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Forum - Personal Charts: Your Charts - Billbeast's 2011 chart

My #1's for 2011:

WeekSongArtistWeek on Chart
1Scariest PartJessica Mauboy1
2Scariest PartJessica Mauboy2
3Hold It Against MeBritney Spears1
4Hold It Against MeBritney Spears2
5Do It Like A DudeJessie J2
6Do It Like A DudeJessie J3
7Do It Like A DudeJessie J4
8Do It Like A DudeJessie J5
9Price TagJessie J3
10Price TagJessie J4
11Price TagJessie J5
12Born This WayLady GaGa5
13Born This WayLady GaGa6
14Who Dat GirlFlo Rida4
15Who Dat GirlFlo Rida5
16Who Dat GirlFlo Rida6
17Born This WayLady GaGa10
18Lie To MeKeri Hilson3
19Lie To MeKeri Hilson4
20Born This WayLady GaGa13
21Lie To MeKeri Hilson6
22Lie To MeKeri Hilson7
23Lie To MeKeri Hilson8
24Lie To MeKeri Hilson9
25X RatedKate Alexa1
26Lie To MeKeri Hilson11
27X RatedKate Alexa3
28Lose ControlKeri Hilson2
29Buy My LoveWynter Gordon4
30Buy My LoveWynter Gordon5
31InescapableJessica Mauboy2
32InescapableJessica Mauboy3
33InescapableJessica Mauboy4
34La La LaAuburn1
35You Can DanceTila Tequila1
36You and ILady GaGa10
37WetNicole Scherzinger2

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OK. After a 12hr shuft at work, i'm happy with my top 30. So here is my current top 30:

30: Falling Down - Selena Gomez (#30)
29: When The Lights Go Down - Armand Van Helden (NEW)
28: Running Back - Jessica Mauboy. (#1 (3))
27: Breaking Point - Keri Hilson (NEW)
26: Shoul'dve Known - Robyn. (#26)
25: Return the Favour - Keri Hilson (#12)
24: Energy - Keri Hilson (#2)
23: Turn Round - Flo Rida (NEW)
22: E.T - Katy Perry (NEW)
21: Muny - Nicki Minaj (#20)
20: Get Em Girls - Jessica Mauboy (#6)
19: Stiletto Sex - Myah Marie (#1 (1))
18: Pretty Girls Rock - Keri Hilson (NEW)
17: Silly Boy - Eva Simons (#17)
16: LoverBoy - Scarlett Belle (#8)
15: Powerless - Kristinia DeBarge (#15)
14: Whip My Hair - Willow (#3)
13: Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon (#13)
12: Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj (#7)
11: Poison - Nicole (#6)
10: Peacock - Katy Perry (#19)
9: Way U Love Me - Keri Hilson (NEW)
8: Save Me - Nicki Minaj (#2)
7: Saturday Night - Jessica Mauboy (#1 (2)
6: Promise This - Cheryl Cole (NEW)
5: All Hooked Up - All Saints (#4)
4: 10 Date Commandments - Amber (#2)
3: Shampain - Marina & the Diamonds (NEW)
2: Tightrope - Shanelle Monae (NEW)
1: Scariest Part - Jessica Mauboy (NEW)

The top 3 will definately remain the same in coming weeks. Them 3 are amazing.
Nice to see Running Back, Return The Favour, Energy, E.T, Pretty Girl Rock, Silly Boy, Dirty Talk, Poiwon and Saturday Night in there.
13: Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon (#13)

Thats it
It's gonna rise. Its one I listen to alot.
10 / 1 / 2011

30: Return the Favour - Keri Hilson (#12)
29: Like This - Jessica Mauboy (NEW)
28: Running Back - Jessica Mauboy. (#1 (3))
27: Turn Around - Flo Rida (#23)
26: Loosing Grip - Avril Lavigne (NEW)
25: Stiletto Sex - Myah Marie (#1 (1))
24: 3 - Britney (R/E #2)
23: Stronger - Britney (R/E #3)
22: Lace and Leather - Britney (R/E #22)
21: Whip My Hair - Willow (#3)
20: LoverBoy - Scarlette Belle (#8)
19: Energy - Keri Hilson (#2)
18: Silly Boy - Eva Simons (#17)
17: Powerless - Kristinia DeBarge (#15)
16: Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson (#16)
15: Get Em Girls - Jessica Mauboy (#6)
14: Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj (#7)
13: E.T - Katy Perry (#13)
12: Poison - Nicole Sherzinger (#6)
11: Save Me - Nicki Minaj (#2)
10: All Hooked Up - All Saints (#4)
9: Peacock - Katy Perry (#9)
8: 10 Date Commandments - Amber (#2)
7: Way You Love Me - Keri Hilson (#7)
6: Saturday Night - Jessica Mauboy (#1 (2))
5: Promise This - Cheryl Cole (#5)
4: Shampai n - Marina & The Diamonds (#3)
3: Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon (#3)
2: Tightrope - Shanelle Monae (#2)
1: Scariest Part - Jessica Mauboy (#1 (2))

Scariest Part is Mauboy's 5th #1 single after Running Back, Burn, Up / Down, and Saturday Night. We will definately see an entry by Enrique next week, I just bought Tonight (I'm Fucking You) and am listening to it as I type .

Katy Perry will definately rise with E.T, as will Keri Hilson with Pretty Girl Rock and possibly Way You Love Me.
30: Return the Favour - Keri Hilson (#12)
26: Loosing Grip - Avril Lavigne (NEW)
3: Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon (#3)

Good to see a Jess Mauboy song at the top even though I don't know what it is lol. Good to see Promise this top 5 and Running Back still in!
Love Poison! So hope it can outpeak itself! Great to see Cheryl and Wynter in the top ten and the Britney tracks.
WOW very unusual chart

Good seeing album tracks and old tracks in nice seeing Myah Marie is known from someone else apart from me BSB and you
Good seeing Running Back, Like This, Get Em' Girls & Saturday Night in there.

I agree with you Billbeast, it sends shiver down my spine, her voice is amazing

Have you heard What Happened To Us- Jessica Mauboy feat. Jay Sean? Also sends shivers down my spine!!
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DNT like What happened to us. Like this is her 3rd best on the album after Saturday night and Scariest Part. Myah Marie is awesome, full stop.
I like What Happened to Us now lol.
16 / 1 / 2011

30: Silly Boy - Eva Simons (#17, LW #18)
29: Stronger - Britney (#3, LW #23)
28: Lace & Leather - Britney (#22, LW #22)
27: Not The Only One - Amerie (RE #2)
26: Return the Favour - Keri Hilson (#12, LW #30)
25: Energy - Keri Hilson (#2, LW #19)
24: Flirt - Pussycat Dolls (RE #4)
23: Powerless - Kristinia DeBarge (#15, LW #17)
22: Get Em Girls - Jessica Mauboy (#6, LW #15)
21: Save Me - Nicki Minaj (#2, LW #11)
20: Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj (#7, LW #12)
19: What The Hell - Avril Lavigne (NEW)
18: All Hooked Up - All Saints (#4, LW #10)
17: Poison - Nicole Scherzinger (#6, LW #12)
16: Peacock - Katy Perry (#9, LW #9)
15: Knock You Down - Keri Hilson (RE #15)
14: 10 Date Commandments - Amber (#2, LW #8)
13: Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson (#13, LW #16)
12: E.T - Katy Perry (#12, LW #13)
11: Way You Love Me - Keri Hilson (#7, LW #7)
10: Shampain - Marina & The Diamonds (#3, LW #4)
9: Saturday Night - Jessica Mauboy (#1 (2), LW #6)
8: Chemistry - Myah Marie (NEW)
7: Dirty Talk - Wynter Gordon (#3, LW #3)
6: Tightrope - Janelle Monae (#2, LW #2)
5: Promise This - Cheryl Cole (#5, LW #5)
4: Tonight (Im Fucking You) - Enrique Iglesius (NEW)
3: Like This - Jessica Mauboy (#3, LW #29)
2: Scariest Part - Jessica Mauboy (#1 (2), LW #1)
1: Hold It Against Me - britney (NEW)

Well Britney has done it again. She has debuted at #1 with a track thats nnot her best, but still pretty awesome. There is no way in hell she will be able to beat the previous best of 22 weeks at #1 by Radar back in 2008 / 2009, and i'm going as far to say that Jessica Mauboy's "Like This" is her biggest threat in the coming week. Britney's former #1's are:

Radar - 22 weeks
Piece of Me - 12 weeks
Circus - 7 weeks
Ooh Ooh Baby - 4 weeks
Womanizer - 4 weeks
If U Seek Amy - 2 weeks
Break The Ice - 1 week

Tonight Im Fucking You is the only Enrique song i've liked from him so far, and it's a corker. Promise This is managing to hold quite well, which i'm surprised about. A few listens here and there gets her mainting the top 5 position.

Myah Marie (as some of you may not know) does alot of demo recordings for Britney Spears, but she also has recording several tracks of her own. "Chemistry" is her only official single, and although I didn't like it when i first LEGALLY bought it (it's her only track on itunes ) I love it now. Her previous charting tracks are: Stiletto Sex which peaked at #1 for a week, Like It Loud which peaked at #4, and Lollipop Slut which peaked at #29.

Upon originally being released, I hated Keri Hilson's Knock You Down mainly because I really strongly hate Kanye West. I love the track now, and it re-enters this week beating it's former peak of #69 from when i did my top 100.

Avril lavigne suffers a low position this week mainly because I had forgotting I had even bought it until It came on shuffle one night. She'll most likely be top 10 next week, or just below.

The Pussycat Dolls have had alot of great tracks, but one of my favourites is "Flirt", the b-side to Buttons. It's sorta like they're trying to rap and it's pretty kool. They re-enter this week.

Back in the day when Amerie came out with her single "1 Thing" and album "Touch", i became obsessed. Not The only One is one of the best on the flawless album. urban greatness that deserves more credit than it was due.

Cheryl Cole is trying to re-enter with Fight For This Love, and Amerie has 6 more tracks in the top 50 alone.

As of Sunday. I will start posting my top 50.
111 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
232Like ThisJessica Mauboy
321 (2)Scariest PartJessica Maubo
4***NEWDo It Like A DudeJessie J
585ChemistryMyah Marie
644Tonight Im Fucking YouEnrique
755Promise ThisCheryl Cole
873Dirty Talkwynter Gordon
9117Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
101910What The HellAvril Lavigne
111211E.TKaty Perry
1262TightropeJanelle Monae
1391 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
14XX1 (30)Wiggle ItRicki-Lee
15103ShampainMarina and the Diamonds
161313Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
17272Not The Only OneAmerie
18XX18Mr WatsonKe$ha
191515Knock You DownKeri Hilson
20176PosionNicole Scherzinger
2114210 Date CommandmentsAmber
22207Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
23212Save MeNicki Minaj
24169PeacockKaty Perry
25184All Hooked UpAll Saints
26252energyKeri Hilson
27244FlirtPussycat Dolls
283228Take Controlamerie
29319Fight For This LoveCheryl Cole
30226Get Em GirlsJessica Mauboy
313731Handle ItJessica Mauboy
32XX32Accellerate ThatJessica Mauboy
33348LoverBoyScarlett Belle
342612Return The FavourKeri Hilson
352315PowerlessKristinia Debarge
36431 (1)Stiletto SexMyah Marie
37XX14Wave Ya HandNicki Minaj
38XX10Whats My NameRihanna
39352Talkin BoutAmerie
403321 ThingAmerie
414522ParachuteCheryl Cole
42XX32Sound of the UndergroundGirls Aloud
43XX12StoleKelly Rowland
453017Silly BoyEva Simons
464921Party GirlGirlband
47XX25Thank YouJamelia
48XX15Something About YouJamelia
49391 (3)Running BackJessica Mauboy
504238What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy

Only debut comes from Jessie J. she is amazing. That song is amazing. She wrote it and was about to offer it to Rihanna (which wouldve been a massive hit i reckon) but thank-god she kept it for herself.
Nice jump for Cheryl (FFTL), and I'm really starting to get into the new one from Marina and the Diamonds at the moment. Sorry I can't share your opinion with Jessie J.
What caused Wiggle It amazingre-entry
Wiggle It re-entered so high I think because i hadn't heard it in ages and fell in love with it all over again.

This weeks chart wasn't included in the AC Top 100. ANYONE know why?
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It's mentioned here Billbeast. Takes a lot of reading to get through it though.
This is one of the best charts on this site.

Love all of the Jess Mauboy & Nicki Minaj in ur chart, hopefully What Happened To Us keeps climbing, love your whole top 5 except #5 & #6, but i don't know #5 so thats why.
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Hahah, thanx CrazyChris

This weeks chart:

141 (1)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
222Like ThisJessica Mauboy
311 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
431 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
555ChemistryMyah Marie
664Tonight Im Fucking YouEnrique
775Promise ThisCheryl Cole
8131 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
997Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
101010What The HellAvril Lavigne
121111E.TKaty Perry
1383Dirty TalkWynter Gordon
14172Not The Only OneAmerie
15141 (30)Wiggle ItRicki-Lee
16122TightropeJanelle Monae
17153ShmapianMarina & The Diamonds
181818Mr WatsonKe$ha
191915Knock You DownKeri Hilson
201613Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
21XX23Wake Up CallHayden Pannettierre
22***NEWPass OutTinie Tempah
23274FlirtPussycat Dolls
243124Handle ItJessica Mauboy
25227Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
26206PoisonNicole Scherzinger
2721210 Date CommandmentsAmber
28249PeacockKaty Perry
29XX8Chris Cox MegamixBritney
30299Fight For This LoveCheryl Cole
343232Accellerate ThatJessica Mauboy
35232Save MeNicki Minaj
362828Take ControlAmerie
373515PowerlessKristinia DeBarge
38361 (1)Stiletto SexMyah Marie
39254All Hooked UpAll Saints
40XX32The Hook UpBritney
41306Get em GirlsJessica Mauboy
42262EnergyKeri Hilson
433810Whats My NameRihanna
44338LoverBoyScarlett Belle
45XX10Way You Make Me FeelShakaya
46XX20MunyNicki Minaj
474621Part GirlGirlband
483714Wave Ya HandNicki Minaj
494021 Thingamerie

Jessie J at #1, and she'll probably be there for a while too. Shame for Like This, it's equally deserving.
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expect the Young Divas to re-enter soon
Loving Amerie in your chart

And Jessica Mauboy, some great songs on that album.
Shame to see Cheryl (FFTL) and Marina and the Diamonds slip.
111 (2)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
222Like ThisJessica Mauboy
331 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
441 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
555ChemistryMyah Marie
6226Pass OutTinie Tempah
781 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
8128E.TKaty Perry
997Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
1075Promise ThisCheryl Cole
111111ParachuteCheryl Cole
13142Not The Only OneAmerie
141010What The HellAvril Lavigne
15133Dirty TalkWynter Gordon
162013Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
17173ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
18151 (30)Wiggle ItRicki-Lee
19162TightropeJanelle Monae
201818Mr WatsonKe$ha
211915Knock You DownKeri Hilson
22XX1 (16)I Wanna Be BadWilla Ford
23XX6Us Against The WorldChristina Milian
24234FlirtPussycat Dolls
252121Wake Up CallHayden Panettierre
26257Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
27XX1 (5)DisgustingKe$ha
29309Fight For This LoveCheryl Cole
302424Handle ItJessica Mauboy
31289PeacockKaty Perry
32352Save MeNicki Minaj
33266PoisonNicole Scherzinger
34***NEWThis Time I Know It's RealYoung Divas
3527210 Date CommandmentsAmber
36298Chris Cox MegamixBritney Spears
38XX16Fucking PerfectP!nk
403432Accellerate ThatJessica Mauboy
41381 (1)Stiletto SexMyah Marie
423628Take ControlAmerie
434921 ThingAmerie
44XX38What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
45422EnergyKeri Hilson
463715PowerlessKristinia DeBarge
474814Wave Ya HandNicki Minaj
484510Way You Make Me FeelShakaya
49394All Hooked UpAll Saints
504032The Hook UpBritney

Jessie J remains atop, stalling what I once thought would be a healthy and lasting #1 for Jessica Mauboy. Tinie Tempah has a huge rise. Heard the song on replay at work and BAM!, downloaded it . Katy Perry finally checks into the top 10, and Cheryl Cole's parachute lands at #11 for a 2nd week. Willa Ford re-enters, and wow, i never thought it would've left the top 50. Christina Milian re-enters with a awesome ballad. Ke$ha also re-enters with an up-tempo ballad. S&M rises slightly (will rise again soon). Young Divas i never liked, only track listenable was Turn Me Loose. Their debut single is great. Mauboy's new track re-enters upon news on 3rd single (which is ridiculous). Like This and Scariest Part are much better choices.

Price Tag - Jessie J
More - Usher
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Nice to M&TD remain steady, good jump for Cheryl Cole (FFTL). I'm not a huge fan of Pass Out, but I suppose it's my favourite out of the top 10. Interesting debut for Young Divas.
Yeah. I had several of their (Young Divas) tracks on my computer and decided to give them a listen after a few years lol. TTIKIFR is their best by far. I really dislike Kate Dearuge and Emily, but love Ricki-Lee and Paulini.
Well I know WHTU was just released but she has been performing Scariest part at gigs and it's most likely the nest single would be that or Like This but in my opinion both should be released.
On your chart, Love seeing one of my favourite songs of all time "Knock ou Down still in the chart, love the Mauboy and Minaj on your hart and love your #1
Your chart I reckon Is probably the best on this site
Thanx. Do you have a personal chart on here. I'd like to check your out
Yeah I do, Crazychris Weekly 50 part ll, it's on the forum
Good to see Pink re-enter.
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111 (3)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
222Like ThisJessica Mauboy
3***NEWPrice TagJessie J
431 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
541 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
655ChemistryMyah Marie
766Pass OutTinie Tempah
8267Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
997Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
111410What The HellAvril Lavigne
121111ParachuteCheryl Cole
1371 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
1488E.TKaty Perry
15XX15Don't Mess With The RadioNivea
17132Not The Only OneAmerie
181613Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
19***NEWFriday To SundayJustice Crew
20173ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
21105Promise ThisCheryl Cole
23***NEWLast KissPearl Jam
24181 (30)Wiggle ItRicki-Lee
25153Dirty TalkWynter Gordon
262018Mr WatsonKe$ha
272114Knock You DownKeri Hilson
28192TightropeJanelle Monae
29322Save MeNicki Minaj
303430This Time I Know It's For RealYoung Divas
31244FlirtPussycat Dolls
32221 (16)i Wanna Be BadWilla Ford
34236Us Against The WOrldChristina Milian
35271 (5)DisgustingKe$ha
36368Chris Cox MegamixBritney Spears
372521Wake Up CallHayden Panettierre
383024Handle ItJessica Mauboy
39319PeacockKaty Perry
40336PoisonNicole Scherzinger
4135210 Date CommandmentsAmber
42319Fight For This LoveCheryl Cole
444438What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
45XX20MunyNicki Minaj
464714Wave Ya HandNicki Minaj
484032Accellerate ThatJessica Mauboy
49452EnergyKeri Hilson
504615PowerlessKristinia DeBarge

While Do It Like A Dude stays atop for a 3rd week, Jessie J's 2nd single Price Tag debuts at #3. Nicki Minaj and Rihanna both have big rises (both are 3rd singles ). Back in 2002 Nivea made it big with Don't Mess With The Radio. It had originally peaked at #24 for me, and re-enters and peaks. Debuting is Justice Crew also, a track i never thought i'd like. Ke$ha re-enters and Pearl jam enter. Usher also enters.
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Love your top 14, and love the rest of the chart. Especially WHTU, FFTL & KYD. Still a really good chart
Hold It Against Me is the best song in that list. Can't believe you still have Wiggle It charting in your Top 50.
It re-entered. When i havent heard a song in a while, then listen to it. I won t stop listening to it
Lady GaGa will have a big debut i think. Not #1 definately.

It's Jessie J vs Jessie J for #1. Both Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag will be the top 2 definately, unless certain tracks that seem to love coming up in shuffle (Moment 4 Life, Pass Out, S&M) decide to get inbetween them.
You have 2 versions of Keri Hilsons track. Moment 4 Life or Like This for #1
Yeah, lol. I gotta fix that up, The #11 one is What The Hell.
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Pearl Jam!!! Any reason for its entry?

Also, I don't mind the Justice Crew debut and as I've mentioned previously, nice to see Marina and the Diamonds and Cheryl Cole in still.
I heard the Pearl Jam track on the radio recently, cand remembered it. Everytime i hear it it sends shivers. It's such an amazing and touching son (even though they covered it). It's a great song.
Nice to see Usher, Pearl Jam, Justice Crew and most importantly, Jessie J debuting. It debuted at #4 for me last week

Nice jumps for Rihanna and Minaj, and also great seeing Do It Like A Dude at #1. It jumped from #10 to #1 for me last week I think it's a tad better than Price Tag.
Jessie J!! Love it!!
Got my fingers crossed that Jessie J will hold the top two spots next week. (Hopefully Price Tag takes the top prize! )

Awesome to see Nicki Minaj in the top 10, Usher debut and that you're charting Shampain by Marina & The Diamonds. She's definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment.

And what's with the random return of Nivea? Haven't heard that song in aaages.
i love how well jessie j is doing!!! nice jump for nicki minaj too
Good old Nivea. She's awesome. Ive been getting into alot of my old favs
111 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
232Price TagJessie J
322Like ThisJessica Mauboy
441 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
551 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
676Pass OutTinie Tempah
765ChemsitryMyah Marie
887Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
101110What The HellAvril Lavigne
121211ParachuteCheryl Cole
13148E.TKaty Perry
141514Dont Mess With The RadioNivea
15172Not The Only OneAmerie
1697Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
171917Friday To SundayJustice Crew
18131 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
19***NEWBorn This WayLady GaGa
20215Promise ThisCheryl Cole
211813Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
22203ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
232323Last Kiss
242618Mr WatsonKe$ha
25241 (30)Wiggle ItRicki-Lee
27292Save MeNicki Minaj
28253Dirty TalkWynter Gordon
292714Knock You DownKeri Hilson
30282TightropeJanelle Monae
313030This Time I Know Its For RealYoung Divas
33321 (16)Wanna Be BadWilla Ford
34346Us Against The WorldChristina Milian
35351 (5)DisgustingKe$ha
36314FlirtPussycat Dolls
37368Chris Cox MegamixBritney
383721Wake Up CallHayden Panettierre
394438What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
403824Handle ItJessica Mauboy
41399PeacockKaty Perry
424520MunyNicki Minaj
43406PoisonNicole Scherzinger
453832Accellerate ThatJessica Mauboy
4641210 Date CommandmentsAm8er
47429Fight For This LoveCheryl Cole
48XX28Take ControlAmerie
504614Wave Ya HandNicki Minaj

It's Jessie J's week again, still reigning atop for her 4th week at #1 with Do It Like A Dude, and her 2nd single Price Tag jumps ahead of Jess Mauboy to be at the #1 and #2 positions. The only debut this week comes from none other than GaGa with her lead single off her 2nd album. Born This Way isn't her best, but it has grown on me as the week progressed. I only expected it to reach the bottom of the top 10. Jessica Mauboy's new single What Happened To Us almost reaches it's peak of #38.
Nice top 13. Good to see Saturday Night & Knock You Down still around. Good debut for GaGa and hopefully Price Tag, Moment 4 Life or Like This get the top spot next week. Good too see WHTU, Usher, Cheryl, Justice Crew, Nicki & Katy all up. Again nice chart
Price Tag or Moment 4 Life will be the next #1 for sure. Like This may get there eventually if released as a single (cuz i usually get back into a song then
Good to see Enrique rise, and GaGa debut. I would like to see Price Tag as the next #1. I guess I will have to wait and see
121 (1)Price TagJessie J
232Like ThisJessica Mauboy
383Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
5145Don't Mess Wth The RadioNivea
666Pass OutTinie Tempah
811 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
9199Born This WayLady GaGa
101210ParachuteCheryl Cole
111010What The HellAvril Lavigne
12138E.TKaty Perry
14***NEWRun AwayNivea
15152Not The Only OneAmerie
16167Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
17***NEWOh NoMarina & The Diamonds
181717Friday to SundayJustice Crew
19***NEWBite BackZowie
20181 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
21205Promise ThisCheryl Cole
22***NEWDaisy ChainsMs Triniti
232113Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
24223ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
25272Save MeNicki Minaj
26XX9In The SkyB.O.B
273927What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
2875ChemistryMyah Marie
29***NEWHere For MeJessica Mauboy
30***NEWLove HurtsNivea
3241 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
33302TightropeJanelle Monae
34***NEWNot MeJessica Mauboy
35***NEWDon't Mess With My ManNivea
373130This Time I Know It's For RealYoung Divaes
38346Us Against The WorldOdina
3951 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
40XX19Whisper To A ScreamSoHo
41331 (16)I Wanna Be BadWilla Ford
42***NEWOn The FloorJennifer Lopez
43351 (5)DisgustingKe$ha
44XX5Last ChanceNicki Minaj
45364FlirtPussycat Dolls
46378Chris Cox MegamixBritney
473821Wake Up CallHayden Pantettierre
484024Handle ItJessica Mauboy
50419PeacockKaty Perry

Jessie J claims her 2nd consecutive #1 single with the oh-so catchy Price Tag, and her debut single Do It Like A Dude (which spent it's 4th consecutive week at #1 last week) falls to #8. Alot of peakers in the top 10 this week. Nicki Minaj makes a new peak at #3, Rihanna at #7. Ke$ha blows into the #4 position rising 22 spots. Lady GaGa rises into the top 10, and Cheryl Cole finally lands inside barely after many weeks.

It's Nivea's week, with Don't Mess With The Radio rising to a peak at #5. She also has 4 debuting tracks (with another, 25 Reasons, debuting at #54). She has a great voice, and I remember alot of her tracks from back in early noughties.

Marina & The Diamonds 5th single from album The Family Jewels, Shampain, is still hanging in, and a preceeding single Oh No makes a belated debut this week. Just two spots down, electronic dance track Bite Back debuts. It's an awesome tune, much better than Zowie's other sing Redhead.

Jessica Mauboy debuts with Here For Me and Not Me, and with the release of What Happened To Us (damn, i knew it would grow on me), it rises to a peak of 27.

Myah Marie was at #7 last week. She has a massive fall to #28 this week. Other massive falls are Hold It Against Me (4 - 32, 28 spots) and Scariest Part (5 - 39, 34 spots).

Re-entry's this week include Sia's unofficial single Buttons which garnered radio play a couple of years ago (i think it charted on the singles chart too) and B.O.B's reworked album version of In The Sky (it charted for me intially when released as a street single before he got huge).

With the upcoming release of Scream 4, i had a movie night and watched the previous 3. The closing credits song for #1 is Whisper To A Scream by SoHo which entered my chart when i re-watched the trilogy upon hearing news of the 4th installment.

Daisy Chains had been playing on Triple 1 (111) Hits ads on Foxtel. Id been searching for the song everywhere and eventually found it and got it on Itunes. It's awesome

Jennifer Lopez has a very poor debut this week. She'll defiantely climb up next week. Most of Nivea's tracks will probably fall out (except Run Away and DMWTR).

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Expect more Jess Mauboy next week lol
At least you replaced the crappy Jessie J song witht he good one at the top spot Awesome jump for Ke$ha, and a massive drop for Britney. Nivea is a blast from the past! I really liked Don't Mess With The Radio back in the day
Whoa Nivea's getting lucky this week haha.
Soooo awesome that Price Tag is number one! Shame Do It Like A Dude dropped so much. Awesome that Nicki Minaj is in the top 3 too.

Loving a lot of your debuts: Marina & The Diamonds ''Oh No'' (definitely my favourite Marina song), Zowie's ''Bite Back'' and Jennifer Lopez ''On The Floor''. Loving GaGa hitting the top 10 too.
Nice to see Price Tag at #1, but not so good to see Do It Like A Dude drop a bit!

Nice to see JLo debuting, Mauboy, GaGa, Ke$ha and Minaj all up
Any Jess Mauboy is good, although I really don't like Not Me, her only song I don't like, but it's kinda awful on her standards. But good to see Like This top 3, What Happened To Us up & Here For Me debut. WTF!! happened with the massive drop for Scariest Part?

Now non-Jess, good to see Nicki in the top 3 andJ-Lo debut. And of course its good to see Jessie J #1. Good top 4.

Good to see Cheryl, Katy & Nicki (SM) up. And great to see Last Chance back, I lovee that song!!

Really good chart, I love/like 31/50
Great rise for What Happened To US!
I think Scariest Part dropped so mucb because i just stopped listening to it. Same with Britney. I'm over the two tracks for the time being. J Lo will definately zoom up next week.

And Nivea is great. Underrated heavily
6 6 6 Pass Out Tinie Tempah
7 9 7 S&M Rihanna
10 12 10 Parachute Cheryl Cole
12 13 8 E.T Katy Perry
13 11 4 Tonight Enrique

111 (2)Price TagJessie J 
222Like ThisJessica Mauboy
333Mom3nt 4 LifeNicki Minaj
555Don't Mess With the RadioNivea
6426On The FloorJennifer Lopez
797Born This WayLady GaGa
881 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
101010ParachuteCheryl Cole
111411Run AwayNivea
121110What The HellAvril Lavigne
131713Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
14***NEWThe HungerShirley Manson
15128E.TKaty Perry
162716What Happened To USJessica Mauboy
172217Daisy ChainsMs Triniti
181918Bite BackZowie
19152Not the Only OneAmerie
20167Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
21215Promise ThisCheryl Cole
22201 (2)saturday NightJessica Mauboy
232313Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
24243ShampainMarina & the Diamonds
25252Save MeNicki Minaj
263026Love HurtsNivea
27269In The SkyB.O.B
28285ChemistryMyah Marie
29321 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
313431Not MeJessica Mauboy
332929Here for MeJessica Mauboy
3466Pass OutTinie Tempah
35386Us against The WorldXtina Milian
36332TightropeJanelle Monae
383730TTIKIFRYoung dIVAS
39391 (2)Scaruest PartJessica Mauboy
40445Last ChanceNicki Minaj
414019Whisper to a ScreamSoHo
424721Wake Up CallHayden Panettierre
43431 (5)DisgustingKe$ha
444824Handle ItJessica Mauboy
45509PeacockKaty Perry
46XX20MunyNicki Minaj
47XX210 Date CommandmentsAmber
48XX28Take ControlAmerie
49XX32Accellerate ThatJessica Mauboy
50XX6PoisonNicole Scherzinger

Jesssie J hold firm with Price Tag this week, but next week I think it's safe to say she'll drop because i'll be all ears with her album tracks (expect alot of them to enter). The top 5 remain exacty the same this week. A big rise for J.Lo this week, either her or GaGa (maybe even britney's newy) will fight for #1 next week unless Jessie J can't keep there.

Debuting at #14 is the first track from the future rock musical, entitled The Hunger. Sun by my all-time fav artist Shirley Manson (singer from Garbage).

Mauboy has a big rise with current single, rising into the top 20. Tinie Tempah has a massivemassive fall as im starting to get quite over the song. #46 - #50 are all re-entries which i find funny.

25 Reasons by Nivea debuted at #54 last week, and it squeezees into #51 this week.

Jam - Kim Kardashian (it'll grow on me i rekons)
Jessie J (most of the album tracks)
Till the world ends - Britney
Still love your top 4. Infact I love your whole top 10, bar #5.

Great to see WHTU up as well as Not Me as it is quietly growing on me. I quite like the 5 re-entries!

This week I love/like: 36/50 this week, your up 5
hahah. The 5 re-entries?. Whats wrong with Don't Mess With The Radio lol.
Since my stupid computer decided to stuff up whilst writing the top 50, here is my list of peaking tracks and debuts. I will update later the tpo 50.

#1 for 3rd week: Price Tag - Jessie J
#4: On The Floor - Jennifer Lopez
#5: Born This Way - Lady Gaga
#11: The Hunger - Shirley Manson
#15: What Happened To US - Jessica Mauboy
I dare say that J Lo and GaGa are on the road to #1, GaGa will proabbly get there first, that film clip of hers is amaqzing and has kept me listening to it. Price Tag is now slowing in the plays, with only 62 listens this week compared to the 92 last week, and Mauboy's still at #2 this week with 49 plays.

#16: Abracadabra - Jessie J
#23: Nobody's Perfect - Jessie J
#24: Rainbow - Jessie J
#34: Stand Up - Jessie J
#43 - Casualty of Love - Jessie J
#44 - who's Laughing Now - Jessie J
#57 - The Flood - Cheryl Cole
#58 - Till The World Ends - Britney
#66 - 21st Century Girl - Willow
#67 - Who Dat Girl - Flo Rida
#79 - Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
#84 - Sex - Chris Brown
#90 - Putting It Out There - Wynter Gordon
#91 - Jam - Kim Kardashian

Other than Jessie J, all debuting acts debuted low, mainly because of her. Wish You Were here, Who Dat Girl, 21st Century Girl only have had just over a days of plays so they'll probably enter top 50 next week. Kim Kardashian's track is horrible, but it hasn't stopped me listening to it allo of 4 times in the last week. Wynter Gordon's is no better, and neither is Britney's which fared alot better with 23 plays this week.

#22 - I'm Not Your Toy - La Roux (Peakerd at #21 in June 2010)
Grown quite fond of La Roux once again. Loved In For The Kill, Bulletproof was meh but I'm Not Your Toy is great, and i'ds say this will climb to a new peak next week because i just bought the album.
Good to see Jess keep on going up, and just as great to see her stay at #2 for the last few weeks. Only one word to say about your contest to #1. GOO J-LO!!!!!!
Haha. She'll defs get a booost when i see the video like with Gaga.
111 (3)Price TagJessie J 
222Like ThisJessica Mauboy
333Mom3nt 4 LifeNicki Minaj
464On the FloorJennifer Lopez
575Born this WayLady GaGa
655Don't Mess With the RadioNivea
881 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
101010ParachuteCheryl Cole
111411The HungerShirley Manson
121111Run AwayNivea
131313Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
141210What the HellAvril Lavigne
151615What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
16***NEWAbracadabraJessie J
17158E.TKaty Perry
181717Daisy ChainsMs Triniti
191818Bite BackZowie
20207Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
21192Not the Only OneAmerie
22***21I'm Not Your ToyLa Roux
23***NEWNobody's PerfectJessie J
24***NEWRainbowJessie J
25215promise ThisCheryl Cole
26221 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
272626Love HurtsNivea
282313Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
29252Save MeNicki Minaj
30243ShampainMarina and the Diamonds
31279In The SkyB.o.B
32285ChemistryMyah Marie
333131Not MeJessica Mauboy
34***NEWStand UpJessie J
35291 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
38346Pass OutTinie Tempah
393329Here for MeJessica Mauboy
40356Us against The WorldXtina Milian
41362TightropeJanelle Monae
42391 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
43***NEWCasualty of LoveJessie J
44***NEWWho's Laughing NowJessie J
463830TTIKIFRYoung Divas
47405Last ChanceNicki Minaj
484119Whisper to a ScreramSoHo
494221Wake Up CallHayden Pannettierre
50431 (5)DisgustingKe$ha

#57 - The Flood - Cheryl Cole
#58 - Till The World Ends - Britney
#66 - 21st Century Girl - Willow
#67 - Who Dat Girl - Flo Rida
#79 - Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
#84 - Sex - Chris Brown
#90 - Putting It Out There - Wynter Gordon
#91 - Jam - Kim Kardashian
I dare say that J Lo and GaGa are on the road to #1, GaGa will proabbly get there first, that film clip of hers is amaqzing and has kept me listening to it. Price Tag is now slowing in the plays, with only 62 listens this week compared to the 92 last week, and Mauboy's still at #2 this week with 49 plays.
Other than Jessie J, all debuting acts debuted low, mainly because of her. Wish You Were here, Who Dat Girl, 21st Century Girl only have had just over a days of plays so they'll probably enter top 50 next week. Kim Kardashian's track is horrible, but it hasn't stopped me listening to it allo of 4 times in the last week. Wynter Gordon's is no better, and neither is Britney's which fared alot better with 23 plays this week.
Go La Roux! Nice jump for What Happened To Us.
I loveeee your top 5, actually I love your whole top 10 bar #8 although Fight For This Love is better than Parachute IMO but I love your #15 most
Also love all the Mauboy, Nicki and Jessie J in your chart!
nice to see the success for jessie j and wow does nivea have a new song britney's dropping fast
Loving this chart especially Jessie J #1!!
Also loving J.Lo up to #4, the Marina & The Diamonds love, Janelle Monae's Tightrope and Zowie's Bite Back in the chart too!!
Love Hurts by Nivea was released Feb 2010, so not really new lol
151 (1)Born This WayLady Gaga
211 (3)Price TagJessie J
322Like ThisJessica Mauboy
433Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
5***NEWFridayRebecca Black
665Don't Mess With the RadioNivea
744On The FloorJennifer Lopez
966921st Century GirlWillow
1081 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
121111The HungerShirley Manson
13***NEWNobody's HomeAvril Lavigne
141914Bite BackZowie
151815Diasy ChainsMs Triniti
161010ParachuteCheryl Cole
171616AbracadabraJessie J
181313Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
191211Run AwayNivea
201515What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
212721Love HurtsNive
225822Till The World endsBritney
239023Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
241410EWhat The HellAvril lacigne
25178E.TKaty Perry
26207Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
272221I'm Not Your ToyLa Roux
282323Nobody's PerfectJessie J
292424RainbowJessie J
30212Not The Only OneAmerie
31303ShampainMarina and the Diamonds
322813Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
33255Promis ThisCheryl Cole
34261 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
35292Save MeNicki Minaj
36325ChmistryMyah Marie
37319In The SKyB.O.B
38599PeacockKaty Perry
396739Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
403434Stand UpJessie J
413331Not MeJessica Mauboy
42351 (2)Hold It Against MeBritney
44534425 ReasonsNivea
46386Pass OutTinie Tempah
473929Here For MeJessica Mauboy
484343Casualty of LoveJessie J
49406Us Against The WorldXtina Milian
504444Who's Laughing NowJessie J

BELOW TOP 50: ***Indicates peaking track
#51: Tik Tok - Glee Cast
#60: Okay - Nivea
#65: Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne***
#75: Parking Lot - Nivea
#93: Don't Tell Me - Avril Lavigne

Lady Gaga storms to the top this week, pushing last weeks top 3 down a spot. Nothing had a chance of beating gaga who knocked up 73 plays this week. Jessie J was down to 52 with Jess at 48 close behind. I didn't realise i had listened to Friday so much to get it to debut inside the top 5. It's so-bad-it's-good IMO. After a full week of plays, Willow rises up to #9 with her 2nd single, but the two other last week debuts with only 3 days of play fell abit short (Flo Rida at 39 and Avril at 65).

Avril also debuts with two singles from her 2nd album. They hadn't previously charted on my personal chart, but are the best two tracks on her album (Fall to Pieces is 3rd). 3rd single Nobody's Home debuts at a healthy #13, and lead single Don't Tell Me scrapes in at #93.

Zowie and Ms Triniti get more love, always seeming to chart side-by-side, and Bite Back overtakes Daisy Chains to peak at #14 with Chains at #15.

Nivea has another good week, her track 25 Reasons rising above it's former #51 peak to climb into the top 50 at #44. She also debuts with the two singles from her 2nd album, Complicated, and peaks at #21 with Love Hurts.

Britney and Wynter barely miss out on top 20 this week. Putting It Out There has grown on me alot, so I expect it to rise, but Britney hasn't really got me with the 2nd single from upcoming album. It'll probably rise once I get my hands on the album. Katy Perry jumps back into familiar waters with Peacock, and Glee Cast get their 3rd chart entry with Tik Tok. Previous charters were Hate On me and Keep Me hanging On.

Next week it'll be a battle between rebecca Black, Gaga and Willow me thinks in these early stages, maybe a rise or two from Avril.
Hopefully Jess gets back at #2, although it is highly unlikely. Oh god, please GaGa for #1, or to a massive extent Willow, maybe you should move WHTU up 19 spots
Hahah. WHTU I doubt will rise again. If Like This is a single, I think it will claw it's way to #1.
I think I prefer Price Tag over Born This Way but oh well. Funny debut for Rebecca Black, nice to see Mauboy (WHTU) still up there and La Roux in the mix too.
Rebecca Black is awesome
Hooray for Friday!
111 (2)Born This WayLady Gaga
221 (3)Price TagJessie J
353FridayRebecca Black
443Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
565Dont Mess With The RadioNivea
674On The FloorJennifer Lopez
89821st Century GirlWillow
9229Till The World EndsBritney
1032Like ThisJessica Mauboy
111711AbracadabraJessie j
131211The HungerShirley Manson
142314Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
151313Nobodys HomeAvril lavigne
161515Daisy ChainsMs Triniti
171414Bite BackZowie
181813Oh! NoMarina & The Diaomonds
192119Love HurtsNivea
201911Run AwayNivea
212015What Happened To USJessica Mauboy
22267Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
232410What The HellAvril Lavigne
24258E.TKaty Perry
25313ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
262823Nobody's PerfectJessie J
272924RainbowJessie J
28101 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
293213Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
30341 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
31335Primise ThisCheryl Cole
32365ChemistryMyah Marie
33XX28Did It On EmNicki Minaj
34352Save MeNicki Minaj
351610ParachuteCheryl Cole
363936Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
37***NEWReconnectedJessica Mauboy
38***NEWDon't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
39***NEWInsomniaWynter Gordon
40379In The SkyB.O.B
41389PeacockKaty Perry
424131Not MeJessica Mauboy
44444425 ReasonsNivea
45466Pass OutTinie Tempah
464729Here for MeJessica Mauboy
475044Who's Laughing NowJessie J
484843Casualty of LoveJessie J
49525Last ChanceNicki Minaj
50496Us Against The WorldChristina Milian

BELOW TOP 50: ***Indicates peaking track
#51: Tik Tok - Glee Cast*** (Holding at peak)
#56: Maze - Jessica Mauboy***
#57: Okay - Nivea***
#59: Off On My Kiss - Vanessa Amorosi
#63: Wish You were Here - Avril Lavigne***
#69: Aliens and UFOs - Vanessa Amorosi

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Good to see Jess up with SN and HFM! Also good to see her debut and hopefully she debuts next week.
Also good to see Nicki re-enter. Thank lord for GaGa or Jessie J, really didn't want Rebecca Black at #1. Also good to see Nicki and J-Lo in the top 6.

I like 29/50 this week, still one of the best charts on this site!
Thanx buddy. I remember Did It On Em charting on my chart, but can't find what month so i dnt know what it's peak was lol. Have to searcdh more.
Shame for the fall for What Happened To Us, even if it is one spot. I can't believe I'm saying this, but go Rebecca Black!
1361 (1)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
211 (2)Born This WayLady GaGa
333FridayRebecca Black
421 (3)Price TagJessie J
543Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
655Don't Mess With the RadioNivea
764On The FloorJennifer Lopez
98821st Centyury GirlWillow
1099Till The world EndsBritney
111111AbracadabraJessie J
121812Oh NoMarina and the Diamonds
13102Like ThisJessica Mauboy
151414Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
161615Daisy ChainsMs Triniti
171311The HungerShirley Manson
181513Nobodys HomeAvril Lavigne
191714Bite BackZowie
201919Love HurtsNivea
212011Run AwayNivea
222115What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
242310What The HellAvril Lavigne
25227Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
26253ShampainMarina and the Diamonds
27325ChemistryMyah Marie
282623Nobodys PerfectJessie J
292724RainbowJessie J
30248E.TKaty Perry
31281 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
322913Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
333324Did It On EmNicki Minaj
34301 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
35***NEWI Am Not A RobotMarina and the Diamonds
36342Save MeNicki Minaj
373837Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
383510ParachuteCheryl Cole
393737ReconnectedJessica Mauboy
403939InsomniaWynter Gordon
41409In The SkyB.O.B
42***NEWBass Down LowDev
43419PeacockKaty Perry
454744Who's Laughing NowJessie J
46***NEWThe Family JewelsMarina and the Diamonds
47495Last ChanceNicki Minaj
48444425 ReasonsNivea
494843Casualty of LoveJessie J
50***NEWI Wanna GoBritney

BELOW TOP 50: ***Indicates peaking track
#56: Inside Out - Britney
#58: Hollywood - Marina and the Diamonds
#61: Are You Satisfied - Marina and the Diamonds
#66: Mowgli's Road - Marina and the Diamonds
#71: Selfish - Britney

Flo Rida makes the biggest jump to #1 in my charts history this week, climbing 35 spots to claim #1. It's his 9th charting track. I always hated Dev, she really annoyed me in Like A G6 but Bass Down Low has grown on me, and debuts this week at #42. A small rise is probably due soon.

I'm a massive Britney fan, and whilst Femme Fatale isn't as great as Blackout, it's not as good as Circus either. Infact, I think it's her 4th best album (3rd being In The Zone). It's auto-tune extreme and club sound is great for alot of the tracks, whilst some tracks are plainer than an arraroot biscuit. Criminal is the best song on the album, It will definately reach top 10 in the coming weeks. 3 other tracks from the album enter this week.

I'm also a massive fan of Marina and the Diamonds. Shampain was the first track i'd heard from her, it peaked at #3. Then i bought the album later on the same day as i bought Shampain and never really listened to it. Then I saw the clip to Oh No! and loved it (It peaks at #12 this week). It's and outstanding album. The best track is Shampain, I Am Not A Robot and The Family Jewels are the next best. Lover her voice. All the debuts will probably rise next week.

As far as debuts next week go, I'm gonna predict a re-entry from Hot Action Cop. Feva For The Flavour peaked at #1 in 2009 are hearing it again since it's original release. Now i've just found it again. I just bought Keri Hilson's new album so maybe a debut or two from her, depending on how good the album is (Havent listened to all of it yet). New Nicki Minaj possibly, just got a new track of her's (Blow Ya Mind). Aqua's new track may also enter.
Wow, massive jump for Flo Rida, but I would prefer GaGa on top. I like most of your top 10. Good chart.
Thanx. Yeah. Already Who Dat Girl is my favurite song from this year. I didn't think beating Jessie J would be so easy but it was lol.

Myah Marie and Kelly Rowland will enter next week too.
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111 (2)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
221 (2)Born This WayLady GaGa
333FridayRebecca Black
4124Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
5743On The FloorJennifer Lopez
6236CriminalBritney Spears
7117AbracadabraJessie J
8108Till The World EndsBritney
9469The Family JewelsMarina and the Diamonds
10132Like ThisJessica Mauboy
1153Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
123712Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
131513Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
153213Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
16263ShampainMarina and the Diamonds
173517I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
181615Daisy ChainsMs Triniti
191914Bite BackZowie
202820Nobody's PerfectJessie J
212215What Happened To USJessica Mauboy
2251 (3)Price TagJessie J
23275ChemistryMyah Marie
242019Love HurtsNivea
2565Don't Mess With the radioNivea
26257Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
272410What The HellAvril Lavigne
28308E.TKaty Perry
29311 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
301711The HungerShirley Manson
313324Did It On EmNicki Minaj
32341 (2)Saturday NightJessica mauboy
334233Bass Down LowDev
344534Who's Laughing NowJessie J
35362Save meNicki Minaj
369821st Century GirlWillow
37***NEWHow R U DoinAqua
382924RainbowJessie J
39***NEWOne Night StandKeri Hilson
403810ParachuteCheryl Cole
413937ReconectedJessica Mauboy
42***NEWI'm InsaneMyah Marie
434039InsomniaWynter Gordon
44439PeacockKaty Perry
456415PowerlessKristinia DeBarge
46***NEWBam BamKeri Hilson
47475Last Chance
48484425 ReasonsNivea
50531 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy

BELOW TOP 50: ***Indicates peaking track
#52: Are You Satisfied - Marina & The Diamonds***
#53: Hollywood - Marina & the Diamonds***
#56: Inside Out - Britney (Holding at peak)
#60: Mowgli's Road - Marina & The Diamonds***
#64: Grown Woman - Kelly Rowland
#65: Buyou - Keri Hilson
#84: Army of Me (Sucker Punch remix) - Bjork
#87: Drop Dead (Beautiful) - Britney Spears
#97: Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning

The top 3 remain the same this week, Flo Rida scoring another 74 plays. He may have some competition next week as Kristinia DeBarge's album arrives in the mail tomorrow (hopefully).

Marina & The Diamonds is no longer a one-hit wonder in my chart. Oh! No rockets up to #4, and The Family Jewels is up 37 spots to peak at #9. First hit Shampain is back up into the top 20 and I Am Not A Robot moves into the #17 spot. She also peaks at #52 and #53 respecitvely.

Kristinia DeBarge has had good success in my chart. First Goodbye in late 2009 which spent a good 7 weeks atop my chart. Then Sabotage peaked inside the top 20, and Future Love barely made it's mark scraping into thre top 50. Then Powerless peaked at #15 this year, and Doesn't Everybody Want To Fall In Love charted. Now as excitement for her album to come draws closer (i got sick of waiting for an Australian release which will probably never happen, so I imported it) Powerless re-enters.

Britney Spears. The video for Till The World Ends definately helped it peak at #8 this week, and she also debuts with an album track down at #87. Criminal (the best track on the album) propels up to #6.

Other debuts include some album tracks from Keri Hilson (got that album in the mail friday) and Kelly Rowlands single Grown Woman. The movie Sucker Punch has an awesome soundtrack, and two tracks debut with only two days play. A remix of Bjork song Army of me is the best then comes Aussie Actress Emily Browning's version of Sweet Dreams. Myah Marie also debuts with I'm Insane, and she will definately score more new entries next week.

New peakers include dev's infectious bass Down Low, Jessie J's Abracdabra and Nobody's Perfect. Then we have Pretty Girl Rock by Keir Hilson, which rises up to almost re-peak.

Contenders for next weeks #1 are definately Nicole Scherzinger, Kristinia DeBarge, Britney and Marina & The Diamonds. Flo Rida will be challenged, although ahe'll probably come out on top again.
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Good to see Nicole Scherzinger up, that will definately enter my chart this week! Good to see my #1 up again. Even though you said it wouldn't climb again

Good debut for Jess Mauboy and Keri Hilson, great jump for Pretty Girl Rock, and I thought you hated Bass Down Low?

And great top 15, bar #3, 4 and 9! Great chart
LOL Great to see Friday at #3!
Yuck at #1 but love seeing Born This Way at #2.
I did hate Bass Down Low. It grew on me lol. Yeah good ol' Jess's newey is growing on me again. How do you not like #4 and #9. Marina & The Diamonds are amazing. I'm starting to get over Friday now.
Good to hear your getting over Friday, the only M&TD song I have heard is Shampain and it just simply wasn't for me. I knew Jess would grow on you again! And good to see you like Bass Down Low!
I love her 2nd album more than her first now, which i never thought would happen.

Shampain was originally the only song i loved from M&TD but then the album is just amazing.

I am guessing your talking about Get 'Em Girls I agree. It is an amazing album, I now can't wait for her third!
Well we'll be waiting ages since she says a repackaged version will be out before christmas and lots more singles are coming Australia's way
for a brilliant week for Marina and the Diamonds! Nice jump for What Happened To Us, and cool to see Zowie remain steady (I tried it out, and it's good ).

oh, and Friday for number one!
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Theres no way Friday has a chnace of #1 now. I can't stand it now.
Thank the lord for that Billbeast, #1 worst song at the moment.

I don't get why Jess hasn't started on her third, most artists start straight away, so I don't quite get it!
A lot of movement in your chart which is great to see! Not happy with your number one (I'd probably prefer Rebbeca Black ). Great jump for Nicole Scherzinger, I am enjoying that track atm.
They're trying to plu Get Em Girls for all it's worth becausse it's such a commercial flop really. The amount it cost really hasnt paid off at all in a finance perspecitve, IMO as a fan it has

my #1 is awesome . Nicole is Awesome, although the album isnt too exciting.
111 (3)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
221 (2)Born This WayLady GaGa
3***NEWLie to MeKeri Hilson
4204Nobody's PerfectJessie J
575AbracadabraJessie J
6426I'm InsaneMyah Marie
754On The FloorJennifer Lopez
8128Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
9379How R U DoingAqua
1188Till The Wolrd EndsBritney
12***NEWGimme What I WantKeri Hilson
13102Like ThisJessica Mauboy
1499The Family JewelsMarina & The Diamonds
151513Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
161313Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
17113Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
1944Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
203420Who's Laughing NowJessie J
211717I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
221914Bite BackZowie
23235ChemistryMyah Marie
242115What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
25221 (3)Price TagJessie J
26***NEWI LikeKeri Hilson
27291 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
283824RainbowJessie J
292710What The HellAvril Lavigne
3028E.TKaty Perry
314515PowerlessKristinia DeBarge
323011The HungerShirley Manson
33501 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
343124Did It On EmNicki Minaj
353333Bass Down LowDev
366536BuyouKeri Hilson
3736821st Century GirlWillow
38***NEWCandy From StrangersMyah Marie
39352Save MeNicki Minaj
40163ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
41***NEWAccident's HappenZoe Badwi
42***NEWSomebodyKristinia DeBarge
435243Are You SatisfiedMarina & The Diamonds
445144I Wanna GoBritney
45449PeacockKaty Perry
467330Turning Me OnKeri Hilson
47484425 ReasonsNivea
48475Last ChanceNicki Minaj
495349HollywoodMarina & the Diamonds
505650Inside OutBritney

BELOW TOP 50 ENTRIES/PEAKS: *** indicates peaking track
#53: Mowgli's Road - Marina & The Diamonds***
#56: Okay - Nivea***
#59: grown Woman - Kelly Rowland***
#60: Died In Your Eyes - Kristinia DeBarge
#66: It's Gotta Be Love - Kristinia DeBarge
#70: Speak Up - Kristinia DeBarge
#72: Army of Me (Sucker Punch) - Bjork***
#80: Cried Me A River - Kristinia DeBarge
#84: Disconnect - Kristinia DeBarge
#88: Sweet Dreams - Emily Browning***
#93: Rose Coloured Glass - Kelly Rowland

Rebecca Black falls to #94 this week with only 1 play. Biggest fall in my chart (3 - 94).
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Great jump for Jess after the big drop last week. Also good to see Zor Badwi debut and GaGa at #2. Get Flo of #1. J-Lo or GaGa for #1. still lovin your chart
Thanx. Doubt J Lo will get #1, i'm actually quite swurprised she's in the top 10 still.

Flo Rida spends a 3rd week at #1, but lost ground off GaGa this week. Only 10 plays apart this week. Nicoel Scherzinger rises to #8, i thought it would've gotten alot higher, and Aqua score another top 10 hit with new single How R U Doin. Mauboy's Scariest Part rises this week, i'm getting fond of the track again. With Marina & The Diamonds tracks falling this week, she peaks with Are You Satisfied, Hollywood and Mowgli's Road.

Ms Keri Baby. Her album has quite a few great tracks on it. Lead single Breaking Point re-enterst at #58 this week, and 2nd single Pretty Girl Rock is holding at #15 (after many weeks climbing back to the top 20). Way You Love Me falls from 26 - 63, One Night Stand falls from 39 to 76 and Bamh Bamh falls from 46 to 90. While she takes quite the punch with them, she rises and debuts with several others. Lie To Me is her highest debuting track, and debuts at #3 (4 plays below GaGa). Gimme What I Want debuts at #12, will definately rise next week. Single I Like debuts at a mediocre #26 (thought for sure it was gonna be higher than that) and Buyou rising 29 places to a peak of #36. Former single Turning Me On rises up after re-entering last week to #46, and may even come close to re-peaking (I love this track, why did it peak so low??).

Stom Stomp, She's Arrived. It took a while, but Jessie J's album tracks have finally started to really take off. rumoured 3rd single Nobody's Perfect is up 16 spots to a coveted #4 place, but it stalls Abracadabra at #5, which is the track that was always destin ed to be a bigger hit haha. Who's Laughing Now rises 14 spots to peak at #20... barely. Price Tag just keeps falling, i've seemed to slowly lose interest in the track because of it's overuse on radio and music channels. Do It Like A Dude and Rainbow both rise.

Like I said, Kristinia DeBarge would debut, but she doesn't even debut near as high as I predicted. I have to face it, apart from the singles, the album is to great. Only one track debuts top 50.

Myah Marie scortes another top 10 hit Following Stiletto Sex, Like It Loud and Chemistry. Im Insane is another great track from an underrated and unsigned artist. She also debuts with Candy From Strangers.
for Friday Great debut for Zoe Badwi!
5 7 5 Abracadabra Jessie J
10 6 6 Criminal Britney
15 15 13 Pretty Girl Rock Keri Hilson
18 14 7 S&M Rihanna
25 22 1 (3) Price Tag Jessie J
30 28 E.T Katy Perry
50 56 50 Inside Out Britney

Don't mind the debut for Zoe Badwi, shame for Rebecca Black. Good to see Zowie and Mauboy (WHTU) still kind of up there. I love charting obscure album tracks too
haha. It seems to me that most abum tracks are alot better than singles until the album track is then overused on radio when it becomes a single and you begin to dislike it.

Im gonna be a sheep and as off next week gonna have certifications depending on how many weeks inside my top 50 (Can't do by plays because some tracks have a couple of hundred listens haha).

10 weeks = <G>
15 weeks = <P>

My longest charter in top 5o ATM would be Save Me by Nicki Minaj. Moment 4 Life wouldn't be too far behind. Now i'm gonna have to calculate hah.
How long has Pretty Girl Rock, Like This and Scariest Part been in your chart? Save Me has a big jump on my chart this week!

On album tracks, as you see in my charts I also love alot of album tracks (e.g. Save Me, No One Like You, Can Anybody Tell Me, Here For Me, half of Nicki Minaj's album is in my chart lol). But I do agree that they get old (Let Me Be Me) which I have just starting loving again.
I agree with you love em again after a while

Pretty Girl Rock - 16 weeks
Like This - 15 weeks
Scariest Part - 15 weeks
Save Me - 39 weeks
Saturday Night - 24 weeks
Also on what will be released as Jess Mauboy's fourth single, I would also throw in Maze in the mix along with Like This and Scariest Part. As she has heavily hyped Maze as a single so you never know. Hopefully Like This!!
Not Maze. Itll flop bigger than WHTU
121 (3)Born This WayLady GaGa
232Lie To MeKeri Hilson
311 (3)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
454AbracadabraJessie J
585Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
644Nobody's PerfectJessie J
766Im Insanemyah Marie
8128Gimme What I WantKeri Hilson
974On The FloorJennifer Lopez
1099How RE U DoingAqua
11118Till The world EndsBritney
122612I LikeKeri Hilson
13132Like ThisJessica Mauboy
14148The Fanmily JewelsMarina & The Diamonds
151513Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
162016Who's Laughing NowJessie J
172415What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
18173Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
191613Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
20194Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
222117I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
233823Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
24235ChemistryMyah Marie
252214Bite BackZowie
26271 (4)do It Like A DudeJessie J
27251 (3)Price TagJessie J
28***NEWJudasLady GaGa
29106CriminalBritney Spears
30***NEWTil DeathWynter Gordon
314131Accidents HappenZoe Badwi
322910What The HellAvril Lavigne
332824RainbowJessie J
34308E.TKaty Perry
353115PowerlessKristinia DeBarge
363424Did It On EmNicki Minaj
373211The HungerShirley Manson
383533Bass Down LowDev
39331 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
403636BuyouKeri Hilson
41***NEWCalifornia King BedRihanna
42***NEWSomething To Die ForThe Sounds
4337821st Century GirlWillow
44392Save MeNicki Minaj
45403ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
46***NEWI Want CandyMelanie C
474444I Wanna goBritney
484343Are You SatisfiedMarina & The Diamonds
49***NEWSmileAvril Lavigne
50459PeacockKaty Perry

ENTRIES/PEAKS BELOW TOP 50: ***indicates peak
#64: Drowning Not Waving - Bachelor Girl
#65: Run the World - beyonce
#71: Army of Me (Sucker Punch remix) - Bjork***

Was not expecting Gaga back at #1. Thats for sure.
@"It seems to me that most abum tracks are alot better than singles until the album track is then overused on radio when it becomes a single and you begin to dislike it." If I had a nickel for every time that has happened...

I suppose Rihanna is the best debut. Cool to see What Happened To Us rise, also to an extent Zoe Badwi. Shame to see Zowie down, and that The Sounds entry makes me curious. Me shall listen to it soon.
The sounds track is from Scream 4. They also did a duo with Cobra Starship for the theme song to Snakes On A Plane. Awesome track.

I really had no idea what I had listenede to this week. I though for sure keri would be #1, but Gaga managed to reclaim the throne with her infectious and equally fantastic track Born This Way. Her 2nd single Judas also debuts alot higher than I predicted too, down at #28.

With Keri stalling at #2 this week, Gimme What I Want jumps up to #8 and I Like rises to a peak of #12. After many many weeks of up and down charting, Pretty Girl Rock can't re-peak past #13, it's at #15 for the 3rd consecutive week. It's a shame when tracks like that are so awesome and love them more than some of the tracks that are in the top 10 at the moment. Thats where weekly play-counts really piss me off haha, but no less, it's still a huge hit in my chart.

Last weeks #1 Flo Rida falls to #3 this week. I expecting him to fall to #2, and GaGa would fall to like 6 or something, never thought she'd rise again.

Another shock. Jessie J's Abracadabra rises to peak at #4, where 3rd single falls from #4 to #6. Wierd. Who's Laughing Now also peaks at #16 this week. Nicole Scherzinger's 2nd single Don't Hold Your Breath follows up the top 10 success of Poison (#6) and peaks at #5.

I'll admit it. After a couple months of listens, I learnt to like Jessica Mauboy's 3rd single What Happened To Us, and it rises back into the top 20 this week, where it peaked at #15 a few weeks ago. It may re-peak.

Zoe Badwi's single Accident's Happen was a slow burner for me, but I do like it. I initially hated it for sounding similar to Freefalling (which i dnt see anymore) and the fact that the Aussie singer says 911 in the track. But i like it now. Myah Marie also peaks with Candy From Strangers

The highest debut this week comes from Ms GaGa. I lover her album artwork, it' fucking hilarious and unique. Trashy throwback. 2nd single Judas is released purely for controversy which pisses me off. Artists these days think of money over their passion which makes many artists hell bent on music fade away quickly. Not GaGa, she made sure her imprint on the music industry will be ever-present. And Judas was quite annoying on first few listens. The chorus is the best part, I don't like how she puts on accents for some of her songs, it's annoying.

Wynter Gordon. Dirty Talk peaked at #3 on my chart, but fell out relatively quickly (it sts at #95 this week with 3 plays for the week). 2nd single that is somehow not official, so i guess promotional single Putting It Out There peaked at #13 a few weeks ago and now we are treated to her 2nd official single Til Death which debuts at #30 this week. Chorus is amazing, but verses are starting to grow on me. Another track Insomnia which peaked at #39 a couple of weeks ago is at #59 this week.

Ms Slut Features herself debuts this week. California King Bed is the fourth single by Rihanna from album Loud. It probably wont peak too higher.

The Sounds are a band (soudns like a guy singing, but when i looked at the video for the song it's actually a girl, found it strange) debut at #42 with SOmething To Die For. I've seen horror flick Scream 4 three times now, and this song always stuck in my memory, so i bought the soundtrack and The Sounds have two tracks on there. Yeah Yeah Yeah didn't chart this week, though. Something To Die For will definateloy be a huge hit in a few weeks. The sounds did a track with Cobra Starship back in 2006 for the film Snakes On A Plane (song is titled Snakes On A Plane too).

I love Melanie C. Geri Halliwell only has a few good songs, same with Emma Bunton, but Mel C always had awesome tracks coming out over the years. This is her first track to actually chart in my chart, but I do have all her 4 albums, and I Want Candy was the lead single of 4th album back in 2007. It's a great catchy version of the song.

Avril lavign'es 3rd track to chart off Goodbye Lullaby, 2nd single Smile debuts at #49, barely scraping in. With What The Hell still going strong, and wish You Were Here still hanging in, Smile may managed to become a hit when the video surfaces.

So i bought Bachelor Girl's Loved and Lost: the Best of Bachelor girl the other day, solely for Drowning Not Waving. It's the one track i could never find... anywhere, and the album is great, but Drowning Not Waving is one of their best.

Beyonce has made quite a mark on my chart. And her new single Run The World debuts very poorly (although with only 2 days of listens). It's very repeatative but it'll probably grow on me over time. Her previous chart performence

Baby Boy - #15
Naughty Girl - #42
Check On It - #3
Upgrade You - #13
Kitty Kat - #34
Greenligh - #1 (1)
Freakum Dress - #5
Ring The ALarm - #9
Resentment -#78
Irreplaceable - #12
Get Me Bodies - #42
Beaitufl liar - #24
Suga Mama - #25
If I Were A Boy - #3
Single ladies - #42
Halo - #1 (2)
Diva - #52
Broken Hearted Girl - #43
Ego - #8
Sweet Dreams - #4
Video Phone - #25
Radio - #9
Why Dont You Love Me - #78
Scared of lonely - #48

I love Beyonce

Hahah and someone said WHTU wouldn't rise again. Good top 50 debuts for Rihanna, Wynter and Avril. Also great to see B back in your chart at #65! And loving GaGa back at #1. Still really loving your chart!!
Hahah, Jessica has an amazing pull.
Beyonce's track has grown on me. It might even get top 10 this coming week ahaha
OMG loving this chart!!! Especially all the Marina and Jessie J love!!
Great debuts for Wynter, GaGa and Rihanna. Awesome to see you charting Zowie's Bite Back too!
Haha true billbeast, and yesss for Beyonce!! Love that song! And good to see you picked up Radio aswell! It peaked at #3 on my personal late in '09!
Thanx. Wynter will definately rise.

121 (1)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
211 (3)Born This WayLady Gaga
331 (3)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
444AbracadabraJessie j
564Nobody's PerfectJessie J
655Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
776Im InasneMyah Marie
888Gimme What I WantKeri Hilson
994On The FloorJennifer Lopez
102310Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
11109How R U doingAqua
124212Something to Die ForThe Sounds
13118Till The World EndsBritney Spears
143014Till DeathWynter Gordon
151212I LikeKeri Hilson
16149The Fasmily JewelsMarina & The Diamonds
171616who's Laughing NowJessie J
181513Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
192819JudasLady gaga
201715What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
21183Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
221913Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
232217I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
24245ChemistryMyah Marie
26261 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
272514Bite BackZowie
28132Like ThisJessica Mauboy
29271 (3)Price TagJessie J
30296CriminalBritney Spears
313210What The HellAvril Lavigne
32XXXXGirls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
334133California King bedRihanna
343131Accidents HappenZoe Badwi
353324RainbowJessie J
36348E.TKaty Perry
373624Did It On EmNicki Minaj
38391 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
39585Last ChanceNicki Minaj
403711The HungerShirley Manson
413833Bass Down LowDev
426542Run The WorldBeyonce
434036BuyouKeri Hilson
444944SmileAvril Lavigne
45442Save MeNicki Minaj
46204Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
4743821st Century GirlWillow
48453ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
494646I Want CandyMelanie C
504744I Wanna GoBritney Spears

BELOW TOP 50 PEAKS/ENTRIES: ***indicated peak
#52: Just That Sexy - Myah Marie
#62: Drowning Not Waving - Bachelor Girl***
#68: Army Of Me - Bjork***
#80: Who You Are - Jessie J
#87: I'm Into You - Jennifer Jopez

As expected, Keri Hilson tops my chart this week, with a song hopefully will be released in the future. GaGa falls to #2, and Flo Rida stays put at #3. Jessie J occupies #4 and #5 and she also debuts lower down with title track from her album, Who You Are at #80. Myah Marie gets a 5th top 10 track with Candy From Strangers, a song which introduced many to her (not me :p). She also debuts at #52 with Just that Sexy. The Sounds rise to #12 with Something to Die For, it will most likely rise into the top 10 next week. Wynter Gordon and Lady Gaga propel into the top 20, and Nicki Minaj re-enters with new single Girls Fall Like Dominoes and album track Last Chance. Rihanna peaks, as does Beyonce and Avril with their new singles. Jennifer Lopex finally enters at #87 with 6 plays after several weeks on a 1 play average. I'm starting to like the track.
Great to see GaGa knocked off the top perch, by a song I have never heard of. Great to see Aqua still riding high in your chart. A bit too much Jessie J for my liking, but it's your chart so I shouldn't complain.
awesome to see 2x Jessie J in your top 5, shame Nicole dropped down though
Great rises for Beyonce, Rihanna and WYNTER!!!

Lol at Aqua. I didn't know they were still releasing music!!!??
artistry you should hear Aqua's new song. It starts off nearly identical to the Like A G6 sound and then bam they show Far*East Movement how to make the noise into a bearable and catchy piece of pop.
Yeah Aqua have been releasing new music since 08'. Well actually they released two tracks since 08' haha. Back to the 80's was their new single for their greatest hits compilation and How R U Doing is for an upcoming album. It's awesome.

Lie To Me is awesome. Yo should listen to it. Amazing album from Keri. Too much Jessie J haha. Im quite surprised Nicole didnt rise actually.
Good to see On The Floor still top 10! I hope Accidents Happen, OTF and What The Hell can have great longevity on your chart!
Good to see Rihanna, Jess, Wynter Gordon and Beyonce up. Sad to see Jess x2 down aswell as my new number one Nicki Minaj. But also a good re-entry for her. I will have to give Keri a listen, but I previewed her album on itunes and some of the album didn't sound so great so I didn't buy is, I'll give it a listen though. Still one of my favourite charts!
Keri's album is very hit 'n'miss, but 80% is amazing. The top 5 in order:

Lie to me, Way You Love Me, Gimme What I Want, Pretty Girl Rock, I Like.

Cant believ Save Me took so long to rocket up your chart though. Very belated haha.
111 (2)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
221 (3)Born This WayLady Gaga
343AbracadbraJessie J
454Nobody's PerfectJessie J
565Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
676Im InsaneMyah Marie
788Gimme What I wantKeri Hilson
8128Something To Die ForThe Sounds
931 (2)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
1094On The FloorJennifer Lopez
111010Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
12119How R U DoinAqua
13138Till The World EndsBritney
141414Til DeathWynter Gordon
151512I LikeKeri Hilson
161916JudasLady GaGa
171716Whos Laughing NowJessie J
182015What Happened To Usjessica Mauboy
19213Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
202213Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
21261 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
232317I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
24245ChemistryMyah Marie
25282Like ThisJessica mauboy
262714Bite BackZowie
274427SmileAvril Lavigne
293229Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
303431Accidents HappenZoe Badwi
313333California King BedRihanna
323524rainbowJessie J
333724Did It On EmNicki Minaj
34369E.TKaty Perry
354235Run The WorldBeyonce
36381 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
37291 (3)Price TagJessie J
38395Last ChanceNicki Minaj
394011HungerShirley Manson
404133Bass Down LowDev
414336BuyouKeri Hilson
42452Save MeNicki Minaj
4347821st Century girlWillow
44464Oh NoMarina & The Diamonds
451813Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
46483ShampainMarina and the Diamonds
475044I Wanna GoBritney
484946I Want CandyMelanie C
495743Are You SatisfiedMarina & The Diamonds
50609PeacockKaty Perry

BELOW 50 PEAKS /ENTRIES:***indicates peak

#51: Just That Sexy - Myah Marie***

#56: Im Into You - Jennifer Lopez***

#61: Dance With Me - Justice Crew
#64: Army of Me (Sucker Punch remix) - Bjork***

Great jumps for All Jess (especially WHTU), All Nicki Minaj, Nicole, Jessie J (NP) and Rihanna. Woah sad drop for Keri Hilson, but a good one for Flo Rida. Hopefully JC and J-Lo debut enter the top 50 next week. Great top 2, great chart infact
Justice Crew will definately enter. I think Judas and Edge of Glory will definately make an impact next week.
Nice jump for WHTU and California King Bed, and also Zoe Badwi and Zowie (lol Z ko-in-sa-dins ) which I both don't mind.
Keri Hilson clocks up her 2nd week at #1 with Lie To Me, and is will probably be there for a couple more weeks. Whilst she clings to #1, and peaks at #7 with Gimme What I Want, Pretty Girl Rock takes an unexpected tumble down 27 spots to #45.

GaGa is at #2 again, and Judas rises to #16.

Jessica Mauboy is up/down with What Happened To Us. I honestly think it's missed it's chance for top 10, but it could still possibly peak.

Jessie J peaks at #3 and re-peaks at #4 with Abracadabra and Nobody's Pefrfect respecitvely, and with Do It Like A Dude rising again, Price Tag takes another tumble.

Avril Lavigne new single Smile rises up to a peak of #27, it will definately reach much higher over the next few weeks. And promo single Wish You Were Here re-enters at #93.

Nicki Minaj peaks with Girls Fall Like Dominoes, and Myah Marie still clinging for like as she stalls juist below top 50, outplayed by Katy Perry by 2 listens.

Jennifer Lopez peaks with I'm Into You, which is really starting to grow on me, and as does the Sucker Punch remix of Bjorks Army of Me.

Justice Crew reached the top 20 a few months ago with Friday to Sunday, and they debut with Dance With Me at #61.

NEXT WEEK, there will definately be a debut from Gaga with Edge of Glory. Judas will rise, and Justice Crew will definately have a massive rise.
Woo Go Peacock at 50!!!
Awesome to see rises from Jessie J, Nicole Scherzinger and Zowie. Shame that Price Tag dropped so much though.
Happy to see Flo Rida falling plus Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger and Jess Mauboy up. Nice jump for Avril, but the song is yet to grow on me.
I know. Peacock goes up and down in my chart. Im quite surprised it's back inside.

Price Tag dropping i can only put down to listening to her other tracks so much.

Flo Rida droppping is sad for me. I love the track so much, but it would seem i can't listen to it as much as others haha.

Avril Lavigne's Smile i hated at first, but is has grwon dramatically on me.
121 (4)Born This WayLady GaGa
211 (2)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
343Nobody's PerfectJessie J
4***NEWEdge of GloryLady Gaga
533AbracadabraJessie J
676Gimme What I wantKeri Hilson
7167JudasLady GaGa
855Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
966I'm InsaneMyah Marie
10104On The FloorJennifer Lopez
1188Something to Die forThe Sounds
1291 (2)who Dat GirlFlo Rida
136113Dance With MeJustice Crew
141110Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
15129How R U DoingAqua
161512i LikeKeri Hilson
171414Til DeathWynter Gordon
181716Who's Laughing NowJessie J
19138Till The World EndsBritney
20193Moment 4 Lifenicki Minaj
211815What Happened To Usjessica Mauboy
22211 (4)Do It Like a DudeJessie J
232723SmileAvril lavigne
242013Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
252317I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
27245ChemistryMyah Marie
28286Criminalbritney Spears
292614bite BackZowie
30252Like Thisjessica Mauboy
312929Girls Fall Like DomioesNicki Minaj
323324Did It On EmNicki Minaj
333131California King BedRihanna
343030Accidents HappenZoe Badwi
353224RainbowJessie J
36349E.TKaty Perry
37361 (2)Scariest PartJessica mauboy
383535Run The WorldBeyonce
39371 (3)price TagJessie J
40422Save MeNicki Minaj
41385Last Chancenicki Minaj
423911The HungerShirley Manson
434033Bass Down LowDev
444136Buyoukeri Hilson
45444Oh NoMarina and the Diamonds
4643821st Century GirlWillow
47509PeacockKaty Perry
484744I Wanna GoBritney
494513Pretty Girl RockKeri Hilson
505650I'm Into Youjennifer Lopez

BELOW TOP 50 ENTRIES/PEAKS: ***indicates peaking track
#53: Maze - Jessica Mauboy***
#55: All Day - Cody Simpson
#57: Last friday Night - Katy Perry
#97: Taking Back Whats Mine - Leah Haywood
#99: We Think It's Love - Leah Haywood

It was one hell of a close week this week. Between #1 and #4 there is only 6 plays difference. Lady Gaga strikes back upto #1 with Born This Way, only 1 play ahead of Keri Hilsons Lie To Me. Jessie J peakss at #3 with her new single, and GaGa debuts at #4 with her new single Edge of Glory. She also rides up to #7 with Judas.

After #61 debut last week, Justice crew reach their biggest peak yet with the awesome single Dance With Me. It's a really great track and their best single yet. Avril has another small rise, as she nears top 20, and Katy Perry climbs up a bit after re-entering top 50 at #50 last week.

Little Miss Mauboy strikes a new peak with (rumoured) single Maze. It will most likely enter top 50 next week. Cody Simpson makes his 3rd chart appearence, with All Day. Iyiyi peaked at #14 and Summertime at #63. Katy Perry's new single (which is cool, but i do prefer Peacock) enters at #57.

Anyone remember leah haywood?. Her top 10 ARIA single We Think It's Like was huge back in 2000, and it enters at #99. her 2nd single Crazier doesn't quite make my top 100, but 3rd single Takin Back Whats Mine debuts at #97. her 4th single Summer of Love, and album track Just To make you also didn't quite make the top 100 after only a day of plays. Look her up on youtube (only her first 3 singles are up there unfortunately). She's a really underrated artist from early 2000s.

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Good to see GaGa back at number one, aswell as Nicki Minaj and J-Lo up. Hopefully Jess and Katy enter next week and Cody doesn't. Love 33/50, Great chart
Awesome week for GaGa!! Awesome to see Jessie J's Nobody's Perfect rise too Number one soon???
Itll most likely be a toss-up between Gaga (BTW, EOG, maybe even Judas), Keri, Jessie J (NP or A). Justice Crew will most definately rise, but i highly doubt to #1.
YUS for The Edge of Glory's massive debut! Very nice!
Nice seeing Nobodys Pefect move into the top 3
Surprisingly, I like Edge of Glory so yay for that debut. I muuuuch prefer it over Born This Way so it'd be cool if they do a switcharoo for next week. Shame to see California King Bed and What Happened To Us down, oh and I don't mind The Sounds either.
121 (3)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
211 (4)Born This WayLady Gaga
373JudasLady GaGa
433Nobody's PerfectJessie J
553AbracadabraJessie J
6136Dance With MeJustice Crew
744The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
896I'm InsaneMyah Marie
966Gimme What I WantKeri Hilson
1085Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
11104On The FloorJennnifer Lopez
12118Something To Die Forthe Soundz
131410Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
142314SmileAvril Lavigne
155715Last Friday NightKaty Perry
16198Till The World EndsBritney
171714Til DeathWynter Gordon
181816Who's Laughing NowJessie J
199919We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
20203Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
21221 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
222115What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
239723Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
24121 (2)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
252413Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon
272517I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
285528All DayCody Simpson
291612I LikeKeri Hilson
30275ChemistryMyah Marie
315824Super BassNicki Minaj
32302Like ThisJessica Mauboy
333331California King BedRihanna
342914Bite BackZowie
353431Accidents HappenZowie Badwi
36159How R U DoingAqua
373129Girls Fall Like DomnioesNicki Minaj
385038Im into YouJennifer Lopez
393224Did It One EmNicki Minaj
40368E.TKaty Perry
413524RainbowJessie J
42371 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
43***NEWCrazyLeah Haywood
443835Run The WorldBeyonce
454844I Wanna GoBritney
46479PeacockKaty Perry
47415Last ChanceNicki Minaj
48402Save MeNicki Minaj
404333Bass Down LowDev
505350MazeJessica Mauboy

ENTRIES/PEAKS BELOW TOP 50:***indicates peak
566956Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne

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Nice to see Avril Lavigne leave and good to Jessica Mauboy/Jay Sean charting .
Avril didn't leave. She peaked a #56.
Cool top 4. Great rises for Maze, Super Bass and Last Friday Night. Also cool to see The Edge Of Glory and What Happened To Us in there as well. Love your chart.

Also, news on Jess' next single. She isn't releasing any more of Get 'Em Girls, she has decided to go with a song called Inescapable, co-written by herself and Grammy-Award Winner Diane Warren. The song is due to be released sometime next month.
-_-. Are you kidding me. Not that long ago she said there was gonna be loads more singles, then a re-release with even more singles on it. Thats a shame. Theres still at least 4 single-worthy tracks.
lol forgive Liam he tends to have those moments http://0.tqn.com/d/politicalhumor/1/0/S/Y/2/bush-banana.jpg

Shame to see What Happened To Us, Bite Back and The Edge of Glory down. I'll give the new entry a go.
Well she has also confirmed a repackage of Get 'Em Girls that will feature a lot more songs, maybe she's putting out so that people will buy the repackage, then she will release Maze and Like This. That's what I think is behind it.
It was anybody's guess for #1 this wek, but Keri Hilson has for the 3rd non-consecutive week reached pole-position with Lie To Me.

Lady GaGa has had a very good week. Although falling from #1 to #2 with Born This Way, 2nd single Judas rises to a peak of #3, and 3rd single Edge of Glory Falls to #7. From memory she's the only artist to have at least 3 songs inside my top 10. Expect album tracks to enter next week.

Justice Crew storm up to #6, and Avril scores a peak of #14 with new single Smile, and also re-peaks with originally rumoured 2nd single Wish You Were Here at #56.

Entering the top 50 this week is Katy Perry's Last Friday Night which rockets into the top 20 after debuting at #57 last week. Cody Simpson also scores a new peak with new track All Day. With Nicki Minaj fever spreading accross Australia finally, i started listening to her album tracks again, which is why she has 13 re-entries into the top 100, and zoomz up with US single Super Bass.

JLO peaks, and Britney also nearly re-peaks with I Wanna Go (will definately rise next week).

Leah Haywood makes a huge splash this week, rising 80 spots to #19 with her debut single We Think It's Love. Up 74 spots to #23 is 3rd single Taking Back Whats Mine. 2nd single Crazy and 4th and 5th singles Summer of Love and Just To Make You all failed to reach top 100 last week, but Crazy enters at #43. Summer of Love and Just To Make You still have failed to chart this week which is surprising. Look forward to hunting her album down somewhere. She's a great underrated artist.

Underwhelming tracks:
As much as I respect Beyonce, she really dissapoints me with Run The World. It's a catchy and listenable tune and everything, but it's got nothing on I Am... Sasha Fierce tracks.

I love Nicki Minaj and everything, and Super Bass, Did It On Em and Girls Fall Like Dominoes are good tracks, but I just feel there are much better tracks on the album, especially before the re-issued version. Save Me, Last Chance, Here I Am, Wave Ya Hand (re-issue), Fly are all much better single choices. Super Bass will most likely zoom up the chart as the video has made the track grow on me so much moore.
I agree with you, Super Bass is pretty much my number one because the video. Without it it would be about three. I think the chorus is what will make it a hit here.
Yeah, the chorus is the best. The verses are the best in Girls Fall Like DOminoes.... I'm sick of waiting for the videos for Did It On Em, Girls Fall Like Dominoes and Fly. It's irritating that she's waiting for Rihanna to quiet down so she can release Fly. WHo gives a shit, it's gonna be a huge hit regardless, and if anything it will aid Rihanna's single that will be released at the same point.

Noticeably this week Flo Rida and Aqua fall quite abit. It's a shame. Flo Rida was on his way to become one of my biggest played of the year, he is currently at #19 lol, which I spose is still good.

GaGa's album IMO isnt that good either. I dont think many of her tracks will debut this coming weekend. I think the album is very unique but also each track is very similar to some accords.
Katy Perry jump!!! Love it!!
Where is all this Leah Haywood love coming from? I completely forgot about her!!
I was looking up Aussie artists from early 2000's and she came up, and I remembered her songs. She's awesome.
111 (4)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
252AbracadabraJessie J
343Nobody's PerfectJessie J
433JudasLady GaGa
565Dance With MeJustice Crew
6196We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
7237Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
8105Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
9159Last Friday NightKaty Perry
10128Something to Die ForThe Sounds
11211 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
121412SmileAvril Lavigne
134313CrazyLeah Haywood
14203Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
152815All DayCody Simpson
162215What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
171714Til DeathWynter Gordon
18168Till The World EndsBritney Spears
191816Who's Laughing NowJessie J
2086Im InsaneMyah Marie
21241 (2)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
2221 (4)Born This WayLady GaGa
233923Did It On EmNicki Minaj
24***NEWCest La VieB*Witched
25266CriminalBritney Spears
263124Super BassNicki Minaj
272717I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
282912I LikeKeri Hilson
29305ChemistryMyah Marie
303729Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
314531I Wanna GoBritney
325032MazeJessica Mauboy
33322Like ThisJessica Mauboy
343331California King BedRihanna
353414Bite BackZowie
3674The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
373531Accidents HappenZoe badwi
38369How R U DoinAqua
393838I'm Into YouJennifer Lopez
41672TightropeJanelle Monae
42408E>TKaty Perry
4396Gimme What I WantKeri Hilson
44***NEWHAIRLady GaGa
45421 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
46482Save MeNicki Minaj
474435Run The WorldBeyonce
48***NEWJesse Hold OneB*Witched
49469PeacockKaty Perry
50475Last ChanceNicki Minaj

511310Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
52114On The FloorJennifer Lopez
544933Bass Down LowDev
664124RainbowJessie J
732513Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon

5656Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
58NEWJump DownB*Witched
60NEWI Am WomanJordin Sparks
69NEWSummer of LoveLeah Haywood
83NEWLook At ME NowChris Brown
90NEWPapijennifer Lopez
91NEWJust To Make YouLeah Haywood

What a week. Some big moves up and down the chart this week. Keri Hilson maintains poll position, although it was another tight week, she only clings to #1 by 9 plays, forcing Jessie J to land at #2 and #3 respectively with Abracadabra and Nobody's Perfect. Justice Crew moves up to #5, and Katy perry storms into the top 10 with Last Friday Night.

Lady Gaga has had a so-so week. Her former #1, Born This Way falls a massive 20 spots to #22, and Judas falls to #4 from #3 last week. Last week's #7 Edge of Glory takes a 29 spot tumble to #36. She also debuts with Hair at #44.

Leah Haywood has another good week, rising into the top 10 with We Think It's Love and Takin' Back whats Mine. Crazy rises into the top 15 and Summer of Love and Just To Make You debut in the lower half of my chart after several weeks of not making to 100.

Janelle Monae re-enters at #41, and Jess Mauboy almost peaks with What Happened To Us, stalled by Cody Simpsons All Day by 2 plays. Jessie J's debut single Do It Like A Dude storms back up to #11 this week, keeping Avril lavigne's new single Smile at #12. Nicki Minaj peaks with Did It On Em, JLo and Chris Brown enter below top 50.

B*Witched has a good week too, entering with a bunch of their singles. I've rekindled my love for them haha. Jordin Sparks also has a new track, I Am Woman. It's definately one of her best.

Next week I predict debuts from Havana Brown, maybe some Lady Gaga and some re-entries and peaks from Nicki Minaj. There is also a chance that there could be a new #1, with Keri Hilson slowly drowning out plays. her main competition Is jessie J (who's tracks are in competition with eachother) and Leah Haywood is also a big threat.
111 (4)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
252AbracadabraJessie J
343Nobody's PerfectJessie J
433JudasLady GaGa
565Dance With MeJustice Crew
6196We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
7237Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
8105Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
9159Last Friday NightKaty Perry
10128Something to Die ForThe Sounds
11211 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
121412SmileAvril Lavigne
134313CrazyLeah Haywood
14203Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
152815All DayCody Simpson
162215What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
171714Til DeathWynter Gordon
18168Till The World EndsBritney Spears
191816Who's Laughing NowJessie J
2086Im InsaneMyah Marie
21241 (2)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
2221 (4)Born This WayLady GaGa
233923Did It On EmNicki Minaj
24***NEWCest La VieB*Witched
25266CriminalBritney Spears
263124Super BassNicki Minaj
272717I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
282912I LikeKeri Hilson
29305ChemistryMyah Marie
303729Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
314531I Wanna GoBritney
325032MazeJessica Mauboy
33322Like ThisJessica Mauboy
343331California King BedRihanna
353414Bite BackZowie
3674The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
373531Accidents HappenZoe badwi
38369How R U DoinAqua
393838I'm Into YouJennifer Lopez
41672TightropeJanelle Monae
42408E>TKaty Perry
4396Gimme What I WantKeri Hilson
44***NEWHAIRLady GaGa
45421 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
46482Save MeNicki Minaj
474435Run The WorldBeyonce
48***NEWJesse Hold OneB*Witched
49469PeacockKaty Perry
50475Last ChanceNicki Minaj

511310Candy From StrangersMyah Marie
52114On The FloorJennifer Lopez
544933Bass Down LowDev
664124RainbowJessie J
732513Putting It Out ThereWynter Gordon


5656Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
58NEWJump DownB*Witched
60NEWI Am WomanJordin Sparks

69NEWSummer of LoveLeah Haywood
83NEWLook At ME NowChris Brown
90NEWPapijennifer Lopez

91NEWJust To Make YouLeah Haywood

What a week. Some big moves up and down the chart this week. Keri Hilson maintains poll position, although it was another tight week, she only clings to #1 by 9 plays, forcing Jessie J to land at #2 and #3 respectively with Abracadabra and Nobody's Perfect. Justice Crew moves up to #5, and Katy perry storms into the top 10 with Last Friday Night.

Lady Gaga has had a so-so week. Her former #1, Born This Way falls a massive 20 spots to #22, and Judas falls to #4 from #3 last week. Last week's #7 Edge of Glory takes a 29 spot tumble to #36. She also debuts with Hair at #44.

Leah Haywood has another good week, rising into the top 10 with We Think It's Love and Takin' Back whats Mine. Crazy rises into the top 15 and Summer of Love and Just To Make You debut in the lower half of my chart after several weeks of not making to 100.

Janelle Monae re-enters at #41, and Jess Mauboy almost peaks with What Happened To Us, stalled by Cody Simpsons All Day by 2 plays. Jessie J's debut single Do It Like A Dude storms back up to #11 this week, keeping Avril lavigne's new single Smile at #12. Nicki Minaj peaks with Did It On Em, JLo and Chris Brown enter below top 50.

B*Witched has a good week too, entering with a bunch of their singles. I've rekindled my love for them haha. Jordin Sparks also has a new track, I Am Woman. It's definately one of her best.

Next week I predict debuts from Havana Brown, maybe some Lady Gaga and some re-entries and peaks from Nicki Minaj. There is also a chance that there could be a new #1, with Keri Hilson slowly drowning out plays. her main competition Is jessie J (who's tracks are in competition with eachother) and Leah Haywood is also a big threat.
Oooooh. I expect a big debut from Prinnie with "Lion".
OMG B*WITCHED!! I used to be absolutely in love with them, so good. Now you've made me have a renewed love in them again!

Lol at Leah Haywood rising heaps! Awesome to see Jessie J at #2 and #3, as well as Janelle Monae's Tightrope entering the top 50!!
Done with my ipod for today, so here's tomorrows chart

111 (5)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
262We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
322AbracadabraJessie J
443JudasLady GaGa
533Nobody's PerfectJessie J
655Dance With MeJustice Crew
7307Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
877Takin Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
985Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
101710Til DeathWynter Gordon
11143Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
121512All DayCody Simpson
134713Run The WorldBeyonce
14111 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
1599Last friday NightKaty Perry
16108Something To Die ForThe Sounds
171212SmileAvril Lavignw
181313crazyLeah Haywood
19364Edge of GloryLady GaGa
202620Super BassNicki Minaj
21206Im InsaneMyah Marie
221916Who's Laughing NowJessie J
231615what Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
24188Till The World EndsBritney
252424Cest La VieB*Witched
27221 (4)Born This wayLady gaGa
282323Did It On EmNicki Minaj
29211 (3)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
302812I LikeKeri Hilson
312717I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
323131I Wanna GoBritney Spears
343232MazeJessica Mauboy
353431California King BedRihanna
36332Like ThisJessica mauboy
37***NEWWe Run The NightHavana Brown
383731Accidents HappenZoe Badwi
39389How R U Doingaqua
41412TightropeJanelle Monae
423938Im Into Youjennifer Lopez
437624Handle ItJessica Mauboy
44428E.TKaty Perry
454444HairLady gaGa
46462Save MeNicki Minaj
475647Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
486048I Am WomanJordin Sparks
49436Gimme What I Wantkeri Hilson
50505Last ChanceNicki Minaj

79NEWDon't wanna Go HomeJason DeRulo
8591Just To Make YouLeah Haywood

51451 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
524848Jesse Hold OnB*witched
53499PeacockKaty Perry
563514Bite BackZowie
XX295ChemistryMyah Marie

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Keri still clings on. I must say, this week was a rather strong week in plays for me. #1 has 57 plays, and #100 has 4. Usually #100 has only 2 haha.

So as Keri spends her 5th week at #1, another track tries to remove her. Leah Haywood. We Think It's Love rises to #2, but it still short quite abit from #1. Jessie J falls to #3, and Judas stays put at #4.

Nicki Minaj. My favourite artist ATM. She has provided my chart many entries. Her latest (well, 2nd latest ) Girls Fall Like Dominoes has charted in the lower ends ever since i first heard the track last year. With it's single release it finally storms up my chart (it seems to happen whenever a album-track becomes a single hahah) to become Nicki's 11th (13th if you include WooHoo and Bottoms Up) top 10 track in my chart. It debuted quite poorly back when it first charted, peaked at #29 several weeks ago, and now reaches top 10.

74,52,49,48,59,OUT, many time passed until it re-entered on first of may to a new peak. 32,29,31,37,30,7. It's definately potentially gonna get #1.

I didn't expect this. Wynter Gordon scores a 2nd top 10 hit after Dirty Talk (#3), scraping into the top ten at #10 by 2 plays. I did, however, expect Beyonce's Run The World's to storm up the chart this week.

After it's massive fall last week, The Edge Of Glory glides back up the chart after a healthy week of plays. Hair falls down one place, and none of her album tracks enter this week. I've only listened to each track once, and they aren't great, but will probably grow on me over time.

As expected, but not as big as expected, Aussie's Prinnie debuts at #33 with debut track Lion. If only radio would get behind it. It's great. Havana Brown also makes a splash.

Jessica Mauboy re-enters the top 50 this week with Handle It. She also re-enters top 100 with Running Back, Fight For You, Not Me, Accellerate That.

Avril Lavigne's Wish You Were Here has been quite a slow-burner, but it finally cracks the top 50. Jordin Sparks also rises to a top 50 peak.

With 6 tracks debuting below top 50 last week, I was initially expecting most of them to either rise or stay in the top 100. Only I Am Woman, Jump Down and Just To Mske You (which peaks at #85) have managed to.

Jason DeRulo has a new track, and it's very underwhelming. I've given it several listens (4 to be exact), and it's nothing special. Unless it starts to grow on me, I doubt it will rise or even stay in top 100 for another week.

Next week I predict (here we go, predictions that barely come true) Keri will be knocked off. It will either by by Leah Haywood, Nicki Minaj or Jessie J. Prinnie will have a massive rise, as will Havana Brown.

I Am Woman will also definately rise.

111 (6)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
272Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
322We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
443JudasLady GaGa
532AbracadabraJessie J
6113Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
753Nobody's PerfectJessie J
865Dance with MeJustice Crew
9***NEWCarry Me HomeZoe Badwi
1087Takin Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
11194Edge Of GloryLady GaGa
121010Til DeathWynter Gordon
1395Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
14168Something To Die ForThe Sounds
152015Super BassNicki Minaj
161212All DayCody Simpson
171813CrazyLeah Haywood
18159Last Friday NightKaty Perry
19141 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
211712SmileAvril Lavigne
222522Cest La VieB*Witched
233223I Wanna GoBritney
24***NEWHush HushAlexis Jordon
264726Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
272216Who's Laughing NowJessie J
28***NEWRight HereNicole Scherzinger
294324Handle ItJessica Mauboy
302315What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
313431MazeJessica Mauboy
32248Till The World EndsBritney
333733We Run The NightHavana Brown
34505Last ChanceNicki Minaj
354835I Am WomanJordin Sparks
362823Did It On EmNicki Minaj
37XX4All Hooked UpAll Saints
38271 (4)Born This WayLady GaGa
40412TightropeJanelle Monae
414541HairLady GaGa
42291 (2)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
434238Im Into YouJennifer Lopez
443012I LikeKeri Hilson
45545ChemistryMyah Marie
463831Accidents HappenZoe badwi
47362Like ThisJessica Mauboy
486720MunyNicki Minaj
493531California King BedRihanna
50399How R U DoingAqua

XX3117I AM Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds
XX448ETKaty Perry
531313Run The WorldBeyonce
54498Gimme What I WantKeri Hilson
55462Save MeNicki Minaj
65216Im InsaneMyah Marie

51NEWMatter of TimeBec Cartwright
56NEWWhere Them Girls AtDavid Guetta
60NEWWhat A Feelingalex gaudino

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Keri Hilson spends her 6th week atop my chart. She holds off the strong Nicki Minaj track, who is most likely to overtake her in coming weeks.

Whilst Zoew Badwi's 3rd single Accidents Happen sits at #46 this week, after peaking at #31 a few weeks ago, her 4th single Carry Me Home becomes her biggest hit, and 2nd charter, debuting at #9. It is also a strong competitor for #1.

Prinnie makes a splash into the top 20. She's a great Aussie artist, and cant wait for her album.

Before Hush Hush, i hated Alexis Jordon. Happiness is definately one of the worst songs of the year, and Good Girl sounded too much like Happiness. Hush Hush is good, although I think this debuting week will be it's strongest, as I have so much new music it will most likely get lost trying to salvage plays.

Nicole Scherzinger's 3rd single Right There is on it's way to success. I've had the track for a while, but had to have the 50 cent version because it's much better IMO. It will goto top 10 for sure. It follows Poison #6, and Don't Hold Your Breath #5.

As with Hush Hush, I fear Jordin Sparks I Am Woman will get lost and not live up to it's full potential. I had it pegged as a huge hit for me, but I totally forget about the song until I see it in shuffle lol.

Below top 50 we get a debut from Bec Cartwright, David Guetta and Alex Gaudino. Only Where Them Girls At will probably rise.

1***NEWX RatedKate Alexa
211 (6)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
322Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
432We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
5285Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
797Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
8114The Edge Of GloryLady GaGa
973Nobody's PerfectJessie J
1043JudasLady GaGa
1163Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
1252AbracadabraJessie J
131513Super BassNicki Minaj
142614Wish You Were hereAvril Lavigne
15148Something To Die ForThe Sounds
162112SmileAvril lavigne
17189Last Friday NightKaty Perry
181612All DayCody SImpson
1985Dance With MeJustice crew
21107Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
222222Cest La VieB*Witched
232423I wanna Gobritney Spears
242323Hush HushAlexis Jordan
253325We Run The NightHavan Brown
263126MazeJessica Mauboy
27***NEWBroken MachineZowie
283528I Am WomanJordin Sparks
29374All Hooked UpAll Saints
303015What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
31***NEWWe LoveSneaky Sound System
32328Till The World EndsBritney Spears
332716Who's laughing Nowjessie J
342924handle ItJessica Mauboy
35*5135Matter of TimeBec Cartwright
364136HairLady GaGa
37345Last ChanceNicki Minaj
38455ChemistryMyah Marie
39*5639Where Them Girls AtDavid Guetta
40*621 (8)DigustingKe$ha
413623Did It On EmNicki Minaj
42402TightropeJanelle Monae
43396CriminalBritney Spears
44135Don't Hold Your breathNicole Scherzinger
45*6045What A FeelingAlex Gaudino
46381 (4)Born This WayLady GaGa
47*6747San Fran CiscoCascada
48421 (3)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
49191 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
504338I'm Into YouJennifer Lopez

51472Like ThisJessica Mauboy
531210Til DeathWynter Gordon
544820MunyNicki Minaj
564931California King BedRihanna
624631Accidents HappenZoe Badwi
651713CrazyLeah Haywood
75509How R U DoingAqua
834412I LikeKeri Hilson

69NEWCatch MeNicki Minaj
I'm not familiar with X Rated, but it has obviously made an impression on you! Nice to see Alex Gaudino bullet into the top 50, but shae to see Wynter Gordon & Nicole Scherzinger plummet. I love the randomness of your chart, with new songs that I have never heard of intertwined with some nostalgic 'classics'.
Ooh loving your debuts this week, especially Zowie's Broken Machine and SSS We Love!!

Shame to see Do It Like A Dude and Don't Hold Your Breath drop so much
"classics" was perfeclty put in brackets haha. I have so much music on my computer each week it's not funny, new or old.

Next week Wynter Gordon's entrie album will probably be floating around the chart. Amy Pearson's shelved album tracks from Aftershock will be floating too. I think Kate still has alot of life left in her.

Zowie and SSS definately will surge higher, although theres so much competition with Zoe Badwi, Nicole and Prinnie. I definately think 1 of 5 will be #1 after Kate.

IIO debuting was a shock for me. It's been on my computer for ages, but every time the artist comes up in shuffle i skip it cuz i never knew the band until i actually decided t listen to the track and remembered it
I'm not a massive fan of Kate Alexa, her only other track i like is Teardrops . But she completely obliterates Keri Hilson this week to debut at #1. Keri drops to #2. Prinnie and Nicole Scherzinger jump into the top 10, and I can definately see Nicole aming for #1.

Speaking of Nicole, i've been youtubing alot of her "unreleased" material from the Her Name is Nicole project, and i must say, some of it is excellent, especially the duet with Rihanna. Expect a few tracks to enter enxt week.

Bec Cartwright's 3rd single Matter of Time climbs into the top 50, and she'll probably be around for several more weeks. It's a great tune.

Zoe Badwi isn't climbing as I originally thoght, and GaGa is clawing her way back up the chart with The Edge of Glory, aswell as Hair peaking at #36 this week.

Super Bass peaks this week, I'm surprised it hasnt hit top 10 yet, and Avril Lavigne's Wish You Were Here rises to #14, almost outpeaking single Smile, which climbs back up to #16 this week.

Justice Crew take an 11 spot tumble, and Don't Hold Your Breath falls too. Wynter Gordon's Til Death completely falls off the radar this week, tumbling to #53. Expect it to re-enter alongside Dirty Talk next week as the album tracks enter aswell.

Leah Haywood also stumbles with Crazy. B*Witched peak inside the top 20 with Rollercoaster, and stalled at a peak of #22 is Cest La Vie

Britney, Jordin Sparks and Havana Brown have slight rises and peaks, and two new debuts come from Zowie and Sneaky Sound System.

David Guetta and Alex Gaudino rise with their tracks, and Ke$ha makes another re-entry with Disgusting. Her ORIGINAL version is much better than the horrible Miranda Cosgrove version.

cascada make a splash too with San Francisco, and lower down we have entries by Nicki Minaj and the classic mega-hit Rapture.

121 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
211 (1)X RatedKate Alexa
332Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
555Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
676Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
784Edge of GloryLady GaGa
842We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
9139Super BassNicki Minaj
10122AbracadabraJessie J
1193Nobody's PerfectJessie J
12103JudasLady GaGa
13113Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
141414Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
15***NEWBurning UpBritney Spears
161812All DayCody Simpson
17158Something to Die ForThe Sounds
181612SmileAvril Lavigne
19***NEWBuy My LoveWynter Gordon
20217Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
222522We Run The NightHavana Brown
23179Last Friday NightKaty Perry
24***NEWDon't Stop MeWynter Gordon
252625MazeJessica Mauboy
262222Cest La VieB*Witched
27195Dance With MeJustice Crew
283928Where Them Girls AtDavid Guetta
292727Broken MachineZowie
30***NEWAfterschockAmy Pearson
312323I Wanna GoBritney Spears
322828I Am WomanJordin Sparks
33***NEWI Wrote It DownKe$ha
34401 (8)DisgustingKe$ha
352423Hush HushAlexis Jordon
363131We LoveSneaky Sound System
375037I'm Into YouJennifer Lopez
383636HairLady GaGa
39445Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
40***NEWStill Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
41***NEWPuppetAmy Pearson
42294All Hooked UpAll Saints
434543What A FeelingAlex Gaudino
44328Till The World EndsBritney Spears
453015What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
463424Handle ItJessica Mauboy
473316Who's Laughing NowJessie J
483535Matter of TimeBec Cartwright
494747San FranciscoCascada
50***NEWDrunk On Your LoveWynter Gordon

52375Last ChanceNicki Minaj
54385ChemistryMyah Marie
56422TightropeJanelle Monae
574123Did It On EmNicki Minaj
60491 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
68461 (4)Born This WayLady GaGa
74481 (3)Who Dat GirlFlo Rida
86436CriminalBritney Spears

51***NEWBest Thing I Never HadBeyonce
64***NEWAll My LifeWynter Gordon
70***NEWIN The MorningWynter Gordon
71***NEWShe Aint YouChris Brown
72***NEWRumbaWynter Gordon
73***NEWBack To YouWynter Gordon

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Go Nicki Minaj, GaGa, and Britney.
Loving: Super Bass hitting the top 10, all the Wynter debuts

Dis-loving: Katy Perry falling, Hush Hush falling, Edge of Glory rising
Love the nine placing for Nicki Minaj, hopefully it can jump 8. Great jump for Jess Mauboy, and like artistry I also love all the Wynter debuts and hopefully the 4 lower entries can enter your main chart next week.

Sad to see Jess down, hopefully they will all move up when Inescapable is released, which will be in the next couple of weeks.
Oooh, new Jess in a couple of weeks. Seems to soon, although it'll be a warm welcome lol.

I'm surprised at Hush Hush not rising higher. I lvoed that song heaps when i first got it and now, it's not amazing anymore.

The only two Wynter Tracks not to debut where track #11 and #12 on the Itunes deluxe edition (I bought it physically, so had to download those twot racks) and they'll most likely enter next weekk. I can pretty much guratneee Buy My Love and Don't Stop Me will rise.

I wasn't a fan of EOG the first few weeks, but the video has made me love it more. The video is so simple and to great effect. Love it.

Super Bass finally hits top 10. and dis-loving Katy Perry falling eh. I did love the track, but the video is horrible IMO, and it has made me not like the song as much.

Whoops. Missed the debut by Beyonce. She debutsw at #51 with Best tHing I Never Had...i feel like a record label now, haha, denying charting lol.
In an extremely unexpected turn of events, Keri Hilson claims pole position once again, but only by 2 plays, which pushes Kate Alexa down to #2. Prinnie makes a splash into the top 5, stalling Nicole Scherzinger at a position she knows to well. Zoe Badwi makes another small peak, the track still isn't rising as big as I thought it would. The Edge of Glory is still slowly clawing it's way towards the top end of the chart. After many weeks of slowly climbing, Nicki Minaj makes another entry into the top 10 with current single Super Bass. I don't think it will end up at #1, but more or less stay in the bottom half of the top 10.

Avril Lavigne's stalled at a peak of #14 with hopefully 3rd single Wish You Were Here, I think it will most likely reach the top 10 eventually if released as a single, it's a great track.

Britney's cover of Madonna's track Burning Up covets the highest debut this week. And it has outpeaked current single I Wanna Go in it's first week. I think I Wanna Go will make a massive rise next week, as the video is amazing and I can't seem to stop watching it. I love it.

Havana Brown and Jessica Mauboy are drawing closer to the top 20 (SLOWLY), and David Guetta makes a big rise into the top 30.

Two tracks I thought for sure would rise were Broken Machine and We Love, but they fell. I'm abit shocked. Ke$ha rises with former #1 Disgusting. That track just keeps coming back. It's amazing. Jennifer Lopez also makes an unexpected rise.

Amy Pearson also enters with two tracks from her shelved 2nd album Aftershock. 2nd single Aftershock and other track Pupped reach the top 50 this week. Ke$ha also debuts with I Wrote IT Down, a track i found on youtube. Great beat, and typical Ke$ha.

Dominating this week is Wynter Gordon. She debuts with 8 tracks, but also re-enters with 2, and still has Til Death in the chart's below the top 50, so with 11 tracks inside the top 100, she's doing well.

Highest debut comes from supposed 3rd single Buy My Love, and a few spots down is Don't Stop Me. They are the standout's on the album (apart from the singles, possibly I may love them more). They will definately rocket up next week. Her next entries are at #40 and #50 respectively, and then another 4 down the lower end of the chart. Her previous entries are:
Dirty TalkHP - 3
InsomniaHP - 39
Til DeathHP - 10

other below top 50 debuts are: Beyonce's Best Thing I Never Had. With just missing the chart with 1 + 1 a few weeks ago, OFFICIAL 2nd single enters alongside Chris Brown
1231 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
21121 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
31923Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
43152Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
5545Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
72427Don't Stop MeWynter Gordon
8784Edge of GloryLady GaGa
91529Burning UpBritney Spears
10646Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
11882We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
12***1NEWParalyzeTila Tequila
139189Super BassNicki Minaj
14***1NEWStripper FriendsTila Tequila
15141714Wish You Were HereAvril lavigne
1610172AbracadabraJessie J
1711173Nobody's PerfectJessie J
1813293Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
1912113JudasLady GaGa
20***1NEWI Love YouTila Tequila
2222522We Run The NightHavan Brown
23181112SmileAvril Lavigne
24*72224RumbaWynter Gordon
2530225AftershockAmy Pearson
26251925MazeJessica Mauboy
2736327We LoveSneak Sound System
2829327Broken MachineZowie
29311423I Wanna GoBritney Spears
3016812All DayCody Simpson
31*73231Back To YouWynter Gordon
3217118SOmething To Die ForThe Sounds
3349433San FranciscoCascada
342087Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
352389Last Friday NightKaty Perry
3626622Cest La VieB*Witched
3741237PuppetAmy Pearson
382795Dance WITH MEJustice Crew
3928428Where Them Girls AtDavid Guetta
4038636HairLady GaGa
4139155Don't Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
4240240Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
43*51243Best Thing I Never Hadbeyonce
44*71244She Aint YouChris Brown
4534641 (8)DisgustingKe$ha
4632628I Am WomanJordin Sparks
4733233I Wrote It DownKe$ha
48*64248All My LifeWynter Gordon
49*611110Til DeathWynter Gordon
50***1NEWI Fucked The DJTila Tequila

515050Drunk On Your LoveWynter Gordon
523737I'm Into YouJennifer Lopez
53424All Hooked UpAll Saints
61448Till The World EndsBritney Spears
644624Handle ItJessica Mauboy
724716Who's Laughing NowJessie J
784515What Happened To UsJessica Mauboy
874835Matter of TimeBec Cartwright
XX3523Hush HushAlexis Jordon
XX4343What A FeelingAlex Gaudino

76***NEWYou and ILady GaGa
83***NEWLose ControlKeri Hilson
96***NEWLove or HateZowie

Nivea almost re-peaks with OKAY this week. It's at #57 (peaked at #56).

Debuts most likely next week will be Vanessa Amorosi, Heidi Montag, Kelly Osbourne, Ke$ha, Zoe Badwi and even some more Tila Tequila.
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Kate Alexa is back at #1 for a 2nd week, with Keri Hilson dropping back to #2. Alot of movement this week.

Lets start with Wynter Gordon. She has my favourite album of 2011 so far, and she peaks with 5 of her debuting tracks last wee, as well as rising with Til Death and Dirty Talk. She is definately a strong contender for #1, as is Tila Tequila who debuts with 4 tracks inside the top 50 this week, 3 in the top 20. She has previously charted with I Like To Fuck (Hot Rod featuring Tila Tequila: #2). I didn't realise she had more songs, but they are all awesome, had an Itunes frenzy.

I'm still in love with Keri Hilson, and Lie To Me is just amazing. Her new single Lose Control debuts this week, and I guarantee a huge jump next week.

After expectations of a huge hit with Alexis Jordon, the track didn't even make the top 100 this week. I'm over the track. If i like a track, it usually gets played all the time, and never gets old that quick.

Zowie debuts with a 3rd single, Love or Hate. It's not great, but i love her voice. Lady Gaga also debuts with one of the only good tracks on her album (apart from promo and singles that is).

Next week Vanessa Amorosi will definately debut strong. Some lower entries will most likely be from Heidi Montag with Sex Ed, Kelly Osbourne (My friends sister has her two albums which i copied to my computer), Ke$ha's Fuck Him He's A DJ, and some old singles by Zoe Badwi.
Nice mid year top 20, especially loving Janelle Monae is in there at #8 thats so awesome. Great to see all the Jessie J and Ncki Minaj love. As well as Marina at #3!!

As for this week's chart, nice to see all the Wynter tracks rising, looking forward to getting her album myself in a few weeks.

Sad to see Jessie J and Nicki Minaj down though.
I'm surprised that Shampain beat out Like This with plays. And especially surprised Chemistry is so high.

***TI refers to time spent in top 100.
1*8321 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
2332Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
32131 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
4141 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
52025I Love UTila Tequila
6736Don't Stop MeWynter Gordon
71427Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
8555Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
94162Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
11894The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
12939Burning UpBritney Spears
131056Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
1412212ParalyzeTila Tequila
1524315RumbaWynter Gordon
1613199Super BassNicki Minaj
171192We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
1842318Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
19151814Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
2016182AbracadabraJessie J
2118303Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
2217183Nobody's PerfectJessie J
2319123JudasLady GaGa
2422622We Run The NightHavana Brown
2527425We LoveSneaky Sound System
2633526San Fran Cisco
27231212SmileAvril Lavigne
28262025MazeJessica Mauboy
2925325AfterschoKAmy Pearson
3128427Broken MachineZowie
32291523I Wanna GoBritney
3331331Back To YouWynter Gordon
343497Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
3537335PuppetAmy Pearson
3632128Something to Die ForThe Soundz
3730912All DayCody Simpson
383599Last Friday NightKaty Perry
3936722Cest La VieB*Witched
40*76240You and ILady GaGa
4138105Dance With MeJustice Crew
4239528Where Them Girls ATDavid Guetta
4340736HairLady GaGa
4443343Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
4545651 (8)DIsgustingke$ha
4641165Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
4847333I Wrote It DownKe$ha
4944344She Aint YouChris Brown
5050250I Fucked The DJTila Tequila

53491210Til DeathWynter Gordon
5748348All My LifeWynter Gordon
8446728I Am WomanJordin Sparks

55***1NEWOne WordKelly Osbourne
60***1NEWSex Edheidi Montag
9496294Love or HateZowie
Ofthe new songs on your charts, I would say The Edge Of Glory is my favourite. Wow, there is a sentence I thought I would never write on aus-charts.
Massive jump for Keri! I haven't heard the track, but I usually like her work. Most of my favs drop this week, so hopefully next week will be more friendly
OMG Tila Tequila
Why am I not surprised at the title of the song that currently resides at #50 on your chart...

Elsewhere, great jump for You and I!
Good to see several Wynter Gordon tracks here. Just heard Buy My Love - quite upbeat.
Also nice to see Right There and The Edge Of Glory high in the chart.
Nice return for iiO.
@Dman. Keri's whole new album shits all over her debut.

Tila Tequila is quite a great songwriter (not so amazing singer), but her tracks are great. Yeah, i rolled my eyes when i saw she had a song called I Fucked The DJ.

On the topic of iio. The chick singing re-recorded the track this year and released it as a solo single. It's crap.

Keri Hilson has done it again. She scores a 2nd #1 hit of her album. She also makes the biggest ever jump to #1 on my chart, which stalls Wynter Gordon at #2.

So many tracks have been stalled at #2 this year. Leah Haywood, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj, Jessica Mauboy, Janelle Monae all failed to reach a coveted #1 rank.

Tila Tequila rises into the top 10 with two tracks, falls with one, and stays put, barely scraping in the top 50 for a 2nd week.

Wynter Gordon rises and peaks with several tracks again this week. Don't Stop Me also makes a movement to #6, and splashes into the top 20 with Rumba and Still Getting Younger.

The best non-single (yet) off GaGa's new album is You and I. And it rises into the top 50 2nd week. It will probably rises in coming weeks.

After 3 weeks of slowly rising, classic club track Rapture reaches the top 50.

Jordin Sparks makes a huge fall this week. The track will probably end up coming back into the top 50 when the video is released (or when i decide to get around to it).

Kelly Osbourne and Heidi Montag debut too.

Shame to see GaGa drop out of the top ten, but she's had a decent run. I still find it weird seeing all these ancient songs charting, things like Rollercoaster, Rapture, We Think It's Love and Cest La Vie are good, but it's odd to me. I didn't count the old ones in my 8.
Why is it odd. I listen to older music alot, so i fail to understand whats odd about it.
I find it odd that they're on the chart is all. Generally charts feature new music. I'm not knocking your choice to chart that stuff, but that's why I find it odd.
Oh lol. Fair Enough.
I only like 3 song, soz. A nice rise for Sneaky Sound System .
1241 (1)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
23141 (7)Lie to Mekeri Hilson
3131 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
4644Dont Stop MeWynter Gordon
5451 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
6535I Love UTila Tequila
7737Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
8865Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
911104Edge of GloryLady Gaga
109172Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
1115411RumbaWynter Gordon
131249Burning UpBritney Spears
1418414Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
1514312ParalyzeTila Tequila
16****1NEWGossipVanessa Amorosi
171366Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
1816209Super BassNicki Minaj
1917102We Think Its LoveLeah Haywood
2023133JudasLady GaGa
2122193Nobody's PerfectJessie J
22191914Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
2320192AbracadabraJessie J
2421313Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
2525525We LoveSneaky Sound System
2624722We Run The NightHavana Brown
2729425AftershockAmy Pearson
2826626San Fran CiscoCascada
2940329You and ILady GaGa
30282125MazeJessica Mauboy
31271312SmileAvril Lavigne
32****1NEWWhatever You likeNicole Schzerzinger
3331527Broken MachineZowie
35321623I Wanna Gobritney
3633431Back To YouWynter Gordon
37371012All DayCody SImpson
3836138Something to Die ForThe Soundz
3934107Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
40****1NEWIn The DarkDev
4138109Last Friday NightKaty Perry
4235435PuppetAmy Pearson
4344443Best Thing I Never HadBeycone
4441115Dance With MeJustice Crew
4542628Where Them Girls ATDavud Guetta
4650346I Fucked The DJTila Tequila
47****1NEWMr SaxobeatAlexandra Stan
4843836HairLady GaGa
4945661 (8)DisgustingKe$ha
50*55250One WordKelly Osbourne

5346175Dont Hold Your BreathNicole Scherzinger
7348433I Wrote It DownKe$ha
8849444She Aint YouChris Brown
XX39822Cest La VieB*Witched

52***1NEWTrash MeHeidi Montag
5660256Sex EdHeidi Montag
65***1NEWShutupKelly Osbourne
89***1NEWPlayjennifer Lopez
93***1NEWBody LanguageHeidi Montag
OMG BUY MY LOVE!! I just bought Wynter Gordon's album and that song is definitely my favourite!! Love it so much!!

Great to see Mr. Saxobeat debut.
Ignoring the old songs, The Edge Of Glory remains my favourite of your new songs that are charting.
Yeah, Wynter Gordon's album is amazing, apart from the 2 bonus tracks on the digital edition. Im not a huge fan of them as of yet.
Great to see GaGa and Nicole in your top 10. Also great to see Mauboy, SSS and Guetta still in your chart.
I like 15/50 Can I also ask why on earth is Play just entering your chart? lol.
Mauboy will defs make an impact next week with Inescapable.

As for JLO. I have just downloaded heaps of her old stuff, and Play is one of the best (I didnt even realise she sang the song lol). It only has 4 plays this week. My lower chart from about #70 onwards is always random stuff that gets little plays, so yeah lol.
Great to hear about Inescapable, it debuted at one for me, biggest trust hah. Have you seen the video, it would be up there with one of her best! As for J-Lo, I love Play too! Oh don't we all have our J-Lo seshes every once in a while lol
IKR. I seriously forgot how many classic tracks JLO had. Aint It Funny (original version), Lets Get Loud, Do It Well, Love Dont Cost A Thing.

I dont see Jess at #1 for me. I thin it will defs be top 10. It's at #11 already (with the plays for everything starting on Sunday). Who knows lol.

The video is great. I love it. Definately up there with Been Waiting and Burn vids. I just hope to god that Like This or Scariest Part are eventual singles.

This week, the top 3 was so bloody close. Only 1 play between #1 and #2, and 2 plays between #2 and #3. Very close week. But Wynter Gordon has taken the lead (for this week anyway ), stalling Keri at #2 and #3 respectively. I honestly dont see Keri leaving anytime soon. I have not gotten sick of Lie To Me yet, and Lose Control is still great. Never skip it.

So with Wynter at #1 (her first), and also peaking at #4 with Don't Stop Me, she again is the most listened to artist in my chart with 11 tracks in the top 100 (Nicki Minaj is close behind with 8 and Jess Mauboy has 6.

Vanessa Amorosi's Gossip is the highest debut this week, scoring another top 20 hit in my chart. Although the track has nothing on her last album, I look forward to the new tracks.

Lady GaGa storms up with You and I (I hope its a future single), and Nicole Scherzinger's debut single Whatever U Like debuts at #32.

Dev also debuts this week with her 2nd appearence in my chart. In The Dark is at #40, and it will more than likely peak higher than Bass Down Low (HP-33, TW-73).

MR Saxobeat is a great track, and i'm surprised that it hasnt debuted very high, but it will more than likely rise higher and higher in coming weeks. Kelly Osbourne also scrapes into the top 50 aswell as debuting at #65.

Heidi Montag peaks with Sex Ed, debuts higher with Trash Me, and debuts lower with Body Language at #93 (with only 2 plays this week).

Also debuting is Jennifer Lopez with past hit Play at #89.

Previous charting songs:
On The Floor4
I'm Into You38

Jessica Mauboy will definately make an impact with new single Inescapable. I can almost guarantee a top 10 debut, but who knows. I'm also predicting some re-entries from Ms Mauboy, and some entries from Holly Valance (lol).
18 16 20 9 Super Bass Nicki Minaj
22 19 19 14 Wish You Were Here Avril Lavigne
23 20 19 2 Abracadabra Jessie J
34 47 5 34 Rapture iiO
35 32 16 23 I Wanna Go britney
41 38 10 9 Last Friday Night Katy Perry
47* *** 1 NEW Mr Saxobeat Alexandra Stan

1151 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
2****1NEWInescapableJessica Mauboy
32151 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
4341 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
5454Dont Stop MeWynter Gordon
6645I Love UTila Tequila
7747Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
81158RumbaWynter Gordon
9875Right ThereNicole Sherzinger
109114The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
1110182Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
1316213GossipVanessa Amorosi
1415412ParalyzeTila Tequila
151359Burning UpBritney SPears
1614514Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
1719112We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
1818219Super BassNicki Minaj
191776Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
20222014Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
2125621We LoveSneaky Sound System
2220143JudasLady GaGa
2321203Nobody's PerfectJessie J
2423202AbracdabraJessie J
2524323Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
2629426You and ILady GaGa
2726822We Run The NightHavcana Brown
2840228In The DarkDev
2927525AftershockAmy Pearson
30561 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
3128726San Fran CiscoCascada
32311412SmileAvril Lavigne
33302225MazeJessica mauboy
3432232Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
3547235Mr SaxobeatAlexandra Stan
3639117Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
37351723I Wanna GoBritney Spears
3842535PuppetAmy Pearson
3933627Broken MachineZowie
4136531Back To YouWynter Gordon
4243542Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
43*59282Like ThisJessica Mauboy
4438148Something To Die ForSounds
4550345One WordKelly Osbourne
4641119Last Friday NightKaty Perry
4746446I Fucked The DJTila Tequila
4844125Dance With MeJustice Crew
4945728Where Them Gurls ATDavid Guetta
50*56350Sex EdHeidi Montag

5148936HairLady GaGa
74671 (8)DisgustingKe$ha

68XX3Summer of LoveLeah Haywood
72XX5Just To Make You SeeLeah Haywood
78***NEWTouch ItMonifah

Shame to see The Edge of Glory down and Right There down, but nice rise for Sneaky Sound System.
Great debut for Jess Mauboy! It really is a great track. Also nice rises for Mauboy, Beyonce and Sneaky Sound System. Also great to see Nicki not moving down with Super Bass and LOL!!! at Kate Alexa's drop, thank god! Great chart though
Yeah, imma bit shocked with Kate's drop. Im getting over the track quicker than I did with Flo Rida's.

I am quite shocked with Jess' debut. I never though it would debut top 5, but hey. It's definately a contender for #1.

Wynter Gordon stays atop the chart this week, with her first #1 on my chart. Further down she also scores her 5th top 10 with Rumba clawing into the top 10.

At #2, Jessica Mauboy debuts with her latest single Inescapable. Definately a contender for #1. The track is uptempo and fun, and great to listen to:
Jess's previous charting tracks

Running Back1 (3)
Burn1 (1)
Been Waiting3
Up/Down1 (11)
Let Me Be Me4
Time After Time28
Get Em Girls6
Saturday Night1 (2)
Scariest Part1 (2)
Like This2
Acceelerate That32
Handle It24
Here For Me29
Not Me31
What Happened To Us15

Vanessa Amorosi and Sneaky Sound System also have little rises and peaks with their new tracks, and abit further down Dev peaks at #28 with In The Dark, to peak higher than Bass Down Low which peaked at #33 earlier this year.

Under #50 we have 8 re-entries from Jessica Mauboy, most of which are on Get Em Girls, with only Up/Down being from her old album re-entering. Leah Haywood peaks with Summer of Love and Just To Make You after a couple of months after their debut.

Remember Monifah. The one-hit-wonder with awesome track Touch It. I just re-discovered it and it debuts at #78 this week. I dnt expect it to stay around for too long.
OMGBest top two at the moment!! Loving both those songs so much right now!!
Loving the return of One Word, used to love that song!!
1221 (1)InescapableJessica Mauboy
2161 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
33161 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
4451 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
5564Don't Stop MeWynter Gordon
6655I Love UTila Tequila
7867RumbaWynter Gordon
8757Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
9985Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
1011192Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
1110124Edge of GloryLady GaGa
1313313GossipVanessa Amorosi
1414512ParalyzeTila Tequila
151569Burnin UpBritney
1618229Super BassNicki Minaj
1717122We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
1816614Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
1921719We LoveSneaky Sound System
201986Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
21202114Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
2222153JudasLady GaGa
2323213Nobody's PerfectJessie J
2424212AbracadabraJessie J
2526525You and ILady GaGa
2625333Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
2734327Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
2828328In The DarkDev
2927922We Run The NightHavana Brown
3029625AftershcokAmy Pearson
313071 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
3231826San FranciscoCascada
33321512SmileAvril Lavigne
34332325MazeJessica Mauboy
3536127Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
3635335Mr SaxobeatAlexandra Stan
37371823I Wanna GoBritney
3839727Broken MachineZowie
3938635PuppetAmy Pearson
4141631Back To YouWynter Gordon
4243292Like ThisJessica Mauboy
4342642Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
4447544I Fucked The DJTila tequila
4544158Something To Die ForThe Sounds
4645445One WordKelly Osbourne
47*72647Just To Make YouLeah Haywood
4846129Last Friday NightKaty Perry
49*68449Summer of LoveLeah Haywood
5048135Dance With MeJustice Crew

5149828Where Them Girls AtDavid Guetta
5350450Sex EdHeidi Montag

70782Touch ItMonifah
Woo Go Jess Mauboy getting #1!!
And while its a shame Buy My Love lost the top spot, I'm glad to see it only drop to #2.
YAY FOR JESS!!! Great to see it at number one, also great to see I wasn't the only one who charted Empty. Also where was Jess' places in the lower 50?

Good to see Jess, Nicki and SSS up. Great chart.
Jess has had no tracks peak below top 50. They have all ended up peaking inside the top 50.
Lol I meant this week's chart hahah
OHHHH hahaha.

#68 - Scariest Part
#83 - Saturday Night
#85 - Get Em Girls
#95 - Running Back
Hahah. Good to see Running Back and Get Em Girls still around. Can't wait till the deluxe edition of GEG. That means there will be 7 new songs and 6 of them have a chance of charting (Nobody Knows is already charting, Forget Your Name already has charted and I really don't like Not Me). 12 days to go! Lol.
I love most of the songs on this chart

Especially anything by Jessica Mauboy, Wynter Gordon, Vanessa Amorosi, Zoe Badwi, Jessie J, Leah Haywood, Prinnie, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, iiO, Cascada, Avril Lavigne, Keri Hilson, Nicole Scherzinger, Lady Gaga, Sneaky Sound System.

Hmm, that's pretty much most of your chart lol

Hahah the deluxe edition should be sweet.

I finally found Roxanne - Sexy on Itunes. Expect it to chart this coming week haahaha. Roxanne Labrasse from Australian Idol years ago hahah
Good #1
Lol #40 and 44
1131 (2)InescapableJessica Mauboy
2271 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
33171 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
4461 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
5775RumbaWynter Gordon
6574Don't Stop MeWynter Gordon
7665I Love UTila Tequila
81348GossipVanessa Amorosi
9867Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
10995Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
1110202Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
1211134Edge of GloryLady GaGa
1316239Super BassNicki Minaj
1425614You and ILady GaGa
1614612ParalyzeTila Tequila
17*87917Cheers (Drink To That)Rihanna
1817132We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
191579Burnin UpBritney Spears
202096Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
2118714Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
2219819We LoveSneaky Sound System
23212214Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
243181 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
25****1NEWMy Own ThingLeah Haywood
2623223Nobody's PerfectJessie J
2726343Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
2824222AbracadabraJessie J
2927427Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
30*XX275Last ChanceNicki Minaj
31291022We Run The NightHavana Brown
3228428In The DarkDev
3347733Just To Make YouLeah Haywood
3432926San FranCiscoCascada
35331612SmileAvril Lavigne
36342425MazeJessica Mauboy
3735137Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
38****1NEWMoves Like JaggerMaroon 5
39*XX539Get In LineKe$ha
4043740Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
4149541Summer of LoveLeah Haywood
42371923I Wanna GoBritney
43*60443Trash MeHeidi Montag
4444644I Fucked The DJTila Tequila
46*882216Who's Laughing NowJessie J
47*541610Til DeathWynter Gordon
4842302Like ThisJessica Mauboy
4945168Something To Die ForThe Sounds
5046545One WordKelly Osbourne

5841731Back To YouWynter Gordon
6138827Broken MachineZowie
6730725AftershockAmy Pearson
8236435Mr SaxobeatAlexandra Stan
9050145Dance With MeJustice Crew
XX48129Last Friday NightKaty Perry
XX39635PuppetAmy Pearson

69703Touch ItMonifah
72***NEWFreeFallinZoe Badwi
77***NEWRelease MeZoe Badwi
89***NEWCrash N' BurnSugababes
92***NEWShe's A MESSSugababes
93946Love or HateZowie
96***NEWLittle Mess PerfectSugababes
98***NEWIn The MomentZoe Badwi

Last edited:
Great to see Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Beyonce up. Also good to see Last Chance re-enter and Moves Like Jagger enter. And best of all, Jess is again at number one. Great to see!! Have you heard Run? Great song, it will definately be a hit on your chart!
Hahah we'll see. But most likely. I'm not gonna listen to any of her tracks on the deluxe edition until i buy it, so hopefully they'll all be great. One of them will probably end up #1 too haha.

Good to see Jess at #1. Nice to also see Havana Brown and Zoe Badwi making lots of debuts! Sad to see Justice Crew out though.
ZOE debuts this week in the lead up to me buying her album on Wednesday. Hopefully its got some more great tunes.

I think Jess's only competitors to remove Inescapable from #1 is herself. I can predict when her album is released she'll debut at #1 if any of the tracks are killer.

Lady GaGa is also heading for #1, as is Rihanna. I think they may both eventually get #1 when their videos are out (I think Girls Fall Like Dominoes has lost its chance at #1, the delay in a release of the video has been way too long).
Nice too see Lady GaGa & Beyonce move up.
Well I don't know if you've heard it but Nobody Knows (it's been charting for about 10 weeks on my chart) has been put on there as well as Inescapable and the 2 bonus tracks of the original. So there's only 2 real knew ones for me lol. Don't worry I tried not to listen to it till the 12th, but I couldn't help myself!
Yet again, such an awesome top 2!
Loving the new peak for Beyonce's Best THing I Never Had. Whoa huuuge jump for Rihanna's new song. It's yet to really impact me yet, I may have to give it a few more listens.
Nice to see Jess remain on top, as well as Vanessa getting some love somewhere. It's not a bad song musically, I just think the lyrics are a bit gimmicky and tacky. Massive jump for Rihanna, although I'm not sure how I feel about the song yet.
Rihanna makes another peak this week (ill reveal the chart later 2day). Beyonce also scores a new peak, and Vanessa rises too.

I still havent heard Jess' new tracks. My Itunes account has no money. Next week i'll be buying them haha.
1141 (3)InescapableJessica mauboy
2281 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
3583RumbaWynter Gordon
4774I Love UTila Tequila
5684Don't Stop MeWynter Gordon
6856GossipVanessa Amorosi
71477You And ILady GaGa
8977Stripper friendsTila Tequila
9471 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
1016710ParalyzeTila Tequila
1139611Get In LineKe$ha
1310105Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
1411212Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
1512144The Edge Of GloryLady GaGa
163181 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
1713249Super BassNicki Minaj
1920106Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
201989Burning Upbritney
2118142We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
2221814Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
2322919We LoveSneaky Sound System
24232314Wish You were HereAvril Lavigne
2525225My Own ThingLeah Haywood
26462316Who's Laughing NowJessie J
272491 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
2926233Nobody's PerfectJessie J
3027353Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
3130285Last ChanceNicki Minaj
3232528In The DarkDev
3333833Just To Make YouLeah Haywood
3444734I Fucked The DJTila tequila
3529527Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
3641636Summer of LoveLeah Haywood
3728232AbracadabraJessie J
38311122We Run The NightHavana Brown
3940839Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
40422023I Wanna GoBritney
4238238Moves Like JaggerMarrooon 5
43351712SmileAvril Lavigne
44362525MazeJessica mauboy
4537147Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
4643543Trash Meheidi Montag
48*XX424Hush HushAlexis Jordin
49471710Til DeathWynter Gordon
5048312Like ThisJessica Mauboy

5149178Something To Die ForThe Sounds
5250645One WordKelly Osbourne

7492274She's A MessSugababes
7889278CrashN BurnSugaabbes

Wow. It's funny how i plugged Alexi's Jordin's Hush Hush tpo be a top 5 smash hit on my chart. It debuted at 24, spent two weeks more in the top 50 the fell out of the top 100 the next. No it re-enters.

Great to see Jess still atop, and also hopeful she enters with great songs like Run, Nobody Knows and Galaxy next week.

Also good to see Beyonce and Britney up. But YUCK! Vanessa Amorosi and YUCK! Tila Tequila and YUCK! Dev...! But the Jess at #1 makes up for it.
1****1NEWLa La LaAuburn
2782You and ILady GaGa
3663GossipVanessa Amorosi
4151 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
6291 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
71177Get In LineKe$ha
8887Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
9393rumbaWynter Gordon
10484I Love UTila Tequila
11594Dont Stop MeWynter Goprodn
12981 (1)Lose Controlkeri Hilson
1310810ParalyzeTila Tequila
1415154The Edge opf GloryLady GaGa
1513115Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
1614222Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
1716191 (7)Lie To Mekeri Hilson
1817299Super BassNicki Minaj
1922914Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
21262416Who's Laughing NowJessie J
2219116Carry me HomeZoe Badwi
2321152We Think Its LoveLeah Haywood
242099Burning UpBritney
25231019We LoveSneaky Sound System
26242414Wish You Were HereAvril lavigne
2725325My Own ThingLeah Haywood
2927101 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
3034830I fucked The DjTila Tequila
3132628In The DarkDev
3239932Best Thing I never HadBeyonce
3329243Nobody's PerfectJessie J
3433933Just To Make YouLeah Haywood
3530263Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
3636736Summer of LoveLeah Haywood
3735627Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
3837242AbracadabraJessie J
3931295Last ChanceNicki Minaj
40****1NEWForget Your NameJessica Mauboy
41381222We Run The NightHavana Brown
42402123I wanna GoBritney
4342338Moves Like JaggerMaroon 5
44411126San FranciscoCascada
45431812SmileAvril Lavigne
46*641113CrazyLeah Haywood
47442625MazeJessica Mauboy
4846643Trash MeHeidi Montag
50****1NEWRunJessica Mauboy

5145157Taking Back Whats MineLeah Haywood
 491810Til DeATHWynter Gordon
 48524Hush HushAlexis Jordan
 50322Like ThisJessica Mauboy

TWLWTISONGARTIST *indicates re-peak
55743She's A MessSugababes
69735Touch ItMonifah*
76783Crash N BurnSugababes
79***1Until I Get Over YouZoe Badwi
83***1Nobody KnowsJessica Mauboy
84***1Perfect TwoAuburn
8797887Love or HateZowie
89***1Crazy Beautiful LifekE$HA
90***1Why You Up In HereFlo rida
94***1AnimalDash & Will
99***1GalaxyJessica Mauboy

Wow. What a week. The top 5 gets a complete shake up (well, top 10). We have a #1 debut (the 4th for the year) by Auburn/. She also debuts lower with two other tracks.

Lady GaGa scores her 4th top 4 peak with her 4th single You and I, but 5th entry from Born This Way (follows, Born This way #1 (4), Judas #3, The Edge of Glory #4 and Hair #36.

Vanessa Amorosi's new track Gossip isnt getting any love from the general public, but i love it. It moves to #3 this week.

Poor Jessica Mauboy. she gets dethroned from #1, and the 4th new tracks from the deluxe edition of her album have ALL debuted poorly. Upon first listen the tracks seem very out of place and average, but I think both Forget Your Name and Run will rise much higher. Nobody Knows is meh, and Galaxy only has 2 plays so far (which gets it a 99 debut this week).

Rounding out the top 5 is Rihanna. The 6th single from Loud, Cheers follows on from the flop Only Girl In The World which barely made top 50, top 10 hits Whats My Name and S&M, another flop California King Bed and then Man Down which peaked in the 70s.

Alot of entries in the lower 50. Zoe Badwi gets another entry with the great ballad from her album. dahs & Will enter after about 4 months since ive had the track.
Devo for Jess Mauboy, but great to hear Run and Forget Your Name will be moving up. Sucks that Auburn and Vanessa Amorosi had to takeover Jess, both are boring songs in my opinion. GaGa and Rihanna's jump are good though. So do you like Galaxy and can I expect it in your main chart soon?
Unless Galaxy gets a released as a single and is plugged for all it's worth, I dont see it getting much higher, although then again, i hated What Happened To Us in the beginning.

Cool jump for Gaga, I'd like to see that hit no.1. Shame to see Wynter and Alexis leave, good to see SSS still in there even if it fell. Nice rise for TEOG but shame to see Buy My Love out of the top 5 as it's definitely one of my favs from her. Nonetheless, I wasn actually expecting Galaxy to be an instant hit with you so I'm surprised lol
I will say that I'm not a fan of Stan Walker. His voice irritates me, so I will say i really havent given it a great chance since im not a fan of him.

The 4 songs dont really fit in with the album so im not surprised they werent originally on there.

I think GaGa definately has a chance at #1. The video is amazing.
Eww Gossip!!! Really???
Sad to see Inescapable and Buy My Love down.
1****1NEWYou Can DanceTila Tequila
2121 (1)La La LaAuburn
3292You and ILady GaGa
4461 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
6373GossipVanessa Amorosi
76101 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
8787Get In LineKe$ha
94029Forget Your NameJessica Mauboy
10897Stripper FriendsTila tequila
119103RumbaWynter Gordon
121094I Love YouTila Tequila
1311104Don't Stop MeTila Tequila
141291 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
1513910ParalyzeTila Tequila
1650216RunJessica Mauboy
17212516Who's Laughing NowJessie J
1814164The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
1915125Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
20191014Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
2116232Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
22****1NEWBlack Water RISINGStonefield
2317201 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
2418309Super BassNicki Minaj
2622126Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
2723162We Think It's LoveLeah Haywood
2824109Burning UpBritney Spears
29251119We LoveSneaky Sound System
3027425My OWn ThingLeah Haywood
31262514Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
32321032Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
3430930I Fucked The DJTila Tequila
3538252AbracadabraJessie J
3629111 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
3731728In The DarkDev
38341033Just To Make YouLeah Haywood
3933253Nobody's PerfectJessie J
4035273Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
4137727Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
4236836Summer of LoveLeah Haywood
4339305Last ChanceNicki Minaj
44411322We Run The NightHavana Brown
45461213CrazyLeah Haywood
46422223I Wanna GoBritney
47472725MazeJessica Mauboy
48441226San FranciscoCascada
49451912SMILEAvril Lavigne
5048743Trash MeHeidi Montag


68696Touch ItMonifah
73764Crash N BurnSugababes
77832Nobody KnowsJessica Mauboy
83***NEWMy MomentRebecca Black
84942AnimalDash & Will
85892Crazy Beauitful LifeKe$ha
92992GalazyJessica Mauboy

What a bloody close week it was this way. 7 plays difference between 1 and 4. Tila Tequila debuts at #1, only two plays above Auburn this week.

Not very much good movement with songs that I know, except I'm glad to see Gossip fall.
I knew those Jess jumps were coming. Especially the top 2. Forget Your Name has the beat that really deserves to be a hit on the charts. And Run's chorus is just amazing. I was hoping for a 3 way Jess competition for number one. But I imagine theres no chance lol. Great chart though.
Looks like the feeling is mutual between you and I and our number ones lol. Pretty much all of my favs drop this week : GaGa, Nicole Scherzinger & Britney.
Jess still hasa chance for #1 with Inescapable, but other than that, theres no chance really. Heres this weeks chart and commentary:

13101 (1)You and ILady GaGa
2121 (1)You Can DanceTila Tequila
3231 (1)LaLaLaAuburn
4471 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
57111 (2)Buy My Lovewynter Gordon
7683GossipVanessa Amorosi
8938Forget Your NameJessica Mauboy
9****1NEWRepeatDavid Guetta
10****1NEWWetNicole Scherzinger
11897Gert In LineKe$ha
1210107Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
1312105I Love UTila Tequila
1413114Dont Stop MeWynter Gordon
1511113RumbaWynter Gordon
1622216Black Water RisingStonefield
17201114still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
18*74331 (4)Do it Like A DudeJessie J
19172616who's Laughing NowJessie J
20151010ParalyzeTila Tequila
2114101 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
2216316RunJessica Mauboy
23*57393ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
24*80345ChemistryMyah Marie
2518174The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
2619135Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
27****1NEWBigSneaky Sound System
2821242Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
3923211 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
3024319Super BassNicki Minaj
32291219We LoveSneaky Sound System
3335262AbracadabraJessie J
3526136Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
3627172We think Its LoveLeah Haywood
37*XX1410FlyNicki Minaj
38****1NEWTurn Me OnDavid Guetta
39321132Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
4030525My Own ThingLeah Hayoowcd
41312614Wish You were Hereavril Lavigne
42*XX642Drunk On Your LoveWynter Gordon
43*XX169The Family JewelsMarina & The Diamonds
44*93391 (2)saturday NightJessica Mauboy
45341030I Fucked The DJTila Tequila
4636121 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
4737828In The darkDev
4840283Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
49*51361 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
5039263Nobody's PerfectJessie J

5143315Last ChanceNicki Minaj
52441422We Run The NiughtHavana Brown
54472825MazeJessica Mauboy
5750843tRASH mEHeidi Monag
64462323I Wanna GoBritney
82492012SmileAvril Lavigne
9528119Burning UpBritney Spears
XX481326San franciscoCascada
XX451213CrazyLeah Haywood
XX381033Just To Make YouLeah Haywood
XX41727Whatever U LikeNicole Scherzinger
XX42836Summer of LoveLeah Haywood

66***NEWTonight TonightHot Chelle Rae
69773Nobody KnowsJessica Mauboy
74843Animaldash & will
75***NEWWHat You WantEvanescence
99***NEWTill The World Ends (FFRe)Britney

Several new entries to my chart this week (and a fuck load of re-entries from tyhe likes of Jessie J's album, Marina & The Diamonds album and some Jessica Mauboy oldies.

#1 this week goes to Ms GaGa. Scoring her 2nd #1 hit off the album (4th top 4 hit) with You and I. The video is amazing, and that definately helped propel it back up from its #3 rank ;ast week She pushes down Miss Tila to #2 and auburn to #3.

The first new entry comes from david Guetta's new album. THe track is Repeat, and it debuts at #9 mainly because i had it on repeat many times haha. It's a great track featuring Jessie j.

scraping into the top 10 for her 4th top 10 single is Ms Nicole Scherzinger. The 4th single from Killer Love (finally released to Australia this week) is Wet, and I can tell its gonna be a smash hit on our ARIA charts, aswell as on my chart as I can feel it rising up very soon. It follows on from Poison #6, Dont Hold Your Breath #5 and Right There #5.

The re-entries this week have been quite random. with Jessie J's new single out I started listening to her album again, and do It Like A Dude storms back into the top 20, justabove UK single Whos Laughing Now.

Myah Marie has had a few entries on my chart. Stiletto Sex and Like It Loud were hits in 2010, and this year saw I'm Insane #6, Candy From Strangers #10 and Just That Sexy #51 chart, but her biggest hit of the year and only officially released single, Chemistry, re-enters at #24 this week. I'm Insane is re-enters at #86.

Marina & The Dianmonds album The Family Jewels spanned quite a few singles. and most of the album charted on my chart, and all off them re-enter this week. Shampain at #23, The Family Jewels at #43. Hollywood, Oh No, I Am Not A Robot, Are You satisfied, and Mowgli's Road all re-enter too.

Debuting at #27 is the 2nd single from Aussie's sneaky sound system. BIG fiollows on from We Love, which is still currently charting. It's on OK track, but I find it too similar to It's Not My Problem from a couple of years ago. Unless it grows alot more on me, I dont see it rising too much and lasting very long.

Re-entering and spending a 14th week inside the top 100 is Nicki Minaj with single FLY. I liked the song, but the video makes it so much more better, and I can see it rising up very soon and possibly even re-peaking. Just below is the David Guetta track featuring Nicki, Turn Me On, making it's debut.

Wynter Gordon's Drunk On Your Love felt very out of place on the album, but it still managed a #50 peak 11 weeks ago. Now it re-enters the top 50 for a 2nd week and peaks at #42. The track is really staqrting to grow on me.

As said, Jess mauboy's album is always re-entering and falling out of my chart. This week 2nd single Saturday Night and album track Scariest Part re-enter the top 50 this week. Both spent 2 weeks atop my chart.

Evanescence debut with new and mediocre single, and after many months on my ipod The Femme Fatale remix of Till The World Ends finally makes a debut on my chart at #99 with only 4 plays. Its never charted before because i never listen to it fully. I usually skip the track when Nicki Minaj's verse is over haha.

Hot Chelle Rae are the new wannabe punk band on the scene (following the likes of simple Plan, Cobra starship and enemy (in timing for their singles release dates anyway) These Kids wear Crowns). Its the obly one of the bunch I like.

Next week expect a HUGe debut from Jessie J's Domino. It will most likely score a #1 debut. Nicole S will rise for sure aswell.
11021 (1)WetNicole Scherzinger
2341 (1)LaLaLaAuburn
3****1NEWDominoJessie J
41111 (1)You and ILady GaGa
5925RepeatDavid Guetta
6231 (1)You Can DanceTila Tequila
7481 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
85121 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
10848Forget Your NameJessica Mauboy
11793GossipVanessa Amorosi
1211107Get In LineKe$ha
1318341 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
14371510FlyNicki Minaj
1512117Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
16171214Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
1713114I Love UTila Tequila
1814124Dont Stop MeWynter Gordon
1915123RumbaWynter Gordon
2016316Black Water RisingStonefield
2127221BigSneaky Sound System
22192716Whos Laughing NowJessie J
23201110ParalyzeTila Tequila
2421111 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
2523403ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
2624355ChemistryMyah Marie
2722416RunJessicas Mauboy
2829221 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
2926145Right ThereNicole Scherzinger
3038230Turn Me ONDavid Guetta
3125184The Edge of GloryLady GaGa
3228252Gurls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
3430329Super BassNicki Minaj
36321319We LoveSnealy Sound System
3744401 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
3833272AbracadabraJessie J
3935146Carry Me HomeZoe Badwi
4036182We Think Its LoveLeah Haywood
41412714Wish You Were HereAvril lavigne
42391232Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
4342742Drunk On Your LoveWynter Gordon
4443179The Family JewelsMarina & The Diamonds
45451130I Fucked The DJTila Tequila
4647928In The DarkDev
4746131 (2)X RatedKate Alexa
4848293Moment 4 LifeNicki Minaj
4949371 (2)Scariest PartJessica Mauboy
5050273Nobodys PerfectJessie J

XX40525My Own ThingLeah Haywood

52662Tonight TonightHot CHelle Rae
61***NEWAll About HimAuburn
66744AnimalDash & Will
70***NEWSo Over YouAuburn
71***NEWDont Give UPAuburn
88***NEWWho You AreJessie J

JoJo - Disaster
Vanessa Amorosi - Amazing & Soldier Man
Most likely alot of Myah Marie/LAze & Royal
Havana Brown - Get It
Kelly Clarkson - Mr Know It All

There may be also an entry by Sugababes Freedom and Naughty by Elen Levon if i decide to illegally download them because i dont wanna wait until they are released at the end of the month.
Devo for the no Jess oldies, and Run, Inescapable and Forget Your Name down. But good to see Saturday Night up and Scariest Part still in your chart, amazing song. Domino is okay so I'm not bothered by it's existance in your chart. Disaster will have a massive debut for me too. Mr. Know It All debuted at #2 this past week and Get It will also debut for me this week. Also great to see Jess with 2 of the biggest chart runs in your chart. Other than all the Jess drops, liking your chart.
Thanks. Yeah i was kinda hoping Kelly would beat Jess for the reign on your chart haha. I love Jess but still haha.

Hahaha. She will be stalled and drop a place this week because of JoJo, who has a MASSIVE chance at number one. I actually bought her The High Road album today. Amazing! Too Little Too Late is still my favourite JoJo track though haha
Loving the rise for Repeat too !!

Awesome rebound for Fly!
Nice to see Who You Are and 1+1 debut in your chart, even if its quite far down.
The High Road is a good album.

Who You Are will probably start rising soon. Domino still has a good chance at #1 this coming week, Although Wet is still stiff competition.
HUGE SHAKE UP THIS WEEK. Several entries and re-entries, and alot of falling tracks.

1321 (1)DominoJessie J
2131 (1)WetNicole Scherzinger
3251 (1)LaLalaAuburn
4534RepeatDavid Guetta
54121 (1)yOU and ILady Gaga
6791 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
78131 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
8641 (1)YOU Can DanceTila Teuqila
941289Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
11*70211So Over YOUAuburn
12141610FlyNicki Minaj
13*61213All About HimAuburn
14****1NEWGet ItHavana Brown
1617124I Love UTila Tequila
17*71217Dont Give UPAuburn
1815127Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
1925413ShampainMarina and The Diamonds
2020416Black Water RisingStonefield
2137411 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
221058Forget Your NameJessica Mauboy
2326365ChemistryMyah Marie
2419133RumbaWynter Gordon
26****1NEWSoldier ManVanessa Amorosi
27*XX327Perfect TwoAuburn
28****1NEWYou & MeLaze & Royal
2913351 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
30231210ParalyzeTila Tequila
3224121 (1)LOse ControlKeri Hilson
3330330Turn me OnDavid Guetta
34****1NEWGood FeeelingFlo Rida
35*52335TOnightHot Chelle RAE
3628231 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
38421332Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
39****1NEWMr Know It AllKelly Clarskon
40*XX267Way You Love MeKeri Hilson
41*692017I Am Not A RobotMarina and The Diamonds
4232262Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
43*73492Freak TonightScarlette Belle
4421321BigSneaky Sound System
4543842Drunk On Your LoveWynter Gordon
47*553025MazeJessica Mauboy
48****1NEWBlack WidowMyah Marie
49161314Still Getting YoungerWynter gordon
50****1NEWGucci GucciKreayshawn

54***NEWYou Make Me FeelCobra Starsghip
59***NEWBatteryMyah Marie
60***NEWAMazingVanessa Amorosi
61665AnimalDash & Will
67***NEWAu revoirCascada
68***NEWNAme DropperMYah Marie
69***NEWMidnight MidnightPotbelleez
73***NEWUr Girlfriends NightmareMYah Marie
74***NEWGot 2 Luv Yousean Paul
82***NEWWHats Up?4 Non Blondes
84XX2Gutter BlackHello Sailer
85***NEWThink About ItMelanie C
92***NEWIt GirlJason DeRulo

To many dropouts to list and I CBF right now. Ill edit them on later. Alot fell out of thye top 100. MY charts wierd shake up is because i was on a road trip and in the car and bored for mahy many hours.
Well considering I don't know your #2 or #3, good to see Domino at #1. I would prefer Repeat or Inescapable to be atop but fair enough on Domino. Love the debuts for JoJo, Kelly Clarkson and Havana Brown. Sad to see Forget Your Name down and Run down! But good to see Saturday Night up and It Girl and You Make Me Feel... in. And love the jump for Fly and Freak Tonight.
It Girl has one play. Its not likely to be listened to atr all anymore haha.

Jessie J scores her 3rd #1 on my chart with 4th Australian single Domino. It follows on from Do It Like A Dude and Price Tag which spent 4 and 3 weeks atop respectively. She has also scored numerous entries from her album (Abracadabra, Nobody's Perfect, Who's laughing Now, rainbow, Who You Are, Casualty of Love) and is also peaking this week at #4 with her vocals on David Guetta's Repeat.

7 out of my top 10 have peaked at #1 which is quite alot haha. Avril Lavigne's 3rd single wish You Were Here bullets up to peak at #9 in it's 28th week on the chart. It has been my favourite track on the album and has been charting ever since the album got released. It's original peak was #14 and follows on from What The Hell #10 and Smile #12.

JoJo makes a awesome comeback with Disaster. It seems like she traditionally sings about heartache (Leave, Too Little Too Late).

Auburn's LaLaLa is stil;l riding high up the chart after reaching #1 a few weeks ago, and other singles and album tracks also make their bullets/debut. she's very underrated, and although has only officially released an independant album (which Dont Give Up is featured on) and 3 official singles (LaLaLa, Perfect Two, All About Him) she has a collection of songs im presuming will feature on her upcoming album released hopefully this year. She also has about 10 music video's indipendantly released for some of her songs.

Havana Brown's debut single We Run The Night didnt have massive success on my chart, although it did spend 13 weeks in my top 50 peaking at #22. 2nd single Get it debuts at #14 and looks to reach the top 10 in coming weeks. All anyone remember's Khia for is her controversial hit My Neck, My Back... but she is actually quite a good rap artist and generally hated upon. 4real is her diss to pretty much all other female rappers including Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Its an awesome track.

Vanessa Amorosi has taken a huge fall with Gossip this week, the track falling out of the top 50 after being at #11 last week. 2nd single Amazing has a horrible debut at #60 this week with only 4 plays, whilst b-side Soldier Man makes a healthy debut of #26. Soldier Man is much much better and commercial IMO.

Myah Marie has previously charted numerous times, her only official single CHemistry still in my chart. She debuts with alot this week with newer material recorded this year sometime, aswell as Laze & royal's Me & U (which Myah sings the chorus which is a cover of Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang).

Flo Rida has always been a good charter in my chart. All his singles have charted and his new track Good feeling is no exception. It sounds exsactly like wherte Them Girls At, although it has already started to annoy me.

Kelly Clarkson's new single Mr Know It All is nothing special, so i really hope it will grow on me as im a fan of her stuff.

Controversial rapper Kreayshawn debuts with Gucci Gucci, the track that apparently everyone is gonna love. I hated it at first, but it's somewhat catchy. I dnt expect it to be around for long.

Cascada's 3rd single from original Me debuts below top 50, as does Potbelleez 4th single Midnight Midnight. It's their 2nd charting single behind Trouble Trouble (#4).

Sean Paul, Mel C, Cobra Sarship and Jason Derulo all debut with their new singles, as does the 4 Non Blondes with their mega-hit Whats Up.

1131 (2)DominoJessie J
2361 (1)LalaLaAuburn
3241 (1)WetNicole Scherzinger
4444RepeatDavid Guetta
55131 (1)You and ILady GaGa
76101 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
87141 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
91429Get ItHavana Brown
109299Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
1113311All About HimAuburn
1211311So Over YouAuburn
13121710FlyNicki Minaj
1526215Soldier ManVanessa Amorosi
16851 (1)You Can DanceTila Tequila
17*59217BatteryMyah Marie
1816134I Love UTila Tequila
1917317Dpont Give UpAuburn
2020516Black Water RisingStonefield
2118137Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
22*86144Dont stop MeWynter Gordon
232268Forget You NameJessica Mauboy
2419423ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
2521421 (2)Saturdeay NightJessica Mauboy
2623375ChemistryMyah marie
2724143RumbaWynter Gordon
2828228You & MeLaze & Royal
3027427Perfect TwoAuburn
3229361 (4)Do zit Like A dUDEJessie J
3332131 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
34301310ParalyzeTila Tequila
35*74235Got 2 Luv YouSean Paul
3644421BigSneaky Sound System
37491414Still Getting yOUNgerWynter Gordon
3833430turn me OnDavid Guetta
3943502Freak Tonightscarlette Belle
4035435Tonight TonightHot Chelle Rae
4136241 (7)Lie To meKeri Hilson
4248242Black WidowMyah marie
44381432Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
4539239Mr Know It allKelly Clarkson
4640277Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
4750247Gucci GucciKreashawn
48*53202We Think its LoveLeah Haywood
4942272Giurls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
5045942Drunk On Ur LoveWyunter Gordon

5146216CriminalBritney Spears
53473125MazeJessica Mauboy
XX412017I Am Not A RobotMarina & The Diamonds

53542You Make Med FeelCpobr Starship
55672Au RevoirCascada
68682Name DropperMyah marie
69***NEWLove On TopBeyonce
73732Ur Girlfriends NightmareMyah Marie
81***NEWFuck Dem Other HoesKhia
82***NEWBumpin BumpinKreashawn
83852Think About ItMel C
91***NEWGive It To Me NowSugababes
Nice to see Tonight Tonight, Inescapable, Best Thing I Never Had and Kelly Clarkson.
Shame to see the Zinger Burger fall a spot, but at least she's still top 5. Nice jumps for Sneaky Sound System and Sean Paul. STONEFIELD!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!
YAY Super happy to see DOMINO at #1!! Awesome to see Wet in your top 5 too.

Nice debut for Love On Top down low, hope it gets higher!
Black Water Rising is the only Stonefield song i've liked so far.. which is a shame.

Love On Top probably wont reach too much higher. I doubt it will get top 50.
1***1NEWNaughtyElen Levon
2141 (2)DominoJessie J
3351 (1)WetNicole scherzinger
4271 (1)LaLaLaAuburn
6454RepeatDavid Guetta
75141 (1)You and ILady GaGa
88151 (2)Buy My LoveWynter Gordon
9939Get ItHavana Brown
107111 (3)InescapableJessica Mauboy
11****1NEWRadioactiveMarina & The Diamonds
1211411All About HimAuburn
1335313Got 2 Luv USean paul
1417314BatteryMyah Marie
1520615Black Water RisingStonefield
16****1NEWSmash ItZowie
18131810FlyNicki Minaj
1915315Soldier ManVanessa Amorosi
212378Forget Your NameJessica Mauboy
221661 (1)You Can DanceTila Tequila
2321147Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
2422154Dont Stop MeWynter Gordon
2518144I Love UTila Tequila
2610309Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
2742327Black WidowMyah marie
2927153RumbaWynter Gordon
3030527Perfect TwoAuburn
3128328You & MeLaze & Royal
3236521Bigsneaky Sound System
33341410ParalyzeTila tequila
3432371 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
3533141 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
3648212we Think Its LoveLeah haywood
3712411So Over YouAuburn
3838530GTurn Me OnDavid Guetta
3940535Tonight TonightHot Chelle Rae
40****1NEWWe Found LoveRihanna
41371514Still Getting YoungerWynter Gordon
42*53342You Make me FeelCobra Starship
43****1NEWTitaniumDavid Guetta
4439512Freak TonightScarlette Belle
4519417Dont Give UpAuburn
47*55347Aun RevoirCascada
4846287Way U Love MeKeri Hilson
4941251 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
5047347Gucci GucciKreashawn

5149282Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
53441532Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
5445339Mr Know It AllKelly Clarkson
56501042Drunk On Your LoveWynter Gordon
6025431 (2)Saturday NightJessica Mauboy
6224433ShampainMarina & The Diamonds
6326385ChemistryMyah Marie

58***NEWFuck The Pain AwayPeaches
69***NEWBooty BounceDev
77***NEWTake Her from YouDev
82***NEWAll About TonightPixie Lott
90***NEWSexy and You Know ItJustice Crew

1121 (2)NaughtyElen Levon
2251 (2)DominoJessie J
3361 (1)WetNicole Scherzinger
4481 (1)LalaLaAuburn
67151 (1)You and ILady GaGa
7664RepeatDavid Guetta
8948Get ItHavana Brown
98161 (2)Buy My LoveWynteer Gordon
1010121 (3)InescapableJessica Muaboy
1111211RadioactiveMarina & The Diamonds
1216212Smash ItZowie
1312511All About HimAuburn
1414414BatteryMyah marie
1513413Got 3 Luv USean Paul
1615715Black Water RisingStoefield
1719415Soldier ManVanessa Amorosi
18181910FlyNicki Minaj
1923157Stripper FriendsTila Tequila
212271 (1)You Can DanceTila teqiula
2224164Dont Stop Mewynter Gordon
242188Forget Your NameJessica ZMauboy
2525154I Love UTila Tequila
2626319Wish You Were HereAvril Lavigne
2743227TitaniumDavid Guetta
2827427Black WidowMyah Marie
2931428You & MeLAze & Royale
3129163RumbaWynter Gordon
3230627Perfect TwOAuburn
3332621BigSneaky Sound System
34331510ParalyzeTila tequila
3535151 (1)Lose ControlKeri Hilson
3636222We Think Its LoveLeah Haywood
3839635Tonight TonightHot Chelle rAE
3934381 (4)Do It Like A DudeJessie J
4044522Freak TonightScarlette Belle
4137511So over YouAuburn
4242442You Make Me FeelCobra Starship
4338630Turn Me OnDavid Guetta
4449261 (7)Lie To MeKeri Hilson
4540240We Found LoveRihanna
46411614Still Getting YoungerRihanna
47*51292Girls Fall Like DominoesNicki Minaj
4947447Au RevoirCascada
50*671328In The DarkDev

48297way you love meKeri Hilson
45517Dont Give UPAuburn
50447Guccie GucciKreashawn

71772Take Her From YouDev
74822All About TonightPixie Lott
76***NEWLove DemolitionZowie
83***NEWAll We HaveNatalie Bassingthwaighte
85XX8Love or HateZowie
94***NEWTRhe One That Got AwayKaty Perry
Elen Levon clocks up her 2nd week at #1 this week, and by the looks of things her only competition is Jessie J's Domino (when the video gets released it may climb back up) or Nicole S (when i start hearing Wet on radio and music channels).

JoJo is also a contender for #1 in time if her video is great. She clings on top #5 this week.

Zowie Zowie Zowie. So glad i discovered Bite Back in February. Its a wicked track. Smash It climbs to #12 this week becoming her biggest hit on my chart. She also debuts down lower with Love Demolition.

David Guetta has struck me once again with Titanium. I'm not a massive fan of Sia, only Buttons and Bring Night have tickled my fancy, but i finally got around to hearing Titanium and it's a great track. It climbs intop the top 30 and is bound
to go higher.

Debuting at #37 is Sugababes. I was forced to illegally download the song because the September 25 released date for it came and it still wasnt on itunes. I soon discovered it's only released to Amazon in the UK (making it ineligiable to chart there. Smart move cuz it most likely would of flopped). It's definately gonna grow on me, but I cant see it reaching top 10.

Dev has 6 tracks in the top 100 this week (and is bound to have alot more next week as i've bought her AMAZING album). Bass Down Low peaked at #33 (TW 70). In The Dark climbs back into the top 50 at #50, Me is sitting prettyy at #23, Taker her From You peaks at #71 and former singles Booty Bounce and Fireball cling to inside top 100 at #97 and #99 respectively.

Also peaking is Pixie Lott. The track just keeps growing on me. Im starting to really get into it. Natalie bassingthwaightes most undewrwhelming single to dsate (and obvious JLO rip-off debuts at #83) and Zowie re-enters and peaks with 3rd single Love or Hate.

Katy Perry has had some hita in my chart, and some misses. The 6TH single from Teenage Dream debuts this week. Here is her chart history.

I Kissed A Girl1 (2)
Hot N Cold13
One of the Boys2
Waking Up In Vegas6
ur SO GAY75
Self Inflicted34
California Gurls6
Teenage Dream44
Last Friday Night9
The One That Got Away94

Next week I expect alot of debuts from Dev. The album is quite good. Possibly some Sneaky Sound System as I plan on buying there album too. CHINGY also has a new song so if its good it'll probabkly chart aswell. B.O.B too.

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