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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - Chart Positions 51-100 Post 1989 Part 1

I've started this new thread for request for Chart Positions 51-100 Post 1989. These requests were appearing on the Pre 1989 thread and (I feel at least) that it's more appropriate for them to have their own thread. We'll see what everyone thinks I guess.

Also BIG shout out to bullion who's posted all of the chart positions for 1970 on a new thread. Check it out.


UPDATE - He's since posted 1971




& 1973


Ahh the memories these charts bring back

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That's good!

Jim Carrey
Zodiac Mindwarp
Brotherhood Creed
Redhead Kingpin
awesome thread stevie
Jim Carrey (only 2 singles to chart)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0112-Feb-958802Cuban Pete
0221-July-966210Somebody to Love

Dido ( 7 singles in total)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0218-Jun-015220Here With Me

Zodiac Mindwarp - no singles at all

Xscape (2 singles in total)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0119-Dec-935413Just Kickin' it

Brotherhood Creed - no singles at all

Redhead Kingpin (2 singles in total)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0104-Feb-905811Pump it Hottie
0224-Jun-905608Do the Right Thing

Theory - no singles charted

Supergroove (2 singles in total)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
027-May-955718aYou Gotta Know

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The Feelers
Purest Form
CJ Lewis
Brother Beyond

Thanks for reply.
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can't believe here with me only peaked at #52, it's such a great song!
Yeah Here With Me at #52 is quite suprising. I think it's her best song.

Of course she owes Eminem a lot of thanks for really getting her career going. Him using the verse from Thank You (off the same album as Here With Me) really got her noticed initially. However apart from White Flag (#1 in 2003) the rest of her singles have hard modest success.
Dido's album entered the charts in Feb 2001, and most people brought the album due to Thank You, so when "Here With Me" came out, it helped boost the sales of the album, but the single just bobbed around for 20 weeks.

She is more of an album artist anyway.
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Thanks a lot bulion, for the other post and for this one too!

Top 51-100 from:

Del Amitri
Dave Matthews Band
Bowling For Soup
The Bravery
Dr. Dre
Bright Eyes
The White Stripes
Cage The Elephant
Carolina Liar
David Gray

Maybe they didn`t chart
I like Dido a lot and hopefully despite the rather luke-warm sales of her last album "Safe Trip Home" she'll be back with another album soon. At least she's got the Oscars to go to soon - nominated for the song "If I Rise".
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Erasure (5 singles charted)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles

The Feelers - nothing charted

Westlife (15 singles charted)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0530-Oct-005206Against All Odds (Mariah Carey feat.)
1122-July-025605Bop Bop Baby
1512-May-089201Something Right

Tool - only charted with albums

Sublime - nothing charted

Airbourne - only charted with albums

Purest Form - nothing charted

Strawpeople - only had the one single. Trick with a Knife #37

Seal (11 singles charted)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0318-Aug-91825aThe Beginning
0512-Jun-945607Prayer for the Dying
6.118-Sep-948704Kiss From a Rose
6.215-Jan-959201Kiss from a Rose ®
0716-Mar-97812aFly Like an Eagle
0915-Sep-037205Get it Together
1014-Mar-059401Walk on By

CJ Lewis - only had the 1 single, Sweets for My Sweet #45

Shihad (4 Shihad Singles charted)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0113-Sep-999001My Mind's Sedate
0409-May-055904All the Youngs Fascists

Suede (3 singles in total)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0204-July-93893aAnimal Nitrate

Brother Beyond (1 single charted)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
0115-May-895214He Ain't No Competition
Del Amitri (6 Singles)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
513-Sep-92864aBe My Downfall
614-Feb-937303Just Like a Man

Belly - no singles

Dave Matthews Band (2 singles)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Jul-969103Too Much
210-Sep-019701The Space Between

Bowling for Soup - 1 single, "1985" #22

The Bravery (1 single twice)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
116-May-058702An Honest Mistake
215-Aug-059601An Honest Mistake ®

Dr. Dre (8 appearances)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
113-Jun-936306with SNOOP DOGGY DOGG - Nuthin' But a "G" Thang
229-Oct-95932aKeep Their Heads Ringin'
718-May-097602EMINEM feat… - Old Times Sake
829-Nov-10814afeat SNOOP DOGG & AKON - Kush

Switchfoot (3 singles)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Aug-045215Meant to Live

Bright Eyes - nothing charted

Adele - first single charted last week (31-Jan-2011)

The White Stripes (7 singles)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
222-Sep-035406I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself
31-Dec-035413Hardest Button to Button
46-Jun-05953aBlue Orchid
512-Sep-05734aMy Doorbell

Cage the Elephant - nothing charted

Carolina Liar - 1 single "I'm Not Over" #28

Cracker (1 single)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles

David Gray (2 singles)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
224-Oct-055909The One I Love

Top 51-100 from:

Angels And Airwaves
Boys Like Girls
Bright Eyes
David Cook
The Fratellis
Gin Blossoms
Happy Mondays
Hootie And The Blowfish
Jack Johnson
Quincy Jones
Apache Indian
Pink Floyd
Kino Watson
Crucial Conflict
Donell Jones
Ali Campbell
Keith Martin
Naughty By Nature
Greg Jonson
Greg Johnson Set
Headless Chickens
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Sum 41
The Soup Dragons
Kid Rock
New Found Glory
Rick Price would be cool thanks =D.
Fratellis have only charted in the Physical Chart with Flathead (#42 I believe.

OK Go:
Here It Goes Again #63
This Too Shall Pass #97
I'll get to these on Thursday afternoon gang.
Angels And Airwaves, Boys Like Girls, Bright Eyes, David Cook - nothing charted

Elastica (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Flobots, The Fratellis - nothing charted

Gin Blossoms (3 singles)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0225-Sep-949401Found Out About You
0324-Mar-966509Follow You Down

Happy Mondays (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0103-Mar-916303Kinky Afro

HelloGoodbye, HIM - nothing charted

Hootie And The Blowfish (4 in total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0125-Dec-94706aHold My Hand
0405-May-966006Old Man & Me (When I Get to Heaven)

Jack Johnson (5 singles charted)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0114-Apr-03517aThe Horizon Has Been Defeated
0424-Dec-076904Sleep Through the Static
0511-Feb-085307If I Had Eyes
Goodfellaz, Quincy Jones, L.A.D., D'Angelo - nothing charted

Jodeci - only had the one single chart, Freek N' You #23, 1995

Apache Indian - one thing charted, Nuff Vibes(EP) #34, 1993

Pink Floyd (6 singles charted 1968-2007)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0505-Jun-946104Take it Back

All-4-One (4 singles)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0129-May-948207So Much in Love
0123-Oct-946207So Much in Love (R)
0326-Feb-959801Something About You

Kino Watson, Case, Crucial Conflict, J'son - nothing charted

Donnell Jones (1 single only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0107-Feb-005507U Know What's Up

Ali Campbell (1 single only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0102-July-958010aThat Look in Your Eye

Keith Martin - nothing charted

Naughty By Nature (11 singles in total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0229-Mar-927605Everything's Gonna Be Alright
0411-July-935109It's On
0613-Aug-958903Feel me Flow
0729-Oct-959801Clap Yo Hands
0814-Dec-976107Mourn Your 'ril I Join You / Naughty Live
1007-Aug-007406Jamboree (feat Zhane)

Greg Jonson, Greg Johnson Set - nothing charted

Headless Chickens (3 singles)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0108-Aug-939303Mr. Moon
Sum 41 (7 singles)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0115-Oct-015818Fat Lip
0308-July-026307What We're All About
0521-Apr-037604Hell Song
0611-Aug-0362045Over My Head (Better Off Dead)
0730-July-077602Underclass Hero

Nickelback (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0211-Mar-025607Too Bad
1421-Dec-096410Never Gonna Be Alone

Saliva (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

The Soup Dragons (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0224-Mar-916708Mother Universe

Kid Rock (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

New Found Glory (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0111-Aug-038302Head on Collision

OneRepublic (3 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

OK Go (2 only, 1 twice)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0130-Oct-066303Here it Goes Again
0108-Jan-07904aHere it Goes Again (R)
0222-Mar-109701This Too Shall Pass

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Rick Price (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0428-Feb-937407A House Divided
0810-Sep-957206Bridge Building Man
0912-Nov-95689aTo Be With You
1016-Jun-966406You're Never Alone
Carrie Underwood
Modest Mouse
The Shins
Joshua Radin
Franz Ferdinand
The Killers
Nicki Minaj
Pink (P¡nk)

Shontelle, Madcon, Carrie Underwood, Juanes, The Shins

Modest Mouse (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0120-Sep-049401Float On

Shakira (9 singles, all Top 50 entries)

Joshua Radin (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0110-Aug-099101I'd Rather be With You

Franz Ferdinand (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0222-Nov-046203This Fire
0327-Feb-06515aThe Fallen

Drake (3 appearances)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0115-Feb-109901Forever (feat Kanye West, Lil' Wayne & Eminem)
0227-Sep-109801Right About it (Lil' Wayne feat...)

The Killers (11 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0812-Nov-078401Tranquilize (feat Lou Reed)
0926-Nov-079801Romeo and Juliet (Live from Abbey Road)

Nicki Minaj (4 appearances)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0220-Sep-107305Letting Go (Dutty Love) (Sean Kingston feat...)
0418-Oct-107404Bottoms Up (Trey Songz feat...)

P!nk (P¡nk) (25 singles)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
2129-Jun-099701Just Like a Pill
And Britney Spears?
Britney Spears
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
2125-Aug-085910Radar (#46 in 2009)
Kings Of Leon
Phantom Planet
Dave Matthews Band
John Mayer
Jeff Buckley
The Airborne Toxic Event
Inspiral Carpets
Damien Rice
Dashboard Confessional

Aaliyah (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0109-Oct-9410001Back and Forth
0225-May-976907One in a Million

Kings Of Leon (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0119-May-03972aHoly Roller Novocaine

Phantom Planet, Phoenix, The Airborne Toxic Event - nothing charted

Dave Matthews Band (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0107-July-969103Too Much
0210-Sep-019701The Space Between

John Mayer (11 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0330-Jun-038101Why Georgia
0814-July-085203Free Fallin'
1112-July-107107Half of My Heart

Radiohead (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0226-Jun-949702Anyone Can Play Guitar
0312-Mar-9510001My Iron Lung
0416-July-956209High and Dry
0628-Sep-97717aKarma Police
0903-Sep-015602Knives Out

Jeff Buckley (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0208-Oct-958803Last Goodbye

Creed (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Inspiral Carpets, Interpol - nothing charted

Damien Rice, had a song called "The Blowers Daughter" reach #33 on the physical chart (08-Oct-2007).

Dashboard Confessional, 1 song only, "Vindicated" #46, Aug-02
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any of these please:

Duran Duran
Tears for Fears
Human League
New Order
Simple Minds
Alice In Chains
Alkaline Trio
Amy MacDonald
The Automatic
Bad Religion
Better Than Ezra
Biffy Clyro
Billy Talent
Collective Soul
The Farm
Was "Israel Iz Kamakawiwo'ole" charted, for example with his song "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"? And Duffy, Hurts, Green Day?
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Duran Duran (23 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1723-Sep-905911Violence of Summer
2014-Nov-939301Too Much Information
2215-Jun-979101Out of My Mind

Tears for Fears (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0804-July-93827aBreak it Down Again
0917-Oct-059901CHOSEN FEW vs... - Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Eurythmics (21 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
2025-Mar-907201King and Queen of America
2118-Oct-99853aI Saved the World Today

Human League (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0830-Sep-90648aHeart Like a Wheel

New Order (20 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1303-Oct-938704World (The Price of Love)
1411-Dec-946907True Faith '94
1507-Feb-008801CHEMICAL BROTHERS feat Bernard Sumner - Out of Control
1829-Apr-026402Here to Stay

Simple Minds (20 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1411-Dec-897907The Amesterdam EP
1604-Aug-9110001See the Lights
1720-Oct-917004Stand By Love
2024-May-049201WHITE SPACES feat Jim Kerr - Don't You (Forget About Me)
Alice In Chains (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0207-Nov-939302Them Bones
0411-Feb-966003Heaven Beside You

Alkaline Trio, Alphabeat, Amy MacDonald, Bad Religion, Billy Talent - nothing charted

The Automatic (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0113-Oct-969801It's Like Sound (I Want it)
0213-Dec-98953aPump it up

Better Than Ezra (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0216-Mar-978306Desperately Wanting

Biffy Clyro (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Collective Soul (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0620-Oct-969901When the River Flows
0720-Apr-97815aPrecious Declaration
0913-Sep-996701No More No Less

The Farm (3 total, ALL AMR only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0128-Jan-919004Groovy Train
0213-May-919601All Together Now
0328-Dec-929902Don't You Want Me
Israel Iz Kamakawiwo'ole" charted with "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"/"What a Wonderful World". It only reached No.50 on the DL chart for a single week on 3-Mar-2008.

Duffy (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0302-Mar-095511aRain on Your Parade
0409-Mar-097503Stepping Stone

Hurts - nothing charted

Green Day (22 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0223-Oct-94853aBasket Case
0705-May-968802Brain Stew/Jaded (Medley)
1001-Jun-987605Redundant (first chart run)
1205-Apr-99805aNice Guys Finish Last

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Arcade Fire
Marilyn Manson
Matchbox 20
PJ Harvey
Ryan Adams
Scissor Sisters
Scouting For Girls
The Strokes
Sugar Ray
Vampire Weekend
Brian McFadden
Katy Perry
The Cure
Lady Gaga
Dario G
Emiliana Torrini
The Neville Brothers
Amanda Marshall
Tina Arena
Robin Beck
Tracy Chapman
Plan B
Fine Young Cannibals
Collective Soul
Fur Patrol
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Manic Street Preachers please.
Arcade Fire - no singles have charted for them here.

Marilyn Manson (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0720-Dec-989701Get Your Gun

Matchbox 20 (13 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0107-Sep-978305Long Day

PJ Harvey (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0126-Mar-95843aDown By the Water
0225-May-988902Money Greedy (with Tricky)
0320-Sep-988302A Perfect Day Elise
0409-Apr-017102Good Fortune

Ryan Adams (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0121-Jan-02892aNew York, New York

Santigold - nothing charted

Scissor Sisters (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0122-Mar-047301Comfortably Numb
0103-May-049304Comfortably Numb (R)
0307-Mar-056604Laura (R)

Scouting For Girls - only had the one single "This Ain't a Love Song".

Staind (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0426-May-036603Price to Play

The Strokes (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0123-July-016603Hard to Explain / New York City
0531-July-065207You Only Live Once

Sugar Ray (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0513-Mar-005409Falls Apart
0707-Jan-026806Answer the Phone
0830-Jun-038501Mr. Bartender (it's so Easy)

Vampire Weekend - no singles charted

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Brian McFadden (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0121-Feb-055406Real to Me
0513-Oct-089901Everything But You

Katy Perry - everything has gone Top 50

The Cure (29 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1427-May-90895aPictures of You
1627-Jan-915507Close to Me (Live)
1910-Oct-936304Sideshow (EP)
2128-July-9610001Mint Car
2223-Nov-977002Wrong Number
2303-Dec-018301Cut Here
2401-Dec-039701A Forest (Blank & Jones feat...)
2529-Mar-045308Da Hype (Junior Jack feat...)
2619-May-088002The Only One
2821-July-088401Sleep When I'm Dead
2925-Aug-089101The Perfect Boy

Lady Gaga (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0417-Nov-08627aThe Fame

Dario G (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0213-July-989002Carnaval de Paris
0330-Apr-019601Dream to Me

Emiliana Torrini - nothing charted

702 (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0106-Sep-996507Where My Girls at?

The Neville Brothers (2 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0104-Sep-8910001Yellow Moon (AMR)

Amanda Marshall (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0322-Jun-979502Fall from Grace
0410-Aug-977010Dark Horse

Tina Arena (18 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0904-Aug-969301Chains (Remix)
1803-Dec-076203To Sir with Love

Robin Beck - nothing charted

Tracy Chapman (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0229-Aug-885708Talkin' 'Bout a RevolutionAMR
0306-Feb-898503Baby Can I Hold YouAMR
0517-May-928404Bang Bang Bang
0712-May-965705Smoke and Ashes
0817-Nov-088301Sing for You

Plan B - only just charted with "She Said"

Immature (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0126-Mar-955508Never Lie

Fine Young Cannibals (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0912-Feb-909603I'm Not the Man I Used to BeAMR only
1024-Nov-968504The Flame

Collective Soul (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0620-Oct-969901When the River Flows
0720-Apr-97815aPrecious Declaration
0913-Sep-996701No More No Less

Fur Patrol, Garageland - nothing charted

Semisonic (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0204-Jan-997011Singing in My Sleep

OPM (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0125-Dec-005913aHeaven is a Halfpipe
0228-Jan-02762aEl Capitan

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Manic Street Preachers (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0312-Apr-999701You Stole the Sun from My Heart
Has everything Jess Mauboy released gone top 50?
Thanks as always Bulion

Two questions:
You Only Live Twice from The Strokes, is it a typo?
What does it mean 13a 03a 5a?
And how charted the song "She Said" by Plan B?
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Ibai; any weeks in with an "a" beside stand for accumulated weeks. So a song might drop out for a week or two, then come back, so I accumulate their total.

My rule for that is generally two months between entries. So if something is back in after two months, it's classed as a separate entry with a (R) for Re-Entry next to it.
CChris, no Jess in the lower 50

Ibai, Strokes title amended to "Once"

Spatz, "She Said" fell out 7-Mar-11, so it is now

Plan B (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0107-Feb-117004She Said
Thanks for the great, great posts.
Can I please have:

Enrique Iglesias
Janet Jackson
Kate Bush
Swedish House Mafia
Kylie Minogue
Belinda Carlisle
Mark Morrison
Neil Finn
Smash Mouth
Deep Obsession
Pete Heller
Trey Lorenz
Rod Stewart
And the complete charts from "Was (Not Was)"

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Thanks for the information! Can I have Whitney Houston's below top 50 peaks post-1989? Thanks!
And Killing Heidi please.
Mika (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Rihanna (27 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1509-Feb-096701Disturbia (Jody Den Broeder-Radio Edit)
1807-Dec-098201Wait Your Turn

Enrique Iglesias (14 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0914-Apr-036106Love to See You Cry

Janet Jackson (41 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0804-Dec-895609Rhythm Nation
1214-Apr-917903Come Back to Me
3106-Dec-985208Every Time
3326-Apr-996506BUSTA RHYMES feat... - What's it Gonna Be?

Kate Bush (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1018-Feb-908902This Woman's Work

Swedish House Mafia (2 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0116-Aug-108602One (Your Name)

Kylie Minogue (50 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1705-July-926005Finer Feelings
1030-Mar-985903Better the Devil You Know (R)
4720-Sep-106902Get Outta My Way
4927-Dec-108501Santa Baby
5027-Dec-108901Let it Snow

Belinda Carlisle (14 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0926-Aug-908401Vision of You
1231-Oct-935613aBig Scary Animal

Mark Morrison (2 songs both entered the Top 50)

Neil Finn (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0123-Jun-965608Message to My Girl (ENZSO with...)
0306-Sep-98617aShe Will Have Her Way
0428-Jun-998802I Can See Clearly Now
0512-Mar-017701Rest of the Day off

Smash Mouth (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0230-Mar-98676aWhy Can't We Be Friends?
0624-Dec-015307Pacific Coast Party

Stellar* - nothing charted

Deep Obsession - nothing charted (unless you mean Indecent Obsession)

Pete Heller - nothing charted

Trey Lorenz - he only appears as guest vocalist on Mariah's "I'll Be There", that's his only Oz chart entry

Rod Stewart (44 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
3422-Apr-90942aThis Ole Heart of Mine
3803-Nov-916315Broken Arrow
3920-Dec-928206Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)
4218-Jun095535aLeave Virginia Alone
4426-Feb-01893aI Can't Deny it

Whitney Houston (30 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1203-Feb-915916All the Man That I Need
1601-Aug-937206Run to You
1705-Dec-93885aQueen of the Night
1803-Apr-94823aSomething in Common (with Bobby Brown)
2007-Apr-968702Count on Me (with CeCe Winans)
2122-Sep-969901Why Does it Hurt So Bad
2320-Apr-97706aI Believe in You and Me
2522-Mar-99882aIt's Not Right But it's Okay

Killing Heidi (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0425-Sep-005709Superman/Supergirl / Black Sheep

Was (Not Was)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0107-Dec-870922Walk the Dinosaur
0202-May-887910Spy in the House of Love
0322-July-907508Papa Was a Rolling Stone
0420-Sep-924712Shake Your Head (feat Kim Basinger)
Are The Beatles and Elvis Presley charted at this time?
Thanks very much for doing this!

Can I please get the Foo Fighters' below top 50 positions? Thanks in advance!
Spatz, here the career runs:

Start YearEnd YearArtists
19561977Elvis Presley
19631970The Beatles

So they did overlap for those eight years the Beatles were together and both acts contributed something in the chart during their runs, although Elvis did not chart any singles here in 1976, he did make it with one album though.
Foo Fighters (debuted 14-March-11 with their 24th single)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0217-Sep-956106I'll Stick Around
0314-Jan-966906For All the Cows
0412-May-966510Big Me
0702-Feb-987406My Hero
1024-Jan-008202Stacked Actors
1306-Nov-00854aNext Year
1803-Nov-037102Have it All

Bulion, could be that Beatles and Elvis charted via re-entries, or something.
Could I have some Top 51-100 post 1989 chart singles from Robbie Williams, Lauryn Hill, Rappin' 4-Tay, Brownstone, Adina Howard, 20 Fingers, K7, BMU (Black Men United), Charles & Eddie and Nine Inch Nails, please?
Robbie Williams (27 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0213-July-97565aOld Before I Die
3R13-July-988804Angels (R)
1217-Jun-025303Let Love Be Your Energy
3R05-May-089101Angels (R)
3R15-Sep-089201Angels (R)
3R10-Nov-08922aAngels (R)
2612-Apr-109801Do You Mind?
2713-Sep-106201Shame (with Gary Barlow)

Lauryn Hill (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0115-Sep-9610001NAS feat... - If I Ruled the World
0326-July-997604Everything is Everything
0422-Nov-996916with BOB MARLEY - Turn Your Lights Down Low

Rappin' 4-Tay (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0123-July-955912I'll Be Around (with The Spinners)

Brownstone (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0329-Oct-955706I Can't Tell You Why

Adina Howard - only appeared on Warren G's track "What's Love Got to Do With it" #2 in 1996

20 Fingers - only the one single, "Short Dick Man" #4, Dec 1994

K7 (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0120-Mar-946811Come Baby Come
0203-July-949603Hi De Ho

BMU (Black Men United) - nothing charted

Charles & Eddie (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0221-Feb-937310NYC (Can You Believe This City?)

Nine Inch Nails (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0101-May-949801March of the Pigs
0321-May-955707Head Like a Hole
0617-Jan-00727aInto the Void / We're in This Together
Any Destiny's Child below 50?
Destiny's Child (14 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0106-Apr-987211aNo, No, No
Gossip or The Gossip
Kaiser Chiefs
The Kooks
Lighthouse Family
Skunk Anansie
They Might Be Giants
Toad The Wet Sprocket
3 Doors Down
The Charlatans
Hockey, Gala, Pavement, Pixies (lp only) - nothing charted.

Gossip - 2 songs only, both Top 50's

Kaiser Chiefs (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
--05-Mar-073502Ruby {digital sales only}
0113-Oct-085407Never Miss a Beat (went T50 on re-entry in 2009)

The Kooks (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0107-Apr-08843aAlways Where I Need to Be

Lighthouse Family (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0326-Nov-01923a(I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to Be) Free

Skunk Anansie (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0111-Feb-966014I Can Dream
0227-Oct-968002All I Want
0320-Apr-978202Twisted (Everybody Hurts)
0415-Mar-997203Charlie Big Potato

Texas (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0227-Oct-917305Why Believe in You
0315-Mar-929202In My Heart
0603-May-99794aIn our Lifetime
0704-Oct-999501Summer Son
0802-Apr-019301Inner Smile

They Might Be Giants (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0125-July-888007Don't Let's StartAMR
0319-Nov-018603Man, it's So Loud in Here

Toad The Wet Sprocket (1 ojnly)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0107-Feb-93992aAll I Want

3 Doors Down (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0302-Dec-026415When I'm Gone
0512-Apr-045112Away from the Sun
0614-Mar-055511Let Me Go
0109-Jun-089101Kryptonite (R)

The Charlatans (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0123-Sep-907504Only One I Know
Thanx Bulion!
Down Low
Bravo All Stars
Midge Ure
Freddie Mercury
Living Colour
Eric Clapton
Espen Lind
The Katene Sisters
Aaron Neville
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Mat Kearney
Matt Nathanson
Keith Urban
Josh Kelley
Rise Against
Three Days Grace
The Verve
The Coral
Crash Kings
Ne-Yo (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0320-Nov-068104When You're Mad
1121-Jun-105313Beautiful Monster
1211-Oct-107802One in a Million

Gabrielle (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0230-Jan-947705Going Nowhere
0319-May-967005Give Me a Little More Time
0621-Jan-02982aDon't Nee the Sun to Shine

Down Low, Bravo All Stars - nothing charted, Midge Ure (nothing past 89).

Freddie Mercury - see Pre 1989 thread for entire singles

Diesel (19 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1023-Aug-925910One More Time
1422-May-945707Still Got a Long Way to Go (with Jimmy Barnes)
1718-Jun-957505Get it On

Living Colour (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0218-Aug-916914Solace of You
0307-Mar-935908Leave it Alone
0618-Sep-945608Sunshine of Your Love

Eric Clapton (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1223-Aug-925309Runaway Train (with Elton John)
1516-Mar-987416My Father's Eyes

Espen Lind, The Katene Sisters, Aftershock - nothing charted

Aaron Neville (2 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0201-Sep-915213Everybody Plays the Fool
Mat Kearney (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0125-Feb-086602Breath in, Breath Out

Matt Nathanson - nothing charted

Keith Urban (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0124-Feb-037901Raining on Sunday
0213-Sep-04569aDays Go By
0413-Jun-055410Making Memories of Us
0726-May-086602In God's Hands (Nelly Furtado feat...)
0824-Nov-089601Sweet Thing
0901-Jun-09874aKiss a Girl
1001-Nov-108202Long Hot Summer

Josh Kelley (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0229-Aug-059901Only You

Rise Against - no singles charted

Santana (17 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
16R24-July-068503Just Feel Better (R) (with Steve Tyler)

Three Days Grace (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0226-July-04617aJust Like You

The Verve (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0301-Jun-98608aLucky Man
1R17-Dec-079801Bitter Sweet Symphony (R)
1R26-May-085910Bitter Sweet Symphony (R)
0511-Aug-08513aLove is Noise

Whigfield (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0320-July-97785aSaturday Night
0412-Jan-989901No Tears to Cry

The Coral, Crash Kings - nothing charted

Dishwalla (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0122-July-02724aSomewhere in the Middle

Eternal (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0106-Mar-949802Stay (later re-entered and peaked at #3)
0207-Aug-947007Save our Love
0315-Jan-956212Just a Step from Heaven
0717-Nov-968205Good Thing
Was the song "Cult Of Personality" by Living Colour charted"? I've read, that the song peaked at #51 in Australia.
Spatz, "Cult of Personality" hit No.51 in 1989 on the AMR Charts, and they also charted "Type" (HP-95, WI-3-12-Nov-90). ARIA T100 Charts are not around for 88/89, so any charting stuff is AMR from that period.
I've found two chart positions for Rod Stewart's single "Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda)" HP-61*WI-10 or HP-82*WI-06. Both lists the entry date as 20-Dec-92. One might be for AMR and the other ARIA, but which is which?

Also i've read somewhere that Foo Fighters "Walking After You" (from The X Files soundtrack) would've charted at #67 in 1998, but it wasn't listed in the Foo Fighters-listing here dated 14/03/2011 08:24. Is it incorrect that it would've made tha AU charts

How about did Duran Duran's "All She Wants Is" reach #98 on either AMR or ARIA charts as i've seen that too, but can't find any source for that
Also did Bon Jovi's "Living in Sin" chart at #62 or #64 in December '89/January '90
Tom Traubert's Blues (Waltzing Matilda) #82, WI-6 (ARIA)

Walking After You - Foo Fighters #67, WI-5, Entry 9-Aug-98 (ARIA)

All She Wants is - Duran Duran #98, WI-1, Entry 27-Feb-89 (AMR)

Living in Sin - Bon Jovi #64 on ARIA, No.#62 on AMR
Huey Lewis & The News
Kid 'N Play
Right Said Fred
Chris Isaak
Sydney Youngblood
Brian May
Hoodoo Gurus
Wyclef Jean
Captain Jack
DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Will Smith
Alice Cooper
The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. (Song: It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day)
Neneh Cherry
Def Leppard
John Farnham
Jessica (Jessica Folcker)
Mark 'Oh
Billy Idol
Terence Trent D'Arby
Led Zeppelin
Tevin Campbell
Shakespears Sister
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Deadeye Dick
Dinosaur Jr.
Eve 6
Gavin Rossdale
Huey Lewis & The News - no lower 50's post 1989

Kid 'N Play - nothing charted

Right Said Fred (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0326-Apr-928803Deeply Dippylater hit T50

Chris Isaak (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0416-May-937307Can't Do a Thing (to Stop Me)
0728-Jan-965505Go Walking Down There
0806-Oct-968202Think of Tomorrow
0903-Jun-029901Let Me Down Easy

Sydney Youngblood (2 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0118-Mar-905912Sit and Wait
0224-Jun-907107I'd Rather Go Blind

Brian May (1 single only, Top 20)

Sandra - nothing charted

Hoodoo Gurus (20 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1501-Sep-918903Place in the Sun
1905-May-966014Waking Up Tired
2002-Mar-979702Down on Me

Wyclef Jean (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0106-Apr-987211DESTINY'S CHILD feat... - No, No, No
0208-Jun-988803Gone Till November
0305-Nov-015803Perfect Gentlemen
0527-Jan-035805Pussycat feat TOM JONES
0705-Mar-079801YING YANG TWINS feat... - Dangerous

Captain Jack - nothing charted

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0221-Jan-905210I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson
0412-jan-925810Ring My Bell

Will Smith (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0717-Apr-905604Freakin' it

Alice Cooper (19 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1511-Feb-90806aHouse of Fire
1812-Jun-946508Lost in America
1907-Aug-947703It's Me

The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0124-Jan-93903aIt's Gonna Be A Lovely Day

Neneh Cherry (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0328-Oct-906112I've Got You Under My Skin
0415-Nov-928508Money Love

Whitesnake (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0425-Dec-896909Fool for Your Loving

Def Leppard (16 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0804-Feb-908303Animal (re-issue)
1218-Apr-93555aStand Up

John Farnham (48 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
4120-Feb-946110Talk of the Town
4512-Jan-976604Don't Let it End
4820-Jan-036505Keep Talking

Jessica (Jessica Folcker) - nothing charted

Mark 'Oh (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Billy Idol (17 total) - no lower 50's

Terence Trent D'Arby (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0725-July-936906Do You Love Me Like You Say?
0810-Oct-939901feat DES'REE - Delicate
0909-Jan-949702Let Her Down Easy

Led Zeppelin (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0621-Sep-975205Whole Lotta Love (New Edit)

Fugees (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0506-Apr-979401Rumble in the Jungle

Tevin Campbell (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0319-Jun-946007Always in My Heart

Shakespears Sister (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0317-Jun-906506Dirty Mind
0617-Jan-93973aHello (Turn Your Radio on)

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Boston - nothing past 1986

Deadeye Dick - nothing charted

Dinosaur Jr. (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0104-Sep-946108Feel the Pain

Eels (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
01846aNovocaine for the Soul

Eve 6 - nothing charted

Feeder - 1 single charted Top 40

Gavin Rossdale - no solo singles charted

Hard-Fi - nothing charted

Longpigs - nothing charted
Can I please get Snoop Dogg's below top 50 positions? Thanks!
Goo Goo Dolls
Howie Day
Jane's Addiction
James (song: sit down)
Avril Lavigne (song: I'm with you)
Bloc Party
Blue October
The Dandy Warhols
Edwin McCain
Vonda Shepard
Thank you for the many chart-infos. Respect.

Can I have too:

Ralph Tresvant
Tokio Hotel
Imani Coppola
Matchbox 20 (Matchbox Twenty)
Sugarplum Fairy
Bobby Brown
Avril Lavigne
The Orb
Love In Effect
Push Push
Joey B. Ellis
3rd Bass
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Whitesnake 's Fool for Your Loving charted in 89, not 99, right?
fixed kai, thanx
Snoop Dogg (26 up until end of 2010)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0113-Jun-936306Nuthin' But a "G" Thang (Dr. Dre feat...)
0718-Oct-98746aCome and Get Me (Keith Sweat feat...)
0826-Feb-019401Dead Man Walkin'
1725-Sep-066702Gangsta Walk (Coolio feat...)
1806-Nov-065507Vato (feat B-Real)
1911-Dec-066411That's That
1916-Apr-078701That's That (R)
2125-Feb-086302Sensual Seduction (Fyre Dept Rmx) (feat Robyn)
2224-Mar-086104Sensual Seduction
2629-Nov-10814aKush (Dr. Dre feat...)

Goo Goo Dolls (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0730-Sep-027704Big Machine
0825-Sep-069701Stay With You

Howie Day - nothing charted

Jane's Addiction (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0114-Apr-915613Been Caught Stealing

James - 2 songs, both hit T40

Augustana - nothing charted

Avril Lavigne - nothing in the lower 50 ever

Bloc Party (2 songs)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0224-Aug-096102One More Chance

Blue October - nothing charted

The Dandy Warhols (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0223-Oct-007403Bohemian Like You (Tour EP)
0413-Oct-037102You Were the Light

Editors, Edwin McCain - nothing charted

Vonda Shepard (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0204-Oct-98824aSearchin' My Soul

Vengaboys (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0115-Nov-985514Up and Down

Trapt (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
Ralph Tresvant (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0226-May-918302Stone Cold Gentleman
0324-Jan-939303Money Can't Buy You Love

Tokio Hotel - nothing charted

K7 (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0120-Mar-946811Come Baby Come
0203-July-949603Hi De Ho

Imani Coppola (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0123-Nov-975515Legend of a Cowgirl

Matchbox 20 (13 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0107-Sep-978305Long Day

Björk (13 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0119-Sep-936308Human Behaviour
0216-Jan-949205venus as a Boy
0306-Feb-946505Play Dead
0401-May-946209Big Time Sensuality
0524-July-949401Violently Happy
1213-Aug-015403Hidden Place
1315-Apr-027401Cocoon #1

Interpool, Sugarplum Fairy, Orbital - nothing charted

Bobby Brown (13 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0212-Jun-897707Don't Be CruelAMR only
0625-Mar-905706Rock Wit'cha
1021-Feb-935412Get Away
1130-May-939501That's the Way Love is
1203-Apr-94823aSomething in Common (with Whitney)

Dino (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0123-July-078102Impacto (Daddy Yankee feat...)

Avril Lavigne - nothing in the lower 50

AC/DC (31 total {1974 to 2001, info from 1990}
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
2527-Oct-91764aRock Your Heart Out
2903-Mar-969201Hail Caeser

Deee-Lite - both entries hit T50

EMF (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0209-Jun-915410I Believe

The Orb, Love In Effect - nothing charted

Push Push (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0225-Aug-916206Song 27

Joey B. Ellis (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0110-Feb-919103Go for it! (Heart and Fire)

3rd Bass - nothing charted

Queensrÿche (1 only on AMR)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0129-July-917409Silent Lucidity
Did INXS "Don't Lose Your Head" chart at #94 in 1997 or is that incorrect information.
How about "I Get Up" reaching #72 in 2003

Did any other INXS singles reach chart positions 51-100 post 1989
Did TLC have any singles which didn't make the top 50? Thanks!
did Cyndi Lauper chart with anything after 1989 below the top 50?
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0320-Dec-927909What About Your Friends
0511-Jun-955310Red Light Special

Cyndi Lauper
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1316-Oct-946207Hey Now (Girls Just Want to Have Fun)
1429-Sep-088201Into the Nightlife
DL29-Sep-084701Time After Time (Digital Sales only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
3507-Dec-979401Don't Lose Your Head
4017-Nov-037202I Get Up
Did Stevie Nicks have any post-1989 below top 50 positions? Thanks!
none Sa77
Paul Young
The Baseballs
A Lighter Shade Of Brown
The Lightning Seeds
Dana International
Kurt Nilsen
Sick Puppies
Olsen Brothers
ZZ Top
Aretha & Elton (Song: Through The Storm)
Did Enya have any below top 50 positions? Thanks!
Paul Young, The Baseballs - NONE

A Lighter Shade Of Brown (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0111-July-93904aSpill the Rhyme

The Lightning Seeds (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0224-May-929801The Life of Riley

Dana International (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Kurt Nilsen (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0115-Mar-046005She's So High

Sick Puppies (1 T100 entry, 2nd charting now)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
DL23-Oct-064701All the Same (DL sales only)
0101-Jan-076515Sick Puppies (EP)

Olsen Brothers - nothing

ZZ Top - no lower T100 entries

Aretha & Elton (Song: Through The Storm)
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-May-896307Through the Storm
Enya (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0217-Nov-917410Caribbean Blue
0406-Sep-9210002I Want Tomorrow
5.208-Jan-959401Silent Night (R)
0626-Feb-959701The Celts
5.322-Dec-969703Silent Night (R)
0821-Dec-979401Only if...
0924-Dec-016906Only Time
Johnny Diesel please
Thanks for the infos.

Could I have:
Vanilla Ice
Color Me Badd
Pearl Jam
Ice MC
Diesel (19 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1023-Aug-925910One More Time
1422-May-945707Still Got a Long Way to Go (with Jimmy Barnes)
1718-Jun-957505Get it On

Lordi - nothing charted

Vanilla Ice (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0318-Aug-915307Rollin' in My 5.0

X-Perience - nothing charted

Color Me Badd (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0424-Jan-939101Forever Love

Pearl Jam (21 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
3R12-Mar-958003Jeremy (R)
1828-Aug-006403Light Years

Ice MC - nothing charted
Thanx again.

Ricky Martin
Will Young
Sarah Brightman
Andrea Bocelli
Bruce Springsteen
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Kaoma - only had Lambada in 1990

Sweetbox - no charting singles

Ricky Martin (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0703-Apr-00598aPrivate Emotion

Will Young (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0115-Mar-046303Leave Right Now
0224-May-048101Your Game

Ginuwine (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0220-July-9710001Tell me Do U Wanna

Sarah Brightman - only 1, the No.1 "Amigos Para Siempre"

Andrea Bocelli (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0104-Aug-088301Time to Say Goodbye

Bruce Springsteen (21 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1814-June-927503Better Days
2007-May-959202Secret Garden (re-entered in 1997, #9)
2131-Mar-035103Waitin' on a Sunny Day
Leila K.
Paul Potts
Sophie B. Hawkins
Andrea Bocelli's "Time to Say Goodbye" (04-Aug-08*HP-83*WI-01),
was that the duet english/italian-language version with Sarah Brightman or Bocelli's solo version. If it was the solo version shouldn't it be titled "Con te partirò" (or alt. "Con Te Partiro (Time To Say Goodbye)" as the italian version sometimes is titled) in that case because i've never heard of a solo english language version by Bocelli of that song? Only Brightman recorded a solo english language version of that song.
The duet version of Andrea & Sarah's "Time to Say Goodbye" charted only AMR charts...

Entry DateHPWITitle
21-July-977006Time to Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)

the other version I listed only charted on the ARIA Charts in 2008 as "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli.
And Londonbeat?
Can I please get the below top 50 peaks for:

Blink-182 and
Liberty X?

Midnight Oil and INXS please
Did the song "Perfect Day" (1997/98) by Various Artists charted in Australia? The version of the song charted #25 in NZ.
Leila K. (2 with Rob N Raz)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0115-Apr-905720Got to Get
0224-Jun-90795aRok the Nation

Metallica (28 entries)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0531-May-929501Live at Wembley (EP)
1702-Aug-998204Die, Die My Darling
2726-Jan-099002All Nightmare Long
2825-May-097502Broken, Beaten and Scarred

Nana, Paul Potts - nothing charted for either act

Sophie B. Hawkins (all 3 songs hit the Top 50)

Londonbeat (all 3 entries hit the Top 50)
Blink-182 (15 entries)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0126-May-969002Wasting Time
0227-Apr-979001Apple Shampoo
0726-Jun-007212Adam's Song
1111-Feb-026608Stay Together for the Kids

Liberty X (7 entries)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0104-Feb-028103Thinking it Over (as Liberty)
0302-Dec-027508Got to Have Your Love
0631-Oct-057603Song 4 Lovers (feat Rev Run)
0727-Feb-059401A Night to Remember
INXS (42 entries)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
3507-Dec-979401Don't Lose Your Head
4017-Nov-037202I Get Up

Midnight Oil (26 entries)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1514-Apr-915109One Country
1827-Jun-935208My Country
1912-Sep-935707Outbreak of Love
2224-Nov-968807Surf's Up Tonight
2305-Oct-978001White Skin Black Heart
2626-May-037901No Man's Land
Spatz asked: Did the song "Perfect Day" (1997/98) by Various Artists charted in Australia? The version of the song charted #25 in NZ.

Answer: NO
Thanks for the infos.
Can I have too:

Dawn Penn
The B.C. 52's
Sinéad O'Connor
Delta Goodrem
Bell Book & Candle
The Mutton Birds
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Hi and thx in advance. I'm after 50+ singles for Jebediah.
Dawn Penn (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0112-Jun-947409You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)

The B.C. 52's (10 total for B 52's)

0829-Apr-907303Deadbeat Club
0905-July-925609Good Stuff
1003-July-945406(Meet) The Flintstones (as BC 52's)

Zoë (1 only AMR only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0116-Sep-919301Sunshine on a Rainy Day (AMR only)

Sinéad O'Connor (9 in total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0421-July-919702My Special Child
0709-Oct-945707Fire on Babylon
0812-Jun-009801No Man's Woman
8R07-Aug-008702No Man's Woman (R)

Delta Goodrem (16 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0119-Nov-016410I Don't Care

Bell Book & Candle - nothing charted

The Mutton Birds 1 T50 single only charted
Jebediah (14 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0118-Aug-966103Twitch (EP)
0212-Jan-976217Jerks of Attention
0423-Nov-976510Military Strongman
0829-Nov-997308Feet Touch the Ground
0920-Mar-005308Please Leave
1404-July-058602Anniversary (EP)
All Saints
Shania Twain
All Saints (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0119-Oct-976709I Know Wher it's At
0401-Feb-99597aBootie Call
0722-Jan-079801Rock Steady

Shania Twain (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0206-Apr-97679aYou Win My Love

Nodesha - only 1 charting single, and that went to No.45 in 2003

Abs (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0328-July-035604Stop Sign

Khia - only 1 charting single, "My Neck, My Back (Lick it) #12 in 2002
WHAT. All Hooked Up never charted at all?. WOW. I've seen the single in 2nd hand shops, but just assumed it charted lower 50.

And I Know Where It's At has it stated it charted at #12 in this sites page for the song, was that a re-release or something?
Billbeast, I Know Where it's at was the first single before "Never Ever", and when that went to No.1, they re-issued the first single, and yes it went to No.12, but initially that's how it charted.
Oh, thats interesting. I did always noticed how it was released as the first UK single, and 2nd here.

Damn, I wish music was still like the days of late 90's early 2000's. It was so much better IMO.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after singles and EPs by Gyroscope.
Thought I'd give it a shot. Does anyone have the printed charts via subscription or internet download of the ARIA charts after they stopped printing them in the stores in 1998?

I'm interested in the accreditation updates of the singles from June 1998 until the end of 2000.

ARIA have notified me that those records are hidden away and would be a "nightmare" to retrieve and re-print.

Any help would be most appreciated.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after singles and EPs by The Panics
Gyroscope (7 singles in total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0129-Mar-046502Safe Forever

Panics: (1 only, twice)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0104-Feb-084315Don't Fight it
1R27-Oct-089701Don't Fight it (R)

Hi & thx in advance. I'm after singles and EPs by Sia (aka Sia Furler) and by Zero 7.
Hey, did Adele have any charting singles before "Rolling in the Deep" (i.e. did "Chasing Pavements" chart... at all?)? Thanks!
Nelly Furtado
Arctic Monkeys
Atomic Kitten
James Morrison
Beats International
Bic Runga
Strickyy, unfortunately nothing of Adele's has charted before this year on the ARIA T100, which is a shame, 'cos I was in love with her "19" album two years ago when it first came out.
Sia (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0111-Mar-0210001Taken for Granted
0304-May-098902Soon We'll Be Found
0715-Nov-109901Bring Night

no singles have charted for Zero 7 so far
Nelly Furtado (16 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0310-Dec-015310Shit on the Radio
1119-Nov-075306Do it
1226-May-086602In God's Hands (feat Keith Urban)
1304-May-098001Broken Strings (James Morrison feat)
1631-May-10523aHit N' Fun (N*E*R*D feat)

Chyp-Notice - nothing charted

Arctic Monkeys (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0430-Oct-068101Leave Before the Lights Come on

Shampoo (2 songs)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0212-Feb-959701Viva la Megababe

Atomic Kitten (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0114-Feb-007206Right Now

James Morrison (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0220-Apr-0910001You Make it Real
0304-May-098001Broken Strings (feat Nelly Furtado)

Beats International (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0202-Sep-907006Won't Talk About it

Bic Runga (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0222-July-029201Get Some Sleep

Titiyo (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0122-Sep-91962aMy Body Says Yes (feat Papa Dee)

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Did David Crosby, Ronan Keating, Céline Dion, 50 Cent, Rebel MC, Avalanche City, Mattafix and Sarah Connor charted?
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Hello again! It's another 51-100 albums question: Did Sixpence None the Richer chart with their debut album or any other albums? Thanks!
And again! Did NSYNC's first album (self-titled) chart? Thanks!
And one more time: Can I get the Backstreet Boys' 51-100 chart positions, as well as Garbage's? Thank you very much!
David Crosby - nothing charted

Ronan Keating (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
1022-Nov-106602Believe Again (with Paulini)

Céline Dion (24 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0110-Mar-916216Where Does My Heart Beat Now
0309-Aug-925212If You Asked Me to
0425-Oct-925413Love Can Move Mountains
0505-Sep-939305When I Fall in Love (with Clive Griffin)
1029-Oct-956107Next Plane Out
2328-July-03753aOne Heart
2412-Nov-076007Taking Chances

50 Cent (16 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
1328-Apr-089901Still Will
1401-Dec-087309Get Up

Rebel MC (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0118-Feb-908504Street Tuff

Avalanche City - nothing charted

Mattafix - 1 single only, Top 20

Sarah Connor (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0204-oct-047701He's Unbelievable

Lower 50 Albums:

Sixpence None the Richer (1 LP only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0105-July-997905Sixpence None the Richer

N'Sync (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0108-Feb-995818N Sync


Lower 50 Singles:

Backstreet Boys (20 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0107-Apr-968906We've Got it Goin' On
R108-Dec-967408We've Got it Goin' On (R)
2014-Sep-095402Straight Through My Heart

Garbage (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0416-Jun-96809aOnly Happy When it Rains
0702-Aug-985705I Think I'm Paranoid
1309-Sep-027403Shut Your Mouth
The Cranberries
Double Trouble
Fools Garden
Mary J Blige
Sheryl Crow
George Harrison
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Hello again! Just wondering, did "Jonas L.A." chart below the top 50 in Australia at all last year? Thanks!
Leah Haywood - Summer of Love
Any Shania Twain or the Corrs below top 50?
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after albums and singles for The Cat Empire.
The Cranberries (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0231-Oct-938302Dreams (later re-entered)
0603-Sep-956007Ridiculous Thoughts

Double Trouble (see the previous post for Rebel MC)

Fools Garden - only charted with "Lemon Tree".

In-Grid (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0228-July-036304In-Tango (We Tango Alone)

Mary J Blige (8 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0126-Mar-95765aBe Happy
0317-Apr-005810Give Me You
0625-Mar-026605Dance for Me (feat Common)
8R26-Feb-079601Be Without You (R)

Sheryl Crow (11 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0523-Mar-97679aEveryday is a Winding Road
0624-Aug-97747aA Change Would Do You Good
0712-Jan-986506Tomorrow Never Dies
0808-Nov-98876aMy Favourite Mistake
0927-Sep-996004Sweet Child O' Mine
1001-Apr-028801Soak Up the Sun

George Harrison (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
1518-Feb-026203My Sweet Lord (2000)
Strickyy, the answer to your above question is NO.
Leah Haywood (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0414-Jan-028701Summer of Love

Shania Twain (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0206-Apr-97679aYou Win My Love

The Corrs (16 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0813-Sep-988601What Can I Do
0915-Feb-996115So Young
1212-Mar-016808Give Me a Reason
1614-Mar-058601Long Night
The Cat Empire (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0510-Oct-057702Two Shoes

none of their albums charted in the lower 50 only
Thank you, bulion.

Can I have:

Sixpence None The Richer
2 Unlimited
Julian Lennon
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Oh bulion, it's okay if you don't like the Jonas Brothers, neither do I really. I just like to fill incomplete info in on Wikipedia

Also, did UB40 chart with any below-top 50 songs after 1989? Thanks!
Hi & thx in advance.
I'm after Little Birdy and The Temper Trap singles.
Sixpence None The Richer - their two charting singles hit the T50

Troop - nothing charted

2 Unlimited (13 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1123-Oct-947007No One
1216-Apr-958005Here I Go
1310-Dec-958704Do What's Good for Me

Julian Lennon (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0918-Oct-98644aI Don't Wanna Know

Rooney - nothing has charted
UB40: (19 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1211-Feb-905212Homely Girl
1523-Dec-907812The Way You Do the Things You Do
1529-Mar-926305The Way You Do the Things You Do (R)
1922-May-945905C'est la Vie
Little Birdy (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0406-Dec-047611Tonight's the Night

Temper Trap (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
1R01-Feb-108202Fader (R)

Fader re-entered again in October 2010 and finally climbed to No.47 in late November
alex lloyd
kasey chambers
sarah blasko
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Hi & thx in advance.
I'm after singles and albums by Mortification.

Could you check intor Inna, Mya, Medina, Edward Maya, Annie, Robyn, Tracey Thorn and Natalie Imbriglia for me?

Much appreciated. I'm hoping at least 2 have had hits 51-100 :-)
Alex Lloyd (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0109-Aug-98862aBlack the Sun
0207-Jun-999101Lucky Star
1217-Apr-065310Brand New Day

Kasey Chambers (14 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0103-May-997101Cry Like a Baby
0213-Mar-006805The Captain
0320-Aug-018601Runaway Train
1301-Dec-08553aRattlin' Bones
1404-Oct-10822aLittle Bird

Sarah Blasko (2 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0108-Jun-096403All I Want
1R07-Dec-098101All I Want (R)

Jet (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0726-Mar-075407Shine On
0826-July-085603The Wild One (with Iggy Pop)

Wolfmother (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0608-Jun-0910001Back Round
Chris De Burgh
Mr. Oizo
Vitamin C
Joan Osborne
Ann Lee
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Chris de Burgh - nothing past 1988
Khaled, Outlandish, K-ci only ever charted with Jojo. Ann Lee and Liquido only had the one Top 50 entries, whilst Vitamin C and Joan Osbourne each had two T50 hits.

Mr. Oizo (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0107-Jun-998404Flat Beat

Thank you for the informations.

Could I have:
Gary Barlow
Tony Rich Project
Gina G
No Mercy
KT Tunstall
And Ozzy Osbourne?
Gary Barlow (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0413-Sep-106201Shame (with Robbie Williams)

Kavana (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0111-Aug-967905Crazy Chance
0327-Sep-988301Special Kind of Something
0410-May-99658aWill You Wait for Me
0517-May-999101Funky Love

Tony Rich Project (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0211-Aug-967106Like a Woman

Shaggy (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0414-Apr-969303Why You Treat Me So Bad
0606-Sep-98629aI Got U Babe (with Merril Bainbridge)
1104-Feb-025405Dance and Shout

Gina G - all 3 Top 40 entries

Suggs - nothing charted

No Mercy - all 4 hit the Top 50

KT Tunstall - only 1 single

RTZ - nothing charted

Ozzy Osbourne - has never had a single chart in Australia.
Michael Jackson
Black eyed peas
Justin Timberlake
Uncle Kracker
'N Sync
Tom Jones
Nick Carter
Aaron Carter
Donna Lewis
Hi & thx in advance.

I'm after singles by Spiderbait.
Hello! Can I please get the below 50 peaks for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (unless it's been done elsewhere)?

And Status Quo, please.
I just remembered! Can I also get those of Salt-n-Pepa's (And if it's not too much trouble, their album peaks, whether before or after 1989, or below top 50) and Pebbles? Thank you!
Black Eyed Peas (19 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles

Madonna (66 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
2125-Dec-895906Of Father
2218-Mar-905106Dear Jessie
3419-Dec-939203Prayers Remixed

Michael Jackson (55 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
3529-Nov-926008Heal the World (would later re-enter)
3725-July-935812Will You Be There
3819-Dec-937607Gone Too Soon
5003-Mar-086002The Girl is Mine 2008 (feat Will.I.Am)
Justin Timberlake (18 by EOY 2010)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1729-Jun-096101Dick in a Box (Lonely Island feat)
1824-May-105805Carry Out (Timbaland feat)

Uncle Kracker (4 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0302-Sep-028805In a Little While

'N Sync (11 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0816-July-01519aI Believe in You (Joe feat...)

Tom Jones (39 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
3827-Jan-035805Pussycat (Wyclef Jean feat...)

Nick Carter - only 1 Top 30 single

Aaron Carter (6 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0308-Nov-98666aShake it
0522-Jan-017306Aaron's Party (Come Get it)
0624-Sep-018005Not too Young, Not too Old

Donna Lewis (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0229-Jun-986411At the Beginning (Richard Marx &...)
0315-Nov-98763aI Could Be the One
Spiderbait (15 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0214-Jan-968306I Gotta Know / Alex the Seal
0321-Apr-967205Sam Gribbles
0526-Jan-977804Hot Water and Milk
0721-Sep-979802Joyce's Hut
1227-Aug-019103Four on the Floor
1312-Nov-018901Outta My Head

Red Hot Chili Peppers (25 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1107-July-968801Shallow Be Thy Game
1718-Dec-005611Road Trippin'
2114-July-038002Universally Speaking

Status Quo (17 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1714-Jan-917405The Anniversary WaltzAMR only
Ss112, Slat-N-Pepa has been put in the Pre-1989 thread.
Bulion, you forgot Pebbles! (Unless she has no other charting singles apart from "Giving You the Benefit" ) Thanks for those!
Jane Child
Edward Maya
Tracey Thorn
Natalie Imbriglia

Thank you, bulion.
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Can I also get those of Bloodhound Gang? Thanks!
Just one more for now, can I get R.E.M's? Thank you once again!
Elvis presley
Pebbles (2 titles)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle 
0116-May-888602GirlfriendAMR info only

Last edited:
Jane Child (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0103-Jun-909701Don't Wanna Fall in Love

Inna - nothing charted

Foreigner - nothing after 1988

Medina, Edward Maya - nothing charted

Annie - only Chewing Gum #46 in 2006

Robyn (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0324-Sep-076702Konichiwa Bitches / Cobra Style
0404-Feb-086905With Every Heartbeat
0525-Feb-086302Sensual Seduction (Snoop Dogg feat...)

Tracey Thorn (1 only)
NoEntry DateHPWITitle
0112-Feb-95914aProtection (Massive Attack feat...)

Natalie Imbriglia (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0709-Sep-027801Beauty on the Fire
0929-Aug-055204Counting Down the Days

Hanson (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0804-Oct-04656aPenny and Me
0928-Feb-057302Lost Without Each Other
Bloodhound Gang (7 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0215-Jun-976409Why's Everybody Always Pickin' on Me?
0403-Apr-006809The Ballad of Chasey Lain
0523-Oct-007007Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope
R.E.M. (22 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles 
0102-Nov-878406The One I LoveAMR info only
0522-Sep-916506Near Wild Heaven 
0804-Apr-939902The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight 
1329-Jan-955506Crush with Eyeliner 
1428-May-9510001Strange Currencies 
1622-Dec-969003Bittersweet Me 
2211-Oct-045707Leaving New York 
Elvis Presley (120 charting singles since 1956, 6 during the ARIA period)
No.Entry DateHPWITitles
11512-Nov-019101America the Beautiful
Rage Against The Machine
Richard Marx
Marc Anthony
Meat Loaf
Susanna Hoffs
Bob Marley (for example: Iron Zion Lion)
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And how did Lita Ford charted?
Moby (9 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0121-Dec-97655aJames Bond Theme
0231-May-999302Run On
0520-Nov-005613Honey (feat Kelis) / Porcelain
0718-Nov-028801In This World
0808-Sep-036203Jam for the Ladies (feat Princess Superstar)
0913-Jun-055205Raining Again

Eminem (27 by the end of 2010)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0507-May-01775aShit on You (D-12 feat...)
2018-May-097602Old Times Sake (Dr Dre feat...)
2208-Feb-10567aDrop the World (Lil' Wayne feat...)
2315-Feb-109901Forever (Drake feat Kanye, Lil Wayne &...)

Rihanna (26 by the end of 2010)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1707-Dec-098201Wait Your Turn
2629-Nov-108701S&M (in 2011 went to No.1)

Beyonce (21 by the end of 2010)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
1007-May-079801Hollywood (Jay-Z feat...)
1930-Nov-096607Video Phone
2114-Jun-017302Why Don't You Love Me

Jay-Z (19 by the end of 2010)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0418-Mar-026306Girls Girls Girls
0524-Jun-028402Honey (R. Kelly feat...)
1411-Dec-067906Show Me What You Got
1507-May-079801Hollywood (feat Beyonce)

Rage Against The Machine (5 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0208-Aug-935313Bullet in the Head
0429-Nov-995710Guerrila Radio
0517-Apr-009404Sleep Now in the Fire

Interactive (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0203-Dec-959206Living Without Your Love

Richard Marx (12 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0611-Feb-909901Too Late to Say Goodbye
1008-Nov-925909Chains Around My Heart
1229-Jun-986411At the Beginning (with Donna Lewis)

Marc Anthony (3 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0208-May-00715aYou Sang to Me

Meat Loaf (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
2R10-Mar-917904Bat Out of Hell (R)
0912-Jun-945206Objects in the Read View Mirror May Appear Closer than they are

Susanna Hoffs (2 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0124-Feb-915414My Side of the Bed
0202-Jun-9110001Unconditional Love

Truebliss - nothing charted

Mya - all five were Top 30 or higher

Nightwish - only 1 album in 2007 hit the Top 50, nothing else

Bob Marley (10 total)
NoEntry DateHPWITitles
0711-Oct-927109Iron Lion Zion
0922-Nov-996916Turn Your Lights Down Low (Lauryn Hill &..)
1021-Feb-006205Rainbow Country (Funkstar De Luxe vs...)

Lita Ford - only and album, "Stiletto" hit No.77 in Aug 1990.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after 50+ singles and albums by Silverchair.
Do we do albums here as well?

Looking for the ARIA Albums chart #51-#100 for the week dated 23rd July, 2001. It's missing from Pandora, so would love to fill in a few gaps.

Thanks in advance.
sent you the requested chart via email Chri8
Thanks bulion.
Hi, could i get roxette's charting singles? Thanks
Could I please get:

Mental As Anything
Le Click
Scatman John
Could I get:

Edwyn Collins
Los Del Rio
Try 'N' B
Arc Angels
Alanis Morissette
Meredith Brooks
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after singles, eps & albums by The Presets.
The Living End and Eskimo Joe, please bulion
sorry for not posting here for awhile, but I am under contract with ARIA now and I can no longer post this information here. But you guys can all purchase a copy of my new book, which will have all of the above requests and more for you.

Send me an email at bulion@iinet.net.au and I will send you an application form. CD-roms are $30, USB's are $40 and paper editions are $60, and the book is as fat as major city A-L white pages, so there's plenty of info in the book.

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