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Isn't it a pity that most of the old AUSTRALIAN music, which is considered among our best, isn't popular anymore???

I'm going to write a list of 100 AUSTRALIAN MUSIC legends, their chart histories, and songs I'd recommend for downloading.

The only real criterion that I have is that they must have released two top 40 songs BEFORE 1995 (preferably in Australia).

The first five on Tuesday. See you then
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The following artists will be in alphabetical order. I think you’ll find that list favours the 70s and the 80s, and is incredibly diverse, so it should have something for everyone. Logic dictates that I have ACDC first, but I don’t really need to, when you consider how many other artists there are that meet my criteria; and they’re not for the fainthearted anyway. And so our first Australian music legend is…


Although they are really Americanised, Air Supply remain one of the true legends of soft rock/harmony music and will be especially loved by the oldies. Forming in Melbourne in 1975 as a vocal harmony group, Russell Hitchcock, Graeme Russell and Chrissie Hammond were its original members. Chrissie soon left to form Cheetah and Jeremy Paul was her replacement on bass guitar and vocals. Their first single “Love and Other Bruises” reached the top 6 in October 1976 and was their biggest hit here, but they didn’t really get off the ground until they brought out “Lost in Love”, which was huge in America! They reached the US Top 10 eight times in the early 1980’s, even topping the charts with “The One that You Love” in 1981!
 They took a break in 1987 (with ten albums under their belt), but they didn’t completely stop recording as they’ve had another eight albums since! Best of all, they’re still performing today, having released an album, MUMBO JUMBO, just last year, and they still have most of their original fan base (although mostly in America now).



04-Oct-78*HP-06*WI-28 - Love and Other Bruises
07-Feb-77*HP-43*WI-15 - Empty Pages
27-Jun-77*HP-45*WI-13 - Do What You Do
21-May-79*HP-13*WI-18 - Lost in Love
21-July-80*HP-09*WI-23 - All Out of Love
15-Dec-80*HP-09*WI-21 - Every Woman in the World
22-Jun-81*HP-10*WI-19 - The One That You Love
02-Nov-81*HP-43*WI-20 - Here I Am
21-Jun-82*HP-35*WI-15 - Even the Nights are Better
24-Jan-83*HP-46*WI-13 - Two Less Lonely People in the World
05-Sep-83*HP-45*WI-16 - Making Love Out of Nothing at All
04-Nov-85*HP-79*WI-06 - Just As I Am

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: Lost in Love, All out of love, Here I am, Two Less Lonely people in the world, Making Love Out of Nothing at All

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4KQ’s Brent James writes: “Recording for indie label Powderworks (whose most notable act included Midnight Oil), Sydney band The Allniters made a significant impression during 1983 with their up-vibey, ska take on Bobby Bloom’s “Montego Bay”, all on the back of their first single for the label just making the national Top 40. “Love And Affection” was a little more laid-back in style and was also lifted from their only chart album “D-D-D Dance”, which actually fared quite well - peaking at #18 nationally on the album charts.”

Entry Date HP WI Titles
18-Apr-83 40 13 Hold On
26-Sep-83 19 19 Montego Bay
19-Dec-83 45 13 Love and Affection
10-Sep-84 84 06 Screaming Dreaming
10-Aug-87 76 06 All That Easy

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: Hold On, Montego Bay, all That easy
1998 - ARIA Hall of Fame inductee

 In my opinion, the Angels are one of the most distinctively Australian bands ever (in musical terms – sound, etc) and with the chart success they’ve had, is it any wonder that they are still respected and admired? They’ve recorded some of the most iconic rock songs we’ve ever had, namely “Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again?”, “Take a Long Line”, “No Secrets” and “We’ve Got to Get out of this Place”(to use proper English) and they still perform them when they get a chance.
 The Angels were originally the Moonshine Jug & String band, a jug band playing in Adelaide in the early 1970’s. It wasn’t until Countdown (I think) and the pub rock craze started when they employed their current lead singer, Irish-born Doc Neeson and shortened their name. They nearly blew up the pubs with their loud, repetitive bass/electric guitar riffs and drum beats, and became so popular that they rivalled ACDC for a short time. But in personality terms, the Angels made ACDC look like…well, an early Metallica, really. Like murderers, maybe?
 The pub scene was only the practice run for the Angels, however, as they sailed through the 80s playing in arenas! Many American rockers have become massive fans of them including Guns 'N Roses, Meat Loaf, Kurt Cobain, Cheap Trick and Pearl Jam, and they still do the occasional concert, not only here, but in Britain and America, where they are known as Angel City (and have a cult following). But the most startling thing about this band, as someone wrote on Amazon.com (quoted on the Angel’s official website), is that they “never clicked” in the world’s toughest music market.
 I’m more worried myself about how well they have done as a band here, pitched up against our other great bands. In a recent list of the top 1000 artists of 1980 to 2009, the Angels made the top 200, but their 1979 data has pushed them up, somewhat. How would they do if their 1976-78 data was added? I’m tipping around the #120 mark.


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.theangels.com.au

Complete singles data below

No Secrets' chart run:

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: You're a Lady Now, No Secrets (their best song in my eyes), Marseilles, Living on the Outside, Stand Up, Look the Other Way, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, Let the Night Roll On, Dogs Are Talking (#11), Back Street Pickup, My Light Will Shine

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Grew up in the 90's on the Angels back cataloug so they are a really cool group to me.
Not fussed on the other two but Air Supply were huge in the states.
The Angels:
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-May-767907Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
19-July-765804Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (R)
13-Sep-767408Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (R)
08-Aug-779005You're a Lady
08-May-788005Coming Down
17-July-782926Take a Long Line
27-Nov-785221After the Rain (Tour EP)
11-Jun-792514Shadow Boxer
22-Oct-792919Out of the Blue
05-May-800817No Secrets
18-Aug-807205Poor Baby
20-Oct-806707Face the Day
02-Mar-811413Into the Heat
02-Nov-811715Never So Live (EP)
08-Feb-828407Night Attack
22-Nov-822113Stand Up
28-Mar-832215Eat City
20-Jun-834308Live Lady Live
22-Oct-844408Between the Eyes
11-Feb-855506Look the Other Way
15-Apr-857204Sticky Little Bitch
14-July-862712Nature of the Beast
03-Nov-864015Don't Waste My Time
19-Jan-870723We Gotta Get Out of This Place
13-Apr-876308Can't Take Anymore
08-Feb-881116Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again (Live)
05-Dec-883415Finger on the TriggerAMR #35
21-Jan-901714Let the Night Roll OnAMR #22
13-May-901123Dogs are TalkingAMR #8
29-July-902317Back Street Pick UpAMR #24
28-Oct-907707Rhythm Rude GirlAMR #66
10-Mar-915409Bleeding with the TimesAMR #55
27-Oct-915311Some of That LoveAMR #47
19-Jan-924308Once Bitten Twice ShyAMR #41
26-July-923312Tear Me ApartAMR #35
30-Oct-947506(Don't Need) Mercy
26-Feb-957703Turn it On
26-Oct-977802Caught in the Night
Johnny Ashcroft

Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Jan-596206They're a Weird Mob
26-Mar-600328Little Boy Lost
23-July-605504Big River / The Flying Red Horse
22-Dec-623114The Girl Behind the Bar
28-May-731919Playground in My Mind
07-July-755307Holy Joe the Salvo
I've noticed some Angels singles have been reviewed recently. DOGS ARE TALKING = 2 reviews gave it 4 stars!!!


We’ve had some pub rock, now for a little country/folk to get you going. Hands up who thought (classic) Australian country music was all Slim Dusty and John Williamson? Wow that’s a lot of hands! I suppose you’ve never heard of Johnny Ashcroft then, have you?

A true legend of Australian country music, Johnny descends from a First Fleeter and later on from a convict. He grew up living in a bag shack with a dirt floor, which may have led him to be interested in indigenous cultures, particularly Aboriginal culture. Ashcroft released his first record (78rpm) at age 19 back in 1946, which only featured one song! He didn’t really get off the ground, however, until 1954, when he “…laid down his first commercial recordings – six sides (three 78rpms) for Rodeo Records. These were recorded live. His mid-1950s Phillips ‘microgroove’ vinyl album, Songs of the Western Trail, also recorded live with the Gaby Rogers orchestra, was Australia’s first vinyl country & western (C&W) ‘Long Play’ (LP) record. Four years later the next Australian C&W vinyl LP made its appearance. Songs of the Western Trail is ensconced in Australia’s recording history. And Australia’s very first trucking song, Highway 31, written by Ashcroft, enhanced its uniqueness. Eight sides (four 78rpms) were eventually released from this album.

“Ashcroft was the first C&W artist to appear on Australian TV. In 1956, when the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Commission) began transmitting from its tiny Arcon Studio at Gore Hill, Sydney, he wrote and sang the show’s (or the station?) opening theme and performed in the show.”

There is a really interesting (but really messy) article on Wikipedia which says he went on to be a big star in the 1960s and 70s. His best-known achievement is probably the famous hit Little Boy Lost, “…written by Ashcroft[. It] tells the story of Steven Walls who became lost from his parent’s property at Tubbamurra near Guyra, NSW. Five thousand people [and] seven aircraft, together with Aboriginal tracker William Stanley, searched the rugged bush country, which was rife with dingos and deadly snakes. He was found alive and well four days later. The search for the Little Boy Lost continues to be Australia's biggest.”

That song is in fact so popular that a 50th anniversary the search for Steven Wells was commemorated last year – which would fall “on the same days as those in 1960, i.e. Friday, 5 February (when Steven was lost) to Monday, 8 February (when he was found alive and well).”

Lastly, Ashcroft recently celebrated his 83rd birthday on 1 February 2011.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.johnnyashcroft.com.au/

Entry Date HP WI Titles
10-Jan-59 62 06 They're a Weird Mob
26-Mar-60 03 28 Little Boy Lost
23-July-60 55 04 Big River / The Flying Red Horse
22-Dec-62 31 14 The Girl Behind the Bar
28-May-73 19 19 Playground in My Mind
07-July-75 53 07 Holy Joe the Salvo

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES (if you can): Little Boy Lost, Big River, Playground in My Mind, Holy Joe the Salvo

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Not to fussed on the last two either

As Johnny Ashcroft is best-known for Little Boy Lost, so Doug Ashdown is best-known for the reminiscent Winter in America, originally titled “Leave Love Enough Alone”. It would reach #14 in Melbourne and #30 in Sydney through late 1976 and early 1977.

But he achieved much more. His fourth album, released in 1969, “earned him a place in the history books as the first double album of original material ever released in Australia, almost two years before Spectrum's Milesago.”

Highly recommended: http://www.milesago.com/Artists/ashdown.htm
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.dougashdown.com/

Entry Date HP WI Titles
19-Apr-69 89 04 A Whole Lot of Shakin' Goin' On
21-Jun-69 34 09 The Day they Freed the Noise
10-Aug-70 46 12 The Saddest Song of All
11-Oct-76 37 28 Winter in America (Leave Love Enough Alone)
12-Oct-81 40 18 And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda
25-Nov-74 38 28 Leave Love Enough Alone LP
03-Oct-77 98 02 Trees LP

The Day they Freed the Noise, The Saddest Song of All, Winter in America (Leave Love Enough Alone)

Well, the next five will be on Saturday. See you then

MILESAGO writes: “Long hailed as Australia's first and greatest surf band, The Atlantics not only spearheaded this musical genre in Australia, but also gained international renown for their superb guitar-based instrumentals. Glenn A. Baker rightly calls them "one of the most extraordinarily talented rock groups Australia has ever produced" and their eclectic output -- most of it written by members of the group -- included powerhouse surf numbers, incendiary garage-punk and even psychedelia.

The Atlantics were (and are) accomplished musicians and composers, one of the most popular live acts of their day and a sought-after backing group for other singers. They were remarkably prolific as recording artists -- during the Sixties they released eighteen Singles under their own name (plus one under a pseudonym), as well as providing backing for vocalists -- including Johnny Rebb and Russ Kruger -- on some twenty other Singles released between 1964 and 1969. Some of these sides some are now almost as sought-after as the group's own recordings."

Highly recommended: http://www.milesago.com/artists/atlantics.htm And http://homepage.mac.com/swclow/SiteHTML/Atlantics.html

The Atlantics official website: http://www.theatlantics.com/

The Atlantics
Entry Date HP WI Titles
16-Mar-63 66 04 Moon Man
27-July-63 01 26 Bombora
23-Nov-63 07 15 The Crusher
28-Mar-64 85 04 War of the Worlds
10-Sep-66 73 04 Why Do You Treat me Like You Do
03-Dec-66 55 08 I Put a Spell on You
21-Oct-67 60 05 Waiting Here for Someone

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: Bombora, The Crusher
1996 - ARIA Hall of Fame inductee

Why don't you hear this group anymore? They are one of the most distinctively Australian rock bands of all time (at least in sound) and they haven't been playing together since 1986!

Forming in St. Kilda, Victoria in 1978, Australian Crawl spent the early 1980s playing in the pubs of Melbourne's outer suburbs. One of their first hits, "The Boys Light Up" is considered by many an Australian classic, but their best known song - and I think their very best - has to be "Reckless" - the bass line! The guitar solo! The catchy chorus! "throw down your guns / don't be so reckless" That song was voted #19 in APRA's 2001 list of the best Australian songs of all time and is one of my favourite Aussie songs ever!

Ed Nimervoll writes: “In 1978 if you’d wanted to invent a truly Australian group, you’d have invented Australian Crawl, five sun bronzed Aussies from middle to upper class backgrounds: possibly the first high profile band to draw their influences almost solely from their Australian predecessors (in Australian Crawl’s case, groups like the Dingoes and Sports). Even the characteristic drawl in singer James Reyne’s vocals seemed to approximate an Australian accent.”

If you would like the full story of the band, then their Wikipedia article is excellent and Ed Nimervoll's Howlspace article is really good too.

Highly recommended: http://www.whiteroom.com.au/howlspace/en/australiancrawl/australiancrawl.htm


And James Reyne, I don't care if only *you* can understand what you're saying. RESURRECT AUSTRALIAN CRAWL LIKE EVERY OTHER 80s BAND IS!!!

10-Sep-79*HP-22*WI-25 - Beautiful People
21-Apr-80*HP-22*WI-18 - The Boys Light Up
07-July-80*HP-12*WI-17 – Downhearted (#25 NZ)
08-Jun-81*HP-11*WI-17 - Things Don't Seem
14-Sep-81*HP-18*WI-18 - Errol / Easy On Your Own
21-Dec-81*HP-58*WI-13 - Oh No Not You Again / Lakeside
05-July-82*HP-17*WI-13 - Shut Down
20-Sep-82*HP-76*WI-06 - Daughters of the Northern Coast
27-Dec-82*HP-88*WI-03 - Runaway Girls
10-Oct-83*HP-01*WI-23 - Semantics (EP) (feat "Reckless") (#8 NZ)
16-Jan-84*HP-81*WI-06 - Louie Louie / Unpublished Critics
01-July-85*HP-44*WI-09 - Two Can Play
09-Sep-85*HP-87*WI-03 - If This is Love
25-Nov-85*HP-69*WI-04 - Trouble Spot Rock

"Reckless" Chart Run:

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: Beautiful People (PLEASE!!!), Errol, Daughters of the Northern Coast, Reckless, Unpublished Critics, Trouble Spot Rock
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MILESAGO writes: “Formed in Melbourne in 1969, Axiom were arguably Australia's first true supergroup. Yet, in spite of a wealth of talent and promise, some notable chart successes and two superb [a]lbums of original material, they failed to achieve lasting popularity, due in part to waning public support in Australia as they vainly tried to crack the fickle English market, and the band fizzled out after less than two years. Nevertheless, Axiom deserve to be recognised as an important musical bridge between Sixties pop and Seventies rock in Australia, as one of the first serious attempts to make Australian rock with international appeal, and as one of the finest bands of their time.”

This Americanised band had two major stars: Brian Cadd (originally in the Groop) and Glenn Shorrock (originally in the Twilights, later part of the monumentally popular Little River band). One for the oldies.

Highly recommended: http://www.milesago.com/Artists/axiom.htm

Chart data:
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Oct-690922Arkansas Grass
09-Mar-700520A Little Ray of Sunshine
21-Dec-700822My Baby's Gone
19-Apr-717109Fool's Gold
06-Sep-719006Father Confessor

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: Arkansas Grass, A Little ray of Sunshine
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Aussie Crawl best so far!
As we move into the B's...

2005 - ARIA Hall of Fame inductee

Is Jimmy Barnes the biggest Australian act of all time? He has had more #1 albums than any other artist in Australian music history, with at least 10 solo albums and at least 3 more as leader of Cold Chisel. He’d easily make it onto any Legends/Icons CD.

In retrospect Scottish-born Barnes (and Shannon Noll to a degree) is a lot like Canadian singer Bryan Adams – he’s rough, he’s tough and he’s mastered nearly the whole spectrum of music from the softest of ballads to nearly the hardest of pub rock songs. I like him best as a pub rock singer back in the mid to late 80s – singing about the Australian way of life with such classics as Working Class Man. Oldies, however, may prefer his gospel/rhythm & blues covers like Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Whatever, he has diverse catalogue of singles and albums, so he should have something for everyone to enjoy. Just let him SING!

Chart data
Entry dateHPWITitleChart
3-Sep-841214No Second PrizeAMR
3-Dec-84863Promise Me You'll CallAMR
9-Sep-85725I'd Die to Be With You TonightAMR
25-Nov-85418Working Class ManAMR
3-Mar-863910Ride the Night AwayAMR
22-Dec-86221Good Times (w/ INXS)AMR
2-Nov-87120Too Much Ain't Enough Love (1 wk)AMR
24-Jan-881216Driving WheelsAMR
4-Apr-882910I'm Still on Your SideAMR
18-Jul-883211Waitin' for the HeartacheAMR
7-Nov-88319When a Man Loves a Woman (Live)AMR
30-Jan-89314Last Frontier (Live)ARIA
29-Jul-904 (4 wks)25Lay Down Your GunsARIA
14-Oct-901217Let's Make it Last All NightARIA
9-Dec-903917Little DarlingARIA
24-Mar-917 (2 wks)25When Your Love is GoneARIA
28-Jul-914810Love is EnoughARIA
6-Oct-91619I GotchaARIA
10-Nov-913 (3 wks)18and JOHN FARNHAM - When Something is Wrong With My BabyARIA
26-Jan-922813Ain't No Mountain High EnoughARIA
24-May-921413and TINA TURNER - (Simply) The Best / River Deep, Mountain HighARIA
24-Jan-93118Sweat it OutARIA
14-Mar-93419Stand UpARIA
16-May-934 (4 wks)20Stone ColdARIA
15-Aug-93439Right By Your Side / Love ThingARIA
21-Nov-936 (4 wks)16with The BADLOVES - The WeightARIA
20-Feb-94843aYou Can't Make Love Without a SoulARIA
22-May-9457 (3 wks)7and DIESEL - Still Got a Long Way to GoARIA
14-May-951711Change of HeartARIA
6-Oct-96616Lover LoverARIA
23-Mar-973310Never Give You Up / Tear My Heart Out / (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & HigherARIA
18-Oct-99705aLove and HateARIA
13-Dec-99638Thankful for the RainARIA
30-Oct-0015 (2 wks)9Chain of FoolsARIA
29-Apr-02801and GARY PINTO - HigherARIA
27-Jun-05149and DALLAS CRANE - Sit on My KneeARIA
28-Nov-0531 (2 wks)15and Mahalia Barnes - Gonna Take Some TimeARIA
23-Jan-06597& TROY CASSAR-DALEY - Bird on a WireARIA
29-May-06503& Tim Rogers - Out of TimeARIA

Currently in iTunes...
240 God Or Money
273, 532 Working Class Man
354 Flame Trees
389 Khe Sanh
640 I'd Die To Be With You Tonight
732 No Second Prize

Ain't No Mountain High Enough
I'd Die to Be With You Tonight
Working Class Man
Driving Wheels
Higher & Higher
Let's Make it Last All Night
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1997 - ARIA Hall of Fame inductee

If Chri8topher ever finishes a list of the top 1000 artists of all time, you can bet everything you have the bee gees will be top ten. If someone did a US equivalent, the Bee Gees would be top ten there too, do doubt. They are huge in America!!!

# = shown as Barry Gibb & The Bee Gees
**= shown as The Bee Gees feat Barry Gibb

18-May-63*HP-98*WI-02 - The Battle of the Blue & The Grey
31-Aug-63*HP-75*WI-04 - Timber!
31-Oct-64*HP-94*WI-02 - Turn Around. Look at Me #
18-Sep-65*HP-47*WI-05 - Wine and Women #
25-Dec-65*HP-85*WI-08 - I Was a Lover, A Leader of Men #
24-Sep-66*HP-05*WI-24 - Spicks & Specks / I Am the World **
04-Feb-67*HP-86*WI-04 - Born a Man
20-May-67*HP-11*WI-11 - New York Mining Disaster, 1941
15-July-67*HP-06*WI-19 - To Love Somebody
07-Oct-67*HP-02*WI-20 - Massachusetts (The Lights Went Out in)
09-Dec-67*HP-06*Wi-14 - World / Sir Geoffrey Save the World
24-Feb-68*HP-13*WI-08 - Words / Sinking Ships
20-Apr-68*HP-20*WI-10 - Jumbo / The Sing Sang His Song
24-Aug-68*HP-03*WI-19 - I've Gotta Get a Message to You
04-Jan-69*HP-01*WI-20 - I Started a Joke (2 weeks at No.1)
08-Mar-69*HP-15*Wi-16 - First of May / Lamplight
14-Jun-69*HP-28*WI-10 - Tomorrow, Tomorrow
06-Sep-69*HP-10*WI-16 - Don't Forget to Remember
06-Apr-70*HP-14*WI-11 - I.O.I.O.
11-Jan-71*HP-09*WI-22 - Lonely Days
12-July-71*HP-03*WI-16 - How Can You Mend a Broken Heart
24-Jan-72*HP-03*WI-18 - My World / On Time
24-July-72*HP-03*WI-19 - Run to Me / Road to Alaska
18-Dec-72*HP-45*WI-11 - Alive
14-May-73*HP-38*WI-15 - Saw a New Morning
26-Nov-73*HP-52*WI-17 - Wouldn't I Be Someone
08-July-74*HP-11*WI-35 - Mr. Natural
04-Aug-75*HP-14*WI-18 - Jive Talkin'
08-Dec-75*HP-67*WI-12 - Nights on Broadway
01-Mar-76*HP-61*WI-12 - Fanny (Be Tender With My Love)
06-Sep-76*HP-20*WI-18 - You Should Be Dancing
25-Apr-77*HP-28*WI-16 - Love So Right / Boogie Child
17-Oct-77*HP-84*WI-04 - Children of the World
05-Dec-77*HP-03*WI-31 - How Deep is Your Love
27-Feb-78*HP-01*WI-24 - Stayin' Alive (7 weeks at No.1)
01-May-78*HP-07*WI-18 - Night Fever
26-Jun-78*HP-31*WI-12 - More Than a Woman
11-Dec-78*HP-05*WI-22 - Too Much Heaven
26-Feb-79*HP-02*WI-16 - Tragedy
28-May-79*HP-77*WI-06 - Love You Inside Out
12-Oct-81*HP-38*WI-11 - He's a Liar
08-Aug-83*HP-73*WI-09- The Woman in You
12-Oct-87*HP-10*WI-20 - You Win Again
25-Jan-88*HP-89*WI-01 - E.S.P.

ARIA chart data:
29-Jun-97*HP-07*WI-26 - Alone
16-Nov-97*HP-99*WI-01 - Still Waters (Run Deep)
22-Jun-98*HP-38*WI-29a CELINE DION with - Immortality
2-Apr-01*HP-76*WI-05 - This is Where I Came in

Websites I found from Google:
www.beegees.com www.beegees.dk www.brothersgibb.org

DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES: I've Gotta Get a Message to You, You Win Again, To Love Somebody


Well, that's the first ten Australian music legends for you. It's quite messy as you can see, but if you'll bear with me long enough, everything will be tidied up and this thread will be much cleaner.

Thanks for reading. see you next week
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Here are their American singles stats:

Year Single Chart Peak
1967 Holiday The Billboard Hot 100 16
1967 Massachusetts The Billboard Hot 100 11
1967 New York Mining Disaster 1941 The Billboard Hot 100 14
1967 To Love Somebody The Billboard Hot 100 17
1968 I've Gotta Get a Message to You The Billboard Hot 100 8
1968 Jumbo The Billboard Hot 100 57
1968 Words The Billboard Hot 100 15
1969 Don't Forget to Remember The Billboard Hot 100 73
1969 First of May The Billboard Hot 100 37
1969 I Started a Joke The Billboard Hot 100 6
1969 Tomorrow, Tomorrow The Billboard Hot 100 54
1970 I.O.I.O. The Billboard Hot 100 94
1970 If I Only Had My Mind on Something Else The Billboard Hot 100 91
1971 Don't Wanna Live Inside Myself The Billboard Hot 100 53
1971 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? The Billboard Hot 100 1
1971 How Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Adult Contemporary 4
1971 Lonely Days The Billboard Hot 100 3
1972 Alive The Billboard Hot 100 34
1972 My World The Billboard Hot 100 16
1972 Run to Me Adult Contemporary 6
1972 Run to Me The Billboard Hot 100 16
1973 Saw a New Morning The Billboard Hot 100 94
1974 Mr. Natural The Billboard Hot 100 93
1975 Jive Talkin' The Billboard Hot 100 1
1975 Jive Talkin' Disco Singles 9
1975 Nights on Broadway The Billboard Hot 100 7
1976 Fanny (Be Tender With My Love) The Billboard Hot 100 12
1976 Love So Right The Billboard Hot 100 3
1976 Love So Right R&B Singles 37
1976 You Should Be Dancing Dance Music/Club Play Singles 1
1976 You Should Be Dancing Disco Singles 1
1976 You Should Be Dancing The Billboard Hot 100 1
1976 You Should Be Dancing R&B Singles 4
1977 Boogie Child The Billboard Hot 100 12
1977 Boogie Child R&B Singles 31
1977 Edge of the Universe The Billboard Hot 100 26
1977 How Deep Is Your Love Adult Contemporary 1
1977 How Deep Is Your Love The Billboard Hot 100 1
1978 Night Fever The Billboard Hot 100 1
1978 Night Fever R&B Singles 8
1978 Stayin' Alive The Billboard Hot 100 1
1978 Stayin' Alive Dance Music/Club Play Singles 3
1978 Stayin' Alive R&B Singles 4
1978 Too Much Heaven Adult Contemporary 4
1979 Love You Inside Out The Billboard Hot 100 1
1979 Love You Inside Out R&B Singles 57
1979 Rest Your Love on Me Country Singles 39
1979 Too Much Heaven The Billboard Hot 100 1
1979 Too Much Heaven R&B Singles 10
1979 Tragedy The Billboard Hot 100 1
1979 Tragedy Dance Music/Club Play Singles 22
1979 Tragedy R&B Singles 44
1981 He's a Liar The Billboard Hot 100 30
1981 Living Eyes The Billboard Hot 100 45
1983 Someone Belonging to Someone Adult Contemporary 22
1983 Someone Belonging to Someone The Billboard Hot 100 49
1983 The Woman in You The Billboard Hot 100 24
1983 The Woman in You Adult Contemporary 31
1983 The Woman in You R&B Singles 77
1987 You Win Again The Billboard Hot 100 75
1989 One Adult Contemporary 1
1989 One The Billboard Hot 100 7
1990 Bodyguard Adult Contemporary 9
1993 Paying the Price of Love The Billboard Hot 100 74
1994 For Whom the Bell Tolls Adult Contemporary 29
1997 Alone Adult Contemporary 8
1997 Alone Canadian Singles Chart 9
1997 Alone The Billboard Hot 100 28
1997 Still Waters Run Deep Adult Contemporary 29
1997 Still Waters Run Deep The Billboard Hot 100 57
2001 This Is Where I Came In Adult Contemporary 23
2007 If I Can't Have You Dance Music/Club Play Singles 47
I didn't realise the BeeGees had anything chart since Alone, let alone (pun, FTW!!!) as recently as 2007.

@Hijinx: The most excited I was about an ARIA top fifty debut ever was???
2001 was the last Bee Gees single to chart here, "This is Where I Came in" hit No.76 in April 2001.
Out of that last lot i really liked Jimmy Barnes the most (even more his Cold Chisel days).
Don't mind some of Australian Crawl's stuff but Reynes vocal at times does get irritating.
And you can't go wrong with the Bee Gees
Sorry for the wait, been busy. I'll try and get them posted this weekend. Thanks for your patience.

11. The Black Sorrows
You’ll really like this group, but I don’t think you’ll like the name very much.

“After Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons folded in 1983 singer/leader Joe Camilleri decided to get back to basics, partly to recover from the trauma of keeping together Jo Jo Zep longer than he maybe should have, partly for sheer survival.

“Originally the Black Sorrows was formed simply as a semi-acoustic band that could play low-key at a friend's cafe on Sunday nights, playing the zydeco Joe was into at the time, as well as the r&b and soul which have always been Joe's staple diet.”

But in 1988, they got off the ground. Employing Tongan sisters Vika and Linda Bull, Joe Camileri was so convinced that this would be the last Black Sorrows album (it was in fact their fifth) that he decided to make it a double album, a rarity. The resulting album was Hold On To Me, which “stayed in the chart for a year and spawned three hit singles, 'Hold On To Me', 'Chained To The Wheel' and 'The Crack-Up'. A trimmed down version sold respectably throughout Europe and the US. In the space of eighteen months the band toured overseas seven times. The band that recorded the follow-up, a companion album to 'Hold On To Me' called 'Harley And Rose', was at the peak of its powers.” They were “the darlings of Aussie music” as Chri8topher said last year.

By the early 90’s, the Black Sorrows had gone from Joe Camilleri’s band to the Bull sisters’ band (and the Bulls would soon leave), but that hasn’t stopped Joe from playing. They released their most recent (twelth) album in 2006 and still perform occasionally although now it’s just Joe and a bunch of session musicians.

Their HowlSpace article is excellent:

Complete list of singles:
Jun 84 What A Difference A Day Makes
Mar 85 Shape I'm In
Nov 85 Sons Of The Sea
Mar 86 Country Girls
May 87 Daughters Of Glory
Jul 87 Maybe Tomorrow
Nov 87 The Last Frontier
Sep 88 Hold On To Me
Nov 88 The Chosen Ones
Feb 89 Chained To The Wheel
May 89 The Crack-Up
Sep 89 Fire Down Below
Jul 90 Harley And Rose
Feb 91 Never Let Me Go
Jun 91 Hold It Up To The Mirror
Aug 92 Ain't Love The Strangest Thing
Nov 92 Better Times
Feb 93 Come On Come On
Jul 93 Sweet Inspiration
Sep 93 Stir it Up
Jul 94 Snake Skin Shoes
Nov 94 Last One Standing For Ya
Feb 95 Lucky Charm
Aug 97 New Craze

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-May-874816Daughters of Glory
27-July-879101Maybe Tomorrow
19-Sep-884112Hold on to MeAMR #44
13-Mar-890925Chained to the WheelAMR #7
15-May-894013The Crack-UpAMR #43
04-Sep-897305Fire Down BelowAMR only
05-Aug-902416Harley and Rose
11-Nov-909704Angel Street
17-Feb-913020Never Let me Go
30-Jun-919701Hold it Up to the Mirror
16-Aug-924613Ain't Love the Strangest Thing
08-Nov-92746aBetter Times
14-Mar-937013Come On, Come On
07-Nov-935812Stir it Up
10-July-941613Snake Skin Shoes
06-Nov-944611Last One Standing for ya (with Jon Stevens)

DOWNLOAD: Hold on To Me, Come On Come On
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Milesago writes: "Dynamic vocal duo Bobby & Laurie was one of the leading acts in the first wave of Australian 'beat pop' 1964-67. They cut a series of fine recordings which rank alongside those of Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Ray Brown & The Whispers, The Easybeats, Normie Rowe and MPD Ltd as milestones of Australian pop in the mid-60s.

"Although perhaps not as well remembered today as some of their contemporaries, they were one of the most popular and successful acts of their day, and deserve a lot more recognition for their contributions. Bobby, Laurie and the members of their regular backing band, The Rondells were all important figures in the development of the Melbourne rock scene, and their History is also a great illustration of the intricate (and sometimes confusing) interconnections between the many groups of the '60s and '70s."


Singles list (from Milesago)

11 August 1964
"I Belong With You" (Laurie Allen) / "Trouble In Mind" (R.M.Jones) (Go!! G-5001)

Jun. 1965
"Someone (ain't right)" (D.Payne-G. Carroll) / "You Are Gone" (Bobby Bright) (Go!! G-5003)

Sep. 1965
"Judy Green" (Alan Brite) / "Mojo Queen" (Ike Turner) (Go!! G-5011)

Dec. 1965
"Crazy Country Hop" / "It Ain't Fair" (Go!! G-5018)

Feb. 1966
"Sweet and Tender Romance" (Carter-Lewis-Powell) / "Down In The Valley" (Alan Brite) (Parlophone A-8185)

Feb. 1966
"Hitchhiker" (Roger Miller) / "You'll Come Around" (Parlophone A-8198) SMASH HIT!!!!

Mar. 1966
"High Noon" (Tiomkin-Washington) / "Tonight When I Come Home" (Alan Brite) (Parlophone A-8216)

Oct. 1966
"Every Second Day" (Alan Brite) / "First Sreet Blues" (Lee Hazelwood) (Parlophone A-8236)

Dec. 1969
"The Carroll County Accident" (Bob Ferguson) / "A Hole In The Ground" (Laurie Allen) (RCA 101870)

Dec. 1970
"Through The Eyes Of Love" / "Trouble On The Turnpike" (RCA 101894)

Sep. 1970
"Through The Eyes Of Love" / "Trouble On The Turnpike" (Fable FB-025)

Oct. 1971
"I'm Gonna Be Wheel Someday" / "The Train Of Love" (Fable FB-073)

In the charts:
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Mar-650924I Belong With You/Trouble in Mind
19-Jun-652012Someone (Ain't Right)
04-Sep-652811Judy Green
04-Dec-655408Crazy Country Hop
29-Jan-664907Sweet and Tender Romance
02-Apr-660120Hitch Hiker
17-Sep-661412High Noon
10-Dec-664608First Street Blues
19-Aug-674707Would You Believe, Love
15-Nov-693024The Carroll County Accident
02-Nov-701320Through the Eyes of Love


DOWNLOAD: I Belong With You, Judy Green, Hitchhiker

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LOL bluezombie

I'm amazed at how many hits Bee Gees had
2009 - ARIA Hall of Fame inductee

First in a band called the Groop in mid-60s, then in aforementioned Axiom.

MILESAGO: "From 1966 until his departure for America in 1975, singer, songwriter, keyboard player and producer Brian Cadd was one of the most prominent musicians on the local scene. He remains a key figure in the history of Australian popular music; one glance at his extensive discography will demonstrate his prolific musical output as writer, performer and producer, and he has also been active behind the scenes in many areas of the industry throughout his long and successful career."

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.briancadd.com

Brian Cadd:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Dec-711522Show Me the Way (with Don Mudie)
2-Oct-721724Ginger Man
16-Apr-734412Every Mother's Son
26-Nov-73777Handy Man / Keep on Rockin'
11-Feb-744912Alvin Purple
13-May-74546Class of '74
26-Aug-741022Let Go
20-Jan-75876All in the Way (They Use My Face) / Boogie Queen
8-Sep-75932Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
3-Jan-77847White on White El Dorado
13-Dec-82546My Baby Loves to Hurt Me

DOWNLOAD: Show me The Way, Alvin Purple, Gingerman, Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'
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 I should know this lady well, but I can’t really describe her, so I’ll let Chri8topher do it (he should know, he’s Victorian):
 “Kate Ceberano had her name pretty well set up before she made her official solo debut in 1989. A regular visitor to the Australian Top Ten as the lead singer of I'm Talking, Kate also contributed backing vocals to Models’ #1 hit, “Out Of Mind Out Of Sight” with I'm Talking co-singer, Zan (both of which are clearly seen in the Models film clip). After I'm Talking split, Kate set out on her own, now managed by her mother, Cherie. The result was a couple of jazz styled albums which faired minor success. It seemed the public wanted Kate as a pop singer, rather than jazz, and were soon awarded for their wait with "Brave". It was a gamble for Kate, who mortgaged her house to fund the recording. It was money well spent as the lead single, "Bedroom Eyes", and album itself both peaked at #2 both finishing the year in the Top 20 biggest sellers of 1989. The success of "Brave" had cemented Kate as one of this country's premier female acts, but follow-up success was hard to come by with a string of moderately successful singles keeping Kate in the charts for a decade. Her biggest success, and quite possibly her third triumph after I'm Talking and "Brave", was as the winner of the 2007 series of the Seven network's popular Dancing With The Stars. Kate also helped out swimmer Daniel Kowalski and footballer Russell Robertson on It Takes Two, with Russell coming in runner-up for the 2008 series. Bringing back a tradition that ceased in 1999, Kate Ceberano was also named the 2010 Queen Of Moomba, along with Molly Meldrum, who took out the King Of Moomba.”

It's Magic / "Only with You (Backing vocals for John Justin)1984-
Someday (with I'm Talking)1984-
Trust Me (with I'm Talking)198510
Lead the Way(with I'm Talking)198525
Love Don't Live Here Anymore(with I'm Talking)198521
Do You Wanna Be? (with I'm Talking)19868
Holy Word (with I'm Talking)19869
You've Always Got the Blues (duet with Wendy Matthews)198881
"Bedroom Eyes"19892
Love Dimension198914
Brave / Young Boys Are My Weakness198915
That's What I Call Love" (featured on the Soundtrack "She Devil")199030
Nature Boy1990-
"Every Little Thing"199134
See Right Through / Everything Will Be Alright199133
Calling You (with Andrew Pendlebury on guitar)199297
"Everything's Alright" (with John Farnham and Jon Stevens)19926
I Don't Know How to Love Him199238
You've Got a Friend (Bass Culture Featuring Kate Ceberano)1993100
Feeling Alright199499
All That I Want Is You199488
Love and Affection199691
Blue Box1996-
Love Is Alive199857
Time To Think1998-
I Won't Let You Down199950
True Romantic199979
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me200449
At Last200439
Unchained Melody200622
Go Your Own Way200732
She Will Be Loved200898

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To the early 1970’s now and one of the most famous Aussie bands of the era – the blue stalwarts Chain.

HOWLSPACE: "One of the longest surviving names in Australian rock, nearly 50 musicians can lay claim to have been a member of Chain since the group’s formation in 1968. In the end, Chain remains Australia’s most famous exponents of 60s/70s era rock blues."


Oct 69 Show Me Home
Mar 71 Black And Blue
Jul 71 Judgement
Oct 72 Sunny Day
Aug 73 You Weren't My Friend
Nov 73 I'm Gonna Miss You
Oct 85 I don't Want To Be Like Anybody Else
Jun 86 Highway 31 Shuffle

Chain’s chart data:
Entry DateHPWITitles
22-Feb-711224Black and Blue
20-Nov-729202Sunny Day
04-Jun-738904I Thought You Weren't My Friend
10-Dec-736508I'm Gonna Miss You, Babe

BLACK AND BLUE on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLkU-FjWx7U You'll think "What the!?!"

DOWNLOAD: Black and Blue, Sunny Day
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Ask anyone in the streets what bands they would classify as “distinctively Australian”, and they would say “Oh, uh…Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel, Australian Crawl, Skyhooks…what was that band Paul Kelly used to be in?” Do you notice they never mention the Choirboys? I mean they say Mental as anything, they mention INXS, they talk about Hunters & Collectors and they may even mention the Mojo Singers (if they’re old enough). But they never mention the Choirboys!

To quote Chri8topher, “Their biggest single continues to be a staple of a heavy night out's play list, while the band themselves continue to perform 30 years on after their initial formation.”

Their biggest single, of course, is “Run to Paradise”, which to me is one of the most iconic Australian (pub) rock songs of all time, although I wonder how it would go today. Would it chart?

Entry DateHPWITitles
18-July-833014Never Gonna Die
28-Sep-870336Run to Paradise
01-Feb-881425Boys Will be Boys
06-Jun-883413Struggle TownARIA #28
20-Nov-896511EmpireAMR #63
24-Mar-914014RendezvousAMR #40
12-July-041611NICK SKITZ vs... - Run to Paradise

SINGLES LIST: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Choirboys_(band)#Singles
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.choirboys.net/

DOWNLOAD: Run to Paradise, Never Gonna Die

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One of the most underrated Australian bands of the 80s (and possibly all time) I’m delighted to say that the Chruch are one of our most popular internationally, with a strong fanbase in Britain and Europe keeping them going; and I’m even more delighted to say that they were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame last year. But apparently, the highest position they could ever reach on the singles charts was #19. “Under the Milky Way” could only reach #22 here, but Melbourne's The Age had that hit as most popular Aussie song from the last 21 years (1988-2009). Boy, you’d love this band so much – just ask DaveNT or any indie fan!

YearTitlePeak chart positions    Album
1980"She Never Said"Of Skins and Heart
1981"The Unguarded Moment"2219 
 "Too Fast for You"43Too Fast for You (EP)
 "Tear It All Away"81 
1982"Almost with You"21The Blurred Crusade
 "When You Were Mine"77 
 "I Am a Rock" / "A Different Man"Singsongs
 NZ / UK release      
1983"It's No Reason"56Seance
 "Electric Lash"60 
1985"Already Yesterday"100Heyday
 UK-only release      
1988"Under the Milky Way"2269259024Starfish
 Spain-only release      
1990"Metropolis"1941Gold Afternoon Fix
 "Russian Autumn Heart" 
 US-only release      
 "You're Still Beautiful" 
1994"Two Places At Once"Sometime Anywhere
1996"Comedown"Magician Among the Spirits
1997"White Star Line" / "Gypsy Stomp"Non-album release
 Limited edition release: 1000 copies      
1998"Louisiana"Hologram of Baal
2001"Numbers"After Everything Now This
2003"Song in Space"Forget Yourself
 Limited edition release: 1500 copies      
2006"Block"Uninvited, Like the Clouds
2009"The Coffee Song" / "Hounds of Love"Coffee Hounds EP
 "Pangaea"Untitled #23

"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that territory.
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Wow Ceberano has been going for a while. Not a huge fan of The Choirboys, but they're tolerable. I know of the others, at least.
1999 - ARIA Hall of fame inductee

“Throughout the Seventies and into the Eighties Richard Clapton was Australia's most renowned singer songwriter. While his songs on record put him in that 'heart on the sleeve' category, on stage Richard always had a darker more menacing presence, able to rock with his backing band and hold his own against the best of the pub rock bands he shared stages with.” (http://www.howlspace.com.au/en2/claptonrichard/claptonrichard.htm)

YearTitlePeak chart positionsAlbum  
1972"Last Train to Marseilles"Prussian Blue  
1973"All the Prodigal Children"   
1974"I Wanna Be a Survivor"   
1975"Travelling Down the Castlereagh" / "Girls on the Avenue"[A]4Girls on the Avenue  
 "Down the Road"   
1976"Please Come Home"Non-album single  
 "Suit Yourself"Mainstreet Jive  
1977"Capricorn Dancer"40Highway One  
 "Deep Water"43Goodbye Tiger  
1978"(Down in the) Lucky Country"70   
 "Steppin' Across the Line"98Past Hits and Previews  
1979"Hearts on the Nightline"Hearts on the Nightline  
 "Ace of Hearts"   
1980"Get Back to the Shelter"94Dark Spaces  
 "High Society"   
1982"I Am an Island"20The Great Escape  
 "The Best Years of Our Lives"   
1984"Goodbye Barbara Ann"90Solidarity  
 "The Heart of It"   
1985"The Transpac Slide"   
1986"Spirit of Sydney" (duet with Kevin Borich)Non-album single  
1987"Glory Road"42Glory Road  
 "Trust Somebody"   
1989"Deep Water" (live)Best Years of Our Lives  
 "Ace of Hearts" (live)   
1992"Happy Valley"Distant Thunder  
1993"Distant Thunder"80   
 "All Fall Down"   
1994"Oceans of the Heart"   
1999"Calling for You"The Definitive Anthology   

"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.
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**I can happily say that they have reformed and are recording a new album and going on tour later this year!

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jun-784111Khe Sanh
16-Oct-78659Goodbye (Astrid Goodbye) / Georgia on My Mind
11-Dec-783610You're 13, You're Beautiful & You're Mine (EP)
2-Apr-796313Breakfast at Sweethearts
3-Dec-791418Choir Girl
26-May-80818Cheap Wine
1-Sep-804014My Baby / Misfits
14-Dec-811219You Got Nothing I Want
29-Mar-82418Forever Now
26-Jul-822513When the War is Over
24-Oct-831419Hold Me Tight / No Sense
2-Apr-841114Saturday Night
2-Jul-84911Twentieth Century / Only One
27-Aug-842613Flames Trees
18-Sep-94914Hands Out of My Pockets
30-Oct-941611Nothing But You
30-Aug-981013The Things I Love in You
15-Nov-984611Water into Wine
22-Mar-99632Way Down

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Don't get me started now.

Entry DateHPWITitles 
30-Jun-862615Mean to Me 
6-Oct-866310Now We're Getting Somewhere 
1-Dec-86826Don't Dream it's Over 
23-Mar-874317World Where You Live 
8-Jun-871816Something So Strong 
20-Jun-88222Better Be Home Soon 
12-Sep-882711When You Come 
12-Dec-88678Into TemptationAMR only
8-May-89817Sister MadlyAMR only
11-Feb-90932I Feel Possessed 
9-Jun-912013Chocolate Cake 
18-Aug-913115Fall at Your Feet 
22-Dec-911521It's Only Natural 
26-Apr-922713Weather With You 
19-Jul-92477Four Seasons in One Day 
10-Oct-932316Distant Sun 
6-Feb-94348Nails in My Feet 
5-Jun-94795aLocked Out 
13-Nov-944614Private Universe 
30-Jun-961012Everything is Good for You 
15-Sep-963714Not the Girl You Think You Are 
25-Jun-07348Don't Sop Now 

DOWNLOAD: Don't Dream it's Over, Something So Strong,
Weather With You, World Where You Live

Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-928254 x 4 (EP)
28-Mar-932523Black Stick
25-Jul-934114The Honeymoon is Over
31-Oct-936411Woman With Soul
27-Feb-94903Seems Twice
11-Dec-942915Better Get a Lawyer
26-Mar-953910Just a Man
11-Jun-95498Anybody But You

Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-71137Eagle Rock / Bom Bom
6-Sep-71320Come Back Again / Just as Long As We're Together
22-Nov-711217D.C.E.P. (feat Lollipop) (EP)
6-Dec-711614Hi Honey Ho
26-Jun-72299I'll Never Smile Again
27-Nov-72833Teenage Blues
29-Sep-80787The D.C. Hits EP (EP)
19-Jul-821715Eagle Rock (12")
28-Aug-94356The Ballad of Oz / Happy Hippy Hut (Skyhooks)

What do you think?
"Singer and radio personality Grantley Dee (real name Grantley De Zoete) was a well-known and popular presenter on Melbourne radio station 3AK and he is especially notable for being the first visually-impaired pop DJ on Australian radio. But Grantley's achievements didn't stop there -- he was also a popular singer who recorded a string of singles for EMI between 1966 and 1968 and regularly also performed live during the late Sixties and into the early Seventies. Several years ago, Grantley was interviewed by media writer Ash Long, who wrote a comprehensive history of 3AK; he explained that station manager-of-the-day Nigel Dick originally recruited him as a 16-year-old in 1963, partly as a means of scoring publicity for the station. It proved successful, with Grantley and his guide dog Penny becoming popular station personalities."

Entry DateHPWITitles
14-May-661619Let the Little Girl Dance
10-Sep-663812Wild One / You Thrill Me
7-Jan-67508You're 16
13-May-67704We Must Be Doing Something Right
7-Oct-67745Stop Where You Are
28-Sep-68539Love is a Happy Thing (with Little Pattie)

"Let the Little Girl Dance" - youtube
"While vocal groups have been a staple of American popular music since back to the days of vaudeville, until the 'boy bands' of the late nineties, this is a genre of music which escaped Australian pop music. The Delltones are the exception." (http://www.howlspace.com.au/en/delltones/delltones.htm)

Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Oct-595710Every Little Thing I Do
20-Feb-604411Yes Indeed
25-Jun-60971Little Miss Heartbreak
7-Jan-611518You're the Limit
18-Mar-614211Wonder / A Teenager in Love
15-Jul-61861Even Tho'
9-Jun-62718Get a Little Dirt on Your Hands
19-Jan-63423Come a Little Bit Closer
29-Jun-634012Sitting in the Moonlight
12-Oct-63519Hangin' Five
18-Apr-64583Out the Back / That's How Many Tears
15-Aug-64992Walkin' Along / Paper Doll
10-Oct-645110Hey Girl, Don't Bother Me

Glenn A. Baker writes about the Delltones

Recommend: Hangin Five, Come a Little bit Closer
"Sydney band The Denvermen was one of the premier Australian surf-instrumental groups of the early 1960s and although they have been somewhat overshadowed by their better-known contemporaries The Atlantics, they certainly deserve more recognition. The original lineup was formed in late 1961, by members of two earlier Sydney groups, Digger Revell and the Lonely Ones and Paul Dever and the Denvermen. Denvermen guitarist Les Green brought the Denvermen name with him when that group split and he joined Digger Revell. The group began by organising its own dances but gained national prominence thanks to appearances on the ABC's pioneering rock'n'roll TV show Six O'Clock Rock hosted by Johnny O'Keefe.

The Denvermen soon gained renowned as one of the best live instrumental groups in the country, and they reportedly invested in some of the best sound equipment available at the time. Les Green was one of the first guitarists in Australia to use effects boxes on his guitar, notably the Klempf Echolette. This was one of the first portable tape-delay echo machines and the same device used by Hank Marvin to achieve the distinctive rippling echo and reverb effects on The Shadows' classic recordings. According to Ian McFarlane, Les was also greatly influenced by American singer-guitarist Duane Eddy." (http://www.milesago.com/Artists/denvermen.html)

Entry Date HP WI Titles
05-Jan-63 17 26 Surfside / Lisa Maree
18-May-63 37 12 Night Rider / Blue Mountains
03-Aug-63 25 13 Avalon Stomp / Harbour Cruise
12-Oct-63 39 08 Stomp Fever / The Sun-Seeker
28-Dec-63 74 04 Mystery Waves / Spanish Sands


"Don't Need Love" (1988) (#10 in Australia (AMR #11))
"Soul Revival" (1989) (#9 in Australia (AMR #8))
"Cry In Shame" (1989) (#10 in Australia (AMR #8))
"Lookin' for Love" (1989) (#28 in Australia (AMR #29))
"Since I Fell for You" (1989) (#83 in Australia)
"Please Send Me Someone to Love" (1990) (#11 in Australia)

"Love Junk" (1991) (#19 in Australia)

"Come to Me" (1991) (#8 in Australia)
"Tip of My Tongue" (1992) (#4 in Australia)
"Man Alive" (1992) (#20 in Australia)
"One More Time" (1992) (#59 in Australia)
"Never Miss Your Water" (1993) (#12 in Australia)
"Masterplan" (1993) (#42 in Australia)
"I've Been Loving You Too Long" (1994) (#41 in Australia)
"Still Got a Long Way to Go" (1994) (with Jimmy Barnes) (#57 in Australia)
"All Come Together" (1994) (#17 in Australia)
"15 Feet of Snow" (1995) (#29 in Australia)
"Get It On" (1995) (#75 in Australia)

"I Can't Stand the Rain" (1996) - duet with Chris Wilson

"Dig" (1999) (#18 in Australia)

"Crazytown" (2006) (#39 in Australia)
"Saviour" (2006)
"Steal My Sunshine" (2007 - promo CD single)
"Days Like These" (2008 - promo CD single)

Might as well post albums too:
Johnny Diesel and The Injectors (1989) (#2 Australia)
Live In London EP (1989) (#27 Australia)
Hepfidelity (1992) (#1 Australia)
The Lobbyist (1993) (#1 Australia)
Solid State Rhyme (1994)(#10 Australia)
Short Cool Ones (1996) (Chris Wilson & Johnny Diesel) (#18 Australia)
Rewind - The Best Of (1996)
Soul Lost Companion (1999) (released as Mark Lizotte) (#18 Australia)
Hear (2002)
Singled Out (2004) (#78 Australia)
Coathanger Antennae (2006) (#23 Australia)
Days Like These (2008) (#17 Australia)
Saturday Suffering Fools (2009) (#50 Australia)

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