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Forum - ARIA Charts: Special Occasion Charts - ALBUMS PRE 1989, Part 2

I'd like to know of any early chart action for the following artists;

Also very interested in PAVLOV'S DOG....Thanks in advance!
Entry DateHPWITitle

Entry DateHPWITitle
23-July-847012Street Talk

DOKKEN, GREAT WHITE - nothing at all for either act

Entry DateHPWITitles

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Feb-789303In Color
14-Aug-788422Heaven Tonight
09-Apr-793230Cheap Trick at Budokan
08-Oct-790725Dream Police
03-Nov-806812All Shook Up
02-Aug-822517One on One
25-Apr-881441Lap of LuxuryAMR #18
05-Aug-903612BustedAMR #37

Entry DateHPWITitles
28-July-752327Pampered Menial
26-Apr-763713At the Sound of a Bell

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G'day bulion, just after oz lp positions for : Jackson Browne and The Doobie Brothers. Thanks in advance
Bulion, shouldn't the Journey album that charted in '83 be called "Fronitiers", not "Journeys" as listed above, or is it some Australian-only release that i never heard of before?
kai81, that has now been fixed.
Doobie Brothers:
Entry DateHPWITitles
04-Dec-725702Toulouse Street
08-Apr-742420What Were Once Vices are Now Habits
03-Mar-752837Listen to the Music: The Best of
05-Apr-760722Takin' it to the Streets
29-Nov-764214The Best of Doobies
12-Sep-771620Livin' on the Fault Line
18-Dec-780642Minute by Minute
06-Oct-801815One Step Closer
23-Nov-814611Best of the Doobies Volume 2
22-Aug-837203Farewell Tour
10-July-894511CyclesARIA #44
27-Feb-941014Listen to the Music: The Very Best of
30-Oct-068701Listen to the Music: The Very Best of (R)

Jackson Browne:
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-Jun-722007Jackson Browne
28-Jan-744706For Everyman
27-Jan-756311Late for the Sky
29-Dec-761831The Pretender
16-Jan-780847Running on Empty
14-July-800622Hold Out
05-Sep-831519Lawyers in Love
24-Mar-863724Lives in the Balance
31-July-895906World in Motion
02-Jun-969501Looking East
17-Nov-964310Looking East + Best of Live
24-Feb-039001The Next Voice You Hear (The Best of)
06-Oct-086201Time the Conquerer
Thanks a million for those last figures....some more if you could? Apologies if these have been done before.

Also KROKUS???

Thanks heaps!!
A few questions, as i've gone through part 1 & 2 of this topic

Kate Bush - "Never Forever" (entered 06-Oct-80, 20 wks) (#7 or #3) here it said #7 but i've seen somewhere #3 (which could be a typo or error as her debut album "The Kick Inside" was #3

The Smiths' "Best Volume 1" was listed here as peak #64 but on eikipedia it says #46 and refers to one of David Kent's chart books. Which one is wrong?

John (Cougar) Mellencamp's "Miami" is listed here on apost from 03/09/2009 05:36, as having made the album charts on 13-Aug-79 (peak #77 during 10 weeks on the chart). I haven't heard of a Mellencamp album with that title, was it really listed in the charts under that title? It might also be an Australian version of the US-release "John Cougar" (from 1979) which included the song Miami.

Did Dolly Parton's "Both Sides of Dolly Parton" album peak at #37 or #38, both numbers can be found in different posts in part 1?
Did "Anvil" charted?
RUSH - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
01-Sep-914912Crazy World

Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Aug-869401Rage for Order
29-Oct-909403EmpireAMR only
13-Nov-947902Promised Land

Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Mar-871030The Final Countdown
26-Sep-883408Out of This World

RATT - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Feb-780922Broken Heart
05-Mar-791817Head First
31-Mar-805808Union Jacks
09-Feb-819801On the Edge

Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Sep-842711No Brakes
12-Oct-879902Rovers Return

Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Nov-785711Q: Are We No Men? A: We are Devo!
25-Jun-795112Duty Now for the Future
02-Jun-800563Freedom of Choice
31-Aug-810227Dev-O LIve
21-Sep-810330New Traditionalists
29-Nov-825708Oh, No it's Devo
24-Nov-868403Best of Devo Volume 1

Entry DateHPWITitles
Entry DateHPWITitleArtist
08-Oct-800720Never ForeverKate Bush

Entry DateHPWITitleChart
28-Sep-924605Smiths Best...1AMR
27-Sep-926405Smiths Best...1ARIA

Your third statement about John Cougar being renamed 'Miami' here.

Entry DateHPWITitleArtist
30-July-793712Both Sides ofDolly Parton

spatz, nothing for Anvil here in Oz
Thanks for the info about The Smiths 'Best...1' and especially on Mellencamp's 'Miami' - never knew it was named like that anywhere but i can see the reason why the album was re-named as he had already made an impact on Australian charts while in US the first two albums had flopped so calling it 'John Cougar' in US made more sense.
Can I please have album chart data for Australian Crawl?

Thanks - bangalore
Australian Crawl
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-May-8004101The Boys Light Up
20-July-810152Sirocco (6 weeks at No.1)
26-July-820137Sons of Beaches (5 weeks at No.1)
19-Dec-830424Phalanx (Live)
03-Dec-840237Crawl File: Their Greatest Hits
29-July-851121Between a Rock and a Hard Place
15-Sep-861620The Final Wave (Live)
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after albums by Linda George please.
Linda George:
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Nov-759303Step by Step
Hey, can I get Stevie Nicks' pre-1989 album positions? Thanks!
check this weeks chartifacts page Sa77 for her entire ARIA album history
G'day bulion, just wondering if Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre ever charted albums in oz. Thanks in advance
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after Pseudo Echo albums.
Hello and thanks in advance. I'm after Masters Apprentices, Daddy Cool and Russell Morris albums. Also, did "Kite" by Captain cocoa ever chart?

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Tangerine Dream
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-7910001Force Majeure

Jean Michel Jarre
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Aug-817607Magnetic Fields
20-Sep-827609The Concerts in China
14-July-865132The Essential Jean-Michel Jarre
02-Nov-879403Jean-Michel Jarre in Concert Houston Lyon
Pseudo Echo
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Jun-841120Autumnal Park
11-Nov-851454Love an Adventure
01-Jun-874408Long Plays 83-87
13-Mar-891811RaceARIA #32
Masters Apprentices
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jun-711014Choice Cuts
23-Mar-817803Hands of Time
21-Mar-884610The Very Best of
28-Nov-887003Do What You Wanna Do

Daddy Cool
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-July-710126Daddy Who? Daddy Cool
27-Dec-711512Sex, Dope and Rock N Roll Teenage Heaven
08-Jan-730918Daddy Cool's Golden Hits
10-Sep-733412The Last Drive-in Movie Show
14-Sep-815210The Greatest Hits
20-Sep-820524Daddy's Coolest (Volume 2)
18-Oct-923505Totally Cool
10-Jan-939502Totally Cool (R)

Russell Morris
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Oct-793810Foot in the Door
26-Jan-812813Almost Frantic
24-Nov-919801A Thousand Suns
Did "Sick Puppies" charted?
G'day bulion, after the oz LP postions for the following artists (if they charted???) : Magazine, Gang Of Four, Killing Joke, Cabaret Voltaire & Big Black.... cheers in advance
I like to have the Albumpositions in the Australian charts of Sir Tom Jones. Thanks a lot!
Sick Puppies:
Entry DateHPWITitle
28-May-076202Dressed Up as Life

Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Jun-809802The Corrupt Use of Soap
27-July-819502Magic, Murder and the Weather

nothing for Killing Joke (1 single only), Cabaret Voltaire, Big Black
It's possible to know chart album position about JOSE FELICIANO ?
Is it possible to post the aussie chart positions for Barbra Streisand's albums?
Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil and INXS please
Jose Feliciano
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Oct-691001Fantastic Feliciano
15-Nov-690231Feliciano 10-23
02-Mar-700311Alive Alive-O

Barbra Streisand:
Entry DateHPWITitles
12-July-650606The Barbra Streisand Album
21-May-660503My Name is Barbra Two
18-Jun-660501Colour Me Barbra
25-Mar-670812Funny Girl (Original Broadway Cast feat...)
12-Apr-690427Funny Girl (Film Soundtrack)
01-Apr-741023The Way We Were
07-Apr-755010Funny Lady (Soundtrack)
22-Dec-758408Lazy Afternoon
14-Feb-770339A Star is Born (Soundtrack)
01-Aug-771119Streisand Superman
11-Dec-780229Barbra Streisand's Greatest Hits Volume 2
12-Dec-832431Yentl (Soundtrack)
09-Dec-850832The Broadway Album
18-May-871515One Voice
12-Dec-882120Till I Loved You (AMR #18)
06-Nov-892217A Collection of Greatest Hits... And More (AMR #16)
25-July-930312Back to Broadway
09-Oct-942018Barbra Live: The Concert
23-Nov-971422Higher Ground
27-Sep-991217A Love Like Ours
13-Mar-006802Barbra Live: The Concert (R)
13-Mar-008702Memories (R)
23-Oct-006604Timeless - Live in Concert
11-Mar-020516The Essential Barbra Streisand
02-Sep-028301The Essential Barbra Streisand (R)
03-Nov-033609The Movie Album
03-Oct-052211Guilty Pleasures
05-Oct-092206Love is the Answer
01-Nov-105802The Ultimate Collection
bangalore, those three acts you requested are all in the first thread (link at the top of the page). You can add there albums after 1990 by doing a data search on this site.
thanks bulion!
What about Ronnie Milsap, please? Maybe albums "There's No Gettin' Over Me" (1981), "Keyed Up"(1983) or "Greatest Hits" (1980). Thanks
Did Herbert Grönemeyer ("What's All This" "Luxus") charted?
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Entry DateHPWITitles
08-May-006303Shades of Purple
06-May-026102The Big Room

Hag; Ronnie Milsap had seven charting singles, but not a single album of his charted in Australia.


Spatz, nothing for Herbert G. charted here, albums or singles.
G'day bulion, when you have time....Roger Waters' solo albums, cheers in advance.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after albums by Rick Springfield.
Could you please post the chart runs for Mel & Kim's 'FLM' album, and Yazz's 'Wanted' album on the AMR chart?
Roger Waters:
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-Jun-843012The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking
27-July-873319Radio K.A.O.S.
07-Oct-901008The Wall - Live in Berlin
27-Sep-921407Amused to Death
16-Apr-0710001In the Flesh (Live)

Rick Springfield
Entry DateHPWITitle
17-Sep-735405Comic Book Heroes
15-July-749702Mission Magic
20-July-813324Working Class Dog
07-Jun-822813Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet
18-July-834508Living in Oz
23-July-848708Hard to Hold Soundtrack

Nugs, I haven't done the AMR albums yet, so I can't fulfill that request as yet sorry.
What about "ToTo" albums? Thanks a lot in advance
Meat Loaf albums pre-1988?
Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Mar-818902Turn Back
02-May-887704The Seventh One
Meat Loaf:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Jan-7801132Bat out of Hell
14-Sep-810521Dead Ringer
23-May-838404Midnight at the Lost and Found
03-Sep-841423The Big Ones
04-feb-854212Bad Attitude
Did Nina Hagen charted?
nothing charted for her Spatz
Could someone tell me which pages in the Australian Music Book have U2's album info? I need to verify the page numbers in order to use the book as a reference.

Specifically, I want to know which pages list The Joshua Tree's charting peak of #3, as well as where it placed on the year end chart and what page that info is on.

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U2 chart information in the Australian Music Book is page 317, the Top 25 Albums of 1987 are on page 439
Hey bulion, are you able to clear up the mystery about the Cher album that charted in 1990 (I think) the site says it was the 1966 version, but another member believes it should actually be the version that has I Found Someone on it, which the database here said it never charted in Australia, while the 1966 Cher album peaked at #32 in 1990 (or whatever year IFS charted)
Did Helmut Lotti and André Rieu charted maybe?
CHER (1988) on Geffen is different to CHER (1966) on Liberty records. They are the same name but different eras.
Helmut Lotti has only charted once, on the DVD chart in 2009, and Andre Rieu had his first chart entry in 1996, with the main part of his career on the charts happening in late 2007.
So the one that charted in 1988 should be the Geffen release? Which this site is not saying, as they are saying it is the 1966 version.
Real life
kids in the kitchen
robert palmer
joe jackson
Real Life
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Nov-847403Master Mix

Kids in the Kitchen
Entry DateHPWITitles

Robert Palmer
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Jan-778004Some People Can Do What They Like
22-May-787515Double Fun
08-Aug-880261Heavy Nova
27-Nov-891535Addictions Volume 1ARIA #10
16-Dec-902923Don't ExplainAMR #29

Joe Jackson
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-May-792023Look Sharp!
03-Dec-798105I'm the Man
16-Mar-818203Beat Crazy
14-Sep-812912Joe Jackson's Jumpin' Jive
23-Aug-820547Night and Day
05-Dec-839101Mike's Murder (Soundtrack)
14-May-842124Body and Soul
02-Jun-862232Big World
29-Jun-876706Will Power
27-Jun-881325Live 1980-86ARIA #17
29-May-892412Blaze of GloryARIA #31
25-Nov-907810Steppin' Out: The Very Best of 
23-Jun-915717Laughter and LustAMR #44
08-Sep-911313Steppin' Out: The Very Best of (R)AMR #13
thanks bulion!
What about Glen Campbell charts? Many thanks
Glen Campbell:
Entry DateHPWITitles
6-Sep-691001This is Glen Campbell
23-Aug-712410Glen Campbell Country
16-Sep-747014Houston (I'm Comin' to See You)
15-Sep-755415Rhinestone Cowboy
16-Jan-786304Twenty Golden Greats
27-Dec-822412Greatest Hits
17-Jan-839501Southern Knight in England

Hi & thx in advance. I'm after Jesus Christ Superstar - the 1972 Australian cast version.
Entry DateHPWITitlesVersions
21-Dec-7006141Jesus Christ SuperstarOriginal Recording
27-Mar-722732Jesus Christ SuperstarBroadway Cast Version
30-Oct-721354Jesus Christ SuperstarAustralian Cast Version
14-Jan-742526Jesus Christ SuperstarFilm Soundtrack
G'day, bulion....just after Steppenwolf's album postions down under, thanks in advance
This is great, luv 2 know a lot of pre-'80s chart positions (although we hav albums back 2 '88 on here???). I'd like 2 know the performance of all Cher albums pre-80s?
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Sheena Easton and the Pointer Sisters?
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Nov-701615Steppenwolf Live
08-Mar-712605Steppenwolf 7
14-Jun-713801Steppenwolf Gold
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Dec-714305Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
22-July-748605Dark Lady
14-Apr-7510001Cher: Greatest Hits
15-Feb-882627Cher (Geffen)
then came "Heart of Stone"
Sheena Easton:
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Apr-815719Take My Time
15-Nov-829401Madness, Money and Music
11-Mar-858808A Private Heaven
23-Jun-913810What Comes Naturally

Pointer Sisters:
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-July-747912That's a Plenty
15-Sep-806711Special Things
27-July-811515Black and White
27-Dec-821116Greatest Hits
19-Mar-841755Break Out
08-Dec-8610001Hot Together
25-Jun-9510001Greatest Hits (3CD Set)
Bulion, u r a LEGEND . i'll add those to Wikipedia (tip, to add these positions to Wikipedia, you must source it from the David Kent books.)
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I was also wondering the "Love Sides" album (1983) by Marcia Hines.
G'day, bulion when ya get the chance....LP postions' for The Troggs & Procol Harum (if they had any downunder)...thanks again
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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions and certifications for Jody Watley and Billy Ocean?
Hi, thx in advance and happy festive season to all. I'm after GANGGajang albums please.
No Love Sides for Marcia Hines on the chart BB
Nothing for The Troggs on the albums chart...

Procol Harum
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Aug-721214Procol Harum Live
25-Jun-732817Grand Hotel
14-Oct-748204Exotic Bird and Fruit
Jody Watley:
Entry DateHPWITitles
08-Jun-879405Jody Watley
22-May-896703Larger Than Life

Billy Ocean:
Entry DateHPWITitles
21-July-860819Love Zone 
25-Apr-881316Tear Down These WallsARIA #23
20-Nov-891421Greatest HitsARIA #14
Entry DateHPWITitles

Assuming they charted in Australia I was wondering if I could get the peak position for the soundtracks to Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi. Thanks in advance
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions and certifications for Natalie Cole, KC and the Sunshine Band, Rufus, Chaka Khan, The Stylistics, and The Spinners (US)?
Original Trilogy Star Wars Soundtracks:
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Aug-771233Star Wars (A New Hope)
18-Aug-805805The Empire Strikes Back
07-Nov-838903Return of the Jedi
Natalie Cole:
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Sep-899605Good to Be Back

KC & The Sunshine Band:
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Nov-750728KC & The Sunshine Band
06-Dec-761531Part 3
02-Oct-786408Who Do Ya (Love)
18-Feb-808304Do You Wanna Go Party
24-Mar-800316Greatest Hits
10-Oct-833814All in a Nights Work
26-Dec-835414That's the Way I Like it

Rufus/Chaka Khan:
Entry DateHPWITitles
17-May-768603Rufus featuring Chaka Khan
17-Dec-847108I Feel for You

The Stylistics:
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-May-722306The Stylistics
10-Jun-744314Rockin' Roll Baby
26-Aug-746315Let's Put it All Together
12-Jan-7610001You Are Beautiful
25-July-889103Greatest Hits

The Spinners:
Entry DateHPWITitles
23-Jun-808701Dancin' and Lovin'
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions and certifications for Ohio Players?
Ohio Express:
Entry DateHPWITitle
13-Sep-691601Bubble Gum Hits (with 1910 Fruitgum Co,).

Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions and certifications for Dionne Warwick, Roberta Flack, Bill Withers and The O'Jays?
Dionne Warwick:
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Apr-700508Dionne Warwick's Greatest Hits Part 2
27-July-701324I'll Never Fall in Love Again
27-Feb-786603A Man and a Woman (with Isaac Hayes)
15-Sep-809801No Night So Long
23-Aug-82151120 Greatest Hits
13-Sep-827202Friends in Love

Roberta Flack:
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-May-712903Chapter Two
24-Apr-720920First Take
24-July-722206Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
15-Oct-731129Killing Me Softly
31-Mar-751919Feel Like Makin' Love
06-Feb-788804Blue Lights in the Basement
29-Mar-824432The Best of Roberta Flack
02-Aug-827405I'm the One
31-Oct-833515Born to Love (with Roberta Flack)

Bill Withers - no albums charted

The O'Jays:
Entry DateHPWITitle
Hi & THX in advance. I'm after albums by Sherbet (aka Highway aka The Sherbs).
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Jan-73663Time Changes a Natural Progression
26-Nov-731328On with the Show
17-Mar-751124Sherbet in Concert
04-Aug-75127Sherbet's Greatest Hits
10-Nov-75323Life is for Living
15-Nov-76523The Sherbet Collection
07-Nov-773319Caught in the Act... Live
10-Sep-79794Track Record
03_Nov-808510The Skill (Sherbs)
23-Feb-81597The Sherbet Phenomenon
09-Apr-84754The Hits 1969-1984

No Highway albums charted.
Do you have chart positions and certifications for The Wiz Original Soundtrack, Mahogany Original Soundtrack, and Endless Love Original Soundtrack? Thanks in advance!
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Gladys Knight & the Pips?
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Oct-78----The Wiz Soundtrack
26-Apr-765911Mahogany Soundtrack
21-Sep-812612Endless Love Soundtrack

certifications are unknown.
Gladys Knight & The Pips:
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Jan-752432I Feel a Song
24-Jan-772316Pipe Dreams
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Kool & The Gang?
Hi & THX in advance. I'm after albums by Sydney's The Radiators.
Which albums by Lionel Richie charted during the pre-ARIA era? I know that "Can't Slow Down" was # but how did the self-titled debut and the third album "Dancing on the Ceiling" chart? If possible, also add the Commodores albums before his solo career (and the ones after his departure)

Thanks in advance
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Hi & THX in advance. I'm after albums by Exploding White Mice.
Hi, do you have any chart positions for Kraftwerk? Thanks
Kool & The Gnag:
Entry DateHPWITitles
Entry DateHPWITitles
24-Mar-802225Feel the Heat
14-Sep-812922Up for Grabs
30-May-831525Scream of the Real
17-Dec-844711Life's a Gamble
16-Mar-876812Nasty Habits and Nice Children
28-Mar-88507Gimme... Live
Lionel Richie (LR) & The Commodores (C)
Entry DateHPWITitles 
02-Dec-743741Machine GunC
19-May-755920Caught in the ActC
15-Dec-758010Movin' OnC
16-Aug-76933Hot on the TracksC
26-Jun-781432Natural HighC
15-Jan-79853Greatest HitsC
27-Aug-795621Midnight MagicC
21-Sep-814810In the PocketC
27-Dec-821843Lionel RichieLR
30-May-83656All the Great HitsC
05-Dec-831x3119Can't Slow DownLR
26-Mar-844813Very Best of The CommodoresC
01-Sep-86245Dancing on the CeilingLR

For his full solo album history, it will be posted in the 9-April-2012 chartifacts.
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Exploding White Mice:
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Aug-88605Brute Force and Ignorance
18-Jun-90904Exploding White Mice

These only charted on the AMR charts.

Entry DateHPWITitles
24-July-785613The Man Machine
28-Sep-81517Computer World
31-May-82655The Man Machine (R)
Jim Croce:
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-May-746913I Got a Name
15-Dec-80528His Greatest Songs
bulion, thanks for the Lionel Richie chart history
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for Pebbles?
Lionel Richie:
Entry DateNoHPWI/TallyAccTitles
27-Dec-82A11843 LIONEL RICHIE
5-Dec-83A2(3) 1119 CAN'T SLOW DOWN
21-Jun-92G1(6) 121▲2BACK TO FRONT
14-Jun-04A7444 JUST FOR YOU
26-Mar-12A1022* TUSKEGEE
Pebbles only had two singles chart, "Girlfriend" (HP-86) in 1988 and "Giving You the Benefit" (HP-40) in late 1990, but no albums charted for her.
Anyone who would like the AMR Top 100 Albums week-by-week from July 1974 to Dec 1989, please email me at bulion@iinet.net.au and I will send them to you.
Thanks muchly. I'm also looking for

Giorgio Moroder
Yellow Magic Orchestra
Amanda Lear

Thanks very much.
Thanks in advance. Do you have albums chart positions for Rose Royce, Deniece Williams, The SOS Band, and Alexander O'Neal?
Alexander O'Neal:
Entry DateHPWITitle

Rose Royce:
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-May-794420Rose Royce Strikes Back

S.O.S. Band and Deniece Williams - no albums charted for either.

Entry DateHPWITitles
12-May-751539Crime of the Century
22-Dec-752051Crisis? What Crisis?
31-May-762141Crime of the Century (R)
31-May-765310Indelibly Stamped
25-Apr-77533Even in the Quietest Moments
26-Mar-79156Breakfast in America (No.1 for six weeks from mid April 79)
15-Nov-82232Famous Last Words
17-Jun-852213Brother Where You Bound
24-Nov-86931The Autobiography of Supertramp
16-Nov-873010Free as a Bird

Entry DateHPWITitles
19-May-806511Short Stories (Jon & Vangelis)
17-Aug-815100Chariots of Fire Soundtrack
05-Oct-816613Friends of Mr. Cairo (Jon & Vangelis)
10-May-82930Friends of Mr. Cairo (R) (Jon & Vangelis)
29-Aug-833115Private Collection (Jon & Vangelis)

Cerrone - nothing charted

Giorgio Moroder
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Sep-855207Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Apr-784921The Grand Illusion
20-Nov-78707Pieces of Eight
02-Mar-812728Paradise Theatre
09-May-834512Kilroy Was Here

Entry DateHPWITitles
16-Feb-81434Vienna (R)
12-Oct-812010Rage in Eden

Cybotron, Yellow Magic Orchestra - nothing charted

Amanda Lear
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Sep-785010Sweet Revenge
16-July-79636Never Trust a Pretty Face

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Thanks in advance. Do you have anything for:

Tangerine Dream
Klaus Schulze
Patrick Cowley

Thanks muchly!
What about albums (and singles) for U.K. band MAGNUM, and post-1988 albums for Willie Nelson (Top 100 positions)? Thanks in advance
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Car Wash Original Soundtrack
The Chi-Lites
Tangerine Dream
Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-791001Force Majeure

Klaus Schulze - nothing charted

Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Nov-787414Step II
09-May-83981All I Need

Patrick Cowley - nothing charted

Yanni - nothing charted pre-1989.
nothing has charted for Magnum

Willie Nelson:
Entry DateHPWITitles
26-Dec-88707What a Wonderful WorldAMR
18-Feb-90835A Lifetime of Love Songs
25-Apr-935316Across the Borderline
27-Mar-94209Moonlight Becomes You
03-Dec-95598The Greatest Hits
13-Aug-0188All the Songs I've Loved Before
06-Mat-08494Legend: The Very Best of
07-Sep-09522American Classic
05-July-10862Legend: The Very Best of (R)
Car Wash Original Soundtrack
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Feb-774027Car Wash

Entry DateHPWITitles
17-Jun-85469Rhythm of the Night

The Chi-Lites - no Albums charted
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam
no albums charted for Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam in Australia.
Thanks muchly. Do you have positions for

Gary Numan (and Tubeway Army)
Sisters Of Mercy
Depeche Mode
Cocteau Twins
Front 242
Jean Michel Jarre

Also can I have the link to the singles page?

Hi and thx in advance. I'm after albums and singles (I'll check there) for Australian band Ayers Rock.
Hi and thx in advance. I'm after albums by recently deceased Darryl Cotton post-Zoot. His groups included: Darryl and Beeb, Frieze, Friends, Cotton Lloyd & Christian, Darryl Cotton Band, Darryl Cotton & the Charts, Darryl Cotton & the Divers, Burns Cotton & Morris, and Cotton Keays & Morris.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Isley Brothers
Evelyn Champagne King
Isley Brothers:
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Sep-759903The Heat is On

NO Albums charted for Evelyn King.
Ayers Rock:
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Dec-743225Big Red Rock
Darryl Cotton:
Entry DateHPWITitle
05-May-805610Best Seat in the House

Entry DateHPWITitle
05-Jun-7240051972 BC
Gary Numan (and Tubeway Army)
Entry DateHPWITitles
03-Sep-791123Replicas (Tubeway Army)
22-Oct-792438The Pleasure Principle
08-Nov-829501I, Assassin
29-July-856404White Noise

Sisters Of Mercy
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Feb-917311Vision Thing
28-Jun-929801Some Girls Wander by Mistake

Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Aug-742214Kimono My House
04-Jun-796308No.1 in Heaven
25-Aug-809602Terminal Jive

Entry DateHPWITitles

Depeche Mode
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Feb-822816Speak & Spell
05-May-866909Black Celebration
02-May-876011Music for the Masses
24-Apr-897706Depeche Mode 101
19-Aug-904212Violator (R)
11-Apr-931413Songs of Faith & Devotion
06-Feb-942710Songs of Faith & Devotion (Tour Pack)
11-Oct-984203Singles 86-98
24-Oct-054502Playing the Angel
27-Apr-093202Sounds of the Universe

Cocteau Twins
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-May-966403Milk & Kisses

Front 242 - nothing charted

Jean Michel Jarre
Entry DateHPWITitles
10-Aug-817607Magnetic Fields
16-Nov-819801Oxygene (R)
01-Feb-826018Oxygene (R)
20-Sep-827609The Concerts in China
14-July-865132The Essential
02-Nov-879403In Concert: Houston, Lyon
13-Mar-899102Revolutions (R)
23-Mar-978901Oxygene 7-13

Imagination - only 1 single charted.

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Jean-Michel Jarre's "Oxygene" re-entered in early 1982 due to it's use for the film "Gallipoli".

and Status Quo
Status Quo:
Entry DateHPWITitles
31-Mar-75247On the Level
01-Mar-76320Blue for You
07-Mar-77617Status Quo Live
21-Nov-771420Rockin' All Over the World
27-Nov-782114If You Can't Stand the Heat
19-Nov-792223Whatever You Want
28-Apr-80141512 Gold Bars
17-Nov-803117Just Supposin'
04-May-813313Never Too Late
06-July-814007No Thought for Tomorrow (best of 60's)
21-Jun-8260051+9+8+2 - XX
23-Apr-849701Back to Back
01-Apr-85800612 Gold Bars Vol.2
03-Nov-868703In the Army Now
23-Mar-97520412 Gold Bars (CD Edition)
12-Apr-987101Whatever You Want - The Best of
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Karyn White
NO albums charted for either act, only one single each.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Mary Jane Girls
The Emotions
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Oct-763610Sky High
25-July-779901Love Storm

Mary Jane Girls, Klymaxx - no albums charted

The Emotions
Entry DateHPWITitle
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Gwen Guthrie
Gwen Guthrie:
Entry DateHPWITitle
03-Nov-869901Good to Go Lover
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Entry DateHPWITitle
07-Nov-772726Uptown Festival
17/10/2012 20:05
Monty Monty

Might be one for you Album Guru Joe (your year-by-year essential album list is a ripper -- I'm still working my way through it, brilliant stuff). Okay, now that I've finished pi5sing in your pocket (ha ha, though seriously, great work!), I've got a few albums that I'm interested in knowing the Australian peaks for. I understand that the first proper Aust LP charts didn't start until 1970, but there were top fives or something earlier?

1. Which, if any, Easybeats albums charted?
2. Same with the Loved Ones' 'Magic Box'?
3. Did 'Chicago Transit Authority' by Chicago (1969) chart? It made #9 in the UK and #17 in the US.
4. I'm looking for the peaks of these Faces albums: 'A Nod is as Good as Good As a Wink to a Blind Horse' (1971) and 'Ooh La La' (1973)

Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

New Edition
Monty's answers: BTW, Oz LP charts go back to January 1965. (Top 10 65 to 66) (Top 20 67 to 71) (Top 50 71/73) (Top 100 from mid 73 onwards)

Entry DateHPWITitles
02-Apr-660317It's 2 Easy
19-Nov-660710Volume 3
10-Jun-670311The Best of + Pretty Girls
01-Dec-803515Absolute Anthology
21-Sep-817602The Easybeats
03-Nov-869105Absolute Anthology (R)

The Loved Ones:
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-Dec-671501Magic Box

Entry DateHPWITitles 
27-Sep-691003Chicago Transit AuthorityAMR
30-May-701101Chicago Transit AuthorityGo-Set
19-Oct-702302Chicago Transit Authority (R)AMR
24-Oct-701901Chicago Transit Authority (R)Go-Set
10-May-710612Chicago 3AMR
15-May-710610Chicago 3Go-Set

The Faces:
Entry DateHPWITitles 
19-July-711821Long PlayerAMR
31-July-711804Long PlayerGo-Set
06-Mar-720425A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind HorseAMR
18-Mar-720422A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind HorseGo-Set
14-May-730910Ooh La LaAMR only
11-Feb-743811Live Coast to Coast: Overtures & BeginningsAMR only

New Edition:
Entry DateHPWITitle
15-Sep-961323Home Again

Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

nothing charted for Cherrelle in Australia.
Hi & thx in advance. I'm after albums by John Williamson.
Thanks for moving my thread and answering my questions so thoroughly. In the words of Jeff Fenech: "I luv yuz all!"
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22/10/2012 23:50
Monty Monty

** This is where all album inquiries go (pre 1989 or after)

Aimee Mann's "Whatever" (1993). - didn't chart in Oz

Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
23-Jun-961139Everything But the Girl's "Walking Wounded
28-Oct-851542A-Ha "Hunting High And Low"

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John Williamson
Entry DateHPWITitles 
10-Sep-844903The Smell of Gum Leaves
28-July-862711All the Best
24-Nov-860880Mallee Boy
23-Mar-879902All the Best (R)
18-Apr-881024Boomerang Cafe
02-Oct-891x135WarrigalAMR #8x6
28-Oct-902119J.W.'s Family Album
29-Sep-911420Waratah St.
18-Oct-923219Australia is Calling - All the Best Vol.2
14-Aug-941421Mulga to Mangoes
26-Nov-952123True Blue - The Very Best of
01-Dec-9610001Family Album No.2
17-Aug-970627Pipe Dream
12-July-991023The Way it is
15-Nov-996307True Blue - The Very Best of (R)
14-Aug-001613Anthems - A Celebration of Australia
25-Aug-030814True Blue Two
08-Mar-049801Mates on the Road (with Pixie Jenkins & Warren H. Williams)
08-Aug-051118Chandelier of Stars
04-Sep-062521The Platinum Collection
04-Dec-067806Wildlife Warrior: It's Time (Steve Irwin Tribute)
25-Aug-080610Hillbilly Road
29-Mar-102313Absolute Greatest: 40 Years True Blue

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G'day, @ Monty Monty....thanks for the positive feedback for my "Essential Albums" forum, glad your enjoying it
G'day, bulion when ya got some time....chart postions for The Association, have a feeling they didn't chart album wise...but none the less...curious

cheers mate
No albums for The Association charted in Oz, Joe.
How did "Aftermath Of The Lowdown" by Richie Sambora charted?
spatz, it didn't chart when released a few weeks ago.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Three Degrees
Three Degrees:
Entry DateHPWITitles
09-Dec-744622The Three Degrees
14-May-79972New Dimensions

Greetings to hijinx, bulion, album guru joe and everyone else around... got a few album chart enquiries:
The Masters Apprentices (did their self-titled debut chart?). All their album peaks (if any) would be appreciated. Also looking for peak positions of the following:

Aimee Mann: Whatever (1993)
Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Tarkus (1971)
Stevie Wonder: Fulfillingness First Finale (1974)
Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour of the Bewilderbeast (2000)
Motorhead: No Sleep Til' Hammersmith (1981)

Cheers folks

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The Masters Apprentices
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Jun-711014Choice Cuts
23-Mar-81783Hands of Time
21-Mar-884610The Very Best of
28-Nov-88703Do What You Wanna Do

Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
---Aimee Mann: Whatever (1993)
20-Sep-71618Emerson, Lake and Palmer: Tarkus
05-Aug-741929Stevie Wonder: Fulfillingness First Finale
---Badly Drawn Boy: The Hour of the Bewilderbeast (2000)
---Motorhead: No Sleep Til' Hammersmith (1981)

Both BDB and Motorhead had their first charting material AFTER those two releases mentioned above

Badly Drawn Boy
Entry DateHPWITitles
15-Apr-021001About a Boy (Soundtrack)
05-Aug-02426About a Boy (Soundtrack) (R)
28-Jun-04951One + One = One

Entry DateHPWITitles
26-July-82801Iron Fist
22-Aug-83892Another Perfect Day
12-Oct-87991Rock 'N' Roll

Aimee Mann has charted NO albums in Australia.
Great. Thanks for that. Got four more quick ones:
Foreigner: 'Foreigner 4' (1981)
Ministry: 'Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs' (1992)
Orchestral Movements in the Dark: 'Crush' (1985)
Paul Young: 'No Parlez' (1983)
Deee-Lite: 'World Clique' (1990)
Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
03-Aug-81351Foreigner: 'Foreigner 4' (1981)
16-Aug-925410Ministry: 'Psalm 69: The Way to Succeed and the Way to Suck Eggs' (1992)
not charted--Orchestral Movements in the Dark: 'Crush' (1985)
29-Aug-831256Paul Young: 'No Parlez' (1983)
28-Oct-903318Deee-Lite: 'World Clique' (1990)
G'day bulion, just after chart postions for these two albums:

* The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (maybe under the artists title of just Arthur Brown - "The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown" 1968.

* Thunderclap Newman - "Hollywood Dream" 1969

Thanks in advance mate
Entry DateHPWITitles - Artistsinfo
30-Nov-68132The Crazy World of Arthur BrownT20 chart

Thunderclap Newman's album didn't chart in Australia.
G'day bulion, after chart postions for Average White Band & The Meters. Thanks in advance
Average White Band:
Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Jan-752224Average White Band
12-May-75961Put it Where You Want it
01-Sep-75719Cut the Cake
02-Aug-76818Soul Searching
24-July-78852Warmer Communications
28-May-79991Feel No Fret

Nothing for The Meters charted.
Thanks bulion, a couple more when you got time

Rick James and David Essex, cheers
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A few more....

Peter Frampton, Warren Zevon, Ry Cooder & Mott The Hoople, cheers
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Let's Do It Again (Original Soundtrack)
Greetings all. I'm inquiring about a couple of Aussie albums.
Bee Gees 1st by the Bee Gees (1967)
Fools Gold by Axiom (1970)
G'day, Monty Monty...

The Bee Gees 1st - #10
Fool's Gold - #9
Rick James
Entry DateHPWITitle
17-May-82766Street Songs

David Essex
Entry DateHPWITitles
25-Feb-743711Rock On
17-Feb-753425David Essex
17-Nov-75634All the Fun of the Fair
17-May-76961Rock On (R)
31-May-761114On Tour
08-Nov-763015Out on the Street
07-Nov-77656Gold & Ivory

Peter Frampton
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Apr-76883Frampton Comes Alive
27-Jun-77423I'm in You (6 weeks at peak)
30-Oct-781519The Peter Frampton Story
20-Nov-78665Frampton Comes Alive (R)
09-July-793511Where I Should Be
29-Jun-81896Breaking All the Rules

Warren Zevon
Entry DateHPWITitles
06-Mar-78935Excitable Boy
03-Mar-803515Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School
19-Jan-81943Stand in the Fire
20-July-874211Sentimental Hygiene

Ry Cooder
Entry DateHPWITitles
27-Sep-76807Chicken Skin Music
27-AUg079720Bop Till You Drop
21-Jun-821001The Slide Area
20-Dec-86783Crossroads Soundtrack
27-July-872433Crossroads Soundtrack (R)
14-Dec-87668Get Rhythm
next was Buena Vista Social Club in Aug 1997

Mott The Hoople
Entry DateHPWITitles
19-Feb-73617All the Young Dudes
Let's Do it Again soundtrack didn't chart.

Entry DateHPWITitlesinfo
16-Sep-67104Bee Gees First - Bee Gees 
11-May-7097Fools Gold - AxiomAMR
20-Jun-70181Fools Gold - AxiomGo-Set
Thanks again bulion....love ya work mate

LP postions for Squeeze would be awesome, cheers
(UK) Squeeze

Entry DateHPWITitles
18-Jun-791821Cool for Cats
14-Feb-837610Singles - 45s and Under
10-Feb-86972Cosi Fan Tuttu Frutti
16-Nov-87843Babylon and On

only the last album was listed as Squeeze, the rest were UK Squeeze
Great work everybody. Got a few more...
The Yardbirds. Did any of their LPs chart?
Likewise, Small Faces.
UB40: 'Signing Off' (1980).
Plus a couple of more recent ones if you don't mind.
Hole: 'Pretty on the Inside' (1991) and
Even: 'Less is More' (1996).
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:


There have been no album entries for a group called Skyy
The Yardbirds
Entry DateHPWITitle 
29-June-681001The Best of The YardbirdsT10 chart

Small Faces
Entry DateHPWITitleChart
21-Dec-70252First StepAMR
26-Dec-70171First StepGo-Set

Entry DateHPWITitles
13-Oct-802625UB40 - Signing Off
---Hole - Pretty on the Inside - didn't chart
11-Aug-968501Even - Less is More

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Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio
Raydio & Ray Parker Jr:
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Aug-79657Rock On
   Ray Parker Jr.
26-July-822714The Other Woman

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Happy New Year Y'ALL.
Got 7 queries here.

Where did The Rolling Stones' "Get Your Ya Ya's Out" peak at?
Also, Neil Young's 'Ragged Glory' (1990)
Foreigner: ''Head Games'' (1979)
Joan Armatrading: "Joan Armatrading" (1976)
Iggy Pop: "New Values" (1979)
Heaven 17: "Penthouse and Pavement" (1981)
John Lee Hooker: "The Healer" (1989)

Have a great year everybody
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Atlantic Starr
Midnight Star
Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
02-Nov-70219The Rolling Stones - Get Your Ya Ya's Out
07-Oct-90628Neil Young - Ragged Glory
01-Oct-79458Foreigner - Head Games
01-Nov-76875Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading
22-May-78525Joan Armatrading - Joan Armatrading (R)
09-July-793612Iggy Pop - New Values
22-Feb-82991Heaven 17 - Penthouse and Pavement
24-Jun-901723John Lee Hooker - The Healer
no albums charted for either Atlantic Starr or Midnight Star.
Thanks bulion! I'm glad to hear that Ready For The World had a single that made the top 15 here in Australia. Sadly The Mavericks didn't make the charts, but oh well. Did both of these acts have an album that charted? Would love to know thanks.
it was only the one single for Ready for the World, nothing of either groups albums charted in Australia.
Thanking you in advance. I'm after the highest chart positions for the following four albums:
Boomtown Rats - The Fine Art of Surfacing
Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors
Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Liverpool.
Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
12-Nov-791117Boomtown Rats - The Fine Art of Surfacing
16-Jun-80751Boomtown Rats - The Fine Art of Surfacing (R)
26-Nov-84977Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense
23-Jan-78688Lynyrd Skynyrd - Street Survivors
22-Dec-86727Frankie Goes to Hollywood - Liverpool
Marvellous work as always, you fine people.
A few more albums that I'm seeking the peak positions for (if they in fact charted at all):

Elvis Costello - Blood and Chocolate (1986)
Mercury Rev - Deserters Songs (1998)
Joan Armatrading - Show Some Emotion (1977)
Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro (1980)
Hunters and Collectors - What's A Few Men? (1987)
Could I please confirm how many weeks THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON spent at #2? Thanks in advance :-)
Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
---Elvis Costello - Blood and Chocolate (1986)
18-Jan-99852Mercury Rev - Deserters Songs
28-Nov-771838Joan Armatrading - Show Some Emotion
18-May-81924Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro
30-Nov-871622Hunters and Collectors - What's A Few Men?

The Kent Reports started in July 1974, but Dark Side of the Moon hits its peak in late 1973. The Go-Set chart had it peak at No.3 initially in early July of 1973, and then three more weeks at No.3 in early November, so that's all I can give you at the moment.
Can I please have the chart positions for the following acts:

Musical Youth
The Crusaders
A Taste Of Honey
The Whispers
Dazz Band
Musical Youth
Entry DateHPWITitles
07-Mar-83805The Youth of Today

A Taste Of Honey
Entry DateHPWITitles
9-Oct-78817A Taste of Honey

Freeez, The Crusaders, The Whispers, Dazz Band - no albums charted for them.
Thanks for the info. Did The Gap Band have any albums that charted?
nothing charted for The Gap Band in Australia.
Thanks in advance. Can I please have the chart positions for:

Anita Ward
Ashford & Simpson
Carl Carlton
Cheryl Lynn
Wild Cherry
Anita Ward
Entry DateHPWITitles
20-Aug-79734Songs of Love

Ashford & Simpson, Carl Carlton, Cheryl Lynn - no albums charted

Wild Cherry
Entry DateHPWITitles
29-Nov-761421Wild Cherry
18-Apr-775113Electrified Funk
A few queries. High chart possies (if any) for the albums...
Primal Scream "Screamadelica" 1991
The Waterboys "Fisherman's Blues" 1988
Stephen Cummings "Falling Swinger" 1994
Jim Keays "The Boy From the Stars" 1974
Stereo MCs "Connected" 1992

Thank you all
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Thanks in advance. Did Third World have any albums that charted?
NO Third World albums charts Ostorm.

Entry DateHPWITitles
---Primal Scream "Screamadelica" 1991
16-Jan-894812The Waterboys "Fisherman's Blues" 1988
---Stephen Cummings "Falling Swinger" 1994
02-Dec-742720Jim Keays "The Boy From the Stars" 1974
21-Mar-93863Stereo MCs "Connected" 1992
Thanks in advance. Can I please have the chart positions for:

Break Machine
Rock Steady Crew
Break Machine - no albums charted

Rock Steady Crew
Entry DateHPWITitle
16-July-843417Ready for Battle
Thanks in advance. Can I please have the chart positions for:

Phyllis Nelson
Candi Staton
Amii Stewart
Phyllis Nelson
Entry DateHPWITitle
10-Feb-86882I Like You

Candi Staton
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Aug-762716Young Hearts Run Free

Amii Stewart
Entry DateHPWITitles
30-Apr-792821Amii Stewart
05-Nov-79844Paradise Bird
Thanking you so very much for this! Anyhow, can I please have the chart positions for George Benson.
George Benson
Entry DateHPWITitles
14-Mar-772021In Flight
14-Mar-772524Breezin (R)
13-Feb-78529Weekend in LA
13-Feb-781318Breezin (R)
27-Mar-78906The Best of George Benson
19-Mar-791422Livin' Inside Your Love
04-Aug-80637Give Me the Night
07-Dec-81831The George Benson Collection
20-Jun-831326In Your Eyes
13-Jan-86525The Love Songs
22-Sep-865611While the City Sleeps
13-July-878711Collaboration (with Earl Klugh)
06-Apr-97731George Benson Collection
06-Apr-97762Midnight Moods
06-Apr-97942That's Right
29-Sep-03693The Very Best of... Greatest Hits of All

Thanks in advance. George Benson was really quite successful on this chart, however did an artist by the name of Patrice Rushen have any albums to spare to her name? Would love to know thanks.
no albums for Patrice Rushen.
Thanks in advance. Do you have the chart positions for a singer by the name of Vicki Sue Robinson? If you do, then that would me much appreciated thanks.
Vicki Sue Robinson:
Entry DateHPWITitle
08-Nov-76787Never Gonna Let You Go
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Tammi Terrell (solo & duets)
Thanking you in advance. A few album questions. High chart pozzies for the following:

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Architecture and Morality (1981)
Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band: Live 1975-85 (1986)
Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
LL Cool J: Radio (1985)
Stephen Stills: Stephen Stills (1970)
No Tammi Terrell albums charted:

Entry DateHPWIArtists - Titles
25-Jan-826213Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark: Architecture and Morality (1981)
24-Nov-86315Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band: Live 1975-85 (1986)
31-Mar-75809Genesis: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974)
---LL Cool J: Radio (1985)
08-Mar-711213Stephen Stills: Stephen Stills (1970)
Great work as always people. Just one quick question. Did Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma" chart, and if so how high?
no it didn't chart Montyx2
Thanks for your contribution bulion. How did the "Breakdance Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" album go on the Australian charts? Would love to know thanks.
Entry DateHPWITitles
18-June-84617Breakdance (Soundtrack)
11-Feb-85517Breakdance 2: Electric Boogaloo (Soundtrack)
Thanks bulion. Do you have anything for Sheila E.?
Sheila E:
Entry DateHPWITitles
05-Nov-84664The Glamorous Life
23-Mar-87884Sheila E.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Loose Ends

Last edited:
NOTHING charted Loose Ends at all in Oz.
Thanks for the chart info Bulion. I'm after Boris Gardiner albums please.
Boris Gardiner:
Entry DateHPWITitle
23-Feb-874513Everything to Me
g'day bulion, when you got some time...Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Bands chart postions down under.

Cheers mate
Charlie Rich charts, please... Thanks
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

Club Nouveau
Honey Cone
Teena Marie
Bob Seger:
Entry DateHPWITitles
28-Feb-771326Night Moves
05-Jun-781254Stranger in Town
16-Apr-791x264The Bob Seger Collection
10-Mar-80 632Against the Wind
05-Oct-812219Nine Tonight
31-Jan-831320The Distance
05-May-862429Like a Rock
24-Aug-874420Stranger in Town (R)
17-Nov-91991The Fire Inside
20-Aug-95513Greatest Hits
12-Mar-12529Ultimate Hits: Rock & Roll Never Forgets

Charlie Rich:
Entry DateHPWITitles
11-Mar-745719Behind Closed Doors
08-JUly-744514Very Special Love Songs
26-Aug-74913There Won't Be Anymore
10-Feb-75717The Silver Fox
20-Mar-78668Rollin' with the Flow

Club Nouveau:
Entry DateHPWITitle
25-May-87906Life, Love & Pain

No albums charted for Honey Cone or Teena Marie.
I am interested in the chart positions for Suzi Quatro.
Thanks in advance. Do you have chart positions for:

The Dells
Teddy Pendergrass
Suzi Quatro:
Entry DateHPWITitles 
03-Dec-73264Can the CanGo-Set #2x3
31-Mar-7511x420Your Mama Won't Like Me 
03-Nov-751118The Suzi Quatro Story: Golden Hits 
30-May-7784x24Aggro-Phobia (R) 
03-Apr-78873Live and Kickin' 
30-Oct-7836x315If You Knew Suzi 
19-Nov-7947x224Suzi... and Other Four Letter Words 
17-Nov-8031x217Rock Hard 
15-Dec-802721Suzi Quatro's 18 Greatest Hits 
25-Feb-85231918 Greatest Hits 
07-July-91667The Best of Smokie & Suzi Quatro 
03-Mar-03961Greatest Hits 
nothing charted (singles or albums) for The Dells or Teddy Pendergrass in Australia.

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