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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Chart Positions Pre 1989 Part 4

The other three threads are now closed, but can be viewed here:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


So if you have any artists that you would like their chart histories prior to what is listed on the search engines above, then please put your requests below.

For Album requests, please use the ALBUM PRE 1989 thread:

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Can someone please tell me the chart positions for the following...

Georgie Fame
Grantley Dee
The Groop
Jethro Tull
Jimmy Jones
Lynne Randell
M.P.D. Limited

Thanks for the singles chart info. Also, have you got the singles chart info for Kris Kross, Brandy, Monica, Smashing Pumpkins, L.V., Pearl Jam, Pulp and Busta Rhymes? And also, did L.A.D.'s "Ridin' Low" and Dove Shack's "Summertime in the LBC" chart at the Australian top 100 singles chart? Thank you.
Were "U2" , Hinder and Airbourne at the peaks 51-100 since 89? And the song "Perfect Day" from Various Artists?
Was the australian Band "New World" in the charts? They had songs like "Tom Tom Turnaround", "Try To Remember" and they sung the original version from "Living Next Door To Alice".
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Can you please post the AMR chart for the first week of 1980-85, 1972-76 and 1988-93?
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Oops! I forgot one thing. Did the "Band on the Run" single by Paul McCartney & Wings peaked at the Australian top 100 singles chart? Thank you.
Georgie Fame * & The Blue Flames
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jan-651412Yeh, Yeh
03-Apr-656605In the Meantime
30-July-664009Get Away
18-Feb-679203*Sitting in the Park
20-Jan-680422*The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde
21-Jun-719105Rosetta (with Alan Price as Fame & Price)

Grantley Dee
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-May-661619Let the Little Girl Dance
10-Sep-663812Wild One / You Thrill Me
07-Jan-675008You're 16
13-May-677004We Must Be Doing Something Right
07-Oct-677405Stop Where You Are
28-Sep-685309Love is a Happy Thing (with Little Pattie)

The Groop
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Dec-653013Ol' Hound Dog
26-Feb-663213The Best in Africa
11-Jun-665309I'm Satisfied
01-Oct-669901Empty Words
28-Jan-673413Sorry / Why Do You Love
27-May-670830Woman You're Breaking Me
18-Nov-674009Seems More Important to Me / Annabelle Lee
24-Feb-686508Lovin' Tree
04-Jan-691615Such a Lovely Way
05-July-699203You've Gotta Live Love

Jethro Tull
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Apr-695106Love Story
27-Dec-699901Living in the Past
24-Aug-709101The Witch's Promise
15-Jan-733611Living in the Past (Re-issue)
23-Dec-743214Bungle in the Jungle

Jimmy Jones
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Feb-600419Handy Man
07-May-600716Good Timin'
17-Sep-606706That's When I Cried
22-Oct-608204EE-I EE-I Oh! (Sue MacDonald) / Itchin'

Lynne Randell
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Mar-653110I'll Come Running Over
12-Jun-654707A Love Like You / Summertime
28-Aug-656003Forever / Be Sure
03-Sep-663414Going Out of My Head
08-Apr-670814Ciao Baby
19-Aug-675505That's a Hoe Down

M.P.D. Limited
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Aug-650525Little Boy Sad / Wendy, Don't Go
30-Oct-651815Lonely Boy
19-Feb-662411(Remember) Walkin' in the Sand / If You Were Mine
21-May-666112No Regrets
20-Aug-668004Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Stewart, none of those 'songs' you asked about charted here in Australia, but here are the acts you asked about...

Kris Kross:
Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
31-May-92(3) 118Jump
26-Jul-922111Warm it Up
11-Oct-929501I Missed the Bus

Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
19-Feb-951227I Wanna Be Down
07-Apr-969901Sittin' Up in My Room
08-Jun-98(3) 323and MONICA - The Boy is Mine
30-Aug-983921feat MA$E - Top of the World
18-Jan-990829Have You Ever?
11-Oct-996506(Everything I Do) I Do it For You
07-May-011119feat RAY J - Another Day in Paradise
25-Feb-020616What About Us?
20-May-024309Full Moon
21-Jun-042809feat KANYE WEST - Talk About Our Love
18-Apr-059901Who is She 2 U?

Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
24-Sep-95733Don't Take it Personal (Just One of Dem Days)
07-Apr-966013Before You Walk Out of My Life
04-Aug-969601Why I Love You So Much
01-Jun-974515For You I Will
08-Jun-98(3) 323BRANDY and - The Boy is Mine
20-Sep-983027aThe First Night
19-Apr-991224Angel of Mine
21-Oct-02396aAll Eyez on Me
25-Aug-037202So Gone

Smashing Pumpkins:
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Jun-92748aLull (EP) (feat. Rhinoceros)
12-Sep-938707Cherub Rock
18-Sep-945710Today ®
05-Nov-953328Bullet with Butterfly Wings
02-Jun-962111Tonight, Tonight
08-Jun-971019The End is the Beginning is the End
25-May-981914Ava Adore
28-Feb-003102Stand Inside Your Love
04-Jun-074601Tarantula (digital sales only)
10-Mar-088202American Gothic

Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
08-Oct-95(13) 123COOLIO feat - Gangsta's Paradise
18-Feb-968414afeat Treach - Throw Your Hands Up

Pearl Jam:
Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
10-May-922215Even Flow
24-Oct-93(2) 2216Go
30-Jan-94(2) 1816Daughter
24-Apr-94(2) 3017Animal
20-Nov-940312Spin the Black Circle
26-Feb-95(2) 2910Not for You
12-Mar-958003Jeremy ®
17-Dec-950214Merkinball (EP) (feat "I Got Id")
11-Aug-960510Who You Are
03-Nov-963114Hail, Hail
26-Jan-974609Off He Goes
12-Jan-981317Given to Fly
28-Jun-99(7) 151Last Kiss
08-May-00077aNothing as it Seems
28-Aug-006403Light Years
28-Oct-021218I Am Mine
03-Mar-032906Love Boat Captain

Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jul-956511Common People
03-Mar-963515Disco 2000
21-Jul-969901Common People ®
30-Nov-978501Help the Aged
30-Mar-986405This is Hardcore
20-Sep-989001Party Hard

Busta Rhymes:
Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
14-Jul-969602Woo-Hah!! Got You all in Check
22-Aug-988801Turn it Up / Fire it Up
26-Apr-996506feat JANET JACKSON - What's it Gonna Be?!
04-Mar-021316Break Ya Neck
20-May-024307feat P.DIDDY & PHARRELL - Pass the Courvoisier Part II
03-Mar-03619afeat SEAN PAUL and Spliff Star - Make it Clap
16-Jun-03(4) 317feat MARIAH CAREY - I Know What You Want
24-Nov-035211feat PHARRELL - Light Your Ass on Fire
24-May-042319LIL' JON Feat YING TANG TWINS, Elephant Man and - Get Low
29-Aug-05(7) 128PUSSYCAT DOLLS feat - Don't Cha
12-Jun-061416Touch it
14-Aug-062212feat WILL.I.AM and KELIS - I Love My Chick
19-May-083708feat LINKIN PARK - We Made it
Spatz, Hinder only had two Top 50 hits, Airbourne have yet to chart, and U2 only has had one lower 50 'hit'

Entry DateHPWITitles
28-May-01744New Years Dub (U2 vs Musique)

New World:
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-712318Tom-Tom Turnaround
31-Jan-725308Kara, Kara
03-July-721919Sister Jane
15-Jan-732016Living Next Door to Alice
21-May-735108Rooftop Singing
And the song "Perfect Day" from Various Artists?
Thanks! For my next requests, could I please have:

Brian Poole (and the Tremeloes)
Bruce Channel
Buck Owens
The Buckinghams
Buffalo Springfield
Burl Ives
Carl Dobkins Jr.

Thanks in advance.
spatz, sorry, that "Perfect Day" never charted here either.
Thanks again. Have you got the singles chart info for Naughty By Nature, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Tricky, De La Soul, Weezer and Sepultura, please? Thank you.
Could I please have:

the Venetians
Monte Video (and the Cassettes)
Captain Cocoa
the Allniters
Exploding White Mice
the Atlantics
the Delltones
Koo De Tah
and any other little-known Australian pub rock bands you remember.
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Brian Poole and the Tremeloes
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Oct-631927Do You Love Me
11-Jan-642415I Can Dance
14-Mar-641813Candy Man
06-Jun-641718Someone, Someone
05-Sep-648405Twelve Steps to Love
26-Dec-642909Three Bells
04-Sep-658104I Want Candy
25-Dec-659802Good Lovin'

Bruce Channel
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Feb-621616Hey! Baby
28-Sep-687308Keep On

Buck Owens
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Dec-721713Made in Japan
09-Sep-742028(It's a) Monster's Holiday

The Buckinghams
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Feb-671818Kind of a Drag

Buffalo Springfield
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Apr-679802For What it's Worth (Stop, Hey What's That Sound)

Burl Ives
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-490130Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)
01-Sep-511505The Little White Duck
14-Feb-531702The Parting Song
13-Jan-620325A Little Bitty Tear
21-Apr-620717Funny Way of Laughin'
28-July-621813Call Me Mr. In-Between
24-Nov-621515Mary Ann Regrets
24-Aug-638601The Moon is High / I'm the Boss
09-Nov-639401It Comes and Goes
19-Sep-642217Pearly Shells
29-Jun-682817I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (If I Could)

Carl Dobkins Jr.
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-July-590222My Heart is an Open Book
14-Nov-596709If You Don't Want My Lovin'
27-Feb-603113Lucky Devil / In My Heart
18-Jun-602412Exclusively Yours
Naughty By Nature:
Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
29-Mar-927605Everything's Gonna Be Alright
28-Mar-933324Hip Hop Hooray
11-Jul-935109It's On
13-Aug-958903Feel Me Flow
29-Oct-959801Clap Yo Hands
14-Dec-976107Mourn You 'til I Join You / Naughty Live
06-Mar-00(3) 826Holiday ▲
07-Aug-007406feat ZHANE - Jamboree
06-May-023416feat 3LW - Feels Good (Don't Worry 'Bout a Thing)

Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Oct-930625Creep ●
26-Jun-949702Anyone Can Play Guitar
12-Mar-9510001My Iron Lung
16-Jul-956209High and Dry
31-Aug-972905Paranoid Android
28-Sep-97717aKarma Police
02-Feb-984710aNo Surprises
04-Jun-012503Pyramid Song
03-Sep-015602Knives Out
02-Jun-032804There, There
08-Sep-03393aGo To Sleep

Massive Attack:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Jun-919501Unfinished Syphony
03-May-924909Hymn of the Big Wheel (EP)
12-Feb-95914awith Tracey Thorn - Protection
07-Apr-087602Teardrop ®
01-Sep-089701Teardrop ®

Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy:
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Aug-928901The Televsion

Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-964413GARBAGE feat - Milk
25-May-988902Money Greedy / feat P.J. HARVEY - Broken Homes
03-Sep-014304LIVE feat - Simple Creed

De La Soul:
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Jul-907806Eye Know
02-Jun-91421Ring, Ring, Ring (Ha, Ha Hey) ●
15-Sep-915408A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
07-Aug-00913afeat REDMAN - Oooh
05-Feb-013410feat CHAKA KHAN - All Good?

Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Sep-946306Undone - The Sweater Song
08-Jan-956814Buddy Holly
22-Sep-967011El Scorcho
16-Mar-978801The Good Life
05-Nov-017810aIsland in the Sun
02-Jun-089501Pork and Beans

Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Feb-964407Roots Bloody Roots
The Venetians
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-July-838501Sound on Sound
19-Dec-836311Chinese I's (Here Come the Minute Men)
06-May-859104Shine a Lighht
13-Jan-860816So Much for Love
21-July-866711If Somebody Loves You
18-Jan-887711Amazing World
09-May-882418Bitter Tears
21-Nov-888104Must Believe

Monte Video (and the Cassettes)
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Feb-831120Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang

Captain Cocoa - nothing charted

The Allniters
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Apr-834013Hold On
26-Sep-831919Montego Bay
19-Dec-834513Love and Affection
10-Sep-848406Screaming Dreaming
10-Aug-877606All That Easy

Exploding White Mice - no singles charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-711224Black and Blue
20-Nov-729202Sunny Day
04-Jun-738904I Thought You Weren't My Friend
10-Dec-736508I'm Gonna Miss You, Babe

The Atlantics
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Mar-636604Moon Man
23-Nov-630715The Crusher
28-Mar-648504War of the Worlds
10-Sep-667304Why Do You Treat me Like You Do
03-Dec-665508I Put a Spell on You
21-Oct-676005Waiting Here for Someone

The Delltones
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Oct-595710Every Little Thing I Do
20-Feb-604411Yes Indeed
25-Jun-609701Little Miss Heartbreak
07-Jan-611518You're the Limit
18-Mar-614211Wonder / A Teenager in Love
15-July-618601Even Tho'
09-Jun-620718Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands
19-Jan-630423Come a Little Bit Closer
29-Jun-634012Sitting in the Moonlight
12-Oct-630519Hangin' Five
18-Apr-645803Out the Back / That's How Many Tears
15-Aug-649902Walkin' Along / Paper Doll
10-Oct-645110Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me

Koo De Tah
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-July-850627Too Young for Promises
25-Nov-852714Body Talk
29-Sep-866906Think of Me
Cheers bulion!!

Johnny Young (and Kompany)
Sam The Sham (and the Pharaohs)
José Feliciano
Kathy Kirby
King Fox
Larry's Rebels
Lovin' Spoonful

Thanks for the info! Also, some singles chart info for Blink 182, Garbage, Leftfield, Portishead, 4 The Cause, Body Count, Ween, Mase, Air and Skunk Anansie, please? Thank you.
Oh, and some singles chart info for Divinyls, Blessid Union of Souls, Deni Hines, Def FX, Powderfinger and Meja, please? Thanks again.
Were Firehouse, Monty Python, Jay-Z, Angela Martin, Rap Allstars, Kim Appleby, Razorlight, Cypress Hill, Army Of Lovers, Jesus Jones, Sniff 'n' Tears, Kenny Thomas, Foxy Brown, Snow Patrol, Sunrise Avenue, and "Guns N Roses" in the charts? And was the song "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin in the charts?
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Stewart Tyacke, are you by any chance from New Zealand because I notice that a lot of your requests were huge hits in New Zealand. Just wondering
The Chills
Moving Pictures
Stealers wheel
Norman greenbaum
Harry Miller
Al Green
The Allman Brothers
Los Bravos
Carl Perkins
Grateful Dead
The La's
Michael Sembello
The Marcels
Muddy Waters
The Ronettes

Johnny Young (and Kompany*)
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jun-660237Step Back / Cara-Lyn*
15-Oct-660423Let it Be Me (EP)*
07-Jan-670414Kiss Me Now / When Will I Be Loved*
25-Mar-670912All My Lovin' (EP)
08-July-673707Lady / Good Evening
26-Aug-672510Craise Finton Kirk / I Am the World
27-July-682910It's a Sunny Day / My World
27-Nov-728006Reach for the Sun
18-Jun-736602Just Another Rock and Roller

Sam The Sham* (and the Pharaohs)
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-May-657804Wooly Bully
09-July-660624Lil' Red Riding Hood
29-Oct-662810The Hair on My Chinny Chin Chin
04-Feb-679102How Do Ya Catch a Girl
30-Nov-689801I Couldn't Spell !!*@! *

José Feliciano
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Aug-681423Light My Fire
16-Nov-680429Adios Amor (Goodbye, My Love)
23-Nov-682411Hi-Heel Sneakers / Hitchcock Railway
15-Mar-697107My World is Empty Without You / Hey! Baby
07-Jun-693809Marley Purt Drive
23-Aug-694714Rain / She's a Woman
02-Mar-705808A Point of View
08-Jun-709303Younger Generation / Girl (You'll Never Get Away from Me)
20-Jun-704115Destiny / Suzie-Q
04-Jan-719901Feliz Navidad

Kathy Kirby
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Sep-630120Dance On
30-Nov-630217Secret Love
21-Mar-642609Let Me Go, Lover
30-May-645914You're the One
23-Apr-668105Till the End of Time / Spanish Flea
20-May-6710001No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore

King Fox
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Oct-692718Unforgotten Dreams

Larry's Rebels
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Oct-678502Dream Time
13-July-689801Everybody's Girl

Lovin' Spoonful
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-May-661715Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind
13-Aug-661115Summer in the City
26-Nov-663809Rain on the Roof
18-Feb-673612Nashville Cats
15-Apr-679006Darling, Be Home Soon
14-Sep-687111Never Going Back
Blink 182
Entry Date(WA) HPWITitles
26-May-969002Wasting Time
27-Apr-979001Apple Shampoo
21-Sep-973439aDammit (Growing Up)
04-May-983124Josie (Everything's Gonna Be Fine)
21-Jun-99(2) 4212What's My Age Again?
01-Nov-99(2) 834aAll the Small Things ▲
26-Jun-007212Adam's Song
23-Oct-004014Man Overboard
02-Jul-013413The Rock Show
01-Oct-015008First Date
11-Feb-026608Stay Together for the Kids
17-Nov-032019Feeling This ●
23-Feb-041320I Miss You

Entry Date(WA) HPWITitles
04-Feb-964720Stupid Girl
16-Jun-96809aOnly Happy When it Rains
10-Nov-964413feat TRICKY - Milk
27-Apr-98(2) 3113Push it
02-Aug-985705I Think I'm Paranoid
09-Aug-992225When I Grow Up
21-Jan-020715Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) ●
06-May-021908Breaking Up the Girl
09-Sep-027403Shut Your Mouth
04-Apr-05(2) 1918Why Do You Love Me
18-Jul-05476aRun Baby Run

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Jan-943916and Lydon - Open Up
20-Sep-998701and Bambaataa - Afrika Shox
03-Jan-007902and Roots Manuva - Dusted

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Mar-956605Sour Times (Nobody Loves Me)
07-May-95962aGlory Box
21-Sep-973608All Mine
14-Apr-088701Machine Gun

4 The Cause
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Mar-992818Stand By Me
05-Jul-997303Ain't No Sunshine

Body Count
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Sep-928602There Goes the Neighborhood
30-Jan-946705Hey Joe
02-Oct-945206Born Dead

Entry Date(WA)HPWITitles
13-Jun-93(3) 1818aPush th' Little Daisies
29-Jan-955813Voodoo Lady

Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Jun-972721PUFF DADDY feat - Can't Nobody Hold Me Down
28-Sep-971034NOTORIOUS B.I.G. feat PUFF DADDY and - Mo Money Mo Problems ●
30-Nov-974814PUFF DADDY & The Family feat NOTORIOUS B.I.G and - Been Around the World
01-Jun-988801Feel So Good
23-Aug-98865aFeel So Good ®
30-Aug-983921BRANDY feat - Top of the World
15-Mar-99673a112 feat - Love Me
21-Jun-992313feat BLACKStreet - Get Ready
08-Nov-99882aAll I Ever Wanted

Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Mar-986806Sexy Boy
27-Jul-987704Kelly Watch the Stars
01-Feb-99836aAll I Need

Skunk Anansie
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Feb-966014aI Can Dream
27-Oct-968002All I Want
20-Apr-978202Twisted (Everybody Hurts)
15-Mar-997203Charlie Big Potato
Entry Date(WA) HPWITitles
05-Oct-810820Boys in Town
17-Jan-831317Science Fiction
11-Apr-834512Siren (Never Let You Go)
19-Sep-839102Casual Encounter
06-Aug-843214Good Die Young
10-Dec-844713In My Life
23-Sep-851124Pleasure and Pain
03-Jan-865011Sleeping Beauty
26-May-869002Heart Telegraph
29-Feb-883316Back to the Wall
04-Jul-882312Hey Little Boy
02-Dec-90(2) 127I Touch Myself ▲
31-Mar-914311Love School
13-Oct-91923aI'm On Your Side
18-Oct-921922I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
04-Apr-933911Wild Thing
12-Mar-951424I'm Jealous ●
31-Mar-96943aHard on Me
01-Sep-965908Human on the Inside

Blessid Union of Souls
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Jul-951818I Believe
18-Oct-991726Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) ●
02-Oct-0010001That's The Girl (That I've Been Telling You About)

Deni Hines
Entry Date(WA) HPWITitles
03-Nov-910525ROCKMELONS feat - Ain't No Sunshine ●
26-Apr-92(2) 422ROCKMELONS feat - That Word (L.O.V.E.) ●
16-Aug-921517ROCKMELONS feat - It's Not Over
05-Nov-950423It's Alright ▲
30-Jun-966709I Like the Way
03-Nov-96903aI'm Not in Love
26-Jan-97863aI'm Not in Love ®
14-Feb-003608Pull Up to the Bumper
11-Dec-064302MARCIA HINES and - Stomp!

Def FX
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jan-92885aSurge (EP)
14-Mar-936709No Time for Nowhere
04-Jul-937011Space Time Disco
02-Oct-944309Post Moronic (EP)
10-Dec-954223Psychoactive Summer
21-Apr-965109Spell on You
28-Jul-966706I'll Be Your Majick

Entry Date(WA) HPWITitles
06-Aug-958303Mr. Kneebone (EP)
26-May-96(2) 2323Pick You Up
24-Nov-964215Living Type
16-Aug-982519The Day You Come ARIA Single of the Year-1999
29-Nov-98594aDon't Wanna Be Left Out / Good-Day Ray
08-Mar-99686aAlready Gone
21-Aug-000431My Happiness ● ARIA Single of the Year-2001
22-Jan-014006Like a Dog
03-Sep-013109The Metre
23-Jun-030920aOn My Mind
22-Sep-033718Love Your Way
29-Mar-045108Since You've Been Gone
21-May-070537aLost and Running
20-Aug-074213aI Don't Remember
10-Dec-075115Nobody Sees
07-Apr-088101One More Kiss as You Fly Away
19-May-0810001Nobody Sees ®
11-Aug-085803iTunes Live from Sydney (EP)

Entry Date(WA) HPWITitles
24-May-99774aAll 'Bout the Money
03-Apr-00598aRICKY MARTIN feat - Private Emotion

Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Aug-915707Don't Treat Me Bad
17-Nov-91972aLove of a Lifetime

Monty Python
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Feb-800914Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
10-Nov-803215I Like Chinese

Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Jan-993114Hard Knock Life
11-Oct-991022MARIAH CAREY Feat... - Heartbreaker ▲
19-Nov-012319Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
18-Mar-026306Girls, Girls, Girls
24-Jun-028402R. KELLY feat... - Honey
20-Jan-030225'03 Bonnie & Clyde (feat Beyonce) ▲
16-Jun-031217PANJABI MC feat... - Beware of the Boys
30-Jun-033803Excuse Me Miss
14-July-030224BEYONCE feat... - Crazy in Love ▲
11-Aug-032817PHARRELL WILLIAMS feat... - Frontin'
26-Jan-044608Change Clothes
13-Dec-040322Numb / Encore (LINKIN PARK and) ▲
14-Aug-061225BEYONCE feat... - Deju Vu
11-Dec-067908Show Me What You Got
07-May-079801Hollywood (feat BEYONCE)
04-Jun-071x662RIHANNA feat... - Umbrella

Angela Martin, Rap Allstars, Kim Appleby, Razorlight - no chart entries

Cypress Hill
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Aug-934014Insane in the Brain
27-Feb-944312I Ain't Goin' Out Like That
22-May-944707When the Shit Goes Down
08-Oct-952914Throw Your Set in the Air
04-Oct-98707aTequila Sunrise
12-July-993508JASON NEVINS vs... - Insane in the Brain
29-Mar-045611What's Your Number?

Army Of Lovers
Entry DateHPWITitles

Jesus Jones
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Mar-913521Right Here, Right Now
07-July-917907International Bright Young Thing
31-Jan-935406The Devil You Know

Sniff 'n' Tears
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Nov-791319Driver's Seat

Kenny Thomas, Sunrise Avenue - nothing charted

Guns N Roses
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Sep-881129Sweet Child O' MineAMR #10
12-Dec-884112Welcome to the JungleAMR #37
03-Apr-894811Paradise CityAMR #40
22-May-891622Patience ●AMR #16
14-July-910322You Could Be Mine ▲
15-Sep-910522Don't Cry ●
15-Dec-911018Live and Let Die
22-Mar-922113November Rain
19-July-921238Knockin' on Heaven's Door ●
30-Aug-920540November Rain ® ▲
23-May-934509Civil War
20-Mar-944710Since I Don't Have You
25-Dec-941215Sympathy for the Devil
30-Jun-087308Sweet Child O' Mine ®
17-Nov-085405Chinese Democracy
24-Nov-088703Sweet Child O' Mine ®

Foxy Brown
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Mar-97609aBLACKStreet feat... - Get me Home
12-Nov-018801Oh Yeah

Snow Patrol
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-May-072213Signal Fire
05-Nov-075317Open Your Eyes
05-Nov-075338Chasing Cars ▲
15-Sep-086525Chasing Cars ®
13-Oct-083115Take Back the City
Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" was never released as a single, so it hasn't charted here. It's an album track only.
The Chills - only two albums for these guys, no singles

Moving Pictures
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Nov-814319Bustin' Loose
15-Feb-820124What About Me
14-Jun-825110Sweet Cherie
15-Aug-833712Back to the Streets
14-Nov-838004Where They Belong

Stealers Wheel
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Apr-731621Stuck in the Middle With You
10-Sep-739001Everyone's Agreed That Everything Will Turn Out Fine

Norman Greenbaum
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Mar-700126Spirit in the Sky
20-July-705106Canned Ham

Harry Miller - nothing charted
Al Green
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Dec-880612ANNIE LENNOX and... - Put a Little Love in Your Heart
22-Apr-904617ARTHUR BAKER feat... - The Message is Love

The Allman Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Nov-734312Ramblin' Man

Los Bravos
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Aug-660319Black is Black
15-Oct-665110I Don't Care
28-Jan-679902Going Nowhere
25-May-684809Bring a Little Lovin'

Carl Perkins
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-July-581912Blue Suede Shoes
15-Nov-586106Pop, Let Me Have the Car

Grateful Dead - albums only

The La's - nothing charted

Michael Sembello
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Nov-834910Automatic Man

The Marcels
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Mar-610418Blue Moon

Muddy Waters - no singles charted

Opus - nothing at all charted

The Ronettes
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Nov-632414Be My Baby
08-Feb-644804Baby, I Love You
31-May-698206You Came, You Saw, You Conquered
Thanks for the info. Also, some singles chart info for Foo Fighters, Regurgitator, Primal Scream, Supergroove, Gerling, Headless Chickens, Nine Inch Nails, Soundgarden, Bush, Beck, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean, Three The Hard Way, Hoodoo Gurus and Look Twice. That's all.
Oh, and also Pras, Ice-T and Ice Cube, please? Thank you.
Frank Sinatra: I only need the songs My way and New York, New York

The song Aquarius from The 5th dimension
Thanks for everything!

Did any of these artists chart?

B B King
Leonard Cohen
Lou Gramm
Modern English
Night Ranger
The Replacements
Rick James
Tommy Tutone
.38 Special
Thanks Bulion. Can I please grab

The Cascades
Charlie Gracie
The Cherokees
Chris Andrews
Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
The Clovers
The Purple Hearts

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Hi bulion, I need the top 51-100 from:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Barenaked Ladies
The Black Crowes
Queens of The Stone Age
Papa Roach
Joshua Radin
Also, have you also got some singles chart info for Robbie Williams, Sugar Ray, Luscious Jackson, T-Spoon, Kid Rock, Joe and Spacedust, please? Thanks.
Thanks, bulion. I need the top 51-100 from Julian Lennon, Chicago, Bobby McFerrin, Tanita Tikaram and Eminem since '88.
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Frank Sinatra's
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-696736My Way
19-Mar-843311New York, New YorkAlbum info only

5th Dimension
Entry DateHPWITitle
29-Mar-690320Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in (Medley)
B B King
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-May-892310U2 with... - When Love Comes to Town

Leonard Cohen - no charting singles

Lou Gramm
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Mar-870825Midnight Blue
03-Aug-879701Ready or Not
14-Jan-903117Just Between Me and YouAMR #24
04-Jun-909801True Blue LoveAMR only

Modern English - nothing charted here (suprisingly)

Night Ranger
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Oct-849901Sister Christian

Pixies, The Replacements - nothing charted

Rick James
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Dec-812633Super Freak

Rush - no charting singles

Tommy Tutone
Entry DateHPWITitles

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Apr-798602Are You Receiving Me
27-Aug-799401Life Begins at the Hop
14-Jan-809404Making Plans for Nigel
22-Sep-802421Generals and Majors
19-Apr-821215Senses Working Overtime
19-July-829701Ball and Chain
26-Nov-847613All You Pretty Girls
05-July-923211The Disappointed

.38 Special
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-July-891418Second Chance

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The Cascades
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Mar-630218Rhythm of the Rain
13-July-639401The Last Leaf

Charlie Gracie
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-May-57021999 Ways
30-Nov-575103Wanderin' Eyes

The Cherokees
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-May-649801Moon in the Afternoon
08-May-657304It's Gonna Work Out Fine
14-Aug-657006I've Been Trying
20-Nov-653310That's if You Want Me to
12-Mar-663209The Angels Listened in
16-July-665806A Woman With Soul
17-Dec-661216Oh, Monah
22-Apr-671420Minnie the Moocher

Chris Andrews
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Nov-651216Yesterday Man
15-Jan-661117To Whom it Concerns

Clarence 'Frogman' Henry
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Apr-610519But I Do
17-Jun-612416You Always Hurt the One You Love / Little Suzy
09-Sep-615811Lonely Street

The Clovers
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Oct-593317Love Potion No.9

The Purple Hearts
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Dec-658905Long Legged Baby
12-Mar-665816Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones
27-Aug-663312Early in the Morning
14-Jan-677403You Can Sit Down

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - only had the "Is Is" (EP) chart in 2007 #37

Barenaked Ladies
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0222-Mar-995713It's All Been Done
0313-Spe-998101Call and Answer

The Black Crowes
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0105-Aug-909603Jealous Again
0210-Mar-917906Hard to Handle
0530-Aug-925905Sting Me
0604-Dec-946208A Conspiracy

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0111-Aug-086815Paper Planes
0119-Jan-096610Paper Planes (Homeland Security Remixes) ®

Queens of The Stone Age
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0122-Jan-017506Feel Good Hit of Summer
0311-Aug-038302First it Giveth

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0125-Sep-946306Undone-The Sweater Song
0208-Jan-956814Buddy Holly
0322-Sep-967011El Scorcho
0416-Mar-978801The Good Life
0505-Nov-017810Island in the Sun
0602-Jun-089501Pork and Beans
0719-Oct-098701(If You're Wondering If I Want You to) I Want You to

Papa Roach
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0114-May-018603Angels and Insects / Last Resort
0217-Jun-02723aShe Loves me Not

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0120-Sep-996015My Own Worst Enemy

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0124-May-048502Somewhere Only We Know
0106-Sep-046203Somewhere Only We Know ®
0227-Sep-04852aEverybody's Changing

Joshua Radin
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0110-Aug-099101I'd Rather Be With You
Julian Lennon
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0918-Oct-98644aI Don't Wanna Know

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
2130-Jan-897510Look Away
2202-Sep-90772aHearts in Trouble

Bobby McFerrin
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0226-Dec-886106Good Lovin'

Tanita Tikaram - only had the one single "Twist in My Sobriety"

No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0507-May-017704D12 feat... - Shit on You
0530-July-019801D12 feat... - Shit on You ®
2018-May-097602Old Times Sake (feat Dr. Dre)
2208-Feb-105601Lil' Wayne feat... - Drop the World
2315-Feb-109901Drake feat Kanye West, Lil' Wayne &... - Forever
2226-Apr-106006Lil' Wayne feat... - Drop the World ®
2628-Jun-106705Won't Back Down (feat P!nk)

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Stewart, I will not be doing your requests unless they are pre-1988 info or under Top 50, as all the information you need can be found by using the search engine at the top of the site.
It can let you look up particular artists bio's, songs or albums. So use that one for your requests, unless they fit into what I stated above.

Regards, bulion.
Merv Benton (and the Tamlas)
Mitch Ryder (and the Detroit Wheels)
Nina Simone
Phil Jones (and the Unknown Blues)
The Pink Finks
Ralph McTell
The Shirelles

Thank you
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Top 51-100 from:

Del Amitri
Dave Matthews Band
Bowling For Soup
The Bravery
Dr. Dre
Bright Eyes
The White Stripes
Cage The Elephant
Carolina Liar
David Gray

Maybe they didn`t chart
There's been quite a lot of post 89 requests (for positions over 50) appearing lately on this thread. Perhaps these could be put on to a new thread as they are straying away from the actual subject a bit.

In fact here it is


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And "Zodiac Mindwarp"?
For those interested bulion has just posted the following chart information.









VERY interesting stuff indeed for us chart tragics

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Thank you very much for everything Bulion:

Below I've written a list of songs that reached number 1 in US, UK and AUSTRALIA, I thought somebody would like it.

If there's anything wrong or there is any song missing please tell me, I know there were some more.

Bill Haley Rock around the clock
Paul Anka Diana
Del ShannonRunaway
The BeatlesI want to hold your hand
The BeatlesCan't buy me love
The BeatlesA hard day's night
The BeatlesI feel fine
Roy OrbisonOh pretty woman
The BeatlesHelp
The BeatlesTicket to ride
The BeatlesWe can work it out
The Rolling StonesSatisfaction
The Beach BoysGood vibrations
The BeatlesPaperback writer
The MonkeesI'm a believer
Nancy SinatraThese boots
The BeatlesAll you need is love
The BeatlesHello goodbye
Frank SinatraSomethin' stupid
The BeatlesHey Jude
The BeatlesGet back
Harry NilssonWithout you
Rod StewartMaggie May
Carl DouglasKung fu fighting
Abba Dancing Queen
Chicago If you leave me now
Elton John Don't go breaking my heart
Blondie Heart of glass
The CommodoresThree times a lady
Barbra StreisandWoman in love
Dexys Midnight RunnersCome on Eileen
Men At WorkDown under
Michael JacksonBillie Jean
Survivor Eye of the tiger
Bonnie TylerTotal eclipse of the heart
Culture ClubKarma chameleon
Foreigner I want to know what love is
George MichaelCareless whisper
Stevie WonderI just called to say I love you
Wham Wake me up before you go go
Usa For AfricaWe are the world
Los Lobos La bamba
Rick Astley Never gonna give you up
Madonna Like a prayer
Bangles Eternal flame
Madonna Vogue
Sinead O'ConnorNothing compares 2 u
Vanilla Ice Ice ice baby
Boyz 2 MenEnd of the road
Bryan AdamsEverything I do
Michael JacksonBlack or white
Whitney HoustonI will always love you
Meat Loaf I'd do anything for love
Ub 40 Can't help falling in love
Coolio Gangsta's paradise
No Doubt Don't speak
Puff Daddy I'll be missing you
Spice Girls Wannabe
Celine DionMy heart will go on
Elton John Candle in the wind
Hanson Mmmbop
Cher Believe
Britney SpearsBaby one more time
Madonna Music
Shaggy Angel
Shaggy It wasn't me
Christina AguileraLady marmalade
Eminem Lose yourself
Nelly Dilemma
Usher Yeah
Justin TimberlakeSexyback
Shakira Hips don't lie
Leona LewisBleeding love
Rihanna Umbrella
Sean KingstonBeautiful girls
Katy Perry I kissed a girl
Lady Gaga Just dance
Lady Gaga Poker face
Pink So what
Black Eyed PeasBoom boom pow
Black Eyed PeasI gotta feeling
Flo Rida Right round
Owl City Fireflies
Black Eyed PeasThe time
Bruno MarsGrenade
Bruno MarsJust the way you are
Eminem Love the way you lie
Katy Perry California gurls
Kesha We r who we r
Rihanna Only girl
Usher OMG
Purple Hearts
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Dec-658905Long Legged Baby
12-Mar-665816Of Hopes and Dreams and Tombstones
27-Aug-663312Early in the Morning
14-Jan-677403You Can't Sit Down

Wild Cherries
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Aug-674414Krome Plated Yabby
16-Dec-672914That's Life

Coloured Balls
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Nov-723918Liberate Rock
10-Sep-733212Mess of the Blues
20-May-744212Love You Babe
Merv Benton (and the Tamlas)
Emtry DateHPWITitles
28-Mar-644707Baby' Let's Play House
06-Jun-646705Nervous Breakdown
15-Aug-645208Be Sweet
05-Dec-646511Come On and Get Me
27-Mar-657007It's Love Baby
15-May-651817I Got Burned / Cincinatti Fireball
14-Aug-652910Yield Not to Temptation
02-Oct-653411Don't Destroy Me
13-Nov-655606(I Do the) Shimmy Shimmy'65
18-Dec-655010We Got Love
12-Feb-664512You Got What it Takes
30-Apr-664715The Worryin' Kind
24-Sep-668204I'll Go Crazy
14-Jan-679401Who'll Be the Next in Line
29-Apr-677604Do it Again a Little Bit Slower

Mitch Ryder* (and the Detroit Wheels)
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-664412Jenny Take a Ride
21-May-669301Little Latin Lupe Lu
12-Nov-663011Devil With a Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly (Medley)
14-Oct-677207What Now My Love*

Nina Simone
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Sep-592913I Loves You, Porgy
19-Dec-599803Chilly Winds
06-Jun-883617My Baby Just Cares for Me

Phil Jones (and the Unknown Blues)
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-May-674610If I Had a Ticket

The Pink Finks
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-May-654512Louie Louie

Ralph McTell
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Mar-752019Streets of London

The Shirelles
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Feb-610418Will You Love Me Tomorrow
18-Mar-616604Dedicated to the One I Love
03-Jun-616206Mama Said
24-Mar-626504Baby, it's You
05-May-622914Soldier Boy
02-Feb-638707Everybody Loves a Lover
11-May-636808Foolish Little Girl
nothing charted for Zodiac Mindwarp spatz.
and "David Garrick"?
What about Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson's Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (1976)...? Please
Hi bulion, thanks for the stats!

Frankie Laine
Dean Martin
The Paulette Sisters
Frank Ifield
The Diamonds
Jim Dale
Thurston Harris

and did the Glenn Miller (Big Band) sneak into the charts - Seeing as they start @1940 - Particularly "In The Mood" which was released in 1939 in the US, may've been later here, not sure. Thanks!
David Garrick
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-July-662911Lady Jane
08-Oct-664912Lovely Loretta

Waylon Jennings
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jan-757508I'm a Ramblin' Man
09-Sep-859801Highwaymen (with Willie, Johnny & Kris)

Willie Nelson
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Feb-765711Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Frankie Laine - 44 singles charted

Dean Martin - 40 singles charted
** These two artists are two big to put on here, so I will try and do them later

The Paulette Sisters
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Feb-5829-4Ev'rybody Loves Saturday Night (Percy Faith with...)

Frank Ifield
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Nov-592317Teenage Baby
11-Aug-620121I Remember You
10-Nov-620217Lovesick Blues / She Taught Me How to Yodel
23-Feb-631613The Wayward Wind / I'm Smiling Now
04-May-634109Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
13-July-632409Waltzing Matilda / I'm Confessin'
23-Nov-639503Mule Train
11-Jan-640514Please / Half as Much
25-Jan-644310Say it Isn't So / Don't Blame Me
23-May-643210Angry at the Big Oak Tree
17-Oct-644017Summer is Over
23-Jan-659603Don't Make Me Laugh
15-May-659501Lonesome Number One
15-Apr-677902Call Her Your Sweetheart
06-May-677503Out of Nowhere
12-Aug-678105Up-Up and Away
24-July-726813Daddy Don't You Walk so Fast

The Diamonds
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-May-670218Little Darlin'
02-Nov-573107Zip Zip
01-Mar-582317The Stroll
22-Nov-580723Walking Along
14-Mar-591224She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)
16-May-594913A Mother's Love
14-Nov-599401Young in Years
06-Feb-607110Oh, Carol

Jim Dale, Thurston Harris - nothing charted
Glenn Miller had 39 songs hit the Australia charts from Jan 1940 through until 1954. Here are some of his bigger singles here (m= month, as charts from 1940 to 1949 were monthly listings)

NoEntry DateHPWITitles
07Apr 1940017mBlue Orchids
11Aug 1940038mWhen You Wish Upon a Star
14Oct 19400112mThe Woodpecker Song
19Feb 19410110mA Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
22May 1941027mBlueberry Hill
24Aug 19410117mIn the Mood
26July 1942017mThe White Cliffs of Dover
28Sep 1942058mChattanooga Choo Choo
29Oct 19420210mElmer's Tune
34July 1943027mMoonlight Becomes You
38July 1944013mHappy in Love
41Nov 1944052mAt Last
43May 1045024mThe Story of a Starry Night

** So "in the Mood" staying on the charts for 17 months meant it spent almost 1 1/2 years on the charts.
Thank you! I'm sorry, but can I ask you, if Dick Curless, Johnny Paycheck, David Allan Coe and Tompall Glaser had any charted song here? Thank you!!
Did "Runaway" by Bon Jovi really chart @ #105 in 1985? I didnt know such charts existed.
Can I please have data for the Denvermen, the Thunderbirds, Tully, Sharon O'Neill and NZ band Mother Goose? thanks bulion
bulion, you can do those 2 whenever you get the chance cheers mate.

A few more for you in the meantime (hopefully not too big)

Danny and the Juniors
Johnny Otis
The Royal Teens
The Silhouettes
Dave "Baby" Cortez
Ernie Field's Orchestra
The Flamingos

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Allan, none of your requested acts charted here.

Anthony, "Runaway" did not hit the Top 100, and I don't have lower down positions available. The Kent Report did list tracks just outside the Top 100, but these were never in any chart order.

Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Jan-631726Surfside / Lisa Maree
18-May-633712Night Rider / Blue Mountains
03-Aug-632513Avalon Stomp / Harbour Cruise
12-Oct-633908Stomp Fever / The Sun-Seeker
28-Dec-637404Mystery Waves / Spanish Sands

The Thunderbirds
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Feb-613616Wild Weekend
06-May-613015New Orleans Beat
29-July-614008Machine Gun
16-Feb-636205Wild Weekend (Re-Issue)

Tully (Album only)
Entry DateHPWITitle

Sharon O'Neill
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Sep-802513How Do You Talk to Boys
16-Feb-817608Asian Paradise
13-July-815013Waiting for You
07-Jun-829801For all the Tea in China
11-Apr-832617Losing You
05-Oct-873917Physical Favours
14-Mar-889801Danced in the Fire

Mother Goose
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Aug-772918Baked Beans
25-Oct-829802Lonely Girls
Danny and the Juniors
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Apr-581018At the Hop
02-Dec-618605Back to the Hop

Johnny Otis
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-582612Willie and the Hand Jive

The Royal Teens
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-582712Short Shorts
28-Nov-594611Little Cricket / Believe Me

The Silhouettes
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-585210Get a Job

Dave "Baby" Cortez
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-May-590522The Happy Organ
27-Oct-628505Rinky Dink

Ernie Field's Orchestra
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Nov-580418In the Mood
07-May-608503Chattanooga Choo Choo

The Flamingos
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Aug-594311I Only Have Eyes for You
04-Jun-603813Nobody Loves me Like You
27-Aug-609401Mio Amore (My Love)
CHEERS for the above

Richie Valens
Freddy Cannon
Lloyd Price
Neil Sedaka
Stonewall Jackson
Don Costa
Johnny Preston

THANKS again
I'd like to know the chart postions for 80's Aussie group "The Reels". As their career went on they ended up doing a lot of unusual cover versions of songs like "This Guys in Love With You" & "Bad Moon Rising".
Thank you. I have last request: did Jerry Reed (I found only Amos Moses and When You're Hot You're Hot in 1971) and Patsy Cline on Australian charts?
Richie Valens
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Feb-595308Come On, Let's Go
07-Mar-590418Donna / La Bamba

Freddy Cannon
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-July-591916Tallahassee Lassie
27-Feb-602612Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
02-Apr-603807Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
28-May-601118Jump Over
27-Aug-609202Happy Shades of Blue
25-Mar-617804Muskrat Ramble
30-Sep-614504Transistor Sister
07-July-622214Palisades Park
08-Dec-626606If I Were a Rock and Roll Record
01-Jun-639702Patty Baby
07-Mar-643109Abigail Beecher

Lloyd Price
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Feb-590818Stagger Lee
23-May-596207Where Were You (on Our Wedding Day)?
22-Aug-590219I'm Gonna Get Married
21-Nov-593617Come Into My Heart
28-Nov-599202Wont'Cha Come Home (B-Side of above)
27-Feb-604112Lady Luck
04-Jun-605807No if's - No And's
22-Oct-607305Just Call Me (and I'll Understand)

Stonewall Jackson
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Feb-606709Mary, Don't You Weep

Don Costa
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Feb-610825Never on Sunday

Johnny Preston
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Dec-590225Running Bear
02-Apr-600719Cradle of Love
16-July-600914Feel So Fine
12-Nov-602811Charming Billy
03-Dec-608107(I Want a) Rock & Roll Guitar / New Baby for Christmas
08-May-653916Running Bear '65
Neil Sedaka
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Apr-594509The Diary
18-Apr-593917I Go Ape
01-Aug-598606You Gotta Learn Your Rhythm & Blues
07-Nov-590826Oh! Carol
19-Mar-602017Stairway to Heaven
03-Sep-601318Run, Sampson, Run / You Mean Everything to Me
07-Jan-610317Calendar Girl
13-May-610321Little Devil
02-Sep-615511Sweet Little You
02-Dec-610420Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen
14-Apr-622313King of Clowns
07-July-621915Breaking Up is Hard to Do
27-Oct-624512Next Door to an Angel
23-Feb-634913Alice in Wonderland
25-May-636609Let's Go Steady Again
31-Aug-639303The Dreamer
09-July-669603Run Sampson Run (R)
30-Nov-680428Star Crossed Lovers
21-Jun-696605Rainy Jane
20-Dec-692118Wheeling West Virginia
26-Apr-718601My Worlds Keeps Getting Smaller Every Day
12-Feb-732615Beautiful You
23-July-732134Standing on the Inside
17-Sep-739002That's When the Music Takes Me
28-Jan-748702Our Last Song Together
11-Nov-741724Laughter in the Rain
13-Oct-759203New York City Blues
27-Oct-751117Bad Blood
01-Mar-764812Breaking Up is Hard to Do (slow version)
31-May-765117Love in the Shadows
21-July-806909Should've Never Let You Go (with Dara Sedaka)
The Reels:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Nov-793915Love Will Find a Way
10-Mar-805214Prefab Hearts
28-July-806514After the News
12-Jan-8112185 Great Gift Ideas from the Reels (EP)**
27-Apr-814313Shout and Deliver
18-Oct-820721This Guys in Love With You
22-Sep-861118Bad Moon Rising
23-Feb-877007Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
23-Jan-899402Forever Now

** featured the track "According to My Heart"
Jerry Reed:
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Mar-713420Amos Moses
21-Jun-713413When You're Hot, You're Hot
08-Oct-739702Lord, Mr. Ford

Pasty Cline:
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Jun-573306Walkin' After Midnight
15-Jun-572707A Poor Man's Roses (B-side of above)
22-July-611318I Fall to Pieces
24-Mar-622814She's Got You
19-May-627612When I Get Thru With You (You'll Love Me)
09-Mar-634511Tra Le La Le La Triangle
15-Jun-633611Sweet Dreams of You / Back in Baby's Arms
22-Feb-828206Have You Ever Been Lonely (with Jim Reeves)
Wilson Pickett

Thank you very much
Thanks for The Reels info.

Just one question regarding it though was the position for their finally charting track "Forever Now" an ARIA or AMR position?. Because it comes right in the middle of that awkward change period when the ARIA charts first started.
thank you bulion.

Col Joye (and the Joye Boys)
Johnny and the Hurricanes
Johnny Horton
Larry Verne
Ray Peterson
Clyde McPhatter

Thank you! Thank you very much!
Good morning! Was Roy Clark's 'Yesterday When I Was Young' charted in Australia? I like this song very much. Best regards, Wabi Danek
It was back in 1969
freakystevie, it was an AMR position, as ARIA T100 info at that point is not to be found, sorry should have wrote AMR next to it.
Yeah I suspected it was AMR thanks for that bulion.
Col Joye (and the Joye Boys*)
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-May-590324Bye Bye Baby*
18-July-590330(Rocin' Rollin') Clementine*
15-Aug-597311Fools Like Me*
26-Sep-590127Oh Yeah Uh Huh*
26-Mar-601216Bad Man*
11-Jun-601017(Making Love on a) Moonlit Night*
03-Sep-600522Yes Sir, That's My Baby*
22-Apr-611315Goin' Steady / Naughty Girls*
15-July-614611(The Bells are Ringing) For Me & My Gal*
19-Aug-617804Sweet Dreams / More and More*
13-Jan-622912Sweet Little 16 Twist*
14-Apr-620522Today's Teardrops*
04-Aug-622314Sweet Dreams of You*
08-Dec-624910Ring Around My Rosie
18-May-634411(Underneath the) Starlight of Love / Put 'em Down
17-Aug-634009Be-Bop-a-Lula / I Need Your Love Tonight
25-Jan-646305Raise Your Hand
11-Apr-646708Gonna Leave Tomorrow / Whispering Pines
20-Nov-654114You're the One
11-Mar-678015There Goes My Everything
20-Apr-705606Come Into My Life
30-Apr-730126Heaven is My Woman's Love
15-Aug-779402Rock Around the Clock

Johnny and the Hurricanes
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Sep-590523Red River Rock
05-Mar-600121Beatnik Fly
05-Mar-603413Reveille Rock
16-July-601513Down Yonder
08-Oct-613319Rocking Goose
28-Jan-614809You Are My Sunshine / Molly-O

Johnny Horton
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jun-590122The Battle of New Orleans
29-Aug-599702All Grown Up
12-Sep-594512Sal's Got Sugar Lips
12-Sep-598602Johnny Reb (B-Side of above track)
23-Apr-600419Sink the Bismark
30-July-608303Johnny Freedom
12-Nov-600224North to Alaska
22-Apr-615709Sleepy-Eyed John

Larry Verne
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-601116Mr. Custer

Ray Peterson
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-July-592220The Wonder of You
03-Oct-599601Come and Get it
28-Nov-596313Goodnight, My Love (Pleasant Dreams)
09-July-601022Tell Laura I Love Her
04-Feb-610414Corinna, Corinna
02-Sep-611619You Thrill Me / Missing You
03-Feb-623512I Could Have Loved You So Well
16-Jan-653013Across the Street (is a Million Miles Away)

Clyde McPhatter
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Dec-581517A Lover's Question
15-Aug-599601Since You've Been Gone
28-May-609201Think Me a Kiss
06-Aug-605013Ta Ta
21-Apr-621719Lover Please
14-July-628304Little Bitty Pretty One
Roy Clark
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Aug-632714Tips of My Fingers
05-July-692416Yesterday, When I Was Young
09-Mar-708507Then She's a Lover
Cheers mate, loving the speedy responses

The Crystals
Curtis Lee
Dandy Livingstone
Dave Berry
Dave Dee
Dick Dale (and the Del-Tones)

Thank You
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What about Joe Hinton and Faron Young? Thanks
Barry Manilow too, please
Can I please have:

Alison McCallum
the Mixtures
Johnny Ashcroft
the Cockroaches
Uncanny X-men
Lucky Starr
Debbie Byrne
Ray Brown and the Whispers

thanks bulion
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"Ritz" in the charts?
Brian Cadd:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Dec-711522Show Me the Way (with Don Mudie)
2-Oct-721724Ginger Man
16-Apr-734412Every Mother's Son
26-Nov-73777Handy Man / Keep on Rockin'
11-Feb-744912Alvin Purple
13-May-74546Class of '74
26-Aug-741022Let Go
20-Jan-75876All in the Way (They Use My Face) / Boogie Queen
8-Sep-75932Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
3-Jan-77847White on White El Dorado
13-Dec-82546My Baby Loves to Hurt Me

Mark Holden
Entry DateHPWITitles
3-May-761322Never Gonna Fall in Love Again
16-Aug-761117I Wanna Make You My Lady
15-Nov-761119Last Romance
21-Feb-773215Hey, My Love
5-Sep-771715Reach out for the One Who Loves You
27-Jun-83902For You
Can I ask you, if you can put certification of singles for 1984 there? We are very interested in this year - we have many favourite songs from it...
The Crystals
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Oct-621921He's a Rebel
26-Jan-634812He's Sure the Boy I Love
01-Jun-633014Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked me Home)
21-Sep-630420Then He Kissed Me

Curtis Lee
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Aug-610817Pretty Little Angel Eyes
02-Dec-614518Under the Moon of Love
07-Apr-625412Just Another Fool

Dandy Livingstone
Entry DateHPWITitle
12-Feb-737814Suzanne, Beware of the Devil

Dave Berry
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Nov-630824Memphis Tennessee (with The Cruisers)
22-Feb-648103My Baby Left Me
26-Sep-647303The Crying Game

Dave Dee*, Dozy, Beaky, Mich & Tich
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-May-662113Hold Tight!
22-Oct-660615Bend it!
28-Jan-672211Save Me
29-Apr-674505Touch Me, Touch Me
16-Mar-680623The Legend of Xanadu
17-Aug-686114Last Night in Soho
19-Oct-684813The Wreck of the Antoinette
05-Apr-691512Don Juan
26-July-699505Snake in the Grass
13-Apr-705806My Woman's Man*

Dick Dale and the Del-Tones
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Nov-639302The Scavenger
Joe Hinton
Entry DateHPWITitle
19-Sep-648303Funny (How Time Slips Away)

Faron Young
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-616919Hello Walls
04-May-636504The Yellow Bandana
01-May-720934It's Four in the Morning

Barry Manilow
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Aug-758406It's a Miracle
13-Oct-757008Could it Be Magic
22-Dec-750524I Write the Songs
28-Mar-777305Weekend in New England
18-July-779110Looks Like We Made it
03-Apr-780324Can't Smile Without You
31-July-780917Copacabana (At the Copa)
21-May-798104Somewhere in the Night
30-Nov-810421Let's Hang on
17-Jan-833512I Wanna Do it With You
09-May-833810Some Kind of Friend
30-Jan-848406Read 'em and Weep
20-Oct-869801I'm Your Man
29-May-949201Copacabana (93 Remix)
Alison McCallum
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Sep-720818Superman / Take Me Back
03-July-728707Ol' Rock 'N' Roll Boogie Woogie Blues
11-Nov-742941Excuse Me

The Mixtures
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Oct-675706Music, Music, Music / (They Call the Wind) Maria
08-Nov-696606Here Comes Love Again
03-Aug-700131In the Summertime
07-Dec-700131The Pushbike Song
14-Jun-714310Henry Ford
29-Nov-710623Captain Zero

Johnny Ashcroft
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Jan-596206They're a Weird Mob
26-Mar-600328Little Boy Lost
23-July-605504Big River / The Flying Red Horse
22-Dec-623114The Girl Behind the Bar
28-May-731919Playground in My Mind
07-July-755307Holy Joe the Salvo

The Cockroaches
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-July-849701See You in Spain
08-Sep-862813Wait Up
23-Feb-870923She's the One
08-Jun-873218Some Kind of Girl
14-Sep-873211Double Shot (of My Baby's Love)
11-July-883411Hey Wait NowARIA #28
17-Oct-884314You and MeARIA #44
06-Feb-898704Permanently Single
18-Sep-899004Another Saturday Night

Uncanny X-Men
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Apr-835112How Do You Get Your Kicks
10-Oct-836309Time Goes So Fast
13-Aug-843218Beach Party (EP)
18-Feb-851817The Party
20-May-85042050 Years
26-Aug-854310Still Waiting
12-May-861811I Am
29-Sep-863112Don't Wake Me
12-Jan-879701Nothing Touches My World
22-Jun-876308Start Believing

Lucky Starr
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Nov-599402Somebody Touched Me
07-May-602720Wrong / Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home
06-Aug-605013Yeah - That's How
17-Dec-609108You Still Look Good to Me / See You as an Angel
29-Apr-614509Someone Else's Roses
24-Mar-620124I've Been Everywhere
25-Aug-625709June in Junee
07-Nov-643213The Three Trees

Debbie Byrne
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Apr-742522He's a Rebel
02-Dec-742924Do Doo Run Run / Boogie Man
28-Apr-757506How Can I Tell You
14-Feb-776306You Promised me the Love
19-Jun-894908Natuire's Lament

Ray Brown* and the Whispers
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Jan-65112320 Miles / Devoted to You
24-Apr-650321Pride / Say it Again
10-July-650320Fool, Fool, Fool
23-Oct-650419In the Midnight Hour
29-Jan-660415Tennessee Waltz Song / I Am What I Am
02-July-663808(Ain't it) Strange / Can't Get Enough
22-Oct-665505Too Late to Come Home / Respect
04-Mar-671214The Same Old Song / New Kind of Love*
Ritz (Oz)
Entry DateHPWITitle
12-Jan-769901Pick Me Up

Ritz (US)
Entry DateHPWITitle
03-Dec-791230The Locomotion

Entry DateHPWITitle
08-Dec-752822Too Much Fandango
Wilson Pickett

Whenever you can, thank you very much

Thanks again, bulion.

Dixie Cups
Dobie Gray
Don Williams
Ernie K-Doe
Floyd Cramer
Fontella Bass
Four Pennies

Thanks again.

The Flying Pickets
Patea Maori Club
M (For example the song "Pop Muzik")
Hot Butter
Steve Perry
Foster & Allen
Ready For The World
Deniece Williams
Time Bandits
Den Harrow
Jody Watley
Pepsi & Shirlie
Ferry Aid
The Mockers
Bob Welch
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I'd like to know of any early chart action for the following artists;

Wilson Pickett
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Sep-662211Land of 1000 Dances
01-Apr-675707Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
01-Feb-696104Hey Jude
15-Jun-707704Sugar, Sugar
Dixie Cups
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Jun-641713Chapel of Love
12-Sep-646904People Say

Dobie Gray
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Mar-734420Drift Away
24-Mar-758406Roll on Sweet Mississippi
02-July-799601You Can do it

Don Williams
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Aug-755018You're My Best Friend
08-May-788508You're My Best Friend (R)
14-Jan-808807Lay Down Beside Me
08-Dec-802024I Believe in You

Ernie K-Doe
Entry DateHPWITitles

Floyd Cramer
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Nov-600825Last Date
08-Apr-610918On the Rebound
15-July-611117San Antonio Rose
10-Feb-620916Chattanooga Choo Choo
28-Apr-628110Lovesick Blues
22-Sep-628403Swing Low
17-Aug-635008How High the Moon

Fontella Bass - didn't chart with "Rescue Me" here.

Four Pennies
Entry DateHPWITitles
The Flying Pickets
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jan-846114Only You

Patea Maori Club - didn't chart

Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Apr-810619Fade to Grey
14-Jun-829402The Damned Don't Cry

Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Jun-790121Pop Muzik
14-Jan-803714Moonlight and Muzak
09-Oct-898606Pop Muzik (89 Remix)

Hot Butter
Entry DateHPWITitles

Entry DateHPWITitles

Steve Perry
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-July-840519Oh Sherrie
18-Mar-855208Foolish Heart

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-May-97807aFemale of the Species
13-Apr-984610The Ballad of Tom Jones
27-July-98822aBegin Again

Foster & Allen
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Jun-844509I Will Love You All My Life

Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Dec-810222Our Lips are Sealed
15-Mar-822919We Got the Beat
18-Jun-846011Head Over Heels

Ready For The World
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Nov-851416Oh Shelia

Deniece Williams
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-May-780619Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (w/ Johnny Mathis)
28-May-840315Let's Hear it for the Boy

Time Bandits
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Oct-840924I Am Only Shooting Love
18-Feb-855314Listen to the Man with the Golden Voice
09-Sep-850524Endless Road
23-Dec-857603Dancing on a String

Den Harrow - didn't chart

Jody Watley
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-May-871315Looking for a New Love
24-Apr-895610Real Love
21-Aug-898002Friends (with Eric B. & Rakim)

Pepsi & Shirlie
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-May-886509All Right Now

Ferry Aid
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-May-872808Let it Be

The Mockers - didn't chart

Bob Welch
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Mar-780220Ebony Eyes
09-Apr-793712Precious Love

Last edited:
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Sep-816509Who's Crying Now
01-Mar-8210001Don't Stop Believin'
26-Apr-824325Open Arms
02-May-839304Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)

STEVE PERRY - see above

DOKKEN - nothing charted

GREAT WHITE - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Sep-749703Doctor, Doctor

Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Aug-910725Wind of Change
As always, thank you x10 bulion

Johnny Burnette
Pat Boone
Gene Chandler
Marcie Blane
The Rivingtons
George Hamilton IV
Jack Nitzsche
As always, thank you x10 bulion, too

Anita Ward
Robert John
Tina Cross
Randy Vanwarmer
Sharon O'Neill
The Style Council
Bulion, are you sure, that the song "Blueprint" by Rainbirds charted 94 weeks and peaked at #96?
spatz, thanks for letting me know about that, it was four weeks and I have amended it for you.
Johnny Burnette
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Aug-601821Dreamin' / Cincinnatti Fireball
12-Nov-600621You're 16
18-Mar-611219Little Boy Sad
20-May-613713Big, Big World
04-Nov-611514God, Country and My Baby
07-Apr-627907Clown Shoes / Ballad of the One Eyed Jacks
25-Aug-627510I Wanna Thank Your Folks

Gene Chandler
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Mar-624210Duke of Earl

Marcie Blane
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-620520Bobby's Girl
23-Feb-637905What Does a Girl Do?

The Rivingtons - nothing charted

George Hamilton IV
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Apr-572011A Rose and a Baby Ruth
22-Mar-581123Why Don't They Understand
12-July-581815I Know Where I'm Going
27-Dec-584110The Teen Commandments (with Paul Anka & Johnny Nash)
17-Jun-618703The Ballad of Widder Jones
15-Sep-623611If You Don't Know, I Ain't Gonna Tell You
23-Mar-639501If You Want me to

Heinz **
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Oct-633320Just Like Eddie
04-Jan-642910Country Boy
31-Oct-641625The Beating of My Heart / Questions I Can't Answer

Jack Nitzsche
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-630913The Lonely Surfer

** There is a DVD coming in April 2011 called Telstar, which is about the 60's producer who made the song Telstar, but also had the artist Heinz on his record label, and his story features quite a bit in the film.
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Pat Boone
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Jan-562207Ain't That a Shame
10-Mar-562808At My Front Door
10-Mar-561613No Arms Can Ever Hold You
26-May-562206I'll Be Home
26-May-563103Tutti Frutti
01-Sep-561016I Almost Lost My Mind
02-Feb-570525Don't Forbid Me
23-Mar-570421Friendly Persuasion (Thee I Love)
08-Jun-571517Why Baby Why
03-Aug-570133Love Letters in the Sand
02-Nov-571616There's a Gold Mine in the Sky
09-Nov-572910Remember You're Mine
07-Dec-570128April Love
18-Jan-584401When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano
22-Mar-583219It's Too Soon to Know
03-May-580319A Wonderful Time Up There
23-Aug-582718Sugar Moon
11-Oct-585414For My Good Fortune
18-Oct-582119If Dreams Came True
25-Oct-588605Cherie, I Love You
15-Nov-583813I'll Remember Tonight
22-Nov-588703Gee, But it's Lonely
29-Nov-587210That's How Much I Love You
13-Dec-582323The Mardi Gras March
07-Mar-593312With the Wind and Rain in Your Hair
16-May-591120For a Penny
23-May-591315The Wang Dang Taffy Apple Tango
18-July-591315Twixt, Twelve and Twenty
17-Oct-596804Fools Hall of Fame
16-Jan-609205Beyond the Sunset
02-Apr-604608(Welcome) New Lovers
28-May-601916Walking the Floor Over You
17-Sep-604208Candy Sweet
19-Nov-604113Alabam / Dear John
25-Mar-616507The Exodus Song / There's a Moon Out Tonight
17-Jun-610418Moody River
16-Sep-614910Big, Cold Wind
09-Dec-612014Johnny Will
17-Feb-623911I'll See You in My Dreams
30-Jun-620418Speedy Gonzales
20-Oct-627607Ten Lonely Guys
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Mar-780124I Can't Stand the Rain
11-Jun-791024One Way Ticket

Anita Ward
Entry DateHPWITitle
11-Jun-790324Ring My Bell

Robert John
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Mar-723121The Lion Sleeps Tonight
17-Sep-790922Sad Eyes

Tina Cross - nothing charted

Randy Vanwarmer
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Aug-791722Just When I Needed You Most
18-May-819204All We Have is Tonight
07-Sep-818802Suzi Found a Weapon

Whitehead - nothing charted

Sharon O'Neill
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Sep-802513How Do You Talk to Boys
16-Feb-817608Asian Paradise
13-July-815013Waiting for You
07-Jun-829801For all the Tea in China
11-Apr-832617Losing You
05-Oct-873917Physical Favours
14-Mar-889801Danced in the Fire

The Style Council
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Jun-832913Speak Like a Child
24-Oct-832814Long Hot Summer
16-Apr-847007My Ever Changing Moods
23-July-841722You're the Best Thing / Big Boss Groove
26-Nov-840823Shout to the Top
10-Jun-851915Walls Come Tumbling Down
26-Aug-853811Boy Who Cried Wolf
01-Nov-859102(When You) Call Me
02-Mar-874812It Didn't Matter
Cheers bulion, and for the extra bit of info, I always liked 'Just Like Eddie' from an old 60s mix tape I had years ago.

Can I please have...

Jet Harris (and Tony Meehan)
Jimmy Gilmer (and the Fireballs)
Paul and Paula
The Four Pennies
J. Frank Wilson (and the Cavaliers)
The Nashville Teens
The Rivieras

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Thanks for the many infos, bulion.

Janet Jackson
Stan Getz
Louis Armstrong
Sheila B. Devotion
Bing Crosby
Beau Brummels
Sonny & Cher
The Platters
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Jet Harris (and Tony Meehan*)
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-July-624212Besame Mucho
03-Nov-629501The Man with the Golden Arm Theme
18-May-633013Scarlett O'Hara*

Jimmy Gilmer (and the Fireballs*)
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Oct-630119Sugar Shack*
28-Dec-630513Daisy Petal Pickin' *
04-Apr-646505Ain't Gonna Tell Nobody
18-July-649001Look at Me

Paul and Paula
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Feb-630117Hey Paula
06-Apr-632013Young Lovers
29-Jun-637003First Quarrel
28-Sep-631911Flipped Over You
30-Nov-638505First Day Back at School

The Four Pennies
Entry DateHPWITitles

J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Dec-647609Last Kiss

The Nashville Teens
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Aug-640821Tobacco Road

The Rivieras
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Mar-642512California Sun
spatz, I will do your later, but I won't be doing Bing Crosby as he has over 200 songs that charted.
Over 200?! How's that? This is a record, isn't it?

And then, how chartet the Bing Crosby's duet with Grace Kelly "True Love"?
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Janet Jackson
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-May-860617What Have You Done for Me Lately
27-Oct-865311When I Think of You
18-May-872116Let's Wait Awhile
27-July-875007The Pleasure Principle
   then came "Miss You Much"

Stan Getz
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Oct-621717Desafinado (with Charlie Byrd)
01-Aug-647106Blowin' in the Wind

Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Aug-830521Puttin' on the Ritz

Louis Armstrong
Entry DateHPWITitles
Oct 1945055mConfessin' (That I Love You)
05-Jan-520215I Get Ideas
19-Jan-521901Gone Fishin' (Bing Crosby &...) (b-side of below)
26-Jan-520120A Kiss to Build a Dream On
19-July-520710It's All in the Game
09-Aug-520512I'll Walk Alone
16-Aug-520510Kiss of Fire (b-side of above)
07-Mar-530117Takes Two to Tango
10-July-541017Basin Street Blues
13-Nov-640119Skokiaan (South African Song)
07-Apr-560118Theme from "Three Penny Opera" (Mack the Knife)
16-Aug-589604Mack tje Knife (EP)
06-Jun-592713The Five Pennies Saints (Danny Kaye with...)
10-Dec-603011Dardanella (Bing Crosby &...)
13-Jun-640532Hello, Dolly!
17-Oct-645011So Long, Dearie
27-Apr-682221What a Wonderful World
09-May-880120What a Wonderful World (R)

Sheila B. Devotion
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-July-782319Singin' in the Rain

Bing Crosby & Grace Kelly
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-560329True Love

Butterfingers (even though they're not pre 89!!)
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Dec-039801I Love Work
10-Apr-063611Get Up Outta the Dirt

Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Oct-659901Laugh at Me

Beau Brummels
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-July-652418Just a Little
28-Aug-657806Laugh, Laugh / Still in Love With You Baby
25-Dec-659603Don't Talk to Strangers
23-July-666205One Too Many Mornings

Sonny & Cher
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Aug-650322I Got You Babe
02-Oct-650223Sing C'est La Vie
23-Oct-655208Baby Don't Go
30-Oct-658902But You're Mine
18-Dec-657004Love is Strange
05-Feb-664814What Now My Love
22-Oct-661913Little Man
11-Feb-671411The Beat Goes on
13-Dec-713114All I Ever Need is You
27-Mar-721319A Cowboy's Work is Never Done

The Platters
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Apr-560123The Great Pretender
07-July-561907(You've Got) The Magic Touch
04-Aug-561913Only You (and You Alone)
13-Oct-560421My Prayer
20-Oct-561820You'll Never, Never Know
03-Nov-564104Heaven on Earth
19-Jan-573211One in a Million
03-May-580124Twilight Time
10-Jan-590125Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
07-Feb-591217Come Prima
25-July-596209Remember When
13-Feb-607603What Does it Matter
05-Mar-603316Harbor Lights
11-Jun-605907Ebb Tide
20-Aug-607212Red Sails in the Sunset
05-Nov-605716To Each His Own
25-Mar-619504If I Didn't Care
22-Apr-6710001With This Ring
Thanks for the above bulion.

Hedgehoppers Anonymous
Jackie DeShannon
Marcello Minerbi
The Mindbenders (particularly 'Groovy Kind of Love')
Ned Miller
Peter Doyle (and the Phantoms)

Thanks again!
I never realized "What a Wonderful World" charted back in 1968. I know it was recorded way back then, but I never thought it actually made the charts. I had it charting in 1988 when it was used in the movie Good Morning Vietnam. I'm wondering if 20 years between chart appearances is some sort of record?. It would have to be fairly close I'd think.
Here are the songs with the biggest gaps, so if you wanna work it out, go for it:

A Little Less Conversation - Elvis Presley
Entry DateHPWI 

Living Doll - Cliff Richard
Entry DateHPWI 
28-Apr-861x518 with The Young Ones

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Entry DateHPWI 

What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong
Entry DateHPWI 

Downtown - Petula Clark
Entry DateHPWI 
10-Apr-896207 88 Remix

Burning Love - Elvis Presley
Entry DateHPWI 

Rubberneckin' - Elvis Presley
Entry DateHPWI 

Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley
Entry DateHPWI 
Yeah thanks for that VERY interesting.

A lot of those songs re-charted with remixes or newer versions so I'm not sure if you can really count them - debatable I guess. Also quite a few Elvis songs have had second lives. I seem to recall that The Beatles "Let it Be" also briefly re-charted recently with the Itunes releases?.

It looks like "Unchained Melody" is probably the oldest re-entry.
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I should have also done "Twist and Shout" by The Beatles (64 and 87), and Let it Be was 1970 and 2010 so that's 40+ years.
This will test you: Has there ever been a band called the Blossoms or something similar? Maybe in the 50's or early 60's?
check your memo bangalore
Hedgehoppers Anonymous
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Nov-650817It's Good News Week
15-Jan-662810Don't Push Me

Jackie DeShannon
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Sep-638503Little Yellow Roses
25-Jan-648405When You Walk in the Room
25-Apr-648505Og Boy
24-July-656802What the World Needs Now is Love
30-Aug-691521Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Apr-667708One Track Mind

Marcello Minerbi
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Oct-652014Zorba's Dance

The Mindbenders
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Mar-662321A Groovy Kind of Love
10-Sep-667407Ashes to Ashes

Ned Miller
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Dec-620128From a Jack to a King
04-May-635107One Among the Many
24-Aug-637905Another Fool Like Me
08-Feb-646508Big Love
02-May-641816Invisible Tears
09-Jan-650223Do What You Do Do Well
24-July-6510001Whistle Walkin'
19-Mar-668703Lovin' Pains

Peter Doyle
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-July-653413Stupidity / Heigh-Ho
20-Nov-656104Whatcha Gonna Do About it
22-Jan-663610The Great Pretender
12-Nov-669802Tweedlee Dee
18-Nov-675613Plastic Dreams and Toy Balloons

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Ian Dury? He's better known for the song Sex and drugs and rock'n'roll
Shirley Ellis
Jimmy Ruffin
John Charter Group
New Vaudeville Band
Steve and the Board
John Meillon
The Music Explosion
The Sandals

Ian Dury & The Blockheads:
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Feb-790221Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
17-Sep-796509Reasons to be Cheerful, Part 3
01-Dec-801823I Want to be Straight
18-May-819001Superman's Big Sister
16-Nov-815010Spasticus Autisticus

Shirley Ellis
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Feb-654009The Name Game
08-May-658605The Clapping Song
08-Apr-678701Soul Time

Jimmy Ruffin
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Dec-669804What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
28-Jan-673010I've Passed This Way Before

John Charter Group - nothing charted

New Vaudeville Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-660126Winchester Cathedral
25-Mar-671214There's a Kind of Hush
03-Jun-674207Finchley Central
23-Sep-679203Green Street Green / Thoroughly Modern Millie

Steve and the Board
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Mar-663117The Giggle-Eyed Goo!
02-July-665506I Call My Woman Hinges Cause She's Something to Adore
15-Oct-669504Now I'm Older

John Meillon
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Jun-778007Tap Tap / Picture Show Man

The Music Explosion
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-July-677206Little Bit O' Soul
14-Oct-678706Sunshine Games

The Sandells
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Dec-642013Theme from The Endless Summer
Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
Solomon King
Harve Presnell
Piero Umiliani
Rufus Thomas
The Scaffold

Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Jan-680622Woman, Woman
30-Mar-680220Young Girl
22-Jun-680416Lady Willpower
21-Sep-680813Over You
05-Apr-692412Don't Give in to Him
20-Sep-691613This Girl is a Woman Now

Solomon King
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Mar-682813She Wears My Ring
15-Jun-689404When We Were Young
26-Mar-739901When You've Gotta Go

Harve Presnell - nothing charted

Piero Umiliani
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Oct-696006Mah-na Mah-na

Rufus Thomas - nothing charted

The Scaffold
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jan-685608Thank You Very Much
28-Dec-680118Lily the Pink

Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Jan-702214Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
Thanks bulion!!

Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra

Was Freddie Mercury charted?
Dodo, Frank Sinatra ain't gonna happen, as he is second to Bing Crosby with the most charting singles 180+
Dean Martin:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Jun-520807(Ma Come Bala) Bela Bimba
29-Nov-520121You Belong to Me
06-Mar-540118That's Amore
05-Mar-550123Let Me Go Lover
12-Mar-550217Mambo, Italiano
02-Apr-550116The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane
30-Apr-551902Open up the Doghouse (Two Cats are Comin' in) with Nat King Cole
07-May-550412That's All I Want From You
13-Aug-550813Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang the Little Bird)
03-Mar-560120Memories are Made of This
19-May-562007Innamorata (Sweetheart)
04-Aug-562104The Lady with the Umbrella
14-Jun-580323Return to Me
06-Sep-585707Angel Baby
21-Feb-599204The Magician
05-Sep-592612On an Evening in Roma
25-July-641218Everybody Loves Somebody
07-Nov-643415The Door is Still Open to My Heart
06-Feb-657803You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
27-Mar-654014Send me the Pillow You Dream on
19-Jun-653710(Remember Me) I'm the One Who Loves You
04-Dec-652910I Will
12-Mar-666110Somewhere There's a Someone
04-Jun-663513Come Running Back
03-Sep-668203Shades / A Million and One
28-Jan-677205(Open Up the Door) Let the Good Times in
20-May-675009Lay Some Happiness on Me
22-July-670415In the Chapel in the Moonlight
02-Sep-670526Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
16-Dec-672510In the Misty Moonlight / Wallpaper Roses
09-Mar-686109Things (with Nancy Sinatra)
13-Apr-687407You've Still Got a Place in My Heart
28-Sep-689601April Again
23-Nov-681719Not Enough Indians
15-Mar-694710Gentle on My Mind
06-Sep-698804I Take a Lot of Pride in What I Am
02-Nov-709205My Woman, My Woman, My Wife
Freddie Mercury
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Oct-845613Love Kills
20-May-851915I Was Born to Love You
19-Aug-859801Made in Heaven
20-Apr-875410The Great Pretender
07-Dec-878502Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballe)
09-Aug-924205Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballe) (R)
Apologies bulion, didn't realise it was quite that many lol. I'm really only after "Love and Marriage" and "That's Life" if I could please. Can I also grab Frankie Laine's "High Noon", Nat King Cole's "Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer" and Perry Como's "Delaware". Thanks heaps.
Pink Floyd please
How high did Chicago's "I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love" make it on the Australian single charts in 1988?
bangalore, Pink Floyd have been done in part 1 here


(just search Pink Floyd using "ctrl+f")
Entry DateHPWITitlesArtists 
14-Apr-560215Love and MarriageFrank Sinatra
26-Nov-666809That's LifeFrank Sinatra
01-Nov-520318High NoonFrankie Laine
25-May-630616Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of SummerNat King Cole
19-Mar-602212DelawarePerry Como
08-Aug-885019I Don't Want to Live Without Your LoveChicago
Can I please have the chart positions (and runs) for the following songs:


Track Listing (and positons I know)
Disk 1
1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen #1
2. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
3. Listen to the Music - Doobie Brothers
4. I'm a Believer - The Monkees
5. Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
6. Help Is On Its Way - Little River Band #1
7. What's Love Got to Do with It? - Tina Turner #1
8. Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
9. When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge
10. Guitar Man - Bread
11. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
12. Without You - Nilsson
13. Reckless - Australian Crawl #1
14. Africa - Toto
15. American Pie - Don Mclean
16. I Say a Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
17. Higher and Higher - Jimmy Barnes
18. I Feel the Earth Move - Carole King
19. You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
The Liverpool Set
Van McCoy
Mac Davis
Shona Laing
The Avengers
Fat Boys
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Entry DateHPWINo. Titles - Artists
04-Feb-8001211. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Queen
12-Nov-6601202. Good Vibrations - Beach Boys
20-Nov-7250173. Listen to the Music - Doobie Brothers
31-Dec-6601194. I'm a Believer - The Monkees
30-Mar-6810185. Dock of the Bay - Otis Redding
25-Apr-7701206. Help Is On Its Way - Little River Band
23-July-8401227. What's Love Got to do With it - Tina Turner
21-Dec-6806178. Son of a Preacher Man - Dusty Springfield
11-Jun-6611159. When a Man Loves a Woman - Percy Sledge
13-Nov-72222210. Guitar Man - Bread
07-Aug-65031611. Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
14-Feb-72012612. Without You - Nilsson
10-Oct-83012313. Reckless - Australian Crawl
29-Nov-82052814. Africa - Toto
24-Jan-72012615. American Pie - Don Mclean
07-Sep-68081516. I Say a Little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
23-Mar-97331017. Higher and Higher - Jimmy Barnes
no chart  18. I Feel the Earth Move - Carole King
24-Feb-75321519. You Are So Beautiful - Joe Cocker
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Nov-815717Japanese Boy

The Liverpool Set - nothing charted

Van McCoy
Entry DateHPWITitle
21-July-750918The Hustle

Mac Davis
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Oct-706807I'll Paint You a Song
11-Sep-720224Baby Don't Get Hooked on Me
30-Apr-739102Dream Me Home
08-July-744314One Hell of a Woman
11-Nov-747806Stop and Smell the Roses
07-July-800931It's Hard to Be Humble

Shona Laing
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-May-870915(Glad I'm) Not a Kennedy
17-Aug-876511Drive Baby Drive

The Avengers
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Feb-697107Listen Listen / Just One More Chance

Fat Boys
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Oct-876510Wipe Out
15-Aug-882315The TwistARIA #21
Did Murray Head, Scotch, Rocco Granata, Debbie Harry, Clout, Curiosity / Curiosity Killed The Cat, Orange Juice, Hoodoo Gurus, The Body Electric, Vicky Leandros, Starland Vocal Band, Sandra and Telly Savalas charted?
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Hi bulion, can I please have the charts for:

1910 Fruitgum Company
Anne and Johnny Hawker
Arthur Conley
Bev Harrell
Billy Preston
Blood, Sweat and Tears

The Sandpipers.

Did they chart with the song Guantanamera?
Bulion seems to be sick or on holidays.

@spatz-98, yes Murray Head, Debbie Harry and Hoodoo Gurus definitely charted!

@dodo fleet, here is Axiom's chart data:

Entry Date HP WI Titles
25-Oct-69 09 22 Arkansas Grass
09-Mar-70 05 20 A Little Ray of Sunshine
21-Dec-70 08 22 My Baby's Gone
19-Apr-71 71 09 Fool's Gold
06-Sep-71 90 06 Father Confessor

Arkansas Grass is a very underrated song, if you ask me. Good to see people still listen to them though!
Murray Head
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Jan-850122One Night in Bangkok

Scotch,Rocco Granata - nothing charted

Debbie Harry
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Mar-842517Rush Rush
22-Dec-860421French Kissin' in the USA
20-Nov-890228I Want That Man
25-Feb-903014Sweet and Low / Kiss it Better
11-Mar-919702Well Did You Evah (with Iggy Pop)AMR only
12-Sep-939601I Can See Clearly Now
21-Feb-008601I Want That Man (2000 Remix)

Entry DateHPWITitles

Curiosity Killed The Cat
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Jun-878803Down to Earth

Orange Juice - nothing charted

Hoodoo Gurus
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Oct-833524My Girl
09-Apr-846811I Want You Back
21-Oct-851522Like Wow - Wipeout
03-Mar-864310Death Defying
13-Oct-867806Poison Pen
30-Mar-870319What's My Scene
27-July-873610Good Times
18-Jan-887904In the Middle of the Land
28-Nov-885011Generation GapAMR #45
29-May-892713Come AnytimeAMR #26
14-Aug-896005AxegrinderAMR only
09-Oct-898503Another WorldAMR only
24-Feb-911919Miss Freelove '69
19-May-9137131000 Miles Away
01-Sep-918903Place in the Sun
24-Oct-934117The Right Time
23-Jan-944312You Open My Eyes
08-May-942607Less Than a Feeling
05-May-966014Waking Up Tired
02-Mar-979702Down on Me

The Body Electric - nothing charted

Vicky Leandros
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Jun-722322Come What May (Apres Tui)
03-Sep-734509When Bouzoukis Played
03-Mar-757413Danny, Teach Me to Dance

Starland Vocal Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-July-760619Afternoon Delight

Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-887205Everlasting Love

Telly Savalas
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-767606Who Loves Ya Baby
1910 Fruitgum Company
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Feb-680222Simon Says
18-May-684211May I Take a Giant Step (into Your Heart)
24-Aug-6808271,2,3 Red Light
23-Nov-682913Goody Goody Gumdrops
01-Mar-690517Indian Giver
05-Jult-694706Special Delivery
27-Sep-696805The Train
02-Mar-707607When We Get Married
03-Aug-707705Go Away

Anne** and Johnny Hawker
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Mar-680917Cinderella Rockefella
20-July-689303Lovin' Season
14-Sep-686207I Got You
15-Mar-691916Boom Bang-a-Bang**
31-May-696605Dear World
06-Sep-693019Real True Lovin'

Arthur Conley
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Jun-672021Sweet Soul Music
20-July-688104People Sure Act Funny
01-Feb-694706Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Oct-690922Arkansas Grass
09-Mar-700520A Little Ray of Sunshine
21-Dec-700822My Baby's Gone
19-Apr-717109Fool's Gold
06-Sep-719006Father Confessor

Bev Harrell
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Dec-661222What Am I Doing Here With You
18-Mar-673509Come on Over to Our Place / You Don't Love Me no More
10-Jun-678310You are the Love of My Life / You Baby
23-Mar-683310One in a Million
03-Aug-684209Mon Pere

Billy Preston
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-690119Get Back / Don't Let Me Down (Beatles feat...)
02-Aug-692211That's the Way God Planned it
20-Dec-697604Everything's All Right
06-Aug-739901Will it Go Round in Circles
23-Sep-746017Nothing from Nothing
17-Mar-802119With You I'm Born Again (with Syreeta)

Blood, Sweat and Tears
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Mar-691414You've Made Me So Very Happy
28-Jun-690516Spinning Wheel
15-Nov-690415And When I Die
23-Nov-704316Lucretia Mac Evil
27-Sep-717508Go Down Gamblin'
01-Sep-759404Got to Get You into My Life
28-Feb-779304You're the One
The Sandpipers
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Nov-668406Louie, Louie
16-Sep-675812The French Song
08-Jun-707805Come Saturday Morning
Thanks bulion. Can I please have the charts from...

Bobby Gentry
Bobby Hebb
Bonzo Dog Doodah Band
Brenton Wood
Canned Heat
The Casuals
Cat Mother and the All Night News Boys

Bobby Gentry
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Aug-670614Ode to Billie Joe
18-May-682325Louisana Man
04-Oct-690525I'll Never Fall in Love Again
02-Feb-700320All I Have to Do is Dream (with Glen Campbell)

Bobby Hebb
Entry DateHPWITitles

Bonzo Dog Doodah Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Jan-691214I'm the Urban Spaceman

Brenton Wood
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Oct-670424Gimme Little Sign
23-Dec-675511Baby, You Got it
18-May-706907Great Big Bundle of Love

Canned Heat
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Sep-680822On the Road Again
14-Dec-680216Going Up the Country
05-Apr-699901Time Was
13-Sep-699303Poor Moon
30-Mar-704209Let's Work Together

The Casuals
Entry DateHPWITitles

Cat Mother and the All Night News Boys
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-693411Good Old Rock N' Roll (medley)
Ta for the quick reply.

Chris Farlowe
Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
Clodagh Rodgers
Count Five
The Cowsills
Crazy Elephant
The Dave Miller Set

Dead Or Alive
Jennifer Rush
Frijid Pink
Weird Al Yankovic
Al Corley

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Hi & thx in advance.
I'm after singles and albums by the Australian singer from the 1970s, Linda George and her band Nova Express.
Bulion can I please have chart positions for Wendy Matthews and Marcia Hines and the chart history of "louie louie"? Thank you.
Chris Farlowe
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Oct-660712Out of Time
10-Dec-665506Ride On, Baby
10-Jun-6710002Life is But Nothing / Yesterdays Papers
23-Dec-673010Paint it Black

Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Oct-663208Got to Get You into My Life

Clodagh Rodgers
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jun-691313Come Back and Shake Me
09-Aug-697308Goodnight, Midnight
08-Nov-699702Room Full of Roses
15-Nov-716821Lady Love Bug

Count Five
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Oct-661218Psychotic Reaction

The Cowsills
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Nov-670421The Rain, The Park & Other Things
17-Feb-684207We Can Fly
22-Jun-680322Indian Lake
28-Sep-684709Poor Baby
08-Mar-698903The Candy Kid
16-Aug-698204The Prophecy of Daniel & John the Divine
29-Nov-693615Silver Threads and Golden Needles

Crazy Elephant
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Apr-692114Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

The Dave Miller Set
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-692818Mr. Guy Fawkes
Linda George
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Apr-731321Neither One of Us (Wants to Be the First to Say Goodbye)
26-Nov-734515Our Day Will Come
05-Aug-740821Mama's Little Girl
30-Dec-749105Give it Love
15-Sep-758504Shoo Be Doo Be Doo Dah Day
28-Apr-804212Love is Enough (with Paul McKay)

Nova Express
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Feb-706504(Take Another Little) Piece of My Heart
Wendy Matthews
04-July-888104You've Always Got the Blues (with Kate Ceberano)
16-Sep-901819Token Angelks
27-Jan-913414Woman's Gotta Have it
21-Apr-911414Let's Kiss (Like Angels Do)
30-Aug-920233The Day You Went Away
24-Jan-931518Friday's Child
18-Apr-934110If Only I Could
25-Sep-943721Standing Strong
29-Jan-959801Love Will Keep Me Alive
02-Apr-956803Love Will Keep Me Alive (R)
25-May-977507Then I Walked Away
14-May-018801Beautiful View

Marcia Hines
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-May-751724Fire and Rain
17-Nov-751022From the Inside
28-Jun-768502Don't Let the Grass Grow / You Gotta Let Go
16-Aug-760626I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself
24-Jan-773811(Until) Your Love Broke Through
04-July-770620What I Did for Love
20-Feb-782814Music is My Life
13-Nov-789202Let the Music Play
14-May-790918Something's Missing (in My Life)
28-Jan-806206Where Did We Go Wrong
17-Aug-811018Your Love Still Brings Me to My Knees
23-Nov-815111What a Bitch is Love
26-July-826207Jokers & Queens (with Jon English)
14-Aug-944713Rain (Let the Children Play)
27-Nov-945306Give it All You Got
13-Dec-986605What a Feeling
03-May-993116Time of Our Lives
13-Sep-997101Makin' My Way
07-Feb-00562aWoo Me
17-Feb-039602To Love Somebody (a Tribute to Maurice Gibb)
14-Mar-055902You (Remix)
11-Dec-064302Stomp! (with Deni Hines)

louie louie
Entry DateHPWIArtists
01-Feb-646106The Kingsmen
08-May-654512The Pink Finks
19-Nov-668406The Sandpipers
16-Jan-848106Australian Crawl
Davy Jones
Don Fardon
Don Lane
Electric Indian
The Fifth (5th) Dimension
The Fifth Estate

Thanks bulion

was wondering if there's plans to start on the 1950s and 1960s year-by-year threads?
Speaking of the 50's and 60's, can I please have the *chart runs* for "A Pub with No Beer" by Slim Dusty, "Little Boy Lost" by Johnny Ashcroft (which I read somewhere was a #1 hit, not #3, what happened?), "I've Been Everywhere" by Lucky Starr and "Bombora" by the Atlantics? That would be really interesting as they were all early Australian hits.

Also you wrote that "You" by Marcia Hines was a #2 hit, I read somewhere that it was #1. What happened there?

Thanks for your attention. -bangalore
Can I also please have complete chart data for Cold Chisel, Crowded House, Cruel Sea and Daddy Cool? thank you!

@spatz98, you have posted waaay too many artists in one post. I mean 27? 10 is probably enough for one post, isn't it?
Davy Jones
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Jun-670423Theme for a New LOve
09-Sep-670725Dream Girl / Maybe it's Because I'm a Londoner
02-Dec-675614Baby it's Me / Any Old Iron
04-May-688801What Are We Going to Do?
02-Aug-717804Rainy Jane

Entry DateHPWITitles

Don Fardon
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Oct-680419The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian
28-Feb-721613Follow Your Drum

Don Lane
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Nov-691621You're Everything
23-Nov-704111We Were Lovers Then / City Boy, Country Born

Electric Indian
Entry DateHPWITitles

5th Dimension
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Mar-677507Go Where You Wanna Go
15-July-670118Up-Up and Away
18-Nov-674708Paper Cup
02-Mar-689401Carpet Man
19-Oct-681915Sweet Blindness
29-Mar-690320Aquarius - Let the Sunshine in (Medley)
23-Aug-694811Workin' on a Groovy Thing
18-Oct-692019Wedding Bell Blues
23-Feb-705509Blowing Away
15-Jun-701914Puppet Man
13-July-709703The Girls Song
24-Aug-707907Save the Country
17-Jan-728506Never My Love
05-Jun-720720(Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All

The Fifth Estate
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Jun-670614Ding Dong the Witch is Dead
dodo, I will be putting the 50's & 60's threads up, but not for a while as I am still working on the info.
A Pub with No Beer" by Slim Dusty:

Little Boy Lost by Johnny Ashcroft:

I've Been Everywhere by Lucky Starr:

Bombora by the Atlantics:

"You" by Marcia Hines only hit No.1 in one state, but it did stay at No.2 for six straight weeks.
Cold Chisel
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jun-784111Khe Sanh
16-Oct-786509Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) / Georgia on My Mind
11-Dec-783610You're 13, You're Beautiful & You're Mine (EP)
02-Apr-796313Breakfast at Sweethearts
03-Dec-791418Choir Girl
26-May-800818Cheap Wine
01-Sep-804014My Baby / Misfits
14-Dec-811219You Got Nothing I Want
29-Mar-820418Forever Now
26-July-822513When the War is Over
24-Oct-831419Hold Me Tight / No Sense
02-Apr-841114Saturday Night
02-July-849101Twentieth Century / Only One
27-Aug-842613Flames Trees
18-Sep-940914Hands Out of My Pockets
30-Oct-941611Nothing But You
30-Aug-981013The Things I Love in You
15-Nov-984611Water into Wine
22-Mar-996302Way Down

Crowded House
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Jun-862615Mean to Me
06-Oct-866310Now We're Getting Somewhere
01-Dec-860826Don't Dream it's Over
23-Mar-874317World Where You Live
08-Jun-871816Something So Strong
20-Jun-880222Better Be Home Soon
12-Sep-882711When You Come
12-Dec-886708Into TemptationAMR only
08-May-898107Sister MadlyAMR only
11-Feb-909302I Feel Possessed
09-Jun-912013Chocolate Cake
18-Aug-913115Fall at Your Feet
22-Dec-911521It's Only Natural
26-Apr-922713Weather With You
19-July-924707Four Seasons in One Day
10-Oct-932316Distant Sun
06-Feb-943408Nails in My Feet
05-Jun-94795aLocked Out
13-Nov-944614Private Universe
30-Jun-961012Everything is Good for You
15-Sep-963714Not the Girl You Think You Are
25-Jun-073408Don't Sop Now

Cruel Sea
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-9282054 x 4 (EP)
28-Mar-932523Black Stick
25-July-934114The Honeymoon is Over
31-Oct-936411Woman With Soul
27-Feb-949003Seems Twice
11-Dec-942915Better Get a Lawyer
26-Mar-953910Just a Man
11-Jun-954908Anybody But You

Daddy Cool
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-710137Eagle Rock / Bom Bom
06-Sep-710320Come Back Again / Just as Long As We're Together
22-Nov-711217D.C.E.P. (feat Lollipop) (EP)
06-Dec-711614Hi Honey Ho
26-Jun-722909I'll Never Smile Again
27-Nov-728303Teenage Blues
29-Sep-807807The D.C. Hits EP (EP)
19-July-821715Eagle Rock (12")
28-Aug-943506The Ballad of Oz / Happy Hippy Hut (Skyhooks)

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Dead Or Alive
Jennifer Rush
Frijid Pink
Weird Al Yankovic
Al Corley
Thanks for all your hard work bulion, looking forward to those 50s & 60s threads! Can I please have...

The Flying Circus
The Gun
Hank Marvin
Jeff Beck
Joe Dolan
Joe South

Jimmy Gilmer/The Fireball's 'Bottle of Wine' and Frank Sinatra's 'High Hopes'

@bulion why are the chart runs so short??? Anyway can I please have chart data for Johnny Diesel and *complete* chart runs for:

HANGING FIVE - the delltones
THE REAL THING - Russell Morris

Thank you.
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The Flying Circus
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Jun-691124La La
13-Dec-691317Run, Run, Run
25-Jan-719304Turn Away

The Gun
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-Jan-693325Race With the Devil

Hank Marvin
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Oct-695809Thrown Down the Line (Cliff Richard &...)
09-Mar-707108The Joy of Living (Cliff Richard &...)

Jeff Beck
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-May-672112Hi Ho Silver Lining
06-Apr-699501Love is Blue (L'Amour est Bleu)
16-Aug-692811Barabajagal (Donovan feat...)
29-July-852313People Get Ready (Rod Stewart &...)

Joe Dolan
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-691321Make Me an Island
02-Mar-701815You're Such a Good Looking Woman
13-Oct-751744Lady in Blue

Joe South
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Feb-686810Birds of a Feather
29-Jun-689801How Can I Unlove You
08-Feb-690920Games People Play
13-Sep-691417Don't it Make You Want to Go Home
02-Feb-702014Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Jimmy Gilmer/The Fireball's 'Bottle of Wine'
Entry DateHPWITitle
20-Jan-680320Bottle of Wine

Frank Sinatra's 'High Hopes
Entry DateHPWITitle
12-Dec-592116High Hopes
The chart runs are so short, because I only have Top 20 chart run info up until 1974.

HANGING FIVE - The Delltones

THE REAL THING - Russell Morris

DON'T DREAM IT'S OVER - Crowded House

Johnny Diesel
Entry DateHPWITitles 
07-Nov-881029Don't Need LoveAMR #11
13-Feb-890916Soul RevivalAMR #8
24-Apr-891017Cry in ShameAMR #8
24-July-892811Lookin' for LoveAMR #29
06-Nov-898303Since I Fell for You

then came "Please Send Me Someone to Love in Jan 1990
Dead Or Alive
Entry DateHPWITitles 
26-Nov-844514That's the Way (I Like it)
18-Feb-850325You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)
10-Jun-851312Lover Come Back to Me
12-Aug-853110In Too Deep
25-Nov-854112My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me to the Doctor)
03-Nov-862120Brand New Lover
16-Feb-871914Something in My House
25-May-873308Hooked on Love
19-Oct-874708I'll Save You All My Kisses
17-Oct-882510Turn Around and Count 2 TenARIA #30
24-July-895209Come Home With Me BabyARIA #45
13-Oct-962820You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) '96 Remix
23-Mar-975212Sex Drive
28-July-036203You Spin Me Round 2003

Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Dec-851620Tarzan Boy

Jennifer Rush
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Oct-850129The Power of Love
13-July-873120Flames of Paradise (with Elton John)

Frijid Pink
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Mar-701516House of the Rising Sun
14-Sep-709107Sing a Song of Freedom

Weird Al Yankovic
Entry DateHPWITitles 
23-Apr-840112Eat it
12-Aug-851912Like a Surgeon
11-July-881115FatARIA #12
14-Jun-922409Smells Like Nirvana
05-Dec-938402Jurassic Park
29-Nov-996807Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
18-Dec-06128aWhite & Nerdy (DL sales only)

Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Dec-860623Word Up

Al Corley - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Jun-703713All Kinds of Everything
31-May-718006Who Put the Lights Out?
17-Nov-759903Please Tell Him That I Said Hello
27-Aug-799305Something's Cooking in the Kitchen
Have you got the singles chart info on The Party Boys? Thanks
John Rowles
Judy Collins
Karen Young
Lee Hazlewood
Lemon Pipers

Thanks again.
Agnetha Fältskog
Julie Covington
The Manhattan Transfer
J.J. Cale
Jimmy Elledge (Funny How Time Slips Away - 1961), please!
Party Boys:
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Jun-870126He's Gonna Step on You Again
056-Oct-872119Hold Your Head Up
08-May-899401Follow Your Heart
26-Aug-90814aDo-Wah-DiddyAMR #73

John Rowles
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Nov-665506Please Help Me, I'm Falling (as Ja-Ar)
30-Mar-680617If I Only Had Time
29-Jun-681313Hush.. Not a Word to Mary
12-Oct-686509The Pain Goes on Forever
11-Jan-696810Say Goodbye
09-Mar-707112That Wonderful Sound
21-Dec-702039Cheryl Moana Marie
09-Oct-783916Tania (This Song is For You)

Judy Collins
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Dec-683712Both Sides Now
22-Feb-711019Amazing Grace
30-Jun-751316Send in the Clowns

Karen Young
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Noc-692330Nobody's Child
04-May-707210One Tin Soldier

Lee Hazlewood (*with Nancy Sinatra)
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Dec-661423Summer Wine*
06-May-670617The Girls in Paris
04-Nov-671513Lady Bird / Sand*
06-Jan-681019You Only Live Twice/Oh, Lonesome Me*
27-Jan-684410Some Velvet Morning*
08-Feb-697605Sleep in the Grass (Ann-Margaret with...)
11-Oct-712020Did You Ever*
13-Mar-728004Down from Dover*

**You Only Live Twice was by Nancy Sinatra only

Lemon Pipers
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Feb-680214Green Tambourine
06-Apr-683711Rice is Nice
01-Jun-682611Jelly Jungle (of Orange Marmalade)

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-July-649303Shout (Lulu & The Luvers)
13-Mar-654412I'll Come Running Over
17-Jun-673813The Boat That I Row
04-Nov-671440To Sir with Love
30-Mar-681717Me, the Peaceful Heart
21-Sep-685908Morning Dew
30-Nov-682118I'm a Tiger / Without Him
22-Mar-691517Boom Bang-a-Bang
20-Dec-694215Oh Me, Oh My (I'm a Fool for You Baby)
22-Jun-705506Hum a Song (from Your Heart)
20-May-748109The Man Who Sold the World
18-Jan-827116I Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)
12-Dec-933316Relight My Fire (Take That feat...)
09-Dec-021221We've Got Tonight (Ronan Keating with...)
Agnetha Fältskog
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Sep-837604Can't Shake Loose

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Sep-820516I Know There's Something Going On

Julie Covington
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Mar-770126Don't Cry for Me Argentina
16-Apr-795812I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight

Osibisa - no singles, but 7 albums charted

Manhattan Transfer
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Dec-760931Chanson D'Amour
20-Nov-782719Where Did Our Love Go
28-May-795413I Kiss Your Hand Madam
21-July-802815Twilight Zone
26-Jan-812517Trickle Trickle
20-July-813610Boy from New York City

J.J. Cale
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Apr-721017Crazy Mama
14-Aug-726009After Midnight
21-Feb-777507Hey Baby
12-Jun-789801Cocaine (R)
19-Mar-794519Cocaine (R)
15-Oct-799801Katy Kool Lady / I'll Make Love to You Anytime
23-Mar-817008Mama Don't
22-Mar-829102City Girls

Jimmy Elledge
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Mar-629603Funny How Time Slips Away
05-May-629006Can't You See it in My Eyes
Thanks once again bulion.

Mary Hopkin
Mason Williams
Mike Preston
Pacific Gas and Electric
Pastoral Symphony
Paul Jones
R.B. Greaves

Thanks again.

Bay City Rollers
Yvonne Elliman
The Brothers Johnson
Audrey Landers
Amanda Lear
The Crocodiles
Luciano Pavarotti
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Thank you!
How did Queen's 1985-86 single "One Vision" chart in Australia? I've seen it listed as #10 and as #34. I think it was here on this forum that i saw the #34 position which is more reliable than the unsourced #10, but i was just wondering which one is correct as there's quite a difference of 24 positions

Also what was the peak position for "A Kind Of Magic" (1986) #25 or #6 as with the case above i've seen on the web both chart positions listed as the peak position
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Hi & thx in advance. I'm after singles and albums by Dynamic Hepnotics.
Mary Hopkin
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Sep-680224Those Were the Days
16-Feb-700619Temma Harbour
11-May-700520Knock Knock Who's There
30-Nov-703019Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
07-Dec-705107Think About Your Children
24-Jan-729403Water, Paper & Clay

Mason Williams
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Aug-680520Classical Gas

Mike Preston
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Jan-591814A House, A Car & a Wedding Ring
17-Aug-682015Dear Heart
14-Dec-687105Christmas Alphabet
12-Apr-696407Buona Sera Mrs. Campbell

Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Aug-691016Good Morning Starshine

Pacific Gas and Electric
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Oct-692720The Hunter
15-Jun-707105Stormy Times
22-Jun-704410Are You Ready?

Pastoral Symphony
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-May-681114Love Machine

Paul Jones
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Nov-663412High Time
18-Feb-671211I've Been a Bad Bad Boy
27-Jan-682210Sons and Lovers
20-Apr-689602And the Sun Will Shine
28-Jun-695210It's Getting Better

R.B. Greaves
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Nov-690617Take a Letter Maria
09-Mar-704813(There's) Always Something There to Remind Me
01-Jun-708206Fire and Rain
Bay City Rollers
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-May-746705Remember (Sha La La)
06-Jan-755312Summerlove Sensation
19-May-750125Bye Bye Baby
15-Sep-750220Give a Little Love
08-Dec-750318Money, Honey / Mary Anne
22-Mar-764513Saturday Night
10-May-760713Love Me Like I Love You
05-July-760919Rock and Roll Love Letter
27-Sep-760819I Only Wanna Be With You
10-Jan-773411Don't Worry Baby
30-May-770914It's a Game
08-Aug-773612You Made me Believe in Magic
28-Nov-775610The Way I Feel Tonight

Yvonne Elliman
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-July-717217I Don't Know How to Love Him
14-Feb-7210001Everything's Alright
13-Dec-761526Love Me
20-Mar-780920If I Can't Have You

The Brothers Johnson
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Nov-772525Strawberry Letter 23

Audrey Landers
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Sep-839003Manuel Goodbye

Amanda Lear (albums only), The Crocodiles - no singles charted

Luciano Pavarotti - albums only
Queen (from A Kind of Magic album)
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Dec-853512One Vision
28-Apr-862517A Kind of Magic
18-Aug-863210Princes of the Universe

Dynamic Hepnotics
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Oct-840522Soul Kind of Feeling
01-Apr-852013Gotta Be Wrong (Way to Love)
14-Apr-868603On Our Way Now
Cheers Bulion!

Ronnie Charles
Ross D. Wyllie
Sandy Posey
Seals and Crofts
Somebody's Image
Strawberry Alarm Clock
The Tee Set
Thunderclap Newman

Nana Mouskouri
Miguel Rios
Kiki Dee
Was "If I Were A Rich Man" by singer Topol (1967?) charted?
To get an Album released in Australia,I'd have to have one released here first.Our Industry is DEAD,so that isn't gonna happen.While waiting,I'll still piddle about with the charts.But my first question for the Internet is still unanswered-WHERE do I go to get a week by week listing of the top ten,LPs or singles?And I mean 1956 to 1979,the time since then more or less covered by Billboard or the Internet.Anybody know?
The Novice;

LP charts in Australia go back as far as January 1965, and you'd have to get David Kent's two books to find out LP info, but even then you can't see what the Top 10's were, only how well the LP's charted. So that's as close as we can get at the moment.


Use the above link to see what he has to sell.

Regards, Gavin Ryan
Ronnie Charles
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Nov-694415Katy Jane

Ross D. Wyllie
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Aug-679602Short Skirts (with The Escorts)
19-Apr-691529Funny Man
20-Sep-690121The Star
27-Apr-706503My Little Girl
07-Jun-714206He Gives U All His Love / Life
25-Oct-717806It Takes Time
24-July-729901Sweet White Dove

Sandy Posey
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-July-661223Born a Woman
17-Dec-660618Single Girl
01-Apr-672510What a Woman in Love Won't Do
08-July-670814I Take it Back

Seals and Crofts
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Jan-731613Summer Breeze
13-Aug-735720Diamond Girl
24-Dec-732918We May Never Pass This Way Again
02-Jun-755514I'll Play for You
23-Aug-767710Get Closer

Somebody's Image
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-July-679702When I Come Home
27-Apr-682812Hide and Seek

Strawberry Alarm Clock
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Dec-673212Incense and Peppermints

The Tee Set
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Feb-700321Ma Belle Amie
13-July-704214If You Do Believe in Love

Thunderclap Newman
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Aug-690315Something in the Air
Bobbysock (there was an artist known as Bob B. Soxx, so that's what is listed below)
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Mar-637808Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?

Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Aug-700222Spill the Wine (Eric Burdon & War)
28-July-759304Why Can't We be Friends

Nana Mouskouri
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-July-721038Four and Twenty Hours
08-July-742917Danny Come Home
03-Feb-756208The Three Bells

Miguel Rios
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Aug-700130A Song of Joy
22-Feb-714312Like an Eagle

Kiki Dee
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Nov-745218I've Got the Music in Me (Kiki Dee Band)
19-July-760123Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with Elton John)
30-Apr-849902The Loser Gets to Win
Was "If I Were A Rich Man" by singer Topol (1967?) charted?

The only version that charted in Australia was by NZ duo Bill & Boyd

Entry DateHPWITitleArtist
29-July-671710If I Were a Rich ManBill & Boyd
Thanks for the above stats bulion.

Thunderclap Newman
Tommy Leonetti
Tony Joe White
The Town Criers
The Valentines
The Vibrants
The Virgil Brothers
Whistling Jack Smith

Ta mate!
dodo, I just did Thunderclap today
Thank you, bulion.

The Love Affair
Daniel Boone
Sinéad O'Connor
Debby Boone
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Tommy Leonetti
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Aug-589202Ring on a Ribbon
30-Aug-588203On a Blanket on the Beach
05-Oct-682521Let's Take a Walk

Tony Joe White
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Aug-690722Polk Salad Annie
13-Dec-697002Roosevelt & Ira Lee (Night of the Mossacin)
11-May701718High Sheriff od Calhoun Parrish / Groupy Girl

The Town Criers
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Mar-681316Everlasting Love
05-Apr-695309Any Old Time (You're Lonely and Sad)
23-Aug-693516Love Me Again
16-Mar-704210Living in a World of Love

Entry DateHPWITitles
15-July-673010Paper Sun
30-Sep-671015Hole in My Shoe
23-Dec-675507Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

The Valentines
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Jun-677606Everyday I Have to Cry
14-Oct-679801She Said
05-Apr-6910001Ebeneezer (B-side of below track)
10-May-692221My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man
12-July-695320Nick Nack Paddy Whack

The Vibrants
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Mar-671523Something About You, Baby / Danger Zone
03-Jun-676507The Letter Song
14-Oct-671022My Prayer / Don't Let Your Left Hand Know
13-July-685108Terrible Way to Treat Your Baby
28-Sep-705513I Can't Let Go of Your Love

The Virgil Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Jun-683013Temptation 'Bout to Get Me
05-Oct-686309Here I Am / Shake Me, Wake Me
01-Nov-698703When You Walk Away

Whistling Jack Smith
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Apr-671613I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Sep-690918Get Together
The Love Affair
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Mar-683613Everlasting Love
09-Nov-685709A Day Without Love

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-744314Tiger Feet
26-May-755712The Secrets That You Keep
07-July-755408Oh Boy
28-Nov-779801Just Try (A Little Tenderness)

Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Dec-754916Just a Smile

Daniel Boone
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-May-720838Beautiful Sunday
26-Mar-736007Rock and Roll Bum
30-July-738503Sunshine Lover

Sinéad O'Connor
Entry DateHPWITitles

Debby Boone
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Nov-770735You Light Up My Life
27-Nov-788606God Knows
Paul Simon
The Shorts
David Dundas
Herbert Grönemeyer
David Sylvian
The Nolans / The Nolan Sisters
The Tymes
A Flock Of Seagulls
Mondo Rock
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Can I please have the chart data for the Dingoes and the Johnny's and complete chart runs for the following songs:

Debby Boone - You Light Up My Life
Dragon - April Sun In Cuba
Cold Chisel - Khe Sanh
Australian Crawl - Errol
Mondo Rock - Come Said The Boy
Mental As Anything - Live It Up
Jimmy Barnes - I'd Die to Be with You Tonight
Where do we request post-1989 album chart positions? Here, or in the pre-1989 albums thread? I'm not sure, so I'll just ask here; did Shades of Purple by M2M chart here? I know The Big Room charted at #98. Thanks!
Paul Simon
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Mar-720517Mother and Child Reunion
22-May-724010Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard
14-Aug-728607Run That Body Down
03-Sep-733024Loves Me Like a Rock
27-Oct-759501Gone at Last (with Phoebe Snow)
02-Feb-76351650 Ways to Leave Your Lover
26-Dec-773519Slip Slidin' Away
01-Sep-803414Late in the Evening
07-Mar-8310001The Blues (with Randy Newman)
15-Sep-860227You Can Call Me Al
19-Jan-874610The Boy in the Bubble
04-May-876907Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
28-Oct-904213The Obvious Child

The Shorts - nothing charted

David Dundas
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Sep-760327Jeans On
02-May-771420Another Funny Honeymoon

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-July-701629Yellow River
25-Jan-7142156San Bernadino

Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Feb-830515Living on the Ceiling

Herbert Grönemeyer - nothing charted

David Sylvian
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Oct-832916Forbidden Colours (with Riuichi Sakamoto)
06-Sep-926906Heartbeat (Riuichi Sakamoto feat...)

The Nolans
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-May-810323Gotta Pull Myself Together
27-July-814314I'm in the Mood for Dancing
26-Oct-819402Attention to Me

The Tymes
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-July-636110So Much in Love
21-Sep-636409Wonderful Wonderful
20-Jan-755715You Little Trustmaker
07-Apr-755908Ms. Grace

A Flock Of Seagulls
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jun-820119I Ran
08-Nov-826808Space Age Love Song
14-Mar-834609Wishing (If I Had a Photograph of You)

Mondo Rock
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Oct-784908The Fugitive Kind
17-Nov-800626State of the Heart
13-Apr-810820Cool World
16-Nov-813117Summer of '81
28-Jun-821116No Time
27-Sep-824010The Queen and Me
18-Apr-838604In Another Love
12-Dec-830223Come Said the Boy
02-Apr-841814Baby Wants to Rock
30-July-848505The Modern Bop
28-Jan-855608Good Advice
01-Sep-865811Rule of Threes
24-Nov-863426Primitive Love Rites
06-July-878602Boom Boom Baby
21-Oct-909601Why Fight it
24-Feb-91946aI Had You in Mind
31-May-047903The First Time (Damon Boyd vs...)
The Dingoes
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Nov-734010Way Out West
24-Jun-745507Boy on the Run
10-Oct-777005Smooth Sailing

The Johnny's
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Nov-835110I Think You're Cute
02-Dec-853216Injun Joe
31-Mar-864610(There's Gonna Be a) Showdown
28-July-867109Bleeding Heart

Debby Boone - You Light Up My Life

Dragon - April Sun In Cuba

Cold Chisel - Khe Sanh

Australian Crawl - Errol

Mondo Rock - Come Said The Boy

Mental As Anything - Live It Up

Jimmy Barnes - I'd Die to Be with You Tonight
stricky, your request is now in the albums thread.
Again,Bulion has an answer.When I compile these charts,it's listed as The Bulion charts.Thanks as always.(For the record,an LP and DVD of my Cameraman Keith clips got into Buckingham Palace,so SOMEBODY'S listening.har har)Thought I'd return the favor for all you've done.These are some of the widely different positions,as listed in Billboard.#8-Aretha Franklin-Rockabye your baby.#7-The Rascals-I ain't gonna eat out my heart anymore.#3-The Monkees-I wanna be free.#1-The Beatles-Cry for a shadow(How COOL is THAT?)
How did Gary Glitter, The Glitter Band charted? And did songs by The Beatles re-charted in the 90's or since 2000?
Have you got the singles charts info for Bobby Sherman? Thanks again
Could you please post the chart runs for Yazz's 'Fine Time' and 'Where Has All the Love Gone?' on the AMR singles chart?
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Gary Glitter:
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Aug-720120Rock and Roll Part 2/Part 1
25-Dec-722317I Didn't Know I Love You (Till I Saw You Rock & Roll)
12-Mar-731524Do You Wanna Touch me (Oh Yeah)
11-Jun-731124Hello! Hello! I'm Back Again
10-Sep-731124I'm the Leader of the Gang (I am)
31-Dec-730422I Love, You Love, Me Love
13-May-743317Remember Me This Way
15-July-741514Always Yours
17-Feb-754021Oh Yes! You're Beautiful
01-Sep-7510001Love Like You and Me
31-Oct-889202Gary in the Tardis (with The Timelords)

Glitter Band:
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-May-741528Angel Face
14-Apr-758310Goodbye My Love
21-July-750717The Tears I Cry

Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Nov-109201Let it Be (R)
29-Nov-109901Here Comes the Sun
Bobby Sherman:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Aug-659602Well... All Right
18-Oct-692913Little Woman
20-Dec-696407La La La (If I Had You)
20-Apr-703512Easy Come Easy Go
03-Aug-708605Hey Mister Sun
05-Oct-700419Julie, Do Ya Love Me
Entry DateHPWITitle - Artist
13-Mar-895608Fine Time - Yazz

Chart Run: 8767565973668485-

Entry DateHPWITitle - Artist
12-Jun-899004Where Has All the Love Gone - Yazz

Chart Run: 99909993-
Thanks bulion

Can you please post the AMR chart run for Bananarama's 'Nathan Jones'?
Entry DateHPWITitle - Artist
06-Mar-896109Nathan Jones - Bananarama

Chart Run736776676862616571-
David Crosby
Michael Nesmith
LL Cool J
Mark Williams
Millie Jackson
And did songs by John Lennon and George Harrison re-charted in the 90's or since 2000?
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Thanks bulion.

Could you please post the AMR chart runs for Neneh Cherry's 'Manchild' and 'Kisses On the Wind', Transvision Vamp's 'Sister Moon', and Paula Abdul's 'Forever Your Girl' and 'Knocked Out'?
Don Henley - Boys Of Summer Chart Run if possible. If not just it's peak thanks.
Hi bulion, can you please tell me the chart positions for

David Whitfield
Mr. Acker Bilk
Graham Chapman (AU)
Allan Sherman
The Murmaids
The Springfields

Could I please have the chart positions for Lionel Rose? Thanks.
credence clearwater please!
bangalore, just to let you know, Creedence has already been done in part 1 @ http://australian-charts.com/forum.asp?todo=viewthread&id=21533&pages=

David Crosby
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-July-728505Immigration Man (with Graham Nash)

Michael Nesmith
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Jan-711114Silver Moon

LL Cool J - nothing in Oz prior to 1991.

Mark Williams - both singles in T40 in 1990

Millie Jackson
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-July-855007Act of War (with Elton John)

John Lennon
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Dec-077103Happy Xmas (War is Over)
15-Dec-086603Happy Xmas (War is Over)

George Harrison
Entry DateHPWITitle
18-Feb-026203My Sweet Lord (2000)
Neneh Cherry 'Manchild'

Neneh Cherry 'Kisses On the Wind'

Transvision Vamp's 'Sister Moon'

Paula Abdul's 'Forever Your Girl'

Paula Abdul 'Knocked Out'
Don Henley - Boys Of Summer

Thanks Bulls.
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-May-659303Ain't Nobody Home But Me / Golden Lights

David Whitfield
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Oct-540222Cara Mia
08-Apr-616414Hear My Song, Violetta
24-Jun-619701A Scottish Soldier

Mr. Acker Bilk
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Apr-602616Summer Set
27-Jan-620130Stranger on the Shore
04-Aug-629901In a Persian Market
22-Feb-640719The Harem

Graham Chapman (AU)
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-May-683012Gee, I'm Gonna Miss You
31-Aug-689602Pardon Me, Miss

Allan Sherman
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-630112Hello Muddah, Hello Fuddah!

The Murmaids
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jan-641212Popsicles and Icicles

The Springfields
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Aug-620227Silver Threads and Golden Needles
01-Dec-624810Dear Hearts and Gentle People
09-Feb-632513Island of Dreams
30-Mar-634309Little by Little
14-Sep-638207Come on Home

Lionel Rose
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Dec-690219I Thank You
13-Apr-704007Please Remember Me
Thanks bulion.
Barry Crocker please
Hi All,
Wondering if someone can help me. I have bought the ARIA book which is great and gives me some great info, but I am still looking for chart positions over recent years.

I mean from positions 51-100. I am working on a list of fave songs that did not crack the top 50. Such as Chasing cars and With every heartbeat. However am having issues finding somewhere that lists their positions outside the top 50.

Any ideas?
Cooney With A C: Copies of the ARIA Report dating back to 2001 has been archived on Pandora. They list the full ARIA Top 100 Singles charts.

Could I get the complete single-charts from Neneh Cherry, please?
Could I have the complete chart runs for one of the following songs, please?

*Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
*Captain & Tennille's "Do That To Me One More Time"
*Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)"
*Cliff Richard & The Young One's "Living Doll"
*Split Enz's "I Got You"
*Big Audio Dynamite's "E=MC2"

Thank you.
What about Mickey Newbury singles and albums, please?
Barry Crocker:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-July-693820Please Don't Go
27-July-709302The Pensioner
11-Oct-713119Love is a Beautiful Song
14-May-730724Susie Darlin'
07-July-754510Love, Where Are You Now?
Mickey Newbury:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Dec-745110Baby's Not Home
24-Mar-753015An American Trilogy

Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Sep-748016I Came to Hear the Music
Neneh Cherry
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Feb-891618Buffalo StanceARIA #21
12-Jun-895113ManchildAMR info only
18-Sep-895208Kisses on the WindAMR info only
18-Mar-909105HeartAMR #79
28-Oct-906112I've Got You Under My SkinAMR #63
15-Nov-928508Money LoveAMR #84
17-July-9403287 Secondswith Youssou N'Dour

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*Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"

*Captain & Tennille's "Do That To Me One More Time"

*Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)"

*Cliff Richard & The Young One's "Living Doll"

*Split Enz's "I Got You"

*Big Audio Dynamite's "E=MC2"
Please, Mr. Bullion, could you post chart informations of U.S. band Exile (No. 1 "Kiss You All Over"...)? Many thanks, Simpson
Was any Derek and the Dominos single or album charted in Australia?
Bob Hudson
The Other Ones
Eddie Low
Tony Angel
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Oct-780125Kiss You All Over
15-Jan-793120You Thrill Me
06-Aug-796810How Could This Go Wrong
02-Jun-808105The Part of Me That Needs You Most

Derek & The Domino's
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
A218-Jun-733711In Concert
Bob Hudson
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Jan-750130The Newcastle Song

The Other Ones
Entry DateHPWITitles

Eddie Low - nothing charted

Tony Angel - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Dec-711721The Witch Queen of New Orleans
Womack & Womack
Sammy Johns
Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Chris De Burgh
Minnie Riperton
Lene Lovich
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AH!The Graham Chapman who charted wasn't the late Great Python.That question's been driving me bats for YEARS.
Some complete chart runs for the following songs, please?

Player (1) - Space Invaders
Police - Walking On The Moon
The Vapors - Turning Japanese
Eddy Grant - I Don't Wanna Dance
Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue
Bill Wyman - (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star
Chart runs for HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) and WE WILL TOGETHER by Eurogliders, please!
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Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Apr-895508Keeping the Dream Alive

Womack & Womack - there only two hits were Teardrops & Celebrate the World

Sammy Johns:
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Jun-755608Early Morning Love
11-Aug-757413Chevy Van

Ozark Mountain Daredevils:
Entry DateHPWITitle
12-May-752719Jackie Blue

Chris De Burgh
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Jan-830525Don't Pay the Ferryman 
25-July-837505Ship to Shore 
09-July-849104High on Emotion 
08-Sep-8610001Fire on the Water 
15-Sep-860231Lady in Red 
16-Feb-875908Say Goodbye to it All 
05-Dec-884719Missing YouARIA #45

Minnie Riperton
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Mar-750521Lovin' You

Lene Lovich
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Apr-790221Lucky Number
24-Dec-797706Bird Song
27-July-812913New Toy

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chart runs will be done once I get my main computer back up and running
Can I have too:
Bill Conti
Jermaine Jackson
Gazebo - nothing charted

Bill Conti
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-May-071322Gonna Fly Now

Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Aug-838102Sex (I'm a) / The Metro (12")
16-July-842320No More Words
15-Oct-843918Dancing in Berlin
18-Aug-860228Take My Breath Away
08-Dec-861818Like Flames

Jermaine Jackson
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-732717Daddy's Home
23-July-802421Let's Get Serious
16-July-845713Sweetest Sweetest
01-Apr-856309When the Rain Begins to Fall (with Pia Zadora)
Player (1) - Space Invaders
Entry Date:04-Feb-807658382523211917151412108653446101214242632476780-

Police - Walking On The Moon
Entry Date: 18-Feb-80 7636281817159111116202640405993-

The Vapors - Turning Japanese
Entry Date: 28-Apr-808855291914753112224468913172638445581-

Eddy Grant - I Don't Wanna Dance
Entry Date: 4-Apr-83 70474349505253535048545456575152545454514736362723212324323742466683-

Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue
Entry Date: 20-June-8377515127126333237131623253543547793-

Bill Wyman - (Si Si) Je Suis Un Rock Star
Entry Date: 19-Oct-8166462816108657913131625284364-

HEAVEN (MUST BE THERE) - Eurogliders
Entry Date: 07-May-84100- 6646231063232348816202843506970828991-

WE WILL TOGETHER by Euroglider
Entry Date: 29-Apr-857763624642231814997711172837575084-
Guess that means your main computer is working again...


What are NSW's biggest hits pre-1989?
what about Michael Jackson and Madonna songs that didn't make the top 50?
Could I have too:
Graham Bonney
Desmond Child
Herbie Hancock
Billie Holiday
Player 1
 MICHAEL JACKSON (non top 50) 

 Entry DateHPWITitles 
 21-Feb-728308Got To Be There 
 18-Mar-749802Morning Glow 
 12-May-809403Off The Wall* 
 14-Nov-836409Human Nature* 
 23-Jul-846807Farewell My Summer Love 
 25-Jul-935812Will You Be There* 
 19-Dec-937606Gone Too Soon 
 03-Mar-086002The Girl Is Mine '08 feat. Will.I.Am 
 06-Jul-098002Thriller Megamix 
 06-Jul-096303Human Nature 
 06-Jul-099601Off The Wall 

* indicates original chart run
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 Madonna (non top 50)  

 Entry DateHPTITitles 
 04-Dec-895110Oh Father* 
 18-Mar-905106Dear Jessie 
 19-Dec-939202Remixed Prayers 

*Courtesy of the Kent Report
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Graham Bonnet
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Aug-770325It's All Over Now Baby Blue
26-Jun-780221Warm Ride

Desmond Child
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Aug-915508Love on a Rooftop

Herbie Hancock
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Mar-841623Rockit (R)

Billie Holiday - nothing has ever charted here in Oz for her

Dan-I - nothing charted

Player (1)
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Feb-800328Space Invaders
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-July-880631Push itARIA #3
07-Nov-885413Shake Your Thang (it's Your Thing)ARIA #47
02-July-907304ExpressionNo ARIA Pos
25-Aug-911923Do You Want MeAMR #18
24-Nov-910125Let's Talk About SexAMR #1
22-Mar-922411You Showed MeAMR#19
24-Oct-930227ShoopAMR #3
06-Mar-940217Whatta Man (feat En Vogue)AMR#3
07-Aug-942114Heaven 'N' HellAMR #20
13-Nov-945311None of Your BusinessAMR #48
12-Nov-956313Ain't Nuthin' But a She ThingAMR #65
12-Jan-976813ChampagneAMR #77
13-Dec-991634Brick Track vs. Gitty UpAMR #15

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Sep-885809Hot, Cool & ViciousAMR info only
12-Jan-920224Greatest Hits
09-Jan-940548Very Necessary
06-Mar-002815The Best of
The Wild Angels
Bellamy Brothers
Lynn Anderson
Fern Kinney
Penny McLean
Helen Reddy
Split Enz
Lipps, Inc.
Climie Fisher
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chart run for WALKING ON SUNSHINE by Katrina +the Waves, please!
And Linda Ronstadt and Chris Norman?
The Wild Angels - nothing charted

Bellamy Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-760622Let Your Love Flow
27-Sep-766503Satin Sheets
30-May-791224If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body would you Hold it Against Me

Lynn Anderson
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Feb-710123Rose Garden
26-July-719802You're My Man

Fern Kinney
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Nov-799403Groove Me
26-May-802022Together We are Beautiful

Penny McLean
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Feb-760935Lady Bump

Fanny - nothing charted

Helen Reddy
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-May-688304One Way Ticket
31-May-710228I Don't Know How to Love Him
06-Sep-716610Crazy Love
13-Nov-720235I Am Woman
18-Jun-730125Delta Dawn
12-Nov-730122Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)
25-Mar-742217Keep on Singing
29-July-745508You and Me Against the World
18-Nov-741322Angie Baby
07-July-858207Free and Easy
03-Nov-759402Ain't No Way to Treat a Lady

Split Enz
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Apr-759302Late Last Night
26-Sep-771518My Mistake
15-Jan-791524I See Red
25-Feb-800125I Got You
02-Jun-801813I Hope I Never
01-Dec-800523One Step Ahead
30-Mar-810416History Never Repeats
22-Jun-816508I Don't Wanna Dance
29-Mar-820617Dirty Creature
31-May-820217Six Months in a Leaky Boat
20-Sep-825010Never Ceases to Amaze Me
11-Apr-834710Next Exit
21-Nov-834211Strait Old Line
16-Jan-841217Message to My Girl
01-Oct-844511I Walk Away

Lipps, Inc.
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Dec-804415How Long

Climie Fisher
Entry DateHPWITitle 
15-Aug-882424Love Changes (Everything)AMR
19-Sep-882314Love Changes (Everything)ARIA T50

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WALKING ON SUNSHINE by Katrina +the Waves

Chart Run:
Entry Date: 20-May-8597644221124454448111622293048557485-
Chris Norman
Entry DateHPWITitle 
18-Dec-780224Stumblin' inSuzi Quatro & Chris Norman

Linda Ronstadt
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Dec-670723Different DrumStone Poneys feat...
15-Jun-7010001Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 
24-Feb-751517You're No Good 
28-July-758703When Will I Be Loved 
04-Oct-765908That'll Be the Day 
24-Oct-772916Poor Poor Pitiful Me 
19-Dec-770322Blue Bayou 
04-Sep-781818Back in the U.S.A. 
11-Dec-783814Just One Look 
26-Feb-797607Ooh Baby Baby / Love Me Tender 
25-Feb-801914How Do I Make You 
08-Nov-827010Get Closer 
14-Mar-833615I Knew You When 
26-Dec-838703What's Newwith Nelson Riddle Orchestra
23-Feb-873124Somewhere Out Therewith James Ingram

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Could I please have Matt Flinders and also Tommy Roe? Thanks.
How did Bruce Hornsby, Dominoe and Mixed Emotions charted?
JOHN PAUL YOUNG week by week for:
Soldier of fortune, Yesterday's hero, I hate the Music and the original Love is in the Air
Matt Flinders
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Feb-696707Something is Happening
06-Sep-690431Picking up Pebbles
16-Feb-704011Where Has All the Love Gone
26-Oct-704813All of a Sudden
17-May-718305How Great Thou Art

Tommy Roe:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-621315Susie Darlin' / Piddle de Pat
19-Jan-638204Rainbow / Town Crier
30-Mar-637802Gonna Take a Chance
11-May-632013The Folk Singer
03-Aug-637703Kiss and Run
15-Feb-644208Come On
12-Dec-640717Party Girl
29-May-658403Diane from Manchester Square / Love Me, Love Me
11-Jun-660719Sweet Pea
08-Oct-662813Hooray for Hazel
24-May-690915Heather Honey
02-Aug-692715Jack and Jill
13-Dec-690517Jam Up Jelly Tight
06-Apr-706904Stir it Up
16-Nov-708704We Can Make Music
04-Oct-719203Stagger Lee
Bruce Hornsby
Entry DateHPWITitles 
20-Oct-861220The Way it is 
02-Mar-87758aEvery Little Kiss 
11-May-878408Mandolin Rain 
06-Jun-883810The Valley RoadARIA #36

and spatz, the other two requests, are they songs or groups, 'cos if they're groups nobody by that name has charted. Let me know.

Soldier of Fortune
Entry Date:26-Sep-8382705449423629262321191730323232425776-

Yesterday's Hero
Entry Date: 17-Mar-759288805147362420221613998991110111114192248515185-

I Hate the Music
Entry Date:05-Apr-76584125188544222359101825304377-

Love is in the Air
Entry Date:15-May-78401964333466716202229313948606974-
Thanks again bulion!
thanks bulion!
Thank you bulion. They're groups from the 80's.
Can I please get the pre-1989 peaks for Bronski Beat? Thanks!
Bronski Beat
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-July-840819Smalltown Boy
04-Feb-855808It Ain't Necessarily So
27-May-853411Love to Love You Baby/I Feel Love (Medley)
03-Feb-860319Hit That Perfect Beat
19-May-862711C'Mon! C'Mon!
How did The Honeycombs charted?
The Honeycombs:
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Sep-640124Have I the Right
14-Nov-646710Is it Because
06-Mar-654309I Can't Stop
Can I please have the chart run for Cold Chisel's Forever Now? Thanks.

13/03/2011 17:22 that is an interesting post. You could also now mention Great Southern Land (1982 and 2011)and the other Icehouse song(s), Khe Sanh (1978 and 2011) and the other Cold Chisel songs, and a Tracy Chapman song that charted earlier in the year (Fast Car?).
Tony Christie
O.C. Smith
Marylin Monroe
Grace Kelly
Doris Day
Forever Now - Cold Chisel

Entry Date: 29-March-198296432317955446715223245556681-
Tony Christie
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-July-710317I Did What I Did for Maria
03-Jan-721018(Is This the way to) Amarillo
11-Sep-726711Don't Go Down to Reno
22-Apr-746009You Just Don't Have the Magic Anymore
12-May-751438Happy Birthday Baby
21-Jun-769306Drive Safely Darlin'
04-Oct-769502Queen of the Mardi Gras

O.C. Smith
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Apr-680318The Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
09-Nov-683519Little Green Apples
18-Jan-696208Isn't it Lonely Together
21-Jun-692510Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife
20-July-705307Primrose Lane
02-Nov-708204Baby, I Need Your Loving

Marylin Monroe
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-July-540715River of No Return

Grace Kelly
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-560329True Love (with Bring Crosby)

Doris Day - there are over 50 titles for Doris, so maybe another day.
the Valentines please
The Valentines
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Jun-677606Everyday I Have to Cry
14-Oct-679801She Said
10-May-692221My Old Man's a Groovy Old Man
12-July-695320Nick Nack Paddy Whack
Did N-Tyce charted?
And Madonna, please?
Please, tell me charts (both singles & albums) for Scottish band Nazareth. Many thanks in advance
Spatz, there is a specific Madonna thread in the "Artists News & Chat" that has her whole chart history.
No N-Tyce spatz

Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Aug-735706Broken Down Angel
19-May-757611Love Hurts
12-Jan-760826Love Hurts (R)
26-Apr-767009Holy Roller
15-Mar-767218Greatest Hits

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Hi, thx in advance & happy festive season to all. I'm after singles by GANGGajang.
Human League chart positions?
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Natalie Cole?
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Dec-844616Gimme Some Loving
15-Apr-854512House of Cards
26-Aug-854811Giver of Life
09-Dec-853512Sounds of Then
05-May-866009The Bigger They Are
24-Aug-878704American History

Human League:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Dec-811226Love Action / Hard Times
05-Apr-823316Open Your Heart
31-May-820416Don't You Want Me
20-Dec-820416Mirror Man
11-July-830816(Keep Feeling) Fascination
21-May-842310The Lebanon

Natalie Cole:
01-Dec-752823This Will Be 
17-Nov-807811Someone That I Used to Love 
16-May-880419Pink CadillacARIA #6
26-Jun-892229Miss You Like CrazyARIA #34
Did "Voices That Care" and Gillette charted?
Madness chart positions?
And how did Soultans, Sonia, James Last, NKOTBSB, Stars On 45 and James (band) charted?
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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Teri DeSario?
And Thin Lizzy, Roy Black and Curtis Stigers, please?
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no "Voices That Care" charted.

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Dec-940417Short Dick Man (guest on 20 Fingers)
09-Apr-958005Mr. Personality

Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Dec-803024Baggy Trousers
13-July-818206Grey Day
01-Mar-820624It Must Be Love
02-Aug-820515House of Fun
27-Sep-822010Driving in My Car
31-Jan-831715Our House
30-May-839802Tomorrow (Just Another Day)
14-Nov-837204Wings of a Dove
21-Oct-855408Yesterday's Men

no Soultans

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Sep-892911You'll Never Stop Me Loving YouARIA #29
26-Feb-909603Listen to Your HeartARIA #--

James Last:
Entry DateHPWITitle
03-July-783524The Lonely Shepherd (with Zamfir)

NKOTB is on this site already

Stars on 45:
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Jun-810125Star on 45
31-Aug-817306Beatles/George Harrison Medley
07-Sep-812610More Stars (Abba Medley)
17-May-824913Stars on Stevie (Wonder)

Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Oct-898805Sit Down
then came "Sound" in 1992

Teri De Sario:
Entry DateHPWITitle
10-Mar-803013Yes I'm Ready (feat KC)

Thin Lizzy:
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-734008Whiskey in the Jar
09-Aug-765617The Boys are Back in Town
31-Oct-775910Dancing in the Moonlight

nothing for Roy Black

only one hit for Curtis Stigers, which you can find on this site in the search function at the top of the page.

Does anyone remember the 1985 charity single by
HEARING AID "A World Without Music"
and if it ever charted?
Ronnie James Dio/Dio & Judas Priest, please...
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Ohio Players?
Hear N' Aid:
Entry DateHPWITitle

Ronnie James Dio:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-July-781028Love is All (Roger Glover feat...)

Judas Priest:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Aug-809104Living After Midnight

Ohio Express: (not sure if you meant Ohio Players or Express, the below is for Express, nothing for Players).
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-June-680719Yummy Yummy Yummy
24-Aug-682311Down at Lulu's
09-Nov-680621Chewy Chewy
04-Oct-696406Sausalito (is the Place to Go)
12-Jan-703815Cowboy Convention
30-Mar-705616Love Equals Love
Patrick Swayze, please?
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Roberta Flack and Rufus/Chaka Khan?
Could I please have the chart stats for...

Alexanda Murray Smith
Johnny Chester
The Piltdown Men
Harper's Bizarre
Joanie Sommers
Joe Jeffrey
Benny Benassi
Tim Freedman
Sœur Sourire (aka The Singing Nun)

Frank Sinatra's "Ol' Mac Donald" and Guru Josh Project's "Infinity 2008"

Petra too please!
Patrick Swayze
Entry DateHPWITitle
21-Mar-880615She's Like the Wind

Roberta Flack:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Apr-720124The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
14-Aug-725516Where is the Love (with Donny Hathaway)
26-Feb-730124Killing Me Softly with his Song
19-Aug-741317Feel Like Makin' Love
12-July-826307Making Love
03-Oct-831026Tonight, I Celebrate My Love (with Peabo Bryson)

Entry DateHPWITitle
14-Oct-746408Tell Me Something Good

Chaka Khan:
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Jan-793722I'm Every Woman
26-Nov-840420I Feel for You
Alexander Murray Smith
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-May-632922Steptoe and Son

Entry DateHPWITitle
14-Feb-724512One Tin Soldier (The Legend of Billy Jack)

The Piltdown Men
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Oct-600915Brontosaurus Stomp
15-Apr-618905The Great Imposter

Harper's Bizarre
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-677809Anything Goes
09-Dec-675009Chattanooga Choo Choo

Joanie Sommers
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-June-621715Johnny Get Angry

Joe Jeffrey
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Aug-692913My Pledge of Love
27-Apr-701119My Baby Loves Lovin'

Sœur Sourire (aka The Singing Nun)
Entry DateHPWITitle

Frank Sinatra's "Ol' Mac Donald"
Entry DateHPWITitle
24-Dec-603907Ol' MacDonald

Guru Josh Project's "Infinity 2008" - didn't chart
Benny Benassi - info via search function
Tim Freedman - no single charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Mar-868404Beat the System
15-Dec-869405Whole World
Johnny Chester
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-May-612816The Hokey-Pokey
23-Sep-612017Can Can Ladies / What a Night
06-Jan-622513Shakin' All Over
11-Aug-627104A Funny Little Feeling
06-Oct-624409Let's Dance
15-Dec-623013Summertime Blues
04-May-634411Nick Nack Paddy Whack / Butterflies
24-Aug-634407Come on Everybody / The Old Copper Kettle
30-May-649304Bye Bye Johnny / Miss Ann
31-Oct-646511Unless You Care
13-Nov-659202Something's Got a Hold on Me
20-Dec-695716Highway 31
31-May-714713Glory Glory (I'll Be Back to see the Storey Bridge)
13-Sep-711918Gwen (Congratulations)
10-Jan-721325Shame and Scandal (in the Family)
12-Jun-723715Readymix Revenge
30-Oct-723120Midnight Bus
02-July-730828The World's Greatest Mum
10-Dec-734311Let's Build a Love Together
22-Apr-741417She's My Kind of Woman
06-Jan-757604My Special Angel
02-Jun-758802Sally on Sunday
23-Jan-7810002Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
16-July-799503Lord I'd Forgotten
21-Jan-803320I Love You So Rebecca
09-Feb-815013My Ding-a-Ling
03-May-820001Rough Around the Edges
Did Stromae and Michael Learns To Rock charted? And did Stardust and Las Ketchup charted with other songs?
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Entry DateHPWITitle
01-Nov-107901Alors on Danse (feat Kanye West)

None of the others charted, or had follow-ups.
Thanks for the above bulion.
Can you please provide the chart stats for....

Pre 1988:

Allan Sherman
Keith Richards
Jimmy Hannan
Patsy Ann Noble
Paul Revere (and the Raiders)
Roger Roger
Post 1988 (#50-100 only):

Keith Urban
Boys Like Girls
Gypsy and the Cat
Miranda Cosgrove
Olly Murs

Thanks heaps!
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Keith Urban:
(#50-100 only)
24-Feb-03*HP-79*WI-01 - Raining on Sunday
13-Sep-04*HP-56*WI-09 - Days Go By
13-Jun-05*HP-54*WI-10 - Making Memories of Us
26-May-08*HP-66*WI-02 - In God's Hands - (Nelly Furtado feat Keith Urban)
24-Nov-08*HP-96*WI-01 - Sweet Thing
01-Jun-09*HP-87*WI-04 - Kiss a Girl
01-Nov-10*HP-82*WI-02 - Long Hot Summer
05-Sep-11*HP-72*WI-01 - Tonight I Wanna Cry
Did Richard Sanderson, Lorne Greene, Ireen Sheer and Adiemus charted? And did the song "If You Ever" by East Seventeen feat. Gabrielle charted?
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Please, what was highest position of "Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins on Kent Music Report?
Hi & THX in advance. I'm after singles by Sherbet (aka Highway aka The Sherbs)
Hey, can I get all of the 5th Dimension's pre-1989 peaks? I know "Aquarius" was asked for above, but all would be great! Thanks
Hi Ss112, I asked the same above and bulion put them in (just search a bit lower down from the aquarius result).
Post 1988 (#50-100 only):

La Bouche
Edwyn Collins
No Doubt
Alanis Morissette
Spice Girls
Allan Sherman
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Aug-63112Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh!

Keith Richards - no singles charted

Jimmy Hannan
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-May-52201Detour (Les Welch Orch. feat Jimmy Hannan)
14-Dec-632217Beach Ball
21-Mar-645012Hokey Pokey Stomp / You Make Me Happy
19-Dec-64903Come Out Dancin'
27-Apr-704913Curly / Sheila Ann
22-Sep-75497Chang the Magic Dragon

Patsy Ann Noble
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Oct-60834Like I'm in Love
07-Oct-611723Good Looking Boy

Paul Revere (and the Raiders)
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Mar-69724Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon
12-July-69617Let Me
16-Aug-712523Indian Reservation (Raiders)
22-Nov-71917Birds of a Feather (Raiders)

Roger Roger
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Mar-673316Dalilia (re-issue)
Richard Sanderson, Ireen Sheer and Adiemus charted? And did the song "If You Ever" by East Seventeen feat. Gabrielle charted.
Answer to the above - NO.

Lorne Greene
Entry DateHPWITitle

Please, what was highest position of "Another Day In Paradise" by Phil Collins on Kent Music Report?

No.11 for three weeks from 18-Dec-89.
Sherbet (aka Highway aka The Sherbs)
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Jun-711617Can You Feel it, Baby
08-Nov-711824Free the People
26-Jun-721924You're All Woman
13-Nov-722728You've Got the Gun
11-Jun-731817Hound Dog
11-Feb-74448So Glad You're Mine
09-Sep-74523Silvery Moon
17-Mar-75123Summer Love
17-Mar=755214Freedom / Wishing Well
27-Oct-75520Only One You / Matter of Time
02-Feb-76418Child's Play
09-Aug-764312Hollywood Dreaming / Gimme Love
01-Nov-76620Rock Me Gently / You've Got the Gun
30-May-77215Magazine Madonna
29-Aug-773314High Rollin'
05-Dec-774015Nowhere Man
20-Feb-782212Feels Like it's Slipping Away
31-July-781017Another Night on the Road
03-Sep-79894Heart Get Ready (Highway)
16-Aug-82628Don't Throw it All Away (Sherbs)
15-Nov-82769Shaping Up (Sherbs)
09-Apr-84696Tonight Will Last Forever
Fifth Dimension:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Mar-67757Go Where You Wanna Go
15-July-67118Up-Up and Away
18-Nov-67478Paper Cup
02-Mar-68941Carpet Man
19-Oct-681915Sweet Blindness
29-Mar-69320Aquarius - Let the Sunshine in (Medley)
23-Aug-694811Workin' on a Groovy Thing
18-Oct-692019Wedding Bell Blues
23-Feb-70559Blowing Away
15-Jun-701914Puppet Man
13-July-70973The Girls' Song
24-Aug-70797Save the Country
17-Jan-72856Never My Love
05-Jun-72720(Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at all
Hi and THX in advance. I'm after singles and albums of 1960s group The Groove.
The Groove
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-671623Simon Says
17-Feb-681023Soothe Me
27-July-683510What is Soul
26-Oct-683911You Are the One I Love
15-Feb-693413Relax Me
12-July-69826The Wind

Hi & THX in advance. I'm after singles by Sydney's The Radiators.
Hi Bulion.

Was wondering if I could get info for:

Tell Him - The Exciters (1962/63)
The Birds And The Bees - Jewel Akens (1965)

Thanks in advance.
Hi & THX in advance. I'm after singles by Exploding White Mice.
Jim Croce charts, please... (Both singles and albums) - many thanks!!
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-793321Comin' Home
15-Jun-81904Room Full of Diamonds
13-July-81587You Have the Right to Remain Silent (EP)
09-May-832714No Tragedy
03-Dec-844715Life's a Gamble
23-Jun-86587One Touch
15-Dec-866516Bring on the Crazy
Exploding White Mice:
Entry DateHPWITitle
22-July-90961I Just Want My Fun


Entry DateHPWITitles - Artists
26-Jan-63622Tell Him - The Exciters
20-Feb-65820The Birds and The Bees - Jewel Akens

Jim Croce:
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Aug-728011You Don't Mess Around with Jim
13-Aug-731117Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
31-Dec-734912I Got a Name
29-July-741001I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song
23-Sep-746010Time in a Bottle
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after singles by 1950s/60s artist, Laurel Lea.
nothing charted in Australia for Laurel Lea.
Do you have anything for Kraftwerk? Thanks.
Thanks in advance. Do you have singles chart positions for Rose Royce and Alexander O'Neal?
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-823315The Model
06-Aug-846012Tour De France

Rose Royce:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Feb-771228Car Wash
30-May-775318I Wanna Get Next to You
12-Mar-791032Love Don't Live Here Anymore

Alexander O'Neal - no singles charted for him.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Isley Brothers
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after singles by 1970/80s group Ayers Rock.
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after singles by recently deceased Darryl Cotton post-Zoot. His groups included: Darryl and Beeb, Frieze, Friends, Cotton Lloyd & Christian, Darryl Cotton Band, Darryl Cotton & the Charts, Darryl Cotton & the Divers, Burns Cotton & Morris, and Cotton Keays & Morris.
Can I please have the chart stats for:

Francis Lai (Orchestra)
Jimmy Little
Laurie Johnson
Mitchell Torok

Isley Brothers
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Aug-698905Behind a Painted Smile
No singles charted for Ayers Rock (only albums).
Darryl and Beeb - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitle

Friends - nothing charted

Cotton Lloyd & Christian
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Nov-756215I Go to Pieces
18-July-779006Crying in the Rain

Darryl Cotton (solo)
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Jun-725811Why Do Little Children Have to Die
11-Sep-784415Don't Let it Get to You
15-Jan-799004Don't Let it Get to You (R)
26-Mar-797409I Don't Wanna Lose You
31-Mar-800620Same Old Girl
28-July-808905Here Comes Another Heartache
29-Jun-814807Little Red Book

Burns Cotton & Morris, Cotton Keays & Morris - nothing charted
Francis Lai (Orchestra)
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Apr-711724Theme from "Love Story"

Jimmy Little
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Aug-591819Danny Boy
09-Jan-602116El Paso
27-Aug-609702Somebody's Pushing Me
05-Oct-631024Royal Telephone
29-Feb-643111One Road
08-JUly-742424Baby Blue

Laurie Johnson
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Mar-627804Doin' the Racoon

Mitchell Torok
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Sep-592023Caribbean (R)
09-July-607204Pink Chiffon
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Karyn White
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Jan-785411Boogie Nights

Karyn White:
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Sep-916810RomanticAMR #50
Can you please provide chart positions for:

Johnny Devlin
Robby / Robbie Snowden
Bill Anderson
Jack Scott

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Mary Jane Girls
The Emotions
Johnny Devlin
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Aug-599101White Lightning
08-Aug-594213I Gotta Be True
26-Sep-594207I Was the One
07-Nov-598903Why Don't You Believe Me
28-Nov-591417Turn the Lights Out, Johnny / Koala Bear
20-Aug-608206I'm Gonna Love You
08-Oct-601616Got a Zack in the Back of Me Pocket
11-Mar-614511Charlie Mops
03-Jun-614411Please Teacher Let Me Have my Apple Back
04-Nov-615507My Little Angel
18-Aug-624610Stayin' Up Late
02-Nov-632318Stomp the Tumbarumba
06-Jun-648904Do it Right
27-Jun-648101Blue Suede Shoes
27-Feb-655306Won't You Be My Baby

Robby Snowden
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Oct-665118The Wanderer
18-Feb-672418No One Really Loves a Clown
21-Oct-678301Sunshine Rides on a Trolley
10-Feb-686707Surrounded by a Ray of Sunshine

Bill Anderson
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Nov-624509Mama Sang a Song

Jack Scott
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Aug-580919My True Love
14-Mar-592816Goodbye Baby
05-Mar-600220What in the World's Come Over
14-May-602017Burning Bridges / Oh, Little One
20-Aug-602010Cool Water / It Only Happened Yesterday
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Oct-763027Heaven Must Me Missing an Angel
24-Jan-836010A Penny for Your Thoughts

Mary Jane Girls
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-July-851916In My House

The Emotions
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Sep-771721Best of My Love
11-Jun-790617Boogie Wonderland (Earth, Wind & Fire feat.)
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Gwen Guthrie
Gwen Guthrie:
Entry DateHPWITitle 
13-Oct-867505Ain't Nothin' Goin' on But the RentOz info

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

New Edition
New Edition:
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-July-831019Candy Girl
24-Oct-83736aPopcorn Love
08-Sep-961618Hit Me Off
15-Dec-964719I'm Still in Love With You
22-Jun-976809Something About You
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

nothing charted for Cherrelle in Australia.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after John Williamson singles.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Three Degrees
Three Degrees:
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Nov-74229When Will I See You Again
30-Jun-75694Take Good Care of Yourself
23-Apr-79569Woman in Love

John Williamson:
Entry DateHPWITitles 
29-Jun-704x324Old Man Emu
13-Apr-811001The Breaker
21-Nov-832815The Vasectomy Song
30-July-84592I'm Fair Dinkum
22-Dec-864316True Blue
10-July-894112Rip Rip WoodchipARIA #39
09-Oct-89488Boogie with M'BabyARIA #42
09-Jun-96722Sir Don
13-Dec-99951A Number on My Back (The Wallaby Anthem)

Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Staple Singers
Staple Singers:
Entry DateHPWITitle
02-Feb-769701Let's Do it Again
Do you have chart positions for:
Ska Kings
nothing charted for Ska Kings.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

G'day bulion, could you please provide me with the following chart stats...

**Barry Winslow
**Spike Jones (and His City Slickers)
**Peter Posa
**Nervous Norvus
**The Fable Singers (I have seen some of their singles listed as by "Various Artists" for some reason, such as the 'St. Kilda Football Club Song' re-released in 1997, could you tell my why this is?)

Thanks very much!
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There has been no chart entries for a group called Skyy.
Barry Winslow
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Aug-696005The Smallest Astronaut (A Race to the Moon with the Red Baron)

Spike Jones (and His City Slickers)
Entry DateHPWITitle
03-Mar-511603Molasses, Molasses (it's Icky Sticky Goo)T20 only

Peter Posa
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Nov-631919The White Rabbit

Nervous Norvus
Entry DateHPWITitle 

The Fable Singers
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Aug-972507Port Adelaide Football Club Song (The Power to Win)
03-AUg-972414Adelaide Crows Football Club Song (Pride of SA)
05-Oct-975001St. Kilda Football Club Song
27-Sep-986203Adelaide Crows Football Club Song (R)

was St Kilda playing in the finals that year, that's why the song charted maybe?

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Yes St Kilda lost the 1997 AFL Grand Final to the Adelaide Crows.
Thanks guys, I was just wondering because "The Fable Singers" were a studio group on the Fable label in the early 70s who released all the VFL (now AFL)'s club theme songs on singles. I find it strange that NONE of them charted upon initial release in the 70s (when Up There Cazaly got to no1 in the late 70s). But I was mainly wondering why, when searching in the ARIA box above, that the St. Kilda Football Club Song is listed as by "Various Artists" and not by it's correct artist "The Fable Singers". Maybe I'm just being a tad pedantic
Freddie Mercury
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Oct-845612Love Kills
04-Feb-85981Love Kills (R)
20-May-851915I Was Born to Love You
19-AUg-85981Made in Heaven
20-Apr-875410The Great Pretender
08-Dec-87852Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballe)
09-Aug-92425Barcelona (with Montserrat Caballe) (R)
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio
Raydio & Ray Parker Jr:
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-May-78417Jack and Jill
09-July-79619You Can't Change That
15-Jun-814715A Woman Needs Love
   Ray Parker Jr.
05-July-82120The Other Woman (1 week at #1)
21-Feb-83379Bad Boy
12-Mar-84893I Still Can't Get Over Loving You
03-Sep-84232Ghostbusters (2 weeks at No.2)

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Did Ready For The World and The Mavericks have any singles that charted in Australia?
Ready for the World:
Entry DateHPWITitle
11-Nov-851416Oh Sheila

nothing for The Mavericks.
Hi bulion, just wondering if you were still planning to post the KMR top 100 chart stats from 1950-1969 as you have done with 1970-1989 here in the forum? Then we could all look up our own stats and save you a lot of time in this thread
Thanks for the info. Can I please have the chart positions for the following acts:

Musical Youth
The Crusaders
A Taste Of Honey
The Whispers
Dazz Band
dodo, 1960 to 1963 have been done so far, more to come next week.
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Musical Youth
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Nov-821x322Pass the Dutchie
28-Mar-83991Youth of Today

The Crusaders
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Feb-80797Street Life

A Taste Of Honey
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Sep-781822Boogie Oogie Oogie

Entry DateHPWITitles

The Whispers - nothing charted

Dazz Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Aug-82971Let it Whip
Thanks for the info. Did The Gap Band have any singles that charted?
nothing charted for The Gap Band in Australia.
Thanks in advance. Can I please have the chart positions for:

Anita Ward
Ashford & Simpson
Carl Carlton
Cheryl Lynn
Wild Cherry
Anita Ward
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-June-79324Ring My Bell

Ashford & Simpson
Entry DateHPWITitles

Carl Carlton
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Feb-831227Baby I Need Your Lovin'

Cheryl Lynn - nothing charted

Wild Cherry
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Sep-76529Play That Funky Music
03-Apr-78981Hold on (with Strings)

Thanks for the 60s info bulion, I will be glued to the screen as the years are posted
Thanks in advance. Did Third World have any singles that charted?
Third World:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-825512Try-Jah Love
Thanks in advance. Can I please have the chart positions for:

Break Machine
Rock Steady Crew
Break Machine
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-842118Street Dance
02-July-84738Break Dance Party

Rock Steady Crew
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Jan-843317(Hey You) Rock Steady Crew
02-July-84916Up Rock
24-Sep-84854She's Fresh
Thanks in advance. Can I please have the chart positions for:

Phyllis Nelson
Candi Staton
Amii Stewart
Phyllis Nelson
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-July-851532Move Closer

Candi Staton
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Aug-76422Young Hearts Run Free
20-Mar-06575The SOURCE feat... - You Got the Love

Amii Stewart
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Mar-792x327Knock on Wood
16-July-791416Light My Fire
Thanking you so very much for this! Anyhow, can I please have the chart positions for George Benson.
George Benson
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Jun-77941This Masquerade
10-Oct-77942The Greatest Love of All
20-Mar-784410This Masquerade (R)
10-Apr-782315On Broadway
16-Apr-79678Love Ballad
08-Sep-801020Give Me the Night
15-Dec-80871Love x Love
19-Jan-81578Love x Love (R)
28-Dec-812121Turn Your Love Around
11-July-835911Lady Love Me (One More Time)
Thanks in advance. It's good to see that George Benson was no ghost on the Australian charts. But now I've got another artist by the name of Patrice Rushen. Do you have anything for her? I would love to know thanks.
Patrice Rushen:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Sep-822922Forget Me Nots
Thanks in advance. Do you have the chart positions for a singer by the name of Vicki Sue Robinson? If you do, then that would me much appreciated thanks.
Vicki Sue Robinson:
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Oct-766613Turn the Beat Around
29-May-782822Turn the Beat Around (R)
02-July-84720To Sir with Love
15-Oct-84833Everlasting Love
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Tammi Terrell (solo & duets)
Tammi Terrell:
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-July-676311Ain't No Mountain High Enough
04-Nov-67921Your Precious Love
06-Jan-68728If I Could Build My Whole World Around You
15-Jun-70791California Soul

all of the above are duets with Marvin Gaye, no solo stuff charted for her in Australia
Thanks bulion. Do you have anything for Sheila E.?
Sheila E:
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Oct-841118The Glamorous Life
14-Jan-851617Belle of St. Mark
07-Oct-85812Sister Fate
12-May-91886Sex Cymbal
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Loose Ends
NOTHING charted Loose Ends at all in Oz.
Thanks for the chart info Bulion. I'm after Boris Gardiner singles please.
Boris Gardiner:
Entry DateHPWITitle
03-Nov-861x134I Wanna Wake Up with You
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Club Nouveau
Honey Cone
Club Nouveau
Entry DateHPWITitle
20-Apr-87521Lean on Me

Honey Cone
Entry DateHPWITitle
17-Apr-724412One Monkey Don't Stop no Show
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Dells
nothing charted for The Dells in Australia.
Did Irma Thomas charted?
Nothing charted for Irma Thomas Spatz
Thanks Bulion. I'm curious to know, did The Real Thing have any singles that charted in Australia?
The Real Thing:
Entry DateHPWITitle
02-Aug-764716You to Me Are Everything
17-Oct-7722x226You to Me Are Everything (R)
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Soul II Soul (before 1990)
Soul II Soul (pre 1990)
Entry DateHPWITitles 
10-July-89877Keep on Movin' 
21-Aug-896013Back to LifeHP-49 ARIA

** Back to Life re-entered in March 1990 HP-45

And did Arthur Alexander charted in Australia?
Arthur Alexander:
Entry DateHPWITitle
5-May-62944You Better Move On
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Tracie Spencer
Tracie Spencer
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Jun-91874aThis House
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Vanessa Williams (pre 1990)
No Vanessa Williams pre-1989, her first was 92's "Save the Best for Last".
Thanks in advance. Do You have chart positions for:

Can you please give me the chart positions for The Sylvers.

Thanks again Bulion.
No singles charted for Sybil.

Entry DateHPWITitles
05-July-76729Boogie Fever
29-Nov-762627Hot Line
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Shirley Murdock
nothing at all for Shirley Murdock
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Entry DateHPWITitle
14-May-846210Let the Music Play
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Entry DateHPWITitle
24-July-787915aTheme Song from "Which Way is Up"
Thanks for all the work you've done or both singles and albums. Could you add please add positions for:

Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

After 7
After 7:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Feb-91803Can't Stop
29-Oct-951634Til You Do me Right
23-Jun-96469I Like it Like That
30-Mar-97991Sara Smile
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Nothing charted for 'Seduction'.
Do you have chart positions for:
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Oct-962138No Diggity (feat Dr. Dre)
16-Mar-97609aGet Me Home (Foxy Brown feat...)
21-Sep-97698Fix (feat Dirty Ol' Bastard & Slash)
27-Apr-982113I Get Lonely (Janet Jackson feat...)
12-Apr-991610Girlfriend/Boyfriend (feat Janet Jackson)
21-Jun-992313Get Ready (Ma$e feat...)
Do you have chart positions for:
Did Roger Taylor ever charted?
2Pac (Makavelli *)
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Apr-96419California Love (feat Dr Dre)
18-Aug-962430How Do U Want it (feat K-Ci & JoJo)
19-Jan-974722I Ain't Mad at Cha (feat Danny Ray)
26-Jan-973913Toss it Up*
18-May-974117Wanted Dead or Alive (feat Snoop Doggy Dogg)
22-Jun-97822To Live and Die in L.A. * (feat Val Young)
31-Aug-971213Runnin' (with Notorious B.I.G.)
23-Feb-987010I Wonder if Heaven's Got a Ghetto
29-Jun-985210Do for Love (feat Eric Williams)
21-Jun-993712Dear Mama
24-July-00364They're Tryin' to Kill Me (as Tupac Shakur)
14-May-013414Until the End of Time
17-Mar-032613Thugz Mansion
22-Aug-051x127Ghetto Gospel (with Elton John)
11-Dec-063412Pac's Life (feat T.I. & Ashanti)
Spatz, Nothing has charted for Roger Taylor in Australia.
Did Bobby Curtola charted?
Bobby Curtalo:
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Sep-62694Fortune Teller
Did Arthur Collins, Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, Perry Como and Billy Murray charted?
Arthur Collins and Billy Murray did not chart.

Perry Como had 92 chart entries between 1944 and 1976, so too many to list here

Tommy Dorsey has 26 entries between 1940 and 1958.
Did Chilliwack charted?
Could you please post the singles chart positions for Wa Wa Nee please.
Did The Housemartins or The Beautiful South chart here - singles or albums charts? If so, could you please provide details...
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Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Jan-825728My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)

Wa Wa Nee:
Entry DateHPWITitles 
01-Sep-86516I Could Make You Love Me 
15-Dec-861019Sugar Free 
11-May-871910One and One (Ain't I Good Enough) 
28-Nov-882313Can't Control MyselfARIA #31
27-Feb-892914So GoodARIA #36
22-May-89698I Want You 

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-APr-872421Caravan of Love

Beautiful South
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Apr-917210A Little Time

Albums info for the above two on the Albums page.
Could you please post the singles chart positions for Pseudo Echo please.
Pseudo Echo:
Entry DateHPWITitles 
30-Apr-841216A Beat for You2 weeks at peak
16-July-845310Dancing Until Midnight 
10-Dec-845811Stranger in Me2 weeks at peak
28-Oct-85419Don't Go2 weeks at peak
27-Jan-86617Love an Adventure2 weeks at peak
12-May-861513Living in a Dream 
15-Sep-86607Try / Lonely Without You 
14-Nov-883213Fooled Again 
28-Nov-88334Fooled AgainARIA Top 50
13-Mar-89419Over Tomorrow 
20-Mar-89403Over TomorrowARIA Top 50
Could you please post the singles chart positions for:

Terry Black
Eddie Rambeau
The Precisions
Danny Hutton
Bruce and Terry
Ronnie Dove
Little Caesar & The Consuls
Unit 4+2
Hi there,

Just wondering if someone can help with this question. I believe 'She Loves You' was the biggest-selling Beatles single in Australia until 'Hey Jude', yet it only managed to peak at No.3 during its long chart run of over a year (55 weeks).

Which songs kept it at No.3, and was it during the log-jam of Beatles hits in early '64, or songs by other artists earlier in '63 ?

Terry Black, Eddie Rambeau, The Precisions, Bruce and Terry, Little Caesar & The Consuls and Propaganda never charted.

Danny Hutton
Entry DateHPWITitle
29-Jan-66896Big Bright Eyes

Ronnie Dove
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Sep-644910Say You
15-May-65529One Kiss for Old Time's Sake
03-July-657412A Little Bit of Heaven
09-Apr-66991When Liking Turns to Loving
20-Jan-684117Dancin' Out of My Heart / Back from Baltimore

Unit 4+2
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Mar-652121Concrete and Clay
10-July-65388(You've) Never Been in Love Like This Before


Initially "She Loves You" reached No.6 in late October of 1963, spending five weeks within the Top 10. It then started to fall down the charts, but by early January 1964 "I Want to Hold Your Hand" had claimed the No.1 spot, and then "I Saw Her Standing There"/"Love Me Do" entered the charts in late January and climbed to the top in mid-February.

"She Loves You" re-entered the Top 20 in the second week of January 1964, the Top 10 in the third week, and by Feb 22nd it had climbed to No.3, where it would stay for the next seven (until April 4th) straight weeks behind I Want to Hold and I Saw Her, who were No.1 for the first 13 weeks of 1964 (6 of 7 for I Want to Hold Your Hand and 7 weeks for I Saw Her Standing There). On 28th March, 1964 their version of "Roll Over Beethoven" reached No.2 and on the 4th of April it was at No.1 for two weeks and the week of April 11th, 1964 The Beatles held the Top 6 spots on the Australian charts:

TWLWTitles - The Beatles
11Roll Over Beethoven/Hold Me Tight - The Beatles
24All My Loving (EP) - The Beatles
32I Saw Her Standing There / Love Me Do - The Beatles
43She Loves You / I'll Get You - The Beatles
57Twist and Shout (EP) - The Beatles
65I Want to Hold Your Hand / This Boy - The Beatles

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Thanks Bulion for that detailed description. So in the end it was held off by other Beatles hits, by which time it was already getting a bit old.

Also great that 'I Saw Her Standing There' was such a big hit in Australia (nowhere else I think, except it charted as the B-side to 'Hand' in the States, and as such got to No.14).
Could I get the charts for:

The Vacels
Jackie Trent
Fred Hughes
Al Hirt
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Dirt Band
Brenda & The Tabulations
The Holidays
Winifred Atwell
The Critters
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Entry DateHPWITitles
06-May-67991Tell Me to My Face

The Vacels - nothing

Jackie Trent
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Sep-65991When Summertime is Over
12-Aug-67855It's Not Easy Loving You / Your Love is Everywhere
30-Sep-67322The Two of Us (with Tony Hatch)
23-Dec-673914That's You
02-Mar-68518Bye-Bye, My Love
27-Apr-683711Thank You for Loving Me (with Tony Hatch)
14-Sep-68934Don't Send Me Away
01-Nov-69582Don't You Believe it (with Tony Hatch)

Fred Hughes - nothing

Al Hirt
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-July-62742Al Di La
23-May-64723Cotton Candy
22-Aug-64694Sugar Lips
25-Sep-656810The Silence (il Silenzio)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Mar-711516Mr. Bojangles
03-Mar-804511An American Dream*
* shown as The Dirt Band

Brenda & The Tabulations
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Aug-715323Right on the Tip of My Tongue

The Holidays - nothing

Winifred Atwell
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Jun-52186Black and White Rag
25-Oct-52124Jubilee Rag
14-Feb-531x214Lady of Spain
29-Aug-53201Coronation Rag

The Critters
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-Jun-665510Younger Girl
Does anyone know if the listing of B-sides (which were not officially double-A sides) on the charts was actually done frequently at the time, eg. for the Beatles hits listed above, or is it more of a retrospective thing ?

ie. were 'Hold Me Tight' and 'I'll Get You' etc. really regarded as popular enough in their own right to be listed (and getting radio airplay) along with their better-known A-sides...?

I suppose it's possible because the Australian compilation 'Beatles Greatest Hits Vol.1' is essentially their early A sides, some of the B sides listed above, and the EP lead tracks. Mystery of the ages is how 'Anna' got onto Vol.2.

Thank you.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Yarbrough and Peoples

Many of the originals charts from the 1960's listed separate charting placings for The Beatles B-Sides, although they didn't chart that high. So when the National charts (pre-1974) were compiled at a later date (as they weren't done at the time), it was easier for David Kent to organize the charts with the B-Sides listed alongside the A's, although not every station charted both sides, but a majority did so.

It mostly happened in 1964 though, as that was when the Beatles explosion happened, and by the end of the year they were having double A-Sides listed on the charts anyway.
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Yarbrough & Peoples:
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-May-1981739Don't Stop the Music
Thanks again Bulion.
Did Al Jolson, Nick Straker Band charted?
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Al Jolson:
Entry DateHPWITitles
June-1947510mApril Showers
July-1947116mThe Anniversary Song
Sept-194733mAlexander's Ragtime Band (with Bing Crosby)
Sept-194783mThe Spaniary That Blighted My Life (with Bing Crosby)
May-194816mWhen You Were Sweet 16
Oct-1948814All My Love
05-Feb-49183Caroline in the Morning
02-Apr-49153Sonny Boy
02-July-49215Down Among the Sheltering Palms (with The Mills Brothers)
02-Sep-50146God's Country
04-Nov-50188Are you Lonesome Tonight
06-Jan-51201When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along
03-Feb-51154If I Had a Match
10-Mar-512x217Are You Lonesome Tonight (R)

m = month (1940 to Dec 1948 were monthly charts).

Nothing for Nick Straker Band.
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Did Spagna, Bob Lind, Vic Dana, Every Mother's Son, Brian Wilson charted?
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Entry DateHPWITitle
28-Sep-87982Call Me

Bob Lind
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Apr-662x319Elusive Butterfly
18-Jun-66864Remember the Rain / Truly Julie's Blues (I'll Be There)

Vic Dana
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Jan-624812Hello, Roommate
19-May-623112I Will
10-Nov-624013A Very Good Year for Girls
27-Feb-65818Red Roses for a Blue Lady
24-July-65912Bring a Little Sunshine (to My Heart)
15-Jan-663415Crystal Chandelier
04-Jun-664010I Love You Drops
20-Aug-66885A Million and One

Every Mother's Son
Entry DateHPWITitles 
24-June-672616Come on Down to My Boat 
22-July-67317Come on Down to My BoatGo-Set Top 40

Brian Wilson
Entry DateHPWITitle
19-Sep-88794Love and Mercy

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Entry DateHPWITitle
20-Feb-78858(Everytime I Turn Around) Back in Love Again
Down Under - Men at Work

Entry DateHPWI                      

* - re-entered due to America's Cup win
# - re-entered as 'Down Under 2000' during the Sydney Olympics
+ - Digital sales of the re-recorded version (without obvious 'Kookaburra' flute solo)

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Dramatics
Nothing charted at all for The Dramatics.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

MFSB (Mother Father Sister Brother)
Entry DateHPWITitle 
01-Apr-7412x319T.S.O.P. (The Sound of PhiladelphiaAMR
29-Apr-7413x212T.O.S.P. (The Sound of PhiladelphiaGo-Set
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Moments
Ray, Goodman & Brown
The Moments
Entry DateHPWITitle
09-Mar-638102Walk Right in

Ray, Goodman & Brown
Entry DateHPWITitle
02-June-804611Special Lady
Can I get the below top 50 peaks for Mary J. Blige and Beck? Thanks!
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Mary J. Blige
##Entry DateHPWITitles
S126-Mar-95765Be Happy
S317-Apr-005810Give Me You
S625-Mar-02665Dance for Me (with Common)
S8.226-Feb-07961Be Without You (R)

##Entry DateHPWITitles
S316-Jun-96717Where it's At
S420-Oct-96841Devil's Haircut
S601-Nov-99842Sexx Laws

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Midnight Star
Also, did Monica have any below top 50 songs besides "So Gone"? Thanks!
Midnight Star:
Entry DateHPWITitle
07-Mar-051116Midas Touch

##Entry DateHPWITitles
S207-Apr-966013Before You Walk Out of My Life
S304-Aug-96961Why I Love You So Much
S925-Aug-03722So Gone
Did Alanis Morissette or Alicia Keys have any below top 50 singles? Thanks!
Alanis Morissette:
##Entry DateHPWITitles
S1209-Aug-047901Out is Through

Alicia Keys:
##Entry DateHPWITitles
S0714-Apr-087702Like You'll Never See Me Again
S1128-Dec-099601Doesn't Mean Anything
S1301-Mar-106112Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down
S1628-Apr-148102It's on Again (with Kendrick Lamar)
Don't know how someone hasn't asked yet, but can I get Siouxsie and the Banshees' chart positions? Thanks!
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Friends of Distinction
Faith Hope & Charity
Siouxsie & The Banshees:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-July-793815Hong Kong Garden
28-Nov-834414Dear Prudence
25-Aug-914012Kiss Them for Me

Nothing for Faith Hope & Charity

Friends of Distinction:
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-July-69981Grazing in the Grass 
10-Aug-70552Love or Let Me Be LonelyGo-Set only
Did Poco chartet in Australia?
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Oct-765133Rose of Cimarron
19-Feb-79737Crazy Love / Barbados
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Nothing charted in Oz for LeVert.
Warm hallo!

Can you help me with info for Uriah Heep singles?


All the Best,
Uriah Heep:
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Sep-72756Easy Livin'
20-Feb-781831Free Me
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Nu Shooz
Do you have the chart runs for:
Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (original run pre '92)
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen
Mama Mia - Abba
Dancing Queen - Abba
In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers (original run pre '90)
America The Beautiful, Burning Love, That's Alright, and Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley.

How did "Bell Biv DeVoe" charted?

Don't know http://www.mmoggg.com/ how someone hasn't asked yet, but can I get Siouxsie and the Banshees' chart positions? Thanks!
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Nu Shooz:
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Jun-861119I Can't Wait

Bell Biv DeVoe:
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-906012Do Me!
17-Mar-911001B.B.D. (I Thought it was Me)?
22-Aug-93737Something in Your Eyes

Siouxsie & The Banshees:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-July-793815Hong Kong Garden
28-Nov-834414Dear Prudence
25-Aug-914012Kiss Them for Me

guru75, I will get to those soon for you
Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen (original run pre '92)

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen (only charted in Aug 2008)

Mama Mia - Abba

Dancing Queen - Abba

In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins

Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers (original run pre '90)

Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley.

Burning Love:

American the Beautiful (only charted in 2001)

That's All Right (only charted in 2004)
Do you have chart positions/weeks for all singles by Eurogliders?
  Artists (Country of Origin) (WA)WI 100WI 50WI 10 DateEnd of 
Entry DateNo.TitlesAccHP/ Tally/ Tally/ TallyEPLeftYearRecord Company
  Joe COCKER (Sheffield, England)         
2-Nov-68S1With a Little Help from My Friends 81685-22-Feb-6965 / 68Festival
16-Nov-68GoSetSWith a Little Help from My Friends 811114161-Feb-69-Go Set
1-Nov-69S2Delta Lady 3412---26-Jan-70 Festival
6-Jul-70S3The Letter 3716---26-Oct-70 A&M
27-Jul-70GoSetSThe Letter 2799-4628-Sep-70-Go Set
14-Dec-70S4Cry Me a River 4515---29-Mar-71 A&M
1-Feb-71GoSetSCry Me a River 2688-4829-Mar-71-Go Set
26-Jul-71S5High Time We Went 2526---24-Jan-72 A&M
16-Aug-71GoSetSHigh Time We Went 581--5823-Aug-71-Go Set
2-Oct-72S6Midnight Rider / Woman to Woman 4914---8-Jan-73 A&M
27-Nov-72GoSetSMidnight Rider / Woman to Woman (2) 363a3-368-Jan-73-Go Set
26-Feb-73S7Pardon Me, Sir 2116---18-Jun-73 A&M
23-Apr-73GoSetSPardon Me, Sir 2955-3628-May-73-Go Set
30-Sep-74S8Put Out the Light 981--987-Oct-74 A&M
24-Feb-75S9You Are So Beautiful 321510-969-Jun-75 A&M
20-Nov-78S10A Whiter Shade of Pale 6210--8229-Jan-79 Asylum
4-Oct-82S11Sweet Little Woman 42103-6713-Dec-82 Liberation
27-Dec-82S12and JENNIFER WARNES - Up Where We Belong (2) 12922128218-Jul-835 / 83Liberation
4-Jun-84S13Civilised Man 517--7623-Jul-84 Liberation
25-Feb-85S14Edge of a Dream 707--9215-Apr-85 Liberation
9-Jun-86S15Shelter Me 579--7611-Aug-86 Liberation
4-Aug-86S16Don't You Love Me Anymore 111914-8915-Dec-8686 / 86Liberation
27-Oct-86S17You Can Leave Your Hat on (2) 23169-9616-Feb-87 Liberation
9-Nov-87S18Unchain My Heart 172015-7028-Mar-88 Liberation
22-Feb-88S19A Woman Loves a Man 883a--9921-Mar-88 Liberation
25-Apr-88S19A Woman Loves a Man ® (3) 913--9116-May-88 Liberation
16-Oct-89S20When the Night Comes 50121-928-Jan-90 Liberation
6-Nov-89ARIAWhen the Night Comes 39-1-39*13-Nov-89 Liberation
  ARIA only information below this line         
17-May-92S21Feels Like Forever 749a--9426-Jul-92 Liberation
12-Dec-70GoSetAMAD DOGS AND ENGLISHMEN (1) 1-4928925-Dec-71 Go Set
31-May-71G1COCKER HAPPY (8) 157     Interfusion
19-Jun-71GoSetACOCKER HAPPY (10) 1-3728911-Mar-72 Go Set
25-Sep-72G2DOUBLE COCKER POWER 823     A&M
21-Oct-72GoSetADOUBLE COCKER POWER 6-11783-Feb-73 Go Set
18-Dec-72A3JOE COCKER 1122 -   A&M
20-Jan-73GoSetAJOE COCKER 10-111127-Apr-73 Go Set
23-Sep-74A4I CAN STAND A LITTLE RAIN (2) 112116-4617-Feb-7547 / 74A&M
15-Sep-75A5JAMAICA SAY YOU WILL 39135-9815-Dec-75 A&M
7-Jun-76A6STINGRAY 3573-8126-Jul-76 A&M
11-Sep-78A7LUXURY YOU CAN AFFORD 122017-8829-Jan-7957 / 78Asylum
10-Aug-81G3JOE COCKER'S GREATEST HITS31166-9330-Nov-81 Cube
30-Aug-82A8SHEFFIELD STEEL143119-1004-Apr-8357 / 82Liberation
25-Oct-82G4THE JOE COCKER COLLECTION 18207-9914-Mar-83 Cube
26-Sep-83G5THE BEST OF JOE COCKER (3) 1201278*13-Feb-8437 / 83EMI
21-May-84A9CIVILIZED MAN (2) 17138-7120-Aug-84 Liberation
4-Jun-84G5THE BEST OF JOE COCKER ® 22115-2720-Aug-84 EMI
26-May-86A10COCKER (4) 945405646-Apr-8712 / 86Liberation
23-Nov-87A11UNCHAIN MY HEART (3) 212719-6530-May-8854 / 88Liberation
26-Sep-88A11UNCHAIN MY HEART ® (2) 24107-655-Dec-88 Liberation
9-Oct-88ARIAUNCHAIN MY HEART 24-6-2520-Nov-8848 / 88Liberation
6-Nov-89A12ONE NIGHT OF SIN 34114-3521-Jan-90 Liberation
6-Nov-89ARIAONE NIGHT OF SIN (2) 328a4-3221-Jan-90 Liberation
15-Jul-90L5JOE COCKER LIVE172216-7616-Dec-9079 / 90Liberation
14-Jun-92A13NIGHT CALLS232417-7929-Nov-92 Liberation
15-Nov-92G9THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION▲2(2) 424199482-May-9335 / 92Liberation/EMI
23-Oct-94A14HAVE A LITTLE FAITH 5912a--6322-Jan-95 Liberation
3-Sep-95A14.2HAVE A LITTLE FAITH (TOUR PACK) 23117-8319-Nov-95 Liberation
24-Sep-95G9THE ESSENTIAL COLLECTION ® 1210 / 348 / 27-313-Dec-95 Liberation/EMI
24-Nov-96A15ORGANIC 971--971-Dec-96 Liberation
26-Jan-97A15ORGANIC ® 5113 / 14--7627-Apr-97 Liberation
22-Feb-98A16ACROSS FROM MIDNIGHT (2) 902--908-Mar-98 Liberation
23-Sep-02A18RESPECT YOURSELF 841--8430-Sep-02 EMI
7-Oct-02G13THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION-18 GREATEST HITS25249-4324-Mar-03 Festival
3-May-04A19HEART AND SOUL 654--7331-May-04 Liberation Blue
4-Feb-08G17CLASSIC COCKER 3863-5917-Mar-08 Joint Venture/Universal
11-Oct-10A21HARD KNOCKS-712--7125-Oct-10 Columbia
14-Feb-11A21.2HARD KNOCKS (Tour Edition) 702--7028-Feb-11 Columbia
2-Sep-02V7Across the Midnight Tour35-2a-357-Oct-02 Liberation
30-Apr-07V12The Best of Joe Cocker Live 14-6a-3725-Jun-07 Capitol
11-Feb-08V12The Best of Joe Cocker Live ® 37-1 / 7-3718-Feb-08 Capitol
9-Jun-08V12The Best of Joe Cocker Live ® 6-6 / 1311521-Jul-08 Capitol
28-Sep-09V12The Best of Joe Cocker Live ® 38-1 / 14-385-Oct-09 EMI
15-Nov-10V12The Best of Joe Cocker Live ®▲324-10a / 24-3928-Feb-11 Capitol

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Main Ingredient
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-Jun-823417Without You
30-May-83973No Action
06-Feb-846611Another Day in the Big World
07-May-842x224Heaven (Must Be There)
20-Aug-845613Maybe Only I Dream
29-Apr-85719We Will Together
02-Sep-851915The City of Soul
25-Nov-85821Can't Wait to See You
25-Aug-86911So Tough
27-Jun-88725It Must Be Love

Main Ingredient:
Entry DateHPWITitle
30-Oct-724414Everybody Plays the Fool
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Nothing charted for Slave
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Blue Magic
The Delfonics
Double Exposure
The Trammps
Blue Magic
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Mar-756212Three Ring Circus

The Delfonics
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-May-70812Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)

Double Exposure - nothing charted

The Trammps
Entry DateHPWITitle
22-May-783215Disco Inferno
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Ecstasy, Passion & Pain
McFadden & Whitehead
McFadden & Whitehead
Nothing charted for Change or Ecstasy, Passion & Pain

Entry DateHPWITitle
20-Aug-795610Ain't No Stopping us Now

The Ritchie Family
Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Nov-763x225Best Disco in Town
21-Mar-77559Life is Music
30-Jun-80911Give Me a Break (from 'Can't Stop the Music')

Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

B.T. Express
Instant Funk
The People's Choice
Enchantment, Instant Funk, The People's Choice and B.T. Express didn't chart here with any singles.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Brass Construction
Do you have the full chart runs for the following -

Up Where We Belong - Cocker & Warnes (AMR / Aria)
Heaven Is A Place On Earth & I Get Weak - Belinda Carlisle (Aria)
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC (AMR / Aria)
Driving Wheels - Jimmy Barnes (Aria)
Should've Known Better - Richard Marx (Aria)
Man Of Colours - Icehouse (Aria
I Should Be So Lucky - Kylie Minogue (Aria)
Love In The First Degree - Bananarama (Aria)
Always On My Mind - Petshop Boys (Aria)

nothing charted for Brass Construction.


Up Where We Belong - Cocker & Warnes (AMR / Aria)

Heaven Is A Place On Earth & I Get Weak - Belinda Carlisle (AMR)

You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC (AMR)

Driving Wheels - Jimmy Barnes (AMR)

Should've Known Better - Richard Marx (AMR)

Man Of Colours - Icehouse (AMR)

I Should Be So Lucky - Kylie Minogue (AMR)

Love In The First Degree - Bananarama (AMR/ARIA)
AMR 25-Jan-88725835271716119108121075679172124243740535156738093-
ARIA from July 88202440423949-

Always On My Mind - Pet Shop Boys (Aria)
AMR 8-Feb-8886513128101216101616192328252123262931303133313546616473100-
ARIA from July 881831313032284344-

ARIA charts started in July 1988, so a lot of the above titles do not have ARIA info, only AMR.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Jackie Moore
Ann Peebles
Sly & The Family Stone
nothing for Jackie Moore

Ann Peebles
Entry DateHPWITitle
19-Aug-74794I Can't Stand the Rain

Sly & The Family Stone
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-69739Everyday People
24-Jan-724610Family Affair
06-Mar-72303Family Affair (Go-Set info)
Please post the chart peaks/weeks for all singles by Elvis Presley.
  Elvis Presley (WA)WI 100WI 50WI 10 DateEnd of
Entry DateNo.TitlesAccHP/ Tally/ Tally/ TallyEPLeftYear
26-May-56S1Tutti Frutti = 313---16-Jun-56 
7-Jul-56S2Heartbreak Hotel (2) 3181310-10-Nov-5631 / 56
28-Jul-56S3I Was the One 409---29-Sep-56 
11-Aug-56S4I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 19131--10-Nov-5694 / 56
17-Nov-56S5Don't Be Cruel 122110--13-Apr-5759 / 57
17-Nov-56S6Hound Dog 17225--20-Apr-5782 / 57
2-Feb-57S7Love Me Tender 615124-18-May-5746 / 57
9-Feb-57S8Love Me (EP) 2714---18-May-57 
16-Feb-57S9Blue Suede Shoes 18111--4-May-57 
16-Feb-57S1Tutti Frutti ® 1862--30-Mar-5797 / 57
20-Apr-57S10Too Much 14105--29-Jun-5770 / 57
15-Jun-57S11All Shook Up 520117-2-Nov-5744 / 57
28-Sep-57S12(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (3) 820115-15-Feb-5847 / 57
2-Nov-57S13Loving You 227---21-Dec-57 
9-Nov-57S14Jailhouse Rock 3321710-21-Jun-5822 / 57
30-Nov-57S15Old Shep (EP) 257---18-Jan-58 
14-Dec-57S16Treat Me Nice 446---25-Jan-58 
22-Feb-58S17Don't 922121-26-Jul-5853 / 58
1-Mar-58S18I Beg of You 346---12-Apr-58 
31-May-58S19Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 419118-11-Oct-5832 / 58
15-Nov-58S20Hard-Headed Woman (2) 2221411-11-Apr-5923 / 58
13-Dec-58S21King Creole (EP) 5110---21-Feb-59 
24-Jan-59S22I Got Stung (2) 101772-23-May-5967 / 59
31-Jan-59S23One Night 3313---2-May-59 
18-Apr-59S24(Now and Then There's) A Fool Such as I (6) 1241813-3-Oct-593 / 59
18-Apr-59S25I Need Your Love Tonight 18241--3-Oct-59 
25-Jul-59S26A Big Hunk O' Love 21897-28-Nov-5937 / 59
15-Aug-59S27My Wish Came True 379---17-Oct-59 
16-Apr-60S28Stuck on You / Fame and Fortune-(1) 11596-30-Jul-6022 / 60
6-Aug-60S29A Mess of Blues / The Girl of My Best Friend-11156--19-Nov-6081 / 60
17-Sep-60S30It's Now or Never (7) 1282016-1-Apr-611 / 60
3-Dec-60S31Are You Lonesome Tonight? / I Gotta Know-(6) 1201311-22-Apr-614 / 60 22 / 61
25-Feb-61S32Wooden Heart (4) 1331914-14-Oct-613 / 61
18-Mar-61S33Surrender (3) 118109-22-Jul-6114 / 61
6-May-61S34Flaming Star (EP) 418107-9-Sep-6142 / 61
3-Jun-61S35I Feel So Bad / Wild in the Country-2715---16-Sep-61 
2-Sep-61S36(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister-(2) 218119-6-Jan-6219 / 61
16-Dec-61S37Can't Help Falling in Love / Rock-a-Hula Baby-(5) 1391613-15-Sep-622 / 62
17-Mar-62S38Good Luck Charm / Anything That's Part of You-(6) 124149-1-Sep-623 / 62
19-May-62S39Follow That Dream / I'm Not the Marryin' Kind (EP)-(2) 11157--1-Sep-6281 / 62
11-Aug-62S40She's Not You / Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello-(2) 518107-15-Dec-6242 / 62
1-Dec-62S41King of the Whole Wide World / I Got Lucky (EP)-2414---9-Mar-63 
8-Dec-62S42Return to Sender (3) 1231312-25-May-639 / 63
4-May-63S43One Broken Heart for Sale 91362-3-Aug-6381 / 63
13-Jul-63S44(You're the) Devil in Disguise (4) 21698-2-Nov-6332 / 63
16-Nov-63S45Bossa Nova Baby / Witchcraft-4171271814-Mar-6441 / 63
22-Feb-64S46Fun in Acapulco 2815---6-Jun-64 
11-Apr-64S47Viva Las Vegas / What'd I Say-(2) 4241511-26-Sep-6415 / 64
2-May-64S48C'Mon Everybody (EP) 2920---19-Sep-64 
9-May-64S49Kiss Me Quick / Suspicion (EP)-5612---1-Aug-64 
15-Aug-64S50Such a Night 321129-9-Jan-6521 / 64
29-Aug-64S51Kissin' Cousins / It Hurts Me-72095-16-Jan-6546 / 64
7-Nov-64S52Ain't That Lovin' You Baby / Ask Me-(3) 1181210913-Mar-657 / 64
10-Apr-65S53Do the Clam (2) 416107-31-Jul-6539 / 65
5-Jun-65S54Crying in the Chapel / I Believe in the Man in the Sky-(6) 1221511-6-Nov-655 / 65
31-Jul-65S55(Such an) Easy Question 61585-13-Nov-6556 / 65
11-Sep-65S56Tickle Me (EP) 4213---11-Dec-65 
30-Oct-65S57I'm Yours / (It's a) Long Lonely Highway-(3) 919123-12-Mar-6649 / 65
19-Feb-66S58Puppet on a String / Tell Me Why-2818---25-Jun-66 
26-Mar-66S59Swing Down Sweet Chariot / Milky White Way-599---28-May-66 
23-Apr-66S60Blue River / Do Not Disturb-3712---16-Jul-66 
23-Apr-66S61Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho 912---7-May-66 
14-May-66S62Frankie and Johnny 408---9-Jul-66 
30-Jul-66S63Love Letters / Come What May-278---24-Sep-66 
17-Dec-66S64Spinout / All That I Am 3012---11-Mar-67 
24-Dec-66GoSetSSpinout 259a9-404-Mar-67-
24-Dec-66S65If Every Day Was Like Christmas 924---21-Jan-67 
25-Feb-67S66Fools Fall in Love / Indescribably Blue (2) 13123--20-May-67 
25-Feb-67GoSetSFools Fall in Love / Indescribably Blue 1199-3429-Apr-67-
13-May-67S67Easy Come Easy Go (EP) 785---17-Jun-67 
29-Jul-67S68Long Legged Girl (with the Short Dress on) 386---9-Sep-67 
26-Aug-67GoSetSLong Legged Girl (with the Short Dress on) 3611-362-Sep-67-
30-Sep-67S69Judy / There's Always Me 525113-23-Mar-6842 / 67
21-Oct-67GoSetSJudy / There's Always Me 7171753117-Feb-68-
18-Nov-67S70Big Boss Man / You Don't Know Me 2415---2-Mar-68 
9-Dec-67GoSetSBig Boss Man 2488-363-Feb-68-
23-Mar-68S71Guitar Man / High Heel Sneakers 269---25-May-68 
6-Apr-68GoSetSGuitar Man / High Heel Sneakers 3155-3311-May-68-
11-May-68S72U.S. Male / Stay Away 12146--17-Aug-6889 / 68
18-May-68GoSetSU.S. Male / Stay Away 10101012527-Jul-68-
6-Jul-68S73Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby / Let Yourself Go 19142--12-Oct-68 
20-Jul-68GoSetSYour Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby / Let Yourself Go 1899-3021-Sep-68-
23-Nov-68S74A Little Less Conversation / Almost in Love-646---4-Jan-69 
4-Jan-69S75You'll Never Walk Alone 792---18-Jan-69 
18-Jan-69S76Edge of Reality / If I Can Dream (5) 2201311-7-Jun-6921 / 69
1-Feb-69GoSetSEdge of Reality / If I Can Dream (3) 21515112417-May-6917 / 69
10-May-69S77Memories (2) 19103--19-Jul-69 
31-May-69GoSetSMemories 2366-3812-Jul-69-
5-Jul-69S78In the Ghetto (4) 1241311-20-Dec-6911 / 69
12-Jul-69GoSetSIn the Ghetto (3) 1161610261-Nov-6916 / 69
13-Sep-69S79Clean Up Your Own Backyard 2710---22-Nov-69 
11-Oct-69GoSetSClean Up Your Own Backyard 293a3-388-Nov-69-
25-Oct-69S80Suspicious Minds (3) 1221413-30-Mar-705 / 69
15-Nov-69GoSetSSuspicious Minds (2) 11818131623-Mar-70-
2-Feb-70S81Don't Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin' (2) 316106-25-May-7043 / 70
16-Feb-70GoSetSDon't Cry Daddy / Rubberneckin' 3131362818-May-70-
6-Apr-70S82Kentucky Rain 92072-24-Aug-7068 / 70
20-Apr-70GoSetSKentucky Rain 7171713217-Aug-70-
15-Jun-70S83The Wonder of You / Mama Liked the Roses (3) 3241512-30-Nov-7021 / 70
22-Jun-70GoSetSThe Wonder of You (3) 3242311397-Dec-709 / 70
7-Sep-70S84I've Lost You / The Next Step is Love 617105-4-Jan-7153 / 70
28-Sep-70GoSetSI've Lost You / The Next Step is Love 913a131284-Jan-71-
7-Dec-70S85You Don't Have to Say You Love Me / Patch it Up 71985-19-Apr-7149 / 71
21-Dec-70GoSetSYou Don't Have to Say You Love Me / Patch it Up 7131245522-Mar-71-
15-Feb-71S86I Really Don't Want to Know / There goes My Everything (2) 132510--9-Aug-7166 / 71
22-Feb-71GoSetSI Really Don't Want to Know / There goes My Everything 112018-6012-Jul-71-
3-May-71S87Rags to Riches / Where Did They Go, Lord 3410---12-Jul-71 
24-May-71GoSetSRags to Riches / Where Did They Go, Lord 3665-485-Jul-71-
21-Jun-71S88Life / Only Believe-447---9-Aug-71 
30-Aug-71S89I'm Leavin' / Heart of Mine 834---27-Sep-71 
13-Dec-71S90It's Only Love 595---17-Jan-72 
31-Jan-72S91Heartbreak Hotel / Don't Be Cruel / Hound Dog 814---28-Feb-72 
13-Mar-72S92Until it's Time For You to Go 903---3-Apr-72 
2-Oct-72S93Burning Love (4) 328139-16-Apr-7328 / 72
16-Oct-72GoSetSBurning Love (2) 21919103126-Feb-73-
5-Feb-73S94Separate Ways (2) 81785-4-Jun-7359 / 73
26-Feb-73GoSetSSeparate Ways 4131383228-May-73-
21-May-73S95You Gave Me a Mountain / Steamroller Blues (3) 17203--8-Oct-7396 / 73
18-Jun-73GoSetSYou Gave Me a Mountain / Steamroller Blues 161515-291-Oct-73-
6-Aug-73S14Jailhouse Rock ® 717---24-Sep-73 
29-Oct-73S96Fool 2121---25-Mar-74 
26-Nov-73GoSetSFool 201212-2418-Feb-74-
24-Dec-73S97Raised on Rock 3717---22-Apr-74 
28-Jan-74GoSetSRaised on Rock 4011-404-Feb-74-
29-Apr-74S98Take Good Care of Her / I've Got a Thing About You Baby-4311a--9329-Jul-74 
22-Jul-74S99If You Talk in Your Sleep / Help Me-37112-957-Oct-74 
23-Dec-74S100Promised Land 41124-6517-Mar-75 
3-Mar-75S101My Boy (2) 101815245*7-Jul-7565 / 75
30-Jun-75S102T.R.O.U.B.L.E. 4383-72*25-Aug-75 
21-Feb-77S103Moody Blue (2) 172619-9322-Aug-7747 / 77
22-Aug-77S104Way Down / Pledging My Love-6221679123-Jan-7842 / 77
19-Sep-77S103Moody Blue ® 29148-7126-Dec-77 
16-Jan-78S105My Way 637--886-Mar-78 
24-Apr-78S106Unchained Melody 932--938-May-78 
11-Dec-78S107Softly As I Leave You 912--9125-Dec-78 
5-Mar-79S107Softly As I Leave You ® 5220--8323-Jul-79 
16-Apr-79S42Return to Sender ® 7412--889-Jul-79 
23-Mar-81S108Guitar Man 735--8127-Apr-81 
13-Sep-82S31Are You Lonesome Tonight ® (2) 4194-6615-Nov-82 
17-Jan-83S109The Elvis Medley 48112-824-Apr-83 
17-Aug-87S31Are You Lonesome Tonight ® 725--9421-Sep-87 
  ARIA only information below this line        
12-Nov-01S110America the Beautiful 911--9119-Nov-01 
24-Jun-02S111vs JXL - A Little Less Conversation ▲2(4) 126a17111*6-Jan-033 / 02
23-Sep-02S93.2Burning Love (Re-Mastered) 375a1-374-Nov-02 
8-Sep-03S112Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold Remix) 3201233*26-Jan-0475 / 03
12-Jul-04S113That's All Right 3151-3116-Aug-04 
20-Mar-06S2Heartbreak Hotel ® 3794-3722-May-06 

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Hi, Im seeking all chart positions for Tina Turner.

Thanks in advance
  Artists (Tina Turner) (WA)WI 100WI 50WI 10 DateEnd of
Entry DateNo.TitlesAccHP/ Tally/ Tally/ TallyEPLeftYear
5-Sep-77S1Under My Thumb (2) 806--8717-Oct-77 
16-Jan-84S2Let's Stay Together 191812-8421-May-84 
23-Jul-84S3What's Love Got to Do With it (1) 1221588624-Dec-8422 / 84
15-Oct-84S4Better Be Good to Me (2) 28188-6518-Feb-85 
17-Dec-84S5Private Dancer (2) 211511-401-Apr-85 
17-Dec-84S6DAVID BOWIE feat - Tonight 709--7218-Feb-85 
22-Jul-85S7We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (3) 1171396818-Nov-8520 / 85
21-Oct-85S8One of the Living (2) 3484-53*16-Dec-85 
10-Feb-86S9BRYAN ADAMS and - It's Only Love 578--867-Apr-86 
22-Sep-86S10Typical Male (2) 201710-8019-Jan-87 
23-Feb-87S11What You Get is What You See 151912-926-Jul-8792 / 87
15-Jun-87S12Break Every Rule 605--8820-Jul-87 
24-Apr-89S11What You Get is What You See ® (3) 589--7326-Jun-89 
11-Sep-89S13The Best525229395-Mar-9024 / 89
4-Sep-89ARIAThe Best(2) 4282372718-Mar-9033 / 89
4-Dec-89S14Steamy Windows 371411-8912-Mar-90 
4-Dec-89ARIASteamy Windows 341511-4818-Mar-90 
  ARIA only information below this line        
25-Feb-90S15I Don't Wanna Lose You 594--5925-Mar-90 
3-Feb-91S16ROD STEWART and - It Takes Two 161610-55*26-May-91 
27-Oct-91S17Nutbush City Limits (90's Version) 161411-412-Feb-9286 / 91
15-Mar-92S18Love Thing 625--9319-Apr-92 
24-May-92S19JIMMY BARNES and - (Simply) The Best / River Deep, Mountain High 14139-18*23-Aug-9278 / 92
20-Jun-93S20I Don't Wanna Fight 392412-935-Dec-93 
3-Oct-93S13The Best ® 358 / 363-5428-Nov-93 
24-Oct-93S21Disco Inferno 566--765-Dec-93 
17-Dec-95S22Goldeneye 639--9818-Feb-96 
7-Apr-96S23Whatever You Want 943a--10026-May-96 
Hey, can anyone confirm the full chart runs for the following Kylie Minogue singles pls:

- Got To Be Certain
- I Still Love You
- Especially For You
- Hand On Your Heart
- Wouldn't Change A Thing

- Got To Be Certain

- I Still Love You

- Especially For You

- Hand On Your Heart

- Wouldn't Change A Thing
Anyone have the chart runs for the following. Please. Thanks.

Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf
Gloria - Laura Branigan
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club
I See Red - Split Enz
Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Whitney Houston
Boys Will Be Boys - Choirboys
Devil Inside - INXS
Stuck On Earth - Alf
Heatseeker - AC/DC
Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - Angels
Don't Tell Me The Time - Martha Davis
Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
Thanks bullion, you're the best!
Bat Out Of Hell - Meatloaf

Gloria - Laura Branigan
13-Dec-82 100513333331474111111134871316253532272231343241446993-

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club

I See Red - Split Enz

Where Do Broken Hearts Go - Whitney Houston

Boys Will Be Boys - Choirboys

Devil Inside - INXS

Stuck On Earth - Alf

Heatseeker - AC/DC

Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again - Angels

Don't Tell Me The Time - Martha Davis

Hungry Eyes - Eric Carmen
Hi there. Any chance of getting the full chart runs for The Carpenters' singles in Oz pls??
Hi bulion, I just need the peak positions for the following singles:
Go Now - Moody Blues
Hippy Hippy Shake - Swinging Blue Jeans
Hippy Hippy Shake - Chan Romero
Love Potion No.9 - The Clovers
Tobacco Road - John D. Loudermilk

Thank you
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Entry DateHPWITitles - Artists
13-Feb-651211Go Now - Moody Blues
22-Feb-6411x315Hippy Hippy Shake - Swinging Blue Jeans
05-Mar-609x324Hippy Hippy Shake - Chan Romero
08-Jun-63518Hippy Hippy Shake - Chan Romero (R)
3-Oct-593317Love Potion No.9 - The Clovers
---Tobacco Road - John D. Loudermilk (didn't chart here)
Hi Bulion,
One quick request. What was the peak position of the Searchers 'Needles & Pins'? I had a quick scan over the earlier parts of this thread, but I might have missed it. Thanks in advance

Needles & Pins by The Searchers peaked at No.4 for a single week at the end of March 1964. It spent 6 weeks in the Top 10 and 17 weeks in the Top 100.
Firstly, a MERRY XMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL!!!
Just one quick question -- still on Needles and Pins. What position did the Smokie version of that song peak at?
Smokie's version peaked at No.7 for three weeks from late February 1978, spending five weeks in the Top 10.
Thanks for that. And Don't Let Me Be Misundertood by Santa Esmeralda with Leroy Gomez. What was the peak of that? I'll bet it was a top. 10.
Entry DateHPWITitleArtist
19-Dec-77721Don't Let Me Be MisunderstoodSanta Esmeralda feat Leroy Gomez
Happy New Year everybody! Got a query on the song "Love Hurts". I understand that the Nazareth version made No. 8 on the Aust charts (am I right?) And was the Jim Capaldi version listed WITH that on the charts as it was in the state surveys. If not, could you tell me where that peaked at? Also, where did Roy Orbison's version peak at, and did any other versions of the song ever chart? Phew!!!
Love Hurts:

Entry DateHPWIArtists
20-May-615x416Roy Orbison (b-side of Running Scared)
06-Jun-646811Roy Orbison EP (feat 'She Wears My Ring')
19-Jan-766x226Jim Capaldi

Cher also sang a version in 1991, but that didn't chart.

Nazareth released their version first, which as you know is very rock-heavy, whereas Jim Caladi's version was more mainstream. When Kim's version came out, some stations who didn't play MOR (Jim) style opted to play Nazareth instead, which is why you might see it listed back-to-back on state charts from early 1976. AMR/Kent charts split it up though, so that is why you have to separate chart peaks here.
Great explanation, much appreciated. Love Hurts is certainly a versatile song. So many people have covered it in many different styles, yet they often still manage to make it their own. Having said that, the original by the Everly Brothers is hard to beat, yet that was only an album track!
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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Barbara Acklin
Nothing charted here for Barbara Acklin.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
The Persuaders
Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band:
Entry Date HP WI Title
07-Mar-77 49x2 21 Cherchez La Femme

The Persuaders - no singles charted

I'm after the chart runs for the following:

Ain't No Pleasing You - Chris & Dave
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Boys Town Gang
Rock The Casbah - Clash
US Forces - Midnight Oil
I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters
Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor
Back To The Wall - Divinyls
Shy Boy - Bananarama
Father Figure - George Michael
Check It Out - John Cougar Mellencamp
Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac

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Just need the chart peaks for the following:
Big Time Operator - The Id (Feat. Jeff St. John)
Midnight Bus - Betty McQuade
Diddy Wah Diddy - Running Jumping Standing Still

Also, what are the peak positions of all the versions of Everlasting Love over the years? And -- a question without notice that I just thought of -- what song has charted by the most number of different artists in Aussie chart history? Cheers
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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

C.J. & Co.
Love Unlimited Orchestra
New York City
The Salsoul Orchestra
Ain't No Pleasing You - Chris & Dave

Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Boys Town Gang

Rock The Casbah - Clash

US Forces - Midnight Oil

I'm So Excited - Pointer Sisters

Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Back To The Wall - Divinyls

Shy Boy - Bananarama

Father Figure - George Michael

Check It Out - John Cougar Mellencamp

Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac
Entry DateHPWITitles - Artists
07-Jan-671115Big Time Operator - The Id (Feat. Jeff St. John)
09-Dec-612919Midnight Bus - Betty McQuade
22-Apr-674412Diddy Wah Diddy - Running Jumping Standing Still

Everlasting Love:
Entry DateHPWIArtists
04-Nov-67548Robert Knight
02-Mar-681316The Town Criers
09-Mar-683613The Love Affair
09-Dec-742218Doug Parkinson
28-Sep-814119Rex Smith & Rachel Sweet
15-Oct-84833Vicki Sue Robinson
28-Aug-893x223U2 (double A-Side with "All I Want is You"
12-Mar-952914Gloria Estefan
C.J. & Co. - nothing charted

Love Unlimited Orchestra
Entry DateHPWITitle
18-Feb-74921Love's Theme

New York City
Entry DateHPWITitle
30-July-73951I'm Doin' Fine

The Salsoul Orchestra - nothing charted
Hi there,
You gave me eight chart results for 'Everlasting Love' -- that's amazing! I would have guessed six maximum. Is that the most prolific charting record, in terms of different artists, in Australian history? If not, what is? I certainly can't think of a song that could have had 9 different hit versions. Very curious about this. Cheers

PS: Just happened to scroll up the list and saw the stuff on the Beatles and 'She Loves You' -- bloody fascinating. Keep up the superb work, all of you.
Hello, as having traded a few Countdown Episodes, I am really into the Australia Charts, especially the Music of 1984 is great. So I'd like to ask if anyone could post the Chart runs (all positions) for these songs:
Laura Branigan - The Lucky One
Shakin' Stevens - A Love worth waiting for
Peabo Bryson - If ever you're in my arms again
Madonna - Borderline

Thank you so much
Can you please post singles chart peaks/weeks for Jon English.
Jon English:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Mar-7350x29Handbags & Gladrags
03-Feb-7527x215Turn the Page
16-Jun-752014Turn the Page (R)
23-Jun-7555x212Lovin' Arms
12-Apr-7613x225Hollywood Seven
04-Oct-76872I'm a Survivor
28-Mar-7746x215Lay it All Down
12-Jun-78622Words are Not Enough
02-Oct-784412Nights in Paradise
25-Dec-785x220Six Ribbons (with Mario Millo)
07-May-792714Get your Love Right
24-Dec-791117Hot Town
16-Mar-81882Hold Back the Night
17-Aug-81728Straight from the Heart
21-Jun-82964Beating the Boards
26-July-82627Jokers and Queens (with Marcia Hines)
15-Aug-835015Some People (Have all the Fun)
Laura Branigan - The Lucky One
Entry Date: 24-Sept-8481735850524850626476-

Shakin' Stevens - A Love worth waiting for
Entry Date: 6-Aug-84977563524844474950536065666794-

Peabo Bryson - If ever you're in my arms again
Entry Date: 30-July-84 7747332520222526313738446261748291-

Madonna - Borderline
Entry Date: 2-July-8440342720151412141416313743496579889097-

Could I please have the Australian chart positions for:

Art Mooney
George Formby
Gracie Fields
The Gladiolas

Thank you so much for the chart runs - I really appreciate your work here
Do you have the chart runs for the following -

Shame - Eurythmics
Boys - Sabrina
The Tide Is Turning - Roger Waters
Africa - Toto
Jack And Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp
Solid Rock - Goanna
Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie

Thank you
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Finally one i can ask for! Chart run (if there was one) for 'What Am I Gonna Do With You' by Barry White

Thank You!
Shame - Eurythmics
Entry Date8-Feb-886842443942496780-

Boys - Sabrina
Entry Date4-Apr-8893846948332917221821232929292519152021273142465060777271699090-

The Tide Is Turning - Roger Waters
Entry Date8-Feb-88797051554954768287-

Africa - Toto
Entry Date29-Nov-827768656064646443313119161156787771023294271828485-

Jack And Diane - John Cougar (no Mellen at this time)
Entry Date11-Oct-82100453016119771013131717172538386381-

Solid Rock - Goanna
Entry Date11-Oct-8266423429231395443333357101717202537478581-

Under Pressure - Queen and David Bowie
Entry Date9-Nov-81523218976677791316192745606885-
No chart run for the Barry White song Jesse 77

dodo fleet all of those acts I don't have any post-1955 chart info on sorry.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Carol Douglas
A really quick one. What did Russell Morris & the Rubes' version of "Hush" peak at. And did Deep Purple's version of the song ever chart?
Monty: Russell Morris & The Rubes' version peaked at #35. Deep Purple's version peaked at #20 as a double A-side single coupled with Kentucky Woman.

Just out of interest, the original by Billy Joe Royal peaked at only #98 but the most successful cover was by Somebody's Image, which peaked at #12 (Russell Morris was in this band at the time).
Excellent savagegrant -- wow, I didn't know that the original version by BJR even charted in Australia. The Somebody's Image verison is the best of them all IMO, I find the Deep Purple one a bit ponderous, though that made it to #4 in the US. Thanks again.
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Carol Douglas:
Entry DateHPWITitle
10-Feb-753116Doctor's Orders

Hush chart info

Entry DateHPWITitlesArtists
4-Npv-6712x421HushSomebody's Image
2-Dec-671414HushSomebody's Image ;Go-Set T40
30-Dec-67982HushBillie Joe Royal
30-Nov-682014Kentucky Woman/HushDeep Purple
21-Dec-68279Kentucky Woman/HushDeep Purple ;Go-Set T40
3-Nov-8035x219HushRussell Morris & the Rubes
11-May-97676HushKula Shaker
Can you please post singles chart peaks/weeks for Supertramp.
Hi - where could I go to find weekly AMR Top 100s from 1979 & 1980?

For example: (From savagegrant's blogspot): Top 100 singles week ending 7 Jan 1980 would have 'Video Killed The Radio Star' at #1 and new entries from Dalton Brothers, Kenny Loggins & John Stewart (not necessarily at their respective peaks of 85, 85 & 97). But where were all 100 songs placed that week in the full chart?

Plus would like to see a few of the weeks either side as well.

Thanks, Adrian.
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Thanks for that link, tinascousin.
It *almost* has what I was looking for. It had complete weeklies from 1974 to 1979 (last one 3 Sept '79) and it also has charts for the first half of '83. Very cool, except for the gap from Sept '79 to Dec '82. Is Badgerdarkness still active?
Yep, he gradually updates it. Sorry, I forgot he was only up to late '79. He'll get there for you sooner or later I guess
All good, thanks. Managed to get hold of another source (not online). Cheers.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

unfortunately none of the singles for Sybil in the 1990's ever charted here in Australia. NZ yes, here no.
Do you have the chart runs for the following:

Imagine - John Lennon
Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth
Truly - Lionel Richie
Zoom - Fat Larry's Band
Hey Little Girl - Icehouse
The Clapping Song - Belle Stars
All Touch - Rough Trade
Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick
Bridge To Your Heart - Wax

Imagine - John Lennon+
22-Nov-71T20*147321111124710121720-   out

Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth

Truly - Lionel Richie

Zoom - Fat Larry's Band

Hey Little Girl - Icehouse

The Clapping Song - Belle Stars

All Touch - Rough Trade

Heartbreaker - Dionne Warwick

Bridge To Your Heart - Wax
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Silver Convention
Silver Convention:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Nov-751126aFly Robin Fly
15-Mar-76833Save Me
03-May-761922Get Up and Boogie
Can you please post the singles chart peaks/weeks for Olivia Newton-John's 70's singles. I can only find her 80's chart info.
Olivia Newton-John 70's Singles

Entry DateHPWITitlesKent Top 100 or Go-Set Top 40
26-Apr-71719If Not For YouK
03-May-711413If Not For YouG
27-Sep-711x525Banks of the OhioK
04-Oct-711x423Banks of the OhioG
24-Sep-7311x230Let Me Be ThereK
26-Nov-7316x219Let Me Be ThereG
10-Jun-741122Long Live LoveK
15-July-7420x25eLong Live LoveG (e = chart ended)
30-Sep-741x423I Love You, I Honestly Love YouK from now only
10-Feb-75222If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 
07-Apr-7510x220Have You Never Been Mellow 
11-Aug-7534x216Please Mr. Please 
01-Dec-756013Something Better to Do 
17-May-765513Come on Over 
25-Oct-7693x23Don't Stop Believin' 
23-May-777110Sam (R) 
10-Oct-775623 Sam (R) 
29-May-781x932You're the One That I Wantfeat John Travolta from Grease
14-Aug-78221Hopelessly Devoted to Youfrom Grease
21-Aug-787710Sam (R#3) 
09-Oct-78616Summer Nightswith John Travolta from Grease
20-Nov-789x220A Little More Love 
16-July-7974x26Deeper Than the Night 
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Linda Clifford
Linda Clifford:
Entry DateHPWITitle
04-Jun-798602Bridge Over Troubled Water
Did David Bowie have any chart run back in 1972 with Changes?

Computer says no, Finn.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Force M.D.'s
nothing charted in Australia for Force M.D.'s
Thanks in advance, do you have any chart positions for Beenie Man?
Beenie Man:

Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Sep-021816Feel it Boy (Janet Jackson feat...)
29-Dec-039202Jobi (Panjabi MC feat...)

Hi and thx in advance. I'm after charting by John St Peeters / Johnny Lo Piccolo.
John St. Peeters:

Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Nov-76539You Know That You're Sexy
31-July-782219Deep Inside of Me
25-Dec-784911High Class Woman
02-Apr-791316So Many Ways
08-Oct-798110You You're the One
14-Apr-80789Wonder World (Theme)
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Detroit Emeralds
nothing charted in Oz for The Detroit Emeralds
Can you please post the singles chart positions/weeks for solo George Harrison.
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George Harrison:
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Dec-701x826My Sweet Lord / Isn't it a Pity
22-Mar-713x217What is Life / Apple Scuffs
04-Jun-731115Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
27-Jan-75835Ding Dong
20-Dec-765013This Song
04-Apr-77786Cracker Box Palace
07-May-793415Blow Away
01-Jun-81914All Those Years Ago
16-Nov-871x126Got My Mind Set on You
29-Feb-883512When We Was Fab
20-Jun-88843This is Love
16-Oct-89704Cheer Down
18-Feb-02623My Sweet Lord (2000)
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Joe Simon
Joe Simon;

Entry DateHPWITitle
03-July-72951Drowning in the Sea of Love
Can you please post the singles chart positions/weeks for Australian Crawl.
Happy New Year to all of you!

It was so great to find all of the Aria-Charts Top 50 from 1984 on "Chart Beats" - week by week it was a pleasure to read the blog.

Unfortunately some of my favourites from 1984 didn`t enter the Top 50, so I would like to ask if anyone can show the week by week charts runs for:

Tracey ullman - They don`t know about us
Alvin Stardust - I feel like buddy Holly
Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my Eyes
China Crisis - Wishful Thinking
Mike Reno & An Wilson - Almost Paradise

It would be so great or does anybody know where to get Chart positions 51 - 100, especially from July 1983 until December 1984?

Thank you very much.
retrofan, Australian Crawl can be found at the below link (page 2), just Ctrl F to find them in the thread.

Tracey ullman - They don`t know

Alvin Stardust - I feel like buddy Holly

Ultravox - Dancing with tears in my Eyes

China Crisis - Wishful Thinking

Mike Reno & Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise
Hi bulion,

thank you sooo much - it's great

When I look at the table of 1984 "weeks in top 50", is it possible that there is a mistake within? When looking at the Aria Scans from Grant, there are several Songs that have a run of one week less than in the table. For example "Wouldn't it be good" or "99 Luftballons" or the best example is "to ne or Not to be": 14 weeks in Top 100 and 14 weeks in Top-50? Maybe a double scored week in April or May?

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand what I question? It's not so important but it's just a thing I thought about.

Kind regards
Just wanting to know the peak chart pos for '(You Gotta Walk and) Don't Look Back' by Peter Tosh and Mick Jagger. Thanks
Peter Tosh:
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-Dec-782021(You Gotta Walk and) Don't Look Back

peaked in mid-March 1979 for one week.
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after charting singles and albums by The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band (a.k.a. Soapbox Circus, Matchbox, Captain Matchbox Reignited).
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

no singles charted here for Voyage.
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band:
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Sep-723326My Canary Has Circles Under his EyesAMR
30-Oct-72353My Canary Has Circles Under his EyesGo-Set
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Irene Cara
Irene Cara:

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Sep-80320Fame *
20-Oct-804124Out Here on My Own *
02-May-83739Fame (R) **
13-Jun-831x727Flashdance... What a Feeling ***
28-Nov-83522Why Me?