into The Groove" in 1985, not forgetting obvious #1's like Papa Don't Preach and 'Like A Virgin" - Madonna has around 40 top 10 hits in Australia - let's say 10 of them have more than 100,000 points, well that's 1,000,000 points with 30 hits left to count, Madonna owns the Aussie charts
But if you look deeper into Elton's 80s hits, there were around thirty, many of them top 10 hits and some of the others still being top 20 or so. I know Madonna had a lot of success in the 80s too but I feel as if at least most of that sucess is cancelled out by Elton's success.

As for the 90s, same thing, while Madonna had chart sucess in the decade too, she is up against hits such as Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (granted that was a duet with George Michael, but it would still add a fair amount of points, and possibly contribute the extra points if it is to come down to a close race. And then you cannot forget the Lion King songs and his other collection of several hits during the era which of course includes Candle In The Wind 97, which is not only the biggest selling single of all time, but it also well, well over half of Kylie Minogue's total points.

Madonna still may have had more success in the 2000s, but Candle In The Wind 97 is to this day an unmatchable achievement. Madonna's best-selling single (maybe not in Australia specifically but at least worldwide) was Hung Up which doesn't even come close.

I'm not saying Madonna can't be at the top, I'm just saying it doesn't look like she made it.
So let's say Elton wins based on one single that was a tribute to an unfortunate princess, performed at her funeral and snapped up in huge numbers by a grieving world - Madonna remains superior due to the consistancy of hits over the past 30 years - if Elton wins, it will only be because of one single (with unprecendented promotion on tv, radio and even news bulletins all over the world with profits going to charity) sold under extrordinary circumstances.

I don't know how Madonna could lose considering she is the number one artist of the 1980's AND the 1990's.
@alleyt1989 She isn't going to "lose". Number two is still a really great achievement.
Even though Madonna is number two she is still the no.1 female solo artist. Be happy about that.
"Even though Madonna is number two"......

What happens if she is number one?
"What happens if she is number one?"

keep dreaming
Settle down.
There is NO WAY Madonna will be number 2! Elton John had a mega hit in 97 with Candle In The Wind it's true, but a lot of his career highlights were in the 60's and 70's (BEFORE this countdown took place). Madonna has been in her prime since the 80's and I am pretty sure that:

Like A Virgin
Material Girl
Into The Groove
Papa Don't Preach
Like A Prayer
Express Yourself
Justify My Love
Take A Bow
Ray Of Light
Hung Up
4 Minutes

WILL take down Candle In The Wind and any other Elton John songs which charted. Just sayin'! Like alleyt1989 said "she is the number one artist of the 1980's and 1990's" - where was Elton in all that?
wait and see
Kylie Minogue is a legend of the charts. I'm not as much into many of her new songs, but they're not too bad all the same. A guilty pleasure of mine is her early stuff.
1) Can't Get You Out Of My Head
2) Hand On Your Heart
3) I Should Be So Lucky
4) Got To Be Certain
5) Better The Devil You Know
6) Turn It Into Love
7) Love At First Sight
8) On A Night Like This
9) I Still Love You (Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi)
10) Spinning Around
11) Confide In Me
12) In Your Eyes
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#2. ELTON JOHN (1980-2002, #1 - 49 entries)

(#1 Male Solo Artist)

The penultimate prize for the Top 1000 Biggest Singles artists since 1980 goes to Elton John, who managed to defy the critics who said he was washed up, and himself, as he battled drug addictions and creative barriers throughout the 80's. One of the most resourceful musical careers ever, there are countless albums of brilliant material laying around to keep any new Elton John fan happy in discovery for many years.

Obviously, it's the "Candle In The Wind '97" success that has landed Elton John so high up in this chart, and while I don't want to take anything away from his performance here, Elton's remaining success would actually land him at #30, which is still nothing to be sneezed at. Admittedly, it's a hard single to score. Chart positions don't give away much, and all I could do is give it a (logical) score somewhere in the ball park of its 14xPlatinum accreditation, but as the charts have proven, it's not a great platform to based "actual" sales, so Elton could very well be anywhere between that #30 placing and his eventual placement at #2. I guess we'll never know. However, Elton is a monumental artist who will most probably justify his position here once his 70's output is added in.

That 70's era saw Elton as one of the biggest artists of the decade, rivaled only by Abba, and saw a string of albums that jammed the Albums charts. Averaging two albums a year, sometimes releasing three or four in a calendar year, Elton's quality never slipped. He was working from an amazing talent pool that not only included lyricist Bernie Taupin and himself, but an inspiring backing band who had much input to those classic albums. There's still 25 singles' worth of point to add in for Elton, seven of them Top Tens, which will certainly keep him in the Top Ten possibly forever!

Elton entered the 80's, and this period of tally very much at a low. During a concert in 1976, Elton proclaimed that “That was it”, and disappeared from the music scene. Of course he returned, and for whom he meant “That was it” for, may have been Bernie Taupin, his long-time lyricist. Elton released “A Single Man” in 1978, the first in a long line of Elton albums without Bernie on board. It seemed Bernie was a key element in Elton’s success as he could only manage two Top Ten hits over five years and as many studio albums. “Too Low For Zero” was the first with Bernie back on full lyric duties, and it became one of the biggest selling albums of the 80’s. At the insistence of Bernie, Elton went back to basics with the album, and even employed his old band from the early 70’s who helped create his legendary, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” and “Madman Across The Water” albums (amongst others). The first single from the new album was “I’m Still Standing”, a song about making a comeback despite the day to day problems faced. It was a suitable choice to lead Elton’s own comeback, reaching #3 in 1983.

"Two Low For Zero" didn't quite recover Elton's career and the years between 1986 and 1988 may very well been the hardest on it. In 1986, he had many polyps removed from his vocal chords leaving him without his famous falsetto. Later that year, he released “Leather Jackets”, the first of his albums not to feature a US or UK Top 40 hit (the album itself is Elton’s least favourite). After a very famous garage sale in 1988, proclaiming the end of the “old” Elton, another album was released, “Reg Strikes Back”. Touted as his “comeback”, the album still only managed one hit, “I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That” reaching #16 in Australia. During 1989, a year Elton himself says was his worst after suffering mental and physical deterioration, “Sleeping With The Past” was released. The first single, “Healing Hands” was another moderate hit, but it was the second single, “Sacrifice” (#7 in 1990) that made the album the huge comeback that Elton needed. A third Top 20 hit from the album, “Club At The End Of The Street” perhaps most captures the R&B feel Elton and lyricist, Bernie Taupin, were trying to achieve. “Sleeping With The Past” peaked at #2 on the Australian album charts going quadruple Platinum by 1990’s end. An even bigger “Greatest Hits” package was released at the end of 1990, eventually hitting #1, and Elton’s comeback was complete, setting him up for a comfortable 90’s era.

Elton was pretty much on easy street from there on. His career was on track, he had his major successes, now all Elton could do was sit back and make his music without pressure that it had to be something profound. The fans were kept happy with a string of solid albums, while Elton's own side-projects, "The Lion King", "AIDA", etc., gave him a chance to excel elsewhere.

At the expense of one of the most popular personalities in the world, Elton broke records all over the world with "Candle In The Wind '97", a tribute to Princess Diana that was performed at her funeral in 1997. It remains as the highest selling single worldwide.

Elton John has come to the end of his long and colourful career. His back catalogue continues to chart in iTunes, with many of his classic songs used in movies or sampled in dance music. I just hope that the younger generation don't take the dance samples as a true representation of Elton John, and take a listen to his 70's albums that are truly inspirational. Congratulations to Elton John, #2 artist of the last 30 years!

Fans: Ace of spades, steveeee192

 Elton John's Top 40YearHPPoints
1Something About The Way You Look Tonight / Candle In The Wind '97 ▲141997#1939,783
3Can You Feel The Love Tonight ●1994#966,191
4Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me ● (with George Michael)1991#362,823*
5I'm Still Standing1983#362,647
6Sacrifice ●1989#759,014
7Sad Songs (Say So Much)1984#454,225
8I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues1983#451,431
10Heartache Over The World1986#746,204
11Blue Eyes1982#444,699
12Healing Hands1989#1442,206
13Little Jeannie1980#935,361
15The One1992#1526,141
16Club At The End Of The Street1990#1925,317
17I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That1988#2422,293
18The Last Song1992#3215,507
19Flames Of Paradise1987#3114,855
20Wrap Me Up1986#2213,433
21Kiss The Bride1984#2512,911
23You Gotta Love Someone1990#3211,201
24True Love (with Kiki Dee)1993#348,757
25Empty Garden (Hey, Hey Johnny)1982#636,278
26Circle Of Life1994#604,973
27Nobody Wins1981#464,676
28Who Wears These Shoes1984#763,618
29Runaway Train (with Eric Clapton)1992#533,371
30Too Low For Zero1984#523,182
31Act Of War (with Millie Jackson)1985#502,745*
32Dear God1980#822,732
33Easier To Walk Away1991#572,682
34Made In England1995#482,574
35Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with RuPaul)1994#452,561*
36Through The Storm (with Aretha Franklin)1989#632,394*
38Original Sin2002#542,039
39I Want Love2001#631,913
40Slow Rivers (with Cliff Richard)1987#821,490*

(*Denotes points shared between artists)

Currently in iTunes...
619Tiny Dancer
1016Can You Feel The Love Tonight

The Australia-Charts Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's - Tipping Ladder "TOP 10"
1Daniel09 (87 points)2DaveNT (86)3=alley1989 (81)3=Clinton (81)5392414 (77)
6bangalore (75)7freakystevie (72)8=happypeople (71)8=Hijinx (71)10BeansterBarnes (63)


*****BONUS POINTS*****

So you think that's the end? Wrong! Every good tipping competition has a margin score and now it's time to submit your guesses. Madonna has come up with the goods to take out the top spot in this list, with no surprise to everyone who put in their predictions. So with no one benefiting from that, simply post how many points you think separate Elton and Madonna.

It will work the same way it that the closest margin (under or over) will gain 10 points, second 6 points, third 3 points, fourth 2 points, and fifth 1 point. Only those who have predicted will count for the tipping, but others, feel free to give it a shot. With the points, oh, so close, the winner of the tipping competition is still very much undecided.

Depending on whether I get all predictors margins in by today, #1 will be posted tomorrow, otherwise I'll put it in Saturday to give everyone a chance to submit.

And a "HINT"...think bigger rather than smaller...

Good Luck.


Lucky I can dream hey John

Like Madonna said in 1985 on her "Virgin Tour" - DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!!
I Predict a 300,000 point difference.

Wow at the difference between Eltons #1 and #2, would have thought his #2 would be at least 100,000.

Elton John is good, 1 of my earliest Music experiences was when I heard "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" during The Lion King Movie Credits, Brilliant Track. My Favs from him.

1. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
2. Candle In The Wind 1997
There are only 2 that I like because there are only a couple of other Elton Hits that I know.
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Elton John is great, he has some really good songs. Congrats to Madonna for being #1

I predict #1 and #2 to have a 840,000 point difference.
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woooo hooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly id like to say, eat that John.. and all the other know it alls who said that she wouldnt get to no.1.

Secondly congrats to Elton, he is by far the biggest suprise of the countdown and while it is souly down to one song, cmon there is no denying this. It is a song that has a lot of cultural reference. I still remember when Princess Diana passed away and it was such a fitting tribute.

My top 25 Elton
1. Dont Go Breakin My Heart (Kiki Dee version)
2. Im Still Standing
3. Candle In The Wind (97)
4. Something About The Way You Look Tonight
5. Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me (w/George Michael)
6. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
7. Sacrifice
8. Rocket Man
9. I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues
10. Blue Eyes
11. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
12. Tiny Dancer
13. Bennie & The Jets
14. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
15. Candle In The Wind (original)
16. Crocodile Rock
17. Your Song
18. Dont Let The Sun Go Down On Me (original)
19. Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting
20. Nikita
21. Circle Of Life
22. Sad Songs (Say So Much)
23. Song For Guy
24. Honky Cat
25. Pinball Wizard

now comes the hardest challenge i have faced.... working out my top madonna songs... might have to do a top 50, gonna start working on it now

any chance chri8 of seeing your top madonna songs?

gonna think about my predition.. though it dosent count seeing i did so badly...
I don't like Elton John much. Favourite that I've found is 2Pac's Ghetto Gospel. I absolutely despise that Candle in the Wind "song."

I predict a points difference of 813,759.34 (yes I changed it)
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Well I'm officially last now. Great 2 see Madonna at #1 but I also like Elton

only Madonna song I don't like is American life, especially the film clip otherwise love Madonna
I guess Elton's biggest songs were more in the 70's and they were certainly his better stuff.
ok chri8 i have decided what im going to go with


this is probably crazy but its what i reckon it is

That's almost #2 + #11

I finally updated the main table. I moved the small artist ones I'd done to the bottom of the post, as I don't know when I'll update them.
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I KNEW MADONNA WOULD BE NUMBER ONE! Thanks to all the other people who knew it and supported each others statements. As great an artist Elton is, MADONNA IS BETTER! Oh and Madonna should have around 1, 985, 490 points. Just a wild guess. Although a 2 million point crossing would be great for her though. Like A Prayer is probably her biggest hit (as in 1989 she spent 5 weeks at number one). I know she spent 5 weeks at number 1 with Vogue, but Like A Prayer racked up more points. Hence Vogue, Hung Up, Music and Papa Don't Preach would be her biggest hits AFTER Like A Prayer. Let Us Wait and See! LONG LIVE QUEEN MADONNA!
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ben, I will outcrazy you as I predict the margin is more like


Hijinx has totally lost his mind
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not surprised that John has not commented now!!! SHAME!!! Madonna definitely deserves number one! The Queen's output has been consistent and who can deny that she has had some bloody great tracks...I think Like A Prayer will be her number one but I'm a bit unsure of how well her singles did before 1989

Elton John is pretty cool definitely a legend!!! A lot of his songs are really good!!! My top ten tracks from him are:

1. Nikita
2. Can You Feel The Love tonight?
3. Your Song
4. Rocket Man
5. Daniel
6. Club At The End of the street
7. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
8. It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
9. Candle In The Wind
10. Philadelphia Freedom

I agree though that as a whole I prefer his 70s stuff
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Ah, Elton, the REAL King of Pop.

1. Bennie And The Jets
2. Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding
3. Candle In The Wind
4. Rocket Man
5. Your Song
I just figured out that a song is missing didn't Elton sing The Bitch Is Back.
That was released/charting before 1980, Boogs, therefore ineligible to be included.
Regarding Elton I wonder if he'd maintain his position if the list was expanded to earlier times?. Sure he'd get more points for his 70's material but he'd also have to compete against artists like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra & (even) Cliff Richard who would figure very high as well

******* POINTS UPDATE*******

I now reckon Madonna will just crack the 2.5 Million mark, so for me I now reckon a 710,000 point diference with Elton.
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Also Chris I'm wondering (and I think a lot of us would agree) if after Madonna can you post the countdown in ONE compacted version (a bit like 392414 has done) from 1000 to 1?.

I'm guessing a 900,000 point difference between Elton and Madonna.
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Some diverse predictions there...will be interesting to see the final margin list.

Freakystevie1, I'll work on that for the new thread when about to update with 2010 or 1979...not sure which one to do first...heh heh.
FreakyStevie1, if you look in the past threads, I think it's part two, Chri8 has a compacted countdown for #1000 to somewhere around the 30s, and you can get the rest from my post.

Chri8, if you haven't started yet, I'd suggest '79 first. It's probably easier if you add a year when the full year is complete, and anyway, if you do '79 first, there's a chance the list could be posted before the end of 2010.
Congrats Daniel09, excellent tipping!
So, no upset at the top, Madonna will take out the title. Not sure on the margin but I'll put in 567,890 at a guess.
I'm going to also go nuts and say something far fetched and go 1 999 999 points difference. I've sucked at every prediction so why not this one.
Just curious...I noticed there isn't much points different between Elton and Kylie. Would Kylie's recent sales put her at #2? Well maybe not since her recent stuff didn't sell well...but I guess she has the potential to become #2 fairly shortly aye?

For the Elton/Madonna difference, I predict 820000
I think All the Lovers would have sold 12,106 copies. The #15 sells around 4,500 a week I think, so it should quite easily get that. Talking about points rather than sales though, you never know.
I'd say around 600000 points
Margin Tip : 888,000
The problem for Kylie is that yes she is currently at #2 according to 2010, but Elton's 1979 success will put him back in front.
I'm going for the clear 1,000,000 points ahead
Chri8, you're right, it would, but if just 2010 was added, no 70s years, then Kylie would be #2.
460 000... i can still win, dammit!!!
I think she'll be closer to the 3 million mark so I'll go in front of elton by about 1, 300,000!!
i can still win... im only 87 points behind.

i predict 1,100,000
RE: Elton's 1979 vs Kylie 2010

Elton in 1979 had (thanks to pre 1989 thread)

20-Nov-78*HP-12*WI-20 - Part Time Love (only some of this would count though)
12-Feb-79*HP-14*WI-20 - Song for Guy
02-July-79*HP-63*WI-14 - Are You Ready for Love
02-July-79*HP-82*WI-08 - Mama Can't Buy You Love

Kylie in 2010

27-Jun-2010*HP-13 - All The Lovers
not yet released - Get Outta My Way

So unless "Get Outta My Way" is HUGE Elton still wins.

Yes it was #13 - my bad

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All the Lovers peaked at 13 not 14, and spent 12 weeks in the top 100 (last appearance was Sep 6).
My guess for the difference between Madonna and elton John (an actual numerical prediction) is 1.310.000
Pretty good response for the margins, but not all received, so #1 might have to wait until Saturday for a write up.

So far...(and don't worry, nothing's locked in just yet - feel free to change)

D Man888,000

(don't worry, have noted other members' repsonses)

still waiting...
matt d, bsb745, happypeople, bangalore, and BeansterBarnes

Can Daniel hold onto his #1 placing? But more importantly, can D Man finally emerge out of the shadows of last place?

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So, whoever gets the closest margin gets 100 points, which makes the whole prediction thing completely pointless.
My prediction is 2,378,965
Actually, I'd like to change my prediction to 813,759.36 if that's okay.
I really don't think Madonna could have a whole 1 million points more than Elton..
Hey Chri8topher, sorry to be such a hassle but can I lower my difference to 500,000. I'm mainly worried since Madonna has had plenty of big singles, but it doesn't seem like anything has sold over 200,000 when I think about it???

My Prediction 300,000
Great minds think alike Mono36.
Similarly to Taco, I can't see myself jumping from last to first anytime soon haha. It was all fun anyway
Ah well i might as well give this a go. Put me down for 1000000 chri8topher
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So catchup time.
Pink - GOOD
Britney - OK
BEP - Loved their earlier stuff (especially from Elephunk and Monkey Business)
EJ - good

So now my prediction on point difference between Elton John and Madonna... 1,700,000!
lets go 700,000
The challenge was set for members of Aus-Charts to predict what they thought would be the final Top 20 list for the Top 1000 Biggest Singles Artists of the 80's, 90's and 2000's. With 19 entries, I now have the pleasure of presenting the final table.

But first, the margin points...

Madonna's margin over Elton John is a grand total of 1,184,783!

It seems the lower competitors are better at the margin than those who excelled at the tipping, but congratulations to Ben01, JMcN, antonnalan, matt d and Hijinx, who all scored on the margin vote.

The final results...
 Member MarginDiffCorrect Predictions
#1Daniel0997840,000-344,783Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Mariah Carey, INXS
#2DaveNT96567,890-616,893Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince
#3alley198991500,000-684,783Madonna, Kylie Minogue, The Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna
#4Clinton91460,000-724,783Madonna, Britney Spears, Bryan Adams, INXS, Beyonce, Janet Jackson
#539241487813759.36-371023.64Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas
#6bangalore851,700,000+515,217Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, Janet Jackson
#7Hijinx821,385,000+200,217 (1 point)Madonna, Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, Britney Spears
#8freakystevie182710,000473,783Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, P!nk
#9happypeople810-1,184,783Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas, Delta Goodrem
#10BeansterBarnes732,378,965+1,194,187Madonna, Rihanna
#11Ben01671,166,000-18,783 (10 points)Madonna, Jimmy Barnes, Bryan Adams
#12antonnalan66.51,000,000-184,783 (2.5 points)Madonna, Britney Spears
#13JMcN621,300,000+115,217 (6 points)Madonna, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams
#16bsb74554700,000-484,783Madonna, Eminem
#18matt d50.51,000,000-184,783 (2.5 points)Madonna
#19D Man49888,000-296,783Madonna, The Black Eyed Peas

And the winner is...


just scraping through by one point over DaveNT. Very close indeed. Just as close was the contest at the bottom of the ladder, and matt d's 2.5 point pick up in the margins edged him out of last place to give the wooden spoon to D Man. All prizes are in the mail.

Also worthy of mention is early leader Clinton, who made an impressive dash mid-way through the Top 20, but stalled towards the top. With six artists correct, he remains the most prolific "correct guesses" member.

Well, it's been fun, guess I should get on with the countdown...

ooh I was close
Hurry up and reveal the #1! I can't stand the suspense. WHO WILL IT BE?!
Everyonw knows what It's gonna be, genious
Top 1000 Artists Of The 80's, 90's And 2000's


#1. MADONNA (1983-2009, #1 - 64 entries)

(#1 Female Solo Artist)

It's hard to know who come first, the charts or Madonna. Well, of course, the charts have been around a little longer than Mads, but pop music over the last 25 years has certainly been shaped by Madonna, who is undoubtedly the most prolific figure in popular music since 1980, putting such distance between herself and #2 that she would have almost made the Top Ten again. In fact, Madonna could have made the Top 20 three times as far as this list is concerned!!!

Their are countless artists who have stated Madonna as their main influence for their respective pop careers, with much of the represented artists in the Top 1000 following Madonna's lead, but personally, Madonna IS the reason why I love pop music, and take so much interest in the charts. You could say she is the reason why I have sat here day after day reading, researching and writing up the last 999 artists since January this year.

I was aware of music and the charts at a very early age. I still have slight memories of Countdown in 1979, and playing my parents "Gone Troppo" compilation album on the record player in 1980. You could say I learned English from music before starting school in 1981. I can't remember exactly what I made of Madonna back in 1984. She was sort of a clumsy pop star, who was certainly doing things a little differently. Never before had I seen a pop star with so many accessories! "Holiday" was a huge hit, but funnily enough, quite a simple one. That suited this nine year old just fine. "Lucky Star" continued my fascination, and with those two songs appearing on compilations, which is all my parents bought back then, it was all I knew of her.

We were a relatively poor family. Three kids and one working parent. Visiting our Grandparents a few times a year, those three hours journeys were becoming less about me visiting to oldies, and more about getting to listen to my Auntie's "Like A Virgin" cassette, which was always in the player. Over and Over (heh heh), it was all I did. "Material Girl" would be the first song I ever sat down and learnt all the words to, even dreaming of me being one of her dancers in the filmclip (don't worry, that fantasy is well embedded in my childhood now). My fascination with Madonna was now concrete, and has never weakened, even as I write this now (the below Top 60 is currently playing - loud!).

Throughout the 80's, Madonna never missed. She missed the Top 20 just once, and the Top Ten just four times. I was brought up thinking she was some sort of invincible star, and one I could always rely on. She was obviously popular with the music buying public, but what of the critics. Enter "Like A Prayer", and a new phase of music in both our lives. Madonna would up the anti as a serious artist, and I would, in turn, discover how serious pop music could be. It was full of themes of religion, childhood, relationship breakdowns, and breaking out of your own shell and being who you are. Madonna presented them with class and excitement.

My biggest challenge was Madonna's "Erotica". Sex was something that I was just coming to terms with myself, so for Madonna to be breaking it wide open was a lot to take. I don't think many knew exactly how controversial it was going to be. I remember going to Target on my lunchbreak at school, dressed in school uniform, and purchasing Madonna's "Sex" book on the day of release. Even I knew who strange it was at the time for a department store to be stocking the book. Needless to say, it wasn't there the next day - either sold out or pulled from the shelves. Years later, after lending it to a friend, it was stolen from his car, so I learnt a valuable lesson not to lend things out. I still have to accompanying CD though, all I have left.

The "Erotica" album itself was a huge leap forward for the star. It was granted a four star review by Rolling Stone magazine, and was certainly way ahead of its time. The use of sampling and jazz chords makes the album so intricate and complicated, it's hard to believe it came from the same artist who delivered "Holiday". While it would spark the beginning of a less successful Madonna in the charts, she was more relevant than she had ever been.

Even Madonna must have known how "out there" she had become, pulling back for a few years with a "less is more" approach to music. "Bedtime Stories" was, err, just that, while a compilation of her ballads tried desperately to gain back some of her more refined audienced. "Evita" finally put to rest her questionable acting talents, at least for the time being, and then "Ray Of Light" came along. I seemed like years since we had a proper Madonna album, and I had almost given up hope that she would return. I mean, most pop careers should be over by now. The album was everything a Madonna fan could dream of, and more. It was "Like A Prayer" for the nightclubs, and would be the opening act for what would be an exciting Part 2 of Madonna.

With Madonna's "Music", interest was elevated back up to 80's levels, and I took that on board by celebrating her career with a party. It was going to be major, with all the trimmings. I sent out 50 voting forms with every Madonna single represented. I also gave a CD out with about a minute of each song on it, and had them rate each song from 1 to however singles were out at the time. With about 45 votes, we counted them down on the night, complete with videos projected onto a big screen, karaoke, trivia, and best dressed. Thanks to "Don't Tell Me", we also had the remnants of a couple of haystacks laying around for weeks to come. It stands as the best party I've ever put on, or been to, and I know that goes for many of the guests present on the night. Strangely, Rage played a Madonna special that night from midnight, a special they usually reserved for a new release, but there was nothing new on the Madonna cards. Very strange indeed.

Anything beyond 2000 was a bonus. As I've said for many artists in this list, the 2000's has been a hard one to get through for even the biggest artists. "American Life" was released on my birthday in 2003, and is still a great album. As usual, it was a little ahead of itself, and sounds better now than it did then. "Confessions On A Dancefloor" was an absolute delight. Imagine, an artist who inspired me into music, that I had tracked for 20 years, releasing such a magnificent and fresh album. Upon release, it was played at my local nightclub in its entirety, so after two listens at home, I got to here it as it was intended - with nightclub sound. I was one of five sitting in the place, by myself, but I was in heaven. We all knew this was something special.

Madonna has had her fair share of knocks in the last few years. She's one of the last pop artists of the 80's who seem to be fading away in the digital age. The music buying public is still in their teens, but Madonna is now in her 50's! It's hard to think. For me, I'm not upset her music isn't still hitting the dizzying heights she used to, but as long as those releases keep coming through for me, at least, than how can I complain. Nobody knows it more than Madonna herself that her time is almost up, and as we wait through 2009, the first year since her 1983 debut that she hasn't made a Singles chart appearance, time will tell whether we have seen the last Madonna album, or another one of those amazing comebacks is in the wings.

Thank you Madonna for your music, and congratulations for your #1 placing as the Biggest Artist of the 80's, 90's and 2000's.

Fans of Madonna: 392414, alleyt1989, ben01, boogs2010, chri8topher, Chris A, Daniel09, DaveNT, NateBoi, steveeee192, timfoxxy_236

 Madonna's Top 60YearHPPoints
1Like A Prayer ▲ (includes "Remixed Prayers EP")1989/93#1/#92167,148
2Angel / Into The Groove1985#1162,387
3Vogue / Keep It Together ▲²1990#1152,980
4Crazy For You1985#1134,630
5Like A Virgin1984#1133,906
64 Minutes ▲ (with Justin Timberlake)2008#1129,693*
7Music ▲²2000#1129,442
8Hung Up ▲2005#1118,726
9Papa Don't Preach1986#1111,906
10Beautiful Stranger ●1999#574,179
11Don't Tell Me ▲2000#772,444
12Justify My Love ●1990#470,409
13Express Yourself ●1989#563,788
14Frozen ●1998#560,681
15True Blue ▲1986#560,634
16Rain ●1993#556,259
17Secret ●1994#555,581
18Cherish ●1989#454,554
19American Pie ●2000#153,356
20Causing A Commotion1987#751,831
22You'll See1995#948,288
23Hanky Panky ●1990#647,826
24I'll Remember ●1994#746,697
25Deeper And Deeper ●1992#1145,898
26Don't Cry For Me Argentina ●1997#644,483
27La Isla Bonita1987#643,659
28Ray Of Light ●1998#642,416
29Material Girl1985#441,715
30Die Another Day ●2002#540,945
31Who's That Girl?1987#740,401
32This Used To Be My Playground ●1992#940,217
33Erotica ●1992#438,498
34Live To Tell1986#737,611
35Burning Up1983#1337,260
36Take A Bow1994#1537,186
38Bedtime Story1995#533,626
39Dress You Up1985#533,611
41You Must Love Me1996#1132,873
42What It Feels Like For A Girl ●2001#628,403
43Bye Bye Baby1993#1527,779
45American Life2003#720,541
46Open Your Heart1986#1619,215
47Human Nature1995#1718,576
48Get Together2006#1317,195
49Rescue Me1991#1517,015
50Love Profusion2003#2512,776
51Give It 2 Me2008#2311,984
52Nothing Really Matters1999#1511,871
53Bad Girl1993#328,591
54Love Don't Live Here Anymore1996#277,362
55Drowned World/Substitute For Love1998#167,223
58Lucky Star1984#366,503
59One More Chance1996#355,580
60The Power Of Good-bye1998#335,571

and just for the hell of it...
61Oh Father1989#513,920
64Dear Jessie1990#512,358

(*Denotes points split between artists)


Well, that's that. Although I'm going to miss this "little" project, I'm certainly looking forward to the rest...heh heh. The Top 1000 list has taught me more about music than I have ever known before, and I can't wait to refine that trivia even more when I transfer this to my blog...but that's a long way off yet.

"Fun Countdowns" returns soon, maybe a couple of weeks, and of course, there's plenty to add to this list with 2010 updates, and the eventual addition of the 70's, 60's and 50's. So there's still plenty to look forward to.

Thanks to everyone who took an interest. Your comments, and personal artist lists certainly kept me going at times when it seemed like a chore rather than a pleasure to write. It has certainly been a daunting task, and one that I really didn't expect to be so major when I started back in January, but this list is the crowning achievement of what has been my life's hobby. The charts and pop music continue to inspire, and for the new generation on aus-charts, I hope you continue that love.

And that is the end of this epic 8 month countdown
This countdown started before I even joined!
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Yay for me! A big thanks Chri8, you've done a great job with this countdown, I've enjoyed it all the way through. Well done

I love Madonna, she's an amazing artist, though after Die Another Day I think she's gone downhill. That's a massive string of top 10 hits
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Congratulations Daniel09. I'm happy with my final score

64 entries, that's amazing! I love Madonna, best artist of the past 25 years followed by Lady GaGa, I'll try to compile a list of my favourites of hers soon.

This has been a great countdown, big thanks for compiling it and continuing with all the commentary and statistics most days for several months, Chri8.

Can't wait for the next fun countdowns and the eventual all time songs list!
I can't believe this countdown started exactly 8 months ago! Time flies when you're having fun. Brilliant effort, Chris. I have loved every minute, despite my lackluster predicting haha. I look forward to the countdowns you have in store for the future.

As for Madonna, I think she's great. Compared to some the other artists, she has been a consistent performer, as opposed to having one or two massive singles to propel them up the list. Like A Prayer and Take A Bow are my favs.
Well I got 3 correct and finished somewhere in the middle - the story of my life!!!!.

A HUGE HUGE thanks to chri8topher for this WONDERFUL countdown - it's been a BLAST!. I look forward to the updates further down the track.

damn if it wasn't for that margin crap I would have been #13 instead

congrats Daniel!

Thanks so much for all your effort Chris! It was a really great experience and a fun little game for us.
I'm not a big fan of Madonna but I do like a few of her Tracks. When I started to take an interest in Chart Music in late 2005, 1 of the earliest memories I have is when Hung Up was #1 on the Rage Top 50 re-run on Sunday.

My Favs from her.
1. Hung Up
2. 4 Minutes
3. Sorry.

Thanks for all the hard work you have done creating this List Chris8, I have been following it avidly for many Months since it started.
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I think EVERYONE appreciates the hard work that has gone into this epic countdown.

Thanks a lot Chri8. Being a relatively new member I've found it quite overwhelming on the effort you have done and also the new music I have discovered
madonna is amazing, I think thats obvious when your 39th biggest hit went top 5!
I dont like many of her songs; but I can see where the appeal is, and how well she can sing!

2.Like A Prayer
4.4 Minutes
6.Like A Virgin
8.Papa Dont Preach
9.Hung Up
10.Die Another Day

chri8 you have done FANTASTICALLY on this countdown; it really is amazing how much effort youve put in, and I cant WAIT for the 2010, 70s, 60s, 50s; well actually 50s and 60s will scare me, I think the beatles will win then and I dont like them lol

Chris, thank you, thank you, thank you. I've checked this countdown every day for the last ?? months after stumbling over it on a google search. I have learned so much about these artists and it has brought back a lot of memories, in particular songs I had forgotten and would probably have never thought of again unless it had popped up on an old Countdown re-run on Rage at 3am.

Your background sounds similar to mine. Back in the 80s, I couldn't wait to see the Countdown Top 10 for the week and I was always completely gutted when a song I hated got the number 1 spot. I too grew up on compliation albums - '82 With A Bullet, '83 Thru The Roof, '87 Right On Track to name a few, and they were also played to death on long family car trips to visit family afar. I started collecting Countdown Top 50 charts from the local music store (free of charge, of course) in 1983 when I was 10 and my fascination with the charts begun. So to come across your project has been awesome for me and, once again, I sincerely thank you. I'll be following your future projects with a close eye from now on. Chris, you are a legend...

PS: Good to see Mads nail the number 1 spot. That's one number 1 I'm happy with.
Wow! saved by a prediction! Thanks Chri8stopher! no hard feelings D man honestly thought you had me beat

loved this countdown from the beginning, look 4ward 2 the new countdowns and the posts on ur blog chri8
That countdown was absolutely fantastic, you clearly put tons of effort into it, and know I know much more of the artists of the day than I would of otherwise.
Thanks Chris8, you've made every evening exciting to see who will come next...
It's a lot of work- so well done and thanks!!
Many thanks Chri8 on all the effort you've put in to this epic countdown! So much information, this will always be a great resource. You've brought joy to many here, and deserve your rest. The Madonna party sounded interesting too. I wonder who will de-throne her to reach 3 million sales in the years to come?
Wonderful countdown Chri8. Thanks for putting on this tremendous coundown. This has been my favourite thread in the few years I have followed Aust-Charts website. It has certainly been wonderful to place all of my favourite bands and singers from the past 20 years and some trips down memory lane, that is for sure.

As for Madonna, I was too late to get my points difference in, but really I am surprised she won by that much, I would have guessed she beat Elton by 500K-600K, not the million+ she won by. My favorites from her would be the Ray Of Light and Confessions material, being more an electronic music fan than pop. I like get into the groove for retro though.

I fear the newer acts, particulary Black Eyed Peas, Pink and Gaga as they will no doubt swamp the great acts of the 80s, principally the top 4, but also U2. But I guess those older acts have their great music, fanbases, backcatalogue etc for fans to enjoy for years to come.

Once again, well done. Look forward to more fun countdowns.
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Even if upcoming hits aren't very big for nowadays, they'll still probably beat the big older songs because of past deletion/limited availability, etc.
Madonna is my favourite artist of all time! She just amazes me with her music, changing looks, smartness and her sense of humour. Here are my top 40 Madonna favourites (some aren't single releases - just stuff from her 11 albums, Compilation albums and other leaked songs).

1. Vogue (from The Immaculate Collection)
2. Like A Prayer (from Like A Prayer)
3. Express Yourself (From Like A Prayer)
4. Oh Father (from Like A Prayer)
5. Broken (I'm Sorry) - a song that was leaked earlier this month
6. 4 Minutes (From Hard Candy)
7. Die Another Day (From American Life)
8. Justify My Love (From The Immaculate Collection)
9. Where Life Begins (From Erotica)
10. Holiday (From Madonna- The First Album)
11. Ray Of Light (From Ray Of Light)
12. You'll See (From Something To Remember)
13. Like A Virgin (From Like A Virgin)
14. Give It 2 Me (From Hard Candy)
15. Hung Up (From Confessions On A Dancefloor)
16. Live To Tell (From True Blue)
17. Material Girl (From Like A Virgin)
18. Secret (From Bedtime Stories)
19. Get Together (From Confessions On A Dancefloor)
20. Music (From Music)
21. Take A Bow (From Bedtime Stories)
22. Stay (From Like A Virgin)
23. Who's That Girl (From True Blue)
24. Celebration (From Celebration)
25. Till Death Do Us Part (From Like A Prayer)
26. Dress You Up (From Like A Virgin)
27. Frozen (From Ray Of Light)
28. Human Nature (From Bedtime Stories)
29. Devil Wouldn't Recognise You (From Hard Candy)
30. Hollywood (From American Life)
31. Let It Will Be (From Confessions On A Dancefloor)
32. Waiting (From Erotica)
33. Paradise Not For Me (From Music)
34. Lucky Star (From Madonna - The First Album)
35. Into The Groove (From Desperately Seeking Susan Soundtrack)
36. Revolver (From Celebration)
37. Rescue Me (From The Immaculate Collection)
38. American Pie (From Music)
39. Everybody (From Madonna - The First Album)
40. La Isla Bonita (From True Blue)

Like A Prayer and Erotica are my favourite Madonna Albums. The Blonde Ambition Tour is without doubt one of the best concerts ever put on in music history- and set the bar for pop concerts today. Look out for 'new' songs that are being leaked online, some of them are pretty good! Even though Britney, Lady GaGa, Christina, Rihanna and nearly every other pop artist today do re-creations or mimic Madonna's work - THEY WILL NEVER BE HER OR REACH HER LIMIT OF GREATNESS! I look forward to future Madonna albums and songs - and even though it took me quite a few years to finally love Madonna somehow she was always there doing what she does best!! Glad to her see her at number ONE - where she well and truly belongs!
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Okay, like I said I would, I've made a favourite Madonna songs list. I went only by the 64 charters, since it would be too much work to look elsewhere additionally.

1. Hung Up (2005)
2. Sorry (2006)
3. Like a Prayer (1989)
4. American Pie (2000)
5. 4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland (2008)
6. Papa Don't Preach (1986)
7. Like a Virgin (1984)
8. Into the Groove (1985)
9. Give It 2 Me feat. Pharrell Williams (2008)
10. Vogue (1990)
11. Crazy for You (1985)
12. Take a Bow (1994)
13. Don't Tell Me (2001)
14. Music (2000)
15. Frozen (1986)

Overall, Madonna is amazing
Top 5 Madonna

1. Like A Prayer
2. Music
3. Don't Tell Me
4. Hung Up
5. Like A Virgin
To celebrate Madonna's #1 staus on the charts according to this very countdown i'm going to broadcast her entire singles back catalouge over three evenings this coming week, the time table is below

MONDAY (80's): Start 7:00pm (AEST Sydney)

WEDNESDAY (90's): Start 7:00pm (AEST Sydney)

THURSDAY (00's): Start 7:00pm (AEST Sydney)

You can tune into the broadcast at the following address:

You should also do her 10's output.
Thanks for all the praise. Good to know you all got something out of this. I have 1979 all locked and ready...so come October, we'll see how the next wave of artists fare. There's 31 newbies, so a little education for the youngens and some more reminiscing or the oldies.

I'm a bit late, but this was an awesome countdown Chri8topher, so much work went into it!!! Thanks for taking the time for putting this together and postin it up for us all to enjoy!
Oh and I forgot to comment on number one!

MADONNA IS AMAZING! She would be definitely in my top five favourite artists of all time. I think she's had her ups and downs (Celebration was a pain to my ears - no wonder it only peaked at #40), but for the most part she has been consistent in making pop music that is enjoyable, controversial and catchy! She definitely deserves her number one placing, many of her songs have gone on (and will go on) to become classics!

My top ten Madonna tracks:
1. Like A Prayer
2. Frozen
3. Crazy For You
4. Vogue
5. What It Feels Like For A Girl?
6. Material Girl
7. Open Your Heart
8. Hanky Panky
9. Secret
10. Don't Cry For Me Argentina

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Thanks for all the hard work Chri8. Pretty much read the whole top 30 in one go and it is amazing the amount of work you have done - the whole thing is so good.
chri8topher thank you so much for all the enjoyment you have provided me for the last 9 months. it has been an awesome read and i have followed it virtually daily for the whole time. all 4 parts of this thread have provided a brilliant perspective on the best artists of the last 30 years and has even helped me discover some material that i hadnt heard before, which im sure is what you were aiming for!

and last but not least...... my TOP 50 MADONNA!

1. Vogue
2. Like A Prayer
3. Rain
4. Hung Up
5. This Used To Be My Playground
6. Open Your Heart
7. American Life
8. Ray Of Light
9. Material Girl
10. 4 Minutes
11. Music
12. Erotica
13. Express Yourself
14. Frozen
15. Like A Virgin
16. Die Another Day
17. Material Girl
18. Into The Groove
19. Dont Tell Me
20. Deeper & Deeper
21. True Blue
22. Dont Cry For Me Argentina (remixes)
23. Revolver
24. Papa Dont Preach
25. Love Profusion
26. Secret
27. Sorry
28. Beautiful Stranger
29. Borderline
30. Justify My Love
31. Whos That Girl
32. Jump
33. Celebration (remixes)
34. Cherish
35. Crazy For You
36. American Pie
37. Human Nature
38. Gambler
39. What It Feels Like For A Girl
40. Holiday
41. I'll Remember
42. La Isla Bonita
43. Hollywood
44. Fever
45. Take A Bow
46. Substitute For Love
47. Lucky Star
48. You Must Love Me
49. The Power Of Goodbye
50. Give It 2 Me

a true legend of the last 3 decades and hopefully more to come, i am still yet to discover some of her material though as well. based on this i am listing my fave album of hers as Erotica, it is a true masterpiece of the 90's. also if you havent seen it, try and get a copy of her "SEX" book, it is so well done.
Don't mind Madonna, happy with my 6th placing in the tipping.

Well done Chri8
hey chris just a quick question, since u have worked out points for each song (maybe) do you think you would be able to do a top 1000 songs using your points system of the last 30 years. i'm not sure how hard or how easy it would be, but just wondering?
Refer to;

392414: "Chri8, do you ever plan on revealing the Top Songs of 1980-2009, i.e. not grouping them as artists, just the individual songs in this countdown? I'd be excited for it!"

chri8topher: "Well, maybe in the future, but as you know, I have posted many smaller countdowns, and plan to do many more. If I did a complete list of "All Time", then it would spoil the surprise of the smaller lists. I eventually do want to do a list, but probably be a few years away yet. I want to milk all I can into the smaller lists first."
Congratulations and thank you for the countdown Chri8, it has been a fantastic read over the last eight or so months and I have to say I will miss logging on to find out who is next!

Top five Britney Spears:
1. Stronger
2. ...Baby One More Time
3. Circus
4. Everytime
5. Shattered Glass

Top five Black Eyed Peas:
1. Meet Me Halfway
2. Shut Up
3. I Gotta Feelig
4. Pump It
5. Boom Boom Pow

Top five Michael Jackson:
1. Billie Jean
2. Black Or White
3. The Way You Make Me Feel
4. Earth Song
5. Man In The Mirror

Top five Kylie Minogue:
1. Confide In Me
2. On A Night Like This
3. Can't Get You Out Of My Head
4. Come Into My World
5. All The Lovers

Top five Elton John:
1. I'm Still Standing
2. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
3. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
4. Circle Of Life
5. Candle In The Wind

Top five Madonna:
1. Frozen
2. Secret
3. Nothing Really Matters
4. Don't Tell Me
5. Borderline

Thanks again for the countdown! Look forward to whats to come.

awesome lists gareth89
I don't quite know about your top 5 Madonna songs @gareth89. Secret was pretty good, so that deserves to be there but the other 4 weren't that great to be in a top 5. Still it's your choice! I'm just happy she made it to number one!
A mammoth effort, Chri8! Well done! Just for your info, "Oh Father" actually peaked at #59 (not #51).
Thanks Carta. "Oh Father"'s #59 peak was when ARIA below Top 50 information was available, but the single was actually released in December '89. For #51-#100 information of that time, I spliced in the Australian Music Charts info to get a complete Top 100. "Oh Father" reached #51 on that chart early December, which is the peak position reflected in Madonna's chart.

It's that terrible grey area for 1988-89 that I've always had trouble getting together, but overall, doesn't make too much difference to the singles point value.
chri8topher: "INXS's 42 Top 100 single entries (this includes 3 remixes from Rogue Traders, Par-T-One and Tall Paul) is the most by any Australian band, and only beaten by Kylie Minogue and John Farnham among Australian artists. This tally is set to improve with a new album set for release featuring a host of artists on vocal duties including The Killers' Brandon Flowers, and Rob Thomas. Ben Harper has also collaborated on "Never Tear Us Apart", the first taste of what's to come. I really hope it does well for them, but will it be enough to edge their way into the Top Ten Biggest Artists since 1980?"

Well, let's see:
INXS --> 1,040,679 points / 42 top 100 entries = approx. 24,778 points per entry
DELTA (#10) --> 1,238,919 points / 15 top 100 entries = 82,594.6 points per entry

1,238,919 - 1,040,679 = 198,240 points

We can thus say that for INXS to have any chance to get into the top 10 biggest (singles) artists since 1980 (or any other era) in the future, they need at least 198,240 MORE points than the #10 artist. Therefore, if they keep going at the current rate with singles, they need at least EIGHT (8) more hits...and at least 2 years to release those eight hits.

By the end of 2012,Chri8 will have added pretty every other year he can up to 2011 to this list, which could well mean INXS will be quite *far* - yes, far - from reaching the top 10.

They'd better get a move on!
Le sigh, The Black Eyed Peas pretty much have a lock on the #2 in this countdown if we include up to now... also, Rihanna has almost definitely hit the Top 10 :/ bleeeccccccch
+Ke$ha top 30 and beyond
+Katy Perry top 15 and beyond
+Flo Rida wasting an even higher position and still noone caring
+Justin Bieber, Far East Movement, Iyaz, Derulo actually present

Damn you modern popular music

Oh but at least Beyonce's not moving up too quickly
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i reckon pink might have overtaken mj by now too with raise your glass and fking perfect too. i hope she can overtake bep though.
New Top 10 (1980 - May 2011):

1. Madonna
2. The Black Eyed Peas
3. Pink
4. Eminem
5. Kylie Minogue
6. Elton John
7. Michael Jackson
8. Britney Spears
9. Rihanna
10. Lady Gaga

That's a lot of new artists invading the last 31 years of herstory!
oh yeah eminem too he had a big year last year!
arrrgh elton and mj are gonna be gone in no time!!! beyonce's new album should push her up!

bye bye mariah
With some minor adjustments, I'm thinking more along

1. Madonna
2. Black Eyed Peas
3. Eminem
4. P!nk
5. Rihanna
6. Kylie Minogue
7. Elton John
8. Michael Jackson
9. Britney Spears (a few weeks away from #8)
10. Lady Gaga

Well of course, as long as we don't know how Chri8 calculates his points very well, we can't really say what the order will be. But I am sure that Rhianna, BEP, Pink, Gaga, Beyonce and Eminem will all get a boost. I also want U2 and Train to get a boost, deep down inside.
It's good there's still some interest here...

I've been busy hiding away to bring a FULL update on this list (and waiting out those terrible "Random" threads), which has been a mammoth job compiling the figures from 1955-1979.

So, I'll guess we'll never know if the above lists would reflect an updated one, and certainly Elton John and Michael Jackson will climb back up the list past those pesky newcomers...heh heh.

It has been mentioned plenty of times over the past few months that the current accreditations are very generous reflecting a healthy sales burst, however, my points moreso reflect the accreditation below what the new singles are getting (I think I have Rihanna "S&M" around 230,000 points mark at the moment). I think this is fair for the older songs, so we don't get an ALL TIME "best of" list identical to the recent iTunes one.

The New Top 1000 Artists list (1995-2011) is just a few weeks away.

chri8 is still around

Sounds good too
That should be:
The New Top 1000 Artists list (*1955*-2011) nvm

"and waiting out those terrible "Random" threads" I think he's pointing the finger at me...heh heh.
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